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WEEKEND Friday August 31, 2012

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voyageur canoes on the water

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Locals enjoyed a paddle around Scout Island in voyageur canoes August 23. The Cariboo Chilcotin Voyageur Society provided two canoes for the excursions. Monica Lamb-Yorski photo

Agreement reached on moose hunting Additional moose management measures were announced Thursday for the Tl’etinqox-t’in Territory in the Chilcotin. The B.C. government and the Tl’etinqox-t’in Government Office (Anaham Band) have resolved to immediately implement a joint resource stewardship plan to recover the moose population in the Anaham Range, and mitigate potential causes for their recent decline. While specific elements of a resource stewardship plan are being finalized, the government outlined some aspects of the plan in a press release issued Thursday. They include allowing the B.C. government and the Tl’etinqox to work together with forest industry and wildlife stakeholders to reduce

land use and hunting impacts that have resulted in unusually low moose densities in this area. The ministry and the Tl’etinqox will jointly engage in hunter harvest monitoring, and management of predators and feral horses. In co-operation with forest companies operating in the area, road deactivation plans to manage access to sensitive moose habitat will start without delay. Forest companies have also agreed to schedule their forest harvesting activities to avoid conflict with guide outfitters operating in the area. The Tl’etinqox-t’in Government Office confirms there will be no disruptions to the 2012 Limited Entry Hunt.

The ministry has commissioned an independent analysis of moose management in the Cariboo, and results of that work will help inform future management decisions. Numbers of Limited Entry Hunt authorizations for moose will be re-evaluated for the 2013 season, in line with a reduced annual allowable harvest. The B.C. government and the Tl’etinqox-t’in Government Office also confirm their intention to continue working collaboratively into the future on issues of wildlife and habitat management. “These actions ensure certainty for all those with an interest in wildlife management in the Anaham Range. More importantly they are concrete steps in establishing

Come! Get to know us. Call today to schedule a personal visit 250.305.1131

the long term sustainability of the moose population in the region,” said Steve Thompson, Minister of Forests, Lands And Natural Resource Operations. Tl’etinqox-t’in Chief Joe Alphonse said the conservation and sustainability of moose is a common concern of all involved. “We need to see moose in our backyards 100 years from now. This has been a long process, and I am heartened that we have come to an agreement. The Tl’etinqox Government Office will not have to resort to actions to block moose hunting activities. The plan announced today addresses the need for specific stewardship strategies that focuses on our Aboriginal traditions and land values.”


Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend



Community HElping Children with Back to School Supplies

at Scout Island Nature House

OPEN HOUSE September 4, 2012 9 am - 3 pm

Indoor-Outdoor nature oriented program for children 3 - 5 years for info call Margret 250-398-8794 or 250-398-8532

YOUR COMPUTER REPAIRS IIf your computer is running slow or if you have a virus, we can help!

• Format & Re-Install Windows with Updates • Perform back-up for an additional • Hardware Upgrades

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Phone: 250-398-0375 • Fax: 1-707-742-2611 Salvation Army Corps Family Service Coordinator Sabrina Silvey (left) with school supplies that have been donated by the public for children in need. Staples School Drive coordinator Melissa Phung (right) says the community and business have donated $3,400 toward the store’s $6,000 goal to purchase school supplies for children in need. Donations will be taken up until Sept. 15. Monica Lamb-Yorkski photos

Stay focused while driving A 2012 Ipsos Reid survey, conducted on behalf of ICBC, reveals that 44 per cent of respondents believe that driving is a complex task and yet 40 per cent of those who own cell phones admit they’ve used their hand-held phone while driving. This tells us that while drivers recognize the dangers of distracted driving, and the

majority of respondents even consider texting while driving to be just as risky as drinking and driving, many still make excuses or misunderstand what is and isn’t allowed under the law. The reality is, distracted driving is now the third leading cause of fatal car crashes in B.C., which is why this year’s campaign is focusing on educating

drivers and dispelling some of the common misconceptions. “The ability to connect with anyone at anytime through our mobile phones has led to a serious problem on our roads,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Justice and Attorney General. “Driving is a complex task that requires our full attention. When

we’re behind the wheel, we have people’s lives in our hands and we owe it to our friends and families to leave our phones alone and focus on the road.” Police are stepping up enforcement across the province and will be checking for distracted drivers this weekend and throughout September. “We see many motor-

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ists trying to hide their mobile devices from view by using them from their laps while driving,” said Chief Constable Jamie Graham, Chair of the Traffic Safety Committee of the British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP). “We’ll be out there this month and if you’re distracted, you won’t be able to hide it ...”

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TRU North Happenings Ready. Set. Learn! As we approach another year at TRU North, it is important to remember the advantages of having a world class University in our own back yard. Not only does TRU North have dedicated faculty, professional faciliƟes, and a no cancellaƟon policy (meaning we won’t cancel classes due to low enrolment), but you can save approximately $8,000 per year by staying in your own community! That’s a new car’s worth of savings every two years. Orient Yourself to TRU North Join TRU North staī, faculty and students for OrientaƟon Day 2012 on September 4 from 9:30am to 1:30pm (BBQ starts at 11:30). Enjoy complimentary hamburgers, live music and enter to win one of ten incredible prizes - including one of three iPod Shuŋes. Take a tour of our beauƟful campus and receive an entry form. TRU students can also get their student number, student card and locker! It’s Business Time The Bachelor of Business AdministraƟon degree is back. Case studies, class presentaƟons, guest speakers, eld trips, company reports, simulaƟons, and business compeƟƟons are all used extensively to enhance the student’s learning experience. Students can major in AccounƟng, New Venture CreaƟon, Finance, Human Resources, InternaƟonal Business, MarkeƟng and InformaƟon Technology. There is sƟll room in courses related to the rst year of the BBA program. Visit our website at for more informaƟon or contact the Registrar’s Oĸce at 250.392.8020 to conƟnue your educaƟon NOW!


Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 

Growing up with employment standards In order to raise awareness about workplace rights and responsibilities, the Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government has released a series of information bulletins and factsheets as Labour Day approaches. Among the information notes government says all young workers should understand the basic rules that apply to the world of work. For example there are specific rules that apply to young workers (15 to 24). For example: • Under the occupational health and safety regulation, workers younger than 25 years of age must be given health and safety orientation and training that are specific to the workplace. • Minors (under 19 years of age) may not be employed in places designated “liquor primary”. Where permitted to work, (for exam-

2012 4-H Club Show and Sale well supported (top left) SaveOn-Foods 100 Mile House manager Brian Caspar (left) and Williams Lake manager Mark law (right) presented $3,000 in prizes to 4-H Club members to use toward the purchase of next year’s large and small animals. (bottom left) Springhouse 4-H member Sylar Martin with his Runner-Up Swine during the 4-H Show and Sale. The swine weighed in at 255 pounds. (bottom right) Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H member Camille Roberts with her Top Home Grown Steer that weighed in at 1225 pounds. Monica LambYorski photos

ple, restaurants), minors must always be under adult supervision. • Young workers under 16 cannot work with pesticides. • Young workers under 18 cannot work as a blaster or at a mine. What are employment standards? The Employment Standards Act sets out the minimum standards that apply to most nonunionized workplaces in B.C. The act covers wages, hours of work, breaks, allowable deductions, termination of employment and leaves of absence. If you have questions about employment standards, you can visit one of the nine branches throughout the province, call 1 800 663-3316 or go online: http://www. Information is available in English, French, Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish.


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Windsor Plywood

910 E. Mackenzie Ave. S. • 250-398-7118 • 1-800-661-6887

AN APPLE A DAY... When a prescription is refilled, pharmacists are sometimes asked if the drug has to be taken “for the rest of my life”? As we age, it seems we need more medications but it is true that some of the doses of these medications can be reduced later in life or even discontinued altogether. However, no drug should be discontinued without your doctor’s OK and stopping a drug “cold turkey” is not recommended.


Men’s sperm count is sensitive to temperature changes. The higher the temperature, the lower the sperm count. Choice of underwear has a bearing on this. Boxer shorts provide a lower temperature environment than briefs that hold the testicles close to the body. However, briefs are not a male contraceptive. Those nutritional charts on food packages shows sugar content in “grams”. “Grams” is a unit of weight. How many grams in one teaspoonful (a unit of volume)? The answer is 4.2 grams. So if your soft drink contains 35 grams of sugar that’s over 8 teaspoonsful! This gives you a better picture of sugar content. A healthy daily amount of added sugar is 40-50 grams (about 10-12 tsp). While adults should take 10,000 steps per day for good health, the number for children is 12,000 steps daily. With so many alternative activities available to children today... many providing no exercise at all, it’s important to ensure that physical activity is a part of your child’s life every day. The people who work in our pharmacy are our greatest asset. They would be happy to serve you soon.

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366 Yorston St.



BOB’S SHOES & Workwear

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Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend


Summer Institute 2012 The School District #27 Institute Planning Committee would like to thank the following businesses for their support. The Summer Institute was a resounding success.

FALL FAIRS A VISUAL TREAT The colourful displays at the Horsefly Fall Fair last weekend are a reminder that the Williams Lake Harvest Fair is coming up this weekend with the inevitable entry deadlines. Harvest Fair entry brochures are available at the Tribune and other local venues. Bruce MacLeod photo

The Yellow Umbrella Cool Clear Water O’Netrix The Gecko Tree New World Coffee Suzanne’s & Jenny’s Vernon Teach and Learn Just Because BFF Fashions Alexanders Papyrus Printing Wise Owl Toys Interlude Day Spa

Regency Chrysler 100 Mile Intrigue Hair Salon Mulberry Lane Staples Kidsbooks Scholastic Book United Library Services Serv vices Numeracy Literacy

Find a Church...

...Sponsored by Williams Lake Christian Ministerial Association


St. John Lutheran Church )PEHTPO3PBE 8JMMJBNT-BLF




Cariboo Bethel Church 833 Western Ave., Williams Lake 250-398-6731


Much is written and discussed today about spirituality. Especially spirituality not connected with any organized religious system like churches, temples, mosques, etc. What is spirituality? Specifically, what is Christian spirituality? Spiritually at the most basic level is seeking and finding meaning in life. It may or may not be connected to any religious organization. Yet, everyone responds to a lesser or greater degree to the spiritual side of their lives. A religious person is not necessarily a spiritual person and a truly spiritual person is not necessarily religious. Some define spirituality as living life with purpose and passion while setting goals consistent with our beliefs and values. Many deeply spiritual people are not connected to a faith community or they can come from a wide range of religious and cultural belief systems. I recall attending a seminar on health and wellness several years ago and the presenter was a deeply spiritual man who talked extensively about the importance of spirituality in good health. Yet he did not believe in the existence of God. Spirituality is broader than going to church and believing in God as most Christians, Jews, Moslems and other religious traditions do. Life in the Cariboo today requires a sensitivity and appreciation for the variety of spiritual paths on which people are travelling. I have learned that we need to be very careful not to limit the spirit of God


BY CAMERON JOHNSTON as he works on human hearts. I recall a delightful experience that happened to me as a young pastor in Nova Scotia when I met a family interested in our church. This family was originally from India coming to Canada via Uganda and England. As this mother of five was preparing to join our church and be baptized, she said to me, “I grew up in a devil worshiping family in India but even as a child I never worshiped the devil.� Through a long chain of events and circumstances including much pain and suffering she was guided by the spirit of God to a full commitment to the Christian faith. Christian spirituality is centered in a Biblical worldview that believes the

world was created good and perfect by a gracious loving God. There was no pain, fear or death in God’s original design. The negative came as our first parents made some poor choices. This began the process that caused the major problems we struggle with including the suffering and death we all live with daily. The good news is that this Creator God provided a way of escape that is revealed and delivered in the person of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Christian spirituality is centered in a dynamic personal friendship with this Jesus of the New Testament scriptures. All true Christian beliefs and values originate with Jesus who redeemed mankind from the disaster that came from the rebellion of our first parents. The price of this redemption was very expensive for God and included the cruel death of Jesus on the cross, the central focus of all Christians. For Christians, God is interested in more than redemption.He also provides complete healing and transformation. Without a doubt the human condition needs a major makeover. The Biblical worldview provides both redemption and full transformation provided as a free gift to all who will recognize their need and allow the spirit of God to make them a new creature through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Learn more. Read the New Testament. If you like go online: www.

Cameron Johnston is with is thewith Central Adventist Cameron Johnston the Cariboo CaribooSeventh-day Central SDA ChurchChurch Pleasesend sendquestions questionsto: Please 5IFWJFXTFYQSFTTFEJOUIJTDPMVNOBSFOPUOFDFTTBSJMZUIFWJFXTPGBMMUIFDIVSDIFTJOUIFNJOJTUFSJBMBTTPDJBUJPO


8*--*".4-",& "--*"/$&$)63$)







News Falcon’s exit not the last, Clark says

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012

Tom Fletcher Black Press Premier Christy Clark is planning a preelection cabinet shuffle as early as next week to replace Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Kevin Falcon and other ministers who are likely to leave. Falcon announced Wednesday he has stepped down as finance minister and won’t run in the 2013 election, because his wife is expecting a second child, at around the same time as the next B.C. budget is due. “Putting aside the timing associated with the newest addition to our family in February, I genuinely believe the premier requires a finance minister who will prepare a budget and make taxation and spending measures that he or she will be prepared to defend in the upcoming election campaign.” Clark appointed At-

torney General Shirley Bond as acting finance minister, but said it is a short-term arrangement and a new cabinet lineup will be announced “in the coming days” to prepare for the May 2013 election. The second-place finisher in the 2011 B.C. Liberal Party leadership race, Falcon was appointed finance minister and deputy premier by Clark. He has overseen the windup of the harmonized sales tax, which battered the government’s popularity and pushed Gordon Campbell out of the premier’s office. Falcon’s current budget projects that the province will balance

the books again after a string of deficits that was extended to this year by the repayment of a $1.6 billion transition fund from Ottawa for adopting the HST. After being rejected in a province-wide referendum, the tax comes to an end next spring, just as the province is preparing for a scheduled election in May of 2013. NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston questioned whether Falcon’s promised balanced budget can be delivered. Natural gas revenues have fallen with the price of gas this year, and Falcon’s planned sale of government assets may not

come in time to generate the needed cash, Ralston said. Education Minister George Abbott, another leadership contender, said Tuesday he will soon make announcement about his political future as well. Energy Minister Rich Coleman’s future has also been the subject of speculation. In his resignation statement, Falcon praised Clark as a “great campaigner and communicator.” He wouldn’t rule out a return to politics at some point. Falcon was first elected MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale in the B.C. Liberal sweep of

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2001. His first cabinet post was minister of state for deregulation, and he served as minister of health and transportation before moving to finance in March 2011.


Youth Bowling

School of Dance Qualified Cecchetti Training (L.I.S.T.D.C.B.)

Registration: Sept. 5, 6 & 7 12 - 5pm at the studio 110 Oliver St.

Boys Street Jazz 10+ up Creative Movement 12+ up


...has boxes

Bundles of 10 for $2.50 Pick up at the Tribune front office 188 N. 1st Ave.


Ages 4 and up / Advanced Levels


Ages 11 and up / Advanced Levels

Call 250-392-6620 for information Ballet supplies have specific requirements and are available at the Studio during registration.

20th Annual Tour de Cariboo

d ente pres by

Aug. 31, 2012


September 8, 2012 Williams Lake to Gavin Lake Jeanne-Anne Bentham, CFP®, EPC, CHS, Senior Investment Advisor & Christina Roderus, Administrative Assistant for Financial Planning

if needed n d d

Answers for Aug. 31, 2012

250-392-3683 Located at the Credit Union

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3x3 box.

