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special issue July 2012

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Doctor, Doctor

UNBC Health Sciences degree draws second-year NIC science graduates into medical careers Sylva Wiedeman has always wanted to be a doctor. The science-focused student started at NIC in 2010, with a plan to take a year of firstyear classes close to home before transferring to a bigger urban university. “I didn’t want to go too far away right out of high school and the costs, of course, were a lot lower,” Sylva said. Two years later, she’s graduating from NIC on track as the college’s top university transfer student in the math and sciences department with a clear plan to attend medical school.

NIC science graduate Sylva Wiedeman heads north to UNBC this September.

honour’s thesis and preparing her application for the Northern Medical Program in September 2013.

“All of the courses I took at NIC transferred quite nicely into something I could use for my degree,” said Camila. “We were exposed “Learning biology was more of a conversa- to so much in labs at NIC; we did our own prep work and had access to equipment that tion than a lecture,” she said. took extra time to set up. I don’t think that Along the way, Sylva discovered that by would be practical in most undergraduate taking two years of sciences at NIC, she programs.” could enter directly into the third year of her degree at UNBC, home to UBC’s Northern NIC university transfer student Christine Medical Program and some of the most rec- Law moved from NIC sciences to UNBC two years ago. She was accepted into the ognized rural medical training in Canada. Northern Medical Program this summer. The program is drawing more than just Sylva “Going to NIC was the best choice I ever north. made,” said Christine, who intends to Two years ago, NIC university transfer return to the Comox Valley to start her own student Camila Sanchez entered UNBC as medical practice after graduation. a biomedical studies major in the Health Sciences program. She’s now completing her “The transition from high school to university At NIC, Sylva found instructors and students as passionate about science as she is.

is a big step. At NIC, I was able to take advantage of small class sizes so that by the time I got to the second or third year at UNBC, class sizes were much smaller and more approachable.” Both students appreciate UNBC’s accessible research facilities, which encourage undergraduate participation and give students a chance to get more involved in their field of study. NIC offers a complete selection of first and second-year science courses that transfer to UNBC’s Bachelor of Health Sciences, including Organic Chemistry I/II (CHE 200/201), Cell Biology (BIO-200), Introductory Microbiology (BIO-215), Principles of Genetics (BIO-202), and Introduction to Biochemistry (BIO-201). Find out more: mathsciences Or call: 1-800-715-0914 page 1

North Island college | College Connection | special issue July 2012


Human Resources Option for 1-yr Post Degree Diploma Want to add to your bachelor’s degree and increase your employability in just one year? Learn to recruit staff, understand benefit and compensation regulations, and negotiate collective agreements with NIC’s new Human Resources Management option. The Business Administration post degree diploma also includes options for students interested in studying general or international management, marketing, or accounting.

Tourism & Hospitality

study Tourism, Travel the world and get your Business degree

Starts Sept., Jan., $2,635 approx + books/supplies. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

Health Care

Become an Activity Assistant in Just Four Months Are you a health care or community support graduate? If so, you qualify for a four-month part-time program now available in the Comox Valley—NIC’s new Activity Assistant certificate. In the program, you’ll learn to how to effectively plan and lead recreation activities for seniors with cognitive and physical impairments. You’ll boost your employment opportunities and learn from professionals in the field. “NIC’s program instructor Deb Provencher is wellrespected in the field of therapeutic recreation,” said Liz Friis, Director of Resident Lifestyle & Community Programs at Glacier View Lodge. “She brings exceptional training, energy, and insight; and her graduates are ready to contribute from day one on the job.” Starts Sept, $2,450 approx + books/supplies. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

Fine Arts & Design

metal jewellery design Learn to create metal jewellery from established artists in Campbell River this fall. Instructors include Jan Hellerud, Tracey Gibbons, Tim Haley, Leanne Helin, Cheryl Jacobs, and more. Study metal casting, Northwest Coast Aboriginal jewellery, silversmithing, and much more. Starts Sept., $5,000 approx + books/supplies. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914 page 2

Paresa Habibi managed the front desk at Oh Spa in Courtenay before earning credit on exchange in Germany toward her NIC Bachelor of Business Administration degree, which she will complete this year.

