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Hummingbird haven

How to feed hummingbirds in the winter.

Island Neighbours

There’s lots to love about living on Bowen Island.

Sealed with a kiss

Local preschoolers make hand-made Valentine cards.

To drop off or to pick up? That’s the question facing Bowen Island as it deals with waste management options DEBRA STRINGFELLOW CONTRIBUTING WRITER

The Solid Waste Resource Management Advisory Committee has been hard at work researching different options dealing with the complex issues surrounding garbage and waste management. The advisory committee presented a progress report to council on Monday with the hopes that council would approve their 2013 work schedule, two public educational meetings and funding ($13, 000) for four environmental studies. The Solid Waste Resource Management Advisory Committee’s goals are to reduce costs related to waste management and to educate the community in creating zero waste. A “zero waste” community is a place where recyclables are returned, compostables do not end up in our landfill or incinerators and reusable materials are not thrown away. To date this group has assisted in diverting organic materials, recommended a bi-weekly pickup for non-organics and researched other options relating to waste management and cost reductions. Within the progress report presented to council, the advisory committee discussed options surrounding composting on island, developing a used building supply facility, as well as opportunities to reduce the number of trips to the mainland by compacting our waste and recyclables (such as plastics) into smaller loads. However the largest money saver according to the advisory committee is the drop -off versus pickup option. The idea is to shift the responsibility of waste removal from the municipality to the individual resident. This would allow residents the option of dropping off their own waste to the current transfer station Bowen Island Recycling Depot or hire a private contractor for curb side pickup if they so desired. With an initial one time capital cost of $250, 000 this drop off scenario would, according to the advisory committee, save approximately $200,000 a year. This capital cost would be to upgrade the framework at Bowen Island

Feb. 9 y a d r Satu

Currently, garbage is picked up by Bowen Waste Services and leaves the island after being compacted down within the truck. Debra Stringlellow photo

Recycling Depot, a requirement in order to accommodate the drop-off option. Concerns and questions from council included cost factors, the physicality involved with hauling garbage especially for our aging population and the potential to increase the carbon footprint due to special trips to the cove by many, versus one truck doing the job. Currently, our garbage is picked up by Bowen Waste Services (our local contractor) and leaves the island after being compacted down within the truck and then dumped at the North Shore Transfer Station. Once at the transfer station, the garbage is reloaded into trucks and transported (according to the advisory committee report) all the way to Ashcroft landfill located near Cache Creek—a

Country Night with the

carbon footprint of approximately 300 kilometres. According to Angus Gardner, Operations Manager of Wastech Services LTD, the Canadian based company that manages four transfer stations including the North Shore Transfer Station ( the breakdown is as follows: 57 per cent of the waste leaving the North Shore Transfer Station goes to the Burnaby incinerator, 38 per cent goes to the Burns Bog with only 5 per cent traveling to Cache Creek. All trucks that return from Cache Creek are refilled with either wood chips or mushroom manure to maximize their payloads. Wastech recognizes the need to improve efficiency and has converted their Vancouver trucks to liqui-

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fied natural gas which produces less harmful gas emissions to our environment. From the information provided, Council could not make any decisions at this time. “We want to move things forward but the problem is there is allot of - its, buts and maybes, we need to tie these down then come back to the process”, states Mayor Jack Adelaar. Both parties were in agreement that public input was critical before moving forward with any decisions regarding a change in services. Council has asked the advisory committee to report back on Tuesday, Feb. 12 with recommendations. To view the The Solid Waste Resource Management Advisory Committee report click on files/embedded2010/130204COW2-1.pdf.]

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Karaoke Party!

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2 • FRIDAY February 8 2013


Independent MLAs John van Dongen, Bob Simpson and Vicki Huntington are hoping election pressure will persuade their B.C. Liberal and NDP colleagues to support a financial and political reforms when the legislature sits next week.

April 13, 2013 at

Tom Fletcher photo

Independent MLAs call for big changes Join the epic new movement Bust a Move for Breast Health. Register for this fun-filled day-long exercise marathon to raise money for breast cancer research in B.C. Join the MOVEment – Register Today! 604.675.8245 I M E D I A PA RT N E R S :

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B.C. voters have had enough of bags of cash, instant party memberships, and corporate and union donations influencing their provincial affairs, say three of B.C.’s independent MLAs. Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson, Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington and Abbotsford South MLA John van Dongen are calling for reforms to party financing and a meaningful role for backbench MLAs. And they want the changes made in the brief legislative session that begins next week. “People want MLAs to represent their constituents, not special interests or party leaders,” said Simpson, who was kicked out of the NDP caucus in 2010 for criticizing then-leader Carole James’ lack of policy specifics.

The MLAs are also calling for B.C.’s scheduled election date to be switched to the fall, so the May 14 vote will be the last one featuring a spring budget that remains an untested political document. Simpson noted that one of the B.C. Liberal members supporting Premier Christy Clark’s leadership bid turned out to be a cat, and NDP leader Adrian Dix won his leadership contest with the help of bulk memberships delivered at the voting deadline along with bags of cash to cover the $10 NDP membership fee. Huntington, the only MLA elected as an independent in 2009, said B.C. is one of the last places in Canada that still allows political donations from corporate and union sources. She said B.C. should also ban donations from non-residents, to prevent Alberta “oil barons” and other outsiders


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from influencing the vote. Van Dongen, who quit the B.C. Liberals and later the B.C. Conservatives, said he was able to speak out about the cost to small business from the new Family Day holiday. NDP and B.C. Liberal members didn’t have that freedom because their leaders supported it, he said. NDP house leader John Horgan said his party is on record in support of fall elections and banning corporate and union donations. But he doesn’t think it’s likely either one will be a priority for the B.C. Liberals as they use a 19-day session to set up for an election campaign. Simpson said he will ask the government to consider at least the switch to fall voting in the spring session, which starts Feb. 12 with a throne speech.

