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A trio of familiar faces

Memories of Julia Child

Dog Days

From taking music lessons together at age five to touring with Shari

Two Bowen restaurants participate in 100th birthday event on August 15

If you’re missing a four-legged companion, CAWES has one for you

What about stockpiling, burning and composting at Sunset quarry? Public hearing gives neighbours a chance to speak out about additional uses at the Twin Island Excavating site SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


he public hearing about the Twin Island Excavating rezoning application on July 31 marked the last chance for island residents to speak out about concerns with the proposed changes to the operation at the Sunset Road quarry. Twin Island’s application envisions processing, storage and sale of sand and gravel, disposing of land clearing debris via controlled burning or grinding and a green waste compost facility on the site. As part of the public process, neighbours had been made aware of the application and many came out to voice their opinions. At the beginning of the meeting, mayor Jack Adelaar reminded the audience that council is not permitted to receive any further verbal or written submissions on the proposed bylaws after the public hearing. Judy McLeod, planning consultant for the Bowen Island Municipality, said that the property on Crown land is currently designated as Green Zone 3 that allows uses that contribute to the environmental protection. In addition, a site-specific exception allows for the processing, storage and sale of gravel. “The owners [of Twin Island] had submitted an application to renew the lease and wanted to include additional uses such as stockpiling of land clearing debris and a compost facility,� McLeod said. She explained that the application was received in January 2011. continued PAGE 2

All aboard for Dog Days of Summer! The excitement is building for the pooches and pugs who will participate in the annual Dog Days event on August 12 on the Union Steamship Company lawn. Proceeds go to B.C. Guide Dog Services. You’re welcome to join the fun even if you don’t have a four-legged companion to tag along. Janis Treleaven photo

Bowen Island Pub opens in time for ball game SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


hree months ago, Glenn Cormier wouldn’t have believed it possible that he would open a business on Bowen Island. “To be honest, to me Bowen Island was always a Neverland-kind of a place. I never believed I could buy a place here,� said the new co-owner of the Bowen Island Pub. He has been busy getting the place ready for opening day on Friday, August 10, with the help of his wife Meredith, daughter Farrah, business partner Nick Shaw, and Shaw’s wife Connie. “Everything happened very quickly. It was a big adjustment for us to think about how this is going to affect our future and what we are going to, do� Cormier said.

Cormier will be the on-site manager and take care of most of the day to day tasks, he explained. “My wife will help with the accounting and bookkeeping. Nick [Shaw] has a scaffolding company so he’s going to help with the upkeep of the building and construction items. We recognize that the building needs a bit of TLC. It’s an older building and it’s on a key corner,� he said, adding that they have a long-term plan in place but for now, they just want to get it up and running. This decision to open this weekend comes from the understanding that every community needs a pub, according to Cormier. “A pub that’s been around for that long has created a lot of memories. I think it’s a good pub – it has a good continued PAGE 3

First Credit Union invites you to join us for the following FREE Movie Under the Stars event this summer:

August 13 Crippen Park, Bowen Island

Live Music at 8:00! LORNE WARR and THE STREELS!

For movie title and event information visit:ďŹ rstcugroup/events Concession provided with proceeds going to local charity. t&WFSZPOFXFMDPNFt/PDIBSHFt8FBUIFSQFSNJUUJOHt




2 • FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012


July weather

Twin Island is looking to expand operation


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aximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Wind Gusts Total Rainfall

26.7° 10.6° 27kph 22.0mm

A dry month with less than half the rain we had last July. It would hardly suit a camel which can drink as much as 286 litres in a day. The water is stored in its bloodstream, not in its hump.

Diamond Jubilee Medals!

Until midnight September 30, 2012, the North Shore Office of MP John Weston is receiving nominations for 30 Diamond Jubilee Medals. The MP will host award ceremonies in every region of the riding during the week of November 12, 2012. See our website,, for nomination forms & details.

Thank you for all you do, John Weston

Stay connected @ John Weston on n MP MP John Weston Member of Parliament

North Shore Constituency Office Tel: 604.981.1790 Fax: 604.981.1794

West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky Country

Request for Expressions of Interest

PARK CARETAKING SERVICES Crippen Regional Park, Bowen Island BC

CONTRACT OPPORTUNTIY Metro Vancouver is seeking services of an independent contractor to provide caretaking, restoration, operational support and security services at Crippen Regional Park. This is a three year contract. Contrator will be required to reside at a caretaker’s residence, known as Seaside Cottage located in Crippen Regional Park. Parties interested in this contract opportunity are invited to submit an expression of interest including relevant experience and references. Full details on the scope of this contract and service requirements are available upon request by calling 604-224-5739. Expressions of interest must be addressed to: Metropolitan Planning, Environment and Parks Department Metro Vancouver 4330 Kingsway, 6th Floor Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8 Expressions of interest must be received no later than end of day business day (4:30 pm local time) on August 31st, 2012.

In February 2012, the application had been referred to a number of agencies for comments including the Advisory Planning Commission (ACP), the Greenways Advisory Committee, the Islands Trust, Metro Vancouver Policy and Planning and municipal departments. Documentation showed that there are no objections from the Islands Trust but that Metro Vancouver has identified a number of uses including stockpiling and disposal that would need to go through additional application processes. The ACP as well as the Greenways Advisory Committee expressed concerns that the Twin Island application did not include any assessment of the environmental impacts of grinding or composting and an application for an operating permit from Metro Vancouver. At the public meeting, Anne Franc de Ferriere Cholat echoed these concerns and suggested that the time frame to deal with the application should be extended as a number of forms and studies have not been completed. “There is supposed to be an environmental impact study,” she said. “When someone applies for a rezoning application, there is a check list of items that need to be included but here, the appendix only mentions that the studies should be completed to the satisfaction of the municipality.” The planner’s report stated that “solutions for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible disposal of land clearing debris and composting of green waste from the island are priorities for the Bowen Island Municipality. While it is recognized that burning of wood debris is not the preferred solutions, the rezoning of the Twin Island site would provide for a range of options for the disposal of debris and green waste that is physically screened and separated by 500 metres from the closest residential property.” But even at this distance, many neighbours had misgivings about the proposed uses of

the site. Herb Patterson owns a property on Fairweather Road and requested that the application be rejected. “Our property backs directly on the Twin Island Quarry and we are forced to exist with a high level of noise from the drilling and blasting. The noise would be aggravated by the operation of the stump grinder,” he said. “It is also one of driest areas on Bowen and a fire could get easily out of control.” Other neighbours like Larry Lunn and Gordon Campbell have the same concerns and also drew attention to issues like water and air quality. “You can’t tell the magnitude of the changes because you haven’t done the appropriate studies,” Lunn said. “We’d like to have [the application] stopped at this point in time.” Other speakers pointed out that the environment around Cowan Point Road is sensitive to human activities, that the proposal appears simplistic and tries to cut corners and that the burning will impact the community around it. Randy McIntosh also lives close by but has no concerns about the application. “All the activity happens within working hours and not on the weekend,” he said. “I believe it’s better to have a controlled burn than having lots of small burns on Bowen Island with burn permits.” Fire chief Brian Biddlecombe clarified that one outdoor burning of bulk material is only permitted between October 15 to April 15 and it is regulated by the ventilation index. “There are concerns on this side of island as it’s very dry,” he said, adding that he sees the possibility of creating a pond as potential water source. In a letter to council, Randy Arnott, president of Twin Island Excavating stated that the maximum quantity of land-clearing debris that would be stockpiled is 200 tonnes. He also estimates that the number of vehicle trips to the site on Radar Hill Road would only increase from 3,550 to 3,650 trips per year and that grinding operations would take approximately two weeks per year.

