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Tuesday December 4, 2012

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2 charged in Maple Batalia murder SFU student’s ex-boyfriend and his ‘associate’ arrested

by Kevin Diakiw


Maple Batalia’s sister Roseleen (left), father Harkirat and mother Sarabjit attend a police news conference Saturday night announcing an arrest of two men in Maple’s 2011 murder in Surrey.


ONE OF the men charged in the murder of SFU Surrey student Maple Batalia – Gurjinder (Gary) Dhaliwal –will be pleading not guilty, his lawyer said. On Monday morning, Dhaliwal and the second man charged in the case – Gursimar Singh Bedi – appeared in Surrey Provincial Court. On Sept. 28, 2011, 19-year-old Batalia was gunned down on the third floor of the Central City parkade, beside Simon Fraser University, following a late-night study session. She had been studying with friends and had left for the parkade just before 1 a.m., when she was shot multiple times in what police believe was a targeted attack. She died later in hospital. At a news conference Saturday night, police announced that Maple’s ex-boyfriend, Dhaliwal, 20, and his “associate,” 22-year-old Bedi, had been charged in her murder. Dhaliwal has been charged with first-degree murder, Gurjinder while Bedi has been charged with manslaughter with a Dhaliwal in firearm and accessory after the fact. 2009. Dhaliwal’s lawyer David Albert reminded those gathered outside the Surrey courthouse Monday that his client is innocent until proven guilty. Dhaliwal, with spiky hair and a beard, sat in the prisoner’s box with his arms crossed, glancing periodically to look at the audience. Bedi appeared in court by video link.

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Guilty in death of senior Grandfather struck while waiting at Surrey bus stop

by Sheila Reynolds A SURREY man who struck and killed an 83-year-old

grandfather who was waiting at a bus stop three years ago has been found guilty. Gurjit Dhillon, 28, was facing a charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. (A street racing charge was dropped in late August due to unreliable witness testimony.) Pritam Benning, 83, was grievously injured in the 2009 rush hour crash at the busy intersection of 128 Street and 72 Avenue. He died five days later without

gaining consciousness long enough for family to speak with him. On Friday in Surrey Provincial Court, Judge James Jardine found that Dhillon’s driving was “obviously dangerous” that day and that he drove with “intentional risk” that caused his car to lose control, spin through the intersection and strike the bench where Benning was waiting. Jardine said the entire incident, which ended with “horrific consequences,” happened in a matter of seconds. The judge found that Dhillon, driving his See SON / Page 3


Gurjit Dhillon leaves Surrey Provincial Court with his wife (centre) on Friday afternoon.

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2 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Apple Crisp

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Topping: 1 cup flour 1/2 cup oats 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 3/4 cup cold butter

Filling: cored/peeled 6 Granny smith apples, and thinly sliced 1 cup sugar 2 tbsp flour 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/4 tsp cloves

Quinoa Salad

1 cup quinoa, well rinsed and draine d 2 cups cold water 2 tomatoes, chopp ed 2 sprigs Italian parsle y 1/4 English cucum ber, chopped 1/3 cup bell peppe rs, chopped 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp salt & peppe r hot pepper flakes or lavender (optio nal) Directions: In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, bring quino heat and boil gently a and water to a for 10 to 15 minut boil. Reduce es until the germ Cover and remov separates from the e from heat. Let stand seed. for 5 minutes. Let cool and fluff with a fork. In a large bowl, comb ine tomatoes, parsle cooled quinoa. y, cucumber and bell peppers. Stir in Mix remaining ingred ients together for dressing and toss over salad to coat.

Ingredien ts: 2 zucchin i 2 yams 2 tomatoes 1 can of chic kpeas 1/2 onion 4 cloves gar lic Juice from 1/2 a lem on 1 teaspoon sesame oil Salt and pep per to tast e Olive oil

Direction s:

1. Preheat your oven to 400°F. 2. Dice the yams, zuc chinBy i and Chef 3. Line bak tomLouis Gervais atoes into ing pans wit half-inch even laye cubes. r in two pan h parchment paper and distribu s. Spray som and pepper te . e cooking oil and sea the yam cubes in an 4. Bake the son genero yam cubes usly with for about salt 5. In the sam 30 minute s until the e into the pan pans, without tak y are just ing out the starting to s and mix brown. yams, thro well. 6. Return w in the the zucchini cub temperatu pans to the oven to es re to 450°F. bake for ano ther 15 min 7. While the utes, turn yams and ing up the zucchini are 8. Chop gar baking, dra lic finely and in and rins dice the oni e the chic 9. Sauté the kpeas. on into sma garlic and ll pie the chickpe onion unt ces. il golden as and stir bro fry wn for about 10. To ma five minute in some olive oil, and ke the dre s. throw in ssing, in a teaspoon sma of sesame oil and the ll bowl, mix two tab to taste. lesp juice of half a lemon. Sea oons of olive oil, one 11. Combin son with salt e the bak and ed pepper chickpeas, and the dre zucchini and yam cub ssing in a es, the tom 12. Serve large bow atoes, the warm or cold l and toss warm lightly. , as a main entree or as a side dish .

Directions: Preheat oven to 350˚F. well together until they are blend dry ingredients appears. Set Using a food processor, coarse crumb texture pieces and pulse until combined. Add butter nts and aside. ingredie ng remaini Add in a large mixing bowl. r filling to a Prepare apples and place are fully coated. Transfe Bake combined and apples mix together well until over the apple filling evenly. dish. Distribute topping d and apples are tender. 9” x 13” greased baking browne is topping s when in oven for 35 to 40 minute on its own! ice cream or delicious Serve warm with vanilla December 2012 M T W Th F S 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 S

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 3

Son: ‘My dad was blameless’

Paws for Claus Charlie, a three-yearold GoldenNewfie, waits for the Surrey Santa Parade of Lights to begin in Downtown Cloverdale on Sunday evening with his family, including Meredith Waite (left), her daughter Grace, 15, and Chihuahua Castle, 1 (at right).

From page 1 brother’s black Corvette, had been following a yellow Corvette at about 6 p.m. on Sept. 17, 2009. The two cars came to a stop at the intersection and when the light turned green, Dhillon accelerated abruptly, attempted to change lanes and hit another car before spinning out of control. His car then mounted the curb and launched toward Benning. Benning’s son Manjit was relieved at the guilty verdict, but acknowledged nothing will bring his father back. “My dad is gone, but we wanted consequences in this case. “My dad was blameless. He was sitting at a bus stop,” he added. “Dhillon was driving in a reckless fashion. If anyone should have passed away, it should have been him.” Dhillon did not take the stand in his own defence during the trial, and did not comment Friday when he exited court following the verdict. During the trial, a 911 Pritam Benning recording was played where he was heard telling the operator “I hit a person. I need an ambulance quick. Something happened to my car. It just went out of control.” The defence had argued that the brake system in Dhillon’s car was faulty – a theory Judge Jardine refuted. “This vehicle went out of control before the brakes were applied,” said Jardine in his ruling. The maximum sentence for Dhillon’s crime is 14 years, but the range applied is generally much lower. In August, Dhillon’s wife told CTV news that her husband carried great grief over the crash and has a tattoo on his forearm of Benning’s name.


Surrey mayor fights for Port Mann express bus stop Use money earmarked for Newton exchange upgrade, Dianne Watts tells TransLink by Kevin Diakiw Surrey reSiDeNtS may yet get the chance to board an express bus over the

Port Mann Bridge – if Mayor Dianne Watts has her way. Several years ago, TransLink, the city and private developers hatched a plan that would include commercial and residential development as part of a bus exchange at 156 Street near Highway 1. That development never came to fruition, so plans for a transit exchange never left the conceptual stage. As a result, there will be no access to an express bus heading over the new Port Mann Bridge from Surrey – the closest stop will be in Langley at 86 Avenue, just off 200 Street. Watts said Tuesday news that the stop had been axed came amid Surrey’s negotiations to get it back on the drawing board. The Leader first reported last week that the Surrey express stop is not on TransLink’s list of priority projects. Now, Watts is proposing that about $1 million in TransLink-planned upgrades to the Newton Exchange be dropped, and the funding for that be

used instead for the Surrey express stop. “Take the upgrades (planned) for the Newton Exchange, which numberone we don’t want, and two we’re moving (the bus loop) anyway,” Watts said Tuesday. “And we’re going to have more of those conversations as we go to TransLink.” TransLink, which has been scrambling for funding over the past several years, was unable to say by The Leader’s press time whether Watts’ idea is viable. Premier Christy Clark rejected area mayors’ call for a vehicle levy to avoid the $30 million that would be generated from an annual property tax hike of $23 per household. Municipalities have been relectant to raise property taxes. Vehicle levies, a share of carbon tax, and road pricing are back for discussion. However, observers believe it’s unlikely Victoria will introduce those prior to next year’s provincial election. A provincial audit released in October recommended several areas of cost savings, including cutting frequency of SkyTrain service during non-peak times.

Family: ‘We’re just hoping Maple will finally be at peace’ From page 1

Maple Batalia

Both men appeared calm throughout the morning session. The Batalia family was granted a no-contact order for both men. On Saturday, the Batalia family expressed relief at the announcement of the arrests and charges. “Although we can’t bring Maple back, we’re happy to see that those (allegedly) responsible for this are now going to suffer the consequences,” said Maple’s sister Roseleen, who spoke on behalf of the family. “We’re just hoping Maple will finally be at peace.” Batalia, an aspiring actress and model who was a finalist in the 2011

Central City Model Search, was planning to go to medical school. At a candlelight vigil in Holland Park two days after her murder, Batalia’s parents were overcome with grief. “This wonderful child, a jewel of mine, has been snatched away forever,” said Maple’s father Harkirat Batalia, who called his daughter his little Tweetie Bird. “My charming little sweet child, I’ll miss you. May God take you in heaven and keep you there... and please God help me in this moment.” Batalia’s mother expressed similar depth of despair earlier in the day. “My life is finished,” Sarabjit Batalia told The Leader. “What is my life without her? She was the star in our

life and our whole family.” In December of last year, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) seized a white 2011 Dodge Charger that was seen leaving the scene of the murder. IHIT has had more than 50 officers working on the case. On Friday night, police arrested Dhaliwal in Burnaby and Bedi in Surrey. Details of the arrest and investigation were scant Saturday night in order to protect the integrity of the upcoming trial. Dhaliwal and Bedi are expected to appear again in Surrey Provincial Court by video link on Dec. 17.

– with files from Sheila Reynolds

4 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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South Fraser Perimeter Road now Highway 17

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 5

Province promotes alternate route to free Pattullo Bridge by Jeff Nagel

almost a sudden stop on a very narrow side street,” he said. “Then if they pass that choke point, we all know the Pattullo Bridge as it is now is over capacity. It’s hard to imagine it can handle any more traffic.” Bains said that means the Pattullo won’t offer a

The easTern third of

the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) opened Saturday and has now been named Highway 17. The 10-kilometre leg of B.C.’s newest highway initially connects Highway 1 at 176 Street


Political dignitaries and construction workers celebrate the opening of another leg of the south Fraser Perimetrer road. to 136 Street in Surrey and is promoted by the province as the quick alternate route to the free Pattullo Bridge for motorists who don’t want to pay tolls to cross the new Port Mann Bridge. But NDP transportation critic Harry Bains said motorists who use it to get to the Pattullo are in for a “huge traffic jam” between the 136 Street end of the perimeter road and King George Boulevard, where four lanes constrict to two. “They’ll come to

reasonable free alternative, forcing drivers to either pay up on the Port Mann or divert further to the Alex Fraser Bridge. Eight lanes opened up Saturday over the Port Mann but tolls won’t kick in until Dec. 8, after which the effects of the initial half-price toll on traffic diversion should become more apparent. The existing Highway 17 to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal from Highway 99 will now be Highway 17A. The perimeter road

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project used “quiet pavement” – a different blend of stone and sand with more air pockets – that officials say will reduce traffic noise from the new highway for nearby residents. Once the entire SFPR is complete from Highway 1 to Deltaport by the end of 2013, much of the heavy truck traffic that now uses River Road and other routes in Surrey and Delta is expected to shift onto the new Highway 17. “This new road is a huge benefit to families as it will pull commercial traffic away from community roads, easing congestion and improving travel time and safety,” Transportation Minister Mary Polak said. She said the new expressway for commercial, commuter and tourism traffic will help relieve congestion between the Massey Tunnel and Alex Fraser, Pattullo and Port Mann bridges. Ed Fast, the federal minister for international trade and the AsiaPacific Gateway, said the new highway will help increase Canadian exports to Asia while improving quality of life for local residents. Ottawa contributed $365 million of the perimeter road’s

$1.26-billion cost. Truckers should save time and money and gain improved access to industrial sites along the Fraser River, said B.C. Trucking Association president Louise Yako. It’s also expected to foster more business and industry at sites along the corridor, adding an estimated 7,000 jobs in Surrey and Delta. The project wasn’t without controversy. Freeway expansion opponents repeatedly blockaded sections of the route, which runs over some ancient aboriginal sites. Risks to Burns Bog or other wildlife habitat areas and increased pollution in nearby neighbourhoods were among the concerns raised. Nor will the highway be free of traffic lights – a bone of contention for some critics who say the highway will be slower than first promised as a result. Traffic will have to stop for lights at Bridgeview Drive and 176 Street in Surrey as well as Nordel Way and also Tilbury when the Delta section of the route opens. Project managers say the groundwork is being laid to eventually upgrade those intersections to free flowing interchanges with onand off-ramps.



Port Mann Bridge officially opens

It was smooth sailing for highway 1 commuters between surrey and Coquitlam this week after the new Port Mann Bridge officially opened saturday with eight lanes flowing. Drivers raved about the new bridge – and their ability to cross it in record time – after its first big test of weekday conditions on Monday.


Community Charter S.B.C. 2003 Chapter 26 Notice of Intention To Sell City Lands Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Legal Descriptions: Lot 42 Section 9 Township 8 New Westminster District Plan LMP2570 and Parcels A through D of Section 16 Township 8 New Westminster District as Shown on Plan BCP51216 Civic Address: 19129 – 64 Avenue and 3,316.60 m² closed portions of road at 64 Avenue and Fraser Highway. Property Description: The properties comprise a surplus City parcel and portions of redundant road. They are designated Urban in the Official Community Plan. They are currently RF (Single Family Residential). The City is selling 19129 – 64 Avenue and the 3,316.60 m² portions of road for the purpose of subdivision and rezoning with the adjacent properties at 19095 and 19107 – 64 Avenue and 19078 and 19132 Fraser Highway. Purchasers: 64 Zenith Development Ltd. (Inc. BC0932006) Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price: One Million, Four Hundred and Thirty Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty-Two Dollars, Forty Cents ($1,430,262.40)

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6 Surrey/North Delta Leader

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at 5450 152 St., Surrey, B.C.


Minding the roads



quick look outside will tell you we’re tightly in the grip of fall. That means rain. Lots of it. And darkness. Late into the morning and earlier in the afternoon. It’s a dangerous time of year. For motorists, and especially for pedestrians. Statistics from ICBC show almost one-third of pedestrian collisions involving injuries or fatalities occur in November, December and January. The lastest in Surrey involved a 76-year-old man, who was taken to hospital Friday night after being hit by a car while crossing the street. He was left unconcious at the side of the road after the vehicle responsible fled. It was raining heavily at the time. A little common sense would go a long way to reducing these tragedies. For pedestrians, this includes wearing bright clothing, ideally with a reflective strip or two, so motorists can distinguish them through the gloom. Pedestrians must also cross streets using marked, and preferably lit, crosswalks. Motorists peering into the darkness through rain-slicked windshields are already coping with a lot, such s faded and swamped lane markings and the glare from oncoming headlights. The last thing they’re ready for is a dark figure bolting from the shadows across their path. When walking along the shoulder, where there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should face oncoming traffic. That way motorists can at least see their face, and those walking will be able to see what’s coming. Drivers can also do their part to improve safety during these dark, rainy months. They can ensure their windshield wipers are doing their job. They should check that all the lights on the vehicle are working, and that the headlights are aimed properly so they don’t blind oncoming cars or pedestrians. When driving in difficult conditions, motorists should use low beams, as high beams will just reflect the rain or fog, actually making it harder to see. And tire tread needs to be checked. Worn tires will take longer to stop, and are more likely to hydroplane. Most importantly, motorists: Slow down and drive according to the conditions. – Black Press


hatever happens in the provincial election five months from now, taxpayers should insist that it be the last spring vote. Now I know this isn’t sexy like the horse race of popularity polls so loved by the TV news. But integrity of public financial information is the next vital step in democratic reform, even more important than scheduled election dates. And the B.C. tradition of tabling untested election budgets, shutting down the legislature and firing up the campaign buses, has to end. The B.C. Liberals are on track to surpass the NDP on fudge-it budgets, having put millions into TV ads that insist the 2013 budget will struggle into the black. This is the hill Christy Clark has chosen to die on. Glen Clark set the modern bar with his 1996 election budget. After a run of red ink, it conjured a tidy little surplus that helped the NDP squeak out a win over the plaidshirted Gordon Campbell. Campbell’s noisy exit had its roots in



The Surrey/North Delta Leader is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2.

his 2009 fudge-it budget, which clung to coal prices and shipments are down, and a an outdated $500-million deficit forecast slow real estate market has pinched the flow that had already melted down along with of cash from Bill Vander Zalm’s legacy, the banks, auto makers and U.S. real estate. After property purchase tax. the election, British Columbians found out I erred in a previous column, saying this we were really $2.8 billion in the year’s deficit is partly due to red. a staged repayment of federal Not one to waste a good crisis, HST transition money. Not so. Campbell ordered the harmoThat entire $1.6 billion was nized sales tax. booked in last year’s budget, Now Premier Clark and pushing that deficit to a record Finance Minister Mike de Jong $3 billion. This means the are proposing to balance the current $1.5 billion bleeder budget and shut down the HST is based strictly on current money machine. revenues, debt servicing and Clark gave a speech in spending. Coquitlam the day before last So how is this sucking chest Tom Fletcher wound week’s budget update, warning it going to suddenly heal “won’t be pretty.” And it’s not. In next spring? De Jong provided September the current-year deficit forecast an early version of his answer in his Septemjumped above $1 billion, largely due to a glut ber financial statement. of natural gas. The latest update pushed it Amazingly, it projects a recovery of more near $1.5 billion. than $100 million in natural gas royalties Natural gas royalties are bumping along next year. Hmmm. Liquefied natural gas the bottom, no big change there. But now exports to Asia are still years away, and the

CONTACT US Newsroom email: newsroom@ Phone: 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax



Will truth die on Deficit Hill?

