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Bully article strikes a nerve

Severance disparity exposed omen still aren’t standing up for themselves as much as they could be — at least when it comes to settlements in severance pay, according to a new UVic study. Dr. Ken Thornicroft, proDANIELLE fessor of business law and POPE employment relations at UVic’s news@ Gustavson School of Business, performed two studies that explored gender bias in severance settlements, but what he found was surprising: whether they go to court to settle a wrongful dismissal claim or negotiate a settlement on their own, women get fewer weeks of severance pay than men — in almost every case. “Women face a marked disadvantage when negotiating severance pay settlements, which in some cases could mean a loss of several months’ pay,” says Thornicroft. “What’s disturbing about the findings is that an anti-female bias is equally demonstrated by women and men — the males recovered nearly two months’ additional notice than did the females in the negotiation experiment.” Thornicroft and his team studied 128 cases of men and women in high-paying (think six-digits) managerial positions, and developed their findings from a study of decisions issued by provincial and territorial courts of appeal from 2000 to 2011. Then, Thornicroft conducted a seven-year experiment with his business students about reasonable notice entitlements, examining 688 cases of men and women undergoing settlements. The team found, across the board, that results from the appellate courts’ study indicated women are systematically awarded about 1.5 to 1.7 months less notice than similar male litigants. When it comes to personal negotiating, women also fared worse than men. While reasons for the variance are hard to determine, especially in negotiating situations, Thornicroft says a potential solution — beyond recognizing that this is an issue — is to establish a legislated formula for calculating reasonable notice. “A statutory formula would eliminate the issue of gender from coming into play, and reduce the potential for costly court cases,” he says. “Negotiations driven by a formula cut out that variable and clearly state, here’s what you’re entitled to, end of story.” Meanwhile, ladies, harden that bottom line.

t was so interesting to read and hear reactions to last week’s cover feature on bullying in the workplace. While the majority of readers wanted to share their own stories of demeaning encounters with terrible bosses, a few reacted in a completely unexpected and curious way. I heard from several people at different companies who were concerned the examples used were somehow aimed at them, and from employees who assumed it GRANT was their manager in the spotlight. After assuring the MCKENZIE bosses they were not the template for the examples, I did suggest that if they saw themselves in the descriptions, editor@ it might be time for some self-reflection or managerial training before HR brings down the hammer. One anonymous manager was so convinced that she was being used as an example of a bully that she had several friends bombard our website comments section with personal attacks against the writer, Tim Collins. Tim even began receiving threatening phone calls at home. This is exactly what Jacqueline Power described in the article as typical bully behaviour: “The bully will create a group of followers who are convinced they’re superior to the victims.” None of the friends wrote about how wonderful this manager is, instead they attacked the writer’s age and imagined social standing (nobody can know another person’s story just by looking at them), and called for him to be punished for this perceived attack. These are all earmarks of bullying, and I was especially disappointed in how quickly the comments sunk to demeaning and ageist remarks. The kicker? We have stories of bosses in Victoria (including one who challanged her subordinate to a fistfight) that we didn’t use, who make even our generic examples pale in comparison. It is so very interesting that when one looks in a mirror, the reflection is often what we choose to see rather than the truth.



A TIME TO REJOICE FOR JOYCE Speaking of UVic, devout fans of James Joyce will be thrilled to know June 16 marks the infamous anniversary of the day spent in one of the most notable tomes of our time: Ulysses. And now is the perfect time to dive right in, especially if you’re a Twitter lover. “Ulysses gets this bad rap as being a difficult read ... but it’s really like following one person’s inane Twitter feed for a day: June 16, 1904 in Dublin. We know what Bloom eats for lunch, we know when

Women get the severance shaft, says one UVic study.

he farts,” says Dr. Stephen Ross, professor at UVic’s Department of English, and organizer of the school’s Modernist Versions Project. “Not everything in the book is important, but it is an important novel.” In an effort to help demystify the hard-to-read reputation Joyce’s book has earned, the Modernist Versions Project is launching its first ambitious initiative in the form of “Year of Ulysses” — the group will be uploading one chapter every three weeks of the original 1922 copyrighted version of the text, so that those interested can read along in chunks online, then join in with the Twitter live chats that follow (see hashtag #youlysseschat). To kick off the event, the group will host an opening launch party to release the first three chapters of the book online at none other than the James Joyce Bistro (Peacock Billiards at 834 Johnson) Friday, June 15, at 9 p.m. But why would anyone want to dedicate a whole year to reading one person’s historic fictitious day-inthe-life? As Ross points out, we already do this. “We’re reading an academic, self-absorbed young man — we’re kind of meant to laugh at him,” says Ross. “But the key to this novel is that Bloom is preoccupied with the idea that we’re ignorant of how others view us ... and when you think about that, it’s a fundamental problem we all have today. We’re constantly self-dramatizing, deciding what we want people to see of us on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, but we have no control over what they really think.” Learn more about the project and read along, starting Friday, at

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IN OTHER NEWS, AIR NOW AVAILABLE FREE Awesome that this week the province announced BC’ers can now import liquor between provinces (that’s right, provinces) without paying additional taxes. Did anyone even know this was prohibited? At least now we won't have to watch for that nonexistent province border guard.

HARD TO RUN FROM SOCIAL MEDIA POLICE Our bad grade this week goes to the purse snatcher who figured his best prey would be an elderly woman. Might want to wipe that smug look off your face the next time you pose for a mall camera.

A DAY TO SAY: THANKS DAD, WE LOVE YOU! A great grade to all amazing dads who have paved paths of support for kids, whether they have since flown the nest or are still in the cradle.

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Before you waste money on another tie this Father’s Day, turns out the real way you can show Dad some love is by helping him start his own business. According to some new figures from Statistics Canada, 82 per cent of men would like to start their own business, with goals in the food and hospitality industry winning most aspirations nation-wide. In B.C., the arts/entertainment/recreation sector was where most men said they saw their potential venture (14 per cent), with the food and hospitality industry coming in second at 13 per cent. environmental services came in last at five per cent. Maybe Dad will need that tie after all. M

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Big news for all short-fiction writers out there. Our second Flash Fiction contest is kicking off with a cash prize of $100 and a deadline of June 29. One of Canada’s most celebrated short story writers and award-winning novelist, W.P. Kinsella, has agreed to join our judging panel this year. He’ll be joined by mystery writer Robin Spano who pens the fun and dangerous Clare Vengel novels; Island writer Lou Allin, author of the wonderful RCMP Corporal Holly Martin series; and a Victoria-based but internationally-published author named, well, me, who has a new dark thriller launching this week on Amazon (K.A.R.M.A., and the first in a new mystery series, Angel With A Bullet, from Midnight Ink and available in all great book stores on Sept. 8. For all contest details, see ad on Page 18. M


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CITY SOMETHING Fiddling with Foreigners


ECO ART Migrating Magnets broaden scope of local biodiversity


FESTIVALS Vancouver Island Cultural Festival


FILM Prometheus contains stunning set pieces, strong performances






A new passage into downtown Victoria could be sailing your way — but only if you demand it. Business students in Royal Roads MBA program will look at the possibility of running a commuter passenger ferry from Royal Bay to the Inner Harbour.

“I can play the fiddle like a badass” is the quote on “violinistextremist” Kytami’s Twitter page. And it’s true. She’s an energetic, noholds-barred rocker. Seen here with DJ D Whiz. 9 COVER PHOTO: CASSIE O’NEIL X

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MAIL Yikes!

r o i n e S / t Studen

0 pm 2 8 $ • r o 6 f 2 2 ne 19 & Ju , s y a d s e Tu

“I laughed start to ďŹ nishâ€?

Re: Bully bosses, June 7 -13 That guy on your cover jumped right off the page when I picked up Monday on Sunday. It was like an old nightmare revisited. Nice work! GYLE KONOTOPETZ, VICTORIA

Two-minute penalty What an interesting article in that Professor Power states 40 per cent of Canadian

Don’t just sit there and fume, write to us. Snail: 818 Broughton, V8W-1E4 E-mail: Not every letter makes it to print, but we do read everything we receive.

workers have experienced bullying in the past six months. I thought it would have been greater. A lot of us have seen these "Snakes in Suits" show up who seem to think the company functions best when you're frightened of the person above you and contemptuous of your subordinates. According to Prof. Power, there are options to deal with these bullies. I have one more option: ďŹ nd out if they play a sport. Sign up for the league,

play against them and "clothesline" the prick every chance you get. Well worth the twominute penalty! JOE HRONEK COLWOOD B.C.

Healing victims and offenders What a great edition! For some time I have not picked up Monday as it seemed to have a focus that did not suit me. Thanks to Grant McKenzie for "There has to be a better way." There were so may doable suggestions about

how to heal victims and offenders. So much more plausable and cost-effective than the "draconian" plan of the Harper government. Thanks to Simon Nattrass for "Poverty crisis is creating social army." Demonizing the poor by adding more police force is not the answer. I am happy to read of the more positive approaches mentioned. I will not pass Monday by again. JOANNA WILKINSON, VICTORIA

The New York Times

Victoria Regional Transit

June 14 - 30, 2012

Summer Service Changes

Box OfďŹ ce & Info @ 250-384-2142 805 Langham Crt (off Rockland)

Effective June 25 During the summer months, there is less customer demand for transit service. Matching customer needs for the summer enables BC Transit to provide more service during the rest of the year.

