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Getting the ball rolling

Fatality in crash just west of Golden .............................. 3


Small soccer players finding their game ...............................9


Antique store has ‘Golden’ treasures ................................10

Brian Dahlberg takes his final putt of the day at the Shriner’s 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Friday May 11, while his teammate, HR Pacific’s David Ratzlaff watches. See more photos from the tournament on page 17, and at Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo


Some say no to Smart Meters Jessica Schwitek

Local band set to celebrate first CD ............................ 13


If you walk around Golden’s residential neighbourhoods you may notice the signs on people’s property telling Corix and BC Hydro that smart meters are not welcome. Citizens for Safe Technology, an international group that aims to educate and protect the public from unsafe wireless technologies, was in Golden on May 10 to give a presentation about the dangers of smart meters, and educate people on how to resist the installations happening in town right now. “What the utility companies and our government forget to think about, is that our bodies are electric...


And the frequencies and currents in our bodies are a lot lower, which means that they can be influenced by anything that is stronger,� said Werner Hoffelinck, a presenter and the Okanagan representative of the Citizens of Technology. Hoffelinck was educated as an electro-mechanical engineer in his home country of Belgium. “This is what is happening from our ‘smart’ technologies, our cell phones and the smart meters that are right now on their way into the community here,� he said. The new smart meters, which Hoffelinck says emit very high frequencies almost 24/7, frequencies that travel through walls and our bodies, are being installed all over the province. BC Hydro expects that all old meters will be replaced by the end of 2012.


“We are all being used as guinea pigs in this huge experiment,� he said, raising issues of health concerns for people who are exposed to these frequencies on a regular basis. Only recently have doctors began to explore the effects of electrohypersensitivity (EHS). “BC Hydro has done no research and no tests on safety,� said Barbara Makota, another presenter who suffered from EHS after working for a cell phone company. She described the symptoms she had to deal with, including painful burning lesions on her face. Other common symptoms of EMS include difficulty sleeping, headaches, dizziness, memory problems, nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations and seizures to name a few. Continued on page 3


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Downtown Golden

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

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The Town of Golden Council was sworn in during a ceremony in December 2011. (Back row) Mag Magnusson (who has just resigned), Caleb Moss, Mike Pecora, John Jackson. (Front row) Chris Hambruch, Christina Benty, and Ron Oszust. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Councillor Mag Magnusson resigns Darryl Crane

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It was announced at the regular council meeting held on May 8 that long time councillor Mag Magnusson had sent in his letter of resignation due to ongoing health issues. Magnusson was first

elected to council in 1999. He has served four consecutive terms on council and was in his fifth when he resigned. In a letter to the Town he said, “It has always been a pleasure working with council and staff.” Since word of his resignation came many of

the people who worked with him on council have shared their feelings. “It has been an honour and always a pleasure to be on Council with Mag. I will miss your insight, wisdom, and opinion around the table,” said Town of Golden Manager of Corporate Administration

Jon Wilsgard Even though his resignation does not come as a surprise, I am still deeply sad. Mag’s leadership is already greatly missed around the table. He has served this community fearlessly and passionately. Mag is a man of integrity whose dedication to Golden was second only to his commitment to his family. I am so grateful the ways I benefited from his wisdom and his support,” said Mayor of Golden, Christina Benty. Councillor Caleb Moss (currently acting mayor) brought the item forward at the council meeting. “It is a sad day for us. Mag has carried himself with both dignity and incredible integrity. He has carried himself through his illness in the same way. Coming on to council he was very helpful to me in a mentorship role. I may not have agreed with him but I was happy to disagree with him which is not always the case. I do not think he is a replaceable human being in this town,” Moss said. No date has been set for a by-election but according to a statement by Moss at the meeting it will most likely not happen until the fall of this year.

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A3

Getting ready for a Holiday Darryl Crane The Town of Golden Council has given approval for a Development Permit to allow for the construction of a Holiday Inn Express Motel at 1120 14th St. N. The permit is for the development of a 75-unit motel on the site. Harj Sandher, the applicant for the development permit said the project began in July of 2011. “My family has been in the hospitality industry in Golden for the past 25 years. For the last 10 of those years we have owned the parcel of land which we hope to transform into the beautiful Holiday Inn,” Sandher said. “Golden is such a great place for people to stop and experience the beautiful surroundings and wonderful people that live here. Expanding our family business made perfect sense, it is something that my family takes pride in, and the thought of welcoming more guests to another establishment seemed like the right decision.” He went on to explain Golden sees thousands of people during their travels and my family takes pride in joining the journey in building Golden’s tourism. Sandher was born and raised in Golden, and my parents still live in Golden. “Golden has given my family a home, and we cannot wait for the opportunity to make our hotel home to those travelling through,” he said. The development is a family affair as Sandher will be working with his brother Surj and sister Dal. One of the important parts of the development for the group is being as environmentally friendly as possible. “Environmental sustainability needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, not just business owners. Golden is the home for my family, and friends and we want to do everything possible to keep the town and surrounding area healthy,” Sandher said. The site is currently vacant (formerly the Golden Grotto), and has a total area of 6,094m². The general location is west of the Trans Canada Highway’s frontage road. The property is bounded by other commercial properties including a Shell gas station, a McDonald’s Restaurant, and vacant commercial lots. Amenities in the hotel will include an indoor pool and hot tub, a fitness room and child’s play area, and a meeting and board room. Highlights of the proposal include: amenity spaces and landscaping accounting for approximately 16 percent of the site, a contribution to the Golden Bike Share Program, and the development of 10 parking stalls using green technology that meets the requirements of the Town’s operations department. They are expecting to break ground on the project within the next month.

Members of the Golden Fire Department, BC Ambulance and the Golden Royal Canadian Mounted Police attended a four-vehicle accident on May 12. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Single fatality in four car accident Golden Star Staff The Golden RCMP and East Trans Canada Traffic Services are currently investigating a four vehicle collision which took the life of a Calgary woman. At around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday May 12 the Golden RCMP responded to a collision involving four vehicles, one kilometre West of Golden on Hwy 1. Traffic investigators were required to close the highway for seven hours. Preliminary findings indicate that a Chevrolet Impala driven by a 68-year-old woman from Calgary was eastbound when she crossed the center line

and struck a westbound Toyota truck. The woman in the Chevy Impala was the sole occupant and received life-threatening injuries, which she succumbed to, after being air lifted to Kamloops’ Royal Inland Hospital. The two occupants of the Toyota pick-up were also injured and transported by ambulance to hospital for treatment. A commercial truck and a third passenger vehicle were also involved, with those occupants receiving only minor injuries. Weather and road conditions at the time of the crash were reported to be dry and warm. The RCMP Traffic Services and BC Coroners Services are continuing their investigations.

Issues continue over meters Continued from page 1 Makota fears that installing these smart meters will dramatically increase the number of people suffering from EMS. St. Andrews church was full of concerned citizens, hoping to find a way to stop meters from being installed in their home. Many have put up signs on their property, and the Citizens for Safe Technology were also selling locks that physically prevent people from getting to their meters. One attendee stood up and said that from what she’s seen and heard around town, BC Hydro and the company hired to install the meters, Corix, are respecting the signs. Hoffelinck corroborated that statement, but added that the safest way to ensure you meter won’t be touched is to lock it. “Once a smart meter is installed in your home, it will be very difficult to have it removed,” he said. BC Hydro insists that the smart meters are safe, and has statements on their website saying: “Smart meters are safe, as

confirmed by health and science authorities including B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, Health Canada and the World Health Organization. “Smart meters communicate for a total average of one minute a day. In fact, exposure to radio frequency during a 20-year life span of a smart meter is equivalent to the exposure during a single 30-minute cell phone call. “BC Hydro’s smart meters are well below Health Canada’s exposure limits and the precautionary limits set by Switzerland, the country with the most rigorous standards in the world.” Makota, Hoffelinck and the Citizens for Safe Technology claim that the information BC Hydro is giving out simply isn’t true. And they feel they have a responsibility to stop these meters from being installed. “We need to buy time, because we are making progress, little by little,” said Hoffelinck. “I know we’re going to stop it, I know. We just don’t know how and when.”

due to the holiday on Monday, May 21 our

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Toy gun causes lock down Darryl Crane A man carrying a toy gun near Lady Grey Elementary caused the school to go into lock down mode around lunch time on May 7. The man, who is not a local resident but is known to local police, was seen brandishing what turned out to be a toy gun near the school. A staff member who was going home for lunch saw the man and phoned the

RCMP. The individual was quickly found by Golden Royal Canadian Mounted Police and after an investigation no charges will be laid in the matter. Even though the weapon in this case turned out to be a toy, Sgt. Troy Durand of the Golden RCMP explained the officers take situations like this very serious. “We make sure everyone is safe. Safety is a key in a situation like this,” Durand said.

MLA Meeting Day Thursday, May 24 Please call 250 344 4816 to book an appointment

Norm Macdonald MLA #104, 806 9th Street North |


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Pies, Plants and so much more

Ella Gondek, Joyce Nixon and Martie Salisbury were just three of the volunteers who took part in the annual Pie, Plant, Bake and tea sale held at St. Andrew’s United Church on May 5. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Eighty-six mayors to meet and discuss issues facing communities Darryl Crane Mayors from across British Columbia are going to gather in Penticton for a series of meetings that will focus on issues facing communities. The gathering will also give the mayors the chance to forge policy agreements to bring forward to the Federal and Provincial government, to explore means of mutual support in the delivery of municipal services; seek economic benefits through shared resources and to pursue joint

economic development. Town of Golden Mayor Christina Benty will be one of the mayors attending the event. “This will be the inaugural BC Mayors Caucus. It is the result of a number of conversations about the need for an annual meeting of Mayors from across our province, similar to meetings held throughout the world by local government leaders, to discuss issues facing all of our communities,” Benty said. This opinion was shared by Mayor Greg Moore from Port Coquitlam who said, “Local Governments, large and small, face many of the

same challenges, we need to work together, to learn from each other to make positive change in our communities.” One of the areas Benty hopes will be discussed is finding issues for municipalities. “Municipalities own, manage and operate nearly two thirds of Canada’s core public infrastructure and the funding gap is growing at an unbearable rate,” Benty said. “As well, we are also experiencing an ever broadening mandate as senior governments offload responsibilities in an array of areas without providing the resources to provide those services.”

Benty feels this type of gathering is important because it will give the mayors the chance to develop a voice which will be heard. “This will be an opportunity to discuss key issues and share best practices. Most importantly, I hope to see the development of a strategy to move forward with an untied voice on our common issues,” she said. “This initiative in no way is meant to take the place of the great work done by organizations such as the UBCM and FCM, and the group intends to work with both organizations. With so many participants, this is probably best done face to face.”

Many Golden residents reach out together to help Simard Darryl Crane Golden residents are doing what they can to help Isabelle Simard who suffered injuries after being attacked by two dogs. According to Leslie Adams who is a friend of Simard’s, many people were trying to find out how they could help her. “A lot of people in the community have been contacting Isabelle’s friends including me to ask about making donations so we

decided to set up anaccount,” Adams said. She went on to say there are many reasons why so many people have been wanting to help. “Isabelle runs a small business and hasn’t been able to work for two weeks and can anticipate not being back full time right away. She also has two teenagers (one son and one daughter) to feed, her mobility will be limited for a few weeks so help with meals will be needed and a big help.” Adams stressed the outpouring of support from the community has been wonderful.

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“This community is amazing at helping out in a crisis. Isabelle is a friendly and caring person and the community is responding to her in a big way. We all pull together when the going gets tough,” she said. To get more information people can email AdamsLeslie77@ (or find Adams on facebook). People interested in helping can also drop off donations at Numbers and Letters or as of Monday there will be a fundraising account at CIBC in Isabelle’s name.







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The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A5

Parents attend teachers’ open house

A hearty snack

Darryl Crane Local teachers held an open house at the Golden Senior Centre on May 9 to answer questions from local parents about what is happening during the current labour dispute with the provincial government. The two hour event was organized by local teachers and the local branch of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation. Parents could stop by to ask any questions at the event. Jennifer Isaac was one of the parents in attendance who has two students in local schools. She said she felt it was important to stop by the event for many reasons. “One of the traditions they do for grade sevens is a trip to Blue Lake. My son came home with tears in his eyes the other day saying the teachers can’t help. I wanted to come and see what I could do to help,” Isaac said. “It has been hard for my daughter as well. She is in grade nine and was supposed to go on a class trip with the band and it got cancelled as well. There is only so much we can do but I want to know what if anything can be done.” Janett Schulz, who has two sons in Lady Grey Elementary, also came by the event. “I came here to support the teaches and get more background information on what point we are at right now,” Schulz said. “It is very unfortunate to see the teachers have to go this way. I think it is good the teachers are taking a stand.” Schulz went on to explain that to her education is not being given the importance it deserves. “Education is the future and the government does not see the future is built with the kids,” Schulz said. Isaac also felt it is important to support the teachers but feels this action has gone on too long. “I understand why the teachers are such a priority for the education. I look at the young children and do not understand how you could have 21 and make sure they get the education they need,” Isaac said. As for the job action going on as long as it has Isaac said she felt it was ridiculous. “They need to sit down and do what needs

Reg Higginson, Carol Higginson and Shannon Wilson all helped out at a barbecue at Sobeys in Golden which raise $220 for the Heart and Stoke Foundation. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

to be done instead of pulling punches.” Schulz explained she does understand the reason behind what the teachers are doing but it is hard for the students who have lost a great deal during this whole experience. “I didn’t think it would go on for so long. It is almost like there is a wall where there is no communication. The government seems very strict and will not negotiate,” Schulz said. Local parent and town councillor Chris Hambruch also attended the event and feels that many things need to change in the way Canadian schools are being run. “I probably have a different perspective on things. My oldest is 32 and my youngest is 12. They have been in the education system for some time. I am hopeful my youngest can come out of the system better than the older ones,” Hambruch said. “I think education in general in this entire country needs to have a serious reconsideration with an end goal to achieve good education for those who come through the system,” Hambruch said. “I think we need to sit down and redo the whole thing. Not in an adversarial manner but in a co-operative way. The educators are the people who know what needs to happen and the legislators take recommendations from them.” Hambruch said he feels this is a lot of protectionism from both sides which has led to an adversarially battle for many years where no one is willing to back down. “The kids are being hurt. The people who need the education are being left out,” Hambruch said. “As a parent we need to be more involved to make sure the kids get what you as a parent think they need. You have to advocate for your children and the teachers will help you.” He added that there is a middle of the road out there if people are willing to work together to be found. He hopes going forward the dispute will be resolved but added the approach being taken is one which will not work. “Both sides, I don’t point a finger at one side. If you are a negotiator then you sit down and negotiate in good faith to come up with reasonable agreements for everyone involved.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police give presentation to Town council Darryl Crane RCMP Sgt. Troy Durand attended the Town of Golden regular council meeting on May 8 to give an update to the councillors. Durand explained that many of the crime statistics for the area have not changed much since last year.

He went on to speak to council about the priorities for the local RCMP detachment. In total he said the detachment has five major priorities. Alcohol, drugs, road safety, identifying prolific offenders and police visibility. Durand said the RCMP has been working with local groups and has given many talks on both drugs and alcohol. He also added the RCMP has been working

on a prime reduction strategy which had a focus on grow operations and trafficking of drugs. “We did two grow ops last year and as people know two weeks ago we did two. So we are ahead this year,” Durand said. The RCMP also issued 780 moving violation tickets under the motor vehicle act including 111 impaired charges. Durand explained the impaired number was high due to different legis-

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lation which was in last year which ended in September. The RCMP were also working to become more visible in town and last summer’s foot patrols was positively accepted by both residents and visitors in the community. This program will be happening again this summer and one officer from the detachment will also be taking a bike patrol course in the upcoming weeks.










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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star


National Police Week From May 14 – 20 across Canada it will be National Police Week. The force is filled with many brave people who are put in many difficult situations as part of their every day work conditions. The men and women serve their communities in many different ways and do their best to provide us a safe world to live in and enjoy. In May 1873, the Parliament of Canada established a cenBy Darryl Crane tral police force. One hundred and fifty recruits were sent west to Manitoba. The new police force gradually acquired the name NorthWest Mounted Police (NWMP). The police in Canada have developed over the years to be a force recognized around the world. Since then many officers have not only become a part of the RCMP but also other provincial police forces as well throughout Canada. I have always felt being a police officer is not a job for the faint at heart. Quite often you only see an officer when something has gone wrong or sadly when a ticket has to be given out. But officers do much for the communities they live in. All we in Golden have to do is look at the work the local RCMP do in our area. Over my months living in this area and in Invermere before, the police were always out helping raise money for charities or taking part in activities with local youth. They take time to go into schools which promotes the realities of the world but also gives children the chance to see them as more than people who drive around in cars and wear a gun. On the RCMP website it says, “Canadian Police Week is dedicated to increasing community awareness and recognition of policing services while strengthening police-community ties.” Those ties are part of what holds communities together. Police Week is governed by four specific objectives which are stated on the RCMP website: -To act as a vehicle in which to reinforce ties with the community; -To honour police officers for the public safety and security they provide to their communities; -To promote the work police do in their communities; -To inform the community about the police role in public safety and security.

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When all is said and done the officers have one of the most challenging jobs which can be imagined. They work in a high stress environment and see some of the darkest parts society has to offer. No one likes them when they are pulled over on the side of the road and if you are the one getting a ticket happiness is not easily found. But it should not be lost on society how much these neighbours do for all of us and we are better off for having them in our areas. They are there when you need them, help those in need and have the power to become a positive influence on those around them. That can never be forgotten.

A Bridge to Bridge Too Far Dear Editor: The current to spend $4,000,000 on raising the Kicking Horse River dyke while at the same time undertaking some beautification of the existing service lane needs a serious second look. Like many of us, I support the idea of the project. However, I have grave concerns about the lack of transparency, the proposed cost, and the failure to consider alternatives, as set out below. The mayor committed to a transparent process. Townsfolk were invited to contact the Town’s administrator with questions. I did so. I had five questions. I wished to know, for example, the total anticipated amount to be paid to Urban Systems for their work on the project, as project engineers. I assume that this would be a line item in the project budget. I wanted to know how much had been paid for the “Bridge to Bridge Project Justification/Business Case” Report. This is the report prepared by Urban Systems which the Town administration appears to be using to justify the project and its costs. More than two weeks later I have answers to none of my questions. The Town has paid for the report; the cost should be easily available. Also, if after more than two weeks the Town cannot even produce the aggregate budgeted figure for engineering costs, then I have concerns about the ability of the Town to financially manage the project.

The letter which Councillor Moss published in the Golden Star recently to justify the project does not speak to the issue which concerns many people, namely whether raising a dyke which is 300 meters long by 1.5 meters should cost $4,000,000. Of this figure about $800,000 is not budgeted for dyke improvement but for other amenities, such as buried power lines and pedestrian walkways. The Town appears not to have considered whether this portion of the project could be deferred until better economic times. The economy in Golden is under severe stress and the Town is still deep in recession. This fact does not seem to be appreciated by the current Town Administration, who have ramped up staffing costs in the Town office dramatically over the past two years, according to the Five Year Financial Plan summary circulated to the public. I do not find the economic analysis to justify the beautification component of B to B compelling – that improving pedestrian access to the existing service lane will actually generate enhanced economic activity. The Business case report just assumes that economic activity will flow from the project, but there is no actual evidence cited that such has happened in any other community. The Town seems to have commissioned a report which proposed one alternative only and adopted it without considering whether it was the best solution. There is no evidence that a second engineering analysis was sought or that the report was independently reviewed.

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Editor’s note To bury the power lines will cost the town of Golden $300,000 . According to Chief Administrative Officer David Allen $200,000 of this will be covered by the provincial /federal flood protection grants. One-third will be covered by a beautification grant from BC Hydro and $37,000 will come from a Telus Grant.




It would be normal for a project with Federal government funding that multiple alternatives would be reviewed so that all project risks would be mitigated and the best economic solution chosen. Even the Golden Nordic Ski club had to obtain three proposals for its day lodge to obtain funding. As someone brought up on the Coast I observed marine style breakwaters featuring steel-contained dykes, for example, often located in environments where protracted and violent wave action occurred. There is no indication that such an alternative has been ever considered for Bridge to Bridge, yet such structures might bypass the extensive excavation that the current proposal will entail and might therefore be cheaper and better manage environmental risks. I think that the conception and the budget for this project were incubated at a time when Golden was booming, but the boom is gone and the council should therefore reconsider what they are proposing in the light of the current economic reality. Bruce F. Fairley Golden







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The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A look at teaching

The cost of vanity

Dear Editor I am a retired teacher and a teacher on call as well as a longtime member of this community. I have strong feelings about Bill 22 and how it disregards democracy and any concern for the children of our community as well as the rest of B.C. Teachers will now be given more special needs students and bigger classes and expected to work more miracles than they have in the past. Over the years teachers in this province have chosen little to no raises to keep class sizes down and reduce the number of special needs children in each class, so as to meet the needs of every student. How does our government repay them? Shred their contracts and vote themselves a raise. Negotiate, this government, no way! When my children went to elementary school in Golden, they had music and band teachers, librarians for research projects, and a program for the gifted students. Now my grandchildren are in B.C. schools but do they get those services, no. Is it because they don’t deserve it? Well their government thinks they don’t. When a teacher gets a classroom it might have some 1950s texts and some old torn posters and it is up to him or her to fill in the gaps. I have seen teachers put out thousands of dollars on materials, books, programs and art supplies as well as donate hours of their time on sports teams, learning clubs and after hour activities. I am proud to say that these people have been my colleagues. By not negotiating with teachers to get a fair contract our government is operating like a dictatorship. We will do what we want and you teachers best get out there and volunteer your time or we will replace you! What do they think teachers have been doing, eating lunch? Whether or not teachers get a raise does not affect me financially, I am pensioned off. But what about my grandson who is gifted, or the one who has severe autism, and the future of all those children I’ve taught and care very deeply about. We all need to do what we can to change education in B.C. We need a government that treats our children better than they treat themselves! I think we need an election, oh did I mention less than one year to go until we vote? Sincerely, Kaye Larwill Golden Mountain biking issues As the summer season approaches local bikers will be keen to get out on the great trails we have around Golden to do some riding. This year, as in previous years, there is a dispute over the use of trails in the area known as the Mountain Shadow Trails. At odds are trail users (particularly bikers) who believe that this Crown land should remain accessible to the public and a woodlot operator who must be able to manage logging operations on that same land. Local bikers see the area as a community resource that offers great esthetic and technical A7

Star OPINION It seems that unless we protest against this ludicrous Bridge to Bridge beautification project planned for the side of the river, it will go ahead. This pathway is going to direct the public down a back lane that is currently used for delivering and loading to businesses that back onto the river. Why the Town councillors have decided that this is such an important project is beyond me, raising the height of the flood protection makes sense but why add a fancy pathway when there is a lovely trail at the opposite side of the river which is au natural and in keeping with the true

spirit of Golden. This extending of very expensive block paving and Champs Elysee style lamp posts from Spirit Square up to the metal bridge, which Highways is possibly going to move in the future, seems like a flight of fancy from a previous Town planner’s attempt to impress her future employers. The impact of borrowing millions is going to be felt by the tax payers of Golden for many years to come and we will be passing this debt plus interest onto our children. It is already expensive enough to live in Golden and the Town Council keeps telling us how concerned they are about affordable housing yet they will happily increase our taxes

Schedule announced for Golden Swimming Pool Season When my children were younger we practically lived at the pool in the summer months. Swimming lessons, afternoon public swimming, then the evening public swim which also included their dad. Then “Family Swim” on Friday evening and the hour before public swimming on Saturday and Sunday which were great times with other families with young children. We were always there for the opening in May and closing on the Labour Day weekend. When they were six years old they joined the swim club, which we have been part of for 13 years. Over the years we have also enjoyed midnight swims such as “Once in a Blue Moon” and other activities put on by the pool staff. There was “Teen Swim” and Water Polo in the evenings. We still enjoy an evening swim on a summer night (we must be

cross country biking trails close to town. This group sees particular value in having these trails as a part of a grand trail system in Golden which includes the Mt 7 and Moonraker trails. Contrary to this view is an equally valid outlook of the woodlot operator who likely views this land as a valuable resource providing local employment, a valuable commodity, and a form of managed conservation of forested land. These are not mutually exclusive views. Both parties can coexist producing respectful relationships between the two user groups. The Moonraker trail system serves as a testament to this fact, operating within a functioning wood-

to cover the cost of their vanity. We have already been told by the Town employees that taxes will have to increase to cover the Town’s running costs and wage increases and that if we do not pay more in taxes we will have to sacrifice snow removal and path clearing, so lets get our priorities in order and say No to this idiotic plan and start looking at ways to cut costs so that people can afford to live in our already beautiful town. I look forward to reading in The Golden Star about when I will be given the opportunity to sign a counter petition against this folly. Sue Ellen Golden

four of the five to 10 swimmers Mr. Petrovics refers to) and look forward to the opening of the pool every year. Our many hours at the pool are full of memories of good times for my children and our family. We haven’t seen any fun swims at the pool for a number of years now, and “family swim” time has disappeared, and now the evening pubic swim is being cancelled. Congratulations Mr. Petrovics. Adults can lane swim from opening until closing seven days a week (including swim club times). The fitness and kayak roll times are more suitable for the adults that attend those programs. Your changes will only cost the community the opportunity for children and families to enjoy the good times at the pool that my family has enjoyed for so many years.

lot. The Mountain Shadow situation differs in that it finds a woodlot operator who feels that in the past his woodlot has not seen respectful practices by bikers and in some cases outright defamation of property. Contrasting this, local riders feel that they have been asked to leave an area due to the actions of a few individuals. There are compelling arguments for both sides. In light of all this, local trail users remain hopeful that a resolution may be found in the future. Until that time, the Golden Cycling Club is asking all bike riders and trail users to avoid use of the Mountain Shadow trails and NOT engage in

Wendy Oszust. Golden any trail maintenance or development. The Cycling Club has no authority to make this request; however, it is hoped that trail users will respect this request as a show of goodwill towards fostering better partnerships between trail users and woodlot owners. Please remember that small actions can have long-lasting detrimental impacts - just look at the current situation. Sincerely, Chad Gennings President, Golden Cycling Club Rick Seward Director, Golden Cycling Club Mountain Shadow Trails

Local seniors not fooled by changes made to DriveABLE Seniors in this area are not fooled by BC Liberal changes to DriveABLE As many of you will know, one of the biggest issues for seniors right now is the implementation of the DriveABLE driver testing requirements for seniors in British Columbia. I’ve spoken with hundreds of seniors in the region who have real concerns about the accessibility and the validity of the test. DriveABLE is a private company that has been contracted by the BC government to test seniors’ fitness to drive. The first step in the testing procedure is a touch-screen computer test. The second is a driving test in a company vehicle. And neither of these tests are available in the communities I represent. Seniors are required to go to Kelow-

na, Nelson, and now Cranbrook for these tests, and the tests do not take place on the same day. From the start, the government put in place a testing system that placed an unfair burden on seniors to travel a great distance, often overnight at their own expense, to take an assessment test that has not been proven to be based on good science. And a failure to pass this test resulted in the withdrawal of a person’s license to drive. In some cases, seniors simply had to give up their licenses because they could not afford the trip to Kelowna. It is too long a story to lay out in this piece all the twists and turns of how the government chose this private company to contract this service, and the government’s complete mismanagement of this program, but I do

want to respond to some claims that have been recently made by local BC Liberal supporters. The latest talking points from the BC Liberals have a local spokesperson saying that the government has responded to the concerns raised by seniors about the DriveABLE computer testing program. I have to say that that is categorically untrue. Seniors still have to travel long distances to take this test. While every young person who wishes to get a drivers license has access to testing in their own community, seniors still have to drive up to three hours to a testing location. Seniors are still being required to take a drivers fitness test that has not been scientifically proven. The government has only recently said that they are requiring a peer-review of the

program, something that most would assume had been done long before any government agency would have signed a multi-million dollar contract. For the BC Liberals to say that they have listened to seniors is an insult. Every concern raised by seniors was self-evident, and these basic issues should have been resolved before any government signed a contract. Seniors in this area are not fooled by the BC Liberal government’s tinkering around the edges. Seniors know that the changes to BC’s driver assessment program for seniors was misguided from the start, and that a fullscale change needs to made to make it right. While none of us want unsafe or unqualified drivers on the road, we all believe that every adult, regard-

- MLA Report By Norm Macdonald

less of their age, should be entitled to an assessment process that is equally accessible and based on the best science.

TRANS FATS, REST IN PEACE. learn more at



Wednesday, May 16 2012 The Golden Star

more information... go to Events •• For Looking for ski hill events? Entertainment

The CSRD and Wildsight are partnering to deliver the

THE MASTER COMPOSTER/ MASTER RECYCLER PROGRAM JUNE 23, 2012 Volunteers interested in this program will complete a weekend course consisting of in class instruction and a ďŹ eld exercise. Course material will consist of: Q environmental stewardship including the history of waste management; Q home composting; Q household hazardous waste; Q vermicomposting; Q residential recycling; Participants will be required to contribute a minimum of 35 hours of volunteer activity after the course promoting the three R’s – Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. For more information, or to obtain an application, please contact the CSRD at: 250-833-5936 1-888-248-2773 Columbia Shuswap Regional District

Golden Cinema Presents

Carrie at the Golden Family Centre - 250-344-2000.

The Pirates: Band of Misfits (3D) Showing Wednesday May 16 to Thursday, May 17 at 7pm. Matinee at 2pm on Sunday, May 13.

Afterschool Shakeup – FREE homework help for students in grades 8 to 12. Ever y Wednesday, 3:30 – 5 p.m. in the Golden Secondar y School por table from now until June 2012. Call 250-439-9665 for more information.

Dark Shadows Showing: Friday May 18 - Thursday May 24 at 7pm. Late shows Friday & Saturday at 9:15 p.m.

This Week Monday and Wednesday Night Badminton- Monday 7-8:30 p.m. and Wednesday from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Rec Plex. Adults & students welcome. $7 for adults, $5 for seniors and students. A.P.E.S. After School Program Ever y Monday to Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. at Alexander Park Elementar y. For more info or to register, please contact the After School Program manager at 272-0425. Pilates-for better bones, balance and strength. Session starts Monday May 7 thru Friday, June 1. Every Monday & Friday at the Rec Plex. For info and registration call College of the Rockies, 250-344-5901.

Wed, May 16 Jam Night with Jeremy Open Mic at the RockwaterBring your instrument or your voice. Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce AGM, Wednesday May 16, 6:30 pm at the Island Restaurant. Call Ruth, 250-344-4125 or email ruth@ for info. Golden Golf Club Community Day fREE golf. Food donation to the Food bank. Positive Discipline A free parenting education program ever y Wednesday from 3:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Alexander Park Elementar y, Strong Start room for children, Music room for parents. (Snacks and childcare provided for children). The program starts April 11, and will run until June 6. For more info, or to register contact Rachel or

This week's achievement award goes to...

Thurs, May 17 Ben & Eric Jam Night at the Golden Taps Pub. Youth Action Group Thursdays from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Golden Secondary portable from now until June 2012. This free program aims to create more opportunities for youth in Golden! Call 250-439-9665 for more information. Parents Reading, Children Succeeding - FREE 6-week program for children ages 3 to 5 and their parents, April 26 to May 31, 10 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. in the StrongStart room. Call 439-9324 for info and to register.

Fri, May 18 DJ Momentum Top 40 all request DJ, hip hop, rock, dance, club at Rockwater Grill and Bar.

Sat, May 19 Karaoke Night The Mad Trapper hosts a karaoke night every Saturday. The Golden Outdoor Swimming Pool Opens. Lane swim from 1-2 p.m., Public Swim from 2-8 p.m.

Sun, May 20 Junior Climbing Club Sundays 12:30-2pm. Cost $45 for a 4 session punch card. Booking is recommended, call Ian or Rachel, 250-344-6444. www.

Mon, May 21 Ryan, Cory, & Christopher Three solo performers-accoustic small stage at Rockwater Grill and Bar. 9pm start.

Grief and loss support group Mondays, 7:30pm at the Pentacostal Church, 717 10th St. Call Jim, 250-344-2459.

Tues, May 22 John Jenkins & Friends Live acoustic mountain folk, Rock, Reggae, improv. Starts at 8pm at Rockwater Grill & Bar. Afterschool Shakedown – FREE homework help for students in Grades 3 to 7. Every Tuesday, 3:30 – 5 p.m. at the Lion’s Den (below the public library) from now until June 2012. This program aims to help students with homework and areas of difficulty such as reading, writing and math. Call 4399665 for more information.

Upcoming Events Golden & District Community Foundation’s AGM at the Island Restaurant on Wednesday, May 23 at 7pm. Golden’s Youth Action Group in collaboration with the GSS Leadership class are hosting an “Amazing Race� style event. The youth of Golden Secondary School are getting ready to be amazed on May 24. To read more about the event go to page 9. Moka Only at the Rockwater Moka released five recordings in 2011, and will be in Golden to play some new material, and old classics on Friday May 25 . Tickets are $10. On Saturday May 26, Broken Down Suitcase will be celebrating their latest musical accomplishment with their friends at the Rockwater Grill and Bar. Tickets are $15, which gets you entry as well as a copy of Broken Down Suitcase’s new album. Healthy Lawn and Garden Fair at the Golden Civic Centre Saturday May 26, 11 am to 4 pm. Wildsight Golden in partnership with The Town of Golden and supporting group the Canadian Cancer Society, host 2012’s HealthyLawn and Garden Fair. Please join us and register! Free to attend. InspireHealth is hosting an informational session online on May 29 from 12:15 to 1 p.m.

This webinar will provide information about the LIFE Program that could be coming to Invermere on October 11 and 12, depending on the response they get from this webinar. You can reach Sue Engelbracht at 250342-6846; Donna Slobodzian via email at twinoakd@shaw. ca; Connie Watson at 250-3426688; or visit their website at Historical Society regular monthly meeting, May 30 at 6:30pm. Call Colleen palumbo for info 250-344-5169. Teddy Bear Picnic Thursday, June 7, from 10:30am12pm. at Kinsmen (Clown) Park, 0-6 years. Music, live entertainment, a little snack. Buck 65 at Rockwater Grill & Bar Friday, June 8. Doors open at 9:30pm. First 50 tickets $20 then $25, at the door $30. Tickets available at Plain Wayne & Jane and Jitas Cafe or www. Golden R.C.M.P. 27th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. June 11. Shotgun start at 9am. Please contact the RCMP Detachment at 344-2221 for more info. Nature’s WIld Edible Foods Saturday June 16, 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Are you interested in learning about what edible foods surround you and how you can use them for food and/ or alternative health? Registration is limited to 15 people so get your spot soon. Cost is $15 for WIldsight members and $20 for non-members. To register, please contact or 250344-4961. Sneak a Peak Weekend at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Join us as we kick off summer operations early. We will be opening up the resort on Saturday June 23rd & Sunday June 24th so you can be the first to visit, bike the trails, hike the peaks, and have scenic lunch at Eagles Eye. Master Composting Workshop The Columbia Shuswap Regional Disctict (CSRD) is starting its Master Composting Program, Wildsight Golden is a supporting partner in this event. Are you interested? Contact or 250-344-4961 to register for this free workshop.

Leah Keilty For being a good friend

and a hard worker.

Stop in by May 23, 2012 to receive your small blizzard tt

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A9

Kicking around

Local youth connects at CBT summit Darryl Crane

Katie Dawes and Gianna Folino play hard during warm ups at the soccer field. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

Youth to hold amazing race Sara Nichols Youth Coordinator Golden Youth Action Group The youth of Golden Secondary School are getting ready to be amazed on May 24. Golden’s Youth Action Group in collaboration with the GSS Leadership class are hosting an “Amazing Race” style event. Youth will be following clues that lead them to businesses and organizations throughout the town of Golden. Each team will complete various tasks, challenges, and detours in the race to finish first. At the end, all participants and volunteers will meet back at Golden Secondary School for a celebratory barbecue.

The goal of this event is to raise awareness of the upcoming youth center (opening fall 2012!) as well as to build relationships between the youth and the community of Golden. We have had an ‘amazing’ amount of support from local businesses, but are looking for more community volunteers to help with this event. If anyone is interested in getting involved, the event will be on May 24th from 12:15 to 3:15. Interested volunteers (or if you want to donate a prize), please contact Sara Nichols-the Youth Action Group youth co-ordinator at, or Runa Bjarnason-Wilson- the leadership teacher- at 344-2201. There are going to be lots of prizes and it’s going to be lots of fun! We hope to see many people involved!

A group of dedicated youth took time from their busy schedules to gather in Kimberley for the 2012 CBT CONNECT Youth Action Summit. One of the Multimedia Team for the event was Golden resident Megan Crandall. This meant she was a part of the team that documented all the events throughout the weekend. Crandall said the Multimedia Team were given a crash course on the Thursday of the event where they learned background on film and media overall. “I heard about it a couple of months ago, a few teachers had been talking about it and were encouraging students to apply. I had to go through an application process, and then a week later I found out I was accepted,” Crandall said. She went on to explain this was something she wanted to do because she thinks younger people need to be involved. “Things don’t get done on their own. I think it is important that youth be involved, especially when it comes to what

Taking off on the Flying W trail rides Darryl Crane Summer is just around the corner but the time is here to get out of the house and go for a unique ride with the friendly staff at Flying W Trail Rides. Owned by Trina and Warren Wolfenden for the past 10 years the family has enjoyed their time working with people in a great environment. “I have loved horses all of my life and I love working with people,” Trina said. After taking an adventure tourism business management course in Invermere she returned to start her business. Trina was born and raised in Golden and loves what she is doing. “I get to be outside all day. It is hard work but the people who work for us and come by for a ride are amazing. There is nothing bad about this,” she said. Tours will be starting on the May long weekend until the second weekend in September. Trina said the tours can last from one hour to three hours depending what people are looking to do. She went on to explain that children as young as six can come out to go for a ride with the company. “We take kids with or without parents (as long as parents sign a waiver). We have no problem with kids getting dropped off for a couple of hours and the kids have a blast.” The group also will help give a great day for the children under six who cannot go on the trails. They do their best to have pony rides for the younger kids. The company has 12 of their own horses and also have some horses on loan for the summer from people in the valley. “We get many horses that we look after for the summer,” she said. Part of the reason they have the extra horses is so they can rotate them from the trail rides to having time off. “Horses need a break too. They are just like people.”

they want. We have to learn that if we want something done, we very often have to do it ourselves,” Crandall said. “This past weekend, I saw so many different youth. They were from all different communities, all different ages and different interests. In the end though, they all had one thing in common; they wanted to make a difference in their community.” Even though she was excited to be a part of the meetings Crandall admitted she was not sure what to expect. “I didn’t really know what to expect going into it. I knew I was a part of the Multimedia Team, and that’s about it. I knew that all the other participants would be going to create their Action Plans, but I was unaware if I was also going to be creating one. During our crash course though, I learned a lot about media and film which I found very interesting,” she said. Crandall explained the reason for the summit was for youth to create action plans that they could take back to their community. “The action plans had to somehow aid the community; whether it was with youth, the environment, etc. Youth could either do projects

Megan Crandall recently returned from 2012 CBT CONNECT which was held in Kimberley. Darryl Crane/Star Photo on their own or work in teams of two or three to organize an event in their community,” she said. As for how the event went overall, Crandall was thrilled with the experience. “I had an awesome experience and met tons of amazing people. It was one of those events that by the end, no one wanted to leave. We did tons of fun activities, like a game show for example, where we had different games and trivia categories to do with our teams,”

she said. “They definitely kept us busy. We had tons of filming to do, and also editing. I have never filmed, let alone edited, a video. It was a very long process, as in when I was doing it I never wanted to do it again. When I saw our end result though, I was very proud of it. I encourage any one who is passionate about making a difference or wanting to connect with your community to attend the next one (which should be in 2014).”




An application for an outdoor patio has been received by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch from OMEGA BAR & GRILL located at 902-11th Avenue South in Golden. The current licensed hours are between 11 AM to 2 AM on Monday to Saturday and 11 AM to Midnight on Sunday. The interior is licensed for 93 persons currently. The proposed patio area will accommodate 38 persons. Residents and owners of businesses located within a .5 mile (0.8 km) radius of the proposed site may comment on this proposal by 1) in writing to: THE GENERAL MANAGER C/O Senior Licensing Analyst LIQUOR CONTROL AND LICENSING BRANCH PO BOX 9292 Victoria, BC V8W 9J8 2) by email: As for why this is a great family activity Trina said, “It is an awesome way to see the scenery. When you are on top of a horse you will see more wildlife. We have seen deer and fawns and other wildlife on the trails. Our guides know the valley as well and have become a part of our little family.” To book a scenic tour call 250-344-0495 or check out

PETITIONS AND FORM LETTERS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED To ensure the consideration of your views, your comments, name and address must be received on or before June 16, 2012. Please note that your comments may be made available to the applicant or local government officials where disclosure is necessary to administer the licensing process.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Great treasures to be found at Jones Trading Post in Golden Jessica Schwitek A walk through the aisles filled with shelves of antiques and various collectables is like a walk through time at Jones Trading Post. For the past 35 years, the

historical house on Golden’s 10th Avenue North has been home to one of the town’s most interesting shops, selling new and used antiques and collectables. “I want to find a way to keep this building honoured, alive and viable



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in Golden’s future,� said Christine Ferguson, who has owned Jones Trading Post for the past 10 years with her husband Charles McElderry. The threestorey building, which has been around for 100 years, is also their home. The couple has loved running the shop for the past decade, but in a changing world, they have put up a for sale sign in hopes someone else is wanting to carry on the tradition. We’ve been wanting to pass the torch on to someone who wants to keep doing it, keep the building alive and vital, and part of Golden,� said Ferguson. “We need to get modern, get on the internet and bring that part into play. We thought someone else would like to take that torch and do all that fun stuff.� The store spans two floors, and carries everything from furniture, electronics, and artwork, to books, collectables, vintage items and historical memorabilia. Stores like WalMart, with very inexpensive furniture and home appliances, have hurt the second


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Christine Ferguson and Charles McElderry stand in front of their store Jones Trading Post. The store has countless treasures, antiques and collectables, including a “Golden� corner featuring artifacts from the town’s history. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo hand business. So Ferguson likes to focus on the antiques and collectables. “The fun part is when we get to gather the really good things, and I get to research them on the internet. That’s what a person sort of lives for, the one piece that comes in that’s really special or unique,� said a smiling Ferguson during a tour of the business. “Will this or that be popular, or has it passed it’s time? We don’t know, and after 10 years we still can’t tell. That’s the fun part.� The Trading Post is separated into sections, some organized by decade, others by brand (like Avon or Hummel). Kitchenware and books have their own spot, as does electronics which Ferguson says used to be the “bread

and butter� of the secondhand business, but has since become obsolete. But one of the most special sections in the whole store is the “Golden� section. There is an entire corner of the shop dedicated to items that showcase the history of Golden. “Because people know we have this section, people are starting to bring us things that are so cool,� said Ferguson, holding up some buttons and trucker hats from events and businesses around Golden. They have a menu, covered in protective plastic, from the Golden Arms Hotel. The menu, from the 1960s, featured a Porterhouse steak for $4, and a cup of coffee for 10 cents. “A lot of people around town will remember that

hotel. It was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights,� said Ferguson, adding that the building has now been demolished. “A lot of the boys that worked in the bush would hit that place for dinner.� The antique business is a lot of work, but it has been Ferguson’s passion for many years. And she has found that there are a few perks to owning an antique store. “Why we stuck to this business for so long, is so we can snatch up little treasures like this 1953 Tappen Deluxe Stove, and does it ever work well,� she said, pointing to a white stove in her home that I would only recognize from old movies. Ferguson is a collector herself, and pointed out a few of her favourite pieces during a walkthrough

of her home. She has an entire bookshelf full of “couples,� including duo of “dope-smoking aliens.� “We have so many customers that have turned into friends, and I bet half of these (couples) have come from people who, once they know you collect something, they keep their eyes out for them,� she said. Over the years she has developed relationships with quite a few regular customers, and has also racked up a few memorable stories from new visitors as well. “We have a lot of regulars that bust in and have to tell their stories. And every day we get a story from some family that wanders in. The mom will say ‘I had that as a wedding gift,’ or something like that. It’s so wonderful to hear.�

Encouraging signs in the Real Estate market The Kootenay Real Estate Board (KREB), in data released, reported that the total value of real estate sales for the East and West Kootenays for the three months to the end of March 31, 2012 was $97 million, up a whopping 50 per cent from the same period for 2011. The total number of properties that traded hands in the first quarter of 2012 was reported to be 385, up from 280 for the same period last year; a significant increase of 38 per cent. Real Estate sales in Golden also improved significantly over last

year. Cumulative residential property sales in the town of Golden for the three month period ending March 31, 2012 were $1.2 million. Six properties were sold during the quarter compared to only one property that traded hands in the same period for the previous year. Although one quarter does not make a trend, the data is encouraging. In Rural Golden, nine residential properties sold in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the five properties that sold during the same period in 2011. Total real estate sales for the three months

ending March 31, were $2.6 million in 2012 compared with $2.3 million in 2011, an increase of 16 per cent. A flurry of activity in the first quarter at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort accounted for seven of the nine properties sold in rural Golden. This can be attributed to the excitement surrounding the purchase of the resort by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) which is expected to have longterm positive effects. Real Estate prices at the resort have fallen by 35 to 40 per cent since 2005, very similar to other resort

- Real Estate Report By Keith Hern

developments in the province, however, if this recent activity is sustained through the rest of 2012, it may signal the bottom of the market for Kicking Horse real estate.

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A11

CIBC helps Children’s Hospital

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t Golf-Max includes 2 Free 18 hole rounds, or 4 Free 9 hole rounds, of golf with shared golf cart t Plus receive 15% off all subsequent regular priced rounds t Hurry, quantities are limited

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Alyna Raposo was one of the volunteers who was on hand at the CIBC yard sale held on May 12 in support of the BC Children’s Hospital. In total the sale raised $370. Darryl Crane/Star Photo

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Field residents upset over cuts in Yoho National Park Jessica Schwitek Residents in the community of Field are struggling to cope with the

news that federal budget cuts will be causing some very significant changes with Parks Canada. Not only has Parks decided to stop groom-

ing 36 kilometres (which is more than half) of ski trails in Yoho National Park, but they have changed the hours at the Field visitor information

centre, which will now be closed over the winter and shoulder seasons. “This is about Parks Canada turning its back on us,” said Chair of the

Field Community Council, Craig Chapman. There are 134 residents in Field, and they rely on the tourism industry to keep the commun-

ity going. These decisions by Parks Canada place a greater priority with the summer tourists, which they say account for roughly 87 per cent of the

Canadians are living longer and costs for the Old Age Security (OAS) are rising. On April 1, 2023 the Government of Canada plans to start raising the age of eligibility for OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) from 65 to 67.*

What does this mean for you? 54 or older as of March 31, 2012

You may still obtain OAS/GIS at age 65

53 or younger as of March 31, 2012

The age of eligibility for OAS/GIS will change gradually between 2023 and 2029

Starting in July 2013, Canadians who are eligible for, but not yet receiving OAS will have the flexibility to delay receiving it in exchange for a higher monthly amount at a later date.

The number of working-age Canadians for every senior is decreasing** 6 5

The number of working-age Canadians per senior is decreasing, placing additional pressure on the OAS program.

4 3 2 1 0 1990



**Source: 9th Actuarial Report on the Old Age Security Program

For a free brochure or more information visit or call 1 800 O-Canada (TTY 1-800-926-9105) *Subject to parliamentary approval

visitors to Yoho National Park. “Suddenly overnight, they’ve announced that we’re no longer a winter destination,” said Chapman. Residents in Field worry that turning their backs on the winter tourists, most notably the cross country skiers who flock to the area for the 60 km of groomed trails including the Natural Bridge trail, Emerald Lake loop, Field to Emerald Lake trail and Takkakaw Falls Road, will have a negative ripple throughout the town. Golden residents often make the trip to Field to enjoy the nordic trails at Emerald Lake. The Kicking Horse Ski Club used to share the grooming responsibility with Yoho National Park. But two years ago the park took over completely, as the club, with an aging base, was having difficulty maintaining the reponsibility. The news that parks would cease to continue grooming was a shock. Grooming of the cross country trails in Lake Louise and Banff National Park will not be cut. The money that will be saved from these cuts, will not make up for the loss of tourism revenue Field will see. “These are not logical decisions,” said Chapman. “And nobody is going to accept this. We’re going to keep pushing, and hopefully get these two decisions reversed.” Member of Parliament David Wilks will be in Field at the Field Community Centre on Monday May 21 from 2 to 3 p.m. to discuss the cuts with the community. Locals have already begun a letter-writing campaign to lobby Environment Minister Peter Kent. These changes are the result of major cutbacks in parks across the country from the 2012 budget. Across Canada, 605 Parks Canada employees were given lay-off notices and 1,072 will see their hours reduced. The Harper government’s budget, which was tabled on March 29, aims to eliminate 19,000 jobs across the various federal government departments and agencies in a bid to save $5.2 billion.

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mother’s Day Serenade

Local musician John Jenkins performed at a Mother’s Day Tea held at Mountainside Garden’s on May 13. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo

Moka Only to play Rockwater May 25 New CD for local band

Golden Star Staff Anyone familiar with Canadian west coast hip hop will surely know his name, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard one of his songs. In his decade-and-a-half long career (so far) Moka Only has released more than 40 albums, both solo and collaborative, and has climbed the Canadian charts for his projects with Swollen Members and Len (who blew up in 1999 with their monster hit single “Steal My Sunshine”). Moka Only, often considered to be a pioneer and driving force behind the west coast scene, has announced a stop at the Rockwater Grill and Bar on May 25. It all began rather humbly in his hometown of Victoria, BC, where Moka Only discovered hip hop culture at an early age, starting out as a graffiti artist before switching to rhyming at house parties and freestyling anywhere and everywhere alongside partner K-Prevail (recording together as Splitsphere). In 1994, Moka made the move to San Diego in order to further his rap career, creating a number of connections that he would later use to his advantage. Upon moving back to Canada in 1995 and taking up residence in Vancouver, Moka met Mad Child, and along with

Golden Star Staff

K-Prevail, now just Prevail, the three emcees founded Swollen Members one night at a Denny’s, with Moka coining their multiple meaning name. However, a group dynamic was not for Moka and he soon moved on to a solo career. He has since joined them for several collaborations while furthering his solo career and both a rapper and a producer. Moka released five recordings in 2011, and will be in Golden to play some new material, and old classics on Friday May 25. Tickets are $10.

SUNDAYS Prime Rib (while quantities last). Bloody Caesars $4.25 MONDAYS NY Steak Sandwich w/ fries or greens $7.75 OK Springs 1516 sleeves $3.75 or pitchers $12.50 Highballs $3.75 Dbls $6.25 TUESDAYS Bison Burger w/ fries or greens $5.25 Sleeman Original Draught sleeves $3.75 or pitchers $12.50

One of Golden’s favourite local bands has decided to share their brand new album with their local fans, and have a CD release party right here in Golden. On Saturday May 26, Broken Down Suitcase will be celebrating their latest musical accomplishment with their friends at the Rockwater Grill and Bar. Broken Down Suitcase is a roots inspired folk duo, consisting of Ben Caldwell of Cromwell, New Zealand, and Eric Larocque of Toronto, Canada. Their music combines haunting harmonies with melodies that immerse you in the dirty depths of music history. Caldwell found his musical talents while growing up in the church. It was there he learned the various harmonic singing styles which are evident in the band’s material. Larocque has also been playing music

WEDNESDAYS 1Lb of Wings & Dos Equis $10.00 Dos Equis Buckets $15.50 (4) THURSDAYS Personal Pizza & Moosehead or Black Lager Sleeve $10 Moosehead Lager or Okanagan Black Lager sleeves $3.75 or pitchers $12.50 FRIDAYS ½ Price Full Size Nachos. Sleeman Honey Brown or Cream Ale Btls $3.75 HOCKEY PLAYOFFS 7 TVs and the Big Screen – Surround Sound – EVERY NIGHT. Come watch your favourite team and enjoy game day specials.

most of his life, taking singing lessons as a boy before switching to guitar. He studied history in St. Catherines, Ontario, then moved to Edmonton where he grew his musical appreciation. He eventually landed in Golden, where he met Caldwell and started Broken Down Suitcase. Broken Down Suitcase’s material is etched with stories, personal meaning, and will take you to a time when music had soul. By using time-honoured instrumentation such as acoustic guitar, banjo, and harmonica, and styles ranging from Americana, Blues, Traditional folk, Rock and Roll, and indie-rock; Broken Down Suitcase pays homage to these traditions while embracing a timeless sound. They will be welcoming special guests, fellow Golden band Willhorse, to their album release party. Tickets are $15, which gets you entry as well as a copy of Broken Down Suitcase’s new album.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Time flying towards the end of year at APES Vicci Nelson Principal APES For all of us at Alexander Park School, the next few weeks will continue to fly by as we see the end of this school year just around the corner. While it may seem a little early to be think-

ing about the 20122013 school year, staff is in the midst of making plans for next year. As we are beginning to make organizational plans, it would be helpful if parents would notify the school as soon as possible. The end of April and the beginning of May

has been a cultural extravaganza for us. We were treated to the amazing performance of ‘No Strings Attached’ by Lady Grey students. The Ernest Manning High School band from Calgary gave a wonderful concert and we are excited about the Golden Secondary School

band coming at the end of the month. Parks Canada’s presentation of ‘Wild Sings’ was highly entertaining for both students and staff. The talented Masabo troupe shared traditional cultures of various African nations through music, dance and storytelling. A.P.E.S. students



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and staff are extremely fortunate to have been treated to so many entertaining performances. Just a reminder about the StrongStart Early Learning Centre at A.P.E.S. It’s a free drop in program for babies and preschoolers up to the age of 5 along with their parents. Children have the chance to interact with other little ones and take part in many different activities such as drawing, colouring, singing, building, gym time, and listening to stories. The centre is open Monday and Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 a.m. -11:45 a.m., and Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all of the parents and community members, who continue to volunteer their time at the school.

Grad BBQ Fundraiser May 26, 2012 11am to 3 pm At The Jepson Petroleum Ltd (Petro Canada) Bulk Plant

Cheeseburger And Pop $4.00 Hotdog And Pop $3.00 Raffle Tickets $2.00 Each

1st Prize: Yukon Propane Fire Pit 2nd Prize: 100 Liters Of Fuel 3rd Prize: 20lb Propane Cylinder & Fill Tickets on Sale Now at Jepson Petroleum Ltd Tickets will also be available at the BBQ

All Proceeds Go To The Grad Class Of 2012 Proud Sponsors Are Jepson Petrolem Ltd, Jepson Propane Ltd, Overwaitea Foods and National Energy

Come out enjoy the sun, have a burger and help the Grad Class of 2012

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A15

Parson Ponies The Parson Community Hall Society hosted a Spring Fling on Saturday May 12. The event was being hosted by a group of dedicated volunteers who have gotten together to keep the Parson Community Hall open for use in the community. The day was part of many events the group has planned over the past few months. There have already been a few smaller events held at the hall, but the Spring Fling was the big final event of the season. People will take the summer off, but will use the time to come up with the next steps for the group in the fall. The weather was great for the fling and those in attendance had great food at a barbecue with burgers, pop and chips (for both lunch and dinner). There was a kid’s craft table where younger kids made Mother’s Day cards (as Mother’s Day was the following day), pony rides, and live entertainment. There was even a Zumba class held at the event. (Pictured left) Among the fun in the sun was pony rides from Flying W Trail Rides. Trina Wolfenden, president of the society, put her son Tanner on a horse to show the other kids how it’s done. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo

Request for Proposal EARLY LEARNING & CARE CHAMPION Funding for this project is made possible through the Columbia Basin Trust, Community Initiates Program

Time to learn about lawns and gardens Darryl Crane Wildsight Golden in partnership with The Town of Golden, Columbia Basin Trust have teamed up to host a free event called the Healthy Lawn and Garden Fair on May 26, 2012 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is going to be held at the Golden Civic Centre and will give people the chance to drop by and have some fun while learning about the potential of the world around them. Rachel Darvill is the Columbia Headwaters Program Manager with Wildsight. “It is going to be held because we want to encourage the community towards having healthy lawns and gardens which are pesticides free,” Darvill said. At the time of production 20 groups had signed up to take part in the event along with special free workshops and live music. There will also be some very special door prizes (including two composters donated by the CSRD) which people in attendance will have the chance to win. Younger residents who come out to the event will also have the chance to plant seeds and paint re-useable

shopping bags at the event. “We are also going to have a plant exchange. We are encouraging people to bring perennials or annuals and then they can sell them or trade them at the fair,” Darvill said. “This year we are hosting five free workshops. They start at 1 p.m. and run until 3:30 p.m. The first one will be at 1 p.m. on holistic tree care, then at 1:30 seed sprouting. At 2 p.m. we are holding a workshop on how to attract native bees, at 2:30 we have one on worm composting and finally at 3 p.m. there will be one on organic lawn care.” Darvill believes this type of event is important for areas like Golden. “People want to learn how to be a more sustainable community. This really teaches them how to work towards of the ways to become more sustainable is to grow your own food organically. Darvill added the town has been working hard to become more environmentally friendly. “I think we have done a lot of great things in the town but there is a lot that we can still do.” For further information, or to register, please contact Rachel Darvill at 250-344-4961 or

The Giving Tree Child Care Society, together with The Columbia Basin Trust and College of the Rockies are looking to hire a consultant to create the business plan/model for an ongoing infant toddler and group child care facility in the Golden and the Area A community. Project Objectives: t Conduct the research to determine the sustainability of a day care facility operation in Golden BC, a small rural community. t Define the Business Model for early learning & care to sustain such a facility and support existing private day care facilities. t Secure the infant toddler facility to support 8 new spaces for children. t Create the social enterprise model under which the day care facility will operate. t Define the long term model that identifies lifelong learning for children and early learning and care providers in our community. t Research and define the funding opportunities available to support the sustainability of a multi-use, multi-generational HUB. t Project Requirements: t Phase I: Infant toddler facility: May to August 2012 t Secure the infant toddler physical space and the social enterprise to support it. Phase II: Multi-use, Multi-generational Learning HUB: September to December 2012. t Building from phase one, t Identify the long term goals of a sustainable child care facility, a multi-purpose, multigenerational HUB for learning & care. t Create the social enterprise to operate a day care facility. t Build the governance model under which the day care facility will operate. t Define a long term model that identifies lifelong learning for children and early learning and care providers in our community. t Research and define the funding opportunities available to support the sustainability of a multi-use, multi-generational HUB. Project must be completed on or before December 14, 2012. The project highlights and recommendations and business case will be presented to the Stakeholder Action Group and relative community groups and individuals. Five hard copies of the report and an electronic version will be required. The report must be bound and submitted to the Stakeholder Oversight Committee. Project Monitoring The Early Learning & Care Stakeholder Action Group Oversight Committee will work with the successful candidate regularly to ensure opportunities are realized through the research, to support best practices and to ensure the project is focused. Candidate Requirements: The successful candidate must, t Possess a Bachelor level degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline. t Provide evidence of their research capability and business acumen. t Possess strong communication, writing, and presentation and technology skills. t Be organized and able to work independently. t Must be able to meet strict timelines. Contract Fees: The project value is $30,000.00. This fee includes all travel and associated expenses relative to the project. All those interested in submitting a proposal for the project, must do so by,

Friday, May 25th by 4:00pm to be considered. Both hardcopy and electronic copies of the RFP will be accepted. Copies received after 4:00pm are considered late and will not be reviewed. Please submit your applications to: Ms. Rhonda Smith, Giving Tree Childcare Society P.O. Box 415 Golden, BC V0A 1H0

Karen Cathcart College of the Rockies 1305 9th Street S. Golden, BC V0A 1h0


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Spilli Chilli Cookoff cancelled for 2012 but will return in 2013 Nola Alt submitted The Spilli Chilli cookoff, usually held the first Saturday in June, has been cancelled for this year. The property which has housed the event for the past few years is now to be sold and time does not allow preparing another site for this year. Good news, however, the Bergen family of Castledale, about 10 minutes north of Spillimacheen, has offered to host the event next year at their Quinn

Creek Campground. Be sure and watch for all the details next spring. This event has become a Valley tradition since its humble beginnings in 1995 in a small campground behind the townsite of Spillimacheen. Originally started as a venue for budding musicians, the event was welcomed by aspiring chilli cooks, more seasoned musicians, valley businesses and folks looking for a way to spend a lovely spring day with family and friends and enjoy lots of good food

and music. The event outgrew the original location and another one across the river before settling for 10 years on the Dunne property just south of Spillimacheen. The organizers have been adamant about keeping the event free to the public, providing an opportunity for everyone to attend and have a good time. Through the years, Valley musicians have donated their time and talents by entertaining the crowd while

chilli cooks concocted sometimes fiery offerings for the brave to sample. Valley businesses have been generous with their donations of prizes for the winning cooks and door prizes for the visitors. The number of visitors topped 700 last year, so it appears the event has fulfilled its purpose. All is not lost this year however. There will be a street fair celebration on June 2 in Spillimacheen so Valley folks who were looking forward to a mid-valley festival will not be dis-

appointed. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Spillimacheen Trading Post so there will be festivities to mark this milestone. As well, there will be free guided wetland interpretative tours at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. so bring your binoculars and meet at the Spilli Bean Coffee Shop viewpoint. We will depart for a short walk to the Columbia River and surrounding wetlands to learn a bit about the history, geology and wildlife in the area.

Apprecation shown for Early Childhood Educators Jessica Schwitek British Columbia is recognizing May as Child Care Month, but some people are concerned about the government’s commitment to invest in the early years of childhood. “Childcare has been an issue in Canada forever. The issue of universal childcare keeps popping up in Parlia-

ment, and then getting dropped,” said Joanne McCullough, co-ordinator with Golden’s Early Childhood Development Coalition (ECDC). “Families are really struggling here in B.C. Childcare is a critical issue.” In response to the current crisis in child care, The Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC), have released “ECEs Go Viral”, a project to


Servicing: Lake Louise, Field, Golden & the Columbia Valley We can help prevent chimney fires

250-344-5599 Columbia Shuswap Regional District MAY BOARD MEETING The May meeting of the Board of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District will be held at the District of Sicamous Council Chambers located at 446 Main Street, Sicamous BC on Thursday May 17, 2012 commencing at 9:30 AM. Regularly-scheduled Board meetings are held in the CSRD Board Room located in Salmon Arm. For more information on the CSRD, please visit

inform the broader community of the important role early childhood educators play in early care and learning. “In my 20-year career I have seen too many quality licensed Early Childhood Educators leave the field due to the lack of respect for their work, low wages and benefits,” said Emily Mlieczko, Executive Director of ECEBC. “After five years of being in the field half of our qualified professionals leave.” ECEBC has active-

ly taken the initiative to support early childhood educators throughout the province. Their Leadership Initiative was designed to support ECEs to take their values and practices outside the walls of their programs and into the broader community. “I really want to recognize our local childcare providers and thank them,” said McCullough. “Early Childhood Educators go to school for two years, get a cer-

tificate, and then they have to do all these practicum hours. It’s a really important job in our community, and some people believe they are the unsung heros of our community. They take care of our children and educate them as well. They’re building our future, and yet they don’t make very much money, and they don’t get very much recognition.” The ECDC is bringing in guest speaker Sharon Gregson to talk about a plan for a possible solu-

Advertising Deadline NOON, Thursday, May 17

to have it adopted,” said McCullough. The plan would address not only standards and needs for early childhood education, but also include government subsidized wages for the early childhood educators, make it more affordable for B.C. families. “We have to have quality childcare that is affordable, and pay the people who are taking care of our children a reasonable wage,” said McCullough. “So that’s what the plan is trying to

Local RCMP step up to take on drunk driving Jessica Schwitek It took only a few seconds to change this family’s life forever. And now they are spending years to help make this province and this country a better place. In 2013 Alexa Middalaer would have turned 10 years old. But her young life was tragically cut short. In 2008, four-and-a-half-year-old Alexa Middelaer was struck by a drunk driver while feeding a horse on

the side of a rural road. She was thrown into a paddock under a tree, and was killed instantly from a lower brain stem injury. Since then a Delta woman has been convicted and sentenced for impaired driving related to the death of Alexa Middelaer, but that wasn’t enough for the Middelaer family. They wanted to do everything they could to reduce the number of families who go through what they went through. To honour what would

have been Alexa’s 10th birthday, the family had set themselves a goal - to reduce impaired driving related deaths and injuries 35 per cent by 2013. And they started with Alexa’s Team. Formed in 2008, Alexa’s Team has grown from 26 members to 355 RCMP and Municipal police officers from all corners of the province. Since 2008, Alexa’s Team members processed 32,743 impaired driving charges or penal-

May 17th is Child Care Appreciation Day! Please take a moment to thank the dedicated early care and learning professionals in your life. They are quietly doing some of the most important work in our community”

due to the holiday long weekend, our

tion to the child care problem. Gregson, a volunteer with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, will talk about a way to merge the gap between early childhood care/education, and school. She will be here on June 11, details about the location and time are still being worked out. “We’re trying to make it as accessible to people as possible, because the more people know about this plan, and buy into this, the more political pressure we can put

ties against drivers in violation of B.C’s impaired driving laws. To be nominated for Alexa’s Team, police officers must have removed at least 12 impaired drivers from the road in the previous calendar year through a Criminal Charge investigation or the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) administrative process, in addition to issuing Administrative Driving Prohibitions, IRP Fails, and IRP Refusals. Three Golden police officers were honoured as members of Alexa’s Team this year, at an event in Kelowna. “Although I was proud to be on the team this year, it certainly is not a competition at the detachment and really just comes down to members conducting the jobs they have been hired on to perform,” said Cst. Michael Hull. “It’s really a shame that we have to pull people over that do that. Ideally no one from Golden would be on that team.” Hull, along with fellow officers Cst. Ted Lang and Cst. Nicki-Jo Wolfram were part of Alexa’s Team for 2011, and had the honour of meeting Alexa’s mother Laurel Middalaer at the cere-

mony in Kelowna. “These are the men and women who are fundamentally responsible for making our roads safe,” stated Laurel at the event. “They have delivered on their promise in an exceptional and meaningful way, and we are proud to be recognizing their excellence today, in honour of our daughter, Alexa.” Fatalities from impaired driving in R.C.M.P. jurisdictions dropped by 40 per cent in 2011, from 125 in 2010 to a historic low of 74. In 2011 the 355 members of Alexa’s Team handed out 12,923 impaired driving violations, and in Golden alone, 73 impaired drivers were removed from the road. “Since this program started, and since the new immediate roadside prohibition started, they’ve calculated there’s been 45 per cent less fatalities as a result of impaired driving. So it’s one of the biggest differences the world has seen in reducing fatalities caused by impaired drivers,” said Hull. “If a story like Alexa’s doesn’t cause people to consider making the proper decisions, I just don’t know what will.”

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A17

Behind the Wheel

Using Stop Signs to Control Speed Speeds considered excessive by residents are considered reasonable by these same persons when they are driving in another neighborhood. This observation is taken from a publication titled Speed Control in Residential Areas by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). It goes on to say that residents’ complaints are usually accompanied by a proposed solution to the speeding problem...stop signs. My curiosity on the subject was piqued by a Comox Valley resident who drew my attention to a newspaper story describing exactly this situation in the Village of Cumberland. One resident even played the ace by saying “My problem lies in the fact that one day, in the no so distant future, a vehicle may strike and kill a pedestrian, child, pet or what have you,” However, like the ITE, two of the village counsellors knew that using stop signs in this situation could actually make the problem worse. Contrary to what you might think, stop signs do not positively control speed. They are frequently violated and actually increase speeds between signs as drivers make up for time lost in stopping or only slowing down for the stop signs. This exacerbates the speeding problem and introduces the new problem of disobeying the stop sign. We’re now worse off than before we tried to fix the problem by putting up the stop sign. Traffic calming measures, installed as part of an area wide traffic management plan will be more successful. It will also prevent a shift of the problem from one street to another as drivers find new routes to avoid stopping. The three E’s, Enforcement, Education and Engineering need to be joined by Community Involvement to produce success. Perhaps the Cumberland residents would be better served by creating their own Living Streets program. The author is a retired constable with many years of traffic law enforcement experience. To comment or learn more, please visit

this feature sponsored by:

Johnston Meier e Insurance Agencies Ltd. 510B - 9th Avenue N., Golden, B.C. (250) 344-5201

(Top) Ray Falbo, Sandy Falbo, Gerry Alfano and Brenda Alfano stop for a team photo before the shotgun start of the Shriner’s Charity Golf Tournament. (Above left) Graham Mann, owner of A&W congratulates David Birnie for winning free Teen Burgers for a year. (Above right) Duncan Bedford tries to chip a ball into a tire, hoping to win Fountain Tire’s chipping contest. Go to to see more photos. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo

Shriner’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament tops last year Jessica Schwitek Dozens of golfers enjoyed a sunny day at the Golden Golf Club during the Shriner’s 16th Annual Charity Golf “Best Ball - Fun Tournament.” There was a short delay due to frost, but everyone took to the course an hour behind schedule. The shotgun start, Texas Scramble tournament is an annual fundraising event that helps the Golden Shriners support programs and organizations like the Gizeh “Care Cruiser,” the local hospital, Alberta’s Children’s Hospital, BC Childrens Hospital, STARS Air Ambulance as well as individual children in the Columbia Valley who need financial assistance for medical issues. “I just have the rough number right now, but when

it’s all said and done we should be somewhere north of $22,000,” said Bryce Piggot with the Golden Shriners. That is an increase from the $15,000 raised last year, and Piggot says that there was one generous donor who put them over the top. There were 82 golfers on the course that day, including David Birnie whose drive landed closest to the hole on Hole 1. The shot earned him free Teen Burgers for a year (one a week for 52 weeks), generously donated by A&W owners Graham and Kara Mann. Fountain Tire also sponsored a chipping contest at the end of the day, getting golfers to try and chip a ball into a tire. “It went really well, and it was a beautiful day,” said Piggot. “We’re very happy with how it turned out.”

Have a ICBC Question? Give Jan a call - she knows how to get you the best coverage, for the best price, when it comes to automobile insurance whatever your needs.

The best insurance rates.

Jan Dicaire


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

Helping put food on the table The Golden Food Bank would like to say thank you to the volunteers, as well as the generous support provided from the community to make the Food Drive successful. They helped collect $14,500 in donations for food. The volunteer groups who supported the Food Drive include: the Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden, the Golden Cadets, the Golden Volunteer Fire Fighter Association, the Youth Action Group, the Leadership Students at GSS, the Board of Directors at the Golden Food Bank and many others from the community. Darryl Crane/ Star Photo

Updates from Tourism Golden Auction Notice Bids are now being accepted for the following equipment surplus to our needs Lot #1: Kinbasket Princess 21’ Aluminum Industrial Boat c/w tandem trailer, 175 hp Mercury O/B, 25 hp Mercury O/B, 25 hp Mercury O/B Kicker Lot #2: Honda UMK435 Brush Saw - 4 stroke Lot #3: Honda HHT 355 Brush Saw - 4 stroke All items as is where is, please inspect, highest or any bid not necessarily accepted. For appointment to view call 250 344-8850. Sealed bids can be submitted or mailed to the LP administration office #800 -9th Street North, PO Box 170 Golden, BC V0A 1H0 Bids close 1:00 PM May 18, 2012 Please observe regular facility safety rules and attire.


Tourism Golden submitted Tourism Golden held their 6th Annual AGM on Wednesday May 2 at the Kicking Horse River Lodge in Golden. The event was popular, with 52 attendees from tourism stakeholder businesses and community organizations, including Golden Area Initiatives, the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Golden. Chaired by Board President Les Margetak, the AGM agenda included the election of five board member seats. Glen Ewan of Ewan & McKenzie took the role of Electoral Officer. After presentations from the nominees, followed by the ballot, the 2012/2013 Board of Directors consisting of 11 seats was announced. Kevin Cox, of Cox and Company, presented the 2010/2011 Financial Statements, confirming a huge turnaround from a fiscal deficit of $16,619 at the end of the 2009/10 year, to an excess of revenue over expenses at the end of the 2010/2011 year of $148,435. The newly appointed Marketing Manager, Joanne Sweeting presented the 2010/11 annual report on marketing and other initiatives undertaken in that year, as well as the five-year trend on the Additional Hotel Room Tax, a two per cent tax collected by eligible accommodations which is the main source of funding for Tourism Golden as a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). After a large downturn in tax collected in the

2008/9, and 2009/10 fiscal years, the AHRT revenues rose by 3.9 per cent against the prior year. Sweeting also presented on planned activities for the upcoming 2012/2013 year. Highlights include the renewal of the status of Destination Marketing Organization, which includes an application to change the DMO boundary to incorporate tourism businesses at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, previously excluded from collecting the two per cent AHRT. Also identified were strategies to raise the profile of Golden and its tourism operators, and improve visitor accessibility to information, both locally and globally. They hope to do this through enhancements to the main website www.tourismgolden. com, the launch of a mobile website, and the implementation of a social media and search engine optimisation campaign to highlight Golden’s location in the Canadian Rockies. Sweeting noted the importance of gathering information and statistical data both from local tourism stakeholders, as well as from visitors. An online resource centre will be created with new images, videos, stories and itineraries for use by local stakeholders in their own marketing efforts, and by journalists, travel trade and other entities. Jon Wilsgard, Manager of Corporate Administration for the Town of Golden presented an update on the Resort Municipality Initiative, a grant program which gives the Town access to $2.5 million to invest in tourism infrastructure over a five-year period, thanks to its status as a Resort Municipality and the existence of Tourism Golden as a DMO.

COMPOSTER INCENTIVE PROGRAM Loom weaves community group together


Earth Machine Composters Application must be in before May 25th, 2012



Cash or Cheque With the completion of a 30 minute workshop. Limit one composter per household.

TO OBTAIN AN APPLICATION FORM: Call 250-833-5936/1-888-248-2773, or go to www. Forms may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or dropped off at the CSRD main office located at: 781 Marine Park Drive NE PO Box 978 Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P1 fax: 250-832-1083 e-mail:

Ryan Watmough submitted A new website has been constructed to host the knowledge of the non profit efficiency exploration project lead by Golden Community Resources Society. The website, www.GoldenLoom. ca, is a modest website that is intended to be the first line of research for non profits (societies and charities) looking to assess their organization, their place in the community and to share efficiency concepts. Until now, the project has been focused on secondary research. The consultant, Ryan Watmough, has

been reviewing non profits and their supporting systems from across Canada and around the world; he’s also been looking to better understand how local groups have already developed efficiencies. Now that this information has been collected and shared with local non profits, their staff and volunteers, the primary research phase can begin. This phase will be very useful in directing non profits’ energy and resources into future collaborative projects. Separate from the expected advantage of improved co-operation, this type of community-wide research and alignment

should prove to be attractive to prospective donors, external non profit supporters, researchers and funders. Stay tuned for upcoming local non profit engagement and consultation opportunities, which will direct future actions of this initiative. To share how your non profit is weaving the tapestry of our community, contact Watmough at Golden Community Resources Society administers non statutory social services in the Golden area including employment programs, early learning programs, and seniors housing.

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A19



Steve Swaffield


Hourly Driving Lessons Available

Steve’s Kitchen & Bath Renovations Ph: 250-344-7699 Cell: 250-344-8424

Boarding for cats and dogs



Tough guy or sweetie pie - We board them all. Individual care, lots of play and exercise. You will appreciate our reasonable rates.

250-344-8904 "Reliable Care since 1980"


250 344 4551 1224 Horse Creek S (110 Mins South)

Residential & Industrial Vacuum Service Hydrovac (Nondestructive Excavation) 8BUFS5BOLFSTt7BDVVN5SVDLT Portable High Pressure Steam Cleaner Portable Toilet Rentals Septic Tank & Field Cleaning (SFBTF5SBQ$MFBOJOHt8FMMDMFBOJOH Licenced Potable Water Truck Snow Removal






All Your Electrical Needs 1135 10th Ave N (250) 344-2530 Fax 344-2584 Reg. #22652


Boarding Kennel

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t t t t t t t t t

Keith Dondaneau 4FSWJDF

Bed-n-Biscuit Doggy Daycare Overnight Boarding Agility & Obedience

• renovations • new construction • kitchen design • cabinet supply and installation • concept to completion • tile work - porcelain, natural stone • custom showers, fireplaces • Schluter systems certified

Graduated Licence Program


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Services offered ...

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Get ready for spring! Call Shaun at 250-344-2215 for a quote to have your parking lot and driveway swept with our JCB Skid Steer Sweeper Gravel Trucks, End Dumps, Log Haul Units Loader and Skid Steer Rentals Sand, Gravel and Landscape Materials available

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819B - 9th Street N.

Supplying Propane * Delivering Service

.BUU.D(SFHPSt Journeymen Gasfitters on Staff

1021-11th Ave. N. Phone 344-6102 Toll Free 1-877-422-5427

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Kelsey Korpiniski tel:250-344-0428

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Yvon: 340-8482 660-4033 Fax: 340 0039

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Phone: 250.545.7000

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Your community. Your classiďŹ eds.

250.344.5251 fax 250.344.7344 email classiďŹ Announcements



Coming Events

Education/Trade Schools



Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


An Earthmoving Company in Alberta is looking for a 3rd year or Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic. You will be part of a team maintaining and servicing our eet of Cat dozers, graders and rock trucks plus Deere/Hitachi excavators. You will work at our Modern Shop at Edson, Alberta with some associated ďŹ eld work. Call Contour Construction at (780)723-5051

If you are experiencing delays in the processing of your EI, CPP, OAS, Veterans Affairs, or CIC claims, please call the “OfďŹ ce For Client Satisfactionâ€?

1–866-506-6806 33 YEARS established Ford dealer on beautiful Sunshine Coast, looking for an experienced Automotive Salesperson with proven track record. Please send resume to 1-800-5384504.

Personals MAY THE sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart be praised, adored, and gloriďŹ ed, every day throughout the world. Amen. Say 6 times a day for 9 days. REMEMBER to promise publications and your prayer will be answered no matter how impossible it may be seen to you before the 9th day. M.L.

Lost & Found

Help Wanted Gas Station Clerks and Manager required in Golden. Experience preferred. Wage $11 - $15. Email or call 250-574-5954. Housekeeper/gardener required once a week. Call Dan 250-344-1777.

An Alberta Construction Company is hiring dozer, excavator and rock truck operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilďŹ eld road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051.


Found: Set of keys downtown Golden. Body Quest gym pass attached. Call 250-344-5251 to identify.

Children Childcare Available

on April 30, 2012 6 lbs 14 oz

Career Opportunities

Big Brother Cole and Big Sis Cailyn Couldn’t be Happier!!

HOME BASED Business. We need serious and motivated people for expanding health & wellness industry. High speed internet and phone essential. Free online training.

Education/Trade Schools APPLY NOW: Pennywise Scholarship For Women to attend Journalism certiďŹ cate course at Langara College in Vancouver. Deadline May 30, 2012. More information:

Help Wanted


A convenient place to work. If you’re outgoing, enthusiastic and share our commitment to customer service, we’d like to have you on our team. We offer you training, bene¿ts to those who qualify, competitive wages and a friendly, supportive environment. Visit our store to ¿ll out an application and attach your resume. Resumes can also be sent to: Box 869, Golden, BC V0A 1H0. We are an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants for responding, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Dania Lynn Rhonda Mather


AIRLINES ARE Hiring- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualiďŹ ed- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783.

Campground Attendants required. Live-in accommodation provided. Call 250-3447636 or 344-0606.

Join our winning team.

Jeff and Jessie Mather would like to announce the safe and joyous arrival of their daughter

Trailer ramp found on Hwy 1 west of Golden. Call Jim at 250-344-3600.

Kellie’s Family Daycare Part time spots available starting in September for ages 1 year and up. Call today to reserve your child’s spot. Kellie Gulliford 250-344-8961.


Experienced COOK required Full or Part Time. Days/Afternoon shift. Wage dependent on experience. Apply in person.


Obituaries Lucille Chretien January 9th, 2012

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Jean Vaughan April 8, 1932 - May 12, 2011

God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be So he put his arms around you And whispered come with me With tearful eyes we watched you And saw you fade away and Although we loved you dearly We could not make you stay A golden heart stopped beating Hard working hands at rest God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best Sadly missed and dearly loved Allan, Marianne & Ken and Family Sandi & Ray and Family

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved mother. Lucille passed away very peacefully, surrounded by her family January 9th, 2012 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was best known for her love of gardening and was frequently seen walking “the loopâ€? around Nicholson. In her last few years she became quite the adventurer traveling from coast to coast with many of her children and grandchildren. She also enjoyed many wonderful ďŹ shing trips with her youngest son Michel always bragging about the big one that got away. A small service will be held May 19th, 2012 4:00pm at the Golden Cemetery. Light refreshments will be served after the service (weather dependent).

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

CAREERS AT CBT CBT has two openings: t Analyst, Planning and Development t Program Manager, Water and Environment A detailed description of duties, skills and qualifications can be viewed at or requested from Debra Stewart at 1.800.505.8998. Please forward resumes to by OPPO 1BDJĂśD .BZ GPSDPOTJEFSBUJPO XXXDCUPSHt

Join us:

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District Is seeking a highly motivated individual to ďŹ ll the following position

Environment & Engineering Administrative Services Coordinator The CSRD, with ofďŹ ces located in Salmon Arm, is looking for an Environment & Engineering Administrative Services Coordinator to join our team. Reporting to the Manager of Environment and Engineering (E&E), the department is looking for a dynamic individual to join us to manage core administrative services including contract management, Board reports, public consultation and budget preparation. As the ideal candidate you will have a post secondary Administrative or Business certiďŹ cate/diploma and ďŹ ve (5) years of increasingly responsible relevant experience, preferably including experience in or with local government If you are ready to pursue a rewarding career opportunity in one of British Columbia’s most sought after locations and would like to be the Environment & Engineering Administrative Services Supervisor of this dynamic organization, please submit a covering letter and resume by Friday, May 18, 2012 to: Colleen Goodey, Administrative/HR Assistant Columbia Shuswap Regional District 781 Marine Park Drive NE Box 978 SALMON ARM, BC, V1E 4P1 Telephone: (250) 833-5922 Fax: (250) 832-9774 E-mail: For more information on this position visit our website at We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A21




Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Customer Service Representative Falkins Insurance Group’s Golden location has an opening for a Customer Service Representative in the Autoplan/Motor Vehicle department. This position is a permanent/full time position. Closing date 4:00 pm May 25, 2012 Duties include (but are not limited to): r r r r

ICBC Autoplan Motor Vehicle/Drivers Licensing Private Autoplan Out of Province Medical

Successful candidate will: r Provide outstanding customer-focused service to clients in person and over the phone r Have good knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel r Be a team player with excellent communication skills. r Be well organized and able to work in a fast paced environment. r Be available to work 5 days/week (including alternating Saturdays) r Be required to study and complete necessary insurance licensing courses Preference will be given to licensed candidates with previous insurance experience. Please send your resume and cover letter to:





Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades, Technical

G Tress Contracting in Golden BC has an immediate opening for a Mechanic. Offering competitive salary and full beneďŹ ts. Send resume to Fax 250-344-7362 or Call 250-344-0014.

PROFESSIONAL JOB Opportunities. Troyer Ventures Ltd. is a privately owned, uid transport company servicing Northern BC and Alberta. We are an equal opportunity employer now accepting applications at various branches for: Mechanics (Commercial Transport or equivalent). Wage Range: $25-$40/hour. Minimum experience required: second year apprenticeship or equivalent. Professional Drivers (Class 1, 3). Wage Range: $25-$35/hour. Minimum experience required: six months professional driving. Field Supervisors. Annual Salary Range: $90-$110,000 (based on qualiďŹ cations). Minimum experience required: previous supervisory experience. Successful candidates will be self-motivated and eager to learn. Experience is preferred, but training is available. Valid safety tickets, clean drug test, and drivers abstract are required. We encourage candidates of aboriginal ancestry, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities to apply. For more information and to apply for these opportunities, visit our employment webpage at:

HAIR STYLIST Wanted For well established salon in Invermere, B.C. Enjoy outdoor recreation at its ďŹ nest! Please call 250-342-6355 Hey Housekeepers! Stop right here. Park Inn wants you. New Management. Employee Incentives, Competitive wages. Come help us make a difference. Call Laura 250-272-0343 or Andrew 250-344-6315. PORT HARDY - Looking for a Journeyman GM Technician. Send resumes to Attention Cory, or fax 250-949-7440.

Help Wanted

The Regent Hotel HEAD CHEF The Regent Hotel; CMH Base Lodge in the winter months is looking for an Inspiring Kitchen Leader. 5 years min as Chef in similar role.

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Fax: 250.837.9669

(PSOR\PHQW2SSRUWXQLW\ The College of the Rockies is a learner-centered institution. We invite all qualified applicants who value high quality program delivery and customer service excellence to apply for‌


Full-time, Term, Golden Campus Please quote competition numbers: 12 FA 07

For a full description of these job postings and instructions on how to apply visit:  ‡  ‡ZZZFRWUEFFD

Trades, Technical

Kicking Horse Ford has a great opportunity in their busy Parts & Service department for a Service Advisor. This is a full time position, Monday to Friday. The right candidate needs to be a customer driven, team player with a positive attitude. The position requires a very good working knowledge of computers and vehicles as well as strong communication skills. Training will be provided. Full beneďŹ ts, a competitive salary with possible bonuses available. Please Apply In Person Or E-Mail Resumes To: No phone calls please.

or drop off in person.

Deanna Lacasse 511-9th Ave, PO Box 1035, Golden, BC V0A 1H0 Phone: 250.344.7161 Fax: 250.344.2286 Toll Free: 1.866.345.7161

Career Opportunity

is looking for GENERAL HELP on Saturdays from 9:00 to 4:00 for the summer. Duties will include answering phones, light cleaning, greeting customers and assisting sales people when required. Candidate must be neat in appearance, physically ďŹ t and customer focused. Email resumes to

Trades, Technical

JASPER SUPER A is currently recruiting a candidate with good interpersonal and communication skills, with a positive energetic attitude for the position of Full-time Permanent - Premium Clerk. The primary duties include scanning, ordering, receiving, merchandising, replenishing stock, inventory and facing shelves. Candidates require the skills and ability to maintain operational objectives in the Manager’s absence. Computer literacy is a must. Candidates must have the exibility to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings, nights and weekends. A grade 12 Diploma and a clean Security Clearance are also required. Jasper Super A offers competitive compensation, rental accommodations and health beneďŹ ts package to eligible employees, as well as the opportunity for personal and professional development. If you believe that you are prepared for this challenging position and have an interest in working within a dynamic organization, please submit your resume, in conďŹ dence to: Jasper Super A, P.O. Box 818, 601 Patricia Street, Jasper, AB, T0E 1E0. Fax 780-852-5491. Email: We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. WANT TO see Scenic BC? Needed immediately . Experienced Feller Buncher Operator with Chipper Head/Mower to work around Hydro Transmission Lines. Must be willing to travel throughout BC (based out of Vanderhoof). $28-$34 per hour + BeneďŹ ts. For more info e-mail: Send Resume to: SBCJOBS Box 1136, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0 or Fax: 250-567-2550


CertiďŹ ed Millwrights & Electricians Across British Columbia TOLKO INDUSTRIES LTD. is currently seeking CertiďŹ ed Millwrights and Electricians to join our teams across BC. We are an equal opportunity employer and this position offers an excellent pension and beneďŹ t program.

MILLWRIGHTS • Interprovincial Journeyperson CertiďŹ cate required • Mill experience a deďŹ nite asset • Welding certiďŹ cate would be a beneďŹ t

ELECTRICIANS • Interprovincial Journeyperson CertiďŹ cate required • PLC experience a deďŹ nite asset • Industrial construction experience a plus Strong values of Safety, Respect, Progressiveness, Open Communication, Integrity and ProďŹ t guide us at Tolko. READY TO APPLY YOURSELF? If you are interested in exploring this opportunity and being part of our community, please visit our website at: and submit your resume by May 21, 2012 or fax: (1)250.546.2240

SEEKING Experienced Emergency Room Nurses for contracted assignments throughout Western Canada. Assignments vary from 2 weeks to 3 months. Great way to travel Canada and have your travel and housing paid. Apply online at or by calling 1 866 355 8355.

Trades, Technical TRANSPORTATION MECHANIC Required in Nakusp, BC (West Kootenay Area) Applicant must be red seal certiďŹ ed and able to work on a variety of makes and models of trucks, trailers and components. A CVIP certiďŹ cate and welding skills an asset. Full time position. Group beneďŹ t plan available. Competitive wages. Fax or email resumes to: 250-265-3853 or

WELDERS, FITTERS required for busy Edmonton FCAW structural steel shop. $2733/hour base plus beneďŹ ts, OT, indoor heated work, paid ight. Fax: 780-939-2181, Email:

Shop from home!

Work Wanted Will do yard work, odd jobs etc. Phone Patrick 250-272-0878.


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Qualify Now To Be Debt Free 1-877-220-3328 Licensed, Government Approved, BBB Accredited.

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Legal Services

Amber van Drielen Barrister & Solicitor Golden, BC

250 439-8262 Accepting clients in family law, elder law, wills and estates. CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certiďŹ cation, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. ConďŹ dential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET

1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

Electrical AERIAL CONTRACTORS LTD. Power line systems built to BC Hydro standards. EC# 19806. 1-800-661-7622.


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Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate





Misc Services

Heavy Duty Machinery

Mobile Homes & Parks

Commercial/ Industrial

Homes for Rent

Shared Accommodation

Auto Financing

Infinity’s Window Cleaning; Disc Golf; 2 Acreages for sale on North Bench. Call 250-348-2351.

Roofing & Skylights Cliff’s Exteriors. Shingle, metal & rubber roofing soffit, fascia & siding. Wade Nolin 250-344-5103, 344-1561 cell.

Pets & Livestock

Livestock Four-horned Sheep, Angora Goats, Alpacas, Hedgehogs, etc. for sale Call Red Barn for details 250 344-5888.

Pet Services Hawt Pawz N Clawz Dog and Cat Grooming. Currently no waiting period. Call Michelle 250-347-2412, Radium

Pets Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association. Email info@littlemittensanimal or call Alannah 250-290-0279 or Dianne 250-344-7691. Spotted Dog Rescue. Call 250-344-5524. Two 3/4 Pug puppies. Ready to go soon, 1 male, 1 female Family raised. Shots and vet checked. $450 each. Call 250344-7612.

Merchandise for Sale

Food Products All natural, grass fed, local lean beef. Government inspected. Call 250-344-7669.

Firewood/Fuel FIREWOOD for sale. Call 250-344-7677.

Garage Sales 1114 9 St. S. Saturday May 19th. 9-Noon.

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale 2006 Kubota BX24. 300 Hrs. C/w FEL & Backhoe. $12,500 obo. Call 250-344-4621. 24th ANNUAL ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES SALE sponsored by the Vernon Collectors Club at Vernon Curling Rink on Fri. May 25th from 3pm-8pm & Sat. May 26th from 10am-4pm. Approx. 125 tables.$3 admission is good for both days. Adult scooter. Like new. $2000. Call 250-344-5342 mornings or evenings.

BLACK LOAM ORGANIC SCREENED TOP SOIL. $30/yd delivered in Golden area. Pick up at the yard - $25/yd, we load you. Also mature fine mulch & forest wood chippings. Call John 439-9798 days, 344-2160 evenings. Samples available. Good Organic Black Topsoil. Great for gardens and lawns. $20/yd loaded. Bernie 250-344-4646. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

DEADLINE FRIDAY Noon Starting rate $8.75

Phone 250-344-5251 Email classifieds@the

or stop by the office. Hours: 8:30-5:00

Rough cut Fir 2x4 and 2x6. Approx 4x4x16 ft. Call 250-344-6495.

Community Newspapers We’re at the heart of things™

Misc. Wanted Heavy Duty Machinery Wanted. Will pay cash for scrap steal, logging, mining & farm equip. All insurance in place to work on your property. 250-260-0217. Will collect all your old cars, stoves, washers & dryers lawn mowers and anything metal. Please call 250-344-5873. Collecting scrap metal for over 10 years.

Real Estate Acreage for Sale 6 Acres with creek running through. 40x60 shop with hoist. Land has power, water & sewer. Ready for your new home. Call 250-344-2028 or 250-344-5799. Estate Sale. 787 Nicholson Rd. Friday May 18th 3pm - 7pm. Sat, May 19. 10 am to 2 pm 2178 Holmes-Deakin Rd. at the Red Barn.

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at

Business for Sale The Timbermill Restaurant in Golden is for Sale OR Business for sale - Land & Building for lease. Contact Don Rosodi 250-344-0733.

Houses For Sale Reduced - Two homes and a shop in Golden for sale. Kijiji 370618987. Phone 250-344-5772 or 344-0553.

12’ x 68’ 2 Bdr Mobile with addition. KHMHP Large window facing ski hill, lots of storage space with 2 sheds. Tidy fenced in yard with firepit and sunny front deck. Oil/wood heat. Updated appliances. Great starter home! $21,999 offers considered Call 250-439-9072 for more info or viewing.

RV Sites AVORADO RESORT. Beautiful waterfront RV Resort. New Sites For Sale ($63,900). All season, full amenities, clubhouse & beach access. Co-op Resort w/Lifetime Ownership! Call 250-228-3586.

Other Areas FREE BROCHURE- Kings County - “Land of Orchards, Vineyards & Tides” - Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Live! Work! Start a business! Toll-Free: 1-888865-4647

Rentals Acreage Grazing /Farm land available for lease. Approx. 200 acres south of Golden on Highway 95. Telephone 250-344-6710.

Apt/Condo for Rent 2 Bdr Condo in Riverpointe. Mature tenants only. No pets. Ground level. $900/mth + util. 250-344-1771. Avail June 1. 3 Bdr. Apt close to Lady Grey school. Newly renovated. Avail May 15th. $900/mth. 250-344-8205 or 344-6533.

FOR RENT In the Blaeberry Take a look- you will not be disappointed

All inclusive Larger 2 Bdr Suite $900/month -Fully furnished -Utilities Included -Satellite TV -High Speed Internet -Laundromat on site DD & References required - No Pets Phone 250-344-7299 Please leave message if no answer Rental Units avail. Close to downtown. Call (250)344-8919 Sherri, Highland Property Management Ltd. Real Estate. ROSEWOOD Apts. 1309 12 St. S. 2 Bdr apt avail in nice location. Close to all amenities and College. Hardwood laminate throughout with storage & hot water. Laundry facilities & security entrance. Sorry no pets, N/S, no parties. 250-290-0056. Twin Rivers - 2 bdrm apts. No parties, N/S, no pets. Laundry facilities, Security doors. Best Deal in Town! 250-344-8113. Two Bdr apt available now. Non smoking. Age 55+ apartment building. Call Laura 250-344-6233. Upper & Lower Single bedroom apts with easy walking distance to town. Newly renovated, new flooring, fresh paint, new appliances. No pets, N/S. $550/mth + utilities & DD. Call Dwayne 250-344-5582 after 6 pm.

Apartment Furnished 1&2 bdr. furnished suites. Utilities included. Close to amenities. No pets, parties. DD. 250-344-8429, 344-0209 or 344-0604.

1400 sq. ft. Store Front retail space available for lease or rent. Beside Body Quest Gym and Turning Point. Call 250-344-7876. 3 Bay shed on Legendz property on Trans Canada Hwy. Available anytime. Ideal for fruit stand. Call Legendz Diner after 3 pm 250-344-2059. Golden COMMERCIAL BUILDING 3100 sq. ft. of Retail Space Located DOWNTOWN Excellent High Traffic Area Plenty of Parking 250-344-6710

Cottages / Cabins Beautiful new 2 bdr cottage / cabin. 10 mins. west of town. Furnished. WiFi, sat incl. N/S, N/P. $650/mth. 250-344-7008. Cabin in quiet setting avail long or short term. 2322 Campbell Rd. For more info contact 250-348-2466. New 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom fully furnished cabin in the Blaeberry. Heat & hydro incl. $900/mo + DD call 344-1075.

Duplex / 4 Plex Quiet 2 Bdr apartment in 4 Plex. Clean, downtown. W/D, N/S. No pets. $800/mth. DD $400. References req. 250-344-6238.

Misc for Rent 3 Bdr Upper & 2 Bdr Lower suite. Avail now. 250-344-5075.

Mobile Homes & Pads 2 Bdr 2 full bath new clean mobile home. Huge sunny deck, shed, W/D, D/W. $1050 + util. 250-939-9944. 2 bedroom mobile home. F/S/D, W/D Pets ok. $450.00 + UT. #30 Mountain Shadows MHP 1-519-683-6489

Large Mobile Home Site available now. #84 Kicking Horse Village MHP. Call Manager 250-344-6935.

Homes for Rent 1 Bdr Log House with loft. Fireplace, great deck. Oster Rd. W/D. N/S, no pets. $725/mth. 250-272-5151. 2 Bdr 1/2 Duplex. 1 1/2 baths, W/D, Satellite dish. N/S, no pets. Refs. $700 + util. Avail now. 344-7163 or 344-8179. 2 Bdr older house on large lot in Nicholson. Wood/electric heat, large dog kennel, garden area. $850/mth. Avail June 1st. 250-344-6553. 3 & 2 Bdr open concept new house in town. Laundry. Avail now. Call 250-344-1340. 3 Bdr house. 1116 12 St. Newly renovated. W/D, F/S. No pets. Avail May 1. Also 2 Bdr ground level suite, 1112 12 St. No pets. N/S. Avail May 1. 250-344-5626. 3 bdr house close to Fields store. One bath. 914 10 St. No parties. 250-344-2144. 3 Bdr house. F/S, laundry rm but no washer/dryer. Large fenced yard. Call Chuck 250-344-3967. 3 bdrm, 2 bathroom house, renovated, central location, fenced yard / garden, woodstove, deck, 1500 sq feet, laundry. $1200 per month, 250-344-8516 4 Bdr family home in Nicholson. Clean, bright, sunny, nice kitchen. Quality appliances. Hardwood & tile. 2 full bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, laundry, built-in vacuum, finished basement. On acreage with orchard, greenhouse, garden. Big sunny deck. Great place at a great price. $1400/mth + hydro. Can be furnished. Refs. 250-939-8935. Small 2 Bdr house across the river at Parson on farm. Newly renovated, satellite tv incl. $650/mth + DD. Phone 250-348-2530.

5 Bdr 2 Bath house on 2 levels in Golden. Large yard. Long term preferred. Damage Deposit and References required. $1495/mth + utilities. Telephone 250-344-6710. Centrally located, fresh, beautiful 3 BDR home. Fenced private yard with treehouse, deck, large garage/workshop with woodstove. New dishwasher. W/D, wood fireplace. Half block to Overwaitea. Long term rental, would suit couple or small family. Cat considered. DD & refs required. $1075/mth + utilities. Call 403-240-3296 or 403-613-6073.

Duplex for Rent 3 Bdrs up, 2 down. Located in residential area close to everything. Fenced yard, W/D hookup. Call 250-344-5996.

FOR RENT Visit our website for complete rental listings 3 BR 2 Bath Bright & spacious upper level. Selective pets, N/S, $900/mth. 2 BR Suite Newly renovated, $625/mth.


1 & 2 BR Apts Spacious, laundry, inside cat considered. 4 BR 2 Bath Home Lge family room, fur nished/unfur nished, laminate flooring. 2 BR Luxury Condo KHMR. Hot tub, fireplace, beautifully furnished, lge deck, spectacular views. $1500/mth all inclusive. 2 BR 2 Bath Luxury Condo KHMR. Fully furnished, hot tub, exercise room, 2 deck entrances. $1200/mth all inclusive. 3 BR 2 Bath Country Home 10 mins south on 6 acres. Open concept, wood/propane heat, pets considered. $1200/mth 3 BR 2 Bath Executive Home Fully furnished. Fireplace, loft/games room, in-floor heating, dbl garage. __________________ Property Management Division Alice Dahlberg, CPM

Roommates wanted to share large 7 Bdr house. 5 mins. walk to downtown. $425$500/mth all incl. International phone calls, internet, cable etc. Big back deck with mountain views, firepit, BBQ. Avail now. 250-439-8425.

Storage BLAEDEN SELF STORAGE Household storage rentals. Several sizes to choose from. Competitive prices. 24 HOUR ACCESS. Phone or leave a message 250-344-2289. Heated indoor secure storage available. Single door entry. Rates negotiable. Call 250-344-1065.

Suites, Lower 1BDR basement suite. New clean comfy. $700 + hydro. 250 344 2246 2 Bdr downstairs suite. Available now. Call 250-344-5075. 3 Bdr suite. 704 10 St. No parties. Family preferred. Call 250-344-2616 or 250-344-5634. Sunshine basement suite. 2 Bdr newly renovated. Centrally located. Large fenced back yard with garden plot. Private covered entrance. Walk-in closet. Very cool rental suite, a must see! Avail June 1. No pets, N/S. One year lease minimum. $725/mth. Please call Mike 250-344-8385 or Lee 250-348-2242.

Suites, Upper 2 BDR newly renovated suite. New kitchen, flooring, window coverings. Util incl. 250-344-2731. 3 Bdr Upper Suite available March 1. Call 250-344-5075. Bachelor suite, upper floor, balcony. Hydro & heat incl. N/S, DD, no pets, no parties, Wifi. 1 person-$600, 2 people-$650. Call 344-2443 or 250-348-2591. Clean, quiet 2 Bdr suite. Sun deck, w/d, wood stove. $700/mth. 5 mins south. Sorry no pets. 250-344-2417.

Townhouses 3 BDR 2 bath Townhouse. Balcony & propane fireplace. Appliances incl. dishwasher. Family preferred. References & Damage Deposit. $1495/month plus utilities. Telephone 250-344-6710.

Want to Rent Wanted: Space to use as a WORK SHOP. Call Craig, 250-439-9340


Auto Financing

Cars - Domestic 1992 Toyota Corolla. Blue 4 dr. CD player. Four spare tires with rims. 250,000 kms. Runs good. $850. 250-344-5398.

Off Road Vehicles 2003 Bombardier Outlander. 2040 kms. Good running order. $3200. Call 250-344-2108.

Recreational/Sale 2007 Crossroads Cruiser RF25RL Hardwall 5th Wheel Full size and 1/2 ton towable. 7’ Slide. One owner. All the amenities. Sleeps 5-6. Great layout. Immaculate, a must see! $18,799. Phone (250) 489-3556 or email BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS! New 2012 Bigfoot Campers have arrived only at Mike Rosman RV! 1-800-667-0024

Scrap Car Removal FREE CAR REMOVAL Will haul your old Junkers away. Call Rod 250-344-6921 or 250-344-0580. Scrap Batteries Wanted We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Sport Utility Vehicle 1999 GMC Suburban 4x4 gas SUV. Vortec engine, V8, 5.7 L engine. Air, tilt, cruise, alloy wheels, AM/FM stereo, antilock brakes, bucket seats, CD player & cassette. Dual air bags, heated seats, intermittent wipers, keyless entry, Power mirrors, seat, windows & door locks. Rear air and heat, running boards, tinted glass, trailer towing package incl hitch & brakes. New tires, 237,000 kms. Comes with roof rack that holds 150 lbs. $7000 obo. Call 250-344-7273 or email

Need A Vehicle! Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231

Trucks & Vans 1991 Chev Cavalier, 4 door, 2.2 L auto $600. Call 250 344-2827.

250-344-2418 or 250-344-8581 (cell) Each office is independently owned & operated.

Sex and the Kitty

Perfect for seasonal workers or vacationers. Just move in the groceries. This fully furnished home has 3 bdrs. 2 full baths, lrg laundry room and lrg covered deck with great mountain views. A must see! N/S, no pets. $1500/mth all inclusive. Short term welcome. Great backcountry access. Just 10 mins. south of Golden. Avail now. 344-5376.

A single unspayed cat can produce 470,000 offspring in just seven years.

Rooms for Rent Rooms avail in house. All inclusive. W/D, cable, wireless internet. Two blocks from all amenities. $475. Call 250-290-0110.

Be responsible don’t litter!

Shared Accommodation Room avail in fully furnished shared home. Close to all amenities. N/P, N/S. $450/mth all inclusive + DD. Avail asap. Leave message 604-356-2543.

DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-910-6402 DL# 7557

The Golden Star Wednesday, May 16, 2012 A23


FRESHened up for you! The renovations are complete! Come in and check out our new and improved FRESH Departments.


BIG DEAL Top Sirloin Grilling Steak or BBQ Style Premium Oven Roast, Boneless, Cut From Fresh Western Cdn. Beef, Grade AA or Higher, Value Pack, $8.31/kg






2 Bagels

Package of 6, Assorted Varieties, 660 g, Baked In-Store Fresh Daily




Regular Seedless Watermelon Imported

6/ 98

BUY ONE $2.79 ea

BUY ONE 39¢ ea



Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns

Corn on the Cob Product of USA, No. 1 Grade



se o o h C ern



2/ 00 12s, 490 g - 540 g

t Wes


Golden Sobeys 624 - 9th Avenue South 250-344-2361



Assorted Flowering Plant 4.5”



Blueberries Clamshell, Product of USA, No. 1 Grade, 6 oz. Package


18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Prices in effect from: Friday, May 18 to Thursday, May 24, 2012.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 The Golden Star

RE/MAX of Golden 250-344-7663

Garry Oddy (250) 344-7234

Norma Crandall (250) 344-0275


$359,900 3 baths



1 bath


1402 Deere Ridge Road

2.5 baths


3 bedrooms

3 baths



13 acres


1.026 acres

2 Homes on 8.4 acres

1 bath

10 acres

2.25 acres


1 bath


2.7 acres

$449,900 5 bedrooms

3.5 baths



965 Oster Road 800sqft


2 baths

2 baths



2.34 acres

$359,900 4 bedrooms

3 baths

3 baths


1 bath

$356,300 3 bdrms

17.26 acres


REDUCED 4 bedrooms

.95 acre

3.16 acres

114 acres

$219,500 #106, 1545 Kicking Horse Trail 2 bedrooms




1 bath

$630,300 2.5 baths



1.57 acres

.51 acre

$199,900 7.76 acres

$239,600 2 baths


2410 Highway #1, East


2062 Highway #1, West 3bdrms


731 Barber Road

1501 Quartz Crescent 4 bedrooms

1 bath


3 baths

7+ acres


527 - 12th Street 2,430sqft

1 bath

Lot 3, Forde Station Road




615 Lapp Road



4.15 acres

1 acre

1092 Highway #1, West

Lot 3, Imler Road 3.7 acres

2 baths



3 bedrooms


1956 Palumbo Heights Road 2bdrms


2972 Imler Road

Southridge Road


1222 - 10th Avenue



$399,900 3 baths


$1,095,000 + HST

1129 Golden Donald Upper Road

1.92 acres

2.5 baths

1592 Golden Avenue

3 baths



3 bedrooms





1517 Poplar Street 4 bedrooms


2.5 baths

1500 Quartz Crescent

75’ x 150’

1113 - 11th Street

1513 Cedar Street

3.6 acres

2 baths


3075 Imler Road


1 bath



Lot 1, Imler Road

2 bedrooms


$284,900 1bdrms


5 bedrooms


$299,900 1 bath


1416 Deere Ridge Road

857 Crandall Road

1630 Oberg Johnson Road

2009 Chalmers Road 3bdrms 1.5 baths 2,160sqft

62’ x 85’

4 bedrooms

$369,500 1421 Birch Crescent

2 baths

.54 acre

515 - 5th Street

1.5 baths 1,900sqft


4 bedrooms



2166 Blaeberry Road





3.6 acres

Dan Veselic (250) 344-1435


1420A - Birch Crescent

1286 Horse Creek Road

3 bedrooms

3 baths

1615 Campbell Road 3 bdrms

#10 Golden Mobile Home Park


Barry Klassen (250) 344-0262

508 - 5th Street


523 - 9th Street

718 Adolph Johnson Road 5.73 acres

2 baths


$645,000 3 baths


Bob Tegart (250) 272-4321


802 Nicholson Frontage Road

.35 acre


1615 Purcell Woods Close 3 bedrooms

.37 acre

Marlon Chambers (250) 344-0735

904 McBeath Road


$450,000 1502 Poplar Street 3 bedrooms


776 Nicholson Frontage Road

1308 Pine Drive 4 bedrooms

Flec Demmon (250) 344-8451

$399,900 1613 Gareb Road 3 bedrooms

3 baths


Golden Star, May 16, 2012  

May 16, 2012 edition of the Golden Star

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