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MINING: Mount Milligan raises cash for construction A4 Friday, August 17, 2012 Should be a great weekend to head out to the lake A3

Newsline 250-564-0005 ■ PINE BEETLE

Marginal timber stands eyed

Committee tables 22 recommendations for government to act on to keep cut levels up DELYNDA PILON

If no steps are taken to mitigate the effects of the mountain pine beetle infestation, the equivalent of eight of approximately 24 mills in the affected areas may be forced to close within the next 20 years. The special committee on timber supply, chaired by MLA John Rustad, was formed late in May to design recommendations to temper the damage being done in affected forests, and shared the 22 measures it feels need to be taken Wednesday. During a press conference later the same day, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson said the ministry will be working very quickly to outline a number of steps and create an action plan to put the recommendations in motion. He expects there will be a timeline charting the steps to be taken moving forward within the next week. “We’ll have a action plan in response to all the recommendations by September,” Thomson said. The recommendations include maximizing the value of marginal economic stands, creating an inventory of B.C. forests, and looking at the feasibility of rebuilding the Special Committee on Timber Supply committee chair John Rustad releases the sawmill in Burns Lake following August 15. the explosion of the mill, the town’s most affected by the mountain pine beetle that industry was nervous of any dramatic main employer and source of revenue, infestation. shifts springing from the recommendaearlier in the year. Following it is Quesnel then Prince tions within the report. Rustad said that though the future of the George. A reduction in the allowable Thus far the mountain pine beetle has Burns Lake mill was not directly within annual cut in Prince George won’t happen killed 53 per cent of the pine trees in the the committee’s mandate, there was some as quickly as in the other areas, Rustad affected area. If left unchecked it could expectation for them to look at the issue. said, meaning it should be of benefit for destroy 57 to 70 per cent leading to a “We tried to come up with solutions we Sinclar to re-open Lakeland Mills, though reduction of 10 million cubic metres in the thought were reasonable,” he said. there will be other factors the company annual cut. However, with hopes of utilizWithout removing existing timber rights, will likely need to take into consideration. ing marginal forest areas combined with Rustad said there are one million cubic “There will be challenging decisions for innovations within the forest industry and metres of pine in the Lakes area to support industry in the future,” Rustad said. a look at some of the infected forests Burns Lake. The Lakes District is the area Rustad added the committee was aware while touring the various areas during the



Bill PHILLIPS/ Fre e Pre s s

committee’s report in Prince George consultation process, Rustad remains optimistic. He said he was happily surprised to note the amount of green, about 25 per cent, left in forests in the Quesnel area. “It’s encouraging to see how much green is left in those mountain pine beetle infested areas,” he said. He added though there will be changes within the forest industry, he believes it will remain a staple to B.C.’s economy. “I am optimistic about the future of the forest industry,” Rustad said. Reaction page A7

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ELISHA WILLIAMS: Preparing for Paralympic Games B1

Up Front

Potters’ Profiles proving popular A13


Good weather means more visitors to city City being promoted more through social media to get the word out DELYNDA PILON

More people are visiting the city this summer than last, taking advantage of the ample sunshine and heat after last year’s cool and wet weather. “It’s all going pretty well. Tourism is alive and strong in Prince George this summer for sure,” Aiden Kelly, CEO of Tourism Prince George, said. Last year plenty of people stopped by the visitor centre, however the preponderance of them were looking for information on road closures, ways to avoid them or an idea of when they might re-open. Others were looking for information about ways to entertain their families during what proved to be a cool, damp summer. “This year there were some road closures, but it’s been pretty good overall. People are coming in for good positive stuff, looking for activities, restaurants and events,” he said. In fact, the visitor centre saw close to a 20 per cent increase in July this year over July last year. However, as Kelly pointed out, they are currently running one centre whereas last year there were two so a portion of the increase can be attributed to that. However another portion is due to an increase in active marketing on the part of Tourism Prince George. They are also focusing more on promoting the city through social media. “We are focusing on the online world and doing a ton with social media. We are getting a lot of inquiries and questions, and the numbers have shot way


Je nnife r SM ITH/ Ve r no n M o r ning Sta r

Phil Akeroyd of Prince George rips up Mabel Lake, near Vernon, on Saturday while slalom skiing. up in terms of people using our website,” Kelly said, Usually focusing on online marketing strategies leads to a decrease in the number of visitors who stop into centres, a Catch-22 according to Kelly, since if you are marketing online generally most people can find the information they require there rather than visiting the centre in person. However, this year, Tourism Prince George saw a growth on both

sides. Although he didn’t have exact numbers, Kelly said there has also been an increase in the number of people coming in to borrow a fishing rod or bike for a bit. Helping with that, the centre used some funds to purchase four new bikes this year. “We’ve had everything from German people in an RV come borrow a bike to go downtown to shop, to someone who borrows a bike because he wants to ride out

to Purden Lake and back as we do a better job of promoting those free services for visitors,” he said. The major event, thus far, which provided the most support to tourism is the Prince George Exhibition. “With the PGX there’s different streams of revenue with so many people who come to town to help put on the fair. There’s everything from 4-H families to the midway to bands and comedians. From an economic standpoint it is the big-

gest event of the summer,” Kelly said. Another major event Kelly is looking forward to is the senior baseball nationals later this month. Kelly added an extra selling point on behalf of the city is the residents, who he’s heard great feedback about from a variety of tourists. “We do go that extra mile, and we know we’ve got some overall comments that are great,” Kelly said.

Road rehabilitation season coming to an end DELYNDA PILON

City crews have already completed the original capital road rehabilitation plan and are now working on the three additional projects added after council dumped nearly $2 million extra into the budget. “I’d say we’re doing pretty good for the season,” Mick Jones, city streets operations supervisor, said.

Early in the week crews were working on Ospika Boulevard, with asphalt milling in process. They will then go through the same process on Tabor after which Ospika will get paved, a process expected to take about three days. Then crews will move on to finish projects on either Foothills or Tabor. “We completed the original capital road rehabilitation plan about two weeks ago,” Jones said. “We were waiting for the milling machine to come into town. There are

not a lot of them in the province so they kind of bounce around, but it will be here all week.” Once the milling is done, it’s time to conclude the paving projects. “Then we’ll get back on the paving and finish the last three projects council added after reallocating the funding. When we’re done those, that’s it for road rehab this year,” Jones said. Jones added that the additional projects did not mean crews were overburdened.

“With the road budget being what it is, it’s somewhat underfunded, so it’s not like the summer isn’t long enough to complete that amount of work. Getting the work done isn’t a big deal, but the weather did help. “The weather has been great for all road maintenance.” The final three projects include paving Foothills between North Nechako and the Foothills Bridge, Ospika between First and Fifth avenues.


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Friday, August 17, 2012



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The Pathfinders were helping out directing traffic at the 100th annual Prince George Exhibition and Melanie Chabot enjoys the task. Bill PHILLIPS/ Fre e Pre s s

Mt. Milligan gets more money to build Thompson Creek Metals has sold Royal Gold an additional 12.25 per cent of the refined gold production from the Company’s Mt. Milligan copper-gold mine for $200 million, plus $435 per ounce, or the

prevailing market rate, if lower than $435 per ounce, when the gold is delivered. Thompson Creek intends to use the proceeds to finance the construction of the Mt. Milligan project and related

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project,” said Kevin Loughrey, chairman and CEO of Thompson Creek, in a press release. “We look forward to the completion of the Mt. Milligan copper-gold mine in the third quarter of 2013 and commencement of commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2013.” Pursuant to this amendment, Thompson Creek has agreed to sell to Royal Gold a total of 52.25 per cent of the refined gold production from its Mt. Milligan project, and Royal Gold’s aggregate investment (including amounts previously funded and commitments for future funding) in the refined gold from Mt. Milligan has increased from $581.5 million to $781.5 million. Three business days


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Friday, August 17, 2012


UNBC student keeps it green to collect prize ALLAN WISHART

Photo submitted

UNBC president George Iwama, left, and student Geoff de Ruiter stand by Iwama’s Toyota Prius, which de Ruiter drove to Vancouver to pick up a $5,000 prize in an eco-friendly contest. few days. “I tried to get a friend of mine to e-mail Dr. Iwama and ask about using the car,” de Ruiter said. “They wouldn’t do it. They told me to do it myself.” So he composed an e-mail, acknowledging the oddity of the request, but pointing out the benefits. “I was going to the contest, which was about better energy use. I emphasized that

I was a good driver, and that using the Prius would demonstrate our commitment to being Canada’s Green University.” Iwama called de Ruiter and asked him a few more questions, “mainly about my driving ability in big cities, like Vancouver”, then agreed to make the swap. The contest was organized by Fortis and the Northwest Wildlife

Preservation Society. de Ruiter, who is researching bioenergy and biocarbon sequestration, says while it wasn’t a pure fit with his work, it was pretty close. “What I’ve been doing for quite a while at UNBC is research on renewable energy, which isn’t what natural gas is. I don’t think we should be using natural gas for things like electricity generation.”

Chinese official talks trade with IPG

China remains one of the world’s growing economies, so making the connections that will allow the city to take advantage of the looming opportunities is important for the local economy. Heather Oland, president of Initiatives Prince George, was able to strengthen that connection last week when she met with Fei Liu, the new Chinese consul general for B.C. and the Yukon, whose mandate is to facilitate trade relationships between her country and the province. “It was a great opportunity to meet the new consul general for B.C. and the Yukon,” Oland said. She added the meeting included John Gibson with Prince George airport. Oland said the group discussed three main areas. “We talked a great deal about the export opportunities in the perishable good trade, cargo flights and technical stop opportunities at the airport,” she said. “We discussed attracting Asian carriers to use our airport, both as a technical stop and for cargo freight opportunities. We talked about tourism and opportunities for

energy, and said society has to start facing some facts. “There is so much opportunity now to make changes in how we use energy and what forms of energy we use, and there is very little reason not to make those changes. “Resources like natural gas are not going to be around much longer at the rate we’re using them. We’re going to have to take charge and stabilize our lives and economy by shifting to renewable energy resources.” 250.596.9250 | 2348 Westwood Drive 250.962.2928 | Hart Shopping Mall

Tree Farm Licence 30 Management Plan 10 - Draft Timber Supply Analysis Data Package Notice is hereby given, under section 6 (1) of the Tree Farm Licence Management Plan Regulation, that Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) is seeking public review and comment on the Draft Timber Supply Analysis Data Package, relating to Management Plan 10 (MP 10) for Tree Farm Licence 30 (TFL 30). The Data Package provides a summary of inputs and assumptions that will be used in the preparation of the timber supply analysis, which provides information to assist the Chief Forester of BC in determining the Annual Allowable Cut for TFL 30.

charter flights and exploration to Prince George and northern B.C., and we also focused on the international education opportunities in Prince George for Chinese students.” Oland said Liu was very enthusiastic and follow-up meetings have already been scheduled to take place in Vancouver and Prince George where Oland and Liu will talk about ways the two offices can work together to achieve the goals they discussed. “They were proactive and hard-working, and we are looking forward to working with them,” Oland said.

Tree Farm Licence 30 Tree Farm Licence 30

TFL 30 TFL 30

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On the trip, he kept track of his mileage in the Prius, and found he got 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres, or 74 miles to the gallon. The vehicle trade worked out well for both sides, he figures. “I’m pretty sure they got a lot of use out of my pickup. I think they made a couple of runs to the garbage dump, hauled some stuff around with a minitrailer. They got good use from it.” de Ruiter is doing his thesis on the use of biochar and charcoal in



20th at Redwood Street • 250-564-7205 • Toll Free 1-800-495-2226

w w w. n o r t h e r n t o y o t a . c a

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All interested parties are invited to view and comment on the Draft Timber Supply Analysis Data Package for MP 10, from August 1st 2012 through to October 1st 2012. Viewing appointments can be arranged by calling our office at (250) 962-3398, or by visiting responsibility/environmental/plans. Comments will be accepted until 4:00 pm October 1st 2012. For further information, please contact: Sara Cotter, RPF Planning Forester, Forest Management Group Canadian Forest Products Ltd., P.O. Box 9000, Prince George BC V2L 4W2 TFL 30Tree Farm Licence 30TFL 30Tree Farm Licence 30

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Geoff de Ruiter had to do the dirty work to drive a clean car himself. The PhD student at UNBC knew he was in the top two for a contest on optimizing natural gas use in B.C, and that meant a prize of either $5,000 or $10,000. The presentation was being made at UBC in Vancouver, and de Ruiter wanted an appropriate way to arrive. “My first choice was the city’s new Nissan Leaf (electric car). Logistically, though, it would have been very difficult to stop at every major city and charge the car again. “I was actually happy when it didn’t happen.” Then he had another idea: UNBC president George Iwama drove a Toyota Prius, a very fuel-efficient vehicle. Maybe he could trade the use of his pickup truck for the Prius for a

The preliminary proposal for his work, titled “Shifting our natural gas use to a centralized model”, had to be in by May 1, with the final submission due on July 1. “I didn’t see much of Canada Day,” de Ruiter says. “I worked probably about 10 hours that day to get it finished.” Before he headed down to UBC and the new Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability building on Aug. 11, he knew he was one of two students who had been invited to the ceremony from the 18 who had submitted entries. “So I knew I was one of the top two, and that the worst I would get was $5,000.”

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NDP, union support report, slam Liberals BILL PHILLIPS

Even though NDP forest critic Norm MacDonald co-chaired the Special Committee on Timber Supply and was a signatory to it, he used its release to slam Liberal forest policies. “British Columbia’s forests represent a trilliondollar asset that the B.C. Liberals have been badly mismanaging for over a decade,” said MacDonald. “Under the Liberal government’s watch, more than 35,000 jobs in the forest sector have been lost and dozens of mills have closed forever.” The timber supply report, released yesterday, makes 22 recommendations to government to try and mitigate an expected reduction of 10 million cubic metres of timber harvest in the Interior over the next 20 years, as a result of the mountain pine beetle infestation. “Many of the recommendations in the committee’s report could help reverse some of the damage caused by the failed Liberal forest policy,” MacDonald said. “They reflect many of the changes Adrian Dix and the New Democrats have been advocating for years, and would help address forest health, protect jobs and create better value out of our forest industry.” An impetus for the committee was the January explosion and fire at the Babine Forest Products mill in Burns Lake, which killed two workers and closed the mill indefinitely as its owner, Hampton Affiliates, wants access to more fibre in order to re-open. “The people of Burns Lake should not have been forced to wait seven months for recommendations,” said MacDonald. “The crisis in Burns Lake brought into focus two clear failings. First, the B.C. Liberals have no mechanism to assist and support communities in transition due to a crisis within the industry. MacDonald said the recommendations must be accepted by government and their implementation must begin immediately. The United Steelworkers (USW) union is supporting the report. “The Special Legislative Committee’s report is thorough and we congratulate committee members for their work on this complicated and highlypoliticized issue,” said USW Wood Council Chair Bob Matters. “We are pleased that the committee understands the importance of the working forest and forest industry jobs and, in particular, their recommendations to help secure fibre to ensure that there is, once again, an operating sawmill in Burns Lake following the tragic explosion of the Babine sawmill.” He agreed with MacDonald, however, in that the situation is an indictment of Liberal forest policy. The USW specifically cites the legislative committee’s assertions that proper timber inventories have not been done, and that many of the recommendations could have been implemented months ago in the case of Burns Lake had there still been a

formal process to deal with communities in crisis, such as the former Jobs Protection Commissioner. “Unlike some observers, when there is a community tragedy such as the Babine mill explosion, the MLAs on the com-

mittee, our members and most British Columbians agree that there is a role for government to help mitigate the economic and social impacts,” said USW Local 1-424 President Frank Everitt, who represents the workers who were thrown out of

work when the mill was destroyed. “We are pleased that some measures are being taken to secure fibre to help ensure a rebuild of the mill, but this process took far too long for our members and the communities involved.”


please call 250-561-7602. Deadline for Applications is 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 7, 2012.

Regular Council Meeting Monday, August 20th Council Chambers - 6:00 p.m.


Advisory Committee on Development Design Wednesday, August 22nd - 12:00 p.m.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: P12-07 - Fraser River Bench Lands – Outfall Remediation, Closing Date: August 30, 2012

BOUNDARY RD SANITARY MAIN EXTENSION BROADCASTING OF COUNCIL MEETINGS: To follow live Council meetings, visit the City’s website at as webcasting services and video archiving of agenda items are available for the public.

COUNCIL COMMITTEE: The city is accepting applications for Membership on the Advisory Committee on Enhancing PG. Applications and are available on the City’s web page, or may be picked up at the 5th Floor of City Hall, 1100 Patricia Boulevard. For further information or to have an application form mailed to you,

Project Summary: Installation of a sanitary sewer main from intersection of Hwy 97 South and Boundary Rd to the sanitary lift station in the BCR Industrial Subdivision to tie the new Boundary Rd development into our existing sewer system. Contractor: Colmar Construction Ltd Construction dates: July 2012 – October 2012 Traffic Disruptions: During the installation along Pacific Street there will be a full road closure of Pacific Street from Peterbilt (6333 Pacific St) to Sintich Road with a detour to the Danson Industrial Subdivision by way of Hwy 97 and Sintich Road. The access from Continental Way to Pacific St will be closed as required

during the construction of the section that crosses Continental Way Colmar construction will post signs in advance of the closures. Contacts: Ron Stewart, Colmar Construction Ltd. 250-809-2407 Kim Hattle, City of Prince George 250-561-7563 District Energy Project Summary: Installation of the second phase of the district energy system to tie into the new RCMP building beginning from 6th Ave and Quebec St, up 5th Ave and across Victoria Street. Contractor: City of PG Construction dates: July 2012 – September 2012 Traffic Disruptions: Street closures will be along the alignment as construction progresses Contact Information: Kristy Brown, City of Prince George 250-561-7518

1100 Patricia Boulevard, Prince George, BC V2L 3V9 Tel. (250) 561-7600 • Fax (250) 612-5605 •

FOLLOW US @cityofpg ®

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Prince George

I Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fort George Park (by Picnic Shelter) Registration: 12:00pm I Walk Start: 12:30pm


1 800 668 3330 I


Friday, August 17, 2012


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Timber time


s with all reports, the key to its success is what government does with it. The same holds true for the Special Committee on Timber Supply report, released Wednesday. It makes 22 recommendations to government suggesting ways to help mitigate the looming drop in allowable annual cuts in beetle-infested forests. And the expected drop is significant … if nothing is done it’s anticipated cut levels in the Interior could drop by 10 million cubic metres. That, said Nechako Lakes MLA and chair of the committee John Rustad, is the equivalent to eight averagesized sawmills. The drop is significant and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as we’ve known for almost a decade now that cut levels would decrease to lower than pre-beetle levels once the infestation has run its course. The committee’s mandate was focused more on minimizing cut level decreases, which is really only one part of addressing the overall problem of forest dependency. However, finding more timber to cut is also part of the solution, which the committee has recommended doing, specifically looking at harvesting more stands of marginal value. In other words, don’t just skim the cream off the top. And, get more out of the resource. For example, the Forest Fibre Alliance of B.C. made a strong case for including non-sawlog fibre in the allowable annual cut calculations and Prince George-based Pacific Bioenergy suggested that the allowable annual cut be distributed between sawlog grade operators and nonsawlog grade operators. If these are implemented, they constitute dramatic changes in the forest industry. The age-old issue of area-based tenures was also floated out. The committee also took a gentler approach to an issue surfaced when it was first formed, that being allowing logging in areas currently set aside for their non-timber values … specifically logging in established viewscapes, riparian zones, etc. The committee has tossed that hot potato back to the local resource management planning groups that established them. Logging viewscapes and other such areas will be a local decision, not a provincial one. Good move. And one of the other key recommendations is growing more trees. That will certainly help over the long term. Silviculture operators have been screaming for years now about funding cuts to replanting efforts in the province. In June, the Forest Practices Board issued a scathing report suggesting that one million hectares of B.C. forest land has not been sufficiently replanted. Putting more seedlings in the ground is something that should be done, regardless of what the mountain pine beetle has done. Forest Minister Steve Thomson said government will be formulating a response to the recommendations quickly. The measure of that response, however, will be whether it heeds any of the work done by the committee.


The garden month Mid-August is a wonderful time of the year for The greenest result in my gardening experience is gardeners. All the gardens are reaching their peak. the colour I turn when I visit other gardeners. The good gardeners have had flowers blooming I have worked at it. There are countless volumes since the snow left, but this is when many of the on various aspects of gardening on my bookshelf. gardens are a riot of blooms of every size, colour The Internet has been searched in depth for knowland configuration. Some gardeners have been cutedge. Friends and others, who seem to have that ting the results of their efforts for some time. Their talent to produce flowers and vegetables in abunhomes are decorated with colourful and fragrant dance, have tried to help. They are generous with arrangements in a variety of creative and artistic their time and expertise but one by one they fade presentations. There are few things that create the away shaking their heads in disbelief. feeling of a happy relaxed home like The problem I have goes beyond an abundance of flowers. simple mistakes or lack of trying. There Vegetable gardens are approachis just something missing. ing their apex. There has been an In the hope of being successful, I try abundance of early vegetables such different things. My rock garden took a Onside as lettuce, radishes and other early lot of effort to research and build propcrops, but now we are into digging a erly. Two of the rocks died and several VICTORBOWMAN few new potatoes, sampling young more are in a precarious state of health. sweet carrots (raw or cooked) and many other vegMy attempt to grow a few pots of herbs for my etables. These fresh vegetables, with little time lag kitchen met with similar results. It is a real unique between the garden and the dinner plate, can only experience to taste sweet basil that has a flavour be described as fantastic, They shame those vegsimilar to parsley mixed with dandelion milk. It etables that have been harvested, traveled countgives a pesto a different flavour but a taste experiless kilometres, kept in a warehouse, dumped in a ence that no one wishes to repeat. supermarket bin, purchased and finally making it In the world of music there are people who just to our plates. can’t get the beat or hear the music the way most of As much as I get great joy from the flowers and us do. They seem to accept their condition of being fresh vegetables, I also fall into a state of mild tone deaf and carry on with life. I also will have to depression. Those wonderful vegetables on my firmly accept the fact that I have a black thumb and plate or the vase of flowers on the table are seldom live with it. the results of my labours. I work at gardening but While I may not do well growing them, vegthe results are just not what they should be. I have etables, in my hands in the kitchen, will find glory. come to the conclusion that I was born without a Using the basic flavours, they will blossom into a green thumb and diligently endeavour to live with taste delight. Bring me your vegetables and I shall what is obviously a birth defect for which there is do the cooking, then we may have the best of both no cure. worlds.

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The Prince George Free Press

welcomes letters from our readers. Send submissions to 1773 South Lyon Street, Prince George, B.C. V2N 1T3. e-mail -

City sprinkler glitch has lasted long time

Editor: In response to Sean LeBrun, parks supervisor (City watering irks local resident, Free Press, August 10). There must have been a glitch in the system for the last three

years as those sprinklers were coming on every night. Last year I reported it to the city. They said it would be fixed. It took a couple of phone calls and approximately three weeks before the sprinklers

only came on every second night. Last year we had a lot of rain. Le Brun’s statement that the sprinklers aren’t supposed to come on during heavy rainfalls is not correct as these sprinklers

still come on during heavy rain. I had to chuckle at him saying I was misreading what I saw. These areas in question were all small areas, some as small as 20 feet by 20 feet, so it’s pretty hard to misread when some

sprinklers come on every night. Sean has known about the sprinkler since Wednesday last week and the sprinklers are still coming on every night. Jake Thiessen Prince George

Truck-crash story left out important details Editor: Your article on the LoBar truck that crashed on Monday, August 13 is inaccurate and incriminating. The crash didn’t occur at 1:15 a.m., it was around noon, and it wasn’t “mere kilometres” from where the truck was loaded. I know the driver personally and there is a lot more to this story that should have been included. Immediately following the crash he used the spill kit to contain any leaking fluids from the truck, but this wasn’t mentioned. Furthermore the blame is being laid on him going too fast; has this been verified at all? I believe in the days ahead, especially because the truck was equipped with GPS, a far different and truthful explanation of what happened will come out, and when it does, it would only be proper for the Free Press to run a front-page, detailed apology to the driver for publishing this inaccurate and humiliating article. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has happened either. Media should be reporting all facts of a story objectively, not with a bias and with some of the

information left out in an attempt to lead readers to a conclusion. Mis-

representing the people involved in such stories can have drastic and

long-lasting effects on their lives. I would ask that your staff exercise

more diligence and care in obtaining and presenting the facts accurately in

the future. T. MacDonald Prince George


Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s

Karen Kellett attaches her “bouquets” of carrots to one of the family farm tractors just before the parade Sunday which took old and new tractors from Pine Centre Mall to the PGX grounds.

Conversation starting on online voting in province Conversations are the best way to find racy. As voter turnout rates continue to out what people are thinking. wane in many jurisdictions, curiosity Last week, our government started around the potential for Internet voting what we hope will be an has grown. interesting one around how We have heard from BritBritish Columbians vote in ish Columbians around the MLA province, as well as interested elections. We asked B.C.’s Report chief electoral officer Keith municipalities, that they want Archer to appoint an indeto know more about whether SHIRLEYBOND pendent panel to review or not Internet voting could the best practices for Internet voting from be implemented in B.C. Internet voting other jurisdictions. We’d like to know could conceivably increase accessibility what the technological and logistical and convenience for voters. barriers are both for local and provincial Of course, it is imperative that the elections. integrity of our electoral process be mainEngaging citizens in the electoral protained and guaranteed to be safe, secure cess is fundamental to a healthy democand anonymous. I’m confident these

issues will be top of mind for Elections BC as well. Government would have to be confident that they are addressed before we would consider implementing Internet voting as an option. As a non-partisan Office of the Legislature, Elections BC has accepted this request and will have the panel appointed by Sept. 7 and meeting shortly after. Mr. Archer advises me that he will chair the panel, which will have members with expertise in technology, cryptography, Internet security policy and electoral administration. I am confident that this process will be the catalyst for a broader conversation about modernizing our electoral process,

which would complement the paper ballot method that is already in place, not replace it. In closing, Internet usage has become a comfortable part of many peoples’ daily lives. Today, 93 per cent of British Columbians have access to high-speed Internet, making B.C. one of the most connected jurisdictions in the world. British Columbia is widely recognized as a technologically progressive government, and the electoral process in B.C. is considered to be one of the most accessible electoral processes, both federally and provincially. It is more than fitting that we should be leading once again by taking this initiative.

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2 HOMES IN YOUR AREA A well established BC sunroom manufacturer is expanding into your area. i Our O marketing department is d giving up to 35% 3 FACTORY DISCOUNT on the first house In each area, first come, a first served.








Bill PHILLIPS/ Fre e Pre s s

Malcolm Slavik (left) and his brother Jacob with one of Malcolm’s turkeys, which took home a bunch of ribbons and trophies including Grand Champion Market Poultry. They are from the Beaverly 4-H Club.


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GOODTIMES: Special camp helps children with cancer A12 Profiles show presents different interpretations A13

Community TERESA MALLAM 250-564-0005

Free Press

Playbill BIG SUGAR After 11 years – and with their successful 2011 release Revolution Per Minute – Big Sugar returns to the CN Centre stage Friday, Oct. 26. Concert doors open at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale August 17 (today) starting at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster locations.

UNBC MARKET The UFM (University Farmers’ Market) runs every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the NUSC Event Space at UNBC throughout the academic year. The market is accepting vendor applications for the coming season. Those interested can find more information at www. or email

PIONEER CAMP On August 25, there will be a Pioneer Kids Day Camp at Huble Homestead Historic Site. Children aged seven to 10 will step back in time into the life of a pioneer child for a day. Register before Aug. 17. Cost is $55 includes lunch, snacks and transporation. Call 250-564-7033 for more.


Twenty-two years of devotion TERESA MALLAM

Cats have been revered throughout history, especially if you consider the role of (mau) cats in ancient Egypt as snake and rat exterminators or the origin of Siamese cats as guardians of the old temples in Siam (now Thailand). Google ‘Balinese’ and you find that Balinese cats – named after the graceful Balinese dancers – are “extremely intelligent.” This is nothing new to Pussy Willow. She doesn’t need to go online to find out how beautiful and smart she is. Indeed, the 23-year-old Balinese seems bored with all the praise Wednesday during her photo shoot. She yawns widely and stretches out on the black Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s leather sofa. Before closing Who is the fairest of them all? Melanie Desjardines is happy to have Willow get the attention. her sea-blue eyes, she looks sleepily out the sun-filled window which overlooks a gar- don. The couple, who have three have any real health issues, except point Siamese. But after the children, own Desjardines Associ- that she’s lost most of her teeth – ‘event,’ “Willow didn’t want anyden and wooded area. ates on Third Avenue, a company so about five years ago I began thing more to do with Buddy. Ahh, life is good. Owner Melanie Desjardines specializing in sheet metal and feeding her soft food and she also (Remember she’s ‘feisty.’) Buddy now lives in Salmon Arm with adopted Willow from a cattery in custom fabrication work. Melanie gets a little mineral oil.” also runs Groop Gallery, an art Just doing the math, Willow my sister – and is about the same Edmonton when the long-haired gallery for exhibiting the work of is, in human years, 161. Multiply age as Willow.” cat was just one year old. Her that by the nine lives cats are said She may not be a great matchfuture didn’t look as bright back local artists. One of her first ventures into to have, and well, that means she maker but when it comes to then. her own professional art career could live to a very ripe old age. felines, Desjardines does have “I walked into these rooms, Besides Willow, the household’s advice for people looking for a each with floor to ceiling cages, was a portrait of Willow – which filled with cats. I was almost cry- is not for sale. When visitors menagerie includes a Siamese cat. “When you go to choose a cat ing. I wanted to take them all hear how old Willow is, they are manx cat, Cleo, and dog Shep. amazed, said Desjardines. While “We packed up our animals and from the SPCA, consider adopthome, I felt so sorry for them. I good genes may account for her moved here in 1995,” explained ing older cats. So many of them was told that one of them was “too feisty” for breeding pur- longevity, Willow is also mostly Desjardines who came from the need good homes and they can poses and of course when I saw an indoor cat and keeps at a sta- Prairies. “First we lived in the live for many more years. Willow Miworth area, then we bought is proof of that. her, I was immediately attracted ble weight with good diet. “I read one of the oldest cats on property in the Hart and built our “She’s so loving. And I think the to her.” record, Sheba, was 38 – and she house” reason she has been so devoted That was the start of a ‘love They looked for a mate for Wil- to me all these years is that she affair’ that’s lasted nearly as long looks a lot like Willow,” said Desas her marriage to husband Shel- jardines. “Right now, she doesn’t low and found Buddy, a blue- believes I ‘rescued’ her. “


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Year ! Round

EVERY SATURDAY 8:30am to 2:00pm at the corner of 3rd Ave. & George St.


1600 15th Ave, Prince George 250-612-3993




4:55, 7:15, 9:35pm

(PG: Adventure, Animation, Comedy) Frightening Scenes


4:05, 7:10, 10:05pm

(PG: Action, Thriller) Violence, Course Language


5:35, 7:50pm

(14+: Comedy) Coarse & Sexual Language

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG: Action, Crime, Drama) Violence


A mom’s take on special camp Canadian Cancer Society summer fun for children CANDACE MCNAMARA Special to the Free Press

4:00, 7:00, 9:30pm

(PG: Drama, Comedy) Sexually suggestive scenes, language


THE EXPENDABLES 2 (NO PASSES) (14A: Action, Adventure, Thriller) Frequent Violence 5:10, 7:40, 10:15pm THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN (NO PASSES) (G: Comedy, Drama) 4:10, 6:45, 9:20pm

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Camp Goodtimes … you know the ideal camp setting that you see on television … well, that’s totally it! Sending the kids off to camp to be alone for the first time, I was anxious, excited, realistically thinking (Mom gets a break!); accompanied with many ‘what if’s’ and 1,000

forms of fear. Upon arrival at camp, the uneasiness dissipated immediately I have to say. We were welcomed with friendly reassuring smiles that made you “just know” your kids were in great hands! This camp was kid-everything, secure, beautiful, clean and well-packed with fun. The cool thing about Camp Goodtimes and the Canadian Cancer Society is they take “family” into consideration, knowing when

Hannah McNamara proudly displays one of the crafts she brought back from Camp Goodtimes.

education • job training• sports • activities • hobbies • self improvement • childcare • support services • hobbies • call for volunteers

Ph o to s ub mitte d


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Anne Kiteley

Suzan Gardner

Penny Brown

Shirly Prokopchuk

David Thielen

a child goes through a life-altering disease like cancer, the entire family is affected siblings too! Hannah was able to take her younger sister, Hadley, to camp with her for a week of swimming, hiking, canoeing, rockwall climbing, crafts, singing, campfire singa-longs/skits and the list goes on. Picking the girls up from the airport I was greeted with ear-toear smiles, giggling, stories, tanned cheeks and wrists loaded with ‘friendship’ bracelets from NEWly made friends, amidst my

happy tears. When asked about camp and what the best part was, Hannah said, “The dance, Mom, there was a huge disco ball from the ceiling and lights and music. It was aaaawwwwweeeessssssoooommmmeeeee! They made the best broccoli & cheese sauce. Ooooh, oooh we had hot chocolate and pancakes (eyes as big as frying pans, licking her lips). And we got to dunk Batman in this dunk tank with freeeeezing ice cold water, and we played flashlight games under the beds

at night when our skips Melanie & Steph weren’t awake (giggle, giggle....hand over her mouth). But the best part I liked was the swimming, ohhhh yaaaa!” Yes, they definitely had the best time ever. Hannah’s response to going again was...... “Come on, who wouldn’t wanna go to camp! That Camp ROCKS!” For more information on Camp Goodtimes: To donate to the cause:

Lheidli T’enneh set to host provincial Elders The Lheidli T’enneh will be hosting the annual B.C. Elders Gathering to be held on July 8-11, 2013 at the University of Northern British Columbia campus and the Charles Jago Northern Sports Centre. The annual BC Elders Gathering is the premier social and cultural gathering for indigenous peoples. The Lheidli T’enneh will host 3,000 to 4,000 elders from all regions of British Columbia. The theme for the gathering is “Honour Your Journey.” The event will focus on holistic activities that support healthy living. “It will be a tremendous honour for the Lheidli T’enneh to welcome everyone to our traditional territory to share knowledge, culture, songs and dance. This event provides a great opportunity to socialize and learn from one another.

We want to acknowledge both the Tsawwassen and Stó:lo First Nation Communities for hosting this year’s gathering in Abbotsford, B.C. We will build on their success,” said Chief Dominic Frederick. “The Lheidli Dakelh Elders are eager to participate in the development of this prestigious event. We will be reaching out to the community to assist in making this the best event possible. The 37th annual B.C. Elders Gathering will be an event for people to join in our celebrations and for us to share as Lheidli T’enneh!” said Elder Clifford Quaw. Lheidli T’enneh is in the process of establishing the organizing committee and will be seeking sponsors, partnerships and volunteers to make this event a success.

Prince George - Community - Free Press

Friday, August 17, 2012


Profiles a study in potters’ interpretation ALLAN WISHART

styles, as you can see.” Indeed, a stroll through the gallery revealed a real mix of concepts, from Elmer Gunderson’s Stan (“a cat I met at a house party,” according to the show program. “I never met a pet with so much character”) to Leanna Carlson’s Potential (“This piece has layers and levels”). Heathman feels the viewing public may be surprised at the scope of works, but she isn’t. “We have some very talented artists here, and we all work together, so I’m familiar with the work most of them were putting in the show.” At the opening reception, awards were given out in functional and non-functional categories for pieces in the show. Bryan Hannis (Urn) was first in functional, followed by Leanna Carlson (Miniature Teapot) and Anne Saar (Garden Teacups). In the non-functional category, Leanna Carlson (Potential) was first, Joanne Michelson (Dream Catcher) second and Karen Heathman (Queen of Hearts Chess Set) was third. Visitors to the show are encouraged to fill in a ballot for the People’s Choice Award, with voting closing when the show does on Sept. 2. The award will be given out on Sept. 4.

The show is called Profiles, and 12 local potters took a variety of ways of looking at that. “We called it Profiles,” said Karen Heathman of the Prince George Potters’ Guild, “because we wanted to leave it open. Each person could interpret it in their own way, and I think that shows. “Some people looked at it as a profile of themselves, others looked at the process of creating pottery.” Profiles is on at the Rustad Galleria in Two Rivers Art Gallery, and Friday evening was the opening reception. A large crowd turned out to make their way through the gallery, looking at the various creations. “We host a show here every three years,” Heathman said. “We bring in four presenters for a session called Clayfest, which travels to other areas of the province in the other years.” This year’s instructors were Linda Doherty, Rob Froese, Simon Leach and Fredi Rahn. “All the artists in the show are local,” Heathman said. “Some of them have been doing pottery for some time, others are relatively new. There’s also a wide variety of

A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Friday’s opening reception for Profiles, a Prince George Potters’ Guild show at the Rustad Galleria, brought a large crowd out to Two Rivers Art Gallery.

6567 Hart Hwy in the Hart Ctr. PH: 250-962-6678 Store Hours: Mon.- Wed. & Sat. 9:30-5:30, Thur. & Fri. 9:30-9:00, Sun. Noon-5:00

Allan WISHA RT/Free Press

The Last Whisper, left, and Stan are two of the pieces Elmer Gunderson is showing in Profiles, a Prince George Potters; Guild show at the Rustad Galleria in Two Rivers Art Gallery.

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Wanted: the frogs of my childhood

How does that old folk song go? “Where have all the green frogs gone?...(refrain) ...long time passing. Where have all the ...Flowers, frogs. No difference, same lesson: When will we ever learn? Scientists, eco-system experts, environmentalists and all sorts of “green” groups are lamenting the loss of frogs. They say one of the early warning signs that our

world is in dire distress is the noticeable decline in the numbers of frogs. I have been missing them too. It’s been a long time since my summer vacations in our little cabin at Lake of the Woods in Kenora, listening to the melodic croaking of frogs into the night. Frogs are a rite of passage. As children, we kissed them in our fairytale books. As youth, we bathed them in formaldehyde

and dissected them in Science gather up tadpoles in a jar. We kids. So where are the frogs? class. As adults, we had them (or took them home to our “wildlife Frogs’ legs as a delicacy have little replicas sanctuary” – my mother’s gone from the freezers – at least Tea roasting pan filled with of them) on in this neck of the woods. Frogs everything for fun have been replaced by the with gallons of pond water from kitchen and indigenous (though mighty mouse. Teresa I didn’t know the word towels to garThere’s even a universal Save den tools. then) plant life. the Frogs Day (April 27, 2013) When my We tried to duplicate and a website, brother ChrisThere are lots of questions surTERESAMALLAM the frogs’ habitat – as topher and I well as six and eight year rounding the mysterious disapwere young, we’d go down to the old siblings can while trying to pearance of frogs. pond at the end of our street, and hide the kidnappings from their What on earth will happen to a parents. generation of hopeful young girls Our budding amphibians – looking for their Frog Prince? OUPLE F ENNEDYS limbs seemed to sprout overnight Not to worry. It is my theory the – were hidden behind the garden frogs, as well as the bees, have tool shed, in a place secluded by migrated to Mars where – if tall grass. At first, we were fasciyou’ve read the book or followed nated with the transformations. Curiosity – I understand all the Then we got bored and released men have gone too. them back into the pond. I’m pretty sure the Fed Fish people would have us in size small handcuffs now or our parents would face fines under the Canada Fisheries Act for allowing deleterious or harmful material (their offspring) We Buy & Consign into the local streams which Oak bentwood swivel desk chair Teresa MA LLA M/Free Press supported fish Julie Kennedy (left) and her twin sister Carli mixed it up Tuesday at Nancy O’s with origiCirca 1900 and wildlife. nal, folk, jazz and Celtic music. The Powell River raised duo even threw in Boogie-Woogie Antiques on 6th • 1117 6th Ave • (250) 617-0040 In our defence, ReÀnishing • Refurbishing • Sales Bugle Boy for a delighted crowd. we were just



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The Honda






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Tournament Pass 18 games; 14 at Citizen Field, 4 at Rotary Field Purchase through until the August 21, then available at Citizen Field

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Day Pass


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Single Game


Sunday (semifinals, bronze/gold medal games)



Friday, August 17, 2012

Citizen Field & Rotary Field

60 75 25 40

Pool A: Ontario 1 (Windsor Stars), Alberta (Fort Saskatchewan A’s), Nova Scotia (Halifax Canadians), Host (Prince George Westcana Electric Axemen) Pool B: B.C. (Victoria Mavericks), New Brunswick (Chatham Ironmen), Manitoba (Reston Rockets), Ontario 2 (Strathroy Royals)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

(visitors) vs (home team)


11:00 AM

Citizen Field

Reston Rockets vs Chatham Ironmen


11:00 AM

Rotary Field

Halifax Canadians vs Fort Saskatchewan A’s


2:00 PM

Citizen Field

Victoria Mavericks vs Strathroy Royals

5:30 PM

Citizen Field


7:00 PM

Citizen Field

Windsor Stars vs Prince George Axemen


Friday, August 24, 2012 SM5

12:00 PM

Citizen Field

Halifax Canadians vs Windsor Stars


12:00 PM

Rotary Field

Strathroy Royals vs Chatham Ironmen


3:00 PM

Citizen Field

Reston Rockets vs Victoria Mavericks


7:00 PM

Citizen Field

Prince George Axemen vs Fort Saskatchewan A’s

Saturday, August 25, 2012 SM9

9:00 AM

Citizen Field

Chatham Ironmen vs Victoria Mavericks


9:00 AM

Rotary Field

Strathroy Royals vs Reston Rockets


12:00 PM

Citizen Field

Prince George Axemen vs Halifax Canadians


12:00 PM

Rotary Field

Fort Saskatchewan A’s vs Windsor Stars


4:00 PM

Citizen Field

3A vs 2B


7:00 PM

Citizen Field

3B vs 2A

Sunday, August 26, 2012 SM15

9:30 AM

Citizen Field

Winner #13 vs 1A


12:30 PM

Citizen Field

Winner #14 vs 1B


4:00 PM

Citizen Field

Bronze Medal Game


7:00 PM

Citizen Field

Gold Medal Game

* 13 & 14 (15, 16) time could change depending if Host team is playing in the game. To be confirmed at pre-tournament meeting by Baseball Canada rep.



Friday, August 17, 2012

Prince George Free Press


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Friday, August 17, 2012


MILLER: Honouring more of city’s sporting Best B6


The opening pitch is less than a week away B5



Shorts STORM



Sunday marks the inaugural Storm the Hill race at the Northern Sport Centre on the UNBC campus. Storm the Hill has a 2 km kids fun run, a 5 km road race, a 10 km road race and a duathlon. The event includes a kid’s playground (ages two to six) and UNBC’s Active Minds science camp (ages seven to 14). In person registration closes on Saturday at 2 p.m. Entry fees start at $26 plus taxes. With each person registered, $5 gets donated to the Lakeland Fire Assistance Fund through the Prince George Community Foundation. More information on Storm the Hill is available through UNBC at www. The event also has a Facebook page.

COUGARS The Prince George Cougars Hockey School runs from Monday to Friday at CN Centre. Head coach Dean Clark leads the staff running the camp, which includes assistant Jason Becker and trainer Chico Dhanjal. The camp offers players a variety of on-ice and dryland training. Age categories are initiation (6-8), atom (9-10) and peewee (11-12+). More information is available through the Cougars website at www.

SWIMMING The BC Summer Swimming Association season comes to an end this weekend. The Prince George Pisces will be competing at the BCSSA provincial championships from Friday to Sunday in Nanaimo.


Williams aims for gold in London Former Condor representing Canada in wheelchair basketball ALISTAIR MCINNIS

As a student at Duchess Park Secondary, Elisha Williams was a standout in stand-up basketball. Back then, the Prince George product dreamed of representing her country in international play. At 34 years old, Williams’ journey has finally led to the biggest stage. It’s just not the way she would’ve imagined as a teenager, before 1999 when she suffered the first of a string of knee injuries. With the wheelchair as her ride, Williams will represent Canada at the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games in London, England. The multi-sports event runs from Aug. 29 to Sept. 9. Williams and her teammates open their schedule in the women’s wheelchair basketball tournament on Aug. 31 against the Netherlands. Williams talked about the keys to having a successful tournament during a phone interview on Monday. “I think really just that old saying about you beat yourself, or you guys can be your own worst enemies. I think we just got to stay positive, have fun and be confident that we have what it takes to win, so we just got to push hard,” she said. “The game is going to have ups and downs and teams are going to make turnovers, teams are going to make mistakes and that’s not what’s going to cost you the game. It’s going to be how you react to those mistakes. Whether you make or miss that shot, you’ve got to go back and play defence. We’re really excited and we’re trying to bring home a medal.” A spot on the podium eluded the team four years ago. Williams was an alternate on the squad that finished fifth in women’s wheelchair basketball at the 2008 Paralympics in

Photo co ur te s y W h e e lch a ir Ba s k e tb a ll C a na d a

Elisha Williams will be competing with the Canadian women’s wheelchair basketball team at the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games in London. Beijing. The U.S. won gold with a 50-38 triumph over Germany, while Australia outscored Japan 53-47 for the bronze medal. The U.S. and Germany join the People’s Republic of China, France and Mexico in Group B in London. Canada will compete in Group A against host Great Britain, the Netherlands, Australia and Brazil. The event’s championship game is slated for Sept. 7.

After a visit to Prince George on the weekend, Williams flew to Vancouver. From there, she was scheduled to begin a trip to the Netherlands, where Canada will open its schedule in a pre-Paralympic tournament this weekend. The group will arrive in the Athletes Village in London next week. “We’re super excited and like I said, we had a really good year and a really good summer lead-

ing up,” Williams said. “Everyone has been training hard and is healthy and confident.” In an effort to improve on its standing from Beijing, Wheelchair Basketball Canada provided the women’s team with a base at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. They set up shop in June and for a couple of months held regular practices and training sessions, and discussed strategies. They

even watched parts of the recent Summer Olympics in London. “When we had time off, we could watch a little bit. First thing in the morning, we would all get up early as a team,” Williams said. “We didn’t have TVs in our room, but there was a lounge, so we’d be watching.” The team may have paid particular attention to the basketball facilities while watching the Games in London. But the Canada colours also caught their attention. “It was even cool just to see what are we going to be wearing,” Williams said. Williams began playing wheelchair basketball in 2005. On the international stage, she’s helped Canada finish second at a pair of Parapan American Games, 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She also helped the national team finish third at the 2010 World Championships in Birmingham, U.K. Williams is also an academic success. She’s working her way towards a PHD in kinesiology focused in exercise science at the University of Alabama, and already carries a Masters in Disability Management from UNBC. She’s also completed a pair of undergraduate degree programs, with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education (San Jose University) and Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (University of Alberta). Family, friends and coaches helped Williams develop her skills while growing up in Prince George. The 1996 Duchess Park graduate expressed gratitude for everybody sending her congratulatory messages. “The community has just been really great at supporting me. It’s just nice to have your whole town behind you.”

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Shiels makes it seven Simon titles

Prince George - Sports - Free Press

Friday, August 17, 2012


/08"$$&15*/( 3&(*453"5*0/4

$-"44&4 can happen in golf. 45"354&15 It can change pretty 3FHJTUFSFBSMZBTTQBDF quickly.â€? JTMJNJUFE Quesnel Golf Club Make it seven Simons for Betty Ann member Donna Dor563/*/( 10*/5& %"/$& -"# osh had the second Shiels. The latest one wasn’t lowest score on Sun*TP Ăľ F S J O H  EBODF DMBTTFT BU UIF 6/#$ day with an 84. Her even close. Q /PSUIFSO4QPSU$FOUSFGPSDIJMESFOPGBMM Shiels shot a 158 two-round 179 left her BHFT‰GSPNUPEEMFSTUPUFFOT SP PNU PNUPEE P two-round total at the in fifth place. Another Prince George Golf Prince George golfer, 45:-&4 */$-6%& -6% %& % Mears, and Curling Club on Kathleen +";;t)*1)01t#"--&5 )*1)0 01 0 --&5 ---&5 the weekend to win carded a 175 (87-88) to the 2012 Ladies Simon finish fourth. Although it wasn’t Fraser Open by a whopping 14 strokes. a personal best, Shiels’ Runners-up Lana Ryan Sunday score was still '03.03&*/'03."5*0/$"-and Cheryle Poulin better than average. 037*4*5 carded identical 172 She knew during the XXXUQEBODFMBCDB round that she was scores. herself The margin of vic- separating &NBJMUQEBODFMBC!HNBJMDPN tory may have been from the competition. “It takes flattering to a little presShiels, and for To place a Prince George sure off, good reason. ClassiďŹ ed ad Free Press absolutely,â€? She didn’t A listair McINNIS/ Fre e Pre s s call... she said. “It Betty Ann Shiels lines up a putt on the 18th green at the Prince set any per250.564.0005 gives you a George Golf and Curling Club on Sunday afternoon. sonal records, little breathnoting that ing room.â€? steady, con- It takes Shiels also sistent play a little helped her pressure off, successfully COME IN FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED Presented by defended her widen the absolutely. SHOE FITTING TODAY! 2011 title, gap. It gives as she won “ E v e r y - you a little the previous thing was breathing Ladies Simon a c t u a l l y room.â€? really work- Betty Ann with a 168 ing today,â€? Shiels score. Holly Sanders of she said on Sunday after the vic- Tsawwassen, who won tory. “I never really the tournament in 2005 got into any trouble, and 2010, didn’t make and putting was good, the trip north for this and not getting into year’s event. “That’s why I had trouble certainly helps a chance,â€? Shiels said the score.â€? What can’t be over- with a laugh. Nicole Labrecque looked is the role the Bidini Band Concert adidas • asics • balega • brooks • icebreaker • merrell mizuno • new balance • salomon • saucony • sugoi competition played. won the Overall Low @ Shooters Bar + Grill While Shiels took five Net with a 133 net strokes off her Satur- score. The tournament $40 day score with a 77 also had a hole-in-one, S P O R T S in the second round, as Doreen Warawa • the other members of scored an ace on the Sunday’s final three- 14th hole. 1655A 15th Ave (Across from Parkwood Mall) 250-612-4754 Special guests Jay Onrait and some carded higher Dan O’Toole “Canada’s Favoutotals. Poulin, only rite Sportscastersâ€? and hosts of two strokes behind the weekday edition of TSN’s Shiels after Saturday’s SportsCentre round ended, recorded Motorcycle Accessories and Clothing! an 89 on Sunday. Ryan on followed an 84 with an 88. Shiels and Ryan are Prince George residents, while Poulin calls Mackenzie home. “I think today on the front nine I was playing pretty steady, and I was happy with the front nine today,â€? Shiels said on Sunday after the victory. “I was sort of watching obviously what was happening there and I knew I was playing well today. The front nine I knew that I was 805 1ST AVE PRINCE GEORGE starting to put a lit250-563-8891 1-800-563-8893 tle distance between us. But anything ALISTAIR MCINNIS



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Friday, August 17, 2012


Challenge is back at Otway

Arts, entertainment, culture and people are at the heart of any community. I strive to find stories that are exciting, unique, heartwarming and informative and to present these stories in the best light possible. Teresa Mallam, Community

The fourth annual Otway Challenge is drawing closer. The event is scheduled for Aug. 26 at the Otway Nordic Ski Centre. The trail race consists of a 10-kilometre run through the Otway bike trails, while there’s also a sixand-a-half hour mountain bike race. For the bike race, the winner is the individual who completes the most laps within the allotted time.


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EARN 1 AIR MILES®† reward mile* FOR EVERY $20 PAID ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: • Your Insurance Policy Deductible • Any unisured portion of your Claim • Any Private work you have done that is not covered by any Insurance Policy * Terms and Conditions 1. AIR MILES®† reward miles offers are valid on the payment for any of the above 3 categories 2. There is a limit of 1000 AIR MILES®† reward miles for any one assignment 3. Offers are subject to change or expire without notice. ®†™† Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Winmar Franchise Corp.

Participants can enter one or both events. Prizes will be presented to the winners, while participants will also have the opportunity to win door prizes. The Otway Challenge is part of the Ultimate Endurance Athlete series, a set of solo races including the Iceman, the Spirit of the Rivers Loppet, the Prince George Triathlon and the full marathon in the Mad Moose


Marathon. Athletes in the series are required to complete the trail run and a minimum of four laps in the bike race. The Otway Challenge is also part of the three-date Prince George Trail Race series which includes the Beat the Bugs race and Mad Moose Marathon. Once the Otway Challenge is complete, the only event left for both series is the Mad Moose Marathon. The sixth annual Mad Moose Marathon is scheduled for Sept. 23 at the Otway Ski Centre. Mike Smith won last year’s Otway Challenge 10 km run, clocking in at 48 minutes and 14 seconds (48:14). Top female Anita O’Brien crossed the finish line

at 53:19. Soloist bike winners were Sullivan Reed (eight laps) and Nikki Kassel (six laps). Jason Jacobs and Glen Boudreau won the two-person event. The winning team in the three-four person event was John Hagen, Benita Kaytor and Barry Hagen. With the time closest to the average overall race times, Sarah Sapergia won a new mountain bike, compliments of Specialized Bikes and Evolve Bike Board Ski store. The Otway Challenge run is scheduled for 8 a.m., with the bike ride starting at 10 a.m. There are also children’s races on Aug. 25. The registration deadline is Aug. 22 at 11:59 p.m. For more information, visit www.otway-

WINNERS Prince George runner Shar Jackson was the top female in the 20 km Emperor’s Challenge in Tumber Ridge on Saturday. Jackson clocked in at one hour, 43 minutes and 27 seconds (1:43:27). The time was good enough to set a female course record. Kris Swanson, a Tumbler Ridge product, captured the title with a time of 1:22:09. The race was also a success for Brian and Alex Nemethy of Vanderhoof. Alex clocked in at 1:35:25, second overall and the fastest in the male 1-18 age category. Brian, Alex’s father, was fourth at 1:38:41. Nick MacLean of Quesnel came in third place at 1:38:08.

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When: Wednesday, August 29 We will be making electrical system improvements in Prince George on Wednesday, August 29. To ensure the safety of our work crews, it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service for approximately 7 hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The area affected is inside the circled area on this map.

Pisces preparing for provincial swims FIRST AVE
























Ph o to s ub mitte d BOW




To prepare for this interruption and protect your equipment from damage, please unplug all electronics, such as TVs, PVRs, DVD players and computers. Please also turn off all lights, electric heaters and major appliances, such as your clothes or dishwasher, dryer or oven. For the first hour after the power comes back on, please plug in or turn on only what you really need. This will help ensure the electrical system does not get overloaded. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will restore your power as soon as we can. Prepare for outages and stay informed by visiting or from your handheld device. Please call 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766) if you experience any electrical difficulties or for more information.

AD #3635


Members of the Prince George Pisces’ team competing at the B.C. Summer Swimming Association provincial championships in Nanaimo gather for a photo at the Aquatic Centre. The meet is scheduled for Aug. 17 to 19. The Prince George Pisces competed George swimmers in Nanaimo. At the Quesnel meet, pool records were in regional swimming championships in set by 10-year-old Matthew Shand in Quesnel on the weekend. They had a successful meet with a total of breaststroke, freestyle and individual med71 medals: 28 gold, 30 silver and 13 bronze. ley events. The Division 5 relay team of MacThe club sent 34 swimmers between the Rae, Gareth Lamb, Jurjevich and Ben Shand broke club records for the 200m medley and ages of seven and 39 to the competition. Eleven members of the Pisces are prepar- 200m freestyle relay races. The provincial meet marks the end of ing for the B.C. Summer Swimming Association provincial championships, scheduled for the season for the Pisces. The club began Aug. 17 to 19 in Nanaimo. Pisces competing practicing in late April, and competed in in the meet are: Artemis Douglas, Heather its first meet of 2012 on May 26 and 27 Lamb, Kyra Arrowsmith, Matthew Shand, in Prince George. They also competed in Ariadne Douglas, Ben Shand, Gareth Lamb, regular meets in Quesnel, Dawson Creek, Michael Jurjevich, Fraser MacRae, Brendan Mackenzie and Fort St. John. For more information on the Pisces, Bellavance and Ian Williams. visit the club’s website at Coaches Kyle Kronebusch and Fraser Bell will guide the Prince

Prince George - Sports - Free Press

Friday, August 17, 2012


Nationals less than week away



Alist air McINNIS/Free Press

Reid Fuller of Williams Lake hangs on tight during the bullriding event at the Exhibition Grounds on Saturday evening, part of the 100th Prince George Exhibition.

Preparations for the RE/MAX Baseball Canada Senior Championship have hit high gear. Now entering the final weekend before the eight-team tournament, more work is shifting from off the diamond to the field of play. Crews will be at Citizen Field and Rotary Field over the next few days, preparing the site for the competition, which runs next Thursday to Sunday. “Obviously we’re expanding things and doing set up and there hasn’t been a ton of groundskeeping work done to that field this year, so there’s a lot of catch-up to do,” tournament co-chair Jim Swanson said on Wednesday. While there was uncertainty over the use of Rotary Field earlier this month, Swanson said he was confident the diamond would be in good enough shape to host games and practices. For the second consecutive weekend, committee members will have an information table at Pine Centre Mall. Swanson noted that the mall was quiet last weekend, not surprising considering the sunny summer weather and events surrounding the 100th Prince George Exhibition. Organizers are hopeful more people will visit the table this weekend. As the manager of the Prince George Westcana Electric Axemen, Swanson is moving into a smaller role with the tournament committee to put more effort into guiding the host team. To fill the void, co-chair Lance Brommeland will take on tournament management roles. Swanson said he was closing in on finalizing a 21-player Axemen roster. He’s brought in outof-town talent to fill the majority of the lineup, something he’s faced his share of criticism for. “Every player basically on this team has played college or even pro baseball. We want to give Prince George a championship and these guys are proud to come up and represent Prince George on and off the field.” Swanson noted that other commitments kept

some Prince George players from joining the Axemen. Prince George products on the team include Brandon Hunter and Justin Fillion. A barbecue on Wednesday will precede the tournament. For a closer look at the host team and competition, check the preview story in Wednesday’s Free Press. More information on the tournament can be found at PRODUCTS STORES FLYERS DEALS COUPONS BROCHURES BROCHU RES CA CATAL TALOGU OGUES ES CON CONTES TESTS TS PR PRODU ODUCTS CTS ST STORE ORES S FLYERS FLY ER DE ERS DEALS ALS CO COUPO UPONS UPO NS BRO BROCHU CHURES CHU RES CA CATAL TALOGU TAL OGU GUES ES

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Friday, August 17, 2012

My own Best of P.G. awards

Learn more… Information Session Certified Life Skills Coach Training August 22, 2012 | 7pm | Room 5-122

Upcoming Courses Understanding the Essentials of Project Management September 19 and 20, 2012 Masters Certificate in Project Management Begins September 21, 2012 Please visit us at for a complete list of courses!


The 22 member Tour de North 2012 team is preparing for a grueling 860 km ride from Prince George to Prince Rupert on September 14 – 20. They are spending hours training and fundraising for pediatric cancer research and support programs for children and families going through cancer. 15 Day countdown to Cops for Cancer Tickets are available for sale – Tickets are $10 each and you get entered into 15 different draws over 15 business day starting August 27 – September 14. Grand Prize is a trip for two to Vancouver from Uniglobe Sunburst Travel. All proceeds go to Cops for Cancer. Tour de North Dinner of Courage – September 13 at 6:00 – 9:30 pm Signature Sandman Great Room – Tickets are $75 per person Open to the public TOUR SPONSOR




250 614 7223

Last week the Free Press cela testy three years as Dean ebrated the 11th Annual Best of Clark’s attendant with the P.G. Free Press Reader’s Choice Prince George Cougars. One Awards. has to admire his perseverance Let the honours continue! as Becker gleefully continues to As a follow-up, sharpen skates and do here are 10 catewhatever is necessary gories that were Hart until landing a WHL missed, but per- Beat heading coaching posihaps could be tion. HARTLEYMILLER included next year. BEST UNBC COACH ?????? This remains a mys(Note: there was no official tery with no winner until voting in the following clasafter the season. The soccer sifications. The winners are strictly based on my judgement coaches are new and the basketball coaches are headed into and, really, isn’t that enough?) uncharted territory as members of the CIS. Everybody BEST ORGANIZER Glen “Moose” Scott! The P.G. starts with a clean slate with Senior Lacrosse Commissioner no more embellishing records does things the old-fashioned from the PACWEST (BCCAA) way, communicating by phone days. rather than by social media. Scott deserves credit for makBEST HIGH SCHOOL Duchess Park! There are ing a sport with little interest the “haves” and the “haverelevant. By the way, “Moose” nots”. One is in awe with the is now part of the Prince new facility (that includes a George Spruce Kings sales and marketing team. Hopefully, his blue-chip gymnasium), special interest programs, and classinfluence can add a calming rooms equipped with state of effect on the organization. the art smart boards. Throw in electronic bulletin boards and a BEST DEN FATHER (Protector) Ron Gallo! Not only does ravishing architectural design, Ron have a Spruce Kings tattoo Duchess is appropriately on his chest as their Communamed considering its royalty nications Director, but Gallo treatment. can rattle off all of the stats of the winless Chilliwack HuskBEST UPSET The PG Grays! The Grays ers football team, which son beat the defending champion Ryan happens to play for. No Victoria Mavericks 7-5 at the one dares taking a swipe at his Provincial Senior Mens Baseteams, unless one is prepared ball Championship in an elimito suffer the “Wrath of Ron”. nation game. The Mavericks return to P.G. for the Nationals BEST ENTHUSIASM Dan O’Connor! The PG while the Grays do not have Cougars play-by-play man an entry. Huh? Is there any remains just as excited when reason why the Grays should his team is ahead 2-1 or behind not form the lions share of the 7-1. Objectivity has never stood host P.G. Axemen team for the in his way, but, in fairness, Canadians this month ? more often than not, the team has been trailing on the scoreBEST SPIN DOCTOR Jeff Sargeant! The Cariboo board and in the standings. Cougars manager and playby-play broadcaster influences BEST COACH Trevor Sprague! The head much of the local media with man of the Cariboo Cougars near daily trivial news releases. can also be considered for Known as the “Sarge”, who the most overbearing award. doubles as the morning news Sprague just wins games, but voice on 94X and the Wolf, Jeff does not get the appropriis mastering the art of how to ate recognition because he is benefit an organization where politically not in tune and has “hype” overrides substance. a perceived arrogance to his Sargeant is about ready to pass personality that is often mishis degree and join a political construed. party. BEST ASSISTANT COACH Jason Becker! He does a remarkable job remaining upbeat in what has been

BEST PROMOTER Bob Pegues of Inner City Boxing! Wayne Sponagle of Spruce Capital Boxing calls

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7364 Hart Highway, Prince George

Call Loretta at 250-962-5570

Pegues the best “self” promoter which is arguable. Pegues has dedicated much of his life to boxing and has seen the benefits of star pupil Kenny Lally. Kenny wants Bob to continue in his corner for the next four years in his attempts to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics and Pegues will oblige with minute-by-minute updates. ••• Not to take away from the five silver and 12 bronze, Canadians expected more than one gold medal from their athletes at the London Summer Olympics. With apologies to Ontario’s Rosie MacLennan, her gold in women’s trampoline caused little fanfare. How does Great Britain finish with 29 gold compared to one for Canada? Home cooking is just a small part of the answer. In the past three Summer Olympics, Canadians earned at least three gold, but that modest streak abruptly came to an end. While it is an accomplishment to capture silver or bronze or even set a personal best, Canadians are looking for wins. Nobody waves the flag about a third-place finish, unless it is a captivating unlikely story like the Canadian women’s soccer team. While excuses can be used for Canadian failures like injuries, controversial officiating and even bad luck, the reality is the athletes should not take the blame for the lack of success. Considering their circumstances, they have done the best with their limited financial support as possible. Over the last four years, Britain invested approximately half a billion dollars training its Olympic and Paralympics teams. In comparison, Canada’s federal government allocates $62 million a year into amateur athletics, which the Own the Podium Agency divides $34 million for summer sports, $22 million for winter sports and $6 million for elite team sports. Do you think an NFL team could compete on a CFL budget? Well, how is this any different? Hartley Miller is the sports director for radio stations 94X and the Wolf@97fm. He also writes for the Opinion 250. Send along a quote, note, or anecdote to Follow him on twitter: @Hartley_Miller

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Assistant coach hired

The Prince George Spruce Kings named their new assistant coach this week. Brad Rihela joins the organization from the Lower Mainland, where he was recently a coach within the Seafair Minor Hockey Association in Richmond. He also acted as a head coach with BC Hockey’s High Performance U16 program. “Brad is a young, enthusiastic coach with a strong passion for the game,� Spruce Kings general manager Mike Hawes stated in a press release. “He will bring with him a high level of energy and he will be able to relate and work closely with our players.� The Spruce Kings also added Prince George resident Blake Buckham to the organization. Buckham, who has groomed young netminders in the Prince George Minor Hockey Association, was hired to be the Spruce Kings’ goaltending coach.

HWY (A/T): 6.2L/100KM CITY (A/T): 9.5L/100KM









Soul 4u Luxury shown


*5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty.

“Blake is a great addition to the organization,� Hawes stated in the release. “He will work closely with our goaltenders over the course of the season to provide them with the extra support required to be successful.� Dave Dupas returns for his second full season as the team’s head coach, while Jason Garneau and Colton Buffie are back as assistants. Tom Bohmer has stepped back from his assistant coaching role to work as an organizational consultant while remaining on the board of directors. Head trainer Bill Baldridge and equipment manager Malcolm Poburan will also be back with the team. Week 2 of the Spruce Kings Hockey School wraps up today. With only one week left, preseason tryouts are fast approaching. Main camp gets underway on Aug. 24.






155 &













Forte Koup SX shown

Military Benefit

Mobility Assistance

see dealer for details

Grad Rebate


'*/"/$*/(0/ **


 1":.&/54 0/64



Sorento SX shownU PASSENGER






bi-weekly for 60 months, amortized over 84 months with $0 DOWN PAYMENT. $8,048 remaining balance. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,772 and $500 loan savings‥. BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $28,667. Offer based on 2013 Sorento LX AT.

Optima SX Turbo shown






Gustafson’s Kia North

1912 – 20th Avenue, Prince George, BC (250) 563-7949

& AT


$0 DOWN PAYMENT. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,827 and $500 lease savings. Offer based on 2013 Rio5 LX MT.

Rondo EX V6 Luxury shown

APR FEATURES: or cash equivalent


3.5L V6 276 HP 248 LB-FT 3,500 LB TOWING CAPACITY

$173 bi-weekly for 60 months, amortized over 84 months with $799 down payment. $8,883 remaining balance. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,772 and $500 loan savings‥. BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $31,267. Offer based on 2013 Sorento 3.5 LX V6.

5-DOOR or cash equivalent


Rio5 SX shownU

Sedona EX Luxury shown

HWY (M/T): 4.9L/100KM CITY (M/T): 6.6L/100KM


Offer(s) available on select new 2012/2013 models through participating dealers to qualiďŹ ed customers who take delivery by August 31, 2012. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice. See dealer for complete details. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All offers exclude licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes and down payment (if applicable). Other dealer charges may be required at the time of purchase. Other lease and ďŹ nancing options also available. **0% purchase ďŹ nancing is available on select 2012/2013 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for complete details. Representative ďŹ nancing example based on 2012 Soul 1.6L AT (SO753C) with a selling price of $21,867 [includes delivery and destination fees of $1,650, $500 loan savings, $1,050 “3 payments on usâ€? savings, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable)] ďŹ nanced at 0% APR for 60 months. Bi-weekly payments equal $156 with a down payment/equivalent trade of $0. License, insurance, applicable taxes, variable dealer administration fees (up to $699), PPSA and registration fees are extra. Cost of borrowing of $0, for a total obligation of $21,867. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. &Bi-weekly ďŹ nance payment for 2013 Sorento LX AT (SR75BD)/2013 Sorento 3.5 LX V6 (SR75ED) based on a selling price of $28,667/$31,267 is $155/$173 with an APR of 0%/1.49% for 60 months, amortized over an 84-month period. Estimated remaining principal balance of $8,048/$8,883 plus applicable taxes due at end of 60-month period. Offer includes a loan savings of $500. Delivery and destination fees of $1,650, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable) are included. License, insurance, applicable taxes, PPSA, admin fee (up to $699) and registration fees are extra. See dealer for full details. §Lease offer available on approved credit (OAC) on 2013 RIO5 LX MT (RO551D) is based on monthly payments of $188 [includes delivery and destination fees of $1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies), A/C tax ($100, where applicable), $350 lease service fee and a lease savings (lease credit) of $500] for 48 months at 0.9% with a $0 down payment/equivalent trade, security deposit and ďŹ rst monthly payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $9,037 with the option to purchase at the end of the term for $7,050. Lease has 16,000 km/year allowance (other packages available and $0.12/km for excess kilometres). License, insurance, applicable taxes, PPSA and registration fees are excluded. ‥Loan savings for 2013 Sorento LX AT (SR75BD)/2013 Sorento 3.5 LX V6 (SR75ED) is $500 and is available on purchase ďŹ nancing only on approved credit (OAC). Loan savings vary by model and trim and are deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes. Some conditions apply. ÂĽ 3 Payments On Us offer is available on approved credit to eligible retail customers who ďŹ nance or lease a new 2012/2013 Rio-4 Sedan/Rio5/Forte/Forte Koup/Forte5/Sorento from a participating dealer between August 1 - August 19, 2012. Eligible lease and purchase ďŹ nance (including FlexChoice) customers will receive a cheque in the amount of three payments (excluding taxes) to a maximum of $300/$300/$350/$350/$350/$550/month. Lease and ďŹ nance purchases are subject to approved credit. Customers will be given a choice between up to $900/$900/$1,050/$1,050/$1,050/$1,650 reductions from the selling/leasing price after taxes or dealer can issue a cheque to the customer. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. †Maximum $6,650 cash savings only applicable to 2012 Sedona models. Cash savings range from $1,500 to $6,650 depending on model and are only available on select 2012 models. See your dealer for complete details. 6Model shown Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for 2013 Sorento 3.5L SX AWD 7-seater (SR75XD)/2013 Rio5 SX with Navigation AT (RO759D) is $43,045/$23,750 and includes delivery and destination fees of $1,650/$1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable). License, insurance, applicable taxes, PPSA, admin fee (up to $699) and registration fees are extra. Retailer may sell for less. Available at participating dealers. See dealer for full details. ÇHighway/city fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on Transport Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the Government of Canada’s EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption will vary. Some conditions apply to the $500 Grad Rebate Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. KIA is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation. Friday, August 17, 2012



Team Gold player Ryan Forbes, middle, skates back towards the puck with a Team Blue skater behind him during a midget hockey scrimmage at the Cariboo Cougars’ evaluation camp on Saturday evening at the Coliseum. Ninety players attended the weekend tryout, which marked the beginning of the roster-forming process for the team’s 2012-13 BC Hockey Major Midget League season.

A lis ta ir M cINNIS/ Fre e Pre s s

Visit to learn more.


Friday, August 17, 2012

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Business Opportunities

Career Opportunities

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Do you think you may have a problem with Alcohol? Alcohol Anonymous, Box 1257, Prince George, BC V2L 4V5 Call 250-564-7550 NECHAKO RIVER FLOW FACTS 15 August 2012 Reservoir Elevation: 852.68 m (2797.5 ft) SLS Discharge: 292.13 m3/s Cheslatta Falls: 291 m3/s Nautley River: 34 m3/s Vanderhoof: 340 m3/s Isle Pierre: 646 m3/s The annual Summer Temperature Management Program will end 20 August. Spillway discharge will be reduced to approximately 65 m3/s during September for the benefit of Chinook salmon. Spillway discharge may be increased in the Fall to further reduce reservoir elevation before winter. For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 5675812

Small home decor and gift shop business for sale on 4th Ave, Prince George Reasonably priced $27,000. 250963-9344 WANT EXTRA INCOME? Work from Home. Be Your Own Boss. Set Your Own Hours. Free Online Training.


Housesitting Will do house sitting. References available. Leave message 250-970-0227

Children Daycare Centers Judy’s Childcare (Licensed) has FT openings for 2 children ages 1-3. Fraserview Sub. Near Van Bien school. Ph: (250) 562-1567

Employment Accounting/ Bookkeeping CGA / ACCOUNTANT A busy, growing business located in a small village on the west coast of British Columbia requires a CGA student / CGA immediately. Must possess the following: • Experience in the Industrial business sector a major asset • All functions related to A/R and A/P, payroll • All accounting functions up to and including year end • Financial reports • Experience in the day to day operations of a food processing plant would be an asset • Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment, with confidential information and time sensitive assignments The successful candidate must be willing to re-locate. We are offering a very competitive compensation package as well as an exciting and rewarding career. Please forward your resume and cover letter to: Only those selected for personal interviews will be contacted.


Duties / Tasks; ·Manage shop activities ·Dispatch mechanics ·Maintain maintenance records ·Manage fleet licences ·Help purchaser w/ parts orders

NECHAKO RIVER Reservoir Elevation: 852.8 m (2797.92 ft) SLS Discharge: 292.13 m3/s Cheslatta Falls: 290.5 m3/s Nautley River: 40.5 m3/s Vanderhoof: 347.6 m3/s Isle Pierre: 694 m3/s The annual Summer Temperature Management Program began 20 July. The current discharge will be maintained until 20 August. For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 5675812

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN Selkirk Paving, part of the Interoute Construction Ltd. group of companies, located in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, is looking for a F/T Shop Supervisor to manage a fleet of over 300 pieces of construction equipment. Some travel will be required.

FLOW FACTS 8 August 2012

Career Opportunities IF YOU’RE interested in real estate, then take Appraisal and Assessment, a specialized two-year business major at Lakeland College’s campus in Lloydminster, Alberta. Your training includes assessment principles, computerized mass appraisal valuation of properties, farmland evaluation and property analysis. Start September; 1-800-661-6490, ext. 5429. Larry’s Heavy Haul (1990) Ltd.

requires Experienced Class 1 Drivers. For full details and to apply please visit our website at:

Knowledge / Skills; ·Knowledge of asphalt, crushing, and ready mix equipment would be an asset ·Able to create repair budgets ·Familiar with safety codes / regulations ·Fluent with Microsoft Word and Excel

Graymont’s Pavilion Plant is accepting applications for an Industrial Electrician. Candidate must possess current B.C. Red Seal certification. Preference will be given to well-rounded individuals willing to also perform other nonelectrical maintenance work as part of the maintenance team. A background in lime or cement industry along with computer and or PLC skills is preferred as well as a proven track record of developing and maintaining a safe work culture. Additional skills required: • Electrician with industrial experience required to work at the Graymont Pavilion Lime Plant. • Must become engaged in continuous improvement and willing to work in a team environment. • Regular shifts will be 8 hrs/day from Monday to Friday – steady day shift. • Must be willing to work overtime when required. • Wages and benefits as per the collective agreement. • Located in Pavilion B.C. situated between Cache Creek and Lillooet, B.C. Qualified applicants please submit your resume to: or Graymont Pavilion Plant Attn: Dan Buis P.O. Box 187 Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0

Experience/Education; ·Post secondary education with Heavy Duty Mechanic training Competitive Compensation Package w/ a Comprehensive Benefit & Pension Plan. The Company Offers Development Opportunities Through Tailored Training Programs. For more information visit Please send your resume stating position to the Human Resources department at: or by fax at: (1)604-575-3691

Education/Trade Schools TAYLOR PRO TRAINING *Heavy Equipment Operator Training *Commercial Driver Training Call today 1-877-860-7627

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. Graduates are in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payments. 1-800-466-1535




PROVIDING BASIC CREMATION AND MEMORIAL SERVICES TO PRINCE GEORGE & AREA Columbarium Niches - Scattering Garden 40 Seat Chapel 3300 Memorial Park Lane


Preplan your funeral and put your mind at ease Automotive

fax 250.562-0025 email Career Career Career Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities


is looking for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year apprentice. A journeyman mechanic or an experienced transmission installer. Top wages paid for the right person. Apply in Person or send resume to:

#4 - 1989 1st Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 2Z3




AWG Northern Industries is currently seeking a full-time permanent, Marketing/Quality Administrator that would be responsible for supporting the Senior Management team with various projects, events and day-to-day items. The candidate will be a results oriented self-starter who is meticulously detail-oriented, able to manage multiple projects at once, possesses excellent time management and problem solving skills, demonstrates an eagerness to embrace new challenges. This position is located in Smithers. Responsibilities: Manage inventory control of all clothing, promotional and sample materials Support independent dealer requests and content delivery (co-op ads, logos, sample requests, etc.) Source, order and distribute all promotional items Trade shows support Maintain and update social media sites Participate in the planning of staff and client events (Staff BBQ, Christmas Party, Golf Tournaments, etc.) Photography coordination Miscellaneous administrative duties as needed Research and copy development for various projects Basic merchandising Internal newsletter support Assisting with various external and internal marketing projects including campaign planning and execution and brand awareness programs The successful candidate will have: A passion for marketing, merchandising and promotions Post-secondary education in Administration, Business, Marketing or other related field or equivalent experience Prior experience in a fast-paced marketing/merchandising role and an aptitude and/or exposure to basic marketing concepts Social Media understanding and experience (Facebook, Twitter) Experience in the construction, renovation or building verticals is an asset Strong computer skills including a superior understanding of Microsoft Office Suite, especially MS Excel Working knowledge of Adobe CS is desirable Exceptional organizational skills and precise attention to detail are essential Excellent written and oral communication skills Strong team player; motivated self-starter with the ability to work under minimal supervision and able to provide consistent reports Please send resume and cover letter in confidence to: Laura Stanton, AWG Northern Industries Inc. Box 850, 3424 Hwy 16 E Smithers, BC V0J-2N0 Fax (250) 877-7610 Email

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Friday, August 17, 2012

Education/Trade Schools

Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School Is looking to fill the following positions:





‘Like Us’ x x x x x x

NO Simulators. In-the-seat Training Only Never share equipment REAL WORLD TASKS Job board & placement aid FREE SITE TOURS Classes start every Monday Call 1 399--3853 866--399 1--866 Funding options, Call for details

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Employment Opportunity

Start your Health Care Career in less than a year! Study online or on campus Nursing Unit Clerk – 6 months - Work in the heart of the hospital Pharmacy Technician – 8 months - The first CCAPP accredited program in BC Medical Transcriptionist – 9 months - Work online or in hospitals Financial Aid available • PCTIA and CCAPP accredited

Call Today For Free Info Kit


Community Living British Columbia [CLBC] delivers support and services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. CLBC staff strives to adhere to the corporate vision ‘Good lives in welcoming communities’.

Early Childhood Educator/Assistant (Leave Term - Full Time)

The Exploration Place is seeking an enthusiastic, outgoing, motivated and energetic person to fill the position of Early Childhood Educator (or Assistant). Reporting to the Childcare Coordinator and Deputy Director, The Early Childhood Educator ensures that the daily operations of the Early Explorers Preschool program run effectively and efficiently. This includes: the development and delivery of quality child-centred preschool programming enriched in the areas of science and heritage; timely and accurate completion of administrative tasks; and respectful communication and coordination with participants and team members. Anticipated start date: Tuesday September 4th 2012 Position end date: Friday March 1st 2013 Terms of employment: TERM - Full Time, with the potential to lead to permanent full-time Annual salary range: $24,960-27,030 (commensurate with training and experience) Hours of work: Monday to Friday approximately 8 hours/day; occasional weekends and evenings as required for special events Application deadline: Friday August 24th 2012 Number of positions: 1 Hours & Benefits: This is a leave coverage position - Monday to Friday, 8 hrs/day (some evening and weekends as required) with a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. After a 3-month probationary period, benefits include an Exploration Place family membership. For more details on this and other job openings, visit our website

Apply to: or Fax 250-562-6395

Competition 2012.082 Manager, Quality Services, Prince George The Manager, Quality Services is responsible for review of plans and application of assessment tools to ensure congruency between disability related needs and resource allocation and subsequent delivery of community living services, for adults with developmental disabilities. The manager must ensure the most effective and efficient delivery of CLBC contracted services within a budgeted framework and financial and policy requirements. The Manager must balance the competing needs of communities (as they pertain to equitable, consistent and portable allocation of sources) and at the same time, ensure that the safety, security and well being of individuals is paramount. Qualifications: Business related Bachelor’s degree preferably with human services orientation or work experience, with a minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience with social service resource development and contract management. Use of own vehicle on expenses. For a complete list of qualifications and duties please review the job description posted on our website. Closing Date: August 20, 2012 For more information on this and all other available positions, visit our website: To place a Classified ad call...




Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

Food Safety is EVERYBODY’S Business

Food Handlers • Volunteers Care Givers • In Home Now accepting registration:

FoodSafe Level 1 Saturday Sept 8th Tuesday Sept 18th Saturday Oct 13th

Keeping Food Safe


Group Rates Available

Diane Rosebrugh & Dick Rosebrugh, B.Ed.

ABC Foodsafe School Member of:

Fax: 250-563-2572


Help Wanted Dana Mandi EAST INDIAN RESTAURANT REQUIRES: 2 full-time Chefs, 40 hrs per week, $17/hr min 2 yrs exp. 1 Food server supervisor 40 hrs per week $18/hr. Must speak Hindi or Punjabi & English. Drop resume @ 2095 5th Ave. or email:

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. BANNISTER AUTO GROUP If you are energetic, creative, motivated and have the desire to join a “Customer First Family”, then we would invite you to come grow with us. We are one of Western Canada’s fasted growing automotive companies. We have openings in several of our locations for SALES MANAGERS, SALES PEOPLE AND QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS. Interested in joining our team? Contact Dick Rosman at 1-888-410-5761 or Email your resume to: PARTS & Services Representatives at Jacobson Ford Salmon Arm BC- We are looking for exciting, customer friendly, dynamic individuals capable of working in a fast paced work environment. Parts and service experience an asset but not necessary, email resume to

Required for an Alberta Trucking Company. One Class 1 Driver. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience pulling low boys and driving off road. Candidate must be able to pass a drug test and be willing to relocate to Edson, Alberta. Fax resumes to: 780-725-4430

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Established 1947 Established 1947

Hauling Freight for Friends for60 65Years Years Hauling Freight for Friends for Over



Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Owner Operators to be based at our Prince George Terminal for runs throughout B.C. and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain, driving experience/ PRINCE GEORGE training. Van-Kam Freightways’ Group of Companies We offer above average rates, excellent employee benefits and requires Owner Operators for runs out of our SIGNING BONUS. Prince Terminal.drivers, call Bev, 604-968-5488 or To join ourGeorge team of Professional email resume, driver’s to abstract and details of truck to: Van aKam is current committed Employment Equity and W ff ll t t or fax Wi604-587-9889 t /M t i Environmental Responsibility. Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility. We thank you for your interest in Van-Kam, however only those of interest to us will be contacted.

The eyes have it



Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press

Friday, August 17, 2012

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Recruiting journeyman and apprentice electricians for contracts throughout BC. Industrial/maintenance experience an asset. Clean Drivers Abstract and Drug/Alcohol Test are essential.

Please fax 250-992-7855 or email

Maintenance Management Trainee (MMT) Houston, BC As a dynamic and growing company Pinnacle Renewable Energy is looking for energetic careeroriented individuals looking for a future in maintenance management. The Maintenance Manager Trainee (MMT) is part of a developmental training program for a duration of 18 months to 2 years. This position, through assigned work activities and projects, will develop a working knowledge of the required maintenance for a state of the art pellet manufacturing facility. The MMT will be required to learn and master key management behaviors which will include staff management and labor relations, safety regulations and practices, financial reporting and analysis, and maintenance techniques and practices. For more information on this position, and how to apply please visit and look under Career Opportunities.

Operations Management Trainee (OMT) Prince George, BC As a dynamic and growing company Pinnacle Renewable Energy is looking for energetic careeroriented individuals looking for a future in operations management. The Operations Manager Trainee (OMT) is part of a developmental training program for a duration of 18 months to 2 years. This position, through assigned work activities and projects, will develop a working knowledge of day-to-day operations of a state of the art pellet manufacturing facility. The OMT will be required to learn and master key management behaviors which will include staff management and labor relations, safety regulations and practices, financial reporting and analysis, production techniques and practices, logistics, and fibre management.



Visions Electronics wants to change your life. Are you energetic, loyal, well-groomed and love a challenge? Are you tired of having your income limited to the number of hours you can work? We are the largest Retail Electronics company based in Western Canada and looking for the best salespeople available. No experience is required…just a desire to be the BEST. We offer the highest pay structure in the business, a full benefits package, and promote our managers from the sales floor. No whiners, No lazy people. No room for second place.