Advertising 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax

Circulation 604-575-5344 604-575-2544 fax

Classified 604-575-5555 604-575-2073 fax Address 200-5450 152 St. Surrey, B.C. V3S 5J9

U.S., our only current energy export customer, is developing its own huge shale gas and shale oil reserves. In another forecasted miracle, sales tax revenue is expected to dip by a mere $120 million as the old provincial sales tax returns next year. In 2014 it is projected to bounce right back to where it is today, around $6.1 billion. That’s odd. When former finance minister Kevin Falcon announced the transition back to PST last May, he described annual revenue loss of about $500 million the first year, and more than $600 million the next. Granted, business investment credits and HST rebates to the poor also end, saving the government a pile of cash as this significant tax reform dies. But it still looks like another fudge-it budget, designed to help another premier avoid the political graveyard at the foot of Deficit Hill. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and


2011 winner 2011 winner

Ma Murray Awards


EDITOR Paula Carlson



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surrey/North Delta Leader 7

Casino complex a good thing for Surrey ‘Big Rail’

We have had several meetings with BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) regarding Gateway Casino’s proposed South Surrey casino and entertainment facility and the effects it may have on the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino. Based on these meetings, the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce and Cloverdale Business Improvement Association support the proposal and believe the City of Surrey will benefit from another casino operating in the city. According to the information provided by BCLC, Surrey is losing substantial entertainment dollars to neighbouring communities. The added tax revenue and additional benefits from having a $100-million entertainment district in

Surrey are immense. In discussions with BCLC, we were informed that the current contract in regards to the support and subsidy for both Fraser Downs racing operations and Hastings Park racetrack in Vancouver expires in approximately one year. BCLC is currently working on an extension of this agreement for another 10 years – for a total of 11 years. When the agreement is completed, this will provide a more sustainable future for Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino. This information has been verified by the B.C. government and is good news for the Fraser Down’s employees and the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce / Cloverdale BIA. In addition, BCLC is also working on creat-

ing a new sports bet marketing program which will be ultimately unveiled at the Fraser Downs facility. The Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce and Cloverdale BIA support BCLC’s efforts to have two compatible entertainment facilities that can serve different markets, thus creating a stronger Surrey. The complex will provide a unique facility not available anywhere in Surrey, upwards of 500 new jobs.

Addison Hubert, president Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce Lyle MacMillan, president Cloverdale Business Improvement Association

Huge problems in greenfield developments it Was mentioneD in a news report regarding complaints about trucks on

32 Avenue in South Surrey recently that 32 Avenue’s truck route status was “not (the city’s) call.” But this overlooks the fact that it was precisely that. Transportation demands are shaped by land use. Employment land should be easy to walk, bike, transit, or drive to, and be integrated into the community, but the industrial employment in the Campbell Heights area on the east end of 32 Avenue is none of the aforementioned. It is far from major highways leading to the port, U.S. border, or elsewhere. The fastest link in between, which truckers will prefer because they have demanding schedules to meet, is 32 Avenue. Residential development was somehow conveniently placed on 32 Avenue between Campbell Heights and the highway. This design flaw could have been overlooked through a change in land use plans. Had it been closer to Highway 99, these problems might not exist. However, that would have required a different planning mentality and perhaps a different city council. Regarding who’s at fault for Campbell Heights, you might be surprised. Coun. Marvin Hunt and then-Coun. Dianne Watts motioned and seconded the approval of its local area plan when it went through council in December 2000. It was carried with only Surrey Civic Coalition’s Bob Bose (retired opposition councillor) thoughtfully against. The Surrey First council has since then approved several other greenfield developments such as Clayton Heights and Grandview Heights, and – no surprise – today these areas all have their share of huge problems. Whether this signals that we need to be more careful with our political leadership choices or not, one thing is clear: To prevent more of these issues, we as the citizens of Surrey need to do whatever we can to ensure that our city pursues more sustainable development and planning choices. If that’s going to require a new council, then let’s vote for one in 2014. Daryl Dela Cruz Transportation analyst, Surrey


a letter-writer says the surrey council should demand better planning before approving development projects.

Same suite rules must apply to everyone DiD you know that if you live in

a strata area like the one along 168 Street between 60 and 64 Avenues, you can have a suite in your condo and not have to pay any extra for, fire, police, hospital, etc.? They set their own rates – one water meter for the whole complex and split the bill. Some of them have suites, which the strata allows as long as they follow the rules.  No thermostat in the basement suite, no key for mailbox. No fire escape door. There are thousands of these suites in Surrey. Why should any

group be allowed to do this when the average homeowner cannot do this?

Surrey’s rules are if the home has a stove and sink in the basement, it is a suite. Not so in a

Lost wallet returned

on nov. 18, I lost my wallet at the Newton Superstore, and believe it or

not, it was returned to me the next day in my mailbox with everything in it – from money to gift cards. I want to thank that special person who brought it back to me. You are absolutely amazing. I never in my wildest dreams expected that back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s so nice to know that there are still honest people living on this Earth. Thank you. T. Harris, Surrey

strata, where it is not considered a suite because it is controlled by the strata council. The same rules have to apply to everyone. You move your mother into the basement and give her a stove, it’s a suite. There is something wrong with this picture. The person in the strata that rents out a basement suite gets $8,000 to $9,000 a year of rent.  I would love to have all that extra money to live on.   Arnold Eichhorst Surrey

more risky than pipelines

Are environmental activists doing more harm than good in delaying pipeline projects? Products have always found a way to market one way or another. Be careful what you wish for as there is a real factor called “unintended consequences” that emerges every time man tries to tinker with tried and tested methods.  Most people are completely unaware of pipelines running underground because it is a less intrusive method which does not interfere with our daily surface activity.  We bring water to our buildings in underground water main pipes buried deep enough for frost protection. We flush our toilets and underground pipes transport it to sewage treatment. Storm water from our roofs go into underground pipes, then to natural watercourses. Natural gas and electric underground, etc. are all mostly unnoticed. By contrast, surface transportation of product by rail noticeably affects our lives daily. Because of the enviroactivists protesting all new pipelines, shipping oil by rail has become a real and growing alternative. The cost difference is approximately $3 more per barrel, which is a small obstacle with oil selling at around $85. Canadian tanker cars carry approximately 650 barrels each with 100 car trains used to deliver 65,000-plus barrels per day to refiners and other terminals all over North America. Rail operators have reported a 30-per-cent increase in oil by rail in the last year, only curtailed by the shortage of tanker cars.  Trains go over all the same streams and rivers that pipelines go under/over and there is even a greater risk of spill by rail.  So now the agitated anti-oil activists are trying to stop “Oil by Rail,” but it’s too late and they couldn’t anyway because of the over 100year established infrastructure and practice of shipping liquid chemical materials by rail tanker cars.  CN is one of the biggest oil shippers in North America and they are double-tracking to Prince Rupert.  BNSF railroad is shipping 350,000 barrels per day of Bakken and Oil Sands oil, mostly to the Gulf, and wants to increase it to 1 million barrels per day. “Big Rail” and big-money politics has delayed the Keystone XL Pipeline.   Roland Seguin Langley

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8 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012







Grade A Turkey

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Whole Gold Pineapple Product of Costa Rica.



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Lay’s or Ruffles Potato Chips Select varieties. 180 to 270 g.


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Broccoli Crowns



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Russet Potatoes

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5 lbs.





Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Wednesday, December 5 thru Thursday, December 6, 2012. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free. Online and in-store prices, discounts, and offers may differ.



99 ea.




Prices in this ad good through Dec. 6th.

Judge believes driver’s story of Delta crash

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 9

Man awarded $13,000 after ICBC version rejected by Sheila Reynolds A B.C. judge has ruled that a young

man’s explanation of an accident in Delta two years ago is more convincing than ICBC’s version of events. Sardar Akbari was 18 and had recently gotten his “N” driver’s licence when he crashed his car into a light standard on Nordel Way near 84 Avenue. While Akbari testified the accident happened because he was avoiding a car that had pulled out in front of him, ICBC argued there was no second vehicle involved, and that Akbari simply lost control, perhaps due to speed or wet road conditions, and hit the pole. ICBC also alleged Akbari failed to make much effort to identify the driver of the car he claimed caused the accident, and was therefore not entitled to damages for his injuries. Akbari said he tried to identify

the driver – who didn’t stop at the accident scene – by not only asking Delta Police if there was an intersection camera but by posting a sign at the scene asking potential witnesses to come forward. A passenger in Akbari’s car, Jose Perez, also corroborated his story that another car cut them off. In a Nov. 23 decision posted online last week, Madam Justice Wendy Baker said it was “more probable than not” that the accident was caused by an unidentified driver who ran a red light and cut off Akbari. “I found the testimony of Mr. Akbari and Mr. Perez about how the accident happened to be credible and persuasive,” said Baker. “I am satisfied that... Mr. Akbari was forced to take evasive action to avoid colliding with the vehicle crossing his path; and that in doing so, his vehicle swerved on the wet roadway, spun out of

control, and collided with the light standard.” She said she didn’t believe Akbari was speeding or that he failed to meet the standards of a prudent driver, and that he had made all reasonable efforts to identify the unknown driver. In addition to cuts and abrasions from broken glass, Akbari suffered soft tissue damage to his left calf, knee and thigh. Akbari was awarded $13,622 – $12,000 for non-pecuniary damages, $1,237 for two weeks of missed work and $385 for medications and physiotherapy. He had asked for $25,000 in compensation. The judge said Akbari had made a full recovery and his capacity to earn future income was not impaired, nor was there any evidence there would be any cost for future care.

Surrey mail carriers robbed Two thefts by a pair of men carrying bear spray by Kevin Diakiw PoliCe Are on the hunt for a pair of men who have

robbed mail carriers in the last week. On Monday, Nov. 26, two men produced a can of bear spray and stole a mail truck from a male driver at 55 Avenue and 148 Street. They drove the vehicle about a mile away and dumped it. “We believe that all the mail was recovered, and so was the vehicle,” said RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet. Then on Tuesday, Nov. 27, two men drove up to a female mail carrier near Antrim Road and 140 Street

in North Surrey, produced a can of bear spray and stole her mail bag. They took a mail scanner and keys to lock boxes. The mail was not taken, but police believe their intent as to steal from the lock boxes. The suspects left in an older silver compact car that was quite dirty. Police say the incidents represent the usual spike of this type of thefts as the Christmas season approaches. “Just be aware as we ramp toward the holiday season and more parcels and letters are being sent through the mail, just be mindful to pick up your mail regularly,” Paquet said. “If you are going to be away, ask Canada Post to handle it or ask someone to pick it up for you.” He also notes cash in the mail is never a good idea.

Please call

604-575-5342 for more information.


Community Charter S.B.C. 2003 Chapter 26 Notice of Intention To Sell City Lands Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Legal Descriptions:

Parcels A through D of Section 16 Block 5 North Range 1 West New Westminster District shown on Plan EPP7185

Civic Address:

916.4 m² closed portions of road at 11102 – 152A Street, 11112 & 11132 – 152 Street and 15218 – 111A Avenue.

Property Description:

The properties comprise portions of redundant road. They are designated Urban in the Official Community Plan, and are zoned RF (Single Family Residential) Zone. The City is selling the 916.4 m² portions of road for the purpose of consolidation with the adjacent properties at 11102 – 152A Street, 11112 & 11132 – 152 Street and 15218 – 111A Avenue.


BC Transportation Financing Authority

Nature of Disposition:

Fee Simple

Selling Price:

One Dollar ($1.00)


Sex assault suspect caught

CARRIERS NEEDED in Surrey, North Delta & Cloverdale

Black Press A fugitive hiding in

Australia was deported to Canada last month. Jamieson Glendinning, a former Tsawwassen resident, faces charges including indecent assault, gross indecency, sexual assault, and failing to attend court. The charges allege incidents involving male and female victims ranging in age from elementary to secondary school students that took place between 1969 and 1990. On Nov. 9, Glendinning was turned over to Delta Police.

Veterinary Office & Animal Care (VOAC) 24 week Certificate Program

To receive an application package email

Attend our free information session Thurs. Dec. 6 6-7:30pm, Rm. 3903, New Westminster Campus Please register by calling 604 527 5472 New Westminster Campus (one block from the SkyTrain)

Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2. Phone (604) 598-5718. THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ONLY, NOT SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER

10 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Planning for spring blooms

Carillon Music

Hillcrest Elementary students (from left) Paige Tachauer, Anna Rukavina, Jordan Lowe and Jordan Krahn plant Princess Irene tulip bulbs at the school as part of the Tulips for Tomorrow fundraiser for the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation. For more information, visit campaigns/tulips-for-tomorrow.

Giant Christmas Piano Sale! S’ CH ER O D I








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ER at Surrey Memorial Hospital re-opens

by Jeff Nagel


Hospital’s (SMH)

If you need a piano but have a limited budget

emergency department re-opened Monday morning, two weeks after a flood from a ruptured

water main forced it to close. Ambulances had been sending patients to other


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nearby hospitals, increasing congestion in their ERs. Patients coming to SMH on their own had been redirected to an off-site temporary ER at the nearby Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, but it closed Monday and patients are now being transferred back to SMH. Also re-opened Monday was the medical imaging department at the hospital, with both CT scans and two X-ray suites now operating. The hospitals’ MRI machine is still being assessed for possible repairs and it’s not yet known how soon it can be used again. Patients needing MRI scans will continue to go to the Jim Pattison outpatient hospital. Repairing flood damage and related costs are estimated to be up to $3 million, although that amount doesn’t include the potential loss of the MRI machine.

Man struck on road

by Kevin Diakiw

A 76-yEAR-oLd MAn

was taken to hospital Friday night after being hit by a car. The man was found by the side of the road at 132 Street and Huntley Avenue in North Surrey. Surrey Mounties are looking for a lightcoloured Toyota that fled the scene, leaving the man unconcious at the roadside. Police say the suspect vehicle will likely have visible front end damage. It was raining heavily at time of the accident.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 11

Dial-a-dope charges for Surrey pair to stand Couple argue a four-year court delay has violated their rights; a Supreme Court judge disagrees by Monique Tamminga A Supreme Court judge has dismissed a

Surrey couple’s application to have their criminal charges dropped in connection with a large dial-a-dope operation busted in Langley in 2008. B.C. Supreme Court Justice J. Verhoeven denied an application made by Barrett Jordan, 27, and Kristina Gaudet, 23, for a stay of all proceedings based on their right to a timely trial. The pair, who face trafficking and possession charges from 2008, argued the length of time it has taken for their cases to go to trial is unjust. Their trials are set for January 2013. The total length of the delay from the charges to the end of the scheduled trial date is

just over four years for both. Between March 12, 2008 and Dec. 17, 2008, the Langley RCMP investigated a dial-a-dope operation selling heroin and cocaine in Langley and Surrey. The Crown alleges that Jordan was running the operation. In particular, the Crown alleges that he was responsible for the phone line on which orders were placed, and that he employed others and supplied them with drugs to deliver to the buyers. The Crown contends that between May 6 and Dec. 10, 2008, undercover police officers purchased cocaine on six separate occasions by calling a cellphone number associated with Jordan. On Dec. 17, 2008, the police executed a

search warrant at an apartment on 68 Avenue in Surrey. The Crown contends that the apartment was the residence of Jordan and Gaudet.   Among other things, the police seized 42.3 grams of heroin, 1,463.5 grams of cocaine and crack cocaine, $6,640 in cash, and what is alleged to be a “shift calendar” for the dial-adope line. Jordan and Gaudet were arrested the same day. Court documents indicate the couple had been together for more than four years. On Dec.  24, 2008, the charges against Jordan were expanded, including the contention that he was the controlling figure behind the dial-a-dope operation. In February 2009, 10 people were charged with offences relating to possession and trafficking of cocaine and heroin related

back to the dial-a-dope line. These arrests and charges came at a time when a drug turf war was exploding in Langley, resulting in the drug-related murders in March 2009 of Laura Lamoureux and Marc Bontkes. Both were believed to be ripping off dial-a-dope operations. Gaudet contends that the court delay has held her back from pursuing a career in accounting. If she has a criminal conviction it would not allow her to go into that career. She also claims the wait has caused anxiety and depression. “The delay is not beyond the limits of constitutional tolerance,” said Verhoeven in his judgement in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster. “I am not persuaded that Ms. Gaudet has established a breach of her rights.”


Man shot in North Delta by Kevin Diakiw One mAn has been shot and another beaten in a

robbery at a North Delta jewelry store. Two Indo-Canadian men were leaving the store in the 9300 block of Scott Road on Tuesday at 6:20 p.m., when they were approached by two to three other men who attempted to rob them. An altercation took place, and one of the victims was beaten and the other one shot. The suspects took off in a car of unknown description, which headed southbound through the parking lot. The victims were taken to hospital and have since been released. Delta Police would not disclose where the men were from, or where on the body the man was shot. Police were expected to be canvassing local businesses to get a description of the suspects or their vehicle.

Surrey man charged in shooting A Surrey man has been charged with a double

shooting in Vancouver last month. Charges have now been laid against Surrey’s Steven Thoung Sitthikoun, 27, in the Oct. 21 shooting on Commercial Drive. Sitthikoun has been charged with two counts of attempted murder with a firearm. Sitthikoun has a lengthy history with the courts, and was found guilty of an assault that took place in Abbotsford April 5 this year. He remains in custody until his next court appearance on Dec. 5.

make a plan.

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604-583-1295 Help your sister escape

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12 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Public Hearings - December 10 & 11, 2012 rd



Development Variance “The Corporation ofto Delta Official Community a Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” The Municipal Council Corporation of Delta will hold a Public Notice ofof The Intention Notice to of Close Intention a Portion Close Notice Portion of Intention to Close a Portion Permit LU006602 Amendment Bylaw No. 7144 Hearing, in accordance with the Local Government Act, to consider the following proposed projects and related of Highway ofapplications: Highway To amend the land use designationof To vary “Delta Subdivision for the Highway subject property in the North o p



