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Three loads of food

Cram the Cruiser yielded much needed sustanence for Bowen Island Food Bank

Bowfest memories

Real estate on Bowen

What the end-of-summer festival means to long-time islanders

See the range of beautiful places that are up for grabs

Bye, bye, BIRD Volunteer organization transfers responsibility for recycling to the municipality SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


Hugo felt right at home at the fire hall last Saturday. His mom, Michelle, supplied extra water (and food) after the junior fireman put out a little fire at the demo, story on page 2. Marcus Hondro photo

Public input on regulating dock construction SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


public open house regarding zoning for private and group moorages was held on Thursday, July 25, at Cates Hill Chapel. Maps were displayed to allow islanders to mark areas of concern, comment sheets were available for public input and a presentation by the Bowen Island Municipality’s planning consultant

Judy McLeod was followed by a question and answer period. McLeod had prepared a presentation to highlight some of the issues involved. “Bowen Island includes land covered by water extending seaward 300 metres from the natural high water mark. This land is owned by the provincial Crown, which issues licenses and foreshore tenure. The province seeks to comply with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations, includ-

ing municipal zoning,” McLeod stated, adding that her presentation focused on the Water General (WG1) Zone that applies to most of the Bowen Island coastline. McLeod drew attention to the fact that current permitted uses and structures for the WG1 zone include boat moorage, docking and launching, neighbourhood and community docks, marine navigation, boat houses and structures continued, PAGE 3

n August 1, the Bowen Island Recycling Depot Society (BIRD) informed the Bowen Island Municipality that it will continue the operation of the recycling depot on Mount Gardner Road only until the end of this year. “Now that recycling is a mandated responsibility throughout British Columbia, the task of recycling has grown to be too complex to be operated by a volunteer organization. As such, we hereby give notice to the Bowen Island Municipality that effective January 1, 2014, BIRD is transferring responsibility for recycling on Bowen Island to the municipality,” the society stated in a press release. Bill Carr, who has been involved in BIRD for 13 years, says the decision was not an easy one but “the population has grown and the amount of recycling has grown to a volume that is challenging to manage by a group of volunteers.” Carr, who volunteered with BIRD until this summer, says he enjoyed his time with the organization immensely. “Working at the depot for a couple hours, you often get thanked at least twice in that period,” he said. “Islanders really appreciate what we have been doing.” Carr explained that the sale of materials has paid for upkeep and ongoing costs of the recycling depot and the municipality has paid for the transport of containers to the mainland - around 109 bins per year

at $560 per trip, as well as 32 loads of electronic waste. “BIRD has fulfilled its goal of encouraging and implementing recycling on Bowen Island. It began as an act of social responsibility and has been long recognized as an innovator in B.C. recycling,” the press release states. Carr sees BIRD as a viable model for recycling and noted that it collects most of the materials that are banned from the garbage stream as well as additional items such as batteries, plastic bags, ink cartridges and fluorescent bulbs. He hopes that this service to Bowen Islanders will continue to be available under the umbrella of the municipality. “We are aware that the municipality is currently engaged in the formulation of a long-term contract for waste management on Bowen Island and feel that now is the appropriate time to make this transfer so that all systemic efficiencies can be maximized. We trust that waste management and recycling on the island will continue to evolve and become increasingly effective and efficient,” BIRD’s press release says. “We would also like to the take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the volunteers, past and current, who have given their energies for the betterment of our community through their volunteerism at BIRD.” BIRD ( will continue to operate the depot as usual until January 1, 2014, unless an earlier date for the transfer will be set.

First Credit Union invites you to join us for the following FREE Movie Under the Stars event this summer:

August 12 Crippen Park, Bowen Island For movie title and event information visit: Concession proceeds going to Caring Circle • Everyone welcome • No charge • Weather permitting •



2 • FRIDAY August 2 2013


Standing left to right in front of Bowen’s new firetruck at last Saturday’s open house at the new Satellite Fire Hall are Bob Robinson (captain), Brian Biddelcombe (fire chief), Lloyd Harding (captain), Bob Clarke (deputy fire chief) and Aaron Hanen (captain). Marcus Hondro photo

B o w e n I s l a n d M u n I c I pa l I t y

Pruning, trimming, mowing and grading within the municipal right of way Please be advised that the Bowen Island Municipality has begun its annual road right of way pruning, trimming, mowing and grading program. These works will continue through the fall. It is understood by the Public Works Department that in many cases vegetation has historically been planted inside this boundary. Although our works crews will be careful to minimize the amount of vegetation that will be removed, the Municipality must make safety the first priority. Thank you Public Works Department

for More InforMatIon call 604-947-4255 B o w e n I s l a n d M u n I c I pa l I t y

