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Transport Canada okays tanker route Malcolm Baxter Transport Canada says its TERMPOL review of the Northern Gateway project “has not identified any regulatory issues or gaps or the need to consider any new regulatory requirements at this time.” TERMPOL is short for Technical Review Process of Marine Terminal Systems and Transhipment Sites. Transport Canada explains, “TERMPOL is an extensive, though voluntary review process in which proponents involved in building and operating a marine terminal system for bulk handling of oil, chemicals and liquefied gases can participate.” Enbridge did take part in the process and “would be expected to fully implement its commitments and intentions” detailed in its submissions to the process.

Transport Canada said the Canadian Coast Guard reviewed the waterways the oil tankers would use, the size of the largest tankers, marine traffic density and factors affecting manoeuvrability. And found that the proposed route complied with national and international regulations and provided “the required clearances for good vessel manoeuvrability and allowances for very large crude carriers (VLCC).” It noted that was consistent with the results from simulations undertaken by Enbridge. Transport Canada went so far as to say that those results showed VLCCs “are capable of navigating the entire route unassisted.” In other words, escort tugs are not necessary, which Transport Canada says

is consistent with the opinions of Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada and BC Coast Pilots . However, Enbridge has committed to the use of such tugs and, as mentioned above, would therefore be expected to live up to that commitment. The BC pilots had pointed to some narrow spots “as warranting caution for two-way traffic.” And the Canadian Coast Guard had noted the Lewis Passage-Wright Sound area “warrants some caution as a result of multi-directional traffic.” However, in practice the pilots organisation would “adjust a vessel’s speed to avoid meeting other vessels in these areas.” Transport Canada noted speeds may have to be adjusted to take into account traffic in the Wright Sound area.

The report also pointed out that with increased shipping, there could be an increased threat to the “well-being of marine populations [ primarily whales] along the shipping route. And that Enbridge has said it would take steps “to avoid contact with mammals.” Transport Canada’s summary concluded with, “While there will always be a residual risk in any project, after reviewing the proponent’s studies and taking into account the proponent’s commitments, no regulatory concerns have been identified for the vessels, vessel operations, the proposed routes, navigability, other waterways users and the marine terminal operations associated with vessels supporting the Northern Gateway project. cont’d on page 3

TERMPOL report cheered and jeered Reaction to Transport Canada’s means a disproportionate share of risk release of its TERMPOL finding clearly falls on the people who live was swift, and predictable. within the Great Bear Rainforest.” Janet Holder, Enbridge’s senior Sterritt pointed out that the CFN executive with responsibility for had recently completed a report Northern Gateway, welcomed the called ‘A Review of Potential Imreport as “a very positive step for- pacts to Coastal First Nations from ward in the public rean Oil Tanker Spill Asview of the project.” with the NorthThis shocking sociated She said it was imern Gateway Project’ decision portant for the public which had pointed out - and BC residents in “a tanker spill would means a particular - “to know cause catastrophic ecothat we’ve done our disproportionate nomic, environmental homework and that our and cultural damage.” share of risk marine plan has been He said the report clearly falls thoroughly reviewed.” found that many of the on the people response techniques Holder said the TERMPOL report un- who live within identified by Enbridge, derlined that the project booming the Great Bear including was “well planned and around tankers to conRainforest.” safe - and indeed would tain spilled oil, skimenhance safety for all mers and booms used shipping on BC’s north coast.” to remove oil, and re-direction to However, the Coastal First Na- sensitive areas are similar to methtions took quite a different view. ods used during the Exxon Valdez Art Sterritt, the executive direc- cleanup. tor of the CFN, said the decision was “The Exxon Valdez experience “unfathomable”. shows these response techniques Charging that “numerous safety were largely ineffective in containissues” such as “treacherous passage ing and collecting spilled oil. These ways, poor weather conditions and techniques resulted in the recovery human error” were either minimized of only 14 per cent of the original or ignored by Transport Canada, amount of oil released.” Sterritt said, “It is nonsensical to say Sterritt said the CFN would do there will always be residual risk in whatever was necessary to stop oil any project. This shocking decision tankers coming into Kitimat.

New resident or another tourist? Whichever it might be, Eagle #17 covered a lot of miles to get here. For the story, see page 3. Photo by April McLeod

Kinder Morgan pipeline progresses While all eyes are on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project, Kinder Morgan’s plans to double its shipments of oil sands bitumen out of Vancouver continue to progress. The company announced last week that its open season had garnered enough commitments from potential users of the line to “support moving forward with the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline system expansion.”

In a release the company added, “The expansion open season, held between Oct. 20, 2011, and Feb. 16, 2012, received strong binding commercial support from a diverse group of customers.” Ian Anderson, president of Kinder Morgan Canada said that support now allowed the company to complete initial project design and planning. “We are looking forward to

engaging in dialogue with First Nations, interested stakeholders and communities along the pipeline,” he said, adding, “The final decision on the proposed project will be known by the end of the first quarter of this year.” The expansion plan sees 600,000 barrels per day (bpd) flowing from Alberta to its terminal in Burnaby. Kinder Morgan anticipates the expansion will cost about $3.8 billion.

Pipeline open house 3

2 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MLA pans disguised tax hikes Pedro’s

Last week’s provincial budget continues a Liberal policy of unequal taxation, says Skeena NDP MLA Robin Austin. Increases in the cost of everything from medical care premiums to staying at provincial campgrounds, while called fees, are actually taxes, he said. And because fees are assessed regardless of income, people who earn less are more affected than high income earners. “It’s what I would call a flat tax. It’s a very regressive way of raising taxes,� said Austin. He noted this January’s six per cent jump in medical services plan premium rates will be followed by one next year of four per cent. By 2012, medical premiums will have risen by 24 per cent since 2009. Austin also doubted the province

would be able to keep to its target of a $969 million deficit for a budget of $43.87 billion beginning April 1. He noted that previous provincial Liberal budget claims, most notably in 2009 when the government claimed the deficit would be no more than $495 million, quickly turned out to be wrong. Austin, the NDP critic for education, focussed on the lack of increases for the schools, saying they are going to be hard pressed to cope with inflation. “There are going to be huge cuts in education as a result,� he said. The NDP MLA did acknowledge the province is spending $165 million on special needs students, but said that’s over three years with $30 million the first year, $60 million in the second year and $75 million in the third year. “It’s new money, that’s true. But you need to realize the province took out

$275 million over the last 10 years from the system. And that put so much stress on the system,� said Austin. As it is, Austin, said $7 million from the $30 million for this year is going to pay the wages of teaching assistants who have been doing unpaid work. “There’s going to be conflict from all over the province as to how this money will be allocated,� Austin said. He’s also questioning the ability of the government to sell property and other assets in hopes of raising $700 million and the wisdom in doing so. “Once you sell the family silver it’s gone,� said Austin. “ He did note school districts, after first receiving approval, can sell unused schools and property as long as the money is used for to buy other land or finance school construction. The problem with that, added Austin, is that if a school district needed to build a school some day, it would need more dollars than what it had gained by selling property or buildings in the first place.

