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Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012

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BC Advent School back to school

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Sarah Gowans photo

The Annual Edible Garden Tour visited Abra Silver’s very productive garden in Hagensborg on August 19th.

Blue skies for Agricultural Society’s Annual Edible Garden Tour and Feast DAYNA CHAPMAN Though the theme for this year’s Edible Garden Tour was ‘After the Flood’, beautiful blue skies graced the 5th annual event, which showcased five gardens for a busload of interested locals and visitors. The Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society hosts this event to celebrate local food producers and share innovations and ideas. This year, the resilience, tenacity and toil of

Valley growers were on display, as the flood of 2010 impacted all the showcased gardens. The growers’ toured participants through their gardens, answered questions, and told the stories of their flood experiences. Each garden had a different perspective- some had flowing water that carried away hard-earned topsoil, some had dumps of heavy silt, some have experienced a profound change in groundwater proximity. Some mentioned a marked

increase in fertility following the floods. All have adapted and changed and demonstrated the kind of creative, resilient, hard-working soul that thrives in the Bella Coola Valley. A highlight of this year’s event was the infamous and always entertaining Doug Baker, who not only navigated the bus through the lanes of Grant Road, but also shared his Flood Song in addition to reciting some flood-inspired poetry. The tour culminated in a

gorgeous potluck feast at the Art House in Hagensborg. The BCVSAS would like to acknowledge and extend profound thanks to Arts Council volunteers Joan Cole and Pauline Russell for handling the set up, serving, and clean up for the feast. Deep thanks are also due to Moore’s Market for their donation of door prize gift certificates, and to School District #49 for allowing us to use their bus. We especially thank our wonderful host

gardeners, Kevin and Susan O’Neill, Monica Tutt, Erin Chapman (who showed Verna Mikkleson’s garden), Christina Mecham, and Abra Silver. If you have or know a garden that could be featured in next year’s tour, please get in touch. We’d love to feature some of the hidden gems in the Valley- and don’t worry, no one’s garden is perfect! For more information, please contact Dayna at or 250 799 5287.


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012

at the Bella Coola Valley Inn

Coast Mountain News

Church Service 11 am Bella Coola Adventist Academy Offers a Christian Learning Environment for Grades K - 9 Grades 10 - 12 Distance Learning through West Coast Adventist School Principal Rebecca Landry 799 5910

Central Coast Regional District

Sunday Communion Service 10:30AM

Box 186, Bella Coola, BC V0T 1C0 Ph: (250) 799-5291 Fax: (250) 799-5750

Monthly Mass Saturday Evening 6:00PM Call Susan to con¿rm 250-799-5618

No appointment necessary

Enjoy the 2012 Bella Coola Fall Fair

(250) 799 - 5746 Jeff

Enjoy the Fall Fair! The Valley Restaurant Located in the Co-op

OPEN DAILY Sunday - Friday 7am - 6 pm Check out our Daily Specials!

Licensed Dining at

Bella Coola Mountain Lodge Join us for a casual evening or a special event…

Wednesday through Sunday 5:30 pm - 9 pm The Valley’s best food & ambiance! Reservations recommended Please call 250-982-2298 1900 Highway 20, Hagensborg

Phone/Fax: 250 799 0045


Saturday Service Song & Bible Study For Adults & Children 9:30 am Sabbath School Program 10 am Bible Study

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church

1 Ʃ

Bella Coola Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Now Open

*(7ǂƵ85&ǖǙ <ƼǖƧDŽ<

NIC Learners’ Guides Learn new skills, start your degree, or train for a new career this year. NIC’s 2012-2013 Learners’ Guides provide detailed program and course information for your region in one handy booklet. Copies are available in this newspaper and online at:

Emmanuel Church Bella Coola Sunday Service 7pm For a full list of programs or to apply, visit or call 1-800-715-0914 today.

Bella Coola Fall Fair Logger Sports


Bella Coola Fall Fair

1:00 pm Sunday, September 9

Agenda for the Lobelco Hall Fairgrounds:

Bella Coola Consumers Co-operative ... your community grocer

Open Saturday, Sept. 1st Closed Monday, Sept. 3rd Open Tuesday, Sept. 4th

“Classic Cars”

Tuesday, September 4, 12 - 5pm Lobelo Deadline for entry forms Contact Christina (250) 799 - 5914

Congratulations to the community for 60 years at the Fair! Our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors and volunteers who year after year put in the enormous time and effort necessary to stage a wonderful fair.


Organized by Bella Coola Community Forest

Friday, September 7 Drop off exhibits for judging

Men’s and Ladies’ events (No experience necessary to participate. Must be 19 years or older.)

Choker Race Nail Driving 2 Man Cross Cut Firewood Chop Obstacle Buck Axe Throw Horizontal Axe Chop Speed Buck (bring own high powered saw) Tug-of-War (8 person teams, no caulks or cleats)

Great Prizes

Saturday, September 8 Judging of exhibits in Exhibition Building 2:00 pm - Dog Show in Logger Sports area Sunday, September 9 11:30 am - Parade Line-up at N. Grant Rd 12:00 pm - Parade and Opening Ceremonies 1:00 pm - Logger Sports Families and businesses are encouraged to participate in the “Classic Cars” themed parade. Dress up or construct a float: prizes to be awarded! For info on food booths & parade, call Sarah at 982-0040 or Sherri 799 - 5518 for other info.



Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Canadian Safe Boating Council wants you to nominate your local boating heroes today PRESS RELEASE CANADA SAFE BOATING AWARDS This is your opportunity to have your own local boating safety advocate or hero recognized for their outstanding or life saving efforts in the field of recreational boating safety and environmental stewardship. They may have pulled someone to safety from a capsized boat, taught school children about the importance of always wearing a lifejacket or helped to keep the waterways clean and free of pollutants and debris. Whatever they have contributed to the boating community, we want you to nominate them! The Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs) are like the Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Choice Awards of Safe Boating. They are an annual awards ceremony and dinner which takes place every January to recognize the efforts of the

general public, volunteers, professionals, agencies and organizations who have distinguished themselves in the fields of boating safety and environmental stewardship. Maybe you or the company you work for has developed a product that enhances boating safety or maybe you or someone you know was walking along the beach, heard someone calling for help and decided to react. The CASBA awards span a number of categories including: "Rescue of the Year" "Marine Professional of the Year" "Top Volunteer Dedicated to Safe Boating" "Best Boating Safety Initiative" "Safeguarding the Environment" "Marine Industry" â&#x20AC;&#x153;Visible PFD Wear in Advertisingâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best Media Contribution to Boating Safetyâ&#x20AC;? What makes the CASBAs so very special is that nomina-

tions come from people like YOU! No matter where you live from Victoria to St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, please keep your eyes and ears open. If you know or hear of some deserving individual or organization in your area, we ask you to please submit a nomination with related details by completing the form which can be found by going to Help the Canadian Safe Boating Council say thankyou to deserving Canadians for their stellar efforts and let them know that their work is greatly appreciated. Visit for more information about the CASBAs and to submit your nomination. Anyone wishing to attend the CASBAs can also register through this site. Nominations close November 4th, 2012. For further information contact: Susanne Simic, Simic Public Relations for the Canadian Safe Boating Council (416) 622-3358

Should you be gluten-free? DR. PAUL MARTIQUET, MEDICAL HEALTH OFFICER Wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it be wonderful if we could point to one evil source of all our health problems? If we could find one thing that caused diabetes, obesity and even cataracts, we could then effectively â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;fixâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; all manner of health problems. According to one author, Dr William Davis, a cardiologist, we already know the culprit: it is wheat, as explained in his book â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wheat Belly.â&#x20AC;? Dr Davis goes so far as to saying that wheat has caused â&#x20AC;&#x153;more harm than any foreign terrorist!â&#x20AC;? Good to know â&#x20AC;&#x201D; wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it be nice if it was true? Today, wheat, and gluten in particular, has taken on a status as pariah for the millions who are on the low-carb diet bandwagon or who believe they are allergic or sensitive to gluten. Much of this antipathy can be traced back to Dr Davisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book. Unfortunately, most of the evidence against wheat is anecdotal, that is, something we heard or experienced. But health decisions and policies need to be

based on evidence, not just assumption-laden stories. Some of the claims made include the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;factâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; that wheat has been altered via selective breeding so its gluten is more likely to provoke reactions than wheat â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;used to do.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; While wheat and most foods have been bred to improve yields, quality and resistance to disease and insects, there is no evidence to show that â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;oldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; wheat was better for us than todays. Wheat is a staple across most of the world, yet consumption variations do not show links to rates of obesity nor any other disease. And what of the evidence that wheat consumption over the past ten years has dropped in the US, yet the obesity epidemic has increased at the same time? The other claims made by Dr Davis are no better supported by evidence. Still, there are millions on the gluten-free bandwagon. Unfortunately, this distracts from those who truly are allergic or sensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein in wheat that makes

dough elastic and smooth. It is also found in other grains including rye and barley. The only good reason to avoid gluten is if you are allergic to it because of celiac disease. In those people, gluten provokes an autoimmune response that damages the small intestine and can cause symptoms like bloating, diarrhea,

cramps, abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue and loss of appetite. In Canada and the United States, there are an estimated one in 100 people with celiac disease; if there is a family history, the number jumps up to one in 22. If you are experiencing chronic indigestion or other symptoms of gluten sensitivity, consult your doctor and get tested for celiac disease. Do this before making the move to wheat and gluten-free eating. After all, if gluten is not the problem, avoiding it will not clear up the symptoms

and will mask the real problem. If testing confirms celiac disease, the next step is to get nutritional advice from a

registered dietician who will provide guidance on healthy eating including eating other healthy grains (wheat is not the only

20th Annual Tour de Cariboo       d ente pres by


September 8, 2012 Williams Lake to Gavin Lake


Free overnight accommodation if needed

2012 FALL FAIR! Closed Monday, September 3 for Labour Day Open Daily: Monday to Saturday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Last Sunday opening September 9

option) like corn, rice, oats, buckwheat and quinoa. And yes, whole grains are good for you.

Find Out More - 200-369 Oliver Street â&#x20AC;˘ 250-398-8391 â&#x20AC;˘

Chilcotin Chilco Chi lc c tin n Lodge L dg Lo Lod ge e

Check out our featured properties: Jim Smart, REALTORÂŽ Cell: 250-305-8008 Office: 250 377 3030 Toll Free: 855 305 8008 Email:

Vera Robson, Unlicensed assistant Ph: 250 982 2553

1.3 acres of grassland, power, water & septic on site, Anahim Lk, $17,900

Country home in east Hagensborg! $150,000

Popular local restaurant provides instant cash flow! $185,000


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012

From visitors afar

Little Cherry Bear

I am pleased to announce that the Coast Mountain News, dated 19 July, and the nifty Bella Coola bookmarks survived the perilous border crossing all intact. We were thrilled to learn the results of the Sir Alexander Mackenzie school awards day results, as well as the eco-rafting details.

