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The heat was on for Lake Cowichan firefighters


nly two weeks after battling a fire at a local business, Mountain Man Services, the Lake Cowichan volunteer fire department put their skills to the test again when they were called to extinguish a fire that broke out in the abandoned school board office, early in the morning of November 29. Gazette

The volunteer Lake Cowichan Fire Department responded to a fire at the old J.H. Boyd school site at approximately 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 29. The firefighters managed to extinguish the fire and called in the RCMP to investigate the cause of the fire.

RCMP suspect foul play in fire at old J.H. Boyd school Lake Cowichan Gazette

On Nov. 29 at 9:00 a.m, the Lake Cowichan RCMP were called in to assist the volunteer Lake Cowichan Fire Department at a fire that broke out at the old J.H. Boyd school site. After the fire was extinguished, an RCMP fire investigator attended the scene and it was determined the fire to be of a suspicious nature. The fire broke out on the inside of the

building, near an entrance which was spreading into the rafters of the structure. The quick, professional response by the local fire department extinguished this fire. As a result of this fire, the floor and ceiling are unstable and potentially dangerous. “This building is private property and any person found inside will be subject to trespassing charges,” Cpl. Larry Olson said in a press release issued to the media. The Lake Cowichan RCMP are con-


tinuing their investigation into the cause of fire. If any witnesses have any information to assist in this investigation they are asked to contact the Lake Cowichan RCMP at (250) 749-6668. “This particular building has become a real dangerous structure and the whole property a nuisance for everyone” said LCFD’s Fire Chief Doug Knott. This is not the first time the fire department has been called to this location. They

have been called numerous times over the years because of fires being set in the empty buildings on the property. The Town of Lake Cowichan has a derelict building bylaw in place and letters concerning this bylaw have been sent to the owner of this property, among others, in the past. Mayor Ross Forrest says that another letter will be sent to the owner of this property after this latest incident.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Dylan, Amanda and Alex Sawatzky enjoyed the goodies available to those in attendance of the December Madness kick-off at the Visitor Information Centre last year. Gazette file photos

Left: Mayor Ross Forrest gives a big smile while lighting up the Christmas tree in Saywell Park to initiate December Madness. Last year was the first time this ceremonial event invited one of the community’s public figures to initiate the lighting. Forrest had the help of Lake Cowichan youngster, Brendan Scheffer to plug the tree lights in.

Town set to sparkle at Christmas light-up ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

Visions of sugar plums may be dancing in children’s heads after the December Christmas Madness event in Lake Cowichan this coming weekend. The evening’s festivities on Dec. 7 will kick-off the event when the switch is pulled to light-up the town, starting with the Christmas tree in front of the Visitor Information Centre (VIC), now transformed into a Gingerbread House for the holiday season. In fact, a special, cartoon-type

light switch is being designed and made for the light-up ceremony this year by Ron McKenzie, Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce’s chair of programs and events and its vice-president. McKenzie insists he has had very little to do with organizing the event otherwise, but says he is very proud to be part of it and looks forward to attending. As has become the custom, Santa will arrive on the scene in the town’s fire truck from his tour around the lake, but even before that, children can come down to the Visitor Information Centre from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00

p.m. to spend time with Santa’s wife, Mrs. Claus, and entertainer Beverly McKeen. McKeen will be singing songs and telling stories that capture the spirit of Christmas. Refreshments will be provided. In recent years, Lake Cowichan stores have been open for the December Christmas Madness event, however, this year VIC coordinator Katherine Worsley says businesses have decided not to stay open late. “We noticed that there were not a lot of people out shopping on the Friday night when we do the light-up,” Worsley remarked. “So

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this year, the business members are going to be open their regular hours, and then they’re going to come and enjoy the festivities as well.” The Fire Truck Relay has become one of the most popular events for the kids. It began in 2007 as a means of letting children in all the communities around the lake know about pictures with Santa at the Country Grocer on the Saturday morning, and has turned into the main event for the more-than-100 children who gathered last year inside the Gingerbread House (VIC) after his tour of the lake. At 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 7, Santa starts his ride around the lake — but Worsley says they’re keeping it a secret as to where he will be starting the ride from. With the assistance of the local fire trucks, he will be transferred at the boundary lines of each community to the next fire department’s fire truck. All the fire departments participate. “What happened was, the kids kept stopping him as he went around the lake — and because Santa is very inquisitive of our young children — he spent time with them.” As a result, every year the number of kids that come out to wait for him after the Fire Truck Relay has been growing, attests Worsley. “The first year there was 6-10 kids there, the next year there was over 25, then the next year there was 75, and last year, over 110.” The moment of anticipation for those who are waiting in the Gingerbread House for the fire truck to pull up with and see Santa climb out is worth its weight in gold, though, she says. “The big thing is to come and meet Santa here at Saywell Park at 7:30 p.m. for the big light up of the Christmas Tree in front of

our Gingerbread House,” said Worsley. “The mayor, council and CVRD Area F and Area I directors will all be present to share in the moment.” After that, Santa will be available to listen to the wishes of the children. Refreshments will be available for the children in the evening as well. Shopping passports, available from participating businesses or at the VIC, will be in effect again this year. It’s a week-long shopping opportunity at local businesses that will end in a draw on Dec. 16 for six different $50 gift certificates. When you purchase an item from a business that is listed on the passport, you get a stamp in your passport. When you have collected five stamps, you can take that passport and drop it into the entry box that is in the VIC for the draw. If the children manage to sleep after Friday evening’s excitement, they may also see Santa and have their picture taken with him on Saturday from 11-3 p.m. at the Country Grocer store in town. “The Lady of the Lake are taking the pictures,” Worsley said. “It’s a fundraiser for them and all proceeds go to help the Lady of the Lake’s programs.” Pictures are not mandatory, but every child is welcome to come and see Santa. The LCSS 2013 Grads will be selling hot dogs and hot chocolate and the Rivernote Carollers will be singing from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. December Christmas Madness is the kick-off to a host of other Christmas-related events that will run throughout the month of December, such as the the Kaatza Lakeside Players Christmas play Dec. 4-8, Christmas Karaoke, Dec. 14 at Studio 261 Arts Space and the Winter Carnival on Ice, Dec. 23.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Lake Cowichan residents voice opinions, concerns ELODIE ADAMS, Gazette Editor

The Town of Lake Cowichan held its bi-annual public meeting on Nov. 26 at Centennial Hall. Mayor Ross Forrest presided over the meeting with the help of Councillors Bob Day and Franklin Hornbrook. Councillors Jane Ingram and Tim McGonigle were excused for family and work commitments respectively. Also on hand in the audience was the town’s Director of Finance, Ronnie Gill, and Chief Administrative Officer Joe Fernandez. It was perhaps one of the better turnouts at the town’s public meetings that came into effect three years ago when the mayor and council were elected, with close to 40 residents in attendance. With no agenda set by council for the meeting, the floor was opened to residents to speak. The following are some of the issues brought to the table by the residents of Lake Cowichan.

Water Rates The meeting opened with a question put to the mayor and council regarding the Town of Lake Cowichan charging higher water rates for residents outside the town’s boundary versus residents within the town’s boundary. Dennis Pilon was the first to voice his disapproval at the discrimination he feels he and other outside users are being subjected to according for not living within the town’s boundary yet using the town’s water. The mayor and council explained to Pilon that it is due to the fact that through their taxes, Lake Cowichan residents subsidize their own water costs, a subsidy which outside users do not pay. Pilon’s question brought on several more comments and questions from other residents who feel that the increase of 40 per cent in the proposed water rates for 2013 is a huge jump over the four per cent increases in the past couple of years. These increases were outlined in a previous article in the

Gazette in Sept. 2012.

Community Consultation Meeting The upcoming Dec. 8 public Community Consultation session organized by School District #79, was another hot topic of the meeting, and several residents made a point of speaking to the subject. It was obvious that their concern over the future of the schools in the Lake Cowichan district is a driving force in the community. Ross assured the residents that they are as concerned about the future of the communities schools, as well.

Youth Activities On a more positive note, resident Tara Bushby addressed the town’s values and positive attributes. “I’m here today to talk about some of the more positive things in this town, and of ways we could potentially get more attention,” Bushby said. “Not just in the summertime, but all year. And I think the way to achieve that is by branding the community with certain things, using social media, Facebook and the website, to attract attention. When we have more activities, it will bring more people into town, and that will help with the economy.” Bushby also expressed her concern that there is nothing for the youth in Lake Cowichan, and suggested that if the town wants to keep its youth here and happy, there needs to be evening activities and places where the youth can go and have fun.

Communication Lake Cowichan resident David Ridley had two questions to raise at the meeting, the first concerning the town’s communication methods, the second to do with the doctor shortage. “I had great difficulties in finding out that this meeting existed,” Ridley said. “I couldn’t find it on the website, and it was not in the Gazette.” Ridley also spoke about

Elodie Adams

Former School Board trustee Duncan Brown spoke to council about the upcoming Community Consultation session, Dec. 8 at Lake Cowichan Secondary School, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

the town not always replying to letters they receive from residents. He says he feels that every letter the town receives from a resident should be acknowledged, even if it is only to tell them they are looking into the matter. “I think the whole communication thing needs to be tightened up a little bit,” he concluded on that subject.

Doctor Recruitment Ridley then brought up the issue of the doctor shortage in the town. Mayor Forrest reassured everybody that they are doing everything they can to try to attract doctors. He said they are working at it, and that they have talked to VIHA about it. “At our council meeting on Dec. 11, there will be representatives from VIHA and the Physician’s Recruitment Centre to let the public know what they are doing to try to attract doctors to Lake Cowichan,” Forrest said. “So I’m asking everybody, when we have our meeting on the 11th, come to the meeting and show VIHA and the Recruitment centre that we really have a big concern, that the community is concerned and cares.”

fairly recent addition to Lake Cowichan, says he has been proposing ideas for new businesses in town and has been coming up against obstacles at every step. One of Harrison’s ideas is to have an open-air craft market for local artisans. First he says he was told it wasn’t allowed on public property, and when he found private property, he still received a red light from the town. “If there was something every weekend for local homeowners that were into making crafts, like cottage industry-type products,” he suggested, “then we could be hosting a nice little craft market in town, which would improve the economy by bringing people into town.

John Harrison, who is a

Library news

State of the roads Several residents complained about the state of the roads around the town, especially the potholes on many of the side streets. They are wondering why the town can find the money to repave the main street that runs through town, but can’t find the money to fix the potholes.

Water treatment project One of the last items to be discussed during the open meeting was the new water treatment project for the Town

New business opportunities

of Lake Cowichan. Council says they are starting to put money away for this project, which will be necessary in the next few years and will have a price tag in the vicinity of $3 million. One of the ways they are dong this, explained Forrest, is by raising the water rates, as was discussed and debated earlier in the meeting. “Water tax is a method for us to have some of the $3 million, roughly, that it’s going to cost, put away to start paying for it,” the mayor explained. “So if we start now, it’s less we’ve got to pay in the long run. Because one way or another, we’ve have to pay for it. And that’s how the parcel tax will work.”

Councillor Bob Day, who has been the town and district’s representative on the Board of Trustees for the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) in 2012, has accepted the position for another one-year term. Day also reported on a meeting he attended recently about the new library, scheduled to be built in Lake Cowichan in 2013. Day confirmed that VIRL awarded tender to Heatherbrae Construction for the project, whose bid of just under the $1 million ceiling was accepted.


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Standing up for what the community doesn’t want to lose While the nation is considering the demise of the Hostess Twinkie, our local communities are facing more serious considerations with regard to the future of education and medical services in the Cowichan Lake district. Much ink in our paper has been dedicated to presenting and informing the community about the issues surrounding the next Community Consultation session on Dec. 8. If the former School Board trustees are right, the outcome of this meeting may lead to the demise of the district’s local schools in the not-sodistant future.

Without a representative from our own area bringing a voice to the School Board, the town needs all the support it can get from residents who don’t want to see local education diminished for their children or for the future of the community. In a similar vein, the town is also facing a shortage of doctors. We are already down to only two doctors to serve our residents as well as the residents of our neighbouring communities. If we don’t manage to recruit more doctors in the next 12 months, we will be down to only one doctor and in all likelihood the

medical clinic would have to close. Our mayor and council are doing what they can to bring in new doctors, but bringing new doctors in doesn’t only depend on their desire to do so, it has to be done with the collaboration of the Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Doctor Recruitment Services. A meeting with representatives of these two organizations is being held on Dec. 11, and it too requires enormous support from the community by making the effort to attend. Of a total of approximately 3,000 residents in the town of Lake Cowichan,

only 40 showed up at the public meeting last week. It is imperative that we have a better turn out for these two meetings. The town of Lake Cowichan’s residents need to bring their voices and be heard on these two issues. Instead of 40, we need to see 400. Take time to think about what the community would be like without its young people staying here to attend school, or with having to drive to Duncan to consult a doctor. And come to the meetings. -

returns next year. In 2014 it is projected to bounce right back to where it is today, around $6.1 billion. That’s odd. When former finance minister Kevin Falcon announced the transition back to PST last May, he described annual revenue loss of about $500 million the first year, and more than $600 million the next.

Granted, business investment credits and HST rebates to the poor also end, saving the government a pile of cash as this significant tax reform dies. But it still looks like another fudge-it budget, designed to help another premier avoid the political graveyard at the foot of Deficit Hill.

