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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Volume 15 Number 21

Man rescued from Gull Lake after sailboat capsizes By Laura Tester Red Deer Advocate Rescuers saved a Sylvan Lake man after his sailboat capsized and he spent 90 minutes in the chilly waters of Gull Lake May 21. The Bentley Fire Department received an emergency call at about 12:30 p.m. from a bystander who had seen the boat capsize on the southeast side of the lake, near the Summer Village of Gull Lake. The Bentley Fire Department called on the City of Lacombe Fire Department immediately, as well as conservation officers from the campground, so they could bring their boats. Eight volunteer firefighters from Bentley attended, said deputy fire chief Ian McLaren.

“By the time we received the call and got out there, it (the boat) was a good half mile out or more out on the water,” said Ian McLaren. Ed Van Delden, fire chief for the City of Lacombe, said they were called to help out since they have a Zodiac boat. “There was seven of us that went out, but only two of us went out in the boat.” Alberta Parks and the Lacombe fire department launched boats from Aspen Beach Provincial Park. The eyewitness was over at the composting site, so he used his boat as well. All three boats made a concerted effort to track the man down.

“We found the (sail) boat initially and then they did a search pattern from the boat and were able to locate the person in the water,” said McLaren. The bystander’s boat had a platform so it was easier to get the man onto that boat, he added. The 56-year-old man was wearing a life-jacket. He told rescuers he had been in the water for about 90 minutes. The man was rescued about 2 p.m. “After we got him in, we started warming him up,” said McLaren. “He was fairly hypothermic by the time we got to him.” The lake temperature was 15.5 degrees C, warmer than normal for this time of year, said McLaren. An ambulance Developer Al Ingles said he was going to vote transferred the man Bentley and Lacombe firefighters and Alberta No in the plebiscite, suggesting the library board to Red Deer Regional Parks staff work to pull aboard a sailor whose could obtain an easement and expand back to the Hospital Centre. boat capsized on Gull Lake. lane behind the building. Dave Karroll wanted to know why the library couldn’t move to the Co-op. “You need to take a serious look at the Co-op,” he said. “Your negotiations never made it to the board.” Betty Adam wanted to know why the library held such events as wine tasting and mother-daughter teas, noting the manor was better suited for such events. “Build a new building,” said resident Daryl Hunt. “In the long run it’s cheaper than renovating an old building. In the long run it will pay you dividends.” Moving into the Al Ingles building, using two locations; one for books and one for programs, and building a second storey onto the town office were other solutions brought up by the audience. Annette Boorman was the only resident in atFirefighters and EMS staff wrap the rescued sailor in a blanket and tendance who said she planned to vote Yes June 3. “I commend the library board for all the work prepare him for transfer. Photos by Kathi Issler/Bentley Fire Department and the research they have done,” she said.

No voters dominate meeting By Treena Mielke Rimbey library board members faced a deluge of verbal bullets as they sat before a crowd armed with what appeared to be more answers than questions about the controversial town office move and library expansion. The information meeting, held May 22 at the Rimbey Community Centre, was held to provide the public with the facts about the necessity of a library expansion and the consequential move of the town office to the provincial building. However, despite Coun. Paul Payson’s assurance taxes will not go up as a result of town offices moving to the Provincial Building and librarian Jean Keetch’s intention to see programs cut if the expansion does not take place, the hundred or so people who filled the community centre were mostly naysayers. “The library is fine, leave it alone,” said longtime resident Adrian Resta. “There is no reason to see the town office moved anywhere,” said Ray Durand, adding he wasn’t against the library expanding but believed there had to be a better solution than moving the town offices.

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2 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013

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The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 3

Library chair urges support for expansion and town hall relocation By Treena Mielke A library expansion is sorely needed, the crowd attending a public meeting held at the Rimbey Community Centre last week was told. In her opening remarks, library board chairman Rowena Aitken explained why the library needed to expand. “When we moved into our current space 10 years ago, we only gained 300 square feet and no separate room for meetings or programs, and we are much busier now.” She said Rimbey Municipal Library is one of the busiest libraries for its size in Alberta, offering more than 393 programs with approximately 6,255 people attending them. “Library staff and volunteers made these programs work as best they could, however, it is clear that we simply don’t have enough space,” she said. “Our proposed move into the other half of the municipal building is not only the most cost and time effective solution but will better accommodate our increasing library usage for a long time to come.” Librarian Jean Keetch said safety is also an issue. “It is not safe for staff or patrons.” “There are cords running everywhere and it’s only a matter of time and somebody is going to trip and fall and we’re liable for this safety,” added Aitken. The library offers a variety of programs and events including Mother’s Day teas and wine tasting — opening itself up to some criticism. However, board members believe these programs fall under the umbrella of literacy and allow patrons to participate in lifelong learning experiences in an enjoyable and pleasant environment. Keetch said expanding to the rear of the town office is not a viable option. “If you go straight back there isn’t enough space without putting a second story on. If you go back and to the east you have an L-shaped addition which gives you a large space, which has a no line of sight, which is contrary to library best practices. And both of those options take up valuable parking space.” She said building another storey onto the town office is an expensive undertaking. “It would work, but if people are concerned about the cost to taxpayers that is the more expensive option and would necessitate the installation of an elevator.” Space at the Co-op has been ruled out because the rent would be $60,000 a year, the library would be allowed no windows and the cost of moving the Supernet would run about $42,321. “There is also no room for growth,” said Keetch. Moving to Al Ingle s’s building on the south side of Main Street is not a viable option as the 4,000 squarefoot building is too small. Paul Payson, the council representative on the library board, said the proposed move to the Provincial Building, and the expansion of the library into the town offices is a low cost alternative to the space crunch. “There is no a tax increase for this move. The moving and renovation costs (approximately $50,000) is already budgeted for and the rent is zero. The utility costs ($2,700 a month) are fairly equivalent to what we pay now.” “The town office is not the centre of a small town’s world, the library kind of is,” he said, noting statistics show there were 37,000 visits to the library in 2012 compared to around 7,000 stops at the town office. He said the upcoming plebiscite is not about allowing the library to expand but rather asking the taxpayers if they want it to expand into the town offices. “We are not voting on the library expansion. We are voting on allowing the library to expand into the municipal building. The voters cannot keep the library from expanding.”

Adrian Resta believes the library should remain status quo. Treena Mielke photo Ron Sheppard, director of Parkland plan for the library that includes a fireRegional Library, said Rimbey library is place, soft seating, a social media room, too small. increased book catalogue, office space “It is one of the busiest and most suc- and quiet areas could be a reality in the cessful libraries not only in Parkland, but future depending on grants, donations in the province of Alberta and it is too and fundraising. small.” The ballots on the June 3 plebiscite Payson said council has no alternate will provide background information plan if residents vote against the move. stating the library is growing and the “A No vote could delay the library town has proposed selling the existing expansion for a number of years and it municipal building to the library board will definitely not be expanding this for $1 and moving town administration summer.” to the Provincial Building with no inHe said a new town council, if voted crease in operating costs. in in the fall municipal election, may The question on the ballots will wish to pursue a different direction. state: “Under these circumstances, do “This council has no plan B,” he said. you agree the library should expand into Keetch said if the expansion doesn’t the existing municipal building resulting place a decrease in library services will in the town office relocating to the Promost certainly occur. vincial Building?” “Patrons will no longer be able to plug in their NEED A laptops due to inaccessible power supplies. We will not be hiring three Check status of Government summer students as in the Grants/Assistance each worth past due to lack of office space and if we have less $5000 or more staff there will be less proCHECK BIG IRON’S SPECIAL DISCOUNT PACKAGE gramming. Any program Worth more than: $5000 that requires chairs and PLUS FREE “KONTINUOS SHOK” CHLORINATOR tables to be brought up from the basement will be 10 YR. TIME PAYMENT PLAN O.A.C t NO DOWN PAYMENT cancelled.” Keetch added renovations could be made to the town office to accommodate the library for under $5,000 and the town’s drop-off box for bills would remain intact. View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions She said a $500,000 online at


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Ron Sheppard, director of Parkland Regional Library said the Rimbey library is too small. Treena Mielke Photo


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4 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013

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Politics is blood sport The only certain things in life are death and taxes. Who said that, anyway? I don’t believe it. There is, for sure, one other certainty. You can do your best. Give 110 per cent. Try really hard. Try harder. Treena Mielke And there will always On The Other Side be someone out there who can do your job better than you. Just ask them. Take print media. The world is full of wannabe reporters who flip through the paper in disgust. If only they had chosen journalism as a career, surely they could find more news, better stories and spot news photos that tell a thousand words. Of course they don’t want hard news. It makes them squirm. They want fluff; stuff about new babies and Aunt Hilda’s award winning roses and Uncle John’s potato that looks like it has two heads. And then there’s the other side. The hard news junkies. They couldn’t care less about award winning roses and potatoes with two heads. They want the real stories. And lots of them. They don’t want to read between the lines. They want facts, figures and sensationalism. They are the realists of this world, not governed by emotional jargon and feelings. Of course, because they are realists, they want the truth and only the truth printed, and do not accept the possibility that everyone’s truth is different. Politics? Another easy job. Everyone should try it. We all know lots of people who are not politicans who can do the job better than those who are. Politics is a blood sport. You don’t find people coming out in droves to sign up for political games but you sure find a lot of spectators who want to watch from the sidelines. And those spectators truly believe they could do a much better job of running any level of government; municipal, provincial or federal, than the people who are in power now. Just ask them. The only catch is they don’t really want to play outside the spectator arena. It’s too dangerous. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing but often, the people who believe they should be running our governments don’t even have that. They have rumours and innuendoes. They have second- and third-hand information. They have sentences that start with, “He said,” or even, “He said that he said.” Coupled with this infiltration of watered down information, they have an insatiable thirst to not only be right, but to gleefully prove the people they elected are wrong. For some sad, unexplainable reason, this makes them feel good. In fact, it makes them feel better than good. It makes them feel powerful. It is truer than true that politicians can be wrong. Very wrong. They are, after all, human, and subject to errors and judgment calls they may live to regret. But, should not credit be given where credit is due? They took the job, and, for the most part, they do it to the best of their ability. It is true, their truth may not be your truth, but that is not their responsibility. Every taxpayer has the democratic right to research, to ask questions, and to cross-examine all parties involved before making their own personal decision on any issue. Doing so, will only serve to increase their own knowledge base, giving them the best chance to make informed and wise decisions at a personal level. One of these decisions may be to run for politics themselves. But be forewarned. It’s a sport. A blood sport. So be prepared!

PM’s accountability at heart of scandal Disgraced Conservative senafederal election. While that might tors Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin not be listed in a senator’s official are giving old, fat journalists a bad job description, that kind of doublename. dipping has been given a blind eye The pair of former CTV talking in Ottawa. Sometimes it seems a heads has joined the growing list of party’s senators are appointed to be senators who have been forced to campaigners and cheerleaders rather the sidelines during an examination than legislators. of their possible criminal behaviour. Prime Minister Stephen Harper Duffy, Senator Patrick Brazeau (C) has no one to blame but himself for George Brown and Senator Mac Harb (L) were all this latest Senate scandal as he alone Off the Record audited for their housing claims; made the choice to appoint these Wallin is being audited for a comhacks to the Red Chamber. Duffy plex shoebox of receipts totalling and Wallin were once fine journal$375,600 that combine housing and travel expens- ists but like many of their neighbours in the Senes. To make matters worse, in an unrelated matter, ate, have never been elected to public office. The Brazeau has been charged with sexual assault. Senate is littered with the bodies of washed up Duffy left the Conservative caucus May 16, Canadian hockey players, musicians, journalists claiming the issue had become a “significant dis- and party bagmen who never put their name on traction” to the government; Wallin “recused” her- a ballot. Harper is attempting piecemeal reform self from the caucus on Friday; and to take one for of the Senate and another scandal might just tip the team, the PM’s chief of staff, Nigel Wright, re- the scales of public opinion in favour of signed May 19 after admitting he maybe shouldn’t abolition. have written a personal cheque to Duffy so he In his speech to caucus May 21, Harper encould repay more than $90,000 in housing ex- dorsed fast-tracking changes to Senate expense penses falsely claimed. The ethics commissioner accounts and to close loopholes. But Senate rewill earn her pay this month. form is not necessary to prevent further repeats Who knows what will have happened before of this expenses scandal — simply make senathis edition of the Rimbey Review hits the streets. tors’ expense claims public; allow the auditor and Duffy obfuscated the truth about his official |RCMP to do their jobs without political interferresidence; whether he should repay the $90,000; ence. when he repaid it; where he got the money; whethHarper told his colleagues: “I’m very upset er it was a gift or a loan from “an old friend”; about some conduct we have witnessed, the conwhether Wright actually is “an old friend”; and duct of some parliamentarians and the conduct of what favour was expected in return for this gift or my own office.” He took no responsibility, meted bribe? out no punishment, took no prisoners. Then he The Senate has determined he was not eligible slipped off to a waiting plane for South America. to claim the housing expenses to travel from his What did the prime minister know about this home in PEI because, quite simply, Duffy doesn’t backroom deal to cover Duffy’s improper expense live in PEI. Hasn’t for decades. Perhaps the prime claim and when did he know it? Did Harper, a minister should have checked the Cavendish, PEI master of micro-management, approve of the payphonebook to see if there was a listing for Duffy, ment? Michael Dennis before anointing him as a senator Duffy said May 23 he would be “happy to cofrom PEI. operate” with anyone investigating the scandal Appointed to be telegenic shills for the Con- and that he has given no thought to resigning. servative party, celebrities Duffy and Wallin have The Conservatives under Harper promised an also been called out by opposition MPs for bill- accountable government and presented themselves ing taxpayers for the time they spent campaigning as holier than Liberals but in this case it seems that on behalf of Conservative candidates in the 2011 sense of entitlement crosses all party lines.


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 5

Reader urges public to vote No Dear Editor: Over the past few months there has been a lot of controversy regarding the proposal to sell the municipal building to the library for $1 and moving staff and office to the government building at a cost of approximately $3,000 per month. Due to this, a petition was circulated around town asking for a referendum to be held or to delay the sale until the next municipal election to allow the voters to decide the issue. In a short period of time a petition with 437 names were presented to council but due to minor technicalities council decided the petition invalid. Now after five months of haggling they have made the decision to go ahead with the referendum on June 3 even though earlier they had classified it invalid due to wording of the questions.