I need to register my dismay and anger at the article “Little Cherry Bear”, published August 16, 2012 in the Coast Mountain News. The rude and disrespectful language used is insulting, divisive, and polarizing to our community. Is this the kind of writing I should look forward to? Respectfully, Doris Nelson Bella Coola

We thank you for reminding the retired folks from northern California of a very pleasant stay in Bella Coola-beautiful place and nice people!! Best wishes from Lincoln, California Patrick Jewell Always curious-Never bored

Know your berries Beautiful berry picture in last week’s paper. However, those were mountain ash (sorbus americana) berries, not red elderberries (sambucus racemosa). Mountain ash berries are edible, although not very palatable. The mountain ash tree belongs to the rose family and is related to apples. Mountain ash ber-

ries, or pones as they are called, have been used historically by both Europeans and native Americans. The berries are very high in vitamins A and C; early explorers ate them raw to cure scurvy. They were also used historical medicinally. I have used them to make jelly, which is good with venison; I found it best made

with equal parts apple juice otherwise the flavour is too strong. As for the elderberry, it is the seeds that are toxic, and unripe fruit, so when processing be sure to remove the seeds. Birds and bears love both of these fruits. Regards, Lyn Sakiyama

All I can say is Thank God for the socalled Shoot, Shovel and Shut up residents of our Valley. As with out them and their ancestors our Valley would never have been settled and be the Valley it is today. Kathy Nylen Sinclair House Bed and Breakfast

Letter to the Editor Re: Little Cherry Bear Another illegal bear shooting in Hagensborg just shows the total lack of respect for any wildlife in this beautiful Valley and underlines the problem of great ignorance that these frightened lawless little men demonstrate by shooting in residential neighborhoods. Further, total ignorance manifests itself among those people as the careless dumping of the illegally shot bear carcass at the entrance to the newly constructed West Nusatsum Forest Service Road endangers other Valley residents and families that recreate in the

area by potentially attracting other wildlife to the area. What is even more disturbing, not nearly 200m away, rots a second carcass of another illegally shot Valley bear in the ditch at West Nusatsum Forest Service Road. Why do you live in this beautiful place when you show no regard for the wildlife that call this place also home or towards your fellow valley residents? Furthermore, the RCMP takes 50 minutes to respond to a call from a distressed valley resident reporting multiple shots at a Valley neighborhood - really. They obviously think our community is safer with people shooting

whenever they want and where they want. Even so, we are very disturbed by the event and the two dead bears. We hope that the CO’s (Conservation Officers) involved in the investigation in one of the two shootings are finally able to hold these dangerous individuals, the bear shooter minority (triple “SSS”) in this Valley, accountable. Positive, peaceful change will continue to take place in this Valley, thanks to the active Bear Aware group even if it will take one dangerous, illegal bear shooter at a time. Yours truly, The Schieck family

Airport Dike Project Update STEPHEN WAUGH, CCRD EMERGENCY PROGRAM COORDINATOR The Central Coast Regional District

is making progress towards critical upgrades to the Bella Coola Airport Dike. The engineering firm of Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) has been

engaged to provide a detailed engineered design for work that will bring the structure up to current standards and provide an exten-


sion that will protect the entire runway surface. Once the design is completed, the construction costs will be identified and the taxpayers of Bella Coola will be asked to decide if they wish to fund 1/3 of the project expenses, as well as routine maintenance costs in the future.

MoTI photo

Hagensborg Airport flooded in September 2010. This isn’t the way we want the airport to look when our highway is closed. (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure).

Dr. Carolyn Walsh


The Central Coast Regional District is inviting proposals from qualified individuals or contractors to perform various construction projects at the Thorsen Creek Waste & Recycle Centre in Bella Coola.

Large and small animal veterinary services will be in Bella Coola at Lobelco Hall

September 15,16 & 17, 2012 • Small animals Chinook Veterinary • Large animals Services • Equine dentistry, etc.

Works involve water well installation, concrete slab, small building construction and renovations and associated electrical modifications. Information packages will be available at the Central Coast Regional District offices, 626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola, BC 250 799-5291, and on the website, on Friday, August 31.

If approved, work could commence later this fall and continue at certain times during 2013. The project would be sensitive to weather and fisheries windows meaning that work on sections nearest the water would only be performed at the appropriate times. There

Please phone (250) 267-7654 or email chinookvet@gmail. com for an appointment time. We will do our best to accommodate you and your critters.

Tenders close Friday, September 14, 2012.

To reach me in Bella Coola, call (250) 799 - 5922 or stop in and say hello!

Yearly Subscriptions In Canada $50.40 USA $84.00 (Cdn Funds) Foreign $130(plus (CdnHST) Funds) $116.07 (includes HST)


are many other sections that are away from the river and these can be worked on in most conditions. The proposed final completion date is December 2013. Watch for further updates in the near future. Questions regarding this project can be directed to Steve Waugh at the CCRD office, 7995291 or to

STAFF: Editor: Tamara Hynd Contributors: Stephen Waugh, Leonard Kozak, Dr. Paul Martiquet, Caitlin Send to: Coast Mountain News Thompson, Dayna Chapman, Dianne 68N. Broadway Ave., Williams Lake, BC V2G 1C1 Tuck, Sarah Gowans PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO "BLACK PRESS LTD" Consultant: 250-398-5516 • Fax: 250-398-5855 Angela Hall Published every other week

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012


School days, school days… beautiful Golden Rule days!

