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Woodlots not meeting requirements

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Playhouse challenge

Woodlots get mixed audit results Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Audits on six Fort St. James woodlots found a 50 per cent full compliance rate. Three woodlots out of the six were compliant with the legal requirements for planning and forestry activities and three were found to have some level of noncompliance. One woodlot was found to be in more serious noncompliance, with the report on woodlot licence W0657 stating: “The Board notes serious shortcomings in the licensee’s management of its reforestation obligations. In particular, the audit identified significant non-compliances regarding the requirements to prepare a pre-harvest map with specified information, ensure reforestation obligations were met within specified timelines; and submit annual reporting information,” said the report. The report says the shortfalls would have a cumulative effect on

the woodlot management and could result in important reforestation not being carried out at the necessary times for proper regrowth. No planting or silviculture survey had been done in the audit period. Two other woodlot licences: W0295 and W 1893 were also found to have some shortcomings in their audits, in the submission of their annual reports. But Rob MacDougall who is a licensee for one and the manager of the other of these two woodlots said his reports have since been submitted. “I was remiss and I’ll be the first to admit it,” he said. While there have been some changes in how the reports are submitted in recent years, now being submitted electronically through very expensive software programs, MacDougall said he only knows of one local service provider through which he can submit his reports, Continued on page 2

Marco Lepore, 5, of North Vancouver plays on the “Airplane House” one of seven magical playhouses built for Canfor’s Playhouse Challenge, now on display at the 2012 Fair at The PNE. The “Airplane House” features wood supplied by Canfor, which has operations in Vanderhoof. It was designed by students from the BCIT School of Architecture and built by BCIT’s Joinery and Construct students. All seven playhouses will be auctioned to corporate buyers at the end of the Fair and place with children’s organizations across the province. Proceeds benefit Habit for Humanity affiliates around BC. The annual Fair, an end of summer tradition for thousands of British Columbians, features more than 700 shows, exhibits and attractions that are free with admission. The 2012 Fair at the PNE runs daily through Labour Day, September 3. Submitted by Jenny Duncan

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Omineca Express


NEWS Woodlot audits

Forest fire season finally rolling Black Press After one of the slowest starts in recent years, B.C. forest fire crews are enlisting help from neighbouring provinces to battle a late-season surge of fires. Most of the major fires are in the sparsely populated northeast corner of B.C., restricting the booming natural gas industry in the region. Yukon sent 79 of its firefighters to B.C. on the weekend, joining 20 from Saskatchewan and and 35 from Ontario. Another emerging hotspot is northwestern B.C., where communities were warned Monday of visible smoke along Highway 16. A fire near Morice Lake was estimated at 1,200 hectares, burning within a park. Near the Yukon

Forest fire crew flies over the Eskal fire near Fort Nelson. The fire reached 2,700 hectares before access to the area was restricted and work began to identify areas that can be burned off to contain its spread across the Fort Nelson River. Photo by B.C. Forest Service

border, 20 firefighters worked on the west and south flanks of a 3,500-hectare fire north of Dease Lake. In addition to the two large fires, the Northwest Fire Centre had seven new fire starts

Sunday, sparked by lightning strikes, and reports of 12 abandoned campfires over the weekend. With hot weather through most of August producing high fire risk, campfires

were banned last week in the Kamloops region. Other areas still allowed campfires as of Monday, but brush and stubble burning and other open fires are banned in most areas of the province. In the Kootenay region, the Brewer Creek fire south of Invermere was estimated at 30 hectares Monday. Started by lightning, the fire had 22 firefighters, three helicopters and four pieces of heavy equipment assigned to contain it. A 56-hectare fire on Skimmer Horn Mountain near the U.S. border was reported contained by Monday. The fire danger rating is high across most of the province with pockets of extremely dry conditions across the north, the western Interior and the Okanagan-Similkameen regions.

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From front and they are so busy it can be difficult to get the reports filed. He said the change from hard copy submissions to digital made a difference. “I was slow to adjust,” he said. With the significant increases in annual allowable cuts on the woodlots, MacDougall also said the increase in harvest may have led to the oversight in filing the reports, as getting the wood out does become the priority when production levels have to be so high, both to harvest the wood while it is usable and to get enough wood to make it worthwhile when the price is so low. “That’s a resource owned by everyone in British Columbia, and I would be remiss if I didn’t do everything I could to get the wood off,” he said. But he said he ensures the groundwork has been done, a statement supported by the audit report, which state the reporting is where the licensee was lacking, and the information in the reports helps to ensure reforestation obligations are being met. Forestry officials said the majority of the non-compliance problems were


Tom Fletcher

in the reporting of work done, and while sometimes it is a bit delayed, the forest service does usually get the information. They said generally, area woodlot licensees are very good and because it is area-based tenure which puts the emphasis on long-term management, the woodlots are managed effectively. Changes in the woodlot regulations over the past few years put more of the responsibility on the shoulders of the licensees, but it has also made the process more streamlined. These types of audits are done around the province, with about 12 taking place each year in randomly chosen forest districts which haven’t been audited in the past five years. “We usually find a pretty good rate of compliance,” said Al Gorley, chair of the Forest Practices Board. “So it’s a bit unusual to have this many in non-compliance.” The fieldwork for the audits took place in September of 2011. Licensees are given a chance to remedy the issues in the reports and have to report back to the board by December 31, 2012.

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Omineca Express Wednesday, August 29, 2012 A3


Express INSIDE NEWS Riverside Park well underway with overhaul INDEX the

Editorial......................... 6 Nechako Notes ........... 16 Classifieds ............. 17-19

BRIEFLY Shift Change Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Mount Milligan may go to a seven-on, seven-off shift. Owners Thompson Creek have been considering the option, which Jocelyn Fraser, director of public affairs for Thompson Creek in Canada, says was something the company always said it could look at. She said recruiting for operational staff for the mine could be helped by the shift change, and a poll done of current mine staff showed the majority of workers would prefer the seven days on, alternated with seven days off shift to the current four-on, four-off shift, including employees from the local area. “We think seven-on, seven-off has some potential,” said Fraser. She also said so far the Mackenzie community has been more supportive of the option than the Fort St. James community. The mine contruction is still on schedule, according to Fraser, and is continuing as planned, after further funds were raised by Thompson Creek selling a further 12.5 per cent of the future gold production of the mine. This raised an additional $200 million for the project. The office in Fort St. James has again been reopened with the hiring of a front desk person, as well.

Christina Millington Omineca Express As of August 16 Riverside Park has been seeded in preparation for final steps. According to Mayor Thiessen the project has been a success so far with re-leveling the area and being sure that it will be successfully utilized for outdoor activities.

Outdoor gym equipment is to arrive shortly,” said Thiessen. “We also cleared away some under brush alongside the river in an effort to clean up the park.” The under brush that has been cut and cleared alongside the river allows better visual awareness of swimmers and activity happening at the base of a high current area on the river. Also, Mayor and council are looking for community members to “champion” the pool project

going forward. “We would like to see the pool come to referendum,” said Thiessen. “It will be an area for the community that will attract and retaining quality individuals into the community.” Mayor Thiessen aspires to see an “aquatic centre” become apart of the community in order to see residents stay here rather than having to travel to places such as Prince George to enjoy such luxuries.

Rustad calls NDP “hypocritical” on pipeline environmental reviews BC Government Caucus

Having fun!

Submitted Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad is calling on the BC NDP to abandon their call for British Columbia to withdraw from the federal Enbridge Northern Gateway Project environmental review hearings and shelve their proposal for a unilateral assessment hearing. “The NDP are being hypocritical on this serious issue. They’ve always opposed Enbridge’s proposed project but now they are calling for a costly, separate environmental review process. If they say they will kill the project no matter what, why do they now want to establish a sham review process?,” said Rustad. By prejudging the project and the federal environmental review process, the NDP have sent a dangerous message to investors. The NDP are, in essence, saying future resource development should be determined by popular opinion – not scientific review. This begs the question, what other resource projects would they try to halt prior to diligent review processes? “B.C. has intervener status at the federal hearings on the proposed pipeline. By abandoning these hearings the NDP have essentially said they will mute the voices of British Columbians. Withdrawing from the federal hearings is a non-starter for our government as we will be asking tough questions of Enbridge.” “The NDP’s threat to establish a unilateral assessment questions their commitment to sound, scientific review. What would an NDP government do if their own review process gives the proposed Enbridge project the green light? Would they ignore the findings and just veto the project anyway, proving the fix was in and wasting tax dollars on mock hearings?,” asked Rustad. The BC Liberal government has been firm and clear regarding proposed heavy oil projects in British Columbia and five minimum requirements must

Karen Cruise and Ish Da Fish entertaining the crowd at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Aug. 17 to 19. Staff photo

be met prior to receive potential provincial support. The five requirements are: 1. Successful completion of the environmental review process. In the case of Enbridge, that would mean a recommendation by the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel that the project proceed; 2. World-leading marine oil spill response, prevention and recovery systems for B.C.’s coastline and ocean to manage and mitigate the risks and costs of heavy oil pipelines and shipments; 3. World-leading practices for land oil spill

prevention, response and recovery systems to manage and mitigate the risks and costs of heavy oil pipelines; 4. Legal requirements regarding Aboriginal and treaty rights are addressed, and First Nations are provided with the opportunities, information and resources necessary to participate in and benefit from a heavy-oil project; and, 5. British Columbia receives a fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits of a proposed heavy oil project that reflects the level, degree and nature of the risk borne by the province, the environment and taxpayers.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Omineca Express