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Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 3

CITY BEAT Commission renamed The Advisory Recreation Commission is no more - at least in name. Council accepted a recommendation from the commission that it be renamed the Leisure Services Advisory Commission. The change reflects the name change of the city’s recreation department to Leisure Services.

Trail concerns raised The Leisure Service advisory has recommended the city’s engineering and planning departments ensure that when development takes place in the area of existing hiking trails, the trails should remain or be taken into account in the development plan. It also wanted the Leisure Services department to work with the hiking club to designate certain areas for ATV use. Those motions followed a presentation from Peter Ponter, a member of the hiking group, in which he said he was concerned about the condition of community trails and how they had been affected by development. He was particularly concerned about the trail that runs from the Rod and Gun to Coho Flats and then the golf course, Meldrum Street, Wakita Avenue before crossing the highway at the Hirsch Creek bridge and continuing up the creek. Ponter pointed out this trail has been washed out in some spots and had been impacted by development on Smith Street. Another concern was ATVers using community trails. Ponter suggested designating specific areas for ATVs to discourage their use in sensitive areas. When Mary Murphy, council’s rep on the commission moved approval of the commission’s recomendations, Mario Feldhoff said he hoped any recommendations regarding designating areas for ATV use would come to council before being acted on by the Leisure Services department. He pointed out that while there were a lot of hikers, there were also a lot of ATVers in town. Murphy offered assurances no action would be taken without coming to council first.

Venue decision on hold Council meetings will continue to be held in the public safety building (fire hall) for now. Recognising the access problem for disabled people with that location - it is on the second floor and there is no elevator - council had asked administration for an update on the costs of moving the venue to the Riverlodge activity room. Riverlodge is single storey and has access ramps. An administration report noted regular council meetings could be held in the activity room “without significant renovation costs”. However, there were big costs beyond that. Firstly, that room is rented out Monday nights and pulls in about $6,000 a year, or $250 a night. Secondly, much of that current usage is for regular programming “which would not be possible if only every second Monday was available.” Therefore it was estimated the city would lose $4,000 in revenue over the course of a year. In addition, costs associated with setting up and tearing down for each council meeting were estimated at $2,900. But the biggest cost was associated with televising council meetings from that location $15,895. Moving the issue be dealt with during budget discussions, councillor Rob Goffinet noted council has been working on the issue for a long time and suggested sending it to budget “would force us to refine our plans, our needs.”

Eagle finds dump unappetizing Dennis Horwood During the spring and fall migration, large numbers of geese, other waterfowl and shorebirds use the Kitimat River Estuary for a pit stop. Occasionally, a bird wearing a neckband is spotted. Swans and geese are regularly banded with a coloured necklace so they can be spotted at a distance. Reports of banded birds help plot migration routes and travelling times. In late January another banded bird appeared in Kitimat sporting some rather high-tech equipment - tracking bird movements has become a rather sophisticated process. This particular story begins in Sitka, Alaska. Several pairs of Bald Eagles took it upon themselves to nest adjacent to the airport runway. This action on the bird’s part triggered a discussion that continually faces many airport authorities. Do the eagles present a potential hazard to approaching or departing aircraft? The US Fish and Wildlife

Service agreed that collisions with the large birds increased due to the close proximity of their nests. So, a plan was enacted to remove the large, stick nests. Part of the plan involved capturing the birds and marking them in such a way as to determine if the nest removal negatively displaced the birds. Six eagles were trapped and fitted with a silver and coloured leg band. In addition, a large, numbered tag was attached to the wing along with a GPS transmitter. The wing tag does not impede the bird’s flying abilities, it merely serves as an easy way to ID the bird at a distance. The GPS, powered by a solar battery, stores information every few hours regarding the bird’s movements. Every few days, researchers merely log into a satellite tracking system and download the data supplied by each bird’s transmitter. Provided there are enough sunny days to keep the batteries charged, the results show

almost exactly where the bird has been and for how long. What were the results? One eagle headed north, eventually finding its way to Prince William Sound. Another bird (perhaps the smartest?) headed south to Courtenay, the retirement capital of Vancouver Island. It has been there for over a month, possibly checking out some of their year-round golf courses. As of last week, he is still there. Yet another eagle, known as #17, took quite a different route. It departed from Sitka in October and headed east following the Stikine River then south overland to the Skeena River. It then followed the river inland until reaching Houston. It stayed there for about eight weeks then once again was on the move. The exact route is unclear, but the male eagle definitely wandered west. It could have flown along the lower Bulkley and Skeena watersheds or taken a shortcut across Telkwa Pass. It appears to have bypassed

Terrace in favour of the Kitimat dump. It was first spotted there among hundreds of other eagles near the end of January. It stayed for a few days, then flew elsewhere around Kitimat area. The satellite readings indicate it is still in our vicinity but seems to have abandoned the dump as a winter hangout. Tracking the future flights of Bald Eagle #17 will depend to some degree on our weather. After some prolonged sunshine, the solar batteries should be sufficiently recharged. If so, more data could then be received by the satellites. While we wait for enough solar energy, the eagle might well head for Hartley Bay, Kemano, or possibly back northward to rebuild its nest at Sitka. Only time will tell. At the end of the summer, I will contact the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Service in the hopes they have been able to further track the eagle over the spring and summer. Stay tuned.

Pipeline route changes to be unveiled Tomorrow Pacific Trails Pipeline (PTP) will be in Terrace for the last of four open houses it is holding to explain proposed changes to its Environmental Assessment Certificate. PTP is a partnership between Apache, EOG Resources and Encana with the pipeline designed to supply natural gas to an LNG plant in Kitimat the trio propose to build. The alterations include changing the location of the compressor station from the Burns Lake area to Summit Lake (the starting point for the line) and putting in temporary stockpile sites South of Houston and Northeast of Kitimat. PTP explains “these temporary facilities are required along the pipeline route for the purpose of storing pipe prior to transporting it to the right-of-way as well as for the temporary storage of equipment and materials required for the construction of the project.” The company has also proposed 20

“route refinements” and 27 “minor route adjustments”. Route refinements are changes to the pipeline route that deviate from the currently approved corridor by more than 100 metres. Any routing changes that affect the approved corridor for major watercourse crossings are also considered to be a route refinement. Minor route adjustments are small changes associated with detailed engineering of the pipeline route. These are within 100m of the approved pipeline corridor, have similar landforms and land uses as the approved corridor, and do not require any changes from the approved corridor at watercourse crossings. PTP says the requested changes will not substantially change the project footprint or the effects of the project on the environment. And there are several wildlife habitat, geotechnical, and land use improvements