Now they have bypassed the original question completely and have come up with a two-tiered question along with a preamble that does not fully explain the full cost of the move they hope to make. This confusing question has appeared in the Review in the past three weeks. Was it done this way purposely? A quote from the preamble in the Town of Rimbey ad in the Rimbey Review states, “apart from one time capital cost to improve the provincial building, this solution will not result in increased operating expenses to the town.” The cost of moving has not been mentioned nor has the monthly rent. Are these not increased costs to the town? I suggest that on June 3, as a taxpayer you take a very close look at the question before you perform your democratic duty and if you don’t want to see your town Dear Editor: office moved or see your Attention, taxpayers of Rimbey If you want a 40-year-old town office to stay in taxes escalate you have the centre of your town then vote No on June 3 to but one choice and that is to vote No. the library moving into your town office. Daryl Hunt Reuben Giebelhaus

Hunt wants to see No vote

Notice of Vote on a Bylaw or Question Local Authorities Election Act (Section 7, 12, 35, 46) Local Jurisdiction: Town of Rimbey, Province of Alberta Notice is hereby given that a vote of the electors will be held on the following: PREAMBLE: The Library is growing and needs more room in order to properly serve the public. After looking at this issue, the Town has proposed selling the existing Municipal Building to the Library Board for $1.00 and moving Town administrative staff to premises in the Provincial Building. Apart from one-time capital costs to improve the Provincial Building, this solution will not result in increased operating expenses to the Town. This solution will bene¿t the citizens by allowing the Library to expand in place. QUESTION: Under these circumstances, do you agree that the Library should expand into the existing Municipal Building resulting in the Town Of¿ce relocating to the Provincial Building? Voting will take place on the 3rd day of June 2013, between the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. Voting Station will be located at: Town of Rimbey Administration Of¿ce Council Chambers 4938—50 Ave, Rimbey, Alberta In order to vote, you must produce identi¿cation for inspection. Your identi¿cation must be one piece of photo identi¿cation with name and address that is issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial, local or an agency thereof), or one piece of identi¿cation authorized by the Chief Electoral Of¿cer under the Election Act with name and address, as required by law. DATED at the Town of Rimbey in the Province of Alberta, this 8th Day of May, 2013 Kathy Blakely Returning Of¿cer

6 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013


Town office/library referendum - why you should vote No Dear Editor: We support the library. Every citizen of Rimbey and Ponoka County supports the library — just not this version of a library. Those on the Yes side would have you believe that those who vote against this expansion are against libraries. Ridiculous. Vote No. Why has town council made it non-binding? We are now going to pay $5,000 to $6,000 to run a referendum they don’t have to honor. They already had the results of the unofficial referendum that were published in the Rimbey Review a few weeks ago, given to them for free; 89 per cent voted to keep the town office where it is. This decision could have waited until the fall municipal election and got the answer for free. What is the rush? Do Rimbey taxpayers want to sell the town office worth more than $650,000 to the Rimbey Municipal Library Board for $1? Vote No. Do Rimbey taxpayers want the town office moved to the Provincial Building where we will have to throw away $36,000 a year on rent? Why did administration and council not tell taxpayers about the actual cost of this move? Besides the $36,000 to be paid annually for rent added to costs of the move likely

underestimated at $145,000, taxpayers need to keep in mind that the $36,000 at the existing library town office site would need to add to the library operational budget to pay for the full operational cost of the new town library. That’s right, between the two operations the cost is $72,000 a year and you the taxpayer will get to pay. Vote No. Why was the library’s position sent out in Rimbey utility bills? Who authorized it? The library pamphlet for the Yes side was also copied at no cost at the town office; 1,600 pamphlets printed both sides in color, a $350 value. You paid for it. It costs more than $5,000 to do a mailing to town mailboxes with postage and stationery. The mayor refused to send out the No side in the tax notice, as he did for the Yes side. Vote No. Political interference in a referendum, by favouring one side with taxpayer’s money, isn’t that illegal? The library pamphlet just says vote Yes for the library, gives some vague numbers and costs, and indicates the library board will proceed to renovate the town office side only as they obtain the funds. The pamphlet stated they need $500,000 or is it $5,000 as the librarian told Rimbey Review reporter Treena

The Rimbey Municipal Library Needs More Space • The Rimbey Library requires additional space; not only for programs but for patrons, books, staff and safety. • The Town of Rimbey Library Board along with the Rimbey Town Council have examined several options. • The option of the library expanding into the current municipal building was deemed to be the most cost effective for the library board and have the least impact on the town budget. • Only one other building in town meets both the space and foundation requirements. The cost of relocating there is far more expensive. That available space allows for no growth. • The cost of adding on to the existing building is also cost prohibitive; as is building a new stand alone building. • Vote yes to ensure the continued programming and services that you’ve come to love.


Vote YES June 3

those events listed below are taken just from the preschool program for children under the age of six years. Many of the library events show a maximum occupancy of 30, many show less than that. Even if all 142 events had 30 people in attendance that only shows 4,260 users. Where did the number of 37,674 come from? 1. Book Club meets at the library 11 events 2. Children’s Story time pres-school 105 events accounts for 75 per cent of all programs targeted a children under 6 3. Children 6 and up activities 7 events 4. Movie Night (Conoco Phillips) $2 11 events 5. Armchair Traveler (adult) 2 events 6. Wine Tasting (adult $30 to $40 max 20) 2 events 7. Literary Cafe (adult)  1 event 8. Police Dog demonstration 1 event 9. Mother Daughter Tea 1 event In the newspaper, librarian Jean Keetch said moving to the Co-op at $60,000 per year is too expensive. I spoke to a Co-op board member who indicated they would look at an offer of $50,000. The Co-op includes utilities, which Keetch needs to budget $36,000 for at the town office, so rent would only be $14,000 a year. And the Co-op pays taxes. There’s good parking and everyone in the community goes to the Co-op at least once a week and would pass right by the library door. It was suggested to purchase a building for the library and have it paid for in 10 years or less by the amount of money that council will be throwing away on rent. Why would the mayor make a statement that he wouldn’t help the library buy that building, because UNRESERVED AGREAGE EQUIPMENT, HOUSEHOLD it would affect the town’s borrowing? It’s OK to & HORSE EQUIPMENT SALE FOR JOHN & PAT HILL waste $360,000 in 10 Saturday, June 1, 2013 | Benalto, Alberta | 10:00 am years on rent but not OK Directions: 1/4 Mile South of the Benalto Corner on Hwy #11 (38566-25A) to have the library own its own building? Never Rockwell Beaver Table Saw TRACTORS Quad & Backpack Sprayer mind giving the library a c/w Extensions Garden Trailer 10” Band Saw $650,000 town office for WOOD SPLITTERS MF 7550 Pressure Washer 31 Ton Log Splitter c/w Gas Engine $1 and then they need to 6” Bench Sander & Like New Workmate Bench renovate it for $500,000. Didier Hyd. Driven Log Splitter c/w Extension Ladders Tractor Mtd. & Rototiller Attachment Winch, Chain Saws, Air Compressors, Moving into a new build5 Ton Electric Log Splitter Shop Tools & Much More ing on Main Street would Kubota MX5000 FWA Tractor c/w TRUCKS & TRAILERS HOUSEHOLD Kubota LA852 FEL, 3 pth & Only save Rimbey taxpayers Brand New Haier 39” LCD TV 338 Hrs Still in the Box $789,999. Vote No. Hot Point Dryer - Hardly Used The unofficial refRinger Washing Machine Antique Wicker Baby Carriage erendum that was ad- Approx. 80 to 100 Years Old vertised in the Rimbey Viking Antique Floor Style Radio from the 1930’s - Still Works Review showed 89 per 1997 GMC 1500 V8 4x4 Truck c/w Beach Foundry Antique Stove Auto & 231,000 Kms 8’ Pool Table c/w Accessories cent of voters wanted the 1983 Datsun King Cab - Runs 11’ Shuffle Board Kubota B5100 FWA Tractor c/w 3 pth 1977 Ford F250 Truck c/w 300 Gal town office left where it Mozart Piano & Bench & Only 1035 Hrs Water Tank - Tuned Regularly is. Council had 29 per 2 Horse T/A Trailer Table Top Organ 3 PTH EQUIPMENT 2 Wheel Truck Box Trailer c/w Topper cent support, half of those Singer Sewing Machine Kubota FS1020 4’ 3 pth Rototiller - Cabinet Model Sovema 6’ 3 pth Rototiller - NEW RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT supporting council did not Blue Mountain Pottery Kubota 4’ 3 pth Mower - Large Selection MF 3 pth Sickle Mower support moving the town 10 Gal Crock c/w Lid & Wheels Woods M5 3 pth Flail Cutter office. Imitation Fireplace c/w Record Player Speeco 2 Bottom 3 pth Plow TV Stand & China Cabinet Buhler Farmking 7’ 3 pt Angle Blade Why did town coun3 pth Blade 8 Boxes of Brand New Items From the cil really rule a petition Benalto General Stove in the 1970’s OTHER EQUIPMENT Excerise Equipment signed by more than 450 Butler 1500 Bu Grain Bin c/w Good Very Large Assortment of Household Wooden Floor electors of Rimbey invalItems 2001 Wilderness 24’ Holiday Trailer JD 10’ Drag Disc c/w Awning, Sleeps 6 & Used Very id? Because they didn’t Cockshutt #14 Antique Cult HORSE EQUIPMENT Little 3 Bottom Plow c/w Coulters 4 - English Saddles want to deal with a bindPolaris 500 Sportsman x2 Quad c/w Misc. Harrows 3 - Stock Saddles Like New Condition MF #11 Antique Manure Spreader ing referendum. Does the Antique Martindale Quad Trailer c/w Wooden Deck MF #8 9’ Haybine Electric Horse Treadmill Crestliner 14’ Aluminum Fishing Boat mayor and council have MH #11 Side Delivery Rake Large Assortment of Bridles, Halters, c/w Oars & Seat JD Semi Mtd. Sickle Mower Blankets & Much Much More other objectives? 4 - Boat Motors 2 - Bail Elevators 10’ Fishing Boat HAY BALES The Rimbey library Trail Type Post Pounder c/w B&S Gas 17’ Square Back Canoe 10 - Rd Hay Bales Engine board listed on the li1973 North Star Motorhome Frontier Truck Camper LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT For a Complete Listing and/or brary’s website should 2 - Ice Fishing Tents a Copy of Our 2 Page Sale Bill, hold the managing direcplease go to our website at MISCELLANEOUS tor of library services acJensen Bros Straight Left Jack Pump - Very Very Old John’s Phone Number: (403) 746-2583 countable; they should Tombstone Rd Bale Feeder Terms & Conditions: Cash, either fire the library 37 - 10’ Corral Panels Cheque or Debit Card, G.S.T. Will 500 Gal Fuel Tank & Stand Apply On Some Items, All Items director; or all resign. If Small Slip Tank & Pump Must Be Paid For On Sale Day. 2 - Antique Platform Scales you know any of these Ferris 47” Zero Turn Riding Lawn Listings are Subject to Additions Mower c/w 21 Hp TOOLS board members, call them & Deletions Craftsman 21” 5 Hp Lawn Mower Canwood Drill Press - Newer Walk Behind Rototiller and ask them where they Lunch Will Be Available Makita 10” Compound Mitre Saw checked their thinking processes? Why doesn’t Sale Conducted by the library get a cost reALLEN B. OLSON AUCTION SERVICE LTD. covery on programs from RIMBEY, ALBERTA users? (403) 843-2747 Sale Site LICENSE NO. 165690 Vote No. Web Page Address: E-mail: Dave Karroll

Mielke in the May 5 newspaper article. Vote No. Why did a leading county Ponoka County councillor call Rimbey’s decision on this town office/library issue stupid. Read this document carefully and you will understand. More than 65 per cent of library users are from the county. Why won’t the managing director of library services and the library board present an independent review of the numbers and an official business plan? The library’s latest statistics for 2012 are absolutely incredulous. The numbers claim 37,674 visitors, the library is only open approximately 1,600 hours, allowing for stats and summer reduced hours, that would work out to almost 22 people per hour every hour they are open or 154 people per day. So on days where they only have 40 to 50 visitors, other days the library would need to host 230 to 240 visitors — absolutely ridiculous. Library programs listed on the library website show a maximum of 30 for most events. The pamphlet circulated lists 393 different programs with 6,255 visitors. Who are these people? Rimbey has only 2,400 people, more than half of which probably don’t use the library. Three hundred and ninety-three programs offered, how misleading is that? The pamphlet shows only 10 main programs. Checking with Bentley, Forestburg, Killam and Sundre libraries, most have at the maximum four or five programs per month, with up to nine events a month — that would be 108 events in a year, not like Rimbey’s 393. Incredible. Taxpayers pay the library’s operational costs. Vote No. The 2012 Rimbey library official calendar shows, 10 programs identifying 142 events, 75 per cent of


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 7

Public needs to hear objective facts regarding library expansion Dear Editor: I have the following comments regarding the current administration and political leadership of our community as regarding the June 3 vote: • The administration and town council has a duty to objectively present both sides of the issue being put to a vote on June 3. • Whoever allowed the library pamphlet to be distributed at taxpayers’ expense in conjunction with our most recent utility billing should not have done so. The same opportunity should have been granted to the party representing the many ratepayers in this community who have valid reasons to object to the relo-

cation of town office — not necessarily the expansion of the library. • The public information session scheduled for May 27 is again a “biased” format as it is being held to explain the “library expansion” point of view only. • The wording of the preamble and question to be put to ratepayers on June 3 as published in the Rimbey Review is grossly inadequate, contains inaccuracy’s regarding financial components and does not address the real issue. Disposition of a municipal asset costing the taxpayer in excess of $650,000 for $1 and incurring ongoing annual lease costs of $30,000. • It doesn’t matter how you cut it the re-

Tyler Jordan DD (Honours)

The Smile You’ve Been Looking For.

403.843.1110 Main Street Rimbey Beside the Bargain! Store

location of town office will cost ratepayers more each and every year in perpetuity. That’s without moving costs, leasehold improvements, sidewalk construction and additional funding to the library to afford the utility and other costs in their expanded premises.  • I know there were town policies in place that dealt with the procedures that should be followed when contemplating the disposition of capital assets. Are these policies still in effect and have they been followed? • Capital revenues and expenditures as well as operating revenues and expenditures are required to be in-

cluded in annual budget that is passed by council and submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs. The details of the 2013 budget, which should have been passed by now, are not available to the public at town office nor posted to town website. I am extremely disappointed with present circumstances and lack of leadership, due diligence and common sense of those we elected in good faith. Rhonda Rae Tarney (Stewart), former Town of Rimbey auditor 1990-2000, and town councillor 2004 to 2007

MLA brought to task regarding conduct Dear Editor: The following is an excerpt from an article in the May 17, Calgary Herald. Annoyed that he wasn’t on the list for government emails about the Nordegg fire, the first-term opposition MLA wrote, among many other things: “I’ve crawled 200 yards on my belly through human excrement with a marine buddy on each side of me, with fire so close it parted the hairs on my ass.”