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Minister undecided on proposed sales tax for TransLink JEFF NAGEL EDITOR

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Transportation Minister Mary Polak, BC Business Council’s Jock Finlayson and Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.


15.1 14.1 15.4 14.1 15.7 14.1 15.7 13.8 15.7 13.5 15.4 12.8 15.1 12.5

regular schedule

In effect Oct. 9, 2012- March 31, 2013

LOW FEET 1021 10.5 2230 2.0 1112 9.5 2316 2.0 1159 8.5 2358 2.8 1245 7.9 0038 1330 0117 1415 0154 1500

3.6 6.9 4.9 5.2 6.2 5.9


5:30 am # 6:30 am 7:30 am 8:30 am 9:30 am 10:30 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm † 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm * 8:00 pm 9:00 pm 10:00 pm

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay 6:00 am 7:00 am 8:00 am 9:00 am † 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 2:25 pm 3:30 pm 4:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:30 pm * 8:30 pm 9:35 pm

Distance: 3 nautical miles crossing time: 20 minutes

Leave Horseshoe Bay

H: 6 L: 3

0459 1513 Sat. 0536 1618 Sun. 0610 1716 Mon. 0643 1811 Tue. 0714 1904 Wed. 0745 1959 Thurs. 0815 2100

more palatable. “We do see a need for a more stable funding arrangement in place for TransLink which has really be struggling with a series of financial challenges,” Finlayson said. The business council is also open to considering a vehicle levy or comprehensive road pricing in the region, he added. One possible challenge for the province, Finlayson said, is it might not be able to allow a regional sales tax for TransLink without making the same power available to other regions across the province. “That’s a big step for the province,” he said. The NDP plan for financing transit is to redirect carbon tax revenue that now goes to corporate tax relief under the province’s revenue-neutral policy, effectively raising business taxes. NDP transportation critic Harry Bains doesn’t rule out a sales tax or other sources for TransLink, but says that would be a conversation with mayors if more money was needed and jus-

Bateman said sales tax had not been previously proposed for TransLink, adding he suspects mayors are raising it to “distract attention from what they really want, which is the vehicle levy.” Although the regional mayors’ council’s Jan. 31 letter to TransLink supports a regional sales tax of 0.5 per cent – which could raise $250 million a year – council chair Richard Walton said he thinks a smaller ‘RST’ of 0.1 to 0.2 per cent more likely. Bateman predicted even a small “toehold” into the sales tax would be disastrous because TransLink will keep coming back for more. The BC Business Council doesn’t have a position but would entertain the idea of raising sales tax for TransLink, said executive vice-president Jock Finlayson. He said many U.S. cities have a small local sales tax added on top of the regular state sales tax for specific projects or services. “For taxpayers, obviously, the lower the better,” Finlayson said, when asked if a TransLink sales tax of less than 0.5 per cent would be

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Transportation Minister Mary Polak isn’t ruling out the request of Metro Vancouver mayors to enable a regional sales tax to fund TransLink, saying more work would have to be done ahead of a decision. Area mayors on Tuesday suggested adding an additional sales tax charged in the Metro region of 0.1 to 0.5 per cent, with each tenth of a point adding $50 million a year for the transit system. “We’re nowhere near a decision that says whether it’s on or it’s off,” Polak said Wednesday. “There just isn’t enough information yet.” Polak said mayors have made “good progress” in making the case for new funding sources for TransLink. But she said she’d need greater detail, including how much new money in total mayors envision raising for TransLink and the timing of major rapid transit lines in Vancouver and through Surrey to White Rock and Langley. “They’re referencing Broadway corridor SkyTrain as well as the Surrey one,” Polak said. “We need them to find consensus on what would come first.” Polak last fall spelled out the province’s criteria for new TransLink funding to be considered – any new source must be affordable, regionally based and, critically, have public support. “We all saw what happens when you try to implement a tax that the public has not been consulted about and the pbulic has not been engaged with prior to it being implemented,” she said, referring to the imposition and withdrawal of the harmonized sales tax. “We don’t want to see that happen again.” Canadian Taxpayers Federation B.C. director Jordan Bateman said area residents can’t afford to pay more in sales tax and TransLink should find more waste to cut instead. “The mayors have shown just how tone deaf they are to the public’s wishes when they come back and float the idea of increasing sales tax,” Bateman said. “TransLink has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.” Sales tax would be just one potential new source, with road pricing, a vehicle levy, a share of carbon tax and land value capture near new rapid transit stations also on the table. Road pricing could be implemented by 2016, the letter suggests. Bateman predicts road tolls or a vehicle levy will be just as unpopular. “Enough fleecing drivers,” he said.


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tified after the transfer of a share of the carbon tax. “You need to square the need with what we will take to the table and then see if that’s sufficient or if they need something more.” Bains applauded mayors for seeking a solution and urged Polak “not to waste” the opportunity. “We need to compare not only today’s needs for transit in the Lower Mainland including the South of Fraser expansion, but also the next 30 years when we know we will have 1.2 million additional people moving in.

