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Merry Christmas to all!

Nuxalk Nation signs Coastal Reconciliation Protocol BY CAITLIN THOMPSON The Nuxalk Nation has become the sixth nation to sign the Coastal Reconciliation Protocol with the province. “We were very hesitant to sign with the Province, given that the courts have repeatedly ruled that the Province has no jurisdiction over unceded land in what is currently known as BC,” said Chief Councilor Spencer Siwallace. “But with Canada endorsing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People’s and the Province finally acknowledging that Nuxalk rights, title, and interests exist,

we are cautiously optimistic that the ‘new relationship’ may have some merit.’ After nearly a year of deliberation, Nuxalk Elected Council voted unanimously to sign the protocol last August and the signing took place in early December. The protocol outlines a new format for communication and shared decision-making, or as Siwallace describes it, an ‘agreement to disagree.’ “This protocol in no way means that Nuxalk people give up their claims as a sovereign nation,” he said. “It just provides a platform for consensus-based decision-making on activities in

our territories.” However, if talks reach a stalemate, the protocol certainly doesn’t provide either side with a veto power. “If we cannot reach consensus then it moves into proceeding at your own peril,” said Siwallace. “The protocol doesn’t give one side more leverage than another. It is simply supposed to facilitate better dialogue and shared decisionmaking.” Traditionally known for their anti-treaty stance, many were surprised to see the Nuxalk sign such a protocol with the province. Siwallace, while acknowledging he was hesitant to do so, believes that the Nuxalk Nation

has nothing to lose. “We understand the reality of the current situation and it isn’t working,” said Siwallace. “For us, signing this protocol is another step towards gaining complete Nuxalk control over our ancestral territory.” The Nuxalk join other coastal nations the Kitasoo, Wuikinuxv, Metlakatla, Heiltsuk, and Gitga’at in signing the protocol, which the government claims will ‘enhance local economies by focusing on areas of shared and strategic economic interest.’ So far, the protocol has resulted in several community-based projects, such as the new ferry terminal in Klemtu.

Siwallace is now focusing on how the protocol can work for the Nuxalk Nation, with his first priority being a clean energy project. “”We would like to take a close look at exactly what infrastructure exists, consumption and usage and how to alleviate the diesel,” he said. “Through the protocol we can pursue these types of projects.” As the protocol was initiated by former premier Gordon Campbell, it remains to be seen whether or not it will be impacted by the change in government. Either party is permitted to leave the protocol agreement at any time as long as they give 45 days notice.

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We wish you a

Service at Augsburg and Emmanuel for Christmas Time Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve Service 7:30pm at Augsburg Dec 25 - Christmas Day Service 11am at Emmanuel Dec 26 - Boxing Day Service 7pm Joint Service at Emmanuel and Augsburg Minister Ann AustinCardwell Everyone Welcome!

to Candace Knudsen on her graduation from RCMP Depot Training in Regina, SK. Candace is now stationed in Burnaby, BC.

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To all the friends, neighbours, volunteers, and organizations that helped us out through last September’s flood – we would like to extend our sincerest thanks. Thank you, Marlene & John Anderson



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Little Theatre Guild’s plays raise funds for flood relief On Sunday December 12 the Little Theatre Guild presented two Christmas plays while the Community Choir provided the meat in the sandwich. A crowd of 140 of all ages (the equivalent, as someone observed, of seven percent of the population of Vancouver, or way more than a U2 concert audience!) thoroughly enjoyed the festive fare. Ray McIlwain as the Grinch tormenting all the pajama'd little Who’s down in Whoville, and then as Scrooge abusing his office employees, especially his poor secretary Roberta Cratchit, played ably by Vera Robson. A mysterious copier repairman played by newcomer Dave Brown gradually turns around the attitude of Scrooge and his equally bitter partner Marley (Beth Jay), and he finally learns that true happiness comes only “from serving others.” A uniformly talented cast including Scott Barnes, Marianne McCaslin, Jenny Hall and Esther Hans gave energetic, flawless performances, which

Happy HO HO HO! Wishing everyone a very happy, very snowy, holiday season and a great New Year! From the staff at Bella Cool Heli Sports and Tweedsmuir Park Lodge The Grinch takes aim at a bewildered office repair man played by Dave Brown

Merry Christmas

had the crowd laughing and clapping for more. When one little girl in the front row, clutching her Grinch colouring sheets, was asked if she liked the plays, or at least the Grinch one, she replied indignantly, "I liked both of them." Guild members provided refreshments, and the sale of those plus the donations at the door resulted in a contribution of around $1800 being made for local flood relief.

