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I got it, I got it! Golden Concrete donates to GADSAR ...............................3


June 1 is Canada’s Intergenerational Day ...............................10


Art opening at Art Gallery of Golden ..............................11


Jon Wilsgard reaches to make the catch at softball on Tuesday May 21, while teammate Petra Musick watches. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Golden decides not to buy carbon offsets Jessica Schwitek

GSS golf team takes Championship ..............................19

The Town of Golden has unanimously voted to take the purchase of carbon offsets off the table. Following a presentation by Megan Lohmann, a senior energy planner from the Community Energy Association, council decided to put their $11,000 in CARIP rebates (Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program) into a dedicated fund (which already exists) for energy efficient projects. "What you do with that reserve is up to the local government… And what I would recom-


Home Owners helping homeowners

mend is that you consider in the upcoming months what potential projects that could be allocated to," said Lohmann. The replacement of the swimming pool boiler, which reduced energy consumption and cost, is an example of an energy efficient project. Council chose to make emissions reductions targets, and has already reached those targets through several projects said David Love, manager of strategic initiatives for the Town. There are also several other possible projects that the Town has looked into, which means they will not struggle to find appropriate ways

to spend the money. The Town had anticipated spending $9,000 of carbon offsets in 2013. It was suggested that those funds be reallocated to the same fund as the CARIP rebates, but council decided to leave that money where it is for now. If it is not spent, or moved to a reserve fund, then it will go into the surplus. Council also voted to affirm their commitment to the BC Climate Action Charter, in that they will be working toward carbon neutrality. Coun. Keith Hern was opposed, stating that carbon neutrality is an impossible state of being.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

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Louisiana-Pacific helps STARS

Golden THE 413A 9th Ave N 250 344-5251

social issues?

Do you care about


5 mins today ...and share your thoughts with CBT about what’s happening in your community. Time is running out. Survey closes June 3, 2013. 1.800.505.8998

Do you care about




5 mins today ...and share your thoughts with CBT about what’s happening in your community. Time is running out. Survey closes June 3, 2013. 1.800.505.8998

Do you care about




5 mins today ...and share your thoughts with CBT about what’s happening in your community. Time is running out. Survey closes June 3, 2013. 1.800.505.8998

Pictured from left to right are Louisiana-Pacific employees Audra Stanton, Ruth Frisky, Bryce Piggot, Lee Jesse, Francine Falbo and Buffy Wackett. The volunteers raised almost $1,000 for STARS air ambulance at a garage sale held on May 25. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Council cancels two RMI projects Jessica Schwitek The Town of Golden Council has decided to cancel two proposed projects with Resort Municipality Initiative funds, and reallocate that money elsewhere. “During our budgeting process there was some discussion at the council table regarding a few of the initiatives, in terms of some hesitancy. The reason I bring this up is because we do need certainty when it comes to the projects, in their scope, their nature, and the amount of monies allocated to them,” said Jon Wilsgard, chief administrative officer with the Town.

The two projects in question are the Bike Share Program, which was due for some enhancement this year (a new rack and more bikes), and the Community Wireless Program. The operation of the Bike Share Program was removed from the Town’s budget this year, and in the years since the wireless project was proposed, several businesses in town have created their own wireless hot spots for their customers. “From a staff level there are options of either trying to identify new projects, or simply reallocate the money into existing projects that are already underway,” said Wilsgard. There are several projects scheduled

to begin this year, including an enhancement project on the Highway 1 corridor, and an amenity hub in the downtown area. “I am fully in support of not starting anything new with the Community Wireless or Bike Share Programs,” said Coun. Mike Pecora, adding that he would rather see those funds go towards the Highway 1 corridor and amenity hub. Council voted to end the Bike Share and Community Wireless projects, and will wait for the RMI Advisory Committee to suggest where those funds should be reallocated before making a decision on how to spend the money.

Town supports APES in grant application Jessica Schwitek The Alexander Park Elementary School Parent Advisory Council went before Golden Town Council on May 21, asking for their support in a grant application for their new accessible playground. “Farm Credit Canada grants funding to small communities across Canada every year. They fund between 90 and 100 projects per year for small communities to improve the vitality of the community,” said Chenoa Paccagnan, president of the APES PAC. The PAC has been hard at work fundraising to build a new accessible park since October 2012, as the old one has reached the end of its life. Farm Credit Canada has funded 12 projects similar to the APES playground, and has awarded each of them

between $8,500 and $14,000. “Golden is a great qualifier for this, however for a group like ours we do need to partner with the municipality,” said Paccagnan. “This is what we’re asking for today. I’d like a letter of support from you so we can submit our application.” The request does not require any funds from the Town, it only requires they write a letter of support, and provide Farm Credit Canada a receipt when they receive the funds. Council typically does not make decisions immediately after a delegation has presented, but decided to instruct staff to write the letter, given that there is a time constraint. The application must be submitted prior to June 18, and the PAC needs the letter of support before they can send in the application. The project has already raised $116,000, and hopes to have the playground installed in the summer of 2014.

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A3

Question period reinstated Golden donation to GADSAR for council meetings Jessica Schwitek

the following meeting.

Question Period Reinstated At the regular open council meeting held on May 21, Town Council gave the new Town of Golden Council Procedure Bylaw its first, second, and third readings. The new procedure bylaw contains the reinstatement of question period, which was removed in 2012. In March of 2013, council voted to bring it back. The reason for disallowing public questions at the end of council meetings was that people often used it as a platform to attack staff, as opposed to its intended purpose, which was to interact with councillors. The bylaw is slated for adoption at the next council meeting, and question period will be on the agenda for

Outdoor Arena Town Council decided to leave the request for land for an outdoor arena out of the formal process for the time being. At the previous council meeting, Mike Palumbo with Golden Minor Hockey presented his plans for an outdoor arena, located where the old Horseshoe Club is. He had asked council to ensure him the land would be available before he moved on in the planning process. Council made no official decision, but agreed that Councillors Connie Barlow and Ron Oszust would have an informal discussion with Palumbo about what steps he will need to take. The consensus in council chambers was that more work needed to be put into the proposal.

Behind the Wheel Pictured left to right are Richard Oszust, Greg Bodnaryk, Corey Rokosh, Orlando Dias, Michael Vaughan and Nicole Sherriff. Golden Croncrete donated $1,000 to the Golden and District Search and Rescue Association at a reopening and customer appreciation event.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Youth smoking permitted under provincial Tobacco Control Act Jessica Schwitek You can see the signs in any establishment that sells tobacco products stating that they cannot sell cigarettes to minors. What you may not know, is that those signs do not mean that minors cannot smoke. “I thought that was interesting what’s allowed and what’s not,” said Const. Mike Hull with the Golden RCMP. He has had inquiries lately regarding what to do about youth smoking in the downtown area, especially around the entrances of businesses. But given the laws set forth in the provincial Tobacco Control Act, there is little that can be done. As is stated in the act, “A person must not sell, offer for sale, provide or dis-

tribute tobacco to an individual who has not reached the age specified by regulation.” (In British Columbia that age is 19). It does not, however, state that a person under the specified age is prohibited from using those tobacco products. There is a $575 fine to anyone caught selling tobacco to a person under the age of 19, yet no fine for any person under the age of 19 smoking. Police officers also do not have the authority to confiscate any tobacco products, given that they are entirely legal, even for minors. “There’s no smoking within three metres of any doorway or open window, so if I see any youth, or anyone really, smoking right in front of a business, I can tell them to move,” said Hull. Authorities are also able to issue tickets

to anyone smoking on or within three metres of school property, meaning that any smoking pit on school property is in contravention of the act. It is not too often that any ticket is issued through the Tobacco Control Act says Hull, and one of the most common ticketable offences regarding smoking is actually issued through the Motor Vehicle Act. It is illegal to smoke in a vehicle when youth under 16 years of age are present. Yet it is not illegal for youth under 16 years of age to stand outside and smoke on their own. For more than a century, Canada has recognized the need to protect youth from the harmful effects of tobacco. The first law making it illegal to sell cigarettes to youth under 16 was passed in 1908. The

age was raised to 18 in 1993 (although individual provinces can choose to make that age higher). In more recent years laws have been passed banning smoking in public places, work places, and enclosed spaces. Every province and state has slightly different regulations regarding tobacco. Kansas, for example, bans the possession of tobacco for anyone under the age of 18, and can fine minors $25, and require them to appear before the court with a parent or guardian.

Transporting Propane and Other Flammable Gasses While most of us don’t carry around cylinders of acetylene in our vehicles, many people do carry propane tanks regularly and we use propane as a fuel in our RV’s. I asked the attendant about it the last time I had one of my barbeque tanks filled and he said that I was one of the few who secured it upright in the box of my pickup. Most people put them in the trunk or back seat and drove away. Ask any firefighter, gas fitter or inspector from the BC Safety Authority and they will tell you that this lack of care will eventually result in something like the incident in West Vancouver. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods rules are designed to prevent problems and apply to anyone that transports flammable gasses. They also provide for penalties when someone chooses not to exercise care. In short, transport all flammable gas cylinders upright, properly secured, in a well ventilated area. Insure that the cylinders are marked to identify their contents, that they have current inspection and are corrosion and leak free. Safety advice should be available from your propane supplier and the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement. The author is a retired constable with many years of traffic law enforcement experience. To comment or learn more, please visit www.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

RCMP report: Speeders nabbed on Trans Canada Highway Darryl Crane

IRP issued 2013-05-18

Hydro lines knocked over 2013-05-18 Police responded to the Kicking Horse rest area on Highway 1 where a tractor trailer unit had pulled into the rest area and struck a light standard. Police attended to find the unit had cut the corner striking the light pole which resulted in the hydro power lines coming to rest atop the unit. BC Hydro responded as quickly as possible to make the lines safe. RCMP said that there were no injuries in the incident

Thank you!

On Behalf of the BC Conservatives and myself, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, and worked on my campaign. And to all of you who voted for me! And most of all to those who believed that we could have a better British Columbia!

We’ll be back in 2017!

Sincerely, Earl Olsen


90 kilometre zone also had their vehicle impounded for seven days.

