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Regional Hospital District discusses proposed study By Claire Paradis Arrow Lakes News

The West Kootenay–Boundary Regional Hospital District Board met in Nakusp on Wednesday, October 10 at the Emergency Services Building. Members of the board were treated to tours of facilities in both New Denver and Nakusp earlier in the day. Quick study needs more details The meeting started with Interior Health delegates presenting an upcoming study that will evaluate medical facilities in the region. VFA, Inc. was awarded the five-year contract to assess medical facilities in B.C., and they will start their assessment in the KootenayBoundary region in November, Todd Mastel, Interior Health’s Manager and Business Support for Acute/Tertiary Services told the West Kootenay–Boundary Regional Hospital District directors. The reports from the assessment are targeted to be ready for May 2013. “This is a key element for the overall facilities planning in the area and capital

program planning for the area as well,” said Mastel, “It’s information that will help both Interior Health and the board as we move forward with our capital plan.” Director Andy Shadrack asked if smaller rural centres would be included in the study, and Mastel confirmed this was the case. Steve McEwan, Director, Facilities, Plant and Maintenance told the board that two weeks in total have been allotted for the facilities in the Kootenay-Boundary region, with three days planned to cover Kootenay Boundary Hospital. The VFA assessors will be relying on reports as well as on-site visits as part of the assessment process. Director Walter Popoff said two weeks seemed like a very short period of time to assess all the facilities in the area, and asked if there would be follow-up studies if major deficiencies in the buildings were discovered. “I think this time around it’s up to us to ask that question. If we’re not happy with their assessment, if it’s not thorough enough

The West Kootenay-Boundary Regional Hospital District Board met in Nakusp CLAIRE PARADIS/ARROW LAKES NEWS after touring facilities in both Nakusp and New Denver. and we find it’s full of holes I would expect there would be a follow up,” McEwan told the board, stating that this time around there was a more thorough process in place for the assessments. At the moment, capital planning is done on a year-to-year basis by Interior Health, but Mastel hopes that this assessment will

help for longer-range planning in the future. “This evaluation is a very important one and could set the stage for future expenditures and possible changes in future direction in some cases, said Director John Dooley. “To be truthful with you, I can’t see how

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Grizzly family transported away from Burton area By Claire Paradis Arrow Lakes News

After some fowl play in Burton, this momma grizzly was tagged and she and her three cubs taken back close to their den. PHOTO COURTESY CONSERVATION OFFICER SERVICE

Burton residents Sterling and Margaret Simpson came home from spending the long weekend away to find a handful of their turkeys and chickens had been killed. Reports had been circulating around town that a grizzly sow with three cubs had been roaming about, looking for food, and they had found their way to the penned fowl. Dixie, their fearless Great Pyrenees, tangled with the bears and was injured but survived a swat from one of the bears. “Tuesday morning we called Conservation and they came out and set the traps the next night,” Sterling told the Arrow Lakes News. At 7 p.m. the traps were set and by 9 p.m., there was one bear in a trap already. The next morning, the mother bear and one cub were in the traps, and the Conservation Officers were able to tranquilize the other two with darts. “It was almost textbook,” said Sterling, who was happy to see the bears taken into custody rather than shot or wounded. “The last thing we want is a wounded bear wandering around.” Arnold deBoon, Conservation Officer Sergeant for the West Kootenay Zone, was also glad to get the bears transported away from

Burton and back to their home. “We ear-tagged the mother and relocated them in the same ecosystem they were caught, at a distance from Burton,” he said. Because they were captured late in October, the decision was made after consulting with bear researchers to release the family back in their home territory near their winter den. At this point in the season, the Officers are hoping the sow will head to her chosen denning site with her cubs. Of course, there’s no guarantee, and there is a chance they could come back, but it likely won’t be this year before the snow hits the ground, said deBoon. When bears’ predation is on larger livestock like sheep or goats, it’s often a different story. “They develop a taste for it, and more importantly they see they’re capable of doing it,” the Officer explained. “We do our best to give them a chance.” But if the bears become a significant threat to humans, the decision to destroy them has to be made, a decision that doesn’t make anyone happy, said deBoon. Fortunately in this case, capturing the grizzly sow and cubs was quick and easy, and the entire family will be back in their habitat and able to get ready for hibernation back in their den.

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UBCM, financial open house and recycling at the Nakusp Council meeting KUDOS TO LIBRARY BOARD

By Claire Paradis Arrow Lakes News

After quickly approving the agenda and the minutes for two past meetings, and with no delegations, etc., the meeting dove into reports. WATERBRIDGE STEEL MOVING INTO MUSIC FEST BUILDING Mayor Karen Hamling recapped her report, telling council she had a tour of the Waterbridge Steel Inc. ferry site with owner John Harding. Counc. Ulli Mueller asked if all of council could take a tour, and the mayor agreed it would be a good idea, but perhaps later when there was more of the ferry being built. Waterbridge Steel has bought and is now renovating the old Nakusp Music Fest building. The company will be moving to its new offices within a month. NACFOR LOOKING AT ROADS, MORE WORK NACFOR has finished logging in the Slewiskin and is now beginning to log on the Summit Lake side of one block, counc. Tom Zeleznik told the meeting, and more logging operations will begin in November. An engineering assessment of Slewiskin road will be done to help develop a plan for road repairs in the long term. NADB REPORT Zeleznik also gave a brief report on the Nakusp and Area Development Board. Diana Brooks, a rural economic development coordinator with the province, met with NADB on Oct. 3. Councillor Guy Duchaine also reported on the NADB meeting, and said that a connection to a regional bio-mass waste wood opportunity may come out of the meeting with Brooks. The NADB business directory is still in the works, with the board working with the web developer to overcome some technical difficulties and get the directory online soon.

