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2013 Wedding Planner


The Top 10 Wedding Priorities He has finally proposed? Then your top priority is to do a bit of bragging and tell everyone the good news! Once your initial excitement has calmed down a touch, though, you’ll have to take time to do some serious thinking. There are so many details to plan, a budget to draw up, and deadlines to be met: it seems so overwhelming. If you are finding it hard to get some traction and launch your wedding planning, here are 10 tips to give you some direction and help you get moving. 1. Establish your budget per guest. In fact, this is the perfect time to draw up your guest list. 2. Order your invitations, being careful to include your names, the date, time and place of the wedding and reception, as well as the date by which you need to receive replies. Being clear about this will help you save a lot of precious time and money. Be sure to include stamped, addressed envelopes if you can. 3. The reception hall is often

one of the biggest expenses, so be sure to reserve one as quickly as possible. If you want to keep expenses down, think about holding the reception at a family home or in a garden. 4. Creating a good atmosphere is just as important as choosing a caterer, although you don’t want to skimp on food, either. To cut costs, consider serving fewer courses, with a focus on excellent quality instead of quantity. 5. Make up or order wedding favours for your guests. These are put with their place setting or offered at the end of the reception. Let your imagination run wild: you could offer small homemade soaps, candles, local produce in mini format, bath pearls, or small boxes of candies. It can also be fun to have a “retro” favour, such as a pack of matches with the bride and groom’s names embossed on the matchbook cover. 6. Give yourself enough time to find a wedding gown that really

suits your personality. It is also possible to rent a dress for the occasion, much as your beloved can buy or rent his tuxedo. 7. Book your hair, make-up, esthetician and manicure appointments several weeks before the wedding. If possible, plan a test run. 8. Put all your heart into writing down the vows that you would like to make during the marriage ceremony. If you plan to make a speech at the reception, be sure to get that down in writing, as well. 9. Plan the reception down to the last detail: create the atmosphere you like with suitable music, entertainment and a décor that matches your personality. (Don’t forget to decorate the bathrooms, a place everyone will see at some point!) 10. Organize your honeymoon so that you can celebrate your new life together. And while we’re talking weddings, here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

• Avoid giving important jobs to the parents of the bride and groom — unless they really want to be involved that way. Instead, let them enjoy being with the guests. • If you intend to create a gift list, be sure to put it on the Internet so that it will be easily accessible to everyone. • If small children will be at the reception, plan to have a space available where they can play and a quiet room where they can sleep. • Take photographs of your hair and makeup test runs so you can choose the perfect combination when you’re wellrested. Prepare a make-up kit for any touch-up jobs on your big day. • Leave a guest book at the entrance of the reception hall. It’s a great souvenir to keep, along with your photo album. • Leave a disposable camera on every table so that guests can record magical moments during the reception.

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2013 Wedding Planner

Future brides and grooms don’t always realize just how much time they will have to devote to organizing their wedding. From the moment your engagement is announced, many hours will be spent making innumerable decisions and countless appointments. But don’t worry: you can save an amazing amount of time by dealing with local businesses. Why not combine practicality with pleasure by focusing locally when preparing your wedding. Everyone would agree that organizing a wedding isn’t an easy thing to do, and so it can be very reassuring to be able to count on people that you’ve known all of your life, or almost, to make a success of this important event. Just think for a moment about all the steps involved: choosing the

location of the wedding and reception, shopping for wedding bands, the gown, selecting a photographer, making up the guest list, having invitations and thank-you cards printed, planning the menu, decorating the reception hall, finding a DJ, selecting a cake, ordering flowers and favours. The list is long and the job, huge. By choosing to buy local, not only will you avoid wasting a great deal of time driving long distances, but you will also have the pleasure of involving people in your community, those who are a part of your neighbourhood and local economy. Your florist, caterer, jeweller, and all those other businesspeople will be eager partners in making your wedding the best party of your life.


