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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gun death precedes holiday calm

Good times at Murray Ridge

Cameron Ginn Omineca Express

Conditions were nothing short of exceptional at Murray Ridge Ski Area in Fort St. James over the holidays. Amid sunshine, clear skies and several inches of new snow, a skier enjoys a freshly groomed run on Dec. 29.

As election looms, MLA John Rustad details priorities for 2013 Cameron Ginn Omineca Express Looking back, John Rustad remembers how the Nechako Lakes region didn't experience much economic development in the 1990s. Aside from some investment in lumber mills, the area

saw practically nothing in terms of health and education improvements. The provincial government of the day shelved the Mount Milligan mining project and approved only one mine for production. Road maintenance funding was a fraction of what it is today, he recalls.

"Without getting overly political," he said, "we really didn't receive a whole lot of attention." In his nine consecutive years as MLA, beginning in 2005 in the Prince GeorgeOmineca riding, Rustad has witnessed the Nechako Valley develop into a focal point of

public and private sector investment. International hay exports are on the rise, lumber prices are peaking at nearly $400 per 1,000 board feet due to demand in Asia and the U.S., and the Mount Milligan mine is almost finished being built. Continued on page 3

Few criminal offenses occurred in Vanderhoof over the holidays. On New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 2012, four Vanderhoof RCMP officers patrolled the district's roads and highways, but no drunk-driving arrests were made. A few house parties were among the only reports made to the Vanderhoof RCMP detachment during one of the most celebrated nights of the year, explained Corporal Wade Harvey. "In general, over the holidays, it was relatively peaceful," said Harvey. On Dec. 14, between eight and nine RCMP officers and a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement unit organized a large stationary check stop in the district and pulled over many vehicles, but no impaired drivers were discovered. "Maybe the message - not to drink and drive - is finally getting out to a degree," said Harvey. Unfortunately, the relative absence of offenses during the holidays was preceded by a tragic incident that occurred in Vanderhoof on Dec. 20, when an 18-year-old female was mortally wounded by a gun shot. At approximately 4:39 p.m., Vanderhoof RCMP were informed that a female with a lifethreatening gun-shot wound was being transported to the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia, where she underwent surgery but later died from her injuries. Due to an ongoing criminal investigation by the North District Major Crime Unit, RCMP members are unable to disclose finer details about the shooting, which came only five days before Christmas. “The North District Major Crime Unit has confirmed that this tragic shooting was an isolated incident and the public is not at risk,” Constable Lesley Smith, media relations officer for the North District RCMP, said in a statement on Dec. 24, 2012. Continued on page 4

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Omineca Express

Property values inch up ahead of potential housing boom

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Cameron Ginn Omineca Express Residential property values in Vanderhoof increased more than one per cent since July 2012. Over the past six months, the total amount of assessed property values in Vanderhoof increased from $482 million to $487 million, reflecting not only home sales, but new development, demolitions, home additions and renovations. "It's not simply a change based on market activity, but all the things that change value," said Christopher Whyte, deputy assessor for B.C. Assessment, a crown corporation that produces independent property assessments for property owners in B.C each year. The modest rise partly indicates what people are willing to pay on the market, but could also be attributed to resource development projects that are drawing more people to the region, increasing home sales and property values, explained Whyte. Cases in point are Mackenzie and Kitimat, B.C., where resource development has caused property assessments to jump between five and 30 per cent. "The oil, gas and mining sectors," said Whyte, "seem to be throwing a lot of money into their industries right now. They need people, and people need to live somewhere." In the coming years, town officials in Vanderhoof are forecasting an influx of about 500 people, solely because of resource development projects, specifically the Mount Milligan and Blackwater mines, said Deputy Administrator Tom Clement. Although the town can only speculate - and conservatively - that property values will increase over the long term, Whyte says resource development in the region, coupled with the forecasted influx of hundreds of people, would seem to result in higher property values, as seen in other towns located near major industrial projects. For the district, accommodating the forecasted population surge with land, zoning and infrastructure is more important than increasing assessments, said Clement. "That's how we look at it: Rather than, what's the assessed value going to be, we're looking to see if we have the land to do it," he said. In preparation for what could be a great migration to Vanderhoof, the town has already demarcated areas for new sub-divisions, with room for more than 120 homes of various sizes and affordability, that are on the verge of moving forward. Furthermore, at the behest of the town, engineers have ensured that sewer and water systems in Vanderhoof are capable of servicing new residential development. "If there was a push, and all of a sudden we do need room for 100 new homes, for instance, it's there," said Clement. "We're confident we have the infrastructure in place to handle them."

NOTICE OF SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS for January & February 2013 The dates and locations of the Regular Board Meetings of the Board of Education of School District No. 91 (Nechako Lakes) for the months of January & February, 2013, are as follows: January 14, 2013 - Video-conference February 18, 2013 - Video-conference

Since July 2012, the total amount of assessed property values in Vanderhoof increased from $482 million to $487 million. The rise could be attributed to resource development in the region. The wave of newcomers to northern B.C., many of whom will find work in the province's mining and gas sectors, will continue for some time. By reducing red tape, the provincial government has begun approving new mines and permitting existing ones to expand at a faster rate. In 2011, the province's mineral exploration, mining and related sectors employed more than 29,000 people, mainly in rural areas. The average mining salary in B.C. is a respectable $108,000, according to government figures. "Jobs continue to be our focus, and making sure that British Columbians have the skills needed to support our up-and-coming new mines is vitally important to our continued success," Rich Coleman, minister of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas, said in a statement on Dec. 28, 2012. Property values in Vanderhoof have rebounded since the outbreak of the global financial crisis and housing market crash in 2008, mainly due to the strong resource sector in northern B.C. Today, values remain stable. "As much as some people don't want to hear that, I think that's a good thing," said Whyte. Historically, residential and industrial assessments in Vanderhoof have increased consistently, though modestly, each year, said Clement. "It doesn't fluctuate a whole lot. We're pretty steady that way," he said. However, slight gains, or inactive market activity, translates into stability for the property owner and the taxing jurisdiction, explained Whyte. "No change is sometimes good change when you're not getting massive roller coaster affects," said Whyte. Property assessments were mailed to residents across B.C. in the first week of January 2013.

Nechako Valley Search and Rescue and The Omineca Express are asking for your help! Due to the recent break-in and theft of communication and navigation equipment from the Nechako Valley SAR truck, we are requesting donations to help replace this essential equipment for our SAR responses. Please see the front page story in the Omineca Express December 12, 2012 for more information. Nechako Valley SAR has been approved for a gaming grant which will allow us to replace the stolen radios, but we are looking for financial support to replace the GPS units and compasses. Please drop off any donation at the Omineca Express office or at Fountain Tire. Nechako Valley SAR is not only a huge asset to our own community but also responds provincially where and when SAR resources are needed. The radios, GPS units and compasses are essential during any SAR call out, and replacing these losses are our current highest priority. The members of Nechako Valley SAR thank the provincial government of BC for the gaming grant, and all the community members who have expressed support for us. 3 MONTHS FREE SERVICE!

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Omineca Express Wednesday, January 9, 2013




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MLA John Rustad praises work of Community Action Initiative Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad is praising the work of the Community Action Initiative (CAI), which has been channeling direct investment and leveraging additional funding to support projects led by community groups working to address mental health and substance abuse. “I’m very happy to see the Community Action Initiative working in our region, helping to support community mental health and substance abuse organizations,” said Rustad. CAI has channeled approximately $1 million towards this cause in this region. This money has also leveraged an estimated $310,000 in additional funding and in-kind contributions from other agencies, bringing the total impact of the investment to roughly $1.4 million. “The CAI has made special efforts to invest in Northern, rural and remote communities. In general we are pleased to see so many terrific efforts underway in these areas, and especially proud of the agencies leading the projects we have funded,” said Laura Tate, provincial director for CAI.


