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March 28 – April 3, 2013



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March 28 – April 3, 2013


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Spend Good Friday with Bach This year’s traditional Good Friday performance features Johann Sebastian Bach’s towering choral masterpiece, the Mass in B minor, BWV 232.  One of the great monuments of all music, this Mass plumbs the depths of musical and spiritual experience. Conductor Jon Washburn leads the outstanding soloists (Including Shannon Mercer, pictured), choirs and orchestra to present this musical highlight of the season. Tickets are $19.50 - $47.50. Student rush tickets available for $10 when doors open for the show at the Orpheum (601 Smithe) at 7pm, March 29. Visit to purchase online or phone 1-855-985-ARTS (2787). Supplied photo

Easter Egg hunting we will go When it comes to holiday mascots, only Santa Claus works harder than the Easter Bunny. This weekend, the long-eared mammal of the hour will be hoppin’ and boppin’ at events all over the Lower Mainland. Note: pre-registration is required in most cases, so check in with the venue: The Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt at VanDusen Botanical Garden is already sold out (sorry). Easter at the Stanley Park Miniature Train Hop on the iconic train for a leisurely journey through tunnels, over hills and under a canopy of trees—and then hop off for an egg hunt, crafts, and a meet-and-greet with the Easter Bunny. Children: $8.75; Adults: $3.50 to ride train. 2099 Beach Avenue, Stanley Park. Daily until April 1, 10am-5pm. 604.257.8530.

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While SFU and UBC are two of the city’s best-known schools, there’s a little-known place of learning that’s been attracting scholars, academics and people interested in challenging their minds. Every Monday since February, the Or Gallery (555 Hamilton) has been host to The Free School, a lecture and discussion series organized by two PhD students. The pilot project, which is also called the Vancouver Institute Pick of the week for Social Research, provides the city with a critical theory school where anyone can sit in and listen to academics speak on a variety of issues. So far every event has reached capacity. Not unlike a university class, the series has assigned readings that participants are encouraged to take in before the lecture. They can be found on the event’s website — There is one lecture left before it picks up again in the fall. On April 1, Randy Lee Cutler will lead ”Crystal Worlds – Between a Virtual and a Hard Place”. Easter Eggstravaganza at the False Creek Community Centre This annual celebration (geared towards children ages 2 to 8) features brunch, games, crafts, and an egg hunt. $5/child. 1318 Cartwright Street. 10:30am-12pm, March 30. 604.257.8195. Easter Eggstravaganza at the Kitsilano Community Centre The Easter Bunny will be on site for an outdoor egg hunt (and a bevy of indoor activities, too). For children ages 1 to 8. $6/child. 2690 Larch Street. 11am-1pm, March 30. 604.257.6976.

There’s more fun Easter info online at


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APR 19-21

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March 28 – April 3, 2013

All Makes - All Models Leasing Phone: 1-888-697-7993 Direct: 604-715-8772 Email:


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Easter Egg Hunt at the Roundhouse Community Centre Easter gets an artistic twist, where participants create their very own egg-collecting baskets (and meet the Easter Bunny, too). $5/child. 181 Roundhouse Mews. 9:30am-10:45am (1-3yrs), 11:15am-12:30pm (1-6yrs), 1pm-2:15pm (4-9yrs), March 30.

Easter Egg Hunts at Choices Markets Celebrate Easter with giant bunnies, treasure hunts, and a

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bounty of chocolate. Pre-register in person at the store of your choice. 11am, March 31.

Bounce with Bunny at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Hunt for eggs, make crafts, and explore a ginormous pile of toys in a bunnythemed parent and preschooler gym session. Child: $3; Family: $5. 1 Kingsway. 10:15am-12:15pm, April 1.

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The classic Chekhov play follows four aristocratic Prozorov siblings, and their sinking hopes of returning to social importance. Despite the cultural differences between life in a Czarist Russian village and modern Vancouver, Three Sisters is a surprisingly relevant, and humourous 20th century play “about dreams that don’t come true,” says director Jane Heyman. “With last year’s closing of the Playhouse, it was hard to imagine when we might see another professional production of Three Sisters in Vancouver. We’ve used that sad event as an inspiration to make it happen ourselves.” Chekhov would be pleased. The play (which counts among its stars Bob Frazer and Emma Slipp, pictured) runs until April 20 at the Vancity Culture Lab at TheCultch. com. Emily Cooper photo

Easter Eggstravaganza at the Renfrew Community Centre Renfrew’s rain-or-shine event features an egg hunt, crafts, and face painting. For children ages 0 to 10. $5/child. 2929 East 22nd Avenue. 12:30pm-3:00pm, March 30.



Three Sisters

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March 28 – April 3, 2013


Baba Brinkman to young voters: My mom is the leader for you By Marcus Kaulback


f British Columbia’s 36 federal ridings, only two are held by Liberal MPs. But of those two MPs – Vancouver Centre’s Hedy Fry and Vancouver Quadra’s Joyce Murray – one is vying for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Joyce Murray is a veteran politician perhaps best known for her environmentalism. For those unfamiliar with her politics, a crash course: she is an advocate of carbon tax, is against pipelines through BC, and is in full support of legalizing marijuana; she is also in favour of “uniting the Left”, and defeating the Conservatives through co-operation between the Liberals, NDP, and Green Party. We spoke with Murray’s son, Baba Brinkman, about the barriers to getting young people out to vote, and his mother’s chances of securing the Liberal leadership. And you thought Justin was the only option…

Who are you? I’m a rap artist and playwright from Vancouver, now

living in New York city, writing and performing hip-hop theatre offBroadway. I’m also the son of Joyce Murray, the most highly-qualified candidate currently running for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Dirk Brinkman, an environmental entrepreneur whose reforestation company recently celebrated one billion trees planted in Canada.

What is the greatest barrier to engaging young people on topics they aren’t necessarily interested in? It is the assumption of irrelevance. If I assume something isn’t relevant to my interests, then I will be disinterested in it by definition, but I think most people are open to having their assumptions challenged and their minds changed. I like to show a direct link between the thing that is assumed to be irrelevant and something else that is eminently relevant to everyone’s interests, such as family, relationships, love, struggle, etc.

4) Youth voter participation has been declining. As someone who knows the importance of medium

New York-based rap artist Baba Brinkman says his mother, Liberal Party candidate Joyce Murray, speaks to many of the issues that relate to young people. But when it comes to her competing with Justin Trudeau for youth support, that might be like him competing with Justin Bieber for record sales. in communicating to different groups, how would you suggest your mother influences and mobilizes young people to vote? My advice from the beginning was: be bold. This was hardly necessary because she is bold by nature. Young people will disengage from politics if politicians are too timid to deal with the world as it is, rather than the world as the political class has become accustomed to describing it. Joyce’s decision to seek political alliances with Green and NDP candidates on a one-time basis for the purpose of ousting Harper and passing electoral reform, her explicit call for the legalization and taxation of cannabis, and her unequivocal support for putting a price on carbon emissions are all excellent, sensible, progressive policies. They are only controversial because people are entrenched and afraid.

5) A major motivational barrier to youth voting is the belief that no party/candidate speaks to issues relevant to them. What would you say to convince them that your mother has appeal to them, that she is on their side? I would ask what they are worried about, excited about, and unsure about when it comes to their future, and what they think ought to be done about it. Climate change weighs on the minds of young people more than policymakers acknowledge, because it has the potential to severely impact their generation’s prospects, both in terms of the local economic picture and the

wellbeing of other people around the world. Joyce wrote her thesis on climate change in 1992, before many new voters were even born. Any issue at all that young Canadians have a strong feeling about, I guarantee Joyce will have something to say about it — but I won’t guarantee they’ll like it. Their response will depend on their politics, since obviously it would be condescending to imagine the “youth vote” as completely homogenous. As Michael Franti says: “If I don’t have enemies, I’m not doing my job.”

6) Can she compete with Justin Trudeau for young votes? My mother can compete with Justin Trudeau for youth support about as well as I can compete with Justin Bieber for record sales. But luckily she and Trudeau are on the same team. If she wins, he will be at her side to rally the youth vote for the general election, and if he wins, Joyce will be there to offer experience and policy acumen to his cabinet. I still think she is a better choice for party leader by a mile, but politics (like the music industry) is as much a popularity contest as it is a meritocracy.

7) Why would your mother make the best leader?

She has proven leadership experience, in the BC legislature, and she’s an unstoppable problemsolver. When she was a cabinet minister in Victoria, I was a graduate student working on my Masters at UVic, and we would go for coffee Operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in partnership with the every morning and go West End Community Centre Association through the papers and discuss every politically controversial issue of the day, every policy initiative, every competing agenda. She has a system for working through Barclay Manor intractable conflicts, West End Community Centre Coal Harbour Community Centre bringing everyone to the table, hearing them out, consulting experts, scientists, environmental groups, business, everyone with a stake, and in the end designing a policy that maximally balances a concern for the common good with the freedom of individuals to pursue their goals. She’s genuinely gifted when it comes to understanding and implementing good Register online, by phone or in person at West End or Coal Harbour CC. public policy. I hope Canadians give her a Visit to download the Recreation Guide. chance to show them what’s possible. West End CC Coal Harbour CC Barclay Manor

Barclay Manor West End Community Centre Coal Harbour Community Centre

spring into recreation and...

www.west end 604 257 8333

www.coal harbour 604 718 8222

www.barclay 604 257 8333

Operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in partnership with the West End Community Centre Association

Spring registration begins on

Tuesday, y, Ap April 2 at 9 AM.

870 Denman Street Vancouver, BC 604.257.8333


March 28 – April 3, 2013

480 Broughton Street Vancouver, BC 604.718.8222

1447 Barclay Street Vancouver, BC 604.257.8333

The federal Liberals vote for a new leader on April 14.

NoteWorthy Public Salon In some roles, Sam Sullivan is cast as Vancouver’s former mayor. In a more recent incarnation, he’s the Liberal candidate for False Creek in the upcoming provincial election. But his non-political role is as a lover of ideas — and sharing ideas. Sullivan is hosting his next Public Salon on April 3. The line-up of speakers is: Anadi Canepa, particle physicist; Stanley Coren, dog psychologist; Ilana Labow, urban farmer and educator; Paul Merrick, architect; Alcin Ryuzen Ramos, Shakuhachie master; David Robertson, native languages scholar; author Timothy Taylor; and cardiologist John Webb. Tickets are $16 online at or $20 at the door of the Vancouver Playhouse (600 Hamilton) that night. For $90 you can meet the speakers beforehand at a casual pre-Salon dinner at the Playhouse.

Entrepreneur award Young entrepreneurs are often rich with ideas and cash-strapped when it comes to having the resources to pull them off. The BDC is offering a $100,000 award in consulting services to help entrepreneurs age 18 to 35. You have until April 2 to complete an online application and submit a one- to two-minute video about “that decisive moment your business has reached and the solution you propose to take it the next level.” You don’t need to be a budding filmmaker; you can use your iPhone’s video camera to make your pitch. Find out more at

Marathon money Community groups who provide at least 25 volunteers to help with Canada’s largest marathon may be chosen to receive one of five $2,000 grants. BMO Vancouver Marathon says the awards are open to any community group — a club, society, charity, nonprofit, school, college, university or association — that is organized and operated without the purpose of making a profit. Groups must create a fun and memorable experience for the 18,000 runners, spectators, and the community and demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm at the event. Award candidate groups must also demonstrate a commitment to everyone’s safety during the run. Details are available at,

where runners can also register to participate in the three point-to-point courses on May 5. The 2013 events will remain capped at 5,000 for the Marathon, 10,000 for the Half-Marathon, 2,000 for the 8km, 500 for 8km Teen Challenge and 500 for the Kids 1-Mile Fun Run participants.

Live-streaming beluga The Vancouver Aquarium has also made upgrades to their digital world, opening its doors a little wider through enhancements to its live web cam features. Virtual guests are invited to gaze at the Aquarium’s African penguins or marvel at its majestic belugas while riding the bus or or relaxing at a coffee shop. The Aquarium’s newly-redesigned web cams allow viewers to peek into four different habitats at the Aquarium from their home computers, or on the go with mobile phones and tablets. The new platform also allows viewers to take snapshots of the animals and share images with friends. View the Vancouver Aquarium’s live web cams: webcams

City Council approves co-housing Council has approved Vancouver’s first co-housing project, one of only nine in Canada. The project is the first to be enabled by the City’s new affordable housing interim rezoning bylaw, which arose from recommendations of the Mayor’s Housing Affordability Task Force. The new project on E 33rd will feature 31 housing units in a threestorey building, and is more affordable due to shared spaces and common areas such as kitchens, gathering spaces, and meeting rooms. “Vancouver needs affordable housing that fits with our neighbourhoods and makes our city more livable for everyone, especially seniors, students, and young families.”said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “This co-housing project is another creative step toward meeting that need.” Co-housing is said to facilitate community through shared spaces and interactions with neighbours. It was a popular choice in consultations and last summer’s re:Think Housing international ideas competition, in which two co-housing projects won People’s Choice awards.



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Cross-border flights taking off; cheaper costs cited



Nobel Prize

By Jeff Nagel


new poll shows half of Lower Mainland air travellers recently drove to the US to catch a cheaper flight instead of using a BC airport. The Insights West online survey found 51 per cent of respondents who flew anywhere in the last two years did so at least once by driving across the border to airports such as Bellingham or Seattle. Insights West senior vice-president Catherine Dawson said the trend seems to be growing, with 23 per cent saying they cross the line more often to fly now than they did three years ago, compared to

six per cent who said they do it less often. Lower prices offered out of US airports were the overwhelming reason. Dawson said the 49 per cent who stuck to Canadian airports would include some who didn’t have a choice because they were flying to smaller BC towns not served by US airports. But one finding Dawson called “very surprising” is that seven per cent were crossing the line to take short flights of less than three hours to Canadian destinations and six per cent were taking longer flights back into Canada. The findings come on the heels of a February poll on cross-border shopping trends that found a large majority of the Lower Mainland’s residents regularly shop in the US.

