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BUSINESS: Chamber of Commerce reps and B.C. AGM A5 Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance protests Bill C-38 A3

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‘Black mark’ Bill C-38

Bill PHILLIPS/Free PHILL IP S/F ree P Press ress

Beverly Anderson and Ian Hayes (right) were among about 40 people who protested in front of Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer’s office Saturday. The group was protesting the Conservative government’s 400-page omnibus bill bringing sweeping changes to the country.

Rally held in front of MPs’ office on Saturday BILL PHILLIPS

Upset with the Conservative government’s decision to ram through an omnibus bill, about 50 people protested outside Prince George MP Bob Zimmer’s office Saturday. A smaller group also protested outside Cariboo-Prince George MP Dick Harris’ office. It was part of a nation-wide protest organized by Leadnow. “The Kyoto protocol has been cancelled, (the bill) repeals the Fair Wages and Labour Act,” said local organizer Karen Anderson. She pointed out that the bill is more

than 400 pages long and every item in the bill refers to another bill, which means the secondary bill has to be examined to fully understand what the action in the omnibus bill is. And that takes time ... time the government isn’t allowing. “We really think that it needs to be broken apart,” she said. “We need to know what all of those things are and why they are happening to us. They know what they want to do and that’s that.” Anderson, who is active in her union, the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers, said the rally is the first time she’s organized something like a rally. “We’re here to stand up for democracy,” she said. “If (the bill) passes the way it is, it will

be a black mark against democracy.” The organization is hoping for 13 Conservative MPs to stand up and vote against the bill. She said she has sent Zimmer an email but has yet to hear back from him. Neither Zimmer nor Harris were at their offices in Prince George Saturday. Zimmer was in Fort St. John attending a ceremony to honouring veterans. “We’re in a free country, they absolutely have the right to do that,” Zimmer said Tuesday about the protest. “I respect their right to protest.” However, he “fundamentally disagrees” with the view of the protestors. Zimmer said the Conservatives want to balance the federal books by the next election and the

budget is key achieving that. “We’re being aggressive with getting the budget under control,” he said. That’s the rationale (behind moving on many items at once) ... We’re trying to do it in a way that won’t hurt Canadians.” The Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance held a second protest on Monday (See story Page A3), arguing that Bill C-38 weakens environmental protection law. “I just disagree,” said Zimmer. “Some folks want no natural resource development at all, but they put fuel in their cars.” Zimmer said natural resource development can happen in responsible manner. “We have to have a rationale discussion about it.”


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Prince George Free Press

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EMMA BALAZS: Local runner wins close race for B.C. title A13

Up Front

Beaverly students create a quilt for Hospice House A16

BILL PHILLIPS 250-564-0005

Concerned citizens supporting the Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance in standing against Bill C-38, which they say will weaken environmental protection, joined to protest the Bill Monday in front of MP Bob Zimmer’s office. D e Ly n d a P I L O N / F re e P re s s


Seas to Sands protests environment bill Government changes will make it easier to push project through, group says DELYNDA PILON

The Conservatives have made no bones about their support of the Enbridge pipeline, and changes in Bill C-38 will weaken environmental protection laws, making it easier to push the project through, according to the Seas to Sands Conservation Alliance. To protest the changes, the alliance, along with many other Canadian organizations, blacked out their

website Monday and spoke out in defence of what they call two core values, nature and democracy. In support of the move, concerned citizens in Prince George gathered in front of MP Bob Zimmer’s office, holding signs, listening to a speech by Sonya Ostertag and chanting things like ‘Enbridge - no’ and ‘Bill C-38 - take it apart’. Ostertag told the small crowd that the review process was important, and the changes coming with

Bill C-38 dismantle a necessary, fair and impartial process. “Changing the rules allows politicians to decide if a project should or should not go ahead. It’s despicable to allow a project to go ahead if it shouldn’t,” she said. She added she is concerned about certain presenters being unable to speak in front of the Enbridge review panel. Everyone, she believes, should be given a chance

to have his or her say. “You are willing to stand up in front of a quasi-judicial panel to say why you think this shouldn’t go ahead,” she said. “But they are no longer accepting such presentations. We should be able to speak from our hearts and our knowledge.” She added it was not a matter of wanting to rise and speak, which is a position none of them wanted to be put in. “But we must stand up

against this Bill,” she said. Ostertag added since an election is coming up in B.C., the time is ripe to make the Enbridge pipeline and the processes surrounding the panel an issue. Another problem in the province, she said, is the estimated $8 million being spent, during the time of an austerity budget, to make inquiries into not-for-profit and charity organizations regarding how much of their budgets are being

spent on advocacy. “An estimated $8 million has been earmarked to look into non-profits. They are allowed to spend no more than 10 per cent on advocacy. Now there’s a lot of fear about losing their charitable status if they did spend more than that,” she said. “Once again it’s important to remember how unclear these rules are. I would argue $8 million could be spent a lot better than picking on environmental groups.

Annual plan on review River closes park Residents are invited to review the 2011 City of Prince George annual report at www. or at City Hall (1100 Patricia Boulevard). Submissions or questions regarding the content of the report will be considered by

councillors at the June 18, 2012 Committee of the Whole meeting, beginning at 6 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall. The Community Charter requires that the annual report include audited annual financial statements, a record of permis-

sive tax exemptions, an overview of municipal services and operations for the year, a progress report related to established objectives and measures, and a statement of measures that will be used to determine progress on 2012 municipal objectives.

The City of Prince George advises the public that Cottonwood Island Park and parts of the Heritage River Trails (from Cameron Street Bridge to Fort George Park) have been closed due to rising river water levels. This closure will remain in place

until further notice. The City of Prince George will provide notice to the public when the area is reopened. For more information please call the City of Prince George at 5617600 or visit the City’s website at


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Beet Juice Benefits for Athletes


Drinking the juice of an ordinary looking beet can actually make you workout with more stamina and endurance Some people know that beetjuice is good for diabetes and has many essential nutrients like vitamin A, C, B1, B2 and B6. It is also a good source of antioxidants and can actually help in purification of your blood and give you a glow. But, how can beet juice be considered as one of the best sources of improving stamina for athletes?

Ashley Taylor, right, gets her hands into the “goop” at the Y Kids Day on Sunday. Volunteer Amanda Conway helped Ashley and other youngsters work the goop.

A research on the same was conducted by the University of Exeter, and it was found that consumption of beet juice actually helped in boosting the stamina of the volunteers and they were able to perform exercises up to 16% longer when compared to people who were not consuming beet juice. In fact, the Daily Mail also quoted that “Beetroot juice boosts stamina by making muscles more fuel-efficient.” Amazing, isn’t it? After reading these statements, I could actually believe that there may be some significant beet juice benefits for athletes which could actually help in improving their fitness level by increasing their endurance, strength and stamina Benefits for Athletes

Fluid Regulation When we think of athletes, we think of trainings, workouts, exercises and a lot of physical activities that lead to a lot of sweating or loss of body fluid. Beet juice in this case can prove to be very beneficial as it contains a lot of potassium which helps in regulating fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Better Cardiovascular Health The nitrate present in the beetroot helps in maintaining a good cardiovascular health. No matter how fit and healthy you are, there are many other causes like stress and family history that can lead to cardiovascular problems, even in athletes! Beet juice helps in lowering the blood pressure, reducing the chances of the formation of blood clots by improving blood circulation, lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the level of good cholesterol in the body and purification. It is also known to prevent stress due to the presence of betalains in it, thereby helping one maintain a better cardiovascular health so that whenever you work out, your heart supports you with ease. Anti-inflammation Properties One of the biggest concerns that athletes tend to have is the inflammation of muscles or tissues while exercising and training, the kind of physical challenge that their bodies go through makes them prone to unexpected wear and tear, which can further elevate to chronic health issues. Beet juice consists of a good amount of betaine which makes it an effective anti-inflammatory source to curb the chances of chronic inflammation. Not only is beet juice beneficial for athletes, but each and everyone can actually consume it on a daily basis and take advantage of its natural properties. With many people dealing with health issues like heart problems, diabetes, fatigue, stress and weakness, this juice would actually be able to give you the stamina and the capability to perform physical activities that weren’t all that simple before. So what are you waiting for? By Shalu Bhatti

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A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Arrests made at McLeod Lake BILL PHILLIPS

removed the protestors. Police arrested four protestors in relation to a Supreme Court arrest warrant and one protestor for disobeying the Supreme Court civil injunction order. All community members, bystanders and protestors were cooperative and the arrests were made without incident. “The RCMP respects the

right to lawful protests, however, in saying this, if the protest is no longer peaceA handful of protestors ful or lawful the police will who have been blockading need to mitigate the circumthe McLeod Lake Indian stances,” said Const. Lesley Band office for more than a Smith, North District media week have been removed. liaison, in a press release. The McLeod Lake Indian “Five protestors were arrested Band secured an injunction to and removed from blockhave the blockade removed ing the McLeod Lake Indian and Monday morning police Band Office and McLeod Lake Forestry Building without incident. Those arrested were transported to the Prince George Law Courts INVITATION TO TENDER CS 12-06 where they will The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George invites tenders from qualified suppliers for the appear before a provision of materials, labour, supervision, tools and equipment necessary to perform the Supreme Court foundation improvements for the Dome Creek Recreation Facility in Dome Creek BC. Justice to speak to these matSealed tenders will be received by Diane Hiscock, General Manager of Financial Services, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, 155 George Street, Prince George, B.C. up to 2:00 ters.”

In addition, three community elders and two other protestors, who were also under a Supreme Court Warrant, turned themselves over to the Prince George Supreme Court to answer to their involvement with the blockade. The protestors are upset with the band’s signing of a revenue sharing agreement with Terrance Metals regarding the Mount Milligan mine. “The blockaders have done great damage to the band and members by interrupting services to band members and interfering with the band’s operations and businesses,” said Chief Derek Orr in a press release. “Chief and council and administration hope to resume normal operations quickly.”

p.m. on Wednesday, June 27, 2012. Invitation to tender documents may be obtained on, or after Wednesday, June 6, 2012: A) In a PDF (Public Document Format) file format from the Regional District’s website at , or B) In hard copy format from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Service Centre, 155 George Street, Prince George, B.C. between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding Statutory holidays. C) In hard copy format from the Village of McBride office, 100 Robson Street, McBride BC, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. D) on the BC Bid® website A mandatory site meeting will be held for all prospective tenderers at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at the Dome Creek Recreational Facility, 13741 Dome Creek Road, Dome Creek BC. Tender submissions from tenderers who did not attend the mandatory site meeting will not be considered.

John Murchison

The lowest, or any tender, will not necessarily be accepted. The Regional District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders. Facsimile tenders and electronic tenders will NOT be accepted.

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DL 30798

Boosts Stamina Drinking beetroot juice will increase stamina. The research done by the University of Exeter states that beet juice can boost athletic stamina to a much greater extent than what training can do! The athletes were asked to drink 500 ml of beet juice and it was observed that the fatigue was reduced within 6 days, thereby boosting up the stamina and endurance to perform high intensity exercises with comparative ease. I have already mentioned that they could exercise for up to 16% longer, which is just by drinking beet juice because it contains nitrates!


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Local Chamber resolutions OK’d DELYNDA PILON

Four resolutions put forward by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce at the B.C. chamber annual general meeting in Penticton last week were ratified and will be used in future advocacy efforts. The first, which surrounds addressing the labour and skills shortage across the province, speaks to a very important local issue, according to Jennifer Brandle-McCall, chamber CEO. “This is important. We’ve been hearing from members connected to industry and the community in different programs who insist that engineering skills and technical skills are very important in our area. Without them we just don’t have the people to build the north.” She compared what they are envisioning to the medical program brought into the University of Northern British Columbia and said training doctors, or in the future engineers and technologists, locally means there will be no need to work to attract them from the Lower Mainland, an activity that has been less than successful in the past. “We are advocating that we train people in the north for the north wherever that need exists. We want the provincial government to cover capital and operational costs, and provide funding for training,” she said. Recognizing that geography plays a crucial part in where a trained professional chooses to ply his or her trade is important, she said. “The training should happen where the need exists,” she said. “We need to take critical and acute action on this.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2012




2255 S. QUINN ST. (250) 563.3200

A llan WISHA RT/F re e Pre s s

Students from Ecole College Heights Elementary and Ecole Polyvalent de la Baie work on a word search puzzle at the Prince George Public Library on Friday. The students from Quebec were wrapping up a week-long visit to the region as part of a twinning project through SEVEC, a Canadian exchange program. During their week, the students visited Barkerville and Mount Robson, as well as taking part in a family picnic at West Lake. The second resolution also surrounds northern education, and revolves around increasing the interplay between the K to 12 education system and the post-secondary education system so that they are training today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. “This resolution has been on our books for some time,” she said. “It has not been properly addressed by the government yet.” Looking at what the actual demand is in the job market, getting industry into high schools, and helping students understand the kind of jobs that will be out there when they graduate is important, Brandle-McCall said. She added there needs to be an increase of participation of students in math and science-based classes. “These are areas where they would do well to focus a lot of their attention.”

Resource jobs are available now, she added, and they will just be more plentiful in the future. “We can’t funnel students into an area where there are no jobs.” The third resolution was quite popular at the AGM, she said, and solicited a lot of support on the floor. It asks the government to provide consistent processes for disclosure of buildings used as grow operations. Homes once used as grow ops can be renovated until every trace of the damage caused is erased, however with no official standards or way to prove this has been done, it will still linger under the reputation of its former use. This not only affects real estate brokers but bankers and several other groups of business people. “It becomes difficult to serve your clients when

there’s no consistency,” Brandle-McCall said. She added the change should be instituted immediately. The last resolution requests the government explore implementing an online voting system for municipal and provincial elections. She pointed out voting usually takes place during business hours, putting business owners in the position of closing up shop or finding coverage so they can go out and vote. This, she added, can be a difficult task for very small businesses. Brandle-McCall said the chamber did some research on online voting and found that three Canadian cities are already doing it: Halifax, Markham and Peterborough. “It was very well received,” she said, adding it was a way of doing things that also appeals to youth.

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Air ambulance suppliers chosen BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) has selected two successful proponents to provide six fixed-wing aircraft to transfer patients throughout the province to higher levels of care. BCAS will now enter negotiations with Carson Air, which will provide two turboprop airplanes each based in Kelowna and Vancouver and a jet based in Vancouver, and Northern Thunderbird (NT) Air, which will provide one turboprop airplane based in Prince George. “The aircraft secured for the new contracts include safety upgrades such as advanced navigational technology and an enhanced vision system which provides improved situational awareness in all phases of flight,” said Les Fisher, BCAS chief operating officer. “This system, which is currently installed in our 24/7 helicopters in Vancouver and Prince Rupert, greatly enhances safety especially during night landings at rural airfields which is an important part of provincial air ambulance service. “BCAS also conducts regular safety and performance audits with all of our dedicated fixed-wing and rotary air ambulance contractors and our para-

medics, dispatchers and managers have daily contact with the providers which helps ensure that the service is safe and reliable.” The contracts have an estimated annual value of $18.8 million with annual Consumer Price Index increases over the term. The new contract term is for five years with the option to renew for three additional years; the existing contracts expire on June 30, 2012. The RFP was developed with input from BCAS paramedics and managers, industry representatives, Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board and evaluated by BCAS subjectmatter and industry experts. Seven bids were originally submitted to BCAS. BCAS upgraded the fixed-wing aircraft fleet in 2006 from five to six airplanes and also currently utilizes four dedicated air ambulance helicopters. BCAS also has additional air ambulance support through the use of approximately 40 pre-qualified charter aircraft carriers located throughout the province. In June, BCAS will expand the Early Fixed Wing Activation Program

throughout the North. This program enables paramedic activation of a critical care transport team and aircraft when they arrive at the scene of a 911 call and determine that the patient may need to be air-lifted to a higher level of care. Previously, emergency department physicians were the only people who could initiate a critical care paramedic transport team and aircraft. This early activation reduces the time it takes to get a patient to definitive care. The program was launched in the Terrace area in March 2012. In 2011/12, BCAS’s Critical Care Transport Program transferred 7,732 patients using air ambulance aircraft – 5,568 by fixed-wing aircraft. Call volumes have remained relatively stable over the last several years. BCAS conducts ongoing analysis of its Critical Care Transport Program to keep pace with changing patient care needs, aviation technologies, safety systems and training and undertakes annual reviews of fees and fuel costs to ensure British Columbians are receiving full value for their investment in this key health care service.


