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More than name-dropping

What’s a living building?

Get ready for a blast from the distant past with this year’s Bowfest theme

Bowen plays a prominent role in Mary Buckerfield White’s life stories

Come and find out at Monday’s garden club meeting

Austerity budget Finance Review Task force suggests areas to save money SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


hen the budget was presented in January, it reflected a nine per cent tax rise. To find ways to reduce the burden on taxpayers, council looked for help from the Finance Review Task Force that has, after an intense eightweek process, come up with an interim report that includes a list of 26 items for potential budget adjustments. Karen Blow, the municipality’s chief financial officer, has taken that list under consideration and presented a revised budget to council on April 10. In this budget, the tax rise sits at 2.9 per cent. At the beginning of the meeting, councillor Wolfgang Duntz took a moment to acknowledge the task force’s work. “I want to thank the members of the task force for the excellent interim report,” he said. “From one of the very first meetings, I felt that I don’t need to worry, that they will figure [the finances] out.” Duntz added that he asked the task force members whether they thought the Bowen Island Municipality is financially viable and, as an answer, received a conditional yes. Mayor Jack Adelaar joined Duntz in praising the work but cautioned that there was more to be done. Blow said that she also enjoyed working with the Finance Review Task Force. “I found it very refreshing and have incorporated most of their recommendations,” she said. The task force looked at the budget with the goal to limit the tax increase to three per cent and set out recommendations such as deferring the appointment continued PAGE 2

Easter Monday may have been quiet for some, but for others it was business as usual. Jenelle from Soylent Green was working hard to serve up delicious smoothies and flavoured shaved iced with an anonymous helper. Debra Stringfellow photo

Is it wise to build the ramp this year? SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


uilding a boat ramp in Tunstall Bay has been on council’s books for a while. And now, certain permits are in place and construction could start. But is a boat ramp a wise investment in a time where council is looking at a tight budget? The pros and cons of building the boat ramp in 2012 were under discussion at Tuesday’s council meeting. When chief financial officer Karen Blow presented

r e v a S Power t n u o c c A

the interim budget, she said that the Tunstall Bay boat ramp is noted there with a price tag of $205,000. Those funds do not have a direct impact on the taxes but would deplete the community recreation reserves and, ultimately, impact community recreation initiatives such as the community centre, according to Blow. Wil Hilsen, manager of engineering and operations, said that one reason for completing the boat ramp is that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

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(DFO) has entered into a contractual agreement with the Bowen Island Municipality that expires on January 1, 2013. A total of $45,000 has already been spent on approval and preliminary ramp design, according to Hilsen, and the cost of $38,000 in consulting fees that were necessary for the approval process may have to be spent all over again if the project was postponed. Hilsen presented a plan that included continued PAGE 2

2 • FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012


Whistler Farmer’s Market What an amazing 2011 Season! Now it’s time to apply for the 2012 Season.

Call for Applications Calling out to all colorful and creative individuals in Sea-to-Sky country, The Whistler Farmer’s Market is looking for:

Farmers, Bakers, Artisans and Entertainers Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to showcase your product, and to be part of an amazing community. Please go to to see our online application form. For additional information please contact Chris Quinlan at or phone 604 905 8886.




While we’re working in your neighbourhood

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Grant writing workshop


he three-hour grant writing workshop is held on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Tusntall Bay clubhouse. It is designed to be practical and hands-on and will cover the core concepts to successful grant writing. Participants will bring ideas, pre-written drafts or just the desire to start out on the grant writing process. Workshop topics include: understanding the grant screening process, what makes a successful grant and understanding the grant reporting process. The $25 registration fee covers

costs associated with the workshop that is sponsored by the Bowen Island Community School Association and the Bowen Island Community Foundation. Joyce Ganong of the BICF will facilitate the workshop, sharing her experience of over 20 years in reviewing hundreds of grant applications, as well as writing successful grant applications for organizations. Her definition of success is that Bowen grants applications will be irresistible for grant makers. Contact Sarah Haxby (947-0389 or to register by Monday, April 16.

Tax rise now sits at 2.9 per cent continued PAGE 1

of a permanent CAO, deferring to hire additional library staff, reallocating time within planning department, reducing the recreation expense budget, reducing the library expense budget and reducing community grants. The task force also identified potential revenues like business licences and sponsorship and donation opportunities to fund youth and recreation programs. It also identified a list of cost savings measures, among them the paring down of funds to be added to reserves. The task force came up with a total of $602,300 of potential savings. Blow said that she knows that sources of revenue are important but they may take some time to develop. She added, “From the [task force’s] recommendations to enable the 2012 budget, there are only a few I have not included.” Among the items that Blow has not

taken into account are the reduction of recreation expenses and the reduction of library expenses (although an additional library staff person is not under consideration at this time). Blow also did not act on suggestions to cut contributions to the civic facility fund, rockfall protection and the fire protection reserve. She added, “But at [council’s] request, I will make further changes.” Another item that Blow has left in the budget is the Tunstall Bay boat launch and she was asking for guidance on whether council wanted to proceed with the project. Blow added that the 2.9 per cent tax rise does not include the proposed increase in the solid waste parcel tax that was suggested because of the extra trips to pick up greenwaste and the renegotiation of Bowen Waste’s contract. Councillor Cro Lucas stated that the solid waste parcel tax is likely to come to a 0.5 per cent tax rise.

Consulting fees might be lost by postponing ramp construction continued PAGE 1

several scenarios. One option was to renegotiate with the DFO to extend the timeline but he said that this could incur extra cost. Another option is to install the ramp but hold off on any traffic improvements that would reduce the initial cost by $60,000. But Hilsen cautioned, “If we don’t do the turnaround and parking, we have to engage in discussion with the neighbourhood association. There are traffic concerns in the Tunstall Bay area and some of the money [for traffic improvement] is warranted to be spent there anyhow.” Councillor Alison Morse noted that the project started in 2001 and has been postponed numerous times. She added, “Knowing how difficult the approval process has been, there is concern that we may throw away the $38,000 that has already been spent. We have the go-ahead from the DFO. If we are going to build a boat ramp, I think we should do it this year.” Councillor Stone agreed to “try to complete it as quickly and gracefully as we can.” Councillor Wolfgang Duntz questioned whether council feels

uncomfortable spending that kind of money on a boat ramp. “Is this a wise investment? Do we have a convincing reason for getting boats on and off the island? We have an austerity budget but, at the same time, we look to build a boat ramp,” he said. Councillor Cro Lucas explained that the project wasn’t driven purely by the recreation side. “This is an emergency concern,” he said. “as there is no emergency ramp on the west side of the island.” Hilsen confirmed that from a health and safety perspective, there are benefits to building the ramp. From a recreational side, it also has merit. In his report, he stated that if there would be no ramp installation, Bowen Island would continue to have no publicly owned launching facilities on the western side of the island and that there are significant concerns form an emergency access/egress perspective with this scenario. Morse suggested to include the Tunstall Bay boat ramp in the capital budget without the traffic improvement (coming to a price tag of $145,000) and to look for public input. All councillors except Duntz voted in agreement.


FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012 • 3

Buckerfield blooms on Bowen SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


The Buckerfields’ cottage in Deep Bay around 1940 and Mary White on the dock, Mary and Victor White at the Chelsea Arts Ballin 1955, their first formal date, and Mary White at the 2007 Bowfest. Photos courtesy of Mary White and Alison Mitchell.

at 10 to three, and is there honey still for tea?’ That’s a famous quote from Rupert Chawner Brooke.” In 1935, McMillan was knighted for his service to the music of Canada. White laughs and says, “It feels like I am name-dropping but I hope I’m going deeper than that.” Another name White mentions is that of John Barbirolli, the conductor of the New York symphony. “At that time, Dad was the director of the Union Steamship Company and was able to loan him the director’s cottage. Barbirolli had a twoweek-gap between concerts and wanted to be away quiet with his wife,” White said. “Dad brought Barbirolli up to the cottage after they stopped for newspapers.” The Barbirollis were so relaxed and absorbed in their reading that, when White’s mother showed up, they ignored her. “Mother was indignant because she thought they were being very rude but I think they just wanted to relax,” White said. White met her husband Victor at a cafeteria at the Edinbugh festival. “Victor fell in love with me at first glance. I had been married before and was a bit more hesitant,” White recalls. “We both loved music and our first formal date was to the Chelsey Arts Ball, an iconic arts ball that was always held in the Royal Albert Hall on New Years Eve.” White says that Victor became passionately fond of Bowen Island. “As the manager of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for nine years, he needed his peace,” White said.



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Snug Cove 5:35 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

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am# 6:00 am am 7:00 am am 8:00 am am 9:00 am+ am 10:00 am am 11:00 am am 12:00 pm pm 2:25 pm pm 3:30 pm pm+ 4:30 pm pm 5:30 pm pm 6:30 pm pm* 7:30 pm* pm 8:30 pm pm 9:35 pm pm

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Leave Horseshoe Bay

H: 2 L: 6

0045 1057 Sat. 0143 1229 Sun. 0236 1411 Mon. 0321 1535 Tue. 0359 1640 Wed. 0434 1734 Thurs. 0503 1820

“Through a friend on Bowen, we heard about the cottage owned by Dr. McGeer. We rented it for a month. We were there for three days and that was it - we had to have it. It was lovely. Dr. McGeer was away on a fishing trip and we had to wait. When he got back, we put in an offer.” After purchasing the cottage overlooking Cates Bay, the Whites became active members of the Hood Point community. “The Hood Point regatta was always on the first weekend in August when the tide was right. It wasn’t fancy ships – more like a sports day at the beach. Victor was involved in that,” White said. “At the time, he was the manager of the symphony and the conductor was Mr. [Kazuyoshi] Akiyama. Victor had told him, ‘You can come up anytime and visit us.’ Mr. Akiyama phoned us the morning of the regatta and said he and his wife would like to come up and Victor couldn’t say no.” White remembers that Mrs. Akiyama was driving and arrived terrified of the narrow Hood Point roads. And, with her husband occupied in regatta activities, she was the one in charge of taking care of the couple. For White, there are many memories attached to the Hood Point cottage. “I remember the first time I was looking after grandchildren by myself on Bowen. They were eight or nine and very energetic – it was quite exhausting. When they left, I was quietly trimming the forsythia in the lane,” she said. “A car came along and the people asked, ‘Can you help us,

In Effect April 1 - May 16, 2012

Leave Snug Cove

ary Buckerfield White remembers the stories well, and with pleasure. This is evident in her voice and her laughter as she speaks about her new book Buckerfield, the Story of a Vancouver Family. The book’s narrative does not only cover White’s life as the daughter of industrialist Ernest Buckerfield and the wife of opera singer Victor White, it also includes anecdotes passed on to her by relatives, friends and illustrious guests. A prominent backdrop is Bowen Island – a place that holds special meaning for White. Starting off the conversation, White suggests including a story about her father as a young boy, as a kind of prologue. “My father Ernest grew up in Harcourt, New Brunswick, in a rural district with a small corner store that was busy with children every Saturday. After receiving their weekly pocket money and anything else they’d earned (usually a few pennies), the children would converge on the store to buy sweets,” White says. “One little boy, however, was different as he would always ask for prunes. Curious, one of the sisters who ran the store asked him, ‘Your friends come in and put their money on the counter and ask for candy, why do you ask for prunes?’ The little boy firmly replied, ‘My mother told me that prunes make your brains grow big.’ That happened to be young Edward Ernest Buckerfield, my future father, and the prunes certainly worked.” With a laugh, White adds, “I love that story,” and explains that her father was five at the time. From there, White’s father went on to become the owner of Buckerfield’s Limited, the largest feed company in British Columbia. In 1937, he purchased shares in the Union Steamship Company. “The Union Steamship Company was owned in England but it was operating out here and they wanted to sell it. A group of business men including my father got together and bought it,” White said. “Mother was delighted because he was so enthusiastic about his company, Buckerfield’s, that he wouldn’t take holidays.” White says that her father’s connection to the Union Steamship Company enabled her family to visit Bowen Island often. White recalls that her mother often entertained guests for tea. “One time, we had Sir Ernest McMillan, the conductor of the Toronto symphony, staying with us,” says White. “My mother was serving tea out on the patio on Bowen and I was handing it around,” White said. “He looked at me with a twinkle and said, ‘Stands the church clock







we are looking for the McGeer cottage?’ I told them that there were two or three in the area and they said, ‘The one with tree growing through the deck.’ I said, ‘That must be mine.’” White says that the driver’s wife used to visit the cottage as a playmate of the McGeer girls when she was eight years old. White invited them in, showed them around and pointed them into the direction of the beach. “She came back with a big smile on her face and said, ‘It hasn’t changed.’” White said that her visitor had planted maidenhair fern and was happy that it was still flourishing all over the property. White is very attached to the garden and wants to invite children to come and visit. “My idea is to have a children’s garden club opening sometime in June because the roses are lovely then,” she said. “I’m an old lady with hip problems and eye problems but Bowen and the flowers, that’s my passion.” White says that her husband loved the cottage and they came to Bowen as often as they could. “Victor liked to sleep facing the sea. He had been in the navy and the water was his passion. Victor died in 1984,” she recalls. “And I guess I was too emotionally involved to look after [the cottage] for a while but eventually I fixed it up.” White’s island connection that is evident in her lively stories and the many historic photographs have made her book a local bestseller. It is available at Phoenix on Bowen.

Places of Worship Welcome You BOWEN ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon

Service and Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. Collins Hall Bookings: Helen Wallwork Minister of Music: Lynn Williams


BOWEN ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Clinton Neal 1070 Miller Road 604-947-0384 Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

ST. GERARD’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Mass: 10:30 a.m. Priest: Father James Comey


CATES HILL CHAPEL 604-947-4260

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What is the big picture here?