West end Community Plan direCtions Open HOuses A community plan only happens once every 30 years. Help shape your community’s future! The City is creating a new community plan for the West end that will be the future road map on areas ranging from housing and land use to transportation and public spaces. since the planning process launched in April 2012, we’ve received a wide range of feedback from residents, businesses and other stakeholders which has helped shape a set of directions. Come to a drop-in open house to learn more about the directions and let us know what you think. Your input will help create a draft plan for the West end. oPen Houses: thursday, april 4, 4 - 7 pm Best Western Sands Hotel, 1755 Davie Street saturday, april 6, 11 am - 2 pm West End Community Centre, 870 Denman Street tuesday, april 9, 4 - 7 pm Blue Horizon Hotel, 1225 Robson Street for more information: or 604-871-6330

City of Vancouver print Ad #A13-030 size of ad: 1/5 page 4.333 x 7 inches Insertion date: march 28 Westender Contact: Gagan sandhu price of ad: $448.14 plus tax

pO number: 4700000486 Account number: 40029139

Ad designer: elaine Ayres Corporate Commu phone: 604-871-62

send invoice to: For City of Vancou Holly sovdi or 2390 Burrard Street, Vancouver City of Vancouver Today’s Date: Accounts payable Sales 1 877 790 March 0978 20, 2013 Service 1 888 415 2205 pO Box 7757 349 West Georgia Vancouver, BC V6B 0L5 phone: 604-673-8355



APR bi-weekly for 60 months. $0 Downpayment. ** MSRP $27,630 includes freight & PDI.


#Limited time lease offer based on a new 2013 CR-V LX 2WD model RM3H3DES. *3.99% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Bi-weekly payment, including freight and PDI, is $153.97. Downpayment of $0.00, first bi-weekly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $20,170.07. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. **MSRP $27,630 including freight and PDI of $1,640 based on a new 2013 CR-V LX 2WD model RM3H3DES. PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. #/*/** Offers valid from March 1st through 31st, 2013 at participating Honda retailers. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Offers valid only for British Columbia residents at BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.

March 28 – April 3, 2013


Craft beer week pays homage to Red Sky Alt Beer By Martha Perkins

ways when it comes to making beer at Storm Brewery. (Where else in this city could you find a Black Plague Stout for all that ales you?) Back in 1997, Walton did a sour beer aged in oak barrels. Few people were interested in buying it so he halted production. Today, sour beers are the all the rage or, as Walton says, “sour is the new bitter.” Then there’s his recipe for Red Sky Alt Beer. It’s an ale brewed with classic lager techniques, resulting in a “nice, full rich mouth beer.” First designed as one of his home brews, he stopped making it at his Commercial Drive brewery a few years ago. Then one of the young whipper snippers in Vancouver’s burgeoning craft beer scene dropped by for a visit. Graham With is the designated brewmaster of the signature beer for 2013 Vancouver Craft Beer Week. The first craft beer he ever tried (before he was of legal age to imbibe) was the Red Sky Alt Beer. He loved it and convinced Walton to share his recipe for this year’s collaboration brew. On Friday afternoon, brew masters from across the Lower Mainland gathered at Parallel 49 Brewing


ames Walton’s black leather jacket, platinum blond hair, silver earring and funky coloured glasses juxtapose his old-school

James Walton of Storm Brewery, left, shared one of his recipes with Parallel 49’s Graham With for this year’s collaboration beer.

Brewmasters from across the Lower Mainland gathered at Parallel 49 to toast the signature beer for the 2013 Vancouver Craft Beer Week, May 31 to June 8. Martha Perkins photo Company in East Van, With’s home hopping ground, to toast the return of Red Sky Alt Beer. A collaboration of the 31 breweries from across the province taking part in the nine-day celebration, the beer will only be available around the time of Vancouver Craft Beer Week (May 31 to June 8.) Proceeds will be donated to Mark Brand’s A Better Life Foundation. Brand, who recently put his own mark on the craft beer scene with Portside Pub in Gastown and

who is about to open Beachcomber Brewing in Gibsons, has agreed to use the money to buy food tokens at Save On Meats (which Brand also owns.) Those tokens will be given away in the Downtown Eastside. “We want to show that Vancouver Craft Beer Week is socially aware of what’s going on,” says Chris Bjerrisgaard, one of VCBW’s organizers. Previous recipients were the tsunami relief fund and the BC Farmland Defence League.

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Meanwhile, at six o’clock last Friday morning, With and Walton were at Parallel 49 to start making the Red Sky Alt Beer. A traditional beer calls for a traditional method of making it, i.e. a “long, intensive process.” But the result will be a light, refreshing German-style beer. “You can convert non beer drinkers into craft beer drinkers with this one,” Bjerrisgaard says.

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March 28 – April 3, 2013


Discover Main street

Move over foodies. Craft beer geeks want room at the table By Martha Perkins


here is no empirical evidence to back this up, but surely there are more independent coffee shops per capita on Main Street than in any other neighbourhood in Vancouver. Why the need to consume so much high-octane caffeine? Perhaps it is to recover from/prepare for an evening of enjoying all the craft beer that’s available within walking distance. “My guess is that we’re a social part of town,” says Chris Bjerrisgaard of Portland Craft, one of several restaurants catering to craft beer aficionados — with three micro-breweries slated to follow suit within the next few months. “We want to go out and not hide in our apartments, and we want to drink locally produced products,” Bjerrisgaard says. “People are treating beer like food now; you don’t want to just go to McDonalds,” says Graham With, who is brewing the 2013 collaboration beer for Vancouver Craft Beer Week at nearby Parallel 49 Brewing Company. Main Street’s beer culture is making Mount Pleasant a destination for people who either already know their craft beers and want to seek out their favourites, or those who are just beginning their quest for artisanal alternatives to the major breweries. There are two ironies at play here. One is that Mount Pleasant is Vancouver’s original brewery district. “In its natural form, Mount Pleasant was full of creeks housing sturgeon, flounder, sole, perch and smelt,” says the Residents Association of Mount Pleasant website. “Down its centre ran one of Vancouver’s largest salmon and trout creeks, with a ravine up to 40 feet deep down parts of the hill.” This creek, which now runs under the pavement in a pipe, provided such an easily accessible source of water that it soon became known as Brewery Creek (a much more appealing name than Tea Swamp Park up the hill.) Today, says Anthony Norfolk of Heritage Vancouver, perhaps the only tangible reminder of this

more online

The Whip was the first Main Street establishment to bring in craft beer by the cask. Today, the neighbourhood is a celebration of craft beer. Aficionados will soon be raising a glass to three new breweries in what was known as the Brewery Creek area. Paul Duchart photo bygone era is the hop vines climbing over the back fence of the Western Front property. The second irony, Bjerrisgaard says, is that the city makes it hard for craft beer pubs to open. There are few liquor-primary licences available, and most are downtown. Portland Craft had to become a restaurant if it wanted to focus on selling craft beers. (Portland Craft has become the darling of several American craft breweries. It is already among the breweries’ top three customers on the West Coast, giving a more favourable twist on what it means to live on the Wet Coast.) “We’ve just created the best opportunity to use [Portland Craft] as a local,” he says. The Whip was the first place in the neighbourhood to buy craft beer by the cask, whetting people’s thirst for creative and seasonal beers. It also helps that Main Street is a neighbourhood where people live where they work and play. Tough drinking and driving penalties aren’t a worry when you can walk home from your favourite pub. But there’s more to craft beers than their taste. Drinking beer, by its very nature, is a very social activity — or should be! Drop by a craft beer establishment and you’re more likely to get to know your neighbour, Bjerrisgaard says. “We have a long table and no TVs for a reason,” he says. “People will actually talk to one another. One, if you’re a craft beer lover, you can break the ice with a conversation about beer. Two, when you’re drinking beer, your inhibitions get let down and you start talking about things aside from beer and the next thing you know, you’ll make new friends.” Everything old will become new again when

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three micro-breweries open in the area: 33 Acres, Brassneck Brewery and Main Street Brewery, a partnership between Nigel Pike, who co-owns Cascade Room, Habit, Union and El Camino, and Cameron Forsyth, owner of Portland Craft. The Mark James Group will launch a mid-sized Red Truck Brewery on Great Northern Way this year, too. Conrad Gmoser was the awardwinning brewmaster at Steamworks (which is opening a large brewery just on the other side of the Burnaby boundary) before he left to launch Brassneck Brewery with Nigel Springthorpe, one of the owners of the Alibi Room, a mecca for craft beer drinkers. “Nigel’s been wanting to do this for a long time and the time was right,” Gmoser said at the launch of the 2013 collaboration beer at Parallel 49. Building permit allowing, they’re

hoping to open their doors at Main and 6th in June. They’ll start with six beers but hope to get up to 12. In the meantime, they’ll concentrate on refillable growler bottlers. “The model is a little bit like a gelato shop — you try this, you try that, and decide what you want to go with. You can have a conversation about it,” Gmoser says. Continuing the gelato analogy, he adds that “even if you’re coming in for vanilla, you can taste some crazy beer you’ve never heard of before.” Apart from the ready source of customers — “The whole street is all about food and drink and people hanging out” — Gmoser says that what also makes Main Street appealing to breweries is the availability of proper zoning. He envisions a brewery crawl once everyone gets up and running.


(not necessarily in that order)




928 Main Street • 604.558.0928 • ElectricOwlSocialClub •



March 28 – April 3, 2013


Main street

Bridging the gap Nicole Bridger purchases her own clothing factory, completing the design, manufacture and retail circle By Kelsey Klassen


ou could think Nicole Bridger has been given a head start on others her age, having received one-on-one mentoring from fashion industry leaders such as John Fluevog, Vivienne Westwood and Chip Wilson. Or it could click that she’s known what she’s doing since the very beginning. Either way, it comes as no surprise that, at 31 (a mere 15 years after the lightbulb went off on her design aspirations), the forward-thinking Vancouver talent now not only owns the Mount Pleasant factory that manufactures her clothing, but also produces many of her competitors’ lines. Fans of her designs might have met Bridger at her flagship store in Kits, and found that the petite, sweetfaced brunette with the tiny facial piercing has a way of getting to the point. But her frankness comes from a place of experience, mixed with a

lingering youthful irony and a dash of idealism. She designs for that woman: 35-45, professional, maybe has young kids — a conscious person who focuses on being a good friend, a great mother, on taking time for herself and taking care of herself. And while she’s had to be all those things (which set her apart amid a sea of eager design school grads, and helped her balance her career with being a single mom to a four-yearold son), Bridger is also the sum of dogged work ethic and incredible opportunities: In high school, John Fluevog, the father of her first love and a Vancouver shoe designer, saw her interest in fashion and brought her to New York. There, she encountered the designs of punk icon Vivienne Westwood for the first time. She was accepted to fashion school at Ryerson, and, in 2002, enrolled in an exchange program that would take her to London, with the sole inten-

Vancouver designer Nicole Bridger on the floor of her newly purchased clothing factory at W. 6th and Main. At the age of 31, she now owns every aspect of her business. Rob Newell photo tion of interning for Westwood. Upon arrival, she was told Westwood’s studio was already full, with eight interns at work. But Bridger refused to leave London without making waves. She went back in and asked for three days to prove herself, and went on to work with Westwood personally, on projects such as Paris Fashion Week — smoking, drinking and eating pizza til 3am with her idol. It was with Westwood that Bridger learned the art of draping so prevalent in her own clothing. Around that time, while allegedly conversing “butt naked” in the changing room at the Arbutus Club, lululemon’s Chip Wilson handed her father his business card and relayed the message for Bridger to get in touch. She began her career with lululemon hemming. She created their first headband. Then, after graduation in 2003, she approached Wilson for advice on a business proposal. His response was, “Don’t start a company for them, start one for me.” She ran Oqoqo, lululemon’s sustainable casual line, for two years — soaking up maxims such as “Create a story worth telling,” and “80 per cent of your products should be black.” She also learned that the key to financial success was to be vertically integrated, all the way from manufacturing to retail. And by 2007, she had finally amassed enough business knowledge, by her standards, to launch her own line. But life deals its curveballs, and three-and-a-half years ago, Bridger’s personal life suffered a blow.

Have f u n !bi g ! Wi n

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Before the divorce, she was taking her son to her parents’ house in Kerrisdale two days a week, working in the basement and dashing up the stairs every two hours to breast feed. After, she and her son moved in with them and she continued to work out of their home. So let’s fast forward to this new factory of hers. It’s actually 20 years old, and had been manufacturing her line up until October, when the owners decided to retire. She nearly missed her chance to buy the business (it came down to within hours of another offer being accepted), but Bridger says the thought of an inexperienced new owner scared her more than the financial risk, so she threw together her own offer for Helena Trading, and went from one full-time employee to almost 20. And, in the process, not only retained all the factory staff, but the customers as well. Quick reactions aside, the move was always Bridger’s plan. The factory is known for producing technically challenging garments, and calls local labels Plum, Jacqueline Conoir, Chloe Angus, Dace and Obakki clients. Having had a few months to settle in at her bustling new head office, she’s now eyeing a second retail location, possibly in Park Royal or Gastown. And she is already improving on the factory model — increasing wages, moving towards profit sharing and benefits, and just spending time on the floor. She says she likes to see that her employees are actually taking their vacations. On our way out, she points to the cutting table to tell me that’s where Mr. Chan works. A reverent look crosses her face as she glances around her factory floor: “He’s very skilled. It’s a difficult trade, and I think that gets overlooked.”

www.planetbi ng o. ca 2655 Main Street • 604.879.8930

Open 7 days a week 11:00am-11:30pm (12:30am on Fridays and Saturdays)

Know your limit, play within it.

Know your limit, play within it.


March 28 – April 3, 2013

Bridger’s SS13 collection will make its “runway” début at Portside for Eco Fashion Week on April 21. Given her history of involving dance, yogis and motivational speeches in her shows, it won’t be what front-row types expect.

Discover Main street

Hyde & Lowe Actor-restaurateur Crystal Lowe perfects the art of leading two lives By Sabrina Furminger


yde Restaurant invites its patrons to “arrive Jekyll and leave Hyde” — and its co-owner might be the perfect example of two dynamic lives co-existing in one busy body. In one life, Crystal Lowe is one half of the married duo behind the Tim Burton-inspired resto-lounge at 2960 Main Street. In her other life, she’s an in-demand actor, most recently battling displaced dinosaurs and generating reams of code as tech whiz Toby Nance on Primeval: New World, the Canadian spin-off of the groundbreaking British series that concluded its 13-episode run in February. The non-stop juggling act is second nature for Lowe, 32. “My mom went back to school in her thirties with two small children, was a single mother, got her PhD and is now a professor of 18th century English literature,” said Lowe during a recent interview at Hyde. “[Watching] her, I was like, ‘Oh, I can do anything,’ and that’s what’s been instilled in me since I was little. I don’t have a lot of fear.”

