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Dancing with new political ideas Robolemming rampage ne Victoria political team wants to get people intimately involved in considering an alternate reality: one where women rule government. And doing so could cinch you an extra $500. Dancing With The Octopus, DANIELLE an initiative spearheaded by POPE long-time women’s advocate news@ Sandy Mayzell, is back and is inviting everyone to participate in a video contest that asks the question: “What would it look like if your government was 75 per cent women?” Currently, Canada’s parliament is made up of 75 per cent men and 25 per cent women. But Mayzell and her team of passionate volunteers weren’t willing to hear these numbers sitting down — they have turned it into a way to brainstorm for money. “A lot of younger people are turned off by politics, but we can’t find solutions for these challenges until we start talking about them, so we wanted to find a way that everyone could get involved in that discussion,” says Mayzell. “Now is the best time for that.” People of every gender and age are encouraged to make a video using any medium from mobile phones and webcams to animation, stills, talking heads, drawings, or slideshows, then upload it to the DWTO website. From there, a team will jury the pieces and, ultimately, one lucky winner will score half a grand. The contest is open internationally, and videos must be in by midnight, Pacific Time, on March 31. For more, see



GOODWILL JAILBIRD FLIES AWAY David Arthur Johnson is a free man again, after his most recent 40-day jail term, which left him in yet another 40-day fast. “Those who know me know I don’t eat while I’m in prison,” says Johnson. “But until we can think of something better to do, having someone starve to death in jail says a lot, I think.” Johnson, known for his Right To Sleep advocacy, was arrested and sentenced to 40 days in jail early February, after tenting in Centennial Square. This marked the 20th time Johnson was sentenced to jail for more than one week, and the 80th time he was arrested for his tenting and sleeping action since 2004. Only two months ago, Johnson had spent a previous 40 days in jail, with another 40-day fast. “It was a really interesting trip, and I think I’m kind of becoming an expert faster,” he says. “Now, I don’t know if I will be looking at getting arrested again in three days for another action, or if I’ll be making a cross-Canada trip, hitchhiking to other Occupy and tent city movements.” Since his release on Tuesday, March 13, Johnson says he has mostly been thinking about eating. So far, he’s been able to consume some Weetabix cereal with warm milk and water and, when Monday spoke with the former jailbird, he had his eyes on some cabbage and potato soup.

undreds of protestors took to the streets of Victoria last weekend in vocal and banner-waving response to allegations of fraudulent phone calls made during last year’s federal election campaign that directed some voters to the wrong polling stations. The protestors marched through our downtown, core chanting, “Stephen Harper’s got to go!” and calling for by-elections in the affected ridings. GRANT And while most of the protestors know that MCKENZIE a handful of by-elections in Ontario likely won’t change the makeup of the Conservative majority editor@ government, the biggest outcry was for the loss of faith in a democratic system that is already deeply flawed. Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in our system doesn’t rest on Tory, Liberal or NDP shoulders, but weighs its full burden directly on us — the voters. In the last federal election, barely 60 per cent of eligible voters in Canada showed up to make their mark at the polls. So while hundreds of citizens are enraged enough over underhanded dealings to pound the streets in a rally to protect the integrity of their vote, far too many Canadians can’t even be bothered to take 30 minutes out of their day, once every four years, to select the leaders of their country. Forget robocalls — find out what drug the Tories are putting in our water to make the other 40 per cent of us this apathetic. (With tongue firmly in cheek, I’m guessing the party included an antidote in the ink of their candidates’ handout propaganda so that enough Tory supporters would still show up; a smaller number of NDP and Liberal supporters must have accidentally touched the leaflets when tearing them up, while Parti Québécois supporters obviously wear gloves.) When nearly half of the population doesn’t care who is running the country, why aren’t there more happy people running around? Complacency is a wonderful thing if you’re merry and content, but most people — unless I’m only running into the grumpy ones — aren’t. Yes, the robocall scandal is dirty politics, but we’re the ones who opened the door by sending the unmistakable message that a political party only has to influence a small fraction of the people who actually vote to win enough seats to take power. (The PCs took the majority of seats with less than 40 per cent of the 60 per cent who voted.) Bottom line: if an election can be won by a recorded message that relies on people not doing enough homework to know where their correct polling station is located, then we are more screwed up than even I want to contemplate. M


Dancing With The Octopus team (from left) Hannah Jones, Monika Fedyczkowska, Sandy Mayzell and Angela Hemming want you to think about what a female-focused government would look like.

A ROAD-CLOSING GOOD TIME John Vickers has finally received the support in writing he needed to get the city on board with his lofty plans to shut down a portion of Government Street come Busker Fest time — now, he’s in a waiting game. While all businesses gave the verbal approval weeks ago, along with the support of the Downtown Victoria Business Association, the city still refused to a-OK Vickers’ request until they had written permission from every group. But, persistent as ever, Vickers was able to get every business to sign an official form, and submitted the needed signatures with the festival application form. “With our special events permit now submitted for the festival, which includes our Government Street evening operations and indicated merchant support, we now look forward to receiving our permit to hold the event,” says Vickers, executive director of the Victoria International Buskers Festival Society. “I really can’t see any other barriers standing in our way.” The festival, which runs from July 20 to 29 across downtown and along the Inner Harbour, will be in its second year this summer. Last year, Vickers says the permit itself was not issued until only weeks before the festival took place, but he sees no other obstacles standing in the way that would affect the chances of the permit and road closures. Vickers did successfully shut down Langley Street last year for specific performances, which was also slated to close again this year, along with the section of Government between Yates and View. Above all, Vickers says the festival “must work” for the businesses too, and says that having a few thousand people right outside your door is good reason to stay open a bit later on performance nights. “Downtown is going through a rough time right now, and I believe it is the special events like these that breathe life back into it,” says Vickers. “It’s not as though we are having a beer garden in the middle of the road ... we’re providing entertainment and fun for tourists and residents.” M


MARINERS GIVE TO A CONSTRUCTIVE CAUSE We’re still not sure we support the largest construction project in Sooke history, but a nod goes to the group at Mariner’s Village for donating $120,000 from residential sales to BC Cancer Foundation.

NEED SOMETHING TO DO? LET’S GET NAKED Props to the group who bared all for this year’s third Vulnerability Vigil with the Human Body Project at Studio 1219 on Tuesday. Stay tuned to see where the naked bottoms will be next!

THESE FERRIES HAVE NO MAGICAL POWERS This week’s fail grade goes to the guy who figured his best escape route (after robbing the downtown TD Bank) was to take the ferry as a walkon passenger, only to be easily nabbed by officers at Tsawwassen. Yup.

Where will you dine?

DINING OUT FOR LIFE Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands

T H U R S D AY, M A R C H 29

On Thursday March 29th, thousands of islanders will fill their plates to fight AIDS. Generous restaurants from across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands will donate 25% of your food bill to AIDS Vancouver Island.




All diners will have the opportunity to win a luxury cruise for two, courtesy of Expedia CruiseShipCenters (Vancouver Island) and Azamara Club Cruises. Stella Artois will donate $1 from every sale of their beer in Dining Out For Life participating restaurants on March 29th. For a complete list of participating restaurants please visit






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CITYSOMETHING Battle of the bridge


THEATRE Langham Court continues to push boundaries


CABARET A match made in Glee town for Atomic Vaudeville


FILM & LIBATION Disney crash lands on Mars with John Carter




ON THE COVER B1 BEAUTIFUL YOU When we start using makeup as teens, it’s a learning process influenced by our peers and the styles of the time. As we mature, it’s an opportunity try new things and learn how to both accentuate our best features and create special looks for special occasions.

Ingrid Hansen (main photo) premieres her new SNAFU Dance Theatre piece, Kitt and Jane (inset, top) at Spark Fest alongside Shane Koyczan, Fish Eyes and Goodness.

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MAIL Too content for discomfiture When exactly did we, as Canadians, get so content with our cozy little lives that we turn and run if there is a whiff of discomfiture heading our way? I cannot believe how often I have heard from parents: "What am I going to do with my kids during the teachers strike? What a mess!" Yes, it is. It is a disaster that we have forgotten what democracy is all about: freedom of speech. Our teachers are not just fighting for themselves, but the future of our children. Isn't that important enough to suffer a bit of discomfort? JULIE BRADFORD, VICTORIA

Robocalls vs robocalls Perhaps now that an Elections Canada

Don’t just sit there and fume, write to us. Snail: 818 Broughton, V8W-1E4 E-mail: Click to comment directly Not every letter makes it to print, but we do read everything we receive.

magic teeth

gareth gaudin

spokesman has revealed the bulk of the 31,000 messages it received concerning alleged fraudulent robocalls were, themselves, made via automated forms or online form letters, people will tone down their hysteria on the issue. Particularly since most of the calls

were solicited by antigovernment activists and were non-specific in nature. Let’s leave the investigation of any electioneering wrong doing to Elections Canada and the RCMP and have Parliament get on with its business. JOHN AMON, VICTORIA

spring is here

Spring stock has started to arrive at the WIN Stores! 1803 Cook St. Westside Village 785 Pandora Ave. 160-174 Wilson St. Transforming Our Communities, One Woman at a Time. [6]



B Bridge motion proves faulty pr Re: City Watchdog, March 8-14 The foundations of Councillor Isitt’s motion on the bridge are faulty. There is little to be gained by “simplifying” the design where complexity is part of the function rather than extravagance of presentation. Because the bridge has to lift, the mechanics and operational requirements are essential to the design. While some imagine that significant cost savings would be associated with a fresh start on a “cookie cutter” bridge, that is not the case. More costs are associated with the width and capacity of the bridge, added to provide improved levels of service for cyclists and pedestrians. New councillors, while notionally committed to improved cycling and walking amenities, threatened those very features by proposing to return to the drawing board in search of a new scope and reduced costs. The significant and very real sunk costs would be lost, and the schedule of works disrupted, posing a threat to the partner funding the city has secured. The most appalling of the proposals was the premise that Victoria should be saddled with big box store architecture across our harbour for the next 100 years. While much debate took place over the chosen design, the iconic bridge will provide functionality as well as a sympathetic expression appropriate for the location and our downtown skyline. Oversight of the bridge project will be useful, but we would do well to question how cost savings could be achieved by further delay, significant scope changes and discarding the extensive and expensive work the city has already carried out to deliver the bridge we voted for. JOHN LUTON, VICTORIA


STREET SMARTS What was your luckiest day this past year?


Bargaining lunacy deserves a dunce cap f you are reading this column, chances are good that you are not strolling the beaches of Varadero enjoying a Cuban spring break. That is probably a good thing. You BRIAN would just be tripKIERAN ping over any numbkieran@ ber of B.C. teachers enjoying yet another well-deserved escape from their impossibly difficult jobs in the province’s classrooms. Back home, a skeleton crew at the B.C. Teacher’s Federation is encouraging individual teachers to implement a total ban on participation in extra-curricular school activities. Many teachers — like thousands of other British Columbians from many walks of life — love to volunteer a little time to enrich the lives of young people. However, as far as the BCTF is concerned, volunteerism on the part of teachers is a bargaining tool. What nonsense. This is the same BCTF that is also sneering at Education Minister George Abbott’s reasonable expectation that teachers will issue report cards just as soon as Bill 22, the cooling off legislation, becomes law this week.


Every time the teachers’ contract tive agreement in 2006 that gave them cycle comes full term and the BCTF average wage increases of 2.5 per cent constipates the process with unrealistic over five years. demands, I am reminded that this is a Add in their benefits and their total profession guided by a union-fostered compensation increased by more than ethic of entitlement. 15 per cent in the contract package. There are not enough crying towels in As well, every Tom, Dick and Harriet circulation to absorb the received a $4,000 signing crocodile tears shed by bonus. these educators as they This time around, the This time lament the hardships that BCTF came to the table around, the stand between them and with demands that would BCTF came to their $60,000 to $80,000 choke a gift horse, includstipends. ing: 26 weeks of paid the table with Let’s do this by the leave to care for someone demands that numbers. . . . anyone; a year’s bonus would choke a The School Act states pay for retiring veterans; gift horse. that schools will be in sestwo weeks paid leave sion for 193 days a year upon the death of a friend with 186 days of instruc. . . any friend; five paid tion. Over that period a typical teacher days a year for professional activities; will spend about 1,200 hours at work in two sick days a month that can be saved the classroom. Add another seven days up like tokens you can redeem for Cuba for professional development and report Libres at the beach bar; and, of course, card preparation and you have a work enough fresh money to make our teachyear of approximately 1,270 hours. ers the best paid in the nation. For this, the average teacher earns In the face of this bargaining lunacy, about $70,000. The regular work year our government deserves credit for stickfor the rest of the merely mortal — with ing to a frugal net zero mandate dictated two weeks holiday — is 1,900 hours. by fragile provincial revenues. While the income of the average B.C. Interestingly, net zero is exactly the family has grown by less than one per same bottom line the BCTF has adopted cent over the past four tough years, the in stalled negotiations with 140 of its BCTF would have you believe its mem- own unionized workers. I think there bers are starving. is a goose and gander analogy in there In fact, they signed a generous collec- somewhere. M

My rose-coloured glasses are foggy ometimes I like to bring you good news. Instead of focusing on the things that piss me off, I opt instead to showcase the creativity, selflessness and dedication to the community that make the capital great. But this isn’t one of those times. The week began with a press release from the Victoria Police. Amidst near relentless SIMON controversy — the most recent reprimand NATTRASS going to Chief Jamie Graham for leaving a loaded service pistol under his car seat snattrass@ (Really? Someone should confiscate his Lethal Weapon DVD boxset) — the force has received no less than 13 awards. What for, you ask? Seven awards were for 20-years service, and the remaining six were for 30-years service. Now, I don’t want to harp on the boys in blue too much, but it strikes me as odd that with all the things we can’t seem to do — control our officers’ tempers, maintain a cordial relationship with Esquimalt Council, keep track of our riot gear — the


I’m not a big believer in luck. I’ve had good days, but luck had little to do with it. FRAN PARDEE, Victoria

I suppose I was lucky there’s a good health system in Victoria. LYNNE THOMAS, Victoria

Well, my wife and I haven’t really had a lot of good luck. But we are thankful. JOHN HENDERSON, Victoria If you have a question for Street Smarts, contact



My luckiest day? Probably the day when my best friend forgave me.

only thing we’re good at is keeping the same officers around for decades at a stretch. Later in the week, the City of Victoria released its Annual Housing Report. The good news? I couldn’t find much. The bad news is that for the average resident — that’s you, me and anyone else who makes less than $120,000/year — owning a home in the City of Gardens isn’t an option. In fact, with the average income in the city hovering around $38,000 and the average house priced at $611,312, the most economical option for those of us with dreams of white picket fences is to start buying lottery tickets. With almost no new rental units and an average rent increase of 1.5 per cent, things aren’t even looking up for those of us who have accepted the impossibility of home ownership. A vacancy rate of 1.8 per cent also means rents won’t be coming down anytime soon. Adding insult to injury, the city is currently expecting a property tax increase of 20 per cent over the next five years — a cost which will inevitably pass from landlord to tenant. Sure, sometimes I try to bring you good news, but some weeks I just can’t help but stare at the uglier side. M


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No, over-crowding and staff shortages hurt


S Learn more about everyday transit heroes

Victoria Regional Transit Commission

Transit Info MONDAY MAGAZINE MARCH 15 - 21, 2012



Security dispatcher loses job after sending letter to media SECURICARE EMPLOYEE HOPED TO SHINE LIGHT ON STAFFING By Danielle Pope

hris Maxwell has learned a hard lesson this last month: speak your mind and you may lose job security — or your security job. For the past two years, Maxwell has worked as a security personnel dispatch officer for SecuriCare, a B.C. and Alberta company contracted to do security work for Vancouver Island Health Authority and other healthcare organizations. But Maxwell was fired on Monday, March 12, after outing a situation to local media outlets that he deemed dangerous: security calls for the Island were being handled by a lone staff person. “I would cover the [phone] lines coming in from Royal Jubilee Hospital, Vic General, Cowichan District Hospital, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, as well as central and north Island, and just with the sheer volume of calls that have the potential for coming in, it could be easy for a person to miss some,” says Maxwell. “That’s not good service, and it’s not safe service.” Maxwell wrote a letter to the Times Colonist and other B.C. papers in mid-February describing his concerns about security staff taking bathroom breaks if they were the only person on duty, and the risks of missing multiple calls should the phone lines fill, since he could only answer one call at a time. “We process a lot of routine calls, like people who have locked themselves out by accident, and DANIELLE POPE most are not life-or-death, but some are. We deal Chris Maxwell took staffing complaints public. with real emergencies too,” he says. “How can one person jury which ‘real’ emergency will be most important until you pick up that phone? And how wouldn’t have anything to do with that [disciplincan you be expected to pick up two or three calls ary action], unless we had a very good reason for at once?” requesting it.” The day after Maxwell sent out the letter, his Nigel Bullers, vice-president of operations with supervisor told him he would be let go. When SecuriCare, says he is familiar with Maxwell’s Maxwell pressed as to why, he says his supervisor situation and the letter, but adds that the comtold him that VIHA was upset by the letter since pany “regretfully cannot talk about individual it disseminated “classified information” and was employees.” However, he says VIHA has no say therefore a breach of the contract in any action the company takes SecuriCare had with VIHA. with any employee, and refuses the I can see how “My boss told me that he claim that Maxwell was let go due had been questioned about why to pressure from VIHA. they think I SecuriCare would hire employees “We have an obligation to could have that would disseminate such inforuphold our contracts with our clibeen more mation, so the only reasonable ents, and any employee would have option was to suspend me indefithe same obligation,” says Bullers. circumspect, nitely, without pay,” says Maxwell. “In any situation, we look at the but my While Maxwell’s only job was to merits of each issue. This puts us objective has answer calls, he and other dispatch in a difficult position, because we workers are trained through the have a duty to keep every client’s never been same security procedures that oninformation private. If one of those to do harm to duty security staff must take — a conditions are broken, we have a VIHA — just training that Maxwell says reinproblem — so does the employee.” to catalyze forces the importance of always In speaking with Monday, neiworking with at least a two-perther Bullers nor Marshall addressed some change son team. But, because of the disMaxwell’s concerns about havtinction in role, Maxwell says he ing only one security dispatcher received less pay and was never teamed with a assigned to answer phones, stating again that this co-dispatcher. is classified information. “I can see how they think I could have been Maxwell has since been in touch with his union more circumspect, but my objective has never representative and the B.C. Labour Relations been to do harm to VIHA — just to catalyze some Board, but was given his official dismissal on change,” he says. “Usually, lives are not at stake March 12. Maxwell says he is not holding his with these calls, but it happens enough that two breath for getting his job back, even if it means people should be there.” working in a call centre for another company. Monday made contact with SecuriCare and Instead, he hopes his effort is not lost. VIHA, who both claim Maxwell’s letter was not the “I thought I might get a talking to, but I never reason he was let go. really expected all this,” says Maxwell. “What this “My understanding was that the employee in says to me is that they are afraid I might be right. question was facing disciplinary action before My goal in getting this information out wasn’t to the letter to the TC,” says Shannon Marshall, lose my job, but I think this is too important to not VIHA communications head. “VIHA would not talk about — just when you think about how long have anything to do with specific employees, it takes you to answer a call, or to call someone since SecuriCare is a contract firm with us. We back, a lot can happen in that time.” M





ay! Mond 8pm a r t x E H 19 @ MARC

Revisit the classic with this radical reinterpretation.


15 - 24, 2012



MON. TO SAT. EVENINGS @ 8PM | MATINEE @ 2PM - March 24 [8]


MONDAY CONTEST > READER LIMERICKS With 54 fantastic entries to our first St. Patrick’s Day Limerick Contest, it was a difficult decision for the panel of esteemed judges to make a decision on the winners. Our generous hosts at Irish Times tempted us with black liquid encouragement to get into the poetic spirit, but sober heads prevailed and a final tally revealed our Top 3. We hope you enjoy these marvelous wee ditties as much as our judges did. The judges were: Theresa Palmer and Moira Bell of Out of Ireland; Marika Veldink of Irish Times; and Grant McKenzie of Monday Magazine with support from Danielle Pope, Mary Ellen Green and Janet Gairdner.


I long for Oolong


Only one thing transcends the euphoria Of a brunch at the Waldorf Astoria: It’s the Major and me Taking Afternoon Tea At the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Byron Miller, Cobble Hill Byron wins a $50 gift certificate from Irish Times.

Raging Grannies


For twenty-five years without cease The Grannies have raged about peace. They’re a challenging sight And maybe they’re right: For no one’s dared call the police. Anne Moon, Victoria Anne wins a $25 gift certificate from Thrifty Foods, plus a St. Patrick jigsaw puzzle, courtesy of Out of Ireland.

Ships’ Captains Ships’ captains must act and take stock And always look after their flock, Not jump into a boat While others can’t float. Then say “I was pushed.” What a crock!



City by the Sea

Going Green

There once was a city by the sea Where deer roamed abundant and free Some said: “They must go!” But others said: “No! No! No!” And so, status quo it will be.

Going green is of course where it’s at So reach for your emerald hat. On St. Patrick’s Day Go green all the way The earth will give thanks – so will Pat!

Stephanie Slater, Victoria

Alixe Wallis, Victoria


Gustav Zilkie, Victoria Gustav wins a $25 gift certificate from Thrifty Foods.



A Bridge that was Blue

There once was a bridge that was blue, An historical sight it was true. It was not well maintained,

By City Hall was disdained, We Victorians now pay for “new!” Dodie Green, Victoria






St. Paddy’s Day in the UK!


Shuttle Service Available for parties of 5 or more check website for details

SAT. MAR 17 SI EDWARDS Ministry of Sound, UK



East A

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March Chef George Szasz’s Spring Menu Release Bartender Stephen Quigley’s New Cocktail List Discounted Charcuterie & Wine Nights * Year Round ‘Dine Around’ Prices! * Sundays & Mondays

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et ready for two explosive, electrifying and seriously funny weeks at the fourth annual Spark Festival — the Belfry Theatre’s festival of new plays and new ideas. Featuring four world-class Canadian plays, a number of miniplays and new play readings (including first reading by Theatre SKAM’s MARY ELLEN GREEN aMatthew Payne and his show My Memory’s Not So Good, Mon., March 19 at 7 p.m.), three professional development workshops and one huge party in the middle of the madness. The festival kicked off March 12 and runs until March 25. The Belfry’s artistic director, Michael Shamata, says Spark Festival is a great chance for Victoria’s theatre audiences to check out some of the most innovative shows in the country. “These shows have all been met with some acclaim elsewhere in Canada,” says Shamata. “The idea is that they are innovative in some way, shape or form — either the way they tell their story or the story they’re telling.” The first week’s big shows are Michael Redhill’s award-winning autobiographical play Goodness dealing with genocide, and the world premiere of Kitt and Jane by locals Snafu Dance Theatre.

Next week features Bollywood dance and cultural misappropriation with Fish Eyes by Anita Majumdar and the spoken word prowess of Shane Koyczan’s When I Was a Kid. Interspersed throughout are more than 40 free events, including mini-plays presented in some of the more non-traditional performance spaces throughout the building (like stairwells and washrooms), and readings of some new plays, including the Belfry’s Home is a Beautiful Word, a verbatim piece based on more than a year of interviews with citizens in Victoria dealing with homelessness (Tues., March 20, 7 p.m., free. A second reading will be held Sat., March 24 at 4 p.m.). Three professional development workshops are also available, tackling creation, lighting design and Bollywood with various presenters throughout the week. New this year, the Belfry is teaming up with Intrepid Theatre to present La Compagnie Chaliwate’s production of Josephina, a piece of mysterious physical theatre (Spark Pass holders get a $11 discount on tickets, March 20-21 at the Metro Theatre). It all wraps up with Belfry 101 Live, a show created by the high school students in the Belfry 101 program (Sun., March 25, 8 p.m.). Spark Passes are on sale for $74, which includes four ticket vouchers. Individual tickets are also available at the Belfry. M



hane Koyczan has a way with words. Since stepping onto the world stage at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics with his spoken-word homage to Canada, “We are More,” Koyczan has become a household name and a national treasure, inspiring Canadian pride and sparking an interest in spoken-word performance. Now he’s bringing his show When I Was a Kid to Victoria’s Belfry Theatre as part of the fourth annual Spark Festival. When I Was a Kid takes a look at some of the darker times in Koyczan’s life — his childhood. “I didn’t want to revisit my childhood at all,” says Koyczan. “I’d come from places, you know being bullied and what not, so I spent this last half of my life avoiding my childhood because I thought there was nothing good there.” When his grandmother gave WHEN I WAS him some of his childhood journals A KID a few years ago he was inspired to turn the material into a show, By Shane Koyczan & which he mounted for the first The Short Story Long time last April at The Cultch in March 21 - 24 Vancouver. It was there that Belfry 8 pm - Belfry Theatre artistic director Michael 250-385-6815 Shamata became interested in the work and decided to invite him to present at Spark. “When I was going through and reading the books, it made me remember things that were fun and light and beautiful about my childhood and made me realize that I had thrown the baby out with the bathwater,” says Koyczan. “Why was I ignoring this huge chapter in my life just because there were a lot of bad moments, when there were a lot of moments that shined bright in those dark places?” When I was a Kid takes a look at chapters of Koyczan’s youth, from monsters under the bed and first crushes to advice from parents and problems with bullying. He’s accompanied by his band, The Short Story Long (Maiya Robbie, Jesse Lee, Olivia Mennell and Jordie Robinson), with which he is about to release a new “talk rock” album — their first in just over four years. “I tour a lot, I’m constantly on the road and that makes it difficult to rehearse with the band,” says Koyczan. “The reason why we waited so long to record another album is we wanted a chance to develop the sound a bit more and I think people will really hear that on this album, it’s definitely the most mature offering to date.” The new album, Remembrance Year, is being released on March 16, so Victoria audiences will be able to purchase it after the show. Hardcopies are only available at live performances and include two special tracks that aren’t available on the digital download. Koyczan says he’s excited to hear reaction to the new album and says he’s hopeful that it will help make headway for spoken word artists in general. “Maybe this will open a spoken word category in the Junos,” says Koyczan. “There really is an artform of spoken word poetry or even storytelling that are deserving of a spoken word album. There’s tons out there, but it never really gets recognized.” M

ind out how two 14-year-old social outcasts prepare for the apocalypse in the world premiere of the Belfry’s 2012 Incubator Project, Kitt and Jane, a stand-alone sequel to 2011 Fringe hit Little Orange Man by Victoria’s own SNAFU Dance Theatre. “It’s a show about the apocalypse, not the end of the world and all life, but the end of this world and beginning of another. This isn’t a 2012 Mayan story,” says Ingird Hansen, SNAFU artistic director. Created by Hansen, Kathleen Greenfield, Rod Peter Jr., with Jess Amy Shead (stage manager and creative contributor ) and Michael Franzmann (lighting designer), Kitt and Jane is an interactive show hosted by Kitt Pedersen (Ingrid Hansen) — the young protagonist of Little Orange Man, now two years older — and her friend Lucas Jameson (Rod Peter Jr), known as Jane, an effeminate KITT & JANE boy who is the only kid at school World premiere who’s teased more than Kitt. March 14 to 18 The two young pariahs discover various times a mutual fascination with the end Belfry Studio A of the world and, using themselves 250-385-6815 as subjects, they test out their ideas of how to survive the coming catasor trophe. “They also scope out the other social groups at school, picking people with specific survival skills, forming a posse that could survive a worst-case scenario,” says Hansen. Little Orange Man got its start as a show called Gnomeward Bound at the 2010 Calgary Fringe. It was completely reworked and had an amazingly successful 2011 Fringe tour, picking up three awards in Vancouver and one in Victoria (Pick-of-the-Fringe HoldOver, Volunteer’s Choice Award, Vancouver Playhouse Award at Vancouver Fringe 2011, and Pick-of-the-Fringe at Victoria Fringe 2011). “It was amazing to have people finally understand what goes on in our heads,” says Greenfield. During last year’s fringe tour of Little Orange Man, Hansen and Greenfield began writing a sequel. “We thought it would be cool to do a sequel when Kitt is two years older and going through all that teenage stuff,” says Hansen. They decided on the theme of coming catastrophe because it’s been an issue coming up a lot in conversation lately, says Greenfield. “It’s a collective unconscious thing,” says Greenfield. “I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about learning self-sustaining skills. Something is stirring. But at the end of the day, Kitt and Jane is about community. It’s about two kids trying to connect with people in times of catastrophe.” Kitt and Jane is a very faced-paced physical show. “Not a play,” says Hansen. “When ever we get too serious we always say, ‘This is not literature’,” she says with a laugh. And, unfortunately for us, this will be the last SNAFU show for a while in Victoria, as Hansen is moving to Toronto in May. But fear not, Hansen will be back this summer for the 2012 Fringe. M






City Something he Victora Jazz Society presents Montreal-born Jazz Guitarist Eric St-Laurent, coming to Hermannâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jazz Club Friday, March 16 (8pm) accompanied by Jordan O'Connor (bass) and Michel DeQuevedo (percussion). The Trioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s last album, Ruby, features Afro-Cuban rhythms combined with elements of jazz and blues. UVicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pheonix Theatre is presenting The Marowitz Hamlet, featuring guest director Charles Marowitz, who created the â&#x20AC;&#x153;collageâ&#x20AC;? of Shakespeareâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s masterpiece, and codirected by Fran Gebhard. Marowitz visited UVic for three weeks to work with the students before returning home to California. Opens Thursday, March 15 at 8 p.m. and runs until March 24. More info at or by calling 250-721-8000. Ballet Victoria is presenting Vivaldiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Four Seasons and Other Works March 16-18 at the McPherson Playhouse featuring dance, live music, poetry and paintings by local artists. International concert pianist Sarah Hagan will perform Chopinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Preludes, Pablo Diemecke and his ensemble will perform Vivaldiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Four Seasons, haunting haikus written by former poet laureate Linda Rogers read by the B.C.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lieutenant Governor, Steven L. Point will punctuate Vivaldiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s timeless score and the traditional art of Tom Hunt, Dylan Thomas, Rande Cook and LessLIE will drive the movement of the choreography. Tickets start at $25 and are available at 250-386-6121 or online at Emcees from around the Island are going to battle for bragging rights at the seventh installment of Battle of the Bridge Hungry for Beef. Starting Saturday, March 17 at 2 p.m. at Incite Screen Printing (2514 Douglas), hosts John Zee and Fatty Down will host a freestyle tourna-




Eric St-Laurent Trio



S Pheonix Theatre presents The Marowitz Hamlet

ment with 16 emcees fighting to become the new Battle of the Bridge Freestyle Champ. This is an all ages event. $5 at the door, or $3 with a donation for the Mustard Seed Food Bank. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a written battle featuring Mike Sherm and Seagul, with the winner taking home $100. The Maritime Museum of B.C. is hosting another alternative St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day celebration featuring the Celtic musical stylings of Cookeilidh and dancing by the Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Dancers, Friday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m.(28 Bastion Square). Tickets are $12/$10, available at the door. Montreal rockers Plants and Animals will play Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lucky Bar March 20 (8 p.m., $20) in support of its recently released album The End of That, a modern take on retro rock that considers the freedoms and follies of entering adulthood. The album, for the most part, is filled with guitar-driven rock music flecked with sounds of the past. Title track â&#x20AC;&#x153;The End of That,â&#x20AC;? gives a country-infused backbeat to lead-singer/guitarist Warren Spicerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vintage vocal delivery of conversational lyrics like, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re hoping to be friends, and do cool stuff, and be equal, I think thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at.â&#x20AC;? With guests Little Scream. Read the full story at Intrepid Theatre presents the second original creation by La Compagnie ChaliwatĂŠ (Belgium), JosĂŠphina at the Metro Studio, March 20 and 21 (8p.m.). Somewhere between dance and physical theatre, JosĂŠphina is a shockingly beautiful, sexy, funny and mysterious show that tells the story of Alfredo, a man alone, and the absent woman whose memory infuses everything he touches. Win a double-guest pass to this show at Mondaymagazine. M






The Cookeilidh


Plants and Animals





Ballet Victoria presents Vivaldi's Four Seasons.



Emcees Counterpoint and Shcaps battle it out at Battle of the Bridge.


Sicaire Durieux and Sandrine Heyraud star in JosĂŠphina.


Annual Pass Adult $390

Recreation Oak Bay 250595SWIM



  !   "


1150 Cook St. 250-385-4747 MONDAY MAGAZINE MARCH 15 - 21, 2012



Rabbit Hole is heart wrenching LANGHAM COURT CONTINUES TO PUSH BOUNDARIES By Mary Ellen Green

tion to the overwhelming emotions his character is feeling, overall it’s a very good performance in such a dramatic role. he Victoria Theatre Guild is taking audiencKate Harter does a great job as Becca’s juvenile sises through the intricacies of mourning in its ter, Izzy, whose unrefined personality is in complete latest offering, Pulitzer Prize-winning play contrast of her older sister. Izzy is going through her Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire. own life change with big news, but the timing of her Directed by Langham veteran Sylvia gain only compounds Becca’s loss, putting a strain on Rhodes, Rabbit Hole is a heart-wrenching drama about the sisters’ relationship and Izzy’s ability to comfort a conventional 30-something couple who lose their her grieving sister. four-year-old son, Danny, in a tragic car accident. Gloria Snider offers some comedic relief as Izzy Lorene Cammiade is a solid choice as Danny’s and Becca’s mother, Nat, who doesn’t think before mother, Becca. Cammiade portrays she speaks and often comes off as a tense and withdrawn Becca who a nonsensical lush. But Snider also RABBIT HOLE is struggling with the loss of her son offers the concern and comfort that Langham Court eight months after he chased the only a mother’s love can bring. Theatre family dog into the street. Newcommer Malcolm McLaren Tues. through Sat. Costume designer Vinnie brings an unwavering innocence until March 24 at Chadwick’s choice to put Cammiade to his role of Jason, the remorse8 pm. March 17 and in a turtleneck, reinforced with a ful teenager who hit Danny with 24 at 2 pm Tickets at scarf, really helps convey her uptight his car. Jason’s unexpected intru250- 384-2142 personality. sion into the home brings about a Becca removes Danny’s fingerchange in Becca and helps foster prints from doorways, his paintings some hope in all the hardship. from the refrigerator and even goes as far as wanting Toshik Bukowiecki deserves praise for his set to sell the house to remove the constant remind- design, turning the small stage into a spacious ers of her loss. She’s lost friends and is pushing her modern family home. The kitchen is fitted with husband away. retractable walls that when drawn back reveal Becca’s husband and Danny’s father, Howie Danny’s bedroom, sitting untouched since the (Eric Holmgren), deals with his grief in a different accident. way, relying on alcohol and support meetings to get On the surface Rabbit Hole is a heavyhearted through the pain. and extremely well-written play that looks at the Holmgren brings forward anguish and agony different ways people deal with the grief of losing while watching a happy home video of his son, crying a loved one, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find himself to sleep on the couch. But at times his sob- a cautionary tale; don’t let the grief paralyze you bing seems more blubbering than believable. Even from living a happy life. Because once you’re dead, though he struggles at times to maintain a connec- you don’t get the choice. M



! ! N O SO

ARTS CALENDAR STAGE WED. MAR. 14 KITT AND JANE - Part of Spark Fest. These 14-year-old social-rejects (and possible geniuses) host an interactive survival guide to the post-apocalyptic future. To Mar. 18 at the Belfry (1291 Gladstone) $10-$20. GOODNESS - Part of Spark Fest. Examining genocide through a series of concentric stories. Goodness is about what happens in the gaps between experiencing, telling and hearing. To Mar. 18 at the Belfry (1291 Gladstone) $10-$20.

THURS MAR 15 CCPA AND ATOMIC VAUDEVILLE PRESENT: THE LABORATORY – To Mar.17 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). $18/$22. 250-8852837, THE MAROWITZ HAMLET – Using the same poetic language, Charles Marowitz reinvents Shakespeare’s classic, revealing the layers of insanity in a young man’s vengeance. To Mar. 24 8pm at the Phoenix Theatre (UVIc). $16-$24. 250-721-8000, theatre@

Friday March 16th • Doors open @ 9 pm The Crawl After Party Featuring covers of Aerosmith, AD/DC, Nazareth, Led Zepplin, Billy Idol and Van Halen. $8 cover or half price for Royal Ticket holders Advanced tickets $6 available @ Lyle’s Place or Sopranos

SAT MAR 17 IN TRANSIT - This is an original theatre piece based on the real life stories and experiences of 12 newcomer immigrant and refugee youth. 2pm and 7pm at Intrepid Theatre (1609 Blanshard). $8/$12. 250-361-9433 ext 245.

Saturday March 17th St. Paddy’s Day Party Tons of Prizes

Every Sunday 4pm to 9pm Come and jam out with friends! Use our stage for band practice.

We supply the stage & gear, you supply the talent!



MAR 08 - 24, 2012 Box Office & Info @

Karaoke 7 Nights a Week!


730 Caledonia Ave. 19+ (250) 382-5853

805 Langham Crt (off Rockland)


THE SHOWDOWN - Seven solo performers have up to 7 minutes to do their thing. Audience votes on their favourite. The winner takes home $200.8pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). $8/$10.

TUES MAR 20 JOSÉPHINA - A shockingly beautiful, sexy, funny, and mysterious piece of physical theatre about Alfredo, a man alone, and the mysteriously absent woman whose memory infuses everything he touches. 8pm at the Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra). Also WEDNESDAY. $18-$31. 250-590-6291,


A match made in Glee town

That’s what people say. The only problem with Blundstone boots is that they never seem to wear out. Oh, people try. But after a few years of kicking the bejeez out of them, they’re more comfortable than ever and still going strong. Expensive? Nope, they get cheaper by the day.


The Original available in Brown and Black


Anna Kaliya and Wes Borg perform at Atomic Vaudeville's New Year Cabaret.

hat happens when you combine Canadian College of Performing Arts who were the creative stylings of Atomic on their way to Galiano Island to present Andrew Vaudeville (AV) with a spunky 23- Lloyd Webber’s hit musical thrillride CATS when member class their bus broke down near from the CaNosferatu’s spooky castle nadian College of Performing and he made them perform NOSFERATU PRESENTS: Arts? It’s like a match made a musical about their genDIGITAL SUNSHINE in Glee town. eration while still in their March 15-17 at 8pm at the The two are teaming cat costumes). Victoria Event Centre – 1415 up after AV artistic direcThe show also features Broad Street. Advance tickets tors Jacob Richmond and James Insell as Nosferatu, ($18/$22) on sale at Rebel Britt Small, who have been Mike Delamont as Andrew Rebel (585 Johnson) teaching a creative content Lloyd Webber, Morgan or at the door. class at the college, invited Cranny dressed as Peter their students to join them Criss, and Wes Borg as a in presenting their Spring hippy teacher named Skylar. Cabaret, Nosferatu Presents: Digital Sunshine: (as “It’s all over the place as usual. There’s even a performed by the year 2 graduating class of the wedding at the end,” says Small. M

W Cobbler 718 View Street 250-386-3741 Ocean River Sports 1824 Store St. 250-381-4233 Soft Moc Bay Centre 250-380-1339 Soft Moc Mayfair Shopping Centre 250-380-7931

MUSIC CALENDAR GIGS THURS. MAR. 15 JAMES KASPER AND THE SOUND - Folk. 7pm at Caffe Fantastico. By donation. MASCARA NITES - With Compassion Gorrilla and Fins Out. Dream pop. 10pm at Logan’s. $6. YEAR OF THE RAT - EP release. With Hap Mandala. Alt rock. 9:30pm at V-lounge. $5.

FRI. MAR. 16 ERIC ST-LAURENT TRIO- 8pm at Hermann’s. $15/$18. DECKARD CAIN- With Mars and Venus and Crunch Mustard. Rock. 10pm at the Cambie. $7. HEAD OF THE HERD - With Library. Indie. 9pm at Lucky. $12/$15. ROSE COUSINS: WE HAVE MADE A SPARK - CD release. Folk pop. With Anna Frances. 8pm at Solstice Café. $12/$15. SELO GUNAY - Traditional Turkish stringed saz. 8pm at James Bay Coffee and Books. By donation. SLIM & THE DEUCES - 8pm at My Bar & Grill. Cost TBA. THE CRAWL - Rock covers. 9pm at Soprano’s. $8. VETIVER - With Bonehoof and Iceberg Ferg. Outside folk. 9:30pm at Logan’s. $14.

SAT. MAR. 17 CHARLIE BURTON - Smooth fingerstyle guitar. 8pm at James Bay Coffee and Books. By donation. HILLSIDE HOOLIGANS - With Tuff Jelly and The Drunk Irish Trickler The Cambie $10. Doors at 9pm HOLLY ARNTZEN - With Kevin Wright and David Sinclair. 8pm at Hermann’s. $12. MCGILLICUDDYS ST. PADDY'S DAY PARTY - Guest DJ Cheeky Tiki. 10pm at Logan's (Irish) Tavern of the Damne. ST PADDY'S MIDWAY PARTY - A DJ and more than a few surprises. Beer goggles will be available for those who would like to see a leprechaun.10pm at the Belfry (1291 Gladstone). Free. MORE LISTINGS ON PAGE 18 MONDAY MAGAZINE MARCH 15 - 21, 2012


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780 Yates St. • 250-383-0513

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hat does $250 million buy you in Holnd now we teleport from Mars to lywood these days? Not that much if the equally amazing planet of RomJohn Carter is anything to go by. Based Com, where strange creatures that on a once-popular fantasy series by look exactly like humans do crazy Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, things. Friends With Kids opens with Carter’s eponymous hero is an embittered Civil War six long-time buddies — including two married captain from Virginia who, quite fantastically, gets tele- couples and a guy-gal platonic pair who are ported to Mars and drawn into a bloody civil war on that wonderfully compatible but have no romantic planet — one made even more complex by the schemes chemistry — having dinner in a fancy New York of a shape-shifting being from outside the solar system restaurant. One of the couples announces that who is manipulating events for his they are pregnant and the own benefit. The combatants inaction jumps ahead four clude two human-seeming tribes years. PERFECTLY POTABLE as well as a separate race of nineBoth couples are now After 150 minutes on the arid foot-tall, four-armed creatures knee-deep in nappies surface of Mars, it’s time for whose heads are reminiscent of and plastic toys, and cara beer! One of my favourites, a rhinoceros beetle with a Jar Jar toonishly overwhelmed good on its own or with Binks-style face. by the challenges of pareverything from a burger to an Despite having been just a enthood. Which leaves East Indian curry, is Victoria’s cavalry officer back on Earth, the Julia (Jennifer Westfeldt) own Phillips “Longboat” Double courageous and resourceful Carter and Jason (Adam Scott) Chocolate Porter. Less heavy somehow proves to be a swashfeeling left out. So they than a stout but loaded with buckling swordsman of astonishpromptly go insane and savoury flavours of cocoa, ing skill. Add to that his newfound decide to maintain their coffee, and toasty caramel strength and ability to leap vast platonic, separate-apartmalt, well-balanced Longboat distances (credit going, rather ment status while having is widely available in both improbably, to the slightly reduced a baby together — thereby 650ml bottles and on tap. gravitational pull of Mars) and our somehow leaving themhero is well positioned to become selves “free” to have lowLawrence of Arabia on a dusty red stress romantic entangleplanet. Of course he first has to fall in love with a gor- ments with others while also enjoying the joys geous Martian princess (of the human, not beetle, per- of parenthood. Needless to say the last hour suasion) and forsake his angry and selfish ways. of the film becomes a painful, logic-stretching This would-be epic is in some ways an able pastiche exercise in watching these two fall in love. of rousingly old-fashioned tales of bravery and good Kids has a fine cast (including Jon Hamm, humoured derring-do. The fantasy elements occasion- Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph) and some ally strike a note of wonderment and a few of the sup- good one-liners. But the script often seems porting actors (Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds) bring some tossed off, while the tone sometimes shifts juice to their roles. But the plot and pacing tend to lum- weirdly from sit-commish exaggeration to a ber, while its pumped-up hero (B.C.-born Taylor Kitsch) few scenes of bleak realism. And even though comes up short on charisma. Although clearly designed Scott and Westfeldt have some chemistry, their to be the beginning of a lucrative movie franchise, this trash-talking characters deserve a stupidity mission to Mars has “abort” written all over it. M award. M



JOHN CARTER ★ ★ Directed by Andrew Stanton Starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins PG-13 - 139 minutes Continues at the Capitol, SilverCity & Westshore

FRIENDS WITH KIDS ★ ★ Directed by Jennifer Westfeldt Starring Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott R - 100 minutes Continues at the Odeon


ONE WORLD 2012 A performance of International Music, Stories and Dance

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2012, 2 PM AND 8 PM, ROYAL THEATRE Tickets available at the McPherson Box Office and usual outlets, charge by phone at 250.386.6121, toll-free at 1.888.717.6121 or Adults $23, Seniors & Students $18, Children $15.



Check Theatre Directory or for Locations and Showtimes




Each week we hide an “M” on the cover. Last week it was hidden on the inside of the woman’s jacket collar. The winner was chosen by a random draw. Prove that you’ve found the “M” and get it into our office to win! Drawn Monday at noon. Submit entries to: 818 Broughton St., Victoria, V8W 1E4 with daytime phone number or fax it to our number at 250-386-2624. Winner this week:


FILM LISTINGS OPENING 21 JUMP STREET -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Uni 4/Westshore) The TV show about undercover cops in high school jumps to the silver screen, getting a spoofy and raunchy makeover in the process. Starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Starts Fri. JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME -(Odeon) Jason Siegel stars as a stay-at-home mega-slacker who finally gets some focus in his life by helping his brother come to terms with his adulterous wife. With Ed Helms. Starts Fri. HOP -(Caprice) In this fluffy bit of animated fun for the whole family the teenage son of the Easter Bunny heads to Hollywood to join a rock 'n' roll band -- only to encounter some unexpected adventures. Starts Fri. ★★★½ PUSS 'N' BOOTS -(Caprice) The endearing feline furball from Shrek gets his own swashbuckling prequel in a witty and entirely delightful piece of animation. Featuring the vocal talents of Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. Starts Fri.

CONTINUING ★★ ACT OF VALOR -(SilverCity) Real Navy SEALS enact a fictional tale about elite soldiers going up against narco-terrorists, jihadists, and other threats to our comfy way of life in the west. ★★★½ THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN -(Caprice) Steven Spielberg does a great -- if slightly feverish -- adaptation of the revered comics from the 1930s and '40s starring a boy reporter who travels the world having great adventures. ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIP–WRECKED -(Capitol/Uni 4/ Caprice) Those helium-voiced rodents are back to bring their special brand of joy to children (if not their parents). ★★★½ THE ARTIST -(Odeon/ Caprice) Oscar says: silence is golden! Dazzling lead performances highlight this delightful homage to silent movies (which in some ways is more a whimsy than a real film). BIG MIRACLE -(Caprice) Drew Barrymore stars in a heartfelt movie (based on real events) about a news reporter and a Greenpeace volunteer who work to save a family of grey whales trapped by ice in the Arctic Circle. CHRONICLE -(Caprice) Three high school buddies develop super powers, then find their friendship tested as their pranks start to take on a much darker aspect. ★★★ THE DESCENDANTS -(Odeon) The newest film from Alexander Payne (About Schmidt, Sideways) stars George Clooney as a wealthy man who has to rebuild relationships with his daughters after his wife has a terrible accident. Although episodic and digressive, this is an affecting drama. ★★ DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX(Odeon/SilverCity/Westshore) This is an over-stuffed, garishly coloured eco-parable that is preachy and only fitfully engaging. Featuring the voices of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. ★★ FRIENDS WITH KIDS -(Odeon) Two best friends decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic. As rom-coms go, this is well-acted, fitfully amusing, needlessly vulgar and rather preposterous. See review. GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE -(Caprice) Nicholas Cage once again reprises his role as an avenger from beyond the grave in a third-tier Marvel Comic adaptation that has staggered from bad to worse. Note: moves here from the Westshore on Friday. GOON -(SilverCity) The subject of hockey violence is explored in a raunchy comedy that has been slashed by most critics. ★★ HAPPY FEET 2 -(Capitol/Uni 4) Those dancing penguins are back in a bombastic and poorly-plotted sequel that will only appeal to those who enjoy being bludgeoned by cuteness. Featuring the vocal talents of Elijah Wood and Robin Williams. ★★★★ HUGO -(Uni 4) Although Martin Scorsese isn't exactly known as a child-friendly filmmaker, he got lots of Oscar gold for this beguiling tale of a 1930s Paris orphan who lives in the walls of a train station and gets involved with a legendary filmmaker from the earliest days of cinema. The great cast includes Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen and Christopher Lee.

Email your listing info to or enter it online at

★★★ THE IRON LADY -(Capitol) Meryl Streep finally got a date with Oscar for her amazing turn as Margaret Thatcher in a biopic of England's first female prime minister that explores her polarizing politics and the price she paid for power. Smoothly directed, although a bit of a standard "greatest hits" kind of biography. ★★ JOHN CARTER -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Westshore) Although Edgar Rice Burroughs is most famous as the creator of Tarzan he also wrote a series of epic sci-fi adventures about a Civil War vet who magically travels to Mars, there to have astonishing adventures. The resulting movie? Not so great. See review. JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND -(Westshore/SilverCity) There's lots of action and adventure in this fantasy tale of a rescue mission to a mysterious island that is home to lots of strange -- and dangerous -- critters. With Dwayne Johnson and Michael Caine. ★★★★ PINA -(Odeon) This Oscar-nominated documentary by legendary filmmaker Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire) is a wonderfully lensed portrait of avant garde German choreographer Pina Bausch. The braver fans of modern dance will love it; others, not so much. ★★ PROJECT X -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Westshore) Three high school seniors throw "the party of a lifetime," which inevitably spirals into chaos and debauchery -- and that's before most of the neighbourhood gets destroyed. It's lewd, crude and occasionally funny. ★★½ SAFE HOUSE -(SilverCity/ Westshore) Denzel Washington is great playing a rogue CIA agent -- unfortunately, all the violence and jerky Bourne-style camerawork can't obscure how derivative the plot is. Ryan Reynolds is along for the ride. ★★★★ A SEPARATION -(Odeon) This Oscar-winning drama from Iran features a marital dispute that widens into deceit, confusion and tragedy. Easily one of the best films in recent years. ★ SILENT HOUSE -(Capitol) Elizabeth Olsen, who had a remarkable break-out performance in Marcy Martha May Marlene, screams a lot in this astonishingly tedious horror flick about a house haunted by an evil history. Call this The Blair Ghost Home Renovation Project. ★★½ THIS MEANS WAR -(SilverCity) In this lively rom-com Reese Witherspoon sparks incendiary battle when she starts dating two CIA partners, who then compete increasingly aggressively for her affections. Slick, shallow, but entertaining. A THOUSAND WORDS- (Capitol) Eddie Murphy, whose incredible talents sadly include a knack for starring in dreadful comedies, is back with a whopper: after lying to a spiritual guru, Murphy's literaryagent character learns a very harsh lesson about words and their consequences. Even the pushover critics have slagged this turkey. ★★★★ TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY -(Odeon/Caprice) Don't miss this superb adaptation of John Le Carré's classic novel of double agents and Cold War espionage. The marvelous cast includes Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Toby Jones. THE VOW -(Caprice) Romantics can keep the spirit of Valentine's alive by watching this sudsy confection about a woman (Rachel McAdams) who wakes up from a coma with no recollection that she's married. Her distraught husband (Channing Tatum) has to make her fall in love with him all over again. ★★ WANDERLUST -(Westshore) Two impoverished yuppies explore the world of a hippie commune in a hit-and-miss comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. ★★½ WE BOUGHT A ZOO -(Caprice). Matt Damon plays a recent widower who takes his young family and decides to renovate and re-open a small zoo. Sentimental fluff, sure, but Damon elevates the material ... and the animals are great. With Scarlett Johansson and Thomas Haden Church. Based on a true story. ★★★ WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN -(Uni 4) Tilda Swinton is superb in an overly arty drama about a woman who realizes that her young boy is growing into a strange and violent teenager. With John C. Reilly. Note: moves here from the Capitol on Friday.

WILDEST DREAM: THE CONQUEST OF EVEREST -(11 am Sat., 5 pm Sun., 6 pm Thurs.).

LEAVING THURS. ★★ GONE -(SilverCity) ★★★ THE GREY -(Caprice) ★★★ WOMAN IN BLACK -(Caprice)

CINECENTA Cinecenta at UVic screens its films in the Student Union Building. Info: 721-8365.

SCREENINGS MOVIE MONDAY - Screening Heaven's Heart. This award-winning Swedish film shows what happens when a taboo subject is brought up for discussion by a happily married couple -- who discover a gulf they never knew existed. 6:30pm MONDAY in the 1900-block Fort. By donation. 595-FLIC. SOCIAL JUSTICE FILM NIGHT -screens Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, the compelling account of how activists and lawyers slowly built a legal case against a Guatemalan miltary dictator guilty of a decade’s worth of war crimes. THURSDAY, Mar. 15, 2994 Douglas St. 3D MOVIE–MAKING WORKSHOP - is presented by CineVic and will show production companies and filmmakers how to become 3D ready. MONDAY, March 26, 9 am-5 pm at Intrepid Theatre, #2-1609 Blanshard St. Space is limited so pre-register at 250-389-1590. $20.

IMAX AFRICAN ADVENTURE: SAFARI IN THE OKAVANGO -(10 am, 1 pm, 5 pm [except Sun.], 7 pm [Fri.-Sat.]) BEAVERS -(3 pm) That buck-toothed Canadian icon gets ready for his/her close-up. ★★★★ BORN TO BE WILD -(noon -- except for Sat.) Animal lovers, prepare to be charmed! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL -(8 pm Thurs.-Sat., & 7 pm, Sun.-Wed.) Tom Cruise is back for a fourth outing with the IMF crew in a particularly turbo-charged action flick with good performances, a tricky plot and amazing stunts. This is great in IMAX! TORNADO ALLEY -(11 am [except Sat.], 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm [except Sun. and Thurs.) Take an incredible trip into the violent heart of tornadoes via never-before-seen footage collected by a fearless (crazy?) storm chaser.

10th Annual


ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA -(Wed.-Thurs., Mar. 14-15: 7:15 only) We don't see many Turkish films, and here's a grand prize winner from the recent Cannes Film Fest described as "a metaphysical road movie about life, death, and the limits of knowledge." ★★★ THE MUPPETS -(Fri.-Sun., Mar. 16-18: 1:00 matinee) Miss Piggy, Kermit et al. make a perky return to the silver screen in a musical extravaganza about efforts to save their beloved theatre from the schemes of a greedy oil baron. All this current Muppet mania seems a bit unmerited, but Muppets is a cute exercise in nostalgia. ★★★½ CARNAGE - (Fri.-Sat., Mar. 16-17: 3:00, 7:15, 9:00) A superb cast drives Roman Polanski's black comedy about two yuppie couples who meet after their kids have a vicious fight. Things don't go well. With John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet.

★★★ THE BIG LEBOWSKI -(Fri.-Sat., Mar. 16-17 — 10: 45 pm) This loosey-goosey romp involving gangsters and an identity mixup implicating an exalted surfer dude (Jeff Bridges) is adored by most Coen Brothers fans. The great cast includes John Turturro and John Goodman. ★★★ A DANGEROUS METHOD -(Sun., Mar. 18: 3:00, 7:00, 9:00 & Mon.-Tues., Mar. 19-20: 7:00, 9:00) Set during the dawn of psychoanalysis, this account of the relationship between Freud and Jung puts a lot of emphasis on how Jung began an affair with one of his patients (who went on to become a noted psychoanalyst herself). Directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley. ★★★ SHAME -(Wed.-Thurs., Mar. 21-22: 7:10, 9:15) The latest from the director of Hunger is a bleak, uncomfortable but not overly enlightening look at the empty life of a sex addict. Starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan.

THE ROXY Listings Mar. 16th to Mar. 22nd BIG MIRACLE (G) 12:30 pm (Fri., Mon., Wed.) HOP (G) 12:45 pm (Sun., Tue., Thurs.) I AM BRUCE LEE – A FRONT ROW CENTRE EVENT (PG) 12:45 pm (Sat. ONLY - No Passes) HUGO (G) 2:30 pm (Fri.-Thurs.) Although Martin Scorsese isn't known as a child-friendly filmmaker he's been getting well-deserved raves for this beguiling tale of a 1930s Paris orphan who lives in the walls of a train station and gets involved with a legendary filmmaker from the earliest days of cinema. JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (G) 5:15 PM (Fri.-Thurs.) WANDERLUST (14A) 7:00 pm (Fri.-Thurs.) Two impoverished yuppies explore the world of a hippie commune in a hit-and-miss comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING (18A) 8:45 pm (Fri.-Thurs.)



Brought to you by



Recognize Victoria’s best and brightest with Monday’s 10th annual M Awards. • Vote online at or

complete this ballot by 5 p.m. Fri., March 23. • Qualifying voters entered in a draw for a pass to the gala Tues., April 24, at Club 9ONE9 emceed by Wes Borg. • Winners announced in April 26 issue of Monday Magazine.

WHO’S ELIGIBLE FOR AN M AWARD? • Individuals must live in Greater

Victoria —or have lived here for part of 2011.

P Mary’s Wedding (Pacific Opera Victoria) P Inside (Phoenix Theatre) P The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts P Sin City Carnies (Broad Theatrics) P Little Orange Man (SNAFU Dance Theatre) Other: _______________________________________



P Slam Dunk P Current Swell P Quoia P Rocky Mountain Rebel Music P Open Relationship Other: _______________________________________

P Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre) P The Laramie Project (Langham Court Theatre) P Twelfth Night (Phoenix Theatre) P A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. (Theatre Inconnu) P Ride the Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville) Other: _______________________________________


have taken place in Greater Victoria in 2011.

• For publications and recordings, publisher/label can be outside Victoria, but writer/artist must be from Greater Victoria and the work issued in 2011. • This is the nominee list.

Votes determine the short list. Only the short list invited to the gala.

RULES • One print or online ballot per person. Must vote in minimum of 10 categories.

FAVOURITE CLASSICAL PERFORMER OR GROUP P Emily Carr String Quartet P Ken Lavigne P Victoria Symphony P Greater Victoria Youth Orcherstra P Shoko Inoue Other: _______________________________________

FAVOURITE HARDCORE/METAL/PUNK ARTIST OR GROUP PSYN{A}PSE PReaver PUnicron PAngry Snowmans POpen Relationship Other: _______________________________________

NEW P Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra P Brad Prevedoros, Niel Gordon and Greg Joy v v P Bucan Bucan P Adonis Puentes P Qristina and Quinn Bachand Other: _______________________________________ NEW FAVOURITE HIP HOP/R N B/URBAN ARTIST OR GROUP P Langdon Auger P Georgia Murray P DRLCTS P Fight in the Fields P Ashleigh Eymann Other: _______________________________________


FILM & VISUAL ARTS FAVOURITE VISUAL ARTIST P Steve Chmilar P Linny D Vine P Deryk Houston P Hinda Avery P April Caverhill Other: _______________________________________



FAVOURITE FICTION BOOK P Half Blood Blues - Esi Edugyan P I’ll See You in my Dreams - William Deverell P The Hunt of the Unicorn - C.C. Humphreys P Into That Darkness - Steven Price P Prick: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist - Ashley Little Other: _______________________________________

FAVOURITE NON-FICTION BOOK P Come From the Shadows - Terry Glavin P Death Benefits - Sarah N. Harvey P Campie - Barbara Stewart P Walk Like a Man - Robert Wiersema P Glorious Victorians- Nick Russell Other: _______________________________________

FAVOURITE BOOK OF POETRY P Apologetic - Carla Funk P Framing the Garden - Linda Rogers P Unearthed - Janet Marie Rogers P Voices from the Edge - Dvora Levin P Small Mechanics - Lorna Crozier Other: _______________________________________

BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF LOCAL LITERATURE ____________________________________________

COMMUNITY FAVOURITE FOODIE EVENT P Dine Around Victoria P Culinaire P Feast of Fields P Taste P Fernwood Bites Other: _______________________________________

FAVOURITE BOOZY EVENT ______________________________________________

FAVOURITE ANNUAL MUSIC EVENT OR FESTIVAL ____________________________________________

FAVOURITE ART SHOW P Greenwash (Open Space) P Transformations (V.I. Sculptor’s Guild) P Contemporary North: Drawings from Cape Dorset (Madrona Gallery) P Retinal Circus (Olio Cooperative) P The Rosen Women (Martin Batchelor Gallery) Other: _______________________________________

NEW FAVOURITE RECORD STORE ____________________________________________

NEW FAVOURITE LIVE MUSIC VENUE ____________________________________________

BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF LOCAL VISUAL ARTS ____________________________________________








Employees of Black Press and sponsors may not vote.

P Ballet Rocks (Ballet Victoria) P Dream Cab (Monique Salez and Jenny Clarke) P Cheesecake Burlesque Revue (various) P The Nutcracker Suite (Canadian Pacific Ballet) P Recuerdos (Alma de Espana Flamenco) Other: _______________________________________

P Bright and Vivid - Kathryn Calder P Long Time Ago - Current Swell P The Shivers - Slam Dunk P Livin’ on the Island - The Stowaways P Hard Times - Himalayan Bear Other: _______________________________________






Awards Supplied by





and phone number on the ballot.

P Movie Monday P Open Cinema P Victoria Film Festival P Quote Along Classics P Antimatter Film Festival Other: ______________________________________




• Include your name, address





23 at 818 Broughton Street, V8W 1E4.


P Sylvia Rhodes (The Lady in the Van) P Zachary Stevenson (FIRE) P Dennis Fitzgerald (And Slowly Beauty...) P Meg Tilly (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) P Melissa Blank (A Day in the Death of Joe Egg) Other: _______________________________________



• Return ballot by 5 p.m. Fri., March





destroyed before counting.

P Art Attire (AGGV) P Off the Grid Art Crawl (Ministry of Casual Living) P Fernwood Pole Painting Project P Iconocraft P Victoria Emerging Art Awards Other: _______________________________________

P Michael Shamata (And Slowly Beauty...) P Brian Richmond (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? P Linda Hardy (Twelfth Night) P Jacob Richmond and Britt Small (Ride the Cyclone) P Graham McDonald (Pornography) Other: _______________________________________


• No faxes, e-mails or photocopies. • Duplicate (stuffed) ballots will be


P Ride the Cylcone (Atomic Vaudeville) P Nevermore (Urban Arts Productions) P Good Timber (Other Guys Theatre Co.) P 2 Pianos 4 Hands (Belfry Theatre) P Son of Africville (Justin Carter) Other: _______________________________________


• Performances/shows/events must



P Kelby MacNayr P Miranda Sage P Marc Atkinson P Josh Dixon P Cold Cut Combo Other: _______________________________________




P Kathryn Calder P Georgia Murray P Vince Vaccaro P Aidan Knight P Mike Edel Other: _______________________________________


14 New C ategories !



FAVOURITE ANNUAL NON-MUSIC EVENT OR FESTIVAL ____________________________________________

NEW FAVOURITE NEW FESTIVAL ___________________________________________

NEW FAVOURITE ATHLETE OR TEAM ___________________________________________

NEW FAVOURITE NOT-FOR-PROFIT ___________________________________________

NEW NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR ___________________________________________



To place an ad, call 250-382-6189, online at, or email






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HOW TO REPLY: For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111. SINGLES CLUBS


to Every Hunter in BC! Advertise in The BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis 2012-2014 publication. Increased circulation 250,000 copies! Tremendous Reach, Two Year Edition! Contact Annemarie at 1 800 661 6335 or EARN EXTRA cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate openings for men & women. Easy computer work, others positions are available. Can be done from home. No experience needed. HOME BASED BUSINESSWe need serious and motivated people for expanding health & wellness industry. High speed internet and phone essential. Free online training.



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SOUTH ROCK has positions for road construction workers, BASE - heavy equipment operators (Finish Grader Op). Asphalt - (paver, roller, screed, raker). Heavy Duty Mechanic (service truck). General labourers. Forward resume to: Fax 403-568-1327;

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HOME CARE/SUPPORT RESIDENTIAL Manager Vancouver Island Community Connections Inc has an opening for a manager with previous management training & experience. Knowledge of the Community Living field and CARF accreditation process an asset. Candidate will need strong leadership skills and experience working with people with learning difficulties and behaviours that challenge. Candidate will possess excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills as well as strong computer skills. Duties include leading and supervising staff; this position also requires the manager to participate in an average of three residential shifts per week. Ability to plan, organize, control and evaluate the delivery of care and all aspects of daily household management. Requires valid class 5 driver’s license and reliable vehicle, driver’s abstract, clear TB test, criminal record check, OFA level 1 First Aid, Food Safe and non-violent crisis intervention training. Wage to be determined; full-time includes on-call and weekends. Fax: 250-338-7134 or Email: Attention: Carol Gjesdal

Classifieds Call 250-388-3535 TRADES, TECHNICAL DL Baker Construction Canada is looking for Laborers and Foremen in Kitimat. BC, Canada. Red Seal Preferred. Laborers will possess competency in assisting on the installation of all types of formwork, performing general labor work and placing concrete. Have the ability to correctly rig and hoist material, ability to signal, rig and work safely with cranes. Project Terms is Project Based Wages are in accordance with Project Labour Agreement between Kitimat Modernization Employer Association and Coalition of British Columbia Building Trades for the Kitimat Modernization Project Please forward resumes to








WELDERS WANTED. Journeyman 2nd and 3rd year apprentices with tank manufacturing experience. Automated Tank Manufacturing Inc. Located in Kitscoty, Alberta. 20km West of Lloydminster is looking for 15 individuals that want long term employment and a secure paycheque. Journeyman wages $33. $37.50/hour. Wages for apprentices based on hours and qualifications. Benefits, training programs, full insurance package 100% paid by company, profit sharing bonus. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine for an appointment or send resume to: or p r o d u c t i o n @ a u t o t a n k s. c a . 780-846-2231 (Office), 780-846-2241 (Fax).

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Personals or Variations

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DL Baker Construction Canada is looking for Journeymen Carpenters and Foremen in Kitimat. BC, Canada. Red Seal Preferred. Carpenters must have experience with installation of footing forms, slab on grade forms, build and install wall, column and elevated horizontal forms. Ability to layout work, off supplied control lines. And the ability to correctly rig and hoist material, ability to signal, rig and work safely with cranes. Project Terms is Project Based Wages are in accordance with Project Labour Agreement between Kitimat Modernization Employer Association and Coalition of British Columbia Building Trades for the Kitimat Modernization Project Please forward resumes to

EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to expand your Electrical experience. Looking for Journeymen Electrician for remote offgrid facilities along the BC Coast. Renewable energy projects up to 300 KW. Excellent wage and benefit opportunities depending on experience. Email resume to

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over 730 local members MEN SEEKING WOMEN


47 YRS old, looking for a single woman/single mother. If you like what you hear get back to me, appreciated! Reply to Box #8762 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.



CHAIN SMOKING slovenly lazy welfare bum seeks Elizabeth Taylor for adventures with “Oscar”. All’s fair in love and wardrobe. Reply to Box #2935 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3836111.

For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111.

SWM, 64, enjoys concerts, theater, art and life. Looking for female (53-65yrs) with similar interests for friendship and maybe more. Reply to Box #3434 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

LONELY MINISTER, 69, longing for a kind, gentle lady for walks, talks, outings and an ongoing committed friendship. Reply to Box #7500 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

SWM 73, N/S, honest, fun loving. Looking for female for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #7417 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

MEN SEEKING MEN RETIREE- SUPER Potent (Splinted!) Clean, healthy, considerate, good-looking as is joy rod! Reciprocal oral sex. Reply to Box 3076 c/o Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4.

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MARCH 15 - 21, 2012

Ah dere’s a boidie on the wing!


like to know what’s going on and you love the gossip! You will love is sprung, the this very popular month ahead. grass is riz, I wonGet out and schmooze. Accept der where da boiall invitations. Join groups, dies is? Ah dere’s gatherings, clubs and associaa boidie on the wing! Now ain’t tions. You’ll find it particularly dat a funny ting? I always tort beneficial to discuss and share the wing was on the boid.” This your hopes and dreams for the time of year I always recall that future with others because their verse from someone’s Brooklyn feedback will help you. (Almost childhood (not mine, which GEORGIA guaranteed.) You might need to was the Canadian prairies). NICOLS touch base with a good friend to This week, we have the Vernal talk about the insanity or conEquinox, which means we have flict and chaos that is going on at home. (Hey come full circle as the Sun returns to Aries, – there might be two of you, but you can only the first sign of the zodiac. (They believe stand so much!) the firstest with the mostest is the bestest. Natch!) Read on to see how this new Aries Sun affects your sign. But considering boidies CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 or birds — I don’t know how much you can The Sun is now at high noon in your trust those age-old rules of thumb. I mean, chart acting like a spotlight on you. This is look at the big deal we have made about the why the next six weeks will bring moments merits of being the “early bird.” What about where people will notice you more than the early worm? (Or should I say woim?) usual, in particular bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police. (Ah yes, do take note this includes the police.) Fortunately, this ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 so-called spotlight is actually great lighting Hubba hubba! The Sun is back in your for you, which is why you will be perceived sign, which means it’s your birthday. Since as being unusually talented, capable, industhe Sun is your source of energy, this is your trious or clever. (And you are!) This is why turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of others will ask you to take on increased the year. (We like!) Furthermore, when the responsibilities. Just say yes. You can do the Sun is in your own sign, it tends to attract job. Furthermore, your ability to be assertive people and favourable circumstances to you. (surely you have noticed) will no doubt serve Make the most of this! (Ya think?) Demand you well. (“Where do I sign?”) the advantage. Ask for what you want. Meanwhile, continue to work hard. Many of you are improving your health through LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 changes in diet or exercise. Perhaps we’ll be As the Sun changes to Aries this week, looking at the new you by the end of this your desire to travel and explore more of year? This year also promises money-making the world will increase. In fact, you want to opportunities. grab more of life! This is why any kind of exploration will please you, be it physical, i.e. through travel or exploring your own city, or TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 mental, i.e. travelling through books and film Every year, when the Sun enters Aries, and learning more about the world. This is a it’s your signal to work behind the scenes great time to study and read. It’s also a good and ponder profundity. In fact, because your time to explore opportunities in publishing, birthday is just one month away, this is the the media, medicine and the law. (You also ideal time for you to plan or strategize what enjoy meeting people from different backyou want your new year (birthday to birthgrounds and other countries.) Meanwhile, day) to be all about. Are you pleased with you’re spending money like it’s going out of last year? How do you want things to be difstyle. You might want to try to curb this (yeah ferent? With Jupiter in your sign for the next yeah, why even mention it?) several months, you can expect many favourable conditions and pleasant surprises to please you. Then later this year and into next VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 year, you will boost your income! Meanwhile, Suddenly, you’re intense about practicalMars continues to urge you to flirt, take vacaly everything. And it looks like you’re going tions plus enjoy sports and playful activities to stay in this focused mode for the next six with children. (Not too shabby!) weeks. (Get ready, world.) Naturally, this gives you a greater drive for self-improvement and also for improving your surroundings GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 and especially dealing with shared property, You will so enjoy the next six weeks other people’s resources and anything you because by nature, you’re curious and social. own jointly with someone. You want to clear You like to be out there in the thick of it. You

ll Signs: “Spring

up the mess! However, this same energy will also make you sexually passionate. (Woowoo!) Either way, you’re turned on. And with fiery Mars still in your sign until the summer, you are all systems go! (“Houston, we’re ready for take-off.”)

the way, many of you want to maximize your health as well. Focus on a healthier diet and doing more exercise. (You’ll love yourself later for this as well!)


Aren’t we industrious? This Aries Sun makes you want to work! Well, you might as well make the most of this urge because it comes only once a year. Act on this by giving yourself the right tools to do a bang-up job. Buy cleaning equipment, paint, file folders, hangers, shelving, closet organizers or whatever you need to de-clutter where you live and work. Give yourself a feeling that you’re more in control of your life and on top of your scene. (You’ll love yourself for this later.) By the way, many of you want to maximize your health as well. Focus on a healthier diet and doing more exercise. (You’ll love yourself later for this as well!)

home to do some serious thinking. Some will create a new home in another country or a different location. My, my.


The Sun is our source of energy, and for the next month the Sun will be as far away from your sign (astrologically speaking) as it gets all year, which means you are going to need more rest. Many of you will have already noticed that you are sleeping more. (Your sign is funny when it comes to sleep. Your sleep patterns are all over the map.) Just remember to get more rest. You might feel easily confrontational with partners, and close friends as well. Instead of being annoyed with them, be the change that you want to see in them. If you want them to be loving and flirtatious, be loving and flirtatious! (Get it?) Got it. (Good.)


Many of you are travelling for pleasure now. Enjoy yourself! Furthermore, enjoy flirtations, vacations, love affairs and romance. You’re keen to expand your world and learn more about everything around you (preferably thousands of miles away). The irony is that coupled with this desire to travel and expand your world you’re also focused on home and family in the next month. (Weird combo.) Some of you might travel with family or to see family. Others will do both: travel somewhere and then later enjoy “hiding” at

Aren’t we industrious? This Aries Sun makes you want to work! Well, you might as well make the most of this urge because it comes only once a year. Act on this by giving yourself the right tools to do a bang-up job. Buy cleaning equipment, paint, file folders, hangers, shelving, closet organizers or whatever you need to de-clutter where you live and work. Give yourself a feeling that you’re more in control of your life and on top of your scene. (You’ll love yourself for this later.) By

During the next six weeks, you’re busy. You’ve got things to do, people to see, places to go. Interaction with siblings and relatives will increase. So will your involvement with reading and studying. “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” You’ll be doing the White Rabbit thing. (You might want to get a digital pocket watch.) You’re eager to inform others about something or enlighten people. That’s why you’ll find yourself talking and writing more than usual. Home decorating projects will also appeal. Nevertheless, disputes about shared property or inheritances lurk in the wings.

PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 ou’re pretty revved up about money in the next six weeks. You’re focused on your cash flow as well as ideas about how to boost your earnings. Some of you will explore new job possibilities or ways to make money on the side. At a deeper level, you might wonder what your true values in life are. In other words, what really matters? (We know your car matters and the shoes you wear but, aside from that, what are the top five things that matter the most to you?) The more you are aware of what you value, the more you will live your life in a way that makes you happier. (I just made that up but I think it’s true.)

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FRI. MAR. 16

FRI. MAR. 16

INTRODUCTION TO KNITTING -Make a scarf. BYO needles & yarn. Knitting has always been a beautiful way to make clothing out of string. Come to the castle to learn the basics and get started on your very own small knitting project. 2pm at Craigdarroch Castle (1050 Joan). $25. MASQUERADE - Charity Fashion Show – Presented by the Commerce Students Society and supporting the United Way. 7pm at 9one9 (919 Douglas). $15. VLMS ANNUAL ROCK AND GEM SHOW -See rock and gem dealers from Western Canada, gem cutters, gold panning, jewelry demos, fossil displays. Kid's corner and hourly door prizes. To SUNDAY, 12:30pm at the Leonardo da Vinci Centre (195 Bay). $4/$5. 250-385-0597,

SWING CITY - East Coast Swing lesson with John followed by dance. 8pm at Edelweiss Hall (108 Niagra). $8/$10. 250-744-3666.

SAT. MAR. 17 BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE 7: - Hungry for Beef – emcee battle and food drive for the Mustard Seed. 2pm at Incite Screen Printing (2514 Douglas). $5.

SUN. MAR. 18 FAMILY SUNDAY – Drop-in and enjoy creative hands-on art-making activities, guest artists, musicians, performers and more. 2pm at AGGV (1040 Moss). $2.50-$13. NOWRUZ CELEBRATION OF SPRING EQUINOX- Live music, dance performances, Iranian and Afghan arts and culture show, kid’s play zone, plant sale, ethnic food and more in celebration of the rebirth of the earth and community.12pm in Centennial Square. Free. 250-813-2021.

MON. MAR. 19 BIG HEARTS FOR SMALL ANIMALS -It’s all about the little guys in this day workshop; guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and more. 9am at BCSPCA. Also TUESDAY. $35. Register at INTRODUCTION TO CROCHET Make a headband. $25 (BYO hook and yarn.) 2pm at Craigdarroch Castle (1050 Joan). TOUR DE FRANCE: WINE TASTING -Explore the six main wine regions, their climates, soils and grape varieties and other factors which shape their styles. Wine tasting, cheeses and notes included. 7pm at Monterey Rec Centre (1442 Monterey). $42. 250-370-7300, recreation.

TUES. MAR. 20 PIKE BREWERY BEER DINNER - A beer tasting experience like no other. Five fabulous Pike Brewery beers paired with 5 delicious courses by Spinnakers Chef Ali Ryan. 6:30pm at Spinnaker’s (308 Catherine). $45. 250386-2739, VANCOUVER ISLAND CLUB NIGHT - The Great Capes: An Accidental Voyage by Beth Leonard. 7pm at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club (3475 Ripon). $20. VICTORIA SKETCH CLUB'S 103RD ANNUAL ART SHOW- Sale of recent original paintings by well-known, award-winning artists. 7pm at Glenlyon Norfolk School (1701 Beach). To Mar. 25.

SAT. MAR. 17 ONE WORLD 2012: AN INTERNATIONAL SHOW OF MUSIC AND DANCE - The students of Pearson College UWC will perform twenty five cultural selections from across the world. 2pm at the Royal (805 Broughton). $15-$23. 250-3912416.

ONGOING SALSA CALIENTE - Beginner and advanced salsa, THURSDAYS 8pm. Intermediate mambo, MONDAYS 6:30pm. Fundamentals of mambo TUESDAYS 6pm. Latin workout WEDNESDAYS 6:30pm. All at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). $10. 250389-0222. SAANICH INTERNATIONAL FOLKDANCERS - No partner or experience needed. Please wear soft-soled shoes. FRIDAYS 7pm at the Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). $5/$4 students. Free for children under 12. 250-384-0592, balkanbarb@ VBDS BALLROOM DANCE WORKSHOPS - Pre-Bronze/Bronze Waltz 1pm, $5-$10 per person, per workshop. Intro to Social Foxtrot and Rumba 2pm, $5 per person, per workshop. Singles & couples welcome. SATURDAYS 1pm at the Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). 250-721-5483, TANGO VITA - Beginner classes with Hilda-René SATURDAYS 7pm, intermediate 8pm, milonga 9pm at 306-1221 Broad. 250-477-6360. Beginner and intermediate classes with Jorge-Liliana WEDNESDAYS 8pm, milonga 9pm at St. Matthias Hall (600 Richmond). 250-858-1234, CONTEMPORARY DANCE MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 6pm at the The Victoria School of Contemporary Dance (649 Gorge East). $15/$8. 250-383-7183. CUBAN SALSA - Classes with Salsa Moderna. Beginner and intermediate MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm at Café Casablanca (2523 Bridge). 250-891-2310, SALSA - TUESDAYS Beginner's lesson 7pm & intermediate lesson 8:15pm at Studio 4 Athletics (715 Yates). $15. VIC BALLROOM DANCE SOCIETY - Practice. FRIDAYS 7-9:30pm at Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). WEDNESDAYS 7:45pm at Cedar Hill Rec Centre (3220 Cedar Hill). Free for first-timers. 250-721-5483,

ACTIVE SAT. MAR. 17 HEART & HANDS YOGA - A community health collective and we have an upcoming workshop. Freedom from Anxiety with Yoga & Ayurveda. 2:30pm at the Heart and Hands Collective (851 Cormorant). $30. 250-858-7957, nurturingpath@

WED. MAR. 21


PASSION FOR TANGO FUNDRAISER - TrioTango, Klez Galz and Flamenco Jam present an evening of music, dance, vocals, and fun. Come for some deals at the silent auction. 7:30pm at Hermann’s (735 View). $8-$12. 778-432-0112, info@

CRD WALKS - Spring Fling Drop-In Event. Join CRD Regional Parks’ naturalists for exhibits, crafts, activities for the entire family. TUESDAY 11am at the Beaver Lake Nature Centre. (250) 478-3344, BIKE POLO - No horses required. Free bike loans for newbies. WEDNESDAYS 9pm behind Fernwood Community Centre. Free. 250-418-8867. PICKLEBALL SPORT-FIT- This funny but unique program combines sport and fitness in a fun way. $34. MONDAYS, TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS 1:15pm at the Esquimalt Rec Centre (527 Fraser). 250-412-8500. WALKSMART VICTORIA - MONDAY-FRIDAY. Registration 8:50am. 9am at the Royal Oak McDonalds (4410 West Saanich). 250-479-4087 or walksmartvictoria@

ONGOING ESCAPE ARTISTS' ANNUAL SHOW AND SALE - Artist demonstrations. SATURDAYS 11am at the Loft Art Gallery (2720 Mill Bay). Free. To Mar. 30. 250-743-4647, cvvw@ THE VERSATILE GROUP - All artists of any genre are invited to share their ideas, work and successes. FRIDAYS 2-4pm at The Moka House, Shoal Point (16 Dallas). Free. 778-433-0537. VICTORIA FLEA MARKET - Offering a huge assortment of interesting things. SUNDAYS 9am-2pm at the DaVinci Centre. $2/free after 1pm. 250-381-5033. WEEKLY WINTER MARKET Featuring vendors with handcrafted funky accessories and hair accent pieces, one of a kind festival style apparel, vintage clothing, storytelling, live entertainment, a kids zone and more. SUNDAYS noon-5pm at The Well (821 Fort). Free.

SPIRITUAL MON. MAR. 19 ASTROLOGY AND TAROT Workshops in small groups, applied to participants' charts and lives. Voyager Tarot & Astrology 7pm at 429 Vancouver. $20. 250-381-4299.




WED. MAR. 21 COFFEE AND CONVERSATION Informal drop-in/open house time of fellowship and sociability. 10am at the Victoria Truth Centre (1201 Fort). By donation. 250-384-6112, truthcentre@

COMMUNITY INTRODUCTION TO ROCKY POINT BIRD OBSERVATORY - Learn about the observatory’s projects, including the songbird, hummingbird and owl monitoring programs. Coffee and tea provided. THURSDAY 6:30pm at Central Branch (735 Broughton). 778440-1492, GIGGLES AND WIGGLES - Wiggle to the library for a 20 minute storytime. For young children and their families. Kids under 3 must be accompanied by an adult. No registration required. THURSDAY 10:3am at Emily Carr Branch. 250-475-6100. STORYTELLER SHOSHANA LITMAN: THE MAGIC TREE Celebrate trees and World Storytelling Day with participatory stories, songs and a craft. For ages 5-12. THURSDAY 10:30am at Nellie McClung Branch (3950 Cedar Hill), 250-477-7111. TUESDAY 2:30pm at Esquimalt Branch (1231 Esquimalt), 250-414-7198, AHOY THAR ME MATEYS -Set sail to the library to listen to new and old tales about pirates. We’ll be craftin' a treasure fit for a pirate’s trove. For ages 6-9. THURSDAY 2:30pm at Emily Carr Branch (3500 Blanshard). 250475-6100, STAMP CLUB MEETING - Greater Victoria Philatelic Society meeting. FRIDAY 7:45pm at Windsor Pavilion (2451 Windsor). 250-385-1561, AN INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA - The talk will discuss writers including Ethel Wilson, Malcolm Lowry, Patrick Lane, and Don McKay. Sponsored by UVic Speakers Bureau. SATURDAY 10:30am at Nellie McClung Branch (3950 Cedar Hill). 250-477-7111, ST. PATRICK'S DAY STORYTIMEJoin us for stories of fairies and wee folk as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We'll share stories, songs and a holiday craft. Come as a leprechaun, or wear green. For ages 3-5. SATURDAY 10:30am at Central Library (735 Broughton). 250-413-0365, SOUL GOSPEL IN VICTORIA Welcoming new singers of all levels to join us. First time free. TUESDAY 5:45pm at Selkirk Montessori (2970 Jutland). 250-388-6687, info@ STEAMPUNK TEA- Calling steampunk, gaslight and speculative fiction fans for a rather civilized afternoon tea. WEDNESDAY 2pm at Juan de Fuca Branch (1759 Island Highway). Register 250-391-0653, VICTORIA WOMEN’S NEWCOMERS’ CLUB - New to Victoria? Join us for lunch and a special presentation on Emergency Preparedness by Susan Barr. Come to meet new friends and investigate our activity groups. WEDNESDAY 11:30am at Cedar Hill Golf Club (1400 Derby). 778-430-1892, TOASTMASTERS JUNIOR YOUTH LEADERSHIP - Helping kids ages 8-11 build communication and leadership skills. SATURDAYS 10:30am to Apr. 28 at Bruce Hutchison Branch (except Mar. 17 and 24th). 250-7270104,

LECTURES EXPERIENCING MEANING ON THE EDGE OF PROFOUND UNCERTAINTY - From the author of The Mythic Body. SATURDAY 7pm at Church of Truth (111 Superior). $10/$15. 250-370-5124, Jamie@ THE DRAGON OF THE ST. GEORGE HOTEL - Celebrating Victoria's 150th anniversary, historian Marie Elliott will give an illustrated lecture about the St. George Hotel, the most elegant accommodation in the city during the gold rush years. 2pm SUNDAY in the Newcombe Conference Hall, Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville). $5. 250-598-1835. CARMEN AGUIRRE- Winner of CBC Canada Reads 2012.WEDNESDAY 12:30pm in University Centre A180. Free. 250-721-7413, COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN LEARNING: JAPAN AND NEW ZEALAND With Madhumita Bhattacharya. WEDNESDAY 12:30am in Hickman 110 (UVic). 250-721-7664,

VISITING ARTIST SERIES - Famed NYC artist Allan McCollum offers an insightful retrospective of his 40-year career and over 100 solo exhibitions. WEDNESDAY 8pm Room A 162 Visual Arts Building (UVic). Free. 250-721-6222,

GIGS CONT'D SUN. MAR. 18 CANUS HOT JAZZ BAND - 4pm at Hermann's. $12.

TUES. MAR. 20 LITTLE SCREAM - With Plants & Animals. Indie rock. 8pm at Lucky.

CONCERTS THURS. MAR 15 MOODSWING ORCHESTRA Friends of Music Society. Playing band members’ favourites. 7pm at Eric Martin Theatre (2328 Trent). Free. 250-592-5114.

FRI. MAR 16 GIBSON MUSICALES - Classical and jazz. 4pm in the Gibson Auditorium at Camosun College (3100 Foul Bay).

SAT. MAR 17 SHOKO INOUE - Performing Chopin and Ravel. 7:30 pm at St. Matthias Church (600 Richmond). $25. 250598-2833. UVIC JAZZ ORCHESTRA - A night of jazz and improvised music, video projections and Western Swing for large and small ensemble. 8pm at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic.). $10/$15.

SUN. MAR 18 CELLO CLASS RECITAL - Featuring masterworks of the cello repertoire performed by students from the studio of Pamela Highbaugh Aloni. 2:30pm at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic). MARIA DUNN AT CELTIC VESPERS- 7pm at St. John’s United Church (10990 West Saanich). Free. JAZZ ON A MARCH AFTERNOON - Katharine Trajan, vocals, Jared Richardson, piano and Simon Dawkins, bass. 3pm at St. John the Divine (1611 Quadra). By donation. SOOKE HARBOUR STRING QUARTET - The program includes works by Haydn, Dvorak and RimskyKorsakov. 3pm at St. Barnabas Church (1525 Begbie) $10. 250-595-4324. TREES PLEASE- Part of World Storytelling Fest. Bringing together voices of the Victoria Storytellers’ Guild, Arbutus Singers and ChoirKids, City of Victoria Parks Department and community members to celebrate Victoria’s urban forest. 2pm at First Metro United Church (932 Balmoral). Also “Branch Out” at 7pm. By donation. 250-386-7802, VOCAL JAZZ SPRING SHOWCASEMashed Potatoes & Moonbeams - Wendell Clanton, director. 8pm at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic).

MON. MAR 19 TREE STORIES AT FERN - Part of World Storytelling Fest. 7:30pm at 1831 Fern. $5. 250-386-7802,

ONGOING LENTEN LUNCHTIME CONCERT SERIES - WEDNESDAYS 12:10pm to Apr. 4 at Church of St. Mary the Virgin (1701 Elgin). Admission by donation with proceeds to the BC Cancer Foundation. Bring lunch; coffee and tea provided. 250-598-2212. VICTORIA FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY: - The Sweet Lowdown. After Open Stage, SUNDAY 7:30pm at Norway House (1110 Hillside), $5.

DINNER MUSIC BARD AND BANKER - Run for Cover THURSDAY. The Temps FRIDAY. St. Patrick’s Day SATURDAY . Mike Ferguson SUNDAY 8pm. Lola Parks MONDAYS. Geoff Lundstrom TUESDAY. Tyler Harvey WEDNESDAY. All shows 9pm unless otherwise noted. BARTHOLOMEWS -Momentum THURSDAY 8:30pm. Younger Than Yesterday FRIDAY Rock of Ages SATURDAY 9pm. Randy Tucker SUNDAY 6:30pm. Tom Lang WEDNESDAY 8:30pm.

CANOE BREWPUB - Geoff Lundstrom & Jason Cook - The Adults THURS. Mike Hann and Tyler HarveyThe Sardines FRI. St. Patrick’s Day Mindil Beach Markets SAT, $10. DJ Primitive WED. DELTA VICTORIA OCEAN POINT RESORT AND SPA - Phil Newns FRIDAY and SATURDAY. All shows 6pm. HERON ROCK BISTRO - John MacArthur and Mike Broadley FRI. Oliver Swain MON. All shows 7pm. HOTEL GRAND PACIFIC -Weekend Jazz Aurora Scott, FRI and SAT. 8pm MY BAR AND GRILL - Preston and Bonkowski WEDNESDAY. OSWEGO HOTEL - Mike and Edie WEDNESDAY 6pm. PENNY FARTHING - Ben and Sam THURSDAYS. Mica FRIDAY 8pm. Jeremy Walsh 3pm and Bobby Smith 6pm SATURDAY. SWAN'S - Tom Lang Band THURSDAY. Summer and the Sinners FRIDAY. The Push SATURDAY. The Moonshiners SUNDAYS 8:30pm. Flying Saucers MONDAYS. Rock Island Ramblers TUESDAYS. Momentum WEDNESDAY. All shows 9pm unless otherwise noted. THE OFFICE - Northcote THURSDAY and FRIDAY. DJ Dubber SATURDAY. Momentum WEDNESDAY. All shows 8:30pm. THE OFFICE - Aurora Scott THURSDAY. Coco Jafro FRIDAY. Momentum SATURDAY. All shows 8:30pm. THE SUPERIOR - David Vest THURSDAY. Oliver Swain FRIDAY. The Moonshiner Duo SATURDAY. Matt Goud SUNDAY. Dave Lang Trio TUESDAY. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Club

STAGE CONT'D WED. MAR. 21 FISH EYES – Anita Majumdar tackles imperialism and cultural misappropriation with a sly wink as she struggles to find herself and her cultural identity. To Mar. 25 8pm at the Belfry (1291 Gladstone). $22.40. WHEN I WAS A KID - Shane Koyczan with his band The Short Story Long. To Mar. 24 8pm at the Belfry (1291 Gladstone). $22.40.

ONGOING SIN CITY IMPROV: CARNIES This improvised play unfolds in 24 weekly episodes. Every week the story moves forward in hilarious and unexpected ways, as they respond to live direction. 8pm. TUESDAYS to Apr. 17 at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad Street). $12/$15. 250-480-3709. RABBIT HOLE - tells the story of a married couple whose four-year-old son was killed in a car accident eight months earlier. Their relationship begins to unravel as they endeavour to cope and are unable to resolve their different ways of grieving. 8pm. TUESDAYS through SATURDAY until March 24 at the Langham Court Theatre (805 Langham Court). $19/$17. 250-384-2142. THE CRACKWALKER - By Judith Thompson. The four characters are lowlife misfits as far as respectable community is concerned, but their interaction demonstrates a symbiotic relationship that is every bit as rich and complicated as those in more “elevated” circles. 8pm WED to SAT, and 2pm SAT. To Mar. 17 at Fernwood Little Hall (1923 Fernwood). $10/$14. 250-590-6291, IMPROV CLASS WITH DAVE MORRIS – Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). 12pm and 3pm SUNDAYS to Apr. 15.

AUDITIONS VICTORIA'S SHAKESPEARE BY THE SEA - New Victoria theatre company is starting a professional summer Shakespeare festival. Performers, designers, technicians send resume and picture to Robert Light MFA. Apt.1002 - 1147 Quadra Street Victoria, BC, V8W 2K5 or CASTING CALL FOR DOC/REALITY SERIES IN DEVELOPMENT - Do you feel like an outcast in your own neighbourhood? Are your neighbours giving you grief about your house, your yard or something you do? Need some help to bring a little peace to your life and your neighborhood? 250217-9006,

WORDS FRI. MAR. 16 PLANET EARTH POETRY -Ruth Roach Pierson and Alexis Kienlen with the support of The Writers' Union of Canada. 7:30pm at The Moka House (1633 Hillside). $3. planetearthpoetryvictoriabc.

MON. MAR. 19 PEN IN HAND POETRY/PROSE READING SERIES -Featuring Gabriella Goliger and Arleen Paré. 7:30pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). $3. TREE STORIES AT FERN - Featuring Victoria Storytellers' Guild storytellers and a tale from the Urban Forest. Part of World Storytelling Day Festival. 7:30pm at 1831 Fern. $5.

TUES. MAR. 20 TREVOR AND DEBBIE GREENE Reading and signing of March Forth. 7 pm at Bolen Books (111-1644 Hillside). 250-595-4208.

WED. MAR. 21 BOOKS THAT TALK BACK - An opportunity to have a one-on-one talk with people who have chosen to be public representatives of certain groups.10am at the McPherson Library (UVic). To Mar. 22. VAL ETHIER - Join Victoria author Val Ethier as she reads from her work, "Distance: a Collection of Short Stories". With settings mostly on Vancouver Island, these stories address the recurring theme of distance. WEDNESDAY 7pm at Bruce Hutchison Branch (4636 Elk Lake). Register at 250-727-0104,

ONGOING VICTORIA ANARCHIST READING CIRCLE - Discuss the latest in anarchist reading. TUESDAYS 7pm at Camas Books (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585. TRIVIA NIGHT - With Mosquoy. Free. TUESDAYS 8pm at Felicita's (UVic). 250-721-8626. OPEN MIC - Poetry night. WEDNESDAYS 7-9pm at The Well (821 Fort). Free.

SUBMISSIONS THE VICTORIA WRITERS’ SOCIETY 11TH ANNUAL WRITING COMPETITION - 1st prize, $100. $15/$20 entry fee. Categories are Fiction, Creative Non-fiction and Poetry. Deadline May 1.

GALLERIES THURS. MAR. 15 THE ARTS CENTRE AT CEDAR HILL - A Spring in Your Step, an exhibition of works by Nancy Murphy and Deirdre Kelly. Opening reception 7pm. To Mar. 22 at 3220 Cedar Hill.

FRI. MAR. 16 OPEN SPACE - Trimpin: (CanonX+4:33=100), an exploration of sound, vision and movement in this newly commissioned interactive installation. Opening reception at 7:30pm. To April 28 at 510 Fort Street. WEST END GALLERY -Pierre Giroux, new paintings recalling rooms from times past, alluding to the presence of people they once held. To Mar. 22 at 1203 Broad.

ONGOING ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA - Throw Down, an exhibition using sculpture, video, photography, drawing and public intervention. Featuring Sonny Assu, Gregory Ball, Megan Dickie, Tyler Hodgins, Alison MacTaggart. To May 6 at 1040 Moss St. ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA - Victoria Collects: The Salish Weave Collection, an exhibition of works by contemporary Coast Salish artists, George and Christiane Smyth. To May 6 at 1040 Moss. DALES GALLERY - ENCOUNTERS in a traveling life, an exhibition of intimate moments of engagement with people and places around the world. To Apr. 3 at 537 Fisgard. ECLECTIC GALLERY - Blackbirds, Stooked Wheat and Prayers, exhibition by Deryk Houston about the earth and creating conditions for seeds to grow. A metaphor for the search of peace. To Apr. 7 at 2170 Oak Bay. FIFTY FIFTY ARTS COLLECTIVE Canadian Multiculturalism Visualised, by Willie Seo and Shea Hermanson. To Mar 22 at 2516 Douglas St. GALLERY AT THE MAC - Visions of Community, exhibition of St. Michaels University Youth Art Exhibit. To Apr. 2 at 3 Centennial Square. GOWARD HOUSE GALLERY - Show and Sale. Artist reception 1:30pm. To Mar. 28 at 2495 Arbutus. LEGACY ART GALLERY - Shining Examples, exhibition by Mark Laver. Dark, wet, Vancouver Island nights receive a painterly treatment. To Mar. 31 at 630 Yates.

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10 Ways to celebrate a beautiful spring. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Getting rid of the redness . . . . . . 5 New looks for your locks . . . . . 6 Be hair aware this spring . . . . . . . 7 Fun & fresh spring fashion . . . . . . 8

Goodbye winter, hello spring . . 10 Practice & patience for positive change . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 You are what you eat. . . . . . . . . 13 Beautiful skin smoothie . . . . . . . 13 Time for the spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14



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SPRING 2012 • 3

Mynx for Fashion! Winter Apparel 50 - 70% OFF Fashion Forward Brands & a Stylish Mix of Accessories

10Spring to celebrate a beautiful

WAYS By Jennifer Blyth

1. Skin

– Head to the spa and clear off the remnants of winter, putting your best face forward with a spring facial. Complement your freshened and rejuvenated skin with a makeover, tailoring the season’s favourite colours for your skin tones.


113-3531 Uptown Blvd. Victoria 250.590.5631

. Hair – Few things feel better than a great new haircut – the perfect complement to the bright and breezy spring fashions. Thumb through your favourite mags and pick something fun for summer.


. Spahhh – If there’s anything better that a visit to the spa, it’s the spa with a friend or special someone, allowing not only the opportunity for rest and relaxation, but also time to visit, share and reconnect. Two things in once? Perfect!


. Fitness – Feeling the need to change up your workout? Head outside to the your favourite trails, park or playground, and put a little spring in your step with the fresh air and fresh location. Need a little motivation? Look for an outdoor class or bootcamp to get you moving.

Spring has sprung


1323 Blanshard Street ((in the Atrium next to Pig) 250.590.5154

Miss L Fire pumps at the Atrium



“Healthy, beautiful skin starts with microdermabrasion and a laser peel. Micro helps with the elasticity of the skin, and laser peel improves the collagen. Together, they exfoliate to a whole new degree and shrink pore walls, leaving you with noticeable, immediate results. This is all you need for healthy, even, glowing skin.” – Indy Pandher, skin consultant and make-up artist at Diva Laser Center


. Get Fresh – Savour the fresh flavours of the spring and summer garden – or the local market – and feed your body with the delicious nutrients it deserves. Need some ideas? Just ask, or visit your local bookstore for some delicious new possibilities.


. Stretch – Stretch body, mind and spirit with a yoga class. Whether brand new to the practice or looking to expand your knowledge, the right class for you is likely just a visit away.

7. Resolve

– January isn’t the only time to make improvements in your daily life. In many ways, the brighter days of spring make it an entirely more motivating time to improve your health, nutrition, fitness or personal goals. Be inspired – and inspiring!

8. Smile

– Smiling not only makes us look better, it also makes us feel better. Head to your dental professional for a bright new smile and give a friendly hello to all you meet.

Getting rid of the

Beauty? “Beauty is divine jewellery for divine women.” – Melissa Caron

9. Get dressed

– It may be a completely superficial change, but the fact remains, a fabulous new outfit has the power to change our mood and help us feel just fine, thank you very much. Don’t forget the shoes and jewellery!


. Relax – What does relaxation look like to you? Spend some time with a good book, good friends or your favourite park and prepare to rejuvenate in time to tackle the summer party season ahead.

REDNESS One-on-one about rosacea with dermatologist Dr. Mark Lupin

1. What is rosacea? and how does it present? Rosacea is a condition of persistent flush that varies in degree. It can manifest as redness, dilated veins and nonacne pimples. It usually involves the face but can also involve the neck, chest and ears. Some patients can have gradual enlargement of the nose related to rosacea. Rosacea can involve the eyes, presenting as redness and dryness termed “ocular rosacea.”

3. Are there preventive measures people can take if they are susceptible? Minimizing exposure to things that make you flush, such as heat, cold, wind and wine; protecting against excessive sun exposure, such as wearing a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and seeking shade; and avoiding excess nia-

2. Who typically is susceptible? We most commonly see rosacea in those with fair skin as well as in those with chronic sun exposure.

Continued on page 14

Beauty? “Beauty is a healthy body, mind and spirit.” – Dionne Laslo-Baker

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SPRING 2012 • 5

New looks for your

Take the green step this spring Our large selection of fashion forward options are produced with minimal impact to our earth and animals that inhabit it. At Vshoen we believe no one should have to sacrifice fashion for ethics.


Shaking off those winter doldrums, are you ready for a new look for your locks? “Trends are very much influenced by fashion and the celebrities become the trend setters,” says Roxana Barlow from the Aveda Institute Victoria. “Fashion also repeats itself in history and so we see different eras represented through clothing and hair. “For spring and summer 2012 fashion, we’ll see lots of pastel colours as well as some very bright bold shades. Red, blue, yellow, pink and also some blonds with a soft pink/peach infusion of colours. Panels of colours will also be predominant.” As for the cuts, pixie cuts will fall by the wayside somewhat in favour of long, medium-length and just-above-theshoulder lengths in classic styles like bobs or blunt fringes. Look for soft, relaxed curls inspired by Marcel waves (very ‘50s and ‘60s) and messy, just-got-out-of-theshower looks, Barlow says. One of the biggest trends in hair styles this coming season? The slick back and the high bun. Need a little accessorizing? Hair scarves and headbands are also making a comeback, Barlow says. Perhaps you’re ready for something new but are nervous about committing to the change. “A great tool and reference that will assist the stylist to better understand both the concerns and the desired outcome is to spend some time looking at pictures in magazines or on the internet because pictures do speak louder than words,” Barlow

notes. “They can also be the closest representation of what is in someone’s mind. “Ensure that a thorough consultation has been included with the service and that you get a good sense that the stylist was listening by having the stylist reinterpret back what you have discussed,” Barlow suggests. “If a person isn’t sure about what kind of look or change they want to make, or what would suit their facial shape and hair type, make sure you have a clear idea of what you would not want to see yourself in, and don’t be afraid to express that to the stylist. For example: “I don’t mind having my hair cut short but I never want to have the back of my neck exposed.”


“Beauty comes from within. It’s a state of mind. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows who she is, and stands for what she represents.” – VShoen Ethically Conscious Fashion 6 • BEAUTIFUL YOU – SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT


Beauty? be


“Beauty is self-expression at the highest level. When the best of who we are is experienced in all that we do...” – Kazen Hair and Beauty


As winter’s cold gives way to spring’s blowing winds and the hot sunny days of summer, it can seem like our quest for happy, healthy hair never catches a break. So, what can we do for our hair so it can give us the great looks we want? Just like we treat our skin to a rejuvenating facial, “a hair repair treatment with protein should be used as well as a hair mask,” suggests Roxana Barlow from the Aveda Institute Victoria. Looking ahead, “spring and summer bring sunshine, salty water from the ocean or higher exposures to chlorine from swimming pools. These factors can be drying and create unwanted build-up,” Barlow says. “For those who colour their hair, the UV rays fades the colour faster and can, at times and with over-exposure, change a colour tone. The hair can also feel very dry due to sun damage and even hard from the waters.” To accommodate these stresses, it’s essential to use products that veil and protect the hair, as well as clarifying or detoxifying shampoos. And, even for those with an oilier scalp, always use a good conditioner, meant to be used primarily toward the ends and mid-shaft of the hair and not so much on the scalp itself.

Three Generations of Beauty At Derma Spa we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best at any age. We’re passionate about skin health and we understand how having healthy skin can positively impact your life. Our physician led treatment team works with medical grade skin care products that are carefully selected to address your specific concerns. Book a personal, complimentary consultation today. We pledge to make your Derma Spa experience All About You!

Solutions to Look and Feel Great at Any Age!





SPRING 2012 • 7

Experience the Sacred Touch of Aloha

By Jennifer Blyth

- Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Acupressure • Reiki Healing & Energy Balancing


As we shed the heavy layers of winter in favour of lighter, brighter fabrics of spring, you know it’s time for something new and fresh. But what to choose? Think long and loose for this season, suggests Kari McLay, owner of Tulipe Noire – Active Life Clothing. “The trends for this spring and summer are the maxi skirt and dress, the loose pajama shirt worn with the skinny jean (belted or loose) and printed jersey dresses – bring on the belts!” After a bit of a dull winter, “look for plenty of colour,” notes Wendy Graham, owner of Sunday’s Snowflakes. Just in time for sunny days will be fashions in all shades of orange, red, yellow turquoise and a little bit of lime green. You’ll also see a nod to animal and reptile prints, some retro geometrics and dainty florals, McLay adds. Fabrics are printed and sheer silks, pima cottons and of course dark-wash denim, super chic with a white peddle pusher, McLay notes. “Two big surprises this season were the pajama shirt with front patch pockets in 100 per cent silk and the pleated maxi, but pleats are really big right now, and showing off the waist with a fabulous leather belt. “The big thing customers are loving is the range of colour and finally, they are loving the Maxi,” McLay says. “This is the biggest and best surprise for me – I was really hoping that the Maxi would catch on...and it has!”

#7 - 7120 West Saanich Rd. • Brentwood Bay 250.652.5753 •



Become a Friend of The Empress to receive exclusive benefits at The Willow Stream Spa


“Beauty comes from the inside where it counts. Stop measuring yourself against others, physically, mentally or spiritually. God does not make mistakes” – Sheila Sloman, Peninsula Wellness



• Maxi skirt • Big white shirt • Sheer, whimsical peasant blouse • The big pajama shirt (worn belted or loose with skinny jeans or capris) • Some great denim • A funky pair of pants

Beauty Beauty?

fun&fresh is the mood for


“Beauty is an expression of what truly exists within us. It’s a reflection of our soul, our thoughts, actions and life experiences. It’s not the physical attributes of a person, but rather what we see and feel when we look into someone’s eyes.

Spring/Summer 2012

– AVEDA Institute Victoria

The big white shirt is a must for Graham, along with “a pair of funky, cool pants” which should be a breeze as pants in all lengths and styles are everywhere, from summer-savvy capris to wider-leg trousers. Overall, “it’s a little more feminine as opposed to straight and structured.” While we can’t buy a whole new wardrobe for each season, a few well-chosen items can carry our existing basics into the new fashion year. But what to buy? For McLay, it comes down to those spring essentials: “Buy a maxi skirt, one colourful, sheer peasant top and a pajama shirt. Add one pair of A crisp white great denim capris, and there’s shirt and lime the foundation pieces for a great green accents season,” she says. “Incorporate all from Simon your tanks and fun tops from last Chang’s Spring year, pick up a few great belts to Collection go over shirts and tees and voila – it all comes together!” Speaking of belts, what’s the easiest way to accessorize those new outfits? “Don’t struggle – keep it simple and light,” McLay says. “The best accessories for spring and summer are a few beautiful, printed scarves and several great belts that can be worn with denim and over tanks, tees, and the big shirt. “However, don’t overdo with accessories in the summer,” she adds. “Some great silver hoop earrings and a necklace are perfect for summer. This is the time of year to have fun with a new lipstick and nail polish, though, so treat yourself to a makeover, hair, makeup, manicure/pedicure!” A favourite new accessory is also a great way to bring last year’s fave find into 2012, Graham notes. “We all have favourite things we wear from year to year to year, because we love them; you just need to freshen it up.”

ff 0O 3 for se Ad purcha s i h 2 In t spring ne 1, 201 g n Bri any exp. Ju $

Sports 635 Fort St.


w w w. n u s h i n . c o m

Solutions For Dull, Uneven Skin Microdermabrasion works by gently abrading the skin and stimulating cellular turnover, resulting in new healthier skill cells at the skin surface, and a noticeable improvement of the skin texture, tone, elasticity. You diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles and superficial sun damage. Microdermabrasion will leave you very satisfied with a healthy, radiant, youthful glow. MICRODERMABRASION FACIAL only $75 all March (reg. $90). For even more savings, purchase in a package of 5 for only $300 ($90 savings) *Gift Certificates Available

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we guarantee you will see and feel the results!


SPRING 2012 • 9

fun&fresh is the mood for

Experience the Sacred Touch of Aloha

By Jennifer Blyth

- Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Acupressure • Reiki Healing & Energy Balancing


As we shed the heavy layers of winter in favour of lighter, brighter fabrics of spring, you know it’s time for something new and fresh. But what to choose? Think long and loose for this season, suggests Kari McLay, owner of Tulipe Noire – Active Life Clothing. “The trends for this spring and summer are the maxi skirt and dress, the loose pajama shirt worn with the skinny jean (belted or loose) and printed jersey dresses – bring on the belts!” After a bit of a dull winter, “look for plenty of colour,” notes Wendy Graham, owner of Sunday’s Snowflakes. Just in time for sunny days will be fashions in all shades of orange, red, yellow turquoise and a little bit of lime green. You’ll also see a nod to animal and reptile prints, some retro geometrics and dainty florals, McLay adds. Fabrics are printed and sheer silks, pima cottons and of course dark-wash denim, super chic with a white peddle pusher, McLay notes. “Two big surprises this season were the pajama shirt with front patch pockets in 100 per cent silk and the pleated maxi, but pleats are really big right now, and showing off the waist with a fabulous leather belt. “The big thing customers are loving is the range of colour and finally, they are loving the Maxi,” McLay says. “This is the biggest and best surprise for me – I was really hoping that the Maxi would catch on...and it has!”

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“Beauty comes from the inside where it counts. Stop measuring yourself against others, physically, mentally or spiritually. God does not make mistakes” – Sheila Sloman, Peninsula Wellness



• Maxi skirt • Big white shirt • Sheer, whimsical peasant blouse • The big pajama shirt (worn belted or loose with skinny jeans or capris) • Some great denim • A funky pair of pants

Beauty Beauty?


“Beauty is an expression of what truly exists within us. It’s a reflection of our soul, our thoughts, actions and life experiences. It’s not the physical attributes of a person, but rather what we see and feel when we look into someone’s eyes.


– AVEDA Institute Victoria

The big white shirt is a must for Graham, along with “a pair of funky, cool pants” which should be a breeze as pants in all lengths and styles are everywhere, from summer-savvy capris to wider-leg trousers. Overall, “it’s a little more feminine as opposed to straight and structured.” While we can’t buy a whole new wardrobe for each season, a few well-chosen items can carry our existing basics into the new fashion year. But what to buy? For McLay, it comes down to those spring essentials: “Buy a maxi skirt, one colourful, sheer peasant top and a pajama shirt. Add one pair of A crisp white great denim capris, and there’s shirt and lime the foundation pieces for a great green accents season,” she says. “Incorporate all from Simon your tanks and fun tops from last Chang’s Spring year, pick up a few great belts to Collection go over shirts and tees and voila – it all comes together!” Speaking of belts, what’s the easiest way to accessorize those new outfits? “Don’t struggle – keep it simple and light,” McLay says. “The best accessories for spring and summer are a few beautiful, printed scarves and several great belts that can be worn with denim and over tanks, tees, and the big shirt. “However, don’t overdo with accessories in the summer,” she adds. “Some great silver hoop earrings and a necklace are perfect for summer. This is the time of year to have fun with a new lipstick and nail polish, though, so treat yourself to a makeover, hair, makeup, manicure/pedicure!” A favourite new accessory is also a great way to bring last year’s fave find into 2012, Graham notes. “We all have favourite things we wear from year to year to year, because we love them; you just need to freshen it up.”

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SPRING 2012 • 9

Casual Designer Fashion Velvet l James Perse Splendid l Fidelity Michael Stars l Metalicus Majestic Tees l Cookie Johnson Laundry l Trina Turk

New to Tulipe Noire Eileen Fisher, Autumn Cashmere, Sympli, 7 For All Mankind

Good-bye winter… welcome

Spring By Jennifer Blyth

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March is all about spring – from our clocks springing ahead to the first day of spring, to...spring skincare. But what do you need to know to slough off winter and greet spring with a fresh face? We checked in with two local experts find out – Doreen Home, head aesthetician at Delta Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa, and Jen Spencer, Spa Director at the Westin Bear Mountain

Golf Resort and Sante Spa.


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Beauty is allowing the real you to radiate and shine from the inside out. It’s been said that a beautiful smile is “like a window to the soul showing there is a caring, sharing person inside.” We love helping people attain and share their best beautifully confident smile. – Dr. Michael Bennett of Pacific Coast Dental 10 • BEAUTIFUL YOU – SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT


As we transition from winter weather to the promise of spring, it’s a good idea to exfoliate. “Over the course of the winter skin can often become de-hydrated from environmental stresses such as colder temperatures, wind and dryness,” Spencer explains. “The best way to get the skin ready for spring is to have a facial. Your aesthetician will be able to address where your skin is at, do some exfoliating and reparative work with the most suitable ingredients and set you up with a homecare regime to guide you well into the spring and summer. Imagine the stage of the skin as similar to spring cleaning and gardening, removing the debris, rotating the top soil, re-planting and hydrating for the new season. Your skin gradually sheds and mends likes the seasons too.” where a skincare professional can really Of course, spring can bring its own set help set you on a good regime,” Spencer of concerns, including breakouts from notes. “And don’t forget about the internal change in temperature and humidity, nutrition of the skin either – daily water Home says, noting that skin intake, nutritious meals, vegetables, can experience “dryness, fruits, blueberries, salmon dehydration and in and green tea are also some instances great for the skin. more oiliness If you do end from weather up in the sun too change. long? Beauty is confidence. It’s also time “If you do burn – Jocelyn Paris, to think more your skin, take The Fairmont Empress about sun progood care afterward; tection, both women it’s an injury like anyagree. thing else. Hydrate with aloe, “We always forget sun care and protect it from dirty environments then, as the years pass, a lot of people feel and risk of infection. Don’t put pounds of it’s too late; it’s never too late to protect our makeup on a burn, this will only irritate the skin, especially our faces,” Home says, not- skin more,” Spencer says. “Once it heals a bit ing that with so many products available you may want to see your aesthetician for today, protecting our skin is much easier a recommendation to help repair the skin to do. like a Vitamin C serum.” For Spencer, “sun protection is No. 1. Wondering how to spend your spring After a season of not wearing it you will spa day? want to get back in the habit. If you want The spa at Bear Mountain Resort tends to prevent aging and damage it is essential. to see an influx of the “spring getaway I recommend a mineral powder base with treatments” this time of year, along with an SPF like Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup mother/daughter days, pre-vacation mainpowder or a facial moisturizer with an SPF tenance such as manicures, pedicures and built in. You should also monitor your skin waxing, and spring cleaning themed treatas it adjusts to the season. I often find I ments like detoxifying body wraps and need a lighter moisturizer in the spring and facials. summer than the winter so that I don’t get Downtown at the Delta, waxing is a an oily T-zone. This is quite common for popular way to get ready for those spring an oily or combination skin type.” getaways and the summer bikini season For general skin maintenance through- ahead. And there’s nothing better than a out the season it’s important to use appro- massage to bid farewell to ski season and priate products for your skin. “This is welcome running weather!


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SPRING 2012 • 11


make for positive change

~Janice S. - Fit Life Client

Think Spring! Our new arrivals ivaals include Sandwich, h, Sympli and d Simon Chang ang

N Mattick’s Farm Daily 9:30 am - 5:30 daily aily 5325 Cordova Bay Road ad Victoria BC • 250-658-8499 8499 12 • BEAUTIFUL YOU – SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT




Wanting to improve our health or wellness, or achieve a balanced life is nothing new – there’s a virtual industry built around the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, after all – but then again, if it were easy, we wouldn’t need help. Solid, sound advice that can help us get and stay on the road to wellness? That will stick with us long after the resolutions have passed. “Foremost on our clients’ minds at initial contact is that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” says Dwayne Ganderton, founder, trainer, coach and educator with Island Fit Life Training. Societal pressures about “ideal body types” tend to be felt more strongly by women than their male counterparts, feelings which can grow as their bodies mature. As “women are traditionally also the caretakers and often neglect self-care and compassion, as they approach their late 30s and early 40s there begins to be a realization that it is time to start taking care of themselves,” Ganderton notes. If it’s been awhile since they enjoyed a regular fitness routine or well-rounded


nutrition plan, clients may also be struggling to find the right combination of fitness, nutrition and personal motivation – tired of trying to make changes that don’t “stick.” Typical roadblocks for people wanting to improve their heath and fitness include “negative beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours, a lack of recognition of their habits, and the fear they have in seeing that the problems exist within,” Ganderton suggests. For those serious about wanting to make a lifestyle change, Ganderton suggests looking within first, “understanding that the biggest change needs to begin internally.” In addition, “be prepared to look at all aspects of their lives – the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual – and realize that the way they do anything is the way they do everything.” And a last essential word for individuals striving for a complete change in their lives: “The most pronounced misconception is that it can happen quickly,” Ganderton says. “A lifestyle change takes commitment, dedication and perseverance. It is acquiring new skills that takes time, patience and practice.”

“Beauty is deep within each of us. It does not exist externally. When we find the beauty within ourself we discover our uniqueness and become authentically who we are.” – Dwayne Ganderton, Fit Life

You are what you



While moisturizers, conditioners, oils and exfoliants can help give our hair and skin the lustre we want, the truth is, a healthful appearance starts from the inside. “We want to be mindful of what we put into our bodies, especially during cold, wet and windy weather,” says the Vitamin Shop’s Renee Wilson. The old saying of “you are what you eat” is quite true. “Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, healthy grains and lean protein. Limit your intake of the bad fats and sugars, drink plenty of water and get proper rest.” It can be a challenge to get all that we need and in the right proportions for our bodies, so supplements can also help, whether dealing with problematic acne, dry, oily skin and hair or aging skin. “Biotin and Silica are especially good for bringing luster and shine to your hair,” Wilson notes. “For skin, look for products that contain fish oils, borage oil, collagen, green tea extract, lycopene, Vitamins A, C & E, as well as the healing minerals of chromium, selenium and zinc. These ingredients will help with inflammation, oxidation, dryness, skin thickness, elasticity and will improve blood flow to the skin.”


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When it comes to our skin, beauty definitely starts on the inside, with lots of water, healthy foods and the right nutrients. Lifestyle Markets serves up this recipe for a “Beautiful Skin Smoothie” to get you going in the right direction:

why not propose this? feel beautifully cared for and relaxed….

your favourite liquid (almond or rice milk, water or juice etc.) protein powder (whey or vegan) organic blueberries (fresh or frozen) your favourite yogurt borage oil or virgin coconut oil raw cocoa powder

NUTRITION NOTES: • The protein is a great way to balance the nutrition in this smoothie and help keep blood sugar spikes down. • Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C to help your body move along those nasty free-radicals and allow your skin to glow. • Yogurt – whether it’s a traditional organic dairy, coconut or even almond-based yogurt – put it in there not only to add creaminess and body but also to get some probiotics in your smoothie. • Including borage or virgin coconut oil in your smoothie brings many skin ben-


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smoothie 275 ml 1 scoop ½ cup ¼ cup 1 tsp 1 tsp


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Combinations of qualities such as shape, colour and textures that please the senses.” – Nushin European Fashion

Beauty? “Beauty is all around. You just have to look.” – Bill Wood, Head Over Heels

efits. If you choose borage oil you’ll supply your body with an excellent source of gamma linoleic acid or GLA, well-known for improving skin health. Virgin coconut oil is a great source of lauric acid which is not only wonderful for healthy glowing skin but also a great immune booster.

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SPRING 2012 • 13



ROSACEA Continued from page 5 cin, a B vitamin which is a strong inducer of flush. Menopausal flushing can be managed by your family doctor and some blood pressure medications increase flush tendency â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ask your doctor. 4. What are the treatments available? Prescription creams and pills, plus moisturizers to minimize dry skin, which aggravates rosacea. Photoprotective creams/ serums such as sunscreens and topical medical strength vitamin C (SkinCeuticals) or Coffeeberry (Revale) antioxidant lotions. For redness and dilated veins, vascular lasers and IPL light treatments are good options to consider. Assessment by your physician is a good idea as some precancerous sun spots as well as a condition called seborrheic dermatitis need to be managed first before rosacea can properly be treated. 5. Are some treatments more suitable to certain situations than others? Prescription creams and pills only treat inflammatory, pimply rosacea and do not manage the flush and veins. For flush and veins, lasers and IPL light treatments are standard of care. 6. Is there a typical course of treatment? Is it ongoing? For vascular laser treatments â&#x20AC;&#x201C; one to three sessions, six to eight weeks apart. With the right type of vascular lasers, one treatment normally removes 60 to 80 per cent of the veins. For IPL light treatments, also termed photorejuvenation, five treatments, one every three weeks is the norm. Expect one to two treatments per year to maintain the results.



7. How successful are the treatments? Vascular laser can normally remove 90 per cent or greater of dilated veins on the cheeks and 50 per cent or greater clearance around the nose. IPL light treatments can usually reduce the background redness by 50 per cent. Generally, the worse the condition looks, the more dramatic the improvement. 8. Anyone who is not a good candidate? Not everyone is a candidate for laser or light treatments. It is very important to see a dermatologist before treating to properly diagnose the reason for the redness. I have seen many people improperly treated by others because of misdiagnosis. This will help guide treatments for best results and minimize costs for treatments that otherwise may have been unnecessary. GP Aesthetic Specialists are NOT Dermatologists. It is also very important that patients are well-informed and have had the range of treatment options, including risks and limitations, reviewed prior to any treatments. Having reasonable expectations regarding management rather than cure of rosacea is important. 9. Anything else youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to add? There are recent studies looking at a medicine related to a nasal decongestant (Otrivin) that may be prescribed by dermatologists to help the redness of rosacea. This should not be tried without being directed and under the care of a specialist. Finacea gel, a novel prescription topical whose naturally occurring active ingredient is azelaic acid, has come to market in Canada. This is for inflammatory, pimply rosacea.


Healthy skin is for

for the

everybody body

Spa By Jennifer Blyth Is it time to turn over a new leaf – at least as far as your skin is concerned? If so, you’re not alone. “Exfoliation seems to be the theme in the springtime – whether it’s a full-body scrub or a great deep-cleansing facial – everyone wants to scrub away their dull winter skin and look fresh and revitalized for the spring,” says Anita Voorsluys, Spa Sales Manager at The Willow Stream Spa. What’s the latest to help you do that? “The latest and greatest trend in skincare is the use of multi-acids to help exfoliate the skin and fight signs of aging,” Voorsluys says. And, because it’s not always easy to fit in that spa experience, a variety of at-home products are available to help keep the skin looking fresh and vibrant between spa visits. Reaching across gender lines, “both men and women are paying more interest to their own health and wellness,” Voorsluys says, noting that a spa day can offer more than, well, a simple day at the spa. “Spas can play a major role in helping individuals achieve their personal

wellness goals whether it’s relaxation, detoxification or revitalization. There has recently been a lot of talk about inflammation being the leading cause of disease and aging, and specific spa treatments can certainly help to decrease inflammation and aid in prevention of further inflammation.” New to the whole spa experience and don’t know what to expect? Start by asking questions and rely on the professional advice of the spa staff to ensure you’re getting the right treatment to achieve the desired outcome of your spa visit, Voorsluys advises. Don’t rush the experience – arrive early, turn off all electronic devices and allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy all the spa’s facilities, such as a steam room, sauna or pool, or just to relax with a cup of tea. Finally, communicate with your spa provider; let them know if you are uncomfortable, hot or cold, or if you would like more or pressure, etc. It’s all part of creating that perfect spa experience that will leave you feeling better and looking great.

MANNERS MATTER A trip to the spa should be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone – for yourself, certainly, but also for the other patrons. Respecting the environment and the staff will also go a long way to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience. First, be sure to turn off all electronic devices, before you arrive, suggests Anita Voorsluys, Spa Sales Manager at The Willow Stream Spa. “Speak in a quiet ‘spa’ voice once “Beauty is about being comfortable you’ve entered the spa and respect in your own skin, feeling as good as the relaxation of others around you you can both inside and out” while enjoying the facilities.” – The Spa at Ocean Pointe Resort


SPRING 2012 • 15

Retreat. From everything. Located minutes from downtown at the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa, Sante Spa Victoria nurtures body and mind with indigenous spa treatments.

250.391.3920 1999 Country Club Way | Victoria, BC 16 • BEAUTIFUL YOU – SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT


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