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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Serving Clinton, Spences Bridge, Lytton, Savona, Walhachin and surrounding areas Since 1895

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McAbee now a Heritage Site

Top: John Leahy, long time guide at the McAbee Fossil Beds, shows Minister Steve Thomson how to dig for fossils. (Above): a fish fossil found there. (Right): Alexander and Fiona Kozak, grandchildren of late owner Dave Langevin. (Below): MLA Kevin Krueger, Minister Thomson and Dr. Tom Dickinson, Dean of Science at TRU.

The McAbee Fossil Beds 13 km east of Cache Creek are closed to all but government-approved tours until a Conservation Management Plan is finished, hopefully by next Spring. Last week, the fossil beds were formally designated as a Heritage Site by Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson. In March, the provincial government issued a Temporary Protection Order on the site to cease access and operations at the site while its designation as a heritage site was being completed. Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger was the Minister of State for Mining when he started the ball rolling for the Heritage Site designation. He said that seeing the area designated a Heritage Site was one of the highlights of his career. Thompson Rivers University Dean of Science, Dr. Tom Dickinson noted how “history jumps out of the ground here,” raising intense

Town applies for park funding Cache Creek Council is hoping to benefit from the federal government’s new Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund. The town is applying for $128,000 to help pay for improvements to the pool park. At their July 16 meeting, Council agreed to submit a grant application to raise the existing level of the playground and gazebo, replace the playground equipment and expand the viewing area around the swimming pool. The projects are in the Parks and Trails Master Plan. The grant would pay for half of the costs: the Village would have to come up with another $128,000. “This seems to be a lot of money here,” said Coun. Herb Hofer, “even if you look at the grant.” Mayor John Ranta agreed with him, but felt there was sufficient


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feelings in his students and making them more dedicated. “My dream is to work as part of the management plan and create a component for the public,” he said. The McAbee beds are known both for the number of quality fossils present, as well as their diversity. The fossil beds represent a paleontological gold mine of exceptionally preserved fossils from the Eocene epoch (56 to 34 million years ago). Many fossils being discovered there are entirely new to science. Now appearing as a stark and wind-worn cliff face, McAbee was once the shore of an ancient lake. This lakeshore provided an ideal environment for creating a fossil record that includes a wide variety of plant life, as well as insects, fish, crayfish and even a bird and feathers. The Heritage Site designation confers enduring protection for the site, which will be managed to provide research, educational and recreational opportunities.


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money in the budget to cover almost all of the Village’s share. Council applied earlier this year for a grant to construct a walking trail system and replace playground equipment. Their application was unsuccessful, so the $103,600 they budgeted for the project is still available. “It’s all subject to approval of the grant, right?” asked Hofer. The program is meant to assist municipalities rehabilitate and improve existing community infrastructure, such as parks, swimming pools and airports. There will be another invitation to apply for grants in November. Council agreed to refer the next round of grants to the Airport Commission for their consideration and possible grant application for runway paving.



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Crime Stoppers

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SWIMMING POOL NOTICE Please be advised that the Ashcroft Swimming Pool will be closed on the following days: Saturday, August 4th Sunday, August 5th Monday, August 6th The pool will re-open Tuesday, August 7th We’ll see you there!

Church Directory

Saddle that Bronco July 12 at 1 pm police were called to an accident at the Junction Shell station in Cache Creek after a Ford Bronco drove through the wooden fence between the gas station and the Oasis Cold Beer and Wine Store. The 54 year old Cache Creek driver was very apologetic. Some of the fence boards were damaged to the tune of about $200. No charges were laid.

Parking lot hit and run July 12 at 8 pm police received a report about a hit and run in the Chevron parking lot after a Dodge pickup backed into a 2012 Toyota Tacoma owned by a 68 year old woman from the Bonaparte Reserve. The driver responsible left the scene but was located through a license plate number obtained. The 31 year old Kamloops man said he was not aware that his truck had made contact with the other vehicle, which suffered minimal damage. There were no charges laid.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Journal



et for no insurance and a $198 ticket for driving with invalid plates.

Youth and firecrackers July 15 at 10:30 pm police received a report of several gunshots fired on the Ashcroft Reserve. Police located several youths setting off firecrackers. No action was taken.

Employee given police escort Rock slide by Juniper Beach July 15 at 3:15 am police attended to a report of a vehicle colliding with wildlife on Hwy 1 near Juniper Beach, east of Cache Creek. All police could find at the scene were large rocks on the highway and the vehicle, which had two flat tires on one side.

July 17 at 8 pm police were called to a disturbance at the Sundance Guest Ranch where an upset employee was engaged in a loud argument. A 45 year old Qualicum Beach man was escorted off the property for the evening. There was no indication that liquor was involved. No charges were laid.

Going nowhere fast

Hurtling towards the bridge

July 15 at 4:30 am police stopped a 2007 Silverado on Hwy 1 near Juniper Beach that was travelling at 146 kph in the 100 kph zone. The driver, a 22 year old Savona man, was given a ticket for excessive speed and his vehicle was impounded for seven days. He called his father to come and pick him up.

July 17 at 8:45 pm police observed a 2010 Ford Escape travelling down Hwy 97C in Ashcroft towards the bridge at 99 kph in the 50 kph zone. The 55 year old Kamloops woman driver was very unhappy to receive a ticket for excessive speed and to have her vehicle impounded for seven days.

Trees and sign uprooted

Trailer frame stolen from yard

July 15 police received a report of mischief at the Cache Creek Community Hall that had occurred overnight when a vehicle exiting Hwy 97 on to Stage Rd. lost control while turning and ran over two trees, two pieces of angle iron holding one of them straight, and a sign buried in cement. They just missed a metal street light standard. Damage is estimated at $500.

July 18 police received a report that a utility trailer frame under construction had been stolen from the yard of a residence on Brink St. The frame of the trailer was 4’ x 5’ and was valued at $200.

Scared off by burglar alarm

ZION UNITED Sunday Worship 10:50 am 401 Bancroft, Ashcroft, BC • 250-453-9511

United Church of Canada Rev. Pamela Scott, OS


St. Alban’s

501 Brink St, Ashcroft ~ 250-453-9909


Cache Creek Pentecostal Church Welcomes everyone to worship Sundays 10 a.m. 1551 Stage Rd. Cache Creek B.C. For information please call: Deacon Myrna Critchley 250-453-9110 Deacon Pauline Goring 250-457-9939

July 13 at 7:40 am police responded to a residential alarm north of 16 Mile. It was later confirmed to be a break and enter of a seasonal home, and a neighbour saw two suspicious males leaving the property. The pair were located and arrested on Hwy 97 near the Loon Lake turnoff. Nothing in the home appeared to be missing, but there was damage to the patio door. Charges of break and enter and mischief are pending against two Kamloops men, aged 22 and 26.