Rustad to introduce forestry legislation From front Compounded by the advancement of numerous oil and gas pipelines, the Nechako Valley, with its bounty of minerals, fiber and fertile agricultural land, is slowly turning into a major economic frontier. "Our area has a tremendous amount of potential for the type of growth we haven't seen in a generation or two," said Rustad on Friday, Jan. 4. Last year, Rustad worked closely with ministers and municipal officials to support a proposal by the College of New Caledonia (CNC) to build a new campus in Vanderhoof and upgrade facilities in Burns Lake and Fort St. James. And as New Gold, TransCanada, the Thompson Creek Metals Company, the BID Construction Group and other companies move forward with their respective projects, Rustad is interacting with industry to establish more skills training programs. "It's making sure that our own people coming out of school, as well as people that may be underemployed and need upgraded skills, have the opportunity locally to be able to take As Canadian lumber prices climb higher due to rising demand in Asia and the U.S., area mills, like the L&M advantage of these jobs as they're cre- Lumber Company, will see more capital investment, said Rustad. Dennis Parfitt photo ated," said Rustad. He credited Vanderhoof Mayor Gerry Thiessen islative Assembly of B.C. last year, among them Pacific coast for export to Asia and the U.S. via for developing the Nechako Valley Post Secondary was the expansion of area-based tenures, including hundreds of oil tankers. Education Working Group, whose overall objec- woodlots, community forests, First Nation woodlot "What they're planning to build is basically bettive is to expand post-secondary education with the tenures, and area-based tenures for licensees. ter than any pipeline in North America," said Rusconstruction of a new CNC campus in Vanderhoof. "There is no question in my mind that the op- tad, who has discussed safety issues with Enbridge "He's done a tremendous amount of work on tions we've come up with through the Timber representatives on several occasions. that front," Rustad said of Thiessen. Supply Committee have given us more tools to "There will never be zero risk, but it's as close "We'll continue working closely to try and bring minimize the impact of the MPB epidemic," said as you can get. It's a phenomenal plan they've put that addition forward." Rustad. in place." The forestry industry, which accounts for about As developers in the U.S. start building homes Rustad, an avid consumer of national business 42 per cent of the Nechako Valley's overall econo- again, and demand for fiber surges in Asia, Canadi- news, says the price of Canadian oil dropped to a my, has also been one of Rustad's primary areas of an lumber prices will climb higher, area mills will record low in December 2012 in comparison with attention. see more capital investment and more jobs will be international prices, simply because producers As chair of the Special Committee on Timber created, said Rustad. in Canada have an overabundance of oil but not Supply, Rustad directed a report, published in AuOn the ground, the potential exists for further- enough avenues to get it to market. gust 2012, on increasing the central interior's tim- ing area-based silviculture and expanding bioThere aren't enough rail cars or pipelines, both ber supply following the onslaught of the mountain economy opportunities associated with Nechako of which are already operating at nearly full capacpine beetle (MPB) epidemic. Valley fiber. ity. Thus, Canada is forced to sell oil to the U.S., The epidemic killed almost half the pine in the "I'm very optimistic about our forestry industry it's main export market, at a discounted price, exLakes, Quesnel and Vanderhoof forest districts, ac- over the next four or five years," he said. plained Rustad. cording to the report. Rustad also views the $5-billion Enbridge The result is a potential loss of $150-million in Over several months of public hearings, tech- Northern Gateway Project with enthusiasm, main- revenue per day, he said, laughing in disbelief. nical briefings, site visits and meetings with in- ly for the benefits it would create for the province "That is money, federally and provincially, that dustries and First Nations in communities across and country. could be going towards a wide variety of services northern B.C., the committee documented a wide In fact, his view of the project hasn't changed, to help support our economy," he said. range of views and ideas on how the province even after many months of hearings and heated de"It's a lost opportunity because we don't have should move forward. bate over Enbridge's proposal to build a 1,172-kilo- the infrastructure in place." The committee incorporated these findings into metre pipeline across northern B.C., which would a series of recommendations presented to the Leg- transport bitumen from Alberta's oil sands to the Continued on page 4


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Omineca Express

Better access to offshore oil markets needed, Rustad From page 3 Ever since the 1950s, the politics surrounding pipelines has been deemed a challenge, partly because some groups are opposed to every energy project, no matter what the objective is, said Rustad. But wether it's via the Enbridge pipeline to the Pacific, the Keystone XL pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico, or a retrofitted TransCanada pipeline to the Atlantic, Canada must get its oil to offshore markets somehow, said Rustad. Regardless if the Enbridge pipeline is built or not, other proposals will emerge, mining activity will proliferate and existing energy projects will press on throughout the Nechako Valley. All this progress means more people, more traffic and added stress on the region's infrastructure, admits Rustad, who con-

tinues to press the provincial government for more road improvements. During his term as Nechako Lakes MLA, from 2009 to the present day, Rustad says between 70 to 80 per cent of Highway 16 has been resurfaced in his riding, where provincial funding for road maintenance now averages approximately $15 million annually, up from about $500,000 in the 1990s. Recently, Rustad announced new passing lanes near Mapes on Highway 16 and south of Fort St. James on Highway 27, with several more planned between Vanderhoof and Prince George. In time, he said, the road from Fort St. James to the Mount Milligan mine will be strengthened too. "We really require a good transportation network to be able to facilitate economic growth,

which helps create jobs, create growth in our communities and helps pay for other things like, for example, a pool facility," he said. Additionally, in a region where people often commute to Prince George and elsewhere for employment, recreation, education and shopping, road improvements "are critical in terms of safety," said Rustad. In 2013, Rustad plans to advocate for more infrastructure improvements, focus on the forestry file and move forward with recommendations made by the Timber Supply Committee. He is also preparing to introduce forestry-related legislation in the spring. Expanding post-secondary education expansion and bringing several other infrastructure projects to fruition remain high priorities as well. Rustad is also getting ready for the election in May 2013,

More energy projects will be proposed, regardless of whether the Enbridge pipeline is approved for development, says John Rustad, MLA for Nechako Lakes, a region rich with natural resources. Cameron Ginn/Omineca Express

when he will run for a third term with hopes of further facilitating growth to the right environmental standards and creating more opportunities for the people of Nechako Lakes. "That will be a tough fight," he

said of the upcoming election. "Your hope is, of course, to go to the people and hope for the opportunity to be reelected, to carry on with the work you're doing and to do the best job you can."

Vanderhoof RCMP received 4,000 calls, lodged 550 DISTRICT OF VANDERHOOF prisoners, in 2013 A weekly feature highlighting meetings/proposals, events important to Vanderhoof residents.

From front Investigators are speaking to all individuals involved in the incident, added Smith. Out of respect for families affected by the fatal shooting, the RCMP isn't releasing names at this time. "The Vanderhoof RCMP would like to thank the community, friends and family for their cooperation during such a difficult time," Harvey said on Thursday, Jan. 3. Overall in 2012, Vanderhoof RCMP responded to 4,000 calls for service, the same number as the larger community of Burns Lake, and 400 more than Fort St. James, which typically receives more service calls than Vanderhoof, explained Harvey. Both communities employ more RCMP officers than Vanderhoof.

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The holding cells at the Vanderhoof RCMP detachment lodged 550 prisoners in 2012 for offenses ranging from disturbances, to aggravated assault, to public intoxication. The RCMP is asking anyone with information regarding unsolved crimes, ongoing investigations or other specific incidents to contact the Vanderhoof detachment at 250.567.2222. To remain anonymous, the RCMP advises people to call Crime Stoppers at 1.800.222.TIPS (8477).

On Saturday, February 16th, 2013, qualified electors within the District of Vanderhoof will be voting on the following question:

BC SPCA your first adoption option!

“Are you in favour of the Council of the District of Vanderhoof adopting Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1121 which would authorize the District to borrow an amount up to $4 million to be repaid with an annual requisition up to a maximum of $0.2234 per $1,000 of taxable residential assessed value to re-pay the loan over a 30 year period to be used for the construction of an up to $12 million Aquatic Centre.�

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Scrutineers for and against the question must be appointed if applications are received from persons who wish to volunteer for the positions. Only persons entitled to vote as electors on the question shown above are entitled to act as scrutineers. One scrutineer for and one scrutineer against the question will be appointed for each voting place if sufficient applications are received. Applications to act as a scrutineer will be received by the Chief Election Officer at the office of the: District of Vanderhoof 900 Connaught Street, Vanderhoof, BC during the period: 9:00 am, Monday, January 21, 2013 to 4:00 pm, Thursday, January 31, 2013 Applications will only be received during regular office days and hours during this period. Application forms are available at the District of Vanderhoof office. Interested persons can obtain information on the requirements and procedures for making an application by contacting the following persons at the District of Vanderhoof office (phone: 250-567-4711): Tom Clement, Chief Election Officer Michelle Smith, Deputy Chief Election Officer Tom Clement Chief Election Officer

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Ottawa to end home grow-ops for medical pot Marijuana for prescription to be produced commercially following Health Canada decision Kevin Diakiw Black Press The federal government is poised to eliminate licensed medical marijuana grow-ops in homes that have long been criticized over safety concerns and connections to the illegal drug trade. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced on Dec. 16 a planned shift to a new system of federally regulated commercial producers of medical pot who will supply authorized users with prescriptions from their doctor. “Under our new rule, only facilities that meet strict security requirements will be able to produce marijuana for medical purposes,” Aglukkaq told a press conference in Maple Ridge on Sunday. The new system – which also ends government production of medical pot – is expected to come at a sharply higher price for the nearly 26,000 users authorized to possess medical marijuana. Local authorities have argued most medical pot home growers are producing far more plants than they require, suggesting rampant abuse of the program by licensees selling into the illicit market. “The high value of marijuana on the illicit market increases the risk of home invasions,” Aglukkaq noted. “These production operations can also present fire and toxic mould hazards.” The Fire Chiefs Association of B.C. (FCABC) said the change will improve safety in residential neighbourhoods. “The fire service across Canada has been raising the alarm about the fire and safety risks associated with growing marijuana indoors for many years,” said FCABC President Len Garis, who is also Surrey's fire chief. “We applaud the govern-

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, left, announced in Vancouver on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, a planned shift to a new system of federally regulated commercial producers of medical pot. Authorities say marijuana grow ops, managed criminally or by licensed medical pot users, pose health and safety problems in homes. Black Press photos

ment for taking action on this issue.” Garis stressed that the fire service has never been concerned about the use of marijuana for medical purposes. “Our focus is on how medical marijuana is grown," he said. "The fact is, medical marijuana has typically been grown in a residential setting, which is not suitable or safe for growing marijuana.” Under the previous regulations, medical marijuana grow operations operated without their local municipal government’s knowl-

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edge or approval, and were not subject to health, fire, building or plumbing inspections. Research indicates that both criminal and medical residential marijuana grow operations result in similar health, fire and safety hazards associated with unsafe electrical work, structural changes and excessive moisture. Taking marijuana

production out of homes and into a licensed commercial environment is a step in the right direction, Garis said. “We are happy to see Health Canada commit to inspecting and auditing medical marijuana producers to make sure they comply with all regulatory requirements,” he said. “We would like to see them take a further

step and ensure that all previous residential growing sites are remediated, and that future buyers are made aware that these homes were previously used to grow marijuana.” The federal Ministry of Health said it intends to implement the

system by March 31, 2014, at which point all current licences to possess or produce pot would expire. The government is holding a 75-day comment period for the public to give feedback on the proposal (at

U4xtqi), which will end on Feb. 28, 2013. The details of the new regulations are available on the ministry’s website at SFDUlX.

