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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volume 93 - No. 05

Burns Lake resident hopes for inclusion of physical therapy pool in new hospital. p3

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School bus collision near Houston may lead to charges. p9

Mutual aid agreement with the Village of Fraser Lake Community forest board members sought WALTER STRONG Village Burns Lake council met last week for the second regularly scheduled meeting of the new year. Reaching out to the east, the village has agreed to enter into a mutual aid agreement concerning fire and rescue with the Village of Fraser Lake. Formally known as the Fire and Rescue Service Aid Agreement, the agreement ensures that either community will be able to call upon the resources of the other community if a major event overwhelms the resources of either community. Certain costs incurred by the municipality lending assistance would be recoverable from the municipality assisted. The village currently has agreements like this in place with Houston, Gransile, Telkwa and Smithers. Houston was called upon to aid Burns Lake during the Jan. 2012 Babine Forest Products mill explosion. It was the consensus of village council that it made sense to have an agreement like this with Fraser Lake considering that agreements were already in place for communities west of Burns Lake. Solidarity with Houston In a show of solidarity with the District of Houston, village of Burns Lake council members have agreed to More on page 6...

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN VIOLIN The Lakes District Arts Council brought Calvin Dyck to Burns Lake on Jan. 21, 2013 for the fourth performance of the 2012 - 13 Magnificent Seven performing art season. See page 13 for the full story. Walter Strong photo

Penny going out of circulation A penny for your thoughts? Round them down mint says

WALTER STRONG On May 4, 2012, the final Canadian penny was struck at the Canadian Mint in Winnipeg. Since 1908 when Canada began to mint its own currency in Ottawa, over 35 billion one-cent pieces have been struck. That’s over 100,000 tons of pennies - more than 200 million pounds - of the metal alloy coin pumped into circulation in the

past 105 years. Stretched out side-by-side, those pennies would circle the earth 16 times, or stack to a height of 52,600 kms into the sky. On Feb. 4, 2013, the Canadian Mint will cease to add to that total. The penny has cost a lot more than it’s worth for quite a while. The federal government estimates that it will save over $11 million dollars per year by not processing or handling the penny. Not only does it cost 1.6 cents per penny to

Introducing –

produce, but the coin is constantly taken out of circulation because people don’t want to carry them around. Instead of minting more pennies to keep them in circulation, the government of Canada, in its 2012 Economic Action Plan, announced that it would phase out the penny. The one-cent denomination will remain active for all but cash transactions. Where cash is exchanged, the final, after-tax amount will be

rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. For electronic transactions, or for cheque writing, the one cent amount will remain active and no rounding will occur. It will be up to the retailer to perform the rounding calculation, and only an honour system will ensure that retailers round down or up appropriately. After Feb. 4, 2013, businesses may begin to refuse to accept the penny for cash transactions and More on page 2...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Wednesday, January 30 - 6:30PM & Thursday, January 31 - 8:45PM

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Cameron Hunt is the newest Village of Burns Lake hire.

There is a new member joining the Village of Burns Lake team. Cameron Hart, who has been a life-long resident of Burns Lake, has taken the position of deputy director of corporate services. Hart will be taking over for Stephanie Beerling who moved on in her career in November 2012. He hopes that his local knowledge and devotion to the community will be an asset to the Village

Lakes District News

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of Burns Lake (VBL) for many years to come. Hart will be responsible for providing corporate administration services to council and council committees, overseeing correspondence between parties within and without the community, as well as coordinating and developing publications. “We are very happy to have Cameron join our team,” said chief administrator officer (CAO) Sheryl Worthing. “He has a passion for the commu-

nity that we will draw on as we enter a new year of exciting changes for Burns Lake.” In addition, there has been some internal shifting within the VBL office. TJ Anderson, who has served the office as admin receptionist for over a year, has accepted the position of accounting clerk. “I’m excited for TJ and her new role. She has been a huge asset to our team, and this is a great opportunity for her going forward,” CAO Worthing commented.

Rounding out the penny GATEWAY perspectives Partners for the long term Submitted photo

This illustration, courtesy of the federal mint, shows how rounding will work as the penny is phased out of circulation. ...From page 1 Interact Club at Lakes District tic bags marked with a $25 line Secondary School has been col- so they don’t have to roll thoufinal cash sale amount. Banks lecting pennies since early De- sands of pennies. That cuts down will always accept your pennies, cember 2012. Their project is on the inconvenience for those although individual retailers may to provide fresh drinking water who want to do something good or may not accept the penny af- through the We Create Change for others while getting rid of a ter Feb. 4 at their own discretion. program. lot of pennies at once without If you don’t want to ever handle The interact club doesn’t need much hassle. your pennies again, you can roll you to roll them up and redeem them at any your pennies. bank. Charities will welcome You can drop your unwanted pennies, but you them into jars should call first and find out if around town or they prefer them rolled or loose. at banks. They In Burns Lake, the Rotary are using plas-

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Mother Millie Garage Sale & Silent Auction Saturday February 16th, 2013

For decades, respect has been fundamental to Enbridge’s communication with Aboriginal groups across Canada. Among other considerations, that means developing sensitivity and an understanding of the values and issues important to them. As discussion about Gateway has evolved and progressed with Aboriginal communities in B.C., one thing groups have told us, in unequivocal terms, is that they wanted meaningful, long-term involvement in the labour force. That’s why we established a $3 million Gateway Education and Training Fund. This is an initiative for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities that’s not dependent, in any way, upon Gateway approval. This fund supports training initiatives based in the pipeline, construction, and energy sectors. This isn’t training for the sake of training; it’s focused squarely on employment outcomes. And Enbridge is already connecting industry and community to help create career opportunities in B.C. We’ve already co-funded training programs for surveyors and ironworkers. We’re purchasing seats in existing trades programs, and partnering with provincial and federal bodies to help develop skilled tradespeople in the areas of heavy equipment operation, pipefitting, welding, and construction craft labouring. We’ve also co-ordinated the

first of many “workforce connections” workshops, bringing together representatives of Gateway equity First Nations and companies with labourforce needs for some meaningful employment discussion. We’ve heard, loud and clear, from Aboriginal communities in B.C. that they no longer want to be bypassed by economic opportunities created within, near, or around them. With the Gateway Education and Training Fund, we’re doing something about it. We’re showing true commitment to community and workforce development. And the opportunities we’re sponsoring are not exclusive to our proposed project or our industry — they’re regional and cross-sector in nature. We want to stay connected to the Aboriginal community because it makes good business sense. But our intentions go beyond basic business: It’s about partnership. It’s about responsibility. And, ultimately, it’s about respect.

Janet Holder Executive Vice President Western Access Enbridge Inc.

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to a stronger economy. Join the conversation at

9am - 4pm at the Lakeview Mall

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This sale supports the medical care of local stray animals. We are hoping for donations for both the silent auction and garage sale and they can be dropped off at the Burns Lake Vet Clinic or give us a call at 692-7476 and we can arrange to pick things up.

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to delivering energy safely.

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Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Opportunity for new hospital Aquatic therapy pool would fill a real need in Burns Lake WALTER STRONG

Last Thursday morning, four-year old Lena Mackereth was off to Houston for a physical therapy session in the Houston Leisure Facility pool. Lena’s time in the Houston pool helps to mitigate the affects of her cerebral palsy (CP). “Pool therapy is the best thing that you can do for kids like her,” said Crystal Mackereth, Lena’s mother. But it’s a long way to travel from Burns Lake to Houston, especially in the winter months when the 160 km roundtrip can be a dangerous proposition. There are no facilities in Burns Lake for aquatic physical therapy, so Crystal has no choice but to make the trip. Cerebral Palsy affects over 50,000 Canadians, with over 10,000 people in B.C. affected by the condition. Another way of looking at it is that one in 500 babies will be born with CP. According to Cerebral Palsy Association of B.C. (CPABC), this non-contagious, non-hereditary condition refers to ‘a group of disorders affecting body movement and muscle coordination.’ Because it is a condition and not a disease, there is no way to talk of a cure. People suffering the condition experience varying degrees of difficulty coordinating muscle movement, which can severely impact mobility and quality of life, although there is not reason why a person with CP cannot achieve the same things in life that others achieve. Currently, regional statistics for the

number of people affected in Northern B.C., or in the Burns Lake area are not available. The CPABC is compil-



THERAPY ROUTINES. ing a report that will give a regional breakdown, but according to a CPABC spokesperson, that report won’t be ready until March 2013. As Northern Health considers requests for proposals regarding the construction




of a new hospital in Burns Lake, Crystal hopes that those in charge will consider including a physical therapy pool in the design plans.

She says that the pool needn’t be large, just big enough for a few people to be in so that someone like Lena could be assisted in their physical therapy routines. For Lena, water therapy translates into greater freedom of movement and the possibility that she could postpone or diminish the effects of the CP. “Lena has a tendency to cross her feet, to step on her feet when she takes a step,” said Crystal. “But when she’s in the pool she takes straighter steps.” The freedom of movement found in the pool may teach her brain to make connections with her muscles that she might not otherwise make. “It teaches her muscle that it’s okay to move freely like that,” Crystal said. Jared Lalick, a registered physiotherapist, runs the Total Physiotherapy clinic in Burns Lake. He supports Crystal’s enthusiasm for a pool. “Standing and walking on her own are all easier to do in the pool,” Lalick said. “It gives the brain a chance to catch up with the [physical] action.” Lena faces a series of surgeries soon at the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. Surgery is not uncommon in young people with CP. After-surgery physical therapy is crucial to the success of these surgeries. In Lena’s case, access to a pool will be critical. “The only therapy that she could have is in the water,” said Crystal. “She won’t be able to stand or weight-bear or anything [for at least six months]. The only More on page 5...


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Wednesday, January 30 2013

Lakes District News


Flying close to the sun


New season for ‘School Wars’ Like a bad reality show about a dysfunctional family, B.C. School Wars has lurched to life again for the 2013 election. Coming soon to billboards and buses across the province: staged pictures of sad-faced kids crammed into dirty classrooms by a heartless government. It doesn’t even matter which government. This ritual combat went on through Social Credit and NDP governments too. Premier Christy Clark opened the new season with her promised pitch to restructure bargaining. It suggested splitting up bargaining into traditional wage and benefit talks, and a separate table and fund for classroom size and support. Cast in her familiar role of the sullen, rebellious teenager, BCTF president Susan Lambert staged a news conference to distort and mock the government’s offer. A 10-year deal if we give up bargaining wages and classroom conditions? “Ludicrous.” What’s ludicrous is her characterization of a formula to link teacher pay to nurses, post-secondary faculty and other government workers. Nurses are renowned for getting raises when no one else does, so this should be an opportunity for these powerful unions to co-ordinate. But the BCTF can’t get along with other unions any more than it can negotiate with any discernible competence. Lambert falsely claimed there was no consultation on the proposal. This reminded me how she low-balled the costs of her union’s demands by hundreds of millions during what passed for negotiations in last year’s strike season. Behind the scenes, the BCTF executive and the school district bargaining agent had just settled on a mutual costing model. What this means is the school districts, which have to make payroll and balance budgets, have convinced the BCTF to stop misrepresenting costs. I’ll believe that when



