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2 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Stephen Gagnon, AMP Kelly Curtis, AMP

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250-370-7788 r

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05:58 B.C. Transit driver Garry Shrive waits for his first passengers of the day on Central Avenue on the No. 2 bus to downtown.

De’Lish baker Magdalena Lamarche puts the finishing touches on a cheesecake as she prepares for the day.

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

A Day in the Life of Oak Bay, photographed June 5, 2012 We are pleased once again to present our annual photographic tribute to life in Oak Bay. Our team of shooters covered every corner of the municipality this time around, capturing people at work and at play, and engaged in various activities in between. We like to think of it as a good kickoff to summer in Oak Bay, where the living is pleasant and opportunities to enjoy our natural surroundings present

themselves everyday. We’d also like to thank those of you who are pictured in this edition for allowing us to feature you as an example of life in Oak Bay. We appreciate it. As a special treat this year, we have a few reader submitted photos. You’ll find those highlighted throughout this publication. – Laura Lavin editor, Oak Bay News

Photographers Don Denton, Sharon Tiffin, Adriana Durian, Laura Lavin, Erin McCracken, Kyle Slavin, Natalie North, Roszan Holmen and Travis Paterson

07:12 Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen checks his email as he begins his day with cereal and a cup of tea in his home. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

of experience. Marek rarely has a typical day at Barclay’s. One day he might be found next day he might be on-location servicing a Grandfather Clock. On other days you might Bring us your Clock or Watch for expert repair right here in Oak Bay.

Your Jewellery is Our Specialty

106-2187 Oak Bay Ave. 250-592-1100

3 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

A Day in the Life of a German Watch and Clock Maker Working in Oak Bay

07:30 Friends Gordon Chambers, left, and Wallace Eggert chat about golf and relax in the Oak Bay Recreation Centre pool. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

08:00 Produce manager Dave Halsall rolls out carts of fresh fruit outside Tomley’s market on Foul Bay Road.


Don Denton/News staff

Oak Bay municipal worker Eric Stark services a fire hydrant on the corner of Brighton Avenue and Oliver Street. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

4 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

R e c r e a t i o n O a k B ay S u m m e r C a m p s

Fun Unlimited with Swim Lessons! Tennis! Golf! Sailing! and much more!

R e g i s t e r T o d ay !

M a k e M o r e M e m o r i e s a t R e c r e a t i o n O a k B ay . . . 250-5 95-7 946 Where the Fun Lasts a Lifetime! recreation.oakbay. ca

08:05 Morning commuters make their way to and from UVic by car, bus, bike and on foot. Kyle Slavin/News staff



Oak Bay municipal worker Linda McGillicuddy loads plants onto a truck for planting around Oak Bay.

Buses follow each other up Henderson Road near UVic during the morning rush hour. Don Denton/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

A Day in the Life of a Master Goldsmith Working in Oak Bay beautiful, secure and durable by performing necessary maintenance for customers unique, custom pieces.

Your Jewellery is Our Specialty

106-2187 Oak Bay Ave. 250-592-1100

5 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

William brings to Barclay’s over 35 years of experience as a maker and designer of


08:25 Seth Copeman, 9, pedals his unicycle down Musgrave Street towards Willows School.

Fifteen-month-old Gabrielle Jourdenais gets a face wipe from big sister Avalon, 4, as they have breakfast at their grandparents, Dave and Sharon Fisher’s, home on Thompson Avenue.

Don Denton/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

08:20 08:15

Joan Mason, left, and Donna Clements take her Rottweiler, Cinq Ami, for a walk through Cedar Hill Corner. Kyle Slavin/News staff

At the municipal yard, Stephanie Pereira, from Pacific Mobile Depot, picks up bags of recycling the Oak Bay Green Committee collected during the Oak Bay Tea Party. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

6 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Powered by Imagination

Your Specialty Toy Store in the Heart of Oak Bay Village Open 7 Days A Week 2213 Oak Bay Ave • 250-598-TOYS (8697)

09:08 Fourth-year student Tiffany Garnett, 23, preps for a marine biology exam in the front lobby of the Bob Wright Centre at UVic. Kyle Slavin/News staff

08:48 Jocelyn Henderson, 8, left, crosses the street en route to L’Ecole Willows Elementary with mom Orissa and twin sister Brianna. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

