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Tuesday February 26, 2013

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Surrey man guilty in 2010 rape

Alex Hayer, son of SurreyTynehead MLA Dave Hayer, received a stem cell transplant 10 years ago from his sister Sonia after being diagnosed with leukemia. The transplant saved his life. While Hayer found a match in his sister, the majority of patients needing stem cells must rely on strangers for a life-saving donation. Canadian Blood Services is looking to recruit more stem cell donors – particularly ethnic males aged 17-35.

Jeremy Lee Voakes convicted in violent sexual assault of teen by Sheila Reynolds A SURREY man charged in a violent

sexual assault of a teen in 2010 was found guilty in B.C. Supreme Court Friday (Feb. 22) morning. Jeremy Lee Voakes, 25, was convicted by Justice John Truscott of sexual assault with a weapon and assault. He was acquitted on a third charge of unlawful confinement. During the January trial, the court heard Voakes dragged a young woman into his bedroom, where he hit her, called her degrading names and threatened her with a metal pole before forcing her to have sex. The victim, who is now 20 and cannot be identified under Jeremy Voakes a court-ordered publication ban, said Voakes struck her with his hand every time she refused his demands. She testified he only let her leave when she said a friend was expecting her and would come looking for her. It was that friend who convinced her to call police. Last September, Voakes was the subject of a Surrey RCMP manhunt on an outstanding warrant on the sex assault charges. He has faced several assault-related charges in the past. Voakes’ next court appearance is April 4 when a date for sentencing will be set.


Are you a hidden hero? Volunteers launch stem cell donor awareness drive at SFU Surrey

by Evan Seal VOLUNTEERS AT SFU Surrey were on the lookout for hidden heroes

last week – members of the public who unbeknownst to them, have the power within them to save someone’s life. Members of OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network and OtherHalf Chinese Stem Cell Initiative spent the day educating students and the public about the need for more stem cells donors. Stem cells are the building blocks of cells and are capable of devel-

oping into any of the different types of cells present in a person’s bloodstream. A transplant of healthy stem cells helps those suffering from diseases – such as cancer and immune system disorders – whose blood is unable to produce its own stem cells. Canadian Blood Services runs the nation’s stem cell matching service (OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network) which links possible donors with recipients.

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2 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013


City Boulevard Trees and You

To ensure the health of our boulevard trees, the City of Surrey requires that the trees are pruned in accordance with International Society of Arboriculture Best Practices and Standards. City By-law 5835 prohibits damage to City trees, including unauthorized or

If there is no sidewalk in front of your property, your property line likely does not extend to the road. You likely have City boulevard trees in front of your property.

substandard pruning; please don’t prune City boulevard trees. You may be unsure about which trees near your property are City boulevards trees. The following may help you to determine the ownership of the trees near your house.

If there is a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road, the trees on this strip of grass are City boulevard trees. Your property line likely does extend to the sidewalk.

To find out more about the ownership of a specific tree, or the pruning and maintenance of City boulevard trees, please call the Parks Service Request Line at 604.501.5050 and we will have a City Arborist contact you directly. If there is a sidewalk directly beside the road, your property line likely does not extend to the sidewalk. You likely have City boulevard trees in front of your property.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 3

Surrey man deported after wrongful conviction

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet and Cpl. Bari Emam from the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team speak to the media at RCMP headquarters in Surrey last week regarding the beating death of Janice Shore.

Lawyer says evidence that exonerates him was withheld by Kevin Diakiw A SuRREy man wrongfully con-

victed of sex assault seven years ago has been deported, and at present, cannot be found. A lawyer for Gurdev Singh Dhillon said his client served four years in jail for sexual assault, despite the fact DNA evidence withheld by the Surrey RCMP appears to have exonerated him. The wrongful conviction destroyed his life, causing him to lose his freedom, his Canadian residency, and his wife, Vancouver lawyer Paul Briggs told The Leader. In 2005, Dhillon was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman and was sentenced to four years in jail. Appeals to both sentence and conviction were dismissed in 2006. After Bill Fordy serving his time, Dhillon was deported to India. Because he served more than two years, he lost his right to appeal the deportation. Briggs handled the 2006 appeal for Dhillon. He did not know police were withholding DNA evidence obtained from the victim’s undergarments. The evidence was linked to two other individuals, but not to Dhillon, the lawyer says. It wasn’t until 2011 that Crown counsel learned of the existence of material evidence that had not been

“I... deeply regret the impacts these mistakes may have had on all those involved.”

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Family of beaten woman makes public plea for information Janice Shore died after being viciously attacked and left in Whalley by Kevin Diakiw

victim of a serious assault and suffered life-threatening injuries, including broken bones. HER CHIldHood, her family says, was typical of any young girl. While she Shore was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital, where she spent weeks in a had some mental health issues, Janice Shore was a normal kid. coma. The 45-year-old succumbed to her injuries last Monday. As she never She grew up, got married, and had three children, all of whom are now regained consciousness, police didn’t have a chance to interview her. grown and on their own. On Thursday, the family was struggling through the pain. Then she made some bad choices. Those wrong turns “Janice did not have much of a voice while she was alive,” left her drug-addicted and scraping by on a meagre living the family said in a prepared statement read by police collecting pop bottles and panhandling on the mean streets Thursday. “After her death, she no longer has any voice, of Whalley. period.” While she led a troubled life, she had no criminal record. The investigation has just been handed over to the Inte“She struggled in poverty,” said Jonquil Hallgate, executive grated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT). director of Surrey Urban Mission Society (SUMS), which IHIT Cpl. Bari Emam said Surrey RCMP interviewed often fed her. “(She) didn’t have a lot of personal resources or several people leading up the last few hours before Shore connections to people in the community,” Hallgate said. “She was beaten. He said she did not fear for her physical safety spent a lot of time on the street looking for bottles, looking at the time. Police do not have any suspects or persons of for money to buy a few things she needed or wanted.” interest at this time. On Sunday, Dec. 2, Ken Smith, a man who accessed The family is asking anyone with information to come Janice Shore’s family services in the area, discovered Shore, barely conscious, forward. partially clothed, and weakly calling for help in an empty lot “We are making this appeal particularly to those who in Whalley. knew Janice and may have valuable information which can help police solve While he knew Shore, Smith could barely recognize her due the facial her murder,” the family said. pummeling she had endured. Any witnesses are asked to call the IHIT Tipline at 1-877-551-IHIT. If you Police didn’t say much early in the investigation, except that she was a wish to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

“Janice did not have much of a voice while she was alive... she no longer has any voice, period.”

RCMP Insp. Amrik Virk runs in Tynehead Will represent B.C. Liberals in riding currently held by Dave Hayer

by Monique Tamminga lAnglEy RCMP Insp. Amrik Virk is turning

Amrik Virk

in his badge and gun for a potential seat in the B.C. legislature. On Thursday, Virk announced he will be the B.C. Liberal candidate in the SurreyTynehead riding. Virk’s last day at the Langley detachment was on Wednesday and he has taken a leave without pay from the RCMP. He is joined by Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender, who announced last week that he is running as a B.C. Liberal in the SurreyFleetwood riding. Fassbender will continue

as mayor, but will step aside if elected. Virk first joined the RCMP in 1987 and climbed the ranks to inspector in 2001. He has been active in youth and gang violence prevention in the Lower Mainland and helped set up the Integrated Gang Task Force. He is a marksman/sniper and a member of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police. He spent several years working at the Surrey detachment. “Today’s B.C. Liberals, led by Premier Christy Clark, are the right choice to keep British Columbia on stable economic ground,” said Virk. “Surrey is a growing community, and people here want a gov-

ernment that shares their concerns about jobs, safety and family affordability.” Virk has a background of volunteering in Surrey. He spent six years on the board of directors of the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation and is vice-chairman of the board at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He has lived in Surrey with his wife and three daughters for the past 11 years. Surrey-Tynehead is held by B.C. Liberal MLA Dave Hayar who isn’t seeking re-election. Virk will run against NDP candidate Avtar Bains.

4 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Multi Culture January 15th - April 30th

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Stem cells: Donation is simple

With nearly 75 per cent of registered donors Damascus ......................$1190 Luxor ...............................$1260 MIDDLE EAST coming from the CauAmman...........................$1230 Doha .......................... $1030 Madinah .........................$1050 casian community, the Abu-Dhabi ................. $1040 Dubai ..............................$1030 Muscat ............................$1050 two SFU groups were in Bahrain ...........................$1250 Istanbul ..........................$1030 Riyadh .............................$1050 Surrey to help target the Beirut...............................$1230 Jeddah ............................$1100 Sanaa ..............................$1080 Asian and South Asian Shiraz ..............................$1050 Khartoum ......................$1270 Cairo ................................$1210 communities with the Damam...........................$1160 Kuwait.............................$1010 Tehran .............................$1120 hope of increasing ethnic Auckland........................$1080 Sydney/Melbourne/ SOUTH PACIFIC donor numbers. Fiji ........................................$980 Brisbane ..................... $1080 SFU student Alex Addis Ababa .................$1210 Lagos..................................$980 AFRICA Hayer knows all too well Dar-Es-Salaam ..............$1225 Nairobi ...............................$890 Accra ..................................$940 the value of a stem cell Durban ..............................$950 donor. Islamabad ......................$1450 Lahore ........................ $1450 PAKISTAN A few weeks after his Karachi............................$1300 Peshawar .......................$1450 19th birthday, Hayer felt IRAQ very rundown and tired. Al-Najaf...........................$1280 Baghdad ........................$1430 Basrah .............................$1300 “I thought it was Bangladesh ...................$1300 Colombo ........................$1300 Kathmando ...................$1320 my heavy workload *Certain restrictions apply, taxes extra. Serving you in seven languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, at school,” said the tall •Prices subject to change without notice. Malayalam, Urdu and Marathi South Asian student OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK – 24 HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE currently finishing his master’s degree in public 9476 - 120 Street, Surrey (Near Sabzi Mandi) health. “Then I started getting eight-hour nosebleeds.” The doctors initially thought he had a virus and sent him home, but a few weeks later, GAS after having more tests, GAS INSERTS he was informed he ALE S t a S INSERTSatat$rting D E had acute late-stage IC R A P SK Starting 2887 ABOUT leukemia. His chance of 9 $ 887 d 4 e ll a ,3 2 st 1 in $ survival was estimated at d e ll a r % st in Regula OFF 15 to 20 per cent. 49 ,6 Basic $1 Hayer started chemoInstallation s therapy immediately, but his only hope for survival was to find a EVERY TWO WEEKS , A NEW FIREPLACE IS ON SALE . IT MAY FINALLY FEEL LIKE SUMMER, BUT FALL IS COMING SOON. IT MAY FINALLY FEEL LIKE SUMMER, BUT FALL IS COMING SOON. suitable stem cell donor. RIGHT NOW WE ARE FEATURING THE BL21. After everyone in Don’tfor wait forrst the firstofsign ofact frost, now and be prepared Don’t the sign frost, nowact and be prepared The BL21 is the mostwait affordable andficool compact linear onthat the market today. There isthe no corner. for those evenings are just around cool that feel areatjust the corner. other fireplace for thatthose can offer suchevenings a sophisticated sucharound an affordable price.




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SFU student Satgur Singh Rehal uses a cotton swab to take a sample of cheek tissue at the stem cell awareness event Wednesday. his family was tested, (including his father, Surrey-Tynehead MLA Dave Hayer), his sister Sonia proved to be a perfect match. Hayer spent a month in hospital undergoing treatment and still has follow-up tests every few months, but so far, the leukemia in gone. “If it wasn’t for stem cell research, I would be dead right now,” said Hayer, 29. Satgur Singh Rehal didn’t hesitate when he was asked to sign on to the registry. “I think I can help

• Vacation and respite stays

More information about the process and the stem cell registry is available at:

Police: Apologize for ‘mistakes’ From page 3 disclosed by police. Special prosecutor Peter Wilson was appointed and Delta Police took over the investigation from RCMP. Wilson has approved charges of sexual assault in the attack against two men, Mohammed Zaaid Ukhttar and Sital Singh Bhatti. A B.C. Criminal Justice Branch investigation concluded Wednesday that there had been a “miscarriage of justice” in the Dhillon case. “This conclusion relates to the fairness of Mr. Dhillon’s trial based on non-disclosure to him of material evidence,” a justice branch release said.

The evidence withheld by police could possibly overturn Dhillon’s conviction, Briggs said. “Which I would certainly want to do for him if I could find him,” Briggs said. Dhillon also lost his wife in the process. “He was actually separated at the time of the alleged offence, but he was trying to reconcile with his wife,” Briggs said. “His wife actually supported him until his appeal.” When that was dismissed, and he faced being registered as a sex offender and deported, she left him for good. Briggs said if he’s able to have the conviction overturned and get

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• Short walk to Newton UALITY SENIORS' Seniors’ Centre & Library, pool, transit and shopping

saves lives,” said the 19-year-old SFU Mechatronics student. “If you can do something for another person, that’s what you should do. That’s what my mother always taught me.” Both OneMatch and OtherHalf were on campus last week and on Monday afternoon raising awareness – particularly among ethnic males in the 17-35 age category. More donors in this group are needed. At SFU, potential donors were asked fill out a consent form and submit to a cheek swab,

where a small amount of cell tissue is taken from the donor’s mouth to find the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing. That information is then stored in a database for patient searches. According to Canadian Blood Services, the most likely family members to match a patient will be the siblings. However, there is only a 30-per-cent chance of finding a matching donor in a patient’s family, so the majority must rely on a donor from the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network to help. Today, nearly 1,000 Canadians are waiting for a stem cell match from an unrelated donor. Almost all stem cell donations are performed in a similar fashion to a blood donation. Donors give a blood sample, the stem cells are removed from the sample, and the remaining blood is put back in the donor’s body.