Actor-restaurateur Crystal Lowe always has fun ways to keep the patrons at Hyde Restaurant amused, including the burlesque-flavoured This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Bingo nights. Photo by Rob Newell. Styling by Sue Woo Ignite Beauty Salon and LMJ Styling. Lowe was only 15 when she booked her first acting gig (a guest appearance on Stargate SG-1), and since then she’s appeared in an array of roles on screens big (Snakes on a Plane, Insomnia) and small (Smallville, Supernatural) while also strutting her stuff as a model. Along the way, Lowe has helmed a number of profitable businesses, including a promotional modeling company, a burlesque troupe, and an event-planning firm. But Lowe has found something enduring

in Hyde, which opened its doors shortly before she won the role of Toby in the Vancouver-shot sci-fi series. Hyde specializes in scratch-made, organic spins on comfort food such as poutine, burgers, and pizza. The drink menu was designed by Jackson Berlin (formerly of West). Lowe’s favourite beverage? The Gin Gin Mule, a refreshing concoction of gin, mint, lime, and ginger beer. Her love of Lewis Carroll can be seen in the menu headings —

Eat Me; Share Me; Drink Me. She’s also made fun a priority. Hyde’s weekly calendar includes live music and burlesque-flavoured “This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Bingo” nights; the venue has hosted live art shows, wrap parties, and indie film shoots. “I wanted to have a little house where people could come and be artists. Sit around, have a couple shots of Jack, and sing Johnny Cash with the band. It’s a blast.” Hyde occupies the space that once housed Zigz Urban Bistro, until Zigz’s owners put the business on the market and Lowe and her husband, Miko Tomasevich, snapped it up. “We actually had people come up to us and say, ‘You’re just Kitsilano people coming in here, taking over our place, how dare you,’” said Lowe. “We really had to convince people that we weren’t here to take over and change [the neighbourhood]. The support now that they’ve gotten to know us is totally different. Regulars who used to come here [when it was Zigz] have now become our regulars, which is nice.” Somewhere between owning a busy restaurant and acting, Lowe is finding time to wade — or dive headfirst — into producing. Currently, Lowe and fellow Vancouver actor Sandy Sidhu are co-producing the directorial debut of a third Vancouver actor, Agam Darshi. “It felt very natural to be behind the camera, which was weird,” says Lowe. “I usually like to be in front of the camera.” Now in post-production, the short film (about the tormented psyche of an aging starlet) will eventually premiere on Bravo. Many people might shy away from a workload as jam-packed as Lowe’s, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. “[Will Smith] said that if he were on a treadmill with another guy, he would die rather than be the first to get off of that treadmill,” said Lowe. “That’s how I live, too.”

Thai cuisine on Main

Q A When did you open your resTAurAnT on MAin? I opened in September 2010.

When Tai Keattivanichvily was growing up in Thailand, he’d watch his mother cook a delicious family meal entirely from scratch, including smashing open a coconut. Years later, when he opened his own Thai restaurants, he wanted to pay homage to such high standards. His chefs might not have to use a hammer to extract coconut milk, but they do make everything a la minute using only the freshest of ingredients. When a customer sits down at Bob Likes Thai Food, they know they’re going to enjoy a meal that’s as close to his late mother’s cooking as possible (especially since he uses many of his recipes.) “We work hard to make it as close to authentic as possible,” he says. His favourite dish is the Six Bites or Miang kham, which can be translated as “eating many things in one bite”: Piper

sarmentosum or chaphlu leaves, roasted coconut shavings, lime, shallot, peanut, ginger with tamarind palm sugar sauce. “There’s so much depth to it,” he says. “It’s like a symphony in your mouth.” An animator by profession, Keattivanichvily opened his first restaurant on Main Street three years ago. It soon became a neighbourhood favourite. His second location, at West Broadway and Granville, is equally addictive. When wondering what to call his restaurants, he wanted to avoid flowery imagery. Instead, he imagined an expat named Bob who lived in Thailand for years, falling in love with the food. Back in Vancouver, Bob yearned to find a place where he could recapture those memories of amazing symphonies of taste. And he wanted to eat in a restaurant where he could relax from the day’s stresses and feel instantly comfortable. Bob Likes Thai Food fits the bill.

Why MAin? I love the neighbourhood. It reminds me of Portobello in London. It’s full of creative energy. WhAT spoTs do you freQuenT in The ‘hood? Anywhere between 12th and 28th Avenues. WhAT seTs your sTAff ApArT? They have good hearts.

BOB LIKES THAI FOOD eat in – take out

Vancouver’s BEST home-style Thai Kitchen 3755 Main St. @ 22nd Ave. 604.568.8538 1521 W. Broadway @ Granville St. 604.558.3320 WWW.BOBLIKESTHAIFOOD.COM March 28 – April 3, 2013


Discover Main street

These are a few... WE Vancouver asked Jenn Chic, lover of all things Main Street, to come up with five of her favourite haunts. Here’s what popped up on her list

Established 1996

Ride On 3463 Main Street, Vancouver 604-738-7734 Celebrating 10 years on Main Street

Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

Ride On Again 2255 W. Braodway, Vancouver 604-736-7433 Serving Kits since 1996! Visit our websites for the latest news, deals, info and pricing

Solly’s Bagels, Bakery & Deli

Soul-satisfying food that warms you up from the inside out — that is what Solly’s is all about. The chicken soup, with or without matzo balls, overflows with so much roast chicken, veggies and love you’d swear your own grandma was in the back making it. For breakfast, dessert, or just because, get a babka, the sexy chocolate cousin of their well-known cinnamon bun. On March 31, Solly’s is relocating to 4071 Main Street.

Warm and welcoming, with an adorable French accent, Anne-Geneviève Poitras is dedicated to sharing the creamy and delectable secrets of French chocolate. Her shop is a charming homage to traditional French chocolate making. Using only French single-origin and plantation chocolate, she creates high-quality truffles, chocolate bars, hot chocolate and drinking chocolate so good your toes will curl. The menu includes her standard flavours, such as Earl Grey-infused truffles, and seasonal features such as jasmine drinking chocolate. Bon appetit!

198 East 21st Ave,

Unleash your

16th Annual

SILVER WINNER Readers’ Choice


Proud to be voted your favourite toy store!

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“We don’t cease to play because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play.” ~G.B Shaw.


March 28 – April 3, 2013

3298 Main Street (at 17th) 604-875-0065

Discover Main street

... of our favourite things

Organic Acres Market

Elaine Simandle and Vijay Ramcharitar (pictured) are so happy to be a part of the Mount Pleasant community after first starting their business on Granville Island. Their expertise, paired with an openness to customer recommendations, has created a neighbourhood market with shelves chalk full of organic, fairtrade, natural and as-local-as-possible scrumptious products. Let them do the shopping for you with their weekly produce box. Sign-up online.

3603 Main Street,

The Electric Owl

Not just a hip and happening nightclub showcasing live entertainment on the edge of Gastown, Yaletown and Chinatown, The Electric Owl is so much more. With a funky Asian-inspired gastropub menu full of small bites and “sumo-sized” meals, word is that their poutine, with teriyaki gravy, is not to be missed. Nor is Cheap Thrills Karaoke on Tuesday nights. While the kitchen is closed on Mondays, The Electric Owl Social Club, definitely is not. Located in the basement of the bar, it is the place to go Monday nights when the need to compete in a weekly table tennis tournament moves you. Gambate!

926 Main Street,

The Last Crumb

Joanne and Julianne Lee’s mother taught them well — “Life’s short, eat dessert first.” Enter their bright and sunny strollerfriendly bakery and be dared to do otherwise. While they offer fresh-made sandwiches, signature scone-wiches, and salads, the display cases are full of tempting, almost taunting, housemade treats. Cookies, bars, buttery scones, buttercream wrapped cakes, and weekly feature-flavoured pies are all baked in small batches by hand, with more than a little bit of butter and a whole lotta love. Weekends are the perfect time for a casual afternoon tea service. Book online. Gluten-free is available.

3080 Main Street,

The Ultimate in Indian Cuisine

The Ultimate in Indian Cuisine

Your stop for organic and natural foods on Main Street. Organic produce, bulk, meats, groceries, dairy and more.

Check out our weekly produce box at Monday-Friday: 11-8 Saturday & Sunday: 10 -6

3603 Main St. 604 569 1132 Best Butcher

nirvana special fOr 2 frOM $31 (appetizer + entrée + dessert)

lunch Dinner special special frOM $8 frOM $10 2313 Main St. (at 7th) 640-872-8779 Order at Mon-Fri 11:30 am-10:30 pm. Sat & Sun 3:00 pm-10:30 pm

Group lunch email to

Best Cit y 14th ANNUAL

of the

Readers’ Choice 2011

Dine in • Take OuT • Delivery. MenTiOn This aD anD geT 10% Off Take OuT

16th Annual

GOLD WINNER Readers’ Choice


Best Butcher

March 28 – April 3, 2013


MAIN STREET STYLE Hat: Felt Hat with Tassel $52 Jacket: Just USA Denim Jacket $69 Dress: Lush Floral dress With PVC Trim $69 Bracelet: Gold Nugget on Orange Suede $24 Purse: Street Level , Gold Stud Clutch $69

Main street

HAZEL&JOOLS, Citizens of Humanity, RIPE, MEXX, and much more in store...



2549 Main Street 604-872-1144

4280 Main Street at 26th 604-730-8689

Taryn O’Gorman, Zoe Welch, Laura Wallace and Jake of the new Department of W.O’W. at Main and Union. Rob Newell photo

New collective WOWs By Kelsey Klassen


Light Aurora Lamp by the Good Flock Hand made in Portland OR $180 (not inc. bulb)

Book This is East Van Vol 2 A Community Photography Project $45

Wool throw by Coeur de Lion 100% Canadian Virgin Wool Hand dyed in Toronto ON $225


4366 Main Street 604-558-0210

Cotton Bra $35 Knickers $16

Devil May Wear

3957 Main Street 604-216-2515

Helen’s Grill

“Come experience one of Vancouver’s Original Old School Diners!” 4102 Main Street 604.874.4413 14

March 28 – April 3, 2013

hree smiling faces greet you as you turn off Union Street and into the Department of W.O’W.: Jake the dog first, and then the two Wowsers behind the counter — Zoe Welch, textile transformer extraordinaire and Taryn O’Gorman, self-professed CEO of shiny objects. They’re fun, playful women who, prior to opening a “department” store together, were successful Vancouver artists. Missing from this equation is third owner Laura Wallace, the ‘W’ in the WOW acronym and the woman behind the repurposed closet doors framing the room that bear whimsical stencils of chairs and sea coral. It’s a small shop, so she had the day off. As could be expected, conversation veers quickly away from their own work, and towards the concept of community building — which is what allows these small independent shops to survive the battering of big box Americana. “We feel embraced by the community. A woman over on Georgia who runs a homeware shop asked me one day, ‘Why are all you white people moving into Chinatown?’ And I said, ‘Anna, it’s because we love it here, it’s rich in culture and it’s vibrant and changing,’” recalls O’Gorman. “We’re excited about the change with the night market, for example. We feel honoured to be here and be a part of what’s happening.” Only three months old, the store is already looking around the booming neighbourhood for ways to reach out and collaborate: “We’ve talked about trying to create a community of makers here and holding workshops or lectures with other makers and artists. And there’s a lot of groups, East of Main being one of them, where the business becomes a bigger vehicle for something on a more profound change level,” she continues, giving a shout out to the philanthropic restaurant around the corner. Welch then jumps in excitedly with a school she just discovered, called Trade School Vancouver ( which offers classes on a barter system. Skilled educators,

such as artist Britta Fluevog, come up with a course outline and submit it to a board of directors for approval. Students then sign up for the class, offering their instructor everything from a basket of organic vegetables to knitting lessons as payment. “There’s a really beautiful commerce that is starting to happen here that is skills-based and talent-based.” And despite the boundless distractions for women with so much energy, they haven’t been slacking off on their own designs. Having their own store has Welch jumping out of bed each morning to sew because the impact, she says, is immediate. She can walk down to the store and put her new creations directly into a glass case, and then see the reactions of the customers as they come in. That kind of instant feedback is invaluable for any businessperson. They share all the costs equally, but their profits are theirs alone — a rare business model in Vancouver. “In essence this is us supporting each other in our business and our creations. {But] it’s essentially kiosks.” For spring, the store is now carrying O’Gorman’s Art Nouveau cuffs with Rhodalite stones and Ray Gun cufflinks, Welch’s crinkle scarves and “Ghery” bags, and new pieces from Wallace’s ever-compelling exploration of reclaimed wood. True to form, they have also expanded to showcase guest appearances by other artists. Stop by for: • the incredible artisan millinery of Elaine Garrett of Cappellino Hats • Lincoln Heller putting the handsome in hand bags with old-world leather techniques • Josh Doherty of Hawthorne Company helping hirsute men fight the battle with badger-bristle shaving brushes • an original Audra Rickets oil painting, putting a modern twist on a Paul Klee or Gustav Klimt • and evocative photographic cards by Dani Kreeft. And then there is the comic corner, for kids and men who want to sit and read for a while. There’s even a dog to aimlessly pat while doing so.

110-243 Union Street |

Discover Main street

The Main events The Anza Club 3 West 8th Avenue

Highlights: Open Dex, Saturdays; Psych Night; Bluegrass; Celluloid Social Club; Afro/Carribean Throwback & Uganda Project Fundraiser (main floor), March 30.

The Biltmore Cabaret 2755 Prince Edward Street

The Colbalt 917 Main Street

Wide Open, Programmed by Cranfield & Slade, Mar. 29, 8pm; Crista Dahl: Life Rhythm, A Retrospective, Apr. 4 - 27.

Highlights: Multiball/Club Tony - free pinball, Tuesdays; Snag - live painting raffle, Wednesdays; Come Friday - live music, Fridays; Shindig Sissy Sock Hop, Saturdays; Apocalypstick drag show, every long weekend.

Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street

Highlights: Kitty Nights Burlesque, Sundays; Tropical Love Connection, Wednesdays; Glory Days, Saturdays; Paul Anthony’s Talent Time, Apr. 3; Malcolm Jack album release, Apr. 8; East Van Soul Club, Apr. 12; Shotgun Jimmie, May 18; Anamanaguchi, June 4.

Highlights: Lab Art Show 2, Apr. 11, 6pm; Village Vancouver Open House - Glass Skyscrapers Coming To Main Street? Apr. 12, 4-9pm,; Nifty For Fifty Sale, Apr. 14; Got Craft? Apr. 20-21,

Montmartre Cafe 4362 Main Street

Little Mountain Gallery 195 East 26th Avenue,

Highlights: Hilary Grist, May 2

The Keefer 135 Keefer Street

Highlights: Decompression Sundays with Mount Gay Rum; Monday Melt Sessions featuring musical guest from JellyFish Recordings; Soulful Sounds of Alex Maher every Tuesday; Splash! Tickle Trunk with music by Topless Gay Love Tekno Party every Wednesday; Sweet Sip Thursdays with Sweet Soul Burlesque.