Racing through town Wrong plates, no insurance July 13 at 13:30 pm police observed a 1993 Ford Explorer travelling on Hwy 97C with what appeared to be license plates meant for a truck. The driver, a 50 year old Ashcroft man, was stopped and was found to be without insurance. The expired plates were from another vehicle. He was issued a $598 tick-

Come down to the opening of

Desert Hills Wagon On July 28th We have a variety of fresh berries, beets, carrots, peppers and so much more. Enjoy a walk through the raspberry patch or take a stroll through the animal barn full of different critters. We also for the first time are offering a variety of different bedding plants, 1 Gallon Tomatoes and Habaneros that are bursting with fruit. So come on down to Desert Hills Ranch Open 7 days a week from 9:30am to 5:00pm For more information you can visit us on our website at or follow us on facebook.

July 15 at 1 pm police stopped a northbound 2011 Ford Escape in Cache Creek by the Husky for travelling at 104 kph in the 50 kph zone. A 46 year old Prince George woman was charged with excessive speed and her vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Money scam warning Police warn about a current telemarketing fraud in the area, where the caller is told they have won $2.5 million but first have to purchase a green pack money card for $750 before they can claim their prize. They are given a Nevada phone number to call. Police remind the public that if they have to pay money to receive a prize, it’s not a real prize.

Youths injured in ATV/pickup collision 100 Mile RCMP attended the scene of collision on Hwy 24 at the Lone Butte dump site on July 16, at 7:48 p.m., involving a Ford Ranger truck and an ATV being operated by two young males. Police investigation indicated that the ATV, being driven by a 16 year old male, entered onto the highway without looking into the path of an on-

coming vehicle. A collision resulted in the boys being ejected from the ATV. Though helmets were worn by both males, the driver suffered injuries of deep scrapes and bruises stated Cst. Lesley Smith, North District Media liaison, The 12 year old passenger suffered a broken hip and was transported to hospital for treatment.

Charges under the Motor Vehicle Act have been laid against the driver of the ATV for Failing to Yield to Traffic and Operating an Unlicensed Vehicle. The ATV was destroyed in the collision and the truck sustained extensive damage. Submitted

BC-wide metal theft law comes into force Canada’s first provincial metal theft law and regulations come into effect July 23, with identification and reporting requirements designed to limit the resale market for stolen assets and ensure thieves are identified and prosecuted. Those wishing to sell regulated metals on or after that date must present valid identification. In turn, scrap dealers and recyclers who buy these metals will share purchase details with their local police. Officers will be able to use this information to compare against reports of stolen metal and seek court orders to obtain further information from dealers when required. In May, the government wrote to municipalities that have metal-theft-related bylaws, ask-

ing them to ensure their rules do not conflict with the new provincial ones. Metal thefts frequently endanger public safety, most notably by disrupting phone lines and access to 911 emergency service. In recent years, high scrap prices have driven thefts with a total value in the tens of millions of dollars from utilities like Telus and BC Hydro. The provincial regulations focus on metal types and objects historically targeted by thieves, ranging from copper telephone wire and plumbing to manhole covers and metal grave markers. Purchasers who fail to register with the Province and fulfil record-keeping and sharing requirements risk fines of up to $100,000.


The Journal Tuesday, July 24, 2012 A 3

New library lights up

Ashcroft resident Bill Drinkwater presented a copy of his book, Canada’s 100 Mile Desert Corridor, to Cache Creek Council for display in the Village Office. Drinkwater told councillors that he likes walking, and has probably walked the equivalent of Lytton to Kamloops - on both sides of the river - over the years. He said that his wife, Hilda, told him he should take pictures while he walked, so he bought a camera and began taking pictures. Then she asked him what he was going to do with all of the pictures he’d been taking. He decided to put them together in a book. We have a unique valley, he said, and he is “just fascinated by it.” Most, but not all of the pictures in the book were taken by him.

ver Spur Construction Ltd. for the new library. Mayor John Ranta noted that the permit submitted by the company described its plans in a very broad and general sense, but discussions with the TNRD resulted in new drawings that showed a neonlike sign above the front doors and ample parking for small and large vehicles in the parking lot. The new drawings were submitted along with the permit. Ranta suggested that the motion to approve be amended to reflect that construction of the library be completed in accordance with the changes in the new drawings. Coun. Darrel Rawclife said he felt the Village should adopt the use of LED lights rather than neon. Ranta said he agreed, and that the development permit guidelines needed to be amended. LED lights weren’t available when guidelines were written, he said, but they are more energy efficient and flexible to use. The Village requires new commercial development downtown to show a little bit of “neon” in keeping with the town’s “Graffiti Days” theme. The new library will have a neon-like sign that says “Cache Creek Library” over the main door.

Library plans approved

Next Meeting

Council reviewed and approved the Development Permit from Sil-




Council Briefs

From the Cache Creek Council meeting on July 16. Roll Call: Mayor John Ranta and councillors Lisa Dafoe, Herb Hofer and Darrell Rawcliffe. Missing: Coun. Wyatt McMurray.

Desert Corridor

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta (right) thanks local photographer and writer Bill Drinkwater for the donation of his new book, Canada’s 100 Mile Desert Corridor, to Aug. 20 at 7 pm in the Village the Village of Cache Creek.

Young sailors from the desert win big Two cadets from 347 RCSCC Avenger traveled to Vancouver on June 23 to take part in an annual Sailing Regatta sponsored by The Navy League of Canada, at Jericho Sailing Centre. Petty Officer 2nd Class Brandon Douglas and Leading Seaman Griffin Aie competed against 10 other teams from across BC. They placed first in the first three races and second in the fourth race. Sailing is one of the main focuses of Sea Cadet training. Even though the Corps only sails a few times per year, it has cadets who have taken part in many regattas over the years. Congratulations to these two fine sailors. NCdt Gerry Sask

Town finishes OCP

(l-r) Sea Cadets Griffin Aie and Brandon Douglas hoist their trophy.