From Roger, Linda & staff at the


The plays were enjoyed by all

A Christmas Journey BY LINDSEY ALCOCK Every year Santa visits every town and village in the world, how does he get around you may ask? Well, Mr. Clause finds wicked flight prices on Travelocity. com. Like seriously, did you think that he actually flew around on a magical sleigh with magical reindeer? That’s poppycock – Santa flies first class. And how does he get presents delivered? Fed-Ex of course! The only reason he even goes to children’s houses

is for the cookies, not the milk though because he’s lactose intolerant. However, he should probably cut down on those cookies because he’s obese and has high cholesterol. But it really doesn’t matter how or why he does what he does, he keeps the spirit of Christmas alive. Also you may question what Jesus is up to after all Christmas is his birthday, well he’s just chilling up there in heaven drinking a virgin mojito and watching a Seinfeld marathon like every year.

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CCRD still focused on clean up operations BY KEVIN O’NEILL The regular monthly meeting of the Central Coast Regional District was held on December 9. My apologies for the length of time between these columns…like many of you, all my free time has been dedicated to getting my flooddamaged house back to a livable condition. And needless to say, the operations

of the CCRD have been largely focused on the aftermath of September’s flood. Emergency Program Coordinator Steve Waugh presented a lengthy report detailing his activities since the flood and expressing profound gratitude, as do the directors, to all the government agencies that have worked together to facilitate the rebuilding of our valley’s infrastructure.

We would like to thank all of our customers and friends and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bella Coola Valley Seafoods (250) 982 2713

Happy Holidays to you and yours and a very...... Merry Christmas! From the Central Coast Regional District

These recovery efforts will continue to receive his full attention in the coming weeks. As regards other matters, Ferry Advisory Committee representative Steve Waugh (a man who certainly wears his many hats well!) highlighted current negotiations between BC Ferries and the province that will result in a new four year funding agreement. Steve urged that regional associations and other interested parties renew lobbying efforts directed at both maintaining if not increasing our present level of service and also securing a greater financial

commitment from Victoria. He noted that Klemtu will no longer be part of the Queen of Chilliwack’s route, thereby increasing the feasibility of more direct sailings into Bella Coola. The board received a delegation from the Hagensborg Water District to discuss ongoing efforts to secure funding for the proposed point-ofuse treatment system as well as infrastructure improvements. The directors noted the need to develop policy that will assist in evaluating projects like this that require the CCRD'S support/ partnership in accessing grants that are

often the object of competing regional interests. Ultimately, the CCRD hopes to support those proposals that have the best chance of success while benefiting the greatest number of area residents.

The CCRD happily received the news that the new owner of Ocean Falls Power, Boralex Ltd., plans to reconstruct the collapsed causeway… yahoo! Finally, the directors authorized

spending on new signage that will hereafter designate the Bella Coola valley a disaster-free zone. Seriously, may we all enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Central Coast Regional District Board of Directors extends thanks Dear Editor, On behalf of the board of directors of the Central Coast Regional District, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the many agencies and individuals who have stepped up to the challenge on behalf of the residents of the Bella Coola Valley, during the recent flood disaster. Many of our community members have experienced significant hardship in the past few months, and the recovery will continue well into the future. The level of

support received from so many has helped make the path to recovery a little less daunting, and illustrates why we choose to live in our beautiful Valley. We are truly grateful to the provincial and federal government agency representatives who assisted with the early response, the local businesses that put their private interests aside to work on behalf of the community, the non-governmental organizations and denominational groups that identified early needs and set to work to meet those needs, and

the many, many individuals who worked tirelessly to help their neighbours. As CCRD Emergency Operations transition further away from response and through recovery activities, it is heartwarming to hear of and see the immense generosity of many of those same organizations and individuals. Countless more from across the province and beyond, have been charitable, and for many flood-affected families, this kindness will help bring the spirit of the season into their homes.

May the brightest star of Christmas shine in your heart all year Our heartfelt thanks to all our friends and customers for your years of support and friendship To Bea & Peter - we wish you continued success at Swan Goose Carole, Gene & Paula The Country Faire

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Thanks to all who have donated, fundraised and recently organized to ensure delivery of warm blankets and new toys for affected community families. Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming and we are extremely grateful. On behalf of the CCRD board of directors and staff, thank you to all of you who have worked to make a difference to rebuild the infrastructure, homes and spirit of our community. Sincerely, Christine Hyde, Chair


Bella Coola Air Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season Phone: (250) 982-2545

STAFF: Editor: Caitlin Thompson Contributors: Kevin O'Neill, Stephen Waugh, Consultant: Angela Hall

Season’s Season’s Greetings Greetings

The Rock and Roll Reindeer

BY TEAGAN SAMUELSON GRADE 4 At the North Pole there was a reindeer named Buddy. One winter he was bored with working for Santa so he formed a reindeer band. Buddy was the

singer/guitar player, his drummer was named Bancer, and the base was Red Nose. They performed for Santa everyday. But soon the band broke up because Bancer and Rednose wanted to leave the North Pole and become

famous. Buddy still performed for Santa until one day he wanted to perform for other people too. This made Santa get angry and smash Buddy’s guitar. Buddy decided to get even. After Santa left in his sleigh he secretly built a new guitar. He had a big concert with his old band mates. If you are sitting quietly in your bed and listening carefully you might hear

Buddy’s band each Christmas Eve when Santa is away delivering presents. Their hit song is, “Rocking in Santa’s Sleigh.”


