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With help from sponsors the big race is ready to roll.

Wildsight is offering gardening workshops this week.

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backcountry recreation

Oakley argues for watershed stewardship C AROLYN GR ANT

Kimberley City Councillor Darryl Oakley is not shying away from the debate over how to control access to the Mark Creek Watershed. He welcomes the debate and thinks it’s healthy. His opinion is somewhat different from members of the Mark Creek Watershed Committee, and some City Council members, in that he thinks stewardship has a chance to work, but he firmly believes everyone is working towards the same goal, which is protecting the ecological integrity of the watershed. “I do appreciate the efforts of the watershed committee,” Oakley said. “They have worked very hard. They may be questioning my unorthodox approach, but we want the same thing.” Oakley’s approach is that responsible commercial operators such as a snowmobile tour operator, or community groups such as the Trails Society, could in fact help police the watershed by providing education to those already using it. They could also report flagrant abuses.

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Photo contributed

The Kimberley Seahorses wanted to send a thank you to the Kimberley & District Community Foundation for the $500 Winter Legacy Grant received this spring. The coaches recommended the purchase of small kick boards for junior swimmers to help develop proper body position and to strengthen their arm muscles - ultimately teaching them to swim better. Two stop watches. The club thanks the Kimberley & District Community Foundation for their contribution, helping it to promote fitness, endurance, and team spirit in the swimmers.

water conservation

Changing the mindset on water use

Kimberley’s per capita water use among highest in Canada C AROLYN GR ANT

Kimberley is blessed with a reliable source of clean drinking water, a source that — even with climate change — will continue to provide the city with that most valuable resource.

But Kimberley is also home to some of the highest users of water in the country. It is home to a population that, per capita, uses far more water than most places in British Columbia, even Canada. Locally, Kimberley uses much more water than neighbouring communities such as Cranbrook. Reliable source or not, the City of Kimberley wants to get the water conservation message out. Robert Panattoni has been hired for the summer to do just that.

What he wants to try to do is change the mindset about water use. “People are complacent because they know we won’t run out,” he said. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In addition to the fact that more water is used, the more wear and tear is put on the expensive infrastructure that brings the water to homes, you just don’t need to water as much, or for as long, as you think, he says.

“Fifteen to 20 minutes is long enough,” Panattoni said. “If you water longer than that it can be bad for your grass. Watering should also be done in the evening or early morning when the sun isn’t as direct. “The afternoon is the worst time to water, you lose a lot of it through evaporation and the water on the glass reflects the sun and can burn the grass.”

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Caldwell Agencies

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Almanac Temperatures

High Low Normal ..........................20.1° ..................7° Record......................27.6°/1997........1.7°/1984 Yesterday......................22.7°.................7.5° Precipitation Normal..............................................1.6mm Record......................................18mm/1981 Yesterday ...........................................0 mm This month to date...........................2.6 mm This year to date........................1123.1 mm Precipitation totals include rain and snow


unrise 5 35 a.m. unset 9 50 p.m. oonrise 8 36 a.m. oonset 11 40 p.m.

un 16

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uly 8

Across the Region Tomorro w Barry Coulter photo

Prince George 20/7 Jasper 17/6

Edmonton 17/10

Banff 15/5 Kamloops 20/9

Revelstoke 22/10

Kelowna 22/9 Vancouver 17/11


Castlegar 24/10


Yellowknife Whitehorse Vancouver Victoria Saskatoon Regina Brandon Winnipeg Thunder Bay S. Ste. Marie Toronto Windsor Ottawa Montreal Quebec City Fredericton

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Stage’s School of Dance held its year-end recital, Friday, June 7, at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook — a performance celebrating the school’s 20 years. Above, left to right: Shekinah Hamm, Emily Paulson, Caitlin Paulson, Sarah House, Lindsay Ries, Jocelyn Chudleigh and Brianna Salmon took a moment prior to the rehearsal for a photo.

Calgary 16/8

Cranbrook 26/7


15/7 20/10 19/11 18/10 17/7 21/8 21/10 20/12 17/11 20/11 18/16 23/16 26/14 25/15 24/12 24/12

showers p.cloudy showers p.cloudy sunny sunny sunny sunny showers showers showers p.cloudy rain rain rain rain

17/11 18/8 17/11 17/10 20/11 21/11 23/11 23/12 22/11 19/8 24/14 26/18 18/13 18/13 17/10 18/11


28/21 20/10 24/17 19/6 30/24 31/28 28/15 19/4 21/17 31/24 21/9 23/13 32/27 18/13 23/18 28/21

p.cloudy 30/22 sunny 21/11 p.cloudy 28/19 showers 21/6 tshowers 33/23 showers 28/25 tstorms 29/15 showers 19/6 p.cloudy 21/17 tshowers 31/24 showers 21/8 sunny 25/12 cloudy 33/28 m.sunny 19/12 p.sunny 23/18 tshowers 29/19

The Weather Network 2013

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NOW WITH Don Kasner Owner

No need to visit ICBC. Deal directly with us! 126 Van Horne Street N. 250-426-2117

Callum Sinclair (left) and Brennan Comishin check out the challenges of the disc golf course by the College of the Rockies. The Grade 6 French Immersion class from TM Roberts in Cranbrook went on an excursion to the course last Thursday, for an introduction to this popular and growing sport. The course features 18 holes winding through the community forest.

daily bulletin

Local NEWS

Monday, JUNE 10, 2013

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Gardening workshops in Kimberley/Cranbrook One World Garden Workshops start June 11 in Kimberley and Cranbrook

East Kootenay. “It’s a great opportunity for those new to the area, or new to gardening, to learn more about growing food locally and for longtime local residents to share local garden wisdom and learn more about the people moving to the area. Exchanging culture in the garden, transplanting new techniques, sharing the tried and true, and feeding inspiration for all will be the goals of this time together in the garden,” explained Wildsight’s Shannon Duncan, who is coordinating the workshops. The classes will be held in Kimberley at the Cominco Community Garden, and at Cranbrook at the Public Produce Garden in MacKinnon Park. The focus will be on the perks and challeng-

Sally MacDonald Townsman Staff

Newcomers to Canada who have settled in Cranbrook and Kimberley will be able to learn about starting a veggie patch thanks to a series of workshops this year. Starting on Tuesday, June 11, three workshops will be held over the summer, with another three to run in the fall. The purpose of the workshops is to teach people to grow who may not know a lot Get your hands dirty and grow your own vegetables. about conditions in the

Kimberley RCMP is looking for the information or owners of the following; A black suitcase with wheels was found on 7th Ave in Townsite over the weekend. It contains men’s clothes and toiletries. Recently police were conducting an investigation into several car break-ins. A knife in a leather sheath was located in one vehicle but did not belong to the owner. If either of these items belongs to you, please attend the Kimberley detachment to claim them. Thirty eight (38) pressure treated fence posts were stolen from a property in Skookumchuck. The

posts were 6’ long and 4-5” in diameter. Suspects attended the property over the last few months and removed posts that had been placed in the holes. Numerous old tires and rims were dumped on Crown land N.E. of Summer Sub division in behind the highways works yard. Dumping any material is an offence and the perpetrator has no regard for the environment. Police and other provincial agencies are following up on this. If you have any information concerning either of these incidents please contact the Kimberley Detachment.

Water use in Kimberley among highest in Canada have an underground system, we’ll give you a free rain sensor.” If you would like your lawn assessed, call Panattoni at 250432-5294 or email waterconservation@

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Store Hours: 9:30 StoreHours: Hours:Mon. Mon.---Sat. Sat.9:30 9:30---5:30 5:30 Store Mon. Sat. 5:30


1107 1107 Baker Baker Street, Street,Cranbrook, Cranbrook,BC BC••426-5519 426-5519 OICE AWA Baker Street, Cranbrook, BC • 426-5519 1107 HOICE AW ARR CH SS’ ’ C Toll Free 1-888-426-5519 Toll Free 1-888-426-5519 Toll Free 1-888-426-5519 S220 DDS

the data has been entered into a computer program. “We can program your timer for best practices,” he said. “The assessments are free. We won’t try to sell you anything. We will give you a free hose timer, or if you

Introducing Nutri MULTI for women Nutri-Flex Liquid with VitaminDDD in a new featuring 1000Liquid IU ofwith VITAMIN Vitamin SalePrice Price The complete completeliquid liquidjoint jointcare careformula formula Sale ••The super-sized, pleasant tasting FeaturingGlucosamine Glucosamine Hydrochloride,Hydrolyzed HydrolyzedGelatin, Gelatin,formula. •• Featuring Hydrochloride, $28.99

013 S22013 DDS

From Page 1 Panattoni will be offering assessments to interested homeowners this summer. He will come and do soil samples, look at root depth, amounts of shade, and then recommend a watering schedule once all

Denise's Weekly Features Denise's Weekly Features Denise's Weekly Features Denise's Weekly Features Weekly Features


Cpl. Chris Ne wel For the Bulletin

The first workshop, titled “Fresh Beginnings”, will be on creating a garden bed, container gardens and ‘no dig’ potatoes. It will be held on Tuesday, June 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Kimberley, wand on Wednesday, June 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Cranbrook. On July 9 in Kimberley and July 10 in Cranbrook, gardeners will be taught to “Feed the Growth”, with a workshop on compost and manure as fertilizer, tomato care, and pest control. On August 6 in Kimberley and August 7 in Cranbrook, learn about “Berries, Roots and New Shoots”, at the final summer workshop on berry and root vegetable harvesting and care, and succession planting. See Page 5



Kimberley RCMP report

es of growing here, as well as on sharing knowledge and skills acquired elsewhere. “The workshops will follow the local growing season, covering as much as possible the basics of growing in this climate and covering the main challenges (specific pests, cold weather, dry weather) as we go through the seasons,” said Duncan. “There will be something for everyone, even experienced gardeners, as there will be techniques explored that could be new to gardeners, and there is also a great opportunity for exchange among gardeners at the workshops from both longtime locals, and immigrants who could bring entirely new ideas and techniques, or even new varieties of produce to try out growing here.”

Page 4 Monday, JUNE 10, 2013


daily bulletin

Local NEWS

Classroom with Outdoors

Field trip program gets students in touch with their environment

Kimberley, BC – Wildsight’s award-winning environmental education program, Classroom With Outdoors, is back! Now in its 13th year, Classroom With Outdoors is an experiential, field trip-based program designed to connect students in grades 4 to 7 with the ecosystems in their own back yards. Wildsight is able to offer Classroom With Outdoors free of charge thanks to the generous support of Columbia Basin Trust and local foundations and sponsors – which is vital to ensuring that the program remains accessible to as many students as possible.

The program continues to be as popular as ever – this year, roughly 1750 students in communities across the Columbia Basin will participate. Wildsight’s exceptional team of environmental educators has already started helping students and teachers discover the wonders of forest, wetland, grassland, and old growth ecosystems through engaging, interactive activities – using fine nets to catch and observe insects, journaling, role-playing, and much more. ‘There’s an increased recognition of the value of learning outside the classroom,’ says Education Program Manager Monica Nissen. ‘And we are starting to see the importance of understanding what is going on in the places where we live, of having a sense of local context and appreciating the ways in which intact ecosystems sustain us.’