A vehicle was stopped in Golden and the driver blew a warning. The driver lost his/her license for three days as a result of the Immediate Roadside Prohibition. A vehicle was stopped while traveling at a speed of 157 kilometres per hour in a 90 kilometre zone. The incident happened on Highway 1, west of Golden. The vehicle was stopped and the driver, an Alberta resident, was issued a violation ticket for excessive speed and the vehicle was impounded for seven days. Another vehicle traveling 137 kilometres per hour in a

Double trouble Two vehicles were driving in a dangerous manner while travelling north on Kicking Horse Drive. The vehicles passed each other on a double solid line and were speeding at the time. Both vehicles were located by police. Upon speaking with the drivers of both vehicles, Golden/Field RCMP located open liquor in one of the vehicles. The drivers were issued violations tickets along with driving and liquor offences. Both drivers were from Alberta.

Tough decision for Golden Historical Society Darryl Crane After much deliberation the Golden Historical Society has made the decision to cancel plans for a Fall Faire in 2013. The final decision was made by members of the board of the society and was not made lightly according to Executive Director of The Golden Museum Colleen Palumbo. “I think we are all disappointed. We really feel it was a good community event but we are not getting the funds or volunteers that are needed to do it properly. It was a decision that we had to make,” she said. Palumbo explained that when the plans were made for the first Fall Faire, the group never intended for it to happen every year. “We have been working on the Fall Faire for six years. In the beginning it was not our intention to operate a fair annually. We were trying to put on a one time event that would give people the sense of history of the fairs in Golden,” she said. “It was such a great event the first time and we felt the community would like it to continue.”

Over the years the historical society has run the event but it has become more challenging over time. “We realized this event was outside the mandate of the historical society. We let it lapse for a year but due to popular demand we went back to grant writing and brought it back,” Palumbo said. She added the society has tried to pass the event off to different groups in Golden but no group has taken it on. “We just don’t have the manpower to continue to do it with the few volunteers we have at the historical society. Palumbo said that last year she had to put in 84 work hours on different grant applications. “The grant writing costs are huge in administrative hours. We also have to pay a bookkeeper to look after the grant process.” Even with the challenges of holding the event, the society was hopeful there would be a Fall Faire in 2013. “We thought we would be able to pull it off but when we looked at the numbers in the budget we realized we would not have the funds to do the project in the way the people of Golden would expect us to,” she said.

Swimming through a sea of bottles


6:30pm at the Mt 7 RecPlex Doors open at 6:00pm


                                                                       

                           

The Golden Dolphins Swim Club came together on May 25 to hold the groups annual bottle drive. The Dolphins raised over $3,000 at the event and will hold a mini meet on June 1 at the Golden Municipal Swimming Pool.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo


The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A5



EVERYTHING MUST GO! Look out for our new exciting location and Grand Opening in the Fall Kicking Horse Interiors 802 9th Street North, Golden Phone: 250 344 3999

Opening Hours Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 6pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Closed Sunday & Mondays


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star


Summer fun in Golden

‘Ban Tobacco’ theme of this year’s World No Tobacco Day

Even though it is still raining outside there are a number of signs that summer is just around the corner for residents in Golden. All you have to do is take a look out your window and you will see the benefits the area offers for outdoor enthusiasts. While walking along the Kicking Horse River I recently saw people kay- My Way aking, white water rafting and skydivers were falling By Darryl Crane gracefully from the sky. The river is a temptation which is hard to resist. It offers something for both the extreme adventure enthusiasts and for people who want to go for a leisurely ride. Then there is the skydiving centre at the Golden Airport. The past two summers I have had the opportunity to chat with people who have just experienced one of the ultimate rushes you can have in Golden. For many they struggle to find the words to describe what it is like to dive between the mountains that surround the town. For people who love riding their bicycles, Golden is the perfect place. For a casual ride you can roll around the trails in Golden and go at your own pace. Then there are also great mountain bike trails all over the area which are looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers. For the people who crave heading downhill there are also the amazing runs found at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. If having a more relaxing day is your style then you could head out to the Golden Golf Club to play a round on one of the most beautiful golf courses you will ever find. Runners and walkers have nothing to worry about as there are many trails they can use to get some exercise. Soon there will also be paragliders and hang gliders flying in the skies over Golden as they take off from Mount 7 and people heading just east of town to go zip lining. But the outdoors in Golden is not just for walking, running, biking or flying. It is also a place where music and culture fill the air. Music will soon start in Spirit Square as Kicking Horse Culture is putting together a summer of music from all over the world and bringing it to Golden. An added benefit during these shows is that we will also get the chance to hear and watch some local talent perform. Golden may be a small town but one thing is for sure. As the summer approaches more and more people will have many reasons to get out of their houses and have some fun in the area. All of the things to do mentioned above are not only great for local people but they are also a great excuse for locals to bring their friends and family to Golden for a day, a weekend or even more. When you look at how close we are to so many great things to do, so many beautiful National Parks, so many great musical performances and so much more it should be no surprise to see many new faces coming to town to enjoy what we have every day. The time has come to get out of your house and have a great summer filled with fun and games. Enjoy the weather, once the sun comes out on a more permanent basis, and see what you can do in your backyard.

Cheryl Sidenberg Tobacco Reduction Coordinator with Interior Health On May 31, 2013 health care organizations around the world bring attention to World No Tobacco Day. This year’s theme is “Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship”. Tobacco advertising bans aim to counteract the misleading information used in marketing campaigns and also strive to prevent youth from being exposed to the lure of tobacco advertising. Sadly, only six per cent of the world’s populations are protected from exposure to tobacco industry advertising tactics. In Canada, the Tobacco Act aims to protect the health of Canadians by regulating tobacco advertising, restricting access to tobacco products and increasing public awareness of the health hazards of using tobacco products. The Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations require that tobacco product labels include health warning messages covering 75 per cent of the front and back of the packaging of cigarettes and little cigars. Health information messages such as “never quit trying to quit” are required to be included inside the packaging and a Canadian

quit line number must also be provided to link smokers with cessation services in their province. Because most tobacco users begin before the age of 14 it is important to ensure our youth are not exposed to tobacco promotions. The Tobacco Act prohibits tobacco marketing directed at youth but despite this, the tobacco industry remains aggressive in promoting tobacco products to youth in new and clever ways. Flavoured products and colourful packaging have recently been used to attract youth to tobacco products. Flavoured tobacco comes in almost every imaginable flavour - cherry, strawberry, banana and mint and more. Many youth equate these products to candy, rather than seeing them as harmful and addictive tobacco products. Flavours appeal to kids because they reduce the unpleasant odour and disguise the bad taste of tobacco. Flavoured tobacco products are just as addictive as other non-flavoured products. The tobacco industry is also using flavours in other products such as hookahs and electronic cigarettes to entice children, youth and adults. The global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people each year. Over 600,000 people are

non- smokers dying from exposure to second hand smoke. It is projected tobacco will kill more than eight million people every year by the year 2030. More than 80 per cent of these deaths are preventable. Tobacco advertising bans can play an important role in preventing people from starting to use tobacco and subsequently reducing others from being exposed to second hand smoke. Let’s support and drive national efforts to protect future generations so they can live, work and play in a smoke free world. For more information on tobacco advertising bans and World No Tobacco Day visit: wntd/en/ For more information on flavoured tobacco: http://www.


A typo in last week’s Golden Star indicated that the Civic Centre kitchen contract was valued at $17,500. The correct figure is $72,500.

POLL OF THE WEEK Are you happy with the results of the provincial election?

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The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A7

Celebrating Community Spirit-One Idea at a Time! On Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 You are invited to participate in a Community Open House @ the Golden Civic Centre from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The objective of the event is for citizens to bring their ideas and concepts to a Community Table and listen to the many Community Projects that are underway or being percolated. Three questions will form the outcome of the evening and will appear in the Golden Star for the next three weeks.

Question #3 - I would love my community to be... “A place where I can grow old, and have all the services I need to be able to do that here.”

“As long as our community is a place where I feel welcome and engaged, I’m happy.”

Ken Anderson

Barb Leblanc

Please contact Karen Cathcart at the College for more information Senate Issues Over the past week I have heard from constituents voicing disgust and displeasure with recent events that have occurred in Ottawa, specifically, the issues revolving around Senators Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau and Harb. I can tell you unequivocally that I am equally upset over the entire set of events. I do not condone nor tolerate any form of illegal activity whether criminal or civil in nature. I am frustrated by a set of legislative rules that do not allow us to remove someone from public office for a breach of trust. Furthermore, if a criminal act has been committed and enough evidence is gathered then it should be brought before the courts for judgement.

Many Stars to to the Bakery at Sobey’s for a beautiful 30th anniversary cake. Stingers to the cat owners who let their cats run wild to attack the hummingbirds and crap in my garden. Stars to DQ for the donation of containers for our 4th annual Mother’s Day Cupcake Sale - we raised over $1,000

for the Children’s Hospital. Stingers to the young adults in Golden who indicated they wouldn’t bother showing up to vote because “all politicians are crooked.” You should try living in North Korea. Stars to our optimistic Premier who worked tirelessly against seemingly overwhelming odds

to become B.C.’s first elected female Premier! Stars to to Norm for swinging by the “hood”. Stars to the Maple Leafs and Bruins for showing us again that it’s Never Over ‘til it’s Over. (Same for B.C. politics!) Stars to Rob for the swing set and the wonderful set up you did.

Send Stars and Stingers to

The Senate is enshrined in the Constitution. That is why we have asked the Supreme Court of Canada whether the reforms we have proposed can be accomplished by Parliament alone. We have also asked the Court to rule on options for abolishing the Senate completely. Most, if not all pundits, agree that the latter is not likely due to a constitutional challenge. Most amendments can be passed only if identical resolutions are adopted by the House of Commons, the Senate and a two-thirds majority of the provincial legislative assemblies representing at least 50 per cent of the national population. This formula, which is outlined in section 38 of the Constitution Act, 1982, is sometimes referred to as the “general amendment procedure” and is known more colloquially as the “7+50. In simple

terms, it is not likely to happen. There is no room for ignorance of law or procedure when you sit at the highest level of government. We have at our disposal countless legal authorities to give us advice and guidance. If you choose not to accept that advice or guidance then, in my opinion, you live with the consequences. Any person who holds a public office position, either elected or appointed, should not only withstand public scrutiny, but stand before the public to explain any short comings. If you can do neither, you should do the honourable thing and quit the position. Sincerely David Wilks, M.P. Kootenay Columbia

Looking to the future of politics in British Columbia I want to begin by thanking the people of Columbia River – Revelstoke for choosing me to represent them in the Legislature. It is clear that people here want a better government that puts the interests of regular British Columbians ahead of corporate interests or a chosen few. I will continue to serve as a member

of the Opposition, a critically important role in a democracy. Our parliamentary system is set up to provide balance and scrutiny.  My job is to be relentless in holding the government to account for its actions. I will view every piece of legislation through the lens of what is best for my constituents. 