Will truth die on deficit hill BC Bureau

Whatever happens in the provincial election five months from now, taxpayers should insist that it be the last spring By Tom Fletcher vote. Now I know this isn’t sexy like the horse race of popularity polls so loved by the TV news. But integrity of public financial information is the next vital step in democratic reform, even more important than scheduled election dates. And the B.C. tradition of tabling untested election budgets, shutting down the legislature and firing up the campaign buses, has to end. The B.C. Liberals are on track to surpass the NDP on fudge-it budgets, having put millions into TV ads that insist the 2013 budget will struggle into the black. This is the hill Christy Clark has chosen to die on. Glen Clark set the modern bar with his 1996 election budget. After a run of red ink, it conjured a tidy little surplus that helped the NDP squeak out a win over the plaidshirted Gordon Campbell. Campbell’s noisy exit had its roots in his 2009 fudge-it budget, which clung to an outdated $500-million deficit forecast that had already melted down along with banks, auto makers and U.S. real estate. After the election, British Columbians found out we were really $2.8 billion in the red. Not one to waste a good crisis, Campbell ordered the harmonized sales tax. Now Premier Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong are proposing to balance the

budget <I>and</I> shut down the HST money machine. Clark gave a speech in Coquitlam the day before last week’s budget update, warning it “won’t be pretty.” And it’s not. In September the current-year deficit forecast jumped above $1 billion, largely due to a glut of natural gas. The latest update pushed it near $1.5 billion. Natural gas royalties are bumping along the bottom, no big change there. But now coal prices and shipments are down, and a slow real estate market has pinched the flow of cash from Bill Vander Zalm’s legacy, the property purchase tax. I erred in a previous column, saying this year’s deficit is partly due to a staged repayment of federal HST transition money. Not so. That entire $1.6 billion was booked in last year’s budget, pushing that deficit to a record $3 billion. This means the current $1.5 billion bleeder is based strictly on current revenues, debt servicing and spending. So how is this sucking chest wound going to suddenly heal next spring? De Jong provided an early version of his answer in his September financial statement. Amazingly, it projects a recovery of more than $100 million in natural gas royalties next year. Hmmm. Liquefied natural gas exports to Asia are still years away, and the U.S., our only current energy export customer, is developing its own huge shale gas and shale oil reserves. In another forecasted miracle, sales tax revenue is expected to dip by a mere $120 million as the old provincial sales tax

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Town’s water rate increase excessive Dear Editor


Cronin Trust Fund receives a boost George Donnelly from Cowichan Lake Timber presents Bertha Gravelle, organizer for the Dennis Cronin fundraising events, with a cheque for the Cronin Trust Fund. Recently there was a firewood sale, in cooperation with Timberwest and Teal Jones, and the proceeds went to the trust fund — there is still firewood available and if you are interested you can call Gravelle at 250-749-3740 or for more information go to

Community consultation: doctors and schools in Cowichan Lake area Ross Forrest

On Friday, Nov. 2, the Cowichan Valley Regional District conducted a tour of C ow i c h a n West to familiarize its directors and staff with our area. The elected officials of Areas I and F and the Town of Lake Cowichan are familiar with the area we live in. Other Area Directors, however, who make important decisions on our behalf, may not always be totally aware of our area. I was unable to attend the first tour in the north part of our region, including electoral Areas G, H and the Town of Ladysmith but was lucky enough to participate in the tour of the west, which was informative and worthwhile for everyone in attendance. Some of the highlights were stops at Mesachie Lake Forestry Research Station (very educational), Cowichan Lake Sports Arena, the weir, our museum, our Seniors’ Centre for lunch, Lake Cowichan Sewage Treatment Plant, TATA Communications Satellite Station, University of Victoria’s property at Marble Bay and the Youbou land site. There is concern growing over a shortage of doctors in our community. The Cowichan Division of Family Practice and the Family Physician Recruitment Office has accepted our


invitation to attend our public meeting on Dec. 11 at 5:30 p.m. at Upper Centennial Hall. If you would like to attend, our meeting is open to the public. Please bring any questions you may have regarding the doctor shortage. A strong showing from the public will help validate our concerns. Remembrance Day service was well attended this year. Thank you to everyone who came out to honour our veterans and a special thank you to those who helped make this service special: Emcee Mike Eckert, Padre Ben Yablonski, Parade Commander Suzanne Jones, vocalist Mary Popovich, Lament-piper Frank Nichol and all those who laid wreaths and showed their respect for the fallen soldiers. In July, 2013, there will be a delegation travelling from Lake Cowichan to Ohtaki/Date City, Japan. There is still an opportunity for students, as well as adults to sign up to be part of the group. The trip will be approximately ten days with the majority of your accommodations in Japan being with home stay families. Please contact the town office for more information if you are interested. Students at Lake Cowichan Secondary School deserve a lot of credit for the initiative they put forth through an encouragement board at their school. This board is a tool to express their respect and positive feelings towards one another. You should all be proud of helping each other when it comes to dealing with the many pressures of being a teenager. It makes our town proud when we see the success people from our

community achieve. One example is Divine Fit, a band out of Los Angeles, who appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show and David Letterman Show. Daniel Boeckner is one of the members of this talented group. Daniel grew up in Lake Cowichan where his father, David, was a teacher at Lake Cowichan Secondary School and still resides here. After watching this band perform, it is obvious that there will be much more success to follow. It goes to show you that with hard work, your goals and dreams can be realized. Daniel provides much inspiration for other musicians and the realization that talent and persistence can lead to success. Volunteers are hard at work once again decorating the town for Christmas. They show great character by selflessly giving their time out in the cold to provide enjoyment for others. We extend our gratitude for your dedication and to everyone who helped by donating lights and money for our light-up. The spirit you provide is greatly appreciated. Saturday, Dec. 8, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Cowichan School District No. 79 is hosting a meeting at Lake Cowichan Secondary School. Community consultation sessions are being held around the district to engage parents, staff and community members to consider options being contemplated for our schools. Participants are encouraged to pre-register at It is important that the public get out and have their voices heard regarding our schools and our future.

I attended the Town of Lake Cowichan’s public meeting on Nov. 26, and my main concern was the water rates for outside users. I readily understand the higher rate for outside users as not paying taxes we do not support the maintenance upkeep, so this was not a concern for me. However, two things I did want answer to: One, the rate increase by 40 per cent, when in the past two years the increase was four per cent. I feel this increase is excessive and council did not discuss my concern nor justify the increase. If a council member were to look up when we speak, it would at least give the impression they were listening. Two, I did not get a satisfactory answer to my question about metered consumption. Is the outside user rate of $565, a flat rate per year or a basic rate where we will be metered and charged an additional fee for cubic meters used in excess of a base amount? Jack Brooks Lake Cowichan

DECEMBER EVENTS AT STUDIO 261 ARTS SPACE Monday Dec 10 & 17: Rivernotes Choir 6:00- 8:00 PM Women’s open choir Friday Dec 14: Christmas Karaoke 7:00 PM Not just Christmas songs Friday Dec 21: Free Movie 7:00 PM “The Buddy Holly Story” Pop and popcorn

261 South Shore Rd. Lake Cowichan ph: 250-749-3728 email: website:

Dennis and Lorraine Cronin and the Fundraising Committee would like to thank the community for their overwhelming generosity and support. Thank you to all the volunteers who put in endless hours over the past couple of months putting on the Hot Dog Sale, the Bottle Drive, and the Firewood Sale. To everyone who made contributions to the trust fund, we thank you. To those who dropped by to give support or a personal donation, we cannot tell you how much that means to us. We would like to recognize the following for contributing equipment, supplies or making a corporate donation at our fundraising events: 98.7 at the Lake Coast Environmental Country Grocer Lake Cowichan Cowichan Lake Timber (Karlite) Cowichan Rentals Citizen Davey Derby Dennis Cronin Fund Raising Committee Genfor Forest Services Got Wood Home Depot Jamie Svendsen Jim Eddy John Switzer

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012



s ’ d o R

250--748 250 748--4466 #2 - 2986 Boys Road, Duncan

DECEMBER EVENTS AT STUDIO 261 ARTS SPACE Monday Dec 10 & 17: Rivernotes Choir 6:00- 8:00 PM Women’s open choir Friday Dec 14: Christmas Karaoke 7:00 PM Not just Christmas songs Friday Dec 21: Free Movie 7:00 PM “The Buddy Holly Story” Pop and popcorn

261 South Shore Rd. Lake Cowichan ph: 250-749-3728 email: website:


BREAKFAST Friday, December 7, 2012

Shaker Mill Restaurant 7am - 9 am | $10/person

Donations may be made at the Breakfast Tickets are available at: Shaker Mill Restaurant, Community Services, by phoning Pat Foster at 250-749-3730 or at the door.

Visit us at presents A creative interpretation of Charles Dickens’

Adapted for radio-on-stage by: Anthony E. Palermo Directed by: Dena McPhee Preview Performance December 4 at 7:00 pm December 5, 6, 7, 8 at 7:00pm Matinee December 8 at 2:00pm Tickets: Duncan: Portals (in the Island Savings Centre) Lake Cowichan: Footwear Centre / Curves Lake Cowichan Centennial Hall, 309 S. Shore Rd Adults: $12.50, Student/Sr/Children/Member: $10 Preview Performance only : buy one get one free

Courtesy Kaatza Station Museum

From left : Frank, Trevor, Louisa and Brian Green. Known to friends as Louie, Louisa Spencer Green — wife of Cowichan Lake’s first permanent pioneer Frank Green — was a strong, hardworking, dependable, somewhat impatient and outspoken woman whose solid character allowed her to survive the difficulties of pioneer life.

Cowichan Lake characters of the past Louie Green and the nasty Count Rolli Gunderson

PAGES OF HISTORY The following excerpts first appeared in the 1955 Golden Jubilee edition of the Cowichan Leader (now the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, which has been a newspaper of record since 1905): Louisa, called Louie by her family, never forgot the spell of that first trip over the rough trail from Duncan through the long avenue of giant trees to Cowichan Lake. She loved to tell of the last drive of logs down the river in 1909, how the logs piled up on a bar on the (Cowichan) river opposite her home. She often recalled watching the men working in the icy water (trying to free the logs) and wondering if they would appreciate a cup of hot coffee. When she offered them one, a worker loudly proclaimed, (after tasting the brew) “This coffee is better than any whiskey I have ever tasted!” She was pleased. Before arriving in Canada she had spent two years in Moscow working as governess to the children of

a wealthy Russian family. Her life with the family “whose lifestyle was a most gracious one set in a fine townhouse with many servants” (as her son recalled many years later) was now a dim memory for this young Welsh woman. The pioneer life she was to live, upon arriving at Cowichan Lake, took up every moment of every day with little time left for pondering one’s past exploits. Years later and, by then an aging widow, she still occupied the creeper-covered cottage on the riverbank that husband Frank Green had built so many years before. Set under the shade of three ancient cedars trees at Greendale, Louie had lived there since arriving as a new bride in 1909. At age 93, after a long and interesting life, Louisa Spencer Green died at the Cherry Point Lodge Rest Home in 1965. But, for the last two years, Louie spent much of her life living in the original log cabin that was built by husband, Frank Green (this area’s first permanent pioneer) so many years before. Perhaps the nastiest (or more politely put, the most unpopular) of the early settlers was Charles Henry E. Lengnick, who left his native Germany bound for East

Africa, then Australia, before finding his way to Cowichan Lake. Mentioned more than once in this column over the years, Lengnick was profiled in great detail in the Golden Jubilee edition of the Cowichan Leader (1955). “He stood five feet eight inches tall, had powerful, heavy shoulders, narrow hips, small hands and feet, wore a brown beard and moustache and had piercing blue eyes. Clothing, when he wore any, was a pair of shorts with a kind of bib and wide straps over the shoulders, leaving his torso and legs bare. Other times he wore a kilt and mostly went barefoot. His headwear was always a beret. He was known by locals as the Count or the Captain, he could lay claim to either title. “That his family was wealthy there was no doubt. He received generous financial assistance from them each month up until the outbreak of the Great War (WWI) in 1914 when all financial help was abruptly cut off.” From then on he depended on the generosity of the townsfolk, who actually (for the most part), he despised. He settled on the lakeshore across from Marble Bay

after making a small clearing in the forest. Since there was no road in, everything he needed had to be delivered by boat. On the clearing he constructed a house, that to some, resembled a Bavarian lodge. He planted a garden and many ornamental and rare trees throughout the property. Some years later after the house burnt down, he built another, this time using tin. All the while he depended — or as some said, demanded — on local people to transport all supplies and food that he and his poor woe-be-gone wife required. Since he had no money, others in the area footed the bill, as they felt sorry for his wife Elsa. In addition to having no money, he also possessed no skills, at least not skills that were required of early pioneers. Elsa, who had been sent to him as a servant by his family in Germany, was nothing more, as the story goes, than a slave. It was reported that when his wife was deathly ill and confined to her bed, he brought the goats to her bedside so she could milk them. Alas, one day in 1925 poor Elsa died some five years before her husband (master). Both were buried in Victoria’s Royal Oak Cemetery.


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TOLL FREE PAGE 1-800-729-3246 145 South Shore Rd., Lake Cowichan

Keith Nelson

Sharon Kelly Sha

WHEN YOU WANT IT LISTED - WHEN YOU NEED IT SOLD YOU CAN SEE FOR MILES New home under construction. Easy maintenance & ready for your weekend getaway. Pick your colors, flooring & counter tops. It’s all about the atmosphere, & this area has it all. Close to the lake, mountain & the water views. Call today.

ROOMY MOBILE IN DUNCAN Private land hidden away on dead end street next to farmer’s field. Newer mobile with 2 nice sized bedrooms, 2 full baths & large deck partially covered plus shed.


$259,000 + HST

9232 Kestrel Dr.



Nice sized deck and partiall partially fenced yard. Attractive kitchen kitch & living room has wood stove to keep you warm. Located on quiet amenities. street & close to all ameniti Early occupancy possible.

5188 Eleanor Street $189,000 BIG PRICE REDUCTION 40 0 Hemlock Street $169,5 $169,500 Almost ½ acre of RV living at Bayview Village. Backs onto WONDERFUL LOCATION forestland with nature all around. Includes a 1991 Fleetwood trailer with metal roof. Shared lakefront with wharfs, sandy beach & much more.


Lot 59 Blackwood Hgts




3 bdrm wheelchair friendly rancher beautifully finished. Open concept w/ good quality carpeting, tiling & window coverings. Propane fireplace, Jacuzzi tub in main bathroom & big double garage. Quality throughout.


110 River Road



DREAM HOLIDAY GETAWAY Recreational property located in Honeymoon Bay. Trussed roof over RV & big covered deck. Playground for the kids, huge beach, boat docks & picnic area on pristine Cowichan Lake. Backs onto fully fenced green space/ parkland. Do you want that easy care weekend lifestyle?


#10 Paradise Village RV Park

Many updates including roof, windows, kitchen, built in vacuum & new furnace (to be installed). Nice level yard with a single car garage & full unfinished basement. This one’s a keeper!

39 Coronation St.


92 Beaver Rd.

PRIVATE, PEACEFUL & PERFECT Long & narrow 5.6 level acres surrounded by forestry property. Steel construction shop, green house & home is over 1500 sq ft with 2 bdrms, 2 bathrooms & a loft. Make this your permanent home or great for weekend living. Too many extras to list – you have to view to appreciate it!