I see it. Before Education Minister Don McRae had even spoken, BCTF vice-president Glen Hansman was growling his reply on Twitter: See you in court. That message presumably also goes for premier-in-waiting Adrian Dix, unless he replaces the hated B.C. Liberals in May, then quickly kneels before the BCTF and extends the key to the provincial treasury. Two generations of British Columbians have been bullied by this bad drama, since Bill Vander Zalm decided an industrial union bargaining structure was just the ticket for public schools. Students are taught by example, if not by blatant propaganda in classrooms, that all problems are solved by demanding more money from the government. After this conditioning, older students are sometimes pressed into service as union pickets. There’s your Social Justice class, kids. Sorry about those sports teams and field trips, but we need those as bargaining chips to get more paid leave time. To state the obvious, Clark and McRae staged this as a pre-election event to frame the issue. They knew their effort would be greeted as a declaration of war. The main reason the BCTF agreed to a contract extension with a wage freeze last year? It wasn’t the blindingly obvious fact that every other public sector union had already taken two zeroes. It was strictly tactics. The delay sets up the latest rematch of these old warriors in the spring election. The plan is to get the dreaded B.C. Liberals out and then start working over the weaker, more union-dependent NDP. That’s who caved in earlier and gave the BCTF broad control over staffing levels, the proverbial key to the treasury. Along with basic math and economics, a point the BCTF seems unable to grasp is that its strategy is self-defeating. Those sad kids are making more and more parents seek a better deal. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

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While the doping scandal surrounding famed American cyclist Lance Armstrong won’t find a place in the local sport pages of this newspaper, it’s an interesting tale of pride, deceit, greed, and the collective willingness of many to be duped. On that score, the rise and fall of Armstrong is not unlike what we see too often in sport and in life. Armstrong and his network of supporters had managed for years to keep the lid on what will probably turn out to be the biggest doping scandal in the history of any sport. When all the details are finally uncovered, we’ll probably find out that Armstrong’s doping was only possible with the cooperation of many high-ranking officials within the sport and its governing body. Huge payoffs and major scandal are still in the works, if anyone is interested in following the story. As a headline - big money corrupts a sport, its athletes, and its governing organization - the theme of Armstrong’s fall could apply to any sport that is widely followed anywhere in the world. What is incredible about the Armstrong saga is the complicity of industry and cycling fans world-wide, and especially in North America. There has always been a core of cycling super-fans that follow the sport with the rabid attention to detail that consumes what must be, collectively, tens-of-thousands of hours online discussing and researching every aspect of their sport. Some of those super-fans, and a handful of sports journalists, had been on to Armstrong’s now-confessed dope use from the beginning. They were largely regarded as naysayers, freaks and losers by the overwhelming majority of fans who didn’t want to face the facts. What were the facts? One that jumps out is the statistic that of all the podium finishers with Armstrong during his seven-time victory run on the Tour de France, only one was not later implicated in a drug scandal. In a field of doped pro-cyclists, Armstrong was the best. The cautious conclusion should have been that Armstrong was doping and had, for the most part, simply been more successful at it than the rest of the field. Instead of that uninspiring conclusion, the public and the sport industry turned Armstrong and the Livestrong brand into one of the biggest stories in sports in the last 15 years. Technically, Armstrong cheated by doping. But where cheating is understood as doing something that gives one an unfair advantage over one’s competitors, maybe he wasn’t cheating. He didn’t make cycling what it was when he found it; he took it up and perfected it. None of it was possible without the willingness of many to allow themselves to be deceived and to buy into the deception. Fans bought into it with cash and brand loyalty. Armstrong’s major sponsors have mostly walked away from the shipwreck, but their profits from the Armstrong era remain intact. Who’s the sucker in all of this? The fan? The cyclist with a garage full of Armstrong-endorsed gear? Everyone that ever put on one of those yellow Livestrong bracelets thinking that they were participating in the greatest cancer success story ever? Yes, yes and yes. Who should you blame? It’s best to include a mirror on that wall of shame.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Therapy pool would be busy way that she’ll be able to get up and move around will be in a pool.” A therapy pool at the new Burns Lake hospital wouldn’t only benefit kids like Lena, but it would immediately be put to use in the community at large. “When people come out of those surgeries, especially for what Lena is going to go

through, there’s a lot of bed rest and immobilization [post-surgery] so they get weak and tight,” Lalick said. “The pool helps us to get everything back on track.” Aquatic therapy is a standard prescription for health, recovery and relief of pain. Anyone who has been through soft-tissue surgery can relate to the importance of proper physio and the

success of water-based treatments. “There are so many people that I would put straight into a pool

if we had one there [in Burns Lake],” said Lalick. “It would never be empty.””


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lakes District News


MLA questions BC Liberal Calgary party

Editor: Just when you think politics in BC can’t get any weirder… Last week, the BC Liberals held a $125-a-ticket political fundraiser in Calgary with BC Energy Minister Rich Coleman and Communities Minister Bill Bennett in attendance to collect the cheques. Premier Clark may have picked a fight with Alberta’s Premier over the Enbridge pipeline, but Alberta’s business elite publicly admitted they are more afraid of the NDP than they are the Liberal Premier, even if she is thwarting a major pipeline project. The Premier’s justification for going out of province to fund raise is

Have an Opinion? Write to the Editor! Letters should be brief and to the point, with a maximum of 300 words. We reserve the right to withhold from print any letters which may be libelous, racist or sexist, and may edit for brevity and clarity. Letters MUST include the signature of the letter writer, a mailing address and a phone number. Only the name will be reproduced in the newspaper. Send letters to: The Editor, Lakes District News, Box 309, Burns Lake, BC, V0J 1E0. Fax to 250-692-3685 or email to newsroom@

that Alberta business leaders have a vested interest in BC politics and they have the right to try and protect that interest with their money. That rationalization proves political donations are to buy influence, providing more evidence that we must reform our election finance laws. The NDP’s response to this fundraiser was to confirm that they too accept donations from out-of-province companies, individuals and organizations. BC elections should only be influenced by BC voters. That principle should apply to both votes and political donations. Only BC residents and only individuals (not corporations or

unions) should be allowed to donate to BC’s political parties. BC’s political weirdness continued with the announcement that as much as $12 million of taxpayer money will be spent to host a Bollywood awards gala within weeks of the provincial election in May. The claimed potential return to the BC economy: as little as $13 million, little more than we’ll invest in the event. It’s important to note that the South Asian community is a large and growing voting bloc in urban and suburban BC. This is clearly an attempt to use your tax money to buy those votes. The NDP’s response to the cost of this event for taxpayers was lackluster

in comparison to their recent criticism of government advertising. They want to attract the South Asian vote too, so they’re not attacking the fundamental question of whether hosting the Times of India Movie Awards is an appropriate way to spend tax money. It’s no wonder people don’t like paying taxes: British Columbians’ hard-earned money is being spent on events they could never afford to attend, even as public services are being cut by a government that claims it’s broke. Tax money should be spent on public services, not galas for BC’s and India’s elites. Bob Simpson MLA Cariboo North

Another LNG pipeline proposed, database ready ...From page 1 write a letter in support of the District of Houston’s opposition to the sale and privatization of the Ridley Terminals in Prince Rupert. The coal terminals, according to a letter signed by the mayor of Houston, are ‘an invaluable asset for communities throughout Central and Northern B.C., connecting our export industries to the rest of the world and supporting jobs in forestry, mining and bioenergy.’ Burns Lake councillor John Illes was concerned about the ‘big risk if we lose control

of such an important asset.’ Council unanimously passed the motion to write a letter in support of Houston’s position. Another pipeline proposed TransCanada, the pipeline company hoping to bring us the Coastal GasLink, pipeline has submitted a letter to council to inform it of its intention to build another natural gas pipeline. The Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project would transport natural gas from the Fort St. John area to the yet to be built Pacific Northwest LNG export facility in Port Edward port near Prince Ru-

pert. If the project receives regulatory and environmental approvals, construction of the $5 billion pipeline will begin in 2015 with operational dates set for 2018. The pipeline, still in conceptual stages, would pass north of Burns Lake by 145 kms. Calling all businesses The Village of Burns Lake Business Registry and Procurement Database is up and running, but council would like to see more people registering their businesses and services. Mayor Luke Strimbold

hopes that the database will make it easier for contractors involved in upcoming construction projects to hire local workers and service providers. “The Village will urge the Contractor to buy all labour and service needs locally, by creating and maintaining a list to help local businesses and citizens seize this opportunity,” said Strimbold. Five major construction projects are planned for 2013. More public comment welcomed New procedural policies at public council meetings mean that there is now a pub-

lic comment period available at the end of regularly scheduled meetings. At the close of a meeting, and before any in camera sessions, members of the public gallery may address council concerning matters raised during the meeting. The opportunity for public comment at the start of meetings remains as always. Committee seats available A number of committee and board positions have become available. Comfor Management Services Ltd., the Downtown Revitalization Committee, and the Board of Variance are all seeking applicants for various positions.


Francois Lake has been a scarey ride for some people

It’s Monday morning and the starting of another day and it’s a good one. Did anyone notice the sunset Sunday evening. The whole sky was like a huge fire and in a matter of minutes it had gone. Our weather has been so nice let’s hope it stays. Jan. 31 means we are half way through the winter, happy days. Icy stories Last week I mentioned I would try to remember the names of folks that I had known who had a narrow escape through the ice on Francois Lake. In 1939 Bob Moore, a Malkin salesman, lost a new sedan about half a mile

south of the landing. Then years later Blake McGibbon lost a lovely sedan about a mile from Southbank. Then later on the Giesbrecht brothers lost an almost new Diamond-T truck just west of the landing. This was a disaster for them. The Standard oil truck went through the ice close to Southbank. They got it out by cutting the ice to the shore. Then later on a northern dairy truck went through, then later on another year the propane truck went through. Bill Glanville with his know how got both trucks out. What a job that was and at the time it was very cold. Then close to the Nadina River mouth Frank Walters and Alex Ferguson went through where there was an open spring, they both lost their lives. They got out of the truck but could not get onto safe ice. Bill Harrison was flying and

found them. Susan Peebles also had a nasty experience and she is alive to tell it. An angel was with Susan and her family that day. Bill Corner went through crossing the ice, brother Peter saved his life. Then the Knelsons experience going through the ice. This report is more or less a matter of interest for folks to read as I can not find any record except what I have in my head. No doubt there are others who will remember, but who? Tchesinkut Lake has had its share of accidents with crossing the lake in the winter and so has Ootsa Lake but Francois Lake had more than its share because using the frozen lake as a highway put more pressure on the lake ice. Busy busy Those who were able to attend that wonderful show ‘The Golden Violin’ were spellbound as it was out of this world. This is a show that has been seen all over the

world. Hats off to our arts council for obtaining such well known entertainment for folks to enjoy. They seem to do such a great job. Then there was the one year anniversary of the terrible accident at the Babine mill just a year ago. This accident will remain in memory of many that were involved. Hundreds gathered at the Lakes District Secondary School to share their sorrow. To share each others sorrow is a gift from God. We must move on ahead and hope and pray such terrible accidents will never happen again. Mayor Strimbold is to be commended in his handling of such a huge meeting and the kind of meeting it was. Hats off to you him and the other organizers. Injured swan This happened maybe in the 50s. The lake was freezing and around the ferry dock there was some open

water. It was in the early morning and our friend Fred Rushton came up to the front door. It was cold, too cold to be our and about. What’s wrong Fred I asked him and he said a swan was frozen in the ice. We always had lots of swans close to the dock so we had to rescue it as the ice was bad. So we got a long later and pushed it out onto the very poor ice and I pushed myself out to the swan. I took my knife and cut the frozen feathers and then took it into our basement. Then put a pan of grain and covered it with water. The swan was right at home so I got the warden Bill Richmond and he and some other game guy. This was a protected breed so they took it away. The swan looked at me to come and was tame but to the two wardens it was nasty and mean. Next morning I went to feed it and it was dead. The warden

came back to check it out and it was covered with huge red beetles that had been sucking the life from the poor bird. It was funny why it would come to me and not anyone else. The warden sent the remains away to Victoria. I was very surprised that a wild swan would become tame just within less than a week. Friends from afar I keep in close contact with old friends in Saskatchewan. We phone very often and compare our weather. They have already had some minus 30 and lots of snow. They sure do need the snow for next years crops. I love B.C. as it’s been my home for over 70 years and they have been good years. Such a wonderful family and so many wonderful friends. Who could want any more. But I still have a love for the prairie and way back in my mind there is a drawing back. It’s

hard to realize I was born over 90 years ago in the Eyehill Creek valley. It was a lonesome place but such a beautiful place to live as a kid. Our dad homesteaded the Eyehill in 1906 and he loved every inch of it all. The C.P.R. railway passed our home on the east, the old sounding lake trail went by our garden and the what was called the bottom trail went to the west so for a kid there was always something moving. I have some great stories to tell. Sad news Olga Colborne, a resident of the Tweedsmuir House, passed away in the Burns Lake Hospital Jan. 24 in the early morning. She leaves her brother Albert Klassen, also a Tweedsmuir resident. Olga was a friend to everyone and we will really miss her. The service is on Wednesday. Take care and remember always God loves you and so do I.

Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BEAUTIFUL BABY WINNER The Lakes District News and Bulkley Valley Credit Union (BVCU) Most Beautiful Baby Contest winner this year is Alyssia Miller. BVCU manager, Lakes District branch, Sandy Dore presented a $100 cheque to parents Amanda and Rene for Alyssia’s newly opened bank account at the credit union.

Walter Strong photo


Corner ommunity Forest

Burns Lake Community Forests recently held a community meeting. At this meeting the Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society (LORS) made a presentation asking for funding for the upcoming year. With this funding they maintain 27 recreation sites, 7 trails and two parks.

If you are a user of any of the Rec sites, trails or parks maintained by LORS you should consider becoming a member of LORS. By joining you are offering your support and by having more members LORS may be eligible for more funding opportunities. There is very little required of members beyond attending the AGM once a year. The membership is free. If you don’t want to be a member perhaps keep your eyes open for other opportunities to be involved. LORS rec sites are well used by the Lakes Area residents. Thanks to LORS they are well maintained. Burns Lake Community Forests asks that you help keep them that way by supporting LORS. For more info on the community forest, call BL ComFor (250) 692-7724

Connecting groups to pool resources Buy a Bucket WALTER STRONG

The Village of Burns Lake RecConnect committee met recently. Rec-Connect is conceived of as a way to pool resources between various recreation, sport and cultural organizations though-out the Lakes District. Currently, 19 organizations are listed as members of the Lakes District Rec-Connect. Rec-Connect was known as the Lakes District Recreation and Culture Committee until it was restructured, and given a less Soviet-era sounding name. The first

meeting of the newly christened Rec-Connect was last fall. Participation by member organizations in Rec-Connect meetings allows user groups to receive promotional assistance from the Village of Burns Lake through print and online media. “The purpose of Rec-Connect is to provide an avenue for Lakes District recreation and cultural organizations or groups to come together to share information and to work together,” said recreation coordinator, Logan Wilson. “One topic that is currently be-

A Heartfelt Thank You Feb. 6th we will be leaving Burns Lake, after 14 years, and moving to Langley. We believe we have completed what Jesus had for us to accomplish here and feel drawn to live closer to our daughters, sons-in-law and new grandson. Initially we came to pastor the Vineyard Church, then known as New Life Fellowship, and later also did carpentry, cabinetry and drywall finishing. Thank you for receiving and blessing us, providing a safe place to raise our 2 young daughters, befriending us and making us feel part of the Burns Lake family! Leaving a great community is never easy. We will miss Burns Lake in so many ways including the beauty of the snow and sunshine, the slower pace and light traffic, and of course our many friends and repeat customers. It has been a pleasure to serve you, both spiritually and practically. Our prayers are with you. May you be blessed and prosper as a community and be watchful over all the resources given to you! I would gladly receive letters of reference for getting business started in the south. Email Thanks again for your friendship and support. We will never forget the blessing of calling Burns Lake our home.

Greg & Marilyn Kingcott

ing discussed is trail maintenance and the funding needed to maintain the current systems in the Lakes District.” “The organizations that maintain trail systems (winter/summer) in the Lakes District have identified similar needs and see opportunities for partnering to find solutions to those needs.” The next scheduled meeting is for March 6, 2013 and any and all “groups, organizations, clubs or associates can select a representative to attend the Rec-Connect meetings,” said Logan.

PARENT/STUDENT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 12TH LDSS will be handing out course description booklets to students on Thursday, February 7th during grade meetings. The booklets facilitate student course choices for their next school year.

Fill it & SAVE



3 Days February 7 to 9 only

A parent and student meeting will take place in the library on Tuesday, February 12th at 6:00 pm for this year’s Grade 8 students and 6:30 pm for this year’s Grade 9, 10 and 11 students. It is important to know what each course is about, so we encourage parents to attend the evening meeting. It is important that students make informed course requests for the 2013/14 school year as changes will be made only for compelling reasons.

Burns Lake 165 Francois Lake Dr. Phone: 1-250-692-7725

Students will be doing course selections online in our computer labs on February 13th, 14th and 15th.

HIGH SPEED INTERNET is available in your area!


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Fibre Optic | Bonded/Fail Over Connections | Point to Point Link | Private WAN | Machine to Machine


Proudly serving BC since 1989.

#7 - 117 Hwy 35 Burns Lake


Clark touts growth at mining conference TOM FLETCHER

Premier Christy Clark welcomed delegates to an international mining exploration conference Monday with a prediction of record investment in the B.C. industry this year. "Last year, as you know, was a record-breaking year for mining exploration, $462 million," Clark said in a speech that previews the coming election campaign. "Compare that to the 1990s, when $26 million a year in exploration was underway. We've come a long way in 12 years, and it's pretty tough to beat those record-breaking years." She predicted that mark will be shattered with another 47 per cent increase, mostly due to a few large projects underway now. While exploration is up, five mining expansions are permitted to proceed in the province. They are: Endako Mines' molybdenum mine at Fraser Lake in Central B.C.; Teck's Highland Valley copper mine at Logan Lake in the Okanagan; Huckleberry Mine, an open-pit copper and molybdenum mine near Dease Lake in northwestern B.C.; Quinsam Coal, an underground thermal coal mine on Vancouver Island; and Elkview, a Teck metallurgical coal mine near Sparwood in the Kootenays. Conference delegates applauded another recent development, the first mineral royalty sharing agreements

with aboriginal people for Huckleberry Mine and New Afton, an expansion of a Kamloops-area copper mine. Clark also touted an improvement in permit approval times for land and water use as well as "notice of work" permits. The waiting time has been reduced from 110 days to 80 days, and another $7 million will be spent to get it down to 60 days, she said. NDP mining critic Doug Donaldson said the B.C. Liberal government is still working to fix a problem it created, when mining permit time went from 55 days in 2007 to 110 days by 2011. The 60-day target for notice-ofwork permits was supposed to be met in November, Donaldson added. Clark also took aim at another prominent election issue, the need for skilled trades training. She said the public school system is making a mistake when it spends 13 years and billions of dollars, then tells students they need a degree before they can work. High schools and post-secondary institutions are getting new equipment and more access to instructors so they can enter the workforce sooner, she said. "Let's cut completion time for trades training in half, and let's stop training people for jobs that don't exist," Clark said. A major part of the NDP campaign for the May election will be focused on overall cuts to post-secondary funding in recent B.C. Liberal budgets.

The Bible has proven to be the most amazing book of all time View Point By Roland & Lisa Cataford

This New Year, many people are making a fresh commitment to read the Bible. The Bible is a large book made up of 66 smaller books. It was written over a period of 1600 years by more than 40 authors, yet the Bible is a unified book. If 40 people, over the span of 1600 years were each given a puzzle piece, which at the end formed a

beautiful picture, what would you think? Obviously that there was one Master Designer or Artist of the puzzle! That’s how it is with the Bible. To guard against any error, God spoke the very words Himself to trustworthy men who recorded them accurately. The outstanding theme of the Bible is Jesus Christ. The Old Testament predicts His coming to earth through the nation of Israel, and the New Testament announces the good news of His arrival, resurrection and future return. The fulfillment of hundreds of Bible prophecies, and many fulfilling today before our eyes, proves that only a God who knows all things, the beginning from the end, could have accurately

recorded these things in the Bible for us. In fact, God invites us to test His Word because truth fears no scrutiny. The Bible has proven to be the most amazing book of all time. It remains the best-seller in the world today having survived countless attempts to annihilate it. Its message of God’s love and truth is unequalled; its power to change lives unquestioned; its prophetic accuracy, unparalleled. If you have not yet read the Bible, this New Year is good time to start. Within its pages you will find the eternal love and purposes of God for you: “These are written, that you might believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that believing you might have life through his name.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lakes District News

The Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce

2012 BusINEss CALL forns ExcELLENcE AwArDs Nominatio


NOMINATION DEADLINE: January 31st, 2013 All active Chamber members are eligible to win.

2012 BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS NOMINATION BALLOT Please select three businesses (ONE from each category in the lists below) to nominate for each of the 7 awards. You can nominate any business more than once. Please print your name and phone number as the Nominator. Only ONE entry per business/person. AWARD




Outstanding Customer Service 10 or less employees Outstanding Customer Service 11 or more employees Community Ambassador Image & Innovation Paul Sandercott Business of the Year Rookie Business of the Year Award Nominator Name: _______________________________________________________Ph# ______________________

WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED MARCh 4, 2013 rETAIL BusINEss ACI Computer Services AkSenz Studios All West Glass Blue Zone Clothing Burns Lake Automotive Burns Lake Flowers for all Occasions Burns Lake Home Hardware Burns Lake Husky Market Carey’s Positive Electronics Cheslatta Carrier Nation Creative Memories/Janet Wilson* Direct to U Wholesale Flying Dutchman/Comfort Zone Grizzly Jim’s General Store (Topley) Health in Order Health Food Store Homeside Antiques Interiors by Jill/Jill Elliot* Kal Tire Burns Lake Lakes District Printing & Signs LD Artisan Center LDFC Printing & Stationery Mark Zagwyn Digital Photography NAPA Auto Parts Outdoor Adventures Overwaitea Foods P&B Feeds ‘n’ Needs

Rainbow Gas Bar Superior Propane Tire Tech Auto Center Tranquility Farms Your Dollar Store with More *Home based business sErVIcE BusINEss ABC Communications Alternative Grounds Astral Media Radio Babine Lake Resort Beaver Point Resort Bromack Plumbing Bulkley Valley Credit Union Burns Lake Car Service Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza Carnoustie Golf & Country Club CIBC Community Futures-Nadina Country Grill ( Topley) DAD’S Restaurant Dr Jon Boss Eckland’s Denture Clinic Grapevine Pub & Bistro Jim’s Ultra Auto Service Lakes Fitness Center LD Air Services LD Arts Council Marmon Financial Management McPhail & Associates Inc. Mulvaney’s Pub & Grill

Voting will take place in February

Noralee Resort Raven Creative RBC- Royal Bank Royal Canadian Legion Sandy’s RV & Camping Resort Subway Sunshine Inn Takysie Lake Resort Tech North Solutions Inc. Terry Dickson RBC Dominion Securities Twister’s Car Wash Uptown Automotive Village Insurance Services Vista Radio Western Financial Group Wisteria Guiding Work BC INDusTrY/GOV’T/OTHEr Babine Forest Products Burns Lake & District Seniors Society Burns Lake Curling Club Burns Lake Native Dev. Corp Burns Lake Paintball Association Burns Lake Rod & Gun Club Burns Lake Rotary Club College of New Caledonia Comfor Management Services Concrete Man

C-Styles Construction Enbridge Northern Gateway Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc. John Illes, CGA KB Communications Lakes District Cancer Society Lakes District fall Fair Lakes District Maintenance Lakes Economic Development Association LD Senior Housing Society Ministry of Land & Forest Monster Industries New Gold Inc. Blackwater Project Northern Lights Traffic Control Pineridge Holdings Randy Wilson Trucking RCMP Rio Tinto Alcan Roca Surfacing Roots and Shoots Contracting Tahtsa Group Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club Tweedsmuir Trucking Village of Burns Lake Westland Helicopters Wet’suwet’en First Nation Wolverine Contracting

Outstanding customer service

This award recognizes dedication to customer satisfaction through integrity and excellent service. Staff are helpful and cheerful and the business exhibits outstanding morale. Staff is professional and knowledgeable to meet customer needs.

community Ambassador

This award recognizes dedication to community involvement through support, sponsorship, donation or volunteer efforts. Businesses who demonstrate dedication and pride to a project or community cause, such as fundraising.