Highway of Tears hits the books Christina Millington Omineca Express Highway of Tears placed under a microscope as the University of British Columbia and the RCMP work together to investigate the Highway of Tears and what needs to be done to make it safer. According to RCMP reports the investigation into the disappearance of people across the North is ongoing and extensive. The University of British Columbia was approached to conduct a study in an effort to support some of the observations made over the years that have

been gathered to analyze data that can be worked with to put an end to hitching on rural highways. Sgt. Keays of the Vanderhoof detachment is quite concerned with the current risks of hitchhiking. “It is a concern to me the amount of people hitching on highway 16,” said Keays. “Especially our First Nations females.” The members if the Vanderhoof detachment will be taking part in the study at UNBC in order to assist the research. “We will be stopping and engaging hitchhikers to gather information for the study,” said Keays. “We quite often stop and assist hitch-

RCMP reports

Are you

Sgt. Keays of the Vanderhoof detachment reports that the community is in good standing. “I am happy to report that no incidents were reported during the Airshow events,” said Keays.” “It went very well with lots of people in the community being a good host to those who attended.” Also, with school back in Sgt. Keays stresses that the community obey all posted speed limits and to be mindful of the cross walks. “We need to obey all posted speed limits,” said Keays. “We need to take care of our children together as a community.” Sgt. Keays would like to thank Staff Sergeant Paul Thalhofer and the Fort St. James detachment for donating quads to the Vanderhoof unit. Calls for service between Wednesday August 16 and Aug 23: 92

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hikers to be sure they are safe and to get an idea of where they are going.” The study requires community cooperation to make this study meaningful and something that will arise an awareness of the crimes that have been occurring in regards to the hitchhikers being victimized in their travels. “We really need to engage our youth and aboriginal people in regards to the risks that come with hitchhiking,” said Keays. The RCMP detachment has been engaged to instill the importance of this study and the information gleaned in order to have the information and research necessary to go forward.

During the past few years, the Nechako Kitamaat Development Fund Society (NKDF) has provided significant support and funding to Stellat’en First Nation for the Wind Energy Investigative study since 2009 which is showing great potential for developing a wind farm. The wind farm, when developed by 2014, is expected to generate credits of 5000 tonnes of GHG annual reductions with the funding and support provided by NKDF for the wind project it has the potential of creating the following job opportunities: Full time: 1) Wind Form Project Manager, 2) Resource Analysts, 3) Wind Farm Estimator, 4) Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil, plus 8 part time positions for construction labour jobs. The Chief and Council of Stellat’en First Nation wish to thank the Nechako Kitamaat Development Fund Society for their support of this project.

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Northern communties “oppose” Kitimat Economic risks are topic of discussion as the fate of Kitimat is in review DeLynda Pilon Prince George Free Press A proposal to construct a $13-billion dollar refinery in Kitimat by media mogul David Black as an end point for Enbridge pipeline bitumen has met with mixed reactions from local leaders. MLA Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, says he sees the potential of such a project, though a lot needs to happen before such a proposal becomes a reality. “I think it’s a very interesting proposal. Of course it will have to go through an environmental review, and we have to make sure corporate investors are on board,” he said. He added he expects the addition of a refinery, should the project take hold, will change the conversation around the pipeline. “It changes the dialogue of the conversation around the Northern Gateway Pipeline, especially when you get an individual such as David Black, who comes with real credibility, and who’s engaging in this project. I look forward to following it along and seeing where it goes.” Bell said he knew Black was considering the project. “Mr. Black has emailed myself and Minister (Rich) Coleman over the last bit of time,” he said. “We knew he was thinking about this and thought it a was an approach to take in terms of adding value to the bitumen as well as mitigating some of the environmental risks in terms of transporting heavy oil on the ocean.” Bell added it’s a bit too early in the game to speculate on what having a refinery in Kitimat will mean to northern B.C.

“There’s a lot of work to be done. I think we’re jumping a bit ahead. Mr. Black, however, suggested there may be upward of 3,000 jobs created,” Bell said. “The notion of increasing capacity of refined product in B.C I think should be attractive to the consumer as well. Refining your own oil then selling it back as oil and diesel to the consumer is likely going to create a more competitive environment for automotive fuel.” Bell added he’s disappointed by the NDP’s reaction to the announcement. “There’s a whole bunch of real interesting things that come with this,” he said.

“It’s disappointing to me the NDP opposed it without knowing anything about it. I think that is worrisome. My interest and approach is ‘tell me more.’ I’m interested in knowing more about this and what it can do for us. I think their approach shows a real lack of respect for the environmental process and a lack of understanding of what needs to be done to drive the economy. If they were to form government and just say no to every major proposal that comes forward there will not be a lot of jobs in B.C. Instead there will be a high rate of unem-

ployment.” The proposal brought forward by David Black is certainly ambitious, but it is unclear whether he will be able to commandeer the supply of oil from Enbridge and the foreign partners involved in the Northern Gateway Project,” said NDP energy critic John Horgan in a press release. “It remains to be seen whether it’s a pipe-dream or if it is a credible plan with realistic price tags and capacity.” Horgan said if it ever manages to get off the ground, it would still have to follow a rigorous environmental process and full consultation with First Nations.

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New Democrat MLA for Skeena Robin Austin said seeing as there is no change to the level of risk with the pipeline, then the pipeline should still not move forward. “There is nothing wrong with the principle of trying to add value or economic benefit to the project, but the potential for disaster with the pipeline is unchanged,” said Austin. “Northern communities know the risks are too great, and that’s why they oppose the project.”

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Omineca Express



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Letter to the Editor:

Quesnel praises local Airshow

Dear Editor: Instead of seeing a large airshow in the lower mainland my wife and I recently attended the 2012 Vanderhoof Airshow accompanied by another couple. Both enthusiastic aviators we frequently attend airshows, as well as fly-ins throughout the province. What we encountered in Vanderhoof was not only a small but fine show, but also a superb gourmet dinner with classy, top-notch entertainment followed by a hangar dance. What Misters Fehr, Vahi and Pearce -- the Airshow Organizing Committee have created is a well-organized, first class summer event that certainly puts Vanderhoof back on the map. As former residents of your fine town we appreciated the warm Vanderhoof hospitality and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of a well-organized smaller event. Definitely a good reason to visit your town. We will be back next year. Dieter Beisel and Beate Bach Quesnel BC

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The end of a friendly chapter Christina Millington Omineca Express I wanted my last editorial to make an imprint on the hearts that have touched mine during my adventures here in Vanderhoof. I have been so blessed with the amazing friends I have been so fortunate to meet here. They have been rather patient and understanding of my complete lack of knowledge of the area, that they often made time to hold my hand ever so often to steer me toward opportunities that would allow myself to introduce myself slowly, but surely to the community. It’s has been an amazing gift to be able to come into an unfamiliar place and feel as though I have had these friendships for years – goes to show the heart this community has. I would like to share a few memorable moments that I have had during my time here for you all to get the sense of what an “outsider” experiences when coming into your community. First and foremost, driving into Vanderhoof for the first time back in May left me feeling nothing less than elated for I was relieved to be driving into a place that exudes beauty – relieved in the sense that I have had some experiences through past travels that has left me leery when coming in an environment with no expectation. Having had the chance to become familiar with the

town I can’t help but laugh as my first day left me so completely turned around. If you can believe it, I couldn’t seem to locate Old Loop Road, which left me frustrated and slightly emotional for I had been exhausted from my journey and wanting nothing more than to draw a hot bath and hit the sheets. Loh and behold I was able to locate my final destination and I suppose the rest is history. The friendships that I have developed through my job have been treasured for I believe some of those friendships wouldn’t have developed if it weren’t for what I do as a profession – discourse with the local storytellers themselves. On that note, I have been so fortunate to have met the kindest, most knowledgeable man I have ever had the pleasure in knowing. I’ll never forget the day when Mr. Peter Rodseth graced me with his presence at my office in an effort to introduce himself. It was evident from that moment that he was a storyteller and a darn good one at that. Since then Peter has taken me on walks upon his handcrafted trails that outline the beautiful countryside, to sharing many of his profound life stories with such an appreciation for all the amazing adventures and experiences he has been so fortunate to have had. It’s relationships such as the one I have with Mr. Rodseth that I will miss dearly. I hope I have managed to touch your lives as you so effortlessly and graciously touched mine. I’ll be forever grateful for the time I have shared with you all here in beautiful Vanderhoof. Over and out.

Have an opinion and a burning desire to express it? Write a letter. All letters must be signed and please include a day-time number where you can be reached for verification. Omineca Express, Box 1007, 150 W. Columbia St, Vanderhoof BC V0J3A0 Tel: 567-9258 Fax: 567-2070 e-mail:

Omineca Express Wednesday, August 29, 2012 A7

Sunshine Discovers growth opportunities in the Vanderhoof community Christina Millington Omineca Express The Nechako Valley Community Services Society (NVCSS) has resurrected the Rainbow Christian School in replacement of Sunshine Discoveries Preschool. The preschool will be attending to children 3 years old to 5 years old with the “support, education and to empower individuals and families to enhance independence, confidence and wellness with respecting the diversity within

the community.” Doors will be open September 17 and will run until June 21, 2013. The preschool will be operating Monday’s through Thursday’s (with four hour blocks to chose from). Sunshine Discoveries executive director, Tyrell Arnold thought this would be an opportunity to “diversify” within the community. “We will be utilizing the classrooms and equipment that the Rainbow Christian School was using,” said Arnold.

The preschool will also be implementing a daycare service in hopes to cater to the need for care providers in the community. “This is an exciting project to be involved in,” said Arnold. If you’re interested in having your children enrolled with Sunshine Discoveries Preschool you can visit NVCSS for a registration package at 157 W. Victoria Street. Registrations can be submitted in person, by email or by fax and will be accepted until September 1, 2012.