Tourism program now bridges directly into NIC business degree Paresa Habibi is combining her love of travel and meeting people with a strong business background. NIC’s Tourism and Hospitality Management program gave her the opportunity to work and learn across BC and around the world.

Her skills and education earned her a position as a front desk supervisor at Courtenay’s Oh Spa at the Old House Village Hotel and Suites.

realized that with just two more years of study I could go on exchange in Germany and graduate with a business degree,” said Paresa.

Paresa then applied to NIC’s Bachelor of Business Administration program last fall.

Tourism and hospitality management students enter directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree’s Marketing or General Management major.

“Creating seamless educational pathways for students—at NIC and beyond—is one of our key priorities. The new bridging option gives our tourism graduates two years credit and access to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration degree right here in the Comox Valley,” said Dr. Jan Lindsay, NIC president.

In two years, Paresa completed a paid Co-op position at the Delta Grand Hotel in the Okanagan, studied at Kapiolani Community Paresa is taking full advantage of the new College in Hawaii, and helped to organize pathway, travelling to the International the Wine Festival in Campbell River, a fund- School of Management in Dortmund this raising event for the program’s annual spring while earning business degree credit. behind-the-scenes tour of Las Vegas resorts “After graduation I changed my focus and and hotels.

Already, alumni such as Amy Veloso are benefiting from the dual credentials. “It’s a huge bonus,” said Amy, one of the first tourism students to earn a business degree in 2012. “The new degree option opens up many more doors for tourism students.” She plans on accepting a management position in Victoria this summer, where she’ll apply her business skills. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

North Island college | College Connection | special issue July 2012

INteractive media

Fine Arts & Design

It’s all about balance

Professional Potter advanced diploma Program begins may 2013

Interactive media student finds work-life balance with web design and development career

Take your pottery design and production skills to the next level and gain the business education you need to market your work. With the new Professional Potter advanced diploma, you can study full time over 10 months in NIC’s 4,000 ft2 studios with access to a wide range of kilns, including Gordon Hutchens’ rare Tozan-style Anagama wood-fired kiln. You’ll learn from internationally known potters and complete a two-month internship with a practicing professional potter, or at the Medalta International Artists in Residence Program in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Yosuke Hasumi has gone from swinging a hammer to hammering out code, and he couldn’t be happier. The former apprentice carpenter moved his young family across Alberta and BC in 2009 in pursuit of a better quality of life and a new career. “Once I had kids I realized I really didn’t want to work in carpentry any more; by the end of each day I was exhausted and starting to acquire health issues,” said Yosuke. “It was time to make a move to something where I could work from home.” With family in the Comox Valley, he and his wife decided to buy a house and return to school for new careers in design and social work. The full-time students found innovative ways to balance school and work with family time. Design and development has proven to be the solution Yosuke was looking for. “I can build my work into my lifestyle rather than the other way around,” he said. “I work the hours I want to work and I still earn 50 per cent more than when I was in my previous job.” He couldn’t have done it without NIC’s Interactive Media programs and supportive instructors who pushed him beyond his comfort level to improve his design and programming skills. “Now I have a concept of what will look good and make it work,” said Yosuke. “If it wasn’t for the design portion of the program and the instructors, I would have never known how much I was capable of.” He is now in his final year of the Advanced Communication Design diploma, which blends web design and development to give

Starts May 2013, $9,000 approx (pending) Find out more: Email Or call 250-334-5056

Community Care Student Yosuke Hasumi is kept busy designing and programming for local and international clients while working toward his Advanced Communication Design diploma.

students a multidimensional skill set. Students can register for the three-year program directly or start their studies with the eight-month Web Design certificate and two-year Web Development diploma. The program works with an advisory board of employers to ensure graduates meet current industry demands. In addition, students apply their knowledge in workplace practicums and make contacts in their field.

and Done Creative keep him busy throughout the year. “NIC programs have created a huge community of web developers and designers that feed into each other and we’re all working. It’s starting to feel like a mecca of designers and developers.” NIC alumni Chris Patterson agrees. She started Takeflight Design, a graphic design and website company before finishing the program.

