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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Geraci fined for illegal guiding

OTTERS EXCEL Fast times propel swimmers to provincials.


Upper Stikine River Adventures levied $39,600 in fines By Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News

LITERARY DUDS Students in Telkwa dressed in their favourite characters.


OUR TOWN READS Smithers’ finest share their reading stories.



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Gerald Geraci, a guide outfitter from Smithers, won’t be guiding for a while following convictions on several contraventions of the B. C. Wildlife Act. Geraci, 66, a part owner in Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd., was fined $9,750, Conservation Officer Services, Omineca zone, Tracy Walbauer said. Specifically, Geraci was convicted on single counts of hunting game without a hunting license and knowingly making a false statement in a book, record, certificate, report or return (guide declaration). Geraci was also convicted on two counts of killing wildlife either by accident or for the protection of life or property and failing to promptly report to an officer. In all, six individuals, including Geraci as well as Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd., were fined $86,740 for close to 50 offences under the B. C. Wildlife Act. “This is the largest wildlife case that I’ve seen,” Walbauer, a 13-year veteran with the Conservation Officer Services, said of the investigation. The investigation into Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd. involved 20 Conservation Officer Services staff as well as two U.S. Fish and Wildlife staff because some of the clients connected to the case were American citizens, Walbauer explained. “The number of individuals involved and obtaining information from all of them was a challenge,” Walbauer said. The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund receives $16,000 of the total amount of fines levied. In the same investigation, Wesley Allen Berge, 44, an associate with Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd., was convicted of guiding without a licence and employing unlicensed guides. Berge was fined $34,500. See GUIDE on p. A2

STEELHEADS SINK LUCKIES Darryl Young looks for an open man during Game 2 of the first round of CIHL playoffs at the Smithers Civic Centre Saturday night. The Steelheads won 5-3 to advance to the next round against Kitimat. For more see p. A14. Ryan Jensen photo

RDBN asks town for OCP input By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN) is allowing the Town of Smithers to have input into the drafting of their Official Community Plan (OCP). At the town’s Council of the Whole meeting Jan. 29, councillors focused on eight key questions brought forward by the RDBN and

provided feedback to planner Adam Cseke, the town’s representative on the RDBN’s OCP Working Group. Some of the questions brought forward for discussion included: Should the regional district entertain future residential development on Agriculatural Land Reserve land; should industrial and commercial development be contemplated in the Lake Kathlyn corridor and at what densities should

rural residential development be permitted? “They are our neighbours and growth and development that happens that close to our boundaries directly affects the Town of Smithers,” Councillor Phil Brienesse said. “It’s important we provide some comment to the regional district as to how we’d like to see the growth managed in their area.” See OCP on p. A3

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A2 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Interior News

N EWS Roi TheaTRe Tip from public leads to convictions I

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GUIDE from A1 For their part, Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd. was fined $39,600 for 17 infractions of the Wildlife Act. Infractions included five counts of knowingly making a false statement in a book, record, certificate, report or return, four counts of acting as a guide without holding an assistant guide license, hunting without a license, unlawful possession of wildlife, two counts of killing wildlife either by accident or for the protection of life or property and failure to promptly report to an officer, and four counts of employing unlicensed guiding assistants The four assistant guides were charged by violation ticket. Their names could not be released because it isn’t part of public knowledge, Walbauer explained. The assistant guides were fined for hunting during a closed season, hunting big game without a license,

Upper Stikine River Adventures Inc. provided unlicensed guides to clients to hunt moose and other big game animals. Contributed photo

killing wildlife during no open season and failing to remove edible portions of wildlife. The latter means, moose were hunted simply for their antlers and the carcass was left behind, Walbauer explained. The guide assistants caught with just the antlers were also charged with unlawful

possession of wildlife. The four assistant guides were levied a little less than $3,000 in fines. The convictions stem from a tip received by the Conservation Officer Services from a First Nations group north of McKenzie in the fall of 2010. “It’s likely these violations

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would’ve gone undetected if they weren’t reported,” Walbauer said. “This highlights the importance that members of the public play in protecting our wildlife resources.” Although the clients were not charged with any offences, most of the 20 animals seized during the investigation, including stone sheep, caribou, moose and grizzly bear, will not be returned. “I don’t believe most of them knew they were hiring illegal guides,” Walbauer said. If and when Berge and Geraci as well as the guide assistants can return to guiding in the future is up to the Director of Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch, Walbauer said. “He reviews the matter and then he makes a decision as to whether they are allowed to guide in the province again,” he said. The report submitted by Conservation Officers Service to Crown counsel for review was almost 1,400 pages long.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

N EWS Smithers comments on RDBN OCP  A3

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OCP from A1 Lengthy discussions ensued centred around trying to make the RDBN’s OCP line up with the town’s objectives. “We took it very seriously,” Deputy Mayor Frank Wray said. “We spent a lot of time on our own OCP so we wanted to make sure our comments to the regional district are intelligent and well thought out because a lot goes into it.” “The more those views can mesh and not conflict, the better.” The town is now setting up a meeting with RDBN Electoral Area A director Stoney Stoltenberg and Cseke to discuss these points in more detail. RDBN director of planning Jason Llewellyn, a member of the OCP Working Group, said the regional district has also asked other stakeholders like the Village of Telkwa and First Nations’ groups, for example, for their input before the document is finalized.

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Town of Smithers planner Adam Cseke will be bringing council’s comments forward in his role on the RDBN OCP Working Group.

Ryan Jensen photo

This is the beginning of the OCP development process, which can sometimes take up to one year to finalize, Llewellyn said. An OCP is a

xs - 4x

community’s long-term vision and includes a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management, within the area covered by

the plan. The documents normally have a life of 20 years or more but are reviewed about every five years to ensure they are still relevant.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP)

Cenotaph still hot topic in Telkwa

Council considers opposition to the use of GMOs

By Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News

The cenotaph adjacent to the Seniors Hall in Telkwa once again pre-occupied council with presentations by Cynthia Stoltenberg and Joanne KennedyVan Horne. Both women spoke passionately about their respect for veterans in their lives and the veterans that build the cenotaph next to the Seniors Centre and both object to altering or moving the cenotaph. “They built the cenotaph as comarades, with genuine pride, love, honour and memories poured into the project,” Van Horne, whose father was involved in the construction of the cenotaph, said. The Cenotaph was built, Van Horne said, so residents of Telkwa would have a place to go to honour veterans

who fought to keep our country safe. “To alter the appearance of the cenotaph would be an insult and dishonour to our veterans,” Van Horne said. The idea of enlarging the cenotaph to allow for the recognition of verterans of other conflicts and moving it a short distance away from the Seniors Centre, Telkwa Councillor Rick Fuerst said, was a suggestion made by a veteran of the Korean war living in Telkwa. The current debate began when Fuerst approached seniors with the proposition to make the cenotaph bigger and to move it away from the building to honour the wishes of the Korean war veteran. Following the presentations by Stoltenberg and Van Horne, Councillor Rimas Zitkauskas noted the most vocal response opposes the

cenotaph proposal. “I think at this point we should just drop the matter,” Zitkauskas said. Fuerst reiterated the proposal didn’t involve moving the cenotaph to another location in Telkwa, but rather just a bit further away from the Seniors Centre to allow for better access. At the same time, Fuerst, a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, said one reason Legions across the country are closing is because they are losing relevance to current generations. One way to enhance the relevance of Legions and the cenotaph, Fuerst said, is to involve veterans from more recent conflicts. “There’s a whole lot of people who aren’t represented with our current monuments,” Fuerst said. “They have to be included as well. “If you don’t do

that you’re going to lose that relevance to the younger generations.” Telkwa council also heard from Sarah Cunningham of the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition. Cunningham shared the results of a study into the delivery of social services in the region. In her presentation, Cunningham noted residents in the region pointed to difficulties in accessing services, connecting to online or telephone services and accessing government funding programs. Part of the problem, is a lack of awareness on the government’s part, of the realities of living in rural areas, Cunningham said. Also on agenda, Councillor Fuerst opened discussion

around the use of genetically modified organisms. “Speaking with local farmers, there is a concern with genetically modified organisms entering our food chain,” Fuerst said. Farmers, Fuerst said, felt the use of GMOs represented a Pandora’s Box, as once the GMOs are in the local food system, they would be difficult to remove. Although passing such a motion is more symbolic than effective, Fuerst said it would send a message consistant with Telkwa’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. Following discussion, highlighting the need for more information, council deferred the item to a later meeting.



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Kindergarten registrations will be accepted during the week of February

Lake Kathlyn Elementary Kindergarten registrations will be accepted during the week of 18-22, 2013 at SD#54’s elementary schools for children7620 whoHighway will be16 five (5) West February 18-22, 2013 at SD#54ʼs elementary schools for children Smithers, years old(5)onyears or before 31, 2013 forfor entry into school inBC September who will be five old on orDecember before December 31, 2013 250-847-9427 entry2013. into school in September 2013. Registration this time Registration during this time isduring required to assist for planning and is required to assist for planning and organizing of our local organizing of our local schools. Bulkley Valley Education schools. Proof of age (original birth certificate) and BC Care CardConnection must be pre7620 Highway 16 West Proof of age (original birth certificate) and BC Care Card must sented at the time of registration. Registration in regular school Smithers, programs BC be presented at the time of registration. should take place at a resident’s neighbourhood school 250-847-9427 (see list below). Registration regular school programs should please take place at ayour neighbourhood If you in have any other questions, call Muheim Memorial Elementary residentʼs neighbourhood school (see list at right). rd elementary school. 3659 – 3 Avenue Smithers,School BC A French Immersion information will be held at Muheim on If you• have any other questions, please call your night neighbourhood 250-847-2688 elementary school.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. Or contact Kevin Bird, Principal •Walnut Park Elementary

Muheim Memorial Elementary School atat250-847-2688 * A French Immersion information night will be held Muheim School on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. Or contact Kevin Bird, Principal Muheim Memorial Elementary School at 250-847-2688 *


4092 Mountainview Drive Smithers, BC 250-847-4464

Telkwa Lake Kathlyn Elementary, 7620 Highway 16 West, Smithers, BC, Elementary 250-847-9427 1000 Hankin Avenue BVEC, 7620 Highway 16 West, Smithers, BC, 250-847-9427 Telkwa, BC Muheim Memorial Elementary, 3659-3rd Avenue, Smithers,250-846-5851 BC, 250-847-2688 Walnut Park Elementary, 4092 Mountainview Drive, Smithers, BC, 250-847-4464 Silverthorne Elementary th Telkwa Elementary, 1000 Hankin Avenue, Telkwa, BC, 250-846-5851 3455 – 13 Avenue Houston, BC Silverthorne Elementary, 3455-13th Avenue, Houston, BC, 250-845-2228 Twain Sullivan Elementary, 1771 Hungerford Drive, Houston,250-845-2228 BC, 250-845-2227 Twain Sullivan Elementary 1771 Hungerford Drive Houston, BC 250-845-2227

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The HBP allows an eligible individual to borrow up to $25,000 interest-free and tax-free from his/ her RRSP to acquire an owner occupied principal residence in Canada. This means that each of two or more joint owners may use the HBP for the purchase of the same residence. Use of the HBP more than once is possible if you meet certain qualifications. In general, you or your spouse can not have owned a principal residence in the four immediately preceding calendar years and the previous HBP withdrawal must have been repaid in full prior to the calendar year of the current withdrawal. A disabled person (someone eligible for the disability credit) or a supporting individual is able to access the HBP regardless of the above time limits, provided the other conditions are met. The “Statement of Account - Home Buyers’ Plan” (provided by the CRA), allows you to designate the appropriate portion of your current RRSP contribution as your Home Buyer’s Plan repayment for the year. The result is that your current RRSP contribution is reduced by the HBP repayments to determine the deductible RRSP contribution. In the event that no current contribution is made, or the current contribution is less than the required repayment, the difference is added to taxable income. In effect, it becomes a taxable RRSP withdrawal.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Mayors look ahead to busy 2013 By Percy N. Hébert and Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

The coming year is going to be a good one for the Town of Smithers, Mayor Taylor Bachrach said, as a couple of big initiatives are set to take centre stage in 2013. Smithers is celebrating its 100th birthday, and numerous events are being planned throughout the year all culminating with the Homecoming, Aug. 2 - 10. “I’m really looking forward to seeing a bunch of former Smithereens come home and see what’s happening in the town and take part in some of the events being planned,” Bachrach said. “It will be a big celebration.” In the next year, the building of a new arena is also gaining momentum. “I think it will be the project of the year,” Bachrach said. “It will be a key priority, it’s right at the top of council’s priority list right now. The new arena project recently took a big step forward with the completion of a geotechnical study to determine the best location and method to construct the foundation. Now council is aiming to have the arena construction put out to tender early in 2013.

While the new arena project is well on its way, Bachrach said the work to bring the arena to fruition is by no means complete. “The arena will prove to be a challenging project, “ he said. “It’s one that’s been on the books for awhile and we still have a lot of work to do to bring it to reality.” For Carman Graf, mayor of the Village of Telkwa, the success of 2012, by any measure, is going to be difficult to match. Highlights for 2012 included a silver prize from the United Nations Liveable Communities competition, and the celebrations around the 100th anniversary of the Telkwa BBQ including the completion of the new stage at the fairgrounds. “The word is out, Telkwa is a great place to live and invest in,” Graf said in his opening remarks at the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce luncheon last month. In addition to four subdivisions currently being developed in Telkwa, Graf said the village is using funds from a recreation grant to refurbish the playing field at the fairgrounds, a project that will result in a regulationsized soccer field. The project, initiated in the fall of 2012, will take a year to complete, Graf said.

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Telkwa also expects to build a small water reservoir this year, adjacent to the current reservoir which requires repairs. The smaller reservoir, Graf said, will provide Telkwa with sufficient water capacity until upgrades to the water system are completed. Plans are also in place to upgrade the water treatment plant A new water reservoir, on the east side of the village is also on the horizon, but funds to cover the construction of the reservoir have yet to be secured, Graf said. The dismantling of the former municipal building is an ongoing project that involves recycling of as much of the materials as possible, Graf said. Once the building has been removed, Graf said, the village will seek public input as to what the space should be used for. 2013 also sees the Village of Telkwa continuing with its successful door-todoor recycling. “Every month we have diverted the equivalent of one large-sized automobile from the transfer station,” Graf said of the recycling program. Telkwa will add to their recycling program in 2013 with the development of an organic composting drop-off station, which may develop into a doorto-door service in 2014.



Smithers Regional Airport Marketing Strategy Request for Proposals (RFP) for the “Smithers Regional Airport Marketing Strategy” will be received by the Town of Smithers up to 4:00 p.m. on February 22, 2013. The Town of Smithers, through the Smithers Regional Airport is seeking an experienced marketing consultant to create an in-depth marketing strategy, research business expansion, define target markets and brand the Smithers Regional Airport. Contents of the submission are left to the discretion of the proponent but must include as a minimum the contents detailed in the Terms of Reference. Terms of Reference are available upon request from the Municipal Office, 1027 Aldous Street, Airport Administration, Suite 16421 Airport Road, or on the Town’s website at . Three (3) copies of your proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Proposal for the Town of Smithers Airport Marketing Strategy”, addressed to: Rob Blackburn Smithers Regional Airport Manager Town of Smithers, Box 879, 1027 Aldous Street Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0 The Town reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all proposals or to accept the proposal deemed most favourable in the interest of the Town. The Town’s purchasing policy shall apply. The lowest fee or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 CCNA




YOLO is wrong message T

here’s something to be said about a community that can celebrate its success and own up to its failures. I’m speaking to a blatant imbalance in community concern towards something that has an obvious solution and something that appears to elude even the most well-versed experts. Specifically, the incident where vacationing community members received news about their property being completely destroyed by one or more individuals as opposed to the debate in this paper over the, for lack of a better word, status of aboriginal people in Canada. Where’s the outrage from the community regarding the former? No charges have been laid after several youth were questioned by the RCMP and admitted to being at the party, which amounts to admitting to tresspassing and breaking-andentering. I realize most were under the age of 18, but what sort of message does that send? I’ll tell you. Go ahead kids, YOLO! For the generationally impaired, YOLO means You Only Live Once. We aren’t allowed to print the names of those questioned, but community service would serve to send the appropriate message to youth who seem to use disrespect as a motto. Now back to the Idle No More inspired rants that have appeared so readily. Defending residential schools, especially by citing some unnamed First Nations’ person that had a positive experience, is like saying Auschwitz developed resolve in Holocaust survivors. Might I suggest one factor that may have affected the elevated mortality rate of residential school children. Love, or lack thereof. The children were removed from family and friends who loved them. Mothers no longer knew how to care for their own children because they weren’t given the chance and their children were made to despise everything they held dear. Jerome Turner/Interior News

Oppostion to pipeline based on fear and hypocrisy


verything changes, nothing remains unchanged. So why is there so much resistance to change? I believe the answer is fear, fear of the unknown. Fear is not necessarily bad, it’s the human mechanism which allows us to protect ourselves from legitimate danger. However, it is through facing our fears that mankind has overcome some of its greatest challenges and through which some of the greatest progress has ever been made. History is filled with examples. The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has generated a great deal of fear in the minds and hearts of many residents of northern British Columbia, and

understandably. When one thinks of images of oil spilling into our rivers and soaking into our beautiful northern landscape anyone would say, “No, I don’t want that.” But accidents can happen anywhere. There’s no shortage of misinformation and disinformation that feeds on fear, about the possibility of an oil spill if the pipeline is built. The probability of an airplane crash at one of our airports is far more likely, but we need to commute long distances, so we don’t close the airport. Likewise there are accidents everyday on our highways, some fatal, but highways are vital to the transportation of goods and services to our northern communities, so we can’t close the

GUEST VIEW Carman Graf highways to traffic. There are great economic benefits the pipeline could bring to this region. Rather than stopping its construction we should channel our fears constructively to ensure the pipeline is built to the most rigid standards possible, and all possible safeguards are put in place to cover any eventuality and to protect the

InteriorNEWS THE

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environment for all people who call northern B.C. their home. Another concern with the pipeline project is the tanker traffic on our west coast. There is already tanker traffic on the coast delivering fuel to the Queen Charlotte Islands and Hartley Bay. Tankers will have to move the LNG from Kitimat and Prince Rupert. These tankers are the same size as oil tankers and won’t be any more maneuverable. The research I’ve done indicates there’s enough energy in one tanker to wipe Kitimat or Prince Rupert off the map if it exploded. Then there’s the fear of another disaster like the Exxon Valdez.

Modern tankers have double hulls with many smaller tanks to minimize the possibility of a puncture to an actual fuel tank. It’s irresponsible for MLAs and our local MP and the municipalities up and down the line to declare they’re against the pipeline before all the facts have been looked at. Since I’ve never been asked my opinion, I respectfully share it here. I suggest the JRP do their due diligence and if we don’t like the result a collective decision be made about the project. We all use oil-based products. It’s time for some people to stop and reflect on their own hypocrises. Carman Graf is Mayor of the Village of Telkwa.


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The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Online poll results

By Jerome Turner



Are you happy the National Hockey League is back in action?


Yes 31%

No 68%





“Absolutely. We were getting bored with what was available.”

“No. I think they’re a bunch of spoiled little boys. Boycott the whole thing.”

“Oh yeah. Love the NHL. Go Canucks!”

“Of course. It’s a sport that everybody watches and plays in Canada.”

Claim simply unbelievable Editor, (re: Residential school facts, Letters, Interior News, Jan. 16, 2013). Lets start with the quote made by the residential school administrator in the early 20th century, “Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body political there is no Indian Question and no Indian Department.” This is strongly indicative of a policy of integration into Canadian society leading to assimilation. There is nothing particularly malicious about this or unique as pertaining to Indians exclusively. Similar policies were

applied to minorities from eastern Europe. For example Ukrainian kids were strapped and beaten for speaking their language in public schools on the prairies. In other words Canadian society was to be a melting pot and not a so -called Canadian mosaic. That was the government policy of the day! Mr. Goodacre’s claim that 40 per cent of the 150,000 children who were in residential schools died as a result of being there is simply for me, totally unbelievable. Let’s turn to the quote by Indian agent MacKay. “It’s readily acknowledged, (that) Indian children lose their natural resistance to illness by habituating so closely in the residential schools and



Letters to the editor policy

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that they die at a much higher rate than in their villages.” There is something very false about this quote. There is no medical or scientific reason that I can see why this should happen, and if this was so how come white kids in similar school settings don’t loose their natural resistance to illness and suffer the same consequences? As far as Indian children getting ill more often in residential schools than on reserves makes little sense.