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Look a gift car in the mouth


ant to give your car to your dog? Sorry, no can do. The B.C. government is plugging a loophole that has prompted hundreds of people to claim they are giving away vehicles to friends or “acquaintances” rather than pay sales tax on the transaction. When it adopted the harmonized sales tax in 2010, the B.C. government increased its separate tax on private sales of cars, boats and other vehicles from seven per cent to 12. The federal goods and services tax doesn’t apply to private sales, and the B.C. government said it wanted to level the playing field between private sales and used cars purchased from dealers. The jump in the tax rate appears to have made a chronic tax evasion problem worse, as sales of even high-end cars have become popular to give away, at least on paper. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon said the new provincial sales tax legislation specifies that vehicle gifts can only be given to a genuine relative or a registered charity. “Clearly we’ve had a situation in British Columbia where there has been an enormous effort underway for the public to avoid paying tax owing when they sell vehicles,” Falcon said. “Either you accept that explanation or you just believe that people have become extraordinarily generous in British Columbia in giving away their high-end vehicles, including Mercedes, Porsches and BMWs, to individuals who they are not acquainted with but they are describing as friends or best friends or acquaintances.” Falcon estimated the tax dodge has been costing the B.C. treasury “tens of millions” each year. An effort to tighten up the gift process last year by replacing a letter declaring the vehicle is a gift with a detailed form for buyers and sellers didn’t relieve the problem, he said. The B.C. sales tax on privately sold vehicles is called the “Tax on Designated Property,” and it applies to aircraft and boats as well as cars and trucks. We suspect Rover doesn’t qualify as a relative. However, as usual, rules like this are written because people abuse the system.


A reason to protest

Budget lock-up


ome food for thought for those of us in this country who would like Canada to emulate the United States’ justice system. Remember that we are bent on building more prisons in this country. According to the Economist, the United States has about five per cent of the world’s population but almost 25 per cent of its prisoners. It has the world’s largest number of inmates and the highest per capita rate of incarcertation. Most would think that dubious title would go to someplace like Iran, North Korea or, perhaps, China. But no, it’s our American cousins. Here in Canada we constantly hear about skyrocketing health care costs affecting federal and provincial budgets. In California, penitentiaries are the fastest-growing cost in the state budget. What has contributed to the high rate of incarcertation south of the border is a penchant for “tough on crime” laws that see lengthy jail time for minor offences. No one is suggesting we go soft on crime. Those who break the law should pay their debt to society. However, the United States may not be the best example when it comes to finding ways to deal with criminals.

Finally, something to protest about. The provincial government has ended the legisWhile I can sympathize with the plight of stulative session early, yet again, with the scuttlebutt dents everywhere who must deal with astronomical being that our provincial government won’t sit tuition fees, it’s hard to imagine taking to the streets again until next spring. for weeks on end as they have done in Quebec. (I And then there is the Conservative government in should point out tuition for my first year Ottawa that is quickly, and dramatically, of university was $432, so things have reshaping this country into something definitely changed … and don’t ask me most Canadians won’t like when they why I remember that, I just do; on the wake up and realize it’s too late. Writer’s other hand, I’m not sure what I had for It was heartening to see people out Block lunch yesterday. I’m expecting a mesprotesting Bill C-38 on Saturday and give BILLPHILLIPS sage to pop up in front of my eyes any them credit … they were out in front of time now saying that I haven’t backed MP Bob Zimmer’s office for more than an up my brain in 40,498 days, click OK to back up hour. Often protests last as long as the media is willnow. I would too, except for the litany of system ing to stick around. Not the case this time. upgrades needed.) Unless you’re a political junkie, like myself, debatI should also point out that I’ve never taken part ing political processes is kind of like a Nazi root in an official protest. I’ve attended a few, but always canal. as a reporter. Objectivity, or perhaps detachment, is With Bill C-38 it is the process that should have one of the perils of the job. Canadians up in arms, and it speaks to a fundamenWhen I was in university about the only thing that tal problem with our political system. would have gotten us riled up would have been an Regardless of whether one supports provisions increase in beer prices or a pizza delivery guy strike. in Bill C-38 or not, no one should support running Other than that, we went to classes between mararoughshod over our democratic system. thon Hearts sessions and beer nights. Democracy is all about debate and listening to difSo when we look at the student protests in Quefering points of view. Our federal government, and bec, it’s hard to sympathize. to some degree our provincial one, aren’t interested However, protests and civil disobedience are a in debate. hallmark of how our society has initiated change, They are only interested in doing what they want even though in recent years protests have become to do, and everyone else be damned. an excuse to riot, usually spurred on by more-thanWhat I find ironic is that it’s usually who like to willing storm troopers. wrap themselves in the flag of patriotism, extolling What’s really incongruous with our protests these the virtues of democracy and freedom, who are the days is that we have been handed a couple of goldfirst ones to trample on freedom and democracy plated protest issues and the Canadian public, by when in power. and large, isn’t interested. Now that’s something worth protesting about.

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Cruising the Durango trail with cowboys There’s nothing like sitting right foot down on the gas pedal around a blazing campfire with with a bit more gumption. good friends, The guy came music playing down, explained he backdrop to a was low on gas and Life in lake that first his fuel pump wasn’t reflects a blue sky the fat working properly, lane filled with wispy then wandered away. clouds, then, after DELYNDAPILON Owen, who has a night falls, the raucous voice that moonlight as it ebbs across a silcan often be heard several citvered surface masking mysteriies away even when he’s whisous depths. pering, mentioned that it was Camping with cowboys. Wow. electronic fuel injection while he I told you all about Cowboy guffawed the guy’s excuse. Jack, but in my ignorance I Jack couldn’t stand it. Earlier didn’t realize at the time cowhe’d promised Darby not to take boys seem to travel in groups. her Dodge down the Durango Kind of like a murder of crows Trail (which is what Chris named or a pride of lions. So what do the steep 4X4 path by our campyou call a bunch of cowboys? site) without her permission so How about trouble? (Of the fun he commenced haggering her for variety, of course.) consent. One evening during our camp“Are you in? -- Are you in? -ing trip some local yokel cruised Are you in?” through the campground driving This can continue for hours. his Chevy (the preferred brand Finally you say ‘I’m in’ just so of all things motorized, accordhe’ll stop talking. That’s when ing to cowboys), and after very the real trouble starts, believe little encouragement attempted you me. to drive up a rocky embankment Anyway, as seems to be the that dog-legs the side of the hill way with cowboys, they got their embracing the campgrounds. He permission and ran her Dodge got about halfway, then punked up and down the Durango trail, out. Jack and Chris were beside whooping, hollering and wailing themselves with Jack claiming while they exchanged high fives. the guy had no right to drive a “And I did it while driving a Chev and Chris yelling not-soDodge,” Jack said, once again friendly advice about how the claiming the other guy should fellow should learn to lay his not drive a Chev.

Meanwhile, the yahoo returned to the campsite, this time in a much more expensive truck. It took no encouragement at all for him to try the hill again, and this time he even made it. But the cowboys still weren’t impressed. Apparently slugs, glaciers and the second coming are faster. “You should run up there and pass him,” Chris said to Jack, eyes all flinty. “He should not be allowed in a Chev,” Jack snarled. The yahoo came back, expecting some serious props from the guys I suppose, only to be met with steely glares and much derision. He left again. Then it was time for a store run, a chore me and Darby took on. When we came back, I picked an appropriate song and we took a roll down the Durango trail. Two chicks. Ya, that’s right - two chicks. “Jack’s going to be mad,” Darby said, giggling. “Teach him to send two chicks to the store alone,” I giggled back. And down we went. Then we wanted to go back up, but the yokel was back and in the way, trying once again to earn a little respect from the cowboys as he attempted to beat the Durango trail. “Go round him,” I said. She did, sliding on the shale as

she whipped past. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite get the machine into four-wheel drive, so we didn’t conquer the trail. But we sure peeved off one local yokel, who left the campgrounds with his nose sincerely out of joint. But he still wasn’t done. He came back a few minutes later dressed in camo, goggles and riding a quad. He stopped at the campsite to complain about the behavior of a certain resident female, but I don’t think he got the reaction there he wanted. See, Chris has a saying that all of us have kind of taken to. Translated, it can mean a number of things from ‘get away from there’ to ‘quit doing that’ to ‘you’re talking too much’ to ‘settle down’. I’ve heard him use it in a variety of situations. It isn’t wordy, but it is said with a great deal of force, and when necessary accompanied by a hand gesture that kind of looks like

someone’s about to get a smack. The phrase - if you can call a single word, even if it covers so much ground a phrase - is ‘Git’. And that’s the reaction the yahoo got from the cowboys when he came to complain. Just a big old chorus of ‘Git’. It’s kind of contagious actually. Last night I got to sleep in a real bed again after a long hot shower. Izzy, my pug, was all snuggled up and snoring against my cheek. Then she heard a noise (or, more likely, had a bad dream) and jumped straight up, snorted ferociously and inhaled in preparation for a big bark. I sleepily reached out, covered her little mouth and humphed out, ‘Izzy, git’. She looked at me curiously, snorted, laid back down and went to sleep. Git. Useful, singular, meaningful and kind of all encompassing. I like it. If you don’t well,then, - I guess you can just git.

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Support for Cancer Society is very welcome Editor: Sincere thanks to the Prince George community who came out in force and joined the fight against cancer in April with the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Month. The people of Prince George were overwhelming in their support and generosity and made this year’s Daffodil Campaign a great success. Thanks to this success, we will be able to continue funding the best cancer research and local support programs for people living with cancer. The Society asked all Canadians to join the fight in April and wear the daf-

fodil pin -- a bright and hopeful symbol of support for those affected by cancer and a remembrance of those lost to the disease. On Daffodil Day, April 27, the Society encouraged people to mark the day by doing something special for someone living with cancer or to contribute in some way to fight against the disease. Another Canadian receives a cancer diagnosis every three minutes. Prince George joined the rest of the country in showing its support on April 27. Daffodil pins were everywhere, a great symbol that says no one goes through cancer alone and we are all in this fight to put a

stop to cancer. Donations collected in April go toward vital support services including programs for individuals seeking cancer information, emotional support, and camps for youth and families. The Society also provides transportation services and lodge accommodations along with limited, short-term financial assistance for treatment-related transportation and accommodation. Volunteers and staff deliver cancer support programs, cancer prevention information, advocate for healthier communities, and fundraise for cancer research. The Canadian Cancer Society fights

cancer by doing everything we can to prevent cancer, save lives and support people living with cancer. Join the fight! Go to to find out how you can help. When you want to know more about cancer or support services, visit our website at or call our tollfree bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1-888 939-3333. On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, thank you for your continued support. Cathy Briggs Coordinator Annual Giving Canadian Cancer Society, BC Yukon Division

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Business pgfreepress

Dwayne Burnett, his son, Kyle, Christine Bishop (program coordinator), Clarence Pittman (instructor) and Mike Fiddler show off the basis of their partnership, heavy equipment and a rig. Both men are dedicated to training a new generation to operate and drive the machines that make the resource based economy of northern B.C. work. D e Ly n d a P I L O N / F re e P re s s


New partnership trains industry drivers Companies looking for people who can work with a variety of equipment DELYNDA PILON

More and more employers are looking for people who are versatile, who can move equipment and hold a Class 1, allowing contractors to hire one person to do what it sometimes takes two to accomplish. Burnett and Sons Equipment Training, which trains students to operate several different types of equipment in both the forestry and construction industry, has partnered with Fiddler Industry Driving Solutions and the College of New Caledonia to give students the opportunity to get all that experience under their belts

with the help of instructors who know exactly what it takes to confidently face the challenges of the roads and forests of northern B.C. “Sometimes equipment has to be trucked out to a site. The ability for a contractor to engage an individual who can do both is cost effective and more efficient in terms of the contractor’s time. It’s a natural fit,” John Johnston with CNC said. “We at the college are dedicated to serve the needs of the community. This is a resourcebased environment. Putting these two programs together is a natural evolution.” They also have the ability to custom-tweak a program so

the student has the best of both worlds. “We can add more as the student progresses,” Mike Fiddler said. He pointed out ICBC has its set of expectations which must be met, and so do employers. Depending on whether you’re building roads or hauling logs off a steep forest road matters in terms of the skills you need to learn. This is all taken into consideration by both Fiddler and Burnett. Burnett trains students on equipment while providing skills to work on projects like road building excavations, landscaping, sloping, ditching, grading and loading.

Machines he teaches students to use include buncher, skidder, button top, processor or dozer or crawler, excavators and wheel loaders. Fiddler helps students earn their Class 1, 2, 3 or 4. Successful completion of the appropriate class means students can drive commercial vehicles like taxis, ambulances, school buses or vehicles with more than two axles like dump trucks and large commercial transport trucks. Finding funding for the courses, however, can be a challenge. Johnson said the government brought caps in as to how much of a portion of a course

it will cover, leaving some students searching high and low for more funding. “It really isn’t sufficient,” Johnston said. He added recent changes to WorkBC may lead to some positive outcomes in the future. “There are public and private funders. We actively explore any and all options. It’s a work in progress. But as time goes on, they must realize we really need to invest in our people.” “Investing in your population always is money well spent,” Burnett agreed. “This is a high quality education product, and there’s demand for it in the field,” Johnston added.

BC Hydro looks for input on power production BC Hydro wants to hear from you. The Crown corporation wants to know what you think about its draft plan to meet provincial electricity demand, which is expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 20 years. The Integrated Resource Plan looks at the most cost-effective mix of conservation, generation and transmission resources to ensure clean, safe and reliable electricity at affordable prices. Recommendations in the draft plan include: • Conserving more electricity through

voluntary programs, incentives, codes and standards • Increasing the energy savings target to 9,800 gigawatt hours per year (the equivalent of close to 891,000 homes). • Building more power generation, including the Site C dam currently in the environmental and regulatory review stage, and reinvesting in existing infrastructure – for example, adding a sixth generating unit at Revelstoke. • Buying more electricity from clean energy producers, including wind and run-of-river.

In 2011, BC Hydro conducted provincewide consultation to gather input into development of the Integrated Resource Plan, and from now until July 6, BC Hydro is asking for public feedback on the draft plan. A separate consultation process for First Nations is also underway, involving regional workshops this summer. Here’s how you can get involved: Read the draft plan and Integrated Resource Plan discussion guide at www. Provide feedback through an online

feedback form Register for a hosted webinar on June 25 and 26. Send written comments to integrated., or by mail to: Integrated Resource Planning P.O. Box 2850 Vancouver, BC V6B 3X2 Feedback received through the consultation process will help shape the final Integrated Resource Plan to be completed by the end of 2012.