Last week, Cache Creek Council approved spending up to $6,000 to complete the Official Community Plan (OCP) update that they began over a year ago. The consultant, Michael Rosen, who was guiding the process, passed away in May. The review was almost finished and the wording in the plan needed some revision. Nearly $14,000 has already been spent on the review process, which included the consultant meeting with a group of public volunteers. The remainder of the project’s $25,000 budget is expected to pay for the maps that accompany the OCP.

A 4 Published every Tuesday in Ashcroft by Black Press Ltd. Founded in 1895 Editor: Wendy Coomber


Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Journal


The Editor’s Desk WENDY COOMBER

Time to put the feet up - holiday time “Summer time, time, time, when the livin’ is easy...” Nobody said it better than Janis Joplin. Just kick back in the shade on the deck, next to the lake or under the first tree on your right, and enjoy the hottest part of the year when things slow down to a lazy buzz. Or, that’s the way they’re supposed to. They would be that way if they were on vacation. Yes, it’s vacation time again for myself, and I only tell you this because you may start wondering why you see Barbara Roden’s name here and there in the paper for the next four weeks. I have every confidence that Barbara will do an excellent job while I’m gone. Being a local gal, she already knows and understands the issues that concern us, and she can finally put that old journalism training to use! And while she’s here having loads of fun, I will be catching up on my sleep, my gardening, my quilting (probably exactly in that order) and anticipating my first real vacation in over a decade. My definition of a vacation is more than a weekend stay-over at this place or so before driving home, as we do most years. This year’s trip started with the usual drive to Fort St. John to visit friends and family. Tool Man wanted to visit his sister in Terrace so I said, “Then let’s just hang a right when we get to Prince George.” Then Tool Man said: “We can go to Prince Rupert and catch the ferry for a trip through the Inside Passage.” And then “Drive from Port Hardy to Nanaimo to visit my brother,” said I. Circle tour, what a plan! So, the ferry is booked, the hotel rooms are in place, the relatives all know that we are coming and promise to stick around while we inflict ourselves upon them. I’m thinking that I’ll need to buy a couple more memory cards for my camera because 8Gbs of space for my pictures might just not be enough this time. I can already hear the seagulls! Oh wait, those are the crows outside my office window. Please welcome Barbara and help make her job easy. As for me, I’ll be back before you know it.


PATIO FLOWERS, they look even better in their original bright, stunning red!

A walk in the park (for dogs) Dear Editor The purpose of this letter is to express my support for a dog park to be built in the pool park in Ashcroft, as per Va Freestone’s letter to the mayor and Council, which was reported on the front page of last week’s Journal. I recently did the tree inventory of this park, and in so doing it occurred to me

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR that the far bottom corner is very seldom, if ever, used, and would make a good location for a dog park. A dog park would fit right in with the “Wellness” logo, as our four-legged friends need exercise, fresh air and a chance to socialize as much as we do, and at present don’t appear to be welcome in many of the green spaces the Village provides and maintains. As for concerns

about waste, I have taken our dog to several different dog parks in other places, and have noted most if not all owners pick up after their pets - someone who thinks enough of their dog to take them to a park to run and play is usually responsible in other areas as well. It would be wonderful to hear how this may be accomplished, rather than reasons why it can’t happen, and to see a dog park in the

Sandy Butler (owned by “Duffer”) Ashcroft

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very near future. Perhaps if enough dog owners were to voice their desire for a dog park to the

BC Press Council



Powers That Be, it will happen! Here’s hoping!



Terry Daniels

Wendy Coomber



Anne Blake

Barbara Roden

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The Journal Tuesday, July 24, 2012 A 5

Girl bands highlight summer music Dance and Jungal down at Music in the Park Winding Rivers Arts & Performance Society continues to offer live music throughout the summer. Under the Gazebo this week, on Wed. July 25, is Jungal (from Austrailia) and local favourites Ghengis Gandhis’ at Ashcroft’s own Music in the Park. Bring your most comfortable lawn chair or a blanket. Grab a bag of popcorn or a hot dog or an iced tea and enjoy some great music with your friends and family. Music starts at 7 pm, and pass the hat donations are encouraged. Washrooms are open until 9 pm. Get your dancing shoes on for Jungal. These gals know how to have fun! Jungal are three powerful young women who create their own brand of Australian-flavoured indie roots music. Their energetic live performance and catchy, positive songwriting comes to life through three harmonious voices. They create the unique and powerful ‘Jungal sound’, setting these girls apart from other female acts of their kind. Jungal are Leisha Jungalwalla (guitars), Jessie Jungalwalla (drums), and Victoria Beard (bass). Sisters Leisha and Jessie began playing in bands together in their teens, and quickly added adopted sister Victoria Beard’s sounds into the mix. With addictive bass lines; a galloping drum from the only non-dreadlocked chick; strong,

sweet, and hearty vocals; and raucous acoustic guitar, these Jungan girls know how to bring some serious festival-style foot stomping. It’ll be a great night all round to party down, along with local opening act the Ghengis Gandhis’. They play a unique sound, grown from the desert, which goes straight into your ears, minds, and hearts. The WRAP Society hopes you enjoy the music all summer long. Look for posters around town and take home one of the handouts that are available from local retailers. And why not check out www. for info on all the upcoming artists and their music.

Summer Series offers award winners and country divas


creativecurrent@ fabulous and hilarious Carolyn Mark on Aug. 3 and 4. Miss Quincy grew up on the banks of the Peace River, before leaving for school as a teenager. Since then her debut album Your Mama Don’t Like Me was awarded Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year at the 2011 BC Indie Awards, and she’s had the opportunity to play around the world. Miss Quincy and her all-girl trio The Showdown play a raunchy array of electric roots and blues. Carolyn Mark is what they call an alt country diva: a singer with heart, soul, and twang. Her latest creation, The Queen of Vancouver Island, is coming soon: on Sept. 18, 2012, to be precise. She’s one of a kind, so don’t miss her! For reservations at The

Here are some upcoming highlights at the “Summer Music Series� being held See CURRENT on p. 6 at The Packing House in Spences Bridge and Lytton’s Kumsheen River Rafting Resort. Don’t "VH Cache Creek Council meeting at 7 pm in Council Chambers. miss Miss Quincy & The "VH Ashcroft Lions 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Semlin Valley Golf Showdown on Course. Contact: Henry 457-9692, Darrell July 27 and 457-5353 or register at the Pro Shop 28, and the

(l-r) Jessie Jungalwalla (drums) , Leisha Jungalwalla (guitars) , and Victoria Beard (bass) of Jungal.