Christmas at Tim Horton’s BY FAITH FONTAINE Once there was an orphan little boy who lived in Williams Lake, British Columbia with his nasty auntie. He was only 7 years old. He didn’t like living with her because he never got fed and noone cared about him. He snuck out to Tim Hortons one Christmas Eve and there he saw Santa and his reindeer taking a break. The boy asked Santa if he could live with him at the North Pole and help the elves and Santa build toys.

Santa said that he could live with him at the North Pole but he didn’t have enough room in his sleigh. They both paused for a moment…. then the boy had an idea. He said, “Santa you could drop off more presents so you could have enough room in your sleigh for me? … later that night Santa came back for him and they rode off into the early sun rising up and lived happily ever after at the North Pole! The End

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be Safe.....Donʼt Drink and Drive!

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The Sick Reindeer BY BREAGHA KOROLUK GRADE 4 Once there was a time when reindeer got sick with phomatitis. Phomaditis was a sickness only the best reindeer got. One day when Unce, one of Santa’s elves came out… you got it… Rudolph had phomoditis! It was two days until Christmas! They called Dr. Reednier. He poked at Rudolph for a million hours. Well maybe not a million hours, but that is what it felt to Rudolph. Christmas came and went. He was sick all year long. Two days before the next Christmas an enormous flash came. Rudolph fainted.

Santa called Dr .Reednier. When Rudolph woke up he was murmuring something about candy. He said, “Candy, candy. I want candy!” This made every one sispitous and the doctor orderd an X-ray. They could see

that his stomach was still full of candy. He had eaten too much candy from the candy train last Christmas! The morale of this story is if you’re a reindeer, never eat candy two days before Christmas…especially not a trainload of it!

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As you celebrate Christmas We’d like to Thank You for your valued patronage through the year. We wish everyone a blessed season that’s filled with peace, joy, and love. Gordon & Rachel Gibbs Bella Coola Redi Mix

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The Storm

BY MARLON EDGAR GRADE 5 Marcus and I are going on a trip to Vancouver and to Nanaimo to see my Auntie Leah and Jason. We went on the ferry. The wind was blowing hard and the waves were big. The ship had a big hole in it. We started swimming to shore. It

Season’s Season’s Greetings Greetings

Santa gets kidnapped

was Christmas Eve. We were on an island. Santa was getting ready for Christmas. He gave us a ride but his sled broke down. Oh no! What are we going to do? Santa had a lot of food and hunting stuff so we would survive. I though we can build a raft out of the sleigh. Santa had a lot of candy on the sleigh. I like the candy. I love the candy canes that was in the sleigh. I got my presents early. It was cool. When I was sleeping, I got my present early. The iPad was COOL. I woke up I was at my Auntie Leah’s house and it was Christmas. We were opening presents when all of decided to take a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa. We met Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer. The ferry was coming back so we had to go back to Nanaimo and get our stuff and catch the ferry to Vancouver. We drove to Kamloops and stayed there for three days. Then we went home to Bella Coola. It was an AWSOME vacation! It was the best vacation ever!

BY EZRA MECHAM GRADE 5 On Christmas Eve Santa was flying over Iraq and out of nowhere two jets shot Santa and his reindeer. On the way down Santa pulled the emergency parashoot so he and his reindeer floated slowly to the ground. Rudolph was furious. When they got to the ground he and all his companions got shot with tranquilizers so he and the others fell asleep. Santa got handcuffed and guns pointed at him. Santa tried to reason with them but all they wanted was the ransom money. They were putting him up for ransom to Mrs. Clause. Mrs. Clause was not going to be happy. Santa had to deliver presents but that was not going

to happen. Santa had to write the ransom note because no one else knew how to write. The note said, “We have taken Santa captive. We want ten thousand dollars. If you don’t bring the money we will sell all Santa’s presents. If you call the police we will sell Rudolph and his companions. You have three days to bring the money.” Mrs. Clause had to pay but she had a plan. She would sneak and steal Santa back. Mrs. Clause got in her flying Ferrari and flew to Iraq with a black suit and a grapple hook. Mars. Clause barely knew how to use the grapple hook but she got the hang of it. After about ten tries she finally got on to the roof. Mrs. Clause

When Rudolph saves Christmas BY CLAUDIA NELSON GRADE 5 Once upon a time at the North Pole everyone was sleeping and dreaming. At midnight a stranger went into Santa’s toy factory. The stranger went upstairs into

Wishing you happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year! 201-35 South 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake 1 877 392 2911

Santa’s bedroom and he tried to poison Santa! Then Rudolph wanted to check on Santa because he heard a noise in Santa’s bedroom. Then he saw a stranger trying to poison Santa. He ran into the elves bedroom and

woke them up. Rudolph was telling the elves that a stranger was trying to poison Santa and the elves hurried and got up and each of them got a glue gun and went into Santa’s bedroom. Rudolph quickly ran into Santa’s bed-

GRADE 5 WINNERS room and the elves grabbed a glue gun and shot the stranger. When the stranger was stuck to the wall the elves asked him,” Why are you trying to poison Santa?”