Vote Yes to keep library Dear Editor: After attending the public meeting regarding the library issue, one thing seemed clear. If the young families of this town want to continue to have one of the best library services in central Alberta, they had better vote Yes May 3. Otherwise they will be overruled by the paleolithic thinking and sour grapes mentality that predominated at the meeting. Michael Boorman

Winding up, the MLA from Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre started sounding like a Jack Reacher novel. “I’ve stared down the barrel of a .45 wondering if it was my time and I have pointed a .38 at the temple of an armed mentally disturbed individual wondering if it was his.” And then: “I have boarded a sinking seiner in the black of night on the north Pacific, to pull a captain to safety during a January ice storm.” The only thing missing was the girl lashed to the mast, bosom heaving, her shirt torn just so. What does all this have to do with the Nordegg wildfire? What is troubling is the lack of real discipline shown by the elected official of this riding; the same discipline his marine training should have given him. Instead he elected to demonstrate conduct unbecoming of the office of MLA. How does he feel this will garner respect? He has now made himself the laughing stock of the legislature. How does he now expect to be taken seriously? Jim Vetsch

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EVERY DAY IS June 7th just happens to be when we celebrate it. 6010 40TH AVENUE | WETASKIWIN, AB T9A 2E8 | 780.352.5408 | ©2013 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP and its affiliates.

For farmers, it’s just another day of hard work. For those of us at UFA, it’s a time to appreciate and reflect on the contributions they make every day, all year long. UFA Co-operative

@UFACooperative #UFAFarmersDay ©2013 UFA Co-operative Limited. 05/13-21165

8 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013


Crestomere School presents first Learning Expo Submitted After months of study and preparation, Crestomere School students and staff were excited to present their first Learning Expo showcase. The May 10 event was well attended and favorably reviewed by visitors who enjoyed seeing the students’ excitement and enthusiasm for their learning projects. Visitors to the final Expo showcase were Jake Sheppard, Dylan Shaw (in truck), Mrs. Harink and Macy Jensen amazed by the variety doing some “hands on” learning about monster trucks. of topics generated by the students: monster trucks, living in space, touch screens, bananas, recting and completing their learning experiences. A visitor walking around the displays in the ancient structures, volcanoes, deep sea life-forms, gymnasium could easily visualize future biolotransmissions, and many more. The Expo Learning project reflected this gists, veterinarians, mechanics, engineers and year’s focus of the Crestomere School’s profes- programmers, to name but a few. Principal Penny sional growth plan — working with and deepen- Mueller was especially proud of the leadership ing new knowledge. Preparations began in the skills she saw emerge in both staff and students as fall when students from kindergarten to Grade 9 the whole school community pulled together to be brainstormed about their interests and then were ready for the Learning Expo showcase. Crestomere students and staff thank everydivided into small groups to learn more about their assigned topic. Staff acted as facilitators for the one who helped bring their vision of self-directed groups, guiding their focus and research, planning learning to reality. Students are already looking activities and field trips, and assisting with the fi- forward to exploring new ideas for Learning Expo nal presentations, but students took the reins in di- 2014

• If you signed the petition that called for a BINDING referendum, which was declared invalid by Mayor and Council VOTE NO and tell your friends and neighbours to support the NO vote. • If you were part of the 89% that voted to keep the Town office where it is in the unofficial referendum VOTE NO • If you support the Library and want to see it moved to the Co-op where contrary to what has been said, the library could rent that space for approximately $1,200 per month plus utilities. VOTE NO. The Town will waste $181,000 in the first year by moving the office to the Provincial building, which would represent almost 13 years worth of rent for the library. VOTE NO • There is great parking at the Co-op

Kiara Wakelin, Luke Simanton, Jamie Hvamb and Teresa Cutts doing some banana-brainstorming.

Halle Carlson, Brooke Stiles and Devin Peterson use IPads to research volcanoes.

• There is more room than the library needs to expand. • Everyone from the Town and County goes to the Co-op at least once a week. • The Mayor violated good governance by using your tax dollars ($400) to send out the yes pamphlet in the utility bill, and then refused to send the NO side out in the tax notice the following week. VOTE NO the majority of taxpayers will be upset by this. • Seniors want the Town office left where it is. VOTE NO • Why did the Managing director of Library services pamphlet say she needed $500,000 for renovations, and then in the newspaper she changed that to $5,000. How ridiculous, the same as her attendance and other numbers. VOTE NO






The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 9

Bentley Museum receives notable provincial funding By June Norvila It was much welcomed news for the Bentley Museum. On May 17, on his way back to Edmonton from another meeting, David Dorward, MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar, met museum chairperson Ralph Scarlett and dropped off a provincial Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) cheque of just over $17,300. The museum had applied for the grant back in September.  It was especially significant as this is the last time for this grant. The program has been phased out.

Scarlett gave Dorward a short impromptu tour that impressed Dorward seemed impressed. He relived some of his childhood memories and was surprised no admission is ever charged at the rural museum. He was fascinated to find an actual “strap” on the teacher’s old school desk and took special note of the area of the old general store in the museum’s agriculture building. He also mentioned that this area has a really good bunch of volunteers — a hard working bunch of volunteers. On his way back to Edmonton

from a Stettler meeting, Dorward had made time for a quick tour in central Alberta delivering and presenting cheques. He stopped at Sundre, Eckville, Bentley and Rimbey. After applying in 2009, the museum received $45,000 in CFEP funding from lottery funds in 2010 to help with the actual construction of the memorial building.  Construction took place in 2011. The latest funding is to help finish off the display area inside with formal display cases and dividers the museum does not have. “It will go a long ways towards helping (with funds) until we have a casino in 2015,” said Scarlett.  Funding is hard to secure for smaller rural facilities as there is just not the area/companies to call on.

Historical society aims to sell more books By June Norvila

and by manning a casino, the cost to the end buyer was kept affordable and that was what they were striving to do — to put the books in the hands of as many as possible. Besides being at the Bentley Farmers’ Market on Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 4 p.m., the books can be purchased from any of the society members and they are available at the museum during their regular summer hours of Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or at the Bentley town office during regular business hours. So far about 555 of the 1,750 printed sets of the newest book Bentley - A Gateway Through Time have

been sold. It is a two-volume set of 1,296 pages including approximately one million words, with 2,246 photos and 20 maps. More than 100 of the older Bentley and District Early History reprinted 1982 version have also been sold. There is a special price if the old and the new are purchased together. Society members will continue to meet as needed but have their eyes and ears open for histories for a future volume, and are now a wealth of information in their own right. Members are pleased with the positive reaction and favorable remarks from the public who have been congratulating society members on the superlative job they did recording and documenting local history.

The Bentley and District Historical Society 2005 held their annual general meeting on May 15at the Bentley Museum. Reports and an audited financial statement were accepted. Even though the seven-year long project of getting updated Bentley history books printed is over, the group carries on, albeit at a more leisurely pace. Some members said they suffered from withdrawal when the hectic pace slowed and they missed all the constant contact with other members, talking with people, editing, and visiting sites. The group will continue to collect local histories, but their aim is now to get those new JUNE history books sold and CALENDAR being enjoyed and appreciated, With the plan to have a table at each Saturday Bentley Farmers’ Market with books on display for sale, the group of volunteers is SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY divvying up the week1 ends and taking turns. Chinook Quarter Horse On the executive Show are chairperson Jack 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Siebenga, secretary Open Ride Open Ride Alberta Alberta Open ride Chinook Alberta High 9-11:30 am 9-5 High School High School Myrna Robinson, trea9-4 Ponoka High Quarter School Rodeo Open Barrel Rodeo Rodeo Finals School Rodeo Horse Show Finals Cutting surer Lorna Landry, di5-9 Finals Cutting Academy 12-6 rectors Cora Knutson, 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Open Ride Open Ride 9-11:30 American American Suzie Wiese, and Ena Open Ponoka Composite 9-5 Saddle Bred Saddle Bred Move In Day Association of Association of Boot (who has since rides 9-9 High School Rodeo Open Barrel Academy 12-6pm Alberta Alberta 5-9 moved but still volun16 17 18 19 20 21 22 teers) and vice-chair Open Rides American AB Paint Move in Open Open ride Open ride 9-5 Saddle Bred Heather Osborne from Horse Association of Open Barrel ride 12-9 9-9 9-4 day Association Alberta Red Deer, originally 5-9 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 from the district. Ponoka Canadian Open ride Ponoka Canadian Ponoka Canadian AB Paint Ponoka Ponoka Championship Gathering and edit9 am - 1 pm Championship Championship Stampede Stampede Mounted Shooters Horse Cowboy mounted Mounted Mounted Rodeo Hall of Fame ing all the information Cattle Penning Cattle Sorting Association shooters 3-10 pm Shooters Shooters Open to public at 4 pm and pictures was the 30 Ponoka most time consuming. Stampede The number of hours of Cattle Penning volunteer time was immeasurable — way too Looking after all onex Chir aler of your motorsports high to be able to keep De & trailer needs! track of. Printing of the Your local Charmac, Norbert, Felling, Double “A” dealer books was the bigJunction of Hwy QE2 & Hwy 53 (Ponoka Overpass) gest cost at just over CALL DAVID OR DAN $123,500 but by getting Toll Free: 1-888-210-8400 or 403-783-8411 grants and donations


Posing in the schoolroom area of the Bentley Museum’s newest building, chairperson Ralph Scarlett received good news from David Dorward, MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar, who delivered a CFEP cheque for just over $17,000 to go toward helping with finishing touches inside the newest building. June Norvila Photo


LACOMBE JOB FAIR June 5, 2013 11:00 am - 4:00 pm At the Lacombe Centre Mall There will be: • Door Prizes • Job Search Help and Advice - Get Your Resume Tuned Up Before the Job Fair • Variety of employers: oil industry, construction, health care, security, military and law enforcement • Relevant speakers throughout the day Employers, you can still book a free table to showcase your business. Any questions call 403-786-0044

10 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013


Rimbey RCMP respond to nearly 100 calls in the last two weeks In the last two weeks, the Rimbey RCMP was busy responding to nearly 100 calls for service. Highlights included several theft, assault, criminal harassment, uttering death threats, impaired driving, illegal drugs  and other serious criminal matters. 

RCMP recover stolen truck Mounties searching high and low for a white Dodge dually stolen two weeks ago near Rimbey recovered it on an oil lease site north of Iola Road. The RCMP forensic identification section sent officers out to assist with

Truck fire: On May 17 on Highway 53 about two miles miles west of Rimbey, a blue halfton GM truck caught fire. Rimbey emergency crews and RCMP responded and had the fire under control quickly. There were no injuries. APN Photo

Rimbey High School Rodeo was a great success and we would not have been able to do it without our great sponsors and volunteers!! The weather was beautiful and with over 100 competitors, we had a great weekend!!

Our THANKS go to the following: • Darrell Peters – Dynamic miic c Insurance e • Ron Gyori - Crossfire Dri Drilling ll lin ng • Rimbey Implements • Tres Rios Silver • Doug Lattau • Andy Vanderlee • Cody & Trish Seitz        • Garth Boisjoli • Rick Massing • Luke & Ashley Jackson • Harry & Mary Foley • Jackie Wagner • Darcy & Tammy Hollingsworth gs sworth wo orth • Todd & Jack Braithwaite te t e • Paul & DeeAnn Bonnett • Tel & Gina Flewelling • Taylor, Sam & Kennedy Smith Smiith Many, • T&S Feeds Many • Numerous High School Thanks to Rodeo Parents our great friends who step in to help things run and family!! smoothly!! Butch & Nicole Smith

the investigation. The investigation is continuing into this matter as all leads are being pursued. Drunk ATV driver charged During the May long weekend, police were out enforcing rules and regulations in the Medicine Lake area while patrolling on ATVs. Tickets were issued for  offences such as having no insurance or registration on  off highway vehicles. In several incidents, motorists were found to have been consuming alcohol. Several drunk drivers were arrested and charged. In one case, an impaired driver, Kieran Johnson, 25, a resident of Leduc, was driving his ATV in a dangerous manner and ran over a pedestrian causing life-threatening injuries. STARS attended the scene and transported the male victim to an Edmonton hospital for treatment. The accused in this case, was already suspended from driving due to previous impaired driving convictions. Honesty is the best policy… Police  conducted a Check Stop  on Highway 53 at the junction of Secondary Highway 766 on May 17. Numerous tickets were issued for various offences such as open liquor, no insurance, no driver’s license and other provincial infractions. In one case, the inquiring officer asked the standard question, “Sir, have you had anything to drink tonight?” The man behind the wheel of his pickup truck replied, “Had no, having yes!” The

man then handed over the open bottle of beer he had hidden in the console. A local tow company was kept hopping with five vehicles seized during the Check Stop. Buckle up In town, officers stood out in plain view at the four-way stop during the middle of the afternoon. One vehicle completely ran through the intersection without slowing down at all. Countless people were charged for not wearing their seat belts. One motorist was charged after being found to have been consuming illegal drugs while driving. Out of town criminals on a spree Police have been diligently pursuing leads on recent theft complaints in Rimbey. It is believed the suspects are from other jurisdictions and strictly came to Rimbey to commit their crimes. Police are working with other detachments and police agencies, using all possible resources to capture these criminals and to send a message they are not welcome in our community.   UTV stolen from rural area Officers are working hard to solve a break and enter complaint on Iola Road on May 11. Thieves stole a green, 2011 Kawasaki KRF 750R side-byside UTV. The bandits also made off with a generator.  Man charged after standoff Police attended a residence in Rimbey where a man was barricaded in his residence and refusing to co-operate. Officers eventually PUBLIC NOTICE convinced the man to KEYERA ENERGY LTD. give up and he was arENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ENHANCEMENT ACT rested without incident. The accused has been NOTICE OF APPLICATION charged with possesIn accordance with the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, sion of illegal drugs and KEYERA Energy Ltd. has applied to Alberta Environment and Sustainother criminal offences.   able Resource Development for an amendment to an existing approval Follow the rules for the Rimbey Sour Gas Processing Plant located 14km northeast of the on the water Town of Rimbey. The gas plant is located on the S ½ of Section 5 TownPolice patrolled ship 44 Range 1 West of the 5th Meridian and is licenced for a maximum Gull Lake and found inlet rate of 11,900 e3m3 per day of raw gas and 150 tonnes per day of compliance to be much sulphur. This amendment is for the installation of a new turbo expandbetter this year than er plant with a gas turbine driven residue compressor and associated last. Numerous boats equipment including dehydration, demethanizer, deethanizer, waste heat were checked for proprecovery and cryogenic Àare stack to recover more natural gas liquids (NGL) for market. er gear on board, such as an adequate  bailPursuant to section 73 of the Environmental Protection and Enhanceing bucket, a whistle, ment Act, any person who is directly affected by this operation may subpaddles, life jackets mit a written statement of concern regarding this application. Failure to and proper licensing for ¿le a statement of concern may affect the right to ¿le a Notice of Appeal being a boat operator with the Environmental Appeals Board. Such a statement of concern and for anyone fishing. must be submitted to: Please ensure you have Director of Northern Region all your safety gear on Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development board before you head Regulatory Approvals Centre out on the water. Never Main Floor, 9820 - 106 Street consume alcohol in a Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J6 boat at any time, unFax No. : (780) 422-0154 less you are fortunate within 30 days of the date of this notice. Please quote Application No. enough to own a house017-865 when submitting an application of concern in regards to the boat and it is your resiEnvironmental Protection and Enhancement Act application. dence. NOTE: Any statement ¿led regarding this application are public reIf you have any cords which are accessible by the public. information regarding this or any other Copies of the amendment application can be obtained from: crimes, call the Rimbey KEYERA Energy Ltd. RCMP at (403) 843Attention: Colin Long 2224 or Crime Stoppers Suite 600, Sun Life Plaza West Tower at 1-800-222-8477, 144 - 4 Avenue SW #8477 on Telus MobilCALGARY AB T2P 3N4 ity or *8477 on Rogers Telephone No: (403) 205-7662 AT&T. Fax No. : (403) 205-8318 Crime Stoppers is Email: a community program that does work. Do your part and call now.