Water Restrictions For All Municipal Water Systems NO LAWN SPRINKLING NO CAR/BOAT WASHING NO DECK/POWER WASHING Here are a few tips and reminders: • turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or soaping your hands • use the dishwasher only when it is full • use laundry machines as sparingly as possible • embrace the dusty look for your car • water garden by hand-held hose or containers • equip hoses with spring-loaded shutoff devices • collect rainwater for garden use using covered tanks/barrels • flush only when necessary Please limit your water usage THIS IS A COMMUNITY EFFORT: LET’S MAKE IT WORK! Thank you, Public Works

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he Bowen Island Fire Department (BIFD) held its annual open house last Saturday at the new Satellite Fire Hall on Adams Road. There was a high turnout and the public was able get fire safety tips, have fire extinguishers serviced, take part in demonstrations and see the new firetruck. The event went from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and close to the end, fire chief Brian Biddlecombe presided over a brief ceremony. He noted that the new hall is welcome and will serve Bowen well for many years. He said the new firetruck, which arrived about a month ago, was an “exceptional” piece of equipment and, like the hall, a great addition to the island’s firefighting capabilities. To a great round of applause, chief Biddlecombe turned to Bowen’s volunteer firefighting crew, thanking them for the time and effort they put in on behalf of the safety of islanders. He noted that adding all the years of experience of Bowen’s volunteer firefighting crew comes to some 520 years. Taking a good-natured jab at Lloyd Harding, the veteran of the bunch, Biddlecombe mentioned that there is far less experience if Harding’s years in the BIFD aren’t counted. “If you take Lloyd out of the equation,” he said. “Those 520 years become about 180.” A highlight of the day was the awarding of service pins and bars to many of the 33 or so BIFD crew, given out by the fire chief with help from mayor Jack Adelaar.

The following firefighters got five-year pins: Scott Begg, Chris Sorrentino, Eric Blomberg, Shawn Davies, Ian Thompson, Kevin Toews, Shane Tweten and Spencer Grundy. Ten-year pins were earned by Ken Gisby and Lloyd’s son, Steve Harding, while 15-year pins were awarded to Scott Moore, Aaron Hanen, Kevin Huskisson and Bob Robinson. Deputy fire chief Bob Clarke was given his 20 year federal service award, as were Matt Taylor and Jeff Dempsey. Four of Bowen’s firefighters got their 20 year federal and 25 year provincial awards: Laurin Macdonald, Gary Davies, Brian Perry and Phil Wood. A highly-valued Bowen firefighter, Mick Strubin was given his 25-year provincial award posthumously. Strubin died in 2012 at the age of 68. Earning their 25 year provincial and 30 year bar were Don Cochrane, Frank Seaberly, Randy Arnot, Rick Cannell and chief Biddlecombe. To the biggest round of applause of the day, Lloyd Harding, a part of Bowen’s firefighting crew for 52 years and counting, got his 50 year federal bar. Chief Biddlecombe also noted the great service of other members not receiving pins this year: Mike Laudrum, Ian Brown, Mike Hartwick, Wil Hilsen and Lachlan Huinink. In addition to official goings-on, kids got to experience firefighting by putting out a small fire, afterwards grabbing a hot dog and drink with parents. One young firefighter, Hugo, 4, showed his gratitude to the BIFD crew by giving each a high five before taking his leave.


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Summer is here and we are experiencing sharp drops in water supplies. Therefore, effective immediately, the following restrictions apply:

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FRIDAY August 2 2013 • 3


Bylaw amendments first step to regulate private moorage Amendments to the WG1 zone would also restrict private moorages to a maximum of one per upland lot. As the maximum measurements of the private moorage facility (excluding gangways), McLeod suggested 37 square metres; the maximum width of gangways are not to exceed 1.5 metres. The length of moorage facilities measured from the high water mark is envisioned to be limited to 60 metres maximum. The proposed amendments to the building bylaw would require the submission of a building permit for private and group moorage facilities as well as a review by a registered professional. Peter Williamson attended the public meeting and said that a major issue of concern relates to the two-step approach. “The first step is to pass a bylaw that sets up regulations how docks would be built. The second step, that will come later, will identify parts of the coast line where there would be other restrictions in place,” he said, adding that no timeline has been identified for the second step. “Starting with a permissive step and having a window where the restrictive part is not defined could lead to a rush on dock applications,” Williamson said. Williamson believes that areas like Cape Roger Curtis will potentially be identified as not suitable for docks in the second step of the process. “Areas where docks are restricted would also include all the major beaches,” he said. “Many people would agree that it would not be appropriate to have a dock across Deep Bay or Tunstall Bay but I think even the smaller beaches should be protected.” Williamson added that docks and wharves impact beaches not only if they run across it but also by impeding the view. “Part of the enjoyment of a beach is to just sit there and look at the water,” Williamson explained. He added that he believes that putting regulations in place for dock construction is a necessary step.