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Needed: thoughtful debate


To the Editor:

To the Editor:


he consideration of ferry marshalling options, at the very entrance to Bowen Island, is a critical decision making process with far reaching impacts on the future of our community. Citizens and members of the municipal council have expressed the need to consider aspects of truck accessibility, environmental and wildlife protection, village character, park preservation and economic concerns. The breath and scope of this issue compels all of us to consider the real, overriding question which needs to be addressed: What is our vision for Snug Cove the portal to Bowen Island? In other words, what is the big picture here? The ferry marshalling issue must be anchored to a carefully considered, overall vision for the entrance to our community - as opposed to a piecemeal loop road proposal given a very perfunctory resuscitation. Our vision for Snug Cove must be guided by the realization that our environmental, socio-cultural and economic well-being is inextricably linked. It is vitally important that the portal to Bowen Island reflect a stewardship which respects its environmental and socio-cultural aspects if we are to have a flourishing economy in the cove, and if we are to set the right tone for the rest of the island. As everyone knows, Bowen’s natural beauty is our greatest asset. A four lane highway through that narrow strip of Crippen Regional Park - a short distance from the lagoon and wildlife reserve - would not only foul the park, the sanctity of our peaceful memorial grounds and the herons’ nest habitat, but our own nest as a community widely known for its unsurpassed natural environment. Greater Vancouverites would undoubtedly shake their heads at such insensitivity, which would only add to the inevitable bad publicity that would follow suit. The loop road would be a devastating public relations disaster that would scuttle our long term prospects for a quality, world class tourist economy on the island. It would also be an outright betrayal of the fundamental spirit and values at the heart of our official community plan. From the business perspective of proper positioning, there is no question that the Bowen “brand” is its unequalled natural environment and the authenticity of its island way of life. In other words, the preservation of those island values most of us hold dear is the very road to our stable, long term economic prosperity. The way forward is to bridge our vision to our destiny as a community by esthetically preserving and creatively presenting that which our modern, dysfunctional world sorely needs and craves. In so doing, we will also bridge the environmental, socio-cultural and economic factors essential to our community’s wellbeing. In the same way as the quality of a merchandiser is the indispensable background to a product in making a sale, we need to see our natural environment as the indispensable backdrop to our local economy. The continued integrity of our natural environment will not only support and highlight the socio-cultural aspects of our economy but all economic aspects of quality, ecologically conscious and sustainable community development - which is undoubtedly the way of the future. Bowen Island belongs to that future, as opposed to antiquated concepts of “progress” which spawn soulless projects such as the loop road proposal - a nightmare scenario which does not deserve to appear on any Bowen Island referendum ballot. In the Bowen tradition, our municipal council needs to marshall its skills and resources towards a fully contemporary, community based process of democratically creating the innovative future this island truly deserves. John Sbragia The Undercurrent is published every Friday by Black Press Group Ltd. All Advertising and news copy content are copyright of the Undercurrent Newspaper. All editorial content submitted to the Undercurrent becomes the property of the publication. The undercurrent is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, art work and photographs. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities.

Re: letter to mayor and council believe that creating parks and greenways and similar sustainability initiatives are now one of the hallmarks of modern, forward looking, urban communities, right across Europe and North America. Yet, at a recent Council meeting, Jack Adelaar brought a motion to dissolve our Greenways Committee. He said: “Greenways is not required anymore — it should go back to being a trail committee. The way the bylaw is presently written and enacted is too wide and is not required for the Island.” Really? Must we aim so low? Has Mr. Adelaar considered the bigger picture? And isn’t the motion to dissolve the Greenways Committee totally at odds with Mr. Adelaar’s stated goal of drawing on people with expertise within our community and honouring our volunteers? I’m writing to call on our councillors to provide a better explanation for why they are considering repealing the Greenway Advisory Committee Bylaw. I’d like to hear each councillor express their own views on the importance of greenways and the proposal to repeal the bylaw at the next council meeting. I suggest that individual councilors begin by noting that the bylaw itself explains that council: • Is committed to protecting and enhancing natural areas, their connectivity and ecosystem integrity on Bowen Island; • Wishes to promote the sustainability principles in Islands Trust and Metro Vancouver policies; • Recognizes that the quality of life on Bowen Island depends on greenways, including forests, shorelines, beaches and Crown lands; • Wishes to receive advice on future park, trail and outdoor recreation planning, land use decisions, eco-tourism and nature conservation opportunities. In addition, councillors should note that the Official Community Plan includes four objectives and fourteen policies on greenways, none of which are controversial, all of which require some ongoing implementation to help ensure that all of Bowen becomes and remains a sustainable community. I’d like to know whether our councillors are keen to abandon these goals and policies now and become out-of-step with other communities in the region and around the world? In the end, Mr. Adelaar’s motion to dissolve the committee was temporarily shelved, pending a report from staff. In addition, council instructed the committee to focus exclusively on work referred to them by council and staff. And Tim Rhodes was assigned to watch over the committee and make sure they stuck to work approved by council. Previous fumbles by the current council have been explained as natural missteps born of inexperience. The motion to disband and the resolution to hawkishly observe the Greenways Committee seem difficult to excuse in the same way. I would like to see a more informed and thoughtful debate on this issue. Len Gilday


Slip road is waste of intellectual energy To the Editor:


have trouble with a fundamental disconnect that I see in our behaviour on Bowen. We are vehemently against developing the cove and, in the last 40 years, have agreed to 2000 plus new residents on the island, many building on green field sites with the accompanying lot clearance of the forest. Is this being green? Regarding the slip road. No. Why? To build a slip road because it creates the potential to build a village in the future is so lame. Transportation is changing. Smaller cars are the new order of the day. We simply do not need a huge ferry marshalling yard. It is a 70s solution and very passe. The herons and the park are small side issues. We do not need better access to and from the island. I recognize better access does help the weekend visitor and commuter get on and off the island. It does nothing to help the business or workforce or full time resident of the island live on the island. Of far greater import is to get affordable housing

and the seniors accommodation started. We need to create a village, a community with a centre. In the future, a slip road around a viable village may be considered and even then I have my doubts. Some small low emission vehicle will most likely be at the centre of our future transport system. Imagine a Bowen co-operative of LEV 40KMH vehicles for Bowen! Then a passenger ferry for most trips to the mainland and a private car / public transport / ZIP car on the mainland. There will be obvious exemptions for emergency and commercial users on island and a limited vehicle ferry service. It is doable. Think of the new uses that the provincial ferry subsidy or the Metro Vancouver tax grab could be put to. All big cash line items to finance a different transport system and with the potential to realize some savings for the province/Metro Vancouver. No, the slip road is a total waste of intellectual energy. Let’s move on and do something for the people on the island. We could create a village. Daniel Heald

So, is there a park or not? To the Editor: Re: Developer’s explanation for cutting trees in the park in Seymour Bay ow unfortunate to once again see the clash of interests between developers and park protectors flapping in the breeze! So is there a park at Seymour Bay or not? A public beach, or an amenity to be manipulated at the discretion of the developer, as the master covenant document Mr. Adams refers to suggests? Maybe it’s just a little park. Too bad…It’s really nice there. And I’m confused about


the seeming contradiction in the developer’s explanation about the beach at Seymour Bay. I have anchored in that bay – one of the few slightly possible day anchorages along the shore- and it was not constantly pounded by waves. In fact, why would it be used as a tuck in spot for tow boats if it was not somewhat sheltered? Snug Cove it is not, but we have had some pretty nice calm picnics and swims there over the years. Like my first question, is it a park or not….well, is the bay eroding by wave action or not? Perhaps not. Ellen MacIntosh