Image & Innovation

This award recognizes dedication to the upkeep and cleanliness of the business inside and outside the establishment. Takes pride in their business through beautification, renovations, and decorating. This business demonstrates ingenuity and innovation in using the latest technology (creating opportunity and growth in the Lakes District through employment, productivity, safety and commercialization). This could also include a business that demonstrated a strong commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Paul sandercott Business of the Year Award

This award recognizes a successful, professional, reliable, well marketed business offering exceptional customer service. The business displays an up to date image and goes above and beyond continually striving to offer the best in their field. The business actively supports, promotes and/ or participates in local community events. The business demonstrates an overall image of pride as a member of the Burns Lake & District Business Community.

rookie Business of the Year

A business that has demonstrated excellence through positive growth, superior customer service and commitment to quality. This business demonstrates an overall image of pride as a member of the Burns Lake & District Business Community. (In operation for 3 years or less)


Nominate one business from each category per award. Drop completed form in drop boxes at:

RBC, CIBC, Bulkley Valley Credit Union, Aksenz, Takysie Lake Resort, Grizzly Jim’s General Store (Topley), home hardware, Dad’s Restaurant, Western Financial & Lakes District News. Or call the Chamber for pick up 250-692-3773

Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

School bus collision near Houston Kids escape injury in head-on crash



HOLISTIC THERAPIES OFFERING • Relaxation & deep-tissue massage

• Reiki & Healing Touch • Psychic Readings ~ Serving Burns Lake for 15 years ~

Call Dawn at (250) 692-2306 for appt.



AUTO CENTRE 1411 Miller RoadMiller North (Left Off Babine Lake Road) 1411 Road North

(Left Off Babine Lake Road) FULL AUTO SERVICE CENTRE



JOSH PeRRy, OwNeR Call 250-692-4203 JOSH PeRRy, OwNeR


Submitted photo

A loaded school bus collided with a pickup and then slid into the ditch off Hwy. 16 just west of Houston last Thursday. The bus passengers were uninjured but the pickup driver was brought to the hospital with minor injuries. RCMP are still investigating the accident.

Contributed The Houston RCMP continue their investigation of a multi vehicle collision on Hwy. 16, which involved a local school bus and privately owned vehicle. The driver and passengers of the school bus were uninjured as result of the crash. On Thursday afternoon Jan. 24, 2013 at around 4:00 p.m., the Houston RCMP received a report of a head-on crash occurring on Hwy 16 near the Alix Frontage Rd., 2 km West of Houston BC. On police, fire and ambulance attendance to the scene, the 18 kids and school bus driver were being off loaded from school bus. As a result of the collision the bus had gone off the road and ended up on its side. After fire, rescue and ambulance staff arrived on the scene, the students were transported to Houston to be picked up by awaiting and concerned parents. The driver of the blue pickup was transported to Smithers hospital by EHS for treatment of minor but non-life threatening injuries.

RCMP investigators have determined that alcohol or drugs are not believed to be factors in the crash and are attributing the collision to the pick-up truck driver’s inattention to traffic conditions. The bus was eastbound en route to Houston at the time of the crash. Witness accounts and scene

examination indicate that the westbound pick-up truck crossed into the eastbound lane to avoid a collision with two other eastbound vehicles that were stopped and preparing to turn left off of the highway. There was light snow falling at the time but little accumulation on the highway. One of the

two vehicles stopped on the highway avoided the collision by driving off to the side at which time the pick truck glanced back over into first stopped vehicle after hitting the bus. Investigators are contemplating possible motor vehicle charges against the driver of the pick-up truck.

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Tax tips & traps

“A Challenge Today Is Knowledge For Tomorrow”

Keep a trip log to identify the business use of your vehicle


separate log should be kept for each vehicle which is driven for both business and personal use. For the self-employed, only the business portion of vehicle expenses can be deducted from income, and GST/HST input tax credits are only allowed related to the business use of a vehicle. For businesses which provide vehicles to employees, trip logs substantiate the business use of a vehicle, and the business must calculate the taxable benefit to employees based on the personal use. The log should record the date of each business trip, destination, reason for the trip, and the kilometers driven. The odometer reading of the vehicle must also be recorded, at the beginning and end of each year, to determine the total kilometers driven in the fiscal period. If you buy, sell or trade your vehicle during the year, be sure to record the odometer reading at that time.

For more info see our website:

KIDS WELCOME... Come check out our family section and have dinner with the whole family!

Hwy 16 • Cold Beer Store: 250-692-3622 • Pub: 250-692-3078

LD NEWS • 250-692-7526

Certified General Accountant Box 597, 321 Highway 16, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 Phone: 250-692-7595 • Fax: 250-692-3872 email: •


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lakes District News

The Musical Starring:

Abigail King & Riley Coulson January 31st, February 1st & February 2nd @ 7:00 LDSS Main Stage

$18.00 adults $8.00 Kids under 12 $40 Family Package $40 Stage Parent (all 3 shows)

Senior Drama & Dance

Music by tom Snow book by Pitch Ford & Walter bobbie tony award: best book of Musical best Original Score

ticKetS avaiLabLe at:

• LDFC Printing & Stationery • Process 4 circle arts Gallery Advertising partially sponsored by LD News

Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flashlight thief throws punches

REASONS TO ADVERTISE ON A NEWSPAPER WEBSITE TARGETED: If you want to focus on a particular backyard, advertising in an online newspaper is more personal and more relevant because it is local. Newspapers also publish a plethora of niche sites (youth, women, movie fans, Hispanics, are illustrative) for virtually any demographic advertisers could possibly hope to reach. – “Newspapers know more than ever about their Web audience because of online registration programs and audience segmentation software.”] 23 - 3rd Ave. Burns Lake • Ph 250-692-7526



Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club

CONTRIBUTED On Jan. 24, 2013 at about 1:30 p.m., Burns Lake RCMP responded to a robbery at the Bargain Shop. A male entered the store and stole a flashlight. A store employee witnessed the theft and asked the male to give the flashlight back. When confronted about the theft in the store, the male punched a store employee in the face. Another store employee helped by pulling the male away and pushing the able outside of the store. The employee who was struck in the face received a minor injury and did not require medical attention. Police searched for the male and eventually located him on January 26. The male is known to the Burns Lake RCMP. A robbery charge has been recommended to Crown Counsel. On Jan. 27, 2013 at about 2:46 a.m., Burns Lake RCMP responded to a firearm complaint on Uncha Road, in Southbank, B.C. A male was reported to have discharged a firearm and while doing so, the male received serious injury to his hand. There is no indication the male was attempting to injure any person while discharging the firearm. The male was brought by ambulance to Lakes District Hospital where he was treated for his injury. The male was issued a court Appearance Notice of Burns Lake Provincial Court on March 8, 201 in regards to Careless Use of a Firearm. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the commission of the alleged offence.


Wild Game Banquet

Saturday, February 23rd 2013 at the

Rod & Gun Club

Silent Auction

Doors open at 6:00 pm Dinner at 7:00 pm


Fund Raiser

Dance 9:00pm - 1:00am Designated Driver provided

Tickets $30.00 per person

WINTER HALF OVER With Feb. 2, 2013 being the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, winter is just about half-over. The winter started out heavy with snowfall but it’s quickly dried up with Walter Strong photo very little snow in the forecast.

One of the world’s favourite ballets – in a professional production from Toronto!

Tickets are available at: Outdoor Adventures 250-692-3777 Dallas Matson 250-696-3133 Karla Matson 250-698-7340 Advertising partially donated by LD News

Hired Equipment Registration Bulkley Stikine District

The Bulkley Stikine District of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is creating its list of registered Equipment for Hire for the 2013/2014 fiscal year, which begins April 1, 2013. All individuals or companies registered this past year through the District Office in Smithers will receive invitations to re-register their equipment for the coming fiscal year by mail. Any individuals who were not registered in 2012, but wish to have to their equipment listed, are hereby invited to contact the District Office to obtain the appropriate registration forms. Note that while you do not need to have Commercial (Comprehensive) General Liability Insurance, or up to date WorkSafeBC coverage to register, you will have to meet these requirements prior to working on any ministry projects.


Swan Lake Tuesday evening, February 12, 2013 7:30 pm


Ballet Jörgen Canada is one of the country’s largest companies, and celebrates its 25th season with a new Canadian production of Swan Lake. On a 35 city cross-country tour, the company’s 24 dancers, some of Canada’s most committed and passionate artists, present a fully staged version of Tchaikovsky’s popular ballet. The current production, set in Nova Scotia’s Fortress of Louisbourg, tells the mythical love story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer. Join us for an inspiring evening of music and dance, and the most ambitious production in the Arts Council’s seven seasons.

Tickets available at: Process 4 circle arts Gallery: 250-692-3434

LDFC Printing and Stationery: 250-692-3309 presented by:





Live entertainment. The spark’s still here!

Advertising partially sponsored by LD News

Only owned or lease-to-own equipment is eligible for registration. Equipment can only be registered in one area in any given year. Seniority is not transferable from area to area. Full details of equipment, including serial number and proof of ownership, are required for registration. The deadline for new registrations is 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Late registrations will be accepted, but will be put at the bottom of the open list. Note that there is no charge for registering new equipment or for changing or removing equipment information already listed.

To have equipment registration forms mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you, please contact the local District Office in Smithers by mail at Bag 5000, 3726 Alfred Avenue, Smithers, British Columbia, V0J 2N0, by phone at 250 847-7403 or by fax at 250 847-7219. You can also register online at

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



WORLD SNOW DAY CELEBRATED WITH AN ALL-NIGHTER The Omineca Ski Club put together an overnight ski and camping expedition to the top of Spud Mountain last week to mark World Snow Day, on Jan. 20, 2013. The seven and a half km ski from the Omineca Ski Club trails to the summit of Spud involves over 1000 metres of up-hill skiing. The fastest member of the Omineca crew made it to the top in one hour and 45 minutes. A pair of snowmobiles were used to shuttle camping gear up and remained overnight for safety. “It was a hit,” said Jeff Ragsdale who manned one of the sleds. “The kids had a blast, and had a really good introduction to winter camping.” Despite the overnight temperatures dropping to minus seven, Ragsdale said that some of the kids reported being toasty warm through the night.

Xplore SportZ KHEET (ages 9 to 13) program starting Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. at the arena. Call 250692-7587 for more info.

Legion Crib Scores Jan. 24, 2013 First: Carol Everett Second: Pete Hiebert Third: Betty Hart Fourth: Jean Payne Boobie: Eva Kallhood

Submitted photo

Introducing kids to sportz-kheet Burns Lake and Lake Babine Nation work together for kids sports WALTER STRONG Youngsters aged nine to 13 learned to play volleyball, or sharpened their skills, at the Lakes District Secondary School (LDSS) recently under the guidance of staff and volunteers with the ExploreSportZ-Kheet program. The joint program, run by Murphy Abraham, Recreation Coordinator for Lake Babine Nation, and Logan Wilson, Village of Burns Lake RecreWalter Strong photo ation Coordinator. It’s the Participants in the XploreSportZ Kheet program get their heart rates first time the village and up as they warm-up for the day’s activity. The program is run by the Lake Babine Nation have joined resources to sponVillage of Burns Lake and Lake Babine Nation.

sor a single youth athletic program, said Abraham. The word Kheet in the name means ‘Winter,’ and is meant to highlight that this nine-week series of classes emphasizes winter sports. Each session is run by a certified coach. A Friday’s volleyball session was led by the LDSS volleyball coach, and volunteers. The kids learned everything from the basics of how to play the game to practice in serving and returning volleys. The remaining activities for the season included Tae Kwon Do, ice skat-

ing, cross-country skiing, and biathlon. The program is able to provide transportation and some other services, but it relies upon volunteer help and resources from the community. The gym use is provided at no charge by LDSS. William Konkin Elementary and the College of New Caledonia will provide ski equipment for the crosscountry events coming up. For more information about the ExploreSportzKheet program contact Logan Wilson at the Village of Burns Lake offices.