Credit Union Would like to invite you to a


on Tuesday July 31, 2012 We will be welcoming our new branch manager, Karma Weigel, and saying goodbye to Cathy Cwirko, who has been promoted to a regional position with Interior Savings. Please come and join us!


Ashcroft Royal Canadian Legion FRI., JULY 27UItQN The Chair and Board of Directors of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Cordially Invites All Members of the Public to Attend the

OUT OF TOWN BOARD MEETING starting at 10:00 a.m.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2012 at the

BBQ’d STEAK $10.00/plate

Visitors Welcome )JTUPSJD.JMJUBSZ7FIJDMFTXJMMCFPOEJTQMBZ in the Ashcroft Legion Parking Lot GSPN/PPOVOUJMQNPO4BU+VMZUI Hamburgers will be available for purchase

MEAT DRAW Every Saturday ~ 3:00 pm


Clinton Memorial Hall 306 Lebourdais Clinton, BC



Chair and Board of Directors Thompson-Nicola Regional District 300 – 465 Victoria Street Kamloops, BC V2C 2A9 (250) 377-8673, 1-877-377-8673 toll free in BC (250) 372-5048 fax Email:






Mon. - Wed. & Sat. 9:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Thur. & Fri. 9:30a.m.-9:00p.m. Sunday Noon - 5:00p.m.

2121 East Trans Canada Hwy. VALLEYVIEW • 250-374-3360

Fabricland Sewing Club Members Value Hotline 1-866-R-FABRIC 1-866-732-2742



A 6

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Journal

Free outdoor showing of The Lorax in Ashcroft Pool Park CURRENT from p. 5

Packing House phone (250) 458-2256, and for Kumsheen phone (250) 455-2296 or 1-800-663-6667.

Outdoor Concert and Community BBQ

L-R: Judge Lucy Chang, Marijke Stott, Regan Greenwood and Judge Roger Younker during a brief break in Heritage Place Park.

Blooms and conservation applauded The Village of Ashcroft is participating in the 2012 National Edition of Communities in Bloom, and the judges Lucy Chang of Edmonton and Roger Younker of Charlottetown - were here on July 16. Accompanied by local CiB volunteers, the judges toured Ashcroft. They were impressed by the involvement of a wide variety of community members - from Ashcroft Elementary students growing sunflowers, potatoes, and tomatoes, to seniors at Thompson View Manor planting and maintaining beautiful pots and

planters. Water conservation is a growing concern to many, and the judges were happy to see that the Village is taking steps in that direction with xeriscape beds in the Heritage Park. The sewer and water treatment plants also drew praise, as did the solar panels at the pool, and the watering guidelines which are in the planning stages with Council. They were also impressed with our little gem, the Ashcroft Museum. Ashcroft is participating in the 1,201 - 3,000 population category. The other commun-

ities in this group are Beausejour, MB; Bruderheim, AB; Dawson City, YT; Harrison Hot Springs, BC; and Trenton, NS. The results will be announced at the National Awards Ceremonies, hosted this year by Edmonton Capital Region on Oct. 10-13. Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, and beautification, and to improving quality of life through community participation and a national challenge.

Creative Cow Concerts presents a night of great music and dress-up fun (optional). Our theme for the evening is a Midsummer’s Night Speakeasy featuring the music of High Society and Running With Lions. Break out those evening dresses, boas, long pearl necklaces, fans, or anything with beads/feathers. Zoot Suits, fedoras, or gangster hats are all welcome attire for a fun night. Stay all night, come for the potuck BBQ and show, or just the show. Come celebrate on Tues. July 31 (gates open 4 pm) and join in the fun up at Na-


A wuzzle is a saying/phrase that is made up of a display of words, in an interesting way. The object is to try to figure out the well-known saying, person, place, or thing that each wuzzle is meant to represent. Answers below.

Historic Hat Creek Ranch would like to thank sponsors, competitors, volunteers and everyone who attended our Working Cowboy Ranch Rodeo. Thank you for supporting this heritage event.

dine and Andrea’s at Barnes Lake for another outdoor music partee. Join us for a fabulous evening of feasting, music, dancing, and delectable speakeasy fun! High Society is an unstoppably dramatic rockin’ Soul and Blues band, eager to fill your eyes and ears with euphoric excitement and inspiration. They play a blend of R&B, Soul, Blues, Folk, Hip Hop, and Jazz, and are currently focused on finishing their studio album while planning three months of touring this summer. High Society is fronted by the incendiary Adam Farnsworth on keys and vocals, alongside the beautiful, inimitable Chelsea D.E. Johnson on vocals and guitar. Their solid rhythmic foundation is held down by Cory Sweet on baritone saxophone, tuba, and various wind instruments. Kenan Sungur is on drums, upright bass, and vocals. Running with Lions, fronted by Lexi Marie, combines rhythmic, harp-like ukulele and a voice that’s bound to set the stage ablaze. Lyrically driven soul-folk/ reggae/hip hop that’s good for your soul. There’ll be overnight camping, a bonfire, drumming, and

dancing. The potluck BBQ starts at 5pm, and the show starts at 7:30. Make your reservations now; it will be a blast! For more info and prices, please phone Nadine or Andrea at (250) 453 9100 or email .

Free movie under the stars! Interior Savings Moonlight Movie Tour presents a unique movie-viewing experience. Everyone is invited to come to the Ashcroft pool park field on Elm Street at Government on Tues., Aug. 14 for an outdoor screening of The Lorax. The animated family/comedy starts at dusk (approx 8:30 pm). Come early to get the best seat under the stars! Bring your favourite blanket or lawn chair. The film is an adaption of Dr. Seuss’s classic tale about the balance of an ecosystem being upended by the overharvesting of a natural resource. It features the voices of Hollywood stars Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Danny DeVito in telling the Suess story. The event is free to attend; however, guests are being asked for a small donation, which will be given to Thompson Cariboo Minor Hockey Association.