Bowen Island Pub

++RE-OPENING++ Join us this ball tournament weekend for our all day BBQ Deck Party


Back Deck BBQ (from 12:00 – 9:00pm Friday – Sunday)

— Saturday Night —

WASABI FOX LIVE!! ($8.00 cover includes a free drink)


FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012 • 3

Owners want to make pub sustainable year-round business

Choosing food that has the power to heal

continued PAGE 1


room,” he said. “It just needs a little life breathed into it.” Cormier envisions the pub to be a sustainable business year-round and for seven days a week. “We don’t want to close the door on specific days or times of the year,” he says. “We recognize that Bowen Island is a seasonal place but if you’re the community pub, you have a responsibility to maintain the business year-round.” Cormier has considerable experience in the hospitality industry. “I’ve been in the food and beverage business for about 25 years, basically my whole working life,” he said. “I started at a young age and worked in kitchens in many different restaurants, bars and hotels. Most recently, I’ve come from the Granville Island Hotel where I was the food and beverage director.” In addition, he has worked for a number of major hotels and chain restaurants and says he’s been looking for a place he can invest in for the long term. Cormier gives a lot of credit to Rick Steadman, a friend of Shaw’s who brought this business opportunity to their attention. “He got us to come here to take a look and we jumped on it,” Cormier says. “And he’s over at the pub every day helping us get ready.” For now, Cormier will be living in the pub building and his wife and daughter will join him on the weekends. “I will need to travel back and forth quite a bit to pick up supplies and things like that. It’s going to be challenging to get the business operational and figure out who services Bowen Island,” Cormier says, adding that the family has a place in Kitsilano. “We also like the fact that we’ll be spending more time as a family on Bowen,” Cormier said. “We definitely want to be part of the community. And just during the few days we were fixing up the place, my daughter already made some new friends.” Ten-year-old Farrah looks forward to her time on Bowen, says Cormier: “I really like the fact that she can do her thing and take the dog for a walk here. That’s a luxury you don’t necessarily have in the city.” The next steps are to get the pub open and sort out the menu, according to Cormier. “I want to play a big part in developing the menu and training the staff. That’s going to be a priority for the next year as well as investing a bit in the cosmetics of the building,” he says, adding that there are no immediate plans for major changes other than revitalizing the business. Cormier and his helpers have been busy cleaning the place. The kitchen is not quite ready but, eager to get started, Cormier has come up with a temporary solution: he’s going to have a barbeque running on the patio. “We want to get the place going for the ball tournament,” he said. “We’ve




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had a lot of requests for the pub to be open this coming weekend.” The pub is going to open from noon on Friday to 1 a.m. For Saturday and Sunday, the hours will be similar and as added attraction, Wasabi Fox will provide entertainment on Saturday night. Cormier cannot say enough about the warm welcome he’s received from Bowen Island residents. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” he said. “A lot of people are excited that we are coming to contribute to the community.” And the new owners are going to keep the name. “Bowen Island Pub,” Cormier said. “It’s a great name and it says it all, right there.”



Snug Cove 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:40 12:45 3:10 4:15 5:15 6:20 7:20 8:15 9:15 10:10

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay

am# 6:00 am am 7:00 am am 8:00 am am 9:05 am+ am 10:05 am am 11:05 am am 12:10 pm pm 2:35 pm pm 3:45 pm pm+ 4:45 pm pm 5:50 pm pm 6:50 pm pm* 7:50 pm * pm 8:45 pm pm 9:45 pm pm

Leave Horseshoe Bay


1429 12.1 2345 12.8 1537 12.5


Susanne Martin photo

In Effect May 17 - October 8, 2012

Leave Snug Cove


Glenn, Meredith and Farrah Cormier as well as Sophie the dog are looking forward to being part of the Bowen community as co-owners of the Bowen Island Pub.

Distance: 3 MILES Sailing Time: 30 MINUTES







ave you got a taste of summer yet? The natural bounty is plentiful this season and farmers’ markets are bustling and growing in size and popularity every year. People want good food. Here on Bowen Island we have an impressive array of locally grown selections. Imagine for a moment your first bite of your favourite freshly picked food. Popping that first still-warm-from-the-sun tomato into your mouth and tasting its texture and flavour is thrilling. It’s truly one of the most glorious experiences if we take a moment to notice. What exactly is at work with that burst of flavour? This has been a question for nutritional researchers for a long time. Recently, they found that there are specialized phyto-nutrients (plant nutrients) specifically called polyphenols which are technically an anti-fungal element of the plant’s immune system. These polyphenols only develop on organically grown (or no use of chemicals) and only in the latter stages of ripening (no imported foods). And they are powerful immune stimulants for humans that can significantly contribute to better overall health. And it has been discovered that these polyphenols can even destroy cancer cells upon contact. So, the next time you’re experiencing that burst of flavour, be aware of the service you are doing to your body and your overall health. The Bowen Agricultural Alliance (along with other groups like Bowen in Transition, the Ruddy Garden, the Bowen Community Gardens and various independent growers) are aiming to increase our access to good, local, quality organic (or equivalent) food and it is important that islanders show their support. The more we support the island’s growers, the more food we’ll have. We can all reap the benefits. Join us at BowFEAST on August 18 on the Library lawn for a wide array of local fare; both fresh and prepared. It’s one of the best events of the year, certainly the most delicious. And the week of August 13 to 19 is earmarked for the local eating challenge. See if you can get as much food as possible from Bowen Island or British Columbia. For some delicious ideas for BowFEAST, see www.bowenislandundercurrent. com/community/165309896.html. Lisa Marie Bhattacharya

Places of Worship Welcome You BOWEN ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon Service and Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. Collins Hall Bookings: Helen Wallwork Minister of Music: Lynn Williams


BOWEN ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Clinton Neal 1070 Miller Road 604-947-0384 Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

ST. GERARD’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Mass: 10:30 a.m. Priest: Father James Comey


CATES HILL CHAPEL 604-947-4260

(661 Carter Rd.)

10:00 a.m. Worship • Sunday School: Tots to Teens Pastor: Dr. James B. Krohn

Please take our online Bowen Island Back to School survey and win an iPad!

On behalf of the Undercurrent, Esther wishes to CONGRATULATE Bowen’s DOG OF THE YEAR!

Your feedback is important to us, so please go to One survey and entry per person. Must be 19 years or older to participate. Prize must be accepted as awarded. Winner will be selected from a random draw of all survey entries.