Rec Corner

IES & EVENTS: IT V TI C A Y IT N U M M O C UPCOMING gs old Smoke Dra ut for Come o fun! some

Decker Lake Whist Scores Jan. 23, 2013 Ladies First: Karen Dueck 143 Ladies Second: Marie Hiebert 141 Mens First: Paul Jean 151 Mens Second: Ray Dueck 148 Low Score: Judy Jordsvar/ Sadie Dyck 113 Door Prize: Boni Lambert

Lakes District News

C th th February 9 & 10

Club Trails At the Snowmobile Rd.) (5.5km on Babine

kut Francois Tchesin ission: Lake Rec. Comm th bruary 16 Coffee House - Fe ois Lake Hall


nc at 7:00pm at the Fra Paul, Lone Spur, Johnny Local Entertainers: ally nn Co a Symes, The Larry Aspen, Norm ) ed rm nfi co rkin to be Family & (Tyree Pa 5.00/couple 12 year & up or $1 Admission: $8.00 act the

e cont vertised here pleas mmunity event ad co s on ati niz ga or tails. If you want your Village office for de

Hi Everyone

Public Skating Public Skating

February 1st at 7:30pm

Public Skating

February 3rd at 4:00pm

Parents & Tots Skate February 6th at 11:00 am


Preschool: Under 6 ................$1.00 Youth: 6 to 18 years old ........$3.00 Adult: 19 and up....................$4.00

We need new music for Public Skating and Disco Skate!

Please visit our Facebook (www.facebook.con/ VillageRecreation) page to post your favourite songs and have them played at disco and Public Skating sessions.

For more information, please contact:

XploreSportZ Kheet program is going great and a big thank you to Tracey Brown for coaching Lacrosse on January 25th, 2013 and Juanita McFee for coaching Volleyball on January 18th, 2013.

Logan Wilson, Rec Coordinator

Village of Burns Lake 15 3rd Ave / P.O. Box 570, Burns Lake BC, V0J 1E0 Phone: 250-692-7587 • Email: or Facebook /

Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Calvin Dyck delights the house in Burns Lake

Planning for next season underway as this season reaches halfway mark WALTER STRONG

Foot Loose The musical will be showing at Lakes District Secondary School Jan. 31, Feb. 1, & Feb. 2 at 7 p.m.

Swan Lake The popular ballet with 24 dancers. Tuesday, Feb. 12 - 7:30 p.m. at Lakes District Secondary School.

On Jan. 21, 2013, violinist Calvin Dyck and pianist Betty Suderman were guests of Burns Lake for the fourth performance of the Lakes District Arts Council (LDAC) 2012/13 performing arts season. Dyck wore many hats that evening, literally and figuratively. His violin - the Golden Violin - was made in 1807. Dyck played a musical taste of the different styles of violin music that have evolved since this particular violin’s creation. The rack of jackets and hats that he kept on stage were cycled through as he provided a living music-history class, with every era represented by a change of jacket, chapeau and music style. It was standing room only for the performance, which is in keeping with past performances this season organized by the LDAC. “The audience response from our community is consistently good in terms of numbers, and very good in enthusiasm and support,” said LDAC president John Barth. It’s not only season ticket holders and single-event ticket purchases that make it possible for the shows to keep coming through. Burns Lake merchants are the backbone of arts in the Lakes District. “We could not offer the number and variety of performers that we do, nor could we keep our ticket prices affordable for families, young

people and seniors, without the outstanding financial and in-kind support of the local business community,” said Barth. The Lakes District has welcomed visiting performers graciously, even to the point of billeting young members of the B.C. Boy’s Choir during their pre-Christmas performance. “Performers often comment on how large, warm, responsive and appreciative Lakes District audiences are,” said Barth. “They also comment on how many young people and families we have in the audience.” Planning for the 2013 − 14 season is well underway with five performers tentatively booked. Putting together the roster of high-calibre performances takes a lot of volunteer work, and new members are always welcome. The annual general meeting of the LDAC will take place on Feb. 20, 2013, at 6 p.m. in the Burns Lake Library.

Walter Strong photos

Calvin Dyck and Betty Suderman entertained the audience gathered at the First Mennonite Church in Burns lake on Jan. 21, 2013. The standing room only crowd milled about the lobby at the intermission where they were able to talk to local artist Leonard Matte as he presented a 13year retrospective of his artwork.

...because we live here.

“It’s funny how a newborn can change your perspective on everything, ...that’s why we have life insurance through Western Financial Group.” To get a quick quote visit or call:

Burns Lake


tern Financial Group-Wes


British Columbia 117 Highway 35 (250) 692-3401

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| Financial Services

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Local artist retrospective



The Royal Canadian Legion branch #50 holds a weekly meat draw - stop by and enter. Nest Draw Feb. 9, 2013

Mother Millis Garage Sale And silent auction will be held Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Lakeview mall from 9 a.m till 4 p.m. Anyone wishing to donate please call 692-7476.

WALTER STRONG At every 2012-13 performance on its arts calendar, the Lakes District Arts Council invites a guest artist to set-up a display in the venue’s lobby. The artist chosen is someone with a local or regional connection. Last week, Leonard Matte was on hand in the lobby of the First Mennonite Church to present a 13-year retrospective of his work. His paintings have been widely displayed in over 39 galleries and publications. Matte moved to Burns Lake about a year and a half ago with his family. “My wife, three daughters and I love it here,” Matte said. “We purchased a property in the Decker Lake area and particularly appreciate how warm and friendly the community is here.” Not surprisingly, Matte’s earliest connection to the arts community in Burns Lake was through John and Sandra Barth, who lead the Lakes District Arts Council, and Wayne Brown, proprietor of Process 4 Circle Arts Gallery in Burns Lake. Some of Matte’s most recent works are on display at Brown’s gallery.

ADING POST R T NewNewHoHours: urs: Monday to Saturday OVER 8000 ITEMS... NEW BEDS & FRAMES

Large Selection of





7390 Highway 16, Decker Lake



Southside Health & Wellness Centre

9th Annual General Meeting!

The society is currently seeking members of the Southside communities to join the society.

Wayne Brown (L), proprietor of the Process 4 Circle Arts Gallery in Burns Lake, and Leonard Matte (R), a widely shown artist, flank one of Matte’s most recent acrylics. Matte was on hand last week at the Lakes District Arts Council presentation of The Golden Violin.

Burns Lake canvas offers rich subject matter

Decker Lake 9:30am - 5:30pm

Walter Strong photo

Meat Draw

Lakes District News

Much of Matte’s previous work, as displayed at last week’s retrospective and online at www., takes the west coast forest and shoreline waterways for its subject matter. Moving to Burns Lake takes Matte away from his earlier coastal influences , but he’s found no shortage of inspiration in the Lakes District. “I was particularly in awe of the vibrant autumn colours; there is a tranquil beauty unique to this area,” said Matte. He now works exclusively in acrylics, but it wasn’t always that way. “The techniques I developed in my acrylic painting are largely inspired by my many years as a water-colourist,” Matte said. “I now work strictly in acryl-

ics. Each painting takes several days to complete due to multiple layers of translucent paint, each of which need to dry on a horizontal surface as would a water-colour painting.” Matte’s technique of layering acrylics gives his paintings a three-dimensionality that is not captured in a photo reproduction of his work. You have to see the artwork in person to fully appreciate how vibrant the painted canvas becomes. Although Vancouver Island, where he and his wife ran a gallery for a while in Port Alberni, was a ‘painter’s paradise’, Matte has found his place in the Northern landscapes that surround Burns Lake. “As I've matured, I’ve

Pet of the Week Max came to the shelter just before Christmas. Even though he is a mature male, 13 yrs. in fact, he is the totally outgoing, social type of cat. He has been displayed at P&B Feeds for the last 2 weeks, and if you saw him there, you have experienced his kind and extrovert nature. Max came to us neutered already, so his adoption fee is reduced to vaccination only. Max would make a great addition to someone’s life. If you are interested in Max, call the Burns Lake Vet Clinic @ 250-692-7476


come to appreciate that the isolation of rural life comes with a healthy lifestyle and greater sense of community than I could ever find in the fast paced world of any city,” Matte said. “We are home.”

There is no annual fee required to be a member. Those who live or work on the Southside are eligible for membership. At each AGM the membership will conduct elections for the 3 Southside non-Native Directors who represent the non-Native communities on the Board of Directors. These elected Directors, along with the appointed Band Directors, will participate in the governance of the Health Centre and be part of decision making process which oversees the programs delivered out of your Health Centre.

Date: Friday February 15, 2013 Time: 3:00 p.m. ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS WELCOME!


Congrat ulat ions



Lakes Economic Development Association (LEDA)

Economic Development News

Lakes Economic Development Association’s Board of Directors and staff would like to congratulate Cindy Shelford on receiving her Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo. Cindy completed her “thesis” the apparent disconnect To further support theon marketing efforts started and imbalance between Northern Rural and Southern Urban with the hosting of Minerals North 2012, LEDA’s communities. Through Cindy’s research process it was realized EDO is off to the Minerals RoundUp confernce. that approximately 70% of BC’s resources come from the North. As a result these findings, Cindy been engaging with She willofbe meeting with has Industry & investors other communities to increase awareness of the significant to promote Burns Lake & Lakes District region. contributions that the North provides to the overall economy Additionally meetings have been arranged with of BC.

International Trade Investment Representatives from Minister Pat Trail Bell’sProject Ministery Jobs, South Burns Lake CAFof Update: Tourism & Innovation that will be attending from LEDA has been actively moving the project forward with various Trade offi ces from around the permits, world. ongoing stakeholder meetings, obtaining necessary archaeological assessments and First Nations advisory, to review The efforts to showcase what our region has and evaluate the project to best utilize the area and trail quality. to offer continues as we market ourselves as a LEDA is pleased to announce that Darwin Zimmer has been great area to live and work. hired as the Project Supervisor for the South Burns Lake Trail Project. Darwin will be responsible for the hiring of all the crews, Positivealleconomic news is still that overseeing components of the project andindicating reporting to LEDA’s Board Directors. the ofNorthwest is a resource rich area that will be the regarding focus for province forinitiative, the next For information thisthe exciting community please contact Cindy Shelford, Economic Development Officer. decade.

Advertising donated by LD News

Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Murphy Road, Burns Lake • Phone: 250-692-7476

Lakes Economic Economic Development Lakes DevelopmentAssociation Association(LEDA), (LEDA)Innovation Place

586 808, Hwy Burns 16, Box 808 BC Burns BC Ph: 250/692-3700 Fa: 250/692-3701 Box Lake Ph:Lake, 250/692-3700 Email : OR Email: OR

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peewee a1 Hockey TournamenT:

saturday, February 2, 2013 Starts at 7:30am, ends at 9:35pm sunday, February 3, 2013 Starts at 8:00am, ends at 3:45pm



Shaw Direct 100% digital satellite TV is the clear choice for high definition. Watch sporting events, movies, family programming and more. Plus, our latest HD receivers are 3D, MPEG-4 and 1080p compatible and ready for the future.

