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FRIDAY, February 15, 2013

After a brief absence from RE/MAX Kitimat Realty, I am very proud to have rejoined the team here in Kitimat. I look forward to serving both past and future clients as I return to a role I have a great passion for!

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TERRACE - Sherry Zuchotzki demonstrated her pottery skills Feb. 11 at a Family Day arts event sponsored by the Terrace and District Arts Council and held at the banquet room of the sportsplex.


Liberals focus on gas revenue potential



By Tom Fletcher

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VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark kicked off the pre-election legislature session Feb. 12 with a pledge to establish a new fund from natural gas exports to support social programs and pay down debt. The main purpose of the “British Columbia Prosperity Fund” will be to pay down debt, starting in 2017 when the first liquefied natural gas facilities begins to ship LNG for export from the northern coast to Asian markets. It will be funded by a new tax on LNG exports, as well as corporate taxes and natural gas revenues.

The new fund is patterned after Alberta’s Heritage Fund, set up decades ago as a legacy for Alberta’s oil and gas revenues. The B.C. fund would receive an estimated $100 billion from LNG revenues over 30 years, based on an assumption of five LNG production facilities exporting gas from the Kitimat-Prince Rupert region. The plan was presented in the throne speech delivered Tuesday by Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, to open a four-week legislature session leading up to the May 14 provincial election. The key task for the B.C. Liberal government in that session is to pass legislation returning the provincial sales tax to B.C. effective

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April 1, and the speech hinted at relieving that tax as one use for the new fund. “Whether it is eliminating the provincial sales tax, or making long-term investments in areas like education or vital infrastructure that strengthen communities – these are the kinds of opportunities the B.C. Prosperity Fund can provide,” the speech says. The government estimates that if B.C.’s LNG mega-project develops as expected, and all of the fund’s revenues are directed to debt reduction, B.C.’s $56 billion debt could be paid off within a decade. The province currently pays about $2.5 billion a year in interest on the debt. There has been a rush of in-

ternational investment interest in northeastern B.C.’s shale gas deposits. Companies include Mitsubishi Corp., Shell Canada, China National Petroleum Corporation and Petronas, a transnational gas player owned by the government of Malaysia. The speech from the throne also promised the following: * A new, integrated organization that will partner with Canada, the business community and educational institutions to make Vancouver the hub for Asian and South Asian corporate offices and investment activity. * Improvements for patients in rural and urban areas as well as improvements to primary health care.

2/4/2013 3:44:51 PM

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Friday, February 15, 2013 The Northern Connector

Groups find coastal oil response plan inadequate and to be simply full of holes PRINCE RUPERT - The second of 10 National Energy Board Joint Review Panel public hearings to be held in Prince Rupert over the next four months did not go well for proponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline, as both environmentalists and the provincial government grilled the Enbridgebacked delegation for more detailed information on oil spill response and preparedness. B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake, told the Prince Rupert Northern View that his department is now looking for solid evidence of Northern Gateway’s ability to provide worldleading spill prevention and response time. “ U n f o r t u n a t e l y, we’re just not satisfied with the level of detail Northern Gateway representatives are providing and that makes it difficult to judge whether they are meeting B.C.’s conditions for supporting the project,” Lake said. But Enbridge spokesperson Paul Stanway said the opposition is expecting too much, too soon. “It’s important for British Columbians to know about the amount of engineering and environmental study that’s gone into this project. We’ve been working on it for ten years. There’s a lot of finely-detailed studies that’s gone into the planning for Northern Gateway,” Stanway said. “It’s hard for us to justify doing that sort of detailed planning [that the government is demanding] at this point until we know we have approval for the application. “People generally assume Enbridge has unlimited amounts of money, but we’re like any organization, family or government. We have to budget for these things and these are very


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expensive undertakings,” he said, adding the total cost of the regulatory process is likely to cost in the region of $300 million. Lake said however, he would like to see the federal government also step up and increase the regulations. “Northern Gateway says they’re willing to go above and beyond the Canadian regulations for response to spills, but we’re concerned that’s a voluntary commitment.” Supporting the project without those safeguards in place, said Lake, “is like putting the cart before the horse.” Despite the Province’s position, Stanway believes the Joint Review Panel was impressed with what they heard over the five days of testimony in Prince Rupert. And he added that Enbridge’s approach has always been to provide more details once the project has been given the green light. Stanway said Enbridge wants to make sure the company has the most modern, up-todate and effective methods of prevention and response for spills for the particular weather and environmental conditions in the North coast. “There have been tremendous advances in oil spill response and mitigation,” he said. However, promises of improvements aren’t enough for First

Nations living on Haida Gwaii. On Thursday, Terri-Lynn WilliamsDavidson, lawyer for the Council of the Haida Nation, questioned Northern Gateway representatives on the consequences an oil spill would have on marine life, like the black seaweed and razor clams people in the territory rely on. “These are species that are important culturally and economically to the Haida,” she said. How bitumen would react in a cold water environment, and whether or not it would sink to the ocean floor, was a big concern. Stanway, however, dismisses it.

“Oil floats on water, crude oil floats on water and diluted bitumen floats on water. That’s a matter of physics. It’s not something that’s open for debate,” he said. He pointed to commissioned studies on the subject, which showed diluted bitumen did not sink. Karen Campbell of the Sustainability Coalition, made up of ForestEthics, Living Ocean Society and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, made a motion requesting the panel produce a study supporting this information, giving interveners an opportunity to provide new evidence on the issue, and cross-ex-

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This event is open to anyone interested in the future of food production in the area.

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On Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 the City of Terrace and the RDKS will hold a public open house to present the Draft Agricultural Area Plan for Greater Terrace.

Closing March 2nd!

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amine Northern Gateway on the study. The motion was passed, with interveners being able to question the study at future hearings. “This is a marathon,” Stanway said, “not a sprint. The hearings will continue until the end of May… But we’re convinced it will have an impact on public interest. The hearings will resume in Prince Rupert on Feb. 18, with people questioning Northern Gateway’s witness panel about aboriginal engagement and public consultation. The company says it has spent years building up contacts with aboriginal groups and the public.

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By Martina Perry

For a Brighter Smile...

Just a reminder that all dogs in the City of Terrace area do require a 2013 license. Licenses can be purchased at the Terrace Animal Shelter, Public Works or at City Hall. ‘DON’T LET YOUR DOG GET CAUGHT WITHOUT ONE!!!!’

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The Northern Connector  Friday, February 15, 2013 /bc_north  A3

Cabinet minister is impressed with Kitimat and Haisla relations By Cameron Orr

The Northern connector

KITIMAT - Ida Chong took a boat ride with Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross to see firsthand the proposed areas for LNG projects, before speaking to the Kitimat business community at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club. The Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliations’ day in the Kitimat area concluded with a Kitimat Chamber of Commerce luncheon, where she spoke of several issues, from the 2008 recession’s impacts on the province, to Family Day, to the desire to keep B.C. a safe place for foreign investment. But speaking to the Northern Connector following her presentation, it was bringing together the District of Kitimat with the Haisla community that stood as a priority for her and her ministry. “More than anything I wanted to let them know if the province needed to come on board to help bring both

cameron orr / the NORTHERN CONNECTOR

Provincial aboriginal relations and reconciliation minister Ida Chong was in Kitimat. jurisdictions together and talk about revenue sharing, economic opportunities and ideas, we’d do that,� she said. She noted that the government can’t impose on the two jurisdictions, but that they can help bring the two sides together for government-to-government forums. She did point out that such meetings were already taking place though. “The fact that

they’re having these conversations, I think bodes well for both communities,� she said. Chief Councillor Ellis Ross said that there has been one meeting between his government and the District of Kitimat however it was an informal “ice breaker� dinner meeting where no actual issues were discussed. He wasn’t sure exactly when everyone would be available for a

second meeting. He did say that no provincial ministry has had a hand in facilitating meetings and that he doesn’t expect there to be a provincial role when it comes to discussions between the local governments. Prior attempts to establish a relationship using the treaty process was tried but Ross said those attempts fell apart. “This is basically just a potential of starting up a new relationship. That’s all it is,� he said. He said that just based on the dinner, there are a lot of common interests, but says the “devil’s in the details� for those kinds of discussions. However he said things are much different than they were even five years ago as far as inclusion for First Nations, and the Haisla expect to be a part of everything from now on. Mayor Joanne Monaghan said the meeting between the Haisla and the District of Kitimat was a nice get-together to meet everyone.

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Friday, February 15, 2013 The Northern Connector

Teachers not sorry about T-shirts By Martina Perry


PRINCE RUPERT - The president of the Prince Rupert and District Teachers’ Union (PRDTU) will not intervene in what teachers wear to work, and expects they will again use clothing deemed “too political” for Prince Rupert classrooms in order to get their message across. “There’s quite a bit of the Tshirts in the district and quite a few teachers. I’m not there when they get dressed in the morning but I suspect we haven’t seen the end of it. Teachers feel it’s an important message, and that they’ve been oppressed here,” PRDTU president Joanna Larson said. The comments follow the school district’s decision last month to ban teachers from wearing Tshirts containing Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Following the infamous Yurtle

the Turtle scandal last year, Prince Rupert instructors joined thousands in wearing black on Jan. 28 to mark the 10th anniversary of the passing of Bill 27 and 28. A number of Prince Rupert teachers wore BCTFdistributed black T-shirts with Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the back, with three educators from Lax Kxeen Elementary being told to remove the shirt on Jan. 28, followed by two teachers at Roosevelt Elementary on Jan. 29. Larson said the teachers were upset, but complied. “They’re silly battles to be picking. It doesn’t just impact teachers, it’s restricting the rights of students to learn... Schools aren’t vacuums, students need to learn to be civically engaged and responsible citizens,” said Larson. Lynn Hauptman, Superintendent of School District 52, said she can’t go into detail about the incident as it’s under grievance and arbitration, but she did say the school

Prince Rupert’s

board doesn’t have a problem with students learning about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However she won’t allow teachers to use it for political messaging. Hauptman said the district asked teachers to hide the shirts because of an arbitrator’s ruling in 2012 forbidding educators from wearing buttons or T-shirts with political messages in the classroom to insulate students from ongoing negotiations. “In the meantime we need to uphold that arbitration,” she said. However Larson says the Tshirts aren’t new, and have been worn without incident for the past nine months. Teachers across the province have worn the same shirt, but haven’t been asked to removed them in anywhere else. “In every other district in the province... they wore black. It was only in this district that teacher’s chose to wear something with a political message,” Hauptman said.

Rupert’s Got Talent…


PRINCE RUPERT - 20 young contestants put their talents to the test last weekend, competing for a $1,000 cash prize in Rupert’s Got Talent. Taking the top spot was Josh MacIntyre for his spin on a Randy Newman song. .

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Friday, February 15, 2013

A worthwhile project…


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KITIMAT — A cheque for $1,000 was handed to Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School, a contribution to the school’s ambition to hire a carver for a school-based totem pole, to be raised in the school lobby where they stand above. The money was given by 16/37 Community Futures. In the photo is (l-r) Bill Hickman, Katherine Johnsen, Sheila Duncan, Janet Meyer, Lindsay Grant and Shaun Gregg.

Rod and Gun Club gets grant for water damages By Cameron Orr


KITIMAT - The Kitimat Rod and Gun Club has asked for and received a grant from the District of Kitimat to cover a broken water main. The club asked for a grant of $2,257.47 to cover the repairs, which were done by the District and completed on March 5, 2012. However the administration’s recommendation to council was for $840.55. That’s because their request doesn’t meet criteria for the community’s grants and sponsorships program.

Staff noted in their report that the Rod and Gun opted to go through the District for repairs as they feared that going privately could possibly delay repairs and affect upcoming hall rentals. Staff said they weren’t aware of any time in the past where repairs like these were paid by the District to private non-profits or clubs. So staff settled on $840.55 because that would be the “first party rates” such as direct vehicle costs and parts for the repairs. There were other issues that followed the water main repair for the club. That in-

cludes cleaning their filters of silt inside their building, and there was damage to the parking lot’s pavement, and the purchase of a new hot water tank. All of those additional repairs meant there was not much left in their budget for the District’s bill. Councillor Rob Goffinet in discussing this application tried to potentially lower the cost to the District from the motion on the table, which would give the club the entire $2,257. He said that even though the Rod and Gun’s budget doesn’t leave room for this repair, he suggested if money was saved elsewhere, for instance in

snow clearing, it might free up some money to go towards the bill. To that end he submitted an amendment to council’s motion that they assist “up to” $2,257.47, which leaves it open for the club to contribute some money to it. However that amendment failed at a vote. Mario Feldhoff, who initially moved for providing the full amount, said the bill isn’t significantly large and that the Club already does a lot in good faith for the community. “Lets not make it any more complicated than we need to,” he said.