8975 Youbou Rd.



Flat .81 acre property with large 2,900+ sqft building. Two separate titles to be sold together. Located on main road close to store, fire hall & restaurant. Bring your ideas!



103-241 McKinstry Rd.

Two bedroom unit located close to downtown Duncan yet tucked away on a quiet side street. Building is in immaculate condition – great location – great price.


Lot 5 March Rd $139,900 Welcome to Paradise! Flat lot across the road from spectacular Cowichan Lake. Stunning views – great weekend getaway or full time living. 268 Castley Heights $75,000 BUILD UP HIGH! • lake views from lot • geo tech report on file 271 South Shore $269,000 COMMERCIAL LOT – corner lot on almost an acre on main road in Town Lot 2 - Wilson Road $120,000 FLAT LOT – for your new home or commercial venture & close to town core. Owner will have a home built to suit your needs.

All the benefits of lake front without the price! New 2 bedroom with lake views & access to private lake front facilities. Nicely laid out with kitchen that boasts 4 appliances & granite counter tops.

Awesome lake views from this .44 of an acre lot.

$279,000 + HST

Privacy guaranteed when you build on this lot.


2 level 3 bedroom home plus bonus 30 X 30 shop. Open floor plan, excellent finishing throughout – too many features to name them all. Home, shop & yard immaculate. Move in condition.

$159,000 10054 South Shore Rd. $179,900




Site #105 - One cute bedroom unit just steps from the lake. Located on 12 acres in Honeymoon Bay, featuring lake frontage, playing fields, private marina, and so much more!

Paradise Village RV Pk

7465 Teal Court



Lot 38 Kestrel Drive $125,000 Lot 48 Widgeon Way $89,900 TOTALLY RENOVATED

This .58 acre property provides several options, including building a duplex or renovating the existing home. Due to road location, rezoning to commercial may be a possibility. Vendor financing may also be available.


250 South Shore Rd.




6780 3rd Street


First time offered for sale in over 50 years. Three levels, 4 bedroom home located on .89 of an acre. Unfinished basement – 20 x 20 sq ft detached shop/garage & carport. Subdivision off an extra lot is a possibility.


101 North Shore Rd.


Beautiful home in Honeymoon Bay – minutes from the lake & all recreational activities. New hardi-plank, windows & roof. Totally modern kitchen, wood & laminate floors – tastefully decorated. Great family or vacation home.

Fenced back yard with cute gazebo & 330 sq ft shop, which can be enjoyed by both people & pets. Three bedrooms up & a rec room downstairs. Tasteful wood panelling & both bathrooms have been updated. Move in condition.


177 Neva Road

QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD Custom home with 5 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms – a place for all the family. Special features throughout. Backyard is fenced & beautifully landscaped with a pond & deck for entertaining. View this outstanding home.

287 Grants Lake Road

Close to the Cowichan River - three level Tudor style home with 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. Good sized attached garage-shop area & property backs onto farmland acreage. Perfect for a growing family.


8007 Greendale Rd. BIG ACREAGE

Your own creek on 10.43 gently sloping acres, borders both the Cowichan Valley Hwy & Cowichan Lake. Not far from the Cowichan River for swimming & steelhead fishing. Close to town – zoned F2 for multiple land use. Getaway or full time living. Owner may be willing to partially finance. 7705 Cowichan Lk Rd




Two bedroom townhouse within walking distance of all amenities. Nice layout, propane fireplace, great patio and good size storage locker. Quiet and peaceful – this is a 55+ community. 13-300 Grosskleg $179,900

GREAT FAMILY HOME! 5 year old home located close to town & the river. Five bedrooms – complete with kitchen/bar area & rec room on 1st floor with full bath & laundry. Second level has large kitchen & living room plus 2 full baths. Large vinyl deck, 2 car garage & RV parking. Nicely landscaped with small garden shed. A must see!

$339,000 120 Lake Park Road $289,000



Wednesday, December 5, 2012




LONG STAYS - 26 Nights


HONEYMOON - 12 Nights


4,, 44,119 $3 3,269



60 STATION ST. • 250-748–8128 • 1–800–434–0566


B.C. REG 1506

Sherri Brubaker


Elodie Adams

A mud ball hit the windshield of David Svendsen’s SUV after he crossed paths with a logging truck on Hwy 18, late in the afternoon of Nov. 23.

Light Up Contest for Residents or Businesses th

Enter or Nominate by Noon, Friday, December 7 Judging December 8th - 9th - 6pm Winners announced in the December 12th issue of the Gazette Prize for Residents and Businesses

Drop off entry forms at The Chamber Visitor/Business Centre or email entry information to: Sponsored by the Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce

Christmas Light Up Contest

Name: ___________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________ __________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________ Residential:






- 15

Big Tree Light-up with Santa December 7th at 7:30pm • 7 days of Christmas Passport Shopping starts December 8th - 15th at participating businesses • Pictures with Santa, Saturday, December 8th at Country Grocer 11am - 3pm


Driver anxious after recent rock incident causes death on Hwy. 18 ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

It happened so fast he couldn’t react, says Lake Cowichan resident David Svendsen. On November 23, Svendsen was driving on Hwy. 18 when his windshield was hit by a ball of mud that came flying off a logging truck. “I saw it the same time it hit the windshield,” Svendsen told the Gazette. “A logging truck was heading east as I was heading west, and a mud ball flew onto my windshield.” Svendsen says by the time he saw the truck coming and at the speed it was coming at him,

he had no chance to stop his vehicle. South Island Traffic Services (SITS) and Transport ministry staff are checking into who, if anyone, is legally responsible for checking log loads on logging trucks and removing debris that can be dangerous to drivers, following the death of a driver near Skutz Falls turnoff on Nov. 7. A brick-size rock fell off a logging truck heading east on Hwy. 18, which ricocheted off the road and hit the windshield of a westbound pick-up truck. The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured and died later in Cowichan District Hospital.

Council amends bylaw: no dogs permitted on public beach ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

A regular town council meeting of the Town of Lake Cowichan was held on Tuesday, Nov. 27, at the town hall. A number of items were on the town’s agenda for the meeting, including presentations by two outside delegations. Councillor Tim McGonigle was not in attendance as he is out of town for work. Delegations and Representations After adopting the minutes of the previous town council meeting, Mayor Forrest invited Kate Miller of the CVRD’s Environmental Policy Division and consultant James van Hemert to present their Regional Environmental Strategic Plan on future environmental programming. Miller and her team want to develop a core guiding document for the CVRD as a whole and the Environment Commission in particular. They are seeking the town’s input and support on questions about its environmental priorities over the next 20 years and what role the CVRD can play in supporting its environmental programs. Ray Anthony of the Cowichan Intercultural Society (CIS) was the next delegate to speak

about proposed projects in the Cowichan Valley District. In particular, the CIS wants to implement a new project, “Bringing Stories to the Streets,” that will explore ways of creating inclusive workplaces and helping Cowichan businesses become leaders in diversity. Following the two outside interventions, council resumed its regular agenda for the duration of the meeting. Committee Reports The minutes of monthly committee reports for November were adopted and passed. Other reports included the Lake Cowichan Fire Department incident report and fire statistics for the month of October 2012. The Lake Cowichan Fire Department responded to two motor vehicle accidents, one live fire, one medical assist and helped remove a tree that had fallen on hydro and cable lines.

Town. This Bylaw repeals the Town of Lake Cowichan Parks Regulation Bylaw No. 8902010. The Town of Lake Cowichan Waste Collection Regulation and Rates Bylaw No. 922-2012 was read for a first, second and third time. Chief Administrative Officer Joseph Fernandez drew attention to Section 17 of the bylaw, which specifies that residents must use a designated kitchen organics container, and that the town will provide an organics collection service from residents’ dwellings once a week. And lastly, the Town of Lake Cowichan Fees and Charges for Services Bylaw No. 923-2012 was read for a first, second and third time and replaces Bylaw No. 911-2011. An amendment to Schedule A of the bylaw concerns an increase in the rental rates of campsites in Lakeview Park. New Business

Bylaws Bylaw No. 919-2012, a bylaw to regulate use of parks in the municipality was adopted with an amendment to Section 3.4 of the original bylaw. It states “Notwithstanding Section 3.3, no person shall permit a dog to enter any public beach area owned and operated by the

Under new business, a motion was carried to approve and undertake the Infiltration and In-flow Assessment project at a cost of $24,862 (plus taxes). The project is scheduled to start December 1, and Fernandez estimates the first phase will be completed by Dec. 21.

Just desserts in Lakeside Players contest



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ELODIE ADAMS, Gazette Editor

Gazette Above from left: Rita Duston, president of the Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, Elodie Adams, Gazette editor, and Mayor Ross Forrest had a difficult decision to make in choosing the best dessert among four entries from local restaurants. Below: Sandy Rainsford presents the winner’s certificate to David Sharrow of the Cow Cafe (accepting the certificate for his wife, Holly Weagant). Each entry was judged on its presentation, taste, and relevance to the theme of the Lakeside Players Christmas play, “A Christmas Carol.”

It was perhaps the most difficult decision three people had ever been asked to make. On Nov. 30, the Kaatza Lakeside Players (KLP) held a dessert contest at the Seniors Hall in Lake Cowichan. Four of the town’s restaurants were asked to submit an entry for the occasion that would represent the theme of KLP’s upcoming Christmas show, a staged radioplay adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.” The Shaker Mill, Jake’s on the Lake, the Cow Cafe, and Aroma’s were the four restaurants that entered the contest. It was the Cow Cafe’s dessert, created by Holly Weagant, that was declared the winner by the palates of the three discerning judges. Before the name of the winner was announced, the mayor told the spectators who had come to witness the event that all the desserts were delicious, and praised the efforts of the four contestants.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Buy 1 Scarf at regular price & receive the 2nd scarf half price, 3rd scarf FREE 3 EE





HAT & SCARF Layaway gift certifi cer rtificates cates available available.


250-749-3721 Beside the Post Office

PUBLIC MEETING December 11th at 5:30 p.m. at Upper Centennial Hall DEALING WITH ACUTE DOCTOR SHORTAGE

Representatives of the Vancouver Island Health Authority will be in attendance. Mayor and Council Cowichan firefighters at last year’s food and toy drive.

Gazette File Photo

Firefighters partner with community to fill Christmas Hampers for needy families ELODIE ADAMS, Gazette Editor

The Lake Cowichan Firefighters are running their Food and Toy Drive again this year in support of the Cowichan Lake Community Services Christmas Hampers program. The local firefighters have been running the Food and Toy Drive for the past four years and firefighter Steve Johnson says in that time they have raised $7,746, along with a ton of toys and food. “We just felt that there was a real need to help out the Community Services Christmas Hampers,” Johnson said. “No one wants a child or their families to go without at this time of year. Or at any time, for that matter.” The Lake Cowichan Firefighters have been partnering with the community services to help make Christmas a better time for families whose limited budgets don’t allow for anything extra at Christmas. Johnson says he finds the community

services and their volunteers do an outstanding job of organizing the event. “Firefighters like to help others, it’s part of the job,” added Johnson. “The community supports us, so we (want to) support the community.” This year, the firefighters are offering a pickup service to facilitate donations for anyone who has mobility problems. If anyone would like to make a donation between now and Dec. 14, and if they can’t make it down to Country Grocer where the donations are being collected, Johnson says they can call the firehall and someone will come to their house. To contact the fire hall, phone 250-749-3522 or call Steve Johnson at 250-749-4192, or Ray Bourassa at 749-3955. All donations of cash, non-perishable food items and new, unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years of age will be collected Dec. 14 and 15 at Country Grocer.

Town of Lake Cowichan Commission Membership Vacancies The Town of Lake Cowichan is seeking members for the following Commission:

Advisory Planning Commission Members of the Commission advise Council on all matters respecting land use, community planning or proposed bylaws and permits that are referred to it by Council. Membership is restricted to residents of the Town of Lake Cowichan and two members may be non-residents. Membership term is for a two year period, commencing January 1st, 2013. Further information regarding the above Commission is available by contacting the undersigned at 250.749.6681 during regular office hours, Monday through Friday. A brief letter outlining your interest in serving on the above should be directed to reach the Town by 3:00 p.m., December 17th, 2012 and submitted to the undersigned: Joseph A. Fernandez, Chief Administrative Officer Town of Lake Cowichan PO Box 860, 39 South Shore Road, Lake Cowichan, BC V0R 2G0 • No faxes or e-mails will be considered



Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Lake Cowichan Firefighters

Unwelcome messages for Lion’s Club


FRIDAY, Dec. 14 5pm - 8pm SATURDAY, Dec. 15 10am - 5pm

at the Lake Cowichan Country Grocer Parking Lot Bring the family with some NEW UNWRAPPED TOYS FOR KIDS 0-18 YRS and NON-PERISHABLE FOOD. If you can’t make it down a firefighter can pick up Hot Dog your donation. BBQ by Call Steve at 250.749.4192 or donatio n Ray at 250.749.3955

Suppor Cowicha ting nL Commun ake Services ity Chris Hamper tmas s


Saturday, December 15 2-6pm No HST • Prizes • Refreshments GIFT CERTIFICATES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 98 South Shore Road ƒ 250.749.4964

Do you want to practise forestry in BC? New forestry designation available now The Natural Resource Professional (or NRP) designation is new and recent grads from natural resources conservation programs at the University of BC, Thompson Rivers University and the University of Northern BC can apply today. The NRP designation will allow you to practise aspects of professional forestry in every corner of the province. You might find yourself working for government, consultants, industry, Aboriginal groups and more! For more information and to see which programs qualify, visit our website at


The Lake Cowichan Lion’s Club, situated on Oak Lane, was defaced sometime in the evening of Nov. 28. President Sam Beldessi says he and other members were told about the graffiti the next morning. “We were really taken aback when we were told that someone had done that,” Beldessi said. The building will have to be stripped and repainted, Beldessi says, and it will take most of the funds the club usually donates to different organizations through their fundraising efforts to be able to pay for the work that needs to be done.

A beef about the recent recall of contaminated Canadian beef Canada’s XL Foods in September. It took our government 12 days to issue even their first, limited recall. It grew to include fully a third of all Canadian beef products and became the largest food recall in Canadian history.

