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Omer Arbel bound for Milan 5&6

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Shiamak’s cherry blossom Dance without worry and celebrate life in the World Umbrella Dance! Sign up now to be part of hundreds of dancing umbrellas at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza on April 13 as part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. No experience necessary. The awesome Shiamak Davar Dance Company will teach their Bollywood choreography in rehearsals starting Feb. 26 in preparation for the spectacular event. You must pre-register because there is a limited number of spaces. The cost, which includes this unique PoP-Art designer umbrella by Vancouver artist Anthony Redpath, is $25. Umbrellas are available now for pick-up at VanDusen Garden Shop (5251 Oak) or The Urban Tea Merchant (1070 W. Georgia). Event tickets and registration at Getting into the Bollywood spirit are dancers Suragini Ravindran, Rohan D’silva, Tahira Karmali, Priyanka Patel and Priya Pranjivan. In the meantime, tickets for Shiamak’s Spring Funk at the Bell Performing Arts Centre on March 16 are available on Aziz Dhamani photo

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Spiegelman at VAG Best-known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus, Art Spiegelman is one of the most respected comic artists/ illustrators in the world. In CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, the Vancouver Art Gallery presents a retrospective of Spiegelman’s 40-year career. Thanks to the Pick of the week artist’s relationship with the gallery and senior curator Bruce Grenville, visitors will be treated to this first retrospective of the cartoonist’s work until June 9. Spiegelman’s career spans the underground comix movement of the ’60s and ’70s to the anthology Raw to the Holocaust memoir Maus to covers for New Yorker magazine and his response to 9/11, In the Shadow of No Towers.


This year the Boca Del Lupo series includes a performance in a box (The Performance Art Trap), an imagined journey across the Pacific as experienced from inside a shipping container (The Voyage), social acupuncture (Advice From Teenagers) and a tiny fantastic world in paper (The Icebook). Up first, The Icebook is a miniature theatre show made of paper and light. An exquisite experience of fragile paper cutouts and video projections that sweep you into a fantasy world. Children are welcome. Show runs Feb. 27, 28 and March 1, 2 at The Anderson Street Space on Granville Island (1405 Anderson). Tickets: $10 (plus processing fee and HST) Performances at 7pm, 7:30, 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30.

Winterruption Rain? Winter? Forget about them this weekend when Granville Island celebrates Winterruption. Highlights include Vive Vendredi; Street Eats & Beats, featuring Vancouver’s top food trucks and music; a kids zone; a Coastal Jazz and Blues Society mini jazz fest; an [ART]ifects studio tour; a behind-thescenes look at the Arts Club’s costume shop; and a kids’ performance of The Cat in the Hat.

Wright Mariner Supply FLOATING STORE at 485 Broughton St.

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Locally Designed & Crafted Custom Jewellery 1266 Homer Yaletown 604 688 2714

Vancouver an unspoiled oasis for unconventional design Bocci’s Omer Arbel says he enjoys existing on the periphery of the design scene By Kelsey Klassen


mer Arbel creates poems that can be read in any language, only the words are molten grains of sand, and the paper is the tension that guides them as they harden and cool. There is nothing lost in translation from what the creative director of Bocci imagines, to what he now reaches out to pass me sitting in the light-filled fifth floor of the company’s head office in Vancouver’s Armoury District. “I actually kind of despise the word design, in a way,” he begins, almost by way of introduction. “It hurts me to have to refer to myself as a designer. I think that design implies a separation from the object. It implies abstraction. And a kind of over simplification that comes from regarding something from a removed position.” As he relaxes into his black blazer and three o’clock shadow, his gestures come alive. “I feel much more comfortable with the idea of making things myself. My architectural studio and the design and manufacturing company is built on the idea that that’s the only way of really achieving interesting work. Novel work. Or at least the only way open to us. So we make stuff, we dive in, we rarely draw things.” Mid-sentence he lunges forward to grab a glass bottle of water. “We don’t use parametric modelling technology,” he continues, turning the bottle with his fingertips. “These days computers are very sophisticated and you can make models of things you’re interested and it’s such a temptation, but, because it’s so quick, it’s the opposite of our interests. “On a computer screen, there is no distinction between one material and another.” Arbel instead draws inspiration from the material itself. He puts down my beverage and jumps up to replace it with a 28 series sphere from among the many breakables lying strewn across the table. “Like these pieces, right?” His saltand-pepper eyebrows rise as he lifts the clear globe up to his face. “The reason that these are shaped the way they are is not because we thought of a sphere inside another sphere, it’s because we investigated the technique of glassblowing and discovered that glass interacts in different ways when it’s at different temperatures.” And then they kept asking questions. “People have been glass blowing for

thousands of years but in all that time most of the focus has been on blowing air into a glass matrix and then manipulating it in some way. And it occurred to us what happens if you do the opposite; what happens if you pull the air out of that piece of glass?” And the result is as sensually confusing as catching a fairy in a mason jar — a part of you wants to free the beauty trapped inside, but the savage in you is satisfied that it is yours to display. Born in Jerusalem, Arbel moved to Vancouver at a young age. His background is in architecture but, even as a student, he noticed he obsessed over the way light enters space, going so far as to turn his student housing into living light experiments that were “impossible to move around in.” Over time, Arbel’s tactile approach to design evolved an unmistakable outlier aesthetic. It’s just not the way things are done, or have been done. And he names his pieces chronologically, currently working the 63rd chapter in the unconventional story. “At first the real focus for me was furniture and objects much more so than it was lighting. The first piece of lighting I ever did was 14 [2006]. Every one before that wasn’t even close to being lighting. It just so happens that’s the piece that became very successful. And that’s the way the world works; as soon as you do something that’s successful, people assume you’re an expert at it and they just keep requesting more and more.” Fresh off a presentation at UBC on art and education, he starts pulling demo pieces out of a cardboard box to illustrate how his knowledge of glass has built upon itself through experimentation. The 14 was a transitional piece, an idea about a sphere made of cast glass. He knew nothing about the materials, and initially assumed it amounted to making a mold and pouring the glass in. But you can’t make a sphere with an open-faced mold, so then he planned to make two hemispheres and glue them together. But when he poured the first cast, nature revealed her provocative curves. “I noticed that because glass is liquid, it cools as it’s curing and makes this very beautiful meniscus here at the edge and a bit of a crater in the middle of the piece. When you take two of these and put them together, you get a 14. And two things happen: you get this very distinctive seam that people seem to respond to, and secondly, and more importantly, when you light it, the glass has this watery quality be-

cause the craters create a void in the middle of the piece. We discovered that totally by accident.” Those seductive lessons about temperature then breathed life into 28. But it’s the 57 that actually takes all breath away. With the 57 — the piece they are launching at Euroluce in Milan in April, the lovemaking gets rough, dark, familiar. White and clear glass of different temperatures is fused together and dipped in a thick coating of seemingly opaque, black glass. Air is then pushed into the piece, finding its way through the hot spots, where the glass is the most vulnerable. The end result is a menacing storm cloud that only lifts its curtain to reveal an enchanting hidden universe when lit. It’s an appropriately bold piece to accompany Bocci’s odds-defying début at Euroluce [see page 6]. It’s a date even Arbel thought would never come. “We’ve had to build our own niche in a hostile environment. It’s still a miracle to me that things have gone so well. I always saw myself as an outsider to the system. “That system rejected us very early on, and quite aggressively. So to be showing there this year, among the industry leaders, is not only a coup from a business perspective, a respect perspective, a credibility point of view, but also personally it’s very gratifying.” As for what makes the pieces so successful, Arbel prefers to leave that as a mystery — even to himself. “It leads a designer to a place of stagnation to analyze too much ‘why?’ I think it’s paralyzing. I don’t look at magazines or blogs for the same reason. I think those things limit you. Too much context. “It’s actually one of the reasons I like working in Vancouver. Because it is the periphery of the design scene, there’s less subconscious influence here on my work than there would be somewhere with a richer design culture like New York, or London or Milan or Tokyo. “Here is kind of a vacuum. A wasteland. Like…tumbleweeds.” His booming laugh bounces off the racks, stacked to the rafters with objects of his imagination — intan“I actually kind of despise the word design, in a way,” says gible beauties nestled in tidy white Omer Arbel, creative director of Bocci. “It hurts me to have to boxes all around us. |

refer to myself as a designer. So we make stuff, we dive in, we rarely draw things.” Below: The making of a 28 series light fixture. Photos courtesy of Bocci