NOTICE OF DISPOSITION AND GRANT OF ASSISTANCE Pursuant to the authority of Section 24 of the Community Charter, the City of Cranbrook intends to provide assistance to Habitat for Humanity by way of donation of a piece of City-owned land to enable construction of affordable residential housing for less than market value for lands located at 217 Crestbrook Avenue and legally described as Lot 6, District Lot 29, Kootenay District, Plan 868 (the “Lands”). The subject lands will be returned to the City with no compensation to the Habitat for Humanity Canada in the event the property is not used for the purpose intended within a period of two (2) years. Pursuant to the authority of Section 26 of the Community Charter, notice is hereby given that the City of Cranbrook proposed to dispose of the following land to Habitat for Humanity:

Classroom With Outdoors draws rave reviews from teachers each year. ‘Our programs are curriculum-based, so they support the learning that’s already happening inside the classroom,’ says Nissen. ‘Teachers tell us that they really appreciate being able to meet curriculum requirements by going outside. They often liken participating in Classroom With Outdoors to walking through a science textbook – it brings core concepts home for the students, making them memorable and compelling.’ Classroom With Outdoors is made possible through the financial assistance of Columbia Basin Trust, The North Face Explore Fund, Columbia Power Corporation, Fortis BC, Teck Coal, Teck Trail Operations, the Osprey Foundation, Creston-Kootenay Foundation, and the BC Gaming Fund. Wildsight views environmental education as a crucial part of building healthy communities and maintaining thriving ecosystems. ‘Ecosystem services are starting to be incorporated into economics and value systems,’ says Nissen. ‘Classroom With Outdoors helps to teach these concepts.”

Public comment sought on Cherry Creek Park For the Bulle tin

On Sunday, May 26, the Meadowbrook

Any enquiries concerning this proposed disposition may be directed to the Director of Corporate Services at (250) 489-0205.

Municipal Clerk

Community Association hosted a celebration of the preservation of Cherry Creek Falls. More than 100 people joined in the festivities. Now that mining has been prohibited on the 400+ acre former mineral tenure, the Regional

District of East Kootenay can pursue creation of a regional day use only park. In the photo, the Director for RDEK Area E, Jane Walter, former candidate for the BC Liberals in Columbia River – Revelstoke, Doug Clove-

2012 ANNUAL REPORT The City of Cranbrook 2012 Annual Report will be presented to Council for consideration at the Special Meeting on June 24, 2013 at 3:00pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Lot 6, District Lot 29, Kootenay District, Plan 868 The proposition is a sale of the fee simple interest in the Land. The consideration to be received by the City of Cranbrook is $1.

Photo submited

Bob Johnstone, Doug Clovechok and Jane Walters.

The 2012 Annual Report will be available for public review on the City website or can be picked up after 1:00pm on June 7, 2013 at the reception desk at City Hall. This notice is published in accordance with Section 99 of the Community Charter.

City of Kimberley


Presentation of the 2012 Financial Statements and Statement of Council Remuneration Monday, June 24, 2013 at 7:00 pm Council Chambers at Kimberley City Hall, 340 Spokane Street, Kimberley BC The 2012 Financial Statements are now available at City Hall or on the City website; The 2012 Statement of Financial Information is available upon request to Holly Ronnquist, CFO email at

chok, and MCA President, Bob Johnstone celebrate the occasion underneath the sign proclaiming the site of the future park. Johnstone noted the contribution of Clovechok and Walters. “Doug’s strong advocacy was essential in getting the Province to prohibit mining in this area; and Jane’s full support was needed to convince the RDEK to create the regional park”. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is soliciting comments from the public about the proposed park. If you wish to express an opinion you may make written submissions to: FrontCounter BC, 1902, Theatre Road Cranbrook, BC V1C 7G1 or AuthorizingAgenc y.Cranbrook@ Submissions will be accepted until June 19, 2013.

daily bulletin

Monday, JUNE 10, 2013

Local NEWS

Page 5

Over 400 signed up for Round the Mountain Fest For the Bulle tin

Photo courtesy Darryl Oakley

This image shows how quads have been bypassing the gate at the Mathew Creek entrance to Mark Creek watershed. Mature trees were also cut down to enable this quad road to be built.

Oakley argues for stewardship From Page 1 And the watershed is being used, highly used, Oakley says. “There is currently a moratorium on motorized access above 2000 metres, but if you are coming from Saskatchewan to do some snow machining, do you know that? Likely not. We have users who are not aware that it’s a watershed. Then we have users who deliberately cut trees and make a track around the gates.” Ideally, you’d like to see Conservation Officers policing the area above 2000 metres to protect the valuable caribou habitat, Oakley says. But if you can’t have that, why not stewardship by responsible groups who have every reason to want to operate in a safe manner? “I put out the idea of stewardship, of having people act as the eyes and ears if they were granted access. It’s unorthodox in terms of protection, but it’s not unprecedented. Other communities in North America have tried it. I put it out there to get the

“I put out the idea of stewardship, of having people act as the eyes and ears if they were granted access. It’s unorthodox in terms of protection, but it’s not unprecedented.” Coun. Darryl Oakley debate going, so we can come up with solutions. I’m losing the debate on Council right now, but I’m trying, as is everyone else, to find a way to move forward.” Oakley says that if you talk to old trappers and backcountry people around Kimberley, they will tell you that years ago the watershed was a real wilderness. “It was a true wilderness; recreational users didn’t go in. It was hard to access. Now we have the watershed being used a lot. It’s under a lot of pressure.” While some Councillors argue that allowing commercial access to one snowmobile tour operator would open the floodgates to more requests, Oakley does not agree. “If someone has tenure, they have

tenure. You don’t give someone else tenure on the same spot.” There are two motions regarding no commercial access before Council now, with the Watershed Committee recommending Council endorse them. Oakley hopes to change Council’s mind. But even if he doesn’t, a debate is occurring. “It’s a healthy discussion right now, and hopefully the outcome is strategies to deal with increased recreational use of the watershed. “And it opens a bigger, broader debate on backcountry pressure. It’s getting greater all the time.” Council will be meeting with the Mark Creek Watershed Committee next Friday to continue the discussion.

This year’s Festival is coming together well with almost 400 people already registered to hike, run or bike Round the Mountain. The support from many local businesses, including GOKimberley magazine, Tourism Kimberley, Mountain Spirit Resort and Mountain City Travel helps guarantee another successful festival for all to enjoy, as well as providing significant contributions towards Kimberley’s vast trail network and the volunteer groups helping to maintain and improve the trails. Representatives from the Round The Mountain Festival met with Ted Funston to receive a donation of $500 towards this years event. Kimberley Alpine Resort is also giving additional support providing use of a function room at the Trickle Creek Lodge for pre-race registration on Friday 21st June. Participants are invited to enjoy some carb loading at Montana’s restaurant and will receive a 10 per cent discount on food.

Photo submitted

left to right: Nigel Kitto - RTM Organiser, Toni Kitto - RTM Organiser; Christopher Kitto - RTM Kids Competitor; Sue Vold - RTM Organiser and Ted Funston - General Manager Kimberley Alpine Resort presenting a cheque for $500 from the RCR Summit Fund to Round the Mountain Festival 2013 It’s going to be a fun day for the whole family with kids’ events, great food and live entertainment by Don Davies, The Hollers and The Good Ol’ Goats. Event Co-ordinator, Nigel Kitto says,

“ With great live music, local food and a spectacular outdoor venue, Round the Mountain has something for everyone”. A free bus service from downtown, with a stop at the Kimberley

Gardening workshops From Page 3 The workshops have been made possible through the Welcoming Communities project, funded by the provincial and federal governments. Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, Cranbrook Food Action Committee and Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook have teamed up to offer the free workshops to connect newcomers and beginning gardeners with local knowledge, resources and the experience they need to grow their own food here. Organizers of the series are looking for more local garden mentors to help build this community by sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

To get involved or to register, in Cranbrook :  or call  250-427-7981, in

Kimberley: shannon@ or call  250-427-2535 ext 223.

Alpine Resort parking area, to the Nordic Centre will run 6am to 6pm. Registration closes at midnight June 12th. www.

NEW FICTION June 10, 2013 COONTS, STEPHEN Pirate alley COURTENAY, BRYCE Jack of diamonds HARRIS, CHARLAINE Dead ever after

City of Kimberley


TAKE NOTICE that the Annual Municipal Report will be available for public inspection effective, Monday, June 10, 2013: (a) At City Hall, 340 Spokane Street, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.; or (b) On the City website at Council will consider the Annual Report, submissions and questions from the public at a Regular Meeting of Council to be held on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, City Hall. Submissions can be sent to prear@

HOSSEINI, KHALED And the mountains echoed LeCARRE, JOHN A delicate truth MICHAELS, FERN Gotcha! PERCY, BENJAMIN Red Moon TRUSSONI, DANIELLE Angelology

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rime Minister Stephen Harper, off to Europe Tuesday to play on the international stage he so enjoys, can still extricate himself and his party from the swamp in which they now find themselves, many would agree. The strategy is simple. The tactical moves are drop-dead obvious. Or are they? First, Harper will soon shuffle his cabinet. In this by-now familiar scenario, a few high-profile, greying and controversial warhorses (Vic Toews and Julian Fantino, for instance) get cycled out. And the bright young sparks (Michelle Rempel, Kellie Leitch, Candice Bergen come to mind) get cycled in. At a stroke the Conservative brand is transformed from oldish, male and grumpy, to youngish, female and sunny. Then comes a change in tone for the 164-member Conservative caucus. Under this scenario, the shock of Edmonton MP Brent Rathgeber’s resignation, combined with residual unhappiness over the stifling of backbench voices such as anti-abortion MPs Mark Warawa and Stephen Woodworth, at last causes the Prime Minister to relax his grip. It’s glasnost across the board, with fewer talking points and a generally more constructive approach. Rather than near-constant character assassination aimed at the opposition leaders, Conservative messaging post-reboot stresses the positive: Surging job growth, continuing low inflation and interest rates, and a balanced budget by late next year or early 2015. Finally and perhaps most important, there’s the retooling of the PM himself. All Ottawa now breathlessly awaits the personal re-engagement of Stephen Harper.