Thank you for your support in the past year! Hodgson’s wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! HODGSON FREIGHTWAYS LTD.

was good at roof jumping. Finally it came to the part where Mrs. Clause had to knock out a guard. She knocked him out easily and jumped and knocked Santa’s guard out and freed Santa. They freed the reindeer and Santa delivered the presents.

The stranger told the story that he didn’t get any presents when he was 10 years old. The Santa used his magic potion and Santa gave him two boxes of chocolate because Santa felt so bad. Then the stranger went on his boat and went home. The next night was Christmas Eve and Santa went on his sled and he went to deliver presents and Santa didn’t forget anybody on Christmas Eve again.

Season’s Season’s Greetings Greetings

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actually useful in life. Or adding two simple numbers or multiplying in grade one could do good. We’re going back again, and you’re singing along with your class, chanting the alphabet song. Now in grade nine you’re having a dictionary test. Looking for the most words to win a chocolate bar. You see now the alphabet comes in handy when you have to look for words. Or when you need to make an important call and you need to find the last name. Toys wear out, chocolate gets eaten, but learning lasts forever. Toys cost money, chocolate costs money, but learning is priceless. If you think getting an new iPod Touch for Christmas is the best gift, think again. Learning is the best gift you could ever ask for!

Did you know that children from the ages five to eighteen get gifts everyday? We receive them from the people we mostly likely don’t like….our teachers. Think back to grade one. You learn the most useless things ever! You learn the different colours such as blue or yellow. Or adding one plus one or two times one. Like it’s so meaningless to learn. Like what were the teachers thinking anyways? Fast forward to grade eight art class. The teacher decides colour wheels are necessary to learn about. Then you realize that in grade one learning different colours was getting you ready for the future to come in school. So once you think about it, grade one schooling was


A Gift for Me BY ASHLEY MOORE I snuck downstairs way too early and the tree shadowed the presents and made it look kinda spooky. I turned the tree lights on the flickered then steadied. The colours flashed and I stared, mesmerized by the beauty. Only the crumbs from the cookies and the milky lip stains on the glass were left. No one else was up and the silence closed in around me. The wrapping paper shimmered and it almost looked inviting. It wouldn’t hurt to open one, right? Just one? Why not! I crawled over to the tree and picked up a small, extremely light box. I slowly took off the wrapping paper and lifted the lid. There

wasn’t anything inside except for a few messy words scrawled on the bottom ‘Love goes farther than any gift that can be held.’ What a rip off! I didn’t need some sort of fortune cookie saying! I dissected the wrapping paper for a name. Anything to indicate who it was from. Nothing. Just a sticker addressed to me. I still had lots of time to sleep so I walked back up to my room and dumped the box on my desk. Now I walk up to my room after a long day at school and flop on my bed. I feel terrible. I want a hug. I see a book lying in the corner that had been a Christmas present. It was a good book, but completely useless now. In the other corner my desk

stood. I get up and plop down on the chair. Under heaps of paper I find a box. No, I find THE box. The one with the words I finally appreciate.

We’d like to deliver our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. To all who visited us - you’re always welcome throughout the holidays and all year long!

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A Christmas Update on the Bella Coola Flood BY STEPHEN WAUGH, CCRD EMERGENCY PROGRAM COORDINATOR Christmas Day has a special designation this year as December 25 will mark three months to the day that the Bella Coola River peaked at the highest level ever since records have been kept. We have a lot to be thankful for since that day, although many residents are still facing significant challenges.

For those who are able it is now time for a break. Truck drivers and equipment operators, foremen, engineers, hydrologists, flaggers, the CCRD staff, local businesses, volunteers, friends and neighbours and affected citizens themselves; all of us need a rest. And what better time than Christmas to connect with our families and friends to recognize this important time in the year when we celebrate the promise of peace on earth

Many wishes for a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. At this time, a special thanks goes out to all the volunteers within the District - your time is invaluable.

Trustees & Staff at School District #49 (Central Coast)

and goodwill towards all. Thanks to all of the workers who have performed so much over the past few months and who have done so with the safety of our community and its populace foremost in their minds. The amount of heavy equipment activity in our valley has been significant and due to the care and skill of the operators we’ve not had any accidents of a serious nature. Recovery from such a substantial flood is a long process but it’s clear that the work performed to date has greatly improved our chances of surviving any subsequent events. The clearance under the highway bridges and along the dikes will give us the opportunity to carefully assess our flood hazards and work towards a management plan that will ensure the safety of our communities while protecting our valuable fish habitat from the ongoing excavations that we’ve witnessed over the years. I invite all parties with an interest in habitat management to join with the agencies and individuals who have been working towards this goal. While the current

Michael Wigle photo

The flood of September 2010 was an unforgettable event in the Valley

emergency works have been meaningful and will continue in several critical areas in the New Year, there are many other areas of concern that were not able to be completed under the current recovery funding and we must continue to research options to address these as well. With economic challenges being experienced worldwide, we’re going to need diligence and creativity to find solutions to many of

our ongoing flood concerns. Watch for more information as the CCRD Emergency Program explores options with which to address some of these issues. I can’t say enough about the assistance provided locally

and from outside our communities. We are blessed with wonderful friends and neighbours and I have every confidence the efforts of all will assist those heavily affected by the flood until they are back on their feet

again and moving forward with their productive lives. Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas and safe travels to all, including our outside crews as they travel home and return again in early 2011.