4 • FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012

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Fine dining with a view of the bridge


Seeing green waste as a resource


t the public hearing for the Twin Island Excavating application for additional uses at the Sunset Road quarry site, it was stated that the municipality is looking for solutions for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible disposal of land clearing debris and composting of green waste from the island (currently, green waste is trucked to the North Vancouver Transfer station). The Solid Waste Resource Advisory Committee (SWRMAC) has been looking into methods and places to deal with the material on-island with the view of turning it into a resource. Two companies have long seen the disposal of green waste and wood debris as a business opportunity and have made applications to the municipality: Twin Island Excavating and J&E Backhoe. Twin Island is located at Sunset Road and J&E operates out of what is known as Eddie’s Pit at the

end of Buchanan Road. J&E submitted the application after Twin Island but some would point out that the application was more complete as it includes an environmental assessment. I would imagine that both sites have pros and cons for dealing with green waste and wood debris but what they present are opportunities to move forward to finding an on-island solution. Maybe SWRMAC will recommend one over the other? Or maybe the site for a composting plant should have an easier access, allowing islanders to drop off their organic waste rather than collecting it in one place and trucking it to another? But that’s a discussion for another day. For now, Twin Island Excavating and J&E Backhoe are to be commended for working towards more sustainable solutions. Susanne Martin

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Re: Local artist sees the beauty


e thank Erwen Smith for his “work in progress” photo of the recent Fraser – Van Aelst bridge addition to the golf course and the kind words of acknowledgement in his August 3 letter to the editor. Erwen is an aspiring artist and we could not have asked for better recognition of this unique addition to the course. The club believes that the bridge is equal to some of the world famous bridges - a sentiment that is shared by everyone who has recently experienced the first class food and beverage offerings at the clubhouse (Cup Cutter) where the general, nongolfing public is always welcome. There is not a better setting on the island, which is now even better with the view line to our new bridge feature. As to the bridge itself, what was to have been and yet another first class improvement to the course, due to the generosity of two individuals who were passionate about this public amenity during their active lives, has unfortunately turned out to be a memorial. Erwen correctly noted Dick Van Aelst, a current director, passed away on June 23 and was only able to see the bridge design and the artwork for the bronze donation plaque. While Harold Fraser was able to see the plaque, which was unveiled at Dick’s Celebration of Life at the clubhouse on July 3 and participate in the sod turning for the bridge which is nearing completion, he was only able to review work in progress by way of photos due to his failing health. Sadly, he passed away on August 6 and was not able to see firsthand the finished piece of art. The passing of these two great community members will elevate the importance of the official ceremony to acknowledge the completion of construction and installation of the donor plaque. Whether as a golfer or simply a patron at the Cup Cutter this memorial to two great individuals is a reminder of how fragile and precious life is. May their souls rest in peace. Bruce Russell, president and director. B.I. Golf Club

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To the Editor:

Please control dogs to protect fawns To the Editor:


aylor Road is experiencing roaming dogs during the day and night. We do have a healthy group of fawns but one has a bite on its haunch. Could the owners of a black dog with a blue collar, a whitish dog and a dog called Lucy please control their dogs?

A pro-developement view of tourism To the Editor:


see the first issue of Building Community on Bowen, published by Bowen Island Properties L.P., as an obvious attempt by two municipal council members to channel Bowen residents towards council’s agenda of putting the focus and emphasis on property development when dealing with Bowen “guests” (resorts, etc.). As the great majority of Bowen tourists do not come here to use those properties, I believe that the councillors are also attempting to steer the community away from mainstream tourism. What else would one expect when the name of the publisher is Bowen Island Properties, L.P. - a company involved with property developments. Property developers do not cater to our usual, mainstream tourists on a day trip to #102–495 Bowen Trunk Road, PO Box 130, Bowen Island BC, V0N 1G0

Cathryn Robertson

Bowen Island. They are not selling arts and crafts, ice cream cones or the myriad of products and services our businesses provide in Snug Cove. They are in the business of real estate development. To those who voted for this council, you now have the alternative you chose clearly before your eyes. You not only rejected a national park which would have preserved much of our lands in perpetuity, you sided with those who favour development. And I ask you to now stand up and make sure they don’t ruin our island - as we all witness the evisceration of our municipal planning department, the emasculation of our environmental committees and truckload after truckload of logs leaving our island. Stand up, islanders. Stand up for Bowen Island. John Sbragia Editor

Susanne Martin

Hole-in-one rounds out beautiful day at golf course To the Editor: Re: Congratulations to Gary Corbett who had a hole-in-one on hole #4 at the Bowen Island Golf Club


n July 26, members of the Capilano Golf Club enjoyed a beautiful day at the Bowen Island Golf Club. Playing in a group that included Steve Bellringer, Bob Stewart and Stu McNeill, Gary Corbett had a hole-in-one on the 167 yard hole #4. Gary hosted the usual round of drinks at the club. Following that, a wonderful dinner was enjoyed at Becky’s Left Bank Restaurant. Peter A. Davidson Captain Conversion, B. I. Golf Club



Janis Treleaven

Marcus Hondro

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Childhood memories of summers on Bowen Island LoisMeyers-Carter

Welcome to the 22nd year of island Neighbours Island Neighbours, a gathering of items about island people, activities, interests and events. To share an item, email or telephone 947-2440. ummers on Bowen Island are part of childhood memories for many. Here is summertime in the ‘50s as seen by a kid who lived on the island. (The author’s name can be found in The Last Word.) “On a bright summer morning, the air is filled with the sweet smell of wild berries, fermenting and drying in the sun as my brother Jim, our cousins and I pick our mandatory bucket of blackberries before breakfast. After we present the fruits of our labour to be frozen for winter pies and jam, we devour a huge breakfast of bacon and eggs and as many pieces of toast as our stomachs will hold. It’s only because of our days filled with intense physical activity that we don’t all become as fat as pigs. • With the taste of hot dust in our throats, we run to the cove to watch the Lady Alexandra or the Lady Cynthia disgorge its contingent of picnickers and tourists who daily arrive at the island. Then it’s time for a swim at Sandy Beach, followed by a sit on the hot bench, our favorite sun spot, where, covered in sand, we bake to a golden brown, before returning to cool ourselves in the chilly water. Bowen Island in the ‘50s is mainly a summer resort, where among with the individual tourists, large companies, churches, guilds, etc. reserve one or more of the large picnic grounds for the day. Summer to us is gorging on ice cream and pop at these picnics. The yearly longshoremen’s picnic is our favourite as they are the most generous with their treats, especially as the day wears on and their beer supply has been largely decimated. • When the city kids come to the island on these yearly picnics, they are no match for us. We, along with our summer friends from the island, enter all the races and contests that each picnic has to offer, trying to fit in as many of the groups as possible and trying to look as if we are one of them. Often as not we win the prizes for our age groups. Clutching our prizes, we head home, heroes in our own eyes and those of our friends, especially if the prizes are edible. • Tuesday evening is movie night at “The Tub” the first and only laundromat-cummovie theatre on the island and probably in the world. During this weekly event, folding chairs replace the folding area. This is where most of the adults sit but we kids like to sit on top of the washers and dryers. Not only do we have a better view but we can fool around


without being watched by our elders. The usual fare is spaghetti westerns but no matter what is playing, attendance is mandatory. • On Labour Day weekend, besides the Saturday night booze cruise, there’s another dance on Sunday night, signaling the end of the summer holidays. This is the yearly masquerade dance. The whole island is busy on Saturday making costumes from anything not nailed down: leaves, trees, shrubs, burlap, old clothes, bed sheets, cardboard and newspaper. Making the costumes is as much a part of the fun as the dance itself. The revels begin early in the day with gaily-costumed revelers, adults and children alike, singing and dancing with joyful abandon down Government Road. By dinnertime, the main street is filled with all sorts of people in varied creative costumes. The good thing about the Labour Day dance is that we are allowed to go, to be part of the costume parade in which the judging is done and even stay for dance or two. “ •Ten Years Ago in the Undercurrent of August 2, 2002: Ninety-five percent of the Land Use Bylaw was okay according to some members of the Bowen public at last Saturday’s meeting. It was the other five percent that had problems. Take it out or change it, they told the municipal councilors. There were misgivings about secondary suite accommodation, accessory buildings and tourist commercial zoning. Other concerns were water supply and public process as well as zoning for the CNIB and the Bowen Island Marina. Dave Witty voiced other concerns about the lack of affordable housing that results in losing people. • Bowen’s Arts Festival was chockfull of events: theatre, storytelling for children, publishing for the children’s market, author-musician Spider Robinson and Other Worlds • The Chamber of Commerce and Harbour Cruises were partnering to bring summer cruises of the MV Britannia to Bowen. • Collins sisters Jean Jamieson and Marion Moore were bringing the area around the Collins farmhouse back into cultivation with the support of the Ruddy Potato organic food store. • Several unsuspecting Bowen joggers had hats stolen by Barred Owls. Biologist Will Husby said they were young owls left to fend for themselves. “They’re not overly brilliant and are a bit inept. They see the bobbing head of a runner and don’t realize that the hat the jogger is wearing is only a hat. It’s been happening for years at Pacific Spirit Park. • The Last Word: As always, additions, corrections, comments and items of interest are welcome: e-mail to: or telephone to 947-2440. ( The colorful summertime memories are those of Mary Ellen Dorman Bradshaw and are part of the Bowen archives. )