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24/7/365 SERVICE

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Len Klassen Satellites



*Available to new residential customers for a limited time only. The zero dollar Essential HD Receiver is based on a $99.99 purchase price, and the $249.99 HDPVR is based on a $399.99 purchase price, less Promotional and Pay Per View (PPV) credits. The Promotional Credit, $50 for the Essential HD Receiver or $100 for the HDPVR, includes taxes and will appear on the customer’s account in the form of a credit, applied upon activation. The $50 PPV credit excludes applicable taxes and will appear on the customer’s account in the form of a credit, applied upon activation. Conditions apply. A monthly Multi-Receiver Warranty (MRW) of $6.08 may apply for customers with two or more receivers. An included fee of 1.5% of your monthly satellite TV charges applies to fund Shaw Direct’s contribution to the CRTC’s Local Programming Improvement Fund. Effective September 1st, 2012, this fee is reduced to 1%. See SHAWDIRECT.CA/LPIF. Taxes extra. Offer subject to change without notice. Shaw Direct services are subject to our terms of use as occasionally amended.

Week of January 30 - February 5


AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Even a minor disagreement could have you licking your wounds, Aquarius. Don’t use this week for sulking. Get back on the horse and dust yourself off. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, avoid potentially sticky situations this week. It is better to defer to an expert even if it means making a financial investment. ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you have been living life in the fast lane, but this week you may need to apply the brakes. If you’re not careful, you could miss out on some exciting stuff. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, someone you know may feel like he or she deserves something that you have. Do not validate any jealousy and take the higher road by not engaging the situation.

F R A M E S • F I N E A RT • O R I G I N A L S • L I M I T E D E D I T I O N S • P O T T E RY • W O O D - T U R N E D B O W L S • C D S • J E W E L L E RY

Wide selection of artists’ supplies... Paint & mediums... lots in stock!! Biggest selection of paint brushes in the North. Come in - you will be surprised at what we have... and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for - we can special order it!

Process 4 Gallery

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, although you are very persuasive this week, you should focus all of your attention on selling yourself to others in the workplace. This can make promotion imminent. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, you might sense that something isn’t quite right this week with a couple of people you know. Don’t be shy about asking questions to get to the bottom of the situation. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, it can be difficult to believe the truth sometimes, especially when the news is not what you want to hear. Don’t let disagreements cloud common sense. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, mixing business and pleasure is not the right approach this week. Avoid starting new romantic relationships with someone in the office and focus on work. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, remember that risk may ultimately bring reward when considering an investment opportunity. With this in mind, you may want go out on a limb this week. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, you are on a roll and you probably have no plans to slow down for anyone. Try to slow down and help others if you find yourself with some free time.

Winter Hours: Tuesday - Friday: Noon - 5:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm • Closed Sunday & Monday

425 Yellowhead 16, Burns Lake (250) 692-3434 toll free 1-888-990-2298

A R T I S T S ’ S U P P L I E S • S TA I N E D G L A S S • S I LV E R B R A C E L E T S • C U S T O M P I C T U R E F R A M I N G • C A R D S

Windows 8 Introductory Pricing to End February 1st

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, provide a steady and strong hand to keep someone you love on the right track. It may not be easy to be so supportive, but do what’s necessary to help a loved one.


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Computer Repairs, Sales & Training

Hwy 16, Burns Lake Open 9am-6pm Mon.-Fri., 12pm-4pm on Sat.

Phone: 250-692-7773


Though it has certainly had its share of mixed reviews, Microsoft’s Windows 8 Upgrade deal has been quite a steal. The offer, which ends on February 1st, allows users who have a copy of Windows 7, Vista, or even XP, to purchase the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for a mere $39.99 USD. Users who purchased a Windows 7 computer after June 2nd of last year may also be eligible to get the same upgrade for only $14.99. After Feb 1st the regular version of Windows 8 is expected to go up to about $120, and the Professional version will jump to $200. Though many people are still on the fence about Microsoft’s latest operating system, it might not be a bad idea to take advantage of the introductory pricing before it expires, even if you intend to install later.

#2 166 Highway 16 BURNS LAKE


Pizza, pasta, wings, donairs and more

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, honesty is the best policy but you do not always have to be so forthcoming with your opinions. Employ tact if you are asked for your opinions on certain issues.

Tuesday 2 Topping Special*

Wednesday is Pizza Party!! 1- 14” Canadian Classic

*not 2 for 1

1- 12” Two Topping Pizza

(Bacon, Ham, Pepperoni, Mushroom)

Only 10

1- 14” Two Topping Pizza of your choice


Upsize to 14” for $3 more

Only $28

Pick up price.

Pick up price.

Store hours: Sunday to Wednesday 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM Fresh dough Thursday to Saturday 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM made daily 4 We do catering with advanced notice 4 In town deliveries available



Answers on page 19




Net Price

(Chinese Energy Healing)


Advanced HDPVR 630

Essential HDDSR 600

The Yuen Method™

Friday, February 1, 2013 8:30-9:55pm Burns Lake vs. Prince George



Hey Hockey Fans!


Lakes District News

Heritage Centre Farmer’s Market For more info or table rental call 250-692-9799

Answers on page 19

Last Saturday of the month 9:00am-3:00pm


Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Automotive Center

No need to contact ICBC. We process ICBC glass claims from start to finish.

ICBC Accredited Collision Repair Shop

Free wa sher flu id with wi and car wash ndshiel d replac (inside and ou t) ements .

Phone: 250-692-3805 Highway 16 West, Burns Lake, B.C.

Omineca Ski Club Day Lodge for meetings, conferences and events. With a brand new kitchen


$ 99

Open 7 Days a Week 11:00am - 9:00pm Highway 16, Burns Lake • 250-692-3020

featuring two stoves as well as dishes and utensils for up to 120 guests, the lodge is a great spot to host your next event or get together.

Call Branislav 250-692-1812

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Branch #50 Friday, February 1

Pasta Bar

Choice of sauces and pastas, garlic toast & salad $12


“Members and bona fide guests welcome”

Meat Draw

Saturday, February 9 February 16 & February 23

Friday, February 8

Roast Beef & Yorkshire $14

Kerr Road, Burns Lake Church Service at 10:30 am Sunday School at 9:15 am for all ages, Youth Group Fridays 7-9 pm 250-692-3259

begins @ 9:30 am

Worship Service begins @ 10:30 am

Complete Commercial/Residential/ Industrial Janitorial Service Competitive Prices and Contract Rates available



Sunday School for all ages

24 Hour Service

All Floors, Carpets, Windows, Upholstery, made like new

To book a rental: please contact Terri Dickson at (250) 695-6684, (250) 692-6684 (cell), or work at 1-877-695-6635. Email:

Lakes District & Area

Gerow Island, Highway 35


includes snack box & medium drink

Church Directory

Island Gospel Fellowship

The newly renovated

Student Special

General Meeting

Monday, February 18

Homemade Fruit Pies

Ready to go, Cream Pies by request $10 - call 250-692-0048

If you love your freedom, thank a Veteran. Support your local Legion.

Pastor Ed Peters Phone: 250-692-7551

Grassy Plains Gospel Church Sunday Service: 10:45 am 250-694-3329 (Church)

IMMACULATACatholic Church 248 - 3rd Avenue, Phone: 250-692-3568

Saturday 7:30 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m.

Crib Thursdays at 7:00pm Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 4:00-8:00 pm

CLUES ACROSS 1. Film Music Guild 4. A rubberized raincoat 7. An upper limb 10. Wander 12. Biblical name for Syria 14. Former OSS 15. Norwegian capital 16. No. Am. Gamebird

email: Phone: 250-692-3232

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CLUES DOWN 1. Foam 2. Tessera 3. Major ore source of lead 4. Directors 5. 9/11 Memorial architect 6. The goal space in ice hockey 7. The academic world 8. Standing roast 9. More (Spanish) 11. Gram molecule


Sunday 10:00AM

13. Head of long hair 17. Cost, insurance and freight (abbr.) 19. Line of poetry 21. Originated from 24. One time only 26. A civil wrong 27. Female sheep 29. Bay Area Toll Authority 30. Afrikaans 33. Hold a particular posture 34. South American Indian 35. Paying attention to 36. Wife of a maharaja 37. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 38. Central Br. province in India 39. 4th month (abbr.) 43. Grooved carpentry joint 44. Present formally 46. Skeletal muscle 47. -__, denotes past 48. Aba ____ Honeymoon 51. Young lady 53. Any of the Hindu sacred writing 54. Where Adam and Eve were placed 56. Promotional materials 57. Play a role 58. Arrived extinct


Southside Health & Wellness Centre: February 2013. Chair Yoga every Tue. & Fri. from 10-11am. Feb. 6 NP all day by appt., Kiwani; CSFC Child, youth and family mental health counsellor on site in afternoon. Feb. 7 Andrea Thom by appt. Foot Care by appt. every Thursday. Feb. 13 Good Food box pick up at Grassy Store. Feb. 27 Depression workshop 1pm - 3pm. More information call (250) 694-3270. Lakes District Hospital & Health Care Centre: January 2013. Jan. 30 Pines Adult Day Center 10am - 2:30pm. Jan. 30 Health Unit - Child Health clinic and Dr. VanRensburg Gynecologist by appt. only. Jan 31 Women’s Wellness Clinic. For more info or to make an appt. please call (250) 692-2440 The Lakes District Office of the Canadian Cancer Society. Regular hours: from 11am to 2pm on Tue., Wed. and Fri. Our local phone number is 250-692-7203. For Cancer Information Service and Cancerconnection, the toll free number is 1-888-939-3333. We collect used postage stamps and Campbell’s soup labels. New volunteers are always welcome!

~ Everyone Welcome ~ THE CHURCH OF


Assoc. 17. Taxis 18. Ancient Chinese weight unit 20. Third tonsil 22. Ancient Hebrew measure = 1.5 gal. 23. Piece of clothing 25. Overrefined, effeminate

Lakes District News

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. will offer a free tele-workshop, Understanding Dementia, on Jan. 31. The one-hour session starts at 7pm and explains the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. A few minutes before the session, participants simply dial toll-free 1-866-994-7745, then enter the pass code of 1122333. To use the website, go to momentum. and log in as a guest. For more information on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, visit the Society website at Burns Lake & District Seniors Meeting on February 4 at 1 pm at the Regional District Meeting Room, upstairs. All 50+ seniors welcome. To list your nonprofit coming events, please drop off your listings at the Lakes District News office by Friday 3:00 pm. (We regret we cannot take items over the phone). Listings as space permits. There is no guarantee any particular item will run on a specific date.

President Lambert 694-3748

Hwy 35 & Francois Lake 250-6956316 Everyone Welcome


CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP At Muriel Mould Primary School

SUNDAY, 10:30 AM Contact: Roland & Lisa Cataford 250-692-9196 ~Everyone Welcome ~

ST. PAUL’S UNITED CHURCH 136 - 4th Avenue, Burns Lake

Sunday Worship 10:00am ALL ARE WELCOME Ministry led by lay leaders Phone 250-692-7202

DECKER LAKE MENNONITE CHURCH Sunday Morning Services: Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Worship Services: 10:30 a.m.

Pastors - Ken Dyck 250-698-7629 David S. Burkholder 250-692-7057 Everyone Welcome Hwy 16, Decker Lake

Seventh Day Adventist Church Group Meets Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. at the United Church on Centre Street.