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FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012 • 5

Meetings and wanderings on the Queen of Cap


The Bowen Agricultural Alliance (BAA) has given a $500 donation to support the Bowen Island Community School’s new Farm To School program that aims to get local produce into the hand and bellies of Bowen students. Pictured from left: Kim Howden (BAA), Jennifer Pardee (BICS principal), Sarah Haxby (BICS community school coordinator) and Elle Glave (BAA). Sandy Bristow photo

To the Editor:


here was a packed house at the Gallery at Artisan Square last Saturday night with 70 plus people in attendance. It was a night of toe-tapping, head-bopping and laughter. The band was very entertaining in addition to having excellent musicians. They played a huge range of songs in the Reinhardt and Grappelli tradition, Django-ized a few Beatles themes and played a few of their own compositions - TV Django was a particular favourite

and kept the audience guessing. Thanks to those who helped out: Doug Fleetham, Judi Gedye, Sarah Haxby, Alan Whitehead and Jacquie Massey, Brian and Kate Thomas-Peters, Betty Dhont and the Gallery, BIAC, Phoenix on Bowen, the Undercurrent and the Phorum. I plan to bring Van Django back to Bowen for another concert later this year so stay tuned. Thanks to all for coming. Kate Coffey

Soccer under the lights To the Editor:


he other evening, I needed to visit our general store. It was close to 8 p.m. and darkness was setting in. On my return homeward, I was taken by the fully lit playing field off to my right. So much so that I pulled off the road to witness a dozen or so young adults playing a game of soccer. I was impressed with their team play and skill level exhibited. The thought ran through my mind, how close we came to not having that wonderful facility. Many islanders worried about the 13 or so trees that had to be taken down to facilitate enough room for the field. Others claimed the turf was made from plastic and not good for

the environment. Then there were the ones who did not want the lighting as it might disturb Bowen’s rural atmosphere. In the end, islanders with true foresight prevailed to accomplish one of Bowen’s most used recreation areas. At this time, I would also like give thanks to Bruce Russell and his committee for their determination to provide Bowen with our wonderful golf course (I’m too old to play soccer). Again, they had little support from the council of the day and met opposition from many who wanted to keep Bowen rural. Thank goodness, Bowen does have its share of progressive minded citizens. Erwen Smith

No marshalling option is superior in an absolute sense To the Editor:


his is to expand on my letter in last week’s Undercurrent.about the proposal to the March 26 council for the selection of the loop road as the “desired solution” for ferry marshalling. I was pleased the proposal was withdrawn; in my view ferry marshalling is one of those (quite rare, thank goodness) issues that are far too important and controversial to be left to our council. It should concentrate on making arrangements for an informed and orderly public vote on the issue. Although opposed to the proposal, I am surprised by the - how can I put it delicately? elevated intensity of the criticism that it elicited at the council meeting and in the subsequent issue of the Undercurrent. For the thing is, there were two solid precedents for the March 26 proposal. These occurred during the terms of two previous councils; not only did each council have the same type of proposal before it, but, in contrast to the events at the March 26

meeting, each also went ahead and approved it (see council minutes for May 14, 2007 and July 12, 2010). The loop road proposal and the two precedents were of the same character: each was to settle for all time the choice of ferry marshalling option. This was the flawed purpose that each suffered. If the loop road proposal was thus inappropriate, so were the two precedents. Sure, the precedents supported the Government Road option instead of the loop road. But there is no higher principle that demonstrates that one marshalling option is, in any absolute sense, superior to another. The ranking of the various options is a matter of judgement about the weights to be assigned to the pros and cons of each. People, including those living together in small communities, will almost certainly - and legitimately - differ in such judgements. So, again, I’m surprised at the elevated intensity of the criticism of the loop road proposal. Bud Long

Marcus Hondro

A packed house for Van Django

sometimes stomp about the an advantage of playing sports offQueen of Capilano like it’s my island, the kids meet off-island kids own personal fiefdom. I’ve and by the time they start going to grown accustomed to the environs school off Bowen they already have of the ship, to encountering felfriends over there. low passengers who are known to Also, Lauren is going on the me and with whom I may speak annual BICS grade 4 trip to the at ease, and that inspires a kind of Big House near Squamish and is confidence in me akin to ownergoing to be, I believe, a huntership. fisher. When Digby went last year After boarding the Cap, my wife he was...I don’t remember, a builder suggests I find someone else to maybe (a destroyer?). He loved the talk with as, she insists, that’s what trip and wished he was going again I want to do anyhow. So I do a but it’s only for grade 4’s. round and check out with whom Mom Sheryl Aman and wee Eve I might banter; kids are far more Sentlinger zip by us, they’re going amusing to gabble with than adults, to Eve’s gymnastics and have given but adults are okay, too. I’ll often us rides to hockey in the past. Eve give Louise or Lynn the time of day. is new to gym but is excelling at it, At any rate, it’s my habit to though she’s not one to brag. Her chronicle a trip for posterity now dad, Gabe, is a really good socand again and this time I chronicle cer player and he works in the the 3 ferry on Tues., March 27; field of hydrology, which, frankly, I the Boy and I were going don’t know much of anything to hockey. The plan was about. slow to speak with as many as I Heather Hodson is here, lane might manage but I wound amusing as always; she’s off up sticking by the notice to buy a bathing suit and she board talking to whomever and daughter Neela and husfate threw in our path. band Andrew Todd, are going This is, by the way, the to Cuba. Seems more inviting fifth trip chronicled in the than a hockey rink, though Lane. The first was Sept. I didn’t clarify if they were 23, 2006 and last July 22, going to Cuba today, I think 2011. On Feb. 16 last year I maybe later on. I expect wrote a story on the ferry while she Heather will mostly suntan in the was having her interior redone in bathing suit but will also do some Victoria. The workers had moved swimming, so it qualifies as a trip the old blue cafeteria chairs near with a sporting purpose. the elevator to take their breaks on Writer and mom Louise Loik and I wrote there, chuffed about came along to talk with Heather, being the last islander to sit in one didn’t know her but got introduced. of those chairs. Lois I know has earned her on-theOn this recent ferry trip, Siobhan ferry-taking-kids-to-sports stripes and Lauren Catchlove were, like long ago by taking her daughters the Boy and I, going to sports, to to many, many early morning swim field hockey. Lauren has been play- lessons. We see them on the ferry ing on the same team for years and when we go to early hockey. this season’s just beginning. She’s Now I saw Stacy Beamer (a a most able player and may also guy), and others, but somehow it join a team with players from difturned out that the Boy and I spoke ferent parts of the region; they will only with females on this trip, and play games virtually all around the about sporting things. It’s a lottery, province. we never know who is gonna be On that new team, Lauren will onboard and what topics might premeet a host of new teammates, vail and we will never again experias Keelan will today going for his ence a trip exactly like the one that new spring hockey team. This is we just had.