Dhillon back in the country, there’s a potential for a lawsuit. Surrey RCMP issued an apology on Feb. 20. “I recognize, and understand, that the general public will have concerns about this incident,” said Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge Bill Fordy in a release. “I share those concerns and deeply regret the impacts these mistakes may have had on all those involved. As the Officer in Charge of the Surrey RCMP, I apologize for the mistakes that were made.” Neither Crown nor police would comment further as the matter is before the courts.

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Have you been treated unfairly by a provincial or local government agency? The B.C. Ombudsperson may be able to help Ombudsperson’s staff will be in your community on the following dates, and are available by appointment to discuss your complaint: • • • •

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 5

Recreation centre proposed for Clayton area City council approves funding for programs and services for youth in Cloverdale neighbourhood by Kristine Salzmann

growth, adding she also asked staff to look at What’s a teen to do on including a library in the a Saturday night? financial plan. Not much, apparently, Last fall, Rasode was if they live in the Clayton approached by commuHeights and nity members North Cloverwho saw a need dale neighbourfor activities for hoods. local youth. But that could One of the soon start to residents who change, thanks spearheaded to a number of the initiative communityis Jen Temple minded people with Trademark who have the Group of ComBarinder interests of local Rasode panies, who youth at heart. manages the Last Monday (Feb. 18), Hillcrest Village ShopSurrey council approved ping Centre on the south funding for a range side of Fraser Highway. of events, programs Temple often goes out and services aimed at with the centre’s security children and teens in the guards in the middle of area. the night to talk with Council also asked young people who loiter staff to include the planon the property. ning and design of the “Every year we’ve first phase of a Clayton had more and more Heights recreation centre problems – there are as part of the Build Surmore and more youth in rey program in the 2014- the area with nothing to 2018 Five Year Financial do,” she said of the fastPlan. growing neighbourhood. Coun. Barinder (Statistics Canada’s 2011 Rasode said a rec centre Census showed populamakes sense for an area tion growth in Clayton of such unprecedented has tripled since 2006).

The closest large movie theatres are in Guildford and Langley, and public transit isn’t available late at night. Even the new Cloverdale Recreation Centre on Highway 15 can be difficult to get to for those lacking a driver’s licence. Temple decided to take a proactive approach. She was already working with Michelle Howe, who manages the Clayton Crossing Shopping Centre on the other side of Fraser Highway, on ways to engage the community. The two organize a yearly Clayton Day (currently known as The Party on the Hill) for families at their respective shopping centres

the weekend before the Cloverdale Rodeo. They met with RCMP Staff Sgt. Martin Blais, district commander for Port Kells/Cloverdale, and then contacted Rasode to talk about what was missing for local youth. The new plan of action for Clayton Heights, in partnership with community groups, includes events for youth at Clayton Hall; a youth summit, kids conference, and early years festival; more hours for the MOYO (Mobile Youth Outreach) bus; bringing Surrey’s Youth Fest to the neighbourhood; and locating a portable building on a local elementary

school site to provide daytime and after school programming for families and youth. “Youth need a balance between structure and programming, and also free time with their peers in a safe place to hang out,” Rasode said. Costs will involve $165,000 from the 2013 operating budget and community agencies, and another $85,000 allocated from the Council Initiatives Fund. A portable will be repurposed and moved to Clayton Heights for up to $165,000. The next step is to consult with youth. Focus groups at Clayton Heights Secondary are in


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the works. “We want this to be youth driven,” said Rasode. “We don’t want

to impose upon young people. They will be a very vocal, active voice in this.”

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6 Surrey/North Delta Leader

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at 5450 152 St., Surrey, B.C.


A nod to the NDP



he B.C. Liberal government’s plans to boost income taxes on business and high-income earners takes a page out of the Opposition’s plans, and makes sense. The NDP plan had called for the corporate tax rate to go to 12 per cent, where it stood in 2008. The B.C. Liberals are boosting the corporate tax rate to 11 per cent on April 1. The provincial government also will impose a higher personal income tax rate on individuals with incomes of $150,000 or more. Their provincial income taxes will rise 2.1 per cent to a rate of 16.8 per cent, as of Jan. 1, 2014. Both of these tax increases are necessary at this time, given the financial shackles the province is in. It has been running large deficits, at least partly because of much lower natural gas prices, which have affected government revenues. The province is claiming it will balance the budget in 2013-14, largely because it plans to sell more than $600 million in surplus property. Given that the real estate market has softened somewhat, that is probably an optimistic figure. There is nothing wrong with selling surplus properties, but there are probably too many properties on this list. The provincial government is also boosting MSP premiums again next year. This is completely unfair to moderate income earners, who do not get the exemption from paying the premiums that goes to low-income people. This will be the fifth year in a row the premiums will increase, and they will have jumped by 28 per cent since 2008. There should be no additional boost in MSP premiums. This budget is crafted with the May 14 election in mind, and while its revenue assumptions may be sound, as economist Tim O’Neill asserted, it is very much a political document. It is designed to convince wavering voters that the B.C. Liberals are competent money managers. Over the course of the past 12 years, the Liberals have been sound money managers much of the time, but in recent years their record has been more mixed. The Liberals were hoping for a big boost in revenue through the HST, but that was torpedoed by voters because of the bumbling way the government brought in the tax. That hurt their reputation as competent managers. By adopting part of the NDP platform, the Liberals may have unintentionally telegraphed that the NDP, too, has good fiscal ideas.

– Black Press


The Don Cherry of television science




The Surrey/North Delta Leader is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2.

gas industry in B.C., this hour-long program This is where you can find a rustic fellow offers little about B.C.’s long history of gas to shake a jug of well water and touch his Bic development. Suzuki’s voice-over refers lighter to it, producing a brief blue flame. briefly to B.C.’s Oil and Gas Commission, The standard sequence moves to a sink and insinuating it was set up as a pet regulator faucet, where a more impressive methane protecting the industry from stricter overfireball is generated. sight. Suzuki’s voice-over notes Mostly the show focuses that this is the scene that on places like Dish, Texas and really gets media attention. Dimock, Pennsylvania. The Texas There’s no evidence that segment talks about traces of drilling caused it, but hey, it’s neurotoxins in residents’ blood TV. Science, meet Hillbilly samples, blaming this on gas Handfishin’. drilling and “fracking,” the new Protest sequences take up swear word of professional envimuch of the program. Moms ronmentalists. rally against a gas well near a The evidence shows some school in Erie, Pennsylvania, people have these traces in their forcing evil Canadian corporaTom Fletcher tion Encana to back off. An blood, but others don’t, which suggests that more likely sources elderly Quebec woman sobs are cigarettes or exposure to on camera, convinced that a disinfectants. nearby gas well will trigger a relapse of her Pennsylvania and Colorado are key stops cancer. for the anti-fracking crowd. For centuries One bit of local content is a segment on there have been places known for methane fracking-induced earthquakes, presented dissolved in groundwater, typically from with sombre alarm by Ben Parfitt, go-to shallow coal seams. researcher for the anti-industry left in B.C.

CONTACT US Newsroom email: newsroom@ Phone: 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax


e has a white beard and a bully pulpit on CBC television, but he doesn’t use it to promote hockey fighting. Instead he sucker-punches the oil and gas industry at every opportunity, with increasingly flagrant disregard for the rules of science. Public broadcasting referees keep their whistles in their pockets, wary of offending a legend. He’s David Suzuki, and he has evolved from geneticist to TV celebrity to his current role as the Don Cherry of Canadian science, an angry curmudgeon lashing out at his enemies. Earlier I wrote about Suzuki’s hit piece on the Alberta oil sands, featuring selective pollution studies and a celebrity turn by movie director James Cameron, who toured the alleged carbon crime scene in his personal jet helicopter. Suzuki’s latest Scud missile of misinformation was launched Feb. 7 on The Nature of Things. It’s called Shattered Ground, and it borrows heavily from earlier shock docs that target hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas. While clearly aimed at the surging shale

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Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

Circulation 604-575-5344 604-575-2544 fax

Classified 604-575-5555 604-575-2073 fax Address 200-5450 152 St. Surrey, B.C. V3S 5J9

These are detectable by sensitive instruments, as is the case with some mining and other industrial activities, but according to the Oil and Gas Commission, they don’t do any actual harm. It should be noted that Suzuki doesn’t do much beyond reading a script on these shows. He has people to load up the propaganda weaponry, just as his ghostwriter in Toronto cranks out the relatively innocuous weekly columns that run in some Black Press publications. In fairness, most episodes of The Nature of Things are in the original spirit of the show. A recent program on an ancient Egyptian aquifer, voiced by Suzuki over National Geographic video footage, would be appropriate for a high school classroom. The same cannot be said for this antifracking screed, which is plainly and recklessly calculated to twist public opinion against a crucial B.C. industry.


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EDITOR Paula Carlson



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surrey/North Delta Leader 7

Make Shame on memorial site vandals transit user-pay i am sick and tired of the mill

stone (TransLink) sucking taxpayers for more money time and again. Now they are proposing raising the sales tax to fund even more of their pet projects. If they are successful in this money grab, I will spend even more money in Bellingham to avoid this tax. People already fill up their cars elsewhere to avoid the TransLink gas taxes. It is a matter of principle. Transit should be user-pay since most people seldom ever use it, but car owners are the ones who get dinged for it. The well is dry so my advice to TransLink is to make do with what you have because I am not willing to pay any more. Kevin Buffel

Poor decisions at TransLink Does anyone know how I can get

a job with TransLink? At the company that I currently work at, if I screwed up as bad as these highly paid top management types, I would be out on my ear. I would like to finish my career at a place where poor decisions go unnoticed. I could be CEO in no time. Greg Ruecker

i Don’t think the general population can appreciate the devastation and pain that is brought upon a grieving family member when somebody purposefully steals and destroys a loved one’s memorial site. For what reason do they do this? The roadside memorial sites people see on our streets are not to glorify the crash site. They are a way in which family and friends can come to gather to memorialize, and bring love, kindness and respect to the loss and memory of their deceased loved one. We’re trying to bring a sense positive energy

to the crash site, which so violently and tragically took the life of our innocent family member. Why are people so disrespectful, so ignorant or just so evil? Why would they purposefully desecrate a tribute to someone’s memory? Obviously the perpetrator does not feel or comprehend the pain a family endures every day having lost their child or someone special. Are these disrespectful individuals completely void in knowing the extent of hurt and insult their actions bring a family, when a blatant destruction takes place?

Still, our family is strong. The vandals may have emotionally hurt us, but they have not broken us. We will go forward even stronger. Our family is unique, and it showed in all the characteristics that made up Kassandra’s character. You can desecrate her memorial site, but just know that you’ll never come close to being the type of amazing person she was. Shame on the perpetrator. And how shameful a society it is we live in when it happens four times in less than 21 months.

Sherri Todd, Kassandra Kaulius’ family member

Plan for the ‘epidemic’ now soon our hospitals will have to deal with the epidemic about to happen: Alzheimer’s disease. There are 70,000 people in B.C. with this heartbreaking disease. Putting these people in an acute-care hospital will cost between $1,200 and $5,000 per day. What should occur now is the construction of more Alzheimer care facilities like the Czorny Alzheimer Centre in Surrey. The cost of care in this type of facility is between $500 and $700.

former radio personality george garrett kisses his wife Joan at the investors group Walk for memories at eaglequest coyote creek golf course on Jan. 31. the garretts were special guests as the event. Joan was dignosed with alzheimer’s disease in 2010. george cares for her at home. FILE PHOTO / THE LEADER

Ron Watson Surrey

A drain on taxpayers first they proposed a vehicle

levy (of $130), now it’s a tax increase. Do they know how much it’s going to cost or is this a neverending drain on the taxpayers? If $130 from me will make it work, I’ll give it, but don’t come back saying it’s not enough. Maybe there should be a levy on all the new residents of our region that are helping create the road congestion. My friends moved out of Surrey to escape the tax monster. I’m thinking about it now. Don West Surrey

Write to us

newsroom@ Letters to the editor must identify writers by proper name, and provide address and phone numbers for verification. The Leader reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity and legality.

Credible numbers in a balanced budget

Balancing a provincial budget is quite an amazing feat these days. So my hat goes off to B.C.’s finance minister because he managed to do it and he did it with credible numbers that stand up to independent scrutiny. I think the people of B.C. should know this. Compared to Ontario, where they are currently looking at a $12-billion deficit, and oil-rich Alberta, where they are projecting a $4-billion deficit, B.C. is doing pretty darn good. And when you throw in provincial debt levels, B.C. wins again with one of the lowest ratios of taxpayer supported debt compared to the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) numbers: B.C. sits at just 17 per cent while Ontario is at 36 per cent and Quebec at a whopping 48per cent. Spending money you don’t have, as we all know, is a recipe for longterm economic disaster. Fortunately for the people of B.C., Christy Clark and finance minister Mike de Jong get that fact and have refused to take us down that path. A balanced budget and a lower

than average provincial debt-load are things we, our children, and our grandchildren should be very grateful for.