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BOWEN ISLAND COMMUNITy CHURCH Pastor Clinton Neal 1070 Miller Road 604-947-0384 Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

ST. GERARD’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Mass: 10:30 a.m. Priest: Father James Comey


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Doyle’s departure is taxpayers’ loss The B.C. Auditor-General, John Doyle, will not accept an extension to his term, as offered by a legislative committee which initially said it did not want to renew his contract. He has instead accepted an appointment as auditorgeneral of the Australian state of Victoria. Doyle has rubbed the Liberal government the wrong way on many occasions. One such Liberal was MLA Eric Foster, whose expenses in regards to renovations of his constituency office in Vernon were not properly accounted for. The building was owned by his constituency assistant’s husband, and even though Foster was being audited, he chaired the committee which recommended Doyle not be re-appointed. Another area where Doyle dismayed the government was in looking into the $6 million in legal expenses paid by the government after Dave Basi and Bob Virk agreed to plead guilty in the B.C. Rail corruption case. Not only

was this reimbursement against government policy, it came about in mid-trial, just as former finance minister Gary Collins was set to testify. While B.C. Supreme Court has ruled that Doyle cannot have access to the detailed expenses billed by Basi and Virk’s lawyers, this information will come out eventually — perhaps through a public inquiry, which other political parties have pledged to call, should the Liberals be defeated in the May election. Doyle said Tuesday that he was prepared to stay in B.C. for a full second term of six years. However, the committee only offered him two more years, after prodding from the premier, and he wasn’t prepared to take that, given how political the entire issue had become. An auditor-general is expected to ask thorough questions and act as an advocate for taxpayers. Doyle has done that very well, and he will be sorely missed.

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How to deal with deer (if you are a meat-eater) To the editor: Re: “Watch out for aggressive deer,” Feb. 1. When I lived in Nova Scotia I learned an infallible remedy for deer predations. Although it’s a bit indelicate, it never fails: Pee into a jar, and empty it in a circle around your garden or garbage can or compost. All animals except humans speak that language. It says, “Beware: a large carnivore claims this manor.” Once a week or so is plenty. Deer visit me all the time. But they never go near my garbage. One caveat, though: it only works for meateaters. Vegetarian pee doesn’t scare any animal.

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On a separate issue, I want to let all Bowen know the joyous news that my daughter Terri da Silva’s latest post-mastectomy scans and blood tests agree there is not a cancer cell left in her body. That’s just not medically possible for a Stage 4 patient. So I attribute it to a miracle passed by her late mother....and to the generous support of the people of Bowen Island. My deepest thanks to all those who produced and attended Terri’s benefit concert. See her remarkable blog at for more information. Spider Robinson

Traffic problems mounting due to Cape Roger Curtis development To the editor: Copy of a letter to Mayor and Council Members, I am writing with concern to the density of traffic we have had to endure with the ongoing development of Cape Roger Curtis. I sit here today watching a continuous flow of cement trucks pass by our home on White Sails Drive. All day long these heavy trucks and various other large vehicles (pumper trucks, gravel trucks, loaders etc) pass by. In addition to this, there are the various service and trade vehicles that use White Sails Drive to access the development. Since Cape Roger Curtis commenced the development of their property, they have used our road as the primary access road. We have endured upwards of 10 logging trucks a day in and out, we have had flatbed trucks bringing in all sorts of commercial logging and blasting equipment, countless dump truck loads of fill, paving trucks, cement trucks, and of course all the North vehicles that use White Sails Drive to access the development on a daily basis. Two years ago, Cape Roger Curtis used Tunstall Boulevard and White Sails Drive to supply the hydro, cable and telephone services to their development. In the process, they tore up the side of our road, parts of the road itself, drilled rock and made a terrible mess. For two days they drilled rock in front of our house and the amount of constant vibration that shook our home was horrible. We were left with a huge crack in our concrete foundation and a summer riddled with noise and construction. Another issue is the fact that our road is constantly covered in a film of oil and gas that leaks from some of the many vehicles that use our road to access Cape Roger Curtis. The amount of wear and tear on our road has been devastating. So here is my question; why is White Sails Drive still being used as the primary access road by the developers of Cape Roger Curtis? I understood that they were to provide their own primary access via Thompson Road and that White Sails Drive was to be the secondary access. How is it that Cape Roger Curtis is now in phase three of its development, and have not yet brought in their own primary access road? They have had the privy of using our road for a huge portion of the heavy development of the area, and in the process have deteriorated our street and have contributed to heavy levels of traffic and noise in the area. We have not complained in the past because we thought this access was temporary, but as time has gone on, there is no evidence of Cape Roger Curtis working on Thompson Road for access to their development. What happened?? We are becoming frustrated with the negative impact CRC is having our neighbourhood.. Now that homes are starting to be built, another onset of construction vehicles are on their way. These are not small homes either, the amount of resources to be trucked in will be tremendous. This could go on for years, and we in Tunstall Bay are being subjected to all the negative impact. There are absolutely no benefits to us. I know we are not the only ones in the neighbourhood that feel this way, but unfortunately not many people take the time to publicly complain. So with this letter, know that there are many others with the same concerns. Patricia Fentie and Wolf Wichmann White Sails Drive





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Many good reasons to live on Bowen

• Welcome to year 23 of Island Neighbours: stories of Island history, people, activities and events. To share an item, phone Lois at 9472440 or e-mail to:\ • This week, I want to send an early Valentine to Bowen Island. I’ll list some of the reasons that I enjoy living here. Think of my list as sort of a public valentine to share with others in the community. These items are in no particular order but may prompt you to think about things you especially appreciate. If you made a list, what would be on it? • I love Bowen Island because our small community lets everyone be visible and appreciated yet still allows the reclusive folks to live the quiet life they want. • I love Bowen Island because people are relaxed and friendly. Whether one has lived here for thirty years or thirty months, the size of our community allows residents to know names and faces. •I love the way that the Bowen community is continually growing and changing and yet it keeps its ongoing concern for preserving the best of Bowen. • I love Bowen’s general tolerance for the many different lifestyles and personalities who make up our island world.