Consultation or window dressing To the Editor:


ommunity meetings can be either a real consultation or window dressing for decisions that have already been made. I hope all Bowen Islanders will come to the public meeting on April 14th to participate and to judge what kind of community involvement our council has brought forward. Urban planner Sherry Arnstein assessed community involvement and identified three levels. Each level has several possible approaches. Municipal council will likely choose one of these approaches. Non-participation includes manipulative public relations efforts where information is skewed to support a predetermined outcome and participants are encouraged to vent but there are no obligations to act on or address these concerns. Tokenism includes providing

detailed information and inviting participants to share their knowledge and opinions, but the organization retains the right to choose what suits them. In True Citizen Involvement, citizens are important partners in the decision-making process. They are given: clear objectives of the consultation; full unbiased information about options being considered; access to competent resource people to answer questions and provide additional information; a skilled facilitator who will ensure an atmosphere of openness, free of intimidation; plus a clear list of criteria that will be used to assess the options. Finally community members must be given ample warning of upcoming consultation events and be provided several opportunities to participate. Consultation or window dressing. You can decide. Will Husby

6 • FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012


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May Day event to benefit Tir-na-nOg


ir-na-nOg will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary and on May 1, we invite the community to an evening of musical performance with dinner at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. Tir-na-nOg is partnering with Synergy, a group with the mandate to gather musical and culinary talent to host a benefit dinner and show. For the last 25 years, Bowen youth have had the opportunity to learn some very special things about themselves. They have gained skills of presentation, participation and leadership. They have thought about what it means to walk around in another person’s shoes. They have learned how to make a point so others listen and how to make people laugh. They had a fabulous time doing it. Tir-na-nOg is still going strong but no school, academic or otherwise, manages without the support of their community. The fundraiser is going to be a treat. The musical entertainment will include Juno award winner, Shari Ulrich as well as acoustic guitarists Don Adler and David Sinclair. The doors open at 6 p.m., a buffet dinner runs from 6:30 to 7:30, followed by the show. A Cormorant Marine water taxi will head out from the cove at 5:30 and leave the rowing club at 10:15. The suggested donation is $100 which is tax deductible. Please contact the Tir-na-nOg office at 947-9507 or Karen Cowper at 947-2403.


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Window is Open

The Gallery @ Artisan Square is seeking a part-time Curator The Curator reports to the Executive Director and is supported by the visual arts committee of the Bowen Island Arts Council (BIAC). He/she is responsible for the presentation of exhibitions on display at the Gallery. We are seeking to fill a contract position for 12 hours per week beginning in early May. Candidates must have a post-secondary degree or diploma in a related field or equivalent working experience. Knowledge of the arts community on Bowen is an asset. Candidates should have: ✦ Experience in selecting, pricing, hanging, promoting and selling artwork ✦ Knowledge and experience in the areas of arts, culture and gallery management ✦ Excellent interpersonal skills essential to communicating effectively with diverse groups and individuals ✦ Strong organizational ability ✦ Proven management and administrative skills For a full Job Description, please visit our website at


947-0707 #2

Sabrina and Duncan Glave’s entry Prehistoric was selected as the winner for the Bowfest 2012 theme contest because of its originality and the effort put into creating the poster design.

Please submit your resumé and cover letter to: Gallery @ Artisan Square, Box 211, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G0, or email to The deadline for submission is Monday, April 16, 2012.

Sarah Haxby photo

2012 Bowfest promises ‘mammoth’ fun Peter Courtney BOWFEST BOARD


he new Bowfest board faced a tough decision as Bowen youth submitted over 50 individual and group entries to the Bowfest 2012 theme contest. Students from kindergarten to Grade 9 created a spectrum of ideas and made the selection panel’s discussions lively and challenging. A large amount of effort and much creativity was evident in the entries, and we thank all students and teachers from BICS, IPS and Island Discovery Learning who took time to discuss, plan and execute their entries. The theme for Bowfest is an important part of the parade as is the poster design for our annual community fair. Prehistoric, the entry from Sabrina and Duncan Glave, was selected from the many entries because of its originality and the effort put into creating the poster design. As thanks to the winning entry, the school that the Glaves

attend will be awarded $200 to further arts projects, and the family will receive a complimentary pass to Bowfest. The runner-up themes were: Magic, WildWest and Zombies! Some of the submissions will be on display at Bowfest and will be added to the website soon. Just like naming a new kitten, we found that theming Bowfest is a challenging and thoughtful and fun process. The newly-elected Bowfest board are Yvonne McSkimming, president; Peter Courtney, vice president; Pam Matthews, secretary; Ellen White, treasurer: and Sarah Haxby, board member. We hope that the community will be inspired by the theme, so get ready to have “mammoth” fun at Bowfest this year and to think about Bowen’s pre-history for this year’s parade entries. As always, Bowfest is created for and by islanders, and is a volunteer-driven event. If you would like to be included or are curious about opportunities to make our annual fun fair a success, please contact any board member or visit our website,

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FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012 • 7

Danielle Allan and Rayka Kumru will hold their first SAF Turkish Jewelry Showcase on Bowen Island on Sunday, April 15, from 2 to 7 p.m. at Allan’s family home at 600 Berry Road. With tea and Turkish delight, they plan to re-create the atmosphere they experienced in a bazaar in Istanbul.

PERNILLE NIELSEN - Notary Public Real Estate Conveyancing

Mortgages and Refinances

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Office: #27 Seabreeze Building • Phone: 604.947.2210 Fax: 604.947.2008 • Email:

Submitted photo

IT’S FINALLY HERE the 2012 Bowen Children’s Centre

CLOTHING SALE Just like shopping in a Turkish bazaar SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


his Sunday, two young women entrepreneurs will bring their new business idea, and a wide array of fabulous jewelry, to Bowen Island. One of the business partners is Danielle Allan who grew up on Bowen. “I graduated from UBC in December and currently work on two projects,” she said. “I started doing administrative consulting for small businesses but I also wanted to do something together with my friend Rayka [Kumru] who is an international student from UBC.” The idea took shape last summer when the two friends met up for a week in Istanbul. “We toured the city and Rayka took me to a jewelry stall in the grand bazaar,” Allan said. “She always takes her friends to the one supplier where she has been shopping for six years. We sat down to drink tea and discuss the prices and I bought a couple of pieces.” Allan went away with two beautiful turquoise rings. “The rings are very beautiful and I am always showing them off to people,” she said. “The supplier carries a lot of older and one of a kind pieces that are really special.” Allan and Kumru had been planning to become business partners and Kumru went back to the supplier over the Christmas holidays. “She

talked to him and he said he would be happy to get us started here,” Allan said. “In the beginning, we are selling the jewelry at home parties because we are trying to make it an experience that is similar to the one in the bazaar. I am fascinated by how they do business there. The relationship is really important. To see how much trust is there, is also unique.” Allan and Kumru are bringing pieces of gold and silver-plated jewelry with semi-precious stones to Canada. They will be holding their first SAF Turkish Jewelry Showcase on Bowen Island on Sunday, April 15, from 2 to 7 p.m. at Allan’s family home at 600 Berry Road, Cates Hill. They will serve tea and Turkish delight and play melodies from the East, aiming to provide a “shopping experience.” Allan says that Bowen is “the test run” and plans more shows in Vancouver. “Administrative consulting is my personal business,” Allan said. “And the jewelry business happened at same time. I guess it’s because I wanted to try out the entrepreneurial side and see how that went.” Allan has taken entrepreneurial courses at UBC and is looking forward to the two different experiences: the work with clients when she is consulting and running a retail business. For more information on the jewelry and the show, contact


An 11th

When: Saturday, April 21st from 9am to 4pm Where: Cates Hill Chapel

Come early, bring toonies and buy a new-to-you wardrobe! Price of admission is a donation to the Food Bank, a nonperishable food item or cash.

LYN WATSON 604-765-7983 604-947-9214 901 CLIPPER PLACE $729,000


3 level, delightful, 8 yr. old family home. Bright, open living areas. Poss. 3-5 bdrms. Sep. entrance on lower level. Quiet, sunny location, large garden. Entire upper floor is Master suite. View! Call Lyn 604-765-7983 or 604-947-9214 Representing you on both Bowen and the North Shore.

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WATERFRONT! Incredible south facing ‘forever’ views. 3 levels 4 bdrms, 4 bath. Large deck. New sauna. Steps to your swimming cove. Private, sunny location, close to Snug Cove. PLUS: Charming guest suite (B&B) w/ separate entrance, hot tub and private deck.

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Great family home with lots to offer, including 3 bdrms, loft, and den. High ceilings, beautiful ocean view. Wood stove in the living room. Large garden with family size hot tub. Bright, quiet, short walk to beach. Priced to sell!

8 • FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012


Dispose of household junk

BIT sponsors fruit tree project


ast year at one of Bowen in Transition’s training sessions, the issue of food security on our island came up. Kim Kasasian suggested for Bowen in Transition (BIT) to sponsor a project to increase food security by helping people obtain fruit trees. She worked with Shasta Martinuk, Roberta Hardie and Judy Dale to research and find a supplier. Last week, 15 families purchased 32 trees, with eight more to come. In the process they discovered that there was a lot of support for the idea of growing more food locally. Thanks for help with the project go to John and Josephine Riley, Aubin van Berckel, Wynn Nielsen, Andre Chollat, Steve Bayly, Brian Hoover, Cathy Buchanan, and special thanks to the Knick Knack Nook for sponsorship. And please



omorrow, Saturday, April 14, is the day you can get rid of old household junk courtesy Bowen Waste services at the annual Spring Clean-Up. Take your junk to the parking area outside the gate of BIRD on Mt. Gardner Rd. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s free and typically stuff people get rid of are old mattresses, bed frames or other furniture no longer functional, boxes and old appliances. Hazardous materials such as paints and turpentine will be accepted the following Saturday, the 21st, at the Free Paint Recycling and Hazardous Waste Disposal Day at the Building Centre from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Details are on the municipality’s website at


Rock Walls Landscaping



Brannon Brothers

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Mowing Pruning Hedging Yard Maintenance


forgive us, if we’ve forgotten anyone. Your help and support was much appreciated. We are now planning to hold a Pruning your Fruit Trees workshop for new fruit tree owners and all islanders who are interested. We will publicize this workshop as soon as we have nailed down the details. Because the fruit tree project was so successful, BIT is entertaining the idea of making it even bigger next year and maybe even involving planting on municipal land. We remain excited about and committed to the idea of increasing local resiliency through a variety of initiatives! Keep tuned-in and watch for other projects in our monthly newsletter that you can receive by contacting Don Marshall and Carol MacKinnon (BIT coordinators)

roofing & sheet metal

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anDusen Botanical Garden’s new visitors’ centre is a living building. At the next meeting of the Bowen Island Garden Club on Tuesday, April 16, at 1 p.m. at the Gallery at Artisan Square, VanDusen’s education director Gillian Drake will present a (slightly technical) tour of the many sustainability features of the new visitors centre, and explain what a living building is. The visitors’ centre easily falls into the green building category and was designed to meet LEED Platinum standards and the Living Building Challenge. This stunning

structure uses geothermal and solar energy, captures rainwater to flush the toilets and has perennial grasses and bulbs growing on the roof. The planting strategy for the site was inspired by the historical journals of botanist Archibald Menzies with Captain George Vancouver in 1792, and consists entirely of B.C. native species. Drake is also a Bowen Islander and has enjoyed the last three years growing the educational programs at VanDusen Botanical Garden. A follow up visit to VanDusen Botanical Garden is being planned for May.

Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land Take notice that Property Owners: Guo Jing Fang & Tao Zhuang of 8035 Government Road, Burnaby, BC, V5A 2E1, intends to make applications to the Province of British Columbia for a Crown Land Tenure for Private Moorage purposes covering Property Lot 6 (DL 1548, Group 1, NWD, BCP 43260) situated on Provincial Crown land located in Bowen Island Municipality. The Land File number for Lot 6 is 2410703 (file number revised). Comments on these applications may be submitted in two ways: (1) Online via the Applications and Reasons for Decision Database website at: where details of this application, including maps can also be found. (2) By mail to the Senior Land Officer at 200 – 10428 153rd Street, Surrey, BC V3R 1E1. Comments will be received by the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations until April 6, 2012. Comments received after this date may not be considered. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be provided to the public upon request. For information, contact the FOI Advisor at the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations regional office.

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES CENTRES Locations across B.C. Visit one near you. 1.800.663.7867 TDD: 1.800.661.8773

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.


On the calendar • Youth Centre: 6 to 10:30 p.m. Free food, free movies. Drop in. • Jazz Night: Teun Schut, Rob Bailey, Buff Allen and friends. 7:30 p.m. Doc Morgan’s. • Legion dinner: 6:30 p.m. Members and guests welcome. SAT., APRIL 14 • The Scoop on Soil Amendment: 10 a.m. to noon, Ruddy Garden at 511 Sunset Rd. Dr. John Paul speaks about composting methods and Cathy Buchanan demonstrates amendment mixing. For more info contact BAA event. • AA Open Meeting: 9 a.m., Collins Hall. • Fresh: screening of the documentary and discussion about healthy living, 6 p.m., Collins Hall.



• SAF Turkish Jewelry Showcase: 2 to 7 p.m. at the Allan’s, 600 Berry Rd. Cates Hill.

• Drop-in knitting group: 2 to 5 p.m. at Bowen Court. All levels welcome.


• Post Partum Support Group: Meets two evenings/mo. (604) 947-2717.

• Last day for clothing donations: Bowen Children’s Centre. • Seniors Keeping Young: 9 a.m. line dancing 9:45 a.m. exercises, singing and refreshments, 11 a.m. Anna-Marie and Murray Atherton speak about their vacation in Italy. • Garden Club meeting: Gillian Drake will present: What is a Living Building? 1 p.m. Gallery at Artisan Square. TUESDAY, APRIL 17 • AA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall/United Church. 604-434-3933.


Invites you to attend the

Town Hall Meeting Saturday, April 14th, 2012 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at Cates Hill Chapel – 661 Carter Road Mayor Adelaar and Council invite the public to attend a Town Hall Meeting on April 14, 2012. There will be presentations and information regarding: • Strategic Planning • Preliminary 2012 Budget • Ferry Marshalling Decision Making Process

• Weight Watchers: Collins Hall. 6:15-7:15 p.m. Call 2880. THURS., APRIL 19 • Duplicate-style bridge: 7 p.m. sharp. Bowen Court lounge. Call Irene at 2955 for info.

Council and senior staff will be in attendance and look forward to hearing feedback and ideas from members of the public, and to answer any questions community members may have.

• Youth Centre: 4 to 6 p.m. Practise with your band or listen to music. Free food.

F O R I N F O R M AT I O N C A L L 6 0 4 - 9 4 7 - 4 2 5 5

• Rotary Club: Guest speaker: Linda Coyle, membership chair for the district, will speak about membership in Rotary and what it means. 7:30 to 9 p.m. Rob Wall’s Gallery at Artisan Square.


Water Main Flushing As part of its regular water system maintenance program, the Municipality will ush water mains in Bowen Bay, Bluewater Park, Cove Bay, Eagle Cliff, Hood Point, King Edward Bay and Tunstall Bay from April 7 – April 29, 2012. This procedure is necessary to remove sediment that gradually deposits in the pipes and will not pose a health hazard. Municipal staff will try to minimize any inconvenience. Flushing will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in most neighbourhoods. Every effort will be made to ensure that water quality is not affected but some turbidity and higher than normal chlorine concentrations may be present for short periods of time. Running your tap briey should clear this up. In addition, temporary pressure uctuations may occur. For more information call Bob Robinson, Superintendent of Utilities at 604-947-4255. Reminder It is recommended that water users with compromised immune systems ensure that their drinking water is boiled, ďŹ ltered or distilled. Engineering & Operations JLX MODEL SHOWN.


BOWEN ISLAND WELLNESS CENTRE 604-947-9755 CATHERINE SHAW Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist

u MARY MCDONAGH Reg. Massage Therapist Classical Homeopath

u SANDY LOGAN Registered Physiotherapist

Lisa Shatzky B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., RCC

Family Therapist Family, Child, Couples and Individual Psychotherapy




To advertise on the Health Page call 604-947-2442


Bowen Island Family Physicians BLOOD TESTS, URINE TESTS OR ECGS Dr. Susanne Schloegl



Dr. Gloria Chao Dr. Peggy Busch



0  72 %









for up to

6;-$L$:' &526629(5

385&+$6()2525440653 ,1&/8'(6)5(,*+7209,&)((67,5(7$;$,57$;

Call for an appointment 566 Artisan Lane, Suite 203







-867620(2)6;-$L$:' &526629(567$1'$5')($785(6




Dr. Tracy Leach, D.C. 566 Artisan Lane, #205

Call for an appointment



(778) 828-5681 Dr. Dana Barton


Naturopathic Physician

Artisan Square â&#x20AC;˘ 604-947-0734 Fridays 10am-5pm


Horseshoe Bay â&#x20AC;˘ 604-921-8522

Natural Family Medicine

596 B. Artisan Square

North Van Suzuki

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FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012 â&#x20AC;˘ 9

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LEMARE LAKE LOGGING is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Contract Coastal Hand Fallers • Hooktenders • Heavy Duty Mechanics Fulltime with union rates and benefits. Please send resume by fax to 250-956-4888 or email to



SERVICE MANAGER - Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (Hanna, Alberta). Opportunity in a perfect family environment. Strong team, competitive wages, benefits, growth potential. Fax resume: 403-854-2845. Email:


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DRIVERS REQUIRED HTL Transport LTD. Hiring long haul Class 1 flatdeck drivers to run AB. High Pay & new trucks. Must travel to the U.S. 2 yrs exp & clean drivers abstract. Fax Resume to 778-395-3536


Van-cam Freightways Ltd. requires a full-time Commercial Transport Journeyman Mechanic with truck experience. This position is located at our Surrey Terminal (10155 Grace Road). Applicants should have related experience, a positive attitude and able to work in a team environment. This is a busy facility providing service to a large fleet of Company Owned Trucks and Trailers. Submit a detailed resume and email/cover letter to: or fax: 604-587-9889 or call Derek at 604-587-9818 (leave a message) Van Kam is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to Environmental Responsibility. Van Kam thanks you for your interest, however only those being considered will be contacted.

Call FREE 1-877-220-3328

DL Baker Construction Canada is looking for Field/Engineer Layout Kitimat, BC Canada. Supervise project layouts Responsible for construction quality control, in particular, ensuring that the materials installed in the project are in the proper locations and are the correct materials. Analyze construction drawings for dimensional and quality control purposes and coordinates with the Project Engineer to clarify discrepancies. Use precision computerized equipment to define points of control and ensure the work is being installed true and plump. Responsible for coordinating with other construction trades to ensure that all are using appropriate control points. High School Diploma or equivalent; or 4 to 6 years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience in Line and Grade Persistent for Perfection This work will start 5/1/12 Please respond to this ad by 5/1/12 Please respond via email by placing Field Engineer in the subject line to


FARM worker required at Heppell’s Potato Corp. Surrey BC for approx. 25 weeks starting June 2012. Duties are planting, weeding, harvesting field crops, grading, heavy lifting, packaging & general cleanup. Skills required are ability to work among others. Hourly rate of $10.25, 48-55 hrs/week, 6 days a week, 1 day off. Fax Resume 604574-0553 or email



$100-$400 CASH DAILY for Landscaping Work! Competitive, Energetic, Honesty a MUST!

PropertyStarsJobs.Com ACCOUNT receivable needed! If you are interested, kindly email your resume to For more information visit our website Licensed, Government Approved, Canadian Company. DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.




• FREE ADMISSION to all playing venues • 1 complimentary item of event apparel • 1 complimentary meal per volunteer shift worked! Call our office or visit our website for more info. 604-536-9287 or www.canadianopen or Attend our next Volunteer meeting for more details. Tuesday, May 1 7:00 pm at the Sandman Signature Hotel, 8828 201 Street, Langley

$28.00 - $38.00 per hour based on experience. Commercial roofing co. hiring lead roofers with extensive exp. in commercial roofing, including: two - ply torch, single ply, sloped and metal.

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Friday April 13 2012 11

Spot the Ball round nine This week’s photo

This is what you could win next week - a Gym membership, valued at $100. Janis Treleaven photo

Here’s how you play: Cut out this week’s picture and mark the spot where you think the ball should be. Then submit the photo with your name, age and entry fee (one try for a loonie, three for a toonie) at the red and white drop boxes at the Snug, the General Store, the Office at Artisan Square, the recreation office or the Undercurrent office. You’ll have a chance to win a two-months membership at the Gym (value of $100). The deadline for this week’s contest will be on REAL ESTATE 625


MERRITT SxS Duplex. DOWNTOWN. 1 Side newly decorated and vacant. Other side rented. Each side has 4 bdrms, 3- 4 pce baths, garden area & storage shed. $337,900. (604)534-2748.






Wednesday, April 18, at 11 a.m. This contest is organized by Grade 9 IPS student James Milligan as part of his masterworks - the money will go to supporting athletic endeavours for underpriviledged children. Get out your scissors, pens and wallets and join the fun. The winner of the last contest and recipient of the Village Baker and Cates Pharmacy gift certificates is Rae Warburton (congratulations).



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1997 FLEETWOOD 27’ Class A Motorhome, self-contained,sleeps 6 b.i. generator, TV, lots of storage. $13,900/obo. 604-853-5528 Abbots

MARINE Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal

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Northwest Pkg, 22 ft, Sleeps 7, 1 bunk, Shower in & out. G.V.W. 3300. Lots of extras

58 length, towed w/ a Rav 4. Gold rated ECO Construction. Queen bed, 4 person dinette/double bed, Fridge, Stove, Micro./Conv. oven, A/C, Furnace, H/W, AC/DC, Inverter, Bath w/ shower, ext. Adda-room. $13,900 ~ Save $1000’s Call: 604-307-4357 or email:

2008 PONTIAC WAVE, 4 dr sedan, auto, high kms. runs/looks good, white, $3850 firm. 604-538-9257.

2000 Honda AWD CRV- Standard, runs perfectly, new breaks all round, air cared. Mag wheels/snow tires avail. $5500 1 (604)796-9757 2001 BMW 330i 4 dr. sedan, blk. leather on blk. auto, local, 109k, sun. roof, all pwr. options. Very clean. $10,900 604.312.7415



12’ DOUBLE HAUL Fiberglass boat, 3 seats, oars, rod holders & canopy. On eze-load trailer. Very safe. $3,200. 604-850-7143 ALUMINUM BOAT WANTED, 10’, 12’ or 14’, with or without motor or trailer, will pay cash, 604-319-5720

Get in on the Action!

2010 R-POD TRAILER Light weight, 2121 lbs. 18’ 4” in

2003 CHEVY MALIBU 110,000 km, auto, AirCared, good tires, $3000 obo. Call: (604)531-3251

1996 SUZUKI Swift 2/dr car, auto, 4 cyl. 1.3L, stereo, passed AirCare for 2 yrs. $1250. Call (778) 551-1662.

847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES 2004 JEEP GRAND Cherokee Ltd. 4x4, auto, green, 126K, $6200 firm. Call 604-538-4883

$9,995.00 604-463-9428



SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 each. Free pickup anywhere in BC, Min. 10. Toll Free Call:1.877.334.2288

2003 Salem Light:

Must be employed w/ $1800/mo. income w/ drivers license. DL #30526

RURAL NOVA SCOTIA water front lots for sale. Country living at its best. Three bedroom apartments for rent. 45 miles to university town. 1.902.522.2343


FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022

All Makes, All Models. New & Used Inventory. 1-888-229-0744 or apply on line at: (click credit approval)


2008 Mazda B4000 SE+, Gold/Grey, 48K, auto, loaded, lk new, $13900, N.Delta, 778-8553097

The Scrapper DL# 7557







Last week’s photo with ball

40’ DUTCH STAR with Cummings turbo diesel, less than 59,000 mi. Always stored indoors, looks like new, economical to operate, 2 slides, din. booth, 2 a/cond, 2 TV’s, 2 CD & 2 VHS players, ldry., propane generator (6500W). Must be seen. 604-854-3266


SCRAP CAR REMOVAL 2 hr. Service (604)209-2026



Ambitious islander with 3 schemes to win new friends and make extra cash: 1) dog walking; already owns a ‘DOG MAN’ hat given him by neighbours for his excellence in this job; will take ‘em around Killarney Lake. 2) Hauling away junk in a truck or otherwise lift and move things about and 3) take care of writing needs you may have, such as family memoirs, business reports, brochures, promo letters, online content with strong SEO included, etc. etc.. Marcus at 947-2005 ARTISAN SQUARE RENTALS. Office/ studios with ocean/mtn views from $350. 604-329-5643. DO YOU prepare personal Income Tax returns? Great... HELP! Please call 2947.

MOTORCYCLE HAULER, triple or single, large lockable utility box for all your gear. Wide easy load alum. ramp incl. $1395. Ph. 778-888-6805 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

FOR RENT: 2- bdrm apt. in Village Square. Avail. April 1. References required. Sorry, no pets. 604-947-2944



FOR RENT: 1-bdr, apt. between Village Square and the Municipal Hall. Available May 1/12. References required. Sorry, no pets. 604-947-2944. For Rent : Large 1 bedroom suite in Bowen Bay area, on acreage with water view, $850/month includes utilities. 604-773-6211 For Rent: large 3 bdrm. apt. at Artisan Square. Beautiful view, 2 decks, wood burning fireplace. $1600 month.

May 1. 329-5643/ 565-7522. FOR RENT: newly renovated 2 bdrm. suite avail. April 1, new bathroom. new kitchen, stainless steel appl. close to Cove and bus route, $875/mo. heat/hydro included, 778-874-0945


UNCLASSIFIED FOR RENT: Studio apt. between Village Square and Municipal Hall. Avail.immed. References required. Sorry, no pets. 947-2944

FOR SAIL! Westerley Sail Boat, 23 ft. Built in 1976, sleeps 4, full set of sails, good condition. No outboard. $1000. Located C17, Union Steamship Marina. Phone H. Paterson, 604-947-0205. LANCE’S RECYCLING I’ll pick up your recycling and deliver to BIRD for $20/load. Kindling $20/box CALL 947-2430 Left on top of car and LOST: A large clam steaming basket with locking lid with a Sirius Car Radio in a black bag inside. Call: 604-947-9622 or 0319

12 • FRIDAY APRIL 13 2012


Former islander Dr. Gillian MacKinnon surprised his daughter, Reverend Shelagh MacKinnon by attending the Easter service at the Little Red Church. Lorraine Ashdown photo

Young Aurora enjoys the sunshine and picks some flowers for her hair and Angela from Phoenix on Bowen plays with Bella and Murphy, two Burnese Mountain Dogs, only nine weeks old. Please note that the puppies are not for sale. Debra Stringfellow photos

Go the distance. It’s a fact: you’ll have to take the ferry to get to secondary school, but you don’t have to settle for the closest one. Take the bus to Collingwood, where you can achieve your absolute best. We offer:


Individualized attention, small class sizes and personalized report cards every term


Rigorous university prep featuring a wide range of Advanced Placement courses


Robust university guidance for Grades 9 to 12 including admissions exam prep, guided campus tours and university application support


A High Performance Learners program with customized timetables so you can pursue your passion, your way

3 3

Athletics - 19 provincial championships


Dance, Drama, Vocal and Instrumental Music programs including jazz and orchestra

Contact us to schedule a school tour: Gr 8-12: 70 Morven Drive West Vancouver / 604.925.3331

Go further. Go Collingwood.

Bowen Island Undercurrent, April 13, 2012  

April 13, 2012 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent

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