On a significant portion of reserves life was difficult with inadequate living conditions. Often diet was poor, lack of sanitation, minimal heating, alcoholism, etc. When I came to Smithers in 1967, over 70 per cent of all native children that I admitted to hospital were suffering directly or indirectly of illnesses due to maternal neglect. Maternal care was poor. As I understand from a number of people, living


Grant Harris Publisher

Percy Hébert Editor

Laura Botten Front Office

Tara Palm Office Assistant

conditions in residential schools, although not perfect, were substantially better with readily available medical service, so why did more kids die in residential schools than in the reserves under significantly worse conditions? In closing I will repeat what I wrote in my previous letter. If you want to judge any situation fairly, then judge it in its entirety. Don’t pick out just the good or just the bad points to suit your purpose.

In this letter I basically delved on the negative points that Mr. Goodacre alluded to but lets not forget that I have talked to a number of Indian people who benefited from the residential program and owe their success to that program. Some also stated they enjoyed coming back to school each year so they could play hockey and baseball. As far as the sexual abuse in the residential schools is concerned, this is to be condemned in the strongest terms. Igor Steciw Smithers

(grounds, flower beds and pots) better then ever and the development of our new park (Hanken/ HWY 16) with the three flag poles proudly flying our flags. This park, I feel, is a creation we will all be proud of. Also, the Telkwa walking trails, for the first time since their development in 1998, are being cleared of snow. I’m proud to say I’m from Telkwa. Jim Hiltz Telkwa

Kudos Telkwa

Pipelines not fish friendly

Editor My thumb is up to Council and staff of the Village of Telkwa. This year our parks were manicured

Editor: (Open letter to Premier Christy Clark). See CLARK on p. A8

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L etters CLARK from A7

In reference to the proliferation of pipeline proposals and electrical transmission lines proposed to cross the major watersheds of northern B.C., the Northern Branch of the Steelhead Society of British Columbia is alarmed and shocked that neither our Provincial or Federal Government have made any effort to understand or even acknowledge the importance of the river watersheds, their fish, wildlife and substantial, associated economic and intrinsic social values these watersheds hold for First Nations, British Columbians and visitors from around the world. The Morice River is home to the largest population of chinook salmon in the Skeena drainage and one of the most extensive in BC, the largest race of summer steelhead in BC, a huge population of pink salmon along with substantial numbers of other species which spawn and rear in its waters. It is one of the most prolific and important recreational river fisheries in British Columbia. The Skeena River is the mother river to all of those populations plus the myriad of other runs, races, species and populations that are indigenous or migrate to and from other tributary rivers and streams. The Nass River watershed is the third largest salmon producer in the province, with major and unique populations of steelhead including all of the other species found in the Skeena river system. There has been no comprehensive, government-initiated integrated-resourceplanning process that includes input from the public or apparently from First Nations as has been suggested by those involved in the Idle No More movement. The Environmental Assessment process, initiated by a proponent, doesn’t address many of the

issues we are talking about. The emphasis on economic development by both levels of government has been one sided. The lack of concern for other interests is distressing and disquieting. Both governments have silenced their scientists and managers. The remaining few professional and technical staff can now only carry out the most essential responsibilities. Those mandated to carry out environmental assessment are taxed with interpreting meagre and or often no data that is realistic, meaningful or quantifiable, making it impossible to make responsible decisions. What has and continues to unfold is reprehensible and must be challenged. If our watersheds are going to be shredded and fisheries and associated values squandered then all citizens must know what the consequences will be. The construction and operation of up to six pipelines will have an enormous impact on the spectacular scenery of our region which seems to no longer merit consideration.

The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The history and connections to this very special part of our province is being ignored and pushed aside for hasty, panic and corporation driven, gigantic industrial development, sadly so similar to that which has taken place worldwide for generations with so many very unhappy and disastrous consequences. It is the responsibility of senior governments, not corporations, to undertake the initial integrated resource planning for large industrial projects and activities in terms of where project works can or should be located and how they and existing economies and resource values can co-exist. Rather shockingly Shell Canada is moving into the assessment stage for its huge 48” diameter natural gas pipeline. In comparison, this proposed pipeline will have a diameter that is almost five times the size of the existing 10” PNG pipeline which at one time provided enough natural gas for three pulp mills, a methanol plant, the Rio-Tinto Alcan smelter as well as residential consumption and other commercial

and industrial users in Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Terrace. PNG has said on many occasions to those who live in the northwest that they would consult broadly. We guess their giant phone conversation during the fall of 2012 was their idea of carrying out sufficient due diligence. What is unfolding is the largest combined group of industrial projects in the history of British Columbia. One would assume such a mammoth industrial development plan would trigger an apolitical community/ provincial dialogue so everyone concerned could learn and understand the consequences of what is being proposed. There should be discussion over if and where LNG plants and energy corridors should be located in a particular area. If there is community, regional and provincial consensus for LNG plants and corridors to be established then consideration of location options should be discussed. It should be the rule that natural gas is provided to all British Columbians in communities located

The RiveRhouse bRand conTinues

The Riverhouse Restaurant and Lounge at The Pine Cone Inn Chetwynd is about 4 months away from completion. Harry Hesselbach has already transformed the entrance. In a couple of weeks we will be starting. The goal is to keep the same brand for both but to insure each location is unique to the area. We will be using the Smithers Riverhouse and Aspen Inn as the flagship for this project and most of the training will take place in Smithers. The town of Chetwynd has been very helpful and accommodating and are excited to

continue this new journey. Brookwood Properties have owned the Pine Cone Inn for a number of years and leased the property out as a restaurant for a number of years. They have now taken on the management and day to day operations of this facility and are looking forward to transforming it to a similar look as the one in Smithers. This opportunity would not have been possible without the great support of the people of Smithers and the local area and we are looking forward to the next step said Colin Bateman.

along or close to a new pipeline, such as to the Hazeltons and Kitwanga where natural gas is not now available. There are other issues such as the petrochemical industry concerns over the declining availability of natural gas derivatives such as ethane as well as price implications over the export of gas. Fracking or hydraulic fracturing to allow the escape of natural gas and replace it with water is a huge and controversial subject that cannot be ignored. The implications from such a divisive way of extracting natural gas needs a full public airing. A public dialogue must happen with British Columbians, with no political or ideological baggage to confuse or distort the discussion. Jim Culp Chairman Energy Committee Northern Branch of the Steelhead Society of BC For the full letter visit

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REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS The Village intends to update its list (QCS List) of qualified Contractors, Suppliers and Service Providers who could be contacted to provide goods/services/construction to the Village as and when required. Contractors, Service Providers or Suppliers who wish to be included on this list must be prepared to provide goods/services/construction as required when requested by the Village. For the purposes of this Request for Expressions of Interest: Construction means construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation of a building, structure or other civil engineering or architectural work and includes site preparation, excavation, drilling, seismic investigation, the supply of products and materials, the supply of equipment and machinery if they are included in and incidental to the construction, and the installation and repair of fixtures of a building, structure of other civil engineering or architectural work, but does not include professional consulting services related to the construction contract unless they are included in the procurement; Goods means goods that are produced, manufactured, grown or obtained. Services means a service supplied or to be supplied by a person or company. INTERESTED PARTIES CAN PICK UP REGISTRATION FORMS AT THE VILLAGE OF TELKWA OFFICES DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS OR DOWNLOAD THE FORM FROM OUR WEBSITE ( Contractors, Service Providers, or Suppliers currently on the Village of Telkwa QCS list do not have to re‑register except to add new equipment or scope of work. The Village of Telkwa reserves the right to reject any or all submissions or to accept one or more submissions, which the Village considers best suits its objectives. The Village reserves the right to waive any defect or informality in any submission and to retain for consideration any submission that does not comply with the requirements of this request for expressions of interest. The Contractor, Service Provider, or Supplier with the lowest priced submission will not necessarily be accepted for inclusion on the QCS list. The Village reserves the right to negotiate with one or more of the parties responding to this request for expressions of interest, and will not be obliged to offer any negotiated terms to any other party. This is not a contract or a call for tenders and the Village is under no contractual obligation or any other form of obligation to any party responding to this request for expressions of interest unless and until the Village issues a signed purchase order for the performance of work by a Contractor, Service Provider, or Supplier who has been accepted for inclusion on the QCS list. Goods and services valued at or more than $75,000.00 will not be assigned under this process. Construction valued at or more than $200,000.00 will not be assigned under this process. Inquiries should be directed to Alfred Reutelsterz Director of Public Works Village of Telkwa, 1415 Hankin Avenue.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I read because . . .

I read because . . . it’s fun and it reminds me of grade 2.

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

Another winter

No More Backyard Dogs

From the looks of things, this old tractor on Telkwa High Road has seen many a winter come and go.

You see a dog tied day after day to a back porch or fence, lying lonely on a pad of bare, packed dirt. Abandoned, fed sometimes, mostly forgotten but chained up, it cannot move to comfort, shelter or companionship. Being alone goes against the dog’s most basic instinct.

A sad, lonely dog tied out back only suffers. Advertising space donated by The Interior News

Percy N. Hébert

2013 Smithers Spirit of the Mountains Winter Festival , February 12-17

Celebrate winter with the Spirit of the Mountains TUESDAY, FEB. 12


Opening Reception Celebration of Wit’suwit’en History 4 - 8 pm Participating Venues Taste of Nations - All day (see ad in this weeks paper)


Hudson Bay Mtn

Friendship Centre Friendship Centre


Moricetown Multiplex Wet’suwet’en Feast 4 pm - 8 pm


Smithers Arena

Free Public Skating Hours: 2 pm – 3:30 pm BV Back Country Avalanche Awareness Events & Snowmobile Assoc. 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm


Smithers Arena

Free Public Skating Hours: 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm 7 pm – 8:45 pm BV Back Country Avalanche Awareness Events & Snowmobile Assoc. 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

NWCC BV Pool & Rec. Ctr. BV Pool & Rec. Ctr. Hudson Bay Mtn Snowmobile Races

Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club Youth Festival Ages 6 to 11 years old Family Play Day 11 am – 2 pm Free Wagon Rides 11 am – 2 pm Storytelling of Nations 1 pm – 4 pm Public Swim 5 pm – 8 pm Rock Climbing 7 pm Torchlight Parade - 7 pm Contact Trails North Location: Heritage Park


Hudson Bay Mtn

Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club Youth Festival


Chris Dahlie Open – February 10 Rayz Rail Jam – March 2 Lions Jam Pail Curling – March 3

WEBSITES Bulkley Backcountry Ski Society Bulkley Valley Backpackers Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club BV Pool & Recreation Centre Hudson Bay Mountain Smithers Lions Club Town of Smithers Trails North

For more events information check the Town of Smithers website at

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N EWS SD54 and NWCC partner up Environmental program offered in classrooms By Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News

High school students now have another option, thanks to a $34,000 agreement between the B.C. Mining HR Task Force, School District 54 and Northwest Community College. The agreement allows Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to enroll in environmental monitoring courses at NWCC as part of a dual credit program, SD54 Assistant Superintendent Michael McDiarmid explained. The Environmental Monitoring Assistant Program is currently offered at the NWCC as an eight-week camp-based program. “The key elements

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

are that we are meeting the needs of industry and we’re working with the school district and the high school to help them meet their requirements,” NWCC Project Adminstrator with the School of Exploration and Mining Danielle Smyth said. McDiarmid agreed. “This program allows us to provide more choices for our students,” he said. “It [EMAP program] also provides students with very specific job skills.” The agreement funds the establishment of a four-month pilot program that is classroom-based with shorter field-based components, Smyth said.

“Because we’re dealing with the high school semester, it just makes more sense in planning to stretch the program over four months as opposed to a condensed eight-week program,” Smyth explained. Graduates of the program are qualified to work as environmental monitors in the minerals industry, or they can use the courses to ladder into other programs at NWCC such as the applied coastal ecology program, Smyth said. NWCC and SD54 have set aside 50 per cent of the spaces for First Nations students. Students can take the course tuition-free as the funds, donated

by the Mining HR Task Force are earmarked to help cover tuition costs for the program with the remaining tuition fees covered by SD54, Smyth said. If successful, Smyth said, additional agreements could be arranged between other school districts and post-secondary institutions to offer the program across the province. The program is slated to begin in September 2013 The program is sponsored by Imperial Metals Corp and the Smithers Exploration Group. The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and The Office of the Wet’suwet’en are also supporting partners in this project.


St. Joseph’s Catholic School 2013 Kindergarten Registration February 4th - 14th St. Joseph’s is a welcoming school community, inspired by faith, which strives to provide academic excellence and to foster the total formation of the person. The school is composed of Catholic and non Catholic families wanting a value -based education. We offer… • Complete BC Ministry of Education K – 7 Curriculum • K – 7 religion program that focuses on love and belonging and knowing and spreading the Good News • K – 7 French • Regular computer lab and library access and instruction • Music instruction • An openness to family participation, with a number of family oriented events planned throughout the year • Extra-curricular sports and activities • Weekly hot lunch program, with an offering of a variety of healthy choices • An After School Program open to all elementary students in the area Please call the school at 847-9414, or drop by the school to enquire and/or to arrange an interview. We would be happy to meet you.

It takes 11 muscles to read this ad.

Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously. Learn more at

Thank you for your generous support of the SCSA 2012 Christmas Hamper Program! Thanks to the generosity of our community, 331 Christmas Hampers brought holiday cheer to close to 1,100 residents of Smithers, Telkwa and Moricetown. Major Donors Brad and Suzanne Rourke Bulkley Valley Eyecare Eileen Steinke Goodacres Stores Huckleberry Mines Ltd John and Mary Dewitt New to You Store Northern Interior Woodworkers Association Special Thanks to: A&W Bandstra Bugwood Bean Bulkley Valley Printers Edmison Mehr Early Child Development Centre Extra Foods Good Food Box Jonathan Knight North Country Rentals Smithers Mall Smithers Pathfinders Smithers Poker Club Smithers Steelheads Hockey Club St. Joseph’s Elementary Telus Communications Town of Smithers Walnut Park Elementary

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Major volunteers Faye VanHorn Jane Sacharoff Julia Kokelj Shelia Jondalar Tom and Lawrie Pendray We want to give our utmost appreciation to the many additional donors, Sponsor-A-Family sponsors and volunteers whom we are unable to recognize individually. Thank you from the Smithers Community Services Association 2012 Christmas Hamper Program. Without your incredible support we could not have succeeded once again.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I read because . . .

Cullen seeks civility in Commons

Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News

NDP House leader Nathan Cullen, MP Skeena-Bulkley Valley, wants to put an end to the tomfoolery, the unparliamentarianlike behaviour in the House of Commons, particularly during question period and he’s looking to the Speaker of the House of Commons to hand out the penalties. “We’re trying to tackle civility and decorum in the House,” Cullen said during a teleconference. “We’ve watched a drop off in civility and decency with one another and when that happens it becomes impossible to have a good conversation and to govern the country.” To that end, Cullen launched The Civility Project. “I want people in elected office to behave a little better,” Cullen explained. “It’s a simple thing to say, but much harder to do.” The Civility Project

contains a number of rules and changes to existing rules governing the conduct of MPs. An important component of the Civility Project is providing the Speaker with greater authority to impose penalties for inappropriate behaviour. Some of the suggested penalties in the proposal include stripping MPs of question privileges during Question Period and suspending MPs without pay for the more serious offences. “We think hitting people in the pocketbook might grab the attention of the dozen or twodozen MPs that seem addicted to the idea of acting like goons when they’re in the House of Commons,” Cullen said. Cullen said it is an issue that cuts across party lines as Liberal MPs and Independent MPs have expressed interest in the Civility Project. The Conservatives, Cullen said, have another take on the project.

“The Conservatives seem to think everything is fine,” he said. To help promote the Civility Project, Cullen turned to social media, launching a Facebook page, www.facebook. com/thecivilityproject ,as well as a Twitter hashtag, #projciv. “We’re encouraging people to write their MPs and ask them to behave better,” Cullen said. Cullen also spoke to a proposed change in the boundary of the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding that would see all of the Bella Coola Valley included in the current SkeenaBulkley Valley riding which would then be renamed. Notably, the change would transfer all of Hagensborg into the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding. Currently, Hagensborg is divided between the Skeena-Bulkley Valley and Prince GeorgeCariboo ridings. Renaming the riding, Cullen said, has been a topic of discussion for some time as many feel

Come and blend your own Bath Salts or Sugar Scrub. Using high grade 100% pure essential oils and authentic dead sea salts. Book you time today!

February 6 & 7th 10am-5pm Dead Sea salts are well known for their natural healing powers. In addition to nourishing and softening the skin, they also relieve sore muscles, arthritic and rheumatoid pain, psoriasis, eczema, tension, headaches, as well as joint and foot aches. Dead Sea salts are also known to cleanse negativity from the Auric Field.

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm Saturday 9am-6pm • Sunday & Holidays 10am-5pm

Seniors’ Day every day • 10% off (some exclusions may apply) 3752 4th Ave • Smithers, B.C.

Bulkley Village Shopping Center


the name does not adequately reflect the area included in the riding which stretches from Stewart in the north to Bella Coola in the south and from Haida Gwaii east to Vanderhoof. Another topic of discussion was the various pipelines proposed to cross the northwest of B.C. Referring to the grassroots opposition to the projects

among First Nations in northwest B.C., Cullen indicated the Wet’suwet’en are one of the First Nations bands discussing potential solutions. “I met with them last week and I think there’s an internal conversation going on within the community as to their approach to resource development and what they’re going to do about it.”

I read because . . . I like to read about Justin Bieber.

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

For news items or advertising The Interior News • 250-847-3266

Love on the Mountain This awesome story took place on December 1st while Winterland, Rayz, and Valhalla Pure Outfitters were holding a

Demo Day on Hudson Bay Mountain. As part of the day, each store drew a name from those who tried the demo’s and

awarded $100 to that name. It just happened that the winning names drawn were for John, and Angela.

John Armstrong and Angela Schweitzer on the pictures submitted happy day.

“We’re John Armstrong and Angela Schweitzer. We live in Victoria, B.C, and started skiing a few years ago. Every winter we plan a ski trip and this year we decided to go to Smithers and what a great choice. On December 1, 2012 while riding up the T Bar I told Angela that I needed to adjust my ski boots and she said her’s needed adjusting too! (I always fix Angela’s boots). At the top of the mountain I asked Angela what run would she like to go on; she said Alpine Meadows, because it was her favourite. I then darted ahead down the

run and jumped off my skis and ran up towards her. Angela thought that I was going to adjust her boots so she was not paying attention to me at all. Lol. Here I am running up the hill and getting down on one knee, with the ring in my hand. I realized Angela was not looking at me I called her name to get her attention………..and asked her to marry me……….”she says YES”! After the proposal we demo’ed two pairs of skis each from Winterland and Valhalla Pure outfitters.

What another life changing experience “powder skis are amazing”. Later that evening Richard from Winterland called to tell me that I won $100.00 credit to the ski shop. So Sunday we went in and that is when we found out that Angela won too from VPO. Wow what are the chances of that. Got engaged and both won on the same day…… What a memorable day!!

