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“I wish I co could ould st still ill see the worldd the way I did d whe when en I was five.” — Mark Ashfield

Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more swoop into town to help sick children


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Second thoughts on HST

Safety behind the wheel fatal collision between a tour bus and pedestrian in downtown Victoria earlier this month prompted calls to Monday from several readers questioning the distractions bus drivers face in having to be a tour guide and DANIELLE bus operator in one. POPE ICBC announced Tuesday, news@ Aug. 28, that distracted ing is now the third leading cause of car crash fatalities in B.C. Despite the new cell laws for motorists, however, Stephanie Melvin, deputy superintendent of the Ministry of Justice, says there are some handheld electronics that have complete exemptions under the distracted driving regulations: these include mobile data terminals and two-way radios licensed through Industry Canada that can used specifically by bus and taxi drivers. “We are monitoring the effectiveness of our legislation and we will look at making changes if needed, as new technologies are introduced,” says Melvin. “People need to think twice about any behaviour they engage in that takes their eyes off the road when they are driving.” According to Melvin, a bus driver may also use a hand-held microphone if the device is within easy reach of the driver’s seat, is not actually held in the hand and is securely fixed to the motor vehicle or worn securely on the driver’s body in a manner that does not obstruct the view — but the device must remain hands-free. Melvin did not comment on the distractions operating this type of electronics could cause, but did say the same safety applies to everyone. “The priority for every motorist, while driving, is to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Cell phones and other electronic devices are only part of the greater problem of distracted driving in general,” says Melvin. Glen Christie, Victoria division manager of Horizon Coach Lines, told Monday that although Horizon’s drivers do perform the commentary of the tour at the same time as driving the bus, the driver at the time of the deadly collision on Aug. 13 was not. Christie said he would not comment at this time on whether or not he believes giving commentary distracts the drivers. Horizon is just one of many bus companies that have been forced to amalgamate drivers’ duties with that of a tour guide due to a strained economy and industry cutbacks. Yet, despite the change in laws, bus drivers are caught in a grey area between distraction and necessity. Big Bus Victoria Sightseeing Tour company uses another approach. While drivers do have audio devices that allow them to offer limited commentary, 99 per cent of the company’s tours are played through pre-recorded tapes. This move, which was instated six years ago when the company began, allows for maximum safe-

s we arrive at the one-year anniversary of the B.C. HST referendum, it’s interesting to hear that small business owners who voted in favour of a return to the PST/GST system are beginning to have second thoughts. Admittedly, most businessesmen and women voted to keep the HST (especially when it was going to be lowered to 10 per cent from its current 12), but according to a recent survey by Sage North America nearly GRANT 20 per cent of respondents who voted to extinguish MCKENZIE the combined tax said that, if the referendum was to take place today, they would change their vote. editor@ Their main concerns are: increased paperwork thanks to the reversal of policy (75 per cent), expected negative impact on the economy (62.5 per cent) and the amount of personal time needed to make the switch (58.9 per cent). The survey also asked what kind of impact they think their company will experience due to the switch (expected by March 2013), and nearly 58 per cent of respondents believe they will experience a negative impact, while 17 per cent believe there will be a positive impact. Overall, 45 per cent of respondents believe they will be a “loser” after the switch in 2013, compared to the 15 per cent who believe they will be a “winner.” In short, change is a pain in the ass. And when you make a change, adjust to a change, and then revert back to a previous state, it sucks even more. But there is still one very positive outcome to this whole debacle: accountants and bookkeepers will become so busy that they’ll be able to keep our economy afloat by being the only ones able to afford new cars, homes, gold pocket protectors and diamond-encrusted calculators. Pity that I’m a word geek rather than a math whiz. M




While police wait on charges for the driver of the Horizon tour bus that killed a woman on Aug. 13, Monday looks at the distractions bus drivers face.

PHOTO CONTEST - FINAL WEEK - 20+ PRIZES ty and keeps the drivers’ eyes on the road, according to company director of marketing Colleen Irwin. “It’s far safer for our drivers when they can just concentrate on driving and don’t have to be looking around for bikes and pedestrians, at the same time as memorizing what line to say here and what site to prompt certain facts there,” says Irwin, adding that Big Bus is the only tour bus company in Victoria that uses a recording for tours. “You have to pay such close attention during tourist season, and safety is a main priority for us.” Cruise Victoria Services (CVS) manager Gary Gale says that his bus company has never seen an issue of distraction caused by commentary. However, he states that all drivers are given headsets and mandatory annual training. “Most of our drivers commentate and drive at the same time, but there are an awful lot of things a driver has to be aware of out there, especially in this city where we have so many pedestrians,” says Gale. “Being a bus driver with 56-some-odd passengers is a lot of responsibility … If anyone is not attentive, everyone is put at risk.” Gale says the August accident has already affected the tour bus industry in Victoria and “has set everyone back.” Both Horizon and BC Transit, for example, are no longer allowing buses to make turns at the busy Humboldt-Douglas intersection where 27-year-old Yuka Imaizumi was killed. “Our hearts go out to everyone involved there, including the driver,” says Gale. “It takes a lot for a driver to get behind the wheel again after something like that.” M

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NOTE TO SELF: TAKE SMOKE BREAK AFTER We have to laugh at the thief who was discovered when a resident came home to find the man smoking on his front porch and saw the door was damaged. Police caught the guy, and linked him to 13 smarter offences.

IT’S ALWAYS THE GOOD ONES THAT GO We confess we are devastated to see Victoria's first female NDP MP Denise Savoie stepping down after her six-year reign over the city, and all the more to hear it’s due to a “health warning.”

YOU NEED MORE THAN HOPE TO FLOAT It’s disappointing the province has to remind us to show “greater caution” around bodies of water, as the water-related death toll increased by 50 per cent from last year to 34 B.C. deaths. Please take a trip to Floaties-R-Us.


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CITY SOMETHING The Hives lay down the law


MUSIC Time to get Eurosmashed!


MUSIC Island all-star rocks Blues Bash


BOOKS Angel With A Bullet, Part 3 of 4


FILM & LIBATION Chase scenes play well, and Premium Rush lays on a doozy






Batman (Serge Yager) peers over downtown Victoria in his quest to help the Superheroes of Victoria bring smiles to children's faces — and to see if he needs to kick some criminal butt, too.


Our team of reviewers, armed only with a Fringe Super Pass, fought its way through the excited crowds to watch the best and worst of 2012’s crop of weird and wonderful new shows. The results begin on Page 11.

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Aug. 23-29 I would like to clarify a few points. First, I acted independently

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in ďŹ ling the Freedom of Information request with Esquimalt. I ďŹ led the request because I believe in transparency and accountability. To imply that the request was submitted to beneďŹ t my employer is simply wrong. Secrecy hinders good governance and this is why all citizens have the right to request information using FOI legislation. Second, I don’t support the retention of non-hit data from Automatic License Plate Recognition surveillance cameras in B.C. My personal view is that storing random data is not a useful investigative technique for law enforcement. It is also a civil liberties issue and so I look forward to seeing the results of the ALPR investigation by the OfďŹ ce of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. DAVID BRATZER, VICTORIA

Pine beetle claims refuted Re: Kieran Report, Aug. 23-29 In his attempt to blame the NDP government of the 1990s for the pine beetle epidemic in B.C.'s forests, Brian Kieran claims that the "infestation was ďŹ rst detected in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and could have been contained there if forest companies had been

magic teeth

permitted to go into the park and selectively log infested areas� — an argument that has been roundly refuted by everyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of the issue. Even the Liberal government acknowledges that while there was a beetle infestation at Tweedsmuir, there were concurrent infestations throughout the Interior, from the Kootenays and the Chilcotin to the Central Interior. The same government scientists point out that the biggest culprit in the spread of the beetle was lack of cold winters. In other words, even clear-cutting the park — which was being advocated by some — would have had no actual impact on the overall pine beetle outbreak. Unfortunately, the ultimate response in the face of the unstoppable outbreak was to allow the forests to degrade. Rather than be up front about the state of the forests, the B.C. Liberals stopped doing forest inventories and drastically reduced the amount of treeplant-

gareth gaudin

ing and silviculture work necessary for long-term forest sustainability. Only by investing in the natural infrastructure can we ensure the stability of the industry. Doing so will require us to start from a factual, scientiďŹ c basis — not disproved arguments placing blame where none exists. NORM MACDONALD, NDP MLA, B.C. FORESTRY CRITIC

Where are the heroes? I'm writing to you because I'm afraid and I can't call 9-1-1. Not because I live on Mason Street, so close to all the "crazies" and "junkies" Victorians refer to when I tell them I live here, but because I'm afraid of getting killed by the manic cops that are sup-

posed to protect me from harm. I'm tired of walking home at night, legally crossing a street in a designated cross-walk, white man glowing, and leaping back when a cop rips through, gunning his engine, red and blues turned off. I'm afraid of biking down one of Victoria's many one-way streets and smacking into a police SUV while they drive up the opposite and WRONG WAY without so much as headlights. I'm saddened and angered by all the violence I keep reading and hearing about. Where are the protectors our tax dollars pay to provide? Where are the heroes our hope holds out for? When did policing become power-tripping? MIRANDA HARVEY VICTORIA

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STREET SMARTS What superhero is Victoria in need of?


Look north for true cost of pipeline ere in Greater Victoria, the Enbridge pipeline and oil tanker drama is unfolding on the six o’clock news as a battle between the Liberal government desperate for a whiff of voter traction and the opportunist New Democrats spoiling for a constitutional

H bkieran@

dust up. That’s a shame because the real story about Enbridge and its companion oil tankers brimming with gooey bitumen is unfolding in very human terms in remote settlements like Hartley Bay, 700 kilometres north of here. This past week I got a glimpse at that reality from the most unlikely source, a 23-year-old mechanical engineer, Chris Hinkley, who has just kayaked from his home in Juneau, Alaska to Chemainus. Hinkley is one of 12 Juneau adventurers who have embarked on a 14,000 kilometre expedition to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. In Chemainus this week, they will trade their kayaks for bicycles and start stage two of their odyssey.

ists out to document the pipeline fight, but we encountered so much passion ... we realized this is an issue we have to talk about.” “Hartley Bay is a place where stories matter, where children know how to smoke fish and love the taste of oolichan oil. This is a place where roads are made from wooden planks and grocery stores do not exist. Whether time here is spent filleting fish or harvesting seaweed, an appreciation is born in the process,” the kayaker said. “I believe that somewhere deep in every human lies a craving to connect to the natural world. Hartley Bay embodies this connection. Its residents respect the resources that sustain their lives.” Back here, the urban debate unfolds in a political context. Premier Christy Clark wants B.C. to secure its entitled share of the oil spoils to compensate for our ecoinconvenience. NDP Leader Adrian Dix wants to one up Clark and arm wrestle with Prime Minister Stephen Harper over environmental sovereignty. As Chris cycles off to Argentina, he leaves us with this: “As we continue our journey south, Cameron’s thoughts will continue to resonate with me. He told us: ‘There is no other way to say it — if the pipeline goes through, our way of life is dead.’” M


ADAM WEST, Victoria

Prideman, all covered in rainbows. Yeah — I could get behind Prideman. GREG MEDHURST, Victoria

I think we really need Aquaman, to protect our oceans! AMANDA CROSBIE, Victoria

Batman. Always go with Batman. JARED ROBERTS, Victoria If you have a question for Street Smarts, contact

City always in a rush to go nowhere nyone who pays the least bit of attention to news here in the City of Gardens is painfully aware that the Johnson Street Bridge replacement has had its fair share of problems. Almost nothing the City of Victoria has gambled on has come out in its favour — opposition has been fierce, we’ve lost and gained the capacSIMON ity for rail access more times than anyone NATTRASS cares to keep track of, and the project’s snattrass@ nebulous budget has continued to rise spite both scope and design being significantly scaled back. Worst of all, no matter what the city has done, it just can’t seem to keep up with the breakneck pace required to keep the Blue Bridge replacement from descending into chaos. When the replacement was first proposed, we just didn’t have enough time for anything but an Alternative Approval Process. After the public wasted all that time forcing a referendum, we had to make up for lost ground and jump on a design decision before it was too late. Every


wasted minute is a wasted dollar, and every doubt we indulge is bound to take up valuable time. “It always seems to be that staff say we have no time when they’re trying to jam council to do something,” says long-time opponent Ross Crockford. “Staff can take as much time as they want, it’s when staff want to put council on the spot to make a decision, that’s when they say we have no time.” “This has been the pattern,” says Crockford, pointing to the recent approval of a staggering $15.8-million budget, when council was given only three days between receiving the budget report and approving the increase. “How are they supposed to get any kind of information in three days?” Doing our best to avoid vicious speculation, with time clearly a precious commodity, we are forced to wonder why — after $11.33 million spent and nearly a year past the project’s original completion date — the city is still sitting on half of the original bridge. As the more time-sensitive elements of the Johnson Street Bridge replacement become increasingly irrelevant in the face of secure funding and grudging public acceptance, perhaps the city can pause in its blind rush to keep up while there’s still time to change course. M