o p





o p

and94 Development Delta 94 Future Land Use Plan from SFR Single Family to Residential to ISF Infill Date: to Monday, December 2012 –94 Items 1 to - 4 Sections 40 and Pursuant Sections 4010,and Pursuant Pursuant Sections 40 and Standards Bylaw No. 5100, Single Family Residential. Time: 3:30 p.m. of the Community Charter of the Community Charter of the Community Charter 1994” as follows: Place: Council Chamber “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” Delta Municipal Hall 1. Section 5.2(a) by Amendment Bylaw No. 7145 TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC varying the required To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No.of 2750, 1977” by rezoning the subject of The Corporation of Delta of The Corporation of Delta The Corporation of Delta “A” “A” “A” road dedication from property from RS5 Single Family (550 m ) Residential to RS6 Single Family Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – Item 5 has given first, second and has given first, second and has given first, second and 3.4 m to 1 m on 47A Time: 7:00 p.m. (460 m ) Residential. Avenue and not Main Hall thirdPlace: readings to a bylawthird citedreadings to a bylaw Development cited third readings to a bylaw cited Variance Permit LU006660 requiring additional Kennedy Seniors’ Recreation Centre as “Delta Road Closure and as “Delta Road Closure and as “Delta Closure and road dedication of 1.1 m To vary Section 915 (24) of “Delta Zoning Bylaw No.Road 2750, 1977” by 11760 88 Avenue Delta, BC reducing the special setback requirement from the centre line of 115 of 104th on Delta Street; and Cancellation (Portion of 104th Cancellation (Portion of 104th Cancellation (Portion A Council meeting is scheduled following the conclusion of the Street from 17.5 m to 17.1 m for both proposed lots. 2. Section 5.6 to permit Street) Bylaw No. 6944, 2011”, Street) Bylaw No. 6944, 2011”, Street) Bylaw No. 6944, 2011”, Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at the Kennedy Staff Contact: Alex Cauduro – 604-952-3163 a shared storm service Seniors’ Recreation in theconsider event Council wishes toto givefinally further consider and intends toCentre finally and intends to finally consider Web Location: November 19, 2012 and Regularintends Council Meeting Agenda Item connection for proposed MAP NO. 4 consideration to any projects at that time. FILE NO. LU006602 and adopt this bylaw at aand adopt this bylaw at aE.01 and adopt this bylaw at a Lots 1, 2 and 3. Additional Information Development Permit LU006602 future regular Council meeting. future regular Council meeting. future regular Council meeting. Additional information, copies of the bylaws, supporting staff reports, Project No. 3 Application for Rezoning, Development Permit and ▼to To regulate the form and character of the townhouses proposed on Lots 1, The intent of this bylaw is The to intent of this bylaw is The intent of this bylaw is to and any relevant documentation may be inspected until December 10, Dedicated by plan 1180 by plan 1180 Dedicated by plan 1180 Development Variance Permit (File Dedicated No. LU006698) 2 and 3 and landscaping on all four lots. Area = 0.3531ha Area = 0.3531ha Area = 0.3531ha 2012.up and close to traffic stop stop up and close to traffic upRoad andandclose to trafficStaff Contact: Lisa King – 604-952-3164 Location: 10640, 10658, 10670 and stop 10680 River 8853 Brooke Community Planning and Development MAP NO. 3 and Municipal cancelHall: the dedication and as cancel the dedicationRoad, as as shown outlined in bold onand cancel the dedication as Web Location: November 26, 2012 Regular Council Meeting Applicant: road of a 0.3531Department ha portion road ofof a 0.3531 ha portion of road of a 0.3531 ha portionAgenda of Item E.01 Website: Bassi Properties Ltd. 104th Street outlined in bold 104th Street outlined in bold 104th Street outlined in bold Email: Telephone: No. 5 Application for Official Community Plan Amendment, ▼Project 604-946-3380 and Phone: marked as parcel “A” and onmarked the Reference as parcel Plan “A” that on accompanies the Reference this Plan andthat marked accompanies as parcelthis “A” on the Reference Plan that accompanies this 604-946-8780 Rezoning, Development Variance Permit and Hours: 8:00 am to 4:45 pm Monday, Tuesday, Notice. This portion of 104th Notice. Street Thisfronts portion Dunlop of 104th Road Street to the fronts north, Dunlop Notice. Road This toportion the north, of 104th Street fronts Dunlop Road to the north, Development Permit (File No. LU006704) Proposal: Application for Wednesday, and Friday; Development Location: 80 Avenue, shown outlined Nordel Way to the south Nordel and was Way created to theby south Plan Rezoning, and 1180. was created by Plan Nordel 1180. Way to the south and was11941 created byas Plan bold on MAP NO. 5 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Thursday Permit and Development Following final consideration Following and adoption final consideration of Bylaw 6944, and parcel ofFollowing Bylaw 6944, final parcel consideration “A” Applicant: and adoption of Bylaw 6944, parcel “A” Variance Permitadoption in order to“A” Focus Architecture Inc. ▼ Project No. 1 Application (File No. LU006240) of the in will cease forever to for beRezoning awill public cease highway foreverand to be title a permit public shallsubdivision be highway vested and The title will cease shall be forever vested toinbe The a public highway and title shall be vested in The Telephone: five subject properties into Location: 3381 River West, as shown outlined in bold 604-853-5222 Corporation ofRoad Delta. Corporation ofonDelta. Corporation of Delta. 31 single family residential MAP NO. 1 (Colin A. Hogan) lots for development. Copies of the relevant documents Copies of and the relevant plans may documents be inspected andat plans the may Copies be inspected of the relevant at the documents and plans may be inspected at the Applicant: Proposal: Application for “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. Municipal Hall at 4500 Clarence Municipal Taylor HallCrescent, at 4500 Clarence Delta, B.C. Taylor Any Crescent, inquiries Municipal Delta, B.C. HallAny at 4500 inquiries Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, B.C. Any inquiries Warren Barnard Official Community Plan 2750, 1977” Amendment, Rezoning, should be made to Samien should Safaei, be Lands made Solicitor, to Samien (604)946-3234, Safaei,Bylaw Lands should (604)946-3234, be made to Samien Safaei, Lands Solicitor, (604)946-3234, Telephone: Amendment No. Solicitor, Development Variance 604-943-9433 7147 Monday through Friday (except Mondaystatutory through holidays) Friday (except between statutory the hours holidays) Monday between through theFriday hours(except statutory holidays) between the hours Permit and Development MAP NO. 3 Proposal: Application of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. To amend “Delta Zoning of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Permit in order to allow FILE NO. LU006698 for Rezoning in order to Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” 37-storey mixed-use If you feel If you affected feel that by Bylaw you may 6944, be you affected may by write Bylaw to 6944, If you feelFamily may thatResidential, write you may to beabuilding affected by Bylaw 6944, you may write to legitimize thethat existingyou may be by rezoning the subject properties from RS1 you Single including Notice of Intention to Close a Portion use of the water lot for a RM1 Multiple Family (Duplex) note Residential and RS3 Single Family (0.4 ha) the attention of the Lands theSolicitor. attention Please of the note Lands that Solicitor. only comments Please thethat attention only comments of the Lands aSolicitor. Please note that only comments maximum of 359 3-storey floathome and Residential to RS6 Single Family (460 m ) Residential for all proposed lots. apartment units, a 4-storey, ofconversion Highway received by 4:30 received by 1, 4:30 2011pm willon beDecember considered. 1, 2011 will received be considered. by 4:30 pm on December 1, 2011 will be considered. allow of an pm on December Development Variance Permit LU006698 2,304 m commercial existing 2-storey building Pursuant today Sections 40 and this 942011. Dated this 9th of November, Dated 9th day of November, Dated this 9th day of November, MAP NO. 5 component2011. and a 2-storey To vary “Delta2011. Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” as follows: on the upland to a single FILE NO. LU006704 above-ground parking of the Community Charter 1. Section 636C by varying the minimum lot widths as follows: family dwelling. The Corporation of Delta The Corporation of Delta a) For Lots 8 and 10, from 15 m to 11 m; The Corporation of Deltastructure, in addition to TAKE NOTICE “Delta Zoning Bylaw No.THAT the Council two levels of underground parking. b) For Lot 9, from 15 m to 10 m; 4500Corporation Clarence Taylorof Crescent 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent 2750, of 1977” The Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent “A” “The Corporation of Delta Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” c) For Lots 25 and 26, from 15 m to 12 m; and Delta BC V4K 3E2 Delta BC V4K 3E2 Amendment Bylaw No. NO. 1 BC V4K 3E2 Amendment Bylaw No. 7148 has given first, second andMAPDelta d) For Lot 27, from 15 m to 13 m. 7077 FILE LU006240 To amend the land use designation for the subject property from 2. Section 636C by varying the average lot depth as follows: third readings to a bylaw cited To amend “Delta Zoning Mixed-Use (North Delta) 4 to Mixed-Use (North Delta) 5 in order to allow a) For Lots 16 and 17, from 30 m to 28.7 m as “Delta Road Closure and Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by rezoning the the proposed density and building height and to amend Section 1.9.2 b) For Lot 27, from 30 m to 29.3 m, and subject property from A1 Agricultureof to Comprehensive Development Cancellation (Portion 104th in Schedule A, the North Delta Future Land Use Plan, and Policy C.5 in c) For Lot 28, from 30 m to 28 m. Zone No. 420.Bylaw dClosure_1115.indd 1 Corp_RoadClosure_1115.indd 1 Corp_RoadClosure_1115.indd 11/10/11 1:17:48 PM 1 11/10/11 1:17:48 PM 11/10/11 1:17 Schedule C.1 accordingly. Street) No. 6944, 2011”, In addition, to vary “Delta Subdivision and Development Standards Bylaw Staff Contact: Susan Elbe – 604-946-3389 “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” No. 5100, 1994” as follows: and intends to finally consider Web Location: November 26, 2012 Regular Council Meeting Amendment Bylaw No. 7149 1. Section 5.2(a) by varying the minimum half road and Item adopt Agenda E.03 this bylaw at a To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by rezoning the dedication on River Road from 12 m to 10.05 m; future regular Council meeting. subject property from Comprehensive Development Zone No. 399 to 2. Section 5.2(a) by varying the maximum cul-de-sac length of thisforbylaw is to Plan Amendment, Comprehensive Development Zone No. 421. from 150 mDedicated to 224 m;byand Projectintent No. 2 Application Official Community ▼The plan 1180 3. Section 5.2(a) Area by varying the minimum diameter of the = 0.3531ha Development Variance Permit LU006704 Rezoning and Development stop up and close to trafficVariance Permit cul-de-sac bulb dedication from 28 m to 24 m. (Filethe No. LU006660) To vary Section 914 of “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by reducing and cancel dedication as Staff Contact: Tanya Mitchner – 604-952-3472 the special setback requirement from the centre line of 80 Avenue from Location: 1150.3531 Street, as shown outlined in bold road7891 of a ha portion of on MAP NO. 2 Web Location: November 26, 2012 Regular Council Meeting 21 m to 14.9 m. Applicant: 104th Street outlined in bold Agenda Item E.02 Development Permit LU006704 Surinder & Gurpal Atwal and marked as parcel “A” on the Reference Plan that accompanies this To regulate the form and character of the proposed mixed-use Telephone: No. 4to Application for Rezoning, Development Variance Permit ▼Project Notice. This portion of 104th Street fronts Dunlop Road the north, development. 604-762-4807 (Manbir Atwal)Way to the south and was created by Plan 1180. and Development Permit (File No. LU006602) Staff Contact: John Hopkins – 604-952-3155 Nordel Location: 5008 47A Avenue, as shown outlined in bold on MAP NO. 4 Web Location: November 26, 2012 Regular Council Meeting Agenda Proposal: Application for Following final consideration and adoption of Bylaw parcel “A” Item B.02 Applicant:6944, Brian G. Hart Official Community Plan will cease forever to be a public highway and title shall604-537-4743 be vested in The Amendment, Rezoning Telephone: and Development Corporation of Delta. Proposal: Application for Rezoning, Development Variance Permit and Variance Permit in order Development Permit in order to permit subdivision of the subject property Any persons who believe that their interest in property will be affected of the relevant documents and plans may be inspected at the toCopies permit subdivision into four lots, accommodate non-retail commercial uses, a single family by the proposed projects shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the and development ofHall two at 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Municipal Delta, inquiries dwelling or aB.C. duplex Any dwelling in the heritage building on Remnant Lot Public Hearing on matters contained in the bylaws and/or proposed by the single family residential should be made to Samien Safaei, Lands Solicitor, 140, (604)946-3234, and develop three townhouses on proposed fee simple Lots 1, 2 applications. lots. and 3. between the hours Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to communicate to “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” Council in advance of the Public Hearing, you can write to: of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Amendment Bylaw No. 7139 MAP NO. 2 Mayor and Council If you feel that you mayFILE be by Bylaw 6944, you may write to2750, 1977” by rezoning the subject NO.affected LU006660 To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. The Corporation of Delta P Public Use to Comprehensive Development Zone No. 418the attention of the Lands Solicitor. Please noteproperty thatfrom only comments 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent 1 forconsidered. Remnant Lot 140 and Comprehensive Development Zone No. 418-2 Delta, BC V4K 3E2 received by 4:30 pm on December 1, 2011 will be for proposed Lots 1, 2 and 3. Fax: 604-946-3390 Dated this 9th day of November, 2011. Email: 2



du nl o




To be considered, correspondence must be received by the Office of the Municipal Clerk no later than 1:00 p.m. on December 10, 2012. Please note that Council may not receive further submissions from the public or interested persons concerning any project after the Public Hearing has concluded.

The Corporation Delta The Corporation of of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2 Delta BC V4K 3E2

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 13

Burns Bog development proposal goes public Dec. 5

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happiness throughout the coming year. Please join my staff and I for our annual

Christmas Open House Friday December 7th, 2012

Plan reworked to respect Ramsar designation: MK Delta Lands

Please consider bringing an unwrapped toy for the Surrey Christmas Bureau or a non-perishable food item for the Surrey Food Bank.

Harry Bains, MLA Surrey-Newton

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•    Blurred vision or double vision •    Dizziness •    Blood or clear fluid seeping from the nose or ears

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“It is Burns Bog that their land is on...”

stay within our own lands which are not covered by the Ramsar designation,” she said. Barnett said the company assessed all of the land over five years – including hydrology, environment, land use planning considerations, ecological considerations – and decided to only seek development on the 35-hectare land parcel east of Highway 91 and 72 Avenue. But Eliza Olson, president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society, says she’s skeptical of any guarantees made by MK Delta Lands. “It is Burns Bog that their land is on. It’s not close, it is. People like to think of the conservation area as Burns Bog, but that’s not correct,” said Olson, adding even MK Delta Lands’ hydrologist has said the peat is 70 feet deep in some parts of the 89 acres. Marzolf said Olson and the society have refused to meet with them since they first approached them seven years ago. Olson said she’ll let the public do the talking at the public meeting, which takes place on Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. at North Delta Secondary, 11447 82 Ave.

140 Street

think it’s great’.” The company conducted one Developers behinD a proposed open house, three workshops, commercial and residential and 10 site tours between April project near Burns Bog will pres- and August of this year. In those ent their plans to the public on workshops, it was proposed MK Wednesday, Dec. 5. Delta Lands would transfer all 78 Following extensive public hectares (193 acres) on the west consultation earlier this year, MK side of Highway 91 to the CorpoDelta Lands tabled development ration of Delta for conservation options before Delta council on purposes. Nov. 19 for the nearly 120 hectThe company then suggested ares (300 acres) they own on the a land swap with Delta on a east and west side of Highway 91 portion of the remaining 36 at 72 Avenue. hectares (89 acres) of The new proposal the property, giving takes into account up mature conifer the recent designatrees and sensitive tion of Burns Bog wetlands in the into the Fraser River south in exchange Delta Ramsar Site, for bog lands that an international wethave already been lands convention. disturbed for peat Eliza Olson MK Delta Lands extraction. postponed a previThe designaous public meeting tion of Burns Bog Oct. 19 to reassess within the Ramsar the designation’s impact on their Site, while not legally binding, development. changed the mind of MK Delta “We never postponed to Lands president Joanne Barnett. say, ‘oh my gosh it’s thrown us “We had made the determinafor a loop’,” said Julie Marzolf, tion after much thought and spokesperson for the project. “It’s consideration that we would because we thought, ‘okay, that’s seek development approvals for something we anticipated. We our own parcels and we would

King George Hwy

by Adrian MacNair

4:00pm – 7:00pm 102-7380 King George Blvd. Surrey

Our Offices: Vancouver, South Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond and Maple Ridge

•    Loss of motor function •    Pupils that do not react to light or are different in size •    Respiratory problems •    Nausea or vomiting


•    Seizures

•    Tingling or numbness in the extremities

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14 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

N OTI C E OF PUBLIC HEARI N G - M O N DAY, DECEM BER 10 , 2 012 The Council of the City of Surrey will hold a Public Hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, on Monday, December 10, 2012, commencing at 7:00 p.m.



Surrey Official Community Plan By-law, 1996, No. 12900, No. 343 Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17815 Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17816 Application: 7911-0303-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 5891 – 125 Street APPLICANT: Amarpreet K. Gill, Kanwaljit S. and Kamaljit K. Sekhon c/o Hub Engineering Inc. (Rod Gonzalez) #101, 7485 – 130 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 1H8 PROPOSAL: By-law 17815 To redesignate the property from Suburban (SUB) to Urban (URB). By-law 17816 To rezone the property from “One-Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Single Family Residential (12) Zone (RF-12)”. The purpose of the redesignation and rezoning is to permit subdivision into two single family lots. DEVELOPMENT LOCATION MAP 17815/17816

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17818 Application: 7912-0097-00

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17690

CIVIC ADDRESS: 819 – 164 Street APPLICANT: Sieghard Weiss c/o CitiWest Consulting Ltd. (Roger Jawanda) #101, 9030 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC V3V 7Y3 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “Single Family Residential Zone (RF)” to “Single Family Residential (12) Zone (RF-12)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit subdivision into 3 lots. DEVELOPMENT LOCATION MAP 17818

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17811 Application: 7912-0033-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 17577 No. 10 Highway (56 Avenue) APPLICANT: L-290 Holdings Ltd. c/o PJ Lovick Architects Ltd. (Andrea Scott) 3707 First Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 3V6 PROPOSAL: To rezone the site from “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)” (By-law No. 13481) to “Town Centre Commercial Zone (C-15)”. DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT To vary “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000”, as amended, Part 37, Section F, as follows: (a) To reduce the minimum front yard setback from 2.0 metres (6.6 ft.) to 1.5 metres (5 ft.). The purpose of the rezoning and development variance permit is to permit the construction of a two-storey retail/office building. B. Permitted Uses for Town Centre Commercial Zone (C-15) Land and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. Retail stores excluding the following: (a) adult entertainment stores; and (b) secondhand stores and pawnshops. 2. Personal service uses excluding body rub parlours. 3. General service uses excluding drive-through banks. 4. Eating establishments excluding drive-through restaurants. 5. Neighbourhood pubs. 6. Liquor store. 7. Office uses excluding: i. social escort services ii. methadone clinics 8. Tourist accommodation. 9. Indoor recreational facilities. 10. Parking facilities. 11. Entertainment uses excluding arcades and adult entertainment stores. 12. Assembly halls. 13. Community services. 14. Child care centres. 15. Multiple unit residential building may be provided subject to such use forming an integral part of the commercial uses on the lot.

Surrey Official Community Plan By-law, 1996, No. 12900, No. 342 Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17812 Surrey Official Community Plan By-law, 1996, No. 12900, Text No. 120 Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17813 Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2012, No. 17814 Application: 7912-0071-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 15622 – 104 Avenue APPLICANT: Reliance Holdings Ltd. c/o Douglas R. Johnson Architect Ltd. (Douglas Johnson) 855 Greenwood Road, West Vancouver, BC V7S 1X8 PROPOSAL: By-law 17812 To redesignate the property from Urban (URB) to Multiple Residential (RM). By-law 17813 To increase the allowable floor area ratio for the subject property from 1.50 to 2.00. By-law 17814 To rezone the property from “One-Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the redesignation and rezoning is to permit the development of a 4-storey, 27-unit apartment building. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17814 The Lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. Multiple unit residential buildings and ground-oriented multiple unit residential buildings. 2. Child care centres, provided that such centres: (a) Do not constitute a singular use on the lot; and (b) Do not exceed a total area of 3.0 square metres [32 sq.ft.] per dwelling unit.