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 11

Students contribute to Creative Connections wall at Rimbey hospital By Treena Mielke Delightful artwork created by elementary students has made the walls a little brighter at Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre. The Creative Connections walls featuring the artwork of grades 5 and 6 students at Rimbey Christian School was made possible through financial support from Encana. A ribbon cutting ceremony to recognize the artwork and support of Encana was held at the hospital May 22. Laine Dahms, co-ordinator of volunteer resources for Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre, said displaying a Creative Connections wall featuring artwork from local schools and artists is a project that began at Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. The project was well received by patients and visitors alike. Dahms is pleased Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre has been able to create a similar project, noting Encana’s donation made the project possible. Encana has also given financial support to hospitals in Bentley, Rocky

Mountain House, Stettler, Drumheller, Lacombe and Ponoka for the project. “Through these art displays, it is our intention to create a positive health experience that reaches out to every patient and enhances their healing process. We hope that these works of art will bring smiles, joy and moments of comfort to our patients, families, visitors and staff.” During the ceremony, Dahms complimented the students on their artwork and asked each of the nine students who took part in the Creative Connections project to chat about their drawing, each of which depicted some form of volunteering. “It is beautiful work,” she said. “And it can be changed to show different drawings,” she added. Don Letwinetz, community relations advisor for Encana, said the project gave Encana an opportunity to support young local artists and give them a chance to portray their work. “Where education and young people are involved, it’s always very rewarding.”

Rimbey Christian School grades 5 and 6 students stand in front of artwork they created which has been placed at the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre.The Creative Connections walls at the hospital was made possible through financial support from Encana. A ribbon cutting ceremony to recognize the artwork and support of Encana was held at the hospital May 22. Treena Mielke Photo


BARLEY. 13052AD0 13053AD0 13054TA0

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Proud partner of the CFL*.

12 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013




Friendship continues despite multiple sclerosis By Treena Mielke

Call us at 403-843-4909


Directory Directory Dir D irectory ir ctory tory ry y Grace Lutheran Church Bentley - ELCIC Sunday School 11 a.m. 4th Sunday of the month 5 p.m.

Church 403-748-4455 5 miles west, 1.5 miles south,

1 mile west of Bentley “Sharing New Life in Christ”

Rimbey New Life Fellowship Sunday 10:30 a.m. Children’s Church 11:30 a.m. Midweek Service - Wednesday 7 p.m. Ladies Meeting Friday 2 p.m. Pastor Reg Darnell 403-843-3336 (Office) 403-782-2694 (Home) 5038 - 49 Ave.

Church of the Nazarene, Rimbey Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. (on Radio 93.3 FM) 5214-51 Street, Phone: 403-843-2029 Pastor Dave MacMillan


Service & Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. 4th Sunday Family Service: 11:00 a.m. Reverend David Holmes: 403-843-2502

Stuart Adams: 403-843-6164 or Arlene Edwards: 403-843-6077

Th e Rimbey Seventh-Day Adventist Church Saturdays

Evangelical Missionary Church 1/2 mile East of Hoadley on Highway #611

Sabbath School at 9:45 a.m. Worship Service at 11:00 a.m.

Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

Pastor David Beaudoin 403-783-2499

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Eva Bruhn spends time with Adeline Nesbitt, a multiple sclerosis patient in the long-term care residence in Rimbey. Bruhn walks there daily to help her friend with lunch and to spend quality time with her. Treena Mielke Photo

Nursery Provided

403-843-2585 Pastor: Bill Nieuwenhuis

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Years ago Eva Bruhn and Adeline Nesbitt were the best of friends, sharing birthday cake and laughter, and chatting easily about everything and anything, the way women do. Today the ladies are still the best of friends, though the communication between them is only slightly verbal and the deep affection they share simply an unspoken bond, which need not be conveyed in words. Nesbitt has multiple sclerosis, a disease that has almost robbed her of her ability to speak, confined her to a wheelchair and even caused her difficulty in swallowing. She has been a patient of the long-term care centre in Rimbey for several years. However, although the disease has taken so much from the fragile woman, whose snow white hair can barely be seen over the top of her wheelchair, it has not taken away one precious commodity — her friend. And every day, regardless of the weather, and in spite of arthritic joints, Bruhn, who will be 91 in November, makes her solitary sojourn to feed her friend lunch. In a soft voice tinged with a slight accent carried over from her native Denmark, Bruhn brushes off any personal accolades. “We are old friends and Adeline is a wonderful person. She is always in a good mood; always has a smile. I admire her so much,” she said earnestly. Coincidentally, Bruhn moved to Rimbey from Parkland Beach the same year Nesbitt was admitted to long-term care. “I told Adeline I would help her when I moved to Rimbey,” she said. Sitting next to her friend, encouraging her to eat and drink and tucking a blanket more securely around her, Bruhn searches for the right words to convey she gets as much as she receives from her daily mission. “It’s a two-way street,” she said. “This way I have something to do and I get out every day.” “I have a wonderful friend,” Nesbitt said, her voice barely audible, but her eyes bright and alert. “I told her she could fire me if she wanted to,” Bruhn said with a chuckle. “She hasn’t yet.”


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 13

Caregivers need to remember to care for themselves, too By Treena Mielke

stand MS is an unpredictable disease, and they need to learn how to roll with the punches, and always to be prepared for the unpredictable. And, most importantly, they need to learn how to stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, otherwise they too run the risk of becoming ill. Acquiring knowledge about MS is helpful and resources are available. To obtain additional information about caregiving and learn what services are available locally, contact the Central Alberta Chapter MS Society at 403-346-0290 or visit www.mssociety. ca for a list of MS Society of Canada publications. The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) is a national not-forprofit association dedicated to ensuring

When someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it causes a ripple effect in the family, like a pebble tossed in an otherwise still and serene pond. “Our clients are not only people living with MS, but their families, paid health care workers, their spouses — everyone affected,” said Terri Blanchard, client services co-ordinator for the Central Alberta Chapter MS Society. She said caregiving can be physically and emotionally exhausting, especially for the person who is the primary caregiver. A Guide for Caregivers from the MS Society of Canada states it is easy for caregivers to feel invisible as everyone’s attention goes to the person with MS. The 403-843-2217 Office strain of balancing emShirley Hough ployment, child-rearing, increased responsibiliCell: REAL ESTATE ties in the home and the (A Division of Eskdale Holdings Ltd.) 403-783-1961 Multiple Listing Service care of the ill person may lead to feelings of marFULLY TREED 40 ACRES, pavement, over 900 sq. tyrdom, anger and guilt. ft. 1 bedroom country cottage. Great garden spot, The best way to root cellar, outbuildings. $219,900 avoid burnout is to have 8 ACRES, S.W. RIMBEY, 5 bedroom home, cattle the practical and emoshelters, corrals, etc. Owners transferred and tional support of other motivated, all for $325,000 and it includes the Hot people. Support groups, Tub! religious advisors and 3.57 OR 2.7 ACRES backs onto the creek, 2-3 mental health counselminutes to Rimbey. $109,000 each!! lors can help with constructive communication 4 BEDROOM, 3 bath, home, garage in Rocky techniques. Mountain House. $364,500. While emotional 80 ACRES - Peaceful, location, creek, trees and open support is out there, areas. $149,000. caregivers need to under-

Kim Dennis 403-704-3141  Sandi Knoll-Craig 403-358-8203 TO UCED





Best of both worlds! 69 Acres on the hiway minutes from Rimbey and seconds from Bluffton. Spacious arc rib cedar home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Fully crossfenced with a 96 x 24 cattle shelter plus many outbuildings.   Call Kim on this one. MLS # CA0006641 Seller motivated $455,000 Like A Private Park! 134 acres with it’s own lake.   Oil revenue. CA0003677  $419,900.00  Call Sandi

Hobby Farm near Pigeon & Battle Lakes. 15 acres close to Hwy 13. Nice home with 2 beds, 2 baths and a full Perfect Place, Perfect Price. Winfield. basement for you to develop. Fenced Immaculate 2005 manufactured home and cross fenced with waterers and 2 on 2 lots. 3 beds, 2 baths with a deck & small barns. $359,000. Call Kim. large fenced yard. $169,000. Call Kim. LAND TO BUILD ON OR BRING A Perfect opportunity for rec or pasture MOBILE! Space & Sunshine!   New land. Three adjoining quarters for power, new well. 146 acres with a creek. sale not far from Hiway 771 and 53 CA0004534 $349,900.00 Call Sandi intersection. Lots of grass, water, open land and wild life!  MLS #'s CA0006681, Horses Welcome! 12.5 acres on CA0006595 & CA0006597. $345,000 pavement - Lockhart Road. Great hobby farm! CA0011836 $189,900.00 Call Sandi each quarter.  Call Kim

the availability of accessible, responsible home care and community supports that enable people to stay in their homes with safety, dignity and quality of life. Their website is The Accessible Transportation Directorate –

Canadian Transportation Agency is responsible for ensuring undue obstacles to the mobility of people with disabilities are removed from federally regulated transportation services and vehicles. Their website is

Bob & Rhonda Tarney

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Bob’s Cell: 403-704-0110 Rhonda’s Cell: 403-704-0408 00


18 W$


UNRESTRICTED VIEW of GULL LAKE! 1360 st. ft. bungalow c/w attached garage. Loads of extras & golfing right out your back door. $489,500.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! 4 bdrm + den, 3 baths, 1800 sq. ft. hillside bungalow, 42x32 shop on private 8 acres on edge of town. $650,000.

FULLY DEVELOPED 1109 sq. ft. bungalow, 4 bdrms, 2 baths, o/s detached double garage, sauna.

ACREAGE LIVING IN TOWN! Only two 2.5 acre parcels left. Restrictive covenant to protect your investment. $175,000.

WARM DECOR, panoramic view to south west. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, fully finished. $316,500.

LOCATION! 1076 sq. ft. bungalow with attached garage. O/S lot, fenced, close to all amenities. $195,900.

1196 SQ FT, 3BRM, 2baths,bungalow, single garage, many upgrades, close to schools and parks $239,900

80 ACRES WITH HOME & SHOP. 2100sq’, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, large kitchen, decks & attached garage. $350,000

! ATE L O TO NESTLED IN VALLEY with view of town. 1380 sq. ft. 5 bdrm, 2 bath bungalow with 40x32 shop/garage. $434,000.

MODERN DÉCOR! Fully finished 1284 sq. ft. bi-level home, 4 bdrms, 3 baths, RV pad and more. $335,000.

EXTENSIVELY RENOVATED, 3 bdrm, 2 bath bungalow, 15’5x52 garage, RV parking, beautiful landscaping. $224,900.

JUST RIGHT! 2.96 Acres, well maintained 4 bdrm, 2 ½ bath home, dble heated garage, out buildings $317,900

BRIGHT SPACIOUS HOME perched on hillside overlooking town. 4 bdrms, 4 baths, 28x30 workshop, RV parking. $475,000.

COZY 3 BDRM 2 bath walkout bungalow, RV parking, 29x30 detached garage. $239,900.

REVENUE PROPERTY! Older bungalow on oversized lot, 2 bdrms, main floor laundry, zoned R2. $142,000.

1.99 ACRE PARADISE! Charming, renovated older home with 4 bdrms, 2 baths, spacious kitchen and loft area, double garage. $237,900

COUNTRY RESIDENTIAL ACREAGES! New development, 12 parcels ranging from 3 to 10 acres available.

SERVICED ACREAGES IN TOWN 1 acre parcels ranging from $125,000 - $130,000. Serviced to property line. View to the North and West.

CUTE AS A BUG IN A RUG! Totally renovated 4 bdrm, 2 bath bungalow on beautifully landscaped lot. $233,900.

ENJOY THE COUNTRY! 3.46 acres. walk out bungalow, 4 bdrm, 2 ba, 26x30 garage, 2500 sq’ developed living space. $469,900


w w w. m o r r i s o n - r e a l t y. c o m


.MooresR .ca www.MooresR .MooresRealty An entirewww team of REAL TORS® ealty working for you REALTORS Cathy Hatt, Lor raine Moore, rentour Wirsig Lorraine See more proper ties, maps, photos TTrent on website. properties, Attractive Lakefront 3 bdrm cottage with lake facing deck. 80’ dock, outdoor shower, firepit. Insulated & heated 2 car garage. Storage shed. On paved Lakeshore Dr Private & TTranquil ranquil 1.75 acres, well kept 3 bdrm mfg home, rock faced fireplace, screened in deck, workshop, tarp garage, sea can for storage. Buck Lake $195,000 Cozy Acreage 3.29 acres, 2 bdrm home, attached garage. Insulated, wired workshop, storage bldg, spruce trees, fenced pasture. Winfield $179,000

We can assist you with other local listings

Multi Purpose Acreage 2 bedroom 2003 Triple M home, 2car garage, 40x60 barn. 8.5 acres just off pavement. Alder Flats $325,000 Treed Lot at Buck Lake 3 bay garage, upper 3 bedrm home ready to finish. Fronts community lakeshore lot with dock. $350,000 Family FFun un at the lake!! Inviting 3 bdrm, 2 bath home, double garage, play center, tarp boat shed. .73 acre with lake view. Buck Lake $335,000

M TEA OUR Cathy Hatt TTrent rent Wirsig Lor raine Moore Lorraine Alder Flats AB

Just Beautiful... 8.5 acres, updated walkout home w/ 2400 sq ft living space, 40x60 heated shop, private yard, huge spruce.Fenced pasture. Far ming Oppor tunity arming Opportunity 154 acres. New 38x100 barn, corrals, 2 auto waterers, older 1 bdrm home. Private yard. Winfield $319,000 Live at the Lake 3 bdrm home, hardwood floors, high end appliances, 100x150 lot. Two car garage. Buck Lake $329,000 Close to the Lake 20’wide 3 bdrm 2 bath home. Fenced private yard, massive evergreens. 100x150 lot. Buck Lake $280,000






RARE FIND! 4.23 acres. Build your dream home with an unobstructed view of the lake! $185,000.

78.26 ACRES WEST OF RIMBEY, 1/2 mile north of Hwy 53 on dead end road next to nature conservation land. $150,000.

.2 ACRES COMMERCIAL LOT, excellent central location! Suitable for numerous business ventures. $97,000.