THE POLL Do you support a Kitimat plant to refine oil? Yes - refine our oil in Canada

36% 63%

No - it's an evironmental catastrophe

0% Maybe - it's better than shipping bitumen

Total Votes: 44

To participate in next week’s poll, go to


Chris and I met up in Oyster River where he told me that his visit to Hartley Bay galvanized his thinking about pipelines and oil tankers. The village of 200 souls is located at the mouth of Douglas Channel about 80 kilometres southwest of Kitimat. It is home to the Gitga’at, “the People of the Cane.” When Chris and his kayaking compatriots arrived in Hartley Bay, they were met at the dock by children wearing “Say No To Tankers” sweatshirts that portrayed oil spilling from the hull of a super tanker and transforming into tears flowing over a broad native face. The Juneau adventurers were welcomed with a feast of halibut, herring eggs, and Dungeness crab. They picked blueberries with the kids and met Gitga’at councillor Cameron Hill while he was preparing a fresh sockeye salmon for the smoke house. Hill was eager to share his thoughts. “We are not going to sit back and watch our territories be mismanaged anymore, we are going to fight for what we have left,” he told the expedition camera crew. Chris said the underlying focus of the trip is documenting the rich connections between people and their places all down the Pacific Coast. “We are not a group of environmental-

I would say we need Batman, because my name is Adam West.

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An edible guide to hiking OFF THE FRONT > FEATURE reat news for nature lovers: now you can eat your surroundings with confidence. An edible guide to the indigenous plants of our area has just been released, compliments of Victoria’s Feasting for Change group. The collective has created 65 easy-to-read index cards which detail edible and medicinal native plants familiar to the Indigenous Nations of Southern Vancouver Island. From Camas to Grand Fir, each card features photos of the plant, along with details for identification, various uses for the flora and a highlight of three Indigenous languages surrounding it. A legend also defines seasons the plant can be harvested, and uses for specific parts. “It’s powerful when going on a hike to know what the plants are around


you and realize the ways in which they are being used and have been used for a long time,” says Jen McMullen, who created the cards along with other members of the working group. “It’s important to recognize that these foods and medicines are still being used and we need to treat them with respect so they will still be available to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.” Feasting for Change was created in 2009 to educate the community about Indigenous cultures, local food and plant knowledge. Find the “Indigenous Plant Identification Cards” on Etsy for $30, or pick them up at the Saanich Adult Education Centre (7749 West Saanich). All proceeds benefit the centre and the Sencoten apprenticeship program. M — Danielle Pope

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he first time Mark Ashfield entered BC Children’s Hospital, one thing stood out: none of the kids were sad — even the ones with terminal illnesses. Yes, some were upset by how weary their parents looked, but the tiniest thing (someone to play Xbox with or an extra cup of lime Jell-O) would bring the biggest smiles. The first time Ashfield entered a children’s hospital, however, wasn’t as the adult who is now orchestrating a heroic operation guaranteed to bring some of the biggest grins yet — it was when he was a patient himself. “I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which, for me, basically meant being brought into this world with a constant migraine headache,” he says. “I was in the hospital a lot, from the time I was born. And I learned a lot about what makes kids happy in there.” Looking at a tall, muscled and cheerful Ashfield today, many might not guess that the 32-year-old still lives with sustained pain — he’s just learned to put up with it. But anyone who does know him also gets his super-geek obsession with comic books and superheroes, and they know DANIELLE POPE that’s what gives Ashfield his child-like passion for making kids happy. It’s no surprise, then, that Batman will be appearing in Victoria on Sat., Sept. 1, along with Superman, Catwoman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Poison Ivy, Aquaman and 30-or-so more of everyone’s favourite superheroes. After all, Ashfield sent out the batwing, spiderweb, aquafin and rallied as many of his favourite heroes as he could to show up at Market Square so that eager kids of all ages can pose with these famed ones in the “Superhero Photo Shoot,” to benefit the BC Children’s Hospital.




Super T


The Superheroes of Victoria don’t just live in fanciful comic books — the entire league, all 36 members, has a secret headquarters in Ashfield’s apartment. For the last three years, Ashfield and his fiancé Ru Takemoto have turned their kitschy, downtown living space into a “justice cave” of superheroic proportions. Framed, special-edition comic books line the brick walls. Costumes hang in every angled corner. A giant Superman S-flag is draped over the hearth, while a classic Batman Returns rubber cowl and Hawkgirl’s head shield are stoic statues on the kitchen mantel. Any space that isn’t taken up by Lycra fabric and heroesin-the making is instilled with photos of events labeled “Superhero Kids Day,” “Justice League Photo Shoot,” “My Mom, My Hero” and “Salmon Kings Hero Night.” Yet, Ashfield rarely wears the costumes. That’s saved for the real actors, he says. It’s easy to picture Ashfield as Batman’s Alfred, with every bit as much dedication to a cause he can’t stop loving. At the same time as pulling a full-time job as a security dispatch officer out of


Ru Takemoto and Mark Ashfield in the secret lair.

Royal Jubilee Hospital, Ashfield is applying to become a police officer, in the hopes of entering the financial crimes division. The former military corporal served five years in the Canadian Forces infantry after getting his accounting degree. He’s spent a lifetime helping others, from the first time he organized a battleof-the-bands competition at age 16 to raise money for repairing a church roof. Then, three years ago, a friend who knew of Ashfield’s charming geekiness approached him about the BC Children’s Hospital “Be A Superhero” campaign. The program was struggling with no one to take the reins or find a physical way to breathe life into it. It was Ashfield’s bat signal. “Kids don’t give up on life because they are sick — and it takes so little to make them thrilled,” says Ashfield. “I knew I could do something that would mean a lot to them.” With a plan in hand, Ashfield created the official Superheroes of Victoria registered charity and recruited as many volunteer models as he could, sticking loosely to body-type guidelines. While the Superheroes of Victoria’s Superman may not actually have super-human strength, he won’t have a beer gut, either. Ashfield’s vision was to make the characters as believable as possible, which is why he invested his own money (more than he’d like to disclose) into hand-making and special-ordering all the costumes to give kids as real-life an experience as possible. Throw out the vinyl and plastic make-believe: Captain America’s shield and Wolverine’s claws are forged from real steel, as are Wonder Woman’s gauntlets. Batman’s cowl is polyurethane rubber, Green Arrow’s bow set is genuine, all boots are tailor-made with leather or skin-tight PVC,


of Victoria

COMIC BOOK IDOLS TO SWOOP DOWN ON THE CITY WITH SMILES all fabrics are a stretchable blend of Lycra and Spandex, and imagination fills in the rest. rest For events like the upcoming “Superhero Photo Shoot,” Ashfield even has the Aveda Institute of Victoria on hand to perfect makeup, and Danger By Design is providing special effects. “There’s always this sense of innocence kids have, a different way they see things,” says Ashfield. “For me, walking home from work now feels like ‘I’ve had a long day’ but, back then, it would have been like a scene from a movie — a real adventure. I wish I could still see the world the way I did when I was five.”

THE REAL SUPERHEROES “Heroes save the world, but it takes people to change it.” That’s the slogan the Superheroes of Victoria promote online. When it comes to those people, Ashfield can’t think of a better time than when children are ogling over superheroes to teach them about our real heroes. “I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, and inevitably they say they want to be Superman, or Spider-Man, and when I ask why, they say ‘Because he can lift buildings and blow out fires, and save people!’” says Ashfield. “And I tell them, ‘Do you know there are supermen out there right now, doing just that?’ And their eyes go

wide, and I say, ‘Yup — they aren’t bullet-proof, and they don’t even have super-human strength strength, but firemen firemen, police and paramedics risk their lives every day to save people.’” Ashfield also has a special guest coming to this year’s photo shoot: Saanich Police civilian officer Kevin Nunn. Nunn, who is known around the community for his fundraising and charity work, made an appropriate look-alike name for himself as “Billy Idol” two years ago by dying his hair bleach blonde, then by running 60 kilometres over the Malahat from Cowichan to the Saanich Police station. This year, on Sept. 9, Nunn intends to harness himself to a 2,530-pound BMW Mini and pull it around UVic’s Ring Road 12 times (equaling 21 kilometres) to raise money for the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock. But taking a pause from his heroic work on and off duty, a modest Nunn has agreed to guest star as Aquaman for Ashfield’s shoot. “I don’t see myself as being a real superhero, I don’t really even have a favourite character. I just like to be helpful, and I’m willing to do whatever is needed for the day,” says Nunn. That attitude is what makes the “make-believe” believable, and what makes the actors become true heroes, says Ashfield. “Putting on a suit doesn’t really give you any superpow-

ers, but it can feel like you have this alter-ego,” he says. one it’s really easy to just become this “Once you get into one, confident, powerful character and get into the role.” Ashfield’s fiancé shares that feeling. Takemoto, who acts as volunteer coordinator, wasn’t particularly interested in comics before she met Ashfield four years ago, but his passion for helping people was as alluring as the alter egos themselves. “I’m a very shy person, so it’s been a new experience for me to be around so many people, and organize donations and create the costumes,” she says. “But when I have tried on Wonder Woman, for example, she makes me feel like I can really be that person. It’s a lot of fun.” When it comes to everyone’s favourites, Ashfield says his all-time hero is Superman. Nunn says, for him, it’s his father. Takemoto says her hero is Ashfield. “I know it sounds cheesy, but he protects me, emotionally, and he’s there to support me,” she says. “His devotion to others amazes me, and I respect what he does so much. I want to be more like him.” M See all your favourite heroes and villains at the “Superhero Photo Shoot,” Sat., Sept. 1, noon to 3pm, at the Market Square courtyard. Suggested donation $10 per photo. Learn more, or meet all the heroes at PHOTO BY BRÄNKO - BRANKO.CA

Batman: Serge Yager Spider-Man: Wesley Scott Supergirl: Hannah Flahr Wonder Woman: Ashley Fleming Captain America: Marcus Doti



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HARD OF HEARING? special treat for the deaf and hard of hearing: SNAFU Dance Theatre (Kitt and Jane, Little Orange Man) have invited Katt Campbell and Bryan Corry to perform sign language interpretation for the closing night performance of Little Orange Man at the Victoria Fringe (8:45pm, Sun., Sept. 2 at the Downtown Activity Centre, 755 Pandora). In Little Orange Man, performer and co-creator Ingrid Hansen plays 12-year-old Kitt Pedersen, who fires up homemade technology to extract and re-enact the audience’s dreams. “The show is highly visual and includes tons of direct audience-performer interaction, inviting audience members to step into my dreams. I’m really excited to see how that plays out,” says Hansen. Little Orange Man was a sold-out hit at the Victoria and Vancouver Fringes in 2011 and took home Pick-of-the-Fringe awards at both. It also earned a nod for Best Overall Production at this year’s Ottawa Fringe. It is being performed Wednesday through Sunday this week. M


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Health Care A ssistan - Just t one of many program s to u se iPa in the ds classro om




Swedish garage-rock band The Hives is making a stop in Victoria, Wed., Sept. 5 at Club 9ONE9 with FIDLAR.

LAYING DOWN THE LAW wedish garage-rock band The Hives is about to lay down the law here in Victoria. The five-piece just released its fifth studio album (the first in five years), Lex Hives, named for the Roman practise of enacting a system or body of laws and accepting them as a standard. The 12-track rock-constitution was independently funded and produced on the Disques Hives label.


