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EDITORIAL: Embrace best EDITORIAL: Debt to society still unpaid part W of the new year ball, Chan was allowed to avoid hen Richmond’s making a street-racing related Yau Chun Stuart presentation to his high-school Chan was senpeers. tenced to two-years less a indicating to a late probation nights for little ones officially,While another few his week marks day in jail for the Sept. 15,weeks left officer that he was ready to give replaced with beds hitting in the season, the start of a theto presentation, suddenly 2002 driving-related death pillow while it is still according the tilt of theChanthe newConst. year. Jimmy Ng,Earth’sstopped answering phone, of RCMP outside. access relative to hislight Yes, Jan. 1 is the calendar and couldn’t be reached. Like the weeks following its revolutions around the the court made it clear what beginning of every year As soon as his sentence Newwas Year’s Day, we will debt hetruly owed to society. sun. completed, there was no but, life is governed legal






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of something new, be it another grade of learning or the time, finally, to quit a nasty habit and replace it with a healthy one. In addition, September is, traditionally, the best month of the year in weather-wise. While we were drenched in June and baked in July and August, September

blesses us with some heat before easing off into the perfect combination of warm days, crisp nights and that autumnal smell that can only be experienced, not described. So, embrace your new start this week. Start an exercise program. Take up a hobby. Join a club. Play some tennis. Resolve to do something for you. After all, the annual long bleak and cold stretch is not far away. Let’s enjoy the best part of the new year while we can. —Kamloops This Week (Black Press)

witness more bodies in Tuesday, Sept. 4, marks But a decade later, by a September start.Ng’s parents mechanism remaining to force gyms, more walkers and the beginning of a new are still grieving in a way only Labour Day (which came him to make that presentation. runners on the roads, more school year for thousands other parents who have lost a and went this week) marks It’s something par- being taken up as hobbies of local kids and adults that Ng’s child can relate to, and gnawthe real end of summer, ents, Dr. aChris and Therese Ng, like January, September, —and it can be jarring ing at them is the factare, that Chan despite the fact there wanted to witness but never is seen as the beginning every year, with didn’t fulfill one of his most changehappened. important committment to the But it’s not too late. community. If Chan has become a man, he Chan turned 29 last month, but can finally give some closure to it remains to be seen whether a couple who is now childless by he’s really matured. displaying some maturity and He’s certainly not the freshlyfulfilling that promise made so minted 19-year-old, who got long ago. behind the wheel of his newly As every day that passes, he’s purchased Honda Civic Si-R and again thumbing his nose at the drove at 130 kilometres per hour court system, the community, through a red light, killing Ng the memory of Jimmy Ng and of who was in a police cruiser while course his parents. out on community patrols. There’s a saying that a man is Today, Chan lives a relatively only as good as his word. anonymous existence in an Until that street-racing presenapartment overlooking Gartation happens, Chan’s debt to den City Park, just a block from society will remain unpaid. where his mom, dad and sister And some would argue, in live. their eyes, he’ll remain morally Jimmy Ng’s family deserves some closure from the man who killed their son. Somehow, through a justice bankrupt. Ng, a Richmond constable, was killed by a street racer 10 years ago. systemTom that Fletcher simply dropped the

Separating oil from manure

B.C. Views

IMarking a September to remember was as surprised as anyone to hear about the plan by this newspaper’s owner, David Black, to begin regulatory work on an oil refinery for Kitimat.

the third period and lost 5-4. home television from home. an. How could he say that? scoring the winner in the But then Henderson Well, Stan was far from bedying seconds of the 1972 I made a mad dash from the ing a traitor. He was worldly, scored the winning goals in Summit Series. second floor of the Annex to both the sixth and seventh though. As an RCMP officer That summer all the talk the band room at the other I’ll leave it to others to games. posted to the Canadian leading up to the eightend of the school grounds, comment on the practiThe country was abuzz. embassy in Rome, he was game series was about how cursing myself for not havcality of that plan, and With the series tied and one of the few Canadians it was going to be a walk in ing the guts to skip English whether it would make one game left Game 8 was who wasn’t so parochial as the park for Canada. It was and Math. When I got there the proposed Northern must-see TV. One problem, easy for a 16-year-old to buy to believe the only hockey it was standing room only, Gateway pipeline project it was to be played on a nation in the world was into the hype. Every time and Yvon Cournoyer was more acceptable to B.C.’s weekday morning durCanada. the Olympics rolled around, about to make it 5-5. government and populaEarlier this summer, Environment Terry the B.C. government’s requirements for the we’d province ing school hours. Being Despite the Game 1 Lake outlined Canadians were told Minister of Just as it appeared tion. Black Press news cov- Canada to consider the construction and operation of heavy oil pipelines. a goody-goody, naively thrashing, I believed was at a distinct have to settle for the disaperage, columns, letters to proud of my attendance Canada would prevail, disadvantage because propointment of a tie, Henderthe editor and other reader fessionals from mined oil sands understand. It’sthe notword tankamount of oil making its Trans-Mountain record, I couldn’t bring crude sonThe mostly because weren’t allowed came out of the corner comments are not affected to are slightly higher than ers and pipelines doing way into oceans this way: pipeline has been carrymyself to skip school. But was superstar defenceman participate. Those dasto bang the puck past by this project, and there extraction, which most of polluting. It’s Big tanker spills accounted ing crude from Alberta to I steam did violate school rules Orrthe would heal his tardly Soviets wouldn’t have Bobby Soviet goaltender Vladislav has been a range of views is slightly higher than you and me. for 37 million gallons a Burnaby and Washington by taking a transistor radio wobbly knees in time to a chance if Canada could Tretiak. expressed already. conventionally drilled Then thethinkpropayear, fiveHockey per cent of save Guest Shot state for more 60 with earphones to listenand to thethere day. Inismy ice theabout National Everyone leaptthan to their Whatever the merits of pumped crude. The most ganda about greenhouse the totalbest marine oil polluyears. It has periodically the game during my classes ing, there was no way the League’s players, we feet. Victory was ours. Grant Granger the refinery idea, it has gas-intensive gas emissions tiontoidentifi ed. carried for 40 Burnaby South. Soviets would befrom ablethe to oil atgreenhouse said ourselves. Barely. A heavy monthcrude previous, advanced the 1972. debate over crude sands Orr’s crude. Actor Robert farour theversion largestofsource years, and diluted ept. 28, By theused time in myNorth third handle wizardry. So ItBy was the our expectation wasbitumen domipipelines and the place of America is California heavy nation. Redford one“I’ll of the was War. oil runoff from land for 25 That years. period rolled around, Math when Stanissaid, bet highyou Cold If given a chance didn’t matter date I don’t oil in A our society. And that’s our crude, which is conventionest-profi le pitchmen for intopros drains, from oil Some of that crude 12, Canada was down 5-3. $5 the Soviets win” I took would demolish now. Our cheering wasis necessarily recall a good thing, because the up false that “tar changes, municipal and refined in Washington and Itally wasdrilled. difficult dealing with him onnotion it. their so-called amateurs. more beautiful to the ears offhand. However, it is as someone with a basic Burning coal produces sands” oil generates three industrial wastes and the gasoline and diesel algebraic equations as well As the series marched Then Game 1 in Montreal than any music produced of chemistry more greenhouse gases by timesCanada—a the greenhouse otheraround. sources: 363quick million across barged up to supply B.C. aknowledge day I do remember. asfarthe possible catastrophic 4-1 win rolled Two the band. and some experience in oil goals than oil, as University of gases as conventional oil. gallons. Bilge cleaning gas stations. And we of course Vividly. consequences to the counCanada in Toronto, a 4-4 for Canada and theand for A few weeks later were refi ning, I have noticed a Victoria climate scientist The facts are clear. The other routine ship mainteVancouver Island, Haida For most young Canadian try’s ego. tie in Winnipeg and a 5-3 party was on. Or so we out for dinner with Stan’s lot of ignorance about the Andrew Weaverthere has calcumost widely source nance added 137 million Gwaii He andopened all other hockey fans the seminal All of a sudden was Soviet triumphcited in Vancouthought. Our puffed-out family. hisB.C. wallet subject. lated. is a graph prepared by gallons, four times the islands onbeen marine moment in which they will hope when Phil Esposito ver—the tension mounted chests were promptly and said, depend “I’ve never Today I’dwhere like tothey address Two to U.S. environmental Cambridge tanker spill average. fuel shipments. remember were deflated scored make it 5-4. Math and my angstEnergy grew. Reas the much-fitter, more happy to pay somesome misgroups, including the one search Associates, which Airhighly pollution from veAnd forget the for the of restthe of main their lives class couldn’t get over As a teenager just starting and skilled (although one $5.”let’s I wasnot never more conceptions, which have fronted by Redford, have shows that 75 per cent of hicles and industry deposmost common heavy came on Feb. 28, 2010. I fast enough. I desperately Grade 12 making $1.25 an we were loathe to admit happy to take it either. oil been forget exploited some lately been promoting a greenhouse gases from all hydrocarbon particles used in B.C. It’s called won’t thatby one either. it)ited wanted to ditch the radio so hour delivering prescripSoviets took over and The Summit Series has The rstinone that suggests oil typesbyofbike crude when I study equal totoanother 97 million tions asphalt. I opponents. was fortunate tofibe the could watch it on televifor occur Royal Oak romped a 7-3 victory. been rightfully dubbed A is oil pollution in the general sands crudethe is lunch more corthe gasoline, jet fuel and gallons; building covering game sion. Finally, bell Drugs, I was worried about The nextnatural day weseeps went to September to Remember. and howPress it gets intoSidney the rosive to rung. pipelines. False, diesel$5, aretoburned by theof added 62place million gallons; Tom Fletcher legislafor Black when mercifully losing say nothing our aunt’s in Surrey Especially Sept.is28. environment. says industry, showing endpride. user.My concerns muloffshore discharges tive reporter and columnist Crosby scored the golden God the bless Mrs. Robinson. my for a familydrilling gathering. My A global by the analysis pipes Lynn that have Yes, during there are accounted fordeclared 15 million for Black Press newspagoal againststudy the United band of teacher, tiplied thevariations fifth game Our father’s cousin the Grant Granger is a Smithsonian Institution carried diluted bitumen emissions on Canada the regallons. pers. He canthe beBurnavy reached at States. But for my generaRobinson, had brought herfor reporter ininMoscow when Soviets were going to win. with in 1995 calculated the decades. maining quarter. Emissions So that’s the fi rst thing to tfl tion it was Paul Henderson blew a 3-0 lead heading into big, wooden-cased ElectroWhat! That’s anti-CanadiNewsLeader.


Richmond Review, September 14, 2012  

September 14, 2012 edition of the Richmond Review

Richmond Review, September 14, 2012  

September 14, 2012 edition of the Richmond Review