• I love the fact that Bowen is not just a place marked by lines on a map but is a real, definable location that you have to reach out to get to. How good we all feel when we’ve left town after a full day and Island are finally on the familiar Neighbours Queen of Capilano. just minutes away from a totally different atmosphere. • I love the way that Bowen tries hard to shape its future in a benign and humane way • I love Bowen’s hitchhikers. Whether it’s someone running a little late for a ferry or a couple of teen-agers hiking home from one of those nighttime mid-island gatherings, the hitchhiker is part of a family you know or know of. • I appreciate the way that the sound of the ambulance or fire engine sends shivers up our spines. The shivers acknowledge that someone we know may be in peril and we are concerned for his or her safety and wellbeing. •I love Bowen’s on-going list of strong characters that take on community projects, determined to make a vision come true. One by one, all the obstacles are toppled and the vision comes to pass. The achievements may be large or small but each one benefits Bowen in some way. Our history is full of local heroes. Commander Red helped get Bowen a car ferry. Maisie Adams led the way to a public library. David Smith began the movement which created Crippen Park. Jacqueline Bakker’s dream created the Memorial Garden. The Collins family have guarded Bowen’s heritage. Bruce Russell ‘s leadership made the

NOTICE Grants-in-Aid and Community Grants Applications for 2013 Spring Grants-in-Aid and Community Grants are due by February 22, 2013. Organizations wishing to apply may visit the Finance Department page on the BIM website at to download an application form. Please submit your application by February 22, 2013 to: Kristen Watson, Interim Manager of Finance Bowen Island Municipality 981 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 F o r i n F o r m at i o n c a l l 6 0 4 - 9 4 7 - 4 2 5 5

IF YOU thInk

Public Transportation ON BOWEN is imPOrTaNT YOU mUsT aTTEND THis mEETiNG!!!

Members and guests are invited to attend the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting. Join in nominating our new board of directors and discussing the possibilities for the new year. We will be presenting the 2013 Steamship Days plans and have invited Peter King (bus), Mike Shannon (water taxi) and George Zawadzka (taxi) to speak on our island’s transportation needs.

AGM - Monday, February 25th, 7:00 pm

At EvErgrEEn hAll - 464 mElmorE


I love Bowen’s general tolerance for the many different lifestyles and personalities who make up our island world

island golf course a reality. There are many, many others whose work has been or is being recorded in the Bowen Archives. An in-depth knowledge of recent Bowen history would identify an impressive list of contemporary achievers who have given us significant community amenities. Just look around you at the community heroes. • My own personal valentine goes to Eagle Cliff ’s Katie Carter, whose family began twenty years of happy island summers in 1945. In 1965, Katie and her husband, Dick retired to Bowen. They saw several areas in which they could be useful. Dick was a painter while Katie’s major concern was island history. There was no written history but there were still a number of old-timers who had lived an exciting part of Bowen’s life and had much to share. On February 1, 1967, Katie convened 15 women in her living room and the Historians were born. They planned to be an action group so the name Bowen Island Historical Society seemed too passive. Instead, they called themselves the Historians. Each left the first meeting with assignments. It’s taken 46 years but Bowen has a written history, Irene Howard’s book Bowen Island: 1872-1972. plus Reflections, a lovely coffee table book of historical photographs, a two-story cottage housing the museum and archives plus an adjacent logger’s display cottage – all achieved by fund-raising and hard work. (and thanks go to two women who have been part of the success story from the beginning. founder Anne Thompson and writer Irene Howard. • Ten Years Ago in the Undercurrent of

February 7, 2003, singer/songwriter Shari Ulrich presented the Bowen Island Cultural Master plan to the January 27 meeting of the Committee of the Whole. The cultural master plan, funded by the municipality in 2001, was developed with the aid of professional consultants via workshops, focus groups and a survey. The 89-page document contained four themes and nine recommendations. • Graham Ritchie reported on the challenges and difficulties of creating an affordable Abbeyfield independent living facility. The fourth annual Endangered Species variety show was a two night, licensed adult event: its lineup included the Texicanos, Contraband, Wayne Kozak’s Jazz Band and much more. • Bowen’s Lifelong Learning Society, currently housed in the renovated Boulevard Cottage, reported on sustainability issues. • • The Undercurrent of February 14 announced that David Podmore would be the speaker at the Chamber AGM. Podmore was to focus on Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic bid. As Team Leader, his Venue Development group was to guide preliminary planning for more than $600 million in new infrastructure for the 2010 bid. • The Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society reported they had gained official “Society” status on January 131, 2002. Their website and board were listed. • A provincial discussion paper that talks of a “working forest” that would “ increase the allowable annual cut over time” had some people wondering about the sanctity of Bowen’s second growth trees. • The Last Word: Best wishes to you and your Valentine!

6 • FRIDAY February 8 2013

“Come Play with us”


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...Over 3500 55+ BC Seniors expected to participate ! Visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer Click on your It includes geographic zone and contact info for people you will find lots of who would be glad information to help you get involved


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Do You Love to Sing? A Foundation That Goes Beyond Just Learning...