Counc. Ulli Mueller reported the new hours at the library are being well received. She said she is also very impressed with the library board. “They are super active and busy and involved,” she commented, and listed several activities they have been responsible for organizing, including the Antiques Road Show which took place at the Fall Fair. NAKUSP WELL REPRESENTED AT UBCM Mueller’s experience at this year’s UBCM was positive again, and she said her favourite part is still seeing the debate on all the different issues. “I was really pleased at the ministry meetings to see how highly the ministry staff spoke about Nakusp,” she said, “How they were so impressed how we coped with all the issues and how we always seemed to manage, and they told us how they always used us as a good example to other communities. It made me really, really proud to be representing this community.” Councillor Joseph Hughes also found UBCM valuable: “There’s not a lot of wasted time there,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities to directly get some answers and feedback.” Hughes also spoke to Nakusp’s reputation, stating that it was “pretty fantastic” that when ministers and delegates know about a community this small. “When the ministers see you’re from Nakusp, they’re really interested to know about us, and they really feel there’s a working relationship with us,” said Hughes. “I think that’s a testament to the way the mayor and staff has been dealing with the ministers and their staff.” The councillor also said that UBCM as an organization that represented 105 towns and cities was invaluable in that it send a clear voice from B.C. municipalities to

other levels of government. TANGLED UP IN WIRELESS ISSUES Counc. Mueller also brought up the subject of wireless antenna siting, which has become an issue in larger centres. “iPhones, iPads, tablets: any one of those devices uses the same energy and capacity as 35 regular cell phones,” she said, which results in a demand for more transmitters. Mueller reported that she had learned at the UBCM wireless forum that many towns and municipalities are struggling with new antennas being put up all over town, in part because there have been no regulations regarding antennas under 15 metres in height. “Even for Nakusp it’s going means that we’ll have more antennas in town,” she said, “which means we have to be on the ball and come up with a process to make them apply for where the antennas go.” The UBCM wireless committee was anticipating that the trend in Europe of new cars (as of 2014) having a SIM card and wireless devices that will rely on continuous wireless coverage would also happen in Canada as well, counc. Mueller said. The health issues didn’t come up that much in that forum, which surprised her, and she said the attitude was that they weren’t really a concern. RECYCLING A BIG ISSUE FOR SMALL PLACES One UBCM meeting that Hughes attended was about the shifting of responsibility for recycling to a product-stewardship model, but he said that he was buoyed by other small communities expressing the same concerns at UBCM of being left behind. “There are a lot of small communities that are saying the same thing, so I don’t think there will be an opportunity to push us aside... because so much of B.C. is small communities,” he commented.

Royal Canadian Legion Br. #20 Nakusp _________________________________

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Xmas Craft Fair is planned for November 17th

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Our lounge opens at: 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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The 2013 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw passed, but there may be changes ahead. The staff report stated that the current policy says that PTEs “will not exceed 1.5 per cent of the annual municipal taxation revenue.” If all current PTEs are granted next year, the report continued, it would mean a decline of 1.81 per cent of taxation revenue. “There are also indefinite permissive tax exemptions provided to six community church groups,” the report noted, “The only statutory exemption for a church is the footprint [of] a building used for public worship; other permissive exemptions granted to churches are at the discretion of council.” PUBLIC FINANCE OPEN HOUSE

may need to get rid of on October 20 at the Nakusp Arena from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. “This is a 2012 pilot project run to gauge how much material we collect,” Nicole Ward, Environmental Services Coordinator for the RDCK told the Arrow Lakes News, which means at this moment it’s not certain if this will become a regular program or not. Residents of Nakusp and area will be able to bring not only old paint to the depot, but also electronics they need to get rid of. At the moment, residents are unable to drop off hazardous waste or electronics at a depot locally on an ongoing basis.


New CFO Rob Richards will be on hand on November 13 with information about what financial resources go where as part of a public open house about the Village’s financial operations. CAO Linda Tynan said the idea is for the presentation to be very visual, clearly showing a general perspective about where tax dollars flow. The presentation will take place at 6 p.m., and the regularly scheduled council meeting will be held at 4 p.m. to accommodate the open house. CHAMBER CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS The Chamber of Commerce is getting together to plan a community Christmas celebration, and council approved their application for a fee waiver for the Emergency Services Building. The meeting is scheduled to be held on October 15 at 7 p.m. HAZARDOUS WASTE The RDCK is coming to pick up your old batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, small appliances and electronics and whatever other hazardous household waste you

The weeks of sun and heat have drawn to a close, and rain has returned. Soon the rain will turn to snow and winter will be here again. This dandelion is hopeful, putting out seeds in the last of the autumn sun.



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4 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Embrace change and possibility Editor, As the hotel gardener I was lucky to have had the opportunity to chat with the new kids in town as they began the changeover from The Kuskanax Lodge to the K2 Rotor Lodge. The whole crew impressed me as really positive, optimistic, friendly young people. It was a surprise for me to find out that they are world famous skiers and snowboarders, including Olympians. These are just fun kids with no pretentions or arrogance and an abundance of youthful exuberance. They were polite and respectful to me and I felt included in their endeavour. Nakusp is a beautiful little town that is currently struggling to find a more versatile economy in order to keep young people here. On the horizon appears a company of young, worldly, influential people with a sound plan and the financial means to bring in a relatively clean recreational industry. This industry will probably draw more young, energetic people who may elect to stay to create their own

related clean businesses and raise families. Isn’t that just what we want? I was surprised when I heard some negative attitudes about these individuals and this new enterprise coming to town. Some opinions had been formed without having met the K2 people and seemed to me to be based on fear. Fear of what I’m not sure. It’s reasonable that residents who have lived here through the great betrayal of the flooding of the river would feel apprehension at any new proposal. Whatever the reasons for negative attitudes they have the power of selffulfillment. They can result in Nakusp shooting itself in the foot, however geographically beautiful that foot may be. Or, like many in the community, we can choose to embrace this change and the myriad possibilities it can bring. Linda Dixon Nakusp, B.C.