Yosuke started working with Jamie McCue, “If you’re good at what you do and source one of the founders of the Comox Valley out people for the stuff you need help with, Web Posse and owner of Architexture, a that’s when you’re going to be successful. We really have a great community of web Comox Valley-based creative studio. specialists in the Comox Valley.” His success led to work with instructor Tom Keenoy, a partner in Medium Rare Interactive media courses are available indiInteractive, Inc., which does work for vidually or as part of a program. Students U.S.-based clients in New York, Florida, can apply to register for full or part time courses starting this September. and more. Locally, he’s found that a growing network of clients such as Better Mouse Trap Marketing

Exercise & Wellness: part-time options available

Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

Turn your love of fitness into a career with NIC’s new eight-month Exercise and Wellness certificate. Study human anatomy, and sport and exercise psychology while you kayak, ski, and more. On completion, you’ll be eligible to transfer into the second year of Camosun’s Exercise and Wellness diploma. Options are also available for part-time study and upgrading for program entry. Starts Sept., $4,965 approx + books/supplies. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914 page 3

North Island college | College Connection | special issue July 2012

trades & Technology

Career Shift: from commercial diving to naval electronics Industrial Automation diploma students off to sea

Three years ago, Leigh Walls went looking for a career shift and found it. The former commercial diver was a single parent, out of work, and looking for stable employment when an aptitude test at a Campbell River employment agency suggested she try electrical engineering.

Two years later, she’s graduated with a rewarding career as a naval electronics technician with the Canadian Forces.

Learn more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

“It was definitely the right choice for me,” Leigh said. “This job is relaxing, challenging, interesting, and fun. If you love solving puzzles and want a long-term employable skill, you’ll love it.”

key dates Leigh Walls works on the final Industrial Automation class project: a potato chip processing machine, which slices, fries, seasons and bags three kinds of potato chips.

and maintain electronics equipment used in modern industrial processes. On graduation, they’re prepared to work in the military, coast guard, marine aquaculture, food processing, communications, pulp and paper, lumber, oil and gas, manufacturing and mining industries. “People don’t realize that industrial automation crosses everything you touch that has anything to do with manufacturing—your cell phone, your keyboard, a lot of the food

you eat, everything,” she said. “We’ll graduate prepared to know the processes, automate the systems, or troubleshoot and maintain the operations in all of those industries.” Graduates are qualified to work across Canada and the United States under the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) in the electrical, instrumentation, and IT fields. Find out more: Or call: 1-800-715-0914

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Aug 20-23

Are you ready for university? Our University Studies 101 course will help you get grades you want, with far less effort. 1 - 4 pm in Campbell River & 9 am - noon in the Comox Valley.

Sep 4

Orientation Day. No classes.

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Fall term 2012. Classes begin.

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The Industrial Automation Technician program teaches students to design, install,

How do I apply for a student loan? You can apply online or download an application at Online applications are processed faster than paper forms, which may also be available through your NIC financial aid advisor.

Is there someone I can talk to? Yes, absolutely. Any questions you have about your Student Aid application, can be directed to StudentAid BC at 1-800561-1818 or make an appointment with your NIC financial aid advisor.

She soon discovered NIC’s Electronics Technician Core certificate, a nine-month program leading directly into the second year of NIC’s Industrial Automation Technician diploma in Campbell River.

“I found out the military was looking for naval electronics technicians, hiring students, and paying for school,” said Leigh. “I signed a sixyear contract and I know I’ll get guaranteed work and additional training as I go.”

Quick answers to student loan questions

When should I apply? Student loan applications are available June 1 for programs beginning in September and January.

Realizing the career combined her love of solving intricate puzzles and a desire for year-round work, she looked into training programs in BC.

Along with Aircraft Structures Technician (AME-S) and Professional Cook programs, NIC’s Industrial Automation Technician program is Canadian Forces accredited. Leigh and three other students in her class earned wages, benefits, and tuition support while they studied, knowing they’ll have a guaranteed career in the military on graduation.

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Special Features - July 20, 2012  
Special Features - July 20, 2012  

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