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Drinking and Driving Can Cause Loss of License,

Financial Penalty,

Imprisonment, Serious Injury

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Don’t let prom and graduation time end in DISASTER.

This is the start of many great achievements Walk Tall Grads!


Be responsible Grads! Arrive alive...leave the driving to us.

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and DEATH.

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BAD DRIVING The bad habits of Canadian drivers



of drivers admit to having at least one bad driving habit. That’s about 18,750,000 people



Emergency roadside service 24 hrs, 7 days a week


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admit they use their cell phones while driving


admit they don’t always signal




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admit to parking in handicapped parking spaces



claim they have no bad habits, and that they are perfect drivers.

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admit to applying makeup while driving

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admit to having road rage

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admit to weaving in and out of traffic

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admit to following cars too closely

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admit to driving faster than the speed limit

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admit to consuming food or beverages while driving

Dangerous Drugs in Our Community Home-grown marijuana operations or crack labs have become one of the more popular means for supplying local drug dealers with narcotics. These drugs end up in the hands of our children and in¿ltrate our schools and homes. The damages caused by the use of these illicit drugs tear at the very fabric of our society and can have irreversible effects. Crime Stoppers is asking for your help in identifying individuals growing marijuana or running crack labs in our community. Most operations are managed under strictly controlled conditions. Light, water and soil nutrients are closely monitored to ensure maximum plant growth in the least amount of time. Marijuana cultivated under these conditions is more potent and therefore more harmful to its users. Crack labs are far more dangerous operations involving the combining of various very harmful and sometimes volatile products. Electricity is also dangerously rerouted in many cases. Any combination of the following information may indicate the presence of a marijuana grow operation: blacked out - tin foiled windows, heavy condensation on the insides of windows, very intense bright lights running between 18 or more hours a day, a musty, greenhouse odor, excessive indoor/outdoor electrical wiring, portable generators running for extensive periods of time, additional venting or fans constructed into walls or roofs. Crime Stoppers needs your help in identifying and stopping criminals who pro¿t on the cultivation and distribution of illicit drugs in our community. Do you know anyone or any location where this type of activity is occuring or have information on any other crime, if so; Crime Stoppers will pay a reward up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this crime. If you have any information about this crime or any other crime, call Crime Stoppers. You don't have to reveal your identity. Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call display.

Call Crime Stoppers at



Creston Valley Teachers’ Association 428-7006

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Dear parents of the graduating class of 2012 SUBMITTED The human race is amazing! We have conquered some of the highest peaks in the world including Mount Everest, we have developed technology that can access information at the touch of a ¿nger, we have sent man into space but yet we cannot fathom that there can be celebrations for our youth without alcohol. We are consistently trying to do what we feel is best by offering them a ‘safe’ environment to consume the substance. I would just like to ask you if you are prepared for the outcomes. First off we may be concentrating our

efforts in trying to ensure that our youth don’t drink and drive but that is only one of the traumatic outcomes that can occur. People both young and old do things that they later regret while consuming alcohol. Imagine this scenario…You host a party for your teen who is graduating, one of their friends drinks too much and is ¿ghting with their boyfriend/ girlfriend, they ¿nd out that their boyfriend/ girlfriend wants to date someone else, they cannot handle that news so they leave the party and end up taking their own life. Are you prepared for that? We know that when people drink their ‘no’s’

become ‘maybe’s’. There are no bene¿ts to drinking alcohol so why these parents would support such an industry for the purpose of allowing their children to consume their products is beyond me? What message are we sending to our children? Parents, me included want the absolute best for our children, we want them to grow up happy, healthy and successful but most of all we want them to grow up. Forgive me for being blunt but how does allowing celebrations involving alcohol align with wanting the best for your children. Why is it so far fetched to think

that our youth can have more fun without the consumption of alcohol. Providing a ‘safe’ drinking environment will not keep our children safe. I have heard many success stories and youth saying that some of their best memories were when they were participating in activities or parties where there was no alcohol. I am so proud of parents for getting involved in the lives of their teenagers but let’s think outside the box and host some amazing activities without this lethal substance. Let’s stand together and support them to say ‘NO’ instead of enabling them to make poor choices.

Society has made it clear that drinking and driving is unacceptable, that being intoxicated in public places is indictable, and that drinking under age is illegal so why are parents allowing our children to drink in their homes? Let’s change the message we are sending to our youth because there is no safe way to consume alcohol. Let’s not stick our heads in the sand, because I highly doubt that you are prepared for the consequences that can arise when young adults are given illegal substances, even if they are consumed in the comfort of YOUR continued on S4

Congratulations Grads of 2012 Have a safe graduation. Please don't drink and drive!

We care about our kids!

Cranbrook District Teachers’ Association A Union of Professionals

www.cranrookteachers . ca

Supply Alcohol

Congratulations all East Kootenay Grads of 2012

Alcohol free BBQ at the lake University

Prom Get married

Trip to Brazil

House Party

I wish sh you the best of luck in all of yo your future endeavours. Celebrate your accomplishments and be safe. You have many people who care about you!

Have kids

Have grandkids Guy drinks too much

Bill Bennett, MLA Kootenay East

Guy cheats on girlfriend

Create your own journey Girlfriend drinks can’t handle the news

Life goes on... Reaching for Potential

Hats off to the class of 2012

Girlfriend commits suicide

East Kootenay Realty *A component of C.P.E.C.

The Board of Governors and Employees of College of the Rockies congratulate all secondary school graduates. We wish you well in all your future endeavours!


Monday, June 18, 2012 Kootenay News Advertiser

Congratulations all Kimberley & Cranbrook Grads It’s normal for kids to want to celebrate these rites of passage to the maximum, but the role of parents is to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Dear parents Continued from S3

Don’t let alcohol and drugs cloud your child’s future There’s nothing more touching than seeing your teenagers on the most exciting day of their lives, walking across the stage to receive their high school

diploma or heading out for their formal. They radiate such self-con¿dence, and their futures are bright with promise. Don’t let drugs and alcohol lead them away

from that, toward tragedy. It’s normal for kids to want to celebrate these rites of passage to the maximum, but the role of parents is to ensure

that nothing goes wrong. Parents have to do what they can to ensure that their kids’ lives are not ruined by a car accident caused by a young driver under the inÀuence of

alcohol or drugs. What to do to prevent a tragedy? Discuss the dangers with your teenagers whenever possible, Continued on S5

Congratulations 2012 Grads! Drive Safe

home. Choosing not to drink may very well be against the norm and may be the hard road but the bene¿ts are so worth it and the potential in our youth is immeasurable, we owe it to them to set a good example and support them to make positive and healthy

choices. Tell your children that you love them every chance you get, make sure they know that they mean everything to someone. Elizeabeth Stone quoted “Making the decision to have children is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. “


Congratulations Grads! Please don't drink & drive! Have a fun & safe summer!



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Don’t And

Drink Drive

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:fe^iXklcXk`fejXcc>iX[j A message from the staff Kimberley, BC





S00a’s vofedollars 1 1

Queen Size

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Congratulations to all East Kootenay Grads of 2012! “A Tradition of Trust... ...Guaranteed”

We strongly support "Smart*Grad" and all community awareness programs. Please call a cab, We care.

Congratulations to the Grads of 2012 from Mayor and Council. Be safe and please don’t drink and drive.

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Graduation Congratulations Don’t let alcohol and drugs cloud your child’s future

Author Unknown

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However you define Happiness and success, May you find and enjoy them Every day of your life. Congratulations as you graduate.

Congratulations Grads


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Way to go Elk Valley Grads!

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THE FOX DEN BOARDING KENNELS • Heated indoor kennels • 5x16 outdoor runs • Large secured play area • Comfortable beds • 24 hour on site supervision • Daily trail walks • Family style care • Fully insured For a quality stay while you’re away call: Lisa or Kevin Fox Wardner, BC

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Way to Go Grads!

For all the money in the world Can’t buy self-esteem, character, Contentment, love or happiness-And these are the very things That make life Worth living.

* A Component of C.P.E.C

especially as their big day approaches. Emphasize the fact that drug or alcohol consumption could spoil this memorable evening and that the consequences could even be fatal. Ensure that event organizers have planned security measures to prevent any substance abuse. Offer to be your teenager’s designated driver throughout the evening, even if that means staying up until after dawn. It’s becoming more common for parents to

get together and offer a safe driving service to youngsters after the formal. If you promise not to complain, no matter where you have to go, no matter what time it is, your teenager might very well accept this win-win deal. Other options might be to hire a limousine service for them or rent them a hotel room within walking distance of the formal’s location. After all, the most important thing is to make sure that everybody gets home safe and sound, diploma in hand!

From the management and staff of Fernie & Sparwood

Congratulations all SMART*GRAD South Country & Elk Valley Grads

Contributed from S4

To live a successful life Does not require Money, fame, power, prestige Or status symbols... It’s more a matter of Being true to your own beliefs and principles, Doing your best, Even in the smallest of things, And never taking for granted The simple joys in life-Such as laughter, a perfect day, Or a loyal friend.


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It! You Made

2 1 0 2 f o s ClasMarian B. Gravelle NOTARY PUBLIC

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Monday, June 18, 2012 Kootenay News Advertiser

By Al Nutini RCMP Drugs & Organized Crime Awareness Service With graduation just around the corner we begin to imagine and hope for the future of the amazing young adults that make up our communities. Who will they become? What will they accomplish? Where will they live? Some of us are faced with the reality of other more fearful questions like: Will they all survive? Will they be injured (physically/ emotionally)? Are we doing everything we can to promote their safety? A question we ask at the new “After PARTY” program is … Are you prepared? There are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of debates that surround the alcohol issue in society. I have certainly been involved in many and by nature of what I do and who I am will be again. We hear and see many per-

Are you prepared...?

spectives on this drug and certainly I feel comfortable expressing and defending mine but the Kootenay Advertiser doesn’t have the space to address them in one issue so I am going to keep it to the one “After PARTY” question … ARE YOU PREPARED? … when the sober designated driver dies in the crash coming from a party at your home because the drunken passenger thought it funny to cover the drivers eyes. You have to admit when your judgment and inhibition are impaired by alcohol those little things seem funny. … when the girl that attends your event has her ¿rst drink that unfortunately leads to a lifetime of issues involving alcohol. One in every ¿ve who drink (on average) will struggle with alcohol. The 20% number is signi¿cantly higher if you are introduced to alcohol at a younger age.

… when the young lady who gets drunk at your party willingly or unwillingly enters into a relationship with someone that will remain an emotional stress the remainder of her life. Reality is approximately 80% of sexual assaults are related to alcohol. … when a boyfriend and girlfriend argue and break up and one or the other leaves your party and goes home in a depressed state accentuated by the depressant alcohol and ends any potential they possess. … when a young man leaves your party angry at a friend and ¿nds conÀict outside your home that results in another person being crippled for life. The list goes on and on, these situations are real, they do happen, and they often originate with adult support. Each scenario is equally as traumatic as the one we hear about most often, drinking and driving. None of these situations are isolated to youth,

but they are highlighted because the loss of youth means an amazing loss of potential. When I ask this question … do you know someone who has suffered (or suffers) from one of these or the many other things that happen the number is staggering. All that and this phenomenon continues. The great news is youth drug use (alcohol included) has declined over the past seven years. We want to take that next step so we need to continue to ask those key questions of ourselves - the tough questions with respect to how we facilitate a culture that has cost us so many lives and so much potential. Over time, like with tobacco, we will change our thinking, our beliefs, and ultimately our behaviour. Hopefully, the change will be quick and save more lives. Over the past years there have been signi¿cant signs of the beginning of a cultural shift. The thought

of graduating from high school without drinking alcohol was not even on the radar but today it is a reality for many of our kids. These are the young leaders of this cultural shift and they need your support

to bring about the change. Are we willing to change our culture; our beliefs? I have seen enough so, I know I am!! Have a great graduation to all the students and their families.

Precious Lives Anonymous

Did you think it couldn’t happen? Did you think it wasn’t real? You thought of only fun and games As you got behind the wheel. You knew that it was stupid, You didn’t stop to think. You got into the car that night, You’d had too much to drink. You didn’t even see the tree; You were going much too fast. You drew in a sharp breath A breath that was your last. Three precious lives were lost that night; You weren’t the first to die. We think about you lovingly As each day passes by. This poem is a warning To each and everyone: The result of drunken driving Can never be undone.


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g Con

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Be safe! Don't Drink and Drive!

Congratulations Grads!


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Congratulations all Columbia Valley Grads


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The Graduation I Will Never Forget by Jaunita Bezanson It was the summer of 1976 and, boy, was it hot that night I wanted to go to the grad party not knowing it would end up in fright

I don’t remember what happened there was not a lot of time all I know is that a drunk driver came through a stop sign

At ¿rst things were good we all had so much fun even though the end result was it would be my last one

Was he at the party the same one as I or just some jerk out driving drunk or maybe high

I had to go that night to be with all the friends from school It was the only thing at the end of the year we all thought was so cool

I was the one to pay the price for someone who did not think for now I am laying here dying while he had one too many to drink

The end of the night had come everyone was leaving to go home My boyfriend was too drunk to drive so my sister I did phone

I only was a teenager my life was not yet in bloom and someone took it all away took it way too soon

I parted with my man with a big kiss goodnight and we watched each other drive away ’til we were out of sight

I left my sister, family, and my man who are all grieving in pain while this drunk man will get to see his loved ones once again

I told my sister how things went and how much fun I had that is when things started to happen and became really bad

So to all of you grads, take heed to what I say, and if you’re at your party, in order to survive, take care of yourself, your friends, loved ones: Please don’t drink and drive.

Don't Drink & Drive

Contratulations East Kootenay Grads • Fire & Water Restoration • Insurance Claims • 24 Hour Service

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Alcohol and drinking – the facts Courtesy of Canadian Public Health Association Alcohol is a psychoactive drug. It affects your senses, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. In Canada, the most commonly used drug is alcohol. 80 per cent of the alcohol drunk by Canadians is in the form of beer. A standard drink contains 13.6 g of alcohol. Standard drinks are: - 355 ml (12 ounce) can of 5 per cent beer - 146 ml (5 ounce) glass of 10 to 12 per cent wine - 44 ml (1.5 ounce) of 40 per cent hard liquor or spirits All of the above standard drinks have the same amount of alcohol in them. Heavy drinking means you drink too much on one occasion or over a long

period of time. It can lead to liver, brain and nerve damage as well as alcohol addiction. Short-term heavy drinking is sometimes referred to as binge drinking. It is linked to alcohol poisoning, violent and nonviolent injuries, and aggression. In a 2004 national survey, 1 in 3 Canadians reported experiencing harm in the past year because of someone else’s drinking. In Canada, half of all substance abuse treatment involves alcohol.

Rella & Paolini


Congratulations all East Kootenay Grads. Don’t Drink and Drive.


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because there are no unimportant parts


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The wish we hold for all children…

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EDUCATE YOURSELF Congratulations to all 2012 Kootenay Grads

East Kootenay Addiction Services Society delivers substance use prevention programs to children and youth from Kindergarten to Grade 12, with the goal of creating healthy communities that support children and youth in making healthy decisions for their future.

Please contact us for more information about our prevention programs at: 1-877-489-4344 or (250)489-4344 Board of Education of School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay)


Monday, June 18, 2012 Kootenay News Advertiser

Why bother? This is why we care




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“The Right Clothing for the Right Price”

Congrast!s Grad


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• Roads • Parking Areas • Tennis Courts • Driveways •Asphalt • Sand • Gravel A local ¿rm with local people growing with Britsh Columbia

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Thank you! To our sponsors from the 2011-2012 program year: • East Kootenay Reality • Columbia Basin Trust • United Way of Cranbrook • Kin Club of Cranbrook • School District No. 5 • Cranbrook & District Community Foundation • Trans Canada Pipelines • BCGEU • TD Canada Trust • Sunrise Rotary Club • RCMP • Kootenay News Advertiser • The Drive and B104 • Skyway • Joni Janzen A special thank you to all the local businesses who have contributed to the P.A.R.T.Y. Program, your support is invaluable

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D 2012


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Congratulations 2012 Grads Please don’t Drink & Drive Division of Interoute Construction Ltd.

ous situation. Young people are the most likely demographic to get into an accident while driving. Today, it is even easier to get distracted while at the wheel, increasing the risks of accidents. Here in British Columbia, it is now a ticketed offence ($167.00) to use electronic devices while driving. This includes not only using a cell phone to orally communicate, but also emailing or texting. Irrespective of what the law says, if your child is learning how to drive, would you want them to be involved in distracting behaviors? Be a positive role model and avoid driving distractions. Even if you are not distracted, others may be. Drive defensively!

* A Component of C.P.E.C

Hillbilly Hard Wear

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

less aware of what is happening on the road around you and slow your reaction time. There are many different types of distractions. Physical distractions included activities that cause you to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Cognitive distractions included activities that take your mind away from the road, such as having a conversation with passengers, talking on a cell phone, re-living an argument in your mind or even daydreaming. Combination distractions included activities that take your hands, eyes and mind off the road, such as reading a map or choosing different music to listen to. Add in winter road conditions and you have a potentially very danger-

Congrats Grads


Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

way of showing appreciation for success doesn’t have to involve alcohol. Eventually we will drive a stake through the heart of this generational belief that Graduation and alcohol go together. So why bother with designated drivers, frisking kids at proms, road checks, and all that other stuff? It is simple. We are community, we are parents, and if not one kid ever drank for Grad again we would still bother, worrying that their choices could bring them harm. It is all working, the supervision, the education, the options, and the caring. Through education, parental involvement, and community standards we will gradually change this norm, between alcohol and Graduation. That’s why we bother.


Guess what? Lots of kids don’t drink. In our region in any given month less that half the kids in grades 7 to 12 use alcohol, and pretty sparse and infrequently as well. And those numbers are decreasing every year. Our prevention continuum components are showing drastic reductions in alcohol and marijuana use as more students are becoming entrenched in ongoing prevention education. The Community Arrive*Alive program was discontinued in 2010 after 13 years because more and more Grads are choosing smaller home gatherings, and school Dry Grad celebrations, rather than risky and out of control bush bashes involving hundreds of kids. And parents are getting the message that the old

By Cst. Lisa Schlatter Community Policing Cranbrook RCMP Have you ever crossed the center line of the road while adjusting the vehicle temperature? What’s the harm in daydreaming for 2 seconds? During the 2 seconds you took your eyes off the road, you’ve traveled 30 metres at a low speed of 50 km/h. Many of us have been guilty of occasionally multi-tasking behind the wheel. Grabbing a snack, taking a call, checking our appearance in the mirror, or setting the GPS. It may only be a couple of seconds that your eyes are off the road, but it can have disastrous consequences. Driving distractions take your attention away from driving, make you


By Paul Komer East Kootenay Addiction Services We all know Grads are going to drink before or after, and maybe during their grad activities, so why bother trying to stop them? After all it’s only to prove to themselves they are not kids anymore and have reached the adult world even if they are going on to College or University. And that’s the way it’s always been. Lots of them drink anyway or have tried it. Adults started all this and generations have entrenched the alcohol tie in with High School Graduation, and of course the kids buy in, and on and on it goes. Whoa! Wait a minute! Am I using the words or thoughts that everyone uses?

Driving distractions – keep your eyes on the road

June 18, 2012  
June 18, 2012  

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