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Friday, February 15, 2013 The Northern Connector

Help from angels…


TERRACE – Major Dave Moulton of the Salvation Army accepts a cheque for $2,083.33 from Cooks Jewellers sales associate Janice Bentham. The money was raised from the store’s 12th annual selling of its charity angels during the Christmas season.

In the Spectacular Northwest Territories, scenic wilderness is everywhere… even just off the highway. Accessible and breathtaking, our parks – such as Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park – are just steps away from the highway, offering aweinspiring sights such as the incredible Hay River Canyon. Our parks may be mere minutes from the road, but our waterfalls, trails and full-service campgrounds will leave you with memories that will last forever.

Provincial Conservatives name Skeena candidate for May vote By Staff Writer


TERRACE - A small business owner has been named the BC Conservative Party’s candidate for the Skeena riding in the upcoming May provincial election. Mike Brousseau, who owns a roofing company, was the only declared candidate for the nomination. He was acclaimed at a meeting held last night. Brousseau also ran for the provincial Conservative party in the 2009 provincial election. While the election is still some months away, Brousseau said he’s already been out knocking on doors. “I had been going out between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. but now with it getting lighter, I’ll be out until 7 or 8 p.m.,” he said.

“I enjoy talking to people,” said Brousseau. So far, he said he’s getting a good response from people who aren’t happy with either the

governing provincial Liberals or the official opposition New Democratic Party. Brousseau also ran for the Conservatives


in 2009, collecting 843 votes for 7.73 per cent of those cast. He’s facing incumbent NDP MLA Robin Austin and Liberal Carol Leclerc.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sun Wave’s Bill Belsey under investigation By Quinn Bender


PRINCE RUPERT - An investigation is underway to determine if former North Coast MLA and B.C. Liberal Party vice president, Bill Belsey had registered as a lobbyist before contacting several provincial ministers about the Skeena Mill on behalf of Sun Wave Forest Products. Canadian Press is reporting that records at the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists in B.C. show Belsey reported meeting with Jobs Minister Pat Bell, Environment Minister Terry Lake and Forests Minister Steve Thomson on Dec. 5. However, reports also indicate that it wasn’t until Dec. 10 that Belsey registered as a consultant lobbyist for Chinese businessman Ni Ritao, owner of Sun Wave Investments. If Belsey is found in violation of not registering before lobbying the government he could face a number of fines of up to $25,000. “We are actively investigating whether Mr. Belsey was lobbying and if he was lobbying whether he was registered as required,” Mary Carlson, deputy registrar of lobbyists told the Canadian Press. However, Bell denies meeting with Belsey in December. “With regard to Mr. Belsey, I have asked my office to do an exhaustive search of my calendar and the last time I met with him was May 31, 2011,” he

said in a statement. “Prior to that my last meeting with Mr. Belsey was Feb. 8, 2011 in my capacity as Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands.” Belsey is also registered as a lobbyist for the Gitxaala First Nations. Belsey made that registration on Nov. 20. Ni and Sun Wave bought the shuttered mill in 2006 with promises of reopening it. That never happened, and the City of Prince Rupert eventually seized the property in 2009 for Sun Wave’s failure to pay its taxes. Pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by Sun Wave, the City plans to sell the property for $5 million to Pat Bell the Watson Island Development Corporation for the redevelopment of an export facility and industrial park. As reported in The Northern View last November, Bell entered into the controversy by sending Belsey an internal email about the Skeena Mill. The e-mail from Bell to Belsey, who served together in the Legislature, outlined the contents of an article published in Chinese publication Caijing alleging that Mr. Ni’s activities included inappropriate influence over Chinese officials, a dubious loan scheme that saw $60 million of a $100 million loan application set aside for the purchase of the mill despite a $9 million price tag, fraudulent financial documents valuing the former pulp mill at $202 million and missing approval of Chinese regulators.

“I have asked my office to do an exhaustive search...”

NOTICE OF PUBLIC INPUT 2013-2017 Financial Plan The proposed 2013-2017 Financial Plan will be considered by the Regional District Board at its regular meeting on Friday, February 22, 2013 in the Board room of the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, #300-4545 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace, BC. The Board meeting commences at 7:00 p.m. There will be a special session of the Finance Committee to review the Financial Plan. This session will commence at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2013. Any person(s) wishing to voice their opinions regarding the Financial Plan may do so in writing to the Regional District and/or in person to the Finance Committee of the Regional District Board at the special session commencing at 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 22, 2013. The proposed 2013-2017 Financial Plan may be inspected at the Regional District office during regular business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. The Financial Plan is also available on the Regional District website at

300-4545 Lazelle Avenue Terrace, BC V8G 4E1 250-615-6100 ph 250-635-9222 fax 800-663-3208

Nat Minifie

Mortgage Professional

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AnnuAl GenerAl MeetinG Sunday, March 3 at 1 pm at Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club The Bar will be open to serve you from 12:30 to 4:00 pm for drinks before or after the meeting.

HirscH creek

golf & winter club 2000 Kingfisher Ave. N. Kitimat • 250 632-4242

pet of the week

The Northern Connector


Prince ruPert BcSPcA 1740 Prince Rupert Blvd, Prince Rupert, BC 250 624-2859

Luna is a sweetheart who tends to be a little bit shy. She is looking for a home that is calm and quiet, somewhere that she can give and receive lots of her famous cuddles! Luna is waiting patiently to go home with the right family, could it be yours?

Pet food, blankets, comforters and cleaning supplies are always needed to help care for the animals at the shelter. Please drop off your donations or call the Shelter today. Toy donations also accepted at This ad generously sponsored by

Whiskey, Muddy & Coco too Keith Lambourne


363-500 2nd Ave W • 250-622-8546 In the upper level of the Rupert Square Shopping Centre

A8 /bc_north Friday, February 15, 2013  The Northern Connector


Advertise Your Business ~ Call today for details! Kitimat Northern Sentinel 250-632-6144 Terrace Standard 250-638-7283 Pr. Rupert Northern View 250-624-8088

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KCS RestoratiSeorvning the Northwest l

ject due on Friday and it’s Thu


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for 18 Quality service Kitimat in d te Loca 2-3131 20 • Fax 250-63 38 963 025 e Phon et .n us el @t Email kcs3

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2-528 Mountainview Sq., KITIMAT PH. 250-632-5251 T OLL FREE 1-877 -632-5251 OPEN Mon. to Wed. 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Thurs. & Fri. 8:30 am - 9:00 pm Sat. 11 am to 4 pm CLO SED Sun. & Stats MORE THAN JU ST OFFICE SUPP LIES

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We’ve got you covered with pap er, ink, binders, project boards and writing instruments of all kinds! NEW EXTENDED HOURS for just this sort of occasion! OPEN until 9:00 PM Thursdays and Fridays!

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Cra Quality Through

The Northern Connector

or FAX changes 638-8432. moving boxes 1x6 10/$5.00 - Composite

Friday, February 15, 2013

Packing Boxes

Swan Lake stars …


TERRACE - Free Elements dancers Madison Hoffos, Bianca Reniero, Paige Bowles, Emily Barron, and Tatiana Block with Ballet Jorgen dancers Annelie Liliemark and Kealan McLaughlin performed in Kitimat as part of the ballet’s production of Swan Lake, above. Below, Artists in Motion dancers chosen to be part of the Terrace production rehearse at the R.E.M. Lee Theatre.

10/ 5

coming Soon...Rise of the Guardians Sunday, Feb. 24 at 2 pm

1-800-222-TIPS (8477)


If you can provide a loving home for a Shelter pet, please call the Humane Society in Kitimat at 250-632-7373.

Pet food, blankets, comforters and cleaning supplies are always needed to help care for the animals at the shelter. AD SPONSORED BY THE Please drop off your donations today. NorthernSentinel K

Diamonds in the Ruff



She needs an individual willing and able to deal with frequent challenging and complex behaviour, someone who can offer mentorship, flexible structure, and can maintain clear personal boundaries. Ideal candidates will have training and/or experience working with youth with mental health issues and ability to avoid power struggles.

For information or to apply, please contact Michael McFetridge at the Ministry of Children and Family Development #34 – 3412 Kalum Street, Terrace, 250-638-2311.


2012! Picture your bundle of joy in the Terrace Standard’s


Say hello to PEBBLES! This two year old short haired calico cat needs a new home. Pebbles is super friendly and would do great in a home with older aged children and adults. Pebbles is used to dogs and is good with other cats.

Tickets $45 at Uniglobe© Courtesy Travel

The Ministry of Children and Family Development needs a skilled caregiver in the Terrace area to provide a caring, stable foster home for a teenage girl.


profits help fund our Outreach projects. thank you for your support! 193 Nechako Centre, Kitimat • Ph. 250-632-5501 email: •

February 14, 15, 16, 22, 23 and March 1, 2, 8, 9 Skeena Valley Golf & Country Club in Thornhill

Skilled Caregiver Needed

3210 Clinton St. Terrace, B.C. V8G 5R2

Eagle Centre Theatre Sunday, February. 17 at 2 pm


The caregiver must be prepared to work as part of the youth’s care team, open to learning additional skills and willing to gain a solid understanding of the youth’s specific needs. Preference will be given to candidates able to provide a strong female role-model.

$ 00

Wreck it ralph /bc_north







114-4716 Lazelle Ave. TERRACE tel. 250-638-7929 toll free 1-888-348-RUFF





We will be accepting pictures of your babies to put into our popular pull-out supplement celebrating the babies born between January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. Fill out this entry form & return it with picture for only $36.00 (incl. HST) OR email the below information along with a .jpg photo of the baby to:

One lucky baby could win a portrait package donated by Walmart valued at $120

Family Name:_______________________ Baby’s 1st Name:______________________ Baby’s Birth Date:_____________________ A WONDERFUL Age of baby in photo:___________________ KEEPSAKE Mom’s First Name:_____________________ FOR YOUR PRECIOUS Dad’s First Name:______________________ BABY! Address:____________________________ ______________Postal Code:__________ INCLUDES Telephone:_________________________ FULL

Drop off entry at: S TANDARD 3210 Clinton St., Terrace, B.C., V8G 5R2 Contact ERIN at 250.638.7283 TERRACE

All photos can be picked up after February 27, 2013.


Entry Deadline February 21st Don’t Miss Out!

A10 /bc_north Friday, February 15, 2013  The Northern Connector

YPR eying new flights and updates By Martina Perry

The Northern connector

PRINCE RUPERT YPR is eying new flights in 2013. After another year of increased passenger traffic, Prince Rupert’s airport is looking to add new flight destinations — including Calgary, Edmonton and Las Vegas. YPR manager Rick Reed confirmed Prince Rupert’s Adventure Tours has teamed up with Alberta-based Classic Canadian Tours to make two flights into the airport this year with tourists destined for the Khutzeymateen Valley. This will be the first time flights in and out of YPR have connected to anywhere but Vancouver. Passengers will arrive from Calgary and Edmonton before boarding Adventure Tours’ catamaran. Both flights will arrive in July. Reed also hinted the airport is working to get a flight to and from Las Vegas. “We’re hoping to see fruition there as well,” Reed said. More than 58,600 passengers went through the airport between January and December of 2012, signifying a two per cent growth over 2011. Additionally, there was a 4.48 per cent increase this January compared to January 2012. As for airport upgrades, YPR submitted an application to Transport Canada last summer to access funds from ACAP to redo the asphalt at the facility, including the runway. If funding is provided, the project would be underway this summer. The estimated value of the project is $10.5 million, with ACAP funding covering 95 per cent of costs. Another project YPR will work toward is the refurbishment of the air terminal building. “It’s 55 years old and very little has been done to it over the years,” Reed said. He added the airport also needs to be expanded, particularly in the holding room and the baggage claiming area to accommodate upcoming construction projects, and to handle the increase in passengers the airport is expecting to see because of these projects. “Our holding room is sometimes chal-

lenged, particularly if we have two flights at the same time,” he said. Reed also said the terminal’s bathrooms need to be updated. “We’re going to knock everything up a notch as this is the first point of entry for many of Prince Rupert’s visitors. We also want the community to feel proud of the facility,” he said.

At this time YPR is still searching for funding in order to carry out the renovations and expansion. Another subject building anticipation for YPR is whether Prince Rupert will be selected as one of the communities Westjet will begin to serve. Westjet invited YPR, along with 34 other airports across the

country, to pitch the facility in hopes of becoming one of the destinations Encore, Westjet’s new regional airline, will serve. “We had a very positive interview with them, but we have to wait to see what the outcome is,” Reed said. Westjet’s decision is expected to be made in the spring.

