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Dog killed in Conibear trap near MacDonald Creek Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

A dog was killed by a trap set just off the Baerg Forest Service Road near MacDonald Creek between Nakusp and Burton. “It took three of us everything we had to get the trap off,” said Brian Graham, neighbour to the unfortunate Yellow Lab named Nikki and her owners Chris Szabo and Brenda Hoyle. Szabo, Hoyle and Nikki had returned to Baerg FSR for another walk on Boxing Day. It was on their descent that Nikki suddenly ran into the woods, shortly after which the couple heard a terrible sound. Fearing it was a cougar attack and that the dog would be dragged through the woods, the two didn’t rush into the scene. Fortunately, they were able to get cell phone service and call Graham who also enlisted the help of nearby local Charles Maxfield. “They called to help find the dog because I knew the area,” Maxfield told the Arrow Lakes News. As he ventured off the road, cutting through the bush to where the dog had last been heard, he spotted one trap and then another. When he first spotted the dog’s body in the trap, he thought it might have been a cougar. “I felt really sorry for them. They said they’d had the dog for ten years,” said Maxfield. After wrestling with the 330 Conibear

trap for ten minutes, the jaws were released but it was far too late for Nikki. The metal device meant to trap lynx, bobcats, wolverines or cougars had crushed the life from her. Designed to be a humane trap, the Conibear is a kind of body-gripping trap that kills animals quickly by clamping around their neck. The traps are difficult to release; for information about how to release an animal from a Conibear trap, you can visit the site Herald Friedenberger, the trapper who runs the line, doesn’t like to see dogs tangled in traps but said people should be more cautious when they’re out in the bush. “I feel bad, I don’t want people’s pets getting hammered,” he told the Arrow Lakes News. Friedenberger had put up yellow tape warning that there was an active trapping line in the area. A yellow ribbon warning of an active trapline dangled from a nearby tree and was hardly visible, said Barb Graham, who returned to the area with her husband Brian after the dog’s death to take pictures. “You wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t been looking for it,” she told the Arrow Lakes News. The faded ribbon looked like just another piece of flagging tape along the road. Unless you looked very closely, it was difficult to read the warning printed on the ribbon. Friedenberger has had issues with both ribbons and signs. Once he discovered that the ribbon had been chewed by a cougar.

A hiker stands on Baerg FSR beside the yellow tape that marks a nearby trapline. Photo courtesy of Brian Graham Signs he has put up have been knocked down too, but by humans. Friedenberger believes that signs are knocked down by people opposed to trapping. “They don’t like trapping. I’ve had traps sprung and smashed too,” he told the Arrow Lakes News.

The trapper is going to bring up the idea of getting government signs installed at a meeting of trappers and a MOE biologist coming up this month. Friedenberger is hopeful that governmentendorsed signs will stay up, because tamper-

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Nakusp and area property assessments decrease Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

Nakusp residential property values were down by 7.84 per cent according to BC Assessment. Claire Paradis/Arrow Lakes News

Nakusp residential property values decreased by 7.84 per cent according to data released from BC Assessment Jan. 2. Commercial properties also declined, but by only by a modest 0.32 per cent. The Village of Nakusp assessment roll decreased from $250 million last year to $234 million this year, a much smaller drop than in nearby Silverton and New Denver. The hamlet of Silverton in the West Kootenay led the province in property assessment decline, hitting the mark of 19.15 per cent. Silverton was followed by its neighbour New Denver at 18.72

per cent. The rural area surrounding the three centres was also assessed at a lower value at $1.0 billion this year, down from $1.1 billion last year. Although most homes have decreased moderately from last year’s assessment, the changes are quite variable depending on a property’s specific location, said Dennis Hickson, Deputy Assessor. The northern areas of the province increased, with the Peace River area leading the way with 10.43 per cent. Prince George and area values also went up to the tune of 5.63 per cent. The total value for real estate in the province was $1.107 trillion, up from last year’s $1.043 trillion. Assessments are in the mail and

making their way to homeowners. If you have an issue or disagreement with your assessment, contact BC Assessment as soon as possible in January, said Hickson. “If a property owner is still concerned about their assessment after speaking to one of our appraisers, they may submit a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) by January 31, for an independent review by a Property Assessment Review Panel,” he added. The Property Assessment Review Panels, independent of BC Assessment, are appointed annually by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

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2 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Death of family dog creates call for better signage TRAPS from page 1

This Conibear trap killed Nikki the Yellow Lab near MacDonald Creek. Trappers, hikers, dog owners and local politicians all want to see better signage marking active traplines. Photo courtesy of Brian Graham

ing with government signage has greater consequences. Although the trapper has had dogs caught in traps before, this is the first death and he would like it to be the last. Because the trap Nikki died in was designed to catch small wild cats, Friedenberger is going to try mounting traps off the ground on the side of a tree and see how that works. Catching another dog is not something he wants to see happen again. RDCK Director Paul Peterson was also adamant that changes must be made to prevent more accidental

trapping. “It’s just terrible,” Peterson said, adding, “I don’t want to see this happen again in Area K. Ever.” The Area K Director will be pushing for a resolution to be created by the RDCK and taken to UBCM. From there, resolutions go to the provincial government and changes to legislation can be made. It’s a long process, said Peterson, but the director believes the effort is well worth it. This is the second case of a dog getting caught in a Conibear trap in less than two weeks. Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is currently looking into Nikki’s death.

Property values dip in much of the province Black Press

Property assessment statements are in the mail this week, showing slight drops in estimated property values for most regions of the B.C. Despite the decreases, Finance Minister Mike de Jong announced Wednesday that the threshold for the B.C. homeowners’ grant is increasing by $10,000 to $1.295 million. The grant is set to make 95.5 per cent of homeowners eligible for the full amount, which is $570 in the Capital, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regional districts. The northern and rural benefit adds an

extra $200 for homeowners outside those districts, an amount added to compensate rural people for extra costs of the carbon tax on fossil fuels. An additional grant of $275 is available to homeowners who are aged 65 and up, permanently disabled or qualified war veterans. Assessments are considered a snapshot of the property value as of July 1, 2012, which predates some of the recent decline in real estate markets. In Greater Victoria, most homeowners will see reductions in the range of two to six per cent. “A significant number of prop-

erties in the region are actually decreasing in value,” said Reuben Dankody, assessor for the Capital Region. “Since our valuation date of July 1, 2012, the overall property market shows signs of further decline in sales volume, while prices have generally been stable.” In the Kootenays, total assessment roll value decreased slightly in Nelson, Salmo and Slocan, while rural property values held steady. Cranbrook also saw a small average decline, with assessed value of a typical single-family home going from $256,000 to $250,000 as of last summer. Property values generally

remained stable in the Okanagan, with changes from five per cent up to five per cent down depending on location and type of property. In the Northwest, Terrace bucked the trend with a slight average increase in assessed values. In Smithers and surrounding communities, residential values generally held steady while commercial and industrial properties saw decreases between five and 20 per cent. Property owners can check their assessments online at (click on e-ValueBC) and compare with others in their neighbourhood to decide if they wish to file an appeal by Jan. 31.

Changes in the property tax payable depends on the actual tax rates to be set by each local municipality, so a home that’s assessed five per cent higher might not pay any more in tax if the average assessment in the city rose 10 per cent and the local council sets its rate to generate a smaller tax revenue increase. The total assessed value of real estate in B.C. rose 2.3 per cent from a year ago. Most cities are seeing gains of around 1.5 per cent in their assessment rolls from new construction, expanding their tax base.

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Property Owner’s Checklist Have you received your 2013 property assessment notice?

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If not received in your mail by January 18, call toll-free 1-866-valueBC (1-866-825-8322) If so, review it carefully Visit to compare other property assessments using the free e-valueBC™ service Questions? Contact BC Assessment at 1-866-valueBC or Don’t forget...if you disagree with your assessment, you must file a Notice of Complaint (appeal) by January 31, 2013

CALLING FOR ALL BABIES BORN IN 2012 Make sure your child or grandchild is included in our annual Babies of the Year Supplement. Email photos to or fill out the form below and send the form and a photograph to PO Box 189, Nakusp, V0G 1R0. Please include baby’s name, date of birth, gender, parents names and contact number in the email. Photos should be at least 600 pixels wide. Be sure the baby’s name and birthday is PRINTED on the back of the photo. Baby’s name ___________________________________________________________ 2012 Birthday _______________________________

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Willhorse brings Southern rock to Three Lions Pub Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

Golden, B.C. rockers Willhorse bring their original songs to Nakusp as part of their cd release tour this January. Photo courtesy Willhorse

“We’re a brotherhood more than a band,” says Willhorse bass player Todd Menzies over the phone, “like modern day pirates.” The Golden, B.C., band was on the brink of another tour when Menzies was explaining the all-forone dynamics of the band. Formed just ten months ago in the eastern reaches of the province, Willhorse has already been very busy writing new material and touring it through British Columbia and Alberta. After months of being inspired and working on new songs nearly every day, the band is now taking its first album on the road. The non-stop touring and writing is reminiscent of the 70s, said Menzies, who recalled that back in the day rock and roll bands had a release every year, unlike most groups these days. “We’re going to press our album

on vinyl and get back to the way things were,” said the musician. Menzies characterized their original songs as Southern rock, a blend of country and western with rock’n’roll, and rattled off the Allman Brothers, Black Crowes and Sheepdogs as sources of inspiration for Willhorse. “We’re an original band,” he told the Arrow Lakes News, although he did say Willhorse did occasionally bust out their take on a song they’d found inspiring. Their tour is taking them through some great ski towns, a bonus for Menzies who is the only skier in the bunch. Willhorse will be playing a stripped-down mainly acoustic gig at a heli-ski lodge this winter, and the bass player is hoping to switch the guitar for a pair of skis at least for a little while. Willhorse is playing at the Three Lions Pub in Nakusp on Saturday, Jan. 12. You can check out their selftitled album online at iTunes.

Feldenkrais classes teach the body how to learn Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

“What’s Feldenchrist?” I asked my friend when she said she was going to a class at NaCoMo, and did I want to come? “It’s Feldenkrais,” she corrected. Oh. Created by Moshé Feldenkrais, the eponymous exercise is a system of movements designed to increase awareness of the body and how it works. If you go to Feldenkrais with Tyson in Nakusp, you’ll soon discover what that means in practise. Each class focuses on a particular set of muscles and movements which students are instructed to pay close attention to. The exercises encourage an attitude of experimentation and exploration of one’s own body, seeing how it works and fits together. Arriving at the studio, I lay down on a mat in a class with about a half dozen students. Tyson Bartel, our instructor, narrated the way through our experiment in movement, beginning with an overall stock-taking of

how our bodies felt, where it contacted the floor and how evenly it lay. Next, he instructed us to become aware of our shoulders and move them in particular ways, following the movement closely with our minds. As we worked through different movements noticing the changes and relationships between different muscles and structures, Bartel told us that Feldenkrais was designed to reorient the body and mind relationship to teach increased flexibility to both. Over the course of the class, the simple isolated movement of a single shoulder blade up and down the back increased in complexity, and the movement slowly became an effort of both concentration and coordination involving shoulders, hips and head moving in time with each other. The degree of mindfulness required to follow the physical movements with the mind was almost enough of an effort on its own to create some sweat. Bartel explained that by involving both mind and body in the exercise we were repatterning habits of movement as well as increasing body

awareness. Feldenkrais exercises involve several different muscle groups and types of movement; the shoulder and hip exercises we were going through in the evening class was just one of many. Bartel is responsive to students, so if there is a consensus from the students that a particular area of the body needs some work that day, he can tailor the class in that direction. At the end of the session, the students once again examined their overall position and sense of their body lying supine on the mat, investigating if there were any changes now the movement was over. Lying on my back, my shoulders felt as though they were now further away from my ears, and tension in my neck had diminished. It felt as though more of my body was on the floor than before, and I did have more of an appreciation for where my limbs were in space and how they related to tension in the centre of my body. The manner in which the class was taught and the difference from start to finish encouraged a


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mindfulness of movement that continued on even after leaving the exercise mat on the floor. I also noticed that I was very relaxed, and ready for anything, which was perfect. The class had ended, and it was time to take my re-educated bones, muscles and mind out into the world.

If you’re interested in trying Feldenkrais with Tyson, classes are Wednesday mornings at 9:15 a.m. at NaCoMo (90 5th Ave SW) in Nakusp. For more about Feldenkrais teacher Tyson Bartel, see page 5.

JANUARY 19 and 20, 2013 (On the Arrow Lakes)



Weigh in at Nakusp Marina throughout the weekend Saturday until 5:00 pm with FINAL WEIGH in at 4:00pm Sunday Winners and prizes announcement shortly after. WINNINGS will be determined by number of entries. All Provincial Fishing Regulations must be adhered to. Fish 10 pounds and over will be weighed. Fish entry must be accompanied with Derby ticket.


Everyone Welcome! (Donation draws done at Legion with Derby winners announced on Sunday)

4 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hate from preachers about Newtown horrifying Editor, The first hate-filled comment was made by Bryan Fischer, a director of The American Family Association. The comment, made shortly after details of the massacre became available, was that “God is a gentleman and would never venture into places where he is not wanted.” This comment is a contradiction of everything that everybody knows about God, whether he exists or has died (according to Nietzsche), or is pure fantasy (according to atheists). Surely his omniscience trumps his gentlemanly qualities. It is worth noting that the Southern Poverty Law Centre has designated the American Family Association as a hate organization because of its explicit racism and opposition to other matters of social importance. The second hate-filled comment was by the well-known Christian apologist William Lane Craig, who was mentioned in my second column which appeared in the Arrow Lakes News of Nov. 28 under the heading of “Atheists are a funny lot.” Craig equates the massacre in Newtown with the first Christmas. Craig performs extremely agile intellectual gymnastics that only an apologist of his standing can, and I might add that there is no-one more highly regarded than Craig in all of Christendom for his uncanny ability to make sense of the manifold discrepancies in the Bible.

The third hate-filled pronouncement came from Mike Huckabee, failed presidential candidate and Baptist Minister. Huckabee’s statement is directly contradictory to that of Bryan Fischer. Huckabee insists that God will be there to comfort the grieving. Why was he not there to prevent the massacre? God only knows. Perhaps he’s squeamish at the sight of so much blood, although his history of genocide as recorded in the Old Testament – you know, the wholesale slaughter of Canaanites and others – would tend to negate that theory. A particularly virulent sermon was delivered by Reverend Sam Morris two days after the massacre in Newtown, CT. He attributed the event to the fact that “junk about evolution is taught in schools” as well as “how to be a homo.” It should be noted that he is a Baptist preacher heading a small congregation in Tennessee, The Old Paths Baptist Church. He ended his sermon by suggesting that the shooter’s corpse should be strung up from a stout tree, doused in gasoline, set alight and left hanging until the birds had picked his bones clean. He forgot to state his preference for the type of tree, deciduous or conifer, the latter being a real hazard for the community due to its flammability. John Perkins Nakusp, B.C.

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Take action for the sake of safety Editor, I have spent my life in the woods and mountains and encouraged my children to learn and love the B.C. wilderness as my father taught me. We enjoyed a family walk with our dogs Christmas Day up Baerg Creek Forestry Road adjacent to MacDonald Provincial Park Nakusp and returned again Boxing Day. I have never encountered an active trap line without warning and thus unprepared, lost my faithful companion of 10 and half years, our yellow Labrador Nikki.

We live with the sad image of prying her dead body out of the trap and while I fall asleep, I am awakened by her desperate cries to survive. I urge you to lobby your MLA to legislate mandatory adequate signage and location of active trap lines considering proximity to MacDonald Provincial Park Nakusp and other publicly accessed areas. I was raised to believe that Crown Land is for us all, not solely for loggers, hunters and trappers, and that access is a right that each of us ensures through

our taxes. As Nakusp, the Region and Province of B.C. search for promotional strategies to draw tourism, recreation and business, careful consideration needs to be given to priorities of all land use. Continuing to do things the way they have always been done will ensure the same or similar results. Revitalizing an area will entail new and dynamic ways of thinking, living and conservation; it is paramount that we all work together to this end. Brenda Hoyle-Szabo Nakusp, B.C.

Idle No More in Nakusp either Editor, Albert Einstein once said: “The world is a dangerous place (in which) to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Most people are aware of the Idle No More movement that is sweeping not only our country,

but many other countries as well. We may not be able to join marches, protest rallies etc, but there are things we can can do. One example is to write on both sides of every dollar bill that passes through you hands the words “Idle No More”. Hopefully some of these bills will eventually end up in Mr.

Harper’s hand and persuade him to meet with Chief Theresa Spence who is on a hunger strike for her people. Many of whom live in terrible third world like conditions. Let’s do something about it. Thank you. Hans Sparreboom Nakusp, B.C.

Death at MacDonald Creek preventable Editor, Here is an open letter to Hon. Steve Thomson: Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Dear Mr. Minister: On Boxing Day 2012 our neighbours from Edmonton were enjoying a wilderness walk along the Baerg Forest Service Road located adjacent to MacDonald Creek Provincial Park 16 kilometres south of Nakusp with their two dogs. Suddenly Nikki, an 11-year-old yellow Lab, bolted into the forest. Moments later the serenity was broken by the cries of a dog dying an indescribable and preventable death. Nikki had become yet another statistic of domestic animals having been caught in Conibear traps. Nikki suffered unimaginable pain as the steel trap gripped, strangled and broke her neck with a pressure of at least 90 pounds

per square inch. Naturally our neighbours are mourning the loss of their companion but are thankful that this tragic event did not happen to an inquisitive youngster or even an unwary adult. Their anger is not directed at the licensed holder of the trap line but is focussed at the current policies and regulations of the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations that presently state trappers “should post” – not “must be required to post” – visible signage notifying the public of trapping activity within areas adjacent to our provincial parks and Crown Land frequented by outdoor enthusiasts. These signs should be of a reasonable dimension (50 cm by 50 cm), plainly visible at the commencement of the trail head and clearly state “Active Trapping

Within the Area AND All Pets MUST be Leashed.” If school and playground zones require signage advising motorists to exercise caution it begs the following question: Why do we not require signs to be posted notifying the public of active trapping activity? I am proposing the immediate need for a review and subsequent legislative change requiring that “holders of government issued trapping licenses to be required to post signage warning the public of active trapping in the vicinity, especially when trapping in regions located adjacent to popular recreational areas such as MacDonald Creek Provincial Park or other BC Parks located adjacent to populated centres.” Brian Graham Nakusp, B.C.

The Arrow Lakes News is published by Black Press. Mailing address: P.O. Box 189, Nakusp, B.C. V0G 1R0. Street address: 106 Broadway St., Nakusp. Publisher: Mavis Cann


Instructor’s travels taught him to how to learn, and teach

Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013 n 5

Edgewood Boat Ramp Improvement Project Invitation to Tenderers Columbia Power, on behalf of BC Hydro, is managing the upgrades to the public boat ramp facilities located in the village of Edgewood. A Request for Proposal (RFP) for this project has been posted to BC Bid. The tender closes at 14:00 pm, local time, January 22, 2013.

The purpose of this RFP is for CPC to select a Proponent to upgrade the existing public boat ramp facilities with scour protection, construct a floating walkway and construct multiple floating breakwaters.

Tyson Bartel brings an exploration of movement in his Feldenkrais classes to Nakusp each week at NaCoMo. Claire Paradis/Arrow Lakes News Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

Travelling the world was the beginning of Tyson Bartel’s journey both inside and out. As a young man he decided visiting the Mesoamerican ruins he had learned about while studying anthropology in college could help him figure out what direction his education would take. It did. Instead of determining his major, he was bitten by the travel bug and abandoned college for lessons learned on the road. “That was it, I was a traveller then,” said Tyson. The departure was one that deeply shaped his life and his education. In Asia, Tyson encountered not only Thai massage, but also Vipassana meditation during his travels. During a ten-day meditation retreat, he came to the realization there was a lot of “junk” attached to his concept of self. “I realized it wasn’t a matter of snapping my fingers and fixing everything,” he revealed, “It was going to be a lot of work.” The next leg of his exploration led him to India, where he found a rich world filled with both heaven and hell. The strong spiritual traditions and the rigours of daily life affected Tyson, who studied yoga as well as meditation while there. It was those experiences that led him to pass on what he had learned once he was back in Canada. Back in Kamloops, Tyson became involved with the only yoga studio in town, and when line-ups for classes became too much for the lone instructor to handle, Tyson was asked teach. “I wasn’t nervous, I was excited about it,” he said, confident that his devotion to yoga would make him a good teacher. Teaching from experience came naturally to him, and within six months he had a full-time teaching gig.

It was during a yoga teacher training session that Tyson first came across Feldenkrais, a system of movement and awareness developed by Moshé Feldenkrais. Having suffered from back trouble, he first felt a shift during one set of exercises, and continued to repeat the exercises. Tyson’s experience with the movements lit a fire in him to learn more. Finding instructional tapes, he dedicated time to studying Feldenkrais at home. Inspired by the philosophy and process, he began to tell everyone about it. Feldenkrais is a system of movements designed to increase awareness of the body and to improve both the movement repertoire and general wellbeing. Founder Moshé Feldenkrais explored the connection between the body and mind, particularly anxiety and movement. He stated that object of the exercises was “more flexible minds, not just more flexible bodies.” A devoted judo practitioner, developed techniques designed to increase awareness of the body and the connections between mind and body. Thanks to a teacher that came to the Kamloops yoga studio, Tyson found out about a fouryear Feldenkrais program being offered in Washington state. Even though it was a struggle to get everything in place in order to go, he was excited and determined and completed the training in 2001. “I’m still integrating Feldenkrais methodology,” said Tyson, who sees how the practise has affected how he approaches his every day life, increasing his consciousness of what is happening with every movement. Another more recent voyage shifted his life again when he came to the Kootenays a few years ago on holidays and he saw that more of the life of his dreams – breathing clean air, planting a

garden, hiking in lush nature – was possible here. Leaving his successful yoga teaching career he had built over the years in Kamloops, Tyson has made the jump to the Kootenays with no regrets. Although he still has strong ties to family and community in Kamloops, the Kootenays are now home for him. He now teaches Feldenkrais in Nakusp and Winlaw, and periodically travels back to Kamloops to offer classes there too. During a Feldenkrais class with Tyson, specific ranges of movement are explored, and how they affect and are affected by other parts of the body. Students are asked to note how they feel at the beginning before the exercises are done, and to compare how they feel afterward to see what kind of changes have taken place. The class is an experiment in increasing consciousness around muscles, tendons, and movement where each student is the explorer of their own bodies. Emphasis isn’t on what “should” be done, rather on learning about how your own body moves and feels. That being said, people who come to Tyson’s Feldenkrais classes generally leave feeling relaxed as well as more knowledgeable about themselves. Living in the south Slocan valley, Tyson’s journey continues. Like any good teacher, he is also a perennial student, and has recently discovered a new realm of experience and exploration in the world of Kundalini yoga. You are welcome to join Tyson’s Feldenkrais class at NaCoMo in Nakusp on Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. or Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. If you are interested in more information about Tyson’s Feldenkrais classes or Thai touch massage, you can contact him at 250-226-6826 or

An information meeting to discuss requirements under this RFP will occur at 13:00 pm local time on January 14, 2013 at the Edgewood Royal Canadian Legion Hall (234 Granby Drive). A site visit is expected to take place immediately following the information meeting. While attendance is at the discretion of proponents, those who do not attend will be deemed to have attended the information meeting and site visit and to have received any and all of the oral and written information given at such meeting and visit. Columbia Power may record, and post on BC Bid, a list of questions asked and answers provided during the site visit. For information on this tender and to register for the information meeting and/or site visit, please refer to the tender documents at: BC Bid:

6 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, January 9, 2013


First annual Falcons Cup a hit: 2013 tourney already in the works By Kyle Kusch

Special to the Arrow Lakes News

In a welcome throwback to the days of old-school commercial hockey, the Nakusp & District Sports Complex hosted the first annual Falcons Cup on Dec. 22 and 23. Four teams composed of hockey players from around the valleys and ex-pats home for the holidays waged battle to determine the honour of being the first Cup champion. With a wide range of ages among the players (some athletes were as young as 20; others as old as 67!), spectators and players alike were treated to the spectacle of not just brothers playing with and against brothers, but fathers skating with and against their own sons. Rosters also featured players with extensive junior and even professional experience. The action actually began Friday night at the Leland Hotel, where the four team captains and their goaltenders held a 53-player draft to fill the team rosters. Each team was named after a tree (Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, and Spruce). Round-robin action took place all day Saturday and early Sunday, with the top two teams advancing to the final Sunday afternoon. The competitive nature of the tournament was evident from the start as Wayne Abbott’s Pine squad edged out Mike Smith’s Team Cedar 3-2. Despite

being outshot by Pine 33-14, the histrionics and skill of Cedar goalie Taylor Reitmeier kept the game close. The second game saw the defence-heavy Hemlock (captain Darren Wethal) battle the speedy Spruce (captain Ron Palmer), who had drafted former WHL 50-goal scorer Seth Leonard with the first pick. On the back of goalie Brodie Yano, Hemlock would get away to a 4-1 lead in the first period and then set it on cruise for a 7-5 victory. As the tournament progressed, the surprising Pine would run roughshod over, led by the offensive tandem of Bryce Cann and Riley Weatherhead, not to mention their veteran goalie, Ryan Struck, who simply got better with every game. With Cedar finishing 3-0 and the other three squads each trading wins and losses (including Hemlock losing their last two games to Cedar and Spruce after losing star forward Dallas Sinclair to a wrist injury), the second spot in the final would be decided by goal differential in the final game as Cedar played Spruce. Spruce came out strong with three goals, and goalie Mark Macaulay pitched 30 minutes of shutout hockey before giving up three goals of his own to Cedar’s Bruce Oakes and Mike Smith. Those two goals ensured that Cedar would make it to the final no matter the result, and Spruce were