730 Caledonia Ave. 19+ 250-382-5853

Most of the bus routes will have summer service changes. This includes seasonal cancellation of express and trips to secondary schools, UVic and Camosun. The following routes will not provide summer service: t t t t t t t t

EVERY SUNDAY AT 4PM, UNTIL $5000 in CASH and PRIZES up for grabs JUNE 24 Including: Winning Band records a CD, ďŹ rst three places receive cash and paid gigs at Sopranos.

Y Y      


More service begins on September 4.

(00(-& Transit Trip Planner Google Transit combines the latest BC Transit schedule and route information with the power of Google Maps. To help plan your trip visit wXXCDUSBOTJUDPN, go to 7JDUPSJB, and click on 5SJQ1MBOOFS.

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Victoria Regional Transit Commission

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STREET SMARTS What does Victoria’s big 150th mean to you?


Endless dithering is not an option ow deliciously fitting that some of the best advice Premier Christy Clark has received this spring comes from Angus Reid, the BRIAN pollster she has maKIERAN ligned repeatedly for bkieran@ telling it like it is. The most recent Angus Reid poll shows the premier continuing a popularity free fall that began almost as soon as she took office. Today, Clark’s positive performance rating stands at just 30 per cent, making her the second most unpopular premier in the nation, just three points ahead of Nova Scotia’s Darrell Dexter. Correspondingly, her disapproval rating continues to climb with 63 per cent of survey respondents saying they’re unhappy with her performance. By comparison, the NDP’s Adrian Dix is now the second most popular opposition leader in the country with an approval rating of 53 per cent. With the popularity gap between Clark and Dix at a staggering 23 points, Angus Reid spokesman Mario Canseco comes


to the obvious conclusion: “The enemy’s not anybody else but Adrian Dix for the Liberals and the sooner that they get into the mindset of what it might take to win the next election, their numbers might actually start to trend upwards again.” Canseco’s warning is simple and his advice is the stuff of Politics 101. Premier Clark and the Liberals have to actually do something to re-energize the free enterprise vote. They have to draw a line in the sand between Clark and Dix that defines the choices ahead. They have to wave a flag that stops free enterprisers from wavering. Nothing illustrates the pressing need for action better than the premier’s dithering over the proposed Enbridge pipeline. Surely the Liberal brain trust realizes that this issue is too important and too prominent for Clark to continue to sit on the fence with both ears on the ground. She insists it is still too soon to determine if the pipeline risks are too high. “We should recognize those concerns as legitimate, but let’s see what comes out of the process.” Frankly, this is political cowardice. The government has not even participated in the pipeline hearings even though it is currently in possession of all the information it needs to make an informed con-


Police brawn over brain is eerily familiar few years back, Vancouver’s Downtown East Side was surprised to discover it had a problem. This problem — dubbed Street Disorder — was new to an area familiar with life’s underbelly, but for the Vancouver Police Department the existing drug abuse, crimes of poverty, and health concerns were nothing compared to SIMON this new threat. NATTRASS “Street disorder of course was a euphesnattrass@ mism for visible poverty,” recalls B.C. Civil Liberties Association executive director David Eby. The poverty of the DTES was fine when it was hidden in alleyways and behind closed doors, but as undesirables overflowed into the public sphere, something had to be done. “I think there is a reality among police forces that the way in which the force deals with marginalized populations is dictated by the police chief,” says Eby. Faced with the spectre of Street Disorder, the VPD and its chief — then Victoria’s own Jamie Graham — made the choice to embrace enforcement as the answer to poverty with a series of initiatives which collectively


That we’re 150 years older!

tribution regarding the merits and risks attached to the controversial project. A thick technical report on the project is currently gathering dust in the office of Environment Minister Terry Lake. The Enbridge pipeline project represents a critical provincial and national energy policy issue. During next year’s election it will most certainly be a wedge issue that helps shape debate and define voter choices. The NDP — the party of “No” — has made it clear where it stands. Both the NDP and the Liberals have observed that the project leaves B.C. with few economic benefits and substantial environmental risk. Herein lies the Liberals’ opportunity to engage and show leadership. Clark needs to wake up. If she takes forever to take her place in this crucial debate only to eventually join the NDP in opposition then what shreds of free enterprise support she still enjoys will abandon her and her government. What she needs to do for her “Canada Starts Here” constituency is support the project, fully engage her government in the hearing process and begin a tough political fight for a major revenue-sharing agreement with Alberta and a nationallyendorsed environmental risk mitigation strategy. Endless dithering is not an option. M

made the DTES one of the most heavily policed areas in the province. “The effect of this policing was to displace all of the issues of the DTES across the neighbourhoods of Vancouver,” says Eby. “It was a massive disaster.” The other effect of the VPD’s aggressive policing methods was to act as a catalyst for grassroots police oversight in Vancouver, with organizations like the Pivot Legal Society and Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users leading the charge against the VPD’s harassment of the street community. Vancouver is beginning to heal, but the drama that unfolded there under Chief Graham’s command a decade ago is now being replayed on our streets. “The parallels are eerie,” says Eby, only weeks after a trip to The Capital. Over-policing of Victoria’s poorest residents as outlined in this year’s Out Of Sight report and the subsequent backlash of local anti-poverty activists are the logical outcome of VicPD’s brawn-over-brain approach to poverty on our streets. There’s an old saying — those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We can forgive ourselves for not always remembering the history of centuries past, but when the history of only a decade ago comes back to bite us in the ass, who else do we have to blame? M


It’s a time to reflect on how good we have it, and how young we really are. LAURA SILVA, Victoria

The best is yet to come. PETER MARTIN, Victoria

It’s time to look back on what’s happened in the past, and goals for our future. KATY THOMAS, Victoria If you have a question for Street Smarts, contact

THE POLL Has Victoria's past been whitewashed? Yes, we should be more aware of history

75% 9%

No, our Aboriginal population remains vibrant


Maybe, every city has its shame

Total Votes: 33

To participate in next week’s poll, go to

THEATRE SKAM'S FOURTH ANNUAL BIKE RIDE Get on your bikes and get to the Goose for Theatre SKAM’s fourth annual Bike Ride, a festival of live short performances in various locations on the Galloping Goose Trail June 16-17 and 23-24 (3:30 to 6:30 p.m.). Performances range from drama to comedy, storytelling and dance by professional theatre companies, including ASAP Theatre Co., Cat Thom, Determined Illusions, Head Through Painting, Michele's String Theory, Paper Street Theatre (with members Missie Peters and Monica Ogden, pictured left), Puente Theatre, Salt Frog, This is Twisted Theatre, Theatre Inconnu, TigerMilk Collective and Zopyra Theatre. And to celebrate Victoria’s 150th birthday, several of the shows feature stories and performances about Victoria’s history, people and ghosts.

Bike Ride’s home base is Cecelia Ravine Park, also known as The Hub, where participants purchase tickets from the box office, decorate their bicycles, rent bikes and enjoy food, refreshments and socializing. Performances take place at The Hub and at locations along a short stretch of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Travelling audiences depart from The Hub by bicycle every 20 minutes for a tour of three performances. Those arriving earlier than 5:30 p.m. are able to see all 12 shows on a single ticket. Tickets available in advance at ticketrocket. org, the TicketRocket office (#2-1609 Blanshard), by phone 250-590-6291. Tickets are $15 (12 and under are free) or $25 for a two-day pass. Details at Bike Ride is part of the Victoria International Cycling Festival, M MONDAY MAGAZINE JUNE 14 - 20, 2012



New ferry could link West Shore with Victoria By Danielle Pope

ttention Colwood Crawlers: a new, stress-free passage into and out of downtown Victoria could be sailing your way soon — but only if you demand it. Over the next few months, business students in Royal Roads MBA program will partner up with the WestShore Chamber of Commerce and Black Ball Ferry Line to look at the complexities and possibilities of running a commuter passenger ferry from Royal Bay to the Inner Harbour, and they’ll be basing much of their recommendations on residents’ input. “This is not a new idea — in fact, it’s been around for about 100 years if you look at old newspaper clippings, but it’s all about timing,” says Dan Spinner, CEO of WestShore Chamber of Commerce. “We’ve seen an extraordinary population growth in the area, and the question becomes, how do we handle that?” The West Shore currently hosts about 70,000 people, which Spinner says is expected to double in the next decade. A current estimated 25,000 vehicles make the trip to and from Victoria every day, with a 45-minute travel time during busy periods with no road accidents. In 10 years, Spinner says that time will adjust to approximately 1.5 hours. While the region has been discussing the possibility of light rail transit, Spinner says that’s still far in the future and a ferry could be a more immediate fix. “This really isn’t an argument of either or, it’s an


argument for all: yes, we still need light rail transit, we still rely on our cars, and we need to use our coastal resources,” he says. The study is being conducted as part of a final project for students in the MBA faculty of management, and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012. Students will be looking at possible effects, including commuter sentiment and interest, circumstances in which consumers would choose a ferry, cost, feasibility, reduction of commuter traffic and carbon emissions, and the effect of a possible increase of tourism to the West Shore. Black Ball Ferry Line, which runs the Coho Ferry from Victoria’s harbour to Port Angeles, Wash., could seem an interesting choice in terms of partnership for the Island project, yet Black Ball president Ryan Burles resides in the West Shore, and first approached Spinner with this proposed use of the 500-acre gravel pit at Royal Bay. “This isn’t going to happen tomorrow, obviously, but we’d like to play a part in developing the area in a way that makes sense for the community,” says Burles. “Living in the West Shore, I can see the definite pressure as things keep growing, and I think we have untapped resources at our fingers there. But we need bus systems and easy access to ferry routes to make it a real option for commuters.” Burles estimates a trip by ferry could take 30 minutes from shore to shore, but he points out it’s 30 minutes passengers can read, do homework or talk to colleagues on their phones — all difficult procedures when driving. Passenger cost and ferry frequency is still being examined. M

Summer So lstice Experience the beginning of summer at Royal Oak Burial Park, with live music and the quiet gift of poetry in a beautiful landscape, while Wendy Morton and Rhonda Ganz turn your words and memories into poems. Enjoy the Ambient Music of harpist Gwyneth Evans, Banquo and Ensemble Laude.