February 21 – 27, 2013


The Wild West goes to Milan Bocci has landed a rare invitation to the world’s most exclusive lighting expo By Kelsey Klassen


he problem with cutting your teeth on design’s most competitive, leading edge, is that sometimes they’re left just a bit too sharp. In 2009, PR specialist Cristina Belmonte arrived in Vancouver (by way of Madrid, London, Milan) overqualified and newly adrift. Her husband was following his career in animation to our shores, so she left London with him. But she had admittedly low expectations for the kind of design scene she’d find here. And she was unsure if she’d even find a challenging role in design PR, after a decade spent working with some of the most high-profile clients in Europe (B&B Italia, Sellar Properties). But three years later, after a fortuitous meeting with Omer Arbel, creative director of Bocci, she is fast-tracking again in her former world, rocketing Bocci’s designs straight into Italy’s most exclusive lighting show — Euroluce. It is the satisfying culmination of a strategy she put into place the moment she took the boutique Vancouver industrial design firm on as a client. In Belmonte’s experience, it takes between seven and 15 years to be invited to exhibit at the show, meaning thousands of talents are rejected every year. “There’s nothing like Milan [Salone Del Mobile/Euroluce], and I know people hate that,” Belmonte

concedes in an accent that pays tribute to both her Spanish roots and UK career. “But they are the masters of design, because they have been doing it forever and because everyone goes there.” She recalls with a laugh how one well-known UK designer, Tom Dixon, got so fed up with trying to get accepted, that he took a bolder approach and rented a nearby design museum, in its entirety, to curate a show himself — at no small expense. But Belmonte has been watching the soaring triumphs and firey failures of designer excess for 20 years. Case and point: exhibiting at Euroluce comes with a price tag of an easy quarter of a million. But none of this fazes the 40-year-old former journalist, who has tossed back beers with Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano and the like, and speaks the language of their industry more fluently than her native tongue. So when Bocci told her from day one that her brief was to get them into Euroluce, her response was a reasonable “That’s impossible, you’re nobody.” But a disheartened look around the design ghost town that is Vancouver (i.e. everybody leaves) resulted in an epiphany: When in the Wild West, do as the cowboys do. And she loaded the big guns. She introduced Bocci to the Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan, known as “the” discoverer of new talent. In 2010, Bocci had its first

installation there — the 28 series. It was so successful, Bocci has been invited to return every year since — in 2011 with the 19 series bowl, and, in 2012, launching the limitstretching 38 series. She saw Bocci inked into repute via dozens of design magazines (Monocle, Wallpaper, Dwell). It still took three years of being told no for Belmonte to ultimately get the Bocci profile in front of the correct people at Cosmit. And when she finally had that audience, the canon shifted; Old Italy awoke to a young design company, blowing glass in the remote wilds of 1706 W. 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC. And, as surprised and happy as they were, Arbel and the owner of Bocci couldn’t resist adding, “But we’re next to Swarovski. We want to be next to Flos.” So she made that happen too. “Sometimes people don’t understand what PR does,” she says, her unlined, banged brow furrowing. “So when you talk about strategy and lobbying, most of the time people just come to you and say, ‘Are you the girl who writes the press releases?’ And you’re like… ‘Well…No.’ “In the world I move, it’s very niche. You are hired because you are capable to get people to places. You are connected.”

After a career encompassing some of the most high-profile PR proj-

April 9-14, Bocci will début at Euroects in Europe, Cristina Belmonte arrived in Vancouver overqualified luce, alongside the big players of Flos, for the small design industry she found. But then up walked Bocci, a Ingo Mauer, and yes, Swarovski.

cowboy in need of a horse. Rob Newell photo

Main Street 1 & 2 BED APARTMENTS Boutique building in the heart of Mid Main. PRINCE EDWARD ST

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6Main Street February – 27, full 21 page ad2013 for Blackpress West Ender  10.3125” x 7”

e ik

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on main street

Sealed with a god’s kiss Pyrrha Jewelry transforms antique wax seals into must-have talismans By Sabrina Furminger


yrrha Jewelry’s list of celebrity customers reads like a red carpet roll call: Katie Holmes. Julia Roberts. Taylor Swift. Brad Pitt. Jodie Foster. Miley Cyrus. Jeremy Renner. But Pyrrha doesn’t aggressively seek out attention from the A-list. “We’re just as happy with the cool Lower Eastside kid, as we are with the grandmother who buys [one], as we are with the celebrities,” says Wade Papin, who with wife Danielle Wilmore created and operates Pyrrha. Named for a powerful daughter of the gods from Greek mythology, the Vancouver-based jewelry design studio has been creating eye-catching pieces for more than 18 years, but the line for which they’re renowned around the globe — pendants, rings and other items created from casts of antique wax seals and marketed as talismans — has only existed for the last seven. Originally Pyrrha specialized in colourful cat’s eye jewelry, but veered into uncharted territory when Papin and Wilmore snapped up a box of antique wax seals at an estate sale. “We really weren’t thinking in terms of making jewelry from [the seals]; we just really liked them because we liked Victorian stuff,” Papin said over the phone. “But then, as we thought about it, our jewelry is based on melting wax and turning it into silver, so the idea was, ‘Hey, we could attempt this same process with these pieces.’” The couple experimented with the wax seals and precious metals for more than a year before launching their first talisman collection. At the outset, many of their retail partners were less than enthusiastic about the talismans, which looked antique and weathered next to the sleeker cat’s eye line. “A good number [of our retailers] said, ‘This isn’t you, people like the cat’s eye, do what you know,” said Papin. “At the time, I guess, the idea of imperfection of jewelry wasn’t exactly rampant.” But Papin and Wilmore stayed the course, to great success. Today, their talisman collection includes more than 300 designs and is sold via Pyrrha’s website,

retail partners, and, since 2010, a flagship store in Los Angeles. “The flagship was kind of a strange decision but we’ve always liked LA and it’s always been a good market for us, with all the celebrity that we get.” No matter its point of purchase, every piece in the talisman collection is handcrafted in reclaimed sterling silver, bronze or gold in Pyrrha’s East Vancouver studio. Each item is designed and cast around 18th and 19th century wax seals using traditional techniques. Designs range from animals to castles, symbols to initials; customers are free to assign their own meanings to the talismans, which can make the experience of owning and wearing a Pyrrha piece deeply personal, Papin says. What pieces are popular at any given moment depends on geography, the season, and trends in entertainment. When fans of ABC’s hit fantasy series Once Upon a Time noticed that Emma Swan (portrayed by Jennifer Morrison) wore a Pyrrha swan necklace around her neck, the swan talisman necklace went from obscurity to one of Pyrrha’s top selling items. Pyrrha has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, when Wilmore quit her mall job and Papin left a career in natural

With a flagship store in LA, and shows such as Game of Thrones and Once Upon A Time featuring their work, Danielle Wilmore and Wade Papin’s talisman for success is their love of antique wax seals. Rob Newell photos supplement sales to jump into the world of jewelry design. “We financed this whole thing with nothing,” said Papin. “We used to go to the deli at the Bay to buy food to eat because our Bay card was the only thing that we had credit on.” The company now


The Friendliest Dealers and Best Deals in Town



memorable. “It was an internet sale and the receipt came up and I was like, ‘Hugh Hefner?’ And so I Googled the Playboy mansion address, and there it was.”

employs a staff of 18. Next up for Pyrrha: a line inspired (and officially licensed) by Game of Thrones. Even though Pyrrha doesn’t actively court celebrity customers, there’s one who sticks out in Papin’s mind as particularly

Feb 14 - Mar 22

Win a Mercedes-Benz C250 March 28 at 9PM Plus Cash Draws Every Thursday at 7pm March 7 $ 5,000

March 14 $ 7,500

March 21



March 28 $ 5,000

Bonus Ballots at Table Games! Plus earn ballots every time you play.



Vancouver Car awarded may not be as shown.

Win a Pair of Skis and a Whistler Pass! February 24 2pm - 5pm

Hot seat draws every 15 minutes. Ski package draw at 5pm. Just play to win! Enjoy complimentary hot chocolate and donuts. Plus, sample a Rockstar energy drink!