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2013 Wedding Planner


Hmmm, What To Serve My Guests? One big decision that can be hard to get past the discussion stage in wedding planning is what to serve the guests. The meal represents a big portion of a wedding reception budget, so it is important to be absolutely satisfied with the food and its presentation. Being able to see and taste each of the dishes that will be served at your reception is essential. An experienced caterer will be prepared to offer you a tasting, as well as references from prior clients. Think about a menu that includes some hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer, a main course, and your wedding cake for dessert. A major budget factor is

whether your meal will be served buffet style or plated as a full service sit-down meal. When deciding on the menu it is important to provide three choices to guests: one for children, one for vegetarians, as well as a general meal for the majority of the other guests. Costs will increase if you choose several general meals, as this lengthens preparation time. For the first course, choose seasonal products, such as a salad during the summer or a soup in the fall. For the main course, chicken is always good value because it is cooked the same way for every guest. Beef, on the

Teresa’s Catering Making your catered meal extra special. We would love to be a part of your special day. Booking into 2014

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other hand, needs to be offered at a variety of stages of done-ness. Chicken is also the meat that the most people enjoy and that can be inexpensively prepared in a variety of ways. Depending on the theme and timing of your wedding and the tastes of your guests, you could

also serve a late night snack that includes small pastries, cubes of duck breast or sushi, candies, and tailor-made special coffees. While you can benefit from the inspirations of your caterer, just be sure to choose a meal that is sure to please both you and your guests.


2013 Wedding Planner


Best Words ‘Straight From Your Heart’ “I do” are not the only words you’ll have to say during your wedding ceremony. Not to put any pressure on you, but your vows are the reason for your union and they should be chosen and spoken with care. If you have opted for a religious ceremony, many priests or pastors will provide you with traditional vows. If that is the case, you won’t have to think too hard. On the other hand, if you have decided on a more unconventional route, writing your own vows is a wonderfully romantic idea. But what if you can’t quite get your thoughts and feelings down on the page? What if you find yourself stuck in front of a blank page for hours on end? Here are a few suggestions for expressing your love without sounding overly sentimental. • Start by asking yourself the

right questions. How did you fall in love with your future spouse? What does commitment mean to you? And marriage? Your answers are the best material to use, as they come straight from your heart. • Keep your vows simple and concise so they will be memorable and interesting. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from a favourite poet or a line from a movie. Most of all, you don’t want to see your guests’ eyelids getting heavy! A good rule to follow is to make the vows about the same length as traditional vows, which are between 30 to 40 seconds long when spoken. If you have too many feelings to express in this amount of time, then you could take up to a minute, but not any longer. You won’t make a mistake if you are speaking from the heart.

Once you have your vows down on paper, practice them until you have them memorized perfectly. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have a copy tucked into your sleeve, just in case your nerves play with your memory.

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2013 Wedding Planner


Guest List Trickier Than Grocery List Are you the type of person who has lots of friends, gets on well with work colleagues, and is involved in plenty of activities or sports? If you are sociable, love meeting people, and have the gift of building solid friendships quickly, you’ll probably find that compiling your wedding guest list is a little trickier than putting together a grocery list! First of all, you should ask yourself if your budget warrants an intimate ceremony or a huge affair. Although your big day isn’t just about money, the basic budget factor for the whole day is based on how many guests you invite to your reception: the more there are, the more expensive it will be. And, of course, more guests also means a

more complex planning and set-up operation. Keep in mind that every guest has the option of bringing a partner, which quickly extends the guest list. Start by listing the names of your respective parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and closest friends. After that, you could add the names of all the uncles, aunts, and cousins. The list might now be already as long as you can handle. If your heart is set on a bigger wedding, you could always add the names of your work colleagues, distant family members, and old friends, while choosing to offer a simple one-course meal or buffet. Alternately, you could invite many to your wedding ceremony, and just a few closer relations to a smaller, more intimate reception.