Job Options BC - Terrace Program Job Options BC - Terrace Program

Opportunity for unemployed non-EI Opportunity for 18 unemployed non-EI British Columbians years of age or older British Columbians 18 years of age or older Eligibility for Job Options BC: Eligibility for Job Options  Unemployed, non-EI BritishBC: Columbians who are Landed Immigrants

or Canadian Citizens are Columbians not attendingwho school Unemployed, non-EI and British are Landed Immigrants or non-EI Canadian Citizensisand nothas attending school a regular A individual oneare who not established Employment Insurance claim in has the not last established three years;aand, has not A non-EI individual is one who regular established parental in theyears; past five Employmenta maternity Insurance or claim in theclaim last three and,years has not maternity or likely parental claim infrom the past  established Individuals awho are most to benefit longfive termyears job search help, supported experience follow-up support services  Individuals whowork are most likely toand benefit from long term job search help, supported work experience and follow-up support services Program offers:   

Program offers:  4 to 6 weeks of facilitated group work followed by 4 to 6 weeks of work

     

experience to a maximum of 10followed weeks by 4 to 6 weeks of work 4 to 6 weeksoptions of facilitated group work experience options tofor a maximum of 10 Training allowances 4 to 6 weeks of weeks group work Training allowances for 4 to 6orweeks group workfurther training and Preparation for employment, whereofappropriate, up to 6 months up support Preparation for follow employment, or where appropriate, further training and up to 6 months follow upwork support Opportunity to train and with a BC employer Opportunity to train and work with a BC employer TDCSS Employment Services

TDCSS Employment Services WORKS Program WORKS Program Email: Email: Phone: 1 877 635 7995 or (250) 635- 7995 Phone: 1 877 635 7995 or (250) 635- 7995

file photo/ the NORTHERN CONNECTOR

The Prince Rupert Airport is awaiting a decision by Westjet, expected to come this spring.

GATEWAY perspectives

Marine safety plan Recently, I talked about why we chose Kitimat as the site for Gateway’s marine terminal. I’d like to also discuss the various steps we’ve taken to prevent an incident on water, and the measures we’ve put in place to build a comprehensive marine safety plan for Gateway.

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Safety starts with a tanker acceptance program that’s as stringent as any in existence — and includes an independent review of all tankers, weeks ahead of their scheduled arrival. Tankers mooring at the terminal will be double-hulled and no more than 20 years old, and will be required — by independent third parties, before they enter Gateway’s shipping channels — to show a sound maintenance and operational history. As they approach Kitimat, all vessels will be boarded and guided by B.C. Coast Pilots with expert knowledge of our coastal waters. Simulations conducted in varying weather conditions have shown that the largest tankers can be safely navigated without the help of tugboats. Still, Gateway is adding a tug-escort system as an additional safety measure. The Douglas Channel is already one of the deepest and widest inland waterways on North America’s west coast, and Gateway’s tug-escort

Join the conversation at

system, according to risk assessment data, would reduce the already unlikely chance of a grounding incident by a further 80 to 90 per cent. As another Gateway marine safety initiative, we’re introducing landbased radar to B.C.’s North Coast for the first time. This radar system will be bolstered by extra navigational aids such as lights and channel markers. These enhancements aren’t just for Gateway — they are for all vessels on B.C.’s North Coast. Groups who oppose this project use fear tactics. They’d have you believe an oil tanker spill is inevitable. It isn’t. But don’t take my word for it — visit our website and read for yourself about all the work that has gone into making Gateway’s marine operation one of the safest in the world. Then, decide for yourself what’s true.

Janet Holder Executive Vice President Western Access Enbridge Inc.

*B.C. Credit Union Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to delivering energy safely. ©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

NSCU_2012_TFSA_NewspaperAd_[4.75x8.25].indd 1

Jan. 31, 2013 12:55 PM

The Northern Connector

Friday, February 15, 2013

Coming Events is complimentary service by The Northern Connector for non-profit groups or organizations who do not charge admission for their events and meetings. Submissions are published on a space available basis. Our deadline is Monday 3 p.m. each week.


FEB. 15 – All Kitselas members are invited to attend the Kitselas Treaty Meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the Kitselas Hall. Rides available on request. For more details, call the office at 6358882. FEB. 20 – Skeena Valley Fall Fair meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at the Skeena Diversity Office. Everyone is invited to join a great group in the early stages of planning this year’s fair, which will be “Celebrating Local.” Come on out and see what ideas are being entertained and how to be part of this fun event. FEB. 20 – Kitselas Treaty AIP approval vote from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Kitselas Hall and Gitaus administration building (1561 Kulspai Cres.). All Kitselas First Nation members age 18 and older as of the vote are eligible to cast a ballot. If you would like to be provided with a mailin ballot package, call the electoral officer at 1-888-564-4841. FEB. 22-23 – Hobiyee 2013: celebrate the Nisga’a New Year at Ts’oohl Ts’ap Memorial Centre in Gitwinksihlkw starting at 9 p.m. Friday until 9 p.m. Saturday. For more details, call Alvin Azak 250-633-2294 or Ron Nyce 250-6332965. FEBRUARY 23 – Seniors Games Zone 10 meeting is at 1 p.m. at the Happy Gang Centre. All seniors 55 and older are welcome. Zone 10 includes Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, the Nass Valley and Haida Gwaii. FEB. 23 – “Good Neighbours” is the theme of Heritage Day celebrations from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the arena banquet room. Music, family treasures, old photos, histories. Put on by the Terrace Regional Historical Society, 6351771. ONGOING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the spring session of the Northwest Therapeutic Equestrian Association (NWTEA). Do you love working with children and horses? We need you. Only a few hours each week (Tuesday and/or Thursdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Training available.


Check out the website or call Lynne 635-7474 or Judy 6355539. NORTHERN ANIMAL Rescue Alliance (NARA) needs pet carriers for transporting rescued cats, kittens, dogs, puppies to and from vet appointments or on flights to find their “furever” homes down south. For more details, or for questions, email northernanimalrescue@ or find Northern Animal Rescue Alliance on Facebook. SENIORS TAI Chi at the Happy Gang Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:45 to 9:45. Chase away the winter while building your strength, balance and coordination. Dropin fee. All are welcome. Call Rita 635-0144 or Wendy 635-3847 for more info. THE SALVATION Army holds Toonie Wednesdays every first and third Wednesday of the month – all clothing is $2. All children’s clothing $2 or less is half price. NORTHERN BRAIN Injury Support Group meets at 4 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of the month in the boardroom at the Terrace and District Community Services Society (3219 Eby St.). For more details, call Deb 1-866-979-4673. THE TERRACE Toastmasters Club meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Graydon Securities Building on Keith Ave. (next to Irlybird). For more details, call Randy 635-2151 or Rolf 635-6911. KERMODEI OPTIMIST Club of Terrace meets on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Cafenara. For more details, call Dallis at 635-5352 or 631-7766. HEALING TOUCH Community Clinics continue to be offered. Call Julie for more details 6350743. Donations accepted. THE TERRACE chapter of TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) meets once a week in the cafeteria in the basement of Mills Memorial Hospital. Weigh-in starts at


6 p.m., meeting at 7:15 p.m. For more information about this, call Joan 635-0998 or Sandy 6354716. COMMUNITY COLLEGE quilters welcome you to come out on Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. All levels of quilters welcome. For more info, call Rhonda 635-4294 or Heather 635-3780.

TERRACE NISGA’A Elders and volunteer group hold craft night Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Terrace Nisga’a Society community room (across from Gold Diggers). HELPING HANDS of Terrace, a non-profit organization, recycles cans, bottles and scrap metal with proceeds going to help seniors, cancer patients and children get medications or assistance they can’t access or afford. Individuals and businesses who would like to be involved are asked to call 778-634-3844. Cash donations can also be made at the Northern Savings Credit Union. KERMODE FRIENDSHIP society’s Father’s Group would like to invite past, present and new participants to attend the weekly group meetings every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the society satellite office (3242 Kalum St.). For more details, call 635-1476.

KITIMAT MARCH 6 - The Kitimat Food Bank Society is holding its Annual General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church lounge on the corner of Nalabila and Lahakas. Interested persons are welcome to attend. ONGOING THE KITIMAT Girl Guides urgently need new leaders for the local groups. For more info call Lois at 250-6323446 or Nancy at 250632-0135. KITIMAT PUBLIC Library – TThe Kitimat Public Library offers pre-schoolers and their caregivers Mother Goose StoryTime with Brianna every Friday from 10.30 – 11.15. No registration is required for this free lively and fun morning filled with stories, finger puppets,

and songs!

SILLY YAKS (CELIAC) SUPPORT GROUP supporting gluten free eating and helping people with celiac disease feel well and healthy. Participate in discussions around safe foods, foods to avoid, cross contamination, recipe ideas, etc. The first meeting will be held Aug. 23 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room at the Kitimat General Hospital. The group is open to anyone interested in learning about celiac disease. For more information please call 250-632-3063

KITIMAT PUBLIC LIBRARY — Book your free one-on-one introduction to computer tutorial. Want to learn how to use a computer? Brianna will show you, just call the library and book an appointment for a morning, afternoon or evening session at 250632-8985. KITIMAT SENIORS’ Centre is looking for a new leader for their Seniors’ Band. Please contact the Programmer (250 632 3475) for more info if you have the skills, experience and desire to volunteer your time with this group. CHILD DEVELOPMENT CentRE Family Fun Spot Drop-In Monday and Friday afternoons 1-3 p.m., Wednesday mornings 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Ages 0-5 welcome “A Great place for families to meet over coffee and toys!” Contact 250-632-3144 for more information. KITIMAT FIBRE Arts Guild: Interested in knitting, spinning, weaving, or any other fibre? For more information phone Maureen 250-632-5444. KITIMAT MULTIPLE sclerosis - I have M.S. but M.S. does not have me. You are not alone, male or female, and the Kitimat M.S. group would like to be here for you. Total confidentiality. For more information contact Mary at 250-639-6016. AGLOW OF Kitimat: All are welcome at our Care Group and Bible Study for men and women, singles or married, Thursdays at 7 p.m. For information phone Brenda at 250-632-5771 or Wendi at 250-6325673.

DID YOU KNOW that literacy is more than just being able to read? The Kitimat Adult Literacy Program provides FREE tutoring services for adult interested in improving their reading, writing, math, communication, and information technology skills. Is English NOT your first language? We provide FREE tutoring and small group English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. For more information please call Brandi at 250-632-7393 or to see what’s happening at the Community Corner check us out at www. or find us on facebook.


FEB. 19: P.R. Special Events Society AGM from 7-9pm at Special Events office, lower level of City Hall on fountain side. Make a contribution to your communtiy, share or learn some new skills, help to organize our community festivals. More Directors are needed. Please contact 250624-9118 or Visit our website at FEB 22-24: CREATIVE JAM is a unique weekend of interdisciplinary creative workshops sponsored by P. R. Community Arts Council. Facilitators from across BC will be directing participants in artistic expression through creative writing, visual & Fiber arts, photography, Spaces still available in Photography workshop with Curtis Cunningham and the Creative Writing with author Sheila Peters. Registration required.


For Kitimat, send your information to For Prince Rupert send your info to and For Terrace, send your information to

http://artsprincerupert. ca/upcoming-events/ creative-jam/ FEB. 24: Kaien AntiPoverty Society Annual General Meeting will be held at 2pm in 567 McKay St. Membership fee to be paid prior to the annual meeting. Everyone is welcome. FEB. 28: Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society AGM @ 7pm in Lobby of the Lester Centre. Call Crystal Lorette for more information 250-627-8888. MAR 2: Prince Rupert’s 22nd annual CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL on Sat. from 11 am - 5 pm @ Jim Ciccone Civic Centre. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Activities include Bouncy Castles, Wall Climb, Laser Tag, tons of treats and fun for every child! To enter your activity station or to volunteer, please contact Prince Rupert Special Events Society at 250624-9118 or Visit us at MAR 10: P. R. BCSPCA is hosting a Volunteer Orientation & Information Session 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm at P. R. BCSPCA building. Open to all ages! Contact Anna @ 250-624-2859 or email prspcastaff@citywest. ca. If you are an active volunteer or interested in volunteering, join us to learn how. APRIL 10: “Strengthening Families Together” is a free education course teaching about mental illness and their treatments in a supportive environment. Increase your ability to cope & support your

loved one. Develop your communication skills, self-care strategies and advocacy skills. Registration required. For more information, call Noreen @ Mental Health Family Resource Centre 1-800-326-7877 or email terrace@bcss. org. MAY 5 - 12: BC Annual Dance Competition @ Lester Center of the Arts. Entry deadline Feb. 15. For further information call 250-6277892. ONGOING THE PRINCE Rupert & Dist. Hospice Society is sponsoring “Journey through Grief”, a nine week program of information and support for Adults dealing with the death of a loved one. The program runs 2-3 times per year and the next one is February 20 - April 17, 2013 consecutive Wednesday eve. Please call 250-6226204 for more information or to pre-register. Space is limited. CANADIAN CANCER Society is looking for volunteers to help with the daffodil campaign in April. Please contact Judy Rea at 250624-3913 for more details. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lighthouse Harbour Ministries wishes to extend a special thank you to all who have so generously supported Lighthouse Harbour Ministries in 2012. Drop on over throughout January between 5-9 pm any Wednesday; meet our volunteer staff and sailors visiting the center from all over the world. 245 - 3rd Ave. Prince Rupert. 250-624-6724.