We are looking for: • A team player with excellent communication and people skills. • Strong in a high paced operations environment. • Strong organizationally. • Detailed orientated and self motivated. • Dedicated to learn and grow within our organization. • Ability to quickly assess an ever changing environment and make decisions that financially optimize division operations. Please send resume in confidence to: Lisa Savage, Director of People Systems -, 710 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, BC, V2C 5P3, Fax: (250) 314-1750

Trades, Technical CERTIFIED ELECTRICIANS wanted for growing northern company. Competitive wages and benefits. Safety tickets needed. Fax 250-775-6227 or email: info@torqueindustr Apply online:

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical CERTIFIED MILLWRIGHTS needed for growing northern company. Competitive wages and benefits. Safety tickets necessary. Fax resume to 250-775-6227 or email: info@torqueindustr Online: CONCRETE FINISHERS and Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103. INSERTING MACHINE operator required for busy Alberta printing plant. Previous Alphaliner or other machine experience an asset. Mechanical & computer aptitude required; SHINGLE SAWYER needed in Gold River. Pendragon Forest Products Ltd. Apply to: Box 1100 Gold River B.C., V0P 1G0. Call 250-283-2111 or 604-369-3045. Or Email:



Andre’s Electronic Experts is expanding their sales force. Looking for an individual with sales experience & knowledge of appliances/ electronics. Full time Salary/Commission w/potential income to be $45-$60k + benefits including extended health plan. Drop off resumes to 2591A Vance Road. Attention: Ed Jang or email No phone calls please.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Career Opportun ity

Now accepting

for a Supervisor / Keyholder Position


Arrow offers: • Growth potential • Training and Development • Competitive compensation & benefits package

CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR. Chwk Bridge Const Co has an immediate opening for an exp and energetic estimator. The successful candidate will be able to analyze and prepare estimates for bridges, precast products and earthworks. This is a full time position. Wages TBD with experience. Must be selfmotivated and able to work independently. Email resume with a handwritten cover letter to or fax to 604702-0620. No phone calls.


AUTOMATED TANK Manufacturing INC. is looking for welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster. We have openings for 10-3rd year apprentices or journey person welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd yr apprentice $28$30/hr, journey person $32$35/hr, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at; (office)780-8462231; (fax)780-846-2241 or send resume to; p r o d u c t i o n @ a u t o t a n k s. c a . Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform.



Our dynamic company is looking for someone interested in a career in Operations Management to join our team as Area Supervisor for our Trucking Division in Quesnel, BC.


For more information on this position, and how to apply please visit and look under Career Opportunities.

Arrow Transportation Systems Inc., is a diversified transportation, logistics, and materials handling company with operations throughout Canada and the U.S.

Employment Professional/ Management

Please apply in person at: #142-6333 Southridge Avenue, Prince George

Looking for a Career? This might be for you.

PRINCE GEORGE NATIVE FRIENDSHIP CENTRE Our People make a difference in the community The Prince George Native Friendship Centre, a visionary non-profit society, has been serving the needs of the entire community for the past 43+ years. We are seeking candidates for the following position(s) within our organization:

• Experience an assett • Apply in person to Julie. 1905 Victoria Street next to Total Pet • Prince George 250.562.5555




Adult Residential Resources: Casual Life Skills Worker Closing date: August 31, 2012 at 1pm A hard copy listing the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of the positions are available from the Prince George Native Friendship Centre’s web site at (click on Join Our Team / Careers). To apply, submit a resume, cover letter and three (3) references detailing which position(s) you are applying for, to:

Prince George Native Friendship Centre 1600 Third Avenue Prince George, BC V2L 3G6 Fax: (250) 563-0924 E-mail: Applications will be accepted until dates noted on postings, no telephone inquiries please. We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

No Stone Unturned: Searching for Properties of Merit Within a two year period, the original team of Richfield Ventures Corp. discovered, advanced and sold the Blackwater Bulk-Tonnage Gold Deposit to New Gold Inc. This team has recently been appointed as the Management and Board of Directors of Prosper Gold Corp. and is now seeking to identify hard rock mineral property submittals. Prosper Gold is interested in properties that are either at an intermediate or advanced exploration stage; ideally with recorded diamond drilling. Prosper Gold will accept proposals for purchase, option, or joint ventures. Prosper Gold Corp.’s President and CEO, Peter Bernier and Board Director, Dirk TempelmanKluit were the recent recipients of the H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for Excellence in Prospecting and Mineral Exploration from the Association of Mineral Exploration of BC.

For more information please visit our website or call 1-877-992-6644

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Health Products COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus. Extensive study of beekeeping, queen rearing, and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. Call Lin 1-780-8356630 SLIM DOWN for summer! Lose up to 20 lbs in just 8 weeks. Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800-854-5176.

Financial Services

Reduce Debt by up to


• Avoid Bankruptcy • Avoid bankruptcy • Rebuild Your Credit • 0% InterestCanadian • Proudly

250-277-1677 250-434-4226

DROWNING IN debts? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500. GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161. INCOME TAX PROBLEMS? Have you been audited, reassessed or disallowed certain claims by Canada Revenue Agency? Call Bob Allen @ 250-542-0295 35yrs. Income Tax experience, 8.5yrs. with Revenue Canada. Email: M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Excavating & Drainage

D.R.T. Mini Excavating Ltd.

Merchandise for Sale


Home Improvements

Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

G Gilbert Renovation Year round reno needs. Int/ext, nothing too small. 30 yrs exp. Free estimates! Call Gaetan (250) 560-5845 or 552-7184

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837


Lou’s Renos Roger’s Renos For all your home reno needs. We also help you renovate your rental units. References available. For free estimates call 250-964-6106 Ivan at 250-552-8106 or Roger 250-552-0471

Landscaping Pruning, mowing, rubbish removal, asphalt, crack, pothole repair & sealing PG Yard Service (250)552-2122

Roofing & Skylights Norm’s Roofing *Residential roofing & re-roofing*

Misc. Wanted Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Silver Coins etc. Available now: 250-863-3082

Real Estate Commercial/ Industrial Property 2 acre building lot (219’ x 397’) in city limits. 10862 Jutland Rd $35,000 Ph (250)964-0357

WCB & Liability Insured Free Estimates (250)961-4500


Pets & Livestock

Summit Lake: 1 acre sub lake lot A-frame w/trailer & hydro. $35,000 Ph 778-415-2150 after 5



Boxer Puppies, vet checked with all shots up to date. $700. each Ready Aug 20 250-5673193

Apt/Condo for Rent

Merchandise for Sale


Driest fire wood in town! Split & delivered $180 real cord (250)562-7111

• 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available • Close to hospital & downtown • Rent includes heat, hot water • Elevator to undercover parking • Fridge, stove, quality carpets, drapes • Laundry on each floor • No pets

Food Products

To Rent Call:

$100 & Under Spa @ Home. Poor circulation inflammation, skin conditions. Natural/Herbal. All ages. Sat & Sun only 1156 4th Ave

$200 & Under

FARM raised chickens. No hormones, antibiotics or by products. Processed and shrink wrapped. $3.50 per pound. Please call after 6pm 778.349-0143

Heavy Duty Machinery

250-561-1447 Bach $450, 1 bdr. $570, 2 bdr. $680; heat, h/w incl., 1601 Queensway; 250-596-4275 250-612-7199 Briarwood Apts. 1330/80 Foothills Blvd. 1 & 2 Bdrm suites 250-561-1571

Carriage Lane Estates

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

1575 Queesway 250-596-9484

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit

2 & 3 BDRM TOWNHOUSES Close to CNC and shopping


3820 - 15th Ave

Under New Management Spacious 3 bdrm apts Clean, quiet, secure entrance. Students Welcome. Rental Incentives. No Dogs

Phone 250-596-4555

JUBILEE Apt’s 1 & 2 bedroom Adult orientated, close to downtown & bus route. N/S, N/P. Parking.

Call: (250) 562-7172


2666 Upland Street 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Rent includes: hydro, heat, hot water, appliances, drapes and parking. Quiet, no pets

250-564-3162 VENICE PLACE APTS 1438 Queensway Bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm Suites Balcony, Elevator, Underground parking. Heat included Call (250)561-1446

Commercial/ Industrial

Majestic Management (1981) Ltd. CE • OFFI ERCIAL M • COM IL • RETA Space available for rent For all your rental needs Call 562-8343 or 562-RENT

Duplex / 4 Plex 1, 2 & 3 bdrm suites for rent. Includes utilities Reasonably priced. 250-552-1178 1/2 Duplex, 3 brm. up, 1 dwn, 2 baths. 2633 Quince St. $750 per month, n/p (250)563-4205 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath new flooring & paint, near Duchess Park school. $800/mo plus util. Avail Sept 1st (250)562-4809

Modular Homes

Friday, August 17, 2012



Duplex / 4 Plex

Cars - Domestic


Pet friendly, 2 or 3 bdrm, central location. 1 month free for senior. 250-649-8439

‘96 Chrysler Eagle Vision Good condition, no rust, newer tires. Asking $2500 OBO 250-964-3117


Homes for Rent 1909 Tamarack St. 5 bdrm full house, 2 full bathrooms, very cute $1100 plus utilities. 250961-2265

Shared Accommodation 1 bedroom in house shared accommodation, for quite, mature, single, female student. $400 per month. includes, sep bedroom & family room on 1st floor.Util included plus cable and wifi 250-596-1374 Are you a female student coming to Prince George for school? Quiet, friendly home to share with single woman. On bus route, Internet included, own bedroom, share rest of house, $550. Can be room and board, cost negotiable. Availability starting July or August. References required. Contact Lorraine at

Suites, Lower 1 bdrm fully furnished bsmt suite. Foothills & 1st Ave. Single person, NS NP $600/mo incl utilities. (250)561-7051 2 bdrm bsmt suite, W/D dishwasher, hardwood flrs, $850 inc utilities Available immed (250)649-9761 or 964-4700 Good & quiet residential area, 2 bdrm bsmt suite for rent, Must be non smoker, non drinker. Ref required Phone (250)964-0607 Juniper 3BDRM/1BA, newly renovated large unfurn bsmt suite in quiet home. Private entrance. Utilities incl. Quiet, mature adult only. N/S,N/P. Ref’s required. $775 250-8633246

Townhouses TOWNHOUSE 1st & Tabor, 3 Bdr, 1.5 Bath. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, 2 decks, updated. Utilities not incl. No pets. 875 month. Doug 250-613-9392

Handypersons Handyman from Newfoundland All jobs big & small, I’se the b’ye to do it all. Carpentry & plumbing etc. W.E.T.T. Certified. Call Jim 250.562.8203 / 250.613.5478

Home Improvements Bath & Kitchen Specialist We bring creative design ideas to the table, as we work closely with you to achieve the perfect remodel. No job too big and none certainly, too small. Call Tom today for free estimate.


24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language


1-800-680-4264 Stand up. Be heard. Get help.

Cars - Sports & Imports


STK# 7394-1

2009 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CC HIGHLINE 2.0L Turbo 1-4, Manual, Leather interior, Loaded, Financing as low as 0.9% APR on approved credit. Only 15,521 kms. Sale $28,499 Hub City Motors 1822 Queensway 250.564.7228

Sport Utility Vehicle ‘99 Honda CRV Special Edition 4 cyl, all wheel drive, auto AC,looks like new, 200,000 km, $6500 obo 250-649-6487

Auto Services

Auto Services

“Your Service Centre”

Direct Automotive






Modular Homes



Commercial or Residential

call Mark 250-614-3028 or

HARDWOOD MANOR APTS Under New Management! 1 & 2 bdrm suites Heat & Hot water included.

Are you unhappy with Weight? Smoking? Anxiety? Self Esteem? Eating Disorders? Confidence? Phobias? Your Sexuality? FOR APPOINTMENT CALL


DL# 31221

Looking for a new home? Larger home? We take trades and we want yours!!

250-561-2259 CELL 250-981-9816


BERNIE NORDQUIST, CCHt; M.NLP; EFT-Adv. Certified Hypnotherapist

3157 Bellamy Place - Prince George, BC – 1-877-737-4278 WWW.HARTMODULARHOMES.CA

Contact us today for details!!



Friday, August 17, 2012

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Prince George Free Press, August 17, 2012  

August 17, 2012 edition of the Prince George Free Press

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