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‘no safety concerns in women’s prison’ by M on i sh a M ar ti n s staff reporter

Tim Fitzgerald/The newS

Past, present, future Brad Dinwoodie touches up a portion of the mural he painted at Pitt Meadows Fire Hall on Thursday. The project, which pays tribute to both the past, present and future of the fire hall, will be unveiled Saturday, 2 p.m., as part of the Pitt Meadows Day celebrations.

As a therapist working with women serving time in a Maple Ridge prison, Alison Granger Brown had an opendoor policy. Her office above the gym was a place where women could seek solace, vent and find help. When the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women decided to pilot a program that allowed mothers to raise their babies while in prison, Granger Brown noticed the atmosphere change. “It had a sense of hope,” she said, testifying Thursday in B.C. Supreme Court. “It felt very positive both for staff and for the women.” The abrupt cancellation of the mother-baby program and several other initiatives in 2008 prompted Granger Brown to resign. See ACCW, p12

‘Jassi lived in fear of family’ Mother, uncle of murdered Maple Ridge woman face extradition by M o ni s ha M a r t i ns staff reporter

Monisha Martins/The newS

Beauty school teacher Deb Devos testified at the extradition hearing. See related video @


Maple Ridge woman who was the victim of an alleged “honour killing” in India lived in constant fear of her Canadian family, a former teacher testified Wednesday at an extradition hearing for her mother and uncle. Deb Devos told the court Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu was closely monitored by her family while





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she was a student at Devos’ beauty school. “It was clear she was terrified,” said Devos. Known as ‘Jassi,’ she was 25 when strangled to death 13 years ago and dumped in a canal in the Indian state of Punjab. Malkit Kaur Sidhu, her mother, and her uncle, Surjit Singh Badesha, are facing extradition to India, where they’ve been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The elderly pair sat on either side of a translator in the prisoner’s box Wednesday, barely reacting to testimony being heard by Justice Gregory Fitch. The family denies any involvement in the killing. The daughter of wealthy blueberry farmers, Jassi Sidhu met her husband, Sukvinder (Mithu)

Singh, on a family trip to India and carried on a clandestine long-distance romance with him until they were secretly married in 1999. Devos said Sidhu’s family did not know about her relationship with Singh, a poor rickshaw driver. Sidhu told Devos the relationship was forbidden because Singh was from a different caste. “If they found out, she would be in danger,” said Devos. “She told me they would kill her.” Sidhu was determined to be with Singh and had returned to India to bring him to Canada when she was killed. She told Devos “he was her destiny.” See Jassi, p16

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2 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

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Stranded patient finally returns home Couple trains train, then SkyTrain on 30-hour trip by Nei l Corbe tt staff reporter


fter a boating accident that nearly killed him, and a medical system that left him stranded in Edmonton with broken ribs and a punctured lung, a Maple Ridge man is finally home, recovering and feeling loved by friends. Alain Bourdeau, taking a vocational course at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John, was in a boating accident on May 9 that left him with multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung and a collapsed lung. Unable to breath properly, his condition was life-threatening, and the hospital in Fort St. John transferred him by air ambulance to Edmonton’s University of Alberta Hospital. He was in intensive care for eight days, with a breathing tube and more tubes in his chest. His wife Linda Findlay, who flew out to be with him, was told they would be taken by air ambulance back to B.C. But last Wednesday he was discharged, and the Alberta hospital’s position was that travel arrangements and expenses were the patient’s responsibility. Bourdeau was unable to fly at high altitude, because of his lung injuries. He was in pain, weak, and couldn’t walk for more than a block. An incensed Findlay was interviewed about their plight by television reporters from CTV Edmonton. She

Linda Findlay helped her husband, Alain Bourdeau, get home from Edmonton University Hospital. resolved to stay in Edmonton longer, so he could regain strength. Thursday morning, Bourdeau woke up in extreme pain, and having soaked his bandages with blood. She took him to emergency. Since then, the couple’s situation has improved considerably. Bourdeau’s wounds were treated, he was given a prescription for pain, and

Findlay received extra bandages to redress his wounds. Findlay got them onto a Via Rail train, in a lower berth, where Bourdeau could lay down. Via went the extra mile to make sure he was comfortable, but the jostling train movements sent pain shooting through his fractured rib cage. “His pain, on a scale of 1-10, was a

Facebook photo

10,” said Findlay. She thought they would have to abort the trip. Findlay got off the train in Jasper, and got Bourdeau some sleeping pills. With that, he was able to cope. Including Via and SkyTrain, it was a 30-hour journey home that seemed twice that long for the couple. With the media attention their case

received, some of their friends set up a Facebook page to try and raise money to cover the costs of their long ordeal. By Baileys Pub in Maple Ridge hosted a benefit jam for them on Tuesday night, when items from G.G. Music and others were raffled in a fundraiser. Marina Kossen, Mark Thoreson and Frank Johnson were just some of the people who stepped up to help the couple. They raised $1,600. Findlay volunteers to help out others in the community. “But I’ve never been the recipient. I’ve learned the impact it has. It’s incredible. It’s very helpful. It has eased the stress.” Bourdeau has a good prognosis for recovery. “He’s recouping, we’re here, and we love Maple Ridge.” There are still some loose ends Findlay wants to tie up. Via Rail offered to give her a complimentary ticket, acknowledging that she was on the trip to attend to Bourdeau. Via only needs the doctor who released him to confirm the patient was released into her care. So far she has received nothing from the Alberta hospital that will help her get that $600 ticket reimbursed. Also, she would like an explanation of why Fort Saint John hospital is sending patients to Edmonton, given the difficult journey back, once they are discharged and on their own. The distance by air is 558 km from Fort St. John to Edmonton, while the distance to Prince George, the largest Interior centre in B.C., would be just 285 km.

Teachers’ union doesn’t want a ‘Luongo’ contract Too much can change over proposed 10-year term: MRTA president by Nei l Corbe tt staff reporter

With the election out of the way, it didn’t take long for the Liberal government and the B.C. Teacher’s Federation to renew their fight. Premier Christy Clark proposed a new 10year contract be negotiated for teachers, as a way to end labour disruption in the school system. When it was first proposed, it was dismissed as a mere campaign platform, and with Clark and her Liberals trailing badly in the polls at the time, it was generally dismissed. Now it’s on the table as the government’s position, and the teachers union doesn’t like the unprecedented term. “Ask Luongo how he likes it,” said Maple Ridge Teachers’ Association president George Serra. He was referring to Vancouver Canucks backup goaltender Roberto Luongo’s 12-year

contract. Luongo famously said, “My contract sucks,” when the nine years remaining proved to be a barrier to a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he could again be a full-time starting goaltender. “The point is that things change. Ten years is a long time,” said Serra. “Too much changes over that time.” Serra said he is not aware of any other teachers’ union with a 10-year deal. The BCTF website listed its position on the 10-year plan Tuesday. “It ignores court rulings, contradicts government’s own legislation, and puts at risk the current round of provincial bargaining,” says the union’s position statement. “On the surface, the premier’s rhetoric sounds conciliatory after more than a decade of conflict between the BCTF and the B.C. Liberals, but in reality the premier’s plan is another effort to severely limit teachers’ constitutional right to bargain and to intrude into the bargaining process yet again.” The plan would index teacher salaries to average increases negotiated by other government employees, rather than allowing them to

negotiate their own salaries, says the union. Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton, himself an educator, supports a 10-year term. “I think it’s a good approach, and where there’s a will, there’s a way,” said Dalton. “Students will benefit, teachers will benefit, and families will benefit from a long-term deal.” He said it would create a healthier environment in the education system, without the stress of contract disputes. Extra-curricular activities, from sports teams, school clubs and graduation ceremonies have been effected. Some activities have never been restarted. “And those things are really important for the connection between teachers and students,” he said. Dalton said parents are fed up and losing faith in the public system. He is the parliamentary secretary for independent schools, and notes that last year there were about 6,000 fewer students in public schools across B.C. Half of that reduction was caused by demographics. The other half was the result of parents sending their children to private schools. “When teachers stop giving out report cards, parents get very frustrated with that,” said Dal-

ton. He believes in public education, but calls the BCTF militant and says it has been unreasonable in its demands, regardless which party forms government. Every contract year, BCTF members are “dropping the tools.” But the BCTF says it is negotiating constructively, and that Clark’s 10-year position threatens to derail the process. “We’re well into bargaining with BCPSEA along with the assistance of facilitator Mark Brown. Both parties have tabled their full packages and both sides are intent on reaching a negotiated agreement before June 30, 2013. Throughout this process, government representatives have been at the table and have never brought forward the premier’s 10-year scheme,” says the union statement. “Teachers, more than anyone, would welcome stability in the education sector. But disrupting negotiations at this point is contrary to the premier’s stated goal of labour peace. For government to unilaterally suspend talks is the ultimate intrusion and could scuttle productive negotiations and prolong bargaining beyond June 30.”

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New Liberal MLA quitting Pitt Meadows council Leave will spare city a by-election by P hil Mel nyc hu k staff reporter

The formalities take place next week, but Doug Bing’s days on Pitt Meadows council soon will be done. As of June 1, he’ll no longer collect his annual salary of $24,780, and soon after that, no longer will be on council. Bing said he’ll be taking a leave of absence until January, after which he’ll resign his council seat, sparing the need for a byelection. That will be confirmed next week after a meeting with Mayor Deb Walters. “I’ll definitely be stepping down from coun-

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vote Liberal victory margin. In Maple Ridge-Mission, Green candidate Alex Pope took 1,818 votes – more than the 1,497vote Liberal victory margin. Pope also said it’s unlikely, had there been no Green candidate, that those votes would have gone to the NDP. Pope said he gained almost 500 more votes than in the 2009 campaign, after spending only $1,500. “My cost per vote is way better.” Campaign spending limits are about $72,000 in each riding. “The important thing is to be creative in getting out a positive message.”

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sumed that Green party votes would default to the NDP. But that’s an a s s u mp t i o n , said Rosenau. Some people wanted to vote Green because they didn’t Bing want to vote for any of the major parties. “People were looking for a place to park a protest vote for sure, people who didn’t like either of the main parties. So I’m not going to assume that the Green votes would have come our way. “I need to respect the choices they make.” In Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, Green party candidate Michael Patterson earned 2,178 votes, well above the 620-

Friday, May 31 - thursday, June 6

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perience, maybe a better councillor after the next election.” His decision to step down comes after his May 14 victory and after him stating last week that he wouldn’t double dip, collecting both a councillor’s and MLA’s salary. With final vote counts in, Bing easily won the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows riding with a 620vote victory over NDP candidate Elizabeth Rosenau (10,824 versus 10,204). In Maple Ridge-Mission, Liberal Marc Dalton won with a 1,497 margin over the NDP’s Mike Bocking (10,327 versus 8,830). In both ridings, the number of votes earned by the Green party could have easily changed the results, if it could be as-

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cil. It’s just a question of when,” Bing said Thursday. During a recent B.C. Liberal caucus meeting, Premier Christy Clark said unpaid leaves are one of the options available to municipal councillors who’ve just been elected MLAs. “It avoids the cost of a by-election, particularly for larger communities like Surrey. Their projected costs are $600,000 to $800,000 for a by-election. “For Pitt Meadows, it’s less. It was a maximum of $15,000 here.” Bing said he doubts if people want a by-election. “On the other hand, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to have a by-election and break in a new person. Give them a little ex-

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®Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc, and Transat Distribution Canada Inc. Marlin Travel is a division of Transat Distribution Canada Inc. ON Reg. #50015084, Head Office: 191 The West Mall, Suite 700, Etobicoke, ON, M9C 5K8.



 - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 5

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A photo, taken by Len McGregor on May 21, 1956, of the opening ceremonies for a pony division tournament at Hammond Stadium.

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Hammond ball park to reflect history Construction to begin in summer by Nei l Corbe tt staff reporter

Imagine the whole town going to a ball park to watch a Maple Ridge team take their cuts. Hammond used to be synonymous with baseball. Routinely, 5,000 people – everyone who could make it – would be out to watch a game. As municipal hall gives the Hammond ball field a $750,000 makeover, it wants to incorporate some of Maple Ridge’s baseballmad history into the new design. “There are some good stories,” said Val Patenaude, director of the Maple Ridge Museum and Archives. “You can’t really talk about the history of Hammond without talking about baseball.” Doan Hartnell, the manager and partner in the Hammond Cedar Mill during the 1920s, was a baseball fanatic. “He travelled North American hiring ringers, and he would give them a job at the mill, and they would play

baseball,” explained Patenaude. Hartnell had an eye for talent, and was able to build a winner. In 1924, Hammond won the provincial hardball championship. Back then, teams would have to rustle cattle off the field at the Aggie Grounds, then play a game in the pasture. Finally, Pete Telosky, a man who had earned a living playing baseball during the Dirty Thirties, and who was tired of playing on turf chewed up by hooves, built a dedicated ball stadium on his farm in Haney in 1950. His large farm took in what is now Thomas Haney secondary and Telosky Stadium. The field of dreams cost $12,000 and initially had seating for 2,000. The Vancouver Sun reported on Oct. 28 of 1950: “If Haney was a baseball-crazy town in past years, the new park has raised ardour of the fans to the point of fanaticism. The team drew more admissions during the first two months of this season than it did during five months on the old Agricultural Grounds in 1949. Dominion and

Labour Day tournaments offering $1,400 in prizes were attended by a total of 15,000 spectators from all over the Lower Mainland. Six home Dewdney League playoff games in August attracted 10,000, an amazing figure for amateur baseball.” But the explosion in baseball attendance in the area was soon decimated by the popularity of television. “Television changed everything. That was kind of the beginning of the end for that big local scene,” said Patenaude. The Walker family, the clan that produced Larry Walker Jr., arguably the greatest Canadian baseball player of all time, is also a big part of the local hardball scene, and so was the Bowyer family, which made extraordinary contributions to baseball. Bruce McLeod, the manager of parks, planning and development, presided over a public meeting at the Hammond Community Centre on Monday night, about the design for the new Hammond Stadium. Key changes to the park will be installing a complete drainage system and automatic

irrigation, putting up lights, upgrading the turf, and erecting a permanent outfield fence. He was able to allay the fears that blackberries on the western boundary of the park would be removed. However, he added, some invasive plant species would have to be removed, and native bushes planted. Neighbours were informed that the modern lights do not have a lot of “spill” into neighbouring properties, and they are generally not lit past 10 p.m. And McLeod said they would like some piece of Hammond’s baseball history to be enshrined at the park. “That’s our objective – to reference this facility having a historical perspective,” he said. How Hammond’s baseball past will be reflected has not yet been decided. Members of the public can offer feedback about the new ball park until a May 31 deadline, by sending an email to bmcleod@mapleridge. ca. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer, with grass to be seeded by September.




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6 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

THE NEWS/opinion News Views

Ingrid Rice

Senate swill It was 25 years ago, but the comment still rings true and relevant today. Preston Manning, in his unmistakably folksy voice smattered with a liberal use of the word “ought,” described the three priorities of the Senate thusly: “Alcohol, protocol and Geritol.” Recent scandals involving senators like Mike Duffy have brought the debate back to the forefront: do we really need a Senate? Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a Manning Reformer back in the day, and he was in favour of scrapping the Upper House. Like many good intentions seem to do, this one went to Ottawa with both Manning and Harper and died. What do Canadians get for the tax dollars spent on the Senate? Well, we know what we’re supposed to get – sober second thought on bills sent to that august chamber from the House of Commons. Thing is, with a Senate filled willy-nilly bipartisan appointments, exactly what kind of second thought are we getting? And why should a non-elected body full of political appointees, with all due respect to Nancy Greene and, formerly, ‘The Big M’ Frank Mahovlich, have any say on the laws of the land? The answer is they should not. Changing, never mind abolishing, the Senate is tricky, Constitutionchanging business. Why would Quebec or Ontario vote to abolish an institution that has the odds stacked in their favour? So, the next best thing in a bad situation may be the election of senators. Alberta has done it, and Premier Christy Clark promises to follow suit. This process may take a generation or two, but a Senate full of elected senators is preferable to what we have now. Tack the Senate election on to the B.C. municipal elections in 2014. To be a candidate, you must have 10,000 signatures of eligible B.C. voters. If we are forced to keep the alcohol, protocol and Geritol flowing, it would be nice to have some say in who is doing the swilling. – Black Press

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The Bourbon rulers of ancient France A

wise person once said if you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it. With that thought in mind, someone should review Maple Ridge’s history of commercial real estate investment for the current edition of Sidewinder municipal council. Everyone, except the Sandy Macdougall occupants of the rundown houses involved, cheered municipal council’s actions when, in 2011, council purchased the now vacant and forlorn properties on Selkirk Avenue between 226th and 227th Streets. Since that time, the property has been advertised for proposal calls that council hopes will meet its pie-in-the-sky goals for the $3.7 million dollar site. Commercial space, high-rise apartments, affordable housing, pedestrian and traffic links between Haney Place and Valley Fair, and park space are some of council’s dreams. It reminds me of Samuel Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, in which the poet wrote, In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure dome decree; Over the years Maple Ridge has done well with single family residential land sales but the record is terrible when it comes to commercial and industrial properties. At the time it was conceived and devel-


uestion of the week:

oped, Haney Place Mall represented the largest real estate deal in the history of Maple Ridge. The project was intended to create a cohesive core that would enhance commercial opportunities for surrounding properties. Instead, it became an island of bricks in a sea of asphalt, relating to nothing except itself. Haney Place Mall has been a dismal failure in light of the vision municipal council of the day had for the site. I was a member of that council and have never had much good to say about the development or its impact on business opportunities in the downtown area. We even hired Urbanics, a well-respected consulting firm, to analyze our pet project. When it came back with a negative report, outlining the shortcomings of our plan, council ignored the consultant’s advice and plunged ahead to create the mess that has plagued our downtown core for three decades. In short, Urbanics said the project was premature, too small in scope and should proceed only with council purchasing all the lands bounded by 224th Street to 227th Street and from Dewdney Trunk to Lougheed before proceeding with development. The consultant warned against fragmenting the development because it would leave out parcels that would be difficult or impossible to incorporate at a later date. Council’s failure to heed that advice led directly, or indirectly, to the subsequent legal and hugely expensive mess involved in the sale and development and later

Were you surprised by the provincial election results? Yes: 58% – No: 42% (78 votes)

buyout of the municipal tower site, which still has vacancies. The same council that developed Haney Place Mall then applied it economic smarts to our industrial/business park, which sometimes has more real estate signs than tenants. Only the intercession of George Mussallem with the British Columbia Development Corporation helped Maple Ridge avert incurring a huge loss on that development.

“And now council is hard at work, seeing what fiscal chaos it can create on the three-acre Selkirk Street site.” And now council is hard at work, seeing what fiscal chaos it can create on the three-acre Selkirk Street site. And, of course, we mustn’t overlook the Albion flats fiasco, which has enjoyed the benefit of the collected fiscal acumen of successive councils and, yet, no sod turning or any other progress. The message would be clear to a blind person – stay out of the commercial marketplace. However, much like the Bourbon rulers of ancient France, council has seen everything and learned nothing. Sandy Macdougall is a retired journalist and former district councillor.

This week’s question: Should Canada abolish the Senate?

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The News/letters - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 7

A better, more caring society

Editor, The News: Re: Teachers’ fed digs in for endless war (B.C. Views, May 29). I have read many of Mr. Fletcher’s columns over the years, and I have to admit, there is very little that he writes that I agree with. I quickly learned that he and I have very different philosophies regarding our society and each individual’s role within it. Despite that, even I was very surprised to see his comments regarding Prince George teachers’ union president Joanna Ms. Larson.   I am hoping it is just that him who is unaware what the pink-shirt campaign that she refers to (despite all of the media coverage surrounding it each year) means. It refers to students standing up against bullying. I don’t think I missed her political message in that line, but I think he did.   The message I received from the two lines he included of her article is that it is not okay to just say that we do not approve of behaviours such as exploitation, marginalization, or violence, by acknowledging it one day a year through clothing or buttons, or rallies, but to make real changes through our day-to-day behaviours. Do we not want our youth to stand up for those who are less fortunate, or those that are suffering from bullying or other forms of violence?   Would we rather they just say, ‘Hey, that’s just the way it is, it’s not my problem.’ I know that that is not the kind of society I want to live in. I want the youth of today to be willing to challenge the status quo when that status quo is not just.   Mr. Fletcher, I believe that your extreme dislike of unions really taints your judgement at times. Not everything is always about unions versus capitalism. For a teacher to suggest that she wants her students to stand up for what they believe is right is not just about promoting her union. It might be that she is promoting a better and more caring society.   Pam Sohi Maple Ridge

online comments Get tough on crime • Roger Balakrishnan · Simon Fraser University: Re: Maple Ridge MP says Senate controversy needs to be fixed ( “It think that’s a decision he’s going to have to make,” [ said MP Randy Kamp]. Really? When someone steals almost $100,000 from government, it’s up to the government whether he can keep his government job. I thought you were supposed to be tough on crime?

Why so special? • Jason Lee: Re: Former Maple Ridge mayor fights city hall ( Laws have to be followed and apply to all equally. If the working stiff has to rezone, then so does this guy. What makes him special?

Losing identity • Jamie Elder: Re: Old hotel in Hammond soon to bite the dust ( If we continue to lose heritage, we lose identity. However, as is always the case, it’s all about the money – whose pockets are lined this time?

Letters welcome Letters to the editor should be exclusive to The News and address topics of interest to residents of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Include full name and address, as well as daytime phone number for verification. Keep letters to 500 words or less. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. @ E-mail letters to

Joe Yanko has to replace a retaining wall beneath his fence. THE NEWS/files

Greed hasn’t overtaken senses Editor, The News: Re: Hammond man wants help with fence (The News, May 22). So, a regular Joe [Yanko] needs help because the district drops by to do what is expected, and then the district sends him a bill of $690 for about an hour of work? What kind of unrealistic financial principles are they working with down at the palace of civil service?