Across from BC Place • 750 Pacific Boulevard S., Vancouver •

Edgewater Casino, Vancouver


CHI NATOW N 83 EAST P E N D E R S T R E E T 6 0 4 - 8 4 4 - 1 5 5 9 W W W. P E K I N G L O U N G E . C O M

February 21 – 27, 2013


City Briefs Artful heritage protest at Van Dusen

A finalized designer schedule will be available on starting March 1.

In 1976, MacMillan-Bloedel built a modernist pavilion in Van Dusen Gardens as a forest education centre. The Vancouver Heritage Society is responding to a Park Board decision to tear it down by hosting an Art Mob on February 23. Supporters of the pavilion are asked to bring their sketchbook, camera, musical instrument or dancing shoes to Van Dusen from noon to 2. Be inspired by the building, and its setting to send an artful message to the board about the pavilion’s importance. All submitted artwork will be posted to But don’t forget that to get into the garden, you must pay $7.75 admission. For more information go to

More Cars2Go

Vancouver Fashion Week The Four Seasons will be the scene of the March 19 kick-off party for the spring edition of Vancouver Fashion Week. More than 55 designers will be profiled, with special attention paid to Vancouver’s Boboli, an exclusive carrier of top established international designers. Other Vancouver designers include Cindy Xin for Zareen, Dave Singh for Well Groomed and Shelley Klassen for Blushing Designs. More than 20,000 attendees are expected at the Chinese Cultural Centre from March 19 to 24.


On February 22, car2go is crossing the Lions Gate Bridge. It’s launching its service in North Vancouver and adding 50 smart cars to its network. “I applaud their commitment to providing our residents with a sustainable transportation option through this carsharing program,” says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. Car2Go boundaries are now: North: E 29th Street (North Vancouver) East: Trans-Canada Highway (North Vancouver); Renfrew Street (Vancouver) South: 49th Ave. (Vancouver) West: Capilano Road (North Vancouver); UBC (Vancouver)

Olympian to compete in BMO Marathon 2012 Olympian Dylan Wykes has his sights on racing the half-marathon for the first time at the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 5. With the current title of the second fastest Canadian marathoner of all time, Wykes stands as one of the top contenders for the race. Sure to challenge Wykes is returning half-marathoner and event record holder, Kip Kangogo from Kenya. One of Canada’s top 1,500 meter specialists, Geoff Martinson is also confirmed to compete.

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A taste of celebrity Chefs compete for a bite of the A-list life in Almost Famous By Sabrina Furminger


ood television has come a long way since the era of Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet. No longer are chefs restricted to demonstrating basic techniques on single-camera cooking shows. Today, culinary specialty channels such as the juggernaut Food Network are dominated by nail-biting competitions (including the wildly popular Top Chef and Iron Chef franchises) wherein chefs compete for cash prizes and a shot at fame. Cooking is now a true spectator sport, enjoyed by amateur chefs and armchair foodies alike. Hence the existence and popularity of the Almost Famous Chef Competition. Sponsored by fine folks behind S. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water, the Almost Famous Chef Competition — now in its eleventh year — invites leading culinary schools from across North America to send their best and brightest to Napa Valley to compete for a taste of celebrity life: $22,000 in prize money, a one-year apprenticeship with a celebrity chef, and the opportunity to recreate their winning dish during a whirlwind media tour. But to get to the final round of the competition, the student chefs must win one of 10 regional competitions. In Canada, that competition will take place in Toronto on February 25. And of the seven student chefs vying to represent Canada, two of them are training right here in Vancouver. On a drizzly February afternoon, a small group of reporters and food bloggers gathered in an Art Institute of Vancouver (AIV) kitchen to observe the two locally trained finalists — Matt Cusano, a student at the AIV International Culinary School, and Kevan Hafichuk, a student at Pacific Institute for Culinary Arts (PICA) — in action. In this new age of competition shows and celebrity foodies, chefs must be equally adept at cooking under pressure and shining in media interviews — thus the format of the meet-and-greet, which found the chefs chatting with reporters as they prepared tasting spoons of the dishes they’ll be showcasing on the national stage. Alternating between his prep table and a stove, Hafichuk, 21, credited the Food Network with launching him on his burgeoning career. In December 2011, Hafichuk was playing football for the University of Calgary when he was sidelined by a career-ending shoulder injury. “I had a bunch of downtime, and during that downtime I started watching the Food Network and cooking at home,” he says. “I started to develop a passion for it, and here I am. I’m not looking back whatsoever.” Hafichuk — whose tasting spoons featured oxtail tortellini with sustainable BC spot prawns cooked in kaffir lime butter sauce with roasted cauliflower and cauliflower puree garnished with baby watercress — secured his spot in the competition by winning a school-wide cook-off. “We were asked to make a meringue in five minutes, but [PICA Executive Chef Julian Bond], being the sneaky guy that he is, spiked all the bowls with grease, and if you have any grease in the bowl, you’re not going to be able to make a meringue,” says Hafichuk. “But I always practise good kitchen principles, and so I wiped my bowl and I made a meringue. There were only five of us of 50 who did that, and out of those five, I had the best meringue.” Over at the other prep table, Cusano was hard at work on his own tasting spoons: miso-glazed poached halibut with chorizo and parsnip puree garnished with celery leaves. For Cusano, 19, competitions have given him the opportunity to explore his love of sophisticated flavours while refining his technique. “I grew up in an Italian household, so food is a big part of my culture and who I am,” says Cusano, who particularly enjoys black box cooking competitions. “I learn a lot about who I am and what I can do from


AUTHENTIC Thai Cuisine Flavoured with Chef Grace’s own


SIMPLY THAI Join us for a great dining experience

Celebrating 13 years

1211 Hamilton St. • 604.642.0123

Matt Cusano, a student at the Art Institute of Vancouver International Culinary School, is a BC finalist in the Almost Famous Chef Competition. The final round takes place March 8-11. Sabrina Furminger photo

There’s more online:

every competition I enter.” The Toronto competition won’t be the first time the two young chefs have gone head to head against each other. In 2012, Cusano and Hafichuk were on competing teams in a showdown held by the BC Food Expo. Hafichuk’s team won gold, and Cusano’s won silver. But what’s past is past, and the two chefs are heading to Toronto on equal footing.


Vancouver’s favourite breakfast destination for over 10 years.

JOIN US FOR JAZZ AND BLUES BRUNCH ON SUNDAY ...that’s where the city’s finest omelettes are to be found. – Jurgen Gothe, Vancouver Flavours on The Peak 100.5 FM

Best Cit y of the


Breakfast & Lunch | Open Daily 7am – 3 pm 2211 Granville St. @ 6th Ave. 604-737-2857

For more details go to In the Granville Island Hotel, 1253 Jonston St, Granville Island 604-685-7070 Valet parking available

Treat your smile! Sedation Dentistry Implant Restorations Invisalign Invisible Braces General & Cosmetic Dentistry

604 801 6669 | 1050 Hamilton Street | February 21 – 27, 2013



Local Food & Drink Happenings

Cooking with Vikram Watching a food show can be such sweet agony. While the chef makes something spectacular, you’re at home munching on a bag of rice chips. On March 7, Vikram Vij is turning the tables on traditional food shows. He’s hosting Canada’s first-ever online cook-along. Viewers can log onto the live stream at Vijs. ca and tweet any questions or comments as they follow his every move to make the delicious meal at home.

A foodie’s scavenger hunt Swallow Tail is on the hunt for Vancouver’s most innovative foodies. Beginning March 20, participants will scour the city for special ingredients which they’ll take home to create a unique dish or cocktail. The top 10 cocktail creations and top 10 chefs will then move to the tasting round. Winners will be awarded a privileged spot at the Black Market, an underground culinary event held in a secret location on May 10 to 12, and other prizes. The competition is open to anyone older than 19. For information, email AnnMarie MacKinnon at

Cooking classes The Annex at Choices Floral Shop (2615 W 16th) is hosting a cooking class called Foods to Warm The Heart: Heart Healthy Comfort Foods

Thursday, February 21

Friday, February 22








IGA Bathroom Tissue 12 Roll



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In-Store Bakery Alpine Bread 450g


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Steelhead Trout Fillets





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Broccoli Crowns Product of USA


Kashi Go Lean & Go Lean Crunch 370-390g


Wednesday, February 27

IGA Organic Tomatoes 796mL Whole or diced


$ 99 $ Australian striploin steak family pack

Cooked BBQ Chickens


Tuesday, February 26



Explore the Okanagan’s food scene when Jennifer Schell presents The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker at Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks on Feb. 24. The open house is free but please call 604-688-6755 to register; tickets for the dinner that night are $75 and must be purchased in advance at

Excludes sale items, bus passes, tobacco and taxes. Can not be combined with other off order discounts. Feb. 21-23 only.