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2013 Wedding Planner


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2013 Wedding Planner

Stettler Couple ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ Time and place: Sept. 15, 2012, at Rotary Park, with the reception at the Stettler community hall. Wedding supplies from Stettler: Flowers from Debbeez Flowers. We got items like coloured plastic tablecloths and rocks for our centrepieces at Party Maxx. Most other things were homemade or given to us from other couples. What wedding supplies would you like to see in Stettler? The town already has a pretty good selection. Our wedding was fairly small — it wasn’t over the top or outrageous — so most things we were looking for, we found in town. Exceptional service in Stettler? We can’t say enough good things about Debbeez Flowers. Debbie was phenomenal. She had awesome ideas how to make things look just perfect, and made them happen. It was a real treat to work with her. Also, Kelly from Bestway Travel was amazing to work with. She went above and beyond what we ever would have expected. She is organized, knowledgeable and helpful. She made it easy for our guests who were buying gift certificates, and she

DES HYMERS AND MICHELLE STROME OF STETTLER. helped make our honeymoon the best trip of our lives. The girls from Pinned Up worked like crazy to make the girls look amazing. It was so much fun, going to the salon first thing in the morning, and being pampered by such talented women. Our caterer was Teresa’s Country Catering, and the food was amazing, the service was amazing, and they were so accommodating to us. We had extra people show up for

Wedding Alterations by Harriette

dinner and they handled it with grace. Bridal registries in Stettler? We were registered at Bestway Travel and Wells Furniture. Tips or suggestions for couples preparing their wedding? Remember to breathe. It’s one day in the rest of your lives, so have fun with it. There’s always going to be something that you forget, no matter how

organized you are. Just roll with it. At the end of the day, you are married to the love of your life … there’s nothing better than that. Favourite wedding moments? The whole thing. We wouldn’t change a thing. We had a blast from the moment we started out with the girls at the hair salon and the boys golfing, to pictures with Kelsey Bignell, the ceremony and, of course, the party.

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2013 Wedding Planner

A Beautiful Ballerina In An Explosion Of Crinolines Have you been dreaming about wedding dresses since you were a little girl? It is practically impossible to remain indifferent in front of a sublime princess style dress fit for Cinderella, with all those wonderful frills and crinolines. Wouldn’t you just love to embody a bit of the royal splendor emanating from such a legendary dress? Well, now it’s possible to adapt this trend for your wedding without making the whole thing overly theatrical. Indeed, designers seem to agree on this point: ballerina-style wedding dresses will be the wedding trend of the year. Specialized boutiques are offering a wide range of styles to honour the world of classical dance. Fans of tutus, your dreams will come true: skirts billow to your heart’s content, recalling the endless twirling of the perfect little ballerina you used to have in your musical jewelry box. The feminine grace of the prima ballerina, straight from a Degas painting, is translated into the bridal gown of voluminous proportions. Of course, all those layers of tulle can feel heavy, but the fashionable bride just doesn’t care! Here, the expression “one must suffer to be beautiful” is entirely appropriate. The voluminous ballerinastyle dresses come with a high, tightly-fitted bodice to highlight the effects of the corset, so perfect for slender figures. And what if you have a well-developed upper body? Brides with a full bust and larger proportions can opt for a high, draped corset bodice. The extra dimension created by the pleated fabric isn’t as tight and takes away the

impression of heaviness that a conventional bodice would give. DREAMY CORSET BODICES Don’t try and hide your curves on your wedding day, ladies! Corset bodices extending to the hips are allpervasive in the new bridal collections. Even women with full hips can wear them, particularly if the gown flows into voluminous skirts. The explosion of crinolines below the bodice will lend perfect proportions to the figure. If, however, a bride is looking to add volume to a small bust, the empire waistline, encircled by a sash in a contrasting colour, is just the thing. Shimmering details, such as diamonds or pearls, are a wonderful way to add volume to a bodice. TIME TO CELEBRATE Once the wedding ceremony is over, the glowing bride can change her voluminous dress for a more discreet evening outfit. Many will opt for a second long white gown, while others will prefer to inject a touch of liveliness into their outfit by wearing a colourful or even sequined ensemble — a very personal choice. The general trend dictates a fitted outfit that clings to the body. The wedding reception is a festive occasion, and this is why the outfit you choose should reflect your desire to celebrate with your new husband and all your loved ones.