Unless our favorite reporter at The News is foolin’ with us, I think this scene stinks of something I wouldn’t put my finger on. So, poor old Joe, my neighbour, needs help to fix a retaining wall to help improve our town. Joe, count me in. I own a saw and a few other implements  of destruction and construction.  And, Joe, my greed hasn’t overtak-

en my senses yet, so I won’t charge a dime. Being able to help my neighbour just down the road is pay enough. It will be an honor to get to know you and anyone else who likes helping our neighbours keep our town out of the  high priced, lower standard it seems to be getting used to lately. Grant Baker Maple Ridge

‘If we can make recycling work, so can you’ Editor, The News: Re: Pitt Meadows to collect garbage every second week (The News, May 15). I would like to commend Pitt Meadows staff, mayor and council for their forward thinking and innovation regarding solid waste. As a family of eight, we generate our share of solid waste and we have always put out more recycle than garbage; recycling everything we possibly could. I will never forget the look on the recycling truck driver’s face when he pulled up in front of our house one year after Christmas as he threw his hands in the air before depositing our small mountain of carefully sorted bags into his truck. Or my satisfaction that even

that week we only put out one can of garbage. I was very happy when Pitt Meadows rolled out our compost program. Our kids got on board right away and boasted that we lived in a city that put their future and our planet first. Just looking down our street on garbage day, you can see the positive impact this one change is having. Our regular weekly garbage, for a household of eight, is now less than half a standard can Soon, Pitt Meadows will be going to recycle and compost pick-up weekly and garbage pick-up bi-weekly, and once again I am impressed by the City of Pitt Meadows. I am proud of the effort that all of the residents make reducing our city’s contribution to

the landfill. For those who still need a little encouragement: if a family our size can make this work, we know your’s can, too. Sheryl Thompson Pitt Meadows

Just wondering Editor, The News: Re: Spending like goofs (Letters, May 22). I am wondering why Armand Tavish expects a reduction in his trash collection taxes and why he asks us to demand the same.   We are not getting decreased services; in fact, the service has increased. With our dedication to recycling, reducing and reusing, we should be noticing a significant decrease in the amount of trash we send

Voters can think for themselves Editor, The News: Re: Did big media buy B.C. election? (Letters, May 24). My, my, Wayne Clark is a touch testy now that his NDP has been defeated. His conspiracy theories now include “big media,” which includes the local News. It has “deceived and brainwashed” the unsuspecting yokels. Curiously, this “right wing rag” published all his leftwing (left of centre, indeed) rants. His attempted education of the masses didn’t catch on.

to land fills. Now, with the introduction of the green cart bin, that has lessened the amount in our garbage substantially.   We continue to receive weekly pick-up service, of green waste and recycling. Every other week our pick-up will include items in our trash that we cannot compost or recycle. Personally, that amounts to a single grocery store shopping bag for two of us. For those who have larger families, the amount of garbage would be a bit more, but I would hope that it would not be more than would fill a regular-sized garbage can. If it does, that may mean a look at your recycling/composting efforts.   Debbie Graystone Maple Ridge

Bitter ramblings

Editor, The News: Re: Did big media buy B.C. election? Maybe, to his surprise, most voters can (Letters, May 24). actually think for themselves.  The bitter and semi-coherent ramMr. Clark’s  quote regarding Tom blings of Wayne Clark confirm what Fletcher could be paraphrased to de- is becoming increasingly obvious to scribe himself: All we have to do to even the most casual observer:    the know your position on any subject is left only believes in democracy when just imagine the most extreme ultra left- they win.  wing position. When they lose, as they so often do, Also, I do believe if the NDP had been they delude themselves into believing elected, electoral reform would have it is only because the voters are too been a non-issue. dumb and gullible to get it right. Cherryl Katnich Barry Bennett Maple Ridge   Maple Ridge

8 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

t Lets go Cruisin’ to heA A&W

Cycling for racial tolerance, multiculturalism


S tor y by Phil Melnychuk


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EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT 5 PM TO 9 PM A&W Fremont Village, Port Coquitlam

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT 5 PM TO 9 PM A&W 228th Street, Maple Ridge

(across from Walmart)

en Herar likes to see people enjoy themselves and have a good time. But one thing he notices when he’s in restaurants or in stores or walking down the street, is people still in their comfort zones. South Asians hanging out with South Asians, white people with white, Asians with Asians. People talk a lot about racial tolerance and multiculturalism, says Herar, organizer of the Cycling 4 Diversity.

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But they don’t walk the walk, almost literally. “I think people are comfortable in their own community. “People get it (the concept of multiculturalism), but the problem is they don’t practise it. “I rarely see a white person and a South Asian walking together. When I do, that really catches my eye. Rarely do I see a cross-cultural relationship. That’s really not good.” That has to change because the demographics in the Lower Mainland are changing. In a few decades, those of European descent will be a minority. Newcomers as well must reach out, he added. Herar’s been dealing with the issue of cultures clashing with each other for the last 20 years and has kept the e-mails and complaints from nativeborn Canadians and newcomers and people moving in and out of neighbourhoods because they feel excluded. Despite multicultural policies and efforts in schools, racism is still around – but no one is talking about it. “We are 20 years too late talking about this conversation. It (racism) hasn’t changed. It’s still the same. It comes at you in different ways now.” That’s why he started Cycling4Diversity, which just completed its third ride around the Lower Mainland and Victoria. The crew visited 14 cities, speaking at schools and community groups about inclusion.

Cycling4Diversity rolled into Westview secondary this past week. A recent development that bothers him is the ethnically based sports teams and leagues that have developed in the Lower Mainland. When he was growing up, kids from all ethnic groups played on the same team, representing the community. Now, the races are kept apart on the rosters. “If I had children, I would say represent your town.” He’s tried to get that message to coaches, but it’s hard to change. While kids of different groups mix together in school, that’s an artificial environment which doesn’t carry over to real life. The cyclists took their message to Maple Ridge’s Westview secondary, but according to vice-principal Ian Liversidge, the group was preaching to the converted. “The message is about, ‘Let’s be culturally aware and be welcoming of ev-

WINS! T E K C I T to see the


June 13-16 at Mission Raceway Park Drop off your completed entry form at these participating Black Press Community Newspapers

•The Chilliwack Progress •The Langley Times •The Surrey/ North Delta Leader •The Maple Ridge News •The Tri-City News


“As any school in Maple Ridge, we’re certainly multiethnic.” Ian Liversidge, westview principal “As any school in Maple Ridge, we’re certainly multi-ethnic.” Liversidge says he’s taught in other cities where he knows the “lines of ethnicity can be strong” in some cases.

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But in the four years he’s been teaching in Maple Ridge, there hasn’t been a racist incident. “There are kids that don’t get along with other kids and we solve that. I can’t think of a situation where the true source of the issue was the ethnicity. “What was neat to see is somebody who’s message is, ‘We should be talking together regardless of where we come from.’ That message is a good message and a common message.” The Abbotsford-based crew consisted of Herar, Sarina Di Martino Derksen, Aaron Levy, Kris Foulds, Abbotsford Mayor Bill MacGregor and Abbotsford deputy police chief Rick Lucy. “We want people to reach out in their neighbourhoods and workplaces and sports teams to build that cross-cultural dialogue that is needed,” Herar said.


Bart Findlay • roBert Gunnell • Martha Sandor


erybody we have in our midst’ – that message is well received and that message is well respected here.” While neither Westview nor any Maple Ridge school has a large South Asian population, international students make up about 10 per cent of the student population.

Phil Melnychuk/the news

Dr. Schnarr • Dr. Trotter • Dr. Gill • Dr. Bains

- THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 9 THE LOWEST PRICE Ridge offers land for tourism projectsON TIRES, GUARANTEED. *


Unbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more.

Paint ball and camping among options by Nei l Corbe tt staff reporter

Will people want to run around in the backwoods of Maple Ridge, shooting paintballs and yelling at each other, playing army? Will they come out here and stay in a large campground near Whonnock Lake instead of Golden Ears Provincial Park? Maple Ridge council wants to know if entrepreneurs are interested in both concepts as it offers to lease out its land and grow the economy by drawing in people, money and jobs. But the paint ball battle could be half won. A United Kingdom company, Bawtry Paintball Fields, has already pitched Maple Ridge and has spent the last year and a half touring the district looking for a place where it could start its first North American venture. Described as “The Disneyland of Paintball” and likened to “something out of a Hollywood film set,” Bawtry Paintball Fields was named Britain’s best paintball venue five years running, says its website. The company’s already met several times with district staff and toured around, looking for spots. A likely location for the paintball could be 20 acres of district land on Fern Crescent at the entrance to

Golden Ears Provincial Park, while with 70 per cent of those from outanother 50-acre district parcel at side Maple Ridge. Whonnock Lake could be leased In 2012, attendance jumped to for a full-service campground. 15,750. Councillors, though, had a few Council was to vote on going for* Unbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, concerns about the facilities. ward with seeking expressions of What about the fire risk to neigh- interest at its Tuesday meeting. BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more. bouring homes from campfires, Unbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more. asked Coun. Al Hogarth. * Director of parks and facilities Cell companies Dave Boag said many campers ‘share’ towers now use propane-fuelled fireUnbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more. If cellphone companies could all places, while bylaws director Liz just get along, they might make the Holitzki said Maple Ridge fire department can slap burning plans in District of Maple Ridge’s new policy on cell towers easier to implement. place at any time. Maple Ridge wants companies to Thick forest in the Whonnock area is expected to dissipate any share towers where possible at five Civic Dedan EX-L locations. campfire smoke. FB2F9CKNX The strategy is an attempt at preCouncil heard that developing from being built the campgrounds could cost $4 venting cell towers million, so a 20- to 25-year lease near homes, often a controversial G FROM topic over which the district has no term is needed toSTARTING make the investcontrol because communications is ment worthwhile. If any leasing deals are made, a federal issue. BCHDService-October-Tires-8.562x7.14 OUR LOWEST INTRODUCTORY Council last fall passed a policy they could be modeled on the arOUR LOWEST INTROD to consult rangement WildPlay Element Park asking cell companies SEDAN PRICE IN 15 YEARS with the district, although it recSEDAN PRICE IN 15 YE already has with Maple Ridge on ognizes municipalities cannot prothe former municipal campground INCLUDES FREIGHT AND PDI. hibit such structures. for its tree-top rope adventures. FREIGHT AND PDI.Wheel Alignment BrakeINCLUDES Pad Replacement The protocol requires review of Maple Ridge now makes twice #$500 gas card offer applies only to retail customer purchase, lease or finance agreements on all new 2012 Civic models. Gas card offer includes HST/GST where applicable. Valid only on purchase, lease or finance agreements conStarting Starting from “high-impact” towers – those with-Honda#$500 what used to Honda in leasing Wildcluded it at participating retailers. to Offer valid from August 1st through August 31st, 2012 at participating retailers. $16,485 freight and PDI of lease $1,495 on a new 2012 Sedan DX MT model gas**MSRP card offerisapplies onlyincluding tofrom retail customer purchase, or fibased nance agreements on allCivic new 2012 Civic models. Gas card offer includ FB2E2CEX. Model shown is Civic Sedan EX-L Navi FB2F9CKNX. Offers validof onlyresidential for British Columbia residents at cluded BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers Offer subject tofrom change or cancellation without31st, notice. Terms and conditions apply. Civic at participating Honda retailers. valid August 1st through August 2012 at participating Honda retailers. **MSRP is $16,4 in 100 metres areas or Play than it did from campground is the #1 selling passenger car in Canada 14 years running based on the December 2011 sales results. Visit or seeshown your Honda fullNavi details. FB2E2CEX. Model is Civicretailer Sedan for EX-L FB2F9CKNX. Offers valid only for British Columbia residents at BC Honda Dealers location greater in height than 15 metres in fees. is the #1 selling passenger car in Canada 14 years running based on the December 2011 sales results. Visit or see your Ho The arrangement, which took ef- commercial areas, or towers that go fect in 2010, also includes a share into environmentally sensitive or BCHDService-October-Tires-8.562x7.14 in the revenue if WildPlay does ex- culturally significant areas. Under the policy, such a proposal ceedingly well. public meeting bedealer will match any competitor’s price on an identical tire. The competitor’s lower tire price must be verifiable (advertisedBOOK price, flyer, phone call, etc.). ONLINE Whether a tire is “identical” will be determined looking at: product features, brand/manufacturer, model/size/volume & warranty. Any questions whether a tire is “identi @by However, last year, WildPlay had would require a*Honda or General Manager. The Lowest Price Guarantee program applies to competitor’s regular and sale price. For all offers license, insurance, applicable taxes and registration are extra. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be required. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit www its rent cut in half by the district, fore seeking permission from the 20611 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge to $16,000, because of lower-than district. People who live within 300 expected revenues. Still, in its first metres of a proposed tower would BCHDService-October-Tires-8.562x7.14 year, it drew about 14,000 people, receive mail notification. 604-465-5464 1-800-592-5550


Seniors Resource Fair


*Honda dealer will match any competitor’s price on an identical tire. The competitor’s lower tire price must be verifiable (advertised price, flyer, phone call, etc.). Whether a tire is “identical” will be determined by looking at: product features, brand/manufacturer, model/size/volume & warranty. Any questions whether a tire is “identical” will be resolved on a case-by-case basis by the Dealer or General Manager. The Lowest Price Guarantee program applies to competitor’s regular and sale price. For all offers license, insurance, applicable taxes and registration are extra. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be required. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.



Wed., March 28th • 1-3 pm Pitt Meadows Rec Centre 12027 Harris Road








*Honda dealer will match any competitor’s price on an identical tire. The competitor’s lower tire price must be verifiable (advertised price, flyer, phone call, etc.). Whether a tire is “identical” will be determined by looking at: product features, brand/manufacturer, model/size/volume & warranty. Any questions whether a tire is “identical” will be resolved o or General Manager. The Lowest Price Guarantee program applies to competitor’s regular and sale price. For all offers license, insurance, applicable taxes and registration are extra. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be required. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see

W S J ne une Jun ell en 7t 5t e 3 ne io h- h rd s rs W -W -B s W es el br lne ingo ee oo ss 2 k ke Fa -4 p Ha ir s T 10 m ale -3 nt pm 24p m


ALL INCLUSIVE RENTAL ACCOMMODATIONS: JUNIOR STUDIO, STUDIO, 1 &2 BEDROOM SUITES • Nutritious meals by certified chef • A Life Enhancement Program of activities • Home of Pitt Meadows Senior Rec. Centre • Spacious comfortable suites with full kitchens & appliances

• A registered 33 suite assisted living residence • Certified nurse on staff • 24 hr. staffing for security & comfort • Private Manor dining room & lounges • Specialized wellness programs • Services available for your individual needs • Jr. studio, studios & 1 bedroom suite



Managed & Operated by CASA GROUP

10 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

Maple Ridge This Month JUNE 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: Maple Ridge Police Fair Sunny Skies and Great Displays For the Family Ridge Meadows RCMP Inspector Dave Fleugel cordially invites everyone to the Third Annual Police Fair at Valley Fair Mall (22700 Block of Lougheed Highway) on Sunday, June 2, 2013 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. This is a great family fun event and the perfect time to be packing your camera. The event will showcase regular members and our team of Auxiliary Constables. That camera will come in handy because we will have a member on horseback, reflecting the history of the RCMP along with all the modern tools that the Ridge Meadows detachment has available to keep our community safe. You can pose with one of the police motorcycles, distinctive police cars and get a tour of the RCMP’s TAV. That’s short for Tactical Armoured Vehicle and members of the Integrated Emergency Response Team will be on hand to talk about their specialized work. The event is run in conjunction with Operation Family Identification, which will take place inside the mall in front of London Drugs. The family identification program is to assist parents in cases where their children go missing, as it will have the child’s fingerprints, photo and other identifiers. London Drugs is supplying the photographs free of charge.

INFORMED: Tax Notices Your 2013 Property Tax Notice Has been Mailed

Also new for 2013 is the ability to pay your taxes by credit card. A third party service provider, PAYMENTUS, will take your payment and charge a 3% service fee above the amount of your Property Tax Bill. We’ve also enhanced our Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System (PAWS) to provide citizens with the opportunity to pre-pay their taxes in 10 installments or to have an automatic withdrawal of the full amount on the tax due date. Finally, the ability to claim your HOME OWNER GRANT online, combined with the fact that you can pay your Property Taxes at your financial institution or using most online banking programs eliminates the need to stop by Municipal Hall. But if you do want to pay in person we will be glad to help you and we will be offering extended hours in June for your convenience. Get more information about the 2013 Property Tax Programs at by using the link on the home page.

June 2013 Council Meeting Schedule Mayor and Council encourage everyone to attend these important public meetings. It’s your chance to see how public policy is debated and enacted. Monday, June 10 9:00 am, Workshop - Blaney Room 1:00 pm, Committee of the Whole - Council Chambers Tuesday, June 11 7:00 pm, Council Meeting - Council Chambers Monday, June 17 9:00 am, Workshop - Blaney Room 1:00 pm, Committee of the Whole - Council Chambers Tuesday, June 18 7:00 pm, Public Hearing – Council Chambers

RCMP Youth Academy cadets from School District 42 will also be in attendance, and will be cooking and selling BBQ items. Come out and support them, and stick around to hear some of their great stories from Youth Academy 2013! Bring the family, bring your camera and be part of the Third Annual Maple Ridge Police Fair this Sunday.

INFORMED: The Voice of Maple Ridge 20 Years of Service. Diana Dalton is Retiring.

Tuesday, June 25 7:00 pm, Council Meeting - Council Chambers Agendas & Minutes Agendas for these meetings are posted online the Friday before the meeting date. Go to, click the link under Mayor & Council on the home page. Council This Week Subscribe to the ‘Council This Week’ eNewsletter that provides a summary of issues discussed at Council Workshop meetings. Go to, click the link to ‘Council This Week’ and sign up today. Council Meeting Videos If you are unable to attend a Council Meeting, Public Hearing or Committee of the Whole meeting you can now watch these meetings on your computer 24/7. The entire unedited meetings are posted two to three days after the meeting. The video is indexed to the agenda package so that you can watch them in their entirety or click through by agenda item. Go to and click on the video link at the bottom left of the home page.

ENGAGED: Traffic Safety Campaign We are seeking Grandmas, Grandpas and Grandchildren!

This year’s Tax Notice envelope is a bit different than past years. On both the front and back of the envelope there are messages that will help citizens avoid lining up to pay their 2013 Property Taxes. ‘NO LINE’ is the goal for 2013, and we’ve put a number of programs into place to make this goal possible. There’s an information sheet inside this year’s notice that outlines all of the programs that will help citizens achieve the ‘NO LINE’ goal. New for 2013 is the ability to view Property Tax Notices online using the ‘My Maple Ridge’ portal. Starting in 2014, you will be able to get your Property Tax Notice electronically.


You may not have met her, but when you hear her voice you immediately recognize Diana Dalton, who has become the ‘Voice of Maple Ridge.’ Diana has been a very critical part of our District team for two decades, and in that time has won numerous awards in the community from the local newspapers to the Chamber as being the ‘Best Receptionist’ in Maple Ridge. Diana has been an inspiration to her colleagues and an ambassador for our community with her quiet and modest efficiency in helping citizens connect with the right people and departments. She has handled thousands and thousands of calls over the years, and everyone in the District has a story about being connected with a citizen who starts the conversation by saying ‘who was that wonderful lady that answers the phone?’ Mayor, Council and all of her co-workers wish Diana the best in her retirement. She has set a very high standard for all of us in customer service.

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If you have a question about any of the content in this ad, or questions about any programs or services offered by the District of Maple Ridge, please send an email to and one of our team members will respond to you.

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Inspired by the traffic safety campaign around construction sites, the District of Maple Ridge would like to get citizen’s help in spreading the word to slow down in our urban areas. With that goal in mind, we are seeking two grandparents and their grandchildren, to be the community ‘poster children’ for a summer pedestrian safety awareness program on 224 Street. Here’s how it works. Send a photo of a Maple Ridge grandmother or grandfather with no more than two of their grandchildren to Fred Armstrong at In the text of the email please identify the first names of the children and grandparent. Entry photos should be sent by June 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm. The Facebook galleries will be sorted and then put on the District Facebook page on Monday, June 27, 2013. Over a two week period our Facebook followers will vote for the grandma and grandpa by ‘liking’ the photos. The grandma and grandpa photos with the most ‘likes’ will be our campaign faces for July through October, 2013. Time to call your grandparents and get in on this!

@yourmapleridge @yourmapleridge


Council nixes staff report, OKs condos Project conflicts with Smart Growth by Phil M elnyc h u k staff reporter

Maple Ridge council has given the green light for a condo project for 122nd Avenue, despite staff saying that the project conflicts with Maple Ridge’s smart-growth based town centre plan. Bissky Architecture wants to build a fourstorey, 59-unit apartment building at 22305 and 22315 – 122nd Ave., in the middle of the 22300-block of 122nd Avenue. But developing that project without incorporating the two smaller properties that bookend the two lots will make it more difficult in the future to build smaller, viable projects on either side, leading to possible empty lots, lack of underground parking and a gap in sidewalks or street lights. The town centre plan requires that lots be assembled so new projects can be built that have enough housing units to achieve density goals for the downtown. Despite a staff report making those points though, council though told staff to prepare a zoning bylaw allowing the development. That surprised Coun. Corisa Bell, who said the landowners had almost reached a deal to rearrange the properties, that would have allowed them both to have higher density development. “I was absolutely, completely baffled,” she said Wednesday. “It’s very unfair for other landowners in the community.

“I think we’re trying way too hard for developers, as opposed to what’s best for the community and its citizens. “This just proves to me that council will approve absolutely anything.” Staff pointed to the Smart Growth on the Ground-inspired town centre plan that says lots should be assembled, requiring cooperation of neighbouring owners so that enough space is created allow high-density buildings with underground parking. But it’s been difficult to work out an arrangement, between the developer who wants to put the building and single landowner who owns both lots on either side. A staff report says as much, noting there have been “numerous communications” with the other landowner. One option would be for the developer to provide the services for all the lots. Bell said most of the details between the two land owners seemed to have been laid out and only would have required a few weeks’ extention before the property could have been consolidated. “It just seemed like they needed more time and they were making progress.” Mayor Ernie Daykin, though, says it’s possible the two landowners could reach a deal in the next few weeks, even though council told staff to write a zoning change allowing the original proposal. “It’s not our role, in my view, to force two parties together, to be the mediator.” Bell said Thursday that the developer just gave the other landowner until June 10 to reach a deal.


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ΩLimited time lease offer based on a new 2013 Civic DX 5MT model FB2E2DEX. €3.49% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Bi-weekly payment, including freight and PDI, is $92.97. Downpayment of $0.00, first bi-weekly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $12,086.10. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. *Limited time lease offer based on a new 2013 Accord LX MT model CR2E3DE. #3.99% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Bi-weekly payment, including freight and PDI, is $142.28. Downpayment of $0.00, first bi-weekly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $18,496.40. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. ¥Limited time lease offer based on a new 2013 Fit DX MT model GE8G2DEX. †2.99% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Bi-weekly payment, including freight and PDI, is $89.49. Downpayment of $0.00, first bi-weekly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $11,633.70. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. **MSRP is $16,935 / $25,630 / $16,075 including freight and PDI of $1,495 / $1,640 / $1,495 based on a new 2013 Civic DX 5MT model FB2E2DEX / 2013 Accord LX MT model CR2E3DE / 2013 Fit DX MT model GE8G2DEX. PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. #/*/Ω/€/¥/†/** Offers valid from May 1st through May 31st, 2013 at participating Honda retailers. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Offers valid only for British Columbia residents at BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.