WETLANDS ARE DISAPPEARING Protect them. Become a member today. 1-866-384-DUCK

Thanks Smithers! We had a wonderful time and definitely will make it a yearly ski trip.” John Armstrong Advertising space donated by The Interior News

The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


RCMP launch campaign against distracted drivers

According to police statistics, from 2007 – 2011, distracted driving was responsible for about 25 per cent of all car crash fatalities in B.C. “Driver distraction is the third leading cause of car crash fatalities in B.C.” John Dickinson, ICBC’s director of road safety, said. “These are preventable tragedies, which is why we’re asking drivers to avoid distractions behind the wheel so they get to where they’re going safely,” The statistics also show 87 per cent of B.C. drivers own a cell phone of which 40 per cent admitted using their cell phone while driving. Beginning this week, to stem the tide police across the province launched the Distracted Driving Awareness and Enforcement Campaign. The month-long campaign targets drivers operating

vehicles while using a handheld device. The fine is $167.  Graduated License Program drivers (L and N drivers) aren’t permitted to use any electronic devices, including hands free devices. “A hands-free device is not holding a cell phone in your hand on speaker phone,” Sgt. Scott with the West Pacific Region Traffic Services explained. “A hands free device is a device that is mounted to your vehicle or secured on your person and is operated by one touch. “At the end of the day we want everyone to arrive home safely, if your call is that important, please pull over.” Due to the increased danger, drivers observed to contravene other rules of the road while using a handheld device may be charged with Driving without Due Care and

Attention. Offences that put others at risk, include speeding, unsafe lane changes, following too close and fail to obey traffic control devices. The fine for Driving without Due Care and Attention under the Motor Vehicle Act is $368. Police are not required to prove that a call was in progress.  Preliminary statistics for 2012 indicate distracted driving was a contributing factor in 30 per cent of motor vehicle fatalities involved distracted driving 
and 37 per cent of motor vehicle serious injuries involved distracted driving Since the implementation of legislation banning the use of handheld devices in January of 2010, police in British Columbia issued 63,348 violation tickets for use of handheld electronic devices. Driving is a

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 beginning at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall, 1027 Aldous Street, Smithers, BC. The following bylaw will be considered at the public hearing: Bylaw No. 1711: Zoning change to permit a 10-unit multi-family senior and assisted living facility on a 1401m2 parcel. LOCATION:


3787 Sixteenth Ave (shown on the map below)

Bylaw 1711 proposes to rezone the subject property from Low Density Residential (R-2) to Public Use Two (P-2). PUBLIC INPUT: Anyone who believes they will be affected by the proposed bylaw is invited to attend the public hearing to present verbal or written submissions to Council. Written submissions to be considered must be received by no later than 4:00 pm on the hearing day. COPIES: The proposed bylaw and relevant background information can be viewed at the Town Office, during business hours, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or online at CONTACT: For further information contact Adam Cseke, Planner, at (250) 847-1600 or (Second of two notices)

complex task and you are four times more likely to crash when talking on a handheld mobile phone while driving, and 23 times more likely to get in a crash if you text while driving.

to other vehicles. - Take a message, let your mobile phone pick up your calls and text messages. It’s easier and much safer to retrieve your messages at a later time. - Ask your passengers to make or receive calls for you. - Turn your mobile phone off or place it in the trunk of your car and/or in the back seat so you won’t be tempted to use it.

Educational tips (ICBC)

- Pull over to make or receive a call or send a text and make sure you’re safely off to the side of the road so you’re not a danger

Faith Matters Main St. Christian Fellowship Rick Apperson 250.847.1059 Do you feel loved today? Do you think that if people knew the real you they would still love and care about you? Maybe you have never felt loved. I think, rather we would admit it or not, all of us long to be loved unconditionally. We want to know that, even if we mess up, we are still cared for.

unconditional love. You are going to mess up. You WILL make mistakes and you will encounter hardships in this life. God knew you would and will continue to make mistakes.

God knew all of that and He had a plan. He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to take it all on the cross. (John Well I have good 3:16) This is not a news! license to do what we want. This is a Romans 8:35 asks, call to accept His “Who shall separate love. us from the love of Who else loves you Christ?” enough to die for you? To forgive you The answer comes unconditionally and a few verses later: to not hold your “For I am sure that past, present or neither death nor future against you? life, nor angels nor Jesus Christ, the rulers, nor things Son of God. present nor things to come, nor powThe choice is ers, nor height nor yours. Will you acdepth, nor anything cept that love or will else in all creation, you walk away from will be able to sepa- it? Only you can rate us from the love answer that. Jesus of God in Christ Christ is waiting Jesus our Lord. with open arms. (Romans 8:38-39) Why not run to Him today? Jesus Christ offers that. He offers that Submitted by the Smithers Ministerial Association  A13

help wanted

Applications are being accepted for part-time

Customer serviCe representative/detailer

Responsibilities include: Clerical Duties, Renting and Detailing Vehicles. Applicants must be available to work evenings and weekends. No experience necessary, full training is provided. ** All applicants must present a valid drivers licence**

Candidates are to bring resumes into the Smithers Airport or Mail to: NAtioNAl CAR AND tRuCk ReNtAl Box 2949, Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0 AttN: StephANie ph: 250-847-2216 Fax: 250-847-2448

Charlie McClary is proud to bring you this week’s...

Valley Food & Farm Update Submitted by the Smithers Farmers’ Institute The Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Market is still indoors for 2013! The next markets will be held on February 9th and 23rd at St. Joseph’s gymnasium from 9am to noon. Notes for Producers: **Date Change** The Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Market Association Annual General Meeting will be on March 8, 2013 at the Pioneer Activity Centre at 7:00pm.Contact Megan at 846-9854 for more information. The BC Cattlemen’s Association is looking for input on fencing needs in order to plan for future Fencing Programs. The current program funds fencing along Schedule 1 & 2 Highways. March 31st is the end of the Growing Forward agreement, and is fast approaching. The new Growing Forward 2 (GF2) agriculture policy agreement will have changes to the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs. The Growing Forward 2 website has contact information: http://www.agf. The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets is hosting a conference and holding their AGM from March 1 to 3 in Kamloops. Check out the website for more info: The BC Women’s Institute has been active since 1909. There are four branches either in or close to the Bulkley Valley area: Glenwood WI, Quick WI, South Hazelton WI and Southside WI. New members are always welcome! • The Glenwood Women’s Institute meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Contact Helen at (250) 847-9705 for more information. • The Quick Women’s Institute meets at 6:30pm on the second Monday of every month. Contact Ria Rouw at (250) 846-5064 or Dianne Vandermeulen Charlie McClaryat (250) 847-5433 Bulkley Valley - Smithers for moreRe/Max information. Office (250) 847-5999 Fax (250) 847-9039 Attention Livestock Producers! (250)877-1770 Cellular The Northwest Premium Meat Coop abattoir is processing red meat, poultry and rabbits. Please phone Manfred at (250) 846-5168 to book in animals or poultry.

From Charlie’s Desk….

I have a number of clients looking for reside properties. Give me a call if you are thinking of selli the Smithers or Telkwa limits. Special requests : S 1000 sq.ft. rancher hill top area/ Larger home needi reno and TLC/ Older home for rental investment/ D unit. I am more than happy to get together with you free evalution on your home and help you with the d sion process. Call me anytime to set up an appointm

Subdivision Potential Tyhee Lake $484,500.00

Aspen Croft Ranch Smithers $729,000.00

• Proposed 124 lots • 55+ acres • Great views & building sites

Hobby Farm Telkwa $484,000.00

Look at these TWO TURNKEY Business OPPORTUNITIES...

Multi Business Operation—Hazelton # 260,0

• 260 acres • Large country home • hayland & pasture • Spectacular views • Crown range attached

Hay Farm • Suskwa $375,000.00

• 160 acres • 18 kms E of Town • House & barns • Hayland & pasture MLS #

Coyote Creek Ranch Smithers $484,000.00

• 220 acres (130 cultivated) • 3+ ton per acre of hay • Modest 1200 sf. Home • Year round creek • Great mountain views MLS # N4502895

• SEARS, Greyhound & more $100K Gross • 3 yr o

60 X 28 modular building on a 132’x122’ Commercial Lot one block off Hwy 16.

A1 CAR WASH—Houston $ 684,000.00

Hay Land • Smithers $500,000.00

• 100 acres (75 cultivated) • Zoned H2 • Subdivision opportunity • Sub irrigated by creek MLS # N4501568

•Family ranchette • 2 storey home • Outbuildings & corrals

From C

Charlie McClary MLS # N4502640

I properties the Smith

From Charlie’s Desk Re/Max Bulkley Valley - Smithers

Charlie McClary Office (250) 847-5999 Fax (250) 847-9039

4 sources of revenue, 2 heated car wash bays, 1000 sq.f auto repair bay, retail sales,equipment rental & I have Park a number o reno Located in Houston Industrial on 2and acre unit. am room for expansion. Great opportunity! properties. Give me a Icall

Re/Max Bulkley Valley - Cellular Smithers (250)877-1770

free evalu the Smithers or Telkwa lim 1000 sq.ft. ranchersion hillproce top reno and TLC/ Older hom unit. I am more than happy Look a free evalution on your hom me any Aspen sion Croftprocess. Ranch CallBusine

Office (250) 847-5999 Fax (250) 847-9039 Subdivision Po-

(250)877-1770 Cellular tential Tyhee Lake $484,500.00

Advertising space donated by The Interior News

• Proposed 124 lots • 55+ acres • Great views & building sites

Smithers $729,000.00

The Interior News 250-847-3266

Subdivision Potential Tyhee Lake $484,500.00

• Proposed 124 lots • 55+ acres • Great views & building sites

Hobby Farm Telkwa $484,000.00 • 160 acres

• 18 kms E of Town • House & barns

Aspen Croft Smithers $729,000.00

Multi Bu

Look at these TW Business OPPOR

• 260 acres • Large country home Ranch• hayland & pasture • Spectacular views Business • Crown Multi range attached

• 260 acres • Large country home • hayland & pasture Hay Farm • Suskwa • Spectacular views $375,000.00 • Crown range attached

• 220 acres (130 cultivated) • 3+ ton per acre of hay • Modest 1200 sf. Home



60 X 28 m mercial


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Sports Email:

Steelheads advance to second round

By Ryan Jensen

Smithers/Interior News

The Smithers Steelheads are advancing to the second round of CIHL Playoffs after holding on to win 5-3 over the Houston Luckies at the Civic Centre Saturday night. It was all Smithers for the first period-and-a-half as the Steelheads controlled the puck for much of the first 30 minutes. “It reminded me of the old team that went 17-0,” Steelheads’ goalie Mike Wall said. “Everyone was skating hard, passing well.” “The guys came out hard and that’s what we needed against this team.” Ian Smith opened the scoring just three minutes in to the game, firing a shot over the left shoulder of Houston netminder Dave Little off a feed from Adam DeVries. Smithers’ second goal of the game, scored by Devon Booth, came on the powerplay with 8:13 remaining in the first period. The Steelheads went to the dressing room having accomplished exactly what

Steelheads’ forward Ian Smith charges up the ice on Saturday in Game 2 of CIHL playoffs. Smith scored twice in the 5-3 win against the Houston Luckies.

Ryan Jensen photo

they set out to do against Houston — play tough right from the opening face-off. Shots were 21-7 in favour of Smithers after 20 minutes. “We had lots of puck possession which is important in a game like this,” defenceman Brendan Hutchinson said. “They always play hard,

rugged, and we didn’t expect any different.” The second period started just as the one before it, with the Steelheads dominating the play. About seven-and-a-half minutes into the second period, Lane Perry banged home a one-timer off a feed from Mark Arnold to make

it 3-0. Just over a minute later, Ian Smith deflected Eric Smith’s point shot past Little for his second goal of the game. But this is where the wheels almost fell off the Steelhead playoff bus. A lack of discipline, leading to six second-period

minor penalties, allowed the Luckies to score two powerplay goals in a row to make it a two-goal game heading into the third. The surge in the last half of the period allowed Houston to close the gap in shots to 36-23 in favour of Smithers. At six minutes into the

final frame, Tyler Poznikoff put one past Wall right off the face-off to bring the game closer at 4-3. All three of Houston’s goals were scored on the powerplay. “They’re a good team,” Steelheads’ coach Tom DeVries said. “We were behind the eight-ball, panicking a bit.” In the last five minutes, the Steelheads tightened up their defence to allow very few opportunities for Houston to score. At 17:25, Randall Groot snapped a seemingly innocuous wrist shot from just inside the blue line to beat Little and deflate any hopes the Luckies had of a comeback. Also on Saturday night, the Kitimat Ice Demons defeated Terrace 7-4 to advance to the next round against Smithers. Game one takes place in Kitimat on Saturday. Kitimat, while not as physical as the Luckies, are a strong-skating team and in a short series, there’s very little room for error, Wall said. “You never know what can happen in a three-game series.” “It can be over quick.”

Land Wanted

Bulkley Valley Seniors Cohousing Society is seeking land on which to build a cohousing complex location: within walking distance of downtown Smithers size: 1+ acres Contact Mel Coulson 250-846-5649

It’s the playoffs … come be a Steelheader! Saturday, February 9th

Smithers vs. Kitimat in Kitimat


All Saturday games are as follows: warm up at 7 pm, puck drop at 7:30. All Sundays games: warm up at 1 pm, puck drop at 1:30 pm. Ticket prices and game times subject to change without notice.

AQUA NORTH PLUMBING & HEATING 3859 1st Avenue, Smithers • 250-847-3858

3146 Highway 16, Smithers 250-847-2237 • 1-800-663-7765 • www.

3752 4th Ave, Smithers, B.C. • 250-847-4474

The Interior News  A15

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Seniors Rental Housing

fast break Smithers secondary school Grade 8 basketball player Jaydin Haskins races up the court past a BVCS Royals defender on Saturday. The Gryphons lost both games in the one-day playday. Ryan Jensen photo

1st Annual Re-Crafting Fair Waste Reduction Education Re-crafting fiber art demo’s

Dozens of displayed re-crafted items Re-Crafting supplies and fabric sales too!

“Telkwa House”, an 8 unit complex located on the bench on First Street (end of Tower Street) Telkwa, is accepting applications for Seniors 55+ and persons with disabilities. This is low income housing. Inquiries: c/o Box 46, Telkwa, BC V0J 2X0 or information/viewing call 250-846-9093 All Interior News Classified Ads are on the Internet at also with a link through

February is

February 9th, 10 am to 4 pm @TCR Church opposite Telkwa One Stop You’re Invited to Participate!

Door Prize- T-shirt quilt Our thanks to BV Arts Council for this Grant. The Grant made this possible.


{ Check out our Valentine’s Day section now at {

All 's t t r a Carh % 20 OFF


Redwing & Muck

Just a few of our Featured Advertisers:


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Win a $500 WEEKEND GETAWAY! Visit to enter!

We need help! The Turtle Gardens Society and The Hazelton Animal Care & Control Committee needs dog food and some cat food on an ongoing basis to help with the feeding care of animals in foster care. Drop off location is at Smithers Feed Store and Feeds & Needs in Burns Lake.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

1161 Main Street • 250 · 847 · 2455

A16 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Interior News

A Taste of Nations - Tuesday February12


A Festival of Nations Event

For only one $10 ticket you can enjoy a signature taste at each of the following restaurants. • Capri Family Steakhouse • Daddios • Grendel Group • • Steakhouse on Main • Twin Valley Inn • Two Sisters • Enjoy the Culinary Diversity of our Communities Tickets available at the Smithers Chamber of Commerce or the Interior News on Broadway Avenue Brought to you by :

The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Otters swim in to Surrey By Ryan Jensen

When the most romantic set of words escape you . . . let the flowers express your love.

Smithers/Interior News

View selections on our website, or call early and reserve her favorites today.

250·847·2445 1277 Main St., Smithers in the Driftwood Plaza

River Stokes-DeYoung is one of six Bulkley Valley Otters’ swimmers competing this weekend at AA provincials.

Ryan Jensen photo

Hartnett who shaved nearly 40 seconds off his time in the 1,500-metre freestyle to qualify for the upcoming provincial championships. The Otters’ performance in Terrace propelled six club members on to the provincial championships in Surrey, Feb. 8 – 10. Heading to the provincial competition are: Adam and Nathan Hartnett, Gabrielle Correia, Cassie HorningWandler, River Stokes DeYoung and Monica Joseph. Berarducci and Bailey and Tanner Espersen also qualified for the AAA provincial championships in Victoria, Feb. 28 to March 3. “This is a great group and I’m very proud of their efforts,” Best said. “I’m expecting some very good results.”

The Interior News 250-847-3266

All proceeds go towards music programs at Smither Secondary. Event sponsored by the BV Band Boosters and HornCraft Music.

The Bulkley Valley Otters are in fine form heading into their biggest competition of the year. The Otters scored 52 topthree finishes at the Northwest Regional Championships in Terrace— including 23 individual wins and three relay titles. “The kids have done a great job so far this year,” Otters head coach Tom Best said. “You could really see the work we’ve done when you watched the races last weekend.” “The strokes were smooth, the turns were fast and powerful and the race strategies were right on.” Some races had the spectators on their feet, Best said, like in the senior boys’ freestyle relay when 13-year-old Luke Berarducci caught up to the favoured team in the last turn to swim to a surprise win. Other highlights at the meet include Nathan Hartnett, one of the slower seeds in the 50-metre freestyle event. Harnett swam to an upset victory after starting, “Like he had been shot out of a bazooka,” Best said. Best also noted the achievements of Olivia Davey, capturing a commanding win in the 100-metre medley and Adam

We Deliver

Early Deadlines for Feb. 13 Noon on Thursday

7:30PM • St. Joe’s Auditorium 4054 Broadway Ave., Smithers TICKETS $25 available at Mountain Eagle Books and Interior Stationery

SSS jr & sr JAZZ BANDS SSS Music Alumni member WARREN OLMSTEAD NORTH OF DIXIE jazz band SPOT DANCES silent AUCTION EVENING snacks alcohol served - NO MINORS formal / SEMI-FORMAL

ick Schm R e h t n idt To e d Joi a r rchlight Pa 100 Flares Strong Saturday, February 16th join us in this special celebration. $10 / person, proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society Register at our downtown office or call 250.847.2058

*Must be a strong skier or rider


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


GATEWAY perspectives

Kitimat: A safe option Only eight years old, Tosh Krauskopf has caught the eye of Burton Snowboards, who now sponsor the young shredder.

Curtis Cunningham photo

Boarder scores sponsors By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

Tosh Krauskopf has joined the ranks of world-class snowboarders like Olympic gold-medal winner Shaun White with his addition to the Burton stable of athletes. For the eight-yearold, snowboarding has been a way of life for as long as he can remember. “There was no other option for them,” Tosh’s father Jason said. “I can’t ski.” Tosh, and his six-year-old brother Toan, used to run around the yard and go tobogganing in their snowboard boots when they were very young, to get them used to the feel, Jason said. “Tosh’s first boots were up to his knees,” he laughed. “They don’t know anything else.” And with the

developments made by board makers over the last few years, snowboarding is now way more accessible to children, Jason said. Tosh started learning the sport at the age of two, on the small slopes at Hudson Bay Mountain. He then progressed to a harness and leash held by a parent and by the time he was four, he was on his own, closely supervised of course. He is a well-rounded boarder, not only focused on the terrain park but also on the other aspects of the sport, Jason said. “I like riding the park and the power and doing jumps,” Tosh said. As owners of Rayz Board Shop, the Krauskopf family often becomes acquainted with representatives from the companies of the gear they sell. Burton became aware of Tosh’s skills through this association, which led to the

sponsorship. Tosh receives a Burton snowboard, boots and bindings as well as other swag as part of the sponsorship arrangement. “As a parent, I couldn’t be prouder,” Jason, who also volunteers as a coach for the Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club, said. The challenge now is to help Tosh continue to develop his skills, Jason said. “We need to keep him motivated and keep him riding with boarders better than he is.” “I’m bigger and faster but as far as technical riding goes, I can’t show him anything anymore.” Jason credits the ski and snowboard community in Smithers for Tosh’s development as well because they all look out for each other and help out in any way they can. “He’s got a lot of big brothers and sisters up

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I’d like to set the record straight on why we chose Kitimat, at the head of the Douglas Channel, as the site for Gateway’s marine terminal. The answer took thousands of hours of research, planning, engineering, environmental science, oceanography consultation, weather monitoring, and simulation. But the simple reason is . . . safety, all the way. The Douglas Channel is one of the widest and deepest inland waterways on North America’s west coast. Government research had already determined Kitimat to be among the safest ports in B.C., and about 1,500 tankers carrying petrochemicals have docked safely at Kitimat over the past quarter-century.

Skilled and affordable interior painters

As an added measure, full simulations of vessel traffic in the Douglas Channel were carried out at a world-leading facility in Denmark. It tested the largest proposed vessels in environmental conditions that tankers would experience in the marine channels. The result was a thumbs-up on the shipping route, endorsed by both government departments and the British Columbia Coast Pilots. Why Kitimat?

on the mountain,” he Why the Douglas Channel? It’s the safe option for Gateway. said. And a lot of young riders like Tosh Strategically speaking, Kitimat are members of the provides the lowest environmental Smithers Ski and risk for all aspects of Gateway Snowboard Club, which operations. It offers a safer endpoint has given them a solid for the pipeline route, from a foundation to build on. geotechnical perspective. The “There’s a great Janet Holder marine terminal at Kitimat also support network here,” provides safe approaches for tanker Executive Vice President Western Access traffic — with a suitable turning he said. Enbridge Inc. basin in Kitimat Arm, and natural In addition to deep-water berths that are sheltered Burton, Tosh receives from open-water wave conditions. a lot of support from Join the conversation at the Smithers business community, specifically Hudson Bay Mountain Adventures, Skeena Cat Skiing and Rayz Board Shop. Tosh is also sponsored by Californiabased Electric Goggles. ©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc. Tosh has his sights set on becoming a professional Add your event to our Community Calendar snowboarder and dreams of one day or by emailing representing Canada at the Olympics. 3_Enbridge_Janet_ad_4.3125x8 #8 NEW.indd 1

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to delivering energy safely.