Find Out More 200-369 Oliver Street • 250-398-8391 •

The Historic

Chilcotin Lodge


News A growing obsession

This summer I took three days away from gardening and used them to go on three garden tours. Good grief, hey? You know you’ve let yourself become a tad consumed when you use your only days away from gardening to look at gardens! Another clue was the afternoon I came in from the garden, plopped down beside Darcy on the couch and started watching a Blue Jays game. Instead of getting caught up in the strikes and runs, I started thinking about how much time they spend playing ball. Unlike hockey, ball season starts at seeding time and continues right through to harvest. The more I thought about it the more unsettled I became until finally I blurted out, “It must suck to be a ball player. How do they find time to garden?” Darcy just stared at me in that way he has that always makes me worry about myself. I realized I have entered a dangerous obsession zone where I think everyone is either doing what I am doing or wants to. My only excuse is gardening not only gives me exercise and stress release, but it provides us with most of our vegetables and berries for the year and it is the subject I use to make part of my living writing for garden magazines. It is both my work and my play. I do believe everyone benefits from a walk in a park or a stroll through a botanical garden. The simple act of taking off your shoes and feeling sand or grass on your bare feet can lift your mood faster than a year’s worth of planting your butt on a therapist’s chair. But while we


all need nature in our lives, we all don’t need to control it. And like it or not, that’s what gardening is. Controlling a piece of earth all the while knowing our little Eden is only borrowed; never bought. It’s kind of like building sand castles. You race around packing water, shaping the sand, creating grand designs and you are incredibly happy; but in the end the tide reclaims your castle – turrets, moats and all. The whole east side of my garden is edged with forest. While I’m racing about with my wheelbarrow, buckets of water, pots of plants, packets of seeds and a head filled with plans, I imagine nature watching my activity with amusement. It sends runner roots of willows and poplars into the perennial beds. It blows seeds in on the wind, while others are woken from decades of slumber by my spade. On summer nights I fall into bed exhausted beyond belief, but pumped with the euphoria of watching my plans slowly come together. Of course, in the end it’s all for nothing. If I walked away from my garden within a month the vegetable garden would be lost to weeds. In a year grass would have a stranglehold on the perennials. In five years only the rugosa roses, peonies and monkshood would

remain as evidence a gardener once passed through. This doesn’t make me sad. I am glad nature wins in the end. When I want something for a difficult spot I try to use material that comes in on its own from the woods; a patch of wild roses or a clump of white yarrow have been granted space in my garden while a robust patch of fireweed and goldenrod lurk along the southern edge. I eye them uneasily as they bubble with energy, no doubt discussing their conquest strategies long into the night. One corner has been completely taken over by bluebells. Every summer I

consider ripping them out, but in the spring they are prettier than any of my pampered spring bloomers. So I suppose the takeover has already begun in a sort of Trojan horse kind of way. Nature is beguiling me with beauty while hiding its robust reclaiming roots from view. No matter. If my whole flower garden turned wild, I wouldn’t mind. I might even prefer it. The vegetable patch, however, is another matter. No matter how gorgeous they might be, if they venture through those gates it’s off with their heads! As for the three garden tours, I was blown away by the green

thumbs quietly working their magic in pockets of the Peace. Despite being in Zone 2b and having one of the hottest, driest, summers on record the gardens were amazing. I didn’t walk away from a single one without a new idea. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing pictures from all twenty gardens at www. peacecountrygardens. com. So come on by, kick off your shoes and treat yourself to some botanical eye candy; no weeding required. Shannon McKinnon is a humour columnist from Northern BC. You can catch up on past columns by visiting


JOIN GYMNASTICS Registration Sept 4 to Sept 8 9 am to 5 pm

New session begins Sept 10

We offer:

• Recreational Classes • High School Gymnastics • Competitive - Girls/Boys • Parent & Tot • Teen/Adult Classes • Schools/Daycares • Group Outings • Birthday Parties

Cariboo Chilcotin Gymnastics Club 680 S Mackenzie Ave

250-398-7331 2923 Prospector Rd


to all my sponsors who helped make it possible for me to aƩend the BC U-18 Women’s Rugby NaƟonal Championships held in Quebec August 6 - 12, 2012. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to experience this amazing opportunity and compete at this level. Thank you again! Burgess Plumbing, HeaƟng & Electrical Ltd. Caribou Ski Source for Sports Concrete Fitness Hytest Timber Ltd. Inland Kenworth Tanya Rankin Real Estate Williams Lake Log Haulers AssociaƟon Williams Lake Rugby Club Williams Lake Tribune

Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend

Highway 97 North


Fabulous Acreage - Frontier Estates. Even has its own pond!

One of the most beautiful properties in the Cariboo! 146 acres of hay meadows, creeks & privacy. Lovely home with large shop.

126 Westridge Dr

1621 Signal Point Rd



Don’t miss the opportunity to view this spectacular home! 1/3 acre right in Westridge. Completely updated. A must see!

Deluxe Waterfront home - Signal Point Rd. Gorgeous views from large windows. Park your boat/ toys. Enjoy life!

#14 Green Acres

1016 Dog Creek Rd

Jasmyn Niquidet

Cariboo Realty

formerly Cariboo Team Realty

Court Smith & Pauline Colgate would like to announce the opening of Sutton Cariboo Realty. They welcome you to stop by and visit them in their current location.



Great Buy! 2009 Mobile in Green Acres. Features 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths and large sunny kitchen. Easy to move in!

5+ Acres - Close to Town. Zoned for 4+ Homes. Many Uses for this property!

1355 Kallyn Rd

1882 Ross Rd



You Have it All! Beautiful Remodeled home, large truck shop, acreage, minutes to town!

Love the country? This is it! Fox Mountain. Country home on 5 acres. Many updates. New shop, level lot, privacy and more!

105 Borland Dr

Highway 97

Moving to our new location soon!

199 Third Ave N • 250-392-5959 •


August Draw winner: NORM LESLIE Norm has lived in the Miocene area for 16 years along with his wife. Norm has been part of the Miocene Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years, being the Deputy Fire Chief for the last 12 years. With the Fire Department he is also a trained First Responder, looks aŌer the yard maintenance and does whatever it takes to help keep the Fire Department running smoothly and looking good. He is also quick to help neighbours and friends whenever the need arises. He vo volunteers with the Knights of Columbus and sings in his Church’s choir.

Thanks for all you do NORM!!


Enterprises Ltd

FOR ALL YOUR AUTO REPAIRS Government Inspections Shuttle Service • BCAA Approved Tuesday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Saturday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Serving the Cariboo since 1981 1075 N. Mackenzie Ave. 250-392-3522


Borland Valley Delight! Cape Cod style home, large country kitchen. Many updates. Privacy and tranquility.

$640,000 WOW! Beautiful Investment property overlooking Williams Lake. Easy access from Hamel Subdivision. Development Prospectus available.

Enter to win an Alaskan Trip for two, go to for details Call Karen Gertzen today

250-305-4120 • 171 Oliver Street • 250-392-4422


Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A7

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Tips for parents on guiding young drivers School is back in session which means our lives and our roads will be busier once again. With all the changes families undergo at this time of year, it makes it even more vi-

tal for parents to chat with their kids about the rules of the road. Younger children often lack the cognitive and physical skills to make safe decisions and with the long summer break, a safety refresher will

help them start the year off right. “In Canada, more children acquire pedestrian-related injuries in the months of September and October than at any other time of year,” says Young Drivers of

Lac la hache honours garlic

Garlic festival founder Gail Szolosi with Garlina the Garlic Festival mascott during last weekend’s Garlic Festival at Lac La Hache. Monika Paterson photo



Friday Aug. 31

“A Skull in Connemara”

20 Storewide

Looking for 3 men and 1 mature woman to play characters in “A Skull in Connemara” by Martin McDonagh, Williams Lake Studio Theatre’s rst play of the 2012-2013 season. The story takes place in a yspeck of a town in Ireland’s fabled west, as four lonely, lovable mists dig for the truth - and get so much more. This sidesplitting yarn conjures a macabre mystery packed with merriment, mayhem, and might-be murder that is as full of twists as a shillelagh and as haunting as a whistle in a graveyard.

% off

Plus NO HST on Friday only! Door Prizes Cake • Coffee unique & trendy ladies fashion 65 First Ave 250-302-1885

for a

Auditions: Sept. 4th & 6th • 7:00 pm at the Studio Theatre Play Dates: Nov. 7th - 10th & 14th - 17th Director: Curt Sprickerhoff Come on out and play or just watch the fun as the script is introduced! For more information, call Curt at 250-392-6162.

Canada President Peter Christianson. “Drivers need to be extra cautious, drive defensively and be aware of what is happening 360° around their vehicle at all times.” These safety tips from Young Drivers of Canada will ease the transition of back to school and help both parents and students prepare for the road ahead. 1. Start the Conversation: Encourage new and returning students to always walk, bicycle or drive safely. Plan out their route to school and review
road rules. 2. Text Off: Is your child a distracted walker? Encourage your child to keep their head up and keep the cell phone safely tucked away. Their focus should be on the road and busy intersections. 3. Plan Ahead: Always leave plenty of time for you and your family to get to school – running late can cause aggressive driving behaviors. 4. Scan the Road : Use the ground view-

ing technique to scan under parked cars for the feet of children approaching traffic. 5. Mind the School Bus: Motorists traveling in both directions must stop for a school bus except if the road is divided by a median. 6. Patience is Key: Drivers need to wait for children to complete their crossing before proceeding.  Children can often change their minds. 7. Change lanes early: Be vigilant as many kids ride bicycles on the way to and from school.  Share the road safely and change lanes early to provide these road users with ample space.  8. Reduce Speed: Be aware of school zone signage and reduce speed in school zones. 9. Get in the Zone: If you are driving children to school, drop them off in a safe area away from traffic – most schools have designated drop off zones. 10. Honk and Communicate:  Cover the horn in any doubtful situation so you are ready to warn a child of your presence.

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%:IIRMABKMA=:R September 1st 3B<MHK!N><D

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Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend

• Publisher/Sales Lisa Bowering • Editor Erin Hitchcock

Published by Black Press 188 N. 1st Avenue Williams Lake BC, V2G 1Y8

Studying projects to death V

ICTORIA – NDP leader Adrian Dix has announced that one of his first acts as premier would be to withdraw B.C. from the joint review of the Enbridge pipeline proposal from Alberta to Kitimat. The two-year federal-led review will be mostly done by next May, but Dix proposes to start a new provincial assessment to examine at the B.C. portion. He doesn’t know how much it would cost, and under questioning he all but admitted the intention is to study the pipeline to death. Fresh from a summer tour of the pipeline route to reaffirm solidarity with its opponents, Dix is hardly in a position to consider anything but maximum resistance. As Premier Christy Clark did in her showdown with Alberta over benefits, Dix hinted that provincial permits for river and wildlife crossings would be made as expensive as possible, if not refused. The same fate awaits the Kinder Morgan plan to twin the existing Trans-Mountain oil pipeline to Burnaby. Dix left the impression that he would undo the years of work that have gone into bringing some rational sense to environmental approvals that can be, and have been, dragged out for years. The B.C. hearings would provide another platform for opponents, and more complaints to justify refusal at the provincial level, to go along with court cases and direct-action protests. Speaking of which, the frontal assault by agitators at the federal Enbridge hearings has mostly petered out. After 4,000-odd people were signed up to speak, most didn’t bother, and some hearings were cancelled. Apparently slacktiv-


ists such as “Jonathan L. Seagull” and “Cave Man” didn’t make it out of their Vancouver basement suites to tell the panel oil is bad. Professional environmentalists are now wringing their hands over Ottawa’s decision to leave smaller-scale reviews to the province. This means, for example, that there won’t be a duplicate federal review of the urgently needed refit of the John Hart Dam on the Campbell River. One reader suggested that environmental pioneer Roderick Haig-Brown is still spinning in his grave over the damming of this legendary salmon river. Perhaps, but that was in 1947. Does it make sense today to lard pointless bureaucracy onto a reconstruction that replaces wooden pipes and provides earthquake protection, without expanding river impact? NDP environment critic Rob Fleming hammered away at the B.C. Liberals about this in the spring, reminding them that Auditor General John Doyle had exposed a lack of resources in the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office, even before Ottawa’s changes. Fleming makes it sound like a huge new burden has been dumped on B.C. False. Provincial assessment already must be done with the participation of Fisheries and

Oceans Canada, Transport Canada, the provincial ministries of natural resources and energy and mines, and of course aboriginal communities. This is why it’s so long and expensive. And don’t be fooled into believing that a federal review would go out and count the tadpoles and caribou again. It’s only the desk jobs that have proliferated. There weren’t just two levels of duplicate review, but three. Earlier in their mandate, the B.C. Liberals exempted major projects such as mines and energy generation from local government control, citing the “provincial interest” similar to the federal authority over projects that cross provincial borders. I agree with the NDP that B.C. environmental assessment needs more resources, in particular to do

the follow-up on approved projects, as called for by the auditor general. Forest management needs

more money too. All the more reason not to waste resources on political gestures.

Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

Students may need a little help School is back in session next week and with the end of summer break we remind motorists to take extra care as children are out and about coming and going excitedly to class. Teachers will be in schools on Tuesday, Sept. 4 but students don’t return until Wednesday, Sept. 5, then only for a half day. Students will be in school prior to 9 a.m. for grade assemblies and home room registration, and will be released for the day at approximately 11:30 a.m. so be on the

look-out for students and school buses earlier than usual. People with a little extra money to spare can help out these parents by supporting the Staples School Supply Drive and the Salvation Army’s school supplies program. Locally the Salvation Army is accepting donations of school supplies for children and is offering four complete changes of clothing and a pair of shoes to children of lowincome families that qualify for the weekly hamper program.

Staples has its seventh annual School Drive, with hopes of raising $6,500 to help local children purchase school supplies. Each year Staples partners with School District No. 27 to help create a fair playing field for all children attending school. Many businesses and customers have donated. By Aug. 29 $3,400 had been raised. Donations will be accepted up until Sept. 15. Staples program co-ordinator Melissa Phung says 100 per cent of the monies raised stays local.