Catch Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, Nicholaus Arson, Chris Dangerous, Dr. Matt Destruction, and VigilanteCarlstroem at their show, Wed., Sept. 5 at Club 9ONE 9 (9pm) with special guests FIDLAR. Tickets are $35 and are available at Ditch Records, Lyle’s Place and online at ticketweb. com. M

FUN AT THE SAANICH FAIR f you’re looking for some family fun this September long weekend, take the whole brood down to the Saanich Fair (1528 Stellys Cross Rd. in Central Saanich Sept. 1-3). With a midway, live music, dancing, 4-H, pieeating contests and more, this one’s sure to be a hit on the last free weekend before back-toschool. Don’t forget to check out the 30-foot Model Shipbuilding pool where kiddies can try their hands at paddle boat racing. M









any Fringe shows capture attention by being LOUD, but The Abyss Burrow does the opposite with a lovely, intimate lo-fi piece. In her one-woman show, Vanessa Quesnelle is charismatic and engaging, effortlessly playing her inner notes. The piece is addressed to a lover — we don’t know where he is, and neither does she — and the tone is as if she sits next to us and whispers her anxieties. A performer requires courage to be this open to an audience. Downtown Activity Quesnelle’s script is filled Centre (755 Pandora) with detailed memories, Sat., Sept. 1 at 3:30pm set in very specific times Sun., Sept. 2 at 5:30pm and places. The dimensions of a room, smells and sounds are invoked so that, through a kind of double-vision, we are there. Meanwhile, movement punctuates in psychedelic liturgical dance. As the memories continue, small details force the character to acknowledge, “This isn’t right; this didn’t happen.” Because Quesnelle is so intimate during her recollections, we share her anxieties as these errant details intrude. Elegant, warm and very, very human, Quesnelle captivates with The Abyss Burrow, leading us to a sad, but satisfying conclusion.

elive uncomfortable moments between famous characters as this historical tragi-farce explores intimate connections between two fascist dictators and two of the world’s most cherished storytellers. Join Mussolini (Graham Roebuck) pilots a German plane over Russia with Fairfield Hall Hitler (John Dem(1303 Fairfield) mery Green) at his Fri., Aug. 31, 7:30pm side, puffing his chest Sat., Sept. 1, noon and recounting grand Sun., Sept. 2, 7:45pm tales of battle scars and past victories. The only thing that stops the Fuhrer from rolling his eyes is fear and holding on for his life. Then join a boisterous Hans Christian Andersen (Brian

when those tensions surround a young Ukrainian feminist trying to stimulate women’s liberation in her country. But for all the comedic effort of Beautiful Obedient Wife, the production feels closer to something St Andrew’s School Gym you might have seen (1002 Pandora) as a high school play, Fri., Aug. 31, 10:45pm complete with overSat., Sept. 1, 7:45pm used clichés, tired plot Sun., Sept. 2, 5:45pm twists and themes in need of a vodka shot. Without her knowledge, Masha’s Ukrainian mother and wannabe-rockstar boyfriend sign her up to be a mail-order bride. But when a Canadian suitor shows up to collect, a predictable battle of the hearts ensues. The play makes clever use of language, exposing the difficulties of translation in a way the audience can laugh about, and an unexpectedly dorky Canadian brings home the reality of what these unlikely business partners have got themselves into. Viewers need not be beautiful or obedient, but patience could be a virtue.

DANCE CLASSES FOR ADULTS, TEENS, CHILDREN • 3 Performing Companies • Modern • Contemporary Ballet • Professional Classes • Creative Movement • Improvisation • Dance for Camera • Jazz/Hip Hop

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eople who like their local history presented with tuneful, homespun charm should check out this portrait of Vancouver Island’s “Cougar Annie,” — Brent Schaus REGISTER NOW the indomitable pioneer who somehow eeked a livFOR CLASSES MY AIM IS TRUE ing homesteading on an isolated patch of Clayoquot Sound. Written and performed by Katrina Kadoski, his musical drama inspired by the moody Elvis these tales are presented as either songs or brief Costello song "Alison" takes a look at how much monologues, a person will sacrifice for love. Alison's mother, Olsupplemented St. Andrew's School ivia, has just been diagnosed with a terminal disby a slide show Gym (1002 Pandora) ease and the 18-year-old wants nothing more than displaying a slow Constance Cooke Sat., Sept. 1 at 4pm for her mom to fight for her life. Much to Alison's crawl of archival Artistic Director Sun., Sept. 2 at 9:15pm dismay, Olivia has resigned from life and is perfectphotos, docuFaculty: Kelly Hobson, Stacy ly happy wasting away on the couch all day, drinking ments and copies Sanderson, Jung-Ah Chung, scotch and smoking cigarettes. Alison isn't ready to of personal corBrandy Baybutt and accept the fact that she's about to be orphaned and respondence. Despite being an urban girl who had Constance Cooke tries to convince her mother to seek medical aslived in England, Winnipeg and Vancouver, Annie sistance. The stress consumes her life and wrecks ended up in a rainforest in the middle of nowhere havoc on her budding romance with her boyfriend, and somehow made the best of it for nearly 70 years. Jack. buried several husbands along the way — and, VICTORIA SCHOOL OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE 250.383.7183 She As relationships deteriorate under the weight more tragically, a few children — but never wanted of looming fate, each character decides how much to leave her damp paradise. Between bagging couthey are willing to give of themselves for love and where Wrigley) as he overstays his welcome at Charles Dickens' gars for the government bounty, running a hole-in-the-wall to draw the line. The (Roebuck) summer estate. Wrigley’s Andersen is animated post office, and selling preserves to neighbouring First Nathree-person cast and boisterous, with a touch of Borat and a pinch of Jim Car- tions and loggers, Annie made do ... barely. She persevered Victoria Event Centre does well with both rey. Both acts are filled with sharp wit and slapstick humour. well into her 90s, and by the time she passed away in 1985 (1415 Broad) the acting and music Awkward situations, awkward silences and awkward hand- she had long since become legend. As theatre, this has a Thurs., Aug. 31 at 6:30pm with the highlight shakes abound in this show that should be of special interest “homemade” feel — absolutely appropriate for telling the Sat., Sept. 1 at 3pm being the moment for history buffs and those looking for a good laugh. tale of a woman who lived such a remote, hardscrabble life. Sun., Sept. 2 at 4pm Olivia finally gets off — Mary Ellen Green In some songs the rhymes are bent rather roughly to serve the couch to deliver a the narrative, but Kadoski, with adequate guitar skills and a swanky lounge singer BEAUTIFUL OBEDIENT WIFE pretty voice reminiscent of Lucy Kaplansky, has no trouble number about her dream-lover Harrison Ford, complete winning over the audience. It’s great to see our unique B.C. Mail-order brides, eager Canadian suitors and get-rich- history being kept alive in so appealing a fashion. with horns and piano by a fellow dressed as Elvis Costello. — Mary Ellen Green quick schemes fill buckets of potential in a play — especially —Robert Moyes






et in Belfast during the period of intense violence and terrorism between Protestants and Catholics, The Celtic Cross revolves around the unlikely friendship that develops between Jacob and Thomas. Jacob being a Protestant loyalist and Thomas a member of the IRA. With some Fairfield Hall amazing performances (1303 Fairfield) by Bryan Sullivan and Sat., Sept. 1 at 5:30pm Matthew Jackson, whose Sun. , Sept. 2 at noon chemistry and physicality blew me away, this is a piece that is at times intelligent and engaging. However, it’s also a piece that feels like it was still at the workshop level rather than a finished product. If I had to put my finger on the play’s biggest flaw it would be that it doesn’t yet have a good handle on time or place. Frequently, especially near the beginning, the play jumps ahead in time, which feels like an excuse to get the formative period of their friendship out of the way. Despite these shortcomings, it’s a piece worth looking into for the acting alone.

— Matt McLaren

the fluorspar mines in St. Lawrence, NL. Hundreds of miners became sick and died of silicosis and cancer from working without adequate protection from silica dust. In a series of six monologues, Dyke conjures up four former miners of various ages and degrees of physical wellSt. Ann's Academy ness, and two heartbro(835 Humboldt) ken women left to live Fri., Aug. 31 at 6pm with the consequences Sat., Sept. 1 at 7:30pm of life without their husSun., Sept. 2 at 4:45pm bands, fathers, brothers and children. And while the stereotype of Newfies being difficult to understand rings true here to some degree, they become easier to understand as you settle in and the show goes on. And while the Sullivan character was the hardest to understand, he was one of the most interesting to watch. It's not only the words this rugged old man speaks, but also the physical idiosyncrasies Dyke assigns him that deliver his authenticity. In the end, through all the pain and suffering, the reallife characters in this story share a degree of dignity in an honest life’s work. Cudos to Dyke for seeing that their stories aren't forgotten.

— Mary Ellen Green



hen taking a gander through the Fringe guide prior to seeing Dirk Darrow, I noticed it had been labeled “Noir Comedy Magic.” My reaction was, “What the hell does that mean?” As it turns out, just what it says. Dirk DarDowntown Activity row is a mutant Centre (755 Pandora) hybrid of standSat., Sept. 1 at 7pm up comedy, magic show, drug inspired interpretive dance piece and a sublime farce of film noir. Smug is too small a word for private dick Dirk Darrow who growls out his monologues in a voice that would do Humphrey Bogart and all the old pulpy gumshoes proud. Half of the fun is the games Dirk plays with several audience members spontaneously selected as “suspects” in this increasingly convoluted mystery. Be warned: the fourth wall is not even given lip-service here and if you come you’re likely to get involved in the action. Somewhere in all this there is a kind narrative, but that hardly matters. What sells the show is Tim Motley’s charisma and how he manages to fully engage the audience.

Proud supporter of The Fringe Festival

— Matt McLaren



hen 26-year-old Mikaela Dyke introduces her onewoman show Dying Hard, the young actress and playwright from Newfoundland weaves a remarkably neutral preface to an agonizing account of the life of miners on the Burin Peninsula. Then, with nothing more than a pair of old reading glasses, she ages 60 years and transforms into sickly old Pat Sullivan, gasping for air as he recounts his experience working underground. Dying Hard is a selection of interviews collected by anthropologist Elliott Leyton and adapted for the stage by Dyke, delivered in their own language. This powerful piece of verbatim theatre delivers an honest and expertly performed look at the aftermath of

some storytelling, check, and perhaps an enlightened end to something? In this show Rich Gauthier is an alien, musician, stand-up comic, Freudian doctor, spawn of Satan, frog that eats a special kind of fly, and just himself — a guy looking for a way to find light amidst the darkness. I found myself pleasantly engaged in this charming performance and walked out feeling just a little bit lighter.

— Pippa Hirst



rom the moment John Grady takes the stage in his one- man show, you can relax because you're in great and capable hands. Everything about his VCM Wood Hall performance has an (907 Pandora) elegant sparseness — Wed., Aug. 29 at 6pm from his simple grey Thurs., Aug. 30 at 9:15pm suit to his non superSat., Sept. 1 at 5:30pm fluous dialogue and movement. Grady’s pacing allows for potent pauses, which he uses masterfully. It’s refreshing to see someone take command of their space so seamlessly and effortlessly. His gentle humour weaves in and out of a deeply touching story and as soon as you are comfortable, he surprises you with full out hilarity. His timing is impeccable as is his entire performance. This is a true story of love and loss and what it really means to not only be devoted to, but to admire an animal. It is impossible not to be moved. This is one of those rare shows that come along every now and again that should not be missed.

