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JULY 12, 2013

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Vol. 61, Issue 135

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Cuts to nursing program impact special needs kids

Union says one part-time nurse now provides assessments for 30 special-needs children throughout the East Kootenay S A L LY M AC D O N A L D Townsman Staff

East Kootenay children with special needs may not be getting the attention they need after cuts to a nursing program based in Cranbrook.

According to Patt Shuttleworth, chair of the B.C. Nurses Union, East Kootenay region, a full-time nurse retired in May as the lone coordinator of the Nursing Support Services program

for the region, overseen by Interior Health Authority. She was replaced by a parttime nurse working half of those hours. “The senior experienced nurse with 17 years of on-

the-job and specialty paediatric training retired from the position and the position was then reduced to a 0.5 position which was accepted by a new grad,” explained Shuttleworth.

The Nursing Support Services program covers about 30 children throughout the East Kootenay, from Golden to Cranbrook and Creston to Sparwood. “We really are concerned


It’s Summer Camp Season, and there is no better place for kids and counsellors alike than the beautiful environs of Blue Lake Camp. Blue Lake Summer Camps are now up and running, but registrations are still being accepted for Summer Camp and for the Blue Lake Eco-Fun Summer Day Camp in Cranbrook. For more information or to register contact 250-426-3676 or visit Pictured above: Counsellor “Brasco” and some camp attendees take a moment to relax outside the cabins.

CUPE education workers prepare for job action Local 4165 has issued a strike mandate, but hope bargaining can make headway before September SA LLY MAC DON AL D Townsman Staff

Local education workers are gearing up for job action in September as CUPE workers remain without a collective agreement. CUPE Local 4165 for Southeast Kootenay School

District 5 took a strike vote in April, and had one day of job action on June 13, explained president Sue Krause. “We chose not to allow any of our employers to work any overtime that day. We did that so we wouldn’t

disrupt anything,” said Krause. “It didn’t affect the students, but it did solidify our strike vote so that come September if the ministry does not wish to sit down and come to the bargaining table, we will probably have

to look at further action down the road.” There are more than 400 workers in the Local 4165, employees of School District 5 such as education assistants, clerical staff, trades, aboriginal workers, youth and family workers, custodi-

ans and bus drivers. They are joining the 27,000 CUPE education workers in 53 school districts across B.C. to set a strike mandate.

See CUPE , Page 5

that those children will not get their assessments in time for school in the fall, and their caregivers won’t get timely education for treatments and thus timely interventions will not happen,” said Shuttleworth. According to Interior Health, children from birth to age 18 with special needs can access the program for nursing care. Nurses provide information and consultation about health issues relating to the special need, create a plan for community care, train alternate caregivers, and can provide an athome assessment of medical and respite benefits. “The nurse must assess the children’s needs, develop care plans and assist families and care providers to learn how to implement the required care. Following this the school teachers need to be assisted with the same learning,” explained Shuttleworth. “Where the children are infants, assistance with special needs breastfeeding is often required and due to the cut of the only lactation consultant in the East Kootenay there is no longer a resource for this much-needed and very important skill.” Now, the part-time nurse works alone, with her manager based in Kelowna.

See CUTS , Page 3

Five rescuers

The names of the five Cranbrook campers who participated in the rescue of three stranded recreationalists up the Gray Creek Pass were Mike Krahn, Randy Sluz, Kris Peltzer, Ken Kiever and Shaun Beier. Sluz, Peltzer, Kiever and Beier were not mentioned by name in the Townsman story “Camping Trip Turns Into River Rescue” (Thursday, July 11). The Townsman regrets the omission.

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High Low Normal ..........................24.3°................10.5° Record......................36.5°/2002........3.9°/1974 Yesterday......................25.1°................14.1° Precipitation Normal..............................................0.9mm Record...................................10.4mm/1993 Yesterday ...........................................0 mm This month to date.........................11.8 mm This year to date........................1243.7 mm


On Thursday, July 11, the volunteer committee chaired by Charlotte Spring (second from right) met at the St . Eugene Golf Resort in the Fisher Peak Lounge with Wendy Toyer (third from right), the Executive Director of the ALS Society of BC, to present a cheque to the ALS Society of BC from the proceeds of the Spring Honda Fun Run that took place May 11, 2013. The SpringHonda Fun Run raised $7900 for ALSBC.

Precipitation totals include rain and snow


unrise 5 50 a.m. unset 9 46 p.m. oonrise 11 47 a.m. oonset 11 51 p.m.

uly 15

uly 29

uly 22

ug 6

Across the Region Tomorro w Prince George 15/8 Jasper 17/6

Edmonton 19/8

Banff 19/5 Kamloops 26/12

Revelstoke 22/12

Kelowna 25/10 Vancouver 21/14


Castlegar 25/12


Yellowknife Whitehorse Vancouver Victoria Saskatoon Regina Brandon Winnipeg Thunder Bay S. Ste. Marie Toronto Windsor Ottawa Montreal Quebec City Fredericton

rain p.cloudy p.cloudy p.cloudy sunny m.sunny p.cloudy tstorms tshowers sunny m.sunny m.sunny sunny sunny sunny p.cloudy

The World


tlanta Buenos ires etroit eneva avana ong ong iev ondon os ngeles Miami Paris Rome Singapore Sydney Tokyo Washington

tshowers p.cloudy sunny sunny tshowers p.sunny p.cloudy cloudy p.cloudy showers sunny sunny tshowers sunny tshowers rain

Calgary 19/9

Cranbrook 23/9


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showers 13/9 p.cloudy 19/10 sunny 21/14 m.sunny 21/12 showers 17/9 p.cloudy 22/13 tshowers 24/14 showers 27/17 tstorms 25/14 p.cloudy 25/16 m.sunny 25/19 sunny 27/22 m.sunny 27/17 sunny 27/19 sunny 28/16 m.sunny 29/16


JULY 19TH TO 21 Great music from bands like Kimya Dawson, the Good Ol’ Goats, Blue King Brown and Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars.


Ticket information available at


tshowers 28/22 sunny 17/8 showers 28/19 tshowers 26/10 tshowers 31/24 tstorms 32/28 m.sunny 28/16 sunny 31/10 p.cloudy 22/18 tstorms 30/26 sunny 25/12 m.sunny 31/18 tshowers 32/28 p.cloudy 17/11 p.cloudy 33/25 p.cloudy 29/22

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Wendy Toyer, Executive Director of the ALS Society of BC, visited St. Eugene skpersonally The Golf mostPro common How Golf Resort & Casino on Thursday Ato thank Doug You Can10 rounds the Schneider, who recently played a marathon of golf — 180 frown linesholes betw Ge$700 without stopping — thus raising over ALS patient services. t FREfor E horizontal lines tha


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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013


Cuts will impact special needs kids, nurses say CONTINUED from page 1 “The management person is supposed to be part of the team that does the work, but she’s based out of Kelowna, so it’s highly unlikely that she’s going to be on the ground here,” said Shuttleworth. The workload was almost too much for the full-time nurse, who needed every minute of her hours to provide care for the children, Shuttleworth said. She doesn’t know how the part-time nurse will manage. “There is just too much work for the nursing time allotted and nurses are concerned that these children will not be receiving the care they need,” she said. But Linda Basran, Director of Interior Health East, Community Integration Health Services, said that the nurse in the Nursing Support Services program is not a hands-on caregiver but a coordinator. “There are people who are delivering the care; this is a coordinating role,” said Basran. “She would coordinate what the direct caregivers are doing. She would teach or delegate care to the caregivers, and that would be individual to each client.” The program is a contract with Interior Health by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Basran said that for a

“When any job becomes available we always look at what makes the most sense for the future” Linda Basran, Interior Health long time, the program in the West Kootenay was coordinated by a part-time nurse, while the East Kootenay had a full-time registered nurse. “So when we took a look at being equitable, and we knew we had a natural attrition, it was important that we put both sides equally,” said Basran. “The timing was around the retirement of the incumbent; we did not lay anyone off. “But when any job becomes available, we always look at what makes the most sense for the future.” Basran said that since the part-time nurse is handling the work load in the West Kootenay, she is confident that the same will be true in the East. “But we will continue to monitor the situation,” she said, adding that Interior Health will take remedial measures if the situation is not working.


Chris Taylor (left), owner of Farbrook Auto Wrecking, Mayor Wayne Stetski (centre) and Jan Vanderkooy check out the car crushing operations at Farbrook on Thursday, July 11.

Let the car crushing begin

Farbrook Auto Wrecking sets sights on the future, while working through piles of old vehicles A R N E P E T RYS H E N Townsman Staff

Farbrook Auto Wrecking is one of the only salvage yards in the area, and with the recent closure of Hosmer’s wrecker, vehicles have been piling up faster than before. To get their car stock into a manageable size, Farbrook has brought in a car crusher, which for the next two months or so will crush its way through the towering piles of discarded and destroyed cars. On Thursday afternoon, Farbrook’s owner Chris Taylor took Mayor Wayne Stetski for a tour of the facility. Taylor hopes to build a processing building on the lot sometime in the future, as a way to increase efficiency and safety, but faces some zoning issues,

as the property is zoned as residential. Taylor was touring Mayor Stetski around to show the mayor the types of things they do at the wrecker and how things work. Taylor said the wrecker takes in about 1,000 cars a year and holds between 1,000 and 1,200 cars in the lot, not including the ones piled up and set to be crushed. The crusher is brought in by a company outside of town. “It has enough force to crush engine blocks,” Taylor said as the group stood in front of the crusher, as a giant forklift piled another car on the crushed remains of an old station wagon. Taylor explained that about 75 per cent of the

wreckers business comes from taking in cars and selling for parts, including ICBC claims vehicles. The other 25 per cent comes from the recycling aspect of it. The lot is also used by the fire department and search and rescue to practice auto-extraction techniques and train new recruits. A number of years ago Taylor tried to pursue the processing building but ran up against the city’s zoning bylaw. The wrecker can continue to operate, but can’t expand. But Taylor noted it’s not an expansion he is pushing for, it is an upgrade so that conditions and safety can be improved. “The building is to bring them in and process them; to drain them,” he said. “It would

You paid how much!?


be to work on them. It’s hard to drive around in a yard truck, with tools, and pull a motor in the yard.” Stetski said the challenge is the zoning, which would require a change or a variance permit. He said that being on the yard, it’s not hard to see why a building would be nice. “From a lot of perspectives, having a building makes sense,” Stetski said. Taylor is currently working with the Ministry of Environment on the proposal, which will have to approve it before it goes in front of council. “We can exist, but we can’t grow (in area),” Taylor said, adding that he intends to make the existing business better as well as improving environmental standards.

Page 4 Friday, JULY 12, 2013

daily townsman

Local NEWS

Wilks flies to Vancouver to debate city’s ban on coal Arne Petryshen Townsman Staff

When a motion to symbolically ban storage and shipment of coal through the City of Vancouver was up for debate, Kootenay Columbia MP David Wilks hopped on a plane to give his constituents’ perspective. The amendment passed at the July 9 meeting, but it gave Wilks a chance to try and

set the record straight from the natural resource side of things. Wilks received emails last week from Sparwood and Fernie mayors about the bylaw amendment which would ban coal shipment and storage in the City of Vancouver. “I read it and said ‘that’s not good,” he said. “I felt that it was incumbent upon me to at least go down there and, if

nothing else, give them the potential impacts, not only to the Elk Valley, but across British Columbia.” Wilks said the motion would likely not have any impact on Westshore Terminals and Neptune Terminals outside of the municipality, as they are well established. “I just don’t quite understand the logic by the City of Vancouver and

the amendment that they put forward, because it’s more of a feelgood motion than anything else. I’ve always maintained from a regional perspective, you don’t create a bylaw that you can’t enforce.” Wilks said he has no idea how they would enforce it. “As an Asia-Pacific Gateway community, they are sending a message, however slight,


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ROUTES AVAILABLE IN KIMBERLEY: 207 - 106 & 107 Ave 208 - 101, 102, 103, 104 Ave 238 - 4th & 5th Ave, Townsite (400-500 block)

that they’re not open for business,” he said. The other thing Wilks wanted to emphasize in the Vancouver meeting, was the difference between thermal coal and metallurgical coal. Thermal coal is burned, while metallurgic coal is made into steel. “All the coal that comes out of the Elk Valley is metallurgic coal,” he said. “Until we find a replacement for carbon, there is a necessity for metallurgic coal.” Wilks said a few members of the council weren’t impressed by his presentation. One thing that concerned him was that the document that along banning the storage of coal, there was some ambiguous

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such as Teck Resources that have been hauling coal for forever and a day, that they could utilize to get accurate information on Canadian soil,” he said. Wilks said that Sparwood has partnered with Teck since 2005 to do air quality monitoring, and samples show that the air quality is one-third that of the provincial allowable levels. He said in the West, there are only Vancouver and Prince Rupert to send the metallurgic coal. He said there is a global demand to try to meet that will continue because of the need for steel products.