No one expects to see him grooving and jiving, Michael Ignatieff-style, in a summer street dance. But there is an expectation that, in addition to grilling sausages at the Calgary Stampede, Harper will warm up a little, and begin speaking directly to Canadians about his vision of the country. As has often been pointed out, Stephen Harper can be a very persuasive speaker. He doesn’t need to go all Justin Trudeau: He just needs to speak, now and then. Well, yes. This is all plausible. But here’s some cold water. The shuffle-as-regeneration scenario presupposes that elevating figures such as Rempel, Leitch, Bergen, and other perceived up-and-comers such as Chris Alexander and Pierre Poilievre, will materially renew the government’s image and brand. Except that these folks have already been front and centre, for more than a year. When Defence Minister Peter MacKay was in trouble last December over the F-35 debacle, it was Alexander who ran point. Whether in the House of Commons or on the weekend news shows, it’s the Rempels and Leitches who often carry the can. Unless the PM digs much deeper into his caucus than he’s currently expected to, in other words, the brand effect of a shuffle will be limited. Next, while we’re on the subject of caucus: Before the “backbench spring” transformed social-conservative MPs such as Woodworth, Warawa and Rathgeber into warriors for free speech and accountability, they were mainly considered an impediment to Conservative electoral hopes. To be precise: The more these MPs speak up about their deeply-held beliefs,

the harder it is for Harper to persuade Ontario and British Columbia swing voters — the key to the 2015 election — that they can safely re-elect the Conservatives, without fear of a social-conservative legislative revival. The original purpose of talking points is to prevent mistakes. It will take just one reactionary “bozo eruption” of the kind that torpedoed Wildrose in last year’s Alberta election, to bring caucus glasnost crashing down. Last and most important, is the ticklish problem of Harper himself. According to party insiders he has been, since the Duffy-Wright scandal broke in mid-May, serving as his own chief strategist and communications advisor. That isn’t going so well. Nearly a month in, very simple questions about the affair (Where is the cheque? Can it be produced?) remain unanswered. Given the stakes, and the natural uncertainty about whether Harper even intended to run again, before the Duffy affair, the weeks of bungling, deflection and obfuscation are strange and inexplicable. They begin to make sense, perhaps, if there are more and worse revelations still to emerge, which the PMO has been frantically trying to tamp down, till the summer break. Either way, Harper’s personal credibility has taken a massive broadside — and one that shows few signs of being temporary. This all may be more than tweaking, reshaping or rebooting can address, in other words. It may require something more fundamental, such as change at the top. Michael Den Tandt is a columnist with Postmedia News

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2013 FREE PUBLIC SWIM Wednesday, January 2nd, 5:00-6:00 PM 2013 is sponsored by 7 Monday, JUNE 10, Page Kimberley Health-Care Auxiliary. 2013 FREE FAMILY SWIM Wednesday, July 18th, 6:00-7:00 PM is sponsored by Kimberley Health-Care Auxiliary. Children 18 years & under must be accompanied by an adult.


Catching the eye of the people What’s Up? An interview with VisArt2013 People’s Choice Award winner Val MacPhee

Helen Duckworth


hile we’re approaching summer, Val MacPhee won the public’s vote with a winter theme, in her acrylic piece “Winter Color.” Val contributed the work to the May VisArt2013 annual adjudicated exhibition at the Cranbrook and District Arts Council, and whilst she just missed out on winning prizes from the judged aspect of the show, she definitely caught the attention of the voting public. After news of her win, Val gave me the time to sit down with her and discuss what this means to her, her influences and inspirations and gave some advice for people wanting to enter VisArts2014 next year. Quietly confident and with a quick wit and genuine love of art, Val was a pleasure to talk with and gave a lot of useful insight to aspiring artists and followers of the the CDAC. I asked Val how she felt when she heard she had won the people’s choice award: “I felt great,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve been the recipient of a few people’s choice awards and (for me) I feel that winning this prize is a great confirmation that I’m on the right track and that other people relate to what I’m doing.” When asked why Val chose to put “Winter Color” into the show, she ‘felt that it has a strong design element with a play on color and high contrast” which people find visually appealing, and is somewhat reminiscent of what people have come to recognize as her style. Val is known for her use of

VisArt2013 People’s Choice Award Winner Val MacPhe color but this piece was an exploration from her comfort zone in that she used more neutrals alongside the bold colors she is known for. Val took the subject of this piece from a photograph by a fellow artist, but usually takes her own photographs as the basis of her pieces. She herself is influenced by the impressionist style, she enthuses she ‘likes the idea of broken color, to see brush strokes … seeing the juicy color and paint texture’ on a piece. She quotes Monet, his famous “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies,” (1899) and the accompanying series painted of his gardens in Giverny, France as

sources of inspiration. So what was Val’s approach to the annual adjudicated show? “Normally pieces I enter are more experimental in competitions,” she says, which is evident to followers of her work through her diverse range of styles and the exploration of media throughout the body of her work. “If it catches the eye from across the room, even better.” So does Val have any advice for those thinking of entering VisArts2014? “I’ve entered every VisArts (at the CADC) for the last ten years and really enjoyed it,” she said. “It’s a great way to (get) exposure and it’s not about winning, more about

doing.” Val is currently working on bigger projects but looks forward to getting involved in exhibiting again with the CDAC at the Artrageous Art Gallery in the near future. The Arts Council has a lot planned for the coming summer, having just welcomed in the new board for 2013-14 at the annual general meeting on June 5th. Mitch Pocha, last year’s vice-president, will take over from Linda Holmes as president and brings a fresh approach to the board. Linda promises to keep her finger on the CDAC pulse, and proved as much volunteering for the Sam Steele Days “Bygone Days” opening reception which took place on June 6. The CDAC thanks returning board members Jenny Humphrey and Landon Elliot for their continuing hard work as board members for 2013-14, and welcomes new board members Luigi Cupello, Vine Madder, Tessa McGregor, Bill McColl, Mark Duckworth, Howie Mason and Sioux Browning. For those interested, you can find out more about the Cranbrook and District Arts Council, their current exhibitions and workshops, via their ‘CDAC’ Facebook page, by emailing them at cdac@shaw. ca, visiting their website www. or visiting the gallery and office space in room 104, 135 10th Avenue South, Cranbrook, B.C, V1C 4J6. Helen Duckworth is with the Cranbrook and District Arts Council

Rodney DeCroo and Herald Nix team up for Lotus concert Ferdy Bell and


prefer alternate venues,” admits singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo, “especially for solo shows. “My songs are lyric-driven. I want to play shows for listening audiences so they can connect with the song. That means I’ve been playing in art galleries, the odd theatre, bookstores, house concerts, and such. “Pubs and cabarets are okay for band-oriented shows, but it’s not the best way to connect with an audience. There’s are always people in a bar that aren’t there for the show, and they often ruin the show for the people who want to hear. Especially if the songs are quiet, or lyric-focused.”

So says Vancouver’s rootsfolk maverick troubadour, who appears live in concert at Lotus Books the evening of Thursday June 13. Born in a Pennsylvanian coal-mining town, DeCroo is the son of a troubled ex-US Marine who deserted the military to avoid a second tour of duty in Vietnam and fled with his family to British Columbia. After a troubled, tumultuous childhood, the young Rodney found solace and focus in music, and for many years has been recording critically-acclaimed underground folk albums for the Vancouver-based Modern Electric label: Rodney DeCroo and the Killers (2005), War Torn Man (2006), Truckers

Memorial (2006), Mockingbird Bible (2008), Queen Mary Trash (2010), and the spoken-word Allegheny (2012). DeCroo’s deeply personal world-weary lyrics are delivered with a sincere back-country drawl; the sentiments of pre-rehab Steve Earle with Dylanesque vocals. And there’s a Cranbrook connection, as well; DeCroo’s father managed the long-lost Tudor House Hotel for a spell. “After I toured my album Queen Mary Trash, I parted ways with my band and stopped playing shows for over six months,” DeCroo said. “I’d been quite involved with the local scene before that, but I wanted time away from it. I

spent a year and a half writing my book and making my record Allegheny, BC. I’d do the occasional solo show, but those were in intimate rental venues, like Little Mountain Gallery. I unplugged from the scene. Over the last two years things have changed a lot, so I’m a little out of the loop, but that’s fine by me. People come to my shows, and that’s what matters to me.” Joining DeCroo on his current tour is Modern Electric labelmate Herald Nix, who has built a rabid Vancouver fanbase for his smoky, mysterious brand of roots-rock for nearly 30 years running,

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UPCOMING Monday, June 10 at the Kimberley Public Library: New immigrants and new residents to Kimberley are invited to join us at our “Spring Tea” to kick off the Welcoming Communities: Community Events and Networking Project. Meet community members and let us know what community events and services you are interested in learning about. 10:30-11:30 am or 7:00-8:00 pm. Info: Flo at 250427-2019 or British Columbia Government Retired Employees Association, Rky Mtn Branch, will be holding their luncheon meeting at the Bavarian Chalet, Cranbrook on June 12th, at 12 noon. Info: Jack Selman 250-489-5930. Grand Opening of the Immigrant Welcome Center, Thursday June 13th, 9:30 at the Kimberley Public Library. Please join us to learn about the Center services and the other Welcoming Community projects in Kimberley. Info: contact Kim Roberts CBAL Coordinator at or Pam Bailie CBAL Immigrant Settlement Assistance Worker at 250-427-6027 SOCIAL~DANCE to the music of ‘Chapparal’ JUNE 15, at the Cranbrook Seniors HALL 2nd St. South. A great evening of Song and Dance held on Third Saturdays, at 7 pm. EVERYONE WELCOME. Refreshments served. 250.489.2720 The annual Elks Charity Tournament is coming up on June 16 at the Kimberley Golf Course. Includes a prize for every player and a Prime Rib dinner. Sign up your own team or we can find a team for you. Call 250-427-2343 for more info. Kimberley Nature Park - Father’s Day Hike - Sunday, June 16. Meet at the Higgins St. entrance at 1 pm for a 3 - 4 hr moderate hike. Join leaders Ellen & Dan Chase 250- 427-5517 Businesses have until June 20th to purchase and register their Urban Artsy Deer for the Cranbrook Summer Artsy Deer Quest. Everyone else has until Aug. 24th to purchase and decorate their deer for the Great Cranbrook Artsy Deer Round Up and Competition to be held at Art in the Park in Rotary Park. Deer and details available at CDAC Gallery, 135-10th Ave. S., Cranbrook. The East Kootenay Railway Pensioners Association will be having a Social Luncheon at 12:30 pm, Tuesday June 18th, 2013 at the Bavarian Chalet (Day’s Inn) 600 Cranbrook St.N,Cranbrook BC. All Railway Retiree’s and Spouses are welcome. RSVP by June 14th, 2013. Info: Contact Secretary Frances Allen at 250-426-2720 or Bill Belding at 250- 426-5006 ONGOING Learn to Fish @ Kootenay Trout Hatchery! Come on out to the hatchery pond for this opportunity – great for all ages. Call now to book a session (250) 429-3214. Open now through the end of August! Tours also available. Tai Chi Moving Meditation every Wednesday 3-4 pm at Centre 64. Starts November 7th. Call Adele 250-427-1939. Special Olympics BC – Kimberley/Cranbrook now has an Active Start! Active Start is for children with intellectual disabilities ages 2-6, teaching basic motor skills through fun, positive experiences.Thursdays, 10-11am at Kimberley Aquatic Centre ** Transportation available. Call Julia 427.3324 or Cyra 250.919.0757 Cranbrook Senior Centre, Branch 11 holding their meetings every third Thursday a month. 1:30pm at the hall. We always welcome new members. Play and Learn Parenting/Literacy Program – 8 week registered program for parents with preschool children with a facilitated play and activity component for children. Kimberley Early Learning Centre Kim 250-427-4468. Cranbrook’s Bibles for Missions Thrift Store thanks you for your support. 824 Kootenay St. N. Open 10-5, Tues-Sat. A great place to save or volunteer. StrongStart BC - FREE family drop-in program for preschoolaged children accompanied by a parent. Kimberley Early Learning Centre. Monday 9 - 12, Tuesday 9 - 12, Thursday 9 – 12, Friday 9 - 12. Gina 250-427-5309. Treehouse–Families with children 5 & under are invited to come play. Free drop-in program in gym of Kimberley Early Learning Centre. Transportation avail. Tuesdays, 9:00 - 12:00. Diana 250-427-0716. East Kootenay Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (EKWEE) meet the first Monday of every month at the Heritage Inn, Dining Room Annex, 7:00PM. Join us for off the menu dinner 5:30 -7:00. Pay your own tab. Networking, share accomplishments, education. Bev Campbell 778-481-4883 Bibles for Missions Thrift Store 824 Kootenay St. N., Cranbrook. Open Tues-Sat 10am-5pm. 778-520-1981. Canadian Cancer Society- if you have spare time and would like to volunteer, interested applicants can call 250-4268916, drop by our office at #19-9th Avenue S, Cranbrook or go to and register as a volunteer. ICBL-Duplicate Bridge–Senior Center in Cranbrook. Mon & Wed 7pm, Thurs & Fri 1pm at Scout Hall, Marysville. Info: Maggie 250-417-2868. Cranbrook Phoenix Toastmasters meet every Thursday, noon - 1:00 Heritage Inn. Toastmasters teaches communication & leadership skills. Roberta 250-489-0174. Place your notice in your “What’s Up?” Community Calendar FREE of charge. This column is intended for the use of clubs and non-profit organizations to publicize their coming events — provided the following requirements are met: • Notices will be accepted two weeks prior to the event. • All notices must be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person. No telephone calls please. • NOTICES SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 WORDS. • Only one notice per week from any one club or organization. • All notices must be received by the Thursday prior to publication • There is no guarantee of publication. Notices will run subject to space limitations.


