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Weds., July 18, 2012

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Draft BC Hydro plan calls for Revelstoke 6



Elizabeth Elliott races in the backstroke at the Revelstoke Aquaducks home swim meet on Sunday. The Aquaducks were victorious at the meet this past weekend, defeating powerhouse teams such as the Salmon Arm Sockeyes. The team set six meet records along the way, including three by James Lebuke. For the full story, see page 10.

A new high-level plan for BC Hydro is recommending the installation of a sixth turbine at the Revelstoke Dam by 2019 in order to help the province reach forecasted energy demands. The draft Integrated Resource Plan 2012: A Plan to Meet B.C.’s Future Electricity Needs looks at the province’s forecasted energy consumption and ways to meet demands. It examines everything from potential sites for wind turbines and geothermal energy to coal and natural gas plants. According to the report, B.C.’s energy consumption is forecast to increase by 50 per cent in the next 20 years. The plan looks at ways to create capacity over the next decade to produce “cost-effective, reliable, clean electricity over the long term.” The draft plan prioritizes conservation but also stresses the need for new energy sources. Revelstoke Unit 6, as the new turbine is referred to, is identified by the report as “the most cost-effective dependable capacity option currently available to BC Hydro.” It would also help the province meet its targets under the Clean Energy Act, as well as help BC Hydro meet peak energy demands in the future. The environmental impact is stated to be minimal because the work will be contained within the existing dam. The new turbine would generate about 500 megawatts of energy. It comes with an estimated price tag of about $340 million, though costs could be as much as 50 per cent higher or 15 per cent lower. According to the report, it is expected to add $188 million to the province’s GDP, add $27 million to provincial government coffers and create about 2,390 jobs during construction and operation. The Integrated Resource Plan is still in the draft stage. It went to our for referral to local governments, First Nations, and other stakeholders from

Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

BC Hydro, page 2


507 - 511 Second St. West #113 - 311 Sixth St. East $769,000


319 Humbert Street $269,000

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SUMMER HOURS: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

603 Eighth Street East $338,000

104 Fifth Street West $429,000

209 1st St. West, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0 250-837-5121/fax: 250-837-7020

23 Johnson Way $254,000

OMREB Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

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Swimmers of the Week Tye & Gina will receive a 6" sub compliments of Subway.

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Pensions for retiring MLAs panned TOM FLETCHER

SENIOR SWIMMER Gina Cinelli Favourite Stroke Breaststroke

JUNIOR SWIMMER Tye Hoshizaki Favourite Stroke Breaststroke

Serving BC since 1983


VICTORIA – Veteran B.C. Liberal MLA Murray Coell has added his name to the list of politicians retiring from the B.C. legislature, as the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation renewed its criticism of the MLA pension plan. Coell, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands since 1996, announced Wednesday he will not stand for re-election next spring. Surrey-Tynehead MLA Dave Hayer announced the same decision earlier this week, joining Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Harry Bloy, Vancouver-Fraserview MLA Kash Heed and Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger in retirement from the B.C. Liberal caucus effective May 2013. On the NDP side, New Westminster MLA Dawn Black and Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows MLA Mike Sather have indicated they will complete their current terms and retire. More retirements are expected in both parties. Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation B.C. director Jordan Bateman used Hayer’s departure as an example of what the CTF calls gold-plated pension payouts available since the MLA plan was reinstated in 2007. The CTF calculates that Hayer will likely collect $47,600 the year he turns 65, increasing to $62,900 a year by the time he is 80 due to inflation protection. Coell served in several cabi-

Black Press files

net posts, most recently as labour minister after the 2009 election. Since pensions are based on an MLA’s highest three earning years, Bateman calculates that Coell’s pension will kick in at $89,000 a year. The CTF says taxpayers contribute $4 for each dollar paid by politicians. MLAs must serve six years to be eligible. If defeated before then, they get a 15-month severance. The return of the pension plan for B.C. MLAs was overshadowed by steep pay increases they voted for themselves in 2007. The B.C. Liberal government adopted the recommendations of an independent committee that increased base pay for a backbench MLA 29 per cent to $98,000, with automatic cost-of-living increases that bring the current base pay to

nearly $102,000. In response to public pressure, the previous MLA pension plan was scrapped by former NDP premier Mike Harcourt in 1996. A group retirement savings plan was set up that matched MLA contributions dollar for dollar, a system the CTF says was fair. The 2007 return of the indexed, defined-benefit pension was originally opposed by the NDP, but former leader Carole James reversed her position and supported it after pressure from caucus members. The current plan allowed longserving MLAs to buy back the years they lost when the more modest plan was in place. Most, including Premier Christy Clark, did so, at a cost of more than $20 million to taxpayers.


financing for up to months

and up to



in cash credits

The transportation of the Revelstoke 5 turbine in 2009 was a massive undertaking. A sixth turbine could be coming through by the end of the decade if a BC Hydro resource plan is approved. Revelstoke Times Review file photo

BC Hydro plan still needs government approval


from page 1


May 28 to July 6. Meetings were held in 13 communities across the province, but not in Revelstoke. The recommendations in the plan was not final and could change, said BC Hydro spokesperson Jen Walker-Larsen in an e-mail response to questions. The

He still lives and works in Revelstoke and is your local connection to Salmon Arm GM. Phone: 250.837.0109 Email:

MLA Murray Coell is sworn in as labour minister in 2009. His pension is based on his top three earning years during a 16-year stint as MLA.

Dealer# 10374

feedback from stakeholders will be incorporated in to the final plan, which will be submitted to the government for approval by December 2012. “The recommended actions in the final plan, once approved by government, will set the direction for BC Hydro,” said Walker-Larsen.

Revelstoke Unit 5 took about five years from the start of public consultations before it finally went into service last year. Mica 5 and 6 are currently being installed. Work on installing those two turbines began in 2008 and is expected to finish in 2014.

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Council approves bike lanes on Fourth, pending review ALEX COOPER

Council approved the removal of parking on 4th Street to make room for a bike lane, but only pending the review by a transportation engineer and not before several councillors took shots at the poor habits of Revelstoke cyclists. Council voted 3-2 in favour of a motion approving the removal of the parking on the north side of 4th Street East from the Illecillewaet Bridge to Townley Street, subject to a review by a transportation engineer and a cost estimate that would ensure the costs are in line with the funding available from the tourism infrastructure committee. The vote came after staff held two public reviews – one at Southside Market and the other at the community centre. At the market, 18 out of 21 respondents said they supported the bike lanes. Out of 10 respondents that lived in the neighbourhood, eight supported the plan. At the community centre meeting, numerous comments were received. Some people felt that the bike lanes should go on other streets, others thought the paths

lanes should extend evern further, to Columbia Park. Some had concerns about the loss of parking in front of homes, while others were concerned about the interaction of drivers and cyclists along the route. During discussion, several councillors had some harsh words for cyclists, with Phil Welock estimating that two-thirds of all cyclists he surveyed were in violation of the laws. “My point is we need some enforcement there,” he said. “It’s difficult to enforce cycling rules... but I think there’s a lot of education to be done there.” Councillor Steve Bender, who supported the bike lanes in the past, changed his mind and voiced the strongest opposition to the lanes. He said he couldn’t think of any reasons for them – that they wouldn’t provide any economic boost, wouldn’t remove vehicles from the road, and would be too expensive to maintain. He also took aim at cyclists, implying that if there was an accident involving a cyclist, it would be the cyclist who was at fault. “We have had no deaths involving cars and bikes in 10 years,”

said Bender. “We’ve had 1,000 close calls and one of the reasons we’ve had a thousand close calls is because of motorists are being careful, they’re aware and they’re reacting to cyclists. Lord knows its not because of cyclists are being careful.” The bike lanes are part of a larger plan by the Tourism Infrastructure Committee to create a bike network from Revelstoke Mountain Resort to Mt. Macpherson. Money has been earmarked towards the plan and, while no member of the tourism committee was at council, it was remarked they were eager to see things move forward. The bike lane proposal came from the city’s enhancement committee. Chair Toni Johnston said they would like to have a traffic engineer look at the proposal before moving forward. “It would be really good if we could have someone help us evaluate the whole route from the Illecillewaet Bridge to the Big Eddy Bridge,” added Eileen Fletcher. “And take a look at the traffic volumes but also the kinds of the traffic on the street – the percentage of heavy traffic or truck traffic that’s

Sharrows were recently painted on 3rd Street from Victoria Road to Charles as part of the city’s bike network. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

on the street. Mayor David Raven expressed concern that council would be approving something before all the information was available, but Councillor Linda Nixon, who intro-

duced the motion, left it as is. In the end, Nixon, Welock and Scarcella voted for the motion, while Bender and Starling voted against it.

City of Revelstoke looking for interest in three industrial park lots ALEX COOPER

Three lots in the industrial park are being put up for sale by the City of Revelstoke. Revelstoke council gave approval for staff to seek expressions of interest for the purchase of three city-owned lots along Powerhouse Road. However, there was a debate over how the sales should go down, sparked when councillor Tony Scarcella said the words ‘firm price’ should be struck from the request for expressions of interest. Scarcella said the city should be willing to negotiate on price if a prospective buyer had a plan for the lots that would create jobs.

Alan Mason, the city’s Director of Economic Development, said the reason a firm price was being asked was to make sure any offers received were serious. Steve Bender sided with Scarcella but the rest of council disagreed with his amendment and the request for expression of interest went out as is. The lots are 0.32 hectares, 0.369 hectars and 0.678 hectares in size respectively.

CEEP AND DEEP APPROVED Council approved the Community Energy and Emissions Plan and District Energy Expansion Plan at its meeting last week.

Sorry! We wish to correct an error in our report that was submitted and printed in the Revelstoke Times Review on June 27 as follows: Top Fundraising Team: Runner up - Farmer Savers - $5899.00 Skytrek Adventure Park Package It should read: Runner Up - Wright Cause Team - $6149.50 (final total) SkyTrek Adventure Park Package. The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life - Revelstoke Committee apologizes for the mix up and sincerely apologizes to all the members of the Wright Cause Team as we know you all worked very hard for your total!! Sincerely, Cheryl Fry

The plans set out a path for Revelstoke to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the district energy system. The plans set a goal of an eight per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020 and 15 per cent by 2030. The plans will now go through a public process of being adopted into the city’s Official Community Plan.


hands between the province, city and Big Bend Development Corporation, which is planning a hotel and restaurant development along the Trans-Canada Highway near where the Subway restaurant is. The swap would lead to changes in the road layout in the area and moves the development one step closer to breaking ground. The swap still needs approval from the province.


