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HELPING OUT: The fire department is now recruiting new volunteers – PG 3

GOOD CAUSE: A golf tournament helped to raise funds for school children in Kenya – PG 11

CELEBRATION: Last weekend’s Blackfalds Days helped to kick off the summer – PG 19

TIPPY SITUATION - Emergency and construction crews work to stand a gravel truck upright after the vehicle tipped over on its side while working in the north ditch of Hwy. 2A, across from McDonald’s. The driver was transported to hospital as a precaution. According to local police, it is believed that a miscalculation in the steepness of the slope and the slipperiness of the black dirt may have been causing factors Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express in the accident.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lacombe Fire Department recruiting new members Current department volunteers are dedicated to helping area residents BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express


he Lacombe Fire Department is looking for new members. If any resident is the type of person who enjoys being challenged in a fast-paced, never repetitive environment, they should consider signing up as a volunteer firefighter, said Lacombe Fire Department Chief Ed van Delden. “If you are interested in those types of things, this is the service club of choice if you will,” said van Delden. Obviously, the Lacombe Fire Department covers everything within the corporate limits of the City of Lacombe. In addition, it also covers one of the five fire districts in Lacombe County, said van Delden. He added the Lacombe Fire Department often works closely with Eckville, Bentley, Clive, Alix, Mirror and the Blackfalds Fire Departments, the other departments within the county. Van Delden said that the goal is to have 40 firefighters on the department at all times (though not necessarily on every shift), but added that the fire department has seldom been able to maintain this goal. In practice, the fire department usually has between 30 and 40 members. Currently, there are 34 firefighters on the department. There is some struggle with retaining firefighters as well, said van Delden. There is quite a bit of turnover, and in the next year van Delden will probably lose half a dozen firefighters to moves or other commitments. He added that this is typical of most volunteer fire departments in the province. Some volunteer firefighters may even leave Lacombe to pursue firefighting as a full-time career. Van Delden said several of Lacombe’s past firefighters have gone to bigger centres like Edmonton or Calgary to receive further training and become full-time firefighters. “A lot of them have moved on to make it a career.” He is the only one of the Lacombe’s 34 firefighters who is paid for his position. Van Delden is also the only member who is a firefighter full-time. There are three elements to the fire department. Each looks after a different need of the firefighters, those being physical, mental and social well being. The social side of things is looked after by the Lacombe Firefighters Association, a group that consists of the department’s members, but runs separately from the department itself.

While the two entities are separate, they are still closely connected as the teamwork and camaraderie that are gained from the fire department go hand in hand with the friendships made in the social aspect of the association. “Lots of deep friendships are made on the fire department. In many cases, you are literally trusting your life to someone.” Van Delden added that he believes a healthy association is essential to a successful department. “There is nothing that one person can’t do here. It’s really a team kind of atmosphere.” Education, which helps take care of the mental needs of firefighters, is also available from the Lacombe Fire Department. Firefighter training courses are available from the department and most are done in house. Van Delden added the department has sent firefighters to fire schools on occasion as well. Mental strength is necessary to be a firefighter, he added. He said there are many situations that put quite a bit of mental strain on members and they must be equipped to deal with that. Physical fitness, the third element of the department, also never hurts, said van Delden. He said the physical demands of firefighting are challenging and not always enjoyable. “It’s hard dirty work.” He added that firefighting is not quite as glamorous as it is sometimes portrayed, but some people find the opportunities to challenge oneself an appealing aspect of the fire department. On the other hand, some of the challenges of firefighting can deter individuals from joining, said van Delden. He added that firefighting often can seem like a disorganized operation to the outsider. This isn’t actually true, said van Delden, but the fact that firefighters initially operate on very limited information makes it look this way. As such, individuals who do not adapt well to changing plans or those who always need to see the whole picture may not do well as firefighters, van Delden said. “It’s not an activity that can be planned,” he said. There is also a great deal of commitment that it takes to become a firefighter. Lacombe Fire Department works on a fourweek rotation, with each firefighter being on call one week out of four. Van Delden said that during that week a firefighter is on call, they are expected to make every effort to attend any incidents the department is paged to. Lacombe Fire Department’s fleet con-

DEDICATION – Chief Ed van Delden first joined a volunteer fire department 35 years ago and has been a career firefighter for the last five years. He encourages anyone looking to serve in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment to sign up as a volunteer firefighter as the Lacombe Fire Department is looking to recruit. Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

sists of seven vehicles, two engines, two rescue units, a tender (water tanker truck), a tower truck and a half-ton utility pickup. While not all of Lacombe’s equipment is state-the-art, said van Delden, the department still manages quite well with its re-

sources, which are quite good compared to many comparable municipalities. For more information on volunteering, contact the Lacombe Fire Department at 403-782-0131.

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4 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New photo radar program soon to start ticketing speeders BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Lacombe will soon have the robotic eyes of speed cameras patrolling some of its streets. Lacombe’s new photo radar program, managed by Integrated Traffic Services, has just begun its initial phase and will begin actual enforcement of Lacombe’s speed laws in the coming weeks, said Chris Clark, community peace officer for the City of Lacombe. Right now, the program is in its mandatory warning phase in Lacombe, said Clark. This is to let people know that the program is now active and to warn those who are offending that they will be receiving tickets for these offences in the near future. Clark added that this initial phase is mandatory for one month. There is a certain crite-

ria that must be met in an area or roadway in order for it to be enforced using photo radar. Clark said that Integrated Traffic Services is going through Lacombe to identify which areas fit these criteria and will come up with a list of roads that can be patrolled with photo radar. This list will go to the Lacombe Police Service, who will determine which roads should be patrolled with photo radar and what allowances will be made for vehicles traveling over the speed limit. While it will have little connection with the program other than these initial decisions, Steve Murray, Chief of Lacombe Police Service, said that the Integrated Traffic Services will be a helpful tool in managing speeders and keeping Lacombe streets safe. Murray said that a growing City like Lacombe has needs in speed enforcement

that cannot always be met by the police. Problem areas for speeding exist in the City, especially in school and playground zones and it is impossible for the police to be everywhere at once.

“WE DON’T WANT TO CATCH PEOPLE SPEEDING, WE WANT THEM TO STOP DOING IT.” STEVE MURRAY “Of course the police service has finite resources and we simply cannot get to all these places in an effective way to manage them all,” said Murray. He added that if they could, the police service would put an officer in every playground and school zone all the time and no one would ever speed.

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“We don’t want to catch people speeding, we want them to stop doing it,” said Murray. He went on to say that enforcement is something of a last resort when police and municipalities work on managing speeds. Before handing out tickets, they try to manage speeds through engineering by designing roads a certain way and putting signage in certain areas. Murray added that educating people, clearly posting speed limits and times that areas like school and playground zones are in effect,

is also used before enforcement. “If the engineering and the education haven’t worked, the only thing left is enforcement,” said Murray. “You have to touch people in the pocketbook to get their attention.” Murray added that the Lacombe Police Service will continue its own speed enforcement in addition to the Integrated Traffic Services Program. Integrated Traffic Services will be handling nearly all of the logistics of the program themselves, said

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Clark. He said the company handles all the tickets, complaints and deals with the court system on its own. There is also room to expand the program to include signal and red light enforcement but Clark said that at this time the City of Lacombe only has priority on speed enforcement. Once decided, the roads being enforced by photo radar will be advertised in local media, said Clark. Roads being covered by photo radar may also swap around a bit, he added.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Friday, June 28, 2012 Starting at 10:00 a.m.• Judging at 9:00 a.m.

STAMPEDE PARADE ENTRY FORM Name: _____________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________ ____________________________________________ Phone: _________________ Fax: _______________ Contact Person: _____________________________ Category You Are Entering: ____________________ ____________________________________________

Registration for Town School Bus 2013-14 School Year Busing will be available in the City of Lacombe and Towns of Ponoka and Blackfalds for the 2013-14 school year. Town Bus registration forms are available on our website at: Please register on-line, or if you do not have access to a computer, come into the Wolf Creek District Office in Ponoka, and we will be happy to help you setup an e-mail account. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Late registrations will be put on a waiting list. Registration Deadline: is June 26, 2013 and Full Payment Deadline: is August 1, 2013 If not paying in full, the following payment terms are offered: August 1 1/3 of total fees due September 1 1/3 of total fees due October 1 1/3 of total fees due

Brief Description of Your Entry: ________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Registration deadline; June 26, 2013 Mail entries to: Greg Gordon, Parade Director Box 4336, Ponoka, AB T4J 1R7 or fax to 403-783-5858 or phone cell 403-704-3541

Fees: ECS student Grades 1 to 12 Family Maximum:

$212.60 per rider $425.00 per rider $850.00 (3 or more students)

Residence over 2.4 km from school - No fee **User pay busing is sold on a full year basis only *Note: Registration Forms for both urban & rural busing are now on line.

Please visit our website or call the office at (403) 785-0726 for any questions you may have.

Lacombe Express 5

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lacombe & District Historical Society begins search for new home BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Lacombe & District Historical Society needs new digs. While the organization is still very much in the research and planning phase of the project, Marie Pollock, executive director of Lacombe & District Historical Society, said that the group has begun fundraising to construct a new facility to act as its new base of operations. Pollock said that while the Historical Society enjoys its current home in the Flatiron Building, the building is not suitable for all the society’s needs. “It’s a great facility in that it’s an iconic historical building,” said Pollock. “We want to make sure we aren’t limiting ourselves.” While the Flatiron Building is a great historical landmark, Pollock said that the building is not wheelchair accessible and has limited parking, putting restrictions on who can visit the museum. Space inside the building is an issue as well, as the Historical Society does not have sufficient shelving to house its archives. She added that the current building has been a good location for a museum with rotating displays, but the Society would like a location where they can keep permanent displays as well. “It’s a great facility but we are running out of space.”