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Explanations owed after foreign workers approved In Tumbler Ridge, Chinese-owned HD Mining has received permission to import 200 temporary underground coal miners for their Murray Creek mine. And that’s just the first wave. Other Chinese mining companies want to import over 2,000 Chinese workers to northern B.C. for copper, gold, and coal mining. The fix is in: 350 Canadians applied for these jobs at HD Mining and not one qualified - one of the qualifiers is that you have to speak Mandarin. Jim Sinclair of the B.C. Federation of Labour revealed that HD Mining does not have to hire a Canadian worker for 4.5 years, and that a ‘temporary worker’ can be 14.5 years. What economic government genius dreamt this up? Chineseowned HD Mines profits with cheap imported labour to mine and ship our resources to China to make steel. The Chinese miners, in turn, send their wages back home to China.  China then makes the steel with their jobs and sells the steel back to us. The money is not recycling spinoffs in our economy, but is mostly benefiting China as we are subsidizing them for the privilege of being their customer.   Christy Clark is on the radio telling us how wonderful her $6-million Jobs Program is while you stand in the unemployment line looking like a Dr. Seuss character. United Steel Workers tried real hard to find out who owned HD Mining, with the help of a PhD Beijing University researcher, assisted by experts in China.  Huiyong Holdings B.C. Ltd. holds 55 per cent of HD Mining, but who owns Huiyong remains a mystery and it appears to be a Chinese state-owned company. Then 40 per cent of HD Mining is owned by Canadian Dehua, which is owned by Chinese state-owned corporations. Not surprisingly, Elections B.C. shows the B.C. Liberals received donations of $20,810 in 2011 and 2012 from Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc.  Now surely Christy Clark and her gang wouldn’t sell us down the greasy mine shaft for such a paltry sum. There has to be more to it. Our governments are misleading and selling us out in the dumbest way possible, and our MLAs and MPs owe us some big explanations. Roland Seguin Langley, B.C.  The Omineca Express is published every Wednesday in Vanderhoof by Black Press Ltd. Publisher: Pam Berger Editor: Cameron Ginn

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Hobson Museum and Peachie’s Café Closing

It is with sadness to announce that the Hobson Museum and Peachie’s Café in downtown Vanderhoof is closing on March 31, 2013. In January 2011, when I began the renovations to the leased building on Burrard Street, it was only with the best intentions. I felt we had been gifted in the artifacts and photos of the famous Richmond Pearson Hobson family and I wanted to share that with other locals and tourists from around the world. In May 2011, our crew had a booth at the Trade Show and many were excited to come and visit the museum upon its completion. In July of that year, we attempted to open the project to the public and were met by four inspectors who informed us that we or our contractors had neglected to purchase a building permit and the construction and the building was not to “code”. We were given dates to have the huge changes made, and because we had used our own money to finance the museum, we simply did not have the finances to do everything they demanded that we do. (By the way, we thank the local contractors who helped construct the museum and café. Their work was awesome.) None of the inspectors’ concerns posed a safety threat for visitors, so we opened, but never held a grand opening or purchased advertisements for fear we would be shut down publically. Zoom forward to December 2012. In the 18 months the Hobson Museum and Peachie’s Café have been in operation, thousands of locals and tourists have eaten in the café. We have hosted tours for visitors from Asia, Australia and New Zealand, many countries in Western Europe and most states and provinces in North America. Some said it was the best museum they had toured anywhere. Researchers from several universities and the Council of B.C. Indian Chiefs are just a couple of groups who attended the facility, the walls featuring old photos of Vanderhoof, the Hobsons and other local pioneer families that brought joy and even tears to many who recognized members of their own families. We also had a lot of interaction between tourism groups and famous museums from all over the world, and many locals spoke of their families being inspired to relocate to the Vanderhoof area after reading the three books about Rich Hobson. We also hosted wedding receptions, two Christmas

House displays, motivational speakers, pumpkin carving and live music nights, baby showers, book signings, a session with Vanderhoof’s famous songwriter Jim Vallance, wool spinning classes, school group tours, birthday parties and many family gatherings. We have felt fortunate to have also been able to participate in Vanderhoof’s Halloween Pumpkin Walks, the 2012 Airshow, the Parade of Lights, the Trade Show and other community events. Launi was diligent in her efforts to cook and serve healthy local meals and pies, and I strived to always portray Vanderhoof in a good way through pictures and stories in the museum. We are not blaming anyone or anything for the closure of this business. We are simply exhausted and not finding joy in the project anymore. There is not enough money to pay the operating costs for the building or to pay staff to host tours while continuing the research work for future books or movies. There are simply not enough volunteers or hours in a day to get all the work done. We ask the community to bear with us as we unravel this project over the next several months, clean out the building, get loaned articles back to their owners and move on with our lives. I want to say thank you to the great many people that have supported this venture and helped work on the project. People like Bill McIntosh, Dave Fehr, Deb Briggs and City Furniture, June and Denis Wood, Claire Nielsen, Barb Penner, Bonfire Heating, Dan Patten, Alan Trampuh and the many musicians he brought, Ty Roberts from the College of New Caledonia, Bev Collins, Barb Ryks, Karla Mork, Carol Klassen and many many others. The Nechako Valley is home to many wonderful people that believe, like our late parents taught us, “You must help create the community you want to live in. Just do your part.” That is all our intention was. Thank you. P.S. We sincerely hope that Madison Scott and other missing people are found and that their families get peace. We admit there were days when we should have been working on this project but put it aside to actively search for them. Another thing our family taught us to do. Wayne Deorksen Vanderhoof, B.C.

NEWS Federal government to assess Blackwater Project A7


Cameron Ginn Omineca Express The federal government decided last month that an environmental assessment (EA) of the Blackwater Project is required. After consulting with the public on the potential environmental effects of the project, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) determined on Dec. 21, 2012, that the proposed gold-and-silver mine must undergo a federal EA. As a result, the second of four opportunities for Canadians to comment on the project is now happening until Sunday, Jan. 20. According to the CEAA, an EA will promote sustainable development and help to ensure the Blackwater mine is developed in a careful manner to avoid, or reduce, adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Key principles of the federal EA process is to engage First Nations and hold public consultations with communi-

New Gold is proposing the construction, operation and decommissioning of an open-pit gold-and-silver mine located approximately 110 kilometres south of Vanderhoof. ties most affected by the project. "The agency invites the public to comment on which aspects of the environment may be affected by this project and what should be examined during the environmental assessment," the CEAA said in a news release on Dec. 21, 2012. Before the EA process can begin, New Gold, the project's owner, must submit to the federal government an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a document summarizing the project and the potential environmental effects that may arise from mining operations, along with corresponding mitigation strategies. New Gold's EIS will be based on more than 30 pages of federal guidelines, which have been made available to the public in draft form for comment and review until Sunday,

Jan. 30. Afterward, the CEAA will evaluate public input and adjust the EIS guidelines accordingly. Once the guidelines are finalized, they will be forwarded to New Gold so the company can develop an EIS, trigerring the EA process. "As New Gold moves through the environmental assessment process, we recognize that our growth and success depend on the long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability of each of the communities in which we live and work," Kathie LaForge, community manager for New Gold, said in a news release on Dec. 21, 2012. "We understand that our activities have a direct effect on our employees, the environment and local communities."

Canadian Institute of Mining donations to CNC hit $40,000 The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) donated $10,000 to the College of New Caledonia (CNC) on Dec. 21 to help support students interested in mining careers. The donation brings CIM’s total contributions to $40,000. A total of $36,000 will go into an endowment fund, which will continuously generate scholarships and bursaries. The remaining $4,000 was handed out last year and this year as eight awards worth $500 each. “We have had a very good year and were able to increase our donation to $10,000 instead of the $5,000 we had promised,” said Christy Smith, manager of Community and Aboriginal Affairs for Taseko Mines. CNC’s mining certificate program has been successfully delivered at campuses in Fort

St. James, Burns Lake, Mackenzie, Quesnel and Vanderhoof with about 80 per cent of graduates finding employment. CIM is the leading technical society of professionals associated with the Canadian minerals and materials industry. CIM has 11,000 members from industry, government and academia who are dedicated to the discovery, production, utilization and economics of minerals, metals and petroleum. The NCBC Branch of CIM opened in the fall of 1997 as a

result of increased mining activity in the area. The NCBC Branch spans a large area, about 600 km north to south, encompassing Quesnel, Williams Lake, Prince George and Smithers, as well as many other small communities. For more information on the mining certificate, which helps graduates earn entry-level mining jobs, visit or contact Randall Heidt, director of communications and development for CNC, at 250.561.5869 or 250.640.6161.