The First Annual Falcon Cup Champions! Back Row (left to right): Rodney Volansky, Ray Hascarl, John Falkiner, Rob Smallwood, Chad Hicks, Andrew Likness. Front Row (left to right): Bryce Cann, Joe Leonard, Jesse Cann, Ryan Struck, Kalum Stevens, Dan Ellis, Riley Weatherhead. Missing: Kevin Petterson and Wayne Abbott. Photo courtesy of Crystal Volansky eliminated despite a 4-3 win. Pine continued their hot streak in the first half of the final with three goals to start the frame. After the final Zamboni break, Smith rallied his Cedar troops and nearly pulled off the miracle comeback. After Ryan Fehler ended Ryan Struck’s shutout streak in goal, Smith cashed in a Fehler pass with just 2:16 left in regulation to make it 3-2. Applying incredible pressure on the Pine goalie, Smith nearly tied the game twice in the dying seconds. The comeback was not to be, however, as Struck was

money when it counted all weekend and Team Spruce would capture the first-ever Falcons Cup. Pine would end up with the top three scorers in the tournament. Bryce Cann would lead all scorers with 5G-3A, one point ahead of partner Riley Weatherhead (2G-5A), and two ahead of teammate Rodney Volansky (3G-3A). Despite being on the losing end of three games, Cedar’s Taylor Reitmeier was the class of the field in goal with a .910 save percentage and an average of 27.75 saves per game. Hemlock’s Tyson Klein

was the weekend’s top faceoff artist, winning 68 per cent of his draws. With hundreds of fans in attendance throughout the tournament, this first-ever Falcons Cup was considered such a success that dates have already been reserved for the second edition next December. Big congratulations go out to Zac Wethal, the Nakusp Minor Hockey Association, and all of the weekend’s numerous volunteers for making the tournament a great success.

2012 Holiday Hockey jamboree held in Rossland By Pat Caron

Special to the Arrow Lakes News

On Sunday Dec. 23 the PeeWee Wildcats and Bantam Wildcats hosted a Holiday Hockey jamboree at the Rossland Arena. Fifty-six girls attend from all over the West Kootenay including Grand Forks, Nakusp, Kaslo, Nelson, Castlegar and Greater Trail. Players ranged in age from nine to 18, from Atom to Midget. Two teams were created

teucci, Christina Bonacci, Chelsea Mclean, Marnie Audia and Kayla Martin. Ice time was only part of the fun, and after the hockey was done, a fun tailgate party was held in the parking lot. “After the games, the parking lot was filled with players and parents to enjoy some hot chocolate, sausages, goodies and friends,” Caron told the Arrow Lakes News.

from the mix of Atom and PeeWee girls. “It has been a long time since the bleachers have been that full,” said Pam Caron, one of the organizers of the jamboree. Coached by McKayla Yuris, Erin Mclean, Denomie Fisher and Ava Collier, the girls played a full game refereed by Anjela Szabo. Bantam and Midget girls also formed two teams and were coached by Alumni Female Wildcats Katie Yuris, Ella Mat-

The big hair says it all: Midget girls had a blast at the Holiday Hockey Jamboree in December. 2.833" x 5" Photo courtesy of Pat Caron

Athlete of the Week

Royal Canadian Legion Br. #20 Nakusp _________________________________

What’s happening in NAKUSP LEGION? Come out and Support our Meat Draws which are held every Saturday at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. & 6 p.m. The Saturday Meat Draws in January will be sponsored by the Nakusp Curling Club

call for project proposals Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs

Robbie Burns Night on January 26th.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is accepting project proposals for funding consideration from Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs for the areas of:

Tickets available at the General Store.

Featuring the “Revelstoke Pipers” & “Switchback”

Don’t forget that Darts Night continues on Thursdays @ 7PM




1 18












7 19


Dwain Foster Rotary at New Horizons


“Blue knuckle” Fish Derby Dance with “Switchback” on January 19th Our lounge opens at: 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 2 p.m. on Saturday.

All Members and Guests welcome!

Sponsored by ...

Electoral Area G & Salmo Electoral Area H Electoral Area I Electoral Area J Electoral Area K City of Castlegar

Town of Creston City of Nelson Village of New Denver Village of Nakusp Village of Silverton Village of Slocan

Application guidelines and forms are available at: • RDCK main office in Nelson • Municipal offices in each community • Online at • CBT website at

What’s Brewing on Broadway? Come see what’s brewing up for daily lunch specials.

Electoral Area A Electoral Area B Electoral Area C Electoral Area D & Kaslo Electoral Area E Electoral Area F


WE’VE GOT THE REGION COVERED Arrow Lakes News Classifieds: Effective & Efficient. Call 250.265.3823 or email:

Arrow Lakes News

For information contact Judy Madelung at 1.250.352.8170, 1.800.268.7325 or Deadline for proposals is 4:30pm, Monday, March 4, 2013. Late applications are not eligible for consideration. Administered and Managed by: Regional District of Central Kootenay Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive, Nelson BC V1L 5R4. Phone: 250.352.6665 Fax: 250.352.9300


Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013 n 7

Rare birds sighted during cusp of new year

Gary Davidson Birds of Nakusp Last week I was driving through Crescent Bay and saw a bird cruising low over a snow-covered field. My immediate reaction, based on the behaviour was Northern Harrier. This is a fairly large, slender hawk with long pointed wings. It flies low over fields as it hunts using occasional flaps and long glides. But the bird I was looking at was flapping much too much with deep floppy wing beats. As soon as I saw that, I knew I was looking at a Short-eared Owl. This is an uncommon bird in our area. They breed in grassland or marshy areas, something we have very little of. There are no breeding records at all for the Nakusp region. They do pass through here

on migration sometimes, but only once every few years. Since 1980, I have known them to visit the area just six times. Some of these birds have remained for several weeks; others were seen just one day. The day after this sighting, I returned to Crescent Bay to see if it was still around. I did not relocate it there, but coming home through Brouse I found two of them sitting on fence posts! Migration normally occurs much earlier than this, so this bird is not casually moving through on its way to its normal wintering ground. It was probably living comfortably up the valley somewhere (there is a lot of good habitat in the Revelstoke area), and was pushed along by the recent snows. Not all migratory species have predetermined routes and schedules; some seem to go only as far and as fast as conditions dictate. I hope these two continue on further south fairly quickly. I was quite pleased to see the Crescent Bay bird catch and eat a good sized vole while I was watching, but if the snow gets much deeper, detecting prey will become much more difficult.

Also last week I saw a Northern Pygmy-Owl in Nakusp. This tiny little predator is much more common here and we regularly have a few around the region in winter. During summer they go up the mountains somewhat and live at higher elevations. In October, there were two Blue Jays in town. These visitors from the east are a much paler blue than the familiar Steller’s Jay, and they also have extensive white on their undersides. I saw them on and off for a few weeks but then didn’t see them for quite a while. Last week I again heard one calling in town. In discussion with a couple of residents who maintain feeders, I learned that these jays have apparently been here all along. They are not nearly as loud and obvious as our Steller’s Jays and prefer to stay hidden in the trees when not feeding. Originally, this species was found only east of the Rocky Mountains, but in recent times they have become much more regular in the west. They are now breeding in places such as Cranbrook, Creston and Castlegar.

Governor General gold

This Short-Eared Owl is a wonderful but rare sight in the Nakusp area. Photo courtesy of Gary Davidson

village of new denver PUBLIC NOTICE INTENT TO ENTER INTO A RENEWAL LEASE AGREEMENT Pursuant to Section 26 (1) of the Community Charter, notice is hereby given that the village of new denver at the regular meeting of Council to be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the village of new denver Council Chambers, 115 Slocan avenue, new denver, BC intends to consider entering into a renewal lease agreement with James robert Pownall for the property known as “that portion of Parcel a, district lot 625, Kootenay district, Plan 18649a”, which portion of Parcel a has dimensions of approximately one hundred feet (100’) by four hundred thirty-five and 60/100 feet (435.6’) and consist of an area of one (1) acre more or less. The purpose of the renewal lease agreement is to permit Jim Pownall to continue to lease the land for the operation of his log home building company. The proposed renewal agreement will be in place for a two year period commencing on January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2015, and shall be paid at a quarterly rate of $772.32 (plus all applicable taxes). a copy of the lease agreement is available for viewing at the new denver village office, 115 Slocan avenue, new denver, BC. Carol gordon, CMC Chief administrative officer 4.33 x 5 BW Blackpress

Nicole Hawe is the Nakusp Secondary School Governor General Academic Medal winner for 2012. Nicole finished her grade 12 year with a 93.43 per cent average. She is currently attending UBC in the pre-med program. Congratulations, Nicole. Photo courtesy of Susan Paterson


Get Job Ready! ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS TRAINING: Tenth St. campus *starts January 14 - just a few seats left! ADVANCED COMPUTER TRAINING: Nakusp, Kaslo, Tenth St., Grand Forks campuses

PREP COOK TRAINING PROFESSIONAL DRIVER TRAINING: CLASS 1 PLANT OPERATOR TRAINING Apply Today! If you are unemployed, you can take advantage of this great opportunity for Free tuition. For details visit selkirk. ca/ce/esa or call the Trail campus at 250-364-5760/250-368-5236 or email

Dance Nakusp students performed for their families as jungle beasts, monsters, zombies and more. Classes will resume in January. For information, contact Galadriel Watson at 250-265-9955 or Photo courtesy of Galadriel Watson

Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement.

8 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013


December remembered by Trout Lake Tracker Linda Wall brings the latest news about what’s happening in Trout Lake



250-265-3823 Since 1923

Arrow Lakes News Located across from the Village Green Centre and a short walk from Wal-Mart, Future Shop and other fine stores in Vernon.

Shop & Stay Rate

$79.00 Single/Double Occupancy plus taxes

“Bring in this ad to receive a Value Breakfast Coupon & complimentary shopping bag!”

Offer Expires January 31, 2013

4801—27th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 4Z1 Toll Free: 800.663.4433


All Nakusp Rod & Gun Club Members


Nakusp Rod & Gun Annual Fish and Big Game Trophy Entries MUST be delivered to H. Scown (250.265.4137) by January 12th, 2013 in clean condition to be scored and recorded for the 2012 Annual Awards.




2012 Annual Awards Ceremony TO BE ANNOUNCED Everyone Welcome!

Linda Wall Trout Lake Tracker Trout Lake had a rather extended fall this year, which allowed bonus time to top off winter wood supplies and complete outdoor chores that are usually left until the very last moment. And now we shovel… The Trout Lake Community Club held an extraordinary general meeting on Oct. 6 where 12 members attended. To date, the 2012-2013 membership stands at 108 members. The short meeting agenda recapped the Club’s activities this year, which included the completed work on the community hall doors and the purchase of a metal cemetery sign. If you’re looking for some fun ways to get fit in Trout Lake, winter exercise classes are in full swing at the community hall. Everyone is welcome to try the one-hour classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. A variety of fitness options are available, including Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and a variety of others. There is no charge for TLCC members but non-members are asked to donate $2 or buy a Club membership for $5. Cribbage nights continue during the winter months at the Trout Lake community hall. Organizer, Mike Rankin, generally has 12 to 15 participants join in the monthly event, which is a mere $5 per person. HMC Services Inc. held their annual stakeholders meeting on Oct.31 at the community hall. A number of principal parties were

on hand to discuss local highway concerns and the winter maintenance programme. Telus held a lively town meeting at the community hall on Nov. 29, at which nearly 30 residents attended. Telus representatives were General Manager for Interior South, Steve Jenkins; Telus Ambassador, Aurora Sekela; and Field Manager West Kootenay Region, Chris Ridge. During the presentation, Steve clarified the purpose of the government deferral account program and its effect on high-speed Internet service into the Trout Lake area.

TLBCIS has an expansive Internet coverage area from Trout Lake to Halcyon Hot Springs, which dwarfs the Telus range of 4.2 kms from the point of presence (POP) at the Trout Lake townsite. Telus representatives assured the audience that working with TLBCIS, they would ‘do what needs to be done’ to get residents connected. TLBCIS President, John Wall, spoke with a number of potential subscribers at the conclusion of the meeting to explain that TLBCIS also remains committed to getting the Internet service to their residences.

A winter morning at Gerrard captured on camera by Linda Wall. Photo courtesy of Linda Wall Telus’s directive from the deferral program was to install the fibre optic connection to Trout Lake, Jenkins told the people at the meeting. Once that directive was complete, Telus would be obliged to enter into a partnership with any existing, local Internet service provider (ISP). What this means is that Telus will now provide a wholesale service to the Trout Lake BC Internet Society (TLBCIS), the local ISP, as they already have the Internet infrastructure in place.

John Wall is happy that subscribers can expect improved Internet service with fibre optic connection speeds greatly increased allowing faster download and upload response times. Now that we are settling into our Trout Lake winter, we can reflect on our accomplishments from 2012 and ponder opportunities that may lie ahead in the New Year. From my home to yours, I wish you all the best in 2013! Cheers!

Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, January 9, 2013 ■ 9

Take a Break CROSSWORD

December 22– January 19

January 20– February 18

February 19– March 20

You don’t like to pitch a fit, but if you want to be heard, that’s what you’re going to have to do. Make your stance known, Capricorn. Only then will you get the action you seek. Attention, Aquarius. Someone close to you has something to say, and they need you to listen. A home improvement project turns out better than expected. It’s a tall order, Pisces, but it’s not impossible. Gather your supplies and the troops and get crackin’. A report receives glowing reviews just in time.

CLUES ACROSS You don’t like to pitch 1. Winter capital of Kashmir a fit, but if you want 6. So. African Music Awards to be heard, that’s 11. The Bay State what you’re going 14. A disorderly crowdto have to do. Make your stance known, 15. Actress Greta Capricorn. Only then 16. Expression of surprise December 22– will you get the action 18. Storybook elephant January 19 you seek. 21. John Jacob __, capitalist 23. Mulled wine 25. Membrane aroundAttention, the lungsAquarius. 26. Shows how something worksclose to you Someone has something to say, 28. Canonized and they need you to 29. Layers bonded together 31. A vessel or duct listen. A home improvement project 34. The fire had been ___ turns out better than 35. Female sibling January 20– expected. 36. Israeli capital February 18 39. Blocked in fencing 40. 98942 WA It’s arating tall order, Pisces, 44. Gasoline hydrocarbon but it’s not impossible. 45. Light snacks with drinks Gather your supplies 47. Supplementing with anddiffi theculty troops and get 48. Am. composer & diarist Ned crackin’. A report 50. A waterproof raincoat receives glowing reviews just 51. Accumulate a large quantity in time. February 19– Assoc. 56. Am. Newspaper Marchy 20 57. Butterfl collector 62. __ and Venzetti 63. Female servants CLUES DOWN 1. Poked at 2. Equally 3. Manuscript (abbr.) 4. Periodical (slang) 5. Fiddler crabs 6. Hero sandwich 7. Volcanic mountain in Japan


M a y

December March 21–22– January April 1919

January 20– April 20– February May 20 18

February May 21– 19– March 20 M June 21

2 0 1 2

You don’t like to pitch Please, Aries. You aare fit, abut if you want go-getter, but tosometimes be heard, you that’sgo too what you’re going far. Keep that in mind tothis have to do. Make week as you work your withstance othersknown, to get a Capricorn. then project offOnly the ground. will you get the action you seek.

It’s a tall order, Pisces, Pragmatic Gemini. but it’s not impossible. You’re always Gather your supplies looking to get things and thewell troops and get done in the crackin’. report shortest A time possible, receives glowingjust but sometimes reviews just inPatience time. won’t work. is key.

a y

2 0 1

2 — WDAYS... e e k 4 THE — M W aNEXT e ye k 2 04 1SEVEN

March 21– June 22– April 19 July 22

Attention, Aquarius. Stop dragging your Someone close to you feet, Taurus. You know has something what needs to to besay, done, and they you to so do it. need The sooner listen. A home you finish, the sooner improvement you can moveproject on to turns out better something youthan really expected. want to do.


April 20– July 23– May 20 22 August

May 21–23– August 21 2 June — W September 22

Aries, you may Please, Aries. Youhave Clarify, Cancer. to a little harder are awork go-getter, but Make certain you to what you sometimes you go too areget understood onwant, but the results will be far. that this in mind all Keep accounts this week you work worth it. as Focus your week. Leave nothing with others on to friend get a to chance. A attention making a project off the ground. drops by an in the name forwith yourself June 22– 23– September unusual request. business sector.

Surround yourself with Clarify, Cancer. Clam up, Libra, and lots will of friends when Make certain youit. you regret youunderstood cannot have are on family Prepare to present your near, Libra. Thisthewill all accounts this idea and watch week. nothing help Leave keep feelings sparks fly. The to-do tolist A friend nears completion ofchance. loneliness from drops by addition. with an with an creeping in during quiet September 23– unusual request. moments.

There is norarely stopping Stop dragging your Bickering solves you whenso you a feet, Taurus. You know anything, puthave a stop goal inmadness mind, what needs to beTaurus. done, to the the first you soAlthough do it. The sooner chance you get,may you the sooner ambitious, just be Youfinish, will get nothing you can on topeople done if move you don’t. mindful of other something youas really in your path you go. July 23– 23– October want to do.

Scorpio, you may Bickering solves A change rarely in attitude need up to so concede to a anything, put a stop picks the pace, and difference of opinion tothe theteam madness thewell first finishes this week whenLeo. you chance youschedule. get, ahead of simply cannot resolve You willScorpio. get nothing Bravo, Your done if you don’t. something amicably. efforts won’t go unnoticed. Redirect attention on a

Be honestGemini. with your Pragmatic A loved one has a feelings thisandweek, You’re always meltdown, you’re Gemini. looking toSomeone get left to pick upthings the close to you is interested done well in the pieces. You can do it,in shortest time possible, learning more about Virgo, and you will do but sometimes just the wayAyou it well. newoperate. do lifts won’t work. Patience spirits in more ways a This could strengthen August 23– 22– November isfriendship. than

Sagittarius, sometimes AWhat’s loved one that, BonusWhat’s Number: 45 that,has a you tend to beyou’re brutally meltdown, and Sagittarius? Your Sagittarius? Your honest left to pick up others. theon pleas are falling on pleas arewith falling Whileears? honesty is an pieces. You can do it, deaf ears? Perhaps deaf Perhaps admirable trait, this Virgo, andmethod you will do it’s your method of it’s your of itpresentation. well. you A new doneed lifts presentation. Be bold, week may Be bold,to spirits in what more ways and you’ll get what and you’ll getyou whatsay to censor November 22– than one. you515 seek.Broadway St., you seek. avoid hurt feelings.

July 22 22 October

August 22 21 November

e e k


September December 22 21

8. Of I Don’t bite off more Please, Aries. You Clarify, Cancer. 9. Indicates position ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY than FOR can chew, are a go-getter, but Make you certain you 10. Legislative actssometimes you go too Cancer. Otherwise are understood on you 11. Low sustained cry could be left with a far. Keep that in mind all accounts this 12. Human resources this(abbr.) week as you work week. Leavelist nothing long to-do and not to A friend 13. Supported by awith propothers to get a enough to get project off the ground. drops by done. with an 14. Megabyte the job Consider December 22– March 21– June 22– September 23– unusual request. paring down tasks. 17. 9/11 Memorial designer Michael January22 19 April 19 July 22 October 19. The years someone has existed 20. Distilled from fermented molasses Leo, although 21. a.k.a. Stop dragging your Bickering rarelyyou solves may havesorest 22. Estonian kroon feet, = 100 Taurus. You know anything, put and a stop recreation on the brain, what needs to be done, to the madness the first 24. The sun celestial are so do vessel it. The sooner chance youforces get, Leo. 25. Wide metal cooking pushing younothing in the You will get 27. Caesar or cobb you finish, the sooner can move on to done if youdirection. don’t. opposite 28. Building lots you something you really Busy days are ahead, 30.April 1/1000 January23– 20– 20– inch want to do. July 23– October so rest later. 31.May Apexes February 21 18 20 August 22 November 32. Firth of Clyde’s largest island 33. Bringing suit have put Pragmatic AYou loved one hastoo a much 36. Forsyth novel “The Day ofGemini. The ___” effort intoand something You’re always meltdown, you’re 37. Perceive with the eyes to abandon looking to get things left to pick upyour the plans 38. Was introduceddone to well in the now, Virgo. Rethink pieces. You can do it, 39. Lines of verse shortest time possible, quitting Virgo, andearly you on. will do 41. Household god but (Roman) sometimes just itMaybe well. Aanew do can lifts friend spirits in more 42. Military mailboxwon’t work. Patience carry you overways the finish February 22– 19– May 21– August 23– November is key. than one. 43. Challenge aggressively line. March 20 21 21 September 22 December 46.June Posted 49. One thousandth of an ampere 51. General’s assistant (abbr.) FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY 52. Bovine sound 53. Associated press 54. Opposite of LTM 55. A very large body of water 58. Ma’s partner 59. Integrated circuit 60. Rhode Island 61. Potato state


October 22

craft or pastime.

Aquarius, you probably AAttention, change inAquarius. attitude won’tupbetheable to rest Someone close toand you picks pace, your mind untiltowell you has something say, the team finishes square and they need all youoftoyour ahead of away schedule. listen. A home finances and make Bravo, Scorpio. Your improvement project efforts won’t a budget forgothe new turns out better than unnoticed. year. Take on the job expected. this week. Introspection It’s a tall order,leads Pisces, What’s that, youit’s on not a mini-quest to but impossible. Sagittarius? Your fi nd a creative outlet, Gather supplies pleas areyour falling on Pisces. Play toand your and the troops get deaf ears? Perhaps strengths some crackin’. Aand report it’s your method of receives glowing presentation. Be bold, ideas will surface. reviews time. and you’lljust getinwhat you seek.

• Each horizontal row contains each digit exactly once • Each vertical column contains each digit exactly once • Each subgrid or region contains each digit exactly once

Effective and Efficient

Call 250-265-3823 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE THURSDAY, 12:00 pm prior to next issue

10 14 15 39 43 49

change in attitude BonusANumber: 09

picks up the pace, and the team finishes well ahead of schedule. Bravo, Scorpio. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Nakusp public library board Invites all community members to its

aNNual GeNeral MeetiNG Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013 Time: 7:00 pm

(regular board meeting to follow at 7:30 pm)

Place: Nakusp Public Library

17 18 32 43 48 49 Bonus Number: 02

Extra: 15 55 57 83

October 23– November 21

Winning Numbers Drawn for Saturday, January 5th 02 08 13 16 35 37

Bonus Number: 07

Extra: 07 15 17 94

December 21 M

Taking circuitous You don’t like to pitch Clam up,aLibra, and will you at aroute fit,will but ifland youit.want you regret thebefiheard, nish a that’s little your behind to Prepare to present others, Capricorn. what you’re going idea and watch the But to toget do.toMake youhave will the end sparks fly. The to-do your stance known, list nears completion nevertheless. Trust your Capricorn. Only then with an addition. instincts with this one. will you get the action you seek.


Winning Numbers Drawn for Wednesday, January 2nd


The objective of sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell, in such a way that:

Arrow Lakes News Classifieds


24 29 34 36 41 42



Clam up, Libra, and you will regret it. Prepare to present your idea and watch the sparks fly. The to-do list nears completion with an addition.



a y

2 0 1 2Nakusp —• 250-265-3618 W e e k 4 Prime Rib every Friday Wing Night every Sunday Clarify, Cancer. Please, Aries. You

are a go-getter, but certain you LIQUOR STOREMake sometimes you go too are understood on

that a in mind accounts this Open far. 7 Keep days week 9 a.m. - 11 all p.m.

March 21– April 19

this week as you work Formerly the Kuskanax Lodge with others to get a project off the ground.

week. Leave nothing to chance. A friend drops by with an unusual request.

Stop dragging your feet, Taurus. You know what needs to be done, so do it. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can move on to something you really want to do.

Bickering rarely solves anything, so put a stop to the madness the first chance you get, Leo. You will get nothing done if you don’t.

June 22– July 22

SMILE of OF the THE W EEK Smile Week

April 20– May 20

May 21– June 21

Pragmatic Gemini. You’re always looking to get things done well in the shortest time possible, but sometimes just won’t work. Patience is key.

July 23– August 22

August 23– September 22

A loved one has a meltdown, and you’re left to pick up the pieces. You can do it, Virgo, and you will do it well. A new do lifts spirits in more ways than one.

EdmundKrajewski Echart Alexandra


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From starter websites to custom designs, we have solutions that work within every budget. Services also include domain name registrations, website hosting, existing site makeovers and on-going site maintenance. For more information call:

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Come and see qualifi qualified ed technicians beforee& youPainting head out on-the open road! -ee- our - Custom Body Work - -op

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24 4 hr. towing & roadside assistance

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MOWERS *Snapper *Lawnboy Toro *Husqvarna


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TRIMMERS *Stihl *Husqvarna *Toro



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13 Arrow Lake News Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013A11 n 11

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Thank You We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to everyone for the kind words, help and prayers in regards to the recent passing of our husband, father and grandfather Walter Lloyd (Ollie) Coates. We especially acknowledge the Arrow Lakes Alliance Church family, who has been a tremendous support to me and my family.

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Lots of designated drivers on the road during holidays

Claire paradis

Arrow Lakes News

Corporal Ryan Fehler from the Nakusp RCMP say officers were pleased to see many holiday partygoers using designated drivers over the holidays. “There were lots of designated drivers,” Fehler noted, giving kudos to people for planning ahead. “It






was great.” Twelve checkstops were held over the winter holiday period, with four drivers pulled from behind the wheel and given a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP). One driver found with a higher blood alcohol than the legal limit was issued a three-day IRP, and a sixth was given a 24-hour IRP



15,999 *

because their ability to drive had been affected by drink. In the course of vehicle checks, six small amounts of pot or hash were seized, and two more drivers were handed driving prohibitions for driving while impaired. “For the most part, people were pretty good,” said Fehler. Overall, the number of driv-










ers being taken off the roads for impaired driving are down in the province. According to preliminary numbers, police laid 961 impaired related charges from Dec. 2, 2012 to Jan. 2, 2013, compare to 1434 for the same period last year. Distracted and dangerous driving is on the radar too. More than 1,419 people got ticketed for use of















31,499 *








26,499 *






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12 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, January 9, 2013

an electronic device while driving, and 213 drivers were caught excessive speeding (doing 40 km/hour or more over the posted limit.) The Nakusp RCMP say they will continue to hold checkstops throughout the year, and encourage people to have a designated driver or call a friend or family for a ride if in doubt.

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Arrow Lakes News, January 09, 2013  

January 09, 2013 edition of the Arrow Lakes News