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Life in the Valley Spring 2012

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“Home Decorating Made Easy!�

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Marrying the eeting moments of life with the power of the captured image, Roberto and Paulette Nichele translate your journey into portrait art that takes your breath away.

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Spring into fashion Man finds four-legged guidance Why do you exercise? Coffee With Duncan McVie Opportunity knocks at home Getting the lay of the land It’s time to start gardening Treats for a gluten-free diet Artist focuses on nature Maintenance is vital for your car

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You’re in for a Big Day Travelling Through the Alberni Valley Heritage Network

Phone: 250-723-1376

email: / website:

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What to wear? What to wear? What to wear? That is the question that we ask ourselves each morning at this time of year. We look forward to the new season and are so ready to partake in the yummy new spring colours – yet we don’t want to get caught under dressed in a snow flurry! Spring dressing can be challenging. Our best advice is to dress in layers – one of them can be a new brighter shade to help keep the spirits up. If the day stays cool keep all the layers on, but if it warms up and the sun shows itself then you’re able to de-layer and still be comfortable. Spring sweaters are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe. A spring sweater is just a little lighter than the winter ones and could be in a brighter colour, or of course, a rich neutral that will serve you well through spring, summer and into early fall. Another common fashion question is, what type of pant leg is in style: skinny, straight, or boot cut? Actually, all three are in. Each one serves its own purpose. Having a variety helps you to switch up your look from day to day. The “skinny” is fun as you can use it with your longer tops and tunics and with flats, heels or into a boot. The “straight” is always a classy, clean look and suits all figure types. The “boot cut” falls wider to the bottom and therefore works well over boots, with heels and with active footwear. Whatever the weather and whatever the day is going to bring you, be sure to dress in a way that makes you feel good – you want to be comfortable and be able to forget about what you have on so that you can focus on your day, your family, your friends, your work and all that the day may bring to you. Here in Port Alberni we have to be a naturally cheery bunch as we often wait a long time to see the sun. So get out there and smile at those you see. Say something positive to the person next to you. Spread some sunshine and soon it will be upon us. Happy spring! Gayle Stephen-Player owns Gayle’s Fashions in South Port.


~ Spring 2012

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Four-legged teamwork Ian Burgess navigates the city with his guide dog


or 34 years, Ian Burgess has the time anyways—that my first been walking around with a ophthalmologist thought I was giant smudge on his contact faking it,� he explains. lenses —at least, that’s how he Ironically, Burgess spent much explains his vision impairment to of his teenaged years “faking� others. good vision. “When you’re in high But Burgess, who is legally blind, school, you really don’t want to has a new four-legged friend stand out, so I learned to hide [my named Brodie to vision impairment] help him get around really well.� Port Alberni safely. As his vision got Brodie is a twoMy condition M di i was worse, Burgess would year-old Labrador sometimes get angry so rare...that my and frustrated when Retriever trained by the charity B.C. first opthalmologist he went out. Learning Guide Dog Services. to use a white cane thought I was Burgess isn’t sure several years ago faking it. exactly when his made things easier, vision impairment but Burgess finally began, but he was decided to apply for a eight years old guide dog in 2009. before anyone “At first I didn’t realized it. think I even qualified for a [guide] He was eventually diagnosed dog, but it turns out I’m well past with Stargardt disease, a severe the requirements. And now that I form of juvenile macular have a guide dog, I definitely see degeneration. the advantages,� he said. “My condition was so rare—at Continued / 9



Ian Burgess and his guide dog, Brodie.


s n o i h Fas

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Word to the ‘whys’ People work out for different reasons PATRICIA GOBELL SPECIAL TO THE NEWS

When I was asked to write about fitness, I thought why not ask our clients why they exercise. Fitness to me is not just about looking fit, it is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing as much as we can to give our body what it needs. I always stress to myself and others that our body will not shine outside unless we maintain the inside. I liken it to a car: when a vehicle is without oil and water or you leave a vehicle parked too long it will sometimes barely start or not at all. We only have one body and we need to take care of what we our responsible for, whether it’s exercising, eating right or enjoying life. I know when I’m tired or stressed, I find after taking the time and putting some energy into a workout with weights or a jog I seem to have gained back more energy and less stress. I guess this is what we say about taking it out on the weights. I also recall many times when I’m too busy to exercise or eat right my attitude and mental alertness changes. Those are the days you wear your feel-good comfy clothes, the bigger the better. I know for me when I look at some of my clients who are in their late 50s and mid60s and I push them as hard as I push my young clients during training (who whine just as much), I hope I have the same drive they have at that age. During my many years in the fitness industry I’ve seen starting a fitness goal is