Parent Information Session

French Immersion Kindergarten!

Thurs., February 21 at 6:30 pm at Kildala School, Kitimat (Kindergarten Room)

Did you know? French Immersion is a program specifically designed for families with no previous knowledge of French. Children welcome.

Give your child the gift of a second language.

For more information phone Agnes Casgrain at 250 632-6194 or Julie Stevens at 250 632-3489.

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Grant recipients showing City how money has paid off By Martina Perry The Northern connector

PRINCE RUPERT Three Prince Rupert Community Enhancement Grant recipients showed city councillors grant money is paying off. The City has asked groups receiving Community Enhancement Grants to give council an understanding of what they’re doing with the money in the interest of public transparency. “How taxpayers’ money is being spent is always a challenge for council. We must make sure the money is being used in the best way possible for the community at large… I’m pleased with how the groups are using the money, however I would more encouraged if each group could find funding from other sources also,” Jack Mussallem, Prince Rupert’s mayor, told the Prince Rupert Northern View. Glenn Hauptman and Richard Adams from the Prince Rupert Golf Club told council the $40,000 capital grant, as well as a $103,000 operating grant will allow the golf facility to make improvements, like the re-

placement of the green on holes five and nine, drainage upgrades and ongoing aesthetic enhancements. The Prince Rupert Port Authority donated $20,500, while other corporate donations totalled $7,000. Derek Baker from the Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Corporation (PREDC), a nonprofit organization that is receiving a $87,500 contribution from the City this year to promote economic development in the region, said 2012 was a very active year in respect to investment attraction and facilitation. “We’ve been very proactive with proponents such as BG, Petronas, Spectra and Pinnacle to ensure these projects receive the support they need to have the best opportunity to proceed,” he said. In 2012, the group received grants to hire a temporary grant writer for the City of Prince Rupert and SkeenaQueen Charlotte Regional District. That writer is Blair Mirau, who wrote more than $20 million in funding proposals last year,

with $750,000 being ap- of projects last year, inproved to date, and nu- cluding a lead role in the merous more being re- Prince Rupert Marina viewed. Project, that would see The Economic De- expanded marine cavelopment Corpora- pacity in the Cow Bay tion took on a number waterfront. 1 13-01-24 8:59 AM




8:59 AM



8:59 AM


8:59 AM

The project goal is $3.6 million, with the project’s anchor sponsor Western Economic Diversification confirming $2 million in non-repayable grants by Feb. 15.

Joe Zelweitro, Adrienne Johnston and Helen Moore from the Prince Rupert Public Library, said 2012 was a challenging year, but the increase of funding

The Savour your kitchen event The Savour your kitchen event The Savour your kitchen event The Savour your kitchen event Receive up to $800 OFF

from the City last year helped the library has adapted to new technology by offering training on equipment such as E-Readers and other devices.

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GE Cafe is a trademark of General Electric Company. MC Commercial Inc and Mabe Canada Inc are licensees. GE Cafe is a trademark of General Electric Company. MC Commercial Inc and Mabe Canada Inc are licensees.

Eligible models for this promotion include any current GE Cafe products except OTR microwaves, countertop microwaves and range hoods. Cooktop plus Wall Oven must be on the same invoice to qualify for the $400 savings. Offer excludes discontinued or obsolete products. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer available to Canadian residents only. Offer is not available to dealers, builders or contractors. See a sales associate for more details.


GE Cafe is a trademark of General Electric Company. MC Commercial Inc and Mabe Canada Inc are licensees.

“I’m pleased with how the groups are using the money...” Jack Mussallem

if you’ve got lights we’ve got a business opportunity for you. BC Hydro is offering substantial financial rebates to small businesses that invest in energy efficient upgrades. Upgrades that will lower your power bill and improve your bottom line. Our network of contractors can help you identify energy saving opportunities that will benefit you the most and guide you through the process. To find out more call our business help desk at 1 866 522 4713 or visit

quinn bender/ the NORTHERN CONNECTOR

Joe Zelweitro told council that with grant funding the library, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is making the technological transition to E-books and readers.

Less Fuel. More Power. Great Value is a comparison between the 2013 and the 2012 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim based on 2012 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption estimates. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. See dealer for additional EnerGuide details. Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ≤, § The All the Best in 2013 Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after February 1, 2013. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. See participating dealers for complete details and conditions. •$35,498 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (26E) only. Pricing includes freight ($1,595) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. ≤4.99% lease financing available through WS Leasing Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Westminster Credit Union) (“WS”) to qualified retail customers on new 2012/2013 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT models at participating dealers in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories. Lease offer is based on a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a Purchase Price of $32,998 including $2,500 Consumer Cash and $2,500 Lease Delivery Credit. Purchase Price includes freight ($1,595) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, dealer charges and taxes. Lease offer is based on a 60 month term at 4.99% APR and 130 bi-weekly payments of $192. Down payment of $0 and applicable taxes, $475 WS registration fee and first bi-weekly payment are due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $24,928. Taxes, licence, registration, insurance, dealer charges and excess wear and tear not included. 22,000 kilometer allowance: charge of $.18 per excess kilometer. Some conditions apply. Security deposit may be required. See your dealer for complete details. §2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $52,040. Pricing includes freight ($1,595) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. ◊Based on automotive awards for SUVs 1974 to 2011. ♠Based on Ward’s 2012 Middle Sport/Utility Vehicle Segmentation. ¤Based on 2012 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel economy will vary based on driving habits and other factors. 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Hwy 8.8 L/100 km (32 MPG) and City: 13.0 L/100 km (22 MPG). TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.


The Northern Connector  Friday, February 15, 2013


DBC_131021_LB_JEEP_CHER.indd 1







• Leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise control • 3.6 L Pentastar VVT V6 delivering 290 HP • Unsurpassed 4x4 V6 highway fuel economy♠ • Dual-zone temperature control with air filtering






5,000 T:13.5”

SCAN HERE FOR MORE /bc_north  A13



2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland shown.§

35,498 •





With these available features:

• Electronic Stability Control with Brake Assist, Traction Control, Ready Alert Braking, Trailer Sway Control, and Hill Start Assist • Over 1,000 kilometre driving range on a single tank of gas



2/8/13 3:40 PM

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Your Community. Your classifieds.

Connector The Northern

250.638.7283 250.632.6144 250.624.8088 or or

Terrace fax T f 250.638.8432 250 638 8432


Kitimatt ffax 250.639.9373 Kiti 250 639 9373


Prince P i R Rupertt ffax 250 250.624.8085 624 8085 – – email:, or



Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email:


Timeshare CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. NO Risk Program, STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

Employment Business Opportunities ACCOUNTING & Tax Franchise - Start your own Practice with Canada’s leading Accounting Franchise. Join Padgett Business Services’ 400 practices. Taking care of small business needs since 1966. or 1-888-723-4388, ext. 222. EARN EXTRA cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate Openings For Men & Women. Easy Computer Work, Other Positions Are Available. Can Be Done From Home. No Experience Needed.

Career Opportunities PUT POWER into your career! As a Fairview Power Engineer. On-campus boiler lab. 4th Class-Part A 3rd Class. Affordable residences. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-9997882;


It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.

Place of Worship

Place of Worship

Pacific Cornerstone Baptist Church Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room Sunday Service at 11:00 am Phone 250-632-4924 •

Christ the King PARISH

1760 Nalabila Boulevard Ph 250-632-2215 Father Kenneth Uwaoma ~ EVERYONE WELCOME

Box replies on “Hold” instructions not picked up within 10 days of expiry of an advertisement will be destroyed unless mailing instructions are received. Those answering Box Numbers are requested not to send original documents to avoid loss.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation for bids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.

Place of Worship

Place of Worship

Kitimat Pentecostal Fellowship Formerly Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Pastor Mickeal Hoffman 1340 Kingfisher Avenue Church Ph. 250-632-5623

10:30 am Morning Worship Service ALL ARE WELCOME

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 840 Columbia Ave. – Ph. 250-632-6014 840 Columbia Ave. – Ph. 250-632-6014 Email: Rev. Tim Coleman

10, 2013 Sunday, February 17,

Fifth First Sunday in Ordinary Sunday of LentTime

“Bible Connections” 9:30 am - for all ages

SaturdayFeb. Feb.16 9 Sunday Feb. 10 Saturday 17 7:30 pm 9:00 am & 11:15 am Celebration Celebration of the Eucharist of the Eucharist “Come me,bysays thealone, Lord,but andbyI will make youthat “Man doesfollow not live bread every word of people.” 4:19 4:4 comesfishers from the mouth ofMatthew God.” Matthew

Worship 11:00 am Exodus Series #4 Exodus 7-12 Lent Series #1 Exodus 12:31-51 “God’s“THE Judging Presence” EXODUS”

Stations the Cross Ashof Wednesday Wednesday, February 13 Friday evenings at 7 pm during Lent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Mass Times as follows:

Sunday evenings from

9:00 am, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

7 to 8 pm during Lent

Presbyterian CHURCH

Lahakas and Nalabila Ph. 250-632-2044 or 250-632-2568

Sunday, Sunday, February February 10 17 TransfiSunday guration in Sunday First Lent

10:30 am Worship Service and Sunday School 10:30 am Worship Service and Sunday School Annual General Meeting Worship Leader: Albert van Haven Worship Leader: Allisterder Boyd

“Worship thejoin Lord “Come and with us this Sunday.” our church family.”

with light breakfast



Display, Word Classified and Classified Display


All classified and classified display ads MUST BE PREPAID by either cash, VISA or Mastercard. When phoning in ads please have your VISA or Mastercard number ready.


(The Terrace Standard OR The Northern View or The Northern Sentinel) and The Northern Connector plus The Northern Daily.

Place of Worship

Place of Worship

FIRST UNITED CHURCH 1180 Kingfisher Ave. • Ph. 250-632-7149 Email: • Rev. Larry Scott

Sunday, February 10 17 11:00 am Worship Service “Where in the World is God?” “Discoveries in Our Wilderness.”

Mountain OUNTAINView IEW

AlliAnce ALLIANCE church CHURCH •• Small Small Group Group Ministry Ministry •• Youth Youth Ministry Ministry •• •• Noahs Noahs Park Park Children’s Children’s Church Church ••

Sunday Sunday Service Service 10:30 10:30 am am

1332 1332 Lahakas Lahakas Blvd. Blvd. N N 250-632-4658 250-632-4658


Christ Church Anglican

Pastor Clint Magnus • ph. 250-632-6962

All are Welcome


KITIMAT 1474 Nalabila Blvd. 11:00 am Sunday Worship 9:45 am Bible Study and Sunday School

TERRACE 5010 Agar Ave. 250.631.7825 2:00 pm Sunday Worship

The Harvest

THE HARVEST MINISTRIES CANADA Held at the Eagle Centre Theater, 193 Nechako Centre Ph. 250-632-5501 email:

View live webstreaming of Saturday Services at:

Saturday Night Services Saturday,February February16 9 Saturday, Fellowship

Service 7:00 pm EVERYONE WELCOME!!!

1739 Gyrfalcon • Ph. 250-632-7812

LastFirst Sunday afterinEpiphany Sunday Lent Sunday, February 17 10 at 10:30 am Eucharist with Fr. Luke Anker

Shrove Tuesday Deuteronomy February 12 Pancake 26: 1-11Supper at 6 pm. Ash Wednesday Service God February 13 atto 6:30 pm. “Celebrate the bounty has given you.”

Kitimat Worship Directory

For information on placing a church listing, please call 250-632-6144, or email

We’re on the net at

The Northern Connector  Connector Friday, Friday,February February15, 15,2013 2013

Career Opportunities

Employment Career Opportunities

Employment Information

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking DRIVERS WANTED:

Terrific career Opportunity with outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Rail Experience Needed!! Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time, Valid License w/ air brake endorsement. Extensive Paid Travel, Meal Allowance, 4 weeks Vacation and BeneďŹ ts Package. Compensation based on prior driving experience. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE

Regional Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator Northwest Region only. Please visit for more details.

Please forward a cover letter, resume, & 3 references by Deadline 5pm Thursday Feb. 28.

Education/Trade Schools

TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 32 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

EXCLUSIVE FINNING/Caterpillar Mechanic training. GPRC Fairview Campus. High school diploma, mechanical aptitude required. $1000. entrance scholarship. Paid practicum with Finning. Write apprenticeship exams. 1-888999-7882;

Community Newspapers We’re at the heart of things™


Obituaries In Loving Memory of

Maria de Lourdes Silva April 7, 1927 - January 21, 2013

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Maria de Lourdes Silva on January 21, 2013. Lourdes slipped peacefully into the arms of her Lord Jesus. She is survived by her loving husband of 62 years, Artur; her son Arthur (Maria); her daughter Filomena (Durval); her son Jose (Lola); her grandchildren David (Chrissy), Christine (Christopher), Joshua, Daniel, Andrew (Amy), Kristy (Cameron), Jonathan, Amanda and Eva; great grandchildren Caleb, Olivia, Dain, Cohen, Jillian, Hazen and James; brother-in-law Mariano da Silva; sisters-in-law, Merces da Silva and Cremilde da Silva; and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews. Lourdes had a wonderful sense of humour and was loved by all who knew her. She will be sadly missed. A celebration of Lourdes’ life was held at Christ the King Catholic Church on Saturday, Janaury 26, 2013. The Silva and DaCosta families would like to express their gratitude to all for attending Lourdes’ funeral mass, and also all the prayers that she received from so many friends. A special thank you to Father Andy Takach for visiting Lourdes at her home.