FRIDAY AUGUST FRIDAY AUGUST 10 10 2012 2012 •• 5 5

Bowen Animal Affairs Finding a forever home This is the first of a column about animal issues on and beyond Bowen Island. Today’s column links up with the Dog Days this Sunday, August 12, and builds on last week’s story about the two elderly dachshund brothers recently adopted on Bowen. here are several organizations and individuals on Bowen who work towards fostering and adoption of dogs that would have to be euthanized otherwise. One typical case is that of Marley. Marley is a large dog at least 14 years old with severe arthritis and other health issues. Her female guardian died suddenly and the male guardian was unable to take care of her because of ill health and a move into an apartment in town. He felt he had little choice but to have Marley and her 12-year-old son Ziggy euthanized. At that point, Bowen’s animal rescuers stepped in and found a home for Marley on Bowen with Deborah; Louis is fostering Ziggy and, amazingly, has turned him from a fearful, quivering canine into a confident, lovable pet. Both dogs are foster-for-life cases supported by CAWES. Marley receives chiropractic therapy and is on traditional and alternative meds to keep her comfortable. She has a double bed in the kitchen, which is her domain! This happy outcome to a distressing situation is typical of the work that organizations like CAWES do regularly. In the past 10 years. CAWES has helped as many as 73 dogs and pups on Bowen Island and 28 dogs and pups off island by assisting in getting them re-homed. Sometimes this involves simply getting the word out and connecting potential adopters with agencies seeking to place


Jazzy’s looking for a home. Submitted photo

dogs. Often, it involves much more: fostering the animals while seeking adopters, completion of official applications, interviews, home checks and the delivery of pups or dogs to their new families. Currently the most urgent CAWES dog looking for her forever home is Jazzy, a 15-month-old mixed breed with a beautiful golden colour and the sharpest-pointed ears you ever saw. Jazzy is healthy and spayed and weighs in at 65 pounds. She is well-trained and sleeps in her crate. She loves to swim and fetch. She is nervous around children and she might bark when strangers arrive at the house. Her ideal family will have older or no children and will already have a fairly assertive dog and no cats. Jazzy is currently being fostered on Bowen. If you’d like to meet her please contact cawes@bowenisland. com or 604-947-0032. Susanna Braund & Dani Gifford

Animal blessing at the little red church


would like to remind everyone of the Animal Blessing service at the United Church (the little red church on Miller Road) on Sunday, August 12, at 10:30 a.m. I know some people may point to all the strife and sadness in the world and feel that to focus on animals is foolish. I am ever mindful of these terrible injustices, however, if everyone

displayed the same unconditional love and loyalty as our companion animals the world would be a better place. All are welcome: fin, fur, feathers, tails, hooves and even just bare skin! It is a delightful service and I look forward to seeing you there. Angie McCulloch, president, CAWES


LYN WATSON 604-765-7983 • 604-947-9214

604-202-6544 • 604-984-9711

Whether you are buying or selling, Representing you on both Bowen and the North Shore. call me for expert advice and service. Yo u r ‘ o n I s l a n d ’ P r u d e n t i a l R e a l t o r s



5 LOG HOMES (4 x 1 bdrm + 1 studio). 5 fully furnished log homes surrounded by 5 tranquil acres of forest, meadows and trails. Currently operating as successful vacation rentals, (www.wildwoodlane. com) would also make a great ‘family enclave’ or ‘retreat location’. Extremely versatile property!

Enjoy the best of Bowen in this brand-new view property. Relax with mountain and sea views from your quiet cul-de-sac location. Live comfortably with very low maintenance and efficient energy use, and enjoy the short walk to catch the ferry. With a full legal suite option downstairs, and a chef’s dream kitchen, come home to the relaxed and calming lifestyle of living on the island. Only 20 minutes from West Vancouver, but a world away from the big city bustle.




6 • FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012

Happy Dog Days of Summer!


Celebrating Dog Days!

10% ALL PET SUPPLIES O OFF With this coupon. Expires Thursday, August 16, 2012.

Bring your dog in this weekend for a FREE TREAT!

LEIGH EI AUTOMOTIVE LTD 599 Parkview Lane Bowen Island, BC

(604) 947-2222

BOWEN PET SUPPLY VILLAGE SQUARE (Next to Bowen Sushi) 604-947-0576





Saturday, August 25TH




REGISTRATION: ON-LINE & REGULAR See for more info. All donations go directly to support the Komera Project that sends girls in Rwanda to high school.

Specializing in family, special event and pet photography On Bowen and Beyond


HOME VETERINARY SERVICES Helping make every day a Dog Day! Thank you Bowen Island residents for your resounding support.... Dr. Sandra will soon be visiting Bowen Island two days weekly to care for your pets! Veterinary care in the comfort of your home

Call Lorraine Ashdown 604-947-2061 or email

Calling all canines

Dr. Sandra Madden, DVM 604-786-1641

Romeo DiPietra

Cell: 604-250-3547 Fax: 604-421-5263 | Office: 604-421-7275 Email:

1317 HILLCREST ROAD | BOWEN ISLAND | $523,900 Great family home, on a quiet dead end street. Two level home with a basement, main floor features, living room, family room, good sized kitchen, dining room, bedroom/den & mud room. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms – the master having soaker tub and separate shower. Unfinished basement with a roughed in bath. Good size lot 66’x165’. Call today for a private viewing.

n Sunday, August 12, the place to be for pooches and people alike will be the USSC Marina lawn for the 21st annual Dog Days of Summer. Make sure to come in costume because we kick the day off with a costume parade and prize for best-dressed dog (and it is really fun when the dog owner comes in a matching costume). Contest registration begins at 11 a.m. and the events start at noon. Only $5 per dog (humans get in free) and all the proceeds will be donated to B.C. Guide Dog Services. Do your part by contributing to a great cause and have fun at the same time. BC Guide Dog Services is a registered charity dedicated and committed to the development of the guide dog movement. It is a very successful organization committed to helping visually impaired people get valuable support dogs that will provide them with safety, independence and comfort. Their aim is to improve availability and increase level of service. Autism Support Dogs is a new sister organization aiming to provide professionally trained Autism Support Dogs for children with autism aged four to 10 years. This year’s Dog Days of Summer are sponsored by the Bowen Island Building Centre, Bowen Island Dog Ranch, Bowen Island Veterinary Services, Cormorant Marine, Dee Elliot Personal Real Estate Corporation for MacDonald

Realty, Doc Morgan’s Inn, First Credit Union, Korna Natural Pet Supplies Ltd., MIKSA Restaurant, Snug Cove General Store, T-Rex Excavating Inc.and the Union Steamship Co. Marina. We would like to thank these sponsors for their generous support. Their sponsorship will help assure the success of Dog Days of Summer and benefit the B.C. Guide Dog Services. Formal training with professional trainers who teach the dogs how to guide a person who is blind, typically costs between $20,000 to $30,000 per canine. We would also like to thank the businesses on Bowen Island that are providing us with prizes for our contest winners and prize raffle. Please come down and join in the fun this Sunday, you do not have to bring a dog to participate. The contests are fun to watch, there will be a Triebball demonstration and Ducks and Dogs are back. The Bowen Island Brewery and Sysco foods will be sponsoring a beverage and food tent. If you would like to participate as a volunteer, we’d be glad to have your help with contest registration, selling beverage and food tickets, running the raffle table, selling T-shirts, serving hot dogs, helping with the games and contests, taking photographs and handing out awards. Every volunteer will receive a Dog Days of Summer T-shirt and a hot dog lunch. Call Basia Lieske or Margaret Grey at 604-947-0707 ext. 2 or email

Program of events 11:00 Registration (on registration each dog can be measured for the following contests: Longest ears Longest tail / shortest tail Smallest dog / largest dog 12:00 Opening ceremony and welcome by Bill Thornton (director, B.C. Guide Dog Services) 12:10 Costume parade and best costume judging 12:20 Hot dog bob race 12:35 Triebball demonstration. Trieball is a new demo sport where dogs push exercise balls to a goal post where the handler stands. 1:00 Musical mats (for kids aged 13 and under) Frisbee toss

1:20 Dog and ducks demonstration 1:40 Best trick Dog owner look-alike (in front of the judges’ table) Peanut butter race 2:15 11-legged race 2:30 Dog of the Year presentation Raffle prize draw 2:40 Ocean ball retrieve and drop in the bucket (Dog Day finale at the beach event involves swimming, retrieving a ball from the ocean, bringing it back and dropping it into a bucket. The more tennis balls you purchase from the registration desk, the more chances your dog has to win a cash prize).


FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012 • 7

N OT I C E O F C H A N G E Preserving the Horseshoe Bay Pier

The District of West Vancouver is making operational changes to the Horseshoe Bay Pier to ensure safety for all. As of October 1, 2012, non-emergency vehicles will no longer be permitted on the pier. Pedestrian and public boat access will remain the same. These changes are being made to ensure public safety and the long-term structural integrity of the pier. Thank you for your understanding as we usher in a new era for the Horseshoe Bay Pier. Take a moment to pat this sweet guy on the back when you see him in the cove as he’s earned the title Dog of the Year. Submitted photo

To learn more please visit

Bowen’s Dog of the Year loves people and has the habit of carrying his own leash


eau’s a real “coffee hound” as he can be seen walking to the cove every morning and hanging out at the Snug. His sweet temper (he never snaps at people or other dogs) and endearing habit of carrying around his own leash have made him so popular that he earned the title of this year’s Dog of the Year. Beau is a rescue dog from Seattle, Washington, and was adopted by Bowen Island’s Doug Leishman about four years ago. The Golden Retriever is considered by locals to be the “sweetest, kindest dog in the

whole world” and is estimated to be five or six years old. The Snug is not the only island business Beau supports as he used to hang out at the Bowen Island Pub and is looking forward to its re-opening. At times, Beau gets tired of waiting around for Doug so he picks up his leash and heads for home on his own. You might have passed him walking up Trunk Road with a leash in his mouth. Beau’s fans are legion and he received so many nominations that the judges’ decision was unanimous.

“Can I help you?” Phoenix goes to the dogs! Bring your four legged friends in for treats every day.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2012 USSC LAWN 11 o’clock Registration, Events @ Noon

Contests, Costumes, Prizes, Fun! All Proceeds to BC Guide Dogs SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:


Snug Cove

General Store Dee Elliott, Personal Real Estate Corporation

Bowen Veterinary Services

8 • FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012


The Jackie Show on Bowen on August 11, 8 p.m.

Celebrating Julia Child Two Bowen restaurants take part in world-wide event SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR

J With a strong script and virtuoso physicality, Jackie offers an insightful look into our lives, showing that our sometimes contrived and often comical outer personas, even as we display them, are revealing what’s below. You will laugh on the outside while you cry on the inside. Warning: possible violent outbursts of performance poetry. Richard Minns photo

The Streels add their tunes to movie under stars event


s August gets under way, so does the First Credit Union’s annual Movie Under the Stars. Join us on Monday, August 13, in Crippen Park for a family friendly-evening that features: A Monster in Paris. Bring a blanket, a picnic, and your dancing shoes because there will also be some live music from Lorne Warr and The Streels, the high energy east coast act that is sure to have you on your feet. The music starts at 8 p.m. so come

early to get a good spot. There will be a concession on site selling popcorn and refreshments with all proceeds going to the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce whose mandate is to support local businesses and brought us the most recent Steamship Days. This is a free event, all are welcome. Please keep in mind that it is a weatherpermitting evening. For more details, visit firstcugroup/events.

Advertising Sales Representative

A position exists at the Bowen Island Undercurrent, one of Canada’s leading Island community newspapers, for an Advertising Sales Representative.

The Bowen Island Undercurrent is part of Black Press, Canada’s largest independent newspaper company

This is a challenging career opportunity for a resultsoriented individual. Candidates for this position will possess the ability to service existing clients and develop new business in a market that encompasses Bowen Island and extends to surrounding communities

Editor, Bowen Island Undercurrent

ulia Child has been an inspiration to many and on Wednesday, August 15, Les Dames d’Escoffier Chapters and culinary institutions across the world are celebrating her 100th birthday. In British Columbia, over 40 restaurants and cooking schools from Vancouver to Whistler, Victoria to Kelowna, Langley to Bowen Island are each donating one table with a set, multi course menu with wine inspired by the cooking of Julia Child. All proceeds from the dinners that are priced at $69 plus gratuity will be donated to the B.C. chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier for scholarships, “green table” and outreach funding. On Bowen Island, two venues will be part of the special event: Tuscany and Leftbank. For Leftbank chef Becky Dawson, the connection to Julia Child is a personal one as she’s cooked for the celebrity twice and remembers those occasions in detail. “In 1990, Julia Child came to Vancouver for the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) convention. At 29, I was the chef of the Raintree restaurant and was cooking regional and organic Pacific Northwest cuisine,” she said. “One night, during the IACP convention, the Raintree restaurant served Julia Child, Bon Appetit Magazine and Gourmet Magazine representatives.” Dawson still remembers the entrée Julia Child chose. “I made a braid of halibut and salmon, gently wrapping the top and bottom with braised leeks. The dish was poached and finished in the oven. I served it with a beurre blanc with toasted hazelnuts and garnished the plate with ripe warm blackberries,” she said. “For dessert I served our ‘dozen golden apple’ apple pie, with locally made praline ice cream.” Dawson remembers Child coming into the kitchen. “I cleared her plate and she shook my hand saying she enjoyed her meal. She also said, ‘I understand are one of the rising chefs in Vancouver’ and wished me success.” Dawson was thrilled to meet Child and regrets not asking her for an autograph at the time. “She had quite a presence - she’s very tall and has a distinctive, high-pitched voice. The waiters got autographs but I didn’t think of that,” she said.