September 3, 2012

A Salute to all our Employees during Labour Day Labour Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September in Canada since the 1880s. The September date has remained unchanged, even though the government was encouraged to adopt May 1 as Labour Day, the date celebrated by the majority of the world. Moving the holiday, in addition to breaking with tradition, could have been viewed as aligning the Canadian labor movements with internationalist sympathies. Another major reason for keeping the current September date is that the United States celebrates its Labor Day on the same day. Synchronizing the holiday reduces possible inconvenience for businesses with major operations on both sides of the border. The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to a printer’s revolt in 1872 in Toronto, where labourers tried to establish a 54-hour work week. At that time, any union activity was considered illegal and the organizers were jailed, at the behest of George Brown. Protest marches of over 10,000 workers were formed in response, which eventually led to Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald repealing the anti-union laws and arranging the release of the organizers as well. The fight of the Toronto printers had a second, lasting legacy. The parades held in support of the Nine-Hour Movement and the printers’ strike led to an annual celebration. In 1882 American labour leader Peter J. McGuire witnessed one of these labour festivals in Toronto.

by the government of Prime Minister John Thompson. Socialist delegates in Paris in 1889 appointed May 1 as the official International Labour Day. While Labour Day parades and picnics are organized by unions, many Canadians simply regard Labour Day as the Monday of the last long weekend of summer. Nonunion celebrations include picnics, fireworks displays, water activities, and public art events. Families with school-age children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer. Some teenagers and young adults view it as the last weekend for parties before returning to school, which traditionally begin their new year the day after. An old custom prohibits the wearing of white after Labour Day. The explanations for this tradition range from the fact that white clothes are worse protection against cold weather in the winter to the fact that the rule was intended as a status symbol for new members of the middle class in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Returning to the United States, Peter McGuire along with the Knights of Labor organized a similar parade on September 5, 1882 in New York City. In 1884 another parade was held, and the Knights passed resolutions to make this an annual event. Other labor organizations (and there were many), but notably the affiliates of the International Workingmen’s Association, many of whom were socialists or anarchists, favoured a May 1 holiday. With the event of Chicago’s Haymarket riots in early May of 1886, president Grover Cleveland believed that a May 1 holiday could We appreciate our dedicated and hard working employees become an opportunity to commemorate the riots. Thus, fearing that it might strengthen the socialist LTD. movement, he quickly moved in 1887 to support the position of the Knights •Concrete Services •Sand & Gravel •Lock Blocks of Labor and their date for Labour Day. The date was Phone (250) 567-5016, Fax (250) 567-5028 adopted in Canada in 1894 3201 Redmond Pit Road, Vanderhoof, BC



Endako Mines

We salute the hard work and dedication of all our employees! THANK YOU.

Many thanks to all of our hard-working employees from the Board of Directors and Management at the

Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op Association Labour Day is a time to reflect on the contribution of working people to the building of our great nation.

Here to Help You John RUSTAD, MLA

Nechako Lakes 2500 Butler Avenue 183 First Street Houston Vanderhoof Tel 250-845-7770 Tel: 250-567-6820 Fax: 250-845-7780 Fax: 250-567-6822 Toll free: 1-877-964-5650 E-mail: Website:


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Let’s keep them safe!

bus. r the o f g in g. e wait shovin lete stop. d whil r a o o r g ushin comp ws. of the hout p y out windo s to a it a e t s w u S m s b . o g. 1 c e bu drivin t of th e bus n u rd the h t o o a il o t e d t B ra ea 2. ted un ncent s or h y sea r arm an co isle. c u o r y e 3. Sta riv f the a ick d t o s s r r u a e b le v o the ack c 4. Ne ietly, s backp u d q n it a t 5. S ur fee ep yo e K . 6

Stay within the speed limit

Schooll is going to be e back in se ba ession, and it’s tim me for a refresher course in driverr awareness and safety. With so many kids out and about on their way to and from school, it is imperative that you as a driver approach the road with caution, watch out for school kids and follow these tips:

Be aware, be safe

Book your auto glass appointment online.

Remember bicycle safety. Wear your helmet


250-567-4414 Heed all school zone rules and school bus lights! REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS AND CONSULTATION COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL

PETER RYKS PROPERTY SERVICES LTD. PETER RYKS, AACI, P.App DONNA MICHELS, CRA 115-2375 Burrard Ave Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0 Phone: 250-567-9158 Fax: 250-567-3841 E-mail:

Vanderhoof 142 West 1st St. (Hwy 16) 250-567-3166 All glass products & services for your auto, home & business.


Office: 250-567-6880 Fax: 250-567-6882

Never go anywhere without permission





250-567-2466 622 Dump Rd Vanderhoof

Practice proper car seat usage when transporting kids to and from school

Yellowhead Road & Bridge VANDERHOOF Phone


DRIVE SAFELY! Please exercise caution while driving, especially during school hours or near schools, playgrounds, parks and residential areas. Thanks for keeping our kids safe safe.

Here to Help You John RUSTAD, MLA

Nechako Lakes 183 First Street 2500 Butler Avenue Vanderhoof Houston Tel: 250-567-6820 Tel 250-845-7770 Fax: 250-567-6822 Fax: 250-845-7780 Toll free: 1-877-964-5650

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Nechako Valley Exhibition


46 A9


Light Horse Show Results Halter and showmanship high point Amanda Ettinger High point over all - Jessica Hartwig Costume class - 1st Ryshel McKee

Ranch Hand Sr Ages 18 and up 1st place - Decody Corbiere 2nd place - Maurine Arnold 3rd place - Kari Lybbert

Ranch Hand Jr Ages 6-12 1st place - Becky Gould 2nd place - Avery Lybbert

Cow Hide Drag Race 1st place - Eldon Kochel and Kelsey Ingram 2nd place - Alison Douglas and Josh Grant 3rd place - Decody Corbiere and Amanda Schultz

Ranch Hand Ages 13-18 1st place - Eldon Kochel 2nd place - Britley McKee 3rd place - Dezirae Wall

The theme for this year’s fair was ‘Transportation through the ages’

The look of determination in the cow hide drag race. Photo by Helen Alderson

If you Currently Subscribe to

You can NOW READ Full Page Views Including ALL ADVERTISING!!! “ON LINE” go online to or call 250-567-9258 150 West Columbia, Vanderhoof Heavy horses waiting their turn for the ring.

Children enjoying all the fun at the fair!

Brookside Resort 55110 Hwy 16 West, Cluculz Lake

250-441-3391 WINTER HOURS: 7am-8pm


Burgers Gas ✸ Propane

Fireworks ✸ Diesel ✸ RV Camping ✸

Fort Fraser Petro Canada


HELP WANTED Cooks needed immediately. Call: 250-690-7542 or

SALUTE TO LABOUR ADVERTISING DEADLINES! Due to the Labour Day September 3rd holiday, please note the following changes. September 5th Issue Ad Deadline: Thursday, August 30 - 3pm OFFICE HOURS CLOSED Saturday, September 1st Monday, September 3rd

drop off resume @ Fort Fraser Petro Canada 528 Highway 16, Fort Fraser

250-690-7542 or 250-690-7548






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Nechako Valley Exhibition Results from the 46th Annual Nechako Valley Exhibition Team Roping Event

Submitted Ray Sayles Saturday, Aug. 18 - 76 teams 1st - Charlie Soffel & Butch Hall 2nd - Ray Sayles & Ian Wartrop 3rd - Ray Sayles & Dustin Shields 4th - Lance Muellen & Ian Wartrop Fast times 1st - Ray Sayles & Luke Muellen - 7.6 sec. 2nd - Charlie Soffel & Butch Hall - 8.4 sec. Sunday, Aug. 19 - 60 teams 1st - Ray Sayles & Ian Wartrop 2nd - Ray Sayles & Bud Lawlor 3rd - Hugh Bell & Ian Wartrop 4th - Colton Wartrop & Harry Bell Fast times 1st - Lance Muellen & Luke Meullen 2nd - Lance Muellen & Clint Cripps



Ray Sayles and Bud Lawlor.

Lance Muellen and Clint Cripps.


High point winners of Nechako Valley Exhibition 2012 Exhibit Building Submitted Julie Hodson Preschool - Graham Yoder Agriculture - Nancy Haines Flowers Section 1 Cut Flowers - Sue Christenson Section 2 Arrangements - Shelly Olin Section 3 Hanging baskets - Becca Rodts Garden Produce - Corrie Parker Home Preserving - Corrie Parker Beverages - Corrie Parker Home baking - Becca Rodts

Quilting - Tie between Sherry Smedley & Ingrid Pearce Needlework - Corrie Parker Handicrafts & Arts - Corrie Parker Scrapbooking - Sasha Thiessen Photography - Simon Bach Junior ages 6-8 - Clara Yoder ages 9-11 - Andrew Hartwig Youth ages 12-14 - Mikayla Triggs ages 15-17 - Shalena Breitkreutz Overall High Point Winner Becca Rodts


There was a variety of beautiful quilts.

Junior gymkhana.

Photo by Cassidy Johnson

A great assortment of lovely flowers.