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2013 Wedding Planner


A Different Kind Of Wedding Even though traditional weddings are still extremely popular, more and more couples are choosing to join their hands in marriage in original and sometimes even daring ways. Of course, stepping off the beaten path can be exciting, but the important thing is to remain true to yourself if you want to organize an unforgettable wedding. Choosing a theme for your wedding is a great way to create a ceremony that reflects your personal style and taste. Think about the passions you and your loved one have in common: an activity, a musi-

cal style, an era, a place, a sport. Anything could be the star ting point for personalizing your wedding. Decorations, invitations, flowers, music and all the other details should be oriented toward the chosen theme as much as possible. Naturally, the theme should also be taken into account when choosing g a wedding gown and the groom’s outfit. Be careful about colours: even if you love red or other strong colours, don’t overdo it or the result could be overbearing. Opt for different tones in the same colour in order to create a harmonious

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atmosphere. Don’t forget to include your guests: offering them a small wedding favour that ties in with your theme will make it an unforgettable occasion for everyone. Success guaranteed! A FEW IDEAS Over the last few years, the medieval wedding has been very pop-

ular, but other themes might inspire you: a country or rock wedding, environmentally friendly wedding, Zen wedding, 1950s wedding, bicycle wedding, “god and goddess” wedding, seasonthemed wedding, or a country wedding. All it takes is some creativity and the ability to let your imagination run wild!


2013 Wedding Planner


The Roles of The Bridal Party Someone close to you has asked you to be their best man or maid of honour, a role you have happily accepted. But what exactly does that entail? The maid or matron of honour gives a short speech during the reception and offers practical and emotional support to the bride throughout the planning and organization of the wedding. She also takes care of a wide range of small but important details: helping with the invitations and shopping for the dress and the bride’s bouquet, and dealing with last-minute surprises. In other words, it’s a busy time for the maid of honour, as well as for the bride. The role of a best man is virtually identical. On the big day, he helps the groom dress and accompanies him to the ceremony. Most importantly, he holds the wedding bands. Like any good host, he is the first to arrive at the reception hall in order to welcome the newly married couple. He makes the first toast of the evening and dances with the bride, as well as her mother and the mother of the groom. Of course, the maid of honour is traditionally in charge of organizing the hen or bachelorette party, and the groom organizes the stag party. One innovative idea for a hen party is to organize a relaxing day at a spa to relieve accumulated stress, followed by a gourmet meal and an evening at a nightclub. For the men, the groom’s interests are a good indication for a suit-

able bachelor party: if he loves playing golf and going to the casino, then an afternoon on the golf course followed by an evening on a floating casino is a brilliant plan. In short, the privileged role of the maid of honour and of the best man is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, before and during the wedding. Don’t forget that if you have been invited to fill one of these key roles, it is because you are trusted. And that is an honour in itself!


2013 Wedding Planner


Favourite Moment ‘Marrying The Perfect Guy’ Time and place: Sept. 1, 2012, at Deer Valley Farms, Halkirk. Wedding supplies from Stettler: At Party Maxx, we bought our archway and our cake topper. The groom and groomsmen rented their tuxes from John’s Clothing. We had our beautiful wedding cake made by Custom Cakes By Angela. I purchased my wedding gown in Castor at Victorian Elegance … very nice selection and very personal. Bouquets and other flower arrangements were done at Panda Flowers. I had a vision of what I wanted my flowers to be without knowing any flower names. I described what I wanted and they ended up making my vision even more beautiful. I highly


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recommend Panda Flowers. Harriette Hudson did a great job with the alterations of my dress and my bridesmaids’ dresses. What wedding supplies would you like to see in Stettler? Fabric. I looked everywhere in this town for fabric and ended up going to Red Deer, and even then, I couldn’t find really what I was looking for. Stettler has really grown, even within the last five years since I moved here, and it’s only going to get bigger, so maybe a wedding boutique would be very helpful to all brides and grooms. Exceptional service in Stettler? Panda Flowers. They were amazingly helpful and so comforting.