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12 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

‘Prison not an ideal place for a baby’ ACCW from front

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It was difficult for her to watch a program she believed in get dismantled, said Granger Brown, who has kept in touch with many of the mothers she helped while working at Alouette. Two former inmates – Amanda Inglis and Patricia Block – have launched a constitutional challenge in B.C. Supreme Court, arguing the province violated their charter rights as mothers by not allowing their babies to stay with them in prison. According to B.C. Corrections, the program was terminated because the safety of the babies was jeopardized. One of the mothers was caught using marijuana, others got into fights, and some left their babies unsupervised. “There was nothing I saw or heard that posed a safety risk to the babies,” Granger Brown said. During her employment at the provincial prison in east Maple Ridge, she organized a birthday party for a boy who turned one, as well as a christening. The party was held outside

Monisha Martins/the news

Lawyer Geoff Cowper is representing two women who have filed a constitutional challenge to have the Mother-Baby Program that was cancelled at Maple Ridge’s Alouette Correctional Centre for Women reinstated. and every inmate was invited One of the mothers painted a colourful mural on the wall of the prison’s nursery. “Women were very careful of how they behaved around the babies,” said Granger Brown. During cross examination, counsel for the province, Heidi Hughes, suggested that inmates were selective about what they shared with Granger Brown and withheld “bad things” because they didn’t want to disappoint her. “I suggest that the inmates didn’t always confide in you,” Hughes

said as she read from a prison log that noted an argument between one mother and another inmate. “There were circumstances of stress and conflict that the inmates haven’t disclosed.” Hughes also highlighted words used in a book written by Granger Brown that describe prison as a “hard” and “sad” place. “I would suggest to you that’s not an ideal place for a baby,” Hughes said. Dr. Peggy Koopman, a psychologist who testified in support of the plaintiffs Wednesday, explained why it was important for mothers

to bond with their babies immediately after birth. Six months to two years is a critical period, said Koopman, noting that babies as young as three months can distinguish their mother’s face, recognize their smell and walk. Hughes argued that a mother who is incarcerated could form a bond with their child, after they are released. “In theory, there are ways that one can attach through visitation?” she asked. Koopman replied that it would be very difficult for a child who was being cared for by others to form an attachment to a parent once contact had been disrupted. She added that studies about women who participated in prison mother-baby programs show a decrease in recidivism. “The children are an incentive for the women to better their lives,” said Koopman. The court has already heard testimony from former Alouette warden Brenda Tole. Patricia Block, one of the plaintiffs, began her testimony on Thursday. The second plaintiff, Amanda Inglis, is expected to testify next week.


Arts Angels Injured? In Pain?

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THERAPY FOR: • Worksafe Injuries • ICBC Injuries • Sports Injuries • Sprains and Strains • Chronic Conditions

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Maple Place 604.467.4675 #203–22971 Dewdney Trunk Road

Arts Angels is a Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council program that provides access for those who would otherwise not be able to participate in Arts Council Arts Programs and ACT Presents live performances. Due to the generosity of our Arts Angels, over $8,000 is provided each year. The need to provide access, remove barriers to participation, and incorporate active involvement in the arts continues to grow. If you would like to become an Arts Angel please call 604.476.2787 to donate today. On behalf of those we serve, a huge THANK YOU for your important community contribution.

2012/2013 Arts Angels Supporters: Westminster Savings Meadow Ridge Rotary

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• Amanda Inglis is an aboriginal woman from williams Lake who was serving time when she gave birth to Damien in March 2008. two weeks later, the mother-baby program was cancelled. In May of the same year, Inglis was granted day parole and was transferred to Phoenix transition house in Prince George, where she was allowed to stay with her son. • Patricia Block, 35, was admitted to Alouette in september, 2008, after being convicted on trafficking charges. Ms. Block was pregnant at the time of her admittance, but the Mother-Baby Program had already been cancelled. As a result, Ms. Block applied to serve time in a federal institution so she could apply to the federal equivalent of the Mother-Baby Program, the Mother-Child Program. she was not accepted, and when her daughter, Amber, was born in March, 2009, the baby was taken away from Ms. Block by the Ministry of Children and Families Development. – The Canadian Press - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 13

Museum ready for Pitt Meadows Day Looki ng Bac k by Leslie Norman

Choose one of the following:

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itt Meadows Day is Saturday, June 1st, and at the Pitt Meadows Museum we will be celebrating by kicking off a few of our Pitt Meadows 100th Anniversary projects and a lot more. Our blacksmiths are in at the Hoffmann site and will be working away at the forge. This year, master blacksmith John Adolph will also be taking a turn at the forge and the public is invited to come by and check out his exquisite art work. Ask us about our blacksmithing 100th anniversary public art project. Outside, if the skies clear, some members of the Fraser Valley Antique Engine Club will have a small show of their gasoline stationary engines and this year will also have a recently restored Maytag from the Hoffmann collection working alongside their own. Our Government of Canada Young Canada Works student, Nick Pochailo, will also be on hand to show visitors around the site. Go easy on him, it is his first day of work. Also at the Hoffmann site will be the kick-off of the museum’s Memory Band project. Made possible with a Creative Communities grant from the B.C. Ministry of Sport and Cultural Development, the Memory Band is a public art project consisting of 100 words, dates, names, phrases that relate to 100 years of Pitt Meadows history. Many of the words that will appear on the band have been researched by staff at the museum, but members of the public are also invited to submit their own suggestions for the band. For more information, drop by the museum on Pitt Meadows Day to see what the project is all about and, if interested, pick up a nomination form. We are also searching for volunteers to help with the routing of the band. Ask us how you can get involved. At the General Store site, our Pitt Meadows Believe it or Not exhibit continues and will include a small theatre with footage of

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Departing September 2013 through April 2014 LIMITED TIME OFFER! CALL NOW FOR YOUR BEST CHOICE! Cruise Holidays of Port Coquitlam 105 - 2310 Ottawa Street, Port Coquitlam Just across the Pitt River Bridge •


The General Store will feature a ‘Pitt Meadows Believe it or Not’ exhibit. the Pitt Polder dikes being built. We are also kicking off our new and improved museum web site on Pitt Meadows Day. You can view it for the first time at the museum. Thank you, Jamie Carballo, for your months of volunteer

time on the project. Also at the museum site is our Human Resources Development Canada Summer Student, Nikki McLaren, who will be manning our exploration box and make a toy table. Ask her about our 18th season of Heritage Thursdays for


Children sessions that are scheduled to run in July and August and about museum’s Sunday programs for the month of June. Happy Pitt Meadows Day, everyone. Leslie Norman is curator at Pitt Meadows Museum.



e 2 • unda 9:0 y, 0a m

Celebrating 10 Years of Running for Health Care 5K Walk/Run • 10K Run • Kids Run

Celebrating 10 Years of Running for Health Care Sunday, June 2 HarvO’Brien, Cravenretired of Harv Carol RMCraven Hospital Design and Fund Run bronze employee, Fund Run committee sponsor is ready run for health member and to participant is care and invites you tocare joinand the ready to run for health invites you to join theMeadows party, party, benefiting Ridge benefiting Meadows HospitalRidge Foundation. Hospital Foundation.



The Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association and Willow Senior Living Residence


Summer Bazaar S E N I O R S

@ Willow Senior Living Residence

Wednesday, June 5th • 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Summer Fashion Show • 3 pm Visit a variety of vendors and discover products, gifts, and services catering to seniors and their families! Chance to win a door prize from each exhibitor! Shop at the craft tables! Enjoy local entertainment!

Hosted by CRAZY ABOUT CLOTHES with a special Zumba presentation by

Refreshments compliments of Willow’s Chef! Fashion Show seating is limited! For more information and to RSVP please call Wendy.



Fairview Elementary, Maple Ridge Online pledging, volunteering opportunities, and more information at Register online at Presenting Sponsor

FREE Fund Run Giveaway to the first 250 registrants!

Willow Manor

12275 - 224th St. Maple Ridge, BC

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Event Name: BC Open Tournament CSI-W** Location: Outdoors @ tbird Dates: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 to Sunday, June 2, 2013 Description: This FEI sanctioned outdoor Tourament is the first World Cup Qualifier of the year and features the best riders from North America competing for ROLEX points and prize money. Entrance fee is $10 per car load on weekend. Time: Tournament hours, 8am - 5pm Daily.

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April 2000 at the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment, but was unable to do anything else. “She had concerns for the safety of her husband, who was in India,” Cpl. Cook Wednesday said at an extradition hearing for her mother and uncle. “She felt that her uncle was going to harm her husband.” Sidhu told police that her uncle had forced her to write a statement in India that falsely accused Singh of forcing her into marriage. Cook spoke to Sidhu for 45 minutes, then directed her to the Indian consulate. “There was not much we felt we could do in Canada at that time,” said Cook. “I stopped the interview when I realized there was no offense that was committed here.” Sidhu returned to India shortly after giving that statement to police. While in India, Sidhu and her husband were attacked by a gang of men. Singh survived the attack, but Sidhu’s badly beaten body was found a day later, June 8, 2000. In 2005, seven men were convicted in India, but three had their convictions overturned on appeal.


Dear Friends,


Devos testified that Sidhu’s uncle was the patriarch of the farming family and controlled all aspects of family life. She spoke of two occasions when Badesha came to her beauty school and roughly grabbed Sidhu by her arm to take her home. When Devos offered to call police, Sidhu told her that calling police would only make things worse. “There was always somebody watching her,” said Devos, describing how Sidhu’s cousins and uncle would park outside the school every day for five and a half months to keep an eye on her. Sidhu also told Devos that her family wanted her to marry a much older wealthy man. Malkit Sidhu’s lawyer, David Crossin, tried to separate the mother from the action of the uncle. “She was as much a victim in that family as Jassi,” he said. “A mother without power?” Two months before Jassi Sidhu and her husband were attacked by a gang of men in India, she appealed to Mounties for help. Cpl. Andy Cook took a statement from Sidhu in

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Marine Products

Motorsports and Marine Products



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31324 Peardonville Rd., Unit 101, Abbotsford

rcmp musical ride! August 23, 24 & 25 at the Thunderbird Show Park Go online to under contests and fill in your information to be entered to win. 1 entry per day, per registered user. Family pass consisists of admission for four and $40 food voucher. DRAW DATE: August 13, 2013 - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 17

Silently, hypertension doing damage


good friend of mine recently returned home, after six months of therapy following a stroke. He is an intelligent and well-read individual and, yet, his stroke was caused by a simple factor – he ignored his high blood pressure.  There is a reason why high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer.” Someone can have high blood pressure for years and not know it, not feel any symptoms and, thus, ignore it.  Reality is, one in five people has high blood pressure, or hypertension.  While it is possible to have it as a young adult, it is generally a condition that manifests itself later in life or as the result of lifestyle choices that put someone at risk. There’s no simple formula for the cause of high blood pressure, but the two most significant factors are genetics and salt intake. If someone has high blood pressure in their family, the chances of developing the condition are that much higher. Interestingly enough, in countries where salt

intake is extremely low, high blood pressure is almost non-existent. Salt, of course, retains water, which increases blood volume and blood pressure.  On average, we lose about 3.8 grams of salt a day through perspiration, but if we are taking in much more than that, then we are storing it and it begins to retain water. This, in combination with a tendency for high salt foods to also be high calorie foods, generally leads to obesity, a significant factor in nongenetic hypertension. Just a few decades ago, high blood pressure was treated with strict dietary control and some stern lectures from a physician about exercising more.  While a few frightened individuals responded, most found it difficult to break their lifestyle habits and a sigh of relief came as hypertension medications became more prevalent. That medication is now the most common form of treatment, especially since the medical profession does not have much time to lecture patients anymore. It was an eye-opener

Divorce e

for me to watch dietary changwhat happened es, but not to my friend really changed and to see the his lifestyle, nor struggles he set up regular continues to checks to deterhave and may mine what was have for the happening. rest of his life.  Silently and In a matter relentlessly, the of seconds, a hypertension bleed in his was doing its As we age brain, caused damage until by the rupture Graham Hookey he felt dizzy at of a small artery work, slumped due to excessive into a chair, pressure on the walls, reand was helpless until duced his speech to zero, someone else called for his memory of names to medical assistance. zero, his ability to access Suffice it to say, it is his long-term memory to wise for anyone over perhaps 10 per cent and the age of 40 to have a his ability to use his hand regular check up that and leg on one side to includes blood pressure less than 10 per cent. monitoring and to take He has worked hard some serious steps to and has recovered intercept the condition if perhaps 50 per cent of it becomes consistent or what was lost, but his if it begins to rise systemintensive therapy is now atically.  over and the amount he A stroke is devastatwill recover from here ing, but it is not the only on in is uncertain. He is outcome of untreated optimistic he’s going to hypertension. Loss of viget back to 90 per cent. sion, heart enlargement, Prior to his stroke, he kidney failure and, for had known for some that matter almost any time that his blood major organ can be dampressure was fluctuating.  aged by relentless high He’d made a few minor blood pressure. 

The Dewdney Medical Group would like to announce the coming retirement of Dr. Allen Neufeld. They would like to take the opportunity to welcome Dr. Andel Kok who has arrived from South Africa to take over Dr. Neufeld’s practice. Dr. Neufeld and Dr. Kok will both be working through May and June to ensure a smooth transition of care for their patients.

The Art of Dance Studio Fall & Summer Registration Saturday, June 1st 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Summer Dance 2013 July 8 - 12 and/or August 19 - 23 • Ballet • Jazz • Hip-Hop • Acrobatics Featuring our fun “Dance n’ Craft Ballet” for 3-7 yr olds


First Memorial Funeral Services is in your neighbourhood!

It often means more than just the end of a marriage.

A women’s business networking group serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

Before you make any decisions, ensure that you understand your rights and obligations. Divorce, mediation, property division, maintenance, custody y and access.

We can take care of your arrangements (pre and at need), with any of our First Memorial locations in the Lower Mainland

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✔ Foot Surgery

✔ Custom orthotics ✔ Walk-in appointments welcome

Dr. David A. Dixon

r e i r r C a We e k e of th

✔ Routine and diabetic care

✔ Sports Medicine

22764 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge Southridge Centre



ie AS&.W Jarem ceive an

th & at the 228 Teen Meal ey Place Mall Han Lougheed, or the 204th & locations Lougheed s great ou for continu ur News o service to readers.

Everyone welcome! Bring a friend.



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omen’s AM is hosting a special breakfast meeting designed to help you market your business. Opportunities to display your products will be made available and additional time to network and socialize with other business women in the community will be built into the program. Whether you have a product to sell or a service to offer, we welcome you to share it at the meeting. To reserve a table to display your products and services, contact Women’s AM at by June 11, 2013.

Thursday, June 13, 2013 • 7:00 am

Fraserview Village Hall 22610 – 116th Avenue

(Corner of 116th Avenue and 227th Street)

To RSVP call the Chamber at 604-463-3366 or for more information email by noon on June 11, 2013. Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978


Looki ng Bac k by Val Patenaude

I just read about a Surrey man who waited a month

$ to claim his massive $31.7 million dollar Lotto 6/49 prize. This past Tuesday, Harry Black picked up two cheques – each for just over $15.8 million



88 1.9% 84





SL AWD model shown


dollars. Together they totalled his $31.7 million dollar windfall. Why two cheques? This is due to the fact that four winning tickets were sold in April’s



$63 million jackpot. Two were quickly claimed by people from Vancouver and Alberta. But Mr. Black not only bought the remaining two in a


286 1.9% $25,243 AT









Hurry Offers end May 31 • find yours at or your local retailer


West Coast NissaN 19625 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows, BC Tel: (604) 460-1333


double-down strategy, he waited a month to collect his prize due to his “even-keeled demeanour.” Apparently, Mr. Black, 66, had been





3.5 SL model shown▲




$1,340 DOWN


COMBINED FUEL ECONOMY† 1.8 SR model shown ▲



5,000 OR GET







*Lease offer available on new 2013 Altima Sedan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission. 1.9% lease APR for a 60 month term. Monthly payment is $286 with $0 down payment or equivalent trade-in and includes freight and PDE ($1,695) and no Security Deposit required. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km per year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $17,184. Includes $150 Dealer Participation on 2013 Altima Sedan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission. Conditions apply. See your Nissan retailer for details. ±0% purchase financing for up to 84 months available on 2013 Nissan Rogue S FWD (W6RG13 AA00), CVT transmission. Representative finance example based on Selling Price of $25,728 financed at 0% APR for 84 months equals $277 per month with $2,500 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $25,728. ≠Finance offers are now available on select 2013 Sentra 1.8 S (C4LG53 AA00), manual transmission. Selling Price is $16,415 financed at 1.9% APR equals 182 bi-weekly payments of $88 for an 84 month term. $1,340 down payment required. Cost of borrowing is $1,036.20 for a total obligation of $17,452. ◆$25,243/$16,415/$25,728 Selling Price for a new 2013 Altima Sedan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission/2013 Sentra 1.8 S (C4LG53 AA00), manual transmission/2013 Rogue S FWD (W6RG13 AA00), CVT transmission. Includes $150 Dealer Participation on 2013 Altima Sedan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission. ‡$5,000 Cash Purchaser’s Discount is based on non-stackable trading dollars and is applicable to all 2013 Nissan Rogue models except 2013 Rogue S FWD (W6RG13 AA00), CVT transmission. The $5,000 cash purchaser’s discounts is only available on the cash purchase of select new 2013 Rogue models (excluding the W6RG13 AA00 trim model). The cash purchaser’s discounts will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance rates. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Conditions apply. ▲Models shown $34,293 Selling Price for a new 2013 Altima Sedan 3.5 SL (T4SG13 AA00), CVT transmission/$21,515 Selling Price for a new 2013 Sentra 1.8 SR (C4RG13 RT00), CVT transmission/$36,148 Selling Price for a new 2013 Rogue SL AWD (Y6TG13 AA00), CVT transmission. *±≠◆‡▲Freight and PDE charges ($1,695/$1,567/$1,750), certain fees where applicable, manufacturer’s rebate and dealer participation where applicable included. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes, air-conditioning tax ($100), are extra. Finance and lease offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Canada Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid between May 10th, 2013 and May 31st, 2013. † Fuel economy from competitive intermediate/compact 2013 internal combustion engine models sourced from Autodata on 13-12-2012. Hybrids and diesels excluded. 2013 Altima/Sentra fuel economy tested by Nissan Motor Company Limited. 2013 Altima: 2.5 L engine (7.4 L/100 KM CITY/5.0 L/100 KM HWY), 3.5 L (9.3 L/100 KM CITY/6.4 L/100 KM HWY). 3.5L shown. 2013 Sentra: CVT transmission (4.9 L/100 KM HWY/6.6 L/100 KM CITY/5.8 L/100 KM COMBINED), manual transmission (5.5 L/100 KM HWY/7.5 L/100 KM CITY/6.6 L/100 KM COMBINED), CVT model shown. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison purposes only. ∞TOP SAFETY PICK+ winners must earn good ratings for occupant protection in at least 4 of 5 IIHS evaluations, with no less than acceptable in any test. IIHS rates vehicles good, acceptable, marginal or poor based on performance in a moderate overlap frontal crash, small overlap frontal crash, side impact and rollover, plus evaluations of seat/head restraints for protection against neck injuries in rear impacts. For details see

18 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

Spirituality, like winning the biggest and best lottery ever playing the same lotto numbers for 35 years. He’s a film industry worker who’s going to do something that he’s never done before – go on vacation. Can you imagine winning the lottery? For many of us, this is the ultimate dream. But the problem is the odds are great. B.C. Lottery Corporation vice-president Kevin Gass said of Mr. Black: “Scientifically speaking, the odds of him wining half of the biggest jackpot in Canada are about a gazillion to one.” We probably won’t ever win the lotto, but we can ‘win’ a greater prize – the spiritual lotto. The apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 1:3 [NLT]: “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ.” Part of what it means to be a Christian is that God has blessed you. And the idea is that if you are united with Christ, you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing possible. Most people tend to take this exclusively in materialistic terms: “Oh so I’ll be happy; I’ll be rich; I’ll be healthy; I’ll be tall; I’ll be slender and attractive.”

The blessings aren’t necessarily material and the blessings aren’t necessarily visible and the blessings aren’t necessarily in this life.

But that’s not the case. The blessings aren’t necessarily material and the blessings aren’t necessarily visible and the blessings aren’t necessarily in this life; 100 years from now, 1,000 years from now, 1,000,000 years from now, will it matter if we’ve won the lotto? I don’t think so. But those who are in Christ have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. The idea is that Jesus gives us every spiritual blessing possible. And 100 years from now, 1,000 years from now, 1,000,000 years from now, it will matter. It’s like winning the biggest and best lottery ever.

Brad Warner is associate pastor at Burnett Fellowship. - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 19

GVHBA invites public to Parade of Renovated Homes

Imagining the renovation possiblities The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association invites you to tour 11 professionally renovated homes in the Lower Mainland on June 9 on their annual Parade of Renovated Homes. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., visitors will be able to look around the homes and talk with the renovators. “Professional RenoMark renovators, ... will be on-site to offer expert advice and discuss their craftsmanship,” says GVHBA CEO Bob de Wit. “Project values range widely, offering homeowners an abundance of ideas they can incorporate into their own renovations.” Admission is by passport and will

cost $10 per person. Children 17 and under are free. You can purchase your passport at any home on the tour. Visit for a full list of participating homes. Because the homes are private residences, the tour is only open during the event date and times. “FortisBC is extremely excited to again be the presenting sponsor of this popular consumer event,” says FortisBC regional energy solutions manager Dan Noel. “We look forward to combining the strengths of GVHBA and FortisBC to help the renovation industry in Metro Vancouver achieve innovative and successful results when it comes to their projects and energy requirements.”

