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City offers to fund half of skate park project BY BREANNE MASSEY Times Staff

After years of debate a skate park proposed to the City of Trail is another step closer to becoming a reality. On Monday night in the regular council meeting, the city committed to funding one half of the estimated $550,000 cost for the proposed skate park. But before construction on this project moves forward the skateboard committee is expected to raise the other half of the money required. “The city will quite often enter into partnerships like that for the construction of either amenity areas or recreational facilities,” explained corporate administrator Michelle McIsaac. “What we do is come up with a 50/50 type cost sharing arrangement and the external group, in this case it’s the skateboard park committee, has their funding in place. “Then, the city steps up and we undertake construction so we wouldn’t get started until the money is in place.” The Columbia Youth Community Development Centre (YCDC) has supported the project by fundraising, raising awareness and supporting youth in their efforts to move forward on this project. “The YCDC makes up only one aspect of a fundraising committee,” said Morgan-River Jones, the coordinator at the Columbia YCDC. “Additional fundraising will be the responsibility of the entire skate park committee.” But there’s no denying the weight of the YCDC’s involvement on a project of this scale, a result that could have been triggered when the YCDC backed a group of youth who petitioned the city when the idea was initially raised in Trail council. “The YCDC is an integral part of the Skateboard Park Committee and they’ve already done some fundraising at various events,” said McIsaac. “They’ve done T-shirt sales in the past, but they’re also seeking funding through external grant opportunities. “So, they made up applications through the CBT Community Initiatives Funding and the Skateboard Park Committee with YCDC, being a part of that, will be looking at other funding sources—essentially grant opportunities.”


Ken Drake, an employee from Simm’s Excavating and Snow Removal Ltd., began clearing up the parking lot by the old Dairy Queen this week.

Group leads battle against invasive weed BY TIMOTHY SCHAFER Times Staff

There’s good weed and there’s bad weed. And the bad ones are nonnative plants that threaten to proliferate in local waters, causing inestimable damage to the region’s ecosystem, according to the Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee (CKIPC). But now there’s good money going after the bad weed as the CKIPC recently received a chunk of change from the province to nip the bad in the bud, including the

See PUBLIC, Page 3


Greater Trail’s public enemy number one: Eurasian water milfoil. Although the committee won’t be using all of their $49,500 to fight the good fight in the region against the non native, invasive aquatic species, they are raising awareness for users of the Columbia River and Champion Lakes to help stop its spread. The committee is continuing with its prevention awareness campaign for recreation users of those bodies of water— as well as Christina Lake and the Kootenay River—

promoting “Clean drain and dry before leaving a water body or entering a new one,” said Crystal Klym, CKIPC program manager. “One of the biggest problems with Eurasian milfoil is that is can be transported throughout lakes and river systems by boats and recreationalists. Little bits can be caught on the motor and then transported from one body to another,” she said. “So if folks can just have a look at the bottom of their boat to make sure it is clean




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of plants, that would help stop its spread.” Eurasian water milfoil can grow from broken off stems which increases the rate in which the plant can spread and grow. The challenge with an invasive species like Eurasian water milfoil in general is that, once it is introduced into a region, it can spread quite rapidly and then displace native plants and animals, impeding recreation by clogging waterways and beaches, and choking boat propellers.



Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times



Heaven sent rocks on the auction block Meteor fragments that landed in Beaver Creek in 1893 resurface on eBay BY GREG NESTEROFF


Cloudy Periods

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Tiny fragments reportedly from a meteorite that landed near Beaver Creek almost 120 years ago are being auctioned online. Nine pieces of the space rock, each about the size of a Rice Krispie, have fetched between $10 and $93 on eBay in the last two months. Two different sellers have put them on the block, one in Taiwan and the other in Kansas. While the provenance of these bits is murky, the Beaver Creek meteorite is one of only three verified in BC. (The others were at Revelstoke in 1965 and Tagish Lake in 2000.) Its story is well documented, but little known in this area. Between 3 and 4 p.m. on May 26, 1893, a meteor exploded above Beaver Creek, about 10 miles from its junction with the Columbia River, in 15 to 20 rapid-fire bursts. The Spokane Review of June 2, in a story headlined “Missiles from the Sky,� said the noise was heard at Sayward (now Columbia Gardens), Waneta, and Northport. Two engineers surveying the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway at first thought it was thunder or a dynamite blast. “They were working in thick, heavy timber, and therefore could see nothing, and no fragments fell close enough to be heard strike the ground,� the Review said. However, moments later, a man named J.W. Gerling heard a whizzing sound as he walked along Beaver Creek, “and as he looked up to see whence it came, it grew louder and louder until a stone struck the ground not far from where he was standing.� He searched the bushes, but couldn’t find it. Railway contractor Ed McLeod, meanwhile, said the explosion seemed almost directly above him. A fragment fell within 50 feet, and although it buried itself, he was able to dig it out. It weighed four or five pounds.



According to the Review, “One or two other fragments were observed to fall and two laborers were very nearly struck by one piece.â€? The next morning, engineer James Hislop, working near where McLeod found his specimen, came upon a depression “about the size of a badger hole, and evidently freshly made, as loose earth had fallen back in it.â€? With fellow engineers E.L. McNair and Otto Austin, he dug three feet down to find a rock similar to McLeod’s that weighed about 25 pounds. “It was taken to camp and is now in Mr. Hislop’s possession, who values it highly,â€? the Review said. Hislop went to Washington DC with his specimen and sold it — reportedly for a dollar an ounce, or around $400 — to scientist Edwin E. Howell, who published a summary of his analysis in the July 21, 1893 edition of the journal Science. “It is a typical aerolite of very pronounced chrondritic structure,â€? Howell wrote. “It is completely coated with the usual black crust except at one end, where about three pounds have been broken off and scattered like the two smaller stones, mostly among mere curiosity hunters. The mass now weighs 22½ pounds, measures 6 by 7½ by 9½ inches and approaches in shape an acute octahedron.â€? Another scientist, B.J. Harrington, also examined

FIRE IN THE SKY Other Kootenay meteor sightings: • Rossland, 1897 The Rossland Evening Record of Aug. 10, 1897 described “A luminous ball of fire that glowed strangely and shed about itself a halo of variegated colors.â€? It hovered over the city and was witnessed by many citizens. After 15 minutes, it streaked off to the south and faded away. • Ymir, 1904 The Ymir Herald of Dec. 31, 1904 said: “A large meteorite was observed to fall on Tuesday night last, somewhere between town and the Hunter V mine.â€? • Castlegar, 1962 According to the Castlegar News of Jan. 18, 1962, a “red ball of fireâ€? was witnessed over Brilliant, moving slowly until it disappeared just short of the mountains towards Trail. • Salmo, 2002 Dozens of Salmo area residents saw a bright light followed by an explosion powerful enough to shake houses and crack ice, the Nelson Daily News of March 8, 2002 reported.

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a piece of Hislop’s sample, and presented his findings in the Aug. 31, 1893 edition of Nature. He determined it consisted mostly of nickel-iron, but also cobalt, magnesia, silica and other substances. It was dull brown outside and light grey inside. (The meteorite is today classified an H5 — part of a group with high iron content and abundant olivine and bronzite. It’s one of the most common types.) The following year, Howell published a more extensive report in the American Journal of Science, including a sketch of the stone as he first saw it, a detailed chemical analysis by Dr. W.F. Hillebrand of the US Geological Survey and a microscopic examination by Dr. George P. Merrill of the US National Museum. “The [explosion] was heard by persons within a radius of nearly 25 miles and it was believed by many who heard it that larger pieces must have fallen than those secured,� Howell wrote. “After repeated efforts and much correspondence I have been unable to secure any more of the fall. The reports at first stated that two smaller pieces of a few pounds each were seen to fall. This how-

ever seems to have been a mistake.� McLeod’s piece had since been broken up and distributed, as had Hislop’s. (At least one fragment remained in local hands, for the Nelson Tribune of Sept. 28, 1893 reported a man named Tom Collins viewed it: “The rock looked very old; there was no indication as to its sex, but it looked very old. Perhaps its rackety career through circumambient space did something to age it.�) After that, the meteorite vanished from scientific literature. Various fragments made their way into private collections, and many pictures can be found online, which vary greatly in colour, shape, and texture. Those now for sale measure a few millimeters each, weigh less than a gram, and hardly betray their otherworldly origin.

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A3

LOCAL Public meeting set for next week FROM PAGE 1 In April the group’s grant application was denied by the Community Recreation Program. But Trail council decided to support the construction of a park on the city’s undeveloped land adjacent to the chain-up area on Rossland Avenue. The 8,000-square-foot recreational facility on Rossland Avenue will be open to skateboarders, roller skaters, inline skaters, scooter riders and BMX bike riders. McIsaac expects to share the news with members of the skate park committee at their regular meeting on June 20. The meeting is open to the public and will take place in City Hall at 4:30 p.m. “The city will then be able to advise the committee members what council’s commitment is and the city can continue to fundraise their 50 per cent of the share, their $250,000, towards the construction costs,” revealed McIsaac. “If you visualize a large, concrete surface and whatnot—we couldn’t get started without all of the money in place. We couldn’t get started and then say ‘oh well’ and leave it until we get the rest of the money in place.”

Prevention the best tool against milfoil FROM PAGE 1 Invasive plants like Eurasian water milfoil have the potential for considerable economic or environmental damage by disrupting natural ecosystems, reducing biodiversity, increasing soil erosion, altering soil chemistry and adversely affecting commercial crops. “With no known predators, prevention is the best action,” said Klym. Eurasian water milfoil is a species of freshwater aquatic plant native to Europe, Asia and north Africa. It is a submerged aquatic plant, and grows in still or slow-moving water. In lakes or other aquatic areas where native aquatic plants are not well established, the Eurasian plant can quickly spread. Although it is a priority on the aquatic invasive species list for 2012 for CKIPC, the plant is under containment but with some established infestations such as the Columbia River. The Invasive Plant Program identifies locations of invasive plant species and responds rapidly to contain and eradicate newly discovered invasive plant species before they become established and begin spreading in B.C. Some of the most intrusive plants in B.C. currently are orange and yellow (non-native) hawkweeds, garlic mustard, cordgrasses and knotweed. Other targeted species include knapweed, giant hogweed, common tansy and Scotch broom. To learn more: • Invasive Alien Plant Program: http:// • Invasive Species Council of British Columbia:

Trees to come down, garden to go up TRAIL – The bad news is: five large trees (a catalpa and four evergreens) must come down. The good news is: they will be replaced with white-blossoming trees and over 180 species of plants and shrubs, accenting a rose-covered arbour and bringing B.C.’s first white garden into full bloom. “We don’t like to remove trees, but these ones – the roots are lifting the sidewalk and will soon be damaging the river wall,” said Warren Proulx, an engineer technician for the City of Trail. The roots protruding from the lawn are hard on mowing equipment, becoming a tripping hazard as well. “This is the only sidewalk in Trail that can’t be cleaned or snow removed properly because it is too narrow to use the equipment here.” Hence, the sidewalk will be widened once the trees are gone. To prepare the park for planting, long strips of grass bordering the back wall and railing will also be removed. The sod will be carefully lifted and reused at Mountain View Cemetery to cover recent burials. “This will save the city a lot of money, considering how much it costs to purchase sod,” said Proulx. The wood from the trees will be bucked up and left for people to pick up. The city doesn’t want people disturbing residents of Jubilee Manor or driving trucks onto the site, so the wood will be taken over to the old Elk’s parking lot beside the Old Bridge on Riverside Avenue.


Some trees have to be replaced. In preparation for the new White Garden at Jubilee Park, Dan Rodlie and Phyllis Stone of Community in Bloom joined public works manager Larry Abenante and city engineer Warren Proulx to assess five large trees that are lifting the sidewalk and threatening the integrity of the river wall. “People can come and just take it. It will make good fire wood.” The smaller branches will be mulched. “The trees were going to have to be removed anyway,” Proulx added. Grass won’t grow under the trees, and the city is adamant about not having exposed soil in public parks due to the risk of heavy metal exposure. Teck is assisting the city with replacement of soil in some exposed areas. Once the ground is prepped, planting of the White Garden will begin. The vision of a White Garden was first

brought to Community in Bloom (CiB) by former Montrose councillor Phyllis Stone. The idea was to create a smaller version of the White Garden at Sissinghurst in Kent, England. It has taken almost ten years to plan. Stone researched hundreds of plants and flowers to determine which ones would grow best in this area. The committee was given a huge boost of $10,000 from Kootenay Savings Credit Union for the building of the rose arbour. Trail Rotary club kicked in $1,000 for flowers; and donations from local families are starting to

come in. Recognition plaques will be placed somewhere in the garden and those donating more than $50 can get a tax receipt from the City of Trail. Like the city’s other gardens, the White Garden is being designed by Trail’s garden guru, Bill Garnett. CiB volunteers help plant and weed the downtown show gardens and planters as well as residential area gardens such as the ones in Tadanac and Shaver’s Bench. The city relies on citizens to help keep the city clean by keeping boulevards neat and pulling weeds and unsightly grasses

out of sidewalk cracks and along curbs. In addition, the city contracts with MB Landscaping who do a great job of maintaining all the cities 54 parks and green spaces, covering 104 acres. This year, Trail is competing with cities across Canada, Europe and Japan in the international category of Communities in Bloom. For more information, check the city website at trail. ca or contact Trail Community in Bloom on Facebook or call 368-9227 if you would like to help with weeding, deadheading, or donating plants.

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Residential and Commercial Construction

Drunk driving rules get tweaked

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Beaver Valley Animal Clinic

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THE CANADIAN PRESS VICTORIA - B.C. drivers are once again facing what are considered the toughest drunk driving penalties in Canada after the provincial government was forced to adjust the law following a court ruling. The law was originally introduced in September of 2010, giving police the power to impound cars and hand out hefty fines to drivers whose bloodalcohol level was higher than .05, which is slightly below the .08 legal limit under the Criminal Code. The law was later withdrawn after a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled it violated drivers’ rights because it didn’t provide a way for them to challenge the result of a roadside

breath test. Under the revised law, police officers must tell drivers they can have a second test if they fail the first one, and the lower of the two readings will prevail. Police must also provide sworn reports on every roadside driving ban they issue and must also submit documents confirming the accuracy of the breathalyzers they use. Justice Minister Shirley Bond said the changes go beyond what the court ordered because the government wants to ensure the rules are both fair and effective. “This legislation has always been about public safety, and its lifesaving value is clear,� she said in a statement.


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In 2007 a 3,560 hecatare wildfire in the Pend d’Oreille valley occurred and caused evacuation orders and alerts to many local residents. As this year’s fire season approaches so does the risk of another wildfire, therefore it is requested that No Open Fires be in the Pend d’ Oreille area. Please respect this request and help to reduce the possibility of this area being closed to the public for the summer. In May 2012 the WKATV Club removed over 1,000kg of wooden pallets from the Pend d’ Oreille area, business owners are advised to keep wood pallets in secure areas to help reduce and stop people from collecting them for open fires. Let’s all be part of the solution in protecting our forests. This area has had security increased to watch for open ďŹ re and vandalism for the 2012 summer season and penalties/tickets will be issued to offenders. For further information on this request please email West Kootenay ATV Club

“I want to assure all British Columbians, especially those who’ve lost a loved one to impaired driving, that our tough stance on impaired driving has not changed. “We have not undermined the deterrent value of our law, which is so critical to the lifesaving gains we’ve seen.� The government said the law has already exceeded its expecta-

New ferry construction approved BY CLAIRE PARADIS Arrow Lakes News

The new ferry that will run between Shelter Bay and Galena Bay is to be built in Nakusp by WaterBridge Steel Inc. The B.C. goverment announced this week that the $26.5-million contract to build the ferry has been awarded to WaterBridge Steel Inc. of Prince George. The new ferry will ply the 30-minute crossing between Shelter Bay and Galena Bay. It will be built in Nakusp, and provide employment opportunities for approximately 65 people for up to two years. “It is great news that the new ferry will be constructed in the Village of Nakusp. A project of this size will have a positive effect

Sunday June 17, 2012 5 a.m. – 8 a.m. Salmo FortisBC would like to notify electricity customers about an upcoming power outage scheduled on Sunday, June 17, 2012 from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. The outage will affect all FortisBC electricity customers from the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 6 south of Salmo to the intersection of 1st street and Highway 6 in Salmo, as well as from the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 6 to 6240 Highway 3 west of Salmo including Salmo Heights Road and Airport Road. The outage is required for equipment upgrades. Please protect all sensitive electrical equipment and be aware that some building alarm systems may be activated by power interruptions. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and will restore service as soon as possible.

FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc.

(12-191.2 06/2012)

from $600 to more than $4,000, and drivers can also lose their vehicle and their license. MADD Canada CEO Andrew Murie welcomed the return of the laws. “They’ve been proven to be incredibly effective at deterring people from getting behind the wheel after drinking, and having them back in effect will save even more lives,� he said.


Notice of planned power outage

For more information or tips on preparing for power outages, please call 1-866-436-7847 or visit

tions in reducing drunk driving deaths in the province, with the number of deaths falling by 44 per cent in the first 17 months since the law came into force. The government says that figure represents 71 lives saved. In addition to immediate roadside suspensions for impaired drivers, the law includes fines and penalties that can range

on our local economy,� said Nakusp mayor Karen Hamling, “This will provide our businesses and residents the opportunity to showcase our spectacular scenery and unlimited recreational activities.� A drive-on, driveoff, open-decked vessel, it will be capable of transporting 80 cars and 250 passengers. Due to the ferry’s larger vehicle and weight capacity, faster loading and unloading times are projected, which eliminates the need for an auxiliary ferry dur-

ing the peak travel season, said Kate Trotter from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. WaterBridge Steel Inc. is owned by John Harding, who has been in the business of designing, building and operating car/ truck/passenger ferries for British Columbia lakes since 1976. He was responsible for the construction and operation of the largest freight-carrying icebreaker in the world when it went in to service on Williston Lake in 1995.


More charges laid THE CANADIAN PRESS CRANBROOK, B.C. - More charges have been laid against a Cranbrook babysitter accused in the death of a toddler in her care. Tammy Bouvette was arrested earlier this week and faces additional charges of robbery and breach of

conditions. Bouvette has been out on bail while awaiting her second degree murder trial for the drowning of 19-monthold Iyanna Teeple in May, 2011. The tot was found dead in the bathtub of Bouvette’s Cranbrook home in southeastern B.C.

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Saturday, June 16,2012 Stop by anytime between 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Montrose Community Hall Open House Schedule of Events 1:00pm Intro to Jazzercise 1:15pm Jazzercise class (1 hr) 2:15pm Refreshments, snacks & door prizes About Our Location s3UPPORTIVE FUNENVIRONMENTs%VENINGSWEEKEND CLASSESs.OMEMBERSHIPFEESs5NLIMITEDCLASSPASSES &RESH-OVESs.EW-USICs0URE-OTIVATION s0OPULARMUSIC INCLUDING4OP FUNK country & classics s!LLSHAPES SIZES AGESlTNESSLEVELSWELCOME -ONTROSE(ALL5PSTAIRS s-ONTROSE "#   sJAZZERCISETRAIL TELUSNET For more information JAZZERCISECOMs &)4 )3 )4

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A5


Corruption report ignored, says whistleblower THE CANADIAN PRESS


The House of Commons calendar still reads Wednesday, June 13, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, middle, Minister of Industry Christian Paradis, left, and Government House Leader Peter Van Loan are recognized as they vote on amendments to the budget Bill C-38 in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday.

Omnibus marathon continues OTTAWA - The two sleep-deprived sides of the House of Commons kept vigilant watch on each other Thursday as bleary-eyed MPs stood up and sat down, over and over again, their 24-hour marathon voting session pushing past the halfway mark. And after 12 hours of voting, what they had on their feet - if anything - when they got on them didn’t seem to matter much to anyone. “I’ve got to get myself comfy, off come the shoes,� said New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault, describing one of the many ways MPs sought comfort 5)&,005&/":n4 05& &/":n4 0/-:

heading through the 12th hour of voting on more than 800 amendments to Bill C-38. Members of Parliament methodically bobbed from their seats through the night and into the afternoon as they voted on 871 opposition motions grouped into 159 voteable packages - that are designed to thwart, or at least publicize, the Harper government’s sprawling omnibus budget implementation bill. Liberal House leader Marc Garneau’s best guess for when the voting would finally be over? Likely 1 a.m. Friday morning, he said - 24 hours after it began.

The long haul seemed to have taken a toll on Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. The normally jocular Flaherty was waspish in his comments about the opposition’s efforts to delay passage of his budget bill. “This is not a time for gamesmanship,� Flaherty said. “This is a serious time in which we need to protect Canada and advance our economic agenda.�




THE CANADIAN PRESS CALGARY - Canada’s two major airlines were trying to get back to normal Thursday after a lightning advisory resulted in dozens of lengthy delays and cancelled flights at Calgary International Airport. Although lightning

The Colander presents...

advisories are not that uncommon, the length of this one - more than five hours - certainly was.






“›Š˜™’Š“™‰›Ž˜”— Šˆš—Ž™ŽŠ˜ “ˆǀ Š’‡Š—”‹™Â?Šˆ”™Ž†‡†“Â? —”š•Ȏ ČœČĄČĄČĄŠˆ”“‰›Š“šŠ —†Ž‘ƽÇ€Ç€ČœČ&#x;Č? Š‘ǀƿČ?Č Č›Ç‚ČžČĄČ&#x;ǂțțČ?Č› ŒˆÂ?Â†Â’Â•Â†ÂŒÂ“ÂŠČ‡Â‰ÂšÂ“Â‰ÂŠÂŠÂœÂŠÂ†Â‘Â™Â?ǀˆ”’

Flights resume after storm 




July 14, 2012

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BE A PART OF THIS EXCITING CULTURAL EVENT Adjacent to the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and the Kootenay Gallery Featuring live music, dance, performances and cuisine from the diverse cultures represented in the Kootenay region. Be a part of this exciting cultural event!


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%*(*5" %*(*5"-% 5".07*&5)&"53& .07*& &5


number, somebody could have given it to you.� So what did Duchesneau do? He leaked his report to the media. As a result, it wasn’t ignored at all. It caused a media sensation, and such intense political pressure that, after two years of resisting, Premier Jean Charest finally called a public inquiry.


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MONTREAL - Quebec’s corruption inquiry has heard its first incendiary testimony, with a prominent civil servant revealing himself as the man who leaked a document to the media about construction collusion because the government didn’t care about it. Jacques Duchesneau, a former federal official and Montreal police chief who most recently worked for the provincial government, said his political bosses clearly didn’t care what he had to say. He testified that when he tried last year to brief his supervisor, the transport minister, about the findings of his investigation into the construction industry, the minister was coldly indifferent. Duchesneau had been hired by the Quebec government to look specifically at allegations of collusion in the province’s transport ministry. He says then-transport minister Sam Hamad was staring out the window while he talked. He then says the minister refused to look at his report and that his assistants would deal with it. “If I start talking to you and you look outside to see if it’s nice outside, it affects concentration,� Duchesneau told the corruption inquiry, for which he is the first star witness. In his second day of testimony, Duchesneau said he hadn’t heard from the minister for a year. He says he joked to Hamad: “If you lost my phone

The 11th Annual Bluegrass Jamboree on July 13, 14, 15 at Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds in Castlegar, BC For more information visit


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Plastic bags a small part of the garbage picture


he good burghers of Toronto, or at least the majority of city councilors, take a dim view of plastic shopping and voted last week to outlaw them in Canada’s largest city. While civic leaders worthy of the votes of all those Torontonians, as well as $100,000 annual salaries, may know a thing or two, they could expand their horizons by spending time picking up the trash they are so concerned about. Trail Rotarians have been doing just that since the fall. They have discovered that plastic bags are far from a major litter problem, at least in this city. Along the highway this spring, trying to pick up the few plastics bags that had accumulated since October was like trying to gather dandelions gone to seed. The bags now in use crumble when you try to pick them up, leaving only a few wispy remnants behind. These plastics bags hardly seem to be a litter problem that is going to bury us all. However,

there are concerns about the chemicals emitted during the production of the bags and on the environment as they break down. The analyses of the “total footprint” of plastics, paper, and reusable bags are heavily dependent on how many times the various models are reused before being tossed. Missing from all of the calculations is how much extra energy is consumed running back to your house or car to get the re-usable bags you have forgotten once again. I suspect a per-bag charge, as Toronto has now and some national chains have implemented, is the way to go as this both cuts down on their use and doesn’t leave shoppers looking like comic jugglers when they forget their re-usables. As for litter, the most common items found along our highways are fast food containers. It is astounding to contemplate the doltishness of people who, after their last schlurp of coffee or chomp on their burger (how do you eat a hamburger while driving?) insist on hurl-


MASLECK Ray of Light

ing from their vehicles. Fortunately, their numbers are quite small relative to the volume of traffic traveling the highways. Another ubiquitous bit of trash are cigarette butts. Given our usual hot arid summers, it is surprising we don’t see more roadside brush fires like the one near Waneta Gardens last summer. The most inexplicable item I came across during the Rotarians recent outing was a number of surgical-type gloves strewn along Highway 22 north of Tadanac. Is there a mobile proctology clinic serving hitchhikers and vagrants that I haven’t heard about? The nicest moment

was when a young man walked by, looking like he was on his way home to Rivervale or Oasis after a long night out in the big city. Although he was obviously the worse for wear and yearning for a place to lay his throbbing head, he took the time to smile and congratulate us on our efforts. ••• It is great to hear that the Chamber of Commerce is starting up a weekly outdoor market today on the Esplanade, which will run every Friday from 10 a..m. to 2 p.m. It likely won’t be bursting with locallygrown foodstuffs since there isn’t much commercial food production in this area, but it is the kind of activity that is needed to build up traffic and add life to downtown. Hopefully, the venture can attract enough homebased businesses and traveling vendors to make it an outing that locals will look forward to each week. What’s not to like about pawing the merchandise, kibitzing with vendors and chatting with other shoppers under a blazing blue West Kootenay sum-

mer sky (remember those) as the Columbia River flows by. Just remember to bring your re-usable shopping bags and to throw your coffee cups in the trash bins. ••• The little village that is without a name as far as Canada Post is concerned and is so small that even cyclists barely notice it as they fly down the hill from Rossland toward Trail celebrates its continued improbable existence this Saturday with Warfield Day. It’s been 60 years since the community that probably shouldn’t be but proudly still is a separate municipality was incorporated, and longer yet since the settlement really got going with the building of the first Mickey Mouse houses in the late 1930s. In a world where bigger is usually deemed to be better, Warfield is happily, cozily small and proud of it and doesn’t appear to be ready to disappear any time soon. Raymond Masleck is a retired Trail Times reporter.

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Owners must be responsible for pets Big or small, any dog can be a vicious dog. Twice in the past year I have been bit by dogs, one small Jack Russell on June 13th this past week and large Boxer last spring, both in the Fruitvale area. Neither dog was on a leash and darted at me from a yard. The Jack Russell was down the block from where he lived roaming the neighbourhood as he has done on many occasions

and is a nuisance. Both have been reported to the SPCA with follow-ups to the owners. Dog owners, don’t ever say that your dog would never bite anyone because no dog can be trusted. I am a dog owner myself of many years and have had to have one of my dogs put down because he bit my own children. There was no hesitation with our decision. Buck up you dog owners

that let their dogs roam free. Be responsible and abide by the Bylaws of our communities. License your dogs and keep them on a leash when off your property and for some of you, on your property. You’d be the first to complain if your dog got hit by a vehicle while roaming about. It’s not the dogs fault. Be responsible! Belle Norman Fruitvale





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is always there between them is possible. He proved that to me. Over the years he somehow managed to work as hard as he does, yet show how much he loves our children. If they needed his strong hands while he was at home, he was there. When they wanted to sit on his lap, he’d scoop them up, even if it was just for a brief moment. He eventually learned to relax with them, took them on camping trips, roasted hotdogs over an open fire and he taught them things like how to groom a horse. As busy as he was he found time and, through trial and error, he always tried to keep an open mind. Our marriage dwindled but the love for his children has remained steadfast and strong. Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ol’ Days) – The Judds 1985 My father was raised on the Saskatchewan prairie. His first mode of transportation was a blue roan horse that, relatives say, he could “ride like the wind.” Occasionally he would tell us stories about his youth. My favourite: the night he and friends strapped the reverend’s buckboard buggy to the church rooftop for Sunday parishioners to see. Born in 1913, he lived through the depression era, two world wars and he saw the technological advancement of new inventions like the light bulb and the automobile. Every five years we would go on a road-trip, back to the homestead in Saskatchewan to celebrate a family reunion that would bring people home from all over the continent – an occasion created by family and friends to celebrate life after the advent of the Second World War. My best childhood memories are in those back-home days where I learned about my heritage and sang, my dad’s favourite song – Porter Wagoner’s 1965 hit, The Green, Green Grass of Home - to loved ones. My father passed away in 1996. He was “Papa” to 13 grandchildren. His legacy lives on through both the Legion and his family. Happy Father’s Day. Barbara Webb is the editor of the Sunshine Coast Edition

250.368.3355 Trail BC

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My top five songs for Father’s Day rowing up with my providing our blue-collar lifefather, we were sur- style, rarely got involved in the rounded by music. My day-to-day disciplinary rituals. older brother and one We got into trouble all of the sister played the accordion. My time just learning to grow. When brother had a band, The Ragged my father got involved we had Edges, and they played at Expo usually reached the end of my ’67. mother’s tether and it would only I and my two other sisters take one stinging second from always sang songs him to set us straight. at special events, But it wouldn’t be before an audience long before he would of legion memscoop us up with bers or in front of those hands, give us hundreds at our a peck on the cheek family reunions. I and send us on our loved it. “Twinkle, cheerful way. Twinkle Little Papa Loves BARBARA Star” was a song I Mambo – Perry always sang. Como 1954 Troy Media When Father’s As a member of Day comes around the Royal Canadian I recall those times. I remember Legion Branch 60 in Burlington, the music that he loved and I Ontario, dad was involved in all spend the day listening to those aspects of the Legion. Throughout tunes. When I talk about him, those baby-booming years I describing him with songs seems was told that he formed legion the best way. Fill up your coffee hockey and baseball teams and cup and turn up the volume. leagues. Daddy’s Little Girl – The He created a meals-on-wheels Mills Brothers 1950 effort for veterans who were not First recorded by the Mills able to attend the Legion’s Friday Brothers in 1950, only four years night dinners, long before such after the Second World War, an service existed. He served men were celebrating life and repeated terms as the legion building their families, creating president and, in 1994, he was the “baby boom” phenomenon, awarded the Meritorious Service which lasted from about 1946 to Award and the Palm Leaf Award 1965. Overall about 8.2 million for his dedicated service to the babies were born in Canada. My legion. father, a veteran, met my mother Most of my memories, howshortly after the war. ever, involve him dancing there, They married and had five whirling around the dance floor baby boomers – one boy and with my mother, dancing to the four girls. From a child’s per- crooners like Perry Como. He spective, I remember my dad taught me how to two-step by as having the most comfortable allowing me to stand on his feet. lap to sit on. Sitting nestled on In 1972 he lost his right leg his lap while he read the paper, at the knee – an old war injury. or watching Mutual of Omaha’s He couldn’t do the two-step after Wild Kingdom, represent some that, but he would still dance, in of the most peaceful moments one place, with my mom at speof my life. cial times, like our weddings. Daddy’s Hands – Holly Cats in the Cradle – Harry Dunn 1986 Chapin 1974 Country music artist Holly Someone once said to me Dunn rose to fame in 1986 with that it’s much easier to become Daddy’s Hands – a song that still a father than it is to be one. The brings tears to my eyes when father of my two children has I hear it. Like most families of always been a hard worker and the ’60s, my mother took care this often took him away from of everything, from the basic liv- his kids. Being present when ing needs to the complexities of you’re not home puts a lot of applying the discipline. stress on father/child relationMy father, who worked hard ships, but ensuring that the love


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PEOPLE OBITUARIES WELDON , VERNA ELLEN — known as Ellen to everyone who knew her, was born in Bracebridge Ontario. She leaves behind her husband Ronald Weldon, four children Alex, Kristine, Earl (Terri) and Mary (Ken) as well as 6 grand children and 3 great grand children. Ellen was a compassionate energetic person loved by all that knew her. Ellen always put everyone before herself in everything she did. She loved cooking and volunteered her extraordinary talents to her community on many occasions. Ellen was surrounded by the love of her family when she passed on into the open arms of our lord. Ellen will be missed by everyone. A celebration of Life will be held in Salmo at the Royal Canadian Legion on June 22 at 4-8 PM. In lieu of flowers a donation can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. *** THOMPSON, SUSAN — passed away peacefully June 5, 2012 while on holiday in Sri Lanka. Susan is survived by her loving sons Jamie (Karlie) and Douglas, her cherished siblings Shelley and David Bridge, dear friends Chandi and Nadeesha Heuscher, Lawana Aidie, and John and Dianne Urquhart. She will be fondly remembered for her kindness, loving smile and big heart. She always lived life to the fullest. She always put others before herself always lending a helping hand. Susan suffered many years with multiple health problems but always kept her passion for life regardless of her condition. In the end her body could no longer keep up to her pace. A viewing for friends and family will be held at “Carberry’s Chapel” at 1298 Pine Ave., Trail from 6 – 8 p.m. on Friday, June 15. A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 11:00am at the Trail United Church with Reverend Keith Simmonds, Officiant. Jordan Wren of Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services™ has been entrusted with arrangements. You are invited to leave a personal message of condolence at the family’s online register at www. *** MOFFATT, FREDERICK WILLIAM — passed away Sunday June 10th in Victoria, BC. He was 87. He is survived by his wife Stella, and daughters Debbie (Michael), Victoria; Darlene (Rick) Calgary; 7 Grandchildren- Kristi Millner; Melissa, Rebecca & Nathan Kellogg; Scott, Brett & Sean Walker and 2 great grandchildren Autumn and Cole. He is survived by his 3 stepchildren Donna (Jon), Heather and Tom Fisher. He is also survived by his sister Rose Soberlak in Castlegar, BC and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his first wife June in 1974 and his brother Robert in 2000. Fred worked for Imperial Life Assurance in Kamloops and was often a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. He also was very active in Toastmasters, Shriners, Masons and Rotary. At his request, there will be no formal service. Please consider making a donation in Fred’s memory to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.


Gangster inspired movie ‘Goodfellas’ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES - Henry Hill, who went from smalltime gangster to big-time celebrity when his life as a mobster-turned-FBI informant became the basis for the Martin Scorsese film “Goodfellas,” died Tuesday. He was 69 Longtime girlfriend Lisa Caserta told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Hill died of complications from longtime heart problems related to smoking. An associate in New York’s Lucchese crime family, Hill told detailed, disturbing and often hilarious tales of life in the mob that first appeared in the 1986 book “Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family,” by Nicholas Pileggi, a journalist Hill sought out shortly after becoming an informant. “Henry Hill was a hood. He was a hustler. He had schemed and plotted and broken heads,” Pileggi wrote in the book. “He knew how to bribe and he knew how to con. He was a fulltime working racketeer, an articulate hoodlum from organized crime.” In 1990 the book, adapted for the screen by Pileggi and Scorsese, became the instant classic “Goodfellas,” starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta as Hill, a young hoodlum on the make who thrives in the Mafia but is eventually forced by drugs to turn on his criminal friends and lead the life of a sad suburbanite. The film became a constantly quoted pop cultural phenomenon that provided the template for the modern gangster story. Unlike older Mafia tales, which focused on family and honour, “Wiseguy” and “Goodfellas” mostly dwelled on how utterly awesome it was to be in the mob - on the gangster as rock star - at least until the life caught up with you. “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster,” Liotta, as Hill, says in the movie. “For us to live any other way was nuts.” Born in Brooklyn to an Irish father and an Italian mother, Hill’s life with the mob began at age 11 when he wandered into a cabstand across the street in 1955 looking for work. He


Henry Hill sits in the dining room of the Firefly restaurant in North Platte, Neb., with a portrait of actor Ray Liotta portraying Hill in the movie “Goodfellas” hanging on the wall behind him. soon knew the life of these silk-suited soldiers was for him. “The men at the cabstand were not like anyone else from the neighbourhood,” Pileggi wrote. “He had watched them doublepark their cars and never get tickets, even when they parked smack in front of a fire hydrant.” He began running errands for the men at the stand that soon led to smalltime crimes. He was first arrested at age 16 for using a stolen credit card in an attempt to buy tires for the brother of gang leader Paul Vario, and impressed the gang leaders for refusing to squeal on them. Far bigger crimes awaited, including the 1967 theft of $420,000 in cash from the Air France cargo terminal at JFK airport in New York, among the biggest cash heists in history at the time. And in 1978, Hill had a key role in the theft of $5.8 million in cash from

a Lufthansa Airlines vault, a heist masterminded by Jimmy Burke, the inspiration for De Niro’s character in “Goodfellas.” “Whenever we needed money, we’d rob the airport,” Liotta says in the movie. “To us, it was better than Citibank.” But the crew involved in the heist would soon turn on each other, and several would end up dead, leaving Hill extremely paranoid he could be next, he later told Pileggi. He was also selling drugs behind the back of his boss Vario, and in 1980 was arrested on a narcotics-trafficking charge. More afraid of his associates than prison, Hill decided he had no choice but to become an informant, and signed an agreement with a Department of Justice task force that would prove more fruitful than anyone imagined. “The arrest of Henry Hill was a price beyond measure,” Pileggi wrote.“ ”Hill

had grown up in the mob. He was only a mechanic, but he knew everything. He knew how it worked. He knew who oiled the machinery. He knew, literally, where the bodies were buried. If he talked, police knew that Henry Hill could give them the key to dozens of indictments and convictions.“ Hill’s testimony did send dozens of men to prison, many for the Lufthansa heist, and he and his wife Karen, played by Lorraine Bracco in the movie, went into hiding together, spending years fearing retribution by a gun to the back of his head from his old colleagues. In the early 1990s, after more drug arrests, Hill was booted from the witness protection program. His fears for his life waned as many former associates died off, and he led a more public life in later years, appearing in documentaries and becoming a popular call-in guest on Howard Stern’s radio show. His death was first reported by the celebrity website TMZ. His struggles with substances would continue for most of his life. In 2008 he pleaded guilty in San Bernardino, Calif., to two counts of public intoxication. In 2009, he was arrested in St. Louis on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. “I’ve been on every drug humanly possible, and I can’t get a handle on alcohol,” he told The Associated Press in 2009. “I’ll go two, two and a half years, and I don’t know what triggers me.” In the book and the film he talks about hard it was to lead an ordinary life after years steeped in gangster glamour. “I had paper bags filled with jewelry stashed in the kitchen. I had a sugar bowl full of coke next to the bed. Anything I wanted was a phone call away,” Hill says in the film. “Today, everything is different. There’s no action. I have to wait around like everyone else. Can’t even get decent food. Right after I got here I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I’m an average nobody.”

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Balancing the many aspects of the ethical endings debate


he public debate on endof-life ethics is (in the main) focussed on whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s being described as a personal choice issue. When and how one becomes involved in making decisions that can have an immediate effect on ones ability to continue living, breathing and functioning in human community. While the courts and the various interested parties weigh in on that very important and necessary conversation, it is far from the only ethical consideration we will face as we transition out of life ourselves; are present to the transition of family members; or act as care-givers during the time of transition we know as dying, or end-of-life. We will, and do, come into points of convergence at the end-oflife, points that concern conflicting values; differing cultural mores; legal principles; institutional policies; the goals of treatment and the various needs of the people and organizations involved. As those convergences come into being, we can benefit greatly from a good grounding

t Natural & cultured stone t Patio slabs & paving stones t Retaining wall block t Landscaping rock & topsoil



in a sound those decidecision sions while making upholding the process. needs of sociIt helps ety at large? if we have How can a basic we, as patients KEITH under(and we will standing all be patients of ethical one day) help Hospice - support, principles care, companionship p h y s i c i a n s (do no and family h a r m ; members what is the course of know our wishes and most benefit to the feel supported in abidpatient?; how do we ing by them? How can allow for autonomy, we ensure that they are justice and fidelity in not open to action in the course of patient our courts? care?). When we have been It is important that clear about our wishes, we are familiar with how do health-care propolicies and structures viders act upon them? put in place by care pro- What medications and viders that will help us treatments are approresolve ethical dilem- priate to the goal of mas, and the voices of neither hastening nor patients and those who unnaturally delaying speak for them must be death? part of the process. But How do we impart, who decides if a matter receive and retain inforis an ethical dilemma mation as either healthor not? care providers, patients Patients and their or their spokespersons families have a great about the choices availdeal to say and offer, able and the potenespecially if they are tial effects they might given information in have? a manner that meets How do organizatheir needs. tions support staff who Sometimes patient may experience moral and family decisions anguish as they adminconflict with the ethic- ister or do not adminisal/legal responsibilities ter treatment in accordof the wider social sys- ance with the wishes of tem. How do we make the patient? choices that honour As you can see, there


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Canadian Cancer Society B R I T I SH COLUMBIA AND YUKON

Remember someone special by making a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon in memory or in honour. Please let us know the name of the person you wish to remember, name and address of the next of kin, and we will send a card advising them of your gift. Also send us your name and address to receive a tax receipt. To donate on-line: Greater Trail Unit/ Rossland unit c/o Canadian Cancer Society 908 Rossland Ave Trail BC V1R 3N6 For more information, please call (250) 364-0403 or toll free at 1-888-413-9911

are a number of ethical issues at the endof-life. Our local hospice society is pleased

to be part of the conversation. This month, we explored these and other topics with mem-

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bers of our community. For information on upcoming conversations, please call the

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THE CITY OF TRAIL PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT NOTICE OF TEMPORARY WATER SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS RESIDENTS OF RIVERSIDE AVENUE The City of Trail Public Works Department will be replacing a fire hydrant on Riverside Avenue between the Groutage Avenue building and Rotary Park during the week of June 18 - 22, 2012. During this time, residents will experience temporary water service interruptions during regular working hours. As well, Riverside Avenue will be down to single lane traffic during this time and traffic delays can be expected. Flaggers will be on site 24 hours a day for traffic control. The City of Trail apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. If you experience dirty water when the service is turned back on, please run your tap for several minutes and the water should clear. Please contact the Public Works Department at 250-364-0840 if you require further information. Utilities Department City of Trail Public Works

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Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day For some of you, your parents are gone (including my own) but the memories of them are many. Some of us are parents ourselves and even grandparents and great grandparents. We are blessed with the children in our lives whether they are young, teens or adults. I sometimes hear people say they do not have good memories of their parents, especially of their fathers and that saddens me very much. No matter the memories we have of our parents whether good or bad, we all have a Heavenly father who is the ultimate perfect parent and who loves us unconditionally. â&#x20AC;&#x153;How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!â&#x20AC;? (1 John 3:1) God knows everything about us from the words on our tongues before they are spoken (Psalm 139:4) to knowing the numbers of hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30) and much more. God is there for us day and night and we can go to him in prayer at any time. Prayer is like talking to our best friend. If you ever doubt Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love for you, remember he loves you so much that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. That is one amazing gift of love!! As we celebrate Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day on Sunday, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to celebrate God our Father every day!! Rev. Meridyth Robertson First Presbyterian Church

Trail Seventh Day Adventist Church 1471 Columbia Avenue Contact John Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ecluse 250-368-8742 Pastor Douglas Pond 250-364-0117

Saturday Service Sabbath School 9:20-10:45 Church 11:00-12:00 - Everyone Welcome -

3365 Laburnum Drive Trail, BC V1R 2S8 Ph: (250) 368-9516

Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:30am Prayer First begins 15 mins prior to each service


St. Anthony/ St. Francis Parish

SCHEDULE MASSES: St. Anthonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sunday 8:30am 315 Rossland Avenue, Trail 250-368-3733

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

East Trail 2000 Block 3rd Avenue MASSES: Saturday 7:00pm Sunday 10:00am Phone 250-368-6677

Anglican Parish of St. Andrew / St. George

1347 Pine Avenue, Trail

This Week Sunday, June 17 8am Traditional Eucharist 10am Family Eucharist (with childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s program) Contact Canon Neil Elliot at 250-368-5581


   1139 Pine         Avenue (250) 368-6066  Reverends Gavin and Meridyth Robertson

   10am Sunday Worship and Sunday School     1=QY^cdbUQ]3_^WbUWQdY_^gYdXQ^5fQ^WU\YSQ\8UQbd

Sponsored by the Churches of Trail and area and



A Community Church

Sunday Services 10:30 am 2030-2nd Avenue,Trail 250-368-3515

Majors Wilfred and Heather Harbin E-mail: Everyone Welcome

THE UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge

Joint Service for Rossland, Trail, Beaver Valley and Salmo will be in Salmo at the Salmo KP Park at 10am.

ANNUAL FAMILY DAY Sunday, June 24 10am InďŹ&#x201A;atable Castle, Water Slide, Box Ring. Carnival Games, BBQ Lunch provided. Invite your friends and family. Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x201C; donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Forget swimwear A Place to Belong SUNDAY SERVICE 10AM Weekly Snr & Jnr Youth Programs Weekly Connect Groups Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Time Out Fri. Kidz Zone Sunday Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Program Sun â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Infants Nursery Bus pick up 8320 Highway 3B Trail, opposite Walmart 250-364-1201 Pastor Rev. Shane McIntyre AfďŹ liated with the PAOC


Hospice member visits meeting The June meeting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help council of the Catholic Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s League began with Mass followed by a presentation about the Greater Trail Hospice Society given by Mr. Tom McEwan. Mr. McEwan, who is a member of the Hospice Board and also a hospice volunteer, explained that it is a community based program dedicated to providing support and compassionate care. They all work together to plan and co-ordinate care for the dying person. Although it has recently become a society, the program was started in 1987 and is financially supported by grants and donations. Their mission statement is: Hospiceâ&#x20AC;Ś We support quality of living while in the process of dying and healthy transition through grief for the bereaved. Members who had reached significant mile stones were honoured. Doris Mailey was presented with a 50-year pin in appreciation of her CWL service. Other members with 50 or more years of service included Alba Vellutini, Marlise Gattafoni, Flora Marchiori, Mary Pettigrew, Agnes Kohlman, Mary VanDeKeere and Bernice Wilson; in addition to Laura Anselmo who has reached an amazing 74 years as a CWL member. Dessert and coffee / tea were served and everyone was wished a happy summer. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 4 at OLPH. New members are welcome. For more information contact Teresa at 250-364- 1831

Vatican offers traditionalists proposal for reconciliation THE ASSOCIATED PRESS VATICAN CITY - The Vatican has formally proposed a way to reconcile with a breakaway group of ultra-traditionalist Catholics in a final bid to end a quarter-century of schism, offering it a special legal status in the church currently enjoyed only by the conservative Opus Dei movement. The Vatican said Thursday it had proposed making the Society of St. Pius X a â&#x20AC;&#x153;personal prelatureâ&#x20AC;? - akin to a diocese without borders - during a meeting Wednesday with the societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s superior. The superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, promised to respond within a â&#x20AC;&#x153;reasonableâ&#x20AC;? amount of time to the proposal and the Vaticanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outstanding demands that the group accept a set of core doctrinal points to come into full communion with Rome, the Vatican said in a statement. The society, founded in 1969 by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, split from Rome over its opposition to the liberalizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council, which among other things introduced Mass in the vernacular and revolutionized the churchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relations with Jews. In 1988, the Vatican excommunicated Lefebvre and four of his bishops after he consecrated them without papal consent.

Trail Association for

Community Living Annual General Meeting Date: Monday, June 25, 2012 Time: 5:00 pm Place: Trail Association Activity Centre 1769 Riverside Ave, Trail BC Purpose: To place before the members: A. The financial statements B. The report of the Auditor C. The report of the Directors D. Nominations to the Board of Directors

Pot luck picnic to follow. For Information Phone 250-368-3225 or visit:

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Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A11


J. Lloyd Crowe Secondary School


Morgan Albo

Sarah Baines

Autumn Beattie

Jessica Bella

Jill Bisaro

Brenden Blatchford

Christina Bonacci

Jessica Borsato

Jacob Boyczuk

Peter Bradshaw

Kelsea Briggeman

Heather Bruce

Eric Bullanoff

Dallas Calvin

Trevor Carmichael

Christy Catalano

Bradley Clausen

Arielle Cochran

Dianne Collier

Jarrett Conway

Haley Cundy

Michael DeMedeiros

Holly Dergousoff

Marissa DeRosa

Congratulations to the Grads of JL Crowe Securing the Kootenay and Boundary Areas

8350 B Walsh Rd, Trail 250-368-3103 Toll Free; 1-877-372-1864

Congratulations to all the area grads, and a special congrats to our graduating staff Peter Bradshaw Sean Johnson James Van Horn

Autumn Beattie Skyla Nichol Courtney Svendson

Paige Thatcher Felisha Walts Zoe Webster Megan Ross


Hats off to all our 2012 grads! everyday banking

loans & lines of credit

student mastercard

term deposits

online & mobile banking


You make your community proud. As you follow your soaring dreams, let Kootenay Savings make life on the ground easier with our unique financial solutions for students. Wherever youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re studying, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re with you all the way. better. together.


Shealene Desgroseilliers-Fink

Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times

Sean Dewell

Ryan Dixon

Spencer Donaldson

Dylan Eckes

Soar High! We commend all of our local graduates for their hard work and commitment.

CAR LOVE Jake Ernst

Alex Farnsworth

Damon Fasthuber

Cassidy Favaro

Abby Fedorak

Barry Feng

Emily Ferraro

Devon Field

Kelsie Fitzpatrick

Brendan Frazer

1995 Columbia Ave Trail, BC


Congratulations to the 2012 JL Crowe Graduates on a great accomplishment. Now that you’re moving into the next phase of your life, let us help you find a career that suits your lifestyle with:

Jenna Freschi

Peter Friedrich

Devon Fulton

Zak Furiak

Dylan Gach


lations A hearty congratu n. on your Graduatio Mitchell Ganzini

Breanna Graham

Jenny Grieve

Chelsea Guindon

Ashley Hansen

od luck for Wishing you very go in life. the new beginning your goals. May you reach all

Jordan Hansen

Jeffrey Horan

Tyler Hwalstad

Jarrett Jansonius

Sean Johnson

& a special cong rat ula sik tions to Tessa Kalu Waneta Plaza Aftin Jolly

Taylor Jones

Tessa Kalusik

M]biifcmnb_Ølmn]b[jn_li`siolfc`_ chnb_\_achhchai`[\iie(Nb_l_[l_ g[hsgil__r]cncha]b[jn_lmmncffni]ig_(

Tiffany Kanda

Corey King

I would like to personally congratulate all the graduates... all the best in your future endeavors. Katrine Conroy, MLA

Kootenay West 1-888-755-0556

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A13


Crime writer coming to Rossland BY LORNE ECKERSLEY Creston Valley Advance


AMEC’s First Floor and Finance and Administration Department contacted Building Beautiful Babies Program Facilitator Woniya Cancilla and donated over $1,000 as a result of a staff fundraiser. Building Beautiful Babies was designated by the employees as the recipient of the funds raised at a company sponsored barbecue. This donation money will enable the program to operate over the summer months however they are always in need of donations and always welcome donations of furniture, clothing, etc. This program is also supported by the Food Bank with their donations of groceries, formula, diapers and baby food. For more information about this program please visit the Trail FAIR Society website at or call their office at 250364-2326.

Joe Hill Coffee House brews on Sunday SUBMITTED The Joe Hill Coffee House is serving another delicious round of local talent this Sunday at the Miner’s Hall in Rossland. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m. Admission is $3 for adults and free for students and children. This Sunday’s lineup features; Les Carter (picking and singing);

Kara Deane and Delaney Bowman (young singers); Leanne and family (toe-tapping old-time); Marti Daniel (steady-on folk); Harris, Felix, and Ben (a taste of Gold Fever Follies); Diego Molero (great young Latin guitarist); Max Hawk (a Kootenays legend); Laela (young singer); Pickled Thistle and Friends (Celts wha’ hae! Terry and Janet’s farewell set).

Attention All Gardeners! Trail in Bloom 2012 Garden Contest Pick up applications at Trail City Hall or om

Calendar of Events

Application Deadline June 29 Judging July 11 & 12 Awards (at the Colombo Piazza) July 24

Teck Mad Hatter Tea at the Teck Guest House in Tadanac

July 28 Watch for tickets

Garden Tour July 28

Maps by donation. Watch for the sale of tour maps at Ferraro Foods

sponsored by the Trail Garden Contest Committee and

Newly published crime fiction author Deryn Collier has always thought of herself as a crime fiction writer, even when she was working at other jobs and not writing. Collier’s debut novel, Confined Space, is now available in bookstores. It was written in Creston, before she moved to Nelson with her husband, Ron Sherman, a school principal, and her two sons. “Crime fiction has always been my preference. I remember clearly when I finished Grade 2 my Mom gave me a Nancy Drew book for finishing the year — and that’s what I do for my own kids; I give them a book — and I remember reading that book the day she gave it to me, and reading the whole thing cover to cover and feeling like something just happened. I’ve loved mysteries ever since.” Collier pauses to think about why she is drawn to a genre that doesn’t

get much respect. “I think it’s the resolution — the tension and then resolving the tension. In the stories there is always something impossible, it’s like this impossible puzzle. As I writer I have to solve the puzzle, but as I reader I’m not so interested in doing that. I’m more interested in, ‘How is this author going to solve the puzzle for me?’” Collier wrote three drafts of Confined Space, then was fortunate to find a literary agent she respected. Two more drafts under the direction of her agent were completed and, five years after she started, Collier got the word that Simon and Schuster Canada was interested. “That’s when I did my happy dance.” A whirlwind of travel and promotion this month will bring her to Café Books in Rossland at 7 p.m. June 23. Full event details can be found at


See us for ATV Tires

Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times

Come get some



19 1995 Columbia Ave, Trail, BC 250-364-1208

SPECIAL SPRINGTIME RATES Until June 19, 2012 $ 18 holes - 45 • 9 holes - $25 Any day, any time. Call to book your tee-time.

Celebrating 90 years

at Birchbank




Strong effort puts Jays back in win column

Croatia holds Italy to 1-1 draw

Trail hosts Cranbrook for doubleheader on Sunday afternoon


BY GUY BERTRAND Times Sports Editor

A memorable rally, an unforgettable catch and a Roy Hobbs moments might all add up to a big turning point in the season for the Trail Jays. The Jays opened up their North Idaho American Legion Baseball schedule on Wednesday with a split against the Prairie Cardinals at Butler Park. The Cardinals, who came to Trail on the heels of sweeping the Lewiston Twins on Sunday, overcame some solid pitching by Dallas Calvin to score a 5-1 win in the opening game at Butler Park. Even though Calvin struck out the first four Prairie batters he faced, the Cardinals eventually got to the starter and the Jays couldn’t respond. “We didn’t do enough to put pressure on them,” admitted manager Nick Combo. However, that all changed in the second half of Wednesday’s doubleheader. The Jays rallied from a 5-3 deficit with five runs in the bottom of the sixth then ended the game when Scott Davidson’s diving catch in centrefield began a gameending double play to seal the 8-5 win. The victory ended the Jays’ nine-game losing streak, put them at 1-1 in NIAL play and provided a huge boost of confidence for the young lineup. “It was a big win and got the monkey off our backs,” said Combo. “A lot of guys stepped up and delivered.” All the ingredients were there for the win - solid pitching from starter Tyrus Jocko, minimal errors from the defence, clutch hitting and patience at the plate. “And it was important to get that momentum on our side,” added the Jays’ bench boss. “We have two games against Cranbrook on Sunday.” That’s a team the Jays expect to beat. However, the Jays knew they had their


The wheels started to fall off the Prairie Cardinals lead when this pick off attempt got past Prarie first baseman Darnell Metcalf allowing Trail’s Tyrus Jocko to head to second. hands full against a tough Prairie lineup. The first game started off well for Jays as Calvin struck out the side, three of six strikeouts he had in the game. However, Prairie responded in the top of the second thanks to a series of passed balls and wild pitches, which led to two runs. Jocko got one back for Trail in the bottom of the second with a lead off double, Trail’s only hit in the game. He would eventually cross the plate on Tanner Rotschy’s fielder’s choice to cut the deficit to 2-1. It stayed that way until the fifth when Prairie put together three singles and cashed in on a Trail error to score three times and lock up the 5-1 win. The second game was unfolding in similar fashion as Prairie built up a 3-0 lead on Jays’ starter Davidson while their pitcher, Dylan Charboneau was working on a no-hitter after three complete inning. The Jays finally took flight in the fourth. Geoff Soukeroff ended the no-hit bid but was thrown out at second. Then Calvin singled, Jocko doubled and Jarret Conway walked and eventually all three would

score as Charboneau began to lose his control. A hit a batter, a walk and a wild pitch to successive batters all led to the RBIs. Tied 3-3, Prairie responded in the top of the fifth with base runners and two solid hits that produced a pair of RBIs to put the visitors up 5-3. That set the stage for the late-game heroics. With runners in scoring position, Lukas Thatcher stepped up a delivered a huge single, which brought home Ryan Giesler and Jake Lucchini to tie the game. Charboneau exited the game but his relief didn’t fare any better and loaded the bases for Calvin to slam the first pitch he saw for an RBI single and give Trail a 6-5 lead. It went from bad to worse for the Cards as a passed ball on a third strike and a wild pitch brought home two more Trail base runners to give the Jays an 8-5 lead. Before the Jays’ extended at bat ended, Conway delivered a quasi-Roy Hobbs moment when his foul ball went straight up and shattered a light and rained down broken glass on to the Cardinals dugout.

It wasn’t quite the ending from the movie “The Natural,” but it did foreshadow a highlight reel finish. Soukeroff came on in the top of the seventh to nail down the win. But after a lead off walk, the Cards felt that fate might be back on their side. Soukeroff got one out on a fielder’s choice and then Davidson turned a potential momentum shifting moment into a diving catch on a sinking line drive and doubled off the runner to end the game in spectacular fashion. Jocko picked up the win while Calvin went 3-4 at the plate and Conway scored two runs. Combo didn’t hesitate when asked if the two games were Trail’s best effort of the season so far. “I think we competed well in both games.” He added that with such a young team it’s important to savour and remember these moments and build on the experience. The Jays won’t have to wait long to put their newfound confidence to the test. They’ll host the Cranbrook Bandits Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. at Butler Park.

POZNAN, Poland - After all the talk about an attacking approach to football, Italy fell back to its old defensive tactics Thursday - and the price was a costly 1-1 draw with Croatia. The Italians let a first-half lead slip away and now may need help to advance to the European Championship quarterfinals. Andrea Pirlo gave the Italians the lead with a curving free kick in the 39th minute, but Mario Mandzukic was left unmarked to equalize for Croatia in the 72nd. At the start of the second half, Italy rarely threatened, instead choosing to absorb Croatia’s attacks. The tactic backfired when Ivan Strinic launched a long pass from the left flank to Mandzukic, who had time to control at the edge of the box and shoot in off the post. Italy coach Cesare Prandelli was left wondering if there was a physical problem with his squad. “After an hour our physical level drops,” Prandelli said. “We’ve got to figure out how to manage our energy in the next match. We’re lacking freshness in that phase of the match.” In the final round of group matches on Monday, Italy faces Ireland and Croatia meets world champion Spain. Italy is in a similar position to Euro 2004, when it won its final group match after two draws but was eliminated after Denmark and Sweden drew 2-2. That was the first time a team was eliminated from the group phase without losing.



New York Mets’ Jason Bay reacts as he watches his second-inning home run, his sixth of the year, off Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson during an interleague baseball game Thursday, in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Mets won the game 9-6 to sweep the three-game series.

Come & Enjoy this Unique Family Experience ON SITE CAMPING

Located one hour west of NAKUSP, BC and 2 hours southwest from the Okanagan

all proceeds go to:

ies • Cabin Facilit ith w g in • RV park er w po & er wat

Feature Artists: • Barney Bentall • Valdy • The Kimberlites • The Henry Smalls Band • Darren Johnson

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Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A15


Icing local talent can be hard to do


or local hockey fans, a lot of don’t. whom often decry the lack The Smoke Eaters do try and encourof local talent on the Smoke age local players into their roster, but, Eaters, a few hints. try not to make specific promises other Most hockey parents are conthan a fair shot at both making the team vinced of the golden qualities of their and earning ice time. . Standing in the offspring, and many can be unreasonway of what a player sees as an opporDAVE able. tunity for guaranteed success elsewhere For some, if the Smokies do not isn’t, and shouldn’t be part of the team’s guarantee a roster spot to said offprocess. Sports ‘n’ Things spring, that is an unforgivable slight And, mistakes are made. In Trail (there are of couple of instances of there have been a lot of those over the that percolating right now) and the expectation years, including cuts and trades of players who that local players should not have to earn a spot, went on to thrive elsewhere. Mistakes have been but be awarded one, chafes both sides. made by parents/players from here, as well. One local player has hired an agent to help him It would be really nice if the Smokies could offiseek his fortune elsewhere, without success so far, cially enlist local potential willy-nilly. For the half so may be among those overestimating his value. century that Smoke Eater junior teams dominated For some, a relatively stellar junior B career provincial play they had initial control of every is enough evidence of future junior A prowess to player who lived in the area. merit even guarantees of major ice time, includBut, the BCHL has many rules designed to give ing power play time. A promise to award ice time teams from everywhere access to players from based on performance relative to the performance everywhere and the wealthier franchises make full of teammates is nothing like good enough. The use of those rules, as local fans have seen, without simple fact that there is a quantum difference regard to sensibilities of fans in other places. between the two levels of play doesn’t seem to It comes down to the Smokie brass having the register, despite a history which shows that many analytical skill to foresee a player’s future success, considered elite at the lower level turn out to be and the persuasive power to convince their famadequate, or less, in junior A, whether they suit up ilies of the benefits of playing here. I hope that is for the Smokies or any other BCHL team. strongly in the mix right now, because it is nice to Most other teams are privately owned and have Junior A team and one assumes local players spend little time worrying about a player’s roots. bring in involved local customrers. Vernon and Penticton have had very few homeOn ice improvements across the board are grown players fueling their recent dominance of necessary if we are to retain the franchise. Top tier the Interior Division. They scout players, make local talent with a home base of Cominco Arena promises to the top ones, and sometimes keep would help in that regard. them (the players and the promises), sometimes Be assured the Smokies want that, too.



The West Kootenay Rockers played in the Abbotsford tournament on June 2 and 3.They played a total of six games and came home with the bronze medal. Back row, from the left: Coach: Connie Dewell (Fruitvale), Ella Meyer (Fruitvale), Annie LePage (Genelle), Sara Dewell (Fruitvale), Brittney Strelaeff (Castlegar), Coach: Derek Hipwell( Castlegar), Darya Huser (Salmo), Haley Huser ( Salmo), Cara Gallo (Genelle), Manager: Steve Dewell (Fruitvale) Front row: Elora Hipwell (Castlegar), Allison Griffiths (Castlegar), Shelby Streloff (Castlegar) Batgirl: Kiya Hipwell( Castlegar) Misplaced your TV Listings? Find TV listings online in every Tuesday edition at

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Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times


Fill that oriental craving with some kung fu cooking


s of late I have been indulging in kung fu movies. Now one thing has led to another and I am craving Chinese food. Hang on just a minute here. I know what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thinking

about and no not that battered and sauced stuff that westerners believe is Chinese food. I speak of a glorious non deep fried taste of the orient. Egg drop soup 2 tablespoons corn starch



Application Deadline: June 30, 2012



Optimo H724 Designed to provide highest value. Optimo H724â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s streamlined symmetric pattern design prevents abnormal abrasion. Optimized center rib block, circumferential grooves and multiple sipes improve handling and stability on dry and and wet road conditions. Five pitch technology reduces tire noise.

3 tablespoons water 1 ž cups chicken broth 1 cup water ½ tomato, diced 3 dashes white pepper ½ teaspoon salt or to taste 2 large eggs, lightly beaten In a small bowl, mix the corn starch with the water. Stir to blend well. Set aside. Bring to boil the chicken broth and water in a pot. Add the tomato, white pepper, salt, and thicken the soup with the corn starch mixture. Stir the soup with a ladle

and turn off the heat. Swirl the beaten eggs into the soup and immediately stir around for three times with a pair of chopsticks. Cover the pot with its lid for 2 minutes. The eggs should be cooked and form into silken threads. Dish out into individual serving bowls and serve immediately. *** Spareribs 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce 1 tablespoon ketchup 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon sake




We offer a powerful range of detailing service tailored to your vehicle specific conditions and needs.

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Good Times in Your Mouth

minutes, turning and brushing with the marinade every 10 minutes. Let the marinade cook on for the final 10 minutes to make a glaze. Finish under the broiler if desired. Chuck out any leftover marinade and enjoy. *** Honey walnut shrimp 1 lb. 31/40 count shrimp/prawn 1/2 cup Walnut halves (make sure you get the walnut halves) 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 1/2 tablespoon honey 1/2 tablespoon condensed milk 1 teaspoon lemon

Celebrating 90 years

at Birchbank



Carrier Superstar You might not ever see your carrier, but you know they do a fantastic job delivering the paper to you and know we want to help thank them even more.

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juice 1 egg white 1/2 cup corn starch (for coating the prawn) Oil for frying

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No Job Too Big or Too Small


1 teaspoon rice vinegar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh garlic 1/4 teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder 1 pound pork spareribs In a shallow glass dish, mix together the hoisin sauce, ketchup, honey, soy sauce, sake, rice vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, garlic and five-spice powder. Place the ribs in the dish, and turn to coat. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator for 2 hours, or for more love as long as overnight.. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Fill a broiler tray with enough water to cover the bottom. Place the grate or rack over the tray. Arrange the ribs on the grate. Place the broiler rack in the center of the oven. Cook for 40

I would like to nominate ___________________________________________ Carrierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Name

___________________________________________ Your Name

___________________________________________ Your Address

Drop your form off at Trail Daily Times, 1163 Cedar Ave, Trail or call 364-1413 or e-mail

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For the Walnuts: 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup water Peel and deveined the shrimp/prawn. Pat dry with paper towels, add the egg white, mix well with the shrimp and set aside. Rinse the walnut halves with water, drain and set aside. Heat up the water until it boils and add in the sugar. Keep stirring until it turns thick and golden color and then add the walnut. Boil for 2 minutes, then drain and place walnuts on a cookie sheet/parchment paper to dry. (Regular paper will not work as the walnut will stick to it). Heat the oil in a wok over high heat. Coat the shrimp with a thick layer of corn flour and then and then fry in the hot oil until golden brown. Remove the shrimps from the wok and drain on paper towels. In a bowl, stir together the mayonnaise, honey, condensed milk and lemon juice. Add shrimp and toss with the mayonnaise sauce. Transfer to a serving plate and garnish the candied walnuts on top of the shrimp and serve immediately. Have fun with your kung fu cooking!


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Valu Office Supplies 801 Farwell St, Trail 250-368-9123

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Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A17

To Our Local Graduates

Here’s to all the young men and women who have worked so hard towards commencement day. Seize the day and make all your dreams come true. TRAIL

8130 Old Waneta Rd, Trail, BC 250-364-1311

Nicholas Klassen

Jessie Knowler

Chris Kryski

Graham Kutzner

Brohdie Larocque

Jacob Lawrence

Logan Lewis

Wyatt Lightburn

Jessica Lind

Katie Loughlin

Jeremy Luening

Chris Lyall

Adam Macasso

Graeme MacAuley

Carson Martin

Jourdyne Mason

Alexa Matthes

Marliese Mauro

Shaelynn Mawson

Tyrell McAllister

Margie McBurney

Sean McFarlane

Amy McInnis

Eleasah McIntyre

Megan McIntyre

Tori McLaughlin

Aaron McLean

Ben McNamee

Joel McNinch

Brandi Menin-Regnier

Andrew Miller

Julia Mitchell

Rebecca Moen

Brandt Monaghan

David Moon


Grads of


1148 Bay Ave, Trail


With Highest Honours To The Class Of 2012 You’ve worked hard to earn high marks, and we know you’ll score high in everything you do.

364-1816 1475 Cedar Avenue, Trail

A bright future ahead

Supporting generations of youth through scholarship and education programs. Congratulations graduates.

Teck Trail Operations,

Today’s Moment, Tomorrow’s Future We’re proud of you, graduates. May your future be as bright and wonderful as you are. We will always be here to support and encourage you as you pursue your dream. May you continue to learn, grow and reach new heights of success!


Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times

Maglio Building Centre wants to congratulate all the grads of the area... their graduation words of wisdom: “Your families are extremely proud of you. You can’t imagine the sense of relief they are experiencing. Now would be a most opportune time to ask for money.” Icy Morehouse

MacAulay Morton

Abby Muskeyn

Danielle Nesbitt

Skyla Nichol


Nicole Nutini

Tyson O’Neill

Jessica Oliver

Scott Onyschak

Shane Pederson

All the best in your future endeavors from Hall’s Basics 1236 Bay Ave, Trail 250-364-2522 Toll Free 1-800-661-8848

Garret Phelan

Eddie Philipzyk

Sara Piche

Mariah Pitman

Teagan Poling

Dakota Ravestein

Jonny Regnier

Tessa Rieberger

Jordan Roblin

Megan Ross

s Congratulation ! grads of 2012

Bel-Air Cleaners 1247 Bay Avenue, Trail 250-364-2456

All Our Best Wishes to all our

2012 graduates

Tanner Rotschy

Bobby Schwarzen

Kyle Shannon

Sarah Sharp

Walker Sidoni

1355 Cedar Avenue

Taylor Snihur

Spenser Soukeroff

Kurtis Spence

Derek Steep

Koel Steward

Courtney Svendson

Paige Thatcher

Jill Todd

Chad Troseth

Jimmy VanHorn

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2012! Look back with pride, look forward to continued success, but really enjoy today!


Congratulations to all the grads from Totem Travel When life gets stressful and your ready for a vacation or if you’re a little homesick, give us a call and we’ll get you where you need to go

1577 Bay Avenue, Trail (250) 364-1515

Our very best wishes for health, happiness and success both today and in the future. You’ve made us proud!

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Financial Services

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Trail 368-9533

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Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A19

Your determination and hard work have paid off today as you prepare to accept your diploma. Keep striving for success, wherever your trail may lead you! Mayor, Council and staff of the City of g Trail congratulate the 2012 Graduates.

Congratulation to all the graduates from your local

Karlee Vecchio

jessie Waldo

Chantel Walker

Corey Walts

Felisha Walts

Zoe Webster

Jordan Weir

Connor Wenman

Chris Whyte

Bethany Yorston

Katie Yuris


Trail 250.364.3333

A graduation party to remember

After spending 12 or more years attending school, graduation can be a momentous event for students who are about to enter the â&#x20AC;&#x153;real world.â&#x20AC;? A graduation party gives students a chance to celebrate the friendships theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made, the memories of the last several years and the opportunities to come. The choices for graduation parties are virtually endless. One signiďŹ cant consideration is the date of the party. If you want your party to take place on your actual graduation date, then expect to be competing with other students -- some of whom may be your close friends. Unless you want few guests or you prefer to spend the entire day hopping from one party to another, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best to come up with a date that will be yours and yours alone. Therefore, select a date that is one or two weeks after the big day so more friends will be able to attend.

When it comes to planning the party itself, there are many ways to set your event apart from others. Here are some ideas you can consider. Ă?Ă&#x203A;DYc]Ă&#x203A;alĂ&#x203A;YĂ&#x203A;j]\¤[Yjh]lĂ&#x203A;]n]flÂ?Ă&#x203A;K`afcĂ&#x203A;dac]Ă&#x203A; Hollywood movie premieres and set up a red carpet in your yard or at the party venue, complete with a backdrop of photos, school logos, mascot pictures, and anything else that represents your school. As guests arrive, have them walk the red carpet while others snap photos of them for later use in scrapbooks. °Ă?Ă&#x203A;I][j]Yl]Ă&#x203A;YĂ&#x203A;egna]¤afkhaj]\Ă&#x203A;_jY\mYlagfĂ&#x203A; scene. Think about those classic teen movies that you love, and borrow ideas for your party theme from them. For example, if the carnival graduation party scene from â&#x20AC;&#x153;Greaseâ&#x20AC;? is your all-time favorite, plan a carnival-themed graduation party. There are many vendors who will rent inďŹ&#x201A;atable moon bounces,

amusement park rides and the like. Serve fair food, like corn dogs and funnel cakes. Ă?Ă&#x203A;?gklĂ&#x203A;YĂ&#x203A;[dmZĂ&#x203A;hYjlqÂ?Ă&#x203A;@lÂżkĂ&#x203A;`Yj\Ă&#x203A;fglĂ&#x203A;lgĂ&#x203A;`Yn]Ă&#x203A; fun at a party that focuses on dancing and snacking. Check with neighborhood dance clubs if they are open to off-hours private parties. Sometimes nontraditional party venues rent their spaces if theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re guaranteed a certain amount of revenue. Find out whether they have a DJ on staff or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to ďŹ nd someone to take care of the music and emcee the event. Ă?Ă&#x203A;Ă&#x203A;GdYfĂ&#x203A;Y[lanala]kĂ&#x203A;YddĂ&#x203A;_m]klkĂ&#x203A;oaddĂ&#x203A;]fbgqÂ?Ă&#x203A;@^Ă&#x203A;l`]Ă&#x203A; party will include a mix of family and friends, select games that can appeal to different age groups. A variation on the newlywed game, in which guests have to answer questions about the grad to see how well they know him or her, can be a fun game. Ă?Ă&#x203A;J]d][lĂ&#x203A;YĂ&#x203A;e]]laf_Ă&#x203A;hdY[]Ă&#x203A;Yf\Ă&#x203A;bmklĂ&#x203A;`Yn]Ă&#x203A;YfĂ&#x203A;

]YkqĂ&#x203A;hglĂ&#x203A;dm[cĂ&#x203A;hYjlqĂ&#x203A;oal`Ă&#x203A;^]ddgoĂ&#x203A;_jY\kÂ?Ă&#x203A;D]]lĂ&#x203A;YlĂ&#x203A; a theme park, pool club, club, movie theater, or restaurant and employ a pay-your-way party concept. This way everyone will be together, and the party wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t involve a lot of elaborate planning or expensive budget busting.

         Accepting applications for September 2012 entry. APPLY TODAY!


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Having a

GARAGE SALE? The Trail Daily Times provides the most comprehensive GARAGE SALE PACKAGE available, at the BEST PRICE! Package Includes: Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160;


UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160;VÂ?>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;wi`Ă&#x160;>` UĂ&#x160;{Ă&#x160;Âş>Ă&#x20AC;>}iĂ&#x160;->Â?iÂťĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;ÂŁÂ&#x2122;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;VÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Â?>LÂ?iĂ&#x192; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;VViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;vĂ&#x2022;Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;ÂŤĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;vÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; ÂźÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Â?i½Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;>Â?i Only UĂ&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;iÂ&#x2021;Ă&#x192;>Â?iĂ&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;iVÂ&#x17D;Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152; UĂ&#x160;->Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iVÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;`Ă&#x160;vÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x201C; UĂ&#x160;Âź Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;*>Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}½Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2DC; UĂ&#x160;Âź*>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;iĂ&#x20AC;i½Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2DC; UĂ&#x160;Âź-Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;]Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x192;½Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2DC;



ÂłĂ&#x160;-/ Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;ivĂ&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`>LÂ?i°


Melissa Clarkson, daughter of Jim and Alba Clarkson of Montrose, received her Bachelor of Science â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Biology degree from UBC Okanagan in June. Melissa graduated from J.L. Crowe in 2008.

Dave Urquhart, son of Jim and Judy Urquhart of Fruitvale, graduated from the University of British Columbiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Northern Medical Program in Prince George with a degree of Doctor of Medicine. He is doing his residency through Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s University, Ontario, in Family Practice. Dave is a graduate of J.L. Crowe Secondary.

Stephanie Mervyn, the daughter of Glenn and Tracy Mervyn of Fruitvale, recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. The J.L. Crowe Secondary graduate will be residing in Fruitvale.

Kootenay Lake Levels Alert - High Lake Levels | June 14, 2012


FortisBC is advising local residents that Kootenay Lake levels are expected to reach 1752 ft. at Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay in the next few days, possibly reaching 1753 ft. There is a risk of flooding in some areas. FortisBC has been operating the Kootenay River system at the maximum discharge since the middle of March and will continue to do so until after the lake peaks.

Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay:

Present level: 1751.60 ft. 7 day forecast: Up 12 to 18 inches. 2011 peak: 1751.71 ft. / 2010 peak: 1748.68 ft.


Present level: 1749.09 ft. 7 day forecast: Up 12 to 18 inches.


ZCH BMO China Equity ........................ 10.96 BMO Bank of Montreal........................... 54.75 BNS Bank of Nova Scotia....................... 52.00 BCE BCE Inc ............................................... 41.46 CM CIBC...................................................... 71.05 CU Canadian Utilities .............................. 66.25 CFP Canfor.................................................. 11.28 ENB Enbridge Inc ...................................... 39.46 ECA EnCana Cp ........................................ 21.39 FTT Finning Intl Inc ................................... 22.75 FTS Fortis Inc .............................................. 33.21 VNP 5N Plus Inc ...........................................2.34 HSE Husky Energy Inc ............................. 24.17

MBT Manitoba Telephone....................... 33.16 NA National Bank of Canada ............... 73.00 NBD Norbord Inc .................................... 12.62 OCX Onex Corp ..................................... 38.54 RY Royal Bank of Canada ....................... 50.85 ST Sherrit International ..............................4.84 TEK.B Teck Resources Ltd. ................... 32.54 T Telus ............................................................ 59.27 TD Toronto Dominion ............................ 78.79 TRP TransCanada Cp ............................... 42.43 VXX Ipath S&P 500 Vix ........................... 19.88

For more information on emergency flood preparedness contact your local authority, or visit the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) website at or call 1-800-663-3456. If you would like to be notified via telephone or email about large or unusual changes to Kootenay Lake water levels, visit to complete an online form or call 1-866-436-7847.

   Norrep Inc.................................................... 11.27


AGF Trad Balanced Fund............................5.69

        London Gold Spot ..................................1625.3 Silver .............................................................28.630

Crude Oil (Sweet)..................................... 84.47 Canadian Dollar (US Funds) ................0.9770

!"# $   %& $##%% !&#,$ ##/"$ )#!&&%#$&$ .! (&/- * )$' *&*+#'&('$"$ #&(% $#%$*' !#(#,*#$  - *!#%#,*$*!   '    ( ('$"$ &(' !' 01234564646 076224564646 )))%##%% !&% "                                    !"#$ % $#&$'#&(!$'"$'&!#)! "' *!%'+,(&$ +!,#+,+*$$#%%*!#%-#&% ".,$'' $  !"#$ ' $/*#!#$& !.! (&/$& $#*$ ! !##%% !& *$- !.#''*"#-,#+,$-' !"#$ '/(#'  $&#$#..#!/ $'#&(!$'"$#&$!$#*$ ! !##%% !& *$- !.#''*"#- +,/#$ $ *.&#$$ !"#$  !#&(' *!$!&(, ."$'!,#$/ !"#$ .! (&&!

For all areas. Excellent exercise, fun for ALL ages. Fruitvale

WarďŹ eld

Route 359 10 papers Columbia Gardens Rd, Forsythia Dr Route 362 26 papers 1st, 2nd & 3rd St, Evergreen Ave Route 366 18 papers Beaver St, Brookside, Columbia Gardens Rd, Maple Ave Route 368 26 papers Caughlin Rd, Davis Ave & Hepburn Dr Route 375 8 papers Green Rd & Lodden Rd Route 378 28 papers Columbia Gardens Rd, Martin St, Mollar Rd, Old Salmo Rd, Trest Dr Route 381 11 papers Coughlin Rd Route 382 13 papers Debruin Rd & Staats Rd

Route 195 17 papers Route 211 29 papers Blake Court, Shelley St,Whitman Hazelwood Dr, Olivia Cres & Way Viola Cres Route 219 17 papers Blueberry Hazelwood Dr Route 308 6 papers 100 St to 104 St Rossland Route 401 11 papers Montrose 3rd Ave, 4th Ave, 5th Ave, Route 341 24 papers Georgia & Monte Cristo St 8th Ave, 9th Ave,10th Ave Route 403 12 papers Route 345 9 papers Cook Ave, Irwin Ave, St Paul & 5th St, 8th, 9th Ave Thompson Ave Route 348 21 papers Route 406 15 papers 12th Ave, Christie Rd Cooke Ave & Kootenay Ave Route 340 31 papers Route 407 11 papers 10th Ave, 7th & 8th St Columbia Ave & Leroi Ave Route 346 28 papers Route 414 18 papers 10th Ave, 1st St, 8th & 9th Ave Thompson Ave,Victoria Ave

East Trail Route 110 23 papers 3rd & 4th Ave, Bailey & Goepel St


Rossland contâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d Route 416 10 papers 3rd Ave, 6th Ave, Elmore St, Paul S Route 420 17 papers 1st, 3rd Kootenay Ave, Leroi Ave Route 421 9 papers Davis & Spokane St Route 422 8 papers 3rd Ave, Jubliee St, Queen St & St. Paul St. Route 424 9 papers Ironcolt Ave, Mcleod Ave, Plewman Way Route 434 7 papers 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave,Turner Ave

Genelle Route 304 19 papers 12th , 13 & 14th Ave, 6th St

Call Today! 250-364-1413 ext 206

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A21


Keep a watchful eye on sister’s new beau Dear Annie: A year ago, my sister, “Sheila,” had an affair. She is now living with the Other Man. Sheila and her husband have a 23-yearold son who has been devastated by this. My family believes the boyfriend is simply using Sheila for her money and to have someone around to help raise his teenage daughter. In addition, he seems very controlling. Needless to say, we all object to what my sister has done, but she is stubbornly standing by her decision. I will soon be traveling cross-country to visit. I have requested that Sheila not bring the boyfriend to any family get-togethers. Although I wouldn’t be so insensitive as to invite her soon-to-be ex, I’m not comfortable welcoming the boyfriend with open arms. My nephew will be at these gatherings, and his wounds are still fresh. I am trying to be considerate of his feelings.



Marcy Sugar & Kathy Mitchell

Sheila says I shouldn’t force her to choose, and that her boyfriend is her family now. I say that my nephew has been my family for 23 years. At what point do we have to include the boyfriend? Should I back down and let her bring the guy? -- Caught in the Middle Dear Caught: While we understand your reluctance to accept this man, we urge you to reconsider. Registering your disapproval is justified, but at some point, it can become counterproductive. Sheila is not going to come without him, so your choice is to see both of them or neither. Not seeing Sheila is one option. However,

if Sheila marries this man, it will help your nephew enormously if he can learn to tolerate the guy’s presence. And it will be easier to do if he has the rest of his supportive family nearby, showing him how to be civil without necessarily being friendly. It will also help Sheila. If this man is as controlling as you fear, someone needs to keep an eye on the situation. Dear Annie: My younger sister, “Linda,” age 50, is getting married for the fifth time. She is planning a wedding in the town where I grew up, about 400 miles away. My wife refuses to attend the wedding because she says it’s tacky and narcissistic to have such an affair for the fifth time, plus it’s a long drive. I agree that Linda is rather selfabsorbed, and I can only imagine what the guests may be thinking when my sister vows to love and to hold until death do you part. Again.

I agree with my wife on principle, but Linda is my only sister. I could attend without my wife, but I don’t want to tell my sister why I’m by myself. How should I handle this? -Big Brother Dear Big Brother: We think you should go, even if it means going without your wife, although it would be nice if she would attend for your sake. If Linda should ask about your wife’s absence, simply say she has other commitments. You don’t owe anyone more of an explanation than that. Dear Annie: “Puzzled in Indiana” said his brother refuses to speak to their father because Dad sold the family house when Mom died and built a new one with his new wife, instead of sharing the proceeds of the sale with the kids. My husband and I have been married for 40 years. We both worked and raised our kids. Whatever remains

in our estate I expect to be for our children. I didn’t work extra shifts for the benefit of some future wife. I would not begrudge my husband the companionship of someone else in the event of my death. He can share his Social

Security and pension, but not everything I worked for. -- Retiree in Florida Dear Florida: We understand your position, but “Puzzled” said Mom left the house to Dad, not to the kids. In which case, he was

free to do with it as he wished. Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to



Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once. The difficulty level of the Conceptis Sudoku increases from Monday to Friday. SOLUTION FOR YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU


Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times


YOUR HOROSCOPE By Francis Drake For Saturday, June 16, 2012 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) This is an excellent day for business and commerce. You have a lot of mental and physical energy to think about earnings, cash flow and expenditures. (Plus, you want to boost your earnings.) TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The Moon is in your sign today lined up with fiery Mars. This gives you a lot of aggressive focus. You will be a force to contend with! GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You can expect to be involved in secret dealings today, especially with your own activities. For some reason, you’re doing something that’s a bit secretive today. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) All group activities will be upbeat and energetic today. It looks like you feel competitive with someone, which is

why you will likely win or come out ahead. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Bosses, parents and VIPs will notice you briefly today. It appears that some aspect of your private life is suddenly a bit public. (Oops.) VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Look for ways to do something different today. Travel anywhere if you can. You’re hungry for a change of scenery, plus you want some excitement. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You can benefit from the wealth of others today, so keep your eyes (and pockets) open. You won’t hesitate to defend your best interests if sharing something. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Conversations with partners and close friends will be lively and vigorous today. If debates or arguments arise,

you will stand your ground. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) You’ve got lots of energy to work on the job today. Some of you will use the same energy to workout in gyms or do something to improve your health. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Sports, playful activities with children, vacations and social events have your atten-

tion today. You got lots of energy to party! Plan to do something that’s fun and active. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) You want to do something to improve where you live today, and you have the energy to do this. You might rearrange furniture or start some kind of home renovation. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20)

Your confidence and enthusiasm will make conversations with others upbeat and successful today. It’s a great day to sell, market, teach, write or act because you’re so convincing and persuasive! YOU BORN TODAY You are intelligent and patient. You wait for the right moment. You choose to invest in tomorrow’s profit rather than today’s gain. Similarly, you choose your friends with









care. You are aware of longterm benefits, and because you have self-discipline, you patiently live this way. This year, something you’ve been involved with for about nine years will end or diminish in order to make room for something new. Birthdate of: Phil Mickelson, golfer; Kevin Bieksa, hockey player; Keshia Chanti, singer. c) 2012 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A23

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Business Opportunities

WELCOME Maximillien Eric Crispin to the world! Born June 6, 2012 to proud parents Zachary Crispin and Monica Underwood. Thrilled grandparents are Janice Underwood, Eric Underwood and Martine Robb, and Lyle and Julie Crispin. Great Grandmothers are Alice Wilson and Beth Lloyd.

In Memoriam In Loving Memory

DEADLINES 11am 1 day publication.



RATES Lost & Found and Free Give Away ads are no charge. Classified rates vary. Ask us about rates. Combos and packages available - over 90 newspapers in BC.


It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona i de requirement for the work involved.


Peter Ogley June 17, 1995

Gone but not forgotten Lydia & family

Coming Events RUSTIC CURST WOODFIRED PIZZA @ Community Market, Webster School on Sunday June 16, 2012 from 11am - 3pm.

Information The Trail Daily Times is a member of the British Columbia Press Council. The Press Council serves as a forum for unsatisÀed reader complaints against member newspapers. Complaints must be Àled within a 45 day time limit. For information please go to the Press Council website at or telephone (toll free) 1-888-687-2213.

BUSINESS FOR SALE Be your own boss publishing your own local entertainment / humour magazine. Javajoke publications is offering an exclusive protected license in your area. We will teach you our lucrative proven system, step by step by step to create the wealth that you want. Perfect for anyone FT / PT, from semi-retired to large scale enterprise. Call today to get your no obligation info packet. Toll FREE 1-855-406-1253

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed!! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 wks. vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License with air brake endorsement. High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver DO NOT FILL IN CITY or STATE

Help Wanted Line Cook and Bartender/Server Apply at in person with resume to Benedict’s Steakhouse 3 Scho¿eld Highway, Trail 250-368-3360

Baker’s Packager Experience in the restaurant/food industry an asset. Early a.m. shifts. Drop off your resume at the Trail Ferraro Foods attention: David Ferraro

Personals ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 250-368-5651

Colander Restaurant is now taking applications for

FOR INFORMATION, education, accommodation and support for battered women and their children call WINS Transition House 250-364-1543

Career training available



Line Cook Bring resume to 1475 Cedar Ave

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fax 250.368.8550 email Drivers/Courier/ Drivers/Courier/ Employment Employment Trucking Trucking Help Wanted Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051.

Certified Crane Operator required for local construction projects please email resume to Driver wanted with Class 1 full time position Day shift in Trail area, 250-365-7321

Cards of Thanks

Cards of Thanks

Established 1947 Established 1947

Hauling Freight for Friends for60 65Years Years Hauling Freight for Friends for Over



Thank you just isn’t enough The family of

David Martin

would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and kindness shown during this very difficult time. A very special thank you to Wayne Harder, Dr. Phil Malpass, Francis Lloyd, and Robert Sylvester for all they did and for being there. Thanks to Bill Clarke, Jordan Wren and staff from Alternatives Funeral Services for making David’s celebration service everything we wanted and what David deserved. To Ken Potter for the time he took with us to get to know and understand what an amazing man David truly was. We also would like to acknowledge and thank the ER Staff in Nelson, the High Acuity Response Team, the ICU Staff and RT team in Trail, and Dr. Jeff Hussey for their true professionalism and extraordinary efforts with David’s care. The attendance of the British Columbia Ambulance Service Honour Guard and the uniformed personnel from the Ambulance and Fire Services gave the family great pride and honour as it reflected the respect everyone has for David. The kind words from Peter Defeo and Larry Standen were truly appreciated and so meaningful to us. David’s commitment to his work was reflected in your honouring of him. The family and friends who travelled to support us, the food, phone calls, cards, flowers, donations, kind words and hugs meant so much to each and every one of us. We all love David so much, and it is overwhelming to see how much all of you do too. Your ongoing love and support continues to give us strength to carry on. Like we said at the beginning... thank you just isn’t enough. Myrna, David (Kim), Joey (Kelsey), Ben (Kristin) and the rest of the Martin and Duckworth Families.

Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Owner Operators to be based at Castlegar or Cranbrook for runs throughout B.C. and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain, driving experience/ PRINCE GEORGE training. Van-Kam Freightways’ Group of Companies We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits requires Owner Operators for runs out of our package. Prince Terminal.drivers, call Bev, 604-968-5488 or To join ourGeorge team of Professional email resume, driver’s to abstract and details of truck to: Van aKam is current committed Employment Equity and W ff ll t t or fax Wi t / M t i Environmental Responsibility. 604-587-9889 Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility. We thank you for your interest in Van-Kam, however only those of interest to us will be contacted.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

PART-TIME INTRODUCTORY ACCOUNTING INSTRUCTOR Bring your accounting expertise to the School of Hospitality & Tourism — Nelson In this temporary, 17% part-time position— 3 instruction hours per week plus prep—you will leverage your strong accounting expertise and knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry as you instruct first- and second-year students. Although they are offered under different names, your Fall 2012 course and your Spring 2013 course have the same curriculum and are already developed for delivery. In addition to a business degree and accounting designation, you have at least 9 years’ postsecondary education and management experience. Post-secondary teaching experience would be an asset. The term of this position is August 13, 2012 to April 20, 2013, with a possibility of renewal. Closing date: 4 pm, June 22, 2012.

For more information visit E X C E E D I N G E X P E C TAT I O N S


Stoya & Ryan Stoya Macleod formerly from Rossland has found her soulmate Ryan Smith in Kamloops. After 6 years together and a house purchase, they are getting married in Kamloops on August 4th, 2012.

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Help Wanted






Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted




**WANTED** NEWSPAPER CARRIERS TRAIL DAILY TIMES Excellent Exercise Fun for All Ages Call Today Start Earning Money Tomorrow Circulation Department 250-364-1413 Ext. 206 For more Information

INDIVIDUAL knowledgeable in the paint and wall/window covering industry is required for full time employment at Dulux Color Your World in Nelson. Hired applicant will posses excellent communication and people skills. Work independently and along side owners. Please drop off resume to Dulux Color Your World, 410 Stanley Street, or email for more information contact Rocky @ 250 777.3411

V & G Coatings Spray in box liners and deck, concrete and industrial coatings 250.304.8971

If you are experiencing delays in the processing of your EI, CPP, OAS, Veterans Affairs, or CIC claims, please call the â&#x20AC;&#x153;OfďŹ ce For Client Satisfactionâ&#x20AC;?


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Parts Associate

An opportunity is now available to join our outstanding team in the role of PARTS ASSOCIATE If you are a goal driven, experienced parts person, have a positive attitude and enjoy a team atmoshpere, apply in confidence to: phone 250-368-9134

Trail BC

CARE AIDES & COOKS Career Opportunities at Mountain Lake Seniors Community in Nelson, BC â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pride in Caringâ&#x20AC;? is AdvoCareâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s philosophy and we welcome you to become a part of our team! We are currently recruiting casual positions with the potential to be permanent positions. CARE AIDES; The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; exp. as a Care Aide, must be registered with the BC CARE AIDE REGISTRY and have a registration # to be considered. COOKS; Must have certiďŹ cation from an approved training program, Food Safe, and a minimum of 2 years cook experience (preferably in a resident care facility enviro.). For both positions you must be able to work variable shifts, including weekends, have WHMIS, TB Test and provide a Physicianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clearance note. Successful candidates will undergo a Criminal Record Clearance. To apply please visit our website www. or fax: (1)250-352-0056


Janitorial Services


For all areas. Excellent exercise, fun for ALL ages. Fruitvale


Route 359 10 papers Columbia Gardens Rd, Forsythia Dr Route 362 26 papers 1st, 2nd & 3rd St, Evergreen Ave Route 366 18 papers Beaver St, Brookside, Columbia Gardens Rd, Maple Ave Route 368 26 papers Caughlin Rd, Davis Ave & Hepburn Dr Route 375 8 papers Green Rd & Lodden Rd Route 378 28 papers Columbia Gardens Rd, Martin St, Mollar Rd, Old Salmo Rd, Trest Dr Route 381 11 papers Coughlin Rd Route 382 13 papers Debruin Rd & Staats Rd

Route 401 11 papers 3rd Ave, 4th Ave, 5th Ave, Georgia & Monte Cristo St Route 403 12 papers Cook Ave, Irwin Ave, St Paul & Thompson Ave Route 406 15 papers Cooke Ave & Kootenay Ave Route 407 11 papers Columbia Ave & Leroi Ave Route 414 18 papers Thompson Ave,Victoria Ave Route 416 10 papers 3rd Ave, 6th Ave, Elmore St, Paul S Route 420 17 papers 1st, 3rd Kootenay Ave, Leroi Ave Route 421 9 papers Davis & Spokane St Route 422 8 papers 3rd Ave, Jubliee St, Queen St & St. Paul St. WarďŹ eld Route 424 9 papers Route 195 17 papers Blake Court, Shelley St, Whitman Ironcolt Ave, Mcleod Ave, Plewman Way Way Route 434 7 papers Blueberry 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, Turner Ave Route 308 6 papers Genelle 100 St to 104 St Route 304 19 papers Montrose 12th , 13 & 14th Ave, 6th St Route 341 24 papers East Trail 8th Ave, 9th Ave,10th Ave Route 110 23 papers Route 345 9 papers 3rd & 4th Ave, Bailey & Goepel St 5th St, 8th, 9th Ave Castlegar Route 348 21 papers Route 311 6 papers 12th Ave, Christie Rd 9th Ave & Southridge Dr Route 340 31 papers Route 312 15 papers 10th Ave, 7th & 8th St 10th & 9th Ave Route 346 28 papers Route 314 12 papers 10th Ave, 1st St, 8th & 9th Ave 4th, 5th, & 6th Ave Sunningdale Route 321 10 papers Route 211 29 papers Columbia & Hunterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Place Hazelwood Dr, Olivia Cres & Viola Cres Route 219 17 papers Hazelwood Dr

Call Today! 250-364-1413 ext 206

This space

Everyday in color for less than you think

Call the today. 250-364-1416

Janitorial Services needed for Kalawsky Chevrolet Buick, the leading GM dealership in the Kootenays. Employment for ďŹ ve days per week, two hours nightly is offered. High standards of cleanliness are desired so those with Janitorial Experience or a Janitorial service are encouraged to apply.


Please submit resumes in person or email to: Liberty â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;AGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Foods 1950 Main Street, Fruitvale, BC Email: Only Those Candidates Short-Listed Will Be Contacted. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

City of Trail - Job PosĆ&#x;ng

PURCHASING/MECHANICAL SUPERINTENDENT The City of Trail is recruiĆ&#x;ng for the permanent posiĆ&#x;on of Purchasing/Mechanical Superintendent. Detailed informaĆ&#x;on about this employment opportunity is available on the Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at or by request to Sandy Lucchini at (250) 364-0809. ApplicaĆ&#x;ons will be received unĆ&#x;l Friday, June 22, 2012. The City of Trail thanks all applicants for their interest and will only reply to those selected for an interview. ! !


Financial Services DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping CANADIANS repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest regardless of your credit!

Qualify Now To Be Debt Free 1-877-220-3328 Licensed, Government Approved, BBB Accredited.

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

Contractors HANSON DECKING West Kootenay Agent for Duradek 250-352-1814

Siddall Garden Services



Household Services A-1 FURNACE & Air Duct Cleaning. Complete Furnace/Air Duct Systems cleaned & sterilized. Locally owned & operated. 1-800-5650355 (Free estimates)

Misc Services Quality Sharpening Knives, Scissors, Garden Tools

250-364-1083 DIRTBUSTERS Carpet cleaning, area rugs, ďŹ&#x201A;ood work, furnace & air duct cleaning, 250364-1484, 250-364-0145 MOVING / Junk 250-231-8529


7A[[fiWa[\ehWB_\[j_c[ Receive a 2x3 birth included announcement for only $29.99 HST

s a Boy! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; GrifÂżn are please d to

Send resumes to ofďŹ No phone calls please. Thank you for applying for this position. Only those chosen will be interviewed.



Garden & Lawn

Deadline: 2 days prior to publication by 11am. The Trail Daily Times will continue to publish straight birth announcements free of charge - as always

Lois & Peter ir son announce the birth of the

Chris GrifÂżn

ing 8lbs, 8oz. born March 13, weigh

Drop in to 1163 Cedar Ave or email your photo, information and Mastercard or Visa number to 250-368-8551 ext 204

Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A25


Food Products

Garage Sales


ANNABLE, 148 Haig Street. Moving Sale, Saturday, June 16th, 9am-2pm.

Misc. Wanted

TRAIL, DT, Updated, bright, large 3Bd. Apt. $1,000./mo. +utilities. Available Sept.1st. Call Cary 250-505-6282 TRAIL, spacious 2bdrm. apartment. Adult building, perfect for seniors/ professionals. Cozy, clean, quiet, comfortable. Must See. 250-3681312 W.TRAIL, 2Bdrm. in 4-plex., garage. $550./mo. 604-2505714

PLUMBING REPAIRS, Sewer backups, Camera inspection 24hr Emergency Service. 250231-8529 Try our New Italian Pizza 2 for 1. 24/7 ordering, free delivery, BP Hot Foods Deli 250.512.9449 •

24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language


BC INSPECTED GRADED AA OR BETTER LOCALLY GROWN NATURAL BEEF Hormone Free Grass Fed/Grain Finished $100 Packages Available Quarters/Halves $2.50/lb Hanging Weight Extra Lean Hamburger $4.00/lb TARZWELL FARMS 250-428-4316 Creston


Garage Sales

Stand up. Be heard. Get help.

FRUITVALE 75 Walnut Ave 8am-noon Sat. June 16

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale


RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Fruitvale The he pperfect perfec erf family f mily l home om mee - 3 bedrooms, bed be bedro droom rooms, rooms room ooms mss, 2 ms, m baths, aths, ths ths, h huge hhu ugee kitchen, kkitch ki chen hen, he en, large with rgge backyard rge baacckyard k ardd w wi ith great eat at deck. de dec eckk ec $253,500


Fruitvale with Ton Tons nss of po pot potential ntiall w 3 bbedrooms beeddrooms bed droom om ms on n tthe thhe bathrooms, main, ain ain, in 3 ba bbat athro athroo h oo oom oms,, plus unfinished plu lus us a ffu full u un unfin unfi fini fi nished n ished aseme semeen semen ent basement. $198,000


Trail T Totally To ccharming harmin armin mingg aand an nd very ery nicely nic icely celyy updated up update upd pddated pda pdate d tedd 3 bbedroom bedroo bedro oom om home ho hom me on me street t a quiett street. $239,000


DENISE MARCHI 250 368-1112

Merchandise for Sale

E.TRAIL FUND RAISER for Friend of Friends MHC 1454 2nd Ave. Sat June 16 8am2pm FRUITVALE 166 Mill Rd. June 16 8am-2pm Pool table, snowmobile, tent, furniture, car seat, crafts, craft supplies GLENMERRY 3301 Dahlia Cres. June 16 8am-2pm GLENMERRY 3451 Marigold Dr. Sat. June 16 8am-1pm GLENMERRY 3732 Woodland Dr. Sat June 16 & Sun June 17 10am-3pm ESTATE SALE Rivervale. Saturday & Sunday, June 16 & 17. Starts @ 8am. 254 2nd Ave. Trail. 3491 Laburnum Drive. Sat. June 16. 9am-3pm. Books, furniture, magazines, misc. W.TRAIL 2246 Daniel St. June 16 - 9am

Heavy Duty Machinery

Merchandise for Sale



Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

Antiques / Classics

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

Rossland. 2 bdrm, clean, quiet, F/S, W/D, N/S, N/P. 250.362.9473.

COIN Collector looking to buy Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins. Bulk Silver coins, bills etc. Call Chad 250-863-3082 (Local) PAYING CASH for old furniture, antiques, collectables and articles of value. Please phone Pat Hogan 250-3689190, 250-352-6822

Sporting Goods Ithaca O/U 12 gauge Sako 270 VXII scope Winchester 338 VXII scope 250-231-2256

Real Estate Houses For Sale

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

EAST TRAIL clean, 2bd, updated, 1100sq.ft. garage, $109,000 250-512-1887 eve. GENEROUS SRI INCENTIVES & now government grants for first time buyers! SRI Homes and Lake Country are offering unbelievable discounts. Lake Country Modular Homes, located next to SRI’s Winfield factory, offers custom designs, factory tours, expert advice & service and the best price! Call Don Purdie toll free at 1-866-766-2214. SALMO 4BD 1102sq.’ finished bsmnt, carport, covered patio, well mntnd. close to school. $259,000. 250.357.2465

Apt/Condo for Rent

Apt/Condo for Rent



Beautiful, Clean and Well Maintained 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent Located by the Columbia River in Glenmerry Adult and Seniors oriented, No Pets and No Smoking Reasonable Rents, Come and have a look Phone 250-368-6761 or 250-364-1922

Well maintained 2 & 3 bedrooms townhouse for rent located in Shaver’s Bench No pets and no smoking Reasonable prices Phone 364-1822 or 364-0931.

Come on down to Trail and don't worry about the snow.

TRAIL, 1&2-BDRM, 1822


Auto Financing 9/52%!002/6%$s9/52%!002/6%$


Merchandise for Sale


s'//$#2%$)4s"!$#2%$)4 s./#2%$)4s()'($%"42!4% s344)-%"59%2 s"!.+2504#9s$)6/2#%

YOU’RE APPROVED Call Dennis, Shawn or Paul

    for Pre-Approval or


Commercial/ Industrial TRAIL, 1200sq.ft. Many upgrades/ options. Across from Trail Times. Call Cary 250505-6282. Available Sept.1st.

Duplex / 4 Plex Rossland, Close to downtown 1bd on main, plus large loft, WD, F/S, wood floors, no pets $650/mo. 362-5303, 364-8282


Auto Loans or We Will Pay You $1000

Modular Homes

All Makes, All Models. New & Used Inventory.

JUNE SPECIAL Brand New 16’ Wide Modular Homes. From $69,000.00

1-888-229-0744 or apply at: Must be employed w/ $1800/mo. income w/ drivers license. DL #30526

Homes for Rent

Cars - Domestic

E.TRAIL clean, bright, 2bd, ref. req. July 1, $750 250.368.3354 E.TRAIL, spacious 4bd. $875./mo. +util. Application &ref.req. n/p,n/s 250-368-8375 Fruitvale. 3 bdrm. Close to all amenities. 250.512.9741. Rossland-Furnished Rentals: nightly, weekly, monthly:visit or 250-368-7556 W.TRAIL, 2BDRM., living room, hardwood floors, updated kitchen, basement garage, covered porch, no lawns to cut. Ideal for single person or couple. $750./mo. + utilities. N/S, N/P. References required. 604-649-9365

2001 Corolla 286,000KM, P.W, P/L, 4 winters on rims $2995. OBO 250.368.5136 2008 Buick Allure. 112,000km. $10,500. Always garage stored. Never winter driven. Phone 250.364.3078

Sport Utility Vehicle We’re on the net at

Auto Financing

Trucks & Vans DL# 7557

2002 F150 XLT 4x4, pwr features, tow package, 131,000KM, custom exhaust, no accidents,cruise control, cold air intake, $9500 OBO 250.364.2550

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals


Houses For Sale

2005 Chevrolet Blazer 4x4. 96,900KM $7000 firm. 250.367.7907

1st Trail Real Estate 1252 Bay Avenue, TRAIL (250) 368-5222


Fri, June 15 4 - 6pm 1771 First Street Fruitvale $274,900

f 620ft o Beach

ce New Pri

5Bdrm 2 Bath

s 10 Acre

MLS# K212535

Sat, June 16 12 - 2pm 135 9th Ave Montrose $495,000

MLS# K213216

MLS# K206977

MLS# K213040

MLS# K205510

MLS# K210233

Christina Lake $1,500,000

Trail $555,000

Fruitvale $429,000

Trail $360,000

Fruitvale $335,000

Rob Burrus 250-231-4420

Patty Leclerc-Zanet 250-231-4490

Rob Burrus 250-231-4420

Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900

Rob Burrus 250-231-4420

nt Excelle e Revenu

s 20 Acre

MLS# K210284

MLS# K205398

MLS# K210399

MLS# K211181

MLS# K212535

MLS# K204952

MLS# K206097

Fruitvale $274,500

Warfield $259,900

Trail $239,900

Trail $229,900

Warfield $229,900

Warfield $227,000

Trail $214,000

Rhonda van Tent 250-231-7575

Patty Leclerc-Zanet 250-231-4490

Patty Leclerc-Zanet 250-231-4490

Patty Leclerc-Zanet 250-231-4490

Fred Behrens 250-368-1268

Fred Behrens 250-368-1268

Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900

s 2 Home 1 Lot

MLS# K210392

ce New Pri

MLS# K205930

MLS# K211761

Super 3 e om Bdrm H

ce New Pri

MLS# K207019

Beaver Falls $209,900

Trail $206,000

Annable $169,900

Trail $155,000

Fred Behrens 250-368-1268

Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900

Fred Behrens 250-368-1268

Fred Behrens 250-368-1268



MLS# K200362



Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900

ce New Pri

MLS# K204267

MLS# K211022

Trail $105,000

Warfield $59,900

Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900

Gerry McCasky 250-231-0900


Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times

CLASSIFIEDS Transportation

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale


All Pro Realty Ltd.


Your Cabin on the Lake The Kootenay Queen E



Emerald Ridge


This 3,000 sq.ft. custom built home is located on 1/2 acre with amazing views!

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

1976 30ft cabin cruiser with a 185 merc Full galley (fridge, stove, sink, furnace, toilet) Fold down table for a queen sized bed Fold up bunk beds VHF radio Hull is sound, galley is dated. Low draft 200 hrs on new engine A great boat that needs some TLC. $12,000.00 invested, will take offers starting at $9000 Call 250-362-7681 or email for more information

$449,000 R



$365,000 D RE

I<>@JK<I KF;8P 7D:H;9;?L;

=H;7J:;7BIED IJK<<JE:E" FB79;IJE;7J7D: J>?D=IJEI;; Register Online at



Beautiful 3 bedroom home plus a loft on a huge 105x100 lot on the riverbank in Glenmerry. Fantastic views!




A terriĂ&#x20AC;c 3 bdrm full basement home at a great price on a fantastic lot in a super location. New kitchen, good parking!



This home has it all. Four bedroom, 3 bathroom, decks, 5 acres ofproperty plus an in-law suite.




Rare opportunity to own one of the very popular Nelson boathouses. This boathouse has had numerous recent upgrades, including new front and back doors as well as new decking. This is a great boathouse for some family fun and a great way to take advantage of all of the fun opportunities Kootenay Lake has to offer. For more info contact Bev at 250-505-5744 or by email at

$389,000 Fruitvale








Super development potential in a nice residential neighbourhood in Rossland. 100 x 150 lot with 3 bedroom home.


Hudu Valley

$359,000 LIS

Absolutely beautiful 2400 sq. ft. home with the most incredible river views!!








$589,500 â&#x20AC;˘

1148 Bay Ave, Trail

Horse property. Over six acres with a solid 2 bedroom home. Call today!




Bright & modern 4 bedroom home is spectacular inside with beautiful kitchen, bathrooms, living room, rec. room and so much more!








This 5 bed, 2 bath home has new wiring, plumbing, roof, insulation, A/C and is solid as a rock.

Shavers Bench


Lovingly cared for family home in great location of Shavers Bench. Four bedrooms, rec room, underground sprinklers, single garage. Must see.




Solid 2 bdrm home only steps away from Gyro Park. Open living room, kitchen and dining room on main Ă oor. Great potential!



$339,000 1A



Five bedroom house on one acre in Fruitvale. New paint and Ă ooring throughout. Good suite potential and parking. On village water!

Beaver Falls



Beautiful 6.37 acre parcel on the edge of Montrose with large 4 bdrm house. Gorgeous property with tons of privacy.

Shavers Bench


A great family home with double garage, 3 baths and a totally redecorated interior. Call on this one today!

Over 7 acres with a well decorated 3 bedroom home. Great for the horse person - fresh paint, new kitchen. Call your realtor today.









Like new inside and out best describes this fully Ă&#x20AC;nished starter or retirement home. Mint, mint mint! Call today





Rare Ă&#x20AC;nd! 14.7 acre hobby farm plus large family home, barn and shop. Beautiful property in a unique micro climate.

Six available! Cheaper than rent! Brand new! Quick possession available.

Why not buy an investment? Three bed/2 bath townhouse in desireable Glenmerry. Good condition low maintenance living.

Spacious 3 bedroom double wide modular home with laminate Ă oors, covered deck & single car garage located on itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own lot.

starting at





1 1/2 storey 3 bedroom 2 bath house boasts pride of ownership & has the old time character & charm. Located on a large lot in a quiet area.

Large 5 bdrm, 2 bath family with vaulted ceilings, covered deck, fenced yard. Located in Montrose.




$239,900 Wayne DeWitt ext 25 Mario Berno ext 27




$479,000 Dawn Rosin ext 24 Tom Gawryletz ext 26


Three beds, 2 baths, reĂ&#x20AC;ned Ă&#x20AC;r Ă oors, new roof, new gas Ă&#x20AC;replace, huge deck, fenced yard. New bathroom, large rec room. Has it all!



2039 Caughlin Fruitvale

3401 Aster Trail

Saturday, June 16 11:00am - 1:00pm

Nothing to do but move in and enjoy your new home!

This amazing home is on 4.5 acres within walking distance to everything.


Saturday, June 16 1:30pm - 3:30pm


Denise Marchi ext 21 Keith DeWitt ext 30

Great 4 bedroom Glenmerry home. Come check it out.





$466,000 Rossland Own a piece of Rossland heritage! The old Fire Hal wine bar is available with everything down to the wine glasses included. Seating inside for approx 90.

Thea Stayanovich ext 28 Joy DeMelo ext 29 allprorealtyltdtrailbc


Trail Daily Times Friday, June 15, 2012 A27

Here’s to fresh starts. We’re proud to welcome Zellers Pharmacy customers. Due to the closing of the Zellers Pharmacy at 141-8100 Rock Island Highway, the Loblaw pharmacy at McAuley’s nofrills® will be taking care of prescriptions and files from this location effective Thursday, June 21st.

We’re ready to take care of your pharmacy needs with great services like: UÊ, Ài>`Þ™Automatic Prescription Refill Program

At McAuley’s nofrills®, we’re committed to helping you make healthier choices. Our shopping experience offers a range of products and services, starting with

UÊ œ˜w`i˜Ìˆ>Êi`ˆV>̈œ˜Ê œ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜

our in-store pharmacy. The team is ready to answer all your healthcare questions.


Drop by any time to talk to us in person.


If you have any questions or concerns before Thursday, June 21st, please call 1-888-226-2225. If you have any questions or concerns after Thursday, June 21st,

UÊÊÀiiÊ œœ`Ê*ÀiÃÃÕÀiÊœ˜ˆÌœÀˆ˜} UÊÊÀiiÊ œ˜Ûi˜ˆi˜ViÊ*>VŽ>}ˆ˜}

please call 1-877-628-5487.



Loblaw pharmacy at McAuley’s nofrills® 142-8100 Rock Island Hwy Trail 250-368-8544

®/™ Trademarks of Loblaws Inc. © 2012

Pharmacy Hours: Monday to Wednesday 9 am–8 pm Thursday to Friday 9 am–9 pm Saturday 9 am–6 pm Sunday 10 am–5 pm

If you have any questions, please call 250-368-8544 to speak to our Pharmacy Manager, Janice Furiak.


Friday, June 15, 2012 Trail Daily Times

$10,000 cashback for first time buyers


Energy efficient design 4 bed 3 bath & 2 car garage

land + house + net HST

Richard Daoust 250.368.7899 Robert Felsch 250.368.1966

4HE,OCAL %XPERTSâ&#x201E;˘





Saturday June 16 11am-1pm


OPEN HOUSE Saturday June 16 12-2pm


2111 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4th Avenue, Rossland


#204-1800 Kirkup Avenue, Rossland


730 Binns Street, Trail

Bright, sunny 2 bdrm condo located on the 2nd floor with fantastic southern views! This condo comes fully furnished ready to move in with quick possession available. This building has had extensive renovations including new siding, decks, windows and patio doors.

Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s character everywhere! Updated electrical, hardwood floors, large living/ dining rooms, huge country kitchen, private yard, plenty of parking... the list goes on. This one is a must see!

Call Christine (250) 512-7653

Call Art (250) 368-8818





1672 Stang Road, Fruitvale


4 bdrm home on 2.6 acres with open floor plan, hardwood floors, formal dining room, and a sunroom! A pool, sauna and firebox makes for great outdoor entertaining! All this plus 1500 sq. ft. of shop and garage!

2322 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2nd Avenue, Rossland

1665 Maida Road, Christina Lake



36 Moller Road, Fruitvale


Bring offers! Beautiful level corner lot with all services in a great neighborhood - Christina Lake the jewel of the southern interior - offers year round recreation - this is your chance to build your dream retreat ! Call Mark (250) 231-5591

Elegant family home loaded with mechanical upgrades and gorgeous features on .38 acres. Call Tonnie (250)-365-9665


Call Terry 250-231-1101


Call Mary A (250) 521-0525




Wed, June 13th 3:30-5:30pm 901 Scott Street, Warfield $219,000

2260 Ralph Road, Fruitvale


460 Forrest Drive, Warfield.


This home offers 4 bdrms, spacious Fantastic 3+ bdrm family home on a large .45 rec room, 200 amp service, security system, acre lot. Modern design & decor, open floor cozy wood fireplace, underground sprinklers, concept and vaulted ceilings. Gas fireplace, a/c, and 20X24 (shop/garage). oak kitchen, private deck and yard and so All this on a 0.97 acre lot!. much more. Call now! Call Darlene (250) 231-0527 or Ron (250) 368-1162

385 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8th Avenue, Montrose

1280 Birch Avenue, Trail



This custom-built home is located on one of the most beautiful lots in the area. The yard offers almost 360 degree view of Montrose and incredible privacy. Home offers vaulted ceilings, 2-3 bdrms, huge windows, and 2 fireplaces. Huge workshop, double carport, 2 private patios and 1 sundeck. This one has it all.

Large 4bdrm family home with wood burning fireplace, large kitchen, updated plumbing and electrical, and low maintenance yard! If you are looking for an affordable family home, this may be it! Call now Call Mary M (250) 231-0264

Call Mary M (250) 231-0264

WE CAN SELL YOUR HOME. NOBODY HAS THE For additional RESOURCES WE DO! information and photos on all of our listings, please visit

Deanne Lockhart ext 41


Dropped from $439,900! View 1.4 acres with subdivision potential. This home has great views from every window, large open living and dining rooms, 2 bdrms on main and 1 down. You will love the huge deck in summer and the cozy wood stove in winter. Call Mary M (250) 231-0264

Ron Allibone

Christine Albo

Terry Alton

Cell: 250-512-7653

ext 39

Mark Wilson

Art Forrest ext 30

Cell: 250-231-5591

Darlene Abenante ext 23

Thurs June 14th 3:30-530pm 1739 First Street, Fruitvale $269,000 Call Deanne (250) 231-0153

Tonnie Stewart ext 33 Cell: 250-365-9665

Cell: 250-231-0153

Cell: 250.231.0527

3955 Red Mountain Road, Rossland

ext 42

Mary Amantea

ext 26

Cell: 250-521-0525

Cell: 250-368-1162

ext 45

Cell: 250-231-1101

ext 48

Mary Martin

Cell: 250-231-0264

ext 28

Richard Daoust

Cell: 250-368-7897

ext 24

Trail Daily Times, June 15, 2012  

June 15, 2012 edition of the Trail Daily Times

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