MODERN DECOR, fully finished up and down. Front/rear deck and more! $335,000

WELL DESIGNED! 5 bdrms, 3 baths, main floor laundry, upper deck with view, walkout basement and more! $375,000.

ACTIVE FAMILY HOME. 5 bdrms, 3 baths, large rec room, gas fireplace, large deck, double garage. $275,000.

CLOSE TO SCHOOLS 1300 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, covered deck, double garage.

1/2 ACRE LOT with walkout basement potential. Water well, small cabin. $180,000.


Office: 403-843-0100









THE 2013 F-150 XLT SUPER CAB 4X4 5.0L

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WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. 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Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 15

Reitz receives provincial award By Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye Only 10 recipients have been awarded the 2013 Crime Prevention Award this year and Rimbey is on the map for one. Beth Reitz, executive director of Rimbey Big Brothers Big Sisters, was awarded the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Crime Prevention Award. Reitz received the call recently from the Solicitor General’s Office saying she was nominated and won the award. She thought the call was a joke at first. “I had no idea.” She had to get the caller to repeat the announcement before she would believe them. But for Reitz the real praise goes to everything BBBS offers. “I don’t want it to be about me, I want it to be about the programs that we started.” The Youth Justice Committee helps first time young offenders. The program offers an alternative method to restitution with a crime committed. She sees it as a second chance for young offenders to turn their lives around. “It’s much better than a slap on the wrist or a fine; it has a life lesson to it.” Reitz finds the Youth Drug Impact Project (YDIP) in Ponoka, which was originally started in Calgary has helped her realize the issues youths are facing. “It’s been an eye-opener for us to understand how addicted to drugs kids are,” said Reitz. Co-ordinators for the drug program will be bringing it to the schools in September. The biggest challenge she sees with drug issues is creating awareness. Marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth appear to be what youths will abuse and the results of that use can lead to troubles at home, school and with friends. Despite these challenges, Reitz also sees positive experiences from the centre’s programs and she feels her duty is to help kids. “I love challenges…Seeing a young man turn

“During my 28 years of service with the RCMP at nine different communities across Canada, I have met very few individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution towards addressing and preventing youth crime within a community such as what Ms.Reitz has done.” Ponoka RCMP Staff Sgt. Cameron Chisholm away from it or express a desire to leave it behind,” said Reitz. Her biggest wish from receiving the award is to see a greater awareness for the Youth Centre and the programs they offer. “All of our teen programs here are life and skill-based.” Ponoka RCMP Staff Sgt. Cameron Chisholm headed Reitz’s nomination. In his letter to the solicitor general, Chisholm states the Youth Centre is one of the only places in youths can entertain themselves. “During my 28 years of service with the RCMP at nine different communities across Canada, I have met very few individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution towards addressing and preventing youth crime within a community such as what Ms.Reitz has done,” Chisholm added. He credits her initiative with the YDIP for helping the RCMP deal with a gap in crime prevention programs in the community. Because of involvement from police with the YDIP, officers have been able to get a better understanding of the issues with youth drug activity. Chisholm accepted the award on behalf of Reitz, who was away, during the May 10 ceremony in Edmonton.

Rimbey Denture Clinic 30 years of experience to better serve you

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403.843.2777 4915 – 50 Ave, East of Rimbey Value Drug Mart Beth Reitz, executive director Rimbey Big Brothers Big Sisters, is one of 10 recipients for the Alberta Solicitor General’s 2013 Crime Prevention Award. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

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WCPS looks at budget implications and initiatives By Amelia Naismith A budget surplus of more than $200,000 is enabling Wolf Creek Public School (WCPS) board to move forward with a number of initiatives. However, due to fiscal constraints and a lack of what trustees call “hard data,” not every initiative presented was given support or even discussed. Visitor monitoring One option not given any money was a visitor monitoring equipment pilot presented by Mark McWhinnie, assistant superintendent of technology services. McWhinnie proposed the pilot option in response to ongoing concerns over who’s entering school buildings. The pilot would allow regular visitors to the schools to scan an ID card on a flat system similar to an IPad. Non-regular visitors would have to type in a number of security questions to receive a temporary ID. “It’s simply a proactive response to a number of societal things happening in our society,” said McWhinnie. McWhinnie told the trustees the

pilot was coming to the board at a reduced cost and they should think about acting early, before the system became mandated and prices increased. Trustee Bon Huff feels visitor and student monitoring is important but options focused on student achievement are a higher priority. “If we have some extra money how are we going to get the best bang for our buck. Maybe we need added security in our schools but at what expense?” “We’re called public schools for a reason because our public should be welcome,” said trustee Lorrie Jess. However, Jess feels the situation is delicate due to incidences such as Sandy Hook or the threats made against Ponoka’s high school last December; parents want to know their children are safe at school. “This will not be a priority before the financial picture turns around,” said secretary-treasurer Joe Henderson. Pre-K programs No money was given in the name of Pre-K programs either. Wolf Creek school division has 18

schools providing kindergarten programs, five running a play school under the division’s umbrella but only one true Pre-K program. A Pre-K program is classified as every student involved is registered and also a program funded unit (PUF) student. PUF students are those with extreme disabilities. “The little Pre-K people are in need of some help,” said Huff. He illustrated his point saying many PUF students are delayed in learning and simple concepts such as using scissors cannot be grasped without support. Without Pre-K support kindergarten becomes more difficult for them to navigate, leading to frustrations and escalating to behavioral and other problems. Trustee Barb Walker says Pre-K is a good preventative initiative rather than having teachers and other resources straining to support students in higher grades for issues that could have been targeted years before. Amber Hester, assistant superintendent of student services, told the board there are approximately 85 PUF students division-wide. The trustees decided not to look into funding until the fall when more data for the upcoming year is available. 21st Century Learning The 21st Centaury Learning (U21C) project was given another $50,000 out of next year’s budget.

“It would be used to continue to support every school,” said McWhinnie. In the upcoming year every school across the division is going to have technology coaches. Huff says this is a necessary expenditure since schools are becoming more digital and the ministry is pushing to have exams administered online. “If we’re going to set out students up for success we need to introduce them to the digital products out there.” Video conferencing Another technology-based initiative the board funded at $30,000 was video conferencing in the classroom. Eight years ago WCPS received a provincial grant to include video conferencing in high school programs. “We were very successful with that,” said McWhinnie. However, over the eight years the program has continually been subsidized, with an average shortfall of approximately $30,000 per year. Both McWhinnie and Gerry Varty, assistant superintendent of learning support and system improvement, want learning support rather than technology services to maintain the program. To assure the board the funding and program are creating results, the trustees were told that math 30 level courses were producing higher grades through video conferencing than through traditional learning.

International hands link to end sex trafficking and abuse “He has sent me to comfort the broken-hearted and to announce that the captives will be unchained and the prisoners will be set free...To all who mourn He will give you beauty for ashes, joy instead of sorrow, praise instead of despair.” Isaiah 61: 1, 3 Part 8 of series By Dianne Kushniryk In Cambodia the sex trade industry is big business with a generated income of $500 million a year and it is not a respecter of age as 35 per cent of all sex trade workers are under the age of 16 (statistics courtesy of the United nations). Adolescent girls and boys are lured with promises of good conventional jobs or find themselves locked into the life by the need to provide financial support for a family; children, some as young as seven years old, are kidnapped or bought from badly informed and destitute families and forced into a life of

child sex tourism, trafficking and abuse. However in the heart of the brothel district a beacon shines, in an unassuming office, regional and international hands are linked and in an unpretentious side street beauty is being given for ashes. Our stopover in Phnom Penh included a visit to some of the nongovernment organizations (NGO) that deal with the exploitation and enslavement of those caught up in the sex trade industry. Although each of these organizations has a different approach to the crisis their end goal is the same — “Christians working together to end sexual trafficking and abuse.” Daughters of Cambodia is a NGO that takes girls who want to live free from a life of oppression and abuse and gives them a way out. They offer salaried jobs, free day care, medical services, therapy and counselling. The girls are offered a job with an immediate salary either in the sewing room that produces quality items

for sale in the Daughters’ store and to overseas buyers; in one of the two food establishments that Daughters operates; or in the women’s spa housed at the visitor’s center. Daughters also offers employment in a jewelry making venture using local resources or in a silk screen print business that is now open to the male victims (Sons of Cambodia) of this malevolent trade. (www. ). Chab Dai is a registered international NGO that works with other global and South Asian organizations that work within Cambodia to increase awareness of, develop programs aimed at preventing and offer legal and social service support to victims of sex trafficking. Chab Dai workers go into the dangerous sex trafficking arena to work against the sex traffickers by “equipping and empowering” community leaders in the fight against those trafficking in children, assisting in the location, rescue and return of victims and in the capture and prosecution of offenders. ( ). The final NGO we dropped in on was Bloom Creations, whose business card tells the story: “Bloom Cakes: to beautiful to eat... too delicious to resist...” At this picturesque “cake art gallery, cafe and non-profit organisation Cambodian women are empowered thanks

to vocational training and employment” and allowed to design and create some of the most beautiful edible art work I have ever seen. ( ). “I felt I had no worth or value, and my life was cheap. I cannot describe the pain” — former sex trade worker forced into the life at 14. But there is hope among what is illegal, iniquitous and intolerable. There is possibility among desolation and isolation. There is realization of dreams as these wounded are “equipped with external and internal resources to make sustainable changes to and become responsible for their own lives.” God is already at work keeping His promises. Dianne Kushniryk is a Christian essayist who has been published in the Rimbey Review and the Red Deer Advocate. She now writes almost exclusively for her church Rimbey New Life Fellowship.

THANK YOU The Rimbey & District SlowPitch Association would like to thank all of our volunteers and the following sponsors who helped to make our May Long Tournament a great success:

Pre-registration for next fall is available by visiting the Nursery School at our Open House in September or by contacting the school at 403-843-2813 until the end of June. (Please leave a message.)

Rimbey Lions Club Super 8 Hotel Hertz Rentals A&B Oilfield Gavin Fraser Construction Nikirk Bros. De Atley Vacuum Service Herb Grutterink Subway Ray’s Esso Rimbey Co-op Rimbey Liquor Store Gord’s First Line Sports Keacast Consulting Ltd.

At this picturesque cake art gallery, cafe and non-profit organization Cambodian women are empowered thanks to vocational training and employment” and allowed to design and create some of the most beautiful edible art work such as this Noah’s Ark cake. ( ). Photo submitted


The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 17

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SHORTT Beatrice Anne ( Freeman )

March 19, 1941 - May 4, 2013

Beatrice Anne Freeman was born in Bentley, Alberta on March 19, 1941, the sixth of seven children born to Samuel and Joan Freeman, and was raised on a farm near Forshee, Alberta. She was predeceased by her parents and two brothers, Philip and Terence Freeman. She was a devoted and loving wife, mother and grandmother and is survived by her husband Russell, son Jason (Anastasia), and daughter Nicole ( Dan Reid ), as well as grandchildren Alexandria, Cameron, Samantha and Georgia Shortt and Liam and Joseph Reid. She will be sadly missed by brother Ralph Freeman, sisters Pat Freeman, Gladys Marshall, Sandra Gray and sister-in-law Betty Freeman. Beatrice took all her schooling in Rimbey, then moved to Calgary to take a secretarial course. While in Calgary she met Russell Shortt (a Land Survey student) and they were married on August 1, 1964 in Rimbey. They moved to Prince George, B.C. where son Jason was born and then Vernon, B.C. where Nicole was born. Beatrice worked for A.G.T., realty offices in Vernon, and in her husband’s business. She studied and received a diploma in Real Estate Appraisal from UBC. She actively participated in the Vernon community and was a Charter Member of Vernon’s Innerwheel Club. She had a ready sense of humor and wit and loved to shop for antiques. When asked one day what she was looking for in an antique shop she said “ I don’t know, but I’ll know when I see it”. A private family burial service was held at the Coldstream Cemetery, followed by a celebration of Bea’s life at the Vernon Alliance Church on May 14, 2013. If so desired a commemorative donation may be made to the Rimbey Hospital.

Card Of Thanks

Charlotte Smith To all the doctors and nursing staff that made my moms final days at the hospital comfortable, I thank you so much and God speed. ~Dave, Dennis, Greg

What’s Happening #50 - # 70

BAKER, James Alfred James Alfred Baker passed away on May 17th, 2013 in the Lacombe Community Health Care Center. He was born on May 13th, 1923 in Elrose, Saskatchewan to Charles and Ellen Baker. They came to the Lacombe area in 1929 and farmed in the Gull Lake area. Predeceased by his parents, one sister Nell, two brothers Bill and Clifford, and his only son Ron, James is survived by his wife Mabel, daughter-in-law Susan and her husband Blaine Raaen, grandchildren Kathy Baker and Wes (Shelly) Baker, great grandchildren Cody and Ethan, as well as step-daughters Judy (Mike) Morris and Janet (Charlie) Ball, four step grandchildren and four step great grandchildren. At James request there will no service. The family also requests no floral arrangements please. Expressions of sympathy may be made by visiting WILSON’S FUNERAL CHAPEL & CREMATORIUM,

of Lacombe and Rimbey in charge of the arrangements. 403-782-3366 403-843-3388 “A Caring Family, Caring For Families”

1-877-223-3311 309-3300

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6TH CALGARY ANTIQUE SHOW & SALE. June 1 & 2. Saturday 10 - 5:30 and Sunday 10 - 4. Garrison Curling Rink, 2288 - 47 Ave. SW. Over 40 vendors. Free parking! Carswell’s 403-343-1614. FERNE’S FASHIONS (Hwy 795) ANNUAL BLOW-OUT GARAGE SALE All new clothing! June 7th & 8th, 9-6 daily. Phone 780-352-0933 for info/directions.


61ST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL OILMENS GOLF TOURNAMENT Edmonton, June 18 - 21, 2013, Highlands Golf Club & Belvedere Golf & Country Club. Enter online at Start your career! See Help Wanted

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Stephen & Darlene WENT

25TH ANNIVERSARY Help us Celebrate June 1 6 pm supper @ Homeglen Hall For more info. call Jeanine 403-783-7500


would like to express their deepest gratitude to the EMS staff, Rimbey RCMP and Wayne Clark of the Wilson Funeral Chapel. Special thanks to Sasha Lewis for her beautiful song, Ron Parker for giving the eulogy, Don McFadden for his kind words and the Springdale Ladies for their amazing lunch. Heartfelt thanks to all the friends, neighbours and colleagues who brought food, flowers and comfort to our family.

{ {

Georgina, Greg, Clarence & Dixie and family, John & Tara and family, Lyle & Bertha and family

at the Rimbey Municipal Library

Card Of Thanks

Pampered Chef Bridal Shower FOR


Saturday, June 8 11:00 am

The family of the late Joan Lunzmann

Just had a baby girl? Tell Everyone with a Classified Announcement

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Celebrate Your Marriage with a Classified Announcement - 1-877-223-3311 Remember to share the news with your friends & family!