Omineca Express Wednesday, August 29, 2012



annual A11

Nechako Valley Exhibition

Beef Show Results Thank you to the approximately 30 Exhibitors which brought over 100 head of cattle to the Show and to all of this year’s Volunteers. Judges: Kirk and Jill Wildman, Sangudo, AB ANGUS SHOW Mature Cow/Calf 1st - Blast Angus, Houston 2nd - Gary Meerdink, Smithers Young Cow/Calf (2 Year Old Cow) 1st - Tanya Belsham, Houston 2nd - Marberly Angus, High Prairie, AB 3rd - Harvest Angus, Prince George 4th - Harvest Angus, Prince George Senior Champion Female - Tanya Belsham, Houston Reserve Senior Champion Female - Marberly Angus, High Prairie, AB Yearling Heifer 1st - Tanya Belsham, Houston 2nd - Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel 3rd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 4th - Harvest Angus, Prince George Heifer Calf - Split Class 1st - Harvest Angus, Prince George 2nd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 3rd - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel 4th - Marberly Angus, High Prairie, AB 1st - Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel 2nd - Marberly Angus, High Prairie, AB 3rd - Frank and Miriam Ludwig, Vanderhoof 4th - Red Moon Angus, Vanderhoof Junior Champion Female - Tanya Belsham, Houston Reserve Junior Champion Female - Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel Grand Champion Female - Tanya Belsham, Houston Reserve Grand Champion Female - Tanya Belsham, Houston Bull Calf - Split Class 1st - Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel 2nd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 3rd - Crosby Angus, Vanderhoof 4th - Harvest Angus, Prince George 1st - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel 2nd - Frank and Miriam

Ludwig, Vanderhoof 3rd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 4th - North 40 Red Angus, Vanderhoof Yearling Bull 1st - Tanya Belsham, Houston 2nd - North 40 Red Angus, Vanderhoof 3rd - Harvest Angus, Prince George Junior Champion Bull Tanya Belsham, Houston Reserve Junior Champion Bull - North 40 Red Angus, Vanderhoof 2 Year Old Bull 1st - Blast Angus, Houston 2nd - Harvest Angus, Prince George Senior Champion Bull Blast Angus, Houston Reserve Senior Champion Bull - Harvest Angus, Prince George Grand Champion Bull Tanya Belsham, Houston Reserve Grand Champion Bull - Blast Angus, Houston Breeder’s Herd 1st - Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel 2nd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 3rd - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel 4th - Marberly Angus, High Prairie, AB Get of Sire 1st - Tanya Belsham, Houston 2nd - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel 3rd - Red Moon Angus, Vanderhoof 4th - Harvest Angus, Prince George Progeny of Dam 1st - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel 2nd - Frank and Miriam Ludwig, Vanderhoof 3rd - Red Moon Angus, Vanderhoof 4th - Harvest Angus, Prince George ALL OTHER BREEDS Yearling Heifer 1st - KRS Simmentals, Quesnel 2nd - Copper-T Ranch, Fraser Lake 3rd - Copper-T Ranch, Fraser Lake Heifer Calf 1st - KRS Simmentals, Quesnel 2nd - X-Bar Simmentals, Vanderhoof Junior/Grand Champion Female - KRS Simmentals, Quesnel Reserve Junior/Reserve Grand Champion Fe-

male - Copper-T Ranch, Fraser Lake Bull Calf 1st - X-Bar Simmentals, Vanderhoof 2nd - KRS Simmentals, Quesnel Yearling Bull 1st - Moon Simmentals, Vanderhoof 2nd - Copper-T Ranch, Fraser Lake Junior/Grand Champion Bull - Moon Simmentals, Vanderhoof Reserve Junior/Reserve Grand Champion Bull X-Bar Simmentals, Vanderhoof Breeder’s Herd 1st - Copper-T Ranch, Fraser Lake ALL BREEDS SUPREME CHAMPION FEMALE OF THE SHOW - Tanya Belsham, Houston

Jackpot Heifer Winner Mapes 4-H member, Travis Solmonson accepts the award for first place winner in the Jackpot Heifer Class, judged by 3 local cattlemen, from NVE Beef Committee member Ingrid Pearce. Sumitted by Miriam Ludwig


JACKPOT CLASSESJudged by 3 Commercial Cattlemen Jackpot Yearling Heifer 1st - Travis Solmonson, Vanderhoof 2nd - Tanya Belsham, Houston 3rd - Tanya Belsham, Houston Jackpot Bull Calf 1st - Frank & Miriam Ludwig, Vanderhoof 2nd - Crosby Angus, Vanderhoof 3rd - Mountain Ash Angus, Quesnel

SUPREME CHAMPION BULL OF THE SHOW - Tanya Belsham, Houston RESERVE SUPREME CHAMPION BULL OF THE SHOW - Blast Angus, Houston PREMIER BREEDER / PREMIER EXHIBITOR - Tanya Belsham, Houston SHOWMANSHIP 1st - Kolby Page, Vanderhoof 2nd - Travis Solmonson, Vanderhoof 3rd - Ashley Breuer, Houston


Supreme Champion Female Tanya Belsham of Poplar Meadows Angus, Houston BC, accepts Supreme Champion Female of Show from Alan Martens for DMS Feedlot and Dairy who sponsors this award. Sumitted by Miriam Ludwig

COMMERCIAL CLASSES Market Steer 1st - Kolby Page, Vanderhoof 2nd - Michelle Kulchar, Vanderhoof 3rd - Erica Byers, Vanderhoof Replacement Female 1st - Pat and Randall Dering, Vanderhoof Productive Female (Cow & Calf) 1st - Sarah Lynn Poole – Poole’s Arrow Ranch, Prince George 2nd - Pat and Randall Dering, Vanderhoof 3rd - Art and Audrey Wiens, Vanderhoof 4th - Cara and Ken Kells, Vanderhoof

Reserve Champion Female Reanne Sanford of KRS Simmentals, Quesnel BC, accepts the Reserve Champion Female of Show plaque from Gerry Thiessen sponsor of this award. Sumitted by Miriam Ludwig

Nechako Valley Exhibition- Beef Committee would like to thank all the Beef Barn Sponsors and Volunteers for making this year’s Exhibition and Show a success: Business Sponsors: BC Livestock Co-op, Vhf Canyon Tree Farms, FSJ Cariboo Water Wells, PG Crosby Plumbing, Vhf Glen Dale Agra Services, Vhf JC’s Waterworks, Vhf L&E Ranches, PG NAPA Auto Parts, Vhf North Country Inn Motel, Vhf Poplar Meadows Angus, Hst Western Financial Group, Vhf Plaque Sponsors: RBC, Vhf -Supreme Champion Bull HUB International Barton, Vhf -Reserve Champion Bull DMS Feedlot and Dairy, Vhf -Supreme Champion Female Thiessen Charolais, Vhf -Reserve Champion Female L&E Ranches, PG -Premier Exhibitor KC Ranch, FF -Premiere Breeder Nechako Regional Cattlemen’s Assoc. -Productive Female, Commercial Huber Farm Equipment, PG -Replacement Female, Commercial


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Rediscover Vanderhoof Bacchus Vine Creations Bacchus Vine Creations is a locally owned company with an inviting environment for the aspiring wine maker to look around and become more acquainted with the wine making process. Owner Beata Klein, and assistant Trudy Weir, make up a dynamic duo, they’re there to assist you every step of the way when it comes to preparing your custom red, white or fruit wine. Making your own wine is fast, fun and affordable and Bacchus Vine Creations is your one stop shop for all your wine necessities. If wine doesn’t seem to hit the spot, beer

is also on the menu. Some of the products available at Bacchus Vine Creations are, WineExpert wine kits, wine making equipment, ingredients for fruit wine, corkscrews, bottles, a variety of handmade knitted items, as well as local honey. “Quality service with a smile.” Stop by and see Beata or Trudy at 149 West Stewart St. or call 250-567-4111 and start your “creation” today. Be sure and watch for wine tasting the last week of October. This annual event is a great opportunity for you to taste different wines, meet new people and reacquaint with old friends.

Beata Klein and Trudy Weir.

Riverside Park Vanderhoof

Located on the banks of the Nechako River, just north of downtown Vanderhoof, Riverside Park presents the perfect opportunity for ultimate relaxation. Stop to stretch your legs, have a picnic lunch or stay overnight at one of the 38 campsites. Use of showers, sani-dump, and firewood are available when campsite fees are paid. The 1.2 km loop walking path is lamp-lit and the trail is maintained year round for running, walking, and crosscountry skiing. Riverside Park is home to the Nechako Migratory Bird Sanctuary where thousands of Canada Geese, trumpeter swans and other migrating birds can be seen each spring and fall. Be sure to climb the bird watching tower for a better view.

Christopher Rehmann Owner/operator

We are in your neighbourhood!

Bring Home The Gold

Gold Medal, Selection Winexpert Wine Kits 1st 10% off • 2nd 15% off 3rd 20% off Love your wine. Guaranteed QUALITY & SERVICE

Large selection of Winexpert Wines

• Full service plumbing • Gas fitting • Water treatments • Hot water tanks/installation • Bathroom/laundry/kitchen renovation or relocation • Drain cleaning • Plumbing supplies and more Certified Journeyman Plumber and Gas Fitter

P h: Ph:


We accept

149 Stewart St. West

25 0 • 570 250 5 70 • 2125 2 12 5 •


❚ Diesel P/U Performance ❚ ATV Sales & Service ❚ Suspension Lift Kits ❚ HD Truck & Trailer Repair


Tel: 250-567-9229 Fax: 250-567-9219 1217 Speedway Rd, Vanderhoof, BC

fax 250 25 0 • 567 5 67 • 7050 70 5 0

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

The Reid Stone Grill Bar & The Reid Wine & Liquor Store 2508 Burrard Ave, Vanderhoof

250-567-2316 A13

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Rediscover Vanderhoof Kal Tire When it comes to trusting someone with the safety of you and your family, it’s experience that counts. Kal Tire has been serving customers in Vanderhoof for over 30 years and they apply that experience to everything they do. In addition to passenger vehicles, the skilled technicians at Kal Tire can service farm vehicles and light and medium terrain vehicles. Come to Kal Tire for front-end work, brakes, alignment, oil changes and, of course, tire and wheels. Store manager, Steve Alessandrini started with Kal Tire in 1989 in sales and service and knows the importance of working with customers to make sure they get exactly what they need. Since coming to Vanderhoof, Alessandrini has taken pride in making sure Kal Tire lives up to its motto of, “True Service.â€? When you buy tires or get work done at Kal Tire, it’s backed by best warranty in the business. Warranties are valid at over 200 Kal Tire locations in BC, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and even Chile so you can hit the highway with conďŹ dence. The staff is happy to go out of their way to make sure you get what you need, when you need it – and done right the ďŹ rst time. Kal Tire assistant manager, Shawn Harris has been with Kal Tire

Ferland Water ParkVanderhoof

Let the kids splash around at the new water park or climb on the jungle gym at Ferland Park in Vanderhoof. Parents can catch some shade under a tree or soak up the rays in the Centennial Park. It’s the perfect opportunity for young and old to enjoy a pleasant day in the park. The park is situated between Church and Lampitt Streets in Vanderhoof.



in Vanderhoof for 11 years. Harris said the best part of his job is seeing his customers drive away satisďŹ ed on quality tires sold at a fair price. He knows once they’ve experienced Kal Tire’s superior service, they’ll be coming back. Kal Tire carries a wide selection of Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Yokohama, Kumho, Nokian, Falken, Federal and TBC


brand products and they service what they sell. In addition, Kal Tire retreads more truck tires than any other company in Canada using the high-quality Bandag process. When you shop at Kal Tire you’re supporting a BC owned and operated company. The late Tom Foord founded the company in Vernon, BC in 1953 and it’s still headquartered there today.