Leftbank chef Becky Dawson has cooked twice for Julia Child. Debra Stringfellow file photo The second time Dawson cooked for Julia Child was at a reception at an IACP function at the Hyatt Regency. “My appetizer was a rosemary skewer of Salt Spring lamb, served with marionberry vinaigrette. The fresh grilled lamb smelled incredible and Julia Child came and said it was delicious,” Dawson said. She added that she had long been inspired by Child’s cooking. In the ‘70s, she recalls being invited to brunch at a friend’s place in the British Properties where she was given Julia Child videos in black and white to watch and was shown her cookbook. “She’s been a big inspiration because she made [cooking] understandable for people starting out in cooking and those who don’t know how to cook,” Daswon said. “She teaches the French techniques simply and clearly.” Dawson says that Leftbank will be serving coq au vin, a dish that has been adapted from Julia Child’s recipe. “The only thing I’ve changed is that I don’t use flour,” Dawson says. Tuscany will serve pate de champagne avec baguette, cornichons & moutarde ou salade d’endive au Roquefort et noix, veau braise aux champignons sauvages, gratin dauphinois ou saumon sauvage a la ratatouille Nicoise, pomme Duchesse, mousse au chocolate ou iles flotantes a la creme Anglais. The menu is available for all guests while quantities last. Tickets for participating restaurants are on sale at

Those interested should submit a resume to:

Deadline for applications is August 24, 2012

Our work environment sets industry standards for professionalism and combines a competitive salary/commission, designed to attract and retain outstanding staff.

BC Mortgage Connection Corp.

MEDICAL OFFICE SPACE TO SHARE Central location, newly renovated. Wheelchair accessible. Reception area, exam rooms

Suite 101-495 Bowen Trunk Road Village Square Please call Dr. Zandy at


We work for you, not the banks! Sound Mortgage Advice for Today’s Economy.


Call us to review your mortgage. We could save you thousands!

Rod Sinn 604 947 9025

Residential Mortgage Specialists Serving Bowen Island since 2001



Proudly Celebrating Over 34 Years of Trusted Transport for Bowen Island & Howe Sound Telephone: 604-947-2243 Cellular: 604-250-2630 24 Hour Service Special Event Cruises PRIVATE CHARTERS AVAILABLE ANYTIME

email: web:


Since 1978


FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012 • 9

On the calendar FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 • Youth Centre: 6 to 10:30 p.m. Free food, free movies. Drop in. SAT., AUGUST 11 • The Jackie Show: 8 p.m. Tir-na-nOg theatre. Tickets at Phoenix or at the door. • Neighbourhood garage sale: starting at 9 a.m. at the Legion parking lot. Book a table at shannon.lee@ SUNDAY, AUGUST 12

Road. Cash or cheque only. For details, visit SafJewelry. • Dog Days of Summer: 11 a.m. registration, events at noon, USSC lawn. All proceeds to BC Guide Dogs. MON., AUGUST 13 • NA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Cates Hill Chapel. • Movie under the stars: 9 p.m. Crippen Park, free event. TUES., AUGUST 14 • AA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall/United Church. 604-434-3933.

Participants of the first Bowen SAF Jewelry Showcase had a lot of fun don’t miss out! • SAF Jewelry Showcase: 4 to 6 p.m. The cabin at 600 Berry

• Weight Watchers: Collins Hall. 6:15-7:15 p.m. Call 2880. THURS., AUGUST 16 • Duplicate-style bridge: 7 p.m. sharp. Bowen Court lounge. Call Irene at 2955 • Youth Centre: 4 to 6 p.m. Practise with your band or listen to music. Free food. ONGOING • Bowen summer market is back! Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Labour Day. For info call 604-9470640 or email bowen.

• Shari Ulrich trio 8 p.m. Tir-na-nOg Theatre, tickets at Phoenix and at the door.

• Seven Hills Yoga: for full schedule for Hatha yoga and meditative yoga classes, please see www.sevenhillsyoga. com or call 604-6712845.



• Post Partum Support Group: Meets two evenings/mo. (604) 947-2717.

•BowFEAST: local eating challenge August 13 to 18. For info, see www.bowenagalliance.

Garden club offers daffodil sales


ttention all gardeners. Even though you might think that summer has only just started, fall days are soon to be upon us and it’s time to start planning your spring garden. Help is at hand. The Bowen Island Garden Club’s ‘daffodil queen,’ Sheila Webster, is once again offering great deals for your spring bulb collection. This year she has four varieties of the taller daffodil: King Alfred; Missouri (yellow with an orange cup); Barret Browning (white with an orange cup) and Tahiti (double yellowpetalled). These retail at $25 for 100 bulbs for the first three and $40 for 100 for the more exotic Tahiti. The

smaller and first flowering tete a tete daffodil, sells for $20 per 100. Snowdrops (single galanthus variety) are offered at $37 per 100. All prices quoted above include tax. To place an order, contact Sheila Webster at Orders will be available for pick-up in mid-October but must be placed before September 15. The Garden Club’s spring bulb planting program has been in operation now for six years. It is offered as a service to the community with no profit accruing to the club. In this time, islanders have planted over 130,000 bulbs both on their own properties and alongside the highways and byways of our island. Get your orders in pronto!



BOWEN ISLAND WELLNESS CENTRE 604-947-9755 CATHERINE SHAW Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist



Dr. Gloria Chao Dr. Peggy Busch Dentists

575 Artisan Lane Tuesdays Call for an appointment

(778) 828-5681 Dr. Dana Barton 596 B. Artisan Square

604-730-1174 Natural Family Medicine

Dr. Susanne Schloegl Judith Dale M.A., RCC M.D.


Call for an appointment Artisan Square


Submitted photo

Home-grown musical talents return to roots


n Tuesday, August 14, veteran Juno Award winning singer/songwriter Shari Ulrich will bring her trio to Bowen Island for a concert at Tir-na-nOg Theatre at 8 p.m. The trio is made up of Shari’s and Bowen artist David Graff’s daughter Julia Graff and former Bowen resident Ted Littlemore. Both are students at McGill University in Montreal. Julia, a recent McGill graduate en route to her masters in music and sound recording, has been an integral part of Shari’s concerts since she was 12. She now includes accordion, mandolin, guitar, piano and vocals along with violin - Julia took lessons from Alison Nixon from age four until she left for university. Ted contributes his exceptional piano skills, as well as accordion and

Clinical Counsellor • Therapist Offices Bowen & Vancouver


vocals. Ted and Julia were in Sandy Melody’s piano class together when they were five years old. They never imagined they’d be touring with Shari in the future. This is their second summer touring as a trio and the first time they’re able to work a Bowen show into the schedule. “This is by far the best band I’ve ever had,” remarks Shari. “The three part harmonies are heaven, and they’re simply a delight on and off stage. I can’t believe how lucky I am to work with them. I’m thrilled that we were finally able to find a date we could do a concert on Bowen so islanders can see how these two Bowen kids have grown up.” Tickets for the 8 p.m. concert are $20 and available at Phoenix and at the door.

BOWEN BUSINESS BULLETIN BOARD 604.947.0787 778.987.3878 cell

Rock Walls Landscaping



Phone: 604.947.0812 Cell: 604.916.TREX (8739)

Site Preparation Large and Small Machines Available

CHRISTINE ROOCROFT Gardener Cell: 604.319.8739



Mowing Pruning

Window washing, Gutter Cleaning Power washing, Driveway sealing Chimney Cleaning

Hedging Yard Maintenance

Dr. Sandra L Madden, DVM 604-786-1641 Consultations on Bowen Island every Friday by appointment. .......veterinary care in the comfort of your home.


Home Organizing Services Working with you in your home to de-clutter, organize and simplify your life. Experienced, respectful, calm and confidential services assured. References and free consultation provided.

Clearing a Way Singne Palmquist • 604-947-0797

Naturopathic Physician

Horseshoe Bay • 604-921-8522

Open Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

Registered Physiotherapist

Chiropractor Dr. Tracy Leach, D.C.

Artisan Square • 604-947-0734 Fridays 10am-5pm

Reg. Massage Therapist Classical Homeopath

Shari Ulrich performs with Julia Graff and Ted Littlemore who have both grown up on Bowen Island and took music lessons together when they were five. The trio will include a Bowen concert on August 14 at the Tir-na-nOg theatre in this year’s summer tour.






To advertise on the Bulletin Board, call 604-947-2442


Brochures & Websites Packaging, Menus, Novels Annual Reports Requests for Proposals

604-947-9222 Proofreading for more than 16 yrs. Bowen Island businesses 15% off.

10 Friday August 10 2012








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Meet singles right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now 1-888-744-3699


TICKETS THANK YOU!!!! to the Bowen RCMP for recovering our stolen boat trailer!



EXPERIENCED PROCESSOR OPERATOR REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY FOR A FULL TIME PERMANENT POSITION. 3-5 years experience with Waratah dangle head and related computer programs preferred. This is a full time, permanent position working in our post and rail yard in beautiful southern BC. Great working conditions, excellent wages, benefits and profit sharing. Please fax resume to 1250-295-7912 or email to

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED in real estate, then take Appraisal and Assessment, a specialized two-year business major at Lakeland College’s campus in Lloydminster, Alberta. Your training includes assessment principles, computerized mass appraisal valuation of properties, farmland evaluation and property analysis. Start September; 1-800661-6490, ext. 5429.

Professional Business Broker

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PARTS & SERVICES REPRESENTATIVES at Jacobson Ford Salmon Arm BC- We are looking for exciting, customer friendly, dynamic individuals capable of working in a fast paced work environment. Parts and service experience an asset but not necessary, email resume to:

Want to be independent? Are you self driven with sales & business or legal, accounting or financial knowledge? Pacific Business Brokers is growing and looking to add a professional business broker in this area. If you think you would like to explore this opportunity in the business brokerage profession. Please note this is a commission only position. Please forward your resume in confidence to pbacinello@


108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES $294.00 DAILY MAILING POSTCARDS! Guaranteed Legit Work. Register Online! ZNZ Referral Agents Needed! $20-$95/Hr! Multiple $100 Payments To Your Bank! More Amazing Opportunities @

AUTOMOTIVE SCRATCH & Chip Repair. Lucrative. Easy to learn. Mobile. Exclusive territory. Income Potential $100/hr. Very low operating expenses. F/T or PT. 1(250)686-0808.


COMING EVENTS CALL FOR ENTRIES 10TH ANNUAL Kitty Coleman Woodland Artisan Festival. Fine Art and Quality Crafts Juried Show. Presented in a spectacular outdoor setting Sept 1,2 &3 Applications for Artisans are available at or phone 250-339-6901

Qualifications; • Dispatch experience in a demanding environment • Excellent communication skills • Strong analytical and problem solving skills • Good map reading and computer skills WE OFFER Competitive Wages & Full Benefits.

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Journeyman Millwrights Meadow Lake, Sk. • Focus On Safety

Performance • Industry Leader In The World Markets • Competitive Compensation Packages • Sustainable Business Practices • Progressive Environment Do you thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment with opportunities for continuous growth and development?

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for Landscaping Work! Competitive, Energetic, Honesty a MUST!

PropertyStarsJobs.Com An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. BEEF Educators required. Inform consumers about beef in grocery stores. Meat cutting, agriculture background an asset. Flexible scheduling, paid training, $20/hr. #1-877-688-2333 or for details.


Help Wanted!!! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping HomeWorkers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately!

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CONCRETE FINISHERS and Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103.

Please e-mail resumes: or Fax: 604.534.3811

OWNER OPERATORS Signing Bonus Avail.






Van Kam’s group of companies req. Owner Ops. to be based out of our Surrey Terminal for runs throughout BC & Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain driving experience / training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits package. Call Bev at 604-968-5488 or send a detailed resume and current driver’s abstract, and details of your truck to: Fax: 604-587-9889 Van Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility. Thank you for your interest however only those of interest to us will be contacted.



COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus. Extensive study of beekeeping, queen rearing, and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. Call Lin. 1780-835-6630; MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 FOR AT-HOME JOBS. Start training today. Graduates are in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payments. 1-800-466-1535


NEUCEL SPECIALTY CELLULOSE is a softwood dissolving sulphite pulp mill, located in peaceful, picturesque Port Alice, on the majestic West Coast of BC near the Northern tip of Vancouver Island. Do you appreciate sport fishing, hockey, mountain biking, golfing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, skiing, caving? Port Alice and the surrounding areas are a home base and playground for you and your family. Port Alice is a friendly town and a great place to raise children. Currently there are exciting employment opportunities at Neucel and we are looking for qualified and committed people to fill them. • 2nd Class Power Engineer • Electrician (2) • Millwright (2) • Vibration Analyst • Process Engineer • Maintenance Purchaser • Manufacturing Support Engineer • Shift Superintendent To apply for any of these positions please send your resume to: or Fax 250-284-7715.

START NOW 10 Customer Service positions available! Up to $20.00/hr paid weekly Must be outgoing and motivated!!!! Call Erica 604 777 2195




DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500

THE LEMARE GROUP is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Grapple Yarder Operators • Hooktender • 2nd Loader Buckerman • Line Machine Operator Chaser • Off Highway Logging Truck Drivers • Excavator Operator with Logging Road Construction experience • Certified Driller/Blaster • Heavy Duty Mechanics Full time with union rates and benefits. Please send resume by fax to 250-956-4888 or email

WAREHOUSE WORKERS Required for NRI, one of Canada’s leading distribution services located in Surrey. We provide manpower & facilities to distribute product across Canada. • Casual & fulltime opp. $10.75/hr • Great shift(s) with 3 days off! • Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 5:00 am -- 3:30 pm OR Mon -- Thurs, 3:30 pm -- 2:00 am TRAINING PROVIDED • Fairly physical environment (walking, climbing and lifting up to 50 lbs.) • Regular performance and wage reviews & other unique perks *Reliable transportation is needed* Apply by sending a resume to: or by filling out an online application form:

160 INSERTING MACHINE OPERATOR required for busy Alberta printing plant. Previous Alphaliner or other machine experience an asset. Mechanical & computer aptitude required;



AUTOMATED TANK MANUFACTURING INC. is looking for welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster. We have openings for 10-3rd year apprentices or journey person welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd yr apprentice $28-$30/hr, journey person $32-$35/hr, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at; (office)780-846-2231; (fax)780-8462241 or send resume to: Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform. CERTIFIED ELECTRICIANS WANTED for growing northern company. Competitive wages and benefits. Safety tickets needed. Fax 250-775-6227 or email: Apply online: CERTIFIED MILLWRIGHTS NEEDED for growing northern company. Competitive wages and benefits. Safety tickets necessary. Fax resume to 250-775-6227 or email: Online:

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We Recycle! GO GREEN! 604-882-2733




Always! deliver Top soil, bark mulch, sand & gravel. 7days/wk. Simon 604-230-0627 will spread


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Friday August 10 2012 11 On August 18, Bowen Island poet Bernice Lever will again lead a tour to the Lieben property, the former artists’ retreat that was popular with Canadian artists like Earle Birney, Alice Munro, Dorothy Livesay, Margaret Laurence, A.J.M. Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Eric Nicol. To register, please contact the Bowen Island Arts Council at 604947-2454 or Submitted photo