On the Vine tomatoes

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Okanagan cook book

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Monday, February 25

Wolfgang Puck Soup 398mL Selected varieties

with Chef Antonio Cerullo on Feb. 25 from 7 to 9pm. The February 27 cooking class with Fetter and Fetterly will focus on low-sodium eating with panache. Tickets are $30 and you can register at or by calling 604-736-0009.

Saturday, February 23


Charles and Rita Tremewen have poured the first batches of their craft London Dry Gin and Texada Stoned Vodka at Long Table Distillery. You can purchase your bottle at the distillery and tasting room at 1451 Hornby.


99 /ea

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup 284 mL



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3515 West 4th Avenue • Open daily 8am-10pm • No Rainchecks, while product lasts. Store has the right to limit quantities. Valid at this location only. 10

February 21 – 27, 2013

A wine list must jive with the restaurant’s philosophy and menu, says Chambar’s Jason Yamasaki. Kurtis Kolt photo

Spaghetti & & Spaghetti Spaghetti & Meatballs, Meatballs, Meatballs, Caesar Salad Salad Caesar Caesar Salad & Hedgehog & & Hedgehog Hedgehog Gelato Gelato for only for only * **

14.99 14.99

The wit and wisdom of Jason Yamasaki CityCellar By Kurtis Kolt


n less than a decade, Vancouver’s Chambar restaurant has become a legendary dining destination for chef Nico Schuermans’ Belgianesque dishes, well-crafted cocktails, a fiercely intelligent beer list and awardwinning wine program. After honing his skills everywhere from Cin Cin to Chicago, and spending the last four years working his way up the Chambar ladder, certified sommelier Jason Yamasaki has lept into role of wine director. The Ladner-raised, energetic and enthusiastic 27-year-old has earned plenty of respect and admiration amongst his Vancouver colleagues over the last few years, so it’s widely assumed he’s gonna knock it outta the park. I sat down with him last week to catch up on his wine list philosophy, get him to recommend a bottle for readers, and pick up some tips for the thousands of people hitting the Vancouver International Wine Festival next week.

On the kind of wine programs that inspire him: [I’m a fan of] confident programs that are über-tight, with every label speaking to the ethos of its dining room and cuisine. It’s not about just offering a list of wines. Every wine needs to be on there for a reason. It’s about highlighting bottles, styles, and producers that jive with the philosophy of the restaurant and ultimately enhance the diner’s experience. Vij’s, Boneta, L’Abattoir, and Wildebeest are some of my favourite models of this philosophy around town. Also, the upcoming all-natural wine program at Andrea Carlson’s Burdock & Co. on Main Street has me intrigued as to how it will be received.

On a BC wine that he’s really been enjoying lately: Naramata’s Nichol Vineyards 2010 9 Mile Red ($25-28, NicholVineyard. com or private wine stores), a blend of St. Laurent and Pinot Noir, is a quirky little curiosity all about cinnamon heart spice and twang. A light and crunchy, bracinglytart blend that offers Pinot-esque familiarity, driven by a shrill note of buzzy cranberry. Despite being a lighter wine, the texture and fruit really flirt with the addition of some mild spice. This blend loves coriander, fennel and caraway. A local gem worth a spot at a spring table.

On what you need to know when hitting the Vancouver International Wine Festival’s International Festival Tasting Room on February 28, March 1 and 2 ( • The room is a time vortex. Arrive very early and use every second. No matter what, it’ll be over too soon. • As an addendum to early arrival, do your homework to visit all the heavy hitters first when the crowd is lightest. These recognizable icons will be at least three deep all night with those precious seconds ticking away. • If you wear fragrances, you will get the stink-eye. Deservedly so. • Eat beforehand. Feast beforehand. Your gut and lack of hangover will thank you. • Make a point to taste mostly wines, regions and producers you have never heard of before. Wine Fest comes but once a year, and this is your best chance to expand your wine horizons. • Spit everything. Except Champagne. Good call on that last one! Congrats on the new gig Jason — we’ll see you around Wine Fest!

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*Valid after after11am 11amat atparticipating participatingWhite WhiteSpot SpotRestaurants Restaurantsuntil until March 10th, 2013. Not combined with other promotional offer. taxes. *Valid March 10th, 2013. Not to to bebe combined with anyany other promotional offer. PlusPlus taxes. *Valid after 11am at participating White Spot Restaurants until March 10th, 2013. Not to be combined with any other promotional offer. Plus taxes.

Granville & Drake 718 Drake Street 604-605-0045

GeorGia & CarDero Cambie & 13th ADDRESS GOES HERE ADDRESS GOES HERE broaDWaY & larCh 1616 West Georgia Street 2850 Cambie Street ADDRESS GOES HERE 2518 West Broadway ADDRESS GOES HERE ADDRESS GOES HERE 604-731-2434 604-681-8034 604-873-1252


g tt in es u ac f p Job ’ f info: Job info: LSM LSMadad- -address addressonly only o sJob r erProject: info: Comfort LSM adFoods -Foods address only e Project: Comfort g m Client: White SpotFoods Project: Comfort n Client: White Spot lo usto Trim size: 5.6875” x 7.142” Client: White Spot Trim size: 5.6875” x 7.142” d c Colours: CMYK n Trim size: 5.6875” r Colours: CMYK x 7.142” a u Proof #: 1 Colours: rs nofoideas Proof #: 1CMYK ahouse Date: December 18, 2012 e Proof o house of ideas Date: #: 1December 18, 2012 y house s Sign-off: Yes of ideas e Date: 5 18, 2012 Sign-off: December Yes 3 il Sign-off: Yes m Prinsen: Allison | 604-733-1514 sAllison Prinsen: | 604-733-1514


Allison Prinsen: | 604-733-1514


Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday - Friday: from 11:30am on Saturday & Sunday: from 10:30am on We look forward to seeing you in Stanley Park this winter. Free evening parking available. 604.669.3281

oakriDGe Centre 41st & Cambie 604-621-2820 February 21 – 27, 2013


The Oscars Ballot

presented by Donnelly Group and Cinema Public House

Who do you think deserves to walk away with an Oscar? Play online at and use this ballot to track your picks.* Be sure to put on your evening attire and head down to Cinema Public House on Sunday, Feb. 24th for a night of Oscars festivities


Sean Tyson used the lull in his acting career to direct Stewing for Crazy 8s.

Crazy 8s: Eight days, six films By Curtis Woloschuk


uch has been written recently about the dramatic downturn in film and television production in Vancouver. The Crazy 8s film challenge has managed to temporarily reverse that trend by setting six filmmaking teams loose in the city with eight days (plus the necessary resources) to take their short films from “take one” to the final cut. “During a lull, you can get so dejected from things not happening and people not understanding the business,” confesses Sean Tyson, an actor who’s amassed almost 50 credits on locally-shot productions. “It’s really nice to be occupied with something creative.” In Tyson’s case, he’s used this opportunity BRAINDAMAGE Writer/Director: Matt Leaf A science fiction short with a dark sarcastic edge, Braindamage imagines a future where our minds are no longer our own. IN THE DEEP Writers: Orsy Szabó & Nimisha Mukerji Director: Nimisha Mukerji Jodi’s mother passed away from cancer, and since then, her father has pretty well stopped living as well. With shattering news of her own to share, Jodi is determined they both make the most of the time left to them.

to make his first foray behind the camera. “It definitely was an intensive course.” he says of his baptism by fire. “I looked at this whole event like going back to school without having to pay the outrageous tuition fees and spend four years in a program.” Despite its tight turnaround, Tyson’s Stewing is an ambitious action-comedy in which kicking ass proves the ideal way to mend a broken heart. “When else would I get a chance to shoot an action film in downtown Vancouver without incurring huge amounts of cost?” he suggests. “The support that the city gave us because of the Crazy 8s moniker allowed us to really try for something.” The Crazy 8s gala screening is February 23 at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts. Details and tickets at

MANSTRUATION Writers: Christopher Lee and Ryan Haneman Director: Ryan Haneman A quirk of evolution has caused men to begin having periods, and Peter cannot believe his misfortune. An unapologetic role-reversal comedy. STEWING Writer: Patrick Currie Director: Sean Tyson Danny’s over Jake, but that doesn’t mean that Jake’s over Danny. A dark comedy revenge action movie about kicking ass, letting go and moving on.

UNDER THE BRIDGE OF FEAR Writer/Director: Mackenzie Gray In this homage to film noir thrillers, hard-boiled private eye Hamilton Drake is hired to chase down the rat who’s blackmailing rich dame Georgia Thurlow and her sultry movie star companion, Carrall Cordova. WHEN I SAW YOU Writer/Director: Jane Hancock In a world of missed opportunities, mixed signals and the fear of appearing vulnerable, will anyone be bold enough to start the conversation?

They’re off to see the wizard...


t Project Limelight, the message is always clear: “You are able to do anything you want to do.” That’s also one of the underlying themes of The Wizard of Oz. On February 24 at 2 and 6pm, Project Limelight presents There’s No Place Like Oz, a multi-media performance at the Goldcorp Centre of the Arts. Performed by children aged eight to 15 from Strathcona, this funny, spoof-like take on the classic story is filled with music and dance. In the background, “incredible” images by Mark Pilon will be shown on a large screen, culminating with a montage of the journey of Dorothy, the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Tickets: $10 for children and seniors; $15 for adults.


February 21 – 27, 2013

Amour ���������������������������� Argo ������������������������������� Beasts of the Southern Wild �������������������������������� Django Unchained��������� Les Misérables ��������������� Life of Pi ������������������������� Lincoln ���������������������������� Silver Linings Playbook � Zero Dark Thirty ������������

BEST DIRECTOR Michael Haneke, Amour ����������������������������� Benh Zeitlin, Beasts of the Southern Wild ���������� Ang Lee, Life of Pi ���������� Steven Spielberg, Lincoln ���������������������������� David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook ���

BEST ACTOR Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook ��� Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln ���������������������������� Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables ���������������� Joaquin Phoenix, The Master ��������������������� Denzel Washington, Flight ������������������������������

BEST ACTRESS Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty �������������� Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook ��� Emmanuelle Riva, Amour ����������������������������� Quvenzhané Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild �������������������������������� Naomi Watts, The Impossible ���������������

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Alan Arkin, Argo ������������ Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook ��� Phillip Seymour Hoffman, The Master ��������������������� Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln ���������������������������� Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained ����������



Amy Adams, The Master ��������������������� Sally Field, Lincoln ��������� Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables ���������������� Helen Hunt, The Sessions ������������������� Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook ���

“Before My Time” from Chasing Ice ������������������� “Everybody Needs A Best Friend” from Ted ����������������������� “Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi ������������������������ “Skyfall” from Skyfall ����� “Suddenly” from Les Misérables ��������������

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM Brave ������������������������������ Frankenweenie �������������� ParaNorman ������������������ The Pirates! Band of Misfits����������������������������� Wreck-It Ralph ���������������

BEST FOREIGN FILM Amour, Austria ��������������� Kon-Tiki, Norway ����������� No, Chile ������������������������ A Royal Affair, Denmark War Witch, Canada ��������

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Amour ���������������������������� Django Unchained��������� Flight ������������������������������ Moonrise Kingdom ������ Zero Dark Thirty ������������

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Argo ������������������������������� Beasts of the Southern Wild �������������������������������� Life of Pi ������������������������� Lincoln ���������������������������� Silver Linings Playbook �

BEST COSTUME DESIGN Anna Karenina ��������������� Les Misérables ��������������� Lincoln ���������������������������� Mirror Mirror ����������������� Snow White and the Huntsman�����������������������

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE Anna Karenina ��������������� Argo ������������������������������� Life of Pi ������������������������� Lincoln ���������������������������� Skyfall�����������������������������

BEST DOCUMENTARY 5 Broken Cameras ��������� The Gatekeepers ����������� How to Survive a Plague ���������������������������� The Invisible War ����������� Searching for Sugar Man ���������������������

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Anna Karenina ��������������� Django Unchained��������� Life of Pi ������������������������� Lincoln ���������������������������� Skyfall�����������������������������

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey����� Life of Pi ������������������������� Marvel’s The Avengers � Prometheus ������������������� Snow White and the Huntsman ���������

*Contestants with the most correct predictions will

be entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate to be used at any Donnelly Group Public House. Enter online at by 4pm on Sunday, Feb. 24.

Movie Reviews

Die Hard series still going strong A Good Day To Die Hard

Starring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney Directed by John Moore After 25 years, and an astronomical body count, Bruce Willis returns as reluctant hero John McClane for a fifth installment in A Good Day To Die Hard. This one may be the most ridiculous in the series but it’s also the shortest, making for a quick and dirty, albeit wildly absurd action flick.  Director John Moore wastes no time in getting to the goods — the movie opens with an elaborate undercover sting, a targeted hit and subsequent capture in a Moscow nightclub, all centered around a brawny young American who we soon discover is McClane’s estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney).  Soon enough, Willis appears onscreen shooting target practice, gets debriefed on the whereabouts

of his offspring and travels to Russia to extract young John Jr. It doesn’t take long for the high-octane madness to ensue and Moore makes no bones about it – this is straight up eye candy.  Granted, this adventure has the weakest story and worst script to date but it also retains the playful, manic sense of organized chaos that made the 1988 original so memorable. Willis Thor Diakow and Courtney leap from buildings with superhero precision and an endless barrage of machine gun fire acts as the soundtrack at times (would it have killed them to thrown in a fistfight?).  A Good Day To Die Hard, though not as strong as previous outings, does provide enough silly fun and adrenaline-fueled mayhem to keep the franchise chugging along and ensures Willis still has plenty of fight left in him — yippee-ki-yay.    

Snitch: a cavalier approach to morality SNITCH

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bernthal Directed by Ric Roman Waugh While Snitch professes to be “inspired by true events,” a more accurate claim would be “loosely based on an actual piece of legislation.” Helmed by stuntman-turned-director Ric Roman Waugh, this action flick in drama’s clothing uses harsh mandatory minimum sentencing laws for drug offences as a catalyst. It then traipses around without ever stumbling across a meaningful thing to say about America’s misguided war on drugs. When his teenaged son (Rafi Gavron) is busted for receiving a courier delivery of Ecstasy, John (Dwayne Johnson) cuts a ludicrous deal with an opportunistic federal prosecutor (Susan Sarandon, struggling to keep her eyes from rolling): he’ll use Daniel (Jon Bernthal), an ex-con employed at his construction company,

to cozy up with a local drug dealer (Michael K. Williams) and help the DEA orchestrate his arrest. Alas, a scene in which John skims Wikipedia seems indicative of the level of research that went into the script. A similar lack of thought seems to have been given to the ramifications of casting Johnson in a role that demands an everyman as opposed to an action figure. As written, John is supposed to be horribly out of his depth as he consorts with cut-throat killers. However, Johnson’s physical attributes leave him looking (and, in turn, proving) eminently capable of handling anything thrown his way. Despite an abundance of risible dialogue concerning integrity, Snitch grows increasingly cavalier with its morality. That said, one might not be so quick to condemn the clueless film for its indiscretions if it didn’t insist on taking itself so seriously. — C.W.