Burns Lake Community Church


Pastor John Neufeld 250-692-7949

Burns Lake


Sunday Services: 10:30 am Celebrating the Love of God Pastor Henry Washington 250-692-7464

Lakes District News Wednesday, January 30, 2013



to the Burns Lake Health Care Auxiliary are used to provide financial support, equipment plus comfort and care for patients in our hospital, the Pines and all other community healthcare services. Mail a donation on behalf of yourself or a loved one to: B.L. Health Care Aux. Box 812 Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 A tax deductible receipt will be issued

Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to keep drinking that’s your business - if you want to quit drinking that’s our business. Burns Lake Meetings: Tuesday 7:30 pm Catholic Church, Saturday 7:30 pm Catholic Church. For information or transportation call (250) 692-6867 / (250) 6987325 / (778) 669-0070 Only requirement for AA is a desire to stop drinking. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Southside Meetings: Mondays and Thursdays 6:30pm 7:30pm at Grassy Plains Gospel Church. For more information: (250) 694-3682 Anyone needing information on Alzheimer’s please call 1866-564-7533 BURNS LAKE RCMP Victim/Witness Assistance Program. 201 Hwy. 35, Box 759 Burns Lake. Open Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm (250) 692-3010







Research Participants Needed!

The Arthritis Society B.C. and Yukon division is your primary source and resource of the latest print and electronic information, programs and services about arthritis. No matter where you live, you can access us at the touch of a button. Toll free 1-800-321-1433 or visit

CRISIS PREVENTION. You are not alone. Support is just a phone call away. 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433) is a confidential, toll-free service that is available to anyone, anywhere, any time in B.C. The youth support line is 1.888.564.8336 (TEEN). The 24 hour crisis line for northern BC is 250.563.1214 and 1.888.562.1214. In addition, several crisis lines also provide support through online chat services so young people have a web-based way to reach out. These services can be reached through www.nor (4:00 to 11:00 pm daily) or FOOD BANK As of February 2013, clients are welcome to a box on both of the distribution days. Distribution days will be the first and third Tuesday of each month. Clients should come at 11am. The Lakes District Food Bank continues to operate due to the outstanding generosity of the community. If you would like to make a donation and receive a tax deductible receipt, please mail your donation to: Lakes District Food Bank, Box 777, Burns Lake, BC. V0J 1E0. LOCAL HOSPICE Services are available by contacting the Hospice Coordinator at (250) 692-2448. The Hospice office, located in the Lakes District Hospital, is open every Thurs. from 10am - 4pm. A lending library of videos, books and information on bereavement is available. Please make donations to the local hospice and palliative care program payable to the Burns Lake Hospice Program, Box 7500, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1EO NECHAKO RIVER

FLOW FACTS 23 January 2013 Reservoir Elevation: 851.32 m (2793.04ft) SLS Discharge: 31.76 m3/s For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 5675812

PLANNING a wedding or anniversary party? Looking for plastic flowers for decorations. Call OPTIONS at Nourse House 9am- 3pm Mon. to Fri. Francois Lake Drive. Operated by residents of 8th Avenue Group Home. (250) 692-7845



Keep warm for the Winter

Random length trim blocks under 24” (6x6 and 4x4) By the dump truck load $ 280 in town $300 within 25kms of Burns Lake Truck rates after 25kms

Call (250) 696-3211 (leave message)

Career Opportunities 17

Career Opportunities


A huge opportunity has become available at an industry leading truck and equipment dealer. Inland Kenworth is taking applications for a Heavy Duty Truck/Equipment Parts Person. These positions require grade 12 or equivalent, a valid driver’s license and Technical Qualification Certificate and a willingness to learn. WHMIS and forklift training an asset.

Please forward resumes to:

Jeff Morrison, Parts Manager 1995 Quinn Street Prince George, BC V2N 2X2 or by email

PATIENTS OF NURSE PRACTITIONERS Do you receive, or have you received, health care from a BC Nurse Practitioner? Researchers from UVic’s School of Nursing want to learn how you feel about care provided by nurse practitioners. Participation in this study means completing a short survey either by mail or telephone. To learn more and sign-up for the study, please contact Joanne Thompson Research Assistant at or 250-721-7964


The Chronic Disease Education Clinic at the Lakes District Hospital is open Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:30am4pm. The clinic provides information and teaching on various chronic illnesses such as Diabetes & Heart Disease. A doctors referral is not needed. To speak with the nurse call (250) 692-2440

University of Victoria School of Nursing

We’re on the net at Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Economic Development Officer Position: The Village of Burns Lake is looking for an energetic and experienced Economic Development Officer (EDO) to help diversify the community. The EDO will take a leadership role helping to revitalize the economy by pursuing partnerships with industry representatives and governmental bodies. In addition the EDO will be responsible for attracting, expanding and supporting the area’s commercial, industrial and public enterprises. For further posting info and a detailed job description please visit www.burnslake. ca or drop by the Village Office at 15 3rd Ave, Burns Lake. Applications will be accepted until Feb 22nd, 2013 at 10 AM.






DENIED CANADA Pension plan disability benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Call Allison Schmidt at 1-877-793-3222.

$449 CABO SAN LUCAS, ALL INCLUSIVE SPECIAL! Stay 6 Days in a Luxury Beachfront Resort with Meals & Drinks! For $449! 1888-481-9660.

Business Opportunities


Timeshare CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. no Risk Program stop Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call Us now. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248

We’re at the heart of things™

COMMERCIAL cleaning business for sale. 20 years Bella Coola valley. Gov’t and commercial contracts, equipment and sup,plies, turnkey operation. Ideal owner/operator, couple. Owner retiring, annual revenue 60-70 k with potential to increase dramatically. respond to or McKenzie Cleaning Services, P.O. Box 247, Hagensborg BC. V0T 1H0

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

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MOUNT MILLIGAN THOMPSON CREEK METALS COMPANY Located 150km northwest of Prince George BC, Mount Milligan will be British Columbia’s first major metal mine of this century. Construction began in mid-2010 with commercial production projected for the latter part of 2013. Mount Milligan is owned by Thompson Creek Metals and is currently recruiting for the following positions: t Chief Mine Engineer & Mine Engineer t Senior Surveyor t Chief Geologist t Construction Superintendent t Civil Supervisor t HD Mechanics t Health & Safety Advisor t Electricians & E&I Mechanics t Mine Maintenance Superintendent t Flotation & Control Room Operators / Supervisors t Millwrights t Many, many more. For complete job descriptions please visit: Apply by email to: Or by Fax: 888-881-3527

Smithers Community Services Association Job Posting – Competition #299 CORR Home Program - Youth Resource Worker/Burns Lake Smithers Community Services Association has an immediate opening for a Youth Resource Worker to assist in our CORR Homes Program in Burns Lake. This is a part time position (approx. 10-15 hrs per week) with a flexible schedule. In addition to wages, Youth Resource Worker receives a monthly retainer. Position summary: The Youth Resource Worker provides support to young offenders in meeting their court appointed goals and reintegrating into their home communities. Ongoing support and training is provided for this position. Qualifications: A post secondary degree, diploma, or certificate in Social Work or equivalent combination of education and experience. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and diplomatically, and be able to work independently. Additionally, applicants must undergo a criminal record check, be willing to work outside of normal business hours, and also possess a valid Class 5 driver’s license and have access to own transportation. Please apply with resume to: Competition #299 - Youth Resource WorkerBurns Lake Smithers Community Services Association 3815 – B Railway Avenue Box 3759 Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 or Fax to 250-847-3712 or email: general@ Job Description Available at Smithers Community Services Association Closing Date: February 8th, 2013

Mill Manager Kyahwood Forest Products is a finger-Jointing Plant located in Moricetown, 30 kilometers west of Smithers, BC. Kyahwood produces 20 million board feet of random length FJ Lumber on an annual basis for the North American market. Kyahwood also produces 17,000 ODT of shavings annually which is shipped to Houston Pellet Limited Partnership plant in Houston, BC. Kyahwood is fully owned by the Moricetown Band and operates as a business entity under the Moricetown Band Development Corporation. Kyahwood employs 70 community people in all levels and facets of production. The Moricetown Band Development Corporation seeks a self motivated individual to manage the Kyahwood mill. Responsibilities includes managing production, staffing, maintenance and cost control. Applicants will be considered based on past experience and a willingness to work with and build skills and training into the employees. Kyahwood has a blend of seasoned committed individuals as well as employees which are just entering the workforce. Skill building may be for further competence at the facility and for life skills that are carried further into the employee’s careers. Applicants must have experience working with a diversity of teams and people. Preference will be given to individuals that have worked with First Nations peoples at a production level. Cost control, accounting, production and skilled trade experience are also assets that will help select the successful candidate. A competitive salary and benefits package will be offered to the successful candidate. Interested individuals need to apply in confidence to Lucy Gagnon, Band Manager, Moricetown Band at Suite , 205 Beaver Road, Smithers, BC V0J 2N1. Lucy can be reached at 250-847-2133 or via email Application deadline will be February 15, 2013.


Employment Business Opportunities GET FREE Vending Machines Can Earn $100,000+ per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1-866-668-6629, TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 32 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Education/Trade Schools EXCLUSIVE FINNING/Caterpillar Mechanic training. GPRC Fairview Campus. High school diploma, mechanical aptitude required. $1000. Entrance scholarship. Paid practicum with Finning. Write apprenticeship exams. 1-888999-7882; PUT POWER into your career! As a Fairview Power Engineer. On-campus boiler lab. 4th Class-Part A 3rd Class. Affordable residences. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-9997882; THE ONE, the only authorized Harley-Davidson technician training program in all of Canada. You’ll work on all types of HD bikes. Quality instruction and state-of-the-art training aids. GPRC Fairview Campus, Fairview Alberta. 1888-999-7882;

Help Wanted Journeyman HD mechanic required for oilfield construction company. Duties will include servicing, maintenance and overhaul of our equipment. The job will be predominately shop work , but with a portion of your time spent in the field. A mechanics truck will be supplied for you. The job is based in Edson, Alberta. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051.

The Grapevine Pub & Bistro is currently looking for waitresses. No Experience necessary. Please bring in resume in person to Jan.

Income Opportunity ATTN: COMPUTER work. Work from anywhere 24/7. Up to $1,500 part-time to $7,500/ month full-time. Training provided;

EARN EXTRA cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate Openings For Men & Women. Easy Computer Work, Other Positions Are Available. Can Be Done From Home. No Experience Needed.

Trades, Technical LOUISIANA-PACIFIC Canada Ltd. requires an experienced Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) for our EWP Operation in Golden B.C. Email resume to: or fax to 250-344-8859. PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume by email to: or fax 780-955-HIRE.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Lakes District News





Maintenance Welder

is part of the fast growing Terraceautomall Group, a leader in Automotive, Parts and Service sales.

Reporting to the Shovel and Drill supervisor, the successful applicant will be responsible for the safe and productive welding on mining equipment. Projects will include structural and general repairs on haul truck frames, shovel booms, rebuilding haul truck boxes, and loading equipment buckets. Work will be take place in a shop and outside so the successful candidate must be able to work in all weather conditions and body positions.

We are looking to immediately add a qualified


Terrace Chrysler offers a team environment, great benefits and ongoing training and support for its employees. If you’ve got the horsepower to join a fast paced environment and hit our high standards – apply today! Apply with resume and cover letter to: Robert Onstein 4916 Hwy16West Terrace, BC, V8G 1L8 or email:


Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years industrial welding experience, hold a valid class 5 drivers’ license and minimum % /evel Welding certiÀcation.

Huckleberry Mine is a remote mine where its employees live in a camp environment on their days of work. This position works a 4 x 4 schedule (4 days in, 4 days out) or 8 x 8 (8 days on, 8 days off). While at the mine site all meals and accommodations are provided free of charge to employees. Transportation is provided from Houston. Huckleberry Mines Ltd. offers a competitive salary and a full range of beneÀts including medical, life, disability income and RRSP savings plan.

We thank all applicants for their interest in Huckleberry Mines Ltd., but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Huckleberry Mines Ltd. is a Vancouver based mine company which operates a 16,400 TPD open pit copper molybdenum mine located 120 km south of Houston in west central British Columbia. The Mine Maintenance Team is expanding to the meet the challenges of the Main Zone Optimization (MZO) Project expansion.