The company is named after Kalamalka Lake – Lake of Many Colours – that is a Vernon landmark. From one small shop in the Okanagan, Kal Tire has grown to a major company employing over 3,000 people, including 11 employed here in Vanderhoof. Be part of the success story and come down to Kal Tire to see what “True Service� can do for you. BarterNow. ca LOCAL

1. Join the BarterNow 3. Sell to other BarterNow members network 2. List your goods or 4. Buy using Barter Dollars and Save Cash! services Double Dollar Deal for the ďŹ rst 100 members For more information visit


Monthly packages starting with 25 GB of usage Monthly packages starting at$49.95 Netix ready Voip & Online gaming optimized Low install fee No Contracts

(866) 976-3416

Shane’s Shop Professional Automotive Repair Friendly, honest service for you and your vehicle • Electronic Engine • Management Systems • General Repairs • Brakes • Front ends HOURS OF OPERATION Tues-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm -- Sat 9:00am-5:00pm 346 W. 1st Street, Hwy 16, Vanderhoof email: phone Jutta @ 250-567-3993

Tel: (250) 567-4224 Fax: (250) 567-3147


250-567-6801 •

Fax: 250-567-6941


Heavy Duty Mechanics/ Commercial Transport Mechanical Repair

18’ Rainbow Excursion Medium Duty Deck-above 2-5200 lb Torsion axles 6� Channel Frame All Wheel Electric Brakes 15� Radial Tires Mounted Spare Tire Heavy Duty Slide-In Ramps 7,000 lb Drop-leg Jack LED Lights CANADIAN MADE $5100

 " &  '  " 4 3

Call us today for a quote on your custom-built trailer! 4445   5  Phone: 250-567-6762 Located 20 km east of 7162 Barsness Rd Vanderhoof on Hwy 16 Vanderhoof BC

Starting in September Register Now Contact: 250-567-3200 Email address: Website:


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Rediscover Vanderhoof Grace Memorial Funeral Home & Crematorium Ltd. FACTS: Began as Grace Memorial Funeral Chapel and later changed our name to Grace Memorial Funeral Home & Crematorium Ltd., offering families full funeral services including cremations closer to home. We serve families in Vanderhoof and throughout three districts, including the Omineca, the Lakes and the Central Interior, even as far as McBride & Valemount. We have a staff of four full time employees. Val & Isabelle are sisters & co-owners. Vicki is from the Fort Fraser area, enjoys the outdoors and the people in the community, while Vinny, our ‘go to guy’, from Prince George is on call 24/7. We’ve been established in Vanderhoof now for over 9 ½ years. There are many benefits to pre-arranging

and pre-paying your funeral services, plus we really enjoy meeting people before death such as when an individual comes in to pre-arrange. We can spend time with you and help you make decisions while you are of a sound mind. Our goal is to help alleviate pain, not add to it, and to take the fear out of death, while our job is to provide you with all the options available. There are no rules in funeral service, BUT there are laws & rites in traditional churches which must be followed and it is our job to inform you of the same. HOWEVER, the service to honor your loved one can be as creative as you want it to be. None of us plan to die, but we will. Some of us know when it’s coming, but many of us don’t. Either way, for those left behind, it is life changing and chal-

Grace Memorial FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORIUM LTD. “Serving with Dignity, Compassion & Respect”

“Live life as though there were no tomorrow” Val

Isabelle 253 West Stewart St, Vanderhoof

Phone: (250) 567-4814 Toll Free: 1-866-567-4814




Hair Salon & Spa

Vinny lenging. It has been our privilege to meet and serve you, and to laugh and cry with you. As always, thanks for trust-

& the

Country Cupboard

Get your “New Hair Do” before school starts!

Vicki ing us. LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST Every breath we take is a bonus and every day we live is a Blessing.

Hair Cuts, Colours, Foils All your hair needs here! Call for your appointment today!


• Quality Solid Hardwood Furniture • Unique Gifts & Accessories • Custom Designed Kitchens • Millwork & Custom Cabinetry

Ro Tea om Tea and C




Sandwiche s Soup and Chowder Hot Biscu its and Sc ones Hou 11:0 rs Tuesday0- - 3:00 Saturday

162 Stewart St W, Vanderhoof

250-567-2383 Bradley Park Vanderhoof Located south of the alleyway between 4th and 5th Street W. The park is well lit, has picnic tables, a play structure, swings and an open playing area. Leiding Park Vanderhoof Located on the east side of Victoria St. near Peach Lane, Leiding Park has an open, grassy play area and swing set.

• Computer Accessories Brother Printers, Printer Inks, Toners

L td. Ltd.

• OfÀce Supplies


11435 Hwy 16 E Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A1

Phil Teichroeb PH: 250-567-3196 Fx: 250-567-4228

• Cellular Accessories • Electronics TV, DVD’s, Headphones, Stereo Cable Etc.

Authorized Dealer for...

• LED Strip Lights & Desk Top Toys • Sirius Radio

email: 149A Stewart St W Vanderhoof





Omineca Express Wednesday, August 29, 2012 A15






AUGUST 1 - 31, 2012



InsideO M I N E C A


s s e r p Ex ser Lake ser ● Fra m om f ● Fort Fra .co s.c Vanderhoo minecaexpres Serving www.o

& Area

y, July 25, Wednesda


derhoof ts of Van e e tr s e march th ool spirit NVSS sch

. HST $1.34 Inc 21 . Vol. 35 No

n Millingto Christina Express Omineca

ets of r the stre took ove 975 graduatreunion 0-1 The NVSS July 21 as the 197 ctor Parade with Tra f on Vanderhoo participated in the ded school spirit. s rexu sse ich cla down Bu , wh ing marched sed and own float their own SS 2012 reunion time pas ation of The NV in celebr Rainbow rand Street rekindled. the at ed s friendship ekend events end and a dance. chers The we ool with a dinner ts and tea up Sch by studen a gro Christian were made Sound Addiction, Speeches ium welby ertainment filled the gymnas to come, while ent oor Georg dance fl e from Prince attendees to the SS successes som coming theand honour their NV of 1975 memorate . his class ago eer and od before 40 years essen sto high school car Thi yor Ma his highly of s were reand spoke red it with. friendship sha those he were shared and n Laughs Millingto Christina Photo by united.

unity for comm d r a g e r o Alcan: n Rio Tinto

ting the on excava tially working currently to complete the par exAlcan is d t the Rio Tinto kilometres require ich would connec l wil l wh 7.6 , n. nci nel ing tun e locatio council not cou remain metres 2nd Tahtsa Lak whether or nel at the plant st e around built 16 kilo cks at their West addressed among for sevsto still revolv al of a back-up tun ject. n rks pen rns bee wo ng nce e the pro isti Co rov l the that hav been in h the app Bell has provincia y have on Concerns t this project has from the go forth wit e information the and Innovation Pat ke a des n is tha ledgement to the First Nation ma Millingto with the littl of Jobs, Tourism s on the district to forward members s without acknow Christina derhoof or Minister factory guideline er or not to move eral month to the town of Van Express eth connect atis nt Omineca ir need to governme on that placed uns y 20 to decide wh the exh sati of en dle ver re ess Na es. Jul awa Thi ic of con ny cision by g, Mayor the provin- communiti to Alcan has been nities, Saik’uz and th feed. be the top members and ma etin nel to me l tun ms to mu nci for put Rio Tin ncil be up s com with the the July 16 cou Alcan see ng should of the decision. st Nation ortunity to Rio Tinto on the mind of cou inhabitDuring group e ision-maki ds with the Fir wing them the opp y are the original vy hing al mining exthat the dec arding the magnitud The province nee is not the d allo tion weighs hearesidents. r, n as sse rna eve t, ut’e pre inte jec two how ce. reg g Wh “Th ko River, ing the pro concerned to Alcan is a leadin ld upon their already nication cial government ch look to the provinn on it,” he said. nse. back regard d along the Necha mu isio lice e,” Rio Tin 0,000,000 to bui a commu nts in lan “We very kes the dec y had on the water er is gon ide $35 to have hit ants of the e the wat n.” the ted. one that ma acquiring s, which seems l members and res to be the 0 agreement that to make that decisio the con- has been facilita to Vanderhoof onc has.” nel nci pens munity isting tun h Vanderhoof cou the 195 d with to hority “What hap “It’s a fear the com ng spoke n is in were given the aut h moving forwar nities concerns ent. nni pm He elo l barrier wit . s wit mu They future dev sident, Pau the companies pla is cautiou nal tunnel as com y have on the Thiessen said en ess regards to to Alcan vice pre els Thi ing ma itio ard er lev effects it of the add Rio Tin ers on July 16 reg to sustain the wat struction ed regarding the mb nel council me a third back-up tun have surfac er. . p Riv c,” he said to develo at the plant. Kemano Nechako is so specifi coming in pe of this project y operational at the full are s “The sco two tunnel Currently nt. power pla

chool Back to S

unity as the the Comm people of dents and of our stu s. a call... awareness school year begin 2012. Give us y fet sa 3 st 29, we raise 2012/201 ed: Augu with us as

