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The 11 month Spa Practitioner & Aesthetics Program Offers the most advanced The 11 month Spa Practitioner & 198 Aesthetics curriculum in the Industry with hours of Program Offers the most advanced practicum training At WCCMT’s Day Spa. curriculum in the Industry with 198 hours of practicum training At WCCMT’s Day Spa.

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Every penny (still) counts he end of the penny is growing near, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few charities out there who want your good cents. The Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is once again asking for donations through its DANIELLE Collection Dog program, found POPE at various locations around news@ every city in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint stopped production of the penny in May 2012. Yet with the penny nearing its extinction on Feb. 4, when it will be eliminated from Canada’s coinage system and cash price totals will have to be rounded to the nearest five cents, the registered charity is fearful that this year’s collections will be deeply affected. “The collection dogs are an example of how every penny adds up,� says Steven Doucette of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. “For more than two decades, children have put their loose change into these dogs, and the majority of coins have been pennies. These pennies have been a huge source of revenue and have contributed greatly to our organization training guide dogs for visually impaired Canadians.� It cost the government 1.6 cents to produce each new penny when production was stopped. While Doucette says rounding up or down may not make a huge difference to the average person, it will likely take some getting used to. Perhaps nickels and dimes will become unimportant to many now — that’s the hope of the organization, which has trained more than 700 guide dog teams from coast to coast since 1984. “Hopefully, instead of putting in five pennies, we’ll make it up a nickel at a time,� says Doucette. “We also hope to expand the program. One way we can try to make this up is to get more collection dogs into stores. The program is operated by volunteers in each community, so what we need even more than pennies is people.� Doucette says the volunteer position can be undertaken in any community in the country. In the meantime, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind would be happy to take your pennies. Drop them into a collection dog at a store close to you. For the nearest location or information about volunteering, call 604-270-2432 or email


NEW YEAR, OLD BATTLE Ladies, get on your gloves. A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has found that women in B.C. earn significantly less than those in the rest of Canada. The report, authored by Marjorie Griffin Cohen, an economist and SFU professor of political science and gender, sexuality and women’s studies, found that in 2010 (the latest available data), women in B.C. were earning $2,700 a year less than the national average. The shift came as a surprise when Cohen discovered that, during most of the 1990s, women in B.C.


The Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind hopes the extinction of Canada’s penny won’t stop donations.

received average earnings that were generally equal to or higher than the national average. In the late 1990s, however, B.C. women’s earnings dropped, and have since lagged the Canadian average. “The various attempts in B.C. to keep wages from rising appear to have had an impact on low-income earners over the past 10 years, and women disproportionately make up those low-wage workers,� says Cohen. “Public policy in B.C. has undermined the needs of workers in the mistaken belief that a lowwage policy will be best for the economy.� From 2002 to 2010, British Columbian gals saw an average increase in their earnings of 0.49 per cent per year, compared to a Canadian average for women of 1.4 per cent per year. While earnings for women in B.C. now appear to be slowly improving, says Cohen, they are not keeping pace with the average for women workers in Canada. “During most of the period under consideration, one would have expected the B.C. earnings disadvantage to improve as the economy improved,� she says. “But this did not happen.�

ONE BIRD, TWO BIRD, RED BIRD... If you like birds and counting, this is the event for you. More than 12,000 volunteers across Canada — and over 60,000 continent-wide — will be counting birds until Sat., Jan. 5. Many, who have been on the task since Dec. 14, will rise before dawn and brave winter weather to participate in the world’s longest running wildlife census, which began in 1900. “This is not just about counting birds,� says Dick Cannings, Bird Studies Canada’s program coordinator. “This data is at the heart of hundreds of peerreviewed scientific studies and informs decisions by wildlife managers across Canada. Because birds are early indicators of environmental threats to habitats we share, this is a vital survey.� Last year’s count shattered records in Canada: a total of 412 counts involving over 12,000 participants tallied 3.9 million birds of 303 species. To help finish off the count, visit and click on “Find a Count Near You.� M


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Teachers before guns he Mayans predicted that a new age of enlightenment would dawn on mankind in 2013 — but nobody told them about the NRA. Following the heart-wrenchingly horrific killing spree at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14 that claimed 27 lives, a spokesperson for the National Rie Association recommended that armed ofďŹ cers be stationed in all schools. The organization said nothing about increasing fundGRANT ing to treat mental illness. It said nothing about more McKENZIE support for suicide prevention (most crazed gunmen plan to “go out with a bangâ€?) or easy and free access to editor@ psychiatrists and counselling. It said nothing about ways to help stop this disease of the mind that is infecting its populace. Most sane people don’t kill each other, but, then again, sane people don’t need a semiautomatic rie to go deer hunting, either. The NRA doesn’t aim to solve the problem, it wants to feed it. Instead of arming their schools with bullets, guns and, due to school budgets being continually slashed, volunteer guards, the NRA should be calling for money to be returned to schools in the form of teachers’ wages, textbooks, counsellors and teacher aides. Trained teachers are often the ďŹ rst ones to identify the early onset of learning difďŹ culties and emotional problems with children. With the proper backing and resources, teachers can make sure our children receive the help they need, whether that’s something as simple as a pair of glasses to read the blackboard or counselling to deal with a difďŹ cult, or even abusive, situation at home. When I was growing up in Scotland, public schools were full of children from vastly different economic backgrounds. And while the school focused on education, it also made sure that every child received fresh milk in the morning, a hot meal at lunch and a school uniform so that every child started out on the same base. Mental health issues weren’t dealt with on quite the same level. When I started ďŹ rst grade, my teacher told my parents that I would need to be transferred to the “special schoolâ€? as I wrote all my words backwards. (Dyslexia wasn’t something that people had heard of at the time.) However, since I was ahead of the “regularâ€? children in other areas, such as reading and math, it was eventually decided that I could stay. My teacher worked with me to train my mind to switch the letters to their more widely-accepted order. But too often today, limited resources means that students with problems get shufed off to the side and forgotten, which leads to adults with even more problems. To truly protect our children, we need to put money back into the two most important areas of their development: schools and health care. M




HOME-GROWN MEDICINE Health Canada’s proposal for a new medical cannabis regulation scheme has some good points, but it shouldn't restrict patients from growing a personal supply at home, too.

ARE YOU FEELING POORLY? The B.C. government has raised the health care tax again – this time from $128 per month for a family to $133. That means the MSP has increased 24 per cent in just three years. We feel sick.

VICTORIA BIRD WATCHERS ARE NO. 2 A tweet of congrats to Ladner for defeating us to claim the annual Christmas Bird Count with a one-day tally of 144 species compared with Victoria's 139 species. Next year!

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Art inspired by biology LOCAL ARTIST PAINTS A PICTURE OF THE NATURAL WORLD ith the “curious mind of a scientist and the reckless abandon of an artist,” local painter (and this issue’s Monday cover artist) Tamara Phillips’ work is inspired by the natural world — fitting then, that she chose UVic as the perfect place to study biology.


After starting an environmental science degree in Montreal, she decided to move back to the rugged West Coast where she was born. “The ocean called me home,” she says. “The Island, with all its forests and coastline, lent a perfect paradise for a budding naturalist, and so Victoria once again became my home. The proximity to wild space is what I love most.” And Phillips says the time she Tamara Phillips with “Phthalo’s Lake,” a 40” x 30” watercolour. spent studying science shaped the artist she’s become today. “While pursuing my science degree I going to be able to do if I didn’t understand the root of these would carve models and figures out of situations,” says Phillips. plasticine, chopsticks, napkins, and far too Her gorgeous watercolour paintings feature the plants, many abandoned odds and ends. I built animals and scenic landscapes of the West Coast — someintricate hanging mobiles of every species of times painting with salt water directly out of the ocean. insect and fungus imaginable. I would liter“I have played in many mediums throughout my creative ally paint my notes: objects, equations, and life, but watercolour is my favourite. The pigment is rich, words, on paper, all this to help my visual compact and malleable, and water is such a fitting substance memory retain the multitude of informa- for narrating the natural world,” says Phillips. tion it was being thrown. It took a lot of art “Most of my paintings are spontaneously produced, meanmaking to obtain one science degree.” ing I don’t thoroughly plan the composition. Instead, I let the The more she learned about ecology, pigment and water lead the way: when the paint smears, environmental issues, and the effects smudges, pools, or runs into an unplanned place, instead of humans have on the planet, the more she cursing the mistake, I am thankful for the spontaneous initiarealized that “there was not much I was tive and work it into the piece. In essence, my paintings are a cohesion of mistakes.” Phillips recently relocated to Vancouver and has an upcoming show at Arts off Main Gallery (216 East 28 Ave). Her art is also available for viewing or purchase on her website and on Etsy (deepcolouredwater). M


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Dear Simon Nattrass: I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate your column in Monday

But if this is the only time you visit, you’ll miss: 1. BC Bites and Beverages Series Jan 17, March 21, May 23

2. Two Worlds: Indigenous Media and Performance Jan 26, 7 pm

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3. Tradition in Felicities Feb 7 – Sept 29 4. Date Night @ the Museum Feb 14 , 9 – 11 pm 5. Victoria Chinatown Celebrations Feb 23, 1 – 3 pm 6. Museum Amplification Project: A Curated Evening of Audio Experiences April 20, 7 pm – 10 pm

7. Race to the End of the Earth May 17 – Oct 14 [4]



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Magazine. Keep hammering away at getting the truth about the "Blue Bridge." My wife and I voted against a new bridge because we felt the city was lying to us about costs for a new bridge and for the repairs to the old bridge. We travel extensively throughout Europe and, as you know, there are bridges in every city that have been standing for centuries. Why? Because, unlike our city council, European city councils don't ignore maintaining their bridges. Sometimes I think that certain council members wish to build monuments to their time on city council. And yes, "the coming New Year will bring little joy for the city and its taxpayers." When we read Monday Magazine we turn to your column first. STEPHEN LONG, VICTORIA

CONTENTS VOL. 39, NO. 01 Jan. 3, 2013





















CITY SOMETHING If the first thing that pops into your head after hearing the word choir is an image of old ladies draped in flowing gowns and singing “Hallelujah!”, then what Larsen Music has planned might just blow your mind.




FILM & LIBATION Gory and sometimes-cartoonish, Django Unchained has provocative moments.





Victoria’s pop starlet, Nelly Furtado, is coming home to kick off her first Canadian tour in six years. The Spirit Indestructible Tour, named for Furtado’s fourth English-language album, debuts at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Tues., Jan. 8.

“How a thing begins is a clue to how it unfolds. This year will be full of energetic enthusiasm, surprising detours, and with much good fortune,” says astrologer Georgia Nicols.


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STREET SMARTS What predictions do you have for 2013?