4ualiÀed candidates can submit their resumes in conÀdence to

Human Resources Department Huckleberry Mines Ltd. P.O. Box 3000, Houston, B.C. V0J 1Z0 Fax: (604) 517-4701 Email:

Heavy Duty Mechanics We are currently working on the Main Zone Optimization Expansion Project which will extend mine operations to 2021. As a result, we are expanding and modernizing our Áeet of haul trucks, loading equipment, drills and support equipment and are seeking journeyperson mechanics to be part of our growing maintenance department during this exciting time. We are looking for self starters who can work safely with minimal supervision, work well in a team environment and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Responsibilities will include preventative maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of engines, transmissions, hydraulics and electrical systems on 777 and 785 Cat Trucks, 992 Loader, Komatsu PC 2000 Excavators, Cat support equipment, P H 2100 shovels, Bucyrus-Erie and Atlas Copco rotary drills, and other small support equipment. Applicants for these positions must possess a journeyperson’s trade qualiÀcation (B.C. ticket) or an ,nterprovincial Heavy Duty Mechanic’s ticket and be able to perform basic welding. Experience with shovels and drills is not necessary but would be considered an asset for this position.

Huckleberry Mines is located approximately two hours driving time from Houston, British Columbia. Employees live in a camp environment on their days of work. The work schedule for this position is 4 x 4 (4 days on, 4 days off) or 8 x 8 (8 days on, 8 days off) working 12 hours per day. Transportation to and from the mine site is provided from Houston by bus and while at the mine site all meals and accommodations are provided free of charge to employees. Houston and Smithers are located in the scenic Bulkley 9alley on TransCanada Highway 1, an excellent area to raise a family and has exceptional outdoor recreational activities. More information on the area is available at, and

Huckleberry Mines Ltd. offers a competitive salary and a full range of beneÀts including medical, life, disability income, RRSP savings plan and relocation allowance.

We thank all applicants for their interest in Huckleberry Mines Ltd., but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

4ualiÀed candidates can submit their resumes in conÀdence to

Human Resources Department Huckleberry Mines Ltd. P.O. Box 3000, Houston, B.C. V0J 1Z0 Fax: (604) 517-4701 Email:


Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

3911 Alfred Ave, Smithers 250.847.3511

Job Options BC Job Skills Training Opportunity

Lakes District & area

BUSINESS DIRECTORY B’s Free Enterprises Ltd. Bill & Wendy Imus Certified Appliance Repair & Computer Technicians Computer Training, Sales & Service Personalized In Home Service Delivery of Ink & Computer Supplies Box 420, 28540 Colleymount Rd., Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E2

Phone: (250) 692-4353

Cell: (250) 692-6569 • email:

starting a Business?

expanding Your Business? The Comfor/CFDC Developmental Lending Program can help! For more information, call 1-800-556-5539

Payne Septic Service (2010) 250-698-7964 Still serving the Lakes District Operated by

Keith Wilson

Who is this for? Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria: • • • • •

Unemployed (non E.I. Clients) Must be 18 years of age or older Be legally entitled to work in Canada Not a Student Lack skills required for successful integration into new employment • Be ready and committed to returning to work

Pumps Water Treatment Plumbing Repairs


What will you get? Participants may be eligible to receive: • Class-based skill development - including job searching and career planning • Funding to access training at local educational institutions/trainers • Wage subsidy for on-the-job training



The Comfort Zone Flying Dutchman Service

24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language

Funding provided through the Canada - British Columbia Labour Market Agreement

High Efficiency Furnaces



Stand up. Be heard. Get help.

By shopping local you support local people.

101-1st Avenue, Burns Lake


Lakes District News Wednesday, January 30, 2013 19

New at the Grapevine....

Real Estate Apt/Condos for Sale LUXURY Condo in Abbotsford..14th Floor. Wrap around South E/W view spans 270*. 3 BR. 3 Bath. 3 Balc 2475 Sq.Ft. spacious Beauty PH style., 604-807-5341- $589,000

For Sale By Owner Services

Financial Services DROWNING IN Debts? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1 877-5563500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s that simple. your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161. M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Merchandise for Sale

Heavy Duty Machinery A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! Also Damaged 40’ $1950 Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Free Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

5 BDRM HOME IN TELKWA FOR SALE 3200 sq ft, 4 bath, includes washer & dryer, fridge & stove, dishwasher hot tub, natural gas, contact 250-845-3315

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent LARGE BRIGHT 2 bedroom suites in a safe and secure building. Close to school and hospital. Large patio, in-suite storage and storage lockers available. On site management. Heat, hot water and cable included for $700 per month. Call (250) 692-3959 and leave message.

Homes for Rent THREE BEDROOM House for rent on 8th Avenue. •Pets allowed. •$700 per month. •Damage deposit and references required. (250) 698-7533. Available March 1st.

STEEL BUILDINGS/ Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! 1-800-457-2206

~ Convenient parking ~ Wide selection of wine Hard liquor at liquor store prices Free Open until 11:00 pm everyday W


Pub: 250-692-0068 • Liquor store: 250-692-0067

Legal Notices

Puzzle Answers

Canfor Houston Operations 2007- 2014 Forest Stewardship Plan SiJniÂżFant Amendment 15 1otiFe of 5eYiew and Comment

Our online job matching solution will provide you with 100’s of job listings where you can login to your account to view potential jobs that match your criteria. Your path to a better job begins here,

7he proposed aPendPent adds in the Cheslatta Non ReplaceaEle Forestr\ /icense (NRF/) $0 to our FSP 7his aPendPent proYides the Cheslatta Carrier First Nation with FSP coYerage for their license 7his NRF/ is targeting Pountain pine Eeetle Nilled stands

Work Wanted

The area has a portion South of 2otsa laNe and another portion outside of the CoPPunit\ Forest near Cheslatta laNe No new results and strategies were deYeloped howeYer, taEles were updated to include Pore landscape units for our seral stage Result and Strateg\, consistent with the /aNes South SustainaEle Resource 0anagePent Plan This FSP aPendPent is aYailaEle for reYiew froP -anuar\ 2, 201 to FeEruar\ 2, 201, at CanforÂśs ofÂżce on the 0orice RiYer Road in Houston, %C FroP 00 aP to 500 pP $ppointPents to reYiew are recoPPended The deadline for receiYing written coPPents is FeEruar\ 2, 201


Need an employer who isn’t afraid of new technology?

In accordance with FPPR 20 (1) the proposed Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) SiJniÂżcant $PendPent 15 for Canfor, Houston operations, the Dungate CoPPunit\ Forest, is puElicall\ aYailaEle for reYiew and written coPPent coPPencing on -anuar\ 2, 201 for a period of thirt\ (0) da\s


Spiral Check OK Multiple Check OK Dry Balsam OK Oversize to 4 ½� top OK



100% Financing available O.A.C.

Cars - Domestic

1996 Chevrolet Cavalier SL 2 dr convert, average condition.

Asking only ...



100% Financing available O.A.C.

250-847-7928 Cell 250-877-2434

Competitive price paid

We’re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

Contact Karl Garret 250-692-6432 .arlpaFiÂżFtimEer#hotmailFom

Legal Notices

LOVE BIG SAVINGS? { Check out our Valentine’s Day section now at {

Hampton Affiliates Canadian Operations

Legal Notices B.L.N.D.C.

Amendment to Hampton’s approved Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for the Morice Timber Supply Area (TSA) Babine Forest Products Limited (Babine) has amended its approved 2012 Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for the Morice Timber Supply Area (TSA). The purpose of this amendment is to add the Non Replaceable Forest Licenses A88866 and A72921. There are no other changes to Babine’s approved FSP.

*reg <eoPans, Canadian Forest Products /iPited P2 %o[ 15, Houston, %C 90- 1=0 Telephone (250) 5-5225 (-Pail *reg<eoPans#canforcoP

Babine Forest Products Limited proposed FSP amendment will be referred for a period of 60 days starting January 23th, 2013 and will be available for review at the Babine Forest Products administration office Monday through Friday during normal business hours. A representative from Babine Forest Products Limited will be available to answer any questions, address concerns and provide additional information in regards to our proposed amendment. Comments arising from this referral will be considered in the approval of the amendment to this Forest Stewardship Plan.  

Just a few of our Featured Advertisers:


2011 Harley Davidson ST Fat Boy Reduced! Now asking ...

Cars - Domestic

Low Grade Saw Log WANTED â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


250-847-7928 Cell 250-877-2434

Work Wanted

Please address an\ written coPPents to

OLDER CAMPER FOR SALE Fridge, Propane Furnace and Stove. $400 Call in the evening 250-698-7533



Misc. for Sale SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 - Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: /400OT 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

Enjoy all your home made favourites at the Grapevine!


Trades, Technical

â&#x20AC;˘ Fettuccini â&#x20AC;˘ Spaghetti â&#x20AC;˘ Penne

Delivery Available from our Cold Beer, Wine & Liquor Store

Join us for WING NITE on Wednesday or Thursday PRAWN NITE and Fridays are always PRIME RIB NITE

Located on Francois Lake Drive, Burns Lake

Your choice of Pasta...


We have a relaxed atmosphere with great service!


If you have any questions, or would like to meet and discuss the proposed FSP, we encourage you to call Daniella Oake, Planning Supervisor at Babine Forest Products Limited 250-692â&#x20AC;&#x201C;4551. your source for FREE coupons

Win a $500 WEEKEND GETAWAY! Visit to enter!

Babine Forest Products Limited, 19479 Hwy 16 East, Box 4000, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 â&#x20AC;˘ Telephone 250-692-7177 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 250-692-4595 Decker Lake Forest Products Ltd., 10345 Lewis Rd., Box 250, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 â&#x20AC;˘ Telephone 250-698-7304 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 250-698-7374


Lakes District News

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary!! By giving away a total of


$ Trips to !! Vancouver

Big Screen TVs!!


+ many more great prizes • Manual, FWD • OnStar, cloth interior, cruise control, sunroof • rear bench seat • traction control • power windows and locks






BI WEEKLY 0 0 $ 127010









• Extended Cab • Manual, RWD • fold up back seats, split front bench seat • Premium cloth seat upholstery





• Automatic, FWD • OnStar, cloth interior, rear A/C controls, traction control, power windows & locks • Sirius Satellite radio • roof rails

• Manual, FWD • OnStar, cloth interior, rear bench seat • traction control • power windows and locks


• Extended cab • manual, RWD • cruise control • front split bench, OnStar • bed liner • fold up back seats

• Manual, FWD • cloth interior upholstery • OnStar • rear bench seat






• Automatic • AWD, leather seat upholstery • Sirius Satellite Radio, turn signals in the mirrors • bucket seats






• Automatic, FWD • fully loaded • heated leather seats • entertainment package, OnStar • sunroof • trailer hitch

• Manual, AWD • sunroof • leather seats • power windows and locks • Onstar



Reg price: $25,900










WHEN YOU BUY ONE OF OUR REMAINING 2012 VEHICLES! • 79,524 KMs • Manual, AWD • cruise control • power locks and windows • traction control system • two tone paint

• 190,275 KMs • Automatic, AWD • fully loaded • heated leather seats, OnStar • sunroof, remote start, roof rack

Reg price: $21,900

Reg price: $18,900








• 93,635 KMs • Manual, 2WD • cruise control • satellite radio • power windows • power locks • re-window defogger • rear window wiper





Reg price: $33,900








00 0 9 29,9


Price does not include documentation fee of $399

Stop by Sullivans Motor Products today & enter your name to win!

Check out our website for more great deals - updated daily...


Hwy 16, Houston 250-845-2244 • 1-800-665-3151

Sullivan Motor Products Ltd. ...Northwest’s Largest Volume Dealer for a Reason!!

Burns Lake Lakes District News, January 30, 2013  

January 30, 2013 edition of the Burns Lake Lakes District News

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