And I will push government to amend every piece of legislation to ensure that it serves the public interest. And I will fight every government action that hurts my area.  Whether it is in reaction to cuts to healthcare services, reduced services for children, or the misuse of public lands, I will stand with you in opposition.

Recent history tells us that people can force change. We have been successful in reversing the HST, stopping the privatization of our rivers and getting services and facilities for our seniors.  But we always did it together, and it was always a fight. The first item of Legislative business will be the passing of a budget for the

Province. The BC Liberals tabled a budget in February that they claimed was balanced.  But that supposition was based on the use of deferral accounts in BC Hydro, the fire sale of assets and significant reductions in services. The fact is that those cuts will come hard and fast over the next months, and the BC Liberals have

always targeted rural communities first. We have only one choice. We must stand together against the loss of services.  We must make it so uncomfortable for the government that they have to back down. I look forward to standing with you for the next four years.  Thank you again for your support.

Hey Kids! Draw your Dads!

Make a picture of your dad, bring it into the Golden Star Golden by Friday, June 5th and you could win a Father’s Day gift for your dad from Home Hardware!

MLA Report Norm Macdonald


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

Events & Entertainment Calendar

Please be sure to

Golden Cinema Presents: Hangover: Part 3 starting Friday May 31 - Thursday June 6 at 7pm. Late shows Friday and Saturday at 9:15pm. If your business is having a sale, so are we! Call us with your discounted rates and we’ll match them!* Up to 50%*

Golden THE


m: se fro Choo page ll u F page Half page r e t r a Qu ge th pa Eigh

Sell some tools or get a bigger box

This Week Pilates Core and More Tuesdays & Fridays, Jan.8 - June 14, 12-1pm at the Rec Plex. Please bring own mat. All levels welcome. Sign up at the College of the Rockies. Bruce Martin “Mountian Wanderings” at the Art Gallery May 24 - June 18.

Wed, May 29 Golden Youth Centre drop in every Wednesday from 3:30-9pm. Jam nights every Wednesday evening. Jam night at the Rockwater.

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Mountain Prana Running Club Wednesdays 5:30pm. Email hollietataryn@gmail. com for more info.

Golden THE

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Golden Parent and Tot Play Lets parents and kids from birth to five enjoy preschool type activities. Wednesdays at the Rec Plex from 10:30am-noon.

Autobiographical Writing for adults - Free 8 week program to introduce techniques for organizing an autobiography. No experience necessary! Apr.24-June 12 1-3pm. To register call 250-439-9665. Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce AGM May 29 6-10pm at The Rockwater Grill and Bar. Jay Aymar at The Rockwater Grill and Bar May 29 at 9pm.

Thurs, May 30 Ben & Eric Jam Night at the Golden Taps Pub.

This week's achievement award goes to...

Golden Voice Toastmasters Thursdays 7-8:30pm at COTR Rm 121. New members welcome. For info call Delanee Jmaiff 250-3440652. Men’s drop-in basketball Thursdays from 8-10pm at the Rec Plex. $8. Free Homework Help at the Youth Centre 3:305pm Grades 4-7. Snacks included. Drop in. Bridge Club Every Thursday at the Senior’s Centre from 1-4pm. Contact 250-3445448. Seniors Day at Reflections Hair Studio every Thursday 20% off all services, call 250-344-5766. Mountain Magic Quilters Guild Thursdays, 7:30-9pm in the Golden High School’s sewing room. New members and guests welcome, annual membership is $25. Jay Aymar at The Rockwater Grill and Bar May 30 at 9pm.

Fri, May 31 Mother Goose Program Fridays until June 7 from 10:30-11:30am at the public library. Drop in, snacks included. Golden Youth Centre drop in Fridays from 3:30-9pm and movie night every Friday from 7-9pm. Bridge Club Fridays, 7-10pm at St. Andrews Centre for Peace. Contact 250-3445448. Stone Iris at The Golden Taps May 31.

Sat, June 1 Karaoke Night at The Mad Trapper every Saturday night. Storytime at the Golden

• For more information... go to

Library 10:30-11:30am. Free drop-in, contact 250344-6516.

the Rockwater 8pm. Rockwater Grill & BarR


Golden Dance Academy presents Dancers Reunited Saturday, June 1 at 6:30pm at the Rec Plex. Tickets available at Top Notch and from all dancers. Bruce Martin “Mountain Wanderings” Ar tist’s Reception June 1 from 3-5pm at the Art Gallery. Mini Swim Meet Saturday June 1 for all Goldfish Jr. and Sr. swimmers 9am-1pm at the pool. (There will be a group photo at 8:45am). Spilli Chili Cook-off in Spillimacheen from noon6pm.

Sun, June 2 Junior Climbing Club at Dogtooth Climbing Gym 12:30-2pm. Booking is recommended 250-3446444. Golden Golf Club Family Days every Sunday after 3pm email

Mon, June 3 Join the Cadets. Free program meets every Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:30pm at the Legion Banquet Hall. For young men and women ages 12 to 18. Rockwater Bar & Grill Music Bingo every Monday night. Indoor Soccer at Mount 7 RecPlex Mondays 8:309:30pm until June 24. Mountain Prana Running Club Mondays 5:30pm. Email hollietataryn@gmail. com for more info.

Tues, June 4 John Jenkins & Friends at

Upcoming Events

Golden RCMP 28th Annual Charity Golf Tournament June 10 shotgun start 9am. For more info please call 250-344-2221. Lars Moston June 12 at the Rockwater Grill and Bar. Golden Barrel-O-Rama The Golden Light Horse Club is hosting the event at the Rodeo Grounds on June 15. Fun starts at 12pm. Relay for Life. Looking to form a Golden team to join Invermere June 15&16. Interested? Call Sue Hein 250-342-0121 as soon as possible. Barrel-O-Rama 12-5pm at the Rodeo Grounds June 15. Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast Customer appreciation breakfast at Mountainside Gardens on June 16 at 10am. Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast at Mountainside Gardens 10am-noon. The Legion Father’s Day Golf Tournament June 16. Cobra Ramone June 18 at the Rockwater Grill and Bar. Celebrating Community Spirit, a community open house June 18 at the Civic Centre 6-9pm. For more info: 250-344-5901. Summer Kicks Series Cousin Harley June 19 at Spirit Square. Ziggy Marley at the Golden Civic Centre June 22. Canada Day July 1 celebrations - more details to come!

Kayla Gallagher For always having a positive attitude, being kind, willing to help and encouraging others with a smile.

Stop in by June 5, 2013 to receive your small blizzard • 344-2220 •

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A9

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

Mountain View celebrating Intergenerational Day on June 1 Jessica Schwitek On June 1 take some time to get to know someone of a different generation for Canada’s InterGenerational Day. Mountain View Assisted Living has been participating in an intergenerational program with Alexander Park Elementary School for the past year, and has

seen some tremendous results. “The residents just love it. They always look forward to Wednesdays,” said Tricia Bowness, manager at Mountain View. “There’s been some really amazing connections made with the kids.” A kindergarten class has been coming to the home every Wednesday to spend time with the 16 residents who live there,

doing things like reading and art projects. The purpose of intergenerational interaction is to break down stereotypical thinking of both generations through respect and caring, as well as sharing wisdom and spreading good will. “I definitely think that both generations get something out of this… Ms. Beckett (kindergarten teach-

er) is so amazing. The kids have learned Mountain View Manners, and mutual respect. And they all have so much fun,” said Bowness. “The kids are still so young and cute at this age. They’re totally open to it, and it’s really neat to see the friendships that have developed naturally.” The national intergenerational day, supported by the Intergenerational Society, is on June 1, and Mountain View will be hosting an open house of sorts. They are putting up some posters, and serving tea, coffee and cake, and letting the kids interview the seniors. They will be able to hear stories, and learn about what life was like when they were young.

Kindergarten student Roxy Coatsworth does some colouring with her friend Kay Soles at Mountain View Assisted Living.  Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo To learn more about Inter-Generational Day Canada,

and why it is important to encourage interaction among

generations, go to

Wendell Johnston Painting Create a FRESH LOOK

Members of the community came out to help the Golden Food Bank during their food drive on May 18, and collected $1,500 in donations. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Grow a little extra for the food bank Barb Davies Director Golden Food Bank Society

• Clean • Professional Wendell Johnston Painting Established in 1972 • 250 344-6411 • 1 877 644-6200


Serving the Columbia Valley

Plant a Row • Grow a Row is an annual initiative of the Golden Food Bank helping to ensure fresh produce is available for those in need in our community. This program builds on the long-standing tradition of gardeners loving to share their harvest with others. The Food Bank encourages gardeners to grow a little extra and donate the produce to the Food Bank. It’s an easy way to share extra fruit, berries and vegetables with the rest of the community. If you are in need of seeds and would like to grow produce for the Food Bank, seeds are available at the Food Bank. Call 250-344-2113 to make arrangements. Surplus produce can be dropped off at the Food Bank, 1115 9th St. S., on Monday afternoons or Tuesdays. In 2012, the Food Bank received 650 kilograms of produce donations from the community. This was in addition to the 360 kg of produce that was grown at the Ruth Wixon Community Garden. The Plant a Row • Grow a Row campaign started

in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1986, initiated by Ron and Eunice O’Donovan. That year they produced more potatoes in their backyard garden than their family could consume. They donated the excess to their local food bank, Winnipeg Harvest. Their idea was met with such enthusiasm that the O’Donovan’s encouraged their friends and neighbours to also donate their surplus produce. Since then, over 1.4 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables have been given to Winnipeg Harvest through the Plant a Row • Grow a Row program. Plant a Row • Grow a Row is now a national program in partnership with Food Banks Canada and the Compost Council of Canada to aid local food banks in reaping the rewards of the harvest from vegetable gardens in their areas. The Golden Food Bank also grows produce at the Ruth Wixon House – 815 9th Street South. In partnership with the Town of Golden and the Golden Historical Society we grow and harvests fresh produce that supplements food hampers from July through December each year. Any eager gardeners are welcome to spend time in the garden. Contact the Food Bank at 250-344-2113 or to find out more.