You earn it. the government takes it. Put a stoP to it. Why Life’s brighter with a registered retirement savings plan • Make a contribution, pay less tax that year and put even more money into your retirement savings. • Watch your money grow tax-free until it’s time to take it out. • Pay a lower tax rate when you withdraw money for your retirement – and enjoy having more to spend.

Today is a good day to learn more, so let’s talk.

truscott Fowler Financial services

Sita Then 250-877-8763

At its very narrowest, the Douglas Channel is 1.4 kilometres wide — three times wider than Transport Canada’s recommended width for two-way tanker traffic. Water depths in the marine channels are up to several hundred metres.

Ad #EN031-01-13E – 4.3125 x 8

There’s no mistaking the importance of Kitimat, B.C., to the Gateway project. It’s where the pipeline ends, and it’s where marine operations begin.

Bus 250-847-0250 Fax 250-847-0280 3756 - 1st avenue, Po Box 3249 smithers, BC v0J 2n0

Contact roy, Larry, Dale, Dave or trever © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2013.


21/12/12 3:

The Interior News  A19

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Curvy Kitten Vintage Now In Stock

Where plus size fashion, convenience & comfort meet

BelleBoutique Curve The

1126 Main Street, Smithers

hard knocks Mark Arnold gets knocked off the puck during the second game of the CIHL playoffs at the Smithers Civic Centre on Feb. 2. The Steelheads begin Round 2 on Saturday in Kitimat. Ryan Jensen photo

Happy Family Day!

Enjoy time together on this special day.

InteriorNEWS THE

SmitherS, B.C.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Storm focus on Zones

By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

The Pee Wee Storm are now turning their focus to the zone playoffs after capturing the top spot at a tournament in Burns Lake over the weekend. The team went undefeated, putting together a record of four wins and no losses. Evan Doyle scored a pair of goals in the team’s opening 7-1 victory against Houston. Also scoring were Blake Asp, Colton Bradford, Spencer Giddings, Russ Borrett and Wynona Creyke. The second game was close from the opening face-off but the Storm prevailed to defeat Fraser Lake 4-3. Brandon Theriault, Wynona Creyke, Ethan Tucker and Joel Veenstra scored for the Storm. Game three against

The Pee Wee Storm are heading to Zone Playoffs after winning a tournament in Burns Lake last weekend.

Ryan Jensen photo

Vanderhoof was a commanding 8-1 win. Blake Asp scored twice and Jake Groot, Wynona Creyke, Spencer Giddings, Keelean Frocklage, Evan Doyle andLevi Olson all added singles. The Storm thundered out of the gate in the final contest, skating to

a 3-0 lead after two periods. Prince George fought back in the third to bring the game within one, but the Storm finished them off with their fourth and final goal with two minutes left in the contest. Ethan Tucker, Jake Groot, Colton

Bradford and Keelean Frocklage all scored in the winning effort. Cal Turko and Jon Coish shared goaltending duties. Coish was called up to the Storm after one of the team’s regular goalies, Adam Kingsmill, broke his arm. “Both goalies played really well,” he said. “It’s nice to have another goalie you can count on.” The Storm have two weeks off before travelling to Terrace for zone playoffs, Feb. 23 - 24. “Getting the puck deep in the other team’s end and getting the puck out of our own end are the things we’ll concentrate on,” Tucker said. The winner of the four-team competition — Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert — earns a berth in provincials.

Arena out for tender The Town of Smithers has issued a design-build tender for the construction of a new arena to serve the Bulkley Valley, with the goal of having the facility completed in 2014. The tender closes March 12 and a decision regarding the tender award is anticipated from Town

Take Smithers Transit in Town! Need to run errands? Visit a friend? We’ll pick you up! Saturday in-town service available 9:30 am – 4 pm Call to book a ride

A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 beginning at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall, 1027 Aldous Street, Smithers, BC. The following bylaw will be considered at the public hearing: Bylaw No. 1712: Official Community Plan text amendment to include a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy. PURPOSE:

Bylaw 1712 proposes to add a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction section and policy stating that the Town of Smithers strives to achieve a Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target of thirteen percent (13%) by 2017. PUBLIC INPUT: Anyone who believes they will be affected by the proposed bylaw is invited to attend the public hearing to present verbal or written submissions to Council. Written submissions to be considered must be received by no later than 4:00 pm on the hearing day. COPIES: The proposed bylaw and relevant background information can be viewed at the Town Office, during business hours, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or online at CONTACT: For further information contact Adam Cseke, Planner, at (250) 847-1600 or (Second of two notices)

Seasons in the Valley

Council by April 9. Featuring an NHL-sized ice surface and seating for a minimum 350 people, the new arena is intended to meet area residents’ growing demand for ice time. Smithers’ existing arena is fully utilized, leaving few convenient timeslots available for residents to use the facility.

Smithers & District Transit


A Tasting for Lovers th 4 Feb. 1

1st Course ~ Setting the Mood ½ Dozen Fresh Oysters served three different ways

2nd Course ~ Get Close and Share Crab Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Lemon Garlic Hollandaise and Walnut Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Maple Apple reduction and Sugar Cane Skewered Prawn & Scallops with a Champagne foam

3rd Course ~ With Love

Heart Shaped Chocolate Box with Chocolate Truffles and a Strawberry Cheesecake and Cinnamon Heart Cotton Candy


Town of Smithers


Transit Info 250·847·4993  •

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$150.00 per couple. We will be offering two seatings: 5:30 pm & 8:00 pm

Please call for reservations. 250-877-6707 3712 – 1st Ave, Smithers

The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

S PORTS Skaters prep for regional competitions By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

After skating to 20 podium finishes at the Kla How Ya Interclub competition in Terrace at the end of January, Smithers Figure Skating Club (SFSC) members are preparing for the Cariboo North Central Regional Championships in Kitimat Feb. 15-17. SFSC coach Tyler Dykens said the results at the Terrace competition are indicative of all the hard work club members have put into the season to this point. “All 11 test skaters that attended the competition in

Members of the Smithers Figure Skating Club have been training hard, as evidenced by recent competition results.

Ryan Jensen photo

Terrace worked very hard at preparing for this event and the placings are a clear result of that,” Dykens said.

“Some of the skaters train five days a week, several hours a day. Both Stephanie Auston and I are very proud of how all the

skaters preformed on and off the ice, always representing our club with a great attitude.” Representing the SFSC at the regional

championships are Brianna Lancaster, Samantha Fallows, Breanna RobertsonMatthew, Chantal Gammie, Rebecca Andruchow and Rebecca and Miranda Huxtable. “Everyone is running through their programs, getting all of their spins and jumps ready,” Auston said. The regionals feature about 200 athletes, representing 23 figure skating clubs from across the region. Also coming up for the club is their annual skating carnival, March 15. The theme for this year’s presentation, Under the Sea, is the Little Mermaid.

Fitness challenge marks new gymnastics session Now is the time to get active with the Bulkley Valley Gymnastics Association. A new gymnastics session began Feb. 4. and offers programming for all ages and abilities. Classes begin for children 18-months and up. Recreational classes are available from one to three hours per week and there is also a pre-competitive program for boys and girls, X-treme Running for kids aged six to teen and drop-in classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings. To register, call 250-847-FLIP or email smitherssaltos@ To kick-off the new session the club is holding a fitness challenge on Feb. 11 at 6p.m.

Your path to a better career...

The Saltos gymnasts are challenging groups like The Peak,

the Smithers Fire Department and Shogun Dojo at fitness events such as

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rope climb, push ups and more. The gymnastics club is encouraging

members of the public to come out and cheer for their favourite athlete or team.

Steve Meerdink & Natasha Vanerkwaak Wedding Feb. 8, 2013 Ceremony 11 a.m. Bethel Church. Friends and family are invited to come share in our joy.

I read because . . .

I read because . . . I like princesses.

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

DRILLER’S HELPER COURSE - MAY 2013 Are you looking to start a career in the Diamond Drilling industry?

We are looking for strong, fit people who . . .




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InteriorNEWS 847-3266 THE

...start’s here!


“People who buy the paper... read the paper!”

• are interested in performing hard physical work in remote camp settings • enjoy working in a team environment with a progressive and growing company that offers opportunity for growth and advancement • willing to work in a alcohol & drug free camp environment • can work 12 hours a day, with 28 days in / 14 days out shift rotations • have good judgment, independent, mechanical aptitude; strong work ethic and computer experience are preferred The Driller’s Helper Course is a comprehensive pre-employment program that prepares individuals to be able to work in the field of diamond drilling. At the end of the program you will have: • understanding of safe work practices • First Aid, WHMIS, Spill Response, Bear Aware, Propane Certificates • Ontario Common Core Surface Training • hands on experience with drills, supply pumps and chainsaws For more information and to obtain an application, please visit our Website at: or email us at: Application Deadline: March 29, 2013 at noon

A22 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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The Interior News

C ommunity Wednesday, February 6, 2013


LITERAL DRESS UP Rohyn Lamb, left and Tim Daugherty teamed up to present their best interpretation of Calvin and Hobbes during dress as your favourite literary character day at Telkwa elementary school last Friday. Percy N. Hébert photo

Parenting in the Digital Age a challenge By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

Talk to your children openly and honestly. That was the overwhelming message in Matthew Monkman’s presentation, Parenting in the Digital Age, delivered to the Smithers Secondary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and concerned parents on Jan. 28. “It was an opportunity for parents to really learn about what is going on with cyberbullying and sexting, for example,” Smithers Secondary PAC president Michelle Kafer said.

“We might be a little bit naive about how much there is going on in the schools.” The discussion focused on cyberbullying, media awareness, gender stereotypes, sexting, balancing the virtual world and reality and pornography addiction. “This isn’t something that is going away,” Monkman, who is School District 54’s technology services principal, said. “This is the way the world is, this is how connected we all are.” What children often fail to understand about what they post and access online is it can stay with them for years. Many employers and post-

secondary institutions admit to going online to Facebook and other social networking sites and snooping to try to glean information about a potential employee or student. “We’re constantly seeing situations where material posted online causes a lot of stress in young people’s lives and can negatively impact them for years to come,” Monkman said. Through the provincial government’s Provincial Learning Network, which connects more than 1,800 schools across the province to the internet, a set of firewalls is in place, blocking students and teachers from viewing what

they have deemed to be harmful websites. But a student accessing wireless internet through their phone, for example, would still have access to all the good and bad the online world has to offer. Which is one reason why it’s so important for parents to talk with their kids about what they are using this technology for. To ban all technology out of fear of these issues would be foolish, Monkman said, because the internet can also be an incredibly powerful learning tool. Monkman, who has two teenagers at home himself, admits he doesn’t have all the

answers, but said he feels open and honest communication with your child is the best place to start. And don’t be scared of the technology, he said. Learn about it and embrace it. “Parents must have their eyes open,” he said. “I would love to see more parents taking that step and saying, ‘I would like to know more about what I can do because this is my child’s life and their future.’” Some online resources for parents include: Media Smarts (www.mediasmarts. ca) and Erase Bullying (www.

Imagine your retirement! See us today. • The Hazeltons • Smithers • Houston & District • Lakes District •


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Festival about to get underway

Evelyn Community Association 2013

By Ryan Jensen

Monday, February 25th, 2013 7:00 p.m.

Smithers/Interior News

The upcoming Spirit of the Mountains Festival showcases the diversity of the Bulkley Valley. This year’s event has added significance as the Town of Smithers celebrates its 100th birthday. A big part of the celebration is the Festival of Nations, taking place Feb. 12 to 16. The Taste of Nations leads off by offering a sampling of ethnic foods at participating Smithers restaurants on Feb. 12. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce and Interior Stationery. Also on Feb. 12, the cultural exhibit, From Time Immemorial: a Celebration of Wit’suwit’en History, opens at 5 p.m. at Northwest Community College (NWCC). One of the highlights, the Feast of Nations, takes place on Feb. 13 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Moricetown Multiplex. Those who attend the feast are asked to bring their own plates, bowls and cutlery to cut down on waste. On Feb. 16, there is storytelling at NWCC from 1 to 4 p.m. The Festival of Nations is organized by the Smithers Bridging Committee, a group established to address racism and facilitate cultural awareness in the Bulkley Valley. “This is an

Rick Schmidt, the former director of Hudson Bay Mountain’s ski school, led the torchlight parade every year until he passed away from cancer. Rick’s children now take part in the event named in his honour.

To discuss the incorporation of the Evelyn Community Association to the Society’s Act of British Columbia and appoint a Board of Directors. Everyone Welcome

Submitted photo

opportunity for people from all over the Bulkley Valley to come to Moricetown and learn more about Wit’suwit’en culture,” feast organizer Wanda Nikal said. “We also look forward to welcoming other local cultures to the valley and to our community.” A free shuttle is available between Moricetown and Smithers on Feb. 12, 13 and 16. For shuttle locations and times, visit www. Also on Feb. 16, the Spirit of the Mountains Festival features the Schmidty Torchlight Parade, where 50 skiers and boarders will travel down Hudson Bay Mountain with 100 flares, marking Smithers’ 100th birthday and the end of the annual event. The torchlight parade is named after former resident and ski school director Rick Schmidt who passed away from cancer. “Rick had a vibrant way of approaching the business of skiing and his spirit helped set the tone for our present ski school,” Hudson Bay Mountain

Adventures General Manager Nancy Treiber said. “We actually have a run, out of bounds in one of his favourite spots, called Diamond in the Rough, Rick’s Run, which was dedicated a few years ago.” Schmidt previously led the torchlight parade and his children have carried on the tradition of participating in the event, Treiber said. The torchlight parade travels down Hudson Bay Mountain on the Rotary Community Trail to Town. Hudson Bay Mountain

Adventures is looking for strong skiers and snowboarders to help them out with this event. Please call 250847-2058 to sign up. Torch bearers pay $10 to take part, with all money raised going to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Schmidt. Other Spirit of the Mountain Festival events planned include sleigh rides, free public skating and cross-country and downhill skiing. For more information, contact the Town of Smithers recreation department at 250847-1600.

For news items or advertising The Interior News • 250-847-3266

PUblic nOticE

APPlicAtiOn fOR tEmPORARy USE PERmit A Residential Temporary Use Permit application will be considered on tuesday, february 12th, 2013 beginning at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall, 1027 Aldous Street, Smithers, BC. The following permit will be considered: temporary Use Permit no. 13-01: to allow temporary residential use of the property as a principal use. lOcAtiOn:

3876 Second Ave (shown on the map below)

I read because . . . PURPOSE:

I read because . . . sythlco’enlee. (Wet’suwet’en for ‘I am smart’)

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

The Temporary Use Permit proposes to allow the owners to use the vacant commercial space for a studio apartment while the owners continue to find a commercial buyer or renter for the space. PUblic inPUt: Anyone who believes they will be affected by the proposed permit is invited to attend the meeting to present verbal or written submissions to Council. Written submissions to be considered must be received by no later than 4:00 pm on the day the permit is to be considered. cOPiES: Anyone is invited to review the proposed permit and relevant background information can be viewed at the Town Office, during business hours, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or online at cOntAct: For further information contact Adam Cseke, Planner, at (250) 847-1600 or (Second of two notices)

Your Valley Dairies

InteriorNEWS THE


Local – $43 including HST per year Seniors – $31.50 including HST per year

Bringing the NEWS home!


Enjoy stories of our local Dairy operators who’s work over the decades, has helped build the Bulkley Valley. Look for these near the end of each month in the Interior News. A Centennial project proudly brought to you by Smithers Feed, B. V. Dairy Association and the Interior News.


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Literacy the foundation of all learning By Ryan Jensen Smithers/Interior News

Literacy skills are the foundation of all learning. “Literacy as we know it is quite a bit broader than we understand,” Smithers Community Services Association (SCSA) community literacy program manager Joanne Nugent said. “It’s not simply about reading and writing.” “We want people to become engaged and to build their confidence and self esteem. “Without that, it makes the leap to more formal literacy skill building virtually impossible.” Reading is a major part of the literacy toolkit and studies have shown that children have a better chance of becoming fully literate adults if reading is encouraged at home. Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach said he grew up in a house full of books and no television. “I used to walk to the nearest neighbour’s once a week to watch Hockey Night in Canada,” he said. “As a kid, my parents read to me every night, something I’m still very thankful for.” Much of Bachrach’s time these days is spent reading reports and agendas so it can often be difficult to find time to read for pleasure, he said. “Right now in my briefcase I have Investing in Place, by Greg Halseth,

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach shares his love for reading with his daughters Madeleine (left) and Ella (right).

Submitted photo

which promotes a new approach to community development in northern B.C.,” Bachrach said. “I’ve also started Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, by Drew Hayden, which is about life on an Anishnawbe community in Ontario.” “And I just finished Unrepentant, a fun memoir by Gary Wright who spent 20 years as the mayor of New Denver, B.C.” One of Bachrach’s favourite books of all time, he said, is Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl. “I recently read it to

my eldest daughter and enjoyed it as much as when I first had it read to me as a kid,” he said “It’s an awesome story about the world’s best dad.” Sheila Peters, Smithers author and poet, said she read feverishly from a very young age. Growing up with a brother one year older, she remembers sitting next to him and reading along. “My mom said I taught myself to read from his readers,” Peters said. As a girl, she enjoyed reading Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton books and Richard


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Tuna Sashimi (5), Salmon Sashimi (5), Gyoza Edamame, Tempura Prawn (5), Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Small California Roll, Small Dynamite Roll More than just Sushi . . . Come and check out our full menu.


Lunch: Monday to Friday – 12 - 2 pm

1080 Main St., Smithers

Monday to Saturday – 4:30 pm - 8 pm


Halliburton’s travel novels. She remembers vividly when a library was added to her school and checking out a new book every night. This love has carried on. “I read like a fiend,” she said. “I read anything I can get my hands on.” Now, Peters enjoys reading literary fiction, mysteries and non-fiction memoirs, travel and natural history titles. Currently, she’s reading Ancient Light by John Banville, a novel about an actor in the twilight of his life and career.

Peters published the novel, “The Taste of Ashes,” last year and is currently working on her next, with the working title, “Dreaming Downriver.” Peters also said she feels it is important for her to share her love for reading with the community. She will be involved in the storytelling during the the Festival of Nations Feb. 12 from 1 to 4 p.m. at NWCC and is about to embark on a mini-tour to Prince Rupert and Terrace, reading from “The Taste of Ashes,” and facilitating a writing workshop. Visit www.sheilapeters.

com for more information on her writing and events she is taking part in. Smithers District Chamber of Commerce President George Whitehead said he wasn’t much of a reader as a child but he now considers himself an avid reader. “As a youngster, I just read what was assigned in class and I didn’t really get into reading until after high school,” Whitehead said. A camp job after graduation, and boredom that went along with it, began Whitehead’s love affair with the printed word. Now he reads anything and everything, from classics like Catcher in the Rye, to Tom Clancy novels. Whitehead just completed the Stephen King novel 11 /22/63, about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. His love for reading has now been passed on to his two teenaged children, he said. “There’s not much encouragement needed,” he said. “We need to encourage them to put the books down to go to bed.” SCSA offers a host of literacy-related programs, for children and adults. To find out more, visit Family Literacy Day was celebrated on Jan. 27 across Canada and aims to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacyrelated activities as a family.

Community Calendar

To list your nonprofit coming events please drop off your listing at The Interior News, 3764 Broadway Ave., fax us at 250-847-2995, or email Deadline for submissions is Fridays at noon. Maximum 25 words. Limited space is available. We regret we cannot accept items over the phone.