CIVIC ADDRESS: SEE SCHEDULE A APPLICANT: City of Surrey 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC v3X 3A2 PROPOSAL: To convert zoning of properties from “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1979, No. 5942” to the equivalent zones in “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000”. This conversion will delete the list of properties affected by In Stream Applications listed in Schedule E of the Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000. SCHEDULE A FROM: GENERAL INDUSTRIAL ZONE (I-G) TO: LIGHT IMPACT INDUSTRIAL 1 ZONE (IL-1) 12094 and 12118 Old Yale Road, 10882 Spruce Road FROM: GENERAL INDUSTRIAL ZONE (I-G) TO: LIGHT IMPACT INDUSTRIAL ZONE (IL) 12090 - 104 Avenue FROM: RETAIL COMMERCIAL ZONE ONE (C-R(1) TO: COMMUNITY COMMERCIAL ZONE (C-8) 7238 and 7288 - 137 Street FROM: FAMILY RESIDENTIAL ZONE (R-F) TO: SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL ZONE (RF) 13845 - 96 Avenue, 5940 - 176 Street FROM: SUBURBAN RESIDENTIAL ZONE (RS) TO: ONEACRE RESIDENTIAL ZONE (RA) 6823 - 148 Street FROM: ACREAGE RESIDENTIAL - GROSS DENSITY ZONE (R-A(G)) TO: ACREAGE RESIDENTIAL GROSS DENSITY ZONE (RA-G) 3115 - 136 Street, 3133 - 136 Street, 3155 - 136 Street FROM: AGRICULTURAL ZONE ONE (A-1) TO: GENERAL AGRICULTURE ZONE (A-1) 6784 - 176 Street, 14855 St. Andrews Drive FROM: AGRICULTURAL ZONE THREE (A-3) TO: GENERAL AGRICULTURE ZONE (A-1) 13275, 13555, 13663, 13769, 13809, 13843 and 13859, 14091, 14149 and 14311 Colebrook Road, 5365 - 136A Street Portion of 13067 Colebrook Road, 13910 Trites Road FROM: AGRICULTURAL ZONE THREE (A-3) and RESIDENTIAL ZONE NO. ONE (1) (R-1) TO: GENERAL AGRICULTURE ZONE (A-1) 5353 King George Boulevard, 14011 Colebrook Road, 13208, 13304 Coulthard Road FROM: RESIDENTIAL ZONE NO. ONE (1) (R-1) TO: HALF-ACRE RESIDENTIAL ZONE (RH) 14026 Trites Road, Portion of 13067 Colebrook Road FROM: AGRICULTURAL ZONE ONE (A-1)) TO: INTENSIVE AGRICULTURE ZONE (A-2) Portion of 4552 - 192 Street Additional information may be obtained from the Planning & Development Department at (604) 591-4441. Copies of the by-law(s), development variance permit, supporting staff reports and any relevant background documentation may be viewed in the “Notices” section of the City of Surrey website at or inspected at the City Hall, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Tuesday, November 27, 2012 to Monday, December 10, 2012. All persons who believe their interest in property will be affected by the proposed by-law(s)/development variance permit shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing on matters contained in the bylaw(s)/development variance permit. Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please fax to 604-591-8731, email or submit in writing to the City Clerk at 14245  56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2, no later than Monday, December 10, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. Please note that Council may not receive further submissions from the public or interested persons concerning these applications after the Public Hearing has concluded. Jane Sullivan, City Clerk

B.C. deficit to grow

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 15

$1.47 billion in the red by end of March: Forecast

by Tom Fletcher The B.C. government has increased its deficit forecast

for the second time this fiscal year, citing lower revenues from coal sales and continuing low price and sales volume of natural gas. A slow real estate market has also reduced provincial revenues from the property purchase tax and provincial property tax for schools, B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong said Wednesday. De Jong released the finance ministry’s secondquarter update, forecasting that the deficit will reach $1.47 billion by the time the fiscal year ends March 31. That’s an increase of $328 million from the firstquarter forecast released in September. The September deficit forecast was up $173 million from last February’s budget, attributed mostly to a drop in natural gas prices and sales volume due to oversupply in the North American market. The finance ministry says natural gas prices and revenues have been flat since September, but coal and property tax revenue are driving a drop of $202 million in expected revenues to the provincial treasury since then. De Jong said despite the slide in revenues, he is still on track to balance the 2013 budget when he presents it in the legislature on Feb. 19. That promise is also featured in the government’s current round of advertising to promote its jobs plan.

In her speech Tuesday to the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, Premier Christy Clark said she wouldn’t rule out tax increases of all kinds when the budget is presented. She emphasized the need to control personal taxes, and spending controls for government. “No, we will not cut education, and no we will not cut health care,” Clark said, leaving options open for spending cuts in other areas. Speaking for the NDP opposition, MLA Carole James said she does not believe the next budget will be truly balanced, despite a plan to sell government assets that she likened to “selling the family farm.” James noted that the forecast deficit has grown by about 50 per cent since the last budget, and B.C. Liberal claims of strict spending control are contradicted by spending $15 million on ads that mainly promote the B.C. Liberal arty in the run-up to the May election. In September, De Jong announced a governmentwide hiring freeze and restrictions on travel and other discretionary government spending. Wednesday he said $176 million in savings have been identified. The B.C. government has achieved balanced budgets in only five of the 11 years of B.C. Liberal rule. The current deficit is larger due to repayment of the federal government’s $1.6 billion-transition fund for the Harmonized SalesTax.

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The Council of the City of Surrey will hold a Public Information Meeting in the form of a Public Hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, on Monday, December 10, 2012, commencing at 7:00 p.m.

Liquor Primary License

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Application 7912-0278-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 5814 – 176A Street APPLICANT: Daniel Fehr and Maria Linsenmeier H.O.S.T. Consulting Ltd. (Rick Erdman) #202, 14888 – 104 Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 1M4 PROPOSAL: To acquire a Liquor Primary License to permit liquor service in approximately 90 square metres (980 sq. ft.) of the existing concourse area at Clover Lanes Bowling Centre with the liquor service hours of 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight every day of the week. The City Council wishes to determine whether or not residents are in favour of the Liquor Primary License. DEVELOPMENT LOCATION MAP

JERRY SIDHU 604-537-7966


Homelife Realty

Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project 156th Street in Surrey: New HOV Ramp and Transit Access

Motorists are advised the new Highway 1 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and transit on and off -ramps at 156th Street are now open to traffic. The 156th Street Interchange includes a new access point to Highway 1 from Fraser Heights and Guildford with HOV/transit-only ramps to both the eastbound and westbound directions, and a direct connection for transit routes to the Highway 1 HOV lanes. Drivers are asked to watch for and obey all new directional signals and are reminded that buses will be using these new ramps. Please allow for safe and courteous passage through the intersection.

For more detailed information, please visit the PMH1 web site at, call 1 866 999-7641 (PMH1), e-mail, or follow on Twitter @PortMannHwy1.

MoTI Ad #948A PMH1 156 Street in Surrey Surrey/North Delta Leader City Council is holding a Public Information Meeting in the form of a Public Hearing to determine the residents’ opinions on this Liquor Primary License application.

4 columns You are invitedxto70 thelines Public Hearing to convey your opinion to Council. If you do not wish to speak, you are encouraged to register your opinion with staff outside of the Council Chamber on the night of the Public Hearing. 5.81” X 5”

If you are unable to attend the Public Hearing, you may submit a letter through the City Clerk’s Department expressing your opinion for Council’s consideration. Please fax to 604-591-8731, email, or submit in writing to the City Clerk by 4:00 p.m., Monday, December 10, 2012. FURTHER Additional information may be obtained from INFORMATION: Planning & Development at 604-591-4441. Copies of supporting staff reports and any relevant background documentation may be inspected at the City Hall, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., from Tuesday, November 27, 2012 to Monday, December 10, 2012. All persons who believe their interest in property is affected by the proposal shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing. Jane Sullivan City Clerk

16 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Metro may slash meeting fees Region mulls changes for director compensation by Jeff Nagel Metro VancouVer directors

may soon be paid less to attend special events like conferences, conventions and seminars. The mayors and councillors who serve on the regional district board now get at least $346 to compensate them for their time spent at authorized external meetings and for their travel time. The fee doubles to $692 if an event runs longer than four hours. A Metro staff report recommends chopping the payment to th Thursday, December 13 at 2:30pm a flat rate of $100 per day for time spent. Kick up your heels and sing the day away as RogersBut directors at the finance committee were split recently on whether to go ahead with the Cove celebrates one of the most famous events in COVE change and have asked staff for ESIDENCE more information. Germany. Enjoy delicious food, great entertainment Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said th ntsville, ON 20 culture at our Oktoberfest it might be a hardship for some andThursday, a dose December of German directors who have regular jobs 9-1600 at 2:30pm where they’re paid considerably celebrations! more than $100 a day. “Their time is valuable – it’s not throwaway time,” Jackson said. Asked why directors should be RSVP to Dale at 604-581-1555 paid more for such meetings by Metro Vancouver when they’re IMPERIAL PLACE already paid a councillor’s or mayor’s salary from their own RETIREMENT RESIDENCE municipality, Jackson said appear13853 - 102nd Avenue Surrey, B.C. 604.581.1555 ing at conferences or seminars on behalf of Metro often requires considerable preparation. “Do we just ask people to do

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everything for nothing?” she asked. “We have to be careful we don’t turn so many people away from politics we end up with people who perhaps shouldn’t be there.” The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation (CTF) this week called on five politicians to return more than $2,000 in meeting fees they collected for attending Metro’s Zero Waste Challenge conference Sept. 14. Twenty non-elected speakers at the conference volunteered their time and waived fees, but $346 fees were paid to Jackson, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan, Surrey Coun. Marvin Hunt, Vancouver, and Coun. Andrea Reimer, and Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie received $692 for seven-and-a-half hours of time spent. “While the experts worked for free, our local politicians cashed in at anywhere from $92 to $230 per hour,” CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman said, adding the event cost Metro a total of nearly $100,000 in various rental, equipment and other costs. “If only the Zero Waste in the title of this conference referred to our tax dollars. Unfortunately, our trash seems to get more care and attention than our money.” Jackson accused Bateman of taking potshots at politicians to get publicity for the CTF while refusing to be transparent about

his own pay. “He can’t have it both ways,” she said. “I’m sure he doesn’t do what he does for nothing. I tried to Google it and it’s not there.” If Metro’s board endorse the changes, staff will draw up a bylaw. The proposed reduction would not apply to the fees directors get to attend regular Metro board and committee meetings. Those meeting fees – also $346, doubling after four hours – have steadily risen due to a Metro policy of indexing them to the median of Metro mayors’ salaries. When one or more cities raise their mayors’ pay, the regional fees have gone up as a result, and that has sometimes been used to justify more cities raising their mayoral salaries. The staff report doesn’t suggest changing the formula, but notes cities have been reporting mayoral salaries inconsistently, some failing to include car allowances, for example. All allowances should be included, it said, but the recalculation of Metro fees would only happen once every three years. In intervening years, the fees would be adjusted for inflation. Metro directors received nearly $714,000 through meeting fees last year, plus $44,000 in travel expenses.

Company doubles donations to Surrey Christmas Bureau iFund Lending to match cash contributions

Black Press

With the help of

iFund Lending, the Surrey Christmas Bureau has the opportunity to have its cash donations double. iFund Lending CEO Gord Bylo is encouraging all businesses and individuals in Surrey to make a donation to the bureau – which iFund Lending will match up to $10,000 – allowing the Surrey Christmas Bureau to provide hampers and toys for families registering this year. The Surrey Christmas Bureau has seen need grow 10 per cent year over year, however funding and donations have not kept pace. The Surrey Christmas Bureau will assist more than 1,700 low-

KC Gilroy income families and kids this year with basic food and presents for the holiday season. “Our society needs to be judged based on how we treat our most vulnerable,” Bylo said. “The Surrey Christmas Bureau shows us how.” Surrey Christmas Bureau Coordinator K.C. Gilroy says iFund Lending is a

long-term supporter of the Surrey Christmas Bureau. “They’ve shown that they care about living in an inclusive community and know that the compassion and support they demonstrate now will pay off later as children grow up feeling less alienated from the wider society around them,,” Gilroy says. The Surrey Christmas Bureau is located at 7404 King George Blvd. and is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For further information on receiving help this holiday season, or if you would like to donate, visit or phone 604-581-9623.

Give the Gift of Hearing


Hearing Aids: $200 Off per ear OFFER IN EFFECT DECEMBER 1-31, 2012

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Maria Santos-Greaves

Clinic Manager

Vikki Mackay

Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 17

18 18 Surrey/North Surrey/North Delta Delta Leader Leader Tuesday, Tuesday, December December 4, 4, 2012 2012



Tuesday & Wednesday • December 11 & 12


Christmas Tourof Lights

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The Christmas lady Cloverdale woman transforms her home each season

by Jennifer Lang

Christmas Day. She admits her enthusiasm for Christmas decor may have damped theirs a little. “They like it…” she trails off momentarily, then adds: “I said, ‘What would you do if I didn’t do it? They said, ‘We wouldn’t care.’ But I think they would. I really do.” Fortunately, the newer additions to the family – including a daughter-in-law from China and another from India – joined Vrecko for another favourite family tradition: girl’s night. Each woman painted a window according to a Christmas theme that meant something to them, hence the red paper lanterns in one pane and a colourful peacock in another. After Christmas, everything will be packed into boxes and tucked away for another year. How much has Vrecko spent on decorations? “I wouldn’t even hazard a guess.”

When it comes to get-


Welcome to Sharon Vrecko’s home in Cloverdale, where it’s been feeling a lot like Christmas for weeks now. have to use it for a couple of years, and it will pay for itself, and you can go back to your live tree’.” She loves it now. She used to take an entire week off work to get all her decorating done, starting as soon as her four sons (now grown) went off to school, taking a break for supper, and then continuing into the evening. It now takes her a month to complete the

transformation, working in shifts of up to three hours. Vrecko is so crazy about Christmas, her kids urged her to name her sweet-natured whippet “Santa’s Little Helper” – like the dog on the Simpson’s – but she settled on “Holly” instead. She’s looking forward to having her four sons and their wives and girlfriends over on




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The Langley Ukulele Association presents ...

A Ukulele Christmas: 2012

Featuring performances by the Senior A and B Ensembles and other special guests.

Sunday, December 16th, 3 pm Doors open at 2:30pm

Peace Portal Alliance Church 15128 - 27B Avenue, South Surrey

Reserve your tickets today!

or call 604 340-8537 (UKES), or email: to reserve your tickets. Sponsored by:

Times The Langley


Friends of the Surrey Museum & Archives Society

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Oriole Dr.Dr. Oriole

ting into the Christmas spirit, Santa’s got nothing on Sharon Vrecko. For more than 40 years, the decorating dynamo has turned her home into a Christmas wonderland, an annual tradition she shows no sign of abandoning. “I just love Christmas,” says Vrecko, who is wearing Christmas tree earrings, a Santa teddy bear sweater, and dark slacks patterned with wreaths, candy canes and presents. A visit to her home last week offered a tantalizing preview. “Usually, my target date is Dec. 1,” says Vrecko, who explains it all began in 1967 – the first year she was married. She had $80 to spend on decorations, and went to the Army and Navy department store. It was “more than enough to totally decorate our one-bedroom apartment,” she recalls. These days, she’s got a lot more floor (and wall) space to work with. If she sees a decoration or collectible she likes, she buys it, but keeps focused. “I don’t just ‘buy’ like I used to. I think.” Everything – from the miniature Santas representing countries (and family members) around the globe to tiny, snowcovered Christmas towns – is carefully arranged, contained to specific sections of rooms or pieces of furniture. A collection of angels gracing the piano in the corner of the family room is her pride and joy. “I walked into a Christmas store about nine years ago, and I saw them. I walked through the store with one, and then I thought, ‘No! I have to have them all now!’ I went back and I bought ’em all.” Now retired from her job at Canada Post (although she still helps answer letters to Santa), Vrecko used to spend her tips from letter-carrying on Christmas collectibles. As she points to various items, a memory sweeps into focus with each one. A holdout against artificial trees, she relented after her husband bought her a rotating artificial tree that was pre-lit. She was skeptical at first. “He says, ‘you only

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 19


20 Surrey/North Delta Leader

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surrey Eagles defeat Langley, coquitlam

Division rivals swept by Nick Greenizan Chalk up four more points for the

streaking Surrey Eagles. The BC Hockey League team won twice more last week – 7-3 Tuesday over the Langley Rivermen and 4-2 Friday at home against the Coquitlam Express – to run their winning streak to four games. They won nine of their 11 games played in November. However, Surrey has not made up much ground in the race for first place in the BCHL’s Mainland Division as the team the Eagles are chasing – the Chilliwack Chiefs – have been just as hot. The Chiefs also won twice on the weekend, and like Surrey, won nine of 11 games last month. They sit four points up on the Eagles for top spot in the division. On Friday Devon Toews at South Surrey Arena, the Eagles relied heavily on goaltender Michael Santaguida, who stopped 43 of 45 Coquitlam shots to secure his 12th win of the season. The 19-year-old Ontario native was especially strong in the third period, when the Express peppered him with 18 shots, all of which he stopped. Rookie defenceman Jordan Klimek had a goal and an assist in the win, while fellow blueliner Devon Toews added two assists. Demico Hannoun, on the power play, and Mason Blacklock also scored, as did Trevor Cameron.

Banners a first for Breakers boys Black Press a SwEEp of postseason

Garrett JaMeS / contriBUtor

Jordan klimek (centre) celebrates a goal Friday night at the South Surrey arena against the Coquitlam Express. The Eagles won the BChl game 4-2. Coquitlam’s two goals both came in the second period, from John Seimer – on the power play – and Philip Zielonka. The four-goal outburst Friday was nothing compared to the goal-scoring bonanza at the Langley Events Centre the previous Tuesday, as the Eagles exploded for seven goals against the division-rival Rivermen, led by Brady Shaw, who had a hat

trick and two assists. Two of Shaw’s three markers came during a decisive second period, in which the Eagles – who trailed 2-1 after the opening 20 minutes – scored four times to take a commanding 5-2 lead. Shaw’s third goals came late in the third, and Stefan Burzan scored in a power-play goal in the game’s final minute to extend the lead.

Craig Wyszomirski had a goal and two assists, while Drew Best had a four-point night with one goal and three helpers. Nicolas Pierog rounded out the scoring for the visiting Eagles, who will be on Vancouver Island for two games next weekend. They will visit the Victoria Grizzlies Saturday night, then play the Nanaimo Clippers Sunday afternoon.

tournaments by the Grade 8 boys team may be indicative of a successful future for the Pacific Academy Breakers volleyball program. The Breakers won championship banners at the Christian Schools tournament, as well as the Surrey and Fraser Valley Championships, compiling a 40-2 won-loss record along the way. “The team was exceptionally talented and full of very strong athletes,” said coach Brynn Kennedy. “What makes it special is that this team is the first team in our school’s history to put a banner on our gym walls for boys volleyball at any level.” At the Fraser Valley tournament, the Breakers didn’t lose a set in winning all three matches in pool play. They swept the Westview Wildcats of Maple Ridge 25-6, 25-11 in the quarterfinal round, then stopped the Langley Fundamental Titans 25-22, 25-25 in a semifinal match, with Josiah Barkowsky leading the team with 10 kills. In a close championship match, they defeated the M.E.I. Eagles 17-25, 25-22, 15-5. Barkowsky was named tournament MVP (Most Valuable Player), while setter Andrew Wong and middle Joel Crawford were named to the all-star team.

One-goal wins over Outlaws, Panthers North Delta Devils have firm hold on third place in Tom Shaw conference

by Rick Kupchuk ViCToriES oVEr the weakest teams in the

Pacific Junior Hockey League have helped the North Delta Devils tighten their hold on a playoff position in the Tom Shaw Conference. The Junior B team edged the Mission City Outlaws last Thursday night in Mission, then topped the Port Moody Panthers 4-3 Saturday night in the Sungod Arena. The Outlaws and Port Moody have combined for just 10 wins this season, and are at the bottom of the Harold Brittain Conference standings. North Delta improved their record to 14-10-2-0 (won-lost-overtime loss-tied),

and are in third place in the five-team Tom Shaw Conference, four points up on the Grandview Steelers and six ahead of the lastplace North Vancouver Wolfpack. Only the last place teams in each conference miss the postseason. Port Moody put a scare in the Devils Saturday night, leading 2-0 after 20 minutes despite getting outshot 14-9. Eric Kulla was in the North Delta goal, but was replaced by Tyler Read after the second Panthers goal. North Delta dominated the final two periods, holding a 40-11 shots on goal advantage and scoring four consecutive goals. Arvin Atwal and Benjamin Vikich tallied while on the power play in the second period

to tie the game 2-2. Blake Gorrill put North Delta in the lead five minutes into the third, and Eben Norman notched the winner with nine minutes left. The Panthers got one back with two minutes remaining in the game, but couldn’t get a second goal on Tyler Read, an 18-year-old White Rock native who got credit for the win in a backup role. North Delta also had a huge edge in play Thursday in Mission, but it wasn’t until the second period they took the lead. Devon Elford opened the scoring, then Marco Romano made it 2-0 10 minutes later. The Pilots cut the difference to 2-1 after two periods, but Joshua Smith’s power play

Section c 0-ordinator: rick kupchuk (PHone 604-575-5335)

goal with less than five minutes to play stood up as the winner. Kurt Thrussell scored for Mission with three minutes to go. Sky Buller played his first game of the season in goal for North Delta, making 26 of 28 saves. The Devils will play three times this week, including a game tonight (Tuesday) against the Delta Ice Hawks in Ladner. The Ice Hawks, beaten just twice in their first 20 games of the season, have lost four in a row. On the weekend, North Delta will host the 11-11-1-0 Aldergrove Kodiaks at 6:45 p.m. Saturday in the Sungod Arena, then face-off against the Grandview Steelers Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Burnaby Winter Club.