(out of four)



As much as West of Memphis disturbs us, the documentary is an uplifting experience exoneration — in 2011. As Berg interviews the acWEST OF MEMPHIS cused, their advocates, and the parents of the little Directed by Amy Berg boys whose grisly murders incited this multifacOn screen, miscarriages of justice often possess the eted tragedy, it becomes abundantly clear that the same allure as a car wreck. As emotional fallout from the bad luck runs headlong into horrifying crime will never ill will, wrongs pile up, and fully dissipate. There can be no lives are destroyed, viewers are closure. incapable of averting their gaze. And while there’s much to Given the injustices suffered by cause dismay here —primarily the “West Memphis Three,” it’s the unwillingness of Arkannot surprising that they’ve alsas authorities to acknowlready been the subject of three edge their failings — West of documentaries: Joe Berlinger Memphis ultimately proves an and Bruce Sinofsky’s celebrated uplifting experience. In part, Paradise Lost trilogy. And yet, a The documentary explores how this is accomplished by illusviewer’s familiarity with their the Arksansa justice system trating how an often apathetic tragic story doesn’t make this failed three young men and how public rallied to create the new telling of it any less enthe world’s “first crowd-sourced “first crowd-sourced criminal thralling or essential. criminal investigation” worked to investigation.” Even more so, Skilfully assembled and save them. it comes from watching Echols fuelled by a muted sense of grow from a petulant outcast outrage, Amy Berg’s documento a scholarly, thoughtful tary takes us from the wrongful Buddhist who, inspired by The Master and Marconviction — after an inept and corrupt investigagarita, refuses to lose his faith in humanity. Rather tion — of teenaged outcasts Damien Echols, Jessie remarkably, this dark tale ends on a note of hope. Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin in 1993 to their — Curtis Woloschuk eventual release from prison — minus an official

VIFF screens Oscar-nominated shorts, documentary


his Sunday, everyone will be glued to their televisions to watch (and watch and watch) the Oscars. WE Vancouver invites you to play along by filling out your predictions in our online contest at (See previous page.) Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen all the nominees, Vancity Theatre is screening the nominated Oscar shorts for animation (Feb. 20 at 8:45pm and Feb. 21 at 6:30pm) and live action (Feb. 19 and 20 at 6:30pm). As well, the Academy Award-nominated documentary, 5 Broken Cameras, a first-hand account of

non-violent resistance in the West Bank, is being screened Feb. 20 at 4pm. VIFF’s celebration of Black History Month continues with Soundtrack for a Revolution on Feb. 25 before it makes way for New Spanish Cinema Week from Feb. 22 to 28. Other screenings to round out February include The Invisible War on Feb. 21 at 4pm, and the 1975 version of The Magic Flute, directed by Ingmar Bergman, on Feb. 21. To get a full list of screenings at Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour), including $6 Music Mondays, go to




















4:20, 7:00, 9:35 now playing 1:30, www.festivalcinemas.CA FACEBOOK.COM/ALLIANCEFILMS

festival cinemas

fifth avenue

2110 burrard street • 604-734-7469



Check Theatre Directory for Locations & Showtimes. ENTERTAINMENT ONE



February 21 – 27, 2013



Discover the freedom that balance can bring!

Rolfing is Manual Therapy which strengthens the body’s structural integrity and functional resources. In addition to addressing the symptoms of injury, Rolfing works on the adaptive and compensatory changes that can predispose— or be the result of—an injury.

Outdoor spaces that look (and taste) great By Justin Beddall


enga Lindsay’s spacious North Vancouver yard is very tastefully designed. Rolfing can help you move again. An award-winning landscape architect with a background in horticulture, she has a flair for creating beautiful, colourful and stylish outdoor spaces that can also be harvested and plated — edible landscaping. “Try these,” she says, standing inside the kitchen of her postand-beam home, “they are kale chips.” Advanced Certified Rolfer The kale is from her winter garden. Kale, she notes, is the ultiRegistered Massage Practitioner mate “bomb-proof edible” in this climate. The crunchy chips are healthy and easy to prepare, she explains. She used a dash of chili pepper, sea salt and olive oil and then puts the kale in the oven on a sheet of tinfoil. #730-1285 W. Broadway • tel: 604.738.1012 A big proponent of healthy eating, much of the food Lindsay eats is grown in her own garden. In the summer, her yard boasts climbing vines replete with kiwis and grapes, Columnar apple trees, fruit-bearing shrubs, pots filled with herbs, eggplants, zucchinis, assorted lettuces, tomatoes and more. Today for lunch she’s serving ratatouille, a delicious traditional French stewed vegetable dish. It will be served on a bed of quinoa — “the only plant that is a complete protein,” she says. Forget about the 100-mile diet. This is the 10-foot diet.  In the warm season, Lindsay can walk out to her garden and pick all the ingredients she needs for this dish right from her own edible landscape.  Now, she’s sharing her 25 years of experience in landscape design and horticulture and helping others transform their outdoor spaces with her new book Edible Landscaping: Urban Food Gardens that Look Great.  “It’s a design book to inspire and [it] gives technical information,” says Lindsay, who will be sharing tips from the book at this week’s BC Home and Garden Show. Register with your Urban Fare pharmacist and receive: With chapters that range from the Edible Rooftop and Herb Garden to • A blood test of your good and bad cholesterol the Community Garden, Gourmet levels Garden Kitchen and the Edible Wall, to name a few, she offers a plethora • A blood pressure check of different garden-style ideas for all • Lifestyle tips, including diet and nutrition sorts of spaces, from backyards to balconies.   • A review of your medicines Best of all, it also offers straightforward design specs, lots of pictures Appointments recommended. A nominal fee will be and valuable tips on choosing and charged for this service. growing veggies and fruits. 


There’s more online:

cholesterol clinic keep your heart healthy

Edible Landscapes author Senga Lindsay is giving a presentation about seven garden ideas at the BC Home and Garden Show this Sunday. Rob Newell photo Thinking about growing lettuce? “A good choice for a shady garden, Swiss chard is a designer’s, horticulturalist’s and chef’s dream. In terms of pests and diseases, very little can go wrong with this vigorous ‘cut-and-come-again’ plant,” she writes. “Vibrant white, red, yellow and even purple stalks have been bred into a variety of cultivates that you can use to accent your ornamental containers, flower border or that special culinary dish.” Before you start planting your edible landscape, she has this advice:  “The biggest thing is to start small.” She always suggests starting with a four-foot by four-foot area “and then you can expand.” If you’ve got kids, she offers tons of fun ideas in the book.  “Rule of thumb is to give them some space and let them do what they want,” Lindsay says. One idea is to create a “pizza garden” in the shape of pie that’s divided into individual slices that each offer separate growing zones for different toppings, such as Margherita tomatoes, peppers and basil. With youngsters, she notes, it helps to give them instant growing gratification with veggies like radishes or carrots that they can crunch on right away.  “They get the connection that if you plant it you can eat it.” Senga Lindsay will present “Seven Edible Garden Ideas to Inspire” at the BC Home & Garden Show at BC Place this Sunday (Feb. 24) starting at 1 p.m. After, she will signing copies of her book and answering questions. 

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Tuesday, February 26th


oF tHe WeeK

3pm - 7pm

cinEma Public HOusE Oscars cOntEst

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vancOuvEr int. WinE fEstival

Robson MedicaL pharmacy: Yaletown + 177 Davie @ Pacific 604+975+7544 14

February 21 – 27, 2013

Enter to win two tickets to Vancouver International Wine Festival’s International Tasting Room, on February 28th, at Vancouver Convention Centre West.

dr. peter J. marr, Family physician & associates

200-1525 Robson street

604 669-5669 •

Eat Organic &

at Eat HEaltHy Organic & Healthy iga 4tH andWEst WIN with

New Patients Welcome

Families, children, men, women, seniors & pre-natal.

appointment preFerred open Monday to Friday 9:00aM - 4:00pM

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Winner receives one of each of the featured products (or substitute if sold out) in the IGA West 4th ads running in WE Vancouver, Jan. 31Feb. 21, 2013.