always a struggle for many not knowing where, when or what to start. This is why when starting a fitness program you need to choose a program that will suit your needs, not someone else’s. Find a trainer who will work with you in developing a program that will not leave you feeling stressed or will not work with your daily schedule. Otherwise you will add to your already stressful day trying to make a fitness routine work. Thirty minutes of any kind of physical activity— weights, cardio, fitness classes, Zumba, heated yoga—is better then none. Our bodies were meant to move. I truly value any input from clients and over the years this is what I hear: I joined the gym to build my strength back after cancer (Phyllis Rutherford).

“I was told this was good for me and I needed positive energy back in my life (Donna Ofstie). I found the gym helped me strengthen my back and neck after a vehicle accident (Fran Poap). I needed something to keep me focused on staying healthy and changing my habits (Theresa Kingston). We start at the gym and finish at coffee (the coffee gang, Mary, Shirley, Sharon, Mary, Sharien, Dora). I had no idea where to start. Joining the gym and having a trainer made my commitment to me a lifestyle change; it was about reaching a goal with baby steps. (Rose Mesic). Patricia Gobell is one of the owners at Alberni Fitness.

on the go ...with Parks and Rec For Home and Garden Pressure Canning & Dehydrating Workshop, Sun., Apr 15, 2 – 5 pm, $50. Patio Baskets Workshop, Thurs., May 3, 7 – 8:30 pm; $9 (Plus $22 supply fee at the class). Mighty Seeds, Sat., Apr 14, 10 am – 12 noon; $25. Dance & Fitness

Belly Dance Continuing, Tues., Apr 3 – May 8, 7 – 8:15 pm; $52 Pilates, Mon., Apr 2 – Jun 4, 5:45 – 6:45 pm; $52 Mom & Baby Fitness, Wed/Fri., Apr 11 – May 18, 10:15 – 11:15 am; $44 Yoga Classes, Intro Level I, Mon., Apr 23 – Jun 11, 11 – 12:30 pm; $44 Intro Level I, Tues., Apr 24 –

Jun 12, 7 – 8:30 pm; $50 Gentle Level I, Fri., Apr 27 – Jun 15, 10:30 am – 12 pm; $50 Continuing, Tues., Apr 24 – Jun 12, 5:15 – 6:45 pm; $50. Continuing, Thurs., Apr 26 – Jun 14, 7 – 8:30 pm; $50

$15 Kayak Wet Exits Clinic, Sat. Apr 14, 4 – 6 pm; $28 Kayak Spring Harbour Paddles, Sun. Apr 15 – Apr 29, 9 – 10:30 am; $55 Sea Kayak Toquart Bay, Sat. Apr 28, 6:50 am – 5 pm; $99

Outdoor Alberni Inlet Trail Hike, Sat. Apr 21, 9 am – 4:30 pm; $10 Dickson Ash Lakes Canoe Trip, Sat. May 26, 9 am – 4 pm;

For more information or to register for any of these programs just drop into Echo Centre or phone 250-723-2181.

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Coffee With...

Capt. McVie retires after 35 years fighting fires WAWMEESH G. HAMILTON

Coffee With You know you’ve got a good career happening when your work doesn’t feel like a job, the people you work with are like family and you hate to leave when you retire. Alberni Valley firefighter Captain Duncan McVie retired in February after 30 years with the Port Alberni Fire Department. “I’ll always be a firefighter but I’m going to really miss the daily camaraderie with my brothers at the station,” McVie, 59, said. “That’s the hardest thing to leave.” Born in Victoria, the married father of two is one of three siblings who made their way to the West Coast when their father first took a job at a cable station in Bamfield. The family moved to Port Alberni where they ultimately settled when McPhee was six years old. McVie attended John Howitt Elementary, AW Neill Middle School and Alberni District Secondary School, where he graduated from in 1971. McVie says his favourite subject was math, and that the teacher who most stands out in his mind was Pat Kokura.

Retired fire Captain Duncan McVie empties his locker for the final time.