Prince George - News - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drug charges keep courts busy In Provincial Court in Prince George HECKING N on April 3: Charles J. John was found guilty of two counts of failing to comply with a probation order and sentenced to 82 days in jail. In Provincial Court in Prince George on April 4: Kevin J. Beattie was found guilty of mischief, sentenced to 15 days in jail and placed on probation for one year. Beattie was also found guilty of failing to comply with a probation order, sentenced to 30 days in jail and placed on probation for one year. Beattie was also found guilty of failing to comply with a condition of an undertaking or recognizance and a second count of failing to comply with a probation order, sentenced to 114 days in jail and placed on probation for 12 months. Curtis C. Hooker was found guilty A llan WISHA RT/F re e Pre s s of resisting a peace officer, fined $500 The check-in table at the Y Road Race on Sunday morning was a busy and assessed a victim surcharge of place, as registrants claimed their bib numbers and information pack$75. ages. Cody C. Lizotte was found guilty of assault and placed on probation assessed a victim surcharge of $100 than $5,000, sentenced to 65 days in jail and for nine months. and prohibited from possessing fire- placed on probation for two years. Basil was also Kevan D. Madsen was found arms for 10 years. found guilty of failing to comply with a condition guilty of operating a motor vehicle Ralph C. Savard was found guilty of an undertaking, sentenced to 45 days in jail and with a blood-alcohol reading over of two counts of possession of a con- placed on probation for two years. .08, fined $1,000, assessed a victim trolled substance for the purpose of Michael J.W. Desjarlais was found guilty of surcharge of $150 and prohibited trafficking, sentenced to 18 months uttering threats, sentenced to one day in jail and from driving for one year. in jail and received a lifetime prohi- placed on probation for three years. Elijah J. Massettoe was found bition on the possession of firearms. Christopher H. Humphreys was found guilty guilty of two counts of failing to Savard was also found guilty of of driving with a suspended licence, fined $500, comply with a probation order and failing to comply with a probation assessed a victim surcharge of $75 and prohibited sentenced to 16 days in order, failure to comply from driving for one year. Free Press jail. with a condition of an Neville G. Johnny was found guilty of theft of David J. Paterson was undertaking, two counts property with a value less than $5,000 and placed found guilty of two of failing to comply with on probation for one year. counts of driving with a a condition of an undersuspended licence, fined taking or recognizance $500, assessed a victim surcharge of and two more counts of possession COME PLAY WITH US $75 and prohibited from driving for of a controlled substance for the purone year. pose of trafficking and sentenced to Daniel C. Simpson was found one day in jail. Anniversary guilty of failing to comply with a Raymond T. Blake was found probation order, sentenced to one guilty of failing to comply with a Your 55 + day in jail and fined $100. probation order and sentenced to Games Stephen P. Smith was found guilty one day in jail. of three counts of driving while proMichael G. Campbell was found AArchery h hibited, sentenced to 30 days in jail, guilty of assault causing bodily harm Athletics fined $500, assessed a victim sur- and uttering threats and sentenced Badminton charge of $75 and prohibited from to one day in jail. Bocce driving for two years. Bridge Murphy J. George was found In Provincial Court in Prince George guilty of break and enter, sentenced Carpet Bowling Over 3500 BC Cribbage on April 5: to three years in jail and prohibCycling 55+ Seniors Expected! Sean A. Alexis was found guilty ited from possessing firearms for 10 Darts of assault and placed on proba- years. George was also found guilty Go to our website and click on “Zones” Dragon Boats tion for one year. Alexis was also of possession of break-in instruments to find someone in your area who can Five Pin Bowling found guilty of two counts of failing and sentenced to one year in jail. help you become part of our Floor Curling to comply with a condition of an In Provincial Court in Prince George Golf undertaking and sentenced to one April 11: 25th Anniversary Horseshoes day in jail. Wesley T. Andrews was found Celebration! Ice Curling Timothy L. Bryce was found guilty guilty of two counts of theft of propIce Hockey of failing to comply with a probation erty with a value less than $5,000, Lawn Bowling order and sentenced to 14 days in received a conditional sentence of One-Act Plays jail. three months and was placed on Pickleball Randall K. Lewis was found guilty probation for six months. Slo-Pitch of uttering threats, placed on probaSamantha M. Basil was found Snooker tion for 18 months and assessed a guilty of theft of property with a Soccer victim surcharge of $50. Swimming value less than $5,000 and sentenced Table Tennis Todd V. Thomas was found guilty to 45 days in jail. Basil was also Tennis of possession of a controlled sub- found guilty of a second count of Whist stance for the purpose of trafficking, theft of property with a value less fined $5,000, assessed a victim surcharge of $750 and received a lifetime prohibition on the possession of firearms. In Provincial Court in Prince George on April 10: Shayn B. Friesen was found guilty of possesWith over 30 years of experience, I can help you preserve your freedom, reputation and livelihood. sion of a controlled substance for the purpose For an appointment call 564-4454 of trafficking, received a conditional sentence 980 Fourth Avenue, Prince George • of six months, was




Court docket


BC Seniors Games

presents… Winner of 11 International Awards

Community Alert WA N T E D

Randy Edmond MONTGOMERY 180 cm or 5’11” 75 kg or 166 lbs.


Nakheita Irene CUNNINGHAM 163 cm or 5’4” 66 kg or 146 lbs


C. Keith Aartsen

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Crime Stoppers is asking the public’s assistance in locating the following person who is wanted on a British Columbia wide warrant. As of 0810 hrs this 5th day of June 2012, Nakheita Irene CUNNINGHAM (B: 1988-0515) is wanted on a British Columbia wide warrant for FAIL TO COMPLY WITH PROBATION. CUNNINGHAM is described as a First Nations female, 163 cm or 5’4” tall and weighs 66 kg or 146 lbs. CUNNINGHAM has brown hair and brown eyes. CUNNINGHAM should be considered violent.


Aug. 21 to 25, 2012

Know Your Rights

C Crime Stoppers is asking the public’s aassistance in locating the following pperson who is wanted on a British C Columbia wide warrant. As of 0810 hhrs this 5th day of June 2012, R Randy Edmond MONTGOMERY (B: 11967-02-23) is wanted on a British C Columbia wide warrant for DRIVING WHILE PROHIBITED. MONTGOMERY is described as a Caucasian male, 180 cm or 5’11” tall and weighs 75 kg or 166 lbs. MONTGOMERY has brown hair and hazel eyes. MONTGOMERY should be considered violent.

Jerry Brent PLAYFAIR 175 cm or 5’9” 78 kg or 172 lbs

Crime Stoppers is asking the public’s assistance in locating the following person who is wanted on a British Columbia wide warrant. As of 0810 hrs this 5th day of June 2012, Jerry Brent PLAYFAIR (B: 1963-02-13) is wanted on a British Columbia wide warrant for THEFT UNDER $5000. PLAYFAIR is described as a Caucasian male , 175 cm or 5’9” tall and weighs 78 kg or 172 lbs. PLAYFAIR has black hair and brown eyes. PLAYFAIR should be considered violent.

If you have information regarding these crimes call CRIMESTOPPERS

1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

You will remain anonymous. You may be eligible for a cash reward. Remember... We don’t need your name - just your information


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

COLUMN: The NHL may be crowning the Kings tonight A14


It was close, but Emma Balazs is a provincial champion A13


Big names on course for Cougars golf ALISTAIR MCINNIS

Cougars general manager Dallas Thompson said they’d been thinking about holding an When it comes to hockey, Van- alumni golf tournament in the couver Canucks defenceman summer for a long time. Last Dan Hamhuis may be the best of year, Gowan was approached by a couple of other interested indithis bunch. But he’ll be joined on the golf viduals, RE/MAX Centre City course this summer by a group real estate agent Ken Goss and of former junior players that Gary Samis, a Cougars season includes forwards Jonathan File- ticket holder and golf enthusiast. wich, Ronald Petrovicky, Nick Samis has stepped in as the tournament’s chairperson. Drazenovic and Eric Hunter. On Aug. 16, the PGGCC will The connection these players have is through their former hold a meet and greet with the Western Hockey League team. Cougars alumni. The evening The event is the first annual will feature a silent auction with Prince George Cougars Alumni/ a variety of items provided by Hospital Pro-Am Golf Tourna- Cougars alumni and local busiment, scheduled for Aug. 16 and nesses. Cougars alumni will be 17 at the Prince George Golf and auctioned off to different teams for the tournament. Curling Club An 18-hole tournament will The Cougars held a press conference on Monday at the Prince take place Aug. 17, followed by George Golf and Curling Club. a catered barbecue dinner. Prizes The purpose of the meeting was and contests will be included. Other confirmed alumni parto announce they were starting to take registration, at $250 per ticipating are defencemen Ty player, and release more details Wishart, Cody Carlson and Sena Acolatse, and forwards surrounding the event. Greg Gardner, The Cougars have Tyler Brough, Chris partnered with the Falloon, Dan Baum Spirit of the North and Myles Zimmer. for the tournament The list of players to raise funds for the who have made tenHealthcare Foundatative agreements to tion. participate is led by “We think it’s Tampa Bay Lightgoing to be huge this ning forward Brett summer. We’re really Connolly, a Prince excited about this,” George minor hockey Spirit of the North Don Gowan product. Other playHealthcare Founda- Spirit of the North ers who may partion chief executive ticipate are forwards officer Don Gowan said. “The old Pro-Am that we Blair Betts, Andrew Luciuk and did was kind of waning and this Justin Cox, and defenceman Ian is something that just injects a tre- Walterson and Jesse Dudas. “We’re working on some more mendous amount of life into it. A new format tournament,connects here. Obviously we’re working Cougars with the community on some of the bigger guys who they’ve spent a lot of years in, play in the NHL,” Cougars genand we’re expecting big things eral manager Dallas Thompson said. “(Lightning defenceman) this summer.”

A lis ta ir M cINNIS/ Fre e Pre s s

Prince George Cougars vice president Brandi Brodsky, left, general manager Dallas Thompson and season-ticket holder Gary Samis announce details regarding the Western Hockey League team’s first annual Prince George Cougars Alumni/Hospital Pro-Am Golf Tournament. Eric Brewer hopefully will be a guy, he’s got some family stuff that hopefully can get sorted out.” Other former Cougars include Boston Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chara, Winnipeg Jets forward Dustin Byfuglien, Jets goalie Chris Mason and Minnesota Wild forward Devin Setoguchi. “The only one we’ve heard no from unfortunately is Zdeno Chara, and being a Bruins fan, that’s a big blow to me,” said Gowan, who travelled to Boston to watch the Bruins play the Canucks in Game 6 of last year’s Stanley Cup final. Gowan said they struggled with the old Pro-Am tournament the past couple of years. They barely made any money, they weren’t getting any new sponsors and the expenses were rising. The Cougars’ alumni tournament is already getting major

businesses on board. Telus will be the event’s title sponsor, coming forward with a $10,000 commitment. Gold level ($5,000) sponsors are RE/ MAX Centre City Realty and the PGGCC, while silver level ($2,500) sponsors include Splash Media Group Inc., Scotiabank and Earls. The Cougars and tournament organizers are contacting other businesses in an effort to gather more support. “I’m a member here at Prince George. I’m a member at Aberdeen (Glen Golf Club), so golf is a passion,” Samis said. “I played all of my minor hockey here so it’s an opportunity to give something back to the community, and it’s just a perfect fit here in terms of everything. We’re quite optimistic about it, and of course, the sponsorship we’ve received to date is a major step towards making this thing a success.”

For more information, contact the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation at More information is available through the Spirit of the North website at Registration will be made available through the Cougars, Spirit of the North and PGGCC. Organizers have marked July 31 as the deadline to register for the tournament, with a capacity of 144 players. Additional dinner tickets will be available at $50 each. “We have an opportunity to bring some of our younger guys in,” Thompson said. “Our hockey school starts the Monday (Aug. 20), so it works out really well that we can have some of them here for the golf tournament, and they can get to see some of those guys and connect with them.”

Walk for A.L.S. PRINCE GEORGE (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Sunday, June 24, 2012 Fort George Park Registration 11:00 • Walk 1pm – 3pm FREE ALS T-SHIRT FOR ALL REGISTRANTS Supported by CENTRE CITY

Pledge forms can be picked up at all locations. ~ Food & Refreshments ~ ~ Entertainment ~ Prizes ~ Silent Auction ~ Build your own team or pre-register at Eleven-year-old Bryce Wilkinson is overcome with emotion as he hugs his dad, Rick Wilkinson, who suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – Lou Gehrig’s disease. Rick lost his life to ALS in Feb. 2005. Darren Stone/Times Colonist

Prince George - Sports - Free Press

Stylers running out of time in race The Twisted Cork/ Regional Security Stylers aren’t out of the race for first in the Prince George Senior Lacrosse Association yet. But with only three games remaining on their 15-game regular season schedule, the third-place team needs wins and help to win the division. The Stylers are 8-4 after 12 games. Although they have as many points as the BX Pub Bandits (8-1) and College Heights Pub Assault (8-2), they’ve played more games. In a crucial firstplace battle, the Bandits and Assault hit the floor this evening at the Coliseum. Game time is scheduled for 8 p.m. On Monday evening, the Stylers outscored the Shooters Pub Devils 16-8. The loss dropped the Devils record to 3-7. Shooters is in a close battle with the Mackenzie LumberJax (2-6) for the fourth and final playoff spot in the six-team league. Although not math-

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

with four goals and an assist. Other players who scored for the Stylers were: Mike Padalec - two goals and seven assists; Morgan Bloom - two goals and five assists; Brandon McKnight - one goal and four assists; Carson Toth - two goals and an assist; and Luke Howe - one goal.


With two goals apiece, Colton Poulin and Phil Michel also scored for Shooters. On Thursday evening, 8 p.m. at the Coliseum, the Stylers host Quesnel. The Bandits travel to Mackenzie for a doubleheader this weekend, game times slated for Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 11 a.m.

FUTURE SHOP – Correction Notice

On the June 1 flyer, page 7, this product: Pioneer VSX-822-K 5.1 Channel Network Receiver (WebCode: 10195913) was advertised with incorrect wattage. Please be advised that this receiver in fact has a 700-watt total power rating, NOT 980-watts as previously advertised. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

rbers on 3rd a B 1157- 3rd Ave

A listair McINNIS/ Fre e Pre s s

Danton Nicholson of the Shooters Pub Devils fires a shot towards the net of the Twisted Cork/Regional Security Stylers during their Prince George Senior Lacrosse Association game on Monday evening at the Coliseum. The Stylers downed the Devils 16-8 in the contest. ematically eliminated from playoff contention, the expansion Quesnel Crossfire (0-9) is still seeking its first PGSLA victory. League lead-

ing scorer Andrew Schwab of the Stylers added to his total on Monday night with an 11-point (eight goals and three assists) outing. He’s now reached

triple figures on the season, with 57 goals and 52 assists. His 109-point total has him well ahead of the second highest scorer, Danton Nicholson of

25% of people who are

HIV+ do NOT know. It is estimated that these 25 per cent of HIV+ people are responsible for 75 per cent of new infections.

the Devils, who has 37 goals and 36 helpers for 73 points on the campaign. Nicholson led the Devils offensively on Monday evening

We welcome old and new customers. Please stop by and see us! Hours: 8-5 M Monday Friday 8-4 Saturday

250-563-5633 250-562-5633

HIV is a real concern within our communities. You can contract HIV primarily through unprotected sex and by sharing needles. HIV can live in your body for years without you knowing and all the while you can be passing it to others. At least 25 per cent of people who are HIV+ do not know and these 25 per cent are estimated to be responsible for 75 per cent of new infections. Northern Health, in collaboration with its community partners, is working with the Province of BC to prevent the spread of HIV by expanding HIV testing, treatment, and support services to British Columbians.


Educate yourself, your family and your friends about HIV. Visit today.


The only way to know you are not positive is by getting tested. Request an HIV test today.


Please share your new knowledge about HIV with others, and please encourage everyone to get an HIV test.


Prince George - Sports - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lace up for someone you love

A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Shar Jackson rounds the last corner at Masich Place Stadium on the way to winning the women’s side of the half-marathon in the Y Road Race on Sunday.

Fort George Park Sunday June 10, 2012 Check In: 11am Start: Noon


McMaster, Jackson tops in run He finished first in the longest distance on Sunday. In the half-marathon at this year’s YMCA Canadian Tire Road Race, Ryan McMaster was challenged by female runner Shar

Jackson. But in the end, he came out on top, crossing the finish line at Masich Place Stadium at a time of 1:23.22. Jackson clocked in at 1:25.47, while female runner-up Jacqui Ben-


National Sponsors

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For every 1000 new “likes” we receive, we will donate $100 to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Provincial Sponsors

Plus, YOU could WIN a Summer Gift Pack from Rexall™ Pharma Plus which will include their exclusive line of organic skin care products, and much more!