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ShopTalk Are you a Wanterer? New fashion startup matches your personal style with what’s trending on social media

Late Vancouver designer Tobias Wong tattooed a square on his chin to pay tribute to his years studying architecture. Dean Kaufman photo


ou can spend hours browsing slideshows, blogs, and Pinterest, and still end up with nothing but last season’s poncho on your back. Your sartorial photostream just got a lot more efficient with the release of Wantering — a Vancouver-made, easyto-browse visual digest of the hottest clothes on the internet. No ‘Following’ list to set up. No bookmarklets, or pressure to share. Just a steady stream of awesome items delivered to you every day. A quick Style Profile trains the system on your personal taste. Then, you’ll get emails with five style recommendations, including clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry, which are generated using the profile you provided and over 19 million datapoints, pulled from Pinterest, Tumblr, Svpply, and Polyvore. But here’s what sets Wantering apart from all the other image aggregators: To remove the frustrations of online shopping, the system makes sure that your style recommendations are instock and linked to reputable online

Tobias Wong exhibit ending

S A new Vancouver fashion startup, Wantering, chooses items online that suit your style profile, and sends them to you daily by email. To make it even easier, Wantering also tells you where they can be bought. Screenshot retailers where you can buy the item. The more you “heart” items within your Wantering account, the more the system learns your taste and adjusts your recommendations for the next day. “Wantering exists to solve the problem of having too many options and no way of filtering out the noise,” says CEO Matt Friesen. “We’re essentially taking the intelligence of fashion blogs and social platforms and helping people shop

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urrounded by Tobias Wong’s provocative work, your first thought is actually of lost possibilities. “At the end of the day, this guy would have been huge. It’s something that Vancouver should be more proud about,” says Vancouver’s Cristina Belmonte, who has spent almost two decades doing design-related PR [page 6]. Wong — a visionary, anti-consumerist, rip-off artist and prankster — was 35 when he died almost three years ago. It was ruled suicide but close supporters suspect sleepwalking. In his short career, the designer created work that tampered with consumer culture, posed uncomfortable questions about desire and responded very much to his enfant terrible reputation in his adopted home of New York City. Gold Pills (capsules designed to tint the swallower’s poop gold), The Ottoman (a more polite title for his bright red ottoman that vibrates and features a fur-lined man-opening) and his lethal take on wedding rings, will have you questioning the lines between theft and inspiration, culture and cliché. The Museum of Vancouver (1100 Chestnut) has all of his work in one room for the first time, and visitors who come before Object(ing): The Art/Design of Tobias Wong closes Feb. 24 will have the opportunity to also see Sex Talk in The City and Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver. — Kelsey Klassen

We are the Kin’s Green Fighters! 13 contestants take the challenge to get fit and healthy—follow along and watch as they achieve their goals Beginning March 1st follow Kristen’s 13 week journey to a healthier lifestyle. Kristen will be up against 12 other Greater Vancouver contestants in the hopes of becoming the ultimate Green Fighter and winning the grand prize of a cruise for two to LA.

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Kristen takes the challenge for Vancouver… Reason for Applying: Making smarter choices would be good for myself and my household. If I could also bring awareness to cancer prevention and healthy living by means of social media and personal changes, that would be such a bonus. Life is so busy and it’s often easier for us to make poor food choices rather than smart ones — I’d love the opportunity to change that!

All about Kristen MacGregor Height: 5’4” Weight: 169 pounds Current Fitness Level: I work out occasionally Current Diet: I don’t over-eat but my food choices are not very good Fundraising goal: $2,200 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society

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February 21 – 27, 2013


I’m sick and tired of lawlessness in Vancouver and the apathy of people in power. Anonymous

rant/rave! E-MAIL: Please send your rants by email only. All rants are the opinion of the individual and do not reflect the opinions of WE. The editor reserves the right to edit for clarity and brevity, so please keep it short and (bitter)sweet.

Danger on wheels A bike ran into me a year ago. I broke my ankle and a bone in my foot, lost my holiday and had no recourse since the bike had no licence plate for ID. Today, walking down Davie I saw what looked lik a tiny Fiat one-seater car — it was totally enclosed, had rear lights and turn signal. It was keeping pace with cars. No licence plate and nothing to ID the moving machine. What is it going to take to have something done about the speeding bikes on the sidewalk and now uninsured cars on the road? If this is the way it’s going, I’m buying one; after all it’s the insurance that is the most expensive part of driving.

Trees mourned Mole Hill has made no friends by arbitrarily chopping down the 12 cherry trees on the 1100 block of Pendrell. A society which sees itself as considerate and sensitive to its neighbours made no attempt to notify or consult them before having the trees removed. If the cherry trees were indeed diseased, they could have been replaced by healthy ones instead of the usual maple. Every spring I looked forward to walking down the street with the cherry blossoms in bloom. No longer! Raz Pollakis

Can’t you read? To dog owners who persist in letting their dogs shit and piss on other people’s property, especially when there’s a sign that says please keep your dogs off the garden. Dog owners believe that

Choose your favourite and you could WIN a natural gas barbecue courtesy of FortisBC! Vote for your favourite new or renovated project in the GVHBA OVATION AWARDS - PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD contest!

Metro Vancouver is home to some of the best builders, renovators and designers in Canada so the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) created the Ovation Awards to recognize these influential companies.

their dog is entitled to go and shit and piss on those gardens. As a condominium owner, we pay a lot of money to keep the garden useable. It’s very simple. Take the dog out of there. You are in charge, not the dog. George

Put a (manure) bag on it We all appreciate having a bylaw keeping our sidewalks and parks free of dog feces but why do police (horses) have free reign in this city? On a recent walk on the sea wall there must have been a stampede of horses or at least several on a strict intestinal cleansing program. Many municipalities have their horses fitted with manure bags. Aside from the hygienic aspect, this would also relieve our law enforcement officers of the embarrassing situation of fining a dog owner while his stallion simultaneously fertilizes our walkways. Nose holder

We sense a theme here... Now in its fifth year, the GVHBA Ovation Awards continue to grow and capture the attention of industry and the public. GVHBA winners including the PEOPLES CHOICE will be announced at the Awards Gala on Saturday, April 20.

❱❱ GO TO and click on contests or


I like it that people pick up after their dog. Some people’s habit of throwing the little bag o’ crap under the nearest park bench or shrub, or into a Greenstreet garden, not so much. Who do they think picks up these little gifts? Parks department employees? No, they are hard pressed to complete their regular duties. Their mother? Unlikely, unless they are still living at home, and dirty underwear also disappears from their floor and magically reappears the next day, clean and folded, in their dresser drawer. The doggy doo-doo fairy? If you are so close to doing the whole job, please take the last step and dispose of the bag properly so your neighbours don’t have to!  After all, YOU are the person who enjoys your dog. Disgruntled by dirt-bag

Not good Family Day fun Thanks to the Point Grey hooligan who took four shots with his lucky 8 ball on his fancy Ocean Pacific shoelace before he was able to break my plate glass window at 2615 Alma. Your mother must be so proud that you are out until 3:45 on the new BC Family Day. If you would like to send me $560, I can stop testing for fingerprints and DNA. Rufus Guitar Shop


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February 21 – 27, 2013

Know your limit, Know limit, play playwithin

BC Gaming Event Licence #50468 BC Gaming Event Licence #50469

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out after dark

1 Band members of Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, led by Jason Bonham (centre) — son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham — thank an exhilarated crowd at the Commodore Ballroom Feb. 13 after a set that included hits such as Whole Lotta Love and Rock n Roll, interspersed with footage and stories from Jason’s childhood. 2 Chef Takashi Mizukami, here with student Fabio Scaldaferri (left), expertly led couples through a special Dirty Apron cooking class (held only on and around Valentine’s Day) that had duos preparing Cornish game hen, soufflé and crème brûlée. The food was delicious and the Feb. 16 couples all survived sharing the work top together. 3 Pink Elephant Thai owner Desmond Chen (right) played judge at the Miss World Canada 2013 launch event with Dionne Ng on February 12. 4 Rebecca Bree owner Rebecca Rawlinson (right) hosted a Valentine’s Day event with beauty brand Laura Mercier at her Kitsilano boutique for well-heeled guests, including Jolene Baldwin (left), on February 13.

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February 21 – 27, 2013



Thursday, February 21, 2013 WE Vancouver

Free Will Astrology #Z3PC#SF[TOZrWeek of February 21 ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19): In the course of her world travels, writer Jane Brunette has seen many wonderful things — as well as a lot of trash. The most beautiful litter, she says, is in Bali. She loves the “woven palm leaf offerings, colourful cloth left from a ceremony, and flowers that dry into exquisite wrinkles of color.” Even the shiny candy wrappers strewn by the side of the road are fun to behold. Your assignment, Aries, is to adopt a perceptual filter akin to Brunette’s. Is there any stuff other people regard as worthless or outworn that you might find useful, interesting, or even charming? I’m speaking metaphorically as well as literally. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20): The Old Testament tells the story of a man named Methuselah, who supposedly didn’t die until he was 969. Some Kabbalistic commentators suggest that he didn’t literally walk the earth for almost 10 centuries. Rather, he was extra skilled at the arts of living. His experiences were profoundly rich. He packed 969 years’ worth of meaningful adventures into a normal life span. I prefer that interpretation, and I’d like to invoke it as I assess your future. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, Taurus, you will have Methuselah’s talent in the coming weeks. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20): In the coming weeks, I’m expecting your life to verge on being epic and majestic. There’s a better than even chance that you will do something heroic. You might finally activate a sleeping potential or tune in to your future power spot or learn what you’ve never been able to grasp before. And if you capitalize gracefully on the kaleidoscopic kismet that’s flowing your way, I bet you will make a discovery that will fuel you for the rest of your long life. In mythical terms, you will create



a new Grail or tame a troublesome dragon — or both.

you will minimize and maybe even eliminate the first.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22): Jackalopes resemble jackrabbits, except that they have antlers like deer and tails like pheasants. They love whiskey, have sex only during storms, and can mimic most sounds, even the human voice. The milk of the female has curative properties. Strictly speaking, however, the jackalope doesn’t actually exist. And yet Wyoming lawmakers have decided to honor it. Early this year they began the process of making it the state’s official mythical creature. I bring this to your attention, Cancerian, because now would be an excellent time to select your own official mythical creature. The evocative presence of this fantastic fantasy would inspire your imagination to work more freely and playfully, which is just what you need. What’ll it be? Dragon? Sphinx? Phoenix? Here’s a list:

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22): People in Sweden used to drive their cars on the left-hand side of the road. But a growing body of research revealed it would be better if everyone drove on the right-hand side. So on September 3, 1967, the law changed. Everyone switched over. What were the results? Lots of motorists grumbled about having to alter their routine behavior, but the transition was smooth. In fact, the accident rate went down. I think you’d benefit from doing a comparable ritual sometime soon, Libra. Which of your traditions or habits could use a fundamental revision?

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22): The temptation to hide what you’re feeling could be strong right now. You may wonder if you should protect yourself and others from the unruly truth. But according to my analysis, you will be most brilliant and effective if you’re cheerfully honest. That’s the strategy most likely to provide genuine healing, too — even if its initial effects are unsettling. Please remember that it won’t be enough merely to communicate the easy secrets with polite courage. You will have to tap into the deepest sources you know and unveil the whole story with buoyantly bold elegance. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22): The word “chain” may refer to something that confines or restricts. But it can also mean a series of people who are linked together because of their common interests and their desire to create strength through unity. I believe that one of those two definitions will play an important role in your life during the coming weeks, Virgo. If you proceed with the intention to emphasize the second meaning,


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SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21): When a woman is pregnant, her womb stretches dramatically, getting bigger to accommodate the growing fetus. I suspect you’ll undergo a metaphorically similar process in the coming weeks. A new creation will be gestating, and you’ll have to expand as it ripens. How? Here’s one way: You’ll have to get smarter and more sensitive in order to give it the care it needs. Here’s another way: You’ll have to increase your capacity for love. Don’t worry: You won’t have to do it all at once. “Little by little” is your watchword. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21): Do you floss your teeth while you’re meditating? Do you text-message and shave or put on make-up as you drive? Do you simultaneously eat a meal, pay your bills, watch TV, and exercise? If so, you are probably trying to move too fast and do too much. Even in normal times, that’s no good. But in the coming week, it should be taboo. You need to slowwww wayyyy dowwwn, Sagittarius. You’ve got... to compel yourself... to do... one thing... at a time. I say this not just because your mental and physical and spiritual health depend on it. Certain crucial realizations about your future are on the verge of popping into your awareness — but they will only pop if you are immersed in a calm and unhurried state.

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AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18): came up with colorful ways to describe actress Zooey Deschanel. In a weird coincidence, their pithy phrases for her seem to fit the moods and experiences you will soon be having. Here are some of the themes: 1. Novelty ukulele tune. 2. Overemphatic stage wink. 3. Sentient glitter cloud. 4. Over-iced Funfetti cupcake. 5. Melted-bead craft project. 6. Living Pinterest board. 7. Animated Hipstamatic photograph. 8. Bambi’s rabbit friend. 9. Satchel of fairy dust. 10. Hipster labradoodle. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20): You may have heard the thundering exhortation, “Know thyself!” Its origin is ancient. More than 2,400 years ago, it was inscribed at the front of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. As important as it is to obey this command, there is an equally crucial corollary: “Be thyself!” Don’t you agree? Is there any experience more painful than not being who you really are? Could there be any behavior more damaging to your long-term happiness than trying to be someone other than who you really are? If there is even the slightest gap, Pisces, now is an excellent time to start closing it. Cosmic forces will be aligned in your favor if you push hard to further identify the nature of your authentic self, and then take aggressive steps to foster its full bloom.







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283 GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS ALWAYS GUTTER Cleaning Service, Repairs, 20 yrs exp. Rain or shine.7dys/wk.Simon 604-230-0627




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YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

SHORE MECHANIC – F/T Heavy Duty Mechanic Certificate or equivalent w/5 yrs exp. www.westcoast



From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licensed ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos


C & C Electrical Mechanical


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PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 34 Years Exp. Free Estimates.




CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

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PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE.



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Required for Maple Ridge roofing co. Previous experience is an asset, not necessary - willing to train. Wages Commensurate with Experience. Fax resume 604.462.9859 or e-mail - or Call: Sue 604.880.9210



DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557

2 hr. Service (604)209-2026

WEEKLY SPECIALS 100% BC Owned and Operated Prices Effective February 21 toFebruary 27, 2013. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Grocery Department Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread


Meat Department Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Whole Specialty Frying Chickens

3.99lb/ 8.80kg

assorted varieties



product of USA

Produce Department Organic California Grown Red or Green Leaf Lettuce PRICING

10g • product of USA

Organic Sirloin Tip Steaks Dairyland Milk

Clif Crunch Bars

value pack



4L product of Canada



Rogers Granola

210g • product of USA

700-750g product of Canada

Uncle Luke’s Maple Syrup

assorted varieties

from 4.99




assorted varieties


375ml product of Canada


product of USA

.50/100g off

regular retail price

170g • product of USA

product of Canada

Bakery Department Organic Multigrain Bread

L’Ancetre Organic Cheese

assorted varieties

from 6.99


Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

TrueBlue or TrueBlack Juice

assorted varieties

assorted varieties

520ml +deposit +eco fee • product of Thailand


assorted varieties

from 3/6.99

product of Canada

Rice Bakery

1.36L +deposit +eco fee • product of Canada

Rizopia Rice Pasta



off regular retail price pack of 3 or 6


Elias Honey Bear Honey Squeeze Bottle

20% off regular retail price

Health Care Department 20% off

regular retail price Shikai Borage Therapy Lotion



For dry skin that just won’t go away use ShiKai’s fragrance free all natural borage therapy lotion.

Green Foods True Vitality

Double Chocolate Fudge Rice Cookies or Bite Size Rice Flour Brownies


off regular retail price 6 -12 pack


assorted varieties


Banana Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Carrot Walnut Muffins

340-404g product of USA

325g • product of Canada



Udi’s Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

assorted varieties

bags or bins

Radius Toothbrushes



Organic Golden Flax

Choices’ Own Organic Cheese 285g

Wild Planet Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

assorted varieties

1.98lb/ 4.37kg

Bulk Department

product of India

Eco Max Household Cleaners




650ml • reg 6.99



Organic California Grown Broccoli

Tasty Bite One Step Indian Entrees



Happy Planet Soups or Chili

assorted varieties

assorted varieties

Super Sweet “Gold” Pineapples Grown in Ecuador

Deli Department

Nourishtea Loose Tea


8.99lb/ 19.82kg

assorted varieties

skim, 1, 2 or 3.25%


each product of USA




Designed as an all in one meal, it contains vegetarian protein, omega-3, probiotics, enzymes, carbohydrates, greens, fibre, and 100% of the RDA of the essential daily vitamins.

product of Canada


Seminars & Events at The Annex at Choices Floral Shop 2615 W16th Ave, Vancouver. Cost $30 for each event. Register online or call 604-736-0009.


Monday, February 25, 7:00-9:00pm

Cooking Class: Foods to Warm The Heart: Heart Healthy Comfort Foods With Chef Antonio Cerullo.

Look for our

Wednesday, February 27, 6:30-8:30pm


Cooking Class: Build Up Flavour, Shake Down Salt: Low Sodium Eating With Panache


With Fetter and Fetterly.

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