Celebrating Community Spirit – One Idea at a Time!

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A11

Feeling the bite of Cobra Ramone Golden Star Staff With a name like Cobra Ramone, this girl was destined to be a musician in a rock and roll band that mixes in the blues. The Vancouver band, taking their name from front woman Cobra Ramone, is playing the Rockwater Grill and Bar on June 18. Having a mixture of musical favourites like Howlin’ Wolf, Motorhead and O.D.B., has turned Ramone into a Gibson SG wielding musical mutt with roots in whisky soaked blues-rock. Cobra Ramone has followed the musical forces across Canada and beyond several times. In 2011 she moved to a tiny and dangerous island in South America where she wrote some of the songs on her self-titled record, while avoiding bandits. With the face-melting genius of Brad Smith, Jay Sparrow and Fred Brenton, Ramone ground out a 10-song record with subjects like the apocalypse, zombies, and the occasional bitter “men are jerks, so throw them off a building” ditties.

Celebrating Community Spirit – One Idea at a Time! Celebrating Community Spirit – One Idea at a Time!

On TuOens d a y, June Tu e18th, s d a y,2013

you are invited to participate in a June Community Open18th, House2013 @ the Golden you are invited to participate in a Civic Centre from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. O nHouse Community Open @ the Golden Civic Centre from 6:00pm Tu e stod9:00pm. a y,

Light refreshments will be provided.

June will 18th, 2013 Light refreshments be provided.

you are invited to participate in a

The objective of the Open eventHouse is for@citizens to Community the Golden The objective of the event is for citizens to Civic Centre from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. to a bring their ideas and concepts bring their ideas and concepts to a Community Table listentotothethe Community Table and and Light refreshments will listen be provided. many Projects manyCommunity Community Projects thatare underway oror that underway The objective ofare the event is for citizens to being percolated. bring their ideas and concepts to a being percolated. Community Table and listen to the many Community Projects that are underway or being percolated.

Cobra Ramone will be playing at the Rockwater Grill and Bar on June 18. Photo Submitted In finder her new musical boyfriends (and Vancouver music scene heavy-weight champions) Big Daddy Deachman (drums) and

Trevor Snakedust (organs), Cobra Ramone has completed Three Questions will form the outcome of the evening: the ultimate musical tri-force. 1. I love my community because…. To hear their music, go to 2. IThree Questions form the outcome of the evening: would love mywill community to have…… Questions the outcome of the evening: I lovewill my form community because…. 3. I1.would love my community to be….. 2. community I would love mybecause…. community to have…… 1. I love my 3. I would love my community to be….. 2. I would love my community to have…… 3. I would love my community to be…..

Please contact Karen Cathcart at the College for more information. 250-344-5901 Please contact or Karen Cathcart at the College for more information. Please contact Karen Cathcart 250-344-5901 or

at t College for more informati 250-344-5901 or kcathcart@cotr.bc

Spa Guard Hot Tub Chemicals in stock at Kardash Plumbing & Heating

A new art show featuring the mountain works of Bruce Martin has started at the Art Gallery of Golden.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo

A chance to wander through the mountains Golden Star Staff The Art Gallery of Golden is hosting an art exhibit of watercolour paintings that reflect the local landscapes around Golden. The exhibit, that opened on May 24, will highlight the works of Nelson artist Bruce Martin. Martin has been involved with painting and drawing for most of his life, with many of his inspirations coming from the mountains. He has shown a special affection in his paint-

ings for the wilderness areas of Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks. This show titled “Mountain  Wanderings”, demonstrates his exceptional talent. Martin uses his watercolours to show a wide range which flows from representational to pure abstract. His paintings have appeared in numerous juried exhibits and are held in private collections in Canada and the United States. There will be an artists reception at the Art Gallery of Golden on June 1 from 3 to 5 p.m. that will give people the chance to meet Martin and tour the exhibit.

Stop by our show room for all of your hot tub needs!!

Show room location: 805 - 9th St. N. Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8-5


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

Helping children in two provinces at Overwaitea in Golden Darryl Crane Overwaitea in Golden works hard to help children’s hospitals in both British Columbia and Alberta. Dwayne Westlund is the store manager at Overwaitea in Golden. He said the children’s hospitals are one of the main things the store raises money for throughout the year. “A lot of people like to donate to the Alberta Children’s Hospital as well. Many of the people from here use the Alberta hospital due to the fact that it is closer to us,” Westlund said. “I think it is very important. People see us as being in B.C. But for us, many of our children go to Alberta, so it is nice to give them the opportunity to give to both Alberta and B.C.” Shelly Soles is one of the workers at Overwaitea who helps organize fundraising events. Soles said the store recently held its fourth annual cupcake sale which raise over $1,100. This event happened only a week after they raised $850 from a hot dog sale. For the cupcake sale, Dairy Queen in Golden donated all of the cupcake containers to Overwaitea. Westlund said there is a great deal of community businesses who come together for different fundraisers. “It is huge for us to work together. It is all going to the same cause which makes a good partnership in town,” he said. The store also does round ups with their cashiers. During these events customers are asked if they would like to round up their bill to the next dollar with the proceeds going to the hospitals. These fundraisers also have a fun side for customers of the store. “When we have those challenges, if the cashiers meet a certain goal, then our manager and assistant manager will dress up like a hot dog, cupcake, a bunny or a turkey for a day,” Soles said. The store in Golden usually looks to raise between

A cupcake fundraiser at Overwaitea in Golden raised $1,100 for chidren’s hospitals. Pictured left to right are Judy Jacques, Sierra Ingram, Brianna Beech, Cory Butler and Janet Ingram.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo $7,000-$10,000 a year through the various fundraisers. This year they have already raised over that mark with time left for other challenges. “It generates a lot of money and it generates a very positive atmosphere. We try and make it as fun as possible for every person involved,” Westlund said. “It is all about the kids. You do not realize how important it is until you have to use it. It is a very good organization and I love to support it.” Overwaitea staff can also have a donation taken

After 17 successful years of caring for the plumbing needs of Golden & surrounding areas

Guy & Valmarie Steinborn of

PLUMBING LTD. 250-344-7209 wishes to advise you effective June 1, 2013 we will cease active operations After 40 years plumbing & nearly 36 years in business the time has arrived for a change in the pace of life Thanks to all our loyal customers along with past & present staff that have contributed to our success!! Please support Parky’s Heating & Cooling as they take over the operations of Blaeberry Valley Plumbing Ltd. I will be working with Doug for the next year to assist in a smooth transition and ensure that there is no interruption in the high quality of service you are accustomed to.

straight off of their pay checks to aid in the fundraising. The staff also gets help from some of their younger family members who volunteer during the events. “It is great to see the young kids come forward and realize how important it is to volunteer,” Soles said. Westlund wanted to say thank you to all of the customers who have donated generously over the years. “Thanks to the generous customers who shop here. They are the ones that make all of what we do possible,” he said.

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE As of June 1st. 2013, Parky’s Heating will be taking over the operations of Blaeberry Valley Plumbing Ltd. As of this date, all existing customers are encouraged to call Parky’s at (250)344-5218 to meet all their plumbing needs. Parky’s is pleased to now offer a complete mechanical package, including plumbing, hot water and forced air heating, air conditioning and wood stove installations. Call Parky’s today!

HEATING & COOLING 808 - 9th Street N • 250-344-5218

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A13

Golden Moments: Finding a home at the end of the world Jessica Schwitek When Lynne Auer stepped off the CP train in Golden at 5:30 a.m. one April morning in 1950, she thought she had reached the “end of the world.” It wouldn’t be long before she realized just how lucky she would be to become part of such a close community. “I came here when I was seven and a half, it was early April… My dad was in the RCMP. He was in the Kamloops Provincial Police, and that’s when they decided to grandfather everyone into the RCMP,” said Auer, who spent the first seven years of her life in Kamloops. “His first posting was in Golden in 1950. I was a city kid, I had never been on a farm or anything.” Having very little concept of what it was like to live in a rural community, especially one in the mountains, Auer had to adapt to her new life, starting with putting on some warmer clothes. “I stepped off the train dressed like I was in the Okanagan, and darn near froze,” she said. Auer soon saw the benefits that came along with living in a community like Golden. She had more friends, and more genuine connections with people than she ever would have if she had stayed in a city. “It was different, but eventually I found what it was like to live in a small town. Everybody knew everybody in school, the old Lady Grey. In the city you don’t really have friends, you might know whoever is on your block, but that’s it,” she said. “We used to go to the Civic Centre. It opened that year in 1950. We used to go there for dances all the time, the best ones in town. Golden was active for a small town, the community really worked together.” A self-described “typical teenager,” Auer was eager to leave Golden after high school, so she went back to Kamloops to pursue her career in nursing.

But after getting her training, she found that she was not happy living and working in the city she was born in. She quit her job and moved back to Golden while she was figuring out her next move. It was there that she ran into her old babysitter. “She asked why I wasn’t at work, and when I told her I had quit my job she said ‘be at the hospital at 4 p.m.’ That’s how I got hired here, and I’ve been here ever since,” said Auer. Even then, Auer didn’t really expect to stay as long as she did. But as is often the case, she met someone and got married. She had two children, and soon after lost her husband when she was only 29. “Golden was a good place to raise my kids. You know the town, and there’s no crime here. You felt safe letting your kids just be kids,” she said. “In those days everybody knew everybody. There were 900 people here when I arrived on the train that morning.” Auer has done some extensive travelling in her lifetime, but has always called Golden home. “I enjoy living here. It’s a nice little town, it’s beautiful here,” she said. Her daughter is still living in town, teaching at the high school, and Auer makes it to Montreal a couple times a year to visit her son. Auer has been retired for five years, but has no trouble keeping herself busy. She is continuing her education at the College of the Rockies, learning about computers, and is very involved in Golden’s Hospital Auxiliary. “It’s a group of very dedicated ladies. We’ve been functioning for about 85 years,” said Auer. “It serves the people of Golden. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, someone in your family at some time is going to be thankful that the equipment was purchased.” The auxiliary raises money to help purchase much needed equipment at the Golden and District Hospital.