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Nadal beats Ferrer, wins 8th French Open title PARIS - Rafael Nadal became the first man to win eight titles at the same Grand Slam tournament when he beat fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in the French Open final Sunday, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. Nadal broke the men’s record for match wins at Roland Garros, where he improved to 59-1, with his lone defeat against Robin Soderling in the fourth round in 2009. For fans enthralled by Nadal’s semifinal victory over top-ranked Novak Djokovic, Sunday’s final may have seemed anticlimactic. But not for the champion, who hit a fallaway forehand winner on championship point, then tumbled to the clay he loves and covered his face to hide his emotions. Associated Press

Williams beats Sharapova to win French Open

PARIS - Serena Williams has won her 16th Grand Slam title and her first French Open championship since 2002, beating familiar foil Maria Sharapova 6-4, 6-4. Saturday’s victory completed the No. 1-ranked Williams’ rebound from a shocking loss to 111thranked Virginie Razzano in the first round at Roland Garros a year ago. Since that defeat she’s 74-3, including titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the London Olympics and the season-ending WTA Championships. Williams has won a career-best 31 consecutive matches. She improved to 14-2 against Sharapova, including victories in their past 13 meetings, with four of the wins this year. At 31, Williams became the oldest woman to win a major title since Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon in 1990 at age 33. Associated Press

Heat blow out Spurs to even up NBA final series MIAMI - LeBron James overcame a terrible start to finish with 17 points, eight rebounds and seven assists and the Miami Heat rolled to a 103-84 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday night to even the series at a game apiece. Mario Chalmers scored 19 points for the defending champion Heat, who trailed late in the third quarter before going on a 30-5 run to take control. Chris Bosh added 12 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. Danny Green scored 17 points on 6-for-6 shooting and Tony Parker had 13 points on 5-for-14 shooting with five assists for the Spurs, who turned the ball over 17 times after tying a finals record with only four in their Game 1 victory. Associated Press

Rangers rally, beat Blue Jays to prevent sweep TORONTO - Adrian Beltre hit a tiebreaking homer in the seventh inning and David Murphy added another solo shot an inning later as the Texas Rangers defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 6-4 on Sunday afternoon at Rogers Centre. After spotting the Blue Jays an early four-run lead, Texas (37-25) scored six unanswered runs to salvage the finale of the three-game series and end Toronto’s three-game winning streak. Reliever Neal Cotts (2-0) worked one inning for the win and Joe Nathan recorded the last three outs for his 19th save. Adam Lind hit a three-run homer for Toronto (27-35). The Blue Jays had six hits on the day and did all of their scoring in the third inning off Texas starter Justin Grimm. Canadian Press


Jon Bird, the first-place finisher in the Olympic distance course, rests for a minute after crossing the finish line with an official time of 1:52:32 at the Wasa Triathlon on Sunday afternoon.

With an eye on the finish line Athletes push their bodies to the limit at the 20th annual Wasa Triathlon

TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

Jon Bird hunched over, drawing deep breaths as he recovered from from his triathlon race in the Olympic distance moments after crossing the finish line. The Calgary native had just completed the course of 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run in just under two hours to take first place. He was a good nine minutes ahead of any other competitors. That lead came from getting out of the water first and building up a comfortable cushion during his bike, which put him seven minutes ahead of anyone else before the run. “It really plays with guys’ minds, when you get into that kind of lead,” said Bird. “They basically run for second [place], because seven minutes over a 10K is a pretty strong amount of time to

build back into. “That was one of my game plans coming in here today. I’m racing next weekend and the weekend after that, so for me to absolutely shell myself on the run today, going head-to-head against someone, I certainly would’ve done that—no question about it—but I really wanted to make my mark on the bike and try to take guys out of the race in that element.” It was Bird’s fourth trip to Wasa for the triathlon, after making three consecutive appearances from 2007-10. He’s had the opportunity to represent Canada on the world stage since then, but was happy to come out for the 20th anniversary of the race, which is organized by Charlie Cooper, of RM Events. “The one thing that I really like about this event, is Charlie, from

“The one thing that I really like about this event, is Charlie, from RM Events, does an incredible job of taking care of people, and he has since the first year I came out here.” Jon Bird RM Events, does an incredible job of taking care of people, and he has since the first year I came out here,” said Bird. “With the barbecue, with the organization, the transition, with the safety precautions that are on course—it’s a benchmark for Canadian racing and there’s a lot of things that other race directors or other races can learn about what Charlie does here

in terms of creating a family atmosphere.” Sue Huse, a Canadian expat representing Missoula across the 49th parallel, came in first place in the women’s category, with a time of 2:09:12, building up a four-minute lead on Tanya Solomon, who was the runner up. Like Bird, Huse said she wanted to use her time on the bike to open up a gap. “Swimming is my weakest point, so I was trying to get up there and get a good time for that and once I was off there, I was just trying to work the bike,” Huse said. “I’m comfortable with my run, because I’ve always had a fast run, but I was really pushing on the bike and I felt like that really helped me overall.” Solomon, who came in behind Huse, has won the race for the past two years in the Olympic dis-

tance category. “I knew she was there and I knew that I needed to have a good bike and swim in order to beat her, so I felt like once I was able to pass her on the run, I felt comfortable, just because I knew my run was strong,” added Huse. For the second straight year, the highest-placing Cranbrook resident was the Daily Townsman’s own staff member Tim Fix, finishing in 34th overall with an official time of 2:18:04. Chris Kostiuk represented Kimberley’s best placing, finishing 41st overall with a time of 2:20:24. Calgary made it a sweep on the podium again in the Sprint distance, which is half of the Olympic course, with Willy Gonzalez earning first place with a time of 1:05:36.

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Blackhawks and Bruins offer something for everyone in NHL final Jay Cohen Associated Press

CHICAGO - Two franchises, rich in history, talent and star power. Two winning teams that know what it takes to bring home the Stanley Cup. Intrigue, in the form of a schedule that kept them away from each other for an entire season. Oh, there’s plenty to love about this series. The Stanley Cup finals kick off Wednesday night when the Chicago Blackhawks host the Boston Bruins in the first finals matchup of Original Six franchises since Montreal beat the New York Rangers in five games way back in 1979. The mighty Blackhawks, winners of seven of the last eight games, have a deep roster that really found its identity when pushed to the limit by the Detroit Red Wings in the second round. Then there are the playoff-tested Bruins, who rolled over favoured Pittsburgh during an impressive sweep that gave them a chance for a second NHL title in three seasons. It’s a gift wrapped in a bow for a league still trying to recover from a bitter lockout that wiped out 510 games and pushed the start of the season back to Jan.


“It’s a special couple places, the tradition of the Bruins and the Hawks is special,” Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said. “I’m sure, you know, the rivalry could return instantly come Game 1. I think it’s good for the league. It’s good for hockey. Two great hockey markets. We’re very excited to be a part of it.”

“Everyone has that drive to win the Cup. It’s going to be a long road ahead here. It’s surreal. I’ve wanted this since I was a kid. I’m excited to get started.” Andrew Shaw Chicago advanced with a 4-3 double-overtime victory over Los Angeles on Saturday night, using a hat trick from Patrick Kane to eliminate the defending champion Kings in five games in the Western Conference finals. Back in the Stanley Cup series for the first time since 2010, the Blackhawks are in search of another title to pair with their six-game victory over the Philadelphia Flyers three years

ago. “Everyone has that drive to win the Cup,” Chicago forward Andrew Shaw said. “It’s going to be a long road ahead here. It’s surreal. I’ve wanted this since I was a kid. I’m excited to get started.” Boston is rolling again after losing its spot atop the Northeast Division in the final days of the regular season. The Bruins have won five in a row and nine of 10, boosted by a familiar group of stars who led the way when they won it all in 2011. David Krejci scored four times in the Pittsburgh sweep and leads Boston with nine goals and 12 assists in the playoffs. “The excitement is there,” Bruins coach Claude Julien said Sunday. “You’ve heard people say, ‘Once you’ve been there, you want to go back.’ It’s true, we really want to go back; we made it happen. We’re excited about it and we also know what kind of challenge lies ahead for us. It’s about acknowledging that and being ready for it.” While Boston and Chicago have kept an eye on each other for a while now, there’s no way for either team to grab a real hold on what to expect at the very beginning of the series.

Army of volunteers make triathlon happen Continued from page 8 Sarah Gavin-Raap, hailing from the same city, took the top spot in the women’s category, with a time of 1:06:57. Mark Neeve was the top local finisher in fifth place, representing Kimberley with a time of 1:11:36—good for fifth overall. Thomas Stambulic was the top Cranbrook athlete, with a time of 1:18:17. On Saturday, roughly 300 kids took part in the TriKids race, which offered scaled down distances for kids in different age divisions ranging from 4-15 years old. The whole two-day event is put together by Cooper and his army of volunteers, including help from organizations like the Kimberley Gymnastics Club, Kimberley Swim Club and the Cranbrook Society for Community Living, which manned aid stations along the course. Steve King also returned to the announcers booth, where he kept the

crowd entertained and informed as every racer crossed the finish line. “Without volunteers, now I know this over the years, you just don’t put on events,” said Cooper. The event celebrated it’s 20th anniversary, and while Cooper hasn’t been around for all those years, he’s been a staple for many of them, starting as race director in 2001. “It’s been really good to see it grow and you get the confidence that we’ve been doing a good thing over the years,” said Cooper. “We started off in 2000 not having an event, and in 2001, we brought it back and had 160 people, then went to 380 and it just grew from there. “Last year was our record, in terms of numbers of people, and unfortunately it was a poor year with some rain, so this year, our numbers are down a little bit.” “But Wasa is such a great place to hold the event.”

That’s because the abbreviated 48-game schedule due to the lockout included no games against teams from the other conference. That’s right, the Bruins and Blackhawks haven’t played since Oct. 15, 2011, when Boston won 3-2 in a shootout in Chicago. There are no mutual opponents this year, not even an All-Star game to compare the players from each conference. “I think all the infor-

mation is out there for both teams to understand how we both play,” Julien said. “There’s no secrets there. Again, like I said, it’s only the head to head, how the two teams are kind of going to clash, what’s going to happen when we do. It’s as simple as that. “It’s about having confidence in what you plan on doing and going out there and executing it, that’s all you can do.” The Bruins were on

the brink of elimination when they trailed Toronto 4-1 with less than 11 minutes left in the third period of Game 7 in the first round. But they managed to beat the Maple Leafs 5-4 in overtime. The Blackhawks had their own great escape in the second round, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to eliminate the rival Red Wings in seven games. The comeback included a three-goal flurry in Game 6 that erased a

2-1 deficit heading into the final period. The twin comebacks for Boston and Chicago increase the potential for a compelling series for the title. Now mix in a couple of the NHL’s best all-around forwards in Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins and Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks, plus a slew of talented players on each side, and there are convincing arguments to be made for either team to win the title.

Repeat dreams dashed for L.A. Kings Greg Beacham Associated Press

LOS ANGELES Dean Lombardi was awake until dawn after the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup defence came to a crashing end in the Western Conference finals. After talking with coach Darryl Sutter until 4:30 a.m., the Kings’ general manager decided he couldn’t fault his team

for its effort or its tenacity in a difficult post-season run that ended one series early. The Kings spent Sunday decompressing from their elimination by the Chicago Blackhawks, who finished off the conference finals in double overtime in Game 5. Los Angeles is the 14th consecutive NHL champion to fail to repeat, but the first in four years to make

it back to the conference finals the next year. Once they’ve spent a few days clearing their heads and healing from the litany of injuries dogging everyone this time of year, the Kings will look back a bit more fondly on the most successful two-year stretch in franchise history. Los Angeles won its first Stanley Cup title last season and followed it up

with just the third trip to the conference finals in the Second Six club’s history. Los Angeles had never won more than three playoff rounds in any two-year stretch before winning six rounds in the past two seasons. Although the Blackhawks finished off the Kings relatively quickly, the champions kept the NHL’s respect.

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DeCroo, Nix team up for Lotus concert Continued from page 1 Years before the terms “Americana” and “Alt-Country” were coined and fashionable, Nix displayed his stunning country-blues masterpieces to tightly-packed and mesmerized crowds. An eccentric yet compelling character (he rarely gives interviews), Nix is a truly unique talent, and his upcoming performance is indeed a community privilege.    “I’ve shared stages many times with Herald,” says DeCroo, “but this is the first time I’ve toured with him. I admire him greatly. There’s an unwavering commitment to his own vision.”   DeCroo also has a parallel career as a writer of prose, and has melded his two muses into a multimedia performance-art piece entitled Allegheny BC. “It’s about growing up in Pittsburgh,” he explains, “it consists of songs, poems and monologues. My double-bass player Mark Haney accompanies me and creates amazing soundscapes. We toured a rough version of the show and it went great. I’ll be doing ten nights at the Cultch in September, and at the Vancouver International Writers Festival. We’re doing intense rehearsals with a theatre director to hone the show and develop lighting

design, video, etc.” It would seem that DeCroo’s schedule is sewn up for the remainder of 2013. “I’m supposed to do some touring in Europe later in the year. My new album Campfires on the Moon is nearly finished, and I’m very excited about it. I’ve also been rehearsing with a rock band and plan to make a record with those guys...I think I’ll call it Strong is the Hold.”   With well over a hundred strong songs in his personal repertoire, DeCroo certainly has the experience and the talent to pass along to other singer-songwriters. “It all depends on what you want out of songwriting,” he said. “I want to write good songs, and record and play them...on my terms. If that’s what’s important to an underground / indie songwriter, then my advice? Do exactly that; don’t make compromises with your work you can’t live with in order to get ahead. You’ll regret it later, and you’ll find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be.  I’d like to be remembered as someone who wrote good, authentic songs that meant something, and made good, authentic records, and played some memorable shows; someone who stayed true to his own vision.”

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Change of attitude needed Dear Wendy: I started reading your column last year and I was wondering if you could give me some answers to my problem. My issue is my relationships with men. I seem to pick the same type of man that breaks my heart over and over again. I feel like a loser sometimes and I am getting depressed being alone all the time. Can you see a man in my future that I can have a happy relationship with? Will I have any children in the future? I have a good job and I like my career but I feel without being with someone I am going to be so lonely. These thoughts scare me all the time and I need some advice about what to do. Feeling Scared and Lonely Dear Feeling Scared and Lonely: We feel that you need to approach this problem you are having with men with a different attitude or perspective on how you view your life. For example: You have a great job and you like your job; that’s about 8 hours a day five days of the week that you are happy with who you are and what you do. This is a good thing.

Not sure about the whole

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We feel your problem with men is that you like the “bad boys.” You know, the ones that you feel will rescue you from your loneliness. The problem is the bad boys are just as lonely and insecure as you are when it comes to relationships with the ladies. The problem with bad boys is they are not committable to themselves or anyone else in their lives. They conASK WENDY stantly think Wendy only about themselves Evano and their toys that give them recreational pleasure. Unfortunately, they view a relationship with a woman in the same manner. This means a woman is there only for their pleasure and when a problem arises in the relationship they leave. So the illusion of the knight in shining armour which most bad boys portray is just that, an illusion. We feel that you have identity issues that you need to work on before you are able to find the right man. This means you need to work on your low self-esteem and insecurity problems and learn who you are as a person. For example: If you were emotionally secured within yourself and knew who you were you would know what you want when looking for a mate. Unfortunately, we feel that you have been unwilling to do this work on yourself. This is why you keep meeting and choosing the same men that caused you pain and suffering in your life. The attitude that you should

be having is: “Hey, I have a great life and a wonderful job. I just need to work on a few things that will enhance and make my life better.” Being alone and being lonely are two different things. For example: Since my mom passed over I feel so lonely at times because I loved her a lot. I usually am never lonely nor have I felt this emotion for any length of time. However, this loneliness creeps up on me over and over again. I have the emotional intelligence to realize that I do not need a mate or a partner to rescue me from my feelings of loneliness because I miss my mom. How can another person compensate for that loss? They can’t. It takes time and healing to get over this loneliness I have. Same scenario with your issue; you are feeling lonely because you miss you. You do not have a relationship with yourself and that makes you feel lonely. Therefore, you are trying to find a man to fill that void within yourself. No man can do that for you. This is your learning lesson and we hope that you will take the time and love that you should have for yourself and learn this lesson. If you do not take the time to learn your lesson you will meet men that will hurt you. We do see you having children on this plane in this lifetime. Wendy

For personal and over the phone readings phone Wendy @ 426-2127. Need some answers to your questions email me @ wevano

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Word Wild Elec KSPS-PBS Sid News News CFCN Ellen Show ABC News KXLY-ABC Rachael Ray Dr. Oz Show KREM-CBS Dr. Phil Judge Judge KHQ-NBC Ellen Show Hocke Cabbie TSN SportsCentre MLB Blue NET Party Poker The Young GLOBAL BC Ricki Lake Clifford Ceorge Arthur KNOW Rob Ste Gags HNIC CBUT Cor News News CICT The Young News News CIVT The Young Par Par YTV Squir Side Steve Harvey KAYU-FOX Ricki Lake CNN Situation Room E. B. OutFront Tattoo Tattoo SPIKE Ink Master Decke Decke HGTV Holmes/Home Stor Stor Stor A&E Stor House Gags Gags CMT Wil Maneater Property Bro W SHOW Cradle of Lies DISC How/ How/ Daily Planet SLICE Debt Debt Rent Eat St. Little Couple TLC Toddler-Tiara BRAVO Criminal Minds Flashpoint EA2 Singin (:45) S1m0ne Jim TOON Scoob Loone Jim ANT Phi Austin FAM Wiz WPCH Office Office Theory Theory Sein Match N’Rad. COM Sein Hollywd-Home TCM Hitch-Hiker Stor Stor OUT Mantracker Cnt. Cnt. HIST Pickers SPACE Inner Ripley Castle AMC Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Pass Pass SPEED NASCAR Hub Pickers TVTROP Pickers MC1 Help My Week With Marilyn Maury KTLA Cunningham Funny Videos WGN-A Funny Videos EA1 (3:40) Backdraft Murder, She... VISN Sue Thomas Prince Prince 102 102 MM New Music Cap sur l’été 105 105 SRC Frites maison

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Word Wild Elec News Busi PBS NewsHour Nature NOVA Battle-Elephant Stonehenge Charlie Rose # # KSPS-PBS Sid News News CTV News etalk Theory The Listener MasterChef News News Daily Colbert $ $ CFCN Ellen Show The Doctors News ABC News News Ent Insider Middle Family Mod How- The Lookout News Kim % % KXLY-ABC Rachael Ray Dr. Oz Show News CBS News Inside Ac The American Criminal Minds CSI: Cri. Scene News Late & & KREM-CBS Dr. Phil Judge Judge News News News Million. J’pard Wheel Dateline NBC Law & Order Chicago Fire News Jay _ _ KHQ-NBC Ellen Show Hocke Pardon Soccer SportsCentre Hocke Motor Top 10 SportsCentre SportsCentre ( ( TSN SportsCentre MLB Blue MLB Baseball Sportsnet Con. UFC Count. Sportsnet Con. Hocke Blue ) ) NET Party Poker The Young News News News Hour Ent ET The American Office Di Chicago Fire News + + GLOBAL BC Ricki Lake Under Frontiers of Hidden Cities Waldbuhne 2011 Frontiers of , , KNOW Rob Clifford Ceorge Arthur Martha Wild Ani Ste NHL Hockey News Georg 22 Min Gags Dragons’ Den The National News Georg ` ` CBUT Cor News News News News ET Ent Chicago Fire The American Office Di News Hour Fi ET J. 1 M CICT The Young News News News Hour ET Ent Chicago Fire The American Office Di News Hour ET J. 3 O CIVT The Young 4 6 YTV Squir Side Spong Spong Spong Spong Young Young Boys Boys Spla Zoink’ Gags Gags Boys Young Weird Spla Steve Harvey Simp Ray Theory Two Theory Two MasterChef News Un Sunny TMZ 6 . KAYU-FOX Ricki Lake Piers Morgan Cooper 360 E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan Cooper 360 E. B. OutFront 7 / CNN Situation Room E. B. OutFront Cooper 360 Deadliest Ways Spike Guys Choice 2013 Spike Guys Choice 2013 Spike Guys Choice 2013 8 0 SPIKE Deadli Deadliest 9 1 HGTV Holmes/Home Decks Decks Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Scor Scor Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Scor Scor Hunt Hunt Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck : 2 A&E The First 48 House Gags Gags Wipeout Rules Rules Funny Videos Gags Gags Rules Rules Funny Videos Wipeout < 4 CMT Wil Encounter Dan My My My Love Love It-List It Cand Cand Love It-List It Love It Dine Dine Dine Dine = 5 W The Perfect Marriage NCIS NCIS Hawaii Five-0 NCIS NCIS ? 9 SHOW The Perfect Neighbor North America Mighty Planes Mighty Planes Deadly Catch North America Mighty Planes Mighty Planes @ : DISC How/ How/ Daily Planet Brainwashed Karma Karma Murder-Parad Dumbest A ; SLICE Debt Debt Rent Eat St. Secu Secu Karma Karma Murder-Parad My Teen Is Breaking Toddler-Tiara The The Toddler-Tiara The The Breaking My Teen Is B < TLC Toddler-Tiara The Mentalist Perception Suits Flashpoint Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Perception C = BRAVO Criminal Minds Flashpoint ReGenesis Past Perfect The Natural Great Waldo D > EA2 Paradise Alley Bright Young Things Jim Johnny Johnny Adven Rocket Johnny Deten Total Adven Ftur Family Amer. Robot Family Dating E ? TOON Scoob Loone Jim ANT Phi Austin Jessie Good ANT Shake Good Win Austin Gravity Win Warth Lizzie Raven Cory Prin F @ FAM Wiz Fill in theWPCHgridOffice so that every rowTheory (nineBrown cells wide), everyPayne column Office Theory Payne Brown Sein (nine Seincells Family Family Amer. You, Me and Dupree Almost G A Sein cells Match by N’Rad. Gas theGags H Band COM tall) everySein box (three threeComcells)Theory contain digitsJust/Laughs 1 through Match 9 in Simp Theory Com Nathan Men- Daily Colbert Balalaika Imitation of Life (:15) The Rains of Ranchipur (:15) The Sea Chase BadI C any order.TCMThere is only one solution for each puzzle. Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Ghost Hunters K E OUT Mantracker Pawn Pawn MASH MASH Amer. Pickers Pawn Pawn Amer Amer Swamp People Yukon Gold D-Day-Victory L F HIST Pickers Stargate SG-1 Exit Paranormal Wi. Inner Castle Star Trek: Voy. Ripley Exit M G SPACE Inner Ripley Castle CSI: Miami Play It to the Bone (:45) Play It to the Bone Nutty Prof. 2 N H AMC CSI: Miami Wreck Wreck Pinks Pinks Car Warriors Wreck Wreck Pinks Pinks Unique Whips O I SPEED NASCAR Hub Pass Pass Car Warriors Weird 3’s Co. 3’s Co. ’70s ’70s Rose. Rose. Debt ET 3’s Co. 3’s Co. ’70s ’70s 3rd 3rd P J TVTROP Weird (:10) The Riverbank Robot & Frank Nurse Trouble With the Curve Marvel’s the Avengers W W MC1 Salmo Judy Moody-Summer Maury Family Holly News News Two Two Arrow Supernatural KTLA 5 News Friend Friend ¨ ¨ KTLA Cunningham Funny Videos Rules Rules Rules Rules News at Nine Funny Videos Rules Rules Rock Scrubs Rock Sunny ≠ ≠ WGN-A Funny Videos (:20) Global Metal Teen Wolf (:35) The Guardian (:10) FeardotCom Ø Ø EA1 BackIII Mars Attacks! Murder, She... Eas Served The Midwife Downstairs Sue Thomas Memories of Me Super Popoff ∂ ∂ VISN Sue Thomas

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New summer ArrivAls

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COMICS Horoscopes by Jacqueline Bigar

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) You could feel pressured by a domestic matter. You just might have had enough, and you won’t be afraid to show it. You’ll want to get more feedback from an older relative or friend who sees life far differently. Re-evaluate your feelings. Tonight: Home is where your heart is. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your ability to communicate goes beyond the abilities of many people. A close loved one could be jealous of what you have to offer. You won’t be able to change this person’s feelings, but you can try to see what it’s like to walk in his or her shoes. Tonight: Talk up a storm. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Be aware of what you have to offer. A financial arrangement could have you feeling as if you’ve given too much. Do not allow yourself to fall into a pit of despair. Make a point to support yourself in getting a more equal agreement. Tonight: A friend surprises you.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your confidence will allow you to stand up to someone who could be trying to get something for nothing. In the end, this person might give everything away just to get you to agree. Opt for the fair bargain. A parent or boss acts in odd ways. Tonight: Hang out with a pal. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You are wise to sit back and do little. Be aware of crosscurrents. Someone might be attempting a major power play. How and when you intervene will be a question of choice. You might opt not to get involved at all. Tonight: Get a good night’s sleep. (You will need it.) VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Keep your focus. Staying present in a meeting could be more important than you realize. Understand what is happening beyond the obvious. Listen to news more openly. A new friend might try to manipulate you in order to get what he or she wants. Tonight: Where the fun is. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Pressure builds around a public

For Better or Worse

appearance or career matter. You might not know which way to go. Understanding will evolve between you and a family member, as long as you can get past a control game. The only way to win is not to play. Tonight: Out -- perhaps very late. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) If you can resist reacting, you will gain a deeper understanding of a situation; not everything is as it seems. Detach. Less judgment and more openness will help you resolve a problem. Prioritize in order to achieve what you want. Tonight: Let your imagination lead. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Consider an extended conversation even if you are not “in the mood.” You’ll discover the role of clarity about money and other key issues. In fact, much more so than you thought. A child or new friends perks up your day. Tonight: Paint the town red. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Defer to others, and you likely will gain a very different perspective as a result. Listen to news more openly. Unexpected

developments could shake you up more than you might expect. Just know that everything will work out if you let go of rigidity. Tonight: Go along with a suggestion. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Pace yourself, and be willing to make an adjustment. You might need to stop and have a private conversation with a friend. Open up to new possibilities. Know that your interpretation of recent events could be off. Unexpected news could head your way. Tonight: Hang with friends. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Where others hit a wall, you seem to be on cruise control. Your imagination and resourcefulness help you find solutions. A loved one might need some attention. Say “no” to any financial risks, as you might not be getting the full story. Be careful. Tonight: Let go of stress. BORN TODAY Author Maurice Sendak (1928), Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip (1921), former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer (1959) ***

By Lynn Johnston

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By Jim Davis

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Hagar the Horrible

By Dick Browne

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Rhymes with Orange

By Hillary B. Price

Annie’s Mailbox by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: In January, my boyfriend and I moved in together after four months of dating. We both have young daughters, and we love all of them. His ex took off two years ago and has no interaction with the children. Their grandmother and great-grandmother, however, have played an active role in the girls’ lives. Due to my boyfriend’s work schedule, the girls stay overnight with his mother several nights a week. Here’s the problem: His family does not approve of me. They haven’t said so to my face, but I know they have hated me since Day One, mainly because of my tattoos and lip ring. I have a great job, pay all of my bills and am very responsible. I removed the lip ring in order to gain their acceptance, but it made no difference. They badmouth my daughter and me to his girls. It’s become so difficult that his girls don’t want to be near me. His 3-year-old told my daughter she is “dumber than a box of rocks.” We found out that Grandma taught her that. My boyfriend and I only want what’s best for our children and have been discussing breaking up, which neither of us wants. I have tried to talk to his family, but they refuse to answer my calls. I don’t know what to do. I want to keep our family together and our children happy. -- N.Y. Dear N.Y.: This is primarily up to your boyfriend. He needs to make it clear that such behavior will not be tolerated. Would he be willing to put the children in daycare so that his mother and grandmother have less influence? Would the threat of doing so stop them from denigrating you in front of the children? Frankly, we think moving in after four months was a bit premature, and it wouldn’t hurt to take things more slowly. But whether or not you are living together, unless your boyfriend puts his foot down with his mother and grandmother, the situation will not improve. Dear Annie: My husband dropped me off in front of a store so I could buy one item. He was in a golf cart and said, “I will be on this end when you come out.” My shopping took less than two minutes because they didn’t have the item I needed. When I came outside, my husband was not where he said he would be. I waited in clear view in front of the store, but when he didn’t come after five minutes, I began to walk toward where he said he would be waiting. He wasn’t there, so I turned around and walked the other way, thinking I must have misunderstood him. I did this back-and-forth three times and then just waited in front of the store for another 20 minutes. My husband insists he stayed in the same spot the entire time and didn’t see me. He said I should have come looking for him in the crowded parking lot. I feel he should have been looking for me since he was the one driving. Where he was parked was obscured from my vantage point. He also knows I have poor vision. Who is right? -Wife Left at the Door Dear Wife: The spot your husband picked made him invisible to you and vice versa. He should have been waiting where he said he would be, and you should have looked for him there and then waited where he dropped you off. You absolutely should not have been searching a crowded parking lot. (This is one advantage of having a cellphone.) Dear Annie: I’m writing in favor of potlucks. They are wonderful -- fun, interesting and tasty. My group of friends selects a category of meal (which changes each time), so a certain amount of research is involved, and we bring copies of the recipes to share with others. -- Omaha, Neb. Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie’s Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2013 CREATORS.COM

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Monday, JUNE 10, 2013


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Birdwatching with the Rocky Mountain Naturalists

Return of the aristocratic Kingbird Da ryl C a l d e r


ith dark grey upperparts and a neat white tip to the tail, the Eastern Kingbird looks like it’s wearing a business suit. This big-headed, broad-shouldered bird does mean business — just watch one harassing crows, Red-tailed hawks, Great Blue Herons, and other birds that pass over it’s territory. Eastern Kingbirds often perch on wires or other prominent perches in open areas. They sally out for flying insects or flutter slowly over the tops of grasses. Naturalists were expecting their return during late May and sure enough, six were observed this week at Elizabeth Lake. The semi-open habitat with a mix of grassy fields and trees, often near water, makes the East Kootenay a favourable area for both the Western and Eastern Kingbirds. During the summer, the Kingbird eats mostly flying insects and maintains a breeding territory that it defends vigorously against all other Kingbirds. In the winter, along the Amazon River, however, it has a completely different lifestyle: it travels in flocks and eats fruit. Adults feed their young for seven weeks. Because of this relatively long period of dependence, only one brood is raised per season. It’s not called a Kingbird for nothing. It has a crown of yellow, orange or red feathers on it’s head which is usually concealed. When it encounters a potential predator, the Kingbird may simultaneously raise it’s bright crown patch, stretch it’s beak wide open to reveal a red gape, and dive-bomb the intruder. Kingbirds sometimes catch small frogs, treating them the same way they deal with large insects: beating them against a perch and swallowing them whole. Eastern Kingbirds apparently rely completely on insects and fruit for moisture; they have never been seen drinking water. As the summer progresses they supplement their insect diet with fruit. During the fall migration, they begin to eat a lot of fruit

which makes up most of their diet on the wintering grounds. Recently, several naturalists paddled a favourite waterway, heading upstream between Lower and Upper Moyie Lakes. Willow thickets challenged us to separate the calls of yellow warblers, blackbirds, wrens and song sparrows which were more easily heard than seen. About 100m up Lamb Creek, a pool below a log jam provided a shady rest area and turnaround. A different set of birds called from this habitat featuring tall trees, shrubs and narrow sandbars. Woodpeckers, kingfishers, flycatchers, chickadees and thrushes created a variety of sounds under the Bald Eagle’s watchful eye.

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Michael Woodruff

Eastern Kingbird Spotted Sandpipers occur all across North America, they’re distinctive in both looks and actions, and they’re handsome. With their richly spotted breeding plumage, teetering gait, stuttering wingbeats and showy courtship dances, this bird makes a great ambassador for the notoriously difficult – to - identify shorebirds. We watched several foraging along Lamb Creek, walking quickly, crouching low, occasionally darting towards prey, all the while bobbing the tail. Listen for a few high whistled notes as they take off from the shoreline. Although their populations are relatively stable, development and loss of their wetland habitat, or compromised water quality due to pesti-

cides, herbicides or other runoff, can harm their ability to feed and raise their young. Join Rocky Mountain Naturalists at 7AM on Tuesday mornings by the Elizabeth Lake Visitor Centre. Dress warmly and bring binoculars, a guide book and scope if you are able; we can provide a helpful Checklist of East Kootenay Birds. We wander along the trails slowly and quietly, so if you are a bit late, we are easy to find. At 8AM we’ll be near the ‘concrete blind’ and lake outlet. Experienced birders will guide the group and help with identification. We often spend as much as 3 hours exploring the various habitats.

College of the Rockies

Write in the Mountains July 8 - 19 th


A combination of Elizabeth Lake and Moyie Narrows Pied-billed Grebe Eared Grebe Great Blue Heron Canada Goose Mallard Cinnamon Teal Northern Shoveler American Wigeon Redhead Ring-necked Duck Greater Scaup Lesser Scaup Common Goldeneye Ruddy Duck Bald Eagle Red-tailed Hawk Sora American Coot Killdeer Spotted Sandpiper Rock Pigeon Vaux’s Swift Rufous Hummingbird Belted Kingfisher Red-naped Sapsucker Northern Flicker Pileated Woodpecker Western Wood-Pewee Willow Flycatcher Eastern Kingbird Tree Swallow Violet-green Swallow Cliff Swallow Barn Swallow Blue Jay American Crow Common Raven Black-capped Chickadee Mountain Chickadee Red-breasted Nuthatch Winter Wren Marsh Wren Ruby-crowned Kinglet Swainson’s Thrush American Robin Gray Catbird European Starling

Yellow Warbler Common Yellowthroat Savannah Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Red-winged Blackbird Yellow-headed Blackbird Brown-headed Cowbird House Finch Pine Siskin

Submitted by Daryl Calder on behalf of Rocky Mountain Naturalists

Sharpen your skills at professional editing, nonfiction and introductory creative writing.

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College of the Rockies presents Creative Non-Fiction writing with well-known Canadian author and COTR faculty member Angie Abdou. Develop your writing skills in the major forms of creative non-fiction including the personal essay, memoir, biography or travel writing. Online component June 26 to July 5 Classroom sessions in Nelson July 8 to 12 For more information go to:

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CREATIVE AND caring ECE worker for childcare centre for a maternity leave replacement. Must have ECE certificate, first aid and criminal record check. Drop off resume at Alliance Friendship Place Daycare Centre, 1200 Kootenay Street N., Cranbrook, or fax to: 250-489-0129 or email to: Phone inquiries to Jo-Anne Trotter: 250-489-4526

THE 37TH ANNUAL Cranbrook FireďŹ ghterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fishing Clinic. When: Sunday, June 16/13 (Fathers Day), from 8:30am12:30pm. Where: Idlewild Park in Cranbrook. Who: Children 15 years old and under. What: Fishing! No cost or pre-registration required. Refreshments will also be served. Many prizes to be won.

Personals KOOTENAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BEST ESCORTS *For your safety and comfort call the best. *Quality and V.I.P Service Guarantee *Licensed studio - Gina, 25, Brunette blue-eyed beauty.




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NEW - Phoenix, 27, Mocha Latte, busty BBW

(250)417-2800 in/out calls daily Hiring

Lost & Found FOUND, LARIATS for roping. Contact 250-427-3703

Children Daycare Centers FULL-TIME or part-time spot available in Registered Daycare for children aged 0-5years. Please call (250)581-1328

Employment Business Opportunities ALL CASH Drink & Snack Vending Business Route. Complete Training. Small Investment required. 1-888-979VEND(8363). CHRISTINA Lakeside Resort is seeking a person or persons interested in responding to an Expression of Interest to provide services to the Resort as Contract Manager. Christina Lakeside Resort (CLR) is a seasonal recreational property containing 138 member owned sites, recreation facilities, boat docks, extensive beach areas and its own sewage treatment plant. Applicants should have experience and/or training in all aspects of the resort management including guest and owner services, all office functions including bookkeeping, Microsoft Office and maintenance of marine and land based assets. The successful candidate must have Sewage Plant Operation certificate at time of contract signing as well as confined space entry training. Candidates who display alternate, but equivalent work history will be considered although those with industry experience will be given priority. Interested parties should respond no later than June 19, 2013 to to receive the Expression of Interest Documents.

An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta. CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. No risk program. Stop mortgage and maintenance payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248.

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Drop off your photo and name(s) of subject at the Cranbrook Townsman or Kimberley Bulletin office or email your high-resolution jpeg to production@dailybulletin. ca. Photographs will appear in the order they are received.

GUARANTEED JOB placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen for oil and gas industry. Call 24hr free recorded message for information: 1800-972-0209 HUSKY TRUCK stop requires FT/PT cook, server & prep person. Apply in person during office hours at 1604 Cranbrook St. N., on the strip. Info to Kathleen. Positions open now.

NEED A NANNY. July 1 - Sept. 1. Live-in, to care for a 13 year old girl. Monday to Friday. Horse knowledge an asset. Must have first-aid ticket. Private room. References requiredwage negotiable. Please call Jerry @ 250-427-1090 Secure Vernon company looking for Marine Mechanic, with good customer service, attention to detail, must have valid boat license, drivers license an asset. Fast paced environment.




Sympathy & Understanding Kootenay Monument Installations Granite & Bronze Memorials, Dedication Plaques, Benches, Memorial Walls, Gravesite Restorations, Sales & Installations

2200 - 2nd Street South Cranbrook, BC V1C 1E1 250-426-3132


1885 Warren Avenue Kimberley, BC V1A 1R9 250-427-7221

6379 HIGHWAY 95A TA TA CREEK, B.C. 1-800-477-9996



End of Life? Bereaved? May We Help?








Toll Free 1-855-417-2019

Retail ARDENE is looking for an ASSISTANT MANAGER at Tamarack Center. Apply now at ARDENE is looking for a part time Sales Associate and Third Key Holder at Tamarack Center. Apply now at

Ph: 250.426.6006 Fx: 250.426.6005 2104D 2nd Street S. Cranbrook, BC


Eternally Remember

Enzo Edward Fantuz 1941 - 2013

Enzo was born on July 3, 1941 at the St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook. Enzo was a very inspirational, passionate and loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who left us to be with his Lord on the afternoon of June 4, 2013. Enzo was known for his love of artistry and painting of many cherished photos, crafting wood into personal masterpieces, gardening, renovating the smallest projects into â&#x20AC;&#x153;miniâ&#x20AC;? additions and was known for his drafting throughout the Cranbrook area. He enjoyed the simple things in life with family and friends closest to his heart. Enzo is survived by his loving wife Sharon, of 51 years; daughters Brenda (Glenn) and Sandy (Ray); sons Brad (Joanne) and Troy (Kristin); 11 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, his brother Mario (Helen) and many nephews and nieces. He was predeceased by his parents Angelo, Margarite, and his brother Gastone. A memorial service for Enzo will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm at Mount Zion Lutheran Church (11th Street & 11th Avenue in Cranbrook). Those wishing to make a memorial donation in honour of Enzo may do so to the: Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon, Okanagan/Kootenays Area Office, #4, 1551 - Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 9M9. Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

Your Loved One


Headstones B Grave Markers B Urns B

We will help you create a special memorial including personalized engraving and installation. 2873 Cranbrook St., Cranbrook


Have you considered a lasting legacy? Reasons people choose to give through community foundations.



We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies.

Your Gift is a Gift for Good and Forever. 250.426.1119

In times of grief, these caring professionals are here to serve and comfort your family.

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Heavy Duty Machinery

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IMMACULATE 6 YEAR old, 2 bedroom Moduline home with full attached garage on private lot in Creston, BC. Two full baths with Jacuzzi tub, 6 appliances, kitchen island and pantry. Lino and laminate floors. French doors looking out on back deck, raised garden beds, beautifully landscaped with a small creek running through back of property. Has to be seen to be appreciated. #59 Devonshire Meadows, strata adult community. Asking $229,000. Phone 250-427-3350


Need CA$H Today? Own A Vehicle?

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks!

Cash same day, local office. 1-800-514-9399

FLOORING SALE Over 300 Choices Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Laminates - $0.59/sq ft Engineered - $1.99 sq ft Hardwood - $2.79 sq ft Overnight Delivery in most of BC!



Masonry & Brickwork WANTED: Looking for free, used or new, red chimney bricks. Will pick up. 250-427-1022



Driveways & Parking Lots 1-888-670-0066 CALL

Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET




1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)







Business/OfďŹ ce Service


Business/OfďŹ ce Service

Business/OfďŹ ce Service


Sonny Nomland retired Electrolux branch manager, has some great deals on reconditioned, canister, Electrolux vacuum cleaners with power nozzle & all attachments. Good warranty. (250)489-2733.

Merchandise for Sale

Free Items WANTED: Looking for free, used or new, red chimney bricks. Will pick up. 250-427-1022

Heavy Duty Machinery FREE GOLF for 2 in Kalispell, MT - With the purchase of $500 in used equipment from Parsons Kubota and Bobcat of Kalispell. Offer expires June 30th, 2013. 406-755-0628

Garage Sales

*Yard and Lawn care *Rototilling *Fences and Decks *Dump runs *Odd jobs

Serving Cranbrook and Kimberley


CONCRETE WORKS!! Get your free quotes now, for: Driveways, Steps, Sidewalks (any decorative finish available), Retaining Walls, Residential or Commercial Slabs. Jobs done from start to ďŹ nish. Bobcat and Dump Truck Service also available. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call Jason


EAST KOOTENAY TREE SERVICE CERTIFIED ARBORIST ~Dangerous Tree Removal ~Stump Grinding ~Ornamental Tree Pruning ~Shaping and topping hedges, fruit trees. ~Free chips and delivery

Fully insured Free estimates Seniors discount Roy Anderson 250-489-1900 1-877-219-2227



INSTALLATIONS. Wholesale Prices. Carpet ~ Lino Laminate ~ Hardwood. CertiďŹ ed Journeyman Installer. Repairs to damaged floors, wrinkled carpets, etc.

*All work guaranteed.* Enquiries: 250-427-3037 or cell: 250-520-0188

~Ask for Ben~

JJ EXCAVATION & TRUCKING TIME TO GET THOSE JOBS DONE! Mini Excavator & Dump Truck Available -Utility excavation & installation -All types of excavation -Water & sewer line trenching -Leaky basement excavation -Landscaping -Retaining walls -Delivery & haul away of materials -Concrete & asphalt breakage & removal -All aspects of concrete from start to finish


(250)919-6150 (250)489-2155


WINDOW CLEANING ~Residential~ Serving the Kootenays for the past 20 years. Canal Flats



Chimney Sweeping Fireplace & Woodstove Servicing Visual Inspections and Installations Gutter Cleaning Available Call for Free Estimate from a W.E.T.T Certified Technician Richard Hedrich 250-919-3643

TREES, LAWNS & GARDENS 2013 spring services: -professional

tree & shrub pruning -minor landscape --------------------WEILER PROPERTY SERVICES David J. Weiler & Kimberly Hartling

Misc. Wanted True Coin Collector Looking to Purchase Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold and Silver coins, Bills + Not melting down, Serious Collector. Call: Coin Couple 1-778-281-0030

WANTED: Looking for free, used or new, red chimney bricks. Will pick up. 250-427-1022

Real Estate For Sale By Owner 2413 4th Street South Cranbrook B.C. 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Multiple Upgrades. For questions or to view this beautiful home call 250-919-9009 OPEN HOUSE June 8th & 9th from 1pm-3pm $259,000.00


Complete home makeover, 2500 sq.ft., 3+1 Bdrms, 2 Bath. Pictures + more info on Kijiji. $385,000.

250-427-4647 or 250-919-1091.

7. SAT June 8 9am-1pm 311 7th Ave S. Cranbrook (in alley) Upright Air conditioners, bowflex, baby&infant clothes, toys, household goods and items, sofa table, gas lawnmower, glass door and much more.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard 1400

Absolutely showroom condition, one owner, comes complete with fresh oil change, windshield, hard mounted saddle bags, low rise back rest and luggage rack. Low seat height. All manuals and tool kit. This is a must see bike ready to take you anywhere. Asking $6,500 Phone 250-417-1079


38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ITASCA Sunrise, V10, gas,52000 km, gas/elec heat, big kitchen, living room, dbledoor fridge/freezer, pantry, new awning, satellite dish,a real home away from home. View at Fort Steele RV. Ph: 403-605-1335

Sport Utility Vehicle



Garage Sales

2BDRM, 1 1/2 BATH apartment for rent, in Canal Flats. Great view, parking, F/S, D/W, microwave. $700 + utilities & D.D. Available immediately. Call (250)3495306 or (250)489-8389.

TIP TOP CHIMNEY â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sweeping the Kootenayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cleanâ&#x20AC;?


1 BEDROOM apartment, downtown Cranbrook, across from Rotary Park. Bright and roomy, on the 2nd floor. 55+, no pets. Heat and hot water included. $850./mo. Please call 250-426-6913.

To advertise using our â&#x20AC;&#x153;SERVICES GUIDEâ&#x20AC;? in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Kimberley Daily Bulletin and The Valley, call us at 250-426-5201, ext. 202.


Houses For Sale

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Contact these business for all your service needs!

Handyman Service

A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 in stock. SPECIAL 44â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB



for rent, unfinished basement, partial new flooring, F/S, parking and front yard. No smoking-no pets. 1 year lease, $950./mo + utilities. 1308A 11th St S. Call 250-421-2590

Recreation WATERFRONT LOG chalets: Spring/Fall special. ~5 nights, $700. Sleeps up to 8 persons. 250-223-8181 WATERFRONT RV sites on Kootenay Lake, for lease. Please phone us for info. 250-223-8181

1990 CHEVY S10 BLAZER New muffler & pipes and new brakes front to back. Asking


1,500.00 Phone:

250-426-3699 Trucks & Vans 1991 CHEVROLET K 3500 4 x 4 4spd Auto Enclosed dump bed conversion, includes storage and equipment holds. Well maintained, No work required, ready for work. $9500. Take a look





Cars - Sports & Imports


1994 CORVETTE COUPE Great shape. 165,000 kms. $11,100 leave message at 250-421-1747

A/C, good tires

40 FT

All inquiries call:


2003 â&#x20AC;&#x153;ULTIMATE FREEDOMâ&#x20AC;? WINNEBAGO

Forest technologists (horticulture & arborculture consultants) Insured 30 years experience Kimberley & Cranbrook ---------------------


3 slides, 400 HP Cummins Diesel, Allison transmission, Corian counters, leather seats, new tires, CB, auto seek sat. dish, diesel heat/hot water, AC/heat pump, 50 amp generator, Eurostyle warmer dryer, CD, wood cabinets throughout, air brakes, heated storage, electric awning, microwave/convection oven, gas counter-top range, 2 door fridge, exhaust brake, cruise control, full of extras, very clean, 65,000Âą miles. This is a high end unit with nothing spared

$99,000 WILL TAKE TRADES Call 250-426-6913

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Bull River Shooters host BC Provincials Bradley Woods

The Bull River Shooters Association hosted the BC Provincial championship in lieu of its annual invitational match over the Victoria Day Weekend at our range near Fort Steele. 123 small bore rifles (.22 cal) and 70 high power rifles (6mm and up) were used by competitors from all over B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territory, Montana and Washington. Participants shoot at steel targets representing chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams! Competitors shoot from an unsupported standing position and targets are 40 – 100 meters away for .22’s and 200 – 500 meters for high-power rifles. Thanks to the efforts of club members the range and grounds were in excellent shape and the mostly fine weather made for great shooting and fun camping and camaraderie. New friendships were forged and old rivalries were rekindled, supported by a fantastic BBQ Saturday night. Some families enjoy the annual weekend as a reunion of sorts, travelling to visit and compete against each other. We are particularly pleased to continue to see a number of junior shooters participating in our sport. Results: .22 Silhouette Rifle:

The 2013 Provincial competitors at the Bull River Shooters Association range near Fort Steele. Champion: Eric Boos, WA Master: Tony Biamonte, Vancouver Island AAA: Rob McKeeman, Cranbrook AA: Richard Carere, Wasa A: Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook B: Dale Kuta, Crowsnest Pass .22 Hunting Rifle: Champion: Eric Boos, WA Master: George Kesic, Mission AAA: Dale Searle, Kamloops AA: Richard Carere, Wasa A: Brad Schill, Sparwood B: Jordan Marsh, Cranbrook Top Junior in Small Bore: Kaitlynn Johnson, Cranbrook High Power Silhouette Rifle: Champion: Tony Biamonte, Vancouver Island Master: Eric Boos, WA

AAA: George Kesic, Mission AA: Rob McKeeman, Cranbrook A: Lloyd Haskin, Saskatchewan B: Brad Schill, Sparwood High Power Hunting Rifle: Champion: Eric Boos, WA Master: Tony Biamonte, Vancouver Island AAA: Robert Ball, Vancouver Island AA: Rocky Marsh, Wardner A: Roy Church, Washington B: Jeff Spence, Calgary The overall aggregate champion in both small bore and high power was Eric Boos of Washington and the BC aggregate champion was Tony Biamonte of Vancouver Island, in both small bore and high power. The Bull River Shooters wish to thank numerous businesses, both local and afar for their tremendous

support, which allowed for everyone to take home something special to remember their visit to the East Kootenay. Thanks to all the competitors, especially those who travelled great distances, for your competitive spirit and good sportsmanship. It was heart-warming to see competitors helping each other with advice and support. A fundamental part of our sport sees competitors spotting for each other. This includes scoring but more importantly the spotter coaches the shooter about the location of hits and misses. At one point my spotter spoke up and told me I just repeated a near miss. This correction helped me pick up the next few targets by correcting my aim. We extend a big thanks to Treena Marsh for running the canteen all weekend … nobody went hungry!

Linda Marsh, Anne Pique, and Sarah Marsh ran the Stat Desk so all could monitor their standings. Gord Whitney came all the way from Lethbridge to be our Range Officer. The BRSA board all pulled together to keep things running smoothly. Local youths joined together to work as target setters. This match is always a fantastic group effort! Metallic silhouette shooting is great fun and very social and family oriented. It is also very challenging which makes it satisfying to hear the clank of the steel target as it gets knocked down. Spectators enjoy the sport because they see and hear the targets react. New shooters are always welcome and everyone is willing to help others improve. A wealth of information can be found on the Internet. The BRSA is very pleased to again be hosting the BC Provincials Victoria Day weekend, 2014. For memberships and information about the BRSA please contact Rob McKeeman at 250-426-2794. Memberships can also be purchased at any club match. Anyone is welcome to enter a club match and spectators are always welcome! We look forward to seeing you at the range. Our next match is June 22 … check it out!

Encorp Pacific is requesting your feedback on our Beverage Container Stewardship Plan Encorp was originally formed in 1994 and appointed by beverage brand owners as the not-for-profit product stewardship corporation responsible for all beverage containers and all alcohol beverage containers (except for aluminum beer cans and refillable beer bottles). Since inception, Encorp has fulfilled the requirements of the BC Recycling Regulation. This regulation calls for the submission of a revised plan every five years. Stakeholders are invited to review the plan online and submit feedback anytime until July 2, 2013. The plan will also be available for review at the following public meeting: Date: June 12, 2013 Time: 1:00pm—3:00pm Location: Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort 209 Van Horne Street South, Cranbrook Register to attend this event at

To find a full copy of the stewardship plan online and to submit your comments, please visit

Kimberley Daily Bulletin, June 10, 2013  

June 10, 2013 edition of the Kimberley Daily Bulletin