To enter, visit our facebook page at app_160731467314127

son was third overall at 1:26.45. Both competitors were in the female 19- to 49-yearold age category, while McMaster was in the male 19- to 49-year-old group. In the same division as McMaster was Mike Stone, who ended up fourth overall at 1:27.13. Other divisional winners, with overall placement and time in parentheses, were: Doug Ramsay male 50 to 99 (eighth, 1:31.38); Luke Veeken - male 1 to 18 (19th, 1:41.30); and Nancy Pilon - women 50 to 99 (42nd, 1:50.25). Among other winners, it was a fatherson triumph as both Brian Nemethy (10 km) and his son Alex (5 km) finished first

in their respective distances. Brian Nemethy clocked in at 37:24 to finish a little more than two minutes ahead of 10 km runner-up Sam Goodrich. Nemethy runs in the male 50- to 99-year-old category, while Goodrich was in the male one- to 18-year-old class. The top female in the 10 km race was Lorelei St. Rose, whose time of 41:54 had her sixth overall. She raced among women between 19 and 49 years old. Other divisional winners were: Barry Nakahara - male 19 to 49 (third, 39:47); Claire Radcliffe female 50 to 99 (28th, 50:27); and Anda Sturmanis - female 1 to 18 (77th, 1:01.25). Alex Nemethy, in

the division for boys between one and 18 years old, was the top 5 km runner, clocking in at 19:17. The runner-up was another male in the same age category, Isaac Goodrich, who clocked in at 20:24. The first female to cross the finish line was Brian’s wife Wanda, sixth overall at 22:42. Wanda competes in the female 19- to 49-year-old division. Other divisional winners were: Andrew Cassidy - male 19 to 49 (third, 20:33); Abby Goodrich - female 1 to 18 (seventh, 22:49); Ben Fandrick - male 50 to 99 (10th, 23:38); and Heather Nagy - female 50 to 99 (36th, 28:10). Participation totals were 167 for the 5 km run, 135 for the 10 km run and 94 for the halfmarathon.

Fun For The Family! 2011 Springdale 299FKSSR by Keystone IS STK# 19100


WAS $33,897 Value Package, One Touch Plus Package, Electric Awning, Power Stabilizer Jacks, Power Tongue Jacks, Air Mattress HAB, Aluminum Rims, XL Entry Assist Handle, Deluxe Entertainment System, LCD Television, Enclosed Underbelly, Radial Tires, 15” Spare Tire Kit #225, Exterior Shower, Front Diamond Plate, Range Cover, Sink Cover and many more factory features.

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MOTORS RV & MARINE SALES 805 1 st Avenue

250-563-889 1 or 1-800-563-8893

See our inventory & Join our email newsletter at On site financing available on approved credit. Freight, PDI & Documentation fees included in price. Taxes and Environmental Fees are extra. DL#7970

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Balazs takes B.C. title in tight finish ALISTAIR MCINNIS

Two hundredths of a second. That’s how much faster Emma Balazs’ provincial gold-medal winning time was over runner-up Regan Yee in their 1,500-metre steeplechase race on Saturday. Balazs’ time of 5:08.00 gave her the edge over Yee’s run (5:08.02), a finish so close it required officials to review the race. The event was in the senior (Grade 10 to 12) female division, one of many held during the B.C. high school track and field provincial championships on Friday and Saturday in Burnaby. Balazs is no stranger to competing against Yee, since they’re both northern B.C. products who represent their respective cities at many of the same regional meets. Balazs is a Kelly Road Secondary student and Prince George Track and Field Club member, while Yee is a product of Hazelton. The rivals are even in the same age category, both Grade 11 students at their respective schools.

But what each athlete went through on Saturday, a photo finish followed by tense moments as officials determined the winner, was like nothing she had gone through in her life. “Neither of us knew who won until like 20 minutes after because it was so close, and then we had to wait for the medals to be presented and we had no idea,” Balazs said. Balazs noted that she set a personal best mark, topping her previous record by six seconds. She becomes the first Prince George athlete to win gold at the meet since Alyx Treasure finished first in the high and triple jump events for D.P. Todd Secondary in 2010. But on the track, Balazs’ biggest concern was catching up to Yee. Her win came in come-from-behind fashion, requiring will and determination down the stretch. “She was first over the last hurdle, and then within the sprint to the finish, from there I beat her,” she said. Balazs’ patience was tested before the race even began. She

gold at high school provincials. She’s no stranger to high-level competitions, having also entered the Legion National Track and Field Championships in Ottawa. Balazs also entered the senior female 1,500m and 3,000m runs, finishing sixth

and eighth respectively in the runs. Alex Nemethy of Vanderhoof was the only other North Central District athlete to medal at the provincials. He captured bronze in the junior (Grade 8 and 9) male 3,000m run with a time of 9:32.42.

Book Signing June 9 - 11a.m.-1p.m.

GOD, ARE YOU LISTENING? by Local Author Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth is a member of the Canadian Alliance of Life Skills Coaches and is currently working on her degree in Holistic Theology.

1685 3rd Ave.

Free Pres s file p h o to

Emma Balazs, seen here at the zone championships, claimed a provincial title in steeplechase on the weekend. noted that they had to delay the race twice due to wet conditions.

Gymnasts shine in Kelowna Members of the Prince George Gymnastics Club entered the Ogopogo Invitational in Kelowna on the weekend. Participants from the club who earned medals were: Miranda Doerksen (Level 3 Open) - first in vault; Brook-Lynn Kinnee (Level 3 Open) - second in vault; Erica Hirtz (Level 2 Open) - first in bars, third in beam, third in floor and second all around; Aly Muir (Level 2 Novice) - third in vault and third in bars; Bronwyn Ellington (Level 2 Argo) - second in bars; Kelly Pighin (Level 1 Novice) - first in bars and second in beam; Samatha Thomas (Level 1 Novice) - first in bars and


third in floor; Amy Hackle (Level 1 Tyro) - first in vault and second in floor; and Dallyn Long (Level 1 Argo) - second in vault and second in beam. Other club members who participated in Kelowna were: Kaylee Watt (Level 1 Argo), Shannon Fairservice (Level 1 Novice), Mekenna Parker (Level 2 Tyro), Jaymie Hinks (Level 3 Novice), Tianna Millns (Level 3 Novice), Rhiana Palfy (Level 3 Novice) and MaryKate Barwise (Level 3 Novice). The Ogopogo Invitational marked the final meet of the Prince George Gymnastics Club’s 2012 season.

It started between 20 minutes and a half hour later than the

scheduled time. The victory also represented Balazs’ first

Learning Difficulties Centre of BC Presents




$750.00 includes course and materials


This course is open to anyone interested in working with children or adults with reading and writing difficulties. “SEE YOU AT THE FAIR!”

Excellent professional development opportunity. Become a tutor and join us at the Learning Difficulties Centre; where Level 2 and mentoring will continue throughout the 2012-2013 school year. Registration deadline – June 21, 2012. For Registration info call Lynne (250)564-8011 or by email:

AUGUST 8 -12, 2012 PG-X.COM 563-4096



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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Kings hope for Cup coronation tonight

The Los Angeles 10-0 on the road with Kings’ impressive their second straight playoff run will be 2-1 overtime victory one for the history over the New Jersey book Devils, should Saturday ULL they win in Newthe Stanark, N.J. OURT ley Cup. All RESS A win that, ALISTAIR MCINNIS and then at home tonight claiming and they’ll sweep the the big prize would New Jersey Devils in be a first for the club. the best-of-seven final. Until this year, the First off, they’d closest the Kings came become the first to winning the Staneighth seed to win ley Cup was in 1993, the NHL championwhen Wayne Gretzky ship. Should they lose led them to the besttonight and win on of-seven final. They the road Saturday for lost in five games to the five-game victory, the Montreal Canathey’d set the mark dians, the last time for most road playoff a Canadian-based wins in one year with squad won the Stan11. They improved to ley Cup.


Los Angeles is now 15-2 overall with an opportunity to complete one of the most successful postseasons in history. They already became the first team to knock off the first- and secondseeded teams in consecutive series, when they dumped the Vancouver Canucks in five games and swept the St. Louis Blues with four straight wins. In the Western Conference final, they took out the third-seeded Phoenix Coyotes in five. That’s three division champions eliminated in order. It’s easy to get caught up in the L.A.

story. Kings fan or not, you have to be impressed by what they’ve done these playoffs. However, this also shows how much parity there is in the league this campaign. While some teams appear deeper than others and standings show there are clearly weak links (e.g. Columbus Blue Jackets and Edmonton Oilers), we can all agree there’s no dominant squad in the NHL. While it’s mere coincidence, it’s still interesting to note that should the Kings win the final series over the Devils, it would mean the past three Cup winners eliminated the Canucks en route to the title. Last year, the Boston Bruins downed the Canucks 4-3 in the best-of-seven final. In 2010, the Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks ended Vancouver’s season with a six-game triumph in Round 2.



“Make a positive difference in a child’s life” MCFD is currently seeking expressions of interest from persons willing to care for youth ages 13 to 19 years of age struggling in a number of developmental areas. In addition, these children may be struggling with substance abuse issues, challenges at school, and experiencing difficulty interacting positively with their peer group. The ideal candidates will provide the child/ren with a stable caring and structured home care environment and still incorporate the needed flexibility to build success over time. To be successful, some related experience (crisis intervention, counselling, managing substance abuse) would be an asset. As a member of the child’s care team, you may be required to participate actively in the development and implementation of the child’s plan and interact regularly with other members of the child’s care team which may include but not be limited to a child’s: social worker, school representative, mental health service providers, medical service providers, judicial system representatives, and the biological family. The placement’s goal is to provide foundational stability for the child so they can learn the necessary emotional, social and life skills to become successful, independent and contributing community members. Additional support services to the family may be provided depending on the youth’s needs. For further information, please contact: Robin Shergill or Elain Lamb tel: 250-614-2660 fax: 250-614-2659 Ministry of Children and Family Development 1040 Third Avenue Prince George, BC

Goalies have always been a different breed of NHL player. Boston Bruins netminder Tim Thomas has been no exception, and once again he’s making headlines. Thomas has never shied away for standing up for what he believes in, even when it results in the disappointment of many others. Earlier in the 2011-12 campaign, he opted not to show up to the White House with teammates to meet Presi-

A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Quesnel’s Joe Breitkopf keeps a close eye on his throw in a match against Mike Cunningham in the Prince George Horseshoe Tournament on Sunday. dent Barak Obama. In another move leaving a mark in the Bruins organization, Thomas has announced he’s



adidaas adidas asics balega brooks icebreaker merrell mizuno new balance saucony salomon sugoi


Thomas should honour his contract and play out the final year of his deal with the Bruins. He’s already close to retirement, and into the offseason. Now the big question is whether or not Thomas will be back playing in the NHL in the 2013-14 season.

Atlin’s Anguish by Brendan Lillis

and be entered to win a one week stay in a luxury penthouse in Kinsale, Ireland (airfare not included)

Brendan Lillis will be speaking about Atlin’s Anguish at

Stride & Glide S

stepping away from hockey for the 2012-13 season. Thomas stated on his Facebook page that it was time to reconnect with the three F’s: Friends, Family and Faith. I understand the importance these three F’s have in most people’s lives, but




S •

1655A 15th Ave (Across from Parkwood Mall)


7:00 pm on Wednesday, June 6 in Cafe Voltaire

1685 3rd Ave 250.563.6637

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


COLUMN: Merritt Mountainfest will be missed A17


Beaverly students do some crocheting for Hospice House A16

TERESA MALLAM 250-564-0005

Free Press

Playbill PINK PANTHER Kelly Road Theatre presents The Pink Panther Strikes Again, June 7-9. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the curtain going up at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. The play is directed by Audrey Rowell.

ATLIN’S ANGUISH Author Brendan Lillis will be at Books and Company tonight, June 6, to talk about his new book, Atlin’s Anguish. The book tells the story of a flight which crashed into Dease Lake in 1986, killing all five passengers on board, while pilot Theresa Bond survived. The book tells the story of Bond’s brother journeying to find out what happened that day. The event starts at 7 p.m., and is free to attend.

CHILI COOK-OFF Spring Arts Bazaar and the 36th annual PG Potters Guild Northern Chili Cook-off event runs Saturday, June 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Studio 2280 complex, 2280-15th Ave. Buy a handcrafted bowl, sample delicious chili from celebrity teams. Musical entertainment, local artisan booths, free kids activities. Mural unveiling at 11 a.m.

APRIL WINE Care for some vintage April Wine in October? Canadian rockers April Wine, featuring Myles Goodwin, will be playing CN Centre for the first time ever on Oct. 17 as part of Rocktoberfest. They will be joined by the Mike Foottit Band. Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 8, at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster locations, including CN Centre. The show is for those 19 and over. Don’t ever say “Enough is Enough”, after this show you’ll be ready to “Rock Myself to Sleep”.

Damon Vanderploeg, 11, offers pansies to sister Teila, 7. The siblings will be taking part in ECRA’s Prince and Princess Tea and Parade on June 16. Teresa MAL L AM/ F ree P ress

Local royalty invited for parade and tea TERESA MALLAM

Avery Gohansen, 3, smiles sweetly for the camera and gives her best royal wave for a small group at the Elder Citizens Recreation Centre (ECRA) on Thursday. Resting on her blond tresses is a “gold and jewel studded” tiara, in her hand a “magic wish” wand. This is just a dress rehearsal but Ava will join other children – and adults – on June 16 as ECRA hosts its second annual Prince and Princess Tea and Parade. This is a very special event for children of all ages who are encouraged to wear their own prince or princess finery and bring along any “royal” accessories they wish. Then they can join the seniors for tea (or juice) goodies and sandwiches and take part in the Prince and Prin-

cess Parade. Children can be accompanied by their parents, caregivers, grandparents or other special people in their lives. There will be a free gift for each prince and princess, musical chairs, craft corner, silent auction and fish pond. Damon Vanderploeg, 11, has his own favourite activity already picked out. “Musical chairs,” says the Harwin Elementary student, without a moment’s hesitation. His sister, Teila, 7, who also attends Harwin, is looking forward to dressing up for the occasion. The Prince and Princess Tea and Parade is on Saturday, June 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the senior’s centre located at 1692 10th Ave. Seating is limited. Tickets are $5. No tickets at the door. Proceeds of the event go towards the centre’s operations.

Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s

Avery Gohansen, 3, gives a royal wave at the Elder Citizen’s Recreation Centre on Thursday.


Prince George - Community - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Elmo coming to make some music

The popular children’s show Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music is coming to the CN Centre for two performances on July 25. Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird and all their Sesame Street friends are taking to the stage to share their love of music in Sesame Street Live. Jenny, an enthusiastic new music teacher arrives on Sesame Street only to discover that her instruments are missing. Jenny’s new Muppet friends quickly come to the rescue and discover instruments they never knew existed: rubber duckies, trash can lids and even cookie jars. Elmo, Abby Cadabby and friends teach children that everyone can make and enjoy beautiful music together. Like television’s Sesame Street, each Sesame Street Live production features timeless lessons for all ages. Through the razzledazzle of this Broadwway-quality musical production, children learn about patience, acceptance and teamwork.



The universal appeal of a Sesame Street Live production continues long after preschool. Adults will appreciate the hightech stagecraft, cleverly written scripts and music they’ll recognize and enjoy sharing with children such as The Hustle, You Should be Dancing and Rockin’ Robin. Elmo Makes Music features nearly two dozen songs, including classics that children will love to sing along with such as C is for Cookie and The Alphabet Song. Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music concert comes to the CN Centre stage on Wednesday, July 25 for two performances: 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are now on sale at all Ticketmaster locations. Special $65 Sunny Seat packages are available at all shows. Sunny Seats feature front row seasts and a pre-show Meet and Greet with two Sesame Street live friends. To charge tickets by phone call Ticketmaster at 1-855-985-5000.

A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Dianne Searsof the Prince George Hospice Society, behind the quilt, receives a crocheted quilt from the students in Ms Mandziuk’s Grade 4 class at Beaverly Elementary.

Hospice gets student quilt Three months of handiwork by students at Beaverly Elementary reached its conclusion Friday.


Copyright ©, Penny Press

ACROSS 1. Remove 5. Hospital area 9. Scurried 12. Formerly 15. Whitewall, e.g. 16. Protected, at sea 17. Fruit cooler 18. Young chap 19. Draw wages 20. Busy spot 21. Shake 23. 7th Greek letter 24. Astute 25. Motion of the ocean 26. Fixed habit 27. Tender meat cut

28. Clod 29. Very fine rain 33. Diamond decision 35. Extremely thin 37. Aboard 38. Aretha Franklin wanted it 41. Siamese or tabby 42. Track broker 44. Correct 47. Dollar division 48. Day’s beginning 49. Milk sugar 51. Scoop 52. Entrance 53. Ricelike pasta 54. Yeast, e.g. 56. Unearth 57. Insect’s feeler

59. Burning substance 61. Threaded fastener 63. Data 66. Bill of fare 67. Lived 68. Matterhorn’s range 71. Before of yore 73. Ten-four buddy 75. Cherish 76. On the ____ 77. Forbidding 80. 1601, to Caesar 81. Sink one’s teeth into 82. Glide over snow 83. “____ of Destruction”

84. Word of regret 85. Promptly 86. Scope of knowledge 87. Apiece 88. Sulu’s station 89. Geek DOWN 1. Oversee 2. Break 3. Boo-boo list 4. Animal’s home 5. Mackerel 6. Court excuse 7. Retribution 8. Buck or doe 9. Wicker material 10. Untethered

11. “We ____ a Little Christmas” 12. Clerical garment 13. Lassie 14. Poetic work 22. Notation 24. Streamlined 28. Trounce 30. Provoke 31. Flower part 32. Indian pole emblem 34. Foreground 36. Volatile solvent 39. Grain-storage tower 40. Bosc or Bartlett 42. Dress part 43. Beginning 45. Land surrounded by water 46. Numerical ending 47. Settee 48. Woman’s title 50. Despots 55. Licorice flavoring 58. Silly talk 60. Channel 61. Deviate 62. Profession 64. Catlike 65. Eloquent speaker 69. Not widespread 70. Light bender 72. Fix text 74. Pager sound 75. Asian nanny 77 Grill 78. Maui strings 79. Serious offense 81. Enjoin Answers to this puzzle can be found in the classifieds.

Earlier this year, students in Ms Mandziuk’s Grade 4 class were learning some of the skills used by Canadian homesteaders. They decided to create and donate a handcrafted Afghan quilt to the Prince George Hospice House.

Each student learned how to crochet the Afghan stitch, and set about creating their squares. The finished product contains 80 squares. At a school assembly on Friday, where the donation was made to Hospice Society marketing officer


Dianne Sears, the class explained to fellow students what made the Afghan stitch different from other forms of crocheting, including the length of the needle used and the solid look of the quilt compared to the standard crocheted quilt, which has spaces.

T N G oo rrr N III N NG G fff o TR RA A III N N



Where are YOU in the JOB MARKET?? Need Some Help To Succeed? Are YOU Committed to YOUR FUTURE?? You could be eligible for the Aboriginal Training for Employment Program if you are Aboriginal and at least 18 years old and either: Unemployed and not received EI in the last 3 years or 5 years in the case of parental leave; or Employed without a high school diploma or lacking certification

Applications are being accepted for July 10, 2012

For More Information Contact Prince George Native Friendship Centre Marvene Layte, Coordinator 250-564-3568-Local 213 or Email: 1600 Third Ave, Prince George, BC Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Merritt memories may be all that’s left

I don’t know if I nent wooden buildremember the first ing. That was where time I attended the the majority of the Merritt Mountain artists would drop by Music Festival, but I about an hour before do know it was the they went on stage first year of to spend the event. about 15 It looks minutes like I may taking Allan’s have also questions attended the Amblings from the ALLANWISHART gathered last year of the event, media. since it’s been canWhen I say “gathcelled for this July. ered” media, I am This is the second using the term rather time in three years the loosely for some of the festival hasn’t gone interviews. On more ahead, quite a change than one occasion, the from the years when first interview of the it attracted more than day would consist of 100,000 people to a me and the artist. location just outside of I have memories of Merritt for four days some great questions of music and fun. and answers in there, For me, unlike a with some big-name lot of others, the fun artists taking their was all about the turn behind the mike music and the artists at the front. who came up for the Probably my favoufestival. I made it to rite memory was almost every year, when Lonestar made except for one where their second visit to I was diagnosed with Merritt. All four of kidney stones about a the band members month before the feswere in for the intertival and decided 38 view, and it was a C temperatures were good time. They were not a good idea at that all pretty laid-back, point. enjoying the chitchat, Most of my memountil I asked THE qusries are from what tion. I still refer to as the “I know you called “media tent”, even the band Lonestar,” though the last few I began, “because years it was a permayou’re all originally

from Texas, the Lone Star State.” They nodded, pleased that I had done such extensive research. “But,” I continued, “Lone Star in the name of the state is two words, and in your name it’s only one. Why did you make the change?” Dead silence. The four guys were sort of looking at each other, waiting for someone else to come up with a solid answer. Finally, guitarist Dean Sams put up his hand. “Security,” he said. “Can we have this man removed from the room?” As it turned out, they didn’t have an answer. They had never really noticed the change taking place, so there wasn’t some deep underlying reason for it. I also had the distinct privilege of informing two members of Farmers’ Daughter than the third member had threatened to kill me. “When I was interviewing Andrea (Kelman),” I said, “I asked if you guys were doing any cover tunes at the show.

Fre e Pre s s file p h o to

Stacie Roper and Hey Romeo played a concert in Prince George in May, and were scheduled to play the Merritt Mountain Music Festival before it was cancelled. “She said yes, but if she told me what they were, she would have to have me killed.” The other two looked somewhat surprised, but not totally startled that Andrea would threaten someone over that kind of information. I’ll miss that kind of thing.

Beatlemania hits city June 28 They’re British and they’re fab and there’s four of them. They may not be the original Fab Four, but Beatlemania on Tour – The Beatles Experience will allow fans to recapture the glory that was the Beatles. Beatlemania will be at the Prince George Playhouse for a show June 28, as past of a magical mystery tour of Alberta and B.C. “This is a true musical biog-

raphy,” says producer Johnny Van Grinsven. “It takes you on the musical journey of the Beatles’ career, starting at the beginning. “There is no other comparable show which delivers the Beatles’ full story in this amazing live concert format.” The members of Beatlemania for the 2012 tour are Clark Gilmour (John Lennon), Joe Kane (Paul McCartney), Craig



Visit us to see our huge selection of premium pet nutrition and supplies for all your pets’ needs.

McGown (George Harrison) and Grahame Critcher (Ringo Starr). The first Canadian Beatlemania tour was in 2009, but it’s a new cast this year, which means new musical tracks for the audience to enjoy. Beatlemanis on Tour checks into Prince George for a show at the Playhouse on June 28, starting at 8 p.m. Tickets are now on sale at Studio 2880.

Buy 10 get 1 FREE*


Become a VIP member and receive 1 bag of food free with the purchase of 10. *For complete program details visit our store or go online:

More Than Just PG AQUATICS

TThe h staff at Four Seasons Leisure Pool and tthe h P.G. Aquatic Centre want your children to be safe in and around the water.

SUMMER SWIMMING LESSON DATES: Monday - Friday ~ July 2nd to July 13th Tuesday/Thursday ~ July 10th to August 2nd Register online at Four Seasons Leisure Pool • 250-561-7636 • 775 Dominion Street ~ Aquatic Centre • 250-561-7787 • 1770 George Paul Lane



on any purchase of $30 or more* Expires July 20th, 2012

Bosley’s Pet Food Plus Prince George #102 - 2482 Ferry Ave Prince George, BC 250-612-5119

Promo Code: 07202012

*Offer valid until July 20nd, 2012 at the Bosley’s Prince George store only. One coupon per customer per day. Certain restrictions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other sale, offer or promotion.

Caring for your pet - body, mind and spirit


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Trust intuition to find your inner peace TERESA MALLAM

“Your Spring Service Centre” Direct Automotive







NORTHERN NOTES Gitxsan Deal Remains Enbridge regards a controversial development deal it signed with the Gitxsan Treaty Society last year as alive and well. The deal, to provide the Gitxsan an equity position in the company’s $5.5 billion Northern Gateway pipeline plan, led to the temporary suspension of the Gitxsan chief who negotiated the deal and the ongoing blockade of the treaty society’s offices by Gitxsan who opposed it. “We feel we certainly have an agreement,” said Enbridge official Paul Stanway in describing discussions it has subsequently had with Gitxsan officials.

Asia-Pacific transportation supported


McElhanney Associates Land Surveying Ltd. 1633 1st Ave., Pr. George, B.C., V2L 2Y8 Ph: 250-561-2229 • Fax: 250-563-1941

The province’s business community has delivered a strong endorsement for new infrastructure to expand British Columbia’s trade corridors between the Asia Pacific and North American markets. Eighty-seven per cent of those surveyed said they support the expansion and development of transportation infrastructure according to a new business survey released this evening at the BC Chamber of Commerce Transportation Summit at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. “Business people realize that investment in our transportation system is crucial for a sustainable economic future”, said John Winter, President & CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “The movement of goods and services benefits every region of our province, and as Canada’s Pacific Gateway, every region of the country, and therefore every type of business.” The chamber survey also highlighted at 63 per cent of those contacted doubt that BC residents understand the importance and benefits of strengthened trade by way of the Canadian Pacific gateway...thus representing a true communications opportunity for advocates of the Gateway.

Food Service Revenue Up

RSewing &R Centre


• mending • sergers • custom sewing • embroidery • quilting machines • sewing classes • service & repairs

• notions • gift certificates

Revenues generated in British Columbia’s food service and drinking places industry climbed 0.8 per cent (seasonally adjusted) in March, the first increase since November of 2011. Nationally, industry receipts were up 0.7 per cent, Quebec, (+1.6 per cent) being responsible for much of the increase. Data Source: Statistics Canada

Weekly Earnings The Canadian economy continued to grow at a steady pace in the first quarter of 2012, ex-panding 0.5 per cent (seasonally adjusted, in 2002 dollars). Growth was largely driven by business investment in fixed capital, which rose 1.8 per cent, boosted by a jump in spending on resi-dential structures (+2.9 per cent).

#7-423 Elliott St (Beside JD Meats) Quesnel, BC



? ?

Are you new to Prince George?

Have you delivered a baby in the last 3 months? Or know someone who is pregnant?

Welcome Wagon has information and gifts to present on these occasions. Visits are done by appointment only please call …

Corrine Kirkpatrick 250 640-0637

Artist’s rendering shows proposed liquefied natural gas processing and loading facility on Haisla reserve land near Kitimat. New legislation will allow provincial laws to apply to two major developments on aboriginal reserve land. A liquefied natural gas project on a Haisla Nation reserve near Kitimat and a fourtower condominium commercial development on a Squamish Nation reserve in West Vancouver will be subject to the B.C. building code and environmental regulations once federal and provincial laws are harmonized.


Business Insurance

With some of the broadest insurance coverage in Canada, you know you’re covered with Integris.

Norm Adams Account Executive 250-612-3542

Have a Business Bouquet you’d like to send? Call: 250-564-0005

Philip Ponchet was “searching for answers” back in the 70s when he learned to “look within” and trust his own instincts. Today he’s national director with Inner Peace Movement of Canada. Ponchet will be speaking at Esther’s Inn on Tuesday, June 12 as part of a national lecture tour which began in Nova Scotia and so far has included six provinces. “I was going through a family tragedy at the time – the same kinds of thing many people go through – and I was searching for answers because I found that I didn’t trust my own instincts any more,” he told the Free Press. “That led me to taking Inner Peace Movement workshops.” We all have intuition, says Ponchet, but many people aren’t aware of it or don’t respond to it. Phiip Ponchet - Seminar June 12 “Psychic abilities are a part of who we are but my [gift] is more about sensory perception, being able to feel what others feel – like a mother who is aware of how her children are feeling. When you get the answers to your questions, it’s like hitting all the green lights. It makes life easier.” Most people answer ‘yes’ when Ponchet asks at his lectures if they have intuition. Far fewer follow that intuition, he said. “People tend not to trust it so they overthink things. They hesitate. We all have a tendency to do that. Intuition comes much quicker so some people don’t realize they are already using it but they may misread it.” For that reason, Ponchet teaches techniques and exercises the audience can use to tap into their inner self. His seminars, called Trust Your Intuition, help participants realize that they have their own answers within and they can find solutions to their situation by listening to the small voice inside and learning to trust themselves. “We can live a happy life and do what we need to do,” he said. “Listening to ourselves will help us do that.” The Inner Peace Movement of Canada is a non-profit, educational program that brings a message of hope and provides practical and simple tools to help people feel secure to pursue their life goals and overcome challenges and adversity in their lives. As people recognize the positive qualities within themselves, they learn how to be more relaxed, have more energy and balance and create unity with their loved ones, their colleagues and their community. For more information visit FAMOUS PLAYERS 6 1600 15th Ave, Prince George 250-612-3993


(PG: Action, Science Fiction) Violence, Coarse Language


7:15, 10:30pm

MEN IN BLACK III (NO PASSES) (PG: Adventure, Action, Comedy) Course language, Violence (3D) (2D) SAFE

7:40,10:25pm 7:00, 9:35pm

(14A: Crime, Action, Thriller) Frequent Violence

7:35, 9:55pm

(PG: Action, Adventure) Violence, May frighten young children

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (NO PASSES) (PG: Action, Adventure, Drama) Violence 7:45, 10:45pm WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING (PG: Comedy, Drama, Romance) Coarse & sexual language 10:10pm


Prince George Free Press

Ann u a h t 1 der’s Cho l a Re


Best of Prince George


Think Local! This is your opportunity to promote local businesses to the local community. Vote for your favorites & you could…

WIN! $ 250


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Automotive Sevices THE BEST…

Services THE BEST… (continued)

Auto Body Shop _____________________________________ Auto Service/Repair Shop ______________________________ Autoglass Repair Shop ________________________________ Car Dealership (New & Used) ___________________________ Car Dealership (Used Only) _____________________________ Car Wash__________________________________________ Tire Shop__________________________________________

Dining THE BEST… Breakfast _________________________________________ Buffet ____________________________________________ Chicken Wings ______________________________________ Chinese Food _______________________________________ Coffee Shop________________________________________ Desserts __________________________________________ Family Dining_______________________________________ Fast Food _________________________________________ Fine Dining ________________________________________ Fish & Chips _______________________________________ Greek Food ________________________________________ Hamburgers _______________________________________ Ice Cream Shop _____________________________________ Indian Food ________________________________________ Italian Food ________________________________________ Milkshakes ________________________________________ Pizza _____________________________________________ Seafood___________________________________________ Steak ____________________________________________ Sushi ____________________________________________

Entertainment THE BEST… Annual Event _______________________________________ Night Club _________________________________________ Place for Karaoke____________________________________ Pub ______________________________________________

Local Media THE BEST… Radio Morning Show DJ Team __________________________ Radio Station _______________________________________ Local Community News _______________________________ Columnist _________________________________________ Sports Coverage ____________________________________ Arts Coverage ______________________________________

Golf THE BEST… Greens ___________________________________________ Local Golf Course ____________________________________ Toughest Golf Hole [Course & Hole #] _____________________

1820 Third Avenue, Prince George, BC V2M 1G4 T: 250-562-4522 • F: 250-562-4524 • Name: ______________________________________ Address______________________________________ ____________________________________________ Postal Code ___________________________________ Phone Number_________________________________ E-mail Address ________________________________ Q To be accepted as a valid ballot, a minimum of 60 categories must be completed. Q $250 Grand Prize will be awarded to an entry selected at random from all eligible entries. Q Prize must be accepted as awarded. Ruling of the judges is final. Q Prince George Free Press and KPMG Employees and their immediate family members are ineligible to vote. TO BE ELIGIBLE: Q You must vote in 60 or more categories. Q Limit of 3 entries per address / maximum of one entry per person. Q All Name/Address Fields must be completed to be valid (information is required for verification only and will not be used for any other purpose). Q Must be a resident of Prince George or immediate area. Q Eligibility is at the sole discretion of the judge.

Home Services THE BEST… Alarm/Security Provider (Local Dealer) ____________________ Cabinets / Countertops ________________________________ Carpet Cleaning Company _____________________________ Doors & Windows____________________________________ Electrical Company __________________________________ Flooring (Carpet/Tile/Hardwood/Laminate) __________________ Garden Centre ______________________________________ Heating & Air Conditioning _____________________________ Landscaping Company ________________________________ Lawn Care / Snow Removal Company _____________________ Plumbing Company __________________________________ Renovation / Contractor _______________________________ Mortgage Broker Company _____________________________ Realtor [Name & Agency] ______________________________

Services THE BEST… Bank/Credit Union/Trust Company ________________________ Barber Shop _______________________________________ Bottle Return Depot __________________________________ Cell Phone Dealer ___________________________________ Cell/Wireless Service Provider __________________________ Chiropractor _______________________________________ Dance Studio _______________________________________ Day Spa __________________________________________ Dog Obedience School ________________________________ Dry Cleaner ________________________________________ Ear / Body Piercing __________________________________ Fitness Facility ______________________________________ Hair Salon / Stylist ___________________________________ Hotel/Motel ________________________________________ Insurance Agency____________________________________ Investment Planning Company __________________________



Law Firm __________________________________________ Local Summer Camp _________________________________ Massage Therapist___________________________________ Place for Music Lessons _______________________________ Personal Trainer [Full Name] ____________________________ Pet Grooming_______________________________________ Pharmacy _________________________________________ Photo Finishing Center ________________________________ Physiotherapist _____________________________________ Tanning Salon ______________________________________ Tattoo Studio _______________________________________ Travel Agency ______________________________________

People THE BEST… Local Volunteer [Full Name] ____________________________ Local Sports Team ___________________________________ Local Athelete [Full Name and Team]______________________ Local Politician _____________________________________ Local Artist ________________________________________

Shopping THE BEST… Appliance Store _____________________________________ Bicycle Shop _______________________________________ Board & Ski Shop ____________________________________ Boat Dealer ________________________________________ Book Store ________________________________________ Clothing - Children ___________________________________ Clothing - Men ______________________________________ Clothing - Women Casual ______________________________ Clothing - Women Formal ______________________________ Clothing - Young Adults _______________________________ Furniture Store _____________________________________ Grocery Store ______________________________________ Hardware Store _____________________________________ Jewelery Store _____________________________________ Motorcycle Dealer ___________________________________ Paint Store ________________________________________ Pawn Shop ________________________________________ Place to Buy a Computer ______________________________ Place to Buy Lighting _________________________________ Place to Buy Sporting Goods ____________________________ Shopping Mall ______________________________________ Snowmobile / ATV Dealer ______________________________ Store for Toys ______________________________________

Specialty Shopping THE BEST… Antique/Collectibles Store______________________________ Bakery ___________________________________________ Brew Your Own Beer / Wine ____________________________ Cold Beer & Wine Store _______________________________ Flower Shop _______________________________________ Glasses / Optical Store ________________________________ Health Food Store ___________________________________ Lingerie Store ______________________________________ Lumber Store ______________________________________ Meat Store ________________________________________ Pet Store __________________________________________ Shoe Store ________________________________________ Stereo/Electronics Store _______________________________

Sports & Recreation THE BEST… Beach (within 1 hr. of PG) ______________________________ Children’s Playground ________________________________ City Park __________________________________________ Dog Park __________________________________________ Place to Mountain Bike________________________________ Provincial / Regional Park ______________________________

Weddings THE BEST… Bakery / Wedding Cake _______________________________ Catering Company ___________________________________ Location for Photos __________________________________ Photographer _______________________________________ Reception/Banquet Location ____________________________ Wedding Gown Store _________________________________


JUNE 11, 2012 10PM

Submit Paper Entries to Prince George Free Press, 1773 South Lyon St


Prince George - Sign

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Up - Free Press



SIGN UP S T OF P BEReader’s Choice G

Heart to Hart Preschool is pleased to announce


Best Place for Music Lessons

Located at: 3955 Hart Hwy - (In the Old Hart Hwy Elementary School) Hours of Operation: 8:15am to 5:15pm Monday to Friday (Closed for Stat Holidays) Outings & Program Activities Planned: 9am to 4pm

Planning Tons of Fun for your Child's Summer Enjoyment! Week 1: July 3 to 6

Creative Kids & Awesome Art


Week 2: July 9 to 13

Gooey, Slimy & Weird Science


Week 3: July 16 to 20

Cooking up Creations


NOW OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND! Success in Music – Success in Life It’s no coincidence! Do it right with Professional Lessons!


Day Camp!


All ages welcome… all styles of music both by ear and note

• Piano • Keyboard • Flute • Guitar • Bass Guitars • Drums • Cello • Violin • Vocal • Saxophone

7 Reasons to Play a Musical Instrument

1. Fun 2. Makes You Smarter 3. Relieves Stress 4. Teaches Discipline 5. Increase Memorizing Capacity 6. Improves Reasoning Capacity 7. 7 80% of academic awards are awarded to the 20% group made up of music students



Week 4: July 23 to 27

Going Green


Week 5: July 30 to Aug 3

Sportz Dayz


Week 6: Aug 7 to 10

All Around Our Town


Week 7: Aug 13 to 17

Cultures Around the World









Guitar • Bass


Guitar • Bass

Piano • Violin Flute • Cello Music Theory

Piano • Organ Keyboard

Drums • Saxophone

Guitar • Bass

Classical Guitar Piano



Week 8: Aug 20 to 24

Adventures in Camping

Amy Voice


* Qualified & Experienced Early Childhood Educators * For Children Ages 6 to 11 (MUST have completed Kindergarten)

Register Soon – Space is Limited! 250-962-1811~ Ext 1057 or

Music Store

356 George St • 250-563-0691


Prince George - Sign


Summer Fun Sizzles Program School Age children ages 5 - 12 yrs We offer flexibility for your child care needs. Choose the days you need.

Themed weeks: Fun Fair week, Photography week, Multicultural week, Christmas in July week, Drama Week, Game Show week, Ooey, Gooey Science week, Nature week and Mini Chef week

Come Check Us Out Call 964-2668 Located in College Heights area at Gladstone School. We’re open 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday (except stat. holidays)

Up - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventure Seekers Program Continued Learning for Individuals with Disabilities Adventure Seekers is a part-time program designed for young adults aged 18----30 who have a severe to moderate developmental disability, have completed their secondary education and have a strong interest in learning. Students meet as a group two days a week for four hours with an instructor. The program covers topics of relevance and interest to participants, from current events and arts to computer technology. It is expected that students will require a support worker; the provision of the support worker is the participant’s responsibility.

Registration is now open!

Now accepting applications for Fall 2012. Start Date: September 4, 2012 Tuesdays& Thursdays Time: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Fee: $510 Applications for Acceptance deadline June 30, 2012 Registration & tuition fee deadline July 31, 2012 Applications are available at Community & Continuing Education in room 1-735 at the College of New Caledonia. For more information, contact us at 250.561.5846 or email us at

Hands on! Minds on!

3330 - 22nd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2N 1P8 • Tel (250) 561-5846 • Fax (250) 561-5861 For more info and to register



June 11 -22 August 13 - 24 FIRST AID LEVEL 2

July 23 - 27 ENFORM H2S ALIVE (8 HOUR)


two rivers gallery Imagine, explore, create... Exercise your imagination during our week-long Creativity Camps!

A new theme every week!

r Creativity? Join the Su boost you mmer A o t y rt Club Read !

Summer Art Club

Level 1 and TE Courses TDG, WHMIS and Fire Suppression AED Certification Canadian Red Cross Programs Dog Powered Sports

Summer Art Club Schedule Hours: 10am–12pm or 1–3pm Wk 1: July 16–20 Wk 2: July 23–27 Wk 3: August 7–10 (short week $64)

Lifesavers First Aid

Fri, July 6 & Sat, July 7 10am–3pm

Call now to register

439 Cassiar St. (across from Hands on Carwash)

Call 250-614-7800 or visit 725 Civic Plaza Gallery members receive 10% discount on all classes!

Hours: 9am–4:30pm Wk 1: July 9–13 Fantastic Worlds Wk 2: July 16–20 Drawing & Painting Wk 3: July 23–27 Intense Art for Older Kids (9–13) Wk 4: July 30–August 3 Off the Paper... Experimenting with Unusual & New Media! Full day camps for children Wk 5: August 13–17 Design & Construction Wk 6: August 20–24 Discoveries & Inventions entering grades 1–7 Wk 7: August 27–31 Craft Explosion and NEW Special Week for older kids! Fees: $178 + HST



Registration online:

Creativity Camp Schedule

June 20 & 21 • • • • •


Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

2 FREE fun-filled days of art-making activities at the Gallery for the whole family!

Wk 4: August 13–17 Wk 5: August 20–24 Wk 6: August 27–31 Fees: $90 + HST


Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your community. Your classiÄeds.


It is agreed by any Display or ClassiÄed Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement.

bcclassiÄ cannot be

responsible for errors after the Ärst day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the Ärst day should immediately be called to the attention of the ClassiÄed Department to be corrected for the following edition.

bcclassiÄ reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the bcclassiÄ Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental. DISCRIMINATORY LATION


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justiÄed by a bona Äde requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of bcclassiÄ Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.

“Advertise across Northern BC in the 32 best-read community newspapers!” Prince George

Free Press Press

Business Opportunities

Annual General Meeting Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre will hold our Annual General meeting on June 13th at 11:30 am at Hadih House - 2105 Pine St Everybody Welcome!!

Information ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Do you think you may have a problem with Alcohol? Alcohol Anonymous, Box 1257, Prince George, BC V2L 4V5 Call 250-564-7550 NECHAKO RIVER FLOW FACTS May 23, 2012 Reservoir Elevation: 850.94m

(2791.33 ft) SLS Discharge: 228 m3/s Cheslatta Falls: 228 m3/s Nautley River: 140 m3/s Vanderhoof: 430 m3/s Isle Pierre: 715 m/s Continuing dry conditions throughout the Nechako watershed has resulted in a slight reduction in Nechako River flow. Skins Lake spillway discharge will be maintained at the current level for reservoir control. A gradual decrease in Nechako River flow should occur over the next few weeks if dry conditions persist. For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 567-5812

To Michelle who resides in the HART AREA, please phone 250-962-5129

Personals CURIOUS ABOUT Men? Talk Discreetly with men like you! Try FREE! Call 1-888-5591255. MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now 1-888-744-3699.


Small home decor and gift shop business for sale on 4th Ave, Prince George Reasonably priced. 250-963-9344 WORK IN Canada’s Arctic. Hiring Co-op Management and Cook positions. Career Fair to be held at Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria Thursday, June 14, 2012 10am to 5pm. Drop in or e-mail your resume to: human


Is looking to fill the following positions:

• OILFIELD CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISORS JOIN THE AXIS TEAM IN PRINCE GEORGE! • OILFIELD CONSTRUCTION LEAD HANDS you are passionate about working with youth with •If STAINLESS AND CARBON WELDERS disabilities and want to make a difference •developmental B PRESSURE WELDERS •in PIPEFITTERS their lives, consider joining our team in the following •opening: EXPERIENCED PIPELINE EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Male ResidenceOILFIELD Workers LABOURERS (24 hour live in shifts) ••EXPERIENCED •The INDUSTRIAL PAINTERS successful candidates must be a positive role model •and 7 -mentor 30TONNE PICKERyouth TRUCK OPERATOR WITH who supports in making healthy choices CLASS 1 and in being as independent as possible. Ongoing training H2S (Enform), St John (Red Cross) Standard First and Alive support provided. For further information refer to Aid our and website In D&A test, are required. under job opportunities.

and coverorletter Please submitForward resume toresume fax toto780-865-5829. or fax 851-2977. QUOTE JOB# 63792 ON(250) RESUME

AIRLINES ARE Hiring- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION rated #2 for at-home jobs. Start training today. High graduate employment rates. Low monthly payments. Be a success! Enroll now. 1-800466-1535 Be a part of your community paper. Comment online. We are a family of companies that have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of construction, mining, power maintenance, equipment rental. Sims Group and our family of companies is committed to providing our customers and clients with a complete contracting package to get the job done, no matter how big or small. We are here to help your project take shape, ef¿ciently, safely and accurately from beginning to end. The SIMS Group of Companies is currently seeking individuals for the following positions within our organization: • • • • •


there’s more online »

Career Opportunities

Surface & Underground Miners Supervisors, U/G & Surface Shift bosses Blast Hole Drillers, Operators Heavy Duty Mechanics (Red Seal Certi¿ed) Heavy Duty Mechanics Apprentice

Quali¿ed applicants can forward their resumes by fax to 250-561-1538 or email to To ¿nd out more about these positions, please visit our website at Thank you for your interest - only those shortlisted will be contacted.

Business Opportunities Be your own boss/build a business at home/ computer required/flex hrs/free training

B箽— ùÊçÙ ‘ƒÙ››Ù ó®ã« çÝ OHS/Environmental/Training Coordinator Meadow Lake, SK

JOIN THE AXIS TEAM IN PRINCE GEORGE! If you are passionate about working with youth with developmental disabilities and want to make a difference in their lives, consider joining our team in the following opening:

• Male Residence Workers (24 hour live in shifts) The successful candidates must be a positive role model and mentor who supports youth in making healthy choices and in being as independent as possible. Ongoing training and support provided. For further information refer to our website under job opportunities. Forward resume and cover letter to or fax (250) 851-2977.

Due to an extremely busy season requires 2 qualified people to fill out their summer staff. These are full time but seasonal positions. Successful applicants will be expected to work 5 days a week until sometime in October to mid November.

Parts person

Must be at least familiar with RV’s, some computer knowledge, good people skills as you will be interacting with customers each day. Wage will depend on experience.

Delivery person

You are a key member of our team as you will be responsible for the demonstration of an RV’s features and basic equipment such as fridge, stove, furnace, etc. Training will be provided but basic knowledge of RV’s is a must.

Please reply to: Rob Finlayson VIA e-mail only,

no phone calls, to These are seasonal positions only and applicants must be able to work all summer and weekends.

Career Opportunities

Timeshare CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. NO Risk Program, STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

Career Opportunities

BUSINESS FOR SALE Be your own boss publishing your own local entertainment / humour magazine. Javajoke publications is offering an exclusive protected license in your area. We will teach you our lucrative proven system, step by step by step to create the wealth that you want. Perfect for anyone FT / PT, from semi-retired to large scale enterprise. Call today to get your no obligation info packet. Toll FREE 1-855-406-1253



Coming Events







fax 250.562-0025 email Career Career Career Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities

` Focus on safety performance ` Industry leader in world markets ` CompeƟƟve CompensaƟon packages ` Sustainable business pracƟces ` Progressive environment Do you thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment with opportuniƟes for conƟnuous growth and development?

Apply today at

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Northern John Howard Society

The Northern John Howard Society is a non-profit organization based in Prince George, dedicated to assisting individuals who have come into (or are at risk of) conflict with the law and their victims and families. We are currently accepting applications for an Executive Director The successful candidate will possess these leadership skills. • Capacity to build relationships and maintain excellent interpersonal skills • A high degree of integrity and the ability to negotiate • Maintain a client and staff focus • Respect diversity • Possess business and financial acumen • Focus on results • Effectively liaise with key community members and funding organizations • A strong ability to draft proposals and promote the Society in the community • Work collaboratively with, and maintain transparency with the Board of Directors Submit your resume by 4:00 pm June 15/2012 By Email In person, By mail to: The Northern John Howard Society. Attention: Ursula Morris 154 Quebec St. Prince George, BC V2L 1W2.

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

Prince George - ClassiďŹ eds - Free Press



Career Opportunities

Help Wanted

Technical Advisor, Wood Products - India Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. is seeking a Technical Advisor, Wood Products for a one to two year contract based in Mumbai, India. The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge of BC softwood species and appropriate application of BC wood products. For further information, interested candidates are asked to view the job description and qualiďŹ cations at www.bcďŹ under Contract and Employment Opportunities.

Education/Trade Schools 21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes:

Need Cash Today? Payday loans up to $1000 using employment, CTB, EI or Pension, or Collateral Loanss up to $10,000 using almost any vehicle! Cash Factory Loans also offers cheque cashing , tax returns and Western Union! 1261B 3rd Ave, next to Nancy O’s or 250-649-0808 Raju Enterprises Ltd dba Panago Pizza in Prince George is hiring 1 f/t Manager (food service ) and 2 f/t pizza delivery drivers . Manager must have 2 to 3 years similar experience or education and duties include plan, organize, control and evaluate daily operations, recruit and hire staff and listen to customer complaints etc. Salary would be $ 15.50/hr with 40 hrs a week. For delivery drivers 1 to 2 years experience is required with class 5 BC licence or equivalent. Salary would be $15.50/hr All positions are fulltime with 40 hrs. week. Interested applicants please email resume to: store028.owner@ SATELLITE Installers Needed. Small dishes Prince George to Smithers. Contract work. 250-925-1235

• • •

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) CertiďŹ cates included are: • Ground Disturbance Level 2 • WHMIS • TrafďŹ c Control • First Aid Reserve your seat for August 13, 2012. Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627 INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. Sites in AB & BC. Hands on real world machine training. NO Simulators. Start any Monday. Funding Options. 1-866-399-3853 TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certiďŹ ed. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

Help Wanted An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and labour/rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilďŹ eld road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051. MARKET our natural product line from home, P.T. or F.T. Details at

Caretakers/ Residential Managers

Caretakers/ Residential Managers

Training Available Responsible adults required for three positions. Position choices are permanent, part time or temporary, full time for summer months. Training is available online and employer will pay 100% of the cost. Start dates are June 1, 2012 and June 25, 2012 at Teeter Tots Early Learning Centre. Interested candidates please email resume to

Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Help Wanted

HELP WANTED Mailroom Collators The Prince George Free Press has an immediate opening for a mailroom collator This is a part time position approximately 20-24 hours per week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings). The successful candidate will be a well-organized self-starter with problem solving skills. A mechanical aptitude is a desired asset. Duties include the insertion of flyers into the Prince George Free Press. This involves the operation of our Kansa machine and hand-sorting, inserting, and distributing flyers to our drivers. Make a difference by joining the Free Press, Prince George’s independent community newspaper.


The benefits and opportunities of working for the leading newspaper in Prince George are why we attract and employ the best. If a rewarding challenge resonates with you, contact us today.

Our People make a difference in the community

Please submit your resume and cover letter to the attention of:

The Prince George Native Friendship Centre, a visionary non-proďŹ t society, has been serving the needs of the entire community for the past 43+ years. We are seeking candidates for the following position within our organization:

Bill Phillips Managing Editor Prince George Free Press 1773 South Lyon Street Prince George, BC V2N 1T3

Youth & Community Services Summer Camp Counsellor Closing Date – June 8, 2012 at 4 pm

Family Wellness Programs Aboriginal Infant and Family Development Program Consultant (Maternity Leave) Closing Date – June 13, 2012 at 4 pm A hard copy listing the roles, responsibilities and qualiďŹ cations of the position are available from the Prince George Native Friendship Centre’s web site at (click on Join Our Team / Careers). To apply, submit a resume, cover letter and three (3) references detailing which position you are applying for, to:

Quit. Before your time runs out.

Help Wanted

Prince George Native Friendship Centre 1600 Third Avenue Prince George, BC V2L 3G6 Fax: (250) 563-0924 E-mail: Applications will be accepted until dates noted on postings, no telephone inquiries please. We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


• Strong knowledge of sales • Great communication skills • Motivated to build client ideas • Take the initiative with forward thinking • Desire to learn

Make a difference in Prince George by joining the Free Press team; the number one community newspaper in Prince George.

Fight Back.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Advertising Sales Consultant We are seeking a “team playerâ€? with sales experience, experience in creating written proposals and an ability and desire to work and learn in a fast paced, busy environment. The ideal candidate must be motivated and take the initiative to sell multiple media products, including on-line advertising and special products, work with existing customers and develop new customers. Strong interpersonal skills and a strong knowledge of sales and marketing are required. Above average communication skills, valid driver’s licence and a reliable vehicle are necessary. The beneďŹ ts and opportunities of working for the leading newspaper in Prince George are why we attract and employ the best. If a rewarding challenge resonates with you, contact us today. Please submit your resume and cover letter to the attention of: Ron Lovestone, Regional Publisher Prince George Free Press 1773 South Lyon Street Prince George, BC V2N 1T3

Employment Opportunity

HEALTH DIRECTOR Term: Full time position Start date: July 2, 2012 Wage: Commensurate with Health Canada Guidelines. Days per Week: 5 days per week Application Deadline: 4:00 pm June 22, 2012

Kitsumkalum First Nation is seeking a candidate, who is results oriented, has strong positive interpersonal relationship skills and an ability to engage the enthusiasm and commitment of those with whom you work with to ďŹ ll the Health Director position. The responsibilities of the Health Director will include: t 1SPWJEF DPPSEJOBUJPO BOE TVQQPSU UP )FBMUI 1SPHSBN EFMJWFSZ UP SBJTF UIF MFWFM PG health awareness in the community, t%FWFMPQBOENBJOUBJOJOUFHSBUFEIPMJTUJDQSPHSBNTBOETFSWJDFTJOBTTPDJBUJPOXJUI other social, education, and community programs, t%FWFMPQCVEHFUT BENJOJTUFSmOBODJBMSFDPSETBOESFQPSUJOHSFRVJSFNFOUTPGUIF,JU sumkalum Health Department, t"UUFOEXPSLTIPQT DPOGFSFODFTBOEUSBJOJOHQSPHSBNTUPJODSFBTFTLJMMTBOELOPXM edge for the promotion of public health, t4VCNJUGVOEJOHQSPQPTBMTUPWBSJPVTGVOEJOHBHFODJFTGPSGVOETUPEFWFMPQBOEJNQMF NFOUTVQQMFNFOUBM)FBMUI4FSWJDFTBOE1SPHSBNT t&OTVSFUIBU)FBMUIOFFETBSFJEFOUJmFE QSJPSJUJFTTFU BOE)FBMUI$BSF1MBOT XPSL plans) are developed reecting the community’s needs. The position will report directly to the Band Manager QualiďŹ cations: t&EVDBUJPOBOE&YQFSJFODF t #BDDBMBVSFBUF PG 4DJFODF %FHSFF JO SFMFWBOU IFBMUITPDJBM TFSWJDFT PS DPNQBSBCMF FEVDBUJPOBOEFYQFSJFODFJOIFBMUITPDJBMTFSWJDFTBOEPSBCPSJHJOBMIFBMUI t&EVDBUJPOBMQSFQBSBUJPOJO)FBMUI$BSF.BOBHFNFOU "NJOJNVNPGZFBSTFYQFSJFODFXPSLJOHJOUIFIFBMUIDBSFmFME *OUFSFTUFEJOEJWJEVBMTTIPVMETVCNJUUIFJSSFTVNF MFUUFSTPGSFGFSFODF QFSTPOBM professional) and cover letter to: Kitsumkalum Band Council Attn: Steve Roberts, Band Manager P.O. Box 544 Terrace, BC V8G 4B5 Fax: (250) 635-4622 Email: Thank you to all that apply; only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Adopt a Shelter Cat! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned and abandoned cats each year. If you can give a homeless cat a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.


Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012





Merchandise for Sale


Help Wanted

Trades, Technical

Financial Services

Legal Services

Home Improvements

Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

Trimark Solutions Inc. in Prince George is hiring f/t 1 carpenter, 1 construction helper, 1 plumber and 1 bricklayer with english and punjabi speaking capabilities. Carpenters must have 3 to 5 yrs. experience in measure, cut, shape and join mouldings, wood materials, drywall & plastic material , fit and install windows , doors , stairs , build decks & fences etc. Salary would be $ 23.00/hr. For construction helpers no experience required and salary would be $ 20 /hr . For Plumber 5 yrs. experience required in area of construction & must be able to read drawings , blueprints and install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures , measure cut , bend and thread pipes, join pipes , clamps , screws etc. salary would be $ 25.50/hr For brick layer 3 to 5 yrs. experience required in construct and install prefabricated masonary units, build patios , garden walls, and other decorative installations .Salary would be $ 26 /hr . All positions are fulltime with 40 hrs. week. Must be able to read and write in English and ability to speak Punjabi and Hindi a definite asset. Interested applicants email resume to

GRANDE PRAIRIE Regional College, Fairview Campus has an exciting opportunity for a full-time Welding Instructor located in Fairview, Alberta (the Heart of the Peace River region in northwestern Alberta). For more information visit our website at Due to apprenticeship enrollment increases we are expanding our staffing so we Need Instructors in this program!

FOR THE HOME BREWER Wine making equipment. Incl. 2 primary buckets, 4 carboy’s, hoses, syphon’s, thermometers, floor corker (some corks) electric bottle filler plus lots more. Must be sold as a complete set $375 250-562-3747

HARDWOOD MANOR APTS Under New Management!


Medical/Dental MARIPOSA GARDENS (in Osoyoos BC) seeking RCAs. ($17.34/hr) email: becky.marlatt

PARTS TECHNICIAN, licensed or apprentice required for Peace River Alberta GM dealer. Automotive knowledge an asset. $3,000 to $5,000 per month. Fax resume to 780624-4124 or email: Attention: Parts Manager. Power Sports Mechanic req immed. at one of Canada’s largest Polaris dealers. F/T position, prefer person with industry experience but will consider training the right individual. Wage negotiable depending on experience. Send resume to: hseibert@ SHOP FOREMAN required at busy GM Dealership in Central Alberta. Minimum 5 years of Journeyman experience. Please send your resume to: Adams Chevrolet Wetaskiwin, Alberta.


Trades, Technical NOW HIRING MCSWEEN CUSTOM FAB. Millwrights, “B” Pressure Welders, Pipefitters & all other trades required ASAP for upcoming shutdowns in Edm. area. L.O.A. is Available $130/day Fax 780-992-0600 or email:

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Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Health Products

Lake Babine Nation JOB POSTING

SENIOR ACCOUNTANT The Senior Accountant responsibilities include, but are not limited to, general ledger accountability, and financial reporting, as well as financial profitability analysis and other special projects as assigned. The Senior Accountant must comply with Canadian public sector accounting standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, financial by-laws and, policies and procedures of the Lake Babine Nation. The Senior Accountant reports directly to the Finance Controller. Job Duties are as follows, but not limited to: Liaising with finance clerks in maintaining the Lake Babine Nation accounting system. Prepare periodic financial statements, reports and records by collecting, analyzing and summarizing account information. Responsible for general ledger. Assists with budget activity, proper expenditure coding, document preparation, and other accounting-related activities. Participate in annual audit of financial statements and review of the accounting system Maintains Tangible Capital Inventory list of all LBN assets Perform other related duties as required. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related field or education plus experience. Accounting designation preferred. 5+ years of experience in financial management. Experience with computerized accounting system required. Highly efficient Computer Skills Salary: Commensurate with education and experience Closing Date: June 15, 2012 Submit Resume and cover letter to: Beatrice MacDonald, Human Resources 225 Sus Avenue, P.O. Box 879 Burns Lake, B.C., V0J 1E0 Fax: 250-692-4790 Email: Only those short listed will be contacted.

24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language

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DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping CANADIANS repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest regardless of your credit!

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Doug’s Electric Licensed and Bonded . 20 yrs exp. (250)963-6737 (250)981-5210

Legal Services

Garden & Lawn

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Misc. Wanted COIN Collector looking to buy Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins. Bulk Silver coins, bills etc. Call Chad 250-863-3082 (Local)

(Ask for details)

Lakeshore Summit Lake: 1 acre sub lake lot A-frame w/trailer & hydro. $35,000 Ph 778-415-2150 after 5

Landscaping SPRING YARD CLEAN-UP Garbage Removal & Gutter Cleaning Power Raking ~ Aerating (250)961-3612 or (250)964-4758 res

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent


ONE HOUR OPTICAL Spruceland Mall 250.564.0095 Pine Centre Mall 250.564.0047




Handyman from Newfoundland All jobs big & small, I’se the b’ye to do it all. Carpentry & plumbing etc. W.E.T.T. Certified. Call Jim 250.562.8203 / 250.613.5478

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Purchaser/ Stores Coordinator International Forest Products Limited (Interfor) is a leading global supplier, with one of the most diverse lines of lumber products in the world. The Company has operations in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, including two sawmills in the Coastal region of British Columbia, three in the B.C. Interior, two in Washington and two in Oregon. For more information about Interfor, visit our website at www. Interfor is currently recruiting for a Purchaser/Stores Coordinator for our lumber manufacturing facility in Castlegar, BC. The successful candidate will be responsible for purchasing, organizing parts/supplies, and interaction with operations/maintenance crews while providing professional service and ensuring a safe working environment. The ideal candidate will possess excellent interpersonal, communication, time management, computer and organizational skills, be detailed and results oriented, and possess strong analytical capabilities. Must have the ability to work effectively in a highly interactive and energetic team environment. We offer a competitive salary and bene¿t package. If you believe that you have the skills and quali¿cations that we are looking for, your resume can be emailed in con¿dence by June 11th, 2012 to: As only short list candidates will be contacted, we thank you in advance for your interest.

Merchandise for Sale

• 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available • Close to hospital & downtown • Rent includes heat, hot water • Elevator to undercover parking • Fridge, stove, quality carpets, drapes • Laundry on each floor • No pets

$100 & Under

To Rent Call:

Roofing & Skylights Norm’s Roofing *Residential roofing & re-roofing*

WCB & Liability Insured Free Estimates (250)961-4500

OLDER CHROME SET TABLE & 4 CHAIRS $70 (250)964-9141 Spa @ Home. Poor circulation inflammation, skin conditions. Natural/Herbal. All ages. Sat & Sun 1156 4th Ave

Pro Form LX 660 Treadmill $250 Phone (250)962-9009

Garage Sales Mega Indoor Yard Sale @ St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church (Green Domes) 2414 Varier Dr. Sat. Jun 9 10am3pm. Frozen perigees also available.

Trades, Technical

HILLSBOROUGH Apts 3820 - 15th Ave

Bach $500, 1 bdr. $570, 2 bdr. $650; heat, h/w incl., 1601 Queensway; 250-596-4275 250-301-0664 Briarwood Apts. 1330/80 Foothills Blvd. 1 & 2 Bdrm suites 250-561-1571

Trades, Technical

Spacious 3 bdrm apts Clean, quiet, secure entrance. Students Welcome. Rental Incentives. No Dogs

Phone 250-596-4555

JUBILEE Apt’s 1 bedroom Adult orientated, close to downtown & bus route. N/S, N/P. Parking.

Call: (250) 562-7172 Pine Glen Apartments 255 N. Ospika (Rental Office) Spacious clean 2 & 3 bdrm 1 1/2 bath Heat, Hot water & Parking incl. Laundry & Play ground on Site. Ask about our new rates Bus route to all amenities 250-561-1823

Pine Grove Apts Clean bach, 1 & 2 bdrm apts Student & other incentives No Dogs

Phone 250-563-2221


2666 Upland Street 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Rent includes: hydro, heat, hot water, appliances, drapes and parking. Quiet, no pets

250-564-3162 VENICE PLACE APTS 1438 Queensway Bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm Suites Balcony, Elevator, Underground parking. Heat included Call (250)561-1446

Commercial/ Industrial

Majestic Management (1981) Ltd. CE • OFFI ERCIAL M • COM IL A T • RE Space available for rent For all your rental needs Call 562-8343 or 562-RENT

CERTIFIED MILLWRIGHTS & PLANER TECH WFP is currently seeking 2 Certified Millwrights and 1 Millwright/PlanermanTechnician to join our Saltair Sawmill Division located in Ladysmith, BC. This is an hourly USW union position with a certified rate of $33.225 per hour and a comprehensive benefit package. Details of the collective agreement can be viewed at: Complete job details can be viewed at: If you believe that you have the skills and qualifications that we are looking for, please reply in confidence: Human Resource Department Facsimile: 1.866.840.9611 Email: Application Deadline: June 28th, 2012 Reference Code: SSD, Millwrights As only short listed candidates will be contacted, WFP thanks you in advance for your interest in our Company. Please visit us at



250-561-1447 GATEWAY MANOR 2080 20th Ave. Clean, quiet bldg with security entrance. No pets, spacious 1 & 2 bdrm suites . Resident mgr 250-5619397. 1 1/2 - 2 bdrm apts. Safe, clean & quiet. Receive your 12th month rent free (conditions apply) 250-613-7483 Darby Apts.

$300 & Under

1575 Queesway 250-596-9484

Under New Management

Real Estate

Qualify Now To Be Debt Free 1-877-220-3328

1 & 2 bdrm suites Heat & Hot water included.


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Homes for Rent Need Cash Today? Cash Factory Loans offers payday loans up to $1000 using employment, CTB, EI or Pension, or Collateral Loans up to $10,000 using almost any vehicle! 1261B 3rd Ave, next to Nancy O’s or 250-649-0808


for large apartment building in Prince George. Ideal position for responsible couple. Bookkeeping, sales and maintenance skills an asset. Send resumes with references to: Majestic Management (1981) Ltd., #800-299 Victoria St., Prince George, BC, V2L 5B8

Shared Accommodation Are you a female student coming to Prince George for school? Quiet, friendly home to share with single woman. On bus route, Internet included, own bedroom, share rest of house, $550. Can be room and board, cost negotiable. Availability starting July or August. References required. Contact Lorraine at Professional male seeks roommate. Sep. suite,semi furnished, shared kitchen, Avail June 15th $385 plus 1/2 utilities 250-564-1550

Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press



Suites, Lower

Sport Utility Vehicle

1 bdrm furn/unfurn NS Utilities & laundry incl. References required. Incentive for seniors. Avail immed. 250-562-2444 FURNISHED Basement Suite For Rent, Utilities Included, Shared Laundry, NP, NS. Call: 250-563-9844

2005 Jimmy, 99,900 km, one owner. Good condition, 4 wheel drive, complete with winter tires & rims. $9800 Phone 250-963-3427


Legal Notices

Invitation to Tenderers Lake Babine Nation is inviting qualiÀed contractors to submit bids for the following work at Tachet (Babine I.R. No. 25): • • •

Most Sizes Available 15270 Hwy 97 South 250.963.3435

Re-grade and re-surface approximately 3km of gravel road Construct community drainage system, including approximately 4km of ditches, 15 road crossing culverts, and 53 driveway culverts Associated civil works

Tender documents including addenda may be obtained on B.C. Bid ( Interested bidders must submit sealed bids marked “Bid for Tachet Community Road and Drainage Improvements” to the ofÀce of the Owner’s Representative:

Boats 12’ Aluminum boat with 7.5 php mercury outboard in exec cond. 20 gallon gas tank w/hose. $1400 (250)961-4779

Chris Cheng, P.Eng. Associated Engineering 300-4940 Canada Way Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 4M5


Tender Closing Date: June 22, 2012 Tender Closing Time: 2:00pm local time Bids must be accompanied by the speciÀed Bid Bond payable to the Lake Babine Nation.

Scrap Car Removal

The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted. 24/7 • anonymous • confidential • in your language


Technical inquires by bidders are to be sent via email directed to Chris Cheng, P.Eng of Associated Engineering (



MOST FREE! Give Us A Call! 250.963.3435 15270 Hwy 97 South

Legal Notices



USED TIRES Cars & Trucks $25 & up

Cars - Domestic

2011 18’ Creekside Trailer. A/C, elec awning, Loaded. $16,000 OBO 250-596-4145 22 foot 2006 Salem LE travel trailer. Sleeps 4, like brand new. Can be viewed at 1310 Kellogg Ave. 250-564-8267

Legal Notices

Wrecker/Used Parts

Transportation 1981 Trans Am. Does not run. Great hobby car. Will take best cash offer or trade for a used truck. 250-964-2491 ‘92 Honda Accord EX-R, 187,000 km’s. tilt steering, PW,PL, new all season tires, Sirius radio, security system avail., plus much more, $2000 OBO 250-562-8057


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An optional site visit is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 8, 2012 at 1pm. Meeting location to be conÀrmed. Please RSVP to by Wednesday, June 6, 2012 to conÀrm attendance.

Stand up. Be heard. Get help.

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Looking to sell your used car, television, sofa, baseball card collection or anything else under the sun? Place an ad in the Free Press Classifieds and reach over 63,000 readers! It’s a fast, easy and profitable way to get rid of unwanted merchandise.


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For more info please call Shari or Penny


Your 20 word or less private party (for sale items only) classified ad will be delivered to over 28,000 homes and businesses in three consecutive issues of the Prince George Free Press.





















DEADLINES: For Wedesday’s paper - 9:00 am on Mondays. For Friday’s paper - 9:00 am on Wednesdays.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Free Press accepts Datebook submissions in written form only — dropped off, mailed or e-mailed. No phone calls please. Free Press Datebook runs as space allows every Wednesday. No guarantee of publication. Mail to 1773 South Lyon St., Prince George, B.C. V2N 1T3. E-mail

WEDNESDAY Garden party, June 13, 2-4 p.m., 1768 Edmonton St. Hosted by Sons of Norway. No facilities for children. Information: Joan 250-562-3661 or Elsa 250-963-8707. Whist, Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Senior Activity Centre, 425 Brunswick St. Wing night and karaoke, Wednesdays, 6-10 p.m., Royal Canadian Legion. B.C.Civil Liberties meets every second Wednesday, 6 p.m., 2105 Pine St. Next meeting June 6. CNC Retirees meet fourth Wednesday, 9 a.m., D’Lanos. Information: Lois 250563-6928. Army Cadet Rangers free youth program, meets Wednesdays, Connaught Youth Centre. Information: Capt. McCue 250565-6993, 250-5649030.

THURSDAY Funding opportunities roundtable, June 14, noon-4 p.m., Ramada Hotel, hosted by Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC and the BC Agricultural Research and Development Corporation. RSVP

“GIVE A LITTLE… GAIN A LOT!” Community Arts Council Studio 2880 City Banner project – Wanted Visual Artists. The theme is Seasons. Winning submissions will receive an honorarium and artistic credit. Email: executive@ 250-561-3366 Variety – The Children’s Charity - June 18 Volunteer Photographer needed - June 18 at the Bentley Centre (UNBC), 6-8:30 pm. Email: Canadian Cancer Society Depositing Team: Urgently seeking responsible, trustworthy volunteers for ongoing roles depositing money within the Regional Office. Various roles & time commitment. Nancy 250-564-0885 For information on volunteering with more than 100 non-profit organizations in Prince George, contact Volunteer Prince George


to Sarah Rostami at by June 8. DayBreakers Toastmasters meets Thursday, 7-8 a.m., Elder Citizens Recreation Association,1692 10th Ave. Information: Heather 250-6499591. Plaza 400 Toastmaster Club meets Thursday, noon, Aleza room, fourth floor, Plaza 400 building, 1011 4th Ave. Information: 6252. or 250-564-5191. Spring Ultimate Frisbee League, Thursdays, 6-8 p.m., PGSS fields. Information: www. NCP workers and retirees meet third Thursday of the month, 10 a.m., Pine Centre food court. ECRA Forever Young Chorus meet Thursdays, 12:45 p.m., ECRA, 1692 10th Ave. Chess nights, Thursdays, 6-9 p.m., Books and Company. Information: Marilyn 250-562-9580. Prince George Grassroots Cribbage Club registration, 6:30 p.m. play 6:45 p.m., Thursdays, Spruce Capital Recreation Centre, 3701 Rainbow Dr. Information: Gerda 250-564-8561. Old Time Fiddlers jam, Thursday, 7-10 p.m. Elder Citizens Rec Centre, 1692 10th Ave. NorthBreast Passage Dragon Boat Society meets first Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., Chronic Disease Management Room, UHNBC. Information: Anita 250-563-2949 or Betty 250-9627985.

FRIDAY Live bands, Friday, 8 p.m.-midnight, Royal Canadian Legion.

SATURDAY Lakeland Mills dinner, dance and silent auction, June 9, 6:30 p.m., RollA-Dome. Tickets at Seth Tobin. Visions Electronics, Treasure

Cove Casino, Sears Travel, Shhhh, Ann Louise, West 49 Cold Beer & Wine Store (Hart), and Extreme Pita. Dance with Country Calibre, June 9, 8 p.m.midnight, Hart Pioneer Centre. Flea market and farmers’ market, Saturdays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., 1156 Fourth Ave. Live bands, Saturday, 8 p.m.midnight, Royal Canadian Legion.

Community Builder

SUNDAY Caledonia Ramblers easy hike at the Pinnacles, June 10. Meet in parking lot behind city hall at 8:15 a.m. Information: Rob or Bonnie 250564-5847. Ferguson Lake family fun day, June 10, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Nature walk, hotdogs, nature crafts. Information www. Flea market and farmers’ market, Sundays, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 1156 Fourth Ave. Meat draw, Royal Canadian Legion, 3-5 p.m., sponsored by Peace Keepers Proceeds to Alzheimer and MS societies and others.

MONDAY Tai Chi, Mondays, 1:30 p.m., Spruce Capital Seniors Centre, 3701 Rainbow Dr. Northern Twister Square Dance Club meets Mondays, 7 p.m., St. Michael’s Church Hall. Information: Gys 250563-4828 or Reta 250-962-2740. Royal Purple meets meets second and fourth Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Information: Dianne 250-596-0125 or Jeanette 250-5639362.

TUESDAY Buddhist meditation class, Tuesdays 7–8:30 p.m., 320 Vancouver St. Information: 250-9626876 or www.tilopa. org. Bridge, Tuesdays, 1 p.m., Spruce Capital Seniors Centre, 3701 Rainbow Dr. Spruce Capital

Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s

Knights of Columbus members Richard LeFebvre (left), Joseph Haddock and Louis LeFebvre present a cheque for $4,000 to Dianne Sears of the Rotary Hospice House Society.

Proud those Proud to to recognize recognize those who give in our community.

who give in our community. 1475 Edmonton Street • 250.565.2515

1475 Edmonton Street • 250.565.2515 www spiritofthenorth bc ca

Toastmasters meet Tuesdays, 7:25 p.m., 102-1566 7th Ave. Information: Tom 250-562-3402. Sweet Adelines women’s fourpart chorus meets Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m., Studio 2880. New members welcome. Information: Kathleen 250-563-2975. Prince George Genealogical Society meets the third Tuesday of the month, St. Giles Presbyterian Church, 1500 Edmonton St. Hospital retirees meeting, first Tuesday of the month, 9 a.m., Prince George Golf Club. Information 250-563-7497 or 250563-2885.

SUPPORT GROUPS Prince George Stroke Survivors Group meets Wednesdays, 9:3011:30 a.m., Elder Citizens Recreation Association, 1692 10th Ave. Information: Julia 250-563-3819, Roland 250-562-1747.

La Leche League breast feeding support group meets the second Thursday of every month 7 p.m. at the Health Unit auditorium. Information: Tammy 250-612-0085. PGRH retirees breakfast, first Tuesday of the month, Prince George Golf and Curling Club. Information: 250-5632885. Prince George ATV Club meets third Tuesday of month, 7 p.m. Carmel Restaurant meeting room. Information: George 250-9647907. Prince George Healing Rooms - Are you hurting? Do you have health issues? Confidential prayers Monday noon-2 p.m. and 7-9 p.m No appointment necessary, located in the Prince George Pentecostal Church, 497 Ospika Blvd. Information: 250-6179653. Free sports and recreation,

Wednesdays, 2 p.m., 1160 7th Ave., ages 15-30. Information: 250-656-5278. Children’s choir, Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Hartland Baptist Church. Information: 778-415-5000. Parents Together, a mutual/self-help support group for parents of teens, meets Mondays, 7:30 p.m., Intersect (basement entrance). Information: Carmen 250-562-6639. Tuesday night Tops (take off pounds sensibly) 6:157:15 p.m. weigh in, 7:30-8:30 meeting. Everyone welcome. Information: Marvene 250-962-8001 or 250612-2031. DivorceCare, a support group for persons going through a separation or divorce. To find out if this group is for you, call 250-5646213. Group meets at Artspace, Room 202, Sundays at 5 p.m. Call about childcare. Prince George Healing Rooms - Are you hurting? Do you

have health issues? Confidential prayers Wednesday noon-2 p.m, All Nations Church, 1395 Fifth Ave. Information: 250617-9653. COPD support group meets Wednesday, 1 p.m., AiMHi. Information: Nancy 250-561-1393. Heartbeat, a group for mutual support of those who have lost a loved one through suicide, meets monthly at CMHA office. Information: Sandy 250-960-9047. Hepatitis C support group meets second Tuesday of the month, PGRH fourth floor conference room. Information: Ilse or Pat 250-565-7387. Thursday Tops (take off pounds sensibly) 10:30 a.m.12:30 p.m., Knox United Church,1448 Fifth Ave. Information: 250-564-6336 (days), 250-964-4851 (evenings). Red Hat Chapter meets for lunches and outings. Information: 250-564-6879.

The Community Datebook provides free community event listings every Wednesday. Submissions are accepted in written form only – dropped off, mailed or emailed – No Phone Calls please. Datebook runs as space allows, there is no guarantee of publication. Mail to 1773 South Lyon St., Prince George BC V2N 1T3 E-mail

Prince George Free Press

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

People of Prince George


Brought to you by

Hub City Motors DL#31221

lipstick to Amanda Gervais Face painter Britt Gibbs applies local B.C. Schizophrenia the at an open house Thursday at 24 is National May Ave. Sixth on re cent Society le were invited to peop and Day ss Schizophrenia Awarene event. the wear purple in recognition of

The crafts tables at the Y Kids Day on Sunday were busy with youngs creating works of art und ters er the watchful eyes of Y volunteers.




Janessa Bodgener, 10, shows off her “sheep eece artâ€? she made on Saturday at Huble Homestead’s annual Sheep and Wool Fair.





2012 Tiguan

2012 Jetta

From only $29,455*

Pic of the Week

From only $17,240*


This weeks McDonald’s Pic of the Week was submitted by Corey. Corey wins a $25.00 McDonald’s Gift Pack for providing the Pic of the Week. For your chance to win, email a picture of a resident of Prince George with your name and phone number, as well as the name of the person (people) in the photo, to McPic@ Selection of the judges is ďŹ nal. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. No substitutions.


Hub City Volkswagen

1822 Queensway Street, Prince George (250) 564-7228 1-888-300-6013 DL#31221


*Limited time purchase Ă&#x20AC; nance off er available through Volkswagen Finance, on approved credit, on the following select new and unregistered 2012 models: Jetta, Golf 3-door, Golf 5-door, Tiguan and Passat. TDI Clean Diesel models, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf Wagon, Jetta GLI, Routan, Eos, CC, Touareg and Beetle models are excluded. MSRP of $17,240/$29,455 for a new and unregistered 2012 Jetta 2.0L / 2012 Tiguan 2.0T base model with 5-speed/6-speed manual transmission, including $1,365/$1,580 freight and PDI, Ă&#x20AC; nanced at 0% APR for 60 months equals $287.33/$490.91 per month. Down payment or equivalent trade-in, due at signing, may be required. Cost of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $17,240/$29,455. PPSA fee, license, insurance, registration, any dealer or other charges, options and applicable taxes are extra. **Off er of $500 available on cash purchase, lease and purchase Ă&#x20AC; nancing (through Volkswagen Finance, on approved credit), on new and unregistered models. Off er available for current Volkswagen owners only. Proof of ownership may be required. Certain conditions apply. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Off ers end August 31, 2012 and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. 2012 Jetta Highline 2.5L as shown is $26,240. 2012 Tiguan 2.0T with Sport Package as shown is $41,855. Certain options and accessories may be extra. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Visit or your Volkswagen dealer for details. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Volkswagenâ&#x20AC;?, the Volkswagen logo, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jettaâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tiguanâ&#x20AC;? are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG. Š 2012 Volkswagen Canada.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prince George Free Press

Prince George Free Press, June 06, 2012  
Prince George Free Press, June 06, 2012  

June 06, 2012 edition of the Prince George Free Press