continued, PAGE 1

accessory to permitted uses and marine navigation, such as floating breakwaters. “The minimum setback for buildings and structures from any lot line or water lease boundary line is currently 1.5 metres,” McLeod added. As conditions, the current bylaw identifies that the boat moorage is accessory to upland residential use, that it doesn’t limit the use or physically divide a beach or negatively impact eelgrass meadows, kelp, clam or mussel beds. And structures made of newly-treated wood have to be BMP certified to ensure the wood has been properly treated and preserved. McLeod made it clear that there are no other regulations regarding the size or location of private moorages in place. She explained that council has authorized a two-step process that includes initial land use bylaw amendments to the WG1 zone and amendments to the building bylaw to require building permit applications for private moorages. In addition to the amendments, council is looking to develop a set of criteria to evaluate and identify areas of Bowen Island where further regulations should be applied. At the June 24 meeting, council gave first readings to bylaws 335 and 336. Staff advised the province that BIM is actively reviewing the provisions of the WG1 zone and requested that the province consider deferring a review of foreshore tenure applications until the bylaws are adopted. The proposed bylaw amendments to the WG1 zone would remove permission for boathouses and floating breakwaters and add new size and setback regulations, according to McLeod. As new minimum setbacks for private and group moorage facility structures, McLeod recommended five metres from any property line extension, 10 metres from any other moorage facility and 10 metres from any property line extension providing public beach access.


regular schedule

In effect May 16-October 14, 2013

5:30 am # 6:30 am 7:30 am 8:35 am 9:35 am 10:35 am 11:40 am 12:45 pm 3:10 pm 4:15 pm † 5:15 pm 6:20 pm 7:20 pm * 8:15 pm 9:15 pm 10:00 pm

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay 6:00 am 7:00 am 8:00 am 9:05 am † 10:05 am 11:05 am 12:10 pm 2:35 pm 3:45 pm 4:45 pm 5:50 pm 6:50 pm 7:50 pm * 8:45 pm 9:45 pm

Distance: 3 nautical miles crossing time: 20 minutes

Leave Horseshoe Bay

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Daily except sunDays anD statutory holiDays


Daily except saturDays

the WeDnesDay sailings Will be replaceD by Dangerous cargo sailings. no other passengers permitteD.

Richard Wiefelspuett believes that in addition to regulating maximum sizes and permissible components of docks, the bylaw also has to address that all docks under consideration now and in the future must have a reasonably high utilization rate. “Docks are increasingly threatening to infringe on the shared rights of the public of access and enjoyment of all public foreshore areas and beaches,” Wiefelspuett stated. “It is not acceptable that new docks are built and used only for a few days every year while all other users of the foreshore and beaches have to put up with them for 365 days and nights each and every year.” Bruce Johnstone also attended the meeting and recalls one speaker who recounted happy childhood memories of spending time on docks on Bowen Island. “To shut that down doesn’t make sense,” Johnstone said. He explained that the bylaw amendments were likely triggered by dock applications at Cape Roger Curtis that have gone ahead according to current regulations. “[The owners] are entirely within their legal rights to go ahead with the construction,” he said. “But my own feeling is that I don’t want the place to look like a hedgehog. I personally would like to explore the feasibility of group dock. Why don’t we take the middle ground? It’s the most economical solution and the least intrusive.” A community dock could also be a potential landing place for charter boats or passenger ferries in the future, Johnstone added. “I believe that these are the things we should be talking about rather than the all or nothing approach,” he said, adding that he would welcome wording in the bylaw to the effect that community docks are encouraged over private mooring facilities. A comment sheet is available at www. and can be submitted by email or dropped off at the municipal hall until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 2.