Back Join

y on Safet s c i s a B to



Publish 3, 2012 August


Want to re know mour about yo? Buy ity commun ription a subsc ! now

-9 250-567

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Nechako Notes

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COMING EVENTS.... Will appear, as space is available, free of charge in this section. Coming events are available to nonprofit organizations only.s This area is not intended for thank you submissions or selling products. It is simply a place for non-profit organizations a place to announce upcoming free activities. You can e-mail your item to advertising@ or by fax (567-2070). Your organizations’ announcement can also be dropped off at our office located at 155 W. Columbia. Decision of the publisher is final. ***

PICTURE THIS....Your activity could be featured in “Picture This.” Snap a photo at your groups’ fundraiser. It could be anything from a car wash to cleaning up our streets. It could even include school activities. Basically people making a difference in our community. Send us your photo by e-mail ( or drop it off at the Omineca Express (150 W. Columbia Street). Please provide a brief description accompanied with the photo. This week’s submission....


Photo by Christina Millington

During my time here in Vanderhoof I couldn’t help but notice what some are so fortunate to have in their backyard. The Nechako River.


Church Directory For more information or to join Vanderhoof’s Faith Church Directory

Call Pam at 250-567-9258

The Gospel Chapel 448 Connaught Street 11:00 a.m. Worship Service (Affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada) For more information call


NECHAKO COMMUNITY CHURCH MENNONITE BRETHREN 1393 Highway 16 East (Across from P.J. Collision)

250-567-4960 Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am Sunday School - 11:15 am Cowboy Church

Last Sunday of the month @ 7:00 p.m.

Our Mission Glorifying God by helping all people move closer to Jesus Christ one step at a time.

Making Jesus known

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship The Church on the Corner “Giving you a Purpose to live for and People to live with” Worship Service: 10:00 am Small Groups meeting together regularly: We have a place for you to belong! For more information call

567-9198 263 Vanderview Drive For more information visit our website:

PREGNANT? Childbirth prenatal classes offer information on labour and delivery choices, the newborn, postpartum family, breastfeeding and a hospital tour. Classes for anyone due before the end of November, 2012 will be starting September 10, 2012 at 7pm at Vanderhoof Health Unit. Call 567-6900 for more info and to register. *** CALLING ALL SENIORS... come and join us for carpet bowling or pool - Monday and Thursday afternoons. Come and have some fun! Everybody welcome. Call Oscar for more info: 250-567-4582. *** AL-ANON...Has your life been affected by someone elses drinking? The AlAnon is for you! Meetings held on Mondays at 7pm in Community Room at Omineca Safe Home Society. For more information contact Gail at 567-4318. *** VANDERHOOF PUBLIC looking for donations of lego blocks to be used for children’s programs at the library. If you have lego that your kids have outgrown, we would love to put it to good use. Please contact Jenn at 250567-4060 or email: vhpljlb@ *** STUART NECHAKO MANOR ...Do you like to walk and be outdoors? Stuart Nechako Manor is looking for volunteers to help with our walking program. If you can commit to half an hour 1-2 times per week please call Marnie at 250-5676290. *** THE NORTHSIDE WOMEN’S INSTITUTE...meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Newcomers always welcome. For more information call Brenda, 250 567-9705. *** VHF HOSPICE SOCIETY... What are you doing every 3rd Wednesday of each month. Do you have 2 hours to give each month? Are you sensitive to the special needs of those persons at the end stages of life?

Find one last activity that will get you out of the house before the colder weather comes. End your summer with one last hurrah! Photo Christina Millington

Want to be part of a great organization that makes a difference in our community then we are looking for you. The Vanderhoof Hospice Society is a notfor-profit charity looking for new volunteer members who will work with the current members to oversee our local Hospice Program. Hospice is a program that offers a support system to persons that are the end stages of life. Our Society has a desire to help others. We are sensitive to the special needs of the dying patient and their families. We do not have personal agendas or “missions” to our Hospice work. Our main fundraising come in the form of donations to our Tree of Life. We are looking for new members to continue this great service. More info call Debbie 567-7956 *** VHF STROKE at the Stuart Nechako Manor Activity Room - Mondays 9:30 12:00 noon (except holidays). Any volunteers who would like to come are very welcome. All stroke recovery members in Vanderhoof and surrounding areas are invited to attend. For more information call Luella at 250-441-0086. *** THE FOOD BANK... is in serious need of food donations. Specifically the following is needed: Canned vegetables, meat, fish, canned milk, sugar, pasta, pasta sauces, soups (we have enough mushroom soup), toilet tissue. *** BADMINTON AT FLESS GYM... Every Thursday at 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. come out and have some fun! *** THE VANDERHOOF CAN-

CER SUPPORT GROUP... meets the first Friday of every month @ noon at the The Reid. For more info call Karen @ 567-4828. *** ENDAKO HALL SOCIETY...meets every THIRD Wednesday of the month in the hall at 7:30pm. *** THE YELLOWHEAD DRAFT HORSE an organization for those interested in light and heavy horse driving. Monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month. For more info contact: Jon 250567-8484. *** NECHAKO QUILTERS GUILD... meets the third Tuesday of the month 9:30 am (Sept. - May) at Nechako View Seniors Common Room. Fran Sheeley 5675254. *** THE FRASER QUILTERS GUILD... meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10am at the Fort Fraser Community Hall. Newcomers welcome. *** HOSPICE TREE OF LIFE... is to honour the living as well as to remember and honour those who have passed on. For more info call Debbie @ 250-567-7956. *** THE FRASER LAKE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP... meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12 noon in the New Fraser Lake Restaurant. For further information call Judy at 250-6997763. *** NECHAKO VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY... meets every second Thursday of the month 6:30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce office. *** VANDERHOOF 899 AIR

CADET SQUADRON... Cadets will meet every Wednesday night 6:15pm at the Cadet Building on Burrard Street. Anyone age 12 to 18 interested in the Cadet Program is welcome to attend. Any adult interested in assisting in anyway, please contact the officers at the Cadet Building Wednesday night. For more information call Glenda 250-567-7574. *** AA MEETING... Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. United Church Hall. 567-8087 or 567-4588 *** FRASER LAKE AA MEETINGS... Tues & Thurs 8:00 p.m. at St. Wilfred’s Church just across from police station. *** ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL AUXILIARY... meets second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the hospital cafeteria. Call 567-9759 Edna. *** VANDERHOOF LIBRARY HOURS Tuesday 10:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday 10:00 am to 5:00pm & 6:30 to 8:30pm Thursday 10:00 to 5:00pm Friday 10:00 am to 6:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm *** FRASER LAKE LIBRARY HOURS Sunday & Monday Closed Tuesday 10am - 4pm Wednesday & Thursday 3pm - 8pm Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 2pm *** NVSS BOTTLE DEPOT HOURS Open Mon, Tues, Friday 11am-5pm Saturday 10am-5 p.m. ***

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In Memoriam

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ALMOND, Gene Randolph (Randy)

FLOW FACTS 22 August 2012




Your In Memoriam Gift is a lasting tribute. Please mail your donations to the address below, and include your name and address, along with the name and address of the next-of kin for an acknowledgment card. Donations can be sent to: HSFBC & Y, 1212 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V2. 1-800-663-2010.

Reservoir Elevation: 852.62 m (2797.31ft) SLS Discharge: 32 m3/s Cheslatta Falls: 255 m3/s Nautley River: 31 m3/s Vanderhoof: 337 m3/s Isle Pierre: 604 m3/s Discharge will be increase to approximately 65 m3/s in September and may be increased in the fall to further reduce reservoir elevation before winter. For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 5675812

Information Have your say. Get Paid. Voice your opinion on issues that matter and receive cash incentives for doing so.

Also, participate to win one of 10 prizes totalling $1000!




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Personals GET PAID To lose weight. $5,000 For Your Success Story. Personal Image TV Show. Call to qualify: 1-888-7717607. MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now 1-888-744-3699 MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now 1-888-744-3699

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MARGARET CAMERON Born Oct 10/1922 - Left us Aug 21/ 2011 Gone but never forgotten. Your husband, daughters, son, sister & brother - families and friends. We thought of you with all our love today But that is nothing new. We think of you in silent thought all the time And speaking your name, everywhere, For your picture is everywhere in our houses.