Tips for couples preparing their wedding? Just relax. Don’t worry too much. I made the mistake of freaking out and it was all for nothing. Don’t worry … most likely, no one else will notice. Once you walk down the aisle, all of your worries and frustrations disappear. Favourite wedding moments? It was amazing shopping for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. I enjoyed seeing everything come together (even though stressful at times). The feeling when you step back the day before the wedding after decorating the hall and saying, ‘It’s done.’ I think that was the second-best memory. The first was marrying the perfect guy.



2013 Wedding Planner

Relaxation For Stressed-Out Bride-To-Be Getting married can create a great deal of stress for the bride-to-be. As a friend, you’re in a good position to see that. So here is a gift to offer her during her engagement party or her hen party: a bridal spa package. Of course, these days, more and more couples already live together before they get married, which greatly reduces the list of gift ideas — no need for toasters and pots and pans! A day at the spa is an ideal gift that will give her some peace and relaxation before the big day. Here is a brief overview of what spas can offer you. If you want to accompany the future bride while

she’s recharging her batteries, opt for a spa that offers different thermal baths. Your friend can start the day with a complete body scrub, followed by a wrap treatment. After that, an esthetician could give her a facial that will make her skin radiant just in time for her wedding. Of course, you shouldn’t forget a hand and foot treatment and, as a final touch, a relaxing massage. Thinking along the same lines, you could also choose a relaxation and beauty package that would consist of two separate visits. During the first visit, she would receive a body scrub, followed by a hot-wax body-hair removal, making her skin feel

like silk. After that, she could benefit from a massage and a trial makeup session. Her second visit could include hand care, a foot massage, a manicure, a pedicure, as well as a complete makeup session. This type of gift is real-

ly appreciated by most women and is great for a group. What’s more, you won’t have to worry if your gift will be appreciated or useful. Every woman loves to be pampered and feel like a princess, especially a few days before her wedding!

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2013 Wedding Planner


Dances With Father, Husband Stand Out Time and place: Oct. 6, 2012, Stettler. Wedding supplies purchased in Stettler: Napkins, candy, flowers and linens. Wedding supplies needed in Stettler area? We would like to see a little of everything be available, from formal wear to decorations. Exceptional service? We got flowers from Debbeez Flowers and would recommend her to everyone. Very affordable and she did an amazing job on our flowers. Bridal registries in Stettler: Wells Furniture and Wish. Tips for couples planning their wedding? Start planning when you first get engaged and just do what is best for you. Favourite wedding moments: There are so many, but I think a few of them would be my parents walking my down the aisle, the father-daughter dance and my first dance with my husband.




A Successful Outdoor Wedding

Cake Decorations Party Supplies Table Ware Balloons Favors Gifts and more... We have the supplies to make your wedding a remarkable celebration! 5018 50 Street, Stettler • 403-742-3460

Dates between May and October are generally the most popular for couples wishing to get married. These months promise better chances of a beautiful, sunny afternoon. That is ever more important when planning an outdoor wedding, where Mother Nature always brings a touch of magic, whether it is by the ocean, near a lake, or in a pretty flower garden. The biggest challenge in organizing an outdoor wedding is the unpredictability of the elements. That is why it is so important to have a Plan B in case of bad weather. Because of that, you will not only have to choose the right location, you will also have to coordinate all the necessary logistics in order for

your reception to be a success. Go ahead and choose a site for exchanging your vows that has special significance for both of you. Just bear in mind that your guests won’t want to be packed into a small space, nor will they want to be stranded miles from the nearest bathroom. Remember that a tent for the caterers will be necessary, as is access to electrical outlets for the chefs and the D.J. If you are planning on renting a wedding tent, be sure to calculate the

number of square feet required for your guests to be comfortable. Some outdoor establishments also require that the couple purchase a liquor license. If that is the case, don’t wait until the last minute to send in your application. The dress code should be specified on the invitations so that your guests will know what to expect. Once your outdoor wedding has been carefully orchestrated, all you’ll have to do is pray fervently for blue skies and beautiful sunshine on your big day.



