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Delicious day in Fort

The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed the record for the world’s largest fitness circuit workout has been set. Fort St. James was one of a number of venues attempting to help set the new world record, and now the final confirmation has come in, and it is one for the books -the record books. The news came last Thursday, so watch for more information once certificates and/or final numbers are in.

To stand or not?

No discussion of the mayor and council taking a position on the proposed Northern Gateway Project has yet taken place as of press time. The topic may be discussed at a special meeting on July 31, but there was still some uncertainty as of last Friday if the issue would be broached then. Mayor Rob MacDougall had pledged to discuss taking a stand on the issue back in May when community members came forward to ask council to take a position against the project. Since then, public opinion was solicited from the community, through an open house and an opinion poll, but factors seem to have delayed the discussion and vote by mayor and council. “I’ve stated all along that unless there’s all of us there, we won’t be making a decision,” said MacDougall. “I did hope to have it done mid-July,” he said. “I just can’t predict people being away and holidays.” Check online for changes at

Winners of the 2012 Salmon Day cook-off at the Fort St. James National Historic Site hoist the salmon trophy on the shores of Stuart Lake. The event drew over 200 visitors and saw five teams attempt to cook the best salmon, judged by the visitors. The winning team was The District of Fort St. James team (L-R) Economic Development Officer Emily Colombo, Mayor Rob MacDougall, and Councillor Dave Birdi (missing Kevin Crook and the Birdi family). For more photos see Page 6 or go to The Caledonia Courier Facebook page. Photo Ruth Lloyd

Good news for Fort

Physician shortage sees a light at the end of the tunnel Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier

The current situation The physician shortage in Fort St. James is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Three physicians have signed on to come and work in Fort St. James, according to a Northern Health announcement last week. According to Northern Health, as of October, one more physician will be working part time in Fort St. James and two more are scheduled to start full time in January of 2013. “I’m relieved to know that help is on the way and very thankful that the efforts of Northern Health, the efforts of the community and in particular the efforts of Dr. Paul Stent and Kathy Marchal, who through all of the recruiting process also had to carry on with the operation of the clinic in a very stressful situation,” said Mayor Rob MacDougall. “It was a great relief for our community as a whole … being able to fill that void,” said Renada Walstrom, a nurse at Nak’azdli Health.

“October still feels like a long way away.” She said it is hard to continue to have to refer clients to Vanderhoof and Prince George, when they so badly need care. “You constantly hear the desperation in the community and the fear,” said Walstrom. She said she is very grateful for the hard work of Dr. Paul Stent in staying on when he had hoped to scale back this year towards retirement, but instead had to shoulder the load of running the medical clinic alone. “I feel really bad for what he’s had to endure for the past year or so,” said Walstrom. For their part, the Nak’azdli Health Centre has had higher drop-ins and a larger workload and has been bringing in a nurse practitioner twice a month to help. “I think everybody’s just taken on a bit more of a caseload in dealing with the shortage,” she said. “It’s just that general relief in knowing that that follow-through can be done (with the new doctors).” “I think that the people that have been impacted the most are the seniors because they don’t have the ability to travel like the younger crowd,” said MacDougall.

The recruitment This great news came as a result of a campaign to recruit doctors, and Northern Health credits community involvement and recruiter collaboration with much of the final success. “The community was just incredible in how they participated in the recruitment process,” said April Hughes of Northern Health. The concept, new to the area, involves the recruiters for Northern Health and members of the community coming up with a weekend itinerary for interested physicians doing site visits to the area. So far, the three physicians who have agreed to come and two more physicians who came on the weekend of July 21 were greeted by Nak’azdli elders, toured through the medical facilities in the area, taken to community events and shown some of the local attractions like the lake, ski hill, golf course and area trails before being treated to a catered dinner at a local home.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Caledonia Courier



Physician shortage looking up Continued from Page 1 The three physicians who are coming happened to visit during the fishing derby and Canada Day celebrations, and the more recent visiting physicians came and participated in Salmon Day tasting and events at the National Historic Site. “So they get to see the community activities in action and they get to participate in the community activities, so they really get a sense of the community and who the people are,” said Hughes. She said hospital and other staff even stayed after shifts or came in on their own time to help orient the visiting doctors. The catered dinner at lakeshore homes allowed the visitors to see lakeside living for themselves and enjoy a social setting with local community members. “The whole purpose of this is to try and provide individuals a sense of what the community is about and what the community can offer and what kind of community supports are available to a family who chooses to come and live in the north,” said Hughes. “It’s just another example of the community pulling together when something is needed,” said Walstrom. “I think it was well put-together.”

According to MacDougall, efforts to address the problem began in mid-January, and have been going ever since. “The efforts have paid off,” said MacDougall. “The solution isn’t a hundred per cent complete, we’re still going to have some frustrations moving forward and still are asking for patience from the community, in time everything will be resolved.” MacDougall expressed gratitude to all those involved in the recruitment process and the Vanderhoof physicians and medical staff as well in helping to show the support network incoming physicians can have and in supporting this community by helping with coverage of emergency services.

The incoming The physician coming on part time in October has been living in Whistler and runs a business which places physicians into rural and remote First Nations communities, in particular in the north, so he is familiar with outpost and remote work with both First Nations and non First Nations. The two physicians coming full time in January of 2013 are a husband and wife team, and while another husband and wife team, Dr.

Augustus Van Der Spuy and Dr. Shani Van Der Spuy felt they couldn’t manage being a couple and covering two-thirds of the on-call required to maintain the emergency room at the Stuart Lake Hospital, Hughes said this will not be an issue with the incoming doctors. Northern Health is still working on changing the local health care model so the incoming physicians will only need to fulfill two full-time positions, and will not be overworked.


working to secure further locum physicians for the community to fill in for shorter periods for both the medical clinic and the emergency room, but it has been difficult as many locum physicians book up to six months in advance and many choose to take time off in the summer. Hughes called the situation of having to recruit locums on short notice for the community through the summer “less than ideal.” Hughes said the collaborative efforts to recruit further physicians will continue. “The community has just done a great job and just more of the same is exactly what’s needed,” she said.

