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Canadian Company Owns Best Home Treadmill Awards With so many different treadmills out there, how do you know if you’re buying a good one? There are only a handful of places that sell treadmills and even fewer that offer good quality ones. Aloyd Fitness has the largest selection of treadmills on the island and has been doing major research for over 20 years to find the best quality, best warranty, best priced treadmills in the world. “It’s funny that after all this research the best treadmills we found are from a Canadian company.” said Lloyd Richards, CEO of Aloyd Fitness. “Bodyguard are the best residential models we found, and the warranty is second to none.” Bodyguard is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is stronger than ever in the fitness industry. Bodyguard is a division of Procycle and Rocky Mountain Bikes which are also known for very high quality. Bodyguard Treadmills have great resilience due to its heavy and extremely sturdy construction. All treadmills have at least a 20x56 inch belt which is the perfect running size. They have BDS+ cushioning systems that absorb up to 86% of the impact. That along with a good pair of runners makes treadmills much easier on the body than running outside. Treadmills offer completely level running surfaces, running at a sustained speed for a period of time chosen by you. A cushioning system and exact incline percentages. When buying a treadmill you have to think of it like buying

2 • The Good Life – FALL 2010 Edition

a car, it’s important you drive it before you buy it. It has to feel good to run and walk on. Yes, there is a big difference between a Lada and a Lexus. The same goes for treadmills. If cheapest was best we would all be driving the Lada. The biggest misconception is that horsepower is the most important thing in a treadmill. “Absolutely not true!” says Richards, “I can show you a 5HP motor that weighs 5lbs and a 2HP that weighs 30lbs. Physical size matters, as well as what the continuous duty rating is. Not horsepower.” Bearings, rollers, decks and belts are also very important. If the treadmill you are on sounds like it is working too hard, it probably is. A quality treadmill should be quiet, smooth and not rattle and shake. Here are just a few of the reviews and awards Bodyguard has recently won: –Best Buy for a Home Treadmill Consumer Guide –Best Buy Health and Fitness-Best Customer Service Aloyd Fitness-Best Warranty Men’s Journal –Don’t buy anything else! Fitness Professor – Head of the Class-Best Treadmill 2010 Runners World –Best Running Treadmill Best Design and Innovation Award Fitness Product of the Year Award, and the list goes on. “We have had very few problems with Bodyguard,” Richards says, “and the company really cares. Customer service is a top priority; we are only as good as the company backing us. Bodyguard is by far the best.” Aloyd has just received a hundred new Bodyguard Treadmills and another hundred are on the way for its big Fall treadmill sale in October. Richards says, “If you ever wanted to buy a high quality treadmill at the lowest price, this is the time. With the volume we are now buying, the prices are lower than ever.”

And take a look at this warranty: ✓Lifetime Frame ✓Lifetime Motor ✓10 years Parts ✓Up to 3 years Labour Come on in to any of Aloyd’s 3 locations and try Bodyguard out for yourself: Langford at 880 Attree Rd. (Beside Walmart) Downtown Victoria at 415 Dunedin St. (Beside ICBC) Nanaimo at 101-6560 North Island Hwy (Across from Woodgrove Mall)

Experience Works

Non-profit program offers employment service for mature workers in Greater Victoria Jennifer Blyth Black Press

When Henry Prescott developed an injury that left him unable to continue in his construction career, the active senior knew he needed to try something new. Trying to determine what his next move would be, a happy coincidence brought him to the Victoria Silver Threads. While browsing the brochures, he noticed the Experience Works area, where he spotted a maintenance position with a local church. “It’s a way for me to get out and interact with the public,” Prescott says. “You meet a lot of really nice people.” Experience Works, an Employment Service for mature workers, was launched as a pilot project through Victoria Silver Threads three years ago. The impetus for the program came from business owners themselves, who were approaching the seniors’ organization looking for seniors who wanted to work. While


Community Note Job Fair Oct 19

the calls slowed down somewhat last year with the general economic slowdown, “this year it’s starting to expand again,” says coordinator Pat Nichol. Over its initial few years, Experience Works has matched approximately 500 seniors from all over the city with employment, Nichols notes. Most of the positions are part-time, offering a supplemental income and the opportunity to keep active and involved with others in the community. Many positions are entry-level, working in sectors ranging from retail to restaurants to respite care. In one case an alarm company needed someone to attend homes with technicians, in another, a car rental company needed cars delivered upor down-Island The fit works for both employers and seniors. For the former, they get mature adults who don’t miss work for time with friends or family responsibilities. The focus of Experience Works is on

Thinking of heading back to work as a senior? Experience Works is hosting a Job Fair October 19 at Victoria City Hall from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information, contact Victoria Silver Threads at Additionally, Pat Nichol also offers various workshops geared to help seniors re-enter the job market – call for more details.