2013 Wedding Planner

Test Out Wedding Music Vendors Music is an integral element of many of life’s special events. The score of a movie can carry a film, and a tender song can bring tears to a person’s eyes during a stage production. Many couples spend lots of time choosing a song for their first dance at their wedding. While that song is significant, couples should devote lots of time to choosing a band or deejay for the reception, as well. Statistics compiled from a variety of sources, including USA Today, and Brides magazine, point out that roughly 80 pe cent of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. When asked, many couples admit they wish they spent more time and money choosing their wedding entertainment. Music helps make memories and gets guests on their feet. Those who enjoy themselves most at the wedding are often the people who are on the dance floor. It is important to note that price shouldn’t be the deciding factor for wedding day entertainment. It is crucial to see the entertainment provider in action to judge for oneself just how good he or she is. One of the best ways to witness a deejay or band in action is to attend a wedding where they will be working. Find out if you can spend a little while peeking into a wedding and gauge guests’ responses to the music and find out how the

entertainment engages the crowd. The entertainer may be able to arrange that with a couple from an upcoming wedding so that you don’t necessarily have to crash the wedding. If a musical entertainment company is wary of letting you see players in action, it might be an indication to look elsewhere. Another good way to see for yourself if the entertainment factor is high is to pay attention to the bands and deejays used at weddings you attend. If you are planning nuptials in a year or the months to come, take the cards or information of the entertainers you come across at weddings and any special event parties. If there is someone who is doing an impeccable job, there should be no hesitation to hire that person for your own wedding. Don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or family member for the name and number of their deejay. If you have specific

music requirements, such as cultural music or certain versions of songs you prefer to be played, it is key to discuss that with the deejay or band ahead of time and confirm they can meet your needs. Certain wedding vendors may promise you the world but fail to deliver. Ask the deejay for a playlist to see his or her selections for the wedding. Find out if the band has a compilation they can send to you so you can see how they sound performing some of the more popular songs typically played at wedding receptions. If you like a particular band or deejay, double-

check that the people you see playing are actually the ones who will be performing at your wedding. Many times, performers are part of larger companies that have many people working under one name. If you’re not careful, you might not get the same performer you had hoped for. Request specific individuals if you want to guarantee that the music will be what you heard at a previous wedding or during a trial performance. Music can make or break a wedding reception. Invest ample time into selecting and trying out vendors to ensure fun is to be had by all.

We’re Playing Your Song • Weddings • Anniversaries • Parties • All the New Hits of Rock and Country plus the Classics and Golden Oldies

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Finding The Right Banquet Hall Planning a wedding is no small feat, as couples are faced with many decisions seemingly from the moment they get engaged right up until they walk down the aisle as man and wife. One of the biggest decisions a couple will make is where to host the reception. Couples must consider a variety of factors when looking for the right banquet hall to host their reception. The wedding is a celebration, and the banquet hall is where the couple and their guests will let their hair down and hopefully enjoy a festive and memorable night. Because the reception is typically the most lengthy portion of a couple’s wedding day, it’s important to find a place where everyone can be comfortable and enjoy themselves. The following are a few tips for couples looking to find the ideal banquet hall to host their wedding reception. • Ask around. Word-of-mouth is a great way to find the right banquet hall. Ask friends or family members who got hitched in the same town where your ceremony will be if they can recommend a reception site. These friends or family members can provide a behind-thescenes look at a reception hall, from how accommodating the staff was to how flexible the banquet hall was with regard to pricing to how open the staff was to suggestions. Wedding planning isn’t easy, so if friends, family members or coworkers recommend a hassle-free banquet hall, that recommendation can remove a lot of the stress from planning a wedding. • Consider the size of the facility. Some couples prefer an intimate affair with relatively few guests, while others will desire a large wedding party with lots of guests. Couples can find a banquet hall that’s capable of catering to small or large wedding parties, but find one that fits your party specifically. If your wedding party is small,

then avoid a larger facility that will appear empty. If the party is large, make sure there’s adequate room so guests won’t feel like they’re sitting on top of one another during dinner and dessert. • Don’t downplay decor. A banquet hall with an attractive decor is not only aesthetically appealing, but can appeal to a couple’s finances, as well. Such a hall likely won’t need any additional decorations, while a banquet hall that’s unadorned and lacks embellishments will, and those decorations can dip into a couple’s overall wedding budget. Compare the costs of the more decorated banquet hall with the one that’s more plain in appearance, factoring in the cost to decorate the latter, and you might just realize the one with more aesthetic appeal is more affordable in the long run. • Prioritize privacy. Few couples