— Kim Bitensky



hows about suicide can be a tough sell as audiences are usually looking for something that will entertain. Rob Salerno's First Day Back, however, is an exception. This thought-provoking onecards • paper • filofax • albums person show about teen suicide is captivating and with such incredible authenticity; Saljournals • moleskine • stationery performed erno manages rubber stamps to embody the St. Ann's Academy essence of and much more (835 Humbolt) The modern teenWed., Aug. 29 at 6pm agers with Thurs., Aug. 30 at 7:45pm remarkable Fri., Aug. 31 at 4:15pm 669 Fort Street insight into Sat. Sept. 1 at 4pm Victoria BC their often terrifying world. First Day Back begins in the aftermath of 14-year-old Ollie's suicide. A safe space is set up at the Oshawa, Ont., high school where the openly gay teen was tortured daily. A group of Ollie's friends, acquaintances and teachers are EARTH LEADER: SON OF ’BUB gathered to deal with their grief, come to terms with what has happened and begin the dialogue required to make t’s always so interesting to walk into a show without change. Using quick transitions between characters with knowledge of what’s to come. When I entered the tiny varying points of view and experiences, Salerno manages performance hall, on to tackle a heavy social issue with compassion. He never stage was a guitar, a few lays blame — that's for you to decide— and leaves you VCM Wood Hall (907 large black boxes and a wondering what you can do in your life to be part of the Pandora) sign pointing the way change you want to see in your world. Sunday's perforFri., Aug. 31, 9:30pm towards “death.” From mance was the world premiere of this play and Salerno's Sat., Sept. 1, 3:45pm this and the synopsis performance was overflowing with emotion and (cautious) Sun., Sep. 2 6:15pm I could surmise that optimism. there would be music, — Mary Ellen Green which there was, maybe




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MONDAY GUIDE > FRINGE FESTIVAL - 4 PAGES OF REVIEWS FRINGE-PROVISE ME uch like the aesthetic used on its poster, Fringe-provise Me! is the theatrical equivalent of comfort food. It’s fast, uncomplicated and does a nice job of satisfying those entertainment munchies. Headed by Ian Ferguson and quite a few of the minds and actors behind the Victoria improvisation soap, Sin City, Fringeprovise Me! sets out to Victoria Event Centre recreate other shows (1415 Broad) in the Fringe Festival Thurs., Aug. 31 at 8:15pm based entirely on key Sat., Sept. 1 at 6:30pm points from their blurb Sun., Sept. 2 at 7:30pm in the guide. The show I saw admittedly turned out a bit shaky with one improviser seemingly at a loss for words, while the team seemed to spread itself thin with too many competing sketch ideas. However, that’s to be expected with this kind of show. Some nights are inevitably going to be stronger than others and part of the thrill has to be the knowledge that it could go either way. So while it may not always hit its mark, Fringeprovise Me! is the one I will absolutely see again. — Matt McLaren


particular, are apt and unobtrusive. Ryan Levis is charismatic as the coming-of-age King, ably illustrating much of Henry’s self-doubts as they give way to growing confidence. Some of Shakespeare’s most famous passages (“Once again unto the breach” and Crispin’s Day) are here, and Metro Studio Levis gives them ser(1411 Quadra) viceable attention. AnSat., Sept. 1 at noon drew Axhorn as a virile Sun., Sept. 2 at 4pm Exeter exhibits serious martial power, Chris Harris inhabits three distinct and enjoyable personae and Corin Wrigley as Montjoy is elegant, fey and aloof. The only misstep stems from the show’s description: “A great, ol’ Canadianized Shakespearean historical romp.” Other than a character in the French court that speaks with a Quebecois accent, this description is a bit misleading. Christopher’s production is, by and large, a traditional treatment of the play. During one regrettable moment, the Quebecois character rants using slang (“tabernak! Hosti! Chriss!”). The result is not offensive but, to my Montrealer ears, comes across as a bout of Tourette’s. A final note: the play has been edited for length, so Falstaff fans may be disappointed.

— Brent Schaus



leis Bowering. While I appreciate the difficulty in being the only actor on stage, Bowering comes across as awkward and stilted, which kills the sprinkling of humour in the play. There were times I literally thought, “Well that could have been funny” but Bowering’s delivery was just off. To be fair, Bowering did improve as the play went along, suggesting a certain amount of opening night jitters were to blame, but not enough to make up for her rather impassive facial expressions and lacklustre energy during the first half of the play. Ambitious, not without its merits, but Honesty honestly misses its mark.

— Liz Marsh



ameryn Moore isn’t afraid to tackle hard questions — questions like, how quickly can you orgasm with a carrot and a romance novel? The award-winning Victoria Event Centre creator of Phone Whore (755 Pandora) returns to Fringe with Wed., Aug. 29 at 8:15 a show that pulls the Fri., Aug. 31 at 8:15 straps off the dress Sat., Sept. 1 at 1:15 of stigma, and lifts up modesty’s shy skirt to bare all. Moore uses her courageous monologue to wrestle oft-unsaid topics to the floor, from teenage Mormon rebellion to sex with trannies, to BDSM kinks, lesbian bed-death, cheating and casual sex dates gone wrong: becoming long-term lovers instead. With her confident brand of sexy, Moore’s performance will stroke even the most inhibited sensibilities to a climactic end — at least those brave enough to watch.

ictoria’s Matthew Payne, of Theatre SKAM fame, is one of the most interesting creators on the local theatre scene. Although he may take some joshing for naming a show after himself, Hello isn’t an ego trip so much as an exploration into the meaning of identity (with a few ego issues thrown in). The project consisted of Payne using Google to track down as many other Matthew Paynes as he could find — Danielle Pope — all so that he could briefly interview them about LIES! what it meant to be “Matthew here are lots of nimble-fingered magicians out Payne.” In cerSt. Andrew's School Gym there — the, uhm, trick is to be entertaining, tain respects, (1002 pandora) funny and to carry a big shtick. Vancouver’s Trathis turned Sat., Sept. 1 at 11am vis Bernhardt delivers on all accounts with his new into a project Sun, Sept. 2 at 4pm show, Lies! He started out deliberately small while in search of a Sept. 6th $10 Doors 7pm warming up — and sizing up — the audience, then project, insoproceeded to make everything from wedding rings, far as very few Victoria Event Center (1415 Broad) limes, and toasters appear and disappear ... or maybe of the 500 or so target Paynes responded to emails show up in the or phone messages. Happily, our Payne not only reReel-to-Reel is CineVic Society of Independent oddest places. corded all his strange experiences of being left “on Filmmakers’ annual collaborative challenge, a Fairfield Hall He also played hold” or being told “he doesn’t live here any more.” (1303 Fairfield) mixtape of Victoria’s innovative Àlmmakers and a with cards, did he also recorded many YouTube postings of different Sat., Sept. 1 at 9:45pm a slick mindPaynes who, however evasive, nonetheless wanted diverse selection of independent music. Sun., Sept. 2 at 4:15pm reading routine, to share their singing or drumming skills with the For more info see and ended the world. He also got a long, weird interview with a felshow with a collow Payne in Australia who gives online prophecies. lective magic trick that cleverly involved every perAll of these encounters, near-encounters and nonson in the room. It was all fine stuff and the audience encounters are presented either aurally or visually, happily ate it up, but a lot of the fun came from his faux-philwith Payne — that’s our Payne — doing a great job of turning osophical patter explaining why magicians are, in essence, his presentation into a sly and often amusing performance. HONESTY HOUR liars. After quoting the dictum from famed illusionists Penn Oh, and Lyle Lovett has a surprising amount to contribute to onesty Hour is playwright Kayla Hart’s first Fringe play & Teller that “magic is the unwilling suspension of disbelief,” the show. If you like your theatre on the meta-media side, and, unfortunately, it shows. Many of the stories behind the dapper and personable Bernhardt went on to talk about this is a unique and engaging work in progress. the series of mono- how his performance was, for the audience, an acceptable — Robert Moyes logues are unrelatable lie and they were complicit in it. “If I tell you I’m cheating Langham Court Theatre HENRY V to the twenty-some- then it’s like we’re in an open relationship,” he quipped. The (805 Langham Court) ans of Shakespeare will enjoy KeepItSimple’s strong and, thing woman that I am, sight lines in the venue weren’t great for presenting magic, Sat., Sept. 1 at 9;15pm in many ways, traditional production of Henry V. Shakebut Hart also takes but Bernhardt’s charm effortlessly carried the day. I’d be lySun. , Sept. 2 at 1:45pm speare’s plays are about the language and director David a missstep in trust- ing if I didn’t say I loved this show. Christopher has a knack for staging so that the dialogue is ing her material to the — Robert Moyes central and clear. The lighting design and music choices, in hands of actress Mar-

Cinevic’s Reel-to-reel




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ily Mumford shows off her impressive ability at being cute, charming and utterly disturbing all at once in her play Love is for Superbeasts. Mumford plays Eleanor, one half of a serial killer duo being Langham Court Theatre examined in prison (805 Langham) along with her partSat., Sept. 1 at 6pm ner in crime, Dorian. Sun., Sept. 2 at noon Joseph Goble plays Dorian, also Eleanor's lover, and though he doesn't always manage to match Mumford's quirky charm, the two have a nice chemistry together. I could have used a bit more of a manic energy from both of them, but all in all, Mumford, who also wrote the play, does a nice send up of forensic crime shows like CSI.

— Liz Marsh



trangely good.” This is what I heard one audience member say immediately following the show, and I’d have to agree. From the Beastie Boys to patron saints, sexy nurses to clapperboard girls, and commercial auditions that are “painful, St. Ann's Academy humiliating (835 Humboldt) experiences Fri., Aug. 31 at 9:30pm that usually Sun., Sept. 2 at 8:15pm lead to nothing”, this show leads to laugh out-loud fun. I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times at this combination of stand-up, storytelling and spoken word poetry combined with improvisational moments that found one audience member shouting out the punch line. Recent Canadian Comedy Award winner James Gangl gives an animated and energized performance in a show that takes you on a personal journey with more than a few uncomfortable situations and awkward moments, ultimately leading you to the answer of whether or not he will “have sex despite his religion.” Strangely good, indeed.

sister. The story loses focus a little when it broadens out into a discussion of her difficult relationship with her alcoholic father and passive but loving mother. But even when Selfridge seems to lose her way, it’s still riveting. Honest, in-your-face viewing with a particular resonance for those of us with disabled family members.

— Varnya Bromilow



uman trafficking and prostitution are never easy topics to tackle, but at least She Has A Name attempts to bring light to these atrocities. Written by Andrew Kooman and directed by Stephen Waldschmidt, VCM Wood Hall the play tells a tale (907 Pandora) of injustice against a Sun., Sept. 2 at 8pm prostitute and a human rights lawyer trying to save her. The two characters played by Carl Kennedy (Jason the lawyer and doubling as a Thai pimp) are weighted down by clichéd dialogue and awkward changeovers that make the performance overdrawn and predictable. The same can be said about Evelyn Chew’s portrayal of prostitute No. 18, as she does her best at a flimsy, wavering Asian accent and an over dramatization of her character. Noteworthy

Damned Girl] out... there is no right interpretation. Let go of figuring out what is correct.” Sage advice, as it helps to prepare the audience for an other-worldly experience. Have no fear, though, as BarLangham Court Theatre rett provides a num(805 langham Court) ber of visual (cords, Sat., Sept. 1 at 4:15pm jewellery), physical Sun., Sept. 2 at 3:30pm (gestures) and musical cues to guide our eyes and ears. Every movement, gesture and look is infused with emotional vitality. As a result, simple gestures hold great impact. Indeed, The Damned Girl can best be described as a feast of shifting moods, as if a Jackson Pollock painting has come to life. The show is presented by an ensemble in the truest sense, they work as a single organism. However, a few names deserve special mention: Hayley McCurdy communicates some moments of heartbreaking vulnerability, Hayley Feigs has an astonishing emotional range, and vocal music composer Aulden MacQueen-Denz provides a brilliant a capella score. A final note: it is refreshing to see so many different body types on stage. — Brent Schaus



inning the “pick of Victoria Fringe” last year and coming back for another run as one of the most anticipated plays this year, Wyf of Bathe is a must see even if the language can be difficult to understand. A very crude and vulgar tale written by Geoffrey Chaucer, Wyf VCM Wood Hall of Bathe tells (907 Pandora) the story of AlFri., Aug. 31 at 6pm yson, a houseSat., Sept. 1 at 7:15pm wife who keeps husbands like a dog keeps its bones. Chaucer’s tale gives insight to not only the Victoria’s own Roots Music Sensations role of women in the late middle ages, but serves as a reference to the development of Middle English. Dressed in periodic garments, actor Julian Cervello plays the role of Alyson and does a great job of sticking to the authenticity of the language. The prologue is played with comical flair and — Pippa Hirst Cervello’s movements conjure up British actor – the brand new CD. ZERO TOLERANCE – SEX, MATH David Walliam and would certainly be a perfect fit CD Release concert Thursday, September 6th • 7:30, Alix Goolden Hall in a Little Britain sketch. Even more comical is the AND SEIZURES Tix at Macpherson Box Office, Lyles, Ivy’s Books $20 adv/$24 door follow-up story of a knight where Cervello uses Kids 12 and under Free! n unusual, heartfelt performance that is puppets. Lighting was appropriate during scene part confessional and part public therapy, changes, however sound and musical interludes this 70-minute monologue is compelling and, were a bit too loud, marring the already very difat times, uncomfortable viewing. Barbara Selficult task of understanding the language. So polfridge’s muse for this piece is her sister, Margaish off ye olde English and be entertained as Wyf of ret, who suffered brain are performances by Glenda Warkentin as Marta, Jason’s Bathe is sure to bring many laughs. damage shortly after boss; Sienna Howell-Holden as the Mamasan; and Alysa — Eugene Lee Fairfield Hall birth due to a lack of van Haastert as Jason’s wife. Kudos, however, to the play(1303 Fairfield) oxygen and who also wright for bringing this very difficult subject to the stage. Fri., Aug. 31 at 5:30pm has epilepsy. Barbara You can read even more Fringe — Eugene Lee Sat., Sept. 1 at 7:45pm walks us through her reviews online at Sun., Sept. 2 at 6pm life of caring for her THE DAMNED GIRL sister, from the manRead Fringe FamilyFest reviews n utterly enchanting hour of dance and theatre that agement of seizures on Page 19 is over too soon. In his notes, director and choreogto arguments with her group home, powerfully evoking the love and admiration she has for her unusual older rapher Andrew Barrett writes “don’t try to figure [The

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OPEN FRIDAY & SATURDAY 7 - 10PM AND ALL DAY STATUORY HOLIDAYS VENDOR INFO @ 250-413-6828 Find us on VIctoria Harbour Festival

The exhibition is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (, in collaboration with the Houston Museum of Natural Science; California Academy of Science, San Francisco; The Field Museum, Chicago; and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh. © American Museum of Natural History. Image Courtesy of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.