Bruce Sanderson, North Vancouver

A first for B.C. i feel compelled to write as I have heard so many people commenting on the budget introduced by the

B.C. Liberals. I am normally the first person to look for ways to reduce taxes, especially for the under-privileged insociety. However, I fail to see how a two-per-cent increase on those earning more than $150,000 and a one-per-cent increase to big business is going to hurt them or B.C. I think the more important thing in these economic times is that B.C. is the first province to deliver a bal-

Reinstate wrestling

i think it is appalling that the International Olympic Committee has

decided that wrestling should be cut from future Olympics. Wrestling is one of the absolute original events and dates back hundreds of years. If anything needs to be cut, it should be professionals in their chosen sport. They are already at the top of their game and receive obscene amounts of money for the privilege. We already know these athletes are good, others from smaller countries who are not so fortunate don’t stand much of a chance. I am not watching some of these sports during the Olympics. No doubt the event will be losing more fans if this keeps up. Susan Jones

anced budget in Canada since the recession. And as B.C.’s economy gets better, and provincial revenues increase, these specific tax increases should be the first to go. Then the government can continue by reducing taxes even further to encourage our economy and allow businesses to take risks and hire British Columbians.

Marney Hogan, Langley

Showing restraint full marks to Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong for continuing to show restraint with respect to government hiring and government wages. The government bureaucracy in this province will be reduced by over 1,400 positions in the coming three years. Good riddance to big government and hello balanced budgets – my kids thank you.

Monika Bonney, Burnaby

8 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rise & Teacher sues Delta Shine Negligence alleged after sexual assault charges stayed

by Adrian MacNair

A DeltA high school teacher who had sexual assault charges against him stayed is now suing the Corporation of Delta for damages, alleging negligence by police investigators. Robin J. Wait was charged in November 2011 with one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference in connection with a Grade 8 student at Delta Secondary, but those charges were stayed last August after the Crown decided there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction. On Nov. 4, 2011, Delta Police visited the high school after a student told police she was sexually assaulted by an unknown adult near the school’s gymnasium. Wait had initially been identified as the perpetrator of the alleged assault through school yearbook photos provided to witnesses, who are not named

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in the civil claim. Police then visited and arrested Wait at his home where his wife and two young girls (then aged two and five) were present, and executed a search warrant to look for a sweater which was allegedly worn on the day of the assault. In the statement of civil claim, Wait says the search was done before authorization was granted. He was then interviewed at the police station and released under certain conditions, including that he have no contact with his own children. Wait was suspended from teaching with pay following the arrest, and then suspended without pay after he was formally charged. The Delta School District launched its own investigation of the incident, which according to spokesperson Deneka Michaud is ongoing. Wait is still technically an employee of the school district, although he has since relocated his family to Vancouver. As a result of the investigation and subsequent charges, Wait is suing the Corporation of Delta for being vicariously liable for the conduct of the investigators. Wait is seeking damages for negligent investigation, aggravated damages, punitive damages, and costs incurred. The statement of claim is seeking redress for loss of past and future employment income as a result of damage to his reputation and emotional distress and anxiety. It also states Wait was arrested and charged without reasonable and probable grounds. “I am an innocent man putting his faith in the justice system. Scary,” he posted on his Twitter account last May. Wait could not be reached for comment. No response has been filed to the notice of claim and no allegations have been proven in a court of law.




ain l Sk y t r Cent ra y e all r r H u y, Cit y ct ing S L ibrar Conne l a r t n s e d res new C best ad to t he za, t he la P lso be a ic re w ill t and Civ n e C y ing rey Cit combin in Sur ma rk – d n -class la ld t r es s, a wo e it s tall c n e alleled m resid unpar premiu el and t o h across e u point s ll bout iq a o t access t ransit uver. Vanco iss it. Met ro on’t m D . e r e h ture is The fu

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Marketing and Sales by Colliers International Residential Marketing. This is not an offering for sale. An offering for sale can only be made with a disclosure statement. E.&O.E.

Guilty plea coming for Christmas Day murder? Alok Gupta was killed while working in a corner store by Sheila Reynolds

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, was covering a shift at Ken’s Grocery near 96 Avenue and 117 Street when he was shot in what police believe was a botched robbery. Police said Gupta was here on a student visa and was not involved in any sort of criminal activity. The killing was not targeted, said police, and Gupta was “simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Whiteside’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 4.

A Surrey man charged in con-

nection with the convenience store killing of 27-year-old Alok Gupta on Christmas Day 2011 is expected to plead guilty. Court records indicate William Andrew Whiteside, who was charged last July with several offences, including seconddegree murder, intends to enter a plea in April in Surrey Provincial Court. It’s uncertain which charge(s) he will plead guilty to. Gupta, a business student at

Alok Gupta

Missing man found dead in car Vimal Chand, 29, discovered near elementary school by Kevin Diakiw

29-year-old Vimal Chand of Surrey,” said IHIT Cpl. Bari Emam. “This investigation is in the very early stages and the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Chand are yet to be determined.” Chand had a crimi-

A mAn reported

missing last week was found dead in a car on Wednesday (Feb. 20) night. Vimal Chand, 29, was reported missing on Sunday and was found four days later murdered in a car near Hyland Elementary School at 66 Avenue and 140 Street. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has confirmed they now have conduct of the investigation. “I can confirm that the body of the young man located inside the car was that of

A great read.


#200-5450 152nd St, Surrey


Vimal Chand

nal record, including a conviction for assault with a weapon. But his sister told CBC News he was a family man who hadn’t been leading a high-risk lifestyle. It’s Surrey’s seventh killing of the year.

Watermain Watermain Flushing Flushing Notice Notice Watermain Flushing Notice The Utility The Utility Maintenance Maintenance Section Section has resumed has resumed its annual its annual watermain watermain flushing flushing program. program. The Section has resumed its annual watermain program. TheUtility flThe ushing flMaintenance ushing may may resultresult in your in your water water supply supply showing showing sediment sediment andflushing discoloration. and discoloration. If If The ushing maydirty result in your water supply showing sediment and discoloration. If in your youflexperience you experience dirty water, water, please please run the runcold-water the cold-water tap (at tapthe (at highest the highest pointpoint in your you experience dirty water, please runminutes theorcold-water (at the highest in your premises) premises) for approximately for approximately 20 minutes 20 until or until it clears. ittap clears. Should Should the problem thepoint problem persist, persist, premises) forcontact approximately 20 minutes or until it clears. Should the problem persist, please please contact the Engineering the Engineering Department Department at 604-946-3260. at 604-946-3260.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 9

*See full details at

10 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charred body found

Surrey records eighth murder of the year by Kevin Diakiw Police are now investigat-

ing the eighth murder of the year in Surrey, as charred remains were found Sunday

just after noon on Colebrook Road west of 125A Steet. Because of the condition of the body, police have not determined the race or gender of the remains. The discovery was just two blocks from where the body of 26-six-year old Jaskaran Singh Sandhu was found on Jan. 28. The Integrated Homicide

Investigation Team (IHIT) has taken conduct of the investigation. “Initial details and observations by the attending officers indicate that this is a homicide,” said Cpl. Bari Emam. “We are only hours into this investigation and cannot confirm the gender or the identity of the victim.”


NDP vows to review hospital pay parking Complaints continue over ‘cash grab’ by health authorities by Jeff Nagel NDP leaDer Adrian Dix is promising to examine whether the policy of charging patients and visitors to park at Lower Mainland hospitals is appropriate. But he’s not guaranteeing an NDP government would handle the pay parking issue any differently and says the province can’t simply give up the money that’s generated. “I take it seriously and I’m going to review it,” Dix told Black Press in an interview. “But you have to find the revenue. It’s not very much, but you still have to find it.” The Fraser and Vancouver Coastal health authorities took in $19 million from parking fees in 2011 – less than one per cent of their combined budgets. “If you’re going to say no to that revenue then you have to find other revenues,” Dix said. “It’s not as easy as saying ‘I’d like people to park for free’.” The cost of paying to park at hospitals has been a growing source of complaints in recent years from people who argue the fees are unfair. “It’s a cash grab,” charges Peter Kirsebom, an 82-year-old South Surrey senior who says he was going to start a petition the last time he got worked up about the issue. “In Delta, you don’t pay anything,” he said, referring to that municipality’s bylaw banning pay parking at the hospital. He said his appointments at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre often run half an hour late, forcing him to shell out for two hours instead of one. “That’s eight bucks – it’s too much.” Maple Ridge’s mayor recently vowed, after similar local complaints, to explore whether his municipality could follow Delta’s footsteps and either ban pay parking or persuade Fraser Health to drop the fees. Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid told CTV last month it was difficult for health authorities to absorb parking costs and the current system was unlikely to change.




The Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2011 argued pay parking amounts to an unfair user fee that can disrupt patient care. It said parking charges should be waived at least for patients as they add avoidable stress and may cause some to abruptly end a consultation to feed a meter and avoid fines. Dix said there are arguments for dropping the fees or altering the structure, but added rural B.C. residents “face more dramatic issues” because of the centralization of hospital services in more distant centres. Fraser Health spokesman Roy Thorpe-Dorward said about one-third of the parking fee revenue collected goes to providing parking services – paving, lighting, security and management fees to a pay parking firm such as Impark. The remaining two-thirds goes into general health system funding. Thorpe-Dorward said there are no plans to change the system, nor has the health authority given up on extending pay parking to the “free” hospitals in Delta and Mission. “We still have a goal over the long term of introducing pay parking at those sites to offset the costs,” he said. “But it’s not something we’re pushing or pursuing.” He said health authorities have numerous programs where patients and others may get discounted monthly parking passes and in some cases complimentary parking. Renal dialysis patients, for example, get free parking permits. Fines issued to patients whose time on the meter ran out because their appointment ran too long can be reversed on compassionate grounds, he added. Part of the rationale for pay parking is that it encourages stall rotation, so some spaces are available when people need them and they aren’t hogged by users from surrounding businesses. Delta’s bylaw against pay parking has also blocked TransLink from charging at its park and ride there.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 11

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ML350 could take advantage CHRYSLER HATCH PACIFICA BACK Including crown mouldings, baseboards, Speaking toSL roughly of a “once-in-aOUTSTANDING Touring model, ALL WHEEL DRIVE Automatic, AC, 250 guests at a breakfast door trims and more. lifetime” opportunity Fully equipped, leather, Valid until March 31, 2013 Valid until March 31, 2013 Leather, sunroof, power group.that would leaveValid presentation, Clark saidfully a until March 31, 2013 only 82,000km loaded, premier christy clark spoke to Surrey Board of Valid until March 31, 2013 Valid until March 31, 2013 Valid until March 31, 2013 equipped. Stk # B08177 Stk#T08255 the provincial budget financial legacy for #B06332 92,000kms Was $19988 Was $10988generations. proposedStk by her Liberal Trade members last week. $25,988 government will takeSale! 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del codes are as follows, AA00), 2012 Rogue Versa Hatchback (B5SG12 AE00), 2012 Xterra 2013 Murano (L6RG13 AA00),AE00), 2012 Maxima (U4SG12 AA00),(8CLG72 2013 Juke (N5RT53 AA00),2013 2013 Altima (T4RG13(L6RG13 AA00), 2012 Versa Sedan 2012 (B4RG52Maxima AA00), 2013 Sentra (C4LG13AA00), AA00). All advertised prices are for cash andAA00), can not be2013 combinedAltima with Nissan’s special lowAA00), interest finance rates. 2012 Frontier and (B4RG52 2013 Titan qualify for 0% 84mo. Rogue and 2012 Versa Sedan qualifyAll for advertised 0% 72mo. 2012 Versa Hatchback Maxima 0% 60be mo.combined 2013 Sentra and with 2013 Altima qualify forspecial 0% 48 mo.low 2013 Murano 0.9% fi 60nance mo., 2013rates. Juke qualifies 0.9% 72 mo. and and 2012 XterraTitan qualifiesqualify for 1.9% 48for mo. All are plus2013 $499 docRogue fee and alland Model codes2013 areRogue as (W6RG13 follows, 2013 (W6RG13 AA00), 2012(8CLG72 VersaAE00), Hatchback (B5SG12 2012 Xterra AE00), Murano AA00), (U4SG12 2013 Juke (N5RT53 (T4RG13 2012 Versa Sedan AA00), 20132013Sentra (C4LG13 AA00). prices areand for2012 cash andqualify canfornot Nissan’s interest 2012for Frontier 2013 0%prices 84mo. plicable taxes. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown in pictures. Vehicles may not be in stock and may be subject to dealer locate. Three Year “No Charge” oil changes are for all new and pre-owned vehicles sold between February 1st and March 3rd but European vehicles are excluded. Maximum two oil changes per calendar year. Extra charges will apply for Mobil One synthetic oil, ester oil, Titan and Armada due to larger engine. Offer expires March 3rd.

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12 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Season’s end a game away Devils trail Sockeyes 3-0 in best-of-seven

by Rick Kupchuk Three games, three losses.