Happy Holidays Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! from Krista, Jean & Maggie

Superman Bill Nygaard holds up Klonnick Bridge!

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$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1877-776-1660 DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161

Clock repairs and servicing. House calls. (250)392-7905 Exquisite Duncan Phyfe dbl. pedestal dining table, 2 leaves, 8 chairs, sideboard. excellent quality and cond. $3,800. Other interesting antiques. (250)243-2306 Wanted: Ranch and cowboy, rodeo artifacts and collectibles. Example: Bull ropes, bareback riggin etc. (250)7916369

Browning Bar semi automatic 7mm magnum w/scope, made in Belgium. $1200. Phone (250)791-6761

9.5 HP 27 inch Craftsman snowblower. Like new, asking $625 OBO. Call(250)398-7515 A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866884-7464 CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1866-981-6591 **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 New Rebco bush box. $500. (250) 992-5959 Ninja 150 extractor with hoses, wand & upholstery too. Like new. Perfect for hotel/motel or business use. (778)4121011 STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR - Incredible endof-season factory discounts on various models/sizes. Plus FREE DELIVERY to most areas. CALL FOR CLEARANCE QUOTE AND BROCHURE 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170.

Legal Services #1 IN PARDONS Remove Your Criminal Record! Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/mo. Limited Time Offer. FASTEST, GUARANTEED Pardon In Canada. FREE consultation: 1-866-416-6772 Dial-A-Law offers general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available) ICBC, MVA’S, SLIP & FALL or Any Injury? MARCO D. CEDRONE Making The Difference in Personal Injury Claims! 24hr. Call:1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM). Services

Household Services Professional female available to house sit for extended time. Great references, loves animals, clean, non smoker. Williams Lake area. (250)9459505 or email

Livestock 15hh reg. 11 yr. old quarter horse gelding, goes both western and English. Jumps 2 feet. $3,500. 7 yr. old quarter horse gelding, 15hh, broke and very calm, good for trails. $2,500. Call (250)396-7622 Alpaca Farm pkg., 2 pregnant Canadian registered females,1 dbl. registered breeding male plus register-able companion male, to approved home. $4,300. (250)397-2770 Alpacas for sale, males & females, starting at $300. Phone 1 (250)395-8898 Beef eating goats, male/female/baby. All for $285. Call 1 (250)459-2387 Limousine Bull LBW, great for heifers. (250)296-3393

Pets Beautiful St. Bernard puppies for sale. $1,000. CKC registered, micro chipped, 1st shots, and dewormed. Ready to go now. Call (250)3952914 Christmas puppies! Aussie border collie cross. Merles and tri colors. $400. Black and white $200. 1st shots,deworming. Ready Dec.24th. (250)296-0186 Pick your puppy. American Cocker Spaniel and little poodle cross, loving, smart pets. Call (250)296-3393 Tame hand held white Chinchilla’s Call 250-392-7064 eves

Appliances For sale: Heartland (Elmira) wood cook stove. $2500. Propane dryer $200. Contact Maytag portable washer/spin dryer, stackable full size washer and dryer, will deliver, cash only. Williams Lake area. (250)392-7064 afternoons or (250) 305-6344. Newer Inglis top load washer and matching dryer. Ex. cond. $350 OBO. (250)392-6811 Washers, dryers & stoves for sale, includes delivery in Williams Lake area. Will do repairs on your appliances. 6 months guarantee service warranty on stoves and dryers sold for $225. and on washer and dryer sets. Cash only. Apt. size frost free white fridge, apt. size 220 stove. Call Robert at (250) 392-7064 evenings or (250) 305-6344 days.