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Get off the big rock and head to the 2nd Annual Sip and Savour Salt Spring on Sat., Sept. 22 and Sun., Sept. 23. to celebrate the natural abundance of Salt Spring Island with food producers, chefs and vintners from Salt Spring, neighbouring Gulf Islands, the Cowichan Valley and Saanich peninsula.


“This event has been created with one goal — to showcase the bounty and variety of food and wine produced on Salt Spring Island and in our region,” says founder Robert Steinbach. The adventure begins with the Saturday Market from 9am to 4pm, brimming with local fruit, vegetables and grains grown in our unique micro-climate as the fall harvest begins to roll in. Continue with wine-pairing dinners by participating Salt Spring restaurants, including Auntie Pestos Café, the Market Place Café, Moby’s Oysterbar and Marine Grill, and Rock Salt Restaurant On Sunday afternoon, the Harbour House Hotel’s Oceanview Orchard will offer a bounty of tastings of local and regional dishes with fine B.C. wines from 1pm to 5pm. Chat with farmers, chefs and vintners. Tickets for this event are $55 per person. For more information, visit

I PAM GRANT pamgrant@

have always been fascinated by restaurants in unusual settings — ships in a desert, airstream trailers, railway cars and repurposed buildings. There are a couple on my to-do list, including a steakhouse in Lethbridge, AB, set in what was once the tallest structure on the open prairie south of Calgary. That doesn’t seem particularly unusual until you know the building in question was once a water tower that held 500,000 gallons of water in a tank 36-feet deep, but today is a 9,000-sq.ft. restaurant and lounge. In San Francisco Bay, Forbes Island


was originally the private residence of former housebuilder-turned-millionaire Thor Kiddoo, who decided to build a home for himself. By the time he was finished, it included a beach, palm trees, a 40-foot lighthouse and a waterfall which cascaded into a hot tub. Yet, apparently, even having your own floating island becomes boring after awhile, because since my last visit to the Bay Area it’s become a steak and seafood joint. Victoria also has its share of residents with creative vision. Though I don’t remember much about the food at the Dingle House, an 1880s house reborn as a restaurant off Gorge Road, I do remember a family dinner in an upstairs room and how odd it seemed to eat a meal in what was once someone’s bedroom. Today, anyone with an urge for the unusual only needs to head to Pluto’s Diner at 1150 Cook Street. Pluto’s has been operating for close to a quarter of a century now. Set in a former gas station, it looks like the kind of place that George Jetson might go for breakfast. Kids love this neon-lit gem — no accident since owner Brun Dahlquist has deliberately created a family-friendly venue that welcomes customers of all ages, and employs the kind of servers who remember what you ordered Continued on next page

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ª 1150 COOK ST., VICTORIA B.C. • PLUTOSDINER.CA, (250) 385-4747

Labour Day Picnic 11am – 3pm, Monday Sept 3 at Irving Park (corner of Menzies & Michigan, in James Bay) Everyone w welcome! Kids eat free! Kids’ activities activiti • Information booths INFORMATION 250-384-8331


Daniel Lapp & the BC Fiddle Orchestra Hosted by Hos

DINING OFF THE BEATEN TRACK Continued from previous page

crisp apple. This on your last visit is one of the few and can bust out places in town crayons as easwhere a quesaily as they pour dilla (chicken, coffee. cheddar, jack, Visit on a corn and black weekend mornbeans or smoked ing and you’ll tofu, cheddar, discover that jack, corn and many of the black beans) people who comes with soup, come here are salad or fries. regulars — not Fish and chips that you have to or a steak sandgo early if you’re wich with a beer in the mood for SHINING LIKE A THING OF BEAUTY IN THE NIGHT, PLUTOS is a good way to breakfast, since it’s served all day. Big eaters can tuck into a big- pass some time on the patio in the summer. If the boy breakfast with three eggs, sausage, bacon weather is cooler, try a meatloaf sandwich with and ham, or steak and eggs. If you’re craving Eggs mushroom gravy or spaghetti with planet-sized Benedict, varieties include hickory smoked ham, meatballs. Want a burger? Choose from charcrisp bacon and grilled tomato or smoked wild broiled beef, chicken (teriyaki, honey mustard, salmon and green onion. Three-egg omelettes cajun or chipotle) mahi mahi, halibut or the house served with toast and home fries or refried beans nut burger. Customize with your choice of bacon, include a hefty vegetarian option loaded with avocado, mushrooms, swiss, cheddar, mozza, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, spinach, onions, toma- jack, feta, blue cheese, or jalapeños. Served with to and topped with avocado. If you want a little salad or hand-cut fries. Wash it all down with a fire to start your day, try huevos rancheros on milkshake, available in everything from chocolate whole wheat tortillas or diablo hash with pota- and vanilla to frosted mint, raspberry, espresso, toes, scrambled eggs, onion, chorizo, jalapenos coconut and jalapeno. Visit Pluto’s Diner on a weeknight for specials and cheese slathered with chipotle Hollandaise. Pluto’s also serves lunch and dinner with Cuban including endless tacos or fish and chips for black bean soup or hearty chili with lean buffalo $12.50 on Monday and Tuesday nights respecmeat served with cornbread among their popular tively, a burger and a beer for the same price on starters. If you’re after a light meal, try a house Wednesday evenings, and endless chicken and salad with Cajun chicken or the chipotle beef chips for a few bucks more Thursdays. Open daily salad with candied pecans, red onion, tomato and from 8am to mid-evening. M



What’s hot on local shelves By Pam Grant

Pender Island’s Morning Bay Winery Victoria’s best unknown brunch Every Sunday 10.30am ~ 2.30pm

EGGS FIORENTINA Zambri’s take on the benny

MEATBALLS & EGGS Warning: this may cause severe addiction

SUNDAY FRITTATA The omelette, upgraded Full menu at

f you visit Morning Bay Winery on Pender Island and chat with winery co-founders Keith Watt and Barb Reid, it won’t be long before you discover just how contagious their enthusiasm for all things grape is. Enjoy the summery 2007 Estate Chiaretto, a food friendly light and crisp d’Anjou style rosé, a blend of Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch grown in their seaside vineyard on Pender Island, with a touch of Pinot Blanc from the Black Sage Bench. Bursting with fruit, enjoy Chiaretto with fresh fruit salads and ripe cheeses. Morning Bay also crafts a regional series of select hand-made wines bursting with style and expression, including Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Merlot, Syrah made in small lots. Sparkling wines are next on the list. Drop by the winery this summer for a tasting Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. (Winter hours are Friday to Sunday noon to 5pm) or by appointment. Visit Sat., Sept. 1 with a blanket or a folding chair for Winesong


(formerly Winestock) from noon until dusk and listen to Big House Voodoo, Dave Rave, Citizen Band, Pender Monster, Luke and Tess Pretty, Shelly Richards, Peter Paige and Dave Wright and more. Admission by donation. Grab a bottle of wine to drink and don’t forget their signature pizzas cooked on the barbecue. Admission by donation. 6621 Harbour Hill Drive, Pender Island: 250-629-8351. M





Contact me at

MONDAY GUIDE > FRINGE FAMILYFEST THE NIGHT THAT THE KNIGHT LEARNED WRONG FROM RIGHT ’Twas a valiant effort, but alas, the merry crew could have used a few microphones. The Langham Court Theatre was a trifle too cavernous for these eager young thespians. Nevermind, the show has heart and puppets and plasma cars — what could be better family fare?

a polished, tightly scripted version of Aladdin’s tale, written by Story Theatre’s founder Jim Leard. The three actors tell the story of the boy and the genie with cracking pace — enough to hold the attention of youngsters of all ages. Check this out! You’ll be floored. Wed., Aug. 29 at 2:30pm Thurs., Aug. 30 at 6pm

through a large black pipeline. Never fear! Marvelous Moo (Izad Etemadi) and the Green Grabber (Erin Mitchell), capes a-whirling, shall save the day! Beanstalk Conspiracy doesn’t have the whimsy of Aladdin’s Secret Voyage, Story Theatre’s other fringe offering, but it’s a vastly entertaining method of delivering a rather sobering message.

Fri., Aug. 31 at 12:45pm

Wed., Aug. 29 at 12:45pm

Fri., Aug. 31 at 11am

ALADDIN’S SECRET VOYAGE Wow! Exuberance, passion and flawless execution. You often find one of these in children’s theatre, but to find all three in one show is a really wonderful thing. Story Theatre begins with

805 Langham Court

grin, Arterberry brings the character of a wildly imaginative little boy to vivid life. Walter, who lives with his grandmother for reasons that are left unsaid, dwells in a hypercolour world where he is a pilot, fireman, dancer, spy and naturally, Luke Skywalker. Arterberry’s genius is that he not only keeps the junior crowd thoroughly entertained sans props

of any kind for 45 minutes, but he also leaves room for a wonderfully heartfelt lesson about playground politics. Wed., Aug. 29 at 11am Thurs., Aug. 30 at 12:45pm Fri., Aug. 31 at 2:30pm

— Reviews by Varnya Bromilow. Read more online at Mondaymag. com. M

Thurs., Aug. 30 at 2:30pm

Thurs., Aug. 30 at 11am Fri., Aug. 31 at 6pm


THE GREEN BEANSTALK CONSPIRACY Another winner from Story Theatre. Think Jack and Beanstalk meets An Inconvenient Truth. An energy-sucking giant is depleting the world of sun, water and clean air as he fuels his gigantic black cranium

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MANNY This guy is good. From the minute he takes the stage, Trent Arterberry as Walter Manny is the picture of pure artistic commitment. Using mime, dance and his winning

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amie has left Vancouver where he spent the last 2 years and now he is back at FISH, the salon he just couldn’t stay away from. Jamie is very excited about J reconnecting with old guests and a discovering new ones.

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Die Roten Punkte (Otto and Astrid Rot) is returning with Eurosmash! — an all-new electro-pop-rock concert. LOS ANGE ANGELES LES FILM FESTIVAL FESTIVAL 2012








780 Yates St. • 250-383-0513

Check theatre directories for showtimes

t s e t n o C Photo Categories: Nature: From serene landscapes to idyllic gardens. Urban: The grit that often goes unnoticed. Animal: From wild to domestic — what makes you smile. Photoshop Creative: When normal isn't good enough — computer manipulation allowed. People - Non-staged: The human form in and out of his/her environment. People - Staged: Fashion, makeup, hair — the human body is always appealing. Prism Choice Award: Sponsored by Prism Photo Imaging.