Eagles win, lose to CBC Kwantlen basketball teams host Columbia Bible College by Rick Kupchuk A win At home over

the league’s only winless team has lifted the Kwantlen Eagles women’s team into fourth place in the PACWEST basketball standings. The Eagles dominated from start to finish, and defeated the Columbia Bible College (CBC) Bearcats 76-38 Nov. 23 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Four players scored in double digits for Kwantlen, including Holy Cross high school graduates Jessica Villadiego (19 points) and Jeannine Yngresso (10 points). Other leading scorers were Samantha McPhail with 14 points and Christina Brown with 10. The Eagles are 3-3 (won-lost) in league play.

Stefon Wilson An 97-90 overtime loss dropped the men’s team into a three-way tie for fifth place at 2-4, the same record as CBC and the Douglas College Royals. The Eagles held an 84-80 lead in the final minute of play, but the Bearcats drew even by the end of regulation. A 13-6 run in overtime gave the visitors the victory. Ali Bosir had possibly his best-ever game in a Kwantlen uniform. The Princess Margaret Secondary graduate scored 21 points, while grabbing 27 rebounds, making four steals and earning a pair of assists. “That was the best individual performance that I have been a part of in my coaching career,” said Eagles head coach Stefon Wilson, praising the Princess Margaret graduate. Aaron Ram of North Delta just missed a double double, scoring a game-high 28 points while adding nine rebounds.

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Princess Margaret Secondary graduate Ali Bosir (left) scored 21 points and had 21 rebounds in a loss to the CBC Bearcats.

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“That was the best individual performance that I have been a part of...”

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 21

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Nominations Sought for Heritage Awards The Delta Heritage Advisory Commission is seeking nominations for the prestigious 2013 Heritage Awards. The following two types of Heritage Awards may be conferred to a project, individual or group: Heritage Awards of Merit Recognize efforts to preserve, restore, rehabilitate, or creatively re-use a historic structure to conserve valuable parts of Delta’s urban or rural history. Friends of Heritage Awards Recognize individuals or groups who have promoted heritage conservation and awareness in Delta through education, publication or advocacy.

The Harry Weaver Residence (1912) (4116 96 Street) 2012 Heritage Award of Merit Winner

Nomination Deadline: December 19, 2012 Nomination criteria can be found on Delta’s website at Please submit nominations to the Committee Clerk at: The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 Fax 604-946-3390 or e-mail The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2

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22 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Candlelight Service


Join us as we celebrate and remember the lives of those we loved and cherished in this memorial service

Delta sungod’s Logan warkentin, 13, competes in a 100m butterfly race at the Delta sungod swim Club’s Lower mainland regional swim meet on Nov. 25 at the sungod recreation Centre.

Sungod swimmers qualify

• Outdoor tree lighting • Candlelighting in honour of loved ones • Musical performances by the Vancouver Children Choir • Refreshments to follow • Yule log burning

Dececco, Yu will compete at B.C. championships

by Rick Kupchuk

Join us on Sunday, December 9th • 5:00 pm All welcome. For more information call 604-596-7196 Brought to you by:

Valley View Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home by Arbor Memorial

14644 - 72nd Avenue, Surrey • • Arbor Memorial Services Inc.

Notice of Public Information Meeting & Open House

Two swimmers

from the Delta Sungod Swim Club qualified for B.C. championship competition at the Lower Mainland Regional Meet hosted by the Delta club Nov. 24-25 at the Sungod Recreation Centre.

in Surrey at the end of the season, qualifying in the 100m breast stroke event. More than 280 swimmers attended the meet, and Sungod head coach Kurt Murphy saw firsthand what his swimmers have learned so far this season. “It was great to see our

Guildford Plaza Produce Market 14978 104 AVE, SURREY 604-588-0083

Notice of Public Information Meeting & Open House   

Green Peppers

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012, th 6:00 – 9:00 PM Wednesday, December 5 , 2012, 6:00 – 9:00 PM  NORTH DELTA SECONDARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM NORTH DELTA SECONDARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM  11447 82 AVENUE, DELTA, BC Notice of Public Information Meeting & Open House   We 11447 82 AVENUE, DELTA, BC  invite your attendance at a Public Open

Cayden Dececco, 11, qualified in four events for the B.C. AAA meet. He will swim in the 1,500m freestyle, the 200m back stroke, the 200m butterfly and the 400m individual medley in Victoria next March. Albert Yu, 11, will be at the provincial AAA meet

BC Ambrosia Apples

house hosted by the

th Wednesday, December 5 , 2012, 6:00 – 9:00 PM    MK Delta Lands Group project team. The team will present concept We invite your attendance at a Public Open house hosted by the MK Delta Lands Group  NORTH DELTA SECONDARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM  plan options, created through a community consultation process, for project team. The team will present concept plan options, created through a community  the 89 acre site located at 10770 72 Avenue. A one-hour summary 11447 82 AVENUE, DELTA, BC 

size:at 47pm. 5.16” wide x 4” height consultation process, for the 89 acre site located at 10770 72 Avenue.  A one‐hour summary  willAd start Light refreshments served.  presentation Ad colour: process color presentation will start at 7pm.   Light refreshments served.   We invite your attendance at a Public Open house hosted by the MK Delta Lands Group  Time: 6:00 pm –Publication: 9:00 pm drop in format with a one-hour summary   project team. The team will present concept plan options, created through a community  presentation at 7pm Contact name & #: consultation process, for the 89 acre site located at 10770 72 Avenue.  A one‐hour summary  Time:   6:00 pm – 9:00 pm drop in format with a one‐hour summary presentation at 7pm  E-mail presentation will start at 7pm.   Light refreshments served.   For further information,    see or contact Joanne Barnett- Tel: 604-952-5542 For further information, see or contact Joanne Barnett‐ Tel: 604‐952‐5542  Ref.#: MK0163 Candlelight AD (from Bishop Gr.) Time:   Or: Odete6:00 pm – 9:00 pm drop in format with a one‐hour summary presentation at 7pm  Pinho,©Arbor Senior Planner, HB Lanarc-Golder Or: Odete Pinho, Senior Planner, HB Lanarc‐Golder Tel: 604.568‐8876 ext 112  Memorial Services Inc., 2012   Tel: 604.568-8876 ext 112   For further information, see or contact Joanne Barnett‐ Tel: 604‐952‐5542  Or: Odete Pinho, Senior Planner, HB Lanarc‐Golder Tel: 604.568‐8876 ext 112 









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Effective date from Wed. Dec 5 to Mon. Dec 10, 2012

swimmers get in the pool and race entire races. From start to finish the kids pushed themselves to be better and to chase down their opponents,” said Murphy. Sungod swimmers who achieved personal bests were: Evelyn Dina (12), Madison Lupien (12), Tiffany Matthe (11), Sydney Pearson (11), Elena Penner (12), Umika Vassa (12), Lauren Vossen (11), Young Ye (12) and Yu. The numerous Sungod swimmers to win medals at the meet were: Claudia Baxter, 12 – gold 400 IM; silver 200 butterfly;, bronze 100 back stroke. Cory Bullock, 12 – bronze 400m freestyle. Rosanna Chung, 15 – gold 100m free style, 100m and 400m individual medley, 100m and 200m breast stroke;/100m and 200m breast stroke; silver 400m freestyle. Wai-Lun Chung, 17 – silver 100m and 200m individual medley; bronze 200m breast stroke. April Cunningham, 15 – gold 100m and 200m back stroke; silver 100m and 200m individual medley, 200m freestyle; bronze 400m individual medley. Cayden Dececco, 11 – silver 200m butterfly, 100m, 200m and 1,500m freestyle, 400m individual medley; bronze 100m and 200 back stroke, 100m freestyle. Joe Kidd, 17 – gold 200m butterfly, 100m individual medley; silver 1,500m freestyle; bronze 400m freestyle, 400m individual medley. Nick Kidd, 14 – gold 400m individual medley; bronze 200m butterfly, 200m freestyle.

See MEDALS / Page 23

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 23

Medals: Delta winners

From page 22 Noah Landry, 12 – gold 100m back, 1,500m freestyle; silver 100m and 200m back stroke, 100m freestyle; bronze 50m freestyle. Reece Landry,

10 – gold 200m butterfly; bronze 100m breast stroke, 400m freestyle, 100 butterfly. Alan Lu, 15 – gold 1,500 freestyle, 200m and 400m individual medley; silver 400m freestyle, 200m breast stroke;

life styles

healthy active

bronze 200m butterfly, 200m freestyle. John Matheson, 12 – bronze 200m back stroke. Emma McKerrow, 13 – silver 200m butterfly Elena Penner, 12 – gold 100m and 200m back stroke, 100m freestyle,

100m butterfly; bronze 100m and 200m breast stroke. Hailey Penner, 10 – silver 100m butterfly; bronze 100m freestyle. Natasha Ram, 15 – bronze 200m individual medley, 200m butterfly,

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604.510.HOPE (4673) Discovering strengths and inspiring change. • Marital & Family Counselling • Flexible session times • Art & Play Therapy • Sliding scale available • Referrals welcome

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silver 200m back, 200m butterfly, 400m individual medley. Logan Warkentin, 13 – gold 100m and 800m freestyle, 100m and 200m butterfly, 400m individual medley; silver 100m and 200m breast stroke.

onSale Walkers on Walkers onSale starting at Walkers Sale starting at

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CROSSROADS H O M E M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E N T mobility solutions CROSSROADS # 11 0 , 9 5 4 7 15 2mobility R EEE T,M SEUDRIRCE AYsolutions HSOT M L• 7E7Q8 U- 3I9P5 -M2 E2 2N1T CROSSROADS O P E N M O N DAYH O FMREI DAY M E 9D-I5C, SA AT L UE RQDAY U I P1M0 -E4N T # 11 0 , 9 5 4 7 15 2 S T R E E T, S U R R E Y • 7 7 8 - 3 9 5 - 2 2 2 1 O 0P,E 9N5M N DAY# 11 4 7O 15 2 S T FRRE IEDAY T, S U9R- 5R,ESYAT • 7U7R8DAY - 3 9 51-02-242 1 O P E N M O N DAY- F R I DAY 9 - 5 , S AT U R DAY 1 0 - 4

“I think there must be something wrong with me Linus. Christmas is coming but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel. I just don’t understand Christmas I guess. I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I’m still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed”. For many, the Christmas season brings happy memories and the anticipation of special events spent with family and friends, decorating the home, giving gifts and sharing festive food and music. However, as Charlie Brown described in the 1965 classic, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, to identify, and understand the cause; as well as, know how to cope with one’s experience of depression is not always clear. There are many possible reasons why people experience depression. The onset of depression may occur following grief/loss, financial stress, chronic illness, a traumatic event, negative family dynamics or life transitions such as retirement or the birth of a child. Talking to someone about your thoughts and feelings is a healthy coping strategy. Some other ways to manage depression may include: to eat regular and balanced meals, drink plenty of water, ensure you get enough rest and sleep, regular exercise and spend time with people you feel cared and loved by. If you would like more information about coping with depression or any other issue that may be currently affecting your mental health, please call for your complimentary first appointment. Written by: Angela Herd, Dip.CSW, BA, DVATI Art Therapist The Family Hope Clinic




Diabetic Socks, Meter,

Invisalign & Braces for

REG $150

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North Surrey 604.314.8063

200m breast stroke. Amrit Sandhu, 14 – bronze 50m butterfly. Caralyn Vossen, 15 – silver 200m back stroke, 200m butterfly; bronze 200m freestyle. Connor Warkentin, 16 – gold 200m breast stroke;

children, teens and adults in a caring environment. Dr. Kanani is also experienced with Invisalign having successfully treated over 900 teens and adults of varying difficulty using this technology.

Straight Teeth. No Braces. Visit us to see if you’re a candidate.

Guildford Orthodontic Centre 200-10203 152A St., Surrey, BC

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and even Lancets WITH PURCHASE OF

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Delivery & Blister Packaging 303-15988 Fraser Hwy, Surrey • 604-507-0970


24 Surrey/North Delta Leader

All in the

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


family Surrey parents’ adoption of five siblings from a Ukrainian orphanage will air twice in a TV documentary starting tonight


Surrey’s Martin and Cathy Ward with the five siblings they adopted from an orphanage in the Ukraine, clockwise from left: Juliya, Ayona, Sergei, Sasha and Snezhana.

by Martha Perkins


he scene is full of such raw, exposed emotion that the documentary’s director wonders aloud if she should stop filming. No, go ahead, the teenage girl cries as she flings all of her belongings onto the bed in preparation for heading out into the world feeling very much alone. She wants the world to hear her side of the story, to feel her pain. This moment is a torrential release of emotions that have been swirling inside a suburban home near Surrey for the past five years – and the emotions of the audience as they watch Julia Ivanova’s documentary about the couple who bravely takes on the challenge of adopting five siblings from the Ukraine. In High Five, which debuts today (Tuesday, Dec. 4) on the Knowledge Network, Cathy and Martin Ward may not have realized what they were taking on when they not only agreed to adopt the children, but allow Ivanova to film the experience. After Cathy Ward was seriously injured in a car accident, she and Martin decided not to risk pregnancy. Married for several years, the two nurses start the process of adopting a young girl from a Ukraine orphanage. Then they find out she has a sister. That’s fine, they say to themselves as Ivanova films them arriving in the Ukraine to be introduced to Snezhana and Alyona. But then the Wards find out that the girls have four other siblings – an older half-brother and half-sister and a younger brother and sister. The youngest sister had been adopted by another family as a baby, but the three other children also need a home. It takes a few years, but eventually the five siblings are living together again as a family, this time in Canadian suburbia. The documentary details the sadness of the children’s early years, as told by the oldest siblings, Yuliya, and Sergei. Their father died and their mother married an abusive drunk. The parents fought and when they fought, the children tried to find safe refuge but eventually the tales of violence

and abuse became known. When the authorities took away for one another. the four youngest children, their father blamed his two That’s why, as a director, Ivanova avoids judgement. She stepchildren. He beat Yuliya so violently she had to be hospisimply lets you watch. talized. “My goal was not to sensationalize but to show the comYuliya was both caregiver and protector to her siblings. She plexity of family relationships.” absorbed the violence, and then the repercussions of their Ivanova has been transfixed by the subject of adoption ever abandonment, as a way of protecting the others. since it was her job to help facilitate the adoption of children But when she finally joins her younger siblings in Canada, from the former Soviet Union. She did an earlier “very she finds they have a new mother, one who they readily Christmasy” adoption story called From Russia, For Love, but accept and, in doing so, no longer need Yuliya. And because 10 years later, feeling better about her skills as a director, she Yuliya had done such a good job of protecting them, they wanted to tackle such a story again. don’t realize her sacrifice. “When I started,” she says in a telephone Here in Canada, their new mother and father interview from her home in Vancouver, “it was a can offer them so much more – a secure home, feel-good story about a family fighting to adopt food on the table, camping trips to the Okanafive children.” gan, and beautiful graduation dresses. Then, in reference to one of the final scenes, In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in when Yuliya, who is now 20, packs her bags to the documentary, Yuliya is emotionally abanmove out, Ivanova adds, “No one expects that a doned by her siblings, who are too young to be child you fought so hard to adopt would want to aware of their actions’ impact. leave, but it happens.” The Wards also make tremendous sacrifices. High Five must have an ending, but the Ward Wanting to adopt one child, they are now family’s story is still unfolding. As eager as the a family of seven. The adoption process cost audience will be to know the outcome, the camthem about $200,000 on top of all the expenses era has been turned off after five years of filming. of caring for five children. Cathy recieves some Some viewers might come away from the disability income, but the financial burden falls documentary saying the Wards were naive about on Martin’s shoulders. what lay ahead when they adopted five children. It’s a burden he accepts with inborn stoicism However, says Ivanova, they and others like them Julia Ivanova and pride, even when it means having to work also deserve praise. in the Arctic for four weeks out of every six so he “If it wasn’t for their naivety, all these can earn more money. children would stay in the orphanages,” she So many forces are at play on screen. There are says. “Because of this naivety, great things are the natural dynamics between siblings, especially as the they happening in the world.” age and start to assert their personalities. There’s the wrench of being taken from the land of your High Five was commissioned and financed by the Knowledge birth and being thrown into a world where everything, espeNetwork. It premiered at the Vancouver International Film Fescially the language, is an unknown. tival in September and was among the 10 most popular films. There’s the relation between husband and wife when Its TV premiere on Knowledge Network is today (Dec. 4) at 9 the demands of parenthood eat into the energy they have p.m. and Dec. 5 at 12 a.m.

“No one expects that a child you fought so hard to adopt would want to leave, but it happens.”

SE cTION cO- OrDINATOr: BOAz j OSEPH (PHONE 604-575-2744)

Banks – both blood and food – join forces Canadian Blood Services asking for two kinds of donations throughout December Black Press Canadian Blood

Services’ annual Bleed & Feed is back for the third year in a row with the goal of fulfilling 14,000 holiday miracles for B.C. and Yukon residents. The program, in partnership with Food Banks BC, is counting on B.C. residents to become “miracle workers” by making more than 14,000 blood donations between Dec. 1 and Jan. 2 and bringing in non-perishable food items for local food banks to help alleviate the hunger felt by nearly 100,000 people. “We’re so pleased our member food banks across B.C. can partner again with Canadian Blood Services in this unique and collaborative initiative,” said Laura Lansink, Executive Director, Food Banks BC. “It’s a win-win proposition for people who want to help fulfil not one but two miracles in their community this holiday season.”

B.C. residents can book a donation appointment by visiting or calling 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-2366283). Donated food items will be collected until Dec. 31 in specially marked Bleed & Feed food collection boxes located in the front waiting area of blood donor clinics across the province. Food collected in Surrey will be donated to the Surrey Food Bank. “Unfortunately, the need for blood never takes a holiday and neither does hunger,” said Ed Yee, Director of Donor and Clinic Services for the B.C. and Yukon region of Canadian Blood Services. “Many families will be cel-

ebrating the holidays in hospital this year, while others struggle to have a meal. We hope to rally B.C. residents together and make the season brighter for more local families in need.” A blood donation this holiday season is the perfect gift. It costs nothing and it’ll give someone a holiday miracle. It can take five donors to help one person in cancer treatment so Canadian Blood Services encourages donors to bring along a friend or family member when they donate. The Surrey Blood Donor Clinic at 15285 101 Avenue is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday’s from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the same time on select Saturdays, which include Dec. 8 and 22. To learn more about your local food bank, visit www. The Surrey Food Bank’s website is www.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 25 Royal City Youth Ballet Company Society proudly presents, for the 24th season, the full length ballet, the Nutcracker.

The longest running Nutcracker ballet performance in Canada! Don’t miss your opportunity to see this unique show that delights audiences of all ages.

Over 140,000 tickets sold!