E x p e r t o f t h e We e k MORELLI CHERTKOW LLP LAWYERS Comprehensive Legal Services including: t3&"-&45"5&-"8 r1&340/"-*/+63: r'".*-:-"8 r$3*.*/"--"8*$#$$-"*.4 r8*--4&45"5&4 r#64*/&44-"8 r$*7*--*5*("5*0/ r&.1-0:.&/5-"8 r$0.1"/:-"8 r&913013*"5*0/ r%&#5130#-&.4

"$$&44*#-&r3&"40/"#-&r3&410/4*7& Free Estimates in Advance every Wednesday afternoon 3ZBO4DPSHJFr$BMMGPSBQQPJOUNFOU 3BJMXBZ"WFOVF 3&."9PGGJDF  GBY

Main Office: #300 - 180 Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2E3

ANSWERS: 1. Step Ladder 2. Worlds Apart 3. Side Burns 4. Deep in Thought 5. Tiny Bubbles 6. Do Without 7.Cake Mix 8. End to End 9. Stitch in Time


The Journal Tuesday, July 24, 2012 A 7

Dobson honoured Long time Ashcroft cowboy and volunteer, Ernie Dobson, received a special honour from the Rodeo committee at this year’s Ashcroft Rodeo when he was presented with a custom “Lifetime Achievement� belt buckle for his 35 years of active involvement with the Ashcroft Rodeo Association. (Back row, l-r,): Trace deBoer, Ernie Dobson, Bob Sidwell, Angelina Cook, and Marlene Allan. Centre: Karen Coldwell, Maryann Coldwell. Bottom: Carla Coldwell, LeeAnne Lamha, and Kim Henderson.


The custom made belt buckle presented to Ernie Dobson: Ashcroft Stampede 2012 Lifetime Achievement: Ernie Dobson



4IPF3FTQJLJOH Get ready for our new golf season






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Golden Country Real Estate Services Ltd. Kelly Adamski - Bob Cunningham Cindy Adamski - Mick Adamski t5PMM'SFF QUAINT CLINTON HOME Nicely updated 3 bedroom home on a large lot in Clinton. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom up and a partially ďŹ nished basement. 2nd bathroom half ďŹ nished. Toilet, sink and shower will be left to ďŹ nish. Updated vinyl siding, kitchen and ooring. New furnace, large newer 10 person hot tub included, but does need some work. $129,900 BEAUTIFUL ASHCROFT HOME Lovely 3 level split home with crawlspace on scenic Âź acre lot. Various fruit trees and gardens. Beautiful large oak kitchen, 12’ vaulted ceilings. New 35 year roof, new UV windows, painted inside and out. Separate 2 car garage with 100 service, and paved parking for all the toys. $269,000 HALF DUPLEX Half duplex in Cache Creek! Level entry bungalow, 3 bedrooms, newly updated furnace, hot water, roof, ooring, etc. beautiful view of mountains and very nice neighborhood. $139,900 NORTH ASHCROFT MODULAR HOME New North Ashcroft modular home. Home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, walk-in pantry, 4 appliances and vaulted ceilings. Large 19 x 23 garage. This is a beautiful retirement home across from the park and pool. $248,800

View photos of these properties and more at 250-453-2225 1-800-557-7355



After a challenging 2011, the beginning of this year was exciting for me with what felt like a brand new chapter in my life. For the first time I rented some office space, painted the heck out of it, and made it my own little escape from the world where I could work inspired, and in peace, without the distractions of working from home. Four short months later I was told by my landlord that he had sold his business which was located under mine, and that the new owner planned on gutting the building, destroying the oasis I had spent hundreds of hours creating.

The news came as a shock and I felt crushed. I hadn’t even finished creating it yet; nor had I hosted the open house I was planning. All I could think about was the time and money I had invested, and how all of that would be flushed down the toilet. My negative thinking lasted as long as I allowed it to, and then I switched the channel. “I’m supposed to be somewhere else,” I told my husband in an effort to convince myself that the eviction was a good thing. “I could get a bigger place to share with other film makers and photographers now,” I continued. “Maybe something closer to

home.” So that’s exactly what I found and I felt excited again. And then a weird thing happened: the deal fell through with the new owner, I was asked to stay where I was, and I started second guessing my next move. Should I stay or should I go? It was easy when I had no choice, but now that I did, I wasn’t sure. I craved a crystal ball to show me the future so I could make the right decision. Without

M a July y 2 2012 0 1 2 -— W e4e k Week don’t likejealous to pitch AYou friend is not butCapricorn; if you wanthe ofa fit, you, to she be heard, that’s or is simply proud going ofwhat all you’re you accomplished. to have do. Make Don’t feeltobadly about your stance known, bragging a little about Capricorn. Only then the things you’ve done.

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May 20

reviews just in time.

May 21– June 21

June 22– July 22

July 23– August 22

August 23– September 22

access to one, I made a decision based on my own gut reaction something that has both served me well and led me astray. Onwards and upwards was the direction I decided to go, but as optimistic as I was about starting another new chapter, I dreaded going back to the old place to pack up. I procrastinated the deed for as long as I could and then last Saturday afternoon faced the task head on. With the help of my

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 TheJournal

husband we quickly packed and moved the entire contents of the studio before the weekend was over. Starting the week in my new place felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The self doubt about my decision to leave was gone, replaced with an ever growing to-do list in my mind of how to set up my new digs and the opportunities that lay ahead. Moving has never been my idea of a good time and whenever someone tells me they’re in the midst of it or about to do it, I feel for them. Yet moving, like any big change, can often lead to a fresh new beginning once the initial pain-in-the-neck portion of the transition is over. Always in love with starting a brand new chapter, I’m ready to embrace any discomfort as I set up Brighter Note Studios, excited to see where life takes me next. For more columns, blogs, cartoons and videos please visit Lori at


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October 22

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December 21



With summer here, the BC SPCA is reminding the public about the hazards of leaving dogs unattended in parked cars. Hundreds of dogs die needlessly in this way each year. In minutes the temperature in a parked car can reach well over thirty-eight degrees Celsius. Dogs can withstand these temperatures for only about ten minutes before suffering irreparable brain damage or death. For more information, visit the BC SPCA website at