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those age 60-plus, serving a need not met by other community programs, many of which target employees in the 45-plus range. “We are the only people who are doing this for the 60-plus people.” For seniors moving into a new job – or returning to work following some time retired – the adjustment can be in moving from a supervisory position to one of a new employee. Sometimes other employees or even the supervisor may be wary of the older adult’s wealth of experience, but an assurance that a second career really isn’t in their sights can go a long way to easing fears, Nichol suggests. “Let them know you’re there for good time, not a long time,” she jokes. In addition to the financial benefits of continuing to work, many seniors simply enjoy a new challenge and the interaction with others. A paid job can also augment existing volunteer positions, common to many seniors, and further vital community connections. “People with a good, strong network live longer and live healthier,” Nichol says, pointing out that for those who have retired without a plan, “it’s easy to For older adults, working can boost community connections and supplement retirement incomes. not go out.” If people are looking for work after It’s also important, as we enter a new decades in a particular career or after being a home-maker, it’s easy to overlook skills and opportunity, to ask for help as needed, Nichol knowledge we have, says Nichol, who also says. New senior applicants are asked to fill out offers courses in resume crafting, interview a brief information sheet, then make time strategies and more. One of the key factors, especially when looking for a new job outside for a brief meeting with Nichol to determine our traditional area, is determining transfer- their needs. A binder at the Experience Works able skills – looking at what you’ve done over table at the Victoria Silver Threads office has a variety of jobs currently on offer. the years and identifying those skills.



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Sunrise Senior Living understands that you want to do the best for every generation. Since 1981, we’ve championed quality of life for seniors.

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Sunrise of Victoria provides: • Exceptional licensed residential care • Unsurpassed quality and continuum of care • Excellent accommodations and hospitality services • A safe and secure residence for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

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Volunteering offers more than a chance to give back to the community; it also provides connections, contacts and new experiences for the volunteers themselves. And volunteering is different today than in the past, with opportunities ranging from exercise programs to translating to special events. Some opportunities are long-term; many are flexible, or event-specific. Linking volunteers with these numerous possibilities is Volunteer Victoria, whose resources include close to 300 member agencies – browse online or drop by the office at 306 - 620 View St. You certainly won’t be alone. In all, more than 138,000 people in Victoria are volunteers who enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, keep active, meet new friends or support a cause they believe in. Give it a try! For more information, visit Volunteer Victoria online at or call 250-386-2269.


WALK-IN Why Wait?

Victoria has more than 138,000 volunteers who enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills.

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4 • The Good Life – FALL 2010 Edition

Nutritious & Delicious Tasty, good-for-you tips for smaller appetites Jennifer Blyth Black Press

As people age, or if they’re living alone, it can be easy to fall into poor eating habits. Why cook a full meal just for ourselves? But a good diet is essential to good health. “I find it does depend on the type of senior,” says registered dietitian Anneke Vink, with Dani Health & Nutrition. As people do age, however, “the most common thing I see is small appetites – they’re not eating enough.” To address this, look at the timing of snacks and meals, aiming for every two to four hours or so; those with smaller appetites might want to push that to closer to the four-hour mark, Vink suggests. The next component is the make-up of the snack or meal: “How do we make the most of what we’re eating?” The key here is to combine carbohydrates with a protein to avoid spikes and drops in blood sugar. Another significant problem for seniors – and people of all ages, really – is sodium, added to many foods to increase shelf life. But worry less about the salt you’re adding to your potatoes and look more to those processed foods, Vink says. “The salt that we add to our food really doesn’t have an affect.” The bulk comes from processed foods. While the recommended daily limit of sodium is 2,300mg, most are getting 5,000mg or more. When considering different foods, look for products whose sodium levels have five per cent RDI or less, which Vink considers “excellent,” or “good” at 10 per cent or less, she says, noting that most breads and crackers are around 10 per cent. The bottom line: “It’s one of those areas where people really have to read labels.” Nutrient amounts are listed in both ­physical amounts, such as milligrams, and the percentage of recommended daily intake; it’s this second number Vink advises clients to pay attention to as it’s clearer and easier to track. When scanning bread and grain labels for salt, look also for fibre, at least four grams,