And unless the North Delta Devils can somehow win four straight against the Pacific Junior Hockey League’s best team in the regular season, their season is about to come to an end in the next week. The Devils trail the Sockeyes 3-0 in their best-of-seven quarterfinal series. They lost the first game 3-0 on Thursday night in Richmond, then dropped a 3-2 overtime decision Friday on home ice in the Sungod Arena. They were at home again Saturday night, and were drubbed 13-2 in a one-sided contest. Richmond scored at least three times in each period, went fivefor-eight on the powerplay, and outshot the home team 32-15 over the first 40 minutes of play. FILE PHOTO / THE LEADER Tanner Lenting netted the first Colin Catchpole (right) of the North Delta Devils has scored goal for North Delta, a power twice in the playoffs, but the Devils trail richmond 3-0. play effort that cut Richmond’s lead to 2-1 with two minutes to go in the first period. Colin than two minutes to play. overtime period. Catchpole scored the second Catchpole scored on the power The Sockeyes dominated North Delta goal, coming with play with 96 seconds left on the North Delta in the first game, six minutes to play when Richclock, then Levi De Waal forced outshooting the Devils in every mond was up 12-1. extra time with one second period and finishing with a 36-21 North Delta’s best chance for remaining. Max Fiedler assisted advantage. They led 2-0 and 3-0 educating foron wholeness a win was in the second game both North Delta goals. at the period breaks. Friday at Sungod. The Devils An 11-7 edge in shots on goal The next two games of the outshot Richmond 24-16 over in overtime didn’t help the Devseries are in Richmond tomorthe final 40 minutes of regulation ils. Richmond’s Trevor Lima talrow (Wednesday) and, if necestime, but trailed 2-0 with less lied five minutes into the second sary, Thursday.

New primary building opening Jan 2014

Jan New primary 2014 building opening Jan 2014 New primary building opening Jan 2014 New primary building opening Jan 2014



O RH EO Y CTHIR S TSI A N OSO C LH O L OL S U R RSEUYRC RIS AIN CH SURREY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL for wholeness educatingeducating for wholeness

educating for wholeness

open house se open house open house open house




7 ,1 32 0 1 3 M A RM CA H R 7C, H2 0 R CH H 77, , 2 021 0 3 M AMRA C


1 2


OPEN PEN OPEN 9:00 am – 12:00 pm PEN HOUSE OUSE HOUSEcampus tours

MARCH 7, 2013 m 9:009:00 am – 12:00 am – 12:00 pm pm New – primary building opening Jan 2014 9:00 am 12:00 pm campus toursNew primary building opening Jan 2014 campus tours campus tours


10:00 am –am 11:00 am and Part full time 10:00 am – 11:00 Part• fulland time on Kindergarten info session 10:00 am – 11:00 am  Part and full time Kindergarten info session kindergarten • kindergarten Kindergarten info session kindergarten 11:00 am –pm 12:00 pm S U R R 11:00 am – 12:00 of school Out of school EY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Out• care care Grade 8 info session 11:00 am – 12:00 Grade 8 info session • S U R R E Y pm CHRISTIAN SCHOOL  Out of school care • Bus service Busservice Grade 8 info session educating for wholeness •  Bus service • m visit  Student visit Student laptop laptop educating for wholeness Part and full time call 604.498.3233 or callor 604.498.3233 • visit program  Student laptop New primary building opening Jan 2014 program or call 604.498.3233 kindergarten program

10:00 am – 11:00 am Kindergarten info session

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 13

Unbeaten on the Island, Eagles clinch first Junior A hockey team wins two, ties one, on three-game road trip Taking five of six

points on a three-game road trip was more than enough for the Surrey Eagles to clinch top spot in the BC Hockey League’s Mainland Division. The five-point boost – courtesy of two overtime wins and one tie – gave the Eagles a record of 33-13-3-4 (won-lost-overtime loss-tied), good for 73 points, 11 more than the second-place Chilliwack Chiefs, who have lost two straight. 

On Friday, Surrey was led by forward Adam Tambellini, who scored four of the team’s five goals – including the OT winner – in a 5-4 comeback win over the Powell River Kings at Hap Parker Arena. With the Eagles trailing 4-2 early in the third period, linemates Brady Shaw and Tambellini, one of the BCHL’s top NHL draft prospects, scored 1:21 apart to bridge the gap, and then in overtime – with the Eagles on the power play – Tambel-

Gold medals for BCAQ athletes Provincial meet in Surrey by Rick Kupchuk iT was a near sweep by the BC Aquasonics

(BCAQ) at last weekend’s National Stream Provincial Synchronized Swimming Championships at the Surrey Sports and Leisure Centre The BCAQ team won gold medals in six of seven events, the local swimmers making a significant contribution to the club’s success. “I am extremely proud of all of our athletes,” said BCAQ head coach Susan Kemper. “Not only did our athletes win gold in their respective events, their outstanding scores are a reflection of their ability, conditioning, training, and readiness to compete. We have positioned our teams for medal contention at the national qualifier in Calgary in March.” Surrey swimmers Natasha Heine and Erin Williams were on the BCAQ Senior National Stream Combo team which took first place with a total score of 78.03, six points better than the runner-up Vancouver Pacific Wave. Williams also posted the top score in the Senior Solo Free category. The 13-15 BCAQ National Stream Team edged Vancouver Pacific Wave by 1.5 points to place first. Courtney Armstrong, Jessica Friesen, Madyson Stickley, and Nancy Zhang, all of Surrey, were on the winning team. Also winning gold medals were Natasha Heine of Surrey and White Rock’s Mackenzy Higgins in the Senior Free Duet, and Stickley and Alanna Stobbe of Abbotsford in the 13-15 Duet event. BCAQ teams were also the gold medalists in the Senior Team Free Routine, and the 13-15 Age Group Team Routine.

FREE ORAL B Vitality



214 -7313 120 St,Delta (above Staples) Scott 72 Centre 604.597.6711 • th



BOTOX AVAILABLE exceptional rate. Call for details.

lini one-timed a shot from the top of the right circle to give the visitors the victory. Tambellini also scored 13:28 into the first period, and also had a power-play goal early in the second. Shaw, with a goal and an assist, and Trevor Cameron, with two assists, also had multipoint efforts. The following night, the Eagles again went to extra time, this time against in Port Alberni

PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT: Offers valid until February 28, 2013. See for complete details on all cash back offers. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Toyota prices, rates and/or other information contained on and that contained on, the latter shall prevail. Errors and omissions excepted. *2013 Corolla Sedan CE Automatic BU42EP-A MSRP is $18,040 and includes $1,590 freight and pre-delivery inspection, tire levy, battery levy and air conditioning federal excise tax. Lease example: 0.9% Lease APR for 60 months. Monthly payment is $169 with $1,530 down payment. Total Lease obligation is $11,670. Lease 60 mos. based on 100,000 km, excess km charge is $.07. Applicable taxes are extra. **2013 Tacoma 4x4 DCab V6 5A Automatic MU4FNA-A MSRP is $31,925 and includes $1,760 freight and pre-delivery inspection, tire levy, battery levy and air conditioning federal excise tax. Lease example: 4.9% Lease APR for 60 months. Monthly payment is $329 with $3,040 down payment. Total Lease obligation is $22,780. Lease 60 mos. based on 100,000 km, excess km charge is $.10. Applicable taxes are extra. ***2013 Venza Automatic ZA3BBT-A MSRP is $30,450 and includes $1,760 freight and pre-delivery inspection, tire levy, battery levy and air conditioning federal excise tax. Lease example: 2.9% Lease APR for 60 months. Monthly payment is $339 with $2,080 down payment. Total Lease obligation is $22,420. Lease 60 mos. based on 100,000 km, excess km charge is $.15. Applicable taxes are extra. †0% finance for 72 months, upon credit approval, available on 2013 Corolla and Matrix. Down payment, first monthly payment and security deposit plus HST on first payment and full down payment are due at lease inception. A security deposit is not required on approval of credit. $6,000 Non-stackable Cash Back available on 2013 Tundra 4x4 Crewmax models. Non-stackable Cash Back offers may not be combined with Toyota Financial Services lease or finance rates. Vehicle must be purchased, registered and delivered by February 28, 2013. Cash incentives include taxes and are applied after taxes have been charged on the full amount of the negotiated price.See for complete details on all cash back offers. Informational 72 month APR: Tundra Crewmax Platinum 5.06%. Government regulation provides that the Informational APR includes the cash customer incentive which is only available to customers who do not purchase finance/lease through Toyota Financial Services at a special rate, as a cost of borrowing. If you would like to lease or finance at standard TFS rates (not special rates), then you may be able to take advantage of Cash Customer Incentives. Visit your Toyota BC Dealer or for more details. Some conditions apply; offers are time limited and may change without notice. Dealer may lease/sell for less.

by Nick Greenizan

against the Bulldogs, but neither four-onfour or three-on-three overtime play solved anything, and the game finished in a 4-4 draw. And though it was the only game of the weekend in which Surrey did not earn two points, the one-point earned from the tie was enough to clinch the division, as the Chiefs dropped a 5-3 game to Prince George the same night.  As his linemate did

the night before, it was Shaw who led the Eagles’ offensive charge against the ‘Dogs, with two goals and two assists, while Tambellini chipped in with a goal and an assist. Michael Stenerson also scored, rounding out the Eagles’ scoring. Goaltender Michael Santaguida, who stopped 28 shots to earn the win over the Kings Friday, was also in tip-top form, making 48 saves.

With the division crown locked up, Santaguida was given the day off Sunday against the Cowichan Valley Capitals, and affiliate goaltender Brenden Sharp got the start. Sharp stopped 27 Caps’ shots to earn the win. The Eagles led 3-1 after 40 minutes, but allowed Cowichan to claw back in the third, tying the game on goals from Jesse Neher and Luke Gordon.

In overtime, the deadlock did not last long, as Shaw scored his fourth goal of the weekend to end the game. The Eagles have three regular-season games left, two of which are at home. This weekend, they play only once – Sunday afternoon at the South Surrey Arena against Cowichan, before playing the Coquitlam Express in a home-and-home series March 8-9.

U P D AT E Y O U R S TAT U S F O R 2 0 13

2013 2013

corolla 169





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72 months









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LANGLEY TOYOTATOWN LANGLEY 20622 Langley Bypass (604) 530-3156

JIM PATTISON TOYOTA SURREY 15389 Guildford Drive (604) 495-4100 6701


OPENROAD TOYOTA RICHMOND Richmond Auto Mall (604) 273-3766

OPENROAD TOYOTA PORT MOODY 3166 St. John’s Street (604) 461-3656 7826


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PEACE ARCH TOYOTA SOUTH SURREY 3174 King George Highway (604) 531-2916 30377

SUNRISE TOYOTA ABBOTSFORD Fraser Valley Auto Mall (604) 857-2657 5736

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WEST COAST TOYOTA PITT MEADOWS 19950 Lougheed Highway (866) 910-9543 7662

VALLEY TOYOTA CHILLIWACK 8750 Young Road (604) 792-1167 8176

SQUAMISH TOYOTA SQUAMISH 39150 Queens Way (604) 567-8888 31003

WESTMINSTER TOYOTA NEW WESTMINSTER 210 - 12th Street (604) 520-3333 8531

14 Surrey/North Delta Leader


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Border line bargains

Nearly 75% of Metro Vancouver residents say they regularly travel to the U.S. to shop. But does crossing the border actually result in a better deal?

Poll shows prices are driving the trips south

by Matthew Hoekstra


mages of Canadians swarming a Bellingham Costco and scooping up milk jugs gave a couple of local graphic designers an idea. Dan MacClure and business partner Jay McMahon of Richmond-based Creative Apparatus designed red-and-white T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Milk Piranha.” It was their response to an anti-Canadian-shopper Facebook page that popped up last year, in which the term was used to describe milk-thirsty Canadians. “Overall the reaction to the Milk Piranha T-shirts was amazing,” said MacClure. “People got the humour and surprisingly the majority of our sales were to U.S. customers.” Now some of the millions of Canadian consumers who cross the border each year can wear the tongue-and-cheek shirt when hunting for bargains. But when it comes to deals down south, there is often more than meets the eye. Border delays and hassles, high gas prices, passport and identification requirements and warranty issues can often be overlooked. Possible duty fees at the border and state sales tax at the American register can further add to the cost of a bargain. ■ Gas There is also the hidden cost of the impact to ■ Groceries the local economy. “It makes a huge dif■ Clothing/shoes/ ference when individuals accessories spend their money locally because those ■ Electronics/ dollars create local jobs computers and support local business which benefits the ■ Furniture entire community,” said Barry Grabowski, chair ■ Dining out of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. ■ Overnight A 2012 report from accommodation BMO Capital Markets noted there are over 50 ■ Entertainment million visits to the U.S. by Canadian residents ■ Casino gambling each year—about oneand-a-half visits for – Insights West poll every Canadian. Record numbers of Canadians are heading south, lured across the line by everything from food and clothing to electronics and vehicles. But with big-ticket items, warranty coverage is not a sure thing in Canada. According to the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, warranties of vehicles purchased in the U.S. are often not valid in Canada. Some brands do cover some warranty issues of American cars in Canada, but free scheduled service or maintenance packages might not be valid here. The Bank of Canada suggests that crossborder shopping accounts for less than two per cent of consumer spending, but the BMO report suggests the number could be as high as 10 per cent.

by Jeff Nagel

Top U.S. purchases


Graphic designers Dan MacClure and Jay McMahon model their tongue-incheek T-shirts that fire back at Americans angry with cross-border Costco shoppers. Nonetheless, the BMO report suggests, Canadians are seeing the price gap drop between American and Canadian goods. The bank’s random sample of goods found Canadian retail prices were 14 per cent higher in 2012 than in the U.S.—down from the previous year’s differential of 20 per cent. But that figure doesn’t include costs of duty and transportation. “We also found that a previously enormous price spread in one specific item (gas barbecues) has all but vanished on price reductions in Canada,” says the report, which notes barbecues were actually two

per cent less expensive in Canada at the time of the survey. “However, the unusual differential on running shoes, highlighted last year, persists.” Whether they’ll save money or not, Canadians can still cross the line in style by ordering a Milk Piranha T-shirt or bumper sticker of their own through the Creative Apparatus website. Said Dan MacClure: “We’ve had sales all across the U.S. and Canada – from Oregon to New York and from Victoria to Montreal. We also sold a few to the UK – crazy.”