Artistic Director Dolores Kirkwood, OBC

Surrey Arts Centre, Surrey

December 14 at 7:30 pm December 15 & 16 at 1:00 & 4:00 pm Box Office: 604-501-5566 Centennial Theatre, Massey Theatre, North Vancouver New Westminster Sun, Dec. 23 1:00 & 4:00 pm Box Office: 604-984-4484

Sun, Dec. 9 1:00 & 4:30 pm Box Office: 604-521-5050

For more information, call 604-521-7290 or email Visit our website for a list of all performances:

26 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buy THEm a “ Great escape” for CHrisTmas! Gift cards available in all denominations starting at $5 & up.

Great for children & family gifts!

Special Holiday offerS


CRAFTS The Riverdale Elementary School Craft Fair takes place Dec. 15 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 14835 108A Ave. This is the PAC’s first annual fair. Admission is $1. Tables are available for $25/35. Call Courtney Hertz at 778-231-1926 or email

Submissions for Datebook should be posted at Click Calendar. Datebook runs in print most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

24th season of The Nutcracker ballet, with beautiful sets and extravagant costumes that illuminate the magic of the toy soldiers, Sugar Plum Fairy, and a growing Christmas tree. Under the artistic direction of Dolores Kirkwood, the cast of talented and dedicated dancers perform to Tchaikovsky’s classic score with its favourites such as Waltz of Flowers. At the Surrey Arts Centre (13750 88 Ave.) Dec. 14, 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 15-16, 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

DANCE The next Surrey Fiddlers Old Time Dance takes place Dec. 6 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. at Clayton Hall, 18513 70 Ave. Admission is $3. For more information, call 604576-1066 or 604-538-3363.

• Buy a $20 gift card & receive a $5 bonus in game play • Buy a $40 gift card & receive a $10 bonus in game play • The Great Escape Gift Bears - $10 • The Great Escape Hats - $15

Royal City Youth Ballet Company presents its


FaMILY NeW Years eVe BasH

MUSIC Crossroads United Church (7655 120 St.) is hosting the 40-voice Maple Leaf Singers for a Christmas season concert on Dec. 8 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for pre-teens. Refreshments provided. To reserve tickets, call the office at 778-593-1043 or Margaret at 604-596-8412. The Vancouver Thunderbird Chorus comes to Crossroads United Church

Folk group Westfall Mountain is holding an album release concert on Dec. 9 from 7-9 p.m. at Astral Connections Cafe, 7915 120 St. For more information, call Bob Westfall at 604-522-7221.

a BuffET N' PLay EVENT December 31 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Winter night market

Advance Reservations required with a $25 deposit includes a delicious buffet, our mayan playground, a round of golf, one laser tag game, door prizes, party favors, confetti count down and more!

Earthwise Garden hosts sale, walk on Wednesday

(We celebrate East Coast time)

$9.95 for 2 & 3 year olds • $17.95 for 4 years to 16 years $15.95 for adults ($17.95 with golf and laser tag)

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for savings.

Not combinable with any other coupons, promotions or special offers. HST extra.

604-530-1400 #104 - 20645 Langley Bypass |

Delivering Community News for over 80 years!

#200-5450 152nd Street, Surrey



EARTHWISE SOCIETY will host its second-annual Winter Night Market and Garden Light Walk on Dec. 5 from 5-9 p.m. in the red barn at the Earthwise Garden, 6400 3 Ave. in Tsawwassen. The Winter Night Market features organic produce and a

selection of winter vegetables, including several varieties of beets, oriental greens, cabbage, potatoes and carrots You can also pre-order a special “Holiday Harvest Box” for $20, available for pickup on Dec. 22 Night Market vendors include Jolene’s Natural Handmade Soaps,

L O C A L :






fresh baked goods, Westham Island Honey and treats, homemade candies, hand-painted glasses, unique jewelry and more. Hot spiced cider will also be served for your stroll throughout the Earthwise Gardens, which are decorated with Christmas lights. For more information, call Joni at 604-946-9828 or email

NAAN WRAP $ 75 5


(7655 120 St.) on Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for children under 12. Tickets are available online at page/thunderbird_chorus or at 604-596-1025.



Mon-Sat 11-9pm Sunday 11-8pm

778-574-8088 103-18640 Fraser Hwy. Surrey AUTO SERVICES



R E S TA U R A N T S / F O O D

Animal Crackers



Preschool, B&A School Care and Daycare

604-593-5377 |

4 DELTA LOCATIONS: HEATH ELEMENTARY: 11364-72nd Ave. | 604.594.6822 JARVIS ELEMENTARY: 7670-118th St. | 604.597.0181 McCLOSKEY ELEMENTARY: 11531-80th Ave. | 604.597.5677 DAYCARE: 9115-116th St. | 604.594.6622

5765-176 St. CLOVERDALE HOME FURNISHINGS Surrey 604-576-6011

Office: 604.594.6622

from our family to your family since 1974

Lunch: all you can eat wonton $5.99


202-15920 Fraser Hwy, Surrey


Environmentally Friendly Cleaner



CAR SALES & LEASING 16065 Fraser hwy • 604.594.4466




778.885.9695• 604.346.5156

REPaiRs & custom sPEcialists 12014 - 72nd Ave, Surrey • 604.590.5199

H E A LT H & P E R S O N A L C A R E



NO CHARGE for children, seniors & diabetics exams


510 7488 King George Blvd. Surrey, BC V3W 0H9



LENS R US Call now to book your full Eye exam

#104 - 9278, 120TH ST., SURREY • 604.582.0076 ASK FOR CLEARANCE SALE IN STORE


Your Locksmith in Surrey, BC for Over 35 Years!

Call now 604 584 1511 10596 King George Blvd.

24 Hour Emergency Mobile Service!

Vantage Realty


604.339.5132 • 604.585.3555



Well trained computers @ a great price #113, 8940 - 152nd Street, Surrey 604.588.5227


To advertise in the LEADER BUSINESS DIRECTORY please contact us at: T: 604.575.2744 | F: 604.575.2544 | E:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 27

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FOUND: Child’s knapsack filled with clothes, hats, and toys at Mud Bay Park. Call 778-846-0959 days, or 604-597-7145 eves.

Advertise across Advertise across the the Advertise across the Lower Mainland Mainland in Lower in lower mainland in the 18 best-read the 18 best-read thecommunity 17 best-read community community newspapers and newspapers and newspapers. dailies. 53 dailies. ON THE WEB: ON THE WEB:

ACCOUNTING & TAX FRANCHISE - Start your own Practice with Canada’s leading Accounting Franchise. Join Padgett Business Services’ 400 practices. Taking care of small business needs since 1966. or 1-888-723-4388, ext. 222. Help Wanted!!! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping HomeWorkers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately!





16 Growing Surrey building products company requires a full-time Driver. Heavy lifting involved. Positive attitude, dedication & willingness to learn rewarded with:

• Advancement Opportunities • Excellent Remuneration & Benefits Fax resume: 604-513-1194 or e-mail:



CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248

JONES, Lillian At the age of 88 Lillian Doreen Jones passed away quietly in her sleep on November 27, 2012 in Surrey B.C. Born in Yarbo, SK in 1923 she moved to Surrey B.C. in 1956 and for many years she was a teacher in the Surrey School District 46. She was involved with the creation of many programs/ services that have helped numerous children within the School District. She was also instrumental in relocating the North Surrey United Church now known as Northwood United Church in Surrey. After 66 years of a wonderful marriage her partner for life Albert Jones passed away in December 2011. She leaves behind a loving family of three sons, Darrel, Ron and Warren and one granddaughter Cathy. Service will be held at Northwood United Church on December 7, at 11 am.



Condominium Hotel 1-2-3 BR Condominiums 825 - 1850 sq. ft. Convenient Beach Access Heated Pool/Hot Tub In-room Washer /Dryer Flat Screen TV’s Free Wi-Fi Private Balconies Daily Housekeeping Handicapped Rooms Available Weekly / Monthly Rates Free Local Calls Free Local Beach Transportation Conveniently Located to Shops and Restaurants 1-888-360-0037 11605 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island FL 33706 HAWAII ON THE MAINLAND, healthy low-cost living can be yours. Modern Arenal Maleku Condominiums, 24/7 secured Community, Costa Rica “friendliest country on earth”! 1-780-952-0709;

Land of the midnight sun and home to the spectacular skies of the Northern Lights.

• Pharmacy Manager • Pharmacy Technician II • Manager, Nutrition Services • Registered Nurse • Microbiology Charge Technician • Quality Assurance Technician • Traditional Diet Coordinator · Relocation support provided · Competitive compensation packages · Excellent educational and professional development opportunities · Employee Recognition Program Awarded one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2012

Apply online today! LEARN FROM HOME. EARN FROM HOME. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. Lots of jobs! Enrol today for less than $95 a month. 1-800-466-1535


TRAIN TO BE AN Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 32 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800665-8339, 604-681-5456.

INFORMATION ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email:

Denied Long-Term Disability Benefits or Other Insurance? If YES, call or email for your FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION

and protect your right to compensation. 778.588.7049 Toll Free: 1.888.988.7052



BOOKKEEPER req’d. Sal: $19/hr. F/T, Pmt. degree / diploma holder, 2+ yrs. exp. Duties: Keep financial records. Establish, maintain, reconcile / balance accounts. Prepare / submit tax returns. Prepare trial balance of books. Maintain general ledgers / prepare financial statements. Calculate / prepare cheques for payrolls. Use manual & computerized systems. Lang: English. Contact: Balwinder from Metro Transport in Surrey, BC. Apply at or fax 604.543.2390


XMAS TREES U cut direct from the grower, 505 192 St. Surrey, BC. Will delivery. (604)835-6000

Large selection of fresh cut Nobles, Frasers, Grands & Douglas Fir 3ft - 10ft NEW HOURS Dec 1 - 5, 9:00am - 5:00pm Dec 6 - 16, 9:00am - 7:00pm Dec 17 onward 9:00am - 5:00pm




Whitehorse General Hospital has the following openings:


BUTTERFLIES Daycare, 2.5 - 5 Yrs Hellings Elem. 116/86 Ave, close to Scott Rd & Nordel. Qualified staff, reasonable rates. (778)881-4370



5871-248th St. Langley


CHRISTMAS CORNER and on facebook


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C SANGHERA TRANSPORT LTD. req’s Class 1 long haul truck drivers $22.50 hrly. 40 hr. week. Please Send resume 14879 67A Ave., Surrey, B.C. V3S 0B3 or fax 604-5935425 email:

DRIVERS Class 1 Drivers wanted. Offering top pay. Close to home. Family comes first! 1 year flat deck exp. & border crossing a must. Email resume & driver abstract to:

robin@spruce EXP CLASS 1 TEAM DRIVERS Earn up to $6500/mo. Send resumes Fax:604-598-3497



Different Build a career with one of Canada’s top employers Thrive in an inclusive culture of teamwork, strong leadership and respect. Here, diverse people pull together to achieve goals that are challenging and rewarding. You can learn and grow in an environment of acceptance and accountability. Come meet FCC.

Business administration expertise required Customer Service Manager, Surrey (file 219-12/13) Lead the administrative team supporting agribusiness and agri-food lending staff. You’ll manage a diverse workload that includes budgeting, resource planning and monitoring sales. Using your in-depth understanding of lending and customer relationship management processes, you’ll work with the team to research new enterprises, support colleagues with prospecting, and administer business development activities. You have a degree or diploma in business administration, a proven track record in agricultural or commercial financial services, and at least three years of experience (or equivalent). Knowledge of value-add businesses related to agriculture is an asset. Closes December 17, 2012. About us We’re a federal Crown corporation and Canada’s leading agriculture lender. Our healthy portfolio, passion for the industry and reputation as one of Canada’s top employers help us attract professionals in agriculture, lending and just about everything in between. We offer financing, insurance, software, learning programs, and other business services to producers, agribusiness owners and agri-food entrepreneurs across the country. Does this sound like the workplace you’re looking for? Visit to apply.

28 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 114




Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door.

Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

130 115


INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Apply online! 1-866-399-3853



FARM WORKERS NEEDED for Grafton Farms Cranberry Farm in Langley. Seasonal / Full Time. $10.25/hr for 60 hours per week. Physically demanding outdoor work & will be working under pressure. email:


An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. CASHIER & STOCK PERSON with exp, for our Langley produce store, P/T, F/T. Call 604-533-8828. FORKLIFT DRIVER & Yard Cleaner required in Surrey - F/T & P/T. Fax resume to: 604-930-5066 or Email to: LOOKING for hole diggers/ Utility Meter Installers. Send resume to



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LONG HAUL TRUCK DRIVERS Royal City Trucking Ltd. (Surrey) is hiring for Long Haul Truck Driver ($23.00/hr. for 50hrs/week + benefits. Apply by Fax: (604) 591-9313




P & M Masonry & Construction Ltd. is Hiring F/T Cement Mason & Brick Mason (for various locations in Greater Vancouver). All @ $25.00/hr. Fax: 604-585-6782

FINE Drywall hiring: 2 Plasters f/t, perm. min. 2-3 yrs. exp. req. Duties include: clean & prepare surfaces, mix plaster ingredients, apply coats of plaster using trowels. floats etc. Salary $23/hr. Email resume:



DRYWALL INSTALLER ~ BRICK MASON ~ CARPENTER ~ MATERIAL HANDLER & PAINTER White Development Ltd. (Surrey) is hiring for Drywall Installer ($25.00/hr) Brick Mason ($25.00/hr) Carpenter ($24.00/hr) Material handler ($16.00/hr) & Painter ($19.00/hr). All for 40 hrs/wk+ben. Apply by Mail: 12631 59A Ave, Surrey, BC V3X 1V8 Food Counter Attendants Req’d F/T for Subway Sal:$11/hr. Duties: Take customers’ orders. Clean, peel, slice, assemble, wrap food or place it directly on plates and package take-out food .Contact Rajinder Pannu Fax: 778-397-3775 Location: New Westminister, BC






LANDSCAPER LABOURERS & LEAD HAND, with exp in retaining walls. Starting @ $16-$18/hour Email: XMAS CASH-PAID TO WALK! Door-to-Door Delivery. Start now. email: or (1) 604-998-1919 ext. #105

IN SURREY Please Call 604-575-5342

Bundle Drivers

• Surrey-North Delta • Must own 3/4 to 1 ton cargo van - no minivans or SUV’s • Pick up newspapers from our warehouse and deliver to carrier’s homes.

If interested please call 604.575.5312


The Chilliwack Progress Black Press B.C. The award-winning Chilliwack Progress has an opening for a full-time, multi-media journalist. The successful candidate will have diverse writing capabilities, including experience writing hard news. Advanced photography and video skills will be key attributes, as well as excellent time management. An ideal applicant will have a strong grasp of social media best practices (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), a passion for online journalism, and an understanding of how to tailor content accordingly. We are looking for someone who will be a key contributor to the core print product, while bringing creativity and innovation to our web-based branding. Knowledge of basic Photoshop, iMovie and inDesign is a must. Candidates should have a diploma/degree in journalism, or a related field. The successful candidate will show keen attention to detail, work well under deadline pressures, and be willing to learn in a fast-paced environment. The Chilliwack Progress is part of Black Press, Canada’s largest private, independent newspaper company, with more than 150 community, daily and urban newspapers in B.C., Alberta, Washington State, Ohio and Hawaii. Those interested should submit a resume, writing samples and a cover letter to: The Chilliwack Progress Editor 45860 Spadina Ave., Chilliwack, BC V2P 6H9 or e-mail Deadline for applications is December 7, 2012

11/12t HW20



Now Hiring




FCM RECYCLING We seek a number of fit, reliable, hard working candidates to interview for work as electronics dis-assemblers at our Annaicis Isand facility, Mon. to Fri. 8a.m.-4:30p.m. F/T positions working in the important ethical, environmentally correct end of life elecytonics recycling industry. Good hand eye co-ordinator and experience with tools plus the ability to lift 70 lbs. max regularly. Apply with resume via email to:


The Chilliwack



9-05 9-07 11-02 11-17 12-12 23-06 23-09 23-12 23-14 27-05 28-41 28-46 30-24 30-42 33-01 33-05 36-13 36-18 38-09 38-07 39-09 40-06

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Advertising Sales Representative The award-winning Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News has an immediate opening for a full time Advertising Sales Representative. The successful candidate will be required to meet sales targets by deepening relationships with existing clients and developing new business with an aggressive face-to-face cold calling mandate. The ability to work independently in an extremely fast paced environment while adhering to deadlines is a must. Candidates considered for the position will be results oriented, strong communicators, and be willing to learn and adapt in an ever changing business environment. A vehicle and a valid driver’s license is required. We offer a great working environment with a competitive base salary and commission plan along with a strong benefit package. Black Press has over 170 community newspapers across Canada and the United States and for the proven candidate the opportunities are endless. Please submit your resume with a cover letter by 5:00 pm Sunday, December 9, 2012, to: Carly Ferguson, Advertising & Creative Services Manager Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News 22328 - 119th Avenue Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2Z3 or by email: Thank you to all who apply, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.

THE NEWS Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 29 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 130





PLEA Community Services Society is looking for individuals and families who can provide respite care in their homes for youth aged 12 to 18, who are attending a recovery program for alcohol and/or drug addiction. Qualified applicants must be available on weekends and have a home that can accommodate one to two youth and meet all safety requirements. Training and support is provided. If interested, please call a member of our Family Recruiting Team at:


• Full time, Shift work! • Early Mornings / Evenings / Overnights / Weekends Duties; take orders, assemble & prepare orders & food, portion & wrap food for service, package take - out, service customers, stock fridge’s, record food quantities used, receive payment & general house keeping.






•Horizontal Boring Mills •Horizontal & Vertical Lathes •Vertical Machining Centres

Top Wages & Benefit Package (to qualified individuals)



$10.25/HR + BENEFITS

Call: 604-882-9122 Fax: 604-882-9124

No exp. or education required.

Apply at store or by fax: Polmar Ent Ltd. o/a

Tim Hortons

20270 Logan Ave, Langley or Fax: 604-530-4909

Mahek Restaurant & Lounge Panorama Ltd. (Surrey) is hiring for Food Service Supervisors ($12.00/hr for 40 hrs/wk+ben. Apply by Fax: (604) 576-1141

Ho Ho Ho


Lets Make Some Dough!!!

No Grinches Allowed! Join our Promo Team! F/T $11-$20/hr advancement, paid weekly Call Amber

(604) 777-2195

Mahek Restaurant & Lounge Ltd. (Surrey) is hiring for Food Service Supervisors ($12.00/hr for 40 hours/week+ benefits. Apply by Fax: (604) 585-3332



Reach Out To Qualified Candidates Today! Advertise your job postings with ease and reliability. We can help you source candidates locally or province wide with our proven advertising methods in over 96 community publications. Contact us today for customized packages and pricing!

Email: PLASTERER & CEMENT MASON ~ CARPENTER ~ IRON WORKER ~ CONSTRUCTION HELPER ~ MATERIAL HANDLER Jas Construction Ltd. is Hiring F/T Plasterer & Cement Mason $25.00/hr Carpenter $24.00/hr Iron Worker $28.00/hr Construction Helper $18.00/hr & Material Handler $16.00/hr. Mail: 13571 87A Ave., Surrey BC V3W 6Y8. By Fax: 604-591-5431

Porters/Cleaners Wanted Marquise has multiple cleaning positions at Tsawwassen Quay! Previous cleaning experience preferred. Morn / Afternoon / Eve shifts avail. Candidates will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check.

Please e-mail resumes to or fax: 1-866-272-9632 P/T INSIDE WORKERS required for COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY in Port Coquitlam. 10am-2pm Mon-Fri. $11/hr. Apply in person at: #205, 1515 Broadway St., Port Coquitlam.