Enter 's 12th Annual 's

Photo Contest Victoria's longest-running photo competition. All entries displayed at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Arts Centre, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 6.




et ready for a crash-bang-wallop of a rock show with Die Roten Punkte’s (The Red Dots) Eurosmash!, a high-energy theatrical concert by brother and sister electro-pop-rockers Astrid and

material. “We were so happy with the last album and we just thought with this one, we wanted to change direction a little. I really want to connect with people all over the world with our music, like Otto Rot. Bono from U2 or Chris Martin from Coldplay ...” A year after they brought their hit show Kunst says Otto. Rock (Art Rock) to the Metro Studio, these two But before he could finish, Astrid interrupts: squabbling German siblings are back with all-new “It’s not like that at all. No, we wanted to make really popular music that people could dance to and groove to. The music in the new show is really dancy, it’s really pop. We worked with a famous choreographer and she gave us all new dance moves.” And that’s pretty much what you can expect: Catchy punkrock and electro-pop complimented by hilarious sibling discord. And bananas — lots and lots THURSDAY AUG 30 FRIDAY AUG 31 of bananas. “I’ve been eating a lot Lester Quitzau & Chris Millington of fruit in my diet,” says Billy Hicks & Dancin’ Otto. “I eat 30 bananas Original Folk Roots, Dancing on stage a day but my record is Blues 44 bananas.” 7:30pm 7:30pm The Rots say that if the audience is havSATURDAY SEPT 1 ing a good time, they LAST FIREWORKS might also break out Rukus Firework Saturdays some of their hits from Golden Age of previous albums, like Gourmet Picnics Rock & Roll “Bananenhaus” (Banana 5:45pm Available House) or “Burger Store Reservations 250.652.8222 Fireworks 8:45pm Dinosaur.” Catch Die Roten Punkte at the Metro Night Illuminations every Studio (1441 Quadra) night at dusk until Sept. 5 and 6 at 8pm. Tel 250.652.5256 $20 at September 15th M


Butchart’s Summer Festival

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2012


By Mary Ellen Green


This Saturday Night





Island all-star rocks Blues Bash BLUES GUITARIST DAVID GOGO AND THE EXPANDED BAND COME HOME on’t let the end of summer give you the blues — bash them away at the 18th-annual Vancouver Island Blues Bash, taking over Victoria’s Inner Harbour from Sept. 1 to 3. This year’s lineup features contemporary blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker (Sun., Sept. 2, 7:30pm at Ship Point, $30) and Island all-star David Gogo (Sat., Sept. 1, 7:30pm at Ship Point, $25). Playing with The Expanded Band — a six-piece complete with female backup vocalists — Gogo is getting the rare opportunity to play some of the hits from his latest, critically acclaimed, Junonominated album Soul Bender (incidentally named after a Fulltone distortion pedal in the studio at the time of recording). “We’re going to be flushing it out,� says Gogo. “Back home I’ve been running a trio lately, but we’re going to add Rick Hopkins on keyboards and we’re going to have two hot female backup singers, so that allows us to do some songs off the album that I haven’t normally been able to do live ... and just offer people something a little different because Blues Bash is special.� Soul Bender is Gogo’s 11th album and some of his strongest work to date. The album features four Gogo originals and some fresh takes on classics by Elmore James (“Please Find my Baby�), The Doors (“The Changeling�) and Michael Jackson (“The Way You Make Me Feel�). “I’ve been touring a lot and when we went to make this record I didn’t have a lot of time to write, so rather than put a mediocre original song on, I’d rather put on a bitchin’ cover song. That being said, I think the originals on the album are some of the best I’ve written, but I didn’t have as many as I normally would.� “I’m always listening to music and I try to get to the root of the song and figure out where it’s coming from and a lot of these songs have a blues root to them.� Gogo was at a Serious Coffee location south of Nanaimo when Jackson’s hit song caught his attention. “The beat struck me. It’s a blues shuffle beat,� says Gogo. “When we went into the studio, I said to the band, ‘get it out of your mind that you ever heard this song before’ ... It was difficult because people couldn’t get that original out of their mind ... but we all finally figured out what it needed and I think we pulled it off.� The album has a predominately live feel with expanded solos and instrumentals that make it sound more like a concert than a recording, and Gogo says that happened on purpose. His team


WE BUY SCRAP CARS! Go Green Recycle Your Scrap Vehicle Now! 2008 land Since Is e h T g Servin



ntonia gave birth to a beautiful girl a year ago, and is now back from maternity leave. She is looking forward to spending at least part of her day with other grown ups.

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David Gogo is playing with the Expanded Band at Blues Bash.

was trying to recreate the magic from his hugely successful album Skeleton Key, which he calls one of his strongest. “I have a pretty good reputation for putting on a good live show, and sometimes that’s hard to capture in the studio, because A) you don’t have the audience and B) it’s hard to capture that nervous energy, so what we tried to do is have everyone set up to play live together ... we wanted to keep that live spontaneous feel in the studio, which can be hard to do ... we decided that we’d just set up to play live and give ’er, like we say in Canada,� says Gogo, adding, “There are a lot of first or second takes.� It’s been six years since Gogo played the Blues Bash. “Anytime I’ve been involved it’s a fantastic event and a beautiful location,� says Gogo. But he won’t be home for long. “I get home the night before, do the show, and then I get three days to do my laundry before heading to Europe on tour,� he says. Don’t miss this chance to see Gogo wail with the Expanded Band at Blues Bash, because it will be his last local show of the summer. Vancouver Island Blues Bash features three days of live blues and R&B in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Each day features free shows from noon until 5pm at Ship Point. Tickets for the two headliners are available at the Victoria Jazz Society office (250-388-4423) no service charges, Lyle’s Place, Ditch Records and the McPherson Box Office (250-386-6121 or online at Full schedule at M

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(except Monday) 5:00pm – 9:00pm

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#5-612 Head St., Esquimalt

250-475-NILE (6453) w w w. b l u e n i l e r e s t a u r a n t v i c t o r i a . c o m


Each week we hide an “M� on the cover. Last week it was hidden on striped socks. The winner was chosen by a random draw. Prove that you’ve found the “M� and get it into our office to win! Drawn Monday at noon. Submit entries to: 818 Broughton St., Victoria, V8W 1E4 with daytime phone number or fax it to our number at 250-386-2624.

Winner this week: Marilyn Atchison MONDAY MAGAZINE AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 5, 2012



Angel With A Bullet PART 3 OF 4: LOCAL AUTHOR M.C. GRANT'S NEW NOVEL BEING RELEASED ON SEPT. 8 Monday’s Editor-in-Chief, under the pen name M.C. Grant, will be releasing his latest mystery novel across North America and the UK on Sept. 8. Through a special arrangement with his publisher, Midnight Ink, Monday is giving readers a special sneak peek at the opening chapters over four weeks. Today is Part 3 of 4. Grant will be signing Angel With A Bullet at a special book launch at Chapters on Douglas St., on Sat., Sept. 8 at 2 p.m.

CHAPTER 1 CONT'D “What aren’t you telling me?” I ask. “Ahh, it’ll be nothing. Just the doc did a biopsy. Left my throat sore, you know?” “A biopsy? For cancer?” Mo snorts. “Nah, because of my fabulous singing voice, he wants to see what carat gold my tonsils are made of.” I don’t laugh. “Geesus, Mo. Cancer.” “It ain’t for certain,” he says gruffly. “We’re waiting on results.” I exhale noisily. “You need anything you call, OK?” Mo chuckles. “What you gonna do, hire a cab to drive me somewhere?” “No, but I’m a good listener.” “Don’t be sweet, you’ll ruin both our reputations.” He sniffs, sucking in a lungful of air through his nose. “Now what you got?” Back to business. “Dead body.” “Juicy?” I wince, but try not to let it show in my voice. “An artist. High profile.” “Ooh! How did he snuff it? Paint up the nostrils, a brush down his—” “Don’t know yet,” I interrupt, sharper than intended. “That’s why I need a cab.” “Relax. Dispatched one as soon as I saw your number. He’ll be there in two.” “You’re a doll, Mo.” I try to insert a little levity. “We should run away together.” “Forget it. Non-smokers make lousy lovers. After sex, they want to talk, talk, talk.” “I’m hurt.” Mo laughs the throaty cackle of a Shakespearean witch. “Go get your cab, Dix. My boys hate to wait.” THE TAXI PULLS UP as I exit the front door of the postcard-pretty, three-story Painted Lady where I lease one of six apartments. King William of Orange — who along with his human, Mrs. Pennell, owns the building — stretches full out on the kitchen windowsill of his mainfloor domain like an African lion spied through the wrong end of binoculars. When he hears me leaving, he opens one eye and winks approval. I am dressed for battle: notepad and pen tucked in the back pocket of slim-fitting jeans; a point-and-shoot camera and a digital voice recorder neatly stowed in the pockets of a vintage tea-brown leather bomber. For emergencies, I also carry Lily: a small, pearl-handled switchblade that slips into a moleskin pocket sewn inside a pair of russet biker boots. The scuffed and scarred leather boots are second-hand, the knife a don’t-tell-your-mother present from an over-protective though rarely present father. My one concession to the chilly San Francisco night is the addition of a gray lamb’s wool scarf that curls around my neck with the warmth and comfort of a purring kitten. I give the driver the address where I expect to find the dead body of my former lover. “You’re Dixie Flynn of the NOW, right?” he asks once I’m ensconced in the back seat. I nod and glance at his registration: Charlie Parker. “Cool name, Charlie. You play?” “Nah! No lungs, no talent. Only one Yardbird in this world and he already made his mark.” He grins. “I read your stuff though. How come it only lands once a week?” [22]

ly news magaI grin. “That’s the trouble with weekly zines.” o the Chronicle Charlie nods. “You ever think of moving to or Examiner?” “Tried that once, but they wanted to payy me too much. Plus, they have a dress code: No shirt, no shoes, no paycheck.” ou to Charlie laughs. “Man, I never expected you ark be funny. I mean, you write about all the dark ne stuff in this town. Sometimes after I read one of your columns, I need to go for a drink. Mo ou loves it, says you’re the best. But, man, you depress me sometimes. No offense.” “None taken,” I lie. CHARLIE DROPS ME in front of the on restored, 700-seat Metro Theater on Union he Street with a cheery, “catch you on the remix.” w The street is lit by moonlight and yellow sodium-vapor fireflies trapped under glass. The theater’s neon 1920s-era marquee is g dark, while heavy shutters hide the enticing window displays of neighboring boutiques, art galleries and gem merchants from the great unwashed. This is a street that prides itself on iron bars and quick response from private armed security — unattractive qualities to those who hunt at night. The payoff for its vigilance is an eerie silence. San Francisco isn’t a town thatt sleeps, and it’s unusual to find a pocket thatt has learned how to catch a few Zzzs. n Some inner-city dwellers panic when shut off from the constant rumble of cars, buses, junkies and sirens, but I haven’t spent all my life cocooned in concrete. There was a time when I also sought silence as a refuge. Diego’s place is easy to spot: a thirdfloor penthouse with curtains pulled back, its interior ablaze in cool white light. Two officers in inky blue uniforms pace restlessly inside. Thankfully, there isn’t he enough manpower on scene yet to keep the curious away with crime scene tape and an extra body on the door. I cross the street and stroll into the open lobby like I belong. Inside, thick carpet the color of a frothy cappuccino and a smooth oak handsh my rail lead the way upstairs. As I climb, I brush hand along the light-mocha wall, drawn by its unusual texture. Instead of paint, the walls are covered in a soft fabric that probably cost more than my best cotton sheets. Diego has moved up in the world sincee the last time we made art together. er moon On the first landing, a lazy three-quarter is framed by a large half-circle of leaded glass, the clarity of which would make that bald Mr. Clean beam with pride. I feel at the neck of my charcoal ve worn a blouse, suddenly wondering if I should have dress and heels — or at least a bra. ach of the There are three apartment condos on each re behind first and second levels; the occupants secure heavy, solid-core doors and tamper-proof hardware. On the top floor, the door to Diego’s penthouse stands open, exposing the scene within. Messy doesn’t do it justice.

I am dressed for battle: notepad and pen tucked in the back pocket of slim-fitting jeans; a pointand-shoot camera and a digital voice recorder neatly stowed in the pockets of a vintage tea-brown leather bomber. For emergencies, I also carry Lily: a small, pearl-handled switchblade that slips into a moleskin pocket sewn inside a pair of russet biker boots.

WIN A SIGNED COPY OF ANGEL WITH A BULLET To win a signed copy of Angel With A Bullet, answer the following trivia question in an email to before Noon on Friday, Aug. 31. Winner will be randomly selected.

To discover just what is inside Diego Chino’s apartment and what Dixie is going to do about it — tune in next week for Part 4.

Q. What is the name of Dixie's landlord's cat?

From Angel with a Bullet: A Dixie Flynn Mystery by M. C. Grant. © 2012 by M. C. Grant. Used by permission from Midnight Ink Books,

And be sure to visit Grant at his book launch on Sat., Sept. 8 at 2 p.m. at Chapters Victoria.





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ll Signs: of your life as well. That “backSo true! Einstein to-s cho ol” said, “Have the courfeeling age to take your own of September has thoughts seriously arrived. (You feel it for they will shape whether or not you you.” have kids because you went to school CANCER JUNE 21in September.) For JULY 22 me, it’s wistful, poiYour daily activiGEORGIA gnant and filled with ties are brighter, “where-did-the-sum- NICOLS busier and exciting! mer-go?” There’s also Naturally, they’re a sense of dread about an extension of your mind and putting away toys and getting since you feel more optimisthose ducks in a row. But this tic and enthusiastic about life, week, three astrological influ- voila! This is why short trips ences arrive and they couldn’t appeal and you’re busy running come at a better time. Thank errands and talking to everyone, gawd! Dances between the Sun especially siblings, neighbours and Jupiter plus Mercury, Mars and relatives. It’s almost as if and Pluto (practically the whole you have a message you want to gang) will rev everyone’s engines get out to the world. You want with determination to get back to enlighten others! This is also on track. This might be a good why you’re reading and writing time to remember the words of more than usual. This is certainAlice Walker: “The most com- ly not the time to stay at home. mon way people give up their Get out and talk to everyone. power is by thinking they don’t If you sell, market, teach, act, have any.” write or edit, you will be very ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 You’re super gung-ho to pull your act together. (This is the enthusiasm that Jupiter is giving you.) You believe in yourself and you’re thinking positive! Meanwhile, Mars is pumping your sex drive and making you want to transform yourself for the better. No wonder you’re eager to clean up where you live and where you work. You want to introduce systems that improve things. You want to clearly define hazy areas related to insurance matters, inheritances and shared property. You’re even adopting new health regimes, perhaps diet or exercise or both. OMG. It’s going to be a whole new you! . TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 You’re excited about new methods and systems for doing work, especially if you’re an artist. This enthusiasm also applies to sports, the entertainment world, the hospitality industry, children and financial speculation. These are all areas where you can introduce improvements or make changes for the better. Some of this enthusiasm will spill over into your romantic life as well. You want to have fun! And you want to have the freedom to be who you really are. Great! It looks like you’re going to do it. (Be on the lookout for new uses or applications of something you share with others.) “You! What planet is this?” GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 You’re feeling excited about making repairs to where you live as well as to family relationships. In other words, your focus is on your private life, your home and your family. For various reasons, you have the motivation, the energy and drive to make your private life the best it can be. You feel lucky now, and you are! (Jupiter is in your sign this year for the first time in 12 years.) And this enthusiasm brings the knowledge that when things are good in your personal life, they spread into every other aspect

strong this week! (Hey, editing is a rewording activity.) LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 Holy bankroll! This week you can dream up new ways to earn a buck or make money on the side. Some will successfully boost their income but all of you will be focused on cash-flow issues because you’re spending big and at the same time (ironically), you’re trying to shut down hemorrhaging cash by cutting costs and paying your bills. You want it all! You want to get out of debt. (You’re not going to jail. You’re not passing go. And you will collect $200.) Much of this will happen because you’ll make it happen. You can be very resourceful when it comes to money (both earning it and spending it). Act on your ideas. Put some muscle behind your dreams. VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 This is a powerful week. You feel energized and stoked about something. My advice is to use this energy. Even though you might feel generous or extravagant (and, admittedly, you might feel a bit undisciplined) nevertheless you will be spurred on to try to do more than even you can handle! Jump into projects with both feet, especially ones that require lots of energy. Your optimism and enthusiasm will make you get a lot done plus convince others to join forces with you. And hey, you can do something to improve your health, improve your appearance and even improve your style of relating with others. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like a reality makeover, doesn’t it? (And perhaps it is.) LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) Influences from other sources, other countries and other belief systems (yes, it does sound rather exotic) might be part of a new influence causing you to grow in a new direction. You’re thinking of new places, new ways of living and new goals. Perhaps through your travels or study or encounters with others you see new possibilities for yourself? Or

perhaps these influences make you question your values and what you are currently doing? Whatever the case, this week you will entertain bigger, more ambitious goals about what is actually possible for you in your future. This is profound because, as Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours.” SCORPIO OCT 23-NOV 21 You’re so excited, you’re PowerPoint on steroids. (This is why your social scene is really hopping.) People want to see you and you want to see them. You’re involved with groups, clubs and seeing friends at a go, go, go pace. However, there is more than just increased popularity involved here. You are a force to be reckoned with! People are ready to jump on your bandwagon and follow your lead. Therefore, if there’s anything you want to achieve or you need to recruit support, this is your hour! Not only that, it looks like you can get the funding and physical support you need. “Say no more!” (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) A powerful week for you, indeed. SAGITTARIUS NOV 22-DEC 21 With the Sun and Mercury high in your chart, of course others notice you, especially bosses, parents and VIPs. But this week, this high viz. thing is amplified. It’s a good thing you’re ambitious to achieve your agenda. In fact, much of what you’ve been planning in secret is now coming out in the open. (“It’s a girl!”) Look for new ways to earn money because this is now possible. People in authority will listen to your suggestions because what you have to say is innovative and resourceful. But the real reason you will succeed is because you believe in yourself and you’re not going to take a backseat to anyone. You refuse to listen to why something can’t be done. (“Don’t harsh my buzz, man.”)

have the support – emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially – that you need to pull off what you want to do. Your sex drive is strong, along with your ambition. You feel playful and totally prepared to be who you are without fear or apology. The success of your mission right now is that you know you will succeed because others have your back. This is so reassuring. Relations with partners and close friends are good and getting better! (“Does anyone want this last piece of pie?”) PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 Your focus on partnerships and close friends is over the top this week. (“Can’t get him out of my mind.”) But it’s more than that. You are totally energized now by this friendship or new relationship. You see that this person will give you greater security at home and within your family and yet, paradoxically, they will expand your world through travel and by helping you see new horizons and conquer new worlds. Yes, this all sounds pretty lofty, but for many of you it is actually true. You’re stepping out on stage in your big-girl shoes. This is a great time to form partnerships (professional or intimate) because everyone wants to be on your team.

To see if you qualify, call Camosun’s ESA office today at 250.370.4700 or email Building Service Worker • Pre-Entry Nautical Training MS-Office and Enhanced Workplace Skills Web Foundations • Retail and Hospitality Customer Service

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 All year you’ve been travelling or thinking about travelling and now all these feelings and thoughts are culminating into an exciting crescendo because you are really going places! And the reason you’re going places is because you’ve made the effort to do so. And for those of you who are not travelling, you’re still expanding your world through publishing, grabbing opportunities in higher education, or exploring new avenues in medicine, the law and the media. It’s thrilling! Some of you are pumped about political or religious situations. (Your selfconfidence makes others sit up and listen.) Meanwhile, for you personally it feels like you’re on the cliff ’s edge, ready to soar. AQUARIUS JAN 20-FEB 18 You have been unusually involved with the resources of others, which has put you in a position of great responsibility. (But you’re up for this.) This week in particular you are charged with energy, in large measure because you know you MONDAY MAGAZINE AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 5, 2012








CAYCUSE Very rare 5 acre treed park-like Property with well-maintained furnished home - 1500 sq.ft, 3-bdrm, 2 bath. Extremely close to Pristine Cowichan Lake. Perfect for recreational property or full time living. Reduced to sell $378,800. Exceptionally low yearly cost. Not leased land. Call 250-745-3387 or 250-478-2648


URGENT!! SHARE your home with a Japanese Student. MLI Homestays in needing Host Families from Sept. 29 - Oct. 5 and from Oct. 10-14 at schools located in Victoria. Compensation paid. Contact or 250-3884077 for details.

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HOUSES FOR SALE RV SITES AVORADO RESORT. Beautiful waterfront RV Resort. New Sites For Sale ($63,900). All season, full amenities, clubhouse & beach access. Co-op Resort w/Lifetime Ownership! Call 250-228-3586.


DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

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Bachelor and 1 bdrm. apts. Some newly renovated For further information and to view call


250-642-1900 SHARED ACCOMMODATION CEDAR HILL, female seeking roommate, 2 bdrm, clean, $480 mo + utils. 250-686-0603

2004 VW TOUAREG. Only 135,000 km, economical, spirited V6 engine, all wheel drive and tow hitch with electric brakes. Unique 6 speed Tiptronic auto transmission. Well equipped interior, rear mounted CD changer. Beautiful, well maintained. $13,900 obo, 250658-1123

MONDAY GUIDE EVENTS CALENDAR CONTINUING ★★★½ THE AMAZING SPIDER–MAN -(Caprice) Littleknown actor Andrew Garfield suits up as everyone's favourite webslinger in a super hero movie that's smart enough to be a great coming-of-age story. Co-starring Emma Stone. THE APPARITION -(Capitol) In what looks like a standard-issue fright flick, a couple is haunted after an evil spirit is unleashed during a college experiment. ★★★½ THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL -(Caprice) A diverse group of British seniors seek out an affordable retirement hotel in India, only to find it in shabby disarray. But despite the initial disappointment, India's exotic charms win them over. This heartfelt comedydrama has a sensational cast that includes Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson and Judi Dench. ★★ THE BOURNE LEGACY -(Odeon/SilverCity/Westshore) The hyper-kinetic spy series gets a flaccid and disappointing reboot with a new director and new actor (Jeremy Renner). Co-starring Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. ★★★ BRAVE -(Caprice) Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson provide the voices for Pixar's animated tale that is set in ancient Scotland and tells of a headstrong young princess who must rely on her courage to undo a beastly curse. Decent entertainment, albeit occasionally a bit plodding. ★★½ THE CAMPAIGN -(Odeon/ SilverCity) A veteran congressman (Will Ferrell) who is used to running for office unapposed is shocked to find himself facing an inexperienced but effective challenger (Zach Galifianakis). This gleefully crass comedy does a (mostly) good job of skewering obvious targets like political corruption, hypocrisy, and smug media participation in a shameless circus.

Email your listing info to or enter it online at

★★★ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES -(Capitol/SilverCity/Westshore) A diabolical terrorist named Bane poses a terrible threat to Gotham, as Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy comes to an exciting but rather bloated conclusion. With Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS -(Caprice) Greg is totally ready for summer when suddenly his plans all fall apart. What's the poor guy gonna do now? ★★½ THE EXPENDABLES 2 -(Odeon/Westshore/SilverCity) Expect lots of manly mayhem as a group of aging mercenaries (played by aging Hollywood mercenaries like Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis) go up against a very nasty adversary. This is good, cheesy fun. ★½ HIT AND RUN -(Capitol/ SilverCity) This action-comedyromance features a former getaway driver who risks his Witness Protection Plan status in order to get his girlfriend to L.A. In pursuit are the feds and members of the guy's ex-gang. Other than for a few glimmerings of wit and style this is a mess. HOPE SPRINGS -(Odeon/SilverCity/ Uni 4) Meryl Streep can't endure her boring marriage any more and drags her reluctant husband (Tommy Lee Jones) off to intensive couple's counselling to try to revive intimacy and romance. ★★★ MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED -(Caprice) Those mouthy NYC zoo escapees are up to their usual colourful antics in a wittily entertaining animation romp. ★★★ MAGIC MIKE -(Caprice) Channing Tatum stars as a male stripper who takes a protege under his wing, then eventually has to rethink his lifestyle. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN -(Uni 4/SilverCity) Disney Studios produced this rather fantastical family-friendly tale about a childless couple who end up with a young boy under distinctly magical circumstances. Starring Jennifer Garner. ★★½ PARANORMAN -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Westshore) In an amusingly morbid slice of family animation, a misunderstood boy who can talk to the dead is the only hope to save his town from an army of zombies and ghosts activated by a centuries-old curse. ★★★ PREMIUM RUSH -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Westshore) The always interesing Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, 500 Days of Summer) stars in a zippy, low-tech thriller about a bike courier in NYC who picks up a mysterious package and starts getting chased all over the city by a dirty cop. This is a kinetic and fun night at the movies. See review. ★★★ RUBY SPARKS -(Odeon) This charming and offbeat romcom features a nerdy, lovelorn novelist who writes about the girl of his dreams -- only to find her happily living with him one day. ★ SPARKLE -(Odeon) The late Whitney Houston is one of the stars of this dreadful musical melodrama about three sisters who form a Motown girl group, only to see fame begin to erode their close-knit family. ★★½ TED -(Caprice) Mark Wahlberg stars in a twisted -- and sometimes laboured -- comedy about a young man whose best friend is a foul-mouthed teddy bear that is a very bad influence on him. Written and directed by Seth MacFarlane, most famous for the TV satires Family Guy and American Dad!



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RETIRED MAN, 60. Looking for 1 straight male (20-40) needing regular daily oral satisfaction. Stop being frustrated. Reply to Box #4113 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

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MOVIE MONDAY - Gets to take a well-deserved night off in honour of Labour Day. By donation. 6:30pm MONDAY in the 1900-block Fort. 595FLIC.

CINECENTA Cinecenta at UVic screens its films in the Student Union Building. Info: 7218365. ★★★ PATANG / THE KITE -(Wed.-Thurs., Aug. 29-30: 7:00, 9:00) India's largest annual kite festival provides the backdrop for this lyrical and occasionally dramatic look at a semi-dysfunctional family when the patriarch returns from Delhi. ★★★½ TO ROME WITH LOVE -(Fri.-Sun., Aug. 31.-Sept. 2: 7:00, 9:15 & Mon., Sept. 3: 7:00 only) Woody Allen's winning streak with glamorous European cities continues with his latest comedy, which takes a sly look at adultery, fame, and self-delusion. The great cast includes Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg and Alec Baldwin. ★★★½ MOONRISE KINGDOM -(Tues.-Thurs., Sept. 4-6: 7:00, 9:00) The ever-quirky Wes Anderson (Rushmore, The Fantastic Mr. Fox) is in fine form as he tells a tale about two very young lovers who run away, thus sparking an unusual search. Featuring Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, and Frances McDormand.

✓ EVENTS THURS. AUG 30 BOUNTIFUL BERRIES - Join a CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist on a walk to see just how plentiful the late summer woods can be. Search for blackberries, Oregon grape berries, salal berries and more. There will also be an opportunity to taste jams made from some of these natural delights. 1-2:30pm at the Nature Centre (main Beaver Lake parking lot). Free. 250-478-3344.

FRI. AUG. 31

Call 250-480-3201

2 BDRM Townhouse for rent in Courtenay. 5 appls, 1.5 baths, carport. NS, NP, quiet and clean renter please. Refs rqrd. Available immediately. $850/mth. 250-923-2557.


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CLASSIC BOAT FESTIVAL - Visit the 34th-annual event, with as many as 100 boats floating into Victoria and participating from all over the world. Join in on FRIDAY 5-8pm for welcoming appetizers, silent and live auction and the sale of the work of maritime artist Tony Grove, to benefit both the Classic Boat Festival and the Maritime Museum of BC. FRIDAY noon-8pm, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9am-5pm at Inner Harbour Causeway. Free. ClassicBoatFestival. ca.

SAT. SEPT. 1 THE 145TH ANNUAL SAANICH FAIR - Join in the 145th-annual event for three days of fair fun. Animal and tractor displays, ice cream and pie-eating contests, milking parlour, blacksmith shop, model boats, police displays and old fashioned buggies, heritage helicopters, Pirate School, amusement rides, Rainbow the Clown, magic tricks, music from Younger Than Yesterday, The Archers and more. SATURDAY & SUNDAY 8am-9pm, MONDAY 8am-6pm at Saanich Fairground (1528 Stellys Cross). $10 adults/$7 seniors and youth/Free children under 6. 250-652-3314,


Belfry Theatre

Tickets from $25 to $40 (+HST ) 250-385-6815 or Student discounts available 1291 Gladstone at Fernwood, Victoria

CHESS IN THE SQUARE - The Victoria Junior Chess Society brings chess to downtown Victoria. Stop by to participate in Giant Chess, Blitz, Casual Games, or just learn to play. Noon-5pm at Centennial Square (CRD Plaza near Chinatown). Free. . TEA LEAF READINGS - See into your cup and have your tea leaves read by Ellena. SUNDAYS 2-4pm at James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies). 250-386-4700, BOARD GAMES NIGHT - Scrabble and more. SUNDAYS 5:30pm at the Superior (106 Superior). Free. 250-380-9515.

MON. SEPT. 3 CHESS NIGHT - Bring your own game, or use one of ours. Bring a friend, or come on your own. MONDAYS 6-8:30pm at James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies). Free. 250 386-4700.

Consenting Adults 69JAI#BDC96NB6<#8DB'*%")-%"('%&


Mustard Seed Food Bank 625 Queens Avenue

Wild yet sensual. Experienced, exotic,blue-eyed, natural blonde beauty. 36D-28-36. Full value full time. Toys, lingerie. Discreet downtown location. Mature 40’s. Niki 250-217-3969 ~Unavailable until Sept. 5th~

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EVENTS CALENDAR MARKETS BASTION SQUARE PUBLIC MARKET - Check out the eclectic mix of arts, crafts, imports and entertainment, along with locally grown produce and fruits; homemade breads, pastries. THURSDAYSSATURDAYS 11am-5:30pm, SUNDAYS 11am-4:30pm at Bastion Square and Langley. Free. 250-885-1387. SHIP POINT NIGHT MARKET Come out for an evening and see the different mix of arts, entertainment, and crafts offered each weekend. FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 7-10pm at Ship Point (Inner Harbour). Free. gvha. METCHOSIN FARMERS' MARKET - Farm fresh goodies and locally grown offerings to please every taste through October. SUNDAYS 11am-2pm at Metchosin Municipal Grounds (4450 Happy Valley). Free. VICTORIA DOWNTOWN PUBLIC MARKET - Visit Victoria's one-stop shop for all of your local grocery and farmers market needs. WEDNESDAYS noon-5pm until October at Market Square (Inner Courtyard). Free.




FRI. AUG. 31

FRI. AUG. 31

DROP-IN MATH - Learn the basics through high school, along with English/editing help through Camas Books' FreeSkool. FRIDAYS Noon1:30pm at Camas Books and Infoshop at (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585.

GOWARD HOUSE - The Goward House Portrait Show Group: a display and sale of the works of Goward House artists. 9am-4pm. To Sept. 26 at 2495 Arbutus. WEST END GALLERY - See local glass artist Sarah Mulligan's Pillow Bowl creations. To Sept. 6 at 1203 Broad.

WED. SEPT. 5 SUPPORT CIRCLE - Join Dr. Anke Zimmermann for a monthly healing circle for parents of children and teens with serious, chronic conditions, including autism, addictions and cancer. Group will use guided imagery, creative visualization and focused intention to send children healing and love. 7-8:30pm at #304-2250 Oak Bay. By donation. 250-590-5828. READINGS, AND THE LIFE OF A RESTAURANT CRITIC - Join the Victoria Writers' Society and Monday food writer Pam Grant, who will discuss her work and take questions regarding writing, food and wine — all after hearing fiction, non-fiction and poetry from the winners of the Victoria Writers' Society annual writing contest. 7-9pm at Oaklands Community Centre (2827 Belmont). Free. 250-592-6558,

STAGE THURS. AUG. 30 VICTORIA FRINGE FESTIVAL - 55 shows of comedy, drama, dance, spoken word, musicals and physical theatre at various venues around town. Full schedule at Victoriafringe. ca. FRINGE CLUB - After all the shows are done, head down to the Victoria Event Centre everyday after 9:30pm for entertainment and a fringy good time. WED- Wes Borg, THURS- Road Stories with Flava Dave, FRI- Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret, SAT- Dance Dance Party Party, SUN- Closing party and pick-of-the-Fringe Awards.

SINGE FESTIVAL- Where's My Flying Car?!, space-age spoken word monologue with Missie Peters (7pm) and The Life and Death of Dave Morris (9pm) and God is a Scottish Drag Queen: The Second Coming with Mike Delamont at the Fort Cafe. $11/$20 double-header. Through Sept. 2. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMThe brand-new Victoria Shakespeare by the Sea and Discovery Dance present the bard's magical comedy on the shores of the Inner Harbour. WEDSUN at 7pm and SUN at 2pm. Just off the Government Street Waterfront Path (Dallas at Govt) in Holland Point Park. $15/25 at 250-213-8088.

TUES. SEPT. 4 SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCE- Learn jogs, reels and strathspeys as dancers lead you through easy Scottish country dances. 7:30pm at VFGF Church Hall (550 Obed). Free.

MUSIC THURS. AUG. 30 GREETINGS FROM AUSTRIAThe Carinthia Double Sextet will sing Austrian and international folk music as well as sacred and secular classical music. 7:30pm at Grace Lutheran Church (1273 Fort). By donation.

RED DONS- With The Estranged, No Problem, Spectres. 10pm at Logan's Pub (1821 Cook). $10. THE ADULTS- Geoff Lundstrom and Jason Cook play high-energy covers at the Canoe Brewpub (450 Swift). $5 after 9pm.

FRI. AUG. 31 ON CALL HEROES - With Sharks! On Fire!, High Hopes, helloseptember and Hawk & Steel. 6pm at Fernwood Community Centre (1240 Gladstone). $10/12. THE BROKEN STRINGS - Victoria's most diverse cover band. 9pm at Canoe Brewpub (450 Swift). $5 after 9pm. ALCOHOLIC WHITE TRASH-With Car 87, Kroovy Rookers and Knife Dogs. 9pm at Logan's Pub (1821 Cook). $10. SUNHAWK -With AFK. 10pm at Lucky Bar. $10.

SAT. SEPT. 1 ANNIVERSARY PARTY - The Castle Video Bar and Nightclub is celebrating a milestone and is inviting you to join the fun. After 4pm. Free. VANCOUVER ISLAND BLUES BASH -With free music from noon until 5pm before a ticketed concert with David Gogo at 7:30pm at Ship Point. $25 at Through Monday.

AFTERNOON RECITALS - 4pm through July and August at Christ Church Cathedral (930 Burdett). By donation. DURBAN POISON - With The Poor Choices and Fableway. 9pm at Logan's Pub (1821 Cook). $10. THE TEMPS - Get your dose of classic hits at the Canoe Brewpub (451 Swift). $5 after 9pm.

SUN. SEPT. 2 VANCOUVER ISLAND BLUES BASH -With free music from noon until 5pm before a ticketed concert with Joe Louis Walker at 7:30pm at Ship Point. $30 at Through Monday. OLIVER SWAIN & FRIENDS Enjoy traditional folk tunes with one of Canada's quintessential folk musicians. After open stage, 7:30pm at Norway House (111 Hillside). $5. THE MOONSHINERS - Bluegrass with dobro, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and three-part harmonies. 8:30pm at Swan's Pub. Free. GANGA GIRI - Traditional Australian didjeridu. 10:30pm at The Upstairs Cabaret.$20/25.

MON. SEPT. 3 VANCOUVER ISLAND BLUES BASH -With free music from noon until 5pm at Ship Point.

NEW MEMBER NIGHT - The Arion Male Voice Choir invites potential singers to attend the meet and greet/new members night. 7pm, at Centennial United Church (612 David). or arionmvc@ for more info.

WEDS. SEPT. 5 THE HIVES - Swedish garage rock makes a rare appearance at Club 9ONE9. With special guests FIDLAR> 9pm. $35at Ditch Records, Lyle's Place and

COMMUNITY BORDERLINE PERSONALITY SOCIETY OF BC - Weekly support group. Friends, partners and family also welcome. Starts WED, 7pm at Capital Mental Health Association (125 Skinner). Free. 250-383-5144 ext 2127, LIFERING - Addiction support program. THURSDAYS 7:30pm at Victoria Native Friendship Center (231 Regina). FRIDAYS 6:30pm at Pearkes Rec Centre (3100 Tillicum). TUESDAYS 7:30pm at the Esquimalt Rec Centre (527 Fraser). 250-920-2095, michael@ MORE LISTINGS AT MONDAYMAG.COM/CALENDAR





Monday Magazine, August 30, 2012  
Monday Magazine, August 30, 2012  

August 30, 2012 edition of the Monday Magazine