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Erin Hitchcock Editor

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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A9

Community Builders kiwanis club awards bursary

Community For NON-PROFIT EVENTS happening WITHIN 2 WEEKS. Posting must be limited to TIME, DATE & PLACE (excluding dollar amounts). Deadline is 5:00 p.m. Tuesdays. Postings run the following Friday. Email to: Attention: Community Calendar

NOTICES Cariboo District Farm Market is held every Friday 9am - 2pm at Boitano Park. Baked goods, veggies, crafts, hot meals, entertainment, etc. Call 3923577 for more info. The Kiwanis Club of Williams Lake would like to congratulate one of their 2012 bursary recipients. Pictured from the left are Mark Denny, Alison Sutherland-Mann, Brittany Denny (recipient), Jack Telfer, Angela Williams, Marilyn Tanner and Carol Ann Taphorn. Photo submitted

Farm labour laws tighten Government is committed to keeping British Columbia’s farm workers safe reports Jason Macnaughton communications director Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government. The report is part of the information campaign launched by government as Labour Day approaches. • British Columbia’s employment standards and occupational health and safety regulations for agriculture are comparable with other jurisdictions in Canada and are backed up by some of the highest penalties in the country. • B.C.’s labour laws and workplace safety standards apply to all workers regardless of their nationality or immigration status. How the Employments Standards Branch protects farm workers • The Employment Standards Branch Agriculture Compliance Team visits farms to ensure farm owners, producers and Farm Labour Contractors (FLCs) are complying with provincial employment standards legislation. If employers are found in contravention of the act, mandatory escalating penalties apply. • During these visits, which take place over the course of the harvesting season, workers are interviewed and given information about Employment Standards. In 2011 alone, Employment Standards representatives spoke directly with approximately 2,900 agricultural workers and performed 74 site visits. Farm worker safety in

B.C. • WorkSafeBC farm inspection reports have more than doubled in the last decade- from 370 reports in 2000 to 954 reports in 2011. • The injury rate* in agriculture has dropped from 3.6 in 2002 to a rate of 2.3 in 2011. That’s on par with the province’s overall injury rate of 2.36. • Number of injuries per 100 person years of employment. Response to 2007 van crash in Abbotsford • In 2007, the B.C. government created the InterAgency Agriculture Compliance Committee to ensure an integrated approach to farm worker safety. Find out more at: http:// • In 2008, tougher provisions were enacted under the Employment Standards Act to help ensure farm worker safety. This legislation: • Prohibits growers from using unlicensed farm labour contractors. • Allows for the cancellation or suspension of a farm labour contractor’s licence if they violate relevant WorkSafeBC and/or motor vehicle laws and regulations. • Makes farm labour contractors liable for the costs paid by government to provide safe alternative transportation for stranded workers when an unsafe vehicle is taken out of service during roadside inspections. • There were 17 recommendations directed at government as a result of the coroners’ inquest into the

2007 van crash: • Eleven recommendations are complete. • Alternative action was taken on three recommendations. • Work is ongoing on three more. • A chart outlining these responses can be read at: recommendations.pdf Response to 2008 mushroom farm incident in Langley. • Immediately following the 2008 mushroom farm tragedy, WorkSafeBC inspected every mushroom farm in the province to make sure they were operating safely. • Since the incident, the number of agricultural inspection reports issued by WorkSafeBC has increased by 58 percent (605 reports in 2008, 954 in 2011). • Anyone with questions about their rights or a complaint against their employer under the Employment Standards Act can get help from the Employment Standards Branch. Help is available in person, online or through a toll-free number (1 800 6633316). • Employment Standards assistance is available over the phone in a wide variety of languages. The Employment Standards Branch website also has information about employee rights in English, French, Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish. Connect with the Province of B.C. at:

The Boys and Girls Club of WL with support from the Blue Jays Foundation, is holding Summer Family Baseball every Wed. from 10am to noon at the Kiwanis Ball Diamond. This activity is free and all the gear is provided. Register with David by calling 250-392-5730

The Healthy by Nature Movement invites you to a free and festive event at Scout Island on Saturday, Sept 8 from 10-3. Play games, take guided nature walks, try your skill at nature challenges. There will also be information action centres where you can learn how to improve air & water quality and reduce waste. All ages encouraged to come out and get a healthy dose of Vitamin N(ature). Windermere High School (Vancouver) Graduating Class of 1972 and Friends 40 Year Reunion are inviting Alumni from 1964-1975 to join us down memory lane Sept. 22, 2012. Seating is limited. Info can be found by sending an email to or Citizens on Patrol must be at least nineteen years of age, possess pass a criminal record check and interested in making our community safer for everyone. Members patrol the community, record suspicious events and report these observations directly to the RCMP using radios. COP also requires office volunteers to perform data entry functions, general office work, communicate information to members, and co-ordinate patrols. If you wish to assist the RCMP in making our community a better place to live please call Dave Dickson 250-3928701 or Bob McIntosh 250-305-1041 or Cell 250-303-1428. Everyone is invited

Calendar to attend our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Community Police Office 327 Oliver Street (Corner of Third Avenue and Oliver Street). Summer’s over! StrongStart centres at Marie Sharpe, Mountview and Cataline Schools reopen on Monday, Sept. 10. Kids 0-5 and their parent/caregiver are invited to drop in for free early learning activities. Call 398-3839 for more info. Summer’s over! Outreach StrongStart centres reopen on Monday, Sept.10 at Alexis Creek, Tuesday, Sept.11 at 150 Mile House and Thursday, Sept. 13 at Wildwood. Watch for the new Horsefly StrongStart centre opening soon. Kids 0-5 and their parent/caregiver are invited to drop in for free early learning activities. Call 398-3839 for more info. Family History Center. New hours: Wed. 6-8 p.m., Thurs. 12-3 p.m. Otherwise please call for appointment 24 hours in advance. Phyllis 250-392-9472, Howard 250-392-1813. All Staff CMH: Annual Pot Luck Lunch. Wed., Sept. 12. 11:30 a.m. - ? West Fraser Road. 250-747-8496 for directions. Williams Lake Over 40’s Activity Group A group for singles and couples over 40 with similar and varied interests. Activities may include dinners, hiking, camping, movies etc. Always looking for more ideas and people willing to host activities. Fees (if any) for activities are the responsibility of the individuals participating. For more information please send a message to Heather at

MEETINGS Williams Lake Garden Club Sept. 8, 7 p.m. at the Community Arts Centre (old fire hall). “Right Plant, Right Place” by Grace Morrice, Master Gardener from Prince George. For further info call Gerry 250-297-0192.

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Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend







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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A11

Where to go, what to do.

Paradise cheap nights Gaeil Farrar Tribune Staff Writer Some communities have Cheap Tuesdays at their movie theatres. During September and October and possibly beyond, Williams Lake will have cheap movies on tap for the late show Sunday through Thursday nights. If the promotion proves successful, Paradise Cinema’s owner David Hothi says he may be able to convince distributors to continue

the program. While other communities have Cheap Tuesday movie offerings, these events often come with crowded theatres, and patrons having to be turned away because there isn’t enough room to seat everyone. As an alternative to Cheap Tuesdays, Hothi says Paradise Cinemas in Williams Lake has been negotiating with distributors for several months on this new program of late show film offerings.

“The Paradise Cinemas in Williams lake has been successful in negotiating an agreement with film distributors to  enable us  to discount the late shows,” Hothi says. “Starting Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 the community will be able to take advantage of showings after 9 p.m. at a discounted admission of $6.” He says the discounted admission will be in effect for the late shows Sunday to Thursday. A $2 surcharge will apply to all 3D showings.

The regular film prices are $9 for a regular film and $11 for a 3-D film which still provides a substantial bargain on both offerings. “We hope this allows our valuable movie-going patrons and the community an affordable alternative,” Hothi says. “This new price is lower than Cheap Tuesdays offered  in other  communities and will give  our patrons  additional opportunities  to see the movie of their choice rather  than just the one

Auditions this week

Studio Theatre, director, actor, and volunteers helps with the recent clean-up and reorganization day at the Studio Theatre. Erin Hitchcock photo

Director Curt Sprickerhoff is looking for three men and one mature woman to play characters in A Skull in Connemara by Martin McDonagh, Williams Lake Studio Theatre’s first play of the 2012/2013 season. The story takes place in a flyspeck of a town in Ireland’s fabled west, as four lonely, lovable misfits dig for the truth — and get so much more. This side-splitting

yarn conjures a macabre mystery packed with merriment, mayhem, and might-be murder that is as full of twists as a shillelagh and as haunting as a whistle in a graveyard. Auditions: Sept. 4 and 6, at 7 p.m. at the Studio Theatre. Play dates are Nov. 7 to 10 and 14 to 17. For more information, call director Sprickerhoff at 250392-6162

day.” Hothi says the cheap late show offerings include the full spectrum of adult dramas, comedies, 3-D and other film genres. The cheap late night offerings kick off this Sunday, Sept. 2 with the films Lawless, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Magic Mike and Expendables 2.

Public Bowling

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Wed. - 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm Thurs. - 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm Fri. - 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm Sat. - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Cosmic Bowling Friday Nights 6 pm to 10 pm

Cariboo Bowling Lanes 250-392-5526

204 1st Avenue N.

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Cinemas SHOW DATES: Fri, Aug 31st to Thurs, Sept 6th

7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm

7:00 pm Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm PG


Sexual language, sexually suggestive scenes

The Expendables 2


7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly 14A

Coarse language, violence

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Frequent violence


Enjoy the 9:15 pm show for only $6 - Sunday to Thursday


7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm


Magic Mike

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days

9:15PM Nightly

Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm G

14A Frequent coarse language, nudity, drug use

Matinees ($2 surcharge for 3D)


News Horsefly River Salmon Festival starts tonight

Maureen LeBourdais Special to the Tribune You won’t want to miss the upcoming Horsefly River Salmon Festival starting tonight, Friday, Aug. 31 to Sept 2. The weekend kicks off tonight at the Horsefly Community Hall with a family square dance, music provided by the Fraser River Buckaroos (Pharis and Jason Romero, Marin Patenaude and friends). Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the dance at 8 p.m. The cost to attend is $10 each and $25 for a family of three or more. Saturday morning you can sing along and learn with the best at a free singing workshop with Pharis Romero at the Horsefly Hall from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. Sept. 1 and Sunday Sept. 2 will see fishy activities for the whole family down at the river from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as kids crafts, salmon and watershed info,

Bruce Macleod (left) creates a Gyotaku print of a salmon at the 2011 Horsefly River Salmon Festival. The festival returns this weekend. Gaeil Farrar photo the ever popular fish dissection tent, interpretive walks, Northern Shuswap traditional fish drying demos, artisan and food vendors, and more. Visitors will also enjoy a Gyotaku fish art print making workshop (a Japanese term pronounced ghe-yo-tahkoo, meaning fish gyo and print, rubbing, or impression taku). Sunday afternoon, buy a ticket on your lucky number for

first prize in the Sockeye Salmon Egg float in the spawning channels just past the bridge, co-ordinated by to the Horsefly SAWS (Seniors Activity and Wellness Society). This year’s Salmon Festival is a collaborative event sponsored by the Horsefly River Roundtable, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Hydro, and the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society. As in previous

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Level 1 & 2 Referee Clinic Sunday, September 23, 2012 9am to 2pm

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years, this is a familyfocused, all-ages event aimed at celebrating

and understanding more about the highly significant Horsefly sockeye salmon run. The obvious next question is, “How many salmon will there be?” 2012 is the fourth year in the Horsefly’s sockeye cycle, which means this is likely the smallest run of the four. Nonetheless, early September is expected to be prime viewing time for the sockeye that make this remarkable journey from the Pacific Ocean back to the river of their birth. For more information, call Maureen at 250-6203505 or Brandi at 250620-0572, or visit www.

Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend



664 Oliver Street • Phone: 250-398-5343

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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012


Vote for your favourite businesses and artists A13

With a couple of clicks, add your event today.

THRIFT STORE Back To School Sale



events there’s morevonline »

Store wide 267 Borland Street

(former Lucky’s Bingo Centre)

Arty the Art Walker, aka Willie Dye stopped by the this week to remind art walkers to be sure and submit their votes for their favourite business and artist on the Art Walk. Honouring the 2012 Olympics winners will receive gold, silver or bronze medals. Dye is pictured here with one of the medals and the pottery by Christy Richardson that is on display in the Tribune office. Gaeil Farrar photo Breaking news, video, photo galleries, and more always online at

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Book your Free Space for Clubs Day September 8 • 10am to 3pm Community Grant Writing Workshop 7-9pm on Friday, September 14, 2012 Williams Lake Council Chambers One-on-one sessions will run 9:30am-6pm on Saturday, September 15, 2012

For more information about this workshop, please contact NICA workshop coordinator, Rhonda Dickson at 250-5622553 or email Information may also be obtained by contacting the CRD Grant Writer.


Please RSVP to before September 10th.

At RiverBend Seniors Community, every suite has an in-suite laundry centre - so Jean knows her neighbours but not their briefs. Jean also likes the flexible meal plans and housekeeping options. And now when she travels, she simply locks up and goes knowing her things (including her delicates) are safe and secure.

Own at Mayfair from $139,900 or rent at RiverBend from $1,400 a month One and two bedroom suites with support services specifically for seniors.

� Learn how to write successful applications for the BC

Community Gaming Grants program. � Learn valuable grant writing basics which can be applied to all funding program applications. � No cost to attend. � Community groups and organizations planning on attending are encouraged to bring along applications in progress, or previously completed submissions to receive feedback on how to improve their grant writing techniques.

Jean’s delicates are nobody’s business but her own.

Cariboo Chilcotin Geneology Group Yamamichi Martial Arts plus more If interested in joining Clubs Day call Jeanette at 250-392-4169

Call Kate at 250-682-4378 Or visit our show suite at 760 Mayfair St. in Kamloops, BC

Rent at

Own at

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH Registration: 10 am. Walk at 11 am.


Walk: Our event is very unique in that we have three different walk options: 1km, 2.5km and the 5km


Purchase a clay plaque Event Highlights: Silent Auction, BC SPCA Merchandise, Concession, with your pet’s paw prints by Fun Activities, Games and Entertainment all day. donation

Bring along your pooch to the beautiful Boitanio Park Picnic WIN AN AMAZING DOG HOUSE! Donated by New Start Roofing & Siding OR A CAT LOVER’S BASKET (with treats for both pet & owner!) Shelter, for a day of family fun at the Scotiabank and BC SPCA Paws for a Cause Walk. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Register online. Start collecting your pledges today!

sponsored by Animal Care Hospital

GOAL $10,000


Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend

News A finale with the cast from one of the recent Horsefly Follies shows, which are always lots of fun for cast and audience. The Horsefly Follies group is reaching further afield this year to involve more people in their show for next spring. If you would like to participate there will be a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 25 starting at 7 p.m. in the Horsefly Community Hall. Photo submitted

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Andrea Cass, AMP Mortgage Broker

250.392.5005 1.877.715.5005 565A Oliver Street Williams Lake, BC


Horsefly Follies casting call Christina Mary Special to the Tribune

Who is interested in joining the Horsefly Follies this year? There are lots of aspects to follies -- acting, singing, dancing, musicians, writers, stage hands, props

people,curtain people, sound technicians,  promoters, auctioneers, etc. Think about where you might fit in. Come to our first meeting Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Horsefly Community Hall to see what interest

there is to putting on a show. Bring your ideas and talents.  The annual general meeting is in November and we need a theme by then and committed individuals so we know if we can put on a show.  By January we

should have some material. The show is planned for April 26/27 and May 3/4, 2013 Bring your creative spirit with you and lets put on a great show! Christina Mary is the Follies president.

Pump up the Vitamin N(ature) Pump up your Vitamin N(ature) is a free public play party for all ages being offered at Scout Island Nature Centre Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Play games, take guided nature walks, and try your skill at nature challenges all designed to overcome Nature Deficit Disorder. There will also be Information Action Centres where you can learn about improving air and water quality, reducing your waste (not waist) and more. The event is brought to you by the Healthy by Nature Movement, a coalition of Scout

Island Nature Centre, Williams Lake Field Naturalists, Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society and Williams Lake Environmental Society. Sunday, Sept. 9 Paws for a Cause Registration is now open for the 2012 Scotiabank and BC SPCA Paws for a Cause walk coming up in September to raise funds for abused, injured, neglected and homeless animals. This year, participants in 34 B.C. communities including Williams Lake will walk to raise $1 million to help

the province’s most vulnerable animals. Paws for a Cause walkers will gather at the Boitanio Park, picnic shelter on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 10 a.m., with the walk starting at 11 a.m. Registration is $25. Organizers say participants will be able to enjoy fantastic entertainment and activities, including: a silent auction, merchandise, games for you and your pet, a concession and raffle tickets for amazing prizes (to be drawn at noon). Prizes include an Okanagan trip courtesy of sponsor See Ya Later

Ranch Winery, an Xbox Kinect bundle and a group gift basket from Bosley’s Pet Food Plus valued at $1,000. For every $100 participants raise before Sept. 8 they will get one entry for a new iPad. All youth participants 17 and under register for free and are automatically entered to win a Playstation Vita Console. Participants are invited to join as an individual or as part of a team and are eligible for fabulous local and province wide prizes. Visit to register and to get all the latest news.