Put the “home” back in “homework”

LEONARD KOZAK ABC LIFE LITERACY CANADA Another summer is all but gone and another school year is about to begin. For some this will bring excitement, for others possibly dread. It means holidays are over and the work begins again. It also means new beginnings and new opportunities for making new friends and learning new things. It can also mean new teachers and staff members. As Chair of the Bella Coola Adventist School Board, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce to you our staff for the upcoming school year. All staff have new positions and responsibilities and some are new not only to our school but to our valley. First of all, we are happy to welcome Rebecca Landry back as our grades 5 to 9 teacher. She has ably filled this position for the past two years in our school but has agreed to take on the added responsibility of Principal. She will also be taking over part of the school music program and is excited about introducing a hand bell choir program. We wish her all the best in her new roles. Next I would like to welcome Charity Alcaide to our school and the Bella Coola Valley. She comes to us from Burnaby. This will be a year of firsts for her. This will be her first experience at country living, her first classroom (even though she has been teaching for the past two years as a Supply Teacher) and her first wilderness camp out (in June of this year) but she is undaunted. She will be teaching our K to 4 classes. We are excited to have her joining our staff and hope she will find us to be the warm and friendly community that we are. You will find her to be very friendly and

Leonard Kozak photo

Rebecca Landry and Charity Alcaide welcome students to BC Advent School for the 2012/2013 school year starting September 4th.

approachable. After taking a year off, Lynette Kozak is again joining our staff in a new role as Secretary/ Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper and Librarian. Lynette has worked at our school for several years in various capacities but this will be the first time she will be wearing many of these hats all under one full time job description. Her voice is most likely to be the one you hear when calling the school. We welcome her back and wish her success as she takes on these new chal-

lenges. We have a newly renovated Home Economics/ Multipurpose room that we are very pleased with. Lucinda Dixon has been the driving force behind this project for which we are very appreciative. Thank you CJ for your hard work and dedication to our school program over the past twelve years. Bella Coola Adventist School offers an alternative Christian based learning environment with small class sizes, limited to 15 students per class, with teaching assistants, which gives

us a low student/ teacher ratio. BCAS is open to all children of all backgrounds. We offer a K to grade 9 classroom experience with a Distance Learning Virtual Classroom experience for grades 10 to 12. Registration is limited so contact us soon to reserve a tuition free spot. We welcome your inquiries or stop by to tour our facility when our doors open on September 4th. For registration or for information, call the school at 250799-5910 to set up an appointment.

Tender Call CENTENNIAL POOL CONCRETE REPAIRS The Central Coast Regional District is inviting proposals from qualified individuals or contractors to perform concrete deck repairs and related works at the Centennial Pool in Hagensborg. Information packages will be available at the Central Coast Regional District offices, 626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola, BC 250 799-5291, and on the website, on Friday, August 31.

Tenders close Friday, September 14, 2012.

After a long hot summer it can be tough to get kids back into a routine, and focused on homework. But homework is a key part of your child’s education, and it’s important that they not only complete it, but also understand what they’ve learned. Studies show that children's achievements in school improve with increased parent involvement in education. So get involved in your kids’ schoolwork – you might even learn something new too! ABC Life Literacy Canada offers 10 tips on how to make homework part of your daily routine: 1. Develop a daily routine by setting aside a specific time each day/evening for homework. 2. Provide a quiet, well-lit place with basic school supplies. 3. Understand your child’s style of learning – this will help you develop a personalized homework plan for your child. 4. It’s not uncommon for kids to get overwhelmed with big assignments or projects. Help them break the project down into smaller steps. Work on pieces throughout the week and do the

hard parts on the weekend. 5. Talk with your child’s teacher and be aware of their method of teaching. Help your child by using familiar terms and examples. 6. Don’t reserve learning to homework hour. Make learning a part of daily life. 7. If your child gets frustrated or distracted with their homework, allow them to take a short break. If this frustration continues, talk with your child’s teacher to determine if a tutor might be needed. 8. To reinforce comprehension and memory skills, take 10 minutes to talk about the stories you’ve read together. 9. Show your child that the skills they are learning relate to real life. If your child is learning math, for example, balance your chequebook or have them count out change for you. 10. Teach your child to be independent. Offer to help them with difficult homework challenges, but then let them complete the remainder on their own. For other family literacy tips and activities, visit

SCHOOL DISTRICT#49 (Central Coast) 2012 - 2013 BUS SCHEDULE MORNING BUSES: George’s Bus: 1) Townsite Gr. 6-12 to SAMSS: First pick-up at 8:00 am Emmanuel United Church and Hospital Residence, and Gr. 6-12 from Grant Road to SAMSS 2) 4-Mile all four stops Gr. 6-12 to SAMSS:First pick-up at 8:30 am Leonard’s Bus: 1) End of Saloompt Road to Currie’s to SAMSS and BCE: First pick-up 8:22 am at Brekke Road 2) Pick-up at 4-Mile, all four stops at 8:40 am to BCE Stephen’s Bus: 1) Firvale including Smith subdivision and stops up to and including Allison Road: First pick-up 8:00 am in Firvale, and 8:18 am in Smith Subdivision 2) Hagensborg, Lower Bella Coola to Grant Road to BCE: First pick-up 8:30 am at SAMSS

AFTERNOON BUSES: George’s Bus: 1) Depart SAMSS (Gr. 6-12) to Grant Rd and Townsite at 3:37 pm 2) Depart SAMSS (Gr. 6-12) to 4-Mile at 4:15 pm Leonard’s Bus: 1) Depart BCE to 4-Mile to SAMSS at 3:15 pm 2) Depart SAMSS to Saloompt at 3:37 pm Stephen’s Bus: 1) Depart from BCE to Lower Bella Coola to SAMSS at 3:15 pm 2) Depart from SAMSS to Allison Road East at 3:37 pm

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM 1) Depart BCE at 4:30 pm 2) Depart SAMSS at 5:00 pm


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012

5th Annual Edible Garden Tour and feast

Smelling the sweet scent of sweetpeas

Kevin O’Neill showcased his garden on N. Grant Rd.

Sarah Gowan photos

This year’s corn crop is growing tall.

Leon Barnett, Realtor 250-982-2704

Advertised Worldwide Fine Properties

$139,000, MLS N212053, 40 Acres Hammer Road. Par ally cleared, Construc on mobile, Awesome Views, power and phone available. $159,000, MLS N219490, 21.86 Acres Nusatsum Plateau. Winter Sun exposure on this rare offering, Heavily Timbered, small creek. R $164,900, MLS N216691,FF 2E Acres, 1267SF 3 Bedroom Heritage. O Another sunny locaEDon, updated, Views, Garden, Metered shop or? PT $179,000, MLS CEN220248 , 19.44 Acres and 2500SF Building near town. AC constructed building incorporates Studio, Shop and storage. Huge, Solidly $179,000, MLS N220585, Two Separate 40 Acre Parcels for one price! Great se ng, Private, New access road, Awesome views, Creeks. $189,000, MLS N221387, 2036SF total area, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Fenced. Great family or re rement home, approx. 20 years old, nice 1 acre lot. $198,000, MLS N220693, 4.46 Acres, 1733SF 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, NICE. Without a doubt one of the nicest houses in the valley! 1620SF Shop. $220,000, MLSW Pending, 70 Seat Restaurant, 2300SF Building, Recent equipNE Inac ve for 2 years, Wai ng for crea ve chef, lots of poten al. ment upgrade, $239,000, MLS N212966, 1163 Mack Road Beauty! Wonderful 2249SF, 2, poss. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Stackwall Masonry, Many Upgrades. $289,000, MLS W N221701, 1690 Hwy 20, 2096SF, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath NE Nice house with winter sun, 6 Acres, Quest Cabin, Big Shop and more. $339,000, MLS N219154, Ul mate 5 Acre Hobby Farm! 2040SF Home, 1040SF wired shop, Newer Barn, Covered RV storage, Fenced Pasture. $529,000, MLS W N221666, Wilderness Elegance at 1747 Hwy 20, 2850SF plus NE 4 Bath, Solarium, Fireplace, Fantas c Kitchen on 27plus acres! 4 Bedrooms, 171 Oliver Street Williams Lake, BC. V0T 1H0 250-392-4422

Sunflowers are tasty and beautiful

Seeds in hand are how all gardens start

a illations add to Natural art inst sion garden’s dimen

Employment Opportunity The Bella Coola Watershed Society is currently seeking a Coordinator. The work schedule is flexible, averaging a total of one day a week with potential for increased hours. The BCWCS will preferentially appoint an individual with strong organizational skills, an ability to work independently, and a general interest in our local watershed. For further info please email:

Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012


Rich soil and hard work lead to great gardens Sarah Gowan photos

Doug Baker spoke written words by Beth Jay for the crowd in Abra Silver’s garden.


Mecham Sales and Service (1978) LTD. (250) 982 - 2345

Gardening is a step by step process that once and awhile we get to sit back to enjoy like Bill and Victorya Henderson.

A decline in bees has been noticed in the Valley. They help pollinate plants.

This summer could be a scorcher.

Robert Dean & Challaine Yvonne are happy to announce our parents, Rhonda Morton & Darren Dettling, have officially united our family by marriage on Sat June 30, 2012 at Emmanuel United Church in Bella Coola, BC with Rev. Ann Austin-Cardwell.

“Two-stepping our way into a new life... The dance has begun as husband & wife.” The day was amazing as we celebrated this unity with our parents -Gerri & Ron, Elaine & Mark, children Robbie & Challaine, granddaughter Thea, brothers -Ray, Ken, Darcy, sisters -Nova & Maryanne, nieces, family & friends. We thank everyone for coming from near & far to share this blessed experience. Heartfelt thanks especially for enriching our lives with many lovely gifts. May the Creator bless each & every one of you.

Nearly half of all wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell. For more information, visit


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012

Local follows her passion for real estate CAITLIN THOMPSON

Patrick Gunderson photo

Fawn Gunderson was awarded her designation as a Licensed REALTOR this August.

The Bella Coola Valley is now one realtor richer. Driven by true enthusiasm, Fawn Gunderson decided to pursue her Realtor’s license last year and was awarded her designation as a Licensed Realtor in August. “I fell in love with Bella Coola on my very first visit thirteen years ago. I moved here soon after and started a family. I have always loved the lifestyle that I live here and always want everyone to experience the same. I feel that real estate will be a great way to stay connected with everyone here, meet new people and share my enthusiasm.” It wasn’t an easy decision. Becoming licensed to sell real estate in B.C. requires dedication and drive – the course is a huge learning curve for most and Fawn was no exception. With a background in Early Childhood Education and Special Needs, this course was about as far from that as you could get. But as she prepared to leave her other career behind, new challenges came into focus, and Fawn saw that

much of her life in the Valley has left her well prepared for the transition. Choosing to work with LandQuest Realty ® was a relatively easy decision, as she felt their mandate and experience matched both the Bella Coola area and her personal interests. LandQuest Realty® is a BC-based realty company specializing in rural, oceanfront and recreational, lodges, marinas, resorts and also residential properties throughout the province. The company refers to itself as ‘The Source’ for these types of properties, and Fawn followed her instincts when she decided to join the LandQuest® team. Fawn knows their innovative marketing techniques will maximize exposure to the area and showcase the properties large or small in publications such as Pacific Yaughting and BC Outdoors. “Having lived in Bella Coola for over a decade, I have become very familiar with both the Valley and the outer coast as my family and I love exploring the coastal waters.” she says. “I decided to go with LandQuest® because they strike the right balance of specializing in homes and properties while encour-

aging outdoor living in rural areas.” Besides her dedication to the activities most Valley residents love, such as fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, and boating, those of you who know Fawn will undoubtedly be familiar with her love of improvement! Over the past few years, she and her husband have spent much of their time transforming their remote oceanfront property into a warm and inviting spot by hand building a timber-frame cabin on their property in Labouchere. So whether it’s an isolated piece of property or a cozy Valley home, she sees it with all the potential it has to offer. “I am really excited to begin this next chapter of my life here in the Valley,” she says. “It has always been a dream of mine to showcase the beauty and potential of the Valley, and this is certainly one way I can do that.” Fawn is currently working with LandQuest Realty Corporation® and will be available year-round. She will work hard to bring the perfect buyer to your door or help you get into the home of your dreams. She can be reached at 250-982-2314 or by email at

To market, to market Bella Coola Farmers’ Institute evolution - Part 1 of 3 DIANNE TUCK Commercial gardens were established in British Columbia back in the early 1800’s to provide provisions to the fur trade. As time evolved this led to gardeners, farmers, and others who had a common interest, to exchanging ideas, create friendships, and promote a farming social culture. This was the basis of establishing Farmers’ Institutes. Current legislation sets out the premises of the Farmers’ and Women’s Institutes Act, and the

Incorporation and objects of an institute, being: Section 3 An institute may be incorporated under this Act for one or more of the following purposes: (a) to improve conditions of rural life so that settlement may be permanent and prosperous; (b) to promote the theory and practice of agriculture; (c) to arrange on behalf of its members for the purchase, distribution or sale of commodities, supplies or products (d) to act generally on behalf of its members

in all matters incidental to agricultural pursuits and rural development; (e) to promote home economics, public health, child welfare, education and better schools. These are all processes that our local Institute has followed since its inception in 1914. Member’s topics of discussion over the years has covered: Farm Tax Assessment reviews, Flood Control on Farm Land, zoning by-laws, Hwy 20 access, Environmental Farm Planning, Meat Inspection

The Farmers’ Market is brought to you by the

BELLA COOLA FARMERS’ INSTITUTE Supporting Valley Agriculture since 1914 Ph: 250-799-5681 Email:


Thursday, September 13, 2012 7:00 pm - Hagensborg Fire Hall The Hagensborg Waterworks District will hold a special general meeting to discuss the capital development plan. (250) 982 - 7777

Regulations, Specified Risk Materials, Mobile Abattoirs, GMO Free Zones, Species at Risk Act, purchasing of farm supplies and equipment, and freight costs. In past years, to provide an educational component to valley agriculture, by charging a fee of $35.00 to $50.00 a person, we held 2 to 5 day seminars on Establishing a Small Farm, Farm Estate Planning, Fruits and Vegetable Crops, Pruning, Bug and Weed Control, Fallow Deer, Sheep raising with shearing demonstration, Cattle Marketing, and other related agricultural topics. Printed material on these seminars was provided to the local library. Lectures were held by the visiting veterinary.

Tamara Hynd photo

Harvest time is here and the Farmers’ Market will continue to open every Sunday in September as long as the weather supports gardens to yield crops. Dianne Tuck provides the history of The Farmers’ Institute that organizes today’s Farmers’ Market.

Congratulations to the Valley on 60 years of successful Fall Fairs HODGSON FREIGHTWAYS LTD. Refridgerated service and General Freight Vancouver - Williams Lake - Chilcotin - Bella Coola Toll Free: 1 (866) 321 0889 • Williams Lake: 250-398-5645 Email: WE TAKE A LOAD OFF YOUR MIND

Have a great time at the 2012 Bella Coola Fall Fair Bella Coola Air Ltd. Phone: (250) 982-2545

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Leon Barnett, Realtor 32 Years in the Valley 14 Combined Years in Real Estate Over 50 Properties Sold in Bella Coola Office


Bella Coola Res

250-982-2704 SHOW AND SELL ANY MLS LISTING 171 Oliver Street, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1L9

John Cameron 250.392.6999 250.392.4792


#5 - 65 First Avenue South â&#x20AC;˘ Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H4

NEED GUTTERS? Continuous Gutters, Snow Stops, Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance, Custom Interior Finishing, Siding MANITOU ENTERPRISES DEREK CHRISTENSEN

250 - 799 - 5816

HODGSON FREIGHTWAYS LTD. Refrigerated service, General Freight, Flat Decks, B Trains Refrigerated service, General Freight, B Trains Vancouver, Williams Lake, Chilcotin & Bella Coola


Phone 604-888-7515 Fax 604-888-1611 Williams Lake: Phone 250-398-5645 Bella Coola: Phone 250-799-5644

Toll Free: 1-866-321-0889

Email: We take a load off your mind


A10 A10

Thursday, August News 30, 2012 Coast Mountain Coast Mountain Thursday, August 30,News 2012


Your community. Your classiďŹ eds.

bcclassified bc .com fax 250.982.2512 email classiďŹ



It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.





$500 & Under



9â&#x20AC;&#x2122;6â&#x20AC;? Slumber Queen truck camper. Stove, oven , fridge, porta potty. Net weight 1800 lbs. Clean, queen bed. Offers. 250-392-7366

Education/Trade Schools

Trades, Technical


Information Have your say. Get Paid. Voice your opinion on issues that matter and receive cash incentives for doing so.

Also, participate to win one of 10 prizes totalling $1000!

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Travel VISITING ARIZONA for the Winter? Meridian RV Resort. Good Sam-Trailer Life Top 100 RV Resorts in America. Check us out at: or call 1-866-770-0080.

Employment Career Opportunities HSSE Supervisor Competition #BU12-0012 We have an immediate opening for a Health, Safety, Security & Environment Supervisor in BC. The successful candidate can be located in either lower mainland or Okanagan area. Responsibilites: Health, Safety, Security and Environment support to the Ready Mix, Aggregate, and Landscape divisions in Metro Vancouver, Okanagan Valley, the Shuswapp and Central BC, not limited to these locations. Duties: promote job safety and environment awareness; implement acceptable working methods and practices; compliant with Safety responsibilities; and champion on deďŹ ned HSSE topics. You will have 5 years of HSSE experience and have excellent verbal and written skills. Must be able to deal with sensitive issues and conďŹ dential information. QualiďŹ cations should include: Construction Safety OfďŹ cer and a combination of education and experience. Extensive travel will be required. Submit your resume by quoting competition number by August 31, 2012 to: BURNCO Rock Products Ltd Fax: (403) 440-3454 Attention: Human Resources OR E-mail: Visit We thank all applicants for their in- terest. Only those chosen for an in- terview will be contacted.

Education/Trade Schools COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING CertiďŹ cate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Extensive study of beekeeping, Queen rearing and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. 1-780-835-6630;

21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes: â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) CertiďŹ cates included are: â&#x20AC;˘ Ground Disturbance Level 2 â&#x20AC;˘ WHMIS â&#x20AC;˘ TrafďŹ c Control â&#x20AC;˘ First Aid Reserve your seat for August 13, 2012. Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627 LEARN FROM Home. Earn from home. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. Lots of jobs! Enroll today for less than $95 a month. 1-800-466-1535. TRAIN TO Be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certiďŹ ed. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilďŹ eld road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. BANNISTER HONDA Maintenance Technician Looking for a motivated, reliable, quality person to perform maintenance on Honda and other manufacture vehicles. Please apply with drivers license and drivers abstract. Attn: Grant Kitzman, 6425-Hwy 97N, Vernon, B.C. 250-545-0531

*701-770 Eleventh Ave N*

Please call Kym at (250) 392-2331 SUTCO Contracting Ltd. has increased our ďŹ&#x201A;eet. We have openings for experienced drivers in our ďŹ&#x201A;atbed division. Late model equipment, steady work, extended beneďŹ ts, satellite dispatch, e-logs and fully assigned tractors. We need drivers experienced with ďŹ&#x201A;at-bed work, US capable an asset, some Canada Only runs available. Please fax resume and current abstract 1250-357-2009. Contact 1-888-3572612 Ext 230 or check us out

Trades, Technical ALBERTA BASED Company looking for qualiďŹ ed & experienced: Equipment Operators, Mulcher, Feller Buncher & Processor Operators. Out of town & camp work. Safety tickets & drivers abstract required. Email resume: Fax 780-488-3002. Journeyman Mechanic Do you love the outdoors? OK Tire in Terrace, B.C. NOW HIRING! Excellent renumeration for successful applicant. Fax resume to (1)-250-635-5367 Attn. General Manager or Email:

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

Merchandise for Sale

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Misc. for Sale

Free to good homes. 3 kittens. Good mousers, outdoor cats. 250-398-5798

â&#x20AC;˘ DRILLERS â&#x20AC;˘ BLASTERS â&#x20AC;˘ POWDERMEN â&#x20AC;˘ CONCRETE LABOURERS VK MASON Local Union Underground Contractor is seeking experienced labor for remote camp job near Kitimat. Looking to hire immediately! Please contact Ashley Halden at 778-724-2500 or ashley.halden@ QUALITY CONTROL Person experienced with Piping & Structural Welding needed for a growing Northern Company. Competitive wages & beneďŹ ts. Please email resume to: info@torqueindustr Fax 250-775-6227 or apply online:


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Legal Services Door to door delivery needed IMMEDIATELY:

Merchandise for Sale

CRIMINAL RECORD? Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certiďŹ cation, adoption, property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Merchandise for Sale

Building Supplies MUST SELL: Form plywood and steel $1500. obo Also, cement ďŹ nishing equip. for sale 250-296-4445

$100 & Under Bantie/cross families; colorful and crazy. 250-747-8402 Loft bed. $70.00 obo 1 (250)398-7656

$300 & Under 4 Goodyear Nordic winter tires. T215/65R15. Very good cond. $300 obo. 250-392-2170 Boat utility trailer with storage box. 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x4â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. $300. (250)3926318 Campers: Cabelas OutďŹ tters XL cot. Used one time. Paid $350 asking $250 ďŹ rm. 250243-0066

Firearms Wanted: Old Winchester riďŹ&#x201A;es and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

1999 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HD Roadblazer trailer. Has winch tie downs and ramps. Needs 1 new axle. Sold as is. $1500. 250-2963195

$100 & Under

Misc. for Sale FOR RESTLESS or cramping legs. A fast acting remedy since 1981, sleep at night, proven for 31 years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660

Heavy Duty Machinery

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63â&#x20AC;&#x2122; & 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cabsâ&#x20AC;?20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53â&#x20AC;&#x2122; New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Merchandise for Sale

STEEL BUILDINGHuge Clearance Sale! 20x24 $4,658. 25x28 $5,295. 30x40 $7,790. 32x54 $10,600. 40x58 $14,895. 47x78 $19,838. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

Community Newspapers Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at the heart of thingsâ&#x201E;˘

Misc. Wanted Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Silver Coins etc. Available now: 250-863-3082

$100 & Under

$100 & Under

Dollar Deals

ClassiĂ&#x20AC; C lassiĂ&#x20AC;e ed dS Specials pecials One item under $100 One item under $200 One item under $300 One item under $400

for 1 week = $1 for 1 week = $2 for 1 week = $3 for 1 week = $4 maximum 3 lines per ad

Call Caitlin 250-982-2696 or Julie 1-250-398-5516 or email classiĂ&#x20AC;

19,951 Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how many companion animals will need loving, new homes this year. Will you open your home to one?

Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

Coast Thursday, August Coast Mountain Mountain News News Thursday, August 30, 30, 2012 2012

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Misc. Wanted

RV Sites

WANTED: Old lever action Winchester & Marlin riďŹ&#x201A;es and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

AVORADO RESORT. Beautiful waterfront RV Resort. New Sites For Sale ($63,900). All season, full amenities, clubhouse & beach access. Co-op Resort w/Lifetime Ownership! Call 250-228-3586.

Real Estate

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

For Sale By Owner


ACT NOW!! This deal will not last. WHY PAY RENT? Put your equity into assets. 3/4+/- acres, zoned for duplex. 1995 mobile, 3 bdr. 5app., 1 1/2 bath, open kitchen plan. New: 30 yr. roof, ďŹ&#x201A;ooring, taps. 10x24 deck, 10x14 garden shed, exc. well. Great location, close to school, bus, mine, and store etc. $149,900. Appointment to view. (250)305-4944

Cars - Domestic

1999 Ford Taurus SE V6-182 3.0L OHV Automatic 101,764 km, AC, power everything, 4 summer & winter tires all on rims, $1000 maintenance put in Dec 2011, all service records from 40,00km. call or text (250)303-2371 $4750 OBO

Cars - Sports & Imports TIRED OF STAIRS?? 3036 Ferguson Road 1840 sq. ft. one level rancher, completely renovated & updated to a very high standard. Sitting on 3.03 acres it has attached dbl. garage + a 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-0â&#x20AC;? x 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-0â&#x20AC;? detached heated hobby shop and more. 10 min. of highway driving from Williams Lake, the best of city living in quiet rural setting. More pictures avail. at ID404780386. Priced to sell at $377,000. Phone (250)296-4220 to book a viewing.

WATERFRONT 3 ACRES 200 feet of waterfront, 2 storey Log House, Docks, 8 miles of lake, All furnishings stay, 4000 watt power plant,new solar power snow blower, 1994 GMC truck. For sale by owner (No real estate please) pseudonym W I A Jaxon Phone (250) 297-4766.

Mobile Homes & Parks

12x60 Mobile Home Renovated: New siding, new windows, new furnace, new plumbing throughout, kitchen updated, new bathroom. Very nice setting, nice view, very private. $41,500. obo Call Wayne (250)267-3543 cell RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern BC, Brand New Park. Affordable Housing. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Ask us about our Free Rent option! Please cal 250-462-7055.

A11 A11

Geo auto, cent alloy mpg. New 5558

Metro. 1 litre engine, stereo, 2nd owner, revalve job, timing belt, custom wheels. 55 Nice, clean little car. tires. $1650. 778-412-

,W WaNes 31 mXscles Wo Iold Xp WKis QeZspaper.

Trucks & Vans 1990 Mazda B2200. Standard, body in great shape, 2 sets of tires (good summers and new winters). 2WD, new radiator, head gasket and timing belt. 290,000k. Looks and runs great. $2195. Call Carlos 250-296-4636, evenings or leave message.

1997 Plymouth Voyager $1500. V6, front wheel drive, automatic transmission, good running, clean, well maintained, a/c, winter rims & tires, 2nd owner, 250,000+ kms. (250)305-7538

Boats 1995 26.55 Bayliner-Cierra. 5.7 Mercury inboard/outboard. Comes with 9.9 Mariner and steering arm. GPS/depth sounder, elec. down rigger, dual battery system, anchor and much more. Shorelander galvanized tandem trailer. $24,500 OBO. 250-2676001

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

'onŇ&#x2039;t take \our muVFleV for Jranted OYer  CanadianV witK muVFular d\VtroSK\ take tKem Yer\ VeriouVl\ /earQ more aW


Coast Mountain News Thursday, August 30, 2012















up to 72 months on select models
















’12 RAV4















See dealer for more details, some restrictions apply.

Home Is Where The Heart Is. DL#30406

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General Manager

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Product Advisor

Product Advisor

Toll Free 1-888-378-3205 • 106 N. Broadway Ave, Williams Lake •

Chase Jaeger Kimberley Nelson Business Office

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Coast Mountain News, August 30, 2012  
Coast Mountain News, August 30, 2012  

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