The Journal Tuesday, July 24, 2012 A 9

Local First Nations adventure camp a big hit with youth Three solid days of outdoor adventure and great role models create lasting memories for local youth Three days of perfect Lytton weather and adrenaline-filled adventure left smiling faces on local youth last week. Fifteen of Lytton’s First Nations Youth, Kumsheen River-Guides Sam and Mike, and RCMP chaperones Jay, Troy, and Mike, spent three full-days enjoying mountain biking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting last week. When back at the resort, everyone enjoyed hearty meals prepared by French Chef Philippe in Kumsheen’s fine dining Restaurant, and all of the local youth stayed in Teepees at the resort – girls and guys separated. In the evenings, they stayed busy with games of “man-hunt”, volleyball and disc golf and local storyteller Buster Adams regaled everyone with First Nations tales around the campfire one evening. Sam Gandossi, one of Kumsheen’s River Guides and the girl chaperone for the camp, described her favourite part of the camp as “seeing the local kids get outside of their comfort zones by encouraging one another and by working as a team.” The male chaperone for the First Nations Teen Camp was Lytton’s own Mike Lightfoot, who completed his raft guide training this spring and is now a licensed raft guide. Mike really enjoyed showing the local kids what is available for adventure, right here intheir-own backyard. “This area has got some of the best whitewater rafting in North America, the mountain biking is awesome around here, and there’s good rock climbing too. There

are a lot of outdoor activities for local kids to enjoy; nobody need be bored around here”, said Lightfoot. There was one “wipeout” during the mountain biking section of the camp, and Donald “JR” Jackson got some major roadrash. Local First Nations RCMP member Mike Sallis, who was acting as one of the chaperones on the biking day, later commented about the incident. “I’ve seen a lot of groups dealing with incidents like this, and I can say, “this group immediately came together, helped out, and was respectful and caring. Sam, Mike, and Troy, the three Kumsheen guides, all did a spot-on job of helping out and looking after Donald after the wipeout.” Braden Fandrich, organizer of the camp,

was appreciative of the sponsors and organizers of the threeday event. “This camp wouldn’t have happened without help from Sherry and Ramona at the ShchEmamee.tkt Project, the local Indian Bands (Lytton First Nations, Skuppah, and Kanaka) and the RCMP Aboriginal Policing. They all sponsored youth and made it a free camp for the kids who attended (Kumsheen also sponsored a youth)” he said. This is the first of three Adventure Camps offered by Kumsheen this year. A second First Nations camp is slated for July 25–27, and a Teen Raft Guide Camp begins on July 29. For information, please call the Kumsheen resort at 250 455 2296 or 1 800 663 6667. Submitted

Community Volunteer Groups The Royal Canadian Legion #113 301 Brink St., Ashcroft, BC V0K 1A0 Phone: 250-453-2423 Fax # 250-453-9625

South Cariboo Elizabeth Fry Society 601 Bancroft St. Box 603, Ashcroft, BC V0K 1A0 250-453-9656

Ashcroft and District Fall Fair Contact Person: Janna 250-457-6614 Contact Person: Jessica 250-453-2352

Soups On

Sage & Sand Pony Club District Commissioner: Sandy Agatiello

Ashcroft-Cache Creek Rotary Club Contact Person: Denise Fiddick Phone 250-453-9547

Desert Spokes Cycle Society Phone 250-457-9348

Ashcroft Curling Club Phone 250-453-2341

St. Alban’s Anglican Church Hall, 501 Brink Street Tel: 250-453-9909 or 250-453-2053 - All Welcome

Ducks Unlimited Canada Ashcroft/Cache Creek Volunteer Chapter Phone 250-374-8307

Ashcroft & District Rodeo Association Phone: 250-457-9390

Ashcroft Volunteer Fire Department

Ashcroft and Masonic Lodge Zarthan Lodge No#105

Phone 250-453-2233

Contact Person: Fred Dewick

Cache Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Phone 250-453-2415

Ashcroft & District Tennis Association Contact Person: Maria Russell Martin Phone 250-453-9391

Phone 250-457-9967

South Cariboo Sportsmen Assc. #3366 Attn: Marian Pitt, Box 341, Ashcroft BC V0K 1A0

Ashcroft & District Lions Club Contact Person: Lion Vivian Phone 250-453-9077

Soccer Association Contact: Sandi Harry

Phone 250-457-9366

Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Assc. Rock climbing and rafting with Kumsheen guides were part of a three-day youth camp in Lytton.

FAMILY SUPPORT WORKER POSITION Serving clients of the Ashcroft, Cache Creek & Clinton areas To assist families and individuals in identifying issues, exploring options, problem solving and goal setting. Be a part of the solution. DUTIES include, but not limited to: * short term client consultation based on self-referrals and referrals from community and government agencies * liaison with and referring clients to community and government agencies * being a group facilitator QUALIFICATIONS: * be confidential * strong oral and written skills * experience in working with individuals and families * post-secondary education * successfully pass and maintain a Criminal Record Check * have a vehicle and hold a valid B.C. Driver’s License

601 Bancroft St., Ashcroft, BC Phone 250-453-9762

The Ashcroft & District Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Store

Minor Hockey Association Contact: Lisa Tegart Phone 250-453-9881 Email:

601 Bancroft St., Ashcroft, BC Phone 250-453-9944

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet

Contact: Jack Jeyes

Contact Person: SLt. Curran 250-453-2082 Patty Newman, Navy League President 250-457-9575 Email:

Kinsmen Club of South Cariboo

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom Contact Persons: Andrea Walker 250-453-9402 or Marijke Stott 250-453-0050

Phone 250-453-2259

Contact Person: Dave 250-453-9062

Cache Creek Recreation Society Contact Person: Jackie

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Taoist Tai Chi Contact Person: Danita Howard Phone 250-453-9907 e-mail:

Ashcroft Royal Purple Phone 250-457-9122

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Bridging to Literacy

Shirley 250-453-9202 or Marijke 250-453-0050

Contact Person: Ann Belcham 250-453-9417

Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society Contact Person: Jessica 250.453.2352 or Nadine 450.453.9100

Canadian Red Cross - Health Equipment Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)

The “Purpose of Sunday” Car Club President: Tom Lowe 240-457-6564

SCI Thompson River, B.C. Chapter Ken Brown - Phone: 250-453-9415

Ashcroft Hospital - 250-453-2244 Closing Date: Starting Date: Hours: Wages/Benefits:

Monday, August 6th at 4:00 p.m. To be discussed 35 hours a week Will depend on experience and education

Submit resume to: South Cariboo Elizabeth Fry Society Box 603, Ashcroft, B. C., V0K 1A0 Attn. Denise Fiddick, Executive Director For more information please phone Denise at 250-453-9656

