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PHOTO locations ✲ MOUNT WASHINGTON A fun place to photograph the wedding party, from great images on the ski lift, to beautiful panoramic background scenery.

✲ FILBERG LOD GE & PARK Acres of beautif ul landscaped grou nds situated on the waterfront in Comox … one of the valle y’s most popular venues . Photo by: Karen McKinno n Photography

Photo by: Agnes Mitchell Photography

✲ COMOX LAKE The tranquility of Comox Lake surrounded by forest green hills and the spectacular backdrop of the Comox Glacier is a stunning wedding photo location.



The Como x beaches are a beautifu l location … miles of w hit an almost e sand give tropical lo ok.

Photo by: Crystal Cle ar Photogra phy

The grand staircase at Crown Isle is the perfect romantic setting for photographs of the bridal party. The manicured greens, stunning landscaping and mountain backdrop is equally popular.

✲ top 5 photo locations



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W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

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Take a group photo on the dance floor with all the guests. As soon as the shot is taken, bump up the music and guests start dancing - they’re already on the dance floor.



Whimsy and fun for 2013 with signature drinks (often of the slushie variety), late night carnival snacks like popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones or snack “bars” . Popular decorations range from burlap for the “less is more” look to charcoal colours and chandeliers in trees for the “elegant vintage” style. And of course going green will continue with engaged couples turning toward local suppliers for their food and wine. ✲ Relay Rental & Sales Ltd.,

FAMILY HEIRLOOM: One bride had a veil made with her grandmother’s lace wedding gown and used other pieces to make a bolero jacket that she wore with her second outfit – a satin ivory cocktail dress for dancing.





✲ grand ideas…

Adding rustic charm and texture to wedding décor with burlap. This simple and affordable design element can make for a big impact when used correctly. Incorporating this material into your wedding is totally trouble-free– it’s all about using little touches here and there… a burlap table runner, a burlap detail in your stationary, or a burlap candle wrap … basically a little rustic goes a long way! ✲ All in One Party Shop,

Wedding planning made easy...

event rentals

The Comox Valley’s party rental headquarters

1255 McPhee Ave., Courtenay 250-871-4646

399 Clubhouse Drive, Courtenay, BC 250-703-5000



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W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

ask your

CATERER 1. Does the caterer specialize in certain types of food or service? 2. Can the caterer arrange for a tasting of the specific foods you’re interested in prior to hiring? 3. What is the caterer’s average price range? Are costs itemized depending on the foods you choose, or is there an all-inclusive flat rate? What would that include (linens, tax, and gratuity)? Does the caterer have printed price sheets for food selections? 4. How involved is the caterer in a typical reception -- does she work like a wedding coordinator or banquet manager, cueing the band, telling the couple when to cut the cake, adjusting the schedule if guests don’t seem ready to sit down to dinner? 5. Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, salt-and-pepper shakers, and more? Ask to see these items to make sure they’re acceptable. Do you have to rent tables, place settings, or other equipment? Or will they arrange for the rentals? 6. Who is the main contact? Will the same person you work with when planning also oversee meal service on the day of the wedding?

✲ catering 7. Will the caterer work any other weddings on the same weekend, the same day, or at the same time as yours? (You want to be sure they will devote sufficient attention to you.) You may want to pass on a smaller outfit who indicates they have another job or two scheduled for that day. 8. Does the caterer handle all table settings? Will they put out place cards and favors? 9. Will the caterer provide wait staff? How many would they recommend for the size of your wedding? What will the waitstaff wear? (Top caterers say they always use their own serving personnel, even if the site’s staff is available, because they understand the caterer’s way of doing business.) 10. Will the caterer be willing to include a recipe you provide, like a special family dish, or an appetizer with some sort of sentimental significance? Can they prepare vegetarian, kosher, kids, or halal meals for just a few of your guests? 11. Where will the food be prepared? Are there on-site facilities, or do you, the caterer, and the site manager need to make additional arrangements? If the caterer must bring in his own equipment, is there an additional fee? 12. Does the caterer work with fresh foods? 13. Does the caterer have a license? (This means her business has met health department standards and has liability insurance -make sure this includes a liquor license if you’re having a bar.) 14. Can the caterer provide alcohol? Or can you handle the bar separately? If you can provide it, is there a corkage fee? How and when will you get the alcohol to the caterer? If the caterer will provide it, do they have an flexible wine list, and can you make special requests? How is this list priced? 15. How will the caterer arrange the food on the buffet table or on plates? Can you see photos of previous work displays? 16. Can you speak to previous clients? (Get at least two references that had a similar number of guests and a similar menu style.) 17. Does the caterer also do wedding cakes? Can you use an outside baker if you desire? Is there a cake-cutting fee?

C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

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The 4th Annual Wedding Show at the Old House Village Hotel & Spa will be held on Sunday, March 10th from 2pm to 6pm.

An open invitation to bridesto-be. Come out and see what the beautiful Comox Valley has to offer. Showcasing a large variety of products and services including: wedding planners, caterers, entertainment providers, florists, bridal fashion, stylists, photographers, printers, honeymoon specialists, and more!

Exhibitors will be set-up throughout the hotel and grounds and in their own private hotel room. This is a unique way to interact with local companies as it offers more variety that regular “booth space” as is common in other Wedding Shows. Into its 4th successful year, this event offers good food, tasty refreshments and fun new friends.

For more information visit online

✲ wedding show


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W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D



✲ ___SIX TO TWELVE MONTHS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Select a Wedding Date and Time Announce your engagement in the paper Plan an engagement party with family and friends Talk with a bridal consultant or wedding coordinator Find out what bridal shows are in the area and plan on attending Agree on a preliminary budget Decide who will pay for what and how expenses will be shared Call your church for an appointment with the officiant Ask friends and family to serve as wedding attendants Start a “planning systems” and system of organization Start your wedding guest list Start ideas for your reception and catering plans Determine what type of entertainment you want to have for your reception Decide the type of wedding you would like to have (size, formality, and setting) Explore colour schemes Consider pre-marital counseling Select your reception location Select your professional photographer Select your videographer Select professional caterer (if necessary) Select musician or disc jockey Select your florist Shop together for your wedding rings Select wedding dress and headpiece and set a date for fittings and delivery Select your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories It’s time to choose a honeymoon and location

✲ ___FOUR TO SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO THE WEDDING ___ Check the requirements for a marriage license Select and discuss colour schemes ___ with the florist/decorator of choice ___ Again consider pre-marital counseling ___ Reserve your wedding day rental equipment ___ Decide upon a gift registry and select your gift choices ___ Start shopping for the men’s wedding attire ___ Reserve your wedding day transportation ___ Research and select readings for the ceremony ___ Make music selections for ceremony and reception ___ Decide upon and order favours ___ Select your baker, choose your cake & groom’s cake ___ Help both mothers co-ordinate and find their dresses/suits Review your contracts with all your service providers ✲ ___TWO MONTHS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

If you can, take the week, or part of it, off from work! Have engagement portraits taken Place your engagement announcement in the newspaper Mail out invitations and announcements Decide on men’s wedding attire Arrange and plan your rehearsal dinner

___ ___ Purchase your wedding day accessories ___ Arrange attendants parties Prepare accomodations for ___ out-of-town attendants and guests Consider a hairdressor and/or makeup artist ___ and book appointments Finalize all honeymoon plans

✲ ___ONE MONTH LEFT! ___ Final wedding dress fitting ___ Final fitting for your wedding attendants ___ Obtain marriage license ___ Have your attendants’ parties ___ Create a calendar of events for the wedding day Make sure your accessories are in order (rings, pillow, garter, etc.) ✲ ___TWO WEEKS REMAINING! ___ Finalize arrangements with the entertainer(s) ___ Provide a list of music you would like played Finalize music during special events ___ such as first dance, dance with dad, etc. Pick up your wedding rings, make sure that the engravings are correct Make sure they fit!

✲ ___ONE WEEK TO GO! ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Make sure your marriage license is in order Prepare seating arrangements if necessary Confirm honeymoon reservations Pack your baggage for your honeymoon Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal Instruct your wedding party on what they will be doing on the day of the wedding Have your rehearsal dinner Make sure all your wedding attire fits properly Give your best man the amounts your vendors are to be paid on the day of the wedding Inform your caterer of the total guest count Confirm out-of-town guests have transportation and sleeping accomodations. Check with your florist to make sure they will arrive when scheduled

✲ ___YOUR WEDDING DAY ___ Allow at least two hours for dressing Allow plenty of time to apply your makeup ___ and style your hair If professionals are doing your hair and/or makeup, ___ determine the time they need If photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, ___ allow plenty of time for that ___ Remember to bring rings and marriage license ___ Seat guests as they arrive The groom’s parents should be seated ___ at least five minutes before start time ___ Mother of the bride is normally seated last Take a deep breath, don’t worry, be HAPPY and SMILE!

✲ planning


C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

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the wedding

GOWN FINDING THE PERFECT GOWN Many brides-to-be look forward to the day when they visit a bridal salon and are able to try on gowns for the first time. There are certain tips that can make the day go much more smoothly and potentially reduce the amount of time it may take to find the perfect gown. • Wear a supportive, well constructed strapless bra or corset in your correct size. If you will be wearing a petticoat, also have the right size available. • Go without face makeup when trying on gowns so they remain clean. • Try to wear your hair similar to the style you have in mind for your wedding. • Note that the size of the wedding gown you will wear is typically one to two sizes larger than your day-to-day clothes. Proper measurements can be matched to designers’ size charts. • It’s best to limit the number of people with whom you shop to 1 or 2 trusted friends or family members. An entourage can be confusing. • It’s always better to order a slightly larger gown and leave room for alterations if you are between sizes.


Elegant and Refreshing Catering Options Our team of chefs offer a world of experience in Àne dining and cuisine and our amazing front of house staff will see to your every need. From simple to lavish, it’s all in the details and our team is dedicated to making your event memorable.




THE MOST MEMORABLE day of your life.

Custom Cakes, Wedding Favours and Gifts Contact us to book a consultation. 368 Fifth Street, Downtown Courtenay Telephone: 250-338-8211

✲ the wedding gown

Find us on Facebook



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W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

SONG IDEAS If Michael Buble or Nat King Cole aren’t on your playlist, chances are you may be...


✲ looking for a

✲ “FASTER”~ Matt Nathanson

✲ “AMAZING”~ Aerosmith ✲ “CRAZY FOR YOU”~ Adele


✲ “FOR YOU I WILL”~ Monica


✲ “CRASH”~ Dave Matthews Band

that’s a little less traditional for your wedding reception.

✲ “I’LL STAND BY YOU”~ The Pretenders ✲ “YOU WANT TO MAKE A MEMORY”~ Bon Jovi ✲ “NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU”~ Sinead O’Connor

Couples considering a song that’s a little different and speaks to them but won’t necessarily offend the wedding purists in attendance, might want to consider the following tunes:

✲ “HERE WITHOUT YOU”~ 3 Doors Down ✲ “KISS ME”~ Sixpence None the Richer ✲ “WITHOUT YOU”~ Rent Soundtrack ✲ “SUGA SUGA”~ Baby Bash

✲ first dance

✲ “LOVE SONG”~ The Cure

song ideas…

✲ “NO ONE”~ Alicia Keys


FREE Wedding Registry Available Customized Destinationn Wedding invitation insertss Free Consultation with Destinationn Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist st

Two offices on Vancouver Island Uniglobe Alliance Travel

Karen McKinnon 250-890-9222 |

Alliance Travel Ltd.

Courtenay – 250-334-3442

or Toll Free – 866-334-3442 Campbell River – 250-287-7715

Outdoor Party Area

200 No






✲ COMOX COMMUNITY CENTRE 1855 Noel Ave, Comox, V9M 2H4 250-339-2255

200 No


✲ CROWN ISLE RESORT AND GOLF COMMUNITY 399 Clubhouse Drive, Courtenay BC Catering Coordinator 250-703-5033

170 Yes


✲ FLORENCE FILBERG CENTRE 411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay 250-338-1000

250 No


✲ NATIVE SONS HALL 360 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 250-338-1000

250 No



SITES ✲ PUNTLEDGE RV CAMPGROUND 4624 Condensory Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1R6 Phone 250-334-3773

✲ THE FILBERG HERITAGE LODGE AND PARK 61 Filberg Rd. Comox BC V9M 2S7 250-339-2715 ✲ OLD HOUSE VILLAGE HOTEL AND SPA 1730 Riverside Lane, Courtenay, BC, V9N 8C7 250-703-0202

✲ reception sites

Maximum Guests

Exclusive Caterer

C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

50 indoor

150 outdoor

50 indoor

125 outdoor

your day ✲ your way



your day ✲ your way


W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

Couples can use the power of the mind to regain passion and rekindle romance in a relationship, says Jeannie Spencer, a clinical hypnotherapist and certified master hypnotherapist in the Comox Valley. “It’s about building confidence within and teaching people how to see themselves doing it, until it becomes a reality,” she explained. offers detailed directions which are sent to the client by email. They include private, sensual sections which offer tips on how to maintain the true essence of passion, as well as how to measure success and when to substitute old habits for new, exciting passionate ones. Spencer said some of the tips she offers couples is to keep a journal at the beginning of a relationship in order to have a tangible reference to look back on times in life. She also suggests writing down significant events — no matter how big or small — on small notes and keeping them in a ‘love jar.’ As time passes, you can chose the notes to re-experience events from the past.



Jeannie Spencer knows the power of the mind and uses her ability to show couples how to get passion back into relationships, and to reconnect romance. Spencer is a clinical hypnotherapist and certified master hypnotherapist, who, in addition to providing services through Invision Your Life, has created the website along with a group of her peers. “I help people with how the mind accepts suggestions ... and what we think about directly affects how we feel,” she explained. Spencer added came from discussions with her friends about “what we know — being in relationships and being married.” She said she focuses on how to get back and maintain passion in relationships, and appeals to the five senses ideas such as recipes, music (how to trigger and create new memories) and visualizations.

“If you become aware of how you are feeling and what you’re thinking, it creates your reality,” Spencer said. “Have goals together and work together as a team.” She also suggested that couples take time to “check-in” with each other, in order to regroup and make yearly commitments. Spencer explained while you cannot change your partner, you can change yourself and habits with your partner, and they will change in response. A subscription through is available. Call 778-300-5199 or e-mail customerservice@ for more information.

For an Outdoor Wedding Adventure. 250-334-3773 Fax: 250-334-3715 Email:

4624 Condensory Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1R6 The Comox Valley’s Friendly, Reliable & Safe Door-to-Door Shuttle Service

Your trusted Wedding Shuttle Service to get your guests there

in style and on time.

PH. (250) 339-5252 TF 1-877-339-5252


C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

your day ✲ your way

A Day to

managing your


Learning to look beyond and let go — those are two tips that Sara-Lynn Kang offers to brides to think about while planning their big day.

Getting tips from a counsellor — such as learning to look beyond and letting go — can reduce stress and lead to the romantic, ‘perfect’ wedding day that everybody wants to have.

Kang is a registered clinical counsellor with Pacific Therapy & Consulting Inc. in Courtenay. She says one of the most important stressmanagement tips she offers couples is to take time to look at what is important. “We put expectations on what our ‘perfect day’ is supposed to be ... and they are not necessarily reasonable expectations,” she explained. “You can’t control all of the details, and it sets people up for failure.” Kang said wedding planning involves making a lot of decisions in a short timeframe, and it’s very easy to “get caught up in the little things; it’s important to look at the big picture.” She noted once the big day and celebrations are done, it’s important for couples to take the time for a ‘checkup’, either with each other, a visit to a therapist or counsellor. “It can be overwhelming to figure out what’s normal and what’s not normal. We make appointments to visit the doctor and dentist, why wouldn’t we do the same for our relationships?” Kang noted common topics which couple should examine are individual approaches to finances, sex and sensuality, parenting and communication and conflict. “Awareness is key,” she explained, and added couples may have a tendency during the ‘honeymoon period’ to gloss over small conflicts or issues that might arise.

Kang suggested two tips to help couples keep the joy alive, even years after the wedding day has passed. ✲ “Once married, people have a tendency to stop courting each other, so bringing back the romance, even with ensuring you have date nights, is so uplifting,” she said. ✲ “Make sure you also have both couple friends, and single friends,” Kang added. “You need to maintain relationships with your own individual friends as well. You want to maintain a sense of your own individuality.” For more information or to contact Sara-Lynn Kang, e-mail her at or call 250-338-2700.


Lett th Le thee time time imeles less, les s, gra gracef ceful cef ul bea eauty ea uty of th he guiitar encha gu e ant yo you an nd your gu guest ests. est s. Wit Wi ith i h a li life felong fe ong d dedic dicaation to cre dic creati at ng hiss ati rep re ep pertoi to oire inc nclud nc luding lud ing w we weddi dding ddi ng sta standa ndards nda rds,, rds traadit tra dition ional ion al jaz jazz, z, ori origin ginaal wor gin work k and and arrrang ar angeme ements eme nts of yyo your ur fav favour ourite our ite lo love ve son ngss to mak makee your your da dayy speccial ial.. Cal Ca all a l or book on onlin linee fo lin for a quot q ot ote. e.

Alan Jossul





w w w. p a r a d i s e p l a n t s . c a | 2 5 0 - 8 9 7 - 3 8 9 8 2480 Hardy Rd, Courtenay


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W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

Celebrate with song...

Rent a

Wedding Package from



Dance Lessons

for the Bride & Groom & Wedding Party

Dance with the one you love

Steppin’ Out

with Keith & Holly 250-871-2513

WeddingWine “Helping “Helpin ng people make better wine & beer SINCE 1983.” 2440 Cliffee Ave.,, Courtenayy • 2250-334-3055


HONEYMOON registry Q. What is a honeymoon registry? R. With a honeymoon registry, you register your honeymoon with a travel agency and your family and friends can contribute to a very special vacation. Q. What’s the first step? R. First, the couple would consult with an agent. The agent will help the couple by suggesting different destinations and can put packages together for a personalized honeymoon. The packages could be for a romantic sunny getaway or for a south American hiking expedition – there are endless possibilities to suit individual couples’ dream honeymoon. Q. How do people contribute? R. Then there are two ways to contribute to the honeymoon. The first is a ‘honeymoon fund’ where guests can contribute a dollar figure to an account and the second way is to buy special romantic gifts such as a candlelit dinner, champagne welcome, scuba diving, horseback riding, show tickets, etc. Q. Why use it? R. Most couples are getting married after they have lived on their own. Often couples live together before they get married and most have the household items that are traditional wedding gifts – toasters, pots/pans, etc. A honeymoon registry is a new way of helping a couple begin their new life together; it will always be a memory of a special time in their lives. Q. When would a couple register? R. It is best for a couple to register prior to sending out their wedding invitations. The travel agency may supply cards to include with invitations explaining the honeymoon registry. The feedback from this program has been great. Not only do the newlyweds appreciate a romantic getaway, but it can take the pressure off friends and family about what to buy as a gift. Submitted by Julie Huff, Uniglobe Alliance Travel Ltd.

✲ honeymoon registry Say it with Canadian Diamonds Ca ds


Exclusively at Francis Jewellers. 320 - 5th Street, Courtenay 250-334-2611

C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

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OWNERSHIP As a young couple starting out today Are you better off to

Rent or Buy? 1. Do you know where you will be working over the next 3 to 7 years? 2. Will you be required to move frequently?

Home ownership is not for the weak! It is also not for anyone that changes their mind frequently as it is very expensive to buy, sell and move and a lot more stressful than simply giving your 30 day notice to vacate! Homeownership is best suited to those that have saved beyond the minimum 5% down payment for their mortgage as the biggest regret even in these uncertain times is NOT paying too high a price. The biggest regret is NOT having waited to make a bigger down payment to afford some flexibility in household finances and not having taken the time BEFORE buying to consider ALL the associated costs of home ownership!

3. Do you plan to have a family, Ask yourselves whether or not you will be further ahead renting or buying. Either option can work! own a multitude of pets? Rent – be sure to save & invest the difference

4. Are you a disciplined saver? wisely. Buy – properly prepare before you buy! If Do you have access buying, your local Realtor will be in the best position to large sums of money? to assist you in making an informed real estate purchase that fits your personal circumstances with current market 5. What do you really know conditions. about home ownership? Submitted by Cheryl Lee, Realtor with Sutton Group –West Coast Realty


Saratoga Beach Vancouver Island

250-337-8964 ●

● ● ●

DELUXE Beachfront Suites Main Lodge Rustic Cottages Sandy Beach

It’s your time...

time to relax time to energize time to play ... on the beach

Your Event Specialists Since 1994

Classical Guitar for yourWedding …the perfect choice of live music!

Larry Ayre

Ceremonies • Reception • Dinner Music Larry playing in the park by the Filberg Lodge in Comox.


Located in Tin Town

2342 Rosewall Cr Courtenay, BC 250 338 6678 www. A


your day ✲ your way

W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D




M or O

(manditory or optional)


✲ Legalities

(manditory or optional)

Item Carry Over Column 1 Total

Cost $

✲ Reception

Marriage License ✲ Ceremony Fees


Officiant’s Fee

Food / beverage expenses (per-person cost)

Church, or other location fee


Organist’s Fee

Tables, Chairs, Flatware and any other rentals

Cantor/Vocalist? instrumentalist fee(s)

Wedding cake ✲ Transportation/Parking

✲ Flowers

Transportation for bridal party

Ceremony Reception

Traffic officials at ceremony/reception

Bridal Bouquet

Valet parking

Bridal Attendants’ flowers

Travel costs for officiant (if necessary)


✲ Wedding Attire


Bridal Gown

✲ Gifts

Bridal accessories: shoes, hose, jewelry, etc.

Bride’s gifts for attendants

Groom’s tuxedo or suit

Groom’s gifts for attendants

Groom’s accessories Bride & Groom’s Rings

Parents’ gifts

Beauty costs (hair, nails, makeup)

Wedding favours

✲ Music

✲ Invitations/Enclosures Invitation, RSVP card, maps

Ceremony music


Coctail hour music


Reception band or DJ ✲ Miscellaneous

Ceremony Programs

Rehearsal dinner

Menu Cards


Place Cards

Honeymoon costs

Newspaper Announcements ✲ Photography

Grand Total


Engagement photographs

✲ wedding budget

Wedding photographer


Videographer Wedding Album Column 1 Total


C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D | W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3

your day ✲ your way


CAKE trends 2013 The biggest T st tre for 20133 trend p is the burlap an lace look. k. and rs 2 to 3 tiers J•E•W•E•L•L•E•R•S

A diamond is a gift of love.

D O W N T O W N C O U RT E N AY • 2 5 0 - 3 3 4 - 4 5 2 3

O one small cake Or o a cupcake tier on fo individual for s servings

Designs range from simple and elegant including the all white cake with white lilies to the themed cake that suits the Bride and Groom’s personalities

Splashes of colour come from the floral designs with matching ribbons or if the couple prefers to provide their own ribbons, the baker can incorporate that into the design Provided by Thrifty Foods

✲ cake trends

Party Time Musical & DJ Services Dennis Hudson







your day ✲ your way

W E D D I N G M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 3 | C O M O X VA L L E Y R E C O R D

We’ll take care of your event



Thinking of


Now is the time to make it happen!

ActNow Call Cheryl

or Suzanne

Cheryl Lee P. 250-898-3400 F. 250-890-3401 E.

Suzanne Judge P. 250-218-1000 F. 250-890-3401 E.

We are sure to have what you need to make your event successful.

Visit us at Phone (250) 334-9444 P













BRIDAL WINE TASTING to suit all your needs.


the way YOU like it! ➧ ➧ ➧ ➧ ➧

Call for an appointment. On the Dyke Road • 100% Island Owned Our Liquor Store Features the area’s Largest Wine Selection! 3080 Comox Road, Courtenay • 250-941-0066

Over 19 years mobile experience Lighting, lasers, and smoke included Professional DJ equipment All music is licensed Weddings, School Dances, Anniversary, Birthday and Graduation Parties, Video Parties LOCALLY OWNED • SERVING VANCOUVER ISLAND



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