A LARGE majority of Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley residents regularly cross the border to shop in the U.S., according to a new poll. Nearly three-quarters of respondents to the Insights West poll said they drove across the border to shop in the last year and many are making frequent forays for crossborder shopping. On average, those polled drove to the U.S. more than five times in the past year, about half had crossed three or more times and a sizable minority of 15 per cent said they’d crossed 13 times or more. Cross-border trips are becoming more common, the poll shows, finding 21 per cent say they are crossing more often, while 12 per cent are going less often and the remaining two-thirds are unchanged. Lower prices for the same products in the U.S. were the top reason for trips over the line, cited by 85 per cent of those polled. “Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley shoppers are very conscious that retail prices in the U.S. are often better than in Canada,” Insights West senior vice-president Catherine Dawson said. The strong Canadian dollar was also a factor listed by 84 per cent, 74 per cent said cheaper flights out of Seattle or Bellingham was a reason and 69 per cent listed the more generous rules on duty-free exemptions on overnight trips announced by the federal government last June. Dawson said it doesn’t appear likely that online shopping through U.S. websites will replace all the cross-border shopping of Lower Mainland residents. Many of those polled said they believe it’s cheaper to drive to the U.S. than to pay shipping for products bought online from American firms. See POLL / Page 15

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 15

Do your research before shopping online Shipping charges and duty fees cancel out any perceived savings, store owners say

by Monique Tamminga IT MAY not be cheaper

to shop online through American companies, say two Langley store owners. In fact, the better deal is right here at home, said Forever Yours Lingerie owner Sonya Perkins. Before deciding to launch an online store, Perkins decided to do some comparisons.

“I spent a day online shopping. I bought things from Canada and the U.S.,” said Perkins. “What we were finding is customers would come in and try on bras, go with one of our fitters and take down all the proper measurements and then tell us they would buy the bra online from the States,” she said. “There is this perceived idea out there that they

can get it at a lower price.” Not so. And here’s why, she said. “A bra we sell at $69 may be $5 cheaper in the U.S.,” Perkins said. “By the time it gets to your door and you have paid the duty (of 18 per cent of anything not made in Canada or the U.S.), and delivery, which is usually 25-per-cent higher than what we can

ship, it costs a lot more from the States.” She points to a recent example of a woman who liked a particular swimsuit her store carries for $109. Online in the States, it went for $99. “It would cost her around $35 in shipping.” Online party supplier Party Monkey shares Perkins’ frustrations about “perceived savings” by shopping in the U.S.

Party Monkey owner Carla Wood said they are up against a big American competitor and it’s a struggle to make customers aware the prices they offer are the same, and less when you factor in

More than three-quarters of those polled also said it’s just fun to take the trip to the U.S. and 69 per cent said they can find products not available in Canada when they shop in the U.S. More than one-third of those polled said they have a U.S. mail box or address where they can pick up goods they’ve ordered but which either can’t be shipped to Canada or would cost too much once shipping is included. Buying gas was the most popular purchase – 89 per cent

said they’d fuel up either regularly or occasionally on trips to the U.S. – but clothing, shoes and accessories (81 per cent) and groceries (78 per cent) were also among the spending leaders. About 70 per cent of those polled agree Canadians shopping in the U.S. hurts the local B.C. economy, and about half agreed it may mean job losses here. Those polled were roughly split when asked if cross-border shopping is a false economy, where they spend more on travel than is saved. An overwhelming 91 per cent of those polled said Canadian retail-

ers must improve their pricing if they want to prevent shoppers heading instead to the U.S. “These opinions suggest that local residents are more concerned with their own finances and getting a good deal when they shop than they are with how their behaviour might be impacting the broader Canadian economy and population,” Dawson said. The online survey of 1,077 Lower Mainland adults was conducted Jan. 30 to Feb. 3.


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Poll: Retailers must improve pricing $ From page 14

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Please join us for a Public Open House. The purpose of the Open House is to provide information and to collect community feedback for the proposed new park. The preliminary plan includes potential amenities which have been previously identified by the community. The proposed amenities are a playground, an open lawn area, a park shelter, walking paths, a fenced dog off leash area and tree preservation in small natural areas.

Date and Location 6:00 – 8:00pm Tuesday, March 5, 2012 Panorama Park Elementary—Multipurpose Room 12878-62 Avenue Surrey Staff from the Parks Division will be on hand to receive community feedback and to answer questions on potential plans.



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16 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 17

Gas price gap a powerful cross-border draw But ethanol levels, U.S. medical costs are among the risks to weigh by Jeff Nagel THE LURE of much lower

gas prices south of the border is one of the biggest factors attracting Canadians who may spend money on other purchases once they’re in the U.S. Bargain-minded gas shoppers will often find they can pay about 35 cents less a litre by crossing the border, after converting the cost from U.S. gallons to cents per litre and adjusting for the currency differential. That can add up to savings of about $20 for a typical 60-litre tank full. The difference in gas price lies almost entirely in the far higher taxes charged on this side of the border. Drivers in Metro Vancouver pay nearly 50 cents in taxes on every litre – 17 cents to TransLink, 8.5 cents in provincial gas tax to the B.C. government, 10 cents in federal excise tax to Ottawa, 6.67 cents in B.C. carbon tax and five per cent extra in federal GST. While the carbon tax is revenue-neutral in that it is returned back to taxpayers in lower income tax, B.C. drivers who cross the border to gas up get the benefits of the tax transfer without having to actually pay into it. According to tax watchdogs, 2012 was the first year Metro Vancouver drivers paid

out more than $1 billion in combined gas taxes charged at the pumps. Over the line in Washington State, drivers are charged the equivalent of an extra 14.8 cents per litre in combined taxes. (The state tax is 37.5 cents per U.S. gallon, while the federal gas tax

is 18.4 cents per gallon; there are just under 3.8 litres in a U.S. gallon). “It’s just too tempting,” Canadian Taxpayers Federation B.C. director Jordan Bateman said. “People can’t afford to be patriotic.” Prices generally aren’t as low at the U.S. stations closest to the border. “Anecdotally, it gets cheaper the further you go down into the states,” Bateman said. “But even if you stop at the first gas station you’re probably saving 25 cents a litre.” The hefty savings prompt some Canadians to bring multiple jerry

cans with them to load up on yet more gas. Any import of gasoline beyond the capacity of your vehicle is, officially, subject to duty. But cases abound, as with other purchases south of the border, of Canadian border officials turning a blind eye to vehicles returning stacked with fuel cans. As for rumours that U.S. gas is lower octane and therefore worse for engines, there’s no truth to it, according to Ken

Cousin, B.C. Automobile Association’s vicepresident of road service assistance. “There’s really no statistical difference in the quality of [regular] gasoline,” he said. “It’s 87 octane.” But he said crossborder gas shoppers may run into different levels of added ethanol. Canadian gas is allowed to contain a maximum of 10 per cent ethanol, but U.S. stations are allowed to sell higher proportions. “You want to watch the ethanol concentration,” Cousin said, adding a good rule of thumb is to

avoid anything higher than 10 per cent. “When you start getting into 25, 30 and 50 per cent ethanol, it will damage older cars and it’s expensive.” Cousin said drivers intending to head to the U.S. to get cheap gas should factor in the extra distance they have to travel and the time idling in border lines in gauging the final extent of their savings. He also said anyone who crosses the border – no matter for how brief a time – should have travel medical insurance to guard against disastrously high U.S. medical system costs if they have an accident or health problem. “Things happen,” Cousin said. “Even if you’re going down for a quick 15 minutes.” Jock Finlayson, executive vice-president of the Business Council of B.C., says the “dramatically higher” gas taxes charged here have almost certainly amplified the “epidemic” of cross-border shopping, although he said it’s impossible to say by how much. He noted that unlike other urban areas in Canada, the B.C. Lower Mainland has one million residents within a 25 to 30 minute drive of the border and many are NEXUS card holders who can bypass long border lines. “Anything that can be done to reduce fuelrelated taxes in B.C./ Greater Vancouver would help to mitigate the current leakage of retail spending dollars,” Finlayson said.

“But given how big the tax differentials are, it would take a substantial


reduction here to make much of a difference.” TransLink’s gas tax has

proven volatile as some drivers gas up instead in the U.S. or Fraser Valley.



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18 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canadians are ‘feeling ripped off ’

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Senate report calls for review of government policies by Dan Ferguson

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A REPORT on a Senate investigation of higher Canadian prices opens with the sentence “Canadians are feeling ripped off.” The report by the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance, “The CANADA-USA Price Gap,” notes large price gaps remain between the two countries even when the Canadian dollar is worth as much or more than the American currency. Released Feb. 4, the report calls for a review of government policies that boost costs, including cross-border tariffs that slap additional charges on imported goods coming into Canada, unique-toCanada safety regulations that can add to a car’s expense, and a policy that aims to protect the Canadian book publishing industry by allowing a 10-per-cent mark-up on the price of American books imported into Canada. Committee chair Senator Joseph Day said there was no single explanation for the price discrepancies. “The study showed that there are many variables that contribute to the price of products,” Day said. For example, the report notes that some American manufacturers charge Canadian retailers 10-50 per cent more than U.S. retailers for the same products. When Canadian companies complain to the U.S. suppliers, they are told there are three main reasons – Canadians are used to paying more; the higher costs cover the expense of maintaining offices and warehouses in Canada; and the mark-ups compensate distributors for the higher cost of doing business in Canada. The committee heard 53 witnesses over eight months of public hearings that started in the fall of 2011, including government officials, consumer groups, retailers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, experts from the academic sector, accountants and independent economists. Among the witnesses, Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney suggested the price differences

also have something to do with the Canada than the U.S., the report near-collapse of the U.S. economy notes. in 2008 and its slow recovery. The vehicle price differences are “Unexpected economic weakattributed to tariffs and differing ness in one country, in this case the safety standards in Canada and the U.S., could lead to an undesirable U.S, which require manufacturers build-up of inventories and result to produce Canadian versions in local discounting of prices,” of vehicles, something that adds Carney said. cost, especially when the vehicle Carney added the smaller size is a relatively low-volume luxury of the Canadian market may make model. Cheap gas, another motivator of volume discounts harder to get. cross-border trips by Canadians, However, another witness, busiis the result of higher fuel taxes in ness analyst Jean-François Vinet, Canada, the study says, more than noted that residents of Montreal, three times the amounts levied in a city of two million people, are the U.S. finding bargains in However, the the nearby U.S. city of report adds, gasoline Plattsburgh, which has is “significantly a population of 20,000 cheaper in Canada people. than in Japan, Spain, “How can a city ■ Do you France, the United [Plattsburgh] with regularly shop in Kingdom, Germany such a little market the U.S.? and Italy.” have prices that are The Retail Council so much cheaper, ■ Do you of Canada (RCC) whereas prices are regularly shop in praised the findings higher in a huge urban the U.S.? of the report. area like Montreal?” “The committee’s Vinet asked. ■ Comment on findings illustrate One answer to that theses stories at question may be that without change, Canadian retailers iffs, the extra charges will continue to operlevied on imported ate at a cost disadvantage” Diane J. goods that are designed to protect Brisebois, RCC president and CEO Canadian manufacturers. said. Those charges are having the “The government must now act unintended effect of boosting in its upcoming budget to impleprices when there is no local ment many of the recommendaindustry to protect, the report tions of this report – to assist in suggests. levelling the playing field for our It notes that consumer products that are not actually made in either businesses in Canada,” Brisebois added. Canada or the U.S., such as ice Brisebois said the government’s hockey pants and helmets, are still subject to an 18-per-cent tariff rate decision in the last budget to when imported into Canada, com- allow larger duty exemptions for cross-border shopping has had a pared to the 2.9-per-cent tariff the U.S. charges on the same products. “very negative impact” on Canada’s retailers, particularly those in The report says Canadian car border communities. prices tend to be higher than U.S. She said the Minister of Canaprices, but mostly for high-end dian Heritage should consider luxury and larger vehicles, while reducing the 10-per-cent mark-up the difference is slighter for lowerthat distributors can add to the priced cars in the compact and U.S. list price of American books subcompact categories that make imported into Canada. up 67 per cent of vehicle sales in Canada. To view the full Senate report, go In fact, some vehicles in those to: smaller categories are cheaper in

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and protect your right to compensation. 778.588.7049 Toll Free: 1.888.988.7052




Anyone witnessing or having information related to hit & run motor vehicle accident which occured on Sept 27th, 2012 at or near 56th Ave (Hwy 10) at 77B Street in the City of Surrey, BC involving a pedestrian, please contact Spraggs and Co. Law Corporation at 604-464-3333.