Forshee Comm. Hall

Contact Jeannine at 403-748-3582 for more info

Rimbey Municipal Library WHAT’S HAPPENING

Tuesday and Friday mornings 10:30: Children’s Story Time ages 3-5 Tuesday mornings 10:30: Pat a Cake Kids for the under 3 crowd Wednesday mornings 10:30: Adult Coffee Time Friday afternoons 2:00 – Coffee with Councilors June 3rd: VOTE YES – Town Council Chambers 10 am – 8 pm June 5th: Little House on the Prairie Party 3:30 pm Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult. June 6th: Movie Night at the Library sponsored by ConocoPhillips – 6:30 pm –ParaNorman June 8th: Teen Movie Night at the Library sponsored by Conoco Phillips – 7:00 Jack the Giant Slayer June 13th: 2:00 – 3:30 – Exploration Station – please contact the library for more details. Children must be pre-registered. June 13th: Armchair Traveler 7:00 – going to Brazil June 15th: Father’s Day BBQ & Games 1:00-3:00pm; bring your kids! Pre-register by June 12th. June 27th: Book Club – 6:00 pm

18 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 Meetings



Weekly meetings Tuesdays @ 8 p.m. Neighborhood Place 5115 49 Ave. Ponoka For more info. 403-783-4557 or 403-783-8371

Employment #700 - #920 Caregivers/Aides................710 Clerical ..............................720 Computer Personnel ..........730 Dental ................................740 Estheticians........................750 Hair Stylists ........................760 Janitorial ............................770 Legal ..................................780 Medical ..............................790 Oilfield ................................800 Professionals......................810 Restaurant/Hotel ................820 Sales & Distributors ..........830 Teachers/Tutors..................840 Trades ................................850 Truckers/Drivers ................860 Business Opportunities......870 Miscellaneous ....................880 Volunteers Wanted ............890 Positions Wanted ..............895 Employment Training ........900 Career Planning ................920



Garden Seeds Bulbs, Onions Rimbey Home Hardware CENTRAL PEACE NATURAL GAS CO-OP LTD. requires full-time Gas Utility Operator. Experience, safety tickets an asset. Clean valid driver’s licence required. Forward resume: Fax 780-864-2044. Mail: Box 119, Spirit River, T0H 3G0.


Alstar Oilfield is looking for a highly motivated individual to join our Team. Alstar has been serving the oil and gas construction industry since 1969.






Currently accepting resumes for the following:

EXPERIENCED Oilfield Construction Lead Hands

Assistant Manager Senior Safety Supervisors Health & Safety Manager Shop Labourers

Experienced Oilfield Construction Labourers

All applicants must have current safety tickets for position applied for. Email resume and Safety Tickets to: No phone calls please.

Industrial Painters Alstar Oilfield is looking for a highly motivated individuals to join our Team in both Hinton and Fox Creek. Alstar has been serving the oil and gas construction industry since 1969. If you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company Please email your resume to: Please Quote Job # 1035 on Resume For detailed job description Please email Or visit our Career Section at:

“Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while If you have…. providing quality energy • Minimum 5 Years with construction solutions” Class 1 • Low Bed Experience LOOKING FOR hauling Cats, Excavators, Oilfield Maintenance and Side Booms Labourer /Swamper • Clean Abstract Must have safety tickets. • Winch Tractor Experience • O f f R o a d O i l f i e l d No experience necessary. Will train. Fax resume to Experience 403-746-5131 or email Dental If you Desire to be Part of a Growing Company NEWCART FULL-TIME REGISTERED Please email your resume CONTRACTING LTD. to: Dental Assistant Level II is hiring for the upcoming Or fax to 780-865-5829 required for busy family turnaround season. Please Quote dental practice in Rocky Journeyman/Apprentice; Job # 1036 on Resume Mountain House. We are Pipefitters; Welders; looking for an ambitious, Boilermakers; Riggers. “Committed to enriching friendly and team-oriented Also: Quality Control; the lives of our workforce, individual. Competitive Towers; Skilled Mechanical while providing quality salary, benefit package, Labourer; Welder Helpers. energy construction solutions” uniform allowance and Email: resumes four-day work week. If you EXPERIENCED are this person, please fax EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Fax 1-403-729-2396. resume to 403-845-7610. required for oilfield Email all safety Attention: Ruth. construction company. and trade tickets Knowledge of oilfield lease, road building. NOW LOCATED Competitive salary, Oilfield in Drayton Valley. benefits. Safety tickets, BREKKAAS Vacuum & drivers abstract required. Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 AN ALBERTA OILFIELD Fax resume 780-778-2444. & 3 Drivers, Super Heater construction company is Operators with all valid LOCAL SERVICE CO. hiring dozer, excavator, tickets. Top wages, REQ’S EXP. VACUUM and labourer/rock truck excellent benefits. TRUCK OPERATOR operators. Lodging and Please forward resume to: Must have Class 3 licence meals provided. Email: w/air & all oilfield tickets. Drug testing required. Phone 780-621-3953. Fax resume w/drivers Call Contour Construction Fax 780-621-3959. abstract to 403-886-4475 780-723-5051



WATER TRUCK DRIVER needed for Red Deer/ Rocky area. Potable water hauling experience, Class 3 licence and oilfield safety tickets are required. Send driver’s abstract and references to: or fax 403-309-9632



Multi Family Garage Sale


June 1 9 am - 7 pm From Winfield West one mile, South 1.5 miles. Fabric (attn: quilters), yarn, banjo, books, handcrafted wooden boat, and lots of misc!

Peat Moss Soils Rimbey Home Hardware

June 8 - 10 - 6 June 9 - 10 - 3

Hand/power tools/ shop items, Band Saw/Drill Press/ Dust Collector & Lots of Misc. W to RR 41, S 3 mi. Twp. Rd 421, W 1 mi.


HUGE GARAGE SALE May 31 10-5 June 1 & 2 - 10-5 Tools of all kinds! Jigsaw, skill saws, drill press. Fridge, freezer, hide-a-bed, & lots more! Highway 611, 7 kms West of Hoadley #24011

Classifieds Your place to SELL Your place to BUY


ADVERTISING TRAFFIC COORDINATOR, Edmonton, Alberta. Community newspapers are thriving in a media environment where words like “community” and “hyper-local” are proving to be the keys to advertising success. The Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association is committed to providing advertisers with unsurpassed service and up-to-date information on each of the community newspapers served. We are seeking an Advertising Traffic Coordinator, a support role to the Advertising Director. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing existing clients including market research, helping clients determine needs and providing proposals reflecting the suggested course of action, while ensuring accuracy of client bookings. Attention to detail, organizational skills, problem solving, teamwork and personable disposition are necessary for the successful candidate. Please submit your resume, references and salary expectations by email: or fax 780-430-5380. No phone calls please. This position is available immediately. Please visit our website for more info at

Sales & Distributors




PROFESSIONAL SALES CONSULTANTS. Central Alberta’s leading Ford dealer requires two professional sales associates. We maintain a large inventory of New & Used vehicles & friendly country atmosphere with big city sales volume. We are closed Sundays and all Statutory Holidays. We offer a competitive pay plan with an aggressive bonus structure, salary guarantee and moving allowance. Attention: Dean Brackenbury, GSM. Email: dbrackenbury

Training for life First Aid Training teaches how to respond confidently when injuries occur.

Sales & Distributors


STETTLER SALES & RENTALS LTD. is seeking a F/T PERMANENT COUNTER SALES PERSON. Successful applicant will have good computer and customer relationship skills. Previous counter experience and equipment or construction related experience will be an asset. We offer competitive wage and benefit packages. To join our team please fax resume to 403-742-8777 or email darryl@



FULL-TIME AUTOMOTIVE Parts Counterperson required at NAPA, Vermilion, Alberta. Duties: Counter sales/inv control, order, receiving, merchandising. Requirements: 4 years auto/heavy duty parts supply/sales, managerial experience an asset. Computer literate and valid driver’s licence. Send resume: INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOl. No Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! 1-866-399-3853.



Misc. Help

PYRAMID CORPORATION IS NOW HIRING! Instrument Technicians & Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE.

TORNADO Hydrovacs, a division of Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for: Assembly Department: Industrial Painters, Electrical Technicians; and Labourers. Our Company has an enthusiastic, fast paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resume to hr@ or Fax 403 742-5544

Servers Requested For HENRYS’ Restaurant


Have Pride in Appearance Are Dedicated to Customer Service And strive to be the Best You Can Be Bartender required. Experience & proserve preferred.

Apply to Best Western Rimstone Ridge Hotel Must come with commitment, a willingness to learn, and an ability to work flexible hours. Dress code during work hours

MIDWEST PROPANE is currently seeking

Business Opportunities



GREAT LOCATION for Convenience Store by busy laundry mat, near hospital & many apartments in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on same site as new 71 suite apartment building. (2) 500 sq. ft. space for lease. Contact Ernie, 780-335-6767 or email

To operate in central Alberta. Class 3 Drivers license and all relevant Oilfield Safety Certificates required.

Please apply with resume to:

Midwest Propane Rimbey, AB. Call: 403 843-8430, Fax: 403 843-8460 or by email to:



Looking to hire



with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in fine grading and finishing. Applicant must have a valid Class 3 license with air.

is now accepting applications for


Offering competitive wages and benefits on local job sites in Lacombe & area. Only those who have the above prerequisites will be interviewed. Please submit resume with Driver’s abstract to: Email: or fax: 403-782-7786 PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS.

Truckers/ Drivers


860 Looking to hire


offering competitive wage and benefits while working on local job sites. Applicant must have a Valid Class 1 license.


Must be customer service-oriented Possess strong organizational skills Be self-motivated Responsible Hardware retail experience would be an asset

Please submit resume and criminal record check in person to Terry Grieman, Home Centre Manager RIMBEY CO-OP

Rimbey Medical Clinic is seeking applicants for a

CLINIC MANAGER This full time position requires leadership, administrative & bookkeeping skills. Please speak to Jody at


Experience in Aggregate Hauling with knowledge of Lacombe & area would be an asset.

for more information or a full job description.

Please submit resume with a commercial drivers abstract to: Email: or Fax: 403-782-7786

Applications may be submitted in person at the clinic or by Fax: 403.843.2255 | Attention Jody


DEADLINE: May 30, 2013



$100 - $400 CASH DAILY for landscaping work! Must be competitive & energetic. Honesty is a must! Please visit us at:

ACADEMIC Express Adult Education and Training

Spring Start

GED classes days/evening

Fall Start

Community Support Worker Gov’t of Alberta Funding may be available. 403-340-1930 Noise Solutions Delburne, AB accepting Resumes for Welders, Assemblers, Parts & Field Crew. Email to lgoddard@ Fax 403-749-2259 Attn. Lorna

Misc. Help

Misc. Help

The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 19


CATTLE RECEIVING, Shipping and Processing. Immediate full-time positions available. Cattle experience an asset but willing to train the right person. Positions offered are permanent, full-time opportunities. Wages are negotiable and will commensurate according to qualifications and experience. Lakeside offers an excellent benefit package. Fax resume to: Duke Joy - JBS Lakeside Feeders 403-362-8231. No telephone inquiries. REQUIRED Production Welder Painter Shop Laborer Polisher Full or Part Time Crestomere area BANDIT INDUSTRIES 403-783-4284 Tired of Standing? Find something to sit on in Classifieds


is a uid trucking company based in Rimbey, Alberta

We are currently seeking

FULL TIME CLASS 1 DRIVERS to operate tank trucks in Central Alberta. All relevant OilďŹ eld Safety CertiďŹ cations required. Interested candidates may apply with resume, employment references, and current driver’s abstract. Email: Fax: 403-407-7558 Thank you for your interest. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


for local excavation company in Lacombe & area, offering competitive wages and beneďŹ ts. Valid driver’s license required and must be over 16 years of age. This position will include work on physically demanding job sites and extended hours. Only those who are able to meet these prerequisite’s need apply. Submit resume: Email: or Fax: 403.782.7786

Employment Training

Misc. Help


SEEKING A CAREER in the Community Newspaper business? Post your resume for FREE right where the publishers are looking. Visit: /resumes_add.php.

Trail Appliances has always offered excellence in sales, delivery, customer service, and after-sales support. The Company is currently looking to fill the following positions at our Red Deer locations.

CONTRACT SALES ADMINISTRATOR P/T CUSTOMER SERVICE REP APPLIANCE DELIVERY DRIVER Trail offers excellent training and a competitive compensation and benefit package. Start your career with a well known and respected company, become a member of the successful Trail team by applying in person to: Chris Sturdy in person at 2823 Bremner Avenue Delivery Driver applicants apply to Colin Parsons at #6 4622 61 St. Riverside Industrial District. Security checks will be conducted on successful candidates.

Employment Training


OVER 90% EMPLOYMENT rate for CanScribe graduates! Medical Transcriptionists are in demand and CanSrcribe graduates get jobs. Payments under $100 per month, 1-800-466-1535;;

SIMPLE! It’s simple to run a Garage Sale Ad in the Classified section and make quick cash. Phone Classifieds 1-877-223-3311.





Funded in part by the Government of Canada.


Metis Environmental Career Camp Gain career experience in the environmental ďŹ eld. MĂŠtis Youth Participants (15 – 18) will receive 12345 certiďŹ cation in standard ďŹ rst aid, wilderness ďŹ rst aid, H2S alive, WHIMIS/TDG, GPS, and canoe, Alberta High School credits and earn a wage!

Paul Taylor


Painters/ Decorators




“When Ralph’s Done Brushing You Don’t Feel Rolled�

Renovations - Decks Patios - Fences - Retaining Walls Sidewalks - Garages Foundations - Framing Over 20 Years Experience Journeyman Carpenter

JUSTIN KAWAZA 403-704-6768 NICK KAWAZA 403-843-3617 DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features & unlimited long distance available. Call Phone Factory today! 1-877-336-2274;

IRONMAN Scrap Metal Recovery is picking up scrap again! Farm machinery, vehicles and industrial. Serving central Alberta. 403-318-4346

Journey man painter, serving the area for 25 years

403-843-4172 Personal Services


DATING SERVICE. Long-term/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+). TRUE PSYCHICS! For Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-342-3036; Mobile: # 4486;

Pet Services


MacDonald Old Kennels Animal services for Ponoka County

Dog Shelter Boarding Dogs for adoption Dogs to surrender

NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228.

Phone (403) 783-7447

Misc. Services

Misc. Services

1290 click courtesy adoptions




CRIMINAL RECORD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-228-1300 or 1-800-347-2540; www.