Lynne Auer was surprised by how rural Golden was when she moved here at age seven in 1950.  Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo The group is always looking for volunteers. If you’re interested, you can contact Auer at

Tell us what you're up to!

250 344-5251

www.the Your Community Newspaper Since 1891 LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

Turning Back the Pages: Coming to Golden in 1894

- Turning Back the Pages By Colleen Palumbo

Leaving their respective homes in England and Aus-

tralia far behind, Gertrude and Charles Parson arrived to settle in Golden in 1894. Though Charles, who, like his predecessors before him, had chosen the seas as a way of life, fate had determined another path for him. Because an accidental explosion of a torpedo left him injured with a concussion and subsequent speech impediment, this young naval sublieutenant was forced to seek a new future.

He married a young widow with a small child and together they immigrated to Canada to join his brother Harry. (Harry was employed by the government to help survey Banff National Park.) Upon arriving in Victoria, Charles was hired by Fred Jones to work as an accountant in Golden’s Columbia River Lumber Mill. He worked at this position until his death in 1941. It is of historical

Golden R.C.M.P. 28th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Monday, June 10th, 2013 Shotgun Start at 9:00 am

Proceeds to GSS Scholarship Fund $95.00 - Non Golf Club Members $60.00 - Golf Club Members

Entry fee includes: 18 Holes of R.C.M.P. Scramble Golf Dinner and Prizes for all. Golf carts included Pay early to guarantee a spot. Maximum 100 golfers. Registration, starting placement & to request a member to golf on your team, contact Sharon at the Golden R.C.M.P. detachment at 344-2221.

interest that brother Harry joined him in Golden, and in addition to having the local General Store, owned property twenty miles south of Golden. During the days of river travel, a stop was made at the Parson’s farm for refuelling and replenishing fresh meat. It is from this old hog and cattle ranch locale that the town of Parson is now located. Four children were born to Gertrude and Charles; Golden, Allan, Cecil and Phyllis. Cecil was the only one to stay and make his home in Golden. In 1927 Cecil was married to Edel Kristine Myrthu. She was the daughter of a Danish family from Standard, Alberta. (Her father, Jens Myrthu, was one of four men sent out by the Lutheran Church from Iowa, USA to establish a new Lutheran colony near what is now Gleichen, Alberta. Instead, they settled in what is now the community of Standard.) These were depression years and during this time Cecil was employed by the CPR and for a period acted as timekeeper during the construction of the Big Bend Highway. Finally he assisted his father in the post office, and upon his father’s death became postmaster. He continued to work here until his

Early in May 1945 a group of concerned citizens met to discuss the need for a centralized center for social activities. In April 1946 canvassers started a door-to-door campaign using the slogan “It’s Yours to Build. It’s Yours to Enjoy.” Thomas King donated the land. Bricks and 500 bags of cement were also donated as was the labour that worked diligently to completion with the first event held on New Years Eve 1948. This picture shows the outside wasn’t quite finished yet.   Photo courtesy of the Golden Museum retirement in 1969. Edel was a graduate nurse from the Calgary General Hospital, and in the 1950s joined the local doctors to become the first nurse affiliated with the Golden Clinic. Three children were born to Cecil and Edel; Gordon in 1928; Norman in 1930 and Diane in 1941. Edel and Cecile were very involved in St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Cecil was one of the original mem-

bers of the Lion’s Club and an active long time curler. It was during a dance at the Civic Center many years ago that Cecil and Edel’s daughter, Diane, met Sam Aylesworth when he, a budding musician, came to play at a local dance. He was obviously impacted by the meeting and continued to come to Golden, eventually marrying Diane. The Cecil and Edel Parson Memorial

Fund was set up by Sam and Diane Aylesworth to honour the memory of Diane’s parents, Cecil and Edel. Interest from this fund goes to the Golden Museum for the protection of the history of Golden and anyone can add to the fund. Only the interest from the fund can be used by the Museum and donors received tax receipts for their gifts.

Wildlife season has arrived in B.C. Ministry of Environment Submitted It is the time of year when bears come out

Public Notice JUNE 5th IS FINAL DEADLINE FOR 2013 UTILITY PAYMENTS Annual utility bills for water, sewer, and solid waste services have now been issued to all residents. These represent the fees required to provide these services to you during the course of a year. Please note that a 10% penalty will be applied to all outstanding 2013 annual residential utility accounts, not paid by 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 5th, 2013. Payment must be received in full in the form of cash, cheque, money order, debit card, and on-line payments to selected financial institutions. Please allow four business days for processing of on-line payments. Online payments will be applied to your account using the actual date the Town’s bank account received the funds. Payment may also be mailed or dropped off at the Town Office. If you have not received you annual utility bill, please contact the Finance Department as soon as possible at 344-2271.

of hibernation and other wildlife starts to become more active in British Columbia. Those animals that have become conditioned to non-natural food sources, like garbage or composts, will return to communities to help themselves to those food sources. Hibernating bears cut their metabolic rates in half in order to survive long winters without eating. When these bears come out of their winter sleep, they are hungry and in search for food. Other wildlife, like young cougars, trav-

el widely to search for unoccupied territory, which can lead to increased encounters with people. These animals can also be inexperienced hunters and are more likely to seek out alternative prey, like pets. Wildlife, including coyotes, are susceptible to attractants and intentional feeding by people. The most effective and natural way to prevent conflicts with wildlife in urban areas is to put away food attractants like garbage, birdseed, compost, pet food and fruit. Communities

where attractants are managed properly have seen a decline in related humanwildlife conflicts, as well as in the number of animals that unfortunately have to be destroyed. The public is encouraged to report all humanwildlife conflicts that threaten public safety or may result in significant property damage. Anyone can make those reports by calling the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line, toll-free at 1 877 9527277 (RAPP), or visit the RAPP website at

Starbusiness directory

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A15

Golden Business Directory GOLDEN JUNK

• Full Service Junk Removal r yo u • Dumpster Service ke a • Deliveries M

ContraCting Ltd. ko jun

pro ur

bl e


250-272-JUNK (5865)

Gravel Trucks, End Dumps, Log Haul Units Loader and Skid Steer Rentals Sand, Gravel and Landscape Materials available

Call for a free quote

Owned & Operated by Leigan Enterprises Ltd.

Golden Shoe Company o We d t por P a s s s! P ho to


Box 599, golden, BC. V0a 1H0

Get ready for spring!

Call Shaun at 250-344-2215 for a quote to have your parking lot and driveway swept with our JCB Skid Street Sweeper


SELKIRK ELECTRIC LTD. •Sales •Service •Construction •Maintenance •Renovations

All Your Electrical Needs 1135 10th Ave N (250) 344-2530 Fax 344-2584 Reg. #22652

Here for You, Here for tHe environment!

• Quality Footwear for the whole family • Wide selection of safety footwear

• • • • • • • • •

Residential & Industrial Vacuum Service Hydrovac (Nondestructive Excavation) Water Tankers • Vacuum Trucks Steam Cleaner/acid Cleaning Flusher Truck Oil Field Hauling Portable Toilet Rentals Septic Tank & Field Cleaning Grease Trap Cleaning • Well cleaning

Service is our business!

413C – 9 th Avenue North. 250-344-2133

vac truck Services

Across from 7-11


Licensed Home Builder

Mike Burns


Cell Office Email

250 344 0290 250 344 3992

PENNACRES KENNELS Boarding for cats and dogs


“Grave marker sales, installation and refurbishing” Dave & Susan Poland P.O. Box 1741, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0


Phone: (250) 344-8351

"Reliable Care since 1980"

$25/week This Space


*with 12 week commitment

Call us at 344-5251.

Tough guy or sweetie pie - We board them all. Individual care, lots of play and exercise. You will appreciate our reasonable rates.



“Largest plumbing and heating inventory in the area” Quality Service with Integrity • 10% Seniors Discount – parts only

Call or stop by our shop Mon-Fri 8am-5pm 805-9th St. N


petroleum ltD. Phone 250-344-6161

This Space


*with 12 week commitment

Call us at 344-5251.

820-10th Avenue North

Tell us what you’re up to! Golden THE 413A 9th Ave N 250 344-5251

A16 Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star A17

Your community. Your classiďŹ eds.

250.344.5251 fax 250.344.7344 email classiďŹ



It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.








Coming Events

Lost & Found

Business Opportunities

ATTENTION all DYNAMIC DIVAS, DAFFODILS, QUEENS OF THE NIGHT and all other former Relay for Life team members! Remember the fun, ceremony, night time laps along the luminary lit track? Would you like to relive those moments? Let’s form a Golden team to join the Invermere Relay for Life June 15 & 16. I am willing to team captain since I am here in Invermere. If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. It has been a few years, time to once again Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back. Let’s go Golden! 250-342-0121

Information New to town? Having a baby? Getting married? Call Ellen Hatlevik, your local Welcome Wagon Representative! 250-344-4799.


LOST: BINOCULARS in Kinbasket Area. Swarovski Optics EL 32 Swarovision. If found please call 250-421-0393

Employment Business Opportunities A+DRINK SNACK plus Healthy Vending machine Route. Turn Key Business. Invest With Confidence, $4,000 Up. Training and Secured profitable Locations. Limited Must Sell. 1-888-979-8363. BARBER SHOP Business for sale in Whitehorse, Yukon. Excellent opportunity. Includes all equipment, in good location, leased premises. Contact Murd for details, 867-667-6873 or 867-667-7467.

Employment Help Wanted

OVER 90% Employment rate for CanScribe graduates! Medical Transcriptionists are in demand and CanScribe graduates get jobs. Payments under $100 per month. 1-800466-1535.