Newly renovated… Rediscover Ross Place

Spelling Bee Preparing interesting, healthy meals can support good health. ideally. On the plus side, usually if a grain product is high in fibre, it’s also low in sodium, Vink says. Among its other attributes, fibre will help seniors with constipation problems maintain regularity. With many of these areas, eating whole foods, rather than processed, will help, boosting nutrients and fibre and decreasing sodium. Where budget is a factor in eating well, Vink suggests buying fruits and vegetables in season, which not only offers the opportunity to support more local, close-to-home producers, but also offers greater affordability and can help reduce your environmental footprint due to reduced transportation costs. “It’s really nice when we can get it from B.C.” This time of year, look for apples and pears, cabbages, turnips, onions and carrots – perfect for eating on their own or adding to soups and stews, which can offer the added benefit of multi-day or freezer-ready meals. For those times when fresh isn’t possible, frozen vegetables offer similar nutritional benefits. With canned foods, look for lowsalt or “no salt added” brands. Additional budget-friendly foods include lentils, peas and beans – nutrient-rich meat alternatives. At the end of the day, your diet may not need a major overhaul, but a few well-considered changes can make a big difference. “Figure out what you can do and find small ways to make it better.” Continued on Page 6

October 19 th • 2 to 4 pm Local senior community teams competing in this exciting event Come cheer for our participants 2 winning teams will play off at the finale on October 26th

Free admission 2638 Ross Lane, Victoria 250.381.8666

Renovation promotion Receive 3 months free rent When moving in before October 31 st 2010

Receive 2 months free rent When moving in before November 30 th 2010

Receive 1 month free rent When moving in before December 31 st 2010

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Shop Smart:

Ten tips to make the most of your nutrition Continued from Page 5

1. Make a plan and take that plan with you to the grocery store, Vink recommends. 2. If you know your store well, try planning your shopping trip by the aisles. 3. If you don’t like your fruit getting overly ripe, buy just three pieces at once – one ripe, one medium and one “green;” you may need to go to the store more often but you won’t be wasting food. 4. Continuing the theme of threes, seniors should have at least three fruits each day; try to make it three different fruits for added interest and nutrient diversity. 5. Over age 55, people need about 1,500 mg of calcium per day, but most aren’t getting that as it’s difficult to get in the diet without supplementation. Add to that supplementation of calcium citrate, easier to use that calcium carbonate, and about 1,000 I.U. of vitamin D. 6. Try something new. This can both open our palates to new flavours and trick our metabolism into working harder as it processes the new food, Vink says. “Try a new vegetables – give it a shot, there’s lots of thing out there.” 7. What’s your favourite food? Try a new cookbook or cooking class to explore more

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flavours. (Quinoa 365, by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming is one of Vink’s favourites). “Food is meant to be fun,” Vink says. Further, “when we eat well, we feel well.” 8. The two most important nutrients for immunity – essential for older adults – is vitamin C and protein, Vink notes. 9. For snacks or meals, try to combine a healthy protein such as tuna, chicken, lowfat cheese or almonds with a fruit. 10. Record what you eat and take a critical look at your diet. “Diet has a huge affect on all the mechanisms in the body and all these things that are going to increase with heart disease, diabetes and other things. “With a nice healthy diet, you have the energy to do the extra things you want to do.”

r e m e m b r a n c e i s pa r t o f c o p i n g …

m e m or i e s a r e pa rt of l i fe .


UNIQUE... At Royal Oak Burial Park we help families create unique, meaningful and personal memorials. Whether a simple scattering of ashes, a memorial boulder in our nature path or a traditional mausoleum entombment, we offer a wide range of affordable, dignified options..

We see the importance memorials play in the lives of those we serve. A memorial site at Royal Oak Burial Park becomes a focal point for family memories and a place for the community to celebrate a life lived.

OUR COMMITMENT... Royal Oak Burial Park has been serving families in Greater Victoria since 1923. Community owned and not for profit, we provide affordable choices, caring service and a peaceful setting for reflection and remembrance.

The choice is yours... and we can help you make this important decision.

– Stephen Olson 6 • The Good Life – FALL 2010 Edition





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Life On Stage Gilbert & Sullivan one more adventure for Renaissance man After years under the stage lights with opera and operatic groups in England, Vancouver and Victoria, Jim Rutter is putting his chorus work to one side – maybe – to take on a new and challenging volunteer position as producer. And not a producer of just any show, but of what is arguably Gilbert & Sullivan’s greatest show, The Mikado. While his personal favourite is probably Pirates of Penzance, “The Mikado is right up there,” he says. “Many consider it to be their finest work, both in terms of the story and the music. It really is a knockout piece.” Rutter’s first turn at producer, he is co-ordinating the various components of the production, working with the music and creative directors, the choreographer, lighting and costume directors who together

will establish the look and feel of the show. After three shows with the local society, “I had the feeling it was time to give something back,” he says, but notes that “one of the challenges is that I probably won’t get to sing in the show because I’ll be too busy being the producer.” While the “job” is new, it’s one that allows him to draw upon a long and varied career path that has taken many different routes. Originally a teacher, both of primary grades and high school science, when it came time to look for new challenges, Rutter Jim Rutter in founded a mountaineering orgaPirates of Penzance nization in Vancouver; that later evolved into a turn as a consulPhotos courtesy tant with the B.C. ministries of John Rutter Parks and Forestry.

Continued on Page 8

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The Camelot

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Life On Stage Continued from Page 7 When that position fell by the wayside with government cutbacks, a chance conversation with his sister landed him in the stores department of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, work that is both interesting and active. “One of the things I really like about the work at the hospital is it’s so physical,” with lots of walking and lifting. All of which keeps him in shape for the next adventure, says Rutter, who turns 65 in February. Because rather than look back at all the things he’s accomplished, he instead ponders the things he has yet to do. “I can’t imagine retiring; it’s just not an interesting prospect,” he says. “I don’t know what I’m going to be doing next year and I find that exciting, not worrying,” he says. “I’m looking forward to being surprised.” And as music rehearsals are set to get under way in a month or so for The Mikado, his fellow Gilbert & Sullivan members won’t be surprised to see him at all the music rehearsals – just in case. “I really like playing in front of a live audience; the curtain goes up at the end and


“I don’t know what I’m going to be doing next year and I find that exciting, not worrying. I’m looking forward to being surprised.”

everybody stands up and claps.” Join Rutter for the opening of The Mikado this spring, March 19 to April 3 in Victoria and Sidney. The Victoria Gilbert & Sullivan Society is also hosting a fundraiser for the spring show with a British music hall-style revue in December. Visit for more infrmation.

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Community Mentors Project matches volunteers with seniors needing information & referrals Jennifer Blyth Black Press

Seniors in Victoria have a new place to turn when they need help finding the information they need. The Senior Mentoring Program matches volunteers with seniors in the community needing assistance with paperwork or accessing information. “It’s a program to help seniors who, for whatever reason, are having problems filling out forms or if they need help with transportation or housing and don’t know where to start, or who need help cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy,” says Saanich Silver Threads director Sue McCauley. “We thought it would help seniors remain more independent longer in their community.” With about 10 volunteers spread throughout the region, from Sidney to the West Shore, the Senior Mentoring program is currently a one-year pilot program run through the Saanich Silver Threads. Volunteers range from a university


student to recent retirees. What they have in common is a desire to give back. To train the volunteers, McCauley invited in members of the community to explain areas of possible need – someone from Service Canada, to explain how to find and complete common government forms, for example, and representatives from the police to discuss common scams targeting seniors. Why volunteer? “It was a way to give back to the community and to learn. It was surprising how much the volunteers said they had learned.” With the Service Canada information, for example, “there’s a whole lot of information if you know where to look.” Following the program launch in early September, several seniors called for assistance that first week, confirming the need, McCauley says. It also highlighted possible issues organizers hadn’t thought of, such as unexpected legal issues, estate problems, Volunteers are available to help seniors find the information they need. or those caught between services. “There’s seniors will be asked for a little information about their backdefinitely a lack of services for people 60 ground and their needs, so they can be matched with an to 65.” The program offers both concrete information appropriate volunteer. They can either meet in their home or and resources for seniors in need but also a friendly at the centre, depending on the circumstances. Based on the need and reaction to the program, McCauley ear. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a second set of eyes look over a set of forms. Sometimes seniors anticipates it continuing and in fact, with its low overhead, might be comfortable with email and basic internet she’d like to see similar offerings through other community surfing, but attempting to wade through the govern- or senior groups. “It’s doing better than what I anticipated. I knew there was a need but I wasn’t sure how many referrals ment sites can seem overwhelming. The service is free. On contacting McCauley, the we would get,” McCauley says.

“It was surprising how much the volunteers said they had learned.”

Victoria’s Newest Full Service Medical Equipment Retailer is here!

FREE Delivery Scooters | Wheelchairs | Walkers | Home Medical Products

Empowering You with a Better Lifestyle 3388 Douglas St, Victoria BC | 250.590.3346 | The Good Life – FALL 2010 Edition • 9


Renaissance Retirement Residence • 1188 Esquimalt • 250.386.1188

A Renaissance for senior living By Jen Blyth

Darvin Miller, owner of the Renaissance Retirement Residence on Esquimalt Road. dren, for example – “lately we’re drawing from a much larger base,” Miller observes. Attributes like the village atmosphere and the fact that the Renaissance is owner-run are selling points for those wanting a more intimate approach. “We have a lot more contact with residents and with staff.” While residents do have their own kitchens, chef-prepared breakfasts and dinners are included in the monthly rent; lunches are optional for an additional fee, as many of the residents are busy during the day and don’t want to be tied to returning home for lunch. “Because we are a little more custom, we can offer that flexibility,” Miller says. Having virtually all amenities close at hand goes a long way to creating that community feel, too. “They can do so much themselves they don’t have to rely on their kids; everything is here,” Miller says. “Parents teach us to be independent and the last thing our residents want is to be dependent on us.” However, if there are little things staff can do to make life easier – mailing a letter on a stormy day so a resident doesn’t have to go outside, for example – they will. That relationship between residents and staff goes both ways. “Residents get involved with the staff’s family and the staff gets involved with the residents’ families, so there’s that interconnectedness. All of these things really build on what we have; my best advertisement is my residents. “I think what we’re doing really is the future of what people are going to expect.”

In real estate, they say location is everything. It’s important to those looking for their ideal retirement residence, too. In Esquimalt, across from the Plaza and close to the recreation centre, parks and the library, the Renaissance Retirement Residence certainly boasts a good location – and a whole lot more. To start, there’s the welcoming family atmosphere among staff and residents, notes owner Darvin Miller. From the beginning, “we wanted to create a really strong community,” Miller says. “With every plate he makes, our chef knows who it’s for. And we know that Mrs. Smith always has a very small portion, but when it’s fish and chips she wants a regular because it’s her favourite.” Miller bought the 1960s-built building in 1998. Then an apartment building, a $2-million renovation offered both practical and aesthetic improvements to create an intimate, 59-unit retirement residence. Among the benefits of being built as apartments in that era are quality construction, roomier units and diverse floorplans, as opposed to cookie-cutter layouts. Though primarily one-bedroom units, two-bedroom suites and bachelor units are also available, all with kitchens. Weekly housekeeping is provided. Downstairs, off the roomy dining room, are a library, billiards room, large patio and rear garden. While initially the Renaissance attracted more long-time Esquimalt residents and retiring families of locals – grandparents settling closer to children and grandchil-

Tai Chi

Practice can enhance body & mind As we age, preserving and enhancing both mental and physical fitness becomes all the more important. To find an activity that can accommodate both, then, is ideal. The ancient Chinese exercise of Taijiquan (the old spelling is T’ai Chi Ch’uan) is a unique method of movement providing both physical and mental health benefits. An exercise system suitable for almost everyone, Taijiquan – commonly called Tai Chi – has particular value to seniors when regularly practised correctly, benefiting the entire body, including the tendons, joints, spine, connective tissue and internal organs. It can also restore calmness and peace of mind. Because of its physical benefits, such as improved circulation, balance and posture, increased strength and flexibility, and reduced stress, Tai Chi is promoted by groups such as the Arthritis Society, the MS Research Trust and others supporting people with chronic illnesses. Practised lightly, Tai Chi is comparable to an exercise such as walking, swimming or low-impact aerobics. Additional mental benefits come from learning a new skill, and the related Tai Chi choreography. Most Tai Chi is taught as a long sequence of flowing and connected postures that must be remembered in order. Once the external choreography is familiar, the practitioner can then be coached into the internal movements of Tai chi, bringing its greatest benefits.

File photo by Jennifer Blyth

Goward House is one of many local places offering Tai Chi classes. To the Chinese, Tai chi helps open the body’s “Qi meridians.” Qi is an internal energy for health, enhanced by the internal stretching and realignments that open the Qi meridians and help improve the overall circulation of Qi through the body. The result is an improvement to overall health. When Qi meridians are fully open, the Chinese say, a person will have achieved a state of perfect health.

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Ross Place Retirement Residence: Connecting seniors with the community

With last week’s commemorative ceremonies, Ross Place Retirement Residence has officially opened the “Great Room,” its new $2 million entertainment and recreation centre. Friday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by residents, several media representatives and guests Mayor Dean Fortin, Coun. Lynn Hunter, and VIHA’s Norm Peters. Saturday’s all-day festivities, which attracted over 100 visitors, included games, live music and entertainment, plus a Quadra/Hillside presentation by local historian John Adams. “The Great Room is where people will connect,” says Ross Place general manager Andrew Trinder. “They’ll come to the Great Room to get together with friends and family, and participate in any of a number of fantastic new activities.” Among the Great Room’s new features are a 27-seat movie theatre, which will also be used for meetings and presentations, a pool table-equipped games room, a bistro bar, and a second lounge that’s spacious enough for residents to entertain guests in a private, casual setting. “Our residents will be able to come down any time of the day or evening,” Trinder says. “It’s very much in keeping with the lifestyle preferences of today’s seniors. They want the option of socializing and being part of a community. We think the Great Room will play a prominent role in that aspect of their lives.” The new facilities will also be made available to local charitable, healthcare and other seniors-related groups and organizations – for their meetings, presentations and other

get-togethers, whether formal or informal. “It’s our way of encouraging greater interaction with the community at large,” Trinder explains. “We want to be supportive and build relationships with our neighbours in Victoria.” Connecting seniors with each other and with the community is a major focal point for Ross Place’s activities, both within the residence and with various activities throughout the city. For example, at last week’s official opening of the Great Room, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was shared by a member of Tour de Rock and resident Mattie Ball. Trinder then presented a cheque on behalf of Ross Place residents, who this year raised just over $2,000. Ross Place residents have a proud history of fund-raising for the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Tour de Rock in particular. Starting this week, Ross Place is also an official sponsor of the Victoria SymRoss Place general manager Andrew Trinder, resident Mattie Ball and Sgt. Dean phony’s Royal Tea concert series. Duffy officially opened the “Great Room” at Ross Place.  Gunnar Freyr Steinsson photo Ross Place has re-organized its activities program to include a greater number of “We want to provide more ways for our residents to bus outings (with Ross Place’s own private bus) to take in social and cultural events, and to visit the get out more often and to stay connected with Victoria,” Trinder says. city’s numerous parks and recreational facilities.

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Think Safety First Saanich Police offer easy steps to creating a safe home environment Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, meaning there’s also many, often easy, steps that can be taken to reduce your risk. If a thief comes across two cars, one locked and with extra security, and the other unlocked, they’ll go for the easiest target. The same is true around the home. First, “communicate with your neighbours, especially for seniors as they get into their late 70s or 80s,” says Saanich Crime Prevention Officer Const. Petra Dornblut. Along those lines, Dornblut also recommends the Block Watch program, which not only encourages regular neighbourhood communication, but also offers a variety of crime-prevention tips and strategies. In fact, Saanich has one of the largest Block Watch programs in the province, she notes. Even better, by starting or joining a Block Watch program, homeowners may actually be able to save money as most insurance companies offer up to 15 per cent in discounts to premiums. Around the house, think prevention. Just like the locked car can discourage would-be

Fairfield Rise

Open House Sundays 1-3pm

car thieves, keeping your home looking wellmaintained and visible from the road can also discourage crooks, as can motion sensor lights placed around the home. Avoid the tendancy to overdo the privacy from the road as dense trees and high hedges can provide cover for thieves. And avoid providing crooks with the tools they need to do their work, like ladders left outside that can provide access to second windows, Dornblut notes. By making it more challenging, “they’ll just go on to the next vehicle or home.” As a Crime Prevention Officer, Dornblut offers Saanich residents home security evaluations that can highlight areas of potential problems, but homeowners can easily take a critical look around their own property. Start with a perimeter review – look for window locks that can be easily broken, such as sliding windows that are easy to jimmy open. Always close and lock your garage door as thefts from garages are one of the most common, yet easily prevented, crimes, note the

WEST SHORE LODGE Supported Living Apartments for Seniors


elcome to West Shore Lodge. Since 2002 the West Shore Lodge has had a proud tradition of caring for people. West Shore Lodge, a retirement residence in the finest hotel tradition is located ideally for shopping, Senior Centre, banks and recreation centre. West Shore Lodge prides itself on offering a wide variety of activities and menu selections.

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1494 Fairfield Road 8 Luxury Units Starting at $489,900 Stainless Steel appliance package & granit countertops Engineered wood floors • Designer finishes National new home warranty & rainscreen protection Seismic earthquake construction • Fully sprinklered Artist’s rendering - Developer reserves the right to make changes

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Saanich Police. Protect valuable belongings by marking them with an engraver; store other valuables in a safety deposit box or in a lock box in a general storage area of the basement, where A well-maintained home will present a less attractive target to thieves. criminals tend Reviewing home security and implementto spend a minimal amount of time. Heading out of town? Have a neighbour ing changes to make your home more secure park in the driveway sometimes, and arrange can in most cases be done for less than $100, police suggest. for pick-up of mail and newspapers. For more home safety information or to Consider investing in a programmable start or join a Block Watch program in your system for your lights and radio that can turn these on and off at various times of day, neighborhood, contact the Saanich Police Block Watch Office at 250-475-4365 or visit again making it look like someone is home. For single females, list only first initials, where information with your surname on mail boxes and is available to anyone interested in making their home less inviting to crooks. entrance directories.



BCSL Seal Approved

All Berwick Retirement Residences have been awarded the BC Senior Living Association’s Seal of Approval. The Seal conrms Berwick’s commitment to providing service standards of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership and Passion.

We know you’ll approve too.

Discover the incredible quality of life that Berwick offers.


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Westshore Village Shopping Center • 143-2955 Phipps Rd, Langford

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Seniors Activity Centres Cedar Hill New Horizons – 3220 Cedar Hill Rd., 250-475-7121 Central Saanich Senior Citizens Centre – 250-652-4611 Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association – 5238 Cordova Bay Rd. at Cordova Bay Community Place, 250-658-5558 Fairfield Activity Centre – 380 Cook St., 250-384-6542 Goward House Society – 2495 Arbutus Rd., 250-477-4401, James Bay New Horizons – 234 Menzies St., 250-386-3035 Juan de Fuca 55 Plus – 250-474-8620 Monterey Recreation Centre – 1442 Monterey Ave., 250-370-7300, Saanich Silver Threads – 286 Hampton Rd., 250-382-3151, The Salvation Army senior adult fellowship – 250-727-3770 SHOAL Centre – 10030 Resthaven Dr., Sidney, 250-656-5537 Victoria Silver Threads – 1728 Douglas St., 250-388-4268, Greater Victoria Seniors (OAPO Branch 191) – 250-360-1068

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Are you searching for senior housing accommodations on Vancouver Island? ALL for Seniors provides all the accommodations from Independent Living to Complex Care. The site also provides a list of age restricted properties and REALTOR listings. Please visit the site at You can contact me at


James Bay Square #21-435 Simcoe St.

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For all your Real Estate needs you can also reach me at my office at: 250-477-5353 or by email at:

CULTURAL GROUPS Intercultural Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or 250-388-4728 Jewish Community Centre of Victoria . . . . or 250-477-7185 La Société Francophone de Victoria . . or 250-388-7350 Victoria Native Friendship Centre . . . . 250-384-3211 Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre 250-361-9441

HEALTH SERVICES Alcohol and Drug Services Alcohol and Drug Information & Referral Service of B.C. or . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-663-1441 Alcoholics Anonymous or 250-383-0415 24hr Help Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250-383-7744 Prevention Source B.C. (Tobacco) . . 1-800-663-1880 Victoria Innovative Seniors Treatment Agency (VISTA) . . . . . . . . . . . 250-953-3966 Bathing Programs Western Community Adult Day Centre . 250-370-5788 Mt. Newton Centre Society . . . . . . . . . 250-652-3432 Mount St. Mary Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . 250-384-7158 Mt. Tolmie Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250-595-4321 Clinics and Centres Camosun College Dental Clinic . or 250-370-3184 Vancouver Island Cancer Centre . . . . . . . . or 250-519-5500 Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre . . . . . . . . . . or 250-592-8144 TTY 250-592-8147 Island Hand Therapy Clinic . . . . . . . . . . 250-598-8814

James Bay Community Project . . . . . or 250-388-7844 Victoria Arthritis Centre. . . . . . . . . . . . . 250-598-2277 or 1-800-321-1433 Nutritional Counselling Dial-A-Dietitian Free Nutrition Info Line 1-800-667-3438

COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES Adult Day Centres Beckley Farm Lodge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mt. Newton Centre Society . . . . . . . . . . Oak Bay Lodge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pathways Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parent Support Services Society of BC.

250-381-4421 250-652-3432 250-370-6600 250-658-5414 250-384-8042

Mental Health Services VIHA Elderly Outreach Services . . . . . . . 250-953-3966 Capital Mental Health Assoc. . . . . . . . . 250-389-1211 Greater Victoria Citizens’ Counselling Centre . . . or 250-384-9934 Seniors Serving Seniors Peer Counselling or 250-382-4331 Mental Health and Addictions (Victoria, Saanich, Western Communities) . . . . . . . . 250-370-8175 Long-Term Care Facilities . . . . . . . . . . 250-475-2235 Medical Appointment Transportation (Sooke) 250-642-2338 Mount Newton Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or 250-652-3432 Red Cross Medical Equipment Service . . . . 250-382-2043 Sidney Royal Canadian Legion . . . . . . . . . 250-656-2428 Students-Seniors Work Assistance Program. 250-388-4268 Victoria Hospice Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or 250-370-8715


Your Voice in Ottawa Dr. Keith K Martin, MP Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca (250) (2 2 474-6505;; 666 Granderson Road, Victoria, BC V9B 2R8

818 Broughton St, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8W 1E4 250-381-3484



Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation . . . . . . . . . . or 250-363-8040 Glenshiel Housing Society . . . . . . . . . 250-383-4164 The B.C. Housing Management Commission (BCHMC) offers rent subsidy programs for low or moderate income renters. . . . . . . . . 250-475-7550 Capital Region Housing Corporation . . . 250-388-6422 Victoria Senior Citizens Housing Society 250-384-3434 Kiwanis Village Society . . . . . . . . . . . . 250-595-0331 Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) (provincial program providing assistance to eligible renters 60 and over). . . . . . . 1-800-257-7756

RESEARCH, REFERRAL & ADVOCACY Centre on Aging, University of Victoria – 250-721-6369 or Seniors Serving Seniors information and referral or 250-382-4331

Accessible Transit Services

Call Busline at 250-382-6161 and press 0 to reach an agent to assist you plan your trip on the bus. Cover Photo: Arnold Lim/News staff Julie Holder of the Canadian Diabetes Society ran in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon Oct. 10, 2010 for her father who passed away from diabetes.

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NEW FALL SESSION Wednesday October 20th University Canada West 950 Kings Road We offer a full program of T’ai Chi (Taiji) from Beginning to Advanced. Classes every Monday and Wednesday until December 15th.

Beginning Yang Style from 5:30 - 6:30 PM Beginning Chen Style from 6:30 - 7:30 PM For more information call 250-592-4463 or visit

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Home is wherever you say it is… All-inclusive, month-to-month rent Three chef-prepared meals daily Pets warmly welcomed Exclusive travel program Complimentary shuttle service So much more!

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As a resident of The Victorian at McKenzie, you are welcome to stay free of charge in a guest suite at any of the more than 300 Holiday Retirement communities across the U.S. and Canada. Want to visit relatives or vacation near the beach? Chances are, we are there! Plus, you’ll experience the same outstanding lifestyle you enjoy at home! Welcome to Holiday. Welcome home.

Azalea Park Lakeland, Florida

The Springs of Escondido Escondido, California

Anchor Pointe St. Catharines, Ontario

Madison Meadows Phoenix, Arizona


4000 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8X 5K5 | 250-381-9496 | 16 • The Good Life – FALL 2010 Edition

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