$100 & Under 29 inch Fisher TV. Used for about 1 yr. First $75 takes. (250)398-9140

$200 & Under 5 studded winter tires. 215R65/16. come off Chev van. $200. 779-412-7995 or 250-305-7919 McClary oven range, white, ex cond. Ask $200 OBO. Call Bryan (250)302-1042

$300 & Under Weslo 300i treadmill. Like new, barely used. $275 OBO. (250)989-4397

$400 & Under 4 Kumho studded tires. Volkswagon rims, used 1 winter. 185/60R14, 82 T. $400. (250)989-7749

Farm Equipment 35 HP Ferguson tractor Deluxe, gas, 12 volts, hi-low gear, PTO, 3 point hitch, chains, lights, 7’ adjustable rear blade. Manuals, good cond. $3700. OBO (250)3967579 Chisel plow. Heavy duty internationals HAR $55. 8 ft pull type $2000. Air compressor Webster shop model $1800. (250)791-5776 Ford cargo 8000 diesel truck 32 cu. m. Steel box for silage or sawdust, Fits perfectly to hydump. Fast unloading hy. Push our ram. $14,000. Call (250)791-5776 “O” till seed drill. JD 1590. 10ft heavy duty. Carries grass seed, grain, fertilizer and packs all in one pass. 4 yrs old, excellent shape. $20,000. Call (250)791-5776 PTO 7”x41’ grain auger $1500., 2 - 1000 gal waterer $200. each, 4 farrowing crates $350. each, raised floors, stainless steel floors. New Holland hammer mix mill, model 350 $5000. Call (250)7478625 leave message. Sprayer 500 gl. Stainless steel tank. PTO pump on heavy duty trailer. $3900. 1 (250)791-5776

Firearms Wanted: Old Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

Food Products Pasture raised lamb, tasty, tender and lean cut wrapped and frozen. $4.00/lb. Order now for fall delivery. Spokin Lake Farms. Call: (250)2964329

Firewood/Fuel Natural Gas furnace $550. OBO Natural Gas hot water tank 40 gallons $125. OBO. Please call: (250)392-4362

Furniture Dining table and 6 chairs, solid oak, reddish brown, 2 extra leaves. $1,275. (250)398-2858 French provincial couch set, 3 seater, chair and antique couch table. Ex. shape. $1200 OBO.250-433-6828

Solid oak table and hutch set. 42” round table c/w two 12” leafs and 4 chairs. One 36” hutch c/w 44” upper with glass doors and shelves, excell. cond. $2,000. o.b.o. (250)3958834

Garden Equipment Snowblade for Craftsman lawn tractor 48” wide. Comes with chains & weights. $300. (250)791-5565 Spring & summer specials including tune ups, repairs and sales. Lawnmowers, rototillers, riding mowers and golf carts. Located on Dog Creek Rd. Basic lawnmower tune up special $75. Will pick up and return delivery in AWL area. For more info call Robert at (250)392-7064 evenings or (250)305-6344 days. Will also recycle in Williams Lake area.

Heavy Duty Machinery 1994 Samsung/Volvo excavator. Rops, brushguarding, rebuilt pump and track idles and rollers. $25,000. Call (250)303-3153 or (250)2963153 A-STEEL Shipping Containers/Bridges Super Sale On NowNew/Used/Damaged. BEST PRICES. 20’24’,40’,45’,48’,53’ Insulated Reefer Containers 20’40’48’53’ CHEAP 40’ Farmers Specials all under $2,200! Semi Trailers for hi way & storage. We are Overstocked, Delivery BC & AB 1-866-528-7108 Call 24 hours Norwood Bandwill super lumber mate, near new, model 2000. 20HP Honda c/w 32’ track, new blades (10), blade sharpener, tooth setter. $13,500. (250)392-8784

Medical Supplies Shoprider Voyageur 888 SEL, like new. New $5,000. Asking $2,500. Make an offer. Call (250)398-0351

Misc. for Sale #1A STEEL BUILDING SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage, shop, warehouse. 6 colors available! 40 year warranty! Free shipping, the first 20 callers! 1-800-4572206. 22 framed W.L. Stampede Posters, good cond. 19832004. $800. (778)412-7997

Misc. Wanted Any Akai units and stereos, four channel quad receiver and amps of all makes. Call Robert at (250)392-7064 evenings only. Wanted by collector: Militaria: IE: swords, bayonets, daggers, medals, guns, antiques, etc. Best prices. (250)4562160 Wanted: Old Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)7916369 Wanted: Ranch and cowboy, rodeo artifacts and collectibles, example: Bull ropes, bareback riggin etc. (250)7916369 Wanting baby Teddy Bear hamster before Xmas. (250)398-8755

Musical Instruments Liszt piano. Moving, must sell! $1495 OBO. (250)3031187 Yamaha piano. Model MIA, 42 inches long. Excellent condition. $3200. OBO (250)3923691

Sporting Goods CT 5.1 Horizon Fitness treadmill. Built in speakers, like new. Manual incl. Ex. cond. $575. (250)398-9140 Ice fishing auger. $25. (250)392-6608 Star Trac commercial series treadmill. Comes with new belt and cover. $700. OBO Call (250)392-2085 to view.

Tools Commercial compressor, nail guns & 20 boxes nails. $1800. Grape crusher and press $250. Call (250)296-4329 Head saw blades-54”, 48”, 42”, and sawmill parts. (250) 747-8625 Husqvarna 357 XPG, low hours. $500. Phone (250)7916761

Houses For Sale NEW HOME AND LAND in the Shuswap! Doublewides and Singlewides...No Pad Rent! Close to shopping and recreation. Alice: 250-819-0047

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Mortgages BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818

Recreational Shared ownership late model 40’ - 60’ cruising yachts moored on Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland. Sail & Power. Professionally maintained. 604-669-2248.