From left, Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) board members Jerome LaMarre, of West Fraser Electro/Mechanical; Glen Wonders, of Allnorth; Ed Beswick, of NWP Coal Canada; Christy Smith, of Taseko Mines; Trent Bilodeau, of Star West Petroleum; and Brent Marshall, of Northland Auto Group, present Randall Heidt, of CNC, with a cheque for $10,000. CIM has now donated $40,000 to CNC to help students who are interested in the mining industry. Andrea Johnson photo

An EA is required by the CEAA before New Gold can start building the Blackwater mine, an undertaking that will require between 1,000 to 1,500 workers, the company estimates. In November 2012, shortly after New Gold filed a 145-page project description with the Environmental Assessment Office, the provincial government commenced an EA of the Blackwater Project. The project description analyzed potential adverse environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects associated with the project that were determined by qualified professionals who carried out studies, field surveys and other research at New Gold's request.


Omineca Express Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Regarding the federal EA, written comments can be submitted to the CEAA until Jan. 20, 2013: Blackwater Gold Project Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 410 - 701 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6 Phone: 604.666.2431 Fax: 604.666.6990 Email:

Brookside Resort 55110 Hwy 16 West, Cluculz Lake




Fireworks ✸ Diesel ✸ RV Camping ✸

Nutritional Labels Nutrition labels can be confusing, but they are there to help you make the right decision, or at least an educated one. SO for the next few articles we will focus on how to tell facts from fluff. The number one overlooked fact about the nutrition label is the “Serving size” Often people will sit down to eat an entire box of Macaroni and cheese with no problem, without realizing that a single box is a serving for 4. Serving sizes are your guide to understand the amount of what you are getting. If the serving size is ¼ the box, then you need to multiply the information of calories, fat, proteins etc, by four. For some people, simply keeping track of their calories will help them to lose weight, once you realize how much you are eating it stays on your mind next time you sit down to eat. When it comes to keeping track of your daily intake, percentages are just as important, keep a list and you’d be amazed at how many vitamins you may not have enough of, or how much sodium is actually eaten. “Calories” – are the measurement of how much energy the food you are eating is giving you. ( too many calories in surplus get stored as fat. Depending on your lifestyle the intake you need differs and so everyone is different. Daily values for women are about 1500-2000 & for men 2000-2500. Keep in mind activity level is recommended and amount influences your caloric need. (Want to keep tract of calories taken in versus burned? There are plenty of online calculators available). “Fat” – for every gram of fat multiply by three to get the amount of calories and you’ll see how fat can add up. Be sure to make healthy choices regarding fats, and limits your saturated and trans fats as they are the most difficult for the body to dispose of and opt out instead for healthier fats such as unsaturated and raw oils such as olive oils, nuts & seeds. Your body needs fat so be sure to ingest more of the good fats (such as omegas etc) “Cholesterol” - try to keep this number down as well, your body produces most of your own cholesterol, try not to add too much via food intake. “Sodium” - is often found in many processed foods and they can add up, too much sodium means water retention and problems in the long run. The worst offenders tend to be microwave dishes and fast foods, so be sure to keep your eye out for an acceptable amount. Try not to exceed 100% of your daily recommended value. We all need a little sodium and salt, however, preservation and conveniences sneak in larger amounts then we are used to.

Magdalena Saito Holistic Health Practitioner

250-524-0333 --

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor & Reflexologist


Nechako Notes CoMing eVentS.... Will appear, as space is available, free of charge in this section. Coming events are available to non-profit organizations only.s This area is not intended for thank you submissions or selling products. It is simply a place for non-profit organizations a place to announce upcoming free activities. You can e-mail your item to advertising@ominecaexpress. com or by fax (567-2070). Your organizations’ announcement can also be dropped off at our office located at 155 W. Columbia. Decision of the publisher is final. ***

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PICTURE THIS....Your activity could be featured in “Picture This.” Snap a photo at your groups’ fundraiser. It could be anything from a car wash to cleaning up our streets. It could even include school activities. Basically people making a difference in our community. Send us your photo by e-mail ( or drop it off at the Omineca Express (150 W. Columbia Street). Please provide a brief description accompanied with the photo. This week’s submission....


One of the longest T-bars in B.C. tows a snowboarder and a skier to the top of Murray Ridge Ski Area in Fort St. James on Jan. 1. Conditions at the mountain were exceptional over the holidays.


Church Directory For more information or to join Vanderhoof’s Faith Church Directory

Call Pam at 250-567-9258

The Gospel Chapel 448 Connaught Street 11:00 a.m. Worship Service (Affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada)

NECHAKO COMMUNITY CHURCH MENNONITE BRETHREN 1393 Highway 16 East (Across from P.J. Collision)


For more information call

Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am Sunday School - 11:15 am

Last Sunday of the month @ 7:00 p.m.

Our Mission Glorifying God by helping all people move closer to Jesus Christ one step at a time.

Making Jesus known


Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship

The Church on the Corner “Giving you a Purpose to live for and People to live with” Worship Service: 10:00 am Small Groups meeting together regularly: We have a place for you to belong! For more information call

567-9198 263 Vanderview Drive For more information visit our website:

Cowboy Church

rhYMeS and SongS for parents and children from 0 to 36 months old. Parent’s, babies, and young children will learn interactive rhymes, stories and songs for use at home. Snack provided. Tuesdays from 10:30-11:45 for 8 weeks beginning January 8th. Please Pre-register. StorYtiMe for Children from 3-5 years old. Stories and interactive rhymes are designed to nurture your child’s love of books. Thursdays from 10:30-11:00 for 8 weeks beginning January 10th. Preregistration is requested. CeleBrate faMilY literaCY daY Thursday, Jan. 24th from 5-7:00pm at the Vanderhoof Public Library with “PJ’s & Pizza” the 2013 Theme for literacy day is “15 Minutes of Fun” Everyone is Welcome to come and Enjoy this FREE Event for Families. Numbers are limited, so please come and pick up your FREE tickets at the library front desk beginning January 15th. lego ClUB We have the Lego, you bring the ideas, a weekly drop-in program that’s fun for all ages. Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:15 Jan. 8th to Mar. 12th. All programs at the Vanderhoof Public Library. *** the Vanderhoof PUBliC liBrarY genealogY ClUB PreSentS... The Year 1913, Looking Back 100 Years” with Wayne Derksen Thursday Jan. 10th at 7:00pm at the Vanderhoof Public Library. Everyone is Welcome. Local History enthusiast Wayne Derksen will speak about the year 1913, What was life like? What were the defining moments of 1913. How might the events of the day may have affected our ancestors. This promises to be an enjoyable and lively event, great fun for genealogist and non-genealogist alike. *** fort fraSer CeMeterY CoMMiSSion...will be holding a General Annual Meeting on January 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm in the Fort Fraser Hall kitchen. New members welcome. *** VolUnteerS needed.... Would you like to become part of a team working together to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors? The Vanderhoof Stroke Recovery Group is looking for volunteers to join their team. Vanderhoof Stroke Recovery’s goal is to encourage stroke survivors to improve their lives through education, exercise, work groups, crafts, outings, etc. No special skills required; training and orientation are provided. Patience and caring understanding a necessity. Volunteers share responsibilities: assisting with activities, exercises, education, crafts, outings, fund raising. Time commitment: 3 hour meeting each Monday morning (excluding stat holidays), from September through mid-June. Please contact Volunteer Vanderhoof for further information. Tel: 250-567-4879. Email: volunteervanderhoof01@ OR

Signs clearly mark the proper use of Waterlily Lake trails which do not allow snowmobiles. File photo www.volunteervanderhoof. *** Vanderhoof SeniorS ConneCted is looking for Seniors in need of Outreach & Transportation. We are also taking applications for Volunteers wanting to take part in the VSC Program. Vanderhoof Seniors Connected is a program dedicated to improving the quality of life for Seniors/Elders in our community through Companionship and Transportation Assistance. For more information please contact Debra- Ann Bishop, VSC Program Coordinator 250-567-4879 The Space 250567-0623 Cell. *** BadMinton... Thursday nights at 8pm, NVSS Gym. All welcome. *** Calling all SeniorS... come and join us for carpet bowling, pool or snooker Monday and Thursday afternoons. We also have cards or bingo on Wendesday evenings. Music nights are also popular and these are the last Friday night of the month. Come and have some fun! Everybody welcome young or golden agers. Call Oscar for more info: 250567-4582. *** al-anon...Has your life been affected by someone elses drinking? The Al-Anon is for you! Meetings held on Mondays at 7pm in Community Room at Omineca Safe Home Society. For more information contact Gail at 567-4318. *** Vanderhoof PUBliC looking for donations of lego blocks to be used for children’s programs at the library. If you have lego that your kids have outgrown, we would love to put it to good use. Please contact Jenn at 250-567-4060 or email: *** StUart neChako Manor looking for Volunteers with musical talent. If you would like to volunteer for entertainment for the residents please contact Marnie at 250-567-6290 *** the northSide WoMen’S inStitUte...meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Newcomers always welcome. For more information call Brenda, 250 5679705.