A land swap between the city, province and a developer received the go-ahead from council last week. The swap would see land change

The City of Revelstoke has decided to take its chances with terrorism to save a bit of money on its insurance premiums. We’re not sure where Revelstoke

ranks on a list of terrorism targets (though both Revelstoke and Mica Dam made a list of potential targets), but if someone did decide to make a political statement by blowing up city hall, the city would not be covered due to recent changes to the B.C. Insurance Act that exclude fires caused by acts of terrorism from coverage. According to a staff report, it would cost the city about $4,600 to upgrade its insurance plan, but since staff deems the risk “low.” So, would be terrorists, we’d appreciate it if you could not target Revelstoke, since we really can’t afford to pay for the repairs out of pocket. Not to mention the death and destruction would be horrible.

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BEACH VOLLEYBALL Three taken to hospital after truck spins off and on highway TOURNAMENT JULY 21 & 22 AT THE POWDER SPRINGS INN



Times Review staff

Wet roads are being cited as the cause of a single-vehicle accident that sent three people to hospital on Sunday evening. The crash took place on the westbound passing lane on the Trans-Canada Highway about 20 kilometres west of Revel-


14,854 *

5.1L/100km 55MPG HWY *** 6.9L/100km 41MPG CITY ***


GET YOUR EMPLOYEE PRICE AND CHANCE TO WIN AT FORD.CA OR YOUR BC FORD STORE TODAY. stoke, just past the Three Valleg Gap hotel, said RCMP StaffSgt. Jacquie Olsen. A red Dodge pickup truck passed a tractor-trailer, but when the driver attempted to change back into the right-hand lane, the truck spun out of control, fishtailing and spinning on and off the highway, eventually






Offer includes $1,600 freight and air tax and all rebates. Offer includes $1,600 freight and air tax and all rebates. Offer includes $1,600 freight and air tax and all rebates.

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17,819 *

5.5L/100km 51MPG HWY *** 7.8L/100km 35MPG CITY ***

3 2 40 1

coming to a rest on the highway, Olsen said. Three people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. *** The accident was one of two on two near Three Valley Gap on the weekend. On Saturday at around 10:30 p.m. a driver on the Three Val-








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ley Gap frontage road had both driver side tires of his car punctured and a big dent in the side of his car as the result of a fallen piece of metal debris from a transport truck, said RCMP. No one was injured in the crash. The tansport-truck was not located.


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TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012 ■ 5


Recovery effort underway after Johnsons Landing landslide MEGAN COLE & SAM VAN SCHIE Black Press

Mandy Bath considers herself lucky to not be one of the victims. Her home was one of three destroyed by the massive landslide that destroyed three homes and killed four people in the small, remote community of Johnsons Landing. The morning of the slide, she was given a ride to Kaslo by her friend Gillian, who’s home was also damaged by the slide. “She picked me up at 9 a.m. and I was at Creek corner looking at this brown, thick, awful liquid, but she picked me up and carried me off to town, and I was saved because of that,” said Bath. The “brown, thick, awful liquid” Bath described is Gar Creek, the creek that overflowed and took out a large chunk of Kootenay Joe mountain with it, sending a torrent of mud and trees down the mountainside into the community below. The remains of one victim, believed to be 60-year-old Valentine John Webber, were recovered Monday morning. The remains were found in the Webber’s house where the search and rescue teams and the Heavy Urban Search and Rescue team have been focused. The remains of Webber’s daughters Rachel and Diana along with German Tourist Petra Frehse were still missing as of the Times Review’s press time Monday morning. The Vancouver based Heavy

Urban Search and Rescue team is now working with members of the BC Coroners office to extract the remains from the debris. The Webber home was visible above the debris but had been moved 40 metres from its foundation by the slide. The day before the massive landslide in Johnsons Landing, residents noticed the creek wasn’t flowing as usual. Bill Wells, a Kaslo-based, retired terrain stability specialist and former Johnsons Landing resident, said his friends who live at the top of Johnsons Landing near Gar Creek, noticed the flow of water stopping and starting and a lot of debris in the water. “They were afraid something was happening, maybe a lake was forming up there,” said Wells, who was five minutes outside of Johnsons Landing when the slide occurred Thursday at 10:56 a.m. Around 9 a.m. Thursday a resident had sent an email to a research hydrologist at Ministry of Forests asking for someone to look at the river, but that email wasn’t received until after the landslide. Officials haven’t confirmed the cause of the slide, but Wells believes a small avalanche blocked the river and caused water to build up until the pressure broke off a chunk of Kootenay Joe mountain, releasing a torrent of mud and debris. Initially the slide followed the steep creek bed down of the mountain toward the lake, but some of the larger debris pushed over the bank of the creek and led the slide into the south side of the town, killing

Bill Wells, a retired terrain stability specialist and former Johnson’s Landing resident, looks over the landslide debris near his former home. Contributed

four people — a family or three and a German vacationer — and damaging at least a half dozen homes. “It looks like glacier of mud full of big trees that are broken and sticking out of it all the way down,” he said. Mandy Bath, and many other neighbours had been noticing changes in the water, and now realize they were warnings signs. “There were warnings. Hindsight is a fabulous thing but there were warnings,” said Bath. “It turned from being water to a slurry. It was like a chocolate mouse. It was running higher and higher.” The Bath’s driveway went right

over Gar Creek and Mandy said the night before the slide, she had been up, watching the creek. “I was worried,” she said. “I was up at midnight the night before the slide with a flashlight, looking at the creek worried that the bank was going to give and looking at the colour. I couldn’t sleep. I was really worried that something was wrong.” The creek went from the colour of brewed tea, to a thick slurry. “It was painting the sides of the creek with a mask of mud on every leaf and every rock. This was a serious warning sign,” said Bath. Officials had been optimistic

until today that the mission was a rescue and not a recovery. “A decision was made after collaborating with the ex RCMP member that is an expert in this field and with the expertise of Canada Task Force 1 with the vision that there wasn`t a likely hood of survivability at this point,” said Ian Cunnings, a spokesperson for Emergency Management BC. “A decision was made by the incident command team to the RCMP that the operation transfer into a recovery mission to look for remains.” Chief Coroner Lisa Lapoint said the focus of the BC Coroners Service is to extract the remains.

NACFOR CONTRACTOR CALL The following is a call for Expressions of Interest by qualified contractors wishing to obtain eligibility to conduct forestry operations within the Nakusp and Area Community Forest (NACFOR) license area. The following categories are included in the eligibility list: • • • • • •

Road Construction Road Maintenance Road Deactivation Bridge Construction Conventional logging Cable logging (grapple)

• • • • • •

Cable logging (tower) Log hauling Site preparation Treeplanting Brushing Spacing

To be considered eligible in any given category, contractors must possess the following minimum requirements: • Safe Company Certification from the BC Forest Safety Council • An active WCB number and appropriate classification • Good company standing • Liability Insurance • Experience, with references Interested parties can complete an Expression of Interest form on the NACFOR website at or pick one up at True North Forestry Consulting Ltd at 119 Broadway Street in Nakusp. Completed forms may be delivered by any of the following methods: • Scanned and e-mailed to • Hand delivered to True North Forestry Consulting at 119 Broadway St. • in Nakusp • Mailed to Nakusp and Area Community Forest, Box 925, Nakusp, B.C. • V0G 1R0 • Faxed to 250 265 3261 To be considered eligible, applications must be received no later than August 17, 2012. Contractors already on NACFOR’s eligibility list need not re-apply; however, anyone uncertain as to their current status on the eligibility list should phone 250-265-3656 to confirm. NACFOR’s contractor hiring policies will be finalized following receipt and review of applications.

COACHES CLINIC For Students, Parents & Teachers of all Sports FREE EVENT plus refreshments Presented by: Cory Cameron, Athletic Therapist Monday July 30th 7:00 - 8:00pm at Revelstoke Pharmasave

Topics Covered include: Injury Prevention, Team Warm Up, Injury maintenance for basic injuries as well as valuable information on Concussion Awareness & Management, Basic Sideline Medical Kit needs. If interested please contact Alicia Mele, Home Health Care Manager ph: 250-837-2028 e:

307 West Victoria Road, Revelstoke. Ph: 250-837-2028

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Question of the Week We asked: Do you think Revelstoke will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030?

Survey results: 38% 62%



New question: Are you aware of the risks and precautions for landslides in the Revelstoke area?

Vote online at: Do you have an opinion on an issue you want to share? Consider submitting a Community Comment. Call 250-837-4667 or e-mail editore@revelstoketimesreview. com to discuss your idea. R










Reconnecting with the Kootenay karass


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SUBSCRIPTION RATES LOCAL: 1 Year $44.64, 2 Years $75.90 + HST NATIONAL: 1 Year $71.43, 2 Years $133.93 + HST

spent the past couple of weeks camping in the Kootenays. If I had to name the trip in retrospect, I’d call it the dam flood tour. Lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams lapping at their banks caught my attention at every turn. The beach at Beaton was gone. The dock at Trout Lake was a fair wade away. The Lardeau River coursed along, nibbling at the edge of Highway 31 for parts of the route. The northern reaches of Kootenay Lake near Johnsons Landing was choked with logs and debris – from a distance, it looked like the remains of a few galleons lost in a sea battle. To the chagrin of camping kids, the lake had reclaimed the jungle gym playground at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Sunbathers had to make due with a sliver of sand at Rotary Lakeside Park in Nelson. In Castlegar, our hike was kiboshed when we discovered the approach was waist deep. Small trees and park benches around Castlegar’s Zuckerberg Island were completely submerged, the river swirling and eddying around it forcefully. At Syringa, children mounted the many floating logs at the beach shore to play joust – they were floated from the shore by high water levels. As we waited to board, the captain of the cable ferry at Fauquier let his passengers off, then backed up, dialled it to ramming speed and shoved the metal on-ramp up the con-

crete ramp a few more feet to accommodate the rising water. The high levels were too much for the Arrow Park ferry; it is out of service until waters recede. In Nakusp, the lake was only several steps away from the waterfront walkway. On the way home at Galena Bay, the ferry made a few wide turns to avoid a constellation of logs and stumps. Early Sunday morning I returned to Revelstoke Dam to get more shots of epic spilling there, this time under sunny conditions. We passed four dams along the way; all of them frothed as they generated and spilled copious amounts of water. To boot, most of them generated their own rainbows.

THE RIVER, ROAD AND RAIL INTERSECTION The completion of the Trans-Canada Highway through our town 50 years ago put an ongoing shift in Revelstoke’s orientation into high gear. In our early modern history and prehistory, our orientation was north-south. The Columbia River was the transportation route. We were connected to the people of the Lardeau, Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes, the Slocan, Trail and beyond to Spokane and all the way to Portland and the Pacific by the river and lakes systems, as were the First Nations peoples for thousands of years. Then came the railway, making us a hub, a connection point to the east and west. The highway reinforced this new orientation, better connecting us with the Shuswap, Okanagan, the Coast, Alberta and all points beyond by auto.