Auto Accessories/Parts One set of BF Good rich 35x12.5x15 on aluminum 5 spoke rims. 90% tread remaining. $800 OBO. Call 250-7915761 Suzuki Firefly Geo Metro. Rebuilt engine 3x4 cyl. New and used drive train, body parts. Reasonable shop rates. Have trailer, can pickup. Call 250-303-0941

Cars - Domestic

Office/Retail Room for rent in busy salon. Perfect for nail technician or massage therapist. Call 250-267-9557 to view.

Townhouses 1bdr.,1 bath, downtown WL, clean, bright and close to everything, n/p, r/r, $850/mo. + d/d. (250) 945-9505 WILLIAMS LAKE Be the first to live in this beautifully renovated 2 bdrm townhouse. f/s/w/d n/s small pet allowed. 250-392-1940

Antiques / Classics 1919 Model T Ford. $13,500. Call 250-992-3201 1956 Ford 2 door sedan. V8, auto, project car. $2500. Call 250-392-6841

07 Dodge Charger SXT, 100 kms. Auto trans with manual AutoStick, tint, custom grill, sunroof, cd, p/l, mirrors, seat, windows, a/c. V6, rare “Torred” color, zero accidents. Winter tires incl. $14,500 (250)296-4250 1986 SS Monte Carlo in good condition. Lots of new updates, too many to list. $6500 OBO Call (250)395-5245 1987 Mercury Sable, 260,000kms, most power options, A/C, auto. $800 OBO Call (250)989-0055 1997 firefly. 2 dr. 3 cyl, 5 speed, 55 to 60 mpg. Ready for winter. Near new studded tires, rebuilt engine with warranty, CD player. Looks good, drives good. $2400. (250)303-0941

2001 Chev Cavalier. 231,000 kms, 5 speed, well maintained, studded snows plus all seasons, CD player, one owner. $2900. (250)302-8221

2002 White Ford Focus, bra, CD, new tires. For parts. Call (250) 303-1103



Sport Utility Vehicle

Utility Trailers

1983 FLHTC Electraglide Classic 80ci, 5 spd, tour pack, trailer kit, recent service, new tires, chain and battery, 20,564 miles. Collector plates. $15,000 (250)392-6841

1990 Hitchhiker II, 31.5’ 5th wheel. 2 queen beds, hitch support, solar panels and controller, microwave, awning. $13,500 Call (250)392-2730 1998 Explorer Camper 9.5 ft. Fridge, stove, wet bath, excellent condition. $7500 (250)395-5100 1998 Kustom Coach. 25’ travel trailer. Sleeps 6, tub/shower, sound system, TV, antenna, a/c, awning, microwave. $10,500 OBO. (250)392-2492 2004 23’ Flagstaff Lite Trailer. Aluminum fiberglass construction. Walk around bed, full bath, lots of storage, lg fridge & freezer. Lg awning, mini blinds. Great cond., like new. $14,000 (250)395-4859

1998 Ford Explorer 4x4, Ltd. Edition, all leather interior, completely electric (doors, windows, etc.) new brakes, new alternator, new 1100 amp battery, all drained, flushed and replaced. Asking $3,995. (250)459-2416.

Trailer Hitch for 1 - 7/8” ball. $200 OBO Call (250)392-3174

2004 ZR7S Kawasaki Sport Touring, 13,400kms, new front tire, very fun and easy to ride. $7000 (250)392-3669 2006 CRF 450X. Original back tire, hardly used. C/W near rear tire and all riding gear. $4500 (250)989-0014

2001 Grand Marquis, great cond. very clean, low mileage, good on gas, non-smoking. $7,800. o.b.o. (250)296-4734 2002 v6 Mustang, auto, white, 91,000kms, fully loaded, w/Sony deck. $7,500. o.b.o. (250) 398-7792

2008 Harley Davidson Knighster 1200. 3400kms, black and chrome, never dropped, mint condition. Please call (250)267-4816

Off Road Vehicles

2003 Chevy Cavalier, 2 door, power locks, power windows, keyless entry, CD, only 110,000 kms. $4500 obo (250)302-0001

1984 Honda Big Red ATV. 200 electric start shaft drive, high, low, reverse gears. New battery and brake pads. Good tires, good shape. $1200 (250)395-1903

2004 Pontiac Vibe. P/W, P/D, P/L, A/C, lady driven, tilt & cruise, standard trans, 139,000 kms, 4 new studded winter tires. $8995 OBO. Call (250)398-9846

2009 Yamaha 700 EPS Grizzly snowplow, trailer, F and R bags. $10,000 (250)706-8992

2007 Cobalt, 2 door, 5 speed, low kms, great shape. A must see. Asking $9000. OBO. Call (250)392-2234 or (250)3054528.

1984 11 1/2 foot camper. Furnace, hot water tank, toilet, sleeps 6. $2400 OBO (250)396-7705

2007 Ford Fusion SEL AWD, 6 cyl. 36,000kms, Ex. Cond. Power everything. Silver w/dark grey interior. Still on warranty. $17,500. Call (250)397-2322 eves.

