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NUMBER 43 eausui


Thursday, Th d October O t b 25, 25 2012



- As soon as they saw snow on the ground Alexa and Declan Labelle wanted to go to the hill at Fox Run School and toboggan down the slippery slope, said their dad. The youngsters were enjoying the white stuff Saturday afternoon. STEVE DILLS

NO INTEREST Canadian Tire #329 • 2510 Gaetz Ave., Red Deer, AB 403-342-2222 Canadian Tire #645 • 300, 6380 - 50 Ave., Red Deer, AB 403-346-1497 Canadian Tire #655 • #200 - 62 Industrial Trail, Sylvan Lake, AB 403-887-0581

NO FEE ON 12 EQUAL PAYMENTS on tires and auto service purchases totalling $200 or more

4 steel rims+4 tires Make your seasonal change-over from from from easier with a new set of rims 72992* 85992* 104992* Steel rims from 44.99 each

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90992* 105992* 126992*

Tire size:195/65R15 Tire size:205/55R16 Tire size:225/60R17 Wheel size: 15” Wheel size: 16” Wheel size: 17” Will fit on: ‘00-’11 VW Jetta

Will fit on: ‘04-’11 Honda Civic ‘07-’12 Hyundai Elantra

Will fit on: ‘04-’10 Toyota Sienna ‘10-’12 Hyundai Tucson

Tire size:195/65R15 Tire size:205/55R16 Wheel size: 15” Wheel size: 16” Will fit on: ‘99-’05 VW Jetta

Will fit on: ‘04-’11 Honda Civic ‘07-’12 Hyundai Elantra

Tire size:225/60R17 Wheel size: 17”







Financed on a 12 month equal payments plan. Applicable taxes, tire disposal fees and balancing not included

Will fit on: ‘04-’10 Toyota Sienna ‘10-’12 Hyundai Tucson

*Total package price consists of a set of 4 General Tire Altimax Arcric tires and 4 steel or alloy multi-fit wheels. Other vehiclepackages available. Balancing and installation extra. See store for details.


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lighthouse demolished; meeting planned to discuss replacement by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

It took just minutes for Sylvan Lake’s lighthouse to fall crashing to the ground after being nudged by a track hoe last Thursday morning. A hole was created to weaken the south side of the structure then it was pushed over by the track hoe, into the empty marina area. The tumbling structure was captured on video and posted to You Tube by Ashley Maki. At press time it had received over 1,000 views. (To watch it connect to You Tube and search for Sylvan Lake Lighthouse.) Demolition of the structure was undertaken as work continues to deepen the marina as part of the site’s redevelopment.

Loads of dirt are now being removed from the site prior to stronger, more stable retaining walls being installed. At the same time, a committee of Rotary members and town representatives have begun planning for the possible construction of a new lighthouse since the demolished structure, over its 25 year history, became a symbol of Sylvan Lake. It’s been photographed, painted and incorporated in logos. Due to the overwhelming interest in the iconic image, the Rotary Club of Sylvan Lake is hosting a public community meeting to gather ideas about erecting another lighthouse somewhere in town. Everyone’s invited to bring their ideas to a meeting Thursday, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the

Sylvan Lake branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Location, design, functionality and fundraising will all be topics for discussion. “When the opportunity arose for Sylvan Lake Rotary to get involved, the membership was very excited to pitch in to recreate a structure that will hopefully pay tribute to the original lighthouse and recreate the symbol that has become synonymous with Sylvan Lake,” said Trevor Sigfusson, chair of the committee. “We hope to have service groups and citizens of Sylvan Lake get behind this project. We want Sylvan Lake people to see this project as something they created and that they can be very proud of for many years to come,” he added. “I think this

lighthouse could be a structure that we can still be proud of when we celebrate our next centennial.” Quick to jump on the fundraising bandwagon was Rotary president Cynthia Giguere. Through her business, the Stone House Spa, she’s offering VIP passports. For a $20 donation toward rebuilding of a new lighthouse, the VIP passports provide over $1,500 in spa savings. She may be contacted at 403-887-2413 or drop by the Stone House Spa to get your passport. Sigfusson noted, “there will be a lot of hard work required to raise money for construction of a new lighthouse so it’s important that local enthusiasm be generated to make this project a reality.”

#6, 20A Sylvaire Close Open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



For All Your Auto Repairs Out of Province Inspections Commercial Vehicle Inspections


- The lighthouse crashed to the ground last Thursday and now truck load after truck load of dirt are being removed from the marina site as redevelopment work continues. It was estimated that it would take eight to ten days of digging to deepen the marina before sronger, more stable retaining walls could be installed in placed of the previous structures. A cofferdam was installed at the entrance to the marina earlier this month then the water was emptied and fish in the enclosure were safely deposited back into the lake. STEVE DILLS

Film society showing Trishna industrialization, urbanization, and, above all, education,” IMDB states. Trishna will be showing for one night only, Monday, Oct. 29th. Tickets are available for pre-sale at the library, or may be purchased at the theatre that night. Tickets are $8, season passes are $32 — you get one movie free! The movie starts at 7 p.m.. Sylvan Lake Municipal Library and Landmark Cinemas collaborate to bring you the best in independent films; films that don’t normally make it to the big theatres. The film society is a not-forprofit organization, run by dedicated volunteers with big hearts, and a love of movies. The society shows its movies the last Monday of every month.

by Corrie Brown Special to Sylvan Lake News

Sylvan Lake Film Society is back for its second film of the season with a showing of Trishna, an adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. “Set in contemporary Rajasthan, Trishna meets a wealthy young British businessman Jay Singh who has come to India to work in his father’s hotel business. After an accident destroys her father’s jeep, Trishna goes to work for Jay, and they fall in love. But despite their feelings for each other, they cannot escape the conflicting pressures of a rural society which is changing rapidly through

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• ˆˆ‡”‹‰ϐŽ—•Š‘–•–‘Ž„‡”–ƒ ”‡•‹†‡–•ƒ–  Ǩ

4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L GM Trucks Only

October 1-31, 2012




*Some restrictions apply

+ Taxes Regular Price $425.

• Air Filter - Inspect and Replace • Battery Test and Clean Cables • Clean Idle Air Control and Throttle Plates


• • • •

Inspect Fuel Cap Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable) Replace Spark Plugs Scan for Codes

Dean Cameron Tim Bancarz USED SALES MANAGER SERVICE MANAGER 403-704-0798

403-843-2244 1-800-874-1977 Corner of Hwy 20 & Hwy 53 in Rimbey - 25 minutes from Sylvan Lake

• Ž‡ƒ•‡…ƒŽŽ–‘ƒ‡›‘—” ƒ’’‘‹–‡––‘†ƒ› • ’’‘‹–‡–•ƒ”‡’”‡ˆ‡””‡†„—– …ƒƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‡•‘‡™ƒŽǦ‹•

Hours of Operation: ‘†ƒ›Ȃ—†ƒ› ͻǣͲͲƒȂͳͲǣͲͲ’

Shoppers Drug Mart Ryders Square #800, 3715 - 47 Ave. Sylvan Lake, AB

403-887-5392 Owner Todd Prochnau

Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


Rilling spoke of hope beyond hurt at prayer breakfast by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

“For me trust was a word I didn’t know at a very young age because I hadn’t experienced it. Many times I wished I were dead. I didn’t want to live any longer,” Teresa Rilling told over 150 people at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, last Friday. Through her speech, she related questioning God’s sovereignty, then at the end of high school talking to God “about the possibility of coming back to him”, his embrace and her subsequent enrolment two weeks later into Bible college where she began learning about trust and care. Her story involved abuse at an early age by a grandfather who didn’t know how to properly treat little girls, his death when she was 10, but her continued lack of trust. “It wasn’t until the end of high school I realized I couldn’t keep it down and came to God to plead with him,” Rilling said. “I’d messed

1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477) We want your INFO... ...NOT your name

up, had many illicit relationships.” She recalled the parable of the prodigal son and said “God embraced me that day in my unclean state.” He told her when a person returns, “everybody in heaven celebrates … The only reason I was able to receive it was he loved me so much.” She told the audience that at Bible college she began to learn about trust and care. That’s also where she met her husband of over 30 years, Jim. They have had the privilege of parenting three children, and all three are married with a total of 11 children. It wasn’t until she was 30 that Rilling said she admitted the abuse and healing. “I knew I was at a crossroads. I had a decision to make. Will I forgive or not.” Her grandfather’s actions were still controlling her life, filling her with anger and bitterness. “I had a choice

Teresa Rilling — was I going to forgive or not.” Rilling explained it’s a long process. “Don’t forgive too soon,” she’d been told. “Sometimes you have to endure before you can release.” “It’s a hard decision to make. Do you release the right to making him pay? Release the need for justice? On the other hand, “if you don’t forgive what’s the other option, where would we be?” That process, she said, “drew me into a

A division of London Life Insurance Company/Investment Representative Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

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Beware of Halloween dangers to pets! Chocolate, sugar-free candy, gum and raisins are all toxic to pets. Ringing door bells and costumed people all cause extra stress to your pets.

Keep your pet at home in a quiet, safe place! (one block west of the firehall)


Beau’s Mission for Vision

and everyone was good.” Then she stated, “as we grow older we find the gold comes out of the hard times and things that come out of our life.” Mentioning horrible memories, Rilling said, “When I looked back I realized they were the most bitter chocolates I

De Moda’s


to 805 - 1 St. SW, Calgary (Fashion Central on Steven Ave.)


Nov. 3,

, 7 p.m.-1 a.m.


E G U He Wide Sale

Sylvan Lake Legion Hall

Please help send Beau to China for Stem Cell Treatments Arayah’s: Donating ALL HAIRCUT A PROCEEDS to Beau, Saturday, November 3rd Only!! Kevin Murphy Basket Raffle on now! Value $150. 2 for $5.

Donations go to Beau. Draw on Nov. 3rd.

ate”. When you get married you make a contract with your partner, she said. Unless you develop that relationship you just exist. Her early relationship with God was like that — she didn’t develop it — until that fateful day at the end of high school. Continued on Page 9


$20 & Up

Door Closed Oct. 27, 2012

#108, 08 8 5 5227 227 Lakeshore Lak kesh hore D Drive


Sylvan Lake Veterinary Clinic

4640 - 44 Street S

ence without the chart about what’s in each one and instructing each person to take a chocolate in order not randomly. Some people, she explained, will get the chocolate they like while others may get one they hate. Some will pass it by “because they don’t want to take a chance”. “If you had a do over, how would it look different. Would you have chosen a life of predictability, where everyone was the same

very deep relationship with God. That’s chronicled in her book, “Just Breathe, Hope Beyond Hurt”. “I wanted to help.” She’s since spoken nationally and internationally. “I have survived, seen hope,” is her message. Rilling began her story with a box of Pot of Gold chocolates. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Then she passed boxes around the audi-

Call now for an appointment

Dr. Marv Mattson & Associates

HOURS: Mon. to Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Wednesdays: 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. • Surgery Drop Off: T, W, Th 8 a.m.

When you make influenza immunization an annual event, you protect yourself, your family, and our community. 12103KA0

Influenza Immunization FALL INTO THE ROUTINE Influenza immunization is now available, free of charge, to all Albertans 6 months of age and older.



Monday, October 29 Wednesday, November 21

1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday, December 4

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Sylvan Lake Alliance Church, 4404 47 Avenue, Sylvan Lake

Please bring Alberta Health Care Card. Short sleeves recommended.

For more info, including local clinic details, visit or call Health Link Alberta at 1.866.408.5465 (LINK).


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mobile home completely destroyed; resident treated for smoke inhalation Saturday, Oct. 13th 3:11 a.m. - A male has been charged with trespassing after he was found sleeping in a bed at a residence on Woodland Crescent in Sylvan Lake. The owner came home to find the male in his house and called police. The accused was extremely intoxicated and was lodged in cells until sober. Sunday, Oct. 14th 12:10 a.m. - RCMP arrested a male after a disturbance at Chateau Suites on Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake. The night clerk contacted police after witnesses reported a fight starting in the parkade and continuing in a room at the hotel. The male was charged with assault, obstructing a peace offi-

cer and failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking. 3:22 a.m. - A domestic dispute on Westwood Crescent in Sylvan Lake has resulted in an assault charge being laid against a male. A 911 call was placed by a female at the residence advising that she was thrown to the ground. The accused also smashed a beer bottle on his head, however EMS was not required. The male was taken to cells and released on conditions when sober. 2:55 p.m. - Two females are facing charges of disturbing the peace and obstructing a peace officer after they created a disturbance at Sylvan Lake Dairy Queen. The females were intoxicated

RCMP Notes Special to Sylvan Lake News

upon entering Dairy Queen and began to swear and harass employees before leaving the restaurant and moving to Bravo Lounge of Lakeshore Drive where they were arrested and lodged in cells until sober. Tuesday, Oct. 16th 10:12 a.m. - RCMP are investigating a break and enter at Bentley IDA Pharmacy. Entry was gained via the west glass door which was smashed open. The store cash register was also damaged but was not accessed. The RCMP Forensic Identification


Bylaw No. 1162/12 Part 3 – Development Application Lacombe County Council has given first reading to Bylaw No. 1162/12, the purpose of which is to amend Part 3 in the County’s Land Use Bylaw to require confirmation from the Energy Resources Conservation Board on the absence or presence of abandoned wells as part of the development permit application process. The reason for the amendment is to accommodate a change to the Subdivision and Development Regulation (Alberta Regulation 160/2012) which obliges municipalities to request confirmation from applicants regarding the location of abandoned wells from the Energy Resources Conservation Board for lands subject to a subdivision or development application. A copy of the Bylaw with the proposed amendment may be obtained from the County’s Planning and Development Department or by visiting the County’s website at Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed Bylaw amendments will have an opportunity to do so at a public hearing which has been arranged for: Date: Time: Place:

Friday, November 9, 2012 9:00 AM Lacombe County Council Chambers located 2½ miles west of Highway 2 at the intersection of Spruceville Road and Highway 12

If you are unable to attend the hearing, written submissions can be made to the County. You will, however, need to ensure that your comments are received by the County prior to the date of the hearing. Your comments can be sent by email to, by fax to 403-782-3820 or by mail to RR 3, Lacombe AB T4L 2N3. All submissions will be public information. For more information, please contact the Planning and Development Department. Dale Freitag, RPP, MCIP Manager of Planning Services Lacombe County, RR 3, Lacombe AB T4L 2N3

Phone: 403-782-6601; Fax: 403-782-3820

Unit was notified and the investigation is continuing. Wednesday, Oct. 17th 3:48 a.m. - Police and fire crews attended a fire at a mobile home on Range Road 21 in Lacombe County. The structure was completely burned to the ground and the male resident of the home was treated for smoke inhalation. An investigation continues into cause of the blaze. Thursday, Oct. 18th 1:37 a.m. - Charges are pending against a female after RCMP received a call by staff at the Open Range Saloon on Sylvan Drive in Sylvan Lake. Two males and two females, all

intoxicated, were advised by staff to call a taxi. They refused to do so but staff insisted resulting in the group taking a cab. Later in the early morning hours, the same staff members witnessed one of the females going back to get her parked vehicle at the Open Range Saloon and after attempting to block her passage, the accused hit another vehicle and sped off towards the lake, running over two residential properties and trees causing severe damage to the passenger side of her vehicle. She was arrested at the scene and is facing several charges including impaired driving.

The Community Calendar is an open bulletin board for non-profit community groups running free events open to the general public. Submissions must be received by Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. and should be kept as concise as possible. We will edit for content and length. We strive to publish all submissions we receive, however, due to the number of items or space availability, we are not able to guarantee publication. If you need to be sure your message runs, we suggest you place your message in the Classified section. Deliver submissions to our office at Suite 103, 5020 50A St., Sylvan Lake, fax to 1-403-887-2081 (Toll-Free 1-888-999-2081) or email to editor@ Be certain to include dates, times and contact information.

Special Events Thursday, Oct. 25 - Benalto & Area Rural Crime Watch Society AGM at 7 pm Benalto Leisure Centre, Ag. Grounds. Election/year end business. Guest speaker S/Sgt Gary Rhodes, Sylvan Lake RCMP detachment commander. BARCWS law enforcement liaisons in attendance. Membership should reside within area patrolled by Sylvan Lake RCMP. For info Yvette 403-746-3429. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25-27. Sylvan Lake & Area Community Partners charity garage sale at the former Kids Castle Clothing site. We are looking for donations of furniture and houseware. Call Lana or Jennifer at 403887-9989 to arrange pick-up of large items or drop things off at the Community Partners office on 50th Avenue from 9-4 weekdays. Friday, Oct. 26 - Seniors Bus to Celtic Revival at Bentley Ag. Centre. Special seniors performance at 1:30 pm. Call Lenore 403-887-5272. Saturday, Oct. 27 - Christmas Stop and Shop Sale, Lions Hall, 5119 50A Avenue, Sylvan Lake from 1-4 pm. Home base business show and sale. Concession by Community Partners, Family Education Support. Saturday, Oct. 27 - Zombie Walk from 4-5:30 pm. Start at Sylvan Lake Municipal Library. Be there are 3:30 if you need to be Zombiefied. Walk to Lakeshore Drive, circle around and back to library. All ages welcome. Saturday, Oct. 27 - Sylvan Meadows Adventist School is hosting a fall fest from 7-9 pm at the school gym. Games, food booths and items for sale. For info or directions call 403-887-4055. Saturday, Oct. 27 - Central Alberta Singles dance

It’s gonna be just too scary to miss….. THE

H.J. CODY HAUNTED HOUSE Saturday Oct. 27

PM From 1:00 to 4:00

Fine Arts Centre

H.J. CODY HIGH … d n .. SCHOOL Bring a Frie ing you’re go ! to need one Cost will be $3.00 per visit with proceeds going to Drama Projects and Cody Students initiatives. Ages 6 and Up, but should be accompanied by a parent if under 10.

We will "Tuprnor the Scary"eunding down dep ntele on our clie

It’s all going to happen at the H.J. Cody High g School

it Don't wa . .. .. k r a d til e b l it wil se!! even wor

For info call Jacqui at


They will just be too scared to go on without you!!

at 8:30 pm at Penhold Hall. Music by Wise Choice. Members and invited guests only; new members welcome. Elaine 403-341-7653 or Bob 403-304-7440. Sunday, Oct. 28 - Spooktacular Extravaganza organized by The Town of Sylvan Lake at the community centre 1-4 pm. Games, family fun, face painting, bouncers, crafts, costume contest. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Sunday, Oct. 28 - Sylvan Lake Seniors Bus to 100 Years of Music variety show (1 pm) and roast beef lunch buffet. Call Lenore 403-8875272. Mondaty, Oct. 29 - Sylvan Lake Film Society will be screening Trishna at 7:10 pm at Landmark Cinema. Call 403-887-2130 for details. Wednesday, Oct. 31 - Seniors bus to Yellowhead Casino, Edmonton. Leave 8:30 am. Phone Joan 403-887-7614. Friday, Nov. 2 to Sunday, Nov. 4 - Christmas in Markerville with the famous cookie walk featuring thousands of choices. 10 am to 5 pm. Craft show and multiple venues showcasing homemade items. Friday, Nov. 2 - Seniors Bus to Markerville’s Christmas crafts and cookie walk. Pick-up starts at 12:30 pm. Call Lenore 403-887-5272. Saturday, Nov. 3 - Sylvan Lake Christmas Gift Show. 10-4 at the community centre. Bring donation for Food Bank or Christmas Bureau. Includes Little Elves Workshop, a supervised store where children can buy presents for you. Saturday, Nov. 3 - Julestue (Scandinavian Bazaar) at Spruce View Hall from 10 am to 4 pm organized by Dickson Store Museum and Danish Canadian National Museum. Scandinavian crafts, antiques and collectibles. For info or to book table call Joanne 403-227-4917. Saturday, Nov. 3 - November Movie Marathon at Sylvan Lake Municipal Library. 10-3:30. Drop in, free, refreshments. Tuesday, Nov. 6 - Seniors Bus to Rotary Senior’s Concert (7:30 pm) at Red Deer College. Pick-up begins at 6:15 pm. Call Lenore 403-887-5272. Friday, Nov. 9 - Sylvan Lake Seniors Lodge Christmas Tea and Craft Sale. Tea and tart for a toonie 1:30-3 pm. Craft Sale 1:30-6 pm. Christmas decorations, arrangements, knit and crochet articles. 4620-47 Ave., Sylvan Lake. Friday, Nov. 9 - Dickson Store Museum presents “The Poplar Grove Ladies Club”, a funny show with a lot of meaning. Dinner theatre doors open 5:30 pm. Play to follow. Dessert Theatre Saturday, November 10, doors open 12:30 p.m., play starts 1 pm. For info call 403-728-3355. Sunday, Nov. 11 - Remembrance Day service at

the multiplex (48 Street) at 10:30 am, hospitality at the Legion from 12 pm, parade from Legion branch to cenotaph at 2 pm. Sunday, Nov. 11 - Benalto Elks Turkey Supper. 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 pm sittings.

Weekly events Mondays - Sylvan Lake Sacred Massed Choir practises from 7-9 pm at H. J. Cody School. Kerry Heisler directing. Registration $25. Welcome all singers. For info contact Dolce Moir 403-887-4037. Mondays - Junior Youth Leadership Classes (1215 yr. olds) 7-8 pm. JY acts worldwide to engage our youth to develop their capacity to serve society and make a difference in their community. Call Debbie 403-887-0968 or Bruno 403887-5728.

Support Programs Sylvan Lake Al-Anon (for families and friends of alcoholics) 8 pm Sundays, Presbyterian Church (north door), Kathy 403-887-4470 or Robyn 403-887-2961. 12/30/12 Sylvan Lake AA meetings. Tuesdays 7:30 pm Lions Hall; Sundays 8 pm Presbyterian Church (north door). For more information about the program, call male 403-887-4470, 403-5885491 or female 403-887-4297. 12/30/12 Narcotics Anonymous meetings Thursday nights at 7:30 pm at Sylvan Lake Bethany Care, 4700 47th Ave. 12/30/12 Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat? Overweight? Underweight? Obsessed with weight or dieting? You are not alone. No dues, no fees, no weigh-ins. Everyone is welcome. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is a 12 step recovery program. For info call Harry at 403887-2962 or Joan at 403-748-2433. 12/30/12 Are you raising your grandchildren? Come join us at our ACUSHLA meetings first Thursday of the month at Sylvan Lake Library from 1-3 pm. We meet to share and support each other. Questions, call Glenda (Sylvan Lake) 403-8873849 or Sandy (Lacombe) 403-782-2960.

Volunteers Wanted Volunteers are required for Friends of the Library committee. Do you enjoy the library? Would you like to make a difference? We are looking for enthusiastic friends to support the library in many different ways. Please join us and have fun, meet like-minded people, volunteer and feel good about supporting a service that benefits everyone in the community! Call Debbie at 403887-0968.


Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS



WK$YH3KZZZV\OYDQODNHFD 4926 – 50 Avenue Ph: 403-887-2141

OLYH live.

work. ZRUN

SOD\ play.

TOWN MEETINGS TOWN COUNCIL MEETING November 12, 2012 5:30 p.m. Town Office

MUNICIPAL PLANNING COMMISSION Nov. 5, 2012 6:00 p.m. Town Office

Visit the event calendar at for full meetings/event listings

YARD/KITCHEN WASTE COLLECTION NOTICE Annual service ends on October 27

The last day for yard/kitchen waste residential collection is Friday, October 27. You may bring your yard/kitchen waste to the Waste Transfer Facility 24 hours/day (no charge).


Summer hours end on Saturday, November 3. The Waste Transfer site is open through the winter from Wednesday to Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM exclusive of statutory holidays. The yard/kitchen waste receiving area is open 24/7. The facility is located 1 km. east of the round-about on Highway 11A and south .5 km. on RR15.



sions and Ànal direction at a meeting scheduled for November 3 from 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the meeting room in the RCMP/Protective Services Building (4260 - 50 Street).

Following the presentations, Council will consider the requirements and provide deci-

Residents of Sylvan Lake are encouraged to attend these meetings and hear Council’s direction for the 2013 budget year. For further information please call 403-887-2141.

he Town of Sylvan Lake will present its proposed Operating Budgets to Town Council at two meetings in October. The meetings are open to the public and scheduled for October 30 and 31 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Town OfÀce (4926 - 50 Av.).

DEVELOPMENT PERMITS You TAKE NOTICE THAT on October 15, 2012 the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for the Town of Sylvan Lake approved the following application: Deanna Friesen for a rear yard relaxation on existing detached garage on Lot 50, Block 4, Plan 072-8934 (76 Regatta Way) FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT on or before October 22, 2012 the Development OfĂ€cer for the Town of Sylvan Lake approved the following application(s): RYDERS RIDGE Rob & Corri Snyder for a single family dwelling, attached garage, covered deck, basement development & shed on Lot 80, Block 3, Plan 074-0088 (10 Regal Court) Peter Graves for an existing deck on Lot 4, Block 3, Plan 062-5924 (4208 45 Avenue) Deer Run Homes (1990) Ltd. for a single family dwelling with deck on Lot 23, Block 9, Plan 102-4600 (24 Radcliff Way) Falcon Homes Ltd. for a detached garage on Lot 61, Block 7, Plan 112-4243 (1 Rafferty Court) Dustin & Kayleigh Bugera for basement development on Lot 48, Block 4, Plan 072-8934 (48 Regatta Way) Terence Hendrickson for a Home Occupation Type ‘A’ – General Contractor on Lot 4, Block 2, Plan 0625924 (27 Rozier Close) LAKEWAY LANDING Natasha & Danny Armeneau for basement development on Lot 146, Block 7, Plan 052-3442 (9 Lambertson Place) HEWLETT PARK Randy Bridge for basement development on Lot 23, Block 3, Plan 972-4145 (38 Harper Drive) Ben James for basement development on Lot 77, Block 6, Plan 072-1158 (6 Hendrickson Bay)

Permit World Inc. for eight fascia signs (McDonald’s) on Lot 1, Block 13, Plan 992-6270 (50 Hewlett Park Landing) WILLOW SPRINGS Fresh Renovations for a deck on Lot 6, Block 1, Plan 922-2754 (11 Willow Springs Crescent) INDUSTRIAL PARK Ray Halvorson for four copy insert frames (fascia signs) on Lot 5, Block 4, Plan 002-4518 (14 Thevenaz Industrial Trail) STREETS Michael Nelson for a mobile home with shed on Block 7, Plan 3341ET (10, 4402 48 Avenue) Cecilia & Brian Andrews for a demolition (house, cabin, shed) on Lot 18, Block 7, Plan 2643AS (5024 45 Street) Cecilia & Brian Andrews for a single family dwelling with covered deck on Lot 18, Block 7, Plan 2643AS (5024 45 Street) AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT you may appeal Discretionary approvals to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, as provided for in Part 17, of the Municipal Government Act. Written statements relevant to the development and reasons for the appeal may be submitted to the Town of Sylvan Lake, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, 4926 50 Avenue, Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1A1 within 14 days following this publication. You may not appeal a Permitted Use unless it involves a relaxation, variation or misinterpretations of the Land Use Bylaw. For further information please contact the Development OfÀcer at 887-2141. Dated at Sylvan Lake, Alberta, this 25th day of October, 2012. Development OfÀcer, Town of Sylvan Lake


Communications Evaluation & Strategy

Sealed Proposals clearly marked “Communications Strategy� will be received by: Town of Sylvan Lake 4926-50 Avenue Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1A1 Atten: Joanne Gaudet Sealed Proposals will be received by no later than 3:30pm MST on Wednesday, October 31, 2012. RFP Document available on the Town website (


w w w. s y l v a n l a k e . c a

Since December 2011, a group of seniors have been walking around the gym at the Sylvan Lake Community Centre. Three times a week, the group has met as part of their commitment to healthy living. As of October 22, 2012, the group has walked a total of 4921 km, an equivalent to walking from Sylvan Lake to Halifax! The Town of Sylvan Lake congratulates everyone who has participated!


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheryl Hyvonen Front Office/Classifieds Becky Shearer Sales

Quick action from Conservatives signal they agreed there was a problem EDITORIAL

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his neo-Conservatives must be smiling on one hand, while reacting on the other to the Auditor General’s report released on Tuesday. Smiling because Auditor General Michael Ferguson indicates government is just too large for those governing to know what is going on and make common sense decisions. Isn’t it Harper’s mantra to download, offload and just shut down areas of government that we’ve thought in the past were vital to our continued existence. See, for instance, the debates that are swirling about the reduction in scientists in many sectors. The most recent controversy surrounds closure of the Experimental Lake Area program which for 44 years has offered a unique opportunity for leading environmental scientists in the world to gain a better understanding of how to preserve, manage and protect fresh water. Despite its reputation, the federal government is closing it to save expenses starting in March 2013. But we digress. The most shocking revelation to us, in a world which is evolving quicker than the speed of light, is Canada’s preparedness for cyber attacks which we’ve been told have already been attempted by people in China and other countries. Ottawa’s cyber-attack

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Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

weeks after the report was released — that the centre would be operating 15 hours a day, seven days a week, with “experts on call around the clock when needed”. At the same time he defended the government’s cybersecurity record, saying it had made “exceptional progress: in the face of emerging technological threats, according to the Star article. That’s great to hear. Sounds like we might be catching up. But does it really sound like we’re ahead of the threat? Not in our mind. When we think that our banking system, our electricity grids, and many other important avenues necessary for our survival could be attacked electronically, we think the issue is a very high priority. Some may say it’s up to private corporations to make sure their data and their operations are protected from attack. That’s true. But at the same time, we’ve also experienced the advantages of an organization that can compile information on a broader scale and direct responses. Another flag raised by the Auditor General was the lack of communication between various entities responsible for protecting our country’s assets

from cyber attack. “Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) took over responsibility for protecting government information systems from cyber threats from the response centre last year, but the audit found that despite the fact that the two agencies are supposed to be working together, CSEC does not routinely share things with CCIRC, the Star reported. “CSEC told us it was concerned about sharing information because of the sensitive nature of the information it collects …,” says the audit. It continued the two were supported to have worked things out by Aug. 2011, but

have now agreed to resolve things by Nov. 30. And just last week Toews announced the government will throw another $155 million over five years to boost the capacity of the response centre. Such quick action. Certainly the Auditor General’s department earned its money on this part of its report. There was a problem and it wasn’t discovered until someone started digging. In an organization as big as our federal government how many more problems are there, how much are we squandering and how much is actually making a difference. The Auditor General’s report has many other interesting stories.

Winter, ice, and the Great White North

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response centre which is meant to monitor threats to online security around the clock has only been operating during daytime hours, according to the spending watchdog’s report. The federal public safety department created the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) in 2005 to help reduce the risk to critical infrastructure by monitoring and analyzing cyber threats to non-government systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week and providing the latest and best advice for protecting against attacks. The response centre was staffed to operate from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days a week, the audit found, although the federal government operations centre can page someone on call if a cyber attack or threat is reported after hours, according to a Toronto Star report. We agree with the Auditor General’s report which states the centre should be working around-the-clock to ensure “timely detection and notification” of cyber threats as well as communicating with foreign allies working in different time zones. “It’s important to have one place that can then take all of that information and figure out whether the threat is greater than the sum of the incidents,” said Ferguson. The government’s reaction. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced that starting Nov. 5 — that’s less than two

COLUMN I am so not ready for winter. I first realized this at the beginning of the month, after waking up to frosted car windows. I bought my car in April, right before the season when air conditioners are the main way of regulating temperatures. Heaters and ice scrapers were unnecessary. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Neither my wardrobe nor my car seem to have received the memo. I didn’t have a scraper and my closet is woefully low on warm sweaters and boots. Jack Frost must be as much in denial as I am. There were no delicate crystals on my car’s windows that frosty morning. Instead, a

thick layer of ice chunks coated the car and froze my doors shut. After wrenching a door open, I turned the heaters on the windows full blast, hoping to melt the ice away. Unfortunately, the heaters were taking more time than I had to spare. I had heard about people using credit cards to scrape their windows. With stiff fingers, I dug out my Visa card. After several failed attempts, I was forced to realize the ice was too thick for my little card to handle. I headed back into the house and returned with a pair of scissors. I poked the ice chunks with the tip and tried to scrape them with a blade before realizing the most effective way was to use the handle. I was finally able to clear the windows enough to

Aleisha Bosch Sylvan Lake News

drive. I got a scraper and snow brush as soon as I could. My car is now better equipped than my wardrobe, to which I have grudgingly added my winter coat. I still refuse to wear boots. I feel like I owe summer an apology for complaining about the heat and sleeping with a fan on. I doubt I’m the only one. I squandered the best of the season with my attempts to cool off. Now, as winter sets in, I long for heat. It seems to me that a big part of living in Canada is searching for the perfect

temperature. For most of the year, it’s too cold. For a couple months, it’s too hot. Goldilocks would hate Canada, even though there are some days that are just right. When I was in university, I was required to take a couple Canadian Studies classes to receive my journalism degree. One of them, a history course, explored different aspects of Canadian identity, including hockey, the railroad, and multiculturalism. Winter, and the notion of the “Great White North”, were also big topics in the class. Course readings suggested that winter is an important part of Canadian identity because it is something our perpetual rivals, the Americans, haven’t claimed as their own. Winter in

Canada, my textbook said, means playing hockey and warming yourself over a Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut. On a recent trip to New Brunswick, I found myself seated next to a Colombian girl on my connecting plane to Toronto. She had spent a month studying in Taber. I asked her what she thought of the weather. She said the weather wasn’t too cold. After my car-scraping difficulties, I felt a spark of indignation to hear the weather wasn’t too cold. Of course it was. I told her it was really cold in Canada during winter. Like my textbook suggested, it seems I wear winter like a badge of Canadian honour.

Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


We need an emergency critical care facility Dear Editor, Leslie Vidok has just realized how it now feels to be a surviving victim of urgent care neglect. Thank you Leslie for publicizing your experience in the front page of the Sylvan News. Unfortunately thousands more will have to fall through the cracks. I pray to God they all survive! Awareness is crucial. We can do better than an urgent care facility. We need a 24/7 emergency critical care facility (and yes Lyle I have done some research) which this town (with the surrounding area and guests during the summer) should get funding for. It will always be busy but then so is every emergency centre in Alberta (unfortunately the services at these centres get taken for granted, people get scared), and definitely the funds are there.

We need all the letters, voices, lobbying and commotion of any sort we can muster up. Keep it up Sylvan and surrounding area residents. Second of all in response to Lyle Dressler’s comments in regards to urgent care. Sylvan Lake ambulances are now serving our (city sized) town in three minutes because now they are here, where we were they the past few years? Not here! A very reassuring sight thank you to whomever is responsible for that smart decision. The financial gap you noted in your letter? Who cares about the financial gap the town would loose if an emergency care facility was to be fulfilled? My life doesn’t, my children’s lives or family and friends lives don’t care, and I am pretty confident the lives of the residents

don’t care, because it is vital. And trust me the financial gap would not be filled up, where there is money to be made there is money to be found. In regards to Alberta Health, they have their heads in the clouds and have no respect for human life — that’s pretty much all I have to say about them. A monster town hall as you describe it, I like to call it the White House, is completely unnecessary. Does this town need such an extravagant building? That could have been an emergency care facility better yet a hospital. As for the ridiculous speed bumps, they make it very difficult for ambulances to hit top speed to save any lives rushing them to hospital, and the bathrooms are a

joke. I have lived here 19 years and never have I once heard anyone complain, I agree with your comment on the capacity of our town representatives, it dumb founding, but then we all are aware of this, thank you. The so called urgent care you are referring to (I assume RDRHC) does not take 15 minutes via ambulance. It took us almost half hour. And your unfortunate incident falling off your ladder and rushed to your 15 minute away urgent care and getting in right away. WOW Kudos to you, because under normal circumstances the wait at emergency is hours. Unless you have chest pains they see you immediately or within one half hour. You know as well as I do it takes

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more than 15 minutes to hospital. Unless you have a jet or a private urgent care centre of your own and are not sharing it with the rest of us? Sylvan and surrounding area needs an emergency care facility 24/7! The very least all these people in and around Sylvan should get is the respect for human life they deserve from their leaders and mentors by providing this (city sized) town with a centre for saving lives a life and death facility, not a facility open until 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. for cuts, scrapes and broken bones which can be taken to hospital! And when our population escalates dramatically in summer? Come on! Alberta Health, Your Honourable Health Minister … It’s a no brainer. Continued on Page 8


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Refreshing apologies; why were keys left in machine? Dear Editor, It was refreshing to see such a candid apol-

ogy in last week’s paper by three guys who went for a late night joy ride

on a road packer machine. The description of

how this episode played out begs the question, who leaves the keys in a

piece of heavy equipment parked in an accessible spot. If the

culprits had been some kids, one of them might have ended up becom-

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ing a pancake. As things turned out, the only damage done was to the sleep of local residents treated to the sound of a packing machine clattering down Lakeshore Drive in the middle of the night. Craig Little, Sylvan Lake

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Continued from Page 7 I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation and extreme thanks for all the support received from everyone everywhere and to the Wildrose Party in different parts of Alberta for their support and understanding. Thank you so much everyone. God Bless Annie Boychuk, Sylvan Lake Editor’s Note: Ambulances have been based in Sylvan Lake for many years. Prior to Alberta Health Services taking over they were under contract to the Town of Sylvan Lake. Among those serving the town under contract have been Lakeside Ambulance (2008-2012), Guardian Ambulance (2002-2008), and Knutson’s Ambulance (prior to 2002) in the most recent years. The most recent provincial contract was awarded to Associated Ambulance which started operating earlier this year. The town is not responsible for building an emergency care facility or hospital. This is a provincial government’s responsibility so reference to town expenditures and the suggestion they should be spending money on a medical facility is incorrect.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


Cobb’s renovations approved by council by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News


- River Hart, Jade Caines, Tyler O’Connor, AJ Sandulac, Skyler Umlah and Brooklyn MacKinnon showed some of the food they collected last Wednesday night when members of Sylvan Lake’s Guide and Scout organizations went door-to-door. Organizer Judy Scanland said they collected 334 bags of food which was 115 more than during last year’s blitz. They also received cash and gift cards. She said next time they’ll need help from other organizations as they were only able to cover 20 routes. If people were missed during the door-to-door campaign they may drop food off at the Food Bank at the back door of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (4607 47 Ave.) on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to noon. Scanland expressed thanks to the Food Bank staff and Scouting and Guiding parents who helped with the event. STEVE DILLS

Rilling spoke of hope... Continued from Page 3 “There is hope behind the bitter chocolate,” she concluded. Then she thanked Mayor Susan Samson for her “diligent and gracious service to our community. I’ve watched you embrace this community including difficult issues and admire you for it.” “We have a responsibility to pray, to encourage — who here does not like to get an encouragement note … if we support each other, encourage each other … God will be supportive. We never know what we’re going to get. Fortunately we can handle it with prayer.” Samson spoke at the beginning of the event. “I think of all of us as builders,” she said. “We come together and build a great community. When we go about the task of building, we embrace the project to achieve success in the final project.” She also said she’s glad she wasn’t born in Sylvan Lake. “I might have taken all this for granted.” Prayers for the community were offered by a variety of people from different walks of life. They were provided by Dale Plante (mayor, council, reeves, provincial and federal governments), Jocelyn

Callihoo (judicial and peace officers), Robert Engel (emergency medical service and fire department), Jodi Hinshaw (education systems, schools and teachers), Joan Barnes (business community and financial institutions), Lindsay Niemand (health care system and medical professionals), Muriel

Walker (social issues, marriages and families), Jamie McDonald (churches and their leaders), and TJ Green (youth). Innisfail-Sylvan Lake MLA Kerry Towle told the audience it’s important to “take a moment to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. I hope all of you enjoy … family, hope

and health.” Musical entertainment was provided by Sean McIntyre, Angela Winters, Brenda Dutz, TJ Green and Josh Rembowski. A digital presentation, titled God of the City, featuring photos of various community landmarks and events, was played at the beginning of the breakfast.

Did You Know ?

Dr. Faye Inglis Registered Psychologist

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Sylvan Lake councillors unanimously approved a development permit for construction of a second storey addition with interior and exterior renovations to the former Cobb’s grocery store. The $960,000 conversion will provide space for offices and personal services suites, retail units and a restaurant with an outdoor patio. The town’s Municipal Planning Commission had recommended council approve the proposal. Council’s approval was needed because the project falls within the Waterfront Direct Control District. Colleen Jensen, speaking on behalf of RiverCity Develpments, said “we think this will be exciting, not only for us, but for the community as a whole, particularly in the downtown area.” They’ve already had interest from businesses, some of them already in town who are looking to move downtown. She said they plan to

begin work immediately and it should take six to eight months to complete construction. “This will move forward very quickly.” Councillor Dale Plante questioned if there was enough parking available. Planner Patty Urban said the project meets the town’s requirements. The Pattern Book specifies parking for office space is required however the developer is not required to provide parking for retail and personal use

space. That’s permitted on the street. Jensen again raised an issue with a requirement for landscape screening of the parking lot. “We want to ensure as much parking as possible is maintained.” Mayor Susan Samson picked up on that comment and asked Urban about it. Urban said they’ll discuss the landscaping requirements with the developer to “see what variety of plans come up to meet the Pattern Book and buffering”.

L eg i o n

At the

Thank You to Jim Craig, moderator of the very successful Scotch Whisky Tasting.

Also, Thanks to the following for their donations: •Plaza Liquor •Corby’s Distilleries •Carl Stepp, Remax •Open Range •Canadian Pizza

•Andrew ndrew and Debbie Stevens •Red Deer Co-op •Comrades Wayne and Reta Coubrough

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SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Justification wanted for any change in policing complement by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

A town policy which specified the number of RCMP officers required


^LJůǀĂŶ>ĂŬĞ>ŝďƌĂƌLJ ϰϳϭϱͲϱϬǀĞŶƵĞ dƵĞϱ͘ϭϱƉŵ 

ϭͼϴϬϬͼϲϱϭͼϲϬϬϬ ǁǁǁ͘ǁǁĂď͘ĐĂ

by the community based on population has been changed to give councillors more involvement in the decision.

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The previous policy stated the “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police municipal complement level shall be one member per 800 residents.” At their meeting Oct. 8, councillors were concerned with the use of the word ‘shall’. They wanted justification for increases in police staffing rather than an automatic increase based on a rise in population. The new policy, passed unanimously at Monday night’s meeting, now states once the 1-800 level is reached “a review of services and request for additional staffing may be submitted to town council for consideration”.

The policy also added a clause stating a municipal enforcement officer complement of one member per 3,500 residents would trigger a similar review and request for additional staffing. That ratio was raised from 1-3,200 following the last meeting, after the report by Ron Lebsack, director of leisure and protective services, indicated that would require an additional half time position. Answering a question from Councillor Rick Grimson Monday night, he said the change to 3,500 meant the request for the additional half time staff person was not

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encing “Experi t" Chris

Thank you to everyone who attended the 4 annual Sylvan Lake Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. It was a memorable morning to see 155 people come together to pray, rejoice and fellowship. A wonderful spirit of unity was present at the Community Centre this past Friday October 19, 2012. As 1 Timothy 2: 1-3 exhorts us to pray for all those in authority, this was accomplished through churches and the Body of Christ coming together for this common purpose.

Children's Church Age 3-5 during 11 am service Nursery provided

required. Earlier in the year councillors indicated they wanted the municipal enforcement officers included in a policy that would address all policing staff. That was done in the proposal that was presented by Lebsack, at the Oct. 8 meeting. “The town’s current policy refers only to RCMP staffing complement and does not take into consideration the municipal enforcement officers or the enhanced policing when determining policing ratios,” his report stated. Lebsack added the RCMP would oppose any change in the current policy. Continued on Page 14

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


Zombie walk planned from library by Corrie Brown Special to Sylvan Lake News

Sylvan Lake Municipal Library is hosting its first annual Zombie Walk on Saturday. Walk, “talk”, and dress like a zombie, then join us for a disorderly stroll along Lakeshore Drive. But beware, a Zombie Annihilation Squad will be hiding along the

Five calls last Monday Fire Response Special to Sylvan Lake News

Following are calls responded to by Sylvan Lake’s volunteer firefighters, during the two weeks ending October 22, as supplied by Deputy Fire Chief Steve Scanland. Sunday, October 14 - 4:27 p.m. - alarm, no fire, Regatta Way Monday, October 15 - 11:41 a.m. - medical assistance, Harper Drive. Monday, October 15 - 12:19 p.m. - medical assistance, Sylvan Drive. Monday, October 15 - 1:16 p.m. - alarm, no fire, Lodge Place. Monday, October 15 - 2:57 p.m. - gas leak, carbon monoxide, Red Deer County. Monday, October 15 - 5:39 p.m. - alarm, no fire, 48th Street. Wednesday, October 17 - 8:28 a.m. - motor vehicle collision, Highway 11 & 20. Thursday, October 18 - 1:56 p.m. - gas leak, natural gas, Ross Close. Sunday, October 21 - 4:19 p.m. - alarm, no fire, 48th Avenue. Sunday, October 21 - 7:33 p.m. - motor vehicle collision, Red Deer County.

This paper is


route to take out unsuspecting zombies! The Zombie Walk will start at 4 p.m. at the

library. If you want to get “zombiefied” at the library, be here around 3:30 p.m. Costumes

and makeup are encouraged! Return to the library after the walk for a

Pathways Animal Clinic Your continued support over the last four years has made our success possible!

“Compassionate and Integrative


Ryders Square Mall Sylvan Lake

this zombie-riffic event, contact program coordinator Corrie at 403887-2130.

(and their families, too)

K Keeping Families Warm from head to toe coats, scarves, mittens, toques, boots...



registration required, just come to the library and join in the chaos! For questions about

Coats for Kids


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chance to win some excellent zombie prizes! This event is free, all ages are welcome! No

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS

Games Family FUN Face Painting Bouncers Crafts Costume Contest Photos by Nicole Wade Photography

Children must be accompanied by an adult


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Affordable housing concept received endorsement of councillors by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

A concept to construct 24 affordable housing units on a single site in an undeveloped area of town was endorsed by town councillors during their meeting Monday night. Sylvan Community Housing Society has signed an option to purchase 1.08 acres from Falcon Homes, in a new high density area of Ryders Ridge, chairman Frank Peck told council-

lors. “What we’re asking is would you support a 24 unit complex that meets the building guidelines of Sylvan Lake and addresses the needs of affordable housing,” said Peck. The society’s plan is to build two 12-unit twostorey buildings. One would be meet requirements for seniors and AISH applicants. The other would be for families that need assistance through affordable housing. Because they felt their

Creative Flowers Open Art & Mon - S 9am - 6pat m Gifts

application needs to stand out above others competing for provincial funding, the society has hired a consultant who’s skilled in putting together proposals and applications. One of the pieces of the proposal is letters of support from adjacent municipalities. “We have a letter from everyone else except Sylvan,” Peck said, indicating it’s the last piece of the proposal. He explained the proposal will then go to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation for

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review so they can obtain further funding to advance the project. “I agree we need to support this,” said Councillor Ken MacVicar. “It sounds like its going to be a pre-approval package. It’s not going to the provincial government, I don’t see a problem with this.” “Can this letter be construed as approval of the project?” asked Councillor Rick Grimson, remembering past issues with affordable housing proposals. Peck answered the

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T«› Sù½òƒÄ Lƒ»› C«ƒÃ›Ù of CÊÃÛّ› PٛݛÄãÝ ...

… an evening with

location is in the middle of a high density area that’s yet to be developed. “The problems before have been because of infills. This is brand new.” He speculated their building may be the first in the development. “I concur with Frank, for years we’ve talked about getting developers

on board for social housing. If we can get them on board it’s a win for the community.” Betty Osmond, the town’s chief administrative officer, said there wouldn’t be anything in the letter “that would appear to prejudge” approval of the project, but they could approve

... change in policing complement Continued from Page 10 They supported that position based on statistics and figures provided to councillors as well as the clear definition of roles between the RCMP and municipal enforcement officers. “Typically the only crossover is traffic tickets,” said Lebsack at the previous meeting. “They felt if the ratio is changed it would be going backwards for the community.” The report from Lebsack also indicated that enforcement officers spent about 1,100 hours or 138 full shifts per year completing paperwork and not in the community and on the streets. “Additional town functions such as assistance and enforcement during snow clearing, street sweeping, and development permit issues further reduces the amount of street time the enforcement officers spend in the community.” His initial recommendation for an additional 0.5 FTE enforcement officer “would provide increased coverage, a greater shift overlap, and reduce the amount of administration time per officer, which would increase the service level of the municipal enforcement within the community”. The report proposed a ratio of one full-time municipal enforcement officer per 3,200 residents. While the per resident number was lower than other communities, Lebsack said this was justified by the seasonal influx of visitors.

“I still think municipal enforcement officers were hired to support the RCMP so therefore if we allow the RCMP less workload why do we need more officers,” questioned Councillor Laverne Asselstine at the Oct. 8 meeting. “The other reason I’m not particularly keen on ratios is it negates the substantive role of management to justify resources. If the RCMP police chief decides he has issues he should come before council, I don’t think it should be an arbitrary figure.” Councillor Sean McIntyre felt the intent was to have a target “but we aren’t necessarily binding ourselves.” He added, “in fairness, the RCMP came to us in the spring asking for an additional member that we did not approve.” Agreeing with him at the earlier meeting was Councillor Dale Plante. “They need to come back to council and justify the need. I’d like to see a recommended number as opposed to a rigid number.” “In my opinion we get more out of the RCMP rather than bylaw,” said Councillor Rick Grimson. They’re able to deal with more issues and enforcement than the municipal enforcement officers, he said while questioning the town’s cost for the two types of officers. Lebsack indicated the cost to the town for an RCMP officer is $100,000 a year while for a municipal enforcement officer its about $80-82,000.

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ELVIS Saturday, Nov 24th, 2012

Sylvan Lake Community Centre Cocktails start at 6:30pm Supper at 7:00pm Entertainment at 8:30pm Dance to Follow 7 3048 For reservaƟons call: 403-887-3048 or email Tickets: $60 ea. GST incl., Corporate Table of 8 - $420 GST. incl. Includes Dinner, Entertainment, Dance, Door prizes, DonaƟons to the Food Bank will be accepted at the door.

the concept. Councillors then voted unanimously to instruct staff to draft the letter for the mayor’s signature. Peck added his group has been working with Tim Schmidt, the town’s director of planning and development, to ensure what’s proposed meets the guidelines of the town.

14 Hammond Close

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS

H. J. Cody Laker quarterback Tyler Ledwos (88) dropped back to make a pass while guarded by Shon Zenert (27) and David Bentley (67). The Lakers defeated the Wetaskiwin Sabres Saturday night in Wetaskiwin by a 28-14 score.



- H. J. Cody Lakers Grade 9 boys volleyball player Chase Elwood (4) leaped high to hit the ball across the net during league action against St. Francis Wolves last Wednesday. Watching in the background was teammate Calob Adams (3) while Landon Gyori (1) was beside him. The team lost their match five games to none. Scores were 20-25, 17-25, 18-25, 4-15 and 6-15. STEVE DILLS

Network Realty Corp.

Call me today for all your real estate needs! Ryders Square Shopping Centre OfÄce: 403-887-2286 Cell: 403-302-0628

H. J. Cody Lakers’ Trent Kondor (24) raced up the field while getting blocking from Shon Zenert (27) during last Saturday’s league quarter-final against Wetaskiwin Sabres. The Lakers won a 28-14 victory and proceed to the semi-final against Hunting Hills Lightning tomorrow (Friday) night at 7:30 p.m. at Greta Chief Park in Red Deer. CAROL CIRE PHOTOS

Lakers advance to semi-finals

Westerner Park

Fri. Oct. 26

Red Deer

(10 AM - 9 PM)

Sat. Oct. 27

Staff writer

(10 AM - 6 PM)

Black Press

H. J. Cody Lakers advanced to the Central Alberta High School Football League semifinals with a 28-14 victory over the Wetaskiwin Sabres Saturday. The Lakers, who finished third in the A Pool while the Sabres were second in the B Pool, will face the Hunting Hills Lightning in the semifinal. The game is slated to go 7:30 Friday night at Great Chief Park in Red Deer. Shon Zenert led the Lakers with 149 yards rushing and two touchdowns while Tyler Ledwos had 98 yards on the ground and a pair of majors. Paul Fuller, who rushed for 67 yards, and Will Branco scored touchdowns for the Sabres, who will drop into the consolation side. The other semi-final sees Notre Dame at Stettler.

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SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012

Innisfail powerhouse rolled over Admirals The hometown Sylvan Lake Admirals were hoping to atone for a poor outing the previous weekend and had added three new bodies to their lineup. It only took 1:32 for Innisfail to take the lead but that was quick-

by Ted Stephens Special to Sylvan Lake News

Innisfail Eagles, with new head coach Brian Sutter, came to Sylvan Lake last Friday, looking for their second win in as many games.

Sylvan Lake

REGISTRIES Lakers 28 ctober 20 -

• • • • • •


cal game. At the end of one it remained tied one each with the edge on shots going to the Eagles 17-12. The second period started out where the first left off and the Admirals took the lead just 1:28 in when Aaron



in 1 vs Wetaskiw

Week e h t f o s r Playe O

ly answered a little over two minutes later when the Admirals’ Branden Gay tipped home a bullet pass from Captain Rob Turville. The first period was hard and fast with both teams getting plenty of chances and playing a physi-

M Motor otor Vehicle Services Vital Statistics Corporate Registries Land Titles Personal Property Alberta Health & Wellness Registration

And More!

OFFENSE shon zenert

DEFENSE tyler yach

403-887-2176 150 Pelican Place•Sylvan Lake, AB•T4S 1K2 Fax: 403-887-4420 Weekdays 8:30-6:00•Saturdays 9-4

Safe Motoring

Boyer tipped in a pass from Tyler Moir. Not to be outdone the Eagles rallied just over two minutes later when a nifty three way passing play turned the Admirals D inside out and the game was once again tied. Sylvan Lake seemed to take their foot off the gas and the Eagles took full advantage, outshooting the Admirals 14-7. A late penalty to the Admirals’ Brandon Gay was all the edge needed by Innisfail and they quickly regained the lead with a power play goal, the clock showing 1:16 to go. What was a good game for the Admirals soon started to slip

away as Innisfail continued to press and the Admirals got away from their game plan. Innisfail scored at 16:62 in the third and Sylvan Lake answered three minutes later when Brandon Knelsen scored from Jeff Young but that was all the Admirals had to offer. A couple of crazy bounces later gave Innisfail a two goal advantage at 12:18 followed a minute later by an Eagle power play marker. Final tally 6-3 for Innisfail. “We have work to do,” said Assistant Coach Tyler Lightbown after the game. “We had a simple game plan but we seemed to get too

soft midway through the second and that carried into the third. Innisfail is a quality squad and any player taking them lightly needs to have a second look. “There were some real positives coming out of this and our back end has come a long way in one week,” added Lightbown. “We’ll be working to improve our obvious weak spots and our game tape should help pinpoint the little mistakes.” The Admirals next home game is tomorrow (Friday) when the Bentley Generals come to the multiplex. Game time 8:30 p.m.

Sylvan Lake Minor Hockey Association

Weekly Game Results! For the weekend of October 19 - 21, 2012 TERRY’S LEASE MAINTENANCE DYMANITE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 13 Lacombe 4 Game 2 Lakers 7 Lakers #3 11 +of the Week – Brandon Broks

DQ GRILL & CHILL DYNAMITE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 10 Olds 14 Game 2 Lakers 15 Lacombe 5 +of the Week – Ashton Tuck

WATTS PROJECTS DYNAMITE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 11 Lakers #1 7 +of the Week – Jace Junk


CASTAWAY SOURCE FOR SPORTS NOVICE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 6 Eckville 4 +of the Week – Wylee Garneau

SYLVAN LAKE ADMIRALS NOVICE LAKERS No Games +of the Week – Hunter Neal

SYLVAN AGENICES NOVICE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 2 Blackfalds 8 +of the Week – Owen Green



Game 1 Lakers 4 Rocky 3 +of the Week – Carver Ottenbreit




Game 1 Lakers 24 Caroline/Spruceview 0 +of the Week – N/A

Game 1 Lakers 9 Lakers #2 7 Game 2 Lakers 5 Lakers #2 10 +of the Week – Shona Willoughby

Game 1 Lakers 14 Medicine Hat 1 Game 2 Lakers 8 Foothills 3 +of the Week – N/A





Game 1 Lakers 8 Red Deer 3 Game 2 Lakers 8 Red Deer 6 +of the Week – Seth King

SERVUS CREDIT UNION ATOM A LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 25 Ponoka 1 +of the Week – Sara Tallon


Game 1 Lakers 4 Innisfail 4 Game 2 Lakers 3 Caroline 13 +of the Week – Dawson Phillips

Game 1 Lakers 15 Sundre 1 Game 2 Lakers 5 Rimbey 4 +of the Week – Brett Clements


Game 1 Lakers 3 Caroline/Spruceview 4 Game 2 Lakers 1 Rocky 2 +of the Week – Turner Loroff

ETR TRUCK & TRAILER REPAIR PEEWEE B2 LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 2 Ponoka 9 +of the Week – Parker Armeneau

No Games

Game 1 Lakers 8 Rocky 1 Game 2 Lakers 1 Hobbema 15 +of the Week – Kaiden Bott

BARNZEE SPORTSWEAR MIDGET AA LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 4 Beaumont 3 +of the Week – Brock Boguski


Game 1 Lakers 5 Rimbey 6 Game 2 Lakers 7 Red Deer 1 +of the Week – N/A

MIDGET B1 LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 3 Red Deer 7 +of the Week – Carter Taylor

MIDGET B2 LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 5 Rocky 7 Game 2 Lakers 3 Lacombe 5 +of the Week – Brett Lockyer

BOSTON PIZZA ATOM FEMALE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 2 Canmore 7 +of the Week – Kalie Watson

SCOTIABANK BANTAM FEMALE LAKERS Game 1 Lakers 5 Rimbey 1 +of the Week – Juliana Gulayets


It’s time to

ve 3 Erickson Drive




It’s time to





7.0911 Call 403.88 i D Drive i k Erickson 3E

ve m om com 3 Erickson Drive rv c rv er nlake anlakerv.

& Fri. www.sylv 8pm Thu. Open til 24 PAGES NUMBER 41 VOLUME 76

r 13, 2011 Thursday, Octobe




the Rosary Our Lady of key Trot School Tur 1


the a run around ing by going for reciting a special school after Thanksgiving cheer.


joined by students Ms. Turkey was the participated in running as they The event celebrates Turkey Trot. to and gets students Thanksgiving and healthy eatthink about fitness the a run around ing by going for reciting a special school after Thanksgiving cheer.


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Turkey sat with Turkey Trot. dtoMs. school’s annual participate in the

School were Lady of the Rosary their annual Students at Our with in Thanksgiving class excited to ring event saw each Thursday. The on a run Turkey Trot last cheer before going recite a Thanksgiving Ms. Turkey. with around the school

d waited students as they

Turkey sat with Turkey Trot. dtoMs. school’s annual participate in the

School were Lady of the Rosary their annual Students at Our with in Thanksgiving class excited to ring event saw each Thursday. The on a run Turkey Trot last cheer before going recite a Thanksgiving Ms. Turkey. with around the school

W have the readers We You get the results



Advertising Works Your Ad could be here Call 403-887-2331

Watch the for game times

Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


Sylvan to host Alberta juvenile curling championships Juvenile Curling Championships, said committee chair Noreen McCallum. She said the championships are for curlers 17 and under. Six men’s and six women’s team will be competing, with two from the north, two from the south and two from the Peace region. They qualify for the championships through zone playdowns. “The committee is

by Steve Dills Sylvan Lake News

Planning is underway by the Sylvan Lake Curling Club committee which is hosting a major provincial curling championship March 1-3. Building on the previous success of hosting the Alberta Scotties in 2009 and the provincial mixed championships in 2010, Sylvan Lake is hosting the Alberta Optimist

gearing up and looking for more volunteers and support from the community,” said McCallum during an interview last week. “We still need a couple of key people for the host committee.” She predicted they’ll probably need about 100 volunteers to do a variety of things. Some of that may be during the event itself while other volunteers are needed for pre-event

projects and organizing. Those interested may contact the curling club or visit the club’s website at sylvanlakecurling. Sponsorship packages and letters to businesses will be going out in the near future. The event will also be themed ‘celebrating the past and embracing the future’ to tie in with Sylvan Lake’s Centennial. There will be four

draws on the Friday, four draws on the Saturday and as many as needed Sunday until a champion is declared, said McCallum. Four sheets of ice at Sylvan Lake Curling Club will be used with the fifth sheet converted for spectator seating. “This will be a more spectator sport than the mixed,” predicted

McCallum. “The youth will come with parents, grandparents.” There’s no admission charge. Everyone is welcome to come and watch. “The community of Sylvan Lake is really well situated to support this juvenile championship because of the great number of young curlers,” said McCallum. Last year the club provided 600

school aged children the opportunity to curl. “Hopefully out of our junior program we will be promoting kids to compete at the zone level,” added Lesley Hill, noting one local team participated in zone playdowns last year. Sylvan Lake Curling Club has also been selected to again host the Alberta Scotties in 2014.


- Being pulled to the ground was Sylvan Lake Lions player Jared Winder (24) while swarmed by Springbank Phoenix players during their league game at Cody field while the snow flakes fell Saturday afternoon. CAROL CIRE PHOTOS

Sylvan Admirals

Prepared - Members of the Sylvan Lake Lions lined up during their snowy home game Saturday against Springbank. The Lions ended their season with a 38-14 loss in the Tier IV bantam semi-final game.



of the Week Brady Hunt

Ato S R E G TI


a l l Fo o t b

Warren Stewart

Zane Johnson

October 26, 2012

Friday 8:30pm


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at the Sylvan Lake

Todd Michalezki

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Sylvan Lake Bears PeeWee Football


Players of the Week October 20th/12

Bears 32 – Innisfail 0 Be

Next Game League Playoffs Tier 4 Semi-finals Saturday Oct. 27th Bears vs Olds Huskies @ HJ Cody Field

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Toll Free 1-800-331-5987



NEEDED Sylvan Lakes very own Senior Men’s Contact Jason at “AAA” Hockey Club 403-896-5428 Contact Information Sylvan Lake Admirals 403-896-5428 for advertising opportunities in the Sylvan Lake Multiplex


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012


217,000 READERS!

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What’s Happening

Coming Events

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The Sky Family Presents

CELTIC REVIVAL! The Gospel in Blazing Irish Dance and Fiddles

Rimbey Church of the Nazarene 5214-51 Street, Rimbey, AB Saturday, Oct. 27 ~ 7:00 pm Sunday, Oct. 28 ~ 10:30 am Contact 403-843-2671

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Caregivers/Aides................710 Clerical ..............................720 Computer Personnel ..........730 Dental ................................740 Estheticians........................750 Hair Stylists ........................760 Janitorial ............................770 Legal ..................................780 Medical ..............................790 Oilfield ................................800 Professionals......................810 Restaurant/Hotel ................820 Sales & Distributors ..........830 Teachers/Tutors..................840 Trades ................................850 Truckers/Drivers ................860 Business Opportunities......870 Miscellaneous ....................880 Volunteers Wanted ............890 Positions Wanted ..............895 Employment Training ........900 Career Planning ................920


Coats for Kids

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K Keeping Families Warm from head to toe c scarves, mittens, toques, boots... coats,

October 1-31, 2012 Drop off gently used coats at Crystal Clean Laundromat (Lak (Lakeland Plaza) CCampaign Partners:

Help yourself to winter clothing available at the Sylvan Lake & Area Community Partners Association Office

•Community Partners Association •Memorial Presbyterian Church •M&M Meats •Crystal Clean Laundromat •K-C Community Services •Sylvan Lake News

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Services Directory




NOW LOCATED in Drayton Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 Drivers with all valid tickets. Top wages, excellent benefits. Please forward resume to: Email: Phone 780-621-3953. Fax 780-621-3959.

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Oilfield Maintenance Labourer /Swamper

Restaurant/ Hotel

Full-Time/Part Time Certified Technician Qualifications: • Red Deer College Certification. Will Consider equivalent education. • Valid driver’s license. • Willing to work as a team member in a fast paced environment. • Strong math and good customer service skills essential. • Must be bondable. Apply to:

Dwayne Waknuk or Jamil Rawji, Pharmacists Ponoka Professional Pharmacy #20, 5011-48 Avenue, Ponoka, Ab Phone: 403.783.7333 Fax: 403.783.7200 email: Deadline: November 5, 2012

Must have safety tickets. No experience necessary. Will train. Fax resume to 403-746-5910 or email

We appreciate the interest of all applicants, but advise that only candidates selected for an interview for this competition will be contacted.

VAC & STEAM TRUCK OPERATOR. Valid Class 1 or 3, Safety Tickets, Top Wage, Camp Work, Experience an Asset. Email/Fax Resume: 780-458-8701,

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ERNIE O’S RESTAURANT & PUB in Edson is looking for Line Cooks. Please fax resume to 780-723-3603 or email: HEWLETT PARK MCDONALDS (50 Hewlett Park Landing Sylvan Lake) is seeking 10 Food Service Supervisors , available 24/7 for all shifts, starting at $13.12/hour. One year industry experience required. Apply in person or at

Sales & Distributors


SALES PERSON / HOST 403-342-4544 Start your career! See Help Wanted

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GET YOUR FOOT IN THE GARAGE DOOR. Learn basic engine theory, power train, suspension, job safety. First step to Automotive/Heavy Duty Apprenticeships. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-999-7882;


EDMONTON BASED COMPANY seeks experienced Dozer, Excavator and Grader Operators for work in Northern Alberta. Accommodations and subsistence provided. Fax 780-488-3002;


ADVERTISING CONSULTANT The Sylvan Lake News has an immediate part time (3 days per week) opening for an experienced Advertising Consultant. Preference will be given to those with strong credentials in media advertising; however if you have a proven history in sales of any genre, we encourage you to apply. As a successful candidate, you will be an integral part of a dynamic sales team. You will be resourceful, effective and capable of partnering with new clients in the development and growth of their business. The successful candidate will be responsible for servicing existing accounts with an emphasis on developing and growing new accounts. We invite those meeting the above qualiÄcations to submit their resume and references prior to November 15, 2012 to:

Sylvan Lake News Publisher

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS



SECURITAS CANADA Hiring Immediate FT & Casual

EMR or EMT Security Personnel for Dispatching Position Securitas Canada is looking for qualified Security Staff for a Petro-Chemical plant outside of Red Deer.

Business Opportunities


47 X 60 SHOP, VIKING, on 170 X 75 foot lot. Fenced compound in rear. Three 12-foot doors, three phase power. $2,000 per month. Price negotiable. Can rent single bay. Will consider partnership in auto wrecking or vehicle repair business. Optional 50 X 30 storage shed. Lloyd 780-220-5458. EARN FREE TREASURE CHEST LUCKY LOTTERY VENDING MACHINES. Collect big bags of cash each month. Small investment required. Get full details now at website:

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Business Opportunities


FOR LEASE in Sedgewick, Alberta. 3000 sq. ft. shop, which includes a 600 sq. ft. office space w/mezzanine which has a forced air furnace. Shop - 2 - 14 ft. overhead doors, overhead heat, 3 phase power and bathroom. Complete with Å‚ acre fenced in yard. For more information contact Mark Bonnett at 780-384-2338 or email:

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Looking for step deck SO007318 class 1 drivers to run Canada and/or US. Must have 2 years safe driving experience w/ max 3 demerits on drivers abstract. Employment Training

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Academic Express

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Business Services #1000 - #1430 Accounting .......................... 1010 Acupuncture........................1020 Advocate/Mediation ............1025 Antique Dealers & Stores ...1027 Automotive ..........................1029 Bands & DJ s ......................1030 Beauty/Cosmetic ................1040 Bookkeeping .......................1050 Cabinet Makers...................1054 Child Care/Caregivers .........1060 Carpentry............................1062 Car Rentals .........................1064 Cat Work .............................1065 Cleaning .............................1070 Clerical................................1080 Construction .......................1085 Consulting...........................1090 Contractors ......................... 1100 Computer Services ..............1110 Drafting & Design................ 1120 Eavestroughing ................... 1130 Educational ......................... 1140 Electrical ............................. 1150 Entertainment ..................... 1160 Escorts................................ 1165 Farm Equipment ................. 1168 Financial ............................. 1170 Fireplaces ........................... 1175 Flooring............................... 1180 Food/Catering ..................... 1190 Furnace Cleaning ............... 1193 Glass Shops ....................... 1196 Mobile Glass Shops............ 1197 Handyman Services ...........1200 Health Care......................... 1210 Income Tax .........................1220 Insurance ............................ 1130 Landscaping .......................1240 Land Mapping .....................1250 Legal Services ....................1260 Limousine Services ............1270 Massage Therapy ...............1280 Mechanical .........................1285 Misc. Services ....................1290 Moving & Storage ...............1300 Oilfield .................................1305 Painters/Decorators ............ 1310 Personal Services ............... 1315 Pet Services ....................... 1318 Photography .......................1320 Plumbing & Heating ............1330 Printing................................1335 Rental - Equipment .............1340 Rental - Misc .......................1350 Repair Service ....................1360 Roofing ...............................1370 Snow Removal....................1380 Travel ..................................1385 Upholstery ..........................1390 Well Drilling ........................1400 Welding ............................... 1410 Window Cleaning ................1420 Yard Care ............................1430


Classified. It’s the solution you’re searching for — whether you’re seeking a home, an apartment, a new occupation or even a stray pet.

CALL 309-3300







Imports • Domestic • Trucks • SUV • Diesel Repairs

403-887-0440 1A Industrial Drive Directly behind our old location

NEW N #6, 20A Sylvaire Close LOCATIO

Hours: M-F 8-5

Domestic, Import & Diesel Repair






KOR DESIGN SERVICES LTD. COMPLETE RENOVATIONS INCLUDING: basement/suite development & design, bathrooms, ceilings, texturing, laminate & hardwood floors, electrical, plumbing, windows & doors

Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Kevin O’Rourke 403-357-0351

403-887-3260 #103 Railside Plaza, 4505 – 50 Avenue Sylvan Lake, Alberta FOR fast results: Classified Want Ads. Phone 1-877223-3311.

Additions & Renovations Fences & Decks Basement Development Phone: 403-588-8163



Instant SpeciÀc Inch Loss


Trial S


x ROOFING x SIDING If you choose us as your contractor we will:


Target Thighs Bum Waist & Abdomen



• • • •

Listen to your needs and concerns Provide high quality products Show attention to detail Carefully clean up, leaving your yard the way we found it • Provide you with the best warranty in the business

Want to Look & Feel Xtra Fabulous! Try the new “Eurowrap”

Guaranteed Inch Loss Treatment Pkgs Available Abdomen Toning Treatments Bottom Lifting Treatments One 18 minute Eurowave session is equivalent to 200 sit ups!

InchByeInches Janet & Janes Med Spa 403-887-0123


Your Monument Source

Box 1021B, RR1 Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1X6

Jim Caldwell RED DEER.............403.347.4474 SYLVAN LAKE.............403.887.5211 TOLL FREE.............1.877.394.4474 Fax.............403.887.5212



FOR AS LITTLE AS $35 PER WEEK! Call Cathy or Cheryl for more details


We are manufacturer certified and have over 20 years experience. We work all seasons of the year.

Call Al for a free estimate:




SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012





Sidewalks, driveways, shops, patios, garage pads commercial. Specialized in stamp concrete. 302-9126



DO YOU NEED TO BORROW MONEY - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161. DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30% or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; or toll free 1-877-556-3500 HIDDEN INVESTING TRICKS CHEAT HALF YOUR RETIREMENT? Expert reveals tricks and traps. Free info or pro counsel. Brutal honesty either way; or user/investoradvocate ?feature=mhee. MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 loan and +. No credit refused. Fast, easy, 100% secure. 1-877-776-1660. NEED CASH TODAY? Do you own a vehicle? Borrow up to $25,000. No credit checks cash same day, Canadian owned & operated; 1-800-514-9399.

Glass Shops




Len Campbell Owner/Operator 8 Cuendet Industrial Way, Sylvan Lake

Our Door to Yours! Mobile Glass Service

Legal Services


CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366); CRIMINAL RECORD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-228-1300 or 1-800-347-2540; www.

Misc. Services



• • • • •

Chain Link Fences Wood Fences Decks Interior Framing Finish Work

ART LAKE 403-304-0727 (cell) 403-887-3760


Property clean up 340-8666 DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call Factory today! 1-877-336-2274; NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $259. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228.

403-887-6661 Landscaping


Â?Â?Â?Â?Â? 5CustomStar Landscaping & Design (Top Soil, Sand & Gravel)

Property Clean Ups & Junk Removal


403-340-8666 Well Drilling


Personal Services


DATING SERVICE. Long-term/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).

Well Drilling


Personal Services


GET 50% OFF. Join Herbal Magic this week and get 50% off. Lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off, proven results! Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800-854-5176 TRUE ADVICE! True clarity! True Psychics! 1-877-342-3036 or 1-900-528-6258 or mobile #4486. (18+) $3.19/minute;

Rental Equipment


• General Equipment Rental • STIHL Products Dealer #30 Industrial Drive 403-887-0012


Buy & Sell #1500 - #1990 Aircraft ..............................1510 Antiques & Art ..................1520 Auctions ............................1530 Bicycles ............................1540 Building Supplies ..............1550 Business Machines ..........1560 Cameras & Accessories ..1570 Children’s Items ................1580 Clothing ............................1590 Computers ........................1600 Concert & Event Tickets ..1610 Equipment - Misc. ............1620 Equipment - Heavy ..........1630 Tools ................................1640 Farmers’ Market & Food Basket......................1650 Firewood ..........................1660 Lumber ............................1670 Garden Supplies ..............1680 Lawn Tractors ..................1690 Health, Dietary, Beauty ....1700 Household Appliances......1710 Household Furnishings ....1720 TV’s, Stereos, VCR’s ........1730 Hot Tubs & Accessories ..1740 Jewellery ..........................1750 Kid’s Deals........................1755 Misc. For Sale ..................1760 Musical Instruments..........1770 Music Lessons..................1780 Piano & Organs ................1790 Office Supplies ................1800 Pets & Supplies ................1810 Pet Services ....................1820 Cats ..................................1830 Dogs ................................1840 Sports Cards ....................1850 Sporting Goods ................1860 Collectors’ Items ..............1870 Swap, Barter & Trade ......1880 Travel Packages ..............1900 Wedding Supplies ............1910 Recycled Products............1920 Wanted to Buy ..................1930 Items to Give Away ..........1940



MEIER GUN AUCTION. Saturday, October 27, 11 a.m., 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton. 200 guns - handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting equipment. Call to consign 780-440-1860.

Well Drilling









FOOD EQUIPMENT AUCTION. Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 at 10 a.m., Montgomery Auction Sales Centre, Blackfalds. Selling 5000 sq. ft. of restaurant, bakery, deli & butcher equipment. 1-800-371-6963; www. GUN & SPORTSMAN AUCTION. October 27, 10 a.m. Firearms, Militaria, ammo, weaponry and more! Unreserved! No buyers fee! Wainwright, Alberta. Scribner Auction 780-842-5666. Details: INDUSTRIAL SPRAYING & RECLAMATION EQUIPMENT. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. Unreserved Public Auction in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on October 31, 2012. Featuring a complete dispersal for Corner Brook Farms including: 7 Massey Ferguson MFWD Tractors, pickup and flatbed trucks, trailers, custom built sprayers, AG equipment, recreational vehicles and much more! Call 1-800-491-4494 or visit:

Building Supplies


LAMINATED POST BUILDINGS FARM AND COMMERCIAL. Prairie Post Frame serving Alberta. For pricing Calgary South, Barrie 403-506-7845; barrier Calgary North, Howard 403-586-7678; howard METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Best prices! 36� Hi-Tensile TUFF-Rib 29ga. Galvalume $.67 sq. ft. Colours $.82 sq. ft. 40 Year Warranty. ALTA-WIDE Builders Supplies 1-888-263-8254.



GO TO YOUR NEXT JOB INTERVIEW WITH 2ND YEAR HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC SKILLS. GPRC, Fairview campus Heavy Equipment Certificate program. Hands-on training, safety courses, opportunity to write 1st and 2nd HET apprenticeship exams. Gain 600 hours credit. 1-888-999-7882;

Misc. for Sale

Condos/ Townhouses



NEVER SHOCK CHLORINATE AGAIN! Newly Patented! “Kontinuous Shok� Chlorinator. No mess: Effective year round eliminating bacterial growth, smell and slime. Inexpensive. Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON;

Over 2,000,000 hours St. John Ambulance volunteers provide Canadians with more than 2 million hours of community service each year.

Houses For Sale




Agricultural #2000 - #2290 Farm Equipment ..............2010 Haying Equipment ............2020 Tractors ............................2030 Combines & Headers ......2040 Fertilizer Equipment..........2050 Misc. Farm Machinery ......2060 Equipment Wanted ..........2070 Farm Custom Work ..........2080 Farm Auctions ..................2090 Livestock ..........................2100 Livestock - Exotic..............2110 Sheep ..............................2120 Poultry ..............................2130 Horses ..............................2140 Horse Boarding ................2150 Riding Supplies ................2160 Horse/Stock Trailers ........2170 Pasture Wanted ................2180 Grain, Feed, Hay ..............2190 Seed Grain ......................2200 Seeding & Tillage ............2210

Grain, Feed Hay


HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm Pickup� Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252 ROUND HAY BALES $20. and up. Delivery available. No Sunday calls please. Phone 403-704-3509.

2 bdrm, 2 bath condo, third floor, 6 appl, $1190 + pwr, $1140 SD, No pets, Real Estate N/S, PM 554 ~ 304, 3 #4000 - #4190 Broadway Rise ~ Sim & Services..........4010 Mgmt & R e a l t y Realtors Houses for Sale................4020 403-340-0065 ext 412 Houses Wanted ................4030 SYLVAN, 2 bdrm. condo, w/den & fireplace, 5 appls, near shopping, $1350. + gas & elect. 403-341-9974



BACHELOR SUITES FOR RENT ranging $550-$650 $300 d.d. All rooms above Hazzard County Bar & Grill. Call 403-887-5235 ask for Char

Condos/Townhouses ........4040 Acreages ..........................4050 Acreages Wanted ............4060 Farms/Land ......................4070 Farms/Land Wanted ........4080 Manufactured/ Mobile Homes ..................4090 Income Property ..............4100 Commercial Property ......4110 Industrial Property ............4120 Cottages/Resort Property ..4130 Businesses for Sale..........4140 Buildings for Sale ............4150 Lots for Sale ....................4160 Out of Town Property ......4170 Investment Opportunities ..4180 Mortgages Bought/Sold....4190

New bsmt. suite In RYDERS RIDGE

2 bdrm. bsmt. suite, has 6 appls., shed, full parking, separate entrance, infloor heat, laundry etc. no pets, n / s , a v a i l . N o v. 1 , 587-876-7977

Houses For Sale




Lakeland Plaza

403-887-3021 403 -887-3021 For Rent

3 bdrm. heritage home on beautiful private lot in Woodlea, backing onto Waskasoo Creek. Reno or Build. 416-918-0195


Low down payment, flexible terms. Newer 3 bedroom home, 1200 sq.ft. in Eckville.

Only $89,900.

Call Matt at 780-481-2583.






IMMAC. retirement home in quiet neighborhood, no stairs, walk-in shower, 5 appls. 2 bdrm., murphy bed, sprinkler system, a/c, sunroom, r.v. parking stall in back yard. $285,000. 403-346-7920 for appt. to view


Picturesque Recreational River Hobby Farm. Ideal for horses or cattle. Corrals, fenced, heated barn & shop. Open concept custom built bungalow. $465,000. 403-843-6182 (Rimbey) TELL it all! Tell it well! Make your ads sell for you by giving full description of goods or services offered. Include prices and terms. Phone 1-877-223-3311 for a friendly ad taker.


For Rent #3000 - #3200 Acreages/Farms ..............3010 Houses/Duplexes ............3020 Condos/Townhouses........3030 Manufactured Homes ......3040 Four Plexes/Six Plexes ....3050 Suites ..............................3060 Cottages/Seasonal ..........3070 Roommates Wanted ........3080 Rooms for Rent................3090 Motels/Hotels ..................3100 Offices ..............................3110 Stores/Commercial ..........3120 Industrial ..........................3130 Warehouse Space............3140 Garage Space..................3150 Storage Space ................3160 Land ................................3170 Pasture ............................3180 Mobile Lot ........................3190 Misc. for Rent ..................3200

Wanted to Rent #3250 - #3390 Acreages/Farms ..............3255 Houses/Duplexes ............3260 Suites ..............................3270 Rooms..............................3280 Manufactured Homes ......3290 Housesitting Wanted ........3300 Garage Space..................3310 Storage Space ................3320 Stores/Commercial ..........3330 Office Space ....................3340 Industrial ..........................3350 Warehouse Space............3360 Resorts & Cottages..........3370 Pasture/Land....................3380 Mobile Lot ........................3390

Board BRIGHT 2 Bdrm Apt. Avail Now. Downtown area. Coin-op Laundry in bldg.

825 & G & E



FULLY FURNISHED -Adults Only 3 bdrm & T.V. Room. Finished bsmnt. 7 appls. Deck in back yard. Dbl. Garage

1695.00 & G & E

FULLY FURNISHED LOVELY EXECUTIVE HOME Newer House with Dbl Garage-Deck & Pool Table 3 bdrm up & 2 down 3 baths. 6 appls. Avail. NOW. $ 2500.00 & G & E



Houses/ Duplexes


Avail. Nov. 1

Large corner unit for Nov. 1 2 bdrm 2 baths U/G Pking

1475.00 Plus Elect.


FURNISHED 1/2 duplex, 2 bdrm. 1 bath, $1150/mo., mature responsible party, incl. utils., except tv/phone. Nov. 1- June 1. no pets, n/s, RENTED

3 bedroom 2 bath Recent paint and Àooring New appliances Fenced Yard N/S Avail Nov 1st

403-304-6515 Lake Trail Estates

403-887-8552 W also We l manage hhomes iin IInnisfail, i f il Penhold, Lacombe, and Caroline

403-896-1193 • 403-396-9554

Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS


Manufactured Homes

OLD MAN WINTER IS COMING! Immediate delivery on 2011 SRI stock at drastically reduced prices! Save over $10,000 plus bonuses! Call now for details; 1-877-341-4422, Red Deer YEAR END CLEARANCE! Vast selection: single/20’ wides and like-new pre-owned homes. Starting at only $69,900. Delivery anywhere in Alberta! 1-800-461-7632. 148 East Lake Blvd., Airdrie; www.

Transportation #5000-5300

Automotive Services ........5010 Antique & Classic Autos ....5020 Cars ..................................5030 SUV’s................................5040 Trucks ..............................5050 Heavy Trucks....................5060 Vans/Buses ......................5070 Motorcycles ......................5080 Campers ..........................5090 Motorhomes......................5100 5th Wheels........................5110 Holiday Trailers ................5120 Tent Trailers ......................5130 Utility Trailers ....................5140 ATV’s ................................5150 Boats & Marine ................5160 Snowmobiles ....................5170 Tires, Parts & Accessories ......................5180 Auto Wreckers ..................5190 Vehicles Wanted ..............5200 Car/Truck Rental ..............5210 Recreational Vehicle Rental ..............................5220 Trailer Rental ....................5230 Misc. Automotive ..............5240 RV’s ..................................5300

Antique & Classic Autos


1967 CHEVY Pickup

5000 km on complete restoration. $9500. 403-340-8407 or 877-2909




CARS FROM $49/week, SUVs from $79/week, trucks from $99/week. Get approved with bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy. $0 down. Call our Approval Hotline 1-888-222-0663. Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Honda, Dodge

2011 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 63,000 kms immaculate. $17,900 Senior. Warranty. Private. 403-887-2790

1998 MUSTANG GT Loaded, many after market add-on’s $6,300 obo 403-783-5506




- Students from C. P. Blakely School’s Kindergarten classes visited Sylvan Lake’s town hall, met with Mayor Susan Samson and toured the building Oct. 11 and 12 to learn about their community. Samson demonstrated how she brings a meeting to order and then let each of the students bang the gavel. STEVE DILLS

REV UP YOUR ENGINE. Now gain 1st and 2nd year Apprenticeship Motorcycle Mechanic skills. GPRC Fairview campus. Hands-on training - street, off-road, dual sport bikes. Write AB MCM exams gain 320 hours credit. 1-888-999-7882; NOW - NEW 8 week courses covering small engine, snowmobile, quad or marine outboard repair. Take one course or all - fit your interest and your timeline. GPRC Fairview campus. Affordable residences. 1-888-999-7882;

Public Notice #6000

Public Notices ..................6010 Special Features ..............6050

new to town?

Look to us for all your weekly news and upcoming events


- Memorial Trail from 50th Street east to Highway 20 was opened last Friday for traffic. Construction is continuing on the section from 50th Street west to Lakeway Boulevard with the granular base currently being constructed prior to paving which is expected by the end of the month. Work is also ongoing at several of the intersections connected with the project. STEVE DILLS

Trick-or-Treat! RCMP tips for a safe Halloween

Following are Halloween safety tips provided by the Sylvan Lake RCMP. TRICK-ORTREATERS • Wear makeup instead of a mask. This will allow you to see and be aware of everything going on around you while walking house to house. • Wear reflective clothing. • Be sure your costume does not drag on the ground so you don’t trip. • Wear comfortable shoes, even if they don’t go with your costume. • It is safer to carry flexible props (e.g. magic wands, swords). • Wear a watch you can

read in the dark. • Carry a flashlight so you can see where you are going. • Walk, don’t run. • Stay in familiar neighbourhoods. • Stay on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. • Do not cut across yards and driveways. • Obey traffic signals and give traffic the right of way. • Only approach houses that have the outside lights turned on. • Stay away from pets you don’t know. • Trick-or-treat in groups.

• Never enter a stranger’s home or car for a treat. PARENTS • Ensure that your child eats dinner before setting out. • Discuss with your children what they should do to call home in case of emergency. • Ideally, young children of any age should be accompanied by an adult. • If your children go on their own, be sure they wear a watch, preferably one that can be read in the dark. • If you buy a costume, look for one made of flame retardant material. • Older children should

know where to reach you and when to be home. • Although tampering is rare, tell children to bring the candy home to be inspected before consuming anything. Look at the wrapping carefully and toss out anything that looks suspect. • Make sure your yard is clear of such things as ladders, hoses, dog leashes and flower pots that can trip the young ones. • Pets get frightened on Halloween; put them inside to protect them from cars or inadvertently biting a trick-or-treater. • Battery powered jacko-lantern candles are

preferable to a real flame. • Place pumpkins and decorations out of reach of children. • Healthy food alternatives for trick-or-treaters include packages of lowfat crackers with cheese filling, single-serve boxes of cereal, packaged fruit rolls, mini boxes of raisins and single-serve packets of low-fat microwave popcorn. • Refrain from handing out treats that contain peanuts or peanut butter, as many children are allergic.


SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012


Beats posting it on your wall... 403.887.2331

Thursday, October 25, 2012 SYLVAN LAKE NEWS

23 Your Pets Favourite Store!

In need of a little retail therapy... Come in & try out our couches!

3rd Annual


We Specialize in Rustic & Shabby Chic Furniture and Décor.

Pet Parade

Saturday, Oct. 27th @ 1:00pm


Mon-Fri: 9:30 - 6 Sat: t: 1100 - 5 C Closed losed SSundays undays 4-40 Hewlett Park Landing - Sylvan Lake


Prizes for:

Pet Foods 10% Off Supplies 20% Off

Best Dressed, Funniest Dressed, Scariest Dressed


Also door prizes for dogs and cats


25% OFF

#2 160 Hewlett Park Landing 403-887-3909

Come Visit and Check out

What’s New New Clothing Line Holiday Party Dresses

Arriving Weekly!

Royal Reserve Rye Polar Ice Vodka

Trendy Fall Fashions directly from LA, New York, Italy and Montreal

750 ml plus GST/Deposit No Limits

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Hewlett Park Landing Shopping Centre



While supplies last. No rain cheques or substitutions.

75 Hewlett Park Landing (Next to No Frills) • 403-887-8433


Sylvan Lake's Project Centre

™ Lumber ™ Plywood ™ Paint

& Stain ™ Windows ™ Doors ™ Hardware ™ Plumbing

™ Estimates

on House and Building Packages

Natural & Clean At your Fingertips

™ Special

Orders ™ AND


Toll Free 1-877-257-3626 403-887-3626 110 Hewlett Park Landing Proudly Canadian

Reverse Osmosis System

M - F: 8 - 6, Sat: 8 - 5, Sun/Hol: 9-5

Highest Quality drin drinking nking ing water • clean & delicious • 5 stage purification system • reduces odours

Not Only Water... • Water Softeners • Reverse Osmosis • Systems

• Hot Tub Supplies • Water Coolers • Water Filters

• reduces contaminants • easy installation • fits under kitchen sink

We exchange any size bottle


5 gal. exchange




SYLVAN LAKE NEWS Thursday, October 25, 2012 5135 - 47A Ave.

5009 - 47 Street

24 Hrs Ph: 403-887-2217 Fax: 403-887-3165 Toll Free: 1-877-373-6296 4603 Ryders Ridge 4111 45 Ave

MLS# 0001666

46 Briar riar ri iar ar Roa R Ro Road o oad

9 Lindsay dsay say ay Cr Cres es s MLS# 0003590

MLS# 326346

MLS# 324384




4306 48 Ave

23 Jarvis Bay


$498,000 MLS# 0003244

46 Lakeway Blvd.


69 Regata t W Way

MLS# 326712 ML M 671 7122


Sunday Oct. 28 2-4pm

4604 - 43 Street




MLS# 0001928

43 Wildrose Dr

MLS# 0003940 56 Lakeway Boulevard



5 Legacy Cove




60 0P Premiere remi re mie erre

5913 54 Ave








Robert Popilchak P il h k 403-350-8708

Still Sitting On The Fence? Waiting... Wondering... About the Real Estate Market? 73 Lodge Place

MLS# 0003439

Lorne Therriault

Gord Steinbach

MLS# 0001870

5131 - 47A Ave.

MLS# 320464

403-350-6193 4 0

CED d t i b

172 Iverson Close, Red Deer


"Y "Your Trusted Real E Estate Advisor"



30 Acres near Red Deer

Alf Moore Al 7 Heenan nan an nC Court ou ou urt rt

18 Regal 1 egal C Court ourtt

MLS# 0003061


MLS# 321999


MLS# 0002262

MLS# 0000371 0 71 0371 037


MLS# 0003435

#1, 4914-50 Sylvan Lake

MLS# 0004193

isted Just L


Carl Stepp $324,500


123 Grand Ave.

• 5 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ms m s • 2700 sq ft of living space e • Walk Out Basement • Heated Double Attached Garage

MLS# 0001887

Glen Goodall Gl

403-318-0604 4

$769,900 32 Hallgren Dr.

For more information on any MLS listings visit

829 Sunhaven Way

MLS# 0001270

1 Hunter Road

MLS# 325554



4403-896-8500 Turning Dreams into Addresses

Vendor Providing Early Closing Bonus of $3000.00 to Purchaser upon closing on or Before Nov. 30, 2012

Visit sit my web website bsite i for more ore iinfo nfo f att



Caroline Boivin C


Willard Morris 403-318-4547

Sandi Hallgren MLS# 0003967


Sylvan Lake News, October 25, 2012  

October 25, 2012 edition of the Sylvan Lake News

Sylvan Lake News, October 25, 2012  

October 25, 2012 edition of the Sylvan Lake News