Michener House, another of the museums Lacombe & District Historical Society operates, does have permanent displays but that museums’ purpose is only to tell the story of the Michener family and the house itself, said Pollock. With the Historical Society operating year round now, it is not feasible to be staffing both the Flatiron Building and Michener House during the same time either, she added. “We are just scattered all over the place.” She added the Flatiron Building is not owned by the Historical Society but by a private owner who rents the property out and this arrangement puts further financial strain on the Society. Currently, the vision is for the Historical Society to enter into an agreement with the City and build a new facility next to Michener House, said Pollock. She also said that the new facility would attach to Michener House, making the house wheelchair accessible. Again, Pollock reiterated that there are no definite plans for the new facility yet and the Historical Society has yet to formally approach either Lacombe County or City of Lacombe councils with the idea. Right now, the Society is raising funds in order to research the possibility of a new building and get a clearer picture of what the Society wants and needs.

She added that this is an important step as the Historical Society wants the new facility to last a long time. This means examining the current needs of the group as well as taking into account further growth. “We really want to think long term,” said Pollock. “Our collection will continue to grow, there is no doubt about that.”

MINI MAYOR - Grade 6 student and Mayor for a Day Mackenzi Beaver poses with Mayor Melody Stol at a Blackfalds Town council meeting. As Mayor for a Day, Beaver participated in the Blackfalds Days parade in the float alongside Stol last weekend. Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

FRIDAY, June 21 to THURSDAY, June 27, 2013

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6 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ladies Auxiliary needs ‘new blood’ BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express The Royal Canadian Legion is recruiting. Barbara Burnett, president of the Royal Canadian Legion Lacombe Branch #79 Ladies Auxiliary, said the auxiliary is in great need of new members. “We need new blood,” she said. In total, the Lacombe Branch Ladies Auxiliary

has 38 members, but many of them are long-serving members who will not be around forever and the club needs to replenish its ranks. Eight new members have already been installed in the Auxiliary. Burnett added that a few other have expressed interest in joining the club, but there is always a need for more. Legion and auxiliary branches across the coun-

try are struggling, she added. Many of the long-serving members of the clubs who formed their foundations are getting on in years and cannot continue serving their clubs and communities as they once did. “Our veterans are all passing away and they were the backbone.” Because of this, the legion is intensely seeking new members to continue its work. Burnett said the

Royal Canadian Legion and Ladies Auxiliary clubs need to continue existing because it is important for people to remember. That is, it is important for people to remember the wars, the veterans, and those who died fighting for the countries freedom. She added this is one of the club’s objectives and it is something that the people of today cannot afford to forget. Burnett said that,

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and take executive positions because no one else would, were adamant on giving up the charter, said Burnett. However, Burnett thought the charter was worth keeping, and voted to do just that. Others shared her beliefs and acted in kind, meaning the charter is still active and operating today. June marks the 65th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion Lacombe Branch Ladies Auxiliary. At the organizational meeting in June of 1948, 16 prospective members put their names in a hat to draw the 11 members that appear on the charter. Burnett said the club is planning an event in the coming months where it will invite other auxiliaries to celebrate this anniversary.

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in way, people here today are too far away from war in that some people have begun to forget the significance of those wars and the people who fought in them. She added that if citizens forget about the wars, they forget about the people who fought in them and forget about the importance of the sacrifice they gave. New and old auxiliary members, as well as those considering joining, should be proud of what the club represents, said Burnett. “I think they should be proud to wear the uniform, because it represents remembrance.” In December of last year, the Lacombe branch of the Royal Canadian Legion Auxiliary was in danger of losing its charter. Some members of the club, tired of constantly having to step up



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Lacombe Express 7

Thursday, June 20, 2013

fyi EVENTS Join us at Camp Curious for an educational good time! We explore weekly themes through crafts, games, guest speakers, water play, exciting weekly field trips and song! Our activities are targeted to explore and facilitate camp values as well as foster personal camper growth. Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 include Red Cross Swimming Lessons. Registration is underway. For more information, call Ashley at 403-885-4677, e-mail campcurious@blackfalds. com or visit the Blackfalds town website at Drop in Pool Tournament run every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Lacombe Hotel. Lacombe Farmers Market will be held every Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Michener Park across from the golf course on Hwy 12. Every Friday morning there will be vegetables, fruit, homemade baking and bread, crafts, jewelery, birdhouses, bedding plants, meats and more. Call 403-782-4772 for more information. Pause Musicale - student concerts will be held the fourth Friday of each month from noon to 12:30 p.m. at St. Andrews United Church (5226 51 Ave.) Lacombe Writers Group - do you like to write? Would you like to share your work with other writers? Whether you write memoir, fiction, poetry, or essays we would love to have you join us. We are a gentle encouraging group with writers of different genres and we meet about every two weeks on Mondays at 7 p.m. It will be held at Calvary Evangelical Free Church (4619 C&E Trail). For information, call 403-885-4251. Band of Brothers - Band of Brothers challenges men to an adventure: Reclaiming their hearts to God. It is a chance for men to be real about life and faith in a confidential and informal setting. They meet Monday evenings at the Youth Unlimited building located in downtown Lacombe.

These events brought to you by:


Your weekly Community Events Calendar

Love to sing? H Hearts of Harmony, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, is an a cappella chorus for Central Alberta women of all ages who love to sing and harmonize. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Davenport Church of Christ (68 Donlevy Ave.) Join us any Monday night, you will be welcomed. Experience the joyful sound of four-part harmony with a group of wonderful women. For more information, call Nancy at 403-357-8240, or our director, Sheryl @403-7424218 or check out our web site at Coffee Time at the Lacombe Legion

tainer Gery Schubert as Angus McAngus. This hilarious persona will definitely make you laugh while you enjoy a great evening with your friends. Tickets are $75 each and are available from any Lacombe Rotary member, Lacombe Signmasters, Garth Pol CGA or call the ticket hotline at 403-782-7446. Check for more details. All That Jazz Dance Studio Inc. presents Shakin’ It For the Arts on June 22 at the ME Global Athletic Park. Shake it up for an hour of exercise and dance to raise money for local dancers to represent our area at the Dance Disney 2013 in Orlando, Florida

Davis at

SEMINARS Taoist Tai Chi: Experience a relaxing, holistic, low impact exercise. Contact 403-346-6772 for more information and to register. Cronquist Business Park, Bay 16, 5580 45 St. Continuing classes year-round sessions available for those who have completed beginners or who have learned Taoist Tai Chi in the past. Participate in the classes of your choice. Monday-Wednesday from 7:15 to 9 p.m. and Tuesday to Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Classes also available in Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, and Innisfail.

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runs every Wednesday morning. Come join us for coffee. $2. Gatherings run from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Lacombe Legion. Old-time dances run at the Red Deer Legion every Wednesday evening. Smorg at 5 p.m. with dance at 7:30 p.m. Cover charge $6. Country music runs Friday and Saturday evenings 7 to 11 p.m. 403-342-0035. The Rotary Club of Lacombe is hosting its 29th annual Lobster Dinner on June 21, at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. This is their major community fundraiser that allows the club to continue its support to a variety of programs. The evening starts out with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. Lobster and steak dinner will be served between 6:30 and 8 p.m. A silent and live auction will be part of the event as well with some amazing items donated by local businesses. This year’s special guest and MC will be professional enter-

this July. The event will also raise money for the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundation. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the field. There are more than $2,000 worth of door prizes to be won. Tickets can be purchased at Sunny 94 in Lacombe, Altered Images in Bentley or Rip ‘n Ronnie’s Fitness and Attitude Laser Spa in Ponoka. “Renew, Remember, Rediscover” - Summer Village of Gull Lake Centennial runs Aug. 2-5th. It includes fun and exciting community events and activities starting Friday, Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. with an art show – wine and cheese at the Gull Lake Community Hall. Highlights on Saturday, Aug. 3 include an art show, kids’ crafts, a horseshoe tournament, beach activities, a street dance, beer gardens and a slow pitch tournament. Plan to join us in our celebration of this huge milestone. Admission is free. For more information visit or contact Stephanie

The Central Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.) offers opportunity for immigrants to practice speaking English in a fun way. Weekly conversation groups are organized at different times in the coming months and are free for immigrants. Conversation topics will help to promote orientation to Canadian culture and life in our community. For ESL Level 1 and 2 the sessions are held on Tuesdays from 10:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; for ESL Level 3 and 4 on Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Location is the Immigrant Centre #202, 5000 Gaetz Ave. Contact Elzbieta at 403-346-8818 to register or for more information.

MEETINGS W.H.O.L.E. - Widows Helping Others Live Earnestly. W.H.O.L.E. can help you adjust to your loss, to channel your grief into helping others who are struggling with loss, and to help you gain perspective as a person who has

a new role to be fulfilled. It’s about widow to widow interaction and socialization. It’s about being able to express with like-minded women the pain and confusion that comes with loss, as well as the encouragement and friendship to help you once again live a life filled with meaning and earnest life. There are no councillors present, only a facilitator to help keep conversations moving. W.H.O.L.E meets monthly and is open to widows of all ages. Space is limited, so please phone to book a spot. Refreshments will be served. Next meeting is June 20 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Olsen Funeral Services. Lacombe Art Guild - the guild meets regularly on the second and third Tuesday of each month. A variety of workshops are provided for developing artists. Membership is $15 per year. Contact Betty Peers at 403782-9968 or blog Meetings runs in LMC Credit Union Room at 5214 50 Ave. in Lacombe. Clive TOPS - need help losing weight? Then join Take Off Pounds Sensibly. The next meeting is May 09 from 9-10:30 a.m. at the Clive Christian Fellowship Church. Red Deer Celiac Support Group our meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at Sobeys South, 5111-22 St. in the Coffee Lounge at 7 p.m. Information on Celiac disease, symptoms, diagnosing, gluten free diet, gluten free products, recipes, coffee and samples. Meetings for 2013 –Sept. 17, Oct. 15 and Nov. 19. They would like to announce the formation of Stettler Celiac Support Group, meeting in the Board room of the Stettler Hospital, the first Tuesday of the month. For information call Diane @ 403-742-0903 or Val @ 742-5217. For more information, in Red Deer, call Fay at 430-347-3248, Clarice 403-3414351 or email Red DeerCeliacs@ for information. The Parkland Handweavers Guild meets the second Monday of the month (not July or August) at Sunnybrook Farm at 7 p.m. Contact reddeerweavers@, Darlene 403-7493054, Margaret 403-346-8289, Amy at 403-309-4026.

8 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

OPINION 5019A - 51 St Lacombe, AB T4L 2A3 Main phone:

403-782-5303 Fax:



Brian Vossen 403-782-5306


Davina James 403-782-5330

The right move If you thought the Alberta Health Services board was acting, or could act, independently from the Alberta Government, you were lying to yourself. When an organization is funded by the government, the government always has the final say in how that organization is run and how those funds are used. Not only is this true, that’s the way it should be. When the organization is in charge of using government money, public money, our money, of course the government should have the ability to step in when those funds are not being used properly. Last week’s AHS fiasco was the perfect example of why that is necessary. At a time when front-line doctors are having their wages frozen and the government is cutting costs wherever it can to deal with a large deficit, the AHS board actually thought it was appropriate to pay out over $3 million in bonuses to its executives. If they doesn’t scream the need for government intervention, nothing does. Our government consists of elected officials that are charged with acting in the best interests of its citizens. That is exactly what Minister Fred Horne did last week. He made a decision that was in the best interests of

Albertans. In reality, Horne had little to no other options than to put his foot down after the AHS board refused to reconsidered paying out the bonuses. Of course, as the AHS superboard was placed by the government in the beginning, they do share in some of the blame when it comes to the actions of the board. However, Minister Horne showed he recognized that mistake by stepping in and firing the entire board in one fell swoop. Even if Horne knew about the bonuses as early as February, as some former AHS executives have claimed, this is still a case of “Better late than never.” At this point, many are wondering what will happen to AHS and how it will be run in the future. Others say that if the government can step in and overturn decision made by the board whenever they want, there is no point to having a board in the first place. Still, others say that the implementing the AHS superboard was a mistake in the first place and that we are better off without it. In a way, none of these things really matter right now. All that matters is that Minister Horne and the rest of the Alberta government recognize their mistake and work to correct it.

We want more input from you, the community It has been about two months now since the Lacombe Express first came to be with its inaugural edition on April 25. Since then, the paper has slowly begun to grow.

BRIAN Publisher

Tracey Scheveers

The Lacombe Express is a proud newspaper of

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VOSSEN I find that I am more often being recognized when I attend events to cover them. When I am recognized, people often ask me how the paper is doing. My answer of course is that the paper is doing well. Our presence in the area we serve has become more prevalent, more people are reading the paper and as I said, more people actually know who I am when I show up to take photos of their concert, sporting event, or other special occasion. While it is true that the paper is doing well, the Lacombe Express still has a lot of growing to do. We need a little help to do it too. Your

help, to be precise. That’s right, we want you, the readers, to help us become a bigger, better, stronger community newspaper. In fact, we rely on it to a certain degree. A lot of people often think that newspapers are responsible for covering news and therefore should know everything that is going on. However, it is difficult to know about all of the goings on in Blackfalds and Lacombe without anyone telling us about them. Now, I’m not saying I don’t go out looking for stories on my own. Indeed, I am always searching for and researching story ideas to fill the paper each week, but often I hear of something I missed simply because I didn’t know it was going on. Thus, I am asking you, the readers, for a little help. As I said earlier, the recognition of the Lacombe Express is growing, and people have already started to become involved with the paper. Even as I write this column, I am frequently interrupted by the ringing telephone as people call me

to inform me of events and story ideas in the area. It is something I am always delighted to hear as it is always a good thing. Having said that, more is always better in this business and I’m always looking for more story ideas. Newspapers, particularly community papers such as this one, do best when members of the public get involved. Community involvement helps us know what our readers want to see in the paper, what events going on in the area are worth covering and help create discussion within the paper and the community. That is the key to a community paper, the community. Community newspapers can only succeed as such when the community gets involved in the paper. Otherwise, we are just a weekly collection of stories that the community may or may not care about. Keep in mind also that we serve more than just the City of Lacombe. Events and stories happening in the Town of Blackfalds and La-

combe County are also of interest to us. There is more than enough room in the paper for stories concerning all of these municipalities, so please, if you live in these areas, or know of something happening within them, let us know. There are many ways to get involved with improving and growing the Lacombe Express. Readers, send us your letters to the editor, we want to hear your opinions. Clubs, send us your contact information and meeting times, we want to know what you are up to. Coaches, send us your team rosters and schedules, we would love to cover your games. If you have something you think would be of interest to our readers, please send it along to me at news@ lacombeexpress. If you have a story idea or other suggestions for the editorial content of the Lacombe Express, give me a call at 403-7825306. I would be happy to hear from you and am always looking for more content and input from the public.

Lacombe Express 9

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fundraiser helps keeps arts vibrant in Lacombe BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express The arts are something that we need to celebrate and actively participate in. That is the idea behind Shakin’ It for the Arts, an event taking place this weekend to raise funds for a local dance studio and performing arts here in Lacombe. “The arts are so important,” said Karina Peterson, owner of All That Jazz Dance Studio Inc. and organizer for the event. “Lacombe is very vibrant in the arts and we’d just like to get the community together.” Shakin’ it for the Arts began as a fundraiser solely for the dance studio. Peterson said when the studio was invited to participate in Disney World’s Dance the World program this summer, they started thinking of ways to do a fundraiser where they could also give something back to the community. One of the events they came up with was putting on an aerobics dance class. Instructors will be leading the class from on top of a flat-bed trailer and participants will be able to follow along. Peterson said that the workout will include line-dancing, some aerobic fitness and is suitable for people of all skill levels. She added that aerobics was chosen because it was something that people could actively participate in. In order to support the entire arts community of

Lacombe and not just the studio, All That Jazz decided to also give a donation to the Lacombe Centre for the Performing Arts and partnered with them as well, said Peterson. In addition to the aerobics class, there will be a pre-show concert by a local singer and there may be a band as well. Peterson also said that the event is growing as more and more people hear about it. Many people have contacted her after learning about the event to see how they can get involved, she said. “We’re very appreciative of all the sponsors that have come on board with us.” While Peterson could not say how many people have already bought tickets for the event, she said the goal is to bring 500 people in. She added there are over $2,000 worth of door prizes to be won at the event. Disney World’s Dance the World program is nearly identical to the Dance the Magic program that takes place in Disneyland. The biggest difference between the two is that one is in Florida and the other is California. Both programs have dancers from across the globe dancing in the parades and also giving opportunities for dance clubs to participate in a dance showcase and in dance workshops as well. All That Jazz Dance Studio has had less than a year

to prepare for the event. Peterson said they began fundraising when the club was invited in September and will need to raise about $2,000 per dancer. So far, the club has raised about $8,000. Eighteen dancers between the ages of seven and 20 will be going to Florida to take part in the program. Peterson said that Dawn’s School of Dance in Carstairs was the first studio contacted by Dance the World and invited All That Jazz Dance Studio, who in turn invited a dance school in Sylvan Lake, to participate in the program as well. All That Jazz will be leaving at the end of the month for Disney World and will be participating in the July 1st parade. Peterson said the club has never done any kind of trip like this before and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many dancers. “It’s really exciting because some of the kids just won’t get this opportunity (again),” said Peterson. Shakin’ It for the Arts will take place June 22nd at ME Global Park. Gates open at 10 a.m. with the preshow concert by Michelle Boudreau and the shakin’ starts at 11 a.m. and runs until noon. Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased at Sunny 94 and Upper Level Streetwear in Lacombe. Participants must be at least eight years of age.



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COOL DIP - A beaver is just one of the many wildlife that can be seen out at Ellis Bird Farm.

photo submitted


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Express o The Lacombe

1st Monday, JulyDay. da for Cana oking sure, early bo

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10 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

HomeShare program links seniors and students BY MARK WEBER Lacombe Express It may only be June, but organizers behind a program to link seniors and post secondary students as potential housemates is gaining momentum. A component of the Alberta Generations Project, HomeShare aims to boost affordable options for students and also helps to reduce isolation and increase a sense of security for seniors, explains Dawna Morey, coordinator of the Alberta Generations Project. “The message we want to get out there is that we want to create a bank of seniors’ homes where we can begin to place students when the students’ applications come in,” she said. “We also want students to know that their housing options may change as they go through the (school) year,” she said. For example, should things not work out with a particular roommate, “They can look at HomeShare as an option. It doesn’t start in September and end in May – it’s some-

thing they can opt into anytime during the year.” HomeShare matches seniors with students based on perceived ‘best fit’ criteria in terms of personalities. It’s a win-win, as students new to the area can find it an isolating experience and would benefit from having a comfortable home to enjoy. Seniors living alone may also feel a need for more connection. A deal for a reasonable rent can be struck as the student can also lend a hand with helping out with various household chores, too such as mowing the lawn or shoveling the walk. “We also want to emphasize to the seniors that we do a lot of screening,” said Morey. “By going through HomeShare, there’s that additional screening and monitoring that is there for them.” Morey also pointed out that HomeShare’s scope goes beyond RDC. “One of our students that we’ve just matched, who is coming from New Brunswick, is registered as part of the tourism program at

TRAIL TO BLAZE - Lacombe County Reeve Ken Wigmore cuts the ribbon to open the Lacombe County trail, the latest link of the Trans Canada Trail to be completed in the area. The trail connects Blackfalds to Lacombe and features a boardwalk, picnic area and natural area near Lacombe Lake. Also on hand for the celebration was, from left, Carol Simpson, Brenda Knight, Betty Anne Graves, Dana Krail, Paula Law, Linda Strong-Watson, Debbie Olsen, Wigmore, MLA Rod Fox, Cliff Soper, Greg Olsen photo MP Blaine Calkins, Dr. Kelly Turkington and Reubin Konnik. Olds College. But she wants to continue to live in Red Deer, so she’s asked to still be part of our program. “It can help with virtually any kind of learning opportunity – if, for example, they are coming to do a practicum with an engineering firm, they can con-

Gwen Bader Fitness Centre @ Canadian University College P.E. Centre

6602 Maple Drive


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Vitabot Vit b t works k with ith you like your own private nutriƟonist to help you create completely balanced diets using your favorite foods.

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Gwen Bader Fitness Centre (9000 square feet)

*Any membership you purchase to the Gwen Bader Fitness Centre includes access to our pool, gymnasium, racquetball court and a personal Įtness consultant. And now it also includes VITABOT (see above).



Racquetball Court

sider HomeShare. If they are a student-teacher, it’s also an option for them.” HomeShare, which is actually an international program, is locally a partnership among Family Services of Central Alberta, the Golden Circle Senior Resources Centre, the Al-

berta Council on Aging – Central Alberta chapter and the Red Deer College Students Association. Meanwhile, feedback from those who took part in HomeShare last year was very positive, said Morey. “It was very well-received. The experience was

really rewarding, and (participants) said they’d be open to it again.” For more information about the program and an application, call 403-3436400 or check out www. and follow the links.

Lacombe Express 11

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Students in Kenya benefit from local tournament BY AMELIA NAISMITH Black Press Students at a dilapidated in school in Kenya are receiving educational enhancements one tee-off at a time.

Boardwalk unveiled BY AMELIA NAISMITH Black Press

FOR A CAUSE - At the A Better World Charity Golf Tournament, Bill Spangler, plays a game of golf with 49 others who came out for the cause last week.

Amelia Naismith photo

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a laugh. Schnoor, who visited the location last October, wants to undertake a number of tasks at the school, including new buildings because what’s there now are unsafe for the children. “How you could learn and go to school in them is a whole other question,” said Schnoor. He also wants to build more washrooms as 340 children are sharing two. There’s also basic improvements needed to desks and other smaller items. Although this is only the first year, Schnoor is hoping to make A Better World Charity Golf Tournament an annual event. “We know that the money is going to a good cause and we know there’s some students in Kenya that will greatly benefit.”


JJ Collett Natural Area recently finished a new boardwalk, giving access to a section of the trails that, due to flooded lowlands, hasn’t been easily accessible since 2008. Society Vice President Roger Stawart said now people can easily get to the northwestern part of trail seven without damaging the environment. “It’s a pretty valuable ecosystem and we didn’t want it trampled.” The area is covered with standing water year round and grows several types of trees, flowers and a herb called horse tail; which dates back to prehistoric times where they grew the to the size of modern day trees. Construction of the boardwalk began in March when the screw pilings were put in and erection of the actual structure started early May. Stawart said the project wasn’t always easy because of Alberta’s weather and it was President Jack Surbey who make it possible. “He conducted us all the way through the job. We would not have done this without Jack Surbey.” At times the wood materials had to be pulled through a foot of standing water just to get to the construction site; once Surbey took his truck in there and almost couldn’t get it out again. The construction workers, many of whom were volunteers, were sometimes working in knee-deep water and hip-waders. “It’s really a completion of trail seven,” said Stawart, referring to the northwestern part of the trail. He feels trail seven, and several other parts of the natural area have something special to offer, especially with their sand dune topography. “Sand dune topography is really topography, left over from the ice age.”

Fifty golfers recently gathered at the Ponoka Golf Course to raise funds for A Better World humanitarian organization out of Lacombe. Organizer Warren Schnoor has been involved with the charity for several years. “It came to my attention there’d never been one (charity golf tournament) before.” The proceeds, totaling more than $7,500, will go to a school project in Sogobet, Kenya. Each golfer pays a $175 entry fee and receives a $50 charity receipt. Schnoor has also raised more than $5,000 alone on the promise he’ll shave his mustache for the cause. Schnoor hasn’t seen his lip in 25 years. “Some of my friends decided I should shave my mustache off. My friends know how attached I am to it,” he said with


Payments Plus Taxes and Fees

RED DEER RED DEER QE2 South QE2 South 403-346-1130 403-346-1130 1-800-267-8253 1-800-267-8253


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12 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lacombe Express

deadline: Monday @ noon

CLASSIFIEDS To place an ad, call Toll Free: 1.877.223.3311 or email:

Announcements .................0005-0030 What’s Happening .............. 0049-0070 Garage Sales ........................0100-0650 Employment ........................ 0700-0920 Service Directory ................. 1000-1430

Coming Events







DONALDA SCHOOL IS 100 YEARS OLD! To celebrate, we are planning a weekend of fun and visiting on June 29/30 for anyone who attended, taught at, or drove bus for Donalda School in the last 100 years! Go to “Donalda School Website” for a full schedule of events and a peek at some old pictures! Register for supper at HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!



LOST DOG, brown/black, curly tail, answers to Sonny, lost in Gasoline Alley 403-749-3282 LOST IPHONE on June 11 in or around Costco. Reward offered, no questions asked 403-746-2456 or 403-350-1856 MEN’S LARGE BLACK LEATHER JACKET. Truck with mountain scene on back. Very special. Please call 403-352-7795 REWARD CAT, lost in Kentwood, black,18 lbs. Please call 587-377-2757



FOUND: Child’s graduation picture (Probably Kindergarten age) Found in Waskasoo. Call 403-302-3935 FOUND: Mixed breed dog. Medium size. German shepherd appearance, but smaller and fluffier. Brown and black body with grey hairs on face and tail. Found June 13 around 10 PM on the West Side of Gasoline Alley Red Deer by Ricky’s All Day Grill. If this is your pet or you have any information, please call 403-896-8929 CELEBRATIONS HAPPEN EVERY DAY IN CLASSIFIEDS



COCAINE ANONYMOUS 403-304-1207 (Pager)

Farm Work



FULL & PART TIME CHICKEN CATCHERS willing to work night/early morning shifts. Immediate openings. Full Benefits. Contact Mike 403-848-1478

Hair Stylists


JUST CUTS is looking for F/T HAIRSTYLIST No clientele necessary. Call Jen at 403-340-1447 or Christie 403-309-2494



ATTENTION Experienced Hydrovac Operators Skocdopole Construction Ltd. Is now accepting resumes for experienced Hydrovac Operators. Valid Class 3 drivers license with air and Drivers abstract a must. Applicable oil field tickets would be an asset. Fax resumes to 403-947-2188 or e-mail to


CLASS 3 VAC/steamer Truck driver. Lacombe area, HOME EVERY NIGHT. Fax resume to 403-704-1442 LOCAL SERVICE CO. REQ’S EXP. VACUUM TRUCK OPERATOR Must have Class 3 licence w/air & all oilfield tickets. Fax resume w/drivers abstract to 403-886-4475

Landcore Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Rathole and Pile Driving services throughout Western Canada. We are currently seeking a full-time Journeyman or 3rd/4th Year Heavy Duty Mechanic for our Ponoka location. We offer competitive wages with an excellent benefits plan. Duties will include, but are not limited to: - Heavy Truck and Trailer maintenance and repair - Light Duty Pick-up maintenance and repair - CVIP inspection -Heavy off-road equipment maintenance and repair Candidates should own their own tools, class 5 drivers license, Heavy Duty Trade Certification. Experience in welding and fabrication an asset (but not necessary). Successful candidates should excel in oral communication skills, problem solving, and working with others. To apply, either email resumes to info@ or fax to 403 783 2011 Buying or Selling your home? Check out Homes for Sale in Classifieds

is recruiting for a FIELD HAND/COIL TUBING OPERATOR Positions. The job involves working with Down Hole Capillary Tubing at well sites, driving truck, and shop/yard work. Preferred Requirements: Coiled Tubing Experience Class 1 with Air with clean drivers abstract. Crane & Hoist (Wellhead boom) Well Service BOP Current H2S, PST Tundra offers competitive salaries and works off of a industry leading job bonus structure.

Restaurant/ Hotel


BIG MOO IN SYLVAN LAKE needs F/T SHORT ORDER COOK. Wage starting at $11- $13 /HR. Call Steph 403-887-5533

We are currently seeking motivated hardworking personnel to join our busy oilfield trucking division. Top wages. Email or fax resumes to 403-782-0913

SKOCDOPOLE Construction Ltd is now accepting resumes for

Experienced Horizontal Directional Drill Locators/Operators All oilfield tickets, valid class 1 drivers license and drivers abstract a must .Experience on Vermeer and/or Ditch Witch models an asset. Position is available immediately. Top wages and incentives for the right candidates. Fax resumes to 403-947-2188 or e-mail to Looking for a place to live? Take a tour through the CLASSIFIEDS



THE BIG MOO in Sylvan Lake is looking for ICE CREAM SERVERS. F/T or P/T positions avail. $11/hr. must be 15 yrs. or older. Contact Stephanie at 403-887-5533.

Sales & Distributors


req’d. Great opportunity to work with heating/air conditioning professionals, building the sales and marketing division. Exc. remuneration. Exp. in HVAC sales preferred, training provided. Email: Brad@ 403-588-8399



CRYSTAL GLASS needs summer help. Will train. Drop off resume at: 4706-51 Avenue or fax 346-5390 or email: EXP’D skidsteer operator req’d for construction company. Please fax resume to 403-342-6881 WATER WELL DRILLING COMPANY IN BENTLEY REQ’S EXPERIENCED

WATER WELL DRILLERS HELPER with class 3, air. All safety tickets required. Meal and Accommodation provided when out of town. Fax resume with drivers abstract: 403-748-3015


FULLY EXPERIENCED framers req`d. 403-350-5103 NO BEGINNERS!

Is hiring for the following position:

Fulltime Dispatch/Batcher required Experience an asset but will train the right candidate. You must pass a physical & Drug Test. Fax resume attn: Mike 403 347 8060 or mike.castilloux@

Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for: Assembly Department: Industrial Painters, Electrical Technicians; and Labourers. Our Company has an enthusiastic, fast paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resume to hr@ or Fax 403 742-5544

Truckers/ Drivers

SKILLED laborers req’d. Streetside Developments, Calgary. Resume submitted to info@ or call 403-258-0703 Looking for a new pet? Check out Classifieds to find the purrfect pet.

You can sell your guitar for a song... or put it in CLASSIFIEDS and we’ll sell it for you!


CLASS 1 drivers req’d for flat deck work. Steady year round work. Benefits, exc. wages and safety bonuses. Successful candidates must be hard working, must know your load securement and love driving as you will be traveling throughout BC, AB, SK & MB. Please fax resumes and drivers abstract to 1-855-784-2330 F/T TRUCK drivers req’d. Minimum Class 5 with air and clean abstract. Exp. preferred. In person to Key Towing 4083-78 St. Cres. Red Deer. TRUCK DRIVER w/ Class 3 & air endorsements. Send resume & clean driver’s abstract to: TRUCKING company based out of Red Deer looking for experienced Class 1 drivers for winch tractor used for heavy hauling and tank truck operators. Top wages and exc. benefit pkg. Fax resume and driver’s abstract to 403-346-3766

JEETS PLUMBING & HEATING Service Plumbers. Journeyman, w/service exp. Competitive wages. Fax resume: 403-356-0244 THE FRAMING NOOK is looking for a shop worker to build custom picture frames etc. Will be working inside shop, part time flexible hours - must be handy with power tools & saws - Call Brian @ 403-340-1575.

* No cancellations, refunds or exchanges. Please read your ad the first day it appears. We will accept responsibility for 1 insertion only.

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Has an opening for a F/T employee in a high volume Sporting Goods Store.

F/T SATELLITE INSTALLERS - Good hours, home every night, $4000-$6000/mo. Contractor must have truck or van. Tools, supplies & ladders required. Training provided, no experience needed. Apply to: FRAMING CONTRACTOR to frame 3 houses in Ponoka. 403-357-0654


Open House Directory ....... 4200-4310 Financial ..............................4400-4430 Transportation .................... 5000-5240 Legal/Public Notices .........6000-9000


EXPERIENCED repair person req’d for local truck company. Work involves all aspects of heavy truck and trailer repair and dismanteling. Must be physically fit. HD Mechanic or equivelant experience We offer competitive wages, benefits weekends off. Fax resume to 1-855-784-2330 or call FILLED!

F/T & P/T avail. Apply in person with resume to Burger Baron Gasoline Alley,


Items to Buy/Sell ................. 1500-1940 Agricultural .......................... 2000-2210 For Rent ............................... 3000-3200 Wanted to Rent....................3250-3390 Real Estate ...........................4000-4190

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FALL START • • • •

Community Support Worker Women in Trades Math and Science in the Trades GED classes days/ evening Gov’t of Alberta Funding may be available. 403-340-1930

Bashaw Sports is looking for a person with: • Excellent customer service skills • Retail sales experience • Valid Firearms License • Good working knowledge of firearms, ammunition and general sporting good items. We offer competitive hourly compensation, flexible hours, and good working conditions. Please fax your resume in confidence to: Bashaw Sports @ 780-372-4447 We appreciate all who take the time to apply and thank you for your application, but only those being considered for an interview will be notified. DISPATCHER req’d. Knowledge of Red Deer and area is essential. Verbal and written communication skills are req’d. Send resume by fax to 403-346-0295

DSM INC. looking for laborers, in the Innisfail area. Salary is $14.75/hr. Fax resume to: 403-314-0676.

NEWSPAPER CARRIERS REQUIRED For afternoon delivery once per week

NEWSPAPER CARRIERS REQUIRED To deliver the SYLVAN LAKE NEWS & CENTRAL AB LIFE 1 day a week. Please call Debbie at 403-314-4307 STUDENTS! The Perfect Summer Job $18 p/h. Our Red Deer team has an opening for a Temporary Counter Sales Representative for the months of June to September. This is the perfect summer job before returning to school. The Counter Sales Representative handles customer telephone inquiries, services customers at the pick-up counter and picks and packs orders. In addition they perform a variety of warehouse tasks to meet customer needs. Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes to Ryan Ell at Please write “Application for Counter Sales Summer Help” in the subject line of your email. Classifieds Your place to SELL Your place to BUY


Call Rick for more info 403-314-4303 SWAMPERS F/T needed immediately for a fast growing waste & recycling company. Heavy lifting involved (driver’s helper) position. Reliability essential. Own transportation required. Please email resumes to REG COX FEEDMIXERS Req’s In Service Shop, exp’d with farm equipment and the ability to weld. Apply fax 403-341-5622


CLEAN FREAK FOR HIRE Available to start cleaning houses on July 2. Call: Sharla at 403-357-7801

In the towns of: Blackfalds Lacombe Ponoka Stettler


Misc. Help



BLACK CAT CONCRETE Garage/patios/rv pads sidewalks/driveways Dean 403-505-2542

CONCRETE??? We’ll do it all... Call E.J. Construction Jim 403-358-8197 or Ron 403-318-3804 MAMMA MIA !! Soffit, Fascia & Eaves. 403-391-2169



GUTTERS CLEANED & REPAIRED. 403-391-2169 VELOX EAVESTROUGH Cleaning & Repairs. Reasonable rates. 340-9368

Lacombe Express 13

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Massage Therapy


HOT STONE, Body Balancing. 403-352-8269

Misc. Services


5* JUNK REMOVAL Property clean up 340-8666

IRONMAN Scrap Metal Recovery is picking up scrap again! Farm machinery, vehicles and industrial. Serving central Alberta. 403-318-4346

Building Supplies


SMALLER Custom Interior Cedar Clad Solid Wood Door. 24”w x 77.5”h Brass secure lock knob. w/frame & cedar trim. Asking $100. 403-227-2976

Children's Items


FISCHER PRICE VILLAGE Vintage toy. Lots of pieces. Good cond. $45. 403-314-9603 HIGHCHAIR $50, PLAYPEN $50. LIKE NEW 403-304-9610

Musical Instruments


GUITAR AMP. Rocker RX-100. 7 watt. $50. 403-227-2976

Pets & Supplies


BEAUTIFUL KITTENS desperately need loving home. Calico, Orange & cream. Free to loving home. 403-782-3130





WANTED: all types of horses. Processing locally in Lacombe weekly. 403-651-5912


Houses/ Duplexes

3 BDRM. 3 bath, house in Inglwood. 1250 sq.ft., dbl. garage. 403-886-4735

Condos/ Townhouses


Houses For Sale


A HALF DUPLEX HOME located @ 4624-46A Ave. Close, Sylvan Lake, AB. The 980 sq. ft. main flr. living rm, dinette, kitchen w/oak cabinetry, 1 avrg size bdrm., a master bdrm. & 4 piece main bath. Recent updates incl. 3 windows, appls, roof, toilet & flooring. Full height concrete bsmt. is partly dev. w/family rm, spare rm, mechanical rm, & 1 complete bdrm. & 3 piece bath. 1-403-887-2693



2008 BMW 335i, lthr., 65,955 kms, nav., $25888 348-8788 Sport & Import



2008 HUMMER H3 Alpha lthr., sunroof, $15,888 348-8788 Sport & Import

ALIX: 2 bdrm. 1 bath, 5 appls, shows like new. 2007 CHEV Monte Carlo LS $1000 + utils. Avail. now FWD, 93492 kms., $10,888. 2006 BMW X5 panoroof, 403-341-9974 348-8788 Sport & Import Clothing lthr., $16,888 348-8788 LUXURY Condo Devonshire HOME FOR SALE IN ALIX. Moving & 4927 55 street. Built in Sport & Import Estates. 3 bdrm., 2 baths, Storage 2007, 1345 square feet. LADIES JEAN JACKET. 7 appls., gas fireplace, Finished basement. Fully Tommy Hilfiger, size M-L. blinds. att. heated garage. landscaped and fenced Dogs Good cond. $25. BOXES? MOVING? $1700/mo. incl. heat & yard. Very low maintenance! 403-314-9603 SUPPLIES? 403-986-1315 elec. Near Collicutt Centre Asking $367,500. For more BORDER Collie Australian & shopping. Mature adults. information please call N/S, no pets. RENTED Painters/ Shepherd Cross puppies. 403-740-6979. 1 Blue Merle, 2 Black & Firewood Decorators 2007 BMW 328 Xi sunroof, 2004 LAND ROVER SE3 White. 403-749-2411 lthr., $20,888 403-348-8788 Freelander AWD, $8,888 Suites SHELTIES Sport & Import AFFORDABLE PAINTING BY DAVE Acreages 348-8788 Sport & Import 1M, vet checked,1st. Interior, Exterior, New Homestead Firewood shots, ready to go $500/ea. 2004 KIA Sorento LX, 4X4, IN VILLAGE of ELNORA, Construction. Comm/Indust. Spruce, Pine, Spilt, Dry. 2 Acres +/403-722-3204 846-0198 77859 kms., $8,888. reno’d, 3 bdrm. bsmt., no 2 Journeyman w/over 50 7 days/wk. 403-304-6472 Zoned AG SE of Red 348-8788 Sport & Import pets, avail. immed, yrs exp. %15 discount for FIREWOOD. Pine, Spruce, Start your career! Deer 26 kms. $895/mo. incl. all utils, seniors. Free estimates. See Help Wanted Poplar. Can deliver $194,500 403-505-6240 403-348-6594 All work guaranteed. We 1-4 cords. 403-844-0227 carry WCB & Liability Insurance. 403-307-4798 Sporting LOGS Farms/ Cottage/ Semi loads of pine, spruce, Goods SISTERS FOR HIRE!!!! 2005 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Land Seasonal tamarack, poplar. Interior & Exterior Painting GLS FWD, auto., $10,888 Price depends on location. 403-598-0937 GOLF CLUB SET 348-8788 Sport & Import * 112 ACRES, 3 miles from Lil Mule Logging RIGHT HANDED RD. Approx. $11,600/acre. 403-318-4346 Tour 2 Model 135 woods, 2004 CHEV SUBURBAN Personal * 273 ACRES, 2 miles from Now Offering Hotter, Cleaner 3-pw cavity backed irons, Z71, 120,000 km. Lacombe w/buildings. Services steel shafts, putter, like BC Birch. All Types. P.U. / Good cond. $12,000 obo. Approx. $6500/acre. new bag w/stand, very del. Lyle 403-783-2275 403-347-1255 / 350-8018 * 6 ACRES w/large house. MYSTICAL VISIONS. good cond. Next to Gasoline Alley. PALM. TAROT PSYCHIC $80 403-346-0093 $550,000. 35 yrs experience across Garden TO SELL LAND 2 RECREATIONAL Canada. Love, Supplies Trucks IN CENTRAL AB, Wanted PROPERTIES IN B.C. 2005 BMW Z4 3.0L 6 Work, Money, etc. Call Lyle Nielsen, C21 Each sleep 15 people. speed, lthr., $22,888. GUARANTEED 15’ LAUREL LEAF WILLOW To Buy Advantage Realty 403-358-8002 2010 FORD Expedition 1st (shown above) is on 348-8788 Sport & Import RESULTS. 6-8’ NORTHWEST POPLAR Eddie Bauer 4X4,.$26888 Norbury Lake near Ft. Steele & BROOK POPLAR WOULD YOU LIKE TO 348-8788 Sport & Import 2nd is on Mountain-Side ca Call. 403 304-8235 Farms/Land Beautiful trees. You dig. DONATE A Golf Course in Fairmont. Please phone 403-302-1919 SEWING MACHINE Wanted 403-340-8838 IN WORKING ORDER 4”x6” TREATED WOOD TIES. Antiques to a special lady in a WANTED: Farm land in 72 linear feet. FREE! & Art nursing home. Hers went Realtors the Lacombe/Ponoka area 403-755-2760 astray during her move. for buyers. Call Lyle Nielsen, & Services ANTIQUE OAK office Would be much appreciated. C21 Advantage Realty chair, original casters, Household Thank you in advance. 403-358-8002 2003 CIVIC DX 180,000 very nice condition.† $80. Furnishings 403-346-9274 km. $5000. 403-340-0295 Call (403) 342-7908 2004 GMC 1500 4x4 extended cab. Good shape BUTTER BOX, Alberta label, KING Size bed, Sealy Farm in & out $6950. 403-746-5541 excellent condition.† $25.† pillow top, approx. 4 yrs. Equipment Call (403) 342-7908 old. Exc. shape. $200. TOO MUCH STUFF? obo. 403-755-3845 MEDALTA CROCK, Let Classifieds 10 gallon, wooden handles, LIKE new cond., loveseat 500 GAL. gas tank w/stand help you sell it. and hoses w/matching chair excellent condition.†$70.† $200 403-556-6473 $200 403-986-6771 Call (403) 342-7908.












Saturday June 22/13 Time 10 a.m. Location: 1.5 miles east of the Olds overpass on Hwy 27 Watch for signs. Collector car: 1955 T-bird convertible, (great condition, running with soft & hard tops), Collectibles, Gramophone, Long box phone, Oil lamps, China, Glassware, Ornate furniture-harvest table, dressers, wardrobe, washstand, Guitars, Banjos, Windmill w/ dempster horse counter weight, Leblond regal lathe (19”-6 ft. bed & 5 ft. working), Storage trailers, Household items, Shop items, Hand & power tools, Yard & Garden items, Just too much to mention. Check the web for full listing & pictures… Sale is subject to additions and deletions.. 5% admin fee applies. Lunch available. See U all out at the sale.. Dress for the weather PILGRIM AUCTION SERVICE 403-556-5531


Haying Equipment


2 ADULT sleeping bags, NH mower conditioner 9’ exc. cond, really good shape $25/ea. $3000 403-556-6473 403-343-0858 BATHROOM VANITY 36” oak vanity w/Corian Farm Custom top & new faucet. Work 2 doors, 3 drawers. $50. **SOLD** CUSTOM HEAVY DISCING COUCH - 4 seater, dark Hay & Pasture Land brown, nylon velvet. Subsoiling & Scraper Work & Laz-E-Boy recliner in Equipment Rentals beige tones. $25 each. Call Field 403-506-0592 Good cond. Must be picked up. 403-342-0958 GRAIN & FLOUR GRINDER Livestock K-Tec Kitchen Mill. From Bosch. New $220, asking 2 YR OLD Mature Purebred $50. **SOLD** Gelvieh bulls for sale. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Semen tested, excellent Lampshades, new placemats, conformation, bred for home decor. Whole box for good maternity qualities. $20. 403-314-9603 To view dams & pedigree, INVACARE PRONTO M51 visit Sure-Step Electric WheelContact Murray at chair w/a special rehab (403)782-1009 / 872-0612 seat. $2500 obo. 403-887-7696 for viewing TABLE TOP PROPANE BBQ appointments and pricing. Like New. $20. ANGUS BULLS, 403-309-1737 large selection of quality WOULD YOU LIKE TO 2 yr. olds & yearlings, DONATE A performance info avail, SEWING MACHINE fully guaranteed. IN WORKING ORDER LLB Angus to a special lady in a 1-403-742-4226 nursing home. Hers went KIKO and Spanish astray during her move. billy goat, Would be much appreciated. 2 yrs. old Thank you in advance. 780-877-2255 403-346-9274



2004 TITANIUM model 31E36MK. Loaded, many extras. $27,500 obo. 403-347-1050 or 304-4580 Celebrate your life with a Classified ANNOUNCEMENT





Misc. for Sale


Fifth Wheels



Auction Sale for Helen Doering & the Estate of Gary Doering,

1995 BARTH Regal Class A 31’ wide-body coach on 1994 Ford chassis-460 gas engine; 28,150 miles/one owner/smoke free/ fully equip.. Exc. cond. No GST Reduced to $29,900. Ed (403) 783-3430.

FREE Russian blue X kittens and mother to good home,good mousers 403-885-9822








Choosing the Right Realtor DOES make a Difference Call GORD ING at RE/MAX Real Estate Central Alberta (403) 341-9995

NBT FINANCIAL Barb LaPorte, Investor I Buy/Sell Ugly Properties 403-352-6871 / 403-343-7802 Fax: 403-986-9055 Email: Distressed/Fixer uppers /Rehabs Contractor’s/Renovators Dream. Investors welcome. I can help-Let me do the work Call now... Won’t last long

Houses For Sale


Financial #4400 - #4430

Investments ......................4410 Money Wanted ................4420 Money to Loan ................4430

Money To Loan


MORTGAGES AVAIL.on all types of real estate including raw land and acreages. Bruised credit and self employed welcome. Fast approvals Ron Lewis 403-819-2436 Central Alberta’s Largest Car Lot in Classifieds

Antique & Classic Autos


2003 AUDI A4, fully loaded, $7300. 403-340-0295 1989 FORD CROWN Vic 59,000 miles $2000 firm body good 403-347-9843


2007 5 bdrm., 3 full bath. Dbl. att. garage, fenced, landscaped. 34 Woodbine Ave. Blackfalds. Incl. 2008 Mazda 3I & 60” LCD TV & new appls. $315,000. 403-598-4501 3 BDRM. 3 bath, house in Inglwood. 1250 sq.ft., dbl. 2008 GRAND PRIX $10,888 garage. 403-886-4735 HOUSE to be moved NW 348-8788 Sport & Import 2006 TOYOTA Corolla of Ponoka, 1 1/2 storey, built in 1953, steel roof 138,000 kms, $6000 obo 403-350-0710 403-783-2484


1 ORIGINAL Dodge Boogie van $500, in good running order 780-877-2255



1984 CORVETTE new engine, $8888 348-8788 Sport & Import



1966 FORD Thunderbird 2 dr., 390 V8, 4 BL. dual exhaust, good body. 403-506-7567


Vans Buses

Area shoppers know the Classifieds are the purr-fect place to find a bargain. In the Classifieds, you can track down deals on everything from collectibles to cuddly kittens. It’s easy to place an ad or find the items you want and it’s used by hundreds of area shoppers every day. The Classifieds Are the Cat’s Meow.

Holiday Trailers

2004 HARLEY CVO Screamin Eagle $21,888. 348-8788 Sport & Import


2010 LINCOLN MKX AWD, Campers nav. sunroofs, lthr. $24888. 348-8788 Sport & import 2002 RUSTLER, slide-n 9.5’ new cond. $12,500. 403-845-3292, 895-2337



2007 SEABREEZE 34’, gas, 2 slides, 38,000 kms, very clean, very good cond., $65,000 403-843-6077 783-1484(c)


1997 33’ DUTCHMAN dbl. slide, walk around queen bed, exc. shape $8500 403-782-2993

Tires, Parts Acces.


D & G 5th wheel hitch c/w rails, vented tailgate $300; chrome grill guard w/ rubber bumpers, $250 403-309-2066 391-2161

Auto Wreckers

Tired of Standing? Find something to sit on in Classifieds

2008 HYUNDAI Santa Fe AWD, lthr., sunroof, 52012 kms, $18,888. 348-8788 Sport & Import

The Classifieds Are the Cat’s Meow.


RED’S AUTO. Free Scrap Vehicle & Metal Removal. Enviro. Canada Approved. We travel. May pay cash for vehicle. 403-396-7519

Vehicles Wanted To Buy


RED’S AUTO. Free scrap vehicle & metal removal. We travel. Enviro. Canada Approved. May pay cash for vehicle. 403-396-7519 A-1 WILLY`S PARTS Place environmental friendly disposal of your unwanted vehicles. We will pick up in Red Deer. We pay you! Phone for pricing. 403- 346-7278 Classifieds...costs so little Saves you so much!

14 Lacombe Express


“A Home Away From Home�


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is looking to hire full time

BOBCAT OPERATOR(s) with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in fine grading and finishing, offering a competitive wage and benefits, on local job sites in Lacombe & area. Applicant must have a valid Class 3 license with air. Only those who have the above prerequisites will be interviewed. Please submit resume with Driver’s abstract to: E-mail: or Fax: 403-782-7786 Please No Phone Calls.

AUTO DISMANTLERS To join our team

Successful Careers Start Here

ALMITA IS GROWING – GROW WITH US! Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to utilize your skills in a modern and innovative company? Almita Piling is looking for highly organized and effective Administrative Professionals and Class 1 QualiďŹ ed Laborers to join our team.

All shifts


6506-44 Ave Ponoka Industrial Park

403-783-3733 Is looking for

2ND OR 3RD YEAR APPRENTICES or JOURNEYMEN WELDERS to join our team. We oer a great wage, competitive beneďŹ ts, rewarding work and a strong commitment to safety. APPLY IN PERSON WITH RESUME TO: 6506 - 44 Avenue Ponoka Industrial Park

Service/Installation Technician Opportunity: Join our team in Ponoka immediately and experience long term employment with a growing company with opportunity for growth and advancement in the Agriculture sector.

Project Administrator Customer Order Administrator Class 1 Qualified Field Laborers

Duties: This is a full time, permanent position based in Ponoka, AB. The successful applicant will join our service team in providing service of dairy equipment throughout Central Alberta.

Winch Truck Drivers For full job details, please see our website To apply, please send a current resume to or call 403-704-2640 for more info.

QualiďŹ cations: We will provide on the job training along with industry and product speciďŹ c training in an on-going basis. Knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and computer systems will be an asset, but not required.


Rewards: Dependent on experience. We do carry Group Health Plans and Group RRSP Applications: Please fax your resume to 403-328-2759 or email to or Chinook Dairy Service Ltd. 4508 65 St Ponoka, AB T4J 1J8 P (403) 783-2577

This position involves all internal reconditioning of Innisfail & Sylvan Truck Ranch vehicles for resale. No retail work. We have a great shop, with great equipment. If you want to work great hours and earn an excellent income with an excellent benefits package, apply now. To apply, contact Wayne or Daryl at 403-227-4456 for an interview. Or send your resume to

Service Directory Advertise your service or business here for 3 weeks and receive the 4th week

ABSOLUTELY FREE Call 403.782.5303

M & M SERVICES Complete Janitorial Services, Construction Clean Ups, Floor Stripping and Wax, Carpet Cleaning, Low Rates

Contact: Selvin and Guadalupe Morales Phone: 403-392-2801 Email:

To apply please send resumĂŠ to or deliver to 430054 Don Laing Business Park, RR261, Lot 2. Ponoka

Canada’s Leader in the Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Screw Piles

FRONT DESK Drop resume’s at Motel’s Front Desk Attn: Malcolm or Lavette or send to

• Must have automotive experience. •Applicant must have a positive attitude and willingness to take on new challenges. We offer competitive wages and excellent benefit plan.

7YL6^ULKIVVRZ:HSLZ ;YHKL #3, 4842 - 46 Street • Lacombe, AB


•Skidsteer Services •Gravel Hauling •Excavating

13-0022.indd 1

403.304.3887 Your Quality Excavating Solution

08/05/13 9:36 AM

Lacombe Express 15

Thursday, June 20, 2013

be Lacom Florist & Gifts


Lacombe Centre Mall


Local salon reducing their carbon footprint by going green BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Orchid Rain Salon and Spa is doing its part to minimize its ecological impact. As of June 5, Orchid Rain Salon and Spa enrolled in the Green Circle Salon program to become certified as a sustainable salon. Robyn Shackleton, owner of Orchid Rain Salon and Spa, said the company has always done what it can in terms of recycling but they were limited by the services available at the time. “We’ve always done the regular recycling you can do, like the cardboard, the plastics, the paper,” said Shackleton. As a sustainable salon, Orchid Rain is able to take that further. Shackleton said that now about 80% of the salon’s products and waste can be recycled in some way. Foil and metal tubes used for hair colour are recycled and melted down to make new foil for the hair industry, or sold to automotive companies to build carts and such, said Shackleton. Excess colour left over from a treatment would previously be washed down the drain, but now it is collected, stored and picked up twice a week to be incinerated and power machinery. Even hair clippings can be recycled and are used to clean up oil spills in the ocean. It is a good change, added Shackleton, as the salon and spa industry is one that uses a lot of consumables. “There is a lot of waste.” Sustainability has always been a concern of Shackleton’s as she believes it is important for the survival of our planet and therefore, us. “If we’re going to act like our planet is a place where we have another one to go to, we’re not going to be able to be here for much longer,” said Shackleton. She added that, as a mother of three, she has always been concerned about the future sustainability of the planet. Another reason Shackleton wanted to get certification as a sustainable salon was for her customers. In a survey prior to Orchid Rain enrolling in the Green Circle Salon program, Shackleton found that many of her customers would choose a salon based on its impact on the environment alone. Becoming a sustainable salon changes little in Orchid Rain’s services. Basically, the biggest affect on customers will be a new $2 eco-charge that is charged per transaction. Green Circle Salons is the company that manages and collects all Orchid Rain’s recyclables. Shackleton said the program is quite popular in Vancouver and just starting to be adopted elsewhere in the country, making Orchid Rain one of the few Green Circle certified sustainable salons in the country. Green Circle Salons has a goal to make the entire Canadian salon industry sustainable by 2020. Currently, there are over 150 Green Circle certified sustainable salons, most of them in Ontario. The company is also partnered with several other organizations working towards a more

FRESH LOOK – Robyn Shackleton applies a hair colour treatment to her client, Bridgette McKeen. sustainable future. Shackleton said sustainability is important for all businesses, not just salons and spas. She added she hopes she

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

is setting an example, both to other business owners and customers, by making her business sustainable.

We’re Bursting with Blooms

•Perennial & Annuals •Trees & Shrubs •Garden Centre •Landscaping & Design



•Hanging Baskets •Flowers Bags •Annuals •Herbs & Vegetables •Perennials

Buy 2 Get One Our Greenhouse is stuffed to the rafters rs with a an amazing selection. n am amaz azin i g se ele e lect ctio ion. n *Expires *E i JJune 30/13

Planters Not Included

Valid at Greenhouse Only

FREE Hours: Monday thru Friday: 9am - 7pm Saturdays: 9am - 5pm Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Lacombe, AB (8km East)

403-782-5729 Serving Central Alberta since 1985


16 Lacombe Express

Central Alberta Greenhouses is opening its doors to the general public for their

2nd Annual Bedding Plant Sale This is your opportunity to buy direct and save!


, Colourful Hanging Baskets starting at $12. June 21st Beautiful Patio Planters starting at $15. 1:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

Great selection of •Annual •Tomatoes •Peppers •Herbs

Everything you could possibly want at prices you may never see again!

Saturday, June 22nd 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

North of Blackfalds on Highway 2A, then Eastt on Lak LLakeside kesi esid ide de Sargea S Sargeant argeantt Road R Road. oad

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Calgary folk-rockers bring ‘spring’ to Red Deer Folk-rock group Locomotive Ghost will be performing at The Hideout June 21st in support of their recent release Spring. The Calgary-based group released the first in its series of themed 7” vinyl records in April, and has been touring Alberta in support of it since. The album series aims to capture the band’s perception of each season through lyrical themes, musical style and sonic texture. The entire Seasons project has been undertaken with true ‘DIY’ sensibility.  The band themselves completed the recording and production of the album, and have handcrafted merchandise and painted the record jackets themselves. The project’s first single All I Need has received airplay from radio stations across B.C. and Alberta as well as gaining the group the designation of finalists in X92.9‘s Xposure Contest and the Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. Locomotive Ghost writes folk-rock for nerds and lovers. They are a collection of musicians, poets, and artists who play guitars, keyboards, bass, ukulele, banjo, drums and percussion. Together, they make music that draws from classic roots-rock influences like The Band and Paul Simon

while incorporating contemporary inspirations such as Dave Matthews and Feist. Meanwhile, with two conventional albums under their belt, Locomotive Ghost sought a new creative approach to stimulate their next venture. After months of brainstorming, they conceptualized a set of seasonally-tied 7” vinyl records exploring the themes of life, love, and the passage of time. The project follows an extremely strict schedule with three-month cycles for the creation of each foursong record. The financial challenge of multiple releases has also necessitated the group to stretch the limits of their do-it-yourself approach. From the home-studio recordings to the hand-painted record jackets, they are completing every possible aspect of the project in house. To mark the release of each 7” record, the group is presenting seasonally-themed events and home-crafted sundries, both done in collaboration with Calgary artist Rachelle Quinn. The series began with the release of Spring in April of and continues with Summer in July. Locomotive Ghost was formed by Mike Buckley, Ben Nixon, and Cortney Osness while they were attending Selkirk College’s music program in Nelson, B.C.

The trio instantly connected when a casual jam brought forth a mesmerizing rendition of Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer. They played together off-and-on for nearly a year before focusing on the project and settling on a name (taken from an Allen Ginsberg poem). In 2010, Locomotive Ghost released their self-titled debut which was followed soon after by 2011’s Close Your Eyes and Listen. After relocating to Calgary that same year, the group experimented with several different membership configurations. Earlier this year, they welcomed local multi-instrumentalist Paul Orton into the fold. Locomotive Ghost has performed extensively through Alberta and B.C. including appearances at a number of regional festivals and Calgary events. The band’s music has been played on a dozen Canadian radio stations and several international podcasts, including the popular show This Week In Science. So far this year, Locomotive Ghost were voted as regional finalists in CBC’s Searchlight contest, and were selected as finalists in the Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition and X92.9’s Xposure contest. -Weber

THE FOOT INSTITUTE is pleased to offer the services of

Dr. Mike Motyer, DPM

Foot Specialist for the Medical & Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle. Specializing in Conservative Therapy, Biomechanics, Dr. Mike Motyer, & Foot Surgery DPM

Dr.Dr.Motyer Motyer willwillsee seepatients patients at: at:

Medcombe Walk-in Clinic Red Deer Associate Clinic

4956 Highway 2ARed Lacombe 4705 - 48 Ave. Deer



403-342-0566 (403) 342-0566


ForFor appointment call appointment call

CREATIVITY – Calgary’s Locomotive Ghost performs at The Hideout June 21.

photo submitted

Enter to Win a Block Party Sponsored by the Lacombe Coop! The winner of the FREE block party will receive 40 buns, 40 burgers and all condiments for your next gathering! Need help planning the perfect bash? The City of Lacombe has a comprehensive Block Party Planning Kit that includes information on closing down your street, types of block parties, fun games to play and d so so much much more! m To enter please call Sonya Beauclair at 403-782-1267 or stop by the City’s booth at the Lacombe Farmers Market! Draw Date - June 28, 2013

Three letters that change people’s lives. Forever. Two to three Canadians die of ALS every day. Your support means quality care and much-needed research. It’s time to get involved.


Lacombe Express 17

Thursday, June 20, 2013




5007 Indiana St. Blackfalds

SWEET VICTORY - Players of the Lacombe Peewee A Blue baseball team pose for a celebratory photo after winning their home tournament earlier this month. Pictured here from back left are Coaches Shawn Lukat, Dan Tees, Troy Rider, Chris Steeves and Dave Beadell; middle row from left, players Jackson Rider, Anthony Swann, Kyle Imesch and Carter Steeves and front row from left, photo submitted Hunter Tonneson, Cole Tees, Jake Pocock, Parker Mogck, Jackson Waddell and Eli Lukat.

Annual slo-pitch ball tourney hits City this weekend BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express This weekend, starting on Saturday, Interpipeline Fund will once again be hosting its annual company slo-pitch tournament in Lacombe. The annual ball tournament is a social event for Interpipeline Fund, but thanks to the initiative by Ron Brenton, one of Interpipeline Fund’s employees and an organizer for the event, it has now become a source of income for a few organizations in Lacombe as well. For the last seven years Interpipeline Fund has been hosting its annual ball tournament in Lacombe. Brenton said that that Lacombe was chosen because it is a good central location for the company, which has employees from all over the province as well as into Saskatchewan. About 200

employees and their families come to the City annually for the tournament. Each year, an organizing committee comes up with a different idea on how to work out the logistics of holding the tournament. This year, with Brenton as one of the organizers, he decided to go in a different direction. He said that if Lacombe was going to continue to be the home of the company’s tournament why not partner with groups in the community to try and keep as much money as possible in the City. “If we are going to be there year after year to become familiar with the community,” he said. In previous years, organizers of the event have delegated responsibilities of bringing resources and services into Lacombe from outside the community. Brenton decided that it would be better for the company to partner with the community


and utilize the services and resources that are already there. That way, the money spent on the tournament actually stays in Lacombe. The reaction from Lacombe has been “Nothing short of stupendous.” He added that through the City of Lacombe as well as friends he has in the community, Brenton has been able to connect with local organizations to provide the resources the tournament requires. For example, the local Co-Op food and liquor stores to provide food and beverages for the event. Accommodations are also necessary for the tournament. While many of the company’s employees choose to camp at Michener Park, the Greenway and Country Club Inns are also utilized, said Brenton. In addition, Lacombe and District Big Brothers Big Sisters will also be on hand to help out by looking after and providing

Friday, June 21st

Wednesday Night

4944 Hwy 2a


Playoffs Special 6oz. Steak San with FF and Sauteed Mushrooms and a 20oz.


Lacombe, AB T4L 1J9 P:403-782-4647 F:403-782-7441

some entertainment for kids while their parents are playing ball. In return, Interpipeline Fund will be making a cheque donation as well as holding raffles to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters at the tournament. As it is a ball tournament and there is bound to be several beverage containers leftover at the end of it. Brenton said any funds from bottle and can collections will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lacombe and District as well. He added he hopes the partnerships formed this year will continue in future years with the tournament. He said he is more than impressed with the response the initiative has received. “They have been so supportive of us,” said Brenton. “I’m just amazed and tickled pink that they came on board with us so easily.”

Live e Band a d

Young Fellas

No cover

starting at 10 pm

wing night

starting at 5 pm

Pint for $16 (Excluding Guinness and Over Time) from game start to 3rd Period end.

NHL Playoffs

18 Lacombe Express

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horoscope ARIES






Mar 21/Apr 20

Apr 21/May 21

May 22/Jun 21

Jun 22/Jul 22

Jul 23/Aug 23

Aug 24/Sept 22

This is a good time to overhaul your approach to fitness, Aries. If you have been thinking about scheduling a physical or getting a gym membership, do so this week.

Taurus, you may have

Gemini, you are in

a difficult time taking

need of some down

sides when friends ask for your help in settling a dispute. Let your friends know you

time, so plan a weekend jaunt or a brief vacation to relax

prefer to stay out of the

and recharge your


batteries this week.

Leo, take a few days It would normally be quite an effort to pull to act foolish, throw the wool over your caution to the wind and eyes, Cancer. However, have a good time. If in the next few you don’t, there may days you will be so not be another such distracted with other opportunity anytime things that fooling you is possible. soon.

Virgo, the only way to get through a bumpy week is to keep your head down and your focus intense. Concentrate on the tasks at hand, and the week will be over before you know it.







Sept 23/Oct 23

Oct 24/Nov 22

Nov 23/Dec 21

Dec 22/Jan 20

Jan 21/Feb 18

Feb 19/Mar 20

Libra, sometimes

No one can put your

Sagittarius, you may

Expect your schedule

Aquarius, a burst of

practicality gets

plan into action better

not feel that something

to become quite hectic

energy has you flying

you did is funny, but

in the next few days,

through all of those

others are bowled over

Capricorn. You may

little projects that you

been going through the

with laughter. Play

want to tie up any

have been putting off.

motions, others are far

along so you don’t

loose ends now and

Once you are done,

come across as

use any free time

you may have to create

a spoil sport.

to rest.

a new list.

in the way of your imagination. Though this can sometimes be stifling, you have to

than you, Scorpio. Stop making excuses and really get started

find a balance between this week. Don’t expect whimsy and reality.

immediate results.

Pisces, though you HOW TO PLAY:

feel like you have just

Fill-in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: You must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3x3 box.


more impressed than you think.

CLUES ACROSS 1. Chicago time 4. And hearty 8. In a murderous frenzy (var. sp.) 10. Substance that imparts a hue 11. Italian’s capital 12. Oral flavors 13. The Pitt Family artist, Wm. 15. Most buffoonish 16. A group of 8 17. Overlords 18. Camera artists 21. Resinlike substance in shellac 22. Fundamentally important 23. Fishing implement 24. Hamilton’s bill

25. An adult female hog 26. Emergency broadcast network 27. Transcending national boundaries 34. Applied by spreading 35. Lower in esteem 36. Entered the noneating larval stage 37. Nears 38. Woke up 39. Selfs 40. Parts 41. Dry: esp. of vegetation 42. Knot in a tree 43. River in NE Scotland

CLUES DOWN 1. Drive-in server 2. Kiss 3. Red fruit eaten as a vegetable 4. Foot and legwear 5. Changes 6. Wind deposited silt 7. Formerly (archaic) 9. Gold fineness measure 10. Military snack bar 12. Capital of Uzbekistan 14. Old Tokyo 15. Heat in a microwave 17. A waterproof raincoat 19. Stared sullenly

20. Slang for cool 23. Revolves 24. Don’t know when yet 25. Sports shoe 26. Opposite of beginning 27. Chevy sedan model 28. Communist nickname


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29. 007’s Flemming 30. Drama awards 31. Badgered 32. Towards land 33. Leaseholder 34. Capital of Gyeonggi-do 36. Yellowstone or Central

Lacombe Express 19

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer kicks off at Blackfalds Days

LITTLE DRUMMERS - The Red Deer Royals Marching Band keeps the beat on the parade route.

Story and photos by Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express ALL-TERRAIN SUPERHERO - The ‘Batquad’ addition to the Fifth Element Salon and Spa float turned heads during the Blackfalds Days parade.

FLASHY WHEELS This 1948 modified Chevy 1300 truck proved that just because something is old doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive.

DRIVE-IN DAYS - This Chevy Bel Aire owned by Gary Anderson of Lacombe is reminiscent of the days when the drive-in diners like A&W were the hot spots to be.

The Town of Blackfalds held its largest festival of the year this past weekend with Blackfalds Days. While the skies hinted of storms and Blackfalds experienced showers on and off during the festivities, the weather did not interfere too much with the events. The festival officially began on June 14 but things really kicked off with the parade on Saturday morning. Other attractions included the ninth annual Oldies Show & Shine, the Blackfalds SloPitch Tournament and inaugural Human Versus Zombies game, Walking Dead of Blackfalds. As a new Blackfalds Days event put on by the Youth Octagon Club, Walking Dead of Blackfalds saw great success with the zombies defeating the humans in a final mission at the end of the game. “It went way, way better than I thought,” said Organizer Amanda McCrimmon “We ended up with a great group of kids.” She added that she couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to hold the game. Even the occasional rain (which always seemed to happen during an important mission in the game) added ambience to the zombie experience. Walking Dead of Blackfalds will likely become a permanent addition to the festival, said McCrimmon. Plans are even in motion to hold an adult Humans Versus Zombies game in the fall. Blackfalds Mayor Melodie Stol said the entire festival was a great success. “It was a fantastic event.” She added that the weather was a worry during the weekend but it didn’t manage to cause too much discomfort for those enjoying Blackfalds Days. Saturday’s events wrapped up with a free evening concert from Tera Lee followed by a spectacular fireworks display. Stol said the 17-minute show which was set to music was possibly the biggest highlight of the weekend.

HOLY HAIRDOS - The Fifth Element Salon and Spa float at the event featured several stylish superheroes.

20 Lacombe Express

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Lacombe Express, June 20, 2013  

June 20, 2013 edition of the Lacombe Express