would be open to strangers having easy access to their wedding reception. When shopping for a banquet hall, look for one that gives you and your guests all the privacy you need. Many couples have taken to hosting the entire ceremony at a hotel, which may handle the bulk of the planning and remove the hassle of transportation for outof-town guests. However, couples considering a hotel should look for one that can promise privacy from other guests at the hotel who aren’t there for the wedding. The reception room should be secluded from the rest of the hotel so other guests walking by aren’t tempted to walk in on the festivities. The banquet hall is where couples can expect to spend most of their time on their wedding day, so couples should exercise their due diligence to ensure they find an inviting and festive facility.



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Choosing The ‘Perfect’ Bouquet A bouquet is an important accessory for any bride, one that should be co-ordinated with the dress, as well as the style of the wedding itself. Here are a few tips for choosing the right bouquet: • If you’re wearing a long dress, your options are broader: your bouquet can be round, simple, or cascading. If your gown is shorter, however, it is advisable to opt for a round or discreet bouquet so that your flowers will not hide the dress. • If you’re dreaming of a huge bouquet, keep in mind that the more imposing the bouquet, the heavier it will be to carry. That could get tiring, not to mention the chore of trying to throw it over your shoulder! You should also take your figure into consideration when making your choice: a tiny or very slim silhouette can be overwhelmed with a

large bouquet. • Think about personalizing your bouquet with accessories such as lace, pearls, or even fruits. Be sure to set yourself a budget: flowers that are rare or out of season will make your bouquet costs climb. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Even though some brides choose a bouquet for its look, others prefer to use flowers that have a traditional symbolic meaning: red roses (love), white roses (pure love), lilies (purity), carnations (sincere love), tulips (perfect love). If that language means something to you, perhaps you’d better avoid yellow roses (infidelity) and narcissus (selfishness)! Most important of all, be careful not to choose flowers that will spread pollen all over your beautiful gown.

Debbeez Flowers & Gifts Inc. Thank you for considering us for your Big Day! Are you looking for something different? Are you looking for something funky? We go beyond ordinary to make your wedding day memorable forever.

403-742-4499 5008 - 50 Ave, Stettler


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DJ Strikes All The Right Notes Time and place: Aug. 11, 2012, Stettler (ceremony at Rotary Park campground and reception at the community hall). Wedding supplies purchased in Stettler: Linens and vases rented and purchased from John’s; flowers from Panda Flowers; girls’ hair at Hideaway; first dance choreographed by Rhonda McCulloch School of Dance. Exceptional service? Clay the DJ was great: knew what songs to play and when, and kept the kept the crowd/kids entertained when pictures went longer than planned. Bridal registries in Stettler: Wells Furniture and Wish. Tips for couples planning their wedding? We were able to rent

RYAN STRATULATE AND SHELLEY NELSON OF STETTLER. the community hall from Thursday to Sunday, and that extra day (Thursday) made decorating much less stressful than if we just had

Friday to decorate. Favourite wedding moments: Photographs and the first dance.

Luxurious Bridal Suites and Spacious Guest Rooms For Your Wedding Night Complimentary Champagne

* Jacuzzi * Fireplace * King Size Bed 6711 - 49 Avenue, Stettler General Manager - Shannon Shirley



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 1-866-700-9299 Out of Town Only ZZZ3UHPLHU/LPRVFRP