Forever loved and missed. Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts



Gemma’s Boutiques

is available for

PICK UP FRIDAYS at 6:00 am* DROPBOXES AT: • City Centre Hardware • Riverlodge • Cablecar at 14 GREYLING • Mac’s Convenience/Shell • OK Tire / Rent a Wreck 1700 NALABILA BLVD.


• Northern Sentinel Office 626 ENTERPRISE AVE.

ALSO AVAILABLE AT: • Kildala Grocery • Tony’s Corner Store • Husky Market • Esso • Overwaitea* OPENS AT 8:00 AM • Super Valu* OPENS AT 8:00 AM • Shoppers Drug Mart* OPENS AT 8:00 AM We’re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Trades Supervisor & Planner Rio Tinto Alcan is the aluminum product group of Rio Tinto, headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Building on more than a century of experience and expertise, Rio Tinto Alcan is the global leader in the aluminum industry. Rio Tinto Alcan is a global supplier of high-quality bauxite, alumina and primary aluminum. Its AP smelting technology is the industry benchmark and its enviable hydroelectric power position delivers significant competitive advantages in today’s carbon-constrained world. As part of Rio Tinto Alcan Primary Metal North America, the company’s BC Operation is based in Kitimat, British Columbia and is one of the largest industrial complexes in the province. Employing about 1250 people and contributing more than $280 million annually to the provincial economy, the Kitimat based aluminium operation is poised for growth. Rio Tinto Alcan is seeking to fill the following roles at our Kitimat, BC Operations with a successful candidate who will reside in the Kitimat/Terrace area.

Trades Supervisor (Mechanical) HR0024524 Under Coordinator/Manager supervision, the Supervisor is responsible for managing production and/or maintenance teams in order to ensure optimum plant or business-unit operation. To this end and in order to meet predetermined business plan objectives, he/she controls operating, service and maintenance parameters and procedures, ensures that quality standards are met, favours the growth of coaching teams, and promotes continuous improvement and the integration of health, safety and environmental issues. The fields of expertise for this employment position are the health and safety, cost control, training and development, employee relations, etc. To qualify for the Trades Supervisor position the candidate must have: rĀ ĀXD@QRĀNEĀHMCTRSQH@KL@MTE@BSTQHMFĀRTODQUHRNQXĀDWODQHDMBDĀHMĀ@MĀTMHNMHYDCĀRDSSHMF rĀ$WODQHDMBDĀRTODQUHRHMFĀ@ĀSD@LĀNEĀSQ@CDRODNOKD rĀ AHKHSXĀSNĀHMSDQOQDSĀBNKKDBSHUDĀK@ANTQĀ@FQDDLDMS rĀ2SQNMFĀCDLNMRSQ@SDCĀENBTRĀNMĀR@EDSX rĀ2SQNMFĀBNLOTSDQRNESV@QDĀ@OSHSTCD rĀ(MSDQOQNUHMBH@KĀ,HKKVQHFGSĀSHBJDS

Maintenance Planner (Mechanical or Electrical) HR0024264

Happy Thoughts

Put your baby’s picture in the Northern Sentinel’s

Be a u t i f u l B a b i e s of Kitimat feature!

This is always a very popular feature and your child/grandchild/niece/nephew or any beautiful baby you know can be included.

www.bclocalnews/bc_north /bc_north  A15


Only $

plus HST

Fill in the form below and enter your baby pic today!

4MCDQĀ "NNQCHM@SNQ,@M@FDQĀ RTODQUHRHNM Ā SGDĀ ,@HMSDM@MBDĀ /K@MMDQĀ VHKKĀ OK@M Ā NQF@MHYD Ā CHQDBS Ā BNMSQNKĀ and evaluate the operations of a particular production department. Technical aspects include but are not limited to: rĀ#DUDKNOĀ@BBTQ@SDĀVNQJĀDRSHL@SDRĀENQĀK@ANTQ ĀL@SDQH@K ĀSNNKR ĀDSB rĀ#DUDKNOĀ@MCĀHLOKDLDMSĀDEkBHDMSĀINAĀOK@MR rĀ$MRTQDĀR@EDSXĀQHRJĀ@RRDRRLDMSRĀ@MCĀQDLDCH@SHNMĀOK@MRĀ@QDĀCNMDĀOQHNQĀSNĀRBGDCTKHMF rĀ"NNQCHM@SDĀOQNBTQDLDMSĀNEĀL@SDQH@KR ĀO@QSRĀRS@FHMFĀENQĀOK@MMDCĀVNQJ The preferred candidate will possess: rĀ MĀ(MSDQOQNUHMBH@KĀ,HKKVQHFGSĀNQĀ$KDBSQHBH@MĀ3Q@CDRĀPT@KHkB@SHNM rĀ ĀLHMHLTLĀNEĀ ĀXD@QRĀQDK@SDCĀDWODQHDMBDĀHMĀ@MĀHMCTRSQH@KĀRDSSHMF rĀĀ/NRRDRRĀ FNNCĀ BNLOTSDQĀ RJHKKRĀ @MCĀ G@UDĀ OQDUHNTRĀ DWODQHDMBDĀ VHSGĀ @Ā "NLOTSDQĀ ,@HMSDM@MBDĀ Management System (CMMS) - SAP preferred The successful candidates will have “safety in the workplace� as their number one priority. The rewards and benefits of working for Rio Tinto Alcan are market benchmarked and very competitive, including an attractive remuneration package, regular salary reviews, employee share plan, competitive pension plan, a self-education assistance policy, and comprehensive health & disability programs.

Baby’s Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To apply, please submit an on-line resume directly at our website at


Resumes must be received by 15 March 2013.

Baby’s Birth Date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rio Tinto Alcan would like to thank all applicants; however, only those short listed will be contacted.

Parent’s Names . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Submit this form along with a photo of the beautiful baby to: Northern Sentinel, 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat or email your digital photo to: – Ph. 250 632-6144 fax 250 639-9373. To have your photo returned, send a self stamped addressed envelope or pick up at our office. Unclaimed photos will be discarded.

approx. size of ad 2"x2" - includes photo and text

The Beautiful Babies Feature will be published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel. K









A16 Friday,February February15, 15,2013  2013 The Northern Connector A16 /bc_north Friday,

Career Opportunities

Employment Education/Trade Schools INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853 TAYLOR PRO TRAINING *Heavy Equipment Operator Training *Commercial Driver Training Call today 1-877-860-7627 THE ONE, the only authorized Harley-Davidson technician training program in all of Canada. You’ll work on all types of HD bikes. Quality instruction and state-of-the-art training aids. GPRC Fairview Campus, Fairview Alberta. 1888-999-7882;

Help Wanted AC Recycling (Terrace) Ltd./ Bold Salvage and Recycling Ltd. Labourers needed immediately. Applicants must be physically ďŹ t and reliable. Please bring resume in person to 2550 Queensway Dr. Terrace BC.

Calling all Nurses (RN,RPN,LPN) do you desire a career change and to own your own business? Now is your opportunity to be self-employed and part of Canada’s largest nurseowned home care organization. We are a BC Corporate company providing first class care to seniors and people with disabilities. Please email your expression of interest to: or call 1-877-998-3372

Career Opportunities

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


The Northern Sentinel is looking for an Ad Assistant to join our community newspaper’s production department. The successful applicant will build and design ads, interact with editorial and sales team, and advertising clients. Must be creative, organized and work effectively under tight deadlines. Speed, accuracy and attention to detail is a requirement. Working knowledge of Adobe Indesign and Photoshop is an asset. Remuneration will be in accordance with the CEP Local 525g Collective Agreement.

Start your Health Care Career in less than a year! Study online or on campus Nursing Unit Clerk – 6 months - Work in the heart of the hospital Pharmacy Technician – 8 months - The ďŹ rst CCAPP accredited program in BC Medical Transcriptionist – 9 months - Work online or in hospitals

Please submit resumĂŠ and cover letter to: Louisa Genzale, Publisher Northern Sentinel 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4

Financial Aid available • PCTIA and CCAPP accredited

Call Today For Free Info Kit








Career Opportunities




Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities


HomeHealthCareÂŽ #100-4634 Park Ave., Terrace, B.C. seeks part-time

Customer Service Advisor

The ideal candidate will have previous experience in home health care products. Experience is a strong asset but will train the ideal candidate. Successful candidate will be: •Highly organized •Personable and customer service focused •Energetic and motivated to succeed •Able to demonstrate attention to detail We offer competitive wage and benefit package, and welcome your interest in a career with a progressive and dynamic Community Health Care Store. Apply directly to Julie Melia, fax resume to 250-6155152 or email to

With 47 ports of call, 35 vessels, and more than 500 sailings every day, BC Ferries is the largest independently-owned ferry company in the world. Dedicated to safety, excellence, innovation, and people, we are committed to continuously improving the west coast travel experience of our customers.

Seasonal Employment Opportunities Prince Rupert Deckhands You load and unload vehicle and passenger trafďŹ c; steer, control and maintain the vessel; and provide general ship husbandry and vessel maintenance duties. Bridge Watchman certiďŹ cate preferred.

Terminal Services Attendant You are a dynamic team player providing cleaning, routine maintenance, and security for the terminal, while assisting with vessel loading, unloading, and docking. A valid BC Driver’s License is required. Operation of a fork lift may be required.

Engine Room Assistants You assist in the maintenance of the mechanical, electrical, and propulsion systems of vessels; monitor and maintain machinery; provide watch relief; conduct rounds; perform general housekeeping duties; and assist Engineers with maintenance work. Fourth Class Motor CertiďŹ cate or Engine Room Rating CertiďŹ cate preferred. Email your resume, quoting position title to or fax to (250) 716-7138.

For more information on position requirements and how to apply, visit our website at: We appreciate the interest of all applicants; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

We thank all applicants, however, only those to be selected for an interview will be contacted.

Anchor / Kal Tire Kitimat We are presently seeking a Tire Person to work in the shop area.

Duties would involve changing tires including rotating, balancing, and flat repairs. Work involves use of tire shop equipment. Experience working on larger pieces of equipment would be an asset. Applicants must possess the ability to work successfully in a team atmosphere and to excel in a physically demanding environment. This is a part time position for the busy season but could lead to full time work with medical benefits. Applications with experience as a tire person will be considered over those having no experience. Training as required will be available. Valid driver’s license is required. Please fax resume including references to 250-632-4436 or drop off at the store 236 Enterprise Avenue (Attention Manager). All applicants will be considered but only those contacted will be given an interview for the position.

Trigone International Consulting Group Inc. is presently seeking candidates to participate in an important project as a Training Advisor in electrical maintenance in Kitimat. If you have electrical technical training and training in adult education, this may be for you.

Training Advisor The Training Advisor, under the responsibility of the General Manager, will manage the activities of training in his/her area of responsibility. He/she is responsible for the delivery of all training activities in his/her area in order to prepare the workforce with new competency skills set so that they are ready for the start up of the new facilities. Main Responsibilities: • Participate in the preparation of tools and material for the training department • Develop training programs • Develop competency profiles • Ensure all the necessary material, schedule and planning in their designated area of responsibility are ready in time for the start up • Supervise a team of instructional designers in the development of training material for the new plant •Assess the quality of the training material prior to delivery and throughout the development phase of the designers and vendors • Develop some training material (train the trainer, coach) to support their area of responsibility • Supervise the work of the desktop publishing team assigned to their training materials Required Qualifications: • Relevant technical training and experience in electrical maintenance and University degree in adult training or equivalent experience • 3 to 5 years of experience in electrical maintenance • Strong English writing skills • Strong skills using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio • Superior analytical skills • Ability to methodically and rigorously synthesize information • Team worker We offer advantageous and very competitive work conditions. You’re interested? Send your resume to: Ms. Shentale Gagne, HR & Communication

The Provincial Networking Group Inc. (PNGI) is a small private company that has been providing high quality services in the northwest for over 20 years. We currently have openings for employment positions within our company that support people with a range of disabilities. Our company offers competitive wages within the field as well as a number of additional benefits for employees. Supported Employment Coordinator Position – Terrace, BC Full Time, 30-35 hrs per week $17.00 / hr to start This position involves front line responsibilities within our Supported Employment Program which assists adults with disabilities to find and maintain paid employment in our community. Ideal candidates will be good at networking with people, have an ability to think creatively, be innovative and have the ability to see more opportunities than barriers.