Lever to share tales about artists’ retreat


or the fourth year in a row, the Bowen Island Arts Council is hosting a guided walk to the former artists’ retreat, the Lieben property. Poet and author Bernice Lever will be leading the hike and tour of the national heritage and cultural site in Eaglecliff. Upon arrival at the footprint of the waterfront home, Bernice will relate tales of Lieben and invite others to tell stories, read poems or play music. Those who wish to join the guided tour are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the afternoon at their leisure. The Lieben property, a waterfront property now owned by the Crown, was the home (long demolished) of Muriel and Einar Neilson and a place that inspired many of Canada’s artists and writers that visited, invited by the owners. Earle Birney, Alice Munro, Dorothy Livesay, Margaret Laurence, A.J.M. Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Eric Nicol, found a place at Lieben where they worked, played and reenergized. More information and images of Lieben are currently featured at the Bowen Island Museum and Archives. The exhibit: Lieben: An Artistic Oasis on Bowen, opened June 24 and runs throughout the summer. The Museum & Archives, located at 1014 Miller Road, is open daily 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Neilsons donated their property to the provincial government in 1977, with the condition that the parcel “remain in perpetuity as a nature reserve.” The Lieben lands bear significant natural environmental values and the trails take you through a verdant west coast forest down to the seashore, a fairly steep incline, but one with delightful views along the way. This inspirational walk will take place on Saturday, August 18, from 1 to 3 p.m., weather permitting. Everybody is welcome. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended. Signs indicating the Lieben lands will be posted along Eaglecliff Road, approximately 2 miles from the ferry dock. Catch the Eaglecliff #10 bus by the library at 12:45 p.m. and ask to be dropped off at Lieben. For more information please contact BIAC at 604-9472425 or Jeronimo Aviles 625



HAROLD FRASER August 1926 — August 2012 Harold Fraser, a long-time resident of Bowen Island, passed away earlier this week. Harold and his wife Barbara have many friends on Bowen. Harold would sometimes portray himself as a dour Scot, though the twinkle in his eye always gave him away... the real man underneath was warm, friendly, generous and had a great sense of humour. Harold was one of the founding members of the Bowen Island Golf Club and, along with his friend of many years Dick Van Aelst, recently donated the construction of a bridge on the ninth hole of the course. Sadly, Dick also passed away just a few weeks ago. Harold was well-respected and one of Bowen’s real “characters,” He will be greatly missed by all.




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DOC’S PATIO & PUB is looking for staff. We have re-opened with the old gang but we need servers, bussers, cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, cleaners etc. FULL TIME or PART TIME. Experienced preferred but will train those who are keen. Please call 604-947-0707 #2 or email us your resume at:

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. FOR RENT - 2-bdr. apt. Village Square available Sept. 1. References required. Sorry, no pets 604-947-2944

For Rent 3 bedroom; 2 1/2 bathroom home with ocean views; wood flooring; gas fireplace; 9 foot ceilings; private location. $1800 per month. 604-657-1864 FOR RENT New, clean Cates Hill oceanview 1br or 2br suite. Non Smokers please. $800/mo. Available Aug. 1.

Call PJ @ 778 996 2898 SNOOKER TABLE for sale. 12’ x 6’ Excellent condition. 604-947-2596



Gorgeous house w/ view for rent Bright modern 3 bdrm/3 bath overlooking Tunstall Bay h/w and tile w/heat, woodstove, soaker tub Bonus: 1000sq. foot guesthouse is optional for rent as well. $2300 for house, $2900 for both + util. Email: House For Rent: Beautiful 3 bedroom, office, 2.5 bathroom house, with fireplace, and laundry, in desirable Miller’s Landing. Wrap around deck with large yard and views. Close to the cove and on the bus route. $1900.00; available immed. Call 604-947-2805 PRIME RETAIL/OFFICE SPACES in Snug Cove: 340 sq. ft. office spaces with shared common entrance, bathroom; 613 sq. ft office/retail space; 1,080 sq. ft. office/retail space. For more info please call: 604-947-0099 ext. 104 Or email Spacious and bright 2 bedroom suite in quiet family home near the Legion. In-suite laundry. Wood burning space heater. Separate entrance. References required. Cat OK. NS, $850/month. 947-9228

Stolen! Easy Load boat trailer from Tunstall Bay Boat Launch on Fri, July 28 or Sat, July 29. Please call RCMP at 0516 if you saw anything.



The Gallery @ Artisan Square “Intentions” featuring the creative genius of Saffron Gurney and Nicola Murray 18 July to 12 August Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am-5pm Time to feast! BowFEAST farmers’ market & local eating celebration: Sat., Aug. 18, 9 am to noon, at BICS undercover area. All welcome! Info: Contact: elleglave@ TUSCANY RESTAURANT Hiring FULL TIME LONG TERM Pizza Cooks and Pizza Supervisor Good wages for a committed, hard working,team players(s) email with resume Will Train

12 • FRIDAY AUGUST 10 2012


More than just a seat to sit on SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


f you like to surround yourself with special objects and maybe even sit on them, here’s your chance to obtain some very unique seats. The Take a Seat exhibit opens on August 15 at the Gallery at Artisan Square and the artists’ reception will be held on Friday, August 17, from 7 to 9 p.m. Gallery committee member Greta Smith worked with Betty Dhont to organize this show that is loosely based on the Hornby Island Grandmothers and Grandsisters event that raised funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation with painted chairs. “There will be 41 chairs in the show,� Smith said. “Each one is a unique piece of art that will still be useable as a seat.� Smith said that chairs of various shapes and sizes were donated by islanders over the winter months. “The seats cover a wide range of style and sizes from kindergarten chairs, rocking chairs, stools, dining room and kitchen chairs. An Adirondack and

even a child’s table and chair set are all part of the show,� Smith said. “Each chair was sanded and primed by Ken Smith and then distributed to artists on the island. Artists were encouraged to paint and/ or decorate or embellish it according to their own imagination and creativity. There were no restrictions other than asking that the article remain somewhat functional.� The result is a wildly eclectic show, according to Smith who thinks that it will elicit lots of comments, smiles and surprises. Take a Seat will be on exhibit until September 9 (gallery hours for August are Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and for September from Thursday to Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.). The seats will be sold through a silent auction with the final bid accepted by phone on September 9 at noon, or in person at the gallery by 3 p.m. “The funds will be used to assist the Bowen Island Gallery to continue to operate in a fiscally sound but lively, creative manner,� Smith said. The chairs can be admired at the gallery and at www.biac/take-a-seat.php.

Greta Smith and Betty Dhont are the organizers of the Take the Seat exhibit at the Gallery at Artisan Square. Submitted photo



  Ă…    Ă…     Ă… Ă…   Ă…       Â

    Ă…           Ă…   ÂŤ Â

   Å        Å    Å          Å   Å        Å             Å    Å    s Waterfront from $1.7 million s s s 10-acre View Estate lots from mid $600’s s Rare opportunity to own 10 acres low to mid bank oceanfront s s Space to build a wide range of outdoor amenities s Moorage potential s s Southwestern exposure s s Phase One 65% sold s CALL TO BOOK YOUR PRIVATE SITE TOUR

New Presentation Centre now open at 1147 Homer Street, downtown Vancouver. Please call for a private appointment. Private Tours available directly from Yaletown Quayside Marina to Snug Cove Marina (Bowen) This is not an offering for sale. E.&O.E.

1.866.710.0003 V I S I T U S AT

Bowen Island Undercurrent, August 10, 2012  

August 10, 2012 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent

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