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Have You Thought Of Everything? If you feel your stress level rising at the mere thought of your upcoming wedding, imagine what it will be like on the big day. Of course you want your wedding day to be fabulous, and the best way to ensure that is to be prepared for every eventuality. Here are a few things to pack and have on hand for the big day: • Makeup kit and makeup removal pads. • Pocket mirror. • Glue for false nails and eyelashes. • Pre-moistened wipes, deodorant, and lip balm. • A toothbrush, toothpaste, and breath mints (avoid chewing gum, especially during the photo session) • Transparent nail pol-

ish, nail file, and nail polish remover. • An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, including the case and lens solution. • Curling iron, hair straightener, or hot rollers. • Bobby pins (to control rebellious curls and to affix your veil). • White and black thread, sewing needles, safety pins, and a pair of scissors (for clothing repairs). • Iron and ironing board. • Extra pair of pantyhose. • Pair of ballerina shoes (for the end of the evening when your feet ache after all that dancing). • Tissues, as well as

acetaminophen or ibuprofen (for unexpected headaches). • Super glue or something similar, masking tape, and transparent adhesive tape • Finally, because you know just what your man is capable of, include a pair of black socks in

case he had the bright idea of wearing white sports socks with his tux! Collect all those things in one spot before the wedding day. Why not use one of your grandmother’s magnificent hat boxes or that travel bag you spotted in your favourite store?

Have your Country Wedding in Rosebud Up to 150 sit-down indoor facility Outdoor facilities available for ceremony & photos Buffet & plate-service options available We can coordinate other aspects of your wedding: W W W W

Floral Arrangements Entertainment Horse & Buggy Rides Guest Shuttle Transport to Drumheller or Strathmore W Accommodations Partners (including campgrounds) Tours & tastings available Contact Pat Murphy at 403-677-2350 or



2013 Wedding Planner

Budget Planner Before you start planning for your big day, you need to know exactly how much money you have to work with, and what will be allocated to each aspect of the Wedding. As a general rule of thumb, about 45% of the budget should allotted to the reception. This will include location food and beverages Ten percent should be allotted to flowers, 10% to wedding attire, and another 10% percent to music. The Final 15% of your budget should be allotted to stationery, gifts, favors and other accessorizing details.

Fees and Rentals


Est. $

Ceremony location fee Officiant’s fee Marriage License Reception-site fee Food Cake Bar Rental Couple’s transportation Guest’s trans/parking Tips and Coat check

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______



Est. $

Ceremony decorations Bride’s Bouquet Maid of Honor’s and Bridesmaid’s bouquets Flower girl’s accessories Corsages Boutonnieres Reception centerpieces

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

and decorations



Subtotal __________

Subtotal __________ Photography Engagement Portrait Photographer’s fee Wedding Album Parent’s Album Additional Prints Videography


Est. $

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Subtotal __________ Stationery


Est. $

Announcement Save the date cards Invitations & envelopes Bulletins/Programs Seating cards, place cards Menu cards, thank you notes Favor cards Calligraphy Postage Guest’s book

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Subtotal __________ Music


Est. $

Ceremony Music Cocktail- Hour Music Reception Music

__________ __________ __________

______ ______ ______

Subtotal __________

Wedding Attire


Est. $

Bride’s Dress Headpiece and veil Bride’s shoes Lingerie Jewelry and accessories Hair and makeup Groom’s Tuxedo or suit Groom’s Shoes Couple’s accessories Bride’s & groom’s rings

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

Subtotal __________ Gifts and favors


Est. $

Maid of Honor’s gift Bridesmaid’s gift Best Man’s gift Groomsmen’s gifts Child Attendant gif Bride’s Parents gifts Groom’s Parents gifts Favors Ring pillow

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

Subtotal __________ Total



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Share your great news..... Stepping Stones, a special feature in the Stettler Independent Full colour ads to commemorate your Special Events Engagements Weddings Graduations Birth Announcements Anniversaries




4810 - 50 St. Stettler


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Jude’s Liquor Store For the most important day of your life, treat yourself and your wedding guests to the very best selection of wine, beer, liquor and more. • Liquor Permits • Knowledgeable Estimates • Wedding Discounts • Pop & Ice • Delivery & Restocking at your Event • Good Customer Service • Locally Owned & Operated • 15 Years in Business Call Rob or Judy for all your event needs Stettler Mall


Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday ~ 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday & Saturday ~ 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday ~ 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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s ’ n Joh Main Street, Stettler


Special Features - Wedding Planner  


Special Features - Wedding Planner