Desert Bells Handbell Choir Carmen Ranta 250-457-9119

Ashcroft Yoga Group Call Marijke - Phone: 250-453-0050

Sage Sound Singers Adult Community Choir Michelle Reid 250-457-9676

Second Time Around

Cache Creek Beautification Society

Cache Creek Communities in Bloom Committee Carmen Ranta 250-457-9119

(and Farmers Market) Judy Davison 250-457-6693

201 Railway Ave., Ashcroft BC Val Martin 250-457-3080


A 10

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Journal

nant with Solo- him. I often hear people critical of the Bible mon’s child, but returned to directing their ire at its “religion” as outher home coun- dated, irrelevant, superstitious, and offentry and brought sive. “We are educated and enlightened Hebrew faith to people, aren’t we? We do not need God, we don’t need anyone telling us how to her people. If this his- live, and we don’t worship pagan gods.” No, we don’t. Yet as we look at the torical interpretation is true, moral fibre of our prosperous sociKarl Samek it seems that ety gradually disintegrating, we wonder Seventh Day Adventist David’s weak- “Where are we going?” Some Christians ness for beauti- can be very critical of some Bible characful women got ters, or of some of their neighbours’ lifepassed to his son. The Bible gives an un- styles. The fact is that none of us are safe flattering picture of Solomon, who gave in from falling into the same traps as David to the temptation of polygamy, which was or Solomon. Paul the apostle warned of this self-asthe custom in neighbouring nations. He eventually had 700 wives and 300 concu- sured attitude in 1 Corinthians 10:11.12: bines from nations whose moral and reli- “These things happened to them as a gious customs ran contrary to those given warning to us. All this was written in the by God to the Hebrews! We find this sad Scriptures to teach us who live in these last days. Even if you think you can stand record in 1 Kings 11:1–9. With his affections spread so wide- up to temptation, be careful not to fall.” Karel Samek is pastor of the Ashly, Solomon’s principles weakened, and compromise and decadence followed. croft 7th Day Adventist Church His spiritual falling away included tolerating, and then participating in, the worship of pagan gods; worship which included orgies of the most degrading nature combined with alcohol and the offering of human sacrifices. One wonders if some of these sacrifices might Going treasure hunting have been some of Gold Country directors Robin Fennell (left) and Ashcroft Coun. the children Solo- Alice Durksen attended a recent Gold Country GeoTourism mon’s wives bore Phase 2 launch.

Learning the lessons of the self-assured that under Solomon’s rule Israel reached its peak. God’s promise to give Solomon wisdom, and bless his reign with success and prosperity, depended on Wasyl Alfred Stadnyk (Bill) Solomon’s aged 79, passed away at his moral and ethical integrity, and his home in Cache Creek, BC on Sat., July 14, 2012. Bill was faithfulness to God. born at home near Canora, Success, popularity, and prosSask. on Sept 21, 1932. perity, however, seem too much He was predeceased by for most people to attain. There are his parents, Nickolas and Sandy and his wife, Martha. only a few in the Bible – including Bill leaves behind his sister, Abraham, Joseph, and Job - who reJean Kissick of Edmonton, mained humble while prosperous. his Daughter, Dianne {Mike} Riches, position, and success were Golinski of Salmon Arm, BC, his granddaughters Marcia the downfall of many others. and Melissa {Karl}, many nieces and one nephew, as well as We see this demonstrated in his special friends Joan and Angela and so many other very people’s lives, in the history of nagood friends. tions and empires, and can observe Bill was passionate about his accordions and at the time of the effects of prosperity in some nahis passing owned more than 135. He played them, repaired them, collected them, displayed them and just would talk to tions today. anyone about them. He knew the story and worth of each one. One thing that always puzzled Of course to keep up with this hobby he did have to go to the me is why Solomon failed so badly casino in Kamloops on Saturdays. in his relationships. He was a good person who hated conflict and would just walk The Bible gives a beautiful picaway. He spoke with his sister every morning at 6:30 am and often in the afternoon. The discussions were many and varied. ture of his first love in the poetic Bill was capable of repairing nearly anything that was broken book Song of Solomon. When the and was always helping people out. beautiful queen of Sheba of EthiThe memorial service was held for Bill at Chum’s in Cache opia heard of Solomon’s wisdom, Creek on Sat, July 21, 2012, 3:00 p.m. where he spent so much time visiting, drinking coffee, fixing stuff and just being righteous rule, and fame she deBill to everyone. cided to visit. She lavished SoloFischer’s Funeral Services of Salmon Arm and Thompson Valley mon with admiration, and the spent funeral home of Ashcroft handled the arrangements and much “quality time” together. Men cremation. Donations to the heart and stroke fund would be seem to give in to flattery, especialappreciated as both Bill and Martha passed away from stroke or cardiac problems. ly when it comes from an attractive EMAIL condolences and share memories at www. source. Ethiopian historical sources claim that the Queen became preg-


In my last article I wrote about the rather unusual life of Solomon, who succeeded his father David and became the third king of Israel. The biographies in the Bible are amazing. Unlike others, who would only record their rulers’ successes and virtues, erasing their failures and defeats, the Bible gives a true picture of people. It has been said

ASHCROFT BOTTLE DEPOT Purity Feed Building, Downtown Ashcroft



Makin’ Your Baby Look GOOOD! Please remember: Caps off - Labels on! We now accept milk cartons (please rinse first, no refund) TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10 - 4 250-457-7026

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SINCE 1911






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Call for appointment 401 Railway Avenue (REMAX office) 250-453-2320 - 250-453-2622 (fax) Main Office: #300 - 180 Seymour Street Kamloops, BC V2C 2E3

Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal Tuesday, July 24, 2012 A11

Your community. Your classifieds.

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AL-ANON: Does someone’s drinking bother you? Meeting Wed at 8:00pm at the Cache Creek Elementary Sch Library. Contact: Val 250.299.7470

Ashcroft: Desert Hills Ranch is currently accepting resumes for the following positions. P/T F/T field labourers: P/T F/T class one drivers. Please contact and forward your resume to or PO BOX 1228, Ashcroft BC VOK 1A0. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for submitting your resume. We will contact only those candidates that will be granted an interview.

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Toll Free 1-855-406-1253 Tired of sales? Teach from home. Your financial future in the Health & Wellness industry, online train/support.