An Education That Changes Lives • Grades 6-9 Middle School: Small by Design • International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program • Practical Reasoning, Philosophy & Ethics • Character Development and Leadership • Outdoor Adventures & Excursions

ISLAND PACIFIC SCHOOL Bowen Island, BC • (604) 947-9311 •

Open House & Science Fair Everyone Welcome! Wednesday, Feb. 20 ~ 6:00-7:45 pm Free Shuttle from Ferry (5:30pm) & to Ferry (8:00pm)

Even if you think you can’t hold a tune, or you don’t want to perform

Join Us!

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Come as our guest for the first 2 weeks to try it out at no cost and no obligation.

Island Village SongCircle Member of the Ubuntu Choir Network

Monday 7-9pm • Bowen Court

Preschoolers make handmade Valentine’s Day cards Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the preschool kids at the Bowen Children’s Centre are hard at work making handmade paper for their Valentine cards. A special field trip to the post office is scheduled for next week so each child can mail their card to their secret Valentine. See more photos on page 12. Debra Stringfellow photos

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Hummingbirds and winter When I was about to move to Bowen from California in the summer of 2007, I was not expecting to find hummingbirds here and I was grieving their expected absence. But I was wrong! I might perhaps have known, from the name of Hummingbird Lane. I have since found out that the particular microclimate on Hummingbird Lane means that there is an abundance of hummingbirds there. And sure enough, I only had to put out a feeder that June and hummingbirds appeared right away. (The feeder was loaned by Alison at Phoenix until I could buy one myself! Another lovely Bowen welcome story.) The birds coming to my feeder that summer were Rufous Hummingbirds, the males highly recognizable with their iridescent throats (technical term: gorget), which flash red in the sunlight. Amazingly, these birds spend the winter in Mexico or Central America. They return to British Columbia to breed. The males arrive first, in late March or early April, coinciding with the salmonberry blossom. They are followed a week or two later by the females, who have iridescent green backs and white throats speckled with colour. The courtship display is astonishing, with the male showing off to the female by flying straight up high into the air, then plummeting to earth, only pulling out of his j-shaped dive at the last moment. What you hear is the sound of air being forced through his tail feathers. Meanwhile the female builds a nest and when that is ready selects a mate and lays her eggs. After mating, the males tend to have little to do with the raising of the young, but leave the females to raise them on insects

and nectar. Once the young have fledged, in late August, they head south. The first year we were on Bowen, we noticed that the hummingbirds had gone by early fall so we took our feeders down. But then someone told us that there were other hummingbirds that spend the winter here. So the next year we left our feeders out and, sure enough, after a gap of a couple of weeks, there were hummingbirds feeding again. The birds that overwinter here are Anna's Hummingbirds, distinctive for the male's magenta head and larger gorget, which are iridescent. They now winter further north than they used to; eating a higher proportion of insects and arachnids than most hummingbirds and having a larger body mass makes their precarious survival possible. If you are feeding them, it's important to maintain that supply of sugar all through the winter as this is their “flying fuel”. How best to feed the hummingbirds? You do not need to pay good money for tinted sugar water. Instead, you can easily make your own mixture by dissolving 1 part white sugar in 4 parts of freshly boiled water or a ratio of 1 : 3 in winter, which lowers the freezing point of the solution. Let it cool and then fill and hang your feeder. Feeders must be cleaned regularly as dirty feeders can harm the birds. In warm weather, discard sugar water after 5 days and replace with fresh. In cold weather, have two feeders in case one freezes. One tip is to make up a larger quantity of sugar water and keep it in your refrigerator, thus making the refilling quick and easy. Let us make the most of these delicate precious creatures and help them throughout the year. —by Susanna Braund

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Rhythm Kids on stage Resolving the boating problem for Climate Action On Bowen Island, there is a new performing troupe made up of youth activists from 5-17 yrs old. They offer an action-packed performance of jump-roping, foot-rhythms, verses and charm. They advocate for a Healthy Planet and responsible decision-making about Climate Change. Two engagements for these kids are taking place within eight days. On Feb. 7, Kids for Climate Action in Vancouver staged a youth-led march on the Port Authority offices at Canada Place Pier. The Rhythm Kids performed for the crowds, taking action against increasing coal exports from BC. Upcoming on Bowen Island on Feb. 15th, the Rhythm Kids lead a

Spotlight Earth Celebration at the Marina starting at 4 p.m. Spotlight Earth is a decentralized festival that takes place across BC, combining public education, artistic expression, fundraising, and advocacy. Bowen Island’s Spotlight Earth will kick off with the Rhythm Kids. But don’t sit back because then everyone is invited to perform in a FlashMob dance for Climate Action, that will be videoed for web dissemination. LINK Dance Foundation is the host of this Bowen Island Spotlight Earth because we believe taking action can also be a celebration! For more information, visit rhythmkids@weebly. com.

Bowen Island Conservancy 2013 Speaker Series: Bowen ISland FISh & wIldlIFe CluB Saturday, February 9, 2013, 3:30 pm, at Collins Hall Tim Pardee, Bill Newport, and others from the Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club will talk about their ongoing work, and answer questions. You will learn about our local Salmon Hatchery and its success, the Club’s monitoring of local streams to ensure their health, what is being done to protect the wildlife on our beaches, and the upcoming Salmon Enhancement Program Workshop, which will be held on Bowen Island over the Victoria Day weekend.

For more information, email (Please note our next session, which will focus on the Islands Trust, on March 16th.) Please join us; everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served.