As Fort St. James is still slated for five fulltime physician positions, Northern Health will be continuing to recruit more physicians to fill one and a half more positions for the community. As Dr. Stent also steps back, they will DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING SERVICES FORT ST. JAMES work to fill in even further, as he had Call 1-877-764-6829 for more info planned to scale back his hours earlier this Keeping our workplace safe year, but was held back by the physician *Pre-employment *Pre-access *Post incident shortage. *Random *Court Ordered Knowing two and a half positions will now be filled, in addition to Dr. Stent’s **BY APPOINTMENT ONLY(currently) full time position, will take For More Information Call Toll Free: some pressure off the community for the 1 877 764-6829 250 561-PASS(7277) time being. Email: Hughes said Northern Health is still

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Ladies Night Golf and Dinner, 4pm

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Music on the Mountain Festival!!



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June 1 – Sept 1- Water Restrictions are in place for FSJ residents. There is NO lawn sprinkling 12-5pm daily. Even numbered homes sprinkle on even numbered days. Odd numbered homes sprinkle on odd numbered days.

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LEFT: A private bridge collapsed into the Necoslie River recently, and neighbours downstream were wondering when it would be removed. Caledonia Courier Photo

Lakeshore Realty 120 5TH AVE Very well maintained 3 bedroom family home on a quiet no thru street. New flexible membrane roof, Furnace and hotwater heater upgraded. Laundry and 2 piece bath with separate shower in the basement that is ready for someone to personalize to fit their needs. $137,500.

You’ll find us at 169 STUART DRIVE, FSJ 250-996-8618

Fas Gas 250-996-7305 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Open 6am to 10pm

3 cents a litre back to you!

Bridge raises concerns Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier A private bridge over the Necoslie River collapsed on July 16, but still was not removed over a week later. The bridge was connecting property on opposite sides of the river owned by Canyon Tree Farms, and was made of timbers preserved with creosote, creating concern for neighbours. A Work Safe BC investigation into the bridge collapse because one man was injured when it occurred, meant the structure had to stay in place until the site investigation was completed, which a Work Safe BC investigator said on July 26 he believed had been done. While checking on cows in a neighbouring field, Murray Hill saw the collapsed structure in the river, and said the area downstream at the time was “reeking” of creosote. Hill helps manage cattle drinking from the

river just downstream of the collapsed structure and was concerned for the potential effects of the creosote in the water if it was to stay there much longer. Hill was frustrated with the lack of action by government in getting the bridge out of the water as soon as possible. He tried to phone numbers at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the local Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. It was not until he contacted Joanne Vinnedge at the Ministry of Environment he received a response from someone in government, which he appreciated and said it shows she actually cares. “I think the biggest thing here is this is a fish-bearing stream,” said Hill. The Necoslie River runs into the Stuart River right where the Stuart runs out of Stuart Lake. Both rivers support a variety of dif-

ferent fish species. Bridge and property owner Harry Hook said while the collapse was being investigated he could not discuss the collapse but called it an “unfortunate incident” and said the bridge will be dealt with when it was released back into his control. “You can’t move anything until they give you clearance to move it,” said Hook. He said there is no real threat to the river as the bridge had been over a river for thirty years before he put it in over the Necoslie, and it was not a concern then. Hook also emphasized the current low flow of the river through the area at this time. According to the Work Safe BC investigator, the bridge would be released within a matter of days back to the owner and could then be dealt with by the owner. Hook said he planned to remove it as soon as this happened. The investigator also

Court report For files appearing before the Fort St. James Provincial Court on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Charles B. Duncan was fined $100 for failure to comply with a probation order. Thomas K. F. Duncan was sen-

tenced to 14 days in jail for failure to comply with conditions of undertaking or recognizance. He was also given two sentences of one year suspended sentence and two sentences of one year probation for two counts of mischief relating to property.

said a complaint had been filed to the Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada.

The Ministry of Environment did not return calls prior to press time.

642 Stuart Drive, Fort St. James B.C.

This summer could be a scorcher.

Nearly half of all wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell. For more information, visit


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Caledonia Courier

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A lesson learned

Dad to the rescue

Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Last week, when I was enjoying a lovely morning walk with one of my favourite neighbours, I was drawn into a very interesting conversation with someone my neighbour knew. It was a curious thing, as I did not bring up politics, nor declare my affiliation with any one party (I don’t have one). However, this man who began the discussion of politics, began declaring my love of the New Democrats, because I disagreed with his statements (perhaps had it still been the 1950s, he would simply have called me a communist or a radical hippy, I’m not sure). Now, for the record, I really have no love of the provincial New Democrats, which is the first party he was suggesting I was so fond of, and then it became the federal NDP, and while I respect Nathan Cullen, our local federal NDP Member of Parliament, I was not previously a person who voted NDP federally either. He was also equating the two parties, which seemed ridiculous in my opinion, as the provincial party is quite a bit different than the federal one, but as you can see, we disagreed on many things. It was an interesting study in human nature, as he grew more angry, and as I continued to put forward points which disagreed with his statements (I did not want to agree with what I believed were falsehoods), he demanded to know my age.

When I told him, this immediately became grounds for his being correct and my being incorrect. He was over 70 years old. Interesting, I had no idea age could automatically make everything a person said to be a fact. I look forward to those days, as it will eliminate so much of the background work I have to do in reading and looking up facts or references or phoning sources in order to produce articles. If someone knows the threshold of this age thing, please let me know so I can take advantage of it immediately upon reaching the “Age of Correctness.” Or whatever the technical term is. His parting advice for me was to study some politics. Interesting, that is what I thought those university courses were talking about and these past years of journalism. But perhaps my professors and journalism instructors had not yet reached the “Age of Correctness” or maybe I was in the wrong classroom. I’ll have to let my instructors know so they hold off telling anyone any more of their “facts.” The truth is, no matter your age, it is perhaps wiser to continue on enjoying the company of a fine neighbour, and even when political statements are being made, at times, a fine morning can be far better off with silence than discussions of facts someone doesn’t want to hear. Lesson learned.