Required for an Alberta Trucking Company. One Class 1 Driver. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience pulling low boys and driving off road. Candidate must be able to pass a drug test and be willing to relocate to Edson, Alberta. Scheduled Days Off. Call Lloyd 780-723-5051


FILM, PRINT, VIDEO, T.V. & COMMERCIALS. Register on-line @ WWW.CASTINGROOM.COM or call: 604-558-2278

WAREHOUSE WORKER Moulding distributor has a Full Time opportunity available for 40hrs./week with our growing company. Experience is an asset. Must be career driven to join our dynamic team!

Opportunity available for career advancement! Competitive Wages & Benefits! Fax resume: 604-888-1516 E-mail: cholm@


BECOME A VOLUNTEER LITERACY TUTOR and help a child who is struggling to read and write! You must have excellent English skills, love to read and enjoy working with children. Tutoring locations in both Surrey & Langley. Extensive training provided. Surrey Information session will be held on Tues, Jan 8th, 7pm. at the Learning Disabilities Assn office, #201 13766 - 72 Ave. Langley Information session will be held on Thurs, Jan 10th, 7pm at Douglas Park School, 5409-206 St. Pre-register at 604-591-5156. Info:



DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161. LOAN HELP - Consolidate all your credit cards, bank loans, income tax debt and payday loans into ONE small interest-free monthly payment. Contact us ASAP TOLLFREE 1.888.528.4920.





#1113 LOW COST ELECTRIC Panel Upgrade • Reno’s -Com/Res. Heating • Trouble Shooting Licensed & Bonded. 604-522-3435

C & C Electrical Mechanical • ELECTRICAL • FULL PLUMBING SERVICES • HVAC GAS FITTING *Free Est. *Licensed *Insured 24hr. Emergency Service


BEAUT BATHROOM & KITCHEN Plumbing + Drywall + Elect. + Tubs & Showers & Sinks + Toilets & Tile + floors + countertop + painting. Sen disc. Work Guar. 21 yrs exp. Call Nick 604-230-5783, 604-581-2859

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

BEN’S RENO’S ~ 604-507-0703 New bsmt, drywall, texture, paint, kitchen, bath, hardwood, laminate, plumbing, tiles, windows, doors

NEED an upgrade before the holidays? Kitchen/Bath/Floor. All Interior & Exterior/Repairs- call Chris Dodds Renovisions 604-802-1517 or visit


Own A Vehicle? No Credit Checks! 604-777-5046




Sensation Skin Care Tel: 604-583-6603


SEASONAL labour Mar to Oct Must be able to work long hours of heavy labour (lifting bags of animal manure). Must be able to deal with animal manure and organic fertilizers in a dirty and dusty environment and withstand VERY strong rancid ordors eg: fermenting blood, fish guts, rancid milk and eggs. Forklift and tractor experience a plus. Starting wage $11/hour Email resumes to

Classified Advertising


Langley @ 604-530-6449 / Surrey @ 604-542-0143

Grand Opening



Now hiring P/T Sales Associates for our Langley Crossing & Morgan Crossing locations. Apply in person or email to:

JOURNEYMAN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIAN. Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (Hanna, Alberta) needs a few more good people. Busy, modern shop. $25. $31./hour + bonus, benefits. Great community. Inquire or send resume. Fax 403-854-2845; Email WELDER (sub arc) with pressure vessel exp. req’d for Maple Ridge union shop. Stable F/T position. Email resume:

FALL GARDEN CLEAN-UP, Hedge trim, tree pruning & garden care. Reas. rates. 604-282-1793





Starting $40/hr.


LICENSED & INSURED ✶ Local & Long Distance ✶ ✶ Seniors Discount ✶



ALWAYS GUTTER Cleaning Service, Repairs, 20 yrs exp. Rain or shine.7dys/wk.Simon 604-230-0627

Quick & Reliable Movers

Best Service & Masseuse! New to Burnaby. 7805 6th St. 604-553-3222


604.523.6689 Unit D - 768 Princess Street @ 8th St. New Westminster


FABRICATOR with pressure vessel exp. req’d for Maple Ridge union shop. Stable F/T position. Email resume:


From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licenced ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos





Required for U-Haul Repair Shop. Mechanical Aptitude and tools an asset. Full time position, starting at $12/hr. & up depending on experience. Apply online: or email resume:


Local & Long Distance


Brake / Tire / Trailer Mechanic


Dawn Appliance Service. (Sry) Fast in-home repairs, all makes & models Certif’d tech. 1 Yr parts & labour warr. 7 days/24 hrs. 604-512-5936

GREAT MASSAGE ONLY $25. 20372 Fraser Highway, Langley (across from Casino) 604-510-0588



6’ Cedar Fence: $16/ft. Hand blt. Sundecks, Sheds & Gazebos. Est’d 1989, free est. Brad 604-530-9331

ABDUL APPLIANCES: Cert’d tech. 20/yrs exp. 1/yr parts & labour warr. 24/7. Buy / Sell. Zeb: 604.596.2626.




ABE MOVING - $35/Hr. Per Person *Reliable Careful Movers. *Rubbish Removal. *24 Hours. 604-999-6020

604.510.6689 20437 Douglas Crescent Langley

P/T RECEPTIONIST For Physio Therapy Clinic, evenings and Saturday mornings. Experience in professional office req’d. Excellent computer and communication skills, wage depending on exp. Email resume attn: Lenora

Two Convenient Locations To Serve You!




1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Real Professionals, Reasonable. Rates. Different From the Rest. 604-721-4555.

We’re your #1 source for

HEARING AID REPAIRS!!!!!! All Hearing Aid Makes @ Very Low Prices!! Hearing Aid Repairs On Site!! Book An Appt. While You Wait!


QUICKWAY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. ****Mention this ad for 10% Off **** Call Raman @ 604-561-4041.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.



A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822

Cash same day, local office.



Additions, Home Improvements Restorations, Renovations, & New Construction. Specializing in Concrete, Forming, Framing & Siding. 604-218-3064

Borrow Up To $25,000



A-1 CONTRACTING. Renos. Bsmt, kitchens, baths, custom cabinets, tiling, plumbing, sundecks, fencing, reroofing. Dhillon 604-782-1936.

Need CA$H Today?


Facial Slimming Massage


287 604-575-5555

Ricky’s Restaurant is hiring Food Service Supervisors ($12.00/hr) 37.50 hours/week. Mail CV: 17830 56 Ave., Surrey, BC V3S 1C7 or email:


SENIOR’S HANDYMAN SERVICE Semi-Retired businessman. Honest - Reliable - Insured. Call Brad for free estimate. 604-837-5941

MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.


PIZZA PLACE in N. Delta req’s F/T exp’d pizza cook & delivery drivers. 604-594-0311 or 604-765-0707




For Restless or Cramping Legs. A Fast acting Remedy since 1981, sleep at night, proven for 31 years., Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660.



HERBAL MAGIC - With Herbal Magic lose up to 20 pounds by New Year’s Eve and keep it off. Results Guaranteed! Start today Call 1-800-854-5176.



Special pkg $79. Call 604-945-5801



ALL GREEN CLEANING Do you need a break, call us to make your home sparkle call Susan 778-899-0941. CLEANING SERVICE. Responsible, Reliable & Friendly. Phone (604)319-8087 Efficient housekeeper available to organize & clean your house. Honest, thorough, reliable & hardworking. $20/hr Refs avail 604-588-9113



PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 34 Years Exp. Free Estimates.

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184 SEMI-RETIRED contractor will do small concrete jobs. Patio’s, sidewalks, driveway’s. Re & re old or damaged concrete. Ken 604-532-0662

UNIQUE CONCRETE DESIGN F All types of concrete work F F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep FDriveways FExposed FStamped F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured

Specializing in Private Events! We Come To You! Doing It All, From Set-Up - Clean-Up.

• Home Dinner Parties • Meetings • Funerals • Weddings • B-B-Ques • Birthdays • Anniversaries Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, Customized Menus Tailored To Your Function...

Kristy 604.488.9161 or Visit us at: www.

778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 FREE ESTIMATES



A Call to Vern. Free Est. Drywall, Reno & Texture Specialist, Painting.

“No job too small”. 604-825-8469 ARCO DRYWALL Ltd. Board, Tape Texture, Frame. New & Reno’s. 20 Years exp, free estimate. Call Mike 604-825-1500, 778-892-9095 PSB DRYWALL ★ All Boarding, Taping, Framing & Texture. Insured work. 604-762-4657/604-764-6416


From $48/per



Call Ian @ 604-724-6373

30 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 320







SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240




RUBBISH REMOVAL Almost for free!

PETS 477


CATS OF ALL DESCRIPTION in need of caring homes! All cats are Spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977 CHIHUAHUA, FEMALE, 1 year old, long hair, $500. Please call 604-794-7347

(778)997-5757, (604)587-5991



Haul Anything... But Dead Bodies!! ~ Certified Plumber ~ 604.





Reno’s and Repairs ~ 604-597-3758 ~ A PLUMBING Installation & Repairs Boiler & furnace repairs. Special on ht/wtr tanks. Reas $. 604-618-8315

PRICES SO LOW I MUST BE MAD Call MAD ABOUT PAINTING. Free Estimates. Int/Ext. 778-773-3918

CLOGBUSTERS Sewer & Drain We’ll clean out your drains... not your wallet. Plumbing repairs, licensed & insured. (604)861-6583

Licensed Journeyman • Plumbing • Heating • Gas Fitting

BUDGET PAINTING, 35% Off Special, Int, Ext, Res, Comm, 15 Yrs Experience, Excellent References, Senior Discounts, Free Estimates, 1(604)619-1517

Quality Work - Fair Price Paul: 604 626-1641 24/7

Gas Fitter ✭ Plumber Furnace Boilers, Hot Water Tanks Hot Water Heat, Plumbing Jobs. Furnace cleaning with truck mounted machine 604.339.1989 Lower Mainland 604.996.8128 Fraser Valley Running this ad for 8yrs

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services. POLAR BEAR PAINTING $299 ~ 3 rooms (walls only 2 coats) 604-866-6706

~ PRO PAINTERS ~ INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Quality Work, Free Estimates

Serving The Lower Mainland Since 1988

JUNK REMOVAL Recycled Earth Friendly

On Time, As Promised, Service Guaranteed!


#1 RATES & SERVICES Fully Stocked Serv. Van. Clogged drains, drips, garbs,sinks, reno’s, toilet installs, Lic/Ins. 778-888-9184 ABDUL Plumbing/Heating/Drainage Low rates, same day service, guar’d qual work. 24/7. Zeb 604-596-2626


FIXIT PLUMBING & HEATING H/W Tanks, Reno’s, Boilers, Furn’s. Drain Cleaning. Ins. (604)596-2841


TREE SERVICES A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming, stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports

10% OFF if you Mention this AD! *Plumbing *Heating *Reno’s *More Lic.gas fitter. Aman: 778-895-2005

Shop from home!

Andrew 604-618-8585 $ Best Rates $

Check out our FOR SALE sections: class 500’s for Merchandise, 600’s for Real Estate, and for Automotive view our 800’s.


PRO TREE SERVICES Quality pruning/shaping/hedge trimming/ removals & stump grinding. John, 604-588-8733/604-318-9270


Tree removal done RIGHT! • Tree & Stump Removal • Certified Arborists • 20 yrs exp. • 60’ Bucket Truck • Crown Reduction • Spiral Pruning • Land Clearing • Selective Logging ~ Fully Insured • Best Rates ~

CHRISTMAS SPECIALS Receive Gift Ticketed Owner A+ Rating

Cell 604-837-6699

If you would consider selling your property of 3 Acres or more and want maximum value, send the details to:

Crime Free Multi-Housing Certified Ask About Incentives! Spacious Suites, very competitive prices. Extra large 1 & 2 BDRM ste’s, lots of storage. Heat/hot water incl. Access to Vancouver via freeway, 1 bus to Skytrain. No pets.


To Arrange a Viewing Call Grace at 604-319-7514

Phone 604-582-0465 LANGLEY

CLAYMORE APTS 1 & 2 Bdrm Apts Avail Now 1 Bdrm Apt’s Avail Dec 1 Move in Bonus-Call for details! Nr shopping, schools & transit. Seasonal swimming pool & tennis court. Some pets welcome. 5374 - 203rd St, Langley

604-533-9780 SURREY

Regency Park Gardens

CEDAR COURT & CEDAR LODGE Call for seniors special

Large 1 & 2 bedroom units Rent from $725.00/mo.

CLEAN 1 & 2 BDRM SUITES (some w/ensuites) in Park-like setting. Cable, heat, & hot water incl. Laundry rest area on each floor.

Phone: 604-581-8332 & 604-585-0063

604-588-8850 604-584-5233


European German Shepherd pups, 9 weeks, nice, classic colors. Lrg dogs CKC + all shots $1000/ea & up. 2 F. 604-538-4883 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES P.B. $1200: Born Sept. 29th. 2 Male, 1 Female. (778)863-6332 GOLDEN RETRIEVER X COLLIE (Lassie) pups. You can’t find a better combo of smart and loyal dogs. Born Oct 13, ready Dec 8. Both parents on site. Raised in home with kids, cats & other dogs. Dad 75lbs (Golden) is OFA hip cert. free of hip displasia & eye cert. mom also (rare blue headed white Collie, 48lbs). Both parents 4H (obedience, showmanship & agility) dogs. 5 Males (3 are blue merle) & 3 females (black). $500. Mission, 604-820-4827 10% OFF with this AD

MINI SCHNAUZER pups. 1st shots, dewormed, tails docked, vet ✓ $550/ea. Call 604-657-2915.


NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or



* Large 2 & 3 Bdrm Apartments * Insuite w/d, stove, fridge, d/w * 3 floor levels inside suite * Wood burning fireplace * Private roof top patio * Walk to shops. Near park, pool, playground * Elementary school on block * Clubhouse, tennis court * On site security. Sorry no pets


604-787-5915, 604-291-7778

$38/HOUR PLUMBING, HEATING plugged drains. Big & small jobs. Local & licensed cell (778)549-2234

Roofing Experts. 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank.


LAB Yellow X Golden Retriever pups. Family / Hobby Farm raised. Vet ✓, shots, short hair, parents exc temper. $595. 604-835-0305


AT PANORAMA PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES. Repairs & new installs. Furnace, Boilers, Hot water tanks etc. Jobs Small-Big, Res/Com 604-818-7801.


Heat & Hot Water Included

There will be no pressure and no obligation, but let’s discuss possibilities.

AN EXPERIENCED TILE SETTER Interior / Exterior Call BRUCE @ 604-583-4090 We always advertise with “THE LEADER”

Canuck Roofing All Roof Repairs Any job big or small. Free Est. *WCB *Insured *BBB 778-772-1969


CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES. 8 weeks old, purebred long hair female. Vaccinated & pad trained. $900 $1200. (604)807-9957



20 Acres FREE! Buy 40-Get 60 acres. $0-Down, $168/mo. Money Back Guarantee, NO CREDIT CHECKS. Beautiful Views. Roads/Surveyed. Near El Paso, Texas. 1-800-843-7537

RECYCLE-IT! • Estate Services • Electronics • Appliances • Old Furniture • Construction • Yard Waste • Concrete • Drywall • Junk • Rubbish • Mattresses & More!



1 Bdrm. From $685 2 Bdrm. From $850 • 24 Hour On-site Management • PETS ALLOWED • Minutes Walk To Elementary School & Guildford Mall

Office: 7121 - 133B St. Surrey 604-596-0916

NORTH DELTA - 5 bdrm house, 5 baths. Only 7 years old. 3121 sq/ft. $649K. Call 604-614-7591.

SURREY 126/72 Ave. 3 Bdrm apt, $960/mo. Avail now. Quiet family complex, no pets. 604-543-7271


Surrey, Brookside. 7700s/f lot, 3400s/f house, 6 bdrm, 4bath, 2 bsmts - 1&2br 18 yrs/old. $659K. 604-780-8041.



WE BUY HOUSES! Older House • Damaged House Moving • Estate Sale • Just Want Out • Behind on Payments Quick Cash! • Flexible Terms! CALL US FIRST! 604-657-9422

639 REAL ESTATE SERVICES List Home! Save Big $$$ Buy/Referral $500 cashback


CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866

Call today for a free market evaluation. Yunas:604.345.9461 Omax Realty Ltd.

Swiss Mountain pups, short-hair, family raised, gentle, vet chck, dewormed. $500. 604-795-7662


MOVE-IN BONUS Family Friendly Complex 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms available. Close to shopping, transit, schools & park. Some pets welcome. Onsite security. Seasonal swimming pool.

Call: 604-585-1966.




with the &ODVViÀeG

Power Pack…




UNDER $200

KITCHEN TABLE & 6 Chairs, metal frame, good shape, $99 obo. Call: (778)889-6492



BEST FIREWOOD 33rd Season & 38,000 Cust Deliv. Fully Seas. Maple, Birch, Alder 604-582-7095



SULLIVAN STN stunning mtn views 3 bdrm t/h, 3 baths. $344,900, 604760-3792.


Size not exactly as shown

SurreyNorth 'elta LeaGer

STOP RENTING RENT TO OWN No Qualification Required, Flexible Terms! Cloverdale – 60th Ave &176th St. Spacious 742 sf. 1 Bdrm. Condo. Only $880/mo. Option Fee Required 604-657-9422

City Centre 2 bdrm., walk to skytrain, university. Newton 3bdrm, Kwantlen, sec bldg, 604-537-4600

*NEW QUEEN MATTRESS SET* Pillow Top in Plastic. Mfr. Warranty Must Sell $200 ~ 604-484-0379




• Twins • Fulls • Queens • Kings 100’s in stock! www.Direct (604)294-2331


Power Pack iQcluGeV


MATTRESSES starting at $99

SURREY: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout and new roof. $549,000. 604-575-5555.


FULLY SEASONED, Alder, Maple, Birch. Split & Delivered. Free kindling. Phone 604-789-1492 anytime


LiPiteG Time Offer!

Sell your home FAST in the highest read community newspapers & largest online sites!


Fridge $195; Stove $175 Washer $175; Dryer $175 Stackers & Dishwasher Warranty, delivery, low prices 604-534-4402 ----------------------------------------APPLIANCES WANTED * Free pick-up* 604-339-0744


Sell your Home!

STEAMER CHEST, curved top. North Delta. 604-591-9740



Guildford Mall / Public Library

604-507-4606 or 604-312-7674

Member of Better Business Bureau

Vincent 543-7776




Northstar Painting Ltd.- The Residential Specialists. BIG jobs, Small jobs - We do it all! Interior and Exterior Projects. Master Painters at Students Rates. WCB Safe, Reliable, Efficient & Quality Paint. 778.245.9069

Furnace, Boilers, Hot Water Heat Plumbing Jobs ~ Reas rates




X COUNTRY SKIIS & BINDINGS FOR SALE. Kneissl & Rossignal Men’s size 10 & Woman’s size 7. Shoes and Poles as well. 3 pin (old style). North Delta. 604-591-9740



GREAT GIFT IDEA!! ChillSpot is The COOLEST Dog Bed-A new and innovative, thermodynamically cooled dog bed, that enhances the cool tile surfaces our pets rely on during the warm weather months. Use promo code COOLGIFT For 10 % off!



MAYFLOWER CO-OP 2 Bdrm unit. $807/mo. Close to Surrey Ctrl Skytrain. Well maintained, clean, quiet, sec’d adult only bldg. No Pets. Shared purchase required. Call: 604-583-2122 or email:


PRINT AD: Includes photo and 3-lines for one week.


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ONLINE AD: Local reach — until you cancel it!