Medium as Muse Featuring some of Anne Havard’s lesser-known talents alongside her exceptional watercolours. Opening night Friday, Feb 8, 7-9 p.m. Exhibition dates: Feb. 5-March 5. Gallery hours: Tues-Sat, 12-4 p.m. 250-847-3898;; Telkwa Elementary Annual Bingo and Cake Auction, Feb. 8, 6-8 p.m. Family friendly event. Please come out and support Telkwa Elementary School. Youth Book Club at the Smithers Library, four sessions based on Christopher Paolini’s popular book, Eragon. Come discuss, explore, create while munching on Meg’s yummy pizza. Friday evenings Jan. 18 to Feb. 8, 6:30-8 p.m. Drop in. 250-847-3043. BV Farmers Market is indoors from January through April. Dates are Feb 9, Feb 23, March 9, April 13 and April 27. Join us in St. Joes School gymnasium from 9 to noon. Dmitri Cody, dmitricody@gmail. com St. Joseph’s Fundraising Dinner & Auction Sunday, Feb. 10 in the gym. Tickets $25. Doors open at 5:30

p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. followed by auction & entertainment. Call 250-847-2012 for tickets. Donations for auction welcome. Festival of Nations Exhibit Opening From Time Immemorial: A celebration of Wit’suwit’en history, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 5-8 p.m. at NWCC. Shuttle available Moricetown and Smithers. Tea and snacks. Amanda Follett, smithersbridgingcommittee@, 250-847-2827, Festival of Nations Wit’suwit’en-style Feast Wednesday, Feb. 13, 4-8 p.m. at Moricetown Multiplex. Performers representing a variety of Bulkley Valley cultures. Everyone is welcome. Please bring plates, bowls and cutlery to reduce waste. Shuttle available Smithers to Moricetown. Smithers Film Society presents The World Before Her, Sunday, Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m. at the Roi Theatre. Highlights the tension between traditional and modern perspectives facing young women in India today. Standard admission.


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Smithers Community Services Association The HELPING HANDS PROGRAM is currently in need of VOLUNTEERS. Help strengthen our community by volunteering to clear a senior’s walkway and or driveway. Helping Hands is an SCSA program that aims to assist seniors/disabled persons stay in their home by easing the burden of mowing the lawn in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter. This program aims to: • help the elderly maintain a comfortable and safe independence remaining in their home • strengthen social ties between seniors and neighbours • promote caring in the community • decrease the likelihood of falling due to ice and snow on walkways in the winter and strain of mowing the lawn in the summer • improve the quality of life of both senior and volunteer For information contact: Andrea Hikisch Ph. 250-847-9515 Email:


All Interior News Classified Ads are on the Internet at also with a link through

Despite the warmer weather recently, winter still blankets the landscape.

Percy N. Hébert photo

Benefit Dinner, Auction & Dance for ARLENE HUISMAN & FAMILY SATURDAY, FEB. 9TH, 2013 5:30 Dinner • 7:00 Auction • Dance to follow Paul Lychak Community Hall Evelyn, BC

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Music by Loony Toonz

Cash Bar

Friends, co-workers, and associates of Arlene would like to invite you to attend this event. • Dinner • Dance • Auction

DD’s will be on site.

Click on the Red Heart to still see a list of items donated for the auction. Space donated by the Interior News

Happy Family Day from the staff of

InteriorNEWS THE

SmitherS, B.C.

Call me today for more information.

Cathy Stanton, PFP Investment Funds Advisor Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. 3724 First Ave, Smithers BC V0J 2N0 Ph: 250-847-4686 email:

Read a fund’s prospectus and consult your investment professional before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed; their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Investors will pay management fees and expenses, may pay commissions or trailing commissions and may experience a gain or loss. ©2013 FMR LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part by any means without the prior written consent of Fidelity Investments is forbidden. Fidelity Investments is a registered trademark of FMR LLC.

Sponsored in part by:

The Interior News

Lorraine Doiron


n 1897, Clara Martin became the first woman in the British Empire to practice law. She lobbied for a bill in the Ontario legislature to overturn the Law Society of Upper Canada’s regulations barring women because only “persons” could be admitted. Even now, in other cultures, women are sold into prostitution, forced to marry, have no right to birth control, little access to education and are completely dependent on men. Non-persons? As we celebrate our Centennial, let us also celebrate how far we as women have come, remaining aware we still have a way to go. A remedy for the January/February blues: good music, Saturday, Feb. 16 at Round Lake Hall, 7:30 p.m. Listen to Backroad Home (Rob and Michelle Nesbit), as well Juanita McIntyre. A great lineup for a $5.00 donation.

Contributions of baking also welcome. The Smithers Art Gallery’s Feb. 5 – March 6 exhibition is “Medium as Muse”, a solo show by renowned Smithers artist Anne Havard. A stunning display featuring quilting, embroidery, and photography and other media. Opening reception Friday Feb. 8, 7 – 9 p.m., free admission. Artist workshops: Watercolour Painting for Beginners/ Intermediates, two sessions Feb. 23 and 24, pre-register at the Gallery. Information: or 250-847-3898. Brown Bag Lunch, Thursday, March 7, at the Healthy Living Centre. Julie Chaplin, CHHP, FEAP with tips, techniques for insomnia. Learn how to achieve optimum sleep, so important for your health. February 12 – 16, Festival of Nations honouring cultures of the Bulkley Valley. Enjoy a Taste of Nations at various Smithers restaurants, an exhibit From Time Immemorial: A Celebration of Wet’suwet’en History at the Northwest Community College, a Wet’suwet’en feast at the Moricetown Multiplex and an afternoon of storytelling at the NWCC. Great call from Edith Beerda to tell us about her son Shawn’s marriage Jan.

I read because . . .

26 to Tina. They were engaged last March when Shawn went down on one knee while they were walking on Tyhee Lake, solidly frozen. It was an easy decision to hold their marriage ceremony in the same place. The weather

co-operated with a beautiful mild day blessing the couple as 20 family members and friends joined them on the frozen lake. Closing with: Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. Booker T. Washington


Inroads still to be made for women

Monster Theatre


a new season



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All concerts at the Della Herman Theatre

You don’t have to know a thing about Shakespeare to be completely entertained.

Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 7:30 pm Brought to you by

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FRENCH IMMERSION INFORMATION NIGHT Thinking of French Immersion for your child? Join us for an information session on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 6:30 pm at Muheim Elementary School Come and learn about our French Immersion Program Hear first hand experiences from current French Immersion parents Meet some of our French Immersion teachers Question and Answer period Muheim Elementary offers English and French programs. Kindergarten registration begins February 18th at 9:00 a.m. Please feel free to call Muhiem at 250-847-2688 or Google Muheim Elementary

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Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

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Welcome, Bienvenue, Dayning yeh, Welkom, Tervetuloa, Willkommen, Maligayang Pagdating, Aloha, Yl’el, Baruch Haba, hwangyong-hamnida, Benventu, Vitaj,Valkommen, Ngiyakwemukela, Vedui, Ahla w sahla, Yokoso, Chao don.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Not so sweet on artificial sweetner


o, tell me how have the New Year resolutions gone so far? Given up? Need more time? Some tell me they tried to quit smoking but now worry about gaining weight. Others just can’t seem to lose weight period. I know some will switch to sugar substitutes in order to lose some weight and to cut out the sugar levels. I’ve done the same thing. That is until I received an e-mail from a friend about aspartame. Scary stuff! It’s taken me a couple weeks to read a lot of the material on the internet. Apparently it might cause blurred vision or joint pain, cause memory loss and crave more carbohydrates

SPICE OF LIFE Brenda Mallory

and gain weight. What can we do? Of course there is a solution or two. You can go to the health food store and buying some natural Stevia. The other solution that pleased me and made some sense was using honey. All natural and good for us.

The benefits of honey are numerous. Let me list a few: it will boost the immune system, not deplete the good bacteria that help the old gut flora. Apparently even the better sugar substitutes like Splenda can cause some indigestion. Honey fights bad bacteria, contains flavanoids that help fight cancer and heart disease. How about a bit of honey to sooth a cough? I recall as a child I was given honey and liniment. Must have worked. You will find that a lot of cough lozenges contain honey. Even hair and skin products contain honey. If you’re a person who uses a lot of foods laced with artificial sweetener try to find out about it before

you eat a bunch more. Maybe next time a cup of tea or coffee needs to be a bit sweeter add a gob of honey. Honey can be used in your baking as well. Perhaps the best plan would be to get rid of the need to have so much sweet stuff. Many of you are in

the age bracket where soda pop was not part of our diet. I know we seldom had any pop or other sugary stuff for that matter. Do call me at 250846-5095, or drop me a note or other information at mallory@bulkley. net.

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We’re celebrating our 1st year Anniversary!

Check out our great anniversary specials for February! • Prepay for 3 treatments and receive 20% OFF! • Book a 1 hour Swedish Relaxation Massage and receive a complementary Essential Oil blend! • Receive a Free Acupressure Facial when you book a 60 min Shiatsu Massage!

Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day: Gift Certificates are available

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Superheroes and villains dance for BVFMS By Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News


he Glenwood Hall welcomed a gathering of superheroes and villains Saturday night, as the Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society hosted an evening of music and dance. The usual suspects made an appearance, including the good guys like Superman, Batman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Unsung heroes such as Super Glue and a resident of Gotham City also made an appearance. Villains such as Godzilla, Cruella De Vil and Dr. Death also came out to add their brand of merriment to the evening. It was all for a good cause, Norma Stokes, aka Cruella De Vil, said. “This is one of our fundraisers,” Stokes said. “We use the money raised to support our bigger projects. “To promote music in the valley.” One of those bigger projects is the Midsummer Music Festival. This year marks the 30th edition of the Midsummer Music festival, which promises to be extra-special, although organizers are tight-lipped about the special musical guests already scheduled to make an appearance. The other big event hosted by the BVFMS are the guitar camps, a youth camp and an adult camp. Although the Superheroes and Villains theme has been floating in Stoke’s mind for a few years, the inspiration for her Cruella De Vil costume was a last minute decision. “It’s what I saw when I opened the cupboard last night, there was a black and white wig, it has nothing to do with my personality,” she said with a laugh. Providing the music, free of charge, were local bands String Licorice, The Shaggy Manes, NonProphet Society and DubTonic.

Above, Ryan Holmes (aka Two Face) and his String Licorice bandmates got the dancing going; top right, Norma Stokes (aka Cruella De Vil); bottom right, Glen Nicholson (aka King Kong). Percy N. Hébert photos

Say good-bye to your Pennies, Say hello to helping children. Bring your pennies in for the

A little contribution from you equals a whole lot of benefit.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

C OMMUNITY Cancer Care Committee needs recipes By Percy N. Hébert Smithers/Interior News

The Smithers Community Cancer Care team is getting ready to publish their third cookbook and is asking residents to send in their favourite recipes. It isn’t a small undertaking as the CCC need a cupboard full of recipes, CCC member, Debbie Courtliff said. “We have about 200 pages and two recipes per page,” Courtliff explained. The first two cookbooks, Sharing and Caring, Recipes from the Bulkley Valley and What’s Cooking in the Valley raised about $30,000 and found their way into homes across Canada and around the world, Kathy Johnston, also with CCC, said. Funds raised from the sale of cookbooks are used to help cover travel and accommodation costs associated with cancer treatments, Johnston said. “So the money

The Smithers Community Cancer Care team is looking for recipes.

Metro Creative Graphics

we raise stays in the community,” Courtliff said. The cookbooks are divided into sections typical of most cookbooks, from entrées to desserts. As with the previous cookbooks, the third volume will have recipes penned by professional chefs from local restaurants. “We did it the first year and it worked out well, so we’re going to

do it again,” Johnston said. The CCC is also looking for recipes from celebrity chefs such as local politicians, media and other personalities from around town. The third volume will however feature two new sections, Courtliff said. “We’re adding Holiday Favourites and Gluten-free sections,” she said.

Recipes are welcome from all area residents, young and old. The only request the committee makes is the recipes be mindful of healthy living and eating choices, with one important exception. “Desserts are desserts,” Courtliff said. The CCC has yet to name the third cookbook and is enlisting the help of area residents. As a token of their gratitude, the CCC will give the author of the winning entry a free copy of the new cookbook. Courtliff and Johnston said they hope to have the cookbook published in June and tie its release into centennial celebrations. Although recipes can be written by hand, the CCC prefer recipes submitted electronically using a pre-formatted recipe sheet. To receive an electronic copy of the recipe sheet contact the CCC at: Copies of the

Thank You Thank you to everyone for the kind messages of condolence, hugs, food, flowers, gifts after Jean’s death. The love shown to me and my family was overwhelming. Special thanks to the nursing staff and doctors of Bulkley Valley District Hospital whose care was exceptional. God bless you all. Eileen Bouvier and family

recipe sheet can also be picked up at the Healthy Living Centre on Main Street, Kitchen Works, The Twin Valley Inn and Foxhole Bakery. Deadline to submit recipes is March 15, 2013.

“Come Play with us”


August 20-24

...Over 3500 55+ BC Seniors expected to participate ! Visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer Click on your It includes geographic zone and contact info for people you will find lots of who would be glad information to help you get involved

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• Kidney Disease causes death in many people with diabetes and

high blood pressure, and raises the risk of a heart attack? Kelly and Linda Jones of Smithers, B.C. are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, • Healthy kidneys reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood

pressure? If detected early, Chronic Kidney Disease can be treated, thereby son of Reg and Diane Versteeg of Calgary, Alberta. reducing the risk of complications of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Ariel Jones to Reuben Versteeg,

Please give generously when a canvasser comes to call, or donate online at

Dutch SOUP & 7 col x 2” SPECULAAS

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch 200-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K6 1(800) 567-8112

Did you know? • Kidney Disease causes death in many people with diabetes and high blood pressure, and raises the risk of a heart attack? • Healthy kidneys reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure?

Take the quiz posted at and see if you are at risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease. You could be saving your own life (and you could win a prize!)

If detected early, Chronic Kidney Disease can be treated, thereby reducing the risk of complications of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Dutch GOUDA Cheese Sale

Please give generously when a canvasser comes to call, or donate online at

B.C. Grown

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch 200-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K6 1(800) 567-8112

The wedding will take place October 12, 2013 in Kelowna, B.C.

Did you know?

• Kidney Disease causes death in many people with diabetes and high blood pressure, and raises the risk of a heart attack? • Healthy kidneys reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure? If detected early, Chronic Kidney Disease can be treated, thereby reducing the risk of complications of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Take the quiz posted and see if you are at risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease. You could be saving your own life (and you could win a prize!) Please give generously when a canvasser comes to call, or donate online at

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch 200-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K6 1(800) 567-8112

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Please call for a FREE consultation or quote. Nathan Murdoch Owner/Operator Construction Ltd.

On the lookout This northern hawk owl, on Snake Road, perched atop a cottonwood tree, kept a close eye on the ground below looking for a tasty morsel. Percy N. Hébert photo


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A32 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Proudly serving Hazelton, New Hazelton, South Hazelton, Gitsequkla, Kispiox and Glen Vowell

SHCA upset with water facility By Jerome Turner Hazelton/Interior News

The South Hazelton Community Council has been mired in a water treatment battle since its inception in 2010. The Regional District of Kitimat Stikine decided to install a plant capable of delivering water to a Kamloops-sized community. Julia Sundell, SHCA president, is frustrated at the lack of information forthcoming from the RDKS regarding why the treatment plant was built and why financial documents regarding the treatment plant have been withheld for years. “We formed the community association because we’re not happy with the way this whole new water system rolled out,” Sundell said. “I don’t think there

was enough community consultation regarding what we would like and eventually have to pay for.” There are just over 200 people living in the area designated as South Hazelton and each of them must pay over $700 per year for water services per household, which is up from just over $100 per year previously. “I was asked by the regional district, ‘Where have you been? This has all been decided.’” Sundell said. “Which was news to me.” The RDKS held an open house in July 2009 which was to, “explain the project proposal, answer questions and confirm community support,” according to the RDKS website. But the wheels were set in motion in 2001 when the RDKS was called upon by the South Hazelton Waterworks District, now dissolved and

replaced by the RDKS, to take over the substantive water treatment project. Several options were determined too costly, such as, connecting to the existing Village of Hazelton water delivery system and the RDKS decided to keep Chicago Creek as the primary water source and the size of the facility was determined. “The system is designed to meet South Hazelton’s current needs as well as its future needs,” Roger Tooms, RDKS manager of works and services, said. Tooms added that population projections were completed and a water treatment facility was chosen accordingly. Sundell and many South Hazelton community members, now faced with infrastructure and cost issues, need questions answered. See TREATMENT on p. B2

Company’s Coming

NATIONS MIX TO PROTECT WATER A mixing of the waters ceremony led by the Klabona Keepers (Tahltan) was held in Terrace last Saturday to celebrate a unified victory over Royal Dutch Shell’s coal-bed methane project in the Sacred Headwaters and to reaffirm a collective commitment to prevent Fortune Minerals’ anthracite coal project going forward. Brian Huntington photo

Hudson Bay Mountain’s fabulous February Events!

A sofa bed will welcome all your guests if they are just visiting or if they decide to stay a while. Kondolas believe’s your sofa bed should be functional but also look

Lord of the Boards – Saturday, Feb. 9th Hawkair Family Fun Day – Monday, Feb. 11th


Pass holder Appreciation Day – Friday, Feb. 15th Valhalla’s Ladies Day – Saturday, Feb. 16th Rick Schmidt Torchlight Parade – Saturday, Feb. 16th

Sofa Beds Starting at $899 Delivery available to Houston, Burns Lake, The Hazeltons and all surrounding areas.




MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00 - 6:00 PM

Check out our website or drop into the office for details on these February events.

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B2 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Interior News


South Hazelton may merge with Newtown TREATMENT from p. B1 “I know they are way over budget,” Sundell said. “The water delivery system isn’t working.” “We’re having mainline water breaks, costing $10,000 a pop to fix and we’re stuck with this system that is vastly overengineered.” Tooms admits to being over budget for the project, which will cost over $3.6 million, but also notes how much the RDKS

secured for the plant. “We gathered nearly $2.5 million through various grants and funding sources.” Part of the reason for the new plant dates back to Ontario’s Walkerton tragedy, where seven people died and close to 2,500 people fell ill due to a severely contaminated public water source in May 2000. The government of British Columbia responded by passing the Drinking Water

Protection Act to ensure, among other things, an incident like Walkerton never happens in B.C. The DWPA requires all B.C. communities to chlorinate their drinking water. This baffles Sundell. “One of our association members has drank the water his whole life and never been ill from it,” she said. A boil water advisory has been in effect in South Hazelton since 1998, which is set to be

lifted soon, Tooms said. Another benefit to the new treatment plant, which is completely operational, according to Tooms, is it provides adequate fire protection to the South Hazelton community. Maintenance for the new facility is provided by the District of New Hazelton, which may prove to be a permanent arrangement. The SHCA is asking all

community members to attend a meeting scheduled for Feb. 20 to discuss their concerns and potential solutions. One remedy suggested currently by the SHCA is a complete merger with the District of New Hazelton, Sundell said. For more information on the South Hazelton water system visit content/south-hazelton-watersystem.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


T HREE R IVERS R EPORT InteriorNEWS CHANGE Family Literacy Day held at NWCC DEADLINE All Display Ads and THE

All Line Ads Thursday, Feb. 7 at noon

By Jerome Turner Hazelton/Interior News

Hazelton’s Northwest Community College held several events for Family Literacy Day on Jan. 24 and a Skate-4-Books was held at the Ken Trombley arena on Jan. 27. “We just thought it would be nice to rent the arena this year,” Carol Pritchard, NWCC librarian, said. This is the 15th anniversary of a national campaign initiated by ABC Literacy Canada in 1999. Literacy Day events have happened for several years at Hazelton’s NWCC campus, but this year was much more inclusive. Lu Ann Dietrich, learning assistant specialist and accessibility co-ordinator at Hazelton’s NWCC, led the organizing of Literacy Day. “We’d never really branched out and involved other community organizations before,” Dietrich said. Events ranged from Gitxsan nursery rhymes to body literacy, which is learning how to read what your own body is telling you, through practicing yoga. There was also movement games for children and parents led by Tara Williston. “It’s nice to see people who maybe hadn’t met before making connections, especially with the moms and tots,” Dietrich said. “It just reinforces the awareness of community.” Delia O’Brien led

SmitherS, B.C.

The Big Bad Wolf, a.k.a. Charlotte Lindford (centre) on the hunt for some young readers Jan. 27 at the Ken Trombley arena, as part of Skate4-Books on Family Literacy Day.