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While Rome was not built in a day, because of vision, will, determination and persistence of a great number of individuals, both paid and otherwise, the idea did become a reality. I believe the same is true for the long overdue resolution of the boat and related problems in Mannion Bay and at Sandy and Pebbly Beaches. I was pleased to be invited to attend a Mannion Bay boat problem meeting on Jan. 18th at John Weston’s office. As our MP John has a firsthand appreciation for the extent of the problem having been given a tour of the bay this past summer which was followed by a kayak tour of the bay and beaches by his West Vancouver constituency office staff. In addition, he has received considerable correspondence over the years from the municipality as well as the Friends of Mannion Bay. He knows it is neither a pretty or acceptable sight, nor is the situation acceptable. On behalf of the growing number of Bowen Islanders who have expressed support for the FMB’s efforts to be a part of the solution, and not just complain about it, we applaud our MP for his sincere concerns about the matter and his willingness to help BIM, and the rest of us, do something about it. While because of the myriad of government agencies involved the situation is complex; a solution to the problem is far from impossible. That “i” word is simply not part of the FMB’s vocabulary. Over the course of the 3 – 4 years I have been involved and expressed concerns about the misuse and abuse of the bay and beaches, by a relatively small number of individuals, I have never been more optimistic that our efforts will succeed in returning the bay and beaches to the safe, pleasant, clean and appealing standards we enjoyed not too long ago before we had to contend with the growing number of long stay

anchorages, live-aboards and far too many derelicts. The attendees at the aforementioned meeting included an excellent array of individuals from a number of “constituencies” who are 100% united and committed to be more proactive. From the top down the attendees were: John Weston, MP; Ryan Greville, Transport Canada, Navigable Waters Officer & Interim Manager; Andre Hannoush, Policy Advisor from the Minister of Transport’s office (via conference call); Alison Morse (BIM Councilor); Bonny Brokenshire (BIM Bylaw Enforcement Officer); Brian Biddlecombe (Fire Chief); Derek Tretheway, owner of the “nearby” Bowen Island Lodge and one of the most negatively impacted properties in the bay; Mike Lightbody, President & Director, Snug Point Homeowner’s Association; Sue McQueen, John Weston’s Executive Assistant and Bruce Russell an occasional spokesperson for the Friends of Mannion Bay and a 70 year Bowen resident. The longevity of boat problem (6 – 10 years) is unacceptable. The fact Bowen’s problem is not located in an isolated, inaccessible part of the island (virtually at the front door entrance to our community, near our commercial core and right in the face of a number of residences) makes it all the more unacceptable and even less tolerable. The federal government recognizes this unique fact as well as the need to be an important part of the team, in whatever reasonable way possible. No one says the “fix” will be easy but everyone agrees, it can and will be done. Not only is Sandy Beach unsafe and unfit for public use, the bay is no better. We don’t have many “sandy” public beaches on the island so why allow this one to be so misused and abused? As tourism is vitally important to the economic well being of our com-


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munity we cannot allow the disrespect of the bay and beaches to continue. And let’s not forget the all important issue of the environment, both as to contamination and visual. As permitted by law the RCMP will be requested to step up their involvement to inform offenders of any conduct that is not legal which will set in place any appropriate follow up action. The meeting attendees were advised Bill C45 has now been given royal assent which, when it becomes law, will substantially reduce the period of time a boat/vessel need be derelict, or unattended, to be classified as “abandoned”, thereby bringing it one step closer to being a candidate for removal, either on a salvage or scrap basis. That period will now only be thirty (30) days. Reasonable efforts will be made to locate and notify the owners to inform them their boat has been declared abandoned in order to give them an opportunity to remove it themselves. If the owner does not accept that responsibility, or cannot be found, someone else will have to do it for them. While our MLA Joan McIntyre was not an attendee at the meeting on the 18th, a meeting will be arranged immediately to bring her up to speed, as to our collective resolve to get the provincial government firmly “on board” as well. With everyone now on the same page, or should I say “on deck”, we can start the arduous task of resolving this vexing problem. We are not kidding ourselves, or anyone else, it will be hard work but none of us have ever shirked a little of that for after all, 53 volunteers cleaned up the Sandy Beach on April 3, 2011. Needless to say, the resolution of this problem could be made a lot easier if those who are the cause of same would act responsibly and remove their offending boats. —Bruce Russell, Friends of Mannion Bay

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Family Day 2013

Family Day picked to put B.C. out-of-step with neighbours by Jeff Nagel Black Press

B.C. will usher in a new statutory holiday in the dead of winter with the addition of Family Day on Monday, Feb. 11. And while it’s being billed as a chance for workers to take an extra day off and enjoy a long weekend with loved ones in the three long months between New Year’s Day and Easter, tourism operators see it as a major potential payday. Local ski hills and familyfriendly attractions such as the Vancouver Aquarium are banking on a big boost in business. “We are confident that this decision will drive significant benefits for the tourism industry, the provincial economy and the people of British Columbia,” said David Lynn, president and CEO of Canada’s West Ski Areas Association. In fact, tourism industry interests were a major consideration in the decision on exactly what date should become B.C.’s new midwinter holiday. Premier Christy Clark pledged last year B.C. would create a Family Day, joining Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia with similar statutory holidays in February. More than 3,000 residents voted in online consultations on whether the day should fall on the second or third Monday in

February of each year. The second Monday got support from nearly two-thirds of respondents. It also won the backing of most tourism operators because it’s a different weekend from February holidays in other western provinces and President’s Day in the U.S. They argued placing B.C.’s Family Day out-of-step with other jurisdictions gives them a better chance to capitalize on two high-traffic weekends in February, rather than have local and out-of-province vacationers jammed together at the same overcrowded attractions on a single common holiday. The minority who wanted to align with other provinces and states on the third Monday said it would allow families and friends across provincial borders to get together on the same weekend. Universities also argued the third Monday would align better with student breaks and others were concerned Feb. 11 falls too close to Valentine’s Day. The idea wasn’t universally embraced. Independent MLAs voted against Family Day in the B.C. legislature, calling it a politically motivated feel-good stunt by the new premier that adds unnecessary costs to businesses. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business estimated Family Day will cost the average small business an extra $1,100