Cars - Sports & Imports

Auto Accessories/Parts Boxliner and tailgate for 2000 Ford F350, like new. $300 Call 250-392-6104

Cars - Domestic

2001 Nissan Frontier SE super charger, 223,000kms, excellent cond., silver/grey w/leather interior. $11,500. (250)3986408.


1986 Terry Travel Trailer. Queen bed, sleeps 4. Lots of cupboard space. $7000. Call (778)412-5147 1989 Ford Coachman motor home. Runs great, generator, air conditioning. Great condition. Asking $10,000 OBO. Call to view (250)2964168

Scrap Car Removal SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $3.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Snowmobiles 1995 Arctic Cat Powder Special 3200 miles, 2” paddle track, new seat. $2100 (250)989-5595 Williams Snowmobile Recyclers. Reconditioned sleds from $950. We take trades! Parting out approx 800 sleds. All makes and models, muscle sleds up to 800cc. 34 yrs, same location. Lac La Hache. Open 7 days per week. (250)396-7639

Trucks & Vans 1979 Ford F150. Excellent shape. $2500 OBO Call (250)992-5959 1989 Ford F250, 7.3 diesel. $3000 OBO Call 1 (250)2963344 1996 Ford F150, extended cab, short box, 4x4, green, canopy, PL, PW, 360,000kms. $2000. OBO Call (250)6441723 2006 Ford F-350 Crew Cab, Long Box, 6.0L Diesel, Fully Loaded, 10” Lift, 144,000kms. Lots of extras, Call for details. $30,000. Call (250)644-1723 2006 Toyota Tundra 4x4. Excellent condition, 103,000kms. Power d/w including rear windows, A/C and cruise. $23,000. Call (250)398-7308 or (250)9803. Cargo van. 1998 GMC Savanna 2500. Shelved, roof rack, 343,800 kms, needs gasket. $750 OBO. (250)392-3301 days

Fight back. Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.

16’ Cobra ski boat, bow tank, 140 HP, Evinrude (low hours) 2 stainless steel raker props, tow post, aluminum trailer, ski ropes, kneeboard. $5000 (250)395-3710 1984 18’6” Canadventure Bowrider. Low hours, seats 6-8 ppl. Great for water skiing & fishing. 150HP 6 cyl, 2 stroke Johnson Outboard. $6500 (250)395-2826 20’ Apollo boat. Completely rebuilt (w/ upholstery & full canvas top) in 95. Jet drive w/ 455 V8 rebuilt in 05, includes trailer. $9000 OBO Call (250)395-3212 or 24’ fiberfoam boat. 233 HP Merc and Merc leg and tandem Roadrunner trailer. Lots of extras. $15,000 (250)7478625 leave message. 4 Cyl IZUZU diesel boat engine. 671 rebuilt GM boat engine. Olsen oil furnace 80,000 BTU. Call (250)799-5475 (Bella Coola)

Estate Sale 29 ft Thermodyne Cabin Cruiser, “Grumpy”

Sport Utility Vehicle 1993 Trooper. Automatic, 4WD, good condition. $1900. OBO. Call (250)991-5141 1998 Jeep Cherokee, 191,000kms, 3” lift, 31” tires, trans. and new clutch, extras, alarm. $5,300. o.b.o. Phone (250)395-7550


Chev 1500, extended cab. $4,200. o.b.o. (250)945-9505 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, TRD Sport Pkg. 4x4 with only 50,000kms. Call (250)3054126 or (250)982-2266.

Fiberglas hull. 4-53 Detroit Diesel Powered, 2.5 kw diesel generator, sleeps 6. Trailer included. Located in Bella Coola. $38,500 (250)392-4801 or cell (250)398-0652

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Lake City Ford’s



Special Shop In Williams Lake Gift CertiÀcate

Boxing Week In Williams Lake


This certificate entitles to




LAKE CITY FORD SALES LTD. 715 Oliver Street, Williams Lake British Columbia V2G 1M9 Phone: 250-392-4455 Fax: 250-392-6563

MSRP $8,995


Authorized by Expires

January 3 3rd, d 20 2011 011 1




No Cash Value. Valid at any Williams Lake Merchant. Valid between December 27th, 2010 - January 3rd, 2011.



MSRP $26,995


Special 3.5L, AUTO, SYNC AND MORE!


MSRP $33,579

MSRP $43,779 #0T109




4.7L, AUTO, C/W CANOPY, 232,000 KM MSRP $8,995



MSRP $28,259

MSRP $49,159 #0T090















0% APR




1 000 0 OFF O


$ ,


MSRP $24,995

On select new 2011 models




The new 2011 FIESTA

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