“She was dedicated to children and not just to her job,” McVie said. “She really went the distance for kids and now she does the same for children in Africa.” Growing up in Bamfield and Port Alberni, McVie was influenced by the sea and wanted to become a member of the Canadian Coast Guard when he was growing up. He worked as a commercial fisherman until in 1973 he noticed job openings at the Port Alberni Fire Department. “It really interested me so I applied for it, and I got it and haven’t looked back since,” McVie said.

The biggest change McVie saw during his 30 years as a firefighter was the evolvement in equipment. “These days its lighter and safer and there’s better training today too,” McVie said. His experiences as a firefighter are too numerous to mention but there is one memory that stands out. “I delivered a baby girl in front of the pulp mill,” McVie said. “She’s grown up now and I still see her.” The best part of being a firefighter is helping people who are down and saving people’s property, McVie said. The most challenging part is staying on top of your game. “There’s so much innovation now that you have to be on top of things to do a good job,” he said. “You have to work at it because you’re responsible for the lives of your fellow firefighters.”

Leaving a job you love is difficult, but the best way to handle it is to value what you have while you have it. “You see a lot of downside to life on the job: death, accidents, disease,” McVie said. “You come to understand how precious life really is and to let yourself enjoy it.” Not an idle man, McVie plans to fill his newfound time with his wife, walking, boating, and camping. The couple was just leaving for an ocean cruise, he said. McVie says he took pride in doing his job as best he could, which is consistent with advice he received from his father, who fought overseas in the Second World War. “Whatever you do, do a good job and do it to the best of your ability,” McVie said. “I gave it my best as a firefighter and feel that I did that.”

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Making an entrance opportunity is knocking A

great new shade of lipstick can be an easy and inexpensive investment to lift your spirits and make you feel good. Painting your front door a fabulous new colour can have the same effect on your home. Looking fresh and updated, your home’s curb appeal will be enhanced and your spirits will be lifted each time you pull up in your driveway. Things to consider when painting: • Consider your front door as the focal point; the eye should be drawn to your home’s welcoming entrance. • Keep your colour statement strong. If your front door has a storm door, paint it the same colour. • You can successfully paint aluminum and vinyl siding but never go darker than original colour, or buckling may occur. • View your exterior colour chip outdoors in bright sunlight, shade and dusk. • When painting your door choose a shade darker than intended as it will look much brighter and lighter outside. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so now that your front door is dressed in new colour, get some new accessories to leave a lasting impression. A new mailbox, exterior light, door hardware and door knocker will complete the look and give your home that brand new feel. A final suggestion to your makeover marvel is to get some larger plant pots for your entranceway. the quantity will vary depending on your entrance, but you want to create balance. This will give you the premise to add a touch of colour for the seasons and show off the beauty of your home.

These tips were provided by one of Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone experts.


Magazine ~ Spring 2012

Alberni Valley News 9

Sleep well on a good mattress


he mattress could be considered to be the most important piece of furniture in your home. A restful sleep has a direct impact on your quality of life, and will improve both your productivity throughout the day and your leisure time spent with family and friends. Choosing the right mattress can also be one of the most challenging things to do. The key to choosing the right mattress is to choose one that properly conforms to your body and keeps your back in the same position when you lay down as when standing. There are basically two types of mattress sets, those that use a metal inner spring and those that use foam cores. There are many types of coils used in metal inner spring sets including Bonnel, Pocket, Offset and Continuous coils. A Bonnel coil is a simple hourglass shaped coil and is found in entry level mattress

Which mattress coil setup is ideal for your comfort?

sets. This type of coil structure is more suitable for children and young adults but would not be recommended for adults due to its typically low coil count and short life. Continuous coils are generally much stiffer and will usually have more upholstery in the top to do the conforming for you. An offset coil structure is a good choice for people who prefer a firmer

feeling sleep set as the coil does a good job conforming to your body and is less reliant on the foams and upholstery to do the conforming for you. The most conforming metal inner spring is known as the


3540 3rd Avenue Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 6 pm Sunday 9 am - 5 pm Port Alberni, B.C.

Tips provided by The Brick owner Garth Hamilton.

Blind man’s life changed by addition of four-legged sidekick, Brodie From / 5

for all your Paint and Decorating Needs!

pocket coil. These coils can now be found in almost all manufacturers’ products and are a good choice for both firm and plush comfort levels. The most efficient mattress for conforming to your body is memory foam; however they are generally a firmer feeling mattress and have a tendency to hold heat. There are many types of foams out there and you should do your homework to be sure you are choosing the right one. The first thing you should do is determine your preference with respect to comfort level. Lay down on both firm and plush beds to figure out what feel you prefer.

Burgess walks everywhere he goes, and Brodie helps him get around obstacles sighted people don’t even think about—like overgrown hedges or even bus stop signs, which are set in from the curb. “It’s taken a lot of stress off walking,” says Burgess. “He drives and I navigate.” It took two years for Burgess to be matched with Brodie, which is the typical waiting time according to B.C. Guide Dog Services’ CEO William Thornton. Burgess went through two solid weeks of training with Brodie, including a final exam and graduation. Already a dog lover, he said he loved learning even more about his fourlegged helper. The non-profit B.C. Guide Dog Services currently trains about 20 guide dogs per year. While it costs $37,000 to train the dog, clients like Burgess pay only $1.

“It’s because of donors that I am able to have a high quality dog with great training,” Burgess said. “It’s a great gift. I definitely don’t take that lightly,” he added. Now four months into their new life together, Burgess looks forward to having Brodie by his side when going to the gym and volunteering at the New Horizons’ organic garden, or Literacy Alberni. When asked if he has any tips for passersby on the streets, he replies, “Dogs aren’t really trained to steer around humans the way they would avoid a post or object on the sidewalk, so it’s really helpful if people can give us a little bit of room.” He also reminds readers that they should never pet or call out to a service dog without permission. For more info or to donate: or (250) 413-3095.

10 Alberni Valley News

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How does your garden grow? April is a good time to get started “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” — Margaret Atwood.


ike author Margaret Atwood, after the drabness of winter many Canadians look forward to tackling a variety of garden chores. Now’s an ideal time to plant not only pansies, but also shrubs, trees, perennials and berries as there is much moisture and moderate heat. When planting, consider amending your soil with bone meal, compost, lime and perhaps a balanced fertilizer. It’s also a good time to divide summer flowering perennials and to root-prune plants bound up in containers. Generally, don’t plant perennials in soggy garden soil as most plants require good drainage. Once the soil dries out you can cultivate and plant these areas with annual flowers and veggies. If drainage in your garden is poor, consider growing in containers and raised beds.

You can create your own soil for beds by composting leaves, grass clippings and other organic material such as newspaper. For containers it’s best to use a specialty commercial mix. During early April if weather and soil conditions look promising, plant potatoes and consider direct seeding arugula, broad beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, fennel, kale, kohlrabi, leeks and parsnips. Consider succession planting some veggies such as lettuce, radishes and peas every two to three weeks for a more continuous harvest. You still have time to start eggplant, tomatoes and peppers indoors for transplanting in May. Mid-April may be suitable for seeding beets, onions, spinach, Swiss chard and turnips. Rotate crops each year to enhance the fertility of your soil and reduce disease. On the Naesgaard Farm as an annual spring ritual, we cultivate

ground limestone into the soil. Lime, a natural magic potion, raises the pH level of our acidic Alberni Valley soil and facilitates the absorption of the nutrients in fertilizers and compost by most garden plants. Ground limestone is very benign and safe to handle. Follow the application rates on the package and it’s almost impossible to harm plants. Don’t apply lime to potatoes nor is there any need to lime rhododendrons, azaleas, blueberries, conifers or native plants. Lawns love lime as it creates a condition where grass can compete with moss. Quality commercial container mix generally doesn’t require lime, but you can add lime to over-wintered containers. For additional, detailed gardening information pick up the free 2012 West Coast Seed Gardening Guide from Naesgaard’s Market and Garden Centre on River Road.

l.i.v. ~ Spring 2012

Alberni Valley News 11

Gluten free: Not just another fad diet By Debra Rayburn


am sure you have noticed the increased number of products being hailed as gluten free these days. Is this an important issue or just the latest in a long string of fad health diets? For most of the population it is not a health issue. For some with sensitivities or allergies it can be stressful and make eating out a challenge. But for a growing number of people with celiac disease, gluten is the cause of health issues and intestinal pain. Celiac disease is a genetically based immune response to eating gluten that causes the body to destroy the villi that line the small intestine and are responsible for the absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately taking a stand against gluten in your diet is not as simple as just not eating bread. Gluten is the protein found primarily in wheat, barley and rye but also in spelt and kamut. It can be hidden in foods labeled

as maltodextrin, dextrin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, malt, malt flavoring or modified food starch. There are many premade products out there that are labeled gluten free. A closer look at the label confirms that the manufacturers are removing the gluten and adding salt, sugar and fat to their products to make them taste good. Gluten free yes, but healthier, not a chance. I believe that the way to achieve a healthy gluten free diet is to get back to basics and prepare you own meals from scratch. This is not only a great way to control what you have in the food you serve but also the most economical way to keep with any specialty diet. Eating gluten free is a great way to remove processed foods from your diet and most people do notice a difference in how they feel when following a gluten free plan.

recipes Bran muffin This is very much like a bran muffin. 1 tsp coconut oil 1 egg ½ tsp BP 1 tbls ground flax seed 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp ginger 1 tbls cocoa powder 2 tbls brown sugar 1 tbls grain or seeds (sunflower) 2 tbls chopped nuts (fine coconut) ¼ cup raisins Method: Mix together in large mug. (12 oz). Microwave for 1 min 40 seconds.

Continued / 15

(See page 15 for second recipe) Now Locally Owned & Operated

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he Community Arts Council of the Alberni Valley enriches individual and community life through sharing and shaping the cultural environment of the Alberni Valley. The arts council also operates the Rollin Art Centre, located at the corner of Argyle Street and Eighth Avenue.

Call for artists to show at Rollin

Behind the lens with Gittan Klemetsrud

When attitude becomes form Nature helps photographer find her way SUSAN QUINN ALBERNI VALLEY NEWS

For Gittan Klemetsrud, photography is a state of mind as much as it is an art form. And her chosen form of expression, beyond the digital, that is, is completely natural. Klemetsrud’s photographic work is currently on display at the Rollin Art Centre in the exhibit When Attitude Becomes Form. Klemetsrud is self taught. She received her first camera as a Christmas gift when she was nine years old and living in Sweden, but got away from her love of the craft as she grew up. It wasn’t until 2009 that she started taking pictures again, and 2010 before she pushed herself to become more professional. She started with her 35mm OM1 film camera, a manual camera which forced her to learn the basics. “(It) provided me with a stable foundation to challenge myself and push, since you do not know what you have captured until after,” she says. “You really learn how to master the settings by making mistakes and learning from them.”

The Rollin Art centre is accepting applications to all visual artists to submit an application to exhibit their work in our Fine Arts Gallery during the 2013 calendar year. Application forms are available at the Rollin Art Centre or you can download an application at www. Deadline is April 30. The gallery is located at the corner of Argyle Street and Eighth Avenue, and is open from 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday. Call 250-724-3412 for more info.

2012 Rollin Art Centre Gallery Exhibits

‘Come Home’, above, and ‘Passage’ are two of Gittan Klemetsrud’s favourite prints.

Switching to a digital platform was a big change, but it went smoothly from the technical side, she says. Continued / 15

March 14 – April 11 Gittan Klemetstrud, photography. April 13 – May 9 Adina Barugolo & Peter LeClerc, acrylic/charcoal. Meet & Greet: Saturday, April 14, 1-3 pm. May 11 – June 9 Jacqueline Windh, photography. Meet & Greet: Saturday, May 12, 1-3 pm. Other events ◆ Arts and Culture Week, April 23-28. ◆ Celebrating the Arts Centennial Tea, Saturday, April 28, 1-3 pm. ◆ Garden Club Plant Sale, Saturday, May 5. ◆ Book Sale, May 12, Echo Centre. ◆ Centennial Fashion show, Saturday, June 9, 1-3 pm. ◆ Garden Tour, Sunday, June 24.

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Alberni Valley News 13

Port Alberni

All your fashion needs for the entire family. GREAT STYLES/GREAT PRICES.

14 Alberni Valley News

l.i.v. ~ Spring 2012

Smooth driving ahead KIM HEEKS SPECIAL TO THE NEWS


ummer driving season is just around the corner. Enjoying that long-awaited road trip is dependent on regular maintenance of your car, truck or SUV. The No. 1 reason for maintaining your vehicle is safety. You can be the world’s most skilful driver but with a rotten ride you and your vehicle become an accident waiting to happen. Each year thousands of accidents are the result of vehicle neglect. Faulty brakes, tires, wiper blades, exhaust systems and leaking gas tanks being some of the leading causes. Secondly, it is common sense but the point is a maintained car will not need as many repairs. You won’t be heading to your mechanic as frequently if you keep your vehicle in excellent condition. This will mean fewer roadside

emergencies. Nothing is more frustrating than having your car break down in the middle of nowhere. Lessen your chances of getting stranded due to bad tires, broken belts, a malfunctioning cooling system or battery by making sure these components are in excellent condition prior to making a long trip. The third reason for strict car maintenance has to do with performance. You will lengthen your car’s great performance and life if you keep an eye on its vital fluids. Motor, transmission, gear oils, and coolant are your vehicle’s life blood. Oil, air and cabin filters, as well as other wear parts are just as important for vehicle performance. If you don’t keep these maintained expect your ride to quickly show signs of internal wear. Your car will be more dependable if you make sure that these are always in good condition.

Another important reason to maintain your vehicle is resale value. Most buyers value excellent vehicle performance and condition over the car model. It only makes sense that a maintained five-yearold vehicle will fetch a better price than a poorly maintained two-year-old one. Lastly, a well-maintained vehicle is good for the environment. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will limit the amount of dangerous fumes and automotive fluids released into the air and water table. Each year your vehicle’s emissions contribute directly to global pollution. Many cities in Canada require regular maintenance of auto emission systems. Your automotive professional can provide you with the expertise necessary to keep your vehicle in top notch condition, for this summer and many to come. Kim Heeks, is owner of Lube-X in Port Alberni.

l.i.v. ~ Spring 2012

Alberni Valley News 15

Artist learned the basics living in Sweden From / 12

She still shoots with her 35 mm, but has added a Canon 500D digital camera to her stable of equipment. “I just got a new portrait lens, EF 50 mm f 1.8 and have used that for

some portraits,� she says. “I love the results.� Klemetsrud spends as much time as she can outdoors, photographing nature and landscapes. “I grew up in a small town

Learn to cook gluten-free From / 11

There are some great cookbooks to help with the transition. Or, make an appointment with a certified holistic nutritionist for help with making over your favorite recipes or a full menu plan. English muffin This is more like an English muffin. Or, double the ingredients and make it into a loaf of bread by baking it in a 3X6 glass loaf pan. 1 egg 1 tsp coconut oil ½ BP

1 tbls ground flax seed 1 tsp sweetener 1 tbls seeds (I used sesame and sunflower) 1 tbls almond meal 1 tbls corn meal Method: Mix together in large mug and microwave for 1 min 40 seconds. For double microwave for 2 min). Debra Rayburn is a Registered Nutritional Counselor and Certified Holistic Nutritionist practicing in the Alberni Valley. E-mail her at sensitivities

called Ludvika, which is about the same size as Port Alberni, but my hometown is surrounded by six lakes,� she says. “So anywhere you drive, there is always water.� She moved to the Alberni Valley in 1999 and although she loves photographing the natural beauty that surrounds Port Alberni, she yearns to return to Sweden—one day. “There are so many things there I (would) like to go back and photograph,� she says. “All

the graves from the Vikings and all the old stone buildings.� Her latest technique is layering her photos with text, or creating a mood with a collage effect. This is evident in her exhibit at the Rollin— particularly in ‘Come Home’, one of her favourite pieces in the show. The Rollin Art Centre is located at the corner of Argyle Street and Eighth Avenue. When Attitude Becomes Form closes April 11.




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16 Alberni Valley News

Welcomee to th Home of

West Coast Art, Jewelry, Prints & Cards

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778-421-COOK (2665) #10-5440 Argyle Street, Harbour Quay Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 1T7

Come in the Pub and check out our daily food and drink specials 5170 Argyle Street



Open 7 days a week




Bite and e n O “ OR � e Hooked ’r u o y TAKE OUT Located at the Harbour Quay



10% OFF Weekdays 10 - 5:30

Saturdays 10 - 5

Clip or mention this ad for

20% OFF


any regular l priced i d merchandise h di

Certified Bra Fitters on Staff Fabrics 5344 Argyle St., Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 1T8 Tel: (250) 723-0966 s&AX




Kismet Quilts 5334 Argyle St., Port Alberni, B.C. 250-723-6605



March 30, 2012  
March 30, 2012  

Section Z of the March 30, 2012 edition of the Alberni Valley News