Stroll through the new interment Terraces, visit the Woodlands green burial area and see the plans and the site for the Little Spirits Garden, a community memorial dedicated to infant and child loss.

Find your ancestors. Burial Park staff will be on hand for grave location assistance and to answer your questions.

Remember the dead, whether interred at the Burial Park or elsewhere. Create a personal memorial with unique floral tributes, poems, messages and paper prayer flags.

Scheduled Performances 12 o’clock ~ Banquo in the green burial Woodlands 2pm ~ Ensemble Laude in the Mausoleum 1pm & 3pm ~ Homegoing Brass Band, traditional processional music

Special Event 4pm ~ Reception and informal presentation on some history & traditions of processional music, in our beautiful art deco chapel.

Summer So lstice

ambient music





Saturday, June 23rd 11am  3pm Special musical guests

The Homegoing Brass Band Traditional processional music Join us from 4-5 pm for a reception and informal conversation about processional music.

4673 Falaise Drive, Victoria

(250) 658-5621 Additional event info & map at [8]




can play the fiddle like a badass.” That’s the quote that fills up the wallpaper of local “violinistextremist” Kytami’s Twitter page. And it’s true. For anyone who’s ever seen the dynamic electric fiddler’s show, it’s obvious that Kytami is a no-holdsbarred rocker, whose energy abounds on stage. Although the words rocker and fiddle don’t always go hand-in-hand, Kytami is managing to make it a very memorable mashup. “That’s my sound — it’s electronic, dance, heavy bass, elements of hip hop, fiddle and classical violin styles all mixed together.”


Sass y badass

album reflects that. It’s a snapshot of where, musically, I’m at in life — all the phases I’ve been through. It’s a reflection of who I am.” She worked with old friend and producer Steven Mek on the album, which ranges from violin electronica and drum and bass to downtempo and urban. “I’ve been working with him so long. He understands me, my violin and my style. I went to Toronto to work with him and also just to get away. I didn’t want any distractions, I just wanted to buckle down and write.” This is Kytami’s second solo album (her first was 2002’s Conflation), but the first she’s using her own vocals on. “I was inspired to say something and I felt comfortable with Steve, where as I don’t know if I would have been as comfortable with another producer,” she says. MARY ELLEN GREEN She put vocals on “2 Lions”, “Kytami Rocks” (rapping and singing), “Bass is “No description really encompasses High” and “Kiss and Tease” (inspired by everything that is me,” she says. “All I Peaches). know is that I always get a good response She and Mek used a unique formufrom my shows and that’s why I still do it la. “(We) would start the morning with — because of the response from the fans. Bailey’s and coffee, and end the evening I love getting on stage and playing in front with tequila and wine,” she says. of an audience — the bigger the better — After returning from Toronto, Kytami for stages and audiences.” focused on booking shows, both locally Not only does she rock, but her music and across North America, in support of blends her classical training with her her new album. She says the support she more cutting edge sensibilities, merggets in Victoria inspires her to stay, even if ing her experiences playing with indie it is a small market. rock, acoustic punk rock, dancehall/hip “Something happened here that I think hop/electronic, metal and Bhangra-Celtic could have never happened in Vancouver fusion groups, and more recently with a — I feel supported, by the promoters, the DJ. scene, by the musicians that I’ve met. All “At one point, I was playing with these different styles of musicians that five bands, all of different styles,” says I’ve collaborated with and all the venues Kytami. that have hired us to play. I’m so grateful She started playing violin at three years and it means so much because of what I old, training at Vancouver’s Academy of came through. I didn’t know if what I was Music until she was 17. doing was going to resonate with people She moved to Whistler after high or be relevant. For it to be going so well school to pursue her love of snowboardis amazing. I don’t take it for granted at ing, but it was there that she developed all.” some of her signature musical style. Local concert promoter and radio DJ “I learned a lot after I left the acadDylan Willows caught Kytami’s show a emy,” says Kytami. “I started playing with few months ago and was so impressed bands in Whistler and this one guitar that he made a slot in the lineup for player would just throw songs at me — her (and her DJ D Whiz) at the seche was like the human jukebox — and I ond annual Vancouver Island Cultural would have to make it up on the spot. I Festival (V.I.C. Fest) — right between the wouldn’t know which song he was going two headliners. to play next so it really taught me how to “I’m such a fan and so confident that improvise. And because I have a good ear people will respond so well that I’ve from my classical training, I found that placed her between the two headliners, once I loosened up a little bit I was really Vince Vaccaro and Current Swell,” says good at it ... I was snowboarding everyWillows, co-director (along with Misty day, and I still love going, but somewhere Aitken) of Capital City Productions, along the way the music took over,” says which hosts the one-day music, art and Kytami. booze festival at St. Ann’s Academy on Three years of jamming at an Irish pub Saturday, June 16. also helped her develop her Celtic-style “I’ve just never seen anybody with fiddling chops, which took her to her next such presence on stage, such sass and venture — the internationally renowned attitude, and the skill she has on the CASSIE O'NEIL award-winning Bhangra-Celtic fusion fiddle is unlike anything I’ve seen. She band Delhi 2 Dublin. plays it like an electric guitar — she’s like Electric violinst Kytami and DJ DWhiz will be rocking V.I.C. Fest, June 16 at St. Ann's Academy. “I was a founder. I was there from the Slash. first show,” says Kytami, who played with “You can really see she’s put her time the band for five years, co-writing two albums and touring in. She’s from a world class band, toured the world and played V.I.C. FEST: MUSIC, FOOD, ART P.14 extensively playing on the world stage (Taiwan, Hong Kong, massive stages — this isn’t her first kick at the can. She’s Berlin and Dubai in 2010). Creative differences led to Kytami meant to be doing what she’s doing. And it’s really impressive parting ways with the band at the end of 2010, leaving her to to watch her jump around in those high heels.” create the next incarnation of her act. “I focused on doing my own thing. I reached out to my Kytami will also be playing the Empress Hotel’s Bengal “I’ve always kept my own hip hop-electronic based thing contacts and told them I was still playing shows, even though Lounge, Sunday, June 17 with Georgia Murray (who she going on the side, playing with a DJ or turntablist,” says I didn’t really know what I was going to do for my live show. appeared with as part of Murray’s Band on the CBC reality Kytami. “But my focus has always been to play and write origi- I just launched myself solo and thought I’d make it up as I show Cover Me Canada) at 8 p.m. nal music, because in Whistler I was playing a lot of traditional went,” she says with a laugh. She went to Toronto in spring “Things like this festival are so important for the commuand cover songs and the interest in that faded fast for me. I 2011 to record her self-titled album, which was released in nity,” says Kytami. “It supports and exposes what’s happening had my own ideas of what I wanted to do and what kind of February. locally. We tend to think that everything is better that comes music I wanted to produce.” “I’m glad I decided to release the album in 2012,” says from far away, and it’s just not true. And it helps people to So she decided to record an album. Kytami. “2011 was such a transition year and I think the start thinking locally and makes Victoria stronger.” M




FOOD&DRINK MONDAYMORSELS SUNDAY MARKET So what happened to the Government Street Sunday Market? It’s been reincarnated as the Bastion Square Sunday Market, relocating as the name suggests to Victoria’s oldest square and a portion of Langley Street between Fort and Yates. Take in some live entertainment as you wind your way through booths featuring a myriad of imports, plus arts and crafts, but don’t miss the farmer’s market, offering free range eggs, a bounty of local produce, artisan bread, tortilla and more chutney, preserves and relishes than your grandma’s basement. Sundays until autumn, from 11 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

…for a Lamb Burger today! PAM GRANT pamgrant@

t may be a sea of red, white and blue bunting across the U.K. at the moment in celebration of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, but if you ask me, 2012 is the year of the burger around these parts. One of the more interesting food trends at the moment is a return to the basics. It wasn’t that long ago that food obsessed



trendoids turned up their nose at the very idea of a burger — especially one that had the temerity to appear on an evening menu. However, all that has changed. People are eschewing cutlery and literally getting their hands dirty when they eat once in a while, and d why not? There’s something truly amazing g about ab bou ut that th hatt ffirst bite of a burger when the ratio of bun and fillings fiillin ng are perfectly balanced. The origin i s of the hamburger as we know it today origins are murky, but even less clear is when it became the fashion to stick things other than bread on top of one — or bet better yet, to use something other than ground beef beeef as the main ingredient. Though I am defi fini nittely a fan of the traditional model, this definitely w eek we take a look at some of Victoria’s best week dissiden dissident burgers.