Jerome Turner photo

young children and their parents through some familiar nursery rhymes, but all were translated into Gitxsan. “It was really nice to have Delia here,” Dietrich said. “She brought knowledge and smiles to all in the room.” The Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and You are my Sunshine were among the songs. Gord Jack handed out cards with Gitxsan sayings on them to promote the local language. Political citizenry was also promoted during the Literacy Day. A Rock the Vote booth, setup in the hallway by NWCC student union members, reminded all in attendance of the upcoming provincial election in May. Julie Maitland, NDP MLA constituency assistant to Doug Donaldson, was also on hand to ensure those present were registered to vote with their current address up-to-date. “It’s important for people to have all their information current

Check e h t t u o great ! s r e y l f

before going to the polling stations,” Maitland said. “It prevents needless headaches.” The Hazelton Public Library had several books on display and had an employee, Keegan Schopfer, available to register and distribute library cards. The Book Bus was parked on campus for anyone to board, browse and select some literature for free. The bus tours from Gitanyow to Kispiox year-round handing out books. More than 30,000 books are circulated annually through the bus. Dusty Cooper, driver of the bus, is quick to point out the most popular category. “Cookbooks go fast,” Cooper said. “People around here like to expand their menu, I guess.” The bus operates on a donation basis. “I think the people here enjoyed their time,” Dietrich said. “It was such a positive atmosphere and everybody contributed something to that.”

Inside this Week:

CLOSED Monday, Feb. 11 for Family Day For news items or advertising The Interior News • 250-847-3266



The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I read because . . .

Spartans play well shorthanded

By Jerome Turner Hazelton/Interior News

The Hazelton Secondary junior girls basketball team went 0 for 3 in exhibition and play-day games over the weekend. A short or empty bench is one of the main reasons the Spartans are overwhelmed, but there is another reason that will take time to reign in. “Most of these girls haven’t played a lot of basketball,” Coach John Olson said. “And others have zero actual game experience.” Despite what they lack, the Spartans play very well when rested. Unfortunately, they had one substitute for their final game against the Bulkley Valley Christian School last Saturday afternoon. The game began with both teams playing aggressive defence and the Spartans made sure to

make life difficult for the BVCS offence. The first basket was scored just over three minutes into the game by BVCS. Samantha Johnson, Hazelton’s most aggressive player, managed to weave her way to the basket and earn a trip to the free throw line, but could not connect on either attempt. Defence kept the game low-scoring in the first quarter, as both teams moved their feet well and had active hands in passing lanes. Marina RubinatoDenny drilled a three pointer making the score was 7-3 for BVCS. Five minutes into the second quarter BVCS pulled away, mostly through offensive rebounds and easy baskets under the rim. A minute later, thanks to a half-court press, which is when the opposing team is met at the half court line by defenders, a flurry of Spartan baskets, started by

I read because . . . I like to read about Justin Bieber.

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

Samantha Johnson (#30) curls around a screen set by Marina RubinatoDenny (#10) in a game against Smithers Secondary last Friday.

Jerome Turner photo

Olivia Sampson closed the gap to 13-9. Ashlee Johnson was strong at the half-court line for the Spartans causing problems for BVCS in getting their offence started. Shortly before halftime the Spartans began to show signs of fatigue and BVCS took full advantage making substitution after

oast Mountains Board of Education School District 82

2013-2014 SCHOOL CALENDAR PUBLIC FEEDBACK REQUESTED Coast Mountains Board of Education School District 82 is seeking public feedback regarding the proposed 2013-2014 School Calendar. Details regarding the proposed 2013-2014 School Calendar are available on the school district web site at Public feedback is welcomed by February 28, 2013, by completing the 2013-2014 School Calendar Survey (link available on the school district web site) or by forwarding your comments by email to, by fax to 1-888-290-4786, or drop off/mail to: Coast Mountains Board of Education School District 82 3211 Kenney Street, Terrace, B.C. V8G 3E9 A summary of all responses and feedback received will be reviewed by the Board of Education. The 2013-2014 School Calendar will then be adopted at the Regular (Public) Meeting of the Board to be held on March 13, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. at the Board of Education Office. For further information, please contact Carole Gagnon, Executive Assistant at the Board of Education Office (250) 638-4401 or 1-855-635-4931, Ext. 4401. 3211 Kenney Street, Terrace, B.C. V8G 3E9 Tel. (250) 635-4931 or 1-855-635-4931 local 4401 . Fax 1-888-290-4786 .

substitution to keep fresh players on the floor at all times. The final score was 63-13 for BVCS. Coach Olson was proud of his team. “They never gave up,” he said.

“Even when we started trailing by a lot they kept playing hard.” Olson says his team will work on fundamentals, such as boxing out in the practices to come.

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Hired Equipment Registration Bulkley Stikine District

The Bulkley Stikine District of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is creating its list of registered Equipment for Hire for the 2013/2014 fiscal year, which begins April 1, 2013. All individuals or companies registered this past year through the District Office in Smithers will receive invitations to re-register their equipment for the coming fiscal year by mail. Any individuals who were not registered in 2012, but wish to have to their equipment listed, are hereby invited to contact the District Office to obtain the appropriate registration forms. Note that while you do not need to have Commercial (Comprehensive) General Liability Insurance, or up to date WorkSafeBC coverage to register, you will have to meet these requirements prior to working on any ministry projects. Only owned or lease-to-own equipment is eligible for registration. Equipment can only be registered in one area in any given year. Seniority is not transferable from area to area. Full details of equipment, including serial number and proof of ownership, are required for registration. The deadline for new registrations is 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Late registrations will be accepted, but will be put at the bottom of the open list. Note that there is no charge for registering new equipment or for changing or removing equipment information already listed.

To have equipment registration forms mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you, please contact the local District Office in Smithers by mail at Bag 5000, 3726 Alfred Avenue, Smithers, British Columbia, V0J 2N0, by phone at 250 847-7403 or by fax at 250 847-7219. You can also register online at

Mo 20 Hi

Sm Ho Bu Ne

5.8 4c

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



11530C Track


Power Steering, Electric Start


50% more traction

3 year warranty *Financing available

Cub Cadet has been offering snowthrowers for 50 years our products will serve your needs, winter after winter. Powersaws & Supplies Lawn & Garden Equipment Small Engine Repairs UTVs & ATVs • Snowmobile Parts

2815 - 5th Street, Houston Industrial Site, Houston, B.C.

Phone: (250) 845-3255

It takes 11 muscles to read this ad.

EXHIBIT SHOWS SCRAPS CAN LIVE ON Hannah Huston and son, Lucas view an art piece made from discarded circuit boards made to look like cities on a river-laden canvas at the opening of the Re-Visioned Re-Cycled Art Exhibition. The exhibit runs to the end of February at the Misty River Gallery in Hazelton.

Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously. Learn more at

Jerome Turner photos

ADVISORY PLANNING COMMISSION Member Vacancy Do you have an interest in community planning? Are you interested in the future growth and development of Smithers? The Town of Smithers is looking to fill two member vacancy positions on the Advisory Planning Commission (APC). The purpose of the APC is to advise Council on all planningrelated matters referred to it, including land use, community planning, proposed permits and bylaws. More specifically, the role of the APC is to evaluate land use applications, designs and plans as part of: • Official Community Plan and/or Rezoning Applications; • Development Permit Applications; • Development Variance Permit Applications; • Community planning projects. The APC is made up of community members whose diverse qualifications, interests and backgrounds provide a balance of interests within the Commission. If you are interested in participating on the APC, please complete an application available at the Town Office (1027 Aldous Street) or online ( and submit to: Deborah Sargent, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Smithers, Box 879, 1027 Aldous Street, Smithers, BC VOJ 2NO. A complete Terms of Reference is available from the Town Office or the website. All applications must be received no later than 4:30 pm, Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

...because we live here.

“Financial security has always been important to my husband and I, ...that’s why we still invest through Western Financial Group.” To get a quick quote visit or call:


tern Financial Group-Wes


British Columbia 3895 First Avenue (250) 847-4233

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Home |

st Service Guarant

helping our communities with all their insurance needs










| Financial Services



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Your community. Your classifieds.

250.847.3266 fax 250.847.2995 email

Classified Ad Rates The Interior News 3764 Broadway Avenue Box 2560, Smithers, B.C., V0J 2N0

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All classified and classified display ads must be prepaid by either cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard. When phoning in ads, please have your card number ready. CLASSIFIED LINE/SEMI-DISPLAY DEADLINE: 11:00 a.m. on the Friday preceding publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY AD DEADLINE: 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding publication RATES start at $10.95 + HST for 3 lines per week.





Coming Events




HISTORICAL ARMS Collectors Guns-Knives-Militaria Antiques Show & Sale Saturday March 9, 9am-5pm, Sunday March 10, 9am-5pm. Heritage Park, 44140 Luckackuck Way, Chilliwack (exit 116 off Hwy 1) Buy-Sell-Swap. For info or table rentals Gordon 604-7474704 Al 604-941-8489. Check our website

AA MEETING, HAZELTON Sundays, 7 p.m. Wrinch Memorial Hospital, Christine Wesley Room. For information phone 250-842-5694

The 4th annual WCOWMA-BC Convention & Trade Show will be held at the Ramada Convention Centre (36035 North Parallel Rd) in Abbotsford on February 7-9, 2013. Workshops, open forum discussions, networking opportunities and door prizes. Trade show admission is complimentary. Don’t miss the only wastewater trade show and convention in BC. Info at

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The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: AL-ANON Phone Jean at 250-847-3749 or Lori at 250-847-3884. Meetings 7 p.m. Thursdays at Smithers United Church, corner of Queen St. and 8th Ave.


Index in Brief

ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis



It is with great sadness we announce the untimely passing of Cara Dawn Johnston on January 23, 2013, at the age of 30. She is survived by her loving family, husband Dave, children Katie, Landon and Haleigh, mother Wendy, sister Jacqueline, brother-in-law Kurtis, nieces and nephew Alexis, Nathaniel, Hennacey, Naomi, extended family Angela, Malcolm, Noelle, Buck, Patricia, Kristina, Curtis, Christine and Heather. We pray that in addition to the loving embrace of your Heavenly Father, you also found the welcoming arms of your earthly father David and father-in-law Don who both passed away recently. Cara will be sadly missed by her many friends and fondly remembered as one of the Buck Flats Beauties in her assortment of doe skin shirts and baseball caps. We love you and miss you and hope the waters in Heaven are both peaceful and serene and the camping and fishing you loved so much, beyond compare. Memorial Service details to follow. Cremation arrangements were entrusted to RA Schrader Funeral Home, Smithers, B.C.

John Nicholas Steward (Swetleshnoff) Oct. 26, 1939 to Jan. 23, 2013

John Steward was born Oct. 26, 1939 in Canora, Saskatchewan to Nick and Nellie Swetleshnoff. He grew up on their farm and worked alongside them until high school graduation. He and sister Violet used to race the family Percherons until they went to a fall fair and found out that there were special horses for racing. He left Canora upon graduation to work for the Bank of Montreal in Saskatoon. John married Irene Nielsen in Morden in 1963. Their son Ian Darcy was born in Victoria in 1966 and daughter Lori Jean was born in 1973 in Smithers. John moved frequently with the bank, working in Saskatoon, Neepawa, Swift Current, Nipawin, Morden, Richmond, Fort Victoria, Stewart, Kitimat and Whitehorse arriving in Smithers in 1973. John fell in love with Smithers and decided to stay. When he purchased the Marshall Wells Hardware Store he fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a country store. The store was a complex warren of merchandise with something to meet everyone’s needs, and John knew the location of every tiniest item. Many Smithers residents will remember Earl, John’s basset hound, who, as the store mascot, greeted all visitors, lounged on the sidewalk outside and wandered the town at will. John eventually sold the store, and used his new expertise in computers, use and repair, in a variety of jobs with Cheni gold mines and Wrinch Memorial Hospital. After his retirement he continued to work part time for the Schrader Funeral Home until the time of his death. John loved to explore and investigate the back country roads and abandoned settlements for miles around. He could be found far off the beaten path, miles from nowhere, on a snow machine, motorcycle or ATV. He loved to cook, his specialties being cabbage rolls, borscht and blini. John was an inveterate and eclectic collector. John was a specializing non specialist. He loved auctions and garage sales. He collected all kinds of things: vehicles, timepieces, tools and sewing machines. John loved to tinker and fix things. He could often be found at the Telkwa “Wal-Mart” looking for new projects. In 1984 John met Karen Fisher when she came into the store for bicycle parts. They set up home downtown in John’s vintage house. He pretended to dislike the collection of dogs and cats they came to own but he was the one they came to for petting and treats. He liked to play the “curmudgeon” but was truly a kind and generous person offering help where he could. John loved his granddaughters. There was nothing better than a game of monopoly or teasing them. John’s health had been failing for the last four years, but he continued his usual projects, part time work, volunteer activities and played crib. John is survived by wife Karen Steward; son, Ian Steward (Telma), daughter Lori Nixon (Islamuddin), granddaughters Erica, Jessica, Rebecca and Elaina, sisters Tunya Audain and Violet Gartman (Dieter).

John Veenstra May 29, 1936 - January 26, 2013 John (Jannes) Veenstra was born May 29, 1936 to Griet (Tel) and Stoffer Veenstra in Zevenhuizen, Gronigen, the Netherlands. He was the second of eight children. On April 13, 1951, the Veenstra family left their life as they knew it, sailing to Canada on the S.S. Volendam. The family lived in Telkwa for a number of years before moving to Smithers. John spent many years horse logging and working a portable sawmill. He eventually set up Veenstra Sawmills in a permanent location on the D. Groot Logging site. In 1964, John married Sara VanderKooij. In the years that followed, John and Sara had six children. In 1986, the family moved to what is still the family home in Evelyn, just west of Smithers. John always felt that he lived in a piece of paradise and, though he loved his travels, the best part for him was returning to the beauty and peace of home. One of John’s favourite pastimes was gardening. He loved growing food for his family and anyone in need. He also loved growing flowers, his trademark gardens always an exuberant display of colour. John passed away at home on January 26, 2013 at the age of 76. His was a full life, a life that touched many others. Prepared to move on and meet his Creator, he has been freed from the limitations endured during his last months here on earth. John is survived by his wife of 48 years, Sara; his daughters Jeannette (John), Marguerite (Dave), Henrietta (Patrick), Valerie and Esther; and his grandchildren Travis, Amy, Kari, Jenna, Sara, Michael, Arianna, and Adamina. He is also survived by his siblings Fettje (Andy), Henny (Dick), Ted (Joanne), Linda (Ev), Willie (Ted), Jenny (Sid) and George (Tina). John was predeceased by his son Peter in March of 2012. John was laid to rest in the Smithers cemetery on January 30, 2013, followed by a memorial service at the Smithers Christian Reformed Church. I trust in Your unfailing love My heart rejoices in Your salvation I will sing to the Lord For He has been good to me. Psalm 13: 5-6 R.A. SCHRADER FUNERAL SERVICES 250-847-2441



With deep sadness, we announce the passing of David Frank Belanger on January 14, 2013, at the age of 54, after a courageous battle with cancer. David was predeceased by both his father and mother and tragically, our beautiful daughter, Cara Dawn Johnston, joined her Daddy on January 23, 2013. David is survived by his loving family; wife Wendy, daughter Jacquie (Kurt), grandchildren Hennacey and Naomi, son-in-law Dave, grandchildren Katie, Landon and Haleigh; also grandchildren Emily, Alexis, Nathaniel and Kate, in-laws, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family members and by a very special group of life-long friends known as Dave’s Crew. David was born in Smithers, B.C. and going full circle, left us in Smithers, B.C. He grew up in Vernon, B.C., received his schooling and worked there, until moving to Houston, B.C. in April 2008. While employed in Vernon at MAAX Westco, David was also a member of the British Columbia Dragoons and a volunteer firefighter with the City of Vernon. He was so very proud to serve his country and his city and we are so very proud of him. In respecting David’s wishes, there will be no formal Service. In honouring his memory, there will be a time for sharing at the Belanger residence and a time to raise a glass or two in Vernon, dates to be determined. In David’s words: “Shed a tear if you must, then build a bridge and get over it ... Party!” Until we are together again my Bully Bear, rest easy, hug our daughter tightly and know you are loved and missed, so very, very much. Cremation arrangements were entrusted to RA Schrader Funeral Home, Smithers, B.C.

Ivor Lennart Johnson passed away peacefully on his 80th Birthday, January 24, 2013 in Prince George at UHNBC. He will be forever missed by his children, grandchildren and all his family and friends. Ivor was born, January 24, 1933 at home in Evelyn (Smithers), B.C. He married Yvonne Olson on July 8, 1961, they had five children, and moved to Terrace in 1968 to raise their family. He was a loving father whose love and commitment to his children can never be matched. He was gentle, kind and caring with everyone and everything. He loved Keno and playing cards with his family but his real passion was horses. Ivor returned home to Smithers in 2007. He enjoyed the remaining part of his life back with his brother and best friend, Eric. The two of them enjoyed cruising around town visiting with friends at Tim Horton’s or A&W and of course playing Keno at the 7-Eleven or Petro Canada. Dad, we love you from the bottom of our hearts Ivor is survived by his Children, Judy (Don) Kehler, Sonja Bazil, Karen (Lorne) Kuemper, Cathy Johnson and Ron Johnson; grandchildren, Kevin, Krista & Kyle Flaherty, Lindsay & Brett Kehler, Shayla Johnson, Lindsey, Bradley, Cody & Karlee Kuemper, Jordan & Darci Stead, Kurt & Kalsie Johnson; brothers Eric and Art Johnson and sisters Linnea Lychak and Helmy Price. Ivor was predeceased by his parents John and Bjuty Johnson, sisters Ruby Hoops, Esther Williston and Florence Johnson, his son-in-law Roger Bazil and grandson Dayton Ivor Johnson. Please join us in remembering our Dad, there will be a Celebration of Life at the Paul Lychak Hall (Evelyn Hall) in Smithers, B.C. on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. The Family wishes to thank all the nurses and doctors at UHNBC who cared for our dad, making his last days and hours as peaceful as could be. Your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. In lieu of flowers donations to the BV Hospice Society or Prince George UHNBC would be greatly appreciated. The family will hold an interment of ashes at a later date.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TO RECOGNITION. Thank you to the employers in the Northwest that hire apprentices and help to ensure British Columbia has the skilled tradespeople it needs for the future. Industry Training Authority will be presenting live webinars for employers on apprenticeship management, benefits and services. Learn more at • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

101 Industries Ltd. Alpha Northwest Construction Alpine Cut & Esthetics Alpine Wiring Supplies Ltd. Aqua North Plumbing Ltd. Aqua Plumbing And Heating Ltd. Auto Choice Mechanical Azorcan Collision Center B.F. Construction Bear Creek Contracting Ltd. Beaver Village Construction Billabong Road & Bridge Maintenance Inc. - Terrace Billabong Road & Bridge Maintenance Inc. - Smithers Bridgeview Marine Broadwater Industries Ltd. Bulkley Electric (2006) Ltd. Camp Mountainview Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Canadian Tire Ltd. - Smithers Canadian Tire Ltd. - Terrace Caron Electric Ltd. Carpenters Union #1735 Central Barber Shop Chaplin Construction Ltd. CMAW Northwest Carpenters Local 1735 Coast Industrial Construction Coast Mountain Chevrolet Olds Ltd. Cole Bros Construction Crest Hotel Ltd. D. Bobb Construction Ltd. D.C.H. Industries D+E Electric Ltd. Deep Creek Masonry Ltd. DH Manufacturing Ltd. DLN Contracting Ltd. First Choice Builders Supply Ltd.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fountain Tire Ltd. - Terrace Fourth Avenue Hair Design & Tanning Francis Généreaux Frank’s Auto Repair (1996) Ltd. Free-Lance Automotive Ltd. Frontier Chrysler Ltd. Frosty Northwest Mechanical Ltd. G.R. Plumbing & Heating Gateway Glass Ltd. Glacier Electric Ltd. Glen Kaldenhoven Gordon Robertson Inc. Grand Ol’e Barber Shop Graydon Group Great Bear Forest Management Inc. Groot Brothers Contracting Ltd. Harbour Machining Welding & Fabricating Harris Auto Wrecking Ltd. Heenan Tree Service Ltd. Hoskins Ford Sales Ltd. Houlden Logging Ltd. Houston Forest Products Company Huckleberry Mines Ltd. Hy-Tech Drilling Innovation Autoworks Ltd. Jeti Holdings Ltd. John Dewit Contracting Johnny’s Machine Shop Johnny’s Welding Ltd. K-2 Mechanical Ltd. KB Electric KC Lawncare Service Kemess Mine Inc. Kerf Construction Ltd. Key Lease Canada Ltd. Kilgren Construction Kitimat Iron & Metal Works Ltd. Konst Construction

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

L.B. Paving Ltd. L.E. Sherman Motors Ltd. Lighten Up Electric Linda Seaborg Lucky Dollar Bingo Palace Ltd. Luke Slanina Magnum Road Builders Inc. Maher Terminals Holding Corp. Main Logging Ltd. Mak & Son Truck & Auto Repair Marinex Sheet Metal Ltd. Matrix Construction Mike’s Roofing Momack Holdings Ltd. Monster Industries Ltd Nadina Truck Service Ltd. Nechako Northcoast Construction Nor-Burd R.V. Sales & Service Ltd. Norm’s Auto Refinishing Ltd. North Central Plumbing & Heating Ltd. North Coast Electric Inc. North Pacific Seaplanes Ltd. Northern Engineered Wood Products Northern Sun Developments Ltd. Northland Construction Ltd. Northline Collision Northstar Ventures Northwest Community College Pacific Inland Resources Divison Pacific Truck & Equipment Inc. Points North Roofing Port City Ford Sales Power Flow Electric Ltd. Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. Progressive Steel Industries Ltd. R & R Rewinding Ltd. R. Price & Sons R.G.’s Auto Services Ltd. Rainbow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ratchford Restorations Ridgeview Construction Ridley Terminals Inc. Rio Tinto Alcan Primary Metal BC Rod’s Custom Flooring Saanich Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Sea Sport Outboard Marina Ltd. SeaMasters Restaurant Skeena Glass Ltd. Smithers Parts and Service (2005) Ltd. Snow Valley Ford Sales Ltd. Sterling Electrical Inc. Steve Berton Electrical Contracting Storey’s Excavating Sullivan Mechanical Ltd. Sullivan Motor Products Ltd. Talin Construction Technicon Industries Ltd. Ted Nugent Enterprises Terrace Honda Sales Terrace Motors Ltd. Terrace Totem Ford Sales Ltd. Terrace Truck & Diesel Ltd. Terrace-Kitimat Airport Society Terry’s Drywall Thornhill Motors Ltd. Tidal Wave Services Timber Peak Construction Toman Construction Tongue and Groove Construction Tower Communications Ltd. Trevor Hendry Flooring Trinity Salon Turcotte Bros Contracting Ltd. Valand Construction LP. Vandergaag Construction (1983) Ltd. West Fraser Mills Wild West Log Homes Ltd.