Tanker route cont’d from page 1 “Commitments by the proponent will help ensure safety is maintained at a level beyond the regulatory requirements,” it added. All that said, Transport Canada points out its decision in no way is a green light for the project, pointing out its process is not one “to approve or reject the Northern Gateway project. The proponent must obtain any such approvals from the appropriate regulatory authorities in accordance with their own specific processes,” an apparent reference to the Joint

Review Panel. ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ After a false start in 2005, the TERMPOL process got under way seriously in May of 2009. Since then Enbridge has completed 16 studies and submitted nearly 3,500 pages of surveys, technical data, analysis and other information. The final report included 15 recommendations, including points covered above. It can be found on the National Energy Board website.

expected if the pipeline route modifications are adopted. For example, one of the route refinements is near Iron Mountain, just North of Kitimat. Where the original plan called for two water courses to be crossed, the amendment reduces that to one. And the new crossing on Bannock Creek will be about one kilometre further upstream of the location originally planned. Fisheries surveys conducted last year found chinook and coho salmon, Dolly Varden and coastal Cutthroat trout, and lamprey in the creek. The route refinement is also considered to be an improvement because marine clay geo-hazards will be avoided. In addition to fisheries and geo-hazard issues, the route changes also take into account wildlife considerations and land owner and First Nations requests. The Terrace open house takes place at the Coast Inn of the West on Lakelse Avenue and runs 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

BC’s treaties mean jobs, more business, community development and infrastructure investment for First Nations and all of us. Treaties are good for BC.

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4 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Bite the bullet Dieter Wagner of the Douglas Channel Watch appeared at city council’s February 20 meeting to castigate it for its continuing neutral position on the Northern Gateway project - it will not take a position until after the Joint Review Panel delivers its verdict. Telling council that his group and many others could not comprehend why they did so, he added, “We are requesting you abandon it and officially oppose this project.” Then, referring to the February 15 editorial in the Northern Sentinel, he went after councillors Edwin Empinado and Mary Murphy for having said at November’s all-candidates that they would support a referendum, but then did not support colleague Phil Germuth’s proposal to hold a survey of Kitimatians on the issue. “Promises were made and not kept,” Wagner said. Responding to that charge, Murphy said, “Once we become councillors, we represent the whole town, not just one particular group.” In the same vein, what she had said at the all-candidates was her personal opinion and now she was a councillor she had to represent “every citizen in Kitimat”. Without wishing to put words in Murphy’s mouth, her comments imply she believes not “every citizen” wants council to take a stance of opposition. And that perhaps even a large number actually support Northern Gateway. Actually, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the latter were the case. Yes, we have fervent defenders of the environment in our community. But we are, and always have been, an industrial town. Take industry out of the equation and Kitimat simply ceases to exist. Given we have lost two of our three industries, it would be understandable if a significant body of opinion here aggressively supported replacing them. I have no doubt there will be those who, having read the above, are nodding their heads in agreement. And others who are outraged. Who is right? There’s a simple way to find out - hold a referendum. Let’s get this over with rather than go through the unnecessarily protracted and divisive debate that characterised the later stages of the power sales war. Malcolm Baxter


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What was premier McGuinty thinking? I SUPPOSE “SILVER” Bob Rae must be breathing just a little easier this week. I suspect that any dream/ nightmare scenarios of Ontario premier, Dalton McGuinty running for the leadership of the “desperately needing revival” CZ"MMBO)FXJUTPO federal Liberals, dissolved instantaneously last week. About the same time as a sadIs it possible the premier of the now dened majority of Ontario voters gulped “have-not” province believed that Drumand realized what they had let themselves mond might bail him out by coming up in for by re-electing McGuinty for another with a bag of magic beans that might grow four years. a bean stalk he could climb and find a Actually, I fail to understand how the goose with golden eggs. premier of Canada’s populous, but strugDrummond’s history as an economic gling province felt he needed to have his reputation-wrecker precedes him like a eight years of peculiar governance exposed CN-train snowplough. He turned out to so thoroughly by asking, even paying for, be the big, bad giant himself and while he public evisceration by the former chief did not chant “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the economist of the TD Bank, Don Drum- blood...” he might as well have. mond, in the form of a pre-budget report. All that being said, I never forget preMr. Drummond - literally - turned miers like Dalton McGuinty all have inMcGuinty’s government record inside-out credible egos, crocodile-thick skin and full and gutted it like a prime trout, offering Teflon outfit that sheds criticism like rain 521 pages of brutal Plan B suggestions on water. how an Ontario cabinet (with any spine) He may need a few days to figure out a could possibly balance its budget in the way to continue to smarm Ontarians that foreseeable future. he is truly looking after their best interDrummond not only made it clear this ests. re-elected emperor has no clothes, or if The mantra, “fool me once...” comes to he has they are rented by the taxpayer, he mind. Any Ontarians wanna go for three ripped his ideas and policies like Gordon times? Campbell using copies of BC union conSo, currently there’s a calm after the tracts to safe-pack his best china for the original storm. Soon, I expect, there will move from Victoria to London. be some selective announcements about


areas where Ontario government philosophically wants to make cuts - and then it’ll be Easter, spring, summer holiday season and there will be other issues and scandals to distract the public - business as usual. ON ANOTHER MATTER, for the past couple of years police behaviour in many provinces and major cities has been under a very critical microscope. The police admit they were looking for some increased licence to operate from the on-line surveillance bill to go after child pornographers. I think that may be gone by the board. Anyway, there’s enough documented investigative success to suggest that at least some diligent officers can find ways to get information, warrants or not, and proceed against the smut peddlers. However, in beautiful downtown Vancouver, fed up presumably with the constant task of viewing frustrating Stanley Cup riot videos, some idle officers turned to porn channels on their police computers to help pass the dragging time as they waited for their speedy “justice system” to agree that there may be enough evidence to charge maybe another half dozen rioters. They are making progress - the number is now up in the 70s with one individual actually convicted and jailed - only three cont’d on page 6

BC Press Council – This Northern Sentinel is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the BC Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to BC Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, BC V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 5

Are you ready to rock? Margaret Ferns Rock against cancer - that’s the theme for this year’s Kitimat Relay For Life. What better theme than rock ’n’ roll – it spans the ages from the 50s to today. No matter what the age, everyone has loved rock ’n’ roll and hates cancer. We want the teams to decorate their tents, wear costumes, and come with any other ideas that would fit in. Let’s really make this a “Relay to Remember”. I know that most people have 8-foot snowbanks outside their windows, but spring is coming and it’s not too early to be getting into gear for Relay. This year’s event will be on May 5 at the MESS track. We already have seven teams registered and some have set their fund raising goals very high. I, for one, have no doubt that those

goals will be reached. Team packages are now ready to be picked up from Margaret Ferns at 39-863 Lahakas Blvd. – evenings are best. Team Captains who have their team and 75 per cent of their participants registered by April 15 will have their name entered for a draw. For more team information contact Stephanie Miller at 778-631-2217 or by email at Unfortunately, there is no-one who hasn’t been touched in one way or another by this horrible disease. Every day it seems that we hear of someone being diagnosed with cancer and all too often we hear of another person losing their battle with it. The Canadian Cancer Society is the largest charitable funder of cancer re-