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Tourism operators such as Cypress Mountain are happy about the out-of-step date for Family Day. J.J. Koeman photo

to either pay employees to stay home or overtime to come to work. And that’s on top of new transition costs to go back to the Provincial Sales Tax, following previous costs of switching to the Harmonized Sales Tax, as well as a series of increases to the minimum wage. The provincial government

itself will shell out an estimated $28 million in higher payroll costs due to the new holiday. Not every employer or group of workers will get Family Day off. Because it’s a provincial holiday, the legislation requiring it to be a paid day off doesn’t apply to employees at federally regulated Telus, Canada Post, and

Kids sail for free BC Ferries is providing free fare for all children 11 years of age and under travelling with their family during the new Family Day long weekend. This special promotion is available on all routes and is applicable Friday, Feb. 8 through Monday, Feb. 11. The offer is being provided to help reduce costs for families taking a ferry during the first-ever Family Day long weekend in B.C. Family Day, B.C.’s newest provincial statutory holiday is on Monday, Feb. 11. It was approved by the legislature last year. B.C. joins Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia with similar statutory holidays in February. For schedule details and reservations, visit www.

It’s our first

BC Family Day

Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebrate! Enjoy time with your family See what’s happening around BC, visit:

10 Friday February 8 2013








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Black & Silver IPOD with cracked screen lost while walking from Cove to Legion. Reward Please call 2938 Currently showing at The Gallery@Artisan Square Home Comforts Featuring the work of Sarah Haxby & Bowen Island Fibre Arts Guild Jan 25 - Feb 24 Fri Sat Sun 12-4pm Do you work all week & resent having to clean on the weekends? Or do you just hate cleaning? I will clean your house and leave it smelling fresh. I’ve worked on Bowen 10 years & have lots of references. Call Anitra 947-2212 or clements.a@hotmailcom For Rent: Detached 1 bed suite. 4 appliances/inc.utilities. on bus route Mid Island. Avail April 1 $800/mo. To view - 947-9752 FOR RENT: Furnished 2 bdrm. Ready now. Short term lease, $1000 plus heating 1129 Lenora Rd. 604 947-0405



For rent: Newly renovated warm cozy 1 bdrm suite. 750 sq. ft. New kitchen, new bathroom. Scarborough area. $750 /mo. plus electricity. Non-smoker, no pets (604) 947 9190 or For Rent: Storage/shop space 11’x20’. $250 w/o heat, $300 heated, 947-9752

For Sale: Positively Fit Training Studio Youth Membership. Unforseen circumstances have prompted this fully authorised sale with 8 months left. State-of the-art equipment in a beautiful studio, wide range of hours & personalized service -- its a steal at $150. 8 mo. for the price of 6! 947-0944 or -2442 LANCE’S RECYCLING I’ll pick up your recycling and deliver to BIRD for $25/load. Kindling $20/box at Building Centre. CALL 947-2430

On the calendar FRIDAY, FEB. 8 t:PVUI$FOUSF 6 to 10:30 p.m. Free food, free music - drop in. t-FHJPO%JOOFS 6:30 p.m. Members and guests welcome.

t4FOJPST,FFQJOH:PVOH9 a.m. linedancing, 9:45 a.m. Exercises, singing and refreshments, 11 a.m. t*TMBOE7JMMBHF4POH$JSDMF 7 to 9 p.m. Bowen Court, call 2283 for info.

TUESDAY, FEB. 12 SATURDAY, FEB. 9 t'JOEJOHZPVS"ODIPS"O &NQPXFSJOH8PNFOT$JSDMFXJUI 3VUB:BXOFZ 10 a.m. to noon, Gallery at Artisan Square. Please register before Feb. 7th) at ruta@rutayawney. com or (604) 928-0883.

t3JQ7BO'JOOA concert featuring a blend of fiddle, bagpipes, keyboards and Eastern-influenced percussion is being sponsored by the Bowen Island Arts Council at Tir-na-nOg Theatre, 585 Rivendell Drive, on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 at www. or $10 at the door.

t /".FFUJOH Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Cates Hill Chapel.

Bowen Island Golf Club 7th Annual Cupid’s Cup

Annual call for Volunteer Applications: Circulation Desk Assistant

WED., FEB. 13 t %SPQJOLOJUUJOH 2 to 5 p.m. at Bowen Court with Pat Durrant. All levels welcome. t8FJHIU8BUDIFSTCollins Hall. 6:157:15 p.m. Call 604-947-2880. Join for free until March 23.

Saturday, February 16th 2013 2:00pm — 9 Hole Shotgun

Entry Fees: $80 per team of 2 *Includes golf, prizes, and dinner following golf

THURSDAY, FEB. 14 t%VQMJDBUFTUZMFCSJEHF 7 p.m. sharp. Bowen Court lounge. Call Irene at 2955. t:PVUI$FOUSF 4 to 6 p.m. Jam practice and free food.


t3FBEZ 4FU -FBSO Feb. 23, 9:45 to 11:45 a.m. BICS invites 3 & 4 year olds and their parents for a free, fun-filled morning of music, stories and learning resources. Call 947-4337 to confirm attendance.

t"".FFUJOH 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall. 604-434-3933.