Fortune Sound Club 147 East Pender Street,

Highlights: Happy Ending Fridays; Sup Fu? Saturdays; Long Weekend Party with Sneaky Sound System, Dinka, & Pure Addiction, Mar. 31; Jamie Lidell w/ guests, Apr. 2; Tommy Kruise, Rad Times DJs, Lil India & more, Apr.12; Keys N Krates, B.Traits & Hxdb, Apr. 19; Hip-Hop Karaoke, Apr. 22.

Highlights: Alex Lazardis Ferguson’s new play, Proximity, May 11, 8pm,

The Main 4210 Main Street,

Highlights: Jennifer Hershman, Mar. 29.

Rickshaw Theatre 254 East Hastings Street,

Highlights: Today is the Day, March 29; Soilwork, Apr. 2; David Newberry, Barbara Adler, Apr. 3; Creature Skateboards Video Premiere, Apr. 5; Benefit For Girls Rock Camp, Apr. 13; La Chinga, No Sinner, Three wolf Moon & Harma White, Apr. 19; Apollo Ghosts Final Show, May 10.

Vivo Media Arts 1965 Main Street,

Highlights: Video Bar: The Future Was


Western Front Society 303 East 8 Avenue,

Highlights: Green House, solo exhibition by Abbas Arhavan, until April 13; Michael Taussig hosting Go Slow Party, Mar. 28; Orkestra Futura with Vancouver Electronic Ensemble, Apr. 12; Properties, group exhibition, May 3 - June 16; The Western Front is 40! Anniversary open house, June 16.

East is East Chai Lounge 4433 Main Street,

Highlights: Flamenco fusion, Mondays; Classical Indian music, Tuesdays; Flamenco dancing from Spain, Wednesdays; Authentic Gypsy music, Thursdays; Arabic, Turkish, & Flamenco fusion, Fridays; Flamenco dancing from Spain, Saturdays; Solo Flemenco guitar, Arabic guitar, Sundays.

Mount Pleasant BIA 301-3102 Main Street,

Highlights: Main Street Car Free Festival, on Main Street from Broadway to 29th Ave., June 16, 12 - 7pm; 4th Annual Autumn Shift Festival, Mount Pleasant, Sept. 15.

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House



The City of Vancouver has hired landscape architects to create a Public Space Realm. Neighbourhood House has been hosting meetings so residents can share their ideas and concerns. The next meeting is Apr. 13; it’s a chance to give the planners your input before the city-hosted event on Apr. 27. Details at

general public

cReatIve SuSHI

pSYcHedelIc lOuN

ge 3289 MaIN StReet (604) 558-4676

Rental living like you’ve never imagined. District Main 4453 Main St Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2 604 738 6246 <>

At District Main, we can boast some of the brightest, most beautifully finished and smartly designed suites available — each with a stunning view from the full-sized balconies or oversized decks. Our building is pretty fantastic (one might even call it architecturally significant). A gorgeous lobby, luxurious boardroom, a private gym on each floor… and 6000 square feet of community garden space. Grow vegetables, pluck fruit from trees, or just relax beside the waterfalls with a bottle from our communal wine rack. We’re very intentional about nurturing community — in our building and our neighbourhood. We host fabulous wine tastings, barbecues, and social events. We’re heavily involved in supporting organizations like the Boys & Girls club, the Pathfinders, and She Way. Intrigued? Visit us at, or call us at 604 738 MAIN. We’d love to have you join us.


Valid until April 15, 2013. Not valid in conjunction with other promotions.


Main Street SOURCE FOR:


Over 800 varieties to suit every palate and occasion. The best of BC with unique international selections. Small batch, interesting and boutique choices.

O P E N 1 1 A M - 1 1 P M E V E R Y D AY 14th & Main • Free parking around back • 604-872-3373 March 28 – April 3, 2013


Discover Main street

Every pig has its Thursday At Campagnolo on Main, chef Ted Anderson knows exactly where his pork comes from — he’s the one who butchers two whole pigs every week

SoundBites By Jean-Edouard de Marenches


very Thursday morning at Campagnolo on Main, two entire pig carcasses, fresh from a local farm, are brought in through the back door. The hogs will be quartered by chef Ted Anderson in what is called “The Cure,” the restaurant’s in-house butchery. Nothing will be wasted. Every part of the animal, or at least 95 per cent, goes into a different bin to be processed into hams, salamis or sausages that will be aged for weeks, or months, in a curing fridge. Other cuts will go to making dishes or headcheese and patés in the Italian fashion. Lesser parts will go into hour-long simmering stocks that will provide the base for many dishes. A new idea? Not quite. Proper butchery goes back to the dawn of time in Europe, when few could afford to waste any part of farm animals that were reared for consumption. Pretty much every bit of a cow, sheep, pig or fowl that had given its life to feed humans was used, giving birth to delicious recipes. In modern restaurants, wouldn’t it be less labour intensive, and faster, to order the cuts as needed from wholesale providers? Why go through quartering two 200-pound animals, a full day of work every week? The answer may be artisan pride. Perhaps, more importantly, knowing the product in its basic form, then transforming it into an


March 28 – April 3, 2013

eye-pleasing, tasty dish, creates for the chef a deeper connection and commitment to the food. An apostle of this return to restaurant butchery, Anderson says, “We try to mentor this skill among young cooks. The length of the butchery course offered in some chefs’ school is just one day.” On a recent evening, while patrons were graciously greeted at the door by host Giovanni Giardino, dishes of fun complexity or apparent simplicity would appear at diners’ tables, sometimes surprising, always delightful. Deliberately focusing on the pork in the menu, we ordered the salumi platter, a selection of prosciuttos and salamis that opened the way to a salad of octopus paired with dry cured ham. This provided a delicious example of chef Anderson’s understanding of complementary textures, and how he excels at playing tastes off one another. Then came a tagliatelle with a ragout of pork coddled with a parsnip purée in a wine sauce. A delicate leaf of fried kale provided a fun touch. Giardino, a superb sommelier, suggested a Rosso from the Veneto that complemented our main course like a true love story. An exquisite rice pudding with white chocolate and stewed cherries was an unrepentant, self-indulgent finale. As for the pigs that gave their lives for such a dinner, one hopes they know their sacrifice was both respected and honoured. If hog heaven exists, Anderson offers an excellent interpretation of what it should look like.

Photos of chef Ted Anderson at work by Rob Newell

Overnight sensation Try finding a seat at new Cactus Club Café By Martha Perkins


ow long did it take — five minutes? — for the new Cactus Club Café to become a destination restaurant in Vancouver? Its steep ascendancy in the city’s food The ORIGINAL scene might have been measured in seconds on March 20, but the wait for a table was measured in Thai Cuisine hours. Flavoured with Chef Grace’s own Every one of the 300 seats — plus many of the 200 additional patio seats — at the coveted Canada . Place location was taken shortly after the doors opened for the first time at five o’clock. And, judging by the restaurant’s stylish trilogy of amazing location, lush interior and flavour-packed yet nuanced cuisine, those seats will never be empty long. Join us for a great dining experience “I’ve been at six Cactus Club openings and each one keeps getting better. I don’t know how to top Executive chef Rob Feenie says Cacutus Club owner Richard Jaffray has this,” said executive chef Rob Feenie, his eyes takoutdone himelf at the new Coal Harbour location. Martha Perkins photo 1211 Hamilton St. • 604.642.0123 ing in the lively opening night scene. “Richard dreams and he dreams big,” he adds, his Feenie was tasked with enhancing the menu to voice full of admiration for founder and owner Richcomplement so many ta-da moments. New to the ard Jaffray. “Every opening just becomes that much Fresh Free Run Turkeys, Coal Harbour location are sushi cones, kobi-style more spectacular and it’s been a magical ride.” easTeR Fresh Leg of Lamb Roasts and meatballs and truffle pasta with ricotta. Favourites The launch of the biggest Cactus Club to date such as the quinoa salad and sablefish that’s mariBone In Dinner Hams sPecIaLs comes on the heels of the Vancouver-based chain’s nated 12 hours before baking also allow the menu Pre order today! 604-681-2121 25th anniversary. In 1986, fueled on youthful to wander between casual and fine dining dependenthusiasm and desert images from a five-day ing on people’s whims. frenetically paced road trip through America’s Toronto foodies are also about to get a taste west the year before, the 21-year-old Jaffray and of what has made Cactus Club a perennial goldsome friends opened Cafe Cucamongas, selling medal winner on WE Vancouver’s Best of the City sandwiches and capuccinos. Two years later, Jaffray awards. Jaffray’s in the midst of building four more $4.98 each branched out on his own and opened his first Cacrestaurants: one each for Toronto, Saskatoon and tus Club, with peanut shells on the floor and Elvis Langley, and a second one for Edmonton. Ice-Cream Pie on the menu. 865 Denman St. Fast forward to 2009. The economy was in tough Design notes provided by Cactus Club: $9.48/lb. shape. PCI Group, the development company that Hand-cut and geometrically-laid Brazilian slate was creating the commercial space around the anchors soaring custom fir fin ceilings, oak Vancouver Convention Centre, had hoped to have panelling and Carrara marble counters. The unique something in place on Jack Poole Plaza before the try a tango’s original art collection includes Omer Arbel’s world’s spotlight focused on Vancouver, especustom-designed light installation “Bocci 28 pulled pork cially since tens of thousands of people would be Pendants”, Graham Gillmore’s “Willing to Bend”, sandWich converging around the Olympic cauldron (which $10.48/lb. Andy Warhol’s “Wayne Gretzky #99” and a display burned again for the restaurant’s opening.) for only $4.98 of original Olympic torches. We offer online home delivery, for more info visit Jaffray says his timing was right to be available as “dry powder” — a source of financial investment. “We did a lot of modifications to the building to make it work as a restaurant,” he told WE Vancouver. “I used to come here when I was driving home to the North Featuring the Dockside’s Shore. I’d come and famous Chef’s get a feel for the space. It came to me that Grand Holiday Brunch we could re-orientate and Dessert Buffet part of the space to take advantage of the $ 4595 Adults, $2195 Kids, view. The team did 6 and under eat free 0-11:30 an amazing job. It le Monday to Friday 7:3 ab ail Av turned out better than 10:30am-2:30pm on Easter Sunday I thought.” Reservations Required So, instead of four March 30 March 31 & April 1 walls, the restaurant The Soul Train Social Easter Dinner has windows — lots Old School Soul, Disco, Baked Ham and of huge, towering R&B and Hip Hop Scalloped Potatoes, windows and, in the DJ Ali Baba and Fresh Vegetables case of those facing the Legendary DJ Dave Serving from 5pm Coal Harbour and the • Voted best patio in Vancouver 9 pm – No Cover $14 per person North Shore moun• Award winning in-house brewery $6.00 highballs tains, windows that • Legendary Sunday Blues Brunch • Great for groups of all sizes retract. (On open• Open 7 days a week for breakfast, ing night the crowd lunch & dinner 1755 Davie Street, Vancouver 604-682-1831 applauded as the windows folded back, Reservation on Open Table For more details go to Reservations 604-685-7070 erasing the divide be@parkvancity Like us on In the Granville Island Hotel, 1253 Johnston St, Granville Island. Valet parking available tween inside and out.)



SIMPLY THAI Celebrating 13 years




cranberry & Walnut stuffed free run chicken breasts prime rib roasts butterflied leg of lamb





9re9akfast Feature B

March 28 – April 3, 2013



Local Food & Drink Happenings

Milkshake moxie Davie Street is shaking things up with Vancouver’s first milkshake bar. What’s Shaken is aiming for bliss with its wide assortment of flavourings including strawberry peach daiquiri, papaya lemongrass, chocolate chip cookie, creamy caramel and mint fudge. There are also veggie shakes for those who like to mix in a dash of healthy goodness, i.e. ice cream with orange juice, kiwis butter lettuce and dates. Don’t want one of their flavors? Build your own at 586 Davie at Seymour. There’s even an option for dogs.

Art auction Ceili’s Modern Irish Pub in Kitsilano will feature DJs and special drink options on

March 29 when it hosts its first charity art auction. A part of the proceeds from the sale of local artists’ work will go to the Make A Wish Foundation. Go to for details.

Raw Food seminar Preet Marwaha of Organic Lines will be introducing shoppers to the Power of Raw Food at the Choices Floral Shop and Annex (2615 W. 16th) on April 23. The cost is $5 and you can register online at or by calling 604-736-0009.

Malbec Day Malbec World Day is April 17. To make sure you’re well stocked to celebrate, three local wine stores and 20 BC Liquor Stores are hosting free

Argentinean Malbec tastings. On April 13, drop by Marquis Wine Cellar from 2 to 5pm, Legacy Liquor Store from 2 to 6pm, and the three locations of Everything Wine Stores from 2 to 6pm.

Okanagan dinner Road 13 Vineyards is partnering with Joy Road Catering to bring the country to the city. On April 3, they’ll be at Vancouver Urban Winery for an evening of “cuisine de terroir” and wine. The menu includes fried pork rillettes with molten quince centres paired with Road 13’s Sparkling Chenin Blanc, and alley spit roast lamb legs rubbed with roasted garlic and cumin paired with the Syrah-Malbec and Pinot Noir (Fleet Road). Tickets are $100 each at

Super sakes The chefs at Minami are being inspired by the restaurant’s

sake specialist Miki Ellis’ recent trip to Japan. They’re creating a special six-course sake dinner menu for only 10 people on April 4. The ultrapremium Ginjo/Daiginjo sakes will be profiled. Tickets are $150 and you can reserve your seat at

Best bennies Vancouver Foodster Richard Wolak has a new challenge: he wants Vancouver diners to help him find the winner of the Best Eggs Benedict Challenge. Nine restaurants are vying for top honors from now until April 21: BiBo, Darby’s, Lift Bar and Grill, Catch 122, Dockside, House Guest, Pier 7, the Gramercy Grill and Tapenade Bistro. Originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and, most importantly, taste are the criteria you should judge by.

Penthouse lifts skirts “They never gave us a liquor licence, but we didn’t give a damn” – Ross Filippone.


orbidden Vancouver’s Secrets of the Penthouse returns Thursday, April 4 with all the sex, scandal and surprises our mild-mannered downtown core can handle. It’s for anyone with an interest in Vancouver’s history, and features an Italian buffet based on Mama Filippone’s original recipe, a live burlesque show, and, of course, a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the surviving secrets of the Penthouse — led by current owner Danny Filippone and Aaron Chapman (author of Liquor, Lust & the Law, which was just shortlisted for a BC Book Prize.) According to Forbidden Vancouver’s Will Woods, the upstairs is incredibly well preserved and otherwise inaccessible. “It feels like a coup getting access to it. Now we just want to let Vancouver know about it.”