H:22 L:15

0150 1714 Sat. 0245 1753 Sun. 0339 1827 Mon. 0429 1857 Tue. 0516 1924 Wed. 0601 1948 Thurs. 0646 1328

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9.8 3.3 9.5 3.6 8.9 3.9

The construction of docks at Cape Roger Curtis (photo top left by John Bakes) has triggered a review of the Bowen Island Municipality’s bylaws and policies. At a public open house, islanders came out to express their views about Bowen Island’s coastline. Public open house photos by Debra Stringfellow

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4 • FRIDAY AUGUST 2 2013

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To the editor: Re: A tongue-in-cheek look at something worth putting a stop to t has come to my attention that if all of the tourists who visit Bowen Island on any given summer weekend were placed on top of each other, the resulting height would be thrice as tall as the CN Tower. These same tourists, if placed next to eachother, would create a breakwall taking up half a mile of Bowen’s pristine shoreline. I have calculated that in excess of 1.6 million pounds of human flesh descends upon Bowen during July and August alone. Not only is this mass of humanity obstructing my view of the lighthouse, but just about everything else as well. Tourists trespass on private property, leave their garbage both hither and yon, park wherever they feel like and one way or another manage to break virtually every bylaw in the book. Their dogs are unfriendly, their children are brats, their cars pollute our precious air and their chattering voices create an aural discordance that shatters the perfect pitch of our harmonious community. Here on Bowen we have the decency to keep our flatulations to ourselves, but tourists don’t give a damn. Tourists fart all over the place. And so I have resolved to start a STOP THE TOURISTS movement, for the benefit of all my fellow Bowenites. In the days to come I will be putting up posters, establishing information booths, organizing and protesting like a busy little bee, accosting you in the Village Square and lecturing you as you sit in your car waiting for the ferry, whatever it takes to STOP THE TOURISTS. I know others are of a like mind. We’re sick and tired of ferry overloads because half of Vancouver thinks it would be a nice idea to visit Bowen for the day. We’ve had it with standing in line at the General Store all the way to the pet food section, simply to buy a loaf of bread. And we’re especially fed up with tourists telling us how cute we all are and how magical and beautiful everything on Bowen is, as if we’re a society of Munchkins in the merry old land of Oz. Enough already, STOP THE TOURISTS! They dress funny and never look where they’re going, they ask too many questions and know too few answers. It’s time to ban the lot of these foreign interlopers, the sooner the better. Steve Bayly


A ‘Slice of Life’ Lane talks and walks and stops


intend to employ a storytelling technique called ‘slice of life’. It trades on incoherency (a strong suit for me) and lacks character development (moi again!). Plot and conflict are arbitrary, there is no denouement and it simply ends. Often found in short stories and the theatre, using this technique in a newspaper column is ill-advised. In other words – enter at your own risk. It is 4:29 p.m. on July 30, my mother’s birthday and Chip and Dale’s birthday, each of whom works at the marina (true). I write this in my mind, I promise you. Sitting in Horseshoe Bay in the ferry line-up and looking like a darker, more demented version of Archie Bunker, sweating. Grey slacks which have seen better decades, an unclean white undershirt and tattered black loafers. “Who’s that demented and darker looking Archie Bunker in the red car, Honey?” “Just don’t make eye contact.” It’s easy to meet people working at the Gym on Bowen. You greet them. Hello to Herb Patterson. Hi to Michele Carr. Tim and Karen are getting married and they go to the Gym but they are not getting married in the Gym. Peter Bell-Irving works out hard. This is what I do: I walk around the floor, stand, nod approvingly, and say, “yes, good, very good; add more reps next time,” and then move on. I rowed a boat to Onion Island in Tunstall Bay with my son and an amusing Italian but we did not see any onions over there. Nary a one! We claimed the island in the name of Italy. The Thompson brothers of Bowen, Eric, Kipp, Daly and Wil, would make a great band. Eric, keyboards, and Kipp, guitar, are already outstanding so it’s up to the Thompson twins, one to grab a bass, the other drumsticks. They’re mavericks so there’s no point in pressuring those two but I’m just saying. Our version of Los Lonely Boys. Flashback 2010: Hondro Sr. flips the puck to Ryder Hogan, Hogan, winds up and he - stops, mid-air.