Misc. Services

Septic Service


SilverBelt Septic Service for your septic tank service & port-a-potti rentals Home 403-843-2840 Cell 403-704-5224

Buy & Sell #1500 - #1990 Aircraft ..............................1510 Antiques & Art ..................1520 Auctions ............................1530 Bicycles ............................1540 Building Supplies ..............1550 Business Machines ..........1560 Cameras & Accessories ..1570 Children’s Items ................1580 Clothing ............................1590 Computers ........................1600 Concert & Event Tickets ..1610 Equipment - Misc. ............1620 Equipment - Heavy ..........1630 Tools ................................1640 Farmers’ Market & Food Basket......................1650 Firewood ..........................1660 Lumber ............................1670 Garden Supplies ..............1680 Lawn Tractors ..................1690 Health, Dietary, Beauty ....1700 Household Appliances......1710 Household Furnishings ....1720 TV’s, Stereos, VCR’s ........1730 Hot Tubs & Accessories ..1740 Jewellery ..........................1750 Kid’s Deals........................1755 Misc. For Sale ..................1760 Musical Instruments..........1770 Music Lessons..................1780 Piano & Organs ................1790 Office Supplies ................1800 Pets & Supplies ................1810 Pet Services ....................1820 Cats ..................................1830 Dogs ................................1840 Sports Cards ....................1850 Sporting Goods ................1860 Collectors’ Items ..............1870 Swap, Barter & Trade ......1880 Travel Packages ..............1900 Wedding Supplies ............1910 Recycled Products............1920 Wanted to Buy ..................1930 Items to Give Away ..........1940

TELL it all! Tell it well! Make your ads sell for you by giving full description of goods or services offered. Include prices and terms. Phone 1-877-223-3311 for a friendly ad taker.

DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 50% & debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; or toll free 1-877-556-3500. BBB rated A+.

Misc. Services


RURAL WATER TREATMENT (Province Wide) Tell them Danny Hooper sent you



View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

Emergency – Natural Disasters – Preparedness - Camping

Earl Repas Owner



SEED POTATOES Rimbey Home Hardware

3 UNRESERVED AUCTIONS. June 1, Edmonton Restaurant (one year old), 8412 - 109 St. June 4, Weiss Window & Door Manufacturer, 14318 - 118 Ave., Edmonton. June 8, Raymond Heaman Estate, Wetaskiwin Electrical Supply & Contractor, 5414 - 50 St. Foothills Equipment Liquidation, 780-922-6090. Information:

Acreage Dispersal Auction For Ken & Cathy Hughes Sunday June 2/13 Time 10 a.m. 15 km. West of Red Deer on Hwy 11 to RR 12, then North 1 mile, then Ί mile East‌ Watch for Signs‌ Massey Ferguson 35 diesel tractor w/3 pth., Acreage equipment, Trucks & Cars, Garden sheds, Trailers, Pump Organ, Household, Tools, Shop equipment, Yard & garden items, Saddles, Horses, Tack, Just too much to mention. Sale is subject to additions & deletions. Check web for full listing & pictures. 5% admin fee applies.. Lunch available.. “No Chequesâ€? Cash, Credit cards, Debit.

PILGRIM AUCTION SERVICE 403-556-5531 BIG STRAPPER AUCTIONS SALES EVERY WED. @ 6 pm. Moose Hall 2 miles south of Ponoka on 2A ANTIQUE SALE 1st SUN. OF THE MONTH AT 1 P.M. 403-782-5693 Check website for full listing

MEIER GUN AUCTION. Saturday, June 1, 11 a.m., 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton. Over 150 guns - handguns, rifles, shotguns, miscellaneous. Call to consign 780-440-1860



1290 Legacy Premium Food Storage

403.843.2755 Funded in part by the Government of Canada.


miles EE & & 1.5 1.5 22 miles miles N of Hoadley AB.

Rimbey Towing

Program Runs July 22nd - August 23rd, 2013 Application Deadline - June 21st, 2013

Misc. Services

Licensed Mobile Mobile Butchering Licensed Butchering Custom Cutting Cutting &&Wrapping Custom Wrapping Beef,Pork Pork and Beef, andWild WildGame Game

Legal Services

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:

Accounting .......................... 1010 Acupuncture........................1020 Advocate/Mediation ............1025 Antique Dealers & Stores ...1027 Automotive ..........................1029 Bands & DJ s ......................1030 Beauty/Cosmetic ................1040 Bookkeeping .......................1050 Cabinet Makers...................1054 Child Care/Caregivers .........1060 Carpentry............................1062 Car Rentals .........................1064 Cat Work .............................1065 Cleaning .............................1070 Clerical................................1080 Construction .......................1085 Consulting...........................1090 Contractors ......................... 1100 Computer Services ..............1110 Drafting & Design................ 1120 Eavestroughing ................... 1130 Educational ......................... 1140 Electrical ............................. 1150 Entertainment ..................... 1160 Escorts................................ 1165 Farm Equipment ................. 1168 Financial ............................. 1170 Fireplaces ........................... 1175 Flooring............................... 1180 Food/Catering ..................... 1190 Furnace Cleaning ............... 1193 Glass Shops ....................... 1196 Mobile Glass Shops............ 1197 Handyman Services ...........1200 Health Care......................... 1210 Income Tax .........................1220 Insurance ............................ 1130 Landscaping .......................1240 Land Mapping .....................1250 Legal Services ....................1260 Limousine Services ............1270 Massage Therapy ...............1280 Mechanical .........................1285 Misc. Services ....................1290 Moving & Storage ...............1300 Oilfield .................................1305 Painters/Decorators ............ 1310 Personal Services ............... 1315 Pet Services ....................... 1318 Photography .......................1320 Plumbing & Heating ............1330 Printing................................1335 Rental - Equipment .............1340 Rental - Misc .......................1350 Repair Service ....................1360 Roofing ...............................1370 Snow Removal....................1380 Travel ..................................1385 Upholstery ..........................1390 Well Drilling ........................1400 Welding ............................... 1410 Window Cleaning ................1420 Yard Care ............................1430



Come educate yourself! Explore all your possibilities, empower your life choices and enjoy every minute of your time this summer with respected educators, knowledgeable MÊtis elders and playing with amazing NHL Hockey players. July 1 – 5, 2013. Application Deadline June 17, 2013.

Business Services #1000 - #1430


• • • • • •

25 Year Shelf Life 100% GMO Free All Natural Ingredients Lowest Cost Per Calorie Gluten Free Line-up Free Shipping


Building Supplies


METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Best prices! 36� Hi-Tensile TUFF-Rib 29ga. Galvalume $.67 sq. ft. Colours $.82 sq. ft. 40 Year Warranty. ALTA-WIDE Builders Supplies 1-888-263-8254. STEEL BUILDING - Blowout Clearance Sale! 20x22 $4,188. 25x26 $4,799. 30x34 $6, 860. 32x44 $8,795. 40x50 $12,760. 47x74 $17,888. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422;

20 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 Building Supplies


STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206; www.



Semi loads of pine, spruce, tamarack, poplar. Price depends on location. Lil Mule Logging 403-318-4346


COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE: $1.49/each for a box of 270 ($402.30). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-873-3846 or



GORGEOUS SPRUCE TREES. 4 - 6 ft., $45, machine planted, fertilized, mulched. Minimum order Agricultural 20. Delivery charge: #2000 - #2290 $75 - $100. Farm Equipment ..............2010 Quality guaranteed. Haying Equipment ............2020 Crystal Springs Tractors ............................2030 403-820-0961


Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies

Misc. for Sale


SAWMILLS from only $3997. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free info & DVD; /400OT. 1-800-566-6899 ext. 400OT.

Wanted To Buy



Lil Mule Logging Inc. is now buying standing Tamarack. Minimum 10 acres. 403-318-4346


Combines & Headers ......2040 Fertilizer Equipment..........2050 Misc. Farm Machinery ......2060 Equipment Wanted ..........2070 Farm Custom Work ..........2080 Farm Auctions ..................2090 Livestock ..........................2100 Livestock - Exotic..............2110 Sheep ..............................2120 Poultry ..............................2130 Horses ..............................2140 Horse Boarding ................2150 Riding Supplies ................2160 Horse/Stock Trailers ........2170 Pasture Wanted ................2180 Grain, Feed, Hay ..............2190 Seed Grain ......................2200 Seeding & Tillage ............2210


The easy way to find a buyer for items you want to sell is with a Classified want ad. Phone 1-877-2233311


Registered Polled Hereford Bulls


Semen tested. Delivery available.

Rednex Ranch, Wildwood, AB.





Quiet disposition, quality genetics and semen tested Vaccinated.. Also 2 yr. old avail. George Lane 403-885-5732 or Ross Lane 403-860-2973 BULLS FOR SALE RED & BLACK ANGUS HEREFORD Yearlings & 2 Year Olds Semen Tested

MATEJKA FARMS Mark†403-783-6389 Ponoka, AB KLIMEC FARMS (22) 2 year old registered Black Angus bulls. Semen tested. Phone 403-783-0229 LIMOUSIN Bulls Polled Red and black two year olds and yearlings. Semen BAR-DALE LIMOUSIN, tested. Combest Limousin ERSKINE, AB. 40, two year old virgin bulls Farm. (403)742-5211 for sale at the farm. PUREBRED red and black Fully guaranteed. Angus bulls. 1 and 2 year Call Carole Barclay at olds. Semen tested 403-742-4825, and delivered. Terry 403-740-5037 Vicwin farms Ricky 403-740-5711. email 403-784-3517, 403-318-7363.

Purebred Hereford Bulls Polled and horned Semen tested Leighton Farms Ph: 403-783-6902 Cell: 403-963-1511



RED ANGUS Simmental cross Yearling & 2 year old Bulls. Priced for the commercial cattleman. Guaranteed breeders. FREE DELIVERY 403-783-2745 or Cell 403-783-1936 SIMMERON SIMMENTALS Last Call for fullblood full Fleckvieh bulls, yearlings and 2 year olds, horned, very quiet, muscled, no problem calving. 780-913-7963.

Grain, Feed Hay


HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm Pickup” Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252. ROUND hay bales. Cheap Free delivery. Self unloading. No Sunday calls Please. 403-843-6380

Seed Grain

2200 Buy it.

CERTIFIED seed for sale: Busby barley, Sundre barley, Jordan oats, Guaranteed, fully tested. Greg Jones, Magic Seed Farm 403-704-6277 or 403-783-6495

Classified. It’s the easy-to-access, information-packed marketplace visited regularly — by all kinds of consumers.

Sell it.

SEED BARLEY FOR SALE High germination, high yielding. Suitable for feed or silage. New digital scale & seed treating available. Larry Trautman 843-2733 Mark Trautman 843-3474

Classified. It’s the resource you can count on to sell a myriad of merchandise items because our columns compel qualified buyers to call.


Find it. Classified. It’s the solution you’re searching for — whether you’re seeking a home, an apartment, a new occupation or even a stray pet.





RVs • Trailers • Boats • Cars • Motorbikes • Quads/ATVs • Snowmobiles • Furniture/ Household Goods




Plumbing Gasfitting Hot Water & Forced Air Heating Water Analysis & Treatment Systems

RR#1 Lockhart Road Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0

Ph: 843-7794 Cell: 704-5039

403.843.7705 403 843 7705 Located corner of Hwy 771 and Parkland Beach Road, west side of Gull Lake

Outdoor Wood or Coal Boilers High Efficiency Wood Gasification Boilers 5034 45 Avenue Box 2040, Doug Madu (403) 843-2635 Rimbey, AB., TOC 2J0 Cell (403) 350-5901 email:

Garden Sheds, Garages, Soffit, Fascia, Siding, Drywall, Taping, Renovations. P.O. Box 1501, Rimbey, AB. TOC 2JO RES. (403) 843-4499 CELL (403) 588-4014

OPEN MAY 2 - DEC. 22

Double “B” Roofing Quality Service Free estimates Over 25 years experience. Insured & WCB

On Range Road 23 & Highway 53 Thursday - Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

S LAWN & GARD ’ E N E L DAR MAINTENANCE EN - Landscaping - Mowing - Rototilling - Spring & Fall Clean Ups

403.704.3059 or 403.843.2491 (leave message)


Jaffray Custom Spraying High Clearance Sprayer Licensed Ag Applicator Specializing in Herbicide, Fungicides & Desiccants Cody Jaffray Cell 403-358-1532 RR 1 Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0

Randy Jaffray Cell 403-357-9913 Res #403-748-2140

R.R. #2 Bluffton, AB TOC OMO Serving Central Alberta

If you need a cat, hoe, logger, mulcher, grader or truck, call us.

Ph: 403-704-4477


$30.00+ GST PER WEEK

Based on a 12 week commitment. Does not include the $2.25 per week web surcharge.

Call Michele or Connie or more details



The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 21

Houses/ Duplexes

Available June 1 - 3 bedroom newer town home end unit - close to schools - $1,000.00/month plus heat and power, $950.00 DD. N/S.N/P References required. Call Mary 403-783-6609

For Rent #3000 - #3200

Acreages/Farms ..............3010 Houses/Duplexes ............3020 Condos/Townhouses........3030 Manufactured Homes ......3040 Four Plexes/Six Plexes ....3050 Suites ..............................3060 Cottages/Seasonal ..........3070 Roommates Wanted ........3080 Rooms for Rent................3090 Motels/Hotels ..................3100 Offices ..............................3110 Stores/Commercial ..........3120 Industrial ..........................3130 Warehouse Space............3140 Garage Space..................3150 Storage Space ................3160 Land ................................3170 Pasture ............................3180 Mobile Lot ........................3190 Misc. for Rent ..................3200

4 Plexes/ 6 Plexes

Acreages/Farms ..............3255 Houses/Duplexes ............3260 Suites ..............................3270 Rooms..............................3280 Manufactured Homes ......3290 Housesitting Wanted ........3300 Garage Space..................3310 Storage Space ................3320 Stores/Commercial ..........3330 Office Space ....................3340 Industrial ..........................3350 Warehouse Space............3360 Resorts & Cottages..........3370 Pasture/Land....................3380 Mobile Lot ........................3390


FOR RENT IN PONOKA 3 BEDROOM in very quiet 4-PLEX. Close to downtown. 4 appliances 403-783-5493

PONOKA, 4 plex, 3 bdrms. newly reno’d, $995. 403-704-1221

Wanted to Rent #3250 - #3390

RIMBEY 2 bedroom, 1.5 baths, 2 levels with balcony, ensuite laundry, includes heat & water. 403-843-4894




2 BEDROOM basement suite, avail. June, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, no pets, no smoking. $650/month rent $650 d.d. 403-783-8154

PONOKA, 3 bdrm., 1/2 duplex, 4 appliances, no pets. Rent / DD $900. 403-346-3943, 358-9179


Houses/ Duplexes

Newly renovated 1 & 2 bedroom units in Ponoka: 3724-45 Street. 403-357-0287

PONOKA 3 bdrm. newer townhouse, 3 bath, 5 appls. $1295/mo. 403-704-1221

Houses For Sale



Cottages/Resort Property

Mortgages Bought/Sold


BANK SAID NO? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, self-employed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: 587-437-8437, Belmor Mortgage


NO BANK QUALIFYING! Beautiful 1700 sq ft, 3 bdrm, 1 bath home w/vaulted ceilings & a single garage (with room to build more bdrms and baths). Only $19,000 cash needed to take over financing of $291,000!

Real Estate #4000 - #4190

Realtors & Services..........4010 Houses for Sale................4020 Houses Wanted ................4030 Condos/Townhouses ........4040 Acreages ..........................4050 Acreages Wanted ............4060 Farms/Land ......................4070 Farms/Land Wanted ........4080 Manufactured/ Mobile Homes ..................4090 Income Property ..............4100 Commercial Property ......4110 Industrial Property ............4120 Cottages/Resort Property ..4130 Businesses for Sale..........4140 Buildings for Sale ............4150 Lots for Sale ....................4160 Out of Town Property ......4170 Investment Opportunities ..4180 Mortgages Bought/Sold....4190

Houses For Sale

Call Janet at 780-483-2006

if you want to start paying toward your own home!

Manufactured Homes


GRANDVIEW MODULAR HOMES NOW OPEN IN RED DEER! Showcasing high-end homes from Grandeur Housing and Palm Harbor Homes. Inquire about opening specials; 1-855-347-0417. 7925B - 50 Ave., Red Deer


A comfortable home for someone with 2 children, or property for a new house or duplex. Call Todd Reid 403-597-0797. 5115-47 Avenue, Ponoka NEW, classy 1286 sq. ft. bungalow, situated in a quiet cul de sac in PONOKA. Open plan with plenty of natural light, vaulted ceilings, 2 bedrooms plus den and 2 full bathrooms. Upgrades include oak cabinets, maple hardwood, gas fireplace, main floor laundry, mud room and 3 car garage. The roomy basement is ready for your design. Please email or call (780) 699 6866 for more info. Only $379,000.



Townhouse in Mountain Park subdivision. Over 3700 sq.ft., 4 bedrooms & 3.5 baths. Features include 22’ vaulted ceiling in Great Room with floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, hardwood floors, Dacor stainless steel appliances, in-floor radiant heat, walk-out lower level & more. Slate spa shower & large walk-in closets with built-in cabinetry. House is fully wired for surround sound, security smart home. $599,900 For more information call 403-396-5516.

Lots For Sale

Financial #4400 - #4430

Investments ......................4410 Money Wanted ................4420 Money to Loan ................4430

Money To Loan


DO YOU NEED to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161.


Fifth Wheels



Transportation #5000-5300

Automotive Services ........5010 Antique & Classic Autos ....5020 Cars ..................................5030 SUV’s................................5040 Trucks ..............................5050 Heavy Trucks....................5060 Vans/Buses ......................5070 Motorcycles ......................5080 Campers ..........................5090 Motorhomes......................5100 5th Wheels........................5110 Holiday Trailers ................5120 Tent Trailers ......................5130 Utility Trailers ....................5140 ATV’s ................................5150 Boats & Marine ................5160 Snowmobiles ....................5170 Tires, Parts & Accessories ......................5180 Auto Wreckers ..................5190 Vehicles Wanted ..............5200 Car/Truck Rental ..............5210 Recreational Vehicle Rental ..............................5220 Trailer Rental ....................5230 Misc. Automotive ..............5240 RV’s ..................................5300


1997 TRAVELLAIRE Prestige 265, clean, well kept, back kitchen w/sunshine ceiling, electric front jacks, back tow hitch $8000. 887-6295

RUSTLER 5 Wheel RW 220 - 1994

Clean - kept in shed.

403-843-6737 Tires, Parts Acces.


WRECKING TRUCKS all makes, all models. Dodge, GMC, Ford, Imports. Lots of 4X4 stuff, diesel, gas. Trucks up to 3 tons. We ship anywhere. Call 306-821-0260, Bill (Lloydminster) reply text, email, call; blackdog2010doc We ship same day bus, dhl, transport.


MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 loan and +. No credit 1990 KUSTOM KOACH, refused. Fast, easy, 100% 28 1/2 ft., power jacks, secure. 1-877-776-1660. new tires, top of the line model. Hasn’t been used for 7 years, original owner. $6,000. 403-742-4112.



Walk-out view lot (.40 acres) overlooking pond, backing W. at Wolf Creek Village. Power, municipal water & sewer to be connected. 10 yr. Golf membership avail. valued $30,000. Controls in place to protect your investment. 403-782-4599

A Star Makes Your Ad A Winner! CALL:

1-877-223-3311 To Place Your Ad Now!

Whatever You’re Selling... We Have The Paper You Need! CLASSIFIEDS 1-877-223-3311

Public Notice #6000

Public Notices ..................6010 Special Features ..............6050

RIMBEY BUSINESS DIRECTORY RIMBEYDENTALCARE davis & jaggi Action Autobody “artistic, trendy,fun!�

Tracy Davis 403-704-3104


Open for the Season May 1st 7 Days a Week 10 am - 6 pm

“We’re in the Business of Making You Look Good� 3 kms North & 3 kms East of Rimbey on Hwy #53

Owner Carey Anderson


Family Friendly Dentistry Box 1100 4905 50 St. Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0

Ph. (403) 843-2173 Fax: (403) 843-2607

Rimbey Implements Ltd.


Janice Cameron DD

• Annual Bedding Plants • Custom Planters • Perennials • Hanging Baskets • Trees & Shrubs • Pond Plants Located 5 miles West of Rimbey on Hwy #53. South 1 mile on #766, West 1 mile on Township 423, Ÿ mile North on No Exit Rd, 2nd driveway to the West



ďŹ ne art photography

Open May 1 to Aug 1

Gift Certificates Available


Sandy McLary, CTC/ACC Certified Travel & Cruise Consultant


Al York General Manager Cell: (403) 783-0593 5410 - 43 Street Bus: (403) 843-3700 Fax: (403) 843-3430 Rimbey, AB


Specializing in custom fit, natural looking dentures! Cell:

403-704-6615 (local call) or book online @




EARN DOLLARS FOR REFERRALS • Toll T ll Free F 11-866-984-3475 86


Alder Flats • Buck Lake



22 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 Public Notices


6010 Ponoka County

PUBLIC NOTICE Amendment to Land Use By-Law 7-08-LU The Council of Ponoka County has been asked by Garry Marek to amend Land Use By-Law 7-08-LU as follows: Reclassify W ½ SE 30-43-02-W5 (approximately 81.0 acres total) from Agricultural District to Rural Industrial District. Before considering the by-law, Council will hold a Public Hearing at which any person claiming to be affected may ask questions or make comments. This hearing is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in the Council Chambers of the County Administration Building. A copy of the proposed bylaw may be inspected at the County Administration Building, Ponoka, Alberta during regular office hours. Charlie B. Cutforth Chief Administrative Officer Ponoka County 4205 - Highway #2A PONOKA, Alberta T4J 1V9 Phone: 403-783-3333 Fax: 403-783-6965 e-mail:

Donation: Herb Keith, Allan Tarleton and Earl Giebelhaus of the Rimbey Masonic Lodge presented 18 jerseys to the Rimbey Minor Soccer Association. The jerseys were furnished by the Al Shamal Shrine. Accepting the jerseys were Jacy Austin, fundraising director for Rimbey Minor Soccer Association and Ilya Dourmanov, treasurer for minor soccer. Treena Mielke Photo

Braithwaite wins all round cowboy By Treena Mielke A Rimbey teen is off to provincials after winning all round cowboy in the Rimbey high school rodeo May 19 and 20. Cawl Braithwaite won boys allround cowboy after winning second in bull riding Sunday and Monday, and second in the bareback competition. He was surprised to win second in the bareback competition as it was his first time to enter. “A buddy entered me,” he said. Braithwaite won bull riding in provincials last year. The 17-year-old who lives on a farm west of Bluffton and is a Grade 11 student at West Country Outreach School, said he has been riding steers since he was nine years old and continues to enjoy rodeoing. “I grew up doing it and I have lots of buddies in ro-

deo.” The allround cowgirl at Rimbey High School rodeo was Makayla Boisjoli from Calgary. More than 100 competitors from district 2 of Alberta High School Rodeo, which encompasses central, east to the Saskatchewan border, north as far as Athabasca and south of Calgary, competed in the rodeo hosted by Butch and Nicole Smith with the help of friends and family. The Rimbey rodeo is the second last rodeo of the season allowing competitors an opportunity to make points to qualify for the Alberta finals, coming to Ponoka June to 9. The last rodeo before provincials was held in Carstairs last weekend. Contestants compete at provincials to qualify for nationals, to be held in Rock Springs, Wyo.

Ponoka County

PUBLIC NOTICE Amendment to Land Use By-Law 7-08-LU The Council of Ponoka County has been asked by Allied International Imports to amend Land Use By-Law 7-08-LU as follows: Reclassify Pt SE 04-42-01-W5 (approximately 70.0 acres total) from Country Residential to Lake Resort to allow for future multi-lot subdivision of the rezoned area. Before considering the by-law, Council will hold a Public Hearing at which any person claiming to be affected may ask questions or make comments. This hearing is scheduled for 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in the Council Chambers of the County Administration Building. A copy of the proposed bylaw may be inspected at the County Administration Building, Ponoka, Alberta during regular office hours. Charlie B. Cutforth Chief Administrative Officer Ponoka County 4205 - Highway #2A PONOKA, Alberta T4J 1V9 Phone: 403-783-3333 Fax: 403-783-6965 e-mail:

More than 100 competitors from district 2 competed in the Rimbey High School Rodeo hosted by Butch and Nicole Smith with the help of friends and family. Cawl Braithwaite hangs on here and placed second in bareback. APN Photo

ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA BUICK GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. x/‡/††/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2013 Sierra Ext 4WD (R7C), 2013 Terrain FWD (R7A), 2013 Acadia FWD (R7A), equipped as described. Freight included ($1,600/$1,550). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Buick GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer trade may be required. GMCL, RBC Royal Bank, TD Auto Financing Services or Scotiabank may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See Buick GMC dealer for details. W Based on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‡ 0% Purchase financing offered on approved credit by RBC Royal Bank/TD Auto Financing/Scotiabank for 84/60 months on new or demonstrator 2013 Terrain FWD/2013 Acadia FWD. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $119/$167 for 84/60 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. 0.99%/1.99% Purchase financing for 84 months on 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD/2013 Acadia FWD on approved credit by TD Auto Financing Services/RBC Royal Bank/Scotiabank. Example: $10,000 at 0.99%/1.99% for 84 months, the monthly payment is $123/$128. Cost of borrowing is $355/$721, total obligation is $10,355/$10,721. Biweekly payments based on a purchase price of $29,495/$36,695 with $3,299/$3,999 down on 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD/2013 Acadia FWD, equipped as described. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment and/or trade may be required. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will also vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. x $7,500 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on the 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. $1,500/$2,000 non-stackable cash credits is a manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2013 Sierra 1500 Ext Cab/Sierra 1500 Crew. Non-stackable cash credits are available only when consumers opt for the cash purchase of a new or demonstrator model. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing such discounts and incentives which will result in a higher effective interest rate. See dealer for details. Offer ends May 31, 2013. ^Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply. ^^ Based on latest competitive data available. + The Best Buy seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications, LLC, used under license. †* Comparison based on 2012 Wards segmentation: Middle/Cross Utility Vehicle and latest competitive data available, and based on the maximum legroom available. Excludes other GM brands. ^* For more information visit ** U.S. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are a part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( † Valid at participating GM dealerships in Canada only. Retail customers only. Offer ranges from 750 to 3,000 AIR MILES® reward miles, depending on model purchased. No cash value. Offer may not be combined with certain other AIR MILES promotions or offers. See your participating GM dealer for details. Offer expires July 2, 2013. Please allow 4–6 weeks after the offer end date for reward miles to be deposited to your AIR MILES® Collector Account. To ensure that reward miles are deposited in the preferred balance, Collector should ensure his/her balance preferences (AIR MILES® Cash balance and AIR MILES® Dream balance) are set as desired prior to completing the eligible purchase transaction. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer for any reason in whole or in part at any time without notice. ®™Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and General Motors of Canada Limited. ¥ Offer only valid from April 2, 2013 to July 2, 2013 (the “Program Period”) to retail customers resident in Canada who own or are currently leasing (during the Program Period) a GMC Terrain, Aztek, Sunrunner, Buick Rendezvous, Saturn Vue will receive a $1,000 credit towards the purchase, lease or factory order of an eligible new 2013 GMC Terrain. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000 credit includes GST/PST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply.

COMMUNITY The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013 23






11.2L/100KM HWY 15.9L/100KM CITYW




6.1L/100KM HWY 9.2L/100KM CITYW


8.4L/100KM HWY 12.7L/100KM CITYW


3,000 for up to

0% 84

1,000 PLUS









months ‡ financing




149 0.99% ‡




154 0 ‡




193 1.99% AT















84 OR



% FOR 84




















24 The Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013


LEGACY FORD LEGACY FORD is n ey ow open in Rimb

New inventory arriving daily!

OPEN LONGER HOURS TO SERVE YOU BETTER! SALES: Monday – Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

SERVICE: Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Stk #C0084. bright blue candy, sync, moonroof, winter pkg., etc

MSRP $22,024

$99 B/W

Sale Price



Stk #C0086. premium race red, 5.0L V8, 6 spd. manual, 19” wheels

MSRP $45,089

$259 B/W

Sale Price


EXPEDITION LIMITED MAX Stk #T0108. white platinum, loaded, beauty

MSRP $70,849

$389 B/W

Sale Price


2013 FOCUS 5 DR HATCH SE Stk #C0012. SE sport pkg., 2.0L, sony my touch, winter pkg., etc.

MSRP $26,359

$159 B/W

Sale Price



Stk #C0010. premium, 3.7L V6 sync, auto aftermarket louvers

MSRP $34,499

$179 B/W

Sale Price


2013 F150 S/CAB XTR

Stk #T0013. 5.0L, auto, great pkg.


Stk #C0123. Performance Blue, 2.0L, nav., my touch, moonroof, etc.

MSRP $31,149

$189 B/W

Sale Price



Stk #C0011. 3.5L V6, auto, power moonroof

MSRP $38,199

$195 B/W

Sale Price


2013 F150 XTR SUPER CREW 4X4

Stk #T0032. max tow/loaded

MSRP $44,719

$199 B/W

Sale Price


MSRP $46,259

$219 B/W

Sale Price



Stk #C0005. oxford white, 18” sport wheels, spoiler tech pkg., etc.

MSRP $30,449

$185 B/W


Stk #T0002. kodiac brown, Canadian comfort pkg., my touch, loaded, etc.

MSRP $43,349

$244 B/W

Sale Price


2013 F350 XLT CREW CAB Stk #T0038. 6.2L V8, 172” great work horse

MSRP $54,789

$289 B/W

*Some vehicles not exactly as illustrated. All payments based on longest term possible 60-96 mth, 0 down, 5.99% oac. GST extra.

“Let your Legacy start here.”

Sale Price


Sale Price


Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013  
Rimbey Review, May 28, 2013  

May 28, 2013 edition of the Rimbey Review