Serving Yaletown for over 10 years Voted into WE “Best of the City” and Georgia Straight “Best of Vancouver” 6 years in a row Call 604 801 6669 to book your complementary dental consultation and see why our service stands out!

1050 Hamilton Street | 18

March 28 – April 3, 2013

Perfect pairings: German wines and Asian food CityCellar


By Kurtis Kolt

ere’s a great opportunity to break away from the norm. Throughout the month of April, BC Liquor Stores are featuring German wines, putting them front-and-centre to highlight their bright potential for food pairing, particularly with Asian cuisine, something that’s super-appropriate for Vancouver. In fact, while you’re browsing one of the 60 BC Liquor Store locations participating in the promotion, make sure to pick up the small complementary booklet they’ve put together for the occasion. Titled Perfect Pairings: Asian Flavours & German Wines, the booklet not only has a dozen affordable, widely-accessible wine recommendations, the Asian flavours run the whole gamut of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. The food-pairing guide was put together by Jeannie Cho Lee, a Hong Kongbased Master of Wine (the world’s first Asian to attain the qualification) and one of the world’s best-known wine personalities. I could obviously lay out a bunch of Rieslings to point you toward this week, but I thought to shake things up a little by sharing the scoop on some less-common German wine styles. One more thing — all 12 featured wines for the promotion will be open for sampling at the 39th a Cambie BC Liquor Store on Sunday, April 7 from 2 to 5pm — a fun chance to broaden your German wine horizons.

Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling | Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany | $18.99 It’s not too often you see a sparkling Riesling, but it’s always welcome at my table. Lively and juicy, there’s a host of apples and pears bursting out of the bottle. Something I find quite different from the “normal” Dr. L Riesling are distinct elements of lemon balm, turmeric and sage. The ripe acidity, fruitiness and herbal qualities make it ideal for creamy hot and sour Thai soups.

Heitlinger Baden ‘Smooth Leaf’ Pinot Blanc | Baden, Germany | $17.99 My God, do I adore this wine! Cast away any misconceptions that Pinot Blanc is boring and dive into this opulent version, full of concentrated Bartlett pear, honeycomb and lemon curd. While fresh and crisp, there’s a distinct beeswax-y texture and hint of residual sugar going on that’ll have it standing up to spicier dishes with ease.

Palataia Pinot Grigio | Pfalz, Germany | $18.95 While it sounds Italian, this is as freshand-clean, Germanic-style as it gets! Mineraldriven and zesty, it’s a whole pile of lime rind, fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit and a few oyster shells in the mix, too! Shellfish, shellfish, shellfish.

Peter & Peter Pinot Noir | Pfalz, Germany | $18.99 Haven’t had a German red before? This is a good place to start. Their cool climate makes the country a suitable home for lofty, lighter reds, and that’s exactly what you have here. This one’s a glass full of the first cherries of the summer with a few plums and a nice little perfumed note on the nose. Tuck into Chinese take-out and pour liberally!

Heads up! A pretty decadent wine dinner is on the horizon at Hy’s Encore featuring the wines of Rodney Strong, with winemaker Rick Sayre. It’s at 6pm on April 11 for $135, with proceeds going to the BC Hospitality Foundation. A slew of Cabernets, steaks and hoopla to be had! More info via

businesses to know in your city

Sen Bistro gives new meaning to “Renewed”

Chef Ru-Lin Zhang

My Vancouver How do you enjoy your days off? As a food-lover and a chef, I enjoy visiting other ethnic restaurants. This is the best way to broaden my culinary vision while learning from other chefs. What’s your favourite ethnic cuisine? With so many styles of regional ingredients and differing cooking methods, Chinese cuisine never ceases to please my palate. French and Italian cuisine, however, offer such divine flavours and cooking techniques that I do enjoy them immensely. What do you like about Vancouver? A good place to eat! Not just Chinese food, but global cuisine. Vancouver is also a great multi-cultural city; everyone is so friendly.

With the nationally acclaimed Lin Chinese Cuisine as its sister restaurant, Sen Bistro’s owner and chef, Ru-Lin Zhang, is often asked, “What is the driving force behind the opening of Sen Bistro, a restaurant so different from the other Mandarin restaurants in town?” His answer is always simple and true: “With Lin serving traditional Szechuan, Beijing and Shanghai fares, it’s time to offer renewed Mandarin dishes combining authentic Chinese, Japanese and Korean recipes with a West Coast twist using local ingredients and seasonal produce. That’s what Sen Bistro is all about.” Take a closer look at the Chinese character of Lin, which is composed of two trees and means ‘Woodland’; whereas Sen, in Chinese, is made up of three trees meaning ‘Forest’. So it is not hard to grasp Chef Zhang’s concept of embracing a wide range of ethnic cuisine by taking popular Northern Chinese chows such as Xiao Long Bao, wok-fried Nenn-Gao and crispy rolls to a different level. “Vancouver is the perfect city to create a forest of enticing traditional and renewed ethnic eats.” Sen Bistro introduces a line-up of colourful and flavourful cold salads and hot snacks, pairs them with Granville Island draught beer and a decent wine list. The two-sided menu showcases enthralling wallet-friendly lunch menus and sublime entrée selections including comfort food such as noodles and rice bowls, Chef’s vegetarian creations and sumptuous main courses. “In Hong Kong, China and Japan, table-top hot-pot dinners are enjoyed year-round, so I bring in a unique sukiyaki style meal,” Chef Zhang says. “Seasonal fruits and vegetables play a very important role in these renewed recipes; do not be surprised to dip into a sauce made with fresh berries!” When it comes to seafood, Chef Zhang loves to work with BC’s very own catch. “Salmon and sable fish are such a delight to work with. They bring new sensations to an otherwise ordinary Mandarin dish.” Salmon, served on a Teppan grill, flambé style, has been the cause of a tableful of ‘wows’ since day one. Sable fish steamed with chili bean paste or pan fried with green onions, has been a crowd pleaser and quite often, a second or even a third order is added. While classic dishes such as Tea-smoked Duck and Tan Tan Noodle never fail to score high marks, Chef’s renewed dishes and even desserts such as Mountain Yam Sorbet with Strawberry sauce have been raking up good reviews too.

Reach us at address: 1788 West Broadway, 604-558-3989 web:

Viti Wine and Lager

Ralf Joneikies, General Manager

My Vancouver

At Viti Wine and Lager, old-world charm and expertise is matched by a spirit of adventure that makes everyone eager to explore new tastes and products.

What’s your favourite neighbourhood?

“We bring in things that have never been in BC before,” says Ralf Joneikies, who manages the store at the corner of Seymour and Smithe. Viti was one of the first Vancouver liquor stores to embrace craft beer, and now stocks more than 800 beer products over the year. For instance, it was one of the first to secure the iconic Sierra Nevada beer, which has since become widely available throughout the province. As well as a vast selection of wines from around the world, there are more than 100 single malts available among the hard-to-find treasures and popular favourites.

South Granville. What’s your favourite way to unwind? Catching the breeze on the deck of a boat and/or hiking the German Alps in Oberstdorf. What are your favourite stores and restaurants? Stores: Paper Poet in New Westminster, Oyama Sausage on Granville Island, and Orling & Wu in Gastown. Restaurants: Cibo Trattoria, Fable, Maenam, Hawksworth, Chad Thai, Octopus’ Garden, Blue Water Café, Wildebeest.

“It’s like going into an a curio shop where you spend hours just looking,” Joneikies says. While many of his customers are already quite knowledgeable, the bevy of choice may make it difficult to make a decision. That’s where the expertise of the staff comes in. “We have a team of industry retail veterans who really know their products,” says Joneikies, who studied winemaking and viticulture at Niagara College and did his apprenticeship in his native Germany. “We’re known as a place that gives good advice and, in turn, it helps to inspire confidence in consumers. “For me, having mature, experienced co-workers is the greatest gift in our business.” Every Friday and Saturday, the store holds tastings because, as Joneikies says, “I want people to broaden their tasting experience.” Browsing at home has been made much easier with a new, extensive website that also includes how many bottles of a specific item are in stock. The second Viti store in New Westminster is undergoing a facelift, too. “We’re fortunate in that so many Vancouver residents are prepared to try new things and this keeps our business exciting,” Joneikies says.

What I learned... about business You can have the best palate in the world for selecting products and the deepest pockets to allow you to carry the most expensive items, but if your staff is second-rate, none of that matters.

Reach us at address: Vancouver Store 900 Seymour Street, 604-683-3806 address: New Westminster Store 411 Columbia Street, 604-523-2711 web:

March 28 – April 3, 2013


Through the lens:

Vancouver Fashion Week 1


THE OPENING NIGHT gala of Vancouver Fashion Week was all about the second glance — street style verging on performance art (or, as was the case with one Housewife, pure performance.) Stare-worthy moments included one guest’s gothic sheer cutouts (covering only what the FCC requires of say, Janet Jackson), and some elaborate headpieces that literally caught the eye. And with the number of liquid dinners being observed, the mood was positively buoyant. Pictured: 1 Pouneh Askarian designs 2 Yasmin Morshedian with Tito Deville 3,4 guests 5 Fresh Train Co designs 6 Dominque Hanke and Samantha Sito 7 guest 8 Hatice Ipek Tohumcu designs 9 Camilla Salgaard







Paula Giroday, Fiona Vroom and Jovanna Huguet star in True Heroines, a new made-inVancouver web series that debuts March 27. CBR Photography


Empowered housewives ‘50s glamour meets 21st century technology By Brittany Tiplady

designs 10, 11 guests (Peter Jensen photos). Later in the week, at the Emerging showcase, Vancouver designers Evan Clayton and Dandilion Wind Opaine launched themselves with elaborate runway shows belying their young age (see Out After Dark). — Kelsey Klassen




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It’s time to take control of the moss in your lawn • Add lime to balance the pH • Aerate to improve drainage • Overseed with grass seed to fill in the spaces

Special each Reg $19 .99 Offer valid March 25-3 1. While supp lies last.

2560 W. Broadway • 604-733-1534 HOURS Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

March 28 – April 3, 2013

sterling silver blackberry pendant

Moss Co ntrol 20kg ba g

David Hunter Garden Centers 20

+ tax includes chain

14 99


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Sat & Sun 9am-5:30pm Holidays 9am-5pm

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online in Vancouver at

f you like Glee-esque comedy, salacious cabaret, a touch of Mad Men and the occasional superhero debacle, you will like True Heroines. True Heroines is a sci-fi, episodic dramedy that follows Pearl Andrews, (Fiona Vroom), Margie Hepburn (Jovanna Huguet), and Dottie Rodriguez (Paula Giroday), The three 1950s housewives are cursed with superpowers, and are on a quest to find and take down the nemesis that brought them to be. The web-based show is a unique twist of both comedy, drama, song, dance, and flashbacks of the heroines’ past cabaret life, airing weekly for its first season beginning March 27. “It’s a great way to bring in all of the film and television strengths,” said Joel Sturroch, artistic director, choreographer, and co-producer of True Heroines. “We could go anywhere with the series. We could continue producing for the web. We would be happy with that for the next seasons because we think it’s a great avenue for making creatively strong work.” On March 12, the show hosted a colourful event at the Rio to introduce True Heroines with both a live screening and cabaret show. The theater was a spectacle of 1950s glamour, accompanied by some of Vancouver’s best dancers, singers, and actors, as True Heroines brought to the stage a cocktail of live performance and film. The sold-out performance was a true homage to ‘50s elegance and sass. And if you didn’t come prepared, True Heroines’ make-up artists were ready to give you a 50s makeover, complete with free Burberry makeup samples. “We want to bridge the gap between stage and screen. Our characters performed live, but they also act in the series,” said Giroday. “It’s a really ground roots movement. We have a lot of local talent, and use a lot of local venues. I really believe that it is something that is rooted in Vancouver, and it’s been really nice to bring everyone together,” said co-creator Jovanna Huguet.

Episodes air weekly; you can watch online at

ShopTalk Retail and fashion news from across Vancouver By Kelsey Klassen

Clearly Contacts opens first retail store Even the most visually gifted were sporting some form of frames at the opening party for Clearly Contacts’ first retail location at 1049 Robson. Often erroneously referred to as “Trevor Linden’s company” (he is merely the beloved face of the brand), the Vancouver-based online giant was clearly feeling the love of the stylish set, who turned out in droves to try on rows of designer sunglasses and hijack the mirrors. Store manager Erikka Taylor impressed with the admission that her specs collection has grown to 14 pairs since joining the company, known for its social initiatives and innovative approach to online buying. And to answer the most common question, the company began in 2000 by selling contact lenses only — hence the name.

Crate and Barrel opens Crate and Barrel junkies no longer have to brave the border for a fix. The US-based home-furnishing chain opened its doors in Vancouver last week — its sixth Canadian store. Guests in attendance enjoyed wine and hors d’oeuvres as they took in the natural stone and wood, and crisp white walls of the highly anticipated 27,000-square-foot Oakridge location (650 West 41st), which was formerly a theatre and a restaurant. Alongside bold-printed pillows and cushions were ‘50s riffs on glassware and patio set statement pieces. The brand offers contemporary, affordable housewares in almost every major North American market. Its sister store, CB2, opened on Robson early last year.

Marshalls to open next week American department store Marshalls is also coming soon to Vancouver, blurring the border even more for shoppers who head across the line for brand-name buys. The American discount retailer will be opening its first BC location at 8137 Ontario Street on April 4, and the Vancouver location is one of 13 new stores opening across Canada. Similar to Winners, both of which are owned by Massachusetts-based TJX Companies, the chain carries brand-name clothes, shoes and accessories at discounted prices, for the whole family. Not the only US department store slated for Vancouver, Target will be taking over 18 Zellers locations across the province this spring, and, as previously reported, Nordstrom is anticipated to transform the former Sears building in 2015.

Refashion Vancouver Is your POC (Pile Of Clothes) big enough for its own postal code? Then start by thinking the 3Rs: Reduce by putting aside clothes you barely, if ever, wear; Reuse by reselling them at your own table (and making some cash); and Refashion by picking up some new pieces that fit your style, and your closet. Refashion Vancouver is coming up, and last year saw more than 800 shoppers streaming through the door to enjoy the buying, the selling and the makeover services from local business, in an urban version of a glam garage sale. Yaletown Roundhouse Exhibition Hall, April 20, 10am to 5pm for shoppers, 9am to 6pm for sellers. Head to to book your table.

