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Connecting with the Community


Pathway project now complete South Ruckle, Black Train Bridge to Central Avenue The RInC Multi-Use Pathway project is now complete. The city would like to extend their greatest appreciation to all the residents of the City of Grand Forks for their cooperation and patience during the construction of this project. The City of Grand Forks is exceptionally proud of this project and has received extremely positive feedback from the community. The project was funded under the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Grant (34%), Local Motion Grant (34%) and the City of Grand Forks (34%). The emphasis on meeting carbon neutrality was the driving force behind this network of pedestrian, wheelchair and bike paths along the entire City. Eventually, all neighbourhoods will be connected to the downtown amenities, schools and hospitals.

WHAT IS ALLOWED AND NOT ALLOWED ON THE PATHWAYS? In accordance with the City of Grand Forks Bylaw No.1682- A Bylaw to provide for the regulation of the use of motorized recreational and offhighway vehicles within the City of Grand Forks.

NOT ALLOWED: All motorized vehicles, motorcycles (including scooters), golf carts, quads, horses or other “shoed” animals which may mark the pavement.

ALLOWED: Pedestrians, non-motorized bicycles, wheelchairs, assisted living electric scooters/chairs.

For those persons enjoying the trails with your pets, please pick up after your animals.

Anyone entering the Public Works Yard facility at 6350 2nd Street MUST report to the front office on the 2nd Street side of the Public Works building for assistance. The Public Works facility has implemented an occupational health and safety requirement that all persons entering the yard other than to the front office, MUST have proper protective safety equipment on and MUST be escorted by city staff.

2011 Bill Payment Schedule MAILING DATE


By the last working date of the month below

First Wednesday of every other month)

December 2010

February 2, 2011

February 2011

April 6, 2011

April 2011

June 1, 2011

June 2011

August 3, 2011

August 2011

October 5, 2011

October 2011

December 7, 2011

In accordance with Section 127 of the Community Charter, please take notice that the following is a listing of scheduled Regular Meetings of Council for the City of Grand Forks for the Year 2011. Monday January 17, 2011 Monday January 31, 2011 Monday February 14 2011 Monday February 28, 2011 Monday March 14, 2011 Monday March 28, 2011 Monday April 11, 2011 Tuesday April 26, 2011 Monday May 9, 2011 Monday May 30, 2011 Monday June 13, 2011 Monday June 27, 2011

Monday July 18, 2011 Monday August 15, 2011 Tuesday September 6, 2011 Monday September 19, 2011 Tuesday October 11, 2011 Monday October 24, 2011 Monday November 7, 2011 Monday November 21, 2011 Monday December 5, 2011 Monday December 19, 2011

Please note there is only one Regular Meeting in the months of July and August. All Regular Meetings of Council are held in Council Chambers at City Hall, beginning at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise advertised.

NOTICE Public Works Yard

The City of Grand Forks appreciates your co-operation with complying with all the city’s health and safety regulations.

Notice of Year 2011 Regular Council Meetings

Following is a listing of scheduled Primary Committee Meetings of Council for the City of Grand Forks for the year 2011. Primary Committee Meetings are scheduled to follow the Regular Meeting of Council. Monday January 31, 2011 Monday February 28, 2011 Monday March 28, 2011 Tuesday April 26, 2011 Monday May 30, 2011 Monday June 27, 2011

Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday

July 18, 2011 August 15, 2011 September 19, 2011 October 24, 2011 November 21, 2011 December 19, 2011

Dated this 1st day of December, 2010 – Diane Heinrich, Corporate Officer

Deer survey results available Anyone interested in viewing the results of the Deer Survey, may go to the city website at:, or you may pick up a hard copy from the Front Desk at City Hall.

Preparing your crawl space for winter As we look toward the winter months, remember that exposed water lines can freeze. Thawing a frozen water service can be quite costly and very inconvenient. To help prevent this ensure that your crawl space is draft-free and protected from the elements. Being proactive by taking steps to prevent your water lines from freezing will make for a more enjoyable season.



City Hall Times

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Snow Clearing

Connecting with the Community

Winter Season 2010 – 2011

The City of Grand Forks would like to remind residents about clearing SNOW from your yards and driveways. Please do not push the snow out into the streets as this creates a hazard for motorists attempting to negotiate the winter roads or parked vehicles. If there is a sidewalk in front of your residence, please don’t block these sidewalks with snow piles. It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear the sidewalk as quickly as possible after a snow fall. Any unlicensed Vehicles, R.V., Trailers or Motorcycles must be stored on the owner’s property and may not be left out on the City’s boulevards at any time – these vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Commercial and Business Property Owners If you are hiring a contractor to plow your Business’s parking lots, the snow piles must remain within the confines of the owner’s property. DO NOT plow or pile snow near Street Signs, Fire Hydrants or on any of the City’s Flower Beds. Any snow plowed and or piled in the above mentioned areas or on the City’s boulevards or streets may be hauled away at the owner’s expense if it impairs the line of sight or cause traffic flow hazard. The City of Grand Forks would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Policy on snow clearing of roads This policy defines a process by which the City of Grand Forks will provide snow clearing services for municipal roads and the Grand Forks Airport. Snow removal operations shall be carried out in order of street priority, as indicated below. Priority #1: • Valley Heights. • Second Street from Airport to 75th Ave. • 72nd Ave/Kettle River Dr./68th Ave. from 5th Street to Spragget Bridge. • 7th Street/75th Ave./Riverside Drive from 72nd Ave to Central Ave. • Boundary Drive from 68th Ave. to 77th Ave. • Donaldson Drive from Boundary Drive to Central Ave. • McCallum View/17th Street/77th Ave from Columbia Drive to Boundary Drive. • 76th Ave from Columbia Drive to 22nd Street. • 22nd Street from Central Ave to 77th Ave. • 75th Ave from 22nd Street to North Fork Road. • 7th Street/75th Ave/Riverside Drive from Central Ave to 85th Ave. • 73rd Ave from Boundary Drive to 8th Street. • 27th Street from 68th Ave to Central Ave. Priority #2: • Main arterial streets in downtown core and City owned parking lots and the airport. Priority #3: • General residential streets. Priority #4: • Cul-de-sacs and non-through streets, lanes and alleys. Airport: Snow Removal at the Municipal Airport shall be: Priority #1: • When an emergency Medi-vac call originates, personnel will immediately be dispatched to clean the runway and taxiway A. Priority #2: • At all other times, the airport will be considered a priority #2.

Policy on snow clearing of sidewalks This policy defines a process by which the City of Grand Forks will provide snow clearing services for municipal sidewalks. The city will clear snow and ice from sidewalks in the priority identified below. Priority #1: • Sidewalks in the downtown core adjacent to City owned property. • Wheelchair ramps and alley drops. • Central Ave. (Hwy3) from the bridge (including bridge) to Donaldson Drive (GFSS, Perley School, RCMP). • 19th Street from Central Ave. to 77th Ave. • 76th Ave. from Donaldson Drive to 23rd Street. • 22nd Street from Central Ave. (Hwy3) to 77th Ave. (Hospital, Hardy View Lodge). • 75th Ave. from 22nd Street to 28th Street (Hutton School). • 19th Street from Central Ave. to 68th Ave. • Kettle River Drive from 8th Street (Boundary Lodge) to 68th Ave. and including 68th Ave. to 19th Street. • Boundary Drive from 68th Ave. to 77th Ave. Priority #2: • City owned buildings—Fire Hall, City Hall, Library, Museum, Court House, and Scout Hall. • Second Street from Public Works Yard to bridge (including bridge).

Wayne Kopan Manager of Works & Services, City of Grand Forks

Woodstove Safety Tips

• Have your wood stove and chimney cleaned and inspected each year prior to heating season. • Open dampers before starting a fire in a wood stove. • Vent your stove properly and insulate vent from flammable materials. • Use paper and kindling wood to ignite a fire. Do not use lighter fluid, kerosene, or gasoline. • Keep dry wood away from the stove. • Always use seasoned wood, at least 6 months old. • Remember that slow burning fires can create creosote and soot problems. Small hot fires are more efficient. • Clean ashes from your stove every week during the heating season. Do not use a vacuum to clean ashes. Put ashes in a metal container and store away from your home and combustibles. • Inspect your pipes and connections monthly for creosote and soot build-up. Warning signs of chimney problems: • Build up of creosote (dripping from base of the chimney or staining of the outer chimney shell). • Sluggish draft (smoke spilling out when the woodstove door is opened). • Corrosion of the outer shell of a factory built chimney. • Deterioration of the brickwork of a masonry chimney

Have a Happy Holiday Season from Grand Forks Fire/Rescue

City Christmas Hours Friday, December 24 CLOSED Monday, December 27 CLOSED Tuesday, December 28 to Friday, December 31 Regular Hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday, January 3, 2011 CLOSED

Council & Staff would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011!

Grand Forks City Newsletter December 2010  

City of Grand Forks municipal updates.

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