February Born February 7, 7, 1946 passed 1946 passed away away u n e xunexpectedly pectedly Saturday, August 18, 2012. Randy resided in English Bay for over 40 years and worked for the Attorney and Generals officeoffi ce as a Justice of the and as a Justice Peace for a combined 33 years. He was of the Peace for 33 years. He was bornborn and and raised in Vanderhoof, so comes to raised in Vanderhoof, the eldest of 10 home siblings. his beloved north and The eldest of Randy is survived bythe hisfarm. mother Frances; 10 siblings. Randy is survived by hisbrothers mother sisters Marlene (Cy), Treva (Eric), Frances; sisters Marlene (Cy), TrevaRobert, (Eric), John (Terry), Brent, Scott, Barry, brothers John (Terry), Barry, Robert, Richard (Lucia) and Brent, was a Scott, beloved uncle and Richarduncle (Lucia) wasnieces, a beloved uncle and great to and many nephews great uncleHe to many nephews cousins. had anieces, tight knit circle Stephanie of friends (Lance), Jacel,He Janallie (Sebastian), Eva who will Dayna, miss him. was predeceased by Marie, great nieces,and nephews Christian, Faith, his father Scotty, sister Lonnie. Prayers Kaeden and numerous Heathad tight will be offered Monday,cousins. August 27 3:00a p.m. knit circle of friends whoCatholic will missChurch, him. He1161 was from Guardian Angel predeceased his father Scotty, and Mass sister Broughton St.,byVancouver, A memorial Lonnie. A memorialSaturday Mass will be celebrated will be celebrated September 1 at Saturday 1 at Catholic 10:30 a.m. at St. 10:30 a.m.September at St. Joseph’s church in Joseph’s Catholic church in Vanderhoof. Vanderhoof. Online to the family may be made Onlinecondolences condolences to the family may be to made to

James Fredrick Williams March 15, 1932 - July 22, 2012 Jim Williams passed away on July 22, 2012 surrounded by his family. Jim was born and raised in Vanderhoof. After leaving school he moved to Revelstoke to work for the C.P.R. where he met Dolly. They were married in 1951 and had four children in Revelstoke before moving back to Vanderhoof to farm in 1961. Two more children arrived in Vanderhoof making the family complete. The family’s final move was to Ladysmith in 1971 where Jim spent the next 40 years commercial fishing. He was a regular sight in town as he walked to the dock, or around town doing his business, and he was always quick to tell a story or a joke. Jim leaves to mourn his wife of 61 years, Dolly, and children Fred (Milena) George, Susan (Don), Raymond (Lynne), Henry (Dorraine), Jean (Mike), his 12 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, as well as his brothers Ross and Henry. A Celebration of Jim’s life was held on Thursday August 2, 2012 from 1-4 at the Eagle’s Hall, Ladysmith, B.C. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to your favourite children’s charity.

A healthy local economy depends on you





Career Opportunities

Help Wanted

HSSE Supervisor Competition #BU12-0012 We have an immediate opening for a Health, Safety, Security & Environment Supervisor in BC. The successful candidate can be located in either lower mainland or Okanagan area. Responsibilites: Health, Safety, Security and Environment support to the Ready Mix, Aggregate, and Landscape divisions in Metro Vancouver, Okanagan Valley, the Shuswapp and Central BC, not limited to these locations. Duties: promote job safety and environment awareness; implement acceptable working methods and practices; compliant with Safety responsibilities; and champion on defined HSSE topics. You will have 5 years of HSSE experience and have excellent verbal and written skills. Must be able to deal with sensitive issues and confidential information. Qualifications should include: Construction Safety Officer and a combination of education and experience. Extensive travel will be required. Submit your resume by quoting competition number by August 31, 2012 to: BURNCO Rock Products Ltd Fax: (403) 440-3454 Attention: Human Resources OR E-mail: Visit We thank all applicants for their in- terest. Only those chosen for an in- terview will be contacted.

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Childcare Willing to Babysit in my Home Monday to Friday 250 567-2617

Education/Trade Schools

(Dunkley (Dunkley Lumber Lumber Contractor) Contractor)

Ubleis Logging is seeking experienced: Processor Processor Operators Operators and and Subcontract Processors to work full time year to work full time year around around in in the the Fort Fort St. St. James James area. area. Successful Successful applicants will be offered applicants will be offered aa competitive competitive compensation compensation package. package. Please Please contact contact Rob Ubleis at (250) 9961615. Resumes can be emailed to ubleislogging@ or faxed to (250) 996-8346. An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. BANNISTER HONDA Maintenance Technician Looking for a motivated, reliable, quality person to perform maintenance on Honda and other manufacture vehicles. Please apply with drivers license and drivers abstract. Attn: Grant Kitzman, 6425-Hwy 97N, Vernon, B.C. 250-545-0531

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Pets & Livestock

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Trades, Technical

Financial Services


Journeyman Mechanic Do you love the outdoors? OK Tire in Terrace, B.C. NOW HIRING! Excellent renumeration for successful applicant. Fax resume to (1)-250-635-5367 Attn. General Manager or Email:

M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Boxer Puppies, vet checked with all shots up to date. $700. each Ready Aug 20 250-5673193

Legal Services

Merchandise for Sale

LOUISIANA-PACIFIC Canada Ltd. requires an experienced Mechanical Supervisor for our EWP Operation in Golden B.C. Email resume to: or fax to 250-344-8859 QUALITY CONTROL Person experienced with Piping & Structural Welding needed for a growing Northern Company. Competitive wages & benefits. Please email resume to: info@torqueindustr Fax 250-775-6227 or apply online: WANTED: Class 1 truck drivers and/or Owner Operators to haul logs in the Mackenzie area for Duz Cho Logging. Must submit resume along with driver’s abstract and be able to meet all safety standards. Please send application to or fax 250-997-5430.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption, property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Pets & Livestock

Equestrian HORSE FOR SALE 19 year old sorrel gelding, well trained, not a beginners horse. Used for penning at one time. $500 obo. (250) 695-6972

Feed & Hay

Heavy Duty Machinery A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

ROUND HAY Bales for sale. Call 250-846-5855

Classifieds Get Results!

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

FOR RESTLESS or cramping legs. A fast acting remedy since 1981, sleep at night, proven for 31 years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660

Misc Services


Art/Music/Dancing Piano Lessons Beginner piano teacher now taking registration for children ages 5-7 for piano lessons for the fall. Call 250 567-9501 for info and free interview

Health Products

COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Extensive study of beekeeping, Queen rearing and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. 1-780-835-6630; LEARN FROM Home. Earn from home. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. Lots of jobs! Enroll today for less than $95 a month. 1-800-466-1535. TRAIN TO Be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

SUTCO Contracting Ltd. has increased our fleet. We have openings for experienced drivers in our flatbed division. Late model equipment, steady work, extended benefits, satellite dispatch, e-logs and fully assigned tractors. We need drivers experienced with flat-bed work, US capable an asset, some Canada Only runs available. Please fax resume and current abstract 1250-357-2009. Contact 1-888-3572612 Ext 230 or check us out

ALBERTA BASED Company looking for qualified & experienced: Equipment Operators, Mulcher, Feller Buncher & Processor Operators. Out of town & camp work. Safety tickets & drivers abstract required. Email resume: Fax 780-488-3002.

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Trades, Technical


CASH BACK- $10 for every pound you lose. Lose weight quickly and safely and keep it off, results guaranteed! Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800854-5176.

Financial Services

GENERAL LABOURERS SAWMILL AND PLANER Apollo Forest Products Ltd. is currently seeking general Labourers for permanent full-time shift work for sawmill and planermill. Candidates must be highly motivated with the ability to work in a close team environment. Applicants should forward or fax resumes to: Apollo Forest Products Ltd. Human Resource Dept. PO Box 129 Fort St. James, BC V0J 1P0 Fax# 250-996-8730 Email:

The Nechako - Fort St. James campus of the College of New Caledonia is looking to fill the following position:

EDUCATION ASSISTANT PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR The CNC Fort St. James campus is looking for a sessional instructor to deliver the Education Assistant Certificate program. The successful candidate will instruct in the following areas: Communication Skills, Human Diversity, Ethical Foundations of Practice, Positive Approaches to Teaching and Learning, Life Planning and Support Systems, Supporting Literacy in the Classroom and the field, practical applications of the program. To find out more information about this and other opportunities, and directions on how to apply, please check our website at: Join us. We offer a supportive workplace, great benefits, and competitive salaries. And we have opportunities to grow, both within our college, and within our communities. CNC - A COMMUNITY FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING THAT CARES, SERVES, AND LEADS 3330 - 22ND AVENUE, PRINCE GEORGE, BC V2N 1P8 TEL (250) 562-2131 EXT. 5466 FAX (250) 561-5864 EMAIL: RESUMES@CNC.BC.CA

Misc. Wanted Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Silver Coins etc. Available now: 250-863-3082

Misc Services Advertise your goods and services in the Classifieds and reach hundreds of potential buyers daily. Call today to place your ad and make a sale quickly.


Only applicants short-listed will be notified.


HEAVY DUTY MECHANICS Apollo Forest Products Ltd. is currently seeking Heavy Duty Mechanics for permanent full-time shift work. Candidates must be a highly motivated tradesperson with the ability to work in a close team environment. Applicants should forward or fax resumes to:



For Sale New 20 kw Electric Furnace c/w air plenum, filter rack, 220v hook-up adaptor. Never been used. $600.00 Phone #250 570-9330 HAY FOR sale: 800 pound round bales, no rain. $45 a ton or best offer. Call: Houston (250) 845-7082 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 STEEL BUILDINGHuge Clearance Sale! 20x24 $4,658. 25x28 $5,295. 30x40 $7,790. 32x54 $10,600. 40x58 $14,895. 47x78 $19,838. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

Apollo Forest Products Ltd. Human Resource Dept. PO Box 129 Fort St. James, BC V0J 1P0 Fax# 250-996-8730 Email: Only applicants short-listed will be notified.

SEVEN SEAS TRAVEL has an immediate opening for a permanent full time Travel Consultant position. Prior experience an asset but not required as on-the-job training will be provided. Applicant must possess excellent communication skills, oral and written; Exceptional Customer Service skills; the ability to multitask and work efficiently in a fast paced environment; and have strong computer skills. The successful applicant will be responsible for Business, Leisure, Individual, Group, and International Travel. Interested Candidates should submit their resume to: PO Box 250, Vanderhoof BC, V0J 3A0, or in person at 2425 Burrard Ave, Vanderhoof no later than September 15, 2012. Only applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.



FRANZ GRUBER & ESTATE OF ELI IANTKOW Vanderhoof, BC Go 25km East of Vanderhoof on Highway 16 or 75 km West of Prince George at the former VIP Auction site.



TOOL, SUPPLIES & MISC Dewalt radial arm saw, router 10” table saw (22v), Laser level (new) Bench drill press, Pressure washer Coleman 5000 watt generator set Craftsman snowblower (electric start) 5 gal Kawasaki air compressor Delta chop saw c/w stand Craftsman riding lawn mower 21hp 950 watt light plant Rockwell band saw 220V cement mixer, bench grinder Rockwell lathe Hydraulic wood splitter Craftsman 10” heavy duty radial arm Electric arc welder, 10” miter saw Submersible pumps, sanders Grinders, paint sprayer, drills Planers, angle grinder, brad nailers 220 extension cord, air impact tools Antique batter charger Sledge hammer Hydraulic jacks, jackalls Tap & Die set, utility trailer 1 skidoo, 12” boat 2 - 15ft canoes, rototiller

HOUSEHOLD Oak round table & 6 chairs Solid oak china cabinet Oak secretary cabinet Oak cabinet (8’ long) Table & 6 chairs, oval mirror 4 pine book shelves Wardrobe cabinet w/mirror Couch & 2 arm chairs 2 fridges (apartment size) Solid oak table Office furniture Oak lawn table & chairs Queen size bed box spring & mattress King size bed - box spring & mattress w/armoire, nightstands & lamps Deacon bench & table, 2 chairs Old cast iron wood stove Couch & love seat, coffee table Living room sofa & 2 chairs 9 Tamarack chairs & 3 cupboards Antique trunk, bread maker 2 moose head (mounted) Dishes, pots & pans Antique dining room suite

1994 Terry 5th wheel travel trailer c/w 5th wheel hitch very clean, used very little




Can’t make it to the auction? Place absentee bids. Call Henry for details.

Terms of Sale - Cash or Cheque with 2 pcs. of ID NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS


PHONE: (250) 567-4842 WATCH FOR SIGNS

Omineca Express Wednesday, August 29, 2012 A19

Real Estate





Mobile Homes & Parks

Apt/Condo for Rent

Apt/Condo for Rent

Legal Notices

Victoria Manor


Shared Accommodation

For Sale 2 bd trailer w/addition & deck,approx 1000 sqf, drywalled, re insulated, open concept with ex large fenced lot $29,500.00 ph# 250 567-4044 ph# 250 567-0079 RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern BC, Brand New Park. Affordable Housing. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Ask us about our Free Rent option! Please cal 250-462-7055.

Large 2 Bdrm from Large 1 Bdrm from

$695 - $725



Apt/Condo for Rent

* Balconies * Landscaped View * Cablevision Available

BURRARD APARTMENTS. Two bdrm suites. No pets 250-567-9128

Houses For Sale

Silvermill Apartments Secure quiet apartments from $540 per month

$725 - $755


Legal Notices

Quiet, 1 bdrm units Ideal for Seniors Level Entrances Security Lighting Walking distance Downtown Paved Parking Includes fridge & stove Starting at $450/mth. (250)570-9161 or


Rooms for Rent Grand Trunk Inn rooms for rent all utilities included, phone,cable,maid service and can check-in anytime of the month, starting at $600 per month Ph# 250 567-3188

Phone 250.567.0639 or 250.567.4484


All parties having claims against the said Estate are required to forward particulars of same to the law ďŹ rm of WINGHAM LAW CORPORATION, Solicitor for the Personal Representative, at P.O. Box 1489, Vanderhoof, British Columbia, V0J 3A0, on or before the 15th day of October, 2012 after which date the claims ďŹ led may be paid without reference to any claims of which the Personal Representative then has no knowledge.



Personal Representative, by: CHRISTOPHER K. WINGHAM, Solicitor



River frontage – priced below assessed value. Three bedroom house, full, mostly ďŹ nished basement. Many upgrades, good overall condition.

All parties having claims against the said Estate are required to forward particulars of same to the law ďŹ rm of WINGHAM LAW CORPORATION, Solicitor for the Personal Representative, at P.O. Box 1489, Vanderhoof, British Columbia, V0J 3A0, on or before the 5th day of October, 2012 after which date the claims ďŹ led may be paid without reference to any claims of which the Personal Representative then has no knowledge.

RENO’D 3/bdrm townhouses in family friendly complex. Close to downtown, schools & park. $650/mth. 250-567-4430


Houses For Sale

IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CLARA WIEBE, Deceased Formerly of Vanderhoof, BC



250-567-4048 or 250-567-9080


Looking for Roommate Available Immediately Full size house, in town. Everything supplied. I’m only home 1 day a week. Call Joel for more details. $475 Month 250-567-7560 evenings

Personal Representative, by: CHRISTOPHER K. WINGHAM, Solicitor

Misc Services

Misc Services

VANDERHOOF AND AREA BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXCAVATING EX100 Excavator 4x4 Extend-a-hoe Rubber Tire Backhoe Basements, Foundations, Waterline, Septic Systems, Lot Clearing, Hoe-Pac, Hydraulic Breaker and more! We are in the business to serve you!

Cell: 567-0031




Tandem dump truck, 4x4 Backhoe, gravel sales, general hauling, foundations, water & sewer lines and snow removal.

FRANK TEICHROEB 3393 Sinkutview Rd, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A2 567-2029





Plumbing & Heating Rural Water & Sewer Systems Water Treatment & Filtration Systems INSTALLATION & REPAIRS

All jobs BIG or small, give us a call!


Schneider Services Ltd.

) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )



“Your Water Professional�



ACCOUNTANTS Chartered Accountants Providing a Full Range of Business Services

Serving Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser and Fraser Lake

Pam Berger Publisher 150 W. Columbia St Box 1007, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0

Tel: 250-567-9258 Fax: 250-567-2070 Email:



Reaching Every Door

Serving Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser and Fraser Lake

Pam Berger Publisher 150 W. Columbia St Box 1007, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0

Accounting Computers â—? Financial Planning

HST Income Tax â—? Payroll





KPMG Prince George #400 - 177 Victoria Street Prince George, BC, V2L 5R8 250-563-7151

ADVERTISING Serving Fort St. James and area since 1972 Pam Berger Publisher

996-8482 Tel: 250-567-9258 Fax: 250-567-2070


Fax: 996-8451 Advertising: News: Website:


Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Omineca Express



High-school football jamboree


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A Duchess Park ballcarrier is slowed up by a Nechako Valley Seocndary tackler during the football jamboree held on Saturday at the PGSS fields. Allan Wishart photo

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19 years later, reunion still going strong Editor: There are many former residents of the Vanderhoof and Fort St. James area of B.C. who are now living in the Okanagan. Nineteen years ago, a few of us decided it might be fun to see how many other re-located folks like us would like to get together, and we started the Stuart-Nechako Reunion. We contacted as many people as we could, and asked them to contact others they might know, and we ended up with over 100 people. They came from Osoyoos to Kamloops, Merritt to Lumby, and

points in between. We also got people from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland who had heard of our event. We have been holding this event every second year since, always at the Research Station Ornamental Gardens in Summerland, and are always thrilled to see our old friends and neighbours who have also moved to our part of B.C.. There are more and more each time. This year we are continuing the “In Memory” album to honour those people who have attended reunions in the past and who have passed away since the beginning of the reunions.


We would like to have a picture of the person and the year of passing. For further information regarding the album, please call me at the number noted below. There are always those whom we have been unable to contact, however, and would like to invite them to this year’s reunion to be held Sunday, September 9 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.. Bring a picnic lunch and a lawn chair, if desired. Coffee, tea, juice and limited seating will be provided. Don Wilson Pentiction, B.C. 250-492-4919

Omineca Golf Course Results Seniors Night - Aug 21 Four Ball Scramble 1st place .................... Cec Candline .................................... Ron Appleton .................................... Henry Loewen .................................... John Wiebe, 73 CB 2nd place ................... Margaret Hall .................................... Joyce Shantz .................................... Mike Craig .................................... Bernie Larusic .................................... Larry Shantz, 73 CB 3rd place .................... Mary Hamm .................................... Eric Rogers .................................... Jerry Vanwinkle .................................... John Hamm, 77 4th place .................... Ellen Randall .................................... Sheila Fletcher .................................... Erling Clemmensen .................................... Ken Hall Most honest golfers ... Joyce Dickson .................................... Don Syvertsen .................................... Sonny Mayea .................................... Bob Mountford

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Mens Night - Aug 23 Stroke Play 1st flight low gross - Jody Mourad, 35 2nd flight low gross - Cam Simpson, 41 CB Callaway flight low net - Mike Morley, 31.5 1st flight low net - Mike Makin, 32 2nd flight low net - Gordie Peters, 33 CB Callaway flight 2nd low net - Pat Mourad, 32.5 1st flight 2nd low gross - Trevor Metcalf, 38 CB 2nd flight 2nd low gross - Jim Woodruff, 41 Callaway flight 3rd low net - Dave Boon, 34 CB 1st flight 2nd low net - Dave Oe, 32.5 2nd flight 2nd low net - Bernie Larusic, 33 Long drive 1st flight - Trevor Metcalf Long drive 2nd flight - Cam Simpson Long drive Callaway - Pat Mourad KP in 1 1st flight - Greg Funk KP in 1 2nd flight - Bernie Larusic KP in 1 callaway - Dave Boon Kp in 2 1st flight - Jody Mourad KP in 2 2nd flight - Harvey Derksen KP in 2 callaway - Pat Mourad





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Vanderhoof Omineca Express, August 29, 2012  

August 29, 2012 edition of the Vanderhoof Omineca Express