THE PINK BICYCLE The first specialty burger joint to open in recent years, The Pink Bicycle has a hefty list of beef alternatives and ever changing special burgers featuring everything from turkey and stuffing with cranberry mayo, to elk. Try the amazing seared ahi tuna burger, dressed with wasabi


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Enjoy Vij’s at Home Our convenient boil-a-bag meat and vegetarian dishes are a quick and easy meal found in the frozen aisle 13 varieties to choose from

For more store locations & ^product information please visit: [10] @MondayMag Find us on facebook

I’ll gladly pay you Monday


SUMMER WINE Got a designated driver or cab fare? Then mark June 20 on your calendar and head to Everything Wine for the Summer Solstice Wine Festival from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Tickets are $30 + that tax we don’t like to talk about, and include samples of selected wines paired with some delicious nibbles. All ticket holders will also receive a five-per-cent discount on all wine purchases made that evening, so if you are stocking up your cellar, the ticket price can easily be recovered. Call 250 474-3959 for more information.



Available on Vancouver Island at these fine retailers: Ambrisio Market & Deli Aubergine Specialty Foods Edible Island Market Fairfield Market Lifestyles Market The London Chef The Market on Yates The Market on Millstream Niagara Grocery Red Barn Markets Root Cellar Village Grocer Western Foods Willows Park Grocery




What’s hot on local shelves By Pam Grant

Shift worker? Late riser? Or just want a really late breakfast? How about a burger & fries at breakfast time? All items on our newly revised menu are available from Open to Close.

ª 1150 COOK ST., VICTORIA B.C. PLUTOSDINER.CA, (250) 385-4747

FARM FRESH. DIRT CHEAP. DELICIOUS! A green grocer with a local focus and a great appreciation for fresh, healthy food. The Root Cellar has the widest selection of produce in town - local, organic and conventional - if it grows on this planet, we’re your best chance of finding it! Open 8:30am-8pm 7 days a week.



No sin to love gin ine tours are great, but if you have visitors from the Napa Valley, as a friend of mine did recently, they might not be too excited about the prospect of an afternoon wandering through a vineyard. But fear not. If you want to show off a different locally produced beverage, Victoria Spirits at 6170 Old West Saanich Road might have just what you’re looking for. Known for its popular citrusy spice-laden Victoria Gin, they took it one step further and aged some in American Oak, producing Oaken Gin, an ambered hued tipple with a touch of sweetness. Don’t like gin? They’ve used local, organic hemp seed to produce smooth and clean Left Coast Hemp vodka. Visit the distillery until October for a tour and tastings, from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., weekends and holidays.


Serving Some of the Day Best Hollandaise


9am - 4pm Mon to Fri 8:30am Sat & Sun Dinner 4pm to 10pm, 11pm Fri & Sat

LIVE MUSIC every Monday & Friday Night Serving 7 Days a week since 2005 Corner of Croft and Simcoe St. in James Bay

250-383-1545 BURGERS from previous page

spiked aioli and sesame slaw ($15) or some mighty fine swine in the form of Berkshire teriyaki pork burger ($13) with green onion and ginger, topped with Little Qualicum Gruyere and grilled pineapple for good measure. 1008 Blanshard Street, 250-384-1008.

of the best burgers I have ever had here. Equally addictive is the chipotle pork cheeseburger ($12.95) with hints of smoky chili and fresh herbs, matched by melted provolone and apple chutney. 301 Cook Street, 250- 382-3301

ROSS BAY PUB THE BEAGLE PUB True, it can be crowded and noisy, but that’s because Cook Street Village’s favourite watering hole offers a couple of things you can count on: a pint means a pint — and good food with decent portions is the norm at the Beagle Pub. When my Mediterranean turkey burger ($13.95) arrived on my last visit, I asked where the toppings were because I had misread the menu; the Kalamata olives and feta cheese I was looking for were incorporated into one

You may think that a bar in a strip mall might offer a pedestrian dining experience, but there’s a reason why all those cars are parked outside the Ross Bay Pub. Troy Barnaby’s menu includes a couple of great burgers on toasted pretzel buns. Try house smoked chicken topped with double cream brie, blackberry compote and honey mustard aioli ($13) or a juicy lamb burger with red onion and apple chutney, crumbled goat cheese and curried mayonnaise for a buck less. Portions are good,

and if you like sports, there’s a screen in every direction.

THE BIN 4 BURGER LOUNGE The Bin 4 has restored some food-cred to the Harris Green Village Shopping Centre that was sorely missed after Zambri’s high-tailed it down the street to fancy new digs. A new patio takes a little pressure off the inevitable lineups here, where burgers are offered at a 50-percent discount after 9 p.m. with the purchase of a drink. Take a bite of Bin 36, crafted from chick peas, black beans and almonds, scented with cumin and topped with goat cheese and curry aioli ($12) or sink your teeth into a Bin 44 lamb burger with ermite blue cheese, eggplant and tomato relish, mint pistou and roasted garlic aioli ($15). 911 Yates Street, 250-590-4154.

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me at MONDAY MAGAZINE JUNE 14 - 20, 2012



City Something hat do you get when you blend modern jazz with hip hop beats? Find out when The Olivier Clements Group brings its brand of original music to the Fort Street Cafe, Thursday, June 14 (7:30 p.m.). Featuring Clements on trumpet and flugelhorn, Colin Nealis on bass, Sean Fyfe on keys and Kelby MacNayr on drums, this evening is sure to expand your horizons, and those of modern jazz. $7 in advance at olivierclements. com or $10 at the door. If the fiddle is more your flavour, check out The Fretless, a string quartet of strings that performs original and traditional fiddle music in a setting that’s one part chamber, one part kitchen jam. The Fretless is releasing a new CD, Waterbound, Friday, June 15 at Fairfield United Church (1303 Moss) alongside Oliver Swain and The Big Machine. Each band will perform a set, then they’ll perform a set together. Doors at 7:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Tickets are $14 in advance at Lyle’s Place, Ditch Records and Larsen Music. $16 at the door. And if you’re looking for a taste of the Pacific, check out The Pacific Poi Boys, made up of multi-instrumentalists Doug Cox and Anela Kahimoe, who are bringing their Hawaiian infused music — part blues, part ’70s pop, part esoteric acoustic music with the odd vocal thrown in for good measure — to Pacific Breeze, a fundraiser for the Pacific People’s Partnership that will support their indigenous partners in West Papua. The concert also features Tradewinds, a local band that plays music from Western Samoa, New Zealand, Rotuma, Hawaii and Fiji in both English and indigenous languages. Funds raised are matched three to one by the Canadian



Perry Burton as Charlie Baker and Nick Sepi as Ellard Simms in The Foreigner at Langham Court.


Author Claudia Cornwall visits the GVPL June 16.




OUR FOR JUNE 14 – 20

International Development Agency and the PPP only has $10,000 of their $133,000 goal left to raise. The event takes place Saturday, June 16 at Oak Bay High School auditorium from 7 to 10 p.m. Tickets are $25 (or $15 for students and seniors) and are available at Lyle’s Place, Ivy’s Bookshop, Larsen Music and Alcheringa Gallery. Langham Court Theatre presents the last play of it’s 2011-2012 season, The Foreigner by Larry Shue. Directed by Toshik Bukowiecki, this two-time Obie Award-nominated farce looks at what people will say to your face when they think you can’t understand them. Opens Thursday, June 14 at 8 p.m. and runs until June 30. The Greater Victoria Public Library main branch (735 Broughton) welcomes author Claudia Cornwall Trumpet/flugelhorn player Olivier Clements. for a free illustrated talk about her new biography of Vancouver beatnik, poet, photographer, boat b u i l d e r, log salvager, fisherman and high tech entrepreneur, Curt Lang, At the World’s Edge — Curt Lang’s Vancouver 1 9 3 7 1 9 9 8 . Meet her Saturday, June 16 at 2 p.m. Register at 250-382RYAN MACDONALD 7241. M Ivonne Hernandez, Karrnnel Sawitsky, Erick Wright and Trent Freeman of The Fretless.

1040 Moss Street |

William Kurelek The Messenger ON NOW until September 3, 2012


Generously funded by the Canadian Government through the Department of Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program.



Multi-Instrumentalists Doug Cox and Anela Kahiamoe.



Local artist Rhiannon Snaith is trying to broaden the scope of Victorians' knowledge of local biodiversity .


hen local artist Rhiannon Snaith heard the shocking statistic that people recognize more corporate logos than natural species, she was inspired to do something about it. She's hoping to broaden the scope of the public's knowledge of local biodiversity through an interactive art installation, called Migrating Magnets, featuring three species of birds that can be found locally — the Belted Kingfisher, the Red-Breasted Nuthatch and the Common Merganser. “Victoria is famous for its birds,” says Snaith. “It's even become a destination for bird watching.” In partnership with the Sierra Club B.C., her project Scope is a public art initiative promoting species recognition by the same means that commercial enterprises create brand recognition — by creating eye-catching logos featuring each species and using the urban environment as the billboard. “Every species has its own visual characteristics, known as field marks. These actually function a lot like logos when you come to know them. A big orange square might say hardware store in the same way a long slender neck might say heron to a casual passerby,” says Snaith. She created three different magnets, each featuring different artistic style and a species easily found locally, and is handing them out to the public in hopes that they put them up around town. She's also hoping that when someone comes across one of her magnets that they'll peel it off and move it to a new location.


FREE YOGA WEEK Hatha Flow Kundalini Ashtanga Prenatal Nidra Restorative

Free Drop-In Classes June 24-30! 13-19!

“They're non-polluting, non-destructive and will have a good life-span outdoors,” says Snaith. “Some people will put them on their bumpers and drive across the country, some people might put it on their fridge so their guests can see it, some store owner might put it on their cash till where it will stay for 20 years. The idea is that the magnet has a life, just like a living creature.” With help from a friend, Snaith was able to secure an Idea Grant from the CRD Arts Development Service to make the project a reality. She used the money to build a website and to print the 300 magnets she'll be doling out Saturday, June 16 at the Bastion Square Public Market (11 a.m. To 5 p.m.). “The magnets act like wild animals as well as like commercial advertising. They can appear anywhere, they have a particular identity, and they move around and take you by surprise,” says Snaith. Each magnet includes the url of her website,, where people can visit if they're seeking more information about the project, the species on the magnet or how to identify it. Snaith is hoping that the framework, which could be used to promote other species in other regions, will catch on and spread to other areas. She's also hoping that other artists will want to draw, paint, photograph or illustrate other species to be included in future versions of the project. “This is all about the proliferation of our brand, and the fun of scoping out the natural species, live or drawn, that pop up randomly in the urban environment,” says Snaith. M


“Hilarious and heartfelt! n enchanted ride of a movie. dream cast.” A




“Wondrously beautiful. ne of es nderson’s supreme achievements.” O



East A

Now open for Lunch Wednesday to Friday

Bruce Willis Edward Norton Bill Murray Frances McDormand Tilda Swinton Jason Schwartzman

11:30 am - 2 pm Open every day ay (except Monday) 5:00pm – 9:00pm • Buffet Dinner Open Wednesday to Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm • Lunch Buffet

JUNE SALE ~ punchcards at 15%off! (6 classes for $68, $62, 15 15classes classesfor for$140) $153) #500–3 Fan Tan Alley | 250.385.2105 |

#5-612 Head St., Esquimalt

250-475-NILE (6453) w w w. b l u e n i l e r e s t a u r a n t v i c t o r i a . c o m

Written by

A Film by Wes Anderson Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola









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Victoria Massage Therapy and Health Solutions Yarrow Building - Suite 212, 645 Fort Street 250-590-5221


Vancouver Island Cultural Festival MUSIC, FOOD, BOOZE AND ART FROM ISLAND TAKE OVER ST. ANN’S he second-annual Vancouver Island Cultural Festival takes place Saturday June 16 at St Ann’s Academy (835 Humboldt). Gates from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Kids 12-and-under are free this year, accompanied by a paying adult. (Crafty School of Art and Design for Kids will be on-hand to keep those little people busy while you indulge in the booze gardens).Also new this year are in-and-out privileges. “That was the number one request from last year,” says event organizer Dylan Willows. “Everyone was so well behaved last year that we were given permission. Although there’s so much to be engaged with on the property, it’s important, especially for young families, that they can spend the day with the kids, then drop them off at the sitters and come back to the ELISA DEVILLE- WOLF/SHEEP ARTHOUSE festival for the evening.” A second stage has been added to the beer and Wolf/Sheep artist Kaihlee Riley works on Donkey/Kong. wine sampling area (12 Island breweries and cideries and 12 wineries), which is open from noon to 5 p.m. case, featuring documentaries by Pacific Wild and (Some samples inlcuded, then $1 for beer and $2 for shorts by Dave Wallace (Innovate Imageworks). wine afterwards). Wolf/Sheep Arthouse will be on hand with the The main stage, on the academy green side of first instalment of Donkey/Kong — An interactive the property has also had some retro video game inspired art instalchanges from last year — the beer lation (that is also making an appeargarden has been moved closer to ance at next week’s Tall Tree Music V.I.C FEST the stage for a better view of the Festival in Port Renfrew). Saturday, June 16 show. Both stages will have all ages “We have a reputation for putting on St. Ann’s Academy areas right in front. fun shows that people want to go to,” (835 Humboldt) Music BC is holding The Art says Wolf/Sheep owner/creator Erik Van $40 at of Songwriting workshop inside Kobra. “We’re taking advantage of the the historic chapel with Kiprios, fact the site is self-contained and we can Georgia Murray and Vince Vaccaro, control how people come and go. We where registrants will have a chance to get feedback might even send people on a quest out in the garden before from these accomplished Island musicians from noon they’re allowed in,” he says with an ominous laugh. to 2 p.m. (registration at At 3 p.m., the Physical ticket sales are cut off Thursday at Ditch chapel is open to the public for a songwriting circle Records (very few left), but online ticket sales will run until 5 p.m. (included with festival wristband). until the day of the festival. Tickets will also be availIn the auditorium, you’ll find an Island Film show- able at the gate for the same price ($40.) M

T Health Support for KidSport Victoria June 1-30th In exchange for your donation, our team of therapists are offering professional health consultations/assessments with treatment recommendations for all sorts of health problems. Offer is valid for:

Acupuncture Athletic Therapy Osteopathy Allergies Arthritis Headaches Vitamin Deficiency

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Sport Injuries Back & Neck Pain Carpal Tunnel And More . . .

Review: Shaw’s Arms and The Man BLUE BRIDGE REPERTORY THEATRE TAKES A FRESH LOOK AT THE CLASSICS lue Bridge Repertory Theatre is offering a fresh take on the classics with its production of George Bernard Shaw’s tale of love and war, Arms and The Man. This pacifist comedy is almost 120 years old, yet the subject matter, the jokes (well, most anyway) and lessons are still relatable today. But it’s the direction by Glynis Leyshon that brings this play into the modern millennia, even if the setting, costumes and story are stuck in the time of the SerboBulgarian war (188586), almost 10 years before it was written. Leyshon’s plentiful use of physical comedy heightened the humour in this satire


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and reminds us not to take things so seriously all the time (which is a welcome reminder). This star-studded cast brings vitality and hilarity to Shaw’s script, with female lead Amada Lisman home from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival to take on her first Shaw as Raina, the Bulgarian officer’s daughter with hopelessly romantic views of life and war. Raina is engaged to Sergius (Jay Hindle), a solider whose status is more impressive than his fortitude. Dylan Smith (who played Jacques in Blue Bridge’s inaugural production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It and who most recently understudied Paul Gross and appeared on Broadway alongside Kim Cattrall in Noel Coward’s Private Lives) brings depth in the role of Captain Bluntschli, who climbs in Raina’s window in an attempt to escape Bulgarian soldiers hot on his tail. Read the full review at

FIND THE M AND WIN A PRIZE FROM MONDAY MAGAZINE Each week we hide an “M” on the cover. Last week it was hidden just left of the M. The winner was chosen by a random draw. Prove that you’ve found the “M” and get it into our office to win! Drawn Monday at noon. Submit entries to: 818 Broughton St., Victoria, V8W 1E4 with daytime phone number or fax it to our number at 250-386-2624.

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idley Scott’s latest movie both references 2001: A Space Odyssey and includes a robot character who is shown imitating Peter O’Toole’s performance in David Lean’s sublime Lawrence of Arabia. But since the creator of Blade Runner did more than anyone to define contemporary science fiction, he’s earned a right to his pretensions. The much-anticipated Prometheus, a prequel to the dankly gruesome Alien, is set about 70 years in the future and features a space flight to a remote star system. The mission is to confirm the possibility that space aliens visited Earth many thousands of years ago — and may even have supplied the DNA source code that created humankind. This being sci-fi, evidence of a seemingly extinct alien culture is soon discovered; then things inevitably go wrong, and people start to die in gruesome ways. And, this being a sci-fi epic that wants some intellectual content to go along with the dazzling set designs, questions of faith, religion and free will are raised in interesting ways — not least when David the robot (marvelously played by Michael Fassbender) points out to a spiritually inclined scientist (Noomi Rapace of Dragon Tattoo fame) that he has received no benefit from knowing his origins. Although there is less here than meets the eye — the plot feels a bit static, and the “meet your Creator” theme dates from Blade Runner — Prometheus contains stunning set pieces, great art direction and strong performances. It also marks a pleasing change from the ongoing plethora of wind-up superhero movies. M

espite being a step down from primo animation like Saving Nemo, the Madagascar movies have been lively and funny entertainments, with great character voices and the delightful scheming of that trio of perfidious penguins. The third in the series, Europe’s Most Wanted, easily maintains the tone of the earlier movies. In this outing, the penguins have abandoned our heroes in the middle of Africa while flying off to Monte Carlo to make their fortune in the casino. Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, et al. follow them to France and attempt an abduction, only to create chaos at the casino that brings them to the attention of a crazed animalcontrol officer who desperately wants a lion head to mount on her wall of trophies. On the run, our cute critters joins forces with a down-on-its-luck circus and head to Rome and then London, hoping to attract the attention of a big-time circus promoter who will take them home to America. And so, while being stalked ruthlessly by Captain DuBois and struggling to reverse the fortunes of a bedraggled troupe of circus animals, “Madagascar’s Most Amusing” take the audience on a very colourful adventure. Although sometimes a bit of a jumble — the movie’s tone shifts jerkily from post-modern pop culture commentary, to caper flick, to a rather laboured be-all-you-can-be lesson in self-affirmation — Madagascar delivers some zingy family entertainment. And after getting in a few jabs at Quebec and Cirque de Soleil, it then rips them off shamelessly for a nearly surreal climactic performance. Lots of fun! M


PROMETHEUS ★★★½ Directed by Ridley Scott Continues at Odeon, SilverCity, Uni 4, & Westshore

MADAGASCAR 3 ★★★ Starring Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer Continues at Capitol, Uni 4, SilverCity, Westshore


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SWM, 64, enjoys concerts, theater, art and life. Looking for female (53-65yrs) with similar interests for friendship and maybe more. Reply to Box #3434 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

NICE MAN, 60, looking for a female or male friend for walks, talks and eating out. Lets stop being alone. Reply to Box #4113 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111.

SWM 73, N/S, honest, fun loving. Looking for female for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #7417, C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.


Call 250-388-3535

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FINANCIAL SERVICES GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.



Advertising Consultant Saanich News We currently have a full time sales opportunity available for the Saanich News. Published twice weekly in print and online with a full complement of specialty supplements and features, our focus on local communities has produced positive relationships with both readers and advertisers.

You are creative, organized and thrive in a competitive market. Black Press is Canada’s largest independent newspaper group with over 150 community, daily and urban papers located in BC, Alberta, Washington State, Hawaii and Ohio. Our environment is fast-paced and no two days are the same. You can expect a supportive work environment, competitive compensation package including full benefits and unlimited opportunity to grow your career. Candidates must have a valid drivers license and a vehicle in good working condition. Reply in confidence with resume by June 15, 2012 to;

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Bodywork & Counselling Certified Practitioner

You have built your career on relationships and understand the importance of consulting with clients about their objectives and developing solutions that help them achieve their goals. Ideally you have experience in a fastpaced sales or service environment with a focus on client interaction.


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THE VICTORIA Military Music Festival, ‘Pacific Tattoo,’ begins the weekend of July 13-15, 2012. Many general volunteer opportunities are available for the festival as well as the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.


This is a challenging career opportunity for a result-oriented individual who enjoys working independently. Candidates for this position will possess the ability to service existing clients, develop new business and create strong marketing programs.


LOOKING FOR a long term relationship with a 45-55 yr old female. Tom (250)380-7116.


THE LEMARE GROUP is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Experienced Boom man • Grapple Yarder Operator • Hooktender • Off Highway Logging Truck Driver • Heavy Duty Mechanics • Chasers • A-frame Operator Full time with union rates and benefits. Please send resumes by fax to 250-9564888 or email to

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Date: July 7 & 8, 2012 Location: Paul Valentine Memorial Court; Juan de Fuca Rec Centre Register by: June 30, 2012 @ 4pm

NEED A GENIE? ‘Your wish is my command!’ Some wish ideas! Dancing Exercises, Yoga Stretches, Art modeling & Training. Genie cleaning, “Presto” fixup things! Costume is your wish! Call the Genie now @ 250-813-0253

Seeking friendly enviro canvassers. Great ‘green’ work exp w/ great earning potential. vi_canvass@

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MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION Rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. High graduate employment rates. Low monthly payments. Be a success! Enroll now. 1-800466-1535

13th Annual PAUL VALENTINE MEMORIAL 3on3 Basketball Tournament

Flexible P/T & F/T Work!

TRADES, TECHNICAL REQ’D Jouneyman Automotive Technician for Penticton Kia. Import experience required. Gov’t Inspection an asset. Fastest growing Dealership in South Okanagan. Competitive wage and benefit package. E-mail Resume to Service Mgr. Dave Hehr


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JUNE 14 - 20, 2012

What has meaning for one person might be meaningless for another


ach year, the to enlighten others and Sun goes share your opinions. through the Basically, you can expect 12 signs of to be eager, enthusiastic, the zodiac, mentally alert and on the which are named after go, learning new things constellations in the sky. and sharing your ideas (Please note: The signs with others. (And of the zodiac are named remember the after the constellations, GEORGIA password is they don’t line up with NICOLS “Sherbet the constellations.) And lemon.”) when the Sun enters each new sign, it is a clue to an astrologer GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 that a different part of life will be You’re giving more and more illuminated by this solar spotlight. thought to your values. (You think a Things will come out of the shadows lot.) You’ve just had your birthday. springing into sharp relief, bringing You’re beginning a new year, but new events and meaning into our more than that, with fair Venus and lives. Of course, what has meaning lucky Jupiter in your sign, you sense for one person might be meaning- this is a time of opportunity and less for another. (Nevertheless, we fresh beginnings. There’s a differcan all agree that Cole’s Law is just ence between having with a sense thinly sliced cabbage.) of intent and having a To Do list.

ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 In the month ahead, you’ll want to nest at home. One reason for this is you’ll feel a need to have time alone. Childhood memories will bubble to the surface of your mind. You’ll appreciate being around familiar things. Discussions with family members (especially parents) could be significant. In turn, these memories and family discussions might make you want to bounce your thoughts off of third party – a friend, advisor or professional counsellor because families can be wonderful and supportive but also quite maddening. George Burns was right: “Happiness as a loving, warm, caring family living in another city.”

TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 You are the banker of the zThe solar shift will speed things up for you! Expect a busy month ahead with an accelerated daily pace because your schedule will be busier than usual. Many of you will take short trips while others will be running around doing errands more than usual. You feel a bit restless and the need to move around, which is why this could be a good time for a vacation as well. You’re also eager to reach out to others because you want to communicate. You want

The latter is just a list of activities, but the former is potentially lifechanging. This is why you’re thinking about how you earn money, how you would like to earn money, and what you want to do with your money. Cash flow and possessions are outer expressions of these values. (As something to think about if you’re into nude rap sessions.)

CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 This week the Sun enters your sign for the next four weeks, boosting your energy and attracting favourable circumstances to you as well as important people. This really is a super-charge! It’s also a time where it’s totally appropriate to put yourself first because, essentially, it’s all about you. Plus, you’ll have a strong need to express yourself. This is the beginning of your personal year (birthday to birthday), which is more real than the beginning of a calendar year. Because the Sun in your sign allows you to project yourself more forcefully, you’ll make a strong impression on others. You want to run the show and don’t want to be told what to do.

LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 This is a time of preparation because your birthday is a month away. January 1 is an arbitrary date devised by the Gregorian calendar. But your birthday is real. It’s when the degree of your sign (at the time of your birth) lines up with the degree of the Sun in the sky. A true beginning! Why not set some goals about what you want to achieve in the next year? Life is a conveyor belt. You get on until you get off. The ride is your life, which is chopped into segments of being asleep and awake creating the illusion of days, months and years. But you’re always on the ride. The question is – what do you want to do with the time left to you?

VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 This solar shift ushers in a month of popularity for Virgos. Enjoy schmoozing with others. Accept invitations to socialize and extend a few from yourself as well. You might join a club or take a class. You’ll find it rewarding to be with others because not only will you enjoy the contact and a chance to exchange ideas, you’ll be excited to discuss your dreams for the future with them. And their feedback will help you! Not only is this a social month ahead, it’s a time where you feel connected to your goals. You’re very future-oriented. Others can help you now, which is why you should encourage them to be in your life.

LIBRA SEPT 23-OCT 22 This is the only time of year when the Sun travels across the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you, which is why others notice you more than usual. Since this lighting is flattering, you look unusually good to others, which is why you will likely be asked to take on increased responsibilities. (People think you’re the cat’s meow.) This is a good thing! Just say yes because you’ll be able to do the job. In addition, you’ll be thinking about your career, your reputation and your life direction in general. If you don’t know where


you’re headed, how can you make important decisions? You would just be a chicken crossing the road – poultry in motion.

SCORPIO OCT 23-NOV 21 Life is taking on an exciting quality because you’ve decided it’s time to spread your wings! Many of you will have rewarding experiences by travelling somewhere new or learning new things or enjoying exciting adventures. You’re hungry to enrich your world. Do make an effort to travel, sign up for courses, go back to school, or put yourself in a situation where you will discover new ideas from people from different backgrounds. You want to break stagnant boundaries and free yourself from routine. You might also explore religious, spiritual and consciousness-raising ideas. Even casual encounters could be profound. Totally cool!

SAGITTARIUS NOV 22-DEC 21 “The King was in his counting house, counting out his money. The Queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey.” This line from Sing a Song of Sixpence aptly describes your month ahead because your focus now turns to debt, taxes, inheritances, insurance matters and red-tape details. But that’s not all. Sweet sex will start to play a larger role in your life. (Woo-woo!) However, in the bigger picture, you are on a self-improvement kick. You’re trying to clean up your act so you can be a better person. You might even meet a teacher or someone who provokes self-inquiry or challenges your values. (We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.)

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 For the next four weeks, the Sun will be directly opposite your sign, which means it’s as far away from you as it will get all year. Since the Sun is your source of energy, this means you’re going to need more sleep. Factoid. Recognize your need for this and try to get more rest. Another thing this opposing Sun will do is draw your attention to

your closest friendships and partnerships. Not only will you give them more thought, you’ll have a chance to observe yourself in action, which is why the next month is an opportunity for you to see how to improve these close relationships, whether you’re in bed or not. (Yawn.)

AQUARIUS JAN 20-FEB 18 Oh my! Busy you! You’ve decided it’s time to get a little closer to perfection. This is why your month ahead will be full of To Do lists as you try your best to be as efficient, effective and productive as possible. You want to get things done! You want to feel more in control and on top of your scene. In addition, you want to feel healthier. You want to eat better, sleep better and get exercise and, of course, all this will be done in a home that is tidier. You might not alphabetize your CDs but you’re headed in that direction. You’ll feel so pleased with yourself when you live up to these new standards of self-control and self-discipline. (Let’s call this your smug month.)

PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 Tra-la, tra-la! It is to laugh. As the Sun shifts signs this week, it welcomes one of the most fun months of the year for you. That’s why the next four-to-six weeks are all about love, romance, social tête-à-têtes, parties, sports events, fun vacation escapes, and playful times with children. It’s your turn to kick up your heels, let your hair down and paint the town red! Naturally, you’re going to need a supporting cast for all this and no doubt they will materialize. Lovers, running mates, friends and creative, artistic contacts will appear to give you so many thrilling experiences, it will be regrettable that you can’t write them down in your diary. Who has time? Enjoy!



Kripalu Swedish or chair massage Find your bliss.... Andrea 250-514-6223 Please call for rates and appointment time for women only, men by referral



T.L.C. Massage & Wellness

Certified Aromatherapist

Experience Esalen

Serious 2nd Chakra Maintenance Exercises, Diet and Therapy. Yoga as Medicine (Classes). Rejuvenating Massage.



Julia (778) 430-4098

JANALEE 250-380-5190

Msg/Cell (250) 884-4876


Narayani ~NON-SEXUAL~

Rejuvenate, Treat Yourself, with Deep Tissue or Reflexology. (non-sexual)


Feel relaxed, soothed, Transformed! 14 yrs in Practice

Conscious Touch & Relaxation Massage S. Schaub Certified Practitioner

250-888-1244 8am to 7pm Mon - Sat (Clear Unscented Oils)

Beginning next week, WestCoast Wellness will move to Mind, Body and Spirit on the Monday Classified page. To reserve your space

Call Katey at 250.388.3535 MONDAY MAGAZINE JUNE 14 - 20, 2012





BUSINESSES FOR SALE LIVE THE Dream. Harbours End Marine, 27 year history on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC “the best place on earth!” Owner retiring, well-established business only $129,000 email:

FOR SALE BY OWNER CAYCUSE: WELL maintained Recreational Property/Home. 1500 sq.ft, 3 bdrm 2 bath, 5 acres, garage. A stone throw from pristine Cowichan Lake. $399,900. Furnished. Ready to move in! Call 250-478-2648 250-745-3387.



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HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES AUTO FINANCING MASONRY & BRICKWORK MAMMOTH LANDSCAPING & Masonry - Have the luxury of masons and horticulturists working together on your project. For consult call Calvin Veenstra 250-883-7666


DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-910-6402 DL# 7557 WANT A Vehicle but stressed about your credit? Christmas in June, $500 cash back. We fund your future not your past. All credit situations accepted. 1-888593-6095.

AUCTIONS UNRESERVED AUCTIONSJune 16 & 17, Redwater, Alberta. Collector vehicles and tractors, 1300 die cast toy tractors, wagons, buggies, show harness; old gas upright gas pumps; original case eagle; antiques. Thursday, June 21 - Harry Shapka, Vilna, Alberta. Phone 780-636-2165. JD 8650, 4440, 4240; Concord air drill; 1977 & 87 Kenworths; Cat 966C loader; Komatsu D85; lowboy; 8820 & 860 combines; haying equipment. Saturday, June 23 - John Baranec, Innisfree, Alberta. Phone 780-592-2308. Steiger ST250, 9030 Bi-Directional; 4640 & 4320; MF 8450; Claas 98; 1980 Ford tandem; Kello 24’ disc; JD 820 & 830; plus full line-up. View full lists online:

FUEL/FIREWOOD SEASONED FIREWOOD Vancouver Island’s largest firewood producer offers firewood legally obtained during forest restoration, large cords. Help restore your forest, 1-877-902-WOOD.

CARS 2007 CUSTOM Chev HHR. Excellent condition. Loaded. White. 119,000 km, mostly hwy driven. On-Star. $11,900 firm. 250-755-5191.

STEEL BUILDING - Blowout sale! 20x26 $5,199. 25x28 $5,799. 30x42 $8,390. 32x56 $11,700. 40x50 $14,480. 47x 76 $20,325. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800668-5422


Call 250-388-3535 [18]

✓ EVENTS THUS. JUNE 14 FATHER'S DAY ASTROLOGY Partake in an astrology and tarot workshop, applied to participants' charts and lives: Astrology for Fathers and Children. 6:30-10pm at 429 Vancouver. $20 first timers. RSVP 250-381-4299. BARBEQUE CITY HALL - Join VIPIRG and hundreds of outraged community members to a special BBQ event on Thursday to protest social profiling and police discrimination in Victoria. Dinner included. 7pm at City Hall (Douglas). Free. 778-678-2312.

FRI. JUNE 15 “YEAR OF ULYSSES” - See the Launch of UVic’s Modernist Versions Project, and dive into the first three chapters of James Joyce's famous fiction, complete with Twitter live chat. 9pm at Peacock Billiards, James Joyce Bistro (834 Johnson). Free. 250-721-7237.

SAT. JUNE 16 GARAGE SALE FOR VICTORIA HOSPICE - Goods and wares, as well as raffle tickets and hot dogs. Proceeds benefit Victoria Hospice, which provides end-of-life care for individuals in palliative treatments. 9:30am-6pm at Heirloom Linens (777 Royal Oak). By donation. 250-744-1717. COLWOOD SUNFEST - Answer energy questions along with live music, kids' activities, local art and food. 11am-3pm at Colwood City Hall (3300 Wishart). Free. 250-884-0784. VICTORIA CAT RESCUE STRAWBERRY TEA AND SALE Crafts, jewelry, books, white elephant, and delicious strawberry shortcake. All proceeds to spay/neuter fund for low income pet owners. 1-4pm at Knox Presbyterian Church (2964 Richmond). Free. 250-656-1100,

SUN. JUNE 17 NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY - More than 100 drummers and dancers will perform, along with food, festivities and fun as part of the First Peoples’ Festival celebrating National Aboriginal Day in BC’s Capital. 11am5pm at Centennial Square (Douglas). Free. 250-213-7575.

TEA LEAF READINGS - See into your cup and have your tea leaves read by Ellena. SUNDAYS 2-4pm at James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies). 250386-4700, jamesbaycoffeeandbooks. com.

MARKETS JAMES BAY MARKET - Live music, food, farmers, artisans and service providers offer quality handmade, homemade and homegrown products. SATURDAYS 9am-3pm at 332 Menzies. Free. METCHOSIN FARMERS' MARKET - Farm fresh goodies and locally grown offerings to please every taste. through October. SUNDAYS 11am-2pm at Metchosin Municipal Grounds (4450 Happy Valley). Free. BASTION SQUARE PUBLIC MARKET - Check out the eclectic mix of arts, crafts, imports and entertainment, along with locally grown produce and fruits; homemade breads, pastries. THURSDAYSSATURDAYS 11am-5:30pm, SUNDAYS 11am-4:30pm at Bastion Square and Langley. Free. 250-885-1387. VICTORIA DOWNTOWN PUBLIC MARKET - Visit Victoria's one-stop shop for all of your local grocery and farmers market needs. WEDNESDAYS noon-5pm until October at Market Square (Inner Courtyard). Free.





BED TALKS: ENGAGING COMMUNITY - See Victoria’s brightest leaders share their ideas and knowledge on health, business, and life in BED Talks (Being. Empowering. Discovering.). Enjoy a night of music, performance and silent auction celebrating Victoria’s diverse creative community, with 100% of the profits supporting the Cops for Cancer foundation 4-7pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). $10. 778-8866920,

AVENUE GALLERY - New paintings by Blu Smith, Linzy Arnott. To June 30 at 2184 Oak Bay.

SHAKESPEARE’S GREAT SCENES With KeepItSimple Productions at the Well (821 Fort). 7pm. $6.


MALTWOOD PRINTS AND DRAWINGS GALLERY - See The Art of Jack Wise a display of the legendary artist. Curator’s talk by Nicholas Tuele 4-6pm at the McPherson Library (UVic).

POETRY PICNIC IN THE PARK Join City of Victoria Poet Laureate Janet Rogers and poets Jeremy Loveday and Zaccheus Jackson for a community Poetry Picnic in the Park. Noon-2pm at the Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free. 250-361-0210. READING TOUR - Learn all about the travels of legendary Curt Lang, with Claudia Cornwall's June Reading Tour. 2-3:30pm at Victoria Public Library (735 Broughton). Free. 604733-9447.

MON. JUNE 18 PEN-IN-HAND POETRY/PROSE READING SERIES - Former Poet Laureate, Linda Rogers and authors present a tapestry of contemporary Victoria, composed of images, poetry and prose by its many acclaimed authors and artists. 7:15-9pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). $3. 250590-8010.


THURS. JUNE 14 CHOKEPOINT 2: DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS - See the FreeSkool workshop as part of the "How to Stop a Goddamn Oil Tanker" series. 3pm at Camas Books and Infoshop (2590 Quadra). Free. 250381-0585. TONGUES OF FIRE SEASON FINALE - Featuring Zaccheus Jackson. Don't miss the magic, including open mic. 7:30-9:30pm at Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora). $5. 250-884-0450.

COLONIALISM IN VICTORIA AND BEYOND - Join in with Camas' FreeSkool to learn about the past. 7pm at Camas Books and Infoshop (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585. OPEN MIC - Poetry night. WEDNESDAYS 7-9pm at The Well (821 Fort). Free. 250-590-4995.

GALLERIES THURS. JUNE 14 LEGACY GALLERY - Transformation: A Retrospective - works and writings by Duncan Regehr. 4-6:30pm. To Aug. 18 at 630 Yates.



SAT. JUNE 16 ECLECTIC GALLERY - See Frank Mitchell, member of the Al Frescoes plein air painters of Victoria, who brings a taste of summer to Eclectic with his vibrant oil paintings. To July 28 at 2170 Oak Bay.


WED. JUNE 20 WESTERN ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENT PORTFOLIO EXHIBITION - See 36 students from the Professional Photography, Journalism & Photojournalism and Advanced Visual Communication display their best work. 6-9pm. To June 21 at Comfort Hotel & Conference (3020 Blanshard).

STAGE THURS. JUNE 14 THE FOREIGNER - Director Toshik Bukowiecki and the Victoria Theatre Guild present Larry Shue’s Obie award-winning comedy set in a fishing lodge in rural Georgia where two meddling Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive as guests. Opens THURSDAY at 8pm and runs FRIDAY, SATURDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY through June 30. 8pm at Langham Court Theatre. ARMS AND THE MAN - Join Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre for their production of George Bernard Shaw's play about a soldier enters battle armed only with chocolates, not bullets. He is fighting for the affections of a young woman who is torn between the anti-heroic ‘chocolate soldier’ and her charming but superficial fiancée. Opens June 7 at 8pm and runs THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, at 8pm and SUNDAY at 2pm. Tickets at or by phone at 250-386-6121. THE WALWORTH FARCE - Theatre Inconnu delves into the arena of farce with this play by Enda Walsh that looks at what happens when we start believing the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Runs THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY at 8pm and June 16 at 2pm at Little Fernwood Hall (1923 Fernwood). Tickets $14/10 at or by phone at 250-590-6291.

FRI. JUNE 15 SACRED HULA PRESENTATIONAcclaimed Sacred Hula Master Dancer and Award-winning BestSeller Author Leilani Petranek. 7pm at the Church of Truth (111 Superior). $20/15.


Classifieds Call

The Rules are Simple:  250 words or less  must be prose, not poetry  submitted electronically  previously unpublished original


MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837




How to Enter:  entry fee of $10  deadline June 29, 2012  submit online to Only winners will be contacted

This beautiful 2004 Volkswagen Touareg has been well maintained. With only 135,000 KM on an economical and spirited V6 engine, all wheel drive and tow hitch with electric brakes. Unique 6 spd Tiptronic auto transmission which will do the shifting for you or let you shift yourself for a sportier driving exp. Boasting a well equipped interior, rear mounted CD changer, this SUV cannot be missed! $16,500



Winning entries published July 26 in Monday Magazine. Winner receives $100, one-on-one chat, cup of tea and story critique with a local author. Questions? Contact Grant McKenzie at Payment Details Cash, cheque, VISA, MC. Identify payment as Flash Fiction. Or pay in person 8:30AM - 5PM Monday to Friday at 818 Broughton Street, Victoria V8W 1E4 or call in your credit card during office hours.

BIKE RIDE - Theatre SKAM’s fourth annual outdoor performance festival on bikes around the Galloping Goose Trail featuring Cat Thom, Determined Illusions, Head Through painting, Paper Street Theatre, Puente Theatre, TigerMilk Collective, Theatre Inconnu, Salt Frog and This is Twisted Theatre. SATURDAY and SUNDAY 3:30pm to 6:30pm at Cecelia Ravine Park (475 Burnside). Tickets $15 at ticketrocket. org. JDRF DANCE FOR THE CURE Music by Roxxlyde. 7:30pm at the Lanford Legion (761 Station). $15. 250-882-5187. FOLKDANCE PARTY - Music by Jamshed at the Saanich International Folkdancers Party. 7:30pm at St. Matthias Church (600 Richmond). $TBA. (250) 384-0592. SACRED HULA DANCESHOPAcclaimed Sacred Hula Master Dancer and Award-winning BestSeller Author Leilani Petranek. 1:30pm at the Church of Truth (111 Superior). $45/35.

SUN. JUNE 17 THE SHOWDOWN - Featuring seven solo performers each with seven minutes to do their thing. Audience votes for their favourite and the winner gets $200. Hosted by Wes Lord. 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). $10/8. AUDITION - Victoria Shakespeare by the Sea is holding cold-read auditions for the parts of Theseus, Hippolyta, and Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream. 7pm at New Horizons Activity Centre (234 Menzies). 778440-4686.

MUSIC THURS. JUNE 14 TIM CUTHBERT - Singer-songwriter in the spotlight at The Well (821 Fort). 7pm. $TBA. TROPIC MAYHEM - A surfin’ good time. With Dennis Atkins. 9:30pm at Logan’s Pub (1821 Cook). $8. OLIVIER CLEMENTS - Original music blending modern jazz with hip hop beats with local trumpet/flugelhorn player Olivier Clements, Colin Nealis on bass, Sean Fyfe on keys and Kelby MacNayr on drums. 7:30pm at the Fort Street Café (742 Fort). $10/7. shows. SYNAPSE - Metal and rock with Villains and Observer. 9pm at Rehab Nightclub (502 Discovery). $5 at the door. ADULTS - Geoff Lundstrom and Jason Cook. 9pm at Canoe Brewpub (450 Swift). $5 after 9pm.

FRI. JUNE 15 THE FRETLESS - A “rad-trad” quartet featuring top Canadian fiddle champs-turned Berklee grads in an album release show for Waterbound. Double bill with Oliver Swain and The Big Machine. 8pm at Fairfield United Church. $14 adv/$16 door. Lyle’s Place, Ditch Records and Larsen Music. DYLAN STONE BAND - With Man Made Lake and Cameron Latimer. 10pm at Logan’s Pub (1821 Cook). $10. SCHMUSIC BC - Networking parties for locals in the music industry. 6-9pm at The Temple (525 Fort). Free. DAVE LANG AND THE BLACK SQUIRRELS - 1930’s jazz and western swing tunes. With The Ghostbirds and Shelder the Electric Clamfish. 8pm at Solstice Café (529 Pandora). $10 at the door.

SAT. JUNE 16 VIC FEST - Current Swell Vince Vaccaro, Kytami, Rococode, Mindil beach Markets and more at the second annual V.I.C. Fest at St. Ann’s Academy (835 Humboldt). 11am-11pm. $40 at the gate or JONNY MILLER - With Auto Jansz and Andrea June in the spotlight at The Spiral Café (418 Craigflower), 8pm. $7-$10 sliding scale. THE HOOSEGOW - Ten Years of Eat, Drink, Skate with B-Lines, 24 Hour Stand Off and the New Krime. 10pm at Logan’s Pub (1821 Cook). $10. PACIFIC POI BOYS - Junonominated guitarist Doug Cox and acclaimed Hawaiian slack key guitarist Anela Kahiamoe headline Pacific Breeze a concert benefiting the Pacific People’s Partnership. 7pm at Oak Bay High School auditorium (2125 Cranmore). $25/15. RUKUS - Rock ‘n’ roll and dance. 6pm at Monterery Rec Centre. $23 with burgers. 250-370-7300. CISEAUX - Victoria artist Katie Schaan EP release party. 10 pm at Lucky Bar. $TBA..

SUN. JUNE 17 KINGDOM CLOUD - From technicolour tropical grooves to driving proto-punk. With Horse Girls and Le Rat. 10pm at Logan’s Pub (1821 Cook). $7. FATHER’S DAY CÉILIDH - Live performances by Carli and Julie Kennedy, The Ecclestons, Celtic Chaos, and Qristina & Quinn Bachand. Hosted by comedian Wes Borg. 1:303:30pm. Cameron Bandshell in Beacon Hill Park. Free. PUZZLEROOT - Eclectic, genrebending/blending trio whose style has been variously described as roots, altfolk, altcountry, bluegrass, and punkgrass after open stage. At Norway House (1110 Hillside). $5. CANUS - Hot jazz band 4-7pm at Hermann's Jazz Club (753 View). $12. PUGS AND CROWS - Blend original compositions and free improvisation from a myriad of influences, from Argentine Tango to avant-garde. 8pm at Hermann's Jazz Club (753 View). $TBA. CHAMBER MUSIC IN THE COUNTRY - Program will include Brahms Piano Quartet in C minor, the Mozart Oboe Quartet and the Max Reger String Trio, performed by local musicians: Pierre Cayer, oboe; concertmaster of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra Terence Tam, violin; Kenji Fuse, viola; Laura Backstrom, cello; Lorraine Min, piano. 2:30 pm at First Unitarian Church (5575 W Saanich). $25/20 250-413-3134.

ConsentingAdults 69JAI#BDC96NB6<#8DB'*%")-%"('%&

FEMALE ESCORTS FEMALE ESCORTS FEMALE ESCORTS FEMALE ESCORTS ADULT PHONE SERVICE FEMALE ESCORTS FEMALE ESCORTS NIKI * Classy Cougar Wild yet sensual. Experienced, exotic,blue-eyed, natural blonde beauty. 36D-28-36. Full value full time. Toys, lingerie. Discreet downtown location. Mature 40’s. Niki 250-217-3969



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TICKETS ON SALE NOW! General Admission and VIP tickets available online at

charge by phone 1-855-985-5000

General Admission tickets available in person at: Juan De Fuca Rec Ctr Reception (1767 Island Hwy 250-478-8384) Lyle’s Place (770 Yates St. 250-382-8422)



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