B8 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Interior News

Strict marine safety standards will ensure we respect our neighbours above, around and below us.

Although tankers have been safely navigating the north coast and its channels for decades, marine safety remains a top priority for British Columbians. We have been planning the Northern Gateway Project for over a decade, with a particular focus on protecting the environment. We have added specific safety requirements to our marine operations plan to help make the waters of the north coast safer not just for tankers serving the project, but for all marine vessels.

Tankers will reduce speeds in the channels…

Qualified BC Coast Pilots will board and guide all tankers… To prevent spills, all tankers serving the project will be modern and double-hulled, and will be vetted by independent, third party agencies before entering Canadian waters. Once strict safety and environmental standards are met, they will be guided through the Douglas and Principe Channels by qualified BC Coast Pilots.

Tankers travel slowly, but to make sure that marine species and their habitats are respected, tankers will be required to reduce speed as they pass through certain sections of the channels. Even their escort tugboats will have quieter engines to reduce underwater noise.

Powerful tugboats will escort tankers… Additional radar and navigational aids will improve safety for all vessels…

Tugboats have been shown to significantly reduce tanker incidents worldwide. Powerful tugboats that have been specially commissioned for Northern Gateway will assist in the safe arrival and departure of tankers. All tankers will be attended by a close escort tug. In the channels, laden tankers will have two tugs–one tethered at all times. These tugboats will have emergency response equipment on board and will be capable of assisting any marine vessel.

Ad #EN018-11/12E REV

For increased safety and sure guidance, additional radar systems and navigational aids, such as beacons, buoys and lights, will be installed throughout the routes. This will not only improve safety for tankers, but for all marine traffic on the north coast.

Discover more about our rigorous marine safety plan and join the conversation at

It’s more than a pipeline.

It’s a path to delivering energy safely.

©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

EN9020 Enbridge Marine Ad V2_EN018-11-12E REV.indd 1

01/11/12 4:16 PM

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Hazelton RCMP avoid impaired driver collision New Hazelton RCMP responded to 83 calls during last week. January 26, while on a routine patrol on the Kispiox Valley Rd, an oncoming vehicle swerved across the centre line into the path of an oncoming police vehicle. The driver was stopped and found to be impaired by alcohol. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days and the driver was fined and prohibited from driving for 90 days. January 26, several snowmobiles were reportedly driving along a road in South Hazelton. They departed before police arrived. January 27, a residence on Dahmlakamat Avenue in Gitsegukla was the target of a breaand-enter. Several items were stolen and minor

damage was sustained to the residence. January 27, police received a complaint of a suicidal person in Gitsegukla. The subject was located and taken to Wrinch Memorial Hospital for assessment and treatment. January 27, a male in Hagwilget was arrested on outstanding charges and was found to be breaching his release conditions. After a brief struggle with police he was taken into custody. Tip of the week - Exercise caution in what personal information you decide to release online. Photos taken with an iPhone contain ‘geotags’ that reveal where the photo was taken. This can often inadvertently reveal where you live or work and be of assistance to identity thieves.


easier access to the cargo area. A quiet inside starts with the outside. High tensile steel gives the 2013 RAV4 a strong and light body structure. Additional sound-deaden-

ing materials and an acoustic windshield dramatically reduce the transmission of road and wind noise into the passenger cabin. RAV4’s modern exterior is matched by an equally advanced and energetic interior that includes more standard features than ever before, class-leading cargo capacity when rear seats are folded down**, spacious accommodations for five, and all-wrapped up in premium soft-touch materials and a unique new colour concept that combines various shades to emphasize the dynamic contours of the interior. RAV4 puts enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency at your fingertips. Designed for high output and smoothness, the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine is equipped with Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) and Sequential Multiport Fuel

At Xstrata Copper Canada, we’re different to most mining companies, younger, with less red tape. We encourage initiative and on-site decision making. In return we pay well and reward motivated employees with major career development opportunities. Sound like you? Then the world’s 4th largest copper producer currently has a variety of positions on offer. We’ll cover relocation expenses if required.

Closed Site Manager Granisle, BC – Ref. No. 0087 Responsible for directing all aspects of operations, maintenance and surveillance for the Granisle, BC and area closed sites, including Bell and

The 2013 Rav4 - so much more to love

“The All-New 2013 RAV4 is a striking example of Toyota’s dynamic new design direction. With a more agressive wider stance than the previous generation, RAV4’s athletic stance clearly signals its more aggressive performance capabilities. It’s also exceptionally aerodynamic including a very handy new rear liftgate design offering

See the world differently

Injection delivering both fuel efficiency and responsiveness. With city/highway/ combined consumption of 8.7/6.4/7.7 litres per 100km on FWD models, RAV4 is one of the most fuel conscious vehicles in its class. With a Tier 2 emissions rating, it’s also one of the cleanest driving. A new 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Sequential Shift gives you the exhilaration and control of a manual shift or convenience of an automatic. Choosing Eco-mode helps increase fuel efficiency.

It is also equipped with an advanced Drive Mode that let’s you tailor performance to your personal preferences or driving conditions. A retuned suspension and opti-

mized electric power steering deliver a more dynamic driving experience. Available with our most advanced All Wheel Drive system yet. The new RAV4 also features an available AWD system with Dynamic Torque Control that enhances control and confidence on a variety of terrains. The system automatically shifts from twowheel drive to four depending on driving conditions, and even allocates more power to the rear wheels to enhance cornering performance. There are a full range of 2013 Rav 4 models to choose from the Front Wheel Drive LE and XLE to the top of the line All Wheel Drive Limited all come with an impressive array of standard equipment and of course a wide variety of options. Prices start at $23,790 msrp.” Drop by Glacier Toyota for a test drive of the brand new 2013 Rav4 .

Boss Mountain, you will develop, implement, maintain and document all phases of the environmental and site management system and effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with the closed site. This role will see you assist with reclamation projects, manage the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plan network, as well as develop and maintain the environmental sampling program. You will be called upon to ensure that all environmental programs are properly maintained and health and safety guidelines are understood and consistently adhered to. Required Qualifications • Five to eight years of industry experience with sound general knowledge of operations and the maintenance of treatment plants and collection facilities • Post secondary education in Engineering, Sciences or a related field would be an asset • Experience in the operation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and/or pumping systems would be ideal • Working knowledge of environmental regulations, processes and tailings dams would be an asset • Ability to influence and negotiate a definite asset • Strong communicator, ideally in both official languages • Basic computer skills with Word, Excel and functional operational systems • Excellent organizational and scheduling skills Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications and will be complemented by a comprehensive benefits package. Relocation assistance will be provided, if required.

Apply at Because the resources we value most are the people we employ.


B10 Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Business Opportunities

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s ours. Local Calls: 250-643-0794 Toll-free: 1-877-644-2266 SMITHERS MEETINGS: Sun., 7 p.m. Ranger Park, 3736-16th Ave.; Mon., 12 noon Courthouse, 3793 Alfred Ave., Main Floor Conf. Rm.; Tues., 7 p.m., Ranger Park, 3736-16th Ave., Wed., 7 p.m. Evangelical Free Church, corner 15th & Main; Thurs., 12 noon Courthouse, 3793 Alfred Ave.,Main Floor Conf. Rm.; Thurs., 7 p.m. Ranger Park, 3736-16th Ave.; Fri., 7 p.m. Evangelical Free Church, corner 15th & Main; Sat., 7 p.m. BVD Hospital, 3950-8th Ave., Conf. Rm. ARE you pregnant and distressed? Phone Smithers Pro Life 250-847-2475 or 1-800665-0570. Office hours MonWed-Fri 10:30-1:30. Free pregnancy testing, non judgmental lay counseling and adoption information. Narcotics Anonymous Have drugs taken over your life? Do you have a desire to stop using? We can help. Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Smithers Friday 12 noon at the Courthouse, 3793 Alfred Ave., Main Floor Conference Room. 250-847-1726. THE Livestock Pedigree Act forbids selling a dog as purebred if unregistered. It provides fines of up to two months imprisonment for anyone who sells a dog as purebred and does not provide the Canadian Kennel Club registration papers. TOPS MEETING (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) every Monday evening 7 p.m. in the Baptist Church basement, Smithers. Everyone welcome. Call 250-847-9614 or for info.

Employment Business Opportunities EARN EXTRA cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate Openings For Men & Women. Easy Computer Work, Other Positions Are Available. Can Be Done From Home. No Experience Needed. B11

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE. UNIQUE BUSINESS opportunity, 5 acres with mtn views, 2-3 bdrm, 1200 sq.ft. home, 24’x30’ garage, drilled well, clean air, landscaped, gardens, fruit trees, minutes to town and rec. areas. Also business for sale, working logging truck and belly dump, backhoe and more. Serious inquiries only. $300,000 (250)847-4695.

Education/Trade Schools 21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes: • • •

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) Certificates included are: • Ground Disturbance Level 2 • WHMIS • Traffic Control • First Aid Reserve your seat for April 1, 2013. Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627 INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language



Daycare Centers

Daycare Centers

Discovery House Day Care 3675 Alfred Avenue

Check us out at

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Our commitment is to provide Contact Bridgette at quality care in a safe environment, 250-847-0036 with a focus on learning through play. Flexible pricing for part time.

Stand up. Be heard. Get help.

MOUNT MILLIGAN THOMPSON CREEK METALS COMPANY Located 150km northwest of Prince George BC, Mount Milligan will be British Columbia’s first major metal mine of this century. Construction began in mid-2010 with commercial production projected for the latter part of 2013. Mount Milligan is owned by Thompson Creek Metals and is currently recruiting for the following positions: t Chief Mine Engineer & Mine Engineer t Senior Surveyor t Chief Geologist t Construction Superintendent t Civil Supervisor t HD Mechanics t Health & Safety Advisor t Electricians & E&I Mechanics t Mine Maintenance Superintendent t Flotation & Control Room Operators / Supervisors t Millwrights t Many, many more. For complete job descriptions please visit: Apply by email to: Or by Fax: 888-881-3527

Eagle Pointe Lodge

LIFE CHANGERS! Distributors required for non-competition health product. Online at: and then at: Or call 780-239-8305 or email to:

SOUS CHEF & SERVERS wanted for remote Five Star fishing lodge, season run May 5- September 12. Must have minimum 2 yrs experience in hospitality industry. Competitive Wages & Benefits. Email:




is part of the fast growing Terraceautomall Group, a leader in Automotive, Parts and Service sales. We are looking to immediately add a qualified


Terrace Chrysler offers a team environment, great benefits and ongoing training and support for its employees. If you’ve got the horsepower to join a fast paced environment and hit our high standards – apply today! Apply with resume and cover letter to: Robert Onstein 4916 Hwy16West Terrace, BC, V8G 1L8 or email:

Help Wanted

Why aren’t you working here? At Sears Smithers, our sales associates roll up their sleeves, have fun and build relationships with our customers.

Minimum Requirements

• Flexibility with hours 12-15 hrs/week, • Must be available Saturdays • Love meeting new people and helping them shop • Good conversational skills • Some heavy lifting required If you fit the qualifications above, apply and begin growing with us! Call (250)847-4256 or apply in person to Sears Smithers 3490 Hwy 16, Smithers

Smithers Community Services Association Job Posting 1 Permanent Part-Time (plus on call) Youth Support Worker – New Hazelton BC - Competition #299 Cedar Place Group Home is seeking a permanent part time Youth Support Worker for two 8 hour shifts every other weekend, plus vacation and on-call coverage. Cedar Place is a four bed group home with 24/7 staffing for male and female youth aged 13 to 18 who present challenging behaviour and cannot reside within their own home or in their current family care placement.

Help Wanted A FURNITURE store in Smithers is looking for 4 Retail Salespersons on a F/T basis with min. grade 12 edu and some sales exp. Salary $12/hr. Also require 4 F/T Warehouse Workers to assist in loading/unloading and unpacking furniture. No exp necessary. Wages $12/hr. Apply

Help Wanted

VILLAGE OF TELKWA JOB OPENING – ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIST The Village of Telkwa is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Engineering Technician for immediate permanent employment with the Village of Telkwa. Reporting to the Engineering Manager, the Engineering Technician will be responsible for the coordination and inspection of municipal capital projects and development as it relates to road, sewers, water mains and facilities. This position will review preliminary and detailed design drawing submissions; handle inspection and enforcement of municipal development infrastructure installations and assist the Public Works Department with troubleshooting infrastructure related issues. The Engineering Technician is responsible for the collection of infrastructure data for the Village of Telkwa’s geographical information system (GIS); preparation and/or coordination of municipal infrastructure planning reports; implementing detailed analysis of existing and proposed infrastructure; compiling and maintaining the Village record drawings and infrastructure reports The preferred qualifications for this position include a post-secondary Certificate (2 Year) in a Civil Engineer Program and computer training in GIS and Auto Cad including Auto Cad Map 3D. The successful candidate will possess an in-depth knowledge of current and proposed engineering design and operating standards of surveying. Proponents must have at least 2 years acceptable experience in a civil/municipal environment. A Valid Environmental Operator Certification Program (EOCP) certificates in Water and/or Wastewater would be an asset. This position requires a criminal record check, along with a Class 5 driver’s license and annual driver’s abstract. This is a permanent, full-time position of 35 hours per week. The wage rate is currently $29.27 per hour and a comprehensive benefit package is included. A detailed job description is available by e-mail or on the Village of Telkwa website ( This is a CUPE Union position and will be subject to associated union dues. Submit a resume and cover letter to the Attention of Alfred Reutelsterz by e-mail to, by facsimile to (250) 846-9572 or to the Village office at Box 220, Telkwa, BC, V0J 2X0 by February 15, 2013. The Village of Telkwa regrets that we are unable to reply to all applicants.

A healthy local economy depends on you


Position Summary: The Youth Support Worker provides ongoing support and direction to youth residing at Cedar Place Group Home. The support worker will attend to the basic needs of the youth, ensure the youth’s safety and confidentiality are maintained, and identify and encourage the development of pro-social skills, attitudes and behaviours in a calm, respectful and harmonious environment. Qualifications: Social Service Worker, Human Service Worker, or Community Support Worker Diploma or completion of grade 12 and 2 years related experience. Must have or be willing acquire Non-violent Crisis Intervention, Food Safe, WHMIS, First Aid certification. Must be willing to undergo a criminal record check and possess a valid Class 5 BC driver’s license. Smithers Community Services Association is a non-profit organization that believes in raising the bar on what it means to do a good job. As a member of the Smithers Community Services team, you are fully engaged in your work, you take personal responsibility for your experience with the Association, you are a professional who operates from a place of ethics and integrity and you are prepared to evolve, change and grow as a result of working here. Apply with resume and cover letter (state competition #299 on resume) to: Smithers Community Services Association 3815-b Railway Ave., Smithers Mail to: Box 3759, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 Fax: 250-847-3712 Email: Closing date: 4:00pm February 15, 2013 Job Description available by request @ SCSA


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre Society Dease Lake Pregnancy Outreach Program Job Opportunity CAPC Pregnancy Outreach Worker – 20 hours/week Starting Wage $17/hour and a good benefits package. Many training opportunities. The CAPC (Community Action Program for Children) is funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada and is focused on peer support to families through pregnancy and up to 1 year after delivery. Job Summary/Qualifications: • knowledge/experience of pre and post natal care, nutrition, risk factors, breastfeeding • effective communication techniques, charting, interviewing and facilitating skills • group sessions and daily activities of program • maintain statistical data • maintain strict confidentiality at all times • basic first aid and infant/adult CPR required/ willingness to obtain • valid driver’s licence and reliable vehicle and willingness to travel • no relevant criminal record Closing Date: Feb. 11, 2013 If further information required please contact Annette Morgan, Executive Director at: 250-847-5211

Lake Babine Nation JOB POSTING

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JOB SUMMARY: The Executive Director will manage the development, implementation and maintenance of Lake Babine Nation (“LBN”) Services operational policies, practices and principles that provide for competent governance, accountability, effectiveness, transparency and efficiency; implement organizational vision; provide direction and support to the political & administration office. The Executive Director will work out of the Woyenne Office located in Burns Lake, BC. QUALIFICATIONS: • Graduation with professional degree from a recognized university in Business, Human Resources or Finance preferred; Specialization that has been obtained through an exceptional combination of training, education and / or experience may be considered. • Experience of strategic leadership/senior management of not-for-profit organization or corporation; • Extensive experience with financial and human resources management; demonstrate knowledge & experience in leading First Nation Political or Advocacy organization would be an asset. • Background and knowledge base of issues facings First Nations in Economic Development; • Problem-solving, decision-making, financial and policy analysis; leadership role modeling/mentoring to encourage optimum performance by staff; • Superior written / oral communication/negotiation/ presentation skills to represent LBN dealings with multilevels of government and various stakeholders; • Understanding of LBN History and mandate, aboriginal rights, challenges, opportunities and political processes pertaining to First Nations; PROCEDURES: 1. A cover letter, please indicate how your education and experience qualifies you for this position. 2. Recent resume showing that you meet the basic Qualifications. 3. A photocopy of your Degree, Certification. SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTS TO: Beatrice MacDonald HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Lake Babine Nation, P.O. Box 879, Burns Lake, B.C., V0J 1E0 Email: DEADLINE: Until position filled Only those applicants short listed will be contacted for an interview.

We’re on the net at

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


2142 Omenica Ave, South Hazelton, BC V0J 2J1 We have an immediate opening for a full or part-time Sales Person and/or a full or part-time person to work in the lumber yard and do deliveries. Some physical work and lifting is required. Knowledge of hardware and building supplies would be an asset, but we will train the right individual. Good communication and customer service skills will be required.

Please mail, drop off or email resume and drivers abstract to:

Kondolas Furniture needs a

Full-Time Sales Associate • Eager to Learn • Outgoing & Friendly • Good Compensation • Strong Customer Service Skills Apply in person 3840 Alfred Ave., Smithers

requires a part-time

Sales Associate This individual should be out-going and self motivated. Previous customer service and sewing skills would be assets. Please apply with your resume to Mike or Kelly at Hetherington & Hooper 1161 Main Street O 250 · 847 · 2455



Maintenance Welder Reporting to the Shovel and Drill supervisor, the successful applicant will be responsible for the safe and productive welding on mining equipment. Projects will include structural and general repairs on haul truck frames, shovel booms, rebuilding haul truck boxes, and loading equipment buckets. Work will be take place in a shop and outside so the successful candidate must be able to work in all weather conditions and body positions.

Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years industrial welding experience, hold a valid class 5 drivers’ license and minimum % /evel Welding certiÀcation.

Huckleberry Mine is a remote mine where its employees live in a camp environment on their days of work. This position works a 4 x 4 schedule (4 days in, 4 days out) or 8 x 8 (8 days on, 8 days off). While at the mine site all meals and accommodations are provided free of charge to employees. Transportation is provided from Houston. Huckleberry Mines Ltd. offers a competitive salary and a full range of beneÀts including medical, life, disability income and RRSP savings plan.

We thank all applicants for their interest in Huckleberry Mines Ltd., but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

ASSISANT BOOKKEEPER The Hudson Bay Mountain office have a position open for an Assistant Bookkeeper. If you think you have the right skill set for the role, please drop resume and cover letter off at our office or email to:

lwilkie@hudsonbaymountaincom 3866 Railway Ave. 250.847.2058



Huckleberry Mines Ltd. is a Vancouver based mine company which operates a 16,400 TPD open pit copper molybdenum mine located 120 km south of Houston in west central British Columbia. The Mine Maintenance Team is expanding to the meet the challenges of the Main Zone Optimization (MZO) Project expansion.

Heavy Duty Mechanics We are currently working on the Main Zone Optimization Expansion Project which will extend mine operations to 2021. As a result, we are expanding and modernizing our Áeet of haul trucks, loading equipment, drills and support equipment and are seeking journeyperson mechanics to be part of our growing maintenance department during this exciting time. We are looking for self starters who can work safely with minimal supervision, work well in a team environment and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Responsibilities will include preventative maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of engines, transmissions, hydraulics and electrical systems on 777 and 785 Cat Trucks, 992 Loader, Komatsu PC 2000 Excavators, Cat support equipment, P H 2100 shovels, Bucyrus-Erie and Atlas Copco rotary drills, and other small support equipment.

Employment Help Wanted AVAILABLE immediately for busy Volvo/Mack dealership located in Salmon Arm, BC. Journeyman or equivalent experienced parts counter applicant. Full time with competitive wages and benefits. Volvo/Mack an asset but will consider other OEM experience as equivalent. Forward resumes to Suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview. Journeyman HD mechanic required for oilfield construction company. Duties will include servicing, maintenance and overhaul of our equipment. The job will be predominately shop work , but with a portion of your time spent in the field. A mechanics truck will be supplied for you. The job is based in Edson, Alberta. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051.

Labourers PORTAGE College in Lac La Biche, AB, is looking for Maintenance Service Workers. For more info, visit our website at or call 1-866-623-5551, ext. 5597.

Trades, Technical SHORE MECHANIC – F/T Heavy Duty Mechanic Certificate or equivalent w/5 yrs exp. www.westcoast

Applicants for these positions must possess a journeyperson’s trade qualiÀcation (B.C. ticket) or an ,nterprovincial Heavy Duty Mechanic’s ticket and be able to perform basic welding. Experience with shovels and drills is not necessary but would be considered an asset for this position.

Huckleberry Mines is located approximately two hours driving time from Houston, British Columbia. Employees live in a camp environment on their days of work. The work schedule for this position is 4 x 4 (4 days on, 4 days off) or 8 x 8 (8 days on, 8 days off) working 12 hours per day. Transportation to and from the mine site is provided from Houston by bus and while at the mine site all meals and accommodations are provided free of charge to employees. Houston and Smithers are located in the scenic Bulkley 9alley on TransCanada Highway 1, an excellent area to raise a family and has exceptional outdoor recreational activities. More information on the area is available at, and Huckleberry Mines Ltd. offers a competitive salary and a full range of beneÀts including medical, life, disability income, RRSP savings plan and relocation allowance.

We thank all applicants for their interest in Huckleberry Mines Ltd., but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 4ualiÀed candidates can submit their resumes in conÀdence to

Human Resources Department Huckleberry Mines Ltd. P.O. Box 3000, Houston, B.C. V0J 1Z0 Fax: (604) 517-4701 Email:

Lets You Live Life.


Financial Services DROWNING IN debts? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161. M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Home Care REGISTERED CARE Aide Avail. 12 Years experience. References avail. 847-9107

4ualiÀed candidates can submit their resumes in conÀdence to

Human Resources Department Huckleberry Mines Ltd. P.O. Box 3000, Houston, B.C. V0J 1Z0 Fax: (604) 517-4701 Email:

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The Interior News

Work Wanted

Work Wanted

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Merchandise for Sale

Legal Services

Legal Services

Heavy Duty Machinery

Real Estate

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.


Low Grade Saw Log WANTED • • • • B13

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spiral Check OK Multiple Check OK Dry Balsam OK Oversize to 4 ½� top OK

A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! Also Damaged 40’ $1950 Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Free Delivery BC and AB

Competitive price paid Contact Karl Garret 250-692-6432 .arl.SaFiÂżFWiPEer#KoWPail.FoP

Blinds & Drapery

Misc. for Sale

Blinds & Drapery


Of All Kinds

Real Estate

• cleaning • repair •

Bob Swift 250-847-3051 Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services







• • • • • • •


• View Enhancement/Thinning • Brush Chipping & Removal


MLS N217711

&HUWLÂżHG)DOOHU$UERULVW  'DQJHU7UHH$VVHVVRU Smithers, BC Tel: 250-877-8761 Email:

Feed & Hay Sandra Hinchliffe

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Merchandise for Sale

Cell 250-847-0725


Bulkley Valley Real Estate

KWIKAUCTIONS.COM New & Used Restaurant Equipment Auction Sat Feb 9th @11am 7305 Meadow Burnaby BC

“We’re having a baby!�

$100 & Under FUTON FRAME, wood, fits Queen size mattress, $40 obo. 250-846-5742.

Keep your baby safe in the car.

Drive to Save Lives

Dane Drzimotta

Good Horse Hay 70lb Square Bales $5 a bale, also 2nd cut Alphalfa Square Bales $6 a bale. (250) 567-9813 Vanderhoof


Learn how to choose the right child car seat. Call 1-877-247-5551 or visit

• Insect & Disease Management

Pets & Livestock

53 acres, developed horse farm with 30’ x 80’ horse barn, sunny side of valley, 5 minutes from town, good hay land. Ready to build your home.

Contact Sandra today for a viewing!

Business for Sale

• Spur Free Pruning

Real Estate

1920 Babine Lake Road

Real Estate

• Tree Removal & Topping

250-847-4550 NE PRICW E

Tree Services

• Arborist Services



Custom blueprints.Visit: Save! Save! Save!

Sitka Creek Tree Service Ltd.


Real Estate

Computer Services EXPERIENCED, well equipped I.T. system/network administrator looking for parttime work throughout Northern B.C. Dennis Strain


New Blinds...

AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions; w w w. b i g i r o n d r i l l i n g . c o m . Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON. BIG BUILDING sale... “This is a clearance sale. You don’t want to miss!� 20x20 $3,985. 25x24 $4,595. 30x36 $6,859. 35x48 $11,200. 40x52 $13,100. 47x76 $18,265. One End wall included. Call Pioneer Steel at 1-800-668-5422. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 - Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: www.NorwoodSaw 1-800-5666899 Ext:400OT.

$200 & Under ROGERS SIERRA Wireless Aircard, new mobile, 4G, c/w sim card, cables & charger $175 to own, take over flex plan. 846-9217, 877-9478


Firewood/Fuel FIREWOOD for sale, dry pine by the cord, cut to length and delivered. Round $130, split $165. Phone 250-847-5779

For Sale By Owner 5 BDRM HOME IN TELKWA FOR SALE 3200 sq ft, 4 bath, includes washer & dryer, fridge & stove, dishwasher hot tub, natural gas, contact 250-845-3315

Houses For Sale COZY, UNIQUE cabin with 2.1 acres on Quick W. Rd, 2 lofts, huge wood tables, beautiful stonework, clawfoot tub, cedar timberframe deck, tree fort, sauna, greenhouse, lush gardens, workshop, deep well, short walk to private, worldclass fishing. Only $152,000. Call 250-846-9244. email UNIQUE BUSINESS opportunity, 5 acres with mtn views, 2-3 bdrm, 1200 sq.ft. home, 24’x30’ garage, drilled well, clean air, landscaped, gardens, fruit trees, minutes to town and rec. areas. Also business for sale, working logging truck and belly dump, backhoe and more. Serious inquiries only. $300,000 (250)847-4695.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Rent To Own

Homes for Rent

2 BDRM trailer, deck, Mountainview Trailer Court #13, $2000 down, $500/mth, pad rent $270/mth. Serious inquiries only. (250)847-9014.

WELL KEPT 4 bdrm and 2 bath home in Walnut Pk area. N/S, no pets, ref req. Avail March 1, $1300/mth + util. Call Ron 250-847-0335.

Apt/Condo for Rent


SENIOR SUBSIDIZED 1 bdrm N/S apt avail. end of Feb. Drapes, F/S incl, communal W/D, New Hazelton, close to transit, shopping. Info or view C. Smith 842-5040 pls lv msg.

Trucks & Vans

Commercial/ Industrial

Shopping Centre

LEASING OPPORTUNITY at Rupert Square Mall in Prince Rupert BC

Excellent location for Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Grocery, Beauty Salon and/ or Flower Shops. Affordable rates and Àexible terms. Spaces available from 1100sqft - 7400sqft. For more information and for promotional bene¿ts please contact Steven Tao at 04 771 1 or the Mall Of¿ce at 0 4 1.


Cars - Domestic

“Home of a Million Parts�

• Eco Friendly & money saving • Preserve natural resources • Save valuable land¿ll • Provide tested OEM repair parts at a fraction of the price

3471 Old Babine Lake Road Smithers, BC V0J 2N6 Phone: 847-2114 Fax: 847-1445 Email:

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Request for Quotation Welding Ventilation – Works & Operations and Airport Combined Service building HVAC Contracts #2013-5 & #2013-6 Request for Quotation (RFQ) bid forms for the “Welding Ventilation—HVAC Contract #2013-5 & #2013-6� will be received by the Town of Smithers up to 2:00 p.m. Friday, March 1st, 2013. The general scope of work for this contract is install welding exhaust ventilation systems at the Works & Operations garage and at the Airport Combined Services Building garage. RFQ forms and more detailed Scope of Work documents are available upon request through the Town Office at no charge but with the requirement to register. All RFQ forms must be submitted on the provided form in a sealed envelope marked “Welding Ventilation—HVAC Contracts #2013-5 & #2013-6�, care of Mark Allen, Director of Development Services. The Town of Smithers reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all completed RFQ forms, or to accept the completed RFQ form deemed most favourable in the interest of the Town. The Town’s purchasing policy shall apply. The lowest or any completed RFQ form may not necessarily be accepted. Questions with regard to the tender documents shall be directed to: Roye Lovgren Building Inspector Town of Smithers 1027 Aldous Street, P.O. Box 879 Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0 Phone (250) 847-1600 Fax (250) 847-1601 E:

Cars - Domestic

1996 Chevrolet Cavalier SL 2 dr convert, average condition.




100% Financing available O.A.C.

250-847-7928 Cell 250-877-2434


Wrecker/Used Parts


Legal Notices Commercial/ Industrial

Wrecker/Used Parts


1993 GMC Ext Cab 4x4, 6.5 diesel, auto, extra set tires on rims, canopy. Asking $4,75-. In great shape. (250)846-5052

OFFICE SPACE 875 sq.ft. located at 101 – 3423 Fulton Ave., Smithers. Please call Melodie Blackburn at 250-8476452 for more info.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Breathe through a straw for 60 seconds. That’s what breathing is like with cystic fibrosis. No wonder so many people with CF stop breathing in their early 30s.

Please help us. 2011 Harley Davidson ST Fat Boy Reduced! Now asking ...


250-847-7928 Cell 250-877-2434


Legal Notices

I, Glen S. Stacey, am no longer responsible for any debts aquired by Leslie M. Stacey as of this date of Jan. 30, 2013.

Warehouse Lien Act In accordance with the Warehousemans Lien Act, to satisfy a debt of $4,725.88 incurred for towing, storage and interest we offer for sale: 2005 Dodge Caravan Serial Number 1D4GP24R85B150323 Belonging to Minnie Joseph Sales will take place by sealed bids mailed to: Tyler’s Towing, Box 4312, Smithers, B.C., V0J 2N0 Bids will be accepted up until 5:00 p.m., February 15, 2013.



INVITATION TO TENDER New Arena Design-Build Contract 2013-02 The Town of Smithers invites Design-Build teams, experienced in “turn-key� ice arena design and construction projects, to submit tenders for the “New Arena Design-Build Contract 2013-02�, which will be received by the Town of Smithers up to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 12th , 2013. The general scope of the work for this contract includes: 1. Design an arena with a NHL-size ice surface to be located adjacent to the existing arena (Smithers Civic Centre); and 2. Construct the new ice arena and achieve Substantial Performance by July 31st, 2014 to be operational for the 2014-2015 season. Tender documents will be available at the Municipal Office on or after January 31, 2013 for a non-refundable charge of $100.00, or on the BC Bid website free of charge with the requirement to register. A non-mandatory site meeting will be held starting at 10:30am on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013. All tenders must be submitted to the Director of Development Services in an envelope, sealed and clearly marked “New Arena Design-Build Contract 2013-02�. Bidders shall sign the Declaration and attach it to the outside of the envelope. Tenders shall be accompanied by a Certified Cheque or Bid Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the Total Tender Price payable to the Town of Smithers. Tenders will be publicly opened at the above stated time in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Office. All materially compliant tenders will be examined as to their sufficiency and submitted to Town Council for consideration. The Town of Smithers reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all tenders, or to accept the tender deemed most favourable in the interest of the Town. The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. Questions with regard to the tender documents shall be directed to: Mark Allen, P.Eng. Director of Development Services Town of Smithers 1027 Aldous Street, P.O. Box 879 Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0 Phone (250) 847-1600




100% Financing available O.A.C.

Legal Notices


The Interior News

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



I read because . . .

Auditor loses bid for BC Rail bills

By Tom Fletcher

an effort to a Coloradocomplete his based railway review of company, in the BC Rail exchange for a sale, in which trip to Denver Dave Basi and for a football Bobby Virk game and pleaded guilty other rewards. to breach The B.C. of trust and government’s accepting a decision to benefit for abandon their role in efforts to bidding for BC recover $6 Rail assets. million in legal Seven years fees for the John Doyle of pre-trail pair sparked a manoeuvring political battle. came to a sudden end in Two deputy ministers October 2010, when Basi said they made the decision and Virk pleaded guilty to to overrule the policy to providing bid information to recover legal defence fees

Victoria/Black Press

Auditor General John Doyle has lost his bid for detailed defence lawyer billings in the case of two ministerial assistants convicted for their role in the sale of B.C. Rail operations in 2002. In a ruling released Tuesday, B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman found that Doyle was seeking a “sweeping invasion of solicitor-client privilege” in the case and dismissed his petition to see the documents. Doyle went to court in

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

from government employees if they are found guilty. They concluded it would have added more to legal costs than their assets were worth. Bauman states in his ruling that current B.C. legislation does not give the Auditor General access to privileged materials such as lawyer bills, and his assurance that they would not be widely shared makes no difference. Bauman also found that the government’s voluntary disclosure of privileged cabinet documents in the case is not relevant to the confidentiality of lawyer bills.

Real Estate

Praise-A-Reader Month in Support of Literacy in Smithers

Smithers Community Services

For news items or advertising The Interior News 250-847-3266

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Located in the Log Office at 3568 Hwy. 16 Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

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8535 Woodmere Rd, Telkwa

#38 – 95 Laidlaw Road

Manning Road, Smithers

Lot A Zobnic Road

995 Freeland Road

23557 Ridge Road

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Rare opportunity,Woodmere Ranch 1600sf 3 bdrm rancher, guest cabin Hay land, pasture, yr round creek Cattle, sheep, poultry, garden

Charlie McClary

mls n4505943

Well maintained and renovated 14x70 and ready to move in 3 bedrooms, fenced yard Sundeck and view

Sandra Hinchliffe

25.77 acres, good building sites Treed and views Toboggan Creek frontage Located in Evelyn area

Donna Grudgfield

mls n223812



mls n219182

Ski to your doorstep 5 acres, partially fenced Good, cleared building site Year round creek

Donna Grudgfield


mls n223800

13.53 acres by Seymour Lake 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Log home, 2 car garage 16x32 workshop

Donna Grudgfield


mls n222586

7.2 acres, 3 bedroom home Shop, greenhouse, guest cabin Ideal for organic gardening

Leo Lubbers

mls n222628



12792 Alder Road

Lot B Sixteenth Avenue

3915 Fourth Avenue

3221 Edward Street, 2 Mile

Bourgon Road, Telkwa

2185 Broadway St, S Hazelton

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5 acres, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 30x30 shop, wired and heated Barn, lots of upgrades

Leo Lubbers

mls n218955

Fully serviced lot Prime hill section location Cleared, view Ready for spring building project

Leo Lubbers

Neat and tidy 2 bedroom bungalow Private yard, fencing, trees, gardens New roof, facia, soffits, trim, paint

Ron Lapadat

mls n221972



mls n219710

Updated 5 bdrm, 3 bathroom home Beautiful new kitchen, big sundeck Large lot with trees, lawns Huge shop, RV storage area

Ron & Charlie


mls n223131

19 acres, Bulkley River frontage Great salmon/steelhead fishing 5 acres of hay land, great views

Ron Lapadat


mls n222252

Well maintained, 3 bdrm mobile With great addition and garage Includes large 116x255 lot Visual tour @

Dave & Sonia

mls n223410


8920 Summit Lake Rd, Houston

1220 Hunter Ave, Telkwa

3277 McLeod St, New Hazelton

1875 22nd Avenue

Lot B Lake Kathlyn Road

Hudson Bay Mountain Estates

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Large 6 bedroom home w basement 38.76 private acres w lake frontage Set up for horses, barn, garage Visual tour @

Dave & Sonia

mls n220325

Great Bulkley River frontage Custom built log 1½ storey home Birch floors, fir cabinetry Visual tour @

Dave & Sonia

3014 sf, 20 unit storage facility 1289 sf rental/caretaker residence Great business/investment prospect Visual tour @

Dave & Sonia

mls n223837



mls n4505354

Park like 1 acre with river access 4 bedroom,2 bathroom, 3 fireplaces Private, gardens, 16x24 garage Visual tour @

Dave & Sonia


mls n223178

Picturesque 5.5 acres Close to town, level ground Perfect for home site, views Year round creek, open pasture

Peter Lund


mls n223682

2 life time seasons passes Ski in, ski out Fully serviced Only 7 lots left!

Sandra Hinchliffe



4070 Seventh Avenue

7942 Highway 16, Smithers

21872 Hwy 16 W, Smithers

1549 Chestnut Cres, Telkwa

3211 Turner Way

1539 Willow Street

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• 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home • Large fenced back yard • With in walking distance of playground and ball park

Perfect 5 bdrm family home, view Great large fenced backyard New roof, carpets, quiet street Updated kitchen, new appliances

Charlie McClary

Peter Lund Res. 847-3435

mls n224207

Donna Grudgfield Cell. 847-1228

Modern 3 bdrm, 3 bathroom home Property fenced and cross fenced Mainly treed, some timber Ready for family and livestock

Charlie & Ron

Leo Lubbers Cell. 847-1292

mls n221902

Ron Lapadat Cell. 847-0335

Great Evelyn location, 9.9 acres Beautiful Mtn views, lots of sun Renovated 3 bdrm, basement home Fenced pasture, 5 acres in hay

Charlie & Ron

Dave Barclay Cell. 847-0365

mls n222404

Sonia Apostoliuk Cell. 847-0937

Immaculate 3 bedroom rancher Private ½ acre lot Fresh paint in living room, kitchen Flower and vegetable beds

Alida Kyle

Sandra Hinchliffe Cell. 847-0725

Charlie McClary Cell. 877-1770

mls n224239

Alida Kyle Cell. 877-2802

3 bdrm, 3 bath home, double garage Open, 9’ ceilings, nat gas fireplace Master bdrm walk-in closet, ensuite Large rec room, covered deck, view

Karen Benson

Karen Benson Cell. 847-0548

mls n223422

Jeff Billingsley Cell. 877-0838

Kiesha Matthews

mls n223639

Jantina Meints Cell. 847-3144

Kiesha Matthews Cell. 876-8420

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