Jean Crowder


Canadians’ confidence in our food system took another hit in November with revelations that meat inspectors at the XL Food plant in Alberta were told to give meat going to Japan better inspections than meat headed for Canadian store shelves. A four-year-old memo stated that inspectors should ignore signs of fecal contamination on carcasses not intended for the Japanese market. The memo stated those carcasses would be dealt with later in the process at the plant. However, union members at the XL Food plant said that wasn’t true, that the later process was simply a wash which could not remove contamination. The first duty of any government is to keep citizens safe from harm. But it was American inspectors, not Canadian ones, who detected E-coli bacteria in beef from

recall in Canadian history and consumer wariness around the safety of our meat supply. The Conservatives’ priorities on food safety are wrong. They adopted “industry self-regulation” for food safety. They cut funding for food inspection in their last budget. And they’re wrong to not take responsibility for this and help all of the beef producers, large and small, that are seeing their sales decline. The union representing workers at the XL Foods plant in Brooks confirmed that workers have been scared into refusing to report food safety issues at the plant. Among these serious concerns is a failure to properly clean knives on the production line and a processing speed that is far too fast. Near the end of November, CFIA reversed the instruction to ignore contaminated carcasses and ordered meat inspectors to stop a line and pull any carcass that had fecal contamination from the line. If that is the right thing to do now, why was it not right four years ago?

It is clear that consumers and producers on Vancouver Island want small, localscale slaughter and meat-packing plants.

Local food security is a growing concern among my constituents. Access to local, safe, humane slaughterhouses is one concern that farmers and food activists continue to raise. It is clear that consumers and producers on Vancouver Island want small, local-scale slaughter and meat-packing plants, Even these provinciallyregulated facilities are feeling the chill from the largest food


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Weir masking real problems for Cowichan River In my opinion: Summer dry spell could naturally have been much worse The Cowichan River’s mask slipped a bit this year, when it nearly ran dry in September and October. At the end of the lake and start of the river a weir was built about 55 years ago. Before that, on rare occasions, the Cowichan River dried up in late fall, but it was rare. The Cowichan has not been dry for several decades now. The weir has been masking the denuded side slopes, the hotter and drier climate and the lesser snow pack some years — weir built for a pulp mill to store and buffer summer and fall water needs. Before the weir, the lake was like a full bathtub; if inflow from ground seepage, small seasonal tributaries and summer rains was greater than the evaporation rate, the outflow was the difference. When inflow dropped below the evaporation rates — and that can be more than six cubic metres a second on a hot summer day with a bit of wind — then the Cowichan River ran dry. Like I said, it happened once in a while historically. Loren Duncan: The weir has weir a mask. masked the fact that without it the river would, in today’s world, be running dry regularly, maybe even yearly. This year the mask slipped. We saw behind the weir and what may be before us even with the weir: eventually a dry river once in a while, then more often as climate change does what it does, and as logging and watershed degradation does what it does. Maybe better management through the controversial usage of a rule band instead of a rule curve on the management of stored water will give us more time. Maybe it can fix the mask back on the Cowichan River, hide and delay the inevitable. Maybe. A great battle is being played out as an army of scientists and bureaucrats are again battling a legion of lakefront property owners about the curve-versus-band weir management issue. Will a rule band management regime help keep the mask on? Yes, most of the time, for a few more years — maybe a decade or more. Would raising the weir and storing more water mask the inevitable an additional decade or two? Assuredly, but the mask will not hide what eventually must come, what will come. Are there solutions? Sure. The lake is more than 150 metres deep. We fight about the top meter or so. A couple of pumps would enable negative storage, but that has consequences as well. Is there water in other watersheds to scavenge? Sure. Nitinat Lake comes to mind — another couple of pumps, so to speak to shift from Nitinat at sea level to Cowichan Lake at 162 metres. Interbasin transfer is controversial, but isn’t that what we do with water to Crofton? The weir was, and is, just the low-hanging fruit, and a great mask. But the mask is slipping. Sahtlam/Glenora CVRD Director Loren Duncan, lives alongside the Cowichan River.

Seniors’ craft class wraps up Christmas wreaths Gazette The Lake Cowichan Seniors Centre was a crafty place on Thursday, Nov. 29 when a group of the women were treated to a class on wreath making by local lady Tamu Miles. With a huge pile of cedar branches and assorted foliage to choose from piled up in the middle of the floor, the group had a great time putting together wreaths for the up-coming holiday season.

Don’t Miss

SANTA’S BREAKFAST Dec. 8th 9:00 a.

m.-11:00 a.m. Inside at Centre Co urt Sponsored By Rotary Club Of Dun can

Michael Machek: “Illusionist” • Santa arrives by Fire Truck at 9:30 am • Photos with Santa start at 10:30 am Orange Passion Photography

Proceeds to the

Cowichan Valley Basket Society (Food Bank) • Jiffy Lube • Nature’s Place • Sport Chek • Staples • Lee’s Chicken • Ardene’s • Winners • Northern Reflections • Petsmart • Pack Your Bags • Tim Horton’s • Great Canadian Dollar Store • The Source • Island Savings Credit Union Visit our web site at:


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You’ll feel like family!

C Grade A O Turkey U N T R Y ¢ V $ 39 1 A L White U Potatoes E LILYDALE


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Help Fill a Dream is an immediately responsive charitable foundation. They inspire hope, health and happiness for Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island children under the age of 19 with life-threatening conditions by fulfilling their dreams, improving their quality of life and assisting their families with care and financial support.


Frozen, All Sizes Limit 1 with $25 Order.

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Proud to be Cowichan Valley’s leading grocery store since 1986. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Deposits and/or environmental fees extra where applicable. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Specials in effect Wednesday December 5th- Saturday December 8th, 2012

Valley View Centre 1400 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cobble Hill • 83 Cowichan Rd, Lake Cowichan Open Daily 8am - 9pm

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Coke • Diet Coke • Sprite • Gingerale • Coke Zero

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PICTURES WITH SANTA! Saturday, December 8 11am-3pm





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GINGERBREAD KIT • Train • Sleigh • House

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Specials in effect Friday, Dec. 7/12 & Saturday, Dec. 8/12 Egg Nog Latte! mmm, good!



1 These specials available at Country Grocer Lake Cowichan ONLY. $ 97



Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Diana Hutton

Christmas-loving tiny house collectors Donna and Dennis Jones with their donation box for the Food Bank and, at right, some of their many miniature collection.

Christmas-town in miniature DIANA HUTTON •

Jiffy Lube

Lee’s Chicken • Ardenes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit the Lake Cowichan home of Donna and Dennis Jones. Their festive, fully-lit Edwardian city, replete with residents, snowy streets and warm lighted windows is a veritable “Christmastown,” all in miniature.

• Island Savings Credit Union Visit our web site at:

s Nikon Digital Camera s Ps3 Gaming System s iPod Mini



DRAW DATES ARE NOV. 30, DEC. 8, DEC. 14, AND DEC. 21 ( Santa Breakfast)


“We’ve been collecting pieces for 32 years now and each year we set it up in a new layout,” said Donna Jones. Since the Gazette’s last visit two years ago to “Jones City” (as it is nicknamed), there have been some exciting developments as well as a 20 per cent expansion in the growth of the tiny town. Dennis, Donna and their collection were recently featured in the CTV news segment I Love this Island with host, Bruce Williams. You can view the segment on YouTube under I love this island Christmas display inside a Lake Cowichan home. “We’re now up to 142 buildings and about 750 to 800 people,” said Dennis, who is the official town planner and electrician. For Donna, who dons the mayor’s hat, an invitation-only reception over three nights has made for more holiday fun. Invited guests are asked to bring donations to the Lake Cowichan food bank and are treated to a bounteous table of homemade goodies and refreshments. The town boasts every amenity that one could imagine, from posh town-houses, bed and breakfasts to schools, churches, dance halls and a wide variety of shops and houses. For the tiny outdoor enthusiast there’s a winter camp, ice fishing hole, skating rink (complete with moving skaters) and that most Canadian of obsessions, a curling rink. The snowy streets, alight with glowing lamp posts, are busy with all manner of horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians. This year there’s a full choir singing carols, which is on loan from a friend. The collection began 32 years ago, when Donna’s mum gave her the first set of three gingerbread buildings. The Jones are careful to match new items for correct scale size in various parts of the city. “We search all the time now,” said Donna. “We find them all over. In Canadian Tire, Rona, London Drugs, Christmas shops and on some on our trips to the U.S.” The Jones begin their setup mid-November and leave the display up until mid January. Dennis already has plans for next year’s layout, part of which will be U-shaped to aid access to the village during set up and for the many lifesized visitors who make a visit to the town part of their annual Christmas traditions. Children, especially, delight in the magical world which is the perfect height for pint-sized viewers. A retired electrician, Dennis’s ingenuity in setting up the mass of cords and timers so the town always looks its’ best is an engineering feat to be proud of. When asked if he had any secrets for keeping everything upright and in place in this miniature metropolis, Dennis replied, “I have one word. Velcro!”


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pat Duringer

Sandy Stinson

RE/MAX of LAKE COWICHAN C 81 Cowichan Lake Road, Lake Cowichan |

Your Trusted Authority ~ Going the extra mile for you!

250-749-6000 SOLD



18 King George 10571 Cypress

502 Mountain View

9440 Creekside Road

Outrageous views! Open concept Brand new 3 bed 2 bath rancher in living. Lightly used & well maintained desirable Slopes subdivision. Hurry and you can still pick your colors with 4 bedrooms & 3 baths.


Stunning waterfront home. Almost 4000 sq. ft living space. Huge open concept kitchen. 2nd kitchen could easily be in-law suite. 3 decks open to the prized lake front views.

$339,900 plus H.S.T.

7020 Cowichan Lake Road 12 acres of flat land with a lovely character home and multiple out buildings. Set up for a couple of horses. Possibility of extensive peat extraction.


T wo 2 bdrm apartments! #109 first flr, w. exposure No Down Payment, Vendor Financing at 4%

103 South Shore Road Cute waterside home & three business storefronts & storage.


9674 Creekside Rd New Creekside Listing Elegant Waterfront Home

#210 second floor, #306 east exposure One bedroom


Waterfront Mobile Home Park – 9041 Meades Creek




#24 - $22,900 MOTIVATED


#26 - $94,500 #33 - $59,000



67 South Shore Rd. • Riverfront +/ residential+/ +business too! • Location, location,location • Established since 1960 • 1960 sq’ building • 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom • 62x104 riverfront lot


11445 North Shore Road 276 South Shore Rd.

96 Johel Road




Lot 22 Kestrel Dr.

100 Cottonwood

Lakeview lot w/boat slip & beach access.

Huge lot in town. Big family home.




147 Sahtlam Ave




Coon Creek Road

SL 4 Meades Creek Road

82 Beech

5990 Stoltz Rd.

Cute, Cute, Cute Waterfront Cabin, Great Beach.

High end Small scale Waterfront Development. Several lovely homes newly built.

• Home at the Slopes • Rancher with a basement

5.1 acres, Inlaw suite, potential B&B apartment over the garage.





Cozy home with country kitchen, bonus partially finished basement. Central location.

Youbou Mini Mart

102 Cowichan Ave. Lovely rancher, 3 bdrm, private landscaped backyard.

Priced to sell. Great Opportunity


8724 North Shore Road

100 Elk Road

10484 Youbou Rd. Lake view from kitchen, landscaped, .52 of an acre.

Marvelous lakefront. 250ft of beach, .84 acre. Great Home.

10408 Arbutus Street 2 Homes.

26,000 sq ft of Gardening Paradise. Huge Shop.


204-138 South Shore The Wellington.



99646 Creekside • Complete to lock up • Two full stories and two half stories

NEW PRICE $428,000



7797 Cowichan Lake Road

9590 Creekside Road

Penny Lane Cottage

• Waterview • Low maintenance yard • Recreation nearby

• 2.87 acres • Lovely 4 bedroom cabin • Year round creek

Waterfront Dock.

• 1 bdrm & den • Riverfront strata • Commercial zoned • Close to town





The Coffee Mill

Penny Lane-1 Bdrm

9981 Swordfern

Coffee Shop & Cafe 10063 South Shore Commercial Lot.

• Water development • Ideal for retirees or snowbirds • 1 BDRM + DEN $249,000 CAN BE RENTED



SWORDFERN ESTATE, moments to a beautiful beach. Lovely home with great master suite.RV garage plus big garage with a huge executive office above. Fitness centre, covered porch, hot tub, heat pump.

$249,000 10549 Coon Creek Road


Log Home. Ever thought you would like to live off the grid?


The ESSO This going concern could be a gold mine! House, pumps, carwash, convenience store & take out counter.

$1,550,000 10432 Youbou Road Excellent canvas, big lot water access.


$479,000 SLOPES Beautiful upscale development has attracted a lovely mixture of mostly retired professionals.

7405 Neva Road .45 of a sunny acre $189, 000

Duplex on Coronation 481 Mountain View Rd. Great Investment

$279,000 266 Hillside Road 3 bedroom A-frame with separate shop.



ATTENTION DEVELOPERS & Investors – here is a great opportunity to purchase a multifamily site within city limits with full community servicing. “The Slopes”, a new Lake Cowichan subdivision showcasing a variety of beautiful new homes. Close to town & minutes to the Lake with easy hwy. access.

470 Mountain View NEW DEV 489 Mountain View NEW DEV The SLOPES BIG LOTS

$114,000 $114,900 $99,000

LOTS 389 Point Ideal Lot 30 Cypress 470 Point Ideal 466 Point Ideal Lot 22 Kestral Dr. #4 Meades Creek

Waterfront Private Prime Loc Prime Loc

$339,000 $69,000 WOW $89,900 $137,700 $74,900 $374,900

Underground services and mountain vista

Waterfront LOTS Stin-Qua Lot # 1 Lot # 3 Lot # 4 Lot # 6 Lot # 15

.... .... .... .... Almost waterfront!

$399,000 $349,900 $309,900 $329,000 $159,900

185 MacDonald Huge home, huge lot. Rents out for $1200 a month.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

As we head into the crazy busyness of preparing for the holiday season, sometimes we forget to stop rushing around and to take a moment for ourselves. “Silent Starry Night,” a recital



122 0 **


by vocalist Rhonda Vertefeuille of Youbou, may be just the occasion or moment to mark in your calendars. It will be an afternoon of songs from a range of genres, says Vertefeuille, and some with definite Christmas overtones.