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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A15


Try on a whole new look for a whole lot less!

Concert raises funds for Operation Smile Jessie Rajala Chapin, the Rachel Walker Trio, and The Wittenbergs will be in concert at the Alliance Church in Williams Lake next week to help raise funds for Operation Smile. The fundraising concert will be held Friday, Sept. 7 from 7:30 to about 9:30 p.m. at the Alliance Church at 261 Third Avenue South just past the Paradise Cinemas. Admission is by donation and there will be free refreshments and home baking provided, says Ken McKellar. A raffle will also be held. All of the performers will be presenting their own original music, says Rachel Walker. The Rachel Walker Trio consisting of Ray Chadwick, Rachel Walker, and Michael Fait was formed six years ago. The band creates light, lively, and effervescent music and has put out two albums — The Best of Zest, Volume 1 and The Best of Zest, Volume 2.

Michael Fait (left) and Ray Chadwick of the Rachel Walker Trio will be in concert for Operation Smile next week. Tribune file photo “We are really excited to be playing for such a worthy cause,” says Walker. Jessie Rajala Chapin and her family recently returned from service in Afghanistan. Chapin teaches voice, performs and writes music and is the retired conductor of Quintet Plus choir.

The Wittenbergs are a youth gospel band formed in 2008 and comprised of brothers Isaac Steward on acoustic guitar/lead vocals, Jesse Steward on bass guitar, Jacob Steward on acoustic/ electric guitar and vocals, and Seth Steward on drums and percus-

sion. Operation Smile provides restorative operations for children in developing countries born with cleft lip/palate. “$240 puts a smile on one child’s face,” McKellar says. For more on Operation Smile go to www.operationsmile. org/canada



Grassland Equipment

Ministry of Agriculture

see store for details

September 8 & 9 2:00 pm


Stampede Park Rodeo Arena


photo by Laureen Carruthers

1-800-665-2409 • 370 S. Mackenzie


VISION 250-392-7185



2 for 1

HUB International Barton Insurance Brokers



Boitanio Mall, Williams Lake 250-392-7030 • 1-877-392-7030



Safety Tips: • Since it is recommended by the Public Health Agen-cy 23 of Canada that babies sleep in their backs, it is important 30 to have “tummy time” to help with overall physical development. • Place a blanket on the floor and lay your baby on their stomach. The floor is the safest place to lay your baby when awake.

• Talk to your baby about what you are doing with the book and seeing in the book as 16 you read. • With both you and your baby lying on your tummies, enjoy sharing a book like Hello! Peter Rabbit. • Point to pictures in the book to excite your ba-by into reaching forward and touching the book.

Tummy Time

Call the Health Unit 250-302-5000

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class





StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Alexis Creek School

Lift the Lip 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Interior Health Call to register

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Alexis Creek School


StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Alexis Creek School

StrongStart 250-398-3839 Rhyme & Story Time 250-398-3839 Toddler Story Time 250-392-3630 Preschool Story Time 250-392-3630 Prenatal Breastfeeding 250-302-5000 Wii Games 250-392-3630 Lift the Lip 250-302-5000




Toddler Story Time (18 mon to 3 yrs) 10:30 am to 11:00 am Public Library

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline, Mountview & 150 Mile School


Toddler Story Time (18 mon to 3 yrs) 10:30 am to 11:00 am Public Library

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline, Mountview & 150 Mile School


Toddler Story Time (18 mon to 3 yrs) 10:30 am to 11:00 am Public Library

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline, Mountview & 150 Mile School

Lift the Lip 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Interior Health Call to register




StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School


StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School





Wii Games (8 to 14yrs) 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Public Library Register by 4pm Wednesday

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Wildwood School

Wii Games (8 to 14yrs) 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Public Library Register by 4pm Wednesday

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Wildwood School


StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School 0 to 5 years - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Wildwood School

CCRR Memberships are only $30 per year for toy, book and equipment lending!




PRO D DAY Preschool Story Time (3 to 6 years) 10:30 am to 11:15 am Public Library


Preschool Story Time (3 to 6 years) 10:30 am to 11:15 am Public Library

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School


Preschool Story Time (3 to 6 years) 10:30 am to 11:15 am Public Library

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School


in Williams Lake

StrongStart Early Learning 0 to 5 years - 8:30 am to 11:30 am Marie Sharpe, Cataline and Mountview School




Early Childhood Activities 1

Call 250-392-4118 to register or for more info

Learn about how to use the Pre-Kindergarten Positive Action Kits in your daycare.

Saturday, September 29 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Gathering Place, TRU $25 per person or $50 per centre

Child Care Conference 29


• Put some plastic, wooden or hand-written alphabet letters into a paper bag. • Shake up the bag and invite your child to reach in and pick a letter. • Look at the shape of the letter together and say its name. Talk about how the let-ter makes a sound at the beginning of15 a word, e.g. “B” makes a “buh” sound. • Look around the house to find objects that start with the letter sound. Try to find five things whose names start with that sound.

Pick a letter, 8 nd a word


A16 Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A17


Harvest Fair coming up Gaeil Farrar Tribune Staff Writer There is nothing quite like wandering through a fall fair to inspire one to get a little closer to nature, even if you are like me and don’t particularly like the feel of dirt under your nails. I find my own responses to the art of gardening somewhat perplexing, even to myself, since I have spent many years in my youth at a potter’s wheel oblivious to the clay under my nails. I have also spent many hours toiling away sewing by hand and getting needles stuck under my nails. But I digress. Even if you are like me with an aversion to digging in the dirt, there are so many more ways to participate in a fall fair than by gardening. You can participate, volunteer, or just enjoy the view. I love to wander the main exhibit hall looking at the colourful flowers and garden produce all neatly laid out for the judges and the amazing array of cakes, pies, glistening bottles of wine, canned fruit and vegetables, translucent honey, and home crafts such as quilts, photographs, knitted baby outfits, crocheted blankets, and delightful children’s art. And a stroll through the animal barns usually turns up something unique such as a fancy

Advertising Deadlines Word Classifieds Tuesday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Wednesday

Display Advertising Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 12 noon the preceding Wednesday

Flyer Booking Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Thursday Friday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Monday

Call (250) 392-2331 188 North 1st Ave. Williams Lake

rabbit or unusual bird. The 36th Annual Williams Lake Harvest Fair is coming up Sept. 8 and 9 and organizers are encouraging people to enter their favorite things for exhibit and of course be there for all the fun, even if they don’t have an exhibit to share. Volunteering is another way people can enjoy the event. “We can always use some extra help,” says fair president Tammy Tugnum. “We have had several new members this year and that is why we have so many new things to do at the fair. “Fresh people, fresh perspective.  We are striving to bring a quality event to everyone in Williams Lake and the Coast Chilcotin!  Lots of fun, new things to see and do this year.  New food vendors, new craft stuff for the kids, new entertainers and lots of favourites returning as well.”  The fair takes place in most venues at Stampede Park. On the out-door stage next to the main exhibit hall in the Curling Club, Tugnum says they will be hosting local entertainers both days of the fair.  The line up will feature Willow, Dynamic Downfall, Rachel Walker, Orin Barter, Nitehawks (CreeShu), Lava Lamps and magician Clinton W. Gray.

The Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association is bringing their annual Chili Cook-Off to the Harvest Fair on Saturday, Sept. 8. The Chili Cook-Off will be located outside next to the Curling Club  in Stampede Park.  “For a $5 fee you can taste the chili  entries and vote for the best chili in the Cariboo!” Tugnum says. Tugnum says the Curling Club exhibit hall will once again be featuring an amazing quilt show as well as the canning, baking, children’s exhibits, photography, flowers, veggies, wine, seniors’ section, knitting, arts and crafts and assorted demonstrations including by the Spinners and Weavers on the Saturday.  “The popular caricaturist Ted Couling will be joining us this year both days of the fair,” Tugnum says. “If you are willing to wait in line your paid gate entry entitles you to a complimentary caricature from Ted.” On Sunday Wise Owl Toys is setting up a craft table in the curling rink for the kids who will have a chance to make and take a great new  craft item home, Tugnum says. Representatives from the Strong Start program will also be entertaining toddlers and younger children on Saturday, Sept. 8 and


pples of ritish olumbia 250-392-6282 1050 S. Mackenzie Ave.

will be promoting an agriculture adventure with the kids. The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin and the Hough Memorial Cancer Society will also have booths set up in the curling rink. The Beef Show is on Saturday, Sept 8 in the Indoor Trail Riders arena, along with the sheep, goats and other assorted livestock entries. The BC Pro Bull Riding Finals go each day at 2 p.m. and the Kids Wild Horse Ride is featured each day during the intermission of the Bull Riding.  Anyone who wants to enter the Kids Wild Horse Race should contact Jason Martin at 250-296-9088. Entries for this event close Sept. 4.  These events

are in the Stampede Rodeo Arena. There will also be a Little Britches Jackpot Rodeo each day of the fair, Saturday, Sept. 8 and Sunday Sept. 9 starting each morning at 9 a.m., ending shortly before the bull riding starts at 2 p.m. Entries for the Little Britches Jackpot Rodeo had to be in by Wed. Aug. 29 at  250-2964778, 6:30-9:30 p.m. The gymkhana is on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 11 a.m. in the Outdoor Trail Riders Arena.  Entries are open until 10 a.m. Sunday morning. Call Nikki at 250267-6524 or LeeAnn at 250-305-8154 to preregister. See DOG, Page A19


Specializing in Livestock and Farm Sales

Armstrong, BC

On offer at Valley Auction Ltd. August 23, 2012 Head of Livestock 196 Number of Buyers 23 Baby Calves ............................. $ 25.00 $ 180.00 Veal Calves .............................. $ -$ -D 1-2 Cows ............................. $ 67.00 $ 74.00 D 3-5 Cows ............................. $ 55.00 $ 65.00 Holstein Cows .......................... $ 22.00 $ 60.00 Bulls ........................................ $ 78.00 $ 83.50 Bred Cows ............................... $ -$ -Cow Calf Pairs ......................... $1175.00 $1625.00 FEEDER CATTLE DIVISIONS (prices quoted per 100 lbs.) Steer Calves 300 - 400 ............ $ -$ -Steer Calves 400 - 500 ............ $ -$ -Steer Calves 500 - 600 ............ $130.00 $140.00 Steer Calves 600-700 .............. $ -$ -Feeder Steers 700-800 ............ $ -$ -Feeder Steers 800-900 ............ $ up to $130.00 Feeder Steers 900-1000 .......... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 300 - 400 ........... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 400 - 500 ........... $135.00 $144.50 Heifer Calves 500 - 600 ........... $130.00 $140.00 Heifer Calves 600 -700 ............ $125.00 $131.00 Feeder Heifers 700 - 800 ......... $118.00 $122.00 Feeder Heifers 800 - 900 ......... $ -$ -Feeder Heifers 900 - 1000 ....... $ 98.00 $110.00 HOGS, SHEEP & GOATS Sows ....................................... $ -$ -Feeder Pigs.............................. $ -$ -Feeder lambs ........................... $100.00 $160.00 Ewes ....................................... $ 70.00 $135.00 Goats ....................................... $ 50.00 $150.00

St. Andrews United Church

1000 Huckvale Place (just off Midnight)

Sunday Worship 10:00am Rev. Jenny Carter 250-398-6745

Treat Yourself to a Visit from

Welcome Wagon! It’s FREE!!!

We are a community service whose aim is to bring you greetings, gifts & information regarding the area you live in.

Contact Welcome Wagon today if you are moving or getting married. Linda James

392-5601 Sandra Dahlman or toll free 1-866-518-7287 392-1050

Bringing local community information and gifts since 1930



Natural Choice Lamb & Rice $4 off + FREE Reg/Lg Greenie Dental Treat • 13.6 kg bag

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starting at $39.99

Come check out our monthly in-store specials Largest selection of pet food & supplies in the Cariboo

“Denise’s Dog Grooming” Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 5:30 pm • Sun 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

32 N. Broadway


Pets of the Week

Market prices quoted on this report are based on average prices and condition of livestock. 903 HWY 97A, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B7 ph:(250) 546-9420 fax:(250) 546-3399.


A Division of Vanderhoof & District Co-op Association

Fence Post Saving

5”-6” X 7’ Post $6.99 ea. (By the bundle only) OPEN Mon-Sat 8:30am - 5:30pm 1280 Quesnel-Hixon Rd. Quesnel Toll free: 1-888-992-2667


10 month old female Australian Shepherd cross. She has been spayed.


1 year 2 month old male Domestic Long Hair cross. He has been neutered.

Brought to you by the SPCA & Total Pet


Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend




Photo by Laurren Carruthers

Special thanks to our

Platinum Sponsors

2:00 pm daily Rodeo Arena Kids Wild Pony Race daily during Bull Riding intermision

Grassland Equipment WL Log Haulers Association (Tolko Truckers) (T

Little Britches Jackpot Rodeo Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am Rodeo Arena


ADMISSION Adults ~ $6.00 Children & Seniors $ 3.00

HUB International Barton Insurance Brokers

Breakfast Daily by CJ’s & Kim Judd’s Taco Van CITY OF WILLIAMS LAKE

Ministry of Agriculture

Includes all events except for food and vendors

B.C. Produce at incredible prices!

DOOR PRIZES! Blackstock Distributors Gift Basket Patio Set from Canadian Tire

Saturday & Sunday Demos on the Hour starting at 11:00 am in the Curling Club Cake Decorating Rug Hooking Quilting • Needlework

“Thru the Barn Door” 4H Education Displays

in Trailriders Arena & Exhibit Hall

All events at the Williams Lake Stampede Park SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH 8:00 am

CJ’s & Kim Judd’s Taco Van Stampede Infield & Curling Breakfast Club Concession 9:00 am Little Britches Rodeo - All Junior & Senior Events Livestock Barn Opens Trail Riders Indoor Arena 10:00 am Barns Open Small Barns beside Curling Club Exhibit Hall Opens Curling Club Caricaturist Ted Couling Sponsored by Taseko Mines Spinning & Weaving Demo Curling Club Dog Agility Ball Diamond - Infield 10:30 am Beef Show & Judging Trail Riders Indoor Arena 11:00 am Tolko Stage Entertainment Outside Curling Club Inflatable Big Toys Outside Curling Club Toddler to Kindergarten Fun Activities w/ Strong Start Curling Club 12:00 pm Draft Horse Wagon Rides On Grounds Transportation 1:00 pm Caricaturist Ted Couling Sponsored by Taseko Mines 2:00 pm Dog Agility Ball Diamond - Infield Pro Bull Riding Rodeo Arena 2:30 pm Cattle Grooming Demo Trail Riders Indoor Arena 4:00 pm Sheep Grooming and Harvest Fair Hand Shearing Demo



CJ’s & Kim Judd’s Taco Van Stampede Infield & Curling Breakfast Club Concession 9:00 am Little Britches Rodeo - All Junior & Senior Events 10:00 am Sheep Judging Trail Riders Indoor Arena Small Livestock - Rabbits Small Barns beside Curling Club Exhibit Hall Opens Curling Club Caricaturist Ted Couling Sponsored by Taseko Mines 11:00 am Wise Owl Toys Craft Make & Take Curling Club Childrens Playland and Inflatable Big Toys Outside Curling Club Jackpot Gymkhana Outdoor Trailriders Arena Tolko Stage Entertainment Outside Curling Club Pet Parade - Register Trail Riders Indoor Arena 12:00 pm Draft Horse Wagon Rides Grounds Transportation 2:00 pm Rooster Crowing Contest Trail Riders Indoor Arena Bale Toss Trail Riders Indoor Arena Pro Bull Riding Finale Rodeo Arena 3:00 pm Awards Presentation Tolko Stage 4:00 pm Prize Payout Inside Curling Club 4:00 pm Fair Auction, Flowers Baking, Produce etc. Tolko Stage

Food Vendors: Bannock Vendors Mini Donuts • Sno Cones Chuckwagon • Taco Van CJ’s • Hot Dogs TOLKO STAGE ENTERTAINMENT Outside Curling Club

SATURDAY & SUNDAY FEATURING Saturday 11:00 am ~ Dynamic Downfall 12:00 pm ~ Perfect Match 1:00 pm ~ Clinton W. Gray 2:00 pm ~ Nite Hawks (formerly Cree Shu) 3:00 pm ~ Willow 3:30 pm ~ Cariboo Chilcotin Youth Fiddlers

Sunday 11:00 am ~ Oren Barter 12:00 pm ~ Clinton W. Gray 1:00 pm ~ Lava Lamps and the Mood Poodles 2:00 pm ~ Rachel Walker 3:00 pm ~ Awards

Free Ted Couling Caricature with admission!