09:13 The Whole Beast smoke-meister Geoff Pinth prepares sausages for the smoker at The Whole Beast on Oak Bay Avenue. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

Jewellery design comes in different forms; the pieces created fully from imagination, the pieces inspired from jewellery previously owned and complete redesign of existing jewellery. After designing jewellery for close to six years, Roberta enjoys all types and all stages of the designing process. Using one of the latest software programs, she can be

Your Jewellery is Our Specialty

106-2187 Oak Bay Ave. 250-592-1100

7 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

A Day in the Life of an Expert Jewellery Designer Working in Oak Bay

09:49 Darcy Clark from Luis Cardoso Masonry selects stones for a raised flower bed on Beach Drive. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

10:23 Firefighters Roger Stewart, left, and Kris Malinosky check a breathing apparatus face piece on a fire truck at the fire hall on Monterey Avenue, part of their daily routine. Sharon Tiffin/News staff


09:30 Coach Helen Masters, left, and Leo Mostachfi, 2, play with a puppet, as Samantha Yee, 7, centre, looks on during a weekly Sportball class at Oak Bay United Church.

Jaymee Sidel covers the scones as she prepares for the opening of the Kiwanis Tearoom at Willows Beach.

Don Denton/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

Fabrics & Interiors 8 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

• Re-Upholstery • Blinds & Draperies • Slipcovers

Ask for Paul or Ja mie Morgan 250-598-4011 2070 Cadboro Bay Road

Doing our part to Make Oak Bay Beautiful on the inside

10:39 Oak Bay Beach Hotel owner Kevin Walker takes a call outside his office at the nearly completed Oak Bay Beach Hotel on Beach Drive. SharonTiffin/Newsstaff

10:45 Charelli’s Cheese Shop owner Carmen Lassooij unpacks newly arrived cheeses in her Foul Bay Road shop.

11:10 Architect Rory Phillips checks the oil in his car at the Shell station on Oak Bay Avenue before heading off to an appointment.


11:00 Oak Bay parks employee Sean Cromarty installs wind barriers along the fencing surrounding the Carnarvon Park tennis courts.



Oak Bay 250-598-8398 Gordon Head 250-472-8528

9 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012


11:10 Chicken enthusiast Pat Rush spends a few moments with her hens in a coop behind her home on Transit Road. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

11:20 George Nation takes home a flat of flowers to replace some zinnias eaten by slugs. Laura Lavin/News staff

11:21 Grounds crewman Brad Sinclair drops sand to help drain the high-traffic areas along hole No. 15 of the Victoria Golf Club. Travis Paterson/News staff

11:32 Oak Bay Police Const. Dave Prill deals with paperwork at police office on Monterey Avenue. Don Denton/News staff

11:30 Markus Hediger, executive chef of Carlton House prepares a special meal to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee. Laura Lavin/News staff

10 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Local Meats • Specialty Cheeses • Imported Sauces • Home Made Sausages • A Wide Variety of Free Range Products

Slaters From our family to yours for over 50 years

Make us a part of your day in Oak Bay

Cameron Doyle & Geoff Martin

Willows Centre at 2577 Cadboro Bay Road • 250 592 0823 • Open 7 days a week 8am - 5pm

12:20 Josh Kalef feeds cookies to his dogs Bosco and Cubby. Laura Lavin/News staff

11:50 Margaret Weiss, left, Olga Stratholt and Helen Macpherson bundle up as they wait for the bus into Victoria.


Laura Lavin/News staff

12:35 Stella Sarosiak takes a break at Willows Beach.

11:55 Oak Bay Pharmasave pharmacy staff, front to back, Sandy Nelson, Gina Mihaly-Wolfe, Lisa Holtner and Valerie Bjorn are hard at work taking and filling orders. Don Denton/News staff

Michael Sarosiak photo

HOME • AUTO • COMMERCIAL • MARINE 2571 Cadboro Bay Rd (located in Willows Centre) • 250.477.1355

11 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Oak Bay’s favourite for insurance

1:01 Gareth Gaudin, creator of the Perogy Cat comic and owner of Legends Comic and Books, at work in his home studio.

12:39 Writer Jude Isabella works on a freelance article in her Oak Bay studio. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

1:13 1:04 David Stephen enjoys his lunch in front of the Oak Bay municipal hall. Laura Lavin/News staff

Mojdeh, owner of Village Patisserie packs up an order for a customer. Laura Lavin/ News staff

Visit Us At Estevan Pharmacy 12 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

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1:30 Oak Bay Rotary Club president Joan Peggs, right, and Oak Bay High Grade 11 student Caitlin Mangiacasale after she reported on her trip to attend Adventure in Citizenship in Ottawa. Tricia Timmermans photo

1:18 Zack Mears, 11, warms up his trombone before a performance in the Monterey Middle School gym. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

1:28 1:42

Larry Maydonik, front, a member of the Oak Bay Sailing Club, forgoes a trip out on the water due to strong winds and opts to work on one of the club’s boats with Dennis Yap, at Oak Bay Marina.

Rory Stratton reads a graphic novel in a quiet spot behind the Welcome to Oak Bay sign at Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue.

Natalie North/News staff

Laura Lavin/News staff


13 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Simple, natural and incredibly fresh.

2:03 VPS Paving crew Kevin Gray, left, and Andrew Wickstrom prepare the asphalt as Tyler Wood, right, uses a roller to smooth a new driveway in the 1800-block of Oak Bay Avenue.


Laura Lavin/News staff

L’Ecole Willows Elemetary School French immersion teacher Sarah Deblois mimes a mountain as she works on geography with her class. Sharon Tiffin/News staff


14 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

2:10 Oak Bay High student Jon Souschef lies on his back on the grass outside the school playing his guitar.

Optician Jewel Knee, left, measures customer Doris Trigg’s eyes with a digital PD meter during a visit by Trigg to purchase new glasses at Oak Bay Optometry.

Don Denton/News staff

Don Denton/News staff

2:32 2:55

Eva Kruger, 82, works out at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre on Bee Street. Kruger’s secret to staying young is to work out and eat healthy.

Katherine Klassen gets her hair done by En-Visage owner Anne Walsh at the salon on Estevan Avenue.

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

Sharon Tiffin/News staff

2:41 Marjorie Clark plants some lychnis coronaria in a patch of her front yard along Dunlevy Street. Roszan Holmen/News staff

2:47 Ryan Aitchison, owner of Fusion Landscaping, lays bricks for a driveway at a newly-built house one block south of Estevan Village. Roszan Holmen/News staff

2:45 Alden Weymar, 8, prepares to return the ball while practising tennis moves with his father Matthew at the courts in Windsor Park. Don Denton/News staff

Monterey Recreation Centre 1442 Monterey Avenue 250-370-7300

Evening and Weekday Courses are offered for Adults 19 years & over

15 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Discover Monterey

Weekday Daytime Courses and Clubs for Adults 50 years & over Membership $41

3:06 3:00 Nate Corsi, 5, and brother Sam, 3, run off some energy with Grandma, Lien Dang, in Lokier Gardens.

Bus driver Dale Randall has a layover at Estevan Village while driving the 2A Willows route, which is his favourite route. Roszan Holmen/News staff

Roszan Holmen/News staff

3:07 Kai Bennett, 3, holds his cup for a refill from nanny Kala Halasz at Crumsby’s Cupcake Cafe on Estevan Avenue. Sharon Tiffin/News staff

3:11 Helen Lee waters the plants available at the Food Forum at the corner of Estevan Avenue and Cadboro Bay Road. Adriana A. Durian photo

3:18 Barista Amanda Baart prepares a speciality coffee at Pure Vanilla on Cadboro Bay Road.

16 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Adriana A. Durian photo

3:21 Dean Horsfall sets up a new stroller purchased from Buddies Toys for his 17-month-old daughter Cadence. Cadence wasted no time zooming the stroller up and down Estevan Avenue, and within seconds, navigated into the open door of the hair salon, giving a surprise visit to the ladies inside.


Roszan Holmen/News staff

Bob Martin works up a sweat through pedal power at Henderson Recreation Centre. The 74-year-old staff member has been a personal trainer since 1989. Erin McCracken/News staff


3:59 Wally Tsumura concentrates while taking a shot playing snooker at Monterey Centre.

It’s quitting time. Barry Russell moves a magnet on the staff board to show he’s out of the office, as his shift as a maintenance employee at Henderson Recreation Centre wraps up for another day.

Adriana A. Durian photo

Erin McCracken/News staff

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17 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

“Taste of Spain” July 17-21 “Taste of Chile” August 21-25

4:20 Carnarvon Cannons Bantam AA baseball players Tyler Rickman, at front left, Ryan Scherr and Yusaku Abe remove a protective cover from home plate before practice at Carnarvon Park.


Don Denton/News staff

Mike O’Keefe from Westco wraps up working on a new home on Monterey Street for the day. Adriana A. Durian photo

18 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012



Simon Pollock, left, and Bennett Cannell take advantage of the afternoon sun to play street hockey.

Groundskeeper Emanuel Carreiro tends to a colourful trailing clematis on the sprawling grounds of a home on Upper Terrace Road.

Adriana A. Durian photo

Erin McCracken/News staff

Sweet Delights takes you back to your childhood with retro candy and sweets from around the world! Join us in Oak Bay Village at the back of Athlone Court • 778-430-4906 •

5:01 Johnny the border collie and Kayt the Dalmation wait for owner Robert Bill to play fetch at a popular dogwalking spot at the University of Victoria, along Cedar Hill Cross Road.


Erin McCracken/ News staff

UVic student Jacquie Cable works at earning next year’s tuition as she paints a stair railing along Elgin Road. Don Denton/News staff

4:48 Sully, a sixmonth-old Labrador-mastiff cross, shows Lowell Johnston some love near the University of Victoria grounds, along Cedar Hill Cross Road. Erin McCracken/ News staff

5:17 Canada geese cluster on a small group of rocks, enjoying the late afternoon sun as the tide rolls in to Oak Bay. Don Denton/News staff

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19 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Call today for an appointment!


5:48 Harper Claire Murdoch enjoys bubbles and sunshine at the Music Together event in Windsor Park.


Kevin Murdoch photo


5:19 Sara Bjorkquist and her son Nathan participate in the Music Together event at Windsor Park.

Sue Hayes practises fly fishing on the beach in front of Haynes Park.

Adriana A. Durian photo

Jeremy Phillips photo

Semi Annual Frame Sale 20 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012



B IN FOR N ECTIO *Based on complete pair purchase with fully coated lenses.


OAK BAY VILLAGE 2265 OAK BAY AVE 250 595 2773



Meghan Kirby, 6, proudly runs to first base after hitting the ball during a t-ball game at Fireman’s Park.

Robert Duncan gives his daughter Roslyn a hand in the playground at Rotary Park.

Adriana A. Durian photo


Adriana A. Durian photo

6:54 Alex Schmid, a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, brought his homemade telescope (an eightinch reflector equipped with strong filters for safe viewing) to Cattle Point, where he hosted a steady stream of visitors there to witness the transit of Venus, which won’t occur again until 2117.

5:28 Oliver Lardiere takes a quick peek from behind specially protected binoculars while looking at Venus crossing the sun. Lardiere took in the view from Windsor Park.

Eileen K. Seto photo

8:00 12:00 3:00 pm 6:00 pm

COFFEE, Acma COFFEE, LUNCH,, Borek with Lentil Soup LUNCH TEA TIME, TIME, Baklava DINNER WITH FRIENDS, FRIENDS, Mezzzes with Wine or Raki

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21 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Adriana A. Durian photo

6:48 Seven-year-old Tower and his owner Mark Lougheed watch the world go by.

22 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012

Sharon Tiffin/News staff



Ian Fleury welcomes new guests to the Oak Bay Toastmasters group. The Oak Bay Toastmasters have been meeting for 15 years.

Landscaper Lance Langford from Acorn & Branch Landscaping works late into the evening.

Adriana A. Durian photo

Adriana A. Durian photo

a life less ordinary


Although it’s late, there’s still time for work and play all around Oak Bay.

9:13 Hockey player Larry Beatty, with the Blue Team, arrives at the Oak Bay Rec Centre for a semi-final game in the Duffer Hockey league. Adriana A. Durian photo

8:55 Sandy Friesen, a new Oak Bay resident, enjoys a walk along Oak Bay Avenue with her dog Tucker.


Adriana A. Durian photo

Bartender Tamara Macgregor pours a brew at the Penny Farthing Pub. Adriana A. Durian photo

White Heather

Enjoy our delicious lunches, lovely afternoon teas, and freshly baked treats.

250 595 8020 1885 Oak Bay Ave Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

23 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012


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24 • A Day in the Life Oak Bay - July 2012


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July 11, 2012  

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