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Assistant Store Manager Extra Foods Store in Aldergrove has an opening for an Assistant Store Manager. The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects and responsibilities of running a Grocery Store. This includes, but is not limited to: effective execution of all merchandising programs and ordering, overseeing departments to ensure readiness for business at all times, and assisting with training and coaching of staff. This position requires the candidate to possess excellent verbal and written skills, exceptional commitment to customer service, and ability to work in a fast paced environment. This is a full time position, which offers a competitive salary, as well as a comprehensive benefits plan. If you are looking for a position to advance your career and want to join us, please forward your resume to: Extra Foods Unit 1 – 3100 – 272nd Street, Aldergrove, B.C. V0X 1A0 Attention: Ken, Store Owner Closing Date: Monday, March 11th, 2013 Thank you for your interest in Extra Foods

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HELP WANTED- Prince Rupert BC. WAINWRIGHT MARINE SERVICES LTD. Deckhand- Looking for deckhands at marine towing company. Requirements: ROCMC, SMVOP, MED A2 and marine first aid (all current) Tug Boat Captain- Looking for Tug Boat Captains at marine towing company. Requirements: 60 ton ticket, seafarers, medical (all current), and at least 5 yrs seatime working as a Captain on a tug boat. For more information about posted jobs: fax: 250-624-5473 or email:


ADULT SUBSTITUTE CARRIERS for Surrey North Delta Leader Part-time, Small vehicle required. Door to door delivery Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call 604-575-5344

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door.

WAREHOUSE WORKER Moulding distributor has a Full Time opportunity available for 40hrs./week with our growing company. Experience is an asset. Must be career driven to join our dynamic team!

Opportunity available for career advancement! Competitive Wages & BeneďŹ ts!

Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628


Fax resume: 604-888-1516 E-mail: cholm@


$100-$400 CASH DAILY for Landscaping Work! Competitive, Energetic, Honesty a MUST!












Care for the elderly as a

Health Care Assistant As a Health Care Assistant, you’ll be working with elderly people who depend on you for quality daily care, encouragement and support. Our graduates work in Extended and Intermediate Care Facilities, Home Support Agencies, Adult Day Care Centres, and Assisted Living Residences. Upon graduation you will be registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry which will allow you to work in government funded health care facilities. Wages range from $17 to $21/hour. FREE College English Language Preparatory Program - For prospective students with identiďŹ ed ESL needs, this free program prepares students to be successful in their coursework, practicum and in the workplace.


Over 92% of our grads are employed in their ďŹ eld of study within 6 months of graduation.

Consider a career in

Medical OfďŹ ce/Hospital Administration Train to work as an: s!DMITTING2EGISTRATION#LERK s(EALTH2ECORDS#LERK s$IAGNOSTIC)MAGING#LERK




Over 92% of our grads are employed in their ďŹ eld of study within 6 months of graduation.

GUARANTEED Job Placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen For Oil & Gas Industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message For Information 1-800-972-0209





Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 21 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 131




RESPITE Caregivers PLEA Community Services Society is looking for individuals and families who can provide respite care in their homes for youth aged 12 to 18, who are attending a recovery program for alcohol and/or drug addiction. Qualified applicants must be available on weekends and have a home that can accommodate one to two youth and meet all safety requirements. Training and support is provided. If interested, please call a member of our Family Recruiting Team at:



INTERMEDIATE LITIGATION LEGAL ASSISTANT Req. by White Rock / South Surrey Law Firm. Must be graduate of accredited Legal Asst program. 3-5yrs exp. in the areas of Wills, estates, Family Law and General Litigation. Full time with benefits. Please fax resume: 604-536-7002 or email:

Retail Sales Associates

WIRELESS WORLD Lower Mainland requires 4 F/T perm Retail Sales Associates, start ASAP Will train, provide direct mobile phone and accessory sales service along with other duties; wages $11/hour. email resume to:


RECEPTIONIST Real Estate office looking for a receptionist for Wednesday and Thursday with excellent phone skills, Word and Excel and data entry. AP/AR an asset.


Send resumes to: Email: or Fax:604-583-3264




Required for Maple Ridge roofing co. Previous experience is an asset, not necessary - willing to train. Wages Commensurate with Experience. Fax resume 604.462.9859 or e-mail - or Call: Sue 604.880.9210


COOKS & SWEET MAKER Right Choice Products Inc dba Satya Asha Veggie Food World is looking to hire Indian Tandoori Cooks (specialize in Paneer Tikka, Naan etc) & Indian Sweet Makers (Specialize in laddu, rasgulla, rasmalai), $18.75/hr, 3-5 years exp. required, Hindi/punjabi an asset. Email resumes to or fax at 604-592-4120.

F/T SALES PEOPLE For boutique in Surrey Must speak Hindi /Punjabi & English Good Wages Apply in person to: Made in India Unit 104 - 8312 - 128 St. Surrey or call 604-323-3636

COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT & DIESEL ENGINE MECHANICS Required for Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. and Western Star & Sterling Trucks of Vancouver Inc. Positions avail. in Surrey. Cummins, Detroit Diesel and MTU engine experience considered an asset.

Union Shop ~ Full Benefits. Forward Resume to Fax: 604-888-4749

Food Counter Attendant req’d. Sal: $10.50/hr. F/t, Pmt. No exp. reqd. Duties: Take customers’ orders. Prepare, heat and finish simple food items. Serve customers at counters. Clean electrical appliances. Peel, slice & trim foods. Portion & wrap foods. Package take-out food. Receive payment from customers. Clean tables & chairs. Lang: English. Contact: Jaspaul from Super Hot Pizza & Catering in Surrey, BC. Apply at

Optical Salesman req’d. Sal: $11/hr. F/T, Pmt. 1+ yrs exp. Duties: Greet customers. Explain differences and quality of lenses and sunglasses to customers. Advise customers on use and care of products and services. Accept payments. Assist in display of merchandise. Maintain sales records for inventory control. Lang: English. Contact Imran from Eye See 2020 Optical in Surrey, BC. Email: Fax: 604.497.0978

PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE.







5 Long-haul truck drivers req’d (F/T) 1-2 yrs. Exp. Duties: Operate, drive straight or articulated trucks, transport goods and materials. Plan schedules and routes. Oversee condition of vehicle. Class A or 1 License. req. 40hrs/wk, $23.00/hr. or per mile. Location: Surrey, BC. Contact Balwinder at or fax: 604-543-2390.



EXPERIENCED PARTS PERSON for a progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits and RRSP bonuses plus moving allowances. Our 26,000ft2 store is located 2.5 hours N.E. of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email:







FABRICATOR with pressure vessel exp. req’d for Maple Ridge union shop. Email resume:




AMAZING MASSAGE New Location. Hot Oil. 10am - 10pm. Call: 604-719-5628


Grand Opening 11969 88th Ave. Scott Road


Specializing in Private Events! We Come To You! Doing It All, From Set-Up - Clean-Up.

• Home Dinner Parties • Meetings • Funerals • Weddings • B-B-Ques • Birthdays • Anniversaries Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, Customized Menus Tailored To Your Function...

Kristy 604.488.9161 or Visit us at: www.


One visit will amaze you! Call today for a better tomorrow. *NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL* 3 Readings for $45.

604-653-5928 173


Blissful Massage


Deep Tissue & Relaxation Massage & Skin Care

Borrow Against Your Vehicle!

• MONEY TODAY! • Instant Approvals • No Credit Checks • Privacy Assured 604.503.BARK (2275) DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161. MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Need CA$H Today?

604.510.6689 20437 Douglas Crescent Langley

Own A Vehicle?

EXCELLENT MASSAGE $25.00 for 30 min.


Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks! Cash same day, local office. 604-777-5046

604.523.6689 Unit D - 768 Princess Street


@ 8th St. New Westminster









Classes Start Soon in Surrey!


10040 King George Boulevard

Looking for a RecessionProof Career? Hands-On Training that will get you Job Ready in less than a year!

These Rewarding Career Programs Start Soon at our New Surrey Campus:

Office Administration-Accounting & Finance Community Support Worker Health Care Assistant Web Architecture & Media Art Design

Call Now! Limited seats available!

Scan here to learn more


*Conditions Apply.

WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? $500 cash back to pay off Christmas bills. Good credit/Bad credit. 1-888-593-6095.


Special pkg $89. Call 604-945-5801



ALL GREEN CLEANING Are you ready for Spring Cleaning? WE WILL CLEAN & ORGANIZE. Call Susan at 778-899-0941.

EXPERIENCED HOUSE cleaners available. Fast, efficient, bondable. Call Zack 778-223-1984



HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 34 Years Exp. Free Estimates.



Call: Rick (604) 202-5184

☛ Bookkeeping & Payroll ☛ Full Cycle Accounting ☛ Personal & Corporate Returns Small Businesses Welcome! Certified Management Accountant of 20 years.

SEMI-RETIRED contractor will do small concrete jobs. Patio’s, sidewalks, driveway’s. Re & re old or damaged concrete. Ken 604-532-0662

604.512.1872 130






UPCOMING AVAILABLE ROUTES ROUTE# PAPERS AREA DESCRIPTION 1-07 2-01 2-08 2-17 3-13 4-02 4-04 5-06 5-09 5-13 6-03 6-04 7-06 7-11 8-10 8-16

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We offer:

Your Career Starts Here

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Please Call

✔ Small Class Sizes ✔ Multiple Start Dates ✔ Hands-on Training ✔ Flexible Schedules





Specializing in Palm, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball Readings. Reunites loved ones Solve all problems of life.







CLASS ACTION Claim Support Vioxx, others. The Nurses at The Optio Group will help prove your claim and get you the money you deserve.1-855-939-0499;;


PSYCHIC Readings! Find out about your coming year! 604-323-1504 or email:


Funding May Be Available!

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22 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 242







FPatios FPool Decks FSidewalks FDriveways FForming FFinishing FRe & Re 30yrs exp. Quality workmanship Fully Insured

INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Drywall Repairs/Texturing Quality work at the lowest price Phone & compare. In business 25 years. Fully Insured. Free Estimates.

Danny 604 - 307 - 7722



Gutters - Windows - Tile Roof cleaning - Pressure Cleaning, Please Call Victor 604-589-0356

778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 FREE ESTIMATES

ALWAYS GUTTER Cleaning Service, Repairs, 20 yrs exp. Rain or shine.7dys/wk.Simon 604-230-0627




PSB DRYWALL ★ All Boarding, Taping, Framing & Texture. Insured work. 604-762-4657/604-764-6416 A Call to Vern. Free Est. Drywall, Reno & Texture Specialist, Painting.

“No job too small”. 604-825-8469 THREE STAR DRYWALL LTD Boarding, Taping, & texture. Small jobs welcome! Kam 604-551-8047

DRYWALL Reliable Work - Res. & Comm.

Mike 604-789-5268



#22047 WE LOVE SMALL JOBS All work guaranteed. High Outlet Electric. 604-220-8347

~ 604-597-3758 ~


• ELECTRICAL • FULL PLUMBING SERVICES • HVAC GAS FITTING *Free Est. *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service

604-475-7077 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899







604.339.1989 Lower Mainland 604.996.8128 Fraser Valley

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.

A-1 CONTRACTING. Renos. Bsmt, kitchens, baths, custom cabinets, tiling, plumbing, sundecks, fencing, reroofing. Dhillon 604-782-1936.

POLAR BEAR PAINTING $299 ~ 3 rooms (walls only 2 coats) 604-866-6706


604-507-4606 or 604-312-7674 10% OFF if you Mention this AD! *Plumbing *Heating *Reno’s *More Lic.gas fitter. Aman: 778-895-2005




A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822



Recycled Earth Friendly HOT TUBS ARE NO PROBLEM! On Time, As Promised, Service Guaranteed!

604-787-8061 ABE MOVING - $35/Hr. Per Person *Reliable Careful Movers. *Rubbish Removal. *24 Hours. 604-999-6020

AFFORDABLE MOVING Local & Long Distance


From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licensed ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

604-537-4140 1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Real Professionals, Reasonable. Rates. Different From the Rest. 604-721-4555.

329 PAINTING & DECORATING PAINTING 1/2 PRICE Until MAY 1 Interior & Exterior *35Years Exp. Free Estimates 604-340-7414

~ PRO PAINTERS ~ INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Quality Work, Free Estimates Member of Better Business Bureau


Vincent 543-7776

Rated best painting and moulding company (2010 & 2012) by consumers. Visit: or call 604-803-5041 for more information.

CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CHIHUAHUAS, tiny tea cup pup, blonde & white, male, 9 weeks, ready now. $650. 604-794-7347

ITALIAN MASTIFF(Cane Corso) P/B blues, ready to go, 1st shots, tails/dew claws done. Ultimate family guardian $800 (604)308-5665 Lab/Shepherd/Rotti x puppies, purebred, 2M/2F, great family pets, $250. Call 604-864-1004. NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or

PRESA CANARIO P/B UKC, fawn Both parents approx 150 lbs. $950. Call 604-302-2357

Best Local Roofs & Repairs

Hauling Anything..

PUG avail for stud service. He is a rare silver male, purebred but not registered, $700 or puppy back. Also Golden retriever (not reg.) avail for stud $600 (OFA hips and cert eyes) Mission 604-820-4827 SHELTIE SABLE PUP 1F, white body + spots D.O.B. Oct 19th Sweet & loveable 604-826-6311

Eastcan Roofing & Siding

But Dead Bodies!! 20 YARD BINS AVAILABLE We Load or You Load !