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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17 STRONG START A pre-school early learning program for children 0-6. Free drop-in for parents, caregivers and their children; 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at Nakusp Elementary School Strong Start building.

FELDENKRAIS WITH TYSON Learn how to move in ways that will improve the quality of your life. At 90 5th Ave in Nakusp (NaCoMo Wellness Centre). First class free; begins 9:15 a.m. Contact Tyson Bartel 250-226-6826 or for more info.



their children; 12:30 p.m. at Nakusp Elementary School Strong Start building.


meet your children’s teachers and see the great things happening at NSS between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. SOUL TANGO A ten-lesson series of Argentine tango Wednesdays from 7:308:30 p.m. at the Playmor Church Hall. Pre-registration is a MUST. For more info or to register contact Heather Graham: 25-226-7229, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Meets at Terra Pondera, 97 2nd Ave in Nakusp, 7 p.m.


3:30-5:00 p.m. for only $2.

PARKOUR/FREERUNNING CLASSES FOR YOUTH PK Nakusp is an alternative fitness concept,


involving Parkour & Freerunning, that is fun for youth ages 13 - 19, in Nakusp and the surrounding area. Feel free to drop by if you are a visitor passing through. We are located at the Nakusp & District Sports Complex at 200 8th Ave NW. For more information, contact Michael Garvey: 250-265-1778 or ACOA Adult Children of Alcoholics; meets at 97 2nd Ave NW (Terra Pondera) at 8 p.m. HIDDEN GARDEN GALLERY MOVIE: PINA In modern dance since the 1970s, few choreographers have had more influence in the medium than the late Pina Bausch. This film explores the life and work of this artist of movement. Begins 7:30 p.m.


SAT., OCT. 20 AND SUN., OCT. 21


Bring your own equipment and the rink is yours for $2 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.



From 9:15 a.m. at 409 Monashee Avenue. See listing above for details. STRONG START A pre-school early learning program for children 0-6. Free drop-in for parents, caregivers and

From 12:45-3:15 p.m. at 409 Monashee Avenue. See listing above for details. PUBLIC SKATING The rink is open to skaters from 3-4:45 p.m. for only $2.


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RAISING BACK YARD CHICKENS WITH HANK HASTINGS Come and learn the tricks of this increasingly popular practice. Everyone is welcome! Please pre-register with Paula at 358-2745 or email: ALAC PRESENTS PIANIST JANE COOP The first in the concert series, Jane Coop will be bringing her talent on the keys to the Bonnington at 7:30 p.m., doors at 7 p.m.

PUBLIC SKATING The rink is open to skaters from

dera, 97 2nd Ave in Nakusp, 5 p.m.

STRONG STARTA pre-school early learning program for children 0-6. Free drop-in for parents, caregivers and their children; 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at Nakusp Elementary School Strong Start building. DROP-IN HOCKEY IN NAKUSP Bring your own equipment and the rink is yours for $2 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

BC TRANSIT BUS TO NAKUSP HOT SPRINGS The most relaxing trip you’ll take all week! Catch the bus outside Overwaitea before 1:15 p.m. and get it after your soak at 3:35 p.m. at the hot springs. The perfect way to warm up.

TAI CHI IN NAKUSP Learn the gentle art of Tai Chi in Nakusp. Classes run Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 10 a.m. at the Legion and Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Nakusp Elementary School gym. FELDENKRAIS WITH TYSON Learn how to move in ways that will improve the quality of your life. At 90 5th Ave in Nakusp (NaCoMo Wellness Centre). First class free; begins 8 p.m. Contact Tyson Bartel 250-226-6826 or for more info.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 SMART METER DOCUMENTARY Smart Meters and EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt will be showing at NaCoMo (90 5th Ave. SW) by donation 7-8 p.m.

FRIDAY, OCT. 26 AND SATURDAY, OCT. 27 CLEAN ENERGY WORKSHOPS WITH MARK JACOBSON, BILL MCKIBBEN AND GUESTS Hosted by Selkirk College in Castlegar, and is $75 for the general public and $50 for students, which includes refreshments and lunch. To register for the event, trade show or art exhibit, please complete an online registration form at or for further information about the event email or call 250.365.1261.

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Fire volunteers ‘Proudly serving Nakusp since 1920’ WKBRHD meet in Nakusp gine helicopter it wouldn’t have been able to land at the heliport. Nakusp Emerg planning dollars Nakusp Emergency planning money are in the top five priorities for capital planning for the Kootenay Boundary region. “But it is strictly planning dollars at this phase,” said Community Integrated Health director Linda Basran. Revisiting community versus acute care in Nakusp Director Karen Hamling brought up the reorganization by IH of the Arrow Lakes Hospital from acute care to community care. “This has been quite a source of disconnect for our physicians who are looking after emergency room and acute care,” she told the board, adding that they are very unhappy with it and don’t feel it serves what is needed. “Being able to meet with their peers and get the support that they used to is, in their eyes, not happening,” Hamling said. She asked for the board’s support to write a letter to Dr. Halpenny asking that he revisit his decision. A motion passed that the issue will be reviewed by the executive committee who will make a recommendation to the board in November. Chair Marguerite Rotvold thanked the directors who came to the tour of the facilities in New Denver and Nakusp, and said it was important that the directors who fund equipment for these centres are aware of what services are provided.

Con’t from page 1

Nakusp’s volunteer fire fighters get the same high level of training in Nakusp that urban fire fighters do. CLAIRE PARADIS/ARROW LAKES NEWS

Contributed by Terry Warren, Nakusp Fire Chief

The Nakusp & District Volunteer Fire Department had 89 incidents in 2011 and to date in 2012 there has been 50 incidents. The emergencies range from all types of fires, electrical shorts, trees on power lines, ambulance assists, SAR assists, fuel leaks, brush/wildland fires and motor vehicle accidents. The department has two full-sized fire engines, one wildland engine, one tender and the brigades association owns, maintains and runs the Nakusp Road Rescue truck that will go to any call within the area from Angel Falls on the Monashee Pass to Gerrard

Lisa Hulshof, pictured here, started volunteering with the Nakusp Fire Department October 28, 2007. Harry Anderson, although retired from employment, continues to be an active fire fighter, and began April 1,1983. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE NAKUSP FIRE DEPARTMENT


at the end of Trout Lake, and then we connect with New Denver’s Road Rescue at the turn around south of Summit Lake. Our members are from all walks of life and have skills such as logging, marine, carpenter, mechanic, fabricator, nursing, truck driver, to business skills and train every Tuesday night, as well as extra weekends and other special training. Basically they train the same as the large city fire department’s except for high rise, hazmat and confined space. The Fire Brigade has been supplying the Health Nurses with a smoke alarm for every newborn baby in the area for over a decade and have been active in the Elementary School with Fire Prevention to a target group of Kindergarten to grade 3 students, giving each of them a bag of gifts along with reflective Halloween bags for their safety on Halloween night. The fire department is always looking for new members to help with skills from scribing, to truck driving and even just helping around the hall, so pick up an application form from the Fire Chief at the new Fire Hall as we can always use the help. Another note: please always call 911 even if you just want something checked out or have a concern, as sometimes messages are left on the non-emergency number 265-3563 that should be checked out right away before an emergency does happen and otherwise may not get listened to for a couple of days. The dispatcher will contact the Chief or another member right away, but if it is not an emergency please leave a message on the non-emergency number.

Arrow Lakes Arts Council proudly presents

you can get a proper evaluation in two weeks.” To address concerns the study may need more time and resources to be properly carried out, the board voted to send a letter to both the Interior Health Authority and the Minister of Health requesting the terms of reference be sent to the board so that the directors can get some kind of outline of exactly what is being called for and what the end result of the study would be. Patient transport policies A request came for patient transport policies in a letter from RDCK CAO Jim Gustafson to IH CEO Dr. Robert Halpenny. Director Paul Peterson asked if the response could have specifics. “If the procedures are absolutely identified, there’s a lot less chance for error than just a general idea,” he said. Todd Mastel told dir. Peterson that it could be useful to have IH Regional Director for Patient Transport Services Brent Hobbs come in and present information about protocols and procedures to the board. Dir. Ron Mickel brought up the recent tragedy that occurred near Nelson in which a four year old and his step dad were in an ATV accident. He asked why the helicopter landed at the airport not at the heliport. Steve McEwan replied there’s nothing wrong with the heliport, but if the helicopter weren’t a twin en-

Household Hazardous Waste Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up & Electronic Waste Round-Up Saturday October 20th, 2012

Saturday October 20th, 2012 10:00am-1:00pm

Household Hazardous Nakusp Arena Waste 200-8th Avenue NW & Electronic Waste Round-Up Saturday October 20th, 2012 Don’tmisstheNakuspcollecƟoneventfor


HouseholdHazardousWasteandElectronicWaste 10:00am-1:00pm .

  Bring your poisonous, flammable or corrosive items for safe disposal and recycling. Unlabeled products are accepted. No Explosives, Ammuniton, Flares, Radioactve Materials, Bio-Hazardous Waste, Commercial or Industrial Wastes will be accepted.

JANE COOP, PIANIST In Concert Bonnington Arts Centre Saturday, October 20th at 7:30pm Ken Williams

Doors open at 7:00pm

RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Tickets: Adults: $20 Seniors: $15 Students: $10

Toll Free: 1-877-797-5366 New Denver: 250-358-2617

Available at Bon Marche Dollar Store or at the door Hospitality Host: Margo’s Sunnyhills Lodging

◆ Items identified as Household Hazardous Waste should be ◆ treated carefully and brought safely to the round-up. ◆ Unlabeled containers should be treated with caution. ◆ Do not mix different products together. ◆ Tightly cap all containers.

For a complete list of electronic items accepted visit For a complete list of all hazardous materials accepted visit

 For more informaƟon visit or call 1Ͳ800Ͳ268Ͳ7325

6 â– Arrow Lakes News â–  Wednesday, October 17, 2012


DeGrace to hold writing workshop at Nakusp library Contributed by Zabigliona isling-Ardour, librarian

“Wind ’er up and let ’er talk� is the theme of a coffee-and-muffin event with author Anne DeGrace on Saturday, October 20, at 10 a.m. at the Nakusp Public Library. She will also offer a beginner’s fiction writing workshop Saturday afternoon beginning at 2 p.m. called The Brass Tacks: Getting Started in Fiction. “Good coffee is essential,� says Anne, who will rise early at her home in Bonnington to make the trip up the valley. “Once I’m properly primed, I believe I can read some entertaining selections and, I hope, engage in some lively discussion. Later, I’ll be brighteyed and bushy-tailed for the workshop.� DeGrace is the author of four novels, published by McArthur & Company (Toronto). Tread-

ing Water chronicles the fictional community of Bear Creek, inspired by the real-life village of Renata that flourished on Arrow Lake before dam development in the 1960s. Wind Tales plays with the idea of points of departure in a story of a waitress, a hitchhiker, and a cast of characters who stop by a mountain diner one windy day in the 1970s. The backdrop for Sounding Line is based on a true U.F.O. incident that occurred in 1967 in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. DeGrace’s most recent novel, Flying with Amelia, follows the descendants of two immigrant families across Canada, and across a century. In each chapter, there is a historical backdrop to the lives of everyday people. “It’s not often that a book makes me late for drinks with a friend,� said book reviewer Can-

dace Fertile in the Globe and Mail, “but I was in the middle of the title chapter of Anne DeGrace’s latest novel, Flying with Amelia, and I had to find out what happens to the characters. And then I had to mop the tears off my face.� “There will be no crying at this event,� insists DeGrace, “unless it’s over weak or insufficient quantities of coffee.� Registration is required for the workshop, which runs from 1 - 3 p.m. DeGrace will take participants through the brass tacks of fiction, focusing the elements of storytelling: character, setting, voice, and point of view, with fun exercises to get the juices flowing and good ideas to take home. The workshop is ideal for beginning writers. To register or for more information, call the Library at 250-265-3363 or email

Centennial addition coming along

With cup of coee ďŹ rmly in hand, Anne DeGrace will guide budding writers through the basics of story writing October 20. PHOTO COURTESY OF TIMOTHY SCHAFER The bright yellow steam whistle strikes a bold contrast against the blue sky and a maple’s changing colours. Fall in Nakusp.

Fine fall colours in Nakusp

The Centennial addition is now completed to lock up, and interior work will continue through the winter. CLAIRE PARADIS/ARROW LAKES NEWS

Contributed by ALHS

On Thursday October 4th, the Arrow Lakes Historical Society, the Nakusp Public Library and the Nakusp and District Museum Society met to review the progress on the addition to the Centennial building.

A balanced financial report to August 31, 2012 was presented. The group then reviewed a relative position report which looked at September’s income and expenses, indicating funds remaining and total funds raised to date.

Work will continue in the interior of the building throughout the winter, while fundraising efforts continue on several fronts. It is hoped the project will be completed by the fall of 2013. All donations - no matter how small - are greatly appreciated.


The War Amps




Interested in Dinner and a Show? Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre is pleased to present


TITANIC THE MUSICAL Saturday, Oct. 27th $139.00 plus taxes (double occupancy) Gets you dinner for two, 2 tickets to the show & overnight accommodation! Ask for our ‘THEATRE PROMOTION’ Tickets are limited so book now!

4801—27th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 4Z1 Toll Free: 800.663.4433


1234 ESAFE 5678 9

The War Amps continues to serve war amputees, and all Canadian amputees, including children. The Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program provides ďŹ nancial assistance for artiďŹ cial limbs, regional seminars, and much more.

When you use War Amps key tags and address labels, you support programs like CHAMP.


The War Amps

1 800 250-3030


Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, October 17, 2012 ■ 7


Fauquier fun on course with kids at summer golf camp Contributed by Larry Parkes

These smiling youngsters from Burton, Fauquier and Edgewood were the first attendees of a summer Golf Camp sponsored by the Fauquier and District Golf Club. “This the first year that we have run this program,” Larry Parkes, Director of the Fauquier and District Golf Club told the Arrow Lakes News. “This program arose as we looked at the future of our game and how our youngsters (the future of the game) are to learn about it if we don’t give them the opportunity to do so.” The Camp was free and ran every Tuesday during July and August. Meant as an introduction to golf, the youngsters had fun hitting golf balls and learning how to chip and putt. Members of the club volunteered to offer instruction and encouragement to youngsters from six to sixteen. “We were hoping, at the wildest, six interested youngsters, but we got

an average of nine each Tuesday,” said Parkes. The maximum was a whopping 20 kids who came out one week, but the average was about nine. Each youngster got a copy of the etiquette of golf, and all players were respectful of our members and each other. Many of the young folks said it was the most fun they’d had all summer, the director said. “The youngsters loved having someone take an interest in how they were progressing,” he noted. The small club had a dozen of its members come out and help for the no-charge event, and it went so well, the club is planning to do it again next year. At the end of the camp, there was a windup which featured a fun tournament and long ball, chipping and putting contests followed by hot dogs, chips, pop. There were awards and prizes for all at the end of a happy summer of golfing. If you’ve got kids who might be interested, keep your eyes open for posters next spring.

Kids and adults both had fun sharing the joy of golf. Pictured in the back from left to right are: John Cranna, Grant, Larry Parkes, Bill Hilton (FGC Members) Lyamm Warren, Brady Milne, Dylan Ewings, Broden McLean, (Golf Camp) Carol Smart, Carol Pighan, Roberta Cope, Rosalie Cranna (FGC Members). In the front row: Conner Hilbourne-Brynjolfson, Brooklyn Schiller, Hunter Hilbourne-Brnjolfson, Andrew Harper (Golf Camp). PHOTO COURTESY OF JODY MCLEAN

West Kootenay Organizations Join Regional Conservation Program Contributed by Marcy Mahr

Nelson, BC. Local conservation groups are applauding news that the East Kootenay Conservation Program (EKCP) now includes the West Kootenay. This geographic expansion means that the renamed umbrella organization – now the Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) – will forge new partnerships and help focus activities around private land conservation in both the East and West Kootenay. “For years now, many groups in the West Kootenay have looked at the conservation achievements of the EKCP and its partners and asked for something similar,” says Program Manager, Dave Hillary. “We’ve expanded our service area to meet this need, and are excited by the opportunities for the new Kootenay Conservation Program to assist local groups in conserving and stewarding important private land in the both East and West.” Since its beginning in 2002, the EKCP has been working to support the conservation of pri-

Species like this rare Northern Leopard frog, and others, will benefit from new Kootenaywide conservation efforts under the name of the recently-announced Kootenay Conservation Program, formerly the East Kootenay Conservation Program. PHOTO COURTESY OF KOOTENAY CONSERVATION PROGRAM

vate lands by building partnerships throughout the East Kootenay, and more recently in the West Kootenay. Within its expanded service area, the organization has facilitated the conservation of over 300,000 hectares of biological diverse and high value land, representing a conservation investment of over $100 million in the region. “KCP knows the West is different from the East,” says Grant Trower, of Friends of the Lardeau River and also a public representative for the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (Columbia) Steering Committee. “The new KCP will be working on local conservation priorities, and supporting groups and agencies already working to sustain naturally functioning ecosystems,” says Grant, adding, “It’s logical for KCP to be working Kootenay-wide to forge regional bonds since people who live here value the fish, wildlife and natural spaces that make this part of B.C. so special.” The KCP has hit the ground running. It was one of several

partners that recently announced the Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased 306 acres (124 hectares) in the Creston Valley near Wynndel. This land is home to endangered Northern Leopard frogs, at-risk Western Painted turtles, Townsend’s bigeared bats, and is a wildlife corridor for grizzly bears moving between the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges. A portion of the property will remain in agriculture, at the same time as conservation measures are taken to safeguard atrisk plants and animals. “Conservation of wildlife habitat and agricultural lands depends on a broad range of partners including forestry, farmers, governments, industry and others,” says Hillary. “Our recent success in the Creston Valley is an excellent example of how diverse partners can work together to achieve important ecological, cultural and economic wins, that in the long run sustain the resilience of Kootenay communities.”







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8 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Teachers to dispel myths about mammal given a ‘bat rap’ Contributed by Juliet Craig, Biologist

As Halloween approaches, bats with bloody teeth or scary green eyes become more common conjuring up images of blood-sucking, dirty, aggressive creatures. Educators trained by the Kootenay Community Bat Project (KCBP) are gearing up to dispel these myths to students in the Columbia Basin. “Bats are actually very shy, clean creatures,” says Juliet Craig, Coordinating Biologist for the KCBP. “They are extremely beneficial in eating nocturnal flying insects including mosquitoes, and cycling nutrients from wetlands to upland forests.” Craig has trained a group of talented, keen educators last spring so they would have the tools and information to provide school programs on bats during

Halloween. In partnership with Wild Voices for Kids, the educators will be offering free school programs to teach children about the amazing worlds of bats including their unique features, their role in ecosystems, and our local bat species. Students will get a virtual tour of bats from around the world, eavesdrop on their echolocation calls, and explore current issues in bat conservation. “Of the sixteen species of bats in B.C., half of them are considered vulnerable or threatened and an additional species, the little brown myotis, has recently been assessed for federal Endangered status,” says Craig. “Bats need all the help they can get including more positive press, and school programs can help do that.” The Kootenay Community

Bat Project, which began in 2004, has just wrapped up another year of identifying local bat species, providing educational programs and workshops, and assisting landowners with bat issues. Funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, the KCBP has provided over 400 visits to local residents, and identified over 300 roost sites for seven bat species. In addition, with funding from the Public Conservation Assistance Fund, the KCBP is paying for bat-house materials for residents who would like to build a bat-house this winter. To find out more about the Kootenay Community Bat Project, visit or contact 250-352-2260. Teachers can book a school program through Wild Voices for Kids at

Bat educators ready to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for bats with students. PHOTO COURTESY OF KCBP

Silverton Gallery gets the blues ...and some Dirty Grace this October NATIONAL STEEL “BLUES EMERGENCY” TOUR SWINGS WEST Contributed by Carla Nemiroff, Silverton Gallery

Doc MacLean and Morgan Davis are coming to serve up some healing blues music at the Silverton Gallery Oct. 30. PHOTO COURTESY OF CARLA NEMIROFF, SILVERTON GALLERY

Do you have a Blues emergency in your town? Don’t forget this year’s blues booster shot – Morgan Davis and Doc MacLean – your 2012 Blues Prescription. Probably not covered by your provincial or territorial health plan. Canada’s seventh annual biggest little blues tour has already been on the road for a month of shows. Launched in the Maritimes this year, Doc MacLean’s National Steel “Blues Emergency” Tour will bring blues medicine coast to coast, answering some 85 calls to nine provinces- including upcoming stops in British Columbia. This year’s special guest is the Juno winning blues icon Morgan Davis. The popular, all acoustic, songs and stories presentation will proudly visit western venues “Large and Small, Grand and Humble” including the Silverton Gallery on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $10 at the door.

Take our quick survey and you could win!

At the Arrow Lakes News we always put our readers first. We’d like to know you better so we can keep you informed and connected.

Contributed by Carla Nemiroff, Silverton Gallery

One of B.C.’s most intriguing up-and-coming bands, Dirty Grace will play at the Silverton Gallery on Thursday, October 18 at 7:30 pm. With musicians Marley Daemon, Jesse Thom, and Betty Supple, Dirty Grace claims they are “the only Canadian band that helps everyone in the room feel just naked enough to see each other clearly.” The End of the World Tour is the platform upon which Dirty Grace will be launching their debut release “Snow Into Fire.” Along with the album’s six ‘electro-acoustic’ tracks, the band will be performing original a capella pieces in three part harmony, apocalyptic folk songs and ‘beat-box incantations,’ even mixing in a bit of meditative ritual and interactive clowning to create an experience that moves emotions as much as it does dancing feet. This is the kind of show you see on a whim and then wish you had brought along everyone you love.




Winning Numbers Drawn for Wednesday, October 10 08 22 37 40 41 44

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$50 Gift Certificate for dinner at the Kuskanax Lodge Since 1923

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KUSKANAX LODGE 515 Broadway St., Nakusp • 250-265-3618 Prime Rib every Friday Wing Night every Sunday


Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.

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Richard Oseman (Dick) Smith Richard Oseman (Dick) Smith, passed away at Cottonwoods Care Facility in Kelowna, B.C. on August 7, 2012 at the age of 79 years. Richard was born in Nakusp, B.C. on May 1, 1933, the eldest son of Harold and “Queenie” Smith. Richard lived most of his life in Edgewood, B.C. However, ill health caused him to move to Kelowna in 2004 for medical attention. Richard attended school in Edgewood and Needles. He was employed by B.C. Dept. of Highways, based in Edgewood, for over 35 years and retired in 1988. He was very active in the Royal Canadian Legion and was awarded a life membership by Branch #203. Richard was also active in the Anglican Church and served as a lay reader for many years at St. Agnes in Edgewood. Richard enjoyed boating and ¿shing on the Lower Arrow Lake. He also loved to travel to places like Ireland, England and the Caribbean Islands, especially the Cayman Islands. He had many interesting experiences to relate on his return. Richard was predeceased by his father in 1973 and his mother in 1976. He is survived by his brother Leslie (Jane), his sister Shirley Barber, and his brother Monte (Marilyn), 3 nieces and 3 nephews.

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Happy 40th Anniversary Michael & Cathy October 21st 1972

Cremation by Spring¿eld Funeral Home, Kelowna, B.C. Funeral will be held on October 20, 2012 at 1 p.m. in the Edgewood Legion Hall, Edgewood, BC. Interment in the Edgewood Cemetery. Refreshments to be served by the Edgewood Legion following the ceremony at the cemetery.




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Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, October 17, 2012 ■ 11

This Week in History This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives

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Your Cabin on the Lake

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Denise Miles, the teacher at the back, came from Trail in 1951 to instruct at the Needles school. She has just recently finished a novel ‘Old Lady Sweetly is Twenty’ based on her days at the school. Available at the local book store, it conveys a fictitious story of what rural teaching might be in earlier times. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ARROW LAKES HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND CRESCENT BAY CONSTRUCTION

OCTOBER 20, 1932

No tax sale Owing to general conditions of depression, the Provincial Assessor and Tax Collector did not hold a delinquent tax sale this year. Publication of delinquent tax rolls was dispensed with and these costs of publication were not charged up against properties delinquent. This policy of helping the taxpayer, the government must find to be wise. In past seasons the taxpayer has been forced to dig, dig, dig until he has reached bedrock with no pay dirt to work over. Publication of tax rolls, as prepared by assessors results in the listing of more property for taxation, thus performing a real public service by curbing the tax-dodger, however. Pulling the teeth out of the law makes it quite harmless and prepares young men at 30 for the adolescent period they should reach at 70.

OCTOBER 16, 1952

Two youngsters drown, one in rescue bid Playmates helpless watched as icy lake claimed the youths. A heroic youth lost his life in the icy waters of Arrow Lakes on Sunday in a futile attempt to save his 11-year-old playmate. Twelve-year-old Frank Howkins, unmindful of his own safety, dove into the paralyzingly cold water when he saw William Stanley Baker thrashing about in 16 feet of water. The bodies of both were

recovered about an hour later. Billy and several playmates were riding their bikes on the Burton pier, docking spot for S.S. Minto. Some of the children were fishing. About 3:30 p.m. Billy’s bicycle hit the small plank at the edge of the 300-foot wharf, and the impact threw him from the bike into waters about 50 feet from the shore. For a moment, horrified youngsters on the pier watched him attempt to swim toward the pier. Suddenly he began to shout and wave frantically. Disregarding his own chances, Frank Howkins jumped into the lake and struck out for the struggling figure. Frank, a good swimmer, grabbed Billy; several times he lost hold, but dove again and again. Each time he grasped the struggling youth, but as he struggled to keep his head above water, lost his grip. Screaming playmates watching from the pier attempted to toss out fishing lines but were unable to reach the struggling boys. Minutes later, both boys disappeared from sight. Other children rushed for help. R.C.M.P. were called and dragging operations started. By 4:45 p.m. bodies of both were recovered. Billy the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Baker, is survived by his parents and three brothers and sisters. Mr. and Mrs. E. Howkins and eight brothers and sisters survive Frank.

OCTOBER 20, 1982

New laws put further curbs on leg-hold traps

New trapping regulations for British Columbia announced by Stephen Rogers, Minister of Environment, mark important advances toward more humane trapping. The new regulations put further curbs on the use of leg-hold traps, allowing only killing traps or live box traps for trapping wolverine, marten, fisher, weasel, skunk, squirrel and raccoon. The Environment Minister said that although leg-hold traps can be set to act as killing traps in some circumstances, the new rule will virtually prohibit their general use for trapping the seven land-dwelling furbearers named.

OCTOBER 14, 1992

408 Squadron earns top air search award The 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron was honoured last Thursday at the 44th annual general meeting of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association. The trophy is Canada’s highest award for excellence in the field of air search and rescue, and is awarded to the most deserving federal, provincial or civilian organization, crew or individual in recognition of a significant contribution to aviation search and rescue in Canada. The 408 Squadron was responsible for the evacuation of the crew under appalling condition in the high Arctic when a forces plane crashed outside Canadian Forces Station Alert last year. The 408 had to dismantle a

helicopter, air freight it to the arctic where it was reassembled in record time in a frozen hanger, and then the crew flew out under darkness and cold to rescue the crew of a downed aircraft. Commanding Officer Randy Wakelam and other 408 officers attended the meeting held at the Penticton Convention Centre. Retired 408, Major Bill McMullen as a special guest at the banquet and represented Nakusp.

OCTOBER 17, 2002

Former Falcon now a Nitehawk Nakusp’s Riley Weatherhead has a bright future ahead of him playing Junior Hockey in Fruitvale. The former Falcon, who played the last three years with the North Kootenay Falcons Midget A hockey team, is playing this season for the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, a Junior B team. Weaterhead always said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his cousins, Mike Smith and Kyle Weatherhead who have also played for the Nitehawks. The 15-year-old wing and centre said that playing for the Nitehawks is definitely a challenge, especially since some of the players on the team are up to five years older than him. As for life outside the rink, Weatherhead said he is living with a billet, going to high school in Trail, and enjoying some of the advantages of living in a bigger city, even though he misses some of his former Falcon teammates.

12 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, October 17, 2012


PeeWee House Falcons take down Greater Trail PeeWee House Contributed by Crystal Volansky


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING October 24th, 2012 at 19.00hrs Burton Community Hall All Welcome!

BADMINTON is starting again! October 30, 2012 to April 18, 2013 7:00 to 9:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday evenings at Nakusp Secondary School Gym

NAKUSP BADMINTON CLUB Membership Fee: $30/year plus $15/yr insurance to Badminton BC $3 drop in • Beginners Welcome!


PeeWee House Falcons Alex Roberts and Adam Volansky on the ice with two players from Greater Trail . PHOTO COURTESY OF CRYSTAL VOLANSKY

Changes coming to Arrow Lakes News Black Press

Starting Tuesday, October 23, the Arrow Lakes News will no longer have regular office hours. Advertising, editorial and circulation staff will still

2012-2013 Membership Fees

The Nakusp Peewee House Falcons played Greater Trail Peewee House on Saturday October 13, 2012. Alex Roberts started off the scoring for Nakusp, and got the first goal, assisted by Eric Vieira. Their second goal was scored by Alex Roberts, unassisted, and the third by Anthony Maxinuk, assisted by Adam Volansky. Nakusp triumphed over Trail 3-1.

be reachable at 250-265-3823, and via email. A lock box by the front door will be available to drop items off. Teresa Zanier, the face of the office front desk, will no

longer be curating the gems to put in This Week In History, and now that her career as a part-time advertising expert is on hiatus, Sharon Bamber will be pursuing her promising art career full time. We wish the

best to both of them in their future endeavours. The familiar face of Mavis Cann will be reappearing in town as she rejoins the Arrow Lakes News as the sales representative.


Learning the ABCs with CBAL and ALN

Singles $125 Couples $170 Family $190 Membership & Key available at the Spectrum Building. For more info call 250-265-4542

YELLOWHEAD ROAD & BRIDGE (KOOTENAY) LTD. YRB requires equipment operators for the upcoming winter season at the Winlaw, New Denver, Kaslo, Nakusp, Edgewood and Nelson locations in the Central Kootenay area. Minimum qualifications include Class 3 licence with air endorsement, previous driving experience and ability to carry out duties in an outdoor, all weather environment on both day and night shifts. Must be physically fit. Please send/fax/email your resume along with a recent BC driver's abstract and your preference of area to YRB (Kootenay) Ltd. 110 Cedar Street, Nelson, B.C. V1L 6H2 FAX# 1-250-352-2172 or EMAIL

Athletes the Week Week Athlete ofof the Athlete the Week

Lisa Hulshof Sponsored by ...

What’s Brewing on Broadway? Come see what’s brewing up for daily lunch specials.


Above, CBAL Coordinators Liz Gillis (left) and Rhonda Palmer (right) flank Nakusp resident Linda Dixon by the Overwaitea. Below right, Sharon Bamber takes to the sunny side of the street as part of the fund raising campaign. CLAIRE PARADIS/ARROW LAKES NEWS

By Claire Paradis Arrow Lakes News

Extra, extra! Read all about it! CBAL teams up with ALN to raise money for literacy! If you were heading to the Overwaitea or the post office last Wednesday, you may have been gently accosted by someone from Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) or the Arrow Lakes News. The temporary return of the newsies was part of the Reach a Reader campaign to raise awareness and funds for literacy. “CBAL provides several different kinds of literacy programs in and around Nakusp, and ALN both relies on and promotes literacy, so the partnership just makes sense. And it was a fun time,” said ALN Associate Editor Claire Paradis. “We had a great turn out of volunteers and staff to help us with the Reach a Reader campaign in Nakusp,” said Adult Literacy Co-ordinator Liz Gillis, “Thank you to all of the Arrow Lakes News, Nakusp businesses and local community members for their time and generosity.” The day in the sun resulted in $655 being collected in Nakusp for CBAL.

Arrow Lakes News, October 17, 2012  

October 17, 2012 edition of the Arrow Lakes News

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