Bouquet for Murphy

would further disturb the virgin wilderness. Rail would also be flexible in that they would be able to adjust the number of cars as demand increases or decreases. The pipeline would cost around $5.5 billion to construct. By contrast, modifications and upgrades required for the rail transport of bitumen, or crude oil, to the port at Prince Rupert would cost only about $100 million, according to information in recent statements by Glen Perry, president of Altex Energy Ltd. Would you rather spend $6 billion or close to zero? Pipelines are less efficient in transporting crude oil than rail cars because they can only carry the actual petroleum to 70 per cent of their capacity. The remaining 30 per cent of the pipeline capacity is taken up by a diluent required for lubricating the oil to make it run under pressure. When it reaches its destination at the coast, the diluent is separated and sent back in a parallel pipeline to eastern Alberta to reenter the main pipeline again. So a pipeline can carry only a 70-percent load - almost doubling transportation costs- whereas rail cars don’t require the diluent and can carry a 100-per-cent load.” CN Rail has upgraded the line between Jasper and Prince Rupert to a first-class rail standard. It has the latest technology available on railroads - that is, automatic signals and computerized systems for traffic control. They have upgraded to the highest-standard rails, with sensors that can detect overheated wheels and bearings and send an alarm signal immediately to the computers in the dispatcher’s office. Train derailments have occurred mainly on second-class branch lines that aren’t always kept up to the same standard as cont’d on page 11

Making a good exit John 19:30, “(Jesus) said, ‘It is finished,’ and He bowed His head and gave up His spirit. We all like to make grand entrance. At the beginning of NHL games, just before the home team comes out, the lights go down, the music ramps up and the players come charging down the aisle at full speed onto the ice amid smoke and dancing laser lights…all to make a good grand entrance. Well, as much as we like to be known for our grand entrances, it should be noted that Jesus did not care a whit about entrances. He was born in a stable in a hamlet named Bethlehem. He was placed in a cattle-feeding trough, and His first visitors were barn animals and shepherds. Nope, Jesus was not the least bit concerned with grand entrances. But here is what He was concerned about, a grand exit. He chose not to enter this world to trumpet blasts and fanfare, because He didn’t want to be known for His birth, He wanted to be known for death and resurrection. You see Jesus is not some contingency plan that God threw in at the last minute when everything else He had tried failed. When man fell into sin, God in His mercy promised a Saviour, and that Saviour is God’s own Son Jesus Christ. It was God’s plan from the beginning that Jesus should die on the cross to pay for our sins so that we might be reconciled back to Him by acknowledging our sin and believing in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. There never was a plan “B.” All of Jesus’ life on this earth, His baptism, His transfiguration on the mountaintop, the hours He spent in prayer and the Scriptures were all to prepare Him for His grand exit at the cross and the empty tomb. And so the question that comes to us today is this, “Are you ready to make your grand exit? “ Now, I’m not speaking about reserving a plot in the cemetery, I’m speaking about having the right soul preparation for eternity. The Apostle James tells us that our lives are like a vapour, we are here and then quickly gone; are you prepared? Friends, we can only be prepared for eternity because Jesus paid for our entrance into heaven. He entered this world to place Himself as our substitute under God’s law. And because He did for us what we could not do for ourselves, because of His grand exit from the cross and His grand exit from the grave, we too, through faith in Him, will one day make a grand exit from this world, and be given a wonderful entrance into heaven. Because of Christ, this promise is for me, and it is for you…amen.



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414 Enterprise Ave.

Dear sir, Transporting tar sands oil by rail to Prince Rupert’s deep-water port would be far less costly and much less environmentally disruptive than the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposed from Bruderheim, Alberta, across northern British Columbia to Kitimat. Many of us railroaders in northern British Columbia can’t help but wonder why there should be a pipeline past our back door wilderness when at our front door there already is a first-class railway that can do the job with five times the capacity in less than half the time and less cost, and with more good-paying jobs - and it is under-used.” Prince Rupert has a super port which is one of the deepest water ports in the world served by the railway for high-volume loading of coal and grain onto ocean tankers. The super port has been there for more than 25 years. Yet Enbridge plans to build a new marine port in the sensitive Douglas Channel at Kitimat, which is 85 kilometres from open water. CN Rail could move 2.6 million barrels from eastern Alberta to Prince Rupert daily with current infrastructure, while the proposed Enbridge pipeline could move only a half million barrels a day to port. If the pipeline can carry only half a million barrels, you can see they would require more pipelines to increase capacity. Saskatchewan has also expressed a desire to transport some of their oil to the Western market by rail as well. Alberta will soon be doubling oil production in less than 10 years, according to Alberta government and oil media forecasts. As volume increases, Enbridge would already have their foot in the door and would be looking for a second and third pipeline that

Pastor Clint Magnus

I guess after living in a community for 56 years you can always learn something new. So I have to say “sorry” to all those I harassed over the hydrant before I was given the facts. But how else do you find out things? One more little thing: I am not either for or against anything to do with oil, but I think if you are going to protest something, you should be totally factual and not just pick out the convenient parts. Also, where are all the protestors in the Lower Mainland where the TransMountain pipeline may be doubling its capacity and increasing the size of tankers going through Burrard Inlet? There will be more and more tankers in Vancouver waters. Is it safer there? Does Dr. Suzuki not look out his window and see possible problems? Guess he sold his SUV and no longer flies to places to protest. Must be difficult pedaling his bike to all the areas. Anyway, before you get you knickers in a knot, just know that these are my own observations and comments, no-one else’s. Last comment: can we sell the gravel on our lawns back to the city so they can recycle it for next year? Happy Spring everybody. Keep smiling, I’m still watching and listening, Roma Burnett.

Pipeline already exists - rail

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Dear sir, For those of you who don’t believe the snow will ever go, I have good news. Yesterday, February 21, I saw pussy willows along the highway between Kitimat and Terrace. No, I am not losing it, they really were there. So get your rakes polished and your lawnmowers serviced! Also a good start: after watching the council meeting on February 20, it looks like we might have a real bunch of councillors working for us. What a treat to hear councillor Murphy say they were elected for everyone in the community, not just for special interest groups or their own personal opinions. And to actually hear reports from councillors from the commissions they sit on - great to know what’s going on in the community. Kudos to whoever decided we should all know. Now, a bit of trivia for everyone. After many phone calls and me whining - yes, I do that well because the fire hydrant across the street was buried under 10ft. of snow for a few days, I found out there are “priority fire hydrants”. This means that all hydrants are not dug out immediately but there are always hydrants close by that area so we never have to worry if there is an emergency.

search in Canada, with nearly $50 million invested each year for cancer research focusing on reduced incidence of cancer, reduced mortality due to cancer and improved quality of life for people who have cancer. Eighty per cent of the funding is directed to reduced mortality research. And research is providing results: today more than 60 per cent of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive. In the 1940s, survival was about 25 per cent. In late 2012 the Kordyban Lodge will open in Prince George allowing cancer patients to be closer to home during treatment. For more information contact volunteer co-chairman Margaret Ferns at 250632-2862 or by email at kitimatrelay@

From the Pulpit

cont’d from page 4 quarters of a year later and new hockey playoffs looming. Wide-eyed police chief Peter Chu says he is investigating the porn incidents and suspensions and transfers could result if wrongdoing is found. I feel renewed encouragement. In Alberta a local sheriff got to watch himself on internal security video manhan-








16,499 $ 99 2.99%

dling and injuring a handicapped man who entered the wrong door to pay a traffic fine. Fired and rightfully so! Back in Vancouver, efforts continue to hang a conviction on the officer who admitted to tasering a landed immigrant to death before he got out of the Vancouver airport. That case is over, but he was also involved in a drinking driving incident that








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5.1L/100km 55MPG HWY*** 6.9L/100km 41MPG CITY***

ended in the death of a motor cyclist and after months of delays and haggling over the admissibility of evidence, this matter is creeping through court. The cop remains “suspended with pay,” now in his second year. Toronto Police have suspended a senior officer after an allegation that he showed up for work under the influence of alcohol. Superintendent Earl Witty heads Traffic


















21,499 $ 139 5.99% 199 ±





19,499 *

5.5L/100km 51MPG HWY*** 7.8L/100km 36MPG CITY***








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6 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Services and is responsible for the R.I.D.E. Drunk-driving program. So, he will remain off his normal duties while the force’s Professional Standards unit investigates the allegation. Hopefully, since there’s no timeline for the probe, it won’t take precedence over the G20 investigation, if there is one. ahewitson@telus,net


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Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 7

Carnival d’Hiver approaching Contributed Kitimat kids and adults enjoyed a Quebecoise tradition at Rail Jam, Friday, January 28. Kitimat Parents for French held their second annual Cabane a Sucre at Rail Jam serving cooked maple syrup on fresh snow (see photo below). The stall was a hit with young and old. “It is great to celebrate the tradition of maple sugar tasting and also the achievements of the French Immersion program,” said Kitimat Parents for French president, Lisa Frazer. “French Immersion is a great opportunity for our children to learn a second language. It is exciting to see how quickly they learn and we are glad to provide additional activities and to promote the program,” she added. An information meeting for parents considering enrolling

their children in French Immersion kindergarten was held last Thursday at Kildala School. “It is an opportunity to learn about French Immersion,” explained past-president Catherine Mercer. She adds that people worry that they need to know French. “They don’t. The program is designed for parents with no background in a second language. Neither I nor my husband speak French,” said Mercer whose youngest daughter is graduating from the French Immersion Program from Mount Elizabeth Senior Secondary School this year. “They graduate with what is called a Double Dogwood. This can open doors both for post-secondary education and employment,” Mercer added. Indeed, even during the current climate of declining enrolment, French Immersion con-

tinues to grow across British Columbia and Canada. ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ Kitimat Parents for French gave a couple of events coming up. Carnival d’Hiver yakes place Sunday, March 4 at the Onion Lake cross country ski trails. A joint event with the Terrace Parents for French chapter, it will run from 1 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. and there will be skiing, snowshoe, snow fort painting, sugar shack, sliding, colouring activities and a fire pit roast. It’s free for Canadian Parents for French members, $5 for others and everyone is welcome. And Tuesday, March 13 to Thursday, March 15 there will be a scholastic French book fair at the Kildala school library, 1:30-3:30 p.m. each day. Come pick up some good reading materials in French.

For 11 years now Cook’s Jewelers in Kitimat has been offering its specially commissioned Christmas ornaments. And in 2011 for the 11th straight year they sold out. With 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the Salvation Army, Cook’s manager Ida Thomschke (left) was able to present Salvation Army representative Danuta Galary with a cheque for $1,957,50. Thanking the community for its great support, Thomschke added, “Giving back to the community feels good.”

Hydro bills to rise more than expected The B.C. Utilities Commission has approved an extra 2.5 per cent interim increase in BC Hydro rates, which means a total seven per cent increase starting April 1. The decision is still an interim rate increase. BC Hydro can argue

for a reduction. The commission ruled the 2.5 per cent increase - about $5 a month for the average home - is needed to pay down BC Hydro’s ballooning deferred debt, identified BC Auditor General John Doyle.

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This month Envision Financial credit unions surprised food banks in their communities with “a random act of kindness” donation to help lift the spirits of these important community service groups. Here Envision’s Jacquie Marleau (far left) and Debbie Crawford (second from right) present a cheque for $1,000 to Marjorie Phelps (second from left) and Lois Godfrey of the Kitimat Food Bank.

Submit this form along with a photo of the beautiful baby to: Northern Sentinel, 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat or email your digital photo to: – Ph. 250 632-6144 fax 250 639-9373. To have your photo returned, send a self stamped addressed envelope or pick up at our office. Unclaimed photos will be discarded.

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The Northern


8 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Your community. Your classiďŹ eds.








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Business Opportunities

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

ASPHALT PAVING Personnel Required: Paving contractor in the beautiful BC Interior requires paving personnel for all aspects of Asphalt Lay-down. Applicants should have minimum 1 years’ experience in Highway, commercial and residential paving, although candidates with construction experience will be considered for training. Please forward resume to:

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Legal Notices

Lost & Found

NOTICE TO JAMES ROGER ELLISON that I MARIE AURORE SAUMURE-MINOGUEELLISON of Kitimat, BC Will not be responsible for any debts incurred in my name as per JCC order dated February, 28, 2011

KITIMAT - LOST DOG!!!! Small Pomeranian dog. Black with long hair & white patch on chest and on paws. Missing from Skeena Street since Saturday, Feb. 11th. If you have any information, please call 250.639.9694



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ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TEMPORARY POSITION CAW 2301, the Union representing the Rio Tinto Alcan workers in Kitimat/Kemano, has a temporary opening in the position of Administrative Assistant, during the months of March and April 2012, with possible future call-in opportunities. The successful candidate will have good computer skills, with proďŹ ciency in Microsoft OfďŹ ce applications, a minimum typing speed of 45 wpm, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to multi-task and organize work assignments independently and effectively. This position requires communicating with union members and retirees, both on the phone and in person, on a regular basis. CAW 2301 offers a respectful work environment. Remuneration will be in accordance with the CAW 3000 OfďŹ ce Staff collective agreement. Please submit expressions of interest and resumes to: CAW Local 2301, 235 Enterprise Ave. Kitimat, BC, V8C 2C8 by Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at Noon. Ph: 250-632-4611 e-mail:

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for your warm fuzzy to appear in the Wednesday Kitimat Northern Sentinel! Drop by 626 Enterprise Avenue, Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4. tel. 250-632-6144 fax: 250-639-9373 email: classiďŹ M/C, Visa accepted by phone. Cash, cheque, debit available.


has openings for a full time EXPERIENCED COOK and SERVERS. Days and Evenings. Please email or bring resume to Rosario’s in Kitimat. No phone calls please



Full and Part time for Coastal Taxi. We are also hiring part time dispatchers. Send resume & drivers abstract to PO Box 56 Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6 No phone calls

ASPHALT PAVING Personnel required: Paving contractor in Kamloops area requires Foreman and personnel for Asphalt Lay-down. Applicants should have minimum 1 years’ experience in commercial and residential paving, although candidates with construction experience will be considered. Training and beneďŹ ts will be available to the successful applicants. Please forward resume to:

TrafďŹ c Control training for dates call 1-866-737-2389 or

BOXES FOR SALE 10 for $5

SERVICE MANAGER - Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (Hanna, Alberta). Opportunity in a perfect family environment. Strong team, competitive wages, beneďŹ ts, growth potential. Fax resume: 403-854-2845. Email:

Different sizes available. Please phone ahead to Northern Sentinel at 250 632-6144.

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Take a look inside this week’s newspaper and you’ll understand why your friends and neighbours turn to the Northern Sentinel every week for their source of local news, sports and editorial – it’s their connection to the community. be today

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DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR DELIVERY? The Northern Connector is available for pickup at the Northern Sentinel ofďŹ ce in Kitimat Friday mornings by 8:30 am.

CABLECAR RESIDENTS! The Northern Connector can be picked up every Friday after 5 pm from the DROP BOX AT THE END of 14 Greyling Avenue.

Northern Sentinel 626 Enterprise Avenue Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4 1It'BY

Rosario’s Restaurant

and subscri s e c ri p w lo r u o f ntage o

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Northernnews and events cal

For coverage of lo

4.39 including HST $4 r ie rr ca by ed er deliv ing HST 1 year subscription rrier $39.99 includ ca by ed er liv de n criptio 1 year senior subs

Contact the Northern Sentinel, 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4 Ph. 250-632-6144 Fax 250-639-9373 Email: classiďŹ Interac, Visa and Mastercard accepted

10 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Real Estate


Help Wanted

Financial Services

Houses For Sale

Mobile Homes & Parks

Apt/Condo for Rent

DROWNING IN Debt? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll-free 1-877-5563500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

Maintenance Services

Misc. for Sale

Green Mountain Gemstones Inc. is looking for experienced workers for its open jade pits at Dease Lake, BC for ongoing projects, including 40 Drill Operators (drill blast holes in rocks after measuring location and staking out pattern of holes, $26/hr & up); 40 Heavy Equipment Operators (Operate bulldozers, excavators, and rock trucks, etc. to excavate, move, load and grade earth, rock, or other materials for mining, and maintain the equipment, $26/hr & up); 40 Helpers (assist drillers to set up and operate drills, assist heavy equipment operators to secure special attachments and signal in moving equipment, remove debris, and load & move materials and supplies, $20/hr & up); 4 Cooks (prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes, $20/hr & up); and 8 Tradesperson (skillful in different trades with credentials as an electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc., $35/hr & up). Minimum three years of relevant experience required. Free food & lodging, WCP, with other benefits. Please submit resume to

FACTORY DIRECT WHOLESALE modular homes, manufactured homes, and park models. New homes starting as low as $37,209, 16 wides $49,183, and double wides $70,829. or 877976-3737 The Home Boys.



HHDI RECRUITING is hiring on behalf of Baker Hughes Baker Hughes Alberta based oilfield services company is currently hiring;



HD MECHANICS 3rd or 4th apprentice or Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics with their Red Seal and CVIP License to work in Red Deer & Hinton.

classifieds@ northernsentinel. com

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET

1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

Skeena Valley Resources commercial residential; lawn care, equipped to handle large areas. We also offer structural painting services fully insured 250-635-7994

Pets & Livestock


Starting April 15. Call for more information 250.638.7929 Terrace or 250.632.6274 Kitimat

Merchandise for Sale

$200 & Under KITIMAT - 4 & 2 gallon glass carboy’s, bottle tree & wine bottles. Asking $125obo. Call 250.632.9715

Heavy Duty Machinery

DENIED CANADA Pension plan disability benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Call Allison Schmidt at 1-877-793-3222.

A- STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges / Equipment Wheel loaders JD 644E & 544A / 63’ & 90’ Stiff boom 5th wheel crane trucks/Excavators EX200-5 & 892D-LC / Small forklifts / F350 C/C “Cabs”20’40’45’53’ New/ Used/ Damaged /Containers Semi Trailers for Hiway & StorageCall 24 Hrs 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Business/Office Service

2007 34 1/2’ TRAVELAIR


(250)632-2822 Kitimat

Help Wanted



KITIMAT - FOR SALE Free Spirit Treadmill. User capacity 275lbs. Excellent condition. $500 obo. Call 250.632.5775 or 250.639.6437


SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 - Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.



STEEL BUILDINGS for all uses! Spring Deals! Make an offer on sell-off models at factory and save thousands Now! Call for Free Brochure - 1-800-6685111 ext. 170.


STEEL OF a deal - building sale! 20X24 $4798. 25X30 $5998. 30X42 $8458. 32X58 $12,960. 40X60 $15,915. 47X80 $20,645. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800668-5422.

required at the Northern Sentinel in Kitimat, BC

Career Opportunities

Knowledge in Word/Excel necessary. Must be able to work independently and as part of a team, and willing to learn new skills. Heavy lifting is required.

Drop off resumé and handwritten cover letter to: Northern Sentinel 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4 K









Income Opportunity

EARN EXTRA Cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate openings for men & women. Easy computer work, others positions are available. Can be done from home. No experience needed.

have openings for the following positions to meet the needs of our growing operations in the Kitimat and Terrace Area

Trades, Technical

Big things are happening in Saskatchewan and in the potash industry.


Discover our difference for yourself. Mosaic is the world’s largest potash and phosphate supplier, and by joining us you become part of a global team that’s helping the world grow the food it needs.



Mosaic is seeking candidates for the following positions in our Esterhazy facilities: s ND#LASS"OILER/PERATOR




Health Products Find out more and apply at

Financial Services M O N E Y P R OV I D E R . C O M . $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.


Two Bedrooms No Smoking, No Pets Starting at $675 monthly 250-632-7814 Kitimat

For more information or send your resume & current drivers abstract to:

HERBAL MAGIC - With Herbal Magic lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks and keep it off. Results Guaranteed! Start today call 1-800854-5176.


Hillcrest Place Apartments

Please call 250-718-3330 or Fax: 1-888-679-0759

Required Immediately! Journeyman RV Technician for Kamloops largest RV Dealership. Jubilee RV Centre offers excellent wage compensation, medical & dental benefits, ongoing industry training and year round employment. Come join our team in sunny and warm Kamloops, where you will be appreciated, love our climate and enjoy all our outdoor activities! Please forward your resume to Attention Steve Joyce - Service Manager WEBCO LEDUC - division of Sun Media, requires Full-time Heatset/Coldset Journeyman Pressman. 15 unit Goss Community. Competitive rates and benefits. Email resume: WEBCO LEDUC - division of Sun Media, requires Full-time Heatset/Coldset 1st & 2nd Pressmen. 15 unit Goss Community. Competitive rates and benefits. Email resume:

Largest, Brightest Suites Shiny Hardwood Floors Unfurnished & Furnished Daily - Weekly - Monthly


Apt/Condo for Rent

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

Career Opportunities


RENT starting from $600


2 slides, large awning. Winter pkg. Solar panel. A/C with heat strip. This unit is stored under cover and was bought new in 2012. Excellent condition. Will consider trades. $27,950.00 250-632-9974 Kitimat

HOT WATER Bachelor 1 and 2 bedroom

12-279-004 – BC-Ontario Career Ads Wednesday, February 29, 2012 – Kitimat Northern Sentinel | Terrace Standard 4 columns x 100 lines (5.8125” x 7.1429”)

• Heavy Duty Mechanic - Kitimat/Terrace • Concrete Truck Drivers - Kitimat • Administrative Assistant - Kitimat We are a union company affiliated with the Operating Engineers and Teamsters. Qualified applicants can submit resumes by Email: Kentron - Terrace Paving - Or by Fax: Kentron - 250-632-5048 Terrace Paving - 250-635-4121 Only those shortlisted will be contacted.

Financial Services

Financial Services


Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 11






Apt/Condo for Rent

Apt/Condo for Rent

Homes for Rent



QUATSINO APTS • Walking distance to downtown • Balconies • Security Entrances • Some furnished suites

1651 Haisla Blvd. Kitimat, BC 2 bedroom suites security building New: dishwasher, appliances & cabinets. All New: windows, plumbing, electrical, drywall, kitchen & bathroom - sound insulated - electric heat. 1 yr lease Starting at $995 per month N/S, N/P For complete details or to request an application, please call 250.632.7814

Call for an appointment


SANDPIPER APTS Kitimat Newer Buildings Elevators Security Entrances Covered parking Balconies for sun, fresh air and BBQ


ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE IN KITIMAT 2 bdrm -$1,000m, 3 bdrm -$1,200 & shared from $650$850m. Shared acc. perfect for retiree or working person. Walking distance to downtown. Gardening allowed, but N/S, N/P. Ref/Req. For more information. Call cell 1-778-316-6764 CABLE


subdivision 250 632-4254

• • • •

Starting at $550 Balconies Security Entrances Cameras for your safety • Now includes basic cable

SUMMIT COURT 1& 2 Bedroom Apts. *Ample parking *Laundry facilities *Close to hospital, schools *No pets *Onsite management *Security entrance *On bus route *References required Call 250-635-8265

Email: www.kitimat (250) 632-APTS (2787)

• • • •




Kitimat 1,2,3 bdrms Clean & Quiet Heat & hot water included Call (250)632-2824 or email

KULDO COURT APARTMENTS in Kitimat 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apts. Heat & Hot Water Incl. Laundry Facilities References Required

Duplex / 4 Plex KITIMAT - 3 bedroom Furnished Duplex. N/S, N/P, References Required. Call 250.632.6274 for more information.

250 632-7729 email:

Homes for Rent KITIMAT- 39 Hallman, 2 story, 4 bdrm, 3 baths, fridge, stove, & dishwasher, living & family rooms, laundry room with washer & dryer. Call (250)632-5297 Cell (250)6320148 KITIMAT DETACHED HOUSE 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 1780 sq ft, many recent updates. All appliances, single car GARAGE. New wood deck in backyard. GREAT LOCATION, near elementary school, shopping and hospital. $1200 per month. Call David at 604.541.1888 for information

MIDTOWN APARTMENTS Free heat & Free hot water, Furnished & unfurnished. 1 & 2 bdrms Security entries. No pets. No Smoking (250)632-7179 Kitimat

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic


IN KITIMAT 2 & 3 bedroom From $500/mth. Call Mgr. 632-4411


Auto Financing house on 1 acre, 2900 sq ft. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Living room with fireplace, dining and family rooms. Full basement, double garage, 5 appliances. $2500/month + utilities. NICE 3 BEDROOM bungalow- w/d, carport, large yard. $1200m + utilities Call John at Kitimat Landlord Services 250.279.1711 Kitimat House For Rent Up the Hill 1.5 Storey Home, 4 Bedrooms, 2 full Baths, New flooring/paint in living room, kitchen, & dining room. Close to schools & transit. References & deposit Required. No smoking/pets $800.00 monthly. Call (250)632-2261 or (250)639-6641 KITIMAT - Large Executive 4 bedroom home with large garage & close to High School. Comes with 6 appliances. N/S, N/P, Ref. Req. Available March 15th, $1800m. Call 250.639.0787 and leave a message KITIMAT - NICE 3 BEDROOM Bungalow with Garage, w/d, f/s included. Walk to downtown. N/P, N/S, Available immediately. $1200 per month Call 250 639-0568

YOU’RE APPROVED Poor, Good, OR No Credit at AUTO CREDIT NOW Details and APPLY online OR TOLL FREE 1-877-356-0743


1997 Triple E 26’ 5th Wheel

Rear Kitchen featuring full size fridge, microwave, beautiful cabinetry etc. Master bedroom in the front (for privacy) with ensuite. Electric jacks, air, no slides. Mint Condition. Serious inquiries only! Asking $15,000 Firm Please call 250.632.6800 for more information. Kitimat

Scrap Car Removal SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Trucks & Vans Townhouses WEDEENE, 2 bdrm townhouse, avail Feb. 1st, from $750 mo. Call 250-826-2284.

Cars - Domestic


3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths Newly renovated Fully Furnished, Utilities, Internet, Cable & Laundry INCLUDED!! Ready to move in Call Larry 250.632.7413 or Cell 250.279.0042 http//:www.kitimat

I M AT ’ S

2000 Ford Ranger 4x4 6 cylinder, 5 speed, standard 145,000km’s, Air conditioning, canopy with canopy rack included, NEW all season tires, new brakes 2010, maintenance records avail. Asking $6500 obo Phone (250)279-0200 or (250)639-9606 KITIMAT


Advertise any vehicle 5 times a week for 6 full weeks!


$ 99

A $250 value!



Email a photo of your vehicle or drive down and we’ll take take the photo for you. Advertisement includes up to 20 words and photo of vehicle. Private party (non-commercial) ads only.

Call 250 632-6144 email: in person: 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat










26.5’ Bayliner Ciera Diesel Re powered with a 260 HP Mercruiser Diesel, Bravo 3 leg & 15 HP Mercury Kicker all 2004. Cruises at 30 MPH at 5.5 GPH. New canvas & New aluminum fuel tanks in 09. Hull (1992) in as new condition. Fully equipped for fishing: Lowrance GPS, Electric Downriggers, Scotty Black Box and much more on a 05 dual axle galvanized trailer. $40,000 Call 250.632.2176 KITIMAT

Classifieds Get Results!

Legislated contract for teachers BC Education minister George Abbott announced last Thursday that he intended to introduce legislation this week to end the dispute with public school teachers. The decision comes after labour ministry official Trevor Hughes reported that a negotiated settlement between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the government’s bargaining agent, the BC Public School Employers’ Association, would be unlikely. Liberal house leader Rich Coleman said the legislation could be presented as early as today, but the debate on the provincial budget would take precedence until Thursday unless there is an emergency situation. Abbott said legislative options are being prepared that would reflect the government’s net-zero mandate of no wage increases for public sector employees. “We have threequarters of public em-

ployees with 100-plus contracts negotiated with the net zero mandate,” Abbott said. “We have to proceed on that basis.” The BCTF had proposed a three-year contract that would see teachers given a 15 per cent increase over that span. BCTF estimates the contract will cost an extra $300 million per year, however BCPSEA pegs that number at upwards of $500 million in the first year alone. Teachers across the province have been doing essential service only since September, refusing to meet with school administration, supervise students during breaks or complete report cards. Teachers have been without a contract since June 2011. BCTF president Susan Lambert said her earlier call for mediation in the dispute is an unusual step for any union. “Teachers are looking for fair alternatives, such as mediation or even arbitration, to help

the parties find a resolution to this dispute,” Lambert said. Abbott said he would consider mediation for non-monetary issues, but with the two sides $2 billion apart on wages and benefits, that approach would not work for the monetary dispute. He said arbitration that would “cut the loaf in half” would not be consistent with the net zero mandate and the government will not consider it. NDP education critic Robin Austin said the government should appoint a mediator to “go in and crack some heads” in an effort to achieve a settlement, before resorting to legislation. Abbott said he was disappointed and saddened to be faced with imposing a contract. “Teachers will be upset, but in some cases they will be relieved,” he said. “The union leadership will take a dim view of it, but I will not let a dispute among adults affect kids.”

in terrain. I remember my father’s, grandfather’s and neighbours’ farms with a pipeline through their land in Saskatchewan; and even there the occasional pipeline rupture occurred over the years, although they never seemed to make the news. It was very simple to get immediate access and make repairs to minimize serious damage. It’s almost impossible to expect the same access and repairs to pipelines in the rugged wilderness of BC. People should be reminded that a pipeline burst near Chetwynd in the summer of 2000 that contaminated the source of that community’s water supply. Pipeline proponents talk about the jobs to be created. Employmentwise the railway would probably provide more jobs in northern British Columbia than the pipeline could. “When Tumbler Ridge was developed

in the 1980’s, we heard a lot of complaints about British Columbia residents not getting the jobs because contractors were brought in from Alberta with Alberta workers, at the expense of BC workers. This we would not want to see happen again. The race is on between Enbridge and CN Rail to transport crude oil 1,200 kilometres from Alberta to Prince Rupert or Kitimat. Transport of the oil by rail makes far more economic and environmental sense than a pipeline over unusually rugged terrain and vulnerable wilderness, and it would also provide far more permanent employment and benefits to northern British Columbia as a whole. Alf Nunweiler, Prince George. Nunweiler was NDP MLA for Fort George from 1972-1975 and was BC Northern Affairs minister during that period. He is retired after 42 years with CN Rail.

Rail cont’d from page 5 the main lines. The main lines from Jasper to Prince Rupert, and from Jasper to Vancouver, are of first-class status, capable of handling highvolume traffic with good management and maintenance. When volume eventually reaches the single-rail maximum, it’s easy to add another track to make it a double track, without disturbing any virgin wilderness. Most dispatchers, or rail traffic controllers, know that double tracks can handle three times the capacity of a single track because there are no opposing movements. Mountainous terrain poses far greater challenges for pipelines than the flat land or low rolling hills of the Prairies. I have worked as dispatcher in both the Prairies and the mountains and am familiar with both. There’s absolutely no comparison

12 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sports & Leisure Team praises Rego X-skiers seek grant Contributed The growth of CGRT (Corner Grass Racing Team), began in 2011 with the addition of Ben “the Giant Killer” Rego. Prior to getting his feet wet at the inaugural Canadian Enduro Championships in Blairmore, Alberta in 2009, the quiet man from Kitimat had only raced a handful of times. Ben earned CGRT support with his 7th overall finish in the 2010 CECs. He continued improving, splitting the 8-round Royal Distributing Canadian Enduro Championships with four 4th place E2 class finishes and four 3rd place finishes, earning 3rd overall in class for 4th overall in the series. Ben competed in his first endurocross in Everett, Washington, where he took the Open Amateur win.

Ben Rego in action at Sun Peaks.

Photo courtesy of CGRT

Council referred a $75,000 grant request from the Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club to its budget deliberations. In a presentation and accompanying letter to council, club president Elizabeth Thorne noted the club had been in existence for 35 years, beginning as a short track at the Hirsch Creek golf course. Today it operates more than 30 kilometres of trails at Onion Lake. five of which are lit for night skiing and membership is on track to reach 350 this year, she added. The club offers lessons for kids, the MESS ski club uses the facility two evenings a week and community groups use it from time to time in return for a donation. “We have a lodge now that sheltered 70+ racers and volunteers at the 2010 BC Winter Games and a small kitchen that fed them,” she pointed out. The club also rented out skis by the season which had proved very popular.

“We are finding that many of our new members have just arrived from Australia or are local, older people who used to ski years ago and are now getting back into it,” Thorne added. But there is a problem looming for the club. Its trail groomer, a Pisten Bully PB200D, is now 28-yearsold and is nearing the end of its life. A replacement will cost $300,000 - and even at that price it will be second-hand. Thorne said the club has set a goal of raising that money within the next three years and asked the city to consider a capital project grant of $25,00 a year for each of the next three years. “The money would be set aside in a separate account until we are ready to purchase a machine,” she explained. An administration report noted the club will also be seeking money from the Kitimat-Stikine regional district and the City of Terrace.

Engage communities.

Train locally. Build careers, right here at home.

We’re matching skills to jobs by bringing together schools, industry, labour and small business in BC communities. And that helps keep families close to home. To learn more about the BC Jobs Plan, or to share your ideas, visit

Kitimat Northern Sentinel, February 29, 2012  

February 29, 2012 edition of the Kitimat Northern Sentinel

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