604.220.JUNK(5865) Serving Metro Vancouver Since 1988

604.562.0957 or 604.961.0324 EXCEL ROOFING LTD. All kinds of roofing work. New Roof, Reroof, Repairs. Free est. (778)878-2617



Licensed Journeyman

Quality Work - Fair Price Paul: 604 626-1641 24/7

UNDER $100

3” USA Plastic money KEYCHAIN $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. $5/each..................... 778-239-9517

AT PANORAMA PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES. Repairs & new installs. Furnace, Boilers, Hot water tanks etc. Jobs Small-Big, Res/Com 604-818-7801. • Plumbing • Heating • Gas Fitting




SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240 BEST WEST MOVING. FAST 24/7 short notice moves. Great mid mo. rates! Free Est. Tim (604)319-1010


BORDER COLLIE X, born Dec 5th, ranch raised, getting lots of atten. $350. Carol 604-316-4668 or email:

Roofing Experts. 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank.

Liability Insurance/BBB/10% off with ad



(778)997-5757, (604)587-5991


•New Roofs •Re-Roofs •Repairs

QUICKWAY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. ****Mention this ad for 10% Off **** Call Raman @ 604-561-4041.

STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206


in Cloverdale. WCB & liability. Great price/refs Paul 604-328-0527





A PLUMBER / GAS FITTER. Plumbing install/repair. Renos, Hwtr tank. Boiler Furnace. Reas 604-618-8315


SAWMILLS from only $3997 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT

Honest Man Rubbish removal. Fast on his service,best rates, clean-up, handyman Services. 604-782-3044




RUBBISH REMOVAL Almost for free!

• Estate Services • Electronics • Appliances • Old Furniture • Construction • Yard Waste • Concrete • Drywall • Junk • Rubbish • Mattresses • More

JMS Countertops/Custom Splashes 15% Disc. w/ad. Free home Consult 30 yrs/refs John 604-970-8424 BEAUT BATHROOM & KITCHEN Plumbing + Drywall + Elect. + Tubs & Showers & Sinks + Toilets & Tile + floors + countertop + painting. Sen disc. Work Guar. 21 yrs exp. Call Nick 604-230-5783, 604-581-2859


Gutters - Windows - Tile Roof cleaning - Pressure Cleaning, Please Call Victor 604-589-0356 Gutter Cleaning Only $125. Tile Roof & Gutter Cleaning $375 Hse btwn 3500-4000sf. 604.861.6060




Additions, Home Improvements Restorations, Renovations, & New Construction. Specializing in Concrete, Forming, Framing & Siding. 604-218-3064

LICENSED & INSURED ✶ Local & Long Distance ✶ ✶ Seniors Discount ✶


PRICES SO LOW I MUST BE MAD Call MAD ABOUT PAINTING. Free Estimates. Int/Ext. 778-773-3918

Starting $40/hr.

YARD CLEAN-UP, Lawn cut, power raking, aerating, hedge trimming, & fertilizing. Senior disc.604-773-0075

PRO TREE SERVICES Quality pruning/shaping/hedge trimming/ removals & stump grinding. John, 604-588-8733/604-318-9270

BEAGLES, 12’’ size, born Dec 25, tri colour 3 F, 3 M, $650. (604)3160376,

Furnace Boilers, Hot Water Tanks Hot Water Heat, Plumbing Jobs. Furnace cleaning with truck mounted machine

COMPLETE RENOVATIONS, 30 yrs in Const. Very reliable. Denicon Const. Call Dennis 604-809-0702.


GARDENING 10% OFF with this AD


Gas Fitter ✭ Plumber


SENIOR’S HANDYMAN SERVICE Semi-Retired businessman. Honest - Reliable - Insured. Call Brad for free estimate. 604-837-5941



FRIENDLY ROOFING LTD. New roof, re-roof, repair. Cedar shakes, shingle, torch on, tile, duroids. Call 778-246-0606

Running this ad for 8yrs

288 C & C Electrical Mechanical

• Tree Trimming • Fully Insured • Best Rates

FIXIT PLUMBING & HEATING H/W Tanks, Reno’s, Boilers, Furn’s. Drain Cleaning. Ins. (604)596-2841




removal done RIGHT!


F All types of concrete work F F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep FDriveways FExposed FStamped F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured

JMS Countertops/Custom Splashes 15% Disc. w/ad. Free home Consult 30 yrs/refs John 604-970-8424


Furnace, Boilers, Hot Water Heat Plumbing Jobs ~ Reas rates

C & C Electrical Mechanical

Ross 604D535D0124


• Twins • Fulls • Queens • Kings 100’s in stock! www.Direct (604)294-2331

Reno’s and Repairs

• Hvac Gas Fitting • Electrical *Free Est. *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service

D Crack Repairs D Driveways D Patios, etc. D Provide Proper Drainage




Free Est & Warranties



MATTRESSES starting at $99

Peter 778-552-1828

Bonniecrete Const Ltd




~ Certified Plumber ~

Concrete Lifting Specialist



FREE cassette audio tapes, used but erased. 60 & 90 min. Major Manfrs. Don 604-589-5306

548 Aluminum patio cover, sunroom, railing and vinyl. 604-782-9108


*NEW QUEEN MATTRESS SET* Pillow Top in Plastic. Mfr. Warranty Must Sell $200 ~ 604-484-0379




If you would consider selling your property of 3 Acres or more and want maximum value, send the details to:

There will be no pressure and no obligation, but let’s discuss possibilities.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Surrey/North Delta Leader 23 REAL ESTATE 609





• No Qualification - Low Down • SURREY- 10707 - 139th St. Nice 2 bdrm. CONDO. Transit close. Quiet, Central Area.......$888/MO. CLOVERDALE- 6965 192nd St. HOUSE 6 Bdrm. 5 Bath. Central location, with 2 suites.....$88/MO. Langley: Newer 2bdr, 2bath new paint, shows well! $225K. Sutton Rlty. Ravi Bhindi (604)825-8881.



House on 1/2 Acre Lot. GOOD INVESTMENT. 13690 Bentley Rd. $695K. By Owner. Call 604-324-0655



WE BUY HOUSES Damaged House? Pretty House? Moving? Divorcing? Estate Sale? We Will Buy Your House, Quick Cash & Private! Mortgage Too High & House Won’t Sell? Can’t Make Payments? We Lease Your House, Make Your Payments & Buy It Later!


639 REAL ESTATE SERVICES • DIFFICULTY SELLING ? • Difficulty Making Payments? No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees! / 604-786-4663

List Home! Save Big $$$ Buy/Referral $500 cashback Call today for a free market evaluation. Yunas:604.345.9461 Omax Realty Ltd.

MORTGAGES 100%Financing! Stated Income 90% 2.60% Variable 2.99% 5 yr. Fixed

Call Kristen 604-786-4663



GUILDFORD GARDENS 1 Bdrm. From $700 2 Bdrm. From $875 • 24 Hour On-site Management • PETS ALLOWED • Minutes Walk To Elementary School & Guildford Mall


To Arrange a Viewing Call Grace at 604-319-7514

Affordable Housing for Seniors

55 and older, 1 bedroom suites. 2 bedroom handicapped unit. Smoke free/no pets

S. Surrey, 2603 151 St. Call Mon-Fri btwn 9am-noon.


CEDAR APTS NEW SPECIAL 1/2 Month Free + $200 Gift Card CLEAN 1 & 2 BDRM SUITES (some w/ensuites) across from Guildford Mall. Cbl/heat/htwtr incl Walk Score = 92


CLOVERDALE, Senior / 50+ bldg Quiet. Heat, h/w, storage included, onsite laundry 1 bdrm, $765. No dogs. Cats ok. 604-574-2078

Call For Details! Martinique Walker, AMP Mortgage Broker Specialist Verico Assent Mortgage Corp. Call: 604.984.9159 Toll Free: 866.984.9159



Guildford Mall / Public Library

EVERGREEN APARTMENTS Crime Free Multi-Housing Certified Ask About Incentives! Spacious Suites, very competitive prices. Extra large 1 & 2 BDRM ste’s, lots of storage. Heat/hot water incl. Access to Vancouver via freeway, 1 bus to Skytrain. No pets.



VISTA GREEN APTS 7575 140 St. Available now or Mar 1st. 2 Bdrm, newly reno’d, 3 appls, F/P, underground prkg. No pets. Starting at $850 & up.

604-594-8534 or 604-583-6844



Phone 604-582-0465 GUILDFORD

MOVE-IN BONUS Family Friendly Complex 1 Bdrms available immediately or March 1. Close to shopping, transit, schools & park. Some pets welcome. On-site security. Seasonal swimming pool.

Call: 604-585-1966. GUILFORD MALL: Furn’d 1 bdrm, 650 sf, pet ok. balc, pool, f/p, prkg, 7 appls, BBQ, gym, hot tub, sauna, billiard & theatre rm, visitor & storage. $1200. Immed. (604)589-7279 Langley

CLAYMORE APTS * RENTAL INCENTIVES * 1 bdrms avail immediately & 2 bdms avail. immediately and March 1. Close to shopping, schools & transit. Some pets ok.

GUILDFORD beautifully reno’d lrg bright 1000sf 2bd,inste w/d, lg deck ns/np, $1050+utils. 604-283-9055.

733 MOBILE HOMES & PADS NEWTON MOBILE HOME PARK. 2 Large RV Pads available for mobile home. Call 604-597-4787.



BEAR CREEK, 88/148, 3 BDRM, 2.5 baths, dbl garage, NS/NP, avail Apr 1. $1500. Refs. 778-545-8480 Cedar Hill: 90th/132nd, fully reno’d 5 bdrm, 3 up & 2 down. 2-1/2 bths, 2 kitch. Nr all amen. Refs. n/p, n/s, Avail. now. $1700mo 604-785-9450 CLOVERDALE - 3 bdrm up 1 bdrm down house for rent. 1-1/2 bths, rec room, 4 appl. cls to amen. n/p, n/s, $1500mo. March 1. (604)572-7679 FLEETWOOD 3 BDRM RANCHER. $1000/mo + utils. Avail Mar 1st. Call aft 12pm. (604)520-0244



SURREY 70a/144b. 1 Bdrm suite avail now. Ns/np. $475 incl utils/net (no cable/laundry). 604-590-7335.

BOLIVAR HEIGHTS: 2 Bdrm suite, own laundry. $750/mo incl. utils. Avail now. Call (604)781-9093.

SURREY, 8069 135A St. 2 Bdrm suite. Incl util, cbl, net. Avail now. N/S, N/P. Feb 15. (604)593-4867.

CEDAR Hills 2 bdrm nr mall, both schools, SFU, Skytrn $650 incl util ns/np 604-583-2174, 778-322-3135

SURREY 88/152. Spacious 2 bdrm gr/lvl suite in new house. Avail now. Ns/np, no laundry, $725 incl utils. 604-446-1700 or 604-446-1716.

CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 148/72. New 2 bdrm suite, near schools. NS/NP, avail now. $650/mo incl utils. 604594-4825 or 604-773-6110 CHIMNEY HTS. 2 Bdrm bsmt suite. New carpets. N/S, N/P. W/D & F/P. $800/mo utils incl. Avail now. Call 778-565-0949 lve msg. Chimney Hts. 2 bdrm grnd lvl suite. Avail now, ns/np. $650 incl utils/cbl 604-501-2827 or 604-724-8486. CLOVERDALE. 168/63. 1 bdrm + den. N/S. 1 cat ok. $800/mo incls utils and laundry. Avail March 15. 604-576-5798 or 604-220-9203 CLOVERDALE, 189/55th. 1 bdrm suite. $675 incl hydro/cable. Avail. now. N/S. N/P. 778-574-8283.

Spacious Units, great park-like setting nr shops & bus. No pets. BAYWEST Mgmt Corp. To view 604-501-4413

SURREY, Hwy 10 & 168. 1/bdrm suite. $800/mo incl W/D, d/w. heat. Avail now. N/S, N/P. (778)998-9487 SURREY: New 1 bdrm w/lndry & utils. 1 priv car pkng. $650/mo. Feb. 15. n/p, n/s. (604)575-1807

SURREY Royal Heights-Brand new 2 bdrm. 1 bath, in suite lndry. N/P N/S, Avail. Now. 604-329-9233

Fleetwood, 156/81. 3 bdrm bsmt. cov. patio. Nr bus NS/NP. $1000 incl util/lndry Avl now 604-501-4900


FLEETWOOD 3 bdrm bsmt ste nr schools/amens. 1.5 baths, laundry, net/cbl, ns/np, $990. 778-988-3652


SURREY Guildford new 2 bdrm g/l patio, alarm. $750 incl util & lndry. NS/NP. Avl March. 1. 604-377-9037

CLOVERDALE Near Kwantlen, new 1 bdrm, cvrd entry, $650 incl utils. Mar 15. N/S, N/P. 604-780-2138

FLEETWOOD: 3 bdr grd lvl ste. Nr all amens. Mar 1. $950 incl hydro, np/ns, no lndry. 604-582-7224


AVAIL IMMEDIATELY 14295 - 71A Ave Surrey. 3 Bdrm upper, 5 appls. No pets/no utils. $1000/mo. Call: (604)583-6844

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

NEWTON, 2/bdrm upper floor suite. Newly reno’d. $950/mo incl cable, internet, util. & laundry. Avail now. N/S. (604)597-2394. DL# 7557

Large 1 & 2 bedroom units Rent from $725.00/mo.

GREEN TIMBERS: 1 Bdrm, full bth. NS/NP, pref sgl or cpl, ref’s. $550 incl util. Immed. 604-688-8176

SURREY 121/97A. Bright, Large ground level new 2 bdrm suite, lrg deck. Utils & lndry. Large yard. $870/mo. all incl. N/P, N/S. Avail. March 1st. 604-715-1667

Phone: 604-581-8332 & 604-585-0063

GREEN TIMBERS 2 bdrm grnd lvl, nr amens. Avail now. NS/NP, $750 incl utils. (604) 575-2975, 202-5678

SURREY: 3 Bdrm upstairs. 2 bthrm, f/rm, l/rm. No pets. $1350/mo. Avail. now. (778)822-5134

GUILDFORD 2 bdrm, newer home near all amens, $650 incl utils/net. NS/NP. Avail now. 604-581-5541

SURREY, 88/120. 3/bdrms, living room, family room, laundry. 3 private decks. Radiant heat. Close to amenities. $1600/mo. Avail now. N/P, N/S. Call 604-721-2192 or 778-838-4351

Office: 7121 - 133B St. Surrey 604-596-0916 SURREY 72 & Scott. 2 bdrm. G/L condo, 1 prk., Ldry., N/S N/P. $850 (604)418-0858 or 778-552-9940 SURREY CENTRAL. BACHELOR suite, $575. Avail NOW. N/P. Call: 778-317-5323 or 604-916-2906.

NEWTON 152/72. New 1 bdrm, full bath,alarm syst, nr bus, ns/np, avail now. $575 incl utils. 604-507-6786.

SURREY 95/160 St. 3 Bdrm main lvl w/1bdr down, new paint, 5 appls, 2 sgle garages w/remote. No dogs. $1350. Avail now. (778)712-1835.

NEWTON 1 bdrm spac bsmt ste . Mar 1. $550 incl hydro/wifi. NS/NP 604-599-5817, 778-772-1887

SURREY new 1 bdrm coach house 150/60 Ave. $800 incl hydro. N/S N/P. (604) 502-9249 or 363-7622

NEWTON - 1 bdrm ste, $550/mo Util & cbl inc. n/p, n/s. Avail. March 1 (604)999-5629 /604-543-0952 Newton: 2 bdrm bsmt ste, nr amen. Inc utils. $600/mo. Avail. now. (604)594-4455 or 604-626-2102 NEWTON 142/75, 4 Bdrm house, lrg yard, carport, $1400/mo, Mar 1 604-561-4947, 604-593-8433

Newton- 2 bdrm, spacious, new & clean, hardwood floors, cable incl., NP/NS $700/m 604.537.5403

SOUTH Surrey 3 bd/2bth upper level of house. At 162 St. and 14th Ave. Avail March 1. Very clean. Lrg deck off kitchen. Lrg yard. Landlord does yard work. 1600/mth plus share of utilities. see craiglist ad at h t t p s : / / p o s t . c r a i g for pics and more info. 604-364-5964.

NEWTON 68/121A. 2 Bdrm $750 incl util. Pri entry. NS inside, sm pet neg. 604-250-2222, 778-882-4759

SURREY, Cedarhill 4 bdrm. house, liv/rec rm 3 bath dble gar big lot $1600 604-781-4546 604-727-4440 SURREY/Guildford 15711-104 Ave, 3 Bdrm rancher, avail now, N/P. $1050, 604-710-8914 or 728-8110 WHITE ROCK. 3 bdrm rancher, f/s, w/d, d/w, freezer, f/p, sm computer room, fncd yrd, lrg shed, pets ok, $1935 incl elec, gas, water, avail now, ref’s req’d. Call daily 9am-7pm (604) 597-1941, 531-8359



LINDA VISTA Motel Luxury Rooms w/cable, a/c & kitchens. 6498 King George Hwy. Mthly, Wkly & Daily Specials. 604-591-1171. Canadian Inn 6528 K.G.Hwy. 604-594-0010

748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION GUILDFORD: fully furn’d rooms $375. incl util/sat. Avail now. No drugs or parties. (604) 992-2247 GUILDFORD. Fully furnished or unfurnished room. $475/mo incl utils/cbl/internet.Call: 604-726-1892 NEWTON. ROOMMATE to share bsmt suite. $375/mo. NP/NS. Avail. Immed. Phone 778-552-4418. South Surrey- Room available. Full House Privileges, No Drugs, $400/m Call Jim: 604.575.7271



123/91 AVE. 1 bdrm bsmt suite, quiet gr/lvl near sch, amens. Ns/np, no laundry, incl cable, hydro, Internet $525 mth, avail now, 604-5074521.

NEWTON 70 Ave/124 St. Bachelor suite. $500/mo incl hydro & cable. Avail now. NS/NP. 604-800-2941. NEWTON Newly reno’d 2 bdr, Priv ent D/w, inste ldry, wifi, cble. Cls to amen Lrg fncd bckyd $700m. Avl. immed. n/p, n/s. 778-552-4094 PORT KELLS 2 bdrm, 1500 sq.ft., insuite lndry, alarm, $900/mo incl utils. Now. NS/NP (604)830-6921 ROYAL HTS. 98/116. 1 bdrm bsmt suite. Sep liv/rm. & kitchen. Avail. March 1. N/S, N/P. $600/mo. incl util. no cable. 604-583-7564. SULLIVAN HTS 150/66A. SPACIOUS 2 BEDROOM SUITE. NO LAUNDRY. N/S, N/P, INCL. UTILITIES. FOR $645. AVAIL. FEB. 15, 2013. CALL 604-8126761, 604-593-8021. SURREY 105/128 St. New Suites: *2Bdrm $600/mo incl utils AND *Bachelor $400/mo incl utils. NP/NS. Avail now. (778)564-4450. SURREY, 117/96A. 1/bdrm suite. Avail immed. N/S, N/P. $575/mo incl heat/hydro. (604)951-1844 SURREY 124A/98. Clean 3 bdrm, Nr school/park/bus. $1000 incl utils & laundry, N/S, N/P. 604-765-8497 SURREY 130/112 Ave. New 3 bdr bsmt suite, 1.5 baths, large deck, near skytrain & schools. NS/NP. $1000 +25% hydro. 778-892-4278







2007 HARLEY SPORTSTER Factory custom, 74 cube (1200) big bore by Denco Cycle, Bassani pipe, windshield, sissy bar, leather bags. 27,000km, one old guy owner, $7450 obo (604)817-1945



1996 22’ SLUMBER QUEEN 5th wheel. Interior like new, has to be seen to appreciate. New stereo, back up camera, new HD antenna, m/w, a/c. Includes hitch. $5,500. 604-625-7761 Aldergrove.

13699 76 Ave. 3 bdrm T/H with w/d hookup, car port $1040/m. Close to all amen’s, schools & transit. Call Now! 604-451-6676


WANTED: YOUR UNWANTED VANS FOR PARTS OR FIX-UP. Money for some. 604-597-5054

SURREY, 114/140. Small Studio suite, cozy, private safe. $650/mo incl hydro, cable, wifi. & laundry service & parking. Avail Immed. Pet negotiable. (604)374-5105

FRASER HEIGHTS; 2 Bdrm gr/lvl ste, near bus&schls. Avail now. N/S N/P. $700 incl utils. 604-781-8165.



SULLIVAN HTS: - Beautiful bright newer 1 & 2 bdrm suites. new appl. Cls to bus. Avail. now. 604543-7878 or 604-724-9608

Regency Park Gardens

GUILDFORD. Brand new 2 bdrm suite. Avail. now. Nr amenits & schools. N/P. N/S. $675/mo. incl cable & hydro. 604-825-7658.


SURREY Fraser Heights 174/104. 1 Bdrm, full bath, $650 incl everything, NS/NP, immed 604-537-4532

SURREY new 2 bd, sep liv/rm & kit 1 bath, cvrd entry. Nr bus, lndry etc. $1000 +utils, Mar 1. NS/NP. 604218-0019 or:

FLEETWOOD, 2 bdrm bsmt ste, nr all amens, avail Mar 1st, $750/mo. N/S, N/P. Call: (604)597-8762


SURREY 92/147. Lrg newly reno’d 2bdr ste,new appls, share w/d, avail now,ns/np. $650/mo. 778-388-4675

CLOVERDALE 2 & 1 Bd nice, grnd lvl, $750 & $550 incl hydro. NP/NS. Avail now. 604-576-9428, 576-9238

FLEETWOOD. 1 bdrm Nr amen. $600 mo. incls. util./cbl. n/s, n/p. Refs. req’d. Avl now 604-306-8731



BOLIVAR HEIGHTS 2 bdrm ste full bath covered deck quiet area. $650 incl utils NS/NP 604-589-2127.

NEWTON - Glencoe Estates

2 Bdrm Apartment


SURREY 64A Ave. 2 Bdrm grnd lvl suite, full bath, private laundry, alarm. Ns/np, avail now. $900/mo incl utils/net/cable. 778-316-2205.

FLEETWOOD: 159 / 87A-nr all amen. 2 bdrm main lvl. N/P. N/S. $650 incl util. Mar 1. 604-599-9495.

3 Appli’s, 950 sq/ft. $850/mo incl heat & HW.


Bear Creek 2bdrm 2bath on main floor, new wall to wall carpets, avail now. Ns/np, ref’s. $725/mo incl utils 604-596-5022 or 604-785-8857

5374 - 203rd St, Langley Call 604-533-9780

* Large 2 & 3 Bdrm Apartments * Insuite w/d, stove, fridge, d/w * 3 floor levels inside suite * Wood burning fireplace * Private roof top patio * Walk to shops. Near park, pool, playground * Elementary school on block * Clubhouse, tennis court * On site security. Sorry no pets

RENT TO PURCHASE 1-2yr option. Cedar Hill area. Lge 2 bdrm deluxe 1026sf 5appls gym, secure bldg. 604-786-7977




AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673 The Scrapper

GUILDFORD GLEN 14860 101A Avenue. Clean 3 bdrm. T/H. Family housing. Available NOW. $995/mo. Near all amenities & transit. 604-451-6676. LANGLEY

RIVERSIDE GARDENS FAMILY COMPLEX 3 Bd Townhomes avail now and 2 Bd Townhomes avail March 1 Close to shopping, schools, parks & transit. Outdoor pool & Resident Manager. Some pets ok. #36 – 5210 203 Street, Langley.

Call 604.532.2036

• Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal

SURREY 139/68 Ave. 2 & 3 Bdrm T/H’s $890 & $1020/mo. Quiet family complex, no pets. 604-599-0931

FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022


FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Up To $500 CA$H Today Fast Service. JJ 604-728-1965


Single male, no dependants would like to rent a room in Surrey area. Immediate. $450. (604)476-9868




2 hr. Service (604)209-2026


SURREY 141A/90th 2 bdrm, no lndry, new carpet. $700 incl hydro. N/P. 604-588-1948 604-782-1948 SURREY 154A St/86B Ave. 2 Bdrm stes. Laundry. $650 & $700 + utils. 604-561-4947, 604-593-8433 SURREY 1 BDRM bsmt suite. Avail now. N/S. N/P. $500 incl hydro & gas 604-593-1064, 778-388-9639 SURREY: 2 bdrm, $750/mo. Avail now. Walk out, near bus, utils incl. NS/NP. Phone 604-715-0004. SURREY, 64/140. 1/bdrm suite. very open above grnd suite. Incl hydro & gas. $600/mo. Avail Immed. Cl to bus & amen. (778)861-4272

I, Amanpreet Singh, son of Balkar Singh shall be hence forth known as Amanpreet Singh Nagra notorized by Rajdeep Randhawa.

24 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Angie Bunnell

Surrey Kin’s Green Fighter

March 9, 2013

2pm to 4pm at Guildford Town Centre Angie will be completing her first in-store challenge by collecting pledges for the Canadian Cancer Society, and distributing samples and free balloons!

Meet Angie’s opponents and follow their progress at!


Prices effective: February 27th to March 3rd, 2013 *While * Quantities Last Fresh & Nutritious

Healthy & Delicious

Blueberries (1 pint)

2 /$5.00



Sweet & Juicy

Zeal Small Navel Oranges

8/$1.00 California Grown

Strawberry Hill Shopping Centre Beside Tim Hortons Surrey 604.507.9872

OPEN 9 am to 7 pm everyday!

Guildford Town Centre

Across from CIBC Surrey 604.583.6181

Visit website for store hours


Zeal Cara Cara Oranges

Mexico Grown

California Grown



Chile Grown

Sweet & Juicy


Fresh & Healthy

Organic Black Kale




California Grown

Willowbrook Shopping Centre Near Sportchek Langley 604.530.1273

Visit website for store hours

South Point Annex

Walnut Gate

OPEN 9 am to 7 pm everyday!

OPEN 9 am to 7 pm everyday!

Near Save-on-Foods Surrey 604.538.6872

88th Ave & 202 St Langley 604.888.2115

Surrey North Delta Leader, February 26, 2013  

February 26, 2013 edition of the Surrey North Delta Leader

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