slow lane

Marcus Hondro

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Ban foreign interlopers


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The Venture Road crowd looks on and the little guy looks back at them, wondering why they look at him. Hondro Jr. in goal. “Go Ryder, go,” the crowd (Gramma) yells. Ryder Hogan flashes the stick down and he shoots, he scores!!! Ryder W. Hogan goes five hole and scores his first career goal!!! “Great shot, Ryder!” Gramma yells. “Ah nuts,” says the goalie. It’s cool in this hot weather to go down to the pier and have a taco or pie, or both, and a jarritos, and spend time with whoever happens along. Other than the outstanding Nancy K.P. and a few others, you never know who’ll be there. Here comes the cliché but it is true: it’s a unique Bowen thing. I can think of no group as committed to our wellbeing as our firefighters. Robert Torok is incredible. What discipline. Rides his bike to the golf course and then all the way up the hill from the golf course and down and over to Cape Roger Curtis. He’s got legs of steel. He sails, too. This is what Bowen can do for our children: it gives them the outdoors at their door step. And away they go. Never before have I auditioned and had so many islanders in the room. Reading for Heike Brandstatter and Coreen Mayrs, islanders, and working the camera are two of the three Spear sisters, Kailey and Sam, who grew up on Bowen and themselves made their first films on the Happy Isle. I read for a demented, darker version of Archie Bunker. There are zero moments on Bowen in which you are stuck without a friend. If you’re forever with a friend then you are never in need. Sam Greenspoon refused to lend me a pen on the Queen of Capilano. But he insisted upon giving me one. There are zero moments on Bowen in which you are stuck without a pen. Here’s this: I like it best when I’m reading in bed and I place the book down on the nightstand and I turn the light off and roll over and close my eyes and away I go to sleep. I like it when it goes from being a thought to being a thing done in one simple moment like that.

Clarity on BIAC funding To the editor:


Re: a breakdown of BIAC funding o clarify, the Bowen Island Arts Council derives 22 per cent to 25 per cent of its total revenue from the Bowen Island Municipality core grant funding, and 32 per cent to 34 per cent from ALL government sources (municipal, regional, provincial and federal). BIAC raises approximately 52 per cent of its revenue from sales, fees, memberships and fundraising and the remainder 16 per cent comes from donation and sponsorships. As a nonprofit organization, BIAC disburses its income, with the largest proportion going directly to pay artists, performers, creative entrepreneurs and other local businesses. BIAC board





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Choosing island life

FRIDAY August 2 2013 • 5

The Undercurrent’s guide to looking for a place on Bowen


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6 • FRIDAY August 2 2013


FRIDAY August 2 2013 • 7


The seventh annual Denman Island Soccer Tournament attracted a large Bowen crowd, ready and keen to play soccer! A true family affair, this tournament helps to support soccer on Denman. The Bowen Arrows (16+) and the Bowen and Buds Family Division both played hardy games.  The last game of the tournament butted both Bowen adult teams (35+) against one another in a friendly match resulting in a three to two win for the Red Tides against the Black Tails. Bowen participants and their families had a fabulous weekend and the fun is evident in the group photo. Christine Walker photo