Appia to release second phase soon

SOLO District rising above the rest with Altus By Kerry Vital

Exciting things are happening at Appia Developments’ SOLO District with their upcoming release of the second residential phase and ongoing construction of the first phase. Stratus, the first tower, will rise 45 storeys and will be available for buyers to move into in 2015. Meanwhile, Altus will begin sales in the near future. “Altus will be the tallest building in Burnaby,” says Lisa Murrell, sales and marketing manager for Appia. “The views are amazing.” Altus will be the equivalent of 55 storeys tall, with office space on the first 14 floors. Thus, the first residential floor will be 200 feet up, offering stunning views from every condominium home.

There’s everything you could possibly need here,” says Lisa Murrell, sales and marketing manager for Appia Developments. “The views start from the bottom (residential) floor,” Murrell says. “There will also be a quiet barbecue area and rooftop garden on that floor.” At the very top of the building, you’ll find a huge amenity space that Appia is calling Club 55 with a barbecue area, full kitchen, media area and pool and ping-pong tables and generous outdoor deck space all for residents of Altus. The office tower will include a gym that residents have access to as well, and a multi-sport court on the third floor. SOLO District, which stands for South of Lougheed, will eventually be comprised of four stunning residential towers (Cirrus and Aerius are the two others and will be released at a future date) and when complete, will house over 1,400 homes. It will also hold office space, commercial opportunities and plenty of green space. Among the tenants will be Burnaby’s first Whole Foods, right next door to Stratus. “There are several other exciting anchor tenants to be announced,” says Murrell. “This is a very, very cool community.” That’s no exaggeration. SOLO is steps away from Brentwood Town Centre, the Brentwood SkyTrain

station, restaurants, schools and leisure activities, so it’s perfectly situated. “There’s everything you could possibly need here,” Murrell says. “Walkability was key.” Stratus began sales last year, and Appia has since consulted with buyers and locals to find out what drew them to the master-planned community. “It’s been really well-received by the community,” Murrell says. “We’re learning what people want.” The homes themselves are spacious and open, ranging from approximately 539 up to about 1,700 square feet. Something that sets Altus apart are the choices it offers for three-bedroom units, which is something buyers have been asking for and Appia is happy to be able to provide in this new phase of SOLO District. Among the features you’ll find in your new home are imported Italian Armony Cucine cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, engineered wood flooring in the living areas and polished quartz countertops. All of the homes at SOLO will be heated and cooled via geothermal heat exchange, which uses stored energy from the earth and is incredibly efficient. FortisBC notes that buyers will see great cost savings compared to conventional buildings, and less maintenance will be required. For more information, visit www. or call 604-298-8800.

Submitted photos

Appia Developments will soon release its second phase of homes at SOLO, called Altus. It will be the tallest building in Burnaby, top, and will offer amazing views over the Lower Mainland, a fantastic location and a huge amenities space called Club 55, above, with a barbecue area, full kitchen and generous outdoor deck space.

20 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -







$429* / MO $475* / MO $690* / MO



WWW.223NORTH.COM CONTACT US 604.463.0588 PRESENTATION CENTRE Unit 101 - 22320 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge BC V2X 2T4 OPEN HOURS: Open Noon to 5pm on Sat. to Wed.


(closed on Thu. / Fri.) MARKETING & SALES BY

* Subject to change without notice. Limited time offer, see sales staff for details. The developer reserves the right to make modifications to the information contained herein. Prices are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist renditions only. E.&O.E.


3 & 4 BED TOWNHOMES From $306,900





✓ Walking distance to top-ranked schools ✓ Family-friendly neighbourhood ✓ Main floor powder room ✓ Easy access to the West Coast Express ✓ Move in today


Discover why smart buyers are choosing Kanaka Creek




232 ST






















- CA



See more at




96 TRA



Sales Centre open daily 12 – 5 (Closed Thurs. & Fri.) 11176 Gilker Hill Rd., Maple Ridge mcmillan 604 - 476 -1188 island

island at kanaka creek

Prices are subject to change without notice. GST not included. E.&O.E.


r ve Ri




YFra PA SS se r


Kanaka Creek




gilk er h ill r d




AVE - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 21

9253 Hayward - Lakefront!

WATERFRONT at Silvermere Lake! 1/2 acre, 104 ft frontage, 4400 sq ft Cape Cod style rancher. Country kitchen spills out into sunroom & down to dock perfect for entertaining. The 900 sq ft sunroom demands that you relax, enjoy the view and throw your cares away. The lake canoeing, fishing, swimming and playing; no public access so it is never crowded. Be THAT guy. The guy who has access to fishing at Silvermere. 

Lighthouse R E A L T Y



8-32849 Egglestone $328,900


No age restrictions! Pets ok & anysize dog! 3 bdrm luxury GATED townhouse with real hardwood floors, tile, gorgeous open kitchen w/ breakfast bar & nice big bdrms. 4’ clean cement floor crawlspace for storage + dbl garage.RV parking w/power hookup. Close to schools & bus stops

1 Acre + op Worksh

3465 Ross Rd, Aberdeen $499,900

HOBBY FARMER! CAR GUY! 1250sqft/3bdrm + 2500sqft SHOP - heated & plumbed- for 4 cars+more. A glorious acre for all your hobbies and minutes to town. Chicken coop, dog runs, horse barracks. Great location for the dream D E C U RED home too!



oanne andstra


Check out for a free search tool to use on your iPhone!

OPEN HOUSE • Sat. & Sun., 1-4pm Websters Corners

12985 - 256th St., Maple Ridge

Executive custom built 4000 sq ft home on almost 2 acres of fenced, drained land. Three stall barn, corner lot, sep workshop, 2 car high ceiling garage - carport and a mountain view! Home features 4 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (two with jacuzzi each), 3 F/P, covered patio & breeze way, den, large kitchen with eating area, built in appls such as double ovens, 2 washers, dryer & heated 5 ft crawl space. Vaulted ceilings, crown mouldings, new granite kitchen countertops & more. Suitable for bed & breakfast. $849,000

Multi-Award Winning Homes starting from $479,900 Best Single-Family Builder of the Year Best Single-Family Detached Home: 2,000 - 2,999 sq.ft. Best Single-Family Detached Home: Less than 2,000 sq.ft. Best Marketing Innovation This tranquil setting in Silver Ridge offers incredible views, spacious lots and great value.

Visit our Sales Centre & Displays today!



232 ST

Cell: 604-726-6744

224 ST

Olga Duduletz Realty Inc.

13555 – 230A Street, Maple Ridge Open Daily: 12 - 5pm

Call: 604.466.9278

BUILDING AWARD-WINNING COMMUNITIES FOR TODAY... AND FOR YEARS TO COME. Sales & Marketing by Coldwell Banker Tri-Tel Realty. This is not an offering for sale. Price excludes taxes. E. & O. E.

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Solutions for cluttered home offices Hom es by Robert Prince


unning a business from a home office has some real advantages–short commute, very relaxed dress code, easy access to amenities – but there is one disadvantage that may make things more difficult than necessary, and that’s the lack of public scrutiny. While most people who have an office elsewhere wouldn’t dream of letting it become a total mess if customers could drop in at any time, a lot of home offices are disaster zones because the owner is too busy to worry about order or the look of the place. After all, “No one but me will see it anyway.” Well, that may be, but a messy office can be a real time waster in terms of productivity, and if it’s not a pleasant space to be in, chances are you’ll avoid it. There are solutions for both problems, however. Tammy Haywood, owner of Pitt Meadows-based interior decorating firm Stylicious, has some tips on how to tidy up your home office and make it feel comfortable. Recently, she had the opportunity to redo the home office for busy real estate agent Kelly Fry, whose office was the victim of a busy mom, wife, business woman and community volunteer.

Tim Fitzgerald/The news

Interior designer Tammy Haywood shows off her latest home office upgrade for a client in Maple Ridge. As a result of her time crunch, Kelly’s office was cluttered, disorganized, full of stuff that didn’t belong in an office, and dated. She didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but was open to ideas about how to make over her workspace. Tammy started with de-cluttering. This meant moving children’s toys out of the small office space so it could be better used for business purposes. Other

items were sorted for relevance – stuff that didn’t belong, or that was dated, was boxed and stored elsewhere, while business-related materials were organized so that they could be easily found when needed. All surfaces were scrubbed clean to brighten them, and then colourful storage solutions were created to house things like paper, office supplies, receipts, business cards, electronics and

software; even a few inexpensive boxes were purchased, as was a storage shelf to help get things off the desk. “The bookcase was overflowing,” says Tammy, “so we sorted books into three piles. One was to be stored close in the bookcase, one was to be stored away in the garage, and one was to be dropped at a thrift store. “We grouped books by subject or by author, depending on how my client would look for them and stored them in inexpensive magazine holders, labeled them and put them back on the shelves.” In addition to getting organized, Tammy’s mission was to help Kelly create a welcoming office, and to that end they made some cosmetic changes, including new paint to create a feature wall, and replacing a light fixture and old Venetian blinds to update both. Red accessories to complement the green paint were used to brighten things up. Also, a desk lamp with electrical outlets in the base was added to provide task lighting and easy outlet access for plugging in phones and the computer. Finally, the old glue-encrusted garbage can was replaced. The result of all this was a functional, delightfully decorated office that was inexpensive to achieve. Now Kelly is happier in

her office, and able to tackle her busy life with greater ease. Robert Prince is a local freelance writer.

Homemade cleaners Interior decorator Tammy haywood offers tips for your own home office makeover success story. • Remove clutter. • Sort for relevance. Some things can be donated or stored elsewhere. Outdated materials can be tossed. • Group like things together. • Use matching and color coordinated storage boxes, holders, binders etc. It creates order and harmony, and makes the area look and feel more productive and organized. • Don’t forget about color and texture. Both create interest, and keep the area from feeling too cold or sterile.  We created a complementary colour scheme of red and green by painting a feature wall green and accessorizing with red frames, flowers and artwork. we used white and black storage boxes, but the black storage has a basket weave finish to create texture against the flat surfaces of glass tables, file cabinets and bookcases. • Replace anything broken or badly dated with new or updated pieces. • Clean all surfaces, and windows for freshness.

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SOLD Awesome Awesome Home


SOLD Room for a Shop!

SOLD Awesome Cul-de-sac Loc!








SOLD 5 Acres - Totally Reno’d!


SOLD Det. Workshop/Garage!

10 Acres in Mt. Lehman

Custom built bsmt entry home! 2 gas f/p, 4 bdrms on main. Sep formal din room. Big kitch w/granite. Covered deck, 9’ ceil. Media room w/wet bar! 8100 sq. ft. flat lot. $568,888

Desirable Mt. Lehman locale! 5 year young home with awesome views! 3 car garage! Luxury! Set up for horses— 70x140 riding ring. 22 stalls, tack room, plus 2 bdrm suite! $1,299,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000 #0000



SOLD Back Lane Access Bonus!


Gated Adult Complex!

SINO1LDADY Loc in Fairbanks Subdiv

Redone top to bottom. New R2012 updates galore. New baths, flooring, counters. Usable 6000+ sq. ft. lot. RV parking, det garage. Quiet area, no thru street. Priced to sell. $399,888

Corner lot in McMillan area! 2 road access. RV parking. Rancher with part basement. Loads of potential. $349,900

Very quiet and peaceful street!! 4 level split with fabulous back yard with custom entertaining-sized deck. 4 bdrms. Unfinished bsmt can be customized to suit your needs. $325,500

3 addresses! Country home, sep self contained cabin, sep mobile home for the inlaws, sep 30x40 shop w/14’’ doors, 40x70 barn, 40x26 quonset hut, boat shelter & kennell! The list goes on. $788,500

Central access to all amenities! Oldtimer house waiting for your special touch. Rancher with basement. Set above street level to take advantage of view! $209,000

Desirable Edwards Estate! Rancher style townhome upper unit. 2 bdrms, 2 baths. Formal living and dining combo. Family room off kitchen. 1212 sq. ft. Single garage. $199,900

Built by one of Mission’s finest builders, Mount Royal Homes. Close to all amenities, best curb appeal in the neighbourhood. Looks like a brand new home. $499,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

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@ - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 25

We Never Stop Moving 22519 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge


THE Ralph Telep

Dave Telep




Remember... your bank works for the bank,

• Over 2800 sq ft • Huge master bedroom • 3 bdrms on main • 1 bedroom suite down • Newer roof • Det. 10 x 14 garage • Private 7245 sq ft lot

Call Bonnie about including renovations with your purchase price



Best Priced 2 bdrm Condo in Maple Ridge

• 690 sq ft • 2 bdrms, 2baths • Completely remodelled

11885 Hall Street, Maple Ridge

• Top floor unit • Amazing view of Fraser River • Walk to amenities

#505 11671 Fraser St., M.R.


Excellent Suite Potential



• 3 bedrooms up • 2 bedrooms down • Needs some TLC in bsmt • Great potential • 600 sq ft workshop • Large pie-shaped lots

22727 Balabanian Circle, Maple Ridge

• Immaculate mobile • 2 bedrooms • Meadow Highland • Indoor pool & co-op park Clubhouse • Low pad rent




Kim Fabbro


Best Unit In Building

West Maple Ridge

• 3 bdrms, 2 baths • Well managed • 1,275 sq. ft. complex • Single garage • Fully fenced yard • Lots of updates • Shows very well

830 sq.ft. Penthouse • Best location in bldg • Spacious 1 bdrm • Quiet side of • Secure parking bldg overlooking • Pets allowed greenbelt • Close to amenites

#27 20699 - 120B Ave., M.R.

#411, 12025 - 207A St., M.R.


• 2 bdrm rancher style townhome • Gas fireplace • Family rm

• 400 sq ft deck with river view • Walk to town

#203, 11724 - 225th St., M.R.


*OAC - Rates subject to change. Certain conditions apply. *based on 2 year term.

Opportunity Is Knocking!



13613 McKercher Drive

• Beautiful high-end home with unobstructed view of Golden Ears and valley below • 5,000 sq. ft. home with 6 bdrms & 5 baths • Two large decks off great rm and master bdrm • Granite counters, wood floors


Premier Showing!


New Listing!



“We keep our promise, or you don’t keep us.”

#80 - 19646 Pinyon Lane., P.M.


Check us out at

& Associates


Pitt Meadows Co-op Park!

Reduced $15,000


Terry Passley





Bonnie Telep works for you!

New Listing!

Fabulous Location!


Bonnie Telep

RALPH TELEP TEAM 604-467-9300

Don Vicki Schmidt Cunningham




Your Dream Home!



22691 - 136A Ave.

Over 5175 sq ft! Located on a view lot in Formosa Plateau. This stunning 3 storey home has it all and is ready to view!! Home has all the features and all the high end finishes from Wok Kitchens to Media rooms! Party Deck across rear takes in the endless views and sunsets!

844,800 13888 - 232 Ave.

• Almost 4,300 sq. ft. custom built by West Coast Dream Homes • On Private 7,400 sq. ft. lot on greenbelt • Triple garage on cul-de-sac • Too many extras to list • Call for package

Early Bird Incentive Packages Offered! Starting in the $180’s

Display Suite Open Daily from 1 to 5 except Fridays (Built to full scale)

Spaces Designed with… Style Setting Designed by… Nature • Beautiful 9 ft. ceilings throughout. • Gourmet kitchens with Corian style countertops, undermount sinks, stainless steel appliances and European cabinets. • Elegant ceramic tile and laminate flooring. • Deluxe plumbing and lighting packages.

• 75 Stylish Units • Spacious balconies for enjoying the view • Designer 2” blinds on all windows. • Concrete floors & rain screen technology. • Practical floor plans ranging from 634 to 909 sq. ft.

Style and value in an urban setting is what you’ll find at PARC VUE. This sleek and polished 75 unit condominium project has everything you’ll need to…

Live Life… Inspired! Display Suite: 22245 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge, BC 604-467-8884

Marketed by Terry Passley & Associates 604-467-9300

Building Located at: 12040 - 222nd St., Maple Ridge, BC

This is not an offering for sale. Any such offer can only be made with a disclosure statement.


26 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

Randy Cooke Julie Wagner 778-835-9832 604-818-4666





19287 Park Road, Pitt Meadows Custom 4 bdrm with high end finishing will give anyone reason to love this home. Location is fantastic, why drive through Pitt Meadows when you can live here. Enjoy all the plus’s of upscale living, walk to West Coast Express hike, bike, play, you’ll love living life to the fullest. Call Randy 778-835-9832 e-mail


REDUCED! Quick Possession Possible!



MLS #V993856

MLS #V1003894

Westside family home in McKinney Creek Estates. 3 large bdrms up with den on main. Massive ensuite with soaker tub & double doors. Sunken living rm with vaulted ceilings. Kitchen with island & separate eating area facing south to enjoy the sunshine. Family rm off kitchen, Triple garage with wrap-around driveway. Roof is only 3 years old. Close to schools & shopping.

11933 224th St., Maple Ridge


327,900 WE OFFER...



12491 201St Street

21888 Lougheed Highway

MLS #V989884 MLS #V989869



and ACCOMMODATION: With both the Seller and the Buyer (or Buyer’s agent), so nobody is left feeling unattended to.

For a complete list of OPEN HOUSES check out 899,000



259,000 244,900

259,000 399,500




• Double wide manufactured home, many upgrades. • 2 bedrooms, den, super large livingroom • Vinyl windows, air conditioning, new drywall inside. • Corner lot, carport with extra parking. • Park offers indoor pool, clubhouse, RV parking(small fee). • Low Pad fee $267.00 monthly.

259,000 479,900


• Traditional street - scape entrance with verandas. • Over 1800 sq. ft., end unit townhome. • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 9’ ceilings on main. • Double garage with expansion area. • Just 20 units in this complex. • Walk to shopping and WC Express.

Chris Frandsen 604-467-5000

Jim Isherwood 604-250-7755



• 11,675 sq ft lot with rented home Listing agent recognition, picture boards at three • APPROVED PLANS locations, print and web-based advertising, FOR GARDEN SUITE plus both office and MLS® tours. • CITY UPGRADES to storm, AN INNOVATIVE MARKETING PROGRAM: sanitary and waterlines are We have the knowledge and skill to grab ALREADY COMPLETE. the attention of potential buyers.

• 4 bdrm, 4 bthrm with TRIPLE GARAGE. • FANTASTIC BACK DECK with view. • Extras galore, inc. HEAT PUMP & CUSTOM MILLWORK UR D YO E BUIL M HOM A E R D

GOING THE EXTRA MILE We are committed to being there for you every step of the way when you buy or sell through us. If there is something that we can be doing to get you the results you want, you can bet that we are doing it.

McKinney Creek Estates

604.467.5000 Brookside Realty


22699 & 22707 136A Ave • BREATHTAKING VIEWS • Opportunity to CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLAN • Call for information on completion dates


536 Cottonwood Avenue • 1/4 ACRE property in Harrison Hot Springs Village • 4 blocks to HARRISON LAKE • GREAT GARAGE

SKILLED NEGOTIATION: Resourceful negotiation techniques that always respect market conduct, but get the results you want. A REPUTATION YOU CAN TRUST I’ve been assisting people of our community as they buy and sell real estate for over 37 years and have built my career primarily on repeat business and referrals. It’s never been about ‘closing a deal’ for me, but rather about working to set my clients up in the best situation possible. Bob Terepocki

OPEN THURS - MON 12-4 11206 236 ST • • • • •

3 bdrms & den 3200 sq. ft. Entertainment Style Kitchen, w/pantry. Granite on main floor. S/S Applainces. Large Master Bdrm, Deluxe Soaker & Shower Upgraded Molding Pkg. • Close to Town, Kanaka Park & Playground.

Vicky van Herwaarden 604-999-2452

Pat Drummond “Matchmaking Buyers And Sellers For A Quarter Century.”

259,000 515,000

259,000 519,900



259,000 559,000



OPEN THURS - MON 12-4 11200 236 ST

• Level and grassed, a sweet country acreage only a short walk to Whonnock Lake. • New drilled well, 3 bedrooms, extra-large great room plus a cozy family room. • Definitely worth a look!

Gina Halinda 604-763-5131

• • • • • • • •

$519,900 INCLUDES FINISHED BASEMENT. 3 bdrms & den 3200 sq. ft. Entertainment Style Kitchen, w/pantry. Granite on main floor; S/S Appliances. Large Master Bdrm, Deluxe Soaker & Shower; Upgraded Molding Pkg. INLAW SUITE POTENTIAL Close to Town, walk to Kanaka School & Playground.

INCREDIBLE BUY • Awesome family neighborhood • Level entry rancher with walkout basement. • 3 large bedrooms on the main level family room, super spacious kitchen. • Basement offers, 2 bedroom suite private fenced backyard. • There is so much more!

Vicky van Herwaarden 604-999-2452

Chris Frandson 604-467-5000 MASTER

Pat Drummond

259,000 749,900


OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 PM 25273 130TH AVE • 1.47 acres of privacy on city water. • Exotic trees, flowers and shrubs compliment this picture perfect 4 bdrm + den, 2 storey/bsmt home. • On those hot summer days relax next to your very own 30 x 15 in ground pool. • Beauty shows throughout with new carpet, maple hardwood and laminate floors and a large exposed aggregate patio to entertain.

Randy & Tracy DeLair 604-463-2991

259,000 799,000



INVESTOR ALERT • Opportunity knocking on this 13 acre property in Mission. • 2 Road frontages - 1 on Dewdney and the other on Cedar. • Current zoning allows for 4.44 acre development. • Potential for re-zoning to 1.73 acre parcel Value mostly in land.


SHELTER FOUNDATION • We help more than 30,000 women and children each year. • Let’s put abuse out of commission! • The Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation in Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention and education programs.


Shannon Drummond




Thinking of Buying or Selling?

Let’s get together and make things happen! Helping you is what we doTM

Randy & Tracy DeLair 604-463-2991

Brookside Realty 11933 224th St., Maple Ridge

Helping you is what we doTM - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 27

oPEn houSE SundAY 2-4 $549,900


Travis Franklin

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Cell: 604-351-0235


OPEN SuNday 12 - 2 PM



Simply charming. This PRIVATE RETREAT is a beautifully positioned at the end of a quiet street and surrounded by nature. Pride of original ownership evident with this beauty. Backyard boasts a massive, two level deck w/newer hot tub. This entertainer’s dream overlooks a magnificant koi pond with a soothing rock waterfall. Lovingly maintained, this 2 story w/ basement home has 3 large bedrooms up, fireplace in master, large rec room and office downstairs w/NEW carpet, and plenty of storage. Main level boasts a welcoming country kitchen w/views of old growth trees. NEW laminate, paint and trim. Located minutes from downtown Ridge.

