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Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Mallory Hans enjoying the DCMF evening act. More photos on

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Monica Lamb-Yorski/Williams Lake Tribune

Local musician, Caley Watts, sings her heart out on stage at the 13th Annual Discovery Coast Music Festival

13th Annual Discovery Coast Music Festival makes musical memories SUSAN O’NEILL After ten months of planning and fund raising, the 13th Annual Discovery Coast Music Festival is now a memory. I’ve already written articles and bios for the program about all of the awards our performers have received, though I didn’t mention how Jaffa Road’s saxophonist, Sundar Viswanathan, has a PhD in Jazz Performance

from New York University. (Shalom back at you, new friends.) I thought about The Festival’s mission: “To create a venue for people of all walks of life to come together, to relax and to enjoy a diverse array of live performing arts…where the people of Bella Coola, neighboring communities and visitors celebrate their uniqueness and commonality… [And have] an

opportunity to discover and share each other’s history, culture and landscape.” I reflected on the individual comments made by all who performed on our stage--about what a hospitable community we have; about The Woodshed Orchestra’s lyrics: “everybody needs “love and affection”; about Kat Danser’s resolution to “Study War No More”; about how at home I felt when Lance,

Tara, and Denise sang their Nuxalk songs of welcome. So what remains to be written? We were “woken and shaken” by Toronto’s Woodshed Orchestra and the fine fiddling of Daniel Lapp, in the incredible opening workshop on Saturday morning. It was a fine way to start kicking up our heels! When Woodshed began parading around the site with their horns

and assorted percussion instruments as the next performers were setting up, who couldn’t “relax and enjoy” it? All those musicians singing “meow, meow, meow, meow, meow” in perfect harmony—who could keep from singing along? It was a mellow kind of afternoon, I heard a few people say, between the Bella Coola rainSEE DCMF ON PAGE 3


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bella Coola Seventh-Day Adventist Church Saturday Service Song & Bible Study For Adults & Children 9:30 am Sabbath School Program 10 am Bible Study Church Service 11 am Bella Coola Adventist Academy Offers a Christian Learning Environment for Grades K - 9 Grades 10 - 12 Distance Learning through West Coast Adventist School Principal Rob Parker 799 5910


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Thorns to people whom continually litter downtown when there are garbage cans available beside the benches across from the Co-op. Shame on you. Others like to enjoy sitting in the summer sun on those benches.

The Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society in collaboration with the Bella Coola Arts Council present...

The Edible Garden Tour & Feast Sunday, August 19, 1 - 6 pm Leaves from the Farmers’ Market. Feast is potluck - please bring a dish to share This year’s theme: After The Flood Cost: free for members of either society, otherwise $10/person, $15/family For Fo more info, contact Dayna 799-5287 or daynabellacoola@

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Tuesday, August 7, from noon to 8:00 pm at the CE Centre, basement of Emmanuel Church in Bella Coola If you are interested in what is happening on the Bella Coola Community Forest, drop in to view our short and long term development plans and find out about our operations. Staff will be on hand to present information and answer any questions you may have about how we are managing the community forest. We welcome people’s comments and input so that we can better serve the community. Light refreshments will be available. We also have a standing, ‘open door’ policy whereby the public is welcome to view our plans or ask questions about the community forest at any time by contacting the person below to arrange an appointment. Contact: Hans Granander, RPF, General Manager Bella Coola Community Forest Ltd. Tel:250-982-2515, email:


Coast Mountain News

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012


DCMF - a venue for people of all walks of life CONTINUED FROM


drops, though the antics of Dean Bareham’s multiple personalities kept us laughing between sets. Then as dark was setting in-joyful screams were heard from all their young relations as Carmen and Camille took over the microphones. Rolland Mack did a great job sharing their stage and representing the youth of the valley. We are also delighted to see how far Caley Watts’ confidence and song writing have progressed since her first appearance on our stage in 2008. (We encourage other Bella Coola youth to come forward, that we might be a springboard for your performing art ambitions.) And man, didn’t Mamaguroove rock us out at the end of that night! One of the highlights of the weekend for me is the first set on Sunday morning. Kat Danser hosted Montreal’s H’Sao and the Woodshed Orchestra in a workshop (AKA “Jam Session”) called “Sunday Soul”—and was it ever! Every performer got a piece of the action as they played, sang, moaned and groaned through Mahalia Jackson’s “Didn’t It Rain”. Hallelujah! Who could sit still as those two women—one white, one black—danced as hard as they could, unrehearsed yet in unison. “Diversity and commonality.” Kat Danser sang with such heart, it seemed to me that she literally couldn’t stop. In fact, she confessed that she had put her-

self into a blues trance, like when you’re doing your most favourite thing in the world, and you’re in the groove. We take our “family-focused” approach seriously; so it was rewarding to bring the now famous Treehouse TV performers, Bobs and LoLo, back to Bella Coola. Nowhere else could children get so close to performers such as these. We are proud to make that happen every year. After wowing the audience with his virtuoso fiddle and trumpet playing, Daniel Lapp asked the audience to share any locally written fiddle tunes they might have laying around. (Well, do you?) H’Sao’s a capella singing was oh, so beautiful to hear in their native language of Chad, as well as French. With their intense, rhythmic Afro-pop, the crowd chanted back to them, and we all danced as if our lives depended on it. MC Todd Butler got all the performers on stage for the finale—a tribute to “The Band’s” Levon Helm, who passed away earlier this year. Everyone joined in singing “The Weight,” one of their bestknown songs. Thanks to all of our sponsors, and to the Legion ladies who prepared and served up homemade muffins and fruit salad on short notice for the Community Breakfast. The weeks immediately following the festival are always bittersweet for us organizers. Was it worth all that effort? We think so! How about you?

The Woodshed Orchestra paraded the grounds with their music notes.

NOTE: Front page photo of Mallory Hans is by Desiree Danielsen/CCTA

Digawolf acoustics

H’Sao moved every body and soul with their rhythms. Monica Lamb-Yorski photos Williams Lake Tribune

Seth McDonald from Mamaguroove

Mamaguroove’d on Saturday night.

Comedian Com Dean Bareham gave kids and grown ups a laugh between sets.

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Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eulogy for Hereditary Chief Nuximlayc-Lawrence Pootlass VIOLET CLELLAMIN Nuximlayc Lawrence Pootlass was born November 11, 1931 to Alexander & Alice (nee Schooner) Pootlass across the river at old town. He was the second oldest of twenty-two children.

Lawrence attended Residential School from age eight to fifteen. While there, he said he lost his identity. When he returned home, he was happy to find it again by learning and listening to all the Elders. He was very close to Orden

& Lucy, Clayton & Cora, Samson Mack, Agnes Edgar, Dan & Katie, Felicity Walkus, Mabel Hall, Charlie & Kitty, Hank King, Robert Andy, Amanda & Albert, Ruth & Bill, Willie & Ama, Elsie Jacobs, Snuts, Daisy Moody, Maggie Mack,

Letters to the Editor

Technology and health The big money corporations couldn't care less about your health – all they are interested in is profit and some of the largest profits being made today are in the telecommunications sector. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being made annually, and the advertising is all being directed at you in order to convince you to buy the newest wireless gadget. Billions of dollars are paid to lobby governments, cover up the harmful health effects, and keep the general public unaware of what is actually happening. The truth of the matter is quite simple. Increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation are being transmitted through your body billions of times per second, disrupting DNA and leading to increased rates of cancer in the populations so exposed. In the past it was assumed that only ionizing radiation could impact human health, but it is now known that non-ionizing radiation is also detrimental and that we are all being exposed whether we are aware of it or not. It is only in the last century or so that humans have had the technology to create such a negative impact on the health of so many. As the saying goes, fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and the mad rush to install wireless Smart Meters is a prime example. For the first time ever you will be exposed to bursts of pulsed microwave radiation that you have no control over, as you

cannot turn the device off except by disconnection. Furthermore, even if you manage to retain your analog electrical meter, you are still at risk from the radiation transmitted from other smart meters and wi-fi devices nearby. Medical scientists and researchers are well aware of the harmful effects and have well documented evidence. The military have been aware of the problems ever since the advent of radar. The telecommunications industry is also well aware of the problems, but much like the tobacco, chemical, and asbestos industries of the past did, are manipulating the available evidence to get your money before the truth becomes widespread. Canadian politicians who should be acting to protect your health have for the most part been turning a blind eye to the scientific facts. There is lots of information out there if you care to do some research for yourself. Visit websites such as or thermoguy. com. Don't take for granted what those selling the wireless devices are saying. It is up to each and every one of us to take a stand while we can, because if we do not act now to stop this electrosmog invasion blanketing our planet it may well be the final nail in the coffin leading to the extinction of our species. Finlay MacPherson

Letters to the Editor should be exclusive to the Coast Mountain News. Include name, address and daytime phone number. Keep letters under 200 words. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. E-mail:

Fred & Lydia Schooner, Flossie Webber; and valued all their teachings. He cherished the most Simon & Jemimah and Clarence & Beatrice. Simon remembers looking after Lawrence when they were very young. And that he spent a lot of time with the late John Schooner, went everywhere and did everything with him. Lawrence always spoke about wanting to be a "Locksmith" because when he was in Residential School he learned to pick locks to get into the kitchen and the cupboards to get food and snacks to eat. Lawrence and Amelia married on May 29, 1953 and had seven children. Noel and Mara remember that growing up, their parents were very good providers; they never went without anything. Lawrence logged and fished here and, while in Victoria, he did some Janitorial work while going to Mechanical School, as well as being Foster Parents to lots of children. They would never turn anyone away that needed help and a place to stay. Lawrence was a hunter and loved to tell his hunting stories all the time. His favorite was when he went (moose) hunting with Ronnie Schooner. They shot one and hung it in Grandpa David and Granny Bertha's Smokehouse. When they cut off a piece and made some stew, Grandpa David said it tasted like beef. Lawrence got mad and said, "No, it's moose". When they all went to look in the smokehouse, what they saw was something that had big hindquarters and short legs...they all had a big laugh because it was a cow they had shot, not a moose!

Nuxalk Hereditary Chief Nuximlayc Lawrence Pootlass in his regalia in years past, passed away July 22. Funeral Services, including Spirit Dance and Feast, were held for Nuximlayc on July 27 at the Nuxalk Hall

In 1962 their youngest child, Patrick, passed away and this was when Lawrence and Amelia found a new and better life, serving the Lord. They both had strong feelings on the "Power of Prayer": that it provides us with strength, encouragement and peace. That time is too short to dwell on bad things said or done. He always said, “Let it go and move on. Be humble and don't let pride take over and rule your life. Always help others and love everyone. Acknowledge God and his Son as they are our providers of everything.” In the summer of 1975, Lawrence was walking on Main Street in Victoria. A Native fella, approached Lawrence, pointing

his finger, and asking him what he was doing in Victoria, when his people needed him at home. The man said over and over again Lawrence needed to go home. Shocked by this encounter, Lawrence went to talk to Amelia and asked her if they should move home. He told her about getting a message from that guy and how much it shocked him. Amelia said they should move home right away. Billy Andy Sr. went to Victoria with his one-ton flat deck truck and loaded everything they had and took that and Noel with him; Noel unloaded everything himself and stayed in their house until everyone else joined them. They were in Victoria from 1969 to 1975. During

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that time Mabel Hall held Lawrence's Chieftainship, which he very much appreciated. Lawrence believed very strongly that we all have to protect our lands so that it will be here for the many generations yet to come. In his fight to protect our lands, he did a lot of traveling all over the world. He had many wonderful times with various people and made many wonderful memories. Lawrence's most important thing was his family. He loved his children, grandchildren and great grand children with all his heart! Until we meet again...our Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and Friend, rest in peace.

STAFF: Editor: Tamara Hynd Contributors: Susan O’Neill, Violet Clellamin, Wilma Hallam, Wendy Kingsley, Gina Forcillo Consultant: Angela Hall

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012


Exercise is Medicine SUBMITTED Or so has been Registered Kinesiologist, Jefferson Bray's mantra for over thirty years. The old proverb states that laughter is best but Jeff contends that physical activity is paramount to living a healthy, happy life. "We are animals, meant to move, and there is an athlete in every one of us. It doesn't matter whether you spend your day sitting in an 80-ton excavator, or on the working end of a vacuum, we all face physical, psychological and emotional

hurdles every day. The healthier one is, the more resilient they are to that nasty monster we all call stress. " Upon completing his degree at Simon Fraser University, Jeff established an exercise rehabilitation and conditioning clinic in Victoria, the first of its kind in B.C. "I knew from personal experience that there was a grey area between how far conventional physiotherapy could assist me in my recovery from injuries and getting back to participating in the activities I enjoyed." Jeff has recently

created Bella Dynamics for the purpose of assisting Valley residents with their physical rehabilitation and conditioning needs. "Pain and poor health are debilitating. The goal of Bella Dynamics is to provide determined individuals with the knowledge, encouragement and challenge so that they may improve the quality of their lives. " Jeff has also initiated a monthly personal conditioning program called "Power In One". This program is designed to empower kids of all

Photo credit: Tamara Hynd

Wilma Hallam’s fabric post cards and quilting give warmth to the Farmers’ Market

To Market, to Market WILMA HALLAM “But your quilts don’t say Bella Coola or Hagensborg.” A tourist’s chance remark led me to develop the fabric postcards now sold at the Bella Quilts table at the Farmers’ Market. Designed to allow space to accommodate the valley’s commemorative postmarks, the cards are a popular choice. Often, when people think

Farmers’ Market, they think “food”. Our market has food, but it is also a showcase for some of the artists and crafters who live in the Valley. Besides the postcards, Wilma Hallam sells a wide variety of fabric products, from simple wall hangings to original items. The Farmers’ Market is open every Sunday beside Lobelco Hall from 10 am to 1pm until the end of September.

ages, through movement and education. "Think of it as 'Cross fit' for the Coola but, really it's all about physical play, commitment to building healthy self esteem and joy. Our mind,

TAMARA HYND It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’ve passed through security at the Comox airport for my return flight to Vancouver, and then home to Bella Coola. Turns out I’m not an Irish leprechaun and Reeve was not the guy for me. His Poison hairdo should have been the first tip off. He was super tidy to the point of potential OCD and drove a BMW. My last boyfriend was untidy and his second vehicle was a convertible Porsche. It may sound impressive but I didn’t get to drive either sports car and, more importantly, a bike rack wouldn’t fit on the vehicles. Two thumbs down. And that’s ok. I’m glad I went and got to know either way. As a close girlfriend would say, “ Next!” Time to get on the plane. I am exhausted from only four hours sleep. In spite of the brilliant sun, I can’t wait to get on to the plane and nap. At the time, when Reeve booked my flight, I never thought of it. But now, as I walk down the narrow aisle of the plane looking for an empty seat, it becomes obvious that Monday 7 am flights from Comox to Vancouver are full of businessmen. Single isn’t so bad when Ken, the man I sit beside, is intelligent, friendly and likes to fish when he travels. He works in finance and lives in New York. Ken loves the places fishing takes him. I agree. He had three days in between business meetings in Victoria and Toronto so he booked into a fancy fishing lodge on Quadra Island. Within moments after take off Ken says, “ I’ve got to show you a picture of the salmon I caught.” Oh, how I love the age of digital cameras. Early this spring, I went to fuel up at Tallio’s Gas Bar. Beside me was a golden four-door truck with three tanned outdoorsy men and a box full of outdoor gear. After leaving my credit card with the clerk inside to prepay, I said in the mens general direction, “looks like you’re off on an adventure.”

dential home visits are by appointment only. For more information, please contact Jeff by Email: or phone (604) 629-9871.

Before he could finish saying, “actually, we’re just getting back from one”, one of the guys had jumped out of the truck and was standing beside me with his camera. “You want to see some pictures? We flew into the Mt. Waddington area to ski for twelve days.“ Are you kidding me? They showed me incredible photos of backcountry skiing with jagged peaks. They were from Golden and we soon found out we have a mutual friend. We traded stories for what seemed like forever. I finally said goodbye. I was so distracted; I left without paying for my gas. When I returned half an hour later to collect my credit card, the clerk and I had a good laugh. She had watched the whole thing. She chuckled, “I knew those guys had done a number on you when I saw you drive away.” She couldn’t stop laughing. As for Ken, his salmon pictures turned into photos and stories of his fly-fishing trip to New Zealand two years ago. He had stayed in a resort by himself for three days where it was all newlywed Honeymooners except for him. He wasn’t your typical New Yorker. They are intense; he was laid back. Ken and I laughed at the irony that for me, going to Comox is getting to civilization, whereas for him, Vancouver Island is getting away from it all. Not only is he single, when we step off the small plane, I can see he is the quintessential tall, dark and handsome. He hands me his business card and says, “ If you ever come to New York, give me a call.” I put his card in my blue jeans back pocket without looking at it. I leave him at the baggage carousel and walk outside to the Fraser River. I watch floatplanes take off while sitting on a bench in the rare Vancouver sunshine. I am stunned. I’m tired to the point I’m wondering if I’m hallucinating. I’m not saying Ken is the right guy for me. Heck, I doubt he even skis; but the conversation we had for fortyfive minutes in contrast to my meeting with Reeve…galaxies apart. The breath of fresh air is encouraging. They aren’t all freak shows. Just the odd one.

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recognized by ICBC and specializes in one-on-one exercise based recovery programs for back pain, joint injuries, heart health and personal conditioning. Professional, confi-

Single in the Valley - Vol. 2

The Farmers’ Market is brought to you by the Supporting Valley Agriculture since 1914

body and spirit thrive with exercise!" "Power In One" is every Monday & Wednesday from 6-7:30pm at SAMS school field and costs $120 per month. Bella Dynamics is

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Georg Oberprieler

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Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Trails to lower Horsetail Falls TAMARA HYND Months ago, I had noticed the sign marking the beginning of the Horsetail Falls Trail on the north side of Highway 20. Not knowing what to expect, I was excited about the prospect of a day hike up to the impressive falls you can only see while heading east. The trailhead is about 34.5 kms east of Hagensborg. I parked my vehicle at Horsetail Falls Creek, then walked west on the north side of the highway about 500 meters. Up a sandy bank and 10 metres into the forest, there is a long white sign nailed to a fir tree. The trail would be difficult to follow if not for the pink flagging tape. Within minutes, the route crosses the old creek bed, then runs up along the west side. The forest is dry fir as it’s at the base of a south facing rock wall. I could hear the sound of the creek leading me in the right direction. As the volume increased, so did the slope. I was fine wearing running shoes; however, the majority will struggle with the steep,

dry and scrambly nature of the last pitch to the falls. After walking for a total of fifteen minutes, I was surprised to find a lower set of falls, which cascaded into a small pool with a view of Mt. Stupendous across the valley. The oven-like temperatures were cooled by the mist of the falls and pushed the flies away. The pool beneath the falls is only 25 by 25ft but the water is warmer than most creeks and is deep enough to do a push up to cool off. The deepest part of the pool was knee deep and the water cascading down was gentle enough to stand beside to be showered. Looking at the waterfall, I felt like I was in Hawaii. There is a side trickle that has allowed for bright green algae to grow on the dark rocks. Under ledges, there are small ferns and mosses. When I turned around to look at the view, there is no mistaking I was in BC. The two broken glaciers across the valley captured me with their jewel like blue attached to the 2680 metre high Mt. Stupendous.

With a fine mist cooling my back, I ate a sandwich and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (Connie’s from the Farmers’ Market) with the mountains rising in front of me. Pink and yellow monkey flowers lined the short creek before the water fell into a narrow gully below. Lunch finished, I explored both to the east and west of the falls to see if the trail continued up but both directions involved scratchy bush whacking and more than just a simple scramble. I was looking up expansive rock faces that might require a rope and leaving my dog at home. After a final dip in the pool, it took me ten minutes to hike down from the falls to the highway. This gave me time to explore further east down the highway and take a step back to realize that it will be another day until I find the trail to the upper Horsetail Falls. It was a refreshing change to have a short hike to a glorious and rewarding oasis. Once again, the Bella Coola Valley managed to grab another piece of my nature loving heart.

Photo Credit: Tamara Hynd

Lower Horsetail Falls is reminiscent of Hawaii until you turn to look at the glaciers on Mt. Stupendous.

Avid fisherwoman breaks husband’s halibut record WENDY KINGSLEY Lloyd and I had the pleasure of going out on Loni and Howard Wiebe’s 32ft Bayliner for a fishing holiday this July. On the day before we returned home, Loni caught a 100 pound halibut close to

the narrows. She had quite a fight as the fish took off on her three times. When it got close enough to the boat, Howard speared it twice and hit it with a bat to make sure it was dead before bringing it into the boat. This is a record for

Loni and she even beat Howard’s record of 75 pound halibut. Loni is an avid fisherwoman always on the lookout for the next catch. One night, instead of waiting to pick up the crab trap with the boat, she decided to use her fishing rod with a lure

to try to hook the trap bouy and bring it in to the boat. When she couldn’t hook it after several tries, it turned into a contest between Loni, Lloyd and Howard. Howard won the contest by hooking it in one try. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a crab in the trap.

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Photo Credit: Llyod Gould 250-982-2696 • Hagensborg

Loni Wiebe with her 100 lb Halibut caught early in July

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hagensborg post office moves to Old Sawmill Road TAMARA HYND Hagensborg residents will have to remember to collect their mail at the new Hagensborg post office located on 1511 Old Sawmill Road. The new post office opened on Monday, July 30th and is 4.5 kilometres west of the previous site. Extensive renovations have transformed a section of the old Forestry building into a

new post office sporting the trademark red, blue and white colours of Canada Post. While box numbers will remain the same, residents must exchange their old keys for a new set and photo ID is required. If you have any questions regarding this relocation, please contact John Smith, Superintendent Local Area Operations, at 250-992-2200 ext. 2002.

Photo credit: Tamara Hynd

New post box keys are ready for Hagensborg residents to pick up Coast Moun tain News


day, Octob


er 13,


+ HST Vol. 27 | No. Thur 20 sday , Octo ber


Photo Credit: Tamara Hynd

Same sign, different building for the Hagensborg Post Office

Photo credit: Tamara Hynd

Be safe around the water DR. PAUL MARTIQUET, MEDICAL HEALTH OFFICER With summer now well established, it might be time to consider if we are becoming a bit too comfortable with our routines. This is a good time to remind ourselves about water safety. For many Canadians, summer means enjoying outdoor activities around the water like swimming, powerboating, kayaking, tubing, just playing around water or heading out to the cabin. Whether lake, river, ocean or backyard pool, water presents many opportunities for fun, but also for accident, injury and even death. Canadian Red Cross research tells us that each year, 166 Canadians drown while boating; of these, 145 are not wearing a lifejacket, or do not have it properly secured. We also know that drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death for Canadian children ages one to four. Infants and toddlers drown most often in bathtubs and pools, whereas older children and youth drown mainly in

large bodies of water. For adults in waterrelated fatalities, other factors included water current and alcohol consumption. It’s a good time to reconsider water safety. Start by learning proper swimming and safety techniques. Enrol children in a recognized swimming or water safety program and get them thinking safety early — it will pay off for their whole lives. Secondly, be aware of your limitations; don’t go beyond your ability. For example, swimming in a quiet lake or backyard pool is not the same as swimming in the ocean where tides and currents can make a massive difference in conditions. Supervise children at all times. That does not mean simply being nearby. It means actively watching at all times. It takes only a few seconds for a child to get into trouble. Backyard pools (and hot tubs) should be fenced off with self-locking gates. Diving accidents can be devastating. Back and neck injuries can result in permanent paralysis. Stay away from diving in any above-ground

pool, and if diving in a lake, river or ocean, make sure there are at least three metres of clear diving water with no obstructions. One of the major causes of spinal injuries is drinking and diving. Here, young men are at greatest risk, but no one is immune from poor decision-making under the influence. Peer pressure, even at a very young age, can also significantly influence behaviour and encourage people to act in unsafe ways. Don’t allow anyone to persuade you to do something you think might be dangerous. Trust your instincts, or listen to good advice. Swimming skills alone are not always enough to save a life. Many drowning incidents involve other factors that swimming skills alone cannot prepare an individual for. Learning water safety. After all, swimming skills combined with safety knowledge and skills are what save lives. Dr. Paul Martiquet is the Medical Health Officer for Rural Vancouver Coastal Health including Powell River, the Sunshine Coast, Seato-Sky, Bella Bella and Bella Coola.

Postmaster Deedee Bittner is happy to help you at the new Hagensborg Post Office.

13, 2011 Serving 011 1 and the the Bella Chilcotin Coola Valle eyy

Terry Fox Run 2011

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Coast Mountain News

250-982-2696 • Hagensborg

This summer could be a scorcher.

Nearly half of all wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell. For more information, visit






Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

Franco and Ziggy and the Stardust to perform at the Bella Coola Valley Inn GINA FORCILLO Franco Vigliotta, an Italian/Canadian based singer/songwriter, is once again bringing two of his three musical projects to B.C. this summer. Working on his seventh album, (with more of a new country feel and some ideas actually written in The Bella Coola Valley last summer), Franco is enjoying all of his musical projects these days. Franco’s solo acoustic act is scheduled to perform at The Bella Coola Valley Farmers Market on August 5 and 26, to promote his upcoming album release. His other project (with his fiancé) ’’Ziggy and the Stardust”, a tribute to David Bowie, is scheduled to perform at The Bella Coola Valley Inn on August 19 and 25. Franco has hopes his third project, “The Digital Immigrants” will be performing in western Canada soon. “I love the west coast of Canada, and

Ziggy and the Stardust are a David Bowie tribute act. Dress up and join the crowd at the Bella Coola Valley Inn performance. Photo credit: Tamara Hynd

it has always been a top favorite place to perform, and we are grateful for all

the people who come and see us play…Rock n’ Roll forever.”

Rob Grant, former Bella Coola resident, climbing at Big Rock. Rob and Aaron agreed the rock is world class grade for bouldering. If it was in Squamish, there would be a line up of 12 to 15 people waiting to climb various routes on Big Rock

Photo credit: Tamara Hynd

Aaron Hamilton tried his hand at bouldering on Big Rock in Tweedsmuir Park. Aaron brought the climbing wall to the music festival from the Romper Room Indoor Rock Climbing Center in Nanaimo.

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012



Leon Barnett, Realtor 32 Years in the Valley 14 Combined Years in Real Estate Over 50 Properties Sold in Bella Coola Office


Bella Coola Res

250-982-2704 SHOW AND SELL ANY MLS LISTING 171 Oliver Street, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1L9

John Cameron 250.392.6999 250.392.4792


#5 - 65 First Avenue South • Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H4

NEED GUTTERS? Continuous Gutters, Snow Stops, Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance, Custom Interior Finishing, Siding MANITOU ENTERPRISES DEREK CHRISTENSEN

250 - 799 - 5816


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Thursday, August News 2, 2012Thursday, Coast Mountain Coast Mountain August 2,News 2012


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Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes:

Attention Toyota Product Advisors

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Timeshare CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. NO Risk Program, STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN THE CLASSIFIEDS Employment Business Opportunities AUTOMOTIVE SCRATCH & Chip Repair. Lucrative. Easy to learn mobile. Exclusive territory. Income Potential $100/hr. Very low operating expenses. F/T or PT. 1(250)686-0808.

Career Opportunities

Build Your Career With us Journeyman Millwrights Meadow Lake, Sk. • Focus On Safety

Performance • Industry Leader In The World Markets • Competitive Compensation Packages • Sustainable Business Practices • Progressive Environment Do you thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment with opportunities for continuous growth and development?

Apply online today and build your career with us!


Western Forest Products Inc.

Detailed job postings can be viewed at http://www.western -people-employment/careers

Education/Trade Schools COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus. Extensive study of beekeeping, queen rearing, and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. Call Lin 1-780-835-6630

• • •

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) Certificates included are: • Ground Disturbance Level 2 • WHMIS • Traffic Control • First Aid Reserve your seat for August 13, 2012. Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627 IF YOU’RE Interested in real estate, then take Appraisal and Assessment, a specialized two-year business major at Lakeland College’s campus in Lloydminster, Alberta. Your training includes assessment principles, computerized mass appraisal valuation of properties, farmland evaluation and property analysis. Start September; 1-800-6616490, ext. 5429. INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Apply online! 1-866-399-3853 MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION Rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. Graduates are in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payments. 1-800-466-1535 TRAIN TO Be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Employment Agencies/Resumes AUSTRALIA/NEW Zealand dairy, beef, sheep, crop enterprises have opportunities for trainees ages 18-30 to live and work Down Under. Apply now for Young Adult Programs! Ph:1-888-598-4415

Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE Assistant Superintendent, Solid Waste Facility. The City of Yellowknife is seeking an individual to assume the position of Assistant Superintendent, Solid Waste Facility. For more information on this position, including the required qualifications, please refer to the City of Yellowknife’ s web page at: or contact Human Resources at (867) 920-5659. Submit resumes in confidence no later than August 10,2012, quoting competition #902-105M to: Human Resources Division, City of Yellowknife, P.O. Box 580, YK, NT, X1A 2N4; Fax (867) 669-3471 or Email:


Alpine Toyota has an immediate opening for a Toyota Product Advisor. Our dealership is situated in Cranbrook B.C., the major business and recreation hub for the entire East Kootenay. We are currently looking for a Product Advisor with a track-record of success who is interested in working in a positive team environment. We offer ongoing training, a generous compensation plan and an engaged group of Team Leaders to help our Product Advisors achieve their goals. For the right applicant, relocation expenses and a guaranteed income will be considered. If you love selling Toyota products and the quality of life that can be found in the East Kootenay’s sounds interesting, please forward your resume in confidence to our Sales Team Leader by email: kdunsire@alpinetoyota or by phone at (250)4894010. If you present the qualities and values we are looking for, we will contact successful applicants for an interview. AUTOMATED TANK Manufacturing Inc. is looking for welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster. We have openings for 10-3rd year apprentices or journey person welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd year apprentice $28$30/hr, journeyperson $32$35/hr, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at (office) 780-8462231; (fax)780-846-2241 or send resume to:; Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform. CONCRETE FINISHERS and Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Subsistence, accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780444-7103.

Door to door delivery needed IMMEDIATELY: *1100-1299 Agnew St. 800-899 Levens St. 915-1125 Ninth Ave. 1100-1285 Pigeon Ave.*

Please call Kym at (250) 392-2331

EXPERIENCED PARTS Person and an Inventory Clerk are required for a progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits and RRSP bonuses plus moving allowances. Our 26,000 sq.ft. store is located 2.5 hours N.E. of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email:



Merchandise for Sale

Help Wanted

Financial Services


Resident Caretaker (semi retired or retired couple preferred). Wanted to overlook 20 unit motel in Vernon, BC. Accommodation included. Fax resume to: 250-545-3859 or email to: silverstarmotel@

IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

8 cu. ft. propane fridge. $900. 250-296-3630

NEED A Business or Personal Loan? Get a Business start up Loan for up to $5 million bankruptcy. Bad credit ok, interest rate from 1.9%. Apply now at or call 1-855-937-8487.

Male Peacock. 1 yr. old. $75. 250-296-3630

Trades, Technical EXCEL Homes is an established Calgary new home builder building in Calgary and the surrounding community. As one of Calgary’s leading builders, we provide our customers with high quality, innovative, and sustainable home solutions. Excel is looking for Framing Contractors for single family homes as well as all construction positions within the company. Make the move and build your career with Excel Homes! Contact for more information or visit our website:

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Garage Sales Garage Sale: Thursday Aug. 2nd to Saturday August 4th. 10am to 2pm. 1411 Paxton Rd.



Health Products

Financial Services DROWNING IN Debt? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1 877-5563500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M . $500 Loan and +. No credit refused. Fast, easy, 100% secure. 1-877-776-1660.

$100 & Under

Firearms Wanted: Old Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369


Land Use Forester

SLIM DOWN For summer! Lose up to 20 lbs in just 8 weeks. Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800-854-5176

$300 & Under Campers cabled Outfitters XL cot. Used one time. Paid $350 asking $250 firm. 250-2430066 Sleep Apnea breathing machine. Resperonics. $300. 250-243-0066

Firewood: In a log deck, limbed. You cut & load. $75/ pickup load. Plus green fence rails or peeled. 250-243-0066

Western Forest Products Inc. Job & application details can be viewed at: /building-value/our-people -employment/careers

PSYCHIC ASTROLOGER. Reveals the unknown. Unhappy? Unlucky? Unloved? Kate solves Love, Marriage, Business, Health, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Alcoholism, Addiction problems. World renown God gifted healer reunites lovers. Free question. Call 877-426-8223.

$100 & Under

Heavy Duty Machinery Pets & Livestock

Feed & Hay New Hay for Sale 5’ x 5 1/2 ‘ round bailes $40.00 call 250747-1648

Livestock 2 great trail horses. 17 yr. old quarterhorse & 18 yr. old Fjiord cross. 250-392-3577.

Pets Free to good home. 2 yr. old Shepherd/Husky. Good family dog. Moving. 250-620-5584 Pet Wanted: Will give good home to good mannered older German Shepherd. (250)9928533 Quesnel

Merchandise for Sale

Antiques / Vintage

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 STEEL BUILDING - Huge clearance sale! 20x24 $4,658. 25x28 $5,295. 30x40 $7,790. 32x54 $10,600. 40x58 $14,895. 47x78 $19,838. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel, 1-800-668-5422.

Misc. Wanted

Antique bottles & other collectibles. 300 pieces, all good old stuff. $1500 for all. 250243-0066

WANTED: Old lever action Winchester & Marlin rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

$100 & Under

$100 & Under

Dollar Deals

ClassiÀ C lassiÀe ed dS Specials pecials One item under $100 One item under $200 One item under $300 One item under $400

for 1 week = $1 for 1 week = $2 for 1 week = $3 for 1 week = $4 maximum 3 lines per ad

Call Caitlin 250-982-2696 or Julie 1-250-398-5516 or email classiÀ

Coast Thursday, August Coast Mountain Mountain News News Thursday, August 2, 2, 2012 2012

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate


Misc. Wanted

Mobile Homes & Parks


Wanted: Truck canopy, used, no leaks, to fit 97 GMC Sierra, 6 1/2’ box. Call 250-296-0062

Lets You Live Life.

RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern BC, Brand New Park. Opening May 2012. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Ask us about our Free Rent option! 250-462-7055.

Other Areas

Real Estate Business for Sale Located in the sunny warm southern interior of BC. Profitable, established Welding Shop & Power Equipment Dealeship. Turnkey Operation. Asking $529,000. Call 1 (250)453-2242 or email:

For Sale By Owner

2004 Polaris 90 ATV. Good running condition. Excellent quad for kids. $1300. 250296-3195

20 ACRES- Only $99/mo. $0 Down, Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas, Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee! Free Color Brochure. 1-800-755-8953.


Trucks & Vans 2009 GMC 1/2 ton 4x4. 53,000 kms. Nice shape, never winter driven. Garage stored. $23,000 OBO. Call 250-305-4336

Mobile Homes & Pads 2 BEDROOM mobile home near 100 Mile for rent. Washer & dryer. Sm. pets neg. $625 per month. Call Bill or Dianne at 250-395-3178. Water system.

766 - 9th Avenue Beautiful & completely renovated home on 2 levels. Arts & crafts style with custom woodwork & doors throughout. Gorgeous new deck down to patio into large fenced, private level back yard. Woodstove in mudroom. Attached workshop/garage. Close to all schools & TRU. To view MUST BE SEEN! $285,000. Phone: (250)267-7082

Modular Homes 1992 14X70 . Large addition, vaulted ceiling skylight, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 4 appliances. Partly furnished. New roof, shed, paved driveway, near school . $78,000 250-3984198 or 250-303-0225


Auto Financing YOU’RE APPROVED Poor, Good, OR No Credit at AUTO CREDIT NOW DL11143 Details and APPLY online OR TOLL FREE 1-877-356-0743

Cars - Domestic GREAT LOCATION! 1005 BALSAM STREET Family friendly home on 1/2 acre, 2200sq. ft. backing onto crown land, 4bdr., 2 bath, lrg. family room, extensive renos throughout. Larger than it looks! Asking $240,000. Serious enquiries. Call to book an appointment. (250)392-5566 To view more pics visit search ID387211233

GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD 105 GIBBON ROAD 4bdr., 2 bath, laundry, office, large master bdr., large kitchen includes 6 app. Large rec room. Carport, RV parking. 1/2 acre fenced view lot, adj. Crown Land. $257,000. (250)392-7620 (message) or (250) 398-0772 cell.

MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED! 759 WINGER ROAD Large home on 2.74 acres backing on crown land, 5 minutes from town, view. New kitchen & laundry room. See Property Guys.Com #69266 $399,000. Phone (250)398-6266

1993 Buick Century. Well maintained. New brakes and muffler. $1500. Call 250398-9598

Cars - Sports & Imports 1990 Suzuki Tracker. Complete rebuilt engine. Newer updated transfer case. New over sized tires. No rust, soft top. Good mechanical condition.$2400. 250-303-0941

Utility Trailers 4’7”X8’2” utility trailer with 265/75 R15 tires, 3500 lb axle, boat rack. $650. 250-989-4746

Boats 16 ft. Cedar canoe. View at 280 Litzenburg Cres. WL. 250398-8874 1995 26.55 Bayliner-Cierra. 5.7 Mercury inboard/outboard. Comes with 9.9 Mariner and steering arm. GPS/depth sounder, elec. down rigger, dual battery system, anchor and much more. Shorelander galvanized tandem trailer. $24,500 OBO. 250-2676001

It takes 11 muscles to read this ad.

2007 Honda Accord EX-L. Red sedan, well cared for, clean. Fully loaded, new tires. One owner. Call Kevin 250-392-1592

Geo auto, cent alloy mpg. New 5558

Metro. 1 litre engine, stereo, 2nd owner, revalve job, timing belt, custom wheels. 55 Nice, clean little car. tires. $2200. 778-412-



200 feet of waterfront, 2 storey Log House, Docks, 8 miles of lake, All furnishings stay, 4000 watt power plant,new solar power snow blower, 1994 GMC truck. For sale by owner (No real estate please) pseudonym W I A Jaxon Box 592 150 Mile House, BC V0K 2G0

1981 Class A 25’ GMC Mohome. 104-K, 454 sound engine & general reliable condition. New tires, roof air/heater, 3 way fridge etc. $3200. Call 250-396-7579

Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously. Learn more at

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Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coast Mountain News, August 02, 2012  
Coast Mountain News, August 02, 2012  

August 02, 2012 edition of the Coast Mountain News