*** Vhf hoSPiCe SoCietY...What are you doing every 3rd Wednesday of each month. Do you have 2 hours to give each month? Are you sensitive to the special needs of those persons at the end stages of life? Want to be part of a great organization that makes a difference in our community then we are looking for you. The Vanderhoof Hospice Society is a not-for-profit charity looking for new volunteer members who will work with the current members to oversee our local Hospice Program. Hospice is a program that offers a support system to persons that are the end stages of life. Our Society has a desire to help others. We are sensitive to the special needs of the dying patient and their families. We do not have personal agendas or “missions” to our Hospice work. Our main fundraising come in the form of donations to our Tree of Life. We are looking for new members to continue this great service. More info call Debbie 567-7956 *** the food Bank... is in serious need of food donations. Specifically the following is needed: Canned vegetables, meat, fish, canned milk, sugar, pasta, pasta sauces, soups (we have enough mushroom soup), toilet tissue. *** BadMinton at fleSS gYM... Every Thursday at 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. come out and have some fun! *** the Vanderhoof CanCer SUPPort groUP...meets the first Friday of every month @ noon at the The Reid. For more info call Karen @ 567-4828. *** endako hall SoCietY... meets every THIRD Wednesday of the month in the hall at 7:30pm. *** the YelloWhead draft horSe an organization for those interested in light and heavy horse driving. Monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month. For more info contact: Jon 250-567-8484. *** neChako QUilterS gUild... meets the third Tuesday of the month 9:30 am (Sept. - May) at Nechako View Seniors Common Room. Fran Sheeley 567-5254. *** the fraSer QUilterS gUild... meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10am at the Fort Fraser Community Hall. Newcomers welcome.

*** hoSPiCe tree of life... is to honour the living as well as to remember and honour those who have passed on. For more info call Debbie @ 250-567-7956. *** the fraSer lake CanCer SUPPort groUP... meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12 noon in the New Fraser Lake Restaurant. For further information call Judy at 250-699-7763. *** neChako ValleY hiStoriCal SoCietY...meets every second Thursday of the month 6:30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce office. *** Vanderhoof 899 air Cadet SQUadron...Cadets will meet every Wednesday night 6:15pm at the Cadet Building on Burrard Street. Anyone age 12 to 18 interested in the Cadet Program is welcome to attend. Any adult interested in assisting in anyway, please contact the officers at the Cadet Building Wednesday night. For more information call Glenda 250-567-7574. *** aa Meeting... Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. United Church Hall. 5678087 or 567-4588 *** fraSer lake aa MeetingS... Tues & Thurs 8:00 p.m. at St. Wilfred’s Church just across from police station. *** St. John hoSPital aUXiliarY SoCietY... meets second Tuesday of the month (with the exception of July & August) at 7:00 p.m. in the hospital cafeteria. For further info contact Edna 5679759 - New members welcome. *** Vanderhoof liBrarY hoUrS Tuesday 10:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday 10:00 am to 5:00pm & 6:30 to 8:30pm Thursday 10:00 to 5:00pm Friday 10:00 am to 6:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm *** fraSer lake liBrarY hoUrS Sunday & Monday Closed Tuesday 10am - 4pm Wednesday & Thursday 3pm - 8pm Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 2pm *** nVSS Bottle dePot hoUrS Open Mon, Tues, Friday 11am-5pm Saturday 10am-5 p.m.

Tom Fletcher Black Press

B.C. Hydro has been given another year to complete its wireless smart grid project, as it nears the original deadline with 140,000 smart meters still to be installed. Energy Minister Rich Coleman an-





nounced the extension of the Dec. 31, 2012, deadline imposed by the B.C. Liberal government’s Clean Energy Act. Pushed through the legislature in the spring of 2010, that legislation supports sweeping changes to BC Hydro’s expansion using wind, small hydro and other private power development. In a ministry statement, Coleman cited







15,999 *





shortages of skilled labour, meters and other specialized equipment as well as “customer concerns” for failing to meet the deadline for all 1.87 million meters across the province. B.C. Hydro has been dogged by political and citizen protests about the cost of the refit and persistent claims of various hazards from the meters.







$ 2013









31,499 *








26,499 *






WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ✝Until January 14, 2013, receive $750/ $1,000/ $1,250/ $1,500/ $1,750/ $2,000/ $3,000/ $3,500/ $3,750/ $4,000/ $4,750/ $5,000/ $5,500/ $6,000/ $6,500/ $7,500 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2013 Edge SE/ Fiesta S, Flex SE, Explorer Base, Transit Connect, E-Series/ Focus ST, Fusion Hybrid/ Focus S, Focus BEV, Mustang V6 Coupe, Taurus SE, F-150 Regular Cab XL 4x2 (value Leader)/ Fusion (excluding Hybrid)/ CMAX, F-350 to F-550 Chassis Cabs/ Explorer (excluding Base), Escape (excluding S)/Fiesta (excluding S), Flex (excluding SE)/ Mustang V6 Premium/ Focus (excluding S, ST and BEV), F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) Gas engine / Mustang GT, Edge AWD (excluding SE)/ Expedition / Taurus (excluding SE), Edge FWD (excluding SE), F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2) non 5.0L/ F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2) 5.0L, F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) Diesel Engine/F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew non 5.0L/F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew 5.0L– all Raptor, GT500, BOSS302, Transit Connect EV and Medium Truck models excluded. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. *Purchase a new 2013 Focus SE Sedan/2013 Escape SE FWD with 2.0L EcoBoost engine/2013 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4x4 with 5.0L engine for $15,999/$26,499/$31,499. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate of $4,000/$3,000/$7,500 has been deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,650/$1,650/$1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ▲Offer only valid from December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with a Costco membership on or before November 30, 2012. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012/2013 Ford vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Fusion HEV & Energi, C-Max, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302, Transit Connect EV & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The Eligible Vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford Motor Company of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. Offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000CDN offer is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ✝✝When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost 4x2 and 4x4 and 6.2L 2 valve V8 4x2 engines. Max. payload of 3,120 lbs with 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 competitors. ✝✝✝Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 comparable competitor engines. ©2013 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2013 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Omineca Express Wednesday, January 9, 2013 A9

Smart meter installations by B.C. Hydro delayed Installers have also encountered meters made inaccessible by construction of garages, decks and other structures that covered them. Some homeowners who refused replacement of mechanical meters now worry that they will be on the hook for costs if their old meter equipment fails after they refused the upgrade.

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription





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Teck Northern Cup ushers in New Year Wanda Nemethy Skiers from four Northern Nordic ski clubs took part in the first and second Teck Northern Cup races on Dec. 30 and 31. The clubs included Snow Valley from Terrace, the Bulkley Valley Nordics from Smithers, the Omineca Nordics hailing from Burns Lake, and Vanderhoof Nechako Nordics. Day one was a classic ski event and day two consisted of a skate and ski event. The next Teck Northern Cup will take place on Feb. 16 in Burns Lake. The results from the first and second races as follows. On day one, Brigit Borek placed second among the Pee Wee Girls group, Charlie Borek finished third in the Midget Boys race, Alexander Nemethy grasped first place among the Juvenile Boys and Wanda Nemethy finished third in the Women's Masters Group. Day two was a near repeat with Brigit Borek finishing first, Simon Nemethy placing third in the Bantam boys, Charlie Borek finished third again, Alexander Nemethy placed first and Wanda Nemethy claimed first.

Gabriel Price of the Bulkley Valley Nordics and Alexander Nemethy of the Nechako Nordics cross the finish line. Brian Nemethy photos

GATEWAY perspectives

Marine safety plan From left, Seton Kriese and Travis Pete of the Bulkley Valley Nordics, and Charlie Borek of the Nechako Nordics.

From left, Michael Wilford and Gabriel Price of the Bulkley Valley Nordics and Alexander Nemethy of the Nechako Nordics.


NEW YEAR. NEW YOU. NEW US RE:ARRANGE PLAN YOUR SHOPPING SPEND Wanda Nemethy of the Nechako Nordics, AnneMarie Findlay, Jodie P. and Irene K. of the Bulkley Valley Nordics.








Nechako Nordics skiers Wanda Nemethy, Simon Nemethy, Charlie Borek, Alexander Nemethy and Brigit Borek after the race.

Recently, I talked about why we chose Kitimat as the site for Gateway’s marine terminal. I’d like to also discuss the various steps we’ve taken to prevent an incident on water, and the measures we’ve put in place to build a comprehensive marine safety plan for Gateway. Safety starts with a tanker acceptance program that’s as stringent as any in existence — and includes an independent review of all tankers, weeks ahead of their scheduled arrival. Tankers mooring at the terminal will be double-hulled and no more than 20 years old, and will be required — by independent third parties, before they enter Gateway’s shipping channels — to show a sound maintenance and operational history. As they approach Kitimat, all vessels will be boarded and guided by B.C. Coast Pilots with expert knowledge of our coastal waters. Simulations conducted in varying weather conditions have shown that the largest tankers can be safely navigated without the help of tugboats. Still, Gateway is adding a tug-escort system as an additional safety measure. The Douglas Channel is already one of the deepest and widest inland waterways on North America’s west coast, and Gateway’s tug-escort

Join the conversation at

system, according to risk assessment data, would reduce the already unlikely chance of a grounding incident by a further 80 to 90 per cent. As another Gateway marine safety initiative, we’re introducing landbased radar to B.C.’s North Coast for the first time. This radar system will be bolstered by extra navigational aids such as lights and channel markers. These enhancements aren’t just for Gateway — they are for all vessels on B.C.’s North Coast. Groups who oppose this project use fear tactics. They’d have you believe an oil tanker spill is inevitable. It isn’t. But don’t take my word for it — visit our website and read for yourself about all the work that has gone into making Gateway’s marine operation one of the safest in the world. Then, decide for yourself what’s true.