Life Skills Support Position – Terrace, BC Full Time, 35 – 40 hrs per week $17.00 / hr to start

This position provides life skills support to people with developmental disabilities in their home, in the community or at work. Candidates must be ok with working a flexible schedule that will change depending on needs of those you are supporting. May involve some evening and weekend work.

Life Skills Support Position – Kitimat, BC Part time, 15-25 hrs per week $17.00 / hr to start As above but this position will be based in Kitimat.

There is no closing date but please apply soon as we are looking to hire now. Please have a look at our website before applying to see what we are about: Email your resume with references to: You can also drop off resumes Monday – Friday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. our address is: 4730 Lazelle Ave, Terrace V8G 1T2, or fax to: 250-635-1698

The Northern Connector  Connector Friday, Friday,February February15, 15,2013 2013



Help Wanted

Help Wanted


LOOKING FOR both F/T and P/T server.Pls send your resume to Shan Yan Restaurant at 4606 Greig Ave Terrace. No Phone calls pls

Drivers needed as well. Routes are currently filled, but we’re always in need of relief/backup Carriers Call Prince Rupert Northern View @ 250-624-8088 Enigma Apparel & Promotions in Kitimat is seeking a motivated self-starter for the following positions: Graphic Design/Customer Service (fulltime). Must be capable and confident to work independently in a technology rich environment. Computer experience required. Preference will be given to those that show an aptitude in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. Production Assistant (full and part time). Under the guidance of the production manager, the qualified applicant will be responsible for general day to day production requirements of our busy sign department. Applicant must be capable of working with a great attention to detail. For further details, please check out our web site: Email resumes to: EXPERIENCED PARTS person for a progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits and RRSP bonuses plus moving allowances. Our 26,000ft2 store is located 2.5 hours N.E. of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email: Full & Part Time Fishing Guides for Terrace Area. Experience preferred but will train. Boat & truck also an asset. Reply Box 318 Terrace Standard, 3210 Clinton St. Terrace,BC V8G 5R2 Journeyman HD mechanic required for oilfield construction company. Duties will include servicing, maintenance and overhaul of our equipment. The job will be predominately shop work , but with a portion of your time spent in the field. A mechanics truck will be supplied for you. The job is based in Edson, Alberta. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051. KITIMAT


Full and Part time for Coastal Taxi. $12/hr. Send resume & drivers abstract to PO Box 56 Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6 No phone calls

Sujitra’s Suds & Seams in KITIMAT has a position available as

Assistant Manager

Applicant must be able to work independently providing a variety of services. Wage negotiable. Please drop off resume to 172 Nechako Centre during business hours. No phone calls please.

LUCKY GARDEN looking for server & kitchen helper. Please bring resume to 4660 Lakelse Ave., after 2:00PM. Minette Bay Marina has a full-time bookkeeping position available in Kitimat. Knowledge of Simply Accounting and Sage 50 required. Please email resume to or by fax to: 250-632-5911 Mount Layton Hotsprings currently taking applications for all divisions, Bartender/Server, Front Desk Clerk, Cook & Housekeeping. Fax resume to 250-798-2478, e-mail:

or apply in person at Mount Layton Hotsprings.

Help Wanted Help Wanted

www.bclocalnews/bc_north /bc_north  A17

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Gitxaala Nation Job Opportunity Fisheries Manager Workforce Development Officer Temporary Full-Time

TDCSS is seeking a business savvy individual to assist Employment Services Participants gain employability skills, obtain, and maintain employment. If you like to network with employers, have the ability to analyze or develop a job description, and you are able to match participant skills with the job, then this may be for you. Please contact Paula Peinsznski at 250 635-7995 or email:

Kidney disease strikes families, not only individuals. THE KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF CANADA

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

The Port of Prince Rupert, Canada’s leading edge port in trade growth, mariĆ&#x;me safety, environmental stewardship and community partnerships, invites applicaĆ&#x;ons from highly-moĆ&#x;vated individuals for the following new posiĆ&#x;on:

MAINTENANCE & PROJECT COORDINATOR As a memÄ?er of the ProĹŠect evelopment Team, the Maintenance Θ ProĹŠect Coordinator assists the irector, ProĹŠect Engineering with proĹŠect administraĆ&#x;on as well as all aspects of maintenance planning and implementaĆ&#x;on. This includes, Ä?ut is not limited to: maintenance work orders, scheduling, tracking and documentaĆ&#x;on, spare parts, inventory and stock room, maintenance costs and charges as well as iniĆ&#x;al proĹŠect development and implementaĆ&#x;on. The ideal candidate would possess a technician cerĆ&#x;ÄŽcate from a naĆ&#x;onally accredited program in one of the following disciplines: civil, industrial, mechanical or electrical. Three to ÄŽve years’ related edžperience is reĆ‹uired and previous edžperience with tracking maintenance and capital costs is an asset. /n addiĆ&#x;on, the ideal candidate would also possess strong spoken and wriĆŠen communicaĆ&#x;on skills, and perform well individually as well as in a team environment.


The Port oÄŤers a compeĆ&#x;Ć&#x;ve salary and a comprehensive Ä?eneÄŽts program. More details regarding this career opportunity are availaÄ?le at the Port’s weÄ?site at: /ndividuals of aÄ?original descent are strongly encouraged to apply. /nterested candidates are reĆ‹uested to suÄ?mit their applicaĆ&#x;on in conÄŽdence Ä?y February 22, 2013, to: irector, Human Resources Prince Rupert Port Authority 200 Í´ 215 Cow Bay Road Prince Rupert, B.C., sĎ´: 1A2 &adž: (250) ϲ2Ďł-ϴϾϴ0 Email:

The Port of Prince Rupert, Canada’s leading edge port in trade growth, mariĆ&#x;me safety, environmental stewardship and community partnerships, invites applicaĆ&#x;ons from highly-moĆ&#x;vated individuals for the following new posiĆ&#x;on:

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ReporĆ&#x;ng to the sice President, Commercial Θ Regulatory AÄŤairs, the AdministraĆ&#x;ve Assistant provides eĸcient legal, administraĆ&#x;ve and secretarial support to the Commercial Θ Regulatory AÄŤairs epartment. The ideal candidate would possess post-secondary educaĆ&#x;on, a law clerk or paralegal cerĆ&#x;ÄŽcaĆ&#x;on from an accredited organiÇŒaĆ&#x;on and one to three years’ related edžperience in a corporate legal department or law ÄŽrm. /n addiĆ&#x;on, the ideal candidate would also possess strong spoken and wriĆŠen communicaĆ&#x;on skills, and perform well individually as well as in a team environment. The Port oÄŤers a compeĆ&#x;Ć&#x;ve salary and a comprehensive Ä?eneÄŽts program. More details regarding this career opportunity are availaÄ?le at the Port’s weÄ?site at:

^ĆľĹľĹľÄžĆŒ^ƚƾĚĞŜƚƉŽĆ?Ĺ?Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ? Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) is currently seeking nine students interested in summer employment for four months commencing May 01, 2013 to August 30, 2013. Students may have the opportunity to work in one of the following departmentsÍ— KperaĆ&#x;ons, ProĹŠect evelopment, drade evelopment Θ PuÄ?lic Affairs, or &inance Θ AdministraĆ&#x;on. Applicants must Ä?e aĆŠending school, college or university during the last school term and returning to their studies in the suÄ?seĆ‹uent academic year. More details regarding these edžciĆ&#x;ng posiĆ&#x;ons are availaÄ?le at the PortÍ›s weÄ?site atÍ— Applicants should suÄ?mit a detailed resume with covering leĆŠer in conÄŽdence specifying which department they wish to Ä?e considered for Ä?y March Ď´th, 2013, toÍ— Human Resources Prince Rupert Port Authority 200-215 Cow Bay Road Prince Rupert, B.C. sĎ´: 1A2 &adž͗ (250) ϲ2Ďł-ϴϾϴ0 Email: Eo telephone inĆ‹uiries please.

/ndividuals of aÄ?original descent are strongly encouraged to apply. /nterested candidates are reĆ‹uested to suÄ?mit their applicaĆ&#x;on in conÄŽdence Ä?y February 28, 2013, to: Quit. Before your time runs out.

irector, Human Resources Prince Rupert Port Authority 200 ʹ 215 Cow Bay Road Prince Rupert, B.C., sϴ: 1A2 &adž: (250) ϲ2ϳ-ϴϾϴ0 Email:

Did you know? • Kidney Disease causes death in many people with diabetes and d high blood pressure, and raises the risk of a heart attack? od • Healthy kidneys reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure? If detected early, Chronic Kidney Disease can be treated, thereby reducing the risk of complications of diabetes, high blood pressure re and heart attacks.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch 200-4940 Canada anada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K6 1(800) 567-8112

A18 Friday,February February15, 15,2013  2013 The Northern Connector A18 /bc_north Friday,

Employment Help Wanted Kitimat Dynamics Gymnastics Club Is actively seeking a coach to assist with all levels of our recreational and competitive programs. The club’s growing membership participates in programs for all ages, including successful women’s and men’s competitive and developmental streams. The ideal candidate will have, at minimum, NCCP level 1 certification (or currently working towards it), first aid, and be 19 years of age or older. Consideration will be given for previous gymnastics experience and a willingness to obtain certification. Must be available evenings and weekends. Pay rate will be commensurate with experience and education. Applicants are asked to submit a detailed resume to: Please call 250-639-9244 for further information.

Help Wanted




Ofce Support

Trades, Technical


PART TIME RECEPTIONIST Tonja S. Horne Inc. is currently looking for a part time receptionist to answering phones, filing, errands and customer service. Hours are 10 - 2pm Monday to Friday some Saturdays. Please fax your resume to 250-624-4828.

Transport Canada Certifications

MED - A1 MED - A2

Mar 18-22 Mar 18-23


Jan 16-18

Mar 25-27 60T Chartwork Jan 21 - Feb 8 SEN-L Apr 2 - 12 Ship Const.Stability Apr 15 -26 Nav. Safety Feb 18 - Mar 8 Course dates & times subject to change. Check website:

Trades, Technical PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE.

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at Help Wanted


Families/Caregivers and Children (Ages 0-5) School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) is accepting applications for casual, on-call replacement facilitators for the position of StrongStart Facilitator at various school district locations. In collaboration with school and district staff, and community partners, the casual facilitator will work in this parent participation program which gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to be with their children in a purposeful, culturally relevant, play based environment. The program concentrates on key aspects of family literacy, numeracy, family support and education. The successful applicant(s) will have completed the Early Childhood Education program. Other requirements are: experience in a family participation early learning program; a good understanding of local First Nations history, language and culture; a valid child safe first aid certificate and a food safe certificate (or willingness to obtain).

Financial Services

Moving & Storage

Garage Sales

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

BK Moving. Small moves. Call 250-635-4317 or cell 250-6312307 ask for Buck.


Legal Services


Capp’s Marine

Poodle Puppies, 1 cream, 1 apricot, both males, $450/ea. Vaccinated & Dewormed. 250635-3546

410-309 2nd Ave West Prince Rupert, BC (250) 627-1265

DROWNING IN Debts? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

Requirements include: Grade 12 plus a minimum of four years related experience or a two year diploma in Computer Technology and 1 year related experience; certification in network and database systems; expert knowledge of standard computer programs; ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair computer systems; ability to read and interpret schematics, wiring diagrams, drawings and specifications; an expert knowledge of standard computer programs; a valid B.C. driver’s licence; the ability to communicate effectively with others both verbally and in writing; and, be physically able to perform the duties of the position. Interested applicants must complete a school district application form which is available at the School Board Office. Please submit this application with complete resume, employment references including up-to-date contacts and certificates attached, to Kathy Gomez, Director, Human Resources, SD 52 (Prince Rupert), 634–6th Avenue East, Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 1X1; Phone (250) 627-0773; Fax (250) 624-6517; Email: Closing date for applications is Friday noon, February 22, 2013.

Merchandise for Sale

Computer Services

Garage Sales

COMPUTER Repairs and Sales No Fix No Charge! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get professional advice from the computer doctor! We custom build computers to meet your needs. If you can dream it. We can build it. 250-638-0047

PR: Sat. Feb. 16 @ 120 Raven Place, 9am - Noon. Furniture & misc. items PR: Sat. Feb. 16 @ 716 Fraser St (rear access), 9am noon. PR: Sat. Feb. 16, 9am - 4pm @ Apt. A-914 1st Ave. West. Clothes, Fried bread, table & chairs and more.

Home Improvements EXPERIENCED RENOVATOR for all your home improvements. Drywall, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, decks, fences, etc. No job too big or too small. Call Premium Renovations Northwest 250-635-5587 or 250615-2520

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Carriers Wanted! +No Collecting! +Direct Deposit Pay! +Wednesday & Friday Deliveries.

Every Saturday 9:00am - 12:30pm at the Moose Hall

Craft items 1ative $rts ‡ %aNiQJ Silver Jewellery %eads +Rme %usiQess & Yard Sale Items For taEle reQtals Fall Rosa 250-624-4787 or .atKleeQ 250-624-5652 The coffee is always on! Table Rental Proceeds Go To The Moose

Heavy Duty Machinery A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! Also Damaged 40’ $1950 Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Free Delivery BC and AB

Medical/Dental 4663 Park Ave Terrace, B.C. V8G 1V9 Phone: 250-635-1213 Fax: 250-635-4633 Toll Free: 1-800-549-5594

is looking for applicants to our student program;

Available Routes in Kitimat +Trailer Park (75) (60) +Duncan, Anderson, Nalabila Townhouses (100) +Okanagan, Omenica (100)

Call the Northern Sentinel today! Call 250-632-6144, or email

School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) is accepting applications for the position of computer technician. This is a full-time continuing position, 8 hours per day, effective immediately. The successful applicant will install, repair and maintain computer hardware and software in schools and other district facilities. This position includes the training and support of teachers, secretaries, administrators and support staff in the use of computer software, as well as to provide troubleshooting, problem solving and repair of computer hardware.

Pet Services Dog Grooming for small breeds. Call Vicki Kennedy @ Veterinary Hospital. 250-600-6206

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

For more information, please contact Debbie Leighton-Stephens, District Principal, at (250) 627-1536. Please submit covering letter, resume, transcripts and names and contact numbers of three references to Kathy Gomez, Director, Human Resources, SD52 (Prince Rupert), 634 East Sixth Avenue, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1X1; fax: (250) 624-6517; email: Closing date for applications is Monday noon, February 18, 2013.

Computer Technician

Pets & Livestock

Financial Services

Casual StrongStart Centre Facilitator

Merchandise for Sale

M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.


Help Wanted











CAREER OPPORTUNITY Join the Chances family today! If you’re looking for an exciting work environment in a first-class facility, Chances Terrace is the place for you. Chances offers excellent career opportunities and competitive wages. Be part of a team that delivers exceptional gaming entertainment in a fun, social setting. CHANCES TERRACE IS LOOKING FOR


We are looking for dynamic individuals to serve patrons in a casual environment, collect payment and record sales, while ensuring that the level of service meets the gaming centre standards and also complies with provincial liquor legislation and regulations. All employees of Chances Terrace are required to complete a criminal record check. PLEASE LEAVE RESUME AT THE SECURITY DESK 4410 Legion Avenue, Terrace, B.C., V8G 1N6 Attention: Peter Thodt


within the context of a teaching environment in conjunction with the distance learning program from Vancouver Community College. Applicants must be highly motivated and very personable, have completed grade 12 with Biology 11 or 12 and a “B” or higher in academic English 12. If you have aspirations of a career and are interested in training locally, this may be a great opportunity for you. An info session will be held to address the details of this program and if you are interested, please email: Christine@ with your attached resume. You will then receive an invitation regarding the date and time.

Rentals Rentals

The Northern Connector  Connector Friday, Friday,February February15, 15,2013 2013

Merchandise for Sale


Heavy Duty Machinery

Apt/Condo for Rent

WANTED:Will pay cash for construction equipment, backhoes, excavators, dozers, farm tractors w/loaders, skid steers, wheel loaders, screeners, low beds, any condition running or not. 250-260-0217.

Now taking applications for 1,2, & 3 bdrm suites. If you are looking for clean, quiet living in Terrace and have good references, please call: 250-638-0799

Misc. for Sale

PR: Weider Pro 9635 Home gym. 3-person workout station. Like new. Paid $600, asking $285 OBO. Beautiful 7’ tall Fig tree, $150. Call 250-627-1950 after 4pm or lve msg. SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 - Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: www.Norwood or call 1800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. STEEL BUILDINGS/Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206

Misc. Wanted Local Coin Collector Buying Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins + Coin Guy: 778-281-0030


Call Alain Chan 250-624-6554 or 250-600-7836 (cell)

Real Estate For Sale By Owner KITIMAT Townhouse close to downtown. Well-kept three storey, 4 bedroom, 2 full bath. Lots of updates. Fenced yard with great view. 250-632-5295 or 250-632-1409

Hillcrest Place Apartments


Bachelor & two bedroom No Smoking, No Pets Starting at $475 monthly Also avail newly reno’d two bdrm units with d/w 250.632.7814 Kitimat

Walsh Avenue Apartments

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 KITIMAT BOXES, BOXES, BOXES You need them and we have them. Buy one bundle of 10 for $5.00 and we will give you a bundle for free. Come down to the Kitimat Northern Sentinel office at 626 Enterprise Avenue between 9 and 4:30 or call 250.632.6144

Apt/Condo for Rent

CLIFFSIDE APARTMENTS 1123-1137 Borden Street Adult-oriented. Quiet location with harbour view. Heat and hot water included. Minutes walking to downtown and hospital. References required. 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suites. Some furnished. Prince Rupert

• • • •


Starting at $550 Balconies Security Entrances Cameras for your safety Now includes basic cable Visit our Website Phone: 250.632.APTS (2787)


For rent in Terrace, BC, quality accommodations of varying kinds. Ref. required. Phone 250-635-1799 or 250635-9333 now for best selection.




Bachelor 1 and 2 bedroom

Free heat & Free Hot Water Furnished & Unfurnished 1 & 2 bedrooms Security Entrances No Pets. No Smoking

APARTMENTS Largest, Brightest Suites Shiny Hardwood Floors Unfurnished & Furnished Daily - Weekly - Monthly



RENT starting from $575 INCLUDES HEAT!

OCEANVIEW APTS (250)632-2822 Kitimat

GATEWAY APARTMENTS McBride & 8th Prince Rupert Unfurnished - Furnished (Furnished short Term Rentals Available) Close to downtown Adult-oriented No Pets

627-7137 Commercial/ Industrial Property

Kuldo Court Apartments 2 - two bedroom apartments available. Newly renovated, New carpets. Heat and hot water included. $850/mo. (c) 778-818-0126 (office) 250-632-7729 Apply at 730 Kuldo Blvd. Kitimat

• • •

QUATSINO APTS KITIMAT Downtown location Balconies Security Entrances Some furnished suites Call for an appointment 250.632.4511


Rentals Suites, Upper

Duplex / 4 Plex

Homes for Rent


2 Bdrm duplex with garage avail. immed. in Kildala comes with F.S. W.D. Very Clean $900/mo. Ref. req’d. Call Brent (514) 210-5551

Executive 3 bedroom 12x15 rooms with large south facing sunroom, two story on a quiet bench street, carport, all appliances, two bathrooms, Open floor concept, beautiful yard, available immediately, $1600 includes utilities Contact Erika at 250-635-2404, cell 250-6386988, or

3 bedroom apartments. Heat and hot water included. No smoking. No pets References required.

Phone between 9am - 6pm 250-627-8123 SANDPIPER APTS KITIMAT Newer Buildings Elevators Security Entrances Covered Parking Balconies


Commercial/ Industrial PR: For Rent/Lease 400 sq. ft of storage (only) space. Downtown location. Call 250-6243974 or 250-600-3727




Apt/Condo for Rent

$730 per month. K&C APARTMENTS 423-3rd Ave. West. in Pr. Rupert. 2 blocks from college. One bedroom apartments. Hardwood floors. Laundry services, heat incl. Security entrance. Rent $575 - $600/mo. Phone Suzanne @ 250-622-2710

www.bclocalnews/bc_north /bc_north  A19

Perfect for small business @ 1061 Saskatoon Ave. 1560 sq. ft (60 x 26) w/lge bay door, ofc space, washroom. Single & tripleface elect. svc (also 200 amp. svc), 1 yr lease Interested call 250-624-6275 or 250-600-6131

For Sale By Owner

2 BDRM NEWLY RENOVATED LOWER UNIT IN THE HORSESHOE, f/s/shared brand new w/d, plenty of windows and natural light, close to downtown, n/s, non-partying, long term tenants, references reqrd, taking applications, $1,200/mth includes heat, hydro, wifi, satellite tv, 1yr lease min, 250-635-1971 Kitimat - 3 bdrm 1/2 duplex near elementary and high schools. Freshly painted, very clean. F/S. Available Immediately. $850/mo plus utilities. Refs req. Call after 5pm. 250-632-5199 Nechako - 3 bedroom duplex. f/s, w/d. Refs req. + PNG connect approval. $975/mo + utilities 250-279-0207 PR: 2 bdrm, 1 bath; hydro not incl. 1363 6th Ave. E. dwnstrs. Dep. Req. $585/mo. Call 250627-5087 or 250-622-9418

Homes for Rent 3 bdr upstairs floor for rent, 4700 block of Straume. $800/month + utilities. NP, NS. References req. Apr 1. 250635-7400 One bdrm suite in tri-plex, close to downtown, cable, washer & dryer & utilities included. References required, N/S $800/mo (250)635-4777

For Sale By Owner

Home for Sale in Kitimat

47 Baker Street, Kitimat. Three floors, five bedrooms and three baths with dining room, study, fireplace, a beautiful kitchen, full open basement, and laundry room. Large garage. Fully hedged yard. Appraised at $360,000, asking

$190,000 250-632-2590

Large 2 Bdrm Suite Close to downtown Prince Rupert; N/S, N/P; off-street parking; Ref. required.

Please call 250-624-2054

Townhouses Office/Retail 3 Office Spaces for Lease Prime Downtown Location 4650 Lazelle Ave - 2nd floor 1. 550 square feet 2. 939 square feet 3. 480 square feet Option to combine 2nd & 3rd office spaces to a 1419 square foot space. Call 250-615-7583 or e-mail:

Seasonal Acommodation $449 CABO San Lucas, all inclusive Special! Stay 6 Days in a Luxury Beachfront Resort with Meals & Drinks! For $449! www.luxurycabo 1-888-481-9660.

Suites, Lower PR: 1 bdrm suite for Rent @ Sloan Ave. Avail. immed. Call 250-624-1765.

2 & 3 BED Townhouses. Fully furnished or unfurnished. Professional, licensed mngt., 250-847-8061 LARGE (1500sq ft + bsmt) Townhouses for rent. newly renovated, great neighborhood, carports, on bus route. call 250-279-2727 for viewing. 5 available. $895 a month.

PINE CREST 3 Bdrm. 2 Level T/H 1 ½ bath No pets Call Jenn 622-4304 PRINCE RUPERT Harbourview Apts. 2 & 3 Bdrm, 1 bath, Start at $600 No pets 627-6697 or 622-2699 TOWNHOMES in KITIMAT 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath, carport Start $700. Sorry no Pets. Call Greg 639-0110

Suites, Upper PR: 2 bdrm suite in quiet area close to downtown, incl. 5 appl, N/S, N/P, ref. req. Call 250-624-3601 after 5pm.

Apt/Condo for Rent

Lets You Live Life. Apt/Condo for Rent

Skyline Manor 1200 Summit Ave.