BC’s largest flea market For one day only, the Croatian Cultural Centre (3250 Commercial) transforms into BC’s largest flea market. Sunday, May 26, from 10am to 3pm, you can browse more than 175 vendor tables, overflowing with vintage jewelry, accessories, china and glass, furnishings, antiques and memorabilia, books, records and CDs, mid-century modern, linens and lace, collectibles, postcards and ad-

vertising, sports items, dolls and toys, silverware, paintings and prints, lamps and shades and more. And take advantage of the opportunity to learn the value of items you already own: Drop-in appraisals will be conducted by Gale Pirie — an independent, accredited member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group with years of experience in valuing estate goods. She’s previously worked as an appraiser with CBC’s Canadian Antiques Roadshow, and now brings her knowledge and expertise to the 21st Century Flea Market. Parking is free, admission is $5 at the door. Children under 13 are free with adult admission. For more information, call 604.980.3159 or visit

Local pet owners asking for it After heeding the call of Vancouverites for weatherproof pet gear, PetSmart has partnered with pet apparel company North Fetch Athletics for an exclusive, Canada-only line of functional activewear that keeps dogs dry, comfortable and clean while exploring the outdoors. The gear, consisting of a rain slicker and hoodie, will making postwalk clean-up a snap. The sporty rain slicker is a waterproof shell that comes in bright springtime colours and protects dogs from rain, slush and mud. The active hoodie is made from a lightweight stretch fabric that keeps dogs warm without restricting movement. The North Fetch collection is now available in PetSmart stores across Canada. Slickers will range in price from $36.99 to $46.99 while hoodies will sell between $34.99 and $43.99. Outside of this spring collection, PetSmart will add a winter line later this year.

Wear Else expands brands Wear Else is upping the style sweepstakes again this season, adding a plethora of new designers to its line-up of contemporary brands. Exclusive to Wear Else in Vancouver: Paul & Joe Sister, SW3 Bespoke, Peuterey, Elizabeth & James, Haute Hippie, Kelly Wearstler and See by Chloe. Trends topping the most-wanted lists for Spring 2013 include bright neon hues, light sheer fabrics, plenty of tie-dye, tribal influences and bold prints and classics such as the polka dot.“This season, classic shapes and styles are still important, but with a modern twist,” explained president and CEO Zahra Mamdani. “Think skinny jeans featuring daring prints, leather separates in vivid tones like yellow, bright blue and fuchsia, and structured tops made with sheer fabrics and open mesh knits.” The Spring 2013 collection is arriving now at all Wear Else locations. For the full list of brands, visit

My Pet Diaries creator Andy Chu with co-producer Natalie Langston, and Studeo 55’s resident and smiles-for-miles mascot Pablo. Supplied photo

Pet Diaries makes début By Kelsey Klassen


ike babies, everyone thinks their pet is the best. And asking his followers to submit their pet stories was akin to opening a floodgate for TV producer Andy Chu. He has received hundreds of emails and had countless conversations with pet owners whose lives have been irrevocably altered by their beloved dog or cat. But those gems — stories that, while not hugely dramatic, touch a chord in even the most hardened Vancouverite — is what has Chu sitting with WE Vancouver at our Granville office to talk about his new television series, My Pet Diaries. A dog found wandering the streets in Coquitlam, heavily pregnant, is rescued and gives birth to 13 puppies. The waiting list to adopt soars to 100 names, but one

girl holds out hope that she’ll get to be one of the lucky few chosen to give a pup a new home. And then the miracle phone call comes: a puppy (one that actually bit her when she went to view them) is hers to take home and now, every year, the owners have a reunion of all 13 siblings. Then there are the stories that turn your heart into a harp and deftly pluck a C major scale. A dog missing for days is found and reunited with his owner. A pet diagnosed with a fatal disease is spared, two days before being put down, by a new medication and is happy and healthy two years later. All this love is captured in fiveminute segments airing on Novus (channel 4) starting March 29, daily at 12am, 4:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4pm, 5:30pm, 7pm, 8pm; and 10/10:30pm.

Plenty warehouse sale The tulips don’t lie... spring has arrived! To help refresh your spring wardrobe, Plenty is having a warehouse sale from March 29 to April 1, at the Vancouver Convention Centre (999 Canada Place). Fri. and Sat 9am to 6pm; Sun. and Mon. 11am to 4pm. Cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard and Amex accepted; new stock every day. Head to Twitter @ getplenty for updates throughout the sale.

Nifty for Fifty returns Nifty for Fifty returns for its sixth annual sale, featuring approximately 31 Vancouver designers (such as Adhesif, Allison Wonderland, Bianca Barr, Borgi Borga, C’est La Vie, Daub+Design, Elroy Apparel, Flightpath, Floating Gold Iceberg, Genevieve Jodouin, Kdon, Mitmunk Design, Olde Port Goods, Patina & Bronsino, Phaulet Phaulet, Sarah Mulder, Sweet Harriet, Sola Fiedler) selling everything from clothing to shoes and accessories for $50 or less. Remember to stock your wallet with cash so you don’t miss out on the cash-only vendors. April 14, 11am – 8pm at the Heritage Hall, 3102 Main. Entry: $1 cash at the door.




Get the rate that gets you more. Open a Tax-Free Savings Account and earn interest income that’s all yours. Visit a branch today to build a flexible investment portfolio that suits your needs. 1333 West Broadway 604.730.8818

666 Burrard Street 604.688.8711

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* Rate subject to change without notice. WestEarner® TFSA Account only. Interest calculated daily, compounded monthly. Available in-branch only.

Member of CDIC

March 28 – April 3, 2013


The BC Services Card. Your CareCard, and more.

something! Fix up your menu, dust of the tequila bottles and maybe just maybe you’ll be crowned best restaurant once again! Anonymous

rant/rave! E-MAIL: rantrave@ All rants are the opinion of the individual and do not reflect the opinions of WE. The editor reserves the right to edit for clarity and brevity, so please keep it short and (bitter)sweet.

Blinded by the light Surely you have noticed the proliferation of bright, flashing headlights on bicycles. I ‘get’ bicycle safety, but at the expense of a blinding light in the eyes of others? Particularly on a poorly lit or unlit road (like in Stanley Park) where a bicycle following me made me so blinded that I had to pull over and stop to regain my vision. Are automobiles allowed to do this too? I thought not. Time for the authorities to get a bylaw going here, or is this another exemption cyclists feel entitled to while on the streets? Anonymous

One card. Many services. The new BC Services Card is part of government’s plan to modernize BC’s health care system. It replaces your CareCard, can be combined with your driver’s licence, and also acts as your photo ID. It’s more convenient and more secure, with enhanced features to protect your personal information. And getting yours is easy. Starting February 15, 2013, and for the next five years, you can simply enrol when renewing your driver’s licence. And even if you don’t drive, you can enrol at the nearest location where driver’s licences are issued. To learn more visit:

Afraid of the dark? My oh my what a disappointment. It seems only Gracie and I enjoyed the darkness. In the heart of the West End, no one even bothered to try and switch off any lights — even for an hour. Shame on you all for not enjoying this wonderful opportunity and  for once thinking of our precious Earth. Wilhelmina Westender

Awards have best before dates


PUB-HEA-P36569.06 !133HEA_5.75x7 December 20, 2012 3:29 PM

133HEA Various







I’m tired of all the restaurants who were voted THE Best Mexican or THE Best Gelato but the awards were from a long long time ago. If you won those awards in the last 12 months fair enough — you are the Best! Awesome! But when I walk down the street and see places that were voted Best Pizza in say 2002, heck, were they squeezing ranch dressing and hot sauce all over pizza? I doubt it! Get with the times — be inventive, be the first to slather Dijon or perhaps fermented soybeans on top, come up with the atomic eight-pound burrito that comes to table on fire. Think of

Granville, the new East Hastings Has anyone noticed how tacky and filthy Granville St. from Georgia to Smithe has become, especially the areas around the entrance to the Canada Line where the benches are covered in pigeon shit. Move into the next block in front of the vacant movie theatre and you find garbage, the smell of urine and graffiti... great place for a morning stroll or a walk to work. This was how it started on E Hastings. Time to tell Mayor Moonbeam and his overpaid cronies at City Hall to clean up the city — or maybe just turn Granville into another bike route.  Dave

Tsunami debris over-reaction We’ve always had debris floating here from Japan; there’s just more of it now. What is the big fuss about the post-tsunami debris now? My dears, that current has been there for millennia. Nature will take care of it. I worry more about the radioactive contamination. The media can be very mind boggling at times with the things it will obsess on. Anonymous

Don’t put the blame on women If an RCMP officer acts unethically and no one makes an official complaint, does that somehow by default make his/her behaviour okay? Women’s safety shouldn’t be trumped by structurally and systematic oppressive investigation policies. RCMP behavioural change isn’t nor should it explicitly or implicitly be the responsibility of the women they harm. It’s the responsibility of the RCMP. Carys

Staying healthy for Easter! This week’s challenge for Kristen and her opponents is to come up with 5 tips on how to have a healthier Easter. The panel of judges will choose the winner based on creativity. The winners tips will be posted on March 28th at Winner will receive a COBS Bread gift card and healthy bread basket.

Kristen MacGregor takes the challenge for Vancouver!

GREEN FIGHTERS Fit ’n’ Healthy with Kin’s


March 28 – April 3, 2013


Easter Weekend Savings! March 29


- March 31st

Coca-Cola or Pepsi Soft Drinks Assorted varieties. 12 Pack. Plus deposit and/or enviro levy where applicable. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT SIX Combined varieties.


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Stove Top Stuffi ng Assorted varieties. 120 g.





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Grade A Turkey Under 7 kg. Frozen. WEEKLY HOUSEHOLD LIMIT ONE. Offer valid March 22 to March 31. While supplies last. WITH MINIMUM PURCHASE OF $50.






Green Giant The Butcher’s Cut Frozen Vegetables Hams Assorted varieties. Butt or Shank Portion.

/lb 2.18/kg














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750 g.

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This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only!

Rogers Sugar

e From th



10 kg!






Top Sirloin Steaks


Boneless. Cut from 100% Canadian beef. Sold in a package of FOUR only $12.00 each. LIMIT SIX.



Each Steak








Product of Costa Rica.


99 ea.

Deli Counter Chicken Breast


Service Counter Only.



Lucerne Butter Salted. 454 g. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT FOUR.

Whole Gold Pineapple



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6 pack!

Bakery Counter White Bread Or assorted varieties. 570 g.

$ for





Bakery Counter Kaiser Rolls Or Good Haven Rolls. Package of 6.






Tampax or Always


Pads, Liners or Tampons. Select varieties. 14 to 64’s. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT TWO FREE - Combined varieties.








Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March 31, 2013 only. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit FRI SAT SUN purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free. Online and in-store prices, discounts, and offers may differ. Prices in this ad good until Mar. 31ST.


Movie Reviews

G.I. Joe offers tasty eye candy G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum Directed by Jon M. Chu

Although the latest Hasbro-toyturned-film installment contains the most preposterous plot imaginable, it’s surprisingly well-executed, and knowing this is half the battle. Featuring more elaborate action scenes and retaining the much needed tongue-incheek comedy of its origins, G.I. Joe: Retaliation explodes onto the big screen in 3D with the kind of organized chaos that’s sure to delight fan boys everywhere. This time around, the Joes have to once again face their archrival Cobra Commander and contend with a serious threat from within the White House which jeopardizes the existence of their elite team. First the bad news — the big budget spectacle is chock full of plot holes, jammed with hokey

dialogue and the story is nothing short of over the top. Yet, somehow Retaliation maintains a consistent tone of campiness the first film lacked and is genuinely engaging the whole way through, albeit superficially. Director Jon M. Chu demonstrates a keen sense handling frantic action in a competent manner and utilizes the 3D technology effectively; the ninja Thor Diakow nemesis battle in the mountains is the movie’s strongest sequence. The heavy-handed charisma of the players also manages to elevate the rather stale script. Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum share some truly charismatic moments, veteran Bruce Willis pops in for an amusing visit and Jonathan Pryce is positively giddy as the American president (there is of course a twist beneath his role). In short, G.I. Joe: Retaliation may be nothing more than eye candy but it sure is delicious.

Were you required to go to addiction treatment? $20 Paid ReseaRch OPPORtunity

We would like to hear about your experience! Why participate? To understand what being required to go to treatment is like for you. The study seeks to develop a theory of the process of anticipating, engaging in and exiting mandated treatment, from the client perspective. Participation is confidential.

A gloriously deranged spring vacation SPRING BREAKERS

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, James Franco Directed by Harmony Korine Harmony Korine’s past efforts, such as Gummo and Trash Humpers, have often seemed closer to freak shows than traditional feature films. Rest assured, the writer-director-provocateur’s tactics haven’t changed with Spring Breakers, which simply revolves around a more photogenic breed of grotesques: the college students who migrate to Florida every March to engage in a week of socially acceptable, camera-ready debauchery. Refusing to be denied their god-given right to drink their faces off, three broke girls (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashely Benson, Rachel Korine) stick up a fried chicken restaurant, liberate their religious friend (Selena Gomez), and descend upon the Coppertoned bacchanal that is St. Petersburg. Taken under the tattooed wing of corn-rowed

rapper-gangster Alien (James Franco, barely recognizable but completely in his element), these girls go feral. They’re soon searching for the American Dream through the sights of a gun, hunting it down, and having their way with it. Korine’s foray through the looking glass is aptly described as “a break from reality.” Familiar images of twentysomething hedonists are employed so gratuitously that they cease to titillate and torment instead. Initially content to splash around in the satirical shallow end, Korine gradually drags us into more hallucinatory depths and drowns us in a mesmerizing DayGlo fever dream. Those who opt to drink his Kool Aid will undoubtedly find themselves intoxicated by Franco’s rendition of Britney Spears’ “Everytime” in which the inane ballad is transformed into a spiritual hymn. It’s such audacious sequences that certify Spring Breakers’ status as the most gloriously deranged trip a multiplex will offer you this year. — Curtis Woloschuk

An Emperor without any swagger EMPEROR

Starring Matthew Fox, Tommy Lee Jones Directed by Peter Webber Following Japan’s 1945 surrender, Bonner Fellers (Matthew Fox) is given 10 days to investigate whether Emperor Hirohito should be tried for war crimes. Aggravated at being stonewalled by Japanese officials who’d rather lecture him on colonialism than answer his questions, Fellers barks, “I don’t need a history lesson!” Alas, viewers will understand his frustration completely. Indifferently directed by Peter Webber (Girl with a Pearl Earring), Emperor is far more concerned with imparting information than generating involving drama. Fellers partakes in clandestine meetings, drinks in dingy bars, and butts heads with his

superior (Tommy Lee Jones as General MacArthur). Meanwhile, there are melodramatic flashbacks dealing with Fellers’ doomed pre-war affair with a Japanese woman (Eriko Hatsune). Regrettably, Fox proves incapable of bringing anything to his performance other than the uninspired dialogue provided for him. Rather than a man under the gun, he registers as an actor out of his depth. Ultimately, the plodding proceedings are only enlivened whenever Jones shows up to chomp on MacArthur’s trademark pipe and gamely spit out jingoistic declarations like, “Let’s show them some good old-fashioned American swagger.” Now there’s the line of dialogue that Emperor should’ve taken its cues from. — Curtis Woloschuk

What’s involved? • A 1-2 hour interview at UBC or near you, plus a possible follow up conversation. • $20 for the interview and possible follow up conversation • Areas for discussion include: how you got told to go to treatment; your perspective on treatment before, during and after; the benefits of being mandated to addiction treatment. Any experiences you want to share are welcome!