Janet Holder Executive Vice President Western Access Enbridge Inc.

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to delivering energy safely. your source for FREE coupons

©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

Omineca Express Wednesday, January 9, 2013



First 2013 baby in Vanderhoof born to family of three

Vanderhoof’s first baby of 2013 was born on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at 3:20 a.m. At 19 inches long, baby Emmit John Work weighed six pounds, 14 ounces. Gifts from the St. John Hospital Auxiliary

were provided to proud parents Lionel and Gina Work, whose daughter, Madeline, was also present. Dr. Rebecca Janssen delivered baby Emmit at the St. John Hospital.

Dennis Parfitt photos


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Salute to Minor Hockey in Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake



Head Coach: Kevin Wagner. Asst. Coach: Rick Ziler. Players: Eve Atwood, Jillian Boon, Tomas Boon, Jerytt Ephrom, Rylan Friesen, Lindsey Goncalves, Brooklyn Haizimsque, Eric Hartwig, Ethan Hoffman, Dawson Knackstedt, Mikayla LePoidevin, Cole Malo, Dexter Malo, Zachory Mason, Regan Schlamp, Wyatt Snow, Jessa Sutherland, Grayson Turgeon, Brianna Wagner, Ryan Wagner, Cordell Wiebe, Orlando Wiebe, David Wiens, Joshua Zachorias, Cooper Ziler. Photo by Wallace Studios

Who is the Great Game of Hockey really for? The game of hockey is for kids. Kids play the game because they love it and because it is fun. As parents we must all realize, that for kids, positive participation is always more important than excellence. The personal and social development that comes from being part of a team is one of the most enriching experiences offered by the game. We must continue to live the values of fun and fair play, respect, integrity, and teamwork with a balanced perspective of expectations and definition of success. We must celebrate our good experiences with this great game. Our volunteers, our coaches, our referees, our parents and our children are all critical partners in ensuring the game sustains these high values. No one, however, is more critical than our parents. We must particularly assist our parents in setting reasonable expectations while understanding the game, its process and its administration. Being a hockey parent is no easy task. Often hockey parents are called upon to wear many different volunteer hats,

some of which result in conflicting roles. A hockey parent may be a coach, an evaluator, a director or a referee - any of whom is required to make decisions in everyone’s best interest while still being a mom or dad wanting what’s best for his or her own child. Parents wrestle with reconciling their roles and controlling their passion as fans while being faced with the constant challenge of “doing the right thing”. Hockey Canada is committed to helping those parents meet these challenges to ensure they continue to enjoy the game and have as much fun as their kids. Minor Hockey describes amateur hockey played by athletes 20 years old and younger. Players are generally divided into playing levels according to age. The main levels and associated ages are: Initiation – 5 & 6 Novice – 7 & 8 Atom – 9 & 10 Pee Wee – 11 & 12 Bantam – 13 & 14 Midget – 15-17 Juvenile – 18 & 19

Head Coach: Jim Eadie. Asst. Coach: Mike Holland and DJ Knackstedt. Players: Ella Boon, Pacey Bremner, Braiden Devauld, Evan Eadie, Nickolas Friemark, Noah Gavric, Mathieu Holland, Madison Kelly, Triniti Martens, Austin Mountifield, Damien Knackstedt, Dominic LePoidevin, Korben Macleod, Quinn Morin, Tiara Nordstokke, Liam Quinlan, Tucker Ruzylo, Garret Schlamp, Lowell Stevens, Austin Thiessen, Reeve Thiessen, Colby Thompson, Evan Warkentin, Garrett Wiebe, Tyson Wiebe, Reiner Wild, Hayden Zacharias. Photo by Wallace Studios


Head Coach: Marty Floris. Players: Parker Loewen, Ethan Floris, Caleb Nome, Cole Geernaert, Weston Warkentin, Spencer Lewis, Garrett Dick, Noah Wiens, Gabe Atwood, Dylan Penner, Campbell Schneider. Photo by Wallace Studios

The mission of the BC Hockey League is to... Lead, Develop and Promote positive lifelong hockey experiences

District of Vanderhoof We would like to wish all players a safe & fun season!

Wishing all the minor hockey players a safe season. Good Luck and Have Fun! 250-567-4711

The Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce would like to wish all players a Safe and Fun Season

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Salute to Minor Hockey: Vanderhoof Vanderhoof PEEWEE

Vanderhoof ATOM

Head Coach: Ryan Makow. Players: Andrew deVos, Linden Makow, Connar Hoffman, Lachlan Pedersen, Connor Webster, Kayden Young, Griffin Thiessen, Brody Johnston, LeMar Reed, Nolan McCleary, Tyson Peters. Photo by Wallace Studios

Head Coach: Marty Floris. Asst. Coach: Brian Naka. Players: Dylan Boon, Kyler Boucher, Alex Bruma, Kinnon Cameron, Brooker Daniel, Hunter Floris, Caleb Goncalves, David Martens, Leif Martin, Simon Nemethy, Hayley Stephen, Dexter Swanson, Cohen Thiessen, Keetan Vandelaar, Nicholas Warkentin, Kyle Wiebe, Photo by Wallace Studios

Vanderhoof BANTAM

Vanderhoof girls team

Head Coach: Mike Page. Asst. Coach: Bobby Bahr. Players: Mikael Bahr, James deVos, Trent Emel, Joshua Friesen, Calvin Li, Dixon Loewen, Ewan Miles, Max Moritz, Kolby Page, Tate Page, Mark Pearson, Eric Silver, Daulton Swanson, Graeme Thiessen, Casey Turgeon, Dominic Webster, Owen Wiens, Reed Weins. Photo by Wallace Studios


n Full Service Gas Bar, Card Lock & Convenience Store n Bulk Farm & Commercial Petroleum n Quality Co-op Label Products n Co-op Your Community Builder n Co-op Equity & Cash Back n Personalized Service

Good Luck to ALL Minor Hockey Teams!

YRB Best Wishes in all your games! Please travel safely during any out-of-town games! Fort St. James, Fraser Lake & Vanderhoof


yellowhead road & bridge

Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op Association

Coaches: Tom Silver, Rex Millard. Team Manager: Theresa Philips. Trainers: Wyatt Millard, Nick Silver. Players: Mariah Douthwright, Bree Faulconer, Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Brittney Freitas, Kayla Freitas, Bridgette Martin, Darby Millard, Chloe Perry, Taylor Philips, Gerogia Scott, Tori Silver, Mikaela Turner, Dara Wallace, Tawny Weinhardt, Riley Wiens, Darian Zacharias. Photo by Wallace Studios

Play fair, Play safe & have fun! Vanderhoof



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Salute to Minor Hockey: Fraser Lake FRASER LAKE MITES


Coach: Jonathon Shearer. Asst. Coach: Neil Heron, Shawn Nicol. Players: Cadence Albinet, Avorey Casimel, Jonas Charlie, Donald Curtis, Aaron Johnson, Emerson Louie, Abigail Magnus, Nicholas Ossi, Keiran Roberts, Logan Shearer, Kaedon Weber, Emma Williamson.

Coach: Rob Santos. Asst. Coach: Len Stuart. Players: Roland Curtis, Christopher Daly, Adanaz Fulton, Mason Graham, Seth Habsburg, Katrina Ketlo, Dakota Magnus, Rebekah Mendoza, Quin Nicol, Brooklynn Parker, Tiago Santos, Shawn Stuart, Darien Williams.

Photo by AAA Photography

Photo by AAA Photography



Coaches: Clint Anderson, Bill Evans. Asst. Coach: Dave Vanwerkhoven. Players: Ethan Anderson, Tyler D’eon, Kael Evans, Bryden Fitzgerald, Joshua Habsburg, Christina Morris, Michelle Ossi, Coen Roberts, Nicholas Stuart, Cody Vanwerkhoven, Tyrell Willier, Brittany Lewis.

Coaches: Michelle Culberson, Jennifer Semmler. Asst. Coaches: Aaron Semmler, James Woolsey. Players: Ema Culberson, Mikalie Culberson, Alyssa D’eon, Desiree Ens, Brittany Lewis, Chantel Louis, Stephanie McLean, Shae Semmler, Vaughn Semmler, Jillena Woolsey.

Photo by AAA Photography

Photo by AAA Photography

FRASER LAKE SAWMILLS Wishing you all a season filled with hat tricks, goals and cheering fans!

Have a Safe and Fun Hockey Season!!

We hope your season is full of fun, and learning! from

Glenda & Randy Village of Fraser Lake Ph: 250-699-6257 Fax: 250-699-6469


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Salute to Minor Hockey: Fraser Lake FRASER LAKE PEEWEE BOYS

Coach: Sandor Buchi. Asst. Coaches: Harry Koenig, Alan Laffin, Craig Lepoidevin. Players: Cade Arnason, Nolan Buchi, Marco Fabro, Brailen Fitzgerald, Brendon Heisler, Colton Heisler, Gavin Janzen, Austyn Ketlo, Samuel Ketlo, Alex Koenig, Joshua Laffin, Christian Louis, Colton McMaster, Nolan Nicol, Devin Scott, Andrew Zaste, Jordan Johnson.