Look for us online at :

Christina Millington Omineca Express I must say time has flown by since arriving in Vanderhoof back in April. I could use this space to tell you of my time here in Vanderhoof, or I can tell you of the support I have been getting from back home. I’m sure you may be wondering why I want to talk about that. Well, this is why. I have always been one to be adventurous, spontaneous and up for chancing my dreams. I have had the love and support of my family and friends whom always encouraged being all that I can be. I realize that is a phrase so often used, nonetheless, it applies to my life. My number one supporter, and the one I will be discussing throughout the remainder of this editorial is my Dad. He has been my best friend, my role model, and my cheerleader. Someone I can count on to get me out of my head and back on track with what’s important – or should be important in my life. It would seem we allow life’s “misfortunes” to get the best of us at times, or it could be that its our human nature to surround ourselves with negative connotations that arise in life, where we forget to look through it for the good. I used to be very affectionate, always having to say “I love you” before bed, which would require hearing it back from my Dad before I could close my eyes. Let me explain before I move on with what I

mean by “used to be affectionate.” I have changed quite a bit through the years. I have become resistant to letting “people in,” not sure when or how that came about, however, its something I struggle with to this day. My Dad was often the one to tuck my siblings and I in as children. My sister and I shared a room, torture; nonetheless, we were Daddy’s little girls – who am I kidding, we were his Princesses. My sister never needed that reassurance from our Dad that he did indeed love us, where I needed to hear it on a regular basis – hence the drawn out bedtime routines. There’s something special about the relationship between a father and his daughter(s). Growing up, making friends, losing friends, falling in love, getting your heart broken – I always knew I would have that one person I could lean on, share my secrets with and know they would be that shoulder to lean on or be that calm, cool and collect voice that would make it all better. To this day, I still call upon my Dad when I’m excited to share some news or when I need to let a few tears go over a lengthy phone call. He always knows when to give input and when to let me pour my heart out. My Dad has this calming affect that melts my heart just thinking about it. Being thousands of miles away from home I can’t help but appreciate the relationship my Dad and I. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

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Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 1, 2012 A5

Rediscover Fort St. James Riverside Repair

Riverside Repairs Highway 27, Fort St. James, B.C. V0J 1P0

Phone: 250-996-0099 HIAB FLAT DECK CUBE TRUCK


Service anywhere in the Central Interior

With an average of 25 years experience for each of the six employees, Riverside Repairs contains a wealth of knowledge and services. Since 2000, the business has offered a range of automotive, heavy-duty, marine and small engine mechanical repair services, as well as fabricating and automotive parts and supplies. The work is done by licensed

heavy duty and automotive mechanics, and the shop is also a licensed CVSE inspection facility. More recently, the business has expanded into expediting and repair services for Mount Milligan Mine. The partnership with the mine has been a great opportunity for Riverside Repairs according to owner Arlan Gainor.

“We like working for them and they’re really great people to work with,” said Gainor. Located at 2858 Garvie Road, Riverside Repairs is your delivery and repair hub in Fort St. James. Contact them at 250-9960099, 250-996-0093 (fax) or via email at riverside@telus. net to find out what they can do for you today.

Fax: 250-996-0093


Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Foundation Program Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Apprentice Program NEW Starts in October


Come into your local campuss rms now to fill out the application forms.

Email: Website: CNC Campus @ 179 Douglas Fort St. James

Phone: 250-996-7019

Summer hours for CNC campus are 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday

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Salmon Day Celebrations

Above: Charlotte Croquet works behind the table on the Fort St. James Farmer’s Market entry into the Best Salmon in New Caledonia Cook-off on July 21. Top right: Samples of the Fort St. James Farmer’s Market salmon entry included fresh fruit, berries and herbs. Bottom right: Roy Argue of Fisheries and Oceans Canada shows some young visitors from Canmore the parts of a fish. More photos on The Caledonia Courier’s Facebook Page. Ruth Lloyd Photos

Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier There were five teams on hand competing for the Best Salmon in New Caledonia title and 200 judges cast their votes. Sampling the delicious salmon cooked by the five competitors, was a tough job, but the visitors to the Salmon Day events at the Fort St. James National Historic Site were up to the challenge. The District of Fort St. James, Integris Credit Union, Fort St. James Farmer’s Market, The Soup Wallah (a newly opened cafe in Fort St. James), and Samwiches Catering were all cooking salmon fillets over open fires with their own special recipes to try and woo the crowd of judges and visitors. All the entries I was able to sample were delicious, and the voting was close once again, with last year being a perfect tie between Mount Milligan’s team and the White Goose Bistro in Prince George. This year, the winner was the District of Fort St. James team, with two different recipes to choose from: spicy tandoori and sweet and savoury salmon. Both recipes were cooked on a cedar plank and served with some rice and roasted corn. The runner-up was a fresh and colourful entry by the Fort St. James Farmer’s Market. There was fresh flatleafed parsley and fruit with the birch-syrup-marinade salmon, which left a fresh burst of flavour in the mouth. The Soup Wallah entry

was a “garden salmon” served on a bed of delicious locally-grown redleafed lettuce with a fresh creamy herb dressing. The Integris entry ran out of salmon before I was able to sample any and the Samwiches Catering lineup was too long to navigate in between photos. There were plenty of other attractions to take in at the park as well, with visitors from Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George offering kids a chance to paint some fish prints on paper. Roy Argue, from Fisheries and

Oceans Canada, was giving fish dissection demonstrations, teaching visitors all about the physiology of fish and what makes them so welladapted to their environment. There were also horse wagonrides on offer from Silver Springs Country Recreation and Wellness, free giveaways from Northern BC Provincial Parks and there was an educational display by BC Hydro’s PowerSmart program as well. There were also the regular attractions such as trying the ancient hunting technique of atlatl and chicken races.

Due to the BC Day August 6th holiday, please note the following changes...