An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta. Rocky Mountain Safaris is looking for P/T & casual guides/drivers for the summer season. Please email



Sharon Funk

Help Wanted

MEN’S SERVICES PROGRAM ASSISTANT 12 month Contract Position 25-30 hrs./month Compensation will be based on experience and skill level

The Golden Family Center is seeking a Men’s Services Program Assistant, who will play a key role in creating a foundation for sustainable support services for men and young men in Golden. This individual is responsible for assisting with: the development and coordination of group programs and workshops for adult men and male teens; program evaluations and program fundraising. We are looking for a well-organized person, who works collaboratively, and has an awareness of current theories related to men’s studies, masculinity and gender equality. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Closing date: June 12, 2012, at noon Expected start date: June 24, 2012

Raymond Marcel Lucien Rioux Raymond Marcel Lucien Rioux passed away at the Kelowna General Hospital on Friday, May 17th, 2013 at the age of 77 years. A Memorial Service was held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Golden on Saturday afternoon, May 25th with Reverend Derrick Smith officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, 200 – 4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4K6, in memory of Raymond. Raymond was born in Mazenod, Saskatchewan on April 9, 1936 and was a long-time resident of Golden. Raymond enjoyed tinkering with old cars in his spare time and was an avid Saskatchewan Roughriders fan even though he lived in B.C. Raymond was interested in politics and enjoyed political discussions with his friends. Raymond’s joy in life was his family and he loved spending time with his grandchildren. Raymond was predeceased by his parents, François and AndrÊe as well as siblings Frank, Roger and Louis. He is survived by his loving wife Audrey of Golden; three children: AndrÊe Rioux of Revelstoke, Marie (Ron) Gaudreault of Golden and Raymond Albert (Kelly) Rioux of Calgary; grandchildren: Joel and Jessica Bourke, Emma and Rose Gaudreault and William Rioux; siblings: Paul, Marcel, Helen, Mary and Yvonne as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Messages of condolence may be sent to Raymond’s family by viewing his obituary at Cremation arrangements were in the care of Hindman Bowers Funeral Home, Golden.

Help Wanted

Sharon Funk passed away at her home in Golden, B.C. on Monday, May 20th, 2013 at the age of 71 years. Sharon was born in Sonningdale, Saskatchewan. She was raised in Chase B.C. and moved to various B.C. communities with her husband and children. Sharon had been a resident of Golden since 1970. Sharon was a woman who valued actions and effort. Never comfortable with words of praise, Sharon worked at and with the raw materials and gifts she possessed to be the best daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend she could be. She ¿ercely loved her family with her only wish being that they ¿nd and work at what they love to do. Sharon loved the satisfaction of a balanced ledger in her many jobs as a bookkeeper and in her time as an entrepreneur and loved teaching just as she so loved to paint and quilt. Sharon was a private person that many who visited her store: Golden Craft Country (from 1990 to 2000) would say with great respect that she had a very public impact. Sharon was predeceased by her parents: Claude and Hazel Blanchard; her husband: Len Funk; and her daughter Valerie. Sharon is survived by her sons: Don (Sylvia) of Bay Tree, AB and Greg (Donna) of Edmonton, AB; daughter: Dee (Lincoln Dobson) of Regina Beach, SK; son-inlaw Don (Inger) Tillapaugh of Campbell River, B.C.; grandchildren: Jamie, Zach, Alison, Andrew and step grandchildren Shane (Tia) Tillapaugh, Katie Tillapaugh (and family) and Sophia Dobson; brothers: Rick (Jean) Blanchard of Bonanza, AB, and John Blanchard of Dawson Creek, B.C.; sister Wendy (Hector) Brassard of Smithers, B.C.; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Sharon’s life and work will be held at the Senior’s Centre in Golden on Saturday June 1st, 2013 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Memorial donations may be made to The BC Cancer Foundation. Online condolences can be sent through Sharon’s obituary at Funeral arrangements are in the care of Hindman/ Bowers Funeral Home, Golden, BC.

Golden Family Center Box 415, Golden BC V0A1H0 Phone 250-344-2000 / Fax 250-344-5225 / /

The East Kootenay Supported Child Development program is looking for a support worker for a term and casual positions in the Golden area. Hours: Starting Date: Hourly Rate:

Varied Days and Times To be determined $15.93

Qualifications: The applicant will have, as a minimum, their Early Childhood Education Certification and a current License to Practice (or be in process). Experience working in the field of child care / early childhood development is a strong asset and preference will be given to applicants who have training, skills and/or experience working with children with a range of developmental delays and disabilities. Applicants with Education Assistant training and work experience may be accepted. Additional Requirements: Successful criminal record screening on file, current First Aid certification & current membership with BCGEU

Deadline for Applications: Friday, June 7th, 2013 Please note: • EKSCD is an equal opportunity employer • Applicants that are short-listed will be contacted for an interview. Submit applications to: EKSCD Golden Office Attn: Leslie Hein Phone: 250-344-6322 Mail: 1550 Pagliaro Rd, Golden BC V0A 1H7 Email: Fax: 250-344-7922 YOUTH AGAINST VIOLENCE LINE


A18 The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Golden Star A17



Merchandise for Sale

Help Wanted

Financial Services

A&W Golden is now hiring for all shifts, full time/part time, kitchen and front end staff, benefits. 250-3444784. Please apply in person to the manager. CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. No risk program. Stop mortgage and maintenance payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248.

Cooks needed for Legendz Diner. $11-$13 hourly. 40 hrs/week. Send resumes to PO BOX 676, 1405 Trans Canada Hwy Golden BC V0A 1H0. Or email to: jobs.legendz., or fax to 250-344-5075. GUARANTEED JOB placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen for oil and gas industry. Call 24hr free recorded message for information: 1800-972-0209 JOIN OUR team and earn up to $85,000 a year. Journeyman technician: proven producer, good attitude, quality workmanship a must. Minimum 4 years experience. Full benefit package available. Braby Motors Salmon Arm. Fax resume 1-250-832 4545, email LOOKING for artist on a commission basis and will need to conform to art being detailed on a T-Shirt, this means distinct lines and features. Occasional cleaner req’d for helping with rental lodge in the Blaeberry. Approx. 10 days/year. Must have exp. in housekeeping and have own transportation. For more info contact Jim at: RAMADA INN requires a HOUSEKEEPER. Full time or part time. Drop off resume or email to 1311 12 St. N. 250-439-1888

Sales PROFESSIONAL SALES Consultants. Central Alberta’s leading Ford dealer requires two professional sales associates. We maintain a large inventory of new and used vehicles, and friendly country atmosphere with big city sales volume. We are closed Sundays and all statutory holidays. We offer a competitive pay plan with an aggressive bonus structure, salary guarantee and moving allowance. Attention: Dean Brackenbury, GSM. Email:

Need CA$H Today? Own A Vehicle?

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks!

Cash same day, local office. 1-800-514-9399

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Contractors Custom blueprints. Visit: 20% discount for first 10 callers!

Electrical AERIAL CONTRACTORS LTD. Power line systems built to BC Hydro standards. EC# 19806. 1-800-661-7622.

Merchandise for Sale


Garage Sales

Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Garage Sale Fundraiser for our Community Service Projects.

STEEL BUILDINGS, Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x 40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x 150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206

Saturday June 1st 9:00am-2:00pm 1502 Cedar. Something for everyone! Multi Family/Block Yard Sale Sat. June 1st 9am-2pm. 9th Ave - between 13th & 14th St S. Variety of house items, construction materials, sporting equipment, clothes, etc! Multi-Family Garage Sale Fri. May 31st, 3pm-7pm Sat. June 1st, 9am-3pm Sun. June 2nd, 9am-1pm *Rain or shine* Lots of good stuff! 904 - 10th St South. Yard Sale June 1st 9am-noon 615 - 13th St South *weather permitting*

Heavy Duty Machinery

Home Improvements

1966 IHC TD9 dozer 6 cyl. turbo diesel carco winch, 6 way blade $4500. 1985 Nissan 4x4 w/ snow bear plow flat deck, chains. No rust. $1500. To view call: 250-428-2213. A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40’ Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB


Misc. for Sale

Garden & Lawn Golden’s Best! Premium Topsoil Now Available Great for gardens or lawns 100% organic - ph $20 per cu. yard loaded Lots of references! We can arrange delivery. Call Bernie - 344-4646.

Over 300 Choices Lowest Prices Guaranteed! Laminates - $0.59/sq ft Engineered - $1.99 sq ft Hardwood - $2.79 sq ft

Overnight Delivery in most of BC!


Windows Infinity’s Window Cleaning; Disc Golf; 1 Acreage for sale on North Bench. Call 250-348-2351.

Pets & Livestock

Pets FREE snake to good home, 5.5’, Hogg Island Boa, female, 6 yrs old, incl. enclosure, call Ann at 344-5698

AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/USA. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions. Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON.


$30/yd delivered in Golden area. Pick up at the yard - $25/yd, we load you. Also mature fine mulch & forest wood chippings. Call John 439-9798 days, 344-2160 evenings. Samples available.


1607 Gareb Rd. Saturday June 1st. 9am. Includes 17’ Clipper Jensen canoe and 2 10x10 tents, plus more! Garage/Moving Sale! Furniture, tools, misc. June 1st & 2nd, but stop by anytime from now until June 10th. 731 Kinsey Rd.

FOR SALE: 1975 518 Line Skidder. 9633 hours. Well maintained, tight machine. $11,000. Contact Roland evenings 250-342-2977. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 RESTLESS LEG Syndrome and Leg Cramps? Fast relief in one hour. Sleep at night. Proven for over 32 years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660. SAWMILLS FROM only $3997. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT 400OT STEEL BUILDING - Blowout clearance sale! 20x22 $4,188. 25x26 $4,799. 30x34 $6,860. 32x44 $8,795. 40x50 $12,760. 47x74 $17,888. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800668-5422.

Financial Services

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades, Technical AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS. Licensed, 4th year and 3rd year Technicians required. Signing/moving allowance, full company benefits, very aggressive bonus/pay plan. Ford experience preferred, but not required. Denham Ford, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Email resume: Attention: Dean Brackenbury;

DROWNING IN Debt? Cut debt by more than 50% and be debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll-free 1-877-5563500 BBB Rated A+ IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161. M O N E Y P R OV I D E R . C O M . $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Merchandise for Sale

Auctions AUCTION LARGE ESTATE & ANTIQUE COLLECTABLE AUCTION, June 2 @ 1pm at Dodd’s Auction, 3311 28 Ave, Vernon. 1-866-545-3259 View photos at (Specialty Auctions)

Firewood/Fuel FIREWOOD for sale. Call 250-344-7677.