WHAT IS REVELSTOKE’S KARASS? Reading Alex Cooper’s story about proposed federal boundary changes for the Kootenay-Columbia riding got me thinking about where we should “be” – where Revelstoke belongs. I don’t have a strong

opinion on where to draw a new line (other than to agree with MP Alex Atamanenko when he says splitting up Castlegar and Nelson is crazymaking.) What I do believe in is any and all effort to maintain, bolster and improve any connection we have with the Kootenays – the lands south of here. It’s our karass, as novelist Kurt Vonnegut put it with his tongue in his cheek – a karass is a group of people connected by destiny, connected together to perform God’s will. F-350s with headache racks and tidy tanks. Rednecks versus hippies. Subarus with ski stickers. Calling that dirt goat track a “highway.” Long memories. Logging trucks. Sawmills. Mountains, mountain men and women. Dams. Trees, trees, trees. Pockets of valley agriculture. The knowledge and community necessary to eke out a living in that environment. And especially the waterways that connect it all. That’s the Kootenay-Columbia karass. Every time someone, somewhere else decides to take a stab at creating a jurisdiction with Revelstoke in it (healthcare, environment, transportation, forestry, education, political) we should take notice. They usually get it partly wrong.

GRANFALLOON Overlooking a sun-baked Osoyoos from the cliffs above, it really looked like a science-fiction landscape. 38 degrees Celsius that day. Vineyards filled with migrant workers. Spanish-styled wineries. As we proceeded into the Okanagan, it became clear to me where Revelstoke isn’t. To identify with that region would be, as Vonnegut put it, a granfalloon – a false karass – people who think they have a connection that doesn’t actually exist.


TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012 ■ 7



CRYOTHERAPY Summer is here and with summer brings all different types of physical activities. Sure exercise is great, but it can also be hard on the body with potential injuries occurring to every joint and limb. Whether it is a sprain or strain Pharmasave has a vast array of products for first response to an acute injury.

Joe Roberts in 1989 (left) and today (right).

Photos courtesy Push for Change

Push for Change will raise money for at-risk youth MELISSA JAMESON Special to the Revelstoke Times Review

A successful businessman, it’s almost difficult to believe Joe Roberts’ was once a homeless drug addict living on Vancouver’s infamous Skid Row. Joe Roberts’ story of transformation is one that speaks to the very heart of human inspiration. It’s this very inspiration Roberts is hoping to capitalize on as he makes his way from Calgary to Vancouver pushing a modified shopping cart -- a challenge he’ll take on full time next year when he’ll push the cart across the entire country in event that has been dubbed “The Push For Change”. “All of us go through adversity and change,” Roberts says. “That’s why people resonate with my story. It’s a story of humanity.” For Roberts, however, it’s atrisk youth who harbour a special place -- after all he was once a teenager entangled in drug addiction and navigating the Downtown Eastside (DTES). All of the money raised from The Push For Change will go towards creating programs to help youth at risk. Roberts says the plan is to have different programs implemented from early prevention to accessing youth who are already homeless. “There are a number of things we want to do, but the big picture is a mentorship program,” says Roberts. “We’re trying to prevent homelessness and addiction by going back a few steps. That’s why the shopping cart because that’s [homelessness] eventually the outcome.” The idea, says Roberts, is to get kids to change the way they think about how they are. “When I see kids who are on the street I have to question what happened to them for that to happen.”

While Robert’s rags to riches story is the spark behind the flame, credit for the idea behind Push For Change belongs equally to his business partner, Sean Richardson. It was on a flight from Vancouver to Calgary that the two began a conversation about making a difference. From there The Push For Change began its formation. Currently Roberts is in the midst of his 1,000-kilometre pilot trek. When I spoke to him last week The Push for Change Team was resting in Golden. Besides Roberts and Richardson, the team includes cinematographer Ali Virk and road manger Rob Cook -- whom it turns out Roberts knew during his days in the DTES. “We’re making good time right now,” Roberts says. “We looked at the National Campaign and we came up with a few logistics.” Those logistics include: the difficulty of raising the money to make push for change happen, the challenge of pushing a shopping cart across the country. Then of course there’s the physical demand on Roberts. In order for Joe to make his goal during the 8,000-km National Trek set to take place in 2013, he’ll need to walk 24 km every day, 6 days a week for 14 months. “I’m not an elite athlete. I’m a 45-year-old soft in the middle business guy. How do we get past that paradigm shift?” asks Roberts. There’s also the idea of gathering support, which is why Roberts says they connected with the Vancouver Film School which in turn led them to Burke. Burke is working on a short film that can be used to pitch to corporations. “We’ve got a couple of good brands on board already,” says Roberts. One of those ‘brands’ is the Elks of Canada. In fact, it was George Hopkins of the Revelstoke Elks who contacted recre-

ation, facility and program coordinator Meghan MacIsaac to see if it would be possible to coordinate a place for Roberts to speak. “I love getting together and working with different groups,” MacIsaac says. “George and I met and began discussing how this could look and we went from there.” Putting together the event has been a bit of a whirlwind if you consider Hopkins first approached MacIsaac with the idea little more than a month ago. It’s a lucky draw for Revelstoke too. While Roberts says during the National campaign there will be speaking engagements planned nearly every day, this time around only a few select events are being planned. This stop in Revelstoke is one of them. “We’re partly in Revelstoke to say thank you to the Elks, but we’re also test driving the social media campaign,” says Roberts. It’s also a way to connect and shake hands along the way, as Roberts admits that while corporate sponsorships are important, he expects the bulk of the money they’ll raise will be the $2 or $5 individuals donate. It’s likely Roberts will also rely on the skills he learned while hustling to survive in the DTES. I ask Roberts how these skills transfer to both business and The Push For Change. “It happens when I’m really passionate about something. My mastery came from communication. My survival on the DTES was really based on my ability to communicate,” says Roberts. “Today I can sit in a board room or I can sit face to face with an atrisk kid.” Of course, the idea of homelessness in the DTES may seem far removed from Revelstoke. I ask Roberts if he thinks smaller

see page 13

Cryotherapy is a treatment in which an injury is subjected to cold temperature; this is considered the first response to an injury that is caused by trauma. Pharmasave has several cryotherapy products to choose from, including reusable and instant gel cold packs. As well as number of different micro bead bags and a cryotherapy tensor wrap. When choosing the type of cryotherapy that would be best, it is important to consider where the injury site is and the size of the injury. When possible get a gel or micro bead bag that best fits the injured area and a portion of the surrounding tissue. An instant cold bag or cold tensor does not need to be kept in a fridge or freezer therefore instant gel bags are a must in any first aid or medical kit. As well, it is a great idea to pack them along with any type of activity where an injury may occur.

Cryotherapy works well when applied to injury site within the first 48 hours of injury occurrence. Cryotherapy will decrease muscle spasms, decrease swelling and pain to soft tissue and bone. When using cryotherapy one should apply cold to the injury for 15 minutes. Try to elevate the injured area if possible. After 15 minutes remove the cold treatment and allow tissue to return back to normal temperature. This process can be repeated many times throughout the day. However there are a few precautions to take when using cryotherapy. Cryotherapy may be painful when applied to an injury site where lots of nerves are exposed such as a broken bone. If the cold feels very painful remove it. It is also important to make sure the site of injury still has sensation before applying cold, if there is a loss of sensation the skin may be susceptible to frost bite. If you have any other questions, feel free to come down to Pharmasave and we will be pleased to help you. My name is Alicia. You can reach me in our new home Health Care Department.

307 West Victoria Road, Revelstoke, V0E 2S0 Ph: 250-837-2028 Visit for store hours

Heat Pumps make the most sense for home owners in Revelstoke because of the high cost of propane and electricity.

All complete systems qualify for rebates of up to $2700 and 10 year Parts & Labour warranty



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REVELSTOKE TIMES REVIEW COMMUNITY CALENDAR List your community event here for FREE! Visit or email to add your event.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 GARDEN GURU SERIES Dehydrating. Learn from a Revelstoke expert about garden and food preservation. Hosted by North Columbia Environmental Society. At the United Church. 7 p.m. Free for NCES members of $10 suggested donation. TWOONIE XC MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE Come test your bike skills at a fun races for all ages. Each race is hosted at the Mt. Macpherson trails by the Revelstoke Cycling Association. Courses consist of about 15 kilometres of double track, single track and some dirt road riding. 7 p.m., but show up a little early. $2 for members, $10 for non-members. Cycling BC insurance required. Visit www. for details. UNCORKED Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m. DENIS SEVERINO Local roots musician plays live at the Last Drop. 9 p.m.



Roller Derby as they play a rematch against the Penticton Pistoleras. At the Revelstoke Forum. Doors at 6:15 p.m. $10. MICAH O’CONNELL Old-time music from a talented multi-instrumentalist. At the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

WILLY BLIZZARD Roots-Americana music spanning centuries of music. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m. JUNGAL All-girl rock and roll power trio. At the Last Drop. 9 p.m. See page 13 for more. The Revelstoke Derailers are back in action this weekend for a rematch against the Pistoleras. When the teams played last in Penticton in May, the Pistoleras won 189-156. This time the Derailers are out for revenge. At the Revelstoke Forum. Doors at 6:15 p.m., game at 7 p.m. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

centuries of music. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m.

FRIDAY, JULY 20 JOE ROBERTS: FROM SKID ROW TO CEO Joe Roberts is an inspirational example of over coming adversity and managing change. In 1989 he was living under a bridge as a homeless skid row addict. Today he is author and CEO of a multi-media company. Everyone is invited to come and hear history. At the community centre. 6:30 p.m. WILLY BLIZZARD Roots-Americana music spanning

CANADA PARKS DAY Join in on a day of activities at Rogers Pass or for cake at the summit of Mt. Revelstoke National Park. TEAMSTERS LAST SPIKE TOURNAMENT Golf tournament at the Revelstoke Golf Club. 10 a.m. DIAMOND JUBILEE GARDEN PARTY in the Revelstoke Museum’s Heritage Garden. Help celebrate the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a 1950s-themed garden party. Enjoy games, quizzes, food concessions, costume prizes, 1950s music and a special ceremony. From 3–7 p.m. PARTIAL TO PIE Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m.


SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT WITH RACHEL SEHL Internationally acclaimed house DJ Rachel Sehl comes to the River City Pub. 10 p.m.

JULY 21-22 BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT The Powder Springs Hotel hosts its annual beach volleyball tournament. There are prizes to be won. If you’re not playing, come take in the action as the hotel parking lot is turned into a beach volleyball court. $100 for a team of five, $50

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4801—27th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 4Z1 Toll Free: 800.663.4433

The parking lot of the Powder Springs is being turned into a beach volleyball court this weekend for the annual Beach Volleyball tournament. There will be a barbecue and drink specials if you just want to watch. $100 for a team of five, $50 for a team of two. Register at the hotel. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review file photo



BRIAN NOVOSEL AT 604.303.2160 or

You can’t get this anywhere else… … and if you do, it’s a knock off. Registered trademark of Boston Pizza Royalties Limited Partnership, used under license. Trademark of Boston Pizza International Inc. © Boston Pizza International Inc. 2012.