ADVERTISING DEADLINES: AUGUST 8th ISSUE AD DEADLINE: Friday Aug 3rd @ 11:30am OFFICE HOURS CLOSED - Saturday, August 4th Monday, August 6th


John Rustad wishes you all a Happy B.C. Day

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal


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Off with her ... thumb? Sara King takes home more hardware before taking a fall Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Motocross racer Sara King was once again on the podium when she competed in Raymond, Alberta. Her performances in the Western Canadian Amateur National Motorsports Championships earned her second in the Ladies A class and tenth overall in the Junior MX2 class at the beginning of July. There were 16 female riders competing in the Ladies A and 37 riders in the Junior MX2 class. “For people in western Canada it’s the biggest race of the year,” said King. The competition draws riders all across western Canada, and the fastest girls, so going in, King’s goal was to make the top three in the Ladies A. “It’s stacked,” said King. She entered the Junior B MX2 class just to be riding more and to keep her more competitive within the Ladies class, she was not expecting to make top 10. While she placed third everyday in the Ladies, she was so consistent over the three days of racing, it put her in second spot when the dust finally settled and tallies were in. In the Junior B MX2, King’s first race was a disappointment, as she was caught in a pile-up on the track and lost time, ending up thirtieth overall out of the 37. But on the second day she moved up to eleventh and then made it to seventh place by day three. It was King’s fourth year competing in Raymond, she won the Ladies B class in 2009, which then moves her up to the A class, and she likes the course and the competition. She said the track includes a bit

of everything, hard-packed, rutted, and sandy sections are all there for the riders, which she likes because it acts as a bit of a equalizer, with some riders strong in one type of terrain and weak in others. Before the racers arrived, rain had made it necessary to detour one section of the course, and rain for training day kept that piece closed for the first day of racing, but by day two, the entire track was in good shape thanks to really high temperatures, with high temperatures posing their own challenge for riders. King’s next race on her schedule was Terrace on July 21-22, for some North Series races for the British Columbia Motocross Association (BCMA). “In Terrace, the track is so nice,” said King. “It’s just a beautiful track.” King said because she liked it so much, she entered into three classes to get more riding in, which meant she would be racing in six motos each day. She did six motos on Saturday in the Ladies, Junior A MX2, and schoolboy classes. On Sunday, in the final race of the day, she crashed right off the start. “I remember going about 20

feet out of the gate then it just goes blank,” said King. King ended up with her thumb dislocated and broken, a mild concussion and some scratches on her face and bruising on her elbow. The bike appears to be fine. While King is fairly sure she’s out for the rest of the season, as she will be in a cast for six weeks, she’s still itching to get back on the bike. “I really hope I”m going to be able to ride before winter,” said King, because she thinks it would be torture to not be able to ride for eight months.

Sara King gets some air while racing in Raymond, Alberta at the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals. Kathy King Photo



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Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Caledonia Courier



Mount Milligan Mine marches on Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier The Mount Milligan Project is still on target, despite problems for Thompson Creek. According to Jocelyn Fraser, director of public affairs in Canada for the mine, Mount Milligan is still aiming to open as planned. “We’re on schedule, so that means commissioning in third quarter of 2013,” said Fraser. She spoke of the advancements the site is making within a short period between her visits, and mentioned flotation cells being placed in the plant and steel structures being in place for some of the facilities and the framing is now going in for the office administration building and plant laboratory as well. “Even in a week you can see things really moving along,” she said. Changes to the environmental approval certificate are still being reviewed, but she said they are hopeful they might get a response by the end of August or early fall. “We’ve been working with the Environmental Assessment Office … and we’re just working through the procedural parts,” she said. Positions which have been vacated in Fort St. James may remain vacant for the time being, as Christy Smith, in charge of community relations for Fort St. James, has since left to work for the Prosperity Project out of Williams Lake. “When Christy started with us, she was the only person … since then now we’ve got the fully staffed office and we’ve got quite a few people based in the community, so every new employee who comes on community

relations becomes a bit of their job as they get out and get established in the community,” said Fraser. “So we’re just going to take a close look at what our needs are given that we’re at a different stage in the project and we do have quite few people living in the community.” The local office is supposed to stay open, but has been closed on and off temporarily as Brenda Hewett who normally works from the front desk at the local office, has been working on site. A new hire is expected to start soon to take over at the local office, staffing the front desk once again. The office is used

by a number of different people at different times, some of whom work on site at different times as well. Fraser said there are now 71 people working at the site for Thompson Creek or contractors on site who declare Fort St. James as their base. Mount Milligan has also opened an office in Mackenzie, and a report on HQPrinceGeorge. com gave an estimate of 10 people from Mackenzie working at the mine. There are approximately 900 personnel working for the mine, directly or for contractors. Problems with Thompson Creek mines in Idaho and their Endako mine

near Fraser Lake, while impacting company share prices, Fraser said should not impact Mount Milligan at this point. “It doesn’t have an impact really for Mount Milligan,” she said. “Obviously we want to run a project that’s cost-conscious … but we’re continuing to hire.” She said there are about 250 operational positions still to fill, but about 100 personnel for the operational phase have already been hired. “The HR team is working really aggressively to try and recruit those people,” said Fraser. The permanent operations work force is expected to number about 350. The company was

Community Events Community Events are free of charge as they are sponsored by the Caledonia Courier COMING EVENTS... Will appear as space is available, free of charge in this section. Coming events are available to non-profit organizations only. This area is not intended for thank you submissions or selling products. It is simply a place for nonprofit organizations a place to announce upcoming free activities. You can e-mail your item to advertising@ominecaexpress. com or by fax: 567-2070. Your organizations’ announcement can also be dropped off at our office located at #111-250 Stuart Drive, Fort St. James. Decision of the publisher is final. *** FORT ADULT CENTRE FOR EDUCATION...Suite 221-250 Stuart Drive, in the Goodwin Building. Open daily 8:00-4:00 and now Tuesday evenings 6:009:00pm. Call 250-996-7712 for more information. *** FIREWEED STOPPING THE VIOLENCE & OUTREACH SERVICE For those who believe all is possible!...Provides free Confidential, Safe, and Supportive counselling and outreach services for women. Hours of Service: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every other Friday. Location: Room 203, 349 Stuart Drive, Fort St James, BC Phone: (250) 996-1214 Fax: (250) 9967647 Email: *** ST PATRICK’S ANGLICAN CHURCH... hosts a free lunch every Tuesday from 11.00am 1.00pm. All are welcome. This lunch is made possible through the generous giving of time and resources,by many people in the region, including Sylvia Isaac, The Roman Catholic Church, Camp Living Water, and many other individuals.We wish to thank all those who contribute their labour to this program as well as those who