Garage Sales

Bolico Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons 1421 Frontage Rd, Trans Can Hwy, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H2 Hwy 1, 1020 Trans Can Hwy Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Food Counter Attendant

Full time(40hrs/wk)/Shift work Nights/Overnights/Early Mornings/Weekends $10.25/hr + benefits Apply in Person: 1421 Frontage Rd, Golden, BC, V0A 1H2 or Fax resume to 250 439-1963

Misc. Wanted True Coin Collector Looking to Purchase Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold and Silver coins, Bills + Not melting down, Serious Collector. Call: Coin Couple 1-778-281-0030

Real Estate For Sale By Owner 3 or 4 Bdrm, 1140sqft, 1.5 baths, walking distance from town, large fenced yard, 3 season sun rm, asking $265K. Ph 250-344-6445 MUST SELL - 3300 sq/ft custom home 10 private acres 10 minutes to downtown Cranbrook $504,000 - 5680 Hidden Valley Road - Open House Sat May 25 11:00am-4:00pm or call 587-216-2334 for appt. Reduced - $375,000 4 bdrm 2.5 bath 2300 sq/ft house mins from town with mountain views on 25 acres. 250-344-7019. MLS #2390149. REVELSTOKE, B.C. - To view information and pictures on our house, please visit our BLOG

WATERFRONT property in Nelson, B.C. 114 ft. sandy beach and gorgeous views of the city. Go to and type in number 196175 for details and pictures. 480-620-7177 or

Mobile Homes & Parks MOBILE Home for Sale, (14’X70’) Situated in Whispering Spruce Trailer Park totally redone, 3 bedrooms, new windows (2007) new bathroom (2009) new efficient propane furnace (2009) peaked roof (2011) enclosed screen deck and more! Asking $70,000 Call Kathy 250-439-7100

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent 1, 2, and 3 brm apts close to pedestrian bridge and Kicking Horse River. No pets, NS, NP. Gateway Property Management Corp. *Ask about our seniors special!* Call Sherri at 250-344-8919. 2 bdrm apt, 2nd floor downtown, dishwasher, w/d hookup. Very clean, excellent condition. $700 avail May 1st 250-344-0222. 2 bdrm mobile home at Nicholson. Pets welcome. 250-344-8551. 4 Bdr, 2 Bath, spacious apt downtown, quiet, newly renovated, screened deck, garage, large yard, N/S. Avail June 1. $1100 + util. 1-800-506-7177 LARGE newly reno’d 1 & 2 bdrm apt., NS, no pets, no parties, laundry facil. Walking distance to all amen., DD req. $750. (1-250)344-0780 Twin Rivers - 1 & 2 bdrm apts. No parties, N/S, no pets. Laundry facilities, Security doors. Best Deal in Town! 250-344-8113.

Garden & Lawn


In the Blaeberry - take a look ** Private ** You will not be disappointed

Large 2 bdr. Apartment Available now Smaller 1 & 2 bdr. apts Available June 1/13 -Fully Furnished & Modern -Utilities Included -Satellite TV -High Speed Internet -Laundromat on site -DD & references required No Pets Phone 344-7299

Leave message if no answer please Purcell view apartments has a studio suite for rent. This is a senior citizens housing complex and applicants are required to be at least 65 years of age. However, an exception may be made for applicants over 55 years of age with a handicap or disability. Applications can be picked up at Falkins Insurance and must be mailed to the address on the application. For more information please call Chris at (250) 344-2383. ROSEWOOD Apts. 1309 12 St. S. 2 Bdr apt avail in nice location. Close to all amenities and College. Hardwood laminate throughout with storage & hot water. Laundry facilities & security entrance. Avail immd. Sorry no pets, N/S, no parties. 250344-8113 Two Bdr apt available now. Non smoking. Age 55+ apartment building. Call Laura 250-344-6233.

Apartment Furnished 1&2 bdr. furnished suites. Utilities included. Close to amenities. No pets, parties. DD. Internet available. 250-344-8429, or 344-0604. FULLY FURNISHED all inclusive bachelor suite. View at or call 344-7001.

Commercial/ Industrial Formerly Curves in Coldstream. 1800 & 1400 sq.ft or sell all including 3000 sq.ft residence, heart of Coldstream Vernon BC. Near schools, store & lake. 250-542-6261 Golden COMMERCIAL BUILDING 3100 sq. ft. of Retail Space Located DOWNTOWN Excellent High Traffic Area Plenty of Parking 250-344-6710

Cottages / Cabins 1 & 2 bdrm cabins, and 2 bdrm apts at Creekside apts. Quiet, clean & modern living spaces. Perfect for rafters! Call Dan @250-344-1435. Cabin for Rent Cozy, quiet 2 bdrm cabin. 10 mins west of town. Partially furnished. No pets, N/S. $650/mo., Sat TV and internet incl. Util. extra. Call 250-344-7008.

Garden & Lawn

Golden’s Best! Premium Topsoil Now available Great for gardens or lawns 100% organic - pH 6.9-7.0 NOT screened bush dirt! $20 per cu. yard loaded Lots of references! We can arrange delivery Call 344-4646



Cottages / Cabins

Misc for Rent

For rent: $600/mth, 1 bedroom $750 2 bdrm, cabin full furnished, all ult incld, no pets. Call Columbia Valley Credit Union 344-2282 ask for Lorne.


Mobile Homes & Pads 2 Bdr 2 Bath mobile home in quiet rural area 5 mins from town. $900/mth + util. Avail May 1. Call 250-462-7071. For Rent or Sale - Newer Mobile @ Mountain Shadows. 2 Bdr, 2 bath. Walk-in closet. W/D/F/S, DW. Very spacious, Large deck, brand new furnace. $800/mth.250-344-1170.

Visit our website for complete rental listings Property Management Division Alice Dahlberg, CPM 250-344-2418 or 250-344-8581 (cell) Each ofce is independently owned & operated.

Commercial/ Industrial Commercial Space for Rent

Excellent location for trade or service business High visibility along 9th Street North along ski hill access road. Includes office space, warehouse/production area, and yard/lot area.

$1100 per month, plus GST and Utilities. Available July 1, 2013 Please call 250-344-0277 for more information.

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale


1 good used coil range stove 250-344-5119


1996 RW235 Rustler 5th wheel trailer. Like new. New 8 ply tires. $9000 Fred @ 250-344-5119


Large quantities of lumber - some construction, clear fir flooring, clear fir & hemlock trim, cedar in all types, lots of misc. products. Please phone Moberly Wood Products Ltd. 250-344-5119 Columbia Shuswap Regional District FOR SALE BY BID SURPLUS COMPUTER EQUIPMENT Items for sale include complete computer systems and computer components. A detailed list and the location for viewing of all items may be obtained from the Columbia Shuswap Regional District office during regular hours or on its website at www.csrd. • All items will be sold “as is/where is” • No warranties expressed or implied • Applicable taxes extra Sealed bids, clearly marked “surplus office equipment bid” delivered to the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, PO Box 978, 781 Marine Park Drive NE, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P1 will be accepted until 2 PM local time on Friday, June 7, 2013. High bid ties may be decided by draw. Successful bidders must remove their items(s) by 4 PM on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

A18 Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Homes for Rent

Suites, Lower

2-3 Bdr house in Nicholson, furnished $900/mth, plus util. Avail. now. Propane, NS, NP preferred. DD and references required. Large fenced yard and garden, 2 bathrooms w/ showers. 250-344-2335 or 250-344-0130 2 bdr house. N/S, no parties, no pets. Avail May 1. Sat. tv, utls, all incl. $1100/mth. 250439-1055. 2 bdrm 1 bath brightly reno’d, large shared back yard, close to hospital, w.d inlc. NS pets consd. Avail June 1. $775/mnth 250-344-0316. 2 bdrm house in town. Very nice. Quiet neighbourhood. Close to all amenities. Avail immdly. 250-344-5450. 2 Bedroom renovated older house, downtown Golden. No pets or parties. References and Damage Deposit required. Long-term preferred. $950/mth + utilities. Located on a large commercial lot and is suitable for business use also. Telephone 250-344-6710. 3 Bdr house (Av. May1) 1116 12 St. Appliances incl., references required. No Pets, No Parties. W/D.

Basement suite. $575/mth + util. Available now. Call 344-4565. Newly Reno’d 2 Bdr. Suite lrg. kitchen & dining, private laundry, cable TV, wireless internet, util incl. Quiet downtown neighbourhood. Avail June 1. N/S. $900/mo. 250-344-5229.


3 Bdr mobile home for rent or sale. $600/mth. Avail June 1. 250-344-7163 or 344-8179. 3bdrm open concept house, fenced yard, laundry, all new appliances, aval. June 1. 250-344-1340. 5 bdrm 2.5 bath house for rent $1000/month utilities included. 250-344-5648. Furnished house for rent in town, avail. July 1st, rent for 2 months or long term. Call 250344-4565. 2 Bdr house in Nicholson. Yard, woodstove, no parties, N/S, no pets. $900/mth. 250 344-5772 or 344-0553. 3 bdrm house in Golden. Very nice neighbourhood, close to schools and parks. Hardwood floors, lg kitchen, bright livingroom and full basement. Big backyard, lots of trees, garden, storage shed & parking. No pets, 1 yr lease req. $1100/mo. Call 250-344-0316. Immaculate newly reno’d 2 bdrm house for rent, NS, NP, no parties, large yard $750/mnt +utls. Free wifi/sat. tv. Avail June 15, nice landlords! 250-344-6879.

Star business

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star A19

Columbia Valley Credit Union turns 58

Suites, Upper 1 Bdr partially furnished bachelor suite. Main floor. 5 mins. south of town. Mature person or couple, N/S, no pets, no parties. Avail May 1. 250-344-2695, or 344-8383. Cozy 1 bdrm furnished suite for rent in Golden BC $500/mnt incld all utls and cable. Recently reno’d, fully furnished, pets negotiable. 403-214-2344, or email: LOVELY bachelor suite in beautiful garden setting. $575/month + hydro. 250-3441058

Townhouses 3 BDR 2 bath Townhouse. Balcony & propane fireplace. Appliances incl. dishwasher. Family preferred. References & Damage Deposit. $1495/month plus utilities. Telephone 250-344-6710.


Auto Financing Pictured left to right are Columbia Valley Credit Union staff members Jackie Feuz, Marlene Thompson, Neva Essery, Peter Mentz, Sharon Eddy, Bonny Macleod, Lorne Leeson and Nicole Carter. The business recently celebrated its 58th anniversary in Golden.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Rooms for Rent 2 rooms in house for rent. $400/rm all inclusive. W/D, sat. tv, large yard, wifi, NS, no parties, NP, great landlords! 250-344-6879. Avail June 15. CLEAN rooms available. Mature adults only. No parties. 250-344-2444. Newly renovated/ fully furnished home in town. Internet, laundry, heated storage space.2 mature clean persons. No pets.No parties. $450 + utilities.Aval now 344-2323, Room in house. W/D, cable, wireless internet. Two blocks from all amenities. $450 all inclusive. Summer rate. Call 250-290-0110

Shared Accommodation BLAEBERRY Valley, 2 rooms available for rent in a 3 bdrm house $450 ea/mnth + DD. Incl. heat, hydro & wifi. W/D Owner lives in Calgary and only stays at house some weekends. Renovated open concept home, Great views, large yard, fire pit, huge storage shed. Pet friendly. Avail. immediately. 403.850.7588 Shared Accommodation in Golden. $500 incl util. Close to College. 1248 Alexander Dr. 403-820-0785.

Storage S TA S H YO U R S T U F F. C O M Storage spaces of different sizes starting at $40/month including heated units. 250-344-3104.

Suites, Lower 2 Bdr. basement suite. No pets, no parties, N/S. Laundry facilities. Aval June 1st 250344-0604. Bachelor pad. Females only, 32” satellite tv incld, internet, and all utls in. NS, no partying, $650/mnth. Call Shawn @ 250-344-5151, 344-3169.

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DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557




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Auto Services Free car and scrap pick up (within town limits). No tires? No problem! Call Columbia Towing 250-344-6690.

Cars - Domestic 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8, 4.7 lt 224,000 km. Excellent running condition. Asking $7000 OBO. Phone 250-344-2074.

Trucks & Vans 1989 GMC Sierra 4x4 Box liner, bench seat, long box, regular cab. 240,000 km. $2000 or best offer. Phone 250-4399562 2000 Chevy S10 automatic pickup. 60,000km on a new transmission. 4 extra wheels and new tires. Red with a white canopy. Wooden roof racks. 181,000 km. $2750, please call 250-344-6483.

Pictured above is the Golden Dollar Store owner Charlene Collison, who recently reopened the shop with a wide selection of products for her customers to enjoy.  Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Golden Dollar Store reopens its doors Darryl Crane After being closed for a period of time, the Golden Dollar Store has reopened its doors with a new look according to store owner Charlene Collison. “We are changing up what we have in the store. It is a bit of a dollar store and a bit of another direction that is still evolving,” she said.

The evolution of the store has been exhausting but also something Collison has enjoyed. “I am just bringing in some higher end gift wear right now. I have been listening to many people about what they think. There is a new card line in which has been very successful. It is a hodgepodge,” she said. The changes have opened up space in the store which is filling up with

great new products. Since reopening the store, Collison said people have been very positive and shown her great support. “People have been really patient and kind. People seem happy. They are coming in saying they are happy we have opened again,” she said. “I really want to thank the people of Golden. They have been very kind and encouraging.”

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 29, 2013 A19

Rec department hosts night to promote Sports for LIfe Jessica Schwitek Sports are not just for the young, and Canada is starting to recognize the need to keep people engaged in sports for their entire lifetime. Dave Ellis, an expert in the area of athlete development, came to Golden on May 22 to talk about the federally endorsed trend called Sport for Life. “It’s a movement to improve the quality of sport and recreation in the country,” said Ellis to the crowd at the Golden Civic Centre. Sport development starts at a very young age, and if the different levels of athletic development are introduced properly, then Canadians will enjoy sports for their entire lives whether they decide to be competitive or not. One of the most important things Ellis focused on, was getting kids engaged in as many different sports as possible, to build various foundational skills that will allow them to choose whatever sport they like when they get older. The event was hosted by the Town of Golden’s Recreation Department, which is trying to create partnerships and increase engagement with the different recreation groups in town. “The event was a

Pictured above are (l-r) Piers Lesser, Travis Kelley, Josh Johnson, Adam Johnson, Ian Desrosiers and Reid Statchuk.  Photo Submitted

GSS Golfers win championships

Jordan Petrovics speaks to the crowd about the developments in the Town’s recreation department at the Sport for life night.  Photo Submitted great success. Dave Ellis delivered an informative presentation highlighting the power of the Canadian Sport for Life program, while focusing on many of the great incentives our local sports groups are already delivering,” said Jordan Petrovics, manager of recreation services for the Town. Many of the sporting and recreation groups were represented at the event, and there was some informal discussion and mingling after the presentation by Ellis.

“The presentations and social conversations after the event revolved around ideas on how by working in partnership with all our recreation groups, we can help get more people active and healthy, and breed people who are passionate about sports for life,” said Petrovics. “The Town of Golden Recreation Department is excited to work with existing recreation groups bringing some new ideas to life and investigating hosting future events similar to this one.”

Golden Star Staff reporter@thegoldenstar. net

On May 14-15 the Golden Secondary School (GSS) golf team attended and won the ‘AA’ Kootenay Zone Golf Championships at Balfour Golf Course in Balfour. The team comprised of Reid Statchuk, Ian Desrosiers, Josh Johnson, Adam Johnson, and Travis Kelley all produced solid scores on an unfamiliar and demanding course. The Golden team scored (the combined made up from a total of the best four out of five golfers) was 12 shots better than second placed J.L. Crowe

(Trail Secondary School ). On a special note Travis Kelley and Ian

Desrosiers shared low score for the ‘AA’ competition. The team would

like to thank Nancy and Ray Johnson for helping out with the team.

The Basin Business Blender: A 3-part skill development, networking and collaboration event for manufacturing and technology businesses. **Travel subsidies available!!**

Part 1: Workshop - Breakthrough Branding Boost marketing and sales performance by learning to identify and promote your brand to your target market. Part 2: Networking Event Come connect with the Basin’s most innovative small businesses and support organizations. Cash bar and appetizers included. Part 3: Keynote - Rallying Regional Innovation Explore the foundations of cluster success, including ways to develop regional entrepreneurship, the attraction of skilled labour and investment, the connection to branding a region, and strategies to overcome barriers. reGisTer nOW aT WWW.KriC.Ca


RE/MAX RE/MAXofofGolden Golden 250-344-7663 250-344-7663

Garry Oddy (250) 344-7234

Norma Crandall (250) 344-0275

$327,000 1213 10th Avenue

3 bedrooms

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 The Golden Star

1.5 baths

3, 300sqft

$69,300 #22 Golden Mobile Home Park 3 bedroom



909 - 10th Street

4 bedrooms

2 baths


1 bdrm

2 baths



#12, 2924 Kicking Horse Road

2 bedrooms

2 baths

4+ bdrms 3 baths 3,456sqft 5.72 acres

6bdrms     4 baths    4,056sqft 3.19 acres



2 baths

REDUCED 2 bedrooms

40 acres


1 bath




Land, Building & Business

4 bedrooms

4 baths


15.45 acres

$369,600 2166 Blaeberry Road

3 baths


1 bath


#301, 1549 Kicking Horse Trail 2 baths

2.7 acres


$449,900 1037 - 10th Avenue North Land & Building

4 bdrms 2 baths 2,072sqft 2.26 acres

3 baths


1 acre

#304, 521 - 8th Avenue 1 bath      


617 - 9th Avenue Building and Land

3 bdrms

848 Oster Road

1 bath

4 bedrooms

2 baths



$195,900 #15, 2924 Kicking Horse Road

2 bedrooms     1.5  baths    1,050sqft

$559,900 4 bdrms

965 Oster Road

3 baths


1363 Golden Donald Upper Road

$599,000 2975 Allen Road 151 acres

3.7 acres

from $299,900 to $399,900 Kettleston Road

2 Acreages Available

$325,000 #55, 1290 Haesler BB

2 bedrooms

1 bath


3bdrms      3 baths    2,704sqft 40 acres



$495,000 2238 Neville Road 80 acres

$1,800,000 320 Fisher Road 20 acres

SOLD $210,000



$975,000 3 baths


#51 Kicking Horse Village MHP

$379,900 1129 Golden Donald Upper Road

SOLD $164,900

3 baths

$339,900 850 Canyon Creek Road

3 bedrooms

$399,000 2 bedrooms


1592 Golden Avenue


4 bedrooms

$189,900 3075 Imler Road

$189,900 Lot 6, Dogtooth Close

$349,300 1610 Gareb Road


3 bedrooms


38.6 acres


#402, 1549 Kicking Horse Trail

$159,900 2505 Highway #95, South

Petra Musick Dan Veselic (250) 344-1476 (250) 344-1435

Dan Veselic (250) 344-1435


1223 - 12th Street


$95,000 3.74 acres


1141 - 10th Avenue


Highway #95, South

Commercial Land

1 bath


$575,000 623 - 8th Avenue


3 bedrooms

#303, 1420 Palliser Trail

2 bedrooms


#15 Kicking Horse Village MHP


516 - 11th Street

985 McBeath Road

2 bedrooms      


3bdrms 1.5 baths 1,900sqft 13 acres

#11, 1322 Kaufmann Way

1.5 baths


$290,000 1 bath

4 bedrooms

1615 Campbell Road

4 Acreages Available

2 bedrooms


551 Highway #95, South

from $210,000 to $260,000 Cromac Ridge



$599,900 628 LaFontaine Road



$345,000 2276 Holmes Deakin Road


$995,000 2.5 baths


519 - 10th Street

1602 Purcell Woods Close

3 bedrooms

Flec Demmon Marlon Marlon Chambers Bob Bob Tegart Tegart Flec Demmon Chambers 344-8451 (250) (250) 344-0735 (250) (250) 272-4321 272-4321 (250)(250) 344-8451 344-0735


.86 acre

$719,000 622 - 8th Avenue Land and Building

$23,000 #5 Golden Mobile Home Park 2 bedrooms

Golden Star, May 29, 2013  

May 29, 2013 edition of the Golden Star