Fee proposed for smart meter deniers Tom Fle tcher Black Press

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wording saying “not just” that seemed to hint at other products falling under the ban. “What’s the definition of not just? Does it include timber products? Does it include sulphur, does it include cement?” He wondered. “No one answered it and that was quite concerning to me.” As far as other concerns the council had, Wilks said the coal coming from the area is mitigated for dust. Wilks also noted that the studies the council was basing their decision off of were studies on thermal coal out of the U.S. rather than studies out of the Elk Valley. “We have companies

VICTORIA – Energy Minister Bill Bennett says there are about still 60,000 BC Hydro customers who are still resisting installation of wireless electricity meters, and he wants the utility to offer them manual meter readings, for a price. “What we’re contemplating at this point is that maybe we can deliver a digital meter that has the radio turned off,” Bennett told reporters at

the B.C. legislature Thursday. “We just feel that we don’t want to bully people into taking the smart meter if they don’t want it.” Modifying the meters for different customers and sending out human meter readers would generate costs that should not be borne by the vast majority of customers who accepted wireless meters, Bennett said. He offered no estimate of the cost, but predicted that more


To report human-deer interactions, call Conservation Officer Hotline at 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).


people will drop their opposition rather than pay for extra service. Bennett said he agrees with B.C.’s medical health officer that signals from wireless meters are not a health hazard, but he doesn’t want them forced on people who believe otherwise. NDP energy critic John Horgan said he is pleased the government has finally agreed with his position that people should be given another option. But he wants the issue referred to the B.C. Utilities Commission to set the price, so customers aren’t “gouged” to pay for other cost overruns at the utility. “We said before the election that an opt-out provision was appropriate,” Horgan said. “It’s done in other jurisdictions. Quebec is leading the way here in Canada. It’s about time.” With 96 per cent of wireless meters installed, customers in some areas are receiving daily usage information on their BC Hydro customer web pages. Smart meters send a radio signal equivalent to a brief mobile phone call to report usage, and also signal when power is interrupted. Digital meters also detect when they are tampered with, and the quality of electrical supply.

daily townsman

Local NEWS

Homemade explosive goes off outside homes Townsman Staff

A homemade bomb exploded in Cranbrook on Sunday night, but no one was hurt, RCMP have said. A resident on the 700 block of 21st Avenue South, near Kinsmen Park, heard an explosion and called police at about 10:30 p.m. on July 7, 2013. Police found that an unknown person had constructed a homemade device inside a glass rum bottle. When the bottle exploded, it sent shards of glass over a 50-metre diameter. RCMP noted that a two-litre bottle of Dr. Pepper containing water was at the site, possibly having been used to make the device. “The remnants of the explosion which were still foaming indicate that

the person or persons responsible made a chemical bomb of some sort and the police believe the contents to be very corrosive,” said Cpl. Prefontaine. “The RCMP is looking for any witnesses to this incident or anyone who may have information about it.” If you have any additional information, please call Cranbrook RCMP at 250-489-3471 or anonymously to East Kootenay Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. “The RCMP would also like to warn residents of Cranbrook to be wary of any incidents of this nature and if you witness or come across the remnants of this type of activity, please don’t touch it and call the police or fire department right away,” said Cpl. Prefontaine.

Black bear destroyed Tamara Hynd Fernie Free Press

A black bear was destroyed Wednesday due to habituation after it was caught in a bear trap at the Fernie ski hill. The BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) has assessed the bear’s activities and number of complaints over a lengthy period of time. “COS determined

that the young bear had become very accustomed to people, very aggressive and was breaking into homes. We deemed it a public safety issue and had to trap and remove this bear,” said Conservation Officer Joe Caravetti. The bear was roaming around the ski hill area eating garbage. Soon it became bold enough to walk up to

CUPE prepared for job action Continued from page 1 “The most important thing is for the general public to know that we do not wish to take any job action. We care about the kids more than anything. But sadly, we’re put in a position where everything else keeps going up and we can’t continue,” said Krause. Education workers have not had a pay increase since 2009, she explained, and earnings and benefits are too low. “I think a lot of people don’t understand that education workers, the

ones who work closest with the children, the majority of them only earn between $25,000 and $30,000 a year – at the max, and that’s actually youth workers.” Krause said the school district understands CUPE’s position. “There’s really nothing our district can do. They understand. Our board of trustees also wrote a letter to the minister asking for help, because they understand how important our positions here are,” she said.

Julyfest Band Reunion & Youth Centre Fundraiser TICKETS GOING FAST!

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people outside their homes, scare them off, and then eat their dinners. A few days ago it started attempting to break into homes. Bear Aware Coordinator Kathy Murray reminds all residents, visitors and campers to keep all garbage indoors, clean barbeques, keep pet food indoors and secure other attractants and keep doors and windows shut and locked. Living in bear country, managing bear attractants can reduce the chances of bears becoming habituated to garbage and humans as a food source.

B.C. marijuana vote gets green light Tom Fletcher Black Press

VICTORIA – Elections BC has given approval in principle to marijuana activist Dana Larsen’s bid to lead a petition drive for de-criminalizing marijuana possession. Larsen has proposed that B.C. go around the federal law with a “Sensible Policing Act” that would disallow the use of B.C. police resources to prosecute simple possession of small amounts of pot by adults. This fall, Larsen will be allowed to begin collecting signatures in an effort to force an initiative vote similar to that used to reverse the harmonized sales tax. Individuals and groups have until Aug. 12 to register with Elections BC to oppose the initiative, run ads for or against the petition or collect signatures. Larsen, who was involved with the B.C. Marijuana Party before seeking the leadership of the B.C. NDP in 2011, has worked for the last year to build support for what he calls Sensible BC. His organization will have 90 days from


Cranbrook Ministerial

Church Directory

Sept. 9 to collect signatures from 10 per cent of registered provincial voters in each of B.C.’s 85 electoral districts. If that threshold is reached, Elections BC would hold a province-wide initiative vote, likely by mail as was done to repeal the HST. Decriminalizing pot has received mainstream support in recent years, including a narrow majority vote at the 2012 Union of B.C. Municipalities convention. In a debate at that convention in Victoria last September, former B.C. Liberal attorney general Geoff Plant advocated for loosening marijuana laws, as has since been done in the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado. The idea was opposed by criminologist Darryl Plecas, who was elected B.C. Liberal MLA for Abbotsford South in the May provincial election. Larsen has had a

Black Press

Marijuana activist Dana Larsen (left) campaigns for leadership of the B.C. NDP in 2011. colourful career, including editor of Vancouver-based “Cannabis Culture” magazine and co-founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank, which has sold seeds for marijuana, pop-

pies, peyote and coca. Larsen resigned as an NDP candidate in the 2008 federal election, after videos surfaced showing his drug use a decade earlier.

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Senior Pastor: Dr. Ron Foubister Pastor to Young Families: Al Brouwer Sunday Worship, Children’s Classes – 10:00am Friendly congregation, biblical preaching, traditional and contemporary music. Everyone welcome.

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Class control starts with the book


n 1849, the government of France took more and more rural inhabitants had acthe first in a series of steps to eradicate cess to inexpensive dailies, many of which the Bibliothèque Bleue — the favorite contained soap opera-like serialized storeading material of the peasant underclass. ries. Although quite vanilla compared to the blue book stories, the The only thing worse readers could not get than subordinate masses enough of these stories. learning to read was their Many cut them out and fondness for the Bibliosewed them together, effecthèque Bleue — poorly BOOKNOTES tively making a homemade written erotic romances named after the inexpenMike Selby book. As popular as these stosive blue sugar paper the ries were, none of them books were bound in. The peasants demand for these books created compared to the real life exploits of a publishing boom all across France, and Jean-Baptiste Troppmann, a convicted by mid-century the government felt it was spree killer. After killing his business partner, Troppman began to kill members of time to put a stop to it. The majority of the blue books came to his partner’s family, one per day until all the peasants via travelling book peddlers. eight were dead. By the time of his execuSo the government created a series of li- tion, Le Petit Journal was experiencing censes needed by the peddlers so complex unheard of sales figures of over half-a-milit eradicated the entire profession. They lion. Of course all these were merely tempofollowed this in 1852 with a censorship act, making it illegal for a book to be sold in rary measures; the government still needFrance that didn’t carry the government’s ed a permanent way to control and inculstamp of approval. Not only was this sure cate the lower classes. At first, libraries apto eliminate what was left of the blue book peared to be a good place to control what trade, but also took care of any unap- was read, but the finances required to proved of foreign books finding their way completely control reading material in all public and school libraries made this plan into the countryside. The biggest boost in their quest for cul- extremely unrealistic. It wouldn’t have ture control came in 1863, and the arrival worked anyway. Literacy was spreading of Le Petit Journal — a daily newspaper. As further and faster than the government’s railways began to crisscross across France, ability to direct into approved of channels.


French travelling book peddlers brought the printed page to the masses. By 1880, an unheard of amount of the peasant class was literate, and a new regime had been in place for almost a decade. No longer did anyone fret over what the disenfranchised was reading. By the end of the century, they became some of France’s best writers. Mike Selby is Reference Librarian at the Cranbrook Public Library

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daily townsman / daily bulletin



The sounds of silence

C arolyn Grant

t’s summertime. The weather has finally settled into what we expect, tourists are out and about, locals are heading to campgrounds on the weekends. It’s just a perfect East Kootenay summer. But here in Kimberley something has been missing. At first I wasn’t quite sure what it was ­— why did I feel that I was missing something? But then it occurred to me. I am hearing nothing when I should be hearing accordions. This is my first summer without KIOTAC, the Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championships.  The championships would have wrapped by now, winner of the ultimate prize, the Happy Hans trophy, would have bowed to the audience and perhaps played one more tune. I would have spent the week reporting playdown scores like a sports writer­: “It went right down to the wire with Michael Bridge edging out Alicia Baker by a squeeze.”  Good times. I would have wandered through the Platzl every day looking for photographs of smiling people, of which there were plenty. And sitting behind my desk, I would still hear the faint strains of accordion music


Jeany Irvin hands out the Happy Hans trophy to Alicia Baker in 2012. wafting in from the Platzl. Of course, I would also be stuck behind a 55-foot RV proceeding down Wallinger at about 10 kph. It was always a little harder to get around Kimberley during KIOTAC, but that’s a small price to pay for what the Fest brought to Kimberley. For almost 40 years — 39 to be exact — KIOTAC brought people by the thousands to Kimberley for one week in July. They camped on the streets and in parking lots and the lo-

cals grumbled. But I like to think that underneath the occasional grumble there was a real appreciation of what KIOTAC meant to Kimberley. KIOTAC was Kimberley. While travelling I have often told people I was from Kimberley and a lot of the time the response was, ‘Kimberley? Isn’t that where they have the accordion festival?’ Yes, it is. Or rather, it was. KIOTAC put Kimberley on the map. In its first year there were two categories of competition;

that grew to 23. The first year there were 16 competitors; that peaked at over 200. A half million dollars in prize money and bursaries was handed out over the years of KIOTAC. One million dollars was paid out to performers. And $150,000 was given to local charities. And perhaps most impressive, over 100,000 volunteer hours were given. That does not include the tireless efforts of the KIOTAC committee members. That’s just 100,000 hours from community members who helped out for the week. Pretty darn impressive. And it’s all over now. People from the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations understand what KIOTAC really meant to Kimberley and are working hard to find ways to bring people into the Platzl. The First Saturdays concept looks like a winner and hopefully will build in the coming years. And there is JulyFest, which is coming up quickly — always a busy, and profitable, weekend for Kimberley. But as I sit at my desk and ponder the sounds of silence from the Platzl, I miss KIOTAC — funny hats, lederhosen, snarled traffic and all. Carolyn Grant is Editor of the Kimberley Daily Bulletin

Cranbrook Alliance marks 65 years


Submit ted

uring its 65-year history in Cranbrook, the Alliance Church has been home for thousands of people. On the August long weekend, the church is organizing a gathering of its families representing six decades of fellowship. The roots of the local church reach back to 1948 when a small group of about 35 people expressed their interest in establishing a Christian and Missionary Church. Meetings began in the Vance home with Pastor Gordon Blenkhorn and moved to the KP Hall. Shortly thereafter, a construction site bunkhouse was moved from Kimberley to the corner of 13th Avenue and Baker Street, the present day location of Tangles Hair Salon near Safeway. It faithfully served the growing congregation for 20 years. In 1970, the congregation moved into a new building on 2nd Street South which now is home of the Dwelling Place. Pastors Walter Love, Roy Hubert and Don Kinnie led services at this new site throughout the 1970s, but by 1980 the need for more space became evident. The dedication of the present location on Kootenay Street welcomed Rev. Don Kinnie and the congregation in February of 1983. Since then, the lead pastors have included Jack Schroeder, Don Krause, Tom Nevius and Ralph Rintisch. The CAC is welcoming back all who presently or have in the past called Cranbrook Alliance their home church. To date, folks are planning to join the celebration from Southeast Asia, Mexico, Arizona and across Western Canada. The Family Reunion Celebration will

“Drive-In” church in the Tamarack Centre parking lot was one of the many initiatives of the Cranbrook Alliance Church in the 1980s. The Church’s 65th anniversary will be celebrated on the August long weekend. begin on Friday evening, August 2, with a simple welcome gathering and dessert fellowship. Slides, posters and memorabilia will trigger a host of memories for those in attendance. On Saturday morning, an 8 a.m. pancake breakfast will allow guest to informally meet and mix over syrup slathered hotcakes, eggs and sausage. In the early afternoon, folks will gather out at Wycliffe Park, site of the annual church gathering, for games, a barbecue and lawn chair sing along session. Sunday morning will feature the return of Pastor Sean Campbell to bring a message and will highlight the many Cranbrook Alli-

ance people who are serving in missions and church organizations across Canada and around the world. The service will be followed by a lunch for registrants in the church gymnasium. Details of the event and a plethora of old photos as well as biographies can be checked out at or through a link on the Cranbrook Alliance website. Registration for the 65th Family Reunion is $20 per person or $60 for a family and can be completed on line or through the church office. Courtesy Gary Toyota

Friday, JULY 12, 2013

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What’s Up?