18,999 *







The recital at the New Hope Community Church in Youbou, begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec.8. Vertefeuille is a classically trained singer who obtained her Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia.




0 72








234 0 **





36,499 *











She also singers with another Cowichan Valley ensemble, the Threshold Singers, a group that sings for palliative care patients in the district. Her accompanist, Ron Killian, teaches piano in Duncan and the valley. There will also be a special




$ BEST NEW SUV - CUV (UNDER $35,000)


188 1.49 **







27,999 *










WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. †Until December 13, 2012, receive 0% APR purchase financing on new 2013 Ford [Fusion Hybrid]/ [Fusion (excluding Hybrid), Explorer (excluding Base), Expedition, F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs)]/[Mustang V6 Premium and GT (excluding GT500 and BOSS302), Edge (excluding SE), Escape (excluding S)]/[Focus (excluding S, ST and BEV), Fiesta (excluding S), Taurus (excluding SE), F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2 value leader), F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew (excluding Raptor)], models for a maximum of [36]/ [48]/ [60]/ [72] months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest interest rate. Example: $30,000 purchase financed at 0% APR for 36/ 48/ 60/ 72 months, monthly payment is $833.33/ $625.00/ $500.00/ $416.67, cost of borrowing is $0 or APR of 0% and total to be repaid is $30,000. Down payment on purchase financing offers may be required based on approved credit from Ford Credit. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price. *Purchase a new 2013 Focus SE Sedan/2013 Escape SE FWD with EcoBoost/2013 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4x4 with 5.0L engine/2013 F-150 XLT Super Crew 4X4 with 5.0L engine for $18,999/$27,999/$36,499/$38,499. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate of $750/$0/$2,500/$2,500 has been deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,650/$1,650/$1,700/$1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. **Until December 13, 2012, receive 0%/1.49%/0%/0% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a new 2013 Focus SE Sedan/2013 Escape SE FWD EcoBoost/2013 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4x4 with 5.0L engine/2013 F-150 XLT Super Crew 4X4 with 5.0L engine for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Purchase financing monthly payment is $264/$407/$507/$535 (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee a bi-weekly payment of $122/$188/$234/$247 with a down payment of $0 or equivalent trade-in. Cost of borrowing is $0/$1,287.57/$0/$0 or APR of 0%/1.49%/0%/0% and total to be repaid is $18,999/$29,286.57/$36,499/$38,499. Offers include a Manufacturer Rebate of $750/$0/$2,500/$2,500 and freight and air tax of $1,650/$1,650/$1,700/$1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate deducted. Bi-Weekly payments are only available using a customer initiated PC (Internet Banking) or Phone Pay system through the customer’s own bank (if offered by that financial institution). The customer is required to sign a monthly payment contract with a first payment date one month from the contract date and to ensure that the total monthly payment occurs by the payment due date. Bi-weekly payments can be made by making payments equivalent to the sum of 12 monthly payments divided by 26 bi-weekly periods every two weeks commencing on the contract date. Dealer may sell for less. Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. ▲Offer only valid from December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with a Costco membership on or before November 30, 2012. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012/2013 Ford vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Fusion HEV & Energi, C-Max, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302, Transit Connect EV & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The Eligible Vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford Motor Company of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. Offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000CDN offer is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ††When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost 4x2 and 4x4 and 6.2L 2 valve V8 4x2 engines. Max. payload of 3,120 lbs with 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 competitors. †††Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 comparable competitor engines. ©2012 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.


Recital by Youbou singer and pianist: “Silent Starry Night” story-telling by Vertefeuille’s husband and their two chldren, Gus and Ginger. Admission is by donation, and the musicians have added a request for audience members to bring a non-perishable food item for the local food bank.

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription

Unlocked vehicles invite unwanted attention warn RCMP ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

Lake Cowichan RCMP responded to a complaint of an attempted break-in to a vehicle on Lakeview Avenue Nov. 29. Const. Grant Desmet of the Lake Cowichan RCMP reported the suspect(s) appeared to be interrupted by the owner of the vehicle’s dog barking. Nothing appeared to be taken from the vehicle. “A police dog was called out to the scene,” Desmet told the media, “however, police were unable to locate the suspect.”

Then on Nov. 30 Lake Cowichan RCMP again responded to several complaints of someone entering vehicles that were parked in the area of Arbutus Street, Nitinat Avenue, and Somenos Street. Numerous items appeared to be taken from the vehicles. RCMP would like to remind people to lock their vehicles and ensure that valuables are kept out of sight. Police are asking that anyone with information contact the Lake Cowichan RCMP at (250) 749-6668 or Crime Stoppers 1-800222-8477.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wendy KLYNE 1-250-715-8710

MODERN CHALET STYLE HOME 10520 Lupin Lane, Youbou Under Construction

Plans for Lake Cowichan’s library advance

$339,900 • 2 BD, 2 ½ BA, Open concept living on .25 acres in Sunny Youbou • Beautiful exposed beams and ceiling, cozy warm woodstove • Green built, metal roof, State of the art septic, RV Sani dump and parking • Cement deck, separate generator/workshop building, Heat pump ready

TIPS ON STAGING YOUR HOME TO SELL 80% of all buyers start their search online – excellent pictures are extremely important

Tip #13 – Best Photos are Everything

Artist rendering of the new Lake Cowichan branch of the Vancouver Island Library to be built next to the Forest Workers’ Memorial Park on South Shore Road. Media Release

The Board of Trustees for Vancouver Island Regional Library is awarding Heatherbrae Construction the tender to build the new library in Lake Cowichan. The construction budget is $1 million. The new library will be more than twice as big as the current branch and will include an increase in public access computers, new children’s literacy computer stations, comfortable lounge seating, study space, meeting rooms and a designated area for children’s programs. A larger branch also means more room for books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs and CDs. “We very much appreciate our partnership with the Town of Lake Cowichan,” says Vancouver Island Regional Library Board Chair

Ronna-Rae Leonard. “Their donation of the land on which the new library will be located has been the catalyst we needed to expand library services for the citizens of Lake Cowichan.” “It is exciting to know our new library will be under construction soon”, says Ross Forrest, Mayor of Lake Cowichan. “This new facility will be a great addition to our entire community. The need for a larger more modern library will be also fulfilled. As well, a new beautiful building will be pivotal in our downtown revitalization efforts. On behalf of Council and the residents, I would like to congratulate the Library Board of Trustees and its staff for their diligent efforts in making the new library a reality.” Construction of the new library in Lake Cowichan will begin early in 2013.

• After staging your home, take pictures that impress, pictures that stand out from the others • Use pictures that generate an emotional desire from the potential buyer to see property live • When taking pictures it is important that all surfaces are clear to create a picture perfect impression, • Most advertising is in black and white, so take a photo copy of your ad before submitting and see how it looks

By the way… I am never too busy for your referrals

The Cold War is back.

Lake Cowichan library to host information sessions for newcomers and immigrants ELODIE ADAMS Gazette Editor

When you’re new to a community, especially if you have come from another country, there are many administrative hurdles to cross. Things like applying for health benefits, getting a driver’s licence or finding out what the best options are for your children in the education system may be confusing at first. The Cowichan Intercultural Society (CIS) in Duncan helps immigrant newcomers and refugees find their way in many areas, but it isn’t always easy for people from outlying communities to reach them. Now, through a new partnership between the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL), Cowichan Lake Branch, and CIS, newcomers will have a chance to access the settlement services that can smooth the transition into a new community. On Dec. 6 and 20, settlement coordinator Demy McEvoy will be at the Cowichan Lake Library to assist clients with some of the concerns they may have. “It’s a new endeavour,” said Melanie Reaveley, VIRL manager in Duncan, of the

partnership. “Some people might have a hard time getting to Duncan to see her, so Demy thought the library would be a good place to hold these sessions.” Reavely says it’s surprising how many new immigrants are arriving in the Cowichan Lake area. “It’s growing,” she said. “We actually have more and more people coming here. We have Spanish and Portuguese immigrants here, as well as from Tibet. And more people are coming from Eastern Europe these days as well.” CIS offers help to immigrants with citizenship and immigration inquiries, can offer assistance or give referrals to various community services and resources, or just help someone whose first language isn’t English fill out an application form. And CIS can also help local residents, if they have questions about something more general. McEvoy will be at the Cowichan Lake Library from Dec. 6 and 20 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., with future dates to be determined according to demand.

White. Fluffy. Sneaky. Goes by the code name “Snow.” Keep winter under surveillance.

Don’t know? Don’t go.



0 72




Christmas House

December 1st - 20th by Appointment

318 South Shore Road, Lake Cowichan (across from the arena)

HOT CHOCOLATE, TEA, COFFEE, COOKIES, CANDY CANES Donations go to Serving our Community For more information call

250.749.3345 or 250.709.5493

Green Space

Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue Society



with Dr. Brenda Bernhardt DVM

December 8 10am - Noon Bell Tower School, Kaatza Museum Admission by donation to ANIMAL RESCUE

Pet First Aid Kits and Supplies Available No pets allowed

all, love. If you’re one of the lucky ones (or choose to spend most of December watching seasonal reruns of the Walton’s and Road to Avonlea) then, as Linus would say, “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown”. But if your middle name is Ebenezer, your family is LITTLE STEPS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE more “Homer Simpson” than homey or you never did get that official NBA basketball when Ah Christmas. The word can you were eight (and it scarred you for conjure up memories and emotions life) you might belong to the other like almost no other. The smell side of seasonal people. of roasting turkey and fresh cut For the “I hate Christmas” balsam boughs and the sound of crowd, the whole stretch from midchildren’s laughter and familiar old November to that brutal hangover carols filling the air. You savour the on New Year’s morning is nothing sights of sparkling decorations and but a combination of stress, anxiety warm lighted windows, the taste of and spending. Line ups at the mall, Granny’s famous stuffing, the first pungent Japanese orange and the feel maxing out the Visa on this year’s must-have high-ticket gadget, of that cozy, old dressing gown and scrambling to find time to fish the a loved ones hand as you awaken on that most special of all mornings. And fake tree out of the attic (and get the damned lights to work) and dreading what of the emotions of Christmas? the forced visits with relatives you Nostalgia, gratitude, joy and above work hard to avoid the rest of the

New Hope Community Church

A Family Celebration of Christmas

Share with us a Service of story and song

December 24 • 7:00 pm A family candle light service Everyone is welcome! 10648 Youbou Road, Youbou 250-745-3406





















234 0
















WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. *Purchase a new 2013 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4x4 with 5.0L engine/2013 F-150 XLT Super Crew 4X4 with 5.0L engine for $36,499/$38,499. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate of $2,500 has been deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. **Until December 13, 2012, receive 0% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a new 2013 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4x4 with 5.0L engine/2013 F-150 XLT Super Crew 4X4 with 5.0L engine for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Purchase financing monthly payment is $507/$535 (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee a bi-weekly payment of $234/$247 with a down payment of $0 or equivalent trade-in. Cost of borrowing is $0 or APR of 0% and total to be repaid is $36,499/$38,499. Offers include a Manufacturer Rebate of $2,500 and freight and air tax of $1,700 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate deducted. Bi-Weekly payments are only available using a customer initiated PC (Internet Banking) or Phone Pay system through the customer’s own bank (if offered by that financial institution). The customer is required to sign a monthly payment contract with a first payment date one month from the contract date and to ensure that the total monthly payment occurs by the payment due date. Bi-weekly payments can be made by making payments equivalent to the sum of 12 monthly payments divided by 26 bi-weekly periods every two weeks commencing on the contract date. Dealer may sell for less. Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. ▲Offer only valid from December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with a Costco membership on or before November 30, 2012. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012/2013 Ford vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Fusion HEV & Energi, C-Max, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302, Transit Connect EV & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The Eligible Vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford Motor Company of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. Offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000CDN offer is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ††When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost 4x2 and 4x4 and 6.2L 2 valve V8 4x2 engines. Max. payload of 3,120 lbs with 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 competitors. †††Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2012/2013 comparable competitor engines. ©2012 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



For the “I hate Christmas” crowd year. But goodness knows, Christmas is also a season of hope and faith. There are choices and options that can help put the magic and joy back into the grey days of December and make the Yule tide a season, if not to love, at least not to dread. If it’s already too late for this year, then at this year’s family gettogether, propose a different tack for next year. To help sway reticent family members who loath change; propose it as an experiment to try just once. Use the environmentally conscious approach and when all else fails, point out that it will save everyone a bale of money. Over the next few weeks, I’ll humbly offer up some ideas to help make Christmas a leaner, greener and hopefully more magic time of year once again. In the meantime, if the stresses get too much, curl up in your favourite armchair, conjure up the best Christmas memory of your past while inhaling the citrus heaven of your first Japanese orange of the season (and if that doesn’t help, wash it down with a good slug of wellspiked eggnog).

...and for those who never tire of Christmas

Elodie Adams

Left: Three Lake Cowichan Senior Line Dancers took time out on Dec. 1 to attend the St. Louis de Monfort Christmas Bazaar and luncheon.

Visit us at www.

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Cowichan Rocks Curling Club’s Tuesday League

Rink Standings:

Mixed league welcomes new curlers Elodie Adams Gazette Editor

Home hardware

The Kaatza Lakeside Players extend a sincere Thank You to their sponsors

Dr. Kenneth Welch

S J H Boyd School



ince will come to Lake Cowichan to curl for the championship title. The curling club is in the planning stages for this event, and welcomes any volunteers who wish to assist with the committee work. Events such as these bring huge community benefit and economic spin off to the area, and the Cowichan Rocks Curling Club has built themselves a reputation in the past for hosting these types of events because of the fantastic job they do. And finally, March 9 is the date for a new venture: the first Bowling/Curling Spiel. Participants will bowl three games in the Historic Youbou Lanes Bowling Alley, followed by lunch and an afternoon of curling, dinner and prizes. Transportation will be provided and Cowichan Lake recreation manager Linda Blatchford promises fun for all who participate. No experience necessary in either sport, she adds, and the cost for the whole day is only $65. To register, call Linda at 250-749-6742.