Harper clueless to challenges of age tanding on the doorstep of 2013, I am sadly aware that the phrase “another year older” has sobering implications — especially BRIAN on one such as I, a KIERAN charter member of bkieran@ the ubiquitous ing demographic. And, looking back on 2012, I find that issues of aging barely rated a mention when the younger media pundits were crafting their year-in-review pieces. As I look back before looking forward, I can’t shake off my disbelief over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to progressively increase the age of eligibility for the OAS pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) from 65 to 67. It sent a pretty clear message to the early onset seniors amongst us that this government has no understanding of the challenges seniors face. The theory is that pushing the retirement age to 67 will keep seniors working longer and thus reduce the “dependency


ratio” between idle snowbirds and the dwindling ranks of benefit-paying worker bees. To get a sense of what the retirement landscape will look like when all this starts kicking in it helps to get a sense of where we’re at today. OAS and GIS provide one third of the income of all seniors over 65, and one half of the incomes of seniors with incomes less than $20,000. One in four seniors 65 to 70 is still working, more than double what it was in 2000, and a quarter of them can only find part-time work. Twenty per cent of workers over 65 earn less than $5,000 a year. A Statistics Canada survey of 55-plus workers found that only one third had retired because they were financially ready. Based on this reality, respected Canadian Labour Congress economist Angella MacEwan predicts that “delaying the age of eligibility for OAS and GIS will result in significantly reduced incomes for those who are unable to replace OAS/ GIS income from earnings in low wage jobs.” She says it will take considerable hours in low-wage jobs to replace the maximum OAS/GIS benefit of about $14,000 per year or even to replace the basic OAS benefit of just over $5,000 per year.

I predict real estate will drop considering the state of wages and incomes.

“Forcing lower paid workers to work from age 65 to 67 by depriving them of access to the OAS and the GIS would mean that an important subgroup of seniors would likely experience very significant reductions in income compared to the status quo. To some degree, it would also force older workers to compete with younger workers for entry-level, part-time jobs,” she says. The reality today is that most baby boomers don’t want to sacrifice their current lifestyle to enter retirement and many will stay in debt to accomplish this. Almost 60 per cent of pre-seniors 50 to 59 would rather work longer to live better in retirement, versus just 25 per cent who are prepared to live more modestly in order to retire early. This is reality. For many it is a hard one. And, it will be harder still in the years to come for the many thousands of seniors who have not been fortunate enough to financially inoculate themselves against Harper’s retirement scheme. In the year to come it would be reassuring if our elected representatives returned to this issue and demanded another round of informed debate. Sadly, you will rarely find the word “informed” in a sentence that also includes the words “Harper government.” M

CORY SINGH, Victoria

Broadened consciousness. GRACE VANGASTLE, Victoria

Gloom and doom for the world economy. DURELL BENNETT, Victoria

More of a sense of oneness and living for others. ANDREW BARBUTZA, Victoria


Anthropologist digs into native treaties n the past, I have invoked the ghosts of Victoria’s birth to illustrate the ongoing injustice borne by the indigenous nations of British Columbia. The demons of our past — James Douglas, John Helmcken, Matthew Begbie — make convenient villains, their crimes laid bare by a view of history less biased toward colonial heroes. SIMON It is easy to fill ourselves with guilt when NATTRASS the legacy of these men is revealed in the snattrass@ politics and relationships of today, but for UVic anthropologist and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Michael Asch, guilt is not the final word. At first Asch set out to tell a story, to help those who had never thought about pre-colonial history to understand where we come from and what it means to live on someone else’s land. As time went on, simply knowing our history wasn’t enough for Asch or his students, and he began looking for a way to move away from the political and social foundations laid by men like Douglas and Begbie.


Asch turns to an unlikely source for this alternative, looking to a set of treaties written during the confederation of Canada. We can neither deny that today’s treaty process is deeply flawed nor ignore governments’ willingness to minimize the promises made to the people whose land we have gleefully logged, strip mined and developed for hundreds of years. Even so, for all these flaws, Asch’s work reveals in these early treaties one of the only opportunities Canadian law offers to pursue a relationship with indigenous peoples characterized by respect instead of exploitation. Asch’s work is founded in the simple reality that indigenous people were here first and have a right to the land that continues to this day — a right that Canada continues to ignore. The promises made in these treaties are simple: to approach our relationships with indigenous peoples with kindness, to respect their right to the land, and not to interfere with their cultures or ignore their interests. Every tar-sands pit, oil rig, mine, and even city takes on a new light when we consider these obligations. M Asch will be teaching a free course as part of a series on Canadian History and Politics with the Free Knowledge Project. For dates and other information visit M

THE POLL Did PETA step over line with turkey protest billboard? Yes, targetting kids is wrong

16% 12% Maybe, bad taste doesn't taste good To participate in next week’s poll, go to

Proudly Standing Up for the Issues That Matter. Carole James MLA Victoria – Beacon Hill 250-952-4211 1084 Fort Street, Victoria [6]


Maurine Karagianis MLA Esquimalt – Royal Roads 250-479-8326 A5 – 100 Aldersmith Place, View Royal

No, it got people's attention


Total Votes: 18


Predictions & Horoscopes

To complement Georgia Nicols’ annual horoscopes for the year ahead, we asked a few local experts to gaze into their crystal balls and offer their opinions on what trends they predict for 2013.

LOCAL POLITICS - MAYOR DEAN FORTIN CITY HALL introduction Q. WHAT DRASTIC CHANGES WILL of the Green OUR CITY SEE IN 2013? Bin, but we believe 2013 is going to be an exciting year. First, the downtown landscape is going to ourish. With new developments coming to life, our streetscape will look different and hundreds of new downtown residents will add to the vibrancy of the core. The Union on Pandora, the Era on Yates, and the Sovereign on Broughton are examples of new projects that will add to the look and feel of our downtown. Not to mention that construction on the new Johnson Bridge Street will begin! These new developments will be complemented by the implementation (by September 2013) of a bus-only lane along the Douglas Street corridor during peak hours. This effort will get buses out of the congestion, making bus riders’ commute faster, and hopefully encouraging more people to leave their cars at home. In our neighbourhoods, 2013 is a year to enjoy the many parks and green spaces that have recently seen investment. The Bike Skills Park in Burnside, the Cridge Park downtown, the Cook Street playground and outdoor fitness circuit, and Fisherman’s Wharf Park are adding to the fantastic family opportunities within our neighbourhoods. And finally, 2013 is the year we implement kitchen scrap collection. Not only will we see change with the





will be making change by extending the life of the landfill and putting to better use the compostable waste our community produces. These are just a few of the areas we will see change in the coming year, people should also look for more Mayor Dean Fortin housing projects to come online and improved health services for the most vulnerable in our community. All these initiatives speak to our ongoing efforts to build a city that is livable, sustainable and welcoming. Happy New Year, everyone.

SOCIAL ACTIVISM - COMRADE BLACK ACTIVIST With the Harper conservaQ. WHAT POLITICAL SHIFT CAN WE tive government continuously EXPECT FOR 2013? cutting arts funding, funds for ere is what I want to honestly say. I want to tell you that 2013 will be the year we win — that we will see the rise of an unstoppable movement for positive change both for humans and other animals. It will be the year we finally get a safe injection site, while programs like LifeRing expand, helping even more people find sobriety. The division of the rich and poor will cease, vivisection will be outlawed, prison after prison will be shut down, in part because marijuana will be decriminalized. It will be the year the seal slaughter will finally end and Indigenous sovereignty will be recognized as people stand up to take back their communities, lands and lives. Unfortunately I can’t say that with any honesty.


programs for prisoners that have been proven to reduce recidivism, funds to take the government to court, and at the same time passing laws that sentence those who wear masks at protests for up to 10 years in prison, laws that create double bunking prisons, and attempting to reopen the Comrade Black debate around abortion — I can only see a further polarization. My honest prediction for 2013 involves more and more good people ending up behind bars for speaking out and standing up. Honestly, I hope I am wrong. Please prove me wrong — it really is up to you.

o borrow from Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, let me say that “these are the stories that may be, only ‌ not the stories of things that will be.â€? As the Spirit assured Scrooge, there are those who may yet change these stories I am predicting. B.C. will celebrate Family Day, and employers — again much like Scrooge — will complain that they are poorly served by having to pay a full day’s wages and not get a full day’s work. Employees will love it — even those who have to work because they’ll get timeand-a-half. By the next year, Jo-Ann Roberts everyone will be on board. The PST and GST will return. Accountants, the Bob Cratchits of the world, will silently suffer — there will be a rush to reprogram electronic cash registers. Prices will not go down, and no one will admit that they voted to get rid of the HST, except Bill Vander Zalm. The election in May will be close, but the NDP will form government. The Green Party will elect its first MLA and, in an act of generosity and political savvy, Premier Adrian Dix will ask the Green Party member to join the cabinet as a parliamentary secretary for the environment. By fall, the premier will announce that the province has a much higher debt than anyone expected, and will raise the PST by 1 per cent, making people talk about the good old days of the HST. The hearing into the Enbridge pipeline will finally be over. The committee will recommend that the pipeline not go ahead. Enbridge will say it did not communicate well and will promise to come back with a better proposal. The debate about the new Blue Bridge will continue, but fewer people will care as the construction goes ahead. The same will happen with the sewage treatment facility. The new projects that will have people up in arms will be the renovations to the Royal BC Museum and the Victoria Art Gallery. This promises to be a bang-up year for journalists.


PREDICTIONS Continued on Page 9

Thank you Victoria and Newport Realty for your support since I moved back in 2005, it is nice to be home! ,ZLVK\RXDOOWKHYHU\EHVWIRUDKDSS\ KHDOWK\VDIHDQGSURVSHURXV ,I\RXDUHWKLQNLQJRIEX\LQJRUVHOOLQJ \RXUKRPH,FDQKHOS Visit


ph: 250.385.2033 cell: 250.818.8736





ALL OF ME You are inventive, intellectual, independent, rebellious — yes, your basic no-frills revolutionary. (You unique types are all alike.) You value friendship and are a networker extraordinaire. You are a disseminator of knowledge who JAN 20 - FEB 18 likes to express yourself through groups. (Don’t leave home without your bullhorn.) You have a strong drive for social reform and champion the rights of the individual. (Is that another petition in your hip picket?) Aquarius rules aviation, rocket technology, astronomy, astrology and radio waves. (You wanted to fly a helicopter or be an astronaut when you were a kid.) You wear plaids! Aquarius also rules computers and technology, which means most wizards and geeks have Aquarius in their charts. (The Linux groupies.) f u cn rd ths, u r prbbly a lzy spllr. IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Actually, 2012 was a good year because you had time to play! Many of you took vacations, enjoyed playful activities with children and had time to relax with personal pursuits or spend time with loved ones. Of course, it was not just “easy street” because this was also a year of preparation. Some of you got further training or education or learned through travel so that you could be performance-ready for your time of success, which was almost at hand. And 2012 was a marvellous year for romance and toujours líamour! (Kiss, kiss.) FROM THIS MOMENT ON Lucky you! This is a winning year for Aquarius, which is why you will feel increasingly confident about the direction your life is taking. Your chance to experience romance, fun with children and time off to enjoy yourself gives you a boost. This year, you will discover what a great impression you’re making on everyone. Furthermore, your cherished dreams will start to come true! You’ll feel pleased about your life professionally, personally and socially. Ah yes, friendship is the bread of life but money is the honey. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Every 30 years, we reach a culmination, which is a career peak or, more precisely, a time of harvest. It’s when we reap what we sow. Where we planted well, we get kudos and rewards; where we planted poorly, we see failure. Congratulations are in order because you are now entering this phase of harvest. (At last!) Starting this year, you will be increasingly proud of your achievements. This could mean a promotion, a graduation, a wedding or a chance to start your own business. For some, it is an opportunity to change fields and work in travel, the law, healing, publishing or higher education. (In this case, a promotion is less likely.) What makes this an especially powerful time for you is that more than one influence is guaranteeing your success. You will improve your job or get a better job or escape the clutches of your horrible boss. Count on it! Make the most of this fortunate year and demand the advantage!

Arnold Lim

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE During the next few years, your everyday mental attitudes will change quite radically. Intellectual pursuits will excite you and you will wrap your mind around ideas that were never apparent before. You might see genius-like solutions or approaches to something. The tempo of your life will accelerate and casual conversations will strike you as profound. Your daily world will change constantly, even your habits. You will notice this in daily communications with others and also because your everyday world seems to be a source of wonder and amazement. Remain flexible and light on your feet, which, of course, you are. About seven years ago was a time of new beginnings and now you are seeing how to best handle what has transpired. This is an eye-opening time!

ALL OF ME Your extreme sensitivity is a two-way street. Not only are your feelings sensitive, you are also highly sensitive in receiving other people’s vibes. At times, this can make you too impressionable, too susceptible to external influences. But it also FEB 19 - MARCH 20 makes you deeply compassionate, caring and self-sacrificing. You are graceful in movement and beautiful in an almost perfect, innocent way. Pisces rules the feet, which is why you dance and love shoes. Music transforms you and is also an escape. You are the master of illusion (smoke and mirrors). In fact, you are so illusory people project what they want to see on you. Because of this, you are frequently misunderstood. Dreams are a big part of your life. Escape into fantasy is the next best thing to travel. IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Actually, 2012 brought challenges. Partnerships and close relationships suffered with disputes, arguments and disappointments. Fortunately, your home life was happy and enriching. Family members were generous to each other. In fact, last year and this year are excellent times to explore real-estate opportunities or to invest in your home and improve it. It has been disheartening to feel you have to rely on yourself, with less support from external sources. But you have survived! And this year brings a turning point for the better! (Thank gawd.) FROM THIS MOMENT ON This year you will feel stronger and more independent. The loss you felt in recent years will subside as you start to suspect you’re preparing for something wonderful. And you’re right. In about three years, you’ll be proud of your achievements! In the meantime, this year promises a great vacation, a huge boost to romance and possibly an increase to family through marriage, birth or adoption. You won’t feel like you have to hide from the world anymore. Au contraire! You’ll welcome this chance for personal growth, increased wisdom and greater freedom of selfexpression. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT If you’re a late Pisces, you might still feel discouraged by the lack of support from external sources. However, early Pisces (born in February) and all other Pisces, by late in the year, will feel a sense of release from this concern. This is because you’ll start to see a time ahead when cherished dreams will come true. But you’re not there yet. This is your time of preparation, which is why further training, education or experience gained from travel will help prepare you for your time of harvest and proud achievements in 2016-17. Many will learn more about metaphysics, philosophy, religion and the study of the law (because legal matters could be challenging). Learn as much as you can! Whatever wisdom you acquire in the next three years will benefit you at the time of your career peak. Because vacations, pleasure, romance, sports and children are such a strong focus this year, some of you might switch jobs to the entertainment world, the hospitality industry, sports or working with children. FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE Your home life will be beautifully enriched this year; it’s also a wonderful year for real-estate investments; family will be happier and more generous to each other; and then you enter this fabulous year of vacations, romance, fun and pleasure! What a combo! Also, for the first and only time in your life, your ruler Neptune is in your sign now until 2025. (Whaaat?) You have never experienced this before. It will make you even more compassionate and sensitive to others, and it will increase your “Spidey” sense — your fabulous ESP abilities. It will also draw you to explore metaphysics, religion and the more subtle, imaginative aspects of life. It will encourage your idealism. But you will need more sleep — do respect this.


ALL OF ME You’re the boldest, bravest sign in the zodiac. You’re Steve McQueen, Captain James T. Kirk, Jackie Chan and Lucy Lawless. “To the barricades!” Who gets things done around here? You do. Your pioneering spirit makes you leave enviable MARCH 21 - APRIL 19 positions. You’re tops in the arts, fighting, building and driving. (Zoom, zoom!) You love the thrill of discovery. “Land ho!” You don’t wait for things to happen, you make them happen. You’re the leader of the pack, the first in the door and you get the last word. Some find you impatient; you think they’re slow. You’re generous and a risk taker. You’re competitive and hate to lose. You love animals. You’re fast, tender, in control and always ready. “On your mark!” IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Recently, you’ve been licking your wounds from relationships that have ended. No matter what the circumstances, a contributing factor was that since 2010, you have been more ambitious and independent. For the first time since 1996, Saturn is above the horizon in your chart. (This means you’re feeling your oats!) Plus unpredictable Uranus, in your sign for the first time since 1935 (a first for you) is stirring the pot. You will not be dictated to. You will not be a doormat. You're going to embrace your power — period. FROM THIS MOMENT ON Guess what? When you were flying high in the early ’90s, lucky Jupiter was exactly where it will be this July to stay for a year! This will totally bless your home life. Family members will be generous and joyful. Crops will be fertile, your herds abundant and milk and honey will flow in the land. (You get the picture.) Some will move to bigger digs; others will acquire beautiful things because your home will feel richer. Families might expand through marriage or birth. You’ll work to secure your home to guarantee your comfort and support in the future. You won’t feel shackled. Au contraire! You’ll have a sense of belonging not only to your home but to your community. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Good news! In your career and reputation among your peers, things are looking up. Since 2010-11, you have straightened your spine. Your increased confidence in standing up for yourself was the beginning of your march to success. You’re focused on your external world now because you sense (quite correctly) you’re going places. Meanwhile, life is forcing you to stand on your own two feet because the resources of others will diminish. (Please note this does not affect your own earnings. It just means you can’t count on others as much as before.) But hey, this is boot-camp training for a career peak five years from now. “Hut-two-three-four!” From the summer of 2013 until late in 2014, you have the best chance in more than a decade for real-estate opportunities. Buy and sell or buy for the first time; or improve where you live with renovations or the purchase of lovely things. (You’ll be lovin’ your home in the next 18 months.) Start making a list of who will come to your house-warming party. Invite your enemies so you can gloat. “Eat your hearts out!” Bwaha-ha-ha! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE You’re cocky and independent. (Like Aries Emmylou Harris, “I never worry about what I can do or what I should do. I just do what I want to do.”) But lately, your reputation and image have changed, which is making you ponder new directions. (It’s thrilling but scary.) You’re approaching your chance to make your greatest possible mark upon the world. The trick is you have to know your goals. You have to play fair, and you can’t take shortcuts. This is the perfect year to explore new kinds of awareness — yoga, mediation, tai chi — whatever gives you a new tool to become more focused. Because in five years, you will shine! Therefore, you have to be performance ready. You are finally starting to see that your goals are within your grasp. They’re doable! Can you smell that whiff of success?

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Alan Rycroft, community relations head, Victoria Cool Aid Society.

Q. WHAT WILL BE THE GREATEST SOCIAL IMPROVEMENT OF 2013? predict that 2013 is going to be the turnaround year for ending homelessness in the capital region. For many years, one of Victorians’ top concerns has been helping house the people in our community without homes — 96 per cent of whom want to be housed (we surveyed them). Together, we have made some good progress: the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness tallied the numbers up recently and together we have built 209 modest apartments for people who have been homeless, since 2009. Now, coalition partners will seize an even more ambitious goal: their “Procurement Action Plan” calls for the construction of 719 new supportive housing apartments by 2018, plus 245 subsidized apartments in the existing rental market to help house folks who can’t afford Victoria’s expensive


rents. It’s going to cost $109.9 million for the new construction. That sounds like a lot of money, so why do I feel confident that 2013 is the year that Victorians will decide to end homelessness? Simple. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we’ll all be saving taxpayer dollars. In fact, incredible as it may seem, a Simon Fraser University economic study determined that the average cost savings to taxpayers for housing people in B.C. who have been homeless is $18,000 per year, per person — mostly through tax savings in hospital, emergency shelter, security and justice system costs. By collectively raising $10 million to get the ball rolling, we will leverage an additional $100 million in capital and save something like $17 million per year. Now that’s a good return on investment. Better for the people who are homeless. Better for the community. Better for us taxpayers. Win, win, win.


Q. WHAT ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE CAN WE PREPARE FOR IN 2013? he major environmental change for 2013 will be the resurgence of the climate sustainability movement. This movement is being fueled by Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, by expectations that Obama will act during his last term, by major opposition movements to pipelines and coal, and by the groundswell of climate activism underway in the U.S. through Bill McKibben’s movement that will inevitably overflow into Canada. Big Oil’s role in manufacturing public doubt about climate science — despite 98 per cent of the world’s publishing climate scientists agreeing that anthropogenic climate change is underway — is akin to Big Tabacco’s past in casting doubt on the link between cigarettes and lung cancer. The question now is if the climate movement will grow strong enough, and fast enough, to stop runaway global warming. Scientists are projecting a four-to-six-degree global temperature rise this century — at two degrees, the feedbacks of burning forests, icefree warming oceans, permafrost methane release, etcetera, make it virtually impossible to halt global


warming, and it won’t stop at just six degrees. The climate movement will evolve into a force great enough to change the status quo, but it will require a heavier emphasis on politics and policies to change society, rather than simply voluntary personal lifestyle reforms. Emphasizing solutions will also be key, along with Ken Wu highlighting the positive attributes of a sustainable, low carbon society for green businesses and jobs, livable cities, healthier lifestyles and sustaining the planet’s natural diversity. As long as the environmental movement is simply the movement of “no” and “stop,” without emphasizing how people can make a living, it will always be too weak to fundamentally transform the status quo. And that status quo is the key to build a broad-based movement that engages the mainstream public — businesses, faith groups, unions, scientists and diverse communities — rather than simply other activists and “protesters.” In 2013, I think we’ll see hope come back.

Fo r CE co u r s e s g o t o c a m o s u n . c a /ce





ALL OF ME You read newspapers. (That’s because you like history and today’s news is current history.) You also love your creature comforts: good food, good wine, good sex and a cozy home (preferably full of antiques and mortgage-free). You’re the APRIL 20 - MAY 20 financial wizard of the zodiac. You make money and save it! You appreciate quality. One-stop shopping is not your style; you shop around for the best bread, fish, meat and apple pie. You appreciate real wood, pewter, silver and gold. Taurus rules the throat, hence your lovely voice. You’re the most tactile sign in the zodiac. (No scratchy labels for you!) It pleases you to discuss politics in garden settings with delicious refreshments. (You’re a country squire at heart.) Hey, whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop! Nevertheless, cash in the bank is what really makes you feel secure. IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR In this last year, your hard work began to pay off because you explored ways to boost your income. Some of you made substantial purchases that made you feel proud or more comfortable or more “with it.” (I’m so hot.) And again, many of you took a wonderful vacation or became more involved in sports events, playful activities with children and romantic affairs. There was a strong competitive edge to things, but basically you were intent on enjoying life. FROM THIS MOMENT ON The year 2013 is a turning point for you, perhaps the biggest since 1999. For the last 14 years, despite vacations, romance and hard work, your growth was primarily personal. You redefined yourself and wrestled with values and residential moves, struggling to show the world what you could do. Well, that 14-year journey has ended. For the first time since 1984, you will start to attract attention and garner praise from the world around you. (I can fly!) You’re going to push out into the world more boldly because you are finally starting to see that brass ring gleaming in the future. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT There’s something you need to know right away about this coming year. You’re entering a time when you will definitely get recognition for your efforts. It’s as if you’ve been in the wings for the last 14 years, and suddenly, you’re stepping out onto centre stage. Ta-da! But it’s not all easy street. Yes, you will begin to get more recognition but, at the same time, co-workers and bosses will make greater demands on you. As their admiration for your efforts increases, they will expect more. This is why you will feel overworked, discouraged and physically tired. (I’m getting old.) You will have to defend yourself from the demands of others who ask you to work too hard or over-commit. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll be of no use to anyone, right? You can’t be all things to all people all the time. Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving.” FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE In the next decade, your view of the world will change. It won’t happen quickly. (Likely, something will force this change.) Your interest in profound subjects, including religion, will deepen. You’ll be less concerned with what your mind grasps and more concerned with experiences, mystical or philosophical. These new experiences will be so profound, you’ll try to persuade others to embrace your new way of thinking. Sudden disclosures of secrets might also affect you. One secret might be your own acceptance about who you are. You’ll also discover the power of positive thinking this year by literally experiencing it. Relations with others will be upbeat. You’ll be excited and enthusiastic about expanding your horizons, possibly through travel. Certainly your plans for the future are bigger, sexier and ambitious! And yes, when you start to think like a winner you become one.

ALL OF ME You will be forever childlike, frisky, clever and fun to be with. (Boring is not in your vocabulary.) You’re fast-talking, fast-thinking and always on the move because you’re so curious, you don’t want to miss a thing! You’re wonderfully articuMAY 21- JUNE 20 late. You have a way with words (some people not have way). Many of you are successful writers, editors, reporters, announcers, actors, teachers or you work with your hands. You love fascinating, new information because learning invigorates you. (Then of course, you must enlighten others!) But you won’t be hemmed in. Oh no. You’re the most freedom-loving, playful sign in the zodiac. You like maps, puzzles, pens, compasses, watches and gadgets. (You would love the desk of Noah Webster or Ben Franklin.) You’re an incorrigible punster who shouldn’t be incorriged. IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR In the last year, Jupiter entered your sign in the summer, which was a great blessing for those of you born before June 6. It boosted your confidence and brought you good fortune, which were definitely needed because all of you have been struggling with the question of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” (Don’t worry — you won’t ever really grow up.) In 2012, Mars created tension, chaos and confusion at home due to renovations, visiting guests, whatever. But hey, you survived!


ALL OF ME You’re friendly. (Neighbourly chats over the fence, discussions about the weather in elevators, all that warm stuff.) You like your home and most of you cook and garden. You nurse people, pets, plants, pots on the stove and anything that JUNE 21 - JULY 22 needs loving attention because you are truly caring. You’re mechanical, plus you like boats and marinas. You’re careful with money. You like quality, but you would never buy towels full-price retail. You like a bargain. You talk a lot about your family and are clever at insinuating your way into situations. You have a lot of STUFF because you can’t let go of anything. (“I might need this one day.”) IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Ever mindful of your home security, many of you focused on repairs or major renovations in the last year so that you could once again truly solidify your digs. Although you might not be aware that you were more aggressive than usual in your communications last year, you will recall spirited conversations and confrontations with neighbours, siblings and daily contacts. (Oh yeah!) Fortunately, some of you used this assertive style to your advantage at work. Recently, you’ve been more aware of unspoken values and your inner world. You like to think that you have a sure thing but how does one really know?

FROM THIS MOMENT ON The good news for 2013 is lucky Jupiter is still in Gemini, and this once-in-every-12-years blessing will continue to benefit those born before June 6. (Yes, many Geminis wrote to me this year saying, ‘Did it miss me?’ As a matter of fact, it did.) But note: For those of you who were born after June 6, your life will improve beautifully from May 2013 onward! (Finally, my turn!) Furthermore, this is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth where you will discover who you really are.

FROM THIS MOMENT ON The biggest change in 2013 is lucky Jupiter enters your sign for the first time since 2001-02. This is marvellous! Once every 12 years, Jupiter travels through your sign attracting favourable circumstances, creating opportunities around you and boosting your confidence and optimism in life. Believe me, it’s a wonderful blessing! Jupiter will enter Cancer in late June and stay until July 2014. This will also invigorate your health and encourage you to study anything new. Your freedom will increase and you will meet people who expose you to totally new aspects of life.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Life is never black or white (unless you’re a Scorpio). It’s a mix. By May of 2013, all Geminis will benefit from lucky Jupiter attracting opportunities and boosting their self-confidence. In fact, those born in May will start earning more money later this year, whereas later Geminis will start to boost their earnings in 2014-15. However, another major shift is also taking place. For the first time since the mid-’80s, you are in a two-to-three-year window where you have to bust your buns and work hard. (There’s no way to sugarcoat this.) But this hard work will pay off! (How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?) You started a new path around 2001, and from 2008 to 2016, you’re going to prove you’ve got what it takes. This is the hard time. But you will do it. (Hey, there’s two of you, how’s that for a double edge?) Don’t scatter your energy because your health could suffer. Stay focused and respect the needs of your body. The good news is Jupiter will boost your optimism, then bring you cash. Guaranteed.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT You’re in limbo. You’re not entirely sure of your life direction or what you want to do. But this is exactly where you are supposed to be. This is the year to question everything you’ve done up until now and ask yourself what you want to do with the rest of your life. In prior years, you redefined your inner world. Now you’re concerned with your outer world. Whatever you produce in the next two years will be the result of hard work but you will be disciplined! In late June, when Jupiter enters Cancer, those of you born in June will begin to benefit quickly. Jupiter is good for business! From September to November, those born in the first two weeks of July will benefit. (Late Cancers will receive this same benefit in 2014.) And this is so timely! Just when you’re wondering about your career and life direction, all kinds of opportunities, favourable circumstances and helpful people will present themselves to you in the next two years! (And you are the ONLY sign reaping this benefit.) Business-related travel and new partnerships are likely.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence is at play for you during the next six years. What actually happens and how you perceive what happens could be two different things. But if you can see what is happening, you’ll be the big winner. Unexpected opportunities will come to you through groups or you might become involved with a new group. Through your connections with these people, you will discover greater freedom of self-expression. You may think this is just happening because you’re meeting these people. But the truth is that you are allowing it to happen. You are giving up limitations, restrictions and viewpoints that previously bound you to a certain way of seeing the world. This is going to force you to admit to yourself that you are writing the movie of your life more than you ever dreamed.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE This year is full of tremendous opportunities because you are at the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth. The aim of this cycle is to discover who you really are. (Or you could save 11 years and just open your wallet and check your ID.) Without question, by the time Jupiter leaves your sign in the middle of 2014, your self-confidence and poise will have increased. You will have new knowledge gained through learning experiences, especially through people from different backgrounds. Some of you will radically change your profession because you want to break free from a repressive situation. Others will discover new techniques or explore new territory. You might shock your friends by leaving a successful job to test yourself on a new path. Hmmm, a little confidence goes a long way!

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ALL OF ME You’re big-hearted, dramatic and creative. You like movies, nice hotels, children, the theatre, sports, vacations, animal prints and metallic glints, dinner parties, teaching and inspiring others, leading the crowd, showing the way, helping a JULY 23 - AUG 22 friend, chunky one-of-a kind jewelry, wearing your hair back off your forehead and above all, appreciation and adoration. “We love you!” You spend big but can live frugally. (A secret.) Beneath your flamboyance and eye-catching style, you are a serious person. (Another secret.) You’re a charismatic leader, dignified and noble. Beneath your bravado is a surprisingly fragile ego. Nevertheless, your Leo power can change the energy in a room, a family and even an audience. You know how to get the best out of others. You are the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac and probably the most popular.

ALL OF ME No one has more unrelated data crammed into their head than you. Your discriminating mind absorbs everything (meaningless or profound) then magically files it in the deepest recesses of your brain to be retrieved on command whenever AUG 23 - SEPT 22 you want. (Can you do that drinking a glass of water?) But what really ups your fascination factor (and you are fascinating) is you offer your magpie gems in an entertaining delivery embellished with accents, dialects and mimicry. But enough of your mental genius! You feel enriched when you are truly of service to others. You embrace good health. Even if you eat junk food, you are wellversed on diet, hygiene and wellness. If you are not an editor, critic or proofer, you might join fellow Virgos in the vitamin supplement industry. “Take two, they’re small.”

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Last year, you burned though cash-taking trips, enjoying restaurants, being generous to others and making home improvements. And you worked equally as hard earning your money. (You’re no slouch.) It was a popular year with enjoyable camaraderie with others. But hear ye! Hear ye! This is a special time for you! The window of 2012-2013 marks the end of what you started in 2005, namely, reinventing the “new you.” This window of time is also the end of a different cycle of growth that started in 1991. A double whammy! You have totally redefined your image in the world. Now your mission is to discover what to do with the “new you.”

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Many of you felt financially squeezed in 2012. Furthermore, partnerships were confusing. But you were super-amped with fiery Mars in your sign for the first six months! (Yowzah!) This dynamically charged your energy and ambition. Plus lucky Jupiter was travelling across the top of your chart boosting your good name and giving you a respected reputation with your peers. Hopefully, this attracted good opportunities to you. Lately, you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of many things because your values are changing. Or perhaps you’re more aware of what your core values really are?

FROM THIS MOMENT ON Astrology is based on mathematics. Influences can vary by as much as two years depending on whether you were born early or late in your sign. This year marks the completion of your journey of redefining yourself. (But for Leos born after Aug. 14, this completion stage is not until 2014.) Essentially, you’re rounding Cape Horn. You’ve struggled with values, jobs, homes and family to discover what you want to do and how you want to live. Now that you have a sense of who you are, your first duty is to secure your home base. Hey, your home is your castle. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Many Leos are feeling a financial squeeze play. In part, this is the result of heavy spending last year. Certainly your increased popularity can rack up credit card debt in restaurants and hotels, to say nothing of gifts. (You love to give gifts.) Although you will be focused on your work this year, a major distraction will be the demands of home and family because you have to figure out where you want to live, and if you already know where you want to live, then you will be absorbed with repairs, renovations and improvements. This takes time and money! Fortunately, Jupiter will encourage you to expand your objectives and think big. (Although some of this “big” thinking could translate into how you want to live at home instead of your job.) Partnerships will help you this year. Welcome the input of others, especially older, more successful professionals. Clever Leos will boost their earnings this year by reaching beyond what they normally do. Go big league! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE You’re pondering serious questions right now because one of your primary desires is to figure out where you want to live and how to be happy with your home. Until you deal with this, it’s difficult to move forward with the rest of your life. As you ponder the demands of home and family, you will reflect more inwardly on how superficial or not you are living your life. Are your values good? (You don’t want to be waiting at the train station when your ship comes in.) You will explore spiritual dimensions this year including hidden facets of yourself that you usually don’t acknowledge. Ultimately, you will feel empathetic and realize — profoundly — that we are all in this Big Soup together.

FROM THIS MOMENT ON All Virgos are entering a two-to-three-year window full of residential moves and job changes. You might not think this will happen, but if you’re under 50, the odds are it will. Something will make you dissatisfied with where you are or something will come along that is so appealing you cannot refuse it. You might even be thrust into a situation that is so different from your daily milieu, the people around you speak a different language. (“Wow, they don’t speak English! I just asked her where we were and she said, “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.”)


ALL OF ME You’re always tastefully pulled together and you have grace of speech and movement. You’re a contribution to the gene pool (which could use a little chlorine). You’re disarmingly charming and the most social sign in the zodiac. Your SEPT 23 - OCT 22 surroundings affect you: lighting, smells, colours. You love gorgeous fabrics, Persian carpets, fresh flowers and beautiful dishes. You rearrange furniture to create what you want at home, at work or in a hotel room. (You don’t do squalor.) You love nice restaurants, dazzling dinner conversation and you always adjust that little vase of flowers. Perfect symmetry! You’re a skilled debater but you hate fights. You excel in politics and the law. You assume everyone knows the difference between cobalt blue and indigo. (Puleeze.) IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Travel has been a pleasure recently. (Hotels were made for you.) However, you also expanded your world through further education, opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine or the law. Wasn’t it surprising how easily this came about? (And thankfully because since 2010 you’ve been treading a new path.) Last year, you probably felt financially squeezed. Naturally, you still travelled because the finer things in life are a necessity. (You find it easier to buy stemware than scissors.) But you’ll always agree with your fellow Libran Oscar Wilde, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” FROM THIS MOMENT ON Since 2010, you weren’t sure where you were headed but you knew it would be different. But what will it be? Starting this year, you will strive to discover what really matters and what you really want. You know your wants in material terms, but what about psychological, spiritual and moral values? And it might feel like your control over finances and your material world is slipping, but this is because you have yet to determine what your real needs are. Be economical and sensible with money this year.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT You can expect a lot of change in the next few years. Since 2008, you have been redefining your life. But in the next two years, the most dramatic changes will take place because many of you will change jobs or change where you live. Or both! This change could be a welcome opportunity because Jupiter is still high in your chart bringing you blessings from VIPs and bosses. This means some of you will be transferred or choose a better job in another city. Even when Jupiter changes signs in the summer of 2013, this continues to bode well for you because it starts to boost your popularity. At the same time, something or someone in your life will encourage you to embrace bigger goals. (Something you might have been afraid of before.) Be careful about withdrawing from society and ignoring friendly invitations. Make sure you’re living according to your values and ideals and not the ideals of someone else. Don’t even go there. You are often quick to second-guess yourself. Don’t do this.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT This year is a preparation for your success next year. We’re talking breakthroughs in publishing and the media, opening doors in medicine and the law, or gaining achievement with higher education. You will travel, write and become more sophisticated. Your views on life will change. You’re becoming wiser and more mature and, by summer, you will enter an 18-month window where opportunities to promote your name and reputation will grow as never before! (Librans born before Oct. 14 will feel this success and their names up in lights starting in late 2013; later Librans will feel this same success in 2014.) Many of you will have more work-related travel. As the year wears on, most of you will get a promotion or public recognition for your efforts, certainly increased esteem from your peers. If you want to change your line of work, you can switch to medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel. If so, then you might not get a promotion but at least you get the opportunity to make the change you want to make.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE In the next few years, outer changes with your job and where you live will have a mirrored inward change taking place at the same time. (Pretty heady stuff.) In fact, your inner world will be restructured so deeply it will affect how you speak, how you listen and even how you approach your daily routine. Ultimately, you will be more disciplined and more reliable. You will acquire better skills to deal with siblings and relatives. But your tendency to over-idealize relationships in the next two years could put you at odds with people around you who see what you’re doing. And yet, you will want to entertain bigger goals in the next year, and this is exactly what you should do. Ah yes, it’s hard to be diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE This is an important year. For starters, you are questioning your values, which means you are seeking new ideas and are open to meeting new people with new beliefs or different philosophies. In addition, you’re expanding your world to prepare for a successful year next year. So much is happening! Despite your quest, life will flow easily this year. With very little effort you can explore new directions. It’s a time of growth, optimism and relaxation. You’re not afraid to think big and ask for more than you usually might. (Especially in negotiations.) You’re more tolerant with others and, although you have to be careful with money this year, little windfalls will benefit you. This is a good year to make plans. (Of course, we never really grow up. We only learn how to act in public.)

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ALL OF ME Passionate, purposeful and intense, you are the most powerful sign in the zodiac. Other signs are powerful but you go to extremes. You want to experience life deeply in your drive to transform yourself and everything around you. Your OCT 23 - NOV 21 world is full of secrets, yet you easily penetrate the secrets of others with X-ray vision. We find you in the halls of medicine, psychology, police work, espionage, gemology and jewels, the military, garbage and recycling, plumbing, manufacturing, anthropology, archaeology and firefighting. You build bridges and dams and move mountains. You renovate, rebuild, restore and reconfigure. And you’re playful! Fellow Scorpio Will Rogers understood your ethos: “If you want to be successful — know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing.”

ALL OF ME People love you because you’re friendly, breezy and positive. (Either that or you fake it very well.) Freedom and activity are survival issues for you. You adore travel and are enthusiastic about learning because you want to constantly NOV 22 - DEC 21 grow and expand your horizons. You’re future-oriented and physically active. You’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves animals, especially big animals like horses. (Pity about the mastodon.) You’re a blatant pleasure seeker and gambler. You do everything big. You work hard and party hard! We’ll find you at universities, publishing houses, sports events, casinos, airports, ranches and corporate boardrooms. You are the philosopher of the zodiac. You have wisdom, blunt honesty, and can sell anyone the Brooklyn Bridge because you dazzle others with your words.

ALL OF ME You’re an amazing, complex mixture of tasteful propriety and madcap impulsiveness. You are J.R.R. Tolkien and Diane Keaton. You care about your reputation because you want status and respect. You’re devoted to family and community. DEC 22 - JAN 19 You abhor waste and believe in the proper way of doing things. You’re very sensitive to what others think about you and you know appearances are everything. But in truth, you lead a double life! Your daring passions and secret revolts are just kept private, especially from the eyes of authority figures. (Remember Capricorn J. Edgar Hoover?) Because you are aware of subtle nuances, you have class and style. (Like Capricorn Cary Grant.) You’re a sucker for designer labels and reticent about public displays of affection. (Must the whole world be privy?)

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Like a vibrating gong, you are still reverberating from the recent losses and shifts you have undergone in the last few years. Fortunately, last year Jupiter helped you to get loans, mortgages or support from others. Judicial decisions, insurance matters and even money back from the government might have helped you further. People had your back! Challenges with groups and conflict with friends was sobering. Some friendships ended. (You don’t seek out conflict but you don’t run away from it, either.) On the upside, sexual exploits were worthy diary fodder.

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Last year, partnerships were blessed, which is a good thing because your ambition was aroused, which meant you were sidetracked by a multitude of projects. In some ways, 2012 represented a culmination of your life. You felt successful in many areas but more than that, you felt satisfied! (Nothing satisfies like satisfaction.) This made you confident about taking big ideas and pushing them from the abstract into the concrete. “It’s a go!” This kind of success was especially possible if you worked with partners because their help definitely increased your overall productivity.

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR Early Capricorns have changed their appearance rather dramatically, perhaps losing weight. This will eventually apply to all of you as the next decade unfolds. Last year, you continued to enjoy a good reputation with your peers and felt relatively content and pleased with your efforts. Most of you had a strong desire to travel and you did! Many pursued opportunities in publishing, the media, or anything related to medicine and the law. Some of you went back to school or took a course. You certainly enjoyed expanding your experience of the world.

FROM THIS MOMENT ON This is a significant year because Saturn is in your sign for the first time since 1985. This marks the beginning a 29-year cycle where you will reinvent yourself and ultimately pursue a different career. (In astrology, your “career” is your path. You might not get paid for it.) In the first leg of this journey (from 2013 to 2020) you will redefine your values and how you relate to the world. That’s why in 2021, you’ll look back at this time and say, “Wow, my life has really changed!”

FROM THIS MOMENT ON You are heading into an entirely different situation where you will dismantle much of what you created since 2001. You have structured your life financially, physically, socially and emotionally in certain ways, and now you see it needs to change. Inevitably, these changes require giving up things, which is why you'll give up homes, possessions, relationships and even places. This transition is a preparation for a whole new cycle beginning around 2018. You might not know yet what it will be — but you’ll be packed and ready!

FROM THIS MOMENT ON Beginning this year and for the next few years, you must learn a subtle balancing act. More than other signs, you like to be useful and are often involved in community organizations. You get things done! Because of this, everyone wants your input and hard work. But hey, you’re not a doormat. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you have no choice), is to learn how to work with others and, at the same time, maintain your independence and integrity. Tricky!

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT This is a fortuitous time for you. Why? Because just as you are setting out on a new journey into the unknown, lucky Jupiter moves into place to help you. Practical and financial challenges often accompany change and uncertainty. Like the cavalry riding to the rescue, Jupiter will offer increased support as it travels through the part of your chart related to other people’s wealth. It will be easy to get a loan or a mortgage. Others will gift you and help you with money, financial support, and practical assistance plus do favours for you. How timely! You will definitely improve your job because later in the year, you enter a focused time of preparation for a wonderful stretch in 2015-16 when you will get recognition and acclaim for what you do. (Hallelujah!) That will be the classic time for you to get a promotion, public recognition and praise from your peers. Meanwhile, late this year and into next year, is the time of preparation for this moment of glory. FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE A once-in-a-lifetime influence is here for the next seven years. It makes you want to escape from excessive demands. You might revolt against duties and obligations that you find oppressive. Of course, it’s always wise to leave anything oppressive (job, relationship, where you live, whatever) because if you don’t make the change consciously, your body will revolt and force you to make the change. Therefore, think about reducing some of your commitments. Don't try to be all things to all people or you will get tired and run down. You will be restructuring many things in the next several years. Ask yourself what you really need and want. You need to know who you are to lay the foundation for restructuring the rest of your life.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT There is no question you have a lot on your plate now because last year, you were ambitious for so long (almost a driving ambition). Obviously, this led to something. Furthermore, your ability to benefit from partnerships and working units with others continues into this year. There's also no question of that. Plus, as the year wears on — especially in the autumn and winter — you will more easily get financial support from others or your partner will make more money. (In fact, this increasing support from others, especially partners, grows stronger in 2014.) But (and you can hear this coming), you are letting go of so much right now, it’s hard to see what direction your job will take. But know this: The winds of change are blowing. Even if you don’t know it, there’s a strong chance you will be changing jobs or residences or making a shift, even if right now you don’t see it. Older Sagittarians can harken back to 1983-85 when you last felt this influence. FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE The next seven years might be the most exciting time of your life because you will actively seek out a variety of new amusements and recreations. Sudden vacations might introduce you to a new world. You could be attracted to unusual sexual relationships, perhaps of an age difference or involving dramatic cultural differences. You’ll be more creative, innovative and original in everything you do related to the arts, design or the entertainment world. Your relations with children will undergo a revolution. And at the end of this thrilling time, you will feel younger, more refreshed and ready for what life has to offer. It’s your positive frame of mind and belief in a better tomorrow that gives you strength and makes you attractive to others.


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Wonder Women!

FEBRUARY 1-10 · 2013 [12]


An enlightening look at the world of American superheroines. Since the birth of the superhero in the 1940s to the TV and big screen action blockbusters of today, the story of the female hero has remained untold. Until now.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Your work opportunities couldn’t be better! (Well, of course, they could because there’s no end to better, is there?) Nevertheless, this is the year to demand the advantage. You can get rid of your evil boss (legally) or get better duties or better work surroundings or perhaps a promotion or even a raise. Just ask! And if none of this works, then get a better job. That’s because you have the best chance in more than a decade to improve your employment scene. This same beneficial influence is also beautifully promoting your health. This means you can easily lose extra weight, start a new exercise regime and eat healthier. Later in the year, your involvement with groups or new partnerships will further benefit your job or whatever tasks you do on a daily basis. Just keep in mind that despite your success and popularity right now, you owe it to yourself to protect and buffer yourself from too many demands from others. Don’t say yes when you want to say no. You count, too! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE For the next seven years, unpredictable Uranus will bring changes to your home and family life. Whatever problems you’ve been hiding from or putting up with will have to be dealt with. Those who feel trapped or oppressed at home will break free. (You might later re-establish ties but they will never again dominate you.) Unexpected residential moves in this window of time are highly possible (or a sudden change in your family dynamic). But relax, these changes will only be what needs to be changed and reformed. Changes in relationships with parents will be part of this picture. Fortunately, in the next two years, Saturn will help you strengthen many areas of your life to meet these future changes. This is good. You always do your homework because you like to be prepared.

FOOD&DRINK MONDAY MORSELS If you haven't had enough holiday feasting, check out a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve with a special celebration, complete with a 12-course meal, at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (3277 Douglas), Sat., Jan. 5 at 6pm. Advance tickets are $38 for adults, $18 for students and only $6 for children at 250-475-2585. Keep the party going with Malanka — an Orthodox Ukrainian New Year celebration, also at the cultural centre Sat., Jan. 12 at 5:30pm. The party features a banquet meal, live music by the Gypsy Rovers and a performance by the Veselka Dancers. Tickets and more information at 250-475-2585. The cultural centre hosts traditional home-style perogie dinners the last Friday of every month (excluding Dec., May, June and July) at 6pm, served on a first come, first served basis. Try perogies, cabbage rolls, garlic sausage or a steaming bowl of borscht. Frozen perogies and cabbage rolls and take out dinners are also available. The next perogie dinner is Jan. 25. @MondayMag Find us on facebook

Here’s a look back at some of Pam Grant’s highlights from the year in food.


Do you have an event coming up? Send details to


PAM GRANT pamgrant@

is à Vis: Chef Jeff Keenliside spent time in notable local restaurants including The Oak Bay Marina Restaurant, Café Brio and his own Lucy’s in the Square before taking the reins at Vis à Vis, one of Matt MacNeil’s hat trick of Oak Bay Village properties. Visitors find an atmospheric space with low lighting and a sophisticated vibe. Choose from Keenliside’s own tempting menu, or make selections from a well rounded list of local and imported cheese and local charcuturie to customize their own tasting plates — or you can do what my friends and I do and choose from both.


Ottavio Italian Bakery and Delicatessen: Sometimes you just don’t feel up to cooking dinner, but you don’t want to go to a restaurant either. Thankfully, someone invented the delicatessen. One of my favourites is now such an Oak Bay institution that it is easy to forget that Ottavio Italian Bakery and Delicatessen only opened in 1997. Monica Pozzolo and husband Andrew Moyer began with an espresso machine, nine cheeses, a few Italian groceries and a lot of good things from the Italian Bakery founded by Pozzolo’s parents, Michele and Ubalda. Continued on next page

70 up to


Selected Merchandise

One Tooth Victoria 1006 Broad St 250 388 7071










ª 1150 COOK ST., VICTORIA B.C. • PLUTOSDINER.CA, (250) 385-4747

MONDAY > FOOD&DRINK Looking Back Continued from previous page

The Pink Bicycle: The first specialty burger joint to open in recent years, The Pink Bicycle has a hefty list of beef alternatives and ever changing special burgers featuring everything from turkey and stuffing with cranberry mayo, to elk. Try the amazing seared ahi tuna burger, dressed with wasabi spiked aioli and sesame slaw ($15) or some mighty fine swine in the form of Berkshire teriyaki pork burger ($13) with green onion and ginger, topped with Little Qualicum Gruyere and grilled pineapple for good measure. The Beagle Pub: True, it can be crowded and noisy, but that’s because Cook Street Village’s favourite watering hole offers a couple of things you can count on: a pint means a pint — and good food with decent portions is the norm at the Beagle Pub.

Open Every Day

(except Monday)5:00pm – 9:00pm

Buffet Dinner

THE CHEAPEST TRIP TO AFRICA YOU’LL EVER TAKE We feature the most delicious and authentic East African cuisine in Victoria, along with music and decode to complete your experience.

Ross Bay Pub: You may think that a bar in a strip mall might offer a pedestrian dining experience, but there’s a reason why all those cars are parked outside the Ross Bay Pub. Troy Barnaby’s menu includes a couple of great burgers on toasted pretzel buns. Portions are good, and if you like sports, there’s a screen in every direction. The Bin 4 Burger Lounge: The Bin 4 has restored some food-cred to the Harris Green Village Shopping Centre. Take a bite of Bin 36, crafted from chick peas, black beans and almonds, scented with cumin and topped with goat cheese and curry aioli ($12) or sink your teeth into a Bin 44 lamb burger with ermite blue cheese, eggplant and tomato relish, mint pistou and roasted garlic aioli ($15). Pluto’s Diner: Victoria has its share of residents with creative vision. Anyone with an urge for the unusual only needs to head to Pluto’s Diner at 1150 Cook Street. Pluto’s has been operating for close to a quarter of a century now. Set in a former gas station, it looks like the kind of place that George Jetson might go for breakfast. Kids love this neon-lit gem — no accident since owner Brun Dahlquist has deliberately created a family-friendly venue that welcomes customers of all ages, and employs the kind of servers who remember what you ordered on your last visit and can bust out crayons as easily as they pour coffee.

#5-612 # 5-61 -612 Head St., Esquimalt • 2 5 0 - 4 7 5 - N I L E ( 6 4 5 3 ) w w w. b l u e n i l e r e s t a u r a n t v i c t o r i a . c o m

Staff Picks For Vinyl Corey


Phoebe Snow

Paul Simon

Phoebe Snow


Devon Credence Clearwater

Isha Dr Hook

Breakfast Bre

Revival Pendulum

Dr Hook

Meg Amy

Fleetwood Mac


Various Artists

Shaft Sha



Various Artists

Tom Waits

Heart of Saturday Night

Chef C Dave D

LUNCh Dinner

Disco Duck

Meco M

Star Wars & Other Oth Galactic Funk

D Dan Big Chill The B Soundtrack

Comee iinn and and experience ALL the delicious menu items! … and spin a few records while you enjoy your meal. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch ~ Mon. - Sun. 8am - 3pm Dinner ~ Mon. - Sat. 5 - 9:30pm 250-590-1500 ~ 3111 Cedar Hill Road ~ [14]

Canoe Brew Pub: Step inside this heritage brick building to find soaring wood ceilings and multi-level seating, or settle back on the massive great patio facing the upper reaches of the inner harbour. Quench your thirst with one of several house brews, crafted in small batches made with the finest malted barley, hops, yeast and water without the use of additives or preservatives, or order a fleet and sample a few.


Spinnakers: You still have to cross the bridge to get to Canada’s oldest brewpub with outdoor seating and views of the harbour, but it’s worth it. Spinnakers offers classic styles of ales and lagers in addition to seasonal specialty beers, made using old-world brewing techniques, pure aquifer water and other fine ingredients, and also boasts an extensive menu to complement them. Ronald Orr and Son Family Butcher: Traditional Scottish food is solid comfort food, and given our climate you would think there would be lots of it here. Fortunately, for those of us who want a bridie, or a plateful of haggis, neeps and tatties once in awhile, all is not lost. Ronald Orr and Son Family Butcher is the latest incarnation of the business Ronald established in the capital in 1979. Today, there are three locations (Victoria, Brentwood Bay and Sidney) with a reputation built on a solid foundation of excellent customer service and antibiotic- and hormone-free meat.


Contact me at


City Something TOP PICKS FOR JAN. 3 – 9


Nelly Furtado kicks off The Spirit Indestructible Tour to a home-town crowd at the Save-on-Foods centre.

NELLY FURTADO COMES HOME ictoria’s pop starlet, Nelly Furtado, is coming home to kick off her first Canadian tour in six years. The Spirit Indestructible Tour, named for Furtado’s fourth English-language album, debuts at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Tues., Jan. 8 (doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:30pm). “It’s amazing that I get to kick off my tour in my hometown,” says Furtado, who says she makes about four trips yearly to the Island capital city to visit friends and family. “It’s been six years since my last Canadian tour and I’m looking forward to the chance to reconnect with fans and play some of my new songs live.” And she’s confident the songs from her latest offering will translate well to the live performance.


“They’re amazing. They sound even better than I thought they would,” says Furtado, in the midst of pre-tour rehearsals in Toronto. “Even when I was recording, I was super excited at the prospects of playing these songs live.” Her hometown is featured prominently on The Spirit Indestructible. The songs “Parking Lot” and “Big Hoops” are about growing up in Victoria. Furtado calls “Parking Lot” her own take on “Summer of 69.” The show will also feature singer-songwriter Dylan Murray (whose album Inspiration is being released Jan. 8 on Furtado’s Nelstar Records) and Jessica Tyler of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Tickets are $35 to $79.50 and are available at M

THE CHOIR f the first thing that pops into your head after hearing the word choir is an image of old ladies draped in flowing gowns and singing “Hallelujah!”, then what Larsen Music has planned might just blow your mind. Beginning Jan. 8 (7:30-9:30pm), and for the following nine Tuesday evenings, a new breed of chorister will congregate on Larsen’s School of Music (1833 Cook) to reinvent “The Choir.” Directed by former Larsen Music director and local singer-songwriter Anne Schaefer, The Choir will be unlike any other vocal ensemble in Victoria, and possibly the world. Schaefer’s vision for the group, which currently has upwards of 25 members, is a modern take on the traditional chorus — singing original arrangements (by Schaefer) of songs by the likes of Radiohead, Bjork and Duran Duran — with simple choreography and musical accompaniment by choir members, some of whom are professional local musicians. She may even contact touring musicians to see if they’d be interested in collaborating. The Choir is open to everyone, regardless of ability and no audition is required. Males are strongly encouraged to join to balance out the sound. The cost is $125 for 10 weeks, the last of which will be a concert. To register, call 250-389-1988. M


Singer-songwriter Anne Schaefer is directing The Choir. MONDAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 3 - JANUARY 9, 2013


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AN ALBERTA Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051.

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SHAW OCEAN Discovery Centre in Sidney has opportunities for people who love the ocean and enjoy working with young people. Training is provided and a weekly two-hour commitment is required. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-3862269. YOUNG PARENT Support Network needs a technical savvy person to contribute fresh ideas that young parents would like to know about and help maintain their brand new website. Other volunteer opportunities are also available. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250386-2269.

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B.C CANCER Agency’s Victoria office has opportunities in the LACE Campaign to prevent cervical cancer. Volunteers are needed for planning, organizing, distributing information, gathering donations, attending events and social media promotion. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.



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Your Watchdog and Observer

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Required for an Alberta Trucking Company. One Class 1 Driver. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience pulling low boys and driving off road. Candidate must be able to pass a drug test and be willing to relocate to Edson, Alberta. Scheduled Days Off. Call Lloyd 780-723-5051

LEGALS WAREHOUSE LIEN ACT Notice is given that Triple T Developments Ltd., 3333 Tennyson Ave will sell at its premises on Jan 10, 2013 the following vehicle for the purpose of satisfying the Warehouse Lien. Bids close at 1pm. 2008 YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE VIN # JYARN20N98A003027 Debt $ 2625.72 Owner - Manjinder Hairan


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You will never again be as young as you are right now


ll Signs: GEMINI This is MAY 21-JUNE 20 the first Your life is intertwined weekly with others, especially horoscope of the financially and in New Year, so how practical terms. You appropriate that we might have credit card have a New Moon debt or a mortgage; and an opportunity you might share propto set intentions erty with someone; and make resolu- GEORGIA you might be involved tions. Believe it or NICOLS in an inheritance; you not, the New Moon have to pay taxes; you on Friday the 11th even have to deal with is a better time to make resolu- the values of others that don’t tions than January 1. (A second necessarily reflect your values. chance!) The New Moon is real These are some examples of and the Moon affects us. Use the financial and practical areas this time to think about where that the New Moon this week you want to make changes or is highlighting. How can you introduce improvements. Read reduce your debt? How can on to see where this particular you better define the boundarNew Moon affects you. (The ies of what you own and owe, New Moon occurs in a dif- and make your life easier by ferent part of your chart each figuring out what your finanmonth.) Why not try to be the cial responsibilities are? best you can be? And remem- Yeah, yeah, this stuff ber, you will never again be as sounds boring but young as you are right now. it ain’t going to go away. ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 This week is the best time all CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 year to think about your life This week is the only time all direction. Where do you want year when the New Moon will to be 10 years from now, five be opposite your sign. This is years from now, and even next a clue that this is your best year? If you know these answers opportunity in the entire year you will know how to make the to think about how you can decisions you’re making today, improve your closest relationthis week and this month. All ships with others. Relationships these little decisions add up to are important because whether “your life.” Very rarely, we make you are extroverted or introa single decision that takes us in verted, you’re still a very social a new direction. (“I’m moving being. You might start by thinkto Istanbul.”) More often, our ing what kind of a person you lives are the sum total of many are in the relationship. Would small decisions that carry us you want to be your friend? along. Take control of your life. Would you want to be your Write down what you want to partner? Are you emotionally be doing 10 years from demanding? How well do you now. What do you listen and care about the conhave to start doing cerns of those who are close now to make this to you? For a relationship happen? to be successful, you must be as good for your partner TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 is he or she is The New Moon this week is for you your best chance all year to think about how to expand your world and your experience LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 of life. Traditionally, we expand This New Moon urges you to our experiences through knowl- focus on your health. These edge. Ask yourself what courses decisions can affect you for the or further education or training rest of your life. What can you you could get to improve your do to reduce or eliminate whatjob or enrich your life. What ever is unhealthy? And what can you learn that will be excit- can you do that will improve ing and fulfilling? Although your health? For example, getwe learn much through study- ting more exercise and eating ing and reading, you can also more vegetables. (Classic resolearn from your experience lutions.) Similarly, this planof travel to new places, new etary focus also highlights your countries and different cities. work and the service you offer Where would you like to trav- to others. How can you get a el in the coming year? Think better job, improve your job, about what you can do to or improve the way you do enrich your experiyour work? This New Moon ence of life, either wants you to clean up your act by learning new before you take it on the road. things or seeing Most Leos have great selfnew places. discipline, contrary to what their flamboyance suggests. You can do it!

VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 The New Moon this week (the first opportunity to make resolutions for the year) wants you to contemplate how much fun and play you allow yourself. Pleasure, play, vacations, romantic diversions and chances to express your creative impulses are necessary for a balanced, happy life. (All work and no play makes Jack’s widow rich.) Do you give yourself enough guilt-free play time? Do you enjoy sports and fun activities with children? When was your last real vacation? How often do you express your creative energy – dancing, singing, drawing, painting or whatever you like to do? After all, a balanced lifestyle is more than a chocolate-chip cookie in each hand. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) This is the only time of the year when the New Moon highlights everything to do with home, family and your private life. On Friday and Saturday this week (especially Friday), write down your “perfect world” regarding your relationships to family and your experience of home. What can you do to improve family relationships this year? What can you do to make changes at home so that you feel more comfortable and thrilled with your living space? More than any other sign, your immediate environment affects you. The “feeling” and “look” of your home is extremely important. Furthermore, you love to entertain! You want a home that welcomes your friends. Any ideas? SCORPIO OCT 23-NOV 21 This year is a major turning point, which means you want to know what others are saying and what they expect of you, just as much as you want to be confident they understand what you’re saying to them. No wonder this New Moon draws your attention to how you communicate to siblings, relatives and neighbours. (Your everyday contacts.) This is also the time to scrutinize daily habits. How can you improve your daily habits and style of communicating with others? It’s that simple. Now, test your observation skills: Turn around. No peeking. How many times did I mention the word “titillation?” (Verrrry good. I’m impressed but then, all Scorpios have the mind of a sleuth.)

SAGITTARIUS NOV 22- DEC 21 You adore travel, discovering the answers to the big questions in the universe, and protecting and loving animals. But this takes money. (Especially travel and education.) That’s why this week your New Moon task is to write down some money-making ideas on Friday. What can you do to boost your income or get a different and better job? Can you make money on the side? Can you reduce your costs and save money? And what about what you already own? Do you take care of what you have? Do your things own you or do you own them? (Sometimes we are at the mercy of our possessions!) When you think about these topics, what resolutions come to mind to improve your life? CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the New Moon are all in Capricorn. You’re out there flying your colours! This is all the more reason for you to be aware of the

impression you create on your world. Take a realistic look in the mirror. What can you do to improve your appearance? What impression do you create? People make their minds up in about three seconds when they meet someone; this is a fact. What you wear, your hairstyle and how you act hugely affects the success and ease you encounter in your life when dealing with others – everyone, even Mom. Your appearance is like a gift to others. People feel happier and more pleased if you’re looking good. AQUARIUS JAN 20-FEB 18 It’s all subtext. You’re not sure what’s happening or what you can expect, and why you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines observing your life. (“As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?”) Basically, many important things are going on right now but they are secret or private. You’re not broadcasting. (This doesn’t mean they are sneaky or illicit.) Many of you sense that you are coming into a time of harvest in the next two

years. This means you have to be performance ready. And getting ready is often a private thing – like practicing when no one else is looking. What little plans are you hoping to hatch? At least, you should be aware of what your secret hopes are. PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 As this year unfolds, your appreciation of your home and family will be enriched. And soon, either this year or next, you will take a fabulous vacation. This emphasis on your happy family life and your romantic and social life will totally affect your dealings with friends and groups. Friday’s New Moon is the perfect time to think about how to enjoy your popularity, or how to find better friends and certainly how to identify what your hopes and dreams for the future are. That’s because this New Moon highlights friendships and goal-setting. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a few resolutions.

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MONDAY GUIDE EVENTS CALENDAR ✓ EVENTS THURS. JAN. 3 ADMISSION BY DONATION WEEK - The Royal BC Museum offers admission by donation (suggested $5) as a gift to you. The museum thanks you for your support. Daily to WEDNESDAY, Jan. 9. 10am-5pm at Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville). By donation. 250-356-7226.

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VOLKSSPORT SATURDAY WALK Keep up your resolutions with a 5/10km walk (rated 1B). Registration 9:30am, walk 10am at Glen Lake Inn (2668 Sooke). Free. 250-478-7020.

VOLKSSPORT SUNDAY WALK - Don't stop now! 5/10km walk. Registration 9:30am, walk 10am at Harbour Towers (345 Quebec). Free. 778-350-0861. TEA LEAF READINGS - See into your cup and have your tea leaves read by Ellena. SUNDAYS 2-4pm at James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies). 250-386-4700, BOARD GAMES NIGHT - Scrabble and more. SUNDAYS 5:30pm at the Superior (106 Superior). Free. 250380-9515.


MON. JAN. 7 CHESS NIGHT - Bring your own game, or use one of ours. Bring a friend, or come on your own. MONDAYS 6-8:30pm at James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies). Free. 250-386-4700,

TUES. JAN. 8 SCRABBLE NIGHT - Bring a board game and a friend, or play on the in-house boards and find an opponent there. TUESDAYS 6:30-9pm at James Bay Coffee & Books. Free. 250-386-4700.


Kris Montanini, General Manager of Visions Electronics congratulates Rena Harvey, the Grand Prize winner of the Django Unchained contest.

HOMEOPATHY AT HOME Learn how to use safe, effective homeopathic remedies for yourself and your family. From colds, flus and earaches to minor injuries, colics, teething and digestive upsets, naturopathic doctor Anke Zimmermann will teach you from her extensive experience. This is a popular course so reserve early. 7-9pm at 2250 Oak Bay. $10. 250590-5828.


QURAAN STUDIES - Join Muslim Faith Advisor Sheikh Afraz Baksh for recitation, explanation, contemplation and deductions for everyday living. All welcome. THURSDAYS 4:30-5:30pm at UVic Multifaith Services Centre (Ring Road, next to UVic Bookstore and bus terminal). Free. 250-885-5635,

SUN. JAN. 6 ABSTRACT PAINTING - Learn all the skills. Course to Jan. 27. 2-4pm at The Makehouse (833 Fort). $100 for four weeks. 250-888-5790.

MON. JAN. 7 STITCHING PARLOUR AND FASHION COTERIE - Pick a Monday class: "Stitching Parlour" 1pm-6pm (drop-in $10 per hour), or "Fashion Coterie" 6pm-8:30pm ($130 for four weeks to Jan. 28). All at The Makehouse (833 Fort). 250-888-5790.

TUES. JAN. 8 FULL-FIGURED FASHION COTERIE - Custom-make your own fashions. To Jan. 29. 6pm-8:30pm at The Makehouse (833 Fort). $130 for four weeks. 250-888-5790.

WED. JAN. 9 SCRIPTURE STUDIES - Join Catholic Chaplain Fr Dean Henderson for guided study. All welcome. WEDNESDAYS 4:30-6pm at UVic Multifaith Services Centre (Ring Road, next to UVic Bookstore and bus terminal). Free. 250-721-8339, LEARN TO MEDITATE THE ROSARY - Experience the power of the ancient Catholic tradition of the Rosary: and you don’t have to be Catholic to meditate or pray the Rosary. Free distribution of rosaries with pamphlets to explain the practice. All welcome. WEDNESDAYS 5-6pm at UVic Interfaith Chapel (Ring Road). Free. 250-721-8339, catholic@



WRITER'S GROUP - Weekly drop-in with sessions including peer support, story sharing, guest speakers and more. THURSDAYS 10am-noon at Esquimalt Recreation Centre (527 Fraser). $2/free with rec membership. 250-412-8500,

GALLERIES MON. JAN. 7 ECLECTIC GALLERY - Krystyna Jervis: Then and Now. To Feb. 9 at 2170 Oak Bay.

MUSIC THURS. JAN. 3 THE ADULTS-Geoff Lundstrom and Jason Cook provide a high-energy, groove-based party atmosphere every Thursday night at Canoe Brewpub (450 Swift). The Adults play something for everyone, from MGMT to Adele, OneRepublic to Kings of Leon (9-close, $5 after 9pm).

FRI. JAN. 4 THE SARDINES- Mike Hann and Tyler Harvey playing a happy mix of good times music (9-close, $5 after 9pm) at Canoe Brewpub (450 Swift).

SAT. JAN. 5 LES AMUSEMENTS DE LA CHAMBRE- launch of their debut season in Victoria, opening with a performance of the beautiful Pièces de clavecin en concert by Jean Philippe Rameau. 3 and 8pm at Church of St. John the Divine (1611 Quadra). Tickets are $20/15/10 at Ivy's Books and online at 250-595-7105.

SUN. JAN. 6 JOE JENCKS- Award winning singer-songwriter brings toe-tapping tunes to the Victoria Folk Music Society. 7:30pm at Norway House (1110 Hillside). $5. Victoriafolkmusic. ca. BLUE RODEO- Celebrates 25 years of making music with a 25 city Canaidan tour. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm at Save on Foods Memorial Centre. Tickets start at $25 at or livenation. com.

MON. JAN. 7 CLASSICAL ASSOCIATION MEETING -The Classical Association of Vancouver Island holds its fifth meeting of 2012/13 at 7:30pm in UVic's Clearihue Building Room A212. Professor Cynthia Shelmerdine, University of Texas at Austin, will present a lecture entitled “Before the Odyssey: Life in Mycenaean Greece.” More information at 250-721-8514.


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2nd Annual Battle of the Bands

For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111.

CARING RETIRED Minister, 70. Looking for a gentle, loving, kind lady for outings and just doing things together. Reply to Box #7500 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

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SWM, 66, enjoys concerts, theater, art and life. Looking for female (53-65yrs) with similar interests for friendship and maybe more. Reply to Box #3434 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

SWM 73, N/S, honest, fun loving. Looking for female for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #7417, C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

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NELLY FURTADO-Victoria's pop star kicks off The Spirit Indestructible Tour at home at the Save on Foods Memorial Centre. With Jessica Tyler and Dylan Murray. Doors at 6:30pm, show at 7pm. Tickets start at $35 at or livenation. com SINGERS NEEDED-The Choir, a modern take on a traditional vocal ensemble, directed by Anne Schaefer, kicks off at Larsen's School of Music (1833 Cook) 7:30pm. to register contact 250-398-1988. SINGERS NEEDED-The Newcombe Singers Choir is seeking new members. Feature piece this season is Durufle's Requiem. 7:30pm at St. Mary's Church (1701 Elgin). 250-5980497. SCOTTISH DANCE-The Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Society presents a free open house. 7:30-9:30pm at VFGF Church Hall (550 Obed). No partner or experience necessary. More information at 250598-0207. SINGERS NEEDED-The Crystal Singers need voices for its spring season starting Jan. 8 at St. Aidan's Church (3703 St. Aidan). Auditioned women's choir with an eclectic repertoire from classical to show tunes, folk and jazz. More info at 250-360-0356. SINGERS NEEDED-The high-energy Victoria Sweet Soul Gospel Choir welcomes new members of all ages. Directed by a motown veteran. 5:45pm at Selkirk Montessori School (2970 Jutland). First time free.


Personals or Variations Saturday Jan.5th Mainswitch 9pm.


FIT MALE seeking 50’s woman with a zest for life, perhaps someone also living unfulfilled. Let’s close the gaps. Reply to Box #3489 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. RETIRED MAN, 60. Looking for 1 straight male (20-40) needing regular daily oral satisfaction. Stop being frustrated. Reply to Box #4113 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

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STAGE FRI. JAN. 4 AUDITIONS- Four Seasons musical theatre is holding auditions of their spring musical Oliver!, opening May 24. FRIDAY to SUNDAY at Isabelle Reader Theatre (1026 Goldstream). Contact 250-478-0329 or info@ for more information.


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LIEDER AT LUNCH - An exploration of the German Lied repertoire with Sharon and Harald Krebs featuring Two Views of Mignon settings of Goethe's Mignon poems by Robert Schumann and Hugo Wolf. 12:30pm at UVic's MacLaurin B Wing Room B307. THE GALIANO ENSEMBLEDirector Yariv Aloni and the ensemble present Around the Baltic Sea, evocative music from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark including Sibelius’ Suite Champêtre, Atterberg’s Sinfonia for Strings, Eller’s Five Pieces, and Nielsen’s Little Suite in A minor. Advance tickets are $30/33 at Ivy's Books and Munro's Books or 250-704-2580. 8pm at UVic's Phillip T. Young Recital Hall.

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SIN CITY -This clever cast of improvisors is back with the third season of the live improvised weekly serial, Bedlam-by-Sea, set in a pub-hotel in a quaint seaside English village. Completely improvised and continues over 21 weekly episodes. Directed live by Ian Ferguson, starring Kirsten Van Ritzen, Wes Borg, Morgan Cranny, Christina Patterson, Chris Gabel, Robert Conway, Karen Brelsford, Charlie de Pape, Alan Penty, Christine Upright and Bill Nance while new musical director Alexander Brendan Ferguson improvises live musical scores and technical director Theodore R. Sherman returns on lights and sound. Doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). Tickets are $15/12, cash only at the door.

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DJANGO ★★★ Directed by Quentin Tarantino Starring Christoph Waltz; Jamie Foxx 14A - 165 minutes Continues at Odeon & SilverCity

ollywood’s reigning master of “artsploitation” may be running out of inspiration. After toying extravagantly — and, according to many, offensively — with the historical truth of the Second World War in Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino has put his creative energies into a lurid portrayal of slavery in 1858 America. The gory and sometimescartoonish result, Django Unchained, has provocative moments but is mostly an exuberantly verbose mash-up of spaghetti westerns and blaxploitation flicks. Basterds’ Oscar-nominated star Christoph Waltz here plays Dr. King Schultz, a chatty but ruthless bounty hunter who is tracking down a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx) because he can help him identify three bad dudes who are worth several thousand dollars, dead or alive. King, who despises slavery, frees Django

and takes him on as his deputy. Aside from enjoying the work — “You mean I get paid to kill white folks?” — Django proves to be a dab hand with both six-shooter and rifle. The bounties prove bountiful, and Django soon declares his intentions to free his lovely wife (Kerry Washington) who had recently been bought by a particularly nasty plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). Although the United States has done little to acknowledge the more sordid aspects of its slavery traditions, Django is a perverse way to start the conversation. Tarantino’s main goal, as always, is to shock the audience with an audacious mix of bloody violence, crass humour, and outrageous characterizations (ranging from Samuel L. Jackson’s poisonous


role as a vicious “house negro,” to numerous white-trash hillbillies). Even when we see two black slaves fight each other to the death as entertainment for decadent whites, Tarantino is more interested in grotesque spectacle than historic injustice. But it’s impossible to imagine anyone else who would — or could — have made this movie.

TOM CRUISE STANDS TALL hriller writer Lee Child’s hero, Jack Reacher, has been standing tall through a dozen or so novels. An ex-army cop, Reacher is a drifter who moves from town to town. Although he doesn’t go looking for trouble, Reacher is an old-fashioned knight errant who never backs down when confronted — something that happens on a regular basis. In the screen debut Jack Reacher, the hero (Tom Cruise, who’s a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter than the character in the books) gets called in when an ex-army pal is charged with mass murder. The guy looks guilty as hell, even to Reacher. But after looking under a few rocks


JACK REACHER ★★★ Directed by Christopher McQuarrie Starring Tom Cruise PG - 130 minutes At the Capitol, Westshore & SilverCity it seems possible that the man may have been framed. But why? Reacher’s efforts to answer that question gradually uncover a tricky trail of corruption and intrigue — and also spark a few murders, an electrifying car chase, several beatings, and an encounter with a sinister mastermind who, while sentenced to the Russian Gulag, chewed off his own frost-bitten fingers to prevent life-threatening gangrene. Yum! Cruise plays Reacher as a bit of a smartaleck, which may be jarring to fans of the books. But the movie is slickly directed, has strong supporting performances, and the smart plot has more than enough twists and turns to keep the audience hooked. We’ll just have to see if enough tickets get sold to turn this into an action franchise. M



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The Edge Food Energy Company is proud to offer Canadian-made 100% organic real food energy bars on Vancouver Island. W unde derstand th We understand that timing is an im mportant part of nutrition. Our important bbars are designed to deliver eessential nutrients before, dduring an and after exercise or as deliciou anytime snack. a delicious G There. Get More. Go

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immune system with Astragulus and From the creators of Precision Nutrition comes a cookbook for people who love to eat great food, but 6 mushroom combo One of the most potent immune supplements hate that after-dinner guilt. For those who love to available. It contains the legendary herb eat with style, but hate to look “indulgent.” We’ve taken the healthiest ingredients and whipped astragulus and 6 of the world’s most treasured mushrooms. ImmuneStart combines these them into nearly 300 pages of delicious culinary creations, we’ve included scientifically researched nutrients to provide detailed cooking instructions eextraordinary ao d a y immune support. and ideas for improvisation. • Broad spectrum immune support Gourmet Nutrition is the • Cold and flu prevention and support cookbook that’s as friendly • Support for chemotherapy to your body as it is to your and radiation treatments taste buds!





90 caps - $3899

ImmuneStart Supercharge your

Gourmet Nutrition

The Edge Food Energy

732 g

30 caps - $1599

LiverCare® Enormous benefits for everyone • Supports liver cell regeneration, healthy liver enzyme levels and acts as a daily super food for the liver. • Clinically proven to preserve normal hem hematological and bioc biochemical safety para parameters within the liver, and to preserve the structure and function of liver cells. •B Brings expected results in a rela relatively short period of time and can be used safely by eve everyone on a daily basis.





101-300 101-3300 Gorge Road Westt (Next to Il Greco Restaurant) 25 250.590.5524 50.590.5524 •

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Prices iin effect ff t until t January 31st, 2013

Gorge Rd. West

For updates on upcoming seminars and in-store specials, follow us on facebook. Fo [20]


Monday Magazine, January 03, 2013  

January 03, 2013 edition of the Monday Magazine

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