Coach: Fernando Ossi. Asst. Coach: Brian Zaste. Players: Kailee Duncan, Ashia Ens, Taylor Harder, Caitlyn Heron, Aiyana Ketlo, Emily Lindstrom, Brittney Morris, Michelle Ossi, Alysia Power, Emily Rankin, Kaitlyn Willier, Sierra Woolsey, Alannah Zaste. Photo by AAA Photography

Photo by AAA Photography


Coach: Kyle Magnus. Asst. Coach: Geoff Hendricks. Players: Liam Arnason, Devon Downey, Carissa Duncan, Brett Fisher, Jace Grey, Jarret Jenkinson, Kyle Lewis, Jonathan Morris, Aaron Schulz, Kyrel Silva, Joel Weber, Derek Jezewsky, Dustin Sacrey. Photo by AAA Photography

Good Luck to all Teams! Play Safe and Fairly.

YRB Best Wishes in all your games! Please travel safely during any out-of-town games! Fort St. James, Fraser Lake & Vanderhoof


yellowhead road & bridge


At the beginning of the season a Hockey Canada Skills Academy Program (HCSA) was arranged with Sinkut View Elementary School. This allows students to engage in hockey training during school hours. This is possible through the co-operation of School District No. 91, the Vanderhoof Municipal office, Vanderhoof Minor Hockey and Sinkut View Elementary School. In preparation for the upcoming season, students started their dry land training giving students a head start for their on ice program which started October 1st, 2012. This program offered 2.5 hours per week of on ice and off ice instruction with a focus on athletics. This program was for all students wishing to attend from Sinkut View, no hockey experience or skills are necessary. The (HCSA) program is in line with Sinkut View’s ongoing healthy school initiatives for which they have received the Health Education Award of Excellence in recognition of Sinkut View Elementary School’s outstanding efforts in supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

A16 A16

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Marion Beatrice Rice Aug 16, 1954 - Dec 10, 2012 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Marion Beatrice Rice in the early hours of December 10, 2012 at St. John Hospital, Vanderhoof, with family in attendance. Marion was born August 16, 1954 in Prince George and was predeceased by: Parents - Anna & Ronald Rice, brother Harry “Butch” Rice and first cousins cousins -- Illa Ila Rice and Mary Veitch. Survived by: First cousins: Alice (Bob) Sigurdson of Prince Oryshcuk ofof Vanderhoof, George, Edna Oryshchuk Vanderhoof, Helen Helen Watson of Prince George, Frances (Rick) Ouellette of Pouce Coupe, Genevieve (Clarence) Richard of Prince George and Donald Rice of Prince George. Also survived by first cousins once removed, whom Marion nurtured as her own, are as follows; Robert Watson, Brian Sigurdson, Kimberley Sigurdson, Todd Sigurdson, Blake Oryshchuk, Deanna Brady, Coralee Danroth, Terry McKay, Richmond ‘Scott’ Veitch, Donnalee Kelly and Randy McCartie. Also survived by numerous other cousins and many dear friends. Marion was a very caring, nurturing person and excelled at her job as a Home Support Worker with Northern Health. Family and friends will sorely miss Marion. Dear cousin, rest in peace. Interment at the Vanderhoof Cemetery will take place in April, 2013.

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

• • •

Riverbed Enterprises Ltd. Food Counter Attendant Full-Time, Shift Work, Weekend, Early Morning, Overnight, Evening $10.25 per hr + benefits HEALTH BENEFITS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM INCENTIVE PROGRAMS PAID TRAINING FREE UNIFORMS Apply in person a 180 First St. E, Vanderhoof BC or fax your resume to: 250-567-9180.

Omineca Express Wednesday, 9,2013 2013 Omineca Express Wednesday,January January 9, A17 A17





Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades, Technical

A career with Sutco. We have positions open in our Chip Division, dedicated schedules, Merritt, Chilliwack, West Kootenays and Creston. Hiway Canada Only Super B or Step Deck, assigned unit. Satellite dispatch, e-logs, Pension Plan and Extended Benefits. If you have a clean abstract and verifiable mountain experience, check us out or Fax 250-357-2009 more info: 1-888-357-2612 Ext:230

ARCTIC CO-OPERATIVES Ltd. is currently recruiting management positions for various Co-op locations in Nunavut. We provide relocation assistance, subsidized accommodations and group benefits. Please forward your resume: fax to: (204) 632-8575. humanresources@ Visit for more information.

PROFESSIONAL SALES Consultants. Central Alberta’s leading Ford dealer requires two professional sales associates to join our award winning team. Denham Ford is Canada’s most highly awarded Ford dealer. We maintain a large inventory of new and used vehicles, and friendly country atmosphere with big city sales volume. We are closed Sundays and all Statutory holidays. We offer a competitive pay plan with an aggressive bonus structure, salary guarantee and moving allowance. Attention: Dean Brackenbury, GSM. Email:

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Nak’azdli Band has an opening for a Capital, Housing and Lands Manager. This person promotes cooperation, mission statement and commitment towards the attainment of common goals of the Capital, Housing and Lands department. Manages programs and staff related to Nak’azdli Housing, Capital Developments, Lands, Operations & Maintenance and Band taxation; understanding of Housing policy and regulations. MiniPuP 4uali¿Fations ž 3-4 years experience in Housing and Lands management. ž Degree or diploma would be an asset. ž Managing issues and legislation affecting First Nations both locally and nationally. ž Ability to prioritize workload, meet deadlines, computer skills, ability to write and submit proposals on behalf of Nak’azdli. ž Knowledge of the Nak’azdli Community will be considered an asset. ž Valid class 5 drivers license and preferably own vehicle. ž Full Job description is available only to candidates that are Tuali¿ed and called in for interview.


Tahtsa Timber Ltd. has full time


Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

HUCKLEBERRY MINES LTD. Huckleberry Mines Ltd., an 17,000 TPD open pit copper/molybdenum mine located 121 kilometers south of Houston in west central British Columbia, commenced operation in September 1997; a recent expansion has extended the mine life to 2021. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Millwright Reporting to the Mill Maintenance Supervisor and working closely with other tradesmen and the operating department, the successful applicant will be responsible for maintenance work in the mill, crusher and other areas of the mine. Duties will include planned and preventative maintenance on the SAG mill, ball mills, crusher, conveyor belts, pumps and other equipment. The successful candidate must possess a journeyman’s trade qualiďŹ cation and have a minimum of ďŹ ve years experience in an industrial environment. Preference will be given to applicants with mining experience and individuals who are also licensed or experienced in welding. Good interpersonal and communication skills are essential for this position. The Millwright position works a 7 x 7 schedule (7 days in, 7 days out.)

Heavy Duty Mechanic (Shovels & Drills) Reporting to the Mine Maintenance Supervisor, the successful applicant will be a self starter who is able to work safely with minimal supervision, work well in a team environment, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The applicant will be responsible for the repair, troubleshooting, adjustment, overhaul, and maintenance of mobile mine equipment. They must be able to diagnose faults or malfunctions and then determine the most efďŹ cient and safe method of repair. The successful candidate will also perform routine maintenance on equipment including Komatsu PC 2000 & 4000 excavators, P & H 2100 shovels, Bucyrus-Erie and Atlas Copco rotary drills and other support equipment. The successful candidate will possess a journeyperson’s trade qualiďŹ cation (BC ticket) or an Interprovincial Heavy Duty Mechanic’s ticket, as well as Grade 12 or equivalent. They must also have a valid driver’s license, tools for the trade, and be able to perform basic welding. Knowledge of hydraulic systems, and experience with shovels and drills would be considered an asset. The schedule for this position will be 4 days on followed by 4 days off.

available in the Houston area. Possible camp position.

Mill Maintenance General Foreman

Top rates and beneÂżts package.

Huckleberry Mines is seeking a Mill Maintenance General Foreman to direct our multidisciplined team of maintenance personnel. Reporting to the Assistant Mill Superintendent, this position is responsible for planning jobs and supervising trades personnel in the maintenance and repair of a 17,000 tonne per day copper mineral processing plant. The job also encompasses repair and upkeep of a 250 and 100 person camps and mine site buildings and infrastructure. This position: • Ensures all safety procedures and policies are followed when performing work • Ensures the availability of all of the mill equipment for production • Coordinates maintenance functions within the mill with mill and mine operations • Maintains cost control • Promotes a team atmosphere • Requires excellent time management and organizational skills The successful candidate will possess a journeyman millwright trade qualiďŹ cation and have a minimum of ďŹ ve years supervisory experience directing maintenance crews. The candidate will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills as this position is required to regularly liaise with other maintenance sections as well as operations. The candidate must have competent computer skills with experience with Microsoft OfďŹ ce, CMMS programs and Preventive Maintenance programs. This position works a Monday to Thursday, 4x3 schedule (4 days in, 3 days out). Huckleberry Mines is located approximately two hours driving time from Houston, British Columbia. Employees live in a camp environment on their days of work. Transportation to and from the mine site is provided from Houston and Smithers by bus and while at the mine site all meals and accommodations are provided free of charge to employees. Houston and Smithers are located in the scenic Bulkley Valley on TransCanada Highway 16, an excellent area to raise a family and has exceptional outdoor recreational activities. More information on the area is available at, and Huckleberry Mines Ltd. offers a competitive salary and a full range of beneďŹ ts including medical, life, disability income and RRSP savings plan. We thank all applicants for their interest in Huckleberry Mines Ltd., but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. QualiďŹ ed candidates can submit their resumes in conďŹ dence to:

Deadline for Applications: January 25, 2013 Faxes and emails will be accepted. Please no phone calls. Apply to: Maureen Isadore P.O. Box 1329 Fort St. James, BC V0J 1P0 Fax 25099010 Email exeFutiYeassistant#naNa]dli.Fa

Fax resumes to 250-692-7140 or email to

FRESH START Nechako Mechanical Ltd • Entry Level positions available. • Work into our apprenticeship program One of the most successful and active in Western Canada

Grow with Integris! Insurance Representative Integris Insurance Services at our Vanderhoof branch is looking for someone who is energetic, driven to succeed, and willing to go above and beyond in customer service. Completion of level 1 or 2 is preferable, but not necessary as we are willing to train the right person if unlicensed.