Open 7 days a week


2013 Cowichan Rocks Curling Club events The annual men’s curling bonspiel is scheduled for January 17 — 20 at the Lake Cowichan Recreation Centre. Team entry fee is $220 which includes a weekend of curling, prizes, Saturday night dinner and entertainment. To register, call the arena at 250-749-6742. The Cowichan Rocks Curling Club Ladies will be hosting their annual curling and games fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 2. This event is usually well attended, and raises money for a different cause each year. Anyone wishing to sign up for this event should call Tricia Mayea at 250-749-4140. Cowichan Lake Recreation, in partnership with Cowichan Rocks Curling Club, is very excited to announce that they have been awarded the right to host the 2013 BC Masters Curling Championship event by Curl BC, Feb. 28 March 3, 2013. Eight teams of senior ladies and eight teams of senior men qualifying from around the prov-

Lake Cowichan 250-749-4400


Cowichan Rocks Curling Club’s Tuesday night mixed curling league is going great guns this year, reports league coordinator and recreation centre manager Linda Blatchford. “We have five full teams and are making up a sixth team each week using spares and people willing to come out once in a while,” Blatchford told the Gazette. “It is a fun league, not so competitive (as the Monday and Wednesday night leagues, coordinated by the Cowichan Rocks Curling Club’s president Thor Repstock). It’s a perfect place for new curlers to start out. Blatchford says they can accommodate eight full teams in this league, so there’s still room for more. She would love to encourage inexperienced curlers to give curling a try, or even encourage people who have curled in the past to come back to the game. “People with bad backs or knees can once again curl effectively using the stick,” Blatchford added. “The stick is a wonderful tool for pushing the rock while standing and walking rather than by squatting and coming out the

hack.” Blatchford also noted that using the stick has improved her game enormously. Cowichan Lake Recreation Centre provides a number of pieces of house equipment (brooms, sticks, and sliders) that are available for everyone to use. The fact that someone doesn’t have their own equipment shouldn’t deter them from coming out, the recreation centre manager says. Blatchford also announced a new league that will be starting up in January 2013 – the Stick Curling and Lunch League – scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. This league, she says, is perfect for those who do not wish to drive after dark, and has the added advantage of allowing people to give curling with sticks a try to see how it works and also to socialize over lunch before heading home. Then, a five-week session for kids five years old and up will be offered, where members of the curling club give introductory curling skills to youngsters in an effort to see curling continue to grow in the community. Regular curling leagues run until approximately March 9.

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Blatchford/Major: Gorski: Davis: Gott: Mayea: Team 6:



Stand Up For Your Community Defend Our Schools Community Meets the School District December 8th 2012 9:30 - 11:30 am Lake Cowichan Secondary School Contact Duncan Brown 250-709-0527 Di Gunderson 250-749-3335 Oppose the Cuts and Closures In Cowichan Schools

Island Savings Credit Union CICV Radio 98.7 FM Dr. John Wilson Lake Dental Health Care Kidd’s Bed & Breakfast RRoyall BBankk off CCanada d Russell Books, Victoria Lake Cowichan Home Hardware Peter Baljet Chevrolet Buick GMC LLake k CCowichan i h HHome Centre C


Wednesday, December 5, 2012




Cowichan Lake Baptist Church

Lake Cowichan Christian Fellowship

8259 Beaver Road Lake Cowichan

57 King George St. South Lake Cowichan

Sunday Service 10:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am

Sunday Service 10:30am

Pastor Dale Winters

Pastor Terry Hale


Tim Horton’s gifts new jerseys to little Lakers


Roman Catholic Congregational St. Louis de Montfort 60 Fern Road Lake Cowichan

‘New Hope’ Community Church 10648 Youbou Rd, Youbou



Mass Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

Breakfast at 10:00 am Sunday Service 11:00 am

Fr. Alfredo Monacelli

Rev. Vikki Marrs

Community Consultation Sessions School District 79 invites the public to attend one of four Community Consultation Sessions to discuss options being considered in an era of declining enrollment and increased costs. Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at Lake Cowichan Secondary School


The Tim Hortons Initiation Lakers received brand new beautiful jerseys from Steve Carlson, general manager of all the Tim Hortons in the Cowichan Valley. The kids were so excited to receive them and had a little extra glide in their stride that day on the ice. Back row: Coach Chris Hoskins, Tyler St.James, Steve Carlson, Linden Hoskins, Carter McCloy, Anaya Bath, Roxanne Garnett (team manager), Jesse Bell, coach- Al Fawcett Front Row: Korbyn McGonigle, Brody Garnett, Reid Nahirnick, Ollie Fawcett, Ethan Anderson, Liam Fawcett Missing from the photo are Logan Fulton and Kaylen Anderson

Pee Wees to host tourney

Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Chemainus Secondary School Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at George Bonner Middle School Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Quamichan Middle School To allow us to prepare for the session, you are encouraged to pre-register at Please don’t forget to tell us which session you plan to attend. Participants who pre-register will receive a copy of presentation material in advance of the session. BROCHURES BROCHU RES CA CATAL TALOGU O OGU ES CON CONTES TESTS TS S PR RODU ODUCT CTS CT TS T S ST TOR ORE RES S FLYERS FLY ERS S DE DEALS ALS S COUPO COU UPO PO ONS S BRO BR ROC CHU HU U URE RES ES S CA CATAL AL LOGU OGUES ES ES

Holiday Gift Guide

Elodie Adams photos

A Lakers player attempts to take control of the puck from the Fuller Lake offensive and lead the play away from the Lakers net in a home game on Dec. 1 that the Lakers lost.

Novice players learn leadership on the ice

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On the weekend of Nov. 2425, the Lake Cowichan Lakers Synergy Safety Novice C1 were on the road for two away games. After a tough loss to the Cowichan Valley C1 team at Island Savings Centre on Saturday, the Synergy Safety team rebounded to a 9-0 win over Kerry Park Novice B3 on Sunday morning. Kevin Ferguson was strong between the posts. Mariah Segee assisted Jayden Chupik with the team’s first goal of the game. All second year Novice players demonstrated leadership throughout the game, especially Dylan Cummings who set up many plays that allowed his team- mates to score goals. Brooklynn Creelman dug his way to his first goal of the season.

The Johel Bros. Group Pee Wee Lakers hockey team is hosting a tournament December 7-9 at the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena. The Lakers have invited three Pee Wee teams from the Alberni Valley, Campbell River and Powell River to compete with the 11- and 12-year-old home team. The round-robin tournament will kick-off on Friday, Dec. 5 with a game at 5:30 p.m. and wind up with the gold and silver final at 11:30 a.m. On Sunday, Dec. 7. Lakers’ face-off: Friday at 5:30 p.m. Lakers vs the Alberni Valley Bruins Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Lakers vs Campbell River Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Lakers vs Powell River Sunday at 10 a.m. Bronze final Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Silver/gold final.







IN HOUSE sale; Sat., Dec. 8 /12. Decoratorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight! Designer accessories and furniture. Linens, Christmas wreaths, decorations center pieces, and more. 1 day only. 7184 West Coast rd. (across from John Muir School), 9am3pm.

FOUND: SET of keys Nov 27th along Dallas Rd. in between Cook St and Douglas; very near the cross walk with overhead lighting. Call (250)507-4963



xBUSINESSxDAYSxPRIORxxPM -!*/2ĂĽ#!4%'/2)%3ĂĽ ).ĂĽ/2$%2ĂĽ/&ĂĽ !00%!2!.#% &!-),9x!../5.#%-%.43 #/--5.)49x !../5.#%-%.43 42!6%, #(),$2%. %-0,/9-%.4 0%23/.!,x3%26)#%3 "53).%33x3%26)#%3x 0%43xx,)6%34/#+ -%2#(!.$)3%x&/2x3!,% 2%!,x%34!4% 2%.4!,3 !54/-/4)6% -!2).%



$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.




ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis

TAEKWON-DO and STREET SELF-DEFENSE TEEN & ADULT BEGINNERS FREE CLASSES til Xmas Tues & Weds, 5:45pm. Colwood Community Hall 2219 Sooke Rd.

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terriďŹ c presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: ďŹ

(by Dairy Queen)



Denied Long-Term Disability BeneďŹ ts or Other Insurance?


If YES, call or email for your FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION

and protect your right to compensation. 778.588.7049 Toll Free: 1.888.988.7052

St. Anthonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dental Clinic Dr. Loumbardias and staff are very pleased to have Dr. Heather Smith join our Family Dental Practice on Fridays.

New patients accepted and welcome Our new hours are: Monday to Friday 8:30-5:30

CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. NO Risk Program, STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

TRAVEL CONDOMINIUM HOTEL 1-2-3 bdrm condominiums 8251850sq ft. Convenient Beach Access, Heated Pool/Hot Tub In-room Washer/Dryer, Flat Screen TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Free Wi-Fi, Private Balconies, Daily Housekeeping, Handicapped Rooms Available. Weekly/Monthly Rates, Free Local Calls, Free Local Beach Transportation. Conveniently Located to Shops and Restaurants. www.crystalpalmsbeach 1-888-360-0037. 11605 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island FL 33706.

We are located at:







INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Apply online! 1-866-399-3853

LUXCARELIFESTYLE 17 years of personalized home senior care, social outings and companionship. Christmas help. Free consultation 250590-1689.

GNC ELECTRIC Res/Comm. Reasonable rates for quality work. #43619. 250-883-7632.



CERTIFIED FOOT Care Nurses for seniors only $45 @ 250588-4312

BUBBAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HAULING. Mini excavator & bob cat services. Perimeter drains, driveway prep, Hardscapes, Lot clearing. Call 250-478-8858.

AN ALBERTA Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilďŹ eld road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. HAIRSTYLIST WANTED full time/part time for First Choice Hair Cutters in their Victoria location. Guaranteed $11/hour, 25% proďŹ t sharing, paid overtime, beneďŹ ts, paid birthday, vacation pay, annual advanced training and advancement opportunities. Call 250360-1408 today for an interview. Required for an Alberta Trucking Company. One Class 1 Driver. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience pulling low boys and driving off road. Candidate must be able to pass a drug test and be willing to relocate to Edson, Alberta. Scheduled Days Off. Call Lloyd 780-723-5051 THE LEMARE Group is accepting resumes for the following positions: â&#x20AC;˘Grade Hoe Operator-with Coastal Logging Roadbuilding experience â&#x20AC;˘Coastal CertiďŹ ed Hand Fallers â&#x20AC;˘Coastal CertiďŹ ed Bull Buckers â&#x20AC;˘Off Highway Logging Truck Driver â&#x20AC;˘Grapple Yarder Operators â&#x20AC;˘ Heavy Duty Mechanics Fulltime camp with union rates/beneďŹ ts. Please send resumes by fax to 250-956-4888 or email to ofďŹ

HOTEL, RESTAURANT, FOOD CONKEIRA HOLDINGS Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons 840-2945 Jacklin Road, Langford and 845 Goldstream Ave, Langford Food Counter Attendant Full Time / Shift Work Nights/overnights/early mornings/weekend $10.25/hr + beneďŹ ts. Apply at either store. Fax 250478-3003


#110-582 Goldstream Ave

(250)474-4322 LEGALS


WITNESS WANTED - a Hit and Run occurred on Nov. 9, 2012 at 8:30AM, at Mckenzie and Shelbourne. A 2004 BMW was rear ended by the unidentiďŹ ed driver of a large silver SUV. If you have any information about the driver or the vehicle that ďŹ&#x201A;ed the scene, please contact GAVIN @250384-6262 or WITNESS WANTED - A hit and run occurred on Oct. 30, 2012 at 3:15pm, at Richmond and Forrester St. A 2006 Honda Civic was struck by the unidentiďŹ ed driver of a grey/silver late model sedan with a spoiler. The offending vehicle ďŹ&#x201A;ed on Forrester Street and remains unidentiďŹ ed. If you have any information about the driver or vehicle that ďŹ&#x201A;ed the scene, please contact GAVIN in conďŹ dence at 250-3846262

WANT QUALITY Drywall work? Superb, excellent, expâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. Call Arno 250-656-7622


RETOUCH, RESTORE, Edit Photos. Portraiture, Baby +Family, Maternity. Home Movies to DVD. 250-475-3332.


ACCOUNTING Vida Samimi CertiďŹ ed General Accountant Bookkeeping, Audit, Payroll, HST. Set up & Training. E-File

TAX 250-477-4601

APPLIANCE REPAIRS A & L Appliances (under new management). For all your appliance needs. (250)656-2325

CARPENTRY BENOIT CONSTRUCTION. Renoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s & Additions. Windows, Doors, Decks. 250-479-0748. COMPLETE HOME Renos. Carpentry, Drywall, Painting. Licenced insured. Call Darren 250-217-8131. JEREMIAHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CARPENTRY Quality work, sm renos, call for list of services. 778-967-1246.


Looking for a NEW job?

KENDRAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ELECTRICAL Co. #86952. No Job too Small. Kendra, 250-415-7991.

FENCING ALL TYPES of fencing, repairs. Reliable, on-time. Free estimates. Call 250-888-8637. REPLACE THAT old fence! Reliable, honest, BBB. PH# (250)886-1596,

FURNITURE REFINISHING FURNITURE REFINISHING. Specializing in small items, end-tables, coffee tables, chairs. Free pick-up & delivery. References available. 250-475-1462.

(250) 858-0588 - Tree Service - Landscaping - Lawn & Garden Clean ups - Hedge trimming & Pruning - Pressure washing - Gutters Free estimates * WCB CHRISTMAS CLEAN-UP? Hedge need a haircut? Tree need a trim? Call Michael at (250)588-9367. DPM SERVICES- lawn & garden, seasonal pruning, clean ups, landscape, power wash, etc. 15yrs exp. (250)883-8141 Driftwood Landscaping - Fall clean-ups, pruning, gardening, leaf clean-ups, gutters, power wash, hedges, mowing, 250590-5224 FALL CLEANUP special: $18/hr. Weeding, Pruning, etc: Free estâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Steve 250-727-0481 GARDEN OVERGROWN? Weeding, lawn cuts, cleanups, pruning. John Kaiser 250-478-7314, 250-812-8236.



J&L GARDENING Specialty yard clean-up and maintenance. Master gardeners. John or Louise (250)891-8677. (250)208-8535 WOODCHUCK Fall pruning, clean-up. Blackberry, ivy rmvl. 24yrs exp. 250-216-9476 ACCEPTING clients, From the Ground Up, custom landscapes, home renoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, garden clean-ups.