Brookside Realty

11933 224th St., Maple Ridge

21702 MANOR AVE Your search has ended! This gorgeous property is perfectly positioned on a quiet cul-de-sac Located in central Ridge. This BEAUTY boasts a private backyard oasis featuring a soothing hot tub, covered entertainer’s dream deck, an artist ‘s studio or playhouse, workshop & BBQ shed, RV parking and a BRAND NEW cedar roof w/30 year warranty! This meticulously maintained and tastefully renovated split level home boasts stunning custom wood work, “Shabby Chic” kitchen, cozy fireplaces, huge rec/room, new bathrooms, new paint, new flooring, 2011 furnace, loads of storage and a fantastic view of Golden Ears. Pride of ownership evident. Excellent neighbourhood and an easy walk to all levels of schooling.

TAMMY SONNE 778-773-2707






#103 12096 222nD Street

11339 DartforD Street



• Completely renovated. • Extensive interior finishing. • Roof top deck off master. • Loft & Nanny Suite.

• • • •

1st Floor inside unit, 1 bath. All amenities just a walk away. Self managed & well maintained. Affordable gem, move in today.

MLS# V1007428


#105 11957 223rD Street

CENTRAL LOCATION • 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit. • Huge patio & garden area. • Walk to everything. • No dogs allowed.

MLS# V1001191

MLS# V986840

Donna Hetherington


20842 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge

Mortgage Advice is One Call Away





Call Donna to view 604-318-9496

This ideal family home is located in the desirable neighborhood of Silver Heights. The home offers 3 bedrooms + large Den & 3 full bathrooms. Kitchen & family room has the open concept plan with vaulted ceilings, stone fireplace & designer colors. Kitchen has maple shaker cabinets, Island with breakfast bar, W/I pantry & stainless appliances. Large Master bedroom with W/I closet, Inviting ensuite with soaker tub & separate shower. Fully finished basement with Enormous Rec room, full bath & separate entrance, ideal for in-law suite. Fully fenced and landscaped backyard. Close to a playground/sports court & miles of trails....

*must have turned these ages before Dec. 31, 2012

22718 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge Fax: 604-466-5348 Email:

Draw Dad

Essay Contest

Kids between the ages* of 7 and 12 are eligible to participate.


o t o g o t t n a w I

Tell us in 150 words or less why you want to go to camp this summer. Visit contests and write your essay.

Donna Telep Mortgage Specialist

WIN your trip to DAY CAMP!

Submit your essay before June 11. News readers will vote for their favourite essay between June 12 and 23. You’ll want to tell all your family, friends and neighbours to vote for you!

& enter to Win!

NEWS READERS IT’S TIME TO VOTE! View the Draw Dad contest drawings and vote for your favourite! Deadline to vote is 5pm June 16th DRAWING WITH THE MOST VOTES WINS: 4 rounds of golf with carts at The Falls Golf Club in Chilliwack, and 4 rounds of golf with carts at Golden Eagle Golf Club. Valued at $546 HOW TO VOTE: Visit and click on contests. Choose Draw Dad and click on view entries.

contest brought to you by:

Contest brought to you by

Two Timberline Ranch camp prizes will be awarded. Ages 7 & 8: day camp valued at $199. Dates July 1-5. Ages 9-12: junior camp valued at $279. Dates June 28-July 1.

Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978


28 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -


For the way you live

ROB JEEVES 604-240-2629


Ask Rob Jeeves




$662,500 • Rec room • Fully finished bsmt • Private yard on greenbelt • Large pantry

READY TO MOVE? • 3,933 sq ft • 5 Bdrm + Den • On greenbelt • Nearby walking trails

• Media Room • Suite potential • Full walk out basement • Covered Deck

SURROUNDED BY GREENSPACE • 4 Bdrm plus den / 3.5 bath • Full finished bsmt • SS appliances • Granite island

• Pantry • 5 pc ensuite • Media Room • Fully Fenced Yard


• Mitchell Park • 3 bdr. 4 bth. 1 bdr • inlaw suite, central air






#7-22538 116TH AVENUE • Front seat views over the Fraser • Rancher style w/ fully finished bsmt • Beautifully updated, w/i tub, chair lift down • Double garage, 55+ complex


# 5 19171 Mitchell Rd, Pitt Meadows

• $50,000 in new upgrades • 55+ Holly Lane Complex • Walk everywhere! • Possession immediate. • Wheelchair friendly • Move in today! MLS #V1004769 • Huge Master bedroom MLS #V1008752






Maria Moudatsos





18969 118B Avenue, Pitt Meadows

Seniors Real Estate Specialist


SUNDAY 2–4 • email:






• 6 bed / 4 bath • S.S. Appliances • Stone gas FP • Deluxe master bdrm











and $





#28 & #29-21163 LOUGHEED HWY.




• Two great homes to view • One is 720 sq. ft, the other is 984 sq. ft. • Both have 2 bedrooms, nice updates • Offered at $39,900 and $49,900 • Great park, call today!

• Sprawling executive rancher on 1 acre • Beautiful granite upgrades, shows well • Inground pool + detached guest cabana • Triple car garage, city water and sewer • An address to be proud of, call today!

Very well cared for RIO Grande 2Bed 2Bath condo! Walking distance to everything! Laminate flooring, S/S appliances, granite counters, floor to ceiling windows, covered patio, open concept. Currently tenanted at 1100 per month tenant will stay or purchase a beautiful condo at a great price!

Perched up with 8.8 acres of lush forest behind you. NO ALR. Urban Reserve. Exquisite details, custom built gourmet kitchen. Bsmt has endless opportunity perfect for home business. Elevator services 3 floors,50year metal roof. Hold this property for future dev’p. Approx 3000 rental income potential.








FANTASTIC PRIVATE YARD $454,900 11898 Hawthorne Street, Maple Ridge • Private 70’ x 109’ lot. Fenced backyard with beautiful gardens. Spacious deck, partly covered to enjoy your summer BBQs. • 4 bdrms, finished basement, 2 fireplaces. Remodelled • Carport plus room to park RV. • Walk to Golden Ears Elementary & Thomas Haney Secondary School.





BACKING ONTO GREENBELT DOUBLE GARAGES AVAILABLE Starting at $324,900!!! Showhome at #40–23986 104 Avenue

Starting at $329,900 Showhome at #67 11252 Cottonwood Drive • Cottonwood Ridge nicely finished new townhomes with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Some have a finished basement. • Hardwood floors, maple cabinets, granite countertops, crown moldings. Garage for 2 cars. • Gas fireplace. 6 appliances and blinds included. • Central location near schools, shopping and transit.


• • • • • •

Starting at $629,900 Showhome at 24620 - 101 Ave, Maple Ridge. East on 102 Avenue, right onto Jackson Road, left onto 101 Avenue.

Spencer Brook new townhomes. 9 foot ceilings on the main floor. Great room w/ FP. Maple kitchen w/ granite countertops, large island. Some have finished basements, double garages. 6 appliances & blinds included. Walk to the bus stop, elementary & high school. Near shopping, Albion Sports Complex & Planet Ice.

Quality built new 2 storey homes with basements. Luxury living with all the extras! Choice of Great room open concept or living, dining and family room. Double & triple garages. Some homes back onto parkland & have a beautiful valley and mountain view.

Johnny Pacheco, Ron Antalek, Cory Lunsted†, Louise Antalek†, & Rob Johnson

Ron Antalek A-LIST Personal Real Estate Corporation


2 TH 01 Fav E N E W S 2 r o ouri te Realt


Each office independently owned and operated

*Based on total transactions Remax Western Canada Team 2012 † Licensed Assistant

RANCHER WITH BASEMENT ON A 9,890 SQ. FT. LOT 11971 - 220 Street, Maple Ridge $449,000 • Completely renovated rancher with basement. • New maple kitchen with granite counter tops, new stainless steel fridge & stove. • New hardwood floor, siding, double glazed vinyl windows, bathrooms, furnace and garage door. New gas fireplace. • Near transit, rec centre and shopping.

22308 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge #2-19126 Ford Road, Pitt Meadows

PRIVACY ON 1 ACRE BACKING ONTO FOREST $849,900 12670 - 262A Street, Maple Ridge

• Whispering Falls 2 storey home with one bedroom inlaw suite. Extremely nice landscaping backing onto forest land with creek. On a quiet cul-de-sac. • Vaulted living rm ceiling & gas fireplace. family rm with gas fireplace. Deck overlooking the lovely yard. • Triple car garage + covered RV parking. • Gas heated pool.



$439,900 19357 - 120B Avenue, Pitt Meadows

$528,900 23669 - 118A Avenue, Maple Ridge

• Great location near elementary school, park, shopping, transit, library & West Coast Express. • 63 x 119 lot with mature evergreen trees, garden shed & vegetable garden beds. • Gas fireplace in living rm, patio off the family room. 3 bedrooms + den. Carport.

• • • • • •

2700 sq. ft. 2 storey + finished basement. 4 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms. Gas fireplace. Family room off kitchen. 2 sundecks to enjoy summer days. Fenced yard with shed. Near schools & park.

604.466.2838 604.459.2838 Each office independently owned and operated - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 29

For the way you live


Jan Hickman 604-828-3445


The Realtor who unites “Hearts and Homes” OPEN SATURDAY 2-4


View photo tour at

Steve & Gloria





$ 23838 133 AVENUE



Doesn’t get any better than this 3 bedroom 2-storey with full walk out finished basement. Park-like grounds backing onto private greenbelt. Family and rec rooms with formal and intimate dining areas, 3500 sq ft of living space accommodates the whole family. Priced to sell $599,500

SAWYERS LANDING - Pinch-me-price $544,800 for a Georgian style 2-storey 4 bedroom home in a cul-de-sac across from a park - it is unbelievable but true. LIKE NEW with lots of upgrades, granite counters, double garage, huge lot, 5 ft crawl and much more. This property is priced below assessment. Value plus! $544,800

Unmatched quality on a private one acre lot this address is second to none. You must experience this striking 4235 sq. ft. custom built 2-storey with fully finished walk-out basement. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, hand-scraped oak floors, 6 bedrooms, media room and much more! $988,500




RIVER GARDENS 2 bdrm, 2 full bath & den condo with 1184 sq ft. at quiet, west side of building, facing treed area. Gas F/P, huge covered deck 22’x10’. Short walk to town centre, pub & coffee shop. Great commuter location, on bus route & near WCE station.

Great starter or investment property. 3 bedrooms and den. Newer kitchen and 3 newer bathrooms. Has 12x12 deck overlooking large level lot (7219 sq. ft). Near schools, shopping, recreation and buses.








Once in a rare while will a truly magnificent home such as this be available. Built without compromise this home reflects the very best. This traditional 2-storey has it all and sits on 2.31 acres of gardens and ponds. The best is a separate artist studio with 1 bdrm suite. A must see. $969,500

It’s worth waiting in line to buy this totally renovated 4 bedroom home in one of the best west locations. Stunning mountain views, newer roof, windows, furnace, HWT, real hardwood floors, solid maple kitchen and on a 9000 sq. ft. lot. Just reduced. $509,900

Rare bird - it isn’t very often that a Glades home comes on the market. Gleaming hardwood floors, brick fireplace, 4 bedrooms, family sized kitchen for all the kids with french doors to a covered deck overlooking a 9000 sq. ft. very private yard. Take a look at $569,900




Executive 4 bdrm rancher w/ top quality upgrades on 2.23 acres on city water. Property offers a separate 2 bedroom guest house, large deck, pool, hot tub & newer barn, riding ring, pasture & paddock. Private gated setting w/ cul de sac location.

OPPORTUNITY! 6300 Sq. Ft. home on 5.004 Ac w/ gated entrance & winding driveway to private setting. Has 4 bdrms 6 bathrms, 3 bay garage & attached workshop, large covered deck. Open plan w/ huge kitchen (granite countertops). Hot water radiant heat + air exchange system.

Fraipont & Manyk

Art & Nathan



professional teamwork ~ professional results falCON maNOr!

COttONwOOd vIllagE

gOlf COUrSE vIEwS!

SUN. JUNE 2, 1-4

High Performance Realtors Personal Real Estate Corporation



604-657-6830 I

Licensed Assistant

• 3 BedrooM CoNdo • 1,205 square feet • SE Corner Unit

Sat. JUNE 1, 2-4






27671 - 112TH AVENUE



NO GST on this PANORAMIC VIEW HOME in Silver Valley! FOUR upper bedrooms PLUS den, den on the main too, LOADED with GRANITE, HARDWOOD, awesome millwork, 2 gas fireplaces, GRANITE ISLAND kitchen, family room, OVER HEIGHT full basement ready to suite or customize.

JUST LISTED this AWESOME family opportunity! Check out the BIG 7 year old 4 bedroom 2 storey attached to the FULLY UPDATED 2 bedroom, 2 bath rancher! Nice dimension acreage, quick stroll to Whonnock Lake or Elementary, quite flat property, prime potato gun territory. LOVELY homes, unique opportunity.

#11-11757 207 street • Westside 1226 sf. • South Facing Yard



traIlS EdgE





#58–22308 124TH AVENUE QUIET 45+ LIFESTYLE!!

BRANDYWYND GREENBELT!! Two bedroom, two bathroom home looking over greenbelt. BIG living area with gas fireplace, laminate flooring, mountain views from the sundeck, covered parking. Large laundry room, spacious, open kitchen, pets are allowed, 45+ LifeStyle, great clubhouse, lots of visitor parking.

• 2 BDRMS/ 2 BATHS • Pool, Sauna & Hot tub

• 1 & 2 Bedroom Condos • Walk to Amenities • All Taxes included





Fully & totally STUNNING VIEW from this 9th floor TWO BEDROOM & DEN! Beautiful NORTHEAST CORNER with views up the Pitt Valley, Mt. Baker, the PANORAMA of the North Shore & more! LOADED to the gunnels with a GRANITE island kitchen, ultimate corner den, a succulent ensuite & so much more!

22308 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge #2-19126 Ford Road, Pitt Meadows







• 12782 228A street • 4 BDRMS / 3 BATHS • 3,184 s.f. - 2 storey • 9’ CEILINGS thru-out • IN-LAW suite / DEN • 8,250 s.f. level lot • Close to amenities

SIlvEr rIdgE

FROM $182,900





• tHe FAIrWAYs! • TOP FLOOR - PRIVATE • 2 bdrm 2 bath • Spacious - 1,052 sq. ft. • Top Quality throughout • Gym & Clubhouse • Great location

Guildford, surrey




• BrIgHt & spAcIous! • 1,138 s.f. on 1 level • 2 BDRM / 2 BATHS • Bright END UNIT • PET & Family Friendly • CENTRAL location • Walk to schools

• 2 level townhome • 1 BDRM & DEN plus F/P • Fraser River Views • 755 s.f. courtyard view • Roof top deck



• Popular “G” Plan • 2,950 s.f. / 3 levels • 3 BDRMS / 2.5 BATHS • FLEX ROOM on main • Walk out basement • GREENBELT location • Peaceful Setting



• prIVAte & peAceFuL • Rancher w/ basement • Hand scraped teak flrs • Bright OPEN FLR PLAN • Could be 5 Bedrooms • Air Conditioning • Backs onto greenbelt

Call Gary or Lorraine for details 604.466.2838

604.466.2838 604.459.2838 Each office independently owned and operated

30 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

Seniors in focus focus


SENIORS’ WEEK SPECIALS Get yourself a copy of the Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association’s Coupon Book for June. Lots of special offers for seniors!

Seniors Week Activities SENIORS’ WEEK MONDAY JUNE 4 ACTIVITIES Seated Tai Chi Mind & Body Wellness

Willow Senior SATURDAY JUNE 1 Living Residence 12275 - 224 Street

Tea at Haney Farmer’s Market

3:15PM FREE Hummingbirds Everybody welcome!

Enjoy tea and a cupcake and toast our seniors. Seniors free, others $2.

RMhummingbirds, Seniors Society how to ‘In attract the Mood’ Teakeep them them and

Memorial Peace Park 10:30-12noon

Seniors’ Week - June 2-8th, 2013

in Your Backyard Identify types of

coming back. Dancers, Featuring Ballroom Orchestra Vocals Mapleand Ridge Library Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre 2-3:30pm Hall C 12150 – 224th Street Tea and Cake 2:00 – 4:00pm Tickets $5.00 at reception desk

SUNDAY JUNE Seniors’ Week celebrates seniors and their many contributions -- providing an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the integral part seniors play in communities across British Columbia. Group photo of the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Katzie, Art of Network Ikebana: Seniors NetworkSeniors 2011

The Seniors Network celebrates Seniors Week June 3–9 The communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows have a wide array of special events and activities planned. Check out our calendar of events and have fun celebrating BC’s Seniors!

For more information, contact Heather Treleaven, Seniors Network Coordinator at (604) 786-7404 or e-mail:

The Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Katzie, Seniors Network is joining the rest of the province in celebrating Seniors Week, June 3-9.

benefit people of all ages every day. Seniors Week

WEDNESDAY JUNEis 5 our chance to say thank you.”


Breakfast TUESDAY JUNE 5 Japanese Flower with Friends Lunch at China Kitchen Arranging

A plated breakfast at

22805 Lougheed Highway Greystone Manor. $5. Take home your arrangement. 11:30am – 2:00pm to RSVP (604)467-2808 By donation. RSVP (604)786- FreeCall to Seniors

7404 or email htreleaven@ that our older residents feel safe; have the Intergenerational Garden, best healthcare possible; and access to enough 22527 121 Ave. healthy food and shopping opportunities.” 11am-12:30pm

Book a Librarian Blast From The Network, local Summer Bazaar Through the Seniors older Seniors Network will have an information “SeniorsOne-on-one make a difference in our communities areat able to raise concerns and 30 minute Pastadults Day & highlight Fashion The Show booth at the Haney Farmer’s Market on June every day. They support family members and needs and service gaps in our community. “We sessions for seniors. Free. Products, gifts, and services for Manor 9. Stop by and see us, or for more information, friends and assist charities,” are always looking for community minded RSVP in person or explains phone Seniors Greystone seniors and their families. Free 50’s themed and Active (604)465-4113. please contact the Seniors NetworkSeniors at (604) Network Coordinator Heather Treleaven. “Many people,meals age 55 plus to take an active role in 1-4:30pm. Fashion Show or entertainment! RSVP 786-7404 seniors Pitt are deeply involved in our communities bettering senior’s transportation; ensuring we Loonie Day Meadows Library pm. Refreshments. (604) 467-2808 have adequate, affordable seniors 3housing; through200-12099 volunteer work and Rd. their contributions Harris Try new classes at Pitt Willow Senior Living 11657 Ritchie Avenue 10:30am-noon. Meadows Family Recreation Residence 12275 224 St. Lunch noon–1pm. $5 Centre. $1 admission for Seating is limited. For more 50’s entertainment by Allen 55+. info and to RSVP call Wendy Boolinoff 1:30-3pm (604)466-8602 Dinner at 4:45pm or 6 pm $12 Strawberry Tea

11657 Ritchie Ave. 10am–noon

WEDNESDAY JUNE 6 RM Seniors Society BINGO Ridge Meadows

Seniors MONDAY JUNE 3Centre Lounge

CASI Seniors Outreach & Home Support program helping almost three THURSDAY JUNE 6 their homes hundred local seniors stay in It’s a good news story from any angle. In 2010, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows Active Seniors Book a Librarian Community Services was selected as the fi rst community to pilot a new See above description. Free. Loonie Day seniors’ initiative. Jointly funded by the United Wayinofperson the Lower Mainland RSVP or phone Pickleball, aquafit, yoga and and the Provincial Government, the CASI Seniors Outreach and Home (604)465-4113. more. $1 admission all day Support program provides housekeeping, handyperson, transportation Pitt Meadows Library and for everyone age 55+. friendly visit services to seniors on a sliding scale based on income. 10:30am-12noon Maple Ridge Leisure Centre This year, building on the success of the pilot program designed and

Downtown MR

implemented by Community Services locally, the program will be expanded Art & Heritage to up 65Strawberry communities across Tea British Columbia. Tickets $4 available at Pitt Walking Tour “We areMeadows very proud of the Ctr Seniors Outreach and Home Support program,” Seniors See description on Monday. explains Joanne Leginus, Director of Administration and Senior Services at Pitt Meadows Seniors Ctr, 1:30 pm. Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows 19065 - 119B Ave.Community Services. “Through the program, we are 1-3pm able to support seniors who otherwise would not have been able to afford help. This helps them to live more comfortably and stay in their own homes longer.”


Transportation to medical appointments locally and out of town is the number one requested service. This service helps ensure seniors receive Protect Yourself from the medical attention and treatments they need. “We are always in need of volunteer drivers to help withScams transportation to medical appointments and Frauds and shopping,” Leginus.for Drivers reimbursed their mileage Theadds BC Centre Elderare Advocacy andfor Support. Free. to help cover expensive fuel costs. No registration required. Maple Ridge Public Library, 22470 Dewdney Trunk Rd For more information, or to volunteer for the Seniors Outreach and Home 2-3pm Support program, please contact Joanne Leginus at 604.467.6911, Ext. 206.

FRIDAY JUNE 7 Downtown MR Art & Heritage Walking Tour See description on Monday. 1:30 pm.

Bernie & Red Entertainment Duo Tickets at Ridge Meadows Seniors Ctr. $10

at Greystone Manor Sponsored by Park Place Senior Living. Free. RSVP (604)467-2808 11657 Ritchie Ave. 1:30 – 3 pm.

2:00 – 4:00pm $1.00/card Refreshments available. MR Downtown

Art & Heritage

Outdoor Games Walking Tour andGuided Strawberry walking tour 45minRefreshments 1 hour. Includes coffee and Willow Senior treat at Living Residence Europe 12275 - 224Bakery. Street Free. RSVP (604)467-2420. 2:00pm FREE Everybody Meet inwelcome! front of Westminster Savings (NE corner of Lougheed THURSDAY JUNE 7 Hwy. and 224 St.) RM1:30 Seniors pm. Society

Strawberry Tea

Pitt Meadows Recreation Centre 12027 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows 1:00 – 3:00pm Tickets $4.00 at PM Lounge

TUESDAY JUNE 4 Health & Wellness Clinic

FRIDAY JUNE Out 8& Hanging SATURDAY JUNE 9 with Friends RMat Seniors Society Greystone Spend the day playing Variety Plus Concert

Check your blood pressure, talk with a Ridge Meadows Seniors Ctr, Nurse, Pharmacist, games. Pig Race Game 1pm; Dancing & Comedy 12150 224 St. Ophthalmologist, & Medical Singing, Yahtzee 2pm; Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre 2-4pm. Supply Co. Free. 3pm. Free. Street MainBowling Hall 12150–224th Ridge Meadows Seniors RSVP (604)467-2808 2:00pm Tickets $8.00 each Ctr,launched 12150 224 St. The Gourmet Grannies is a program recently by Golden 9am–noon Ears FEAST (Food Education Action Strategy Table) at the Haney SATURDAY 9 Farmer’s Market. Under the program, volunteer grandmas and ChineseJUNE Buffet Health & Wellness Ice grandpas will greet you at the “Try It You’llPie Like Itand Tent” with Seniors Tea at the Luncheon samples of local items and recipes to take home. Fair and BBQ Cream Social Haney Farmer’s Market Free for seniors with Complimentary Health Fair 10am-2pm Free. Ridge Meadows Seniors Gold Card.tea and cupcake Funded through11:30am-1pm the New Horizons program, Gourmet BBQ lunch $5. For Seniors Centre. $2.50.Tickets available for all seniors China Kitchen Restaurant, Grannies is looking for senior volunteers who enjoy good food and in advance at the Centre. Bandstand, Memorial Peace Greystone Manor 22805 Lougheed Hwy.Park the market. For more information, contact Candace Gordon at 11:00am – noon RSVP (604)467-2808 12150 224 St. 11:30am-2:30pm 604 466 0847 or 2-4pm

Gourmet Grannies tempt your taste buds at the Haney Farmer’s Market

The News/sports - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 31 Section coordinator: Neil Corbett 604-467-1122 ext. 216

Best high school hitter in Canada? O’neill putting up great stats in PBL as the MLB draft looms by G ar y Ahuja Black Press


ee the ball, hit the ball. It is as simple as that for Tyler O’Neill when it comes to his propensity for hitting a baseball. “My secret to hitting is keep it real simple,” he explained. “You want to have your energy focused on the pitching and your opponent. “If you make it too complicated, you are going to have problems.” And if anyone is having problems these days, it is opposing pitchers as there is no arguing that what Maple Ridge’s O’Neill is doing is working. Prior to leaving for the Dominican Republic with Canada’s junior national baseball team, O’Neill was putting up video game numbers for the Langley Blaze. Through the season’s first half, O’Neill leads the B.C. Premier Baseball League with a 1.136 slugging percentage, a .576 batting average, six home runs, 17 extra-base hits and 47 RBIs. And he has only struck out nine times in 59 at-bats. Looking back in the league’s record books over the past 10 years, O’Neill’s gaudy stats already rank amongst the all-time best – the only records he does not currently hold are for home runs, RBIs and slugging percentage – and there are still 20 games to go in the regular season. Nic Lendvoy belted 11 home runs in 2004 for Fraser Valley while that same year saw Langley’s Jon Hesketh finish with an .840 slugging percentage. And Fraser Valley’s Mark Ellis finished with 58 RBIs in the 2005 season. “Tyler is the best (high school) hitter in Canada,” said Blaze coach Jamie Bodaly. “He is a really strong kid and he can recognize pitches. “It is just tough to get him out.” O’Neill, who turns 18 on June 22, has built on an impressive rookie season, a season in which he was named the league’s top offensive player and top rookie, as well as a first-team allstar shortstop. The Maple Ridge native wound

Colleen Flanagan/the newS

Tyler O’Neill currently leads the PBL with a .576 average, six home runs and 47 RBIs. up hitting .398 with six home runs and 39 RBIs in 42 games, leading the league in the latter two categories and finishing third in batting average in 2012. What makes the numbers even more impressive is the fact that during winter training prior to the season, he suffered a hernia injury which required surgery. Midway through the 2012 season, O’Neill’s batting average had slumped to the low .200s. But he turned things around in a big way and hasn’t looked back. “It is a lot easier to hit (in this league) when you are a year older, but he has definitely put the work in,” Bodaly said.


“He is a natural, that’s for sure.” For O’Neill, it is all about putting in the work. “I am trying to do everything physically possible to make myself successful,” he said. “I am not going to take any days off because it is just going to take me that much longer to get better if I do that. “If I’m not playing ball or studying, I’m lifting weights.” The weightlifting should come as little surprise, as his father, Terry, is a former Mr. Canada. O’Neill, who is five-foot-11 and 190 pounds, has played in 18 of Langley’s 28 games so far this season, having missed time to attend a Major League Baseball pre-draft workout in Cali-

fornia earlier this month and then joining Canada’s junior national team for their annual trip to the Dominican Republic. “He has strength and bat speed,” said Canadian junior national team coach Greg Hamilton, who has coached some big names in Canadian baseball over the years, such as Brett Lawrie, Mike Saunders and Adam Loewen. “He certainly would be comparable to some of the better players that have come through. “That is going to be his calling card: his ability to swing the bat,” Hamilton said. “As a high school hitter, he is a very advanced hitter.” And O’Neill takes pride in his ability to bash the ball. “This is how I should be hitting; it is expected of me and I am going to live up to expectations,” he said, adding hitting is also his favourite part of the game. Bodaly described O’Neill as quiet, but with a confidence, and very respectful. Team Canada was scheduled to finish their Dominican tour last night (May 29) and then O’Neill is expected to head to Arizona for a pre-draft workout before he returns to the Lower Mainland this weekend. All of this is in advance of next week’s MLB amateur draft, which runs June 6 to 8. O’Neill says he isn’t nervous about where or when he is taken. “I think what I am doing now and what I have done in the past is going to give me the (draft) spot I deserve to go,” he said. “Nothing to be nervous about. I am just excited to to see what I have earned myself.” Should he get drafted and fail to come to terms with the club which selects him, O’Neill does have options: either at Oregon State University or Central Arizona College, a junior college. “If things don’t work out in the draft, I have two great options I can go to,” he said. High school players who are drafted can’t sign to play professionally until after they graduate in June. “He works hard at the game, he is dedicated and committed and works at his game,” Hamilton said. “He has a chance to have a real solid future in the game.”

for Bonus Prize ~ Harley-Davidson, Diamonds or $20,000 cash! DEADLINE midnight June 7

Roughnecks win gold at Steveston Meltdown The Ridge Meadows Roughnecks spring hockey team won gold at its second tournament of the season, the Steveston Meltdown, in the Atom Major division. The Roughnecks were undefeated in roundrobin play outscoring their opponents 32–2, before losing in a crossover game. The gold medal game was played under the bright lights of the UBC Thunderbird arena against the BC Grizzlies from Coquitlam. Despite a rocky start to the final, the Roughnecks took a goal by Dawson Ignatieff as a lead into the second period, before pouncing and scoring four more times in the period, and finally winning 6-3. In the five game tournament as a whole, the Roughnecks scored 40 goals. They were led by Brendan Chabot with 8, and Dawson Ignatieff and Tyler Crowe with seven each. Crowe also led in assists six making him the top pointgetter. Defence was equally important to the success of the team, with the blueline being held by Graydan Carr, Edward Riddell, Liam Farrell, Dylan Stephen and Ollie Para. Goaltender Justin Falconer played strongly in net throughout, starting his first game with a shutout. The Roughnecks are all Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey players from both rep and house league divisions.


Million$ to Win White Rock -

15442 Oxenham Ave, (Open daily 11-5pm)

Last year’s


Prize was $1,614,000! Winner takes half


Winner will choose 1 prize choice; other prize choices will not be awarded. Home hours/details/Rules of Play: Chances are 1 in 390,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize.

BC Gaming Event Licence #53355

Chances are 1 in 480,600 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 grand prize

BC Gaming Event Licence #53356

Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111

Know your limit, play within it.

19+ to play!

32 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

The News/scoreboard Lacrosse

Ruskin Slo-Pitch Standings

Western Lacrosse Association League 29 League standings StandingsasasofofMay XXXXX Teams W L Victoria Shamrocks 3 0 Langley Thunder 3 0 Maple Ridge Burrards 2 1 Nanaimo Timbermen 1 2 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1 2 Burnaby Lakers 0 2 Coquitlam Adanacs 0 3

T Pts 0 6 0 6 0 4 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0

Leading scorers as of May 29 Players GP G Curtis Dickson MPR 3 12 Scott Ranger VIC 3 8 Cory Conway VIC 3 1 Jarrett Davis MPR 3 5 Jordan McBride, NEW 3 7 Joel Dalgarno, MPR 3 5 Corey Small, VIC 3 7 Jeff Shattler, VIC 2 7 Athan Iannucci, LGY 3 6 Alex Turner LGY 3 5 Kenny Blake NAI 3 6 Tom Johnson NEW 3 5 Andrew Murphy MPR 3 5 Joel McCready LGY 2 5 Alex Gajic NEW 3 4 Shayne Jackson LGY 3 2 Mike Mallory MPR 3 4 Dane Dobbie COQ 1 4 Jesse Guerin COQ 3 3 Mike Berekoff NAI 3 2 Brett Hickey COQ 3 4 Bal Keegan NEW 3 2

A Pts 11 23 10 18 17 18 11 16 8 15 10 15 7 14 7 14 6 12 7 12 4 10 5 10 5 10 5 10 6 10 8 10 5 9 5 9 6 9 6 8 3 7 5 7

Tim Fitzggerald/THE NEWS

Hard hitting lacrosse

Burrard Creighton Reid (28) crushes New Westminster Salmonbellies’ Milan Gajic during Sunday’s win at Planet Ice. The local WLA team is back at home this Sunday at 6:45 p.m., when they take on the unbeaten Victoria Shamrocks.

A Division Teams Posse Gamblers Ball Busters Marlies Master Batters Reds Brewers Bombers The Moose Zig Zags B Division Teams Full Tilt Westside Connection Big Ballers Ruskin Rebels Outlaws Fire Dawgs Slammers Hangovers Maniacs Ridge Pigs C Division Teams Wolf Pack Blue Bulls Team Dirty Shake N Bake Bad Company Eh Team Uncoachables Sons of Pitches Base Invaders Out of Shapers

W 9 8 7 5 4 3 2 2 0 0

L 0 2 4 1 3 5 6 6 6 7

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 18 16 14 10 8 6 4 4 0 0

W 8 8 8 5 5 4 4 3 1 1

L 3 4 2 4 4 4 7 5 7 7

T 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0

Pts 16 16 16 10 10 9 8 6 3 2

W 9 9 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 0

L 2 0 4 4 5 4 4 7 7 8

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 18 18 10 10 8 8 8 6 4 0

Grand Re-Opening Sale! Held

Lowest Prices of tHe Year! Some Vehicles at or LeSS than OriginaL deaLer cOSt!

tHursdaY, MaY 30 to sundaY, june 2






Just in, rare Viper truck, low km’s.. Lots of power on this loaded truck ORIGINAL COST $23,478. Stk#3001042




2009 GmC YUkON SLT 4X4 TOw PkG

Fuel saver sedan 2.2L Ecotec engine, 155-hp, 4 spd auto, 53,533 kms. ORIGINAL COST $9,352. STK#2013101

Automatic 5.3L, grey with black interior, 109,316 kms. ORIGINAL COST $27,941. STK#3005001




2005 dOdGE Ram 1500 SRT-10

Automatic, 3.5 L, White with Grey interior, 87,022 kms. ORIGINAL COST $13,500. STK#3005141



Low kms with fuel saver ECO Tech and Power Group. Over $29,000 Replacement.



2010 GmC CaNYON 2.9 LTR 5 speed, Great on Fuel. ORIGINAL COST $15,900. STK#99691



2009 PONTIaC VIBE GT Manual 5-speed with leather interior, 18” wheels, 80,231 kms. ORIGINAL COST $13,980. STK#2006851



2012 maLIBU EXOTECH Cummins Diesel Automatic. Only 44,000 kms. Ready for summer work or RV. $43,900 value. STK#10061



2005 PONTIaC G6 a/C Automatic 3.5L V6, 16” Aluminum wheel, 119,400 kms. ORIGINAL COST $10,000 STK#2007511



2007 fORd fOCUS SE Automatic, power windows, locks, leather interior, 48,585 kms. ORIGINAL COST $10,900 STK#2001642









Langley 200th Street and #10 Hwy

Vehicles • Pictures • No Haggle Pricing

2005 CadILLaC CTS

2008 CHEVROLET UPLaNdER LS Automatic air conditioning, powr, 7 passenger, 91,999 kms. ORIGINAL COST $9,194. STK#2003191


2009 CadILLIaC STS V8

Top of line option package, low kms, local car. Just Preston safety checked! $14,900 value. STK#3006391

Luxury Edition. Low kmsm Must Be Seen. SAVE THOUSANDS STK#99842


SaLE priCE



2011 CadILLaC CTS-V Manual, power roof, heated and cooled seats. ORIGINAL PRICE $54,900. STK#10121

SaLE priCE

SALES HOURS Monday to Thursday: 8:30am-9pm Friday to Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday 11am-5pm DL30568

$49,900 Hwy


#10 Highway


200 St.

2009 CHEVROLET maLIBU LS Automatic, keyless entry, power windows & lows, 39,230 kms ORIGINAL COST $12,512. STK#99721 - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 33

The Family Education & Support Centre would like to announce their


Locals find end zone in Border Bowl Two touchdowns each in first Rising Stars game Two Maple Ridge teens lead B.C. to a win over Alberta in the inaugural ABC Rising Stars Border Bowl on Saturday in Kelowna. The ABC Border Bowl features the best Grade 10 and 11 high school football players from B.C. against their counterparts from Alberta. Adrial Sellers (Grade 11, Terry Fox) and Tyrel Ogloff (Grade 10, Samuel Robertson) both scored two touchdowns each to contribute all the majors by Team B.C. Ogloff put B.C. on the board by stripping the ball from an Alberta receiver on the opening kickoff, then took it to the house to give the home team a quick 7-0 start. The first play of the second quarter was equally exciting. With his team down by a score of 17–10. Sellers caught a 41yard touchdown pass to even the score at 17–17. B.C.’s QB would connect with Sellers again, this time from 38 yards away for his second major of the game. The game was knotted at 23-23 at the half. The second half of the game was dominated by both defenc-

es. The only scoring drive was executed by B.C., with a one yard touchdown by Ogloff after he was instrumental in moving the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage. The score would be Ogloff ’s second major and the game and capped the winning drive with 9:21 left in the third. The defences would pitch a shutout in the final session as B.C. intercepted two Alberta passes to clinch the first-ever ABC Border Bowl. Following the game both coaching staff commented on how impressed they were with the talent and skill level. The game saw many highlight-reel plays, including two passes that went off a defender’s head, only to be caught by a receiver. Ron Dias the founding director of the Bowl Games, which have been played for several years between Ontario and Quebec, commented after the game saw the lead go back and forth several times in a very intense first half. “That’s why I do this –A for the kids. Just look at this game, it has the potential to be overtime, and the people have provided the environment,” Dias, the national scouting director for AllStar Football, said as the teams were switching sides between the third and fourth quarters.

Dias founded this central scouting agency in 1987 after coaching stints at the University of Buffalo (NCAA), McMaster and Waterloo. In his current role, he ranks and tracks Canada’s top prospects, with 23 of the 27 CIS programs plus 30 NCAA schools subscribing to his service. He debuted the Rising Stars Border Bowl five years ago between Ontario and Quebec before expanding west this spring. He’s also staged Future Stars games for Grade 8 and 9 players, plus Current Stars games for graduating players, with plans to bring both those here sooner than later. “It has taken off, and become a very prominent game in the football calendar,” Dias said of the Ontario-Quebec rivalry. “We’ll rotate the game between Kelowna and Alberta, so next year will be in Alberta, but the Future Stars game will be here, then the following year the Future Stars game would be in Alberta and the Rising Stars game back here. There will be a Bowl game every year here.” The roughly 100 kids who suited up for Saturday’s Rising Stars game still have high school eligibility remaining but certainly put their names on the radar for university and junior teams with some standout performances.

42nd Annual General Meeting Wednesday July 3, 2013

at Family Education and Support Centre 22554 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V1 Social will be held from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm Meeting will start at 6:30 pm

Making a difference where a difference matters! Please RSVP Karen Hughes by June 26th @ (604)467-6055 Or by email at

Look for the Sleep Country flyer

in this edition of this community newspaper… *IN SELECT AREAS.

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During Horse Week, Maple Ridge equestrians want to share their enjoyment of horses with the public. Dianne Stoesz, president of Haney Horsemen and trail boss   Bill Archibald invite people of all ages to watch for trail riders on Maple Ridge trails on Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The Haney Horsemen have arranged three rides for local riders, friends from Back Country Horsemen and Mission Trail Riders. Rides will be starting and ending in Allco Park. One ride is in the dyke area behind Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre, another from Allco Park to Golden Ears Park and finally a loop ride from Allco Park to the lovely trails in Thornhill. Horse Council BC, a non-profit organization representing more than 23,000 horse enthusiasts, encourages its members to hold events during Horse Week and to invite the public to watch, or to meet the horses.  


TRACK & FIELD MEET at Maple Ridge Secondary School Grades 4 & 5 - Thursday, June 6, 2013 Grades 6 & 7 - Friday, June 7, 2013

PARKING ALERT Please be aware that parking bylaws will be strictly enforced in the vicinity of Maple Ridge Secondary School during this year’s Elementary Track and Field Meet. Illegally parked cars will be towed. Please carpool and be prepared to park several blocks away. Peak traffic times will be from 7:45 to 9:30 am.

Call BC One Call before you dig Be safe and call BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or *6886 on your cell. It’s free and easy. If you don’t, you could find yourself on the hook for the costly repair of a damaged natural gas line or other utility.

FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (13-048.17 05/2013)


ommunity Calendar lists events in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Notices are free to local non-profit groups courtesy of The News. Drop off details to 22328 119 Ave., fax to 604-463-4741 or e-mail newsroom@mapleridgenews. com at least a week before the event.



Offer includes $1,650 freight and air tax.



Include a contact name and number. (No submissions by phone.) Listings appear as space permits.

Friday, May 31 • Alexander Robinson Elementary fun fair from 5-8 p.m. at 11849 – 238 B St. Inflatable bouncers, pony




Financed bi-weekly for 72 months with $0 down.

161 1.49





5.8L/100KM 49 MPG HWY*** 9.2L/100KM 31 MPG CITY***

rides, face painting, midway games, a cake walk, gift basket raffles, a clown and dunk tank. • Something for Everyone from 7-9 p.m. a the Westbrooke/Pitt Meadows Seniors Centre, featuring the Casuals band, the Maple Ridge Pattern Dancers and comedians. Tickets $8. To



10.6L/100KM 27 MPG HWY 15.0L/100KM 19 MPG CITY*** ***






Offer includes $1,700 freight and air tax.







Financed bi-weekly for 72 months with $0 down.

166 3.99


purchase, call Hilda Walker at 604-4672208 or email Saturday, June 1 • The Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Public Libraries invite future astronauts, superheroes in training, and kids of all ages to join the Summer Reading Club and read their way to

per month for 48 months with $0 down. Offers includes $9,250 manufacturer rebate and $1,700 freight and air tax.

386 3.99 ±




Built ui a afte er December D 2012

2013 ESCAPE S FWD 2.5L 2013 F-250 XLT SUPER CAB 4X4





6.3L/100KM 45 MPG HWY*** 9.5L/100KM 30 MPG CITY***


outer space. Free sign up at the library starting June 1. Enjoy cool programs and contests throughout July and August with prizes. For more information phone or visit the Pitt Meadows Public Library at 604-465-4113 or the Maple Ridge Public Library at 604-467-7417. • Haney Farmers Market’s










9, 250 ‡



THE 2013 F-150 XLT SUPER CAB 4X4 5.0L





Financed bi-weekly for 72 months with $0 down.

316 5.89% ††



Offers include $6,000 manufacturer rebate and $1,700 freight and air tax.




WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. ‡ Until May 31, 2013, receive $500/ $750/$1,000 /$1,250/$1,500 /$2,000 /$2,500/ $3,500/ $3,750 /$4,500 /$5,500 /$6,000/ $7,750/ $8,000 / $8,250/ $8,750/ $9,250 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2013 Focus BEV, Edge SE, Escape 1.6L (excluding S)/ Focus (excluding S and BEV)/ Flex SE, Explorer (excluding Base), /Escape 2.0L (excluding S)/ Flex (excluding SE)/ Fiesta S, F-350 to F-550 Chassis Cabs/Mustang V6 Coupe (Value Leader), Taurus SE, Edge AWD (excluding SE), F-150 Regular Cab 4x2 XL (Value Leader)/Fiesta (excluding S)/Edge FWD (excluding SE)/ Mustang V6 Premium, Expedition / Mustang GT, Taurus (excluding SE)/ F-250 to F-450 Gas (excluding Chassis Cab) / F-150 Regular Cab non-5.0L 4x2 (excluding XL) and 4x4/ F-250 to F-450 Diesel (excluding Chassis Cab) / F-150 Regular Cab 5.0L 4x2 (excluding XL) and 4x4 / F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew non- 5.0L/ F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew 5.0L - all Raptor, GT500, BOSS302, and Medium Truck models excluded. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ±Until May 31, 2013, lease a new 2013 F-150 Super Cab XLT 4x4 with 5.0L engine/2013 F-150 Super Crew XLT 4x4 with 5.0L engine and get 3.99% annual percentage rate (APR) financing for up to 48 months on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Lease a vehicle with a value of $28,999/$30,999 at 3.99% APR for up to 48 months with $0 down or equivalent trade in, monthly payment is $386/$402, total lease obligation is $18,528/$19,296 and optional buyout is $13,906/$15,408. Offer includes Manufacturer Rebate of $9,250. Taxes payable on full amount of lease financing price after Manufacturer Rebate is deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Additional payments required for PPSA, registration, security deposit, NSF fees (where applicable), excess wear and tear, and late fees. Some conditions and mileage restrictions of 80,000 km over 48 months apply. A charge of 16 cents per km over mileage restrictions applies, plus applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ††Until May 31, 2013, receive 1.49%/3.99%/5.89% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a new 2013 Fusion S/2013 Escape S FWD with 2.5L engine/2013 F-250 XLT Super Cab 4x4 Super Duty Western Edition package with power seats for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. 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Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ***Estimated fuel consumption ratings for 2013 F-150 4X4 5.0L V8 6-speed automatic transmission: [15.0L/100km (19MPG) City, 10.6L/100km (27MPG) Hwy] / 2013 Fusion FWD 2.5L I4 6-speed SST transmission: [9.2L/100km (31MPG) City, 5.8L/100km (49MPG) Hwy] / 2013 Escape FWD 2.5L I4 6-speed automatic transmission: [9.5L/100km (30MPG) City, 6.3L/100km (45MPG) Hwy] /. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment, vehicle condition, and driving habits. ‡‡F-Series is the best-selling pickup truck in Canada for 47 years in a row based on Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association statistical sales report, December 2012. †††Some mobile phones and some digital media players may not be fully compatible with SYNC® – check for a listing of mobile phones, media players, and features supported. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury. Certain MyFord Touch™ functions require compatible mobile devices. Some functions are not available while driving. Ford recommends that drivers use caution when using mobile phones, even with voice commands. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, not essential to driving when it is safe to do so and in compliance with applicable laws. SYNC is optional on most new Ford vehicles. ©2013 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2013 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

34 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -

Community Calendar Member Appreciation Day is the first Saturday in each month. All seniors are invited for tea and a cupcake in the bandstand from 10:30 to noon. All happening in Memorial Peace Park on 224 St. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. See www.   604-4677433.

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription

. - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- A35

Your community. Your classifieds.

Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978


604.575.5555 fax 604.575.2073 email







INDEX IN BRIEF FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . . . . . . 1-8 COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . 9-57 TRAVEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61-76 CHILDREN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80-98 EMPLOYMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102-198 BUSINESS SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . 203-387 PETS & LIVESTOCK . . . . . . . . . . . 453-483 MERCHANDISE FOR SALE . . . . . . 503-587 REAL ESTATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 603-696 RENTALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-757 AUTOMOTIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 804-862 MARINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 903-920



Born October 22, 1919 Died June 3, 2002 BC Cancer Foundation Legacies accepted. 604.851.4736 or visit:

It’s been eleven years since you went to heaven, I think of you every day. The Lord we trust till we meet again. Loved forever, Ray Villiers and our family Sharon, Donna and Bill



HEISLER, Lillian August 5th, 1930 May 23, 2013


IN Loving Memory of JOSH KERSBERGEN May 30, 1981-January 5, 2006

Flew like a bird, out to sea, to announce to the world, ‘’I am ďŹ nally free’’

Miss you Josh, Mum, Brad & James xo John & Cindy Hiebert are thrilled to announce the engagement of their daughter Melissa to Grant Stenerson son of the late Ester Killeen and the late Gordon Stenerson.


Edith E. Villiers (Baba)

Advertise across Advertise across the the Advertise across the Lower Mainland Mainland in Lower in lower mainland in the 18 best-read the 18 best-read thecommunity 17 best-read community communityand newspapers newspapers and newspapers. dailies. 53 dailies. ON THE WEB:




Wedding to take place August 2014.






HUGE ANTIQUE AUCTION Centennial Farm Salmon Arm. June 16 or call 250-832-1372


Preschool Daycare 21/2 to 5 years Before &/or After school care K ~ 12 years RACH, Keith Lenwood March 20th 1936 May 27th 2013 It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the peaceful passing of Keith Rach at the age of 77. He will be loving remembered by his son Don Rach, daughter Sherry Doak, their mother Sandra & his grandchildren Diondra and Jordan Doak. A Service will be held on June 2nd @ 1:00pm at Garden Hill Funeral Chapel. 11765 - 224th St. Maple Ridge Followed by a celebration of life. In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Cancer Society.

Davie Jones Edith McDermott Highland Park Pitt Meadows Programs included: Arts, Science, Music, Math, Dramatic Play & Sports Fully licensed, QualiďŹ ed E.C.E. Caregivers & Teachers Close to major route

604.465.9822 98

Expressions of sympathy can be made at

SHAW, Harvey Irwin Nov. 12,1920 - Sept. 29, 2010 Raised in Saskatchewan and moved to the Lower Mainland He was married to Ivy for 69 wonderful years. He passed away peacefully in 2010 and has been greatly missed by his loving family and friends. PARFITT, Eulalia (Lally) December 11, 1922 May 23, 2013

Late of Maple Ridge, B.C., aged 81 years. Predeceased by his sister Daphne Grant. Survived by his loving wife of 60 years, Athleen and sister Judy (Jack) Koetje. Memorial Service Friday June 7th at 1PM in the MAPLE RIDGE FUNERAL CHAPEL (Osborn’s) 11969 - 216th Street. In lieu of flowers, donations to a charity of one’s own choice, would be appreciated. Condolences may be sent to

Condolences may be sent to

108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES INDEPENDENT dist. req. F/T P/T International co. Not MLM High Income


PUDDLE D (Duck) Children’s Ctr


REGISTER NOW FOR DAYCARE & (FALL START) PRESCHOOL Montessori Program: Math, Language (Phonics), Sensorial & Practical Life Enrichment Programs: Music & Movement and French

Lally passed away peacefully on May 23, 2013 at the age of 90. She lived a quiet peaceful life dedicated to God and to her family. Lally had true grit and determination. Born and raised in Trieste, Italy she lived in Wales for a short time before immigrating to Vancouver, BC, in 1961 with her son John. It was here that she became renowned for her sewing and designing - running her own business from her home. She will be forever loved and missed by son John (Sandy), grandchildren Michael, Julie and Natalie; brother Bernie Bogari (and family), and nephew Allessandro Preseren (Lucia) in Trieste, Italy. Thank you to Dr’s Dutoit and Milewski for their kind and professional care. To the staff at Hollyrood Manor - our heartfelt thanks for the care and devotion shown to Lally over the years and for the wonderful support given to the family during this difficult time. Funeral Mass will be held on Friday, June 7, 2013 at 11:00 am at St. Luke’s Catholic Church, 20285 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC. Father Abundo Celebrant.

JENNER, Allan on May 23rd, 2013


MUNICH, Joyce Anna (nee Landers) March 16, 1931- May 01, 2013 As her friends and family know, Joyce faced her diagnosis and treatment for cancer with humour, fortitude and a calm rooted in her gratitude for the many blessings in her life. She lost her battle on May 01, 2013, with her children, Gail, Doug and Don and daughter-in-law Sally by her side. Joining us in our grief at the loss of this wonderful woman are her grandchildren, Justine, Julie, Ken and Laura; her remaining sisters, Louise and Gloria; her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; her nieces and nephews; and many friends and neighbors. Joyce asked for a small private family memorial and, in lieu of a service, that instead we remember and honour her by living our lives with the same joy and appreciation that she did and by sharing our memories of her with laughter (and tears) whenever we are together. A special thank you from the Munich family to all the wonderful people Joyce met at Ridge Meadows Hospital and McKenny Creek Hospice.

(Linda) & Laurie McMillan (Ken).

She is also dearly missed by her 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Lillian was predeceased by her husband Bahne (Barney) and son Grant. Lillian enjoyed spending time with her large family, gardening, ceramics, bingo, card games and “going to church.� Celebration of Life to be held at Garden Hill Funeral Home 11765 - 224th Street Maple Ridge on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers donations may be given to B.C. Cancer Foundation.


.Garden Hill Cremation & Funeral Services. 11765 224th St., Maple Ridge 604-463-8161


Our beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother passed away peacefully May 23, 2013. Lillian is survived by her children Sharon Prosser (Alan), Bonnie Croft, Darrin Heisler (Linda), Tim Heisler

Congratulations! We Love you



2, 3 or 5 days per week preschool, extended preschool & daycare programs for children 30 months to 6 years old

Two locations to better serve you! Transportation between schools is available.

LANDSCAPE FORMAN Wilco Civil Inc. is looking for an experienced Landscape Foreman for our projects throughout the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas. All candidates must have the following experience: QualiďŹ cations: • 3+ years experience in civil and landscape construction; • Experience in scheduling, ordering, field supervision, quality control and job safety work related habits; • Experience working with trades; • Must have a valid BC drivers license; • Must have your own vehicle; • Must be fluent in English; • First Aid is an asset; Skills Required: • Strong knowledge and experience managing people; • Strong knowledge of quality control; • Extensive knowledge and experience in installing a variety of soft and hard landscape applications • Highly motivated, self driven individual who is detail oriented; • Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems as they arrive; • Ability to manage multiple projects; • Able to work effectively with individuals of differing knowledge and background; Wilco offers a competitive salary, bonuses and benefits. For further information or to send in your resume to or by fax at 604.882.4753 NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE



Tel: (604) 462-1400 Please visit us at:

SHAW, Ivy Ellen (Houghton) Jan. 25, 1921 - May 25, 2013 Born in Calgary, Alberta the family moved to Vancouver as a teenager. Ivy married Harvey on Aug. 2, 1941. She passed away peacefully with her 5 children by her side. Her 16 grand children, 21 great grandchildren, 2 great, great grandchildren and many friends, will miss her smiling face and positive attitude.



DELIVERY DRIVER Meadow Valley Meats - Pitt Meadows, is currently looking for a delivery driver to join our existing team. The successful applicant is friendly, well mannered with excellent communication and customer service skills, you are a motivated self starter, willing to go the extra mile. Good knowledge of the lower mainland is an asset. You will be responsible to assist with loading trucks and making deliveries in a timely manner. Must be able to meet the physical demands of the job, heavy lifting is required. A criminal record check will be requested upon hiring. Apply in person with resume & drivers abstract to: 18315 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows, Monday to Friday between 11AM - 2PM or Fax resume & drivers abstract to 604-465-4744 or Email resume & drivers abstract to azhar@meadowvalley We thank all who apply, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted



Little Explorers Preschool

12145 Laity St. in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Our experienced staff offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that follows the Early Learning Framework. "HFTUPZFBSTt1IPOJDT1SPHSBN New 4 hr junior kindergarten program starting in Sept. WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING QUALITY CARE & A NURTURING ENVIRONMENT


Little Explorers Preschool “Where Children Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning�


A36 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -








An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators,Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051Edson,Alta

AUJLAS’ FARMS LTD FARM LABOURERS required 5 or 6 Days/Week 40 or 50 Hours/Week $10.25/Hour Horticultural work such as: Planting, pruning, spacing and harvesting the crop. Employment starts early July’13 Submit your application to: Phone: 604-465-8153 or by Fax:604-465-9340 or by mail:12554 Woolridge Rd., Pitt Meadows, B.C. V3Y 1Z1

BAKER / MIXER / PRODUCTION STAFF (PORT COQUITLAM BC) Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door.

Commercial Bakery looking for mixer/baker for general production staff in production facility

Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

Reply to:


Check out Help Wanted - Class 130






Requirements: Ability to work with a sense of urgency. Heavy Lifting up to 50 lbs. Flexibility in Shifts & Duties. Warehouse Exp. and previous mixing exp. would be an asset. Must be a team player & be detailed oriented. Food Safe Req. Production Line/Bakery Exp. would be an asset.






*conditions apply



F/T GREENS CREW (Seasonal)

Poco golf course is now Hiring for Seasonal Greens Crew to start immediately. Must have min. 1 year previous exp. or enrollment in Turf Grass management program.

EXPERIENCED Lane Closure Tech’s and Traffic Control people req’d. immediately. 604-996-2551 or email

CA$H DAILY FOR OUTDOOR WORK! Guys ‘n Gals 16 years & up! No experience necessary.

Excellent Work Environment. Wages & Benefits Commensurate w/ experience! E-mail resume & references: or Fax: 604.464.3745



RJAMES WESTERN STAR FREIGHTLINER Journeyman Truck & Equipment Partsperson. Busy commercial transport truck dealership in Kamloops has an immediate opening for a journeyman parts person. This position is permanent full time with competitive wage and benefit package. Resumes to Attn: HR Dept 2072 Falcon Rd., Kamloops BC V2C 4J3 Fax: (250)374-7790 Email: Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.





Call Sarah at 604-777-2195

Fax resume to: Gregg Distributors: 604.888.4688 or visit Employment Opportunities at



Classes Start SOON in Maple Ridge!

Earn Extra Cash! Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows NEWS

Available routes in Maple Ridge 40100111 - 119 Ave., 220 St., 221 St., Lougheed Hwy., Selkirk Ave. 40220262 - 124 Ave, 216 St, Exeter Ave, Spring Cres, Thornton Ave 40220265 - 124 Ave., 125 Ave., 126 Ave., 217 St. 40220268 - 216 St., 217 St., Dewdney Trunk Rd. 40310305 - Anderson Pl., Fir St., Laity St., Pine St., River Rd. 40320350 - 124 Ave., 214 St., Carlton St., Cherry Pl., Laity St. 40320353 - Thornton Ave, Douglas Ave, Laity St, Hardy St, 126 Ave 40320357 - 126 Ave., 215 St., 216 St., Thornton Ave. 40320383 - 121 Ave., 122 ave., 214 St., Campbell Ave., Dewdney Trunk Rd., Laity St., McIntyre Crt. 40330336 - 119A Ave., Bruce Ave., Bruce Pl., Dunn Ave., Sentinel St., West St. 40330339 - 116B Ave., 202A St., 202B St., 203 St., Hammond Rd.

Available routes in Pitt Meadows 41011011 - 114B Ave., 115A Ave., 116A Ave., 196A St., 196B St., 197A St., 197B St., 198 St., 116B Ave. 41011030 - Cobblestone Lane, Parkside Walk, Fieldstone Walk, Harris Rd (11620 - 11778 Even Side) 41011032 - Alouette Blvd., Blaney Dr., Blaney Way, Bonson Rd., Tully Cres. Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978

I=:C:LH Circulation


Classes Start SOON in Maple Ridge!

Become a

Become a



Join one of the most in-demand professions in BC.

Three powerful certificates in one exciting program. • Personal Support • Education Assistant • Community Mental Health

• Earn your Diploma in only 38 weeks. • Hands-on accelerated training by skilled professionals, with a schedule that lets you earn while you learn. • Use your training as a stepping stone to a nursing career.

CALL NOW! Financial Aid May Be Available


Earn up to $800/wk. CS team has 10 Fulltime openings available now. Must work well with team. Competitors welcome!




Gregg Distributors, Langley, is looking for self-motivated, energetic individuals to join our growing teams. Shipping/Receiving, Order Picking, & Counter Sales Opportunities are now available. Successful applicants should have prior experience.

Needed Immediatley!



Sports Minded?








Where Your Success Matters! 96% Employment Rate* *2012

Scan here to learn more

- Hands-on accelerated training by skilled professionals, with a schedule that lets you earn while you learn. - Small class sizes. - Three specialized practicum placements. - Earn your professional diploma in only 54 weeks.

100% of our 2012 Community Support Worker graduates are working in their field!

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Limited seats available!

Limited seats available!






Your Career Starts Here

Your Career Starts Here - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- A37







Need CA$H Today? Own A Vehicle?

req for wholesale distribution co. in Pitt Meadows. Part-time/Fulltime. Servicing customers on phone, outgoing personality, sales oriented. Also general office duties and must be avail. for limited travel to trade shows. Email resume, and include refs and expected rate of pay: or fax to 604-460-6936. No phone calls.


Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks!


260 604-777-5046 604.503.BARK (2275)




Licensed Certified Caregiver Companionship Medication Administration Transportation Hospital (Doctors Visits) Light Housekeeping Personal Care & More





Bookkeeping & Accounting Payroll, Year-end, Financial Statements, Income Taxes E-FILE Service Ph: 604-465-2123 Cellular: 604-788-0161




Required for Maple Ridge company. Boring Mill and Lathe exp. required. Part-time position, ideal for semi-retired person.





RENTALS: These listings cover all types of rentals from apartments, condos, office space, houseboats and vacation homes. So if you’re in the market to rent, or looking for a roommate, start here. Call 604.575.5555



Residential & Commercial


Weekly, Bi-Monthly - Best Rates!




GREEN MAIDS Canada Carpet & House Cleaning Experts. Call (604)681-5556 - Book online.

NEED HELP ?? Housecleaning & Maintenance (no chemicals) Move Out (Pack & Go ~ We Clean) Thinking of Selling? (we clean, organize & stage for a quick sale)


* Electrical * Plumbing * Heating * Painting * Carpentry * Tile Work * Laminate & Hardwood Flooring Exc. Rates, Senior Disc. Work guar. Since 1986. Ken 604-418-7168


604-468-8889 Home Renovations and New Construction



Lawn Care



Fencing & Allan Block

GET the best for your moving 24/7 From $40/hr. Licensed & Insured. Seniors Discount. 778-773-3737

Free Estimate 18 years experience in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

604-618-6401 Marcel Repairs, Maintenance, Renovation Guaranteed work, Free Estimate

CHOICE RENOVATIONS Bsmt suites, bathrooms, windows siding, H/W tank installation, etc NO JOB TOO SMALL

Leo: 604-657-2375 / 604-462-8620 604-575-5555 UNIQUE CONCRETE DESIGN F All types of concrete work F F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep FDriveways FExposed FStamped F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured

Gary 467-3024 Cellular 604-671-9694 .supersoil

15% SENIORS DISCOUNT A+ Rating with BB Bureau

604.230.1634 or 604.467.3724

Tony’s Concrete

Meadows Landscape Supply Ltd.


1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Across the street - across the world Real Professionals, Reas. Rates. Best in every way! 604-721-4555.


If I can’t do it It can’t be done

Pay-Less Pro Painting

D Garden Blend Soil D Lawn Blend Soil D Custom Blends avail. D Composted Mushroom Manure

Call Robert 604-941-1618 OR 604-844-4222 INTERIORS: Baths (renos/ repairs) specializing in drywall, doors, flooring, tiling, plumbing, painting, miscellaneous, etc. VERSATILE! EXPERIENCED IN OVER 30 LINES OF WORK! * Quality work * Prompt Service * Fair prices For positive results Call Robert SERVICE CALLS WELCOME

SPRING EXT/INT SPECIAL LOOK for our YARD SIGNS D Free estimates D Insured Licensed D References Residential D Pressure Washing

NO Wood byproducts used all soils are tested for Optimum growing requirements.

Serving Tri City 33 Yrs. Call 24 Hrs/7 Days

17607 Ford Road Pitt Meadows

We’re your #1 source for

When QUALITY Matters

Scott 604-891-9967

PICK-UP ...... or .... DELIVERY

Classified Advertising


604-465-3189 604-575-5555 604.339.1989 Lower Mainland 604.996.8128 Fraser Valley


Running this ad for 8yrs

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.

Locally owned and operated. All work guaranteed.


Steve 778-848-0036 Den’s GarDENing Services Spring into Action; cleanups, Hedges, Rubbish removal, Topping, Pruning, Wind or Snow damage & removals, Chipping & Stump grinding.

*Rototilling *Levelling *Gardens *Loader Work *Brush Cutter *Plowing

~ Free Estimates ~

✶ Bark Mulch ✶ Lawn & Garden Soil ✶ Drain Gravel ✶ Lava Rock ✶ River Rock ✶Pea Gravel 604-465-5193 604-465-5197



7 Days / Week

Green Services Ltd

Landscape Construction Renovations W Maintenance

A-1 EXTERIOR/ INTERIOR. Quality job, senior rates, free est, residential, commercial. Refs. 15 yrs exp. No job too small.Call 604-476-0766

HUNGRY PAINTERS ceiling, walls, trim, power washing Int/Ext Spray, Brush & Roll 604-467-2532 AAA PRECISION PAINTING. Quality work. 778-881-6096.

604-463-3644 604-861-1490 317


✶Dump Site Now Open✶ SBroken Concrete RocksS $23.00 Per Metric Ton SMud - Dirt - Sod - ClayS $23.00 Per Metric Ton GrassSBranchesSLeavesSWeeds $59.00 Per Ton

Meadows Landscape Supply


604-941-2263 / 604-725-7246


Full Landscape Construction for 33 Years.


Brad 778-552-3900 Prompt Delivery Available

20 years exp. Free Estimates

20YRS exp. in tiles, hardwood, bath and kitchen reno’s and more. Visit

•Lawn Cuts/Trim •Aerating •Leaf Cleanup •Power Rake •Hedge & Shrub Trimming •Pruning Trees •23 yrs. exp. •Insured •Free Estimates

778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 FREE ESTIMATES

All Types Concrete Work W Forming W Grading W Specializing in Stamp W Exposed


Weeding W New Turf Fertilizing W Moss Control Power Raking W Aeration

Dean 604-834-3076

NO JOB TOO SMALL Serving Lower Mainland 25 Years! *Prepare *Form *Place *Finish *Granite & Interlocking Block Walls *Stairs *Driveways *Exposed Aggregate *Stamped Concrete. *Interlocking Bricks *Sod Placement EXCELLENT REF’S -WCB Insured



From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licensed ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Flooring, Drywall, Garages, Decks & more * 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE* INSURED ~ WCB


From $65 & Up. 604.230.4444

Flower Beds W Allan Blocks Bark Mulch W River Lava Rock






RETIRED carpenter wants to keep busy. Looking for small carpentry jobs. Will repair or build new. Will also do small plumbing jobs. Call Ken 604-460-7803.


Trimming W Pruning W Topping Clean-upW Garbage Removal


24 Years Experience. QUALITY EXTERIOR RENOVATIONS. Siding, Soffit, Windows and Decks. All work guaranteed. WCB registered. Call Brad Larson at 604-460-6964




. Expert Power Washing. Gutters cleaned & repaired. www.expertpowerwashing. Mike, 604-961-1280 MIKE 604-961-1280

A - 20779 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge Your local natural stone distributors. Custom made Granite Countertops. Slate Granite Marble Tile Tumbled stone. Large selection of Porcelain & Ceramic Sales & Service 604.463.0718 ~ 604.460.6656

.Jim’s Mowing. 310-JIMS (5467).

For Health Pleasure & Well Being *A.M. Special *Private *European



CALL: 604-467-1118



INTERIOR *Painting *Repairs *Alterations *Design. SENIORS DISCOUNT. Glenn 778-873-8300

101 - 19070 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows


Full Body Swedish Massage




Since 1985 604-808-0212



ALWAYS! GUTTER Cleaning & Roof Blowing, Moss Control,30 yrs exp., Reliable! Simon 604-230-0627

Ceramic Tiles, Hardwood Laminate Guaranteed work, Free Estimate.


Please email you resume to:

Call Tim 604-612-5388


GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 1st 9:00am-1:00pm


RAIN OR SHINE Lots of CD’s, DVD’s and books. Hot Dogs, Coffee, Pop & Treats

18810 - 96th Avenue Surrey

(behind Kanaka Elementary)

Professional Installation

604-618-6401 Marcel


Maple Ridge *VILLAGE at KANAKA* *Townhouse Complex* 11160 - 234A Street

604 575 5555

23500 Dewdney Trunk Rd Sat June 1st. 10am ~ 1pm

Balloons, Hot Dogs, Beverages & Prizes!



St. George’s Anglican Church Annual Garage Sale

Check Out Our Unbelievable Prices & Products on-line at;

Maple Ridge, Saturday June 1st 9:00- 1:00 11463 Creekside St. furniture, kids stuff, hsehold items.



Save upto 80% on assorted Mouldings, Flooring & In-Stock Columns.

Tools, clothes, baby stuff, furniture, books, misc. RAIN OR SHINE

•Drainage •Back-Filling •Landscaping & Excavating. Hourly or Contract. 38 Years Exp.

Please email resumes to:

23925 116th Avenue. (From 240th go West on 116th.)

June 7th & 8th 9:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.


Excavator & Bobcat Services

604-576-6750 or Cell: 604.341.7374


SAT & SUN. JUNE 1 & 2 9am - 3pm.



Electronics, appliances, sporting goods, instruments, DVDs, clothing, toys, and more!


YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



MOVING Sale. Everything must go. Sat June 1, 8 am to 4 pm, Sun Jun 2, 10 am to 3 pm. Household items, collectibles, tools, etc. Address 12008 234 St., Maple Ridge


C & C Electrical Mechanical


Saturday, June 1st, 9am-3pm. 34 Unit Gated Community’s ANNUAL SALE

WESTAR POWER & LIGHTING Ltd Electrical contractor # (0201643) Gilbert (604)366-3093

Call Rae for a free consultation


CHERRY HILL’S Annual Garage Sale!

DC ELECTRIC (#37544). Bonded. We specialize in jobs too small for the big guys! *24 HOUR SERVICE* 30Yrs exp. Free est. 604-460-8867.

• ELECTRICAL • FULL PLUMBING SERVICES • HVAC GAS FITTING *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service


20239 Ashley Cres. Maple Ridge. Moving Sale. Sat. June 1st, 9am - 4pm

778.885.7074 Trent Reisinger

For Mr. Mikes. We are looking for hardworking, fun people with flexible schedules. Must have exp & good organizational skills.



Specializing in Renos New Const, (Comm./Res.) Free Estimates


# 101-1125 Nicola Avenue Port Coq. (behind COSTCO)

Lawn Mowing Service Grounds Maintenance Pruning/Hedging Yard Clean-Ups

(#102055) Bonded


Young at Heart



GREENSKEEPERS Landscape Maintenance & Construction

Residential / Commercial

•MONEY TODAY! •$500-$5000 • Instant Approvals • 60 Day Loans • Privacy Assured • Burnaby & Surrey Locations

F/T Fusion Cook (Jap & Kor foods) Hamada Japanese Rest. (Maple Ridge) High School grad 2-3 yrs exp Eng/Kor is beneficial $17-19 Fax: 604-467-5326





Technician required for Central Interior dealership. Preference to techs with GM experience. Email resume to:


FRANKS Drywall *Boarding*Taping *Spraying no job too sm. Seniors rts Free ests. 604-939-7029, 809-1945

Cash same day, local office.

THE LEMARE GROUP is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Coastal Certified Hand Fallerscamp positions • Coastal Certified Bull Buckers (Falling) –Includes Vehicle/Accommodations • Grapple Yarder Operator • Boom Boat Operator • Chasers • Hooktenders • Hand Buckers –dryland sort experience an asset • Grader Operator • Log Loader Operator • Heavy Duty Mechanics • Off Highway Truck Drivers Fulltime camp with union rates/benefits. Please send resumes by fax to 250-956-4888 or email to



CASCADE DRYWALL. Res / Comm Drywall, taping, text. ceilings, t-bar. steel stud. Call Rob 604-218-2396 or 604-820-9601




JAGUAR LANDSCAPING Lawn & Garden Service. Design, Pruning, Lawns, Cleanups, Comm/ Res. (604)466-1369 Northstar Painting Ltd.- The Residential Specialists. BIG jobs, Small jobs - We do it all! Interior and Exterior Projects. Master Painters at Students Rates. WCB Safe, Reliable, Efficient & Quality Paint. 778.245.9069

A38 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -








BRAND NEW Luxury Hotel Queen Mattresses by SERTA

Bulldog Disposal Co. Home & Yard Clean Ups Residential / Commercial

No Job Too Small “ ABOVE THE REST “ Interior & Exterior Unbeatable Prices & Professional Crew. • Free Est. • Written Guarantee • No Hassle • Quick Work • Insured • WCB




Call Tony 604-834-2597


Recycled Earth Friendly HOT TUBS ARE NO PROBLEM!

100% Heating & Plumbing 24/7 RELIABLE & AFFORDABLE

Journeyman Call 604-345-0899



✔ ALL YOUR PLUMBING NEEDS Call Niko Plumbing Ltd. 24/7. Res/Com, plugged drains. h/w tanks. ★15 yrs exp. 604-837-6640

Certified, Insured & Bonded

800 coil. 3” Pillow Top. In Original Plastic. Leftover from Hotel Order 10 yr. wrnty. $390 604.791.2621

ABC TREE MEN Pruning, Shaping, Tree Removal & Stump Grinding. 604-521-7594 604-817-8899

• Hot water tanks • Furnaces • Broilers • Plugged Drains 778-862-0560



CEDAR HOGFUEL Special Spring prices Sawdust also available

• Hvac Gas Fitting • Electrical *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service


• • •




RAINFOREST DECK & RAIL D Deck Rebuilds & Additions D Vinyl Waterproofing D 10 Year No Leak Warranty D Aluminum & Glass Rails The Last Deck You Will Ever Need!

Whether it's comic

Woodland Decks

something for the kid in you in the Classifieds!



books, dirt bikes or video




360 PLUMBING & HEATING. Gas, plumbing, heating, reno’s, repairs. 20 years exp., reliable & courteous. Lic’d. Bonded. Jack 778-835-4416

games you crave, you'll find

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837



Dan 604-240-3338 604-826-0211


C & C Electrical Mechanical

SUMMERTOP PLUMBING S Hot Water Tanks S New Construction S Renovations S Insured S Bonded


PIANO, Full keyboard, all the bells and whistles. Yamaha Clavinova. $500. Good cond. (604)531-1267

Augustine Soil & Mulch Ltd. Pitt Meadows, BC FULL PLUMBING SERVICES

Call: 604-725-9574

W Design & Renovations W Decks W Fences W Stairs W Retaining walls W Railings Home Renovations Call Patrick for a free est.



CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CATS OF ALL DESCRIPTION in need of caring homes! All cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977


WE BUY HOUSES! Older House • Damaged House Moving • Estate Sale • Just Want Out • Behind on Payments Quick Cash! • Flexible Terms! CALL US FIRST! 604-657-9422

Aluminum patio cover, sunroom, railing and vinyl. 604-782-9108



Always! Power Washing, Window & Gutter cleaning, all your exterior cleaning needs. 604-230-0627

POMERANIAN - 10 weeks old. 2 black males. 1st shot, vet checked, paper trained. $500 (604)941-2959

Mainland Roofing Ltd.

SHELTIES: Sable colored. One 7 month old, two 3 month olds. Ready now. Shots/dewormed. 604-826-6311

25 yrs in roofing industry

Eastcan Roofing & Siding •New Roofs •Re-Roofs •Repairs Liability Insurance/BBB/10% off with ad

604.562.0957 or 604.961.0324

C&C Tree Co. Free Estimates. Call Cassandra 604-725-3007.

TOY POODLE PUPS 4 wks old, 2 males; 1 white, 1 blond/white. $700 each. Avail. June 15. 604-8204230, 604-302-7602

Your LOCAL Tree Service, For Honest Prices & Quality Work Call Scott at 604-618-0333 Certified Arborist Free Estimates * Fully Insured

AARAYA Tree Services


10% DISCOUNT. MG Roofing & Siding. WCB. Re-roofing, New Roof Gutters. 604-812-9721



WEED FREE Mushroom Manure 13 yards - $160 or Well Rotted 10 yards - $180. 604-856-8877



* Renovated Suites * Clean, very quiet, large, INCLUDES: HEAT, HOT WATER & HYDRO Near Shopping & Amenities. SENIOR’S DISCOUNT

604-463-7450 604-463-2236 12186-224 St, Maple Ridge Certified Crime Free Buildings


Heat, hot water & parking. Close to stores & schools.




Single Items to Entire Households

MAPLE RIDGE, Central 1bdrm apt, quiet secure bldg, gas f/p, u/g prkg, laundry rm. $850/mo. 604-785-8851

Maple Ridge Central New home w/riverview in Ruskin. Pet/fam ok. $89,800 with $505 pad rent. Chuck 604-830-1960.

Certified Crime Free Clean, Quiet Building for Mature Adults Only. 1 Bdrm. gas F/P. No Pets, Non Smoker

$525 + util’s

New SRI *1152 sq/ft Double wide $77,900. *14x70 Full gyproc single wide - loaded $69,900. Repossessed mobile, manufactured & modulars. Chuck 604-830-1960.

639 REAL ESTATE SERVICES • DIFFICULTY SELLING ? • Difficulty Making Payments? No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees! / 604-786-4663


APARTMENT/CONDO 2 bdrm bright apt. Large 2 br located in a Central Coq Co-op. $810/mo. No subsidy. Close to transit, schools, and shopping.

Sandy 604 945 5864

Derek Manor 2048 Manning Ave. Port Coq ~ 604-941-5452 or 604-944-7889 FREE PREMIUM CABLE $80 Value

removal done RIGHT! • Tree Trimming • Fully Insured • Best Rates



PORT COQUITLAM, 1500 - 3000 sq ft. Ground floor commercial area. Facing onto city park. 1 blk from Lougheed/ Shaughnessy intersection. Call 604-464-3550.


Find the

HOME of Your Dreams!

Real Estate Section - Class 600’s *NEW QUEEN MATTRESS SET* Pillow Top in Plastic. Mfr. Warranty Must Sell! $200 ~ 604-484-0379

Need A Vehicle! Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231


MAPLE RIDGE; 3 Bdrm, 2.5 bath, dble garage, 3 appls. N/S, N/P, ref’s $1500. July 15th. (604)466-1469



Maple Ridge Office & Retail Space

Unbelievable Rates, Starting at $495/month. Various sizes 320sf. - 2000sf. Various downtown locations. Updated and well maintained.

Rick Medhurst Royal LePage Realty



1 & 2 Bdrms from $655 & $880 & renovated suite with dishwasher $45. extra. Clean, Spacious Includes heat, hot water & parking Seniors discount 21387 Dewdney Trunk Rd


MAPLE RIDGE NEWER APARTMENTS ◆ 1 & 2 Bdrm starting at $750 ◆ Six Appliances ◆ Secured Underground Prkg. ◆ Cls. to West Coast Express ◆ Adult Oriented

22334 - 117th Ave Phone 604-463-5660 Maple Ridge Swan Court Apartments Large 1 & 2 Bedrooms. Hardwood floors, adult oriented, heat, h/w & cable incl’d, f/p, Approved pets only. Criminal Record check may be reqd Resident Manager Onsite Now with SENIORS DISCOUNT

Hot Water S Parking S Avl June 1

1 bdrm. on 3rd floor $795/mo


Rooms from $445/mo. Fully Furn, weekly maid service, cable TV, private bath, on bus route, 5/min walk to commuter rail.

Haney Motor Hotel 22222 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge Inquire in person between 9am - 3pm or

Call 604-467-3944 749


Pitt Meadows Marina

MAPLE INN 11695 -224th St Maple Ridge 1 Bdrm $550/mo Incl’s hot water Certified Crime Free Building Mature adult oriented. Close to uptown 604-463-4131 for appointment (9am-5pm)


MAPLE RIDGE - Thornhill area. lrg. 1 bdrm. Full bath, on acreage. Walk in closet. Full Tile throughout. Pri. entry & prkg. $850/mo. incls. WIFI, laundry & hydro N/S. Small pet okay. Avail. immed. 604-462.0351


The Scrapper

• Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022 TOP CA$H PAID TODAY For SCRAP VEHICLES!

2 hr. Service (604)209-2026

P.Coquitlam 1BR $700 incl utils cls to ament new carpet fresh paint full bath sh ldry NS/NP 604-552-4760



MAPLE RIDGE 3 Bdrm T/H, newly reno’d, 1.5 baths, f/p, $1400 + utils. Avail immed. NS/NP. 604-466-8499






#1 FREE SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL ASK ABOUT $500 CREDIT $$$ PAID FOR SOME 604.683.2200 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

MAPLE RIDGE: Nr Thomas Haney School. 2 bdrm bsmt suite, small living room. $900/mo hydro & gas inc. Avail. now. (604)467-9251


Full time on-site caretaker. Available Immediately




Fully renovated 1 & 2 bdrm suites

1991 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SEIRRA beaut cond. aircared for 1yr No oil leaks $995 604-465-4953

MAPLE RIDGE 1 bdrm bsmt suite, utils incl. Own W/D. N/S. $750/mo + D.D. June 1st. (604)345-3934

W 1 & 2 Bdrm Suites W 3 Appliances W Secured Garage Parking W Adult Oriented W Ref’s Req’d & Absolutely No Pets

11895 Laitty St, Maple Ridge



Polo Club Apartments



Public Access Launch Ramp Outdoor Storage for Boats, RV’s, Cars, Trucks & Trailers Year Rental Moorage Fuel Dock W Onsite Manager

604.466.8404 (Erik)

No pets ~ Ref’s req’d.

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557

Clean, Quiet Well Managed Bldg. 3 Blocks to W.C. Express

S Impeccably clean S Heat

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals


19071 Ford Rd. Pitt Meadows

604-463-4449 604-209-6583



5,400sf. @ $4.50sf. + 3N 5 offices & 2 bathrooms. Two 3 phase & single phase power. 1 bay door 12 x 12. (604)941-2959


22423 121st Ave 604-467-4894

~ Since 1987 ~


30 Years Local Service



22437 121st Ave 604-467-0715


#1 Cash Buyer


*Appliances *BBQs *Exercise Equip *Cars/Trucks/Trailers *Hotwater Tanks *Furnaces * Restaurant Equipment All FREE pickup! T & K Haulaway


Topping W Falling W Hedging Chipping W Stumpgrinding


FREE! Scrap Metal Removal...FREE!!!


$$CASH $$ for your furniture, tools, electronics, antiques, appliances, computers & collectibles.

Fully Insured W24 Hour Service .

MAREMMA PUPS, working stock guard pups, protectors of livestock, family or property, will guard whatever it bonds to. Being raised with livestock. No Sunday calls. 1 (604)796-8557 NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or


Queen Anne Apts.

Glenwood Manor Apartments

Family owned & operated. Fully ins. We do Cedar Shakes, conversions, concrete tiles, torchon, fibreglass shingles, restoration & repairs. 20 yr labour warr. 604-427-2626 or 723-2626


MAPLE RIDGE Ctrl lrg 2 bdrm 2 baths, quiet, $1050 incls 5 appls, gas f/p. N/s, n/p. July 1. 465-8268

P/B blue brindle ~ 1 Female Ready to go. 1st shots & tails/dew claws done. ULTIMATE FAMILY GUARDIAN $1000 604-308-5665



1 & 2 Bdrms $790/$880

Maple Ridge

call (604)582-1598

Call Ian 604-724-6373




(604) 467- 5271



Sorry No Pets


PITT MEADOWS: 2 - 3 bdrm co-op T/H $1030/mo - $1134/mo. Shares req’d. Close to WCE, schools & shopping. No subsidy available. 19225 119th Ave. For more info & to book an appt. call 604-465-1938

S Incl heat/ht water, wndw cvrngs S Close to bus stop S Walk to shoping/medical/WCE S Across from park w/Mtn views S Gated parking and Elevator S Adult oriented building S References required CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

For more info: google us.

FROM $140,000 Also; Spectacular 3 Acre Parcel at $390,000 1-250-558-7888 ~ FINANCING AVAILABLE ~

24/7 plumbing, heating, plugged drains


RENOVATED SUITES 1 Bdrm suite $775 2 Bdrm corner suite $925


Bro Marv Plumbing



Great location for seniors! Clean, quiet & affordable! Incls heat, h/w, cable. Senior Move-In Allowance. Refs & Credit check req.



(604) 463-9522 Central Maple Ridge


GOLDEN RETRIEVER pups P/B. 1st shots, vet checked, dewormed, 10 weeks old, $700. (604)850-3329





German shepherd cross with husky puppy, Female. 2-1/2 mos. $600/obo. (604)463-8924

HUSKY WOLF X pups. 3 F; 9 wks old. $500/ea. 1st shots/dewormed. Glenn 604-308-3396 Boston Bar.







CRESCENT Plumbing & Heating Licensed Residential 24hr. Service



Free Estimates ~ 7 Days/Wk

• Estate Services • Electronics • Appliances • Old Furniture • Construction • Yard Waste • Concrete • Drywall • Junk • Rubbish • Mattresses • More


Cash For Recycling

23359 Fisherman Rd, Albion Mon - Sat 8am - 4pm Registered Member of Metal Dealers & Recyclers




Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Electric Motors,Catalytic Converters, Heavy Steel, Tin, BX Cable, Extention Cords, Xmas Lights, BBQs, Batteries, Lead, Titanium, Zinc, Stainless, Truck Rims, Fin, Rads, Tech Cable, Bronze, Nickel, Cast Iron, Starters, Alternators, Ballasts, Transmissions, Motors, Laptops, Computers, Apliances, Extention Cords, Ceramic Chips, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Finger Boards, Car Bodies, Pop Cans, Aluminum Lawn Chairs, Aluminum Blinds, Computer Memory, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Electric Motors, Catalytic Converters, Heavy Steel, Tin, BX Cable, Extention Cords, Xmas Lights, BBQs, Batteries, Lead, Titanium, Zinc, Stainless, Truck Rims, Fin, Rads, Tech Cable, Bronze, Nickel, Cast Iron, Starters, Alternators, Ballasts, Transmissions, Motors, Laptops, Computers, Apliances, Extention Cords, Ceramic Chips, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Finger Boards, Car Bodies, Pop Cans, Aluminum Lawn.Chairs, Aluminum Blinds, Computer Memory, Car bodies - THE NEWS -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- 39




NOW ONLY $6,495

NOW ONLY $10,495

NOW ONLY $11,495





2008 Honda Civic DX-G 4dr Sedan

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Base

2011 Hyundai Accent GL 2dr Hatchback

2011 Hyundai Accent GL 4AT

110,541 km, 5 Spd Automatic, great fuel economy, style and reliability! Complemented by Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors - Air Conditioning & Keyless Entry! Stock#H5304

63,516 km, Automatic, like new! Eligible for our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty with No Mileage Restrictions AND Qualifies for our In House Financing Program! Stock# C3812

51,988 km, 4 Spd Automatic, Reliability, Fuel Economy and Safety! This Local, No Accidents Accent qualifies for Hyundai Certification! Stock# H6069

52,922 km, 4 Spd Automatic, Just arrived! Safe, Reliable and Economical daily driver you have been looking for! Protected by Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Designation. Stock# H1921

NOW ONLY $12,995

NOW ONLY $14,930

NOW ONLY $15,888

NOW ONLY $15,888



2008 Honda Civic Si 2dr Coupe

2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring GLS Sport

2006 Chrysler 300C Loaded

2012 Ford Fiesta SES 4dr Hatchback

139,362 km, 6 Spd Manual, Just In! Local, No Accidents, One Owner. Performance, Styling and Reliability are yours at a great price! New Tires, New Brakes and fully inspected. Stock# I1627

39,903 km , 4dr Hatchback, Automatic, Alloy Wheels, Sunroof and Fog Lights and eligible for Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Designation extending Factory Warranty to 6 Years/120000kms. Stock# H1037

94,561 km , 5 Spd Automatic , DVD/Navigation, Premium Audio, Leather, Power Sunroof, Alloy Wheels, K & N Cold Air Intake and HEMI make this one the nicest one around! Stock# C7427

17,188 km, Automatic, Fully loaded with Leather, Premium Audio, Power Moonroof, Push Button Start, Microsoft SYNC System and Alloys! Low, Low Kms and No Accidents! Stock# F7520

NOW ONLY $17,495

NOW ONLY $17,930

NOW ONLY $18,495

NOW ONLY $20,930





2010 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4 SuperCab 126 in

2013 Hyundai Elantra GL 4dr Sedan

2009 Hyundai Tucson Limited

2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS

61,686 km, 5 Spd Automatic, Local, No Accidents - this 2010 Ranger Sport 4 x 4 is proteced by Maple Ridge Hyundai’s Exclusive Lifetime Power Train Warranty! Stock# F0423A

23,351 km, 6 Spd Automatic, No Accidents, Locally owned and Dealer Serviced! Comes complete with Heated Seats, Bluetooth Handsfree and Full Remainder of Factory Warranty! Stock# H055

70,748 km, 4 Spd Automatic, AWD, Leather, Premium Audio, Power Sunroof and qualifies for Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Designation! Stock# H5851

33,214 km, 6 Spd Automatic, Automatic Power Sunroof, Premium Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights and Heated Seats in the Front AND Back Seats! Stock# H3723

NOW ONLY $24,777

NOW ONLY $25,888

NOW ONLY $26,995

NOW ONLY $36,888




2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SPORT - Hemi 5.7

2013 Kia Sorento LX V6 AWD 6AT

2012 Hyundai Santa Fe GL

2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

49,582 km, Automatic , Quad Cab - 4 x 4, Custom 20” Wheels, Aggressive tires, Max Towing Package, Locking Hard Tonneau Cover, Lowest Kms Around - No Accidents! Stock# D0573

15,706 km, 6 Spd Automatic, Equipped with Smart Proximity Key, Bluetooth Handsfree, Fog Lights, AWD and Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors. Stock# I0589

26,000 km, 6 Spd Automatic, Boasting AWD, Heated Seats, Bluetooth Handsfree, Ipod Interface and protected by Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Designation. Stock# H4325

Premium Package 8AT, 9,854 km, 8 Spd Automatic, Save $10000!!!! Manager’s Demo Vehicle and Now the Savings can by Yours!!!! Low kms, Luxurious and Fully Loaded! Stock# C95866

Dave Wyant

Sean Elmont

Brent Miscisco

Mike Jankowiak

604 467 3401 23213 Lougheed Highway • DL#7356

*Prices do not include $595.00 documentation fee, taxes or accessories.

Adam Cunliffe

Brett Kinney

Peter Bender

Bob Murdoch

Super Dave’s

40 -- Friday, May 31, 2013 -- THE NEWS -



Columbia Windriver Pants Jacket Stain Resistant



Columbia Columbia Shirt Shorts

Hyperdri HD1, Packable, Ripstop, Zip off.

Omni Shade & Omni Wick






Omni Shade & Omni Wick




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Columbia Hat

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Columbia Hat

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Only until June 9, 2013

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Maple Ridge News, May 31, 2013  
Maple Ridge News, May 31, 2013  

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