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A19


Computer Repair On Wheels

plants by the wagon load

Service...Service...Service... Sales/Upgrades/Repairs/Free Quotes

Bryan McElroy A+ Phone: 250-305-1120 1172 N. 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake


Chimney Valley Club member Michael Glynn, Grand Champion Gardening, is asked by ringman Wade McNolty if his wagon is part of the deal, to which Glynn answers “no.” Glynn’s plants were up for auction during the Williams Lake & District 54th Annual 4-H Show and Sale, held Aug. 22 at the Williams Lake Stockyards. Monica Lamb-Yorski photo

Dog agility part of fair Continued from A17 Dog Agility is featured Saturday, Sept. 8 (Infield Ball Diamond) at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Karen Rogers is hosting this fun event!  For more information contact Karen at karen- “Cariboo Carriage, Karen Sepkowski and Bud Weir, will be providing on grounds Draft Horse Wagon Rides,” Tugnum says. “This complimentary transportation will

Christ Centered Family Focused Sunday 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM* Wednesday 7:00 PM *Note new service time

Rick Lendvoy, Pastor 250-302-2008

come in handy if you need to get from one end  of the Stampede Park to the other!” Williams Lake Harvest Fair catalogues are available at Save On Foods, Beaver Valley Feed, the Library, City

Hall, the Tribune and Cariboo GM as well as various other businesses around town. For more information about the fair people can also check out the fair website at

ACROSS 1. Cow’s utterance 4. Roam aimlessly 7. “Les Miserables” author 11. Koppel and Kennedy 12. Yale graduate 13. Patron 14. Train’s track 15. Coal measure 16. Broadway auntie 17. Bother 19. Metal fastener 21. Nebraska city 23. Ocean fish 26. Pina ____ 30. Toil 32. Not level 33. Fake 34. Rob 35. Restaurant patrons 36. Distress-signal letters 37. ____ board (nail file) 40. Take ____ view of 41. Fishing net 46. Hairstyling tool 49. Ribicoff or Beame 51. Go-getter 52. Melville captain

53. Grown boys 54. To ____ (precisely) 55. Show excessive love 56. Bad humor 57. Upset 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

DOWN Cruel God of war Norway’s capital Receive Hello, in Hilo Ms. Shore Camel’s feature “Born in the ____”


KAREN’S GIVING AWAY AN ALASKAN CRUISE! Buying or Selling? All of Karen’s 2012 clients are eligible to win an Alaskan cruise for two Must answer a skill testing question

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3015-D Mackenzie Avenue N.

9. Emerald or sapphire, e.g. 10. Metallic rock 11. Refrain syllable 18. Sang a Swiss song 20. Struts 22. ____ the lifeboats! 23. Walking aid 24. On top of 25. Actress Susan and family 26. Profane word 27. Aware of 28. Spike and Pinky 29. Actress Haddad 31. Realty parcel 33. For each 38. TV’s “____ Vice” 39. Glowing coal 40. Singer Lane 42. Dutch cheese 43. Tiny particle 44. Require 45. Lyrical before 46. Rascal 47. Exclamation of surprise 48. Small rug 50. Compass pt. • 171 Oliver Street • 250-392-4422

PAL offers computer help at the Library starting September 25th. Call 250-392-3351 or visit the Library to register. Shelly Joyner - 250-395-9303 Executive Director

Sponsored by The Kiwanis Club Books for Babies Project and the Williams Lake Tribune •

Bruce Mack - 250-392-6867 CCPL President



Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend

Subscribe to The Tribune and have 52 chances a year to WIN A PIZZA Check out The Tribune Classifieds every week for your name to win a gift certificate for a large pizza. Contact The Tribune by the following Wednesday to claim your Panago gift certificate.

Visit my website to see more of

Liz Twan’s work Tues-Fri 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Sat 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

35 1st Ave S • 250-392-3996 Certified Picture Framer free ideas • free estimates • frame creations

Grace Baptist Church 690 N. 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake Scout Island Nature Centre’s summer camp staff Kiera Dolighan (centre) and Caitlin Langford (right) encourage camp participants to colour a habitat scene Aug. 20. Monica Lamb-Yorski photos Oi Moliner (left) listens for the sounds of the sea in a shell, while Max Brown waits for his turn ti listen.

Are you looking for a night out this winter? Bowling Leagues are looking for teams and players and would like to invite you and your friends to join for recreation, participation, socialization and a whole lot of fun. Call 250-392-5526 for further information.

Sunday School for all ages 9:30 am Worship Service 11:00 am

Contact 250-392-6172

“They call the Cariboo home” Everyone has a story. What is yours?

Your Wedding Day is Your Special Day

Professional & Friendly Service from gown selection to fittings with personal service.


250-395-8825 • 262 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House E-mail: Call for Sunday or after hours appts.

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The Tribune is accepting submissions and suggestions for a series in our paper called “They Call the Cariboo Home.” One article (with photos) on one person or family will appear in our paper once a week for a year. Perhaps you are a long-time resident who has had led an interesting life in the lakecity and would like to share your story with the community, or maybe something out of the ordinary drew you to Williams Lake. If you think you or someone you know would make a good candidate for a profile/feature article in They Call the Cariboo Home, we would love to hear from you. Stories may be written by you or one of our reporters. Submissions and suggestions can be dropped off in person or sent to: e-mail: fax: 250-392-7253 mail: 188 North 1st Ave. Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1Y8

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 31, 2012 A21



Quality Workmanship

on qualifying home comfort systems Contact our Service Department for more details

REG. #1156


Lennox Rebates Sept 10 - Nov 30, 2012







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Bruce Traynor Ph/Fax: 250-296-3698 Cell: 250-267-3374 Williams Lake, BC

This three-bedroom charmer, designed for a lot that slopes to the back, includes an unďŹ nished basement that will provide room for future expansion. The covered entry leads to a foyer with a coat closet on the right. To the left, a den or third bedroom features french doors that open onto the veranda at the front of the home. A two-piece powder room is conveniently located nearby. Directly ahead is the great room, with a dramatic vaulted ceiling, as well as a gas ďŹ replace. Floor-toceiling windows overlook a sundeck and the back garden. The dining area also overlooks the back garden, and sliding glass doors open to the sundeck. The kitchen is separated from the great room by an archway, and from the dining area by a work island and eating bar, so the cook will never feel isolated. A roomy pantry is located at one end of the kitchen, and the L-shaped counter conďŹ guration will save steps. The master suite occupies its own built-out area, accessible through both a doorway and an arch, and features a vaulted ceiling. The ensuiteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s soaker tub has a tiled surround and its own window, for a touch of spa-like luxury, in addition to double basins and a shower stall. A roomy walk-in closet completes the amenities. The second bedroom overlooks the side garden and is adjacent to a three-piece bath. The nearby linen closet serves both the master suite and the second bedroom.

The laundry room, where access to the double garage allows it to double as a mud room, includes a coat closet. The broom cupboard is situated near the laundry room entrance. Ceilings measure nine feet high throughout. Exterior ďŹ nishes include horizontal wooden siding, with shingles and decorative woodwork in the gables. Wooden pilasters with stone bases set off the veranda, and stone accents ďŹ&#x201A;ank the garage doors. This home measures 42 feet wide and 65 feet, six inches deep for a total of 1744 square feet. Plans for design 1-3-646 are available for $664 (set of 5), $745 (set of 8) and $792 for a super set of 10. Also add $30.00 for Priority charges within B.C. or $55.00 outside of B.C. Please add 12% H.S.T., 13% H.S.T. Or 5% G.S.T (where applicable) to both the plan price and Priority charges. Our 44TH Edition of the Home Plan Catalogue containing over 300 plans is available for $13.50 (includes taxes, postage and handling). Make all cheques and money orders payable to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Home Plan of the Weekâ&#x20AC;? and mail to: HOME PLAN OF THE WEEK c/o The Williams Lake Tribune Unit 7, 15243 91st Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3R 8P8 Or see our web page order form on: And e-mail your order to: homeplans @ tilestone.htm

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eats... ody B Nob



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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Wife, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Aunty

All Tribune and Weekend classified ads are on the Internet at ... also with a link through

Lost & Found

Education/Trade Schools

Lost: Sony E-reader in denim pouch Hodgson Place Mall parking lot, Friday Aug. 24th. Please call (250)296-3528

Gladys Teresa Ducharme May 28, 1932 - Sept 1, 2011 A sadness still comes over us, Tears in silence often flow, Memory keeps you ever near us, Though you died one year ago All our love, Dutchie and the family

Willard Last

March 28, 1933 September 4, 2010


If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again.

Advertising Deadlines Word Classifieds Tuesday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Wednesday

Display Advertising Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 12 noon the preceding Wednesday

Flyer Booking Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday


Information Have your say. Get Paid.

Call (250) 392-2331 188 North 1st Ave. Williams Lake

Voice your opinion on issues that matter and receive cash incentives for doing so.

Also, participate to win one of 10 prizes totalling $1000!


NOW READY! U-Pick Soda Creek Sweet Corn

at Historic Dunlevy Ranch 35 km north of Williams Lake, 13 km south of McLeese Lake on Hwy 97. Easy to follow signs.

250-297-6369 or 250-297-6515

• • •

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) Certificates included are: • Ground Disturbance Level 2 • WHMIS • Traffic Control • First Aid Reserve your seat for August 13, 2012. Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627

Full Time Tow Truck Drivers Wanted

Obituaries It is with great sadness that the family of Cynthia Joan Senko announces her sudden passing on August 22, 2012 in Kamloops. There will be a memorial service for Cynthia at the Compassionate Care Funeral Home Chapel on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 11:00 am. Cremation was held at Cariboo Crematorium, Williams Lake. Those wishing to make a donation in Cynthia’s name may do so to the charity of the donor’s choice. Compassionate Care Funerals entrusted with arrangements. 250-392-3336

21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes:

Help Wanted

I love you dad, Tina

Information 188 N. 1st Ave., Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1Y8 250-392-2331 Fax 250-392-7253


LOST: Black female lab named Reckless, since Mon., Aug 27th in the Pablo Creek Rd area on Hwy 20. Has one black dot on her tongue & is very gentle. If found please call Sam (250)305-2795 or (250)302-2922.


One issue 3 lines $11.00 + HST Three issues: 3 lines $20.99 + HST Vehicle promo: includes photo maximum 4 lines 3 times a week for 1 month $44.95 3 months $44.95++HST HST



Must submit drivers abstract with resume.

Business Opportunities

No phone calls please

LAW of attraction, success and money making secrets revealed by Wealthy Benefactor. Incredibly powerful life changing information. Call Lorne for your free CD (250) 513-0243.

Bee Jay Auto




Required Immediately Full Time Employment for the following positions: • Parts Manager • Parts Counter Person • 1st or 2nd Year Apprentice Automotive Tech. • Quick Lane Service Manager • Certified Body Man We offer an excellent benefit package which includes competitive wages and a registered retirement savings plan. Email resume with references to or drop at Lake City Ford to the attention of Colin Smith. We thank all applicants who express interest; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Lake City Ford

Place a classified word ad and...


765 N. Mackenzie Ave.

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

UPCOMING PROGRAMS AT TRU Mining Skills for an Entry Level Workforce

Basic Security Training

Applications are now being accepted for this 6 week program funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education as aligned with the BC Jobs Plan. This course will provide participants with skills necessary for seeking employment in the Mining field. Successful participants will obtain certificates and training relevant to surface, underground and mineral processing. Part of the course will provide participants with hands on mine site experience through tours scheduled at 3 area mines. Program start date is September 24, 2012

Applications are now being accepted for this 40 hour program funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education as aligned with the BC Jobs Plan. Successful completion of this course will provide participants with training mandatory for licencing as a Security Professional. The program includes training, exam, criminal record check, picture identification, 90-day Security Guard licence and one-year licence. Program start date is September 21, 2012

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm September 7, 2012. Interviews are scheduled for the week of September 10, 2012. Funding is available for participants who meet the acceptance criteria. Acceptance Criteria: •Resume and cover letter •Valid Driver’s licence •Grade 12 preferred •Interview For full course descriptions, please visit Interested participants can drop off their resume and cover letter through mail, fax or in person: Continuing Studies Room 1180, Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm • Tel: 250-392-8010 1250 Western Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H7 • Fax: 250-392-8008



For your convenience Tribune obituaries can be viewed on our website; Remember Your Loved Ones 250-392-2331

The Willams Lake Tribune Friday, August 31, 2012 A23




Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Required for an Alberta Trucking Company. One Class 1 Driver. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience pulling low boys and driving off road. Candidate must be able to pass a drug test and be willing to relocate to Edson, Alberta. Fax resumes to: 780-725-4430

The Fraser Inn Cold Beer and Wine Store is looking for a person to work weekend evenings. (Sat. & Sun.) $11.00/hour. Drop resume off between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday -Thursday, Atten: Tom.

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Part time positions available. Bondable. Experience preferred. Competitive Wages. Apply in person to 1405 Cariboo Hwy. 250-392-5334 Drummond Lodge Motel

Established 1947 Established 1947

Hauling Freight for Friends for60 65Years Years Hauling Freight for Friends for Over


JOIN OUR AWARD WINNING TEAM Canadian Tire is looking to ďŹ ll the following positions: Morning Stock Fill Crew Mon to Fri 7am to 3pm and Christmas Deptartment Setup Regular retail rotation Please apply to Customer Service.

Experienced Full Time Cooks Wanted Wages dependent on experience. Medical & dental benefits. Apply in person with resume at 177 Yorston Street NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. Apartment Manager required immediately. Individual must be well organized and able to decision make. Successful applicant must have their own transportation and have ability to clean and repair minor issues. Salary and remuneration will be based on experience. Please call (250)305-0446 and or email to BANNISTER HONDA Maintenance Technician Looking for a motivated, reliable, quality person to perform maintenance on Honda and other manufacture vehicles. Please apply with drivers license and drivers abstract. Attn: Grant Kitzman, 6425-Hwy 97N, Vernon, B.C. 250-545-0531 Bartender/Server. Permanent part-time position 2-4 shifts per week. Must be available for shift work. Serving It Right a must. Drop off resume in Person Attention Bonnie Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill to Royal Canadian Legion, 385 Barnard Street, Williams Lake, BC Forestry Hooktender/Spotter Required. Prefer experience but will to train. Must be physically fit, able to work all weather conditions. Fax:250-503-1148 Housekeeper required for Sandman Hotel & Suites, must be available to work various shifts, previous cleaning experience an asset. Please fax resume to: 250-392-6242.