NOW OPEN: 7am–10am and 5pm–9pm daily 1220 – 2950 Camozzi Rd, Revelstoke T: 250.837.7160

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for a team of two. Register at the Powder Springs hotel or call 250-837-5151.



THE BASEMENT ATTICS Part of the Summer


Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m. SPACEPORT UNION Progressive art rock, with a bit of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Phish and the Metric. At the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

Smokin’ hot, all-girl, raunchy roots & blues band. At the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

Indio-operatic gypsy-jazz, featuring a full horn section and more. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m.

JULY 24-26



MIKE ALVIANO Honest and heartfelt acoustic alt-country pop. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m.

TAMBURA RASA A blend of different Mediterranean music styles, such as Spanish Flamenco, Gypsy-Jazz and Middle Eastern music. Then they go further abroad, to Brazil, Cuba, India and Africa to create a unique world sound. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m. CRESTWOOD Contemporary folk music with influences like James Taylor and Paul Simon. At the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

TUESDAY, JULY 24 THE STURGEONS Folk roots music with a progressive sense of experimentation from identical twins Cal and Luke Hamilton. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza. 6:30 p.m.

learning about the plants and animals in the area. A new program is offered every week. For children 6-10. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. $5. Presented by the Friends of Mt. Revelstoke & Glacier.


FRIDAY, JULY 27 THE REV Local cover duo playing the classics and some songs you’ve never heard of. Part of the Summer Street Fest music series. In Grizzly Plaza.

City of Revelstoke

216 MacKenzie M K i A Ave., R Revelstoke, l t k BC V0E 2S0 T Tel: l (250) 837 837-2161 2161 F Fax: (250) 837 837-4930 4930

Community Economic Development 204 Campbell Ave. (250) 837-5345

Administration Finance/ 216 MacKenzie Ave. Property Tax

Fire Department

Parks & Recreation /Aquatic

Public Works - Operations

Engineering/ Public Works

227 West 4 St. (250) 837-2884 Emergency Only 911

600 Campbell Ave. (250) 837-9351

1200 East Victoria Rd. (250) 837-2001

216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-2922

(250) 837-2911

216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-2161

Planning & Building 216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-3637



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Emergency Program Coordinator


The City of Revelstoke is located between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain ranges and has a population of approximately 7700 (including the rural area). Both the Trans Canada Highway and the Columbia River intersect the City. The CP Rail line runs adjacent with the Trans Canada Highway. There is a significant influx of tourists during the winter and summer seasons for a variety of recreational activities. The City is inviting proposals from suitably qualified individuals to administer the Revelstoke and Area Emergency Management Program (RAEMP). The area of responsibility will encompass a geographical region that extends beyond the City boundaries to include Area “B” in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. The City has developed an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (the Plan) which will require ongoing maintenance and further development. The Plan is a comprehensive and expanding document and the City is looking for an individual with the skills and drive to manage it effectively. It is envisaged that the work involved will include, but will not be limited to, ensuring that the Plan is current, that procedure manuals are in place that the plan’s effectiveness is properly tested, and that all stakeholders are well informed of the Plan. The successful individual will possess excellent communication skills and will be able to effectively liaise with and coordinate stakeholders in carrying out the Emergency Response and Recovery Plan. Having local knowledge coupled with previous experience and knowledge in Emergency Management, Incident Command Systems and the British Columbia Emergency Response Management System would be an advantage. Proposals should, at a minimum, meet the requirements set out in the RFP information package and detail relevant experience. The city wishes to thank all those who respond; however, only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Sealed proposals to be submitted to Rob Girard, Fire Chief, City of Revelstoke, PO Box 170, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0 no later than 4:00pm, on Monday, August 20, 2012. Please contact the Administration Office in Revelstoke City Hall at 250-837-2911 for a copy of the RFP Information Package.

The Department of Parks Recreation and Culture would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make Canada Day this year a great success! We couldn’t have done it without your support. Donors Revelstoke Credit Union, Pharmasave, Knights of Pythias, Revelstoke Legion, Seniors Association, Team Gloria and Heritage Canada for our Canada Day grant. To all participants: Revelstoke Museum & Archives Friends of Mt. Revelstoke Dukes Dogs Team Gloria El Norte Mexican Multicultural Society Bear Aware C3 Church

Prizes donated by the following businesses: The Cabin Free Spirit Sports Style Trends Selkirk Graphics Eagle Pass Heli Skiing Energy Matters

BOARD OF VARIANCE VACANCY The City of Revelstoke is looking to appoint one member to the Board of Variance. The successful candidate will join two other volunteers on the committee. The committee rules on minor variances which are believed to cause a hardship. If you are interested in applying, please submit a letter noting your interest and brief outline of your qualifications. This can be mailed to the attention of Teresa LeRose, Deputy Director of Corporate Administration, City of Revelstoke, 216 Mackenzie Avenue, Box 170, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, or emailed to no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 3, 2012.

THANK YOU all for your contributions toward the day! Meghan MacIsaac, Recreation Facility & Program Coordinator

PUBLIC WORKS STREET DETOUR/PARKING RESTRICTIONS Due to the road reconstruction on Victoria Road, the Downie Street Sawmill truck route detour will commence on Monday July 23rd, 2012. Please note the following: • No on-street parking will be permitted on Willow Street through to parking lot south • of Kovach Park. • Parking for residents is available at Kovach Park parking lot. • The project is expected to end Monday, October 15th, 2012. If you require further information, please contact: Darren Komonoski Operations Manager, 250-837-2001

If you require further information please contact: John Guenther Director of Planning Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 2S0 Phone: 250-837-3637 Fax: 250-837-3632 Email:

Shampoo Alley The Bargin Shop Home HardWare MacDonald’s A&W Pure Image Hair Salon

And…. Maritime Kitchen Party & Teds Amongst Men for the great musical entertainment. Buns & Beyond Bakery for the beautiful Canada day Cake.

This information can also be obtained via the City’s website at:


Revelstoke Canine Search & Rescue Italian Canadian Club Mayor David Raven MLA Norm MacDonald Citizen of the Year Vivian Mitchell RCMP Cst. Gary McLaughlin All RCMP in attendance Rocky Mountain Ranger Cadets

PESTICIDE BYLAW The City of Revelstoke wishes to remind residents that Bylaw No.1988 prohibits the use of pesticides as a means of improving or maintaining the appearance of lawns on residential properties. For further information pertaining to this Bylaw and for a list of environmental friendly alternatives, visit the City of Revelstoke website at, click on Community and follow the links under Environmental Citizenship. Public Works Department

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Learning to ride

The Revy Riders dirt bike club held a riding clinic last Tuesday with pro riders Ben Rego and Lee Fryberg. About 15 people took part on a sweltering hot day and learned skills such as taking corners and getting above and around obstacles. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

Aquaducks set several records on way to win at home pool Contributed by the Revelstoke Aquaducks

The Revelstoke Aquaducks in action, clockwise from top left: Tye Hoshizaki, Kim Howard, Jackson Litke and Gisele Atkinson. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

The Revelstoke Aquaducks Invitational Swim Meet took place this past weekend at the Aquatic Centre with 282 swimmers competing in the two day event. The Aquaducks took first place in the combined team scores, outswimming the nine other competing teams including Okanagan powerhouse the Salmon Arm Sockeyes. Swimmers earn points by placing in the top 12 for each event, and with 86 Aquaducks competing the points added up quickly. “Its exciting to see the improvement in these swimmers,” said Head Coach Jeff Beatty. “I see a lot of potential in these athletes and I am looking forward to working with them and seeing what they can do” The swim meet turned the community centre into a hive of activity, with the 10 teams and their supporters filling every space inside and outside the swimming pool. New meet records were set by Emily Pfeiffer in the girls Division 6 200m individual medley, Cynthia Pfeiffer in the girls division 7 100m backstroke, and

Ryan Gow in the boys division 8 50m freestyle. In division 2 boys, James Lebuke set new records in the 50m freestyle, 100m individual medley, and the 100m freestyle. Meet records are typically bettered by a second or less, but James smashed the 100m freestyle by nearly six seconds. The Aquaducks compete next weekend in Salmon Arm and then at the regional championships in Kamloops two weeks later. Aggregate winners from Revelstoke were: Girls division 1: Hunter Stewardson, Bronze Boys division 1: Alex Jay, Silver Girls divsion 2: Kimberley Howard, Silver Boys division 2: Nolan Gale, Bronze and James Lebuke, Gold Girls divsion 3: Beth Granstrom Girls division 5: Gina Cinelli Girls division 7: Hanna Thomson, Bronze; Cynthia Pfeiffer, Silver; Emily Pfeiffer, Gold Boys division 7: Wylie Harder, Bronze Girls division 8: Rosemary Kelsall, Bronze Boys division 8: Jeff Beatty, Bronze and Ryan Gow, Silver

TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012 ■ 11


Eight local youth, one coach off to BC Summer Games ALEX COOPER

Eight Revelstoke youth will be attending the BC Summer Games in Surrey, B.C., this weekend. Six track-and-field athletes, one volleyball player and one triathlete will be on the Zone 2 team at the games. They will be complemented by Jade Connor, a track and field coach at Revelstoke Secondary School, who will be be performing the same duties at the games. The track and field athletes are: - Chris Andrews, competing in shotput and discus. - Peter Grimm, competing in the hammer throw. - Isaiah Bruner, competing in shot put and javelin throw. - Adam Smith, competing in 200m and 300m races - Amy Gagnon, competing in the 80m hurdles and 200m hurdles - Stefanie Wallach, competing in javelin and shot put. “The number of Revelstoke athletes who made the Zone 2 BC Summer Games team is awesome,” said Andy Pfeiffer, the head coach of RSS’ track team. “Having six RSS students on that team is the most we’ve had in the last 20 years – that’s a direct reflection of one of the most suc-

cessful school track and field season’s we’ve ever had.” Also heading to the games from Revelstoke are Tayla Koerber, who will compete in the triathlon, and Rhys Evans, as part of the Zone 2 volleyball team. For Koerber and Evans, this will be their second trip to the games this year; they both competed in the BC Winter Games in Vernon, B.C, in cross-country skiing. Evans won a gold and a bronze medal at the winter games. The BC Summer Games take place in Surrey, B.C., from July 19-22. It brings together the best 15- and 16-year-old athletes for a weekend of competition. For Connor, it will be her first time coaching at the BC Summer Games. “Nothing compares to training and supporting Revelstoke’s amazing young athletes,” she said. “I encourage the athletes to give all they can and not leave with any regrets; that way, they will always be proud of what they have accomplished. The number of athletes Revelstoke is sending to the games highlights the talent Revelstoke athletes possess.” With files from Debbie Koerber Top: The Revelstoke track athletes, from left – Chris Andrews, Adam Smith, Isaiah Bruner, Peter Grimm, Stefanie Wallach, and Amy Gagnon.; Bottom, from left: Tayla Koerber, Jade Connor and Rhys Evans. Photos courtesy Debbie Koerber


When the Olympic and Paralympic Games begin in London, there are a number of Canadian athletes who will remember their first multisport experience at a BC Games. Twenty-four athletes on the Canadian Olympic team started their journey to London with a trip to the BC Games including 2008 Olympic gold medallist Carol Huynh (Wrestling), and recent Giro d’Italia winner Ryder Hesjedal (Cycling). As part of the athlete development pathway, the BC Games are a first multi-sport experience for young athletes that lead towards

provincial and national teams and ultimately the Olympic or Paralympic Games. The BC Games are part of a strong provincial sport system that provides an outstanding training environment and support services for high-performance athletes. Forty per cent of the Canadian Olympic team live or train in B.C. Shot-putter Dylan Armstrong of Kamloops is one of Canada’s great medal hopes at the 2012 Olympic Games. He is a shining example of a B.C. athlete who has developed to international success with support through all the stages of the athlete pathway.