provide food and other necessities. We also run a small food bank on Tuesday morning, and are very thankful for all who contribute to this endeavor. For further information please call Gwen Andrews 567-6744. *** SERVICE TIMES... at St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Fort St James, will be 2.00pm every Sunday. Friday at 6.00pm - Each week we offer a Fellowship time with soup, music, and prayer, at St Patrick’s Anglican Church Hall beginning at 6.00pm. Please come and join us. *** FIREWEED CLOTHES DRIVE...The Fireweed Safe Haven is doing a winter clothes drive. We are looking for jackets, boots, snow pants, mitts, hats, scarves, fleeces, etc, for men, women and children. The items will then be given to families in the community that need them. If you do not have anything at home that you can part with but still wish to contribute, you can purchase mitts, socks, or thermal underwear. Please drop items off at the Fireweed Safe Haven. For more information please contact Talia at (250) 996-8081. Every little bit helps. *** AUXILIARY TO STUART LAKE HOSPITAL... Monthly meeting 2nd Wednesday each month. Hospital Cafeteria 7:00 p.m. *** FORT ST. JAMES PUBLIC LIBRARY HOURS... Tuesday 11:30-8:00 Wednesday 11:30-4:30 Thursday 11:30-4:30 Friday 11:30-8:00 Saturday 11:00-3:00 *** NECHAKO VALLEY COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY... Child and Youth Mental Health and Counseling Services available

at no cost. Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Call 996-7645 for appointment. *** FORT TRAP AND HANDGUN CLUB... meets last Sunday of every month. Contact Sharon at 9968373 for more information. *** FORT ST. JAMES SEARCH & RESCUE... steering committee meetings first Tuesday of every month. 7:00 p.m. above the Fort St. James Firehall. Training is the third Tuesday of every month at the Firehall at 7 p.m. New members welcome. *** MUSIC MAKERS...New members always WELCOME. Not everyone has to be on stage, there is lots of work behind the scenes. Call Rosemary Allan at 250-996-8997 for more info. *** THE THRIFT STORE...has a new name! “The Bargain Basement”. We are still at the same location, across from Shoppers Food Mart. Donations of clean clothing and small housewares are greatly appreciated. Please, no books or magazines. Proceeds are used for community needs. Open Wed-Sat, 12 noon to 4pm. *** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT...If you know anyone, including a child, who has been abused or harmed by a psychiatrist call the Citizens Commission on Human Rights at: 1-800670-2247. *** ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS... Every Thursday, 8 p.m. at the United Church Hall on 2nd Avenue. Contact 996-8290. *** FIREWEED SAFE HAVEN...a safe place for women and their children leaving violence or abuse. 24 hour access - please call 996-8000.

Wants You! What is your Interest?

also announcing a milestone in their ongoing work on site. They just passed two million hours without a lost time incident. “We’re really proud of the team, if you think about all of the different contractors who are involved and the work site being both as large and as complex as it is,” said Fraser. “I think it just shows a real commitment on the part of each and every person working up there to safety.” “That’s a really significant milestone from our perspective.”

] Do you have a passion to write, cover sports, photography? ] Are you a student, retired? Interested in English/Journalism? ] We are looking for LOCAL writers, photographers, contributors in Fort St. James. Interested? Please call Pam


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Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Oily visitors: Ambassadors visited Fort St. James on their provincial tour to help get the message out, “One drop makes a difference.” Emily Louie and Ali Omelaniec visited both Stuart Lake Automotive and Riverside Repairs on their B.C.-wide tour. The pair were ambassadors for the BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA) and were on tour to encourage people to recycle used oil and antifreeze and to meet with businesses at their recycling drop-off locations. Used oil can be re-refined and used as fuel or lubricant and used antifreeze can be re-distilled. According to their information, a single litre of used oil can contaminate a million litres of ground water. For information on the program, visit: A9

FORT ST. JAMES PUBLIC LIBRARY HOURS Tuesday 11:30-8:00, Wednesday 11:30-4:30, Thursday 11:30-4:30 Friday 11:30-8:00, Saturday 11:00-3:00


SUNDAY SCHOOL..........10:30 am - 12 Noon MORNING WORSHIP ....10:30 am - 12 Noon Church Office 996-7261

OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (Across from the Petrocan Station)

SERVICE, Hazel Aileen - born June 26, 1937, passed away peacefully at St. John Hospital July 25, 2012. Hazel is survived by her beloved family, children; Tom (Carla), Harry (Diane), Don and Bill (Connie), grandchildren, great grandchildren and her brother, Ed. A viewing will be held Thursday, August 2, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Grace Memorial Funeral Home (Vanderhoof). A Graveside service will be held at a later date.

SUNDAY LITURGY: Saturday 7:30 pm & Sunday 10:30 am DAILY MASS: Monday - Friday 9:00 am PASTORAL TEAM: FATHER FRANK SALMON 250-996-8343 SR. JANE DWYER, SR. PAT MACAULAY, SR. DIVINA PEDRO




Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Caledonia Courier

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CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE Assistant Superintendent, Solid Waste Facility. The City of Yellowknife is seeking an individual to assume the position of Assistant Superintendent, Solid Waste Facility. For more information on this position, including the required qualifications, please refer to the City of Yellowknife’ s web page at: or contact Human Resources at (867) 920-5659. Submit resumes in confidence no later than August 10,2012, quoting competition #902-105M to: Human Resources Division, City of Yellowknife, P.O. Box 580, YK, NT, X1A 2N4; Fax (867) 669-3471 or Email:

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Stanley John McArthur

Attention Toyota Product Advisors

Born Oct. 22, 1967 Died Aug. 3, 1987


Western Forest Products Inc. Detailed job postings can be viewed at http://www.western -people-employment/careers

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It has been 25 yrs. since you were taken from us. As each year goes by, we are always thinking of you. You will be loved and cherished forever. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. Though he’s absent he will always be near. Loved and remembered by: His Mom, Dad Brothers: Jako, Brian Sisters: Sandi, Darlene Many Nieces, Nephews Best friend Dean B.

In Memoriam Donations P.O. Box 1480, 7th Ave Prince George, BC V2L 3P2


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Employment Business Opportunities AUTOMOTIVE SCRATCH & Chip Repair. Lucrative. Easy to learn mobile. Exclusive territory. Income Potential $100/hr. Very low operating expenses. F/T or PT. 1(250)686-0808. SERIOUS RETIREMENT Impact. Home based business online. Flexible hours FREE training.


COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. GPRC Fairview Campus. Extensive study of beekeeping, queen rearing, and honey business. Paid work experience. Affordable on-campus residences. Starts January 7, 2013. Call Lin 1-780-835-6630 IF YOU’RE Interested in real estate, then take Appraisal and Assessment, a specialized two-year business major at Lakeland College’s campus in Lloydminster, Alberta. Your training includes assessment principles, computerized mass appraisal valuation of properties, farmland evaluation and property analysis. Start September; 1-800-6616490, ext. 5429. INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Apply online! 1-866-399-3853 MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION Rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. Graduates are in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payments. 1-800-466-1535 TRAIN TO Be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Employment Agencies/Resumes AUSTRALIA/NEW Zealand dairy, beef, sheep, crop enterprises have opportunities for trainees ages 18-30 to live and work Down Under. Apply now for Young Adult Programs! Ph:1-888-598-4415

Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. CONCRETE FINISHERS and Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Subsistence, accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780444-7103. King’s Restaurant hires 2 F/T servers $11.50/hr and 1 F/T kitchen helper $11/hr. Speak Chinese is plus. or fax 250 996-7407

Alpine Toyota has an immediate opening for a Toyota Product Advisor. Our dealership is situated in Cranbrook B.C., the major business and recreation hub for the entire East Kootenay. We are currently looking for a Product Advisor with a track-record of success who is interested in working in a positive team environment. We offer ongoing training, a generous compensation plan and an engaged group of Team Leaders to help our Product Advisors achieve their goals. For the right applicant, relocation expenses and a guaranteed income will be considered. If you love selling Toyota products and the quality of life that can be found in the East Kootenay’s sounds interesting, please forward your resume in confidence to our Sales Team Leader by email: kdunsire@alpinetoyota or by phone at (250)4894010. If you present the qualities and values we are looking for, we will contact successful applicants for an interview. AUTOMATED TANK Manufacturing Inc. is looking for welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster. We have openings for 10-3rd year apprentices or journey person welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd year apprentice $28$30/hr, journeyperson $32$35/hr, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at (office) 780-8462231; (fax)780-846-2241 or send resume to:; Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform.

EXPERIENCED PARTS Person and an Inventory Clerk are required for a progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits and RRSP bonuses plus moving allowances. Our 26,000 sq.ft. store is located 2.5 hours N.E. of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email:

Trades, Technical EXCEL Homes is an established Calgary new home builder building in Calgary and the surrounding community. As one of Calgary’s leading builders, we provide our customers with high quality, innovative, and sustainable home solutions. Excel is looking for Framing Contractors for single family homes as well as all construction positions within the company. Make the move and build your career with Excel Homes! Contact for more information or visit our website:

JOURNEYMAN MACHINIST KJM Sales Ltd. is a busy Prince George based company seeking a Journeyman Machinist for full time employment. Third/Fourth Year apprentices will be considered for the position. A competitive wage and benefit package is offered. Please direct all resumes to KJMSALES@SHAW.CA NO PHONE CALLS/DROP-INS PLEASE.



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CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

HORSE FOR SALE 19 year old sorrel gelding, well trained, not a beginners horse. Used for penning at one time. $2500 obo. (250) 695-6972

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Class 1 Driver Apprentice Program The KDL Group is accepting applications for its Class 1 Driver Apprentice Program. Successful applicants will be fully funded earning a wage, while training to becoming a resource road Class 1 (logging truck, gravel truck, lowbed) operator. Interested candidates must be dedicated, energetic with an aptitude to learn. Candidates will embark on a rigorous training program including truck maintenance, air brake endorsement, class 1 driver’s licence, and resource road driving. Interested individuals please drop off a resume with Jeff Holland at the KDL Group truck shop located at 290 East 2nd Ave, Fort St James, BC (behind Kal Tire). For more information regarding this program please contact Jeff Holland at 250 996 8522. Heavy Equipment Operator Program The KDL Group is accepting applications for its Heavy Equipment Operator Program. This is a tiered program where the successful applicant will be first mentored in the KDL Equipment Shop and then trained as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Interested candidates must be dedicated, energetic with an aptitude to learn. Candidates must hold a valid class 5 or class 7 BC driver’s license and have resource road driving experience. Interested individuals please drop off a resume with Anthony Boyd at the KDL Administration building located at 561 Stuart Drive, Fort St. James BC. For more information regarding this program please contact Anthony Boyd at 250 996 8032.

Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Complete Dispersal Auction

Complete Dispersal Auction

Sale Conducted on Behalf of John & Olinda Wiens. August 18, 2012 Saturday @ 10:00 am Auction Located at Danskin, BC. Keefes Landing Rd, Southside of Francios Lake. Follow signs thru Burns Lake Hwy 35 south to Francios Lake ferry. Once on Southside drive straight up the hill 7 miles to Danskin BC. Properties: 6328 Hamre Road, (Part E1/2, DL 2394) located in beautiful Danskin, BC. 169.38 acres comes with a beautiful home, hay fields, spectacular view, landscaped yard, garden, fenced yard & property. First floor area 2376 sq. ft., ground level w/ basement entrance 1496 sq. ft. 6 bdrms, 3 baths, office, fireplace, kitchen, living areas. Basement has separate ensuite kitchen & living area. 2 car & 1 car attached garages. Paved parking lot, electric & oil heat, cold storage, meat locker/cooler, central vacuum. Tack, garden, sheep shed, fuel tank. 3 water system options, deep well, natural spring & community water system is available w/ hookup. Heavy equipment shop w/ drive thru bay & fuel tanks & stands. This is a turn key property. Whitney Road, (Lot 3, Plan 10574, DL 716 & Lot 8, Plan 10674, DL 716) “Choice of 2 Houses”. One is a beautifully crafted post & beam 2 level w/ loft home. The 2nd 3 level log home, also beautifully crafted. These homes are at Lock up stage. Metal roofing, fully insulated basements w/ ground access, decks, stairs, & drilled wells on both properties. Log home is 41x33 on 5 acres & a 2 side wrap deck w/ 2 additional decks above. Post & beam home is 35x27 w/ 2 sided 9 ft wrap deck and sits on 5.87 acres. Easy access to power and close to services & 5 min from the ferry. Uncha Mountain Road, (Block B, DL 1700), 151.7 acres. 1230 sq.ft. log home, heated by wood. Garage w/ concrete floor and numerous outbuildings. It also comes with an additional log cabin and gravity fed spring. 256 Murray Road, (Lot D, Plan 8466, DL 716), this property is vacant land on 5.65 acres very close to Francois Lake, ferry landing & services. CABINS: 8x12 Post & beam trappers cabin & 16x24 ft. Post & Beam cabin with 6 ft deck. Great opportunity to add one of these cabins to one of the above properties or spot of your choice. Goodwin Road, Decker Lake BC, (Lot B, Plan PRP14697, DL 2545), this lot is 6.992 acres. This property is right on Hwy 16 between Burns Lake & Decker Lake and could be zoned commercial. Location & convenience to Burns Lake would be a great asset for any business. This could be suitable for commercial truck stop or other commercial purposes. This property has numerous potential for any buyer. Come out and take a Look! This is an excellent property/land sale. Free ferry! Come early, ferry may be shuttling due to the auction traffic. Motel, Campsites, Resorts & Services (fuel, restaurants & stores) on the Southside for your convenience. If you wish to come the night before feel free to contact Moosehorn Lodge @ 250-694-3730 or Takysie Lake Resort & Motel @ 250-694-3403. Looking forward to seeing you at the Auction! Condition of sale terms: Cash & check with Identification, sorry no credit cards. Items are As Is Condition ~ Not responsible for accidents. There will be a Concession on Site. Any question please contact:

Mike Steinebach (250) 694-3497 or Cell (250) 692-6107 Egon Steinebach @ (250) 694-3319 or Cell (250) 570- 2055 E-Mail: & Website Auction continued in second Ad

Sale Conducted on Behalf of John & Olinda Wiens August 18, 2012 Saturday @ 10:00 am. Auction Located at Danskin, BC. Keefes Landing Rd, Southside of Francios Lake. Hwy. 35 south to Francios Lake ferry. Once on Southside drive straight up the hill 7 miles to Danskin BC. SAWMILLS & EQUIPMENT: #2 Coutts semi portable sawmill w/ Coutts edger with cluster & saws, has 6 110 power unit w/ steel conveyors, D&L double cut 60 HP diesel sawmill w/ mounted planer, radial arm knotcher for post & beam cabins, 2 saw SCRAG mill. Moveable saws 3-9”, 22 ft. trimmer has 60’ out feed deck, sawmill saw sharpener, asst. of timber cants, 25 bundles of ties (25/bundle). VEHICLES & TRAILERS: 2004 F350 diesel short box, aluminum truck box, high-rise truck canopy, tidy tank w/ electric pump, brand new 2005 Dodge dualy 8’ truck box, 16 ft flatdeck trailer. TOOLS/EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES: R. McDougal Co metal lathe, 100 ton hydraulic press, Miller 225 AC/DC welder, Miller S-32P 12 wire feed welder, powermax 600 plasma cutter, Goodwill drill press, 7x12” metal band saw, Dewalt 770 10” radial arm saw, engine hoist, 5 ton floor jack, engine stand, Honda pump, Dewalt air compressors, 2 shop battery chargers, Makita cut off saw, acetylene cutting torch & carts, Honda & Yamaha water pumps, 100 lb Anvil, steal work benches w/ 2 vices, steel work bench on wheels, rolling tool chest, Proto tool box w/ tools, welding supplies, open end wrenches, 1/2, 3/4 & 1” electric impact wrenches, 3/4” socket set, screwdrivers, pipe wrenches, hydraulic jacks, tool boxes, chain pliers, asst. Impact sockets, chains & binders, new parts washer, imperial Eastwood hydraulic press, 3 light plants (Honda 5000, Suzuki 4000), electric motors, asst. hydraulic hoses, firefighting tools, lg supply of new steel, Magnum steam cleaner, planer, GM 453 power diesel power unit, scaffolding, Makita skillsaws, lg 16” Makita skillsaw, 2 Makita routers (1 plunge router), wood clamps, 2 sets King air nailers (brad & framing), Makita & Dewalt orbital sander, Makita planer & 6” jointer, portable tool boxes w/ tools, fertilizer spreader, PL premium insulation. HOUSEHOLD & TACK: Lg stainless steel bbq, yard swing, electric range, pine glass front cabinet, desk, 2 door wardrobe, 2 loveseats, lg pine dresser w/ mirror & night stand, entertainment center, set of 6 metal chairs, set of 2 metal chairs, 6 maple chairs, rocking chair, selection of good saddles & tack. ANTIQUES: Some coins & stamps, crosscut saws, milk cans w/ lids, seeders, Underwood & Oliver typewriter, brass tub wringer washer, washboard, broad axe, churns, coal oil lamps, silver tea pot, block planes, food press & beaters, Berkel scale, GW Todd & Co protectograph, extension table w/leaves, 1950s waterfall 3 drawer dresser, oak 2 door sideboard, upholstered seti, drop leaf table, 4 maple upholstered captains chairs, 4 oak chairs, hall stand, Morrison recliner, high back captains chair, set of 4, mahogany corner china cabinet, birch pedasil dining room table w/leaves, Singer sewing machine, burl walnut coffee & end table, table, wing chair, newly re-upholstered occasional chair, french provincial 8 drawer dresser, drop front desk w/ pigeon holes & glass front bookcase, modern danish 6 drawer dresser, china cabinet, large dining room table, 3 drawer dresser, 5 drawer pine dresser, steamer trunk, cedar lined hope chest, 6 maple chairs. Condition of sale Terms: Cash & cheque with I.D., sorry no credit cards. Items are As Is Condition. Not responsible for accidents.

Mike Steinebach (250) 694-3497 or Cell (250) 692-6107 Egon Steinebach @ (250) 694-3319 or Cell (250) 570- 2055 E-Mail: & website A11

Merchandise for Sale

Heavy Duty Machinery A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 STEEL BUILDING - Huge clearance sale! 20x24 $4,658. 25x28 $5,295. 30x40 $7,790. 32x54 $10,600. 40x58 $14,895. 47x78 $19,838. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel, 1-800-668-5422.

Misc. Wanted I Buy Old Coins & Collections Olympic, Gold Silver Coins etc Call Chad 250-863-3082 Local

Real Estate

Real Estate


Business for Sale

Homes for Rent

Located in the sunny warm southern interior of BC. Profitable, established Welding Shop & Power Equipment Dealeship. Turnkey Operation. Asking $529,000. Call 1 (250)453-2242 or email:

House for Rent avail. Sept 1/12. 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath 1700 sqft log home on 5 acres on Sowchea Bay Rd. $1200.00 plus utilities Professionals Preferred Call 250 613-2667

Small ads, BIG deals! Mobile Homes & Parks RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern BC, Brand New Park. Opening May 2012. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Ask us about our Free Rent option! 250-462-7055.

Other Areas 20 ACRES- Only $99/mo. $0 Down, Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas, Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee! Free Color Brochure. 1-800-755-8953.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

235 Acres for sale, only 10 minutes from Vanderhoof. Comes with 560sqft new cottage. Great building site at 10 acre pond, fenced, 45 acres cleared. REDUCED! (250)5673193

HILLCREST apts. Lg. 1 & 2bdrm suites. Very clean and quite. Adult orientated. 250996-8151 Lakeview Apartments 752 Stuart Dr. W. Fort St. James. 2bdrm apt. Newly renovated. Quiet, clean building. Adult oriented. no pets R.R. Avail. now 250-996-4073 or 250-996-7598

Modular Homes

Modular Homes

Acreage for Sale


Townhouses Stuart Lake Townhouses Newly renovated, family oriented, 3 bdrm, 2 bath with basement, 2 parking stalls, No dogs. Ref Req’d 250-996-4073 or 250-996-7598


Boats CANOES FOR SALE: Clipper Prospector, 16’, red fiberglass w/black trim, bench seats, excellent shape $1000. Mad River St. Croix, 14’6”, Triple Tough, knee pads & lash tie downs installed, green, great shape $600. Please call Ted 250-692-2372.

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

NOTICE TO REMOVE PRIVATE LAND FROM WOODLOT LICENCE WL274 June 22, 2012 Please be advised that 0701308 BC is proposing to remove PID# 011-970-383, DL: 1656 RG: 5 Part W ½, Except Plan PRP14922, & EXC PL PRP43274 (approximately 130 Hectares) and PID# 011-970-359, DL: 1649 RG: 5 Part NE ¼ (approximately 65 Hectares) of private land from woodlot licence WL274 located in the vicinity of Fort St. James, British Columbia at the end of Frost Road. Inquires/comments to this proposal must be submitted to James Steeves of C/o PO Box 1747 Fort St. James, B.C. V0J1P0 by Aug 31, 2012 or one month from first notice or two weeks from second notice. Only written inquires received by the above date will be responded to. Information about this proposal can be obtained by contacting James Steeves of C/o PO Box 1747, Fort St. James, B.C. V0J-1P0. NOTICE TO REMOVE PRIVATE LAND FROM WOODLOT LICENCE WL1882 June 22, 2012 Please be advised that the owner 0701308 BC Ltd. is proposing to remove PID# 015-236-251, DL: 4671 RG: 5 ¼ section (approximately 65 Hectares) of private land from woodlot licence WL1882 located in the vicinity of Middle River at 22km on the Apollo 300 Road. Inquires/comments to this proposal must be submitted to James Steeves of C/o PO Box 1747 Fort St. James, B.C. V0J1P0 by Aug 31, 2012 or one month from first notice or two weeks from second notice. Only written inquires received by the above date will be responded to. Information about this proposal can be obtained by contacting James Steeves of C/o PO Box 1747, Fort St. James, B.C. V0J-1P0.

Tanizul Timber Ltd

OPEN HOUSE AND PUBLIC VIEWING Community Forest Agreement Management Plan

WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU! • Site Preparation • Delivery • Foundations & Pilings • Set-Up and More

Tanizul Timber Ltd invites all interested parties to review the draft management plan for Community Forest Agreement (CFA) K4B.

Contact us today! TOLL FREE 1-877-737-4278

CFA K4B covers an area of almost 50,000 hectares, located between Trembleur Lake, Stuart Lake and the Tachie River. The draft plan outlines forest management objectives and proposes an allowable annual cut.

Open House Tanizul Timber Ltd will have the draft plan available for reviewing and discussion in the foyer of the Eugene Joseph School in Tache, B.C. on August 7 and 8, 2012.

1-250-962-1733 3157 Bellamy Place Prince George, BC

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Public Viewing The draft management plan will also be available for viewing at the Tanizul office located at 316 Binche Keyoh Way, Binche, B.C. Appointments are recommended. Copies of documents can be e-mailed on request. All comments should be submitted to Tanizul Timber Ltd prior to September 30, 2012 at: Mail: Tanizul Timber Ltd, P.O. Box 988, Fort St James, B.C., V0J 1P0 In Person: 316 Binche Keyoh Way, Binche, B.C. Telephone: 250 648 3221 Fax: 250 648 3266 E-Mail: or


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Caledonia Courier, August 01, 2012  
Caledonia Courier, August 01, 2012  

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