LINEHAUL SIGNING BONUS Van Kamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Group of Companies requires Owner Operators to be OWNER OPERATORS based at our Prince George Terminal for runs throughout B.C. PRINCE GEORGE

and Alberta. Applicants have winter and Group mountain,of driving experience/ Van-Kammust Freightwaysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Companies training. requires Owner Operators for runs out of our We offer above average rates and excellent employee benefits. Prince George Terminal. To join our team of Professional drivers, call Bev, 604-968-5488 or email current and details W a resume, ff ll driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s t tabstractWi t / ofMtruck to: t i or fax 604-587-9889 Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility. We thank you for your interest in Van-Kam, however only those of interest to us will be contacted.

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Create your own Experience.

Logging Truck Driver Program


Are you currently: Unemployed? NOT receiving Employment Insurance? Have not established an EI claim in the last 3 years? In the case of maternity/parental, have not established an EI claim in the last 5 years?

The BC logging industry is currently facing shortages of logging truck drivers.

This 100% funded program prepares you to enter the workforce as an entry level Then you are eligible for logging truck driver with â&#x20AC;&#x153;behind the the full tuition coverage. wheelâ&#x20AC;? experience. Each student will obtain â&#x20AC;˘ Class 1 with airbrakes â&#x20AC;˘ off road driving techniques and procedures â&#x20AC;˘ log loading and unloading procedure â&#x20AC;˘ radio use and protocols â&#x20AC;˘ mill yard procedures Course Location: Thompson Rivers University Williams Lake Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement.

For more information contact: Betty Turatus - 250.392.8057

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Hytest Timber Ltd. is a well established timber harvesting company who invites you to be part of our team which achieves a high standard of safety and productivity results in the services we provide to fulďŹ ll our logging contractual agreements. Hytest Timber Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer located in the Cariboo which provides a lifestyle with a moderate cost of living. s (YTEST 4IMBER ,TD IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM experienced equipment operators. We will also consider suitable candidates for training opportunities. The successful applicant will be provided with competitive industry wages along with a beneďŹ ts plan. Interested applicants can submit their resume and drivers abstract to Glen Williamson, RFT. Phone: 250.392.7522; Fax: 250.392.2940; Email:; or drop off in person at 202-383 Oliver Street in Williams Lake.

Full-Time Employment Opportunity Child Care Resource & Referral Child Care Consultant The Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Contact Society is seeking a highly motivated, Ă&#x20AC;exible and organized person to work in the Child Care Resource & Referral program. The successful candidate will have a variety of tasks and duties. Job description is available upon request. All applicants will require: â&#x20AC;˘ Early Childhood Education CertiÂżcation, minimum requirement â&#x20AC;˘ Clear Criminal Record Check â&#x20AC;˘ Valid First Aid CertiÂżcate â&#x20AC;˘ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills â&#x20AC;˘ Computer skills â&#x20AC;˘ Workshops Facilitation experience an asset Applicant must be conversant with current child care licensing regulations, current child care issues and a general knowledge of all child care models including Registered License Not Required. Facilitation of workshops and event planning also required. Hours: 35 hours per week. Some weekend and evening hours are required. Salary: To be determined by education and experience Submit resumes and cover letter by 4:00pm Monday, September 4th, 2012 to the attention of: Cindy Davis, Manager of Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Services Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Contact Society Drop off at #301 - 19 N. 1st Avenue (Above Caribou Ski) or Email:

CARIBOO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Accountant - Payroll Clerk (1 Year Term)

General: Under the direction of the Senior Accountant of the Cariboo Friendship Society and subject to its policies and procedures, the Payroll Clerk will be responsible for assisting the Senior Accountant in keeping the books and accounts of the Society; filing of data and information; keeping staff records; and generally be involved in the Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s various activities.

Job Purpose: To teach and model positive health practices by teaching, demonstrating, and monitoring pregnant women, newborn infants, mothers, and families who are considered to be high risk.

Duties: 1. Responsible for preparation of Payroll 2. Administering the Society group benefits packages, including applications, terminations and amendments 3. Ensuring that remittances for Federal/Provincial income taxes, CPP, EI group insurance, RRSPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, BC Medical and WCB are submitted by the respective due dates and are reconciled on a monthly basis 4. Preparation of various reports ie: Record of Employment, Worksafe BC, T4â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Education, Training, and Experience 1. Knowledge and experience in working with the local First Nation Culture 2. Education and/or two to three years of experience in related field 3. Demonstrated knowledge and skills in para-professional counselling 4. Knowledge of the group process and facilitation skills 5. Computer Knowledge an asset 6. Must submit to a criminal record check 7. Must have a reliable vehicle 8. Must have a valid drivers license

Qualifications/Experience: a. Minimum two years experience working in a payroll administration position b. Payroll Compliance Practitioner certificate an asset c. Working knowledge and familiarity with Payroll processing software, preferably Sage Accpac ERP d. Knowledge of the Employment Standards Act e. Must have the ability to communicate clearly in English both orally and in writing f. Must maintain professional conduct and abide by the Cariboo Friendship Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Code of Ethics g. Must submit to a criminal records check

Closing Date: September 5, 2012

Please note: Pursuant to section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference will be given to applicants of Aboriginal ancestry.

CARIBOO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Pregnancy Outreach Program Full Time - Pregnancy Outreach Worker

To apply, or for complete job description, see the Cariboo Friendship Society, 99 South Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC Please note: Pursuant to section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference will be given to applicants of Aboriginal ancestry.

Closing Date:

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Laniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Super Special Honda CR-V 2007-11 Side Step Bars Clearance Price - installed for only





Ă&#x153; Betcha!

Open Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm Sat: 9am-5pm DL#30676 550 North 11th Ave

Custom Home Theatre Design & Installation

Matt Stewart Sales & Installation

Create the ultimate entertainment experience in your home with home theatre systems and multi-media rooms. Our skilled professionals will design and install complete, dedicated private home theatre systems that complement and enhance the aesthetic demands of your home. From screen to furniture, Audio Video Unlimited will help your family enjoy must-see TV and movies.

September 14

Ben Sawyer Sales & Installation


234 Borland St.

September 17 - October 2

Training for Level 1 Training for Advanced Level 3

Melanie Funk

E.M.P. Instructor/Trainer/Evaluator Registered Training Agency for Worksafe BC

Workplace Level 1 Transportation Endorsement Pediatric Courses Automated External Defibrillator C.P.R. All Levels Advanced Level 3

Group Rates Available BOOK NOW

250-296-4161 Email: Located at the Pioneer Complex

Committed to training excellence!

service design sales Highlands Irrigation Ltd. Williams Lake 250.392.2321 1.800.665.5909 Irrigating BC and the Yukon since 1974

Computer Service & Sales Networking & Servers Phone & Data

250-392-7113 â&#x20AC;˘

John Hack

Advertising is an investment that can help a storeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s turnover and net profit

call me!

September 14, 2012

A complete job description may be picked up at the Cariboo Friendship Society. Submit resumes with three work related references: 99 South Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1J1 Attention: Personnel Committee


*limited inventory in-stock only

Brenda Webster

Advertising Consultant

250-392-2331 188 N. 1st Ave.


Friday, August 31, 2012 The Willams Lake Tribune





Pets & Livestock

Help Wanted

Financial Services

Moving & Storage




4 yr.old mare cutting quarter horse, very gentle, trailer broke, not broke to ride, 13.2 hh. $600. (250)297-6569 Farrier Services. Barefoot trimming and cold shoeing. Donkeys welcome. Phone (250)296-9019

ROUTES AVAILABLE: Door to door delivery before 8:00 am Tuesday & Thursday *3000-3037 Edwards Dr. 1000-2000 Mackenzie Ave. N. 1000-3006 Maple St. 1100-2020 Second Ave. N. 2003-3004 Third Ave. N* *1200-1200 Eleventh Ave. N. 1225-1585 Eleventh Ave N.* *127-151 Barlow Ave. 6-166 Country Club Blvd. 27-104 Fairview Dr. 57-63 Rife Rd.* *615-615 Atwood Pl. 4008-4008 Mackenzie Ave. 100-589 Midnight Dr. 1042-1095 Moxon Pl. 1000-1095 Slater St.* Please call Kym at (250) 392-2331

WEEKENDER ROUTES AVAILABLE *1300-1585 Eleventh Ave N.* *701-770 Eleventh Ave N.* *275-275 Gibbon St 520-783 Pigeon Ave.* *110-114 Cygnet St. 104-134 MayďŹ eld Dr. 907-1068 Proctor St.* Please call Kym at (250)392-2331

Trades, Technical


Reduce Debt by up to


â&#x20AC;˘ Avoid Bankruptcy

â&#x20AC;˘ Avoid bankruptcy â&#x20AC;˘ Rebuild Your Credit â&#x20AC;˘ 0% InterestCanadian â&#x20AC;˘ Proudly

250-277-1677 250-434-4226

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

Help Wanted

6´, 8´, 10´, 20´ & 40´ sizes available. Safe. Portable. Affordable. Rent or buy. Call Jason 250-296-9092.

Help Wanted Join the AXIS Team in Williams Lake!

If you have a passion and desire to work with youth/adults with developmental disabilities, youth at risk and families; this may be the opportunity youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been looking for. We have the following positions available:

For further information on these positions refer to our website under job opportunities. Please fax your resume to 250-851-2977 or email Only those short listed will be contacted.

Investors Group in Williams Lake is expanding and currently has an opening for two financial advisor positions. Investors Group offers industry leading training and mentoring and the advantage of a flexible schedule and exceptional income potential. For further information please contact Bob Piderman at 250-392-2637 or This is a full-time opportunity to establish a variable-income and self-employed business in association with Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Great West Equipment is growing again. Due to this, we are looking to fill the following position:

(engine exp. an asset) The successful candidate will be operating a service vehicle in Fox Creek, Northern Alberta. Must be willing to work overtime. Exp. in natural gas compression is an asset. The successful candidate is not required to reside in Fox Creek, shift work negotiable. We Offer Top Competitive Wages, BeneďŹ t Plan & Performance Bonuses. E-mail resume to: jobs@ or fax to: (1)780-622-4409 Journeyman Mechanic Do you love the outdoors? OK Tire in Terrace, B.C. NOW HIRING! Excellent renumeration for successful applicant. Fax resume to (1)-250-635-5367 Attn. General Manager or Email: LOUISIANA-PACIFIC Canada Ltd. requires an experienced Mechanical Supervisor for our EWP Operation in Golden B.C. Email resume to: or fax to 250-344-8859 WANTED: Class 1 Truck Driver and/or Owner Operators. Hauling logs in Mackenzie area for Duz Cho Logging. Must submit driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract and adhere to all safety standards. To apply please email or fax resume to 250-997-5430.

1yr. old grullo (grey) quarter horse filly, great color, disposition and awesome character. $1,200. (250)620-0577

Garden & Lawn

Garden & Lawn

Pets & Livestock


SCREENED SCREENED TOPSOIL TOPSOIL Blend of sand & manure garden mix ready to go. Gravel: road crush, clear crush Call Alan today! 250-392-2266

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

We offer very competitive wages and full benefits package. Please Submit Resume by means of: Fax: 250-392-9598 or e-mail: Attention: Peter Hennan, Branch Manager NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

Permanent Part Time RAMP AGENT, Williams Lake Our Ramp attendants attend to all activities associated with the ramp, freight, baggage and operation of company ground equipment. Duties include baggage loading/unloading, marshaling of aircraft and operation of ground equipment. The Ramp attendant is responsible for ensuring that all customer interactions are treated with a high degree of customer service and their possessions are handled with care and concern. You must maintain a professional and safe work environment for all customers and personnel as well as be a strong team player. Must have a valid class 5 drivers license and capable of lifting up to 50lbs. This position is required to work shift work and will be exposed to various and at times inclement weather conditions. If you are interested please send your resume to shirley@paciďŹ We thank all those who have applied, however only those selected for interview will be contacted. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Brad Huston â&#x20AC;˘ Small Appliance Recycling Depot â&#x20AC;˘ E-Waste Electronic Recycling Center 250-982-2611 Daily service to Quesnel Wednesday & Friday to Bella Coola In-Town Deliveries

Bella Coola

250-392-7567 Williams Lake

405 Mackenzie Avenue South, Williams Lake

Fax 250-392-5440 â&#x20AC;˘


Mobile Audio Service

Industrial Audiometric Technician Industrial / Commercial / Logging / Construction Dwight Satchell Box 4105, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2V2 250-392-2922 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-866-327-8678 Fax: 250-392-2947

LOGGING TRUCK DRIVERS Superior SelďŹ&#x201A;oading Ltd. is a well established log hauling company who invites you to be part of our team which achieves a high standard of safety and productivity results in the services we provide to fulďŹ ll our log hauling contractual agreements. Superior SelďŹ&#x201A;oading Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer located in the Cariboo which provides a lifestyle with a moderate cost of living. s 3UPERIOR 3ELmOADING ,TD IS NOW ACCEPTING applications from experienced logging truck drivers. The successful applicant will be provided with competitive industry wages along with a beneďŹ ts plan. Interested applicants can submit their resume and drivers abstract to Glen Williamson, RFT. Phone: 250.392.7522; Fax: 250.392.2940; Email: glen@hytest. ca; or drop off in person at 202-383 Oliver Street in Williams Lake.

Service Manager

Candidates must be experienced working with heavy equipment Great West Equipment is the Volvo Construction Equipment, Madill Forestry Equipment, Dressta Crawler, Metso Crushing Equipment, PrimeTech Mulching Equipment and Morbark Chipper Dealer. Catering to the Construction, Forestry and Mining Sectors. â&#x20AC;˘ Heavy Duty Mechanics â&#x20AC;˘ Automotive Mechanics or â&#x20AC;˘ Millwrights

Feed & Hay Excellent quality 2012 cow & horse hay, large round & large square bales. Phone early a.m. and evenings. (250)3982805. Exc. quality horse & good feeder hay, round bales, & large squares. (250)296-3651 HORSE HAY 60lbs bales, 1st and 2nd cut Mcleese Lake area 250-747-8416

F/T or Casual Residence Worker Casual Caregiver Support Worker

VK MASON Local Union Underground Contractor is seeking experienced labor for remote camp job near Kitimat. Looking to hire immediately! Please contact Ashley Halden at 778-724-2500 or ashley.halden@

Depot for batteries, rads, copper, aluminum, catalytic converters, alts. and starts. Will p/u, will buy! Phone 250-398-0672

Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my Card!

Home Visitor Support Worker The Three Corners Health Services Society is seeking a qualiďŹ ed candidate to work full-time in the area of Families as a Home Visitor Support Worker. Knowledge and Skills: â&#x20AC;˘ Excellent knowledge of culture, community structure and social history; â&#x20AC;˘ Strong interpersonal skills and comfortable working in a First Nations setting; â&#x20AC;˘ Experience working in development and facilitation of prevention programming; â&#x20AC;˘ Experience in the ďŹ eld of addictions and Mental Health; â&#x20AC;˘ Strong verbal and written skills with an emphasis on effective communication with children, parents and fellow employees. Requirements: â&#x20AC;˘ Current registration in Early Childhood Education an asset; â&#x20AC;˘ CertiďŹ cate or Diploma in Human Services; â&#x20AC;˘ Background in Medicine Wheel Teaching/Life Skills teaching; â&#x20AC;˘ Knowledge of Microsoft OfďŹ ce 2007; â&#x20AC;˘ Criminal record check; â&#x20AC;˘ Valid BC drivers license and own vehicle; â&#x20AC;˘ First Aid and CPR. Responsibilities may include but not limited to: â&#x20AC;˘ Home Visits; â&#x20AC;˘ Advocacy; â&#x20AC;˘ Case Management. Please submit Resume with Cover Letter and names of Previous Supervisors for reference to: Jennie Walker, Health Director Three Corners Health Services Society 150 North First Avenue Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Y8 Fax: 250-398-9824 Email: Closing Date: September 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm


Licenced Mechanics Quality Recycled Parts with 120 Day CondiĆ&#x;onal Warranty

We love Used Parts


at the juncĆ&#x;on of 150 Mile & HorseĹ&#x2021;y/Likely Rd 250-296-3343 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 8:30am - 2:00pm

MIND PATH HYPNOTHERAPY Vicky Ortiz - RDH, M.H., C.Cht CertiďŹ ed Clinical Hypnotherapist

WHO WOULD YOU BE IF YOU COULD ONLY CHANGE YOUR MIND? Weight Loss â&#x20AC;˘ Reduce Anxiety Reduce Depression Increase Self ConďŹ dence Increase Self Esteem Believe in the Power of your own mind!


Williams Lake

FOR ALL YOUR AUTO REPAIRS Serving the Cariboo since 1981

Government Inspections Shuttle Service â&#x20AC;˘ BCAA Approved STAN POGUE

Licensed Technician

Tuesday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Saturday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

A.R.S. Enterprises Ltd 1075 N. Mackenzie Ave.

Phone 250-392-3522 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 250-392-3548

Creating Advertising Solutions for YOUR Business Give me a call

Lisa Bowering 250-392-2331

250-392-2331 188 N. 1st Ave.

Publisher/Sales Manager

The Willams Lake Tribune Friday, August 31, 2012 A25

Pets & Livestock

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

Feed & Hay

Heavy Duty Machinery

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

ACT NOW!! This deal will not last. WHY PAY RENT? Put your equity into assets. 3/4+/- acres, zoned for duplex. 1995 mobile, 3 bdr. 5app., 1 1/2 bath, open kitchen plan. New: 30 yr. roof, flooring, taps. 10x24 deck, 10x14 garden shed, exc. well. Great location, close to school, bus, mine, and store etc. $149,900. Appointment to view. (250)305-4944

Older approx 2400 sqft home on approx. 1.74 acre lot in town. Central location. Great lake views. 4bdrm, 2 bath, 2 family rooms. $247,000. inquiries (250)392-1067

Hay For Sale! $22. per round bale. $20. per bale if you buy 10 or more. 4780 Beaver Valley Rd. Horsefly. (250)6200577 Horse hay Tim. Alf., small round bales, barn stored. $40. Spring House, can deliver (250)392-9706 Round bales-1st cut alfalfa orchard grass 800-900lbs. $50. each. 2nd cut alfalfa orchard grass 600lbs. $50. each. Oat alfalfa 800-900lbs. $50. each. Across Rudy Johnson bridge, 10 miles North West Fraser Rd.(250)302-9279 Earl


A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Lets You Live Life.

BOUVIER PUPS, home raised, loyal & loving. var. colors $800. Call 250-486-6773.

Misc. for Sale

Free to approved home female Alaskan Malamute, 3yrs. old, prefer out of town. (250)398-2093

Bladez treadmill used very little, like new. Paid $1200 asking $500 (250)392-7555

Merchandise for Sale

Appliances Reconditioned washer/dryer, stoves etc. 6 month guarantee. Will deliver in town. More info call Robert. 250-305-6344 days or 250-392-7064 eves.

Building Supplies MUST SELL: Form plywood and steel $1500. obo Also, cement finishing equip. for sale 250-296-4445

$100 & Under Canning jars quart size. $6.00 per dozen. Call (250)398-6643 Chrome rear step bumper for Ford pick-up 78-97, good cond. $95. (250)296-3642 Day bed with mattress. Good condition. $85.00 (250)3987776 G.E. Electric Stove for sale, good cond. $75. o.b.o. (250)392-1127. Love seat. Good condition. $80. (250)398-7776 Oak computer cabinet, exc. shape. $45. (250)296-4429

Penny Hoarders!

I roll ‘em. You keep ‘em Maybe give a wee donation to your fave charity? Any amount (250)398-6917 leave message Slightly used inversion table. $65. (250)392-5779

$200 & Under 14” youth western $200. (250)296-4429


$300 & Under

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 SHAVINGS: Clean, compressed. 2 sizes. New Cal Rabbit Farm. 250-395-3336.

Misc. Wanted Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Silver Coins etc. Available now: 250-863-3082 WANTED: Dry cants, 8x8x8ft and 9ft lengths. Dry spruce or pine. Shipped to Lac La Hache. Call for specs & pricing. 250-396-4607. Will take Super B loads. WANTED: Old lever action Winchester & Marlin rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

Sporting Goods Scuba diving gear & ski equip. Make me an offer! (250)392-6340

Real Estate 235 Acres for sale, only 10 minutes from Vanderhoof. Great building site at 10 acre pond, fenced, 45 acres cleared. $248,000. obo (250)567-3193


$100,000. LEAVE MESSAGE AT (250)398-8558.

PANORAMIC 58 Acres along West Fraser Road. 35 acres in hay. $135,000. 780-394-7088

$500 & Under

Business for Sale

Food Products Currently taking orders for Berkshire pork, by the side or whole. Ready for Xmas. (250)243-2063


Annie’ß Unique Furniture & Collectibles

CHECK OUT OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm or by appt 250-303-0698 240 Oliver St. 778-412-6643 2 Queen Matt/box/rails $350 each, $600 for both. Table and 4 chairs $200, matching Sofa and Chair $600. Take all for $1150. All furniture only 4 months old. Available 28th to 31st to take. PH 780-381-6820

Cozy 3 bdrm Log Home

at 2086 Dog Creek Rd. on 4 acres backing on crown land, minutes from town. New roof, 2 full baths and a loft.

Despite every technological advance, business cards remain an essential business tool.

Reserve your space! ORIGINAL OWNER 960 PIGEON AVENUE

Classifieds Get Results!

1565 sq.ft. 3bdr. up, 2 bath, large family room off kitchen, spacious livingroom. 1288 sq.ft. down 2bdr. suite, 16’x24’ rec room. All new: Lennox gas furnace 98% eff. h/water tank, garage door with remote opener and much more! REDUCED TO $244,900. O.B.O. (250)392-3761

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale



• 1x2 Bordered Ad in the classi¿eds. • With or without a photo. • 3 times a week for 4 weeks. (NO AGENTS)

Asking $325,000. Phone: (250)398-9118

188 North 1st Ave. 250-392-2331 Fax 250-392-7253

McLeese Lake 5-6 bdr. 2 1/2 bath home built in 2000 on 3.74 ac. on Enright Rd. near McLeese Lake. Large trees, spacious yard, drilled well, garden, raspberries, greenhouse, 30’x30’ new shop, tack shed, guest house and other outbldgs., fenced for horses. $276,000. Phone (250)297-6569.


ZED-TECH ELECTRIC Commercial/Residential Licenced Electrician specializing in • service upgrades • renovations • power to outbuildings Joe Zombori Call for your free estimate Cell: 250-267-4868 • Phone: 250-392-7443

OPEN YEAR ROUND Monday to Thursday 9 am to 3 pm

No Appointments Necessary Walk-Ins Welcome Certified e-file agent OPEN Fast drop-off service YEAR ROUND Mobile tax service Free basic high school tax returns Audit assistance included Farm, rental, business & corporate returns

Open Houses

Why Rent When You Can Own? Priced To Sell

DEBBIE SELAND 30 years experience

Phone 250-392-6502 • Fax 250-392-6562 • Email 118E N. 1st Avenue, Williams Lake

RSewing &R Center


• service & repairs • notions • gift certificates

#7-423 Elliott St (beside JD Meats) Quesnel, BC •


Inner Balance

We�lness Studio & Spa JENNIFER KOPP, CNHP

250-267-2242 Holistic Massage Spa

256 Westridge Drive

Business for Sale

CANADA BREAD FRANCHISE FOR SALE IN WILLIAMS LAKE Locally owned business for sale with lots of potential. Contract with Walmart, Save On Foods, Safeway, A&W and Dairy Queen. We deliver to other restaurants and smaller stores. $110,000 includes delivery truck. Class 5 licence required. Canada Bread will help finance the right candidate. Contact Jeremy Phelps at or call 1-250-320-0957.

Farm Equipment

Open Houses

Call one of our Tribune advertising consultants today!

• sergers • sewing • embroidery • quilting machines

Acreage for Sale

15” western saddle great condition. $300. (250)296-4429 52” round pine table, pedestal base, 2 drop leaves, 4 chairs, like new. $300. (250)392-1127

5h.p. hydraulic wood splitter. $500. o.b.o. (250)398-6655 Couch, chair, ottoman, coffee table & loveseat, like new. $475. (250)392-7588

CHIMNEY Lake Waterfront. 3BR 2 full bath. Professionally appraised at $540,000. 1/2 acre includes 1718 sq. foot home and 750 sq. foot log cabin, both COMPLETELY renovated in the last year. Certified geo-thermal heating with legal lake loop as well as a wood burning fireplace insert. All new windows and doors, new appliances, hardwood floor and all new plumbing and electrical fixtures. New water well with over 30 gpm of water. Water softener and reverse osmosis. Large duradeck sundeck facing the lake. See “Chimney Lake Waterfront” on Craigslist (cariboo) and Kijiji (prince george). Serious enquiries only (250) 3056627

Here’s my Card!

1168 Mackenzie Avenue Saturday, Sept. 1st • 11am - 1pm

Local Dairy/Ice Cream Route

Open Houses

Open to options Driver/Partnership Williams Lake/100 Mile House 4 days a week. Will train. Serious inquiries only. Call Linda 250-398-0713

Farm Equipment

FALL IS COMING! Stock up on our

16 - 302 Broadway Avenue Saturday, Sept. 1st • 2pm - 4pm Call me about this property or any of your real estate needs!

PREMIUM SCREENED TOP SOIL 14 yards delivered

Bobby Lloyd, MBA Licenced Realtor



For Sale or Partner


250-267-3657 %

R Realty Ltd.

NOW OPEN! Open Monday to Friday 9 to 5 Free consultations and flexible hours to suit client’s needs. Stop in at 271 Oliver Street, Delainey’s Center Mall or call 778-412-2863. Everyone has an expression that makes them individual... Its how you choose to express it that makes you unique. - Danarae Latin


Friday, August 31, 2012 The Willams Lake Tribune

Real Estate





For Sale By Owner

Apt/Condo for Rent

Mobile Homes & Pads

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

Boitanio Villa SUNRIDGE GARDENS CORNER UNIT Bright, modern 3bdr., 2.5 bath condo main level entry! Enjoy affordable low maintenance living! More info @ ID # 405559995 Asking $224,900. Call (250)267-5264 or (250) 267-5268 To View

TIRED OF STAIRS?? 3036 Ferguson Road 1840 sq. ft. one level rancher, completely renovated & updated to a very high standard. Sitting on 3.03 acres it has attached dbl. garage + a 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-0â&#x20AC;? x 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-0â&#x20AC;? detached heated hobby shop and more. 10 min. of highway driving from Williams Lake, the best of city living in quiet rural setting. More pictures avail. at ID404780386. Priced to sell at $377,000. Phone (250)296-4220 to book a viewing.

WATERFRONT 3 ACRES 200 feet of waterfront, 2 storey Log House, Docks, 8 miles of lake, All furnishings stay, 4000 watt power plant,new solar power snow blower, 1994 GMC truck. For sale by owner (No real estate please) pseudonym W I A Jaxon Phone (250) 297-4766.

Houses For Sale Lakeview Home, 3bdrm 2 story in Lac La Hache. Currently rented, newer roof, windows, siding. New stairs and deck $210,000. (250)459-2073

RV Sites AVORADO RESORT. Beautiful waterfront RV Resort. New Sites For Sale ($63,900). All season, full amenities, clubhouse & beach access. Co-op Resort w/Lifetime Ownership! Call 250-228-3586.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

Independent Living Suites One bedroom available. 55+, Quiet, Pet Friendly With a safe and secure environment. Appliances included. Laundry facilities. To view call Laurette at 250-305-3318. Williams Lake Seniors Village

THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! 1 - 2 bdrm apt F/S Dishwasher and A/C in most units. Quiet Good references only. Ask about our incentives. Call Frank 250-305-1155 pics at

275 Clearview Crescent Clean, quiet place to live. 1 & 2 bedroom units available.

250-392-6450 1&2 bdrm apartments available immediately. Incentives granted for long term tenants. (250)305-4972 1&2 bdrm apts located in quiet clean apartment building next to all levels of schools. (250)302-9108 2 bdrm apartment, South Lakeside area, no pets. (250)392-5074. Clean, lakeview, 2bdr. apart. $500/mo. util. incl., n/s, quiet working person preferred, f/s, n/p. r/r (250)398-7361

Apartment Furnished 1bdrm fully furnished unit, excellent condition and in a secure professional building. (250)302-9934

Commercial/ Industrial Commercial Spaces for lease at 150 Mile Center Mall, 530 sq. ft and 730 sq. ft. Call Dianne at (250)296-4515 for more info.

Duplex / 4 Plex 3bdrm, 2bath suite enclosed garage. $900/mo.+util. Adults preferred, avail. October. 1st, n/s n/p r/r (250)296-3359 Beautiful spacious 2bd suite in 4-Plex, (604)767-1600



Big Lake Community Hall Lakeshore setting, fully equipped kitchen, reasonable rates Weddings, Private Parties, etc.

250-243-0024 Misc for Rent 2-85 S 3rd Ave


References Required Executive basement suite, 1500 sq ft, 150 Mile, 2 bedroom + ofďŹ ce, NO PETS $1500 utilities included

1989 Oldsmobile Delta Royale P/W, P/L, V6 Runs great. $800. OBO (250)305-2338

4 bd. home available Sept. 15, $950/month plus utilities, Close to high school and downtown, W/D, N/P, R/R. Please contact Mary or Florence (250)398-6831. In Likely Modern year round 1bdr. cottage, furnished, rent incl. util. + satellite, avail. imd. $595/mo. (250)790-2226 Lovely 3bdr. condo 5appl. $900/mo. walking distance to TRU. (250)392-4086

1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

4 door sedan, 128,000 original kilometers, not a rebuilt, lady driven, auto, color teal, mint condition, child safety locks, new spark plugs, cables, alternator and more. $1,600. o.b.o. Phone (778)412-3456 W.L.

1999 Subaru Legacy Limited 178,000kms 2 sets of new tires, fully loaded, rebuilt engine, 5 spd. $2,700. (250)296-3696

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Wanted reliable roommate, nice clean mobile, working or student, shared amenities, fully furnished $400/mo. (250)296-3077

CertiďŹ ed General Accountant #202-525 Borland St Williams Lake, BC V2G 1R9

Helping business owners manage cash ďŹ&#x201A;ow, enhance value, and minimize tax. Visit our web site at Call us today at 250-398-2239

That job you wish someone else would do! Lawncare, Landscaping, Painting, Siding, Gardening, Irrigation, Pruning, Repairs, Garbage Removal etc. Also Artistic Design.

Mike Yochmans 250-398-0010 778-412-2116 Quality Work Guaranteed! Your Happiness is Important to Us!




Leftovers from your Garage Sale?

Pioneer Complex, 351 Hodgson Rd

Please consider donating your soft goods to Big Brothers & Big Sisters Recycling Program

250-392-4777 or 250-305-5251

Suites, Lower 1 bdrm bachelor suite, downtown, includes all amenties. (250)305-4970. 1bdr. suite $550/mo. 1 person $650/mo. 2 persons heat & light included n/s, n/p, r/r. (250) 305-6045. 1 or 2 bdrm. Daylight suite, avail. immed. n/s, n/p. Close to schools & TRU. (250)3988111 or (250)303-1546 cell or (250)305-8471 Lg bright 2bdrm bsmt suite, furnished or unfurnished. $800/mo +util. (778)412-4207 or (250)267-8589 cell Renovated 1bdrm bsmt suite. Close to schools. $550/mo incl util. (250)305-1213 Waterfront at Lac La Hache. 1bdr. new walk-out bsmt suite, 55+ n/s, n/p, all new app., private patio, util. incl. ref/req. (250)398-6872 for appoint.

Townhouses 2 & 3 bdrm townhouses avail immed. Located near all levels of schools & university. (250)302-9934.

Want to Rent WANTED to rent. Couple of seniors looking for long term rental. Within 15 min. drive of Williams Lake. 2-3 bdrm house or mobile with shop or garage for storage.Reasonable rent. 1-250-747-3224

Cars - Domestic

We rent by the day, week or month

located at Grassland Equipment


Shared Accommodation

GlenBar Rentals


Call one of our Tribune advertising consultants today!

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your Key Ingredient for... ...Business Health & Successâ&#x20AC;?

2 bdrm. house with F/S included. Please call (250)392-7617.


â&#x20AC;˘ New Holland Skid Steer Loader â&#x20AC;˘ New Holland 4WD Backhoe Ext â&#x20AC;˘ Post Pounder â&#x20AC;˘ Farm Tractors

1999 Ford Taurus SE V6-182 3.0L OHV Automatic 101,764 km, AC, power everything, 4 summer & winter tires all on rims, $1000 maintenance put in Dec 2011, all service records from 40,00km. call or text (250)303-2371 $4750 OBO

Homes for Rent

Call Marilyn Martin

250-392-2253 â&#x20AC;˘ 250-855-7127 (Cell)

Reserve your space!

4bdr. mobile, addition, in town, f/s, n/p. $750/mo. Avail. Sept. 1st (250)392-7617

BOITANIO PLACE APARTMENTS 1 & 2 bedroom suites. Most desirable apartments for seniors. Clean and quiet. Next to Boitanio Park behind Boitanio Mall. Suite comes with heat, hot water, elevator, patio or balcony, fridge, stove, dishwasher & cable. Laundry facility on site, no pets.

Despite every technological advance, business cards remain an essential business tool.

2bdrm mobile on working ranch, Spring House, seniors preferred. Exc rent for work, horse ok. (250)392-9706

To view call 392-2997

Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my Card!

1982 Lincoln Continental One owner Runs good. $900. (250)305-9191

Purple bins are located at:


Thank you for your support For further information 250-398-8391

Fri. Aug.31st, Sat. Sept. 1st, Sun. Sept. 2nd 9am-2pm 1280 Dixon Road Hwy.97 @ Fox Mt. Turnoff Another Family Has Joined! Much more inventory! Comp. desk, household goods, clothing for whole family, boots & shoes, hockey equip., tires, cdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, dvdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, vhs & cassettes. Too Much To Mention!

Garage Sale 3245 HorseďŹ&#x201A;y Rd. Sept 1st & 2nd 9 am -4 pm Too much to list Everything must go! Garage Sale/Moving Sale Saturday, Sept. 1st & Sunday Sept. 2nd 9a.m.- 4p.m. 1011 Hubble Road Furn., power tools, kids stuff, studded tires, closet doors, and more. PRICES AS MARKED!!!

Moving Sale Sat. Sept. 1 & Sun. Sept 2 at 9am 1290 Chimney Valley Rd. (1km off Dog Creek towards school.)

18ft Larsen boat with skis, knee board, tube, fish finder. 4.3 6cyl, 190hp. Dodge diesel truck, camper, small 8ft fiberglass boat, tools, misc 4-H grooming supplies and feeders, halters, lead ropes, sheep grooming stand, air tight wood stove, natural gas space heater, equestrian stuff and lots more.

Multi Family Garage Sale Sat, Sept. 1 & Sun, Sept. 2 9am - 1pm 1135 Midnight Dr. Household goods, electronics, DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, games, clothes, Beatles Rock Band (PS3) and lots more.

Saturday Sept. 1st 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 1112 North 2nd Avenue Bakugan Pokemon, Hotwheels, Club Penguin, Spiderman books, & videos. and much more!! Saturday Sept. 1st, Sunday Sept. 2nd, & Monday Sept. 3rd 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

2528 Chimney Lk. Rd. 50hp outboard motor, saddle tack & harness, furniture, lots of kids toys and more!!

YARD SALE Sept. 1, 2 & 3 8am - Noon 2232 Doyle Road (Rose Lake Area)

Garage Sale Saturday, Sept. 1st 9am - ??? #5 Windmill Crescent A little bit of everything!

Until there's a cure, there's us.

Williams Lake Seniors Village 1455 Western Avenue Williams Lake, BC V2G 5N1

Call for a tour today! D. 250.305.3318 C. 250.303.1400

Laurette Vike Marketing Coordinator

RCM CONTRACTING No Job Too Big or Small

Landclearing â&#x20AC;˘ Fencing â&#x20AC;˘ Snow Removal Site and Road Developing â&#x20AC;˘ Ditching Firewood â&#x20AC;˘ Landscaping â&#x20AC;˘ Driveways


Randy 250-296-4724 / Chris 250-296-3636 Marvin 250-296-0128

MIKE AUSTIN 'JOBODJBM"EWJTPS Raymond James Ltd. Independent Financial Services Suite 201-366 Yorston Street Williams Lake, B.C. 5t' $FMMt5' Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

Consistent Advertising = Familiarity = Trust = Customers You can trust me with your advertising.

Lori Macala

Advertising Consultant

188 North First Avenue Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Y8 Bus: 250-392-2331 Fax: 250-392-7253

The Willams Lake Tribune Friday, August 31, 2012 A27







Cars - Domestic




Trucks & Vans

Trucks & Vans


Boat Accessories 3-2 stroke outboard motors (4.5, 5.5 & 6hp), 2007 Polaris 800 X2 Approx 500 miles. (250)398-5111 (250)303-2500.

Boats 2000 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 2 door Coupe V6 - 4sp Auto, 215k Fire Red Metallic Sunroof, Power Windows, Spoiler. New battery, starter, comes with 6 extra tires (4 near new winters) Asking $3200. (250)392-4740

1992 Titan

2009 CRF 450R Wiesco piston, K&N filter, new rims, CV4 hose kit, pleated seat with bump, T-4 pro circuit exhaust, polished swing arm, power Commander 3, great shape.

$5,500. (250)398-6714

Off Road Vehicles

1994 26â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Custom Koach Queen bed, full bathroom, back kitchen. Good condition. $8,100. obo Phone: (250)392-4949

2008 Civic EXL

Black, 2 door, sunroof, 33,000 kms, auto, fully loaded, leather, factory subwoofer, ext. warranty , remote starter handsfree.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;88 FIREBIRD 8cyl., T-Roof, auto, one owner (Lady), excellent condition, 42,000km. $8,000. o.b.o. Phone (250)593-4606 Bridge Lake, B.C.

Cars - Sports & Imports

1990 Honda Civic 4 door, Auto, 118,000 kms, includes studded winter tires on rims, Grandmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car, Excellent condition. $1500. obo (250)392-4423

2006 Honda Civic. Great condition. 4 door, manual trans. $9500. (250)267-3334

Motorcycles 2008 Yamaha Roadstar Midnight Silverado 1700cc. Belt drive, V-Twin. Many extras. 29,000 kl. Excellent shape. Asking $8,900. Call 250-3056609 2010 Honda dirt bike, 80cc. Asking $1,400. o.b.o. (250) 620-0577

1998 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 Off Road

Red, 5.7 litre engine, with remote start and trailer tow brake controller, 220,668km.

$5,500. o.b.o. Phone (250)267-8273

2005 Nissan Frontier 4X4, 4 door, loaded, leather, sunroof, tonneau, running boards, tow pkg, 126,000kms, heated seats, A/C, CD player, roll bars. $16,500. (250)398-6315

1995 26.55 Bayliner-Cierra. 5.7 Mercury inboard/outboard. Comes with 9.9 Mariner and steering arm. GPS/depth sounder, elec. down rigger, dual battery system, anchor and much more. Shorelander galvanized tandem trailer. $24,500 OBO. 250-2676001

Sport Utility Vehicle


Please call (250)398-0375 or (250)398-7958

36ft. 2 slides 8.1L GM with Banks power conversion, loaded with extras, incl. dual air, gen., 4dr. fridge, w/d, camera, jacks, and more. Only 38,000 miles. Very Clean! NADA Guides prices this unit at $54,000. Yours For Only $44,000.! (250)392-9610

46,015kms, stove, 8 cuft Fridge, Convection microwave, furnace, awning, TV antenna, Honda generator, A/C & heat strip. (250)392-5003

2004 Honda 350 ATV 4 wheel drive, c/w winch and snowblade. $3500. (250)392-3691

$13,500 O.B.O

Fleetwood 2003 Bounder

32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Class A Motorhome

1980 Vanguard Camper 9 1/2 ft. with fridge, stove, hot water, shower and toilet. Roof resealed this year. $2250. (250)303-1706

1993 Nissan Pathfinder runs great, studded winter tires. Great cond., great winter vehicle $1,000. obo (250)989-1366 or 1(250)374-5533.

Trucks & Vans

1989 GMC 3/4 Ton 2 Wheeldrive, V6, 5 speed Runs Great. $800. OBO (250)305-2338

1994 Nash 19â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Travel Trailer Very Good Condition New Battery, Hitch, Full Bath, Large Fridge, Microwave, 4 Burner Stove w/ oven, Sleeps 6, New tires. Reduced $7300

1983 VANGUARD MOTORHOME 18ft., low kms, very clean, awning & boat rack. Needs Nothing!! $5,500. Phone (250)392-5095

1999 Ford F150 4x4, 4.6L motor good running cond. $4,000. o.b.o. Phone (250)305-2246 Before Noon Is Best.


2007 GMC Crewcab 5.3L, 4x4, Z71 Off-road pkg, 126,000 kms, remote start, spray in box liner, includes studded winter tires. $24,000. (250)392-3691

Legal Notices Warehouse Lien Act

Utility Trailers 2003 Toyota Tundra Limited edition fully loaded $9,000. (250)305-9191

Pick up box utility trailer w/boat rack and storage box. Can be viewed at Beaver Valley Feeds.$600 250-392-3036

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

Take notice that the following storage locker contents will be disposed of to satisfy the indebtedness of the following person: Jody Stroud $329.40 and the cost of this ad if we do not hear from you by September 10, 2012. Chapparel Mini Storage 250-392-3261

(will consider reasonable offers)


1991 Chev Blazer 4.3L, Auto, 4 Door, 2 Wheel Drive, 155,000kms, One owner, Garage kept, Immaculate condition! $4,400.00 (250)392-6192

1996 9.6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Bigfoot Camper Queen bed, stove with oven, furnace, bathroom. $7,500. obo Phone: (250)392-4949

1984 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Motorhome Diesel Mechanics are good! Interior clean & updated. Road ready! $9,400.00 (250)392-5095 1995 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Frontier camper, 2way fridge, toilet, furnace. All works. Fits 1/2 ton short or longbox. Needs some woodwork. First $1000. takes it. At 150 Mile (250)855-9001. 2001 Golden Falcon 5th wheel 28RKS, hardwall, large slide. $16,000. 3034 McKenzie Ave. Williams Lake (250)3985013 or (250)398-0150

Sell your vehicle in the Tribune ClassiďŹ eds 3 times a week for 1 month

Sweet Deal! Like New 1992 Ford Explorer 4x4, in very good condition. Loaded, has new battery, tune up, new ball joints, good brakes, new brake lines. Asking: $2,500. Ph: (250)398-9396

Galaxie 8 ft. Older Camper Very good condition, everything works, very clean. $1,000. o.b.o. Call John at (250) 398-0154

Recreational/Sale Ducted Roof Air Conditioner Thermal Pane Windows Heated & Enclosed Tanks Electric Front Landing Gear Two (2) Slide-Out Rooms Manual Patio Awning Porcelain Toilet Free Standing Table & Chairs




plus HST

4 wheel drive, low kms. Great Price Call 555-555-1515

Just bring in or e-mail your picture

1 column x 2â&#x20AC;? ad

Private party ads only (non-commercial) under cars, trucks, SUVs or vans.

after 4 p.m.


2007 Cougar 29RLS 5th Wheel


Sale $24,995 was $31,995 Payments $310/mon or $145/bwkly

Mike Weber

188 N. 1st Ave. Williams Lake


3057 Highway 97, 150 Mile House | 250 296 4411 | | Jeff McClusky DL#6146

HOW TO REACH US... 250-392-2331

s2ECEPTION 250-392-2331





Friday, August 31, 2012 Williams Lake Weekend


GOING BACK! 19 N 1ST AVE. • 2250-392-5923 • NYC83 Family Character (B) or Pixie (G)




High (M)




reg up to 69.99

Choose hoose from

reg 119.99

reg 49.99

Baby Tees

SLM (F/)



T-SHIRTS $ 99 2 for





49 $ 99 39


reg 109.99

reg 64.99


reg up to 39.98

reg up to 37.98

Save 50% on nylon backpacks, lunch



reg 54.99

19 24

Girls (size 8-16)

Vulc (M)


$ 99 $ 99 2 for

Preschool (size 4-7) 2 for

bags, socks & belts be

reg 109.99

Low (F)



Rebound Hi





reg 89.99




reg 64.99

reg 89.99

This is just some of the colours we offer

Mastiff (M/F)




reg 99.99

Diagonal al

Save 40%

$ Court Graffik SE



69 $ 99 44


reg 84.99


reg 54.99

We offer over a dozen different colours





reg 99.99


reg 119.99

Militia Snow (M)


Havoc (M)

Zip Hoodies

Also available in a boot


11999 reg 129.99

Squadron (M) Enduro Heir (M)



reg 47 - 54.99

Available in kids sizes 4-16

Purchase any sweatshirt* and receive a

Pure (M)


6499 reg 74.99

Spartan Hi





reg 99.99





reg 64.99


FREE matching T-shirt

Adora (F)




reg 94.99

Aces High (M/F)

$ 99 (M) $ 99

119 99


reg 119 - 129.99

**regular priced sweatshirt

Up to a $40 value Save 30% & Up T Star Zip Hoody or Pullover




reg 47 - 54.99

Available in kids sizes 4-16, Mens & Womens





reg 65.99


reg 59.99

Breakwater (M/B) • #1 seller



reg 47 to 54.99

Skinny Slides (F/G) • #1 seller

$ $ Girls

499999 44


reg 79.99 reg 53.99

All Season 4 Packs • Choose Cho from crew, ankle, no show

SSave 40%

$ 99 - $ 99

11 14 rreg. 19.99-24.99

Suspension Socks

$ 99

4 for


reg 15.99

SSave 40%

Williams Lake Tribune, August 31, 2012  

August 31, 2012 edition of the Williams Lake Tribune

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