SUNDAY, FEB. 10 t#PXFO$PVSUPQFOIPVTF February 10, 2 to 4 p.m. Bowen Court hall. Performances by Corbin Keep, Teun Schut and Pauline LeBel.

t#PXFO$IJMESFOT$FOUSFPQFOIPVTF February 16, 10 a.m. to noon. 650 Carter Road. www.

‡%RZHQ$QWKRORJ\3URMHFW submission deadline February 17, please email one entry per person to info@ Name and address on cover sheet only.

Join us on Saturday, February 16th for the 7th Annual Cupid’s Cup. This is 2 person couples event has teammates work together and alternate shots, this makes for some great fun, lots of laughs, and the occasional choice word being uttered. Entry includes golf, prizes, dinner following golf, and a chance to have your named etched forever on Cupid’s Cup.

~ Sign up as a two person team ~ Space limited to the first 20 paid teams. Sign up now by email or call 604.947.GOLF (4653)

Join the vibrant, friendly library team. Meet people, get first dibs on new books, and provide a hugely appreciated community service. The circulation desk volunteer is the face of the library - an ambassador for the library providing friendly, efficient customer service to all patrons and members of the public. The library is now accepting applications for the volunteer position of Circulation Desk Assistant. These volunteer shifts are available: Wednesdays 11 am – 2 pm Wednesdays 2 pm – 5 pm Saturdays 2 pm – 5 pm Sundays 12 pm – 2 pm Sundays 2 pm – 4 pm Essential requirements: t$VTUPNFSTFSWJDFGPDVTFE t$PNQVUFSTLJMMT.PVTF UBCT XJOEPXT CBTJDLFZCPBSEJOH t"CJMJUZUPXPSLJOEFQFOEFOUMZ t3JHIUýUGPSUIFMJCSBSZ t"WBJMBCJMJUZUPBUUFOEIPVSTPGUSBJOJOHPWFSýWFXFFLT t"CJMJUZUPýMMBXFFLMZTIJGU Please pick up an application form at the library, or download an application from the library website IUUQXXXCPXFOMJCSBSZDBBCPVUVTWPMVOUFFSTQIQ Application deadline: February 15, 2013

12 • FRIDAY February 8 2013


West Vancouver Board of Education

Taking Action

FEB | 2013

Some of the 50-strong cast and crew of Rockridge Secondary School’s original production “Backstory” celebrate a successful four-day run. From left to right: Drama Instructor Avril Foster, Rachel Beechinor, Riley Pynn, Lauren Bauman, Alena Wachmann, Carla Scaldaferri, Jared Radvak, Drama Instructor Carrie Berg and West Vancouver Board of Education Trustee Reema Faris.

Take a Bow The West Vancouver School District receives well-deserved recognition for a strong tradition of academic excellence. But the innovative teaching and enriched learning in our district reach far beyond any measure of core subjects.

Preschool children having fun making play dough hearts at Bowen Children’s Centre.

Turn the spotlight onto our Fine Arts Programs and you will find a thriving community of students and staff achieving creative excellence. Those of us who attended Rockridge Secondary’s recent production Backstory saw first-hand the magic that happens when a group of students write, produce and perform together in a feature-length show. We’ve seen for years how West Vancouver Secondary School’s exceptional line-up of drama, dance and musical performances are a much-anticipated treat for local audiences. And we are pleased to announce that next year, the school will be introducing a District Honour Choir course for Grade 7-12 students wanting to explore an even higher level in choral music. The district’s partnership with the Kay Meek Theatre has also resulted in the development of an exciting new after-school theatre program - Theatre 45 – open to Grade 4 – 7 students starting next year. This unique program will enrich an already thriving Fine Arts culture at the elementary school level.

Debra Stringfellow photo

St. Valentine’s Day February 14th

We are proud to be the only school district in the province to have a music specialist teacher and band teacher in every elementary school. Upcoming zone festivals will give all of our students an opportunity to showcase their vocal and musical talents. In April, we invite you to enjoy Sentinel Secondary’s production of Hairspray and the West Vancouver School District’s first-ever Lighthouse Festival at Park Royal, featuring award-winning work from a variety of our Fine Arts Programs. To all of our students and staff who take chances and work hard in their pursuit of artistic excellence, we say “take a bow”. Your gifts of music, insight and beauty enrich our schools and lives in immeasurable ways.

Cindy Dekker, Board Chair

WHAT’S NEW A New Program of Choice – ACE-IT Carpentry

This exciting new program of choice is for Grade 11 and 12 students interested in a career in carpentry and related trades. It will launch in September 2013 at West Vancouver Secondary and is open to students from across the North Shore. Students will receive training every second day, while attending their own secondary school for core academic subjects. For more information, please contact District SSA Coordinator Kim Adams at

Pink Day Awareness Flash Mob

Gleneagles Ch’axáý Grade 6 and 7 students danced as part of a Pink Day Awareness flash mob at a recent Vancouver Giants hockey game. They joined 16 other schools in spreading a message of Acceptance in anticipation of this year’s Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day on February 27. Their positive message and enthusiasm is an inspiration to all of us in the West Vancouver School District.

West Vancouver Board of Education Board Chair Cindy Dekker Trustee Reema Faris Trustee David Stevenson Trustee Jane Kellett Vice-Chair Carolyn Broady

Tuesdays Feb.12– Mar.12 3:15-4:30pm Wrap Up Party

Friday Mar.15 3-4pm $18.00 for 6 sessions Activities Include: Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, Spin, Step, Pilates, Irish Dance, Bosu and Bands, & Running Classes are held at the Fitness Studio 650 Carter Rd. Pre-Register in person at the Rec office!


Bowen Island Undercurrent, February 08, 2013  

February 08, 2013 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent