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Weds., March 21, 2012





Victim of Ghost Peak avalanche identified

When buildings collapse


The old Revelstoke Water Bottling Plant located just west of Glacier National Park collapsed earlier this month. The question: was it taken out by an avalanche or did it collapse underneath the snow load? See page 3 for more. Courtesy Revelstoke Property Management

The victim of the Ghost Peak avalanche incident on Mar. 11 has been identified as David Ng, 32, of Calgary. Ng was on a ski touring adventure in the Ghost Peak area with five others from the Calgary and Fernie area when he was caught in an avalanche. A Canadian Avalanche Centre reports says the six skiers were skiing in between Ghost Peak and the peak of Mt. Cartier at an elevation of 2038 metres. Four skiers waited at the top of a slope while two descended. One of the two held up part of the way down while the other skied through cliffs and trees to a lower slope. It was the skier who held up higher on the slope who noticed the slide. He shouted “avalanche” and blew a whistle to alert the others. After the avalanche stopped, the others were able to quickly locate and dig out victim David Ng. They began CPR and continued for 30 minutes before ending their attempt to revive him. They also called for help on a satellite phone immediately. The report notes the slide was a size “2” and was about 200 metres wide and 150 centimetres deep. The CAC report also notes the helicopter that brought Revelstoke SAR members to the scene on Sunday had to turn back due to “horrid flying conditions” including high winds, blowing snow and ice forming on its rotors. Despite adverse conditions, the party was not in any difficulty while they awaited for officials to arrive on the scene. They were experienced skiers and had come prepared for a multi-day trip. Avalanche, page 2

Downie Timber appeals for property tax consideration AARON ORLANDO

It’s been a deeper valley than anyone could have foreseen, but after four hard years it looks as if Revelstoke’s local mill is just beginning the climb back up the other side – but they still need all the help they can get. Representatives from Downie Timber asked city council to keep them in mind when setting taxation rates this year. The appeal comes weeks before council sets final tax rates, and is a continuation of a sixyear lobby effort by the mill to have their property taxes reduced. Downie representative Jack Heavenor led a delegation to council’s

Mar. 13 city council meeting. His presentation focused on the positives the mill brings to Revelstoke as well as the challenges they’re facing. Heavenor said Downie was slowly starting to recover after taking serious hits following the economic downturn starting in 2008. Back in 2008, some of Downie’s core cedar products were commanding $1,200 per thousand board feet. That price dropped to $880 by 2010 and then to $750 by 2011. “It’s hammered us,” Heavenor said. Prices have increased slightly this year, but only to about $775. He noted that housing starts in the U.S. had plummeted to less than half

Downie Timber Ltd. representative Jack Heavenor presents an appeal for lower tax rates to Revelstoke city council on Mar. 13. Co-owner Ron Gorman (seated at right) also gave a brief presentation.

Downie, page 18

Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Times Review


1103 Downie Street $219,000

#11 - 1204 Maplewood St. $61,900

8 Johnson Way $249,000

"Right Agents for Today's Market" Revelstoke Realty

1928 Aspen Crescent $479,000

614 MacKenzie Avenue $545,000

209 1st St. West, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0 250-837-5121/fax: 250-837-7020

104 Ninth Street East $595,000

OMREB Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

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Avalanche victim an experience mountaineer

City, complainant in discussion over ‘$14-million’ lawsuit Times Review staff

City of Revelstoke chief administrative officer Tim Palmer says the city and a land developer have agreed to talk about issues that led Selkirk Land and Cattle Corporation to file a statement of claim for damages of nearly $14 million against the city. In late September, 2011, lawyers acting on behalf of Selkirk Land filed the documents and simultaneous media release. They claimed the city had damaged their property

located upslope of Camozzi Road with the construction of an access road, and that official community plan changes would make the developer’s property a de facto parkland. The claim also emphasized poor communications with the city. In the months since, the City of Revelstoke hasn’t filed a statement of defence. This, explains Palmer, is because the city has agreed to see if they can talk out the issues outside of court. He said there was little he could say, other than discussions were ongoing.

from page 1 They were retrieved from the mountains southeast of Revelstoke Tuesday morning by Revelstoke Search and Rescue. The Times Review met briefly with two men involved in the incident. They had just completed giving statements to the RCMP inside a hangar at the Revelstoke Airport. The pair said they weren’t prepared to give media statements or interviews, or provide their names. They did indicate they might like to discuss the incident at a later date in order to help inform others.

A helicopter with Revelstoke SAR members on board leaves to the avalanche scene on Tuesday. Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Times Review

For the story as it unfolded, see



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Did an avalanche take out the old water bottling plant? ALEX COOPER

The old Revelstoke Water Bottling Plant near Albert Canyon collapsed earlier this month – done in by this winter’s snow. Though how exactly it came down is a question mark. “It was an avalanche,” said Merv Krywa of Revelstoke Property Management, who inspected the building after it collapsed. “That was not the case,” said Sylvain Hebert of Storm Mountain Technical Services, the contractor who does avalanche control for CP Rail. The bottling plant came down sometime before March 10. It was closed down in September 2009 and has been empty since then. When the I first heard about it, I thought it would make for a good picture and that’s about it. When I was told it was knocked down by an avalanche, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine they would have built a factory where people worked for close to 20 years in an avalanche path – even an infrequent one.

I took a look at Google Earth and sure enough there is an avalanche path that comes down several hundred metres from the plant, on the other side of the Illecillewaet River. I was given some pictures of the site that showed twisted metal beams and flattened walls mixed in with lots of snow. Some of the pictures showed the slide path but there was no overarching picture showing the whole area, making it difficult to make an assessment. Unfortunately, road closures and other commitments prevented me from visiting the site myself so I asked around and eventually ended up talking to Jim Bay, the manager of AvaTerra, which used to do the avalanche control work for the railway. “There’s no question a slide could affect that plant,” he told me. “The plant has been affected in the past. There has been some very heavy dust plastering from avalanches all over the plant.” He said that when he did control work for the railway, he questioned doing avalanche control on that slide path ‘No’ page 4

This picture shows the building in its relation to the nearby avalanche path. Courtesy Revelstoke Property Management

Developer hosting second open house for Shelter Bay project ALEX COOPER

Developer Ender Ilkay is returning to Revelstoke next Tuesday to show a new set of plans for his proposed 5,200 acre development near Shelter Bay south of Revelstoke. Ilkay will be hosting an open house and presentation at the community centre on Mar. 27 from 4:30-9 p.m., during which he will go over the changes to the 722-unit development. He held his first open house for the development in November 2010. Since then, he said he went through the feedback and fine tuned the plan. He said the new plan has a smaller footprint. “The amount of area of the land covered by development ends up being a little smaller,” he said. “The unit count stays consistent. It’s basically configuration is the key thing that’s changed.” He said that more units will have

full water and sewer services rather than be on their own well and septic systems. “We’ve increased the amount of units that can actually have full services. That took some work to adjust the layout and so forth,” he said. “I don’t want to give everything away because I want people to come and see it.” Ilkay acquired the land when the forestry company Pope & Talbot went bankrupt in 2008. Ilkay recently met with the Area B Advisory Planning Commission to go over the new plans. “He definitely has listened to what the APC has had to say,” said Area B director Loni Parker. “Of course there are some outstanding concerns because it’s still early on in the process. “I think he’s really trying to do his due diligence to make sure that he puts something together that would be acceptable to the community.”

REVELSTOKE GRIZZLIES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, April 3rd at 7:00pm in the Revelstoke Minor Hockey Room at the Arena There are positions that need to be filled. All Welcome. Please Come Along!

At the last open house in 2010, Ilkay’s proposal was supported by some people for the potential economic benefits, however it also came under criticism for the potential environmental impact. Since the last open house Ilkay saw one of his proposed development near Victoria turned down by the local government. He said that decision has not had any impact on the Shelter Bay development. “It’s a completely different project,” he said. “I learn from every experience so in that aspect I think it helped but has it changed anything? No.” He said he is aiming to start the official zoning process with the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District after the open house. “If all that goes well, then obviously we’d like to get underway,” he said. “I’d love to see actual develop- Shelter Bay developer Ender Ilkay during his last open house. ment on Phase 1 starting next year.” Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review file photo

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from page 3

because of the potential to impact the plant. “It’s definitely in range of a slide path – a one-in-every-75-year return period, that’s the calculated thing,” Bay said. “It’s possible given the recent avalanche activity



No environmental concerns, says ministry that we had and it would be very interesting for someone to take a look at it.” He then told me to call Hebert. When we spoke, Hebert said he had been to the area recently and that the nearby avalanche path had slid, but it came down several hundred metres away.


19,999 $132 5.99%



“That’s why I say with confidence that it was not an avalanche that collapsed the building, although I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there when the avalanche ran,” he said. The slide that came down was a wet one, he told me, which was unlikely to produce enough of an








air blast or powder cloud to take out the plant. “It leads me to believe that the building collapsed from the weight of the snow more than from an air blast from an avalanche.” As I said, I was unable to verify his assertion myself and Krywa insisted that an avalanche hit the building, adding it survived last year’s much heavier snow load. Ice River Springs, which owns


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4 ■ TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012

the building, is conducting an assessment of the site. The company is reponsible for the clean-up and Cory Legebokow from the Ministry of the Environment said he had not been contacted about any environmental issues from the buildings collapse. “I don’t suspect there’s any issue out there other than them losing their building,” he said. The property is for sale.


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TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 ■ 5


Court hearing sheds light on death of Daniel Levesque ALEX COOPER

The mother of Daniel Levesque doesn’t believe a pathologist’s report that states her son died of a drug overdose. “He just coincidentally happened to OD after being hit on the head with a hammer? It’s just totally absurd,” Stacey Thur told the Times Review last Wednesday. “People that know Daniel know that’s not who he was.” Thur was reacting to an article by Victoria Times Colonist reporter Louise Dickson that shed light on what happened on Aug. 3, the night Levesque died following an altercation in a Victoria condo. Joshua Bredo was charged with second degree murder in connection with Levesque’s death but on Dec. 9, the charges against Bredo were stayed due to lack of evidence to support a conviction. The investigation is ongoing. Dickson was in court in Victoria on Mar. 12 during an application by the Crown to retain items seized as evidence during the investigation of the condo where Levesque and Bredo were found following the altercation. The information in this article comes from Dickson’s article that appeared in the Times Colonist last week. According to Dickson’s article, Crown prosecutor Rome Carot read out an affidavit by RCMP Const. Margo Downey. According to the affidavit, Bredo called 911 at 5 p.m. and told police he had been stabbed in the stomach, arm and head. When police arrived at the scene they found both men in

the living room – Levesque was face down on a couch and Bredo was lying on his back on the floor. They were taken to Victoria General Hospital where Levesque succumbed to his wounds. According to the autopsy by Dr. Carol Lee, Levesque had two circular wounds on the back of his head – consistent with being struck by a hammer. However, on Dec. 8, Lee’s report concluded that Levesque died from cocaine toxicity. The next day, the charges against Bredo were stayed. “Police are concerned that the pathologist relied on incomplete, inaccurate and unsubstantiated information, the affidavit says,” Dickson reported. The autopsy report states that Bredo said Levesque freaked out and assaulted him. According to the affidavit, Bredo’s description was unsubstantiated and there were also questions about the level of cocaine in Levesque’s blood at the time of his death. “I believe Dr. Lee was either unaware of, or disregarded, a number of elements of this investigation which could support the theory that Levesque’s death was a homicide,” writes Downey. The affidavit cited statements by two witnesses who said they heard an altercation in the apartment before police arrived, a description of Bredo’s stab wounds as “superficial” and a description of the scene that Levesque’s face was “buried in the pillow and blankets.” “The investigation team is considering retaining another pathologist to provide a more comprehensive path-

Daniel Levesque.

ological report, says the affidavit,” Dickson wrote. The Times Review has been unable to obtain a copy of the affidavit that was read from in court. The Victoria court register said the affidavit was not filed with the court. “The affidavit you’re looking for is nowhere on the court files and it wasn’t filed as an exhibit so the only way you’d be able to obtain that is through the Crown,” said a court employee. Neil Mackenzie, the spokesperson for the Victoria Crown office, said it could not be provided due to confidentiality reasons. Crown prosecutor Carot said he

Shan Jorgenson-Adam named principal of new elementary school

Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

did not feel comfortable sending out the affidavit, even though he read it in court. Affidavits typically become publicly-available documents after they have been presented in court. Carot did confirm that the information in Dickson’s article was accurate. Stacey Thur said the article in the Times Colonist was the first she heard of what happened the night her son died. “I was devastated for the obvious reasons but also because I wished I would have been told before,” she said. “Why they released it to the public before telling me was absurd.”

According to Dickson, provincial court Judge Ernie Quantz said he was not prepared to release the items to Bredo’s defence lawyer Ryan Drury without more information. Quantz said he wanted to know how the items – jewellery, clothing cell phone, keys and Blackberry – were relevant to the investigation and how long police would need them. The application hearing is set to resume in court on Wednesday, Mar. 21. No new charges have been laid against Bredo. Thur said she was going to be in Victoria that day to meet with investigators, but she was unsure if she would attend the hearing.

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Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review file photo

Times Review staff

Shan Jorgensen-Adam was named the principal of the new Revelstoke Elementary School, the school district announced Tuesday. Jorgensen-Adam spent nearly eight years working as a principal at Mount Begbie Elementary and Columbia Park Elementary. She left the school district at the end of 2010 to take a position as Director of Instructional Services in

Bonnyville, Alta., where her husband was working. “Based on Shan’s previous eight years of service in the district... and her extensive knowledge and skills in elementary education, we are confident that Shan will excel in this assignment,” said Revelstoke school district superintendent Anne Cooper in a statement. The new elementary school is scheduled to open at the start of the 2012-13 school year.


Shan Jorgenson-Adam.


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Su Rev pplyi n sin elsto g ce k 199 e 2

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Question of the Week We asked: Are you satisfied with the way the CBT Community Initiatives program is administered in Revelstoke?

Survey results: 39% 61%



New question: Depending on snowpack, would you like Revelstoke Mountain Resort stay open longer into the spring?

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Seniors raise serious concerns with driver testing program DriveAble


BY NORM MACDONALD One of most common phone calls I get in my office from seniors right now is concerning a program called DriveAble. Seniors feel targeted and discriminated against stating that the DriveAble testing is unfair in its application and inaccessible for people from rural communities. DriveAble is a private company that has been hired by the government to provide driver fitness assessments, primarily for seniors. Clearly, we all want to ensure that those who are driving are fit to do so. The

seniors who call my office do not want to continue driving if they can no longer do so safely. But they also want to know that the system that judges their competency is both fair and accurate. DriveAble claims to test a senior’s cognitive ability. It is a test that is done on a specialized computer screen at a DriveAble testing centre. There are 16 DriveAble centres in British Columbia, the closest being in Nelson and Kelowna. When we think back to when we took our driving test, we simply went down the street or across town to our local driver testing office. And if we failed the first time, we spent a bit more time practising then took the test again. And this still the case for new drivers today. But seniors who are required to take the DriveAble testing have to find a way to get to Kelowna or Nelson, and they have to bring someone with them who can drive them home if they fail the test and have their licenses revoked on the spot.

Depending on where you live, getting to Kelowna to take the test in the course of one day may not be possible. So the trip also includes the need for a overnight stay and meals, not just for the senior being tested but for the friend or family member who has to come along. This cost and inconvenience is an unreasonable requirement for rural seniors who are asked to prove that they are fit to drive. And too often, seniors who may be able to continue to drive safely, are choosing to simply give up their license because they cannot get to Kelowna or Nelson at the prescribed time, with an accompanying person, for DriveAble testing. Again, no one believes that unsafe drivers should be allowed to continue to drive, but I think we can all agree: the process that assesses drivers’ fitness must be equally accessible to all British Columbians. Norm Macdonald is the MLA for Columbia River - Revelstoke.

April 8 last day at RMR AARON ORLANDO

Revelstoke Mountain Resort will not be opening for two “bonus” weekends in April. The resort had posted on their website that they’d close on April 8, but then re-open for the April 14-15 weekend and the April 21-22 weekend. The bonus weekends were recently removed and the resort announced April 8 was the final day. Spokesperson Sarah Windsor said the bonus weekends had been posted on the resort’s website during a redesign. They were based on last year’s final bonus weekends and that posting them “definitely was an oversight” Windsor said. “We were al-

ways planning on closing on the 8th.” Windsor noted the resort hadn’t advertised or promoted the bonus weekends elsewhere. What about keeping the resort open later in future years? Windsor said it was a possibility, but that many other factors come into play. In springtime, gardens sprout, bicycles are dusted off and skiers’ minds drift elsewhere. For example, this past Sunday, there was 8-centimetres of snow overnight and it was a beautiful sunny day up top. However, few took advantage of it. The gondola line was gone shortly after 8:30 a.m. and there were still parking spaces in the small wedge parking lot at that time. A stark contrast to a

gondola line to Camozzi Road just over a month ago. Windsor said the resort opened two days early this year and that in future years they’d likely move in that direction instead -- catching skiers when they’re still chomping at the bit and camping in the parking lot. “Tightening our business structure is definitely our model to make it a more successful experience for our guests,” she said. “It was a big push to get it open early, and everybody forgets that.” Windsor said that RMR would be announcing their final weekend events shortly, including the Stoke to Spoke race on April 7 and a pass-holder appreciation day on April 8.

TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 ■ 7


Poverty reduction strategy Workshop with local stakeholders and provincial experts builds understanding and action about poverty issues in Revelstoke; preliminary study finds 20 per cent of Revelstokians struggling to meet their basic needs AARON ORLANDO

Revelstoke is planning a strategy for understanding a reducing poverty in our community. As part of the development of the strategy, a Mar. 15 workshop brought together about 30 Revelstoke social services workers and two visiting guests. Revelstoke social development coordinator Jill Zacharias said the groundwork for the poverty reduction strategy has been ongoing for a few months. “This was the first big kick at the can in terms of the community consultation process,” Zacharias said of the Mar. 15 meeting. “All the research points to the fact that it’s got to be a really comprehensive community approach,” Zacharias said. “Poverty is a very,

very complex thing.” The issues affect the entire communities in many ways; the important part for all stakeholders, says Zacharias, is understanding how broad the impacts can be. “The key thing is to get people to see the big picture, like how the cost of living is impacting people’s ability to contribute to our economy – to shop locally, to function locally at any level that costs money.” Local research indicates 20 per cent of Revelstoke (and area) residents are struggling to meet their basic needs. Zacharias looked at a 10-year trend on tax filing data to compare incomes with the cost of living. Other statistical sources included fiveyears of hunger count data, housing outreach statistics on homelessness as well as an affordability analysis.


About 30 stakeholders participated in a Mar. 15 workshop exploring poverty issues in Revelstoke. The workshop is building towards the public presentation of a Revelstoke poverty reduction strategy in the coming months. From right: Revelstoke Social Development Coordinator Jill Zacharias, SPARC project coordinator Jim Sands, PovNet Executive Coordinator Penny Goldsmith and poverty reduction strategy research assistant Mike Brown. Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Times Review

She said 17 per cent of tax filers in Revelstoke are low income, but when the affordability analysis is factored in, the number is 20 per cent. “Most people in varying degrees are dealing with the issues,” she added. Poverty, page 8

Revelstoke business licence numbers up Times Review staff

The City of Revelstoke issued 13 new business licenses in January, bringing the total number of licenses in the city up to 920. That’s up 15 compared to January of 2011. Here’s some of the new businesses registered with the city in January: Pronto Presto Restorations, restorations contractor; Mackenzie Massage Therapy; Inter-Mtn Testing Ltd.,

a machine and heavy machinery welding shop involved in testing; Collins Barrow Revelstoke, an accounting firm; SEC Shearing Environmental Consultants, an environmental consulting service; Mike McStay Masonry, a masonry contractor; Kiss and Tell Phone Booth, a photography services business; Welwinds Therapeutic Spa, a massage and acupuncture clinic on Fourth Street East; Great White Buffalo

Bed & Breakfast; Revelstoke Web Hosting, a consulting service; WCG International Consultants, an employment placement service. *** The Revelstoke Times Review Business Beat is interested in featuring your business success story. If you’ve got business news, please give Aaron a ring at 250-837-4667.

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In the article “39 community projects seek Columbia Basin Trust funding this year” in the Mar. 14, 2012, issue of the Times Review, an error occurred. The stated that the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter got a big portion of its funding from the Columbia Basin Trust. In fact, it is the Community Response Network, which is run by the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Society that gets a large portion of its funding from the CBT. The women’s shelter funding comes from BC Housing. We regret the error.


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City of Revelstoke

Transit Info

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. The Revelstoke Times Review welcomes letters to the editor intended for publication but reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity, legality, accuracy and topicality. Letters should not be more than 300 words long. Anonymous letters will not be published. To assist in verification, name, address and telephone number must be supplied, but will not be published. E-MAIL LETTERS TO:, DROP OFF: 518 - 2nd Street West MAIL TO: P.O. Box 20, Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 2S0 Phone: (250) 837-4667, Fax: (250) 837-2003






from page 7

Revelstoke was worse off in 2002, but conditions improved over the next year. Starting in 2008 the trend again worsened. “So if you look at that in terms of our local econo-



my, it’s pretty significant,” Zacharias said. “So, how can we as a community get together to develop strategies that aren’t necessarily band-aid approaches, but to look at upstream measures to address the cost of living in our community and assisting people to meet their basic needs.” A statistical analysis and an affordability analysis will be key parts of the strategy. “The next step will be to feed all of these inputs into an overall strategy,” she said.


19,999 $132 5.99%



“Very, very productive in terms of just everyone coming together to talk about some key ... [topics]. Guest and presenter Jim Sands is a project coordinator with the Social Planning a Research Council of B.C. (SPARC). Sands said







HURRY, MAKE IT YOUR FORD TODAY AT THE CUSTOM CAR EVENT. ONLY AT YOUR BC FORD STORE. there was strong evidence Revelstoke had a solid social services foundation. “We can really see it in the room that people have connection and have shared experience and have a really strong foundation to work off of,” Sands said. “That’s


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Poverty strategy presentation coming not the case everywhere.” Zacharias hopes to release a draft of Revelstoke’s poverty reduction strategy in April, including a public presentation of the document.


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City of Revelstoke

216 MacKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0 Tel: (250) 837-2161 Fax: (250) 837-4930

Community Economic Development 204 Campbell Ave. (250) 837-5345

Fire Department

Parks & Recreation /Aquatic

Public Works - Operations

Engineering/ Public Works

227 West 4 St. (250) 837-2884 Emergency Only 911

600 Campbell Ave. (250) 837-9351

1200 East Victoria Rd. (250) 837-2001

216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-2922

Administration Finance/ 216 MacKenzie Ave. Property Tax (250) 837-2911

216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-2161

Planning & Building 216 MacKenzie Ave. (250) 837-3637





THE PUBLIC IS REQUESTED TO TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to Section 86 of the Community Charter, Council of the City of Revelstoke has given three readings to the Road Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2009. This Bylaw will authorize the borrowing of a sum not exceeding $1,200,000 payable over a period of 25 years to carry out road reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. The general description of the area to which the Alternative Approval Process applies to is the boundary of the City of Revelstoke. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the provisions of Section 86 of the Community Charter, the Council of the City of Revelstoke may adopt the Road Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2009 to finance the road reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, unless within 30 days of the publication of the second notice in the Revelstoke Times Review, that deadline being 12:00 noon, Tuesday, May 1, 2012, at least 10% of the electors of the City of Revelstoke indicate on an Elector Response Form their opposition to the proposed Loan Authorization Bylaw. In that event, the Council of the City of Revelstoke must obtain the assent of the electors on the Bylaw before proceeding. The Community Charter of the Province of British Columbia requires that in order for the elector opposition to be valid: 1. The person signing the form must be an eligible elector of the City of Revelstoke. 2. The form must include the full name, signature and residential address of the elector and must be in the form established by the Council of the City of Revelstoke. Forms are available at City Hall. 3. The number of elector responses required to prevent the Council of the City of Revelstoke from proceeding without the assent of the electors is 375 for this bylaw. The Elector Response Form will be available for signing in the Finance Department at the main entrance to City Hall, 216 Mackenzie Ave., Revelstoke, B.C. between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive except for statutory holidays until the deadline. The deadline for signatures to be received will be no later than 12:00 noon, Tuesday, May 1, 2012. AND FURTHER, this is the first of two publications of this notice. Teresa LeRose, Deputy Director Corporate Administration __________________________________________________________________________ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Explanation of the Alternative Approval Process: As described in this notice, if an elector opposes borrowing an amount up to $1,200,000 for road reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, the elector may sign an elector response form indicating this opposition. If at least 10% of the electors of Revelstoke indicate their opposition in this way, then the City of Revelstoke cannot proceed with borrowing for the project without obtaining the assent of the majority of the electors voting on a referendum question. Electors should note that this question applies to borrowing only, and Council could choose to proceed with the project without borrowing. Project Information: 1. Second Street West from Wright Street to King Street - the project is tied into the Water Capital project to replace the Cast Iron water main running from Wright Street to the galvanized water main about a third of the way down Second Street. The cross section of the road does not meet the City standard for a local minor road as there is no sidewalk and street lighting. The pavement condition is rated as ‘Reconstruct Now’. 2. Upgrade Victoria Road from Eighth Street East to Mill Street - with the completion of the new Senior Secondary School, traffic and pedestrian volumes along the road have increased to the point where widening should be considered to accommodate the additional traffic. The curb and gutter will help to prevent heavy transports from driving on the boulevards which contributes to the dust problem residents in the area experience. The provision of curb and gutter will improve the effectiveness of street sweeping.

NOTICE OF PROPERTY DISPOSITION In accordance with the requirements of the Community Charter, Revelstoke City Council hereby gives notice of its intention to enter into an Operating Agreement with FortisBC Energy Inc. This Operating Agreement will continue to allow FortisBC to develop, construct, install, maintain or remove propane gas infrastructure on those portions of highway (which include streets, roads, lanes, and bridges) in City limits. The term of the Operating Agreement is 20 years. The City will receive 3% of gross revenues for provision and distribution of all propane gas consumed on an annual basis. Estimation of the first annual payment to the City is $104,000 based on 2010 revenues. Tim Palmer Director of Corporate Administration

The City of Revelstoke is seeking a Facilitator for a Strategic Planning Session on Tuesday, April 17, 2012. The successful candidate will determine City Council’s priorities for 2013. How Council wants to accomplish those priorities and how the City will allocate it resources to meet those goals. Interested parties need to provide a one-page expression of interest which outlines their: Training and experience. Hourly rate and expenses Services to be provided. Expressions of Interest must be submitted in hard copy form on or before 10:00 am on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, to the attention of Tim Palmer, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Revelstoke, Box 170, 216 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0. This notice is a call for Expressions of Interest ONLY. The City of Revelstoke is not obligated to accept any proposal that is submitted in response to this notice.

PARKS, RECREATION & CULTURE SPECIAL EVENT PERMITS ATTENTION: 2012 SPECIAL EVENT ORGANIZERS Application for Public Special Event Permits Local clubs and organizations interested in applying for a Beer Garden License for 2012 are invited to pick up their application forms in person at the Revelstoke Community Centre @ 600 Campbell Avenue or on-line at under the Parks, Recreation & Culture tab. Completed forms are to be returned to the Community Centre by April 4th, 2012.

PLANNING INFORMATION BULLETIN Proposed Zoning Amendment City of Revelstoke Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2011 First and Second Readings at the Council meeting held on February 28th, 2012. This Bylaw amendment will allow for the construction of Accessory buildings in the R5A Zoning Districts which was removed by mistake on previous amendments to that zone. Council has approved the waiving of a public hearing pursuant to section 893 of the Local Government Act. For further information, please contact the Planning Department at 250-837-3637. John Guenther, Director of Planning

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Please be advised that a Public Hearing will be held in the Macpherson Room at the Community Centre located at 600 Campbell Avenue on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. APPLICANT: City of Revelstoke 1. Amendment to the Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1950 to change the Land Use section. Reference: Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2010 Purpose: To receive public comment on the proposed changes to the Official Community Plan involved land use, development permits and neighbourhood plans. All persons who feel that their interest may be affected by the proposed Bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard or to present written submission at the Public Hearing. The file for the proposed Bylaw is available for review in the Planning Department Office, City Hall, 216 Mackenzie Avenue, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays to 3:00 p.m. up until April 4, 2012. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Planning Department at (250) 837-3637. John Guenther, Director of Planning

PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING Please be advised that a Public Information Meeting will be held on: Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Revelstoke Community Centre – Macpherson Room, 600 Campbell Avenue The purpose of the meeting is to provide information to the Public regarding proposed changes to the Land Use section of the Official Community Plan.

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The Revelstoke Rod and Gun Club would like to thank the following for their contributions which helped make our annual fundraising banquet a huge success: LIFE MEMBERS: Vera Aura Clancy Boettger George Buhler Alex Cameron Doreen Cameron Larry Caponero Jack Carten Frank Grace Ed Jaatteenmaki Moira Jaatteenmaki Cyril Keates Steve Romano Debbie Romano Lee Taylor Elaine Taylor Judy Vigue Ted Wright Bob Whitworth James Davies SPONSORS: 1st Impressions 3 Valley Gap A&W Acklands Alpine Inn Alpine Motor Sports Alpine Rustics Arrow Helicopters BDO Dunwoody Bent Elements Boulder Mtn Sled Shed Cameron and Son Meat Cutting Canada Post Canadian Mtn Holidays Canadian Pacific Railways Canadian Tire Salmon Arm Canyon Industrial Electric Carmen Segger Chantilly Kitchen & Bath CIBC Columbia Basin Trust Coopers Crescendo Dan Boltwood Daspy Fashion Del Selin Design’s By Dawn Downie Sawmills Dragon Bottom Excursions Dyno Nobel East End Auto Body Enchanted Forest Energy Matters Evolve living & Giving Expressive Interior Designs Free Spirit Sports GRB Muzzle Brakes (Greg Brule) Greg Brule Grizzly Auto Repair Grizzly Books & Serendipity H&R Block Happy Hook’er Hillcrest Hotel HUB Barton Insurance Infinite Power Sports Jake & Jay Holdings Joe Kozek Sawmills Johnnies Tackle (Vera Aura) Keystone Cabinetry Lino Grifone Lordco Main Street Café Matt Angus McDonald’s Restaurant Monashee Outfitting Mountain Goodness NAPA People’s Drug Mart Peter Bernacki & Randy Biggs Pharmasave Powder Rentals Randolph David Jewelers Refinery Day Spa Revelstoke Equipment Rentals Revelstoke Cable Revelstoke Credit Union Revelstoke Flooring Revelstoke Golf Club

Revelstoke Mobility Revelstoke Printing Revelstoke U-Brew Rick Duguay Roberta’s Tanning Salon RONA Rough Country Marine Royal Bank of Canada Sangha Bean Selkirk Graphics Selkirk Tangiers Sew What Shampoo Alley Shuswap Xtreme Recreation Silvertip Aviation Sky Trek Adventure South Side Spice O’Life Spisani Designs SPM Landscaping Stay Cool Radiators Stoke Roasted Subway TD Canada Trust The Bargain Shop The Sutton Place Hotel (Revelstoke Mtn Resort)

Tim Horton’s Tom Brake Touch Of Elegance Trans Canada Fitness Troy & Gail Ferguson Trukars Universal Footwear Westside Stores Salmon Arm Wholesale Sports Kamloops Wildridge Taxidermy: Ian Shipmaker Work & Play Zala’s TROPHY SPONSORS: Finning Canada Home Hardware Revelstoke Sure Haul Transport Ltd Kasbro Drilling & Blasting Two Moon Holdings Revelstoke Excel Tire Ron Taylor Trucking 1st Place Mule - Lorne Taylor Memorial Score Construction K & W Trucking Nutrend Construction Ltd. Infinite Creations Graphic Design Tom Brake Skalicky’s Plumbing & Gas Fitting Ltd Brensrud Contracting HELPERS: Lee Hollingsworth Alex Cameron Corey SMith Charlene McKenzie Janette and Brian Jackson Larry Graham Janet Kendal Tom Brake Carol Mayer Doreen Cameron Larry Bennetts Keith Colby Karen Turnbel Wendy Larson Laura & Kevin Bennets Joan Thatcher Kim Doebert Bobbi Doebert Cyril Keates Morris Tesaro Rollie Gauslon

If we have inadvertently left you off our list, please accept both our apology and also our sincere thanks for the part you played in the success of this event.

Carlos del Junco’s harmonica playing has been compared to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar skills. He is playing with Contributed his band The Blues Mongrels at the Roxy Theatre on Sunday, Mar. 25 at 7 p.m.

Harmonica master Carlos del Junco comes to Revelstoke PERCY HEBERT Black Press

Carlos del Junco first heard a harmonica in Grade 9 and it was love at first note. “I was immediately caught by the sound he [friend] made bending a note,” del Junco said as he recalled the moment he fell in love with the harmonica. In no time del Junco was imitating the sounds of the top bluesmen such as Little Walter and Paul Butterfield. Although Neil Young and Bob Dylan had popularized the harmonica in their music, harmonica player Howard Levy, who played in Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, advised del Junco to seek inspiration elsewhere. “That was the best piece of advice I have ever received,” del Junco said. “Brilliant songwriters that they are, they are the guys who have given the harmonica a bad name.

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“The public perception is of a very limited sound to be produced on this unassuming instrument.” del Junco took the advice to heart and forged ahead listening to an eclectic mix of music and working on his technique and he began to push the boundaries, drawing inspiration from other instruments such as the saxophone, guitar and piano to produce what has been called a, “musical rainbow,” of sounds. “I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces once they have experienced a set of music,” del Junco said. “I always hear from people, ‘I had no idea it could sound like so many different instruments.’” Del Junco’s mastery of the harmonica has been recognized world-wide, with gold medals at the World Harmonica Championships in Germany and multiple nods as Harmonica Player of the Year at the Maple Leaf Blues Awards.

There is no question the foundation of del Junco’s musical style is firmly based in the blues standards, but he gives those songs a serious makeover. “I love taking old blues standards, flipping them upside down and breathing new life into them,” del Junco said. But del Junco’s musical roots run deeper than the blues as he also enjoys slipping into jazz, blurring into Latin or even some hip-hop. “We play an incredibly eclectic program that can go from a quiet ballad, world beat folk, or spiritual to a romping up tempo blues,” del Junco explained. Providing the counterpoint to del Junco’s harmonica are The Blues Mongrels, bassist Henry Heillig, guitarist Paul Pigat and Mark Mariash on drums. Del Junco and The Blue Mongrels are performing at the Roxy Theatre on Sunday, March 25 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $20.

Revelstoke Farm & Craft Market SADA LEDUC CERTIFIED LASER TECHNICIAN (250) 832-4266 Free Consultations

Located at The Refinery Day Spa •

REACH THE COMMUNITY For Flyer distribution rates Call 250.837.4667

AGM Saturday, March 24th, 10:00 am MacPherson Room Revelstoke Community Centre ALL ARE WELCOME


TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 ■ 11

Oh My Darling bring female prairie country to Revelstoke ALEX COOPER

Oh My Darling’s first Revelstoke experience was a fairly typical one. They were on their way to Canmore for a show last year when – naturally – the highway shut down. Not wanting to make the 10 hour detour, they pulled into town and started asking around about playing a show. They wound up playing a last minute gig at the Last Drop. “We ended up having a great night and now we have all these connections in Revelstoke and we’re so happy to play not one, but two shows in Revelstoke,” said lead singer Vanessa Kuzina. Oh My Darling is an all-female old-time country band from Winnipeg consisting of Kuzina on guitar, Allison de Groot on banjo, Rosalyn Dennett on fiddle and Marie-Josee Dandeneau on upright bass. They all sing. The quartet formed four years during a cold January. “Winnipeg January is traditionally a pretty harsh month but I think that’s a big part of what inspires the music community in Winnipeg to get together and be creative during that time,” said Kuzina. De Groot came up with the idea for an all female old-time country band and she, Kuzina and Dan-

deneau started playing together. Eventually they recruited Dennett to play fiddle and the band was born. All four members of Oh My Darling come from musical background. Kuzina said she listened to Canadian folk and classic country growing up; Dennett’s mother played fiddle and she started playing it as a little girl; de Groot’s step father played bluegrass guitar; and Dandenau’s family always had musical parties. They describe their music as “Prairie roots mixed with bluegrass, Appalachian old time, southern twang, and Franco-folk.” The bands self-titled 2009 debut EP won the Western Canadian Music Award for Best Roots Album. Their first full length, In Lonesome House, was released in 2010 and topped the national campus roots chart. Last year they released their newest album Sweet Nostalgia, which they are currently touring through Western Canada. When I spoke to Kuzina last week, the band was in between Regina and Saskatoon on the first day of its tour. “We’re on the first day of the tour right now and it feels like we’ve already been on the road for a while. We’re all set up quite comfortable,” she said, adding, “I just

Oh My Darling is (from left) Rosalyn Dennett, Vanessa Kuzina, Allison de Groot and Marie-Josee Dandeneau. Contributed

got faces from my bandmates.” Oh My Darling spend a lot of time on the road. They’ve crisscrossed Canada and last they made their first trip to Europe, playing more than 50 shows in two months, ranging from small cafes to big folk festivals. “There was a real pinnacle mo-

HOME HEALTH CARE RETAIL STORE MANAGER Pharmasave Revelstoke is expanding with a new, dedicated Home Health department. We are now accepting applications for the following position: HOME HEALTH CARE RETAIL STORE MANAGER The successful candidate will ideally be disciplined in human physiology / kinesiology sciences (or a similar related area) and have some business experience. We are looking for an energetic and independent individual who can manage and develop this business within the community, establish relationships with clients, community groups, and community health practitioners. The position is initially anticipated to be 3 days per week. A competitive remuneration package is offered based on qualifications & experience. Please contact Graham Harper: with a cover letter and resumé or if further information is required. Application closing date is March 25th 2012.

307 West Victoria Road, PO Box 680, Revelstoke, V0E 2S0 Ph: 250-837-2028 Fax: 250-837-4636

ment – on Canada Day we got to play in London, England, in Trafalgar Square,” said Kuzina. This year, in addition to the current western Canada tour, the band will also be returning to Europe for 2.5 months and playing the Canadian folk festival circuit this summer.

“We find our second home is on the road,” said Kuzina. Oh My Darling is playing at the day lodge at Revelstoke Mountain Resort at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 22.; and again at the Big Eddy Pub at 8 p.m. as part of the StokeFM Frostbite music series. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door.

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REVELSTOKE TIMES REVIEW COMMUNITY CALENDAR List your community event here for FREE! Call 250-837-4667 or email to include your community event in the Community Calendar.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21 COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX PROGRAM Free help with income tax for low income singles and families. At the community centre. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. STELLAR RADIO CHOIR & DEVON COYOTE play stripped-down rock and roll. At the Big Eddy Pub. 9 p.m. REVELSTOKE SENIORS MARCH BIRTHDAY PARTY from 3–4 p.m. at the Revelstoke Seniors Activity Centre

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX PROGRAM Free help with income tax for low income singles and families. At the community centre. 7-9 p.m. THE SWING MONKEYS Big band jazz from Revelstoke. Live at the Last Drop. 7 p.m. OH MY DARLING Group of girls playing old-time bluegrass. Live at the Big Eddy Pub. Part of the StokeFM Frostbite series. 8 p.m. $10 or by donation. MASTA ACE with Marco Polo. Live at the River City Pub. 9 p.m.

MARCH 22-25

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #46 Revelstoke Open Monday to Thursday at 3 pm.

Vancouver’s Sweet Soul Burlesque will be performing at the Big Eddy Pub on Sunday, Mar. 25. The troupe merges classic striptease with elements of hip hop, underground dance culture and punk rock.

Friday and Saturday at 2 pm.

David Denofreo


Meat Draw every Saturday from 3 pm. to 5 pm.

Railway Museum, trackside, for Spring Break. Learn the science of steam locomotion, train safety, model railroading and try out our diesel engine simulator. Lots of extras for price of regular admission. Members free. Each day from 1-3 p.m.


Members & Guests Welcome! Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111


19+ to play

social worker Tuulikki Tennant. At the community centre. 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Call 250-837-2131, ext. 204, for more information. CURLING DROP IN night at the Revelstoke Curling Club. A good opportunity for beginners to give curling a try. FUNKHUNTERS Using four-turntables, duo Dunks and The Outlier play everything from bass music to funk, soul and boogie. Live at the River City Pub. 9 p.m.

SATURDAY, MARCH 24 SOCIETY S GAMES 2 Mix of snowboarding events, including big air, rail jam, ollie high jump, hip high air, penguin race, skate race and board toss. Hosted by Society Snow & Skate, at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Visit www. for more information. FREEDOM DANISH of the Root Cellars. DJ show at the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

SUNDAY, MARCH 25 CARLOS DEL JUNCO Award-winning harmonica player. From his bio: “To say he plays the harmonica is like saying ‘Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar,’”. Live at the Roxy Theatre. $20. SWEET SOUL BURLESQUE Vancouver-based bur-

lesque troupe that merges classic striptease with elements of hip hop, underground dance culture and punk rock. At the Big Eddy Pub. 8 p.m. $15.

MONDAY, MARCH 26 SKI PATROL DIRT BAG BALL Hosted by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort ski patrol. With DJ Dillionaire. Submit your nominations for King and Queen of the Dirt Bags to revelstoke. At the Last Drop. 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Available through ski patrol dispatch, the patrol hut at the top of the Stoke Chair and the Last Drop.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX PROGRAM Free help with income tax for low income singles and families. At the community centre. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. BROWN BAG LUNCH HISTORY TALK This week’s topic is Albert Canyon. Hosted by Cathy English, curator at the Revelstoke Museum & Archives. 12:15-12:45 p.m. Coffee and cookies provided. $5. SENIORS PANCAKE SUPPER Enjoy a dinner of delicious pancakes with friends. At the seniors centre. 5:30-7 p.m. $5. MULTICULTURAL FILM SERIES The Revelstoke Multicultural Society immigration film series presents Sons and Daughters: The Italians of Schreiber by Patricia Fogliato and David Morton. The film follows the migration of a whole village from Calabria, Italy to the town of Schreiber, Ont., where they found work for CP Rail. Members of Revelstoke’s Italian community will speak about their families’ immigration Promote your community event here and online for free with our new, easy online community calendar. It’s easy, no passwords, no login. Add a photo and your own description! Entertainment, arts, sports, community, events – all welcome! Revelstoke’s most-detailed listing of Scan and bookmark everything happening today. It’s free! us today!


Amanda Jones wins Thompson Rivers leadership award ALEX COOPER

TIMESReview ■ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 ■ 13


Revelstoke’s Amanda Jones will be the recipient of the Neil Russell Student Leadership Award, Thompson Rivers University announced this week. Jones a chemistry major, was announced the award winner by the Thompson Rivers University Alumni Associationas last week. She will receive the award, along with other award winners, at a banquet at the university on Friday, April 13. Jones is receiving the award is in recognition of her contributions to the community. While studying at TRU, she volunteered as a hockey coach and encouraged other students to do so as well, to ensure girls would have the opportunity to play hockey. She also mentored first year science students, volunteered with the Chemistry/Biochemistry Club, and assisted elderly patients in residential care. She was a Supplemental Learning Leader last year, running study sessions for struggling students and recruiting other students to support the program. Jones also formed the TRU Pre-Med Society in order to provide support, gather resources and organize events for students looking to enter medical school.

ShelterBay BayLands LandsLtd. Ltd. invites invites the anan Shelter thepublic publictotoattend attend

OPEN HOUSE & PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING Tuesday, March 27, 2012 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. Revelstoke Community Centre MacPherson Room 600 Campbell Avenue Revelstoke, B.C. The purpose purposeofof Open House and Public Information is The thethe Open House and Public Information Meeting Meeting is to present to present updated plans development plans the Bay 5,200 acre Shelter Bay updated development for the 5,200 acrefor Shelter property. It is intended that this meeting will be anthat important part of awill collaborative planning part process property. It is intended this meeting be an important of between Shelter Bay Lands Ltd., the Columbia ShuswapBay Regional District, and a collaborative planning process between Shelter Lands Ltd., the the Public. Shuswap Your input Regional will help guide and shape the Public. plan in the future. Columbia District, and the Your input will help guide and shape the plan in the future. Open House 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Presentation of Proposed Plans 4:30 pm - 7:00 pmby Ender Ilkay, President and Managing Partner, Shelter Bay Lands Ltd. 7:00 pm-7:30 pm by Ender Ilkay, Presentation of Proposed Plans

President and Managing Partner, Shelter Question and Answer PeriodBay Lands Ltd. 7:00 pm 7:30pm pm -- 7:30 9:00 pm

Amanda Jones.


“Volunteering is like tossing a stone in water,” she said. “You impact one person and the ripples that form from that one stone spread out and affect others around them.”

She hopes to combine work in the medical or pharmaceutical field with international volunteering and to continue motivating youth in sports through organizations like Right to Play.

S-Games 2

Question and Answer Period

Questions or comments should sent to 7:30bepm - 9:00 pm

Questions or comments should be sent to

Revelstoke Aquaducks SUMMER SWIM CLUB REGISTRATION: April 2nd and 4th, 2012, from 4:00 - 7:00pm at the Community Centre. For more info contact Karyn Molder 837-2914 or Connie Pfeiffer 837-6152

Society Snow & Skate’s S-Games Return to Revelstoke Mountain Resort on March 24. The event takes place just above the mid-mountain lodge. Revelstoke Mountain Resort photo contrubuted by Society Snow & Skate

experiences after the film. At Okanagan College. 7 p.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 29 WINTER FARMERS’ MARKET Buy food, crafts and other local products at the indoor market at the Revelstoke Community Centre. 2–5 p.m.

$12 at the door. The night includes drink specials, DJs, prize and more. All proceeds go to the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association. TERRY DACTYL & THE EXTINCTION Local old-time country folk music. Live at the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX PROGRAM Free help with income tax for low income singles and


families. At the community centre. 7-9 p.m. SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER A generous-hearted British comedy that offers a celebration of chaos, courtship and the dysfunctional family. Live from the National Theatre in London. At the Roxy Theatre. 7 p.m. BLACKJACK COMEDY TOUR At the River City Pub. 8 p.m. REVELSTOKE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOWDOWN Five local photographers and their athletes will embark on a four day photo competition from Mar. 26-29. On March 29 they will show their results and be judged at the Big Eddy Pub. 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance (at Valhalla and Society) and

as sonic Canadiana. Live at the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

SCHEDULE: Turtles: 3:30 - 4:00pm (M/W or T/Th or M to Th must be 5 by Dec 31/12) Juniors: 3:30 - 5:00pm (M to F) Seniors: 4:30 - 6:30pm (M to F) Juniors and Seniors have ½ hr. dry-land training before pool time and after school is out Fridays practice changes to accommodate weekend events. Alumni: 4:30 - 6:30pm (M to F up to 3 times per week) Open to previous summer club members entering grade 12 and older FEES: Turtles: $165 for 2 days, $220 for 4 days Juniors & Seniors: $295, 2nd child - $285 each additional child - $195 Alumni: $165

PRAIRIE DANCE CLUB Alternative folk rock described

SATURDAY, MARCH 31 FRANCOPHONE MOVIE NIGHT Presentation of the 2010 Quebec film Incendies, about two young adults who travel to the Middle East in search of their roots. At Okanagan College. 6:45 p.m. CHILDREN TOY AND CLOTHING EXCHANGE Bring your outgrown children’s clothing or toys to exchange. Even if you don’t have something to exchange, come and get some new things. At Mountain View Elementary gym. 9 a.m. HEAD OF THE HERD “Modern blues with one hell of an edge.” Live at the Last Drop. 9 p.m.

Fees include pool time, coaching and pool pass (May to Aug.). All meets, clothing, suits, goggles, and social events are subject to additional fees. **Fundraising also required. For more details please check our website.

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Palmer’s school project shows opinion Listening to the silent majority CAO trends on transition to resort community AARON ORLANDO

City of Revelstoke Chief Administrative Officer Tim Palmer’s presented city council with preliminary results of a survey he’s conducted about Revelstoke’s transition to a resort community. Palmer’s preliminary report to council on Mar. 13 wasn’t official business.

It’s a survey he conducted for an MBA program he’s taking, though he told the Times Review that he will eventually make recommendations to council. Palmer discussed his preliminary findings at the council meeting and in a subsequent interview with the Times Review. He felt the survey was a useful tool so

far. “A lot of people don’t really feel like they’re being heard,” Palmer said, noting an inherent contradiction. Many said they had strong views and opinions and would share them with their friends and family. But it was different when it came to sharing them publicly. They worried about getting “beat up in the public forum” or that “no one would listen.”

What did the survey on the transition to a resort community show? Here’s some highlights: - 67 per cent felt tourism had helped Revelstoke’s economy in the past 5 years, while only 17 per cent said tourism made it worse - 68 per cent were positive about how they feel about Revelstoke today.

- 62 per cent were positive about Revelstoke’s future, while 28 per cent felt the opposite. - People were split on a similar question. 38 per cent said Revelstoke is becoming a better place to live, while 40 per cent disagreed - 50 per cent felt Revelstoke needs to promote tourism more, while 26 per cent disagreed - Respondents felt they weren’t being heard. 59 per cent said their opinions on matters associated with Revelstoke’s transition to a tourism-based economy were not being heard. Only 13 per cent said they were. - 57 per cent felt skiing and snowboarding were over-emphasized. - 85 per cent felt tourism in general is beneficial to Revelstoke. - However, 60 per cent said Revelstoke didn’t need any more resorts - 55 per cent felt the development of the ski hill had benefited the city of Revelstoke, while 31 per cent disagreed. - 40 per cent feel Revelstoke is losing too much of its heritage while 32 per cent disagreed. - 64 per cent felt more should be done to help local businesses, while only 12 per cent disagreed - 86 per cent liked Revelstoke’s small town feel and want to protect it. - 66 per cent said Revelstoke needs to rethink what it is becoming, while only 14 per cent disagreed with this view. - So, who should lead this transition to a resort economy? 31 per cent felt it was up to the mayor and council, 19 per cent said community groups and 13 per cent said private enterprise -- these were the leaders amongst other answers. Palmer said the next step was a council strategic planning session in the near future. He’s also focusing on local government’s role in doing the transition right. “I’m looking at quite a wide variety of other communities that have transitioned from more of a resource-based economic base more towards tourism and seeing some of the issues that they’ve run into at the local government level, and what are some of the success stories they’ve had ... and the failures out there as well,” he said. “[Are] there some lessons for us to be learned ... in Revelstoke?” Palmer said one theme came across clearly: “There’s a very, very strong sense that the community does not want to become Whistler, they want to be Revelstoke.”


St. Patrick’s Day at St. Francis

Above: Volunteers Moira Aspden, Brenda Resvick, Anette Marcoffio and Dorothy Hui help out in the kitchen at the St. Patrick’s Day Tea a the St. Francis of Assisi Church. Right: Krystyna Hass demonstrates some Easter Eggs she handmade as part of a St. Patrick’s Day Tea at the St. Francis of Assisi church . Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Times Review

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5 DAYS ONLY! 6th l Annua

RV 2012




RV PRIZE PACKAGE* PACKAGE * *Purchase necessary

March 22nd-26th Thursday - Monday 8:30am - 5pm Sunday • 10am - 4pm DTC4633







2449 E. TRANS CANADA HWY, KAMLOOPS 1-800-555-8373

1302B SALISH ROAD, KAMLOOPS 1-888-458-5489

DL# 30921

DL# 9763

DL# 9719


AFRICAN CHILDREN'S CHOIR Helping Africa's most vulnerable children, so they can help Africa tomorrow. Tuesday April 3rd at 7:00 PM C3 Church Revelstoke 108 West 1st Street For more information: 250-837-4894

Glacier National Park researcher Kelsey Furk with a stuffed wolverine that was hit by a car on the TransCanada Highway. Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review


1880 Trans-Canada Hwy. 250.837.6230












Easter Long Weekend Due to the Easter long weekend, the deadline for both classified and regular ads for the April 11th edition of the Revelstoke Times Review will be

Noon on Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Have a Safe and Fun Easter

Kelsey Furk has encountered wolverines in the wild twice. Once, she was skiing in the Wapta area of Banff National Park when she saw one climbing a mountain. “It’s strange when you see an animal in the alpine that looks like a bear, but isn’t a bear,” she said. “He was climbing over a substantial peak, which was im-

Canada study looking at the presence and behaviour of wolverines along the Trans-Canada Highway corridor. It’s a study that started as a pilot project last year and will continue at least into next year. The study is looking at whether or not wolverines are crossing the highway so that should the Trans-Canada be widened, any mitigations put in place will keep the wolverine in mind. “Wolverines have been iden-

over mountains and into valleys in search of food. “They’re extremely food focused,” said Furk. “Weighing about 12 to 16 kilograms, they mostly eat carrion but have been known to take down much larger animals like caribou and goats. Males have home ranges of up to 1,580 square-kilometres, while females are less adventurous. To study wolverines, Parks Canada researchers set up bait at seven different stations near the

IF YOU SEE A TRACK THAT IS BIGGER THAN A MARTEN, IS NEAR THE ALPINE AND LOOKS LIKE ITS ON A MISSION TO GET SOMEWHERE ELSE, IT’S QUITE POSSIBLE IT’S A WOLVERINE. ~ KELSEY FURK, PARKS CANADA BIOLOGIST pressive to see.” The second time was while doing field work near Blue River, B.C. “I was looking for a way back to the truck and he showed me the way.” These days, Furk is researching wolverines as part of a Parks

tified as being susceptible to fragmentation to human development, and that includes transportation corridors,” Furk said. “We want to make sure they’re crossing the highway.” Wolverines are elusive animals that spend their lives wandering

Trans-Canada Highway. They ski or snowmobile in carrying in a piece of bait and some lure that Furk described as “the most foul smelling, disgusting stuff that you’ve ever experienced... Even in a totally sealed container and wrapped in three different bags,


you still reek like skunk for days afterwards.” The bait is place two metres up a tree and the lure draws the animals to the area. The tree is wrapped in barbed wire, which collects hair samples that are then sent off for testing. “We are hoping to collect DNA samples to determine relatedness of wolverines in the area and in the longer term see if there are any fragmentation issues across the Trans-Canada,” Furk said. Each station has a camera nearby that is triggered whenever an animal passes by. In one amazing capture a wolverine caught on to a loose piece of rope and spent the next three days playing with it. The video, Dances With Wolverines, has been played on countless television stations and websites. “I don’t like the word playing because I’m a biologist,” said Furk. “It’s very likely that rope was quite smelly. “It’s pretty unusual behaviour.” Wolverines are largely solitary animals but another video that isn’t on YouTube yet shows two wolverines at one of the stations. “We think this was a family group. We’re not sure but when we find out we’ll let you know,” said Furk. A study on wolverines was conducted in the North Columbia Mountains in the mid-1990s by Columbia Basin Trust and Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program, in collaboration with Parks Canada, the Ministry of Forests and the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. It looked at the home range size of a wolverine, the cause of mortality, habitat use and population estimates. It estimated there is one wolverine per every 167 square kilometres in the northern Selkirks. Furk said there was likely more inside Glacier National Park itself. “It’s possible it forms a bit of refuge for wolverines.” Wolverines are Blue-listed as a species of special concern by the provincial government. Because they feast on carrion, they require a proper predator-prey balance to eat properly. They eat the scraps left over by other predators, so a decline in either number will impact the food available to

the wolverine. Human development also impacts the wolverine by fragmenting its habitat with roads, towns and more. They are also susceptible to disturbance by recreationalists, particularly while denning. “We ask that people if they see a wolverine track not to follow it and if they see a den, please leave the area,” said Furk. Climate change may also be a factor, Furk said. Wolverines need a persistent spring snow pack in spring time and they may also require a cold, harsh winter to help kill off ungulates (deer, moose, caribou, etc...) for them to eat. The 1990s study showed some wolverines were crossing the TransCanada Highway, but not as many as would have if it wasn’t there, said Furk. Two wolverines were hit by traffic during the study period. More recently, a Parks Canada employee reported a wolverine sighting on the highway. To help see if they are crossing the highway, the researchers will be looking at following their tracks when the snow eases up. A wolverine travels in a loping fashion, creating a threetrack pattern in the snow – the middle track is in fact two paws. The tracks can also be identified by the five toe pattern and the sign of claws. Parks Canada is asking members of the public to send in reports of track sightings to wolverine2012@ Cards showing how to identify tracks are available. “What makes a wolverine track distinctive in the mountains is that its travelling; they’re not going from tree to tree,” said Furk. “If you see a track that is bigger than a marten, is near the alpine and looks like its on a mission to get somewhere else, it’s quite possible it’s a wolverine.” So far wolverines have be spotted at five out seven bait stations. The study will continue into next year and there are plans to have 12 stations along the Trans-Canada Highway corridor from Revelstoke to Quartz Creek. Similar studies are being done in the Rocky Mountains and southern Selkirks. For more information visit www.

Images of a wolverine at one of the bait stations in Glacier National Park. Parks Canada images

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BC Seniors Games Anniversary

Your 55 + Games

Aug. 21 to 25, 2012 Coming to Vernon? Consider us your home away from home! x x x x x x x x

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Asian log buyers outbidding B.C. mills TOM FLETCHER Black Press

VICTORIA – Forests Minister Steve Thomson plans to visit a Surrey-based forest company next week to discuss a shift in log export policy that producers say is diverting more B.C. logs to Asian buyers willing to pay up to twice as much as B.C. mills are offering. Thomson was peppered with questions in the legislature for a second day Wednesday about his ministry overruling its Timber Export Advisory Committee (TEAC) A log sort on the Fraser River: coastal logs are commanding a high price in and allowing log exports despite an Asia. Black Press file photo offer from Teal Jones Group to buy the logs for its B.C. mills. Teal Jones chief financial offi- 100 to 115 people to work if it had B.C. coast, with a large log mill cer Hanif Karmally said Wednes- more logs, particularly to feed its and shake mill in addition to the day the company is ramping down small log mill. small log mill it opened in 2003 afproduction and shifts due to a lack Teal Jones’ Surrey operation is ter a $30 million investment. of log supply. It could put another the largest lumber producer on the Total coastal log exports in-

creased to a record 5.87 million cubic meters in 2011, up from 3.86 million in 2010, according to forest ministry figures. That includes logs exported from private land, which are regulated by Ottawa. About 20 per cent of logs from Crown land in coastal B.C. are going to export. Thomson told reporters the TEAC changed its policy on how it declares logs as surplus to domestic needs, and how it calculates the domestic market value. Cowichan Valley NDP MLA Bill Routley told the legislature that Nanaimo-based Coastland Wood Industries as well as Teal Jones is seeing a log shortage. “I’ve been told by mill managers that more B.C. mills will be gone if this level of raw log exports continues,” Routley said. Truck Loggers’ Association executive director Dave Lewis says

B.C. has restricted coastal log exports for decades, but it has not solved the industry’s basic problems. “Domestic buyers can only afford to pay $60 for a log that costs $78 to harvest,” Lewis said. The TLA organized a forum on log exports to counter criticism of log exports. “To put things very bluntly from a Terrace area perspective, if log exports were banned today, we might as well close the doors and throw away the keys,” said Bill Sauer of the North West Loggers Association. Teal Jones co-owner Dick Jones said his company is not averse to log exports provided the rules are followed, and TEAC decides if logs are offered at fair market value and declared surplus.

Downie sawmill continues to lobby for property tax reductions from page 1 what they’d been in the years prior to 2008 and would likely take several years to recover significantly. Heavenor said the company endured some of the highest logging costs in the province due to our mountainous geography. Downie also has to compete on the open market to buy logs -- and they’re facing significant competition from overseas buyers of raw logs who pay much more. A strong Canadian dollar has hurt the company’s competitiveness, and they also face significant tariffs at the border. “The challenge to survive in that environment is significant,” Heavenor said. “It’s absolutely critical

that we maintain our competitive edge.” Heavenor stressed the socioeconomic impacts of the sawmill. It employs about 300 to 350 people with annual payroll in the range of $20-$22 million. Heavenor said hourly staff hadn’t had a raise in five years. He said the average income was $62,000 per year with a regional economic contribution of $65 million. “A lot builds around our business – there’s quite a spinoff effect,” Heavenor said. Heavenor credited the owners of the mill – the Gorman family – for keeping it afloat, noting they’d absorbed “serious losses” in the past few years. He stressed their commitment to the business, including

about $52 million in investment in Downie Timber in the past decade. That included $2.2 million in capital investment in the mill last year and $2.5 million planned for this year. “You just don’t see that kind of commitment in this industry,” Heavenor said. Ron Gorman attended the meeting. “There always should be a mill in this town,” he said. He added that Downie Timber’s value-added philosophy fit well with other mills the family owned. Heavenor said that Downie Timber wanted to be taxed at the same rate as business and commercial properties. He said Downie’s mill rate was at about $60 in 2005. Through lobby efforts and concessions from council in the past years,

f ! o n ek a F We e h t

they’ve reduced that to about $28. They’d like to see $22. He said it was only fair that they pay the same rates as other businesses. By 2005, after significant new investment in the mill, Downie’s assessment had jumped to $9,201,300 and taxes had increased to $553,057, or 10.86 per cent of the total tax burden. According to a 2011 City of Revelstoke finance department report, in 2006, Downie began actively lobbying the city for reductions. By 2008, they were down to $480,876, or 7.52 per cent of the total tax burden. In 2009, it was down to $404,241 and 5.54 per cent. By 2010, $315,424, or 4.14 per cent. In 2011, the mill was again successful in lobbying

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Sat, Mar. 31, 1 - 3 p.m. $45 + H.S.T. Please contact: 250-837-4235 ext. 6501 for more information or to register.

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for concessions; their property tax burden was reduced to $277,921 or 3.52 per cent. Heavenor noted that many sawmills in the region had not survived. The mill in Slocan City shut in 2011, a Malakwa mill in 2004, the Canfor mill in Radium has been closed for two years. The Interfor mill in Castlegar was closed for two years, amongst other examples. Mayor David Raven thanked the Gorman family for their “deep, heartfelt commitment” to the sawmill,” adding it was “truly exceptional.” “We will consider the request again in our budget considerations,” Raven said. | 800-HRBLOCK * If we make any error in the preparation of your tax return that costs you any interest or penalties on additional taxes due, although we do not assume the liability for the additional taxes, we will reimburse you for the interest and penalties.



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Two Revelstoke Nordic skiers reach podium at Canadian Masters Times Review staff

Revelstoke's Brendan Macintosh and Stuart Smith both reached the podium at the Canadian Nordic Master's Championships at the Dawn Mountain Nordic Centre in Golden, B.C., last week. On March 12, 2012 a small group of Nordic skiers travelled to Golden to represent the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club at the Canadian Masters's Championships. The event is held annually somewhere in Canada, and was the largest event hosted by the Golden Nordic Club to date, and perhaps an event in Revelstoke's future. The time change and uncertain roads made for a very early start to arrive in time to register, get organized and warm up. Spring like conditions made for icy and rough conditions on the tracks, and we were a bit surprised by the strong headwind on some sections. Racing in the 20-kilometre freestyle race Macintosh and Smith both came in second place in their respective age groups. Pete Smillie came in fifth place in the same race. Smillie and Smith also com-

peted in the 30 kilometre classic race on Saturday, Mar. 17. Once again, challenging and unpredictable waxing made for tense preparations and challenging skiing. Smillie’s result was not available by press time while Smith did not finish. Two junior skiers also travelled to Golden on Mar. 17 to take part in the Huckleberry Loppet. Tayla Koerber won the 15 kilometre classic race in the 14-17 year-old age group, while Emily Suchy finished first in the four kilometre sit-ski race in the 14-17 year-old age group. *** Brittany and Megan Evans kicked off the Canadian crosscountry skiing championships in with a seventh place finish in the girl's team relay sprint challenge on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City last Saturday. Racing three laps each, the sisters finished in a time of 17:28 – 50.8 seconds behind the winners Maya MacIssac-Jones and Marte Haakenstad Braaten. The national championships continue until March 24.

Left: Brendan Macintosh (right) on the podium with his silver medal.; Above: Emily Suchy (left) and Tayla Koerber with their gold medals from the Huckleberry Loppet in Golden. Left: Courtesy Pete Smillie.; Above: Debbie Koreber

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FIS alpine racers compete in Whistler and Idaho Contributed by the Revelstoke Ski Club

Revelstoke Ski Club FIS team at the top of the mountain at Lake Louise. From left: Peter Behncke, Cole Smith, Dominic Unterberger, Jamie Park, Noemie Petit, Emily Unterberger and Lachlan Hicks. Revelstoke Ski Club photo

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Revelstoke alpine ski racers were at competitions in Big White and Lake Louise last weekend The K1 athletes travelled to Big White in Kelowna for the provincial championships. At press time, the five girls on the Revelstoke Ski Club team had completed their slalom events Saturday and giant slalom on Sunday and were looking forward to the ski cross event Monday. Coach Tim Harder reported that the venue was great and the team was having loads of fun. “The course ran great thanks to Big Whites race organization committee,” he said. “We had plenty of opportunity to meet racers from all over the province. The main goal was to ski our fastest. Every one of my athletes showed promise for the coming years. Way to go ladies.” The FIS team travelled to Lake Louise for a two day GS event Saturday and Sunday. Under good conditions the majority of the Revelstoke team bettered their FIS rankings and came home satisfied with their weekend. Dominic Unterberger maintained his recent roll into the top ten, finishing Saturday’s race with a bronze medal. In Sunday’s race he came out of the first run with the time to beat and completed the day in 8th place. Lachlan Hicks skied consistently, cracking the top 10 with a ninth place finish Saturday and just out of it with an 11th place on Sunday. Peter Behncke came home with 17th and 19th place finishes and Cole Smith unfortunately did not finish on both days. On the women’s side both Jamie Park and Emily Unterberger skied consistently, finishing seventh and 15th respectively on both days. The FIS team will be spending the remainder of its break training for the Miele Cup Spring Series scheduled for the first week of April. Four members of the K2 team have qualified for the Can Am Western Championships which will be held Mar. 21-24. The championship brings together the top skiers in the U16 age range from across western Canada and the USA. Mitchell Smith, Max Scharf, Callum Hicks and Sonia Schwenck will be representing Revelstoke at this exciting event in its inaugural year.

Deanne Monroe will be in Revelstoke Friday, March 30


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HOROSCOPES MARCH 2012: WEEK 4 Stand back, Capricorn. Opportunities are headed your way. Take advantage of every last one. Your home begins to resemble a closet.

December 22– January 19

January 20– February 18

February 19– March 20

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CLUES DOWN 1. Protoctist 2. Coat with plaster 3. Nocturnal birds of prey 4. Airforce of Great Britain 5. Before 6. Communist color 7. Partners with mamas 8. Arabian gulf & sultanate 9. Cony 10. Plunder 11. Make bigger 12. Dress up garishly 14. Gin with dry vermouth 17. Opposite of LTM 18. Feels ongoing dull pain 20. A major division of geological time 23. Unsusceptible to persuasion 24. Norwegian playwright Henrik 25. Empire State 26. Ethiopia 29. The man 30. Officers’ Training Corps 31. Of an African desert 32. Furniture with open shelves 35. Yeddo 36. Union general at Gettysburg 38. Moons of Jupiter author Alice 40. Plant that makes gum 41. Acarine 42. University in N. Carolina 43. The quality of a given color 44. WW2 female grunts 45. Licenses TV stations 46. They __ 47. The 13th Hebrew letter

June 22– July 22

July 23– August 22

August 23– September 22

March 21– April 19 Organization is key to pulling off a project. Get all of your Ps and Qs in order and work through the process in stages. A friend makes a keen observation. Be receptive, Aquarius.

All is fair in love and war, Pisces. You took a chance and you lost. Better luck next time. A favor is returned when you least expect it.

Blink, and you’ll miss it for sure, Cancer. That’s how small the gesture will be, but at least an effort was made. Be grateful, and watch as it is paid forward.

Don’t jump to conclusions, Leo. What you see is not what you’ll get. You’re only in the initial stages of planning. Give the idea time to flesh out before you critique it.

It is what it is, Virgo. No amount of fussing is going to make the situation better, so leave it be. You have much bigger fish to fry.

April 20– May 20

May 21– June 21

September 23– October 22

October 23– November 21

November 22– December 21

Two wrongs do not make a right. Admit what you did, Aries, and prepare to pay the price. Weekend adventures put everyone in high spirits.


Force your way in, Taurus, and you will regret it. Be patient, wait your turn and it will come in time. The web of deception builds at work.

Main Street Café

Creative endeavors take off with a special purchase. Grab some friends and make a party of it, Gemini. The fix for an auto dilemma is clear.

4 Daily Specials 4 The Best Eggs Benny

You need to break the ice, Libra, but be careful you don’t go overboard and say something that could turn into a deal breaker.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday ∙ Group Seating in Upper Loft ∙ Friendly Staff ∙ Table Service

Craft ideas abound. Make a day of it with your family, Scorpio, and get the scoop on what you’ve been missing. A brave face makes an earnest plea.


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Stop it, Sagittarius! You’ve devoted way too many hours to a project that clearly wasn’t meant to be. Can it and move on to something more fruitful.


Charlie is looking for a place to call home. A 5-year old male, he's an energetic and very sociable kind of guy, but he does need a home with no small children, lots of attention and regular exercise.


If you are interested in meeting Charlie or any of the animals in the Animal Shelter, please contact the Animal Control Officer at 250-837-4747. If you would like information through email please send it to To view the animals for adoption in Revelstoke check out our website;

The objective of sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell, in such a way that: • Each horizontal row contains each digit exactly once • Each vertical column contains each digit exactly once • Each subgrid or region contains each digit exactly once

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Dr Suess’ The Lorax 3D

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BRAGGING RIGHTS! Revelstoke Rotary Club........................................................

2011-2012 NHL Hockey Pool brought to you by the Revelstoke Times Review


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Scores last updated at 8:00am on Monday March 19th

Friday March 23rd


The Funk Hunters

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BC Transit review underway increase for local bus services. “They gave us a 100 per cent increase in their management fees after we had adopted our budget in March, which shows they weren’t listening,” Stanhope said Thursday. “They decided they were going to take away some of our new buses, which would have given us the oldest fleet in British Columbia, making our rates higher.” Stanhope joined Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom at the B.C. legisla-


The local politician who led the charge for reform of BC Transit management says things have already gotten better, even before a review of the provincial corporation gets underway. Joe Stanhope, chair of the Regional District of Nanaimo, raised the alarm a year ago after BC Transit blind-sided municipal governments with a steep cost

ture to announce the formation of a review panel to look at the governance of BC Transit. He said the work of 40 BC Transit communities through the Union of B.C. Municipalities had an immediate effect. “Things have changed since the minister announced this thing,” Stanhope said. “There’s no question the BC Transit management board has listened to us. We’re on the upswing right now.” Lekstrom emphasized that the re-

view will look for efficiencies, and is not a prelude to adding more provincial money to increase service. The province covers 47 per cent of bus service costs for most communities served by BC Transit, with the rest coming from bus fares and local property taxes. Lekstrom called that funding formula the most generous of any Canadian province, and said any service improvements would be up to municipalities who must decide on local tax levels. Stanhope said the goal is to double ridership on BC Transit by 2018. The service currently operates with 58 local

governments, and carried more than 50 million passengers in 2010-11. The public can find out more about the review and their own opportunities for input at the review website, www. *** Regional transit manager Steve Harvard appeared at a Feb. 29 Revelstoke council meeting. He said the new buses and bus routes announced over a year ago had been delayed while new buses were being ordered. BC Transit is hoping to get the system running by September of this year.












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March 23, 2011 Not a day goes by... Miss you buddy!

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If we could have a lifetime wish and one dream that could come true, We would pray to God with all our hearts just to see and speak to you. A thousand words won’t bring you back, we know because we’ve tried, And neither will a million tears, we know because we’ve cried. You left behind our broken hearts and precious memories too. But we never wanted memories, We only wanted you. Love Mom, Dad and Shawn

To our family, friends and the community of Revelstoke THANK YOU for your love and support after the sudden passing of our loving daughter and sister, Michelle Katherine Jones. Your cards, food, flowers, visits, phone calls, e-mails and generosity to the memorial scholarship in Michelle's name is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to those that assisted at the accident scene, the ambulance crew, the doctors at Shuswap Lake General Hospital, and all those that prayed for our family during this difficult time.. Thank you to Pastor Matthew Carter for the lovely service, Gary & Chrissy Sulz of Brandon Bowers Funeral Home for their compassion and guidance, the Honorary Pallbearers, the Speakers, the Alliance Church, Pharmasave, Tim Hortons, Best Western Plus, Zalas Steak House, Revelstoke Times Review and Grant Leiterman Sound. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


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Obituaries Sharon Ann Clayton Sharon Ann Clayton passed away at Queen Victoria Hospital, Revelstoke on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the age of 64 years. There will be no formal funeral service by Sharon's own request.

Sharon was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on June 3rd, 1947 and had been a resident of Revelstoke since November 1989. She enjoyed her time spent in her garden and loved listening to the robins as they hinted at the coming of spring. Sharon's joy in life was spending time with her grandchildren.


…show it!

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C3 Church 108 1st St. West above the Royal Bank

She is survived by her partner of 23 years; John Hebert of Revelstoke; two children: Glen (Marcella) Clayton and Patrick Clayton all of Edmonton; four grandchildren: Kurt, Kyle, Kristine and Brandon; one great grandchild, Adrian; her mother, Violet Monet of Revelstoke; one sister, Sheila (Arnold) Emes and nieces Charlene and Mavis all of Chilliwack. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family by visiting Sharon's obituary notice at: Cremation arrangements are in the care of Brandon Bowers Funeral Home, Revelstoke

Ann Tallis passed away at Shuswap Lake General Hospital in Salmon Arm on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at the age of 72 years. A Memorial Service was held at the Revelstoke Senior’s Center on Saturday afternoon, March 17th, with Reverend Ken Jones of¿ciating. In lieu of Àowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Revelstoke Senior’s Center, in memory of Ann. Ann was born in Calgary, Alberta on May 23, 1939 and had been a resident of Revelstoke since 1972. She was active with the Revelstoke Senior Citizen’s Association and was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion and had been an executive of the club. Ann enjoyed knitting and sur¿ng on the computer. She also enjoyed watching television and her favourite shows were Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Heartland and the Lawrence Welk Show. Ann was predeceased by her parents and one sister, Frances. She is survived by her husband Arnold of Revelstoke; two children: Diane (Robin) Ozerow and Rob Tallis, all of Revelstoke; two grandchildren: Byron and Erik, both of Revelstoke; one brother Rhodie Bennet of Nanton, Alberta and one sister Edie (Randy) Grimshied of Kindersley, Saskatchewan as well as several nieces and nephews. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family by visiting Ann’s obituary at: Cremation arrangements were in the care of Brandon Bowers Funeral Home.

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Required Immediately. Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician for Vernon Dealership. Our Heavy Equipment Technicians maintain, repair and rebuild heavy equipment at our shop and in the field in a safe, efficient and capable manner. Qualifications required: Journeyman certification. Have a strong awareness and attitude towards workplace health and safety. Able to meet the physical demands of a Heavy Equipment Technician. Working knowledge of computers. Experience in the Forestry and construction Industry. Woodland Equipment Inc offers excellent wage compensation, extended health benefits. On-going industry training and year round employment. We are one of the largest Hyundai dealers in Canada and believe our continued growth is a result of our highly skilled and engaged employees who deliver excellence in the Workplace. Come join our team in sunny and warm Vernon, where you will be appreciated, love our climate and enjoy all our outdoor activities. Please forward your resume via email to rgilroy@woodland No phone calls please.

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SKI PATROL PATROL CLINIC SKI CLINIC FOR FOR 2011/12 SEASON 2012/13 SEASON The Ski Patrol Department at Sunshine Village Ski and

The Ski Patrol Department at Sunshine Village and Snowboard Resort in Banff, AB is holding theirSki annual Snowboard Resort is holding their annual spring hiring spring hiring clinic for SKI PATROL positions for the clinic for full time SKI PATROL positions for the 2012-13, 2011-12, winter season. winter season.

IfIfyou are an expert skier with superior customer service you are an expert skier with superior customer service skills, skills,and and have have aa passion passion for for working working in in the the beautiful beautiful mountains of Banff National Park, then come for mountains of Banff National Park, then come out out for our our assessment on Wednesday, skillsskills assessment clinicclinic on Tuesday, April 17th,April 2012.13th, The 2011. Thewillsession include assessments of skiing session includewill assessments of skiing ability, and ability, and other typical patrol duties. other typical patrol duties. Requirements forthe the position include: Requirements for position include: • •Physically Physically fit • •Expert ability Expert skiing skiing ability • •Valid 80 hours, hours, (EMR (EMR Valid First First Aid Aid certifi certificate, cate, minimum minimum 80 preferred) with CPR preferred) CPR‘C’ ‘C’qualifi qualification cation Police background background check • •Police check Although not willwill be be given to Although not required, required,preference preference given those with: to those with: Previous patrol patrol experience • •Previous experience Avalanche Skills SkillsTraining Training certifi or Canadian • •Avalanche certifi catecate or Canadian Avalanche Association Association Level Avalanche Level11(preferred) (preferred) Mountaineering // backcountry • •Mountaineering backcountrytravel travelexperience experience • Climbing or rope rescue experience • Climbing or rope rescue experience Knowledge of Sunshine Village terrain • •Knowledge of Sunshine Village Terrain Sunshine Village offers industry competitive

Sunshine Village offers industry competitive compensation and benefits in a great working compensation and benefits in a great environment. working environment. If please email your cover and Ifinterested interested please email your letter resume resume to: to: and cover letter by 2012. byMarch April31, 8th, 2011.

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Help Wanted

Kindale Developmental Association

Help Wanted


Share your home and/or your time providing support to adults with disabilities in the North Okanagan. Home assessments and/or training will be provided. Send Expression of Interest letter to: Attention: Home Share Coordinator Kindale Developmental Association P.O. Box 94 23A - 3300 Smith Drive Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0 Fax: 250-546-3053 Email:

Education/Trade Schools 21 WEEK HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Prepare for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation. Introducing our new Apprenticeship Program which includes: • • •

ITA Foundation ITA HEO Theory Multi Equipment Training (Apprenticeship hours logged) Certificates included are: • Ground Disturbance Level 2 • WHMIS • Traffic Control • First Aid Reserve your seat today by calling Taylor Pro Training Ltd at 1-877-860-7627


Position Title:

Quantities Technician

Mica Generating Station, BC Employer:

Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Job Description: Quantities Technician needed to gather ¿eld quantity information and ful¿ll scheduling duties speci¿cally related to the addition of a ¿fth and a sixth generating unit at the Mica Generating Station. The candidate must: • Prepare various project schedules • Monitor project progress, schedules and costs • Determine quantities of materials used for construction including those of an electrical, mechanical and/or civil nature • Establish and con¿rm progress payments and claims • Verify the payment of claims by reference to contract speci¿cations, drawings and other related documents Preferred Experience: • Technical knowledge in Civil, Electrical and/or Mechanical Engineering • A two year technical diploma or other pertinent work experience • Familiarity with scheduling software • Experience and familiarity working in Heavy Industry with preference for Hydro-electric experience Skills/Abilities: • Ability to read and interpret drawings • Strong computer skills • Excellent verbal and written communication skills The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and will be required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north or Revelstoke. Resumes will be accepted until 7:00 am, 3 April, 2012; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.





To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors. Ltd. Fax: 250-805-4340 Email:



Closing Date: 3 April, 2012

Shuswap Family Resource is looking for a permanent F/T Intensive Family Preservation Councellor. Councellor will provide short-term intensive theory based practise with the goal of maintaining and/or reinstating children with their families. University degree in a related discipline. Resume to

Qualified candidates will be contacted.

HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR TRAINING Get Practical Skills That Get Jobs Vancouver Island University training for over 50 years, No simulators. Low student / instructor ratio. 1-888-920-2221 ext: 6130 heavyequipment

MORE JOBS Than graduates! Employers seek out CanScribe Medical Transcription graduates. New course! New low price! We need more students! Enroll today! 1-800466-1535

Help Wanted An earthmoving company based in Edson Alberta requires a full time Heavy Duty Mechanic for field and shop work. We require Cat Dozer/Deere excavator experience. You will work a set schedule for days on and off. Call Lloyd @ 780-723-5051

Automotive Technician and Parts Manager

Help Wanted

Licensed Autobody Repair person required for busy autobody repair shop. Windshield replacement & heavy truck experience an asset but not necessary. $25-$29./hr flat rate depending on experience. Fax resume to 250-265-4022 or e-mail to only to Kim’s Kustoms Nakusp B.C. 250-265-4012.

required for Ford Dealership in Prince Rupert, BC. The individuals we seek must be team players interested in joining an exciting business. Experience an asset but must be willing to advance skills with factory as well as self-study training. We offer competitive wages, a pension plan and full benefit package. Relocation assistance available for the right individual. Please contact Brian Kennedy Port City Ford Sales 250-624-3673 or fax resume to 250-624-3672

HHDI RECRUITING is hiring on behalf of Baker Hughes Baker Hughes Alberta based oilfield services company is currently hiring;




SOUTH ROCK has positions for road construction workers, BASE - heavy equipment operators (Finish Grader Op). Asphalt - (paver, roller, screed, raker). Heavy Duty Mechanic (service truck). General labourers. Forward resume to: Fax 403-568-1327;

Trades, Technical

Build Your Career With us Certified Millwright & # 1 Planerman Okanagan Valley, BC Do you thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment with opportunities for continuous growth and development? We want to hear from you. Apply online today and build your career with us! LOUISIANA-PACIFIC Canada Ltd. requires an experienced Journeyman Electrician for our EWP Operation in Golden B.C. Email resume to: or fax to 250-344-8859. WELDERS/FITTERS required for busy Edmonton structural steel shop. Top compensation, full benefits, indoor heated work, relocation assistance. Fax resume: 780-939-2181 or


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3rd or 4th apprentice or Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics with their Red Seal and CVIP License to work in Red Deer & Hinton.

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Real Estate

Real Estate



Financial Services

Acreage for Sale

Houses For Sale

Apt/Condo for Rent

Duplex / 4 Plex

M O N E Y P R OV I D E R . C O M . $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

0.5 Acre Riverfront lot,amazing views of Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Columbia Valley. 4km from RMR and town. $369,000 call 250-200-0421 for info


For Sale By Owner


GLACIER MANOR APARTMENTS -2 bedroom, available immediately -1 bedroom bachelor available April 1st no pets, no smoking heat and hot water included quiet building and neighbourhood laundry facilities on site Available immediately resident manager call Roberta (250) 837-2939 lv mes

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Merchandise for Sale

Heavy Duty Machinery

1995 Washroom Building 12x40. Great for campsite or workcamp. total 5 toilets 4 showers 2 urinals 4 sinks, utility room and room for laundry. $25,000. 250-547-7971 2004 SRI Dble Wide 28x63 Very Cozy 3bed 2F/bath plus den/office off Mstrbed. Drywall LR/FR off kitchen Appliances top of line, blt in vac. sprinkler, alarm $122,000. MUST BE MOVED. PROPERTY NOT INCLUDED. 250-547-7971

5 BDRM HOME IN TELKWA FOR SALE 3200 sq ft, 4 bath, includes washer & dryer, fridge & stove, dishwasher hot tub, natural gas, contact 250-845-3315

Houses For Sale

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale Antique upright piano - $500. 80 gal fish tank (complete) $200. 8ft x 10ft storage shed $500. Phone 250 837-7017. Cheat Sheet for ITWorks Products. ‘You Can Lose While You Snooze’.... Have you got 45 minutes?.... And You Want To Look And Feel Great! Get Your Party Started Today! Have A FREE Wrap!! ‘What Do YOU have to LOSE?’ These are NOT Water Loss, They Are Fat Loss. Check out my website.... or msg me at or contact Denny for more info@ 250 837-4987. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 - make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info and DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

Best rate 5yr-3.19%OAC Serving the Columbia-Shuswap since 1976. Rates Consistently better than banks

(250)832-8766 Toll free 1-800-658-2345

Other Areas NAPLES FLORIDA Area! Bank Acquired Condos Only $169,900. Same unit sold for $428,895. Own your brand new condo for pennies on the dollar in warm, sunny SW Florida! Walk to over 20 restaurants/100 shops! Must see. Ask about travel incentives. Call 1-866-959-2825, ext 15.


In Arrow Heights, very quiet, 2-bdrm apartment. Fridge,stove, washer/dryer. Storage available. No pets, no smoking. References required, damage deposit. Looking for long term tenant. Available May 1st. $975 per month. 250 837-6589. LOOKING TO RENT???

Newer Duplex for Rent Avail. April 1st-Humbert Street “Southside” 2 bedroom, 2 bath and 5 appliances. Window coverings, 2 decks with fenced yard pets negotiable. $1200/mth. 250-837-2241

1 & 2-BDRM for rent. Senior’s discount. Col-River Manor. Phone or apply in person 250837-3354 or 250-837-1728. 1 bedroom apt. $600 plus hydro. 2 bedroom apt $900 plus hydro. 250-837-8164 Affordable Apartments 1,2,3 bedroom units and townhouses. Furnished units available. Rivers Edge and Columbia Gardens. 250-837-3361 or 250-837-8850 Basement apt for rent. 2bdrms. Call 250 837-3042. Spacious renovated 2 bedroom apartment. No pets, no smokers. Southside. $1000/month includes heat/hydro. Available April 01, References. 250-837-1466 or 250 837-8574.

Apartment Furnished Furnished Apartments Short or Long-term Fully equipped kitchens, A/C Linen & towels supplied Laundry & storage on site 1-bedroom apts. from $850.00p/m 2-bedroom apts. from $1200.00p/m Includes Wi-Fi & all utilities Housekeeping available Non-smoking - no pets We accept Visa and MasterCard 250 837-3405 or for pics

Financial Services

Financial Services

Joe Verbalis

Ste. H, 200 Campbell Ave. Office: 250-837-6300

Managing Broker Brokerage 250-837-6300

Homes for Rent

3-bdrm house, fully furnished. Full bills included. Great location. Available April 1st. 250 837-1480.

FOR RENT 3 Bedroom Duplex in Columbia Park Available April 1, 2012

Apt/Condo for Rent

Stoke Realty Ltd.

3-bdrm, 2-bath, nice home, hardwood floors on 3/4 acre private lot on Shaver Rd, prefer long term family, N/S, references please. Available May 1. $1500/mth plus utilities. Call Todd 250 837-1735.

3 Bedroom Fully furnished House for Rent in Big Eddy. $1200/month plus utilities. NO PETS. 403-678-7937 250 837-3300

Real Estate

Available May 1st, 1/2 duplex. 3-bdrms, full basement, F/S, W/D, 336-A Pearkes Dr., Columbia Park area. N/S, N/P, $1200.00 per month. 250 837-6006, cell 250 8371006.

* * * * * * * * *

3 Bedrooms 2 Full Baths 4 Appliances Pets negotiable Covered Carport New Floors Fenced Backyard N/S $1250.00/month

Long-term family tenants preferred. Please phone Chris or Tasha @ 250-837-6171 or 250-837-7871 for more information.

1949 Leidloff Road 1520 Birch Drive Attractive Euro Style 3800+sq ft Ultimate Luxury Home (See our Website 4BR/2B home a short for all fine Mackenzie Park walk from RMR on 1.85 acres with gripping views Estates Properties) $659,000 $1,070,000

1508 A&B Front Street 7022 Waverly Trail Both sides of charming Unique 4BR/4Bath home Duplex. Sold separately near Canyon Hotsprings or purchase together! on .923 view acres $295,000 + $289,000 $395,000

Large 3 bedroom house Mount MacKenzie area. Mature adults only. Available immediately. Call 250-359-2245 or 250 837-3767.

Financial Services


825 Ohlhausen Road 5 Bedroom, 2½ Bath, 2 Kitchen, Extra Large ‘mother in law’ suite. Stunning Back Yard/.218 acre lot $385,000

413 Moss Street Large Spacious 2BR/2B 1198sf MH on .17 acres of land + shop near 4th St. Road to Ski Hill. Must See! $199,000

1935 Lennard Road Cozy 3 Bedroom Home on magnificent 1 view/treed acre near RMR on quiet south side $419,000

#8, 304 Townley St. 2007 Centrally Located Corner Luxury Condo with huge RV/Sled/Boat/Storage Garage $319,000

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Homes for Rent

STEEL BUILDINGS For all uses! Spring deals! Make an offer on sell-off models at factory and save thousands now! Call for free Brochure - 1-800668-5111 ext. 170.

House for immediate sale. 3bdrms, 11/2 bath, unfinished basement, sitting on .28 acre, plus two lots (.26 acre and .28 acre). $625,000. or trade for lower mainland. 604 6032800/ 604 252-9600 or

Interior South

Interior South


Real Estate

Lot 4 & Lot 5 Old Town Rd!

Homes for Rent Dean Prentice, Trustee

Homes for Rent



Silverton Lakeshore Inn 302 Ninth St. East Amazing! Renovated Pristine Heritage Character home, corner lot, large Historic 7400sf Hotel/Pub/ separate garage, across Restaurant & Penthouse Apt. from Queen Elizabeth Park overlooking Slocan Lake $499,000 $379,000

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY BEAUTIFUL RIVERFRONT ACREAGES! 45+ acres and 23.57 acres with great access to Shuswap Lake! Could boat from these acreages to the lake! Town sewer and water at the lot lines. 2 minutes from Sicamous town centre. Currently being used as a berry farm. Has Farm status! Lot 4 Old Town Rd., MLS®10041690 ............................................................. Lot 5 Old Town Road , MLS® 10041550 .........................................................

$679,000 $479,000

Call Charlotte Hutchinson Personal Real Estate Corporation


1-800-582-8639 CELL 250-833-6545 OFFICE 250-836-2223 at Mara Lake INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

CALL FOR APPOINTMENT: 250-837-5595 1101+1107 4th St. E #206, 800 Mackenzie Ave. Immaculate 719 sq ft. 2 for 1! 2 lovely homes plus 4 large outbuildings one BR Downtown Condo near shops, services on .456 subdivisable and activities. acres on way to RMR $179,000 $589,000

STOKE REALTY LTD. “Your Real Estate Brokerage Alternative to Purchase or Sell”

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Homes for Rent


Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent


FULLY furnished 3 bedroom downtown house, W/D, dishwasher, all kitchenware,TV, stereo,...garage and lots of storage. Available April to September possibly longer. $1200/month +utilities call 250-200-0421 for more info FURNISHED 3bd 2bth all appliances, Sat TV, FP, Laminate, 2carport, Internet, leather, private, BBQ, awesome place. Apr 1st. 250 834 7354, 250 814 7539, 604 885 2888, Neg. Mobile Home for Rent #9A 1306 Downie St. Very clean, large 2 bdrm, 4 appl. N/P, N/S $950 250-837-4682 Neat, clean, tidy, 3-bedroom house. 4 appliances. ns/np. Carport & shop $1250./month. Call 250 837-9299. NEWLY PAINTED and updated House. 3 large Bdrms, 2 full baths, modern kitchen and appliances. New flooring, 2016 sq. ft. of living space on 2 floors, carport plus extra parking, N/S, N/P, $1450/mo. (Columbia Park). (403)617-8318 or email

Legal Notices

Phone: 250-837-3300 - #201 – 217 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke ..

WELL Maintained, Downtown Heritage Home, Ideal family home for long term renters. 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths. N/S N/P no room mates. $1200/month. Call 250-837-2381

Auto Financing Need A Vehicle!



Auto Financing

Auto Financing

Auto Financing

Scrap Car Removal

DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

SHIFT AUTO FINANCE Get Approved Today! CREDIT DOESN’T MATTER.. For The Best Interest Rate Call: 1.877.941.4421

YOU’RE APPROVED Poor, Good, OR No Credit at AUTO CREDIT NOW DL9597 Details and APPLY online OR TOLL FREE 1-877-356-0743

SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231 www.


Office/Retail DL# 7557

375 sq. ft of office space in Bernacki Building. Available Dec. 1. Contact Merv 250-837-1134

Suites, Lower 1-bdrm basement suite. Fully furnished, utilities included. Bright and clean, no smoking, no pets. $800/month. 250 8376050. Available April 1st.

Auto Financing Drive Today!




Apply Today! 1.800.910.6402

NEW Spacious 2 Bedroom Basement Suite. Shared laundry, parking, Gas Heat & H/W, Internet, incl. N/S, N/P. $950. Call (250) 837-6582.


Antiques / Classics Vernon Sun Valley SwapMeet @ BC Motor Products 350027St. March 30 & 31. Starts 8am . Call Reg 250-308-4701

Legal Notices

Legal Notices


Tower location TELUS intends to build a 60-meter wireless communication tower on private land located in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, (3630 Three Valley-Mabel FSR, Three Valley Gap, BC), (50°55’33.72” North, 118°28’20.10” West). The tower will used by TELUS for its wireless networks. You are invited to provide your written comments within 30 days of this notice to: Doug Anastos Real Estate & Government Affairs Consultant TELUS | Customer Solutions Delivery | BC 2- 3500 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, BC, V5G 4W7 Fax: 604-268-2276

more info at

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Spreading St. Patrick’s Day cheer The High Alpine Drifters played a St. Patrick’s day party at Mt. Cartier Court on Friday, Mar. 16. From left: Bill Zmaeff, Pete Korney, Judy Zmaeff, Donna Hannah, Lawrence Davis and Reg Lehman. Missing is Sandy Lehman. The band would like to than the Revelstoke Nursery Auxiliary for their kind donation of $1,600 towards its new sound system. Fran Carlson/ Revelstoke Times Review

FUNDING FOR STUDENTS, NOT FOR WAGE HIKES. The BCTF is demanding a 15 per cent wage hike and other benefits that would cost $2 billion and raise taxes for BC families. Virtually all other public sector unions have settled for no wage increases. It’s unacceptable that schools are disrupted and that students and their families are inconvenienced over an unreasonable salary demand in difficult economic times. The union is making claims and demands that simply don’t add up.



The union wants more paid time outside the classroom – sick leave for teachers on call, expanded bereavement and discretionary leave.

The government wants more time for teacher training and to ensure that Pro-D days really are for professional development.

The union says all teaching positions should be selected on the basis of seniority.

The government supports seniority but qualifications must also count so that math teachers teach math, and science teachers teach science.

The union says that teachers who perform poorly in evaluations will be dismissed – ‘one strike and you’re out’.

The government wants to support teacher improvement through a standardized evaluation process.

The union says that government refuses to negotiate.

There has been over a year of negotiations and 78 full bargaining sessions.

The union says that class size limits have been eliminated.

Class size limits will remain in place on all grades across BC.

The union says that BC has 700 fewer special needs teachers.

2100 new teaching assistants have been hired since 2001. And, with a new $165 million Learning Improvement Fund, we will hire more.

It’s time to focus on what matters most in education – BC’s students. That’s why we are focused on per-student funding which is at an all time high, not on wage increases. We all want to do more to make BC’s education system even better. It’s the driving force behind BC’s Education Plan that teachers, parents and students are helping to shape. Teachers care about their students. Parents care about their children’s future.


Revelstoke Times Review, March 21, 2012  

March 21, 2012 edition of the Revelstoke Times Review

Revelstoke Times Review, March 21, 2012  

March 21, 2012 edition of the Revelstoke Times Review