Human Resources Department Huckleberry Mines Ltd. P.O. Box 3000, Houston, B.C. V0J 1Z0 Fax: (604) 517-4701 Email:

For more INformation, please visit Careers at or

Email Christina Parr, Human Resources


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Misc Services

Wednesday, January9,9,2013 2013Omineca OminecaExpress Express Wednesday, January


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Tandem dump truck, 4x4 Backhoe, gravel sales, general hauling, foundations, water & sewer lines and snow removal.

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Plumbing & Heating Rural Water & Sewer Systems Water Treatment & Filtration Systems INSTALLATION & REPAIRS

All jobs BIG or small, give us a call! FRANK TEICHROEB 3393 Sinkutview Rd, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A2 567-2029



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) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )



“Your Water Professional”



Schneider Services Ltd. PLUMBING/HEATING/GASFITTING SOLAR THERMAL Box 2033 Vanderhoof

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KPMG Prince George #400 - 177 Victoria Street Prince George, BC, V2L 5R8 250-563-7151





Serving Fort St. James and area since 1972

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Serving Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser and Fraser Lake

Pam Berger Publisher

Pam Berger Publisher 150 W. Columbia St Box 1007, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0


Tel: 250-567-9258 Fax: 250-567-2070 Email:

Fax: 996-8451

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9,2013 2013 Omineca Express Wednesday, Wednesday,January January 9, A19 A19

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Vanderhoof - 2 bdrm, living room plus family room. Wall to wall carpet. F/S/W/D. 416 w. 3rd St. $725/mth plus utilities. Avail Feb.1st. 1-888563-6158 or 563-2202

Legal Notices

Legal Notices


“A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN OUR REGION� 37, 3RD Avenue, PH: 250-692-3195 PO Box 820, TF: 800-320-3339 Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 FX: 250-692-3305


Electoral Area “F� (Vanderhoof Rural) Vanderhoof Swimming Pool Contribution Service Establishment


For Rent Small one bedroom house in town, no pets, reference a must, quiet persons only need apply. $650/month, rent includes heat & lights. Phone: 250-567-9759 and leave a message.

Legal Notices

Townhouses 3/bdrm townhouses in a family- friendly complex. Close to downtown, schools & park. $695/mth. 250-567-4430

Legal Notices

NOTICE OF DISPOSITION Pursuant to Section 26 of the Community Charter Take notice that the District of Vanderhoof (the “District�) intends to dispose of the fee simple interest in the land legally described as follows: PID: 010-119-248 Lot 30, Block 3, Section 9, Township 11, Range 5, Coast District, Plan 1375 (the “Land�) The Land is to be acquired by J.C.’s Water Works Ltd. (Inc. No. BC0472974). The proposed disposition is a sale of the fee simple interest in the Land. The consideration to be received by the District of Vanderhoof is $48,900.00. Any enquiries concerning this proposed disposition may be directed to Tom Clement, Deputy Administrator, telephone no. (250) 567-4711.

“A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN OUR REGION� 37, 3RD Avenue, PH: 250-692-3195 PO Box 820, TF: 800-320-3339 Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 FX: 250-692-3305


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing affecting “Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Zoning Bylaw No. 700, 1993� will be held on Wednesday January 16, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. in the meeting room at the Fraser Lake Recreation Complex (the Arena), 30 Carrier Crescent, Fraser Lake, B.C. “Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Zoning Bylaw No. 700, 1993� is proposed to be amended by Bylaw No. 1655 by rezoning the application area to allow the home occupation regulations to be relaxed for the subject property to allow a water bottling home occupation to operate as proposed. The subject property is located at 22361 Stella Rd, approximately 10 km northeast (straight line distance) of the Village of Fraser Lake and is legally described as “Lot 9, District Lot 1089, Range 5 Coast District, Plan 4011�. The property under application is shown crosshatched and labelled “Application Area� on the map below. LOCATION MAP FOR BYLAW NO. 1655

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, qualified electors within Electoral Area “F� (Vanderhoof Rural) will be voting on the following question: Are you in favour of Regional District of BulkleyNechako Electoral Area “F� (Vanderhoof Rural) Vanderhoof Swimming Pool Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1644, 2012, which establishes a service within the boundaries of Electoral Area “F� to contribute to the cost of a swimming pool in Vanderhoof, and authorizes taxation on improvements only, to a maximum annual amount determined by applying a rate of $0.74 per $1,000 to the net taxable value of land and improvements in the service area, or $256,000, whichever is greater? Scrutineers for and against the question must be appointed if applications are received from persons who wish to volunteer for the positions. Only persons entitled to vote as electors on the question shown above are entitled to act as scrutineers. One scrutineer for and one scrutineer against the question will be appointed for each voting place if sufficient applications are received. Applications will be accepted by the Chief Election Officer at 37-3rd Avenue, P.O. Box 820, Burns Lake, B.C. between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, commencing Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 to Friday, February 1st, 2013. Applications shall contain the name of the person applying, the address to which the person applying wishes to have notices sent, a telephone number, a statement that the applicant is entitled to vote as an elector, and a statement that the applicant is in favour of the question or opposed to the question. Application forms are available at the Regional District Office, 37-3rd Avenue, Burns Lake, B.C. V0J 1E0 or telephone Cheryl Anderson, Chief Election Officer or Geraldine Craven, Deputy Chief Election Officer at (250) 692-3195 or toll free at 1-800-320-3339. A copy of the bylaw and a map of the service area may be inspected at the Regional District Office or at www. . SCRUTINEER APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 4:30 P.M. ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST, 2013. Cheryl Anderson Chief Election Officer

At the Public Hearing all persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present a written submission respecting matters contained in the bylaw that is the subject of the Public Hearing. Written submissions sent by mail to P.O. Box 820, Burns Lake, BC, V0J 1E0; by fax to (250) 692-1220; or by e-mail to must be received by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako no later than January 16, 2013 at 1:00 P.M. to be ensured of consideration at the Public Hearing. The Public Hearing on Bylaw No. 1655 will be chaired by the Director or Alternate Director for Electoral Area D as a delegate of the Board. A copy of the Board resolution making the delegation, copies of the proposed bylaws and other relevant information may be inspected at the office of the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako between the hours of 8:30 A.M. - 12:00 noon and 1:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from January 2 through January 16, 2013 inclusive. A copy of the proposed bylaw and other relevant information will also be made available at the Fraser Lake Public Library. For further information please call the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Planning Department at 250-6923195 or 1-800-320-3339. This is the second of two publications.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Omineca Express

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Courageous Battles



Human Interest

Serving the communities of... Endako, Fraser Lake, Fort Fraser, Cluculz Lake, & Vanderhoof

Featuring the spirit of the local people Vanderhoof doctors help out in Honduras team which included surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and support staff,” said Dr. Sean. “It was an intense but incredibly rewarding experience.” A total of 81 general surgery and gynecological cases were completed during the five days of surgery. “The patients were amazing,” said Dr. Nicole. “Despite their incredible need, they did not complain, were always smiling and were so thankful for the help.” The patients ranged in age from two to 87 years old. “It was great to be able to give in this way. It was a powerful reminder of just how blessed we are to live in Canada,” said Dr. Nicole. Volunteers of the Aloha Medical Mission have embarked on 134 missions overseas, performed 17,864 surgeries and seen 263,533 patients. Nearly 4,500 volunteers have performed medical work under the mission. “Volunteers are the foundation of Aloha Medical Mission’s success,” the mission says. “There have been thousands of you over the years who have contributed significantly and we thank you.” It is interesting how events in life can work out. During a medical education trip in 2011, Drs. Nicole and Sean Ebert, who both reside in Vanderhoof, met an inspiring couple. A year later, they returned from a medical mission in Honduras. The mission focused on providing surgical care to the poorest people in the area around Comayagua, which is a couple of hours north of the capital Tegucigalpa. The work was done in the San Benito Jose Medical Centre, a mission hospital run by the Franciscan monks. “We worked with great people and it was fun to share stories of rural life in Canada,” said Dr. Sean, who runs a practice here.

“They dubbed us the ‘Northern Connection’.” The mission team was organized by Aloha Medical Missions, a secular, nonprofit volunteer organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii, that provides free health care to underserved people around the world, including in Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Micronesia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Vietnam. Team members donate their time and cover their own travel expenses, room and board during the mission. Medical supplies, medications and equipment are all donated by team members, hospitals, health organizations and charities. “We were part of a 25 member

John Rustad, MLA Nechako Lakes

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Vanderhoof Omineca Express, January 09, 2013  

January 09, 2013 edition of the Vanderhoof Omineca Express

Vanderhoof Omineca Express, January 09, 2013  

January 09, 2013 edition of the Vanderhoof Omineca Express