Bachelor & 1 Bedroom Suites. Security Entrance, harbour views, balconies, storage, laundry facilities, hot water & heat included. Sorry no pets. Close to hospital, bus stop & downtown. References required. Contact our on site Manager at 250-624-6019

Commercial/ Industrial Property

Houses For Sale FOR Sale $162,000. 3 Bedroom 1 & 1/2 bath Rancher on quiet dead end street (2080 Chuchill Dr). Backs on to wooded area 1,000s square feet. Recent upgrades include New Siding , Gutters & soffets Window trim & Flooring House, was also lifted and leveled As well as new floor joist. Also small shed in back. Paul Willms 1-250-883-4677


The eyes have it

Real Estate NEW HOUSE FOR SALE COMPLETED IN Dec 2012 3 bdrm, 2 full bath, full garage, Lg Lot, minutes from town. To view call 250-6158457 or 250-638-0734

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent APARTMENT FOR RENT Available March 1st. 2 bedrooms, beautiful oak cabinets, on southside. 3 appliances no pets, no smoking, 875/month. 1 - 2 year lease. Call 638-7747 leave message


Kitimat 1,2,3 bdrms Clean & Quiet Heat & hot water included Call (250)632-2824 or email

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Working Together... ...Better! K










A22 /bc_north Friday, February 15, 2013  The Northern Connector

Variety Club steps up to assist a Terrace teenager By Staff Reporter

The Northern connector

TERRACE - When this year’s version of the Annual Variety Show of Hearts Telethon takes to the airwaves on Global BC TV Feb. 16 and 17, there will be a Terrace connection. Alahna Loefndorf was born without sweat glands and so must have her body temperature regulated or she can suffer from fits or convulsions. Variety has stepped up by providing financial assistance to buy a Stay Cool Vest which is designed to lower body core temperature for those affected by climates or medical conditions. Combining with Thermo tek technology with advanced textile materials, the cooling vests are not simply wearable ice packs. Instead the vests are engineered body cooling systems that fit your size, mobility and lifestyle needs. Alahna’s condition is called anhidrosis which is explained as the inability to perspire. Failure to perspire may result in heat stroke or, in the case of a fever, develop a temperature so high it causes a febrile seizure. Either scenario could prove deadly. Alahna, now 16, was born with the condition

and coped with its restrictions by having her hair wet down and body cooled down with spray bottles. Acquiring the vest has improved her ability to be more mobile. “I don’t have to wear it as much in the winter, but in the summer I do when it gets warm,” said Alahna. Mother Sandra Loehndorf says Alahna’s inability to perspire extends to not having any saliva and not being able to generate a normal amount of tears from her tear ducts. And when they tried to move to Alberta, Alahna’s feet and lips cracked because of the drier climate. “It was much easier to live in Terrace because of the coastal climate,” said Sandra. Sandra applied to the Variety club for assistance upon the suggestion of a friend. “I had heard they could provide help,” she said. Amongst Variety’s many projects, the Show Of Hearts Telethon stands as its signature event. Every year, since 1965, viewers come back to watch internationally renowned entertainers and, of course, the wonderful stories of families who have been helped by Variety. In return they show their hearts and give

generously, donating almost $7 million last year. Over 1.5 million people tuned in to Global BC in 2012, making it one of the most successful telethons to date. The Telethon owes its success to the thousands of organizations, individuals and professionals who volunteer their time to make it the best show in town. “We know that the people of BC love Variety,” says Bernice Scholten, Variety’s Executive Director. “But we also know that, despite that dedication, many people are still not exactly sure

Exports do well By Staff Reporter

The Northern connector

VICTORIA - Statistics Canada released yearend export figures for 2012 recently. British Columbia exported $31.7 billion worth of goods last year, recording sizable increases to China and India, two key markets as the province looks to diversify and expand markets for its products. Exports to China, British Columbia’s second-largest trading partner after the United States, increased to $6 billion, up by 16.4 per cent compared to 2011. Exports to India increased by 59.8 per cent versus 2011, to $321 million. A sharp rise in housing starts and construction in the United States late last year also resulted in a 1.8 per cent increase in B.C. exports across the border, with wood products up 25.4 per cent to bring the 2012 total to $14.2 bil-

lion. Exports to Japan and Korea did fall off.

of what it is that we do, since we offer support in so many ways. Watching the Telethon helps remind everyone of where their donor dollars go – to the children of this province who have special needs. All the money raised in BC stays in BC and goes to the families and organizations who need our help.” The Telethon is famous for featuring performances by international stars. This year’s lineup of talent includes Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall; Rhianna’s concert in Manchester, including a behind-the-


scenes documentary of life on the road with the superstar; Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road; Justin Bieber, an exclusive interview and intimate set in London; and Mi-

chael Bublé at Madison Square Garden. At its core, the Telethon is all about raising money. Every year more families turn to Variety for help, and the more

money that is raised, the more that need is met. Children who have special needs are given the opportunity to walk, speak, hear, and learn for the first time in their lives.

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August 20-24

...Over 3500 55+ BC Seniors expected to participate ! Visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer Click on your It includes geographic zone and contact info for people you will find lots of who would be glad information to help you get involved

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On Tuesday 19 February the new traffic light system at the intersection of Smelter Site Road and the KMP Construction Village will begin flashing for a trial period of ten days. The lights will flash green in a north/ south direction and flash red in the east/west direction requiring traffic leaving the West Parking Lot and the KMP Construction Village to come to a complete stop before moving out and onto smelter Site Road. On 1 March the traffic light system will be put into full service respecting the rush hours of plant shift changes. As always, Rio Tinto Alcan asks that you exercise extreme caution while traveling on our roads.

Kitimat Modernization Project Building the future together

SPORTS It’s more than a basketball tournament The Northern Connector /bc_north

Friday, February 15, 2013



Garfield with a proposition: if he could organize the logistics for a large tournament in Prince Rupert, they would motivate the teams to get there. “The Native guys had the connections to the communities,” says Haugan. “What Garfield had was the connections to finance this thing. It was that conjunction that made it work: Natives knowing who to contact in the communities, and then this bar owner to know the business in Prince Rupert.” Garfield teamed up with the owner of the Royal Hotel then sat down with the Prince Rupert Basketball Association in 1959 and presented this vision for a new tournament. Sitting at the table were referees, the president of the league and coaches. It was a natural fit to bring all the nations to Prince Rupert. It was a neutral court in a central location with enough facilities for the

throngs of fans. The idea was attractive. The problem was, the league did not have the resources to get it running. Garfield went door-to-door, asking merchants for money on credit. It was presumptuous, but he possessed a unique balance of business sense and passion to pull it off. “He knew business really well,” says Morven. “But he was also like a father figure to us. He treated everyone equally and had no harsh words for anybody. He was the right man for this. The next year, in 1960, the first All Native Basketball Tournament drew 13 teams to the small gymnasium of Roosevelt Park. The spirited brand of all-Native sport drew enough ticket sales for Garfield to pay not only his creditors, but enough to give the Prince Rupert Basketball League and every team in the tournament a cash stipend of $200—the equivalent of roughly $1,560 today. The tournament’s capacity to pay for itself has been an incalculable source of pride for stakeholders since Day 1. It’s one of the few sporting events of its kind that offers a per diem to all its staff, volunteers and teams. At its peak, tournament organizers paid out $80,000 for these expenses. Last year it was $45,000. Haugan says the tournament ends up giving more money back to the teams than they pay in entrance fees. Until 15 years ago, this kind of profit-sharing was the product of ticket sales alone—fan support. But as the tournament exploded from one tiny gym to two full-sized courts with NBA nets, it became evident commercial sponsors—advertisers—needed to get involved. “You can only push ticket prices up so much before you have to face the inevitable,” says Haugan, adding the ANBT has never asked for a single grant or public money of any kind. “The tournament started off as a sporting event, and it quickly became a social event as well. People could all come to Prince Rupert to see people they haven’t seen in a year. That’s why the tournament was so popular, so quick.”

Jay both with 12, and Kynan Finnie and Reegin Maki with 10 points each. In the final game of the tournament, the Kermodes did not show up to play as a team and had no answer for the post players from North Peace, losing 82-68. Four starters were in foul trouble from early on in the game which led to some matchup problems for the Kermodes. But in the end, the boys were not sharp, did not play as a team,

and were out hustled by their opponents. Kermodes were led in scoring by Marcus MacKay with 26 and Reegin Maki with 17 points. Kermodes meet the Rainmakers in Prince Rupert today and tomorrow, Feb. 15 and 16. Next home action will be the AAA Northwest Zone Championships when Cal hosts the Queen Charlotte Saints on March 1 and 2 to see who will represent the zone at the AAA Provincial Championships in Langley March 12-16.

By Quinn Bender


PRINCE RUPERT - Today it is the most talked about event of the year in Prince Rupert, drawing an estimated 3,000 people from around the province and depositing $4 million into the Prince Rupert economy in just one week. It is an unparalleled social bombshell, planned for and relied upon for reunions among families and friends. But at its core inter-village rivalry is paramount. And from its tenuous beginnings it was that alone which sowed the seed for the All Native Basketball Tournament. However, the tournament has been dogged by misconceptions of how it really started. ANBT president Peter Haugan said a few passionate young athletes asked a couple of equally-passionate bar owners to help them carry a spirited backwoods tournament into the city. “It’s a common misconception that the Coastal Native Basketball Tournament in the 1940s was the predecessor of All Native Basketball Tournament, but that’s not the case. People consider it to be ‘all native,’ sure, but it has nothing to do with the [current] ANBT. “It was a standalone tournament in Prince Rupert that died when organizers started rotating it through villages. They wanted to share the revenues, but the isolated locations simply couldn’t handle crowds,” Haugan said. As a decade passed, villages across the North routinely held their own tournaments, but because travel was arduous, or downright impossible, they drew just a few teams from neighbouring villages. One exception was the Easter Basketball Tournament in Old Aiyansh. There was an intense rivalry among the four villages in the Nass Valley that produced some highly-competitive basketball. As word spread, more villages made the trip from across the North. People like Irwin Garfield. He was the owner of Prince Rupert’s Empress Hotel. Passionate about sports he sponsored two Native teams, one basketball, the other soccer, and travelled with them of-


Jamie Stevens from the Prince Rupert Rain and Samantha Azak from the Canyon City Gitwinksihlkw Wildcats compete for the ball on Sunday, Feb. 10 ten to games and tournaments. In 1958, a few of the players from his Prince Rupert soccer team invited him to the Easter basketball tournament in their home village of Old Aiyansh. Their goal was to let Garfield see first-hand the level of play. They invited him again the next year, then planted the seed for what became the All Native Basketball Tournament. “Garfield could see the competitiveness between the teams,” says Haugan. “Off the court they were all friends, but on the court they were playing to win. He could see there was quite a rivalry between nations like Nisga’a and Tsimshian.” But it was suffering from the same ailment that killed the Coastal Native Basketball Tournament— the passion, the rivalry and the skill were in good supply, but there were no rooms or amenities to support the crowds.

“It got too big and too expensive,” says Nelson Morven, one of Garfield’s former players. “There were no roads except old logging roads. People had to travel by boat up the river, and we had to go down to Kincolith to pick up other teams in open boats, those long river boats. We ran out of places to billet out. In some cases whole teams were staying in one house.” And on the court, the game was marred by a strong bias among referees to favour their home team. Morven knew the tournament couldn’t last. The location was eroding every aspect of the game— for the players and the fans. But it was too special to let the spirit of the event slip away, even if it mean reinventing the tournament elsewhere. In 1959, Morven—and his manager Sid Eligh, coach Rod Tate, and players Burt Mercer, Max Wright and Peter Clayton—approached

Caledonia playday foreshadows zones for Junior boys By Contributed


TERRACE - The Caledonia Kermode Junior boys hosted a playday Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Caledonia Gym, bringing together the potential top three seeds in the northwest zone prior to the Jr. Boys Zone Championship tournament in Smithers on Feb. 15 and 16. The Junior Kermodes defeated Mt. Elizabeth Junior Eagles in the first game of the morning by a

12-point spread. Charles Hays, the favorites, defeated Smithers by a large margin before losing a close game to Port Simpson (another top three seed). And the final game of the day saw the Kermodes win 53-52 over the Port Simpson Squad. All in all, it could be a very interesting zone championship in two weeks. Senior Boys action And the senior Kermodes were at the College Heights Invitational that same weekend, kicking off the

tournament with a convincing win over Cedars Christian 93-23. Kermodes were led by Reegin Maki with 25 points, Levi Crist with 15, Mat Brown with 14 and Kynan Finnie and Keel Haldane with 10 each. Levi Crist was named player of the game. In game two the Kermodes defeated the host team College Heights by an 80 - 53 score. Caledonia was led by player of the game Marcus MacKay with 25 points, Patrick Kurek and Brennan

A24 /bc_north Friday, February 15, 2013  The Northern Connector

Strict marine safety standards will ensure we respect our neighbours above, around and below us.

Although tankers have been safely navigating the north coast and its channels for decades, marine safety remains a top priority for British Columbians. We have been planning the Northern Gateway Project for over a decade, with a particular focus on protecting the environment. We have added specific safety requirements to our marine operations plan to help make the waters of the north coast safer not just for tankers serving the project, but for all marine vessels.

Tankers will reduce speeds in the channels…

Qualified BC Coast Pilots will board and guide all tankers… To prevent spills, all tankers serving the project will be modern and double-hulled, and will be vetted by independent, third party agencies before entering Canadian waters. Once strict safety and environmental standards are met, they will be guided through the Douglas and Principe Channels by qualified BC Coast Pilots.

Tankers travel slowly, but to make sure that marine species and their habitats are respected, tankers will be required to reduce speed as they pass through certain sections of the channels. Even their escort tugboats will have quieter engines to reduce underwater noise.

Powerful tugboats will escort tankers… Additional radar and navigational aids will improve safety for all vessels…

Tugboats have been shown to significantly reduce tanker incidents worldwide. Powerful tugboats that have been specially commissioned for Northern Gateway will assist in the safe arrival and departure of tankers. All tankers will be attended by a close escort tug. In the channels, laden tankers will have two tugs–one tethered at all times. These tugboats will have emergency response equipment on board and will be capable of assisting any marine vessel.

Ad #EN018-11/12E REV

For increased safety and sure guidance, additional radar systems and navigational aids, such as beacons, buoys and lights, will be installed throughout the routes. This will not only improve safety for tankers, but for all marine traffic on the north coast.

Discover more about our rigorous marine safety plan and join the conversation at

It’s more than a pipeline.

It’s a path to delivering energy safely.

©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

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01/11/12 4:16 PM

Northern Connector, February 15, 2013  

February 15, 2013 edition of the Northern Connector

Northern Connector, February 15, 2013  

February 15, 2013 edition of the Northern Connector