Call 604.575-5555

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 31 RENTALS 706




CUMBERLAND PARK MOVE IN INCENTIVE Nice, clean and quiet 1 & 2 bdrms W/d in some suites Walk to Guilford Mall Close to transit and schools Upgraded, condo style suites Exterior fully upgraded, new windows & balconies On site manager

• • • • • •



SURREY 148/FRASER. 2 Kitchens, 3 bdrms up & 2 down, laminate flrs, garage, new countertops, W/D, fenced, covered deck. N/P. *Whole house: $1950/mo or *Up: $1250/mo & *Down: $775/mo. 604-575-3253.



*SURREY 2bdr RANCHER nr Gateway $800/mo. *CLOVERDALE (City Ctr) 176A/58A Reno’d 4bdrm house with room for small business $1500. Please call 778-889-6413 SURREY 4 bdrm. with bsmnt., 3 appl., fenced yard, N/P. Jan. 1. $1550 mo. Drive by 8958 151st St. 604-617-9373

Please call Al at 604-589-1167 for viewing.

SURREY 7765 - 125 St. 4 bdrm house, F/S, W/D, d/w. 1.5 bths. huge shed. fncd yrd, new flooring & paint. Avail immed. $1400/mo. Can be furnished. 604-889-1773 SURREY, 9325 140th 3 bed upper level $1200 incl Util. 10247 126th 4 bed 2 bath house $1600 + Util. 604-538-3823 ext #31 Haven Properties


PARKSIDE APARTMENTS 1 Bdrm. $700.00 2 Bdrm. $815.00 • Close to Skytrain, Sry. Central Mall, & SFU Sry. Campus • 24 Hour On-site Management PETS ALLOWED • Minutes Walk To Park, High School & Elementary School

GUILDFORD UPPER 3 Bdrm, lndry Walk to mall, Superstore, schls, bus Avail now $1100/mo. 604-505-9541



BOLIVAR HTS. 14067 Antrim Ave. (Close to 140 St/110 Ave.) 5/bdrm house. 2 bthrms. 3 level split. Very big yard. Workshop. $1550/mo +util. Avail now 778-882-7378 or 778-565-4558. FRASER HGTS 5 bdrm newer 2 storey NS/NP nr gd schls & all ament. $2100. Dec1. 778-394-5087 GATEWAY; 3000sf 2 lvl WHOLE HOUSE 6 bdrms, lndry rm. Secure deck, storage, cls to skytrain & amen. $1600 + utils. 604-889-5075

Jodi Steeves at Re/Max Treeland 604-833-5634 to view S SURREY: 3 bdrm, 2 bath, lge Rancher. Dble garage. $1900/mo. Avail now. N/S, N/P. 604-809-5974. SURREY 12858 96B Ave. 3/bdrm Rancher. Fam/rm, l/r, 2/bthrms. 1 car garage. Large lot. $1100/mo. Avail now. (778)246-1642 or 778-551-2888.

N.Delta 3bdrm bsmt home painted + 2 rms down 2bath f/p long drwy nr ament $1500. 604-583-7371

SURREY 14295 71A AVE. Avail now. 3 Bdrm upper hse, very clean, 1500sq.ft., 5 appl & F/P. $1000/mo. No utilities, no pets. 604-583-6844





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2010 VENZA: Like new, only 20,000 kms, fully loaded, automatic, 6 cylinder, dvd system. $22,800. 604-575-5555.



Size not exactly as shown


Power Pack iQcluGeV

SurreyNorth 'elta LeaGer

PRINT AD: Includes photo and 3-lines for one week.


ONLINE AD: BC-wide reach! For one week!

ONLINE AD: Local reach — until you cancel it!

Call 604.575-5555

PANORAMA 2 bdrm, very clean. $650/mo. Easy access to bus/schls & Hwy 10. Avail now. Call: 604-5728042 or 604-500-1422.


SURREY/GUILDFORD area. Furn’d 1 bdrm in gated complex. Rent incl furn’d bdrm, shrd kit, liv/rm, bath, inste lndry. $425/mo + utils. Dep req. Tenant profile. Suit prof or student. N/S, N/D, N/P, no parties. Single occupancy. Call: (604)618-9667



1BR + Den BASMT SUITE, 68TH Ave & 192ST. Modern appliances, granite and laminate. Private entrance. $950/m incl utilities, internet, cable. Call Sim 778-245-3832 2 BRM Surrey Central. Near schools, buses, utilities inc. No Laundry, No Pets. $800. Call 604930-4613 2 BR suite in Fleetwood near sch/bus. N/s, n/p. incls. Utility, cable, wi-fi, no laundry. Avail. now for $700. Call 604-591-2314.

FLEETWOOD 2 bdrm, new & spac, lots of prkg, great ktchn with island & eating bar. Laminate flrs throughout $900 utils incl Ldry neg NS/NP 604-825-1547, 778-574-7783 FLEETWOOD; Brand new 2 bdrm, 1200 sq.ft.+ walk-out bsmt, pri entry, liv/rm, din/rm, kitch, enste lndry, 2 pri prkg, pri patio, very quiet, close to all amens. Owner lives upstairs. Avail now. $1000 incl utils utils/cble/net. Call: 778-898-0535 GUILDFORD 2bdrm in newer home nr all amens, $700 incl utils/net. Ns/Np. Avail now. 604-581-5541 N.DELTA; 1bdrm bsmt ste $600 inc util/lndry. N/P, N/S. Jan. 1. Cls to schl/shops. 604-512-1321 aft 4pm NEWTON (121/68) 2 Bdrm bsmt, $650/mo. Avail now. Newly painted. No ldry or cable. NS/NP 604-5941169 or 604-351-5609 NEWTON 142/67 lrg 2 bdrm grd lvl h/w flrs, fncd yrd. Nr schl. No dogs. $750incl util/ldry 604-501-1335msg NEWTON 142A/69 Ave. 2 Bdrm bsmt ste. NS/NP, avail immed. Rent neg. incl utils. Call 604-764-0254. NEWTON, 1 Bdrm bsmt suite. Incl utils $500/mo. Avail now. N/S, N/P. Call 604-507-4882, 604-362-3451 NEWTON, 67/146 St. 2 Bdrm ste, $750/mo incl utils & internet. Avail immed. N/S, N/P. 604-808-0089. NEWTON. 6748 148A St. 1 bdrm. $550mo incl. utils., cable & internet, no laundry. Ns/np. Avail immed. 778-888-4533, 604-807-3198 NEWTON. Brand new 2 bdrm. bsmt. Incl. utils. Nr shops/ bus. $650. N/P. Jan. 1st. 604-992-8726



SURREY 65/135 4 Bdrm T/H $1015 washer/dryer, quiet family complex, no pets call 604-596-1099

2000 Explorer XLS, $4995.00 4X4, Auto, NO Acc, 180K only, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987



2003 TOYOTA Corolla, 144,000k very clean, silver, new brakes & tires. $5200obo 604-588-5215

2002 Honda Odyssey EX-L, $5995 Lther, Dual power doors, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987

2009 TOYOTA COROLLA 4 door sedan, auto, 49K, white, P/L, P/W, a/c, $9800. Call: (604)825-9477



1996 22’ SLUMBER QUEEN 5th wheel. Interior like new, has to be seen to appreciate. New stereo, back up camera, new HD antenna, m/w, a/c. Includes hitch. $6,500. 604-625-7761 Aldergrove.


2004 Grand Caravan SE, $5995 new brakes, NO acc, 144K, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987



2 hr. Service (604)209-2026



Attention: Jessy Meaghan Christine Chambers (DOB: July 6, 1989)

SURREY Fleetwood 160/89A. 2Bdr grnd lvl, ns/np, $650 incl utils/cable. Now. 604-584-9182

FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Up To $500 CA$H Today Fast Service. JJ 604-728-1965

SURREY, Fleetwood, 2 bdrm- walkin, avail. immed. $800 incl utils. Phone (778)885-8784.



1992 TOYOTA Camry, fully loaded, rebuilt, 4 dr auto, AirCared, good cond, $1300 obo. (778)889-6492

SURREY, CHIMNEY HTS, 1 bdrm, NS/NP, avail. immed. $565 incl utils. Phone (778)828-9737.

THREE BEDROOM Suite, two washrooms, two kitchens, Large living room and dining area. Place available immediately, starting December 15, 2012. Backyard faces Guildford Golf Course. $1250 a month, includes Hydro and Electricity. No pet please ...almost new suite. Please email for appointments @

FLEETWOOD 2 bdrm. bsmnt. suite, Avail. now. 3 yrs. old, strictly N/P N/S. $850 mo. incl. cable, hydro, gas, ldry. & wifi. (778)8817635 email

SURREY 139/68 Ave. 3 Bdrm T/H $1010/mo, quiet family complex, no pets. Call 604-599-0931.

SURREY, 96/125, 1 bdrm. Sep ent. Nr amen. $525/mo. Avail. now. NP/NS. 604-584-9743 / 728-8661.

CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 1 Bdrm suite Avail now, ns/np. $550 incl utils/cbl 778-891-7740 or 604-592-2149.

Fleetwood - 1,400sf. lrg. 2 bdrm. 2 F/bath, 1 garage prkg., $900 + utils. incls. cbl. & LNDRY. sm. storage n/p, n/s. Avail. NOW /604-537-6582

To view: 604-572-0170

Surrey 93/138,2 bdrm ste, washer incl. NS/Np. $700/mo. Cls to hosp college schl transit 604-951-3870

SURREY reno’d 2 bdrm, Nr skytrain & laundry. NS/NP. Avail immed. 604-930-9329 or 778-896-3741

CLOVERDALE 59th/172 1 bdrm grnd lvl ste. $650 incl utilities N/P, N/S Avail Dec 1st. Call 604-6033013

2005 Dodge SX 2.0 Sport, $4500 Auto, Spoiler, Just Insp, 135K only, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987

2005 Pontiac Sunfire Cpe. $4395 Auto, A/C, NO acc, only 142K, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987

SURREY 88/144 Lrg 2 bdrm grnd flr ste, totally reno’d, $700 incl utils. Nr all amens. Avail Dec 15th. N/P. (604)501-0192 or (604)808-7149.

BEAR CREEK, 2 bdrm, nr school & bus, avail now, $650/mo. N/S, N/P. 604-590-0125, 778-237-0467

CHIMNEY HTS. 2 Bdrm bsmt suite. New carpets. N/S, N/P. W/D. $850/mo utils incl. Avail Jan 1. Call 604-724-0362 lve msg or text msg.


Spacious Unit, great park-like setting nr shops & bus. No pets.

SURREY 76/147A. 2 BDRM bsmt. New paint & hrdwd floors. $675/mo utils incl. Avail Dec 1. NP/NS. Call: 604-501-9719 or 778-878-1602.

SURREY NORTHRIDGE, 62/134. Cozy 1 bdrm suite, g/l, pri ent, n/p, n/s. $550/m. incls utils & cable, refs req. Avail Dec 1. (604)596-3499, (778)862-5720 (604)808-5214


- 3 Bdrm Units available - 5 applis, available Dec 1st. - from $1350/mo

SURREY, 2 bdrm bsmt, $675 all incl, near amens, avail now. NS/NP. 778-564-2008, 778-549-2811

BEAR CREEK 1 Bdrm + den. $550 incl hydro. No lndry/cable Suit 1. N/S. N/P. 604-572-4001.

CHIMNEY HILL. 1 bdrm suite. Avail now. N/S. N/P. $600/mo. incl. laundry & cable. Call 604-613-6060 or 604-617-3580 after 3


NEWTON - Townhouses

SURREY 177/101 Ave. 1 Bdrm ste, Avail Jan 1. N/S, N/P. $725/mo incl lndry/utils/cble. Ref’s (604)999-2525

SURREY, 97A/137. 1 Bdrm suite, $560/mth incl utils & lndry. Avail immed. NS. Cat ok. 604-880-6586



604-939-2729 778-285-0096

SURREY 122/78 2 bdrm ste, $600 hydro incl. Nr bus, schools, shops. Avail now. NP/NS. 604-897-0426

Surrey 142/61, 2 or 3 bdrm ste in new 3 lvl hse, 1.5 baths, nr school & bus $650 or $800. 604-830-9490




LANGLEY, 5255 - 208 St.

SULLIVAN HEIGHTS, 60/146 Ave. 2 Bdrm ste. $650 incl utils. Avail now. N/P, N/S. 604-572-3851.

SURREY 12361 Winran Rd, 3 bdrm rancher, avail Dec 15/Jan1. (604)583-0246


4 Bedroom NEWLY PAINTED 1400 sq/ft Townhouse in cozy 9 unit complex. 1.5 baths, gas fireplace, 5 appli’s inc w/d. Double glazed windows. Cls to schools, shops, bus route. Backs onto park. Sm pet allowed. 2 Prkg spaces. $1450/mo. Dec. 15

Royal Heights 3 bdrm newly reno, cls to all ament NS no partiers 1 cat ok, $850 + 1/2 util. 778-987-3991

WHITE ROCK - 3 bdrm. house. 1/2 blk. to beach & shops. Older style house, new paint, carpets & w/d. $1300/mo. Avail Now.604.418.6654



PANORAMA, New 1 BR BSMT suite, inc utlts, loc near Hwy 10 & bus route. $500/mth. NP/NS. 604593-1019.

SURREY 130/65, 1 bdrm gr/lvl suite full bath, avail now, ns/np, $600/mo incl utils/cable. Call 604-597-4640.

“Part of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program”



SURREY, Tynehead, 6 bdrm house + workshop on 2.5 acres, avail. now. $1750 + utils. (604)575-2396

Heat & Hot Water Included

DESIGNER SHOWHOME 3 bdrm, 2 bath townhome in Surrey. Brand new white shaker kitchen, warm laminate floors, new carpets and beautiful decor. 1 pet ok, walk to bus, shopping and be moved in before Christmas. $1197/mo ($554 principal & $644 interest) & $245 mnt fees. Combined income $54k and good credit OAC These townhomes have doubled in value in past 10 years. SOLID INVESTMENT!


NEWTON Newly reno’d 2 bdr, Priv ent D/w, inste ldry, wifi, cble. Cls to amen Lrg fncd bckyd $700m. Avl. now. n/p, n/s. 778-552-4094

SURREY 127/93 Lrg 2 bdrm ste nr schl/shps, ns/np. Dec 1st $700 incl utils. 604-512-7347, 604-589-7521


OWN w/ $3300 down



SURREY Center, 3 Bdrm Rancher. Nr amens. $1100 + utils. Incl W/D. Avail now (604) 722-8733

LINDA VISTA Motel Luxury Rooms w/cable, a/c & kitchens. 6498 King George Hwy. Mthly, Wkly & Daily Specials. 604-591-1171. Canadian Inn 6528 K.G.Hwy. 604-594-0010

To Arrange a Viewing Call Joyce at 604-319-7517


This is your official notice that the Director of Adoption for the Interior Region is giving consent to the adoption of your child (DOB: January 16, 2009). Please call 250-832-1655 if you have questions regarding this notice.

ATTN: Jamie Niilo Erickson. The 1995 Dodge Caravan (VIN 2B4GH4535SR405066) abandoned at 9024 -123A Street, Surrey, BC will be seized under the Warehouse Lien Act. This vehicle has been here since Oct. 2011 and it is my intention transfer ownership. Regards, Peter Olthoff.



CEDAR Hills 100/128 3 bdrm top flr patio, $1100/mo incl hydro & shrd lndry. N/P. Dec. 1st. 604-754-1582

• Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022

CEDAR HILLS Nice 3 bdrm main flr f/p, w/d, balc, lots of prkg, nr amens Avl. now. $1050/mo 604-583-7371 FLEETWOOD. Lge 3 bdrm. Reno’d. H/w flrs., huge yrd, n/s, avail now. $1200 + 50% utils. 778-552-2628

The Scrapper

Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

N. DELTA 117/73A Ave. Newly reno., 3 bdrm. main floor, new appl., w/d. 1.5 baths. $1450 mo. + utils. Avail. now. (604)323-3636

Notice is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of Surjit Kaur Rai, deceased, formerly of 13749 93A Ave, Surrey, B.C. are hereby required to send such claims to the Executor, Balwinder Kaur Dhesi c/o Sovereign Law Group, #209-8556 120th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3W 3N5 on or before the 15th day of December 2012 after which date the Estate assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims of which it has notice.

NEWTON: 3bdr 1.5 bths $1050/mo. Cls to amen. Lrg fncd bckyd. Inc. d/w, in-ste lndry, wifi. cbl. Avail. now. n/p, n/s. 604-552-4094 SURREY 126 St/98 Ave. 3/bdrm upper suite. All appli & W/D. Avail Dec 1. N/P, N/S. 604-358-7679

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

SURREY 148/114 Ave. Newer 1 bdrm upper. $600 incl utils/cble/int. N/S. N/P. Dec 1st. 778-823-0106. SURREY 9121 138A St. 4 Bdrm, 3 baths, 2 car garage, W/D & D/W. Close to schools & amens. Avail now. Call: 604-591-9765


In the Matter of Part 3.1 (Administrative Forfeiture) of the Civil Forfeiture Act [SBC 2005, C. 29] the CFA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT:


EPSOM DOWNS 13699 76 Ave. 3 bdrm T/H with w/d hookup, car port $1040/m. Close to all amen’s, schools & transit. Call Now! 604-451-6676 GUILDFORD 3 bdrm T/H, 2 end unit. Lndry, lam. flrs. Big yard, 2 carports. Nr elem. & school. NS/NP. $1100 + Avail. Dec. 1. 604-727-4064

bath fnc’d high utils.

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557



1991 PONTIAC SUNBIRD 4dr auto a/c, driven daily, A-1 in/out, gas saver $650 obo. 604-503-3151

KINGSTON GARDENS 15385 99 Ave. 3 bdrm T/H $910-$945/m and 2 bdrm $850$895/m. Near Guildford Mall, schools & transit. Call Now!! 604-451-6676

2003 PT Cruiser, $4500 5 Spd. with A/C, Power, No Acci, 127k, Tony 604-916-9156 D#9987

On October 6, 2012, at the intersection of 108th Avenue and 152nd Street, Surrey, B.C., Peace Officer(s) of the Surrey RCMP seized, at the time indicated, the subject property, described as: $1,875 CAD, on or about 02:15 Hours. The subject property was seized because there was evidence that the subject property had been obtained by the commission of an offence (or offences) under section 354(1) (Possession of property obtained by crime) of the Criminal Code of Canada. Notice is hereby given that the subject property, CFO file Number: 2012-1283, is subject to forfeiture under Part 3.1 of the CFA and will be forfeited to the Government for disposal by the Director of Civil Forfeiture unless a notice of dispute is filed

with the Director within the time period set out in this notice. A notice of dispute may be filed by a person who claims to have an interest in all or part of the subject property. The notice of dispute must be filed within 60 days of the date upon which this notice is first published. You may obtain the form of a notice of dispute, which must meet the requirements of Section 14.07 of the CFA, from the Director’s website, accessible online at www. The notice must be in writing, signed in the presence of a lawyer or notary public, and mailed to the Civil Forfeiture Office, PO Box 9234 Station Provincial Government, Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J1.

10025 152nd Street, Surrey, BC V3R 4G6 | | 604.584.1222


104th Ave. Guildford Town Centre

100th Ave. Hallmark

152nd St

All used in-stock vehicles are BCAA inspected.

Hwy. 1


Hallma allmarrk rk

King George Hwy.

32 Surrey/North Delta Leader Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surrey North Delta Leader, December 04, 2012  
Surrey North Delta Leader, December 04, 2012  

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