Looking for work? We can help.

Who Participates? If: • You were told to go to addictions treatment by the criminal justice system, child protection services, or your employer in the last 7 years; • You engaged in group or individual counselling as part of treatment; • You are 19 or over.

Job search resources • Personal employment planning • Workshops and training • Specialized services

Get the training and support you need to find and keep a job in B.C.

If you are interested, please phone 778-989-9859 or email: This research has been approved by UBC’s Behavioural Research Ethics Board, certificate number: H12-02784.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver 200 – 1033 Davie Street, Vancouver, B.C. 604.434.0367 Locations across B.C. Vancouver Island 250.387.6121 TDD: 1.800.661.8773 Vancouver 604.660.2421 TDD: 604.775.0303 Elsewhere in B.C. 1.800.663.7867 TDD: 1.800.661.8773

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.


March 28 – April 3, 2013

out after dark


A weekly feature highlighting social and cultural events around Vancouver. Got an upcoming event? E-mail us at On Twitter: #OADVan


2 Learn more and win books at




1 Candy Hodson, senior vice-president of sales

and marketing for Black Press, and Vancouver councillor George Affleck at the gala at Four Seasons hotel for the launch of Vancouver Fashion Week Mar. 19. (Silvester Law photo) 2 Skyla J and Ozzy from local band Skylab Sounds performed fresh material from their upcoming EP, heavy with deep house, dub soul and trip hop styles, at Calabash Thursday, Mar. 21. 3 At the Vancouver Fashion Week Emerging Designer showcase, Mar. 21 at the Chinese Culture Centre, Vancouver’s Evan Clayton brought down the house with a runway show featuring bondage, boobs, blood and… houndstooth? In addition to glimpses of Givenchy genius, Clayton’s tailoring was impeccable and the audience ate up the theatrics. (Eugene Flores photo) 4 At the other end of the


spectrum that evening were the chilling stylings of resident flowerchild/musician/design darling Dandilion Wind Opaine. Her winter wonderland featured head pieces (and models with their hair intertwined as braids), Cowichan sweaters reworked into leggings (pictured) and dresses lit from within. (Dale Rollings photo) 5 Store manager Erikka Taylor and optometrist Dr. Natasha Liaw enjoyed the festivities at the Clearly Contacts grand opening party March 20 on Robson. 6 Coast Contacts’ senior regional manager Geoff Henshaw, VP of marketing Aaron Magness, VP of web sales Braden Hoeppner, regional manager Robert Long, director of financial planning and analysis Ibrahim Kamar and VP of sales Steve Wallace (left to right) also welcomed guests at the opening of the new eyewear store.

Congratulations to the finalists of the 29th annual BC Book Prizes

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize: C.P. Boyko, Psychology and Other Stories (Biblioasis) 1 Anne Fleming, Gay Dwarves of America (Pedlar Press) 1 Bill Gaston, The World (Hamish Hamilton Canada, Penguin Group Canada) 1 Anakana Schofield, Malarky (Biblioasis) 1 Yasuko Thanh, Floating Like the Dead (McClelland & Stewart Ltd.) Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize: Aaron Chapman, Liquor, Lust and the Law: The Story of Vancouver’s Legendary Penthouse Nightclub (Arsenal Pulp Press) 1 Derek Hayes, British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas (Douglas & McIntyre) 1 Ali Kazimi, Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru – An Illustrated History (Douglas & McIntyre) 1 Leslie A. Robertson and Kwagu’l Gixsam Clan, Standing Up with Ga’axsta’las: Jane Constance Cook and the Politics of Memory, Church, and Custom (The University of British Columbia Press) 1 Jackson Davies and Marc Strange, Bruno and the Beach: The Beachcombers at 40 (Harbour Publishing) 1 Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize: Luanne Armstrong, The Light through the Trees: Reflections on Land and Farming (Caitlin Press) 1 George Bowering, Pinboy (Cormorant Books) 1 Sandra Djwa, Journey with No Maps: A Life of P.K. Page (McGillQueen’s University Press) 1 Geoff Meggs and Rod Mickleburgh, The Art of the Impossible: Dave Barrett and the NDP in Power, 1972–1975 (Harbour Publishing) 1 Carol Shaben, Into the Abyss: How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed the Lives of a Pilot, a Politician, a Criminal and a Cop (Random House Canada) Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize: Colin Browne, The Properties (Talonbooks) 1 Sarah de Leeuw, Geographies of a Lover (NeWest Press) 1 Roger Farr, IKMQ (New Star Books) 1 Evelyn Lau, A Grain of Rice (Oolichan Books) 1 Patricia Young, Night-Eater (Quattro Books) Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize: Hey Canada! by Vivien Bowers, illustrated by Milan Pavlovic (Tundra Books) 1 Rainbow Shoes by Tiffany Stone, illustrated by Stefan Czernecki (Tradewind Books) 1 Gift Days by Kari-Lynn Winters, illustrated by Stephen Taylor (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) 1 What’s Up, Bear?: A Book About Opposites by Frieda Wishinsky, illustrated by Sean L. Moore (Owlkids Books) 1 Maggie’s Chopsticks by Alan Woo, illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant (Kids Can Press) Sheila Egoff Children’s Literature Prize: Caroline Adderson, Middle of Nowhere (Groundwood Books) 1 Rachel Hartman, Seraphina (Doubleday Canada) 1 John Lekich, The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls (Orca Book Publishers) 1 Victoria Miles, Mimi Power and the I-Don’t-Know-What (Tradewind Books) 1 Susin Nielsen, The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen (Tundra Books) Booksellers’ Choice Award: Shelley Fralic, Making Headlines: 100 Years of The Vancouver Sun (The Vancouver Sun) 1 Daniel Francis, Trucking in British Columbia: An Illustrated History (Harbour Publishing) 1 Derek Hayes, British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas (Douglas & McIntyre) 1 Harold Kalman and Robin Ward, Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide (Douglas & McIntyre) 1 Jackson Davies and Marc Strange, Bruno and the Beach: The Beachcombers at 40 (Harbour Publishing)

Winners will be announced May 4th at the Lieutenant Governor’s BC Book Prizes Gala at Government House in Victoria 1 BC Book Prizes authors will be on tour April 17th – May 3rd 1 BC Book Prizes Soiree – April 10th 1 See website for details


books and beyond

Erin Cebula, Spokesperson

HURRY! Final Weekend to buy

for Early Bird Prize... Ferrari or $275,000 cash! Deadline midnight April 5 ‘Help WIN 1 of 4 Grand Prize HOMES... the or choose $2 MILLION tax free cash! kids’ $2 MILLION UP TO CAN GROW

Winner will choose 1 prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

Tickets/Rules of Play/Details:

or call



Chances are 1 in 288,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize. Chances are 1 in 482,600 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 prize. Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111



Know your limit, play within it.

BC Gaming Event Licence #50468 BC Gaming Event Licence #50469

19+ to play! March 28 – April 3, 2013





Thursday, March 28, 2013 WE Vancouver

EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES TRAIN TO BE AN Apartment/ Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 32 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.



CONCIERGE Five Star Building Maintenance


has immediate F/T openings for experienced & enthusiastic Concierges. You communicate with building residents, co-workers and the general public in a pleasant and courteous manner and are able to work alone or with others. You must be able to provide criminal record check and have a valid BC Security Licence. We offer attractive wages including comprehensive health & dental beneďŹ ts.


CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248

Please email your resume to: resumes@ďŹ






Class 1 license req. Preference will be given to applicants with previous Super B & Mountain driving experience.

F/T Live-In Caregiver needed in central Richmond private residence. Must have completed Canadian Secondary or equiv., 6 months training, or 1 year nanny work experience required. Police clearance necessary. Someone of good moral character. Private accommodation will be provided. Wage negotiable. Amount charge for room & board if applicable, $325/month max.

SUMAS TRANSPORT INC. is a locally owned & operated transport company with a Competitive Compensation Package. or Call:604.725.6961 or 604.724.2470 Fax: 604.207.0067

Local Haul Drivers Needed for the following positions;

Full Time - Day & Nights Casual Part Time & Saturdays

Interested applicants please fax resume and drivers abstract Attn. Darcy (1)604-852-2650 or e-mail



INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SIGN UP ONLINE! 1-866-399-3853





FOSTER/SOCIAL CARE or fax to 604-739-7435






EXPERIENCED strata manager required for Abbotsford and Surrey Must be organized, work well under pressure and results oriented. Resume and cover to:

108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES All Cash Vending Route. Earn $72,000 Year Potential. 9 Secured Hi-Traffic Locations. Investment Required $3,600 + Up. Safe Quick Return. 888-979-8363



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Power sweeping & scrubbing and pressure washing. Must be hard working with a good attitude. Must be avail to work nights and weekends. Good driving record reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. Experience beneficial, but will train. Based in Burnaby. Email: or Fax 604-294-5988

GET FREE VENDING MACHINES Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Year. All Cash-Retire in Just 3 Years. Protected Territories. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM

F/T Class 1 Heavy Haul Drivers required. 1 year low bed experience & ability to cross border a must. Please email DRIVERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ABSTRACT with resume to:

WORK FROM HOME The largest Home Inspection Company in Canada is expanding into Vancouver. Enjoy freedom & rewards as a home inspector. Complete Training, Inspector CertiďŹ cation & BC Govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Licensing. Limited Spots Available! Call Dave NOW to book your franchise presentation. 778-996-0369

109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 for work-at-home. Train with the top-rated accredited school in Canada. Financing and student loans available. Contact CanScribe today at 1-800-466-1535

Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628






$100-$400 CASH DAILY for Landscaping Work! Competitive, Energetic, Honesty a MUST!

PropertyStarsJobs.Com All Unemployed Start Now!!! $11/hr to start up to $20/hr,No Commission, Benefits Available. We need 8-10 ppl right away! Must be outgoing and work well in a team and individually.Paid weekly.

Call Today Start Tomorrow Lacey 604-777-2195

OWNER OPERATORS $3500 SIGNING BONUS Van Kamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s group of companies req. Owner Operators for our Surrey based terminal for runs throughout BC and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain driving experience / training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee beneďŹ ts package. Email a detailed resume and current driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract and details of your truck to: or Call Bev 604-968-5488 or Fax: 604-587-9889 Van Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility. Thank you for your interest however only those of interest to us will be contacted.

GUARANTEED Job Placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen For Oil & Gas Industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message For Information 1-800-972-0209 LIVE & WORK on a New Zealand, Australian, or European farm! AgriVenture arranges dairy, crop, sheep, beef & swine placements for young adults. 1-888-598-4415 UNEMPLOYED? Sales and Management Trainee positions available within our Burnaby office. Must be able to work full time. $2500/month + bonuses. Call 604435-2345!






$28.00 - $38.00 per hour based on experience. Commercial roofing co. hiring lead roofers with extensive exp. in commercial roofing, including: two - ply torch, single ply, sloped and metal.


Offering Great BeneďŹ ts

ONLY BEST Framing in Vancouver is hiring 3 F/T CONSTRUCTION HELPERS. Duties include moving material on site, helping framers, loading & unloading construction material, removing rubble and other debris at construction site, cleaning up of work area etc. No experience required. Salary would be $18/hr with 40 hrs/week. Applicants can email resume to:



Borrow Against Your Vehicle!



We are a growing, progressive & well respected transportation company operating a full repair and maintenance facility at our head office in Coquitlam.

JOY MANAGEMENT Inc. DBA â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seacret SPAâ&#x20AC;? in Vancouver & Burnaby requires F/T Sales people for Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cosmetics products, Oakridge Center & Metropolis at Metrotown $13hr. & 1 to 2 years experience. Supervisors $17.50hr. Email:

$399 CABO SAN LUCAS, ALL INCLUSIVE SPECIAL! Stay 6 Days in a Luxury Beachfront Resort with Meals & Drinks! For $399! 888-4819660




Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door.


Bayshore Home Health Is currently seeking a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse with pediatric tracheostomy and ventilator experience to work with a child with complex care needs who has a tracheostomy and is ventilator dependent. Pediatric ICU experience or hospital experience an asset. If you are an experienced Pediatric RN or LPN, and interested in this opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to:


1149 Granville St., Vancouver, BC V62 1M1



Registered Nurse/ Licensed Practical Nurse


Tabla Bistro Ltd., is seeking F/T Tandoori and Curry Cooks ($12/hr) & Restaurant Managers ($15.80/hr). For more information email:


Requirements; â&#x20AC;˘ Must Be Physically Fit â&#x20AC;˘ Communicates well In English â&#x20AC;˘ Full Certification 604.503.BARK (2275)

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Please e-mail resume:

or Fax: (1)604.472.2136 HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC F/T position available for heavy duty mechanic to maintain fleet of trucks. Hydraulic & welding experience preferred. Must have valid driver license and own tools. Please email resume to: or by Fax to: 604-294-5988

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â&#x20AC;˘ Company Vehicle â&#x20AC;˘ Over Time â&#x20AC;˘ Paid Travel â&#x20AC;˘ Support Crews â&#x20AC;˘ Top Wages â&#x20AC;˘ Health/Dental â&#x20AC;˘ Pension â&#x20AC;˘ Company Uniforms Must have proven ability to install using RCABC roofing practices and follow WCB regulations.




Optician & Contact Lens Fitter 6-Month Course

Optical Dispensing is a high-growth industry with good pay and job security. Train for a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Career With Visionâ&#x20AC;?. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!

Fax resume: 604-944-2916, Call Adam: 604-944-2977 or e-mail aknipfel@designrooďŹ Visit: www.designrooďŹ





Donaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Foods is a family owned company providing specialty meat procurement, processing, and distribution of our quality products and services from three sites to customers in Western Canadian and International Markets. Our production and distribution facilities work in partnership to deliver an exceptional product. Donaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Foods has built the business around our mission and core values of integrity, quality, innovation, superior customer service and our dedicated staff. We currently have an opportunity in our IT Department for a selfmotivated, results-oriented individual who would be a positive addition to our dedicated staff. The System/ Network Administrator would work as part of our current IT employee base assisting all of DFFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s staff with system and network administration, on site and remote assistance, desktop and Ethernet ready device support. Our current computer network consists of 100 workstations and servers spanning three different locations, Richmond, B.C., Langley B.C. and Moose Jaw, SK. Donaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Foods offers the successful candidate a competitive compensation package, excellent employee benefit program, RRSP and an employee development plan including, regular performance feedback, a comprehensive development/improvement process, recognition for your team and individual accomplishments and specific developmental activities to ensure continued learning and development. We require a self motivated, independent individual who can maintain the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s IT infrastructure needs with confidence and a professional attitude. This individual is someone who thrives in a challenging, productive environment built on respectful collaboration and will strive to complete tasks promptly and adhere to deadlines. To apply, please forward your resume along with your qualifications no later than: April 10, 2013 to or fax 604-533-0896.

â&#x20AC;˘ MONEY TODAY! â&#x20AC;˘ Instant Approvals â&#x20AC;˘ No Credit Checks â&#x20AC;˘ Privacy Assured


604.581.0101 130






WE Vancouver Thursday, March 28, 2013 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 242






PETS 477












2 hr. Service (604)209-2026

Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Buy! 20 Acres-Only $99/mo! $0 Down, No Credit Checks, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Owner Financing. West Texas Beautiful Mountain Views! Free Color Brochure 1-800-755-8953

PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 34 Years Exp. Free Estimates.

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184





Mainland RooďŹ ng Ltd. 25 yrs in rooďŹ ng industry C & C Electrical Mechanical â&#x20AC;˘ ELECTRICAL â&#x20AC;˘ FULL PLUMBING SERVICES â&#x20AC;˘ HVAC GAS FITTING *Free Est. *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service

604.339.1989 Lower Mainland 604.996.8128 Fraser Valley Running this ad for 8yrs



3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.



WEED FREE Mushroom Manure 13 yards - $180 or Well Rotted 10 yds - $200. 604-856-8877



BRO MARV PLUMBING $49 Service Call. 24 Hrs. Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Plugged drains. (604)582-1598 or (778)714-2441

100% Heating & Plumbing 24/7 Certified, Insured & Bonded RELIABLE & AFFORDABLE



Additions, Home Improvements Restorations, Renovations, & New Construction. Specializing in Concrete, Forming, Framing & Siding. 604-218-3064



SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240 1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Real Professionals, Reasonable. Rates. Different From the Rest. 604-721-4555.

AFFORDABLE MOVING Local & Long Distance


From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licensed ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

Journeyman Call 604-345-0899

Family owned & operated. Fully ins. We do Cedar Shakes, conversions, concrete tiles, torchon, fibreglass shingles, restoration & repairs. 20 yr labour warr. 604-427-2626 or 723-2626

ITALIAN MASTIFF(Cane Corso) P/B blues, ready to go, 1st shots, tails/dew claws done. Ultimate family guardian $1000 (604)308-5665

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or


POMERANIAN Exotic colour pups ready. Health guar. 778-838-2700.




Serving Metro Vancouver Since 1988



â&#x20AC;˘ Twins â&#x20AC;˘ Fulls â&#x20AC;˘ Queens â&#x20AC;˘ Kings 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in stock! www.Direct (604)294-2331



removal done RIGHT! â&#x20AC;˘ Tree Trimming â&#x20AC;˘ Fully Insured â&#x20AC;˘ Best Rates


SAWMILLS from only $3997 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.



STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS Eastcan RooďŹ ng & Siding â&#x20AC;˘New Roofs â&#x20AC;˘Re-Roofs â&#x20AC;˘Repairs

604.562.0957 or 604.961.0324


DreamTeam Auto Financing â&#x20AC;&#x153;0â&#x20AC;? Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals


1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557


HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837


Liability Insurance/BBB/10% off with ad


***HOME PHONE RECONNECT*** Toll Free 1-866-287-1348 Cell Phone Accessories Catalogue Everyone Welcome To Shop Online at:



Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

*NEW QUEEN MATTRESS SET* Pillow Top in Plastic. Mfr. Warranty Must Sell $200 ~ 604-484-0379 10% OFF with this AD

ABBA MOVERS & DEL Res/comm 1-4 ton truck, 1 man $35/hr, 2 men from $45. Honest, bsmt clean up. 25yrs Exp. 24hrs/7days 604-506-7576


STOP RENTING! RENT TO OWN! No QualiďŹ cation Required! FLEXIBLE TERMS! Cloverdale 60th &176th Spacious 708sf. 1 bdrm. Condo. Only $880/mo. Option Fee Req. 604-626-9647


MATTRESSES starting at $99

CRESCENT Plumbing & Heating Licensed Residential 24hr. Service



WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE ON THE WEB


â&#x20AC;˘ Hot water tanks â&#x20AC;˘ Furnaces â&#x20AC;˘ Broilers â&#x20AC;˘ Plugged Drains 778-862-0560



LARGE AUCTION of hardwood flooring (finished & unfinished), pallet racking equipment, office furniture. Saturday, April 6, 10 a.m., 9370 - 48 St., Edmonton, Alberta. Phone 1-888-453-6964.

C & C Electrical Mechanical

10% OFF if you Mention this AD! *Plumbing *Heating *Renoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s *More Lic.gas fitter. Aman: 778-895-2005



REG. German Shepherd Pups xrays, shots,READY NOW Black & Tan. $1100. 604-512-3310




Purebred Bernese Mountain dog pups, not reg. Chilliwack family raised, all shots $900 604-845-2125

Recycled Earth Friendly HOT TUBS ARE NO PROBLEM! On Time, As Promised, Service Guaranteed!

But Dead Bodies!!


â&#x20AC;˘ DIFFICULTY SELLING ? â&#x20AC;˘ DifďŹ culty Making Payments? No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees! / 604-786-4663

PUG available for stud service. He is a rare silver male, purebred but not registered. Also Golden retriever (not reg.) avail for stud (OFA hips & cert eyes) Mission 604-820-4827

â&#x20AC;˘ Estate Services â&#x20AC;˘ Electronics â&#x20AC;˘ Appliances â&#x20AC;˘ Old Furniture â&#x20AC;˘ Construction â&#x20AC;˘ Yard Waste â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete â&#x20AC;˘ Drywall â&#x20AC;˘ Junk â&#x20AC;˘ Rubbish â&#x20AC;˘ Mattresses â&#x20AC;˘ More

20 YARD BINS AVAILABLE We Load or You Load ! â&#x20AC;˘ Hvac Gas Fitting â&#x20AC;˘ Electrical *Free Est. *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service


PRESA CANARIO P/B UKC, fawn Both parents approx 150 lbs. $950. Call 604-302-2357


Hauling Anything..


WE BUY HOUSES! Older House â&#x20AC;˘ Damaged House Moving â&#x20AC;˘ Estate Sale â&#x20AC;˘ Just Want Out â&#x20AC;˘ Behind on Payments Quick Cash! â&#x20AC;˘ Flexible Terms! CALL US FIRST! 604-626-9647

Airedale Terrier pups. P/b, ckc reg., micro, health guar, 604-8192115. email:


All kinds of re-roofing & repairs. Free est. Reasonable rates. (604)961-7505, 278-0375

BOXER pups, flashy, males, ckc reg, vet check, nice pedigree. Boston Terriers, call (604)794-3786

ANTIQUE ORGAN hi back style, decorative & refinished $1000/obo. Photos avail. Call 604-541-9619.

GL ROOFING. Cedar shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Flat roofs, WCB Clean Gutters. $80. 604-240-5362

CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866

Piano: GERARD HEINTZMAN upright piano. $200/obo. Good cond. (604)272-9951




SOUTH SURREY Short Term or Long term NEWER - only 3 years old. Immaculate Deluxe, Fully Equipped 2 bdrm. + Rec. Room/Office + 2 Full Bath T/House. Floor to ceiling storage + storage room in garage. 6 S/S appli. D/W, W/D, & Garburator. Crown Mouldings, 9ft. ceilings, H/W laminate flooring and slate tile. Gas F/P & Alarm. 1 car garage parking. NO - Smoking inside, covered patio & outdoor patio. Amenities room incls. full gym, outdoor hot tub & pool. Walk to Morgan Heights shopping & transit. Close to schools. $1800/month. Available. May 1.



AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673


more valuable websitesâ&#x20AC;Ś

Save time, save money.


SPRING MAINTENANCE PACKAGE 1. OIL, LUBE & FILTER: Change the oil, install a new oil filter and lubricate the chassis 2. BRAKES: check front & rear brake systems 3. FRONT END: check shock absorbers, struts, & steering components 4. EXHAUST SYSTEM: visual inspection of catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipes, manifold & gaskets 5. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: check battery, lights, horn & wipers 6. TIRES: rotate all tires, check tread depth, & adjust tire pressure 7. COOLING SYSTEM: check for leaks, check hoses, clamps, waterpump, & radiator 8. BELTS: check all belts & hoses 9. FLUID LEVELS: check all fluid levels

KITSILANO LOCATION: 1390 W. 4th Ave. 604-738-5590 Open Sunday

HOCKEY IS BACK! Draft Pitchers $9.95 Draft Pints $3.95

All this for






*Plus ENV. Fees and taxes - with up to 5L of Oil. Synthetic Oil Extra. Coupon expires April 30, 2013. Offer may not be combined with other coupons or promotions. Coupon must be presented for discount. Surcharge may apply.

YALETOWN LOCATION: 710 Pacific St. 604-688-9309


anytime with coupon

*Buffet only. Offer excludes alcohol. Expires April 30, 2013.


Lunch Buffet: MON-FRI $12.95 / SAT & SUN $14.95 Incl. Chai, Coffee and Juice 11:30-4

805 W. Broadway

Dinner Buffet: MON-THURStFRI-SUN $16.95, 4â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10 PM


40 items to choose from! Room for Groups up to 70 people

Expires April 30, 2013

FREE PARKING weekends & after 6pm weeknights

HAPPY100%EASTER BC Owned and Operated Prices Effective March 28 to April 3, 2013. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Grocery Department

Meat Department Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips

Mighty Leaf Tea

assorted varieties

assorted varieties


from 7.99






Produce Department

3.99lb/ 8.80kg

product of USA

15 count • product of USA

reg from 11.99

J.D. Farms Grade A Turkeys

California Grown




Halibut Steaks Nature's Farm Free Run Omega-3 Eggs

Organic Green Collard Bunch from Heger Organic Farms

Organic Blood Oranges from Johanssen Ranch

first of the season

R.W. Knudsen Fruit Spritzers

California Grown

assorted varieties

.89 3.32

15.99lb/ 35.25kg



4 pack +deposit +eco fee product of USA

1 dozen • product of Canada

Fraser Valley Butter

Sara’s Frozen Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes assorted varieties

salted or unsalted



454g product of Canada




assorted varieties






Mexico Grown

Bulk Department

assorted varieties



product of Canada

Castello Blue Cheese Wedges



product of China

Earth's Choice Organic Fair Trade Coffee

reg 5.99

assorted varieties


Kitchen Basics Cooking Stocks

Aquel Sparkling Spring Water

bags or bins

20% off regular retail price Martin & Pleasance Harmony Woman’s Balance Formula

Hot Cross Buns



Harmony is a menopause formula that contains 6 vital herbs and added Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3.

package of 6

120 tabs

assorted varieties

lemon lime or natural


Bakery Department


300-400g • product of USA

400g product of Canada

Choices’ Commonwealth Mix

Health Care Department

Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Veggies

assorted varieties

2.98lb/ 6.57kg


reg 13.99

reg 29.99

Easter Cupcakes White or Chocolate or Chocolate Nesties


946ml product of USA


+deposit +eco fee product of Canada



Olympic Yogurt

Stove Top Stuffing

assorted varieties

assorted varieties


Green Asparagus

assorted varieties

product of Canada

1.98lb/ 4.37kg

product of USA

For an Easy Easter Brunch: Choices’ Own Family Size Quiche

Hot-Kid Rice Crisps

Canadian Heritage Organic Maple Syrup



Deli Department

reg 14.99

product of USA


650g • product of Canada

assorted varieties

assorted varieties







Black Cherry Concentrate is thick, rich, and a good source of iron, made from the entire fruit including the skin and pit, and may be used as a sweetener.


assorted varieties



Genuine Health greens +O

All 8” Frozen Unbaked Pies with Rice Flour Crust

120g • product of USA

Old Dutch Restaurante Tortilla Chips

2L product of Canada

retail price 80-200g

Rice Bakery

Chapman's Original Ice Cream


1.00 off regular

Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate

2.00 off regular

retail price


“O” is for organic – containing between 75-80% organic ingredients, greens+ O is a great tasting, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, 100% vegan formulation made with non-GMO ingredients

product of Canada


Seminars & Events: The Power of Raw Foods with Preet Marwaha of Organic Lives.


Tuesday, April 16, 7:00-8:30pm. At Choices South Surrey, 3248 King George Blvd. Cost $5. Register online or call 604-541-3902. OR

Tuesday, April 23, 7:00-8:30pm. At Choices Floral Shop and Annex, 2615 W16th Ave, Vancouver.

Look for our

Cost $5. Register online or call 604-736-0009.



Tuesday, April 30, 7:00-8:30pm. At Choices at the Crest, 8683 10th Ave, Burnaby.


Cost $5. Register online or call 604-522-0936. 2012, 2013 Awards. Your loyalty has helped Choices achieve these awards. Thank you!

Find us on Facebook: Best Organic Produce

Follow us on Twitter:

Best Grocery Store Kitsilano




Rice Bakery

South Surrey

2627 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0009

3493 Cambie St. Vancouver 604.875.0099

1888 W. 57th Ave. Vancouver 604.263.4600

1202 Richards St. Vancouver 604.633.2392

2595 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0301

3248 King George Blvd. South Surrey 604.541.3902

Choices at the Crest 8683 10th Ave. Burnaby 604.522.0936


Floral Shop

1937 Harvey Ave. Kelowna 250.862.4864

2615 W. 16th Vancouver 603-736-7522

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WE Vancouver, March 28, 2013  

March 28, 2013 edition of the WE Vancouver

WE Vancouver, March 28, 2013  

March 28, 2013 edition of the WE Vancouver

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