Involved at a young age with the Kamloops Track and Field Club, he represented the Thompson-Okanagan Zone at the 1995 and 1996 BC Summer Games. Success as part of Team BC at the 2001 Canada Games was next before winning gold for Canada at the 2007 and 2010 Pan American Games. All eyes are on this BC Games alumnus to better his fourth place finish from the 2008 Olympic Games. Swimmer Brent Hayden of Mission is another medal contender in London. Brent competed at the 1998 BC Summer Games and reflected, “The BC Summer Games was the point in my career when

I realized that I had the potential to go further. It was soon after that that I decided to switch from being a summer swimmer to training all year round. It is clear that I wouldn’t have noticed my own potential without the BC Summer Games.” The full Paralympic team will be named later this summer but former BC Games athletes Bo Hedges of Fort St. John (Wheelchair Basketball) and Adam Rahier of Powell River (Swimming) will be part of the team. More than 2,300 athletes between the ages of 10 and 18 will be at the 2012 BC Summer Games, which kick off just one week prior

to the start of the Olympics. It is an inspiring experience that will ignite the dreams of many young athletes to pursue their sport to the highest level. A veteran of the Canadian Women’s Soccer team, Karina LeBlanc from Maple Ridge remembered, “It was an amazing experience because I did dream of one day being at the Olympic Games and it was the closest thing for me to it, so it made me want to be there that much more.” Watch for the next generation of Olympians and Paralympians at the 2012 BC Summer Games, July 19-22. See the complete list of BC Games alumni heading to London at

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50 years in the making: the opening of the Trans-Canada ALEX COOPER

Revelstoke was first connected to the outside world by road in 1922, when a highway opened through Eagle Pass, to Sicamous. The Revelstoke Review said the road “was without exception the best, prettiest and most scenic drive in the interior of British Columbia.” At the time, it took several days to make the trip from Vancouver to Revelstoke and the road was closed during winter due to avalanches through Three Valley Gap. It wasn’t until 1941, when a Japanese internment camp was established at Three Valley Gap that the road was kept open year-round. For years, Revelstoke was the end of the line for travellers heading east by road. Work began on the Big Bend Highway in the 1930s and unemployed men were pressed into service to help build the new highway. They were paid 20 cents per day and given room, board and clothing in return for working on the road. The Big Bend Highway was opened on June 29, 1940, finally providing a roadway all the way through the Columbia Mountains. Still, the route was long and rough and was closed in winter. Plans began to build a highway through Rogers Pass. In 1949, the Federal and Provincial governments signed the TransCanada Highway Act, which set out plans for a national, two-lane paved highway. A year later, a railway strike made the need for a modern highway between Kamloops and Field even more pressing. On July 5, B.C. Highway Minister “Flying” Phil Gaglardi announced that the new highway would go through Rogers Pass, at an estimated cost of $22 million, despite the opposition of one group

Premier W.A.C. Bennett at the opening of the Trans-Canada Highway bridge at Revelstoke, July 1961.

that promoted Jumbo Pass as the desirable route. Surveyors set to work mapping out a route for the new highway and contracts went out for work to be done on clearing the path. The targeted date for opening the highway was Dec. 31, 1960, with 1958 and 1959 dedicated to grading the route and 1960 to paving. Meanwhile, an avalanche control system had to be developed to keep the highway open in the winter. Led by Noel Gardner and Fred Schleiss, a network of snowsheds was built and a system of avalanche control using a 105mm Howitzer was developed. Meanwhile, people in Revel-

stoke dreamed big. Mayor Walter Hardman predicted the population of Revelstoke would increase 10-fold, to 40,000 from 4,000 within 20 years, reported business writer James Roe. “Development of the area as a tourist and holiday mecca is only part of it,” he wrote. “But today Revelstoke is still just an attractive, sedate railway town.” Naturally, the highway was delayed. First, into 1961 and then well into 1962. Business groups, especially those in the Okanagan, put pressure on the government to get it open. In the summer of 1961 The Okanagan Valley Tourist Asso-

proudly presents

The 2012 Musical Follies (Including Rotary BBQ, Silent Auction & Dessert)

100% Pro¿ts in direct aid to the Shuswap Flood Relief

ciation planned a caravan over Rogers Pass, where they would meet up with the Banff tourism group. On July 27, 1961, a year before the highway opened, the first fatal accident occurred in the Pass when a car carrying two construction workers crashed into a gravel truck. The Trans-Canada Highway Bridge over the Columbia River opened on July 28, 1961. Locals spent all night driving across the brand-new, 300-metre long suspension bridge. Pressure mounted to get the highway finished over the course of the winter of 1961-62. Finally, on

Revelstoke Museum & Archives

Mar. 1, the province set July 30 as the date for the official opening of the highway; a week later the federal government announced plans for a September opening. Special permits started being issued for people to travel across Rogers Pass in early July, 1962. The highway was used to transport a truckload of strawberries from Salmon Arm to Calgary, allowing them to arrive fresh for the market, though the driver A.D. Booth had to return via the Big Bend. ***

Two official openings, page 19

of k! n ee a F W e h t

BBQ at 5 p.m. • Musical at 7 p.m. & Dessert!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

SASCU Recreation Centre • 2550 Trans Canada Highway Admission: Suggested minimum $20 at the door.

Please donate at any Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union. Please give generously! Producers: Gail Viens ( Richard Good ( Generous support from the following: Barley Station Brew Pub & Wicked Spoon Café & Grill, Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, TidBits, Friday AM, Crannóg Ales, Streamers Party Rentals, Monty Kilborn, Craig’s Bakery & Deli, Bonanza Meat Packers, Black Press, City of Salmon Arm, Askew’s, Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union, Okanagan Spring Brewery, Hucul Printing, EZ Rock, Salmon Arm Recreation, Vernon Morning Star, Revelstoke Times Review, Nakusp Arrow Lakes News, Eagle Valley News and Salmon Arm Observer

If the person highlighted in the photo is YOU, cut out this ad, bring it to the Revelstoke SUBWAY and you will receive a free FOOTLONG of your choice. This offer is redeemable once only and only at Subway in Revelstoke. Offer valid 1 month from print date. Not valid with any Premium Sub, other promotion or offer.

1802 Trans Canada Hwy. Revelstoke B.C. Ph: 250-837- 6633

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ENERGY PLANNING OPEN HOUSE Please attend the Public Open House and mark your calendars for:

OPEN HOUSE District Energy and Community Energy Planning Wednesday, July 25, 2012 City Community Center 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Draft Official Community plan changes including future energy plans. For further information please contact: John Guenther at 250-837-3637 or


Assistant Operations Manager Jungal consists of, from left, Jessie Jungalwalla, Leisha Jungalwalla and Victoria Beard. Emma Phillips/Jungal photo

The queens of Jungal come to town Aussie trio coming to Revelstoke on third Canadian tour in three years ALEX COOPER

It seems strange to hear someone from Australia talk about escaping winter. Winter in Australia is downright balmy by Canadian standards. There’s no snow and the temperature stays above freezing in the vast majority of the country. For the ladies of Jungal, the Australian winter is the perfect time to come tour British Columbia; this marks the third consecutive summer they’ve flown across the Pacific to enjoy “Beautiful British Columbia.” “We sort of got ourselves addicted to it,” said Jessie Jungalwalla It’s winter in Australia and it’s a really awesome excuse to come over and enjoy summer and have some touring and escape our winter for a bit. It’s been wonderful. I spoke to Jessie the morning after they played the Summer Street Festival in Grizzly Plaza as a last minute replacement for another band. They were on their way to the Arts on the Fly festival in Horsefly, B.C., before coming back to Revelstoke for a show at

the Last Drop this Thursday, July 19. Jungal consists of sisters Jessie and Leisha Jungalwalla, and Victoria Beard – “the other sister, we call her,” said Jessie. Leisha plays guitar, Jessie plays drums and Victoria is on bass; all three sing. Jessie said she and her sister have been playing music together “since as long as I can remember.” Jungal has been playing together for a decade, she said, but only started playing shows in 2007. The band released its first full album in July 2012, an indie-roots recording titled This Crooked Track. The album received some attention in the Australian media. One reviewer wrote: “Jungal has the heart of John Butler, the soul of Amy Winehouse, and the power of Ani DiFranco.” I asked Jessie how she felt about those comparisons. “They’re kind of our idols, so it’s great,” she replied. Jungal came to Canada for the first time in 2010 to do a crosscountry tour with Faye Blais. They returned last year to tour B.C. and Alberta and are back once more. Jessie said they have

considered moving to B.C. One thing notable about Jungal is the transition they’ve made in recent years from the indie-roots style of their debut album to the hard rocking show that is evident in live videos on YouTube. “We did start off with a much folkier, quieter sound,” said Jessie. “I guess since we recorded our album the songs we’re written have moved into a much louder, rockier style and it reflects in our live shows as well. “We don’t actually listen to a whole heap of rock music,” she added. “We’re not huge rock music fans but it really seems to be what we’re writing lately and its really enjoyable to play live. We love the energy that it brings. It’s this funny progression we’ve found ourselves in. Sometimes you can’t help what comes out when you’re writing.” Jungal recorded a live show just before leaving on tour and is selling the album on tour. “We listened back to it and it’s probably the tightest we ever heard ourselves play,” said Jessie. Jungal plays at the Last Drop on Thursday, July 19, at 9 p.m.

Roberts hopes to raise awareness of homelessness from page communities need to change their perception of homelessness. “I do. There’s 160 things that create homelessness. It doesn’t have to represent a shopping cart, it can represent the low income family that lost their job at the mill. Unfortunately there’s a stereotype that comes to homeless-

ness. Here’s where I get hopeful -- there’s a lot more conversation in the last 10 or 15 years then there ever has,” Roberts tells me. “I’m more marketable as a speaker because I was homeless and an addict.” MacIsaac also recognizes the need to re-think how we look at homelessness within Revelstoke. “I’ve noticed from one year

to the next a lot more homeless people lingering in town and the perception people automatically have,” she says. “Having Joe here might help to create a level of understanding, which is important.” Joe Roberts will be speaking at the Community Centre this Friday, July 20 at 6:30 p.m. This is a free event.

Help with Reservations, Logistics and Marketing. $28 per hour Please email resumes to

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #46 Revelstoke Open Monday to Thursday at 3 pm. Friday and Saturday at 2 pm. Meat Draw every Saturday from 3 pm. to 5 pm.

Members & Guests Welcome! Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111


19+ to play


CANADA PARKS DAY Join Friends of Mt. Revelstoke & Glacier for a day of activities at Balsam Lake at the summit of Mt. Revelstoke National Park or at the Rogers Pass Centre in Glacier National Park. If there is too much snow to get to Balsam Lake, we'll just go as high as we can get!)

Saturday July 21st

1880 Trans-Canada Hwy. 250-837-6230 Attention service groups, community and non-profit organizations, Kevin & Cathy Blakely of the Revelstoke McDonald's are pleased to sponsor this spot to present your message. Please call Mavis Cann at the Times Review with your information at 250-837-4667.

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Unique home accents & great gift ideas

March 21– April 19

A vacation could be in the works in the next few weeks, Aries. Because tasks can seem to sneak up on you, get the planning started early and work up an itinerary.

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SADA ELLIS CERTIFIED LASER TECHNICIAN (250) 832-4266 Free Consultations

Located at The Refinery Day Spa •

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party July 21st from 3:00 - 7:00pm Official Ceremony at 3:00pm

Diamond Concession Jubilee Events Medals Prizes Presentations

Funding by Heritage Canada


T H E AT R E revelstoke, bc

For full movie info go to

Movie Line: 250-837-5540 115 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C.

July 23– August 22

Great ideas often arrive with little effort, Leo. It’s turning those ideas into a working project that can often take a lot of energy. However, Gemini, you’re up for the challenge.

August 23– September 22

For the most part you’re insistent on doing things yourself and taking the difficult route, Virgo. Try to let go a little this week and let someone else handle things for a change.

October 23– November 21

The only way you will know if your ideas have merit is to stick you neck out and take a chance once in a while, Scorpio. You just may be surprised at the feedback.

December 22– January 19

There’s not much else you can do with regard to a tenuous relationship, Sagittarius. So it’s best if you just cut your losses and move on. You’ll make new friends easily. Although you want to be everything to everyone, there’s only so much of you to go around, Capricorn. Don’t spread yourself too thinly because it can take quite a while to recuperate after.

January 20– February 18

Aquarius, you are ready to dabble in something that you and you alone enjoy. Figure out what you need to get started and begin building around your specific interest or hobby.

November 22– December 21

With so many friends seeking your attention, Pisces, you just may be the star of a particular social event that may come up this week. February 19– March 20


• Each horizontal row contains each digit exactly once • Each vertical column contains each digit exactly once • Each subgrid or region contains each digit exactly once

For more information contact us at 250-837-3067 or email: Financement par Heritage Canada

June 22– July 22

Never say never, Cancer, because you may look foolish when you eventually do the things you said you never would. Instead, be open to all possibilities and opportunities.

October 22

The objective of sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell, in such a way that:


get your 1950’s costumes ready! Swing Dancing

CLUES DOWN 1. The work of building 2. Misplaces 3. Atomic #13 4. Radioactivity unit 5. Smallest whole number 6. Subspecies (pl.) 7. Redirect 8. Wildebeest 9. Moved headlong at high speed 10. Impart knowledge 11. Early people of Britain 12. Moorings 15. Goat and camel hair fabric 16. Part of a three-piece suit 18. Store for lawn & plants 20. Dulled by surfeit 22. Spanish appetizers 24. Acts with violent anger 26. Frees from dirt 30. Tauon 34. Affaire d’honneur 36. Traveling tinker (Scot.) 38. They ___ 39. Potters white clay 40. Father of the Am. cartoon, Thomas 41. Lariat or lasso 42. Metric foot of two syllables 44. Confederate soldier 46. Mole’s unit symbol 47. Nursing organization 51. Morning time

1. Light colored cigar 6. A scrap of cloth 9. Fluid used to cool a system 11. Abel’s brother (Bible) 12. Prohibitions 13. River in NE Scotland 14. Beige 15. Strongly opposed 17. Shoelace end 19. French caps 20. Sings jazz improvisations 21. Daisylike fall flower 22. Wild Asian goat 23. Beginning to end (abbr.) 24. Tell on 25. Location of White House 27. 1/60 minute (abbr.) 28. Tailless primate 29. Rt. angle building wing 31. Drunks’ disease 32. Gallivant about 33. To be necessary 35. Frosts 37. Newman’s “Winning” character 39. Dwarf buffaloes 41. Tenant or lessee 42. A citizen of Iran 43. Inner sole of a shoe 44. Tabloid papers 45. Sandhurst abbreviation 48. Egyptian Sun god 49. Give out radiation 50. Gives or contributes 52. Where wine ferments (abbr.) 53. Beaumont, Texas University

Loss is not something easily overcome, Gemini. If you’ve lost someone you love due to relocation or illness, surround yourself with a good support team until you rebound a bit.

Libra, you may have your heart set on making a change, but you have not quite narrowed down what that change will be. Sit down and work on September 23– some ideas this week.

1hr 40m


wednesday july 18 at 6:30 & 8:55 pm thursday july 19 at 6:30 & 8:55 pm



The Dark Knight Rises



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friday saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday

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20 21 22 23 24 25 26

at at at at at at at

7:30 pm 5:00 & 8:30 pm 5:00 & 8:30 pm 5:00 & 8:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

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Grant’s Tackle Box

The Stars of People’s

Come To Enderby And Be Surprised With Our Selection!

The staff of People’s Drug Mart raised $1,760.39 to go towards research of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Pontoon Boats

“All of your fishing and boating needs in one spot”

Tohatsu & Nissan Outboards

The money was raised by the stores Be A Star fundraiser.

Aluminum Boats

Ins de- e a r T lcom We

The fundraiser was dedicated to Marcel Calay, a long-time customer who recently died of ALS. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

On the highway in Enderby

Toll Free: 1-866-838-6508












TENT RENTAL FOR ALL OCCASIONS Contact Brett at 250-837-8646


104-607 Victoria Road, Revelstoke. 250-837-4300

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Space... av


,4(03!++65(;6'/6;4(03*64 7/65,!•9,=,3:;62,)*


104-607 Victoria Road, Revelstoke. 250-837-4300

Call Mavis at (250) 837-4667 or email her at

re v

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Place of Worship

Place of Worship

Introduction Service

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1559 Illecillewaet Road

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Holy Eucharist Family Worship Service ALL ARE WELCOME Parish Hall Rentals call 250 837-3275 622 2nd St. West (wheelchair access) 250 837-3275

Just Moved? Call

Pastor: Matthew Carter

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Sunday School (Sept - June)

Life Groups various locations and times thru the week Pastors: Rick Eby, Jason Harder

1806 Colbeck Rd 837-9414

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (Lutheran Church- Canada)

In Memoriam

In Memoriam


NORMA MARSHALL December 9, 1929 - July 10, 2011

Sunday Service @ 10:30 am 1502 Mt. View Drive Arrow Heights 250 837-3330 Pastor Richard Klein 250 837-5569 Revelstoke United Church 314 Mackenzie Ave. 250-837-3198


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.

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Alliance Church

Jackie Cruickshank. Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Lovingly remembered & missed! Marc & the boys

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00am Crystal Bowl Meditation Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. Rev. Kenneth C. Jones Visit us at Seventh-Day

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Place of Worship C3 Church 108 1st St. West above the Royal Bank

Service Time 10 am Kids Klub Wed 4 pm - 5 pm

Youth Service 6:30 pm Sunday at the church

The robin's song at daybreak Is a clarion call to me. Get up and get out in the garden, For the morning hours flee.

Pastor Frank Johnson 250 344-4795

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I cannot resist the summons, What earnest gardener could? For the golden hours of morning Get into the gardener's blood. The magic spell is upon me, I'm glad that I did not wait; For life's at its best in the morning, As you pass through the garden gate. ~ Howard Dolf We Miss You, Patti, George, Terry, Jamie, Murray and Lome





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Community Newspapers

Danalee Marie Clark Danalee Marie Clark died suddenly at her residence in Revelstoke on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at the age 59 years. A Memorial Service was held at the Revelstoke United Church on Friday morning, July 13th with Mr. Gary Sulz of¿ciating. In lieu of Àowers, memorial contributions may be made to Community Connections Revelstoke Society, Box 2880, Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 2S0, in memory of Danalee. Danalee was born in Revelstoke, B.C. on February 25, 1953 and had lived here for the majority of her life. She was very fashion conscious and liked to look good and be told so by others. Anyone who knew Danalee knew that her passion in life was talking. Her mantra was “life’s short, talk fast.” She was very generous with her friends and family. Danalee very proudly worked through Community Connections at the Racquet Den, Queen Victoria Hospital and at the Lanzo-Garant Group Home. Danalee was predeceased by her parents. She is survived by four siblings: Allan Clark of Vernon, Sheryl (Cliff) Wolgram of Revelstoke, Don (Marie) Clark of Revelstoke and Julie (Keith) Burgart of Revelstoke; several nieces and nephews, her good friend Roseline Lajeunesse, and friend and caregiver since 2000, Gail Short. Messages of condolence may be sent to Danalee’s family by visiting her obituary at Cremation arrangements were in the care of Brandon Bowers Funeral Home, Revelstoke.

250 837-4894

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Janice Patrick Service Former students of the late Janice Patrick are encouraged to take part in her Celebration of Life Service. Musical and/or spoken gifts to the memory of Janice may be given by your performance or words of remembrance. Please contact Gary Sulz of Brandon Bowers Funeral Home at 250-837-2029 if you wish to honour Janice by performing any variety of musical selection or telling of stories.

Place a classified word ad and...


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Merchandise for Sale


Help Wanted

Financial Services

Misc Services

Antiques / Vintage

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Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. EAGLEHOMES.CA Rewarding Sales Career Salary, Group Benefits Excellent team support Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd/ Newcastle Timber Have vacancies in the following job: 1)Heavy Duty Mechanic 2)Driller/Blaster 3)Swamper 4)Hydraulic Log Loader Operator 5)Yarder Operator. Details can be seen at Fax resume to 250-287-9259 LANDS & RESOURCES COORDINATOR: F/T position with Kwakiutl Band Council in Port Hardy. Senior position. Email for job description: casey.larochelle@kwakiutl.bc. ca or call 250-949-6012 Deadline 07/27/12 LOOKING FOR Sales Representatives - Canadian Taxpayers Federation is expanding our Sales Division in your area. For more information visit: Call 1800-667-7933 Ext 111 or email: national.manager@

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Help Wanted

Mica 5/6 Projects Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Mechanical Inspector

Job Description: Mechanical Inspector needed to perform inspections speci¿cally related to the assembly of two 500MW Turbine/Generator Units. The candidate must • Ensure adherence to contract speci¿cations • Monitor and record progression of work • Ensure quality work practice and quality product Preferred Experience: • Knowledge of various welding applications and methods • Experience working in large mechanical equipment maintenance, assembly or construction • Familiarity with hydro-electric power generation equipment installation or maintenance • Knowledge of safe lifting and rigging procedures Skills/Abilities: • Ability to read and interpret drawings. • Competent in performing steel, cable and piping quantity calculations • Strong computer skills. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and will be required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north or Revelstoke. Shift duration will be 14 days on, 7 off. Nightshift work may be required. Resumes will be accepted until 31 July, 2012; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors. Ltd. Fax: 250-805-4340 Email: Closing Date: 31 July, 2012

Auctions RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AUCTION (New & Used) Wed, July 18th @ 6:00pm, preview same day 9-6, 3953 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna, 1-800-556-5945

Host Family URGENTLY needed for a Female Spanish High School Student from September - June 2012/13.

Fruit & Vegetables

Share your home and your Canadian lifestyle!

STRAWBERRIES Chemical free U-pick strawberry farm, 6km East of Sicamous. (250)836-2272

Contact MLI now: 250-837-2672

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic Valley Blacktop, part of the Interoute Construction Ltd. (ICL Ltd.) group, is seeking a Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic for its Revelstoke operations. ICL Ltd. is a leader in the construction industry in British Columbia. Reporting to the Area Manager, you will provide support to complete daily repairs and preventive maintenance and perform related assigned tasks and duties under limited supervision. Travel to operations and project sites will be required upon request. Duties / Tasks: • Perform equipment repairs and preventive maintenance in a timely manner • Assist in completing all maintenance inspections • Ensure all repairs completed are documented • Record any equipment deÀciencies QualiÀcations/ Experience: • Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic ticket • Minimum of 5 years experience as a Heavy Duty Mechanic • Strong technical knowledge and mechanical aptitude to perform service on various equipment ranging from heavy duty equipment to small engine and parts • Ability to work independently with minimal direction • Strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask is a must • Team player Salary: $30/hr Start date: As soon as possible. We offer a competitive compensation package with a comprehensive beneÀt plan and a registered pension plan. Please send your resume in conÀdence stating your position in the subject line to or fax it to (250) 837-9656.

H e l p

f o r

t o d a y .

H o p e

f o r

t o m o r r o w . . .

Heads Up for Healthier Brains Here are 4 simple things that you can do at any age to improve your brain health and that may help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease: 1. Challenge your Brain – give it a daily workout 2. Be Socially Active – connecting socially helps you stay connected mentally 3. Choose a Healthy Lifestyle – be active, eat well and watch your health numbers (cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure) 4. Protect your Head – use a seatbelt and wear a helmet for sports Take action for a healthier brain today. Find out more at: or call 1-800-936-6033

Part time Handy-man needed. Are you retired and good at tinkering. Light switch, toilet replace, paint here sand there?!! We need an industrious old school guy, who is thorough and easy going, to help out all over. Work from one property to the next. Call Brydon on 250 814-7327

Home Stay Families


FREE ESTIMATES! CALL NOW! 1-888-670-0066

Home Stay Families


18 ■ TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Fruit & Vegetables

Houses For Sale

STRAWBERRIES You pick $2.50,we pick $3.50 a lb. Local to REVELSTOKE. #1 strawberries by appointment only, we use no pesticides or herbicides ever. Call 250-837-3195 and pot your name to get in line for first come first serve. From July 1st to mid August.

Garage Sales Garage Sale - Sat. July 21 1814 Griffiths Rd. 7 am to noon. Rain or shine! Tools, household items, furniture, large number of top end antiques (armories, vanities, peddle sewing machine) Some new items still with tags. Downsizing after 30 years. Saturday, July 21 8am-2pm Sunday, July 22 9am-noon 104 9th Street (Big orange heritage house)

Heavy Duty Machinery A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

Real Estate

Real Estate

from page 6

1011 8th St. * 4 bedroom older home on 3/4 acre * unfinishABLE basement * 1 bedroom down * 3 bedrooms up * 1 bathroom on main floor * laundry room on main floor * kitchen with eating area * no formal dining room * large mudroom * covered patio * large older shed

Stoke Realty Ltd.

Joe Verbalis

Ste. H, 200 Campbell Ave. Office: 250-837-6300

Managing Broker Brokerage 250-837-6300

250 837-2404


Best rate 5yr-3.25%OAC Serving the Columbia-Shuswap since 1976. Rates Consistently better than banks

(250)832-8766 Toll free 1-800-658-2345

Brokerage Representative Residential/Commercial Mobile: 250-814-9764

1520 Birch Drive 3800+sq ft Ultimate Luxury Home (See our Website for all fine Mackenzie Park Estates Properties) $1,070,000

1949 Leidloff Road Attractive Euro Style 4BR/2B home a short walk from RMR on 1.85 acres with gripping views. $549,000

Silverton Lakeshore Inn Renovated Historic 7400sf Hotel/Pub/Restaurant & Penthouse Apartment overlooking Slocan Lake. $449,000

802 Second Street West Meticulously Renovated Walk in Ready 4 BR 3 Bath Heritage Style B&B, includes furniture, business & website. $589,000

1575 Illecillewaet Road Immaculate home, carport, large deck on .55 stunning private acres nestled by mountain near Greenbelt, Rivers, Downtown & Resort. $329,000

Natasha Worby

Other Areas 20 ACRES- Only $99/mo. $0 Down, Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas, Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee! Free Color Brochure. 1-800-755-8953. FREE BROCHURE. Kings County “Land of Orchards, Vineyards and Tides”. Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Live! Work! Start a business! Toll-Free: 1-888865-4647

RASPBERRIES Pick your own. Call 250 837-2340.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

Misc. Wanted I Buy Old Coins & Collections Olympic, Gold Silver Coins etc Call Chad 250-863-3082 Local

Real Estate For Sale By Owner 3-bdrm Arrow Heights home. Split entry. Updated. Approx. 1080 up and 1040 down. 100x150 corner lot. $389,000. OBO. 250 837-2537. For sale - 103-311 6th St. East 1056 sq ft condo. 55+. No pets. 2-bdrm, 2-bath. 1st floor unit with covered balcony. Underground parking/storage unit. Fridge, range, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer. $10,000.00 in upgrades including laminate floors, paint, light fixtures. Priced below market value $269,900.00. 250 837-6865 after 6pm.

1 & 2-BDRM for rent. Senior’s discount. Discount for longterm rental. Col-River Manor. Phone or apply in person 250837-3354 or 250-837-1728. 2-bedroom apt centrally located. Heat inc. References. Call 250 837-4712. Avail Sept 1st. 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo for rent. N/P, N/S. 45+ $1300/mth. Call Shannon 250-837-1134 Affordable Apartments 1,2,3 bedroom units and townhouses. Furnished units available. Rivers Edge and Columbia Gardens. 250-837-3361 or 250-837-8850 FOR RENT - large two bedroom apartment (August 1) Rent to include heat and hot water. Unit is air conditioned. Non smoker, not pets, shared laundry. For more info phone 250-837-4139

GLACIER MANOR APARTMENTS Available immediately 1 bedroom bachelor Non smoking, no pets Heat and hot water included Quiet building and neighbourhood Laundry facilities on site Resident manager Call Roberta 250 837-2939 Leave message

Interior South

Interior South

Houses For Sale Exclusive MOUNTAIN HOME For Sale - Visit:

4228 Bloomquist Road, Malakwa

LOVINGLY MAINTAINED! 2 titles, 1.27 acres, 3 level split, 1595 sq. ft.; 3 bdrms., 2 baths, beautiful 22’5 X 14.5 year round sunroom. new windows thruout! New fireplace and insert! 18X25 carport/storage, 13 X 31 attached carport, fully fenced, paved driveway! 15 minutes to Sicamous lakes, 30 minutes to Revelstoke Ski Hill and in the heart of Sledding country!



Call Charlotte Hutchinson Personal Real Estate Corporation


Milton Parent passes away

1-800-582-8639 CELL 250-833-6545 OFFICE 250-836-2223 at Mara Lake INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

901 Oscar Street 1508 A&B Front Street Both sides of charming Cozy solid 1370 sq ft. home Duplex. Sold separately or on .224 acres boasting world class mountain views purchase together! near Downtown & RMR. $269,000 + $274,000 $269,000

#206, 800 Mackenzie Ave. Immaculate 719 sq ft. 1BR Downtown Condo near shops, services and activities. Parking Underground $179,000 Included!

2255 Tum Tum Crescent Exceptional 4/2 home with attached garage, separate storage building, private w/ no thru traffic, skihill view! $334,000

607 Eighth Street East Great Affordable Value. Solid Cozy 3 BR 1&1/2 Bath Downtown Home is a Must See! $279,000

1935 Lennard Road Three BR Home w/Garage/ Outbuilding/Basement on magnificent full acre with view near Resort. $419,000

STOKE REALTY LTD. “Your Local Real Estate Brokerage Alternative to Purchase or Sell Residential and Commercial Property.” Contact Joe or Natasha today!

A littler-known fact about me in Revelstoke is I also serve as managing editor of the Nakusp-based Arrow Lakes News, and have for almost seven years. Historians will note the passing of Nakusp’s Milton Parent early last week. If you didn’t know of him, read up. The man was a living treasure for the region, as he chronicled the early modern history of the area, especially the Lardeau region and in Nakusp. An accomplished writer, he published several historical books on the region, including Faces of the Past, Silent Shores and Sunken Ships, Port of Nakusp, Bugles on Broadway, Halcyon: The Captain’s Paradise, Caulkboot Riverdance, and Circle of Silver. Circle of Silver earned him the Lieutenant-Governor’s medal from the BC Historical Federation in 2001. Parent ran the Arrow Lakes Historical Society and was an accomplished archivist, collecting thousands of images, documents and audio interviews of the region. His passing creates a giant hole of historical knowledge, especially in the early history of the region that connects Revelstoke to the Kootenays. He will surely be missed by many.

TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012 ■ 19


Trans-Canada Highway subject of two official openings

Hon. E. Davie-Fulton (left), federal minister of Public Works and Rt. Hon. John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister, at the official opening of the Trans-Canada Highway on Sept. 4, 1962. Revelsstoke Museum & Archives

from page 12 One curious element of the opening of the Trans-Canada Highway was the fact there were two opening ceremonies. According to Cathy

English, this wasn’t because of any beef between the federal and provincial governments, but because that’s the way each government wanted it. So it was that on July 30, 1962,



Apt/Condo for Rent

Homes for Rent

Great 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available, good rent for good tenants. Heat and hot water included hardwood floors, great views. Call 250 814 7327 for viewings..

2 bedroom unit available in house right at Southside market. Good rent for good tenant. Covered parking, in unit Laundry. Good size. $800 a month. Call 250-814-7327.

Apartment Furnished

Great 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available, good rent for good tenants. Heat and hotwater included hardwood floors, great views. Call 250 814 7327 for viewings..

Furnished Apartments Short or Long-term Fully equipped kitchens, A/C Linen & towels supplied Laundry & storage on site 1-bedroom apts. from $850.00p/m 2-bedroom apts. from $1200.00p/m Includes Wi-Fi & all utilities Housekeeping available Non-smoking - no pets We accept Visa and MasterCard 250 837-3405 or for pics

Completely renovated commercial building for rent or lease in Industrial Park. 1000 to 4200 sq. ft. 250 837-8105. Fully fenced compound in Industrial Park. Excellent location. 250 837-8105.



Suites, Upper

Auto Financing

Renovated 2-bedroom suite to rent. Includes washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, stove and utilities. Golf Course area. Asking $1000. NS,NP. Call Aimee 250 814-8833.


Modular Homes 2 BDRM. HOME $700/mo. + util. 3 bdrm. home $800/mo. + util. in Sicamous area. 250309-0975.

Homes for Rent 2 bedroom home, downtown, close to school and shopping. Avail Aug 1st. For more info call 250-837-2343 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for rent in Columbia Park. Fenced yard, pets welcome. $1400/mth Phone 250-837-4994 3 BEDROOM House for rent, available August 1. $975/mo plus utilities. NO PETS, smoke outside. 403-678-7937 Clean, 2-3 bdrm mobiles. Four appliances. NS, NP. 1306 Downie St. 250 837-4682.

Legal Notices

Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land

Need A Vehicle! Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231

Comments will be received by FrontCounter BC until August 17, 2012. FrontCounter BC may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please refer to our website index. jsp ­ Search ­ Search by File Number: insert Lands File Number for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact the FOI Advisor at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations regional office in Cranbrook.

3 Bedrooms + den 5 Appliances Pets negotiable Garage N/S $1200.00/month

Location Map N

Long-term family tenants preferred. Please phone Chris or Tasha @ 250-837-6171 or 250-837-7871 for more information.


Auto Loans or We Will Pay You $1000

All Makes, All Models. New & Used Inventory.

1-888-229-0744 or apply at: Must be employed w/ $1800/mo. income w/ drivers license. DL #30526

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HOUSE FOR RENT 2-bedroom, fully furnished house. Suitable for mature tenants. No pets. 15 min. from ski hill. $1100/mth

Classifieds Get Results!

House for Rent 3 bedrooms, 5 appliances,carport, recroom, hardwood floors, nice backyard $1500. Available immediately. Call 250 837-5465

Recreational/Sale 1999 Terry Lite 24.5 ft. 5th wheel travel trailer. Excellent condition. Many extras. 1 slide. New awning. $9500. obo. 250 837-3646.

Office/Retail 750 sq ft ground level with storage. $900/mth. 250 8371134. Office space available from 300 sq. ft. to 2500 sq. ft. 2nd St. location. 250 837-1134.

Legal Notices

The MFLNRO File Number that has been established for this application is 4405237. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to FrontCounter BC, 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook B.C., VIC 7Gl or email to:

Antiques / Classics

Duplex / 4 Plex 3 bdrm duplex, 5 appliances, Southside area $1100/mth. Some restrictions apply. Ph 250-837-5345 For Rent Bright 2 bedroom Duplex -Laundry on site -N/S, N/P -$900/mth Call 837-9437 after 5:30

Legal Notices

hear the marching sound of warlike feet.” A final patch of highway was filled in and the Prime Minister stamped it down. “Ladies and gentlemen, I declare officially open, the Trans-Canada Highway,” Diefenbaker pronounced. Well, almost – there were still some unfinished sections and an estimated 3,000 kilometres of the 7,821-kilometre route remained unpaved. Still, the opening of the highway through Rogers Pass had a great impact on Revelstoke, making it destination along Canada’s national point and stopping off point for people on their way to and from the coast. By mid-November, it was estimated that more than half-a-million people had travelled through Rogers Pass on the new highway. Special credit to Cathy English of the Revelstoke Museum & Archives for providing much of the background for this article.

FrontCounter BC Cranbrook has accepted an application made by Canadian Mountain Holidays Inc. of Banff, AB, on behalf of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Kootenay Region, for a License of Occupation for the purpose of five (5) communication sites situated on Provincial Crown land near Nagle, Birch, Kirbyville, Keystone Creeks and Mt. Sale and containing a total of 0.1975 hectares more or less.

For Rent 2 bedroom suite. Fridge, stove, washer & dryer, dishwasher and heat included. 250-837-4918 FOR RENT 3 Bedroom Duplex in Columbia Park Available August 1, 2012 * * * * * *

of Alberta beef was served to the crowd into the night. The newspaper quoted one American tourist as saying it was “the most successful affair I have ever attended.” “We couldn’t match a picnic like this anywhere in the U.S. And such meat!” he said. It should be noted there was some sniping in the press between the local media and the out-oftowners, who complained of the lack of accommodation and press facilities and greatly downplayed the numbers. A little more than a month later, on Sept. 4, 1962, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker travelled to Rogers Pass for the second official opening of the Trans-Canada Highway. A massive ceremony was planned and mostly pulled off, aside from the fact the band’s instruments didn’t show up in time. Diefenbaker made a short speech during which he said he hoped the highway “will always serve the cause of peace, that it will never


Commercial/ Industrial

dozens of dignitaries, including Premier William Bennett, were in Revelstoke for the provincial opening of the highway at a location 13 kilometres east of Revelstoke. The City of Revelstoke declared a holiday that afternoon so resident could attend the ceremony and around 5,000 vehicles crawled up the highway for the ceremony. With thousands in attendance, including more than 150 people from the press, and the thermometer hitting 35 C (that caused seven people to faint), B.C. Highway Minister Phil Gaglardi declared the road open. “There has been a lot of talk about who should get the credit. We are not interested in credit for anything other than we want the people of B.C. and of Canada to enjoy the highway through this God-given scenery. It’s yours to enjoy – you paid for it, you take the credit for it,” he told the crowd. Back in town a massive barbecue was held where 3,000 pounds

We’re on the net at

Suites, Lower

Auto Financing

2-bedroom basement suite. 5 min walk from downtown. Includes all utilities, cable and free laundry. NS,NP. 250 8371480.

DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-910-6402 DL# 7557

2008 F250 Diesel, 30K and 2008 5th wheel $99,999 250-837-3739

Boats 21’x7’6” Aluminum Fishing boat, 1/2 covered hard top, 135 hp Chrysler motor, also electric motor, heavy duty trailer, $11,900. 250-308-0977 or 250-545-4653

20 â&#x2013; TIMESReview â&#x2013;  WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012





. 95

MSRP $229.95

Now is time to get the ultimate landscaping tool ! Clockwise from left: Light on My Path, by Tina Lindegaard.; Prairie Hills, by Cherie Van Overbeke.; Prairie Abstraction, by Aran McCormick. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review


MSRP 2012


PAS-230 $349.95 $299.95 PAS-266 $379.95 $349.95 PAS-280 $469.95 $399.95 PAS ATTACHMENTS Model

Curved Trimmer Blower Pro Trim Hi Torque Pro Edger Curved Pro Hedge Trimmer Power Pruner BRD

MSRP 2012

$ 99.95 $129.95 $129.95 $149.95 $239.95 $239.95 $379.95


$ 79.95 $3 99.95 $109.95 $119.95 $219.95 $219.95 $349.95

Promo prices are in effect until July 31, 2012 All prices shown do not include applicable taxes

Available at the following participating ECHO Dealer

KENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S REPAIRS & RENTALS 801E - 4th STREET, REVELSTOKE 250-837-3536

Latest art show a contrast of landscapes ALEX COOPER

The vastly different landscapes of the forests of the B.C. Interior and the wide open plains of the Alberta prairie are the subject of the latest shows at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. In the main room is Forests â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a celebration of the bountiful and beautiful trees around Revelstoke. The exhibit coincides with the 100th anniversary of the B.C. Forest Service and contains work ranging from paintings to photography to pottery. In the side gallery is Wide Open Spaces by a group of local artists calling themselves the Immersionists. It is based on a trip to Rosebud, Alta., by Nicola McGarry, Tina Lindegaard, Gwen Lips, Cherie Van Overbeek, Aran McCormick and Valerie Speer. The shows are a contrast â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the dense forests with its canopied layers compared to the big skies and openness of the prairies. Lindegaard had works in both shows. In addition to her participation in the trip to Alberta, she also contributed what she

described as an â&#x20AC;&#x153;experimentalâ&#x20AC;? painting to the Forests exhibit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The open spaces are really freeing to do because you get these big expanses of colour,â&#x20AC;? she said. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s less detail, she noted, but â&#x20AC;&#x153;less is more.â&#x20AC;? The Immersionists is the name the original Art in the Park group, who have been painting together since 2009 (plus and minus a few artists), have given themselves. The trip to Alberta was yet another opportunity for them to experience a new landscape, following trips to Glacier, Pacific Rim, Yoho and Waterton National Parks. This time they stayed at the property of Aran McCormick in Rosebud, Alta., which is 90 minutes east of Calgary. As usual, they spent several days exploring the landscapes and bringing back ideas for paintings. The result if the Wide Open Spaces show, full of big, bright, flowing paintings, as well as one bird house and a series of abstract wood sculptures by McCormick that stand out for their unorthodox style. The contrast between the two shows was something that piqued my interest so

I approached Jackie Pendergast, Margaret Pacaud and Carol Palladino. The three were already talking and they are all active members of Revelstokeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art community. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think the prairie is a landscape that is so unfamiliar to people living in Revelstoke,â&#x20AC;? said Pendergast, who has never visited the prairies. Palladino noted the difference in the lighting. Whereas forests result in fractured, broken lighting, the prairies churn out big, bright landscapes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about light and the play of light is so different from one to another,â&#x20AC;? she said. Pacaud said it was a sign of the diverse landscapes that exist in Canada. Pendergast pointed out that the paintings in the Wide Open Spaces exhibit were generally much larger, showing the artists were â&#x20AC;&#x153;overwhelmed with the size of the landscapes.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The forest works are smaller, but they still convey the big trees,â&#x20AC;? she said. Forests and Wide Open Spaces are on display at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre at 320 Wilson Street until August 3.

Report to Residents                       See how we supported your efforts to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being in our annual Report to Residents: Foundation for Growth, highlighting activities and projects from around the Columbia Basin. If you have not yet received your Report to Residents, please call us to have one mailed to you.

Foundation for Growth XXXDCUPSHttConnect with us:

DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T MISS IT Report to Residents is in your mailbox and online at:

Revelstoke Times Review, July 18, 2012  

July 18, 2012 edition of the Revelstoke Times Review

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