CARPET INSTALLATION MALTA FLOORING Installation. Carpets, laminates, hardwood, lino. BBB 250-388-0278

CLEANING SERVICES HARDWORKING AND reliable lady avail to clean your house. Louise 250-891-8677. LINDA LOUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S residential, commercial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call 250-818-6373. MALTA HOUSECLEANING Estates, events, ofďŹ ces. BBB member. (250)388-0278.

CONTRACTORS CARPENTRY, DRYWALL, kitch/bath, wood ďŹ&#x201A;oor, tiles, plumbing, renos 250-213-6877

WOMAN CONTRACTOR. Over 20 years experience in renovations. References on request. Call 250-888-7042.


STEAMWORKS: A club for men to meet men. 582 Johnson St., Victoria. 250-3836623


COMM. & Residential Renoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s: Drywall, Carpentry & Painting. Call Les (250)858-0903.

MERCHANTS! BUSINESSES! ENTREPRENEURS! Major European 10 yr old successful company soon to launch major media campaign in Canada/US. Looking for partners to capitalize on market opening. For more info: 250-592-3455, 250-507-1310.





Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BAN--2X6 2009 SUDOKU 2x432.00 2009 SUDOKU To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number 1 to 9 must appear in: â&#x20AC;˘ Each of the nine vertical columns â&#x20AC;˘ Each of the nine horizontal rows â&#x20AC;˘ Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes

ELECTRICAL 250-361-6193- NO job too Small or too Large! We do it all. Visa ok. Reasonable rates. GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

(250)590-9653.ELECTRICIAN 20 yrs + exp. Residential: New homes & Renos. Knob & tube replacement. $40./hr. Seniorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Discount. Lic.#3003. AT&T ELECTRIC. Renovations. Residential & Commercial. Knob & tube replacement. #26125. (250)744-4550.

Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Solution





Wednesday, December 5, 2012
















JAMES BAY- spacious 1 bdrm, $795+ utils. NS/NP. Avail Jan 1. (778)430-2116.

VIEW ROYAL: 2 bdrm, close to VGH and Island Pacific Gold Course. $950 util’s incld’d. NS/NP. (250)391-1241



BLAINE’S WINDOW WASHING. Serving Sidney & Brentwood since 1983. Average house $35. 250-656-1475

COTTAGE at 8400 West Coast Rd. Avail Immed. $600+ utils. Call 250-642-4295.

WATERFRONT SUITE $995 + shared util, 1bdrm, 2 lvls, priv entrance, hrdwd flrs, insuite lndry, granite cntrs, view deck, walk to amenities, call to view 250-818-9118

250-507-6543. AL’S V.I.P. Gutter Cleaning, Guards, windows, powerwashing, roof demoss, repairs. Insured.

LOCAL TREE CO. 30 yrs exp. Bucket truck, chipper. We buy logs. Insured. (250)883-2911.

D’ANDREA’S Gutter Cleaning/ Repairs; Power washing. Free est. Exc. ref’s. Insured. Quality guaranteed. (250)413-7541. PERIMETER EXTERIORS. Gutter Cleaning, Repairs, Demossing, Upgrades. WCB, Free estimates. 250-881-2440.

HANDYPERSONS AL’S AVAILABLE to update your home. Kitchens, baths, basements, etc. Licensed & Insured. Al 250-415-1397. ASK ROB. Carpentry, decks, landscaping, bobcat work, masonry and renos. Free Estimates. Call 250-744-4548. BEETLES RESIDENTIAL Renovations Ltd. Bathrooms, decks, painting, landscaping and handyman services. Fully insured and guaranteed. Free estimates. Call 250-889-4245. BIG BEAR Handyman. Decks, Stairs, Painting, General household repairs. Free estimate. Call Barry 250-896-6071 HANDYMAN SERVICES. Lawns, fences, pruning, flooring, painting, drywall, small renos. Mike/Chris 250-656-8961 SENIOR HANDYMAN. Household repairs. Will assist do-it-yourselfers. Call Fred, 250-888-5345.

HAULING AND SALVAGE $20 & Up Garbage & Garden waste removal. Senior Disc. Free estimates. 250-812-2279. ALL-HAUL JUNK REMOVAL Const Debris, Garden Waste. Call John 250-213-2999. CITY HAUL- a lot of junk won’t fit in your trunk, you’re in luck I own a truck. 250-891-2489. CLEAN-UP SPECIAL. You load bins, size 12 yard $100 plus dump fee or we do it all. Call 250-361-6164. FAMILY MAN Hauling. Prompt, Courteous. Call Chris for all your hauling needs. 250-920-8463. GOT A Truck, I can Haul. Reasonable rates, free estimates. Call Phil 250-595-3712

RENOS BY Don, 25 yrs exp. New, renos, repairs, decks, fencing, bathrooms, kitchens. Senior discounts. Licensed, Insured, WCB, 250-588-1545.

INSULATION MALTA BLOWN Insulation. Attics - interior/exterior walls & sound silencer. (250)388-0278 QUALITY INSULATION blown fiberglass. Affordable rates. (250)896-6652.

JAKE’S RAKE & CO. Fall clean-ups, gutters, hedges, tree trims. (250)217-3589.

MASONRY & BRICKWORK CBS MASONRY BBB. WCB. Chimneys, Fireplaces, Flagstone Rock, Concrete Pavers, Natural & Veneered Stone. Replace, Rebuild, Renew! “Quality is our Guarantee”. Free Competitive Estimates. (250)294-9942/(250)589-9942.

MOVING & STORAGE 2 BURLEY MEN MOVING. $85/hr for 2 men (no before or after travel time charges on local moves. Please call Scott or Joshua, (250)686-6507. DIAMOND MOVING- 1 ton 2 ton. Prices starting at $85/hr. Call 250-220-0734. DONE RIGHT MOVING $80/hr. Senior Discount. Free Est’s. No travel time before or after. SMOOTH MOVES. Call Tyler at 250-418-1747. WRIGHT MOVING. $80/hr for 2 men. Senior’s discount. Free Est’s. Call Phil (250)383-8283.

ALFRED, ALFRED Quality Painting. Wholesale, Discounts! 50 years experience. 250-382-3694. A PROFESSIONAL Woman painter. Karen Bales Painting & Wall coverings. Over 25yrs exp. Free est. 250-514-5220. LADY PAINTER Serving the Peninsula for over 20 yrs. Interior/exterior. Call Bernice, 250-655-1127.

✭BUBBA’S HAULING✭ Honest, on time. Demolition, construction clean-ups, small load deliveries (sand, gravel, topsoil, mulch), garden waste removal, mini excavator, bob cat service. 250-478-8858. PARRY’S HAULING We haul it all - FREE estimates. Call Shawn 250-812-7774 SAVE-A-LOT HAULING Furniture, appliance, garden waste, we take it all! Always lowest rate, senior discount. Brad 250-217-9578.


SAVE ON COMMISSION Sell your home for $6900 or 1% plus $900 fees FULL MLS SERVICE!

GLEAMING WINDOWS Gutters+De-moss. Free estimate. 18 yrs. Brian, 514-7079. WCB.

CALL: 250-727-8437

Jasmine Parsons

WINDOW & Gutter Cleaning, minor repairs. Comm/Res. Insured, free est. (250)881-3684 One Percent Realty V.I.



ALFRED, ALFRED Quality Windows Wholesale, Discounts! 50 years Construction experience. 250-382-3694.




JUNK REMOVAL 7 days / wk. Fast Service, Best Prices!! Free quotes. (250)857-JUNK.

DAVE’S WINDOW Cleaning. Windows, Gutters, Sweeping, Roofs, Roof Demossing, Pressure Washing. 250-361-6190.


METAL ROOFING & siding sales. Seconds avail. Custom roof Flashings. 250-544-3106.

FUEL/FIREWOOD ARBUTUS, CYPRESS, fir, hardwoods. Seasoned. Call 250-661-7391. SEASONED FIREWOOD Vancouver Island’s largest firewood producer offers firewood legally obtained during forest restoration, large cords. Help restore your forest, 1-877-902-WOOD.

GARAGE SALES IN HOUSE sale; Sat., Dec. 8 /12. Decorators’s delight! Designer accessories and furniture. Linens, Christmas wreaths, decorations center pieces, and more. 1 day only. 7184 West Coast rd. (across from John Muir School), 9am3pm.


NEWSPRINT ROLLENDS$2-$10. Fridays only, 8:30am to 4:30pm. #200-770 Enterprise Cres, Victoria. Goldstream Press Division.



EXPERIENCED JOURNEYMAN Plumber. Renos, New Construction & Service. Fair rates. Insured. Reliable, friendly. Great references. Call Mike at KNA (250)880-0104.

ANTIQUES, BOOKS, collectibles, furniture, china, jewelry. Estates/private libraries purchased. Galleon Books & Antiques, 250-655-0700

FELIX PLUMBING. Over 35 years experience. Reasonable rates. Call 250-514-2376.


FREE ESTIMATES. Reasonable. Reliable. No job too small. Call 250-388-5544.


RUBBISH REMOVAL MALTA GARDEN & Rubbish Removal. Best Rates. BBB member. (250)388-0278.

• Wheel-chair accessible • Outdoor, indoor and covered parking available • Lockers • Elevators • Laundry room • Balconies • Bicycle storage • Crime Free Multi-Housing Program


TOP NOTCH PAINTING. Over 25 years exp. Interior/Exterior, Residential. Reliable, Reasonable and Friendly Service. Call Brad 250-580-5542.

ROOF DE-MOSS & treatment. Driveways, walkways & gutter cleaning. 30yrs exp. 744-9801.

1 bdrm. from $865/mo. 2 bdrm. from $1,140/mo.


ON POINT PAINTING. Polite, clean cut crew. Professional results. Call (250)744-4927.

DRIVEWAYS, WALKWAYS, Decks, etc. Reasonable rates. 250-744-8588, Norm.


Ask For Move-In Bonus

BICHON SHIH Tzu male poodle. Shots, vet checked- ready to go. $400. (250)478-1009.

CHILLSPOT IS The Coolest Dog Bed-A new and innovative, thermodynamically cooled dog bed, that enhances the cool tile surfaces our pets rely on during the warm weather months.


Senior Living 200 Gorge Road West,


WE BUY HOUSES Damaged House? Pretty House? Moving? Divorcing? Estate Sale? We will Buy your House Quick Cash & Private. Mortgage Too High and House won’t sell? Can’t make payments? We will Lease Your House, Make your Payments and Buy it Later!

Call: 1-250-616-9053

WE BUY HOUSES Damaged House? Pretty House? Moving? Divorcing? Estate Sale? We will Buy your House Quick Cash & Private. Mortgage Too High and House won’t sell? Can’t make payments? We will Lease Your House, Make your Payments and Buy it Later!

Call: 1-250-616-9053


4 RS3 serviced lots, in Langford, starting at $179,000 Happy Valley. All services in. Excellent location with rural feel. Email or call 250-661-2837 or 250-857-2481 for more info.

OTHER AREAS 20 ACRES FREE! Buy 40-Get 60 acres. $0-Down, $168/mo. Money Back Guarantee. NO CREDIT CHECKS. Beautiful Views. Roads/Surveyed. Neaer El Paso, Texas. Call 1800-843-7537.

TILING A1. SHAWN The Tile GuyRes/ Comm/ Custom/ Renos. 250-686-6046

- BUYING - RENTING - SELLING - 250-388-3535

Call Now:250.381.5084 1 & 2 Bdrm suites & cabins. Perched on a cliffside with panoramic ocean vista, overlooking The Saanich Inlet. Serene & secure. All amenities on-site, firewood. $700-$1200 inclusive. Monthly/Weekly. Pets ok with refs. 25 min commute to downtown Victoria. Must have references. Call 250-478-9231. 2 bed + den, 2 bath, 2 yr old condo, cls to downtown Sidney or ocean on Brethour Ave. $1550 + util, sm pets ok, no smoking. 250-516-3256 Granite, Hardwood, South Facing. BRENTWOOD (Central Saanich) 2-bdrm+ lrg den, bright & clean. 1600 sq.ft., located above offices, in 1 of 2 suites, sundeck, covered parking, pantry, insuite W/D. N/S. Avail Dec 15 or Jan 1st. $1095. Call 250-655-4777.

CONDO IN FIRST CLASS CONDITION FOR SALE designed for age 55+ group and comes with services. Excellent location near the Inner Harbour, Legislature, shopping etc. Will consider a rental lease also on this bright, homey, residence. Call Tony Joe-RE/MAX Camosun 250.370.7788 for more info & pictures. see: w/s http://www.


Unique Building Must see

1 BDRM Very quiet, ocean views, Clean, well maintained. Laundry, Sauna, Elevator, Hot Water, Heat. (250) 388-9384

GRANT MANOR Newly renovated suites, Starting at $675 per mo

To view call 250-642-1900 HELMCKEN & Island Hwy- 1 bdrm, $625. F/S, heat, hot water, hydro incld. No dogs, N/S. near bus. (250)479-2751. JAMES BAY: Corner 2 bdrm condo, 2 bath, good location, beautiful kitchen, NS/NP, $1500/mo. 250-361-9540.

NEAR AIRPORT & golf courses, immaculate semi detached 1 bdrm luxury cottage, 1200 sq ft, 2 priv entrances w/ propane F/P, fully furn’d w/ 8 appls, lots of cupboards, quiet area, priv prkg, must have vehicle, N/P, N/S, avail Dec. 1. $1150 mo. (250)656-4503.

DUPLEXES/4PLEXES ESQUIMALT PARKLANDS Dr- 2 bdrms, 1 bath, 5 appls, s/s duplex. Sm pet ok, sunny patio, large yard. Avail now. $1,300+utils Call Equitex 250386-6071 or

APARTMENTS FURNISHED SIDNEY EXECUTIVE suite. near ocean & town. $900. Short/long term. 250-656-8080 UPTOWN- FURNISHED studio apt. Laundry, cable, heat, hydro included. $675. 250380-7421.

SUITES, UPPER ESQUIMALT- 1 bdrm, self contained, new windows. $690. NS/NP. Avail now. Call (250)884-6790 SIDNEY- QUIET cozy 1 bdrm, W/D, utils included, NS/NP, completely furnished. Avail Jan 1. Call (250)656-7184.

TOWNHOUSES LAVENDER CO-OP is accepting applications for a quiet, 2 bdrm townhouse, W/D hookup, inside/outside storage, backyard. $876/mo. Share purchase $2500. Gross income $42,000 +. Applications available in the glass case outside the Community Hall at 10A-620 Judah St. SIDNEY- NEW 3 bdrm + den, W/D. NS/NP. $1700 mo. Avail Dec 1. Call 250-217-4060.



SIDNEY- 2 BDRM, garage, yard, deck, F/S, W/D. $1350. Call (250)812-4154.

SENIOR COUPLE just retired wish to do some writing, fishing etc. while enjoying the peace & quiet of a cottage or private suite. Reliable former homeowners, will provide worry-free care of your home & property. Prefer long term, up to $900. Exc. refs, NS/NP. Please call (778)679-2044.

TILLICUM: LARGE 3 bdrm, den, 2 bath. W/D, D/W, large fenced yard. Ample parking. Close to bus routes and shopping. Quiet street. N/S. $1700 + util’s. Call (250)418-0252.

ROOMS FOR RENT SAANICH: FURNISHED room. W/D, cable, heat, hydro, $475. Call 250-380-7421.

SHARED ACCOMMODATION LANGFORD NEW townhouse. bdrm, bath. $625, inclusive. NS/NP. Available Nov 1. Call 250-382-9434.

WISHART AREA: Single hard working mom with 11 yr old and 2 well trained cats, looking to rent a 1 or 2 bdrm, (approx $1000/mo), within walking distance to Wishart school in Colwood. Exc. ref’s. Please call 250-208-0386 and leave message.


SUITES, LOWER AVAILABLE DEC 15 or Jan 1. 1 BR plus den, full bath bsmnt suite. $900 incl utilities. F/S, W/D, 2 separate entrances. Walking distance to Millstream Village. Overlooks beautiful maple trees and Millstream Creek. Please call 250-5074694 to arrange a viewing. COLWOOD- 1 bdrm Bach, patio, shared W/D, N/S. $820 mo incls utils. 250-391-7915. ESQ/GORGE. Quiet cul-desac. 2 bdrm grnd level, fenced yard, on bus route. Shared W/D, N/S, pet? $995 mo inclds utils. Avail now. 250-384-5466. FLORENCE LAKE, 2 yr old 1 bdrm ground level suite, large mudroom, F/S, W/D, & micro. 2 priv entrances w/ sunroom & patio on 1 acre prop. Utils incl. (No Smokers), small pet ok, $950. Dec. 1. 250-391-1967.

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557

AUTO SERVICES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


FOR ALL VEHICLES in all conditions in all locations

250-885-1427 Call us first & last, we pay the highest fair price for all dead & dying vehicles. Don’t get pimped, junked or otherwise chumped!


GORGE-HARRIET. Quiet, large 1 bdrm, grd level, priv ent, utils incl’d. N/S, N/P, $735/mo. Call 250-384-0460 (leave a message).

2007 CUSTOM Chev HHR. Excellent condition. Loaded. White. 119,000 km, mostly hwy driven. On-Star. $11,900 firm. 250-755-5191.

UPTOWN 1-bdrm. 820 sq.ft, 3 storage rms, patio, yard, prkng, own entr & driveway. NS/NP. $800. inclusive. 250-361-3508

$50-$1000 CASH

UVIC AREA, 2 bdrm, $1050 mo incls all utils, N/S, N/P, avail immed, 250-721-4040.

For scrap vehicle

UVIC/CAMOSUN area, 2 bdrm, priv ent, N/P, N/S, $900. Avail immed. (250)477-6652.


FREE Tow away


drive sales 250-388-3535 388-3535


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The inside back: A little of this and that ☞ Local businesses and services Lake Cowichan’s newest store, Gerard’s Specialty Foods, has opened at 102-205 South Shore Road. European pastry beef strudels, handmade by the owner, Gerard Burg are great for any occasion, the owner says. “We make it, you bake it” is their motto. Cowichan Fly and Tackle is holding their annual ladies’ shopping night on Saturday, Dec.15 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. There will be no HST, prizes and refreshment. Want a chance at winning a $1,000 in groceries? Dot, at the Footwear Centre, has some great specials on — just in time for the gift-giving season. Buy one scarf at the regular price, get the second scarf at half price and a third scarf is free! Lake Cowichan’s branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library is hosting their Tuesday Talk Night on Dec.4 at 6:30 p.m. Please join us and share a Christmas memory, song, poem etc. Anything goes and everyone is welcome.

☞ Mark your calendar: Two

important community meetings On Saturday, Dec.8 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at

Shaker Mill Restaurant, the Lake Cowichan Community Services, or at the door.

Lake Cowichan Secondary School there will be a public consultation session hosted by School District 79. The community consultation sessions will be a forum to discuss options being considered in an era of declining enrollment at our schools and increased costs. On Dec.11 at 5:30 p.m. in the Upper Centennial Hall there will be a public meeting dealing with acute doctor shortage for the Cowichan Lake area. Representatives of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) will be in attendance.

☞ Healthy Beginnings: mom and

dad group

A group for moms and dads with children under fouryears-old — but all children are welcome — has been meeting for over a year at the Kaatza Health Unit at 58 Cowichan Avenue West. Each week focus on different topics and activities The drop-in group meets each Monday at 10:30 a.m. Join them on Monday, Dec. 10 when Sundrops Centre family consultant and parenting educator Shelley Rattinck will answer any parenting or play questions.

☞ United Way breakfast fundraiser this Friday

The Cowichan Lake United Way breakfast will take place in the Shaker Mill restaurant on Friday, Dec. 7 from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Coordinator Patricia Foster is happy to be arranging the breakfast again this year. Foster explained that the restaurant supplies the breakfast, and that all of the proceeds go to the United Way. Attending the breakfast is a good way to meet up with other members of the community and have a chat over coffee, with the added bonus of contributing to a good cause. Tickets are $10 per person and can be obtained at the


☞ Community Services extends


Youth Drop-in hours

The Youth Drop-in program on Wednesdays after school at Cowichan Lake Community Services will have extended hours. The new time for drop-in is from 2:45 to 5 p.m. The last Drop-In for 2012 will be Wednesday, Dec. 5,. The program will be closed for the season’s holiday until Wednesday, Jan.9.

FOR ALL YOUR HEATING and COOLING NEEDS • Oil, Gas & Electric Furnaces • Heat Pumps • Refrigeration • Duct Cleaning

accurate air


– ONE CALL COVERS IT ALL – For your free in home heating estimate

Cowichan Lake Service Directory

250.746.1666 Visit for internet specials!


After hour service | Seniors’ discounts Renovations | New construction | Repairs Hot water tanks | Drain cleaning Septic Design & Installation Water services 20+ years experience

250-749-4997 250-709-5103


/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / //



All your plumbing needs under one roof! • Hot water heaters • Fiberglass tubs • Acrylic jetted tubs • Pumps • Fish ponds • Faucets • Sprinklers • Repair parts from A - Z





Need space for relatives?



BOUTIQUE WATERFRONT LODGE Come enjoy... Waterfront Patio Suites King-sized Bed | Jacuzzi Wharf | Campfire Pit | BBQs Single off -season rates start at $59/night – $295/week

1-877-222-8876 250-749-0105

Treat yourself to Best for Less!

Call Steve:



(1958) Ltd.

Convenience Store • Gas Bar Store: 250-749–3355 Garage: 250-749–3213


Licenced ̰ Bonded ̰ Insured

Landscaping | Septic Services



GUTTER Company

Gas • Diesel Boat Gas Confections • Bait • Ice


4 Season ❀5º7

A gutter above the rest. Featuring: Crown Moulding

Fascia Gutters Call Steve for Free estimates!

Locally owned & operated

250-715-6038 250-749-4192 TREE SERVICE E NEW


Koster PAINTING CONTRACTORS We will COVER it for you! • Light Commercial • Residential • Interior • Exterior

En-TIRE-ly at your Service 250-749-6614

Dangerous Tree Removal/Storm Prevention •

140 HP chipper for fast, efficient cleanup

Insured & Licensed • Free Estimates & Advice


Cowichan Pet Emporium (1996) • Fish • Pet food/supplies • Otter Co-op Livestock Feed • Wood Pellets • Grooming MONTHLY VET CLINIC with Dr. Nancy Holling





Veterinary Housecall Services

Topping, Limbing, Falling Commercial & Residential


170A Cowichan Lake Rd.

“Sharing the care. care.” ”

Selective or Clear Cut Logging •


Call Casey

Tree Service •

Cowichan Motors

Serving Lake Cowichan for over 20 yrs


Open 7 Days a Week

No other company in this area has over 33+ years experience roofing.

Shane Baker


14 North Shore Rd. Lake Cowichan

Towing and Repairs



CALL Ian Balding TODAY




• Renovations • Installations • Framing • All Finishing Carpentry • Custom Kitchens • Laminate Flooring • Decks • Fences • Sheds • Additions • Windows & Doors


73 South Shore, Lake Cowichan

OPEN: Mon.-Sat: 5a.m.-10p.m. Sun: 7a.m. - 8p.m.


Quality comes first.

Residential & Commercial

Reg #12129

251 Government St. ,Duncan


Finishing carpenter with over 24 years experience.



Specializing in delivering 1 - 5 yard loads.


Lorne: 250-749-6601 Cell: 250-701-5153

Dr. Brenda Bernhardt

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


s a for e d I t f i G


$ 00

Cowichan Capitals Card Collectors Album





Handsfree Devices

Proceeds to the Food Bank





34 99



Powerocks are your 5 o’clock friends, providing mobile power to your device when you need it. They keep you connected, wherever you are, regardless of access to power outlet. They come in various shapes and sizes, from the portable & cute 2600mAh Magicstick all the way up to the powerful pro series dual port 7800 mAh Stone3.


19 99



$ 99


High def, low pri ce

Charging Devices

Telus Cheetah Stuffies

TV lite tel a SS LU TE

3 7 . $15

s sa le nth mo bund six s rst ervice fi the me s r 1 fo o th Sh on ELU T rm Internet from pe of a part

Variety of Cases

BONUS! Get an HD PVR rental FREE when you sign up on a 3 year term. 3

ACCES When SORY SALE you one of purchase • Char each: • Scree ging Unit n Prot • Case ector

25 % off



per month2 for the first six months as part of a TELUS home services bundle

, Connect more n. connect ofte are

© 2012 TELUS.

Why TELUS Sate llite TV?

Over 500 of your favourite channels, including more than 100 in HD Great movies 24/7 with On Demand Pause and replay live TV Record two show s at once with our PVR Offers available until December 31, 2012 to new clients who have TELUS technician Not available to residents not subscribed to TELUS of multiple dwelling service installation (LPIF). The LPIF fee TV or Internet in the units. Taxes extra. Not will decrease starting past 90 days. Available available with other included4 September 1, services will promotions to residential

. Rates include a $3/month 2012. See be determined by a clients where access TELUS representative. atellitetv-lpif for details. and line of site permit. digital service fee and will apply at the end 1. Regular bundle rate Rates include $5 discount TELUS reserves the a fee required by the of the 3 year term. A of $32.90 per month right to modify the CRTC as a contribution for cancellation fee applies purchase of a TELUS will start on month 7 to the Local Programmin bundled services. Satellite TV receiver for Satellite TV. 2. Regularchannel line ups and packaging. Minimum g Improvement Fund or PVR. The TELUS logo for early termination of the TV service system requirements bundle rate of $37 will agreement is a trademark of TELUS apply. start on month 7 for Corporation, used under and will be $10 for the PVR, multiplied TELUS High Speed Internet. Final eligibility for the by number of months licence. © 2012 TELUS. 3. Current remaining in the term. 4. With a term service rental rates agreement or

Check out the late

st offers & arrivals

and Family Sh Unlimited Talk th connected wi u yo ep ke plans tter. ma t tha le op pe

at www cowi h

Talk and All Unlimited plans include: Family Share

Receive handsfree holder FREE


al Talk and Text Unlimited Loc ces with other devi Shareable Data 3,4 unts on your acco e Mail Caller ID & Voic

Plans start1 from just



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™ roaming Samsung ™ Galaxy S III , additional airtime, using II s sent Taxes, long distance Galaxy Note without notice. 1 included. Message sage. subject to change messages are not charged at 60¢/mes and subscription change. Prices are of Canada will be (40¢). 2 Premium not as a rate plan Canada is charged k (53¢) and Quebec while roaming outside and renewals, and while outside of with activations Voice used while PEI (70¢), New BrunswicUS. Text messages sent or received Multimedia messaging used of $1.50/minute. only. Plans are available viewing. in Nova Scotia (43¢), and the is charged at a rate a web address for and British Columbia municipal government 911 fees be charged at 2c/MB. outside of Canada US will the sent includes Alberta in nt data in that 2012 or l r 31, or attachme text message used while roaming beyond the shared MB; 1 MB = 1,024 KB). Data Valid until Decembe Plus applicable provincia for each text messageor video messages will receive a vary by zone. Voice may share data. Additional usage charges are extra. 35¢/message charge will apply KB (1 GB = 1,024 the future and the US may picture logo, plan closest the Canada Share display TELUS to and pay-per-use to up A the Family TELUS, data charges. and is rounded devices not able while roaming outside nes on an Unlimited Talk and ce 411 charge: $2.50. by the MB or GB iMessage may incur /text for details. Customers with charged at $5/MB. Data used 4 Only smartpho . Directory Assistan al data is charged is 2012 TELUS. /travel for details. Service is not included. Addition on existing accounts of their respective owners. © Visit used while roaming in the US e or reprogramming Visit 3 Data property as phone swaps as data roaming. US varies by zone. included. Access to BlackBerry Enterpris trademarks are the operations, such of Canada and the reserved. All other roaming outside data plan. Tethering may apply for servicing used under license. All rights d with any other Additional fees TELUS Corporation, Cannot be combine monthly overage limit of 10 GB. are trademarks of to a usage is subject Choice, PERKS and is friendly, Clear


ls at

& arriva h latest offers

Check out the latest offers & arrivals at 951A Canada Ave 250-748-4847 Cowichan Commons 250-715-1599 B1- 845 Deloume Road, Mill Bay 250-733-2626

We SERVICE what we sell!

Lake Cowichan Gazette, December 05, 2012  

December 05, 2012 edition of the Lake Cowichan Gazette

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