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8 • FRIDAY August 2 2013


Memories of Bowfests past his extended family and circle of friends. To have a date where the community can come together to connect. Editor “Bowfest is the direct result of the number of the volunteers,” Taylor says after perusing an old Undercurrent, owfests have been a part of Adam Taylor’s life for dated August 11, 1979, that dedicated a four-page as long as he can remember. His ideas of fun at spread to the event. He points to the names of famthe event have changed over the years, yet one ily friends and relatives who helped out that year. The thing has stayed constant - it is something he looks fornumber of volunteers is impressive – the paper menward to all summer. This year, Taylor has taken on the role as chair of the Bowfest board. He shares his memo- tions 150 islanders. “It’s really a list of who’s who on Bowen,” Taylor says, ries and motivation for getting involved in the commuexplaining that the Bowfest of that time had a high rate nity celebration. of participation. Most of the people who showed up “I was born in 1972 and grew up on Bowen Island. played an active role in making it happen. “In 1979, My family has taken me to Bowfest ever since it was there were 150 volunteers from a population of less than resurrected in the mid ‘70s,” Taylor says, adding that although he spent seven years living full time in the city, 800 permanent residents. If you subtract 150 residents to account for children and elderly, that would mean he hasn’t missed any more than four or five Bowfests in roughly one in four residents volunteered in some ways. his life. The event has been getting larger but somehow there For the first few occasions, Taylor was quite young but still recalls a few details. He remembers that Bowfest are less volunteers involved,” says Taylor, who compares the present day festivities to a fair, where people show was held at the old hotel grounds, that a rowboat race up at the gate and pay an entrance fee. happened at the causeway and that the parade started Back then, Bowfest also provided an opportunity on Cardena Road and then went along Government for the summer people to take part in the celebration Road. “I felt sorry for the people on bikes who had to before they started packing up the cabins, says Taylor, pedal up the hill,” he said. “As a young child, my favourite parts were the parade adding that this tradition has had a huge impact on the Bowfest date. and the pancake “For me, the weekbreakfast,” Taylor end before Labour says. “One year, I was Day, has always been riding a bike in the the Bowfest weekparade and another end,” he said, adding time, I was riding in that this predictability the fire truck and got has enabled past and to flip the sirens on present islanders to and off.” plan their summers When he grew with the get-together older, he came to in mind. appreciate the elaboWhen Taylor rate floats put togethlearned that this er by the neighbouryear’s Bowfest might hoods. “There was quite a competition of In the ‘80s, Adam Taylor was participating in a musical not happen on the ride that won the first prize in the horse category. traditional weekend, who could make the Photo courtesy of the B. I. Museum and Archives his goal was to get best float,” he says. involved to see if he One year, the parade could help to make it work. And after what he calls entry from Hummingbird Lane looked like a float“a few hurdles,” Bowfest is now on track for Saturday, ing dock. “We were pretending to fish off the float and August 24. dad thought it would be funny to have a boot hanging “Like many people, I have taken Bowfest for granted. from a fishing pole,” Taylor says. Another parade entry The countless hours spent by volunteers are easily overthat has stayed in his memory was the Mount Gardner looked,” Taylor said, adding that this is the first time he’s “hoses” float that saw a band attempting to make music by blowing into garden hoses. Of the Bowfest activities, been involved in the organization of Bowfest but some of his family members have helped out in the past. His Taylor fondly remembers the slug race, the sack race aunt, who was mentioned in the 1979 article for volunand the tug of war. “I remember winning the slug race, teering as a dealer at the blackjack table in the casino that was big,” he said. He also participated in equestrian tent, is going to help out with the country fair with the presentations. “In the mid to late ‘80s, BIHORA was jam, pickle, baked goods entries. very active and we had horses in the parade. We also Growing up on Bowen, Taylor always looked forward had a musical ride, that was a lot of fun,” he said. “Later on, when I was in my late teens, I won the sexy to Bowfest as an end-of-summer celebration and he received similar feedback from other islanders. legs contest,” Taylor said. He explains that his interest “The kids in my extended family like the parade and shifted from the games to the dunk tank, and later to the games and some of the older people are just happy the beer garden. to sit in beer garden and watch musical act,” he said. “Into my 20s, Bowfest became more of a chance “But most of them look forward to connect with friends for catching up with people and finding out how old or run into an old neighbor who has made a special trip friends and classmates were doing,” Taylor said. And to come back for Bowfest.” this is still the appeal for him – to share the day with SUSANNE MARTIN



Adam Taylor is the chair of the Bowfest board.

Susanne Martin photo






O 10TH


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Some of our sponsors & food vendors this year:

Saturday, August 24th 11 am till 11 pm Proceeds from Bowfest will be going to the Bowen Food Bank and people are encouraged to bring Food Bank contributions to the gate. Advance Tickets will be available at Phoenix

Dr. Gloria Chao Lyn Watson


PMT Travel David Riddell


Anne Andrew

FRIDAY August 2 2013 • 9


On the calendar FRIDAY, AUGUST 2


• Youth Centre: 6 to 10:30 p.m. Free food, free music - drop in.

• AA Meeting: 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall. 604-434-3933.



• Dock Dance: August 3, fundraiser for the Bowen Island Fire Department, featuring Ginger66 and Ricochet.

• Weight Watchers: Collins Hall. 6:15-7:15 p.m. Call 947-2880.


• Duplicate-style bridge: 7 p.m. sharp. Bowen Court lounge. Call Irene at 2955.

• ALANON: 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall.

MONDAY, AUGUST 5 • NA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:30 p.m. Cates Hill Chapel.



• First Credit Union’s Movie under the Stars: August 12, starting 8 p.m. Crippen Park Field. Free community event.

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Island on a Sunday. On the Monday back on Bowen I did not feel well but there were no available doctors to see. Several people I spoke with thought that I had flu symptoms (something I have never had) and as I had an appointment for an unrelated test at Lions Gate Hospital for Tuesday, I resisted going in Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ fries or salad! to check it out before then. After about five hours and various tests in emerClubhouse ( 2 pieces of bread, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato gency on the Tuesday, I was told that I hadw/ hadAvocado a heart attack. I couldn’t have been more shocked. Soup & Sandwich Special daily soup w/ chef choice sandwich! It had taken me almost three days to get the help needed – apparently anyBeef delay can damage the heart lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles ) add mushrooms, bacon, c Burger ( with 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S more. I now have a stent in my heart. I feel that we all have to be more vigilant with any cheese, avocado $1.50 each! black on black leather interior 6-speed manual unusual symptoms and if need be take the ambuHeated, Power Seat Package • Sport exhaust System lance to the hospital. WeVeg. now have the Caring Burger w/Circle Avocado add•• mushrooms, cheese, Guards red seatbelts,bacon, cheddar • Aluminium Shifter $1.50 each! office, where I am sure you can get more info at your deviating stitching in Guards Red • Handbrake Lever Tuna Salad Wrap w/ Salad or• 19Fries! leisure. inch Carrera Classic Wheels And please fill in the questionnaire for my Health Salad Fries! my Community and do Egg mention that we Wrap need a fullw/ Salad orlease it: time doctor on Bowen Island or at least more medi$895.00 /mo buy it: Hot Dog w/ Salad or Fries! $5000.00 Down Payment cal facilities ( $55,900 I now see how lucky I have been. Fortunately I am 48 Month Term. 5.99% Rate Panko crusted chicken burger ( with lettuce, tomato, red plus taxesonion and fees ) additions mush On Approved Credit still here to tell the tale – only later did I find out that delaying can be fatal. cheese, avocado $1.50 each!

KAMI KANETSUKA specIAl to the UndercUrrent



irst of all, I want to thank all the well-wishers after my recent minor heart attack, especially a friend who brought delicious food and sent a card, and the one who insisted I go to emergency when she was giving me a ride. More importantly, I am compelled to talk about the difference in symptoms of heart attacks that women experience compared to men, who tend to get chest pains and a pain in the left arm. For me, I was totally unaware that I was having a heart attack. I first experienced a back pain, then dull pains in the arms. My blood pressure was also very high, which was not abnormal for me as I had recently changed my medication and I put it down to that. I have since heard many variations of women’s symptoms but often they do not experience chest pains or the one arm pain but sometimes a pain in the jaw. For women, especially anyone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it is really necessary to learn the many warning signs. I first experienced aching body pains on Galliano

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10 Friday August 2 2013








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Friday August 2 2013 11

Silver anniversary party saw people celebrating the creative spirit. Scott Turner photo

Champagne, cupcakes and laughs CAROL CRAM BIAC


n behalf of the Bowen Island Arts Council, I want to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate our 25th anniversary Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 27. The gallery was rocking with well over 100 people enjoying champagne, cupcakes, and laughs. To me, the Birthday Bash event truly represented the heart and soul of our community here on the island-people coming together to celebrate the creative spirit. What could be more Bowen?


Twenty-five years of BIAC’s promotion and support of arts and culture on Bowen Island doesn’t just happen. A host of creative people are responsible - from Hans Behm, the founder and first president of the Bowen Island Arts Council to all the 10 presidents in between to a succession of dedicated boards to amazing staff people and finally to so many wonderful volunteers. As we said at the bash--it takes a village--or in this case an island--to build an organization.  I’d like to particularly thank our job creation program staff-Amie Thomas, our events coor-





dinator, and Tay Davis, our communications officer, BIAC staff Janet Esseiva and Kaiya Jade, and our incredible executive director, Jacqueline Massey. I’d also like to thank mayor Jack Adelaar for coming out on behalf of the Bowen Island Municipality to help us celebrate. We are very grateful for BIMs ongoing support of arts and culture on Bowen Island.  I hope I haven’t left anyone out but honestly, it would take most of this paper to list all the people who have made BIAC such a vital and vibrant part of our community. Thank you, Bowen Island!


2006 DURANGO SLT 4WD Fully loaded with every option incl leather. Excellent condition and well maint! 4.7 Litre V8. Great 7 passenger SUV. We have owned this vehicle since brand new. Asking $10,200/obo. Phone: 604-218-8850. Email: AUTO CREDIT - Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply at: uapplyudrive.CA or Call toll free 1.877.680.1231



Culture Creative Camps for Kids and Adults - Functional pottery with Jeanne Sarich/ 10-12pm Aug. 12-15 fee $120 - Make and Paint a Skin Drum with Simon James/ 12:30-2:30pm Aug. 12 & 16 fee $120

Please register at Cloudflower Clayworks Studio at Artisan Square. Lower level before August 5. 1.877.810.8649



AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673 The Scrapper

Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557

For further information please call Jeanne Sarich at 604-947-2522 These camps are co-sponsored by The Bowen Island Arts Council and Cloudflower Clayworks.

For rent in Cove Renovated open plan home. 2 1/2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large deck, parking. $1600 per month + utilities No smoking, pets negotiable Possession Oct. 1 947-9134 For Sale: 2002 Honda Civic 5 speed 86K $5500 Phone 604-947-0130


UNCLASSIFIED Dog Days of Summer Call for Volunteers

Come on down and help us celebrate man’s best friend at this tail-wagging day of contests, exhibits and refreshments for the whole family. We are looking for volunteers for this fun, filled day! If you are interested in helping us with registration, raffle ticket sales, t-shirt sales, grilling “dogs”, setting up & tearing down give us a “bark” at 604-947-0707 #2. All proceeds from this fun family event are donated to British Columbia Guide Dog Services.

For Rent: lovely family home in Millers Landing. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths. $2300/month. Pet ok Available August 16th. Showings only from August 8th Contact: 408-664-8101 or

Randall Yip CA Accounting, tax consulting Tel: 604-817-9536 email:



For rent: New, bright, 1200 sq ft garden level apt. (Scarborough area). 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and laundry. Open concept. One car parking. On bus route. 5 min. to cove. Non smokers only. No pets please. $1400/month Call Margaret to view 604-947-9415

For sale: ocean kayak (yak board). Brand new, only used once. Originally $565,offered at $350. Call 604-947-0968 after 7pm.

LANCE’S RECYCLING I’ll pick up your recycling and deliver to BIRD for $25/load. Kindling $20/box at Building Centre. CALL 947-2430



MOVING SALE 420 CARDENA RD. Through the gate Sat/Sun Aug 3&4 9am-3pm Sat/Sun Aug 10&11 9am-3pm Sat/Sun Aug 17&18 9am-3pm Household items & tools look for free items! Also looking for help (sales manager). Remuneration will be a percentage of the sales. 604-947-2820 All ideas welcome. The Gallery @ Artisan Square Presents

WOOD PAPER INK July 10 to Aug 5 Vanessa Hall-Patch Burns Jennings Marty Levenson Elisabeth Sommerville Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun 10-5pm

12 • FRIDAY August 2 2013

We see you! You can leave video comments on stories at


Members of the Bowen Island Rotary Club and Cpl. Nancy Joyce of the RCMP came out to help with the Cram the Cruiser initiative last week to support the Bowen Island Food Bank. They want to remind islanders to continue donating to the food bank. Debra Stringfellow photo

and scue use

Open HOuse Bowen Island Fire & Rescue

Open House

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uld like to invite you to the Annual Open House!

place at the New Satellite Fire Hall 1421 Adams Road

BIFD Volunteers would like to invite Fire Safety House you to the Annual Open House! xtinguisher Use & Servicing ThisInfoyear it will take place at the & Emergency Preparedness


from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

New Satellite Fire Hall

ogs, cookies & refreshments

Join us!

@ 1421 Adams Road

eer’s and check out the new Hall & Fire Truck

Saturday, July 27th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • Fire Safety House • Fire Extinguisher Use & Servicing • Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness Info • Hot dogs, cookies & refreshments

Join us!

Meet your Volunteers and check out the new Hall & Fire Truck

Open HOuse

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Sunday August 12th, 2007

SundayAugust August 11th, Sunday 12th,2013 2007 Union Steamship Marina Lawn

Three loads for food bank SUSANNE MARTIN Editor


ast week, the RCMP cruiser was parked in front of the Snug Cove General Store and police officers were on standby, not to apprehend offenders but to remind Bowen Islanders to help community members in need. The Cram the Cruiser initiative raises awareness about the work volunteering for this event 604-947-0707 Park in Horseshoe Bay and walk on the Bowen Ferry of the Bowen Island Food Bank and please call Basia at 604-947-0707#2 which runs on the hour (no Ferry from noon till 3pm). assists in collecting non-perishable food items as well as cash donations. 604-947-0707

Union Steamship Marina Bowen Island, BC Lawn Free Admission Bowen Island, BC Free Admission for at Spectators Registration 11:00 am Free begins Admission Events begin at 12 noon Registration begins at 11:00 am Park in Horseshoe Bay and walk on the Bowen Ferry Anyone interested in begin at 12 noon which runsEvents on the hour (no Ferry from noon till 3pm).

“There were over $1,280 in cash raised and there were over three ‘crams’ of the cruiser during this fundraiser,” said Cpl. Nancy Joyce of the Bowen Island RCMP. “It was very effective. Rotary Club of Bowen Island members were in attendance to help with the event and make it a successful one.” Joyce added that she encourages islanders to continue donating to the Food Bank during the summer. “They will need support throughout the year,” she said.

Bowen Island Undercurrent, August 02, 2013  

August 02, 2013 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent