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Friday, September 14, 2012


On moose antlers and shark fin soup

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Editor: Back in the ol’ days my Great Great Grandpa use to go out in the woods and shoot himself a moose. Why he’d shoot him right in the face and the cut their antlers off, take ’em home and hang ’ em on the wall. All he wanted was the antlers. He’d hang his coat and hat on ’em and anything else that was on the floor. Then one year Purvis Blenksphile from down there at city hall came out to ol’ Zeb’s (my great great) cabin and informed him he could no longer shoot moose in the face and just cut off their antlers. “I gulldurn done it legal,” Zeb hallered as he waved his hunting permit in the air. “Well” said Purvis, “down there at city hall we want you to harvest the whole moose. Use all the meat Zeb.” “Gulldurn government! All I use is the antlers! Use ’em to keep the firewood off the floor, hang up my delicates, I know where my hat is, and, I hang my hockey stick on ‘em. One day Purvis, that games gonna catch on! What

you’re doing is an infringement on my personal rights as a Canadian. I don’t shoot ’em illegal! I would never use antlers off an illegal moose. I does all my hunting in season!” Purvis sat down, unbuttoned his coat, and took off his hat. “Zeb there been talk in town from the new immigrants and they think what you do, and how you do it is wasteful. Mayor Barker, myself and the rest of the council do too.” “Hockey pucks!” Zeb yelled, slamming his fist on the table. ”Just because nearly all the antiantler activists are new to this here area and do not appreciate my cultural heritage of hanging antlers on a wall, does not give them the right to an outright ban of me enjoying my collection of moose antlers. As long as I’m shooting them legal you gotta respect my rights. What these activists, and you folk down at cit hall need to do is focus your efforts to stop the illegal harvest of moose out of season. Respect my right to enjoy my collection

of antlers.” “Well” said Purvis as he grabbed his hat to go “I don’t know how much longer you can keep this up. Moose herds are getting pretty scarce around here.” “Ya ya ya” mumbled Zeb as he shooed Purvis to the door. “Hey Purvis see that second row of antlers and how they shine? I rub red rice vinegar into them with a pinch of pepper and they almost glow when the sun comes round. Oh, and Purvis, have yourself one of them there ‘Bon Appetites.’ Saw that on a French postcard down at the General Store.” With all respect Mr. Lawrence Lim, I took your letter (“Consuming shark fin soup is legal”) and changed the names and situation but kept the reasoning. It sounds silly in any language or situation. But you are right,  it is legal to have a bowl of shark fin soup. So you enjoy and remember every mouthful,  because memories are soon to be all you’ll have of it. Bob Niles Richmond

It’s wrong to kill an animal and not eat the meat Editor: I am a seven year old boy and I am reading a book about sharks. In it is a picture of a shark floating on the bottom of the ocean. He has no fins because fishermen cut them off for shark fin soup. He can’t swim or eat, so he is going to die. This makes me sad because it is

wrong to kill an animal and not eat the meat. In Richmond, some people are eating this soup and some sharks are almost extinct. Please stop people from eating it because it is sad to me. Hansen McDonnell Richmond

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Richmond Review, September 14, 2012  

September 14, 2012 edition of the Richmond Review

Richmond Review, September 14, 2012  

September 14, 2012 edition of the Richmond Review