UPCOMING Tee Off For Kootenay Kids Golf Gala Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 2013 at St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino. For more information call 250-426-2542 or visit Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC presents the 10th Anniversary Celebration at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery July 13th. Enjoy music, fun family activities, fishing and more! (250) 429-3214 or email July 15-10:30 Recently moved to Kimberley? New resident or immigrant? Meet other newcomers, learn about Kimberley’s JulyFest & play Bocce. Free picnic! Children with adult/parents welcome. Register: Kimberley Library. phone 427-3112. 2013 FREE FAMILY SWIM Wednesday, July 17th, 6:00-7:00 PM is sponsored by Knights of Columbus. Children 18 years & under must be accompanied by an adult. Brothers Insurance Agency Charity Car Show: Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th at Western Financial Place, Cranbrook Blues Brothers Tribute Act, drive-in movie, children’s activities, vendors & more. or 250-426-2542. Kimberley Nature Park - Horse Barn Valley Loop - Saturday, July 21, Meet at the Riverside Campground at 9:30 am to carpool to the west entrance to Horse Barn Valley. Bring water and a snack! Join leader - Kent Goodwin 250-427-5404 Kimberley United Church huge garage sale on July 27. To donate clean and usable goods, call Graham and Gerda Mann at 250427-5057 or email Pick up can be arranged. Kimberley Ladies Golf Club Charity Golf Tournament to support Kimberley’s Spark Youth Centre will be held Tuesday, July 30th. Interested Ladies please contact Flora at 250-427-4027 or email 2013 FREE PUBLIC SWIM Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 5:00-6:00 PM is sponsored by Robert Apps Law Corporation. Kimberley Nature Park - Hike for Young Families - Sunday, Aug.18. Get the kids out into the Nature Park for a fun time around Eimers Lake.Children must be accompanied by a parent. Meet at the Higgins St entrance: 10am. Join leader Dave Quinn 250-427-5666 ONGOING ICBL-Duplicate Bridge–Senior Center in Cranbrook. Mon & Wed 7pm, Thurs & Fri 1pm at Scout Hall, Marysville. Info: Maggie 250-417-2868. Cranbrook Phoenix Toastmasters meet every Thursday, noon - 1:00 Heritage Inn. Toastmasters teaches communication & leadership skills. Roberta 250-489-0174. Contact the Kimberley Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shops at 250-427-2503 (Brenda) or 250-427-1754 Gayle) for volunteer opportunities: cashiers, sorters, after hours cleaners. CRANBROOK QUILTERS’ GUILD hold their meetings every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:15pm upstairs in the Seniors’ Hall, 125-17th Ave. S. Everyone welcome. Info: Betty at 250-489-1498 or June 250-426-8817. Community Acupuncture. By donation – Each Tuesday 4-6 pm, Roots to Health Naturopathic Clinic, Kimberley Health Centre – Lower Level, 260 4th Ave. 778-481-5008. Please visit: for more info. Urban Artsy Deer Quest forms available at the Cranbrook & Distrcit Arts Council office; 135 - 10 Ave S, 426-4223. A fun family activity for summer months. See how many you can find. Winners announced August 24 at Art in the Park. Deer available for you to decorate. TENNIS ANYONE? Cranbrook Community Tennis Club is opening for the season at new Mount Baker High Courts. No Fees, No Dues, Just Tennis! 6:30-8:30pm, Wed & Sun nights. Info: Bev 250-421-7736 or Neil 250-489-8107. Cranbrook Branch of the Stroke Recovery Association of BC. Meetings are from 10:00am-1:00pm the 2nd and 4th Wed. in the lower level of the Senior Citizen’s Hall, 125-17th St. S. Bring bag lunch. Tootie Gripich, 426-3994. The GoGo Grannies meet the last Monday of each month at 7:00 at The College of the Rockies. Join us as we raise awareness & funds for Grandmothers raising their Grandchildren in countries devastated by Aids. Norma at 250-426-6111. ESL: CBAL hosts Conversation Cafe Tues 7-9pm, morning class Wed 10am-12noon & Evening class Wed 7pm-9pm. All sessions held at CBAL office 19 9th Ave S. Childcare upon request. All programs are FREE. FMI: Bruce 250-9192766 or The Compassionate Friends meet 2nd Tuesday each month at 4:00pm at the East Kootenay Child Care Resource and Referral Boardroom (in the Baker Street Mall parking lot) Info: call Laura @ 250 489-1000/Diane @ 250 489-0154 Do you have the desire to stop eating compulsively? OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS (a 12-Step Program) meets Tuesdays from 7-8 pm at Cranbrook United Church, 2-12 S. S., downstairs. Contact: Place your notice in your “What’s Up?” Community Calendar FREE of charge. This column is intended for the use of clubs and non-profit organizations to publicize their coming events — provided the following requirements are met: • Notices will be accepted two weeks prior to the event. • All notices must be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person. No telephone calls please. • NOTICES SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 WORDS. • Only one notice per week from any one club or organization. • All notices must be received by the Thursday prior to publication • There is no guarantee of publication. Notices will run subject to space limitations.


Drop off: 822 Cranbrook St. N. • Drop off: 335 Spokane Street Fax: 250-426-5003 • Fax: 250-427-5336 E-mail:





FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013

SPORTS Bandits struggle in



Sports News? Call Trevor 250-426-5201, ext. 212


Montana touranment TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor


SUMMER SCHOOL: Aaron Gauer and Garold Gipman explain a drill during one of the sessions at the East Kootenay Basketball Camp on Thursday at Mount Baker Secondary School. The camp, which has kids registered from around the region, is in it’s second week and will wrap up on Friday.



The Rocky Mountain Bandits did not get a friendly reception in Montana over the weekend, as they lost four out of five games in a fiveday tournament in Polson. Following the trip across the border, the Bandits returned to their home field at Confederation Park, but had to cancel a pair of home games set for last Tuesday at Confederation Park in order to get some more team rest. It was a tough tournament for the Bandits in Polson, which lost four games in a row before edging out their only win in their final game on Sunday. The team lost 8-6 to Missoula Pioneers, and struggled against Dillon Cubs with a 12-1 loss and the Missoula Frontiers at

Approval in principle has been granted on an application for an initiative petition. The petition will be issued to proponent Dana Larsen on Monday, September 9, 2013 and signature sheets must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, December 9, 2013. The Title of the Initiative is: An initiative to amend the Police Act. Summary of Initiative: The initiative draft Bill entitled, “Sensible Policing Act” proposes to amend the Police Act to no longer use provincial police resources on the enforcement of current laws in relation to simple possession and use of cannabis by adults. The draft law would prohibit the use of provincial police resources for this purpose, would require police to report in detail to the Minister of Justice any actual use of resources for this purpose and why it was necessary, and require the Minister to publish that report. The Bill also proposes that the province would call upon the Federal Government to repeal the federal prohibition on cannabis, or give British Columbia an exemption, such that British Columbia is able to tax and regulate cannabis similar to the regulation of alcohol and tobacco. As well it proposes that British Columbia shall establish a Provincial Commission to study the means and requirements necessary for the province to establish a legal and regulated model for the production and use of cannabis by adults. Last, the Bill would make nonlawful possession and use of cannabis by minors an offence similar to possession and use of alcohol.

Initiative Advertising: Individuals or organizations who sponsor initiative advertising, other than the proponent and registered opponents, must register with the Chief Electoral Officer before they conduct or publish initiative advertising. Registration applications are available from Elections BC. Who May Sign the Petition: Registered voters as of Monday, September 9, 2013 may sign the initiative petition. Individuals may only sign the petition once, and must sign the petition sheet for the electoral district in which they are registered at the time of signing. Signed petitions are available for public inspection. For More Information: The initiative application and draft Bill are available for public inspection on the Elections BC website and at the Elections BC office at the address below. Location: Suite 100 – 1112 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C Mailing Address: PO Box 9275 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9J6 Phone: Toll-free: Fax: Email: Website:

250-387-5305 1-800-661-8683 250-387-3578

Opponent Registration: Individuals or organizations who intend to incur expenses as opponents must apply for registration with the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, August 12, 2013. Registration applications for opponents are available from Elections BC. / 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 1 - 8 6 8 3

Bandit’s head coach Paul Mrazek said the team consistently had some troubles while on the pitching mound and up at bat. “Getting three to five hits a game isn’t really going to win us any games. Usually we need to be getting 8 to 10 hits a game,” said Mrazek. “Pitching wise, with a couple of our pitchers,

one had seven walks, we had eight walks in that game, so you put five hits together with eight walks, and a few errors, it’s pretty tough to stay in the game.” However, the Bandits managed to pull together in the final game and pull out a close 7-6 win to close out the tournament. “We came back the last game, we only walked one, we made them hit the ball, the boys made the plays, still didn’t have a ton of hits, but it was enough to win by one,” said Mrazek. The Mission Valley B team was scheduled to come up to Cranbrook on Tuesday, but the Bandits canceled those two match ups and are looking towards the weekend, where they will head down to Kalispell for another tournament.

Rookie pitcher deals damage as Blue Jays fall 4-2 to Indians TOM WITHERS Associated Press

This notice is published pursuant to section 4 of the Recall and Initiative Act.

13-2. Another loss came at the hands of the Mission Valley Mariners by a score of 9-1 but the Bandits managed to end on a high note with a 7-6 victory over the Mission Valley B team.

CLEVELAND Rookie Danny Salazar pitched six superb innings to win his major league debut, leading the Cleveland Indians to a 4-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday. Salazar, who began the season in Double-A ball, allowed just one run and two hits. The right-hander didn’t give up a hit until the sixth and struck out seven. The hard-throwing 23-year-old was shocked at being called up, but he pitched with the nerves of a seasoned veteran and gave the Indians a much-needed strong outing. Chris Perez gave up a run in a shaky ninth but got his 11th save. Asdrubal Cabrera homered in the first off R.A. Dickey (8-10) and Lonnie Chisenhall drove in a run in Cleveland’s two-run sixth. Jose Bautista hit an RBI double for Toronto’s only run off Salazar, who was recalled earlier in the day from Triple-A Columbus and is

likely to be headed back to the Clippers. If Salazar was nervous, he certainly didn’t show it. Unleashing a fastball that registered 99 mph on the stadium radar gun, he coasted through the first five innings, striking out seven and not letting the Blue Jays get many good swings. A few of his pitches were way out of the strike zone, but just when it appeared he might come unraveled, Salazar settled down. Salazar’s seven

strikeouts were the most by a Cleveland pitcher in his debut since Luis Tiant struck out 11 New York Yankees on July 19, 1964. Salazar held Toronto without a hit until the sixth, when Josh Thole, batting just .108 slapped a pitch into left field. Salazar received a nice ovation from Cleveland fans, who haven’t seen many quality starts lately from the Indians’ rotation. Munenori Kawasaki sacrificed and Salazar retired Jose Reyes on a liner to second.

Derek Jeter plays 1st game of season, but leaves early

NEW YORK - Derek Jeter returned to the New York Yankees for the first time this season, then left early Thursday because of a tight right quadriceps. Yankees manager Joe Girardi says Jeter will be sent for a test. Girardi says Jeter thinks he’ll be ready to play Friday night. Jeter says he doesn’t think the injury came from pushing too hard in his season debut. Jeter went 1 for 4, scoring a run and driving one in during Thursday’s 8-4 win over Kansas City. He left for a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning. The 39-year-old team captain had not played in the majors this season since breaking his left ankle in the playoffs last October. Associated Press



FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013

Kovalchuk retires from NHL to go back home to Russia STEPHEN WHYNO Canadian Press

Ilya Kovalchuk considered staying in Russia when the NHL lockout ended in January. Ultimately he returned to play the 2013 season with the New Jersey Devils. But on Thursday, Kovalchuk made official what the Devils knew was a possibility since then. The Devils announced that Kovalchuk was returning home and retiring from the NHL. The final 12 years and US$77 million of his contract were voided, and Kov-


Local swimmer Rhyse Marlatt captures bronze medals at a provincial meet and punches ticket to national championship.

Marlatt qualifies for national championship TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

Cranbrook swimmer Rhys Marlatt brought a bronze haul back with him following a competition at the B.C. AAA provincial swimming championships in Vancouver last weekend. Marlatt, a member of the Cranbrook Triton Swim Club, achieved

personal best times in five of six swims and gained valuable experience, as his times qualified him for the Canadian Age Group championships at the end of July in Montreal. Marlatt compete against the top 13-yearold boys in B.C. and raced to a bronze medal in the 200-metre back-

stroke with a time of 2:25.79 and followed up with the shorter 100metre backstroke for his other bronze medal with a time of 1:09.64. He also posted personal best times in three separate events, placing 5th in the 100-metre butterfly with a time of 1:08.29, 7th in the 50metre freestyle with a

time of 28.22 seconds and 16th in 100-metre freestyle with a time of 1:05.66. Marlatt also competed in a 50-metre butterfly time trial race, finishing with a best time of 29.79 seconds, which gave him his third qualifying time required to attend the Canadian Championships.


alchuk is free to play in Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League. “Though I decided to return this past season, (general manager Lou Lamoriello) was aware of my desire to go back home and have my family there with me,” the 30-year-old said in a statement. “The most difficult thing for me is to leave the New Jersey Devils, a great organization that I have a lot of respect for, and our fans that have been great to me.” It was a move that stunned the hockey world, but not Lamori-

ello, who insisted nothing in the game surprises him, including Kovalchuk’s abrupt departure. “This wasn’t a decision by the New Jersey Devils,” Lamoriello said on a conference call with reporters. “He will not be playing here at his desire.” Kovalchuk played for SKA St. Petersburg during the lockout and made it clear several months ago that he would stay there if he could. Reports from Russian news agencies indicated he will officially sign with SKA on Friday.

Blue Bombers looking for offence to gel as season gets underway SCOT T EDMONDS Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Tim Burke is looking for his offence to click this weekend after a couple of uninspiring starts where the defence managed to shine brighter. “I wasn’t happy with their performance on the first days of practice but the last two days have been much better,”

Burke said Thursday. “This is hopefully a game where we break out of our slump.” The Bombers (1-1) will meet the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-2) in Guelph, Ont., Saturday. The defence was the cog that kept the wheels spinning in their first win of the season in Montreal last week. Turnovers and sacks sapped the momentum of quarterback Buck

Pierce. The official count was five sacks but offensive co-ordinator Gary Crowton says it was really only three. “Two of those sacks were the run plays where the back went the wrong way or the quarterback on the exchange fumbled, so they count those as sacks,” he said. “Anytime the quarterback gets a loss they count it as a sack.”

2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick


On the Prairies, strong is sexy. The Venza captures style, substance and safety and is available with a powerful V6 engine and AWD.


$152 1.9 † %



$30,730 MSRP includeS $2,040 FReight & deliveRy, Pdi & Block heateR

Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & promotions from Toyota Financial Services (TFS) OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered Toyota models sold and delivered between July 3 & July 31, 2013. †Representative purchase finance example for 2013 Venza (ZA3BBT AA): $25,931 at 1.9% APR for 84 months equals bi-weekly payments of $152. Cost of borrowing is $1,772 for a total obligation $27,702 plus $3,799 down payment when you apply the $1,000 cash incentive to the down payment. $30,730 MSRP includes a maximum of $2,040 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning tax, and excludes license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and all other taxes and levies. Down payment or equivalent trade, first month’s payment, lien registration fee and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Dealer may sell for less. See your participating Cranbrook & Dawson Creek, British Columbia Toyota dealer for details. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. * Touring V6 AWD model shown.

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Ceorge Magic Arthur Wild Lilly Shaun Find Dogs Dogs Rivers Rivers Architects , KNOW Wibbly Morning News Driving FishTV Triathlon Power Cana Ice Pilots NWT PGA Tour Golf Equestrian M CICT Weekend Mon Busy Animal Super Dood Cross Absolutely The Calgary Stampede ` CBUT Saturday Morning News Driving Fishing Power Cana Ice O CIVT Driving FishTV Power Cana Ice Pilots Pilots NWT NWT PGA PGA Tour Tour Golf Golf M CICT Weekend Morning News Super News Rated Side Squir Squir Driving Spong Fishing Par Kung Cana Turtles Ice Turtles Bey Po 6 YTV Being Saturday Morning Power Pilots NWT PGA Tour Rang Golf Side Turtles Zoink’ Zoink’ O CIVT Hose Stop No 2 Paid Summer Hair Paid Paid Paid Paid Kds Mother Paid Paid Bones Turtles Zoink’ Trout Zoink’ McCar . Kung Turtles Turtles Bey Po Rang Side 6 KAYU-FOX YTV Being Super Rated Side Squir Squir Spong Par Newsroom Next / CNN New Hose Money Stop Sat. No 2Morning Paid CNN Summer Hair Paid Paid Newsroom Paid Paid Money Kds Mother CNN Paid Newsroom Paid Bones Gupta Newsroom Trout McCar . KAYU-FOX Horse. Sat. TrucksMorning Muscle Bar Bar Rescue Bar RescueNext CNN Remember the Titans 0 New Money CNNRescue Newsroom Bar Rescue Newsroom Money Newsroom Gupta NewsroomDeadli / SPIKE CNN Xtreme Scor Muscle Scor Bar ScorRescueScor Bar RunRescueRun RunRescueRun HuntRescueHunt Remember Esther Esther De ConsumedDeadli 1 HGTV Scor Xtreme Scor Horse. Trucks Bar Bar the TitansDe 0 SPIKE Flip HouseScor Scor Flip Con Air Run True Independence 2 A&E Criminal Scor Minds Scor Scor Scor Run Run Run Hunt Lies Hunt Esther Esther De De Consumed 1 HGTV Rewind Wide Hit Miss Talkin’ Talkin’ Cross Cross Independence Cash, Cash, 4 Criminal 1s Minds CMT Flip House Flip OpenCon Air Top 20 Countdown TrueorLies 2 CMT A&E Number It 1s Love It-List Will OpenWill Will 20 Countdown Will August Rush Mamma Mia! 5 W Love Number CMT RewindIt Wide Top Hit or Miss Talkin’ Talkin’ Cross Cross Cash, Cash, 4 CMT Paid Fast Hitman Fast & Furious Love It Paid Hitman Love It-List It Will Will Will & Furious Will August Rush Mamma Mia! 9 5 SHOW W Mighty Planes Airplane Repo Mighty Planes Hitman Deadly Catch Finding Bigfoot Fast Sons&ofFurious Guns Overhaulin’ Paid Paid Don’t HitmanDrive Fast & Furious : DISC Dangerous 9 SHOW DangerousPrin Don’t Mighty Planes Airplane DeadlyDoCatch Overhaulin’Kendra MoneyDriveMoney Matchmaker Little NickyRepo Mighty Planes How You Know Finding Bigfoot Sons of Guns Prin Kendra : SLICE DISC Prin ; Prin Houses Prin MoneyHouses Money Four Matchmaker Little Houses Nicky How Prin Kendra Kendra Four Houses Four Say Say Say Do You SayKnow Say Say Say Say Say Say ; SLICE < TLC Four Four Houses Four Houses Four Houses Four Houses Say SayBloomSay Say Say Say Say Say Say Say < BRAVO TLC Missing The Listener The Ex The Brothers Bandits = Missing Neverending TheStory Listener The Ex The Brothers Bandits = BRAVO II (:15) Hulk (:35)Bloom Blade Runner The 6th Day (:05) Doom > EA2 Grizzly Grizzly Neverending Story IIRocket Loone (:15) HulkAdven Drag Nin (:35) Blade Runner The 6th Day > TOON EA2 Matt Jim Johnny Scooby-Doo-Reluctant Scoob Johnny Rocket Matt (:05) AdvenDoomAdven ? Matt Deck Jim Johnny Wiz Rocket Phi Loone Dog Adven Good Drag Win Nin Scooby-Doo-Reluctant Adven ? TOON Sonny ANT Jessie Austin Shake Scoob Robots Johnny Rocket Matt Phi Gravity Adven ANT @ FAM Win Win Deck Sonny Phi DogSolomon Good Win ANT6th Day Jessie Austin Shake Jim Robots Brown King King Phi Gravity Family ANT @ WPCH FAM Paid Paid Paid Wiz Atl. The Brothers The Family A Paid Paid Paid Sein Atl. The Brothers Solomon Jim Brown King A WPCH Match Sein Com Theory Satis Cash The Match6th Day Match Just/Laughs Half Half Theory King Com Family Satis Family Cash B COM Match Match of Rome Match Sein Falcon-SanFran Sein Com Theory Challenge Satis Cash MatchBlob Just/Laughs Half of the HalfTitans Theory Com Those Satis MenCash B COM to LassieMatch The Clash C TCM Terror Terror of Rome Falcon-SanFran Challenge to Lassie The Blob Clash of the Titans Those Men C TCM Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker E OUT Can Paid Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker E HIST OUT Can Cana InPaida Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Mantracker Paid Paid Mantracker Pawn Pawn Mantracker Yukon Gold Pickers The Patriot F Cana In a Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Pawn Pawn Yukon Gold Pickers The Patriot F SPACE HIST Fire Serpent Inner Inner Panic Button Exit Ghost Mine Paranormal Wi. Inner (:45) Under Siege G Fire Serpent Inner Inner Panic Button Exit Ghost Mine Paranormal Wi. Inner (:45) Under Siege G SPACE Broken Arrow Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead H AMC Rawh’ Rawhide Rawhide Broken Arrow Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead H AMC Rawh’ Gearz Hot Hot Ga Motorcycle Racing From Anaheim, Calif. A Racer’s Life SP NASCAR RaceDay I SPEED Hot Hot Ga Motorcycle Racing From Anaheim, Calif. A Racer’s Life SP NASCAR RaceDay I SPEED Gearz Paid Paid Food Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. J J TVTROP TVTROP Paid Paid Food Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Cosmopolis (:15) Safe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (11:50) Real Steel The Awakening W (:15) Safe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (11:50) Real Steel The Awakening W MC1 MC1 Cosmopolis KTLA News Res Nano Travel ¨ Res Nano Son. Son. XX Son. Son. XX Justice Justice Justice Justice Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Yu-Gi Yu-Gi Yu-GiYu-Gi- Now Now Animal Animal Career Career On On Travel Jim Jim ¨ KTLA KTLA KTLA News Paid Paid Paid Paid Law Order: CI Law Law Law Videos ≠ Law Order: Order: CI CI Law Order: Order: CI CI Law Order: Order: CI CI Videos LeadLead- MLB MLB Baseball Baseball ≠ WGN-A WGN-A Paid Paid Paid Paid Law Order: CI (:40) Dead (:05) (:10) Ø (:15) Moving Moving Malcolm Malcolm (:40) Man Man of of the the Year Year Dead Men-Plaid Men-Plaid (:05) Stripes Stripes (:10) Primary Primary Colors Colors Ø EA1 EA1 (:15) Gur Watno Faith Tehlka ∂ Faith Hindu Hindu Jee Jee Gur Watno Dur Dur Faith Punjab Punjab Gaun Gaun Lamia Lamia Naavi Naavi Quran Quran Peace Peace Words Words Singh Singh Lok Lok Tehlka Sardari Sardari ∂ VISN VISN Faith

102 102 102 102 105 105 105 105


Bring Bring ItIt On On Robin Robin Dany Dany

Dream Dream Bring Dream Dream Bring ItIt On: On: All All or or Nothing Nothing Zénon Ben Toupie Manny Zénon Ben Toupie Manny Glurp Glurp

Saturday Afternoon/Evening Cbk. Kim.

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JulJulyy 66 Sunday Morning/Afternoon

# $ $ % % & & _ _ ( ( ) ) + + , , ` ` M M O O 6 6 . . / / 0 0 1 1 2 2 4 4 5 5 9 9 : : ; ; < = < > = ? > @ ? A @ B A C B E C F E G F H G I H J I W J ¨ W ≠ ¨ Ø ≠ ∂ Ø 102 ∂ 105

Magi Magi

National-Van National-Van Wilder Wilder Foot Oniva Foot Ga Ga Oniva

Été Été

Van Van Wilder: Wilder: Rise Rise of of Taj Taj TJ Studio TJ Studio Zone Zone doc doc

Dream Dream Dream Dream On On prend prend

Cbk. Kim.

# $ % & _ ( ) + , ` 1 3 4 6 7 8 9 : < = ? @ A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P W ¨ ≠ Ø ∂

# $ % & _ ( ) + , ` M O 6 . / 0 1 2 4 5 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B C E F G H I J W ¨ ≠ Ø ∂

KSPS-PBS Mt Rushmore Steves An Wine Wait... L. Welk Keep Time/ Country Pop Legends Infinity Hall Austin City CTV W5 Saving 2013 News CFCN Celeb Celeb Celeb etalk etalk App App CTV News News W5 Saving Hope Hope 2013 MuchMusic MuchMusic Video Video Awards Awards News News News Would Would Be Be King King CFCN Celeb News 666 20/20 Castle KXLY-ABC The Big Big Valley Valley TBA TBA News ABC ABC News News Insider Insider Entertainment Entertainment Zero Zero Hour Hour 666 Park Park Ave. Ave. 20/20 Castle KXLY-ABC The Paid Hose Access H. News News News Paid Burn Notice NCIS: LA Brooklyn DA 48 Hours News Cold KREM-CBS News News News Paid Burn Notice NCIS: LA Brooklyn DA 48 Hours News Cold KREM-CBS Paid Hose Access H. Do News KHQ-NBC Wheel Chica Chica Pajan. Pajan. Justin Justin News News News News News News J’pard J’pard Criminal Criminal Minds Minds American American Ninja Ninja Warrior Warrior Do No No Harm Harm News SNL SNL KHQ-NBC Wheel Sports NASCAR NASCAR Racing MLS Soccer SportsCentre SportsCentre TSN NASCAR Racing MLS Soccer SportsCentre SportsCentre TSN Sports NASCAR Sportsnet Con. MLB Baseball MLB Baseball Sportsnet Con. Poker NET MLB Baseball Sportsnet Con. Poker NET Sportsnet Con. MLB Baseball Ice Pilots NWT Simp Simp Simp News Evening News True Crime Zero The News GLOBAL Zero Hour Hour The Perfect Perfect Husband Husband News SNL SNL GLOBAL BC BC Ice Pilots NWT Simp Simp Simp News Evening News True Crime of Kangaroo Kaos Story-Science Be/Creature Eco Heartbeat Midsomer Murders Battlefield KNOW Frontiers Kangaroo Kaos Story-Science Be/Creature Eco Heartbeat Midsomer Murders Battlefield KNOW Frontiers of 22 Min Town Top Land One/ Na Market The Calgary Stampede Absolutely News Big Decision Craw CBUT Georg 22 Min Town Top Land One/ Na Market The Calgary Stampede Absolutely News Big Decision Craw CBUT Georg The Perfect Husband Zero Hour True Crime News Saturday Night Live CICT Simp Simp Simp News News Hour Simp Simp News News Hour The Perfect Husband Zero Hour True Crime News Saturday Night Live CICT Simp The Perfect Husband Zero Hour True Crime News Saturday Night Live CIVT Simp Simp Simp News News Hour Simp Simp Simp News News Hour The Perfect Husband Zero Hour True Crime News Saturday Night Live CIVT Zoink’ Spla Baby Zoink’ Batman Super Baby Spla YTV Zoink’ Zoink’ Spla Fairly Odd Movie Zoink’ MLB Spla Baseball Fairly Odd Movie Zoink’ Spla Paid Baby Ray Zoink’ Theory Batman Two Super Hell’s Baby Kitchen Spla YTV Zoink’ Mother AllTheory Two News Wante KAYU-FOX Mother AllMLB Baseball Theory Theory Two News KAYU-FOX Murder CNN Presents Paid PresumedRay Murder Two CNN Presents PresumedWante Hell’s MurderKitchen CNN Situation Room Anthony Murder Presumed Murder Ways Ways CNN Presents PresumedWays Ways Murder Ways CNN Situation Deadli Room Deadliest Anthony Ways Star Wars VI: ReturnCNN of thePresents Jedi Ways Ways Ways SPIKE VI: ReturnIncome of the Jedi Ways Ways SPIKE Holmes Deadliest Hunt Ways Hunt Star HuntWarsHunt Prop. Esther Esther Ways ConsumedWays Ways De De Hunt Ways Hunt Ways Hunt Ways Hunt HGTV Deadli HuntBourne Hunt Esther Ship Esther Ship ConsumedShip (:01) De The Bourne De Identity Hunt Hunt Hunt Ship Hunt HGTV (3:00) IndependenceHunt Day Hunt The IdentityIncome Prop. A&E Holmes (3:00) Independence Day The Bourne Identity Ship Ship Ship (:01) The Bourne Identity Ship A&E Gags Gags Swamp Pawn Bayou Bayou Wipeout Swamp Pawn Bayou Bayou Wipeout CMT Top 20 Countdown Top 20 Countdown Swamp Bayou Summer Bayou Catch Wipeout Swamp Pawn Bayou Bayou Wipeout Tourist CMT Property Bro The Craigslist Killer Gags Gags Deal WithPawn It The Tourist W Bro The Craigslist Killer Eve of Destruction Deal With It Summer Catch The Tourist W Property Eve of Destruction The Departed G.I. Joe: Cobra Tourist SHOW Destruction Deadly Catch The SHOW Cashof Destruction How/ Cash Cash Eve Don’tofDrive SonsDeparted of Guns River Monsters Deadly Catch Don’t DriveG.I. Joe: Cobra Sons of Guns DISC Eve Cash Don’t Drive Deadly SonsSt.of Guns River Monsters Deadly Catch Don’t DriveKendra Matchmaker Sons of Guns Eat St. How/ Eat St. Cash Prin Prin Matchmaker Money Catch Money Eat Eat St. Prin Prin Housewives Kendra DISC Cash SLICE Eat St. Eat St. Prin Prin Matchmaker Money Money Eat St. Eat St. Prin Prin Housewives Kendra Kendra Matchmaker Say Say Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence SLICE TLC Missing Say The Listener The First 48 The First 48 Out ofEvidence Sight The Brothers Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Hard Evidence Hard Evidence HardBloom Evidence Hard Evidence BRAVO TLC Say King Kong48vs. Godzilla (:35) Jaws 2 (:40) Lady in the Water King Missing (:40) HulkThe Listener The First 48 The First Out of Sight The Brothers Bloom EA2 Doom BRAVO Jim Jim Jim and Beezus(:35) Jaws 2 Independence TOON Doom Adven (:40) HulkDeten Just King KongRamona vs. Godzilla (:40) Day Lady in the Water King EA2 Adven Shake Austin Good Phi WizBeezusDeck Sonny Ran The Wedding Planner Fried Worms FAM Good Adven Wiz Adven Jessie Deten Dog Just Jim Jim Jim Ramona and Independence Day TOON Office Office Sein Sein I Am Legend Rush Hour 3 What Lies Beneath 2 Fast WPCH Jessie Dog Shake Austin Good Phi Wiz Deck Sonny Ran The Wedding Planner Fried Worms FAM Good Wiz Half Com Match Match Rush Just/Laughs Simp Simp What Amy Schumer Gas JFL COM Sein Office Sein Office Half Sein Sein ITheory Am Legend Hour 3 Lies Beneath Gas 2 Fast WPCH Key LargoCom Match Match What Price Glory? Simp Simp The Seed Gas The TCM Those Sein Magnificent Sein Men Half Half Theory Just/Laughs AmyBad Schumer Gas JFL Baby COM Liqui Liqui Liqui Liqui Mantracker Liqui Liqui Liqui Liqui Mantracker Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters OUT Key Largo What Price Glory? The Bad Seed The Baby TCM Those Magnificent Men Patriot Liqui Pawn Robin Hood: of Thieves HIST Liqui TheLiqui Liqui Pawn MantrackerPawn Pickers Liqui Liqui Yukon Liqui GoldLiqui Museum MantrackerSe Ghost HuntersPrince Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters OUT (2:00) Under Siege Sinbad Primeval: New Being Human (:15) Daybreakers (:15) From Dusk Till Dawn Les SPACE Pawn Pawn Pawn Pickers Yukon Gold Museum Se Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves HIST (2:00) The Patriot Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead AMC (:14) UnderThe Siege Sinbad Walking Dead Primeval: New Being Human (:15) Daybreakers (:15) FromGodzilla Dusk Till Dawn Les SPACE NAS Monster Jam On AustralianWalking V8 Supercars Top Truck Walking Dead NAS The 10 Dead AustralianGodzilla V8 Supercars Unique Whips SPEED Walking Dead Dead Walking Dead Walking AMC (:14) The Walking Dead St. Eat St. Food Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Eat St. Eat St. Food Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. TVTROP Eat On Australian V8 Supercars Top Truck NAS The 10 Australian V8 Supercars Unique Whips SPEED NAS Monster Jam Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga: Breaking 2 That’s My Boy MC1 (3:50)St.SafeEat St. Food Frankenweenie Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Eat St. Eat St. Food Food Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. Jeffer. TVTROP Eat Bloop News News Two Two Two Two Family Family News Sports Alien Con KTLA Fresh Horses Frankenweenie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga: Breaking 2 That’s My Boy MC1 (3:50) Safe Funny Videos Funny Videos News at Nine Bones Bones Rock Rock Rules Rules WGN-A Base Inning Funny Videos Fresh Horses Bloop News News The Two Pink Panther Two Two Two Powers Family Family (:05) NewsStripes Sports Alien Con KTLA (:35) Man of the Year Dead Men-Plaid Austin EA1 Pri Base Inning Funny Videos Funny Videos Funny Videos News at Nine Bones Bones Rock Rules WGN-A Sanjha Masti Mu Made Des-Pardes Aikam Taur Lashkara Waqt 4 Rock Aaja Rules BruceCockburn VISN Gaun Pun (:35) of the YearDe Men-Plaid The Pink Panther Austin Powers (:05) Stripes EA1 Trial Trial Man De MuchMusicDead Countdown Van Wilder: Rise of Taj Clerks Van Wilder MM Pri Made Des-Pardes Taur Waqt VISN Chérie, j’aiPun réduit lesSanjha enfants Masti Mu Semaine verte TJ C.- Pent Aikam Séduction Enfants deLashkara télé Médecins TJ 4 Aaja 1800 BruceCockburn The Runaways SRC Gaun

July 7

7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30

Natural Global Spirit Inside Europe Moyers-Comp Secrets Arctic Son KSPS-PBS Rogers Sign Wild Clifford Georg Cat in Sci App etalk Canada AM Re Re Marilyn Denis Gas Gas Worst Driver Cash Cash She Drives Me CFCN Lovett Dr. On Good Morning This Week IndyCar Racing 2013 Wimbledon Championships KXLY-ABC Mat Nation Paid Cash Whac Skin Extra PGA Tour Golf KREM-CBS Paid Paid CBS News Sunday News Invest Meet the Press Tree Paid Summer Hair Beach Volleyball Octane Red Bull Series KHQ-NBC Today Boxing CFL Football TSN 2013 Wimbledon Championships Volleyball MLB Blue MLB Baseball From Rogers Centre in Toronto. MLB Baseball NET E Inven Sunday Morning News Design Smile Osteen Touch News PGA Tour Golf GLOBAL BC In a Rolie Tree Ceorge Magic Arthur Wild Little Little Find Ani Ani Se Res Ancient Clues KNOW Wibbly Word Rob Cor Cor Cor Cor Cor Market Steven-Chris Land One/ Mercer Horse Racing CBUT Super Poko Animal Art Design Op. Osteen Touch 16x9 PGA Tour Golf CICT Weekend Morning News Block Smile Osteen Minis 16x9 PGA Tour Golf CIVT Sunday Morning News Pet Winx Spong Spong Par Par Zoink’ Baby Spla Zoink’ Young Boys Road-El Dor YTV Being Super Squir Pet Jim Rock Office WEN Paid Bones Leverage KAYU-FOX Joint Paid Wild David Fox News Sun. WEN Paid Old Fareed Zakaria Rel’ble Source State/Union Fareed Zakaria Newsroom Your Money Newsroom Newsroom CNN State/Union Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue SPIKE Xtreme Horse. Trucks Muscle Bar Rescue Hunt Hunt Bryan Bryan Income Prop. Holmes Makes HGTV Bryk Bryk Bryk Bryk Bryk Bryk Holmes Makes Renovation Longmire True Lies Independence Day Stor Stor A&E The Glades CMT Rewind Cross Cross Gags Gags Cash, Cash, House House Inside- Inside- Funny Videos Funny Videos CMT Top 20 Property Bro Will Will Will Will Chris Chris Chris Chris Deal Be the Boss Dine Dine Dine W Buying Mr. & Mrs. Smith G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra SHOW Paid Paid Pwna G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra MythBusters Flying Wild Gold Rush Bering Gold Last Car Stand Auc Auc Sons of Guns DISC Licence to Drill Deadly Catch Casino Casino How Do You Know Yes Man Casino Casino SLICE Secu Secu Murder-Parad Say Say Say Say Say Breaking Breaking Breaking Breaking Breaking Breaking TLC Say The Listener Perception The First 48 The Thomas Crown Affair Out of Sight BRAVO Missing Empty (7:55) Mars Attacks! (:45) Twins (:35) Batman & Robin (:40) The Shadow Mars EA2 Cap Max Drag Ramona and Beezus Richie Rich Game- Ska Adven Adven TOON Matt Spiez Trnsfr Kai Deck Sonny Wiz Phi Dog Good Win ANT Jessie Austin Shake The Suite Life Movie Phi Gravity ANT FAM Win Planet 51 Yes Man Rocky Balboa The Closer WPCH Mad Career P. Aff Atl. Amy Schumer Theory Com Cash Cash COM Match Match Sein Sein Com Theory Cash Cash Match Match JFL The Desert Song Gidget An American in Paris Rebel Without a Cause TCM Young Bess Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker Mantracker OUT Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Mantracker Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Pawn Pawn Amer. Pickers Cnt. Cnt. Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers HIST Cana In a Panic Button Paranormal Witness Thor: Hammer of the Gods Almighty Thor SPACE Absolon Godzilla Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead AMC The Killing Clas Clas Chop Motorcycle Racing From Phoenix. Continental Tire Sports Car Continental Tire Sports Car SPEED Ga Superman II Superman III Superman IV: Quest ’70s Instant TVTROP Fishful Hair Moneyball (:45) Hit & Run (:25) The Artist (:10) Contagion MC1 Mon Twilight Saga: Breaking 2 KTLA 5 Morning News at 7 In Touch Free An Skin Paid Paid Paid Faces SMAR Intersection KTLA KTLA News Law Order: CI MLB Baseball From Wrigley Field in Chicago. Inning Videos WGN-A Paid Paid Paid Paid Ice Age Heart and Souls (:15) Blast From the Past Little Shop of Horrors So I Married-Murderer EA1 Margret’s Msm So I Married-Murderer Living Truth Faith Food Qk Be Naked David Arise Tom VISN Creflo Jewish Cope Facts Islam Hour of Power Con Dream Dream Pretty-Liars Teen Wolf America’s Best America’s Best America’s Best Dream Dream Pretty-Liars 102 102 MM Countdown Book Manny Club Oniva Jour/Seigneur Découverte TJ Semaine verte Regard Terre 105 105 SRC Robin Dany Zénon Ben

July 6 Sunday Afternoon/Evening

4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30

daily townsman / daily bulletin

Cbk. Kim.

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# $ % & _ ( ) + , ` M O 6 . / 0 1 2 4 5 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B C E F G H I J W ¨ ≠ Ø ∂

July 7

4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30

AK Highway Lark Rise Doc Martin Secrets Masterpiece Mystery! Well Scott & Bailey Dreamland KSPS-PBS Arctic Son CTV News Cleve Satis The Mentalist Castle Whodunnit? News News The Mentalist CFCN She Drives Me W5 Celeb.-Swap Whodunnit? Castle News V’Impe KXLY-ABC Made Paid Paid North News ABC News Estate Funny Videos 60 Minutes Big Brother The Good Wife The Mentalist News Family KREM-CBS Paid Paid Back Edition News News News News News News Paid America’s Got Talent Law & Order Crossing Lines News Paid KHQ-NBC Paid Paid CSI: Miami MLB Baseball SportsCentre Motor Top 10 SportsCentre SportsCentre TSN (3:00) CFL Football Sports Red Bull Pre Dakar Series Indy IndyCar Racing Sportsnet Con. Blue MLB NET MLB Baseball Mys Simp Simp News News Hour Howie Cleve Big Brother Family Amer. Simp Burg News Danger GLOBAL BC Engineering Saving Luna Mapping-World Frontiers of Secret Cities Born and Bred Dalziel Pascoe Dalziel Pascoe Soundtrk KNOW Be/Creature Dragons’ Den Curious George Heartland Mr. Bean’s Holiday The National News fifth CBUT Reci Ste Simp Simp News News Hour Howie Burg Simp Cleve Big Brother Family Amer. News Danger Mys Paid CICT Mys Simp Simp News News Hour Howie Cleve Simp Burg Big Brother Family Amer. News Block Paid Paid CIVT Mys Wallace & Gromit Marley & Me Super Simp Baby Pick Spla Baby Spla YTV Road-El Dor Theory Two Cleve Simp Simp Burg Family Amer. News TMZ Sunny KAYU-FOX Crook & Chase Outd’r Trout Theory Two Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony CNN Newsroom Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue SPIKE Bar Rescue HGTV Decke Decke Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Decks Decks Bryk Bryk Holmes Makes Decks Decks Decke Decke Hunt Hunt Stor Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Stor Stor Stor Stor Duck Duck Duck Duck Stor Stor A&E Stor Rules Rules Rules Rules Undercover The The Rules Rules Rules Rules Undercover CMT Gags Gags Wipeout Love Be the Boss Buying Muriel’s Wedding Deal W Dine Dine The Tourist Copper Continuum Continuum Warehouse 13 Copper Continuum Warehouse 13 Defiance SHOW Defiance Nerve Center Sons of Guns MythBusters MythBusters Nerve Center MythBusters Nerve Center DISC Cash How/ Nerve Center Secu Secu Click Casino Casino Housewives Yes Man Prin SLICE Murder-Parad Breaking Island Medium Long Island Breaking Long Island Breaking Island Medium Breaking TLC Breaking The Listener Flashpoint The Fall (:15) The Thomas Crown Affair (:40) Vicky Cristina Barcelona Res BRAVO Missing (:20) Battlefield Earth (:20) The Fourth Angel Breach (10:50) Donnie Brasco EA2 (3:30) Mars Attacks! Jim Rocket Rocket Just Ska Drag Jim Jim Jim Fugget Ftur Amer. Robot Archer Fugget TOON Adven Adven Jim Jessie Dog Shake Austin Good Phi Wiz Deck Sonny Ran The Thirteenth Year (:29) Raise Your Voice FAM Good Wiz Fracture The Closer The Village WPCH Theory Theory Theory Theory Bad Boys II Gas Just/Laughs JFL Gags Gags COM Sein Sein Amy Schumer Theory Com Match Match Gags Gags Gas Incred. Shrink. The Devil Doll Night-Movies The Thief of Bagdad Cucar TCM Picnic Liqui Liqui Liqui Liqui Mantracker Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters OUT Liqui Liqui Liqui Liqui Mantracker Cnt. Cnt. Pawn Pawn Amer Amer Swamp People Amer. Pickers Tutankhamun Decoded Cnt. Swamp People HIST Amer. Pickers Panic Button Absolon Gothika The Gift Devil SPACE Almighty Thor Walking Dead Walking Dead The Killing The Killing The Killing The Uninvited CSI: Miami AMC Walking Dead SPEED Center Tunnel NAS A Racer’s Life Clas Hot SPEED Center Tunnel NAS A Racer’s Life Unique Whips SPEED Lucas Oil Off Pickers Instant Instant Superman IV: Quest Superman II Superman III TVTROP Pickers Moneyball (:15) Hit & Run Dexter Ray Donovan Dredd Conta MC1 Contagion Changing Lns Chris Holly News News Friend Friend KTLA 5 News Sunday Edition News at 10 Bloop Bloop KTLA Intersection Scrubs Scrubs Sunny Sunny WGN-A Videos Bloop Bloop Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother News Replay Ice Age (:20) Heart and Souls (:05) Blast From the Past The Mummy Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (12:10) Hamlet EA1 So I Cana Popoff Christ Armor V’Impe Tom Super Tribal VISN Prince Hope Discov. V’Impe Jere Facts Faith Meyer Osteen Be De De Trial Trial MuchMusic Countdown Rap Wedge Teen Wolf Pretty-Liars America’s Best 102 102 MM Teen Wolf Les Chefs TJ C.- Découverte Pé Galas-Rire On prend TJ Amour-country Vieil 105 105 SRC Le Grand restaurant

KTLAbulletin 5 Morning News at 7 ¨ ¨ townsman KTLA KTLA News daily / daily Matlock ≠ ≠ WGN-A Matlock Ø Ø EA1 Movie Varied Movie Cope Meyer Youn ∂ ∂ VISN Life 102 102 105 105


Music Videos Matin Petit

Top 10 Schtro Toc

Heat of Night Varied Movie 700 My Music Videos Téléj Matin

KTLA News Million. Million. Heat of Night News Varied Programs Mass Varied Tribal Varied New Music New Music Videos Les Docteurs Pénélope

Jerry Springer Texas Ranger

Maury Texas Ranger

Little Classics Trial Ric’do Sque

Higher Ground Touched/Angel The Waltons De De Prince Prince Dream Saved/ TJ Paquet Beautés Movie

Monday Afternoon/Evening Cbk. Kim.

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# $ % & _ ( ) + , ` M O 6 . / 0 1 2 4 5 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B C E F G H I J W ¨ ≠ Ø ∂

News at 1pm Texas Ranger


July 8

4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30

Word Wild Elec KSPS-PBS Sid News News CFCN Ellen Show The Doctors KXLY-ABC Rachael Ray Dr. Oz Show KREM-CBS Dr. Phil Judge Judge KHQ-NBC Ellen Show Hocke Pardon TSN SportsCentre Party Poker NET Moore Indy The Young GLOBAL BC Ricki Lake Jungle Ceorge Arthur KNOW Rob Ste Dragons’ Den CBUT Reci News News CICT The Young News News CIVT The Young Squir Spong Spong YTV Side Steve Harvey KAYU-FOX Ricki Lake CNN Situation Room E. B. OutFront SPIKE Cops Cops Cops Cops Prop Prop HGTV Holmes/Home Duck Duck A&E The First 48 Wipeout CMT Wipeout Love It-List It Cand Cand W SHOW Capture of the Green River DISC How/ How/ Shred! Shred! SLICE Debt Debt Rent Eat St. Breaking TLC Toddler-Tiara BRAVO Criminal Minds Flashpoint EA2 Spawn (:35) Batman Forever Jim TOON Scoob Loone Jim FAM Shake Shake Shake Shake WPCH Office Office Theory Theory Sein Match N’Rad. COM Sein TCM Beach Blanket Bingo Stor Stor OUT Mantracker Pawn Pawn HIST Pickers SPACE Inner Ripley Castle AMC Hustler The Italian Job Pass Pass SPEED NASCAR Hub TVTROP Eat St. Eat St. Food Food MC1 The Rum Diary Maury KTLA Cunningham Funny Videos WGN-A Funny Videos Beethoven’s 2nd EA1 Beethoven Murder, She... VISN Sue Thomas Prince Prince 102 102 MM New Music Cap sur l’été 105 105 SRC Ins. Barnaby

Friday, JULY 12, 2013

Steve Wilkos Law Order: CI

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COMICS Horoscopes by Jacqueline Bigar

• Siding • Custom Bending • Leaf Covers • Custom Down Spouts

• 5” Continuous Eaves Troughs • Gutter Cleaning • Soffit • Fascia

Mark Lee

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) Last-minute details keep messing up your schedule and/or plans. Confusion could be part of the problem, especially if messages are not received or are not as clear as you might like them to be. Do not hold on to any rigidity. Go with the flow. Tonight: Run errands first, then decide. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your ingenuity and attention to detail will come into play. You have a lot of ground to cover, and you might not be sure about what to take care of first. A meeting just would confuse you. Make a to-do list, and decide what needs to happen. Tonight: Keep the moment light. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You might want to confirm plans before you lock in your schedule. A boss or higher-up might add an element of chaos to your day. Worry less about what you think needs to be done and simply go with the moment. You could be surprised by the outcome. Tonight: Head home.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your intentions might be good, but others are not on the same page as you. You could encounter a misunderstanding as a result. Consider the ways you could have prevented what occurs as you sloth through various obstacles. Tonight: Meet friends at your favorite haunt. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You could go overboard when trying to eliminate a problem involving your finances. You won’t be able to convince the other party of his or her error. At the same time, you also could be at fault. Try revising your thinking in order to find some middle ground. Tonight: Opt for easy. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You’ll experience a lack of understanding, but it could point you to a different solution. Be careful in a situation where you and the other party do not see each other clearly. Some deception might be involved in this interaction. Tonight: Do you dare take off your rose-colored shades? LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You will want to regain more

For Better or Worse

balance in your daily life. An element of confusion might cause you to adjust your plans. How you feel about a certain situation will make you more receptive to a better sense of direction. Tonight: Vanish, and do some soul-searching. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You might want to reconsider a choice you have made. You could feel as if you have little control over a personal matter, partially because someone involved seems to be misrepresenting a certain situation. You will sense that something is off. Tonight: Meet up with a dear friend. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Step up to the plate. Be aware that there are problems even you won’t be able to eliminate. Consider how a boss would feel in a similar situation. You, as well as others, might not have been getting a clear picture. Tonight: Listen to someone’s sharing and invite this person out. TGIF! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You’ll see a situation in a new light. You might wonder where others are coming from. If you

feel lucky, take on a low-key risk. Do not invest heavily in the situation. You need to revive your memory of a loved one’s advice. Tonight: Be present, and enjoy the person you are with. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You might want to reassess a personal situation. Unfortunately, you are not in a powerful position right now. You can let someone play out his or her agenda without participating. This person might see the issue more clearly than you do. Tonight: Hang with your best friend. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Others will find you vague, but you’ll think you are being perfectly clear. Pressure builds, as a friend or loved one makes a difficult request. You need to be true to yourself without creating uproar. You will gain depth and insight. Tonight: Do your normal Friday night activity. BORN TODAY Comedian Bill Cosby (1937), actress Cheryl Ladd (1951), author Henry David Thoreau (1817) ***

By Lynn Johnston

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By Jim Davis

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Hagar the Horrible

By Dick Browne

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Rhymes with Orange

By Hillary B. Price

Annie’s Mailbox by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: I am a 45-year-old gay man who has never had a relationship, and I don’t expect it to change. I have lived all of my life in the closet. I know it’s not emotionally healthy, but I feel unable to confide in anyone. When I was a teenager, I confided in a minister, who then told my parents. They never accepted me. My parents are both gone now. I have no friends. I work two jobs, which precludes a social life. I’ve listened to my co-workers’ conversations and can tell they wouldn’t understand. I live in an area where coming out could mean the loss of my jobs, my landlord could evict me, and I worry that someone’s intolerance could turn violent. There is no PFLAG or other resource in my area. There are no gay bars. I feel unable to relocate due to economic concerns. I realize my isolation is my own fault. I’m not an outgoing, talkative person. In particular, I have always found it difficult to talk about myself. How do I open the door? -- In Turmoil in Kansas Dear Kansas: You don’t need to go to a gay bar. You can look online, and not only for prospective partners, but also to make new friends regardless of their sexual orientation. It will protect your privacy while giving you an opportunity to connect with others. Regular email conversations can also help you learn to communicate better. And PFLAG has online support at Please check it out. Dear Annie: I have an adult niece who no longer speaks to her grandparents. No one knows why, and her parents tell us the niece “deals with things in her own way.” Her grandparents are heartbroken. The question is: Do I invite this niece to a family wedding? She is difficult to be around and makes things uncomfortable for those of us who must observe her behavior. It is important to the bride that her grandparents be at the wedding, and we want them to feel at ease. We have no problem not inviting the niece, but do not want to start a war with her parents. -- Family Issues Dear Issues: We generally favor inviting those people you wish and letting the chips fall where they may. You are not responsible for your niece’s estrangement. However, you also are not obligated to invite her, although it’s quite possible that the grandparents might welcome a chance to see the girl, even from six tables away. The decision ultimately rests with the bridal couple, but you might first talk it over with the grandparents, as well as the parents of this niece. Explain the problem and ask whether they believe she can behave appropriately. If there is a genuine risk that she will cause a scene, we say leave her off the guest list. Dear Annie: You told “Frustrated” to call those people who had not RSVP’d and ask whether they plan to attend her daughter’s graduation party. As much as I love traditional invites, sadly, tradition is heeding way to technology. Instead of calling, she should turn to her social media accounts to initiate invitations. I have used Facebook for three events in the past year. I received more RSVPs than I ever would have gotten with mailed paper invitations. That said, however, most people did not show up and never bothered to respond. It resulted in wasted food and guests taking home extra favor bags. However, this was my fault. I easily could have posted a message asking for a head count before making final arrangements. -- Everything Online Now Dear Everything: Your fault? No, dear. The fault lies with those who are too inconsiderate to tell you whether they plan to attend an event that you have been kind enough to invite them to. It doesn’t matter whether the invitations are mailed or sent electronically. (And many people do not have Facebook accounts. Really.) Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie’s Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2013 CREATORS.COM

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JULY 2013 12, 2013 PAGE Page 13 13 Friday,Friday, July 12,

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Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted CanScribe Education



An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta.

Pub parking lot, and every other Saturday during the


Help Wanted

**Enchanted Companion**

FULL-TIME and Part-time Cook for East Side Marioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Apply in person with resume. 1201 Cranbrook St. N.

MT. Baker Heritage Restaurant at Cranbrook, BC hiring Food servers. (2 Vacancies) Starting wage $10.50/hr + Gratuities, F/T. No formal edu or exp reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. Proficiency in English required. Duties are greet patrons, make recommendations regarding Japanese style food & beverages, Take orders, relay to kitchen staff, Serve food and beverages, Present bill and accept payment. Day, Evening and Weekend shift Send your resume to or Fax to 250-489-3497

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

summer. Come see a lot of local artists!

1:00pm to 4:00pm.


has Saturday specials and

Frosty Mugs!

Explore your fantasy! Adult play, massage & more. Pretty blonde, curvy, hot - 37. In-calls/out-calls AC

$1,000 REWARD FOR RETURN. Missing neutered male Shiba Inu. Aprox 1.5â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tall x 2â&#x20AC;&#x2122; long. May or may not have a fluorescent orange collar on. PLEASE CALL SHAR HILL 250-420-7278 WITH ANY INFO.


~Specials daily~ KOOTENAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BEST ESCORTS *For your safety and comfort call the best. *Quality and V.I.P Service Guarantee *Licensed studio - Gina, 25, Brunette blue-eyed beauty. Marilyn -25, Sandy-blonde, blue-eyed bombshell Daniella - 28, French seductress, slim, athletic





Sympathy & Understanding

LIVE-IN MANAGER for 50 unit apt. bldg in Trail, B.C. Send resume to 100-3525 Laburnum Drive, Trail, B.C. V1R 2S9.

July 13th, at the Moyie

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2200 - 2nd Street South Cranbrook, BC V1C 1E1 250-426-3132


1885 Warren Avenue Kimberley, BC V1A 1R9 250-427-7221

6379 HIGHWAY 95A TA TA CREEK, B.C. 1-800-477-9996



End of Life? Bereaved? May We Help?








Toll Free 1-855-417-2019


NEW - Stacy - 38 blonde, pretty, petite, busty, sweet treat ~Air conditioned~ â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spice up your lifeâ&#x20AC;? (250)417-2800 in/out calls daily Hiring NEW, Smokinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hot girl in town. Call Diamond 1-778-870-1600.

Lost & Found LOST: DOGTRA, dual remote. Model 202NCP. Black in colour. Urgently needed. Lost at Rotary Park in Cranbrook, July 6/13. Call 250-4277532 LOST: FAT, (15LBS) gray tabby male cat. Neutered, green/yellow eyes. Missing since July 4, in Marysville. 250-427-2477

Children Daycare Centers FULL-TIME or part-time spot available in Registered Daycare for children aged 0-5years. Please call (250)581-1328

Employment Drivers/Courier/ Trucking ECR ENTERPRISES is looking for experienced professional drivers. Apply in person at 1420 NW Blvd, Creston or fax 250-428-3971 or email

Obituary Muriel Leona Andersen

Eternally Remember

May 21, 1932 - July 07, 2013

Muriel Leona Andersen passed away peacefully on Sunday, July 7, 2013. She was born May 21, 1932, in Marcelin, Saskatchewan, Canada, to Joseph and Colette (Desjardins) Sanche. At the age of 11, she moved with her family to Kimberley BC. At 19, she and a girlfriend moved to Vancouver BC where she worked at a bank. It was at a dance in Abbotsford where she met her former husband, Clarence Andersen. Together they raised their 4 children in Bellingham. Family was the most important part of her life. She loved spending time with her children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren.

Your Loved One


We will help you create a special memorial including personalized engraving and installation. 2873 Cranbrook St., Cranbrook


Muriel greatly enjoyed travel. She loved spending time in Hawaii and Arizona and was very fond of country and ballroom dancing.

Have you considered a lasting legacy?

She was preceded in death by her sister Irene Sanche. Muriel is survived by her children, Gabe (Gladys) Andersen, Sharon (Butch) West, Janice (Robert) Clayton, Nancy Anderson; brothers, Leo Sanche, Gabe (Donna) Sanche, Ray (Lynda) Sanche, Dale (Gayle) Sanche; sisters, Lillian Nordby, Alma Amy, Annette Shumanski; former husband Clarence Andersen; 7 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; and 20 nieces and nephews. The family wishes to thank the staff at Bellingham Healthcare and Whatcom Hospice for their kindness and loving care.

Headstones B Grave Markers B Urns B

Reasons people choose to give through community foundations.



We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies.

Your Gift is a Gift for Good and Forever. 250.426.1119

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, July 16, at 1:00 PM, at Christ the King Church in Bellingham. Memorials may be made to Bellingham Senior Center or Lewy Body Dementia Assoc.

In times of grief, these caring professionals are here to serve and comfort your family.

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PAGE 14 Friday, 12, 2013 Page 14 Friday, JULYJuly 12, 2013


Merchandise for Sale



Help Wanted

Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

SUTCO Contracting Ltd. has openings in our Chip Division. If you have 2 years experience, clean abstract and looking for a long term career opportunity, we encourage your application. Pension Plan, Extended Benefits, Late Model Equipment, Satellite Dispatch and E-logs bring a stable work environment for the Professional Driver. fax 250-357-2009 Enquiries: 250-357-2612 Ext: 230

NEW DINING room table/4 chairs, asking $350. Brand new Pilates Ultra Glide bench, $150. PS-3 PlayStation 120GB, includes 12 games; all like new, $350. Ultra Glide Plus, workout bench, $75. Large size, granite slabs, various sizes/colours, $150./ea

2BDRM, 2BATH CONDO, Colette Manor, downtown Kimberley. 1010 sq ft, in-floor heating, fireplace, in-suite laundry, secure underground parking. 55+, non-smoking, no pets. $800./mo & utilities. Available Aug. 1. 250-427-3326

94 Glascon 170 Ultra 17 1/2 ft.


Sporting Goods


WILSON TOUR Prestige Clubs. Full set (1W, FW, HYB, 5-9, PW). $225 OBO. 250-489-8389.

Financial Services

Real Estate

Need CA$H Today? Own A Vehicle?

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks!

Cash same day, local office. 1-800-514-9399




Duplex/4 Plex DUPLEX FOR RENT: Cranbrook. Newly renovated 3bdrm, partly finished basement, F/S, W/D included. Single car garage. $900./mo. + utilities & DD. N/P-N/S. Available Aug 1/13. Phone 250-489-8750 or 250-4231983.

Open Houses 6080263 Open HOuse

By Owner


Paving/Seal/ Coating



Driveways & Parking Lots 1-888-670-0066 CALL






3BDRM UNIT for rent, unfinished basement, partial new flooring, F/S, parking and front yard. No smoking-no pets. 1 year lease, $950./mo + electric. 1308A 11th St S. Call 250-421-2590 KIMBERLEY, 2BDRM, main floor apt., no smoking, no pets, covered parking. $600./mo. + utilities. 1/2 DD. Call 403-870-3195 or 403-201-3195 LARGE ONE bedroom apartment with sun deck. Available immediately. Heat and Hot water included. $800./month. 250-426-6913

Modular Homes 1/2 ACRE with newer 2bdrm mobile in Wycliffe. All appliances including W/D, micro/dw, air condition units. $1200./mo + utilities. Looking for longer term renter, N/S, yes to pets. 2960 MissionWycliffe Road. Contact Karen at, also photos and ad on kijiji-ID# 492953131

saturday, July 13th  12:00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2:00 pM 805 13th street s. $299,000

Must see, unique, extensively upgraded, 2400 sq. ft. home. 3 Bdm. 2 bath, Jacuzzi tub in bedroom, large rooms with open concept, wrap around decks, with breakfast bar, view, in great location, with double detached garage and low maintenance yard. You will be surprised!!!! Listed on 266361

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent 1100 SQ. FT. condo in Kimberley available April 1/13. Steps to ski hill and Trickle Creek Golf Course. 2bdrm, 2 bath. Granite, stainless steel appliances, slate flooring, hot tub, fireplace. Main floor unit with green space off deck. No smokers. $1000./mo. Call 780-718-9083 or 780-218-7617.


Antiques / Classics 1960 INTERNATIONAL pick-up truck. Runs. $800. 250-427-7857

Cars - Domestic 1993 CHRYSLER New Yorker 330,000km Good running order 1yr old battery 2 new tires.

$600.obo. Call :250-919-7040

2BDRM, 1 1/2 BATH apartment for rent, in Canal Flats. Great view, parking, F/S, D/W, microwave. $700 + utilities & D.D. Available immediately. Call (250)3495306 or (250)489-8389.

1999 Damon Challenger Ford V10 33ft 1 slide, generator, jacks, new tires $27,500 OBO 250-365-7152

Garage Sales

Garage Sales


Merchandise for Sale

Antiques / Vintage GARAGE SALE: 517 11th St. S 9am - 2pm, Saturday, July 13/13 Washer & dryer, Lazy-Boy chair, high chair. Something for everyone.

GARAGE SALE: Saturday, July 13/13 9am - 2pm. 253 306 Ave, Marysville. Pictures, household, lawnmower, tool boxes.

GARAGE SALE: 909 8th St. S. Multi-family. Saturday, July 13. 9:30 am to 3pm. Antiques, quads, furniture, tools.

GARAGE SALE: Saturday, July 13, 8am - 12noon. 282 106 Ave, Kimberley. Freezer, furniture, lots of stuff!!

GARAGE SALE: Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14, 9am to 12pm. 4157 42 Ave S., Cranbrook. (top end of Gold Creek)

GARAGE SALE: Saturday, July 13, 8am to 12noon. Teddy bears, books, collectibles. 305 6th Ave. S. Cranbrook

Open Houses

Open Houses

$SBOCSPPLt'SJEBZ+VMZUI 6:00-7:00 1329 17th Street South $379,000 Great home, great location. 2390735 Shelley Simon

Yamaha inboard, 4.3 ltr V6, 105 horsepower. 94 EZ Loader trailer. Stored inside. Extremely low hours. $



7:15-8:15 612 17th Avenue South $259,900 Updated w/ great curb appeal & close to schools. 2391070 Shelley Simon





Open Houses

Open Houses

Open House

7:00-8:00 13577 Mountain Shores Road $319,000 Cabin on the lake w/ incredible views! 2391431 Rob Stang

$SBOCSPPLt4BUVSEBZ+VMZUI 10:00-11:00 1705 Mount Nelson Crescent $339,000 City view, great curb appeal & great new price! 2216827 Shelley Simon


2 bdrm rancher on large lot. Updates/ renoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s throughout including kitchen and bath. Close to shopping, town, college, transit. Affordable retirement living or perhaps an investment property, could be cheaper than rent! 2389418 $139,900. Hosted by: Melanie Walsh

10:00-11:00 206 4th Street South $224,900 Charming & spacious 4 bdrm, 2 bath heritage home w/ high ceilings, stunning staircase, large moldings & claw-foot tub. 2389420 Corey Moore 11:00-12:00 #1-2321 Industrial Road $99,000 Nicely updated 2 bdrm, 2 bath mobile home. 2390839 Chris Nault

5:00-6:00pm #2, 2508 12 St N $164,000 Well kept 2 bdrm, in a great location, fenced, private yard, nice landscaping 2390927 Waunita Macintosh

11:15-12:15 701 6th Street South $234,900 Lovely 5 bdrm, , 2 bath family home w/ beautiful hardwood & updated kitchen. 2218285 Corey Moore

OPEN HOUSES Saturday July 13th

11:15-12:15 3105 Mount Royal Drive $289,900 Privacy, view & RV parking. 2390800 Shelley Simon

11:00am-12:00pm 5, 9762 Ermacora Rd. $80,000 The View is gorgeous!! Located in a quiet rural man. home park. This newer home has quick possession available. 2216384 Joy Anderson

11:30-1:00 206 3rd Street South $257,900 Beautiful character home on double lot. 2391010 Katherine Rutherford

12:00-1:00pm 1217 10th Ave S 3 bdrm plus 1bdrm self contained suite, double garage Gail Ballance

12:30-1:30 1701 Mount Nelson Crescent $299,900 Beautiful family home w/ many updates & garage. 2391561 Corey Moore

12:00-2:00pm 9, 1840 Kelowna Cres $269,000 Charming 3 storey town home with 3 bdrms, 2 bath, single garage, great new home opportunity. 2216430 Adam Stenersen

Saturday, July 13th 1:30 - 3:00pm

12:30-1:30pm 129 6th Ave S $165,000 2 bdrm and cute as a button with a beautiful yard. 2390467 Joy Anderson


Hosted by Cary Swanson 250-421-7195

Orchard Heights homes include GST, appliances & landscaping!

1:00-2:30pm 425 Hurry Ave $319,900 Noise! Boys! Toys! 9 years young, 4/5 bdrms, 3 full baths, wired super single garage/workshop set on .56 fenced acres in town. Set up for in-law suite too! 2390536 Sonia Mama

HAY FOR SALE: Alfalfa/Grass mix. 500lb bales, loaded in field. $130./ton, $33./bale. Phone 250-426-7668

A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 in stock. SPECIAL 44â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB


OPEN HOUSE Friday July 12th

Feed & Hay

Heavy Duty Machinery

Open Houses


Pets & Livestock

G. HEINTZMAN upright grand piano, c1906. $500. 250-427-7857


2:45-4:00pm 3113 6th St S $429,000 Beautiful 2 storey in great area, 4 bdrms up, 2 down, 4 baths, jetted tub, dream kitchen. 2213128 Sonia Mama


1421 21st Avenue South $316,000 Brand new 2 bdrm home w/ garage, covered deck & main Ă&#x20AC;oor laundry. 2389326

$SFTUPOt4BUVSEBZ+VMZUI 11:00-12:00 13577 Mountain Shores Road $319,000 Cabin on the lake w/ incredible views! 2391431 Rob Stang

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Business/Office Service

JULY 2013 12, 2013 PAGE Page 15 15 Friday,Friday, July 12,

Business/Office Service

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Stampede by the numbers

Millions of mini-doughnuts, tonnes of manure at ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’ C anadian Press

To advertise using our “SERVICES GUIDE” in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Kimberley Daily Bulletin and The Valley, call us at 250-426-5201, ext. 202. HOUSE PLANS

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250-427-1532 EAST KOOTENAY TREE SERVICE CERTIFIED ARBORIST ~Dangerous Tree Removal ~Stump Grinding ~Ornamental Tree Pruning ~Shaping and topping hedges, fruit trees. ~Free chips and delivery

Fully insured Free estimates Seniors discount Roy Anderson 250-489-1900 1-877-219-2227

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Kevin 250-421-0110 Krister 250-919-1777

It’s time for a tune-up! Why unplug everything, send away & wait when SuperDave comes into your home? Specializes in: *Virus/Spyware Removal, *Troubleshooting, *Installations, *PC Purchase Consulting. SuperDave offers affordable, superior service & most importantly; Honesty. SuperDave works Saturdays & evenings too! Call SuperDave (250)421-4044


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CALGARY — The “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’’ isn’t just a rodeo with bulls, broncs and belt buckles. While there are plenty of nods to western ways, the Calgary Stampede is also one of Alberta’s premier tourist attractions, kicks off with a two-hour parade and offers a giant midway with heart-stopping rides and deep-fried delights. Here are some interesting numbers: 101. Number of Calgary Stampedes. The first was organized by Wild West performer Guy Weadick and livestock agent H.C. McMullen in 1912 as a cowboy championship. It has continued

uninterrupted despite two world wars, a Depression and the recent flood. 13. Number of days officials had to pump out water, clean up debris and repair buildings after grounds were flooded this June. 1,409,371. All-time attendance record, set in 2012. $256 million. Amount of money the Stampede contributes to the Alberta economy every year. $2 million. Total prize money for rodeo events, the most for an outdoor rodeo. Chuckwagon winners share $1-million purse. 200,000. Number of pancakes served at community breakfasts during the Stampede.

2 million. Number of mini doughnuts consumed by visitors. 27. Number of tipis set up at the Indian Village. 850. Average number of horses in the parade. 2 tonnes. Manure left behind by animals on the parade route. 0. Number of times officials say it has rained on the parade. 4. Number of beer gardens on the grounds. 13. Food stands offering fries or deep-fried something. 20. Hot dog and sausage stands. 25. Sweets and treats kiosks. 3,000. Seasonal employees hired for the 10-day event. 2,000. Year-round volunteers.

High River state of emergency to be lifted despite pushback Canadian Press

HIGH RIVER, Alta. — Alberta Premier Alison Redford says a local state of emergency in flood-stricken High River in southern Alberta is to be lifted as scheduled Friday.

The emergency declaration was made almost immediately when the town was swamped in a matter of hours three weeks ago. Redford also says the province is handing control of the commu-

nity, which had to be fully evacuated, back to High River council. She says provincial support will remain. Opposition Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith, who is from High River, had wanted

the legislature reconvened to extend the state of emergency. Redford said there’s no real need for that it as it wouldn’t serve to speed up recovery efforts.

Stones most useful when worn Hi Wendy: I was talking to one of my friends today admiring her gemstone pendant. She told me she purchased it from you. I told her I have lots of gemstones that I carry in my purse. She said you said that they are only are useful if they are worn. I don’t understand why you would say that. I was wondering what you know about gem stones and their uses. Just Curious Dear Just Curious: Yes, I feel I am somewhat knowledgeable about gem stones and how to use them. The necklace powers and uses are much the same as those of gem stone rings. Because necklaces are often worn near the heart, they can be used to work on the emotions, or to attract or strengthen love. This also refers to love of self as well. Wearing a necklace of stones or a stone increases their energies because you are surrounding yourself or binding yourself with their powers. Therefore I believe any gem stone necklace is more powerful than any one stone used separately. One must also be aware that the stone must be spiritually cleansed before wearing it. It must be free of others contamination that they put into the stone. This means all inanimate objects have energy what you put into an inanimate object it repels out and also contains that energy emotionally, physically, and spiritually. For example: If a person is working on a gem

ASK WENDY Wendy Evano stone and he or she is ill and they then put that stone for sale without properly cleansing it then that illness of that person stays in the stone. The same is true if they suffer from any emotional problems at the time they are making the piece of jewellery. Therefore, I spiritually clean and bless every piece of jewellery I sell and wear. Earrings were once worn to guard the ears from negativity and disease. Pierced earrings are often recommended to strengthen weak eyes –emeralds are the stone that is effective for this problem. Gold earrings are worn to cure headaches I’ve been told. The ring is a circle, which symbolizes eternity, unity, reincarnation and the universe. In early times it was associated with the sun and the moon. It is I feel an object of protection, a type of guard that wards of negativity by wearing it continually. In a magical sense, wearing a ring binds you with power and energy. Don’t forget the material of which the ring is made and your visualization and your belief, determine the nature of this energy. The index or ring finger is also important to note when wearing gem stone rings. They

say herbal medicines were applied to the body with the ring finger to strengthen the effectiveness of the cure. Therefore, rings containing stones which speed the body’s healing are best worn on this finger. I could probably fill several more pages talking to you about gem stones. However, I thought these few tidbits on gem stones may help you. Always remember who makes the gem stone jewellery, blessing the gem stone jewellery and keeping it free of negative contamination is vital if you want the gem stone(s) to work for and with you. I have many types of gem stones that I wear on a daily basis I have found some work for me and some do not. However, I never wear a piece of jewellery just for the beauty of it. I wear different types of stones for specific purposes. For example: If I am going through some emotional or physical dilemmas or if I am going to teach a class or I am going to a meeting that may be difficult and so on. Therefore, what I wear for gem stone jewellery usually is dictated on what is happening on or around me. I have also found that the best way to keep your gem stones free of negative contamination is to put them in the rain on a rock. Hope this has helped. Wendy For personal and over the phone readings contact Wendy @ 426-2127. Need some answers to some of your questions then email me @ 426-2127.

daily townsman

Page 16 Friday, JULY 12, 2013

Starbelly Jam has something for everyone Megan Cole


2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT with optional equipment shown.§









With past line-ups including Blackalicious, Ron Sexsmith, Harry Manx, The Coup and The Cave Singers, it was difficult to imagine how Starbelly Jam Music Festival organizers would out-do themselves, but with the full line up announced and advance tickets selling quickly Starbelly Jam 2013 could be the best yet. This year’s line-up includes musical acts from across Canada and around the world including the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Kimya Dawson, Australia’s Blue King Brown, Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz, Locarno, Shane Philip, Buckman Coe Band and Portland’s Shook Twins. Even though Starbelly Jam is focused on bringing outstanding international talent to Crawford Bay, B.C. the line-up also showcases some of the best Kootenay talent such as Cranbrook’s the Good Ol’ Goats, Nelson’s Bessie and the Back Eddies

Chrissie Piper

New York-born, San Francisco-based Aesop Rock (aka Ian Bavitz) is a critically acclaimed hip hop artist/producer, recognized for his dense and abstract word play. He’ll be taking the stage at Starbelly Jam Saturday, July 20. and Tofu Stravinsky. “We’ve really got a great mix of everything this year,” said artistic director Lea Belcourt.

“From hip hop to blue grass and folk, I really think there is something for everyone at this year’s festival.”

Advance tickets are on sale now until July 18 and are available online at







@ 3.99











Twister launched decades of awkward fun

Patrick Condon Associated Press



Inventor of iconic party game dies


2013 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4

IN CONSUMER CASH AND BONUS CASH DISCOUNTSS Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », ‡, § The Trade In Trade Up Summer Clearance Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after July 3, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,595–$1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. •$19,498 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Ram 1500 Reg Cab ST 4x2 (23A) only and includes $7,000 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles and will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. »$1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash is available to qualified customers on the retail purchase/lease of any 2012/2013 Ram 2500/3500 models (excluding Cab & Chassis models) and 2013 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg Cab models) and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include current owners/ lessees of a Dodge or Ram pickup truck or any other manufacturer’s pickup truck. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before July 1, 2013. Proof of ownership/lease agreement will be required. Additional eligible customers include licensed tradesmen and those working towards Skilled Trade certification. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. €$8,500 in Cash Discounts are available on new 2013 Ram 2500/3500 models (excluding Cab & Chassis models) and consist of $7,000 in Consumer Cash Discounts and $1,500 in Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. See your dealer for complete details. ‡3.99% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 with a Purchase Price of $25,498 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 3.99% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $143 with a cost of borrowing of $4,305 and a total obligation of $29,803. §2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT with optional equipment shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount and optional equipment: $37,785. ≠Based on Automotive News classification and 2013 Ram 1500 3.6 L V6 4x2 and 8-speed transmission. 11.4 L/ 100 km (25 MPG) City and 7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) Highway. Based on 2013 EnerGuide fuel consumption guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for complete EnerGuide information. ±Best-selling based on R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. 2012 CY new vehicle registrations for retail sales of large Heavy Duty/ ≈ Super Duty pickups. ≈Heavy Duty/Super Duty vehicles include: 2500/3500 Series Ram Trucks, 2500 and 3500 Series for GMC and Chevrolet Trucks, F250/F350 and F450 series for Ford Trucks. ¥Based on longevity of entire Ram large pickup segment compared to all competitive large pickups on the road since 1988. Longevity based on R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. Canadian Vehicles in Operation data as of July 1, 2012 for model years 1988-2012 for all large pickups sold and available in Canada over the last 25 years. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Twister called itself “the game that ties you up in knots.’’ Its detractors called it “sex in a box.’’ Charles “Chuck’’ Foley, the father of nine who invented the game that became a naughty sensation in living rooms across the U.S. because of the way it put men and women in compromising positions, has died. He was 82. Foley died July 1. His son, Mark Foley, said Thursday that his father had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Foley and a collaborator, Neil Rabens, were hired in the mid-1960s by a manufacturing firm that wanted to expand into games and toys. They came up with a game to be played on a mat on the floor, using a spinner to direct players to place their hands and feet on different colored circles. “Dad wanted to make a game that could

light up a party,’’ Mark Foley said. “They originally called it ‘Pretzel.’ But they sold it to Milton Bradley, which came up with the ‘Twister’ name.’’ The game became a sensation after Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on “The Tonight Show’’ in 1966. To be sure, the game got plenty of innocent play, too, becoming popular in grade schools and at children’s parties. But its popularity among teens and young adults was owed to an

undeniable sex appeal. Players would become tangled up, and various body parts — male and female — would inevitably come into close and embarrassing proximity. Players would often lose their balance and fall on top of each other in a heap. Hasbro Inc., which now manufacturers the game, said it continues to be a top seller. “What makes the Twister game timeless is the fact that it’s always been about showing off

your free spirit and just having some laugh-outloud, out-of-your-seat fun,’’ Hasbro said in a statement noting Foley’s death. Mark Foley said his father made little money from Twister, but that never seemed to bother him much. The game was not his first invention, and far from his last. Foley was just 8 when he made his first invention — a locking system for the cattle pen at his grandfather’s farm. As a young man he worked as a salesman, but his interest in games and toys led him to apply for a job at a toy company. Over the years, Foley invented dozens of other toys and games. “He never stopped having fun,’’ Mark Foley said. “He tried to think like young people thought. He never wanted to grow up, and he always maintained his enthusiasm for seeing things through the eyes of a child.’’

Cranbrook Daily Townsman, July 12, 2013  

July 12, 2013 edition of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman

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