Career Opportunities AIRLINES ARE Hiring- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783.

Education/Trade Schools MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION Rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. Graduates are in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payments. 1-800-466-1535 TAYLOR PRO TRAINING *Heavy Equipment Operator Training *Commercial Driver Training Call today 1-877-860-7627 TRAIN TO Be an Apartment/ Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. Ashcroft: Desert Hills Ranch is looking for P/T F/T class one drivers. Forward resume to:

Cache Creek: Semlin Valley Golf Club is looking for F/T ground maintenance person. Please fax resume` & ref’s to 250.457.6692 Attn: Dennis Forestry - Skidder Operator needed for Vernon, BC area. Experience required. Fax Resume with experience and references: 250-503-1148. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd/ Newcastle Timber Have vacancies in the following job: 1)Heavy Duty Mechanic 2)Driller/Blaster 3)Swamper 4)Hydraulic Log Loader Operator 5)Yarder Operator. Details can be seen at Fax resume to 250-287-9259 LOOKING FOR Sales Representatives - Canadian Taxpayers Federation is expanding our Sales Division in your area. For more information visit: Call 1800-667-7933 Ext 111 or email: national.manager@

LUMBER PILERS & LABORERS are required at Woodco Sawmill In Barriere. Contact Pete at 250-819-1087 or fax resume to 250-804-2667

Trades, Technical AUTOMATED TANK Manufacturing Inc. is looking for welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster, we have openings for 10-3rd year apprentices or journeyperson welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd yr apprentice $28$30/hr, journeyperson $32$35/hr, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at; (office)780-8462231; (fax)780-846-2241 or send resume to:; p r o d u c t i o n @ a u t o t a n k s. c a . Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform. HEAVY Duty Mechanic required with certified inspection license; competitive wages; benefit package; full time; located in Rossland Trail area. Please send resume and or request for further detail to email: or by fax 250-364-9956.

QUAD L ENTERPRISES LTD. has job openings for: Certified Utility Arborist’s and Mulcher Operators Please submit resumes to: or fax (780)538-3949


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Appliances FREEZER, stand up, Frigidaire, white, 32” X 60”, H.D. commercial freezer, runs great,$300.Call 250-523-9762.

Heavy Duty Machinery A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Ashcroft Apartment & Motel Clean, Affordable, Convenient Downtown Location across from Beautiful Heritage Park 715 Railway Avenue, Ashcroft

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It takes 11 muscles to read this ad.

ASHCROFT Hillside Manor Best Apartments in the area!


1500 Government Street Renovated 1 & 2 bedroom VIEW SUITES Available immediately Clean, quiet & well maintained. Air conditioning Rent includes heat, hotwater & cable TV (valued at over $100/month)

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Cars - Sports & Imports ATTENTION COLLECTORS 1980 CAMARO, only 50,000 K on punched 305 eng. 3 spd. Needs some body work. For more info. $2800 OBO. 1-250-523-9762. (Logan Lake)

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Walking distance to hospital. Close to schools & shopping Please give our Resident Manager Dan Laurie a chance to impress you. 250-457-0433 Senior Discounts & other Discounts/Move In Incentives now available. Cache Creek, 1&2 bdrm apts in Canyon Heights or Ponderosa. Pls Call 250-457-0035

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Homes for Rent 16 MILE: 2 bdrm house avail. N/S. 250-457-9921 1 BEDROOM house w. fridge/stove. N/S. $450/mo. 250-453-9983.

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Misc. for Sale Ashcroft: Moving Sale. Lg Oak Ent Centre, Electronic Organ, Loveseat, and many more items avail. Call 250.453.0023 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

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Ashcroft: 99 Ford Taurus Full Load, New Transmission, 4 new snow tires, great shape, clean and well maintained. Asking $2300.00 Pls call 250.453.0069

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Cars - Domestic

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1999 Ford Taurus Hunter Dickinson Inc. (HDI) is a diversified, global mining group with more than 25 years of mineral development success. From its head office in Vancouver, Canada, HDI applies its unique strengths and capabilities to acquire, explore for, develop and operate mineral properties. HDI is known for its technical excellence, experience and reliability, and it is passionate about bringing Responsible Mineral Development to life in creative ways for the benefit of shareholders, partners and communities. HDI Constantia is the HDI-affiliated company that will focus on the exploration of the Maggie project in the south-central interior of BC.

Full load, new transmission, 4 new snow tires, great shape, clean and well maintained.

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We currently have a permanent full time opportunity for a

Community Relations Manager located in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District

Key Responsibilities: Plan and implement stakeholder and Aboriginal relations activities, including: • Aboriginal engagement and consultation • Local stakeholder and government relations • Development of communication materials • Coordination of events and activities related to outreach programs and engagement • Community sponsorship and investment • Related issues management To apply please visit the careers page at

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Journal

Start your entries (Left) Fall Fair committee members Jessica Clement (with Alice Clement-Lefevre) and Janna Quesnel display the new Fall Fair booklets. They are available from local Ashcroft businesses as well as the libraries in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton and Lytton or online at www.ashcroftfallfair. net .

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Keely Durrell of the Wine Glass Ranch won the Working Ranch Horse competition at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Historic Hat Creek Ranch Rodeo.

Chillihitzia wins Top Hand The winners of this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ranch Rodeo competition at Historic Hat Creek Ranch (July14-15) were: First Place: Milk Ranch, Riske Creek (Pat Jasper, Mike Jasper and Leland Jasper). Second Place: Douglas Lake Ranch - Chapperon Division, Douglas Lake (Cameron Jacobs, Thomas Lindford and Greg Gra-

ham). Third Place: Ashcroft Ranch, Ashcroft (Kurtis Brown, Curtis Smith and Jesey Hickling). Working Ranch Horse Competition: Keely Durrell from the Wine Glass Ranch, Riske Creek. Top Hand: Alec â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bullâ&#x20AC;? Chillihitzia from the Nicola Ranch, Merritt.

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!3"/1&0&+$ You can subscribe online at or call 250-453-2261 and we will help you set up your esub to

402 4th St. Ashcroft, B.C.

The Milk Ranch cowboys took ďŹ rst place in this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ranch Rodeo competition at Historic Hat Creek Ranch.

Labour Day Weekend



Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, July 24, 2012  

July 24, 2012 edition of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, July 24, 2012  

July 24, 2012 edition of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal